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fROTF.CTtON VE?1-8 FItEK TRADE. The Sci en
tllic Valuitty au I i.(,.noiulc Operatuin of Iiefeiistve
Tinline iu the I lilted sfiit.'s. By lll-.MilM. HnVT.
l'Juio., pp. -SA. 1*. Appleton & (Vi.
This in something ruoro than a boon about tho
?inifl i*iie.-.tioii. lt is an ofter! to ascertain whether
J?rofe?-rs of i fiitn--i.i economy have any knowl
fHlti-o nf principles applicable to thc uuidauceof
nations. The authur describes himself ns a
layman. If it eh nu lil prove that ho has a ccarer
conception ot' the principles of iintionnl .(conuiii.v.
ami of the laws whieli governI mat ire it ion and
distrihution ol weeli h. than the fa?Bonnee who
iniiki' most bagot of their professed scientific
klnowlodge. it weald n<"t he very straD_e. Tiiey
avowedly deal with avstiactlnus; with a species ol'
" economic min" nowhere now extant on tiiis
planet lint n practical niau, who Vis been
tunned to the fnets oj k??ieee us E. B. Bigelow
whs or to the know! ed-C of liuniiiii beings u hich
a lawyer timi statesman like (iuvcinoi Hoyt
requires, koo ak leant t-onic inioin.ation alioitt the
world in which he Un s. tum the industries and
trades by which wealth is in tat*. Mealed. Hence it
conns to pass that such WOO?I as tho one published
by Bf I'. Bigelow twenty-live years ago. and bf the
ex-tioveriior ol Pe__sjr)~eaie to-day, have in thorn
more of practical opp) cation to the needs of thc
world as it is ihaa ona bo foaad in the teaohlnge nt
oil the ecuuoiii sta ol Iho Bagl-dl se hool. The
inciting causa of tlio preparation of this bonk is
frankly stated by the mi thor in his preface. With
itiMiiinary doges ellem. P-ofeeoor Perry had ttoated
CoiitcuiptuoiiHly Bonne remarks nn an BBQ?Onie ijiii-s
tion. (loveiiKir Hoyt lajfo:
The toUorn inn Mg? HO tho result ol' a friendly
ehalleage to ne by aa emlaent profeesorol politiaI
economr ina New-England college to ia*?eiigatc
that bomnee, especially ito teaching In relation tu
protective t inns. I lin rhflllooflB was nccnnipunieil
bv the couluient pn dietk? : " ll .von paioao it to
any length, you will teri,linly coin) to throw ovn
lio.ird, w.th "scorn, the Pennsylvania notion that the
way to grow rich is tn stop* hy luw. prolitabl"
prod? tum ': together with tho Professor'sfo?en
Jated conclusion : " ProtOetlOO, poisonous illru'iv
l nit uml libre, droops ::nd dies the moiul nt the light
of coiiiinon sense Bud latmnal ir.ii.uiiy loila BOOB
it." l.aynian thoagh 1 woo, I could not well refuse
to toko ap the gauntlet ||iak thrown down hythe
t riieimthor does not disclaim a certain prejudg?
ment in favor ol' the protective system, but says:
Tint, kowero-i w*te bo other Mian the general
conviction, exnreseed by Dr. William Hoeeuer,the
dietingnished l'l-olessor of Political Economy al thc
University ot Leipeic, thut -ihe persnu who hah
only a modest opinion of the power of his own
reason, ead therefore 6 just one ni the reason of
other men and other times, will not believe that 0
0] atom liku thc industrial prMcclivo system, which
tho greatee! tkcoruorenod practittonerafnTor?I for
ceatorteo, and wkieh goyi mod ntl hinhly developed
cnniiies ia certain penode ol their notional life.
proceeded entirely lroiu error an I deception." Nor.
again, did I believe that, in a nation with the t-nick
and trained eommerctal instincts of the Amertcans,
meh a sv-tetn could he tctuitleil in mere grted,
jobbery ana'Congieeelonal lo?-iol!iag. If tho piao*
tict* L.itl been fouiitl expedient, sonic reasons could
be found justifyiun it.
Ho bogtat bv stating the pretensions of thc so
called science, aud then lag-irina what its Pro?
fessors actually agree in teaching. The leoafl
between fne tr ide aad protection, it is nflirme.l, is
bettlcd by the principles of the science :
In that Silence, it is ?elated, it a body ol'
feaooiiefl trutn upon which we may take our etaail:
iu it is a coherent system ot do -ti inc which leads us
tn ai tinil verities oeoeeaible to all eeoa of overage
comprehension, cannily araiinbl ? to tha prof?aol
or tin" mt reliant, the larmer uiid the iiiauiil'aetiiii i.
the student ami the state?inna. Surely, il there Ix
such a system, tin- milliona of unicn.ocote and
trained attadn engaged ia tho wonderful iadoatiial
and eoiumercial cutt i-pii're.s of ont own tinea nant
come in smne ag rei incut teaching tirsl principles,
and the inevitable cOBoeaaeaoce lin wing from
them; tbe student in bis etoeOt, ead tho business
niau at his desk. OOghl to 00100 a> to 11:0 Until, it
there is ascertained troth m the oana
Do tho theories of the BO?died 1'iofcssors 0000?I
?with actual events? In ale * Political -0000017,'"
odlMoa of 1873, Profeoeoe Perry had doowibei
eVwtriac of protection as '?everywhere in i..-.
decrepitude,'' ami offlinsed that " the eoateaalal of
-lilliI On independence would probably witness
very little practical vitality in it any Where in t he
world." In 1883, " with aaeeowhot bullied ospeeta
tion." ho waa eon polled to note that " thc oeateo
nial of independence (onad it a lin .-cling energy ul
evil, eopeeiaUjr ia tbe Doited Mates." Gorernoi
Bog t remarks: ?* The Proft ssor Blight bare added,
nini.tr the malign aad erode nmpirie?rn of ea< ii
statesmen as liisinarck ami Thiers, oleo ii. OeraU?y
and l-*riinc<>, and. as il in the very irony of m icm c,
taCaaadaaad Vittoria.*' Otbee writore, it loaotod.
have koeai imt more aaeeooafal In agreeing with tbe
bete of the world'a history "r even with eacb
other. ColoaolTerteaemore t!i_n eixtyyeoroogo
hoddeelered thal "twenty yeera oonoo there will
goaiO?J exist a doubt ranpeotiag any of tho
faade-Mata! prineipleo et the actonee.-*1 Hut at the
end of twenty yearo, Piaf?oer Booler pointed eat
the want of defloiteaeoa in nearly ali tho prioctpal
terms eiiiplo", cd in the ao-cailed eeloaea Prof?nor
Perry himself mine recently has foaad il BOOeeonry
to abolish tbe word " wealth ' oatrigbt, and Pro
leeeor Jevone does ihe eaaeo with"ralae." Pro
fSSSOt OairBOt says: "ni far fruin the tieriod ',1
eoatroreray hafiag pooaod.it eeetaa herdlyyel to
have begna.*1 In the racy definition of the eoienoe
its te.u hers are anakie te egree, as ie shown hy
many qaotettoaa Pfofeeeot Parry ofli?no thal
" anything.wli.ttOOOT? that is salable or can be
?tade ?;> coen? within it- view, -mi eeienti-cally ii
liner, not'univ: whatever for anything oleo." This
-dilution, which perhaps expresses ns weil os any
other the conceptions ol the school whi*ch ProfOBBOI
Peery ropraseata, le ona trenton) with thoaeof leod
ing Kiiplish cconnniists, not j*r(?:'.tly to i's ndrnn
tag*, Dat lat-oeecoad cheat? similar disagree
tnent amoag tho teachers of tho 'in nee is traced to
nearly every topic of which it tree?- J is Pro?
fessors dil) er about the inotivi s which goren men,
and about the taat-Baeeate by wh eh wealth is
aroatedi they dutar ahoat rent and caaital,a_d
cannot njiree about who are and who are rot
laborero; they dtfier about the BNoaiagaf ralae,
and whit is ninney; Rome ailinn timi tiie Malthus?
ian theory is the foandation ol correct oe?ace, bal
others that it bas nothing to do with Ihe science ;
and some a_?0 thal there is a wases fund, hut
others deny that any such fan-l exists or ever hoe
existed. BoOBOCtittg the motives of which the
science takes eognizoaoo. Adam .-':uith cousidei-.-i
men as noknnttid eolely by selflohnoBo; Mr. Mill
maintains that tl soieaoe proeeedn*O0 the suppo?
sition that man ir a hoing abo le dalmatiaod. by
the necessity of his nature, to SSStm B creater
portion of gnalta thoa a smaller in all eaeeOj
?without any other exoeptloo than thut ((instituted
hy thc tw_ cont tot ntottoooalready a|*eei_ed. Not
thut any faammSl rOoaeniM ??* 60er sn abuted a* to
tuppoec that mo'ikitil are really thi* oeaeWnhd, but
aooaaeo tins is the nanto in which eoionoe Mara1
BaoeeaarDy proeoodf" ProHeeeor reny and oilier
?writers iis,'rre With Mr. Mill in this nain,wing of the.
eo-callcd science, hut even theso write? are nuable
to st-ick to their narrow eoacao?OB. l'roinssor
Perry iidmits thu 1 other than selfish OOBOl.ierations
have eeoaothlOil t'l do with human action, hut
considers that "pO-ttooJ econoiuy BB a science
deals only with the relations lietwten biiyers and
neliers as suth." Whatever tho motives. * haying
end soliinn must proceed la accordance with the
pi incioles of the science.'' Iftth thlo OOBCOptlOB
the uni hov takes is-riie .'ind Sitys : ? Inasmuch 06
h'lV-iig and Belling had been going on for BOBM
c"ii'i i-s before this science iiatl been worked out,
ono iiiigtit have khoagU that UglfloHj and chrono
logieally it niii'ht B6OC0 properly havo boon Mg?ted
tbat tho principles of the science must proceed in
occordnuc- with tho buyinp und ?ellui_.'' He
contiinies thus:
Tho system, then, tahoe OOgat-BBOO only ol hedi
vidualn and ol no bboutb axeogt pOBOoaat gala, lt
oxcluds's _ll altruistic motive*, nud at a blow cuts
oat parental. patliotiC. cbnritntde and re*
liitionn consideratioDH. lt cnn hove nothing to do
?with art. or beauty, or ethics, lt dissects out of tho
corp un of human lue _ body of exyat?noe wbicli,
out of relation to its antecedents and consequents.
is without significance, lt tahoe out*of tho conduct
of siuiti'iit beings, having thoughts, ulJeotiuns and
will, exuetly tbe iiortlon in which, hy nod in
itself, resides licithei intellectual nor moral value,
\Vo havo found a definite tiela of the science, but ie
lt worth exploring I We have found the limits nf
political economy, hat we cannot stir hand or foot
without passing them. In this little kingdom, wc
no sooner learo John O'?routs " than wo um nt
* Land's End." We chafe og-iust the hounds set to
our inquiries, but in vein. Thorn ie no germinal
Idea io tho preinisee wo hnvo imposed iipon our
oelvos. While they are tmo iu puiut of fact, they
a ?e bald, berren trtit-itis,
' \ksxtm tb* author, abo we that Ute teachers ol
political economy disclaim for it any authority over
the action of lfgisl_tors. As Mr. Mill admits.it
cannot test " by a crucial experiment tho effect of
a restrictive commercial policy"; two nations
exactly alike canuot bo found; the abstract
theories do not exactly tit a state of facts to be
found any where in the world. So Mi. Mill says:
? I he discrepancy bctwocu our anticipation and the
actual facts is often the only circumstance which
would have drawn our intention to some important
disturbing cause which rte had overlooked.'' The
Professor of abotfaat science ? etOjB?I in the same
relation to the legislator as the BON geographer to
thc practical navigator; telling him tin- latitude
ead liragi tods of nil soits of places, bat not how to
find whereabout he himself ls soiling." Professor
.Mons more bluntly says: ** < ?ur English econo?
mists have heen living in a fool's paradise''? which
appen? to be preferred to Heaven by some Ncw
BnghU?l Professors. Ut. BngOhot, o man of prac?
tical aptitude sis well as rn ientilic training, BOJOOf
the mulives and causes assumed by the economists to
he aair?eal* ? Iholdtheoo eaaeoo?a only the main
ones in a Bingle kind of society?0 society of grown?
up competitive commerce, such as sro have in Bag
land." Ami agate, of tho Bagiieb economists
geaoroily, "They have been too content to remain
in the abstract, and to shrink from concrete no?
tions, because they OOO? not but feel that many ol'
the most obvious pheuom?uri of ma ay nations did
not look mach like their ahotraetloae." Next ibo
author quotes freely ttSSS COBte'6 criticism of Mill,
and from the doe?ne ti re criticisms of Profeenor
leslie. Mr. Hanlooa and l?r. laglan, patting
BOpocial stress on tim point thal human beingOCOD
not be considered as isolated individuals, bal are
associated in nations each of which is a political
and industrial entity, and finally eaesgeeto that
i Carlisle was ahoat right ia eayiag to the toeehori
of a ?* sci.mee of agohaag?'' b*tweea *oo_notnie
nun," isolated in coinlilion, and eitbool family.
creed or country, a Prafeetot- of the diemal science.
I perceive that tho length of yoar tether le noir
pretty well run, and that I must ret-iiest you to talk
:i little lower in Intuit-."
Bat many columns of (."notations would give bur ii
nong eidea of the acumen ami power with which
thio dam entire entichno of the eo-cidied science ia
nfooa d. and the declarations of hnndiede ol a ritere
are tinned against each other. Tho conclusions to
which Ibo iniml is OMIT*?cingly lcd are. lir-t. that
there is no such u body of roisom tl tint li " as cei
toin Pro ft ssois pn-ten 11, n bieh COninOBdfl Ihe noenat
of all roaaooahlo muds, and wbleh preooribeo free
dom of trade ne tho high road to notional wealth.
ami -second, that the protoadod M losoe which pro*
[eOOOdly deals null with nun 00 sunieiiuly eeUefa
and denationalized erentaree nnd fnaade all its
theories on that BOO?aptloa is ut;ci !,v useless in mn
practical a] plication.
Tue stmiifC graopof ihe aathoi ni on the preloaded
?* body of reoooaed iruth" with which he donia ir.
shown la tho next (fifth, chapter ia winch be |
handlea tbe doctrine of ** Laiotexfnire," ehowing
that it has for its only logical banu thia lalee oe.
Miinptioii. If liinn is not, as in fact he nowhi IO lo,
(NCiusively di voted tn tuc petting of wealth j If ho
lias passions and vices, appetitoe BBll habits, tastes
oadcntliusiiisiaa lofty oepirationn, nxhalted Idealn,
and devoted ailed inns, which conti ol him in disre?
gard ot the greed for gaia, it follows that ha cannot
be expected iu free barter to si -ck at all times iu
. reena of wealth for lnm-clf, or for the community
oi oalion. Tull ss mini is supremely hellish, oad
capable of perfectly perrett ag hie separate later
eat, and hindi red by no otkermotive fruin seeking
gain, and unless OVOIJ mau in pjireuiBghie own
?..un, at the -ame t BM tullin r-. the good ol all, thc
ne i cal hal aeieace is a -ham, oad the doctrine al lei
iiii"*- thugs -lone ie a traad. Actual lifo is tho pond
Of all the cnp.iliiliticH of the eompoeits man,
buyer, ,-eiler, fainer, citi/eii, la/v, indu-li iona, hope
ml. Iioiit t. pour, nujuat, nindi nj. or reokleaa lt i*
an orchestra wuuee balanced melodiea are aol the
, ousel nt: re notes of laotreinnuti nil mab [j p a.\ ed
upon, but the jointroateoioomncotu nnd ii tl
neons com m.i ol tho whole, I'ko aenauone ofiect ol
i he orchestral hann my is ?Taaoh Bb e into the ron
f.tiniiion ni ci i ii pm furner. It ii ,i chorus In
which lhere are no solos, li tue boyi r nnd selle '? ns
sin h" are operating limier tin* nctious nf pare
selliehnrea, there can be no gnarauten thal tbe
traoaaction will not roonll in e theil and md ii Bale,
The -role unreal 1 ol Ihejt cmioini ? _.,ni u h:. li egoism
prorol-R may provokejaetiee tu n a ird t with the
penitentiary, ll the mot,res iuapiring no, which
ire urdiuonlj call e aral nwitivee a re dtoi ped onl
of the lin a of tnt ot ns. the daily n i aid ol i ondoi t
wonld be a binnie. Any each pore , Ito con-I
i c| lion of s. ci--\ ia worth leos i"t thisoianj
.. Moral uiotlvrn not oulj do not drop out, ?m\
they cannoi U made t" dropout If tba) eouin
dropout, thc race wonld cense to h< bnman. Ihe
eoooomisis Arel einptj their economic mon of ail
the aptitudes aud attributes which tbej rot
im the Biike ot simplicity, are not involved in tbe
?I end seller ne Buen," and barine, .-'-"init lined
hon tl lev til i uk sin h nenppooitit un> ? real on wool i
cnm poi ( itself, they conclude th a tho sctnnl hun, an
being will iini_ irs acts into eouforniitj ??.i::.
tlieir the net ic ,;i ivs.
Moreover, ii I mt tun-, as fl rn'e. that when indi
\ Idaola eet t. eolfiah cain they at ihe I imo tune reek
iho geed of tho whola Every foul Lovel and
in_ tenement hOBOO,OTtry slave or 60rf,eveiy I. |0or
Beloon or g_ablion booee, bj ? batevor nonie railed,
provee that it is talse. Baetial Hade virtual ilovei v
ailinn': workers, and oonfnao? thol " liberty ep
peere poworleoe to ania thal rauklli .- nore which an
domiiiate piiu; aria?." Bo - ngia i d, tLoogh i reach
log tfi" let-olOBO loepeL eatabllshea schools, ead
levies poor rates perforce, nnd lend money to Irieb
occupants, and reotricte land lord i. Nowhere OB
the fai e of the earth, unless ii bo in Dahomey,
erJete a fovanimool which aete upon the doetriue
that tiie good of ail will bo bool promoted by letting
dHttB milli alone to seek gain ii- he 0 ii!.
The author tn-\t token Bp, 0 lillie oat of its Io "i al
order, the fraadatoe! pretence tbat reatnetire
lotion is taxation, ile pointedly on-monte upon
Professors Petty and Sunnier thus -.
It is ono of the nneeeon-table thinge tbnt a lay?
man te oxpeetod to draw t-olui ui-i un ni con.
elusions fruin tho fut ions ant lurid rhetoric
with wbleh tho profeosore ol political ornoo?)
always ko about it to leydown theirpremieee In
this depart?' ut ol their science.
Thereupon he 0,00106 lanita li el. this lurid
rhetoric, bat his keen exposition ol the foinHy of
thiH eoaomptioo would have front? loree if it
followed oad wire booed npoatbeexnminntion ol
foreign exe??ase. No part of tba wura is moro
elaborately rooooaod than tbo demonstrntioti ihat,
if the Tinted Btetee cannot, sdi nbroed the prodncl -.
which Un- labor of thc whole people BOOld field, if
applied to "Hie most prolitaliie indnstiy "-as in
luct it could not, unless the country WON red.ne,i
to the condition of a mere market garden mr Enrol e
?it i? not a borden tooaybody, bat a benefit to
everybody, to balbi ap a boam innrknt too thean
products by the development of other " less profit?
able ** ladaotriea As GovettIOC Hoyt show-,, tbe
aeeaeeption that the other ladnotriee arc "lose
prof tabb)" is essentially fraudulent, lt 00600?0
what is false, that the to-called "most profitable
iadao?iee" would still be thoo profitable if ali the
label ol all tho people were devoted lo them. This
country produces, by industries wiii.-li'owi* theireX
istenco to protection, ;it least ?2,50 1,000,000
yearly. If, instead of these prodocte, B6 hi.nhl
raise au additioiial gBBBtttf of wheel Ol coin, cotton
or pork, to the saino or a greater raine at present
prices, it would first bo utterly IkHliiO?big to sell
that quantitv at ail. and second, the attempt to sell
a part would so reduce puces ami wag? us to loot e
this country wofneol than India, Regarded ia this
light, tho diversification of home iudnsti*y is BM n t .
be as necessary to make an.i industry." profitable "
ns it is to a farmer to raise more thoa one kimi ol
crop, but for an infinitely mont obvioae 100008, the
restrictive legislation, by which diverili. ation of
industry is uncured and maiutaineu, is therefore
neither a tax nor does lt involvo BBBOtifoa II a
fourth of the peopleBMithrown owl of iu.liiMlries
which foreign eoeepOtitiOB would break down, otu
surplus of raw material.! mid luo.l would bo in?
creased by their labor lo live limes the amount
which foreign murki-ta now take. At the HMM time,
hy tho collapse of those imlu trie, our demands
upon foreign countries for BBBBfaatatod juodticta
would he increased to nn amount seven times as
much as before. "Wo want aud must have thOBI
goods; they do not need *>nd will not take ours.
F-von if the trade could go forward at all, it won id
be at tho loss ot all exchange value and at the nab
lapse of all purchasing power on our part. We
should bo hopelessly at tho r.e-cy of the ion-i_n
market. Tho absurdity of tho proposal ia fairly
As a result of thia examination of foreign BS*
chancre, tho author is enabled to ailinn with truth
that the current pricee ol all that wo lave to sell
aro in fact far higher than they would bo but for
tho defensive system which prov.des a home market
lor most of the product, and at the same time tho
pi ices of all that wo hnve to buy are a great deal
lowei than they would bo bal for tho defensive sys?
tem which enables us to supply Hitch wants mainly
by hoon in laetrioa llotice tho eather says:
Now- it was nc\er Imo that any particular termer
in tin- United Mules, In eoBBoetioB with all the
otherl1 armers, c mid get more iron for his wheel
in linglamt than ot hmina ItwneneveT imo that
any portieulai lalnuLOg limn who bas earned two
dollars hy rendering t-Tvicei to -Ins feiloW-cifi
/riiK here', in Connection With all Ihe oilier like
Inborn*?, eonld got abroad for one dollar what ro?t
two hero.
In the twelfth chapter, tho qaesttoa nf cost of pro
iliiction ami rate of waves i- taken up. iu the li_ht
of Proifetoot t'almes'8 criticism nf Mr. Wells, lt is
shown that the professor, in claiming that in tho
rutted Slates rt " li ic ti rate of WSE**fl proved t.'iat
I he "cut of production," WM low. iu fact Jog?
gling with UM words "cist of produc?
tion," nnawtuane mean,iiu the moae/ price
of labor. and sometimes lneaniiig the
eacrifioa, tho phyeieal eOort to nrodnee a. given
commodity. Tho Illinois fanner. OB the rich land
which witt the t nti-cnt ol the (iovciniiii'iit no has
been allowed for WO0OB6 tomhiiu tbe general wel?
fare to aparoprinta c'-n roloee prat crop of groin
wHb acompnratively nmnll ooiooni of labor. lim
in order to eocnre bin nfnir retorn, or indeed nay
ii turn-r.t all lnr his labor, iri money "r in other pro
iliitis.it le Inevitable that be must ehnre thin ad?
vantage iMlh others, thal there may he built up
lien: industries lo suii'dy bis wauls. Hy thus shar?
ing with others the benefits dtOWB from a rich toil)
beaecarea a high rate of wagra for himaelf aad a
high rate of wagee for ethan also.
As ii deeioive tent tho ease of Aaatralia is pre?
sented. The proiliiciioii ol _.)'d was there so e_sy
that for a time the country contd not .uluru to carry
mi tay otb? booineeo, aad bunaht neari/every*
t tu ii lt proilaetible With Ce gold Irun ils mines, jut
a* t!i" li e traih"--'i would have the people of this
coiinir. bery reearly ererytolng prodncibbj with
tho fond from their farm-. I"be i?uh nos that gobi
was relatively ebeap, ami everything else so dear
that the prodncen of tho gold gained pmetleally
nothing by its low cost ni prodm Moa. Bal In tinee
tlie'iudiir.ti a -s of tbe colon) developed; te the die
gool oi BriUah profceonia, by tbe aid of protective
duties. Profeaaor Cnirnrn admits tbat tbe divcrerfi
cation Noalted ii! a general ptuepetttv OllOOOt BBB l?
ample l. nod enyi i
lue ramil h... 1.ii that, from lining a larne i ni
pnrterof breedstnlta, butter, beer, hoots ami shoes,
provieione, apiriti otc, Victoria una ritbei discoa
tinned altogether, or greatly curtailed ber Impoi la?
t'.on ot all tbena commoditiee, which -lie now
prodncen from ber own Interne! reaonrcee Is this
cou rae ol development 'or the advantage of
Victoriaf Plainly, I tims.:! wc have regnrd of
ber general intercota social end political, aa well as
pc, niiiiti \. we must nnnwei in tbe a_lrmative.n
lins tlio am hm rfaratly eooeidere :i tarreadot of
tin* whole (jue ii"ii regarding protection la this
country. In his next chaplet bop?Booina strooi
and novel organMBl baend upon Bnotiot'e diopter
on eoeapetition. Tbo Kroneh oatbor had shown
thal through free axcbnngs tha .nit nine of nntnrn
te each natl ia '.obm I oa property of all
nntionn, ihe notkor tracee tbe npplicution of thin
priiicii ie. to the grataitieo of Botan in tho rub
ferae of tbe United Btoteo. end sbowathal if this
conutry eboald roly npon tha prodntl e the i
iiiduotri? whic'.i the I*rofOaoo? call * munt profit?
able." :i woald bo ia feel exporting tbe gretalt?e
of nature, and earroadering thea to he shared by
all mankind, n hilo dragging dawn tbe prodoeere la
this country lo the level ol laboron in m Int hinds.
** rbe'American Canaan are a-ked te erork npon a
BO?petition among them-.'Ives s i intense Bfl I" com?
pel fielii to expert oil tboir Kratnities." ?-< bcap
nenoie a fetich which will cbeol in tvorahipp-tn, lt
has no mr.rc -fflcacy than Ibe eueumbcr, wbieh I he
Congo Air'' in .ri.e, ..'.mn with brim aa bis god.
It is id? to xii"? a man an article al a low pi Ice, it
be h.i- Lothini tc buj ii with.
In tba lote ha I re the authoi riieennsra tba
-tiestienol tongan and thoeanai ni relalivolj bigh
wag?i iu thi ' nm uti i. the qneation nfrenl
ti ni; ni si id from tbe guim il lived bj pr..,i lalo's ol
the I.md. .ii.l t . neill ol patriotism
which bindo tim people together nnopolitial nnd
iudiisii i.il uni iv. ami ena ides I hem te render to roch
nihi r, raga rd lesa of corapensni on, aervicea ol ,
leno i?poi i in*- -. I be mee. ? nd tin
trial system, with Ito defeueive lowe te maintain
industi ml unity, ie strongly illnstrati 1 | refers.
te Ibe posit ion i -minny n d
I'liiia.'. "Drop all consideiitions if patriotism,
tic-. Limited, ,. I mbmil to ih*
mn, .ni 1 I gt mt there woald be
no ec_i nf tin*
ti :al nm! political emil
two tint:.. But thi ' mi.'lii be no
i i .ni or
Prance, ' Pl Ur, the eploi lid industrial ri
achieved in ths cou ntl ', with the
moral and educational adv r.-1 bj tba
<1e.i ;:? .-,!: ! the In ,'ll
It is nrgi . silty modi
by tbe ? - - ir ? ,.'i-uui|i
t;ii;i in the il fe American h dd, i ? as cheap
m .imi.ey once ,t? i'n m I., re el io i i t'ni world i
the morrelloua reduction of prices through home
competition is illa irate i by many exsinpico. Uni
If it were no! o, tbe inontlumbla bi I t.I by
maintaining a bighntomi ?! ol n .'.ard tor laboi
would ovel li i! ni' '? all di ' i Ii ant i ?
Thorn is no end ni nraline foi Iho "cheep and
nasty " prodne ? ol ron n ibopa, \ man .? bo i on
I" il ? to sit on ill" tup I ill of " li : 'Ute ii
Sleepy Hollow ni ie. and taken no note of
tbie ginini ? mfilcl betneon hu .ian it.,.-,-, and
ph ,<? 11 pond.ns on ihe plaina alane, la aa
economic idiot, tie mleronceisos tbe reel scope of
i be i roblein <ii hnmnn no
It is not inucb te sa; thal thin isa moot i re lltablo
and highly intereating hool,, it ia all iliat. aad
morc| a thoroutblj good l-ook, Qoed-bnmored
alwaj s, as only men ooneciou -!.\ hone in mind aud
in cause eon ? ord te b -, i nuning ovi r with rollick?
ing bumer,nnd abounding la lllaetratioae wbieh
are foll of point, it in ol Ihe same lime remnrfcable
as a review ol olmoai all economic literature, end
in tin k.-cn ii'd Qoieb eompioheoaion shown ol tao
positions ol bundrede ??i wi I tem, famous m na
known to brno, friendly or host, ie. its reopening
lo indisputably atroog. lt- faull b a lack of meth?
odical arrongemeol and order, which epringa lenin
tln-eiiort of tbe nriter to conacientiouslj enrvcy
all thal everybody has saul, ami tn na i-t eoah
phone ol error witta ita inetanl and appropriate
reply. Bonoe there is repetition, and too liberal
quotation of writings wbieh do not deserve te bo
pornotanted. It may ho id that a trained pte>
Eoeeoc of eeo-iomy wonld not bare written such a
book. But tbena trained proieaeor could not hive
written a book so broad ami vital la itaaader*
stand?aol human intareeto and neede, aad ol the
Infinite varietv ol iniiiietui's uml iBtorehaogee
whit li make human commerce tad haman lift v, hui
they ai tuaii, nra.
oieaj puHuoFibnei
KOWRKADT. luinalae a greet varlett nf attrseii?ii< m
t Illili ill* Ihe t 'a.l i iiii.i I,-ii. el fl ie .'. I OT! , CB) I eil
_ QUBBK Of 'Sin I Kl V."
tiie (i[ie:ant{ ebaaler ol ahleh apara?6 in Ibe JAR-?MY
I t iii, v. Ill, ulla |, iii,. ;. |.\S' Milt M I li./;i||.
a noland <t t nici.-ct Triple ra?lea Plate of 14 Pig?ve
The i D UIOANTK VA A),us -ii'i'ie.
MK VI, in ,i It f .'.ii |. el sus?, t O-teialBfl
,-i\ rv FAE ll"N BRUI AVIROB
of ult tiie latani Paru Peahen ?.
I mi s.Vi.K Itv Kith HKB MIWAL BBB.
PRICK JlllUl i iii TO l iil.ii'i i
(ii ni- Aircnis, -."a ami Ul la--knam - Nen Tart,
'?m.,. ii|,u?.,s Meotm r..r sn (--..tr. t-n i'r.-i.j ...... hat ba
vats el e invas ini oreteadlag to be uur sn si
POA I I 111(1' \.':Y
mi"*'ii'0 c.'Ti't'e','1 "n"Jb,'r ?' ?Urw '?olu""-' ""* lenny, bs* the
lit I KB OF TI1K I Ml'i Ililli IK.Nt,,;li -
BV J. 'e. ll",:i l.t., I J \V M'llei, ,, |., l li i
I' ".I'- \Vlil.l.. .,, ?..*,, ( Bj ? ?.,,/, j',* M.ira ?.
IIIhI I'M I ' <1.
rilKNtll ARTS, Hy I ion. Ml neblnSSO, liln- i ,r l
HU K ? j AH ie 1. WOOD iABVIRa BB I:. Tu-A
H..*');1''?.!;i,1'-11:1 ',",""? "lastrsted by Artkor kan rn.
St Uti." -I ll.\l l\ lll.illliA, ri. 1.1 ,1, N 1 | l".| 111 V
iii'-iii^Ii'.''',,KOLU VAi*'',- S;"'??*_-_!
iil'l- . I ii v WU KI1I0. nr WI?ld Mevrell 11 in.ir-ite.l
?HU HKNIIV lltVl.V..-r I'i;'iIi|;iMi,f i,| Vu-I ly
Ji.Stpli II .-I f.... Iilllt.lllilr.1.
MU HKMlV HtVl.N'.'- e
.... lUosn ?
Alli' .Nulls AMI lll.VU'.W.i.
rill,! '..-..,, ... .ti,:. ,,:,?if* j i?, mM ^.i ,,- rainniHslio
Sl-ewi,_f*f_ " ,'m'1''' '? "" '^i1'' t??,',J, * "?aoeslllara
OuDwal A? nu, VJ owl u Beckiusu st., Now Yura."
?Hew fJublicatwne._
Wak Twenty two IllastratloDO.
KEW monthly
(NO. it*)
PraBtianh ce Ptoai ,1 ?atrial ''y J- o. rsvuiuoo.
ii- sn i???i-.vtiMi Beni, nae i Mal of Oaaat*?atlee in tbo
luluak Athnlrsl.y. MnL i ti inti tu ii illusrrstiuus,
witti f, rn- ittaa_-_aas kf ? a Okfeap.
ny .in at s i?no .vu h. DtaacraeaB
ByOttre "lii-im- Miller. iiiii*iist**<i bf J. C. Ban*??
By uenrl Deaf* ll?slr i I
\ ' t .ry. Bf K.ttc Upsen Clerk. Illustrated by A. H.
a storr. By Marr a tPJkiaa
East angels, part xiv.
a Nine! livt ss?tunes raaneera Waal.
a Rae? By W. ii Hewe?-.
Bf I hartas ii. Bean
ry Ba m., ius - -. ii. w. Beejaate
ny OBarl?i Dadter Wanta.
. le uiul ( .'inlet W. (ni cn..in. Jr.
i IU Kilt's EAST CH Ml.',
liv (iROB-H WILLIAM i finis.
Tim onba i .h.' ea?maa reads Omraltaa.??ie Lmt?
auts-T-BM ?? ..-? n\:it,'.ir. o_>Rext_aorRelgk-Bi
? I..-, . ? ? v.nx.
? nv WILLIAM UK?R llii'.vi.LI.s.
A fi.lr I sin nt Ilinrrat.ln Heart?Ti of a louie list - -
Amer rsn sins III BBSBS r .'".ll Ili'dH'i N.iVi Is? Tn ii Ile
niiirk.il.lc I \.tuples ?t -ni aril? iii i.i tum. ? Il.il/?t;* Ile
nil-"iu.?var ' iii e i.
Caa?Kt?b| ' BABLRn I'l DLR. WA RR KR,
s "-ni.Ure corm uaAanea. The Celered Bettaa, Tha
"(iiii Faun!hw Part . ii-I ni g n Fasal K i
\ li: .turill? Cr.'I. ISM Poe I ' '?
Patel i;; i i.u-, e.. i m.. u .. i..i -1 mm-v,i\- Ilhasii i
? Ullin't Have i n saga Target Ft* u Ut?S Ts
PKR I i I "
ItAI'.l'l li'- M 11. AZ I RR .il (Hi
ii vi-, nt - a i i.i.v. i rn
HAiii'i i - TOUM ? I', "i'i i: .- ii"
llAlill.ii- rit Wk!.IN HQU IRK LI BBART (Orsa
Kaabar * wmak tm SS wasts) ... . 1006
HAi.I'l If- HANDY BKRIK- (Oas !l k
fur t. weeba . . 16 00
! .. ? i . IU ILc Called 6tal?I ur
, seana
li , Li. I ni' r ur
Draft I., .i . aa
w iii ii no v.-fn- i. -?>?. ttv.i. eabarrlp-Bna will bc begat
?nii um i am al aa i
irftAIII'Kli'N '-AT M (H."! . ? ll"" ll-li- 1.1
: Ti).uni. t. mi: ka i Bl li.
. a ,i ..: !?..
Pablwheel bt IIARP1 R d BRO! rTERfi
~1 LL I ll- Sl)i ,!. ! 1 V . .. - ni' I li!. \'. _ K
f'V Mil. IN fri HM , ii"M ? \ Ar.,
?I I., Al.
Mull 1- I'M i ? ll l- - ' ? Pat Isl ? . ?'??-.
11 IVE von rend
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.... ??;
I ftiui i ... . i pel
Pablls-< rs.
Rasrlr (no ll mair, a Utfsteoi rstt-ita?
Price ?wen ly uv t CV-ute. I'osii ttm
THE timmiM-;
Kew y.trl_
Tir Hors an I Yoong Min?City.
. lunion, sft< ?
l nulla ni i \ i .i. ? ? v>' si 66th <'._
)i,l\ A ll. SCHOOL POE BO i -.
SCHOOL of mines.- l'n pu.ttoi-v schcol
l> All!
???ll . Ill-? I",
j. WOO DH ii' -i. -AVin. c. K., Ph.D.. Prrtnelpnl
X.I l.li. Hli'.i ?'-> -I, I '.T ft'. ??!.; t 111 ll'i.l: I'1'.n..i
-rental sod tu rsl ii>t ertrat_tai Instruction Hutt
H. Bu liui.i.i, R i ai. i.inn- K.C.IleB?iuhBBB, *eae??
] (i J ot ii Sexes?Cit/.
MESS J. T. ,Y:..;.VK->.
i'l Ul i.i ION. ? V -..
ASP ill'I lilli. (, Al,su
', ?. \ ,' I , .
I ? HAS I' 8,->TM - :.
I*) mikh omnHoLX'o nonool por ur ita
lliiitui.l I'ie;nir.i(iirv i ,.i<.'" .. liny*' ClaBaM
For Youn*: Ladio-i?City
\9 Ytf.l I,AIili'.> IM' ?'ll ll.tiKKN (fiii'ialcl IB57) will
i,,.- ii ? I st .llb Vi ssl ...,ic.'.. N'ew.urk.
Miss ELIZABETH 1-. K<M'I>' Ban rd in/
. .1 lav Bcheel f..r Vonna Ledi? aad cinuin u. 46
ia ni i fm Li. Ktna february '
MRS. J, A. (i \I-I.AIIKK.
M II',Ul. POD \ Ol' Ml I. U'll.S
\.\ ll Ll ll Ll iHlll.-r.
.il M ! HT -_1) VI',
Cl.ein.1ll s .eal OB il|>|.lu III lilli.
NORMAL COLLEGE. - *. conciciiive ex
smlnsti? uiii bs t sid si lbs nohmal i nf.li dil oa
"-iitni.il . in. i. ,\ iii si'a o'clock a m. i,ii Hu- purpose oi
Srlri'l lis s J Iiu tor ! im. lier lu lbs I' in ? fi 1 ii ir I ei.ai luieiit .1 a
SS?_") ti. OiUS per iiiiiiiiiii. WILLIAMWOOD,
i let. ilium ( tri uni'i e nu '.. i Ul 1 ('Olll ?'".
Art Rbaoo?I'fi31ly.
ART BCHOOL.?Under tho direction ni
I\ Misses IIKLn.N SBA M.UUIIA BORT. Hum in's Fi
ciisujc' Balkiii a. - '?' tit ara
vii;s. i.ui ls\ h. ri'LVER
i"l Will?,..-..- i.u,,.Us.beatnaiaaT-ssda.r, Oetober_D,i ?
I lilt" ill :. Oil S'el N. Si -1 cai ll |i allllilltf. mil life, liOt... I
M_?86S|M . i .ia.i ;.Sll . nu Sll I il -. .,i tl io i.
biieiiu. .N... -I ,ia iisouere
I!.--, renee i
Mr. ii ii -ni tn .iji.iii. i'i .lien! Nation i ito i lemr "f n.istrt
Mi. -Aiili-iii Him, M. ,s.; Mr. J-i'ii-M bl. llaii. B, A.i
Ml. Davit! Johnson.R. A.
-ftiaical Instruction.
iKABT ll I'll--!' . Hil Calal i asl,.( ,,1'U-lVl..
? tieri lui ii . -i a
ruriLSRow bkcbivk daili _?_ ia.a_tae.p. a_
For Yourie Lilie*?Oouritrr.
A SCHOOL FOE 0IRL3 ai Croton on Hud
? ,u r v .l.li .-ss rriiidtisls.
bins rt. p, la Bes? maa ut Ct tu un ill.
-) V A'.K 1!'.l,.t ;,-., WI LL HI lirciliV-ii A'l IH
ll IWR OFFlcan, ..o I.? t lliuif.!-*-. ee?er Thirty-.
irsi-st., until 0 ;. m., ..'?'( Broa w.y. b. tireen iisi.uir.
iseonii sp.i if* i-.iiirl stn., until ii m.. tis) wast Twe_i
/thr lt.. r oreel Luci tl.- .ve . Nu. i ..i Poarth-are., omier
fearterslh-t- , mi i hint x\e, coiucf i i rty-it vuCisi. Mu.
I." 7 until... r.. n,Br ii. eiiist.. sml Cie mai-.lum oi
PI 1, Vb, _.s: niiu-liiin- i'll- 'lui t?rniy rf l|.*|.. i-iOO
TtiiM-fT? eoraerj n'-iitiDrtreii^iia.trtouij.tfth-si., up to tl
p(BL at regeiBBetseentee _
I ID.MI-. RO-RlilXG Si?ii^iilTTofTii'iii.ii'rt anti
I I sblieren, ene bonr frmu eiiv. netbar'a ian.i nod
lu.nil mn! t titi i.ui; lliur.iil'ili triiiilii.'. Mi*. A. Thurston
i u.ni-.ni i- mn
]\I RS. 8TRONU baa opened ber Harding mci
l's i i.iniieil niiuilierof iitipi.s, et Pearsslls
Linn,' ls.sml I . U?hill , linn ill,-, seieii imlus lo niel
from New-York-Bil r: ...ar nee., n.nii fur iloeksmiy mul
LOBB Besch. '"I. ii i'-i-ji uiitli-ss
_ v.i'. 'eMviii'iMi, >!.jiiiuiii. PesrseJIs, L I,
VYAI'K SEMINARY for atria ; lldtitea v.um
x-t hj_,, thoronxh iralnlna ileii-bUnl lio.-s one hour
fiuiiiR. V. Address Mrs. I MOO BR _ BB liii'ji.:. Ftla.
For Both 8t)xas---Coun"'.r7,
Ja Imlv nuuq ii "u-Rsw York woiihi tako n ilmlte.1 iniiii
lier of, lnalreu io li.'Hil, ffivluu tlieni ii uni: le r's mitt _n.l nu.
Uonir?eisucer jim-u. AililisssMrs. Lr. Itc.i 1, 1 ii-n_--1 un,-.
For Both Sexes ? Country.
CLAVERACK, X. Y? Collego and Hudson
l'.ivei I um Itu t.i. i;o_c*e course for Otrie. Graduating
r-oiin-oin Music s-i'l Art. Hors prepared for c.iUes-e .?r ousu
ner* riiorouKh miiructloii in sn rtefliiximsnts. lermo-jsai
*^"ftlgK7T_'_L_0_, A. B, ft.
OCKLAND COLLEGE. Nyack-on-tho*
? a. llnilson.-Prepsri'.torT snit business for arntleitien,
?n?anenm mara* for is-uss twoivo u-cbers. mmnm
session eseas J-iu. v ?-^^^2VAJ;,Uj;T-KJ_A1M.,_Prl?._
H KMY.couibiiiiii'in'rimtliisru Home In sCity provw. br
stat?_? vtOf di !;? "l healthy un Hie Continent, withs thur
oii_li eoaraa in trm-Hsb. l._n*<_e<esw Mii??, urawiii* ?n<1
l^i_M?,(to ^<J^^O^M_ag-^
?*rI^llE ELMS" Bprio*-eld, Mas*.-Family.
I myan.'. Mum *<ch>-il for Url*. Primary. AcalS-ilO,
CIsssK-alainl l'est-(.rii/.luati?i,o?r?!? ..__? __ , .,
jdis-h,-//uiii; ijM_JfCTRT. ff?aaaaB?
For Boys and Youiijr Mon?Country.
r.OYS sad TODNQ MEE privately fitted Boil
' CeBtati, Comlitioosl i.r rolectol rnmliriitti-s coi -b.'tii
nuaBMr oi wluter. F. kovi-_am. .stoi-bringa, -bss.
_\ Y lt I TRI OH ' WlXL "->" RVfrtlVKD AT rai
CPT. CA .-. .j*'Kl CMS, e. I.'-B I Brotnlnsr. ro.-nrr Thl.ty.
Hrsr-*t., until p ;i ..! i'si iirua .war, b't-wseu r er outr,
se'-nnd sud Tse itr-rl'r' IH-IBW o m., aa weat Til?
ly th r.i-*V, i*oraer liig.itti-are., st regular ?_co retos.
Ix ford, i null. P*I?ts wboare iiiiforii Bete tn tlteman
agii-iein of il. Irs'iii will tin v..*ll Mi-iuil. by thu i?ivaiitag'.s
Ofti-rcil bf this in.-.i? A?arses r'liA.s iv M. HU W_, .-upi.
FREEHOLD INS') ITU TE. Freehold, N. J.
JT -*-_*1 t-cir. rr'iT.rc.i for business, for I'rtnoebifl, < o.
loiniifs. vaio and in.i v.iiu iikv. a. u. ( Hi .st hlkj, ron.
\\ on lt ir, Mis?. Boto y.-i lt. r.int -.opt tl, 19-j?
c. ii. ?; :'it ai F, a. m.. naper?t-Btlaat
11 I in"-.'..'. 1 ' ??'",<-. hearth**, l.irli il.Tlrrt): Vonm
Pct* s ISXdeltp. ?rnns?T' Brella?, r. ontTt'i>l.'"*.irt''inle
reliefs prepsrsiorv, kusic. iitBeaispby, ginaaelaai batu
loi-'i . hot ana eoM. veter: nteasrii gionr.irs, rii?ugdepsrv
n tri, horse* -ii- I't-.-u.tilulpot luunu.
3. WIL-OB. A.M.. r-Tincip?
t l lu Coally buttl!ii_i. Ihoroi;?U Instrmt'on. A
MILIT-.IO < (11.1.Lok. Civil HJunif-rlns. LtHmlsfry,
r___B_a ta*?-. COLOR Kl. TM BO. MYATT, riosui?t.
Vt n.r Young Mea ea- Bera Benia, Pana., in allei from
rb Uisi' li a Mxsd ii rice euvers ever/1 ip<"i,*?. evan boots.
fir Noi-tir,! rfiiiiiii. | n Im-'Vn fl ip iff. Nu nifnil
mtionfer sd'oissien. Ksaerlenced rea?era, si' evil .nil ali
p . fluti'eefsrapt stadeatsteageeaae
rapidly bperUi drill mr mi and baas want bera I'str-us
tr aiu.l lits ni-r sate i rt -, sunlit* ar , li lute .be rr?u ar I ns
li.,., -cii-iitiflr. Hum eas. i i*.s?ici_ o* i l-*ll n -.-ferni*
Coarse .tn?nts ftii'-i t Msdla AeaaViay are Bear in fi;r
van!, fiia :-m ii .1 ten othei .ei<..--f -ul jolvtrcbulc
srliooU. M't* s h?S *?t "i .-tiuri bi s sm' a i<?n'pf rfiiee cY cir
which prr.h'btte the sele of ai iateziratlaa ariah-, i*'or*.i?w
llliiitiaieil e:r u'/r stii'r"*! lite Principal sud itopilster.
HUI l (Us C. i-ll i-HTI.i twa*. AH.
iHarvaid I nlvrsitr i.t-luatol.
_ ,. i'onn.
I. Detarlnisat et Arte. li.'i'o?no "fi?!n(lflc ^ohool. in.
Wharten -?-. el ol Pnisnce aad _eono?r. IV. courss in
I'l.ii.i* ip*!)" V. fenrisi ia Mens VI. Medical aeheei. vii.
Urntal -c.iool. VII,. \ su riii-irr Sciio.l. IX. Law .- cb ool.
_. Blolonlcel neb .1 .'? 1 n-Mi-ii r .is-il o' 1'hl i-npiy.
In mah i'i: iu.|!iii-y pb s s ipecH dspsi?tent,
iif.v. jr?i': r. ni nit. aimsBsrj,
University o' rcausyli-i'als. West l'lillsdnlpaia. Penn.
RELIABLE erlectloB ni Behool eirealan
_ fo inirr ,is uad aua tit in*, loai'liir*. tutors, .o.ern
??.?..i|.ni i-i. r.. M i tn ftlKi'.R.
31 Kast 17ih st.. ntj-ir Hrnadfay.
\i.i WCY snpnliesProfosS'in. reiehsra, Tutors, flor
erut-iw s. i (v.. '? ll ? ? iii a ml -m. Apply te
Mr..-- M. J. i ii Xii. fi ,.1-.-.. . ? i pion *sqa_ro._
(''HOICK te?ctioo of ?chool oii.olarn forpa
r nts ? i nsr4tens. Teachers In rverr ftei'.rtirMit of
ort an.i le.n ti.:i_ reeuu?ii ndi a u, li BUBB, jj vj ssl ^;-i st
A HU.^INESS education, bookkeeput', tnit
me. ir ii: enc corresponrtsiico, spell . a il?, pbo
nocrepbj lyi'itfri'los I ir. err ul ii I stiles' Ue part men t
l'iv,'e ii- BL-lon. l*\l\i:-i ! i;- i ? -c. 62 iiijwery.
i- raw I riadvray.
'??I -'.-ri.'ln ti icticn in Kebraw nnd Chal?
is! .1 '.ni '.ii v tadio Ians by aa espsrl'
? li Ml i"U' I: r K- ' ' '. li IS
I. r-,-,1 i-.ti.-t.
i r ri ,\ '? rnpp es Pi Teai '? tn, lion i
Mh*|i lsns, Ac. lol
itu |. Ctinvisi .. arni
Mt . '? ti.' R, i.'i?.,tli jvo.
r-tinnq -"ifa*)em-rt.
lLUliV ills mis. iuwk DODWORTH.
< t**s,?, n | ... ,. ? ,,? Mondir sat
Timi ?: ? i ri
e. i ni raesdari sui Fiitiuyf sc heir
past i ti - ,i. "ii-r
_t aVK i"r'v?i. . .inf -saUe
. su I I lier 11/ ?? .e.i.n^.f.
a vi; (j \|: ,[<. s_i. ITU Bro_dw_jr (43d-?t.)
1 " rr , r. 'lin'.tv i p. m.
/;r.n. VV. WALLACE'S clnanes, 121 West
?* ? Ih -: . T.. .....ra.va *.. . . Ledlee.
fleill! I I?BI'S.
Hurl iii .irani I - ? . ? . ri ss _reulsre.
_" I DsaelBflf *T s iltli ive. ?ee 'ir illus.
'r O-EOROE DODWOB'i h :1 Went24Mi--^
I f i..reit ii'.- tMt'i Mr. til a. ;-,uw up.-u. bsu
lieu,..!?. nviui iu ict lui (teranna tta
_t TtiKKlKI l"-.'\iL, il RKCIilVKD ATT-Jf
i ,, ii-., ri'.,r.3 ?> i... it.ni it,- iv. i.) tn i Thirty.
ii.itu ii p in, ??"' urea way n t-*.-,--i re ur
? ,.,i i wsory-mr! sts.. antill p I wes) Twss-<
li ih ?*??'.. erie ?? I'iflj r.'-." ?? '? ,.<? . r-inipr
r iv*, earner Forfy.?eTi?ntl--*f., Nix
1 7 I Uni** -.rear i. eta-i ssd t e il a . \i i.
Fl !? ?? fl <? . e. '"ii.i rt il- ,i-.l ii'<r;.'r * < li-s .. .'ali
| a ? ? . ? . .ririli-st . up lu ?
I'. ii: . ? '
V^ f IOU v . .' ; , t Bfla -t.
1 1.1 Mli i. Rank rlullili' - ( . -- '? ? - oas iml Pr!
\ ,i,. :-i .. ' i-i ' evrnlna. ??- id (oi i irualer.
., i I In) 11 .'.i nu .iii
Citenmbouto and Uiuir-iiCig.
I?0U NEW-HAVEN?Bteamei- leave P"cu
nth* stun.flt aad il r.m. iKnwUri "ceoteA) ll p
Bt St-- - in i'm- .ii', e for <vly .is.ni.Nc.rUi sad tait.
S-xarsl? -iKe?.U?T_ audioimn, ? f>*
\.i)KWI('ll LINE._.
l> Redtiriiofl al fsres te all BS?tei tio'-.trn.f^. syoroeitnt.
. -, ,. ,,?., I'mr I" Nerti I'.iv.ir. footuf Wiift-sL.
lieu pier sim? !*?ros*!* stnstt Kerry, st UM iw ui. ilmly,
axe pt sunils"
1 Ute KA^r.-AU rsi! fro_i Grund central Depot T_re
'.tpr??* trains .lui y Hurdaysoiieptedi io liostJii? at 8 a tn.
'i pm u. iran .an atti?-ed , sud ll p ru (ts lt lt paine.- sleup_f
?rsi. Bulla -ii at 11 y.ui. (wit- palari' ?le. plna cars.i
V. VV. PO-T-K, \-infc
1 'IVe I. rs Int I'e.ilrtl I , n il a> fi-llnw. :
At .-* s ip , sm Tl ?] iii .Net' part at J . '. f ii.
rm Ins In Ni v. i. n al 7 '.i1 p m.
(Di-otvinR-rooin ? irs sita.-V'.i i i b th trataa.)
III! iDORB ,V -RP. i.Snp't
'?''') ttlVBlt it I .-Reit rut ? v i.-i Benad Mm?.
mnm iMTomiiin-istlnns, miiitMiiiiu ntos I'r.m fier'J', n r.
Ino-of Murray ar. every day ia<i!itlsvs \. isdi.el ia ? P.M.
Hteaiiurs M -i. sud ITiivi'i-m* ? ('..un ttiau from ll.-ojlc.
Urn aud Jirtey City by Auuox BM I al i I*. Jl.
1 Heath sad West st tess thsn somsenlse' rataaj rail ot
Baaasat wnuirHcut mite riokot iitBoe. ?>r Broiuiwi/,
MBr -usua. Iib?at utiickcl i sltmuer* iM-rvol
i'l RtVRR liAii.itoMi-Oiasneneln-i v..t. ea, i__?
tb'oUjrh tralaa wm miive i rsi tl c-rtm! Depoti
c. i IB , Roobrats md Mon'.rrsl K*,preks: thrmigh drmr
iti<-ii au i 'ii s io Reehoster. Hi Ain.us iso * ssas "in .
?'..."a. u in. nil jaunted ' Steane uxaraaa uk ii dinin?
rms, stt.iipinii at Ail. i,>, L'tira, i mwi se i ocbestsr, i.u/.
lalo,MIsKsfa i-.lis. |,.,|<r. cleveTasd sa-l lo.r,'. > umviDirst
CblcS-oli.5()a. mu i; il i
in ;n a. in., i iiii;si;o Krpreae. drawlur-reoBi eera te cuni?.
ilaliili, Rot*h"*?tei, Ni.teiiia l-'aln mid Bnff?I*
til a. in . v est i ru ll aw* York and Kertarra isprvss, with
eii.ii.ii'M'oO?, tars.
B-Ml B m.. Alliai.y. 'I'riiy aii'l l't.<:ji I -inons. ttiroutfli
.liius J ?? i.i -i -ii para. To sar.uoia, Ft. Md irani sud (llous
l'iiil.i -ti Bataroara only.
'i a ie . An* .inniiiduiioii to All.anr anti Trar,
"0 p. m., ('Ililli:: i mi,I n. I?"ill 1.x.ire ti. ? i li sloeplnfl-i-irs
for frisasia Pulls, DuOBlo, Intluiistl, lille,!.. Detroit,Chi.
eai.'ii ami *^i. Leola
iv to p. m.. Kier sini-.tlisi.'.-.plug t-irs tu PrraO-M ami lo
Auburn rase, amt to sar:iu>B.i else lo M.uiii al.
IHIIJi, ut. Pacltli- hiXBl'SSS. W.til sleet.M..- . I s fur Kcction.
ter. lluiiulu, Nvuiiaia l'slls, cioveluml, nMsae, I. louis, Do
timi anti ' i ' "
ll n p .tn., N! i'i" Express, ultu sleep*.!'. K-t his to Altisuy
and fi uv. connects nilli Die iiinruluii; ti nie* ter t lin Wost sud
f. r tim Berth sicept naturi?r nutli! i.
iiii.tr!. un sets si OrsBtt CcBtral Depot, Ho. s iiowiina
Uieeii, IV) Iti'iMilusy. Iliirlvin ri'",ot I HMM. and fl. n-.
sud at Wi ste tl';! I (press Onl oe*, ii lari i.i c '. in' r lirusd
t ..-, . 7H5 sud Hi-' llto ttw. v.sa.l ti '..ul ISBth-st, Bea'
Yl'rl, UH i Wiiihliiflton and 7.(0 lultou-sis , Itro.iklvu, ustl 7J
Itti-si.. Williunisiiiirs.
Ario'iiiieslaii. ns in drawing-room snd sltM pln.^esrs can Its
prncUlt"! l( SI", et tile (l-l et ullleitf lil .N . ,t t O, . Olly, SA
.*;,Mi*t,in st., luvo'C.ya.
1'iiu^ii.t' e.iiitd fur jiiil cliooKivl from lesid- aa ?
?lhs e train*nts diuiy. Alioiiis.sdtiiy i\c..pt >u_,isy.
j id- ??? :? ?? vs --iii nt iiarioiu i.'l.'.in-'t amt nh ira).
J ti -. ni ii. M K :..-; i.iticK,
i ,i; I?Hen-Snl Oeroial P_n aif. r Ag.-uf.
S I . ILLE, Plo.- ? .ml excor
t* r i . ? , .... Wu:,- tor
i ?-' M. rib wm
thu '.OjUi^Qtil. iKlil'.s i f tr ittt .1 ii ?
V?:. j i.Mf o ._..* ay li?ci vU...o, in biuaaway.
f \ammmmmm* avb Hailioaos,
To I'tovldence, *i ib -, lo Bosten. SS ; llrst cie-e. TltlsilSTL
leave fi om new pier >0, .Nortli Uiver, one bloch sbove Caaafi
st. st 4::to p. m ti_.iv. exeept "-millars a non trsta WEB
parlor ears rccl-iing c ?in between steamer's laadlaa see
Boston wlthoat etisrse
_ y. Yt. POfP-B, ueneral 1 ass?ger AceaB
Trains leave Harlem River "station. . i.ruer Wi: st aug
I incoln-avc.. near Third Avinne Bridge aerees Harlem River
(rou?eu liv Third Avenue K. ivated i.ailrnu.1) ilailv. except
Hinit-iys. at?46, ,ikt\ 0:10, lo.OO. UiM a. in., 2:10. _*J59,
4 40. 5:4n. 6:40 and 8:00 p. m for Port Morrie, Casanova
(Oak Point), Hunt's P.-lnt, Wes, Karros. Van .Vest, Weat
Chester, I Impson's, Bay chester | Pelliain Bs71, Rartow (City
I .,,-? . i'". ..ni Manor and "? ? ? K ? i e ? , . i,n . Ung at
New-Rocbelle with ti-lu, for ail pol 's un the m.ml ne ot
_le New York, New-Haven sud Hartford iUflioad, Hbors
J.lne and Air T.iue niii-n.iir. New-c?nu.in Middletown,
New-Ri'itaiii snd .- ufflflo liram-ties and Muston and ali point!
Midnight train for New-RoeUelle and all intermediate sta.
ti.niso" 12:10 n. m. lally, ^seept Monday*
snuday trains foi >'ew.Rochei!e end sll liter_i-ili*iesl*,
tlonsai r.'.Oii iiiK.u .nu ie::" ii m.. the .i'tier (ian i ..1,,-ii-ftiw
at Ne-v-Rociielle with ?V trains to Qrand Ce.tr. ' tie jut ?_3
8 tarn ford ^_
On snd After December.20, 1 fJ
Trains leave New. York-, ria hot crosses aud Oourtl .?iftstr?*_
i ,i;....- fol ..- ? mmt
?an laiuxit. i His,ure and the West, with I'nllr.nn Paiaol
isis uttnibeu, :i a. in , C. 7 and H p. m. ii i!y. Ni v-rorkui
Chic.uo Lib,!ted of F'arlor, Uliilu?, Ma ikinjr mo (sleoriinl
?nat us m. every Ant. ? ??-a
Wllliauisport. Le k Harm 0 a. m., H d. m.i Corry sud Kita
at >* p. m.. connecting* af Corry for 'fH.isvUlc. f'otrulo__
Centre anti Hi ? un ?-.e/jions.
Ballin.rue, Wuslitugtou tul tbo fcouih. limit -.t Wsshloji'oa
KXpr?s of Knlliuim talseeCars. dali.yoj.iopi Min-lsv Jj
i rn. i.mvu Washlliston 4:C" p. ni. ann *:."p. m; arr Tl
Wasita. I aa leo ? p ci,, rejrul-r st i_0. 8 aiirt SilO s. au
1.4 aud '.? p tn sim 12 nlgit. Hu nd ty, Ola a. m., 4 sad I
p ra. sud Ti mgl.t.
t Hund^r, 1 pi m,
invlay. Ii.'1' s. tn.
Junction and luVrmedlato stations
vin i. au km jr ..n,! An..ioy. il a. m., ii 4-iu.i. kW C p. m.
On sunday, 0: lb a. ni. snd .p.m. mijuo. a'.ip at Asliury
p ra. sui! Vi nigi.t.
For Atl intle city, ".xcept I
Ir'or (sse May, SX?Mil *o.v
lAmtt Ii?uch. Ray II?-1 J
For >lif Point and NavMa vis Now.York. Philadelphia and
Noriiiik ?sarena, "t o a. in. wp?k 3_- s aud 1 p nj. erur*
dag; tis Rh i.i.iore 0'd itav I.l'ie, 1 (l, ji iu we. V .isis.
Rests of ilrooklyu Anus, connect tiith nil t'iron* i traine
at Jersey City, affording a sp,.::,ly and dlroct ti ,urfer for
Brooklyn ii-.vei.
rrsu.a Arrive: irom I Ur*bur*;, 7:S0, ? to, IMO a. m., H:5B
sod vthe p. m. (lally. _ro:n 'Assiilni't.-in ana iir-itimaro, e:iO#
? ,u a. iu..l..O, .*:..&, :>.--, 3.J, 'j i > sad l-l . p. tn. Biuutiy,
t.1'> tilda, m. Ii-ll, 0.20 sud 10 .'fi p. m. Ir-m P'-llV
di iphla, Stan, MO, e. 60. 7: Id, 8:40. 9:4.1, 0 (O. 10 40, II:.Af
e. ?il :90. 2. S.mSlM.tSO. e.-.iO, ft afj 7:'-'0 s-.bi), ?j-.-iti
10i:t\ p. m. and I-tit) nlglit Min--. MO. b-.io, t 0, 7 na
8 10. 11:3.. a. m., i-.'iO. ',i0. 85.'-. Bi?CptiSS, ?4U p. lu.
Tlxpress tnins lesve New-Vork. via Deslir.isses nnd fv.nrt*
lt--1sil si,-,-ei tomas, as follows
6 'J.', T.'-'O. 6. '.). 0 i Ul?_.j Lliiituvl. and 10 \Vasianirtou
Limited . aud ll e. m.. I. Stat, 4. 4:3o. b. n, 1. ? and 9
p. iu., aud 12 n.gilt. AcS't_,_.)>l_'i.j.n. MHO li li.) a m^
snd 4 40 p. m. Hiuids.s. 1 xtrt.-s . Cl.;-, li ('.' Lirtliedii
and lo u. m.: ). b. 0,7. n t.-d i p. m.. ar.d 1 - ni,-lit.
Trains lee?Ml .V?w-S erk daily. en?pt .-ninia.. u 7:'^0.9 sd>|
Ulna, m., 1. i, l. 8 xnd - p. m., and B p. m. on -undayr.
conn ct at 1 renton (or cam len
l^e-iir.i.n'-' traiuale.vs Rroal Min*'t fetation, rhl!-rielpb|%
12.01. 'I:'.:'. 4:0 .5.. Sb. 150. 7: O.A'M.A id, ll, ipdlLilJ
a. m. I teii< 1 Exurcss, 114 i.nd * '?' p. _., l.' ill. :(, 4, S. d*
(jj.. 7 2-1 aud 9:.*0 ?. it Onuidav. 19*01.lf-_t
inb, b,0:0b. HAD a. m., 12:49. 4 l.'O Limited), (5:85*
712 and n.l'in m.
Louts Pim id'-lihl i vi* Camden. -Ja. r.? aUy except sonder.
Ticket oOess 849, I2taa4 ti Ri n'.way. IA,i.r Hou*.^
ind.font o: -eshiosS"- and t'ou'tbuilt sts ; I ( ouit-st.. am
iro.. lyn Aoo?t Ststioa, toot of ToJlpnaj_. Rrooklrrt!.|
Ium'I's Hotel. Ilobokt-n, hta'ltia, Jtrs',V ( itv. Kmlgraut
Itkei OSS, o. No. h Hattsrv p._?> mil ?s le 'i*r.. n.
'lhn >ew-Yors. Trans'.or ( om :?ny will call for ind ehecB
bagis-sgi" froni no: els aac resilience*. _-__
r it a m.ks k. peen. J. R. woon,
(i?ni"-ai Manajtsr. fienersi NraeBaae Agent.
Northern railroad of nrw -jer?e_
Trains leave fi-utn Cb?-hereat. Depot for UnglowiHid,
(loafer, Ptermoat an ! BraeC 7. m:.'i(i, io n. m., I. tntS, 4. 4:5)L
* tn t:40, m::|i) p.m.. 12 niidnl-?i. ^'ni.iiiys 7, I a. m. and
' B-saat. sprinit Valley and Mousey 7, 10 a.m., 1:50 pi t?
"?'il: lav- li a- m. _ _
ITRIR KAU.WAV, now knusvn as the NKW
I_ YORK. L\k_ Killi: AMD W__T__Ut RAILROAD.
i ,.,.,.., jj tu .ii - ,,,,.,, , tumor*-"* '-vio,. F.ura
2.lil st 15 iiiiiiules earlier.
9 a. m. - Delly except Hundays. Day Krpreas, BulTel Drawing.
i . nt i oitel.e* tri Hiruiiauiloii. V.ltulra. Horiie'.lsi?S, Bul
I ..ii N.a-aia 8-1?1 lind S.|f|.. 1.-.I011 lllalki". MtiepillJ
tr,a, I,. 8 UoniellSTllle to CI) lu ..ti .tn.I Biir.iio led?awe.
I |. ii. Delly. " chicago and Bt. Laois Vimited Kxpross." a
I'uiii'i.iii train tftlmxy aad ilit. 1 bleeping on.-nis.
n.i en caarga '"' ?aal Baan, arrives M?<iv ile iah
I lei elend. le 60a. m.. Cinclni a i. o. 12 p. m.; Ct?i ? .1,
II dd p 1:1.. and MU Lau ? 7 :t il ?? . .ii I : -I .lug.
7 ii m. Daily. " BnfB-eaBd N ,t mra Fell* Il i-,'." si rites
BaBBIe 7:80 a. m., aaane-at-n Prldjre. ^n.rm. Tiieinoit
r nk-i t ti.iin beTweaa Kew.York sad Bat
-'[..m. ila ,v cine iuo Kvi-ress fer tbe Weat, a "olid tr.ua
of I'uiii: ni Dav..ml si.ii iu c...!. is iu ii nxhamiea, Kl
ni rs, B u?lo, N :ai- ira i sits, Vinclnuslf srd c. !? tgo.
nm, .i'i. ., and r?sale, 4 j. f?:4?. 7*20, 7 bu, :)?)). lo-.iO
?no; 14>. ::.u". 3*n. I IO. 5: lil, .'. :'0. 9:10,0:80,
7 an. -| M:*. 10:80 p. iu, ri n,l.!u.g!it. Bum lars, Mi, s io,
? ie., 1 b. 6:80, 1:li> OOO. IOHO it. in . 12 lui.liilglit.
? ? tu i IS, ? tb. 1-i". 7 mi, 9.3,1 inn.,. . :2,t,-n,
; t .. :i i o. :--."(i. lid. a mi. ., in. ., ?? j t- l ? . .-i.i, 7 :?'?.
S ai. lu .Op. m.. l-mldnifbt. Kimdiivi -,.-. -i ..ll, lo 2.)
8:80,71 fl 0 12 ii Unlgbt
irk sod Paiemon rle N cwark, ?) lt, i*:00. 8.-8U, 10iv>,
U1W a. m.,SiOfl.8.20.4:*? .0:80.d 0.0:20.7 ?" 0 "? p. tn ..mil
12 u.i.lu itlit Setui'il.i y iOkIi ;e only. >iiiiliys, li.I.i a. ni.,
II p. i' .
s.itt. in i tb. MS, 7:50, B 80.10:90 fl. u... I UL A SS, I M, i,
b n. o lu. 7 .in, - I". Il :(?! .'. ii'...uni 12 h.Haig t, SuiiLiys,
? lil-..O.t. m.. 1 Lo. 6:30, 8 p m.. an i 12 i.ii.ln ght.
Warwirh i lb. 1 i,o, lu .un. m., t_HI p. m. .H:ui.Ujs. ."> 45
?ir? .nut c-mwsll 7.50. '?'a. m.. 3 30. I ??, 0 p. m. Hun
, ji. m.
i ttea aad Moatnomary 9 a. m., 8*80 p\ ai.
Hini,i..y HitOa ? ? ? - n .ni'.' a. nt., I ii ul
". I 10,7,8,
H " ? ii iii. -mel .v -'?"?:?**' ' ' " - ii. m.
y. Wit . rn I ...':' ?? 0 t SO, 1.",
? 3 i p. m. Hnadar 5:4" - ".I-." 1 - o. tn. Tim
Bill ,0 |. n. trainei-eonect?lil Nan To?,Oaiaria
mid *A'e*fei_ Kallroad al .M:i:n-ii. I tal -'.'i-at
? only.
. '. IS 7i-.'i. i. 10?0 a. m. l.H. 7,8, * 3d p. m.
- . ? r, 6
lim;- *.. "i. .'. r. ., : , . . c IS a. ni. teats'
p , . . iintes; 5:15 p. ii .!.,.- 18 :-. :i,. turf
? i, and li 1"' p. m. nan | - ? ? . tairtjr
II lin *i s.
, i ., .
. . : -. -,
lt., B ,-?*? ' li Ol
rains (ro'u tie west en.N"ew.Toi_at7:UL
7 SO, I ' '?'?-'" i'. ii..
' '' '
KKWVOItk'.rilti.Ali elTi, vs BOSS I.K OLB
p.. l.M i I'iirulii A VI) Tlii. _ ..ci.'j "-"*?"*
tBOVM KAHIBi Til , S ANY t,;.,, :. , rjrg
Onand_ruirli...saibe!-7. !*?_? th. - . '-il. telohla
Ne*-..ilk vis , uesy rsola uailro J,8s. a. w. s-.-au]
I-l- wi ,Utlr. arr.y.ei. .i 1 ;*,) ?t , .._y_
I M 'p.
..g.i.rsthT.i.i.ii.iDit! s.w.Y'.rki. . Tl I'srl-ir
' ? -it . .iii.e.* ni Kt,,-. , ,r
-tll.5a_??7l.te-MS_irlM-'r' ' -*
_, loot' "f I.I ill lt: Y sr,. Ni ik ? it ilVBB.
I.Vlr lt,ii.| -IAKINi. l.l I'i I T O.T. ia. 1*88.
ra l'lill.MiFl.vitiA sod ri;i -;.j\-. "Bound lirtriS,
? at I.i o 7 IV 0, .ti, [1:15s. Bl , l:i ' ' ">.
7:3'i. 12 ???() u. n BtlM>AVA4:0O ttlts.in.. S:M'I 1 Opm.
uin ct conn, ouon af Way n Ina et?i f..r liena?t?.w? aad
t.iiiiiiut kui t i o.u.Mt.ta.-ive. f0i Msaajua-, Cm
litiol.. ll and NurrWown
DB l\V!.\i!.,';t.?iM ( Alison all Da. T?BM BB-Bl P. KIM NI
"on Mah! iitlns
, lle.iinniirr IfttVi Pu, I AIiKl.i MIA. tall srd tin ea *tts.,
7 So. -vii), !.;Sj. 11:00 a. aa, lilt 3:4 . ;,.l??, lt45. T-'ion
nm *!'Mi\V. -liis 14.. bi. 1 ?' ii i> iu , n ii l snt|
' I 0. i:- d. MiH). li'iHia. IS, 1;00, 8:S?J
VP rY,S ll I. BS., ' 80B.BL
Pt'ALI- snd Pilli LIPHBURO, I'.cc,
HT, l-VBUBT. I.KWiisi'.viui an_
st 7:45, -Ab ii. m.. Sr*, l-oo p m.
HABKlaUD l? ut lib, T: b, A 4J ?
o. 1 a, i'e.-'d. 0 4.'?. I'.', ti n.n- Auoia j s.
Ser-SSlS at ttlO. -, 0. -:? o. hsmi, ' ? ::l ? ?. m , I ut'. 3i30.
J . 'iiio p. m. -1'\DaY,8 ll i. m., I 80a.BL
I-iir'.0,K HA'. nN. Pl-Al.i an! Pilli I.I I'-l.l'i'.G, p,
l:lb, i -Bc. ni
For t\ i: i.i am il'i RT, HIM,liv LKWIf?URO an?
ti MIA NCV ( MY st 7i tl. -:A.*> ii. m. li "
fur RB ADI NO isl TI ~
Ml., a tr.. 1:00, 1:80.
^?S0. 1 (Kl ii. re.
>'or8C,(AN IO", nt 7:''0. S.ib a. ni , ;':I5 p. in.
i'oi WI I.K i--*HAl'lt_ sud 1 I I'l I it i N .1 7f", H 15 ,-|. rQ-i
1 00, ,i ii. : I j :4a p. m. -sut.dsrs *( 530p. m.
Fer DRIFTur st 7.ec a m.SAba m.
Par TAIT. AQUA st 7 00. 7:4 ft.-.-il a. m.. 1:3), 8iiB, -t.OOL
Viii '' ii m. Mimlavs U.-G0 p m.
I'm iti. I lil KIIIM, ALI.KN'IOV*. >i and MATCH (TltJVK
ut iii''. 7:( 0 tit a, m., 1:00, 1-30, 1 to a: ll p rn. ,-uinlajl
St b:*0 p.m.
For i: *."- ION st t-yt\ 7:t0, .'.45 a. lu., 140, 1:*si,:m5. 4:00
4:80, bf,. Jam, ..'Op m. Mui.uysliiK. a u-., bttOy m.
For IIIOIl RKIDOK BliANcll at 4:00, e.4a s m.. 4.0*
4:1;0 li.in.
Kor l-'f.l MING'ION 7:00. HAb s. Bl., I CO. 1:1 C. 4 CO, 4:33,
'? ai fi 30 h. ?. Sundays 1:30 v. nc
>i.r*-"MKKYll.I.M StSiOW, 0. 0.7.00, : ",. ll .. 1 1 I'. A
m.. I: I'i, llSO, -i'd. 3:4.1. iilio, ... -0,
H:3d7 '>". 7:*v . "A J. l(i:3'p. in. BantlSys, 4.1H1. f.ioa. BP.
I il ). :3d. 0:SOU. m
Foi I'LA .NFIMI.O. 4:(i0. C:>i', 7 00, 7: 5. t.tb OAO^IStX
ll:t5s. m., IrBOfllSO. S:?0, S: . b:ti>. tn c. 4.:,0, ...UU 5:15..
f.:30. :l . O.ou. Si80, 70<i. 7:?i. 1:1 V '-.nO. tb:-**. 1-J-iMM
p. m Siindilis. 4;(JU.-:00, H:46 8. ni, l.:00 ,u . 1 :_(J. 4:00,1
ft: (I). 7.00, '.) .10. I..-O0 P. m.
Kor l.(>.\_ L RA NOD. "'KAN fl ROV B ,r,-.. (All r_IISt
4:3(1, -:tf.. Il:i|i':l m, I.O'), liOO. 4:30. M- 0 !>. lu. ?UB
(iAY*4 eic-cnt tjo.'un (iMVo ai 1:00.-.45 A rn,
fm Kit lt ??: il ? i l.n ?*: 1 a. 11:00 a. m.. ("ii. 1:00, '.:. I. ftO ' pm,
?*ti.'ia.m.. 1:"0.1*80e. ai.
Yoi a ii \Ml.-'ITV. VlNKI.AM) ta* BB-DO-TOIBI
4:30 a. in , li 0 p. m.
Ki-".'i Pier No. fl, ..oilb Itlvsr. liaf-ani y lino?
|cr IlKiHt. AM'S, SKAua.uil I', l.os'o BUAN' ft*
l.AKF.W(J()I)T()M- HIVKIt, Mid IIAKM'. ll 4 ' p. nt
1iri.risi:-in Peurotnr.i* et iiMit of I.i'.t*i'tv-~t. Plat '>o. ._
Berta iva.'I'Jl. 807. '401. Wt.AU 'jil ll4o_? )AiS
llr?ilwsvi (,50.737 and Tit lilli..ve. 1 -ivinat tv*l . lo. IA
iii aiil 14:: (iroeimU'li-st.: lit'. 7 flatt ?_". 1 sf 15<_,
-.'ii Imweiv, i ? hi ?! . -ind prinrlpai l-oleli in Sot.
nra div I:i Breekli u ut No. s i ouri. t. i,)7 iv.._ ;??y: ?
?, 800 Fu:toii-?t. , ill), i'73 Mauliaiwn cy. In llnbi ken.
"J. Wushluiton-sit. N. V. Triinsfer i..n:|-ny will rJil for
Bini rli ott ii*;suire from hotels or lesld. nie I) deslinaitoa.
J KW UiJlT KN, i . ll. II IN COCK.
'.,-'ii ki M.tas.-er Cieu. l'iss. sud ilijkol ?rt.
II P. U.M.BWlN. (. F- P. A?! ,110 1 lerlv tl , N. Y.
? i ii. ,:. ti. R. Ca, ' asses
tiiV DKST CiiNs'l lift 11-11) AND VlBBlVf BQBVfFSB
doublk niAck i.i.sr. rrt>H B-aiaanaoB
I'UIAHUKB TUAVkl. . _?.. ?._0_.
THK WKiST -HulIK Hot'IK W Al''\^,TUfcBI^,__?
nfioBi ot mi": w.it-P-rAMK!) h\?*\\,,^l,\lJi
MOa-?sfts-r i'ec. lat, lhSft. ti-slns wUl leave Wost lad-ss.
' _lit??alasee fron- new dorm tow o ststlon, foot of .1 iy-sl..
Norm River. '0 mluules earlier Hutu fioui fuot ot west
4 netrnit and Chi?ge. *9-.?0 a. m.. *e:00, 'HAO p. m. >>leeB.
er* tiiriujtB. ____.____.
bl.-mils.'0:00.-slop. m. Meepers roi-h. .
Buduio, Horliester, euapeaaleB no ifre, Niajr;iia Ir alls. *i?:80
a. ni., ??*(>'), **i io ii. m. BlasasBs sadye?er sara.
I'nea sntl-rTraeils.", ? : o, fnio a. rn,, T DO. H 10 p.m.
Illifli'stid, Fo'keepiie snd Catskill. * ^O, llM a. m.,
tsSft, *h lo, ?11-40 ii. m. _ ,. ,_
Nowbur-i, _iii(*?uiti, ttaiinerties snd Alrjany, ? taUB
a.ju.: ::-.bb, ?d:0O, **A0, *lll40 P ?
Sus'tiL's ivis Alhanr ll-'.?a. m.. o 'i'i p. m.
em ilnntiral iiikI C.ua.U ?aat, (1:00 p. ia. ___ .
Ilauillti.u. london." : o a.m. Mi:UO. ?fl:10p. m. loro?t?,
^^ii_^__&-aaHy. otmm tra.-daiir .x
is. p.irlor
ily at nil:
st.. Aui.c
CefSorT^- ..me table... parlor or sle; pins car HHMf?
?Junior .nf.-.-.i,ati?? safir st o.tcosi I OiOAo.. , J ^
uuu. or imo?I esl en sppiy ai oi?os; ,.'""""::? it' v,,i_,. ftTi
SU: llruolilyu. 4 Curt st., Aui.ex Olllco. l-l trf r u.WesM
KawY-rB-itV.814.-W. Hil. ti*. Bra-flay, 1M?| _t;fj|
?nd West Hh'jie 6taUous fo-itof Wost 4'41-st. aaa PetM
Jiiy-st,. North Itiver. w i r?tfa ? ? '?; '''U^, ' 'Ii'kJ
rt e, k biig-faire from botols tni Itslilrnja* ^l^V "?
Uft et t CKei oi tli"e_ Mh.Mli MUN ail.
^mWsammWBsT .usBe*rsii*eee?a_____

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