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?HE LIFE ANDOENirsOFiiOErilE. Lectures at the
t'tmcord School of Pbllosophy. Edited by V. B. BAS
BOStB. ISSSSi PP- xxv., 4.">4, Tickner A- (.'(>.
One might object at tlie start that the title of this
book doon not truly describe Uh contents, for al?
though it contains a number of easays on the works
of Goethe, anti ono lecture on a certain part of hie ca?
reer, it iironetits notbiuK like a eonneeted review of
his lilu nor an adtqtiato estimate either of his
genius or of his place in literature. Tho iletieien
eiesof the volume, how.-vcr, nre the necessary re
Biilt of its plan. Alueut a score of ladies and gentle?
men tlcvolc.l ii hu ne pilli nf hint siiiumer to the de
live ry e.f lidtsasBS on the great Gentian poet, after
the- fashion followed dvtaf the pa.t few
years by the Concord coteiie. The
limul ?f Goatha waa divided into little fragments,
ami each philosopher ran away with a piece and
unite ii cu.nposititin uh mt it. FlOSB th' miscel?
laneous and somewhat to.> ample store of remark
lim- accumulated in tin* Cooeord treasury, Mr.
S.iiiluiin ha;, iniidc a selection, which is probably
tin- best his iiiitiei'iaU allow, though it ls far from
covering the theme to which it is devoted. Nor is
UM incompleteness of the volume itxonly conspicu?
ous defect, lt Kivei no true criti.iMn. because it
fallows uo linc of thought. The philosophers who
haunt the moves ot our modern Academe have no
Plato. Their "school" is one without master or
disciples. No superior intellect (oalass indeed it be
that of Mr. Smiiiornl guides tiiem in the wny of
0 ladass, redm-e's spei? ulai iou to system, or impresses
their confabulations with thnt individual iullti
ruce which seems to bs BS QC sealy for meutnl
ptoonas, For a while ia saasasss the Concord
beinrdilig-Iioiises teem with BOOpIS who have a taste
for talk, people who are fond of metaphysical ex?
ercises, and a ragM niiiltiin io whose particular
fancy is improving the ininti; and out of this
heterogeneous assemblage ionics forth such dis?
course as fate may please tipni such limb themes as
an munitions committee may select. The impulse
of the enterprise ls laudable; but the Philistines
linve never been aide to regard the result quito
Thc Qoaths volume contains some good writing,
and much profound Inquiry, .ind thara ure one or
IWOchapters which will bo acccplcd as valuable
contriliutions to scholarship. But the criticism is
almost wholly on the philosophical, hardly at all on
the literary side; and even when we have road all the
thirteen papou* wc foci that, after all the soicmnit.v of
are proceedings, the subject ha*, not l-ecu treated.
but only talked about. 1 hirteen hands havo been
stretched out alter rawdon sp.-cimcii-s and nobody
bas grasped the whole.
A writer tor The Chicago Standard thinks that while
thc prairies satypcadaec esrs tlc BiatoU oi lit^ In tbe
t-laaalo style ot Pope and Dryden, thry will not ne aldo,
by reason ot their luck of scenic vaiU-ty, to turu out
verne of n more nrohltloiis kind. Therefore, he cont littles
the i ralries may as well give tlioit attention to phil?
osophy, oratory, science, niodiclne. ftatosuianship anl
ether rrosine undertakings. His paper may he of
service if it suppresses a few e-pic po.-ts of the Western
wilds. There are uot many lett in the BaatSta Jungles.
A eeoond edition of Mr. Appleton Mora au's ~g bake
Spaataaa Myth " has lately rieen brought out by Hoheit
Clarke At Co.? a fact which ls calculated to inspire ihe
average reader with woudertuoLt, au! a vicarious sense
of fatigue.
? A new translation of the aoSBDl of f'.oethe ls coming
frroui the press of Henry Holt A-(ei. Tho translator is
Commander \V. lii'jse.u. l/nlted states Navy.
?The series of short biographies ot "The World's
Workers " issued hy OSSSSU B Co. has been increased ley
sketches of Dr. Livingstone, Hit Henry Havelock. I.or.l
Clyde, tne .stephensons. George Muller, and Andrew
Heed. Thens emull cal?aa araaafeteatleaa la atyle,
and are of value lu lusj iring tbe young reader io noble
and useful living.
A Renes of papers on " Pig daine Shooting in the
Kookies" wlO appear in Outing. The author ls Mr.
Theodore Roosev. lt aud tho Hist artlc'c will be l uhlished
in the March nuinher.
In a " Treasury of Talcs" edited hy Tio.'essor William
8\\ luton and poblUhed hy thc Caxton Hook Coinputr.
there aie a hundred short -.torie*, a part of which were
written hf Americans, WtOc tho others aro from the
best Kncllsh soun ts. Some ot them are ohl favorites ;
otheis were freshly written for 7/i<- Story Tetter,a now
extlnet puhlleatlou In which SH thSSS SSOIISS BBSS ap?
peared. With an exception or two the nower tales are
well worth preservation ; and the old ones are doubly
dear, when Belated in su, ta ceaafottahl] larps type.
{fas Publications.
ls now resely topi tor aale bv deal.-ra everywhere. In tins
number ari-tint chapter* o! W. I>. lion i-IIhi. new nos. I. "A
Minister'* tharne " : OeaaCBl Onafa u-nisrkabie paper on
"The WIMsnsas " : QceSfl W cable's first article o-i "Cre
ole Hann* and Dunces, with striking illustrations bv Ktuible.
etc . etc.
"yuaintlv and tte Heat-ly conceived."?[New-Vork Sun.
. By WILLIAM ALLEN" HITLER. 1 vol . l'.'Die... *el BS.
" 1 he author's ritvie is hU'iilv finished. (MM rn slit temi it
old-fastili.netl in itsex.jul'lte choiceness anil precision. In
those respects ll affords a pleasant rontrast to tbe hutrleelly
written an.l slovenly works irlileb make up so law a nhare
of modern Action." ? [New York Journal of cunim.Tt.-o,
? Ker sale by all bookin. Hera, or *fnt postpaid on receipt of
_74;^T4.-| Broadway. Ni w-York.
_ M I N K.
Compleie In onelarpe l'.'tno. volume. $1 bo, will be ready
at all tbe book stores FEliltr AltY 10.
L>. LOTHKOP& CO., Huston,
rnbllsb lt from the oiiiriiial Ms before Its publication In
The publishers will send it postpaltl. on receipt of price, to
any address. _ _
Sel.l everywhere Scents: tfl ave.tr.
"- 'AVH,
MORRIS PHILLIP* A CO , 3 lark Place. New-York.
new pattkrn&
isman extra no. 86. a manual
Nearly One Hundred nifferent Patt^rta.
Price Twentydive Cent*. Postpaid.
For Boys and Youaj Mea?City.
Private tuition, afteinoona
_THOMAS KEEVhs A^ll, 1*6 Wes! 4!Uh st.
/^HOICE selection of school circuIarB for pa
V/ rente aaB t?-_-dl?o?. Teaehors In every ileeATtaienI ol
artaail^i?irn!Bc.sc?BD-.?ndM. H nasal-, au weat aunt
M Weat UJtl-ot
CHOOL OF MINES.?Preparatory SchooL
A Hlfli Bchoo, ot Solstice out Kngdah.
J.WOODllRIDUtt DAVia, C. P..j;b.D.. Principal.
1,478 Broadway, near A'ld.tt.-, i'Alh years erin.srv,com
B.ere lal and classical department* Instruction tbci-owRh.
kl. JU. llobbv. W. L. Akin.l'rln'a; N.CHtndiickeon, Aww'te.
For Young: Ladies?City
SECOND Ttllil HEU1NS FtBRUAKY 1. 18?6.
For Both 8oxes?Oity.
ABUSINB88 EDUCATION, Hotikkefninsr,
Wnlmc, Artthrantlc, Com-snouaeaco. Spelling, Hlionox
rajiby. Type wruina. Ladiei/ DeparlnienL PAINE'S
lil ni ness COI.LKOE, tr. Bowery, Uptown, 101 West
Sith at , corner Hioadtrajr.
SD isa J. f; wreaks~
I'l vb* UADTSON.AVB., ?
BirrarS Piaparatoiy C'laaa 'od. Bey*' Classaa.
Tor Eoth Sexes?Oitr.
with reliable information, lice; mailed for postage
R.E. AVERY, American Bebooj<Bareea. 2 West 14tli-8l,N.Y.
Muaical Inatruction.
40-WKST S3D-ST.-4fl.
The leading .tcbonl of music, e-l'-e ntl.ni, drsm.itlt ail. foreigr.
latifiiiiKt-s, tlrawliiK and paliillin'. Kre-e- ativMiituvt-n equal to
six lessons ncr week. Poi particular* aiieli sea
_E. KB ERHARD, ETeetdanl_
(HKlAN. FLOTR. Private les ons W'AI'SiiS'B CON
slkvanini. ibTtdm utb st. l'piown branch, 93S
tithave. Noclasr-ee. No nonsense I'liculars. _
T WATS05'? Viol IN ACADEMY, ia Kaat llth-at.
Fina Llksaaaa of OLE BULL maiioel M'.KK. Cst Mnni<s,
chm Beeta, ac. circular*.
For Tounj La-ties?Country.
A BCHOOL VOli GIRLS at Croton on Hud
s-n. n. y. Addraaa Principals. ____, ,
MlM S. P. HAN U.F ami Mia C. -. b ?'? DERHILL.
Ho.MF. BOARDING SCHOOL for misaua and
children, ..ne- hov irom cttr ?ether's eagai no,*)
I ..un'inui tnitini Ibnroiijiii ti ainin.'. .Mist A. Tbuiston,
.--I amt Ul tl. fem ii. _
NVACK SEMINARY for sir's; limited num.
hera themnah tratnlaa iMigathil home; o-ieh.nir
tr., in N. Y. Addreaa Mr- I Mm. KN ii IIK.il'Hiil.F. Pilli.
??rpHE ELMS," Springfield, Mass.?Family,
1 nnv and Muni' School for Mri* Prltaary, Ac.uleinla
I'lrfSiCalllinl I'oSt-Oril.lltllteC.elireiltS. . ________.,
Art Schools?Git7.
wilt reeetve pupils, beginning Toeadar, OrtoW 20, in
Arawtnir, ell aad waler eolornalntlnc.suli nie. r.owcrs and
iSImImiij >,.inn.i painting .'niel il-coeili il
bunin., Ne.. BO Mii.ii-ti.ii.ilve.
Itt .'l-rtlll -ft:
Mr. H lliintii.srton, Prealdenl N.iii.in! Art 1-nv of Omi n
Mr. William Hail. X. A.) Mr. Jnin-s M. Hart, N. A.;
iii. l.nvi.t Johnson.N. A.
For Boya and Young Men?Country.
ROYS and YOUNG MEN privately littc-tl for
1) c.el!e"'e\ Conditioned ur rejected cinidi.lutes coat Ind
-mumer tel winter. 1 Hull .MAN. st.., kin nitre-, iliis?._
li ford. Coan. Pareata vhe are aafartaaate la the man
,tK> nieu: of Un Iraona tull .to weil io profli hy the adrantagee
offered bribie aehool. Address FRAN K M HOWE, yaps.
JI 4-et \ .-.ii. Pre |.iires for business. Ior Priiiict.in, tn.
liiinl.ia. Vale iiii.l Ham rd KEV. A. ti. UH AM BE RH. Prln.
Worcestt r, .Muss, il.itli yeal beelu* Hapfc '?', ISSI
C. U. METl Al V, A. il.. Supt-rluU indent
il BeantlfnL homelike, healthy, t.nrii (760 t, et . Young
Hov a a speolaltr. piimarr, Eaglien. ooaanterelal, aeademici
tull.re preparatory, nutate, HtcnoKruphv, gvninHsiiiiii. hath
rooms: hoi anet c.elei water; eiteaaire inouiitlH,tltlinc .opart
liicnt. hursts ami beautiful pel noun's.
J WILSON. A. .M., Principal.
X Chester. Costly Iniihlliiirs. Tboroagb Instruction. A
MlLliAKY COLLKOK, civil Engineering. Chemlslry,
Claaalea, Knahm. COLOMELTHEo. HYATT. Preeideut
I. Department of Art<. IL Te.vne NeWBtMc SeheeL III.
wtiHitnn school of Finance nut Kooaomr. IV, t'oaraem
Pldloaophr. V. Coane ib Mu-n- VI. Medical aehool. vu.
De Ililli sele....I. VIII. \ ll. I'll erv Sell., el. I X. Law -eil Ile]
X. Biological School. NI l> -ii.irt.ne.it ..f Phillis -.pay.
In Buging ingnitv please specify ib-ii.irtineiit.
itt.v jesse v. nc uk. Secretary.
Culversity of Peens) lvanla. West Philadelphia, Penn.
For Both Sexcs---Country.
CLAVERACK, N V.. Collage and Hudson
River taatltate ( .eiit in-course for t;ltl? OraduaUng
count in Hosie aad Art. Kora prepared foi college or baal.
ness Thiel,eiixh linell ui'tieiu in all Sepal tuients Pupils re
reived ntaiiv time. Send lot catalogue.
_ _ A. li. ILA. K, A. ll. President. _
HUDSON. Preparatory and bnalneea teer irrnilemen;
Oiaduatiiiir ooaree for ladies . twelve teacher* Hall year
begin* Feb. I. semi im e italogne
W. ll. BANISTER \. M.. Prln.
if v. ii suffer it is rear own limit Catalyse fe ?
Ai 1 i.NA t H., -S Mb .liv., N. Y.
fi. ta cl) era.
V?BEST Teachers, Tutors ;in<l Roverncsaes
??applied witboul i bai -?. . t. m b< ra regUit >e-.i fi.-.. p..un
for stamp, li. 1 . Av. iv, Am. -riiiM.l I iir.-mi. .' W 1 lill ?!.. N. \ .
\ RELIABLE aeleotiou <>i sdhool circular*
tn. parents and liiianlliitis. Timi tors. tuieet< ifeev.r.i
essessuppiu.l. l.M ' "i P.ll-.lii'..
:tl i'..i?t ltiii st.. nesi Broad* ii
l\ AGENCY anpnllee Profeaaora, lei,'ii.. Tamra, Oof.
trneaaea, etc-to i ? , scho-na and Parodies. Upplyto
MUS. M. J. VOI SOO If LION, ll In. .u > |ii.ir..
Vj Oiliest and best kimwii In Ihe Cnltr.l states
J.W.si Ill-.H.MElUli.illN A cn..'.' 1 asl i li i-t , N i v. Yolk
WT ANTED.?Two coo<l rcsldpnl iinisie- tt-nch
?" tis ; iseae ape alina Qerman preferred v.mv Normal
mdnateai ali i Prent 'i jovernesseS n ri nursery tom ? -? ? ?
hitorspeaklaalierman t MIKIaM to\KiEKE,
SI E .st 17th st., l ile.ui: i-t Bi a.iwnv.
Dancing ^cabemieo.
cia.-se s end private leaeooe, Uenlletuen on Monday and
1 bnradajr eveulnipt
ns open f..'i.e.'iiiTi.Ts, who caa eater al ?.. \
tm1.- s.nil for eir.'.ilir.
i LEXANDER M tcGREOOITS, 112 fith-ave.
l\ ?Prl ralf I ea eons -iri. i \ prirale. Mot dani int ?
eve ry iiai ? n> nih un n'.. class.. Monday and PiiOay , reulnci
A last .'..'iii st it.;i,k liiniiline . (lass Laaeona uml Pu
vate Inst nu ttou evi rj i '? and i renlne. Kentl for i IrcnUr.
a large Hail t<> i.i t..i -? i, < t Entertain tuen ta,
\|R. P. HARVARD IIF.II.I.V. M.ist.-r of
*'a lie uiine. 678 5th -are. Bee eire niara._
rP GEORGE DODWORTH. 21 West 24th-st.,
A ? feiiinerlv wilh Mr. Alien DOdwOTth.
Km;-, rs si o iii nrv.T bs witboul it
A. riNA CO , MS Mli-ave , N. V.
Winier licsorls.
AIKEN, 8. C.,
On the .umiiiif of the-piney. Siiii iiiii renou of Benth Caro
lina I he UBI KIT CM MATE e?^t..f Ibe !:??? Kv Saounlalna.
iieiativi- iiiimtetitv sh pet i-.-nl. Throoxh Pulimsn Cara run
direct to Aiken witbont cliaaca, via Atlaatie oeaat liaa au.l
l'leduiont Air Ellie-.
HU.iii.WI) p\i:iv HOTEL,
Open November to June, semi lor llliistt.iti-ii pamphlet.
a Ureas tl. P. i il.viTiei.ii. Propnetar,
E\ VuKK'I III lit" Ni: u n.t. tu: BECKIVBD Al HIE
v l-'i'.iw n nri'ie i.s. vu. uta* Broadwaar, rornei Thl rt?
ttr-t-st., until S p. m. i-.H Broadway betweea Twenty.
Se-eeellel nilli I'W'lf V-t ll Ink Sts.. Illllll - p III., UnH West | w e ||.
I* th nisi., ee.rnir 1 - nrlitb-ave- . 16:1 I earth ava., e..rmi
rourteeatB-at, 100 Third-aye, roraei FortT-seTeath-at., No.
im 7 thlr.l-av... near-ixi'etiist.. and the HAK1.R1. (>K
Tick, ubi es: mn "jinn.:r< ti-aiiii t wi-ntv i uii st. i. on
Thirds ve., corner One-hnoi re 1 au.lt went,.rift hst., np to 'J
p ni. ni regular odie.- raten.
e..e, betweea PactAc ami Oeeaa. 'lernns reaaonable:
in ar hut baths.
Mr.aii.l Mi.-, sliAltl'l.l-.tss.
TbeitiiUKbly heated fur wlntf-r. I ipi-ii ail the yenr.
J. K. i.MCI'.
PUK HARGATE. Atlantic: City.
11nn oiiKhlv Heated.
Open ali tin- y<
MA Ml'El. KIltBY.
11 Nani Pea. li and Hot Badu,
ii'. H..mi ave., Atlantic Olly, N. J.
A _~irnTXT A earea N'-ursii-ia aad aaren IfeadaeBa
ixU 1 l-iSi J\ ie-ti.n.,.iiais tree.
ACIINA CO., MM .'.lb ste, fi, V.
Dm ?oobe.
/jREAT REDUCTION?Assignee's salt- fins,
a a ,...,.,: sseij'ie-s. eleeluisns. elreiilars, Ae . fur lin- il im
fm tilmn.itl wrsps now lunn snlil by thr assmsee of
NI- HOLM niK.i HHiiH A CO., bbn Broadway. Very low
A &TU-AVE. AND bil) S'l.
An elegant suite of sunny rooms, furnished for nina.uni-:
of leeson.
1m& yllEl.*V.\.-VAcir,iut table d'hote THn^
uer. "ii cents. b.AOtu a p. ia. Public Restaurant, "J'J4
Waal sta St ch ueukkeh.
UM80B. Vak.U?ISiSO yt ni-Conseils. 101 7 Iti for botli
Dinney and the aci-ount, I'lilt.-.i sute-s l-'onr per et nt I'.nii >?
| I'J.'4. do. Pour mid one-Half per ceut lim..la. lil1.. At
; lantic and (Ireal Weetara lirst Mortgage Trnstc.rs' let
ttneate-s. SH",: lanaeil.en Par! He, Ul U i lirle,'Js\ . .lo. Woe
ond Console,. xh\, Ildnols i'cutral, lt.t; Meile.n nrdluary,
, 'mSt; New York Central, l(i(i'?; Pounsvlvaula, b7, Heat!
: itiK, lt*a i Ht. Paul (ommon. 9B%p
j 4 p. ni i he- Hank of i.ti/laml has ream:, tl its rate of dis.
count from il per rout io ii per cmiI
Pans set vices eeuote Th res Per cent Ilentos at 82 francs
4o teiiiniii s for ibu account.
i p. in Consols, ICU Vt for both money mid the ae
count; AtluoticanS t;rnstWe?teru Plrsi MoitKace Trustees
OrtlllcaUie. iis',; Cunrnllan 1'ncitic. G8\; Elle. '-'CV (io. Sec
ond I'onsols, Shi?; lilm,.is i ,-niral. 1I2R; hi. Paul Com
mon. Ml**: New-York central. 10SV. Pennsylvania, 667
lle.MllMir. HY
liar silvana f| on teed ,.t 4S 1S.1M nsr onnre.
'ibe >.nl|inn iii the Hank al Euclam! has lal ll Bead fiio.'.dis
during tbe pant nark.
1 bepropoitiou of Ute Bauk of Enslun.l r. s rve to liability,
whivli last week was M% per cent, ls now l't1-. per
Paris, Feb. 18?The weekly ststement of the Hank ol Eranie
shows .in increase nf l I.i.'.'.?.(KM francs lu faa! and an in
ciease of 6.01 i.<??0 liane. in sllver
BkKM.t, Peb. 18.-Ihe siretoiuent of Hie luipensl Hunk of
Oerniany shows sn increase- iaap<-cia ni le.lHo.odii n..?. ka
6 il m.?I'lie aiii.eiiiit ni Imlii .ii with'ir.i'AHtreeiii i'i.- Hank
of England oubtlame to^uy ls iiilO.iHHI.
Canada Nartawaal Land cotnuauy, 4.
li inl?em Hay Company, i'l".,
Puns advices qnoie Tine Par Cent Rentea at 32 franca
a;*a centimes tor tbe account.
Per Xorih Rlrer, Vessels and Rnllrrmrtt.
Ashes, pair
B. W. Flour,
Beana, obis.
R's* ax. uki.
Broom oom,
bales, .
f'olli.n, 0*l"? 10,??6
t eetl.er ".'ll >||
(v.tton seed,
D fruit, pk h.
I-1'irs if.:*..
Flonr.bbls .
i aieat. bois.
I i'i . nu'?.
Wheat, hu-li.
C..ru. tiusu..3rt l.ktiO
Csu. bush ..j.HO'e
Mut. nash.. B.S.iO
9.91 A
7 Ab
Barter, basti
f laisecit, hg.
Orenae, put*
Otaai ? ed.
Hemp, lisles.
Bides, M ..
Hales, hales
linns .. ii IB,
lesel plus....
Le-nlher. sit
M..ss. balee.
C imp, lillie.
spirits lorie
Ilfsin. lins..
1.1..lillis, ..
Pitch, bbla .
lilli'..* -. s*.
P.S75 Oleo Stock.
bl. pkg*..
I., j Pea mus. oas
31(1, Pora, n*nt..
l8eef. t.kfs...
10 Cant ons. ..
('0 UM. kegs...
ifii ilutter. pkga
H79'' t.e-'S -, liku..
v.iiiw|o Boga, No.
1 T.i.'. I Hil ? pit (rs..
15'Rice ch.ifl tis
SCTlSkflUL bales.
887 j Marco, pk?*
Tiiimw. pkas
3H'.' reibsci-o. hds
lKllT'.li.i.'. Apiti
bin Whiskey.nhs
ll) llr.ll, le.lb-s..
a, om
i ka
OOPrK8 Op* tlio e|ulft at n'i'.'SV. for Fair OpttOtll
openodsteady hut rleesi-il ruiiu-r weak, bil. s 2Q.80U bage,
cl.snjtr february. o.-o?-..rt.'.; Mareb. 8.08*0.70: A|.ril.
li.ei'.e'e.'7i. M.ty. 8.6o*4l.70t June. .'..To a -.7." ; Jnlv.
U.7o*t:.76: Aie|.'u-t ei -bu.) Ho , September, n.'ib u e, ti.
t ii iie-i. i .7.'ee?' mi rwo atr.iug huoeea head toe bull faction
bm tiny in ennp ese,; ny mei-. ?i fie mei e trade, Arbuckle ta
a i.tiir iii .1 t .v.i of the leading brokerage h..uses nave been
for so-iii' time eeprclolly pronounced itt tbaii advocacy ol
henel pr e'.-s. rbis baa ili-e-.ur'u-d tbe ieneral public aod
tln-v lei i,.:!...> aleuie. I'lu-ie hst latterly been a pretty gootl
Jobbins trade, bat th" ?pei uutmn ix-ja beciuee tbe mariel
baa been oem tleaely banian red br the i" ar bonnee. As it aaa
stands tin outsider* me lunn wltb th.- exception of i Toestoan
Hi,.(luis ?]in Imi.i the largest quantity ol Menial cofli<e eif
niiviineiy except Arbuckle ana be naea coaatderabla in lils
bualneaa us n roaatet MIM ? rades qalel galee SOO seta
Interior ei ?? Kiabon' pr. vate- lenna
CiiTI'iiV Stint Ceetle.n quiet lilt lower. S.ll.-S, 217
bsbs Receipt* nt li..- pents to .l.t. 12,076 teales, ignlnal
l.V.'7't this tlnv lasr week, and 7.415 laal \e.u Bluet
september 1. i. .'...&, ii. 7 bale*, agiunHt 4,304, U'J fur tl.
period lust season.
Ihe tjuorations uccjrdinv to the Amencin ehisslttcailon
nre as follows:
Strict oretinsrv. ti I -Ht
Heed -tret.nnv . 7ye
MUciii .hi ilreiinarv ... S S-18
I o* SMilling.mu.id
serle i Low Middini*. 8 lit 10
Mkblllni. 9
fiood Mhtdllnz. ll ?-,
ttiiet Hood dill.c.ii.,- ... i'"'a
Mlildiiug Volt.10
New (ineim
ami -I ilC
ii 0.18
7 I.-.10
il lt. 1 'I
il I LUI
Kl 13 Iii
a ii is
7 18 IU
li ii.ld
ti ii. ld
'.ii . li'.
in 13-10
gr guan
(JooelOrlinarv. ?3.1>-e l Law Mlllllnr. 7 -.1 18
Strict Onad OrtUaerr. (-s I MMrtliag. ST-1S
En ta ree eloeed H iee B pelnti lower. Siedenburg boagbl
2,000 balee earlr, bal sold them inter, and in fact aold the
whole list boa vi iv. ' l (iii mu'' -..io ? bear operator, 'that
tillllllS look Wee! SB ililli I ViT. I Was ? ill .mr to ailllll 1.1 e .'.'I' I 11
that h.ui'ipe wooli! take two biinilred tboaaand leahs more
this si-ason lha-i she- did Iiml so.ison, but I BOW belove- she
win take less than Ihen. A ad lhere ls a very :ar,-'1 x.-< ss ..(
stork in this country." Die-re was a conslderaleb- selilni! 00
stn;, uni. rs. Zereca aold Mav Dooly Heinz aold lbs whole
im i;m.?t wss a bayer. Toe erowd bottgbt MItm nain
tawed yeaterday'e adraoee and Iba Baak ol Kogland'a dis
renal ta',- was rodne ed, .reorer, lo il per rs ni. bal neltb< r
of theee facts had ant Influence, eirep! poaetbly lo prerenl a
gr. Iltl-I lepejk III Ce.ll.eli |||, I ', . ? t' I a 11 >" ttl' k ll 1 BC ". 'Ill
weie tolerably liberal fer Ouse times, rrnelil.ig 107.6UO
A.t'.i x H7
H ..: J 'a WI
|..(HI,S ll.Ol
ii.li'.; ?' ii
'.i.'ii.r :..: I
li 27d '.' ti
p HS ll ll
.? F-'ttre n>>?.?
Highiet, l/e.w.eat.
H. "7
f.. 17
P.l n
|. li.
V b
fuit. p r.i 9.W ph
Ainnt-t. l>. .cr '...ii (t.4'?
S.pt inlier. P.14 1 ll l.l '...17
Oe I..', i.f '.? ef B SS ('.'.I
November. - DOS NLOI USS
Market CtoaOM I'"'' and sn nh. TransTarabia
rent A.M. Ml.M. Fl.'H ll-Market .til! vi Hi..ni de
elded - h.tine, witii ??n.i a ii ir.:- i exp ii irada ami a reii
i.i.nif. andi i i 73 ttt roam
mid ininc fall pncee, while grade* sleeve ihs onofatlooare
fre-clt ...'....eel nt pr.'Vi..'is pl i. ? .. >Hle?. . . NI ten;., loriad
nm i.si.o i,ms. Mmne e.t.i Eitra at t ? .ott- :?" tot ? bob
range :. bbla Wloier Wheal Kxlra il Wi "..* "
c.'mnion to Pair and 04 1SWIS Mi for Fair lo choice; I.MK)
hi ls. i nv Mill Kitra it Ol iei?*4 WI i?so bbU unperflne.
SJ-.../J.;i'.'.-. for sprint uml Winter wb.it ; WW bbia
l.xtr.e Ni. a, gu tv?tn ?"?. .Ma Vbm nt
Si '-.'.af- :"i. ls't. r for I ii ? ? Winier Wh. at. iel
n i -mi sport. Quot
St tl lnWIl '.." Sn;.I |'Mle.. -. -? ? :". I VII.
Kal, t-. io ti pa f-,; (i.?Ht io Paney Kiira state. - ?
i niiiiiioii t.e good I tt're Moetero, IJ 'MAU no
......el lee ' '|.,|, ?? K I I 1.1 W.- -1 - I -|. S I '' > lt ? ? '?.? ClHUIOOn
III Pall t VH.I . elli... - . . I. , ? 7'. . . ...I. $(...? .|'J.I ...hel tl
"h..i.e-. il ?tbagb tb, i ..:?.un.,-i Extra Minn milt t* IO, ?
Clear, fl oolra! Wi Rvs Mltture, ii i I'J tratanl
f4Ml*f4S(l p.et-i' -t:. 16 .VI |!a'..r.' I il I t. xi lu..
MIMI M. I.eiuls C..inn.-ii t.i Pull tillr.e.t ? .>?.-?? UO I'.ilrt.
? . '. , r. i boll .-.si-.-'. Ml Pale i
Wini.-r Wheal Elli i. S4 '?" . I '? ?'?".' io Mill l Otu fi
ind.. v -1 " a. . ? Bonh America. 1 markN
rloalng dull.SOI'THEKN PI.'M lt?A Hit'r tr
tw.-. witboul decided changi In pr . ?? --..'.?, I, Wibi I
C..mn. t.. Hi..! lirra ut ?t il ? * . ', ? e,,K?l to Choler
flo, gil -.'.'ts.-, ei Including '??' bb'a, (er >-\|.-.re si i .
tr.'.n RYE PLOfi:?Witbooi .:. .n-. ... i,..i . ? with ..
full tra'.- ell .'i ? I.!... -n; .-i r. -1. - ut Sit I*e3
? el', r ten ?:..?? i'1'i'l. ? HEAT ll
-.-ll nc al Jl -.-.^s.'ei. i?it. r I .ney CORN M tl
linn Yelloa SSA,:, tu. fl'.bait "o , Brandy wtoe at ?.un
ai los.
OIIMN WHEAT Msrk.l viltli.eut fledded .hence fe.i
C.. lil lOtA WU eOlBg ?) lll't '.Mt!.ell.
. ?nu.i.. 1...H.-1. Heen ii>.i tue- advance and
'_ ',<? and rloaed bear* al tba Inside pii..? Atalrbaal
m-ai for ei port, alight trade for t3tr Milling, and m.. ii
ste tran ae tb.nu lu
with further eales of m to o loada rmaumi iv,
e.e... bus'- fiitiiu . 6?,etOII bush.
sp i. Inclodlna No. i Milwaukee ai Ha o-,, Ne,, i Vortb
rm, il I ul 's in st..:. . N" I ll rd Ini lu th SI Hil Vi dell
\?' a rc i .' v t: ?? un ? ni fro n storei '-. ti
fr..Ill >.ier , SI.el I il
Male b. II] Si . Ali i . .-ir-_ ? i dee. for A pi
e'losin* at l)3%c . .1" foi ' ?? . .*
| eb'. fOI Jule . I lg al
fe.r Jul '' - a ? '? eloslna ai 8 ?
:.i; i^r . USA .1.. f'.r Nepiember,
. be-l-l - .
December, ll ? _. UYK
M?ik,-t dall and ii tun - '>?? fm w
for -'sn..; m:i ki a -ri... qnlei and
? ? 4.nish I "rr.ee' e| ,
HAIil.E'i MALI Hull and price* umhana-d cults
Mulki't lill-"'' I. ' '-'l "I* ''?? ?' I 'I* 1 V I" ->n I
I drill optiona opened st.s.ti- then heavy ?
. I u 'I '??' l ??<? Hen recover*! slightly. H.en d
uni .b.s.-i flail arith Pebrn rj .? aodei ttie i? .i M,;,i
I: tr- r roonlhaa shade ai.-.te- Ihe Insldi puces
m.. ic ne ii td.- f.'i et i. .rt si
? i .' .mi baan. - ilea
:it ire. '.-.I'lii boab ibm and lo amye in
rncrattivl Mli~t - e. A, i- l
? \fiT.-.i in
iii. i.i n.ii | . , N rch and 4." -
Mai i. r.i ,i i . .? iiinc 10.000 lens1, lei .irnve. coal I
ant!insurance al . r ?-(?-..:.-. 1 ellow. ii.-s.rf
vnt.li N... _' Mixed ier'1'-. In elevator! Velio* (
. ioi -.., .' mlied lot i ? bruari ? . wing
st Cse . rte., fer Mai
b'.c; .Ve. fur A-,,ru I ? ...sins ul .'e...
eb. p.. ' Mav. 411's.' I ? eloalng al I8?*c .
0AT1?raab i-.ts with .nt decided changi i ne duli
Upt IOU! in neel Hun. then tell ..ff.elli' anl .I lin 11
. (-:><??*. ilnl.... baan, fiitiii.
hii-eh s;...t im ludiiig H" A Murd st I7V-I Rn,
;(-',.;-'<? .Ne.. 1 i.e...I. I Ul '-'..'. So, .i While,
-.., ' .i' . , . l ga iled ll 13.
Mn.'.i Weatern, ?7'?3(ec.i w bit., do I t . w ii.t
Sluts, pre; l i. . Ns, tl Mm-.! foi l.ii-iiui ::si,?.|n,i. , rios.
U.r at MS'sCi do. tnr .\pi.i (si.. i ng a'
SH*oc. do f.ei March, and ^tav ? I ' clomng al
18 Veg keep Aboatatead] with a moderate ttade
oiiuutity or i.ram aa paeaai i 11 in aai r in, i ss.;.
A i. .', i ..rn
nr?. ur".
1 ie I'pited KlnR.loin. 1 Bi .V'S) i -Jil...hui
1. Cetitim-ut. ... 870.0(10 Hit,OOO
ToUl.ara. 2.1 ?
Eqaal imsti. 17.'.
Cir. s, eiin!iii!r we-.-l. 1
i enpor%d with pr. -. mus wu ii:
Te. t'ni. el Kl li i.he.ii.
To Continent.
in '.ii ni
Total.qr* . B.19O.O00 uo.ikhi
Equal ooah. .I7,ft-.'o,000
|nrree-e hii-h . 4
li ar bush . . .I.'O.iHMI
HAY ANO BTRAW May pretty str-ii.ly. 'I lui - la fall
supply ard a lair trade, -tun linn tm Byee N? I Iii.
WOl Nil. 'J .-Ce-; Nee S, ;t,#-lll'. Sl.ippl'i'- l>./ 7".. . CloVM
KO rt 70c.; (le.v.ei Mu. .1. . Wc So. 1 etraw, fl i ii 1.1 - 1 Ufi
Nee. i.". 7..?7..e- tile' i.
ii..p- Rat ber weak fur the lower gradea. Prime aboui
ste.e.ly. i'l'uiand emly tnoili-i ate- ul i'n- beat j ISafictvp.b'J
IVe.. 'ISSI i rup '
MOLAHflKB- Dull for ' u'i- ul 'He: a cargo sold fm
i-iihaie Ipbla al riv.
Mt. I ai.- on 'Change tswlsy, inui eertlSealea tirmetr.
but .inlet ut Sl7lju*l-"~- Tlalisfe-ruiele DOtlcCS li'biii.ir.
dellverj laaaad -i * ?'??- Tia steady tee mm al in.nba
:o\v rrsp.lt. IO ."..', ,.' .0 "Ol' illllllSs. 1 I ?tlsf.-|'Hll|e- lilllie. S
laaunl st if fbi-, 'i'm plate ver, aaiei ai *l 10aM a .. Trans
ferahli- ll.etlees Issue I at *1'-'7L_ topper oul I. bul sl.-uel.
eper oilll.
tu hld fm
ferahli- lint.
at I 1.Abu I I. '.e. ?<"' I aK". amt : Pl'.u lu l.nl fm ( hill Mar
lutnres. Transferable n.tleft (I alie) insiis.l at 11.4'r.; Balli
.mir". 1". me 'bli 11.1m t4> 6a i ? .ul ainag and
active ni 47'</(.- e domestic. Traaaferabla aotleea oin
tneeiltt) Issue-el at 4.Hee.-. Bpelter t.rr.i ot 4.1 ? n 4 .... I?i Sa
ueestlc. i rnns'erible notices idouiestlol i"?uou at 4 'jc.
comi-aiuiivi rairaa.
I'll lum t e-rl's. April
straits lin.
Snail" lin,
i ni Plata
laiue fee; n r.
Unit.. . opper,
I) ellie "tie l^-Sd,
Perelgr i aad,
limn HBOllar,
Tn day
- 17 U
Spelt . 'JO.70
M.v vii.cn
Kile 4.'7'-j
rsa, H.48
rafe 4>o
Keb. 4.,'eO
\ .-si, i.l.iy.
?Ju. T.l I
ll 41
lo lu
4 4.-.
le. i'.e. 'BB,
4.42 ^
NAVAL STORES -Spirits TiirtM-nlliu- more active, nml
tl rm. soul niieete I lite. lt..sin dull, s.iraliu-el 1 dj s. Hool
Strained. I.10| E, L13%| 1-. 1.27S| ii. 140: ll l.lMi
1. '/.bb. K, S.M| M. lia, N, i.01*o. WU.O.OOj W. W
(ii KAN kui IOHTS iii.:e aroa utile aeeeaaaUabiI t..
dav h.i uml a oio.eiat- bitslm ss in Ihe Petroleom cbartcrlog
line, and In Ibis ran-s sbuwesl un improverm-nt The lui
inert eui Items were: Tu AN I \VElli", hence, a lliitlsh bark,
H.on-i bids retintd oil, Sa.t Nin:Ii KIKOOOM.feenee
a tliillsh bark, 7.'Oil bbl*, relined ell ead naphtha, private
tenn. .. NEW ZI.ALANii. be-ute, a P.rltisli bai u. e.'u
tons gtin-rsl csreo. lump sum.il A Mill Hu. h. ire
three t.ernun Ihiks. H.r.iiii bids, n-tineel od, each '.'s
i ki,ii hen. !? a flwaian hail fl.nun bbla nana nil, la 7sj4i
.1)1 N I, IK K. hente. a Norwegian bail. ....'.(si blels. i rude
eell. pilvnle tenus. .HA FL KM or I.E. eHDilN , bent e. au
II..linn bain. ,000 bbla. ir tined oil, 'lt. ed.
PKiiviMioNs-pijiiE Than is ver,- little Sahna, Iba
l.uslti. ss belnu m.i.le i.i. . f si. .11 b.t. Pi c , however haw.
a steaelv supp.ul Ss', s, imi bbl. (Md Mea* Bl SlOOOei
Bill 7re ; Meset ijiii.l.el gil) SOaSH <KJ fen did ..i,fl ?? I 1 76*
|19 oo lee New | +;i B0?ai2 oo mr ramil* M ss; Sl'J 76
etMl bt) tnt Cl aai linet and i-* .'.Oe.*'.i lb for Extra
Pilli..- lllp.K (Inlet sn-l nm usn ti; in price. City El
tia india M.sn, S17A0SSLS00; lura Meas bbla.,
um imi, Paeket, SH 00?*12 00 lu bbls . Pom Ur Mea*
Sl'J 00?018 00.pi.i I IIAMH-Ilold le, steady price*
willi .. is.r denial el (taeteo BU 78*818 00 " Cl I
meats- Hare a ooallsued fall oeouitirt al v. iv itesfly
pnr.-s sues, 2S.00U Ibo Pickled Bellies. 19 m aveieae,
? ?'pe'e'se-; i.r>..I Iba. .'.... ii ii,. ??,e.i l. boxes an, ff it'
r.V 4<i. Pt. kl.'.t Hiiimldera, l^c.i I'lekieei Khoulden
ejiiiiteei 4*?#4Se.-,Hmoked BbouldorAil*olejo.i PlrUlsii Hams
HU^fi-jC , smoked no.. I'-. Mllilil.ps |(m,. ,,,,i
ysi Ind in price, *p ii a llgrbt -ii-iii.ei.il. Loag I ititi lo .-.itt
York i|ii..ioei be. I..i v,. si .-rt. .p.nv. r..: LeOag clear, b.bm
Ehort t lear. 5>0c.. DRKMHEI) lind-. Hun- al b.u.
prices, with a fun Inanity, eily Heavy lo I4gbi :?'-,,?
.I.Alt li Ihe meriel had a dull looa Iee.ber ont lin
i ...iiii/es bara aaa railed materially, although the fe sling m.
Weak at the; chis... We*'mn Mirum spot ejuoirrt nt t.;i5?
e.il7 ye-, l-'e-Vnmn v nominali '.'.m.'i ie-,. Mareb,
ii.::.ie . closing n.-i'iail 'Ale.. 1.boo tea. April, 1130Al 4'e .
eloetag 8.4o*a.4l? jo lea, Mar, ti47.-.. <io.?iui< ca n
U47c. 76(1 tts. .inne closlu,- l(.,i_ _ li.i-.ie (Hy st ._in in
Tuir ilemaii.!. sales. 270 tea., S.SOe.: Kenned I ni,in ? .,:
c. 0 e.. and soi!li American. 7r . Hl'Tli H TbamarKel
ls weak and in soim- c;.?e.< n s!.ud- lower, with very nioebraie
lUuiaiirt. Eastern ( it aimrv, l>4*M6c.| Waitera Creamery
l-?iir; e.ibiu du.. ...'.. -i-ii-.ii.ui> h.iir-urkin tuiis. iva
27c.j Western raetarr, lin .?>..,. imiutiou Creaawty,
lb a .'lie: Weetcrn liuiiy l.'eil-i. lilli. I l-.pe.iin
are nuici, ami me home trade mort no ui uintinn.s ligkL
rnres, however, show no decided change State, 7*l(l^e.i
Sight BfeSaia, b\97c.; Western flat.7 S.'hc hOOrt Are
Uglier ae-aln ami in good demand, state, -.'60.; western,
?ikj'ilbr: --otu hern. -.4?'.'5c; Limed State, 1H?1-sHiC.;
ia Western. 17<*lrse. ?
sfOAU-llaw dull and pearly nominal at r,\3.?oc. tor
(?'air todoeert. sains, .'77 hints. B Baaa Tadd, .c.: ...".OOO mats
llanlla, fte. lleflned dull. Cut loaf. ny.? t'rushed, >-V.;
?uni-*, B>afrl I'ownered, UV; nr.intil.*re?l.H ft-lo'io-seir
-lemiurd "A,", Oe; Off -a." aV'SV'.; White Extra
"(' " M*
sTEAKINK-f..irrtdnll. City ein.iteo nt fl V.: Olcnmarcir
ne Im. -ales, 10.0U0 lbs. ut b7xc.. and nimore.i SWMMf
b? fuiiiie delirery aa piivate terma. . .
TALLOW?aulet and steadily held. Prim* I tty quoteu at
IV. ?ale?, MvQOO tt. at 4 "gc
Maw Ve.KK.Thnrselsv, Ke-li. IS. BKKVM No nrrivnls to
lay aod oo trade in uve cattle. Keelia* eteady aaa ?edarata
e collits i tpeeted t>. murrow.
City lr s-r.t li.ef.|iile; at c. *?<I H i.e for very nnlpniry tu
I'rime, with ( h.ili-enuel Ultra *--1Iiiik in n lliuliesl wac ni 8 '?
tl 'Av
Al tfee refrlir.r.-itore In Washington Milli; et Western
Preaaed Beef aold rather alowly al 8?i BBe, inA sa raany
[Tl iii- stock w.is ot), ri tl
Shipments t..-.|..y 790 Mattara of n-r! and Hid iv.reaaso* Of
Mutton in the AeiiiHtii- byJuaeph Kaaunaa.
t Advice* ti. iii I. vii pool ami london this We ? k. reel ived hy
private cables, re preaeni the market for refrigerator Uf' '?
lull but a sh.Mr horner, and selling ratea nu- i '-t t ''sd. or -..
_'.M.rper th.
. A I.V I H Kee.-, ipi.'were m.i heart neatly ellet Washington
Market. Oraaeera aad Prime VealaSrm, amt ail other grades
.f i.n. Calvesateoily. flrasacrsareqootnlal2ai?:H?Ci Ped
'?.a ci a ml Ordinary io erinn 'toals se,id at :>?
...s-. it nh a lea -.lo. ted Jeraeya truing a* lilirh a-* !'e.
Pri-SM-I Calve* in luisleiat'- supp: i . Iii rn. ami "iC blither
bun last i| i..tatl?i.s Iire-ss'-el Oraaeen old at ft*flifCl
.iiiy lireateil Veals m B*ll%_ I ur. mr to Prime; and
riv Rn aaad n Ha t'ligt
Sales -i C.il'ln. I'i I'nirto fhni.ic Vesta, 100*400 m. at
' a "v >.iainl\ al H ii Af .
j r. sadler I Cai ."? Veale, 13d m.nt c.v.
W. Appelrcl ^ Veals p:.'. lb nt su,-; e> do. ll I lb. at He : S
lo IB -il bc . 7 " Hobs." 75 lt.. :.! le.
Dliltoback ,v Dewey i 3Fed calree,343?, etSHei odo,
,04 th, at le. _ . , ?
r-lil., P AND LAMBH.?RecHpta w.-re p.' curs of 7.70.
un i lg cereal BOih-st aod it cara at Jereevtltv. aod 17
i nd wera received al Waafelngton Market. Total lorSre
leys 24.P20 bead aunlnst 2>;.'_-7 !.".ui for ti.e same
?nie last wee*. In-mattd fap. hut the ntaiUel
i;niied wink .uni lower, and whin- prices Were fairly WBU
maintained at J.rs.y City at tin- Uptown yerda t lure wns n
lerliue ol 'sc per .':> na bolhSheep and laimb* with the Soteb
weak at tlie 11 tine lion Ni -111111111 Itu- offering* li'iH.v.i.
ld. Bomi vary cboloe lota of sturt .sheep in tm- pens.
ordinary to l'i me Mheep aold at Si-Ml a SS 60; Choice ami
I- vtrre a: -b ', -ai-', and om- cir load ni +0 1 IV, per Hill B)
'omnmn to Prime launba ranged from >0toS7 80i and one
?srion-l ol Ultra st iles sold at +7 Ml,
Major Uollui bought 2 eora of Sheep for eiport at $57.'>i_
1 he 17Molina Lamb* in Waahlngton xarkel wera aoM at
IT ?7 H, i 11 1 i'i In ul, UOOd nile- sc..lin. re-ailiiy at Hoi outside
I Dressed Mnitnn In fair demand af 7tf8?ge for Medium to
bnlceqnailty, nml a few e-sirs carcaaaea were iwnoi ted seehi
it pe. iro.-c.1 i.imi.s were moving alowly at tialue, bal
?!.. so Sgurea nee 1 coedad in aomeeaaaa at tba atanghter
bous. s.
Hale* Dlltrnbark A Dewey I?3Btate Rheta, no m. nt
.... I.U .I... li'... lb, nt be; [AS "io 120 Bl, at BO i leodo.
HM fe, at .e. ludo. C's ffi. st .vc ?_?:., ,|,,. lu! ft a|
r,v: leodo, uti Si. at SA flo t IHO do, OS M. at fi 40 : Md >.?.
tc ; 47 do. UO Bi, at ftc 1 27 State Lanaba, 73 lb, at
:<? : 1 16do, -1 it., i.t 7 .
linnie.,v .inti, u 104 Htate Sheep, 102 IB, .it 03 SO j 100
lo. left lb. a':.'.0. :; ihi. in.-, If,, ul ..?,.? 1 lllft do, na m. al
We: 117.1...-, Bl, mii-...- ..7'.. stat.- Lamb*, 73 m. ai dHic
1-1 ii... 77 m..ii 7'4.\
Walsh. Kirby A Co.: I7u star.--si., .-p. 1117 ffi. rn $1 sn ; I.T.
lil, Iii . tv .11 '.'?.- . I "4 flo. II.I it., ot .. Sa-. .....to, 91 ttl. at ."''se'.
p.". st ite 1. .ml.-. ul m. ht 7'.e.
luii.iiiiook a ii.ivis 117 utan -tn 1 ip, tot m, at ft Se i 70 do,
, . I .J ele. 1U'.' ill at.'-i.'i Ititi dO, SI. Vt, nil .'.'i.r
I .".'id... 82 ttl. ..it'..'. )'-> -1 h.. r-i, ?.-;. .h..i Lamb* miked, 72
Ite. SI lie' : 1 ,' 7 .I.e. 71' tt). .lt ll'll' 1. . - 1 .ll I 1,11111 les S'I !!'. ll! O'.
Nen ton * t.l.b tl " ", nhl., -he. -p. Mi tb, ol Oft IO| 23 ido
s7 m. nt tb "?? ill do. ns m.al *?. ,'.; L'SJdo,HI m at
l-l .1... BA I! . al +.. 7... 17-tlo. KO lt.. at t ? ????
ttlxed Weatern du. 7:1 Bl, al ll 50; WI9 Ao, .'7 m. al **> 40 .
! 1-d... 71 tt. Bl fl 7'.
,t i *edlar ace flu Waitera Lambs 7. h. al 87 SO i 28
Wealers Sheen. I .'4 IB BtfftMl; Db d>., 1 DH Ih, at 8033; Itu
.il -; . ? : .i.in. Di lb tl -
H..bi A llncungham: it i state HBeen lift m, at ft Hs
Weatern do hw Lambah SS rt.. m 4 ?. . I.'..-. rttati) l-uutm.
Mil-. !'., I .,- i|0 do, el- p,. nt e -..
c. (wi Ins: ei.iii-.y .pring Lam ba, al 110 per bead i 3 do,
.it is radi : flo, al *.'.
I .vent! .t I'n.- fl -minc l.nm'i, iel -fl" per head.
Hieec-. Keceipta w?wa 7 ear* Ol Ell ? bead, all at Jer?ey
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receipts, ll rev j Mid -t ...'.L/- .i-tlu: i al ?-> ?'.. . I nrnt
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limit- lt-...- ts 17.000: ShlomenU lu'O' xiarknl blither
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-T B0!'U to'. IS Cattle Koo.-ii.is ii .1 s'l.i.msiits.
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muk. I dull imi bos'i . . ommon be ' 'ut. BA .!.?*! H0;
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Hogs? lt.-. .-lins tshslo* 3.3 tel I it Ur,
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...7.1 Pei. ur Winier Wheats, * .rt: .pilot
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drona No. 1 it r.t Norihern
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i.n s N'o. \ ? . , No Matt.'d IC ,e- No i
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Wheat, an... bush.! ' ? : n. ?? ? "' .' buali "als. bush
Harli i liusl -i lpn.ont - I ...ur. 'u i b
ish i ..m. l!.buah i Oala, 1'.',.hush llaile'v.
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Kura, gu -i.la Kanni- ?? M 70 .'ne Muli
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I'sii'in, ? . . \ vVi-sl?-Seiiithe-rn timi A .stern blgb r
-muir, ru Ked. '.'.'?/ O'. il" Amu r. .'..?..',? isa I
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i, i. iraan s ,,4,. ,,..io. March. -?,-:'.. Mar
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hUthel -,,H'. .n M telle 17 a ...c. Oft IfelllW, I, et
I-,. Weatern Hii'st Som, is^..,i' . i , :.:.ir, i-1.
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tVi-eiern White, n-nin,-. ,i... mu,..' io olia. Teem
?virania, Maana kv? ouioi .i ua72e. Protnatou*
influmei U*sa Pork. Sin7541 -m's -ifio ir.
7...i ?Moa'. io,boo ouab, < "in :?.'??'. i'? .s i. .?.-e.
14.000 i.i-'l in- Ital bu so rthiuiuanu?Flour, i.i ? ?
nhl" i ..in in-,'iou IiiisIl Baili Wit sal ?. .ooo aisii.i corn.
.?-ii.iiii.i 'n.i,
i'm too eei . . floor quiet tad unchanged ebel ea
Wtut?r Wheat, s-l 404*4 "A rsnring Wheat, SJ 70*84 00
'?lui -soia llak -'s. ? 1 .'eu./-1 '. i Pal - ,.)
leiwiind's. *.'.i i i *?'( ni Kre Flout f.l iifleHJ dolo bbla,
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7"s'. Mai.li ,"-.,/.li .e roe-iic ? ii , "- ., Mar, -l'v<S
-i.-xf.. eiosina al -tv v.. .- Bonni. r.'',.t -i'. -. \... .;
si, no C. 7 l '? e-. Ceirn loweri lasn. Af in We.i K inn
ai i. ..,' r_ . . s 'm . rn.sm* si I .Ve. March, lute SM kje.: eioainir
:-. >l ei. 4 l '.<r I . ?',, . el..hiii* al :.',,? elal.lri.ii sales
riiinreel e'lisii. .teeter I . 1> i. i . ry ?( ' ?/ ..'se.. ll..loll. SOg
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i.i.i iui t: 1 "?'" Il 1 ob. Minn. Bl 1 ooaail Oft. eloaioa
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tn-ju.- i 1' Lard qniet ead *iaadr i *aiea raoaea uaalt
te, o.'e oem ol ** March, arioftaso7>i Mat -?.i1,.
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. .'ibis. .V i,.. i- '."ii.ih. 'iii.b. Corn 17.'..ano -i.i-.ii.- lists
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Kioui. i .? nine .ubi*.. Waeel IS.ihki aoatbt Cora, 17m.oou mun.
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tl l"ee?4 .( .. I slleV. SI lll.lTSl le I. Wleo..l 'lill. I . Vi J ll*|.
i-iiinis 1.018: shtaiDCOta. A.MMl'mao. tJoro linn
No. I htllMt .I7'1lisc 1I41S timi See..! Mlloel. A.-aAlkjc.
Ugo i|lp.et: .Nu '). tide. Itaiii-v I Uri Nee. il -Snrllll. .'na
(?uii, stead? at til J.-, Lani nulel ei *.. n.t. Kuli
m. m. si-i tv ? abaaWlara 04 on- aaervrtb S'.'.'tfs
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sb.en e'reiir. 8S Iii A'lusier linn am' ttamilP atti I*
ll..tit steti.1T ..e.mn ei. ..'ol l,i:lll. * I .Ce * 11 '.'I . 1'aeV*.
mir au.l tniU'liert. 14 IbugA bb (Tin.tl*. 1.I7H tell slilp
Bieau i?.'. iiiM.i
Ililli lr l-'etl. IM.- Wheat 'lr ll S'll Whit ? -.III'jc.; >'?sh Bad
Pebr.iarv May. !'4?4e -.. tte : ll-it SOC ':un sm: I ? li J
aiy Mareh. nos,,. .|.,v Bit 1(0.1 Sn. .1 ll-.l. -ii i,..
H.-.. eta 14 '.mel bush. I ..ru-.Ne. i III Sj u 1 le. Uais-.Nu. .'
I) lulu Pilot .. Cn. A aile
Mil.WAI Kl* Web IS.- Pl.'Ul innot. Wlie.iI MtrnllR.
c.is. . Bia. Mm. si',,.' iiiii*. -..,. ioii, uni Ma 2,
tic. tints sicily ? Mp, t. ino Hy,, sleadt Vu 1. .'elle
?altar 4Birt: Ma 1 ftl'sn. Provision* ?leo!yr Mess
Polk, (ase or Kstiritary. all nil. Lard?PriBM steam.
e'asii eir Nbiaary ss l" Marah, 08 IO Satior nulel
(linne I ntami.rr li.-Tlsc. rb,.,.*,. |l,f| croau lOwllO,
Bega? Pleteh. 1 ;.! Ibo. Ile. eluts-Plour. l.tlso.lelels. Wheat
li ins liusl,. Halley. 14.220 liusl: Hhituiiunla-t. eolir. 4U(l
hbls.i WbaaSi M-'?"> J.isie.r llarb!,'. 7.47ie nusli.
Misni st".t ;-. Mliin.r.b 18. -Wliuat -So. 1 Hurd lii'i,
-7e . leleruarv, eTc: March. 87%aj April, 811^-.; May,
PiiiuiiA. titi ls Cen flrm r New Hlih KlSOd 9B*gB
:n\v.. to rt Hised, S4S u^c tints timi tva '-' W ii ii e. 112^
?1 Alic So. i Muetl. ?.'iiit,;.iOi-. ltre dull: Sol. Mu lill c.
Ilceelpt.s -Ceiru. 1"..uno bush : (lats, 18,oiiu husb. Pye. r,uo
Iiuii, -ehlpm-iii. Coin, Hi.OOO hush, dals, 4-',OKI bush.:
llye-, - bush.
Pim ti.linns. I,b 18.-nour rnlek steuiir with n moil
erst., eletiiaml for flesiraidu trudi, brau.ls Weatern
umi PeiinsiiTania stine-r. SSOOwOSAOi dee. Kttr.i. ?;i aoa>
SH 761 I'ennsiiyiiiiia lainlly, 04 00*44 1.1, Pennsylvania
Holler Pruess. M .tT *-,Or* 7.11 Iielsnan- ramil V, (kl 60S
..od: Wmt.'i When Patent. *}*'lt>a-iii MX Wheat ? Market
sIioiik riioioloi.il loweri elliott ileuiaiiil was light I snot
lots st.-.i.lv and tjulet i No il ppm Pobni.r,-, BBS
" * e. .Male ii. n.ier-t|i4r.: AprH. P0<e*M0Sa-! -May.
ui'-ei'.'e (oro sput lope str.ing' ovnort d.-iiisti.I ll?iit
Nal M. i.-el ..ti trees i.e. Ka .: Mlie.l in gralBdOBO! 111
47c;-liam, r Ne. 2linea.inca 17a*flo, iaaraiaiteoot.4S|H
ep'-. TAo. i Tallow ia agnofl .tstir. 47m Nh _ Muna
K-bruiirv. 4i*4SSc, i Mares. 4t*48^c.i Muli M104n(?&i
MlV. 4714./4s.- I1H14-lieut mis -l.-.ell ll. .I..I Wblln
K-'s"-.: No. a While. .1'..^... .Sn. -J tVilllet. 4 IU^,. .? Iiilm..,
uni.'I: Viii Willie. Kebritsrv. ill's'.-lu. Mni.-li 4".r4ui4,...
April, ion im-it-. Mae. io's n in'-je. iten-eiots-f bmr. Il.onii
bl,ls W.naL 4.0 ni nusli.- Heirn. 14.000 inisu. wats. Inonu
bunn. nliiiiiufiitK-vi r.eau i .uno saaA.i Ooro, 1 ..uno ui-sb.,
11,11 S. 7 II'MI OIISu.
-I. Louie, peii. im _r.-i..iiroutet: xx.wt Baaasta: XXX
t3 I Oxs*A li, ,'in:i|. 4 I i -, el| t I , I lii.-,l. Al 7bWgA lb)
kilner Cl il..eil 70: Patents. *4'.Kl,;,., :m Wheat hlgberi
Na 2 Ked. (usn. Bli . february. Ole.- March, blcbldi
Hat :. ',.;?... cub qnletl Na 2 Mired, in en. lOeeStltii
Kebruary. :i.'e'..'i Marob, iWat Mav. .;,'v. OsWquieti
Na . ..iivii i'a-i. .nu .'..t-.e. bm Marra, 20Vc .
? c nv- bl (bei in .?,'."-...?. aerier imertcaa dooHiie. n.n
ur eeiiioi . creamery. Old hw.: Ualrr, ln*24c k*ks si?,idv
I Iva Kial Hr.ea unchalwell, (la* i.ti.|>nii,"iiii(.i niau
n e. it uml .'..ri sinai uro il II nb. WBIak* Bl I >
I'eik. ?iij.. ii'ie'<.ni'.*is-L.iii? iSaar. *. le- -turn tut,
8*1 'V HhortClsar. as 7.V bago Bna -i 85 00*00 03.
Rooeiota? He.n. i.e on aitloi wu-iat. I.io e;isti.. norn.
..s.iuo oiisu. Di's. I S.OOO Maa- Kve. loon misii..: ilarlov.
Kl elem nash rsliluuiBiit*?rniiit. 10.00" uotoi Wheat. 4.000
bt-.sl. Ci.i.i 14 U'l. mun., otk*. 1u.oOIo.isi.. live,
Ib-li. llariel. 2.'Mel.
Kl'lt.if'liAN VB 'IT 'K MA UK ,:r.
Lu fitiieOL. Ka,i. l I -Pr ivieln.H-Ituoii. i 'uniberian.l cut
1,s. itel.. 1/nnr .p-i: .Mi hiles. .Mi t|.l. s.int Ulnar Middle*
kilt ld.; &b"r> Ulbs. 2b?. IxL; Shoul.ler.4. IA*. Od. usn ca L
Beet?Hit. Cit. tor Kvtra Indian Mess : Prime Mew. blt. Ucl.
t'oik-1'niiie Me*s. :.la U.l. per bell.: Pl Imo Mobs. Megen,
Bis.: Weetara,Ut. Ba\ Uara -American, lit. t 1 time v\est
ern. IP.'* (M.: i-ard oil. a**. tM. Hani*-Lona c^it. SBa. Od.
Mioinucni. .tbs. a 1. nullor. Hbo. Od. uer ?wt. fornuc-st I ulted
Htatea Cheese?American choice. -U's. o.l. Wheat?Bed
Western Bonn*. 7s. 'Jd.* Fa. 'el.-. Ked WlaU r. 7s. IA.not. .ed.
per ceuwi; >... l m ur mit. 7t%dri Sos Western vi lutci.7s.laa5
New Mttwi Western, te. .d.i ObMotbib Sa. 1. t,s i'd.*
7*.nd.i Californian No. t lit, fld. ettJs.-d.oer eentaL Pro.luoe
-cpiniMo! Turpentine, .'in*, (ld.; do. st London, zr's. (KL Der
cwt.: nennad petroleum, -ai....IV. por gainm. cloverseed?
American Keel. 4M. per t-wt. Tallow-2 >*. on., oerewL ll'>*e.
Illinmon. 18 ISl Kale. ll*, dd. dirt. nd. UnseedOH,,20a.
i'li.nert-wL I al low-line A mcneill. Ibi. .1.; 1 Ti ni? City.
iFe. Od. ne-r c?vt. American ll.flint-rat.tl Ueef, bind .[lift
era. lid.: roiec'i*rters. t<t8. ssc ffi- ?,.,-_ ? e.,? i-?
Losoos.r'eb lS-Pronaee-nneaadOll.**! 1*8.1 MO >'*
Cn. im'i tuiir Can nita Unseed, 4 p..nd. n.-r quarter, ijoaeea
Cake. ?7 l)3.a X7 bt. nor toa: lleilncn r-rml-um. o Ml.t*
('??.I uer irallon: spirits ol Terpentine, tie. "'I. per cwt.:
Sperm UU. ?ls ocr ton. Itosm -Common, its. Sd, per cwr.i
Pule. iiia.dlia Provisions-I arel. -Us. u.L m-r e wt. tor
Ai... rican: su?ar. I Sa. Dd. m-r esr. r.u Cuba Centrinitl-il
poi'iti/ina HO0, and lits. ? tl. .ills, dior cuba vluseovaelofuir
re lu,mr albeit.r Austral,ni lallow- Beef. Ht. ...l.rt-.li
Ou.: Mutton.'.'.'.s. tid.'i.tis. Od. coooa Nnt on uansa,
JtlViT bs.r Coe lon. 4"IO Ila , ..
am-.vi ii', i-b is -Wilcox** I.ar<t elaSSl nt -0 franca
1'-'?iiiuuuiea pei 100 kilo'.
Grain speculation at the Produce Exchange
yesterday was dull amt uuinicreatihir. Tbe tenaeucy of
price* wm down wind, but us ii rule the fluctuations
wore confined within nnrrow limits. Operators appear
to be walting for some cue from the leading nieu before
venturing on either snlo of tim mai bet to adcclilcd ex?
tent. In wheat euell lots wero without material elinn-'e.
Exporters asaBasd tiieir parekasss to about 12,000
bushels. The option*, after displaying a slightly better
tone In thc early UgaltBfSi lost S fractional advance that
ha.I Leon made ami ended weak a shade uboie Um in-i.ln
Heines. Tin. limil declines were V cent for March at
Olia, ami *, for Utaataar aontb* a? follows.- April
li'l\. May tuu June BA'S, July BB**b, Annual D.'-V. and
September bd*geeata Tue recent Mequeeaere" of turn
lor linnie.li.ito delivery apparently have BOOOUipllabed
their ob|eet anti tho market yosterday WBS weak
under freer afbnnga. Tbo purchase* for
t-X purl au..mn toil to hO.tMI'l liusliels. but tv.sll lots feil
?gi 1 cent. Kebi nary deli vt rles lad Hie (let-line lu the
i.piton speculation but after a drop of 1 L. cent the pneo
rallied and eloeed ilowu only Q at 04% cents. Tlie
other months recovered a portion of their extreme de?
cline, closliiL' IgXajaaat h.wot- at .'il for Mar.li, 50 for
April and l!t>4 tents tor May? The-re wns no feature to
lents; tlie.e-li.se was dull at inside liirures and >h cent
lower al 381* for February ami .'l-^'e couta for March.
April nud May. Lani was praottoallf unchanged.
The rcivlpts e.f grata at New-York. Philadelphia,
lltiliiuinre anti Huston yeale nifty wero aa fol?
low*: wiieat. 24,308 bnabela: eora, 402,918 buahels;
...it-, 102,717 huabela; total inala, 020,233 baabala;
Hour. 2(i, Ki? barrels. At clilcrigo, Milwaukee an.l St.
Louis tin-arrivals were: Wbeat, 02,851 bushels: corn,
238,227 bushels; nata, 124,024 ousbels; total crain,
130,002 bu.in.-.s ; dour, 11,032 bairds.
Chicago, Feh. ls (flJpeeW).?May corn sold
Bp to 11 :*i cents. Pram kaal tl/uro lt dropped quietly to
ll :i ct nts, an.l then lt was said that tbel?a\itl Dow
o.l'iue in New-York, who had been tlie buyers herc,wero
rrali. itiif. Tb.- tension has been pretty severe for tbo
last forty-eight boara, amt ut tho .leal i* aupposod io
culu in tte lu New-Vork in I-'ebrtiary, lt li natural
enough tb.it the price- ihuOM leo let up some to atop the
i-.i, n,is. It ls said that Hutchinson nnd John Tetifel,
? in. wiro lomr 1,000.000 lui-h.-lsof oom, sold out to the
symllento yesterday. A Rie.it deni of other long corn
a aa --..I I then, so that whatever lonir interest exists hero
BOW h Wntrallced pretty weil lu Dow, Muun A- Co.'*
ult! en.
All Iho wheat, news reeelveti to-day was bearish.
Leater bad tamed bear agalu, and tbna las last bull re?
in nit was lon aluin.st us soem as ho waa found.
Hut wheut was pusiie-a ii |> w.i iel vigorously for half ft
day, nulli Mnv Bold at *?'>'.) Mata. I rom that lt declined,
cloaing al - I'-s-i - i 'i ei-nis. lu the afternoon wheat
broke t.. -I'- .-? it-, ind the position wus as bail for tbe
hobler* at th.- e-iul of tho elay as at tbe end of any other
.lay of tbs i.tst monta.
tn provi-lotis. wlnle tho price -.vis -tea.ly Ibero waa
r,i Ufa, ami lins wa* disappointing. It la not unlikely
tbat i.e.-in", ol Inch of speculation tho mnrket will be
allowed t.i run ul! auddenly, or elso advance sud.leuly.
At3:30 o'olook tin- alaas aaa: M's cents for .May
w.. nt. il i? eeata for M.-iy eora. |11 22'S tor May pork.
r'. 024 tor May ri!.., uiul ft) ITH tar May lar.l.
l'uta on M .y wheat aohl Bt -1 couts; calls nt Wt
?_ ?
vu: crrrnoi BUR RARRRT.
An ni'tivc speculation WM in 'A oiiiplished ot
tba fons..mi it.-el Exohaaaja yesterday, the naasBStloai
reaebiacatantsr aasaaal than ha* been recorded lu
-.o time. Til, net result nf ttl" day'* basilio** wu* ft
? le .lino of 1% cent flinn Wednesday nlclit, and the fall
il ne er.-.Ute el to s> ii. p.it ii y with tbe'breiik tn
?looks, for ibo baal prions were uiado after the stock
narke! bad developed weakness. The opening w??
atrong u Wedneeduy's closing fliruree?81*1 .-.-ut*?ami
a furiner rleo to 921eoeuta followed. Toward noon the
market began to exhibit lymptorna of waaknsaa, and
wl'.bnut heavy aalea at the tune tbere wan a rapi.l da?
rline to 7'.**t, e.iits. 1 ruin tills extreme tiguro then- wa-s.
,i r.illv te. sn*, i-e-iif*, bal tl did not clie-ek tbe setlinit lin
ind tbe marka I ended weak and nneettled. At
me close carrying rates tu the imallar brokers had
to low Bguraa, The BOW* from the oil Melds, while
barine a (mariah Ung*, praaanted bo dealdedly ssw
? ea. Trader* are mixed ob ti..- situation, but tba
: itlon -..-nis t.. !?.- the view taken by
mo-t oil men ib.it th.' pr.Bl development work Iii the
Km. ..ml W Babington dlrtrleu overshadow tho tulillah
te .cue. shown rn the pipe une bum aaaanta
l a range ol prlaea and tba total deailnas at tho Con
i Bxebanaa wara as loiiow*:
Opening . _ii Vi Loarra!.
iilillle-t . - *t I '.'Ul . ""1
Balee, .arri I*.U.9
Tbt i>t:.. of refined e.n was nnehauaad.
(ni (in. Colin.. Peb. 1-. frul.' OU?Nitlein.it Tran?
sit Certlfieatsa Bp i UH sad slaasd si
bigheal lowest prlic. Tl's; tales, 3,360,000
barrell; chartera22,i.17 barrel*j olaarancaa. 4,375,000
barres ihlptnenu,84,?S0 bam
i:nii.11.m>, I'.-iin.. r.i. h. crodaOU Watloaal Tra*
-lt i.'i titi,-ates open.-1 at Hl\ .md tin-.'1 at -"'--i
highest price', B2>Si lowest puen. Tit'-..; clearances,
i.n,,.(barrel*; rana, 2.845 barrels; suipmentj not
reported ; charter*. 22,855 barrela.
0 tc a m bo a t g ano tlailroabo.
TALI. lllVKlt LISE.-lte-m route ei? 8o.in.l. Maib
mina D.i..ii-iuo.ls<l.ns. nilnlmuiu rat?s> From Pier 9H, V. g,(
fis ! of M.irrsy st. every day (funeiajg exreptes!' at b p. io,
l-fosn-.rrs HrVetol nud Provident*., t'oniiee-tlou bf Ani,eg
boat from lliooklyii 4 AO ^. m.. Jersey cly-toe p. m.
I 1 SKW VOBK, NKW ll WI.N AND 11*11. r 'RD II. Bx
. leave ii irb m Blvei utatlno, corner I. lt', st.. int
Lincoln ave., neal Thlnl Av. n"e Hilde, sc roe* Harlem Hi ver
(le'.n bee.i by Third Avenue Blevalaa Railroad)dally exeepl
h undara al Uri, 7 n '.'lu. 10, li 5 s. m.. 3:10. 8:05. 4:40,
|. in u 40 ana Hp n. f... Port Moma, Caaanova (i>ak Point),
Runt** lb.m. w,>sf launs. \ .m Nest, West Cheater,
ns, llsv (bester .Pellmtu llnvl. Bart iw illly
liland), Pelham ataaor an.l He* Rochelle, tonne, ting at
New-Roohello with iralna for all Boinia ou the malu liin.o.
... ^e,llk. N.-t Baron and n.iitfe.rt Railroad, shore
line uii.i ai inn- Livisions; New Canaan. Middletown
- on BrltalBBBd MiItleld Brunches, ami Huston aud allpie:uts
1 i?t
MbliilKlif train fur New Rochelle and all Intermediate st*
? ons ?i ?,-.- io,(. m. dally, exe ept Moadere.
Hnoday (rain* for New Rochelle aad all lutennedute st*.
Ilona ut i'J ne..,ii mi P:30 p. at. tbe latter train ronneeting
ii Ne* bu. be.le with ft ay tralua lo Uraiid Coutral Depot nud
'??rd _
Train* leave from Chamtiersst. Pcpnt for tinglewood,
Ch>*ter. Pi,., mont mni Nysc's 7. H-.M), io s m., 1.:(:'.'(), 4, ItOCE
6:40. 11-4(1, isrllo n. in, 12 uiletnlght. huudays 7, 9 r*. ni sui]
Til8 p. m.
Nanuet, Sprtng Valloy and Morney 7, lu ?. ia.. 4:..n p. ia,
?nn.liers Os. io.
1/UUK RAILWAY! now known as the XF:\V.
arrangeiiiciit* ol (rains Lom chuuihoi'a-?t. I)t-i>ot. iieim
'.'.tel st. 15 minutes es,rli.T.
8 a. m.-Pally eireiit Bundajra. Dar Kxpreaa, Buffet Drawing.
room ( oa. bes to Binghamton, blmlra. HoiiicllsMll.' Buf?
falo. Masara Fslls ami Hiispenslon Bridie. Sleeolng
Cnache* IforuolUvlIlo to C.tiilonatl.
6 p. m. Pally. M chicago aad M. Louis Limited Hvi.re-.is" a
sold l'ulliir.iu tnilu of Pat uiul Hotel Slwinln,, i oa. he*.
Ko eitra charire for fast time. Arrives Meet! vi Ha 7 IS
*. n.i Cleveland, lo Olia, m.: Cincinnati,8:42 n. bl Chicano.
fcO0p ni . ainist. 1,011m. 7 -?o the *ecoo<{ morning
f n. in Puilv. " Buffalo and M Uk., rs Kalis Limited." arrivea
Buffalo, ito a. in , Misieeiminu Prldge, rt:44 a lu. Thoinosl
popular night train between New York and lluffaln.
Pp.m. Parlv. ( lihaeo Kipress fm the. \Ve?t. A solid tram
Of Pul limn Dav und niciilim Cute bee to llliiKhaiulon. IO.
mira, Buffalo. Nl*i?ars 1 alls, ciiiclnimtl and Chicana
Hiitlierlord and Paaablc. A tb. b ib, Tm, 7 "SO. le 'di, 10,20
a. in.. IJ noon. 1 ih MW, K.flt), 4 40, Stu, fl .0 .1 80 IMO.
fi So, 7110. h 80, ln.9r> p. m., Il nil.luight. Mundays. 5 t$
8:H0, 10:20 a. m., 1-16. ttrHO. 748. ?. 10 ?" p. (n., ll mhlulghU
fatersnn. lT.^, n ib, 7-.'in, 7:80. 9:10. 10-Wa. in, 112ii.",eU.
1:4ft. H HO, itr.Ml. 4:40. SOD, b.lO, 6S0, ft flu il lo ,. HI) 7:1(1
Vito p. m.; ll midnight. sumUri. ft.45. a MO, 10 10
l.. fl .m. 7 4... O.(H). lu ??? t>. m., ll mlditlitht.
..,...-....,.,...,.., , ,.,., ?.,?.,, ne .-11 11. m., l:ll>, Jilli. 11,111, .1,
8:1(0. tl Pl, 7 Ho. Hilo, lo.iu p. ,,i.and I'J miilnl?!it. Sundaes,
14'., s 30, 10 M a in, 1 lft, if Ad, H, 10 SO p.m, nod 19 mldniK>it.
Warwick 4 45, 7. JO, 10:90 a. m.. 4:80 p. tu. Muudav*. 8 43
Newbitrg.ind cornwall 7 50, lt a. m., 'Aid, i 30, ti p. m Sui*,
lav h 811 a. iii , ii ji. m.
Bon.tout stu! kingston and Montgomery '.) a. m., | .10 rn, m,
punttar S:3H a. m. (scranton 0 e. ni , .?sundays i.xceptfu.
Oaahaa A lb, bib, 1 .0. '.., lt) Jua tn.. 3?So. 8 fto 4 :!0, 7 8,
I Hu 1. iii. suuday ft:4.'i, k HO. lo Jo a. m.. il 30. 7. 8 p ni
Mlilitletowa 4 4.e, ft 4ft. 7.MI, fl, 10.-.0* 111, A Kl 4 .10, 7, S.
I SO p. m. Hiimlay Vi:,, H ito, 10:00 a. m.. 8 .'!(), 7. A p m. thia
I u. in. and .1 tu p. m. Hain* . onncot wllh Noes Ynrk, dutarlo
Ind Western Kailiusel at Maln-st. Tim ll a. 111. Hutu stouxat
II nu el univ.
I'nrt Jervis 4 4ft, 7:60. !>. lO'.'On. tn 4:10.7.00, Hot) HiO
p. iii. hiiiiilay M HO, 10:20 a. m., 0 SO. 7. B B, m.
Boat* Uie ve'.'8.1 st., H. v., ft 4'., il t:> a. m.: 0.15 a. ni to 6 45
f m. evesiy lifieeti intniitne, 5:4.-, p. ill. to 111.46 p. lu ever*
blrty minute*, and 11:40 B. in. Sunday* every thiiiv
Tie-lets fe.r pnsss^oanel upirtnisnt.s In PrawliiL' Ito.mi a.iel
Sleeping Ooaohaaean bo obtained, and order* f?i tb-eli.-, kin*
ind Iraaaiar of bagegaae nun ba left at the Cotti|?itv *o0i,.-?,
Nea. 401 pr n? Broadway, isl We?|.lt.. N. Y. No si CourV
lt., BieHiklrti, or at lb* Corni.any's Depots
? Ef^'Ttl [niM '"V" Ul" *?0l ^'flva iii New-York :it 7:hlL
f. to, 1 I 16 a. m. au.l lu '.'uii. iu.
_JOHN N. A uno IT, uen'l Pans-r A*ont, New-Voik.
V 2e;i Braadwaf, 1 waar Watren*!,. N y.
Hnglc tommy sud sseur.ion tlcl.ru to FLOIlfllA, NKW
(IKI.LaIss. UaVA>A. IlLUMl'PA, MK.XK-O. and ali
Winter raaerta,
h o (iioll'.i BXCUBMIOXIST. with man*, publtaued
1.1, milly by until for lo cou... icMrra*
nit., ( OoK:o:^>.2Ui Broadway. B. V.
POff ^W-HAVEN.-^fsmsw loavo Iv^
a Slip Bl BB. Bl. BBd Hp. m. (Sunttuya aafoatedt. Il p.
?.Btamnai -it,v?? tn tm., for e*i iv trains North aud East.
Kscursioii lo trew Haven e.ie.1 1 ci ty n, 41 fto. _
a i'Vi;ni:rsK\if;.NTs ion THE NEW
CI'1 ...WN Off IC EB, Na l.'JS. liroftelway. roraor Thtity.
Orsi-st.. nnillfl p, ai, dc;i Lroaiwjy. betweeu Ttveniy,
?e.-..iid and I'wei.ty.iW.l sts.. i.ottl e p. m.. log West Twew
ty Ut.ni-*>. i-eruar hiablh-ave.. ul ruaniar oDIc.s tatae.
CtcmnbotrtB (mb Riiilroiifta.
Redoctloa of tare* to aa points: Boston, wy; Woree*
ter t's bo. Steamer* leave I'ier 43, North Rlt-r. loot ol
Wa'tt-it..oeit pier abovo Deabroaee* atreet Ferry, at l|M
p. io. dour, except bandar.
f "eHIOUVALLE Y lUIUlOAI). -Passenmn
A J tialns laave depot foot of Cortland and Deabrogae* SW J
rn - a. ui . 1. .(.to aad 7 p. in for i'a-ion lie l.'ebe.iu. Allend
ton n. Reading, Maach < nuuk, Olen sum-ill. WllkosheimJ
towsnda. Waverly, Ithaca, oeuerb, Lron*. Buffalo an
Wesl. Pullman thiatuh cooche*tun dal gr Ifiool uti
7 a. m. and .\:40 p. u. for Kas'On, Tteit?. . ne , and - '..pl ty
tratti* leartng at H a. m.. 1. and 8:4o p. m. coon-ct tor sli
j...!.,!?. in vfiLon-iy and lTarlotou ooal rei' ens Sdoday MM
Ie eves for Meit', Cbapk txuA 'i(U'$fop. ss. m.
(ieneral F.aafurn Ofliee, No. 38.'. Broadway.
B. Wj^l^'iTO'Sj^P. A.
P<) IM J L All HH?)RE tJNTEf(,r BOSTOiraiiS.
the KAST Al! rall frowi dranil Contra! Depot. Tb rea
.DtCd) to |...e.;.)'i at I a. m..
lp. ni. 'wilh patace ?'?coi
Ul YUjti, <? ?tooping tar*),
T. Bf. I'OPYl.R, Agent,
spot. Tb rea
evpre*s train* d*ilv (H.iudsr* exooptcd) to ito*ton?at S l
2 p. di. (par'or enr? :.t'u< tied aad il p. ni. 'with palace I
lng mrs'. H.:inlays al ll p. Ul. (wit.
Leave ' .rand Central tepot ot follow*:
A- Sa. m.arrivinetin Nevportat i ,t> p. ni.
At 't p. m.. srnvlr.g In Nejwpor *t 7,5l)p. m.
(Drawing-room oar* attach*i io b. th trail.*.)
__THLt>I)OR__ WA Kit KV -inpt
IIIVCK RAILROAD ? Oe.mweneiar Nov. 20, H
Bxe-ept >atordny night .
ile at '.riiini (Vntral Drpufc No. ft Bowling:
'ti'. Harlem Depot l i-th-sL and 4th-.iv.??
ttinu^h Irwins will leave iimr.il (.'.ntr.-i'. !7ppo'.
I* a. m. Lw bester sml Montreal Evpr. ss tlirongh draw.
ing-.'O.'iii c.trs to Itothester Ht Aliisii* tad 00?S? ?..U .
'ii bo a. m.. Inst Leiiutco ctflcngo 1 ipre*>* with dining
car*, stopping ot Albany, Utica, Svraensr Bot-lu-gt-ir, Bnx?
lalo, Megara Kalla, Krto, Cleveland and Toledo, arriving at
I blcac.i '.'ifli. a. in ii xt dav.
'... .<>?!. I. .' lil. ..ko Kxpreaa. drawiUK-roo ii car* to Cinam.'
ii*!.-n.i. Rocoveter. \iagiir, Fall* and !tu_faio.
tl 1 a. in . W estern New-York and Northern Kxpre**, wltb'
drawing-morn, ort.
3:00 p. m.. Albimy, Troy and L'ttoa Exprnaa, through
tiri.frig in .ni ears. To jaratoaa. Ft. lldnatd and (.hue
Falls un Hatmday* only
-4 p. ni.. Accommodation io Albany and Troy.
*fip. ui? .'lUcairo and Ht. Loul* Express, wicli slu-plng-osra
for Magura Falla, Buffalo, Cincinnati, lol. lo Detroit, Chi.
cairo arni St. Louie,
6iH0 p.m.. Kxpreae with Bleeping cars to v.-acuew and M'
Anbiun io. el, aud to sarutogi -. also lo Montreal.
t f IS p. m.. 1'acitlc ___.uie*j. withMsenlnn cir* for Roches*,
ter Iiui'iilo, Nianar* Fails, t loveland, Toledo, bl couta, De?
troit uud tn Ml*
11:16 p m.. Night Expreaa, wita alee pmc-cara to Allana
and Troy. ? ounee ta with the mornnig train* cir the Wr*i aui|
tor Hie North excr -
Tickets on sale
Gieeii. il'A Broadw.,,
and at W'eatctt'* Kxpreas unices..) i*Brk.p!:ie..-Lno.tr Broad*
?ay ,7S6aad on uro dway.aud 0* ?r?t lilntb-st, New
York, AAA U'ui-hlngtou and 780 Fulton-st*.. Brooklyn, and 70
?in. si Williamsburg.
Ac le'.iriiesiuii'in . m drawing.room and al'-epineear* can be
Srocured at any of the ticket offlcoa in New-York City, aud
33 Washington st.. Brooklyn.
Bu/gitfe ea'led fur .ind el recked fro'-n reslitenoe.
?These trains run dally. All other* dally except Sunday.
tThe-e tia>n? stop at Harlem (I25th-?t- and 4ih-.ve),
Oeneral Supenntendsat. Oereral Paaaeucer a mi ut
To t'lovielen. e, Al lb : to Boston. *-A -. tiret c a-s. steamer*
eave fiom uew pier :!(!. Nortii Bivir, one bloe-k above canal
it . at 4 to p. in daily, except -ut dav; ifl n.-w triln with
riarlot cairs rei-lliniig chairsi between *t?:tiner's land inn amt
Boston without charge.
F. W. TOPPLE, (linera. Passenger A'.-ent.
On anti after Febrn.iry 1". ^J''.
TTaaaa taara New-Vork. via Hesoree-ses aud e ..ait) ,nell fttreel
Pei rica, ::Sfiellows:
Harrisbiiii-'. I ltlsbura and the Wost, with I'nlln'an Pa.aee
( :us attaebcet. !? ii. ut , 0. 7 and H p. ni. tl illy. Nen S e.rk and
ciiii.itoLinitt.il of Parlor, Inuics, tsmokmg .lod sleeping
t',!rs a( it a. tn every ttay.
Wiliianiaport. l.<M-k llaven, !' a. rn . BB m : Corry and Krle
at B p. ui.. connecting at Corry for Titusville, l'errotciun
(entre and the tell Iti-iriona.
Feir Lebanon. 0 a m. 'A it) p. m.. and ljinriit.
Baltimore, Wasbinirton ..ne! the isouth. U aai ted WaHbingcia
Expreaa ol Pnllman Palace Can. daily etcentsaadsr, IO
a m. arrrri Waeblnftoa lum p. m. ami i-t inp. m.; arrive
W.Miuiigt itt '.iiil.'i p. m., regular at'!'.'0. * aud ?: ni a. in.,
1. 1 hu an.l :> p m. and I'J night. Suud.iy, 8:10 a. m.. A 'JO,
snel il p. in. and 13 ntirh!.
For Atlantic etty, except Sunday Threigb Parlor Car>, 1
p m,
For cape May, except sun.hiv. II ri" a. m.
I.oiiir Branch, Bav II ciel Junction and intermediate station*
ria Kabway aad Ami.nv. .< a. m. 13 noon, i-.io. bp. tu.
tm *unelay, tl lo a. m. ami 6 p. in. .do no' stop at Asbury
I'ark .
For 'Hil Point ..nd Norfolk, viv New.York. Philadelphia and
Norfolk Bailroed, StOO a. m. weak ins and S P.m. every
dan via B.ilt.inure ami Hay Line. Cito p rn week days.
Boats eil liriM.kiyu Anne* connect vtiili all through tram*
at .lerse-y Citv, affording a spee-Jy and eliie-st ttiensler for
BriKeklvn travel.
Tums Arrive: From Htthburer, 7 SO, 8 io, 11:30 a. m.. 849
act " tb p. tu. daily. From vvasblnittin a.ni Iialt-.ni.iri>. H-.m.
f. u .1 m..i:'.'0, H:-'0, l(::lo, '. 'IO. 0:30 am' 10:8 I p. m HuneUr,
6?'.'(?. ( bn a. m . A10, 0 20 and 10 lb i^ m. Kre.m Pllla
delphia. ?'?'..>. li-Viet. 'I od. 7:30.8 10.0:30. B:SO. 10-AO, llr.lel
a ta 1:30, 1. 3:30 3:30.5.80, AiSO, 0 '5. 7 .'(>, Hbo. 9:20.
111:38 p. m. and 12;'.'0 nlirht Bnnday, 8:80, 6:20, d V?. 7 1!0,
8 40. 11:3'. a m.. 3:20. 0:20, tJ:5\ 9 -->. 9 IS, iU (?'- p. tn.
Kvpresstmins leave New Vork, via Liesbrossea .ind C'enrt
laadt Stree! Ferrlea, .is fellows
0 l". : in. s. h ie t ii ic i^o l.inilte.L and 10 Washmirto.1
Liiiiited . and ll a. m.. I, il :... 4. l:ii... 5. 0 7. ? and 'J
p. m., ami 13 nlgbt. Aecoiuuiislatle.il. B:SOi l! lo a. m.,
and 4 4D li. ut. Mindava. KZBfeaa. 6:15. !> IS l.irr.ife?.!>,
and M a. m.: 4. 4 tu. li. 0. 7. sain! 9 n ni . and ri nuht.
Ti allis lea vina Ne?.\ eiik dany, except Munday, if 7 'Jo.'.', and
II ina. m., 1,3. l. B ind 8 p ul, and o p. m. on mundays,
i i.niicct at Trruton tor ( aulden.
Itetnrnms. traine leave Broad Street -^tatton Philadelphia,
]-.'(il. i( 30, l "".:. ? (i.-, ? JO, 7:30.8 20 i ?'. ll. and 11-15
a. m. Liniitetl Bxpreaa, 1 14 anti 4 IO p. ta. 13 pa. a. l, 5. t),
ii ic., 7 i. t lt ?,??, .i ;,,| p m ein^uiidav. I3.-01.&80.
4 o."., 8,0:05, H.io a. m., PUB, i ibu Limited, ei ,!5,
7 13 and u 12 p m.
Leave Philulclphi e rta Caiuden. 0 a. m. dally except sunday.
Ticketofflcea.849,423and .'ii Broadway, 1 Aanc Unit
and foot of Deebroaaea an.l Conrtlaadt si-.; 4 Coart-at-, and
Biimklyn Annex Station lout ol Fult.,n st.. Bi.eok'.vn.:
Hiu.'li'' Hetti, nobokroi StatluB J-i-v .itv. Kunman'.
Ticket Offlee. No. H Battery piaeeand rue!" ...ird. n.
ihe New.Yo.k irin-.fl; Company will c.iil for anti check
baggage fi..m h..! et* .mei rendent ea,
CHABLEs k. )>i'..ii. T ii. WOOD.
_Oentrel Manager. Oeneral Paaaeagcr -tgent,
lill. NEW ll>i:
?SS IH Sa M.W.YOItK. Villi. Alir.Ll'lIIA.
ano .xntroi.ia,
.... and afb i Daeaaabac 7. i-?\ the Waw.Yerk. Philadelphia
an.l Norfolk Hallroad Compouy wiu rna * Paai iuv ami
N rht Ktpreaa between Hew.York aud Capi L'barlea. Tra-ns
wave New-YorS. via. Peanaylvania Rallroail.S a. m. ?e.k
day* sud s v. ,? tolly, armin,, on i-,??, coiiiloii ti 15 n. m.
eek lays aod ..nu. m. dally.Norfolk 7*)b p. in and ^ 15 a. bl
sleeping Cara throiiirli from New York io I'ort-inourii an.l
buffel Parlor Car* trom New-York to cape . berle* nekst*
purior cms. ats and sh-i-ping lierth* ran be leenred at aaf
Ttl kc! cm, en? ibe rennel Ivanla llsilro. ii otnpaar
t. e.- e.JV-i" VM*?- 6*"'l Tata, and Freight Agani.
Il W . DI NM., -npei mt. ml, nt.
V Y. C. * H. B. lt. K .o. Lessee.
BIKMIK uF THK Wt i flLli KA M ?'. 11 UV I>9 -N BTV KR,
(Ju niel after January 31,1MS0, train* will leave West t-'tl
at. it'ni on a* fell.mV
All ti ams leave (min new down-town k ta lion, fo.il of Jav st.,
North uiver, 'JO tuiuulce earlier than from loot ol We?|
tad at.
Tletrolt and Clilrago, '0 30 a. m., -6 00, 'H 'ol p. m. MflSasSS
Bi Lou.*. *d 00. 'H\n p. ru. Sleepers thro urti.
Buffalo. Koebeater, Snanraaiou Bt.ige. Miagara Yt'*,, -n 10
n. m.. -e tUi, 8:10 p. m. Steepen and .Ira wine ,(K)Il,,,, ^
Utica and Syrm-nae, B:30, ll ?.'.'. a. m., i? on, ?> lo n ui.
_lli?hlaiid. Bok.epsle-.un! Kiiig-t.iii. -7 111. ?:< .10.11 Jj a. m..
8 bb. t lo, -11 io p n , an,! ?.; on p. ,e. for Kiiie/aton.
SaiiKCrtiesai.il AW any, -9 SO, 11:20 a. Bt,, 1 bb. *(J 00. 'H. 10,
?1) 4(i p.m.
Crauston'a Wejt Polut, Ct.rnwaii and Xowiium ?1-io.
"ii 30. 11 vfl a rn . A bb. i no, s jo, ll in p. m., aad 6 00 p. ni.
foi ( Benwell an.l New burg.
Snr.it.).; ri .\!a A Ile..nv i. ll M a. m., (Uk) p. m.
Foi Montlea! m.i Canada Kant. e. (Ki p. nj.
Bantlltou, London. !? 30 a. tu, -0 oo, '8:10 p. BL Toronto,
?Pillia, m .tn OO. -s 1(1 p. m..
?Dally. IDaily. except Saturday, inlier ii.iiu* elaily except
For tl. ket*. time tables parlor or *leepini- car ai ? on-.iuo.la
tiona, or information, apulv at otflce* Boboken. Yu Hudaon
*!.: Brooklyn. AXA WaAIoatou-at.: f'AO Fulton st.; Annes
Ofliee foot of Fulton nt.; New York City H10. iie.i. h?l, 94d
Broadway. Lilt's Bowciy, and Wi *l shore station* foot oj
\\j'tt t'.'ost.. an.l feint o! Jar st.. North B:ter NVe'?tcott'g
Ei pi i ?s will call for and elicia '.iigfuigefroui ti. te s aud leal
dence*. Order* can be left at ticket oflli t -.
2H0 Broadway. General Pa>M tiger Agrut
t iie-nrnur mu at Columbia-live, ter Van.iyiink. con-ut??
liockt-n and Norristown.
DRAW INC Boom ca RH on all Day iralusand SLBKrlVV
(A Its on Night Tralni.
MAHANOY CITY at 7:4j. ":lb a. Bk. SilB, 4 Oe Me m.
For BEADING and HARRIS HU uti at 4 .od. T:i6. >* lb.
I 1:18 a. m., 1:00, KIO. 4.00L r>:30. 5:4.'s lfcUO li. Ul buuday*.
6HO. 1V:00 d. W.
For Hf lt AN TON at 7.00. 845 a. ni.,tt;i8p. tu.
Foi WILBKaBARBB and MUSTON k 7 (a', S.ISa. a,
1:00. lilio, 8:48, iVA'> p. m. Sunday* at 5 HO p. ul
Foi nun Ion at 710(18 111-rt:4r. p. m. .?.?,- ,??
Nf TAM ABU 4 at 70a 7:4ft, H.ib a. m.. IMO. 3:48, 4:0^
l'.':00 0. IB. SUB.laV* 1'.':('0 p m.._ .jaime
For BKI lil.KHKM, ALI.FNTOWN and MAI ( III uvsn.
at4:0(>, 7:('6, 8 4C a. Ill, 1:00, 1:80.3 45 0:45 p Bl. SUUdaf
F?r EASTON at 4:00. TtOB H.Ab a. m.. LOO l:3o, k ib. 400
4:80, .145, 7:00. 790 ? m. Sunday* 4:00 a. m.. MB p ?
For U IOU BRIDOK BItAM.ll at 4 00, b:45 a. m.. 4:00
ForVfl'KMlNOTON 7:00. B45 a. Bl., 1 CO, 1:30. 4:00, *;*?.
5:00. r- 30 a. m. Sunday? liSS p. m. .. ? ,, ,. .
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Vork CUT. la Brooklyn at No. at anru.i.: IO] Braadwayt

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