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a woman bhot am? instantly KILLED.
l-l.AM>-Alllll si I.;) AT IMS ll.'Ml.
Thc four-story tenement bouse No. 1 IO
Mollien;, -t. aaa been the aeene ol so many Bebta and
Ita for dleorderly conduct ti.at it is known in toe
ndghborbeod aa the " boase of blazes." A pistol-shot
wne heard there al ia m. yeatorday, and tbe pollen luai
? bo lime la getting te the ptaoa Patrolman Hunter ol
tho Fourteenth Precinct, who wai the Ire! to
arrive, found tho deni holy of titan Fl'ilp**,
age twenty-six, lylae ta tbe loiter Ballway, she bad
I of large calibre, which had
d her toft breast and gone nearly through lier
heart, it a ia laoertalaed from other tamaree thal she
li l ?p.en killed l.y u in in Who had h-cu known as a
beeper *?* Black weirs Island As oee al the woman's
tavern, Be bad become angry on account ol ber atten?
tions t? .mother mea and kilto l her la a tn of Jealousy.
A.'ter shooting b.r la th i ballway ha ran away.
: i tu intered woman was well-known to the police as
. at character. U'beu ll'tte more than a girl sin- left
thoona.: her father, e hard-working bricklayer, te
i id a Ufo of dlselpatlou In disreputable resorts In tba
Bixtb Ward, At tho age of nineteen aha waa ? mother.
Far a time she Uved with Michael Durkin, a
waa the reputed tether <>f her eblld, bul ha des irtcd ber.
Pour yean ago abe appeared ta i police court as a wit
i. - ...un.; .irs. Tieruey, proprietress ol a di
BjOUea In T.ui:-s:., and bl r t>
? 1 to fen I M . 1 | ? nev to prison.
? wa -iii m the wi on B sch adi's
laland -.-v.i.r. ttinea afterward r.r di "i dis
old. ny conduct io tbe street Justice Murraj sentenced
her to tbe Island for six months leal ia;:, nat sba uni
not sci v.-(he lah tenn, mi January - sba apoeared at
ber father's rooms ob tbe eeedbd Door "i lbs tenement
houi No. lin Mulberry-et., accompanied hy n man
iv hom rue introduced ,? - I ? - lebferd, a keep* r lu
the wini; iii;i-.', Bbo aald thal Goebferd l.a i smuggled
her out of tho workhouse, and had brought !.?? i- to the
ally ta the smallpox boat. I waul
to eoe ber frequent i . rd with
l. r family. Mis visits usually wen mada lo thc area
saga i.Len's lather objected te ber pres'.-iee lu the
tooma on aocoout ol his other children, and a week ago
? i\ci aeroea thc ba l to rooms ahioh were ?.
tn rhomas Burns, his wife and a young woman named
Marj s.n..van. Ia tho ie room Ellen wai rtalted by
i ... aud by other men. Bbc was abeenl from tbe
rollins about !* o'clock on Prliay Bight, wheu (loeb
ferd weal there, and ha decided M wan for har
return, na drank beer In company with tin- Burnt
family until nearly milulght, vt .hu Ellen returned.
yt i ;.-r thal in "ie iiei-r v.'.is sou) for and until after n ... m.
liv jiient calls v.eie in,do OB lt neighboring"!
t.h p." Prank Holden, who also was a lover ol I
j'..',.-, was m the rooms, and abe showed .some partiality
lurbi.i society. Goebferd was enraged at her conduct.
Tut whoo be was ready ti leave the ho.iso
be embrace i and klseed ber with ap?
parent affection. Al bia reqneet she
followed bin ra to the frontdoor. Mrs. Barna
heard Ellen call ti her from below: "Mamie I Mamli :
Comedown bete!" A moment later tbe pistol shot rang
through the house.
police took tbe woman's body to the Mulberry
Birm I Polli i Bini lo:. I -ul.mm
t, (,, letal - ta ? - - -. Holden,who waa said to bnve
bern upstairs ut tbe lime of tb. - Idlsappeered,
aa lor the arrest ol (ioebferd were neut om lo all
i | es ol the i'. ui
Precinct li st I in pl ecu .:.
me lutn. Il was ni n y9 o'cli.ifore they learned
that the ki ? net ba i ...... i lour - mall chu li n
il; il ? te.eli! i 110 I . tl .. i '. -. S\ h.-li
i . .o io t ii i. nos the.- le in di rd hu I
been there alter the shooting, hud talked wltb bia wlfi
aud bad gone away. It was learned reid was
in the tvorkhouse lu May, 1 ?- ?
wife waa not awui ul iieen visiting tin
won: to r. r.-i.tiv. Ile tefl the workhouse at .. p. m. on
Friday, and ou it tu ha ret ul a at O a. m. yeaterday.
At thal hour Be was roUlug about on ii..- Hour,
Tis bair, mi.i confessing lu his wile tbe wrong which be
had lioue. Taking what rem* money
Vat li. I ? . ? V. . . t ., ., . I. |To0 i tune
in evade the detectives who bad gone
t I ick sre l's I- an '. In purs id of bim before they ascer
t . . i . ? . ..]....?? a ii.s eon i
-. . i i).h office at Pi eHi a rj .... ors ?-.
the Uepartuieni of Charities nml'Correctiou
ute. and Eb vent', st., and botli offl es .mc kepi i?:
111.hi. M.-u Ht the loller Ol
i borne in Ko
alie utile. T- COOClUdl ll Ul W 11' I los ll '..'-. .:; \ ., 1 JV 111.
rewarded for tbelr pains. Goebferd retu ned ii
that hour, still inuiid.eii with ' - ed. In
Lit pockcl v. as a le. o.t l-r ul
on Blackwell'! I-. iud sre oe riot tb i to <? irry,
Goebferd doro not bave the ppea rance
Dis regular (?arman features are ingeestlve or reline
meat aud be bi weil bulli and young looking for a man
of thirty-live. He leim I that he has i I
as frequently aa bad been stated by tbe win . -
wrote te bim, ba aald, lovUtag him to vl?li ber ?
ri .t- night .1 bi i u gent r* |ui si be ravi her .*">. bm he
dlaeovored afterward, aa be wai i beer In tba
bouse, thai nbc I. id stolen a larger nm [rom bli po. Uri.
Wi.en hr vt a- ab iui to leave the pla. e he sf i.ll to
the ballway abou1 the u>.?y, dem iiidlug n-. return. The
hallway we* dark and ha waa aol aware ol tbe pres nee
t: a third peraou un ni he received i sudden h ow on i ne
nose, riiat blow bewi dered bim,besald,andhedrewbla
revolver from bis pocket to defeud himself. In bis e\
eitemeul be shot Ellen Plbbs i.y ae.-i tem. There was au
mark of a recent blow on Goebfert's nose amt Ula story
was not believed by the police. Ula wife said thal ),.-.
had boen away from home frequently In ti e even age
when ic was ott duty and th it n? returned hon e drunk
fell i ijU iirel-ome tn beat her and tl.'' email?, ii.
'l ii i una- T.iiip.-. a brother of the mnrdere : women, was
amated aboat a wark ago. In company with four omer
younir men,on ? diarite of robbins tbe Mai ball >n -j. ing
jni: ('.ni' my's r toms, al Centre ana How.mt -tile was
identiii d with the reel as having had a band In tne
burglary and be ls now in the Tomb* awaiting trial
C ironer Meas< mer made an autopsy on tbe bo ly, The
bullet, lie found, ll' st pa Med through the muscle* of the
left arm and then through tba upper lobe or the ieit
lillie, lt severed toe main nrterr over tie heart and
i ted through the lower lobe of tbe righi lung
i.ei'iierd was arraigned lo tbe afternoon before Judge
Reilly at tho 1 i' ii-. He listened In dogged silence lo
tue ev. lcm,, ol .Mr-. Hullo-, i hull ,i? linn-, Mary Sulli?
van ami Hie policemen. When a lied wbat state?
ment he had te make, if any. he
Bald that after tin- spree np stnlrs he went down into the
hallway and found tl.ut lie had I., en robbed of ins
lunney. Re then ewlled Ellas Klbbs down stairs and ic
cased her ol the theft. Bbs calli .1 him s li ir. and at the
nun' moment a yoong niau sM|*pad forward and
nuuk lum in tim noaa, knocking him down.
Ile also Kaw two other joting men there,
find leal hil* that his life vt as tn denger lie (.ii..ed out lils
pistol and Hied a snit m.d thea went home. He said
thal he waa born le Gammas and bad been tor three
years a keeper on Blackwell's Island. It vms
afterward stated by Mr*. Burns ih-it while
lu her room in tue early part of tbe evening be bad pro
?iue..i a revolver which ha said would mn co off. aa be
had tried it and the I.nil. te, bein* battered, would Bul
explode, ss lu ii arrested the plato! was found with all
the chambers full. The prisoner bad stated to tbe oflieer
laat when he went boase ta the morning be ailed the
chan.her-. Ile also -tated that he bad ''ecu robbed ol - 15,
but when searched at tba station bouse >'m; were found
lu lulls in a pocketbook lu ins poaaeeaton. He was
oomaal tied without hail for examination to dar, and the
witnesses were held In 81,000 In the n.iii-uof Uetontton.
LX-JIUGF. T! I.I.' Kins llllNhs IT 18 A TIRESOME
CASE?BIS li i -.
Tho ease of the (>pen Board of Brokera ia -til!
dra^'iriiig alon-* towald it hetti.-in.-i.t before Beferee
Henry H. H..winn I. At bust IWenty-flVC claims or suit-.
against the receiver of inc Ii iard meat he pnsssd
upon before tho property No*. 48 Broad and
:<H New st*, cun BO f-old with a clear
lille and the udall t of the defunct Hoard closed Bp,
When BaataaB Baaaem wi ? appolatod receiver for the
Oiieu Hoard nf Broken some years aijo, it was Imipe
1 :, iuvo'ivod In litigation. Tho Hoard had ithoui :i..t>
mt lobers. Within it was formed a smaller
board called tho Open Booed of Brokera'
Banding Company and repreeented hy nine
Irueteee, Differences ares.- betweea thc larger and th.
smaller kstarStaand Ware curried Into tue court-. In
Junctions and counter-Injunctions wiro obtained, and
the title to tho property s*as loium foi un to tba Court of
i be qneetioB yesterday waa one of the claims against
tho Opou Hoar i" o, Brokera Ex-Judge Fullerton Hh.i
been aattvely engaged mi its-ide agaluat tue Building
i ?> pant's trustees In the litigation b 'fora tua appolut
meal of a receiver. ile brought in a lill of
v;. .mn) for service*, whick inc present receiver, Mi
euierwon.i, wae lucine! to dispute. Mr. Puileriou
Was linton the iv tue i, si ind yesterday and Cl
amine.1 by the receiver's lawyer, John e. Smith, on his
ti-siiiuiiiiy at previousbeariuaa Thew waa aoius ones
tion u* ia me naru, ular aervlees for which
the willies-. had Charged the 85.000
fee. He couta not remember the exert
eases for wld. n lie churned nor recall the particular
suits lu winch lu- bad taken part, Thc lawyer badgered
bim a while, ami anally he Mid:
" You seem to t> ant me to ge over tho whole gaea
What under beaveaedoee ll matter la wn.it suit I mada
thechsrgel Bo one thet knows anything about lt will
any ibat I haven't earned the money. | v/ouldu'l do ibe
Wurli over a^ani far B good .leal more than $3,000. Tms
whole ease is exceedingly tiresome."
Lawyer hinith Insisted, however, thal they ought ta
hara tao popers haded up and tba dtn>reni sulu item
toed, and ii-k.ii lor au adjournment till he oould gel some
further details. The hearing Will be continued next
Saturday ut noon.
Just icc Cullen, of Hioohlwi. Ii.'imletl (Iowna
decision yesterday lu tho case of Mary liliane BgalBOl
the Klugs County Elevuto I Railway Company, icstr.-iln
tnsr tbe company from building ls road in Pulton sst, past
her properly. Hs m. kee the Injunction permanent, and
Lol.ic-ti.ai un- Muyiir an. i Commissioner al lily Works
bud uu coiikiiiuiron.il hu tin oliy te enteprise tba rou
atruetloii of Hie road, and that before ?uy more of il fun
be construe ed Hie renewed consent of tho Common
Council must be obi tined.
The Boucl of Al termeil of 1883, Jae! before the ex pl ra?
tion of Us term, renewed lin- consent given bj Ita prede?
cessors of IriTU to the construction of Hu- Kings County
road. 'Ibis cu.neut was revuki-d !a-t Mar .li, and l In?
justice holds tuai il must he ebtalaed again before Hie
company can gu on willi na worn at the palate Covered
bv lacee Injuucuo m. The o'.nlucie* to Ibu construction
?f the road are easily removable.
Aiinau lorim yesterday lucseiileil to the Sur
i oeale en Blaber sin dooroo eeatalatag a full account of
Blithe funds received and paul out, and ail the acts
done by bim as executor of tue will of James (lallatt",
nf New Sink. Tba Burragateapproved iho executors
return and signed tbe decree.
Mr. (tallalia died rn Julv. K<>. ant! In August of that
v-.n Mr. i-eiiii waa appointed bm executor. Tue eetata
of tbe testator amounted te 8388.481 78, which the ex
e. utor increased bj skill ul management to 8-15.,OU" . s.
leath of Mrs. Josephine Oallatln at Paris In las!
November her fran.ison. James J, Hail inn, goto tho
bulk oj thc estate. He lives in rails.
t . i EMPra Al ROBBERY.
There waa little sleep in Tarrj towu on Friday
Bight. The whole town wes ont af lei midnlghi bu
burglars, and for onee tbe thlevee bad a lively til
caping the wrath of the community. They had mada
three atteaapta at robbery, nm each time were fro -
Hated and pat to hight. Thc Hral attempt was made al
the house ol !>:. H. C. Unsted, hut tin If di I BOl succeed
in getting In, They wera discovered by a colored girl In
theemploy of Dewitt Hay, .-? retired merchant
living lu (irore-st Bbc heard a noise on
liii-iel's Stoop, which is next d""r,
and looking out of the window -aw a men on his p
. . match and examined the door ead windon
Fastenings of the houae, rho servant tunned
aroused ber employer, who had previously ainu-1
self with a gun and a revolver ? i t, te ?- used
if Hm burglars taine around. Me bad also barricaded
bu door. Mr. Hay buckled on bis armor and paraded
np and down tbe bedroom awaiting development* Ho
? have long to walt. Boon nf,er being awakened
the burglars, three In number, m.nie au ? .1 irt te bural oil
the shatters ol in- front windows. Ho iMod at tbe
bedroom .lour ic.i ly to give them u wann
w drome when they caine In; hut jiut aa soon acth3
I girl beard the men al work on the bouse sin
en wludow and ran- a big dinner
bell oo t side, screaming "Murder!" ut tie mp ol ber
vol e. With an oath, tba burgl uta ran off tba stoop and
hurried toward aatouo-wall of the old aqueduct. The
Boiaemadabj tbe girt awakened tba family and servants
oi Mr* I- Marvin, on theothei sidi ol thc hon-e. and
yoong Charles Marvin torew up his windon and Bred
thne shot* after the ratreatng men, bul
they e-c ipc.i. tho whole neighborhood wen
by this time ainu-..! and the
waa - ...-I tined ? Uh cm itcd pt opie ll . f an hour Liter
he pe ',''' a ho had I ??? .?? ca.lei oui.
gabout going buck and watching, tur there-tol
tue ii it.it. the) were alarmed b) ibellnngof a numbei
il bel parl " the \ ..ia . li n*a fol lo* ed
i>> tbenuglu ringo! burns aud burking ul
.1 ?_-..
i ' eone to the handsome j
. mei ? hunt, ?
i e. .'i . and Mrs. . . i . on
1 i day io rciuutii over ul gut. I bi y bad ti I
In charge of tn- servants s ii ? Dutchman
named 1 '.i\ to i...
iirous. i tn" i rs mt*, .uni one ol
tl.cu nm . a hu :?? li
ol t:..- 1....1 e. Va .r lour shoi-> u
tie v iud >w ai j .Hi in tho
town was out loo tina for burglars, un i n w is da u.
for an) one not known to be s cn In ilia si reet tine
. pie 11 thal '..- ha I unly co ue out : .? ?
seo what w.is wanted and he wai ? ....
il excitement In town.
wen wit.un Dote tlve Pi I ?
ci ly on
: i pros c lo lie two New bu -
i ,i i i pen v i . K ropei ty w li
... ei.- I was tbe pm..- ls el
: SVedues lay night al the ii" iae?f I
cai Fishkill. I'hcy Were taken lo Tarrytown
lest evening by Chief Law renee on u warrtuu a. ? ?
them ni tfiei bi urlng i heir storr .. I I
t Lav. le: ce weill
up to Bcarboronvb, a short distance ibove r.irrytowii,
aud in -'el i . ? irlrls with whom Hie men had
?-.?.?:, ni d I.;,, icht them down to Tarrytown. The a I
- Nora Daly, aire tweu y-foar, of No,
ii'J .Sn- , and KIU Tu
ta. Newbui ? ti. it
lief k- ?
. .
- .. lil tai.c i barge ol tbi
pii.-o.icia io- lay.
CHU l>::i:s IS OXB I Will V I ski:
Di SKA sk m i'ti;i \ ii v l .n ? vi rilK ii i v I uri:.
!>;-. .1;.i i - ll. Taylor, <>i the Sanitary ll i
ina .mm ml of exposure i ? sm t pox ta i
house in Om bundred-and-nluih-aL, neal Third-ate.
- on au opp r floor ol the bu i ie li is ? lu ? ?
rbose faun ..
his wife and ll Irea, Mi. Titcoi ib a i ni M B
oil Ip i lui - a li B weeks Dil
? bia return lo ?.is tal! up at hom.:
w leb a mild un mk ol sm il p"V s
th e pbysli lan a bc . to it lend lum did i
reeogi te the c aractei o I e disease and the p.itb-nI
red without e.iii
.ml toaee him luring bli - nd ut ..-r i.c?
.i. I., uni lin '
heal lb. He bad been vaccinated when i '? .v a d ti. ?
disease did not kfcoa it-.-it strongly on thai ac..uni.
HU wife ind oldest child bsd been vaccinated
V< ttl i.i.iy hu throe y uiiiii hlldn d, a b >b id ii il beru
ited, wera attacked with smallpox
violently tiiit their h ?,li.-s were r...... coi
ei.i with the eruption. Then tho ;, t r.
- . ? and basti
10 make a report at the Sanltarj Ilareen. Mrs. Ill
wbo showed no alana of having lakou n.-' disease, a.
c..um.ii I i er tun ?? chlidre i lo North Brother li
Her oldest child lt waa expected w aid >- ..!?>? the il.
account of Vaeoinallou. Mr. ntnoinu said Hut
11 be bad ip eti I wbai I be tatura ot bis troui ?
? to the hospital "ii N u h Iii I
Immediate!) and would uave bad all tbe i
v act ina ted. Ur. Tay !or yesterday declined M aire ibe
i. ie of the atlenc'lng pbyaiciao lol j u Icallou.
in the ?!.! ? a e. . inspectoi r nu'
an named i elsi sick with sm dino j In a - tanty at
But] :" ? ' ?--'? :-:- I Kb-Vi ?
. tbe disease st ti ral .;.. ? reral of brr
i expjeed to coutaglou before she was
ramos sd.
A member "f tn^WConnor family, ai .v.. !
: typhus f.-.-er on i e lam
i destitute a.most to the pol ni of starvation, lu.
Taylor bad the lix chlldn n of the family remove I lo the
k.-, eptlon Hospita ,:., altb< na
bad not yet abown any symptoms ul lever, r.wing
ls a record of contagious diseases In tba city ru two
WI >-ks :
.i mern ls u ty c
? B-.-s. Death* t's*.
Tynhns fever. lo ^ o
i . p iuid f.vir. 7 :t u I
?Scarlet fevoi . lt la 44 lu
Ul -es .Jil 2 SI 1
Diphtheria.-."'I ai nj pi
.-ina,'.pol. 7 1 'I 1
Total .151 r.o lil I'.
bocohi after ms ration ar tbs oxton c<?\i
PAKT MB. ss il i.iam-'s iud
The Cont roll* r hdIiI at ptiblic auction
yesterday tho lease of the fallout femes
operated by tho Union Perry Oempeay,
tba leano to take effect on May 1, and remain
lu force for five years. 'Tho tease Includes timse lorries
running tram Pullen, Wall, Catharine and Whitehall
sw., to points IB Brooklyn Thu ivule took place lu the
Coatroltai'? otiii-e. Thara wore praooBt aeveral of tba
directory Of the Inion Kerry Compaay and their counsel,
Mr. Miner. Tim terms of tbe sale were read by Deputy
Controller Btorra Hies.- provided Hutt the
upset price should i?e 121* per cent, and the purchaser,
If other than tbi Union Pe ry Company, should psj et
..ii appralaed valuation for the boats, buildings sud other
plant required to oin rate the fen ie-, or give sci uni >? for
lin -ame. I le-mes I lie il I reet ors of the ferry (oin |Mtll v.
there were present Braatns ss un,m. Charles I.. Loi .
sum iel Carpenter, general passenger agent of the reno
sylvania Batlroad Company, ami others Interested In
lruiih|.oiS.num. The auctioneer called f..r lil.ls. lhere
aaa uo response for a time, li i- understood that tba
directors oj the Union Perry c. un p.my wera nol san-Med
with tbenpaet price, claiming tba it should be lower,
because or tim decreased travel since lae HrouUyu
Hi l.lne was opened.
Tbe auctioned continued to dwell on tbe desirability
or tne property. Finally a quiet-looking gentleman Ina
cl., eked ulster, bbl I '_"-.? per t ont, lbs upset price.
?' SV'liitt name (" usked the auctioneer.
" Wunama,*' was the reply.
M Twelve and a half, ano a half, am! a half," conti fl?
ood the auctioneer.
Mr, Miller annouoeed that the Union Ferry Oampaay
would require rash foi ns propel ty,
" S\ e auree to it," quietly replied Mr. SS'illlams.
Tba auctioneer nan lust announced 'third and lust
call" an-.t waa about to bung down his hammer when
one ot tin-Inion furry directors said : M Twelve and
Ihree-quartora." Tbete aaa no inereaec on thia bid and
the leitse was awarded te tbe t'iii"ii > empany. Tue
bcaltaney on the part of tins company's repreaentatlvea
to bul the upset price cost Hie company bet ween *"..iiini
lind $0,000 ii year. Hi is lim nu Hie ill Deri-nee between tue
upset pries iiiiiI the nun.uni of their Inti. UeargS I?'.
st ii .1,nos, abo mada tba drat bid, is supposed to repre?
sent Erastus sst nan. Ue baa been employed nv Mr.
ss ilium in one <u two enterprises, notablj tue eonteel for
ttar ownarsblpof the title to the Metropolltsn Baaeball
i lob. I ne i 'ontroller was mu.-ii p e.i ted it tba result of
the aala lt insnres te New-York city tho eontlnnanea
of a good revenue from these ferries.
A POL10LMA1I BADLt /(///av BI .1 DOO.
1'nlii iinan Thomas <W ruL'lity, of Jersey Cits',
wus badly Idlteii last Bight hy a targe dog which lie wat
trying to kill, 'ibo doit WM ow ned liy John Donoviin, of
No. 'Jill Hailroiid ive., and had bitten Michael llu-sy.
SVl.eii the |iolireiiuin went lo kill bim the animal wa- In
the cellar am! Iionovan re<|iieste.| thal he be t thea out
of lhere before being killed. Qersghftf tied a rope
around the doit's neck ami was dragging him uitsiairs
When Hie animal attacked him alni lilt him severely, nrsi
in tiiei. tt hand and tin n lu the right Poiioomea Hick
.?neil and Murphy weat te Oeraghty*a aaaletaara amt
arter a daaperate striitrgle the ting mus killed. Dr.
Karnet cuulemid Uetagbty'a wound*.
? ?
is mus. in: sm un iss.wr.t
LoaigdeSmidt, of the "EvenajeUne'1 Com?
pany, who Bl elinrged by bis wife Adelaide, an actress,
with assaulting lier, iiisi-ts that elie ls deranged aid
does not know what shu says. He was taken from the
Hat mond .-licet Juli. Hrot.klyu. yesterday morning to
Jagge \s .t. -tit court, wi ern bin wife awaited him.
Before Hie ca?? was called she lieitau lu a ilramatle ?av
to tell the court how-many wrongs she bad sulterod at
tbe hands of lier husband". '1 be Justice ordered BM to
stop lulking mid then she handed ibo court a written
tUicmcnt ot her case. This was backed up by a similar
ono from her twite ve ir..ld daughter t."na. They
t I'lim that Be Rraldi did not support ins family properli
and that be showedgreal cruelty toward both but wlfs
ami chill ono nf Mi-. 1" snildt'e atatemeots rends
?? i ni tbs HHi ol June I wes obliged te take refuge with
i. \ mother, as he did not support me end had scan li ??
bv putting a big earring knife around my throat saying,
'How easily ll eonld be done.' " H itue ni the sentonoes
written t?y Hie daughter are unlit for p tblli allon.
DoRinldtl geed thc Joslioe to iwstpono tbe trial for
a conni i of days, claiming thal bi could prom his wife
to ne ln> me. Tbe nasa was ad isa day.
In default of ball tbe prison* c was ?? rn h .ok te Jail.
ir.m Ul.'.: AMONG /?' ISKBALL HEN.
BINES -mun mp- TO iii iMi-ims i n.
Dnsebull withool ita indiVidaaJ and I ]
squabbles ls a thing of the peat. Il waa thought thal
winn toe i- mle. tin- Nalional ii r. cn.ent and
otfa t arbitrary mi aeon s -.vere adopted by tne wtaeai res
of the Bat Ional game tbet menai rs and players would
stop lighting. Roch good n i hare noi followed,
lu... ever, and ever j bod j basal las rome to tbi eoneln
?1,1, for bns iball men te
fight as it i- ter a >. if the rain. 1 he
Orr h. it Baseman deal hi hardly
nnd ' I of Ihe
two el the hare bad lime lo e ml tl ?wn tbe Mer. p di inn
ai 11 Brooklyn nine' gel Into another wrangle over a new
player, who they both claim baa signed for the coming
, tbe player under dla] otc, ilanrd te play
with tbe Metropolitan club last weah i tel ie bad sinned
an agreement to play In Brooklyn. l*o make matters
oven mon ci mi Iii ited ll a in ? the Wash.
i ii eton club also wanta bis services for the comlngeeason,
. id ul he played with that club laat year lt I
. . ii foi ii- services than i ll ber of the loi a ?
Burch is only an ol r, and Judging
ti um ms past record bis a ttoi ira nc
thc average ns n Helder, while be apparently
?r weak el Hie bat, Secretary Boorga Taylor,
of tbi Brooklyn club, ian! toaTKiut.'XK reporter
day :
?? Bui ocnl v. Itb Ina
. n rlub, but nt I ire he had sn opportunity lo allix
bis '-"?nat mc to a rrgulnr t ie n. nt he was Induced bj
agents ol the Metropolitan club lo sign to play with
tr. rbis was a direct violation ol the laws ot
the Ai I 'i "ii, w hieh i ?
neill ls as binding u ? a regular contract."
Ti. ktdeul Bj me ol Ibe Bi ool lyn i
i ol ibe Mi ir pulu in ul ie |ourm yed to Pittsburg
li-: ii eek, lo lay their rial ? tot - ? ? af I
? rn ?? li.-n ij " Mes nigl i. Mr. McKnight, !
ititi r llsienln ? p itieutlv I ? i both '
thal the : ? wat cullt.eil
??? ma ei I aa Hun no lind
: i.. s.
tbe i
and ll i hr
the :
Hil) IIICHIII I il- | " ?
. ...te i ... p.ai .ti all III i
.... .1
nu I the tea
, .i b si ve . ?
I ha-.ci.-al! hu<
Polo lit
au i>..) 1.
it .-.,
Ill l .e. |'i lip e V, tn. t ,t li a g noe III
w lah io *<: a- near r b* bimi ; lie i a
tV of
I he ..i ?? ii liol be lia l
niel Ibel .
. e..oil
? ii ( ... m. -
; ...
? iel ve ..-i
us ?? t; ill no
play ?
:. ..
/ ///: gai i ! ;/.v i:: \ h's u m sn
There waa a raroor cnrrenl jreaterda* after
noon winch canoed coaal lerabla airitamaal nunn lows
It was lo tm- elect that Ile safe of the Ulna'!'.vny and
Heveitlh Avenue ll gill o.i I (?'.n .ny liail lieen liink.-n
open on Friday night ano all the honks uni papers
tvnifii were to ba examined under the reeent order ol
Hie in ?tn ral rerm ol tbe mi pi eui- Com i bail hex n stolen,
BuperiuMhdenl Newell denied the report and laid that
tie ii i -t intimation thal ii" had reeelred la ir,-.mi to i in
robbery whs from Ute reporter.
-lat- y(-1, ii ti.r Low, .ha ir in ni of the se ti.-ne Committee
on Bailroads, was engaged lu endeavoring i" procure
cnn n sci fur the com ni i1 iee 1.1 ia.- proposed Investigation,
Hie .e.,ii,ocnl ol the c..nilli.lice favored I.ulm Hool. Mr.
Low win leport io bis committee ntl Albany to-morrow
evening Pr ibably tum of tho besl witnesses thal tbe Com?
mittee could h,ve wiii not ba caiied. ThieleJobo
Keenan. Mis health waa aarioasly Impaired by bbl ev
e nit.in in beiiair ol his namesake m tbe recent ram Deign.
He went io it tpilet ir-nri In N.w-Jeiset and le BOW
slowly mending, bul he wi.i doubtless ba in bo lunn to
return to this city while the Senate < lommlttee is sitting,
Mr. iVow aald last evening that he had asea Mr. knot
and Maderod bim Ibo poaltTou ol ooaaset. Mr. Boot Mti.i
that ha was ai read j acting as counsel for Mr. Prothtag
ham nnd oilier itoekboldera of the Broadway Railroad la
tin- court proeoedtaga now pending, and he could not
therefore nerte us counsel for lLe Snuulo C'oiuiuilluo.
A lertllinoiiial OOBOeri WBI ?is<Ti liy tim L3th
Bagtaannl and the Vetaraa Corps to the veteran band?
master. Harvey Ii. DadWOTtb, at their armory lu Brook?
lyn last eteuiug. The halldlng waa crowded. Mayor
Whttoej matin bis first public military appearance, ro
Vtewuig tbs regiment.
NHS ' I I ! t ? ? I ll \ I S I .1 VII ?
,. ? : I i lM-ni I. i'. \ S m.
'I he Gnlhititi N ii lonni Hunk, ??
??i :
ll -i. I..tell -r With Idrlaii Isrlll
i.mil ls about to et
Nos. 31 and
in ibe :
. ?
? ? . .
? I rsldet tbs ?
lii-i ..f ? un ii wm be elgbM n feel in ?
tbe rest twelve fret. In plsi.uins the ni rim ol
ng the srrhlts ???, J. I
lite tbi proof,
ul Biaaonrj Bud li on. I be runt i- ?
u^!ii and i mal from I
<i un las at I Maes. lu st j Ibo
be Itomaneeo, ?-. in I to facilitate the entrance ol
the p.. ira and irehes seem t . ;?. ? . e t .- ? .,r thu
nature of .. ge wli lon li mea. I iti-mllng ni> ibo
tra two
i.iini ter, ami agiilu lu I
Uni .?; columns io sltffi a nt- ? . . ? .
: ?? . i ?! dona
rathol Ike a ....
I he I. ? . lg le Ibeon lb ..lr divided Into i
lae, ? * si lin - aa I ir ?- tba ten pf tba
lli?l Moir, the .ly f .ur -'.>r,cs mole, ind
it . i has a.1.1 isl monopol ?? i tba
"I ,11 lie ll I allon, will. !. I '.ll-I-I- moSt Ij nf .... i. - lt.- ,1 I
III '? ll' S. 1 Hi ,e.,r nf I fl| . .-.A.l ult I
lr., i, admin Ibe same emu mi "I habl na lin fi ?
I bs ? ? ? .... i I ??..!.. .". ,:,. i.
the ?? i Irnutn," ol fresh ali di partment, slim al rn Ide ?
i.. i.ie m,c .ii the M. ii..; ... t nt lipers ttouar. in tbs
i.-ii of ibe n.i-en ii-n i are more vaults and ii the trout
ure iw.there,.ii i-n..et lld. entre hs
entrance thereto i- down (bree ?;ep? on elton -nie ii..
main ?iiiiii si i ? utter, twelve feel ? ?
tbe fl rs I i ;. Ital k ol tbs ire the two
i rv alora rile mt Bool baa om I] t.ifflces,
one on either si e. i:.?? .tim Hank
will spprop late one, and toe other
is also nndcMtoo l ii. have ; een -n.n for. I bey ???
liumruse unices, twenij Dve by one hundred f el i
lighted front aud iMck and also lu tbe os lie by ar^-e
light wells extending twenij feel In length aud -
the emirs building, san where tba ball, the eb valors
and tbe stalrcaae Ile between. Tl > wells en I al ibe Mp
nf tins fl...h. Adrian i elli A Co. have take., ii... whole
second Boor front, Dfty-eigbl feel lu nidi . ? ?
share ol mr sj ace I be ? Bli ? ? In Ibe rear "i i i see rn i
Boor, ia weil as en the u p|ier stories, are aol yetappor
Hoiied uni. They ara tu be made In sn* ami sha|pe en?
tirely lo snit the UCCllpaUtS, and Iii such ll mau.
nnr tn.ii tba partitions eau at any lime be rrmovrd
..r cli.ini.eil. un ibe t ii Boor sre Hie janitor's unar
lers, tbe closets nd na I. n.- upartmruts A directors'
tl I nillir In. ti, i, a c I" I ks' ill:, iii. 11.ntl, ii'.. I III" I. ucl, en min
pleM the floor. The roof llro-|.f. The low Aasay
Ullloe to tho right of tho bulldiua enables windows in thc
higher doora ou ihat aide, Sanitary arrangements are
alums! ruin i, t 'v c..ii ll ned to tbe top Story.
I be -nos! peculiar ihlug connected with Hie building i<
the proposed method nf ventilation, whir fa su tai ..
architect knowe bas never bren tried lu an office ap.ii
uietii. As mentioned above iiu-re is tn tba .- liar a large
i h. . ai called a ?? pim.u" This i-> i loee beside tbe engine
i.n. A larva shaft that rous up tba rear ol tba build
lng about half wai suppl len Ibe plenum with a full
an.oiiiti of frrah Bli? forced Into lt bj maeblaery. This
air ls healed in tbs plenum to am necessary degree i.y
the heating 'alacks." t't the s there nie several aud
tba temperature ls regulated br turning on or ..it .nu
tuen iiuii,ii-i. Tba healed nit li forced up through
lines iii iii.- '.'. al!., one of which opens Into Die top of
every office In the bu I bi mg. Tba corresponding ?? r
h.iii-i" is prowled in lines opening puta Hie
Boor nf eaoh ofliee. Bj a "fan-system"
the exhaust! tl air i? forced into the new Hues aud cai ned
away. I ne Idea ot admitting tu - fresh an at tue ion In?
stead of at the bot iota of i lieut) 1- now almost univrr
sa iv practised al boapltalaand is generally conaWrred
ll.e lull, r mellintl. Tim Ind-.ni -i-I in tl..cs away Willi
any heating requirement*, tot air i mering Ibe room at
-n ?. giving ii lemiiiTatiii I. there of IIS iii th , wbatever
li limy be out or doora < tpan Bri -pa. es will be allowed
lu the building, Inn limy an- mellera of luxury, and not
nen illy. Tbe eugineei u der 'Ins plan eau rei
the tempetaiure of eaoh oilii e ai ifae iiaceaaary niuitable
degree wiih bo troub e to th.icupants thomar I vea.
Work will begin Immediately on the building, am! it
will be flnlsbed ie a year, ibe principal contractors
ale, fur lia- inannn timk, Malu I. nilli/.; for the lion
wuik, Post A McCoid.
I itv i..i.:i i.iviM ru rita TRtaBWSk ]
WAsnixoTOB, Jim. 30.-H i- BBdcretood thal
Hm Pan-Electric people have b"eu Informed that the De?
partment of Justice will Isaac sa order about Wednesday
to begia tba ault recommended by Beeretarj Lamar to
-. aside tbe Bell telephone patent. Ia svuut District
(nun tin- pro tendings will be matttnted i- still s matter
of conjecture. The opponent* of tba Bell Company era
extremely Buxtons that tho anil shall he brought et
slemphbj for reasons which n:uy be easily andentood.
? i*onag. the secretary and treasurer o! the Pan
l.le. trie, and Colonel Oanl, who ure expected to help
tba United Stol im tbe c um, I lents of
that town, bb abra are United States Benator Isbam
c. Dania, riee-preeldent of tbe Pan-Electric
ny, and I . P. Looney, a ?
of the Democratic Balloon] Committee,
who ls another ol Uta original stockholders and a
I- of lim sam,' company, 'ih" ea?Con federate
' an ? .;. Man is J. Wi
??ii employed by .li" Government for serei .1 yeal ?
te loin-ct Confederate ol il ni rds relating totbe
s .11 of Ibo Rebellion, is another stockboldor. U ?
many other prominent ex-Confedoratoa In and out of
Memphis are s-o. kholders 1- sot known.
Afb i ni ol th?? li
t en.it. r Harris, vii laud director of tbe Pan?
el, ettie Company, persuaded bia ecter,
Aitorney-General UarUud, M remove tbe I
Diatricl tttorney tor tbe Western Distnot of Teni t iee,
? I. and te appoint IL ss. Mc
Correy to lhat office, lhere were no cha'
.it.:..- |. On the contrary, he was known tu
be one of Ibo most efficient nm! faithful officers In tbe
service. Ho lacked, however, some of tba peculiar
quail Boat lons tl 'sired In a Dlsl ey In
lh.it ] that partli ular time.
.s i ian wa. ? a ned who cou -t u-'.i -p the Mlepnone iub>
jeet wltb Brm and prompt comprehec .m. ami tl
waaauch amita With the help of Secretary and I
mei C -? > iii-, who all iruesl itudy
cnn p'.11nc 11hat ba :nl md know il." difference b
a transmitter and a receiver, the n ii t ric t-At tome j
:n thiei laya di coi en il that I I lon wes not
ami ii lei that mghi t?> tbe
. . fi annul tbe paten) Tb
office of District- Ail m.ute af) r the i illure of
Ibe Van Bout ni] nm bill lu Con ? lull author
;eueral to bes
? ? in n .n ?? dd >'. In the
of (
i -I i ls un ol
ii cf Mr, i.n lan .'
and another ? "General" J. II. L'psli . who
ipi llllltl d t Iii 'f Oil ill nf tl." Ill lit ll I
ii au by I cr Alkina some ii
a ?. 1
. ?
? ompany, a
uni ral ve and 'l r.
.m.. ? 'i nided '
? .
. r Aikl
t Mr. I to a i tiers it be 11 n
. ?
i i. or at les tri!] lld. i
, . -.va- In er
I ol ? .-<t..ck
11,01 Ml I .
In Mi .-..ni i. Texas and i ?
1 I ? ? ?!. SH
? l'ali-1
?al ? '?!?
1 lu lill
I lie e I
in ll i . .
. loo, vt .- the ii vner of n tl.
- t i
s .
? .tl
inst, Were J
? .a the) lillian
lian ..
S'eW-VorK ll
? " - ?
?ri ... tk Some stern toward the or
'i i* i. i oked
: ibe condition ? ..i
i e i . siro! ol I in land, Virginia u ? ?
' irainia ^ii-1 the i ? ? i - ? * ? v ? i
-- ul . ? ' . ' Iel tnt
t? ti ii- -, p dd n ? i sall lull ravi
n k ai"! a.- re?t to pa j ai ij illy ol all Instruuieutu uard
bj n. .sn ona Mi- urtlei rs dlroi
lins <iiui| ne ei ? ;a Ucl
? ?
it baa ??? en .i-?- ii-,i tn <i t|r.
i a stocl ? lei in i be p in ul ? ou
?. . . mn
e i-n enter, a s -??-?.. ?...-, I ,| tint
. i was to pay nothing to the i irent ?
. -? ? ? hm| i be . ? i . \
, goo.I de?i ..r in?-)..-, ? ? is ma le
. - om pa v in I.nu -i.ni i, b van I
Ike Nun nial I iii tirol puny, which ow in
? ?r Hie ??
as li now
? any. Some -rps wei., takt ?
1/ it lon of a ? ? ? ? * ? ' ?? "i ria, hui ?
In n ive fallen thru igh. i . - ra ms
1 lo keep Hie li
, ? i
? ut Mond ty ile ? ? rina "f tim
.'i nt nt St Mil
lt ls understood that et- Hunton, .>r Vir?
ally, have l" "ii
i assist Collei ior-<>rBrral Hondo ami Hie
-,..-. lil t ou intel e np.... e i to i" Hell (
|..,nv. A' m.- eon fr rr nee ol Pan-I lt ctrle ..lt.-, t i -
I un ti li . !-? ? Hr. Koaers and lila eon were
i.i present, and the Hireling ? ? entirely liannontau*.
lils understood thal the pea Kleeirlc and National
??...?ni.t.iiils hue agreed to "po i their
-' in i in- nen I p
. . i. heil at lou* are not w mi ina thal the Pan I keirle
directors ? " ul their sloe* quietly before ibe
Inhalion ls elided I v 1.1 aminei vYllbtir, Who paused
II 's .ipi"n .110.1 for in- patrol ntne rears ago. enid lo a
Iriend ad .y or two ago 'lui he in 1 made a soi tract to
go to I nglaud In Aprl it a salsi 1 -. s mont 1
ni'i.i.' He wiso intimated Hui) 0expected tu Mpre
seul tn" Interests s iroad ol toe Pan-Kleolric < ompany.
- ?
TBA in'; TO i w IPR a .11- r 11 sim 1 iv.
WashibuTOX, .lim. 30 (Special).?-The Re?
counting ofllrers of tba Treasury have ter luau) lean
regarded the nepal 1 tai lerled upon the Sletes lu i>'ii
aa adebt agalust wblob moue) duo to tba Mule* ny tho
United btetoa might ba set off. Por lastance, an ap
pi .pimi,un ol I 15,0 ?". '.'.?- ma le In 1 ?:i to pay aol dm
of the -1.de of i.e.n?ia. Tbe Secretory of tb 1
declined te m,.ke the payment beoause be found that
Ueorgte WHi debtor te Um United Suttee la $51 -j.h..11.
Mr. Hammond, of Georgia, baa repotted a bil taro
which forbids Hi" ..tti: "is ol ibe 1 reaeery to treat the un
pmd portion! ol the direct tai aa aaet-off agalnata
claim la favor of any State, A minority, consisting of
Mt -?!-. Hepburn, lotta; Banney, BaasaehuaetM; Parker,
.Sen Turk, indi sawell, Wisconsin, submitted a report
to-day in whit ii they univ, that the delinquent States
iiiiii nut ii- releaaed, bul if they ure rel seed
the Government chtii return lu the States
that li.ive paid iii" il reel lix In tull Hm entire
amount paid by them. Nearly fl 7.500.000 ol tba orig.
Ital -11,11.ntl levied lits lie.-it paid, nnd almul
lil,.'....tiiiiioi stands charged sgalnsl fourteen Stales.
ul which iii'ue tuan ?. ,i> h.,1 'in ls dlle Hom the -late- of
Alabama, Georgia, Mlsslastppi, North Carolina, Ten
Beseee, Texas and Virginia
? ? ?
\Y s-iiim. ins, Jan. 30.?The House Commit
tgrleultnre to-da) began tba consideration of the
iuds im oded to prevent tho spreading nf ptanro-pneu?
monia among domestic animals. The eomnsliMe was ad?
dressed by Mr. Wltaon, ol iowa; Bepreaaatatlva Brook
.?nu. Iga, of Kentucky; Mr. ruins, of New-York. Com
? ni-ultim r Colman, of Hie Department of Agrleulture 1
Dr. Salmon, ol yo- Bureen of Animal Industry; Mp
Uoyd, ol Maryland; end Mr. Towera of Kaaaaa City.
Dr. Salmon explained tba aatnre of pleuro-pneumonla.
ll. said lhat the Hash of Infected iiiilmiiN waa not in|ur
i.ui - a- tooti ami aa bed effrcts bad bera knows io reanlt
from its into. The di-ease was cominuiilealilo lo animals
wit in 11 u pi riod of i'.fip-i n mootai arter infection, there
fore, tba quarantine should be extended te a period nf
einitti-eu mouths at least. Mi. ssiison expressed Hie
niuiii.n, iii.ii lim lime in calves between tue East aud
Weat facllitoied tba trausmlaslee ot Um iIIboosq among
All of tba apeakera favored a liberal appropriation to
enable the Department of Am lc.iii ure to aatabllsh aud
m.m.1..rn quarantines unit stamp nut disease. [*hej
int..i>.1 a measure thal would mu allow the payment nf
du tn .lie s to shippers foi -tink found io lie Infected and
deal roy rd. where 11 appeared lhat proper precautions
lind not in.11 taken by tba exporter to asrertniu the
h...limul condition of nm stock. Several of the nen
expn seed tba opinion that the committee should rcpnrt
B bill lui luillug disunite* of hogs and oilier ilomeslio
- ? ??
Ask'lMi POR TM REMOVAL <?r s ci,KKK.
WaSHIBGTOB, Jun. 80 Rpecktl).?li isntnlin
s'ni.il lintt Mr. lirliimlil lias tcpiested Ibo resignation of
ll. C. 1 lark, who was recently appointed clerk of tim
Poretgn Atiuirs Oommlttaa Thu satlon aaema to bara
been brought about mainly by the lulluenc.- of Mr.
Blanchard mid other LoUlatBBB Democrats, who nave
t al,e. 1 ,uim,ti,ni i.. 1 ne rep..n of the Potter Committee,
? Illili coiilulns some unproved alienations BgBlUat Mr.
Clark, ?bo was Governor Kellog*'* private secretary m
WaBHIBOTOB, Jan. 30.?Adjutant (Jctn-nil
Drum hun written 11 loiter lo Chief Blfnel fhBOBt lla/tui
In tt-i aid to the recent court inartlal couveued at Kort
Myer, Vu., lu which bo says thal the Secretary ol Wai
? .1- I.I
, ? ,. i and Jan m.
SEMINARY FOR rabbisical learning.
li i oitM M"S : ME NT.
A inn, i un nt Im- been ob foot among the
irthodox .i.tt< ..I tim . ountr]. and asprolally tho*
lcm lu .\.".v-s. prk, for some tlate rn favor nf rounding a
leraluary lol .: In Hus city tl: U shall
mt .mit pi ove a aetback to ni" pre-cut rad leal reform
noveinciil, bul . . i SO he lt p'.uo in which tilture
- for th" mlntotortal eell
lug tao needs ol such an laalttatlon
lae recently been targely distributed, lt is signed by
tatngseven well-known orthodox Rabbis; Dr.
II. I'arelra Mendea, Dr. Alexander Buhot and Dr. De Bole
Randee, of tins my; Dr. 8. Morals, of PhBadelpbta ; Dr.
; ie... in., m. ol Newark ; Dr. H. Bobneebarg, of Belt)
..me, .md iir. A. I'. Mendea, of Ne? pori. Tbeeemlaary
i ill pr.,' ii.lv lu- situ ne I in ti.e lotter part of tho city,
ind until enough money can be rataed to bi
luildlngs, -nih apattmeau will be bured as ahull prove
emporarlly adequate. Already it bamber of
Healthy Jtws iiivd Intonated incmeelvoa in
i.e matter. In this city nmt elsewhere Um
i in the orthodox synagogue* were devoted to a
treat exteut yesterday to tbe new cause. Max Coben,
lie librarian of tba Maimonides Library, of this city,
ipoko last evening la.Philadelphia la favor ol the new
.emin.il). Dr..--. Bonis hil, on Hie other hand, , mil"
.ii from Phile lelphla in ipi ak in Bee York. Dr. Kubin,
iddroaslBg a largs eongngatloB at t ia Avahetb Cbeaed
synagogue, LexiBgtoo-eve, ami r*tfty-Bfth-at., edee
?.itel! tin- nett- seminary Strongly. DiSClalmiBg
my persona] feeling against tho rabbis of
he Reformed Uebnw church, ho yet
iharacterised their views as the ?? balfneea that make*
rautou mut ila l mn." lint t ten wet,. I. ie college at Cm
?mn ill, ii bose president, !. M. SS 1 e. .tie nf the I
ii the ni.mu.ivenient, a votary of the old fault, lt
rould mi ,t i in i ni -.ti tho need for a seminary hero lu Dr.
\. linn's estlmatlou,
I u his discourse at tbe Weet Nineteenth Street Syna
(Ogue Dr. Mnrai-said : " lt inu-t bo n iiuitter of inteii-e
ui portanor that should cause me to leave, even turu
-itiiH.it ii. that congngetton among whom In Phlladel
ibta my duly baa so long tala Itvtiiiiie tm. Brat time
u many yean that my face will '>? mlaeed (sabbath
norning from mr pulpit there. Hut tue cause warranM
t, and that cause ia Justice. 1 bare io address )ou In
avor of a matter wbiub may not imnsrdlatoly benrOt
rour own spiritual belies, uni eventually win rateethe
.i liol., imus.' nf Israel. The Brooklyn Synagogue has ro
lUeated rout al.I lu null.linn Hilt high tuihnol of
iiebrett learning lu your great metropolis. The Inert
tiilo i will s.eadfi-tly lioltl to ibe tialiliniis of Moses
sud tbe fathers, Bul reit Inn upon boastfulness ami Vnln
,'lorv In Itself. Men and women. Judaism ls ou Hie
,-erge of dissolution. Will you Iel tbe old faith p rub
shell 111 Hiieh ways you cnn raise il lo th" highest
minerie of glory. Indjun you to pleoe lt there once
mire where it muv be surrounded li) bnve soldiers who,
f they cannot defend lt, will yet dui -yee, dis (ol tue re
Igton tit ibe fathers ttiins.i preservation has already
o-t the blood nnd tears of milli..ns of our race. '
?- -? - -
Charles Davie, David C. Jobaaoa Rad AJberl
kiiity were taken to the District Attorney's ofltaeyea
lerdny morning by Deteetlvea von Oerlehten.IItakey ami
Riobard O'Connor, ou benah warrants ebarglng theaa
sith keeping gambUne-houaee. Tba defendants bare
.."ii keepenofwell known resort-. DavU's ptacobeing
it so im Weat Tvranty-nlnth-st., end tbal of Kirby a
lohnson at Mo. 6 Weet Taenty-etghth-et, The charges
kgalnat the three men m.- founded on the forgeries which
ivett' i mun.ll tod mi Hie Urtu nt .Viigust, ileuheliu A Kauer
ly their bookkeeper, Prederleh PIsbeL Mabel, wbo had
lim cnn tl dence ot bil Bm plo J en, drew checks lo lietiltous
imraone wboeenames reeemblad iimse ot persons wltb
.vb.nu tho linn hail dialings, ami h..Mired thu Miniature
to them ol JoeenbS. Blots, who waa eatborlsed te eign
tor tiic linn. He Baye thal ba second 060,000 of the
Ih-'.n's money in th kl way and Hint (30,1)00 of Hus lunney
waa lost in gambllug at tho tooma ol Kirby A fobnsou, lu
Fweuty-olgutb-at, aud ?M),0U0at Davie's pince. He
ilsosass lhat all tbe detanents knew tbal the rhecks
tier., forged uinl * nut tm Indorsements were lu Ills
handwriting mid tbal thu money belonged to bia em
.s cn ii ?iiit for the recover) ol the money aaa began in
IbeHuprr.Court bj the Brm agalual Itavla, Klrbj end
aid tl at orien ol a oom] romlsa In
nie. Inspeeloi I!) ines, tilth Hie
I Du I- I'll.lav nlulit .il Nu
Kbrhj Bl No. 'i sse.-,; twenty
Jnlin-iiii, uinl il un
tint f.ett hud t
detectives named, arresl
im ii. i rweui] nliiiii -p.
eighth st., and Johnson al Minutiae) I louse.
.Iiulgn Donohue, lieforu tvnoiu the limn were taken,
nt dared that the ball Ita Bxed nt gi,OOO ta each eas".
Jacob Hiilp>ey ol No. ni Lexington-eve., became
bondsman for Davis, John J Mahouey.ol Bo. 14'JJCasl
llfi.t-tliii I st., Tor .lohnson, ami William McMahon, of
No -jiu Wes t Tort) ninth st., for Kirby. Tbe Indict
inentH each otiuti.iu Hine counts, ebarglng tba keeping
of a norn ta be naad for gunin.im.-. tue allowing of au
asMbllsbmenl or apparatus M ba ssad for gambling, aud
lino muluuiniii*- of a putulu uui?iUn.o.
instructs him ?' to express his gruvo di .ole i.-iie. gi tba
conduct of Lieutenant (irene, of tbe Miguel Corpse st ho,
be eye, baa manifestly fniiett so far in ins career 10 oom
prebend iho dettee and reaponelbllltei of ? eommtaafened
oiliii-rund to reali/.e BUM the uso of haren, insulting .md
abusive tangnai o toward asea who. trout tbelr position,
cou! I not n-piy to lt, strikes st Ibe very root of military
discipline uinl evidences tn tin- officer so acting a deplor?
able want of sell control, which if pentatrd in would de?
monstrate lila utter tinfltuesa for cotnuiMud. . . . I'll.!
beorctnry of War also ttaema ll bis duty lonprobata the
iinie "mi coarse mni uer In wblcb Hie otlli ers i umposing
Hie court trruic i Hi.- counsel for tbe licensed men. Bueb
couduct ls utterly unJuatiBable in oil.c.-rt lilting iu mili
tarj courts In the cap iclty ol .1 idgi -."
un: DBM0CRAT8 scstaib bu action ib wiih
Wasiiinotox, Jan. 30 Special).?The Demo*
eratic eOnuton met in caucus today to conekler tho
Bourse they ibould pnnue lu nferenea to thu Preel li
inatlon lu deolinlug to allow head-, ol di
monti lo transmit to the Beuata papen relating to tbe
lula Thoso who thought Ibat a proper
regard for tbe dignity and rights of tho Senate lu this
; a oul 1 ludo ? Demo ratio Ben itori ti 01 1
look party lines and Withhold their rapport from
tho Pmldenl ns long as be asenmes tee
right to tr.-at public records ns ids prlvdfe
property wen mistaken. Alter a short discussion
tba Benaters smii practical nnanlmlty doclded to
sm poit ile- I'tesntent In 1 - views. There waa
.?ii nf 1 -i-i.11 ?? ? at in -t. nut ll ainouu ed i" little.
lr f ill
certain ippotntine t- aero mon or leas dis
- r.-i.. 1 v i:ii tin. iv - dent, .1 1: ba 1 given pub! a utter?
ance, to theil vlewa an said to bas e been most earnest In
their determination to support thal ?- I m. Among
these al',' .-ccitnl'l lld lt. Hie C lill 11 III I ll I f fhn CB
Hair ?. and Voorbi e.. it 1- l rldenl that by
so 1 li ey I ethelrpeaei with the I'rceldent I'be
lo| "?. 1 be lo i"t\ mil- reaolutloo,
.... h ? . j . i tbe caucus aaa authoi lied te
iblle :
. it ? rli in an l action of
iii" l?i ted to the Sci te through
Kinnie] Ucncrol Uurlond lu bis letter nf January 20,
i~-ti. and that wo cordially support ibe Executive
Mr. \ ? nant, which ls considered significant,
>ec.im.. n is known thal In Hi" 1 Commit
roted In fuvor of calling for the papen minting te the
td ministration of the Internal Revenue Collector, Mc.
'nnnicl,, who waa suspended sv.dle tbs Senate WM iii
? ?--iii. .. lt ls believed tint Mr. Vance
mil ito tim only Demo ndc Senator who
ipporttbe President. Among thora who
it tho. Br. Gibson, It waa he who
. resolution finally adopted. Tbe moat ex*
ended ipeech -,t is wade by Mr. Pugh In favor of Darne?
rs who . w.i" Huller, Call. Col
M xey, Coke and Cockrall. Mr. Kenua
tailed uti.-mnm to tin- resolution submitted In tbs
., dr. 1 tatt ter tba consideration ol Exei uti' ?
munn ? lion ?
a M1. li. ck .-ni i the D.mn
el tine 11 discussion of t.i" issue between
and lim Pnaldeni In open
publicity given to everytbine pertalulna
? ? ? to the Di in crate, hut
ie tlid liol li po Icy to c-'ii
iidernoml atlouaopenliiaesstun.be ausejevery ala d r
.. , .... n '?" w.i-.ii 1 h.- snrea 1
1.1 ? ...? 11 -i -? over Hie country. Other Pen curs sgreet! wltb
dr. lt ck. am! tin mtli no i in il -eenie 1 1,1 be
ol all 1 u il it would lu- best to foll
?11 .ii.in ni ponsl lerl ig nominal "ns b ibln 1 closed doors
Tl . Bop itali lbs not yet ca eda caucus
1 ..1 li 1- thought prob mle that they will by Monday or
1 u< ? lay,
? . pp.. d. ;:-.
Ws-iiim rox, Juu. 30. SI ijor R. 8. Vickery,
pring*. Ark,
upletlon of th ? s: roy in 1 N ivy
mspital tn i :; pre 1.: ttl >n i^v then 1 epUonol patlenta
t ? n Bu Heath,Ol nance Depart neut, has been
h.1.1.1I to proceed from tne National Armory, Sp
In -. io Hart! ???!. Conn., t >r tho pu pose of in
. , :,i uiufactund for Hie
\St-i:i\.. tog, Saturday, J
in. in i - 01 rna i-i.:- ii ii. li : t estimated nt
? .-itrv Hep .ititi, ni H, tl 'In- pun.:, debi -? atetoeut
rill ?b?w .1 .lc reuse for tbe
n mtb .?: ? ?.""<>.
St i . 11 i> pt Till I'm SHH ST. The Preal
1 prencuted gold wutcbes and chains lo Captain
I. I 1 ? the 1.. un.ni burk I
? lg lost uh lb rtiam. fur
- boone r .1" ?
? ou in .1 iii
i't 1., mi-1:1 ii- I" 1. -tn' m. The President bas par
n'lnshlp Swift, a boy formerly In the postal
ur vice who v . - .led ol Violating one of
ne pi.-: n reno itlons in lotting s mall pouch which be
kins tu tue railroad station, aud who la unw?
in at tink- n , the casa qu
.- tn tbe pnitc 1 .. re to pardon n per
...i. oho ? tied lui md sentenced, and lt
. iity.
Tl 1 I OB VII I.IM. lu COBS S. louis-,
-, at pr -e-t 1 .. .-? .r si:.,ii^-t nf th.- inn..1
??-. - 1 disp neb te the Secntery ol
liS, 1 -- .. tbe eump ellon of a
.? Irom seoul, ' ..r.t.> Pekin, China and
hus iv nh tba outer \\..r! 1. Hs .. - 1 rr| orts negotiations
ililli^ to tbe 1 tr . ? ? ? it nf a -'ii 1. ? r linc troin
in: sse.NS vTBT Ul/' CLAIM 0. .il., isn. i, srArkg
Wabhixotob, Jan. 30.?Access hag I,.-,
caincd to papen here which ill... li < ? an bits -
ref Anrarlcaa dlplewMttabtatory. Ou a ig
1880, tba American Beak Boto Company eonaigued -.!,
Wella, Pargo rn c.. twenty-fear eaora af Peruvian
banb-aoM Conss and four cases of Peruvtaa iii.;.-,
st,.mps. Tao consignment wea rained at 934,700, -i*.?
fa.-e \ niuo of the bunk notes ran up Into the rn ,
but Hwy lijiti not, nf course. received
tba official stamp oi' tho Perurtaa Uorernannt.
n/elta, Pargo 4: Co. Bblppad the goaeete Paaaaraby ?
Paclfle Mall steamer. AtPaaaera Bray were reshipped
en board the British steamer blay of the PaetBe Steaei
Bavigatton Company, sybila Bm blay wes lying ot* the
pact oil; Miali.-'.- abe waa boarded by tba Cailtaa cor.
vet te Cbeeabroeo. Her cine,, *u ererbentod end ti..j
Pei ai tan i mik note's and postage stamps IreasfSnad m
the Cbaeal boo di spita Bm protests ol Um captain al tba
Ishty. Ifeaara. Kalla, Pargo m Obs hud to
reimburse tbe Araerleas Bank Boto Company fur
t ia value of the eonalgnBMnt and bnmedtal ly
u StetaToke the pawer of tbs i sited Btates Oevere.
u, nt te compel or panned ? I bili le p -j Um m m tum
fe3 1,700 with Inter. -r.
Sr;:.;.- il of MM ir-aiyof IftTITrttbflilllItlpnlstsa
lhat tho liberty of.-'coiiimeie.- shall extend to ml kinSaef
merchandise, excepting thora only which are disim
;ulsbed by Uta nama contraband." Tbeafoltaaraa list
>f contraband gooda, whmh among other Impl bmbM of
var, Include such ol aleta mal rial aa "bl
mcklers, ipe in, breaetplsB ? and i o.t:- of mini."
Article 19 expressly states that "all other
nerebandtae. . . . shall bc held and consniorcd
is froo nud aubjeots of free .and lawful ram
Bern bo that tiny may le: carried and
mn sported ni Hie frc st manner to bulb tin- OOBlraetleg
turtles, even to the. placet belonging to au ci.mit}, .
tenting only tboes pl iou wbteb an al thal time beeieged
ir blockade i, aud to avoid u.i doubt in this pertM ti.ir li
s declared that those places only ure besieged or block
iiictt wbteb areactuallj at: tabed i.y a keBlgenal ferae"
?apaiii-ie praventtng iho entry oi the neural." The
British ateamec blay waa not attempting te violate miy
iioi'k.nie. The ifoo.i- seised belonged to ABsertoaa
dUzena, and sVelbss, Pargo I < ><? antletpBtod ae
liiiicu.iyi in getUog their claim promptly rattled.
I hey were all tba mora sanguine of
but beeauee a ilmltar co laigameot of bank bob i i
bey had shipped to tbe CbiUan Gtavernmeat had been
wised by a Peruvian star-inp and promptly resp i
rhea proper re pre-em tUoos wen mada in tbs Burlier
datory of the cara mo tot tbe eorreapondenca oe
int ot tlc BtaM Department aim B'ella, Pargo A Co.waa
:ouducted by the Sect ? . nf State,W.
'Hinter. Oe October 0,1880, ho write to sv.
S Co. that it was liar Hy tun tool ?? Unite .tc
lon by tbe I billen authorities, but from Mr. Carte
?- then i* little room M ?;
,? tbs luiitor wBI b.: pnseed by bim wi u
ill possible sod eonventoni i 0 r SE9
'?tr. i.vinis wrote m Wella, Pargo iS Co. Il bad
uggested to Bim that the wi ar hythe Chilians
iran intended ai a retaliatory measun for tbe similar
lei/.uie ny um Peruvian QoverBmentof lank aoteela
tended for Uta Chilian Oorernment, and be t... ? ... ? ... .,
i a .tn- ti. u the Peruvian Government bad nstondtbe
Mr. Bratts wrote: " Mr. Oaborne bas
icen Inatrneted Ulai Uda Government eaaaot
rant to lim Infringemeati of tbe coromenial
our cltlz ins hy eu i". , I . u
ol mutual retallattou can be regarded as In-tify
nm m.- bii nt, or ss lu perilling thu n.'hi >.f the
neutral owm i -... the property io icuiecs from the party
lu I.-ult."
s letter from Mr. Hunter on January 1-, 1881.
N'S what sbnwd I* ???? Cblllaus bad been n. ?
ll the bunk BOtea. Ile Wrote; "lt 1- lei.mt 1. ..
rom Tartans source* that tue ti i es
py the Chilian (oren are being forced
in Peruvian ellison! al a payment for
if propert) seised by --.:.i fori-i ' On .1
, -i.aruta"tbenowly appointed MinUu-r ol ? ... i
Ul ii .? . OllUtrj !-???:.'- Il i ... I
'..-I-.." nu Juiy -. ISSI. Mr. Hunter wrote -tn.- ant?
ler 1? lu suspense," and explained thal :;.e i lillian Gov
eminent batt nfuscd to renard ibo affidavit nfThei
B. I re-nulli, secntary of tbe American I k Note (
uany, aa sufficient evidence tbal
vi ben it was selie I, and had
I --..i that the aftiduvits of tbe president and
?-idem would in- more acceptable,
mchadditional evi enoeaatoi nrnership waafurnished
i that point ? ?
Ou Juiy IA Mr. Hunter arrota Wells, largo A-Co. that
tbeCulliauOovrrumrnt wanted intractbe
? ie Aiuerh an Hank Note Cnn.p.iii md il:" I'
> ian iiot-eruiueut. lt seems that tba Chilian uo
- .-peeled that the}' hu I ie mil.- lot
iti?-ir bank noie- than wen tba Peruvian Oeverument.
lim A'ticricun Hank Note Company refused to gratify
meir enrtoatty on the Mel tbe rea
tract wal i nilli.lent! ii. i.i lal- tuc CUIliau Mil
inplied thu' tbe Mans ne; mn w .s not ?? eoi.it len Hal bul
merely private." On November 28, 1881, Mr. Homer
ii im "every blag that eau properly .loos ta tba
n tc i .-st of the e. ii tn mt-1" being promptly and earneatly
ittended M by tins Oovemmeni." bu July IS, XHfi,
Mr. Pnllnghnyaen wrote as foBowsto Wells, Para
io.: u Tba recent and praaaal eoadtttoo ot in:
aol been favorable to apmnuoiis purauan a ..rei dina ol
t meter." Ob Bereaibrr 17. 1 -*.'. Mr. I'r. un.-.
Iniy-eu wrote that the Chlltaa Uovern*
inuit hail prop.is. <I t'i n.iiuuit th" claim to mb.li.ii ion.
Ste.l-.,. Pargo .'. i ... at tl-st protested, but Ultimately,
tiring of the delay.consented. Tbeu Ibo Slate Denert
iin nt was um sun.-d ap about i.e matter lot several
months. On April 12.1883. Mr. I . *
" I'be cara baa made no lurtber prognss t bau the
siltation by the Chilian Uovernnienf ot a l
iud elaborate argmueut of Ita own side ot ibe case. lt
baa been deemed best to bare the papers tt .
l..re :r lining a reply. Thia BB tba translator eui only
le vote me , time to tin- work a- n ay br span I from eur.
rent business, baa occasioned delay whwh it i? boped
aiaj ioou bo al aa "lid."
Ibo claim was then allowed to ba dormant for|
twoyeara Oa Pebruarj 28,1886.a" ctol ra ? i lou,"
requesting the President to take all propel mt ism ? io
boure Un i.nt-i ru i em ol indi to pst the claim was re
srred to the Committee ou i..m.i. si! nr ? a J rr ported
lack favorably, but Congrasi adjourned liefon Ibe nra
ution could be passed. Oe Marah 23,1885, vi r Bayard
rroti to sveiis. Pargo .s. <'?>. es follows: '? .sit Impression
- tii.it uo other course Hun that of arbltratiou wo i t
?> likely tn result In favor of the claim,
In Maren 20,1885, in response M a cn ..plaint frmu
a. -, Pargo .v i o. about the delny. Mr. Bayard wrote:
' r iintl.y iii casca of tba kind, when li is prapraad M
i miiiit tue ipi"--, ma to ai 'nitration, tue party making Clo
imposition regards further discussion of the -un,, ct on
ts aerlM as closed, rhera an bo sufficient raaaona to
leem your i i.-t> an ezwpttoa ta tids rata, Cntlimust
ither pay of her owo accord or pursuant to the dei
>r tbe arbiter-. Sba bas bitberto declined voluntarily tu
rafi aud her oiler to arbitrate mut be eonsldere I sa le?
llcatlon of a tit .-ire OB lmr part t" a
friin further discussion. lt Lt not ene i
linn ib le that any oilier couree, even if authorised in?
expedient, woiiitt induce her to acknowledge uer e
'ountiibtlity." li.eic ii ter tho caee continual w itara
?er until, ou January 20 of thia year, a r.-o.uiion wia
introduced imo lue House by Congressman Felloe,
warn requesting the President " M take such measures
is may be proper to induce the Government of Chill ta
>iy tin- afonsaid amount of money to Wells, Pargo A
'o'" rms vm referred to the Committee en Poreiga
tlTuirs. Hero th ? case BOB re-ts.
1N l > 1ABAPOLM, JgjD. 30 -Special*. -Tho lilll?
ie tnilgnattoa orar tbe appotnttm ut ?<: Barney Ceany,
> Baratta aa thiel vim bed nevad tsra terms In tao peal
satlary tot highway robbery, to tbe poeBJoe of mab
i en- nt tim t nion Depot In Ihbf city, ta maktai wrloes
rouble tor tue Oemeerata who SraommenBel aim. the
appointment was male ni nu the rai|neat el Ooagressaiaa
'?yuiiin, but he ts tr} mg lo shill the reeponslblUty ta tn*
Kimom alta ^tme eWleers wbo signed Conny's neem*
iit-ndation.'mid m a spirit ot rengaaace they are nu*
tn e iieuiiig to defeat Bynum't Bomlnattoo foi rcoloettoa,
n uecumpTuhlng which, tbe fi. nd-i-f Mr. Hendricks
vim.u nie Coneraeaman so bitterly Bntagoalaai, elli
ifirtily unite alth them. IA. Smtinrl, the liemoeiaBa
?I ?!e organ bus made conroy'-, appointment tbe ptetssl
or an attack upon the Admiulstntiou and it dj m '?- jo
mow lo dar? sr hy thtavn. highwaymea, bribers, tlend
'ii.ts Ulld;tlle lil.e BK given I'.dera. positions ll] !'? m
lani Cleveland, while honest mu! competent Hems - ? I
ira e'lseu no conshtanttoa
PBOTIDBBCB, Jan. 3t> Special).- I be laputio
nTexa.sof J. B. iir.it/, the BhaOOBdiBg |ewetrj fobber
'rom Chicago, has precipitated matters in UM Beef ?
adolph Sbakmaa, who t>ou,-ht eal t.rut/.'s bemawaaj
aorta 132,000, fat ap,0OO, tbedaj befonboBed. TM
lewellers' Hoard of Tra-le hu* boyootted BhekmBB, and
igpreeaedan Intention of praooeattng bim tor hts mm
lection with the Drats inuit, r Bbakmaa bow wann
he boyeo!i r.ilsod anti -.viii turu over to lbs ere lil ' -
? ral/, nil th" proceeds If be U tilde n lilied BgalBSl BOtM
if ffi,000 bela by Orela ria Hmrl t.-in nfaitd ta
Muupromlae, but i>r.> alsed M glv ? M.- > labu m a h ?""?
li- if lie et ne lo I'roi ldei.ee. Ile e\.res-iod lill llllell
llou ol start mg lor lins elly to night.
ls frequently au iBdlratiOB Sf BBlTtfariae Wt" 'll Bal sys.
len. Ayer's SaoaearUta parntaa Hie b..'0d, and thus rte
narai haaMBraUMaBBctsd ?ssaanaaa ti also rasjems
raaaraae leeaeraal abaaanrgaa, and aravents the iBabami
'rom reacliin-^ rita luntfs uti.) MMBScB Catttrrh should bs
realist as a Meed dis -sse.
i raBBrad foi nan tiara saawatat s'..rrh. ajpappeeBBwas
rory pour, and 1 felt uitseral.ly. Nou* ol tue reiuel.es '
l.stk BBsedei rue .my relief uni ll I , .nu nene st us.n-- tye; t
-u-.pal.Ila. Ot wlne'i I have now taken ttve bo.lld- ',0*
.-.itarrh BMeasappsaSWA, Bad I eui kv wing strong ea-i stoat;
my api.t-'.iic h.is retui'iieil, aud my l.eallli l? fu ly * -"lured -
Sanaa l. ey. i o?k, egg Aibuuy st.. ho* on ?aBbbraaai bBbs
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
rreuaredbv Hr J 0, Ayer A OB. Lowell. Muss. Huld by BB
Ur us gi "ts Price. $1 i ?.v oom *. ff.

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