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gY ll. BlDKB IIAGGAKD, Al'THOB ..K "lil-.e ..i.
OMON'd MIN- -.'"
The story which is narrated in the following
pages cnine to me from 111 lip: ul luy oil I ,. u |
Allan (In i'e-:n ru. Ol Ililli ' ' t.iut ? ?', . j ri. .1 . wo
used to call him in 8ontb \fri i. He told it tu me
ono eveniug when 1 wi -'"iv i ? with him ..: the
jilace lie boll gil I in York sh it e. Miwrt ly aftei that,
tlie death ol his only mm so unsettled bim Ilia) he
immediately left Kii.-I.iml. accompanied by two
roiiinaiiions, who wen- od) ?? voysgei -en ins.
Jan Ile.ny tri.lis and CapiUlU i.te-il. anil ll
utterly \ i lb ?? I into tl da k ? ? -a. Ile
1- persuaded thal a white people, ol -.vim ii lu. ha -
lieut linn.us ali bia life-, exist a stnnewhoroou thc
highland* in lin- vast. -:iiI u
Ms great ambition i- ta Iiml ttieui before hettie*.
'iliis is the wild quent ir.-mi win ii In- ami his COIU
p. ill mils li., ve ..ep.u ted, and lian wiirra I shrewdly
Mispccl tln-y never will return. Imo let)
have 1 received trom tia- ?>!.! geutleiuan, dated : a
a minston station high nu the lana, a river on the
??i-t cna-i. about three hundred milos north of
Zanzibar; in it he says'thcy have gone throu_h
many hardships ant', adventn es. but are alive ind
t. rm I lu.- tei'lli I tr ne- i\ lllcll " t l.l t l? I 'I
ma ki nu iiiin li tpe thal lil ? !?? ni' of their wild nueit
in.iv be n " ni iguiticenl alni uiiexaiiiple 1 ii i-t ort i v.*
I greatly lear, however, thai a I lie ha li.-w-ovei I
is death; fur this lett .r > ame .e 1 i lg w ..il" a so, nnd
nobody ha beard a ingle word <>f the party since,
They have totally vam- hed.
lt mas un th last eveniug of my stay at hi* house
that be told tbe ausuiug story to mo and Caot.iin
Cood. who was liming with hun. Ile li 1.1 eaten Ins
funner au.I thunk two or three bIbhsi-m ot old port,
just io help (e.-O'l atnl iny-eli to the end ol the
second bottle, lt was m niiusnnl thing for him to
ti e. tor lie was a m.ist abstemioua man, having con?
ceived, as bc used lo say. a great horror of drink
limn observing ita odetta upon the clan of men?
bunters, tiaiispurt ri.lt ts, ami olheis?among whom
li- hal passe,i so maur yean of his life. Couse
qnt nt ly lue go. ul wine io. tis muree&ecl on him Mian
it wiuil'l have done onatoat nen. Bending a little
II u sh inti. Iiis wi i ii K Ital e books, anti making h. in t.i 11;
untie freely than nauat
Pear old man! 1 can na bim now, bb ha went
limping up ann dows the vestibule, with hi* grav
iniir sticking op in bcrabbing-brash fashiou, Ins
Bhrivelicel yellow face, and In*- larg* dark eyes, tbat
vere as keen as any lia \ k's, and yet sall asa
buck's, lin- -vheilt- reeeiin waa lum _; with trophii s ol
Li* numerous hunting expeditions, ami he lia I nome
story about every one of them, if only you could
f_ct min to ti'll tin-in. ti in rally lie won!.1 met. leer
lu- waa not very fond of narrating his own adven
turee, hut t.>-night the p.ut wine inatle linn m.un
eotamuuicati. a
"Ah, ve.ii brute!" he Bald, stopping beneath nn
unusually large skull cl a lion, which was fixed mst
?>\er the mantelpiece, beneath a long mw of guns,
its jaws distended t>> their utmost width, ".-.h.
you brute! you baTogiven me a lot of trouble for
the last elo/. ii years, and will, 1 suppose, to in
dying day."
"Tell us the yarn, Qtiatermain." saul Good.
? You have often promised t" tell ne, an.l yon never
"You bini In-tlcr not ask nie to," lie answered,
* for it is a longisb one."
-All ri_'.it." 1 saul, "the evening ia yoong, aad
there is (-eiitu- nunc port."
1 hus adjured, be Blind his pipe fruin a jar of
coarse-enl Boer tobaoco tbat was always standing
nu Hie mantel-piece, and .still walking up ami down
th.- room, began:
? It was. I think, in the March of Y>'.i that twas np
in Mkiikuin's country. lt was just alter old
e&eqnati'a time, and Biaukuni hid tot into power 1
forget how. Anyway. 1 was there. I had heard
tba! tin- Bape li people bad uot down an enormous
quantity ol Ivory from tbe interior, and an l sim -? 1
witb a wagou-loed of gooda, ami e.mn- straight
away from Middelborg to ti v ann trade sunn ol it.
lt was a risky thing to uo into tbe country so
early, on account nf tbe fever; hut I knew that
tli.re was one or Iwo oth. rs after that lol ot ivory.
an I determined to have a try foi it. and take mv
chance of fever. 1 had gol so tough fn>in cont bu i!
--nockine ale.nu that I ii.il uot set it down at mneh.
AS ell, 1 not mi all right for a while, lt is a wonder?
fully beautiful piece of h-.-ii veldt, with great
ranges of mountains runninz through it, and round
grauite koppio* starting np li rc ami there, 1 u l
out like sentinels over tlie rolling waste of bush.
Jt-liit it lavery hut?hut as a How.pan? and when 1
?was tint- tu it Mareil, which. ??f course, is autumn
in that part of Africa, tin- whole place reeked of
lever, fcveij morning, as I trekked along down hy
tin- Oliphant Uiver, 1 Used t" creep out ..f the
wagon al dann and lookout. Bul tin r-- n is no
liver to be aecn?only a loni: line of billows of what
looked lik.- lin- lintot cotton wool tn.s.s.-.1 un lightly
with a pitchfork. It was the fever mist.
i "it tmiu Muong tin- ptriilt too caine liti le spirals nt
vapor, aa though there wera hundreds of tin* tires
alight in it?reek rising from thousands ol tons ..i
rotting vegetation. It wa* .i beautiful place, bul
th. beauty was tbe beauty ol death i ami all those
lines ami blot* of . apor a rotc one groat word at rn -
tbe surface ol the country, and that word waa
? lever.'
" It waa a di. a.lful yeal of illness, that. I came, I
remember, to one little kraal ttl Koobuoaea, and
Went Up to it t.i --ee if 1 COUld get -urra- mtUU i ur.: ed
buttermilk! and a few mealies. As i got neal 1 was
etrnck with tbe silence ol tbe place. No children
began to chatter, aod no dogs barked. Nor could
I bo any native sheep ex cattle. Tbt place, though
it hail evideutly bann n nt', inhabited, waa ns
Mill as the i.'is)) round it. and some guinea ie(wl
But np out of the prickly pear hushes i ghi it the
1 nial cat.'. I remember th t I hesitated a little
1.. rore going ill. tli.li B as -rn ll all air eif ile
about thc spot. Natun never looks desolatt when
niau bas nol y< t laid in* hand upon b< i bit .
ia onlv lonely. Bul winn man has heen, aud ba
pa- .-il away, ihen she look- di -olute.
- Well, 1 p.i--'-.l into the ki tal. and aenl up
principal I nt. In fronl "1 lin- hui ? .
a ith an >.!.l -i. t ]>??' '
1 stooped down uiul drew od ihe rug, ami linn
hil ra Ilk back nina /e. I. foi U'ld. 1 il \-. a ? 111 ' Olly "I ..
young woman recently dead. For a mo
thought ol Miming ba !..''? I my curio ity ??vei nan
o c.. ni.- past the woman. 1 weill down on my
banda and knees and crepl tito ile hut. I
dark tbat I could not ig, th*ugh I coull
Miiell a gn-al deal -o 1 1 a match, ll waa a
' tandstickor' match, and humeri slowh and
and a - Ihi light gra roaseu I n ..'I' oul
whal I Ihoughl was a m. "I people, men,
and children, fast asleep. 1'r.?-.ml,, n hun
bli gb tty, and I saw tba! tie y loo, live ni i li
get Uer, were quite dead. One was a ba I
dropped the match in a hurry, and .Mts mai. ng my
wav out ol lhi but as bard a- I could go, win u I
t lught sishi -i two hiiahl ? > ? - oul ol ii
corner. Thinking it was a wildcat, or some such
animal,! redoubled my baste, when suddenly .i
voice near thi cym began lim n> mutter, and then
to send up a sni cession ut ..v.- lui y- Ila, Hastily I lil
muli In-1 match, and pert-en '-.1 Iiml tin- .-? . - I i
to an old wejuian, wrapped np in au
garment, laking ber hy tin- arm, I dragg >l h i
Ont, for she could uot, oi wonld nut. come hi lei
i-t-li. .-mil i in ateuoh wtwtoverpowering me.
eight a- abu waa?a bag ol bones, c evered ovei willi
black shrivelled parchment. _*he only white thing
;.' (iii! h< i aa la i wool, an I :. prell y
well dead except for bei eyes and hevToice, sh.
thought that I waa a devi] come to take In-r, ami
that la why alie yelled so. SS'oll, I got her down to
t:." wagon, ami gave Lei a ' lol ' ol i .ape sn oke, and
t . . ia soon as it was ready, poured about a pin!
tei in-e'-'ea dow n In-r throat, made from thu iii sh ol
ie vilderl eeste 1 bad killed the day lu ft re u
nil.a that she hriirbti ned up v She
? uii! talk Zul : indeed, it tm e > oul thal ih
run away from Zululand in l'i haka'i
she told"i ie . t all thc nei.pl.- that I had seen bad
died ol fever. Wben tl.ty ba 1 <; ed, I - i
1,, t ir. is ni i ? kraal bail taken the cattle and none
away, leaving tb* p??or old worn n wbo was help?
less trom ago ami infirmity, to eel, h nf starvation
tn il- t
' bera i i t tiree iii- j tbe b I
i .iiml ber. I look her "ii (.. tm' next kraal, and
gave (tbe headman ii blankol to look afb
promising him auother if 1 found ber well when 1
i... hack. I remelt lu-r that he was
us mi, uh ed al I v parting with two hi inkel for the
t ? of such a worthless o! tl creature. 'Why did I
nol leave her in tbe bush;' be ask ?!. 'I hose people.
carri tbe doctrine ol the survival ol Ute lilt, -i to
il s extreme, -, nu see.
- lt waa the night after I lind gol rid of the old
we.m.ni thal I made my lirst act-mi nt nni- with
my Iriead yonder,' aud he noddrd toward the sk I
that seemed to be grinning down at ns in tim
.mu! the wide mantelshelf. "I h.ul tull.eil
fiom dawn i ll ll o'clock a long trek-bul I
wanted t i^i on; anti Ihen had tbe oxen turned
out to graze, sending tbe voorlooper lo look after
them, mean ng to iusn in aga n about ii o'clot
trek with Hie moon till IC. Then I u'.t iutothe
*? Biron ami had a good sleep till ball i a-t ?_? or -m iu
tee afternoon, \. hen I w>' nt and t oohed some meat
unit had iti\ dinner, washing it down arith a
piunikinoi black codee for it wan ditbculi to gel
preserved milk ia those tlays. Just as 1 bad
i - u, and Ibe driver, a man called Tom, was
i ashing up tko things, in comes the- yoong aconn
dial of a voorlooper driving one ox before aim.
? ? Where are the other oxeu V 1 naked.
?'Koosrbe said,'Koob I (chief] tba other oxen
Laic gone away. I turned m.. back for a minute
arni winn I looked round again thev were all gone
exeepi Kaptein here, wbo waa rubbing his hack
lutanist a tree.'
** ? Von noaa th.it you bare been asleep, aud let
tln-iii stray, iou villain. I will nih your hack
airamst a slick,'I answere.l. feeling var* augry, inr
lt was no. a pleaaaal proapeel t" ho stink up in tba)
fever tran foraweek er eo while we were hunt mr
foi tho oxen. ? ott you gB. andjron too. Tom, ano
itniiU you tlou't cine hae-k till you hare lt.uml
them. They have trekked hack aloog tbe Middel
luirK Road, ami nre a doaen ailee tell by now, 1 ll he
bound. Now. no words; go both ol yon.1
?Tom, the driv-r, swore ami naught the l.ula
hearty ku k, which he richly deserved, and Hun.
having tied old Kaptein up tu the diaaslboofll with a
leiin. they got their assegais ami sticks and started.
1 wt.nhl have trune too, only 1 knew that somebody
must looa after the wagon, ami 1 tiitl not like to
leave either of the hoys with it at night. 1 nih m
avery bad temper, indeed, although 1 was pi. tty
well used to these sort of oct unem es, ami soothed
mvseli I.y taking a nile ami going tn kill some
thing. For a couple of hours 1 j-oked aliout w itii.mt
geeing anything that 1 could gal a shot at, hut at
last, just ns I was av ri rt within seventy vania of
: in- .v:t'_"i.i. I pul nil i i. uld Impala ram : n m i ehtnd
a minmai tlioru. He ran straight for the wagoo,
an I il wa ? uol till bc w i passing wubin n ft w iee!
of it tb .1 I ... 1 ? ? ! a ,;.'i-i-|it shill ..' hi u. I h :i 1
Italic,'. .Ul.' i all.lii him iinU-W.iy doWU tile K| ho;
ii-, ei in went, tl.'i 1 as b - I, ami a p i
it waa, though I ongbl u-.i to mv it. Ibis little
incident i'n! me urtu nilln-i h h :i.-r t-.inter,
es*.eei:i'ly as the buck had rolletl nvei . .lit aga list
tin- after-part ol t be a i ni, so I Ii ni
hun, lix a rei ii round I.is leg
thc nine I bad done this thc sun wa, don i, ami the
full m.-oil w is up. an 1 ri lieailtiftll : non i i.e.
Ami then : bera i ame du *n th it womli-i u;
that sometime* falls ovei tho African In; '-. In Ibe
earlv lioins of t ie night. Sn beast a mm
ami ne hird called. Sol n ? r '.nth ul air il i rail th'
i-niet ii.'.'s. ;..ni tin- slia lows did not even quiver:
I hey on I \ grow, lt waa icry oppre sive a il very
Inuely, hu lhere waa not asigu ol ihe cattle or the
l._'.\-i. I was unite thankful n.r theaociet* nf nhl
Kaptein, who waa lying down cn.ni
Ibo tl. - lb i, cl. tho ml with a goa : i ii
? . euee.
" l'ie-'-i:ih, however, Kaptein lie in tn
li's,. i .; -,1 li ? anni:. I, la.Ml he gal ie .
I i oul n i rn iki .t ont, 1.1 ont I
down oil tin' wagon l-os lo have n 1 a i i . . think?
ing it unglii be t ie loal o\i n ct tu iib.
" Se il instant I regret! in, for a!l nr n un
heard un a.- lui roar und sa i souiethui j
past maand lulu on pour Kr.pr ,a. i'm-n came a
hollow ol agony from the ox, and a ci
Usn put Ina teeth throngb tbo poor brui u<
nntl I began to realize abai had bapj-ciieii. My
rifle waa in the * igon, mid i iy lirst tboughi wa- i"
get ln.1.1 ol it. nnd I turn.-.I ami made a ii 'it for i . I
?.mt my lout on tbe wheel and tl nug my !.. i* foi n ,,.1
ou to thu waguu, and tbeie 1 atopped ai il 1 wira
Iro/en. ami no woudur, fm is [was aboui to -in ing
ti!> I heard tbe lion bellin I nu . nud u
(??lt the lirute. av. ns pl iii ly ns I . ni fed mis table.
I fell hi'ii, 1 auy.euitliug al my Icfi lug thal was
han .'in i don n.
"Mi word! I did find queer; I don't think thal I
ever felt s<i queer before. I da rod nol move for the
lite ni inr, nml the odd thing waa thal I seomedto
lose power o\. r tn. i. c. h Inch bad au iu laue sort 'ii
inclination to kick uni o! its own more motion jus)
aa hysterical p.'..pie want t,, laugh when they
oushl tt> i.e particular!.! S'llemn. Weil, tim hon
sn.liol ami milled, beginning at mj I
slow Iv uosing away up i.v thigh. I thought thal
he waa going to gel hold then, bul he tl id. not. Ile
only growled softly, and neut back to the ..-..
Minting my berni a Iii: le I gol a lull \ lew ol him.
lie waa the biggest lum I ever saw, aud 1 have seen
I great nanny, and be bad fl mosl tn neudons bl irk
mane. What bis teeth were like you can are look
there, pretty big ones, ain't thev f Altogether Io?
was a in is_ni:ii . ni an.iinil. and BS 1 la. there
sprawling on tbe fora-tong.i thewngon.il ...
curred tn mi' that he w.uiltl look nn omtiionly well
ina cage ll.-.sion.I t lii-re hythe carcase of poor
Kaptein, ami deliberately diseiiioowelled bim as
neatly asa butcher could have done. _\ i I this while
I dara not move, inr be kepi lifting Ins bead and
keeping au eve nn nm ns he licked ins bloo Iv chops.
SS'hen in-h ul cleaned Kaptein out he opened ins
nioiii ii and roared, and I am not exaggerating wi
I say thal tbe mhh.i1 shook tbs wagon, In tautly
there came back an answering roar.
" ' 11 ea ve ns!' I (bought, ' tlie le it hit mate.'
" Hardly was th.- thought ...n ..i m, b ad when 1
caught sight in the moonlight "i tbe lioness bound
tugalong through the laug grass and after her s
couple ni cuba al.out tlie si_e of mantilla She
st.uipeil w ii Inn a fee feel ol my bead, sud stood and
waved ber tail, and Iliad me witb her gio wi
lon eyes; bu! josi as I thought thal it was all over
she turn.'1. ami began to feed on Kaptein, and sn
did th.- i-iiiiH. Toora were tlie four ol them wit Jiu
eight leei ol me, growling und quarrelling, rending
ami tearing and crouching poor Kaptciu'a I-ones;
and there! tar shaking wan .errol, and the cold
perspiration ,iouringonl of me, feeling likeanotbci
1 taine! come lo judgment ne a nee sen - ..r thc
phrase, lies,.nth tbe cubs Inn I eaten theil I
began to gel restless. One wen) round to tbe back
ol the wagon, and pulled at tbe Impala buck thal
hung there, and tbe other came ruin 1 my way and
lugan the sniffing game at my leg, Indeed, he did
more th.ni that, for, my trouser iieina hitched up a
little, be lu nan to lick the bara -km witb bis rough
ton mia I he mora be li, ki-n tbe m tra he liked it, t >
judge inn a Ins mt lease- i vigor ann the loud p irnng
muse he mail.'. Then I knee thal ti; .til had .ie,
for in another second Ins lt le-1 ike tongue would
have- i.a-;,,-? I l li ri ililli the skin of inv leg which was
luckily pretty tough and have gol to tin blood,
ami th-ii there would be in chance lorine, Ko 1
ju-t lay tr ero and thought of nu sins, ami pray I to
Ihe Almighty, and thought that after all life .. >> ,
Ver. flinn allie tiri..'
m And then all of a sudden I heard a trashing of
bushes amt the sboutiug .uni whistling ol uu ii aud
tln-re wera tbe two boys counug back e itu the
? attie win h the,- hail found trekking along nil to
get her. Hie lion* liltetl their bends and listened,
uiul theil with.mi a sonnd I.odetl od a i I
lamt. .1.
?? I he lions . .i'n" bat lc no more thal night, and hy
the him morning mv nerves hail im: pr<
again; bul I was full of wrath winn I tim.
nil thal I bad gone through at ihe bands, oi i
rosies, eil I boee lour liou*. slid ol ibe (ateofii.
ufter n\ Ka pie i ii. Ile a - a splendid o\. anti I was
very fond .et nun. So wroth a 11 thal
lit ? rn i.n.' 1 lo un for the whole family of them, li
eas worthy sf a greenhorn oul ou I-1 a lirsi bu
trip: bul I did ll nevertheless Aeeordingly after
break faa t, having rablicd soma nil up ti my leg,
w;i; b was very nora from the > iles tmgne, Itim
the driver. Tom. who diel neil hall el ., ami
having armed myself with an oi ? .- No.
12 smoothbore, the lirst bree ... I ever hail. 1
.. ard J. I took Ibe smunt bbore Ins ii
i. .ll. i rel t well ; and n.v e- ? ? eil ilia:
a round bullet Irom a *m ? iliore
effective againsl a lion assn express luillei I ie
lion is soft uni imi ii .?
bit him tiny when \ Lt i take s I ir
i on killing.
? S\'l II. 1 St I I ? ' ';.' I - ? te. W.elk
?n do was i ? try to i
- lay mi fo th dny. Al >ul t?ir< li .
\ a d* li uni I Ile ??
a ih i.ii. and lu .'. omi this .f npe-n
ll'IWIl t'e il i|'\ .i 'i ll '.. .it
villi i
low leaf, ii mn the i ?
' ?
v. Inch ba li- i < n t?ui ''-! ? i-i
w..s pr< itv t k prink bsd -.?..
trees, 1 I
?? lt al mn stru I Iry p n n i
n likely plat o to
!,.? ,i li .ii rs flintier t
li i\ li ii be ? ni ??'??? ; li
!. ms If. Accoi ri
prnsp i toil. I'el ire I got I wav roi
I lou ml ihe n ams nf a tillie
evident ly been killed within ?
..ii I par. hilly -!.-v..ri.. .1 I-- In n . ? i
othei iutlit al inii1 abo , l
i lie I imi:, were uol .ii l pa I
1 di ,r' id thc ' ipai i" Iii ie Hu ii
the que I '.n a as bon lo ..'? i
i learly iiiijin 11 dc to
llle.e-.ss eel|l, W.IS IjUltC '"? 'li 1 ll' 1 I I
.I0W til I"' "..' - I '
tim wu ann,
! . lilli kl".il ie doll ' -I i
tn" t be i.iea nf tiring the ree ?
(old ? nil. Wert! pl el I.V ill A
se,un- ii.-' bea anti b an startin lo Um
i. li. ai il I .! il tbe -
were Bt il n-eii nt I
? I |B | ';,l ll 111 || ? '
wi.iel. wa;. I, gut as I ll nil I
gol i. . i aud fon eil the Iii ? into i em.
nil.-i ball an hour's troLble, t:.. Hmm
:.ui| began to oul
round to tin- forth i ! ba p in t.. ?.-.
sr.nni ing wei! ..ni ni i be ..,? i, n h c I i
; .? te, itiiy where lt
was a t lu ii i ? i
-, ire nf mi snooting iu thoa > days that I
mneh mind iii.- risk. Scarcely ha I rn md
lieu I !.? ml I lie rt eda pm linn li
rush ol wnni animal. 'Now n.i- it,'said I. ' >n ii
came. I could see- that ii was ? i-llow, a i
to, at ' "H. ' ? lien inste ??' "'. a lion oul bo ii
bean! iful rail bok w heh bail *? ii i be .
e -ef tiie pan. It ? . ? been
areil bok of a |iecnliarl.v rnrilhling rinture I
itself flown with the lion like Hie lamb ol ,.i .
:. tlaupptis l at the leeds wera thick, anti that it I
k pt a long wa;, ofl.
?? Wi ll, 1 let tba rall bok go, and it vent like tho
B iud, ami kept lilt '\> s Bxcd I., - ,. ( .1 III!
; r<- ?aa Inn nmg like a furnace no ?, . i
lug and roanna aa they bil into lin-re-e-tia,
sending spouta ol lire i wen tv I.-, t ami more into the
air, and making the hot air d i ?? ? ivi
that was perfectly dazzling. Hui the te.-.is were
.till hail .-reen .-uni created an enormous quantity
ol smoke, ? bich came rolling te,-, ard me like a i ui
tain. Iving very lue on i.nnt ol the wind. I'ras
entlv, above the crackling ol lue fire, I beal la
startle"! roar, then another and another. So the
linns were al home.
** 1 waa beginning to gol excited now, for. aa you
fellows know, there is nothing iii experienct to
warm up youl nei.ea like ii lum al close quarters,
iinh -s it is a wounded buflalo; and I got still rn.
?ow lien I made out through the smoke thal the
lions were all moving al.out on tbe extreme edge ..i
the rei-.ls. i learismnally they would pop their hi ads
oul like rabbit! from ? burrow, and ihen, i atching
sight of me standing abonl fifty yards out, draw
them back again. I knew tbat it mus! begetting
pretty wann befa nd them, amt that the] could not
keep the game np for long: anil I was not lilia
taken, for suddenly all font >.f them broke cover
together, the old I.lack maned lion leading by ? few
yai.N. l never saw a mme eplendid slgbl in all my
limiting Bxperlenoa tann thone lour Imus bounding
ne roes the- veldt, ..ie-rnhaele.we.il by tbe denne pall .>i
smoke and backed by the bery fnma, a ol tba bara*
Hil: leetls.
?? I reckoned that thev would pass, on their road
to tba bushy kloof, within about live andtweaty
yin tis ni me. so, taking u long breath, I gut my gun
wall on to tlie lion's shoulder- the hlack-maneil ono
- BB aa tu allow for an inch or two nf motion, ami
latch him through th* heart. I WM on, dead un,
and mv fi11irer was just beginning to tighten on tbe
trigger, when luddeuly I went blind?a blt "' reed
itsh had drifted into my right eye. I dam eil and
rubbed, ami not it inure or less clear just in limo to
BM the tall ol the last lion vanishing round the
hu sin ,s ii |> tlie kh .ot.
"If ever a man was mad I wae that man. It
was too bad; and such a shot in the open too I
However, 1 was not going to be boaten, ?? I just
turned uni hit,.'iel foi the kloof. Tom, tbe driver,
i begged mni implored ma nut to go, hut tboni'h ns a
ral nih I uovei t,r?-t.-.t.I tn lie brave ..Mehi
nm nol . I '.- 1. il ?' r nine I that I would either kill
' 1 hose lions or they should kill ma ?" I told Tom
ih it he u eel n.'t rianennlcia Ue liked, but I_waa
ir ung; atnl beiug n pim ky fellow, a iwa 1 ' v hirth,
Im shi-n.'.i-1 his shoulders, mu 1 eil thal I w ?mad
'.1 ' 1 t nd follow. '1 .;??."-I- liv In m., ira"1. -.
" We -e. ni .'.i- ' 1 (be li waa ..'..nit , 1 ree
hundred yal sm lonni b and Imi ip._r<*ely woo.lotl,
.1 : ie.-n the teal full tingan. I'hera might lie s lina
ul . \ ory bnsli t:.ta li ere u ?
*.t in- bera : the del it ito < was, I
11 nu puked anti bulked In avery possible
?iireetion w th ni) bea I in my mouth, anil
la! iewa-*ilet| h) catching a glimpse ol something
i. At ti: ' - inn' morin nt.
from another bush opposite me oul hurst om^pl
Ihe cults and galloped bael Inward tba bural out
n 111. I nhtppel round nd Iel 'liive a ma 1 liol
th.it lipped bim beml over heels, breaking li shack
> ithiu two in . . ol the p> it ol t be tail, ami Ibero
ii n glaring. I om aftoi ward billed
? ii. I op m || t'ut brae:h ol the
gu ? an l lillirie Uv pulled oul iheo d . ise, wbii li, to
; what ei 1 sn- .1, nina;. I -ti:-.to-.. li 1 ? torsi
lllft B ! Ol tioO Ol ita I.ile: n the
h in "l. A i an) 1 ite, when I 11 ml lo get in the new
? ... ? 1 cuti r hall a ay 1 anti wonld :? ou
this e. '-I he mi ni ml that th" Ibu*" ss,
... ? t Bier) nt la r 1 un. chose
j lu put in an appe ranee, Thora she stood, twent)
? . s ,1: .0 from me, lushing her (ail and bmking
1 wicked ul I t.? ? I >'?
I itepp< -I '? a> I.'.', ard, ? r. ing to push in the nea 1
-.mi .. I dbl roahomoved un in little rana, (hopping
down alter each ran. I'he danger waa imminent,
ml the ea imbi not go in, ..! t lie 11101 1
.?n .11 th thought ol the cai lr id ii- mu er.
? 11. s.. name i will aol m.-uti..u, ami earnestly
thain the lion col 1.mn.-dian punishment
. nu 1 uvert 1 m. lt wonlel liol gn in, see | tried
tn pnll it ont. lt wonld nol coi.it either, and
my cnn was us. leas it I could nol shut it to use the
e.ther barral. I might aa well have bad no gnu,
Meanwhile I was walking backward, heaping my
eve on the lioness wbu w^a rreeping forward un
ber hi'ir without a sonnd, lint lashing her tail ami
ng her ? v.- mi m-: ami in it I mw that she
wa- coming ina few second! mute-. I dashed ut)
wrist md the palm ni mv band against th
rim of the cartridge titi tbi blood iwinrad from iii. m
, there are the neara ol it to thia day!"
Urie- 1 nial, n 11.a 111 held np Ina huh! hand to the
li.hl uinl sh..weil iisscve 1 oi eighl white cicatrice!
ri st where the w rat i-vi into the hm ni.
?? Uni t a sa nol >>i tbe slightest usn.'' he went on :
" the cartridge would nol univ.'. I on I) hop. tint
im other man will ever be pul in snchunawful
h..sin.m. 'I he hom s gathered bersell together, sui
I gave inv-eit np for lost, when soddenly Len
ahonI? il mit Hom si.iii. wli.T. iii my real :
?? ? Y..11 ara walking on t" Ihe wounded cub;
turn tei I hs 1 ight.'
?? 1 ii ul tn sense, dazed tm I waa to tal - the hint,
and slewing round al right .mules, bul still keeping
my eyes on the lioness. I continued m. backward
?? 1.1 nu Intense relief, with 1 low nina) .she
it ra 'nt. neil herself, turned and bounded oil
im ther np tbe kluof.
?? I ..'ne ..?-. lal.e.ii-.' - I '1 Tom, * let's _-et Lae 1, "fl
the wagon.'
"" Ah rieht. Tom.' I answered. 'I w iii when I
have killi tl I Hose 11.- other liou-*.' for by this time
I was in-lit un shunting them as 1 aever remember
beni 11 nvth ng ?? foi - or ? ut >-. ' Von can
n." ii vu like, or yon can -i> t un a nee.'
?? Ile e onsiitered tho position 11 little, and then Im
very wisely got up a tree. Iwishth.it 1 bad done
the same.
?? Me mw h:l" I had got oul mv knife, which had
an e\ti.iet"i in it. rim! sm ? ?-. i. ii af ter some diiti
e-nits.' iii hauling out the case which bul so neari)
!.a the cause .-f my death, and removing the ob?
struction in the barrel, lt wae very little-thicker
than a pnstaee -tami- : ceri univ not tin. I er than ..
i. ce eel writ inn-pa per. I n.a dime 1 loaded the
ann. bound uiy handkerchief rauud my wriel ami
hurl t-i staunch the tlowing ol the btou-i, and
st lite.I on a
n I li iel ii,,t.I thal thc linnean went into I thu k
gi een hush, or rather cluster >.f bushes, growing
nnai the water, fm thora waua little Btreara run
nine down the kloof, altoni li tty vania higher up,
ami i.ei this I in nie '?? hen I gut there, however, I
could seen I tt I took up abig stone and
throw it into the Imsbea, I believe that ll hu tin
other cub, for nut il rame wilh a rush, gi Vin
l eroii. isn le sh..! ol \\ li i?*li I pt. 'tn nt Iv availed myself,
kron'..!'I.' ii ??'. ? r demi. Out, too, came the liom-as
like a tlanh ol 1 l*llt, bu - lb. *? ?- ? : 11 I 11.au
i, pu the ot ber bullet into her ri1*a_ mi that
.??.I .?'. ei lime tinn a like n shot rabbit, I in
-?an: ?? ? ? t ? tr., th- gun, and
aa I .1 '1 " lill liotn-aa fol :? i.' i n ami came ema
bel Ion i' i? s. ros 1 ng anti _-i" in
III -. illl'l W I h .1.. h all e . l'l'-ss,.e|i ,e| ?! llridil
..'I bl : .'"'ilitell.lliee as I had ll"' ' t'"'i - "- I theil
bei 1. 1 ii tum dh lin ch it. aud she fell over un to
hen side i| ' il ad.
?? 1 h 1: wu I in- Iii -t and I'-: timi Ibat I
ki I les I a n race ol ell md, wh it is
tn-.r-- I ie . 1 r he ml ol an) Inn ng it.
I Naturally I was considerably pit
ig nu I" med un. ".-ni nu t-> look t"r the
mt) s lin hail kill' >l K ?
v al 'I with il ?? I pi.led it;'
ile- kloof, mutt, I. 111 ?
I went, lt was a . foi I
in ?-. ci - -I rmi one mooren! lo a
that he wonbl I.n me. I umk comfort, hoi
m that a in tan
i .11 ? ? -.isl oil M ll 1 ..,
? i i-ri 'i rn wi . ?: I
lie nm arl\ au boin bunt ng tit.-i the lion, fince
.? I - ? ii
tl il lint he -nr. . uni w licll
; ? I . ibl :,.-? : ml bim.
- \t last I . t nj' t ?
? ? l?own this rm I tri
11 front ??; teuty
t -.-t ra* 11 I ip mass ol
t 'I mi ti.e tap ..: .
?r -li a. ') Ina
,t - ami ? -. tv-livs feel li li, I : ?
eel Hu ? ? ? "? ? I ll
? ? ? ' ?
Illy I
I in 11 lui t lan dow 11 ..1 be i, .
.1 tl iV 11 ?
a ' ' i
to feel th lt s
e . .
I , . '
' '
! 1 .I'.i, ive un.:. I
e ? pit eye, bill I . ..lilli s -. 1,en Inn.. ;,t
"Then, o I.'.i i ently
II e. e too of lim lillis ol ho il.,.
f. Still Hil ro k he
-.i r ' Ile bad 1.11
I in n- lie st-' ? 1 I isl' ll'.' Ira I ? ? ?
?.: \ ? 11 || I I ' I.
' . IH' ? did lint
I I tl.III.I
? ? vard ie.
-ii ! Iiiiw ketl ami boa ia full
iii, ? , ; Hung 11 irreal
ipi mg I
I '' .1 I ? jil HOI -I .I.' te' H lt, ll I S..W tll.lt bl'
? alni lallll li ht .Ul
' v. il limit .'llm. I lif.-il.
1 -ri ip sh it it -. ?-. I ie bullet
or I distill ethe rii--.li
of I be h.mi 11
! I ,'el lee th.' . .
ai l.ii\ I fell tutti ii ! .>v ' ie eper-i lad bu h.
inti I ? "ti t lu t..;i iii mn
-. ;1 Ihe n t ti, bis hil I met
1 I In ard them grate . mist th.
I yelled t r, for I did nol ft ??' in thc I. mt
Huted ii l.ivii
?\ ? . I ! I 'i .
Kill ileu 1 I tin ?'., lim lum
e, , III . till- il l.."s IIC'1, ililli ll' -leei I IIS I'l |||C
lo ri ini lr
i smeil. 'I hen he roared,
? 1 e. md tm h sm nug ly the gre it
head diopp [all the hn nth tram
II ) 1...,iv. ami be li ul . ntcrad
i-i 1 h.- cen!.1 bis ' pas el out em 11 et
thi : ; alt-n ay down the
?? 1 be p lin ..I my n 01 ml kepi me fram fainl
ami r.s .11 aa I gol my hrentn I managed io drag
my se 11 from 1 ndi h m. I'tiauk li. it.m. Ins groat
t, th hui not criisheel mv thigh-bone; but I wis
loam, a i-i' .' di al ol blood, and bail it liol been fm
1 ely a -ii "i > om, with \- ! nae aid I ?_'..! the
hand ks ? hiel u 1 iii wrisi and tim] it mu ml my leg,
I .vi-I,H.- ii t ghi "vs iiii .1 Iii it. 1 think I should h.ive
1,1. .i tmleith.
*- Well, it was :i in t rt ward for my folly in ti.. Ing
to tackle a faiuih ol lions single-handed. I h.- mi ii a
acre too long, 1 have been lame ever aince, ami
halli..' to my dying dav: in the month ol March
tho wound always limn.hs me' a great deal, and
every three rears ii breaks ont raw. I need
ely a.hl thal I nevei trailed tbe lol ..f Ivory al
Ki 1. ni .mn's. Another man imf it 1 Herman and
m nie live li 11 m!ie I pounds oul "I it r.lt.r pa) ing ex
j., n.... I p nt the m vt month on the broad ul my
back, and was a cripple foi six months aller that.
And now I've t"ht yon ihe yarn, ho I will bavoa
t|iop eii Hollands ami bo to bod." [Macmillan.
USES "E I v 1 Bl I. IS sui 11.TY.
Wathtnaton Utter ta Th* I ??>",?,a /..ni.--.;
Tin- nae til enamel in Washington society is
arowlug mora end nu.ie co 10moo. lt uaed t.. bs lint
only the oldest and bomellcst used enamel anea their
faces, snd In 1 ai ii e i>.-i it bul rarely extended i.e-mw tin.
Beak. Ne.'.v instit \ nan r gil I- en,linet, alni wllh I,nv emt
dresses tiny most, to carry ont tho iiimuon, enamel ai mi
aad bust, as well as their faeea a sort af eaamei eoe
der ls now mini willi li ls 1 nliin-i! on uinl polished nilli: Tli?s
ll. sh elbows like polished wm. i in. Illusion is wellaaonth
wlie-ti a iiiaiilin lias 11 fe.riii Ilk* lliat ot M.ny An..er-nu,
or tin-aims iiml him nf :i Vi mni ile Me-illcl, lent wk n
she ls of tho loaa, seracgy, eorn-ted variety, sh annies
and un curie-B, the ettecl 11 horrid, There ure niue
M-racs'y girls lu U'aslilnxton society to mir pinup one,
nml 1 think 11 un- ini-ii eould have taeuMtiei nni
tn 11 vote, titer woulil elccliln 111 Iitvor of lili-lt inteked
ilrntMs nml rt!' fi rx 1,ni.m.-1 tKhl nt the ni lit. her
tiiiina ure spent hero In petal run pOWdef ev iry seasoB,
anil Iiml I the liieinne fr.mi Un iuiik,' sleBS I WOUld lui.
lours than u Cougtettiunn't yearly salary.
Ip tom.
It is not jet certain whether Herman Gran's
t for taking soma Bambers of lbs GermsB Opers
ou a pr >-.m.. .1 tour win eome le aaythlng or mit. Wo
one but t itorsoftht leheme and their attorneys
t.i know an., t:>iii_? about it. as fat as eau ba
doflultdy learned, bowarer, ?:.,? artists are dote mined
not to star i'.'I'l .1 satisfactory guarantee lund ts pro?
rated. Blues I it week Mme Lehmann baa dechled not
im lo Hoi many, but le travel auder tbe maui.
meat ol C. T, Tral nr ona aoneerl tour, ai tim lou or
heme, means rattans tor the Bra. performance
e.f " l.akaie " .ire nerlir.viii-' ? ? : ) OOO. William Ludwig,
tile ni. v I,a: ir.,ne. ? lllO'J i'.-I '. .1 ij" UV lllO < linn ,1 I.inn.
li i-i sahl taat bis real name la I odwedge, aad bs ls well
?peiken of by all wbo have beard him while
wiin Carl ines.,', i'..nii'.iiiy.
Mme-, jfodjeska played a cod engagement lo P
?l.-ip un, ending lt hui night. Tee montis night she will
he-e.ni al Colonel .sum's th-aire In Brooklyn, and the
lii.iie.itii.iis ai '.1 liave a prosperous week, as
tbe advance sile is alrea.ly Urge. She will oertaluly
leOrooklyntl enough, for she changes
the i 111 every alight a ;n her
n-peitory. Bho ia now rebearslat " Die Two Usn)
nf Verona," whiek has not '.. i ieee tiers In manj yeera
\ in Nei ion lu i intauded to produce it on ber
return to Aaieilea,hiil hat death prevented it. rbis
will make the fourth plaj Modji ka bai added to tier
repertoi y this season, Inducting; "Odette," whieh. how?
ever, was really a rsrlval. Tilers was tome mrprise
manifested while sh.- was plarlng In 1-ew-Yark 1st el j
thal -he did not bring forward ** Prince Ztlab," whleb
she produced In Chicago '.itt October. Elbe eame to the
conclusion thal the bob traetloo was faulty aad the
play, despite several mod il tua! lons, tedlona Thu ohmf
eharaeter ???- almost as rap Ustva as <>/, tte. The b"nem
for Ute Polish evi.es wblcb ModJeska gives al tue Star
in \i Thursday promises to bowell attended, ? novel
fe.tu*.- will ba the nppearause ot If us Daurray, who
wai sin., i rat V eneh ehanpnne betwoen the acta
Mi. Barrett's business with "Hernani" at the smr
? , th eu_-ii me: nu,un'mi.., la considered nut isl ictory
In view ot the weatbei and the opposition ol Mr. Booth
nt the 1'iftli /ivonne, tfes) Wednesday lie uni revive
" l'i.m.-. se .i tia Ki nial " .ti'li tl.i.lrial se riieiy ami
coitiiuu s. Tms luis liesa ilnee ir - production nae ot tha
most saeoMsfai plays to bis repertory. Mr. Barratt has
?' .fill his i i.-.rin or-.-1 e ir ill. willeri is ;i|,n to he ret Ired
hy Mr. Iloolh during ins engagement. Mr. Booth's
se. I- tit HUfll lilli I.,.- Wei'k, Ul lll.l e . , rf .ellieil- lltllaetleetl.
fiain tin- rain-storm bul had it aol been tor this the
receipts would undoubtedly bave been laina. As n waa
his Brsl week etc.letllulbi i ? te the lirst week ol
bis phenomenal se-1-,,i, in-i year, timi the matinee a
A.ee-k ugo u.is tuc i i r t.a - -; ever known darla. Mr.
-s el si .Un ln.iiia_iii.eiil ol' IBS tin .ll le.
tm -s.itur.lay nlghl Pony Hart ? ill hs aeen for the tlrst
time in New Yuk tines be was a portion ol the ll miena
aad Uart tine. ?? a Toy Pistol" ls Ilia weapoa winsh
mil brina imn once more ;>? f? >r.- tho pubue.
Farcical.dy baa been icjalooily rehtaieed foi the
i ist fe-v a e.';s snd all concern* I in :t are conlltlet t t..:?r
mai k. i be i'i"t ol the j loon lt
i iliad deseripUoa, bul Charles Krohnian managed to Rive
tin-toil win,' aeeoo ot alter smue BHimeatao! agoalsad
lutroipeotion:" Tim m's aa Impecnnloui newspapei mau.
a eouBtry aaa ont that the other -"rt aren't sometimes
the same way?hut lt liap|iens this ono's a couotry one.
Well, he's Hart, ot Hart is hr, aad begets into au
an irted variety of complications, ih.n's the flrat act.
In ti.- i a lea me t-uaiil sud i ia ???
-lorn. whl.-n is conceived and executed In the biabesi
il i" i -tere art. ii- mt iud rei?? ?
in aa assorted lol ol . la-atiutis, lu tli.irs., ol
whisk h.- . ..-? ese, iniiM-if .is followa: lint in* ia aa
Itali III ure.'.,11 erin.|e-, I Bl' ,,Ti 1 ll, 1'll! |. Ill I if I . r. .s.lnlt h's
. lc ni I.,e-. . . sn a liabrei Jami-.
i .e ii an I;: ea a..... ii. with a noe tonn. un Iriibmau with
..'nellie! IOU -. ' Milt !e|ll Ml \. I-t.'I.' ale! Ml I , .
If that Isn't plot '? " i i. r p.i--." Mr. f'robniiiu
. ' hst lint rli--? i_-ti there woulel | pretty
glrla lhere- would if m. Itguta eer ao-enllstl Imrlraque
m?boui .m. si...I ia wnieh h.- bail a say. fis
Ui mm. whither li .-i:lin.?te tua eau'l be bad without
tm. sort ol il i-i lay.
i ' ir.i i Rice pi ...'-ei to maka tonie chan sala
" I.t .ni vinni " ul line lt.url. eat ii Mree.t Theatre t.t
morrow, evening. Mn aabl yeatei la tint Misa I rous
\. >ni would thea -sr,.;? from Ea,.?/? Hi,,'* tralaa Into
ila, bnt tho truth la thal Eeanpcllnt uevei
wore any train, her ak Irti being con ? tu rani I
?e ? . peered st the
i ,e ,i'.-.-ni a -1. ? I i rn- un- ? ? trunks that he -in- boie
tiler ll.l\e Cllls.-I Hie- II.u-i e-\_iilll.- ll
? e '
'?te . Milli -Pl.-. teer 1
lieut tnat'a Til Ur i: s l? i-ni -?? .1 rn mm ii
- e .; ?-?, ii.- ired I \ - . lau eei.-l
f tbs na Isor Ure ri u
r iiuleeiinnlt 1 ? . i tie Its manager, trunk
'i i :-..,? . , ?? -- nm tm Oneil
e ? ? . .... Illtel Wlli.se
t . ? on the Bowery
iry pl ice. Il
. ntl lin i-e- in rlionel p'll
, . re fore sd to act ede t>e
lal ma i r. .uni
aol ??: ' . e ee' the . ri Ipi ? fol th.ir
rs el niel leal ,i
: .-r.-i
I ? . . . ? . .
fee: .,.|-.
. . ll
11 Hs ll elli lt |U I.I l,"et.[.l,e I : e ,.|. r ?. Ne
: . li el MU
li u i.reel v. un rain . i . 11.,
: to ii.
? ' . ? 'i' ra
? luman -ger
i I om ' 'in e be w t ?
.i ? . ; ? .
ri.tt war le returned a
a New
\ ..ri. Ul m.- ? I li'il . ,
? e ia In a rn i.|i Hon .eeniewu it
r to . ' ' ? ?. Iii- I.. -.-? M.-re i true timi
I ? ? : ' ?????-. ? . 1 elli.if ,.|S
I. ie,I Mil ?-..
Mr. Pa -u ...
" l.l,.' l_ I'.l " eell 1'. iel ,l.|l . _' I IS HO IIII |1| IM tee li. ? lill
...nv tn. , ? given for the Actors' Fiiml Benoni.
Mr. Calmer mr,ul- ll tu run for a few weeks
?inly, there ant n?t wanting theatrical prophets te
that lt will rim tn tba end of thc season Tl..-t adi
In i -,'? ll . ' lilt) III I el lti-e| ili-lil
. ill . . : tre\ Miss Al
? ? . .
? ? I I ." ? I ' lilli |..e- I e.f I.,|t
, ni ami ls et peal 'I lo ma ie ii Ii
w. If. (i ?? plural in ei ? nnt In I
rn " I ie Private I
. ni tho day ..! th"
.-? uni) tin- 'wis- -I t.r ...hi .ii ui nt to ??
\l IV '. ? -t Wee'!, |U
? -.'?? I',.- Uglll li, lil,) ,', I. I . ||
mary --. The cant m.- i : -. ii ?.;. .-m, t, .
\ B, I . , I. n, Carrie r it nei uud I
III en. _______________________
el' NKW-YORK Sol I 'sl.l...
rm: ii ia
si ir..i i
W Bri r.
li i- the 11-11:.': cc ni" the officers ol'
Iklrea'a Aid Society that of ths obildren whom
ihey send to tbs Weat, then la mneh more hop* .>r i hose,
doing well wbo sro very vain,- when taken from tba
city tbaa of the larger boya .uni pi e. Dill tl is by no
at exception; la aome Inat-ineea tha
. r..,- ehlldrco bavs ha '? In lbs streota
-,i *. a \ ark, ai tl whit h. bad tln-y rtv
ii. .II..-.I j;.. i... would hara exercised a blighting
Influence, bare beea Beneficial rather th m otherwise la
ihen mw surroundings. Here u a i-tter reeeived a few
ehi> e. a eei fi nm ii von ii, iiirtti iii Mlnseinrt, who sr veil yeitr*
ago waa a boot-blaek plying his trade en n downtown
sn. et .nu..-r. Ue lodged In Um Duane-at Newsboys?
Lodglag House, aad boering eil run dsp nnure ol sbUdrea
for the West prevailed upoa tho ofltoers io aen.i bim.
tbOflgh ther thought her was loo nhl.
lam happy ten lyes all, aad especially the boya ol
Ileane Hireel ijii.ic.ing Home*, that I have taken a
homeateail ul 100 it rea of land lu 1 Bomaa < aunty, Kan.,
?.. ,. i, ,,,:, in,? io mn,emit tee anything, and tbe
rei,mtv is uni organized yat. l was brought oul Weet
M..) '.':(. |s-,'i. ni,.i landed la Btebtaoa ninny. Mn. I
nu, ?'? i wim .Mr. thomas W. Puidum two veera, ea I had
.lee, an.I gaVH Ililli k.''.".l ..ltlilf.ietll.il III heb.lVIOI lill,I
Mnik on lana. I thea hired eui for fl 8 a uooth aad i?.nrd
Bud washing. I worked ii.iii :> threo years in tba same
n.igtiborl.t. and Um real of lbs time I have' asea farm?
ing for myaeif -(???:nr and hearing of a great many peas
pla who were geing Weat for Uaele Barn's freeland, I
gotta n.t.-..mi i.i.n.eu i.n ABgast, aud imnit-tl ap with
spplBI from herc sud Started for tho West, until I found
ii piece tef l.iml winch all lay as II it hs tjilinore's tlsnlcn.
I gaiaed many women friends la Alehlaeo Oouuty amt
ale yt iieaieei Until aa if they wera say own foiki
nml tvel verv ?e.rry lo leave thrill, tint Ihe
Cbsncea wero mun tor ion f-vrr to nelse, mein, than forty
or emiiiy ni-rrsof lami here. Thai leM bk there were
picniT of Indmim aro.iii.l thera, bnt I t?hl them I Imel
?,in in,innis ut u>" old Bowery rbeatre, aad ail thry
Could do was to tarry mn oH. I li ive. in arly fro-tn nml
etarvedaad muabesdlilBtheatraels ?f Mew-YorB.bbb
I will ?].) Hie ?? nu. anani mil on hiv claim Barara I will
Irl lt to. I am Konm to bmhl ? BBBB, earm
l,..ti.-n ami hvn lu lt unit in.mlU, an.l
break s??o Md in Hie anuna. rea may
rr..,1 thia letter lo thc i...yt of tim fai.i*in* House ami
tell them you reielvrdll from me, -JSttnu K.m.. boot
blsi-k SI corner ,.f New < '..amh. ri. < ltaUian; ?'''?'?-?"?
nt narturr with lllllj Eilw?rda,ofBweou> ? iiotm, ami
ll,,',, .j., ol OW liowe-ry. My bril rnirarda to Teni
ail and tbe bera If I caa de anything fee tao susjsty I
?in willing to help -my tiam you wrlle.
ll. ie is . miu-r .'rauiabot who waa so old tbat ?he
incl, ty heauatcd about SSadtag Kim bul He was aixtcen
jreaisef aga Whoa hs left thia vl.y Ior Osceola County,
lea i, ii. 1 ''I. Ho wru.-n:
I atald In Osceola (minty about six meatha Then I
wea tn Shelby i.oiin.y nml w.-m io arne* for 920a
H...nih ,,n ; :,.i.ii,l. I tuted my money niel hum-lit Iliree
1 ., li ai -e f.r '.-Jin' imi tiien I tani tor ;nv inutile r
i .e. I ea I s..\,i money sueugb io buy a pall
of hnc-ri . ari a-., ami :? weean. I firmed one year tot
tm -el.' in Meii.y foiintv ami get a good crop, Then I gol
plained .net cnn" buck to Usc ola fauniv.
bhrrte'a v. e.r.- my I. t.l luck comm.
? i"-"t ?"? of mv nones anl bought
-ooilier. That died and lumea were sn i-c.eiee I could
i lil gel .. ..: Ui i : -n I lost most nf mv .-inp. hal I lr.. : ,
Lim work 1 could .Io; so I will atanaga lo ks ji tbs well
ir i while. I have quite a lutio sturt?two
ill I ..ii.- ve n In, ? heifer, t. ri i ' . ,-: ; .ih.jiit ntnetr
* i i ia I caa aell them If lt acmes te a close
pinch, we have to bura hav up hera Inst.-ni ot coal.
Loal Ug(i tl) a ton ami hay ls BB SO, Ther. are two ..f
"mi" ? ninty. Om-la working In tba tann
ilea .uni tba oilier u with Great, Um agricultural mau.
Among other thin.gB this is the bbb ,-f " buy
pres hers." I.-.u'is .t'.'siinla .ii ei n tho nam'-ot tin-la-t
ene reported. If<* tins been working la M. Lieut*, ilia
manner la the pulpit is described as uni.an. aad lodi
erong. K'blle quietly engaged Ib expouadlng a passage
lr.un the Bible hu Will mni h-nly leap freein the pulptl aad
itamlingoBa pew In the body ot the church will ic^-m
to exhort th<* people to turu from theil sins. "Whal arc
your termer* hewaeaskad the ether day. "I have no
terms." he replied. '? Tbe preacher ami tin- Lord attend
to tinet." iii rim opinion i-f many nf the clergy boy
preaehera "have about hail theil day." The crudeneaa,
uri,ur.i re iiml . nm ell eef rn my ot Ih'-ni hive eh.in- moree
hann tu ni jin...i. and lbs epileptic iori of religion which
i in?-. produce ls uol fouinl to he; either i t'.in.iiiciit or
The multiplicity f)f revivals ls another interesting fact
In the religious world Jual now. Tin. ministers are Bak?
ing tbemsel ree what tim spiritual outcome of all thia
revival effort will be; nn'l thoy nra not alwayeablete
r the question satisfactorily. Revlvalamay be a
e.-ri ..--em on the part ol the cnurohes tha* they tova
allowed the people to drift sway from them, or they may
b< aa evidence, oa tbe ether band, thal in spitee( the
preralenee of religions Indifference the churches aie still
aulinaied by their old seal, t'ciiam lt ls that even tbe
moat |.i ..i.oeiire ?.i aeeularlat must applaud the churches
lu their effort to make men ka ip tbo ut calogue. for ?!v
" i icommanda at least tend lo make thia life aweeter
ami cleaner ami happier than it WOUl I otherwise- he-.
it teems that the Salvation Army, according to an
.nih iii report |usl published, ls growing atroagu Instead
of weaker. In total income for the past .war was about
f:-1>.s ie, or, including tho f runts from tue pale of
papers, ete.. about BAOOfiOO, During the aamopeiiod
-.ij coipa operated la Oreel Britain, agalnat t!:i7 in
1884, umi iu oti'oi countries 330 against 273. Thees aro
mere than 3,000 officers la Ihe Army altogether. The
report states tbat special eih.rta aro bow halag made ta
England b to sa va the ?o'ii?"of the now voters. With
this object iii view t"'ir ipedally eonatraclsd vans, in
e barga ol _ dvatloa Armv cadets, ara travelling tiiremgh
the e e.n ii tr \. The cadets labor to show Hodge that there
an-inoie Important Ulinga lo strive fur than "three
acree and a cow." During the pas) year the Armv has
e.i-seiiiiii.i'eil ?_.;, lTii.-oii publlestioBS, lasued lo thirteen
eiiiie-re-iit lauguaees. Altogethoi this itrange movement
si-ins likely t'l ballia alike ike phlloaopheraad tba
ala foul o, religion f..r aome time to coiue.
There la seme lather vague talk ot eetaUaUag a aaw
I - it n-.-i I i-i.Hilliary. It seems that thc Hebrew I'rion
Collage at Cincinnati ls too liberal la tts soope to suit
-nine rory conservative Jewa ll rapweeeti all the
?cheela of thought of Indabin nnd Its prsaldeat ls aa
outapoken adrooele ol progreaalva aad advanced Jada
lain, who believes that a ino. 1,-rn Aiin-in .n rnhhi should
in- trained m ire in the nroblema of lnoitem thnught than
in the ancient theologies, lt would be a pity if the
e r il.; isl.m. nt n? .,re'rer ItlCOlogtoaJ si'iiuiiriiy ShOOld
le ni tei,, ipili in Amer:.-au Inda sm, a result whieh many
r,iht is prctMet will take place if tne old and the bow
- eef thought are thus arrayed egslnst each other.
? iturdy organ of Roman Catholicism, Tnt Tew
im I; I inrnuf, could not be sxpeeted to like
? nt Idiot's views ea education, nor Indeed tim-e- eif
.'resident Met'osh. And so lt devotes lt-.if to showing
how mistaken they huh are. "Thin- ls only a thia
plank,' r. eoacloaloa, ** between Protestantism
snd lunn.''ry. Let us do nothing to make it t Inner.
\vh it ol Caiholle tra<lltloa letaaiai la Preteataatlsm has
h. lied to kcc| sm i.'i- from utter eerruptton in thia lead
i ..f fi.-, ei.ein. Relier thal I'roteitants abonld beIntoler
; ant ami bigoted, and hom ?t in their belief, than that
? l|| V -lletU'ell '?? ?'. I'.li' t- I, I . 11 T 11 111 I." IllOCllse til A O^t |||ld
High ".lu-s with c.|'tai reveranee, Tho only
it dir I .!? ol ag oallelam ts Ihe ("alb
li'iichci that > ducal "i. e.turi"t he
dlrorsed from thc Christian religion."
The lan.'! sh Church papers .re- 11 -.e-.e i- . dbwoaalng
t -., ,n e.r i. ? Thi Idea undi ri) Inn the
tbat l ie n mv a -es of :.e.,e stnntl m ti
. ti i advocate - of din dabllahment
With se en ie eef | |j, ir * I r elli gent UfgU Ull'Ilt t. If lill s. ,
w. re i. '?>: m. tl. ii is ? mi, nu more would he- beard of elis.
cntabliKhuicnt. Tin- is thc narrower view of the ques?
tion. In ita brooder asp', is n takes the lorm ol a
ilen uni ii.ai the Cbureb of Koglaad shall iiecnme
rn nniiie tait in f.utr and there BM
Innis thiet.t ii out ut a pcaalble concordat between the
(.-.in allcal denomination aad the
li ..i < inireii. By the termi id this concordat the
III s. j.i;n. ? 1 j, i-n-ii .nt the ? c. le-,,i-Iicnl
- ..f th" Church, a bile tbo fi.arch would allow ihe
ill, of their i>re.seiit
, ? .' una ii ihai there m.eui.i
? '.ii lt leei I Ms., i,t,-rs
and tim lcat of tbe t .. rch Until now eil- ? between tha
-\v.Hun tho t'blircb. And both Churchmen
..ml len. .-nt nt Illa) ie' fenn,(| it |,n VelioiO that a ninon
et i Ire Ij prai Urah - i
mm'. .. itill len -r lie Hem in
? .iiiif>lns. Jewa. ind otber uon-evai
tm lie-- ,. :.., .i ii. ike. up tu tie- ,t_- -renate un
a b |ieict tiiiru of the population. Beaihea which. Hie
fthepreacntUii- h toward r, n ilmlirld
ii i.ri. nml ti-i i I iel ive thal in the face of thia
Hiern ' i ii den.ina*
.... .at.all.
The i , lao ip t lal - irs beg tining tn dlaciiss with gre it
- ? ai -I th ii eris of the proposed
: levlaetl Tiayei hook, wblcb will corio betoiethe nest
? Ueueral Convention for neilin. It ls fooad that a creal
' ninny church mom Le ii admit the need of tevlalon bul
| cammi tn u the thonghl of any change In tbe book
I wi. ii'h th -\ hn ve loamed t> love. I>r. W. V. H ,
ton. thc accomplished rector of (.tun Church, lu this
:,. and
?I now and noxt fall, wben tbe Ueueial Coiiven
\ inn moola in Chlca "? ho will lie kepi ptetlj buaj
wattling oil attacks aud answering queatlooa,
? \'.i|. es Crying In tbe Wilderness" li the na e
fmit-iit Kngliah novel (hat attemota to ibow thai
mi ni ? ..ne I. ml i - a m , ?,?itv t" human nat uri-. An
i I.- -lilian who ia an agna tia and blayoungaou are
uiai he.; upon au I ad by aavagoa. He at ones
,.i cover* that however aatieelylngagnoatlciam maj bela
'a ?!? it metropolis, n will unt ilo with
i ".im..nt :i!at hf" is.i lavage*. To ri -l riiu then UOKe
i ?? Ish a.noitlo itt obliged to Invent bb
?:,'ie- . -..! m. a doh has tbe auu foi Ita
? ol -i"! s..l|t, ami nield IbO li, ll lUi.Oe of thia Hill 111..
culti s ihe lavages sra easily kepi In sheck, TN
itle".i al o ': Lia-.' in thc name rell don. titer
n time r dim ant I lie iou. now groa a up, i.
taken to Ku . - lie m."ii en hannett the v
am for ilia worabip ol t i.n-t. rbe bouk is rather
ciel el ly . "ia ia* < 'I: aud lt lu] thc ta i
iwlug thut tbe auvauca ol thi Uland lu qiiee.lie.ti
ii.i.em. .1 more i Ht I .mte'a
.f humanity. I'crhupi Mr. Fietlerlo Harrlaon
. I',!, lt Wo! th In- .vlule lo do m.tnet hln- eef tho -teri.
There an-el hti ti\o .permanent English chaplaincies
In Europe, sc.ittrred through ten nations and roverlng
nu aroa ol - ? mi - lare ; ? -. Thi te figures will
oxpl ii ul y un in ''in i biliop iii i" 11. led -"mn lime age
totake charge af Un-c ebap i broken down
through overwork. Ria dutlea required Inn, t" i.i
lite gu all Ihe lime, rootluually Eying from oue end of
Kurope i" ti..- other. Ho waa, aa aome of tbe clergy
Irreverently aaid,a mare**conflimiu_ machine."
tue RLoonitorsirs rres ac RAT.
fruin Hie At a ile Ci ii. litullen,
la t inn It'll you w lia: in- can tin, uml lie call
he mada te do tbfi any fair da) st Oldtowa eump.
1. A convict sleeping In one hunk of a hundred. Shod
an i clad praelaely aa Hm hundred eon vieta about lum,
may slip bis chain und the. len milos awa] be may
meei hit t.Uew-prtsoBera again, may run tu and no
among them,may ?:i:k with them amita and leave
them. Hlx leeiiis lifter, thoo bnnndl put eui lils 11 .ni
where h" iltpped noni tim camp, will fuiiow lum m
it hen, in. m.t ins gaaa, will thread bia track lu aad
about wiih their hundreds of Hacks, take it ap where' he
leaves them ami inn hun du wu, Un ni?li bo ci usa cou viet
gunga i \'i v mile ae nina.
'_, Thia eacaptag ooo viet, elad in atripea cut from the
lime hull willi ? hun.Ire I oiners. may rnu itiron.-li Ino
woods, toucblag weeda sad buhbea u* he nun. I'ifty
convicts,clad aa he was elad, may run through um
lame woods in every di recUoe. Tho tioga* lil hold ina
Beeal i nuning full lilt, breust ln?rh. If ho makes ncnrve
of fortytlve degrees Um .lugs ? ill not run tho line, hui
will caleb his seaal thirty yards away and crotts tho
ungle, thou ch lt were ll.le-1 with the convict! wbo had
e.ilen nml slept with tba fugitive-, eifteu ii elug will curry
n BOBBI In g.o.ol', iniiiiiiig Iarallel thirty yards to the
Au uncanny ami tarrlhle little beast la the ratlbons
hun ml. traine d tur tbo hunting of man.
tram ILe .spnna/l'ld Krputdiran.
Thc Kev. Dr. .Mmk Hopkins, ex-president of
tv i luann College, nail atm professor ot Moral Philosophy,
wus eighty-four year* old Thursday. Tue Doctor r'o
Um* lui health in u won.If rf ul wny, hearing Iii* ye'ai*
with bright i lw-ei. and tho millie dignity of hu carriage
li not abated. Tin. keen uml kindly humor of tho man,
over a thinning p.>s-<e>i?luu, tlaahoa out wltb all the old
Hie on octaninii. Tinier tho dallbS>BSS manner thut
coven svat.-iii.itic th.night there la a wu thut never laga
nt a challenge, or ret liva worsted from tnt encounter.
I he mister Iv illrectiii'm of language tu which Dr. Hoo?
kina clothe* tho weighty thought itervoa him no (aaa In
Hill other flehl, whare ht* i-iwer Ia not ao often fully ap?
preciated. It la pleaaant to tee him bearing the burden
of ino youri ao lightly, an example of right living, for
willi Murk Hopkin? tho budy baa Indeed boco the temple
eXUod. 1
From Tl.r gogtea teaing Accord.
mu. I urreiiu com.* to the froel agata Bfcfl wu mite
Hg _ca.l and io Uo couran of tba conv.isaiiuii Bad
Tl lem! re-ui*tk. tl ?
' Mr .1 i.ksoii. I heir, hu -rone to tho hind of tb*
Ca ri Itu J OOO m..os.- tu have Stt'uv shoo lng ''
Mis fjittu'u mai Hrs. Jue-ksuii i.muu iluyi uu-r.
beek rei r"d *h* " "?w " Mr' J-uksou ' Uj? Uo SaShSB
?? Von, ha clune huck lum night."
'* Arel did he -hool u c-iiju.., ? |"
fruin Hie na'erburij Amwrtaptt
r.e-nerai Rusted, ?.i.e.so aomlnattea as the BeaablieBfl
en.ii.laie feir .-s-ee ikei nf the New-lurk flaarmitlj wal
Ina.la nu .11:111 eUs hy Ute Withdrawal nf Mr. l.'rw.ri after
h.- ..itt- h, m self h. -nit-!., toll a si, .ry the n' hoi da] wu.cu
than a filling HceniM IB hla OWN Interview with Krwia
'.t SB thB iei'.-r siirremhie I. 'IheHt.iry waa iiheiut old
_..;_?? M..i lu Urevai md a aaadidete for tba \ iembiy
named rudd. Todd bad boca a supervisor aad hi* r?pu?
tatton wm partly rani lad, aad Bid Martin Ur aver w.is al
plant sp.>:ie ii aa a seldtor. Todd uikou him tor a letter ie
ttuiiichu.i) of important e.
?? I can't give ii." s n i Jadge Grover, " because I think
yon ure a leona ir-e'l."
?? nial's pretty hard leagu-aa.** said Tadd. "I hardly
think I ile se>i ie- it. I ivisii von WOUld wr te IBS L '.ter.''
Tn?* old Ja Iga pondered, ?? Wall," nannie, ?? i thick voe
ar>- ., damned rascal, hut I will give jam Um letter i .eil
w.ll |.i..n,mo you wuu't steal while you aro lu tho Ae
le ml..V ."
Mr. Tedd did aet hesitate aa taetaat " Ba, nt." -ml
he, " I wou'tdoiu I am going to Albauy unpi(;a_etJ."
fr-t'it Ho I- , ott, ,. .1 j l>,,?4.
A lons, lc in, ii.,i;. e., | 4v.-r.ni.-n,.ru,i_ ,,nn, with lona
?r.i- bair and beard ami very thin eloth.-i, yeeterday ,,p,
ni ouched ,i tieimi hum at the southwest e-oruer ur Thirl
t.-eiitii .rn i Marketata., who n.,s peddling lead petunia.
rbe nt.inger assesed the feitureauf ibo blind mau fut
te.Il,e tillie, .mel or leagth I ill ?
?' Brother, art thoa totally hirnilt"
" "i -,'' aaswt re-el Um pencil nn-i.-linnt.
" Mast nev- r tried to be h..u.e.I I"
"Ne. uae," n-plied tho ether. "My eye., worn beirut nu.
in a powder-mill explosion."
"Iftlmu liu-t faint thiiii canat be heaiaet," ?_id the
itr inger, "i.r t us pray."
Ry this t rn i ic. owd h tel ff.ttlieroel roan.I Um p Hr .nd
it nve-iy nuci..,i wai saaalfeatad la IBs preeeediaga
I ba .i|tostlo of fiiuh cur.- knelt elnwi. au I ode-rmi ., nmg
prayer fur ihe tidna mau, while tha crowd kepi larream
lug until it marly blocked me '1 'litriee-ntli-st. Alt.-r
prayer theaudent erase and went threeefca asnaa of
gyrations similar ion aaeaiuerlat. Ile made all rn inner
vi pa-tscs lu tue air wltu bis liuu'la amt dually toot hold
of thu man. rurjhf.l In- eyes, supped his hack, pinched
Ins cheeks sud a.ked him if herealdaea To tin-gu ai
Jnuppeiiiitiiient of ihe audience he replied ibat ha - uuid
nut. The faith-cars man wai .ihoui in begin hu jm-i
f'.rinancei agata when a poHeauMB . .inn. np ami oreh ie J
I Un lo move-on. Tha apostle went ult hi.ttioatm._r lill
lick offsilb lu Israel, while the orewd timk pity eatha
hiinel man ami purchaseil mi e-nilree stack eif pencils,
?? Cranks irp af seaaa use, Barway," muttered tim mind
jiaa. as no went uti to puiciiaao a uow .tock of moe
iPa-tongton Tnniitit.il tn ne Koeheettr c,,,. ,i ,u,d Adotrttmm
A g'III.email Whu ielie-mh .1 (he 1'resl'li'liL's illlirier IO
tlie I'li'.nimirie Corpa,ob Thursday last, tells bm au
Bunning story ahout Introductions in the Eaat Haem '?u
that elie-i-rfi I ore.ision. Colonel Wilson, who Baled aa
Un- official introducer, know many nf the- tegetioa lieeplB
but not alt of tin-in, iiuu i.i several esses he waa obliged
to aak the sames of persona approaching tho Praaldt-al
anl Mia* Cleveland before preaeuttBK tassfc Boob after
lint tlrst nitro'liieriiiiis b.nl I et il n n h. a > ol.eg niau
w iii a foreigu lock, bunged heir, earafull) waxed Uiua
tillie and eye gUasss, caa..! triuplag along. - What
eotuitry I" a-ktel fol.incl Wilson, laealng for-ard Bini
expecting to listen to foreign tones. " Albaay," was ih<
ie.spoi.se-. " Ami iiiin.o I" continued tbe Cohimd,
- "ir. t'.i-~i.lv." waa the response In very plain EagUah.
The t'olonol laugheil alinie bt lgh ead preaeatfd ** MB
Cassuly. of Albauy. Mew-York." Tba Colonel turned tu
tho next ctemer nml pur-.nd the aama formal.i. i\
swart".)- gentleman with a auperbly drsusd wetaBB aa
in-ann" reepoadad te tba nm Inquiry," Italy," ead tu
the next. *"r be Haran Fara." Not utopptug to rt Beet,
Colonel wilson announced."The Biron sad Baronesa
lava, of Italy." Mislaid Soteldo, of Veeesuela, who
stood at the Colonel's elbow, pulled Mm ny the alcove
in gnat tribulation"* My de?? Colonel." bc ejaculated,
? vnn have maje- a gnat un-tah e. H is nor the Barouaaa
Para. Esl l- snosser Isdde." But lt waa toe late, and
the nair were passed eleog the en.ire iccci vlag uno al
ibo liiiron and Baronesa Fara
fran I I i. ,'? >. I tl nj Bet > '?
Tho Rev. Pr a. whe la a prominent n i vine lu a city
om toe from Kew-York, hud beea ipaadlaa ? few days
?nnt la thia weather?ea aa lalaadea ths Malaa .-,??-;,
sad. letemiing io depart mi i certain morning, he -taned
for Ibe Dt.at m company with a friend, a porterM>
lowed with tim dot tot's v ilise. 4rttriage! taa .m..rf.
they found that, to take advantage of tba wimi or nae,
tue boat lift guno before Un- advt rtll
Not aware of tho clerical etaracter ot tue eompaay,
tho porter awore loveral lb eking outtis IB <|iiick MW
?? What do von thiuk of that, doctor," salt a bia mend
??Ucl." said I ho doctor, Hoe y ind inipreaMvoty,
"th'-re are times when the lemcaa ot a layiuau aw
IDellSI'l lilUlllO. '
Pr.on H. H Hoard,'t i,.,i.i.i. Hate.
Thinking te) take .eli au.age of my l.-ml'l hUBMMiaS
kltot- le-elje, 1 H.llel, " I'll llUVe' se, | ir|< DOW )otl t'tl e| tl l?-t "
T beran poa i gui a dram, uni a trumpet, ami., pistol in il
ti.-aiii.oei te mi aeptoew.wbti laa budd ag mi nary oiu
ter. aud luejtiiiling "ii lie-. 1.1..el nae ? ui (he Beaut I ne.ia
the drum ead blew thc trumpet, ?speeling to ttigbtra
bun. Hut nu, ha was moi frigate ead. II- i d
nut even n.ts. Praaautly, however, sud "en... I
couat roll ofl, ha rote ofl the very t'i"> of hu Uneo,
svideatly aol know og ba had my wa rbi speu lui
beeb, .uni aegaa ta weis at nm rata ui aboui
ono mho i et nanum inward Old I'.ni.ias. 1 re*
in irked, Ib i playl " Ila k >e.- s yoa i
v. ants to sink- banda," and I waa atartlcd ai tberi-pi-f
Of my IrUeil. "Oh, te-. I.e kuutts ne. lr.. I
mark, aud I aee tl it bia abell li . new ono ; bi" o i - i
I w- ?| i mea thia u it en:." "New I il IL
in til nf lt a eg.,tri.ei < un.e BOW, tblaiSSl _-.iii'mn.."
s il,l I, il.Ia ,i laugh, .l.s I lu..eil fiuiu Hie hack ul lae
he.is! Igiium:..:
But it waa ult ti ic, Mj tod to a creal
IO I " ? ee." ? I,'' lee I-' is' t4ll, tl
ti..a be wai anea turtie-huntiog aud caugb
p.il a t
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. _- found fate - ? -t. bi
Rolfe- Ie. ...lt.- tin' lue it UUlUU lied .Hill tellllt. '
pOO tbt Cl ..ra: '.? .- :. ? t ?'. ' ?. I s
by el;: vin.- nulla through Ita foot, uml i lin. nu u .. i i
i - i. k. and, at a ceri lu iiiomcni t .?? dru wai
ll .'..ii, . ll il', tia- 'pl.. Af
; oil, and the baili . tb -p ? .r
. to _U f. I e e. rete.' I
innl improve in, r da --.,,. .,t. -i
i U; for I aaw I - ar > sr tba i di, au i ii" i i
Mw ibo uul hole* lu tho leei. and lbetliiu.tr- ipiut.ul
"-s, iud 1 I'-'l lill me 1 ree i
Jiat iii> friend ii-ii-.-.t uie by tba u-r. ..rs thal a
linrtj "I "Cli Utlll mell lia 1 in t.l" a
: irl oa, aud in-'.i : .
, it thia pi i r, a ii one waa 1.17 years Ova uon hi
imt one. day old viie-n the ? . i- cruel y ie
aioved by tba Bronny eif nth. liv thia time tn.w
rr.-aiuie bud t. , lied ii'. ri ni's feel, .ml luci .
Iiaseei and begin ian -:,.??,7 t" prulrude ita ik i.-i/
e .a. adorned a Ith huh .lei, sud one i I
[oi .-ii at. a - -i .in it th ? ie
? tl ow 'hi you i-11 r ;..ti. ., oi a i ?
Iver tm oall tb front I f tba ra*.extended
Old r tl.ll I'S See ,e.,.,| .,|| I li . . J ,1 lt,
i. I ; ike down and lUnbb ie>i like a baby, couipletely
ive ia uu.t sud prostrated with i motioo,
w i b uri ni-es i he ca t a sn c i / nsw,
tr .en r ll .st .fyi I, * ll I I ? -I IM '? .
ThoopbilueSltiiiip'-i i-.i iu nilli sized upas ih
ni.tsi ni impelen! mau in lloxawotlamte. il Ihe pliiina
I ik knocked ibta town nil) sith bia cat atery au..ut u.e
Bk mperbaan'i it >.:..- abirt, and uiu-^.s toot out
te. tllO 1.It'll t'l ".l-l. lt.
Mininer bad la old shirt out in dry <<u
Ihe end of a sunn) log, when be lound he'd bena nn
l,,M. | all the w?y frmu Hoi wattomie bj hu old grs-f
? li 'he- nun' kllte'ill, I li'' bl nm-. Ii'| lil
a-, 'ii. I his .ms ie. ni i.i e th ii cn; led ii. a killeen olio ny
im and ul a log ii.n. .mg ovct the water, ind -al
Bown by 'em and begun B?biug wllh bel tall. Sba wai
I f.nr luck m lie ii ibo au i-1 a i ??
, r \ . . . i
: water.
I -s ma lo oi .- apitui; and fat i
ti., water. I'ban the ran oul tu lie cud of Ibe lon and
i,.it i n to HOS f rhc lltti i's. ^e" . une.i
I,., :.., k. however, to at another f re
u.e dd ca'tish ju ups I from thc eh-e-e m ter to tl a ead of
He. log ana ya.eaed oitaof them kitlcua iwaj aa dick aa
?n \\i.,-, , st Dab the
kitten Milich hei-i heeit eal ib bad
iii- ippeared and ?..s femilai tba old cai nub. I .e -
n i, ss mad, and .'ee' .-i.e mee,: tba ...-eeii i j .?.. ; oat Bab ap
before I ha eye* .( th.ittt parent.
Insane * nb rage, the ulil c ti tish jempe '. t; lb* ead 'if
tba tog, aad with a shrill abricfcbii akiueu M|uareia
ti. n
thia latornoetno and fratricidal ur ooo tinned mt til
tba rat had eaten up all ibo young ca ? a cat?
hu, bad ea laa up all the you gkittena 1 i.e .a 11 ni-a
hadn't beeu ibla lo chew all tho kllleua, bul bad .-t
iwed Mt a whola I ? ?? I ? ? -
gae mewing and n-i ti.e m :ii-i aat pratt* near wild.
Xl,i.mci l" urtunl the- ? el . .till.li tm- m..- melin] I
..light, a I',, ag bur heel-nit of tba watei mina
broad gnu, sha gave lbs mother cat fall (maeflt et ike
tutsi.mortem c
The meeilier c.it couldn't Marni lt. and |itii|eeet right
atop th" ohl catflab'a back. "')??? h-n - " weal : ba e . I>b,
.!? ,i iwaj iha -.tit'.I nr"? H.'- l.trn gilli ! luwl
i. uii ..very niinai" ef two, .? u yalilea ? tb rana.
Dont Get Caught
This Spring,' is yeal nm)-li-ive l.ei-n heh,re ? nh tc I
fu'I u' uiipiirltle., y.eiir.ligt-siii.il tni'iii .1...; Ult I
n.-yi aii.l liver tuno.I sad wholi si si.-.. U blt tobapras i
r_i dtsrass hal yetyauraalfmia g.i eaaBillaa. aad ?? ? t
tot the changing ami Manner WOOA Inr hv taB-Bf Bead
iai.ar.llii. lt .tun.is urn-quallt d fm -purify nu H"' Mat I
mg au appt tit-, sad fer a rt- iruUUng and ireuer.tl mnng na
OHIO. Ile sup- ie. pal llood'et Sarsaparilla.
?? My wtfe had very poor ho atti for a long tim", ni
fre.ni tn.llc.-tmn. p.ie.r apni'l'i- an i r .minuit hasdaBhS *lil
t.lovarythiag-raeeald bearatk-d heal as nits' ltd
ehetrleei llood'a >araupiir1lla. Mi"!iin?' I-i.ik the thud
nertie mil U"t-er fut t-eelt.-r ni has Ufa. W"o fe-cl itn.it il.il- ta
res-einui.'ti.l it to ei erv nm* wekuuw." 0BO.BOMSBVILUE,
Al ore laud. Couk louiity. III.
" I took Hood'iSiraapanlU for general de-brllty and waa
wonderfully beuellttd by lt." J. P. JOHNsUN, *__itlu'S
l'eiry, ohio.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Bold by all druggists. $1 . iii for <?'?. ih.-p mad <mlr ..;.!,
HOOD it CU, ApoUieoarieja. Low K.i. ,'lasi.
100 Doses One Dollar

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