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iou ki.v___N* 143C9.
lill: Qi isiii.ss unu arjBMlTTRO TD Tin li DBBAt
int III ll-SI Nil! ll THAIN- MuVlNC.
RkW-OMUAVb, March 18.?Al tlie SUggiSAAoB
cf lulled Slates Mar.li.il I'lraasnt B SBBllSSBBJBB WBB
brid to-day bc twee ti acotniuilloe from the Kalga)** Bl
Iaihor ami Hinrrn.ir stu- iimi. roc-Ivor of the Texas and
1'uciflc K.illro.i-1 OmmpSStT- A partial agreement was
reached to tho rtfoct that tue grievance* of C A. Hall,
foreman of the car department at Miirshnll. Tex., ahsll
bt? laid Wore Um United States Circuit Cuiirt, all
j...Hi*.* interested to abide by tho malt. Ia the mean
tin- Um < mi' "X's In IB* shops at 0 Balts** BBB Will keep
tu* pa-si i.^r-r i-i.fcTHiea lu nuiiilna; ortirr and will ta BS)
vt ..j- interfere vrltli the running al trum*.
sr. Ix.i i-, Mart*, is iSpteud). The great strike
ls apasraatBlBB lat* sall Tb* result of tho conference
bo! ween tho Texas Knights snd K.i eli cr sheldon 1*
looked upon bore a* victory for thc cause of labor, and
tl..- icjnlcing among tho strikers is uiiboiin.le.l. In tho
beginning tin rcf.-it ei? refused to rt sagntaa the Kalah.*
ns .in organi/ation, but Bot only have they boon forec.l
lo rcruirtii-*. th.dii. i.ut Ikey art wlllfa-g to arbitrate,
Adlsj'ii'di from Kaunas City says Unit Mr. PoWlUrlj
inedieis li.it tb* troubles will all be adlualod IB twa
,' cs. OwlBS I" the liopelul aspect milch the situation
j.re.li' ts the Kni.'ht* It.ne not vailed out the Last st.
| iii suite! man, as lt tva* Ik* Intention to do to-day.
lt la sat. thai Kr. Powdorly advised tho board to BBttl*
the Baal st. i.-'iii* BMUM If possible without a strike.
This asa] be doue, aa hall Ut* nada Bate already eo_a*
j,:i.,i .viii, im-den.ands ni ibo Kaltthta ol Labor, and
tlie ol I.er* m.- miling to e..inply if me men will ask as
li.dit i inala aad aol as Knight* of Labor.
lin-I'lissi-iiu.-r i-n.lness ..I the road* is not Interfered
with .my mora. Aa editorial from Th* Kete-Tork Timea,
?OBI adi last lil.ht Ly the Associated Pl***, ha* I ansel
pt*! lii'll.ii itioii um.'UK the Knight* here, and aft.-r tlie
strike 1* .set'led the Knights say lli.it they will make
Ua-ir Nev. Vmli ass-liiLlies dei dare a boyeoU against
7',/- Ji/.,-n. and claim th.-v cnn -nevo-sfully tight tho pa?
per. Itt anales from ft ve dla! rivi saseuibliea, reprc?ent
1ns the full str.-u.-th -f the Km.hts iii the Southwest,
iire III io: fi n-nre tt-itli Mr. l'.nvdo: lt, nt kauSBS City.
'ihey alli deelde whether to continue ths warfare moro
vi.orouHir. or aire np ths strike, lt is pr ibable thal an*
other application will bo mada to Mr. Itoxle fora cou?
ll lenre.
Iir-pitc Um fact that tb* officials of tue railroads in
I uti Bt. I. .iii- at U:*lr meeting resterd iy dei Ided not to
le io ibe demands ol the dlssatl*iled iwltchmea and
i.,i,i.. c.. ibe men in tha yards al thal place *, nt io
Vt.dk a- usual tnis morning, no strike having beeu
ordered. _. , ., ,?
A dispatch ta //,? Pott Thtpatek trom Marshall, lexus,
(-rates that the M.,-t.-r M. ohaulc 111 Charge "f the leva*
mid Paoittc i ompauy'a abopa sad yunis ut that place io
porta thai lu- uieu ure now employed In the ya:d* .and
ailinn twantj in the iiiaciiini- department. Others
are said rn be on tin ir wat thither, seeking employment
.heatrikere are sun coundon*, and believe tba! tilt?
ed on the basia of the compromise su_
gi -??? i i.v deceiver Shaldon before next llouday.
1 H.- I, .si:,, ss mell of Greenville, Tex., *>'nt a telegram
to X'icc President Hosie yesterday oommendluB lil* linn
st in i :t,..los' what they Lian "Organised xx rons. Dlofa*
tiou aad Anarchy." Tbei Bay :" We believe tue ttmo
I,.,* i om.- when the Lealslature should be called lu extra
*. salon .i'd such legislation had n* win muk- it a felony
to interfere with or bim-k tb* transportation ot tum
ll,. L e."
Cnn too, Mareh IR.?A dlspateh from st. Louis, re?
ferring to tbe aland taken by the locomotive engineer*
an the Missouri PaclMe system says: " Tbe engineers
sre ardent sympathizers mill Um man on strike aud
anly the.?t positive ordera b ve ca - I taeintotake
ni r..ii-ni. L. Ur* inn". It U alleged that there
ar* about forty strange engineers ber* re;.-ly to go upon
Ide engiuei - mid tbe en desert them, and it ls ss
I i ed nv some members al the Locomotive Ensineeri
Brotherhood that these, men have been sent hy Mr. Ar?
thur i.liiiM-i. lo upi ice t!ion., ab mid thej dealr. to ink"
a stain! willi i'm- sinker- and n in-.' lo do a- lid bat, b.d
ilt-ti tin-iii.""
MINK US .jlllllNi; W-illh IN HU llLVMil.D.-VllLE
D1SIBII 1 ?x viliiim. .M BROAD rOP.
lil mai.i. Mindi 18 (Special).?The rainer*.
of Illuminion* .oil in the Iicyiioidsville district huvo
Lim greatly excited to-day by a strike at New
V- tic in iii. Penn, over 300 af ibo Northwestern'! min?
ara went out uiia morning. From Falnuount Otv tn*
sapenatendent telegraphs thal bia 500 miners will an?
il anless a settlement hi mada at
i.i..-e. Several hundred of Bell, Lewis A Yatea'am**
brid a meeting to-day nt Dobela ead decided to itrlk ob
M .reh 22, as propoeed, union* the company accede
IO their .l.-iia.iil*. Tho Wal'toii miners at l'uux.i
titvney are reported tn be out. ana ll is Bald
that detective! taken from Bradford have arrested
several of tbe strikers. The ottlcen here aaythatthey
have tt :t inti a wii their ri from guaid duty and
i it a settlement ls pending. Tbe general managers ot
several ol the i.ipanlea having offices ber* pre Ucl thai
il itrlk. will bu general, extending irom Illinois tu
V -\ nat ivanla '1 be de i tbe < ol im
!? . i ? ? i.d, pay for mining alack coal;
mad. to have ll welghiuen recognized, and
io - ih. thc abandonment ol tit-- comp cy's stoic st stem,
'iii- real demand, a.ted upon :?> tue employers, ls
the control ot the mines in- turned over to the
ila ol Labor. Coal baa advanced here irom 25 ta
ts ,i ton and li expect* d t>> no muon higher.
Hr.NTlNLiDX, Penn., Maroo IB Special), The sir.kin
: ci rup region were called together to
ii.', il Broad Top City hy Kd ward llu.-iirs, president ol
rational Miners ;.;i i Mine Laborers,
Matriel No. '<. Polly 700 were present. John i I
nth, of La,: Broad Top, presided. Tue mealing wa* ad*
. Ur. Hughes and John F Paisley, of Clearfield
? ty, a member of tbe ?x. mmltlee, and
i. -o v. d.ni in- tl a strike, A branch ol the
Fedora rganlzea. The Broad Top men have not
licetoioit been members,althoughtbey Live i
ii..- iiinL r it- directions, 1 hose who resumed work yes?
terday at the ad vauced ratt ided did so with the
sxpreaa ("ona. ni ni thc i Ibe Federal
with the stipulation tbat thej ... rot ;.. take out more
coi) than they did before tba strike, and tn.it, if necea
. a to pay Into ibe I ederallon i .
!? ents a ton they ar now to receive tn malnta
atrike and to support those engaged In ii. The Lxecu
nv.- . oiiiini::. e i.ave power lo levi thlaai?e -
Presldei.t Hughes came to Ibis city tbls eveulug from
Broad Top an i went to \:to..na. bd i from tbi noe to tbe
v, si, rn coal tied*, lie 1*a practical niau. The Inter
r Ihe un:..- lu Ibe district a:o practically in bin
Ill i.'I N Hi Mil; ii xii.N DKMANDI.NU IM.ili.l-in
XX ttl -.
I'ii i-r.i I.,, March 18 (Speciali. -The em
aloyeeofihi National in- A'orki it MoKeesport, 1,500
ui. n amI boya quit w?ra to-day, demanding ai, advaaos
of 1.'. per eui. in their wages Tbe resid ms ut Hie
town.i, ..'nc i ot. i tic di icu auspeoaion or their
. ? industry. They have aol forgotten the great
strike ol Imu wo - ?_?. Tba Kallona! Tube
Work*then res- ned operation* with non-onion mea, Ta
ticc.mn.iisii tin*, however, the aonstaut pre*enoa of a
large fore* ol polletaoea wa* n*eesasry, and several
i bs a riot was narrowly averted. The Amslga>
Assoelalton ol Iron and Steel Work
era La* never regained its etr.. . , there,
-ni about three mouth* ap. tim organization
al the men Into an Assembly oi the Knight* of Labor
I Yeaterday afternoon a committee ol four,
repre* -._? ?,...? worktnea on the threading Boor, waited
upon the general manager. Mr. i agler, and demanded
ai' .lit.,:.e, which ?-.i* refused rue newe quickly
ip..al through tho entire Balah ibmeul aid tb
r - lu a Lniiv. Last night tbe men to tbe
' about eight hun,lied ,,-sen,Ll,-d on th
square, and aller parading tho pi iucip-1 streets, held a
"? ug in Coates's Hall wltb rloaed door*. The
organ ._!,:* ..I Lanai which waa 700 strong
he'o el io ui eil ii i.-eriveti many accession! tu its rauks.
.o!!iii,_ ;, limn (- Wa* posted al tim * m'ka tot,,. ?
ti,nt tb? mei, at turo* furn ices in th. pi| e min would bo
rarlir suspended, owingto n lack of order* lt
?li-.iK- at thai the roiling mill which furnished
wea.sr tbi works would cloon thli as/enlng for au lu*
deij.iiti- j?i tod. Thu wa* looked upon by tha workmen
aa aa attempt to counteract their movement !..r aa id
.. d ::.,->? decide l to ?;:...?. Tne> Carried out
liieir tl, >i am,,,!! ,n upon Un- blowing of tbe noon
wbUtle, Mr. Flaglrr aays that, owing lo ihe acurclt) ..i
cul rs aud tba depreealon In tb Iron market, tba ad
x a: no-, in- giVOn and tie- ? .ii,, ei, i ie.nain idle
tiif.- mo,tbs The works .un nf the largest In the
1 a -iai-s md are controlled by Boston rapltallsts,
pi i nu mini .iiiiong a hon are the thia. Converse lirotbers.
iromsio stbki r-CAita?a divimom in rue hanks
? IIAI-isi; Vl'AORg
Con Mm s, ohio, Mindi 1-. [Special .?The
?***?* ? ka neall tulay. No SOT* WAI* Liken
*> 't *-'"'. u .. ei th ? sti ikara ukMkada I Um tr...-** loading
ito ,. th* sta ..--. i.s itlng that bo oars should ran uutn
J* 'l' ??'i" ima* i u f,,r oooductors
lion, tvAS) ta$2mday, sud othoc emasoye* lapropon
vms. Boat ot uut mas work Ustoen boars a day, and
'? ' ' - uoiit. Ta-comp tay Lal
? I to bb increase ol about 20 per eeat. bal refuses
Ml eonceaoiiw aato tho hoare al work, as thors isa k
??M.??'?Miiii.ni.-,..,, vt,,r.,i,t a.. add,non,! number ol
?""? ?e company paia oT the strtklBg empl
oigiitsui ittempted to ran oat a faa ears, whleh wara
t-*ui by th* striken aod palled book Into tuast.,1.1-,
a 'i.-i sic* from Milwaak**, \v;?.. say* : ?? Ths :,
?uu.b ha* brohea ..ai hetwaea ta* Cigarmaker*' tata
-;"-;-- i.,o..a.a?,-. K'li.lii.nri,,^,;^:; ,?"JJ
',';'; :"",' .'!' otP?ol** w tn lataruatlonal
i ii*. ,n *??*"*} l'i BS.-r.-o.is du:.I., , I,, tba laboi
Len ie,eit,,l nV.""' KolgbU' white labels Uave
Ms-wall Braihera. iha box maaalaatarara.kava al last
smT, t1"t",u-'"':" li. mu, Um ,,? ? wUu Wl.,lt 011t V,
? - marl, U.r-e iu.?,lb* ago. Th* .ubsiance o" uti
ikJ. . !. . -?'u?|,1'w? ; Hw striking Ballara withdraw
the.. BSdaiUaSMl to ihe uso of .miling macuinca ..Ld ms
tiini take* ba. k tliostuk.Ts, i,_r.-oiug to pay the men
making boxs* on Ute machines by th* plaoe th* price
pant tor the sumo sized Luxes tsado by hali.I, les* n
rasBonabls reduction, lo be mada h. rs iftor. for th* rela?
tive iiiiii.i.-iiccs Lotwecn hsiiil ami maebla* mad* boxes,
lt iviiH hIho lu'ioeil inn all dlfferencoi uristnj herc
alter sliail be seltl.-d by a boord of arbitration.
Boston, Mareh LS (Special).?Thc Boston
District Telegraph Company lia* yielded to tho den.and.
Of UM striking messenger boy*. Tue truce of twenty
four hour* terminated nt noon to-day, and Hie boys, not
Battened with tho aaawet al tho superintendent quit
work, and forming in procession marched loOstroug, in
military arny throoga tLo street*, receiving couitant
a.-. rs-inn* from the varloos branch olllces. At 1 p. m.
Superintendent Lewis received a dispatch from (icucral
Manager sheehan in behalf of tho directors, directing
him to yield lo Ibo deimiiuis of the boys, pitying them
either 'iU cents n n.essage, er fl 50 a week, at their op
ttu i. L.-ariiiug that the procession had resclicd the
Hold Vendome, he telegraphed thither to baie tho
news communicated to the hoys. They WON UoSl t"
credit it, however. Hs again telegraphed ta Um V*b*
dome an.l to all the branch ollices, BMUriBf, the buys of
tho sincerity off the company, ami directing thuin to re?
turn to duty. About this time ono of the boy*, ulm in
spite of All temptation* to.le-.it had continued at lils
poet, was mel by the proeeaaloa aa he itu* returning
from th.- d.-livrry of a mesas** lo the office. He w.i- ?t
once ordered to quit work and )<nti the procession, ll.
refused and tried to go on his way. OB hoing opposed
by ono of ina strikers, u lad bead aed shoulders blgber
tuan himself, he promptly thrashed bim siuld tbe ap?
plause of the bystander*, but before ho could m.ike an
orderly retreat he tva* seised by haifa dozen ..f the
hu ikera, forced Int.. tin- ran ki and dragged sion**
Reassured by the different messengers from Superin?
tendent Lewis, at ?_ p. m. the Lays Beaded for the office,
and twenty minutes later with closed rank* and living
Baas drew up before his window. Mo lu formes] thc dele?
gates sent up stairs to wall UWOU i.lin that the Company
would at unco arrange * itlal lOtory term-, and ordered
the boya to return to duty. The result was rommunt
rated io tn.- strikers, who gave three hearty cheer-. Bad
then broke raul;*.
As was stated in The Tribune yesterday
morning, the cloaJtmakers employed by tho eootraetori
left work yesterday and aro at present out off work to
tho Bamber off about 1,100 mea aad 2,800 women. The
strike ls a poeallai ono in many respects. The vast
majority of tim clonks made In the city are farand oat by
IL e in mi nf act u rers to contractors lo rc-rta ai prices. These
middlemen employ from two to llfty operators each,
whom they furnish with machines and have Hiern do the
woik in their lioiii.-s. The operators claim tliat they aro
foroed to work from ?> ii. ra. to midnight In order to make
a bare living, while the contractors gal rich. Tlie latter,
bowl i sr, claim thai th* operators work tho long hours
froiii cnoice, und that the expert* muk.- BS miicli as *:!.".
ii week. '1 h.- operators have struck against tho contract?
or* and they demand of the manufaetnrers that they
shall bo employed directly by the linn* ;iud in tho fac?
Thc strikers mot yesterday in Ooldea Ral* Hall, In
Rivington**!., near Essex, where speeches nero made to
ibeiii. Tbe statement wm mad* that the contractor gets
si ;>o fur a cloak for which be pays eighty-three cent*
to the operator. They ash the manufacturer* to pay
them the ri] Di) direct. Wages aro to be so far Sdvaneed
BStOgtVS tlie oper.itor ?1 17, and the other nineteen
? en tl i* to go to the relief fund nf the In lepeodeol Cloak
Operators'Union. A committee was appointed to wall
on tne Manufacturers' Association and present ih.-ir da
lii,iuds. Mr. Jonaason ni Meyer, Jonaason A Ca, told
thom that tho matt, i w i i.d bc referred to ibo Associa?
A meeting of the Cloak Manufacturers' Association
wa* called at the Manhattan Hotel tor l p. m. Theie
wer*present ropresentatlvea from Bobin Bro* -x Green?
field, O. Blum A Brother, Benjamin A Caspsry, Danzig
Brothers, A. Frledlan let A ( a., L. (ironer A. Meyer
.Lu.as-,,n A Co., iiie Mercantile ( io.lt (Company.
MutiiL.ittmi suit and Cloak Company, Rosenthal
A Co., >. Rothschild .x- Brother, Scbutz,
BrotbersA Blath, (J. Schwab A Brother, Bellaman & < >>.,
\'.,i-ei Brothers A Co., B. Waraburger A Co., and M.
N,,tlum ,v Co. After a long session a committee, con
siatinc of Meyer Jonaason, E. Einstein, of th- Manhattan
suit ami i loak Company ; Emil Meyer, >.i - Kottischlida
ABrotber; Isaac Plant, ol ths Mercantile (doak Com?
pany ; an t I* Graner, ol 1. < Iraner .x- c.... asa appointed
to conier with a committee froml the H-'entral
tabor inion, the Independent Cloak (iji.-rators
Villon, and tho contractors aad .see if Some
settlement could not be reac ted. fbe sense
of tne meeting wa* that the trouble sbould bs left to tho
arbitration of Hie contra! L_.r Union,
Mr. Jon ii-,ii ii in speaking el Ihe watter said : " We are
perfect!] willing to pa] good living wages and to have
ibe hours of laiior shortened, bul some of the conditions
which nie men aeeh to impose are ii sntfestly Impossible.
i hey nisi-1 tbal we * lal I issi- du fi-1 iy nita our employ
people win. ar.- now emplot cl hy tbe contract irs.
ii,. Lot ind we tt..nhl Lave m. room forthetn and no
it ,.i k a good j.art of iLe tun.- does not seem toenter Into
ti.eir calculations. They complain tbat th.-v cannot
iki esougb working as the) do now from fourteen to
sixteen hours a dav mi day* in ibe week. In the
factories they OOUld Work only mus Louis a dui live
days in the week, and we certainly Couldn't make such
un adv i ii i-e in Wages . is th's iv. ni! I ImplJ aii'l slid c. in
pen- with the cheap labor of Germany and the Western
A conference between tbe manufac turora will be bold
tin* inornlu. amt tho propoiltlon will bo made to bars
the inca IL I sh up Ih- Work OB tv li I ell ihey weir en- i.-eil
? '.f tho strike, pending th* arbitration of tba
Central Labor Iii:.m.
Ii l- es tl lusted that tLo strike baa delayed the placing
of woollens wurta over "?_;iXHI,000 for Hie fall Lade.
Thc employes of the carious brett cries m.
on duty from fourteen lo sis teen hsure s da] during tbe
week, bul aro not actually employed moro than -i\ oi
seven boars, and on sunday* only ar.- employi l lu turu
ei ti'i giain to pride tu from spoiling, a
I o rn three hours'work. They ha vs boen
receiving {USB week, and at tho ont of|tbe aeavon (in
Juli.-) ihe j ropi ii tor- gb c a gratuity of one oi two| lollara
a wi ik extra to those who have been faithful, ri few
il.ty^ ago the employea demanded tl at t'-u i ba
'tori; sh.nial Lo from (ia. m. till (I p. m.,or tba] wo lld
.X collier, nee nilli the eirp tod lu
what was supposed to be an amicable -? ttlemoot.
dil XX'.-.tuesday, hutt ever, a di li and wal lii.de Lt ibo
es ilia' they sh,, dd bo paid #2 sday, Including
-nullity; that Ihe) should at once be paid ins gratuity
due them, aud that when sae aaa discharged a commit
mid lie pcm,Html to maha sn Investigation to de
1'Milln, wlictliei there was warrant lol such dis,-har.e.
rhone demands wore not acceded to. mid tin- em
ol Keidlinger, Schmidt A Co., wini on strike, lt ls be
i-a tad timi tho strike will extend to other establish
iiniits. A meeting Bl tho various ni.i! rsi. rs wa* held
lii'vn town yesterday and it waa determined not to ylel_
to tho demand* ol the aorknien. \ . mil is au
pointed to .st a c<nnii.itt..- of tbe mon tone* If the
illfterenoes could Bot be amicably aettled. lin- commit?
tee Will l.-poit at it meeting In dat. I< lue ol the 'ic
?? i mi meeting wa- to < fleet a combination of our own.
We Lave i nm Lided that, as wo must practise the cl..-est
economy In these day* ..i.ipetitlon, we eannoi giant
tbe demands ol .mr men, least ..f all be dictated ta rn the
...?-in.-nt ol our business. We are willing to do any
tbiug reasonable, bul we think themiu ha.'e made un
leith..liable di iniilids. "
Tlie painters arc making thing* lively foi
their employers now. They have decided to make a gea*
eral demand for S3 50 a day for nina boara work on
April 5, Initie moantims Delegates Jones, of the Pro
greaslVB Painter*, lind Devi! , al ihe I ip-ratn a Palate!*,
have been visillug houses employing non-Onion men and
paying low wage*. Al French's llotol work has hoon
Slopped completely, all the union men amt moat of tho
non-union m-n Lat lng quit woik. If ;,n aiTaUgODMBt L
not made by the I nd of UM week. Strikes will be ordered
on all tin-jobs aa winch the boase*employing non-union
m. n ar.- engaged. Th* palmer-' delegate! waited ob
Hugh Nesbitt, tbe Oraod*sl. painter, who waspai lng bis
mei .-rd Io: nine boura woik and t iireai.-tu-.l a strike un
leas hs paid8_l 50for tao hours work. The same tin eui
brough] Monroe A McCormick to tem,*,
l .- earpentars are baviug trouble erith contractor
Porter, tt ho has cha'g" nf tue hulldlug at Loni teeni li-.-t.
ami tiru. ave. On Marcb B ba agreed lo paj his mau
rr: .ai aday tor nins hoar* work. Last Baturdai .n, tba
first pay day aad ba only pani them >:( a u ,iay. i,,,.
nien struck a.-.un ob Mond.it und Mr. I'ori.r BUiplnyed
iion-iiiiion iiicn. He rafnaaa to dt*eh*rg* them and nn?
ii is ii.- .m.* nl, gil the anion men la th* inn. nug wni bu
ordered out.
Ta* snb-i ominittee of tho (i.-n.-rai Executive Board of
the Knights of Labor, who have been investigating tho
bs between tba International Clgarmsksrs and
|. sn ci A* inLit No 1-1 of the Kui.Iii* of Lil.or, weal
toiiot yesterday. It ls supposed tbat they lutand try
lag to Bottle lb* trotfblei in Cohoes. Th*y are expected
back io-day.
Everything was moving Minn.tilly vestcrdav
at I'u-r No. .1, North Uiver, where the linke against Hie
Nott- York steam < ompany Ia going on. duly a miall
lindy of policemen w .* ou duty, nut a larger Bamber
tban ueual were stationed *long West ?t to ino works
of th* company, Managai Emery went to tbe cl!) Uall
tu appear before tbe B .ard ol Alderman In reference to the
reaol ition asking that lae i ompauy'a charier i. ? rbanged
ro tbat it will allow a pressure ot only forty uoaads In
tilt- pipe*. A* Al.lld'.ll 111 .1 lenin- is iii i. lin. tn of lll-l oil,
url Mee od Street* bl* srrsst prevented a meeting of ihe
c..mn.liter, Which ls InVA'ttg.ttlii? th" matter.
? ?
Iii. stiiki- of iho 'longshoreinaD on Piaf No.
ls l ist Hlvor, still conliiiu.-s. Tho llrlstol Lino sieatp
ship Dm set iioi sloiigsido the pier tt uh her cargo sun
on board, und no movement wits made yesterday toward
il:?ri,ariiiu. it. 'Ibo stevedore anya that he expect* to
o'.ia it all the men he wants to-day. Un I'ler No. 17 the
Work of loading and unloading ibe vestels was going ou
it* usual yestoi.lay. On Bil th* teal of tim per* where
lu.li-'iiuoii men aro smployed ihe men worn al work lind
BO Indications ol an approaching strike wno apparent.
About thirty policemen, under tbe command af Cantata
<;a?tini, wera stationed on PrarNo. 19 t<> prevent any In*
terferance by the strikers. Tue striker* ;ire eoafldent
that the stevedere will be compelled to field to their de?
mand*. They say that Bilker to-day or to-morrow an?
other vessel, which has boen chartered by the <-ompany,
will at iive, and theo th* stevedore will have two t ?
on lils hinds and no men to unload them, an.l he inuit
Boino to their terms Tb* company advertised for men
yesterday, ami In resp HMS a few went to the pier, hut
refused to work tv lieu they understood ibo sinai ion.
? -
Since Preaidenl Richartlson ol tbs Atlantic
Avenue H.iilr al C .nipan;., Ilrouklyn, compiled willi tho
demand* of his men for fewer boors of work ho han ro
dticed the number of trips on bl* linos, thus coinpolit""'
lassengers to overcrowd tho cars grsaU] Iii the busy
boan, (ats formerly mn ..a four minutes' head it ay uro
now run six minnie* apart In tho m.in.lng ami live
minutes at Bight, lust, itu of fifteen rms running to the
lirldgo only, there ire now throe. In all foily-tlvo trips
hiive oren talton from tba time-table.
The trouble predicted a few days ago on the Nostrand
Avenue lill" lu Brooklyn, glowing out of dissatisfaction
tt itli the new tun.--i.iL,.-, 1. il ina reference of the matter
to Kalin.ni Commissioner O'Donnell, waa referred it to
the Hoard of Railroad Commissioners. Th.-yliavediiected
Un loll..wing.
Pirti Twelve Boara' csatiaaoas s.-rvice siiai ronetitat* ..
day's work, sad taat conductors and dnvsis receive 9_ Bach
> e nd?That sll aaattera of difference be settici by ar.itra
'ni I ' B! pea Lu | ma rn Li 11 al io.i and ile, lsinii Un road
lb k.-pi maning h* Banal.
IlL.sil HlluV MuNLY-1 ..NliIIIiiN Of AllTlll'lt (i.
Nbw-Brcxswick, March Is iSpiri'th.?W.
r Tunihuos. minas*! for tue Dis** Bartaa* Beak, mia
eveuiiig -ays taat th* qa*stloa af railing tlie restitution
money through Mr*. Ogilby*! friends now depends
largely upon the ability of Mr?. Ogilby to overcome tin
entail upon hoi- property sud put it Into tho fund. If she
cm do nothing sc vet al who have sui.scribe.I ?n ron.II
tiOii lint the whole irii,mut should bo raised will with?
draw, winie a Bamber of ethers will pay up for the hone?
st of th* depositors, Whatever aiaoual saar Le raised,
Pr?Idont Langdon says, th* Btaaagars should, in be?
half of tb* Stockholders and fm tue goo. I name of the ci ly,
see Unit the.l>-Heit is made good wit hom regard to what tno
friends of ' '.iib)* may or rn ty not do. Dr. U.tldwiu *.i> I
ii number of tue stockholders h.tvo c Lie i upon him and
BXBf..I tin- kop* that tho basia*** may bo rcttlod up
by the managers without tho appointment of a receiver
lo nae np whatever fond* Ogilby mar have left. Con*
si.ili.e Boper, after having seen his pl lioncr for tho lint
tune, -aid to dav : M Y>-*, I Certainly s.iw Arthur |], Ogil
i.y. H.- ia sa tidii and pale and ok* so bad taat be ls
hardly recognizable as tin; lassa stan ? ho waa active
upon our streets only .1 few days ugo. A* to his sault] .
i ?? ni only say i don t waat to seo any Letter evtdenoe of
sny man's insanity than ne show*. His eyes are bright
and resll Bl and Le seems to In, Lroken down entirely."
Dr. Baldwin aaya Hut ho was railed to *.-? Ogilby last
night, beeaaae be wa- sn axelied Ly tho vi*it of the oon*
stables tii.it hts attendants became alarmed. Ile believed
the officers were after him and became violent, having
to I-, soothed hy the doctor's persuasion and powerful
Greenville, Ohio. March 18 (Special).?
Cora Oreen, age fourteen, escaped on Sunday night from
the gyp-;, wag IB of John MoVey, who, she alleges, kid?
napped her two year* ago near Lebanon, Ind. she was
brought to this pise* ou Wednesday hy Alexander
Brown and Other residents of A.linns township. Uer
story ls that she was kepi In MeV*y*s wagon moat ail
tho time, travelling through Dayton, Union city. Troy,
Bldney and other places, camping oo tho road. MoX'oy,
abe says, bast her with a club, a buggy whip, eal h.-r
wltb a knife, aad ahot her lu tha bead. About a year
sgo be drove a nail through her left foot into ? boara,
iiL.l lying lier hain.* alni feet, IWBBg her up ; cul h'-r
feet with a hatchet, rho scars and wooed* caa be seen
plainly, in respona ? to telegram*, replies have been re
eelved confirming her statements a* to the plaee wbere
si e live I, liar na.ne aa 1 parent -, BOW resoling at .1 itu
town, lad. McVey tied as loon ai h.- found that the
girl had gol awaj from bim. Tha girl's parents iiavo
been sent for ana officers an sunning the country for
tho outlaw.
Gloucesti r ?'iiv, N. J., March 18.?Justice
of thel'cai-e John W. \t right, after being released yesl-r
d:ty on ball nu eli .!_?* of B*S*a!t Bad battery on Mr*.
Robert Pollens*, aad ?iBdaasaaaar la ailsa. ardsul a
enlist,lld.- to arreal Mrs. Fullerton OB B churire of .llsnr
.i.-iiy coiiduct, Thojuatlee drew a oaded revolver, sad
nol.ling it to Mr. fullerton'* head, threatened lo blow hi*
bralni out if he Interfered ttith the officer, Mrs. Fuller,
ton ti.eil item wltb the conatable, where Justice Wright
deel.d ber guilty of dloord. riv coiiduct amt sent bet to
jail for twenty daya lu default of $10 flue. Wright waa
held tl .: by Justice Cassady, of Csmdsn, on
-....I ball an the charges ol isaault and battery on Mrs.
ton sud misdemeanor, ami also on $000 ball for
nasa,lilia ; Mr. 1 lUerton,
KI 1 X's' fm; a COAL i OMBTNA TTON.
Philadelphia, March 18.?A anniber of
meetings have been 1.1*1.1 recently by tb* officers of th*
Read 11 isyl vania Railroad companies lo .11
range the details ol a eoe] combination. Th* necessity
ol a combination 1* app trent, as the prioea of anthracite
coal ara so low In New-York that a number of eargoes
havel.n taken from that point hy vesael and auld In
Baltimore and Waahin tton il rates i*; below the regular
i-iiee. Li*, of eourae, cripples tim revenues of tho
I'ciim.i 1 vaunt Rallroa i Company,
/ // REA rs .11. i / \ 81 U A' /,'! .\ /) a 1.1..
Philadelphia, March H (Special).?The
'? Btratd (Oem.) publish** the folio wins lina
Braning : " A rumor la on the ?tr*ct< tbal a petition has
L.-en forwarded to Samuel J. Randall containing ..ter
2.000 sigaatures of voters In bl* district, sotting forth
that If Cadwalader i^ confirmed a* Calli otor of the Port
or if Le i Randall) refuses tu li.ito the n,un* wit u.linwu,
they trill vote unit wurk Bgatnsl lum for a rc-electlou to
Congress Ths men assert that Cadaatader winnot
rec ..-ure their claim* for olli.-e, that he ls haughty and
__- +.
Hartford, March 18. ?The Agricnltura]
Committee to-day rep.-ned favorably a bill raqulriag
th* Governor to fl. aa arbor day hy proclamation each
spring.'h.- day to Lu observed bj the sehoola aad for
economic tra* planting; ul*., a lui exempting from tax
atlon i..r twenty yr.it* persons win. grow shootout,
hickory, ash, whit* <>ak. sugar maple, Europoaa larch,
white pine, black Walnut, tulip, or iprUO* Ire-* to Bli
average height ol ila (eat and not b-ss than 1,200 to Ihe
in ie of land, hitherto not woodland aod \torth not to
exceed rjij;, an acre.
('ni' ago, March 18.?A morning paper
at ir. s th it Arthur Pitcairn, a sou of C mon Pitcairn, af
Eerie*, near Manchester, England, has aocepted the
otici of $5,000 made by tao father el Faanj Milla, tue
big-footed girl, to any man who would marry his
daughter. Mr. Pltealra has boen In Chicago for some
ilma, ile git i .-ices Bishop Bodell, th. Rev,
Dr. Locke, and a Bomber of other prominent clergymen.
Cul i vim ., nlii... M.ncii ls (Special).?Tbs
Etoo** Commute* on Prlvllegea aad BlecMoa* aai*hed
its report on tho Cincinnati eire mm eoateatt to-.lay and
will lay lt before tho Hons* ou Wedaeoday, It draws a
dlstnal pletare of fraud and corruptiau an.l heaps upon
tho DesBoeratte p iny the r**|>OBalbllity for all ths fraud
and forgery WBI0U h.' ina-lo < luehman so liotorioiis.
Pbotogrspbs of tho loin tn xx ar t forgeries aro studied
Tne report ousts Butterfleld, the remaining D*moci*A
ami seats Harlan, a colored man. w
coy Vii TED OFCB l vat fa I TOTING Llsr.
Baltimore, March 18, John F. MincbfT, one
of tho registrar* of voters In this city last f.til uml who
ha* been OB trial f** Mill .1 d ty*, was to day coin Lied.
Ile was Charged With having illegally erusod names
from tho list, nms'ly of colored toter*, without any
aiitboritv from the parana* sffe. ted. Phe maximum
penalty is a tine ol *.?00 or two year*' nupruoiiuieiil or
Philadelphia, March 18 (Special), -Thc
sixty-ilfui aniiiiHi eomraeueemeat of the CoHofS of
I'liar.uacy was held this uioriinig In Ihe Academy of
Miltie I 'uer.- wei e a large uuiuLsr of graduntes, iiicud
ins Bl* from Nett-.X mk. .N.-ar.v all lue other HtatO* .f
tbs i 'n kui x?'ie represented and taare waa a graduste
each from EUgl Hld, Lcr.nany alni Ml lo.
Baltimore, March lt.?A DMeting ot thc
?yatee packers of this etty w.t* h.-.-i lo-daj .md an
ag.muni r-at'li" I Bot to lier* after April 1,
under a i.-n.ilty of * I " "I- I he or*ler season Ins here?
tofore ooulluued uulll M t) 1 oaoh ye.,r, mn the araiel
i,ed-,i.i ip laka i; i- have boob si murta d
thal a fear u *at*rtained tbatUiey mar b* destroyed.
-?.? ?
Hi mi i in xi, Penn., V ireh 18.?Thc Indict.*
Un.* are ll.st In a few day* tho surviving members el
th* nSBS*ahSOh family, who tv.-ro stricken down a month
ago willi li'lclillilasls.wlll follow Hu-.lead luemlxirs to ll.e
grave. Hatti.-, tue surviving daughter. I* slowly sink
lng, aad tba grief*irt*kea lather, who had recovered so
aa to be abie to be about, I* now prusiralod,
Iii: <tis fesses as lt is ARRESTED.
his von: rolf bhaBPb hroad
IILI.l) IN 115,4900 UAH. IN'srECTOK BTJUTfil
t:;?> ai nr.LviAV BHABOWt d and tiik auiust viade
IMADQtJARTBM and THOM to conti?
liii: HKAsttVO io iii- uah on M >nday
? llYUNF.s'd TltAP ? WHAT OTUKIt
MKMMf-S Of lilli 1) IAS0 ul-'
lssj SAX' A silt..Ni,
I'olico Inapectof Byrnea duropped lazily into
a chair in sccretnry rcnney's room lu tue District-At?
torney's otllro shortly hefore ll o'clock yosterdsy morn
Ilk, nnd said :
" XX ill y.ui see whether the Distrlct-AUornoy c ires to
*eo oin lliis BS SSW lag !"
Tho Inspector also made somo leisurely lu.puris* .is to
whether itiiy of hi* detectives were near at hand. Detec?
tive Reilly was Iii tho outer lillico, and Doiectives [landy
and Bogers were nut fur away.
Diattiel Attoraoy Martie* wa. found ia Le quito ready
te ?'-.- thc Inspector for a lou- moSBOBt*, Hie two ofticl.il*
talked together and then the Inspector gOVS directions
to DeteeUva Bellly, who l.-ftthe building. Eta found the
other detectives, Wk* were k BS pi n s nu eye ou tho in ni
whom tln-v leoak*. Handy sud lingers WON BstWS*B
the Poet i din o und the undid fuiiiitain in front of tho
Clly Hali when they approached Henry \V. .laehne and
s.ud : "Tho Iiispe.-un wauls to see you."
?? Ali right," said tho Aldermen, " PU go with you."
DateeUve Bellly Immediately reported to tho
laapeetOS that Jaclin* w.w uti.ler arrest. Tho
Insp dor ordered that ho ho taken to
roiico Headquartera and iioiiiy ratanad to hu bbs*.
ciiila-s, who hud walked through Cliy Hall I'ark, and
dineted them to tako tha Aldermaa ie Malbon? street.
Hie laepeetof and Detective Bellly remained at tue
fjoaeral Session* building, and Dietrtet*Attora*yMarUae
and Mr. lit-rr.es went hefore tho Ur.ind Jury and tn d
lama af th* fae- arht*h tLov had learned. It wa* llnally
decided, however, not to complete tho case before ta*
(iraml Jury, Lilt to proceed, a* could ho done moro
quickly, under a magistrate's warrant. The original
iirrc-t was m.nie mulei Um general power of tho police
to arrest without a womal any person whom they hare
good grounds tor believing te nave committed a felony.
III'. I'lsIlllCI-ATT.iKNr.Y'S All'IDXVir.
Disttiet-Attorney Martino accordingly prepared ths
following allidavlt:
Mat* of Nett-York,
City iiml Couuty af New-York, st.:
Kaudopb ii. Martin* being duly sworn depose* and
sit) s :
1 uni District-Attorney of ihe City aud County of Now
Ou Information and belief I eharge Henry xv. jaehue
with tho crime ot bribery, oommltted a* follows:
ih.it aa or about th* 30th day of August, l SyA. the
said (leary xv. Jaehne, hoing then and thora a person
execiuiiiL' tho (uncUokS of a pul.dc officer, io wit. a
member of the Boord of Aldermen >.f tbe Cay of New
x mk, dui Undi iimi then asl;, recslvs, and agr.-e to re
OelV* :t hriLo, sam of ninney nnd property
of tho value of several thousand dol?
lar-, iip.n th.- sgl.mont and undent anding Hist his |
vote as a member ot said hoard should ba influenced
Diet oliy lu it certain resolution and matter then and
t e;e pendlllg before Slid hoard, to Hie elT-or that Ihe
Broadway Burfaoe Builway be granted permiasloB to
eonsiroctand operate a railway upon Broadway, aa by
reference to the records ..i the Boara of Alderman, whlcn
sh..w tin- proceedings of said hoard on the 30th ilay of
August, I-*!, -.-in Biorafully appear
That the groanda of this deponent's knowledge as to
al! ii,alters um stated lu tins affidavit Upon Ins Knowl
cd _-<-. ale Certain fads Wblcb hate liee.il BOBS*
ui un teated to this deponent by Thoma* Byrnes.
??-?I . BB !hS[>etlor nf poliro lu tue City
ami ('.ninty of New-Yoi k, ibo recorded
proceedings of tne Board of Aldermen ta ihe Batter af
Iboapplleatlon of tho Broadway Surface lUi.way for
i-1an -sion to eonatruct ai d operate a railway on Broad?
way, and avkteuce in tue possession of tills depotient tm
tu the method la whleb Ute sud raliway va* organised,
i.ii.i tho u-e aud deposition of certain large sums of
money lu tho han.ls . I thc i.gents of sail road dining the
Bummer of i-i
XX ne re oi e. Lu* deponent prays that it warrant for tho
arre-t of * .Ll Hei.rv XV. Jardine iii iy Issue foi-iiiwith, to
the end tn.u bo may bo deal! with according to law.
nw ora to before me tins i *tu day <.r March, i --.;.
U tM-'l rn li. Ma UTI BK,
District-Attorney, New-Yorh Comity,
lil Mit A. (til iii:i:?i i it ii,
Ju.i_<- . loner il Besalona Court,
li tit. PIXED a I (15,000.
Applleatlon a ia made ob tha strength of thia aili lavlt
tojui^ ??-..., of Hie (our; of (i.ueriil sessions,
Hilo I-maier tho Ltw it BWgfattrat* who may cs,ia pre
llmtnary warrant*, Judge Qildorale*va granted a war?
rant for Aldermen Jaebau's arrest on a charge af bribery
uml directed that be be brought Immediately bafoi
Detective Bellly weal to Polios ll. adquarters, and soon
alter 2 o'clock Ja*hnS wits taken IO th* Helier.il Session,,
hud.Ung ..nd was for a niue nt tim Dlstrlet-AtlorB*y*a
Alderman Jaehna'i lawyers, Bleb ird 8, Newcombe and
Peter MttcneU, had bean seat for, aud District-Attorney
Marilin-, Assistant Dlatrlat-Attorney Delanoay Ni.-.di
and vir. Newcombe held aa animated discussion for samo
time, leaning ov*r Judge G derslseve's desk, es to the
.imoant of ball to Lo SSked. Mr. Muline wished
it il i-1 ai 920,000 and Mr. Newcombe ur :t
i. -? amount, Judge Qllderaleeve liuaiiy iir-d
the ball at 910,000. Joseph O'Donnell, a liquor deal, r
at sixiii-ave. iiiid Twentj-fourin-st., waa sent for to give
the r.-.inn cd security. He owns, according to hiv state?
ment, five house* tn TwaoUetb-at. uni nae lo Twenty*
fourth-*!. U* lives at No. 1.1 West Twentieth-*.*. Us
valued in* real estate at sn.:,n')i) above tho moitt**f*i
and his personal property at over 930,000 more. Ho
wu* accepted us the bondsman.
I in: ai lu CM tN iv COUBT.
Alderman Jaehne, nader the guardianship ol Deteetlve
Bellly, .nt.re.I Tart I of ih- Court of General b**sIobs
about a quartet before :i o'clock mid tonk a sent on a low
sofa in ticor.ier screened somewhat fr.mi observation Ly
tho Judge's desk. Foreman I'..*..lick, of tho Oread
Jury, gray haired and alert, entered Ute room soon aftor.
Wiuiiu tho railing stood Dlstrlet*Attoraoy Martino,
portly aad appealing tired, bul well satisfied, sad hi*
aMistaats, Messrs. Nicoll, Fltxgerald aad Parrie Law?
yer Ne weomhe, withe olrat* of dark early hair ah mt
hlaaasooth face, and short, neetly-attlred Peter MlteheU
stood just eatslds ot UM bar, Kr, Mitchell with a thick
law hook io Ina hand.
The Alderman himself moved as soon as possible to a
sent near the hench, but even moro secluded thea lil*
f orator one. U* was neatly dressed, wearing a brown
overcoat over hu dark suit. Ho ia of mo li,nu height.
H:?d.uk. rather thia hair la cir.-fal y parted shoat Um
middle of tho lop o' hi* lund. His eyes sro cold mid
motiunlsBs Uk* these of * professional gaiuhier. a long
reddish muefeke droops over a eroel-looklng mouth.
H.- wea citrefui not to appear m >re oonsolcaoos than
wa* Bhoolately asesssary whll* mo pro ?.???.im.?* wera i u
pragreee Thejory-boi ead auieb ether sp.icoiutho
Court roon were Hilo 1 with newspaper report- *.
Mr. Newcomb*, addressing Jolga liihtersleeve, aili:
" 1 uiiderauiid thiit this .lofeiidiiiit na* hoon arrested on
au liifiiriLition by the Dislrioi-Atiornay. Tho warntut,
I presume, was issued Ly ymir Honor. Under a special
urovialoiiofthelawalvingyoupow.tr av a magistrate.
In a proceeding of this eluirricter I preaumo tlrtt Um de
foiiil.int is eimile I te .tn .?lamination of iUn chsrgo
agatn-thiin. If such la tko proosodlag wa ask thetas
early au exauleeUoa a* posslbt* b* aeeorded. We
would ho ron Iv to proceed to-inorrow If tho ?BfagO*
mellis af Um DUrttlet* Ut-araey would permit."
Mr. Mitchel! Ballad attention to tue law which allowed
un examination In -nih citsei.
Dniriet-Atiirii-.-y M irtino said; "Tho proceeding
Mun.d bs sa. ii a* tho eooaael kai said, and there
I* no engagement ou my part; hut it
i* a mu li moro serious question a* IO
jmigo Otldsraleeve'e eagagemcnu-BTl would snugest
s.ituril.iy iinirnlug Bt 1" o'. ...ck as a good time, althougli
j.mr Honor may ho wearied with a week's continual
sliting* nt colin."
nu ii AKIN,, rixao ron monday.
Judge PIM*Misers Ia B ea** so important as Hil* and
iBVoIvlOg it trent..-luau hoiiliiig an Important po-itlon, I
limul.I put a*l.lo other eiig.i.'.-iii ni* and I would adjourn
court a;'_'o'clock tomorrow or any dav to boar the
Mi ffeweee.be: The Blmealty abeat latarday m*rs>
IDS' ia that il haa l..-ea safgOBted that on that day Mr.
JitehiiO should appear betofl the sioiiato Coiuuiitteo
wm. h iit--**'win Un- P*M ' 'thee liiulding.
Mr. Martin* - Mell, Moaday would ault u*.
Judge (tllderile-t- I He I lamination will La put
down f..r Mon.lay afiern.).)ii at _ p. m. Th*
an...uni of b ul lt is all** ly BS**) Hied and I understand
thal U.e ball band hit* Lei li plepared.
ri. rk John sunks, of UM (oort of lieneral Heaslon*.
Wk* for nearly forty year* ha* soon criminals, many of
them HU.- Tweed, holding high puailloBS, arraigned st
tho Mes* har, recoil ed Un- bail bond from sneretary
)'. un.). Joseph O'Donnell, UM bandsman, waa then
? ??nu. by Mr. spark! lo Ihe uuiu uf hts staieuisul* rs
gsrdmg Ills property. Alderman Jaehne stood up. hut
(lid not advance to the front of tho har. while Mr. hpar-i
explained that UM defendant should appear to auiwer
any Indictment that may he found against him.
Mr. Jaehne, lils bondsman mi I lils counsol then loft
tho com -.room, while District-Attorney Martino end lils
assistants surrendered taeui.-e.'ves to tne crowd of now.s
pitp >r reporters,
IhBBSMtOT Ifyrnes explained to a group of reporter* at
Police Headquarter* hi* conne. lion with the case as fol?
low* :
" Leas thsn a year ago Dlatrlct-Attorney Martino sent
for me and asked If lt was uot possible In some way to
gol Information uhout tho rumored paymonls of money
to Aldermen in connection with the granting
of tho Broadway Railroad francliiso. Wo talked
the matter over aud I proiuDod to keep
Ililli liifiii-iin-.t nf any ileveiopineiua I might he ahln to
learn. lu the collrae of mv investigations I bad a serifs
of Interviews willi Alderman JaahBO. I m.iuaged to
Kain his roiithleuco snd, regarding mo as a personal
fri.-ud, ho talked more and moro freely shout tho eou
I'.u.'t of the Aldermen. At all of tho Interview* ho
leaked valuable Inforiuiitlon und I got tbe impression
that he and other* had received money for their tote*.
Tho resuR of each conversation was reported
to Mr. Martino. About six weeks ago I saw
Jaehne at tho City Hill sud had ti quiet
talk. Kx-Alderui.iu Kouuy had died, and there was
souio trouble about the division of property which he
hud pm-chasod preview to hi* .loath. 1 said to Jaetuio
lu a coiilLlentl.ti way that in the quarrel over Kenny's
property BOOM embarrassing disclosures might a* ni t.io
as to the maimer lu which tho inonoy paid far tho prop?
erty was obtained. Jaehne said :
" ' Yes. Ho wai a !iliiuk?i| vu-ker te (0 and bay such
property. Whatever I have got I have In such a way
that 1 can protect myself.'
"I understood from iliac that Jaohno had kent
lils money lu a safe or had bought stocks or other
securities that could lint ho traced. At au Interview ou
Monday, a week ago, Jaehtio Miked with melli greater
freedom shoat tho matter. Ho had come to renard nie
as snell a close friend Hist I was able to k.-op him talk?
ing wtlhn.it suspicion. Ho sahl ho had received 920.000
for hi* vote on the Iii nu.1 way BAU road fr.nu lils- M 1 I
got considerable moro Information of that sort, linet
Mr, Marum, aad Jed** Oltd*r*l**v* at tkeMankettaa
Cl th ou sn milty last .ind we had along co usu it.ttl on abo nt
Ike coutldontiitl statement* winch Jaehu* lal made to
uie. They thought it weald be weil to har* Jaehu* talk
n liltlo moro before ci iuilntl pr.iccfldln.rs aeelast hill
wore began, fin Tated .y I i"nt tor Jaehne and he i ima
to Police Hen l.piai ter* to talk wini .ne, bal B* seemed
disturbed. Wo talked about the investigation by the
Sen.,to Commltleo,mid he *a.d tba other Aldermen would
be Mered half to dmrth If they know ho wa* talking to
mo at He idipuirtors. I nm lo au appointment to sec hun
ut my house List evening aud ho went, th.to at tho ap?
pointed time.
" I had two police offloera aonoeaJed tn Ik* room where
wc sat so that they could heur what, Ja-uno sail. Tho
conversation drifted io tue evidence taken b.-ioro the
Senate Committee, and Jnohno said he would leave tlie
elly lt tilings boo*BM much better. Ile repeated what ho
had told me i.hout recoivliig-r.'.i.'inii for his tole ni the
Broadway Baas, un t ho uso lol i ma how
inuc'i Lo hud got from other railroad Bompa
giving detail* about tho payBMBtS ani facts about
other Aldermen inter -ste,1. Ho stso mont,one I lue nam*
of ii lawyer who, be saul, bed Leen engage i to liz up ibo
book* of some ut tue other Aldi-ruinn. Where lb* bents
showed an increase of revenue i"H accounted for bt t ??
regular basia* s af tho Aldermen, Un- figures tvero to ne
changed or bo.us transactions uioiitlono.l to account for
th* suspicious tlu'uros.
" xv ho ii Jeebn* st ld hui evening thal h* might ran
away, ho reenUoued a tu ni with wii.nn _* had
ma lo tirrangemciits to loavo his reeigneUon lu
the ev.iiit of his flt'liC Pearla* that he
might g.. soooef thant expected, i ealbjd Detective
Bergeants Roaors ami Ready to .ny boos*, and whee
Jaohno went away I instructed them tu Shadow him un?
til I could conutiutiic ito with Dtatrlot-Attorney
Martie*today. laawMr. Mantas al IO o'clock t.u*
luot'iilng in hs otk** tad told him Ih* re-ii' of last
night's interview, Chareupon tho District- Attorney
made an atti.hitit upon Inform itlon sad belief, charging
Jaehne with bribery, ami boob hu atti twit
it warrant was ohiitiued. Wallal ?as waning for the
wai ran' I MW .I.teluio going tlirougii tho City lill I*.iii,
followed by Rogers and Hm ly. I s.-nt Deteotivr>8er.
geaat Bailly attar them, wltb ln*truotloni ti arreat
Jaohiio at once. Tho Alderman sra* t than to Poll a
Headquarters about ll a. m., aud detained an Lour mid
a half. I did not see elm while he waa at Ile tdquartera,
und .ni not beer what hs ti ul io ? iy ult iu* atr et,"
xviii-n Inspaetor Byrne* Hulalie i tins statement a num?
ber of qaeattona were aske i by t ? rep irters, b ii be
refused to reply le t loin, lie saul be could not give any
names or any eddiUunel details for publication belora
the COM cline tu tri ll. A ' L> otu ir ace,ls m ll lb in'gnt
be made upon tho strength of Jaehne'a state man ts, he
rel i?"d '.o talk at all.
I xiii L MIA i IN Itu: His, lill 1-A I lulls n's nuni.
Dlstrlet-Attorney Martta*, who hM devoted aim..sr
his tt liol." Mae to the Case tot several da\-. al peiiic I re?
lieved at ii.ttia.' mad* ui" i.i ' I bringing tu
Justice the - mused o 1.1 ile. M.- Mid that I
mads iiuiiic.il italy lest tuera should lie bu error ma le by
allowing .-ten ,, day to go i.y in wblcb the Alderman
might ci-eapa. Be declined So give the In'ormaUoa thal
in bad received from Inspector Byrne*. The otbor in?
formation leceived. he Sal 1, I ad Le, n Uni winch had
in, u mette public in the testimony before the Deuats
Committee ead la the prooeedlngs id um Hoard ol alder?
men. He said that BO other Sleps Would proLably Le
lakon yesterdaj
?? Hate you sil.lleier.l et i leuce to seciiie con. l.'Uonf"
MT. Vial tine wa* ask. il.
?? I should not hat.- osusod the ernst te ho Bude it I
dui no: nelli vc ; ii.tt a ooovmUob would to.low. i have
m. deetie to Injurs any one BMttetousiy, aud iher.- would
bo little credit iu inaklng an arrest tliat tens Bl ' -us
lilllie.1 by cviileno > such as should Satisfy B ia, f, "
Mr. Marline said that sosa* ol tha facts had been ascei
t nacl recently, ami that athen had boee known [or
some time. Ile dil not temoin long ai his ollie aftei tho
coori proceeding* were ended and went ne ey for the day
shortly ador 4 ..clock. A tristan! Dtstt lot-Attorney
Nicoll. \t ho has Leen c igiii/aui of nil tho proceeding*,
saul in ituswer to a question about the resorted con?
fession Bl Jaohno: " Wa hov* ooasldered all thal before
tin- airosl WAI iiuido. Jachuo would not bc allotted tn
turn state's ci Iden**, We belleva that we have *i i.ieu.-e
eu..ugh to secure bis conviction, outside o' BB] .state?
ments that he may have ii.a.ic"
Itwiis said at. the Dlstrlet xttot ney'* ..ii'co that bo
fun..er arrest! would l.- linnie lui evoatag. Judge
. illdersleeve, however, it wa* learaed an good rathority,
Lad i-.iii d m rani other warr mts winch irate - ij poa ->i
tobo tor tho urre-t of other A Lleruicu Uni li.-alcd by
J.iel,lie. Th"se tv.-ie given OUt (OT seri Ice. Lilt ll wits
understood th it arrests were td be ma la on)) In bom Ibe
Aldermen ihoold shoe a dlsposlttoa to lear* their usual
pl,.. <?*. of resort aad there wes evidenee that they arore
pr*uartng to leave town.
Tbe Confession Ol Jaehne, lt WM Mid, WBS Vc', iced tn
writing and was si-?ned Ly tim witnesses who were con?
cealed ta the room when lt was malo. Tin: r-ii.iit was
ulm) said to no a stenograph!* one.
Tho excitement in and itr.niud the I li-trl.-t-Altiuin-t 'o
oiiee reminded old ..iL.-i .ls of that atteadiag ln*pro
eee,lings Bl tlie tillie of tue arrests lu th* Ol I King days.
"There have not Loeii so many reporters IB lal* u Liing
hui. e tweed wes brought hete," eehl oue ot the eourt
el.I ks. Tm- secret nf th* intende J proceeding* hal Leen
closely k.-pt between Mr. Martino, Mr. Nicoli, Psreaaee
lo* lah Uld In?l eator lit ines. No on-.'-e I..id .-veil au
inkling ot the dlacloeores which wera afterward made,
. .IN-.I I i;\.t Hun Al lilli i 11V IIAII.
The etreet of Jaehna fell Ilka * bembahell among bis
brother Ai.leiiiiou, a .lo/.-u of whom veedered .. kmi th..
Corridor- Ol ino City Ball With blanched lac*, rut
un. ci lainty its to Ih.- nature nt tim char..- against
Jaehne lend.-red their SUSpOSM all tbs m..re tr> lug end
Ifs -iiiii' <>f laspeetat Byraee'a deteeOva* bed walked
Uf UM Ll nail Uiurl'l.' step* .iud filch li.nl " coil.il.'d " a
City lather nobody, least of all tho Ahle/BMB, would
hate Leen ti.kon Ly surer**** Th.-ro wa* -el down foi"2
o'clock .1 meeting lu Ibo Aldermen's Chamber Of thc
Committee on streets to l.- dov..tod t.. hearing tin. raaf*,
aeotettve ot the Staaaa comp.my lu ar. posits.* t.< a
pc un.ii ot Hut beatral Lab** Ifeioa. Alderman Jaoho*
I. shel neon ot tho Coeimitteeea street-, The other
iiioiub.,1- aro Cevaeagk, P*rri|p>n,Hunslskei eadPltt.
gerniu. fir Boers el the Aldorssea's Chamber wera aol
even thrown iq eu, hut the heitdl.-s* coinuiittse, when _
o'clo.-k arrived with Jaotuie Ht ill lu riie District
Alt..rn?y'* oilie.t WeiUag for bail, hastily ciuic together
tn . 'Li k Twnui.-t's ruoin .md -I. . ired tli.nug ad
Joiiruod for w.uil ol a ipiorilin. Then the menu.er* di*
ti iixit-u. 1 iiieuisrdve*. tiuoii.'h the City Hal: lu groans ead
in :<i fl hispsrad eoaeoitaUoBS.
A Lier man fii-uiy, I'huiiuiaii ot tho Kaili.nit i'm.ni.it
|*S "' the plureut Hoard, bald: " I can't get the Beag of
lt. Tiny say tie isairi'sted for htli.i-r). May bo ii is tor
rt lug to bribe Dele, Ute i'rlce."
"lu that on*., the bail would be less than 93*0*000,
which I hear lt la." said s.-Couuty Work koouau.
" I met Mi. Ojiis-rfng going down -hjeedwey lu?f now,**
remarked 'fr. Cleary. " I do n?t ;fe_i any action aa far
us I sm concerned."
K_-Aiileriii.in Wendel, a iiiotiihei of tho Bond of Itt**
fonli | oohed tho arrest. " It ls apolitical game," auld
he. - Jaclin*', enemies aro ?t lie Lott..iii of it. I believe
him o be Innocent and the result will prove lt."
I Alderman (.'.Veil said' ? I do not M Ink Joebne la
guilty. 1 do uot think hi* arrest will refect on tho
Mayor Drake, spanking )f tho possibility ol Mr. Jasvhni
being ex pealed from the Uoaid of Aldermen, said thal
Mr. Jaclin. ?, hoing an nillchil sleeted hy the jieople, could
only ba romoved hy fi* tiovernnt. Tua Mayor added
that if tho Alderman ls found guilty mere would he no
trouble about bis removal from tbe Hurd.
Al I Kit JA Ul SK WAH UKI.' inn.
Af tor leaving tho District-Attorney's ortlee. Alder.nan
Jaehne, accompanied hy his two la.- y.ri. Peter Mitchell
and Mr. Newcombe, and hi* hon.Iso.m. Mr. O'Donnell,
repaired to a resuurant in ChauiL -r?-st., where they
dined together. Mr. Jaehne wits somewhat broken up
by the pm.-ceilings In which be hud figured. The four
men Ul ko I tho matter over, sud at ."> a/aleak Mr. Jaehne
went le his home at No. Ct Vandain st. Too bulldin* ls
rented by tho Alderman. It ls ono of the modest two
story and attic brick dwelling* whleh aro a distm.tlv*
feature of that part of the city. Here many of Mr.
Jaehiu-'a po!ideal fri.-mi* culled to Baa**** with him. At
nightfall the bliud* wore drawn and the -hiltter* of tha
house closed, and to all appeal mn e* lt wa*
temintlea*. Hut rings at the door bell brought forward
a heavy browed person, who calmly informed all In?
quirers afier Mr. Jaehne whom he did not recognize
thal tho Alderman was not at hom- lie knew nothing
about him. All tin-iain" s great number of nbst.viitl.il
looking men under *tove-|.lpo hats a-l *.nuking strong
elgar* were let in al tho trout door and out at the b i-e
m.-iit outran, o.
At 9 o'clock Mr. Jaehne wont to the barroom of XVIII
leal Hirn.-y IB a basement al Varlok an.l Honiton sis.
Mr. H.truey is tho Alderman'* right lt iud man and p..li?
te.il lieutenant. Itefure J.iehli'V star In gili to ri*e 111
the Viii Assembly District, tho district wai run by Cr. il
Jiiatic. " Mike " Norton and MflUiem ll anice, lu tue
election nf I- I Norton flopped over to Tamil, my Hall
..lid Jaclin., mid Harney tock i oinid. te possession.
" I am tho political father ot Mr.
Jaehne," g.vld Hamey proudly to a Tuiiu \k
reporter. " I am the mau who bad
hiui first nominated for Alderman."
Mr. J.iel. found a throng of hi* supporters in th*
pl.too who pic-set loi-.tard to shake hs hind. He
paBMd Ml, however, aud modestly r.-tired to S small
room in thc reef. Hero he waa aeon ny a Tkiiii RS ro*
"There acorns to be great excitement outside," iaUX
tho Alderman -miling .iud unconcern..-.1, aftor greeting
tin- raporten
"Mr. Jacko*," ho was asked, '? what have you to say
to the story of your coufe-moii I"
"1 um Instructed hy .ny counsel to keep my mouth
closed," he replied. "I havo absolutely nothing to say
about tho matl-r. I must refer you te Mr. M. te hell."
IL.- Alderman then retreated to his room and shut
himself up. Pre?tty, as If bv tho merest chance.
Lawyer M tehell dropped lui.) tha llqwwstew followed
by Joseph O'Douuoll. Mr. Mitchell wa* asked If ho had
anything tu sty in behalf of ala client.
" I h ne ibis io s.tv," no answers 1. " in rog tri 11 nut
story of Alden) tn Jaeliiio having *Oat**?*d> Inspector
Byrnes is a Biirewd in in and kuows lil* b isl ness. Coun?
sel know then b i-uiess also. It is tlie usual thin..' for a
-"ii to Lo taken in wilting. Now, if Inspe 'tor
Ht rues Ins any written MODBBSlOB of Al lermaii
Jaebae's, w.i r let him pro luco it Bl th-, preliminary ox
animation on Mouday. I think Mr. Byrnes ls going on
tho principal that it will be a goo I th: g to c.alni every?
thing aud get the ?fldoue* for lt afterword. Hy my ad*
vice Mr. Jachno's ups .ir- seated."
Mr. Mitchell r.-dused to BSafcO BBJJ I lither statement,
li- p i-.se.I ii.Io lae nun!!- roo u and tt..s closet.',! xs I r fl
tho Alderman. ' ins.de Nf c. Jaelii e's fr.end* ills.-ii-seil tile
[ o.-i nilly of their favorite Ai 1-rnail ll iv.ng "-q.icaled."
and agreed un mlmou*ly thataueh weehaaas was not too*
- : a moiii.-nt. Mr. '.'Doini, n set ap . tiauipague
.nt u.e erowd told bim that ka "eeald aol havk
ta a hall r?.r a better m to,"
" I was in leuiple Court," sall Mr. (/Donnell to th*
i-cpi.itt .1, " iiMii*ac'l'ig some business when a friend ap
praaeked bm end said, 'Yoarfriead h.* Le.-n araaetstV
I **k*d bim tv Lo he meant, il- -.ml ? J eau.-.' I started
Immediate'] For the Dl*tttet*Alt*>*a*y>* iilkaa wiieu I
got ihei- I s.ud, fMr. Jii'-iuie. cjii l help y.ui iu any
way I' li- nd li.ey w. re liol ling li'ia fur ?--u.iMioboiida.
I told hu v.,ul,I go Loud- f .r .*?;,.i.im.i if u was nc. <?*
-.iii. 1 .ill.-d al once, gaV.! tho sc.airitj mid was
I . ? .- skance to do ask"
ila you t lim tc of th.- all .ged eOOfOBsioB I"
? it i* ii . .-. _ bookmaker Bald le bm today, -l-ea
Ja. hae ks*squealed.' I put ap tl.000aad told nun to
Cover it, BB ! ii -I io.ne had cuntcs-ed Un- linn.ey Will lila.
II* Lucked dowe and paid for * butti* of wla* le draw
out. | tope it ti at oiler, ead I weat y..u te eebliskh. I
will put up 91,000 to 91,000 of iiuyi o ly's money that
be Las uot co if isaed."
" lina-dd yon ac, im.uliite your wealth!" was asked
of . i 1 ionlii-iI.
?? I i.i-i.'.tu la ta* inpi >r l ,. ,-.- -i,-.va feen ago at
sixth-ate. mid r.veiity-foiirUi st., wker* 1 am now. I
hate made the most of my money speculating
an.i iu real Balala. I mai- 935,000 le twa
Louis on** iu an oil speculation, I owu
four house* i-i Twentieth--t., mid real prop-rtt .ett?
ie: .-.1 nv- t- ll,.' elly. I mn Willing to Jilt up v-l .'.(..uni)
that Mr. Jacka* 1* innocent. H.-has iil-.v: r* boee a fr.cud
to tue."
At ii o'eloek Aldermaa leeka*. Lawyer Mitch.ii ami
r aak Uoodwia, a ileeot Miter ead bra berte ei xi t.-r
niau " llarin-y" (ioodttiii. gol lu a .-.linage and drove
away from Hanny's liquor stoic
Newsboy* whooped ?? extras " throughout tho Vth As
semUy Dlstrlet vociferously dering tn- *v*uiuc sad
they s,,;,l like hot Cake* aiilollg J n-llU??"?* ci>-i?litilelll*.
TOO Alderman* BOOM .ta* Ibo theme on every street
i corner .md in every barroom. At ike quarter* of UM
Monticello Club, Ko 1- Charlton st., and of ihe Ulctl
iiiniid Hill Club, No. 19 Van 11 ii st., lu winch
I laces the A denoan t'-ilt-t lll.lt he
won tu* rf.',uni) annually at poker,
opinion Was equally .lit I led as to lils -mit. In both.
p..ic s it was denied teat poker was play* I. only pinocle
1.1 live cents a gallie v..is ailo- . .1. I Le Aid. I.Ililli, lt
was a,Iii und, in-i ti- won over -*.", in either place.
" I h.-.ird," raid one bibb la the Montieello ( lob, "that
JeekBfl has had for eighleeii months all lu* wealth
locked up in lu* pocket so ttl tr. b* ea ii l skip eat itt .my
tillie. US d'"'* Hot ..'-VII ll toot of land ni ll piece ot prop?
erty. Lest yeer be wanted to pay *??_*.u-m for a hames
in (li .ri t olin t.. bul a 'neild tout hun h.- li t 1 Letter walt
for thia thing to blow over."
seii-.-lary linnie*, *f the MoulL e lo (' nb. deiu.-.l th*
statementpubitabodle the Ntutt Ik_t Mr. Jarhno had
been expelled Muni lim clilO.
ivspi cunt av No* pian.
lt wa* said a! poiic- Headquarters n-t Bight that, to
specter Byroea's pian* io we.ne >netaraeed JeofcM
w ie known lo tho Polio t'oiiiu.isdol1' rs BrVOTBl dajs
ago. Ihe iittLl.ivit of Mr*. Hamilton, read bef..re itio
Benete Committee, wa* regarded by ts ? I om utsateaen
as damaaing to the la poctor Balli ha s ip sim i Ihot lio
was pOBln* as th* friend of Aid. i ,n..ii J.i-hi.e wltb a
de*p*i p ii pa*'- in-ill Mi* Il.tiniiton ... IB* uieiiiiier* of
::.. committee BOapeelrd. Ile said b* COU ld not altonl lo
put himself la aa Bttliud* af apen bosl lit) icfu-hne
iiuiii be had at c..mp .shed Ike secret lash eawhiek he
had been engaged lor many Week*. lap I ,'lendelH
Murray, who w-s du. ciel bf IBS CW - M 111
vi nugal - Mi-, lian lilt* u'* ileteBMBt* sboMt lit ruo* and
the detei lite . ttas .et In to the seclel ai " I "is -aid
thal thc lii.-peetor MlOOtOd Jachi.e BB th* boat in an a Ulong
th* mapee ted Ahtenaru ls work aa, becaaa* ne hui
ie.t-o'i to lied.-ve m.il .laeluie Was a "lei c ?? an.l coilid be
mon- e..Mit f: Iglin lu d on account nf lu* p t-t .induct.
Acuy.ilii.nl wm. bes he** lutiataieiy Brqealatet
wiih Aiiciinaii Jackos sii.i last eveulug 1 "ll is not
.ij tbal .ic h.e win ni to forfeit hts bell uni leave
tb* edy nulli after lu* formal ex ia Mattoe. Holli lie .nd
ni* counsel .ne eim .us to knott j , si abet kted el i-u
deiice the pro-.-ciiUoi: will present. |> u MfS ta "tv I lui
J.i.huc could .iltur.I to lort, it sl."..(iu.i .uni run away, be
C.KIM' li* le. cit ed .11.oil! I .i.lt lill* fla, 111 1 ? llo.nl . olpoeif
tin:.s in uildiilon to Hie rfj.i......i which vt...? i> ii I for his
vole on thc llio.idtt ay K n :ro_.I f raiici-c H.- bu* kept
his pal t ol tho ? boodle ' la cold raak Ul* ..i.xl ly eveu
:ed lu n to sell t-',,K? in railroad Sleek for $ I,".do afur
one deaL Joline Isa pt-cu.lar felteW, anyhow. He
u*e I lo ba ia Lu-mess mill li* l.i'.'.li-:' .mt aft.r lila
caaiiinllcl I i if ide he m..! i L-l lu* brother's
wittow. CHM reason foi Ihe maid! buy huvo been
.l.nh... '* d" ?i rc ii"t lo have any co -test about e
.in 1-.011 >f the properly. Whatever iiatomoate Jaafcad
BM] li il e nia.li! to ln*pccl.ir Bf 1 lu-* will Im- useful a*
. 1. ?.. ii ? Baale*, lum ia eakara)*of brtkery, katbbm
slaieinci.ts abonl otb r Aide, mau cain.ot bm l thom so
long a* they w.-io not made limier o uh. lui. ** J.icliue
weak, na aid ui.ikes a -wolli co..tension, 11,1 arrests need
he looked tor on the .sin ujjtl. ol tt hat he lcd lu confl
delicv lo tlie Inspector."
A liui.i.vi. repoiui mel Mr. Sharp last eieuiugjiut

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