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V?XLV._JJ#. l^MM.
iitrrmt\Ttv*n m/MiA/-(r( * VT\~/""i
Thc ianrfar, af Um Great Stnilh Hav. except whore
,ln n,iiin ship channel aaaaea la by Fire leland, i ?
chm it-il -a ith -rm) v ii;nl ic-* yeeterdej stat orortbe gilt
u uni; expanse bleat a kona neath v. md. wbleh leal tba
mercury in tin tnt ruin, utlt-i down lu luw veto in the
atai-i-g uml 1< ( it K<*t (ml*, a tow degrees above tbal
point a" tiav. lu Ihr Io eiionii tea 1MB BBBM strag?
gling over tho ice to Fatebagne. Tbej were Hie
Maenad railnrri from tlio tuiinilcrt tl stesa?hip Hylton
(?n-Mr uml aeons troni tbe lite Bating Station at Pohtl
of Waaia, five milos curt nt Kiro Island light. They
left the flu-lter nf tlio stiition iii tlio linn iiinif uml
walked liv*- miles tn nrjutlior. where thay got their
dinner, ami thin Started BB their seven miioa walk
ac ros-tin ie.- to tlu* village ol Patehoguc. Tbe party
etiuiinift-tl First otlieer John Marshall, tlio -at-uni aad
third iiRsi.ttiii.i tagiaaen, tba steward, c.uk, three
?allen and twa bremen. Tlioy ware nut ut V?U ! ogue
hi Cbarlaa _ Kees, agent at tbe Underwritere'Aeeo
ciiitiun, nnd beeag) t in ti is etty. Tba tiit-i officer told
iii*, lettatrlag starry at Um Ieee et tba Hylton Ceetle i
?? Wo lott New-York oa Friday a dav un wbkb all
H_an dielike 10 bogia a voyage. Wa sailed la the
iiitfinoon mid had got well to thaeaetward ot Sandy
Hook- fi itv miles. 1 should Bay?when, al 8 o't loci; at
ni l.t. wa (iieuuiitered a terrille gale. We planned into
it, iimkini; hut little headway, There wat a btindlng
snow-storm and ? e did not anon ox:u-tl\ where we
were, lt wu* Utterly old mid tim -bili w;i* boob
seated with lea, rha aapta? wae an tha bridge aad
thr hateheewerc battened down. Tho stern grew
?worse na tba tight wore on and tba teeeel waa Inidlv
strained hy ths huge tea* with whick mat straggled.
In thr height ol the storm she boi-aine iiiin.ir.iu^fii'ili
and refused to nuswor hi r helm. Then she sprang a
leal and water hogan to poe! into the hold. 'Ihe
atfiiin-pii-iriri ware net lo work and ihe bniul-.iunips
Manned, ant wc were unable te heap ber free. nhu<
ol the waves which boarded thc vessel (ore tho t ,ir
liaulina oft the hatches, and witter wns soon pooling in
from the decks. Morning, Milich vc hardly had
exptctnl to sec, lound us in a terrible plight 1 ii
ship was one solid macs of ice, thc en w were half dead
irom cold and exposure iiml aahaaated with hard
?work. The Munn nluited somewhat, aad lin ship
answering her helm ngain, the Captala headed her lm
New-York. Ibe men worked ua ai tba haad-ptuapa
and Ihe sttaut-pumps wi r, --till going.
"Our only lope, a.* wo thought, was tc ht ep lier
afloat until wc reached New-York. No hiinl w.;* i.i
sigh! ana tho iMBBeinloill sens which wen vunning
miltie it iui])o?sihle to lake to thc houts. The i.minni
and the wbeelaasaa hud lo he lashed In their places
lo keep them fiotn Ixiug washed overboard. All day
wastragiled westward, but night foaad aa with onr
Lorrihle hitiiiition oachaaged, aad tba oddiagninel aa
in our tight fur hie greater. How we liv eil through thc
Bight 1 'lout know, hut we did. .md tinnily Munday
iii.'iiiiug tliiwind. Ihe water l>itin*-il "ii us rapidly nil
thu uiul itt ('> o'clock in the evening it reached the Bree
and pul them out. We tpt?I a Bight ol sudarius, bi -1
aaapenae on the sinking ttea-.tr, At 8 o'clock Fire
leland light was stabled about Hfteeainileeto tbe
in'Uh west. At !' o'eioek Captala (tilt, m Rave the
ardor la, ahaadoa *-11>i>. i ai ul lu ihe eatter with halt
ol the area ead thc Captain weat i" the Ute-b >at \- itb
the ether bell When wi-had got two Bailee Irnm tbe
shin wi- mw her go down baw Brat, We kept in com
patty witii the captain's boat ul til frit*?snout seven
lni'ies ol the shore, linn tha boats separate?, the
captain's taking a un-re easterly coarse. I ti* ??
tl the eaptala't b tat she w i.- makin i ta tbe boi i
I am airaid lhat tho nieu were a-xiiaastctl hy the in
tease cold and tbe hard work and have all periahed,
I uiul au nu u were badly aaid np, sease ot as had oat
ct's ,-mti 1 nillir, frest-bttt?B and we urie able to Butha
but slow Btneraaa. We saw the Life Having Station on
s.n.r,- nuil (iiilli-t] toward it. At 1 o'clock in the Biter
ijooii, when within a mil" or so of tiie sh.ut. v..
beal taming off, li proved to !?? tbe boat of the Life
.Sa*, mi* St ii t i< m. conni.aiitt'-'l bj ( ,ij .tain Miller, He
took halt oi my men into bia hoai and put BOOM ef Ins
crt w aboard ol aa, Whan the reocaiag beet reached
us the en ik and Htowuid were lying IB MM bottOBl of
in\ bi it' r iii-t-ii-ihte irnm cold and hanger. We
roache J ibe shore in tafetyead were given dn elotbing
anti lui'tlAt the Life Baviag Biallon. ive bad eaten
iioihitig for eightoea beere ead mic badly nari np."
I Iii iiiiiues nt tin roscaed med are John Italpfa Mar
shall, lii-t mete; Prank Morrie, weoad sssistaut
engineer; Frederick Bessa. third sasistanl engineer;
Walter B sward, ttl wera; Edward Kurt-.
David L Devil George elephant, dais Anderson,
WflHaat Jones am! Kttere Brllaeie, -( isaea. I h?>-??
aappaeedto hav? peHebed in tha eeptain's boat wen
Captain Colria, Joan Aaslee, ch.et i Rineer; I
Step?rason, carpenter* Theodore Larsen ead John
Rees, aeat?iee, ead .linne- Hearty, James Thompson,
Ih.nias ?otell, John Black aad Fri lerick Fisher,
l-n ,,?t-u.
Tbe asea who reached the shore arnvedinthe cttj
lust Bight. They weal directly to the "itt.I mc
British Cona_L mit lound il closed, lin--, then wami
to tba Minenr An"*, i lallor't board a-bi i ?? I .
Hiidgo-st., bal foaad that alie elosed, While they
?went stniiilin^ on thc sidewalk debating ahattodu
next, tl.i-i v-i-ii- approached bj ii tn in wk i atti i
t i.i! tin i roio shipwrecked i n, '. ,.<??,', the?n
the nay to thi Chuteh Stn : Police Sin*ion. The men
wt-n- lett there br the 'nsf mate, woo went to tbe
Inn ?e ut the British Consol, So. 446 Weet Twenty
lhinl-s!.. ,-ni'i pro* r. .1 aa on.i r oa Ibe ht amen't i [oi t
lor ihe board and lodging ot the men. He theo, re
tumid to thc -inti m aud, accompanied b- the men,
wen lathe Hobe at No, l*^**' li?riy-at While the
men wen-at tie pslioes'ation Captain Bergbold * ni
t. .t i.i a rttetaaraat for collet' ami soap, windi the uiea
devonrad -Aith er ideal relieh. Thc party arrived it
ihe Beemen't Boms shoal 10p. sa. A atore weather.
lu-.,ten mid st"im-t"*.-ed group ul in.-n ia seldom -ii-ii.
got?s wore cloth1 'i la oil-skin with Immense ?ou'-eati rs
whii-b almos! hid their faeee, aad soots bsd their
lt..um is lacked into tlo-ir boult ind their hands thrust
into ibo juckets ol their p*ajaeke!s, their hali waa
racruatec with the cell sprat anti thoirean a.nl bandi
showed tha effeete af the intense cold, Una?ian cl id
in oil-kini had a efartl ea bag slang "-.er ii* tbouldei
lind a pair ut M-.i-i.ts auder his arm, fat the nth, ri*
aeecd aalyths el.tlc* which tbeji wore. The bjcb,
one aiti-r aaathev, walked up to the desk and gnu
tlifir iutiii"s and positions on huarvi the ship, I bi n sll
were take a dowatotht dmins-rooaa, where they re
e. red, as the mate said,' iht Ural square teed " they
had l.-ad .-'i ec lr;i\iug tlii- iblp,
rr mk Marris, the second aselsteBl engioi er, said la
i .1 ti> the 1.)** ni tho steamship! "We h t: N'ew.
""i t?rl; I* rulay asmnlag :nid ahoat 10 o'clock that night
ii bogan loblaw bard from tte northeast. Tbe n-nu
Ineteaaed and hy'j o'eioek tbe neal morning it w;i?
lmr.l work lo keep your feet in the engine ronni mi
rn count of the pitching and rolling ol the ulp. About
4 o'rluck lataraa) asornlsg -out'- one tah] rn - tl ni tin
"-' p wu* leal.mg ;iinl in ii li n i-.ii, ites 1 sot ordera
I'i mn th eaptata t" tort th-' steam pumjis, I hey were
atari fd at once, hut thc leak kent anning and tbe
li'.iinl-iiumi.H wete au?med, 'lin* p?mps wera hep
gi lag ,:li day Saturday aad Wander, bal wa could not
keep tho ehip clear or evin keep tbe h-ak from gain?
ing, du BaadaTaj algbt thc water reached thc si ki
holt* and ell hough men wen* *."t to weak with buckets
lo hah it out tlc wider kept rising and before tnorniiis
waaao ii i ?_? h n. ladrivatbe asea ont, BydaylijjhtU
had rees >ed tbe ftrea and put if em ont. Alter tin- tiree
wi nt nut the steaiu wtm dowu a'"i In a ebert time
tin Inp wns rolling belpleeely eboul in tbe trough
ol the toa, Ahom it ni in. i; Moa lay norning the
raj.t du di i-i'le.I to ahaadoa thn -hip and hsu the
bonis laws rod. The eaptau and tea ama
gol into the life-beat, and tba mate and theos mea rna
mw hen* weal over t.te side ami late the w bale boat. The
c tpt. iii-!* a - Kit- last man n> Pave tint sliip. We
palled mr the shore ead shoat l o'clock In tbe afternoon
wa righted the benah, ina sh,u nun,, ?*?. *_?* -, ii*,. i)(,:it_
c-miine out lo na thrinivh Hie aurf. The men lu
lt listh-d tisand l-d'l us to fniiow Hieni lr, thniiii'h Ihe
surf. We till iiml ull lautleil BafBlr ea tho besch.
V/fiile we were lu tito anal Hie sea
wns dualling over us most ot Hie
llu.e and we had to keep bailing to keen the ho it
* Waller Ho ward, the stowar.l. BBldl "I dent know
much about tbe limn we led nor ahoitt the
rale, but lt com_teiiced lo blow heavily
PS flrrit nlsbt out of Nsw - .ort
Ihe next day we apruuir tho leak, and from
thut tims till wn left the ship all
?eada were on deck. We pumped sll day
fiturdsy sud Sunday, hut it didn't do any unod and
Mo,day mnrnlna we left the snip. The tatt I
ssw of tiie captain's Inuit waa shout an hour
after we left the ablp. hhe wss thou about bait a mlle
salem and followlns uh lu toward the t-eucli. Ibo ship
stitik h few minutes after we left ber."
Mr. liiirlicr, the ugent of Patten, Vickers A Co., Ihe
eoua.gnors lu lina city of tbe loat steamer, denied raster
?JJ With couMderablovehemenee thal thc Hylton Castle
wan ?? tiiit," and had been sent to nea overloaded aud in
sn unseaworthy eonditiou. Hetore ntHrtlng on her last
'?'??''"te, he ssnf, the war, surveyed while losdiua at Hur
orcii-- blores by a surveyoc frrni the Hoard ol I niter
writs-ra, and also by Captain Deal i-nrii, ot Ibo orient
iBaurauce Conijisuy. 'Jbat nhowed that the ve*?el was
a-Bw'ortby or abe would not hare been passed. The
yundard accepted hy the underwriters waa also n.ticli
tenet than the draft permitted by the Hoard of Trade.
Ibe report of tho surveyor of the Board ot Under
writtr? plat, d only to the loinltiiif of the vessel. Notlilu*
""??eWastoherciindlttoii. Ol Ino 57.H5H bushels of
v,,rS *_*! K,u' ?'?r"?'d. 40.0(10 bushell were In
eui! and tho te^t |n hags. The cargo was shipped by
?__?_;* *"? ?f >"'". 7(1-roadway, and waa Insured
J".r>io,i.iO m tito Koa Insurance aud tbaProvldeaoa
in...?1"," ^'--'rai'aules. Ibo vessel was uot rated at
i-'tiiiia in 18*36,
the t.in',*,r: .t"" *harllBger at Herbet ks Ptores, where
M_^i ._ _-"*"tJ* 1'wdeil, said tOHterday that She was
^''i'l.'a-U. m a* WHl<-r'"'e ?f?*r she bad lim
Mr. UavoioB, the shipping sgeut. however, main*
tallied that lo hts expetieaoed eye thc vessel looked
d.uiirerouslv low dowa wln-ti he snw lier a few li mri
I'.-l-.r sin- nailed. The tlr.-iuaii Shinned hy Mr. Ilav.-r ii
lia.iu thia etty was James Thoinpaon.au Kasllahman,
who bad boee Iel t hythe Graaebronk, another -ngllab
H tramp," adrift at Philadelphia. Be came to this city
aii'l secured a berth nu tue Milton Castle.
In shipping eire as ll waeeuted that not aaly did the
renae! appear to be overloaded, or loaded oe na lo aink
below tbe M Plimsoll ** load line, bat thu too ninth nf
tue earoo was stowed la balk, readerlna lt liable to
Shift tn ra?e nf heavy weather nnd endangering her
safetj-. Before she tailed her rutii!rr ehalns wen- lound
tn he nm 0r order, nini nfter thees were repaired a
fm titer delayed oeeurred lu overheallna iii" steam whit
te, which was out .,f order. Then the enalncer report" t
Unit the steam eln at iionnot waa found Insecnre, ead
attotlier tlolity of belt BB h.mr oceurted.
A dlapaicb was received al Ibe Maritime Exe?eng*
from Fire Island that a flahlna smack passed lliero al
'-.'I',!1' p. m., beaded toward Mendy Hook; that she wa*
towing a small boat astara and there appeared ta b? aa
un,i*,nilly large number ol persons on her dook. lt was
theimpreaalob thal shs bsd picked ni' ii." captain's
part) iiml waa hiinsina them to Kow York, bul ns sha
bsd a strone westerly wind io brat sgslual it would
take constdersble time to reach Bendy Boot. Tuen' ara
three dahlug Mnaeka nut I i-tiiii I u,tim Market, iiny ono
of which may be the one seen, [t ls unusual for a Hah
Ingsmneh to low a boa) and on mia hopet are based thal
the captain and lils pm iy have heen pteked nt>.
The owners of the Hylton Castle t die i three week*
iiLo and have bren runnlna the reseol since on suffer
itiieo. baa was Insured m England.
l'i'in.i: mi -urn > id 8AVK un: CREW OF Till '. B.
WI I ill i:-l'iKiv.
Boston, Jan. 12 [8peeinl).?Another ditnator
i* repau ted ii o -.. S intneki t. \>>?itt d lyttght on Monday
Patrolman Freeman, .>f thc United States Lifesaving
Station, *nw a large three-masted sohooaer stramled on
his ii. ni. Boats and apparatus writ* immediately *t-m
ta the eeeae of dtsaetor. Tbe sea wss running too high
te I iiii na* ii a beat, aad ths schooner seemed logged. Bet
ona boat wu* gont aud the trew bed taken to the rl?g
Ing. The bawttsei wsb loaded and a bill sad the line
sim! sacceesfully over tbe ve * -i. The line wai grasped
by two of tho crew, who tried to pall ll aboard witha
hawser, with ramili g block au-1 brooches teal attached.
Belara H reached ibe rossel tbe Una port -i sud lbs baa
Mr waa hauled sahara. When tbe Hue parted ene if the
crew who had hold of lt wits dtaWB OTorboa I
k second Una ?.1* -h it ..vcr the ve lech h,it it parted as
before. _ life raft insuned by Joaeph M. Fainer, Benje
mia Beekman. Cbarlea Small, Charles PL Uaah, Joha P.
iaii r, Iloreee Orpon, Uenjswiu M. Ptsber Bud Kverlu
Collin, waa tbon launched, bal tbe raging sea fl
badi like 11 fe,t!!i"r, |'.,- -kiiniii being awe pl fr 1 11 it hy one
sea end swept back by another. His comrades clutched
him snd saved him from Instant death. A third hail
wee shot orer tho veese! and again the Una broke, sad
Hie erimia nf ihe men to "ive tin- tren ss.-tm ,1 abortive.
Twa of lae mea la the rigging were eeen lo give ap sad
fall overboard. Oneoftbom proved to be tba master.
Biebod) e ima ashore In Ibu evenl it. A n itbt r attemp
waa iiiii'ie with thebowitater, and thli lime tha hawser
was pulled sb-nerd sud secured. Booti a aw lor In s per*
?shins condition waa landed and wrapped lu blankets
and sent to tho statinu. rben came nun mom, tha 1 a - r
survivor ot nine. Ile was Charles Wu.fl. ol Host.tad
be said that tbe man who pn >eded him ass the chlel
mate aud that his wife ami -un wein drowned lu the
Iii" rossel wns ih" T, H. Witherspoon, of
Rockland, Haine, 1 ipi.nu Alfred H. Andeiaon, from
Htirlunm for Bonton, loaded wilta molasae . sugar, 0000a.
limes and spices, rho list of the crew and pas
ten sena I* st follows: < iplnln, Alfred il. Auderaon,
l; -t's,an I. Me , ] >?? ri - In ?' ; ni il.-, lin.,la ', liei . v, Hrtatnl,
Mc, Bitvedi second mate. Maurb Ityder, Lincolnrllle,
M . I ei Islifil; .linn Phillipa, Cook, *A . I liniirs. pei
labed ; Charles Wulff. Boaf.in, ssvctl j Kl bois, l-natei
dem, periahed ; John Matt *. Liverpool, perished 1 Mrs.
Baldick Berry and son, passengers, pormhed
Wash is rus.Jsn. IS, Reports ifcelvedby he Oen?
eral ia 11 pe ri n I iidtut ut tb< I If - rina Service show
lhat flfl '-:i *.'? -?-* were Wrecked wl( iln (li- -?
Ihe operations ul tba **ir .Ii:r:ii< the st. 1111* of Fri
day night md I
of fourteen nt them wore rescued, while Hist ..f only
Olia B ? Ina . ? : ." -.-:...om 1 '; 11 \
(). l-'nrr, which weol ashnri In flam a tin nighttime
it bpriug Luke. K, .1. I: w.is Iou 11 1 linnoaiible lu 1
s , 1. 1 it l* believe I fr,--a 1 i".i re
ports received thal of all tbe |m rantin un board ol in-r,
t ?. .1 on y were alli itruck t lia ike
Nuiif. ii a, fa., Jaa. 12.* Tba Called Rtotas Coast sar
rey eleeuior Burlie, on bm way tu tbs Unit for winter
work, put Into lfaiuplon Kohls ?,.r-n Uer 'rom I
ne and 1 1 1 lin.- f-.i 1,.-1 di ttlnatlon,
t ni I'i i lay 11 it-lit tba K ile W a r ... -lr., ,.- "lit lu.- '
could make no hoad wey. 11 - 1 broke ? .1 be veeael
soee to eudangereverything un deck ; bul it ls stat. 1
the experiment of "pouring oil ou tbs troubled ?
was tried witu remarkable auceees, \ bug Ulled with
oakum sad mi dragged uat? rn prevented further trouble
lu timi respect
lin Ml i.i l UV HM V 1 AD ''> K ZKRO
Iii vii ;-'i: SKA 1 INO.
Ye-ti'i day waa anothiTcn p, di it ;i"-l poid
il 1.. 1 be 11 .- '? dent sud went down
farther and further until ihe lowest temi
I ludltill's big
thermometer indicated 4 above /-i -. and Ihrouebout
tbe day it went ao higher than I- . rho main -
hail bera fairly well oles .- rall
rood sweepers, drawn by I ea ma ol elgbl bur*
Bined what there wes left Into tlie fm ? of people on
tbe able walk. Down about ibe pieri Ibe anon bed been
trodden until ll looked like raw ntigar, end tbe beary
drays ftouudered shout rn it, beoomlng luexl
mixed In iptte of the efforti ??! tba ea 1 1 pollc -iucu al ihe
itieet crosatngs. Tiie accumulated dirt snd snoa msda
theaulomatle switches on tbe ?: r *.? t rullwayi work
badly aad kept the drivers In 1 - a state of pro
f.iinty. The Ice aecumulaied alida] la tho riven aad
tbe ferry boa ti plougbe 1 sud grouu 11 ..? li way through lt,
continual.} behind time, lathe narrow streets nu the
ISast blue tie suow from sidewalks and cai tracks waa
still piled high In tbe guttci . The linell boy Milli one
skate hobbled serenely o.er ice, tin 1 and hara stones,
while the lour small h",\ * with one vinni lied fought foi
supremacy and tbe sled, 'lim chapped hain- of nowa
boys niel cai ronduetora lestltied lo thr sdi ance ef win?
ter, but there w:i* -11 iitt'" v, inti thal noaammovlus
about enough to keep tbe blood lu circulation, inffereat.
In fact, lt waa ths beet aud most t-iijn>aiiiii of winter
weet ber.
The "-'reel ( leaning Depai tine nt cnn t nm, .1 last Til _?_ t
ibo work ol reinot lug 1 ia snow from Bro 1 Iwey snd ihe
down-town busiucsa sired . Two things have bludcred
the wink, lite tao wiall was much heavier than thal -if
any sturm for the last three years, and nol n pound ot
snow has melted nader tbe rays nf the san. tfaperla
tcudeot Ureen bes procured from lime to llnse nil the
available borece uud carte that eould be hired, 'lue
mea and teams of the Btreet-Cleeolng Department Bia
becoming worn out under tbe unususl itrala and have
been compelled to rest, Borne ol the large ooatrnctors
aptoem have let to ina Department wu it hones and
aorta they coald ipera. By thia meaaathe for? .
boon kept ap aearly to tbe number witta wbleh the Ba
pwtnent beana tha wm i al 1 leaning the principal bes!
area tbeeeaghfarea, Tbe work laal Bight wns confined
principally to cleaning the saoa na! ol Broadway
brought in from the side streets hy conslant travel, sad
to removing lt from tha busluees -ica.-tn down-town aa
iur aa peeslble. iii some nf t is streets the saow ls
nearly a foot deep and travel i?y leaded learns la natte
nu*.> luterfcred with.
The Bleacher Htreet Bailroad Compauy bad men and
teems engaged ell yesterday and last niRiit lu removing
?now from Ann sad Beckman ala Nearly all the street
?witch, hut not else where.
The ebb (hie reaterday earrlod down the bay (,'ieat
Holds of lae, which tore sway Buoy No. ki en tho -south
West Rplt, and curt le. I lt nut tn a 1.
The lal-1* In Central I'atl, nt e frnz"n to n thlCkBCBS Of
iii-aiiy au lucina. Thia morning teeats aili ba put aa
thi- lee with at railers. If after a thoniugh c.-tiiiniiiiitiou
the lee la found strong Snoagh. Tba billi?? will be
eleaued dnriag the tlay nu th.it they cnn hu Ihrowu open
to the public to morrow.
The aUiiiiinr Port Phillip an-ivod yestertluy
from (.'lilma pnrta niter au tiiiiinually -.tunny voyuite.
Uer wont nzperlcnco was last wook. Oa Thuraday nbc
wan struck hy a southwest Kale, which bucked around to
northwest, causing a tieunmiloii* sea. At timen tho
dei ka were flooded and thu crew sufleru 1 greatly frmu
the cold. On H.ituiday anothar gain, ?< oompauiod with
furlout snow it'iinHa, wurt nut nnd the ?udei n,,** af the
crew from the cold utnl Iced deeka Hi,d rlsuius Were ae
vere. V?SO the vesael arrived yesterday her bull bad a
thick costing of lee. him brought aa a paese.nirer from
Hhsiirhal thief otlieer Bradley, of the Iirliiab "hip
Iolaaihe. who bad hrok-n bit le-; mid hud to bu nenl
Tiie 8tfianifr LouiHiunn, frmu NeW*Otle_Mi
arrived yestenlay after inoeting a succe.irtlou of heavy
gales and cold weather. On M.'inlay (the spoke the
steamers Knickerbocker hence fur Now Orleans and a
Mallory Lluo Steamer bound south, k tow boura later
tbe Ixiulrdaiia panned clone to the maa! Inn i of a sunken
vea?el with several apara trailing to thu leewsrd. When
thirty miles north of lUrnegnt, In the truck nf St BBB?ern
nhe paaaed the mant of another nuuksn roaool 00 VB red
with ice. On ber last Outward pennas-* to New-Orleaus
the Louisiana atruck louie wreckage bre-iklnj; ber pro
Pflil,AT>Fi.rniA, .hm. 12 (SpeoUil).?Tin* finow -
storm togcibcr with Ibe severe cold weather Ima cauaed
a rise In tbe price of mest, especially ou tho hoof, and
elly dealers bave roUcd their prices on beef eatlle >a to
*m of ii cent, boas U or a cent, nn-ep 1 cern, tamos .,? oi
a cent, the linter betug tearce. Kefrlgeuted beef baa
gone an from ??, ta :'i "f t eent, aad tho pelee of etty?
tin.*'tui sheep h.is advanced 2a2*a couts a pound.
a OOAt rimink in ciiatiamjik; \, tknx,-slkfi:r
in(i in iuk aoirrn,
Chattaitoooa, Tenn., Jnn. 12.?Thc eold of
the las! lillee Baye hM bOOB UM iiin*l Bl ti SOtdlB try npeil
of winter weather er.T kBOWB in this re-clon. Yesterday
asornlngll wis 7 below al Ma Monal (MBooaad9?ae!ow
at ot;.ir polo te tn tim etty, Lem sight ai lOo'eleek it stood
at /?r toad faBlng. Tue Boldest tcmperataroevei reeeeded
her.- provloosli a is i iielow rora. Baffeting thraaah
om th." Boltrhborboed I* Intense, it iBroad traine in \ lr
taallysaspsadsd. Kofralght tralaahara anea running
en the Virginia aad Uoorglu n-ni tin, ctaeiaaatl Beuth
ern f.ir tin. ,> days, sad paasoacer tralas an aallroly out
af ii-.* iiii-'i-.i. :.'n in ills bad arrived from tbe Beet for
fm, \ righi boura until ye iterday, when (oar belated pas
tengei ti?Ins .run Uiuctuuati came In. twn nf mern n ir?
ing boen out forty-eight boura. Tbe blockade of fiel-bi
ls causing seosl fsmlos and the proapael ls gloomy.
Three of the largest industries era alroad] c teaed lor
w. mt nf inn!. i uuj a,, - ii; 11 ,i v iiiiiv--, today tbs alt u.i
ti..11 will bo alarming. Tta suffering among the poor la
great, liver StiOdlaireseeil eaeea were relieved by Hu
aeaociutod obaritles yesterday. Fully 3,ouo booda an
mn ol amploymcnl oa secooai nf thc cold weather.
(J u \ i -ins, lex., .fail. 1 J.? riil* mornlog a light SOOW
he^iin falltug snd bj !'? ni in k Hoovered ibe (lound ela
im i -.-*.:.-. u rho " oldest inhabitants M admit that thi*
?a* tat* beavtest * iowI th evei known mi tm- lalaud.
.1 \, Ksom mi, Cia, Jen. 13, last nigh' wes tin r .M
est of all, I nf in- i ii" !i"tt-i ni ni" -i i'i i ni DOlae reeor led
la0 above sero, I'nv.ite thermometers recorded l_?,
rbis ls over three d er thoa evor before rc
eordeil si the sign tl I> lee herc The yonug orange
are pi obably killed o Ibo sn rf nee of the ground, lt I*
not thought Hutt i ht.ter tue.* ure much hint. Tan
weather ls now cloudy aud the temperature is slimly
A it, t -ii. i.i. Jan. i.- The ri .*er waa frasco over al
li' o'clock t'..s .ii ul: lu front of ibe city from -ouiit
Carolina Bridge ta Melntoab-sl. ivr.? went oat Into
tbe mai ii. of ibe at ream un the Icc. Tbe thermometer
i en-1., i ;ii-- lowest p. in; thia morning .it 7 n'e oek, a bea
i: v, * ii uh.n ? icro. rio weather is .uoderatini;, hut u
is still i ie,ii and fn t /mg.
cnawxtxa a milk and ihh/imi -nu-- arma
ill 1 Nt; ni \ i.vill.
Cm mu. Hu 11 >, Iowa, .Inn. 12.- Thornes
lie l.l sh. i? a farmer Iii I iu lin ml irs noutb of thin eily.
On Saturday hie eon Louis rome to town tn tin boobs
tradlug. la tho availing ho stared hooM tfbea *nin**
d nei from here bis taem el mule* tunk fright and
ron away, throwing Be Lisle oak Be got ap.gave ebasc
sad caught tba teem rn a snowdrift tim"- miles frmu
here. Un extricated th au. aod while hltohlag ap they
Marted again, throwing bim down. Ooo wiie.-i pasted
over his breast Ht igdn gave chase bal *.i IOU bi
baunied from bia injin *? Tbe team finally reached
home, and a party beaJod hi \l . IM Mala battened lu
.i lila ami. rbe aeareli continued all night. Db
-uml iy Loni ? wat 'nun I near w lllow Slough Bi Idce.both
hoiiiiua to a barbed aire lenee ead both arma
. ,11. Ill- A aa III lt killi .lilli pustule If 11.1 !...lh lt>.-*
were fi >scn. and be could hoi un.vp. l i.i- tbermumatei
wan sJA a.?;.!.-. /-rn. ibe young mau bad dragged hun
sim ii in,... Ito waa carried boneo, where In, died i..-1
Parani'B, lad., Jen, IS. rwe deaths ure rep.irt.,i
here ea tbe rosall of Ihei ttretue cold, i'm i Meyera, an
Bge.til i-i...h. waa found demi eouih of bare yesterday,
Ij m.* in a dib h. rbree teainsteri from Clear "pring I'-ft
here for tbat place, and al Kwlag oac of them, Chock
llsi.i.> . BgC f..| ly, \, ak found .lead III lils wagon.
i . n, Jan, l j. hadron AebaBersurted ta
-.vm.i. ri,iii I aat Jordan i" Irontua Bub las nigh I aud hi*
bod) waa found yeatcrdij hall a mlle Hom m* borne
frozen ttifC
Ak aux, Ohio. Jaa. 13 tsprrlnli. William Mr?onay, s
well-known nnd wealth] In mer -.i this enmity, age
nlsty, was foanddead In bia aletgb oj ibe roadside Ibu
morning, ll- ,i ,-i ;? ii todealu while driving.
ll \i I'.-. lill. W l-l l.-.N l'.l."i KAMI.
('ni" uso, Jan. 12. Thc nu n-my p-innim-il
bebiw tero all day in thin elly, bat lae tenden
. a., ni i ?*, .t a r. Ill tin- tVestere r,i
opel b l tb< i ??? ? ? "ii I ? iel?i 'I tl ls "i 'i.i i .,r ?
seriously bam|iered by tbe eaTecte of the weather.
\.- Sat -ii|'ii .i.ti.:i'leiit limwii. nf th- (. il. .,
N.-ti bwc i ra, ?iii tha
storm wes the eioeteoversfthat I i rt part of tbs
ciint r\ for maa] uni. B'eel of Moreholltowo gad tba
Mit--ii. i 1 tr sr ? . Sf op ?imw ilrltta fnrun d .uni showed lu
i -'V au.!
--a..re and Michigan Heathorn rood in- train
'? ,n .i ton ickaopeathroughout I..*i ixglit
tv-, t: lins Hutt were tao oed ii roi ids .
Mat-- t . ;.ir." sod Am- * an.
a.- "f the i
i loBg .'.- tal Bed a
look out iipou; but ths majority took tbe mattel ,
i were lhaukful thal they had been abbi t-t
? j -....r I
uml ii. I lus lbs long bom .,
lin,, ga a up and ? | i) ed.
i .1
.. . lld in- detain .'. im -i .1 ii
..: * ..ii ? I.- i. ,
, I ;?? ll ; ??? . ? RT hu could a
pa] ur their meals paid, and thone wno could no! and
tin ie . -1 na,nu. r id lints,- v.. i.- ItbOrall)
in. teat ai tb - - .ii pan.. i .-? ia.-.n. ,,r
the I.h ide st I the ari le ta l.'i.OUO
bead, i -pi* wi a-,y j' dot lu one
iiii known i" lbi ti ide. a* a reauli lhere ? i< s drop
of from ibli ?
? > ' ? it, -. -i , i ,. ! ? I 'i- hio I. ilea nu ! mo rain
. ? ?.-.!.
Tin. i< i: tlOBUK ai i-i I/ins.
Rtraccbb, Jan. 12, The situation on the
Oswego Klvei tl Kallon tn-.lay is|,u. tb ail) uechaegoaL
rha water hos re ededa trifle, but tha gores remains
Urta sad ls constantly strengthening, i ii I ometer
low zero aud beary leo .? fnrniiiig nv r the
flooded district. Un- im h.. ?. ? i tin' tatra ir jt ii stead*
Hill and fully 1,400 employes of mills sad faotortoa an
Idle. Tbe overflowawl dial rle t comprises aa aroa two
miles lons ami half a mlle wide and ne water is from
Dre to ten feet drep lt ia aald that the whole damage
has been cause i hy the rUItu of tba dam at Hattie lalaud
no tbat tba tana) coi ld he mpplled wilta water.
Tbe thermometer registered ;j7 bslowseroal < fen is- .
ors -,.-,,. lou .a < -i/ lno? m.
Ki misti in, .im i" i '/--ii',.? Tim mercury ranged '
from 1 'A ini* below terohers un* morning, lei
rn, im bes lbli a lu the rivi r.
Utica. Jaa. 12. The thermometer ma ' below !
tero In ibm elly at 7 o'clock thia inornlu \ ?> Ida ll
was ii- , iluim ir lat. Hie lu sm) st I'raap -.- ul \ii
ih" towns in this region report tbe mercury fro .; ? ii,
:;:, below /em.
I'i u i-i-.i ii'., Jan. lit?The mercury lind nt il. lielnw
/. in nu* worman and lin dow) at .1
helow.il Bloowlngdalo and IU bolo
I u.i), .lan. 1 _' -The leedom In the Hudson, ebleb |
bsa formed orel thc -i ito d nu, la lill ii ii sud
thc water ls high, i bi col I la mutt -in- ie,i ben
thia winier. At ?"? :i. m. tin lltei ..;., below,
and iii 7 In . Al lluoaie Kail it a-.' i .-.,-? , :;n ;.. I
kuli'* -" . Vn\ s\ l ? - . - ? il -.i.i.
nlogtou *Jb?, PitiaburgJ ."..'. -...', i. , ,.
p..wu.,1 H. , Korth I'owu .1 ' i tdit.ua -i**
?lill. 001.B IP IS SI ?'??'? ?' VM?.
Bot i"N. '--i"- ?'-' [Bp ' ?'?'. i li- t i ?? .
enid wan-, whlota slttr ? I u.i n baa bi
sestward from tbs estrema not lb weat, t<
Koglaad lost night tad esau I ihe lomperainro In Ibm
tan to teka a drop thalba li-cu I ll only twice i.i
Hui, lu the Ia*l lW( 'I -. Al 7:ii() ti. Bl
Ibo sheltered thermometer if the Hlgual uvl erei.li
terod i"? below sero, while In the more ekpoactl i
sr Bearer the tr/i-n ground tba tempera un tell io i
eonsidorably lower ii?-,"'. On iH-eem l. I_
below sera wss rt i.nI, and on Bciem er*. . I ?-.
the mercury falito l ll below. Al 1'rot Inc. tu
Cud, tbe westher tin* .rnlugwas ii-p.-ii-.t lo lie ibu ;
ooldesl for fourteen yenra Tho therinometer al f o'eioek .
was 5? below aero. A strong wind ls not! blowing ironi |
Ibe hoi tm a.-t and lt ls snowingbrlakly, with Indications
nf .ni .li'prnat Inns- ?ttvjnn.
Wiii:'i.-nu. M san, Jaa. 12. lin- temperature rouged
from I"-" to 15?below tem lu thia city tala ti ort.ina*. ', I
Lancaster lt wnn -jo- below : Kurth Im... .hm. 11 ;
H'eathorotigb, 13? ; Ayer Junction, 1" ; t'ei.i.m.i1,
v ii ij ; fVlBChendom, Itfl8 Usidner, 2o**i liuii
bariiaion, l**"; MBIhary, IS** j I abrblco, *W.
sun I. DTIXG AT Till: .ARD-,
PfTTSBl BO,i/un. I'-'-- 1 In ?'-??vcrocdld ucallirr
sud the heavy nnow, together willi fha blockading of
stock trains, ta pinjing sad huvoo at the Kast I.ilnrty
stock yanln. BUMS yc-ter.loy noun 184 boga bave dlej.
The uiajorlty of them fro/o Io death. Tho OthOrS were
smothered. Home cattle, nheeji ami boga have died In
the tarn while blockaded along the lluo of shipment sud
lu tin" yara.
Mew (Jhi.lias-, Jan. Ut?A lire sf Josephine sud Mb
crty eta. to-night destroyed ter, numil houses. Tbe lost
laeatnuuted at *>15,0'H); Innured lu local cotnriiinlen. A
t ,n stnry hrlek ninre at Hoaiiltal and Hourbon nts. wan
burned. Loss M.OOOl lOMNd lu hmal companies. A
jin* ni m. Olnndooadnpalo tm. ooasumod lea boaeee.
Iiicludliiac tiie AfricanUapilai Chun u. Tartially liiaurtd
III in.-al t 'lilli' .UllfS.
NKU'i'tiitl. U. I., JU. 12.-C':i|?l.iin Ci.nlii, cf
Iii.'iilnii'-t Uaef LtfOBaVtef Million, if]i u ls t i.ui Um buoy
Bl lii'-iiton'n Hccf baa BOOB blown away und ls now on
the I,euell, and also that the buoy nt i*eiil Rook 1- date bal
moved oiiB-nusrler of a mile to the north west sud ls BaW
'_()() yartla itorthesst of Heal Kock. Thc l'olnl JinllUi.I
Dutch lalaud buoys have also beeu blown oat of yluoe.
sin nen io nu MUD ni xr wei h.
LOVDOK, Ju J_.? I'iirliiiiiii'iit OBtmsA to?
day, I.orajB rr..wtls hail ti BCfagoted in the liel'lht'or
bond nf ParllaaMat Boam long before tho boar lor ths
bi-gliiulu-; nf |_o sessini). iiml when Mr. Hradlaugh Bini
Mr. Oladetona bri ead inajr nata leadljr rbi ure! Tho
vaults of tint Houses of PariisBMOt wer-- thoron shiv
sciirehcd tills morning, hut no unlit-1tiona of a Our
Fawkes plot wore dice ore led. Tba Bight Hon. Arthur
.Veiir-it.y ivei. who is a liberal, wns rs slsstsd .Beaker
of the illina, af couiiuiiiis without anpaattlon, During
the iiitervii: betweefl to-day and ihe snbatieeioa la Par
iitti.eatof theQueea's speech at \t wt-ek Hm nnsiaeas
of tin* linn*" i.r i iiinii,, ns win rntisist nf th" swearing
lu af ati miers,tan moving af writs of skelton for
veceai seato and mattala of a like nature. Tbe presenta?
tion of UM Quota's ipeeoh has beru delayed ia ordar
thal t.ibera who are abroad or or a dlstaaee front tbe
awlropolla amy bare hate to moke Brraagemente to oe
lil tlieir |'l ire- Iii MOS nf ,t i|t-l.:ite .tll-Ifl_.
Mt. ciiatniieriniti, I-;,ri Bpeocer aad Bari -marilla
conferred With Mr. <Hailstone today. Mo t of the Rad?
ical nietnhi-ra weie eotertaloed ai dinner this ivt-nitii; hy
Ifr.Chamberlain Mo Moderate Liberals were ladled.
Ifr. ChamberUm ls attemptlog to fonu a diotlool Kadi
eal pul ty.
Mr. Oladatone, la ths nones of Commons, made s
ipreeh aaloaislug Speaker Peel, Mr. Oladatone, whose
vniee waa husky nu i feeble, bed a haggard appearance
iiml seemed lo be agelog rapidly. Ifr. Bradlaug'
tabs lbs oath te morrow.
//'? im,it/ SetPttnya: " I*he (linen's speech i
formal upenlag of Pm llamenl next week will refi i
guarded meaner la Irlah local government. Mr.Oloo>
-i.u ,? will nut move au ainentliiieiil lo tho BdiltOBS In
reply io Hui speech."
Tat fun Mau Qoartte warna Kr. Chamberlain that he
Isiieiiuieii if in- thinks be can overthrow Mr. Oladatone
iiml rm in n Radical party from Ibo rates of the Liberal
I will
im the
nu: mki.iini. op niE rAKMii.i.in.-.
I.i'M"i\, .lim. 1 j.? 77/1 Telegraph say a :
M Tba eouiereoec ni the Fernel ute members of Perils
uieiit at Dublin yesterday w.i* -,i lasso. There was uo
popular deaioneiratioa. Tba abssaos ol Mr. Parnell
from tha meetlag was a lucky accident, ss he w.n thus
"'veil ths .es-ny nf being compelled t-. Indicate ,i
Partial.it ny croeranime. Ti.e, meml>crs who were
|u.-*rnt pi rate!) ogiced thal lbs besl policy ror lbs
porty tn im is,ie ia.,- to ? alt. ns the time had not yet ar
i li i-i im obtaining borne rule."
AN I NDERSIAXDlNn wi ill nil; PORTE,
. HUM ll ALI \AMJi ll Will. Si,III K lt)?TIIK
NATIdNs >( \I\t.iMI) Hi DIS A BM.
('(iNsTVMiN'i'i i., Jan. 12.?Prince Alexan?
der in.d tin- Poi te bars t oms to an uuderatandlug oa lbs
following eniiilitlnlis ; J mu Un- union nr the Bulgaria! he
i cognised try Ibo Porte; that the Hui/,niau army ho at
tba disposal ol rurkeylaeose of war with Qreoes oi
Bci i i.i, tii.it tviiiuti- in- said regaler!/ tu Um Potts: thal
tin s??tonis lights of tho Porto be malatalaed, ead teat
Piiace Mr \:iii.ier gu io Cenetantlnopts lo he laveetcd
with tbe governorship of Bestern Ruiaolla,
Adcleee received boro sj; teal s thaw, Becompealed
bj beat y rams, baa sri in in tm, Balkans ami ii.is eauai i
iiiii'-h des t rat ti.ni Tba Marti?i, ihe principal river I.
Hamelin, hos overflowed na hooke, loodlog il.
rounding eeautry. bridges have boee iwepl away, ami
a Bamber of vlllagee karo boob totally dsatroysd. Ihe
dispatches oap tn.it st?oy hamoo belaga ssast bars
I.----I--*. .im. 1 J. England has seeepted s
in |.. . from i: i iss.ii th it tbs I'n-.v. rs insist on d -
u,mt by (.(?' ee, Nervis and Butg it li. Tbs Powers bara
sui,,m.,ii!-ii ii,use eeuatnes ta dlearm, promising thom
tint rnrkey will follow their exeinpla
in i-.iv.-i, jun 18, -ei vi, boa rasolvad ant ta aiaka
p, see with I ? question rosardlng tin*
Hon "i Kastern Kumeila bj ti.t- Powers bsa been
' n a ina-mr-i Wbleh Will "iii-Iy li.n WlSboS Of tin
-?II,.! ' .--. . . .11."lit.
REVOLT OF I'ki-o.mi;- iv ii: Ufl v.
I'Mil*, .lilli. 1_.?A dispatch lunn Kn.m. ;t
Iowa in tea l>i"jt_rt.i.i or i'm de Uoaavetakea lb .t MOO
eoavteoa aa t?a | looa tease baea laroliad ami secureti
j..,-. ..t-iii ..f the (.ri. mi. i bey hara em i".i Bon lt s li
ami odif nvi-tr prepared themselves ford fenslvc opera
l.pajisve been ordered to Klotn to quell tbe
I ? officials eredlsruaslnglbe msfier wiih
ordei tu k-.iin tims rm tbe military to
I l'.lill.I S -i'AM-ll I.I I ll- M.1.1 ; l>.
Ma dh i>. .Lin. 12.?The unlit.uv authorities
h.no succeeded tu arrratli elg leen of Ibe rebels Who
wi-..normed In the seizure ol Port Hi Julian la ?
. . |ilooners were found lu.I.len in
? nilli. A niling Iboao captured la the
li- I* salli tn hair areal th" abut
thal wouuded Ueua 'ii |srdo. tbe military governor,
-IK nu i>r an am.io IMEKIC-- BANKER.
1,'iM'o,, Jan. 12. VIr. Arthur, who wan ro
eently sn Anglu Imerlnan banker la Paris, committed
suicide wail a Blstol to-day la bia sister's bouse al
Montreal, .lan. 12 [Speeutl). Pho rivci lu*
! fallen almost u root la-dap, -ind several streets which
' were fl.it-1 before are now peeeabla 1 largo number
ol people wboes bousee havs been flomled have token
new hmisea fur tim winter, while others mi busy chop?
ping up ks ou tee m.tin tin -ra and shovelling it nun the
Mroote, la soo* esssstee fluod nearly reached the cell
ines of tea lower mon.-. Many streets are bow la dni i,
bobs sad a number of iorgo manufactories will bars to
-i tba afternoon foe sometime owing to tea free/
lac af the gao moina la thc streets, rnere are o er
in.nu.) operatives thrown onl al amploym-ani hr tba
Hooding ..f mills ami footorte* ind tholoaa win prob ibly
i m.. ii nt tn ..'., i sriiKi.utHiaday. Presidents aud officers
of i hm iinlili- instit.ituins wein butti) engaged all day
rig suflerera by tbe fl mi I. Some oi the seen tare
dlatreaalng. \ movement t ticing set ou fool foi a |iotl
timi io the ii ivernment '" ip i uni a.nmlasion ol eu
iini-t-i a io repoi i upon menus io prevent tu ? anon il rc
,? ,,t i Hon 1 in ibo elli and 'ii*(r,rt. rue weather
i* vert i a.,1 ii: ir, thc in- im,.'in-i-r ti- lietel?-,..
. p last ni ii st "o'clock. This morning ll wss-I bu
i - *, :?:' * . "i CABLE m:\Vs.
; Us un, tbe lie!.i.m Pi Imo
.... ii .-.ii paral] si* and alli rc
i ii.i-. es nm in her of Parlia*
... ai. ? . r: a MutiBter Bans previous
? lisp n-doll a, .1 I ? .'I -.i: l/l Hill, uni! Mi ll"iii- H.
rel -i iu timi institution, bave
i..i nilli, s ol Mr. show
I4ie-I'. ? ? Mr. Murptl) -J l.iitU.
. il. M lo..ni t ha* h."II r-'-li'i'tfl I'I. -I
-. , i . . --ii -,.f j|:; |? .,,,.
iiii ? i tr- in roting, m.
,' dunner Re Mint ol
I la. ,- a III .
;? iii sl Atv la Chapella
in ii (lentous perished lu
: i \v I ? un iii Vt irtemherg has
ut, duiui '.' ol Prince
' i '..... , Vt F ROU lilt ION.
Wi i ;. nt*, I -ii'., .lim. L2 S;iecah.?
i mn?( mill for New London
, it t ni i ni oin ut Spiritualists' ?seo
, . .'urra! piwlmo ui simile la exempt from tex*
?I...dil in- ,;? ne,.,! -i ni.I- becouos li le dorotod lo
i* .v.?iii*.* , itl-n (nat i he - ..Iiii: ?? (.Kilt hy pn
v.. . imiivutu tia upon lands perpetually Issssd to them
by the aaaoclation, ere to he lased le Ibeee ladlrlduals
ii'ti liol to IOC ssoel 11It'll and lhat sixteen ooroa nf land
v. |(', me buildings thereon seltber loosed for cottages nor
it, ,i im-1. ii I--,i* par poses, bu' ownad by tea sss oe io
ii ,i>, mould hr taxed in ih>- aaeoelettoa on tho ralaottoa
nf fV.ti.UOO, l'lils Ut tlsh'ti etnls an luilmrUul teal cuse
In i ni,ne, lieut.
Vol Nt,MOWN, Milln, JAB. 1_ {Sprciill). ? l'lli
liiiuler \Mni-liel, ago thirty, a youug man living a few
miles from thia city, married a short time a-,'0 a young
WOOM?I of gootl fiiinlly. Poor health came upon him and
made lum desponilent. Hts Wife guarded him direfully
ut Ma time, fearing that he might bang himself. Ou
(saturday ha ssoopoa fruin her vigilaueo and with a razor
cul bia thro.it. A few momenta after Mrs. Wlnehel
entered the rooiu ami s.iw her htishauil stretched ti .iou
tbe floor covered with li loud. The windpipe waa severed.
W'lm liri csuuot live long.
run.AHKi.riuA, Jun. 12.?Archbishop Kyno,
of ibis t-iiy, ts baalafad hr/tatalrlea don parts af thia
t tiitntry aud tai Sj! concerning an srttcie on " Religious
Iiitnlttaiico'aald to hsve buen written by him in The
She,,herd nt the Valley some time ago. The Archbishop
Bloted today that he never wrote the artlolo ja queatlon
timi ilona not share, Ita sentiments. The article waa wrtt
trti tbirtv-ilve roora mo. It wat written hy the lay edl?
in,- af Sa Paper. ObO _ now ono of tho leading jurists, ol
tho Vi cat.
PlfTtaUBO, Jau. 12 (Sj???rtl).-Milton Wes
lou aud wno irs registered at the Monongahela liouae.
Weston. Mr. Weston's brother said i " Milton feels tho
situation ke-nly, nut laaUBBS -.bathe ls the victim of cir?
cumstances eutlrely unexpected and unwarranted by
bim. He feels that he ls Innocent, hut persecuted simply
boc OOM nf his misfortune. He ls uni wealthy, aa re?
ported. He is ready to tnke lils punishment and lo mer
row will surrender BlaBBelf to the eatkerttlee. His wlfo
feels tbe situation keenly uml on her necouul the biinleu
Booma Manor io my brother."
Wn.MiM.TOV, Del., Jun. 12 (Speritilj.?A.
Waalay -aaa*, ayoaagfaiam. Urina 'our miles north
of lu re, while attempting to drive through the wheat
lii-.d or his Betekbor, lanac s. Talley, early this morning,
tiie road belan blocked with snow, waa shot through the
In-art aad laeteotly killed hy the latter. Muee Krlday'a
snowstorm tkefarmerela teal commuuity had used
Talley's Bold In order to ;,*ct around tho snowdrifts, but
leoteroulng ia.ley warned Hanby aoitaaroaatfca Held
sante, ii.inhy rcsftit-d the waralag nnd deijantiy do
elared thal ho would cross n tins morning on hi* way to
imii kel.
At 0 u. m. Tulley, armed with ii revolver, went to tho
hanoi the Held of tun forbidden drive and built a Uro
t ?keep kitasoil alive while waiting for Hanby. The lat?
ter came driving along lu the couran of two hourn anti
c.irefu ly piaclug a shot gaa aloagalda tts fence, pro
csodod tn apea tea bars. Talley reeloted with a club in
his banda Hanky Mixed tho atak and aeon felled hit
adrersary to the ground. Ju*t then Mm. Taih y tf
peared to osslet ber husband whereupon Baaby aslaed
his gun and trlod to BbOOt tbO etti] |irostrate man, but
Mn, Tulley caught bold of tko weapon and balked lila
inurderooa intention*, until his own t?teer, who batt
aeoo him leave bbl borne witt tho gun mil Iud feared
Mable coom to his a**istuuco uud took the woopen
awny. Hut just BO th" Struggle waaOvOT and the tight
B a- ended. Taller rose ou kia knocs ami shot his sosaU
ant through Um henri.
i ai,ey was ail battered ap In tko Igfct, igiy gushes
aie on hi* hoed and faeo and his nose is almost removed.
Hi- 1ms im. n lying OBBOBOOteaa all <lay and the oilioers
sro bow ai his kooM awaiting tea rosall of hu injuries.
Mr. Hitlihy tom; lim Im ly of his son home.
There bod been an old quarrel between the men and
their femlllee,end within the loot year Hanby hud on
two eecooloBa thrashed his tlayar,
\miiii-: in* cants ia Shina tkackd to a mm*
KI lilli in: wai ks AWAY IN hAKKIY.
Harbmbcro, Penn., Jun. 13 f-jpenfal).?A
i: in wah.n ballot woaad lo the Boab of his neck it|>i>n?*a
iii the boepttel in tills cit/ two weeks ago for treatment.
H" gare tee boom ol Edward Boraaraad said that wfcile
lu Johnstown. Penn., kc uud a friend were sx_minina
,i revolver when it mus seddentelly dleekarged causing
Um woinui. tm axamlnattofl the surgeons Canad
Ikal tbs bullet bul gonn IB-Obgk anti poosed out of
his mouth. The tteteBMBl Unit he csuu) all the
way fruin JohOBtoWB Blotted suspicion, and OB
tearchloghts clothing letlers were fsnnd showing his
real name la ba Frank BqnlrBB, Bf North danville, I.Iv
iniratou County, N. Y. ons letter was from
Mary C -'| iir-s, win refers to a vi -it of
the polios to har boase la search of two
minmai*, but Mis him not IO be afraid as he and
"Initchy" went uni inspected, (hief-of 1'ollco
I.imiis, thinking tiiat boomi Bing was anting,
wrote to North Daesvllls end today received
SB iiiuwrr to the efl'rct that Sutures
la auapeeted of the murder ol I m.irv Thayer, n farmer,
living mar Hamilton H tat lon, wini waa aroused hy twa
bm ns on i ti,* night of October 2i. in
gi lpp \nx With tin-'ii In" tv.if si-ot tlimil-fll
tin- In art. 'Hie tm ii ISCBpod but tin* Ui xl
night s burglary was comltted at llooeoye, N. Y., ami
tbe two burglars were detected, Thor ran ami wen
fired at amt one of tin iii Was blt. bat e.-ftapr I.
i ie Chief of Pellec af Harte Deauville says
that Squires |a no doubt the murderer of
Karmar i haver, ami there i- ? reward of 03,000 fnr tn*
airest. Unfortunately a ft w days aa-o he waa well
enough tn walk BDOttt the hospital, aud got away Boob
-i I \ id.
dal IXEASS MA v i uni st g hotel LODOBBE
BotTox, Jan. 12 <sp,elm1.?A lively senaation
was csuaed st the Porker House lute inst night by
Henry I.. W ilkllison, of i ii'iiilia. Il? ami hts wife BOOM
tn Illiston Mk* brat nf th." mnulh, and he was intending
to sail on Saturday foi tiena Bay, winn* ne propoood
:i.- "uni" time al tin- Cbrlal id .-|'i Inge' for his
in-aitii. ile has i.e u ore worked and a week ann he
rums insana Ho enddenlj b-rceme deeply latetoelod la
Kpirltimllam, and grew frsntle ever the snhjecf. Some
lal * ago lu- was found tm til" -1 r. et haranguing a Clo?tl
regarding tba tatara Ufa of humanity. He waa moro
i h.ni dim i nu 11 ly a lld yt-: i.in, bul a bea Ibe doctor left
iiim last night lt was ihoughl Hi at lie was bitter. About
rea -i maed hy ilie Boat bon Ibis
prut sealing ft mn Ins i. kihi. 1 lie mai, rushed mit
iii I i- ni.-iii i I >tbea, slr iel a waiter who bopp Bed '-?
lu the e. im.i-r at thtil moment and rushed Back to bia
I- nm. I e.l'lill* OU Ibo top ut -1 hilt' lill III" i- r.i ?J. -.1 il
hollie, aud. wildij waving ll above bis turbaned heed,
sliinilr-i : " This ls ls fplril UillWUI I BtOOd bock ! lum
(.ml! You h iv. i mn" h.-re o kilt me!" Paruna Downs
, ippeued lo ho tn a room near bj oiih ?oiue friends, ii"
|.i. ki I iii." ;.i..,i nan up lit bi si in*, pluloni d bin on the
b -i i ,,| held i;ia. ii .i i .-t.i..iv arrived. Ile was
nm ii, y removed t-' tue tombs,
Ci i.vi iwu. Jim. C. Silten: I.?Frank Lamb,
who occupies a room ol Nu. 54 Prospect-sC. related e
ramarkabla story on Balun] iy o: a ghostly \ Isliatbtn On
I I ill t |'l e". mus. Ho told bow the U|)|)it flt nm of ,, beaut i
fui bi m.tl,* woman stood st blt t> dslde and bow a mo?
ment later be was burled into the middle of tee Boor, the
apparition vanishing through tba wall into the nen
mom, "A line next day Mi*. IY 'ino I nj dying. Lamb's
dean piton of tba gbasl tal led perfectly with Mr*.
frayne, laud night mysterious ranpins* wore beard by
? v. iii pi opie tn the house, mid Mrs. Halton, a slater of
ti-r ileccaaVd woman, relates tb it ai lil o'clock lier
. sedate cl uk struck one buudred, To-nlgbi a
un i uk ot hpiritualiata wa* held In Lamb's room with
Ihe hope -.f e.. .J .nug up again the blonde api sntloii
aud au iutercaied public anxiously swans Ihe outcome.
i OMRITTISQ mi uo: n is ms si.irv.
(un too, Jun. 1 _'.? / lu Int, r-tlc in's lilootn
Ingtoii. Ind., dispotcb says: " i a*i night Mrs. Dobaao,
vin nf James Dobsoa, a larmer living In Qreone
i .ninty, nssnwskencd by a negro finn hand, who h.ni
,,i*i spill her ii'i -lund's head With an axe, killing linn
instantly. Mrs. Dobson had a fearful struggle with tee
in- I., a-she lay In bed heebie in-r murdered husband
but Dually tba moastar il"!. Ha was snooted to-day
and mi'*i that he committed tho deed in bia sleep."
Sr. Lol is, Jan. l- itfpdcW).?Ed. CtotTigan,
wini strived bete lo dey frmu kansas City, said that the
raes between his horse t-'reeland and Dwyer Hm*.' M -s
Woodford would oertalnly rome of under Bortala con?
ditions. "The owners of Mles W't.odford," ho said, "In?
sist on my going Bael with Freeland, hut for tho lifo of
un* I can't see what rea .m* IheV have to expect lue ta
voil) ply Willi l Itt-1- wt-iln *m lu." in.it ter While they Ignnre
mine. Ih* i" ls ua more reason why I should go I .i*t
thou they should eoose West. Stn may agree on some
..-i,tnii point, but a* they have aire uly rared in the l..i*t,
I wwii t preter chicago."
/ii i EORR DRAWS BARRS AT checkers.
Providence, Juu. 12 [Special).?The eheeker
players again faced sock other thia afternoon. Ona
game wns played, tho sernml resulting lu a draw. Thia
evening the third game was pla-, ed, and lt wat alao de?
ll.ind ii dr iw. Cons! lerablo Interest ls shown and tho
gamea aro largely attended.
iAii.rnKs iMBUBnrBs_
Cincinnati. .Inn. 12. Taylor - Brother, denier tu
h.>o - and shoe* at No- 'i'.i' Central-ave.,a*slgtieil to day.
Lidi.iliues. g-S.OOO ; assets, ?f'.o.ooo. l'refereiices to tbe
amount of #1 * .mm were glvt-u.
Kawsas Cirr, Jon 12. Bdword Chnetopkar. Tkoosas
Pi an and John Mel._ughlin, three railroad laborers,
were killed near Independence, Mo., ou Ibo Missouri
I'ucillo Railroad, lust nigul. being atruok by a jjoaseuger
tralu while they wero working ou tho track.
St -uri* Jan 12 (Sprruit).?(ieorge Hleners, age fifty,
living at N'o 2,206 Lynch st., almt bia wife nt tbe bsck
nf the neck thin morning and then neut a bullet Into lils
own brain Ike tkootlag waa done In the prcaoneo of
three children. Hen ral yeuta ago Bteneri was wealthy,
but he lout bia lnoney and became alllicted with melon
cho1'*' Mill. BMa-OYM DIRSATISI'IKD.
Ol i vu ash. Jan 12 (Snot-in/).--The reeeut notion of an
advance of l<> per cent lu wages at the Cleveland rolling
militia! liol Include the employes of the plate mill, and
thc latter BOVS .mt'Tetl a vigorous protest asserting that
at present prices they recelvo front 10 to _0 per cent leas
tbau ls paid lu other parts of tho country. A strike ls
hardly probable.
OnOAOO, Jan. li. - Alarm ls felt eoncemlng tho esses
ot smallpox willoh have developed lu tho neigbliorhood
of Archer ave, I 4 Halstead ut. There are five new
macs reported.
PirTHiirno.Jan. lt.?Mil was enlered to-dsy sgslnat
the I'lilladelphia Natural Gsa Company for $10,000 dam
ai-es The plalutl-s are Catitaln Omalaer, of the ateaut
?r Iron illy, and crew of seven peraous, who wero lu
lured ny tho buruiug of the boat, which caught fire re?
cently from tbe eiploalon ot a gas malu lu tee Allegheny
Uiver. (
-ur. vj in i*fj._ivjr i t/ij_?ajr_r__j. u. i\?.
Orange has a tobogiTtiii slide. The tohogjran
la an Importation from the land of French-!'anadlana
and half-breed Insurrection*. Hut the moat unconiprtinils
lng patriot mutt grant that the toboggan la a great Insti?
tution. The tohii)t<au slide in question lt the Invention
of tbe Kssex rou ti ty Tohoggsn Club sud they
have every reason tn be proud of lt. They
aro proud of lt. It ls in a Isrgo lot near the
High load Avenue Station of the DesanaiO. Lackawanna
and Wor-teni Railroad. It cooalsta of two rows of'poats
that become lines of red flags hy day and of tire aud coal
ol! smoke by Bight ll -tween these runs a long trough
that looks like a araln shute, a mlle long. This wanders
down s long bill, across a little valley and np
a smaller bill. It la tilled half full of loose snow.
The participants lu the aport with their tobogcaua are
fed in at the upper end, ami In due process of lime are
shot out of tne lower eutl. Then they eliiub up
to the top and the Bangalla* ia repeated. The (Jiangs
toboggan slide la warranted to he genuine, for lt waa
designed and built under tim supervision of Mr. R-llly,
wini is one of the governors of the club and haa lived In
Canada and knows all about lt.
On Monday ni-jht thu first general trial of tho alida
wat made. The formal open I uk occurs to-night, and by
Hut tlnio lt ls hoped to have the apparatus In such a
state of perfection that -*ue*ts will eiuergo from the
bottom before they falny realize that they're In at tho
top. Yesterday the snow was dry ami soft and refused
to paek. lu tbis state of urta irs lt ls tue correct thins to
say that the slide la "lumpy." When lt Uas reulue.1 tho
error of Its ways and become a smooth, conni.iel miss,
a little water will be added hy way of polishing. Tln-n
woe to the unfortunate tobogganist who ror/ets to fill
his lungs before starting. He'll t.ever be nhln to S?ka?
ble Dieath on the w.tv down. Hivins tho slide,
ibo next thing needed ia a toboggan. The tobog?
gan resembles a buckboard without wheels, turned up
in front. Those of the Essex County Club were made of
maple and hickory. The Indian article ls put'niKether
with caik-iit ; the American imitation with rivett. The
more luxurious ones have cushion*. To thoroughly en
Joy tobogcaulug one must be gotten up lu correct tobog?
gan costume, li.i- nu: ii' of the club members eottlsts
of a knit cap with a tassel, a uiiriu tunlc-ilko garment
with a big hood, knickerbockers, leggings and moccasins.
TI.e costume for wemen ls similar, with tiie customary
substitution of a abort nklrt for tho knickerbockers, and
a (.'realer exercise of taste in cut ami color. 1'restdent
Teatl, with a score or two of lucinliers sud friends, wns
out on .Mot.day i.i.ht aud tho scene was a lively one.
Tue lamps cast a peculiar uncertain Klan, over tba long
line of ant .ike bein*--! aa they Bl I BB. glad up the hill. Not
content with this tho lamps cast forth au udor like a po?
litical processiou and exploded when they gol a chance.
The mode of prosed BIS waa ss follows : Hie toboggan
wis put into the eui of the shute, wuici ean.o up to a
?anare platform like a spout lela a well-curb.
Ihe bow-oars.nan?ao lo apeak?sat cross- !e*4?d,
with his kneea retting on the dash-board.
Ile "tclzod the rop- s ana braced himself. No. 'J sat down
in tue same lasbioii. Sba clutched No. 1 by thc shoul?
ders ami uni!mund that [boy WwBld .lie to^t'tb'-r. No.
li dui likewise. The steersman doubled up ms left leg
aud sat ou it, trailing ike other behind lb much the same
manner thal tko Huller ls appeiidul to a tamil BOM
w hen the sta riot saw the loot p.>rty disappear over the
Ino* of tho hld he said "du ! " aud go Iney uni with a
Whoa tbe* steersman put the helm bani aport he
ku kial up a perfect cloud of snow. Thc sharp w iud and
tbe sharper pane bs oi snow waaia the riana In tho
ia.-.-. Inn limp* iud pc ipm floated by lu a eontus.-d
Bi BBQ 1. very null.- fatted mid grew imus: m. t Ogeept the
iiius. ioi.*iie*s lhat the riders were shooting through
space ami snow with a Bootle, oodoloilaa i-mi.on, whil?
om Jolt or Jar. When tue ste.-r-inaii understood his
business the toboggan kept iu the mid.lie of tue road.
Wbea be didn't, it caromed ii:--t on tine side of tbe
trough iilul then ou tho other; but lt couldn't
.i> astray, ueltiier collei it r.i ll Into 0
convenient lamp-post. -kora waa none of the
rumbling uud thumping that uccDitipai.ies a lid." ou
tba ??double runner" of Mew i In.*.ii'i-l or tba less pre ie ri?
co i* ?? bub *.t-d " of t'eiitt-vlvaiil,*, 1*0010 was no BOOM
lo tell how fa*t tile loboggBB was going. Tho sensation*
e..'nulli,-.Tail theiiellglitsofpailiugiliiwu.dOWB throiub UU
limited apace, wttbont.tbadrawbocB of brlagloa upa.'.nu *t
something hard, w hen tbe expefieeee i> ventured ut ?uy
other than ibo rest?tallou -m.it le o ease el ** modlken
rapture." Tue riuer's li.a 1-io.v* ott ; lie lias a faint sense
ol oe,ii. ,n.i of plate, and a ynuna* iteyacr ol snow spouts
np e.nit si,-, ve to mill and mindle som. wliero lu t ,n
iii-igiiborbiKMi of tba backbone, owing tothetnftoaee
of tin- snow ibetoboggans did Botgoanile to the emt
of the slide. Wneti the *.ldc ls thoroughly pucked down
tne toboggans migut lo go half way lo Capo May.
fVorh n< iii> and down the trick was a oin'.) servant ar?
ri) ed iu a Bary red ulster ? nu a hu.nl ol like hue, muk
t ti ac mm look lise a I'oiar BlSBOlBlopholee. He had J)
*.,.iv, ikovel .nil wa* engaged m "ineoding rood" as
the) say " iJov.n La*.." A broth.-r _ les Old
p d.ce duty at th- head of tbe - i I-' 'i'c tbat only
ira wearing h.tdgoa were allowed Ij hun iii-iu
selveedowo tho .bute.
tin: losgslkepi *; beauii awake.
MuiitsKA'-i aro-VKK kee ivkiiim. mon a manoa
Columbus, Neb., Jan. 12.?Minnie IM-lincr,
Nebra-k.i'a tleepl igbeaaty, recover ad eoneeieas wan
January 3. the sc*, -..licit dav of her h,*tor- ?'? p.
tr.-nee a.ct'p. [ba Ctrl tell lalo tko tiaaoa from srkts?
shakos now ravlvod aaOatobec Jd. IMniak tue long
H.t.-i val she has lain, to all appeara 1000, a lifeless being
with tb." exception of li--r rOOplrBllOO and pnl?a iou
i ni u_ apparent. V/hen Mles Pt sk set awoke in r mimi
? ,- teemingly rloar ead unimpaired, ker appetite aad
geaeral fee.lu. s tran food, but her anns and legs nan
paralysed. .-.c says tbat ska wai eonarlons dorina kef
trance, but though she exerted ker uf oat pewor la
e\nut* her c tBSSMaSaOOS she coital not lu.it e a ? laglo
nasele. Bbs baa no pkysleol pain until ike (Ortietk dar of
nor sleep. When BB electra* baller) w.i- Bl 1 BUM then
alie hus suitercd a thous.uni agonies of 1,-i.ly ami at
niinr ir ins ssoaMd a* it her luiml would (tra way nu ter
the emla, nam nam eomplalas nf gr, il physarol MB?n
lug IU conseiplem t" oi t..." Ikoek to ut system. 1 'hu
doctor lu Bitalli Oasce says that aba will n c..vt rina,
snort time and Will n--Min the full u*e of her limb*.
in .'LDiMis V iii nit. WAS OBPASTMBXT.
CifiCAOo, .Inn. Lal sp ? -.'./'. ?There is a
proposlttoa now pending before Oeagn ts to senra*
Dearborn Pork, ta tb-.* atty andowned by ike-tureens
melli, to ( uie.ig.i for the u*c* ol tin* public library. The
propositioi is ankafoalaad by Mojof?eaatal BaboAaaa,
who declares tb.tt Ike I ui I sh ml I b ? n-t daod for thc u^a
of tho War l>epuriiu.-iit. " We BM nindi la net tl.'' said
the (lem-ral. "of a Mg supply depot for ibo anny al
Chicana', lill* need IS BO .tiuilally felt, ( hieBJBB is tue
grr.it purchasing point for tile Mofthweot, We h ty sup
[die* ann aad scad tb. rn to JadareonviUe sod alkea
pla'-ea to be stored, ami wbea Beetled they aro oiteit
shipped through Cbicoso lo reach tho troops. Now.lt
We are ever to have au ni ut) depot here, and if that purlC
imw belongs tu the War Ueaartaient, it wocld he bus
sensible to keep it and use lt for tbat parpoee." The
Ueneral renewed bi* assertion that extensive herr?ska
sliould he t ot,*liin tod fm tin- concentration of a consid?
erable budy ol tr,-ot.* near Chicago.
TROfRLEs of as u.\ fortunate WOMAN.
Minne a poi. is Miim.. .Inn. 12.?A cist- cMM
up bef.itv Judge Nelatitl yesterday, litvolvtiu: facts t.iot
seldom arise in pr...?? e-l'.iigs for the appoltitineiit of let?
ters of ..dmiulstratluu. Tao widow ot Mark Norton,
who was killed on December J, by August <>ya, applied
for letters of administration. Bl did Locksley l(. Wood
gr.indiatlier of Norton's Utile child. The statute pro*
dibits tin- granting of letters la any person addicted IO
tue uno of opium, and it was proved that Mrs. Norton
had bi en tomine.1 lu tho county juli on a cbargo of
drunkenness, resulting from ths uso o' opium, ami had
hi-t n .itit-fted three tiuiea wuue andee ns influence.
Judge -eland declined to grant her letters on taal
ground and tba pc-lliluii of Mr. Wi.ud bas been takcu un?
der adrisauaat. Mrs. Norton Ibu- appears before tho
public lu anew light II r history has been a peculiar
om* Hart husband and child were bm inti ti death la
the mahican prairie tire several yours ago. Hue came to
Minneapolis, n.arr.ed Mark Norton, aud ave days after
he was murdered. _ _
PrTWOBOi Jim. 12 (Special)?Hw tiUar
Thompson Hteel Works will tomorrow close down
Indefinitely. Tho uuoxpectoa action ot the puddlers Iq
refusing ts work tho furnace lrou has compelled the
management either tn aooedo to the demands of thI
fm mun iden, which io, lu short, a return to Ibo wagoe
and system of l--* 1, or to shut down the entire plant.
Tho lualiageinout ch' io tue latter, ami within the next
forty-elgut hours tho largest Bessemer plant In thi
country will hive ceased active oiierathiii*. ami di reclls
uud Indirectly about n.ooo a-orkmeii will be thrown out
ot employment.
Ncw-OitLKANS Jim. 12.-.Mai lt T. lYwiw
editor of an evening paper, was Indicted today by tilt
Grand Jury for libel lu criticizing lu editorials the action
of Judge Jo,una (?. Haker.of the Crlmlusl Distilct Court,
lu Imposing a flue of +'.!?> on the city editor et The. Pioty,
une for publishing testimony In a murder case.thou
pending, ufier the court bid ordered tbat the testluiour
bi nut published. Bigney was arrested aud waa released!
on MOO balL . '
Joseph ll. Connors, Charles Hungooser aud another
limn, all uuton printers, were |*dletod Jf_%J2g
libel lu seandali/.ing ute court of Judge Alfred Luman
by carrying a placard in s tralee aaaemoljc
proceaslou making allusion lo me fad that Judge Itomaa
had Hind two of their iiiembera .t-tloO for aasaultmg a
uou-uuiou printer ou ike street aouio months ago.

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