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ps ne wa* routining uoiue. Mr. Marp app.-aie i ii* usual
and sci nail IO be in S perle*!ly eii-y frame of Baled, ll"
vt a* Baked if he oared la suv anything regarding
Alderman .lucine's BTTSSt Mr. bliarp l.pli d ni
ail WO ph* ttl "?***** a* f' Moa-*: "| knew lintlillig
of this thing until I ?iiw lt in ni i vira ci lt a.ti ol tia r coll?
in n? '?* mUm ';"" Boteaeded ta hoer of sash th
j.,.1(], | .^ 'tt I knew Bothlag eboal eaything of ii;.
lend alY. tun.ted * stet Of* t ,' p.ss.-e of tli-rraa
ghi** by th* \ Icrm :i, n-,, .""< ' "?" l"-*ge. mn-h ive I
j.-.ten a. at or a oollar to b* l'?. lo aoy Aldermen di*
rectiy ot l : | .. any shape or !i._"-,,r ''": h ? :
in ard of a o r bolac alvea to .. ij Aldermaoi??' .'
tiiroiigu lb.
Mr. Sii.ip paused a n,ot!;e:it ami tlien a ,1 L di "la".
fl...! io hore tia- opportuuitj t.> maka i bia at al
vtlueh 1 Lave doalrwd to make to Hie commit I- e, L it
\ i ap to taja time t have aol been ni.owed bj them
i j L >
V -i... OClkl A.. .|\-i .it: KM'.
a.. . , istilct .'tu..roe;, Dolaneey Nicoll wai
B*et iil.i' at the I ivomtty Club. H.- sm i that tl
? . -? :, et,,- .1.1 n .ti .dcb l.e na h lawyer tell
willing to -proa* the great**! conBdeuee. "We h..ve
boee work ... Itallroad brtbeiira since
teal a. i," h. t. iiiinu. ii. "..i.d Lav.- employed the
ssi.r.; dei .li ?;,- i ir
Ililli.- - Io aeoUrS what undid 1
cvldeaeo agaiuat these lellos* xx- lave pro. leded en?
tirely in eur own way and without any reference wi, t
?Ter to th. t*ensto Co nuiltw*'* investigation. V. ii.it baa
i bo drawu oat ia evidence thru f mora or lesa
u-e lo us si evidence, but lt bas uot aided na
in .au c.is . We bne as the tlrat victim bc
c..Use i.n- . a*.- u_.mint him was Ly far tho
cleareat yet de eloped. The ebie! credit la
th* detective work ls flo* te lospeetor Byrnoe.
Uo wein I tbe toils about Jaehae In a v.iy elevoi way.
Jeekue bna admitted that ha rvoelv. : 9^0,000 and Ihe
talon tc* a,... i.i-si to u. nus and afterward In the
- That M reelij the on | wa) yon
can Bec ti rc aubatanilal evidence in a bi
you ink.- ta-. un.i,. j aud I five it, yoi
ami i are Banally tho only witnesses
|,i UM i: . - l each of us hoi pftCO
r wsnUug to say much about it, Bo that lhere
tl im kmd Of Ct ? '-rc il,IL,ai.i to o
?? There ? aa no ot1.cr reaaon lot atteekiag Juohne Brat.
Of course Mr. Marline took some pei mel .
le griing a ca** against him, in view of tb* esseruous
, ? ipers that he d ir d nol .rrcst
the \: ,-;?!-, s.d ut of th* Board of A-l r
County Democracy. Bul
; - .- from thal we Mixed upon hun only because be wa*
particulat > ru rabis). We have made in. allegations
totheOiBudJuryc.inceruiugi.il counoci. with the
foods stolen from Mr* Uamlltoa Auy good lawyer
will .say -.;. u me had no oas* against him on that g iui I
tl.in ito.ni liul.l for a ii.inute. Bul I hope the
public win l i cv.- and l think Tai
XaiBUSB should g.te us lb* opportu?
nity . f -m in i ti ui Mr. Martin* means aod always Las
? to d.. ii.-inn linty lu these bribery cueea. Y.*,
you may say tbat other aooi foUow thia."
" Do > ? d Jaehnei"
"Yes, i ? : bo* tb m."
??\\',.s -. i?. ?.,.,., machinery empl iyed a Ith each of the
Ad' in.en f"
" No. I think the a saner was different In ea l c .- ?."
MAre you not afraid that th - I lennon will
get out id your way if you do not Immediately arrest
Un in I"
?? I*, r'l.'u.s tin-v h. iy, hut flight In these eases is con
i. We are not going to make auy arrcati
our et ni. ucl is .-icu and convincing, we .l.m'i pi op is*
lo botch the work Hui tie hammer will fall wherovrr
ne L-t. i isc, lot it strike where it win."
Senators l ia .-:. i Knapp .uni donn from Alban t
last night io contii.uc U - . i tee lu vest iga
lion in-'..>. Senators Ne.son md Pierce xviii come d wa
thi-nu-! np - Hnd senator Rel ly on Saturday. Senators
ll..>-i .1 a-d wilier till not attend Ibe
leasloes here this week. Neither Benaloi Knapp
bur sn...-,,,)- Lon h.id beard ol Ihe J.-***, ? i
Mr. Low wi Hoi i's ouse tc niens the m. hi
Mi. l. - .un il with a Tuiuuxi rep rter
al th. Se* York Hotel. " I leen entire sui
me," h.-- nd We knew nothing about it We could
hardly he said to have bee.i expoetlng it. We were
boping for * .met!..iu ot cns kin-.i. Thia will give us
plenty ol witnesses to .-ail."
?? xvii., ar* llkelj tn be put on the stand to-morrow I"
" i can't s iy. a* l Lav.- not - en Mr. Conkllng stn i- ;.i-t
MIK 1 AW i.\ Bl Ilii'liY.
Tho j roiislons if Ihe Coni il lation a.-i whit b r. Inls to
bri iel) ure oontalued In fl - bli n is ea '
?\ person "ii" shall i omlse, oller,oi give, ur
ru.r md. ot alie! la causing to Ito promised, ottered,
tn g.te,.,.,.: furnish, or agree to luruisu, in Kuna "i In
pact, i" um other person t ? Lu proud od, ottered or
inc to mo member ul ih.- Common Council, or any
oiii.er ot tue corporation, or olerlc after ins election oi
appointment a* snob oMcer, member, or clerk, or bi us
it altoi i.e shall Lute ii.. ,.i and t.keu bia soul, or
entered aiNia bia duty, an) non. . rood*.right lu notion,
1,1 ot I er l I ., a-l 1 i or ai:-, tn HU ? i t ... .. i , . |
advantage piesonl ur prospective, wltb intent to lundi
em e in- vol,-, i,j in on. fudgme t, or action, on un]
tlon. lu iH'-i. c . ,s> . rn ji -,-??<? liga .tin.-h linty nc theil
peUdlUg, Ol BU) time Ll.eight In fol t.
linn in Li- nil', -i.! ur . :-i ic.. ? madly, shall he doomed
guilt) ol a ft-:..nv. and shall, upon convict iou, ? a
pl -oneil ill .I pelillell'l.U V lol a* ?: led C te. e.:.
Veal', ni - ..' I .? im,.tl I,,,- -\ . . - i , ? - -
tin- iliwi'i-: nm of tin.ut Ever) oiliei i in tbls section
enumerate.! n-boi ult accept uuy such gift, or promise,
tu undertaking tn make the *uui? , i irceumui
er un ci-'.e.dins that his tote, 0|inion, judgment, ur
fiction ilia] lie influenced thereby, ot shall Im given rn
any uuestii i, metier, cause, oi |<.ling llit-n oi al
ant tine |.i, in., m willoh may hy law lie brought lie
/...La in lils official capacity, .ball lie deemed guilty of
ip in ? om - -I 'io a
i , oilice. u i-t. .-1 a- poliitmenl uudor
the Cit-, ul Noa i iball forfeit lu* odie.-, and
aball ? , . . uupi i mun -i.; In tba penh ??
ln>t rxee..l:i,.' ttto .teal*, ol nt a tine not eSOeesllllg
du. lu tue di-, i .??'..ii of ii.e oom t. Rvw y
im-i-o-i oflt-udlug against eu er of tbe provisions ot th.s
section shall -?-n competeut aime** against anj ntliei
person ufteudlu*, in Ibo sims rausartioii, and ma) lie
< - led t ? appe 11 .ni i give i ri leuce lu-fore uni Or iud
Jory, or in uuy court, In the san,o inuuuei ?* ntiior per?
sonal bu! tin-'te-'in mu v so given Shall nd Le lise I In ant
prosecution or proceeding, civil ur criminal, uga
l>- rsou ? i. till. lng.
?*-? ?
BOH mix Ll..till. JtlUNr.'s COXFRBBION?BOMB
Dos') Bl III Xl il AND mill KB DOX'l CHU'.
Effoiia weir made lust evening by Tiiidcne
iwportera to Mara what Mi. ?Jaehao's associate! In tho
Boord of 18S4 thought ol Jat-i.ues . nfrssion auder*
r.-i. .Xi dei man ('.ear;v, who is In the j.resent Board,
wa* nut .a* he came out of thc clevetOC of tho Equitable
Bmklliig, a here be i* laellor,
" i.oiug t<> leal c to it n I " ..sksti t bc reporter,
M Ok, ae I" replied the Aldermrn, turning his broad,
lashed face la the direction ol ths questioner. "Only
goiii*. eui f?r a nit..' walk."
xv Lal do you thiiik of Alderman Jaehnc'e Donlee
M J don't In in ve he bat ina ie :uiy CODfcSSlon," laid
the .Merni a, glancing about
" ix. you suppose l.e has to.d thc troth I "
MI aay I don't belle ve be baa mad* any oonfetslon,"
aud the-in amii's gas* rested thoughtfully on tho ceil?
" Well, If ko kee eonfesssd thal he reoelved 120,000
for Li* vole in Un- Broadway Bailroad matter,asia r?
j.uricti, du von l, lie ve thal Le b ia told ike truth i"
??No: I voted foi the Broadway Uailroad franchise
t- -? i ad lived dowe ben la tho lower perl ol t n
B'.n-.-t an my life bb i knew how mach u seeded a rall
ro..-i. i .l-l ll because i thought lt ttas for tha l i
of thc city."
" Voa li id t ,. re i- ci to suspect that Alderman Jaehne
er *ay other member of the Board received any tuoncr
for li ? rote '"
"Moa* wkatever. Oood night,"
XX : MU 1 XS t MU Ls | ,;i,M Mil'. -IIILTT.
Ex ALI' . ni IB Canis Won.Iel war; leen St his place, N".
f.4 l Weat lotty foin b -t. He talked readily end rap .
ly, td v. , : i tendency to branch off ou any *ubjecl
ratker than the ..lo under diet laalon,
M It te rumored that all th* member* of tho Board of
issi are pocking ap to toeve town," said the reporter,
" Ale you going te -Lt) I"
"c, >es. the** mattera don't disturb e*e el ell. i've
got L e ei-t ibii-iui.e'.ts i uiiiu:.g. ead "
M But, really, wbet do you think Of the disclosure* ol
Aldoi nan Jackas ?"
" [l's all a c.,i,sj.iracy against bim. He Ins made
Chemic*, i..en whom ne ha, poshed "int of theil .
"': teSSl I la it in- was l.iioedto Volo for
til' I oe! ..-, li., ., ??
??I .loni know ;.!.-. thing aboat that. I haven't Lal
tim. lo ie.,I th* a a* B* ? :-. I'm busy all th*
in.e. \;j ? ? aey bahlad . ,- elder
n sad '.Le p.y I* imalL (Tulle i aaa working tm the
l b. li "
"Uni wii it <io you iii. uk al. o:t hts eoareaslefl of re*
t-civin-' it |20,000 bribe, bo* lbs! you ki o* ol ;t t"
" 1 don't lilli . id niili r nut think, i'm prr
fecily rou aad uumuved hy the whole matter, if they
?;. ?S si uni tt i.y lue:, I'll think end
it Until then I'm too busy, Come around te tue
bal! I' ii g..: It Week I'VBgOl BfOOd p'
comm.! seaud If thej don': eera their pey cn,j..ia to
lue a,mut it."
I ?' I II.LA! , Inu- -s'i it f.ii;\ i. IT.
Ex-Ai.iei-i.isii i m.- ai wa* f.oi-id at in* heme in On ?
Inn.-i:-'i a -1- vi) tn - it. Jeal ab".ii to stan to ntl'.
Ll* iii.irn-d daugbter, who lives near him. Ih?i
l>re?.i . .... atiiiov inca up >u Booing the re*
porte*. " I do ii d n ..? -ti." . ? -,: :, -that Jaehu* bes
Uo..le a (onie* i.d,. Lui even if ne bas who
euii he i r.mm.ne ba*Idas klmaolf I What can ha toll
about any of th- ollci - ( ills confession, however, ol
thal of any other in-moor ol Un- Beard xvoii.d not dis*
turu me In tho least. I um ai my place of business lu
mst every day. end hold myself In reautlaeea to
eaewer Ute cell ?f the commute.- ot the Ur md Jury J
whenever' I un tviinte 1. As I have ulie.nly st il.-.l Iii ?
.1 .1 hiv.- BotMag i" eoefeoa aboat ihe
Dion i i it - ic ec li d franchise. Thepeasage of il
through i.e iinir.l of Aldermea never Inercaaed my
wealth bj a single dollar. I voled for ti..- m.ni beeauM
I thOU ht ii tra* a goad thing L> h ive unlit, and 1 think
h,i still, .i.n bue'a airest, however, li not, li. tay opinion,
lion wine:, in; linty have had with Itu
itroi.iway in t-.-r, I Lat- it from gool au?
thority thal lac r al rbargs ls that fbunled
? c Del Ive 1 tesl tm nj lb* ? iver basia
wa* lind this by a :.. ui wi:..,.itv la. iuu-'s wurra at .md '.
iM',,; ui tlc I-.- mt utorney'a ollie* lois aftei
?i.telme ia n->. __e hui l ..f a a an io ii ? ir ippe ll '.ak* j
Ina a eopfesama lo An, !"> ly. No, I think lie whole ai
?indy it i on; la
I- oi p.,oed Ly ile- InvesUgetlB ' - ?
past. It' "i. ? ? .
i. kilt that I : id made a Io
or lomrbc ly, v. h ru In fae- I h id n t r lt. ea ?" sr i
any of thc other counsel?otrv'or tho.au is thin*. -
? more "ft
Jual L.ok at iiu- ease far it mom nt.
L, cn ii, iL Ie 1 Ly th- Senate ('"in ,.'?-....
Uraud Jury. Tho gr .
re .Ched lb it ll r-tii. Now lilli la B !
how can any .eic I..- a. r. sic 1 I lau ind ii i
lue,Ul-, 1..U c..uni, rn .-et,sc. tc.is lue thal BBC- a I I
mg v.o-.i.l L. -.nely ai..-iud. lt seem* Io inca-ic.it |
si,,une L. .,: ?; -iiiii repoiis io gal ..iii ta say mai n .-n I
...f,-.,.: when they .;.--? uot. XX hy ev n to- lay \\
<1:?. ,,f rn ni - -p '? er li ii etuis u.ui it Bp t at I bsd aisu
n,nd-a i ie ui Lr. n-t of it. The more l think about tbe
statement ?f Jeanne's having mai- a cont...iou tbe
Bsero certain I feel that the report le false. Il bel
a ? fm <?'..- m. would n
cu ? '.,., t, iiy ii.- Lil- io. reputation si -
lose pro, .i bs was found nut 1 bars
standing second to none lu N- v-Yo:.. and pl t
bad dona auj blag wron*; Ula ead my family's i. .nar
might lead ma to t ike ?? .mc au< b s si r i
lui nothing ..f t'n* k.n i wool l ii. fl
xir. Jaehne. i>d I iee tbe ? irreul for Jaehua'a
arrest 1 I saw what purported lu he Ibat document
winch tt.:- pu ? lahi d In tbe afternoon p ipers, but I think
lt waa not a genuine oopy. i ?? et th.io printed wai
,t : i - is- ii. uiiti. it - h...'ian and carry oul nus
bluff same s little further. Btu, true or false, li
bo dlfl. . f shall be al my offli e at b il
pest '?' tO-l ' 'ITO v D I ?' '?) l" lie .'1
un) body win. wishes to meet nie."
V.\."' ml. BRADY !" ssl.nt BIS 1! > 'K8.
Arthur J. Mt'Ouade rvpreienied ihe XlX'in In
Cc Ii ? i 1 ni 1--I md ls-;,. Uh lives al So. 3ia Eas)
i h.rt,-.-:,L.-sL. ind carrli - - al N >.
a reporter c il -1 al ins home
aboat 7:30p.m. Ma McQuade, his wife said, waa out.
\\ nea as'*' d if nc could be al bOBM LiL-i in tm- I
she raplic ii ?? x?-.-, I suppose -<>; why shouldn't
r.ierc Lat.- beeu half edozen mea bera to-nigbl i
ilia- ??:?.- question. I- Buytblug wrong I" Mr*. Mc
Quade lo i! sd .-vee dingly wu I as i
lag. A few minutes later the reporter met the es I
man tn 1 .isi ,\.-. Hie bro* waa corrugated and there
was a worried look nu Ins lace, .bough bc triad to lo >
nile..: corned,
" Have you hear J of Jaehne* a stetement loin .
Bj: 004 ' " the rep irtei ..-lu -1.
"X *, it friend t'-iil nie Cns gftet
Looll tl.nl bS ll 'I Leen Bl
ead later I heard that he had made a stotemeoi, i
i.e.). te Unit i e has n.ade u ital. ui. ul Implicating
x ..-,,,. h. I don't believe that im knows of any wi
di.in.ni othei aldermen. Baorrtalnly doesn't so
sm concerned. U he ba* made an j such confession aa
. d, ie b*i Min;.) done ii to lead Insp.-ctoi
Bj II a* nil."
" in the statemem to Ihe Inspector Jaehne says I
I tc- hired by certain Aldermen, who do business
:iiiu keep lo.ks, io so Hs the Look- -., tiut if tbi i
luittee should rall for them thej would not show tbal
ino tuon oj had been received ex .pt in th* regular
co us. of bnsluess," uttdtbers) n er,
"Idoaot believe tbat Jaehne e er made any such
statement," replied Mr. McQuade
"Hu auppni na; be did moko thal .hara-," Insisted thc
??.Nobody can make me believe tbat ho said anything
like un,:." w - thc answer.
" \ on kc. n hooks, do you nol! "
'? V. es, 1 Lei ji Looks and have Leen ready tO b ive tl.em
o losely scrutinized Ly thc Investigation committee, and
they heve'nt been fixed cither. They couldn't bottled
m. t way. M) business hoi always been open end a ...te
hoard. Only hut week this t committee
were down at my bank trying to we wast the]
ml lhere. Now I sm perfectly willing tbat they
should pry In omy ..flairs ea closely a.- U>*) ?? I
tv ant to Le Bel i Ighl bator* Ihe l ii ,11c, 1 net. ra, .Opted
a bribe and never will, I ran n ;ik.-a Uv lng without
that. lum proud of having teen an .Munnin, M)
record is gOOsI and BO one can Minion ll. so ,'_r a- B>y
voling for ti.e Broadway traoebis* Uconrerned lam
Kl.ul I .ld il and teni.ld do the MUN thing over SgSlU
under like clri umstene?s.M
s)l ILA M?l i,i,Itu lu CANAD* OH ( lilt.
I.x-A.dei limn fhouias Simile was at bia home. No. 53
I'lkC-sl.. Ul bit- Si.Ill eft.-, co, in- hil 'La?
tia le bad ii.tcr Leen a Broad wa) railroad. Ile said:
"Iflrstheard of Alderman .la.Lu's arrest from tbe
newspaper*. I did not know tbat ba had made i .-..ii
feesion. I thought tbs! be had Leen arrested on Inform?
ation end belief, whatever thal n,a) n,e..ii. Bo he got
ft_0,000 did be f Well, that u nowa Thai la -li hi* ..wu
business, li ls pine;) n private matter and I do bot se*
Low I .an have any colin.(?? ion with Alderman Jeehne's
privet* affairs. He bad a right to do a* be
sew nt. i know that I di :. What I did
in my official eapsclty ls a matter of
record, open fur the public, and where I mm) I aad voted
upon Hus Bro* I wey business is well known. Every rn m
abo easts a vo?e 1* supposed to be Influenced by some
1 motive Mr. .lae nu's motive I know nothing about.
How -Laid 1 1 I casi a vole for this road abd I had ii
reason for doing so, I believe that ever] member of the
Leard Ind a reason '"I Ll- Vote, Bud if Mr Jes 100 * S -
luflui in .-ii by un uici.i! .-nil* derations l do nol se* how
that rotL-, ts upon soy other m imber of the b >ard. ? I had
-1 in regard to Mr Jaahoe whits I
waaaaaociated witb him, end dal not search for any?
thing lo indira!.- tba! li" ba 1 be.(irrupted. 1 did uol
go io iiu- Board f'-r that puriii.se. and had ail my lime
taken up lu guiding my own course, if I bed to go through
the-.une e.. us, I would probably do as I .ni nun ir
Mr. Jaebui bascuufeeaod that there were other* iuipli* I
cated ;ii:hc bribery business and received money for
theil votes, why tb* statement hs* n- Interest for rae.
I alu tt I.g lo li a ve bim mates* as In ll''ll as lie lii.es. . |
1 k'n.w tart mc.I Ihal BUT tb ic be cm say wei not nf
feet me. I am not gon.g to (.mada, Cuba m any other I u
place, and cnn b* found al any time atten.ttna to ray i
business. I eannot -ay any bing about th* guilt orin- ' b
noe.ai''.- in Mr. Ja.dine. I .Isn't know imytliing about ll
tb** facts thal eau be brought against bim. I do know ll
tl.nl there ii.ive be.-a m uiy ?' it-m nts made ..'.-.ut thia !
Broadway business tbal ar.- uol irne, and evorj thing has ?
bean exaggerated snd full of ti irspresr tullun*. I-lo
not know w ii il .t ii. ne I .ie on'..: aile of this int c.-ligiuum,
and to fer hs I am concerned I do uot care."
ni ii v m.! Al's ii s good .il xi; .icu.ii.
Ex-Alderman Mlcheel Duffy la a eonlraotor and lives
on the top of a rooky blufl m Ute brownstone house .\,,.
i.m; i.asi One-bnudred-aud-scoond-st, Tea boara is
owned by Mr.. buffy.
" I don't titre Waa! .la.-luie ..r any one olio or all of the
Aldermen have to ear about the Broadway Railroad."
*,., i ne. "ll ll wa*
a stood tbing for ibe public i'h u wat* enough for nie.
.No ii:.:; cali say 1 ttenl in U.<- Board
ol Aldermen "to get bribed for my
vote I've gol joel ..* eleen a record aa au) man rn
New-York. I was el. ? tune-, and c.aid have
aonr again, but I am not a [??? niel in, I loci time and
ii.ey nt ?e:tiiifc- in tbe Board, aad I never hung
around tbe Cl y Hall eith r. I went mer., wini.- I w ,, a
rui ii ie I io attend n eel m.* ami committees, ead men I
went about iu) buslneas."
"Did you evorsuspeot that any "f I bu bad
bi. u appro I. ha I, i :.a- any one approached ) on about
the B ii. Iwsy road I"
?? Never. I dou'l bellera ll waadon* aad if done al ell,
In any aucb waj ie tbe reports tell. There wera
good men in that Board as then- ar.it ol lt to-day,
.-o ill i ot oe bought, I ac willing to go on tbe
stand aud show np my record sven though ni* my
private boam*** ami don't concern an.Lo,iv luiliu)
"What du toa taluk of the development* about
.ll' ht e I"
?? I Hunk ;t i* not my faull if my legiUmate bualnesi
? - io in; ig me lui.id company. I nevei i.m-w
Jaclin* until I mel lum in Ibe Board ami I hat- in v.-r
kim tv ii ni indi 1.1 .on i bim -line, lin wont thing about
t .i- ti;... .e iii i:'ii is tbal it ibrowa .. refl. ? Uo.every?
body win waa ..un.?. tel wltb the Board wbemer
he ii- sen,* ,t ,,r Dot. If I kiil'.V jilli thing
mat wed ihiow light on a,.) bribery I would
tell ii uuitb enough to help hr,ng oul Ihe whola
Story, jfhere La- Leen ei,un,, li dirt) Woik sm.wu In
Jaebne'i I I md I want lo *? e ths wince matter
? I. I nate Loii.-til properly mel hulil Louse. I
lute put up nearly a thousand houses In inls neighbor?
hood ui ni) wife's name be ouse | sci as ber agent, bul
If a mass meeting was held In iu: dlairtet ..* lhere was
tn.k ol L.st tieck, they would vi,p. ate my character by
a . I. .e ,, i.i, ol'. I .'
"Theil you i ir, Mr. Duffy, yon wi ra
nfl.-iel u'.v mon. v for i our v"ie f'
"Nol ? '.. 1 :..*t fu j ?*.)",U'.xi by being au
1 Alli 1 x's ir.lil. IGNORANCR.
Patrick Parla] was found at hts bsw liquor store, Na
131 Bowery, Bast tba eorner of Orand-sl lan
to ths reporter's lu ilrie* bo said: " I doa'l ki...* an]
? ..at ,!.-, money being pod to Aldermen I Bevel
i e*:.i *l ii* ii. lag dam-1? rag >r.i te tbs Brooda i| tt*
road - i -e. i hd md receive any. I Bevel
lc cw ol a r A -1'ini.ii'* being i 1 la reference
in tm* oi any ot har measure."
li- wa* asked wbai bs thoaaht eboat taeekarg*
against A..L . m*0 .1 I -Vi.-. Sn B4 . .uni Of Which he wa* '
reading in mi eve ii i ii i ps p.-r win-n ibo reporter entered '
ii,- suswered thal ba s. .-w am ala* aboat it and i
...i.i .1: ? .).:.i:e .nu 1 wera init rory Irlsndly I
wini, we w.-ie in the Board together, although
we i.iiii belonged to tba Goan ty DesBoeraey. 1 am sal
of poiilics, .uni iioii't belong to oilier wing of the party
uo*. '
Mr. Farley did not exhibit any aeutlmeDt over tho
nature of the qaeetioos propounded to lum, andre
t|iouded to thom promptly and \' Ith IB mr of gr
?erii',. "If yo* were to fl VS me this whnl- block of
louses," he said, "I eui i no tell you a'.
inn.' ai...nt any alderman** receiving moejey. He fell
?eri.un iou i-i a!'e.-ui u. Kirk Lad not taken
un " ll- wa n rich man when bo entered tin I
ni 1 bis father la wortn *?.-.>...nm. n/Jn should ne lake
-I .... a cr -ju.-in ii Dr win -lamil lt Un* I ; -le?
if mine 1 i i mi kid.ihmi n i " i in earcle im
j ol ie-, which i, a* burnell oul lately, and I Lu to
i bottling ealiihllshai >nl Besides. ';
I i SRBOM HOI tl l BC I'D.
James Pearson, a Ropolilleftn .-v member of tbe Boord
,. ro md il 'ii- *i ???". No. :;- i Blitta are. III* |
I wm smoothly brained, bia I'rluce Albert < un
; -oiit buttoned np aad be were th* eirota mau
.hi say: " fe*. I've ie ?> tl. ?? end
maglns w,,.it tm want." tl.porter drsl saw Mr.
i's an. 1 -. who, up "i l. iroiug Hu i ?
. iou lum lo lue ev x,.L 11 an. Mr.
Unit ll h.. Il.l ls si i'.
,,...: Bl ral ol Ul* Al.lei.ne.I
' e Ul Ul -I . \ee;.'
? i .; in'r belle
i tl u.ics :-,.:?' in sahl *? If Mi
?I Sil ,
,. | ,l. m.: h. lr .,? t ml
lu : in-.... lin ll) i -es
? - '?? Ina -.
.. - - a . .
? ? I ?'
, . ri ie ll 'd lii-> *u.- 'ration l - tl
, .. look ii* ii I L'-i mitch -1- np ni
lu H" in wi ;.: o . "I .... i'l son ? lu I :??: . i
a- e lind f C II "- ',. Hld ll - ?' ? I
. . th- inv.-stlrntins < miunlttec want lan
f tin-re i lo he li ade I don't i ti
? c. I "a a '' ll.rstillld Hie
o.dite of Ililli . ? '- lt lill* ic
t .,ii. to ate i. . ..- m. ....
ai;, ?>.' n. "
N. i I '. t i ' ?- I l ? i . ?
llrilll l.-.l-'S alie lo I il. , I, do I i Ho le lier of Ihe
lld Board, b I ia. ie ta li il ? hen a rep il ter ..: rm
i.tiii m. s.-ii! np his card, bul he pul <m en.nigh gar*
-.tli IO the Ilario. ,
. . .1 to l.e illili.iti ll
.. gel
in .- ult- to il ir, ll il Bl L,s good
ia ii returned.
" I tt , ai inq lil,.
I . ' ,, - . I
, ii iii nol become a custom d lo an) inn.' ai
li - lu ir ol : lu night, I '. no . "i :o> ieol rn tv .
Hil, --1 Cs -'e Hld Le ina ie Lt ;,I,,V of ll:V 1
'I'M "i tue i;....i 1 ol 1 -- i. and I i i'll an yam not luipi!
. . i vry lui. li ;
I.i.i Byrnes h .. iii ile ibe ? | un rn di
un with ni iking; I here ranai be loins ml take *
ii a i moke a eon
' ? , riu-f.-s't-d to
i itu I, lt i- c.:.- niau I should exp . t i '
na ? i im a hat I I now ol him, if he bas lieen bi.:
lisper tor Byrnes i* i. careful luau, but I guess h.at
t.ci ho i- rep ?: led I i lune said i.t
?o, e - .-ii : bani) in * ,mi way, I . aa vb th il Xii
i an ? bas CO :<-I lo ie I bllbed I L.S ?
IIIII, mil I Walli lo ti n I I ,i I ii.if.- -nod i Val, nc ? Iii.it
... li : - i,... st cation i?
eei int th', -lew ir hip u i boo i thin .
eu ii ii i-., p.-i..,.,,, or ,i p,, a,, -ai .ul dr, then i - a]
- i mistake."
tl l'i Mi \ XX IU. XVI li! M.I A! Hullo.
v.\ \. ?. ? ? 111. i. O' eil llvoa over the abos shop on thc
a.nh ' e I e. - lind I.rand -!.. Ul was Uol
.1 linn e isl i.i-ii . bul it waa ? dd at ni- ubi al haunt* in
...o I i ii it n luiil ile** ne
I . . I Lei
'le* \: bil , ? ? . --.'il
n u Ir. i I'S il tc* pru . Ung ou tba streel
?oi'iii'i unless li-...id gae a . lotvii ib, Ibo
? n Ttl! ? il
roved coi reel hy t ..- ? ? ??? - n knew ibo
Ihlermun, hut could n>t Hud bim; by t'.u- Italian who
wita | illiug . ? tu.-on un- wlu.tows of a ucigli
,"? in ; -ho, ii . : wu li gre ii modi
. roted . o.i-idi ntl- f..r bim, hui wi nol sn:,.
? hoi lier oe hast .u elect. I i r n d : and ul Isa!
.o. em ID o ll | Ot. tt ll i. , I -e. || lo, \.,,-, II..HI OUly ll
I 1 cleric!. I" Me's ...'.-Upi * il t r-'-to'.'L '1 liOtlSI Oil
i no, -;. He ...
."me. i nt "di-s i m. , v. na c.,.:n'iig vigor stated timi
? i Li,lint irons L.t.' ula, Kira declared timi
lu ,-. i uol worth ns maa mo - is ho was bc .'oro be
ar. ??: uni th u .,i
? ??I lulu ii-...I I deal ni money every Hine. ' ne ol id*
.el.diL.ii " wo 'Ll s| puk on bb
co ml hlj co dd ii-' v bu) iiiii:-: simm hi*
lle Hoard. Mr. FlueB tva- la I .-ecu. I
- Icnco i .ii Le (.. .,.,, .,. |,i,,o.\ Iciii. lng tote,rd
. tv ii hon! IO o', look. More tn iii ono | ot -mi
Mo him HOI elli -el cl llftl'l '. il vd I la'
, .,* un..-, i ia- red noss ti al
liuJ.lt was said, his :.I protuiucut feature bud
: lieu red.
Alderui ii il. ct i:, in. I,:,ct tt.I* seen nt bli home
>'... TIT i ii ' I. ia st. Ile had beard ot tbe nrresl and
,!l .1.iel e. ll ii .'I I lilli all ;?
lu p or ta nee lu ir I i en sup] o* ns tb ll et cr tt inn g iii .1
Mr. J oe hil" .jtlit nl.uul lil* ns
nd Hilders-,,,, I ,,.., lt oonl.l a flea't Ul. -lan.ling of ant'
a,emi.r of tl..- oki Board. He .scut, i tbe Idea
. Iii had nothing
tn fear flo ii .rn- i liing that M I] and
: i hal eta rt mi in -r o' tbe old Board >tood in
the untie i.'itioii.' lie did not desire to express auy
ipi",o' upon Mr. .f;ii lune* i.-ii ni and. In fact, had no
- i a.- Bro xlwuy business.
. . - 11 len - i - gu i L in ti-- li rectory
ls Nu. I ,lt -i\th st. . ll it Hil ll Lise !- I . lil
nai lia* a I on ii thal be .tod
i -.->? i.ii.i I...U.1 knew where bc ls living
Pianola Mcfabe Urea In t':a flue brown -taut- bouse
Vu. li i 1 ? - \ 111.-1 > 11 ave. . I I I.a
? ?ci.-?: closed I i-t ii'-iit. no light ii;.|.-.uiiig Bl
he w ind.. .v.. A servant who nu-wei...I after fha hell
lad .ii iai.,- -e. er ii nine- saul lhal xir. McCabe wa*
mt. Sae I OUlll : 1)1 I 'll la ll ile Will I.I Le III ol Wi, le
cue. On rn ii.uig ri im: t.f xir*. MM a be. who
v.i- ai home, she *,,?. ; mal be lu I goni down town after
wa nurerl tin ut what hour Le wo il.l
i bom:.- Roll man wa- an Mriermneln I HS. and l -- ??
fe h.. a. a '.h. ie al N... Ul <
..ii'.'tic uBotbeaergi_.nl a! ann- ot the (tenato i
nittee tri oil to lind lum *.. bi ta serve Ulm with a
i -, -lit tl I Lil:
m r. porter WU* likewise unsuccessful. Mis. ll.dhni.tu
..-r. mi I sa. i i,i,i hoi ;. ,. ..,,. i a i
he didu'l kilo* io li Iii ti.. ia! i -turn and Ulai
he had to say. Die rei.-r called several times, the
.-.suit o.n-ii lime Lem. tin an e
A1111 i in .ti iii tux VV. ,l.i-'Iiiii- is ;i ii nive of
in* city and bas passed most <>f in* Illa In tbs
?art ol ths dry winch lu- now represents
n the Board ol Aldermen Ha 1*
birty-alx years old and Ib married. Ueaowllveaai
.... 13 \ ami.uu-*t. Ills father was a gunsmith The I
?iiiing niau ami lu* .- der brother, Frederick xx'.
a.-hi.c, were |*w*lier*, niid Frederick hud a
Lop nt No. :i'U lin...m.- *t., where bia yo
irotber worked, t, xx". Jaehne wa* drowned near Pori
V:i-i.iii-:..ii. At least his clothing was found neertbe
.anil nf the river lu Un. summer of l-ru
ind lt *. as BBppneed that Jaehne com
Bitted suicide oi was aceldentelly drowned, Henry W.
faehne, whom hla brother Ba i Just admitted te partni r
hip, con tluned the Jewelry business alter in* brothor*i
loath and married lils brother's widow. Ile eon
iiiind to keep nie simp uiipl January I, 1885, when
* Ulai he mid nut his buslBoes tn ino former
leik, Moors* xx. Alter, thuugb th* notoa which
re - given by Alter ou purchasing th* liual
l('*S Lc e later Lien paid. Tho bus,ness
. Biped u v prospero is. end u wes
o supposed thal Jaebne a ut anything bul a i oor bmu
IO L.e ,n,. al, \ I lc rm i :i. A peen.: il itv of tba
to t lie tesiunnn] enuie
om tn lt tee, was that au the old silver received wu* sent
inmediately lo thi melilns pot.
. niel.,in-r of the ('minty Demo i
ml m fe", years igowesa ittongsupporter of Mlchao
forton, wbo waa at thal ll. ths "Loss" ..r tbs
.aaenihly Olsirlcl .fa. inn- secured tn 1**.' tbe
a for .xi.tee. ; . , lbrougbtbeiufluei.ee
Norton. II- ivrn not conspicuous In
""li, Lilt in 1--1 was one of the mest earn.-st support.
r? ol i he Br.ia I wa j - irface f:..:-.? ty project. He roted
ii favor of tbe project on b lu occasions when it waa
iff..re tbe lt-ard. Hs waa re-elected in l*-;i. m-i and
H<if>, each time by an Increased majority. In i --". bu
dural it was i,300,
Alderu ra Jae u- a is one of the recent wlti
ora the Senate Committee. Me was confronted il
Imo by a statement from Mrs. Bcbaylar Hamilton, win.
it ber stolen nlverw.tro had been traced to
he jewelry st.ir,- which .I.chlio former.y kept,
mi thal .lo ino- pud fl. KB) to settle any claim
i at vu* Hamilton might aol np ia e civil Boll, He do?
lled ibu be ki.ow the propeit) waa stolen, and Mid
Bl resi itlon wa* ma le al 'ti iu cg. itiou "f District
ittorney Marline. Jaehne also testified that the prto
Ina! nan of bia Income w ia matte bj gambling.
j.-iefina has been one ol the most active members of
be Board recently, aod :? no. tea a. ting Vior-1'reel
? ni. He kai ... been on tbe side nt the
lobs" wilt!) appear from Um* to Hum belora the
? Mid.
MN s. i.e-ii-i:, Muli its |V. j; -i p, i, m. MIIXKB
AM> I. P. .Iti.liiM. OUT UN I III xi.
Throe iinuc injunctions, restraining the Al
i-ru.eii from passlag tea New-York c.mle Raliway
?alli Inso over tbs veto of the Viator, tvoie issued yester
iv, ai-i the bsertags ob th* qu?*tloe or eoBttBOlog
i.-ni wi I be heard BCXl Monday. 'Uio oiler was iii ide
'? Judge \ leo, ol the Coori el Oomssoa i'ie.i*, iii
ie sall of .In ni BL footer, whoso Bttornay
WU I lem C, I mil; another t.y Jastl ?>? i Ct tormaa, ol ike
tpertoi ('uart, ai tbs sell uf Mot ria K. Jaaop aod Ctoorge
lilli ? aay i- '.\ Us -.ei ll. Peokhara , and
so by Jostle* Lawrence, of tbe Sapraam conn, at the
ill ol J..-, .di p j ,,, ime, wb,*.. attorney la i I ward
auieri.a ii. Ill the plainilk* ar* pi.rty-owasrs on
ai ..ni* poi lions ni i.e - ...ii by ibo l: ipid
. , ComiBlSSloa, and ask for r.-lief ?n tho
un.- grooudi ?<-t f rt. in tho complaint
i lu. Psrdlni : Phs c impl i imp i>
le.l ny sOidaVII* by XX'i ,la ii IL a ? :. (J >rgf \t.
ol lbs ? roten Aqueduct, an i
- . :: tt bl. a ll ..
hal tbs franchise ,. worth upward of e 1.000.OOO In
al ll I oil lo Ibu ."sj 001 cn I of lae net pr.dl.s to be pa) I
) Un , . , . , v , .li I lhal lb, .
a ros tera wltb t bb system of waler
iain*, sewer* mid service pipes mid Will compel tbe elly
,. etpeioi fi..h. *>_.>hui,'?""? - I.OUO lu alteration*
Uaneral (icorg. W. Wingate, eouuael f..i lu rleegi ..
ie, ed. i tn serving ouly thirteen Aldermen wltb the
lepera ra th- ault for u perraaneni injunction rostrata
Dg toa Boord from paasiug oval ia* Mayor's veto the
ll) Iii- L 1 BIS ol tie oii.-in.ii oi,Li u
rea required that eaehol the twenty-four Aldermeu
no.tal be -.Itel on si. I',, rn k'* hay anil
l waadlfttcult tu aaeartale m what perl ol tko p,
'.in kum? of I he iii wi ie mau Inn., .lu-tn I LawrooeO, in
.pion,.ii I. I 'hu mb. rs, Jest ri 1..) , e iu lided the 11 un,
? i "rt ma Ibe papers, an.l also irave tue lawyei paralla*
ion lo preseul to-.lay. al the heal ins nu Ibo .pi. slum
rboiboi tue injunction snail be continued, stn i tvlts hy
isi.ili il. linirbei, Hugh If. (amp and Rickard X'. I lac
eu aa export* lu regard lo tba value ot tue Iraut his*,
\ DILL BT ni COKtl i: ?..:.? COMMI i 11:11 xi>.>pri:n
HY ll .1 ll HOUSE*.
li BOM Tua muli ti: I oaai sc,.mu sr ..i- Tin: ti::
A USA KT, .Mureil ls. lei oas xt ho lind ncc inion Io
enetor Hendrick*, ol Syracuse, leal Bight apoa
entering lu- room i.t i!.<- lid. an lions* lound-liiin lur
rounded I-. hi* fellow members of lb* committee* ep
l' luted by Ihe I.--1-du tn ie to draw n]. n '.ill thal aili
compel tin- Kew-York Cable Hallway Compaay to poy
royally tor ll ? tract* of
Nee-York, Tho men preaeul wera Senator Dunham,
nnd Assemblymen Hamilton, Kruse, Canl tr, Col* end
Cutler, senator x didi r, although n member <>i the
committee was abs* ur. Senator Cn.hicks nn< 1 bis
des Int .h. .1 upon tba bill iii! the smalt bout i .?!
Ibe reoraiag bet at last Hov (aisled lt ta tl.eic latia
Fact! n.
In brief they wrote e bill whleh sayathal lb* Kew
Vorl i ( '.ll compete atti
. piitilii suction for the stree'.
il ??> desire to p.-.f--'.; sad that tin least sum wblcb
:!1 pey int t c privilege ni taking Ihe ati
? .1 ii ii.i- declares tbal they have nude ths high?
est bid, ia S per ecol of thc gross neeipta <>t iiu.rn
or til i r-i lite \ existi Bee, and .'? per
.-? lit ot ti.e gross rei eiid- alter toot period lian passe I,
It the 1 ill l, rome* a lae all tbal Ibe Board ol Alder
done for tbe Cable Railway
inny is u e'e .. lt doe-l-t cm u matter ii they
; bi Mi | or's t. to tha
chi -<? bi so ra iper, Ibe company will have
i . Ih ,ui tic task uii w,
I In- bill '?? ? I" Ihe St nate aboat loon Lt
.'?i ii.liol lli.nl am. v. uh a r.-p.irt in its 1 ,\ ot ligand Lt
? members nf tho leo eon lore nc* con.tte*
copt Senator Vedder, Ibe latter dissented from the
report. Bcd art ned lhal ih" bill mi-hi i" have Leen .,,
drawn as to seciiro cheap street railway taros for the
peo| le, it wa ? foi bi Uer rn bis opinion tbat tho people
should derive inch alon Rt tb in tl at a i itj corp ira
lion should have a larne Income youri*, from ruch a
street railway. Ile desired tbat .-ti. i railwuj lian
rhino*, abo, ld lie ? ld t>> that corporation v. nicfa would
.lowest rote* of fan ami pay the mi -t lor tbe
ti.ui.lii-e. He praised .'in eli'..rial in Till N. tt
'i,. I :: 11 -. > vi ot L dav in which a poley WO*
C.-L.I Lu *!..? I. "i-l.-tiit- in : ? I Bbb" Itail
tv,.\ Lill. l.'ieliiilM nt i 1 -. lu' -aid.'.ii lld i!-r tte a Inlo'
L! from tbe bill which m ?? with thc lavoroftl.d
ii c.-ii. e ci .nun ii l- *. but not tbe pool men, nol tai paj i -.
wm. lom on ih- street railways. ll Ihe Xe
i , , om pan . <? mid onrrj p u *?ngi ; - it a
i ci ininly good pillie, for the I
lat ,n to i :o out age I In- i o.up.u.y.
a \\ h.11 i .a.,; :i, t nu- you ai -.ia- for " asked s. na
io i nilen ii, a rough manner, addressing Senatoi
Vi .Li.
u 1 don't know," replied Senator Vedder evidently
puzzled and npsei in mind bj thc interruption.
u It Ls a visionary ttmg and aol lubstsntial,'
'iiia'i.r Cullen, roaring out the words, Everyone in
tbe semite Chamber looked - Si lalor Cullen with ss
loni-:., .i glance* V few momenl before a story bad
, mt'he Senate Chswlier that a noted lobbyid
waa mourning tbe loee ot a c nsidcrable sum ol monej
which he bad confided to a friend who had said he
could influence tba Senators in beball ? ?! Ibe Cr nie
Railway, Yet bert wns tbe Senate pepably bosUleto
iii' ( aLle Railway's r-cheine,
\\*|.ii.- Sc natot Vedder was st I and a siting
lor Senator Cullen to explain bis incoherent words, the
Iiit<? i -udili nit sgain Linke out: u-X* I understand
you are trying to get at a ouble company tbat waals
something tba! wanta us to <L. something lorsonie
ilnii'' lull off your veneering and let aa know what
you ni.- (toing io do. '1 hi ra's ool biog ol them ul all "
" 1 don't anders ts nd tbe Senator," said Senator
Vi dder.
?? I ll Li yon know when 1 -.'-t through and I'll tell
yon something when you gel through," said Senator
Cullen, * itb a 'i ie- air.
Senator Vedder, pro..Iii).' with Ins speech, denied
that bc inid i"'-. nted his amendment with anj corrupt
motile, ile bed introduced it -nl.lt tn tbe interest ol
thi i.r nan ol New-York, Ile defended himself
from newspaper attacks and violent ed al
-Hilt length a uewspaper correspondent who bad
i riticised Iii* action.
i'i;i.uiy Incut, nant Governor Jones said: " rho
si ii.u.a La - .ns it.!,... t iii ii resolution for ttiee.pul
fi.il. ol the e.'ltc-I..lent."
itor Del' la reply to Senator Vedder said that
tbe iiiu. nihill nt be suggested wi old create the si stein
of unbalanced bids wuieh had prove) ting of
lin- morell ol (ins] .-outr;.,
sm iiiu kaines supported Senator Wilder ex]
.lui thai il would ie I., -i to amend the lull so
aa to promise tbal bc road promising thi lowest rates
of laic -h.ni Li have tbe franchise, ll. attacked tl < nou
c "ini:i He - Li !. sat n- iiiu u waa thc work ul
- lilias, counsel ol tue Broadway Surface Hail
way I ompany, aud therefore ol a road winch waa a ri
t al to the cable railway.
Senator Hendricks denied that the lull "a- drawn up
1>> Mi. miss. He hod shown his own lull. ..n whioli
il. committee's bill was founded, to Mr. Bliss on Moa
dey while co.e to Albany mid Ibe latter bat Jauggest
o.l some imni.it.-iiiii amendments whb K were mole to
Sen lim I'itt- argued fha! tl ?? arguments ol St nators
v.,ll i and Li. in - .d.l.t lelah d io delay action on the
Lill at .. tune when deieya were dangi iou*, lt tbe bill
wa* again emouded us thej suggested it could nol be
acted u|on li Lue .Mon,lu-., .xii these arguments ol
si natur* \ ? dder and kail ? i sm* Bl too I its bb boar.
Il- L. lieved thal tbe Senate would he <? insured by the
]i iildic it ii did n-i -u once j bbs the bill.
itor Hi nillo-!.* -ani that ti.ontercne commmit*
tee Iud drawn tbe bill as they Lad in order to give
cities and town, a cont mu ms inc.uue irmu ever, street
railway bereufti r pul in their streets,
itoi r'?**ott expressed the opinion thai tl e hill
vt.ml.I not eit.- tbe city any mora mooej than it
ti h.Ll i .-e.-ive uml.i the ('.'lura! Street Railroad Act
ot |S-1.
Senator Worth tbougbt tlii.t Senator Passat's argu
in-iit had oonaideral lc basis, As for nimecll bc had
Beted with be Intention "t roting ii tbe Interest ol the
people, rt-t he had been called a knave and bisool
i.-a-iic Irom Brooklyn, Senator UrUwold, had beeu
called rt tool.
Seimim Vedder, to everyone'i --upii-e. then aeid be
Would S :t lui i nw hi* opposition to the hill. I lieie Wai
cbarit sn emergency end il would be beet to pass tbe
measure just ss il si ,..,i, i bis disappearance ol all <>p
pn-mon to the lull led to it ? hs ing, passed ai once bj a
unanimous vote, lhere were thu it Bm Senators pri ?
.ni nmi tbet all vol. .1 lol u.
I In-Lill ires Bl once rushed over to the Assembly
('Lan,Ler. Speaker Husted, who earnestly favored
the measure, hav held lbs .ssetnbly in sessiou pur
po elj to consider lt. Tha bill was received el 2:18
p. m., :ui.l in len minutes utter if bad Leen passed I.t
tho Assembly, Mr, Cantor moved lhal the report ol
the 11.m.Knee Committee and tbe action ol Ibe As
-.?irLit h*-continued. IL.- motion was adopted with?
out it word ciihei im ni against tb.- Lill, lt t.as then
panned, lt received lui rotes in Ita lavoraud anne
Iga inst lt, 'I l:u Lill wa. at o:.cc tula ll to I mt cl nor
Hill a* i-;,i ed- ucl inn In the measure is Decessary,
Albany, March ls.--lu thu Senate to-day,
tho Cou.tee on Miscellaneous CorporaUons nported
Fevoraolj xir. rr.ipbagan'abill IncorporaUng the (few*
Xoii< lin.nt Oasllght < impeuy, Xir CuUea's Hebrew
-helu i in-Amit LUI .md Mr. Haine.*.'* Credit G daran toa
I'onipntiT bill.
ie reply of itu- Dairy commissioner io the Senate
rcsiiiiitioii oi inquiry gives reports from aaatataut l'oiu
era Van V'alkenberg and Perry, eerteln attorneys
audlir.ll IL i l-.rk. the i|i-|.ari iii.-iii chemi.-!. lt Shows
Itorai of expeadltara amounting to 953.403. Ii also
thews 263 Befool proeecattous for vlolaUoas of tho stai
N'e, fifty civil salts for penelUe* ead evidences ..( ov.-r
j.i.i notations of tho steluto wblcb have not yet been
in th* sii*mblyto*d*y C. D. Baker.from the Judiciary
Committee, reported adranely Mr Hotehklss's bills In
icL.lion lo th,- nilli',-, of ( oiiiiij Clerk, BheiIO .md Keg
Istrr of Kings County, Messrs. Baker, Van X l-l. Arnold
sod Babcock dissenting. Mr. Ilotchktsa moved to dis
,i'.i*i wita th* advarae report, ile i-xplalued thal the
,n lent im. ni me iiuis ?-.i* si ii i pit to ascertain wbai these
.dbe.-* w.ro worth. I be nubile bad a nk'hi t. > know what
* receive I. 'I oe li eui of Lot n
l'i,,.-- waa ti favor of these Li,.*. The sd ve ree report
on ad m.. Li a* wa. not agreed io, and u.o bu..s wore oom
Mi Baker al .. reported Mr. Howe'* lui authorising
c u.|.ii.ifs iii in- ide. tinily lusu-ad ol sat lor
< LIMN': III- lui:.ill rmi A RAZOR
(ldu.1,11, Mardi 1^ i N/,ii-(,/.'. -An eec. lillie
ninl tveil-i.notTii mau ol this eli y, .1 olin Barrows, oom*
.. th.* morning by cutting his U il
ra/or. A yeer *go he Bought deeta by Jumping Urama
luida* Bdulaeo* oi cum j fset.
0ODBX8BURO, M.ireh 1*. I V i mh. -Wm k
along th.-st. Lawraace has already hagen. II. h. Har
,i .-! tater, with tw*aty*avs workssee, Bea beea ai
Wink Lu iou: Waakl on ll.Kind Island, Bl
building an extenatvs addition to tn. Van xt igouei cot*
tego, ot tha head of the Island, and areettag s n>-w cot
tegaforE a Johaaoa, at tha foot of the Island, loosti)
. ol lat.'.- 1* ainu being ji.it un for J seo" ll.ijo*, ot Now
Yorl,, at tho head of Um uland.
Ni:\v lim: Of i.aki. BTKAMESa
OoDlMBirftOi M.noli ls (Spatial), Tbs) Og
Ucusburg aud L*.ke CUauiplalu Uailroad Company ha*
mado arrangements for a Uno of steamers between th!*.
port and Chicago. The steamer* W. U Frost,W. J. Arkell
imi N. II. Haskell letvo BOM leased, with tho privilege
of parch..*-al ii staled pru-o, Ariatigeuicut* are also
making for the iNtortor of addtUonal boats, so Hist hy
the time -.iivi.it.ni ls opened tho company will ho in
po****sl*nofelrst-cl**Btia*to run bwweea ogdens*
bur, aud Chicago ami lutermedlate porte
ku.li:d BT a BLOW rBOM a (FASTI i*rri:.
Ei mira.]Milich IS (Special)'- Nicholii*. Proper,
engineer at the tannery >.f Beeteabeeh Brother* A
Minks, tva* kl.L-d fu-iLiy hy a blow fr. BB iron waste
pip.- that inni ii... y wrenched fruin it* pla** by eacap'ug
mall .dui '
thal i. td L
ili'iiiil. He le ,?,). a Wife
d ll..
loin il.
MORE MAU, 11,'tlM HIE 11 EEC OS.
ll.A. INC
IIC.IITM. I1I-..V (.fill Mfr: vt-j.-r-ck' ?
ULICK' UH AI v.. . :..
Tlie wTecking tu ?* Beni down od rVcdnenday
Xf-n IttCoaet Wiockln .' Ci en,, i iv to tia -e.-nc of
thejOrego rj ?.- r wan busy .iii day mekingaa ex
smlnatloB of lbs ranken vessel. They lind a bar_-o tvlth
them ou whloh to pi ? any articles recovered. Mr.
Merritt, ir , * tl 1 yeater lay th it as s >-iu a* tho d Iver, dis
novered any fact >>' Importance cooee rn leg th* wreek,
they Wonid Mme 1 hoi- i:- s-trf boat* to Fir.' lalntid and
telegraph ta him. This dispatch woald.be said, i.o for
iii- Cunard Company. Il was linpoeslble togetaay
Information concerning tba Oregon at tha ofBce of the
Canard ( ompany vest. rday.
Tbe crowds ol nat- p tsseugers win. here besieged tho
office *li os tue i' i lent '.vere not ti . -.-ut. yesterd iy to
.-iiiiion th* teena a lighted b ia) hes boca pi.ie.-d over
tv..e. ,. tl,,. I), pg ,:
xt 0 p. iii. yesterday Postmaster Pearson was la*
formed Ly Capt in Lewis, of tb* pilot boat Thomas, that
? a led at Bsekman-st., eboai sixty
bal.'" ol'mal: -.lum.' the 1 is' tWOdsyStO
thc t ii li, ly of tho Wreaked ste.ui.er. "1 lie Cunard Coin
pei y promp ly tai - :.? c mvs) iii.- mell t.
lb* Pa era it srrivsd about 6 p. m. Inn mail
ass found tobe comp itel* taturetod, hui meesures
were at ou e taken to dry lt, and ii is i.eii-vei that tho
greeter portlns, and probably all, win h.- delivered or
forwarded early today. Tbe mai! received consisted ol
Bine closed begs from London, two from Uvarpoot, .me
from Dulilla, bu 1 .me from Cork, oontelnlng aboat 1,200
lt Net. York City aod 300 for dlatribotion, two
? ?? London '- t Sew York, two tran
Basie, on* from Italy, on* from Cork, one from Madrid,
on- f ora I reno*, om- from St Petersburg, ead tbe 8 eira
moil -v ?.ii i -? ;i .mi Brake.
In the closed bogs In addition to th* above mall for
*?>??. y, i for .fassau from London,otto for
i from Dublin, oue for Bt. Louis from Liverpool,
-i l.i.i. from Mali: 1, ona for Mexico from
i is uowspaper mell comprised th* following: For
New-York City two bags from London. Por X*w-York
distribution twenty-three from London, two from
Liverpool, one from Uanohester, three from Glasgow,
twa from Dublin. Foi Boston?one from Liverpool.
I'm Phtladelpbta-<one from Loudon. Por St. Louis?
ou* from Loudon, Por Chicago one from London. Poe
Hamilton, Ont. -two from London, ea* tromOlaegow,
r'u i-i .: ;.from Loudon, two from Glasgow. Por
Montreal?two Irom London, i'm- Quebec -two from
London. Por St. John, X. H.?one from London, There
were in nil thirteen begs of totter* sod -ity**Ls ba-'4 of
new ipapera.
An addtttonal lot of four bags was received at the Past
. iffice at Si I". p. m., three ?.f v. Blob b il beeu picked up
,.i -e t Ly tnt- schooner Wild Pigeon aud taken to Pall
Uiver, Mass., end tbe other found by tbe sen,,,:.
-,e i eiiii.i,, : taken to Vineyard Haven, Maa*. 0
in.ui itt o tt.-ie closed bug* ii "in l- ii'Lu, i..i New-York,
I' ipi r mull for New-York dlstrlb ;
iion and ..'i- l,i. of papers from l.o:.doa
iiu (Quebec. Tbe two elow i bag* eouteined
only mi urned mali for the Dead Letter i 'thee, \x aabtug
inn, two money order III - from l.-'L.io!:, and ono bag of
pa p. i * Lu Ne w-York d i-in- ii ioii, from Italy.
Although In leif Lad i"M, minn up.ni reaching the
Post Ol Level III at tho entire letter niall ibu*
fur i ee.t .-I lioin tue ' iregou, excepting one letter only.
le UTI' I.
Sacs* for New-York "distribution" coat.un mette!
for plac i lu the i oited Statue oilier than Sow York,
lil.- pilot boat NegU* N". I. vf New-.lei-ey, whleh
brought tbe mail bugs from Lie wreck, returned from t
> outside of Sandy Hook. Ca pulu Lewis reports
that .it 7 a. m. lest xi,md ;> h- sighted the wreck or the
i -i i ie,-ii tulles east-southeast of Fir* Island,
ship tv.i* lying lu eightei n fat nomi of water. He cruised
about lt two days an t p , kc I ip,besides tbe alxty-throo
hags ol niall a small baud satchel belonging lo ii. P,
" ii. ii. M." sends -? to beni I for tb* benefit of thc
.ii its steerage p isssngera of me <iresoa.
tt..-. ii .t_es ,v . ... |.i,-i .inp..cit.- luvoieea for
their box of diamonds to D pitty CoTloctor Berry yestsr*
? : u and iboy were rant to iu>- Pubiio stoic* lu be up
CiiicagOi March 18.?Judge Drummond and
.1. \. Perwell, who were pesseugers on the Uragoa, ar?
rived tin Chicago List Bight, Jude* Drummond, who
begen lu* eareer as a sailor before tho mast, said : ?? li is
manifest tbat th* steamar wa- mora ac )e?s ut faalt, sad
u was tbe result ot ceretossuesa At leasi tirteon pas
seugers who v, ?ro ou dook st tho time told bm that they
BOUld .iisiioe'.iy heu tho vesaol as run -ppriiHi Led, and,
what la more, they could seo Long Island, seven tnllea
distant i li" weather wal clesr snd the wind iva* blow?
ing only a fair sailing brecge. His my opinion thal the
v, as lu aded .athwart of our course. According to
thc rate* of th* rood el sea, abs had Ute n*tht ot way,
uml u was iiu business of the steamer either to fall oil
uml L-l lier tm** tu .eon aid, or ene.-*. Up un I lot her . i ..
her bow *. lu stead of thia tbe or.non forged ahead at
ruil speed, and the schooner struck ncr on ihe. side, stem
xir. Perwell said that la his opinion the signals were
inadequate to Ihe need*, es the camion could probably
not lie beard twenty rous distant, and tho skyrocket!
did not ascend blaber than the ma -
l'i... \ nu. ml, I.'. I., .Minali is (Special).?Cap*
tain Conary, of the schooner B. C. Preach, which arrived
last night Irom Bal timora, report* a lot of wnekeg* In
Eluding a *ii.oonei's ipad geer about tii'.eeu muss south
lesl of I.re I .i.unl. Capt >in McKenzie, of ibo schooner
Habel Thomas, which also arrived last night, report!
[inasing a tbree-masted sunken wreck about twenty in les
.loni I ii., island, lins is ?iippo?c,i lo be Hie wreek ot
in- -i Loone! winch sunk tin Oregon. Tbs three seimon
tra due at thia pori, about Which some uneasiness was
!elt, halo all al ri tod *j e y.
Many Italian witnesses, testified variously
leu.ie J udgo Cowing yesterday aiton querra! m tue
,iud of Ne. sj gprtng-et on P*hra*ry 7, iu which Per*
pi,ile I'errool waasbol aud si.uiiif i. Kjivaater l>.*;io
sa* charged wltb tbe shooting aud Aatonlo Bolmnotil
attn tba stabbing. Th* defendants auld that Perroal
lad Leen the aggressor, JUdgS Cowing -poke ol Hu
iiiiicuity of gettiag at the tact* from the toatimony or
I tad.ui* of the lower eua*. I Ip- I.ut, iii. v -t er, con vic ted
.he defendants ana Judge Cow rag sato that lt wa* na
ruse for clomeucj and sentenced them te Ive ycu-s ra
he Stale Prison.
Boston', March 18. i?- House yesterda) killed thc
ileunial election resolution by a vote of ll_ to Vii, not
he necessary two-thirds,
ANO I HEB Q xs \ i. i v in OHIO
Piqi t. Ohio, Maren 18.?An enormous k:.* vein wt*
it ruck iu tbi* city yesterday at tua aepm of -ion feet.
i io- roaring cm ne noard tor blocks, and tno well is be
dored to ciual the famous well ul lin,ll ty.
DETBoir. Mich.. Marob IH I'd-steam rschl Minne,
lug the Acolyte* of Host Holy Trinity Cal
I'lturch, on Joly '.'.', IB80, was ia collision with the ferry
iteamer Garlaud, having en exeuralon part) on board,
-ccu persons were drowned, end -un* rm- damages
were begun by relatives agalust the two boat*, c.,
.suit ia sobed the Supreme Court. 1 bera wen- lu all foi ty.
Blgbtsuits. I ne surplus ol thi ferrj couipeny after cor
Lilli plvTioil* obll.-atoil* are p lal will bo poid ov*r to
the p.ail,nils. Tlie sail* lu me various conn* wore dis
i'ollllinled tills lliol lilli-.
POB I Ul; MCI I .l.ni dill XL iSIMI'NT.
I'HII lld I LUI t, March 1- Special), lue leadenly of
ss boca let for e inst mee iierformeuoe f..r the
benefit of the John McCullough Monument l-'uud, on
ibunda], April U>.
Tamaqi i, Maiva is sp lal , -Patrick ('arter, o'
iji-.u ytntt u, attempted t-i tr.-t ona moving psMsuger
Hain to-day, tell uedar the wheels snd ha I.. leg cut og.
He gol on tlie train without assistance, rho p isseuger*
itared. KxaiulnaUou ahowed that it was ? wooden leg
-. bli . lia I"-!.
< OLOMST9 ??' 'IN'U TO DAKi fl X.
ll t ? 11m.i-in, fenn., Maren I - I colony of
. i i.i !?> I . -p -i- Dickinson, wUI Hart
in a lew days for Napob. Dakota, whare ti:e? will
?ettie They will ,?..- with them cue oai*loed* of
horse*, cattle, furniture and other supplies,
I. tsi i is, I Va ii.. Marah 18 I tv. mt-nt e of inc stud cuts
Who it O' suspended f..: h.. Illg I I .sa mali StoUord WCIC
to- loy iou .ul i led to parl iel pate tu lin- a-ni,lal e lamina?
tions win. n were begun el Lafayette Collage, they bar
lug lit eli 1 . .Iciil'ei! at til'- ino ting ol Tl*-- l'.iti. ll o,
i u- sday eve u lu g. Thees include most ol ibose i onrtned
lo (.'nil rooms lind a few uudei full auspenaiou. Nearij
sll be studeuts mado application to in- reinstated, but
several weir reliise.l.
Il i.lui s ii i.m ? OP A CLERGYMAN.
Ni Vt -ll.tt kn, Mandi 1 *. I ne ll-v. p, I". I. twill, pestor
?f ,-t. Mary's Catholic Church sines 1870, ls dying ol
eougeatlou of tho brain. Iii I* regarded a* oue of tbe
tperl Hu . e'er* iu im- Hartford Dloceee. Ile was
graduated front St. Mai y'aSoiuiuar) ,lu liatiuuors, seven?
teen )eat. ago.
LAUNCIIINfl A 81 1 Xiii ll AT CAMDI N.
t'stiniN, v ,i, March ls A new Iroa steaiuBr of 400
tons was Uunobed this moraine al Jehu ll. IMaUi
ship>..ul at Kaiguu'a Point sn-is io ne used on th*
Out! ot Mexico, bel Wei rubaeoo an I Vert ''iii/. Mr.
Dialogue bas also ou tue wsys ee Iron tueboel for the
Kew-York Central Towing company, BO feel lu length
niel 1...?iona bunion. The tog will be launched lu two
Bu*Tr>N, Much ls. Jud.o Nm*.iii, ol ibo Catted
- i asl ile i ( om t, -e. i .mw ii au opinion L- lay In the
i ol ii.i- slsomeri Stamford and Twilight, which
were In collision lu IL.sion Harbor, lu August, 1884, Ile
nd* I lint Lotli vessels were lo Ll .nie, and that Mis
( athena* Kinma Prodf lek?e. for lujiuts* sustained itt
Ibo ll.un of Ult' i olllrlou, 1* entitled lo recover from both
companies damages which are to bs tUod hereafter.
[uv ri:i.i'.;i:ii-ii r.iTKK minr-vr i
vVaIBIVOTOM, Mindi 1H._'||?. s,,,.,,;.,, f(f
day In the |*ba|l on UM rl.Uit nf tho I'resit, ?t Bj %. j_
hold pajsrs fruin the lii?p.-etp>? ,,f th, .,n,^ '*
In h ui, kal '-von IU
ixpecl le ase
delivered bf Senator Bpsses*. The yeeng
IsaatsrkedadraedygtveaBwemtes ofu,e B*otel that!"
tit even lil* n...?f leveled BdWIrersahlaa!
?o him duunguisfi klrasaif m th*, ?rtraiT
BMBMr that he did to-day. He occupied the ,1
if i he yenate for nearly three '.our* nnd yield* ?
??Mea to ge bal. saweattv* *"4sP,n b*cao*s ,,f ra* *tr?,'
rpoa hi* rm.-e. iie will finish bteseeoeht4M**rirW
rhroti.ho'ir the delivery of lui remark* he lad a largs ??i
tpprecL-itivosinlieriee, both ott 'h.- tl airof "i--r,ai, art
n the nm,erins. Tim SjaasalBaaaa n:erir af |hese*agh
eas the! N eeeiptetoly ssshawaB nie pelUreal sse**
ho c.-i?o. lt lu on -lit b*Ok ibo .li-e.i,.i?, ;,
??nie: I tho fact th*: th- l*M - -.l*d ..,,**,
ni tain pierson fl c li, the .1. p .r r ?: .-si - .. ted that tl,*
ihtefsof these departnseats, by dlraottoa of th* Pram.
lent, hal refused ut mani tl,-m. speakers os
ho Dom, eratic shlo of the ff,?i?e, by
?pecloii* pleading, had son.ht to StMSar* th I
sane, awl to kepal* reasons to I ,
'??I,.itor. tot the ii",.,ide taken dy ll,..,,, f ,r ?
igraaaa. I M
em.trki without no;e* anded io iho elf . i:
ip.:, bis au.Hem-*.
.?I Brown, af (.-orri., pi lsd -he wassea*
la Benator la a *!ort. dry
i.-nt. IL- hud I, it ,,,,.? Bl a. . '.f ?; ... . ., ..,.?
ii htm, and ev.-i, he wont to Sleep at;ei Mr. Uro r* had
1 "La-n liUei-n ini'lilte*.
Wm u Um I-*..lu-inn* of Un-Ju,tii-iiry Committee wera
Ikea Up Le.lay Mr. Van XVyck BgOied as au an.en-1 .. t
i thom the following:
And tn ail such ease* of raatTTel th*aratitrof
ruiatlou snail be sonsldsnd m open if tao
Mr. sewell, ..cc i yin.' tho chair, re a: ii kel: "Thi
msadmeut will ii* printed an l ile oror."
Mr. iu .v. ii t.i.-ii a . . . igalBst tip- raes**,
lt th ,. ld I''", .11 '.1 Bi I BS Si. 'c?
of luis.-.,nutty ooasUtalo the high court of ai .
nd li is Un aid.i.i-'iit of that i sb court, net tb*
'..*i. tem iias use,i iii,, power of removal, bat that he
ia* tailed to uso lt With lUftli 1 mt .-il.T.y. ll il.. . i- ,,i,_
hsrgs sgaliist ina. in in- p..pi.ir mind lt ls as
barga >.f commlasloa, bili tbe eh argo ? omtaato net
:ait he bea made miatakes tu u . ,?..
uenta er removals tram odie* (doubtless be ha* mad*
inlSI 1*0 lia?
ise tn,, power wita auRiclei'l force ... i ,?,
ict,],:,. if .- blgh eourt .-r anneal*), to whom a bbs
'ii-siii.-iu ;* re*.nb ?? for mo manner in arblcb ..e ex.
irclsea bi* diacreUoa IB tbe matter of romovaia fi-?ui
.iii. .?, u ia th* greet ces. of 'tl
?'. LdtUUUda aad i a np , ,y, It-pah |.ia ii
lonate, t eran ? Unit ?-: - ll ivelend, Pi itdent ol I
Mr. spooner, who followed, raid, In part:
Tha fortunes of the Itepu iltoon porty er* rori d*?r ti
ne. i will not attempt to .leny tu.it I w ib ib.ii i ,i
inly may here ai ? -ip ev.-rv fall part
?..uta.:- which may bo taken from tho bl in len , |
inn : i'o nilli irs. If any Bach I lier.- ?re, of Up* tilliiliilstrSr
lon ; bul I truat that l do aol Forgot, and *.i i . uol for
tot that I am a Senator a tu* Ci ted states, si wert as a
lepublican, and thai r mt itratdut] always
4 to Hie people, and ih*' I niven,, tltll to Uk"* ailinn
me to suoeerve e party interest wblcb ? ira*.
ii. to tbe Interests ot ti.e people. I deny for mys* :._ l
have .iiiiiioriL. to iieuy for every Bra Hoi ap ,
if tho chamber, the itittomeat so often ii- ob nie
.tiiei .de, ii,ai wo deeba*, or sra Brillia*, area,
o harraaa, bampw or eade Preside*!
t. tbs prop-:- exercise of ezecutire function*. . . .
Hippos- hoskin wera Ia office, would Hie President re
a- ibo paper* ' i be il. lidsui aa I tl
ral must uot assume that the Beual wan* ,
or any pm pas* mu a tuln il Jurisdiction ll ii lodb>
. b for tbe orderly conduct of the Goven
i.ipers w,ii,i-i nj either boose of Congress ere wm,ed
oi- pm p-ses wubin ihe Jurtadiction ..f ta ? IL. tao -
?>r tiieui. ila* it come to this, that tne w aa! i .-?,
i-l'ii i.isteru salaam, approach the door .,: n- Depart
neill bound to Hi-cos. ?, U: st to the Attn i ney (,. aral
nd then to tue President, the |. -*.
airposo for wliLh tha pa era ar- drill
h.ier pooal.y of not r.-ei iviiiir them st alli . . .
tue source of much confasioo to tm* debats is a eoe*
du tiding by ;.io DeiuocroUc -.-... i. ul - - t
rith removals. A suspension does uot mesn i
t is it v.-ry dlOeieul thu... To suspend bb i
suseeetemporary cessation <>f Ins fm,, tun,-. ,
..ive causes a permaneni rassatlou. I'o lusp. ii i tua
nit of h.ti.c.ts corpus Isonothiug; lo obliterate i
Bother ena quite odiffereut lulu*. \ mspe
i not a removed officer . for if tin- S -i. .1- icfns. --.,....
rm hi* sacooseor lbs euapended maa returuatotb*
th.-e. Tba Bupreme Court La* io decided
: h.i* .lee,Incl to furnish ihe popers
.ced for, because, forsooth, they would ? . i -.
he Ben ate to eeo tho reasons for ths saspohstoa
ible us to ss hst be bad exercised the po* r
fauspeuBlou wantonly. So powor could be so dangerous
a the Uepui.ilc as tim power IbUS asserted by Iii.; i'r.-si
sui, thai papers relating tu the public busiuessou the
a-s Ol , ie ' el. ?
loved from the Blas, buried In tu* colter* of the xx ii po
loo** or carted od to li Ui'aio, ir ho clloo-es, merely In -
.iii-i- In- bas u*ed them ni exe cUdBg Bis power of SUS
elision. If Hie ineie ia, -i that tim Preside nt bes Beted
ii tho popers moke* them hi* private property and
ants out tho li-.'h! ot nivi-slualinii Hom ad ihe public
lines ni tao loiintry, thou lt rest* walli BOV chief
xecutlve to lock tbe door upon the Uottae sud Beuate
n-i defeat an niles'igaUou.
The term " innocuous ile<:i.-lude " provokes a -ir.i ...
ut illira is not nilli; lo smile at. Ibis is a trot erinn, nt
flaw; and I au-ont l.e C..lei 1 IBCUtlve of lae l.e*
'.limo should have used sn. . wolds of any iaw'l.il
ines nu ths Metal* Lick*. lt ui BdsagBtousi .
'bea the President >>f ih? . sited Stats** wi b ia
?glsteredIn lleaveu to "take cue that th*laws shall
e ralthfully executed.'* eouds a rue**ag< to tie- niuo
lying that a Statute La* lal.ea into li irma -* li-u*. -
iou nb th.- statute remain* ?n tha booka If evet m.-ro
as a'line windi Un ie ii'.,.- nee,, of io-peet f ir law ll u -,
-?. ii iu niaiiy Btatea UiouKhtfu me. an tut
lanchad faces to tbe future How un ino people b*
spectra to yield cheerful obedlenee to the statutes
hen the drat citizen of the Republic blmrall tarara
mi in dr eic itton ls heard a**erttus thataatstut*
in Inna. - to disuse I Bul the Pr itde it . -
ot believe Ins own state, neut -Ills a*l* litre Uren belier
lau lu* tv,, r is. for he nt* sent in a lares) numb "f
mutilations of men te take the place* of officer* *a*>
ju led Lt lum iiinler the authority of the iiry act to
Inch refcrouce h.* been matta.
Chicago, Mureil L8.?Eli Meli, an UalUu,
be ha* Leon the ergenUt of th* Utile [talton I tarah
i li. innis -;.. was to-.av dlseharged. On landsy sn nts
uriy Iialiaaa aad e aambar of pell*Basse stood at t no
iiraooe of the eherch dering the Boorala*,
laliaos lying in welt for the argaatet wtth tus i
arpa** of essealUna bias. Wheeny after Vi o'ol
nu.- mit, I) receded by t-t o of tho trustees of tlc
?elective Behm moved ap aad actei as a rora noorat,
he I tailau 4 hailed him wi tit eb islvi arise Hm tra*tt*s
nd tin- ,1,-teciive, wita the:- ci.tr.' harried north and
bile the two otHcers held Ihe crowd it bey, escorted
[ell to bl* borne. No. OS North Pr.inkllu-it Sm tbes
iel: bes been Informed that it woatd bs better fo
ot to play th* organ et th* church any mora
i ydischarged. TB* -rn ib a -a
.ci- an article published tn in I'hirnga Trthnm ?
blch Mell, sp-ikiii. o' tba padrone ?y*.t??iu lu'
j. d words obj*, tam.i'd. to many Italieaa
m .nix r.y a BUN i wa i nfs:: i.x :>.
Boston, March i> (Special).?Eu elupement
?om somerville i? liukuii: coiisid'.'i'ab.e u,k lu t istei y.
In-ruiia.vat pin-aie bulli niall cd. tho male BBatetlil
-.h.- ii. s. mo wart, aga ebooi torty*tii t, ami lbs wau. tu
i s.ud lo be -^ewart's second cousin, and har nam.) ia
Irs. Annie Wood. She end her huabaud braided wu
lewitit an 1 iii- v. lie, ii, I',-:.,?. at e. |( VMM I I
nt they wein stopple* -it tn* Crelgbtoa Bouee, .i.
ii'.iii.l lull i?.i.,.-ii'.l isman and wile. Mr*. Bwwsrt
lette i tbe . ic!.- iton IL... on Tue* f*.)
?oiucd the elopers. Hbo found them i a roo*! togethof
iijorlng all the luxuries of life, with wiae oe t i "?
Irs. stewart said that ou entering the room she < sid
otresiatthe temptation "f "golug" for the ronni
?omen,emla , ? bair aad wv* ker a good
tiakiUKup, Mi. strain took Mr*. Wood's pert, aad
lr*, stewart now b*m a blaek eye, tao rrealt of a btea
ivou her._
(ds. is> iii, March 1-- x kort I -.'?' kUjqulra
Johnuaii. ol x . - ' "l ( m. um.ti. UM I
alt involving
noise I ? ' ""?' .I" '
epi. IVhen heeiuei-.-.l lute IB* room ne found BIS ti irs
ead wini her lu - u > il wu . rt;
ce 1.lurleen tun. a*,. ,lend. Willi bl* 'hu'*!
I..e. .,'..:. . ftUi.t, Wa.lll.t04
t ii blew on ; i -meter.
D. i icm. Mich.. Maren IB.?At Pori vt iy ne. below ISIS
ut. tbe. ..i.'.i.in.ti! '? ' - ' ?".
I, 'J3d Catted Mates Infsuiry, ended yesterday, we >a
grad i.t,-of Uart ird. and a isa bank i ml ll ls B _
ilo nnii. be ??? rwjycan ?
i i recaptured. Having sccea* to tbe pavmaateTS
cc.loin-, he mr. c i- ? . '-?;?'
r-.-r-l "li Ice- .rnten.'ed lo Bvo yea:*. .Ul I :or lorgST) IS
... rrursmor*?l Loevenwot b, K io.
H....UN., Ill- I I'll SD IliU'LcIl HIL ld AKT.
\n im t. ..a. M irak IU, xxiu... ?? Pat ' u ? "? r.?
? t..,- ei... nm a.-- .. r * mom "I- "?
inplied it bl* l." Will" P I'he nail
Uri'iigb Piulou'a heart, kU.lag bira uki....cy. IlKBSf
: . a .? * ' .'1 ?""' ' '?'"' ' ?
,. til N I.X UEK (HOI \ Ul' I.AM'.
li,'-i.,N xi,,,:, K Mari Bora Phi lips wai
he I i'll -,' si re?terd?y, au . ? ?"'?*?
--, a':,.': ?saL-'l. ? -f*
albemorrb*ge.th?ra.uUofa bealiba tufl ? ;
...-,. illi.l.L. ? I. '
Bdiea, who els ".? to be a twoaaw of HtUlag Bull ' '.'
,n wss arti ited.
xi in;..i ai: SHOT AT HW WORK.
Niu-llc, s, H*|* . i- -V". . x J l-l'..' ?'??*?
ic.-iii.il Mount ia,m.-. mi lb* New-llavau a ? ?
nupiou road, shot snd wouuded I-.' ..'.I w ?' 'b''_;
I while ino lett** wa* attempting to roa iu?
111 kel olhce.
AKItl.sn:i. IL.li TOBMENTINO A 8Tj UV SJ (
AKKON. Ohio, Mar.:. IB!*, rei I I. I"1''' "!1-. ih.
bicsgo, l . ..c.--t ber* lo la) te p. "^ ,,l|l.urv- i_
leutsol BucbtelCollege wbo los.ed hi* -?;? ? "' t.
doi-u*. lu a inauk -I. B. luotnp.oii. **; .,lHM)
nd..) arrested. Mr Morris eave ba ?rill spen.^v^
.rina lUeae linden I* to lustlco, c wmmg iSMrn >m
sea bee* Ul alnco tho lia/auic and thal ue mi ?,-r|
Linuallt abused. Late lUtaetenlng ti? L '"' ' ' j. a.
A A riohler. sou of the Ati''r?eV-iMiB.uaU)f _
Kohler, Akron, a junior, aud L. O. ruunp*. "?
(uiiior, war* ai retied.

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