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Vinni, squall', No. 1 '3 Courth-ave.. cor. of Fourteriitb-st.
W_ss_Boro*"r--1.B31 f st Loraooa?SS Be?fort tn., **tntnd
Forf.igv.?Meeting of f-m iulists in Hyde Park
aitniile.l liv 50,000 people. Italy doti rained
in her attitude toward Colombia Captain
O'Shea kept out ol it BBeettag "1 Irish membera.
_-_---- Kuiuurcd inti- true for the cm iv n ol Portugal.
DoMEmc?A loaa of 91,000,000 from a Bra ia
Wilaaiagtoo, N.e.-. Catting rates fi,mi tm
"Wost on tao Pacific nitroeda - = Bill
prepared bj Bonator Frye to pro?
vide for an International Ainen. -.in
Congress. --_~ Lecture i.v Mayor Grace in Booton.
_- Buriilurs arr. s!,ul m CalO-flO, : Many
gainiiler* sept-Ted in Hast m. Loni-. :* , ? A
Btraw beadamaa seagirt in Chicago,
Ciiy and m in lin ix.- Nu reTelationa from tbe
suspected Alderman. A man billa in* wife
with a bed alat. ?- Bnoooool il meet?ics to uni
Parnell with finnis. r Lentorea by Daniel
Douberrty ami Mi-s Prescott. Arrest of a
w<>man tnspected <>f throwing n maa from a
window. =-= Death of Henry A. Ovm,.'!,.., and
Charlo* Lon ester.
'1 mi WT kath--. ?Indications fur to-day : Wari?er
and partly cloudy. Temperatnre yeeteeoAs : Hilli?
est, 33-; lowest, l_ ; arong**23 .
The IiOiidon polios are a ehuicc lot. When
there was chum- to AtSJUnt 8 BBOb at the Weat
End two weekg _go they could do nothing*.
YtSterday when th. re was no cull lor inter?
ference they attacked a peaceful ciowd ol
Socialist.* who wen holding a meeting in Hyde
Paik and dispel.-.ed then with blow*, it
would be hard to ti il which waa tbe woree?
their failure to interfere two weeks rggrj og their
pertotiHinice >c-tt itiitv. Bal H is certain thal
ra ]uil ice force which ia managed with as little
sense as the one in London dlgturbs the peace
oftener than it preserves it.
The New-York friends of Delgardo, who is
?appoeeato he on the city of Mexico witta
hostile designs toward President Bogran of
Honduras, :ire confident that no cass cati he
?ade oui against tba! vessel andee the neutral'
ity laws. Uer papers are all correct, they say,
and she has no erang aboard. Ex-President
Soto is ijuite positive on these point*; so iiiihh
so in fact that il the City ot .Mexico is brought
into any United -tates port usn prise he eer
tandy would be a valuable witness in gnbatv
quent legal proceeding* Moreover, it in jios
tsible that lhere ig evidence in posseasioaof the
Government which the public i* not aware of.
It ia a Democratic Administration, to bc gan ;
but the .Secretary ol the Navy probably knew
what he was about when he Rent ordeal to the
The law authorities of New-Jersey are
raak inp vigorous preparations to carry the rail?
way tax (Uses to the lourt ol' Errors and Ap?
peals, and a ?pedal session of the court will be
called by the Legislature to .each a speedy de?
cision. Ol course it is Impossible to tell how
BtronR an arjnnnent can be made by the Attor?
ney-General and his advisers, for they are
shrewd men; but it they claim, as is reported,
that the Supreme Court exceeded its functions
in reviewing the Legislature's imposition of a
tax, few lawyers wi I be inclined to think the
point well taken, lt would be bard to tell what
the Supreme Coori wa* established for if it ex?
ceeds its jurisdiction when it points out a con?
flict between a statute aud tho I'onstiiution.
That is generally Bappooed to be directly in the
line of its dat v.
- a
It is encouraging to know Hint there is no
chance of any bad excise legislation ut Albany
this winter. The beal public st iitnneiit In this
city is certainly opposed to freer liquor-selling,
and is rajiidly drifting toward high license, if, in.
deed, it han not already reached that point. A
stn.uk case in its favor will doubtless be made
out by the committee which goes to Albany
this week to express the sentiments of tho re?
cent Chickeiing Hall meeting. If the Prohi?
bitionists were willing to bind from their
preaeut attitude, il is quite jiossihle that some?
thing might be done to get a high-license law
passed before the end of ihe session. Bat they
don't incline that way, and so the temperance
canse lags instead of going as fast as it should.
The opening of the Broadway railway inves?
tigation to-morrow is awaited with keen public
interest, and much curiosity is felt to know
What new excuse will be oll'ered for Mr. " Hilly "
Moloney. failure to appear. The suspected
Aldermen aud their friends aro (still loud in
their assertions thal nobody baa " squealed ?*!
(which is the Aldennanic equivalent for " cou
feased") and that nobody will. A due regard tor
their reputations should induce these uneasily
Vociferous men to change their form ot denial
and their allegred reasoua for believing that no
Alderuinu will tell what his fellows do not
"Want him to tell. They say, naively, that " he
has too much backbone and nerve." They
ought to base their confidence ou tho ground
that there is nothing to coufega. They protest
enough, but uot in the shrewdest way.
Senator Frye's bill to call a congress of
American Nations tor purposes of liic._d.hip
nnd trade will doubtless cause sharp discussion
in Congress. A stiong argument in favor of it
is to be found in the jiresent unhappy" condi?
tion of the Central American Republics. An
understanding and closer acquaintance bet a een
the Nations on thin continent, ol'course, would
not mean interference in one another's Internal
-flairs. Hut such relations would tend to ren?
der revolutions like thc last one in Guatemala
amt Salvador Jess frequent. Senator Five is,
perhaps, oversan.nun. in regard to the ie idl
neesof the Sooth American Repnbliesto join
us in reciprocal trade relations. There is an
imiiies*ion abroad, fol instance, that Chili is
not inning foi thrill.
Economy is an excellent thing, but it seldom
pays either Individuals <>r nations to be too
small in money mattera. Yoi the preeeal Ad?
ministration apparently considers a penny
wise poliej adiiiiiable. and does not hesitate to
follow it. ihe Aa*dBtant Treasurer at NeW
Orleana was suspended on September 13; but
he managed the office until biagnoceasor ap
|i< un il on November ll. Had he done other?
wise tbe office would lave been left without ii
head. Tlie Controller of the Treasury says,
however, that no salary can be paid after Sep?
tember il'. Tue Assistant Treasurer at Ban
Francisco hits received similar treatment tor
serving from May 20 to August L Certain
bills for assistance given to Americans in dis.
ress tn foreign j>orts by American consuls
nc also refused payment bv the Controller.
If Mr. Durham or Mr. Manning thinks this son
>f thing commends Itself and them to tbe
\in. rican people they make a great mistake.
!t is to be hoped that Congrees will do justice
othese faithful offloeia when thu Deficiency
)ill is cousid. red.
117/1 BUSINESS is lion EIL.
Mr. Bland kindly uncovers the cloven hoot.
[lg report scarcely tries to conceal Iii.- purpose
o loree this country to a single standard oi .-il
?er. If gold should be driven out, he leesons,
md if payments in silver should he forced upon
? ovcrinnciit ililli the people, that Would involve
io injustice. To los mind it is not ini.i-.tiee io
my any debts in aiiyth.iig thal he eau get a
roveinnient to call a dollar. According to his
rOncfption, government makes dollars, and hus
i pei lett right to make them ont of waste paper
ir empty promises, as it choosea, ii cannot be
obbciy to pay as g dollar anything that gov
?iniiient may affirm to be a dollar; the oiil\
erong is when one i* compelled tu paj |usi
ghat be bas agreed to pay.
Dollie silvet m. ii actually believe that they
?an pass any ot the na/y measures they an- ad?
vocating .' <?r do they finny Unit they can scare
iiisiiH ,--s out ot a y.-ai's growth by proposing
iiiliiiiited coinage of silver, or payment ol
Ninds ni silver, or reduction of the Treasury
iiirplus to $100,000,000 i BruineM mee know
11ist tue l'tesi.lciit ot tn.- United States ha- a
et.i. They un.lei stand that he i- Bpi >o ilse it.
f Congress sends lum any bill linly contrary to
.is n cunnii.-nil.limn* iiml declared views ot
luty. I'm- silver monometaUists, in view ol
?Mills ol the past week, can iimleistaiid, as
Macneil business men do, that there is nol
Diicli prospect thal any sUver bill will be passed
iver ii veto. \\ nat is the lise ol oili-ring ouch
neasures, then ?
These bills are all boah, lt is a waste ol time
0 consider whether eithei of them could be
mm '1 in eithei h..um.. Jin- commercial world
1 I l.'lit ill K-?l III;.' ill the e. ill Vic ll. i ll tli.tt nut ..lu?
ll them can become a law. Oue would think
rn.wu men might be ashamed of lins outlying
one toward the Pre?idont and s.-.iii.ny ol me
11.usury, who are doing in mono?ry mattera
lotuing more than their duty under existing
aw*. Let tin- li.en who tail at tin m c.li.-i.i.i
tvhetiier they bave any power t<> ebange the
awe. There is an ocean ul loose and childish
alk at Waahington about compelling the S.-c
11.ny to pour om hi* hui plus. Congress cannot
lo that thing without a two-thirds vote. If it
n.-s to compel the Secretary to force silver
.pun crediton ol the Government, it will be
net with % veto. Ii it tues to restrain the Rec
<t.ny in bis exercise of discretion, the Pies
.lent will be boand to consider whether thal
lis.ietioii may be ne-oeosarj to the public credit
inti tbe public welfare. Businees mon under
tami that, through the exercise of bis diacre
ion under existing laws, tbe Secretary eau foi
considerable nine, il not tor years, aver! tbe
langere involved in tbe continuance of siller
tomago. VS lint Congress ought to do is to stop
'urning and bullying and to consider what prac
ic.d ami us. lui adjustment eau be reflected, li
s not good sense to waste great opportunities
,.r promoting a genume bimetallism in silly
uni impotent throats because the Preeidenl
viii not countenance or help ii conspiracj to
llive this couiitiv into silver nioiioiiictalisiu.
A concerted movement hus been going on in
alifornia for several weeks, the object of
,\ hi.th is the expulsion of the Chinese from the
nterioi towns and villages. Various mel Itu ls
mv.- been adopted to enforce the resolutions of
.eal anti-Chinese organizations, bu! the
Favorite and most effective is boycotting,
lirected against employers of Chinese labor.
rhoa at Truckee the wealthy linn ol' Sisson,
Wallace &. Co. w;is forced, at a loss of many
thousand dollars, to rescind contraeta foi? the
?utting of timber made with Chinese gang
tossee. The movement now extends over
nearly the whole of the state. In the Sierra,
ii the foothill comities, at the north, in the
1 'ulare Valley, in several of the more southern
Bountied the Chinese have been compelled to
cave. The general result is the setting up of a
number Of streams of Chinese travel, ali COU
verging upon San Francisco, which has also
heeu selected as thc dumping-ground of \\ Bab?
ington Territory.
Now San Francisco had quite asinany Chinees
before tins as could make a living there, and ni
fact times had liecoine much straiten-d fora
large percentage of the steady ktoogoliau popu?
lation. What then is to become of the thousands
who are being driven into Sm Francisco trom
tho surrounding country, and many of whom
arrive destitute T This would be a serious con
F-ideratioii, even if there were rio Chinese ques?
tion at San Francisco; but the fact is that there
exists in thai city a more concentrated bitter?
ness of sentiment on the Iggue than eau bc found
even in the country places where the demon?
strations have been strongest. In San Francisco
thousands of white mechanics have been thrown
and kept out of work by the keenness of Chi?
nese Competition. They and their fain iii. -
have suffered real hardships because of the
yellow rivals. There is also a considerable
claas of small capitalists who, thinking to make
money by employing Chinese opeiaiors in man?
ufacturing, lound too late that the Chinese only
leal ned the work in order to set up opposition
factories et tho earliest opportunity. Add t..
these practical causes of otb-ncc the constant
incendiary talk ol political demagogues, ami
thepreeeneeof a large element of hoodlums
and criminals ready and eager for any mischief,
and it will be seen that the concentration of all
the California Chinese in Han Francisco threat?
ens trouble of more than oue kind.
How such trouble may grow there aro already
indications. The other day a Chinaman in
broad daylight tried to snatch a lady's purse.
He was arrested, and in the Police Court Hind
that he had boen driven out of an
interior town, was destitute and starving,
and did not know what to do. That thi* kind
of thing must be expected lo Increase is evi?
dent, for Chinese are no more disposed to lie
down and starve than are Americans. The BX*
j)ulsion movement is proceeding steadily, the
local and -tat,- authorities apparently taking
no notice ot it, ami day by day the Chinese
population of San Francisco is .swelling. The
.pies: ion is whit is to happen when Ihe interior
baa drained itself of Cbineae and they area1]
gathered in the motropolia. ls there then to be
a local movement to drive them Into the Pa?
cific ? And is it any where believed that such ?
movement could be carried forward without
the i -oiiiiiiis-iitiii ol icu lui outr gea and law les?
ness? The Chinese in San Francisco cannot
ami will not starve. The merchants, already
crippled financially by the expulsion move?
ment, cannot be looked to to furnish funds for
the deportation ol tbe helpless crowds. Neither
the st ite nol' the Federal Governments appear
io perceive any! bing subversive of treaty obli?
gations or the laws of lin-1.ind iii what is goiug
on upon lin-Fa. nie Coast, lathers not there?
fore roaaon to apprehend thai tilings hu- being
allowed to drift tow ind Berioua danger f
POINTS lon si m a iou GRISWOLD.
Senator Griswold is reported aa saying in
answer to Tin: T'ltut: nb's suggestion thal he
should Introduce ii lull to abolish thc Bridge
Trustees: M presume in lime it will be ncces
** snrv to change the present Bridge uian-ge
"meiit. ... Ii it can be shown to me thal
" tiie Bridge will be bitter mauaged nv a smaller
" board ol trustees, I ahull not hesitate to meet
** the issue."
Wiiat necessity for a change in "the
present Bridge management " can be brought
about "in lime'1 tba) does n..t exist now 7
The Bridge .s finished, ami hi modifi?
cation in it except the enlargement of tbe
terminal facilities is contemplated by anybody.
lt the pi. situ method <>i managing it is tin
best possible imw, there is no reason why it will
uei remain the best for all lime, lia change ls
ever to become necessary, it i* a necessity now.
Tliat a change is in ct-.saiy was tb ai I) per?
ceived by the late Mr. Kingsley iiml by Mi.
S.I.m.ih.m. Though we ..lieu hod occasion to
criticise thi-iii. on tin- point we gave them cor?
dial praise, 1 hey saw plainly thai th.- function
ol the Board <>l rruslees was io I.;.nd the
Bridge; not lo manage the com pie .ed structure. |
Ami a milo: ,ti <?! ihe Board a year ago ac
quiesced in tins \ iew ami approved a bill end
iug then iii,i al existence. The i arl id the bill
which provided foi a mw board ot ct otrol was
heartily approved bj public seiitimeut, both ia
New-York aud Brooklj ii, and the trustees theo
iii- ned and received high praise tor theil
willingness lo relinquish theil authority,
The Board ol lin-i.-cs as How i irlislituti d ia
accountable to no one tor the managomnnl
nt itsiiiist. Ii is mule u|. ol business mon for
the most j,.nt,,ind is supposed to meet for an
lunn or two each month. Frequently it happens
that no quorum is present j bu: that makes little
ii (florence, foi "things seem t.? run them.
.elves*' to a (.'real extent. Apart from the
trustees* meetings, the trustees, with Hie excep?
tion ol the executive IsalariedJ oQicers, give
little il a uv allen I iou lo Un- Bridgi . Wi.cn thc
monthly sessions are held thej simply ratifj bj
their vo.es the Willi laid OU* lol Ile iii. Iii olin]
wonl-, mos! of th.- trustees are morely figure
in-,i,I*, lt was well enough to hav< tu li figure*
I.e.. ls i.dillonjell tlt.y weie ni..i<- Can that
ih, ii wii.-ii dollars by the million were bi
|i.mred out to raino tbe i.istli pile. Then thej
it.ie in l i'I tr us toes <>l the tux payers'money.
Hut tiieir trust let minuted when me Bridge waa
ii m.sheil .uni in I ni working order.
Besides, the present trustee* h.ne shown no
special aptuess in doing tue work devolving
upon thom. 1 lien ineomiietencj rathol ba*
M'cii proved. Thc need ol a commanding
?xetuiive head ieas plain as the Bridge towera
.hem*.?!ye* un a clear day. The Bridge should
ie managed .m sound busineaa principles,
ind lin- Ins! si. p ahllUld t.< lo put ali eiul to the
ni'si'iit cumbersome ho.h.I ..I coutrol, A com*
(.?lent iiml ree po ubi hie < ouiuiissiou composed ol
iiactical men iiiu*i be provided. 'The political
ispeet ol the mailer Tm. Iniiii sa bas ulreadj
?llipH.wti/.ed, .Uni lo tua' v.c i\il| iii.| lites it |, i
ixoepi to reaffirm thal Ihe lindie must l.e
taken out ot politics.
Las! week changes more numerous and more
Important disturbed ail tin- markets than
usually occur in u single week. The general
result wa* a reversal of the engines, bo
h. apeak. Previously stocks bad advanced and
wheal had been i,illili,'. Lasi week stocks de*
dined and wneal began toadvanco, Both in
ton'.'ress aad iii Kurope events looked m. nc
favorable Ior the ultimate prevalence ol a gen
iiiii* bimetallism, bm ihe exports ol gold con*
Limn dam! had considerable influence,
'The rupture ol the transcontinental rail wa]
pool, nnd the beginning of aeo.teel between
tbe Cacilie rail i ...Idr., with Pacific Mail no hinger
n benevolent spectator, .should have I.ecu, um it
was, a disturbing influence. Bul it is nonsense
to My that the quarrel is the natural result of
building too many road* for the traflie across
the continent The managers >?i transconti*
m-iilal lines ure no! so stupid as lo Iiiiyc
Imagined that the entire through traffic across
lin- continent WM big enough to light about.
They mus! have understood hom the lils! that
tim future of the Inion Pacific, Central Cacilie,
Atchison ami Santa Fe, and Som hern Pacific
must depend almost wholly npon the settlement
of the regions through which those road-, run.
They could well iillnti* to transport ai loss for a
veal' in m.let to diaw to then- hues a larger im?
migration and capital, a more rapid development
of resources, and a large! permanent business.
The Atchison and the Southern line*, un?
happily for both, nie rivals i'i the development
of the Southern section, as the Union Pacific
.mil Nortoern Cacilie ure iii the development
ol the North Pacific section, and it ia Ear more
difficult for these roads lo agree Hi an one
inigbl suppose, considering only the In
significant through Hallie. But their struggles
do not necessarily affect the business or the
charges ot roads eas! ol' the Mississippi ami
Missouri, iiml tin- shipments from Chicago 11 *'
week showed lill mc; easing VOllime ot business
Over the trunk lines, willi less evidence ot rate
cutting. The truth is that the Street has been
far too confident of the settlement ot till dis?
putes in ilu- railway world, ami the avoidance
ol all evil ***o*_sequences of excessive railroad
building ni th.- past, so thai som.- reaction from
that overconfidence was natural,
Ihe purchase ol the Vanderbilt block of
Heading by Mr. (.owen was considered im?
portant mainly because it showed that he, had
seemed somew here the support of ii large lan?
ital. Hut it does not follow that he will desire
to prevent, or will be supported In preventing,
arrangements for the harmonious management
of tlie trunk lines and the coal traffic. In I.nt,
it is stilted that a plan for the regulation of the
anthracite trade hu* agreed upon last week by
the other companies und submitted to tho
Lackawanna and the Delaware and Hudson,
bm was coldly received. The Lackawanna put
ont coal in January ut tho rate of 6,000,000
tons in a year, and it claims a larger percentage
lhan some of tho other companies are willing
to concede. At tha close of the week the
average price of sixty stocks wu-i $1 17 lowtir 1
than at the close of the previous week, and
was about where the same stocks closed thc
ye ?? 1885, or the week ending February ii.
Exports oi gold bad a considerable influence,
though gold appears to be coining to the city
I.the Interior. The amount exported was
81,095,000, and the banka los! on iv 81,008,1.
in specie, while the I ma airy dining th'' week
ton!, in about 11,800.000 in gold ami 8800,000
in Silver nore than it paid ont. It also took in
81,COO,ooo in h gd tenders, against ? loss of
81,900,000 by the Ww-York banks. Another
call for bonds shows thal the Treasury is confi?
dent of ita ability to prevent any trouble this
-Maeno, and ita receipts of silver eertifieatea
continue less than loper cent ol' the customs
receipta. The improvement In wheatexportg
late in the week wa* not shown in any statistics
published, and the state of foreign trade ig at
best atilt discouraging. Buttha votes on the
ailvet (piestion at Washington gave ground
for coniiden ?(? thur but legislation would
be prevented, and that a wholesome com?
promise is nol improbable. Meanwhile no act
changing the powers and duties of the Beere
tan ol the Treasury can be passed without the
President's approval, and without any such
change the Boen tary ha* power to keep oft the
danger trots silver coinage for some rime to
Decidedly Important in an Industrial point
of \ lew were the terminati in of the coke strike
by the merited victory of tho men and the rc
sumpiiou ot work in the Fall River and some
other mids. The probable termination of the
nailers' strike warranted some yielding In tbe
price ol nails, hut the coke Strike had not
tempted makers lo advance pi*,*- iron, and Its
close does no! cause any il cline. Cotton went
below '.! cents per pound, closing ai B.9 1. a bile
print clothe declined because of renewed pro?
duction. Tin. lead and copper remained un?
changed, and in provisions, butter and cheese
there was no change of consequence. Sugar
iiml coffee were steady, though crushed sugar
closed a quarter lower. The oil market fluct?
uated unusually, ending wirti an advance of
i'i cents r..i the week in crude and 's in
reline.I. Hits fell '-, bul colll adi.lined :\s.
and wheal I _ cents. The late bnyiug in wheat
appealed tobe good, but no one is able to ex?
plain what the country is going to do with the
stock on band If the foreign demand remains
no greatci than thal of lasl rear, rho fad thal
the stock ol' cotton is 126,000 bale- more than
a year ago, witb 200.000 bales more already
t iken by Soi them spinners, suffices to explain
the weakness in that product, The volume
ol bti-iiie-. ;is indicated bv exchanges continues
encouraging. Some gains over lasl j ear app ur
at nearly all Hie (Hies, th >Ugh outside of the
principal tpcculativecentres the gain averages
on!i about 11 per cent,
SOM li /.'/ ' IW I i.l.i a loss.
? ;milieu Hill baa Intel) been reported as
longing, yea, even thirsting, for iii" election
next yeal of ,i Doflioci it to the Uui ted Stales
?*? nate, lb- has also been reported as ei
tainui,, a hop.- thal -'iu' h. -,, greatly desired
mii-'iii lu- brought about. The report is rather
absurd th,in .ti .ni i\ i*f. Tin- present State Ben
ate. iii which t'.ie Republicans h.iv.- a majority of
right, will baie a voice in the selection of
Warne) Miller's succi wor. In ..ubi t lerefore
that Mr. Hill's ambition may be Kratnieil the
Democrats must obtain a decided majority in
thc Assembly that ?* io be cb.ii nexl lull.
Tin present A*-, nm!, .-lind- Republicans 77,
I ?.-mo.-rats 51. Republican majority 20. ls tin*
majority likely to be reversed when nexl V*
scm!>!\ linn ate roted foi /
Well, if then- was a political revolution under
wai whici was like j to cool tn" Republicans
the control ol the Assembly most prooablj then,
won bl bo some signs ul n in the elections which
han lately been held, in Sj recuse, in [lingham
ion, throughout Schoharie. Bul tho fact it that
ih. i.-nh-ol all thu elections in questiou nie
, , I, Huted to encourage, not D-unocrata, but li. -
public ms. un I iiisii r, last, Syracuse, which
i| is gone Democratic tor tu.- mst foul years,
i iiose a Republican Mayor. Mr. Rums, tbe suc?
cessful candidate, received 1,900 majority,
although when he ran for the same office two
i cn - ago h. wa* defeated by a plurality <>! over
l.Ton. in n:ii_n.in,nm in.- pi.iib.'.ne Demo?
cratic 1 ina a Uicb bas s,, long had tta a iv h..- mei
with a crushing defeat. The Republicans elect
1 h.-ir Mayor, li tit th" i'm mon Council, an As
lessor, nu Overseer <>! tm. Com- ami other
uflicials. The overthrow * > 1 Democracy m
St non,nie wus still more emphatic 'This
county has from tim.- immemorial been an im?
pregnable Democratic stronghold. Hit last
welkin- Republicans succeeilod in capturing
ii. For the flrst time in its history they electi I
a majority of th., members ol the Hoard ot
S.ipei visors.
Ines.) straw* show which way the political
wind is blowing. Ami it mus! occur to Gov?
ernor Hill thai it i* au ill wind foi Democrats
who han-an eye up,.u the United States Sena
torsnip. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lill. Rh.lil- rn- PEOPLE Hilo ATTEND
Hnpposs a mini buts ii ticket for a theatrical or
operatic perforelance, to 111*1 bow mach does it en*
title hi?il Bit?pi] h. ;. .cit front which he may
silently listen ouly thal and nothing morel < >r
lini* it als,1 entitle lum te thu pi 11 doge ol' exptreas
1 lin lu* j 1 ninnie nt upon tbe merits oi actor or mi mn
noona I lani equally at liberty toatainphi* ap
prove! or bias in* diaapprovall Mill further, in
ciise in-1 im.)*..* tn .1.) so, hu* ho tht- ri?in to len are
tbe stage and engage in sn audlbls lauguter-pro
docing conversation witb his neighbor I ls bean
ihl iiny obligation -in law either to sit throuich
the performance ur retire bel seen tbe seta; or is bs
tree in In iv to make his exit In tbe middle ef tbe
les! aeone, cum though he i* shod with boots that
*'in'ui. horribly 1 Ami suppoeB the purebaeer of
Hu-ticket is a f.inliiim,tuiit pei*.iii ol tim gautier
genderaad thecarrent bonne) looma np nu.- tho
VVaahiugtou monument, ''an abe legally beal alofi
such ii siipcist 1 in 1 nie altboouh the person wbo
boppeaa to have paid foi tbeasal {nat behind ln-r
olin 1* a 11 tt 1*) in hi wini, not geing good at adding
(-iii>it_ to bte stature, 1* proeluded trom seeing over
lur bead I
Tin sn question1 are continually being asked.
Tba propound' rs .,i aoota ol them aro -erj much in
earnest thej have blootl ia Meir ejne telling of a
grievanes ia ih.-ir h.'.nts. Such persona and all
ttiii.mm Intonated in Ibe snb|eel In question will
h.-.tr w itu satisfaction ot the reen t ol a snit a bich
11 c lately triad tn Liverpool, ono He Fresca eaad
( ml Rosa i.n refusing to admit him ina dramatla
lui it.un inc .tin?! he li.ul pHtcb?eed a ticket Hoes
s.'l ni) m (lei.e thut IL- li.ee 11 as iii Ihe linl.it Of
talking aloud, to tho serious annoyance of those
wno wished to listen to w bal was going on on tne
stage. De lie o brought suit m.t only tor tho
price of his ticket bm rordamegea Bean ofiered
h. refund tin- tiokel money, hm declined io respond
In damagea The anil waa decided in Koaa'a lunn,
1 be 1 "in 1 1 ubim Hint un damage hui been dons 1 le
Kissee; thal be wee simply entitled to tbe n-turn
of bia money; that the public Interest demanded
that proprietor's ol ptaees ..1 amoaaaseut should
l.e empowered t>> aieluda applies?ta tor tie-eta
without giving any reason. This tbs {edge belora
w-hom thc sase wac tried declared to be w the law
ot England."
It will be a truly good mooing In the history <>t
tho Alu. Ii, in, tin,aire illili (i|tor,l, when sonic nnilia
ger who baa the tree eoneeptlon ol what ia dna io
aa eadineee as a whole leeds ont from bis seal tn
the sui.-walk tho analogue of tin* De Fleece, 110
mutter w hut may bo the sex or " soo uti position " ol
the aiiultiHUQ. lt 1* In iii time thut people who say
by their conduct thut they hold that tin beat Use
an entertainment cnn ba patts I* to disturb it,
**-?sid bu taktu ia hand with a good d.-ul of oaten
tat ion. As tor tho man with squeaky boots who de?
part* for home prematurely and bas u g.niua for
Bhoostogths moment for leftviim that causes the
greateat annoyance ta the greatest Bamber, it is
doubtful if he can no *.rop.rly dealt with without
an amendment to tho Constitution.
If Mr. Garland acquired hi* telephone stock solely
by vin ne of being an original corporator and not ns
a ?ilt, how does it happen that tho K'oRwrs family
claim tl:.- right of prohibiting Its sale I If this
nan merely an ordinary business trans action,
legitimate in all rca oct*, why do Mogera and son
ini.i veno in this url.itrarv wav and infurni Mr.
Harland that he can neither give away uor sell bis
?toefl without their eonaentl The original eorpor
at"ts seen to bs sompletely withiu th.- power ot the
m.iii who fjravo them their stock.
?,-? - ?
Mr. Gladstone lg the myst ry man of F.ntflish poli?
The public interest in Pig since that crusty
bivalve obtained a linn footing In tim White House
hu* been decidedly on tin- increase. The Buffalo
i timi,!, Preeidenl Cleveland-home organ, devotes a
leader to Pie, writing ol ir in terms of surpassing
eloquence sad insisting ttiat tho social reeognition
il has received ul tin- tmnils of this Administration
bi no more thea ita duo. A brilliant career await*
the American Pis provided it rutoroiirdv insists that
its lower cruet shall merit the plaudit, well done.
Mr. Tarno!! holding the fats of tho Liberal Minis?
try in the h.,How of his band has mercifully given
il a month in which to find ont the particular rock
where it prefers to 'oe wrecked.
Pryiir vn. Pryor Report otirlrinea and .l_4*rtrtent of (
divorce ars tea. lt having been laUmatee to me Hint j
Hie purtles here, the att .rutty ami thc referee, ure a I
c..luie,l |ii'ii|.!e. probably (*<> fur us tho attorney ami ref?
eree ale cnn. i nc! i DOB I ti net* III ii new tie I.l. >f lliftu*try,
I desire to express my sotlsfaotlun at tha very ere?lia?
ble maoner in which tin* prooeedtnga have baea con
dueted ana tbe paper* prepared sod praaoated te the
Court.?I .lu-t tee Barratt at Baprems Coon,?'iiauit.er*.
The above graceful judicial reeogni??_ of good
legal work hy colured attorneys is only one ot
many preaenl Indications that members ot thal
race are developing qua ines of fttneasfor tua per?
formance of tim highest kinds of professional
work. As school and college instraetora, many of
them bave been most meeessfuL Their pulpit
oratory bassh >wn rsmaritabie uuprovemenl m the
last ten yent-s. beveral of their newspapera ami
other penodiea's are edited with ability and are
exerting an educational influence among tho col
ored people. and tn law, too, as Justice Barrett's
memorandum i id teeto*, tbe diligenee, care, indus
try and pei e of several negro disciples .<f
blackstone are bearing fi ut that deserves preiss
aud they aro winning succesa With all ths die
couragiug fen un * of tin- negro question In Amer*
it a, inii.' are also many bopelul signs.
ginee a TainrjWR reporter bas made ths disc-very
iii.ii lien. Butler's mental food In New-York al
night consists ol rhe Bible aud The Eoemine /'?".',
many ol the bold i_eneral'e erratic public aotiooa
are ac ounted for. Tbeoa are the two extreme*
A- he reads one we have no doubt he feels like I
becoming i taint. As he peruses ths other ha emu
mitshimsell r isucb miserable ta-li* a* inventing
quibbles for l'an-l Isctrio statesmen.
Tbi I'iitii of .-sir t'harlea Dilke by the
ur,-.it e opinion shoes that wholesome
moraliti t tbe bottom ot tnabsh character.
Thero may be bad apots ou tho surface oft?e ap?
ple, but the i ore is sound.
? ?
I be threats ..i tbs Dominion authorities to repel
invaaioru ol the r waten bj Yankee Uahermen
will uot cu. ? ititi alarm on the New-England
i i t-t. Aili" l ? ill Us ul ne ii ask lol no privilc.es IO
which they are uot entitled under tho Treaty ol
1 -1 ?i. lt they are deprived ol any rights, which by
treaty belong to them, tbe Secretary oftbeNavy
utigbl toad promptly ainlseii.liiiie.il two reseals
.?! wai to the Banka Koaoluts action ia what ia
rc.|ii. ictl in , nuil, n.; it tii lin- Iciieries qO?BtlOQ J
not tiuii'liti and a ipiril ol compromise.
"li." Alderman De Lacy remarked in ths tafe
? am of Lakewood, " if no one squeala." Thur
bttle word il is rarelj more surcbarged with mean?
ing than in tins instance.
? -
Thesergeant-at-arma abo bad lbs privilege ?.i
witneesing Keenan, De Lae} and Moloney snaagrad
in rehearsing war stories around tba Lakewood
cami .' Keenanaeemed co bave "aoma
ti.ne arith bia f ?>?!.' 1'Oere ia a pretty general
lune, ni this town thal il'* nm trott.de willi illa
feet that is weighing on Keenan's mind, lt may
be nts conscience.
- o-?
lt i- reported tbat Secretary Endicott ha* g Bee a
dog M ohiob baa to be called ott at ti mea to allow
v i-i! ni * tn t-nt, r In* h. ni *?-." Ali, il t i.n .uni hail only
owned such a ooo, and ll tbe lie..st bad only berm
nm bainod and uumu?sled and hadn't been eaUed
..tl tii-- .lay that Bogers ol Parthenon Heights called
w .tu i bat 1'mi 1.lei ti ic jtoi k .' --.iy u hat i ou v. .ll, a
dog ia a very bandy animal to have around
Bt tn, Brute I Tht Brooklyn Haste rwya that Mr.
Cu i run.i's message contained a "aeimonioal and
Mm.as disquisition on the banefulneaa of party
ipirit," and thal tbe Preeidenl na* " a tediou* and
fatal foil.ines* for pleasing h.s .-ur and aentt
mentality, which leads him n. th.- writing of many
confessional or hortatory homilies thal embarrass a
cunnii.ni?t-iisi, administration of public duties.''
lin* is positively cruel. ".-scriiiniiitti,'' H sonor?
ous,*' "hortatory," " homilies," ts quite too much
for om- day. IAs eagle ought i<> administer Its re?
proof s in smaller doses. Mr. Cleveland ia bailly m
need of advice, U0 doubt; but don't overdo the
At the banquet ?.f the Michigan Club Benetor
Logan I* to lesiittml t>. the toast, " A tau ballot and
a f.ur count.'' No Republicen oan speak his mind
on either bead of this toast without cruelly hurt?
ing the feelings of tho eoathera wing of ths Demo?
cratic |iilltV.
Thc Voice assert* that I'iik Trihcni: has " per
i-t.iitiv and egregiously mlaroproaented the facts
in regard to prohibition." The Feint is ostensibly a
temperance poper, but tha violation of tba niuth
commandment a blob as have quoted conviotg it ot
the worst sm: ni intemperance. Immoderate drink.
mir is a deplorable 1111111*, bal u is not as deplorabls
a* immoderate lying,
" Mr. (iai land." remark* The Mail and BSJmjtss,
has slink io his tillite and held Ins stock for live
m..nth* alter 'lin: TtttBO.lB dlSCloeures, and Mr.
Cleveland holds on to Mr. Garland." Ve*, and
thai is the reason thal public oonfldenos deo lines io
hold on lo tin* Adiuniistraiion.
El....sn cl/..
.linne* Hii**ell I.iwell. OUVSf Wen,lull Holmes and
Julia Ward Uowe will reid aalaettoaa fruin their owu
works at au entertain*?ont preaeatiy to ba held lu i>o?
ttiu tor tl.o in u.-nl ut the Kiiitler.-.irleii fur tlio illili.!.
('neon Vit-tiiri.i lia* or.Kiet! that Uuiokluiliuin Palace
be lighted arith < Isetrtalty.
Mr. J. 1, Toole, tho ratter, l..t* plBBSd a Ins liioiiutnont
itii<i Hihci-Also sdoraad tka loag engleatal gruvo al 11. j.
Ht rmi, 11 hose (.ia).* Inn* maJe au umcU ~lurrtujont fut
tat- -nallah (peaking von ld.
Honer,tl \ lille, of New-York, am! .luttffe Oreen, of New
Janey, look arman alika and aro ottoa un-uakuii uuo fur
tho oilier hy vim.na ta tho llou.m uf HaptOSSnlBlllBS.
illili III.ltTtl, l)y Hie liicililieis itu,! illinois of the I luise
Ile |'l llielp.tl Ilium ol tllstllli Hun ls lu til, ir lie, ?;i f,
!?.uni \10.c nearing red and Judge Oraan bim.
The lodatatlgaole Keasra. Obos save srraaged to open
"pilgrim oltlciM" at liuiiiliay uud Jedduh, sud will
"personally eoadaet" the fait,ifni MaaoBMtaaa af
lu.li,1 to tbe shrine ut Mc ccu uutl Duck, on tho luwuat
ter aw,
Dr. Newell sm Jsaktaa, an Aiuerlo.in who lia* lieu
praetlalog dentlatry in Droadaa tnt tho past twaagy
reara, baa bean deeoratad with tka Onad ero** ot tba
Oiilei of Albart. lint class, ny thc King ot Saxony.
1.1 KitK Tbebaw siioniti no iiappy, fur tu* aeailnal
prlaon ut Utullr ? l? next ,iuur IO a larne dirt '.dory.
Dr. Charles A. While, who since glvtag np tho ag?M of
State Gaologtet of Iowa aaa hecn connected witn tea
Qovarameat Barrera aaajaeleglataad palaaatnlntlai ami
curator of the National Museum at Wushln-jtoi., will sui!
fm Europe ailinn Marah 1 ..n a live bi aa tba* leave ef at>
s.iice. II-um rial) me principal ellie* of (.real Britain
inn! tba Continent, amt will meal and compare uuiea
?a Uh ninny amlBaUt aoiciitiritri.
The King und ip.oun of Swotlon liuvo SSSSSM toeto
Thc young Klntr of Slum seem* iletermlned to reform
tho JuUluiary uf hu Kiu.doiu by ptinliUlug Judge* who I
ruo even luspeoted of bntiiir jruhty of eorrnnt r>r.eti-_
A .lion time airo, Bhya Chamrosn. the ch|,f'r,,de"c*J
the International Cou-t. wai ohargea with uer/. ... 0|
Drlho, whereupon Hi* M?1e?ty ordered the ...r1 . ',*a
)(tlclal to bo publicly flogged aud then inspendoilIrma
Po*?ib!y this talk uhout the trau?fer of the liroadwaf
-urfuc- road to a I'eiiu*yly?nla syndioate arises froni
he undoubted fact that the Hue ha* beau lu the baud* ot
Quaker* for several wo-k*.
De Kt .ks -NewMpuper*: I'm siok of them! Pull of
lee?every one.
Dusenbury--You are too severe.
??Am II Listen to me. I ind a private party it mi*
louse tho ot..er night, amt Ju-t lo make the ne.gtihurs
eel tired I mentioned to a reporter t '..it I had a* guests
i ilo/en prominent army and navy agleam, twojudge*. %
irotessor ami a famous traveller, (i.tve the reporter
heir ii,mic*, you understand."
" Well I"
"Well, wha'did tho piper do! Come out with an aa>
uti.ne ace,ni i.l or the .itt.url uh, I tell von, the tyiauuy
?f the pres* ls awful!"?I Philadelphia, Call.
Halvution Temple, Toronto, the new headquarter* ot
he BalVBttoe Army In lanni t. 11 probably ono of tba
uost perfeotly equipped places for religious meetlntrs
..ut worihip In Cana la. The auditorium will seat 'J,">o0
?cople, sud thero ls not a had seat In the house. It lt
,iraugeii in aceurdanoe with the plan* of (General Booth.,
t will be ready fur ocr ip.iuey lu a short time.
It is remarked of Mr.*. Landry's acceut that lt lome
iiic* wobbles uncertainly butwueu the prevailing usage
f I. ts, London aud that uf the L'uitod state*.
A Western novell-tt ls reported to be writing a novel
ntltled "The H.oillin, or the Unseen Monster." This
pen* up a new tiolil of suggestion to writers who want to
.-t away from tue commonplace. I-et them put animal
ul?> and such things In fiction; they wouldn't be any
maller than some of the character* tbat now appear In
..rion* current novel*.
A German writer says: " Humor 1* the enda?mouolo
Ical pessimism, which tucludc* within itself the teleo
Mneal evoiuuouary optimism, which may causa a truly,
int i-to * .y, au at once ream:ifrni.cal sud universal
tei-ono liutioti tu appear us possible." We have often
o''..-ed in ii, lui' wo iieicr p rmi any of that sort of
i..:t io p.na ,/?? .mr paragraphs, lt wu eau help lt.?
Nurrlstuwu lld aid.
Captain I: tycott, the ir.sii land agent to the Earl o
inc. and whose tight w iii hi* tenantry at the opening
f the land war lu 1H7!) gave n*o to the word boycott,
lini-h bu* since been ho extensively adupled id tin*
mi ii try a* well un lu Ireland, has booti appointed age ut
if Lord Wavenoy's estate* in BegMk, How the luglisb
till receive atiiuug Ulam u man whuse petty ty lanny
n Ireland set a-going, a practice that lia* turned toeir
i,.tcnine;,l ups; lo down romain* to be soon.
l'urueh's party number*-j**,, and thl* is tho year '80,
0 if tho ciiiii'idu.it-e means ail) thing wu shad see Homo
lela this year.
Whee yon heura mau boasting continually about lils
ttitt-stor* you c ni Blake op y ur mind iu it he does not
Ska much pride in hlsdescudauls.? |New Haven News.
A goad slury I.* uow geln? aronui tue Irl-h circle* in
be House of ( uiuu ou.s. "Joe" Hig-ai. the member for
avan .md nie fnuuii* aalber of ***? obstrucion." wes
null titi in t mo , lamage* a few years ago for having
a.led to mari v Waa Funny Ay mud, a young Irish girl,
.?dent in purls. Mr. iliggar i* rich and the flue md not
v.-.git upon atm. 4 amata age ea aristocratic Kngisti
nember orate him saying ha hail tbougut over the vor
h.-t ever stace ead had esme Sa the conclusion it wm
i,it!,ii--.-oiis|y unjust. "Asan earnest of tics melosa
rou a ebeeh tai .loo," ga aeaekaded, **joe" wrote
i.it k a it't'.t r, " (Had lo Hud tu it ono Englishman syiit
,.i'b./"d with a wronged Insiiuiau." When he went td
jet ike ekeak casked ikaw was aa uioney to meet it
in,! now lie Bays he can't see tho |,<ke of the i-axou.
Not one of th,- CO.Ooo Hebrews Hi New-York(ity is rhe
leeper of a liquor saloon, lu, propuetle deBuaciatlan
,r "Bim iu il ii iv.-th i* lieu ii nor tlr, uk, that ptiuc-t llif
,,utic io lilui, mu Bia Bast him drunken als,.," I* law to _
[sw, ?i'ii> nile,tl Urama.
7,,.rr, Totnes doesn't appear to bo nure tint laird Ai les
ord rea?y died a IB W mouths agu on his Texas tandi,
; ?: .1 .- atlaatlnB to me Iael tbat lu* life wa* laaaied
ar mora than a rall'lea dellaro, "There t* nu abso.ute
.-rtaluty," it suys, "that L .rd A ylesford, having cut
ulrift fruin o'ei a-sociatiou*, leaVtBg the tn.?erie* of
t.ei.ii oairaoUM behtad kira, ia not al t iii*i moment em
orlon lifo in California or perhap* in Australia,wane hu
irotkOT I* cleating up ids all ur* on a TOXaS ranch."
At Wail.ic-.'* on Munday .-voting a party of gall
i dozen werra snjoyiug Ike?iseiroa la the tl.'tii row
>t the orrbe*trs wBsa u tasty ekt gealla?ian koklad
-.?in io i. nd ile- marr eat uia.e ?aaaBeroe tue suou.dcr
ind liked i i i bind vole* :
?? 1 , i - ii, ii, do you eoine hero to talk or tu listen to
in-lit) I
?? \\ in, to talk, of course," was tho onbl?ihlng reply.
And be kept u:i doing II Tue procsstaal wa* *o stupe
i' ,1 ll,,tl lir- wcut a .vat .i t.-r ' ba SOI drop deseeu iel aui
Uti Birt tnrwiB ttafik - [Tatra lopic*.
1 ba feoaa women of a Montana ton n aro gulu^ ivliJ
uer play linc ou mc Jewsbarp.
Ih' Stm fork Boentns FotAaaSaally pu dished an nth
..?rt..I le-s tu,il. u . a...Iii , tn .euiUii t fSW day* a^o. Cu?
lt r th-- eira ? mstaii,?(* ihe avaraga altii ia ikoald keep ut*
>>? ip, u. 1 he country must oe lu rn critical Condition,
.ialiciloii .Sews.
A gaatlemaa writing from Yokohama says: "T'ia
. li.ive B..|iiireil such a passion for being
.ito.l th it a law na* Beee p tsseU oibidtliiig the mark*
Bg of native*, lilts law do * uot apply tu fun l.'iifls. It
s q Ula the thing uow to bo taloned, anti c,ai.orate do
Ugaa are truced un many travel.crs us un InJelllilo
einii,ist-.-nce t.r th'-ir *oj..urn la tko Casa The sous of
Ba li .nee ot Wa.cs, linen tatt a ?iW yeal* mae, nero
ateoed, aadasveral Kaaaiaa duke* aud sprig* or uo*
duty kare undiirgone tko proessa Tko son of i.oug
? ;,??? icciii.v aakmitted to a ran elaborate tatuo
laooratl.aad for a ore thau thr.e aaoalha wa.- tu the
i.u.Us ot thu taioocr, wtio tilt an amuuutof work on him
lining tins time that is usually spread over a period of
ince or four year.*. This caused, of couts-, a S'vero
if rion* shock which ho was ouly able to withstand by
ipplicatloa of hypodermic I Bj sett BBB of morphine."
Tha ?? Womao'i lathrop ilorteol BoehM-f " i* nn sigem
tattoo at w.isaiugiou c >mposed or woama whose Blija-af
- tue stu,ti or tuan. Il is au ea*y lesson fur ino*!
rumen, who do not And ll neee*asrr to ?raaaiaa, but
a private lalor.?(Waioraary kBMfrtaea.
MR. BLAINE'S "TUl.sty YEARS "Erny.
...MK (>F 1IIK Ii:*! Hillls ,,F ulK SECOND VOI.VMK.
From The Botlvn Journal,
Tbe second voiuuidof Mr. bl_ine*s historical
?avlea ol "Twsnif koarsol damoaa**rape?a with turi
itccssiou of AiiJicw Jobaaoa to the Praaidaiioi aud
..sr* u Uh Ute e,eetluu o' tial lleld. It bc'in*. there?
of.-, JUKI after one assassination and pam).,* upou tho
u.e-..o. 1 or auolUer Ik-- tragedy.
Us alvea a eonciM history of tho debate laOeegroaa
ip,,., th .question [silver], .ml aiiioiu- the opialoaa ot
?euatoisai ihai niue ko Biroo hi* own. aa embodied iu
ils sp,-,, li. ii.niifiy, (int Ui, favored tho cult.Bite of
?siltii a sliver d,uiar BS Will not limy lil) Justice amuug
>ur ciii/cu* at home, but provo aa absoiuto bentoade
uralnat L'oi.l mouoiuelallist?" lu lu* smuiuiug or tho
liff rent Hicoil* winch were lield ai th.ti niue ho say*
td a majority of the Deitiucrats and a.-uiislderal.lo nuiu
lerof Kapubbeatia InCoagieaa believed ni (ree auras
lolnsSOl lha'. aeroall mluunty disbel.eved In the use of
inver BXCOpt subsidiary conn, and that a majority of
ii. publicans and a minority o( Ddnocrais aaBartad tho
lecessity ol maait itnltitr silver coin at full lexai tender,
ml upon the ba.-is of BO,milty lit Intrinsic value with
lu- gold dollar, tuts vie v Mr. Hlaiiio evidently euler
iain* at tba present tine, lt ie the view uf every Intel
Igant niinctain*t in tbs country,
lu regard lo specie resumption, Mr. Hame nraellaallj
?laliii* ike t relit ol it* ,n niev. inonl for those leglaiataiS
nut ttnanelera wiio had tim hirttcst ratth in tho testnir,o#
il the Nailou anti for Hie luinllug policy of tho K pub
loaa* w idell rel u. oil the au nu ii luier.-st skarga aoo-kalC
rom 1-iiO to 187U. Spe.iltiiii; of Juhti Suer.u.m'i cuiiueo
ll.iu wini the enact me ut au I tile execution ot the Ke
.umption net. Mr. ll .Hue say* tu.it "lie BBtabhuBad a
luaiicl il ri'putitti.'ii :i it MCOOd to that of any BMB tn
nu - histoiy. Of the l'euuro of t.niice act, paaaadeaMg
in, Jobnaon AdmlnistraUon, Mr. it,a.ne say* tu tt it e ti
tu eiticmo pr.ipositlon, which could only bara crown
ult of abnormal eieitemeiit crcitcl by me ,li?-eiisluiiS
trt ween the tWO great di p trtmeiits of Hie t,,tt c uiucit.
? His history <>r lis operatlea ant of its boBbbbObbI
liiidiiicailon, ivtii, li pi.n'ticaily auioiinted to Ila r, pet!,
* aaa le whiob tnt* depubiieaa party eanaot reear wuk
i.y -elise of pride or satis action. It ita* freeif pre
iit'tetl ai the time that so lung us th,, Ssnate and the
['resident were iii pain leal h iriuony nothing Weald bo
leard of the I'eiiure of oaten net. bul that when the
political int.-rests of the Kxt'CUtlve *u.)il..1 cone IB coil
llct with those ur Hie Sciiaie, thee woiiul I) ? a renewal
if Hie iruai-.e which lind character,/ed the relation! et
lirsi.leut Johnson nod [lu- sen.tte. sod winch lsd to tho
irimnal Teoure ?r Odlee act wtrh its positive o?sertioii
il Senatorial power over the whole question of appuiut
i.i'itt and rciniival."
From Tho Auyutte Et.)JeurmeAF*h.90.
Tba scciil Volume ul " Hutu!)' Years uf l onrres*
viii,bo given to tue nub'!.' next week. Mr. liuino
mlslied his work uti.tii n ou 1'iifsrt.iy i.isi. Ho neus it ll
rn... nv ..ttrr tue Preel leattal bUhiUob, Movember, 1**1.
uni has worked with,m; IntermiBBlOB for tlue-m uiontn*.
it,- waseagaged for roarteea Btootbaoa tbe Bru vonnie.
1 he second volume if considerably larger than the first.
nae Urn contains twenty-six chapters eoverteg uta
mame, wails tkoaaeoad contains twaatr-nlaeakaptsn
lovertoa lit Mesa The rumor* in tin' preaate tue
?ilict nial .Mi. ii,ti,ie Will luiiin-.il nely bogia UM |irep*r
?atlou ofnnothor histor.cal work have no foumlallon la
.tel. \So speak by author ty In iiiuklng ibis statomeut.
From The PU iburtj I'hrinitc'e.
With Tallong., and .-.itu Jones both giving advice to the
(iris, the dear orcaltires are likely tu be bewildered.
UD A Vil'liu WA.RM-D IN' i'm: BOOOIt
/r-,,?i ihr .n ba ny Exprru.
Tht Srtr- Yuri: I tim ?lias iieuu aud is ono of the dead?
liest oiiuuiie* ot tho Kepubllcau purt>-?perhap* IU dead"
Fr-?o Tht KtnyiionlS. 1.) freeman.
The fact ll.urUnU'* reuialuiug lu the Cabinet] M.'i.l*
Mr. Ciovclaml's strongly exhibited sympathy, whea
iliiv.'i-itor. fororlminala of the vilest sort. Tin. BM
who pardoned blgamlats aud acouudrels of a allll tlttii'er
kiud eau of course see no fault In UarUua. Aud u-"?

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