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At, Aseeaal et tbe I. adj Franklin Be) Expedition of
1--1 si uiul tue Att eitiiiuiii nf tbe Part heal N'.rtti.
Hy Adolphus W. i.rely. 2 vms.. I.nco -vu.. I'l".
?7'i. New-Verb: Chericeeerlbeer*e Rena
Tlii-* wart le Un' aisal important in ita department
since ths publication ol the " Voyage af the V"?*ii:i."
Jt limy bs approached from three pointe of view i
lirst ..s a cunti linn imi tu tin- geoera] ? tock of bniuan
htiuwle.lKi*: secondly bs a limning narrative ol
Arctic ellie.ration, nilventtire and disaster; snd,
thirdly, ai a defenn of the muuafp_-Beat aud con?
duct Of tbs l.rnly Franklin Hay Expedition. It is
dillleult to decide in which reepeel lt excels. As s
record of the physical conditlonael ths Far North
ami of explorations of Ice-boand lands, it issdmir
iil.le alike for Ihe body of Information il contains
and f?>r tin- scientific spirit \\ hie li it discloses. As a
?joella! of ths siperiencea ot tlie -reliant garrison of
Fort ('oncer in field and in camp, in the snei ssl al
prosecution of it* labors ami in pei Hons retreat ami
linal disaster, it will thrill the pulse ol avery
render w ho lins in his reins anything wanui'
than lead-water, Ah a defence of theconducl el
thc expedition it ii complete and unanswerable. In
.1 gS-MTnl way it may ho said that the nitrite of
tin- wink, lmth in matter and manner, arc many and
conspicuous^ and tho blemisbea few and animport
aiet. The arrangement ls orderly, Ihs literary
wockmanshlp excel len! and tin- style direct, eli 1 .
siaipta, and vigorous, altai! nnpretentions and
ainiMilarlv modest and self-restrained. The book
niakers hutt heen remarkably successful for theil
part. Raadsoeaet volnmes than these in lelter
press and binding are seldom seen : and thc llluatra
tioiis, nearly a hundred lu nam ber and made ir.n.i
photographs taken bj the paitv. arc must vivid and
spirited reproductions of Arctic sconce.
lt ia ewinentlj proper tbat these volnmes sbonld
heat in nearly every chapti r thc stamp of 11 man of
manoo. The only .ground on whieh .retie explora?
tion at tbe present div can he justified is that of
physical research conducted for the high pud of
promoting human knowledge. Thc Lady Franklin
Kay Expedition was organized on a scientific baals.
and nut as :i scheme ol haphazard exploration and
adventure like tbe voyage of tho Jeannette, It
occupied thc northernmost station In a polar ringo!
simultaneous obaan ation sstablisbed on fixed prin?
ciples and fur definite purposes, Its scientific work
hagan when ths Proteas lafl Newfoundland .inly 1,
1881, and terminated .lime 91, 1884, forty limns
before thc rsscne of the 8tirvivm> at Camp Clay.
At Pori Conger for two years than wemb26ob
BOHBtilim miltie and recorded eve ty day J ami ou
spool! sd term-days tbs number of atssnetleo] ob
Bsrrationi was Increased to oyal 1,200. Onlj s
single sbspter te devoted to the primary object for
which the expedition was organised, hut s .111
niariesnt tue technical Information are furnished
in an admirable series <>f appendices and references
are niano in the lindy of tin- narrative to all fut ts of
striking importance. This service was urnst con?
scientiously rendered amt thc records snd instru?
ments were carried BOO miles during the perilous
and agonizing retreat. No finer illustration ol seal
and fidelity in the pursuit ..I scientific Interests
has eves heen afiorded than the pe.euteut refusal
af theos soldiers to abandon ths groat pondalum
?when they won striving to reach land irom tim
tines in Smith Sound.
The amount ol Bold work ih.ne by the ran., was
extraordinary. On _?V_ of the 453 dayB when
tho sun shone, from one to three sleek-.- part.. 1 a ire
employed in journeys entailing from twotosixtj
days' abssnoe and 8,000 miles of travel rbeex
pliiratintis covered3 1-2degrees of latitude and ifl
dogmas of longitude, embracing one-eiehi .?( tbe
distance around the- world above the BOth parallel.
Northward n latitude never 1 .*-f.?r?- attained on land
or sea was rea. Ind. The coastoi Greenland was
extended and accurately charted forlOOvJlea be?
yond limits previously known. I'he surprising re
snit- of I.n nt.'ti.nit Lockwood's iledge Journey in
lss^.. would have been surnamed tbe next year li
tbo disintegration of tbe polar pack ofl Black llorni
Cliffi had not?ompelled him to turn bat k. Ile had
leached that point twenty-two days e.ei tbau in
the previouseeasoo, bad forty one days' ration, and
with goad reason was exp." ting to reach cither the
northernmost point of Greenland or else tbe 85th
parallel, liven if he could have travelled no more
rapidly than Indore he would yet have had
teen days f..r m-w diacoveries afte-r reaching his
furthest point st Loeswood Island. If the I
crystie Bon, which Nares and Markham had pro
Bounced immovable, had nol opened hutu there and
in the west, where l'r Pavy was following closely
in the tra.-k >>f the Englishmen, magn lieeut
would have been secured. To tbe westward tb*
Polar <i.-can iiad been reich.ni by tbe crossing ol
Grinnel] Land, while' tbe interior ol that countn
had heen surveyed, it- _x.ra_ttt_*~ ry pbysica
goography determined, nnd th-Tor* 1 nts of it
northwestern cona, fixed with to'arcble certainty
Lieutenant Greely'i pei-'.mil explorations in Grin
nell Land, exclusive ol tbe subsequent jonrneyol
Lieutenant Lockwood in Ihs same quarter, ein
braced 6,000 square miles of nea ly discovered tend,
oran area coinciding with that of the entire 1 un]
discoveries of the English expedition. The Like
region and ths numerous valleys coven 1 with com?
paratively luxuriant vegetation, which affords sufi!
cient pasturage for largs droves of musk oxen, con.
viaeed the author thal similar conditions prei si! ii
Northern Greenland and that N'orde-iBkjold might
have found tbe fe:. of which he w..s ii
quest, it he had looked foi them seven hundred
miles to th. north. Lieutenant Gm 1 1
that from Ih mk God Harbor, where Captain Ila
died, one mav travel to *-t. Georgs Fiord and prob
ably thence- through inlets aud connecting valleyi
to tho east coast <?t Greenland. Such a trip be ha<
planned, bm he wa- tor.cl to al.ami'.ti it fur wan
of dogs. His view- 01 the stute of iee at the Pole ii
succinctly state!:
I doubt not thal in tin- vicinity of ths North au.
Fontli Polee nr<- glacial binda eutirelj covered bi
ice'1 tin- of.".oin.mi thickness, lich throw ofl tte
hn i*e ili.ei.ei_s..: the north and tbe yet more remark
ai.'.' flat-topwed icebergs of the south. Tbenortl
volar land is, 1 believe, ul limited extent, and it
ethoses, or tbe edxeeoi its glaciers, are washed bj 1
sea whi.h. lroui its size and consequent Ililli tem
pentan, it* ceaaelem tides and -tnii.' ? nrrcul -. cai
novel bs entinly ice-clad. Nordenakjold helievei
in tba open w 1. i onvim ed by the polar pack sot ti ni
northward ir-.ni Muesel Bay in 1&72. Nares ovei
would seem to be uncertain on thia point, elsa hi
?ever wonld bavo equipped Commaiider Markhan
with tin- heavy hunts hauled by his Patty in l-v7c
The wtee discretion nf Nitres ls evidenced by Pavv'i
experience in 1*82, and this of Lockwood in 1 *?-?:(
That tho Tegetthofl aud Jeannette drifted north
ward winter .is areli aa rammer i- confirmatory cv i
oem-e of an ** open polar sea." Fur he it from me t<
advocate a navigable pol ai -cn. On the contrary*,
am firmly poiiseeecd wit 1 tne Idea that an Ice Gel
from fifty tn s hundred mil* 1 olde borders the land
to the southward, aud that the water-space to th
northward can only beentered in extremal* favoi
?bteyean by the Spitzbergen mute
Lteutensnt Gnely believes that Greenland dos
not extend beyond Um 83th parallel. Imt is con
fident that there ls considerable Und lo the mirth 0
the l'.irrv l-l amis, which entinly ice clad throw
oft tn the' east the immense paleocrysiic Hoes an
mbsrgS which crowd down nu linnmll Land an
thence southwestward to Hanks Land. Thc aroa
tide-crack observed by Lieutenant Loehwood in hi
Onoulau l journey ho ascribos to the motion of th
outside, polar pa. k. He believes that there ur., ope
water spaces in the Polar Ocean, nnd tiiat ita mai
ico moves through tho entire wiutcr. In regard t
tbo tumult ion otFyolsoet) stic ice be dissents frat
Sir Oeor?e Name's conclusions and sunpoits VV. I
Carpenter'.- theory nepoetiag Antarctic ice-leergi
contending that l?r. Musk was right in Infer-in
that the salt in such ice is derived by intlltratio
and efflorescence. These and many other gel
graphical and scicntiiic questions are IntoHigentl
discussed iii these volumes, the chapter on polar h
being of marked impoitauco.
We shall pass now from thc scientific feat mes (
tho work to the narrative itself ami tee tho dclcm
of tho conduct of tho expedition, The lirst volim
ls devoted .to the camp life and field work at Po
Clinger; tho second mainly to tho n troat aud to tl
catastrophe at Cape -sabina. The superior interc
Of the latter part of tho recital forces us to distni
the first volume with tho cursory remark that win
tbe organiz-atiou of tho party was defoctiv.-, the di
Olpllne on the whole waa excellent aud the goner,
management worthy of tbe highest praise. 1)
fact that eo larae a patty lentalnen for two yes
without serious sickueas ana in excellent spiri
and perfect morale ia decisive in determining u
-.ueetioua rolutiag to hygiene, routine and gov ci 1
lueut aud the painstaking care and sound Judgtuoi
with which tbe supplies were selected and prepara?
tions for the, wiuteiiiii* made. The Bieafn appro?
priation fnr tbs bm of the colony renders this rasa!!
the mure surprising. Pnbably with tbe exception
of tin- voyage of the Vega them never was a more
carefully planned and brilliantly executed Are-tic
enterprise than ths colony st I.adv Franklin Hay.
The di-eater which in the end overwhelmed tbe fort
tines of tin- party waa not attributable tei en"y
e-r.ors of judgment on the part of Lieutenant
Groely, bnt w-as due to entirely preventable ca -??
The preparations for the retreat wen mule In
-rood time. Tbe lutenists of scientific observation
and geographical exploration were not neglected,
Inn tbe uecessity ior anticipating the autumn jour?
ney, w hi' h the previous summer's cv perience of tbe
condition nf tbs ice had bnogbt within the rangs
of probabilities, was clearly discerned. As early ss
January 31, i>-:;. orders were given for the estab
lisbmcnt of n depot of provisions, at cape Baird on
the smith-ide of Archer Fiord and the work waa
prosecuted during the ne\t two months. In April i
nartv wa- ann! to Thank Ood Harbor to fetch tlie
Euglisn lce-boa( left there by Lientenant Beaumont
in ISTil. 'I'he launch ami 1.oats were overhauled;
5,000 pounds of carefully selected coal was sn.rmi;
the Scientific records WOIS duplicated and securely
seated in water-tight boxes; and all other pivn.ua
tions for retreat were mads with marked delibera?
tion and forethought weeks befon the arrival of tbs
relief ship could be reasonably expected rho da.
set for tim abandonment of ibe station waa Angas!
tt, ihe flotilla consisted ..fn steam navy launch.
twenty-seven foot tong, and three lunts In tow.
Cape Baird waamacbed with difficulty on Angus!
10, Archer Fiord no! being clear of ie". Tliere (lie
retreat was begun with forty days' full rations anil
additional supplies for over twenty days cached
between that point and Capo Collinson, SO tbs!
Lieutenant Oreely calculated on reaching Cape
Hawks with tho same ann.mit of provlslaus with
which he started. Canvas was taken fnr all tho
i...iits in view of tie contingency of passim sontb
wartl of Littleton Island Into tho open nortt) water
In consequence of forethought and precision in ac
cumulsting supplies daring the spring, thc party
was thoroughly e tuipped for the retrest
These primes contain tlie tirst adequate account of
the enormous difficulties of tho retre-at to Cape
Balline, Over three hundred milee were travers.-.I
befon Cape Hawks was reached on August 2d, The
Inuits lnnl liail a continuous struggle witb the ice,
escaping a hundred times tram mos! perilous nipa
One graphic description will sun.ee to illustrate the
' magnitude Of thc dangers to Which thev wile- con
I stoutly exposed ami tbe courage and ingenuity
shicli the lender displayed I
After the turn ot the lido 1 sent the watch Sar?
geant Brainard . with thc small boat, to examine
j thu Hoeberg and asi ei lain our chances ol pawing it.
' On his return he reported it to bs ihe Key o! tim
; situstion, and that only a slight change In tue Ice
j w_n necessary to permit us to paaa to tbe lontbve ard
? of lt into a narrow !.-nl of water which ext* n led
1 Roothward to the oexl ???it..'. \ second trip rove . e 1
rt un ic possibility of passing to tbo son th war I, and
I everything hiing in readiness we moved to iii.' il"-'
berg. The passage hoped for was just too f mall to
admit of the launch, but on further examination we
j found tbat the fioeliera. which seemed whole fr......
. shun-, h.nl, since grounding, sp: t and separated,
rho narrow cleft preeeutedtoour view aflord?d per
h.ifs tim tuoal wonderful passage nv< r n ivers* .1 hy
. rtnv voyagers. Scatcel* a doz n feel wide, it wa*
over a hundred yanls long, and its perpendicular
walls ol opaque ice ou each side rca. od fnll fifi}
- h'e-t skyward sboveour n.i-- ng bosii I recall un
i other weird mass which has so impre.I me with
the graudonr uud si-ope nf nature's forces and
, works, Its slow grouth le.nl probably n inired n
thousand years li for. the fa nu snows of the
' Arctic ski*, accumulating, flake ny dake, on tin
plateaus of a glacial continent, I
. weight and thickness as changed it t. Later,
through ages, th.- ini,e- bulk, slowly moving sea
ward, brok fro ita parent mast ni ii.' I'd ii
; Oe ..m. and In the past years had floated mil
I and stranded hero. Its million cubic feet ol i ?
! might v. e-n he thonght impenetrable snd csp tble ol
infinite resistance, yet the stress end tir.ti.en nt
| couutless -maier Db - had brok ? ougli il
w .-ii- ii bil .il chalk.
Tin- eli lina's of fui ther progress .ri tho
Cape Hawks was i i-sci depended on two improh
able .... ii'.'.- lirsl that I he temperature -
? permanently rise to as to prevent now ice from
? forming; and, ie oudly, thal strong gales should
keep tbo flo emoting. Hie temperature had
, below tbe freezing point: young ice was stead |
i growing thicker; and the time for oxcha
.. - inr ste I-"--, was raoidlv s ?pro
Aftei being beset in the floes they drifted ?
: tw.i mii. s southward in liftoen -la-. s. 1'
, near the point when tho Proteus bad bi -n wi
ngli i!.' r then fate ol
th-1' ? . ibotii eleven milei - 1 Hat
' Island nea* Cape ? ?..:ri?-. On Septemlier IO tbe
lanni li, the fuel for a hi. h w.is m.
exh in tc I, 'v is aban lou eil, ., ,| r icroi
- -i 'V lill I '. .e
, l.o.its ami all th< provisions and bagguge a bani ol
between 6..loo ann 7.IMH) p . o ul tbe
~l.-ili_f.--i. ii. I is linn ii nv twelve in
the other by four, but the smaller une ip ? .
broke down au I the second .... it oas abandoned the
next day. I !.?- firs! da* involved a march of te ii
miles foi iii and ol lilt.-- ri for sonic membi rs of the
party, and the actual air.mc- toward Cape ?
\ was only one mile und a quarter, Aft i 'i.r I .
liv. days tbey wer< a mile north of tin |*oint of inti
tude where the launch had been left, thc di I
lin- floe having carried tiiem back inure- rapldh
than they could adi ance over the floes, The sti lg
gie waa continued nuder coiiditons that battled all
cali ulatious. Thc floe -had a rotary motion, and an
advance in anj direction waa liable tn put them at
the end of a bard dtty's work so mneh fartnci north
Hillier thrill south. 'I he? Lest lind phil's lor retching
?!,,- shore wen constantly np el by ri < bange "l cur
' reutor linen! drift, as the following striking pae
s.,t-,. siwa s;
This direction ol tbs .ii.it changes my intention
of attempting to reach ite (..contend coast, which
I should noa follow nut. hod thc drift been south
or south-southeast ns yesterday, ami we travel in
drii toward Ellesmere Lani, i'm il.utilities to
revolve in a duce timi ul-.rust tim lianna ni u n itch
iaid on ns back, and ha- n ?w tu owl througli .'.,
of azimuth, '"ur dela.* Im- I.cen iinptoveil byre
p i : ng tim broken si i mi n and I ?
sledges: iii" tettei ibows the effect nf hauling tbe
whaleboat oven two dav-. We started ul i p.m.
and, hy nins hours'bari work nu th- road, have
eeded in making about two and a Quarter a les
in southwest direction. It is to be remarked thal
oe esme into onr old camp from the northeast abd
started ont to tin- southwest, but yet, owtna to tho
rotary mo vernen I i?f the Hoe, we marched oul nu tho
same road over the same iee by which wc marched
In this way they drifted no*-- tow aid Cape Nebine,
awaiti toward the Greenland side, and finally south?
ward to the month of Baird Inlet, unable to reach
the shore and utterly al the mercy of the tides aud
Kales. At this point they were almoat miraculsualy
preserved from a elritt into Baffin Hay similar t.>
that experienced by tho Polaris party, lue de
structinn of their own tloo forced tie.-rn tn take
n fugs across ,i chasm ol rabble tea a hair breadth
escape?on a new ono from Ihe tdge of which '!,? ?-.
crossed tlio open rn a in their boat lo a muss ni
paleocrystic ice grounded by a Hoeberg snd aftord
f mg easy approach toland. On September SM) they
s J roached Eskimo Point, alter fifty-one days and
1 I .r.oo miles of travel (400 by boat and 100 bj
i '? sledgel. Tho details of thia retreat make a thrilling
t narrative, which cannot tail to stir thu blood ol i bs
most torpid and listless reader ol Antic adventure.
Tue story is quietly told without literary
artifice <>r rhetorical embellishment. The direct
ness of method and simplicity of style impart
naturalness to thc fascination of tbe recital Tm
candor with which the author admits that his de
dalona and orders wen not without flaw or snot
dlsaiuis criticism. e\t the -am.- tims the record vin
dicatcs bte judgment and fully warrants ins teelini
n of honest pride in navlng overcome every obatach
. and Busily landed his party, not only in health am
with undiminished minder*, lint w.tn Its-Ctoutittl
ami puvite records, ifs instruments and baggage
and with arms and an munition sufficient if tin
r< t-ion bad heen fairly st.. ked with irani.-, to han
insured the lives and safet. of the mon ragsruteo
of their abandonment by ths relict sxpedition te
their fate. No iiunartial reader can re.ul thesi
chapters without expressing hearty admiration o
tho conduct of the commanding offisst and, will
two or three exceptions, of his men as well. Th
retreat was admirably conducted This detaehmen
of soldiers not only laced every ha nish ip nm
danger with intrepidity,hut tbey were ss ingrates
in their devices, as practical in their Judgment, am
as successful in erteeting their OTU ISSBIIO. SS BS
periemed sailors would have heen In their place.
Tbe party on reaching land wore terribly ai
haunted by constant exposure to intense cold am
by the protracted strain of the perlloua retreat
Measures were taken at once to secure winter
quarters near Point Eaklino, where then won ea
eoureging sinus of gao*. Throe huts wen built,
the only boat th it remained being used ns thc roof
oi one ot them. Thc bunters were nni oul fm '.'ame
and tin- remnant of Ibe snppliei wan- stored. Mean?
while, two men had'.cen sent overland sen*-ths
ulai iers to Caps Sabine ior news. It wai 0 Inlier '.?
wben they returned with Lieutenant Darlington's
miller ni tin- wreck ol ile. I'rotens sud bis written
assurance iii.ii "everything within the power of
?n.ri " wuuld l.c done to r. sene t lie l-l a vc mell e(f
Fort Cinger. Lieutenant Urti ly's - ommeuta on the
situation are- inciah e i
Ih s record speaksin var] i bul to th ?
party and to me it meant thal we could rely upon ii
timi " ev i.r vt lr'..if within the power i?l man " won ld
ne-.iiuii- t> l.-M-iie- ns. arni on thc trnugtll of thal
promise I st ones decided to pro a d to < npn ** thine
.iiiii iiw.tit the promised help. My journal shows
that I lookod forward n> privation, partial starva?
tion, nnd possible death foratewol the weakest,
hut I expected no such thing n* an abandonment to
our fate. We now bad lour biala, aad. sltbongh
the sun waa alionl leaving na for tho winter, We
cnn td yet r r.i v i I si,nt'n vv ri rd, there being open -.vu ter
visible al l.'ape Isaliella. Hal I beti plainly told
that we' must now depend inion ourselves, thai
trouble a.el Im-k <>i discipline prevailed among tha
i'rotens crew, thal thc Yautic waa ii late weather
?hip, nml that its commander and Lieutenant (>ar
I ii_t'.n wore neting independently of each other, I
should certainly have turned my back to L'apc
Sabine and starvation, to face a pom!bte death on
tin- perilous voyage alnm shore to t bc -..ut hw ard.
One limit lind I.ti lonni nt < ape S,ibin>-rind "lu
of inc lioiiis abandoned by the Ureely party lind
(lriite.i ashore. These willi the boat al Point Es?
kimo made three, rho fourth to whicb reference
is made above was erroneously reported I.y Lieu?
tenant Usrlington ai h.i\ lng heen tefl at Caj e Isa?
bella. That Lieutenam Ureely b id ttioughl ul pro
ceeding al.mu' Ellesmere Land !?? a point opnoaitc
the! irv Islands and then urossing in ths open -..,
his diaries sttest. il" did not carry mit flus project,
ns hs sn vs. beea nae bc w .ts not dietinctly told that
he initsf depend npon his ow n resources, hut un tbe
contrary was in for moil tbs! "everything in tho
power of man" would lie dom- to rosene thom, A
rocky snmmil dimly seen serons the Round was
Littleton Island, wheri he had reason to !
that there would be .1 r. lid party, il there waa nol
one there already. Ile eiid not then snppoeetbal
the . antic hud reached Littleton Island. - not real?
izing that any officer of out n.iv v . ould leave
?Smith Hound under the circumstances without
iiiilieiti-i one onnce of provisions, even thoucb hs
? Had no foys for Lieuten mt Ut eely, who. living in
a region reported well stocked with game, had
economized nil Ins provisions.'" This is fl terrible
satire- OB * < 'HU:! ender \\ ll 1. s's COndUCt. 1 ieil ''lia lit
finely has repeatedly been criticised for not -en.l
i n g ri part al I.-..sr -,, bia force ar roes the Mound to
tbs east side, where some supplies were to bees
pei ted and game wa- plentiful Iii ? answer is con?
clusive on this polnl:
lt univ seem strange to uninformed readers that
II.',- dlBI | a those ela v -, Ul as to the
.mn feasibility ol crossing .-nun Sound to Little t
Island, and tile exp. led rel e! part" ol ii.'- I tah
l.skiuios. I'ho impossibility ol such a passiufc was
so I'tt'-ni to every oue, mal nol even tue most
i|Ucrulou md iinpractl il ul the party evei mi
gesteil lt i in- conditions were as follows : Min tli
iles a parti
open p nt t . the lout ba
lunn iii- 'in H- lol i"in loeigbl miles per day. Dur
experience ol eighteen days had proved that, even
win-ri working i"T e-ni li vi i, n lld i ol ii ira
mme than t ro miles daily in i ?ss ii moving ,
11,.- rhum es ol r tossing ;i ? li innel I wen ti liv e mites
wida at thc narrowe-sl ?.., i. '.\- I revell ng I
to tho east ,,;,.l drifting l":n mil's tuttle
.v hero t ?? cha nd -emu !,, ., i ile
are inn..on-. I'he ? unlitiems which prevented
t wen ti live ...i.v- men 'v:" lind lust panse-d mic.
ce?lu III tliroilgll an e-.p Timi ?? ol ovel lour
hu nd ree I miles ul leo navigation, from i-oimidenng
rr .: v.- wei ? lil I Si r mg I t _' ind
l.il.rriL from ?.??'??
: _? ..- i ig the i -
let er of tl
?v in il rh
: ' ? : third, ci ? < g ilt-n.
t.intly forml ? ??? ? bien ** is
: heialS
i.ii or
in ni. i 'ii ' 'i ' , ? : 1 ?. 1 -7_' ' ? '
e Polaris, ma
i ? ,. were stranded
mi ,i linc . ? I of our. imp, I ?
nu!.'- from -Inn , the ri-peirl
lell.Uti n| I ||l- \ .' , >. i . - -I
tempts lu n nd with I
notwitbst ?
. ?
? I,.ld
once uni."- -bom. ? e.-ve-n uni.-, iliatanl lu tln-m- vmv
and nil ' om ut red . ie i>n.|
? mid li.ii'llv
the ari , al ol ,i se un I ligi ?? c ..-.
Lieut, n ml Lr
huts wb ? h ii.id been ni t at I'oiiit L'I mo .
retire t ? < .-.--- ibine, w lu i
of prov ind v
reel if any * No <?: ti<-i.ii
open to Hun Ile expo b.d. I
at ' thal the . anl ? miisi
t-i ta ..... ?? ? ..-: bim il ii.
; Lii-uteiiaul
im a h il n kin tbe .
and was great I.i mirprised ; t li-r.- was
I it. ami im suppli ?->??,.; i iii- bed
.' ! I I e.ee
reconl, ' he ri iii irl - in his diai -. ?? li is miali ! ui re
hie.', tiUg tl ? '
' ,rt 1 ? ' a- t '.'?: ? is i.. .tl. ttll'ton
Island." Hi- m. ii'di. ' ? 'v iii.'i-.is.-.l vvii'-n
he mamilu 1 tho wreck cache, where be lound
,: elj ,i hundred rations "i meal instead of the
live Un ml red pm ,. id. I li re as "v ulent .
one tliini.' I > be ?! tl - open vt.riler -|U il
supplies, v? ai I foi the (trails to freeze aver, and
i rn-ev tn Littleton Island in tho spi ii I'he .rt
tempt to (i'i. li 'r.iv Luglish heel norn < ape I ? i
failedowiugI sic ueterminatioii of Llieoui
comrades to bring him hack to camp alive, Dui uo
precaution was ueglc ted nol only to increas I
nr store ol mpplies b) bunting lung after tlie
sim had entirely disappeared, bul alan to i-ucoiio
mi '? loo 1 nii I Iud, and -?? i ir .is possible to iusun
ihe- health of tin p.ny. L'ertaiiily, as tho author
s,-. -. tbe m. ii ol tbe Lady I ranklin Kay V. .--edition
merited, by l Imi i courago, eiidurance and bel nt ul
ii.'->s. a bettei ian- than ahaudo'imeut lo stai >allon,
insanity and death at < amp ? lay, I be i-nestiuu ol
responsibility fm thal calastropli rs diseussi.il i..
the inn hm with frankness, coticiaenc i.n d', gu
I lp- np.ni watei extending southward fr.I ano
Isahella rnise-el at SUcC Hi" i|insl iiiii ns ttevvli.it
WOUllI l.c deelte itel lilli Ililli, ;U,|| Illili || ill SI ll s-1' III
msued among ua Itii perhape beal here tu I.raak
thal lileuce v% amtainiMl^b) me foi the maay months
since- mv return, through tin- long and bitter ilia
cusaious regarding Hie responsibilit) tm mn i
disaster, bul I in lend to weary uu mn Min u
lonartby and uninteresting argument. There exists
no d'ni I.t tli.it lu I "*- 1 I slum n | li.i ve di i ut- in. I ban
arrange torn retreat to( ape Mallina il washoulu
not ie- r.'t.iic.I al ( . .nucr. Although nol under
end.-is H. Ho sn. I should have provided agui -i
ihipwrcch and all.ell.er uiimrbauces. lhere ia nu
il., ii nt, i-i ile i. tn iii' ec in i.i. Ilazeu regrets tha Mem
ni.iiuiuui Nu. i ..Mis e,id,I, wa, not allowed tu
ulandi as I a-hil' in the dire, t mn ni greater Befell for
all. The neglect oftneae points would havo been
uucritieised, n.i I the I'rotcus il .-.ivi.-t nol ?.-. tu rmi,
j\s to the responsibility tor thal disaster, ul bei ? ute
better quain "el than I lu s|.e;iU. Similarly, the
neglect ul Lieutenant liarliugtoti to repleninh tbo
stores he knew lu be damageil, although be was
under ordi i- t" do bo, Uoubl li .v.- bc_ n unnoticed.
I .un i.ln-aly on K-inrtl as pointing oul the tl mas
tunis eil.a -I Ol sin ll d: ol eil,, a, e. IliS BCllOil ill
taking even nun.i food he could carrj when
turning southward eau uol bc (unlined, um his ra
in,mn:' and feediiig n lari u dog undei such circum
staines. H. u> hmm lee I ged tim dangerous i omi ii ion
iu which we were situated, promised all as-ii?lauce
in tlio power of man, tiwi u- down to Hubine, .uni,
as Bventa hs ve pi'.vd. never sven askeil a national
ship to turu it. pi vv not Ih wald to obi irscitooi re
In-i. Within tim tv iii! ii ot twenty days' rations
foi Ins party, and ? humln el miles He tn si \ mon tba'
sappi les, which it waa obvious could uol lie reachtHl
by n e lat.-r in Ibe s.-nseiii. be lou led Ins boats to the
danger-line, eveu currying food in tow. in insure
the safety of ins min. utbersuia) instil- this en
trcme pruueucc for nis. own imitv, hut I can hardly
h. expet tod lo.
The action ol Commander Wildes in separating
bum thc vessel be was toaidiu Ibis vcr* em.ru
encv. in- long del >i nt thc Hreentend porte, and Ins
precipitate ie-tie-.it se .lilli vv ru el li,un .Hui tl Sound,
have neve] lieeu satiafaelurily expteincu to made
partment. Ile Kn .. t...it twent- liveol liiacouu
ti | ui< ii ' ounled ...i aid and rebel thal ve ir, bul ins
orderadld not require bim to assist th in; so nu
misgivings as ta ibdr fate dieturlw-d him. uud bis
mule vviii Boaihward lilli trembled willi al.lani
ai,d undiminished stores. I uu Ptotru. ii ?
and tbs ?ubseuneni failun ol I !omm?iid< i Wilde ? io
extend relun, did not aluna det?rmitt? Ibu late ol
tbe party. I have already oitleiaily concurred In
tho vies- of Ubiel I uk meer Melville, and the
opinions of tint se-iii- in ni Newfouudteuu, thal ..ur
relief was practicabledaring tte aulauutol i--;i.
1 can und'i.'mid tim unwillingiicuof tbo Secre?
taries of War and of the Nevi tu mud again north?
ward tbe ofbeers wha h.ul Just lau.it ns iu .-.1111111
bound, but not even tills lennon seem, siillicii-ui ly
urgent to justify the linul adverse decision. I deubl
Out tbat thc lats ttecMary _f the Navy corneille, in
my opinion on this subject The attempt of ox
i-crieiiirv Lincoln to defend his joint sefton in tins
matter must frill to the ground before tho stern
an.iv ..I facts In Hie ease. Had i ?t'>nt scaler?and
there were many available left St. John, under ?
competent offlcer, within ten days after tbe return
of the Vant ii-, the entire Lady Franklin Bay Ex?
pedition, iu my i.pini. w mi hi havo safely
In tH.V,_ the tiny Isabel remained within the
\it..' Circle, searching for (Mr .'olin Franklin,
until (ii tidier tr and for the relief of thc Polaris
psrty the itesmer tigress sailed a second time.
under an officer of tbe navy, from thc nor! of st.
John, on September 1 7, 1**7_, liv.- days later in tbe
vern than tbo return of tbe Vau tu*. All Arctic
work ls dangerous; and il waa a question sf rteklna
u.'ii hand spending little tu brl.ig the party back
fell 'tl itnn limn, or venturing lesa and spending
luvi-dil.- to return the demi Ihe following year.
! 'rue! nt eiuii'.v, i, prevailed, however; aud, aa ths
pnblicsaid, tbe parti waa tefl tn its fa;.-.
Tin.minding portion of tbs recital may i.e
passed over with brief comments, lt ii a story ss
painful in itsdctsilsss the sooonntof Dc I.unit's
fate lu the Lens dells. The author bas evidoutly
a).pru.uhod it willi a horror >.i grce! darkness
before his eves, mid t iwrn I tim end hr.s wisely
nit .tined from extended remarks, i ont) nting him?
self with quoting passages fron thedisricsottbc
men. Tho exceutlon of Private Henry is frankly
related, snd there is no reason to donbt that it was
no! only jnstinabls bul absolutely necessary. "As
to other matters,1 tin- author remarks, "which
havo engaged nu undue share of public attention,
white having no ottleiai knowledge of the facts n
ti.e case, yd thc responsibility for a! I action in con
re with sm li sn expedition rightful!] and
properly reata ...i thc commanding ..ni.er. In
assuming thal responsibility 1 Know of no law,
human or divine, w In. lt was broken at Sabine, and
I du no! feel railed upon as sn offli Ct ur ns a mau to
dwell longeron such a painful topic." ll" trikes
gi eal pains to illustrate tuc unselfishness and con?
nor, a Hon which charai lerteed thc relations ol tbs
merallen ol the psrty during thi lr agonizing hattie
foi lite. Sot only was matchless heroism displayed
iu tho n - ne o'. Ll ison on thc lourney to Cape
Isaliella and in I'n derick's devotion to Rice,?an
Incident without a parallel hw loyal affection and
sturdy tr ci t ni the records of Ar. tic adventure,?bnt
in daily ami lieiinly exhibitions of I.in.Hy feeling
an I ; hoiightfulue - ...r otbei -.
The most Inspiring figure in tba! grono of
despairing and half i razed men mut have lieen tho
commander himself. Irs modesty does not permit
hun to .lo In.use-,i |n tice, iud it Ut easy to read
l.et w ve-.-, the lines that it was he who confirmed ths
courage of tbe rest, diverting their mindsevenin
their extremity by scientific lectures and dis
. nssions. snd netting a noble sxsmpls nf fortitude,
patience and faith. Lieutenant flreely'e book not
univ contains a complete vindication of bte conduct
aa th.nnmn,Vi .,1 tli.. expedition, but lt tea
revelation, made *s Itkou! Ins consciousness, of his
own liilflltV tee eliitv and heroic llUfl
Wav publication
I I i." i.-;.I Ll ll wi' I MT HtTKR,
He- i,in.iv e ,| fr an I it'i-.f. In
? ? V--e VI'.- I .
lille..-"', I lit.,.1 lilli J
... I t n .1 . Whl r.- '
? .- ? .
vi i muns al in i.mt (lt conni fruin pull
il-lle I-' ;
I ISl KHMEIM \ii:i.i>iMiii.i:ciii ri:-1: i
? ?- ri'lllhl ipierlfi . rulilialiaal in Ps
? . .Heirs IiKI.A*i :
? ? ,- .
|> \l.l. 111;.- I LIM I KINS, I tTlI SALL.
Wall Whll
ii - i
i ? .
. .-1- 7 -.tl
? -
? . -
.*? Kv i'.i ii. :-.-, h.
nam \i: exira so. >?). i manual
Hearty "tte Hi.tiilmi blfarsei i altersa
Ttico l?iu.i; rivj ir. e,t? l-uat.aid.
THE ll. I I'.i Mi,
i n*t Ladies?Citv
Foi Bot'i Soxci- -0lt7.
r - u
4 I ?..\-i IM M'S Mi.l-l n;-t inri
. \ Kl linell. Uh' I.A.*
- ?
?iel ii - it ill ti M
ir., ii a
ll lil. W I . I - I .
I .-.,,??
\ iirsixi -.-? i i'm i'A i ion. r.,.t.u.-.|,iii7,
i\ Writ lac,
i III [I ll I'll'.,i. i- 11 s I ' -
? 'il.i l.t.. . ' VVVst
, / Ml I AR. SINOINO, \ km.IN. NANO.
' " '? V I ? . - , -if.
? -I I' \ V Iie| -? Ht, I f IOU \ I'l. I*. I ll. I-J j
. '.Ht a ? ..... mm ..,, .
MRS. .1. A. i:\LI.\lll.i:.
Mlle n .1. Hill V 'I Sel I V 1.1 I.-,
' I' ' I i I i.i. i.lin.
.11 We -I .Viii MT.
CtrOll.Itu ?" let eel, !in;.ll, if, ll
l.l - I I ?- - I .I'll'.". HA I.!.:?-"-. -i, _l-.
li Wi ? . o too ?ssh
"Vi i-s.l f. uki; vk^.
.'I ?. ? VI V , I si IV. V yr
lliUIUl-.tllAMiIiAV -I il .. I, l',ir, lOINO I.ADIF.
A.Mi I ll 1 Ililli. .' ll_-U
k i M. ic ha i mi r i.:,.
I E EasT fi .1 ii sr.
1*9 MI--. CUlHHOI.M'M SCTIOOIj fit: ti r RIA
lUivurl Preparatory Class 'HO, Boya'I M ?
Musiciil Instruction.
? '? I ir ia', i "?? -l i.v t h.nv i-r .11 it
il , '.I -r
' t.leHe re- I tn. ?'. I Ha l.e'.v? i.r tin- - I,lt t| 'O v. , -Ik I'.l.'llM
Mr. (iu 'n morn sad I Inst -,*.,-; I milln
Ai rm. Hil, .:? -., Kn -i nr*an mil
' liq.Um I'lSlio I itu- ld rai ?li tile' rc,ni*iii-l Killalan
. ni- n r i ii Parma (nan Iii i In i .-'.-?, story
.lian ?-, it-- . - i from Mungari i'orsi>nuiori clauiw
Crin.-nli li, f..r,i.il, willi Cu,i Ptain. l't i.
1 Killi ttl \ eu , juli I, I '.,,., ;,. ,. ',, , Qi Min I ll A
li"i e-. '?. i. "., i ... i,.? it, r,,i -in.-i Iv vv nu \ ,.|,;i. I' i,:- |
' I . ' (linn - a Min al n Kl na M l.llie-rt,. Cnn
ee-iT't,,!-' Milann Violin ile.nrl.ln p..---'. loiuicrl) >?iiit
I Lei.-I I I- ,11 ,1,1. ,,
-1 na.-n it rn,- ? im in il ff.nii i! ?? l.e-i; mn- tu r e. moat nur-li. tl
i trial ..f t 'inn-.?
l'i iv an a.ii ? - ? . ' .a. ii o' H. ii -iH .ni nt. r.
^.-iiil fur Clllllletl
i'll A* i'. i 'i.ap. K i . -e-1. tittv i '. PARMA. Pirn-tor
7 West Pit) tet
4n wk-i _kTd-st. ia
I lu '' ? ll ill- - ? - ? ... -I n' III ll-li', I-lue lit lilli, el I,lill III, .il( f, ele-|-t.
rn . a i ? iii . ali ii-.,r. tai lanai ipi et t_
au n -a-neiis j.e r .ve- -'a. 1 nt pal I len lal i _>?>-11 ral
I in. UH V KO, I'n- l.li-n'
. WA l-v'.V - V I'" I V V. IDEM IT. I.e I .i-t 1 Ut. e-t
I m.- i a . i, - ni.K ni i I. iii.eai.i I i.i.i. be ti Ktnngi
i Inri III ls, v e ( n, 11,11..
IS I I,,. NA I I"'- Vi M I -lt -"Il.i..I,
6 I A- I III ll- I ;e,l ,i.i..i ra-el i.l ..III v \ l -..
- I.ni reel n ?? ?
l t PH.- .Nei\\ ni t ,.i v il., ha li.V fioat a .i. iii. laS.I tn
For Yo.mr Lailos?Country.
A SCHOOL FOR GIRLS ul < iwton on lind
ti, . V .? Cili.-.- Pi ir., ri. aK
ii. I'. HA ^ Iv-ami UlSs I. H. (IN I I.KIHI.I*.
? ? I llll.ll.ll, HUI. Iiulir freeill e'lV ??(??III- T ' -?. [Mil
I <.nr-l ami Illili
Mll'lltnltl HlIM
IlinniUgtl lt..,ni
Ililli -leen
V \- ACK SEMINARY I.n irirls ; limited mini
Ll - Hun,hi ;,, liri'iiin/ ,1, rt.-:.I l.il illunie ,,,|, I, ,,,
n.N V v,; h. - Hi lUi,'.)- N i. mc i i nm.i I-,, i.
??-TMIE I.I.M-." Sprinirllultl, Muss. Fiiinil*/
? Im. .mi vt.ii ? ...I in Urta. I'n n iry. Acmli ow,
I lell-hll-lel ..lt ' I', -' I .1 III el, ?
Ml.?I - Purri l.ll _. I ll'WI I'M- V. Pt. , .,, _f.
Art Behools?Oltr.
!:-. l."i'lsa li. CULVER
? ...- l>.t|. ll.. ', ?I mina- rn-'I iv, i.t-liilifi ni, in
maw inc. ull at. I watei ? .im |>..int,eu, . ill Ills, ilowera uml
, ? ,. nu . I- ku'? -i i , I 1 . n iti . ..
Miallil, Nee lill M ull..l.l live.
Wi. li ll.ii.iii-'i.ii.. Pr-eei lim ..m.mi' I ca ttimr ni Vtm ii
Ml. Will, am Han. ... A., Mr. Inn. iM llniL. N. A.,
til. Halal Jtiini-.u.-i. A.
instruction. _
Fir Povs sn-i Youri? Mon?City.
1 ni nt minmi, afternoon*.
T1H'MA- lll-.l.V_-.!_ ABU, iib Weat .Stn **.
CHOICE Rflfctiouof s*hool circulars for na-! t
nut. .uni --ii.ieil.il a. TiMe-lie-ra lacvary t'enr-'f-a-'it .- *
arl arni It-eruluJ . -cmanieBdeiL M.JICT8K. 30 West llUUt
WM I I'll HOLLADAY. ** stLTBBO U. PCIA.'''.lt
SCHOOL OP MI\ES.-f'n*pnrafory Mellool. j
A Hl.'li Behool e.f .danes and Kugilali.
Fl KA-T4M ll-sr. .
J. Winil.l'.irun.!. HA V'-'. ( . '?-".. Hi.H.. Principal.
U 1,47: lt. !??la.iv, fPi;rl'.V..et.; 4'.'llM. n ir. iv.eo'ii- g
ii ?-!< ml mil iii.--..-I eaiattr. ? nt-; natrju'tloo timi
M. v.. 1,, l,...-,. W 1 . Ak.ul -'rill--. s.CBaBdnclisOB.A
Fer Eov-i and Yotin? Men?Co'intr/. j
DOYS nnd YOUNO MEN priytttob fitted tor
Il i .,:;,_.. Conditioned nr relee-te.1 miidi'lnte-a . na. h-.l
stinimi-i "i wini-1 I' Hui- I M \-N,Stoe-iibiiils-. Ma -? '
li fe III I e.lll!. I' ? I I'llf H ? lill .lt e- lilli liff lin*!" in lill' BUM fl
i,, mt ni .,',-'., ii -eene will 'in wt'll tee prudi hy tlie ailv.iil.i_- i
ntl.t,-.1 bv tilla -el.I. Addrea* PP.AN IV ll HOW I:, -n->*. '
I r ti v.?-,-?. Prepares for buatneea, fur Princeton, co.
Hu- t ..i. Vain and Harvard. RtV.A.0 ill.lMlii.li-.. I't.n.
II wm.?ii r, Muss, seth year begins sept 0, lass. 'I
c. D Mil. All', A. M , Sup. riQt-mlont.
_l Beautiful, bomellke. healthy, i.iifli (780 feel Vonni I
primary, (--nullan, . "ttim^re-ial. academic; te
i ???,;, j,- li pilli rv. inniir. -eti-nosr.ipliy. gymnasium, bath
ieee; ?'iit r-iiti water; ettenslvegrounds,rillingetepart
men I ben - a ..reel 'e, antiful pet ponte*.
j. WILOOB, a. m., PriaclpaL
For Bova and Youn-f Mon?Country.
I I At He un elead, I.. I . N V. (30 mile-, from ltr,-nklrti
Twenty-sixtb year I'arenta and guardian* con'tall. invite-.i
te. v'-ni tin- -.lini.el anti satisfy tlieniael.eesa ta tb'-Helvitnt ac, ?
offtrrd l ni pa rt lc al irs addrea* th- Principal.
1 theater ( ne.lv he-tiding*. Thnreengli Inatrue.tloil \
Milli VII, r-O~.__.0_-, civil hDKl.n "nni.. i l.e-niltti-v.
danella, i nallah. CULOMKL TU LO. HYATT. Prualilt-ut.
j. Department ot Arti II. Tonne -yi.-ti'M. Reboot. III.
v i, ,? . I'tnaiK-e nud Economy, iv. t'ourtein
Plillnaiphy. V. Course la MnaM VI. Medical Behool. VU ,
Denial -.I. Vin. Vete-rlnary school. IX. Law school I
X. pl.et.', iimrhool Xl I -Il irt neut e.f Pillia t.p'iv.
In making nniuiiy please ivectfr department. I .
r.t.v jkhse v in itk-. secretary. , '
PiiiM ratty "f i rnnaylvaola. West l'lnlaiielpiiia Penn.
For Both Sexes---Countr7. j"
iii u-ii is Preparatory and baalneas for gentlemen r
Giadnatlng .mao for ladles; taralye teaobara Bali yaai ie
rb 1. -eii.tf.ti. ataln'-'U.- fl
W, H. H.iNl.s'l EB, A. If., Phil a
\? I___ST 1 i-achers, hitor-* nnd GoverneaMi
? -?! j.:?''.-?' without-barge; teacbera reglxten l ?-.--. i.,-..,. i
|i it I . A',.-I v. Am. -ilnK.1 l.tlP-au. - vv. : a tie it., X. I. , jj
t YOUN'H FRENCH LADY ti-rnln- French .
J\ t,i ' iii - ami children; references A lanes or cali J;
morning*. MIHM IUN-JOZ, 2?1 West atltb-s
i RELIABLE selection of school circular* !
_.'. io earcnta eu.! guardian, roseberg, tatars, rovcrn e,
inplied. K. it. '"t itu ki:.
ill Ea?t 17th lt. near Broads v
i\ v.i ni i ?o'lnltae Profeeeore, reaeheia, line,ti. Oot
? '? , I.Ilt'gl -l, ^e iuO.e, Hii'l Fllltllilen. A|'I*|V t'l
?t ir- M. J. YOI N'. [? i. i.i'i.s'. _? i i i.:-.i - inero.
DII'LOMEE. Parisian young lady Irishes
pi i nc e.- , iasia*i i saturn ibie Artdrees
i ninine I'ptotra Oflea, I,'.'SI Broadway.
Ij"-RENf'II l.\DV will-rive leaaons between '?' *i
.i-l I East 'rh lt,
Diluting 1\cai.rmifo.
v -li IH1V IIISS'iN, HUNK I> 'HW'Ht I'll.
He-ntie-tiieti .ni M-ntLiv md
I teen ..| ,\ ,..-, . ,
'. f ? bl ,'irn
iLENANDER MACGREGOR'S, 112 5th-ave. '
. \ ? 'trie nv nn rate , tl A inda*eli
i lill. I*. HARV .RI) REILLY'. Master ol
.t 1 gem circnlan
i rr l.l ORGE DODWORTH. 21 Weal 2 Ith-st.,
- 1 . ' ir. Allen Oadwortb
HA lu i A I.\s IN ;: ? v-1 I :. i ? 'I'
v IAV v. .1 . J Wi. ile "I \n ICAIBO
. I ? . 1 I V-. I" ? .en "ll, '.".l' .
..ii i I ---i i'\ v nr t.i-e\ iv \ roFFKE, one pound
. ?
v rr tl ION 11. v -I. ; . . -.
I ?? ir>.
. vv,. ,1. ree oi
l .hy mal ? bib) ind care!
iii '.: I I.i l - . i KKK I CHM
W a -11 ; -... i i. s - I 11 .1 \. .
. .r documents -
? iheir iv . ti.i Use lu dla) nee
e I. .HUH lt vi, . -. V .
irjl.EAl REDUCTION. AMiirner'a ailie;
va din - - - in'. pin niara, d
? a lng "old hr the axalgn. ?
ol Men rilKilA ,t i O., . I) Verjf Ute
Oiaittiboiito an& Boiinm&t.
\j 2(11 ".1'ivlvav, Caner Warntii atv N ),
rlu.'le' laurie -T Wld t?*CUr?t"U tl.Se-W Ue FU'UIUA, N V \V
iihi.l *N- -. 'IvvA.NA. liKiiMCHA. M-tii ei and el
\V"l!.t- :
- ,,? il ,, - l\ I l(HI(i?IHT. wltli maoa, pithlrahe-.l
tnoiitiiiy by wall for Hiceafs. ._d'Uss-?^
I'lc es (_teuK eic B'til. i-jl Eeeia.lw.iy. N Y.
f"(i[< Ni:\VHAYLNv.--^tranii'rs L-i?v,. lV.-k
? ?'? v ut. -mel ll p in. iSurnlai* .xcepled). ll o
tn ee'reut e.i e e ti --ie in line fur ?aiiy tra.u-i Norrti md Eaal
iCn tir-ro..Nu? llavieu ai.J retBIB, *1 ^ _
_\ MiiM'.iiniiN LI.N'K ISlftDHl R'lUl M
ro pi ?. JV to Hoaten, SS i fliat-rliwei Steamer*
laare from nen ptcr Itt, Mor'h Uiver, one Meek kbort ' anal
at ar b p. in (lally, ei.-ept Sunday r a ue? train "itu
parlor r?ra melin lng ebairsiBaMnssB ateaiiaeu'a laadlng sun
Boa ton wltbi il ' ??
f Vf POPI'LK, Owtieral ra_8ai'Ujar Agent.
KAI.I IlIVKII LINE H'?' iieiir.- els Bonne! Mai
tm.in ,. >, minimum ratea Krom Pier "H, N ir
'.,..- ni ?> .? ? . ? a ii Bunda] t execute l si
Pi ? idem .- i .nun-, lani i,v Ai i ei
I'o.it flillll I'...lu, I Hip en_I. r-..--. i'ii> lilllie 111
I DWI -1 POSSIBLE (Tl' Railroad nnd
? |. in- rates io ell points, sllelaava rta all tootee. nt
Warf, ul ? n.-iiiieiil Hate ricket "I-f.-. -:<7 ll li tu.I wu-. \. V
I Klliun VA I ILY nATLnOATV-P-We-senp.-r
II lian,, leave denoi foot nf. onian.l.emt Deebreeaea ai-.
ii - a .in . 1 - I ' ul 7 p. ni foi i a-iyn. lieihii-'n.iu Vi e-n
m?n Urn.lina. Maii.li ' tiuuk, .lion Buniinlt. V/Ukeetiarre.
l<e. ii,la vv averil-, 1'hai-ii. iiSun.s. I vnnee. HntTalu .ib.1 the
Civ-i I'ullraaii tiirnii/li i-nachea mu .lai;r Looa! trains SI
,'a rn ern.! drill p ni tnr i'.r.a'on. llelMeham and cnplar
Hair s ie-avlng at -* n. in , 1. and il 4n p. tn. eeiiine'Cl lor ill
nolitsiii M r...ri 'V iii.l lli?irlpt'>n noni iiialon-e Sutnlay tialn
leg.--'ni I. lt i tiiiutl ,i_|tl HaHnton. -Tum.
ueaeral Kaetera uttoa, Se. lib firtiait?vi?.v
B..J) UViMUTON*, (i. 1* A
1 tbe I.All' All lall fr.un .Iriill.l .'??.itral Unyoi
?iprraatr.il tedailj [Bundara aiBSBlad) to liestan .it t* ^ m
1pm unr.ni . .ira it'neui-d'nnd l\ p ni with palace Heep
lng .ai ii. Hin-.d.iva at 11 n, m. (vrltli iiaa.ee- e'.ec ping cara\
g. VA poPPi.ti. Ai^out.
tl t .'if. (irati.t e'cntral Uepntaa follows :
A" rt ii tn , arri-Ina lu Ne"part at '.' 'S p m.
Ai Sip in . arn.iiifclii N'ewp.n ai 7 bo p m.
tHii.wine iihi'ii oura attuobad lu butti ti.ilns -
ltivi.it :t.\l l.iiuAD.-Haiiifiieiieing $"t. SB, USA,
H_ri.ii_ti traill-. Hill I.-nv-.lrer.de'.-r.tral Hep.it
t- ,. in . i te, beater and Montreal Kupreja thmugli draw
Ult O'.'ni cara to ItuclilMter. St. AlpSBSaaa "u-e- ?? n
?re ?.. _ nt t ??[ t.ineifeet ' nit,'1*0 IH"'-** "ttn .nnnijj
Bl A'lj^iiy,
Kalle, Lil*, .
Ull. Ui,il I" ,1" 4. Ul Il ??( div.
Icngo Kxproeei with eliiieiig
ian, aioiepiiig nt A'l.^i.y, I'He*, B/raouaa Boobnetar iiuf
lalo, Mn>f.11.. Kalla, |_it_. Cleveland anrt 1M)leiln, mnvm- >i
H. i. h h. chicago Kxpi-iia. drawluaro-ini-aia to cauau
ilale.tta llneb <et' r Ningnra Kulla aud I'.uffaln.
lilu rn . vi ivsterii New York and Moiiliern l'.xpre??. witb
eli ..r
flt.ri) n in Kipr ?* willi -elee-|>.0( cars tn Sj-racnae and lo
Auteuil, rm.it, anti to Harataga i aim la BtOBtreM
I i. i , ].. ut Tu.ul. I'-.uiejaa with MVplne e eli fm Roe ii -
ter lliirtale., Niaiiurn i'tilla. clavi'lanrt, Toletlo ?t I nui?. He
|\ i- ri m.. Nighi Kinross, ivun ileaaHig-cars m Atbaa**
an.l li"'. .ne- ia with iii* ui.riill'B tram* Im tlio VS eat nml
ltT Il.i- Ni.rill e-\.e|il -nliir.lil) |il;hf' ? , _ .,_,
Ticket* .ni aale at niuud (Viitral Penni, Mo ,"> ilownn<
Ol. II.' ll: nail ?,tv. linrlflil Pe-eOl, I AU af SBd Vb '"'
ami ai vv.ateotl'i KtpreaeOieae.ll rar|i-piiii:;,(|i'?r''??"**-?
wai'.. Th., and III ll. u fl war. Bud Ol V, eel I HSUi-at . Ni'W
yjjri,!*? Wa-liiiialnliantl WI Kllliilli "ta., BlWklrB. aaa .'.'
ult ii Williamabnrg, .
A.'eoiiiiiiiiiluiinii-i in drawing.noni lind al.'.-piu^e-ara csu n<>
prtKiuieal at ?n> of Ilia tJeket ufflcea Lu lia#.TBft i Hy, nu.l
.rtn v.inlirugtnie al.. Ilrooklyti.
Han.-K ea.i^el im HinloueoLeiltroiii reanlence.
?'ifieV Hain ? run dully. All oilier*rtailv sxaapt Sunday.
I'lhe-n iiniii, tlott at ll at Ultu Ollfltli at ann Hli|Are .
J M UH CKY 1). il. lt 1. MP UK K.
Uenor.il Uuverlu'.ouUoat. Uaioial 1'aseaugcir Ag.iii.
Steamboats aub Uailroube.
1 Heduction ot tare* to all point*; Boston. $1; WnrceSi
r fl .'0 Hteanmrs leava i lei- ti, Nnrtri m..-r. font ol
Htt-nt., next pier above) Deaiiru-ia*-* btreet Fairy, at S:09
. m. lUlly, except Sunday.
? * 'Iralna leave from Cbambers-st H<*potfor Koglewod.
luster. 1'ieininnf, nnd Nyae-k 7, '??-.ii. Hi a m., 1. .ii.'O. i *Xs
:4(). Cito, h-.Ao p. m.. Pl iulilnl_.it. sunday* I, 0 e. ni. an.
i' B P. m.
Npr.ttet. f-prtn? Valle** nnd Mons./ 7. 10a. m., BAB, a. a,
ninia-* 'Jiu iu.
, IMF. RAILWAY, now known M tho jNF.W.
t i.iii-iitiiiiia ni trama lio.u < i.aini-. i -? j-t. Haast Krom
?.'.al -i. 15 mluuteaearlier.
?. m.?Dally except Bundaye. Ha- Kxpreee, Hnffeet Orawln-r
room i o.o inn ?-. Binghamton, Klinlra Hor-,eiiav'Ile Bur.
Ia o. Niagara I'.eili ?i<l Boapeualoil Hi,.lue. Meinin*
loa.hea Hornellevllle to ein.-l *"e?pin?
P.m.- Dally. " 1'hlcagoand-t. Loula I niltnl Bi si? a
aolld Pullman train nf Hay au.I ft.,*. 1 ?- :, .,,|n(- ? o_"_e*!
No extia iharae for fa?t fia.. Arrive* HeMTilta Mi
a. ni.rl'levelaiiel. l'> .MIR. in - i'l p. rn Cl'il. aro
'.-. ' i p in . .m.I -t Loma, 7:3nthe ?<-couil morning,
j., m.-Dai!v. " Ifitltteloiiti'l Niara!. ..illa l-l'iit-t." arrlera
nnffshi 7:3(> a. m., Wiianenalon Prielgi -liam. Tlietiiott
popti arnlgbl train between Ni v. n-.ik.<r.<i imflVo
p.m.-Dallr. CblcagB Ksnreo* tor tbe Weat A amid tra.a
of I'.iiii,'.rn Dav Kial Blerulns Coae-!ie? -ee Hnniianitou EU
miro, Butl'alo, Nlngar.i Palls Clni I minti aii.l Phlcace '
utherford ami PaBSblc. i i.V .*. ib. -, _n. - :,n <, ,? xn.-_o
h. m., Pl noon. 1 Ab, ADO. i.bO, i lei. ;, \?, gyg, r, no ? ld.
. Ru 7.80,8.90, H*-H0 p. m.. Ill mldn ghi. Bundara bit.
-- a.. 'i'?Jilli, m., 116. ii Mi. ' lb.,, m., I'J minigin.
ineiaon. 4 1">. :. 43, 7:2*1, 7 ad. il ::... l"'_'.ia. in. Hi nevin.
1 l .. .1:00, .1:60, 1:10, ,'?(>.. " III, E A :. 6n. 6 lo. il-So, 7:S?.
b J... 10:S0 le. m.: 12 midnight, r-ninlrn ?*. fi 46, X HO, 10 'JO
a.m.. Iii:., ii rei. 7 I'?. '.ino. In .'. ? n. m.. I? midnight
NewarWiu.il Paterson, via Newark. ? ,:.. "mi, h :pe iO:Oo,
au -a. m . v.no. :i jo. t vi'. fi ;... 5 a, a ito, 7 SO,? o<>. io ne.
in . atnl 13 iiiliiuigiif haiuiti.tj ui/iii* only, .-snitday*.
lb H. m., 8:20,6:H0, 1-110 p ?
Kuirnrn 1 19. fi IS, 7 50, H io, 10 'JO n. ni.. 1 IS, 3 .10. Abd. b.
All. OrlO. 7:30. 8:30,10:30 p m.. .uni I'J midnight Sunda) ?,
I-., H 30, 10:20 a.m. 1 la. 0 Us. IO.An pin, uml |_ mldiilglit.
Warwick ' 16, 7:80, 10:20 a.m., 4 rm p. m. B-adays, J-.AB
Ken !? irir ami Cornwall 7 .r'i), '?* a. m., ?'? SO, 4 .'Ul, li p. m. Hint*
iv H BU a. m.. U p. iii.
Ho:.limit and kingston and Montgomery 0 a. m.. 330 p. Bb
under t an a. m. Pe lana,n ti _. m., Miiielar* exoeptad.
rioabeu 4:46, i-l.i, 7 M?. 'A. 10:20* to . ri A-i. .; mi. i Ai) 7, OL
iiii n m. .-linday 5:49.8 ..0. In _n a. rn ii 3o. 7. H p. m.
M..Wictown 4:46, 6:46. , Mi. H. Kl JO a ni . :( SO, 4 30, 1, H,
lin p. m. -ainu, 'j ?:.. - an. fo -u a, ,?., c rm, 7 h ,,. m. Thi
i. ne alfi.! Od ttl. Haili* I uni. ii al it .Vc-v Y "k, Ontailo
?I '-V.-ri-in Kailroadat Maii.-aL Pa-ria. m. train atop* at
Hill st. ..lily-.
Purl Jon a 4 tb. 7 *?>?. 9.10 .0 a. m . 4 31. 7 00, 8 00, 8 .1.
m. Humtar Br.10.10:20 a. m.. 6 30, 7 9 p. a*.
IJoati leave -3d st., N. \.. B 19, 8 I _ a. m.. 0 1 b a. io. to tl 45
m. every fifteen mtnntae; b lb p. --. 1. ta :n l.'i p. m. ova-rf
my minute*, .ind 11:49 p. bl lu Belay a every thirty
1 .ke- for pa*.<iage.ind apartment-, la Urawing Koom and
eepnig Coaches caa b< .. .-'li ie. fe,r lb.'cl.eeklug
tl iranalerol iia_Ka?i> mriv iee- ,i-ft _; tin- company a offlo*,
o? 4.11 or '07 Broadway, 1-7 Weal at, .v. Y., so ri Coor>
Brooklyn, or at the . 0 upany4* in ,0 a.
I aprct* tums from tbe Weal *ti,.e; in Now Vork at 7:10L
Hi, 11 '.rs a. m. and lo lo p. m.
JOHN N ABBOTT, aeo'l Pa*e'r Ageet Kew-Yefk.
l i-HT'i-kn
HOURI sit 1 it rr: 11 th IM any OTHBH BOOTK
fire and after D .comber 7 l-i'., tl - Bo* -Yi ik. r>.iia.ielpiiia
nd Norfols lUeiioaei Couipany will run a Ki"! l?av amt
ight Kiproaebetweea Hew.York 11 l< ipeCbariea, Train!
?ve Ni a York. tl*. Peanavlvauia Bailroad,H a. rn, -neva
lyaandHp, m dally arriving Old p?ini CoufortOitSa, m.
eek dapa and 7_M) ? n. dally, Norfolk : n , p ami hi a a. m.
? i, ng c..i* ibrougb from New y..rW to 1'oiiamoniii and
nfTt't Parlor Oar* from Ne w-Vork to 1 ,;, charlo* Inkala,
aiaer tar seat* and ileoplng i>enii- ian in- -. ? ared atary
ii kui utflroof the Pen ii *y I antila K.i. lu. ni 1 ompaar,
R B c.. Ki: Oon'l Pan and IrTelglit Agoat
:' ? ?? -s . __^
iva Heii'-iu RI ??? 81 Hon eon I 'J tst., amt
Ini'olnave., near Third Avenue llartem inver
eaeheel li? I'im.1 Ave'i . Kiev a oa<l dally eieopl
nu,lav* nt 8:49, 7',(V 0:10, IO, ll 6 a. m.. 210, 368 140,
lo, ..-in and 8 p ... fut Port Mon ? Cjaaoove (Oak Point!,
nuts l-e.:,ir. Wool Parma. \.<-. Neat. W.?r Chi-ater,
Irapeem'a, lu* Cbeatei iPe m Baj . liartei.v [I .;y
.land), la-!li..m Kanor an.i Nea Rochell.in"eting at
- . I'.ochelle with traine i'-r ...; point* on ttie -na.n line of
rk, Noa Ha., r. and fl irtfonl Rallroa I
Ina .1.1.1 Au 1 lu- I MMe,
nw. Britain and Bufllelil Brandie* a mi . 'u.-mi ami ail pinn I a
train for New-Roche leand all mrermeeliato sta
J a. a. m. dall . ex, ? I I I t -
sunday fran* foi New.1:0. li- h ami a<l IntermedlataatB.
-ri- at ii- noon anl ri ni 1 train ronneotlng
N ' - leile wltb -.. 1 ouraod neutral Depot aad
On and after January '.7, ''HAH.
nina leave-Ne*. Veirk. via I oobfo*BM ml ce.ir tl mdt Street
1 . : il J, aa fol.ows:
Urn*, tiru. I lttel.urg aud the \V.?t, witb l'lilli-an I'a a.
. are atiacbed, ? a. ni, B. 7 and 8 p m. dilly New-Yorkand
Chli i.n Limited nf Pallor, Dining, t-m-eking and 8bloping
Cai-* al . a. iu every, day.
Villmni*p>rt. Lol k Havi a, 9 a. ni. 8 p r : c-trrv sud Krle
m* ap ru. connecting -t < arty lol tituanlloi I'eirulenm
Centre and th.-1 ni Regions
'.11 taiiaii.iii li 1 to. 3 ."re rn, ami 1_' : : ?
laltlmore, Wsablngtou ami .!.? Routti. Limited Waahtngtoa
Kxpreaa of Pal I man RalaceCar* ilailyei tcp* Bandar, l<>
s m. ..nive- vVaahlngton 1 '?? p.tu and t . 'p ni; arrtrd
\v ... ..,. t . a a pa regular al 20 I awl 8 'J a. m.
1 1 and '? p ta .mi li ... Yt o.m., A JO,
ami fl p n anl I'J 11 ghi
for Atlantic . itv. ex. erl rtund ev. I p. tn.
ror 1 ii ? '-t ev. v\,. pr -'tu I .-. 1. 1 ni
Lom.' llraii.'h, Hay ll"a'l Jinn lt-n and Intennodjata stations
via I'.ti.iw tv .nt Ambor. ' a - - ?""-? ?''?",- 5 P- nl
I.n -m..lay. 0:19 a ni au.'. 6 p.m. -.1" n ti *top at Aaou-.r
I'ark .
i pi . it ind Norfoll nlf'.I hi-i and
.Neir'e.lei Kailro.nl. -;? .1 a. m. ???? - I - :-t I (I ni. e-v-if
... in taiiur- ami na. U m. wei a dava.
Bhi-.'' it.'k.vu Anne* through traini
ut lersey C c.-, affording 1 rn.tt tiaus/er for
ii rv.' Prom Ptttaburg, " -40, ll JO a bl. B-66
u ,1 ?? na p. m. elaily. lr,au -? MhlUgl m ind Malt.more. e):'..''>,
j . li), ..i'i a . I 1. ?' . ; ia. Sutielav,
6 -j.e e'?. m , A 10. Ol'* ami Hi ^ p. rn, rr-m Ptila
., . '.a, 6:20 ii 60 7 ll. - .- -i.i B '... into |., I.)
a rn I 20, '.'. . - ' t ', Mst). I 1 '.
lo-.Ab, B. m.and lirJU nUlit -ur ?.. il .M). 7 ,'u),
l . a. rn . a .... .e -.-. ?' >v, in _5 p, m.
tel,' 1*1111. llnl.rillA.
P?pn-?? .rosaco and (.'ourt.
Undi 1, aa follow*
c . - ? and IO wa.?iui_rto-?
Lil ..,;.. 6. 7. a and J
> ll l'i Si m.,
a-.il 1 r ' 11 - : a- 1 mi-. 61 a u l_.iu.ltci'. i,
.1 ind I'J rilrht.
I . . . 7 :?) a. et.l
? -a . .' ' ' , and ,. tn
eu- ne ct it I ri rn.
i .?? ri -,j ::? - : -tt-t -latiein Phiiaetcliituiv
I-.-.-: n.e. 411 i ?! ? -.'?' : 11 -.' j ?0, il, md 11:16
a mi 1 united Etui . . ? 1,4, 3 ..
_3>, ~ 1 *l- and ? ?? p ? ? '?? ?' 'la.' '.''ii.r.v,
4 .,8 :u? a. m., ft it) i ? ' L ailed .
* I'J n.ii -lp ni
Leave I'lni id. Ipili. via Haiu.leu, . x ni ,nlv eii'ept Hand iv.
- ?? . . tonto.
i.l.el f e. t e- !', .ti.O.-_ ll ee. e ,, .-? _ ( ?? , , | . ? ? .1
?t Aunei statlou, i.,,t .1 kh.i?um. iiiooilyu.i
le ra 1 ? uv. Kimgraul
iii-k'i oO.-o n'". - n'!(?-!; p .. - nd castle oar tku.
? *? ? ? \ irk Ii e i.l foi aud
1 HARLFJs !'. VflH J. lt. wooli.
Oeae-alManager Heueral I i.??i?-er Agest*
7 ? - -, . '. . .,...,...
THE \VI.-T HltOllt P.HUTK I- tl/iN I I UK VT.HV
'Hiiltl. 11F THE WultLHPAM 1 Hi i- \ RIVER,
I liol'NO PHITHII.U* HP ' vl-ie.II I. MiiI'MAlN'si
,,^!' ill ii .r. .11 BEAUTIFUL VALLEY oK 1'llH
li' lt WVK.
0 ... i.n, .m RI I- ... :... - ?? ll leave Weet Uki
it ate 011 aa I v
v . it.itinu, fool -e." J
-mill River, 10 minute* tai lei tl., u (rom tnui of vie.i
1. I -'.
Detroit sud Chicago, '?' '?'' a. 1-.. 600, ?8: IO p. m. MOOpoa
111 '?!>
.-? Cou ?. '? "V stop m. - ? thn _ti
tr. heater, Buai i Fall* I
? ll, *K lop. in Sli ? . - 1..1.1-.
Viii!- 11 ? 11:8.1 a i.t
II _ I, 1 ? k- i-re. .- SUd Klllgeell] | , lu.,
; '1 lo, -ll iu p iii . an ? ?? imi ii . ? - ?
--itu eitreeand Albany.-9_o, ll .6 a. 111,355, ii''",
1 1 ..in
lion'*. Weal Point, <<??-.-- j I an.l (Trwimnr. -7 1>\
?'.' .ni . r .-5 a m . 1 '..'e. 1 ... -eui. il ni p. m.. anet -OOO 1. m.
. v p.m.
mt. tl ito ni
Hu linn, farndon. '.':r.(.i. 111, . "... - 1 -. ;?. m. '1'e.Tunto,
, '. - 1 ? ,
'Dally, iDaily, ? -? ? pl Batu relay. 1 nhci Iralna ila ly except
11 in nv m in 1 rr,
2KO Rioadwgy. ,.. ut , Pa*e?a_or Agoat
I Mw .J Kit-I V I'K.N nt tl 1 I'.'.M-V,
.POOI "K l.l HI il I Y -I".. Veen . .1 rtlVKH.
i'-.h _t it iiuii .. ut n-ioi. 11
Mt wv 1 nu iii.nMi ?u-i.ii all Day 1 reina aad Bl K kim mi
CA lt-s nu Melli Ti-tiln*
lteniriiin<l.av.e Pilli Al'I'l.l'HI v. M?IB ?nd QreeaaU
7 11 -v. HiSO, ll.'d a. m. I 16 ?:4. ?''??". 6:46, 1*00
11 m s.I'N|i\V. -rl'la in. :? A r.'.'"p rn , Third and
Perk*ai* ai Brio. | .1 - ,>.?"??< ? 'a. ? '..o', .( '',
I'1 (ililli B iii. HUMDAY.6 lita. nv. 4 3" tv m.
For 1.0 i. iIavkn. PFALKaad pilli i.ii'-ni'itn, ivnn,
lor "v n'l Va ms pi 1 in-, BCHBtTRV, l.i-.w isbI'KH aud
M I ll .NOV e 1 I V at 7 ib - 4 '? ee. lu. 1 I* i ll" J> Ul.
Por READING snd ll A Rill sn I' ni il 4.>>.?. fi IB. 8:46,
ll l.'e a m., 1:00. 1-.40 4:('n, IS 30, .*? 4'^ .'.'.uii n. ni t-uuday*.
fi SW, 1 an. p. nt.
I'm KP HAN l'< Vs ?l 7a P. B:45 a, m ,8:16 p m
i ir w n.i. i? r..\i;Ui; and i 11 i -'i *> ?' "**>, 8:46a. aa,
l::.o 4.. :? A" p. m. - indat -ar :. np. ui
I i-i lu: I I li in ut :-.'? a in, 4'. Ji .ni ,,,,,. ..v.
lu I AM AQUA ut 7'm. I. - 4.V a. m., I <>?. 3:15, 1:IH.
i.-.i ii h. m. sunday* l.idop m. nmwiww
lol ll Ki III KHEM, .VI.l.l.MOWN and MAI. IH RUWK
Ht I IMI, .' ll. - ll? ll. Ul . I (??>. l.M'. ?'? *b ., I..|l l.l. MUl'Uf
K.r'i-;'vMnN?t4:n(l(7:.0, 8:49 a. li . I 0" l-.'M'.Alb.FOO
1:80, 6:46 7:00, i.'Op ni. Miu.ii.y- 4 .un - ??.*?_*> __*
>. .,.'.. .7. .'.... I,., ?, u- i.u . v. li ?t inti > i.e a m . 4:00
Kl p. 111.
; a kr o N
Hil, ..4.. : rOO. i.'l'p ni. Miu.ii.jsi.>'"- "'?,.""" i"-7',?i
Km ll Hill' niiiluil-: BRANCH at mo. *? 4. a m.. ttBB
iiii "r ('i'm; nht.'N IM, ha:, a. m.. i (c. 1 rM, 4.00. OO,
s,ii fi : i ii. iii. su-.div* 1 Mi p. iii. ....
,,',.' .m, . i.\ ii i.i: u( I..-'. .;-.1 to... -i:.. iii.M.U.lfta.
__l-imli.-0.ar80.8:46. 4:00. i;f,'ao. "?..!.. .vixua'i.
ii't',,7 ,.'.. v .i-i. - .v. I" ;i'p. in -miali.-. 4:i'i). H-A'fia.m.
' V, ;:tN,:',:,,7,.mi -..?. ':.',7t... :.a S4ft; PM 10.30.
Vii, tu HO M" '-* -"??' "??? -' 4 '" 4-'0..VW. 6:1ft.
i'? '?' 0 i, V- 0. 7 00. 7Ao. -1 , I" .0. I.':*-, l-rtfl
'?",,' sar dava. Imo.-."". M8 a. m.. 1-.00 m., Ir30. 400,
I ' ... .. Til 1 ?' Mil ll III
u"??' ,; U M. 'ie. 6:4ft. *..' .10. a. ra., UNI,
'?V ,;.v ii am 'H. iici-AN ni'.'Vi *e .au rall- at
. a, - ,1 ama ui, 1:00, 1.00. I" . li B, m. rnVN
? : I..!. ,-,.,?.. ?( i i hi ?** 1 *i * tn
1 tl *? ; . . i. i i .im> as ua * * ? -? i - ? ? -* - - * ??
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