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FEB. 14, 1886.
(n.< j; rm wwi LsncoaasseoxDEjn of tup TBiatntn.]
London. January 21.
It waa a l.leak tiny ?itli a bitter wind blowing,
Arti mulei font the -tw. tn presented that particular
combination ot melting snow and thick mad wbieb
London is most prone nt. Thora carno not u ruy of
.iii'.sltiuo to euliven th.- teena or to encourage
loy,illy. The (_uteu Mas to open Parliament in
peraon. Not for six yean bad she transacted tbie
ceremony; not Mme that February in 1880 wben
bei beloved Loni Beaconsfield still held tbe office of
Priam Miniate, wbieb he waa eo eoon to lay down.
Abtil fulfil cry ilie- Conservatives: not without
reason aad bat too \ainly. Tho Gladstone Ministry
lia* come aad gone in tin- interval anti thc partisans
o! Mi. Gladstone remark wrathfully that it is o:-ly
foi .1 lory Government that tbe Queen will show
herself to inr faithful Commons and more faitbfnl
Barons at the beginning of a Parliamentary session.
\\ rt it i Li Hid '? ithoilt the- HoUSC >.f Lords th" < eiv
mony is -o splendid tnat it seems a pity lier Majesty
-aili not oftt-nt-r undertake it. Once a year would
not pall on tlie pul.lie, nor has London so many
spectaclee aa to grow easily weary ol them. Then
is a great turnout of people for this. in suite of the
weather. I had heen warne I (needlessly as it
proredl io be early ia my place at the House, aad
drove through St. James's Park just before neon.
The Queen was to leave Buckingham Palac. al half
pris: one. Along the roadway by which she was to
lass people were collecting in gration Tho pul iee
were takiug their stations: -l.ooo ni thom in all
were on duty in the p.irks aud streets, with sundry
battalions ol household troops to lend them a hand
should the aced for it arise. Once out of the Park,
the crowd was gloater ia ;he streets, A lon_ file of
carriage* was drawn np near tbe entrance to the
House of Lonla. and rather than wait I got ont of
mv hansom aad walked t<> the door.
i. No carriages were setting down and a civil police?
man toM me that uo one couldenterbefore 12,
Tbe hour struck as be spoke, but still he said tbey
lnust wait for onl.'i- before admitting us. The
military spirit ruled : tbe pol: e ls half military in
it-, organization, aud in these doubtful days, with
fresh ramon ol dynamite filling tbe air, is more
alert and more pieriae than ever. Presently ap?
peared the bandso-ne, anxiona face of Mr. Inspector
Denning, wno rules sopreaie in and about thc
Houses of Parliament. I hean! afterward he lu:!
rust ooma from a -ear. li of tbe v.lilts and other sus?
picious places in this vast labyrinth. He looked
keenly at the little group of people who bad gath
med at the d.-.-r. each with los card in hand;
aaaaaed to maka np his mind thal non-.' were in
Ross.i'- pay, half recognized oue or two of na, and
gave the word that we were to go in, The porch
beneath which we had been standing waa tbe Peers'
Entrance, lt bad bren curtained foi to-day with
pay ly striped awning.: a shi Iter only too sun-1<> be
needed in tbe midst of the sleet aud snow which
hung in the air. The awuingsstretched on eithei
aide tor a dozen yards and from beneath them you
looked across the brood -p.ne- to Henry tbe
Seventh's chapel and thc whole fabric of the A bl tey ;
while to the right mee tbe Victoria Tower. Within
gleamed the s. arlet and gold oi thc ofth .-rs to whoas
command were intmated the balls and corridors
through which the Queen waa presently top --
" North Gallery " eai 1 my .ard. and koon ina this
to be tbe egnllerjr which faced the throne in the
l'i tis' Chamber I thought myself sure ol a good
view. 13ein_ ont-ol the lir-t to arrive, I reckoned
al-o aa a seat: hut Iliad reckoned witha
Lost. My ho-t. il larnoo to atyla him, ia a areal
Molal, aud il I am his guest it is, I moat own, a
little acainst bia will. A friend to whom 1 >.-..
many thanks?-whose inflneuce nml even authority
art' great, bad applied rn my i.eh.ili j.-1 a place. !!.?
waamet at oaee with tbo objection that I had ln-cu
present on tbe hist similar occasion. A areal book
?was egened and there was the reeerd >>t guests ..t
spectators in 1880, aad my name was pointed out,
The fact i\;i- aadeaiable and threatened t>. be
damn int-*, lt seemed to operate like proof ol a mc
vious conviction at thc Old Bailey. Promiaei
which my ira i d volunteered of future good coudiu t
on my p.ut, and a pledge never again to be seen in
mh!i company, were all unavailing. It wa. onboard
of that a ticket abonld lu- issued twice in success oi
to the tame person, rbe book was closed : the
negative, he aaid, was final. But later, ami nndei
soma kindly pressure, this austere oft. ia! i. tented,
bo h.-re I was in tiie Ninth (ealle-ry. with io '?'
vacant benches to choose from, lt seemed, in;!
seemed wionply. 'Ihe benches and everj
single seat in the gallery were re
served for ladies. Thc spirit oi gallantry ami .ei
gentle consideration for the geatlei sea had seized
upon the official mind, linre men were tolerated.
bnt only on condition of standing behind tl,.'
"evomen. If we had heen in court or evening <lte-ss
we should have looked like oo many footmen in
attendance on the;r miotresoca, bnt WC had!.- ii
mervitally permitted to coom in morning dress. Ai
our iiaire.w pew- Piled I found myself inexeclleul
company, a dignitary of the Church, tin- President
of the Boya! Academy, thc private secretary ti
Le.rd Salisl.ury, ami ot mis.
Taily H it was the chamber below us won
already an air of animation. Functionaries in
ijnaiut egarmenta were moving busily hither and
thither. On the right of tbe throne near one-th rd
oi tie honchos weie filled With ladies, and aver?
ill.nut", nie.ie were arriving Thc eight Bun
burners ol gaapeadent Irom tbe flat-ribbed ceilii
were- ablaze, bal even with the help of tbe dim hirht
which lound ifs way through tbe stained glasa of
the outer windows the place was nonetoowell
illuminated. Un either aide of the throne rise two
tall candelabra, but their aeorea of candles i<
unlit. The sanguine said more gas would he turned
an "hen tho Quean came, bat they wera too aau
guise, and none- \\a>. There was no gloom, there Wa*
only an ab-ence of tba luminousness wanted to aol
oft to tlie height the lavish gilding, tba norgeona
frescoes, the endlesa magnificence of innumerable
brilliant coetamee. The galleriee wera falling more
rapidly than the door. All the ladies tu front nf us
in this North Gallery were in .ourt dress like those
below; Berthing wanting bot tho train, and some
aerupaloaa ones \\o:e trains also: of which the;.
had mach difficulty in disposing beneath the narrow
benches. Feathers in tbe hair were compulsory, as
at a drawing-room, but this i ip<>r was aol enfor. ed
aa at a drawing-room, where any one oflendiug ia
tho least particular oi the specified raimeut voald
be ruthlessly beld bach by stem cbamberlama from
the royal presence. I s;iw perhaps hali B d0?C0
featherless la Iles in ir-.nt of me, Wi ap- n. re kepi
on. Tho temperature of the chamber Waa ii"' many
degreea above freesiag, save tbat on tba fioor, I lu
Qnoe-? is known to be nuable td bear heat, and has
a lam y for open u inilows ami thorough draughts in
tba. oldest weather.
By 1 o'clock every seat on tba righi was full,
save the front mw. ami the enclosure railed oil next
the- throne where Bishops usually congregate, now
:.-?? . ti. el to the- th ii! om at it: corps. Thc ambassadora
nod ministers are tbe liuest -,-iit of all; bo such
mnm ol glowiag .er. 1 . rn ioas color anywhere aloa to
na '-e'r.. ih' r aoiforoaa are heavy wita gold and
i .* matte in hue, some of them glittering with som*,
'1 lift Ameii.aii Minster came ia good time, aad I a
hil plain avening dress was much the most COBspin
noas lij-ure amid his bedecked and daizlingcol
leagnoa, Dnaa lum baw yoa might, bia figaro and
t-.iey rtifrnity ol manner would attract attention
anywhere, Op-e-sit. egathond a little later a group
of royalties. The Daba ol Edinburgh, the link.- ot
Conaaagfat. the Daba of Cambridge ?*.. t together on
im- trout Opposition Hench, while at the end in his
pm's lobes stood the 1'nnce ol Wales, lennon- OVei
the rail ami talkiag to a lady who eal behind his
brother. 1 im- thc le.insMinisterial and Oppoaitioa
beaches, but I he-re is ol' course ute political siiniili
cance in the distribution of people to-day. The
Peers, ministers excepted, have .proved their
gallantry dy giving up nearly tbe whole ol theil
awn aaaaa to their wives and danghtora to other
Peers' wives and dughtan ; or to ladies who fm
the time being pass as wives _ml daaghtera ol
Peera One of the latter told me that she was in?
ti ted to tuc last opening hy a noble loni now
deceased, famous among other things for the cool?
ness with which boeetasideaU raiee and regula?
tions, whether ol' his own honse or of general
society, us did not suit his own convenienec. As
Hiey entered, an official asked lum. with deference
but Dimness, who was tue lady. ? My daughter."
The official no doubt knew that he had no daughter,
but the answer waa decisive, and they passed
togctberon to th.- sacred door. To-day most ol the
ladies as they ari ive are shown to the hem hes on
the right of the woolsack .the woolsack is jost in
front of the throne, and there Iiml such seats as
they. can. But thoTwats on tba opposite aide an
reserved. I can see from my perch earns on each,
hut 1 do not know on what principle, if on any.
some aro so mu n more favor, d than others. The
favored ones arrive naturally later than tbe lem
favored, ami some ilo not arrive at all, for among
these dames remain aeated to the last some of the
aquino who had gone to pay them h.image.
There ia one point in wnieh today's proceedings
resembled those ol' an American political conven?
tion. They opened with prayer. 100|ht to have
mentioned it e.n lier ior it occurred long lien.re tlie
Queen caine, ami long before th.- royalties whom 1
have already named h.ol appeared. Hut ..ne cannot
always be chronological. The i rayer came midway
between the opening of tbe doors to the throng of
sightseers and tbe approach of Her llajeaty. This
indeed ia, in theory, like any other sitting of the
House e.f Louis. Thc I.md Chancellor tonk his s.-.it
at l o'clock instead of l or 5, and the Bishop of
Southwell rem] mayers. Aft.: which matters went
on as helene. But I must int sho-.t the story of these
preliminary imi.huts, remarking oul* thal tin-two
boars during which I looked on had natadnll
moment in them. I'he decorous vivacity of tbe
sn ne nover grew still, save when the loud and
slightly narah toneaof Hie Bishop inspired silence
mi everybody t>'.-f. Tbe music ol low..es lilied
tbe chamber, the ripple of laughter was nuceasing;
every moment entered some great personage, most
ofteu a pe. less, advancing with dignity and some?
times with grace to lier appointed seat. Ce'le linties
wero ever visr'eie ; great officers of the- royal hons,-.
h..Ll. ire.it Ministers ol .State, greatex-Miaisters,
Peera great by rauh'and aome of them bj character
an.l sei. ieei: women chose !.?? mtv or other r. noa .i
has i i!e.i a kingdom for years past; some of them
nol unknown across the' At antic. There was.
moreover, au Anglo-American contingent and also
an American ; one American ladj whose charm of
manner .md gracious presenci London has rather
1.1 te-Iv learned to ad ie ii.- : another foi some y< a
ornament ami an i lol ol English so. ? t\ : .i type of
beauty, distinction, o finality, intelligence; tn
H hum Hu' in.nm-'.? ol ._ngli.ll and A mei n .m a
If tbe Queen left Bn 1.in -.-H.'-n Palace tt half pa :
l. she was due on the throne at ii o'clock, vi' -
ordinarily punctuality in person aad ail was rn
rea lines, lor her some :. u minnies before I' a hour
boomed from Big Ben. The Peers in their strange
robes of scarlet ermine baned, crowueu 'he cro-ts
h.-ni'h. sand theftwo [longitudinal front benches on
e ihci side. The judges formed .i compact s,.u.,; e-.,i
red gowns and gray wigs nsf in front ni tn. wool
sack, on w liicb the- Lord < 'hancellor, \\ ith Ins short
lignre and face thal for ver reminded you ol Toole,
si .1! laughed and nodded righi and left. Kvorj seal
iu thc open side and end galleries was filled with
ladies, a lew .itt.'., bea ??! emba: - es am! legations
? v .-'.te.!. As tin- hour .'new near, tho Prinet <>t
Wales quitted the lady t?? whom he had l?een t.'li.
Ug. ascended the dais, and took the chair on the
i ^>,: ut the th.'em' to which he is heir, I'hero he
waited, motioul. ss. I'he hush grew deeper, Ihe last
luonnur oi Uni erina conversation ilied away, and
I i.e door on Hi-' len behind thc
tin..ne ...,- closed, but through tbat on '!:?? i ghi
could ?-' ? '? -eeo aclu-eteroi scarlet uniforms.
Dace or twite the door to the right opened but only
;.. close, anti iwi '? Sir Kraut-is .Seymour. Master of
t'eremonies :?? Un- '.mit untered(and crossed and
.iuitt. '. Ibe cl 'ml" r.
At ten minutes past li caine a blast of trumpets
1 lu le.!i Ililli l\TT, Ve-el nt ll.r ..nt e-r .lill a tl- ev I lei
.vh.ei' company rose. I'he l'i a o ro,e and rcm-iim-d
stand'ne. A iii _ men I lat':', the door to tbe right
opened and am id perfect st illili *s. broken on 1 j i.y the
involuntary rnstlc ol s.i',.. and th.' never silenced
stir o' a n. ? .t tude, tlie boa 1 ol the royal pia. i
waa se n advancing, pm sui vants and heralds in
quaint attire leading ihe way. lia" aye ot
chivalry r- not gone ; il inn ives .i m not!, mi > !-.?.
..-tune These living relics ?>: am.ther ami
inure pi' ' mes |ue civ il; '.at.ou um vc a- ii tie -.i, ..'ht
ul ..emu -ei.il 1,111 e[,-tie- 1 t' ie . r I l.l I.e.. lt ls lint the
cuirass hui the tabard wrought iu strange dei cc:
Hu- corselel i'.as gone hut the doubh-t and i
nie- here'wit li rampant lion and leopard couehaiit,
rlii- in a! anns ..i Kughiud ind Scotland aud I know
not WI, lt er-.- emilia OUC?l HI val Vet a ml :?. ?!
argent, and gulca I lareiicieng King ol Arms is
h.-ie. thc Gentleman Usher ol thc Ilia. I. Bsd follows
him, who precedes tbe Karl Marshal e.i thc lb-aim.
I he Cup ot Maintenance is cameo hythe M
.1 VV mc hester; high privilege to which Li'I,..th
westral right us I'remicr Martinis et i.n
Ure l...;el I nvy Seal ami l_ord 1 . li di hi "I th"
(nini .! aro rear-guard to the Cup and adi ance
guard t'. the Sw .rd of Mate borne by the Mamu.
ut .Salisbury ns Prime M uister, Ile wields this gill
ie.n I.u mi.!,inle weapon as il he would gi aili; lay it
nv n : not a* Lord lieaconslield bore il upright in
;,:- iu.i hamI- straight I" lore lum pride iu hrs j. .it
and w Ci protouild eii.oynu nt ol the pageaut
wherein ie- waa o great a figure.
Tho Queen appears. Her Majesty moves slowly
ihi..ii .-li Ihe dour with that astonishing diguity ul
l-earing a*bii h nigh forty year* ol sovereignty have
; e-t.iw.'d upon le i abor! stunt figure. She is clad m
deep hlat k ti immed e. ith ermine at Hi.- edges ; lo\*
neclj ami long tram, ami bel gown is better made
than w hen sin last wained through that door, near
six yeats igo. On her heaei a diadem of brilliants;
un her nt "i- giows a living light which Hashes to
the farthest end "t tl..-hali ::,<? priceless Koh-i
noor. Itu- Prince ol Wales quits the chair by
which he :s ht imiiiig. descend* tie.: two st? ps .el tin
dais,'neets bi* royal mother, bows low, i.i--es Inr
buuel, ami conduct* her to the throiie: does it all
wu h eonsiderable grace and irreproachable li um ri
itv .'i demeanor. With tbe tineen is tho Princess
Beatrice iu ruby velvet, whom, ii -.-i'm-, we are now
t.? call the l'i I., ess Henry, .un! atteuding lier
Majesty is the Mistress of the Robes Pm he-sot
Bueclem h , and a Ls.ly ol tin- Bcdi bamber winni. I
cannot name. Other Officers <'I the Household
follow- Tiler Lord StCM a,.I. the: Master of the' liol te,
Her Captain ol the yeomen ol the Unapt, thu Cap?
tain oi the Honorable Corps ol (ientlemen a' Aim-,
but ou imne of 1 lie-in th. anv ol us heston many
glances, We mt. all watching tito Queeu as she
lUOUUtS thc two steps ami h ats Leis. Il tm the
throne, a he re tbe royal robes of crimson Velvel a tl
a bite silk embroidi red in gold, which -he mm lit to
wear, arc hanging, -."i In n she has taken her seal
the nival robes ito certainly look aa if they were
pai t ol the! att ire ul the occupant of the gill aim
-hair. Ihe procession aron ped itself ahout the
?.?u. .-i i. ih'- Princess Beat*ico sf,??| l-e-ude her
mot her on the ? i __. 111. the lim-hess ol Buccleuch be?
hind, and in their compaui two Mina ol th.- Prince
nt Wales, Prince Albert Victor, in Hussar uniform,
and l'i un e (jeor?C.
The scene was al its height of brilliancy; is mora
htilliaiit I Hunk Hain.un other any n here now to
in- w if ncs-ed : hn ll ia i.t *-. 1111 color, iv ith the beauty
eel wini,en. u nh gt ms, with 1.1 ii li. with urea! na mes,
with historic assmialiona Clonks und ?*>raps had
dropped oil as the compani rose, and wonderlnl a-.in
the gleam <.l white shoulders ipa ri ! ng with youth
and w eih prc. iousstones when this transformai on
was wrought. Many ol these great ladies were iii
Ll.uk. hut thele w. !?? con ll?i til -kv Lille and a bite
.imi rose color and mani another delicate ur
splendid tint, and the jewi is lhe.\ .'.on' wonld have
mure than ransomed all the Kiugi ami Qm ens still
mi linn.penn throne-. A blaze ol e.nm wat everj
where, searle! fol oura blondell with crimson, and
crimson with ruby red, thc hlack and gold harmon*
uiug tbe mool discordant dyes.
There was s long pause, the Queen motioned to
ber lieges to lie seated; theu the t.nthiul Commons
w..e summoned ami arrived inamob with much
i ii tu u lt oi voices and slamming ol doora The la it lr
lui Com in .ms ti st, iy their devotion to ll.r M.jest)
by their extreme impatience to arrive iu her prei
euee. Quiet restored, the I.oul Chancellor guee
down "ii his hines ami hands a paper to Her
Majesty, who Lauds il forthwith bat k tu hun. 'Hus
is the Queen's speech, which the I.oul chancellor
[iT'ieecIs io read. Wa had all boped the Queen
would re-ad it herself, which thev nay sin does very
well, but tbe fatigue of tho day see ms io bc euougli
for her without that, laud ll a Isl.un makes hun-' If
easily heard and we listen in demi silence. Nobody
in thia august presence ol royalty or its throne
dreams ol applauding. Ami then all lsseou over,
lim Queen riaes; all rise with or before her; she
iit si ends, hal iug l'i un o Albert Victor by the baud,
fha Prince of Wales steps forward aa il to accom?
pany bia mother, hui aller a few words she passes
on alone, the procession which tame with her in
stately nieaaure goan out as it beet can, and Ibero
breaka forth aaain throughout the House ul Lords
thc ea.cr sound ol voices impatient ol twenty min?
utes' silence.
Leaving at once, 1 found myaelf al thc. omer of
Palace Yard ju-t aa the Queen came hy oa her re
tum lourney, The carriage, aot) still more Hie th ree
llluukcys in livery who clung behind, wire mag?
nificent,- so wero Hio trappings ol tbeaixcream*
colored horses who drew the whole. Her Majesty
showed her face?it is a rubicund, strong visage?
cheerfully ont of the window, and with the .lank
of trottiag cavalry mingled the grateful sound of
her cheering people. The next minute rame a sound
less gratnlul. Across tho road leatling to West?
minster Bridge was a stout barricade of timber
guarded by police, and behind it an angry moh,
who groaned. They ero.med loudly anil more than
once, ami the '('men's fatc as sba heard it flushed a
deeper red. Tue aame thing. 1 was told, happened
at another point Ol the route. Hut I testify only to
what I saw and heard. In another moment thc
cm teg. had passed and the ceremony was over,
_____________________ (i. W.s.
>noM nu ni ',ri ui coniesrosDr.KT of tiik raimnte.'
c.ivsia\ i iv.eeLF. Jaaaary 25.
Turkish ofiiccrs of inch rank ere not always
noted for largo technical abilitv. An example
of thia baa come to hand from Tripoli in Barbary.
The'Turkish Governor of thal province bad been
ordered to place bia seaports ina state of defence
with a view to poaaibilitieo. A quantity of tor.
pidoes wis sent to him for use on the coast. He
need them, bnt bas been grieved t ?? tind tbat they
do nut stay where he put them. After Anding aa
assorted lot bobbing on the wavea in the harbor
they wire expected to defend, the- Pacha had tbe
unstable machines gathered up. But when the tor?
pedoes were bronght in, two were miaaing, Search
parties were sent ont, nndcr sec rot orders, but fonnd
nothing. A tiny or two later ono of thc missing
torpedoes came in of its own accord. It was hoped
that tbe other would do lihewiae, and the Pacha,
lorn with an.mt- !.st some of tbe Turkish Irons
ports abonld encounter lt on thc high -eas and be
blown up, confided bis secret tothe Government
here. A mitice to navigators has been
i-sin d iu consequence, stating thal a tor?
pedo is loose on the Mediterranean, and
sea i a nf a iris <- |.,> hope to re ich their desired haven
are advised to give it a wide berth. How they are
expected lo accomplish this feat is not stated.
Here isa good subject foi niahtmares of an pntlrelv
newqnalit] for those who are inclined to go yacht?
ing on the Levant sins m ih,- winter months. I be
moral ot tbe oceni ? ? dd seem tte be that a
law sh.mi,| i?. pass, ,i pmhibi.r Ihe sale "f torpe?
does lei children and Tnrhs,
The Grech literary s rictj Inthiseitv, hnown as
the "Sj li.'_?. -." is a flourishing inst 'in;mn which
devotes n rood deni of attention te. srchirolosr, as
well as t.i the development of ihe Greek-speaking
peoples of tbe Turkish Empire, lt ma* interest
Bomen) your readers to learn thal thiaaoeiet\ i
templates hohling a general congress ?.f fireeV
scholars in this eity in the latter part of the Hum?
mer. Several ol the lending Oreel, professors from
Germany and from England ire to he present, and
the occasion is likely to be one of interest ami of
profit. Itis*!; fli t attempt of Greek i-cholar-diin
in thi-city tn i'.i- it its existence he fore Ihe
world in any g neral sense dnec the dispersion of
tile leal ll. .1 men of (oiisl.'ll. Minp'c !.'.? hil,air.ll
years a-.-o.
In the mids* nf the trials of the time the Ministry
has fe ?! i en I oee i?bm to modify an im mrtanl law "I
Ihe Kin pi re. ll i- the lan again*! blasphemy, one
nf the most imiKtrtant of the code for those w !:.>
I ive I ib ins theil wits to Wai in overthrowing an
ad vern in. W!ei r.e-- er a m in has a quarrel and im
e'onnt'Ts iriiiir.il'n s if fae? in getting the lav
Im.my it i? customary ta urge bim with blas?
phemy' The reckless volnbilitj ol t)?- Oriental
when e-vasjee- .it. .| alway* leaves one al ri loss (()
know inst what he did mv ..nan- given necasinti.
If two witnesses would testify thal the culprit
nsed blasphemy Oin matter passed rit once
.eui of the dom un of the ordinary
I, and Ina .inn- a State efl ? 'i m ??:?.! no
trial, hut iu which the Sublime porte itself had the
e!e- .-m;i of the lt ngth "i lime Ih il Ihe w ;. iel ?
expiate his fau 1 in prison. I li ? pi ii le ?? nf Hms
punl h rr ir an antagonist m n losing cause has
hitherto been rnjoyed bj all .'.e-i ? alike. Vow,
however, nil this has lM-fii eba .- .i. \ '| m k was
. . ?! n ir ii ha ...h. m ug Ihe mimi ol find. WI .ri
Hie- eas** wen' to the P iii- mi aeljudical inn, thi* de?
rision was made 'lia' tO I'!., pliian (teni I liol blas?
phemy, bul a ?'?? loosen ? -.f language, ond
orders were issued thal hereafter noone shall he
he-r.l to lee- Vin.!\ nf hl.tsphemy Unless he' shrill
have blasphemed the name <?! the Pi op?
hel Mahomet. The Christian* .,f the Empire
reg id Hms a. an unfair regulation. No M..-Nm
i- likely t.< in nil thenamr nf I is own Piopbet,
while Ibe subjecl offers unusual attractions tu
('hr I-I Lllls add'. '.'! IO Wars Of Hie ti Ul L'i ie V ll', ali'
.reny wilh believer* in th-. Prophet. Sn
the new interpretation of the law n expected lo
Le ii heavily on the t'hristian population, Ibu*
deprived "I i righi illowed t" lh< il Slosh in n- igh
hors. The number of net inns of lin* uni ure may
he- | nd get] tieem the- ).nt thrrf iiinh i ihe nen
ps, nnt uh man; as one hundred |ienons lu ld in
durance foi hlasphcmi othei than I he kind rcco-f.
ins.,| hythe presenl law ofllcer. wen released
fiom Ihe pn -oi. - ill ihe i it) alma'.
[FROM ?s ... l*|OKA1 . ..inn 'I ..s-^n I ..I I up 1 lani ai '
I'vin-. ,1,uniary l?.
"Mademoiselle," I >.ii?l t?? Louise Michel in
tbs counts of a conversation with bei to-day," why did
\ee:i met lum ry *"
?? i;. i'.'iihi- ii,ii iii.- the Kamiri all awn wara Idiots aad
nothing wai loft to me bul loesooassthe Ftevolntloo,"
.rn wired the with a rslbei -...mini look. I-au thai i
bad ii uii a mistake, and i" mend matters uld:
** Keally. Mlle Michel, I innst tell you that even people
ulm an entirely opposed to your rerslatiooary ideas
? .iini.it lu ip Put admire your courage, your abnegation
and your zeal." I l.n.l at-.an ml ted tba mark. "Ad
mliatlon," ihe answered," is entirely uuneoessary In
this world; avoryiwdj does only thal ohich pleases bim.
If 1 ilnl uni like what I am iii.lin: I Would tint do il. I
Uki hardships. I Ilks the poor, I like revolutions, or I
WOUld ll"' enuc, rn my Mil "lill Ullin. I.t-1 us lc.ivi ail
miration to the nen. They make chattels of ns women
with admiration." I ht that question drop
?? Maj I ask where jua will allah ymir teal I"
" I am disgusted with France sad i nea going back ta
Nen < .ii.'.i.mn." saiii Mile, Louise, "i lived therefor
ten fears and i um food <>r Iba eoantry ami fomi of u
warm i nm.ne. i shan fnuiiii schools there, aot for the
Krenob bul Ior the natl ten, tba Canaeka, I shall spend
my time tn educating tbe savages aud ta teaching them
the lows >.f libatty, I have already e-jroparod several
booka foi them. One eif tin in is a reader that contains
un live- ol the graal revolutionists. I aa Ineorre
sposdeaeo witb tilt- Major <?t Noumea; be and I will
woi ii together."
?? iLiv \e.ii im Idea of ever going *o America I"
? Ve-. I -im.ial Lin to g.. to America vi rv nindi: flr-t
1^ see my brother revolutionists wbo are lo exile there,
ami tin a rn study the school systems. Tbey are ia u
? titi' of perfection iin-r... Prance ba* made prugicss la
n.i - direction since 1*71, bul lhere la still room for Im?
provement. \-e would i iii i>r.?v,- iain If we were nol
lurceel to live nuder the law >.r ian I moire rn Un- lame
i:,.|,ii'lir. i have isugbl msst of my life; I did a gooel
ei.e.ii of leaching ia Sow '.iii ai.uii.i. My vocatloa, after
? imi nf a pinn.ii. ..'<>r nf revolutions,ts teaching, lam
very load ol music and gavt lessons on tbe pianola
Prance and la New-Cabdonia, lu Noumea we had aa
., .i rn ki ty initiumenl -.? "i whose notoi wen-1 ra en
.uni ilnl lint -..ami. I'1 -ur' tin-rn-I. una nt I lavented a
uaw method ol teaching; Ihe pupils wers laugbl to sup
plf all iii-- sile in notes uith -in.'iiiL'. i i.r -aovemeuts
wen- m..- ?;,'. law, l<ut for that vory reason tht
tem moved a good one. In lliat way 1 laugbl ihem to
transpose, fur v. ben .-ne m.te wa* aol given in one rn ? a
ii was given in another, and we m.nie harmony li* ir.iu
|i,ni_. Ilelore I." to New Caledonia I shoals like to
?...lei i.e i man) .ucl lltissla t'l see my friends there, the
vailnus revolutlanari groups. I shoal J like lo study
reVSlUll.Hit si l? Ol ' ''le r. fur awhile."
- Would it in- in<i? -. n et lo ii u rou if yon have aoj ic
souri i- for sui ii extensive travelling I"
" .Vii. I Lin. mme stall. Bal I Im. er -vant fur any -
thing. I alwsyi Bnd the mean- ol dotaajast what I
piesse My friends provide the lu ads. Thc Mayor ol
.va,n.m.,i-ii i he would pu) m\ way Lack n. bis country.
lt el.er- |,eer ll.-t nun ll. I .llWIIN- |r,,ve-| I ilirel e l.l?-. I
tha . ask lilli i<< idvs bm s ll ke i l?j ?.,> e.r Amerli n. In
Aii.e-11< .i i won'l need any money; my meads lhere will
provide. I nt mi tioe-.t i.>j '..i inyit-lf; il Isooly f.u
my i.r that i require lt "
.in . iiini representative! >>f tbe publishing boa es
Olleiidorfl ami I..- Hoy wert ennjuueed. Thu llrst ls
in iklug nrraiigi inents wltb louise Mit bel to puldUfa bel
Me.ns, ucl i,.i tin.-- novels, and Ihe otber ber poliU
. a:-a.nns. Hhe bas piles Ol maim e ripti.
you iee." said stir, turning ta mo,"now that the
papers are filling Ihclr columns rena' me, and I um the
topic of print, the publishers all come to oller me their
services. Before, \-.iren i wa- la prisun nml sorriv in
m..il eef the mosey, I coo IJ aol got one to accept my
Urti. I don't waut their money now.and l don't snow
wiici lar I shan give them mi works lo publish. Reslilt s,
I have always asea nanni bj (uittisbers. I hs.i had
rniir;, after story stolen, rea deliberately stoh a. I inuo
na i UBS, takea oul w toy m..tiler's own liedroom.
Nothing is -ee iud bera Publishers ara a wi ol -ii.trsa
1 have ii.iit.til one of my i.o.o.n ? !___ Microbes.'"
traoii job gfoni in mioiamnprar of thl rammi
VVASHiNOTOir, Feb. 13.?Jooeph Etnoraon
Brown?old "Joe" Brown, ai ho ls tamtllarly eallod
is one of tho most eoiispieimiis Bgurea on thu floor of
tho Honate. lie- looks eighty years of ace Urang- in
reality he is imt slity-llva 'lhere ls a certain patriarch?
al hwfe aboui him ? kieta al oa ?>? attest li attentl m. Ho
has .k long silvery beard; (ha tap al his bead ls almost
bald an.l bis hair ls of that smooth, lank and oil] kind
wim h in ti.e popular mind is generally associated with
? certain nd.tr of saootlty. Illa enemies soy that ha
looks like a Morawa Ills friends pretend to see ta him
.1 second Ain. in.ni. if rs hardly necessary foi me to tay
that In- is aeitbei 'he uno un' tha it In r.
".'oe-" Brown, though a Baptist, ls a Atm viiever in
his own destiny Among all the Democratic Senators
he i-. to-lay, the only eene wine thinks thal be alli yet i a
ealled ni eui i.soapy the White Uousa His ambition ls
boundless and surpassed ouly hy bis egotism. Cool,
.ii ? i.e'.i stienl .uni oaleulatlng, ho ban all theatttlbntes
nf .i ineeensfulintriguer. n? 1- a born schemer, in
i icorgta In-1- ?? boss." Nothing ls done there wit hoc t bia
consent. Ibe political tortuoes ol every pul.lie maa ta
tin- state .ne iii hi- keeping. miu, makes aad unmakes
'mn ..- ka raes t.t. it would aol bo wise ta a yoong
mau just entering |? isijii>- life to Incur the enmity of
".lao" Brown. Ho bas tra.li...', more than ..nc in his
. Senator Brown i? ono ol the few Southern men promt*
ii"nt in public life who ran lay any claim to being self
made, He i- .< native of Hw th I'arotlua, though the
greater parrot i is boyhood was spoat In tho mountains
of northeastern <?? ??r_ri.i. where in- f..tlu-r owned n small
farm. Hera ha labored lo the Held and attended stock
until be was nineteen years ot aga In ibo winter time
in1 luana-' <i t>. attend a c.,' mt oountr. icheol whore bc
learned how to read snd write; hal beyond thia nothing.
ilo han beard, however, ot Calhoun Academy lu South
Carolina,aa in titutlonof learning under the cbaigeofe
Wesley l.e-vere-ir. Iii-, ambition wai to enti-i lt for a
term. Bot how waa he to do Ul tte had no mooey. Ho
hui im friends. Ile hali.lotbing, even, except the
s at in-'.'.eer.i bis back, iii worldly possessions .'"ii
il tad In a yoke ol iteers; that was all. But Le bud
courage and the determination to succeed. He set out
witta tue ...'ii, accompanied by in-< younger brother,
.Leiiii-s, ii,,,v an eminent lawyer at Canton. Georgies, to
ride alternately in- f.'ih.-rs plough borso and drive the
snd to i ? track tho horse utter tho inuln part
eif tba Journey was completed s ttistauce of aboui 130
inileis. He sold hts si ? ? rte arrival lor eigbl .lithe'
board, cure ml the school ami went ta debt lor tuition.
i rue i manner iilnt I bim credli nnd friends. j\i
i . .1 ol bis bonni contract he returned to bis horns
liri ?? mon tu >?' bool, a Ith I ie pr ict nIs of
whit b in-1 edi bl* lunion debi - uml bu i some money '..-ft
lo apply to the expenses eef u not lu-r r-rn . lr ni this
? . bi ' I ii ul anti "'a' ? ' ? io \. sdi my,
alternately; paying lor bl* own tuition wltb the money
i,i.. earne?I ..- a tc i-r ["brough theklndnc io!
a fi lend who sdvanoud hi.ii tbe money, ho was sble o
attend tbs law school ut Vale in I -? i e. Being graduated
among ths blghesl in bli cia ? he returned to lils home
.int egan tbe practise ol thi law. rwelve yt us later
be was elet ted (tavern ii <>f lieorgla.
lin- uni. ni ihle i ccefs in a man so young
an . ed uulvcrsal attenttoo. "Jon" lirown's ??
? im-iit career only Incrco od thc wonder ot pollilclans.
While, in- methods were nol always tho best or tin
pures', ia.1". .''i'l in- sagacity and shrewd.
nei>s lie- j?:..>-.-.! h."i '? ll . " trimmer " of unusual re
Indeed, -??. atoi Ingall* In one nf bis ? -.* ugo
onslaughts .in "Joe" Brown ia the Senate, ootnpai eil
'??I the thin gul.I lbs " -erniiieir rr.un ?lanka "
? ? a -a ti.;. ons hyptM -e. a ha wai
:??:.r wasnlng bis bauds with lnvlsible|ss ip In Imper
hy io a habit "I I .f".- "
I constant Ij i ib lug his li ami < wh ri be i
ng u.e'-.nari' Mr. in.-...: , too, demil.-el hts
t fl si ??' tin.
rn .Iii ,i ?? Me. ' I'n.iii IL en of Mi"
r-. i..i'..' ? ,,i- .lo .-ch - ri r.i .. nf .merion politics," ?? a
-riM- log political I's 'i whs had beau ou all sides
..' . , . i ll ' e|lle.II en. wbO ll.. I vi. , .
i hts Iii lime, .mil iieiei'i_..ii tu norn
in- eli. i a rbi denunciation ol .iee-'' Brown ls
m.- a ioi cthei iiii| ist. ll ? :. ? a ?? - a ., nr.ul m?u
i ?> , - i i ii. la liol it w.i- not nu purpose
rn . n-e r ne-.e., review "f -.'i nor Brown's p in ami pol
: . '? lt wna ruthi | ola oul th. di lenities be
overcame lo bis ? . s I the iu ess which attended
hun In Uti r ;? i ir
i . niau-, other men In p ihllc Ifc w ba bal a
. Joe " Brown bas bud tho
nee ain I eouu-eel uf a faithful and ?ynipatbctic
\' ,t.- Mrs Lie.-,-, ii. in in a swn way, li nil bern
ne,m.m. *,.' ls tbt daughter of .i Le il .min.
: - beard a stol, abo rr hu which Illili r tte.?
uni) bel owa peculiar sbrcwtlaei .-?? bows wbsl
.-? power "i 'joe" Brown ls In (itorgla polltlci li- I
. .m.i' tei 'ii- Keasts . appuloteel by tbt Hoi
e: hoi lo l ? . i i i ? i - .-ie ii ion ol' ion
? i.ii (loni.en. Ir waa but natural In bim tbul hi
pretend sot to eo vt the honor In fact, lt was given out
. would not be a esudldutc for re-election to the
-..I..'.-. Bo, before the LogUlaturc niel the frienda ot
utbei aspirants came lo Wi abington te. Hud out lt the
report was true, I bey rouldu'1 gel a word oul of tho eel.I
man. however, and werong.I deal bewildered, They
called ni on Mrs. L; ..un to pay theil :.? [te. ls, when she
asked them wbal I icy wen dolim la IVtishingtou. They
(rankly told her thal Hu.ctol their visit wis to
lr Brown would bc n i sndidats be
fore ti., i ? ? . ir not.
?"ie,n mlgiiS i. ive- s,\,,i yonr car farr," sho replied,
'.. toe likes tbi -.ni'.', .h. i be allows he'll stay."
Beaatoi Beck ls as unlike ** Joe " Brown ta everything,
as ran wsll bo Imagined f.igbof shout tbe same
aire wita tin. (Senrgla H.itor, ne looks nearly Iweuty
y.ars younger. Ho seems iii the full strength of bli
le,rillllele.il. Ile- ll.IS U StlOUgl' marlie'.I f.ll e . .1 full evilly
hi-iul eil hali, a Ittong frame, ami a rolia-a i"in I rf ru nm.
lin. eneigy he | nts Into hts speeches I* so.thing tre?
mendous. Hi ? winia- Le.i. shake* n, a,, amphosizos with
sweeping movements nf bis amis ihe arguments he hm bi
si bbl opponents. Il" Ls always ta earnest, lils fund
of humor ls mu.ill. tlc ls a Pa ol lim.m. ,inl ., nn Hilarity
ot ii.,- foreign-born statesman ls that bo lets.ppor
lualty escape to denounce everything inp ts foreign or
nu Amelie m. This weakness frequently gives Ms
adversaries an opening. Otherwise lt is difficult to ge!
at lum. Beek I- a W*ll Informed mau. Hoi-i.e, rr
especially m making n^nn-e* tit ins aide eef a ease.
rimline ls his strong point; diver his bobby, Howiil
talk on crih.-r hy the hour, always ontertalnintly, some?
times with eit.it. Often losing bis temper, ho never
forgets tbe amenities of Senatorial deb.ua lu this
respect ho shows wondai fol lolf-eoptiul, ead un,mt
lorva ;>s a pallet n to many of his colleagues.
Having lived tbe best years of lils lifo In Kentucky,
Lei li i ii- well posted on hm-es umi their rsolng looonls
a-.inr .h.in in i lir-Lite, ld-know-Hie petligreo of ull
Hm noted hotsea uf the cooatry, .\ bor?o race win
eiraw lum away from his seo! la tho Manolo BUT Bay,
oven tl.sh a silver debate ls oa. At tho Ivy City races
ko ls a regular attendant If I mistake aot ka is one of
tho -I,.wauls of tho cluh. In Ins hots be ls us cautious ss
a Scotchman gaaevallj ls, ABS bel In the French
mutuals will satisfy him: ami lt ought to, for, hore, a
m.tn wim vaoturci a whole . ~> bill sn n borea raea la mu
pooled of being a " plunger." Wast laglan, I may remark
in (eas iu_. I- ,i |, mr Beld fe.r ihe line'!,maker-, who Hen?
ri all \ give it a wide berth, nol -.. much boca i tc lhere ii
im mono) her.-, bul because uoboilj seems wllltsg to
i.i-t. Bul to return lu Beek, llo and Coagressmua
Wilkins, ol nhl.., were talking ol Welcher's over some
business m itteri iii" athol dar, whoa Ibe Kentuckian
i pied .i picture nf a horse banging mi toa wall.
" linne'." In' e-xi':.I'll.I'll "Uh rapture. " If B pa CU'S Of
l..-vin.'on, tbagracdesthoiaa that rvei s.-.i on tour
" .es." ssl.I Mr. Wilkins, "he was certaiiih ? very
rt mai kohls iim-e-. Waa he .i 11 nit ei ora 1 nuneri"
\ hwb ..f i..??Hal'e. Morn passed over Seoatoi Psok's
i.r...iel es pi eui vs eountonsnee. "Waa bo a trott sr or ?
rnnm ri" he repeated, astonishment.pity, and profonnd
dis a t being blended in ms lone of Ins vole. " \v as he
n trotter or a runnerl Well, well, well, I do declare, I
never lu-.mi nf such astounding Ignorance before In Hie
whole course of mj life, exoeptlng on one occasion, and
ihai was lixo fears ago, ami g fellow Souaioi was0
frightful example. Iroquois bad won tim Kbgllsh Delby,
and wo Kentuckians naturallj (ell proud ol tbasiioeoae
ol tho Amelie.ni lacer abroid, anti waited with breath
Isssanxlet) lor rews!.Kianee tbat would tell us nf
the victo!) or defeat eif tho Rennick., bred lo.hull, aha
wus entered foi tho Orand Prix, ol Pans, rim da) of
lbs r.no I opened u.) afternoon patel and looked foi thc
p.ms gate hoe tbo Ural thing. I wea overjoyed to Bad
that Foxhall bad Indeed wan, and aent a pnge tor Son
tte.i Vlllson. Wben be i .um . ivei tom) <!?? ->k i pointe>il
:,. thc Pan,, telegram and asked him to ' Rea i that* He
rea.I the i uragrnph and culiul) oxnicaaed his gieal grut
iii.atiiiii over tue vleteiiy. AHer In- bad rna oo a while
ha linvale real mn le, the Inquiry! ' Was lt O tfOttlttg OT 0
running rare that Foxhall wonf
Imagine ni) feelings. Wordieonld not es press them.
I f.-ii 1..i. it iii m. ch.ut- speechless, and didn't opoak lo
tbo Sanntor from Iowa lor two weeks, iimthor Wilkins,
I weniiii uko to iee yoa ta Kratueky, but aa a friend I
must al.i-o ...n to roan np on lexington i.oiorojeui
,. Un ni,lo If tho Koiitiu klaus slieiuhl siisjicot you
..f m.! knowing whether lexington wasatrotleeoro
racer B might go bard with yon.H
Senotof Peek, by tha Way, married a coiutorni ue
-c. ri.lani ol \\ sslilngmii. ;? 'loct not goiu-rullv known,
wine.i makes tue Senator*! son <? sm gc one of tho few
male di iccudanuof Washington allro at the present day.
..I.-, heck was a Misi 'fborotou. Bm tatter woo a
wealthy Virginia gentleman. Governor Clark, whhe In
washington, as Congressman, met unel mari n-.i lier
mother. Wbon tho family moved to Kontuckv, .Miss
Thornton oeeomn anted her moHrar, Beck waiteet upm
her ami frequently iie-ciiinpuiile.i her to church. A rela?
tive of Miss Thornton naked her lt young He. k wae
courting her. Sho said she. eli,- not know. ? If ho does,'
sahl tho gentleman," yoe take him, amt von will nerer
regret it." lt was not Iwug before Beck proposed ami
w.is accepted. Oreen Page, another relutiveof Miss
Tin.niton, wrote Indignantly te> tho relative who bad
given Miss Thornton ins odvloe aa to Beek, aa* naked
why he had eaoouraged theil kios woman to marry ital
?? rough o'-e.rse.er," referring ta the fae! that Boes bad
in hi-* emly days heen an overseer ona farm. Tho
former replied thal ho batt advised Miss Thornton fee hoi
own good, and that the "rough overseer" hail moro
iiite-lle.'t than Louis, illy* peat man, Luthrie. Tho re?
sult pro wu tho wisdom of his advlea Beck obtained
9:10,1100 with his wtfo, which wm the beginning of bia
fort.mo. ll., made good Invest monta notably In landa
around Duluth ?ml lu Hie Northwest, ami hate bara mak?
ing monei ever linea Bi mme bc ls classed as a
?? iniiiiniia!!i'," bul a Kontaeklan who wai .inked bow tue
Senator lived ai home, simply replied: "He Urea liken
ll.lituif,'cock." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
.11:.e\i un. aaal LAI e.u.m.-1 ..N'l'i nt or mt. iiiiiiim:..
Pams, January :io.
Tim trinI nml conviction of the Alfortrille big?
amist baa set all the "throne and altar" Journale
writing againsl the bad morale of the Kepubliei as
though Frauds I., Henri IV., Louis XIV., Louis
XV. ami Napoleon 111. weroparaconaof purity nut
to mention the Duebeaee de Berri and ? boot of
leeser lights of Preneb royalty. Tbeoe rama jour
mils wrnto against M. Naquct'a divorce law, hut
that meaanre has proved beneficial tn publie
monia Polygamy aud crimes against the Seventh
Commandment Bonriab where then- is slavery.
l'i mee Taie-b, brother of tho Bey of Tania?wbo la
mew living Inr ? tells inc iiml wherever tree in-ti
luiimis make their way in North -Africa, the polyg
ann.us bonaebold tends to diaappear. Ile bimeelf
his nnly mic wife. Bbe ia not here with him. hut
be speaks of her with affectionate admiration,
Tbey both, be anya, mow old together; both
watched with loving interest tbe evolution of an
only danghter'a mind, and are now devoted to hor
chihlreu; without, however, being Mifishly
wrapped np in them, for they continue to adopt,
sn far as their means will admit, orphan -.-iris.
Prince Taieb thought that ono of the reaaonawtiy
a society which legalised polygamy could goon
I xiating for centuries, as that of Turkey bad dona,
wan tin- eoustanl lu flux of hardily-reared men
from the hills of tbe Bulkana and Greece ami from
the Armenian mountains, Tbey wen-all the iona
ot monogamous families and reared in poverty,
Mcbemcl Ali, who wrested Egypt from tbe Turka,
v.u? a Mace Ionian.
Prince Taieb is a majestic old man. Ile Urea in
n handsome Hat in thc Rue Trouchel at the curlier
that faces Le Printctnps dry-goods ^store. His
tl a 11 gh tor is in Tunis aud the- >.\ ile of a monog imoni
hnsbuuiL Bbe has several children, oue of whom
baa accoinpaniod his grandfather to Parla and ls
the delight of his old age. He 1- ter. fair mala
v.. : i-in .inn 1. ii cbihl. It is be wno nails
the Koran t<> Tam'.. v.h<> comments
upon it as the reading goes on.
Pm ee Taieb speaks through an interpreter. lu re?
ceiving visitors bi sitson a divan, but m>* crt ?
L _?? il. Clouda of incense ri*efroni burners in tbe
corners of tbe room in which he holt's bis recep
tions. Tbe grandchild takes visitors known to bun
it, lin- hand and leads each "i them 10 tim Prince.
Taiebe. household is, witb tbe except.1 tbe nee.
retary aud Interpreter, entirely composed ?'i
perrons of his religion, which does not, however.
preveift some of them going to drink alcoholic
II eu.'i? in the neighboringuafce. rite table to which
at luncheon I had the hourn of lifting down ia
rved in the Kuropeaa fashion. Ladies are often
ini ii.al v. nu theil husbands to share the rep isl ol
His llighuess, wbo stands next io onler e.f succes?
sion tn the actual Hey of Tunis. Madame de Les
ami ber children were bisgnests laat week,
and be went t" seo M. de Leaeepi siaii for London
I -.'.O' lee] I' "1.1111.1.
I am i_i.nl to heir, thal Mr. Pigott, deputy 'eu >? ira l
of plays lu England, has forbidden " Hapho." A
more disgraceful exhibition of low vice I have
never Been on tbe stage. Ii in a thous.rmi nines
worse than anything of Offenbach. "Le Grande
Illulia-. <?" waa 1 droll minx. Uni "Fanny
I.t iii.,mic" ("l_apbo") is :i vile harlot
in personating whom Jane Hading endeavoie t..
m.ik street-walking attractive. How an octree
w tm has ii in h husband aud considerable market
value could bring herself to accept aueh a part 1
1 iiiin.t think, lt ia all nonsense to say thai arl
pm lies everything il (ouches, rhere aro contrncta
1- bit h degrade artists ami their arr. What ! Kul?
ele': ni dedicating tbe novel " s.i..ln>," from whit h
the pla) is taken, to his son enjoiued hun not tee
read it until he waa iwenty-ont ' And then he
ami Ih int produce ou the stage, crudely?
without niufflling np, nml. iudced, lu a
point-blank way?tin- worst features of
the h....k! Parisian playgoers thetas Ive*
think the play too revolting. I be suggestions ..f
.lam* Hoding/a by-play ure worthy of tbe Gulden
lle.use when Nero waa I ni pe ru tor. And without
them the drama would bo Dal and meaningless. A
Ntrtiug i.'.i' lion has wi li se' iu bera against tbe
th.'ailie.ii beastliness I cannot think of a better
v.e.ni which bus distinguished tbe better sort <>t
Parisian theatres for many years ami which tbe
lute M. Perrin did so much to promote. Pramas
" iu six or seven gorgeous dresses,'1 which all tbe
mantua-makcra were agog tn iee, an
goiug out, I suppose then never
was a greater success than Ooudinot'a
? Pal lah n.' ot a bich I shall speak on a future n< -
eas. lt is a- independent a-* a tranedyof C -neille
ora cm.l\ of Moliere 01 ilaire scenery aud tine
garments, bul ia brimful of good humor and na droll
lt ia witty. The wit is ni a high kind, bul un?
translatable. Tbooe who would wish tu seo "Lc
I'.i. i-i on " must come tn I'a 1 is. it ia in the diapason
ul' "The Bt hool for Scandal."
A tall man, willi a hatchet Lice and a nose
10 thiu that lt barely leparated his kecD, cray eyes, oi
tend ei crami m. store, drew a package froiu_,capaciou?
pocket of hui ov.-rro.it, ami iain to a polite clerk:
"Somebody must havo marked thens shoos wreag.
They aro a half eira too lama" Ike clerk opeood the
paekan,looked at tho ii.ciuso.-i patrol kid gaiters, ead
remarked: " Ah, tlieioaro twos an.!-.i half. Voa want
twos." " Nu, I don't," saul the oustoruer, with a sharp
rim; In lils voice ; " I WBr.l Ne>. 2kg, hit, the ihocs must
Le a ha'.f -in- smaller than these."
Clerk?Why, ilr, thoso aie IWOS-sad*a*bStf. Vou can
?ee for yourself. Tho mark is pram enoiich.
Customer -Hut 1 havo already told yoa that the mark
le wrong. My wife bas hem wearing No. 2%8bO0ef_t
years. I ?ttgbl to know, for I li un had to tiny so many
of them. I took those shoos home the other tl.iy, ex?
pecting thal tbey would flt, of coane, arni I leave bail to
como back lo exchange thom bocause a rascally aloe
maker put a wroug mark on thorn.
Clerk?You must be mistikcn, itr ; this hou-ft.ili.-s
the grratSSl rare that everythl . _ ?o!d ls exactly whit ll
li repre-ienteel to be. Our reputation ?
Cuitome-r-Ne'ver mitiel your reputittion. It>!l you
thrso shoes aro No. 3. u? m.. .linnie i petita ball to*
itu aller.
The polite aalosinnn went tn search of ilioei of theiama
Ir.iei.'ni.irli and soon returnee! with l wo pairs wbieb were
marked ?? ?_ " sod " -*?*" He smiled serenely ou thc eas
tau -i as tho Utter e'.iuip.iroil the linoel which he had
Liken nark to the itore? with earb of tbe .ither pain
ibero could bo no mistake Tbo pain iiuuilierej - I*? "
wero of exactly tbe sams toe, trails the pair marked
" i" v,ne n tiaif bim ?nailer.
Cast omer?Well, tim-e- Noe 3 snnei will (lt my wife, but
I wiall you woulel explain Something. 1'bce MUM nesr
li?ln< et row in Iho family winni my wife saut I -v.ml I
have to take that p.ilr uf iboetei Lack, aii-1 to no very imo
tli.u I n.nl not for,"!!.'.. Uu> il/e nf In-r fool I looked at
ker edd shoes aad saw the Ila K*e mark ra ibe>m. Vet
Let ..! I thoo* me .mm: eil a yuarter of un i.u'd leis In k-u-rtb
Ulan Hie' new one*.
Clerk -Wero the other shoes nought hers 1
tiiiiniiier-No. I have hew buyim,' shoes for .-anio
yean at Blank's, la the trnw.-ty.
Clerk Ab. thai may explain thc tlitlcrcnea. 1 ibink
thor have a different staniford for working at BUak**.
You s...e sieini. wennon inii-il od buying MOOS ball a BIM
too small for them, ami when tln-v go to a store lo buy
fut tbe-inselvei. tbey CSD'I lie- Seitl-tleil until tho salesman
crowds their fear ami a bair foot imo a foarshee a
wain,iii who li ii wurn a foin lime will not have lt ian!
(hat sire has tn wear a four ami a Half. Now. if she ba*
been buying ber shoes at Blank's, aad she happi-us to
mine here for a pair, she either gels fours that .ire emu
forlalih. on herleet, or she Hints (bat she Can pinch bur
fe<et into threes atnta b.ilf. Hil* will bo latlsHe-.I. any?
how, ana lil.uik wont sell ber anr mme abuei. lim ms
trade, don't rea imo t
I he Sharp fe.it.iron of the customer relaxeil In a smile
wblcb ant liol vanna until ho li.nl departed from Ibo
? Fntsr Nir.iiT Convk.kjatiov.?Author?I
think it wont oil pretty well; thcro was bo hissing. Val?
ued Friend-Oh. yes; but you -ec a fellow cunt hiss
while' bu's yawning. -[Fun.
THK Vlint'KS Of BI.Oi'D-.WKATIXr..
IFaOU AN OCCASION \L'-e-Klli:?lt>NllRNr l)F tar. TIMBI".**.1
LtBBBMWWABB, Janu.iiy '-'0.
It is not a difficult thimr to timi Austria, hut it is
iliihenlt to find Silesia, an.l when you have foiiml it,
to penetrate to the aecluded *'illugc ul l.inttr-n weise.
It would he infinitely more dillie ult still to rnnreire
ol" a nota brion anti deoolatO pince in existence, lt
is a hole, absolutely without attiu. tions: hut it is
curious if not lateeootiog as tho alto ol tko water
cure established here iiiaiiy years ego,
If the promises of the I'a.ulty hohl pooil. tins is the
only place ou the face of the globe w here one .an
baeeoia a new man uml shake ol the ohl with any
decree of tborooghaera lhere ia bo mention of
tbeeaoaeiooee or memory, go we have oe pet-thro
rr-?ht to e\in-i t that the un- oinfoitable recollection
ol old sloe caa be perspired uti with the ohl .1 meases.
Hie methO'l is very simple and tine- win. li bas been
tried in america Hui the eonditioM could nm hi
carried oat tbeco?especially ina prohibition Htutt
?for the reoooo that the LiadewetoeCuredopoade
for ita etteetiveneae on the ebeapneoeuud plenty of
a ni tam Hungarian wiM made on iv ni this part of
The imrpt.se nf the Cure is to throw oft tue
vitiated blood by Bfofnaa aweating. This ii pro
duoad hy placing the patient in B ihOOt dipped in ice
cold writer: the abeot will jnst raver tbe putieot'B
Baked hotly, and ariiiinel this is Wrapped a M omi
wet sneet: then about these two sheets are pla. ed
two thick I.lan!..-ts. tightly folded. Ahout tbe
whole isa thick feather maureen. Thi-sim, turo
when tigbtly houiiii ah.uit the victim hy et rona;
striiiL'u is calleel an " Pinballs.'' ami 1 am must
confess that Bey sensations whoa aroused at 12
o'eloek at night to be* pocked "are very mach like
those of a man who -? nj- .tt bia own waka ami lt
called upon to consider the preeaotio is taken to
h.ive bis remains well prroerved. Win ti liist en?
velope 1 ni this watery ahmad ead tied see thal I was
obie to BUBO bat one movement that ol pulling
the hell rone which poiecd over my chest and was
Strapped hy tim pads .lose to my bod) i Baked my
attendant if there warean) rats. "Oh. yee! m.my,
many nita." WM tie: BBBWor, anl my -utiseeiuent
experience irives bm bo ? sosa t>> doab) his veracity.
Hie precaution of attaching the hell-rone- t.. ihe
pat rent's heil isa verv BOeeOBBrj tu;.- rn OBM ol lire.
and om which in itself is similar toth.u used in
Italian praveyards, although I have neve: heard it
w.is used incaaeoftire them, but rather to ueeiel
those poor wretehea who may BATO hoon hurieil
alive to re-turn to this mundane sphere.
The seventy of the u pack " is only ei|tialle<l liy
that of the di.-I. I have' bora he-re- three .-eeks .ind
have- h.-,t ten pounds.-h i.'rm- iu th.it time dis?
pensed with an Immeasurable riuaatity of vt rared
blood hy means ni tue procoos who h i-e railed here
" hlooil-sweatini;," and by system.iti- starvation
have reduced my avoirdupois considerably, ''nc ia
allowed dry brea-1 oalr, bat of that all ono wants.
lhere ure emly two exceptions te> thi- ia-: i twice a
week ooo is allowed tho special indulgence of rice
ami a little sance m,ide of barley araaoned witb
le'ini'ii joice.
U.e only h<"vcia-'i' is IPim-ai ian wine, hut this,
too, can he takea oniv on special daya Bundey.
I'ucsday af tei Boon and Thursday. Ailthoiest of
the week oin- must tliiist. for 11 eli ink water in the
iv iii is sine tu be attended with extremely un?
pleasant consequence Hence the week ia divided)
into Ul ink Duvs and Thiist Daya
The fast having rna its prescribe 1 cooroo ?<t six
weeba (aod having bora almoet as rigorooa as
Ton nor. and without tbe atiai ii is of botaj it eooaag
to au end ami thu |a*ieiit e.its BBalllag witt 'i.e.
followed em the next .lay hy a howl ol stewed
chicken, lt is prepared in the Km- ead ie railed
?*\Volil Hes. hui.ick," which betas inte.pretetl
means, - Souiet bun: f rsl in_' good. " HUBgWI 18 well
known to h ? tho beet aauee, end raver did cpicuto
enjoy a dish coinponnded by the most lamons,/.,/
nioie than do thc cluain' pated slaves ol the sta: v.i
tmn pm iei.l enjoj th:-s ste-ued i bickan.
lt seems a siugalai featare .it tbe Kui-that then
sim Tai i e-a elaine several times a week, and thal
Imings reduced to euell frugal cheer as dry eemela
ami an ..:...snnial glass Ol tight wine -hoiild have
vitality einiu.ii t'i ludalge iu that 1 ioleot exorcise
whieb dancing ucana in Ueimanv. Thedaaee ia
never! helene, ono ol tito features ni tiie kn. Uv 10
o'clock mails ..il the patieota ara decidedly
? under tbe weatbor."" ami utan.* of them uiieiuiv
eieally drunk. Recently I s.iw a I'-.i: Kwedeovei six
feet tall weighing -"ti pounds, not yet reduced by
itai ration, and wearing Iw ?ts which rose nbled the
se-, en li:a_uo Loots of the- proverbial giaot, stan au
uproar in tins manner i Seuing Ins tei ride l partner
around tbe waist bo charged down the- hall with
the- stamp ol o war-horse, creating th.- wildest
enthusiasm among the patients ami apprehension
aiuoug tbe ; wo hundred guests. At th.-, juueture up
umped .i wild Hungarian wbu prot eeded to sddroao
;lu crowd on the subject e>i Hungarian polities.
In thia he was tlis.o.na_.il. ash.- could not apeak
Dorman enough to be understood, us:'.-' oue ol tho
many Magyar dialects, lint he made a bold -ti .,'..?>
I.. ..ir.nu popularity by seizing Ins partuei ami per*
forming the curious antic of hoppi og around thi
room ou oue foot, coiupeiliin- bis partner io keep
step with bim. At ouce he became tba most pop?
ular man iiniouk the patients; hut be was soon
superseded i.v auotber oatieut.au American wno
wae a victim to nour. Thia man, tired with a coal
tei maintain the hemer eil Aim-ri. a. forgot hs pani.
throw away ins . rut. hes. and with .i W? atora war
whoop rushed ob to the Hoot and r-rot retied to turu
hat-tlspiniu's the whole length of lue ru nu capping
tne .Inn.t\ hy lumping upon one oi the t.r.blrs,
standing on bia beau anl Bragging bio feet aa foot
as he could, li..- laster be wagged 'ho wilder
became the entbuaiaam until the patients all stood
around the tai.!.- ready to toast Heir ll.ind
sprioger, but as tbey st..oil ready, glasses in band,
now ii came lin- jumping jack w ta a t bump, smash*
im.' glasses right and I. ft. Ile was earned out.
I 'award 'i o'clock th.- scene degeoerateo imo an
indeeoribable howl, aud bv i all tho patients were
exhausted snd wen nilling to he dragged elf to
bed. Diink Day waa culed.
lt is fortunate that Tuesday afternoon ditlen
from tho two other Dh uk Days IB that tho patient.
are not allowed wineenoogo t.i beeooie intoxicated.
When tlie six. week's are ucarty over the patients
begin to talk ahout what tiny will baveto cat
when their time is emt, ami the- demolition of
amazing qnantites of moil is threatened on all
hands, [ne end of tbe fast ia called tbo " pause''
Tho lirst dish aerred is rico, rho next day comes
bouillon with n c. Generally one howl i- inllcient;
s..m.timi's two eauae nausea. The third day
i bis ken BteW is given. Tins tli?h is always the
most palatable one to the person iuet breaking his
fast. One epit ut.mu patient said tin tie-in ions
ie neat ions he experienced over Ins tirol he.wi e.t
stewed . hie ken were worth going through the euro
im. i in the louth day a Juicy beefsteak and a i bp
nt tea const il Ute the hist meal ami a little nilli liam
with tea the second. Tlie Bfthday the patient
t serciees hie own choice, avoiding all food hard to
.I. '.'--t. At tho end of the weil, ono caa eat about
what taste dictates. Every day the wioo ie mixed
more and more willi water uutrl al the eml of about
leo doya water caa be drunk pure. Beerie prohib?
ited at thc eanie time as water. AftCl tbe li lal two
nooka are over patients generally lind they don't
rare for food as much as tln-.v supposed tbey would.
For rame diseases, such .is rheumatism, ilyapepoln
ind gout, tbe etfecti venera of tho erne c-aunot ho
i.mi.t.d. A pan. nt ? bo . ame here a slmi I lime ?"_>>
?uttering so badly liom the gout that ko bad to
lepood un n cane, waa at tho end ol three a-ecke
laueiug and able to keep a good lour-mile u.oi.
Dtber instances ol th.* same s.ut ure raid to ho
common The clear complexion if those who have
iiiihi'd their la-t isa good inoai that flu' blood is
?nt ii eh r. in-we. I iii the til Weeks' tine eil the Chic.
lt is claimed hen* lint tho method of this Cara
iv.is discovered i.y au Austrian peasant named
ie.' ann ?cbroth, nh.un lift) yeera ago. Ile waa Ira
to believe tbat if inflammation of tne throat could
be eared by wrapping up ihe throat Incoktwatef
.andagee, the same principle would apply io in*
.animation in other parts ol tho body, IfeeMen
mented on peasants who won too poor to biran
hector, ami met with considerable sncce*oa<i far as
giving relief was concerned. But ho could edcet
do permanent i uro. He soon dlecovered toni nn ?!
li.t was m-i.ssaiv. rbi peasants were jot
wishing rn Leo .pcrimeined on in this respect, so be
was ol.lined lei prat tim <-'? Inmseil. I I.e hi.ne' mau
itarved nimsell again and .-n;.iin in striviag to
reach tbe propar syateoi winch he lirmly believed
would h. neut mankind. Ii is saul that he .uttered
levers I years of deprivatioo before he hit em the
diet of semeis ami ncc Extreme poverty and
iiiedii al opposition weie Obotncleo Bfe Mid tor him
to overcome aa those that Charlea Uoodyoii
itruggled agaiasl when be w.is obliged i<> wear ina
i.wu ruhher as elothiug in want of am thrnu better.
At la>t be succeeded Tb establiahing acorn wblcii
?tot with enough auceoaa to tain for it n conaidet
ibleropntation inn short time, rho llrst pationta
had a leard tum', as the old man had decided ideas
bs to the ueoeosity of "keepiego stri.t eora. If
any one showed a dispwitwn to break the rules of
the Cure, he was lot ked no in bis ro.,in and only
such food w is served to bim as BobrotB ^aw lil to

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