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g'tiL ki i.iv.i li ti i. 8 Concert
juli a . ii. ubi ?B- "? .Nancy and Oetnpany.*
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?,- i\: (..iii. Ilnl-t-1?" ,!?s':.mi Wini...inL."
pARKJCAVs Park Thkatbi - "Leather Petoh."1
I.i. . i -? " (iee ol (tor Girls."
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M. vc. tNi. ... u -i. U . m. to li p. m.?Merri?
li <? and Moallor Sai si II i .-.
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gill I irXATBB?8?"Ths .lilt."
?TA* DA Kt) 1 '?? I tai ? - '? li .a kunai."
-ul til.i ...ii..di - "Oh, Vi -. it Niaht."
"luin iL'ti'ii? - Mltlerwarser.
V n i ?.< k's- ?? -" Home."
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M .xi i n; i nu tip--?? Jack In the Box."
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Bns.neu* Notice*.
" t.iii'.M.iv" lu lui'cC'i't. s.-uil ".<> rent*
lari ? ?? Sid, - i.ir ?: ' 1, ?' 1'.- -fi cl.nd
lonipauy. Bj i ij._
1.1.Iiiii lir.'iiil jmi .".ni1.1.;.- substitute for nil
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Months I' M-iiUiA
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lan), v.Hem bunda). 1 ">? BM l .i
r- ?. - i rlfion*. . .l -" .
Hen.ii i.t I'oatal i-rut-r or express ticer oe Registered
J't 1'.. !:.' v ' .-?? W11t? "ll thc Note
?lc ? . n I tt N .IK Iii. I NI'."
Man. bil.t I HI I BIBI ni . I '.4 Sltssan-st,, Vi- X'ork. Ad
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Apt : ri nrdera
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jNo.: ... Uioti-.'iit. i rtween . it and J.iii si* , mi S n, ia
>., . ??- \t .-si i it. Mci lril.su, 10* -H. t" lp. ill.
T-'e 7- .. 'I'1 'i.'-ste e..ri it- lev-nib ?t .!" S no. to S p.SS.
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Va- 1, . t .?!. i. v"\ ?.'? B.-.if..rd st . Strand
IVm% hrkIW la ?rilm n w
FltlDAY, MARCH 19, 188G,
Jill SEWS lllls MORRIS ..
F.uu u.N?Mr. Chamberlain on Ihe Irieh pro
peaah*. Pt paring for international religion*
cutivi-iiti.iii tn London. Disorderly working*
Int'u in M.ipcli.- l i. . 1 .pull.-ii iniinli-r of
Bmhop Hannington confirmed,
C'i.n..iu.--.--I'.utli 1.1:111. l,s, iii Manion. - Mr.
Bfsuoner arraign d the Preeident for not obeying
tin-law in the inettei ol tho wnp reaped paners,
: Dr. Rog I* conlianed lu* testimony Imf..re
thc Ci'lillllltl. c lIiti-s1l..itiliK ill.- tileplp.rif v:uiil;il.
Ixaunii.tf ii-ii "f I'liiiiiiiissiuiu'i Black c..min?
ti.-.1. Sala toa instead ol lev* for United
ruaie* revenue ..tti.-.-r*.
Domkbtic. \ -'.-I--mi'tit reached ns to the
Inrable oa the Texas and P elite r-atiroad, .?
Hope* i.-Lt thal thc sir.k<- in the Southwest i* near
an end. . - Kew Mrikei In thc liitiiiiiiip,.
ji rj.-l.l-. ? lin- Boaton messengers winning n
/ vietory, Explainingtbe maneacre at Carroll
tnii. Mis-. Tbe street railroad bill aa agreed
apon i.y the Conference Cominittee, :
hy thc l..'L'ir,!;itiii'-. Seeking thetunrtlerei of
AfneeLongin MtwMtanajB^tta, Wreck found
of tin- schooner supii'.- ..I to have run mtu thc
?teamer' hregon.
(jin- xM? Suburban. Alderman Jaehne ai,
for bribery, I-svpector Byrne* says Jaehne eon
1- ss.-1 that he rc.-, it c.! $20,000 few roting for thc
Bread wet t^raaeh-ee. sW. s. tVarner'a house
Bsssmi i.y the Mp mi. Strike ot the oloak
snaketa, Qeneral George A.. Sheridan lectnied
cn MGeneral Grant." lin' Madison Avenue
Cotinr.'uiitnmal I hindi Bold. I hie* iii..r<- In*
jinn tups issii,.,i against the Aldermen,
vjilllle Ol tim le.lll-telicel- siller dollar (4121g
sjT!iin< . 78.70 '?? nt* .-tocks active Bari tlnctn
atiiu;. imf apon the whole firm ngainat attacks,
eh'sinv* Irregular,
Titi' Wiiatiiki!.? Iiidicntiiins fortu-day : Blighty
Winner ami Blondy, with light rain. Temperature
jreett-rdav i Highs-it. ">i : lowest. 36 ; average,
waVtJ*. _
The IH'ini>rr;itic member- <>t' tba House com?
mute- invest 1^1,1 ii,e_ t)R, telephone scandals
arc still trying to exclude importani testimony
NS*-Cting on tlicir i.olitical lii'iuU. fester*
day tiny ernie.ivonil to mle oin, u> Irrelevant,
letters Bhowing flint Senator Hams ami other
Tan-Klee!iii- >t;iiesiu( n BoppoTted Dr. Hogera*!
tpplieation forapessitiorj Matfaistanl attorney in
tlie Diipaitmenl ol Justice. Roch letter- baye a
sltwided beating on the points al issue, and to
exclude them ia to render the investigation a
far.-c. This ia the second time this week that
this gtune baa betsm played.
' Dcsiutc the TeiH-atcd prroteeta of the Board
of Eatimate and Aprjortionment, aa well aaof
all [mblic-spirited and well-informed citizens,
the tv i ir k ul adi li ii ?_- to thc fixed salary list of
tliis municipality goes on uninterruptedly at
Albany, only yeeter_Uty a li-il was introdneed
in flu- Aseembly fixing tbe aalary of the inter
jirrtcr of the City Court at $2,000 a year.
IV..xi tin- du m.-i ?* are thal an interpreter i> not
ofti-ii needed in that court, am! that when
Itara w occasion for om-his services could be
.?attained at a fixed rate per day, so that at least
91*000 would be -av. d to the taxpayers. If
th?r expenses ol thia city an erer to be reduced
then- must b? an end to -e.rislat.on of thia kind.
It would bc making a good beginning to kill
this bill.
?. ?
The I illation in th.- S-iutli'.vest i> more hope?
ful than at any other time since the strike be*
gan. A partial agi*een_e*at has been nude by
tin Kiiijjlitr* of Labor and the receiver of the
Texas and racitic road to submit the grievances
ul tin- loii-inaii, C. H. iinji whoas discharge was
tin real cause ol all the difficulty), to the I'uiii d
Slates (inuit Court. The settlement of
Questions like this is aol geadurallyin tbe conn's
line of business, but aa the receiver la a court
officer thc .Jud-. - tull |,iol,ably nm object to
the duty impo-u-.l. Certainly j,ul,lie policy
would allow tin iii to stretch a point to put aa
end, it poeaible, to mmunderstandingB ami
difficulties that are injuring the commerce ..1
Beveral Stales. Sin,.- ai lunation ia what il Ins |
conn-to finally, whj could it aol hine been re*
sortA-'d u> luiiK ago and all thia bother avoided ?
Tin- legislature has shown it>.-lf obedient to
?ublic opinion In a mo-r encouraging way.
'iii- atm lided bill pas-ed hy the Senate on
.Tuesday, granting tua street liTunchises which
the New-York Cable Company xv,mts to the
company which would cany passengers for the
lowest taree, roused much dissatisfaction here.
Apparently the _*egislature xi..- to be more
easily man.t-i ?l bv shrewd lobbyists than the
Board of Aldermen, and tbe men at Albany
Vere told emphatically by public opinion that
it would not do, 1 lie will sing wa,-, handed A
?M?aKnie m-ported bv ;t coritereiiee coiiimiite.
Pf the tuns houses baa leen adoptnl bv both
tb? ftemtte and Un: As-scmbiy. lt fives the
franchise to the coipoiution Unit will pay) to the
city tim Jii^'lie?t peiccuUrt'euf UagroMioeeipts.
A betlci bill Ihan tbls could have buen limned,
probably, but we doubt if it could have pinssod
through bola huuaus tnt piuuiptiy. Kow, ii the
Governor doas his duty, tho act xviii beeoma a
liixv immediately.
\ nong the charges of General Black, Com*
missioner of Pensions, against hi.* Republican
jii'eiiet i's.(,11 in office was one Hun pensions
had be ta granted by Colonel Dudley for politi?
cal reaaous, festerday he bad a chance to
prove In-- allegations before a. Senate Com?
mittee, bul he failed sn egregiou -ly ilia' the
Democratic Senators themselves nearly
langbed him out of court, He attacked the
e.si ot Olin ,ai Ih..ma- Bennett, of lilli mi :.
xvli.is-- righi to ii pension General II irrison di -
ci.ii.-d to be uniiasailable. nen ral Black,
with much greater rca on, might hive assailed
bia own righi to tbe fJovernmont's kmdi
ance on the ground thal he waa not phyaicnlly
" a xvii ci; " v. hen be obtain d it, but mentally,
and is so still.
Spurred on by the stinging rriticisms of tha
press aa to his mistaken leniency toward Alder?
man Jaehne in the matter of Mrs. rlamdton's
stolen silver, Inspector Byrnes h.ts entrapped
th Alderman Into a confession thal be xv.is
bribed in 1884 to vote for the Broadway fran
ehiae. The details of thia confession will not
be in:..le pitniiu until the criminal i-< arraign! -I
in court, but il is known that Jaehne ndmitted
receiving $20,000 For his rotc, nnd I hat his u<!
mis iona implicate several oth r Aldermen. No
confession from Jaehne or any one else wu
needed to convince the public thal tbi majoi I i
of the Aldermen who met in thu ever notori?
ous 9 o'clock meeting in August, 1884, were
paid for their infamous work. lix cry one
come ti) that condo mn long ago. Bul though
public opinion on thal point was
clear and definite, the confession of
Jaehne may prove invaluable in bringing
bribe-givera and bribe-taken to Justice, li
was a brilliant piece of detective strategy on
the par' ot the ii, mc lol to-.'cure it, ami xviii
'-?o hu- in atonement for his errors in the Ham?
ilton case.
Tiiir.i xe reporters talk.ul las' evening with
a number of the Aldermen it ho voted foi- the
franchise tn 1884. They professed to be un?
concerned, and declaied that whatever Mr.
Jaehne might have said, they were innocent of
any wrong-doing. Mr. Sharp also protested
earnestly that he knew nothing <>l any briber}
in coin.e.-i mn with the franchise, These lie
in.il- \till nol surprise nny one nor sh ike in the
least the general conviction that the charter
waa bought from thc Aldermen nnd paid for.
.Men who deliberately vioLated their oaths of
office, wbo with lull knowledgeof thc punish
niciit for corrupMoii received money for theil
votes and have been lying about the mutter ever
since, xx ill nol hesitate nt any time :.? add a few
more falsehoods to the perjuries thal they have
heaped up. Nor is the giver ol bribes
nny more likely than the receiver to tell the
troth concerniug Ins primes. This stubborn
adherence to the practice of perjury which has
beeu the habit of all the men involved in
this infamy xtill only increase the eagerness ol
thc community tosee the rascals in prison.
There no*, seems to be | ""'I assurance ol
their punishment. Though .1 lehne n. ill not bc
accepted aa a witness for thc people with the
promise of immunity, the confession obtained
from him xxiii surely Bet some weak knees shak?
ing. Though no one of the Aldermen with
whom our reporters talked last evening maj
I..-ic illy to turn State's evidence, some minor
agent in this great conspiracy, some one les*
conspicuous and active than Jaehne was, will
try to aave himself at the expense of Ins fel?
lows. Tbe chain of evidence for which Jachne'a
confession baa supidied some ol' the most im?
portant links xviii probably bc completed with
out much difficulty, lt xtill l.e uo .small or ob?
scure company that we may hope to see gathered
by it within the walls of Sins Sing. Every
maa wbo had anything to do with the purchase
and sale of thal Broadway charter should be
included within its mm bonds. Duly four mem?
bers of the Board <>! 188. are in thepresenl
Board ol Aldermen, The results of Jaehne1!
confession may not make an extensive breach
in the body of our City Hall legislators of 188(5,
bul they may wort sad havoc in the ranks of
that lani.ms Reform organization, the County
A WEAR ME, Si /'.
The argument of .launs c. Carter at Albany
against the annulment of the, Broadway Surface
Railway Company's charter nny probably be
regarded as embracing th" strongest points tbat
.in be made iii behalf of .Jacob Sharp and his
friends. Assuming this to be the case, li i> in?
teresting to observe how little force there i- in
tim reasoning of Mr. Carter. He admits the
presumption flint in procuring the charter
"money has been fraudulently naed on a
gigantic scale." This belief, he says, " the evi?
dence warrant*." but though bein common
with the public believes tbat the charier was
obtained by gross bribery and corruption, be
submits that because Jacob Sharp & Co,
i-:i"l $2,500,000 of bonds ostensibly
to construct a road which notoriously
cost lesa than $150,000, a " rs.icred
obligationn has been contracted by the
state, and ii cannot without Invading fun
tl un. ntiil property right* annul the charter.
This is a strange argument. I'he issue of the
$2,500,000 of bonds was in truth m.t a legiti?
mate transaction, but a second wholesale fraud
and imposition. Having, as is commonly be?
lie tel. secured the franchise by bribery, .Jacob
Sharp *k Co. proceeded to invent a -hain con -
strnction scheme to cover an enormous stock
watering de.il. Ami this transaction is dow
represented as a reason- ami the only reason
apparently?fcc not annulling the charier.
Innocent people, says Mr. <'arter, pniihaaed
iiu bonds. Ah, yes. Innocent people of the
-ame phenomenal guileleaaneaa us those confid?
ing ones wbo invest.d io trustfully in the fa
mons "cont rac tr," ot' Ferdinand Waul. Peo?
ple -o Innocent tiny had no knowledge or sus
picion of the means i.y which the Broadway
Ballway charter xv.is obtained, .ind who were
equally ignoaanl of thc fact thu tberecould
bc no legiti-nate issue of $2,500,000 for tbe
constitution ol linc- miles of a surface
railway. And those an the tavestors for
i whose encouragemenl Mr. Carter Milieu-the
creation of ;i precedent which would iiu igorate
ihe Board of Aldermen aa with new wine, aad
enhance the pecuniar] value of membership in
the Board beyond computation. Do not, im?
plores Mr. Cuier, do not injure these good
folk.-* whose sweet simplicty luis led them to ni?
ve-i in sharp's nil a ay bonds, lt is true thal the
charter xxa> the reward of bribery, and tim; tbe
Leane of the bonds waa wholly aajuatiflable ami
fraudulent, bm respect tin- rights ot ihe bene?
ficiaries of thir* sarita of iniquities, nnd leave
the people of New-York the sad siili-laclion ol
in.ing bu all th.- damages.
It cannot be denied, the counsel Coi Mi. Munji
argues, tbat the people h ive bet n m..si \ Ulan -
ouslj, misused hom t'nst tolas! ui ni- matter.
li -.iiirlls of fraud, ni'l -I-.1, aleatgaeoff. But,
for the sake ol Mr. Sharp's friends and Por the
sake ot his engagements, Iel the state ,.f New
Voik forget, for once, that fraud vitiates all
conducts. Let it fevget, fut once, tbat the
bu.ci must beware ia ail tranMctJona. Lae. it
ebneede sonni hint, to the patriarchal inno?
cence of my clieiit.-s, Hu- bondholdcrB, and hold
to a contract it is under no n-ul obligation to
keep. Thia is apparently all that can bu *.. ul
oa behalf of setting tbe Broadway -tarter
stand. It i-i very littk ; ao little
that tbe appearance of counsel to argue the
case ai ail soeml '?? ha. i bi on scarcely serle tai
so little tbal neither Ur. Carter nor his asso?
ciates cm b licve it possible tbal tbe Legis?
lature will be thoa convinced. No doubt the
position of Sharp and iii* pals i- luctpableof
an effective defence, bul it seems hardly worth
winie to lune gone through the form of making
ir when the 00I3 result is to emphasise tbe
n c il.iii 1 - "1 i!: case,
/'/;. BOO I UN'S 1 I ITIMOS V.
Dr. Rogers's testim >nr empha?u is three im?
portant points i" h uie sc inda). I- un I,
tbe rael that the I* in-El >etric st hi me, so far as
the specnlative stat! smen w< re concerned, was
,1 gifi , iterprisc. Oencr.il Atkin*, then ch iii
minot tu- Appropriations Committee ol the
ll.uue, ami Senator ll nus were the first !<> be
approached. Each a is offered $100,000 in
stock. Som.- hesitation was shown and the
offer was increased to $500,000. The) read! .
accepted these terms and subseiinently Mr.
Young, General Johnston and s- natorGarland
entered into the pool. They paid nothing for
their interest, li was gift-stock. Senator Harris
luliiiiit,-1 thal thc II >c is family wi rc if any?
thing, "a little too generous," but remarked
that as they expected to mike money enough
for everybody, they would necepl the
Sniallei blocks ol stock wei 1 'ntiy givi n
to Congressman Money and oilier statesmen.
Dr. Ron isvo'j emphatic iu declaring thai
nothing xv,1- ever saul with reference to the
company's deriving any advantage Irom any
official position hell bj the gift-takers. Bul
he is equally explicit in admitting thal "the
obied tv,is to bank on their names and repu?
tations" as public men holding high official
station. 'Chit was xvh.it they pave in ix.
for llu gi ft-st oe li: ile privilege of trafficking
in their name* and reputations,
Tlie second poinl i* t ie Attorney-General's
Bgreemi nt to lend the company the aid and in?
ce of the Department of Justice. Mr.
Young called upon Mr. Garland oud solicited
hi- official intervention. He subsequently
mi'..ru, d the Bogers : \ ne> -
General bad promised that the Govern?
ment siuuilil bring n mil against the Bell Com?
pany in the interc ol thc Pan-Electric Cora
puny, but thal tbe details would be left with
Ihe Solicitor-General. Dr. Rogers exclaimed:
" If Garland boa promised he will do u!" As
the Rilli xvii- in i'u'.-I nol long after aril, he
had ev.-ry reason to believe that the Attorney
General had kepi his promise. Although al the
outset nothing was said ab mt the gift-taken1
official iniluciicc. herc is ihe direct proof that
the company was actually banking oa the At
iiuiii-, Generri!'?; C binet office a few weeks af?
ter President feel md xv.is inaugurated. Mr.
1 .arlan.I was allowing a ring of telephone spec?
ulators lo traffic in hit official functions pre?
cisely as they h ul trafficked rn his name and
The thud point is the distribution "1
stock of the Pan-Electric Bnd allied compa?
nies among Congressmen. Mr. Money re?
ceived $10,000 of American Cst.il and
$50,000 of Pan-Electric when be xxas chair?
man of the Committee on Post Offices and
Posl Roads. Other Democratic Congres men
were favored m tbe same way. Dr. Rogers pro?
tests thin he hail no idea of corrupting these
great and good men; but he acknowledges
th.it n would have been a great thins for tbe
Pan-Electric Company if Congress bad passed
the Cost,,I Telegraph bill, and tbat he had this
in mimi when he distributed the stock. Con?
gressmen who accepted gift-stock auder these
suspicious ci;a m-taiuT-i xviii mil (ind it an
e:isv matter to convince the country that they
xx. ie acting honorably.
Modesty is not ono of President Cleve?
land's crowning virtues. He does nut hesitate
to bear wituess to his own alleged good
qualities Whether or nol he candidly believe
all the nice little thimj-s be is pleased to say >>l
himself is, however, a matter of small impor?
tance. The question of vi;,il concern i- in- right
to believe I Ililli. Ile has linnie no pl ole--ion
with so milch warmth and apparent candor aa
thal ol' a -inc. re intention to carry out the Civil
Service Reform law. When in the discharge of
thai duty ii devolved upon ltira to appoint a
new Commission, we were astonished at his
choice of an ancient Indiana Bourbon, whose
public record, brief and insignificant even in
its* inline, h ul ended a quarter of a cenl my ago,
and whose history was that of a hide-bound
pally 111:111. together xtilh a South Carolina
b inker of ordinary antecedents, and Dorman
ll. huton. lt had bi .onie notorious that Mr.
Halon was a failure so lara- practical organi?
sation was concerned, which is, and will be foi
a dozen years t 1 come, the great work before
the Commission. Every true friend of the re?
form fell tbat his reappointment with tx\o un?
known persons whose affiliations so tar as c.mid
be learned were all with the spoils system waa
about the worst blow to reform that the Presi?
dent had it in Iii- power to deliver.
Several months passed h. during which the
new Commissioners wen supposed to ba sitting
at the feet of GumialieJ I..non leariiing the
A, B, ("s of reform. On the principle thal an
olddog can't be taught new tricks, Commis?
sioner Edgerton seemed to get along bul pool ly.
Mr. Trenholm, however, look considerable in
teie.-t in the new doctrine, and the friends of
tbe reform have been entertaining bones th.it
be would prov.- a valuable support to Us opera?
tion. Now, just when he has become fairly
well informed aa to \x hal i* expected of hun, he
bi quietly removed toanothei office. Mr. Eaton
ha.l considerately resigned* and the Commis?
sion was left with only the ancient Hoosier to
guide its destinies. To mpply thi se places the
President made his usual moveof pitting a
good nomination against a bad one. Jin chose
the sccretarv of the old Commission, Mr. Ly?
man, to till one |>l;ii:.- ami au illinois polni.'iau,
a contiiiiu-ii office-seeker, for the other, ile has
thus made a Commission in which Mr. Lyman,
the only good member, is tied np and render! d
powerless by two Democrat** who are np to
their eyes in partisan polities. Neitbet of them
ha*, ever bet 11 ii friend of the n iiiriii. One is
old and wears the Jacksonian colors, 'i he otbei
runs Mr. Morrison's political machine in Illi?
nois. Now. in tim iianic oi all that is manly
and honest, what son ol reform b thiel If thc
President wishes to deserve his own apprecia?
tive praises, is there on? appointment about
which he won! I exercise more cue than that
oi ii 1 ivi! Service Cominisaioiier / li is unfort?
unate for Mr. Cleveland that 1 he people are un?
able to take him at kia ou ii x siltation. l!y his
li in'* the, 11111-1 kin.it hi;n.
um- by ooo tba rases vi the County Denn
Tin'can.lui Dr. Roger* swears in his testimony
in-ii.r.- the r.iii-i.l.-cirii; Inveatigauna t/'ootasittas
that tin- ol.," -. i "I getting I .ar, a nd, ililli :-, .(..lins
ni tin- raaf ot Um I "?; .... rath bis gau* into tba
lelapbou* balloon waa "tu hank on thur nam.*,
ami ic|...tatiiu ." lhal ls cl. ai ci...'ml:, am! they
Uni* good ears thal ;i tnliatantiaJ pt, Blinni '\.is rs
cai red for tba banking pru ilege. lt is t? be doubt?
ed ii Un v .a.ul.l dispose ul then names and tapnta
tunis nu snell auvantaajsons Uksss mulei tha present
cu. amata anea
? ?*> ?
<'iililllllr.si..lli'l WOOd makes ll li,M?il point ilfc'.illist
alset-Og Hie iii'-iiibi'la Ul tl*.- Hoard of Education.
If ibis !* linne, lin *nv*. MW? shall soon have mi
ot'ier board like tbs Board ..f Aldorssso,with scans
o! the iiL'iiib-14 keeping betrooias or receiving
stolen gooda.'' on.-snell board aa that which dis?
graces ihe City li-i ' .* aa aiaeh aa Hus eo-oasunitir
. nu Bland.
??? ?
John KeoTi?;i nt Lakewood xviii nnd the v w*
Tort papers uncommonly lively reading to-day.
**- -
Thara ls no doab* sbonl ii eternal vi.il uno is
the price of an h.m. wt government, Knavery i.i
ever alert Hunt tba brita takersdown!
-,?:, :..i !' - .five statesman that hf* ls,
va- i.-!-'. taut u. take His (1100,001) nf Pan-Electrifl
stock Ural ottered to bim, sltboush it wasonly an
int.-re-timi and useful " scientific enterprise." But
anec tlie oller wasinrrmaed tof.%1K),000be took
th.- st. cl - ii!i Cu- cyu. ::l . ? il tbe eom
e.mt vcould probably make money snaagb for
ll hail ceased to bs a seiantifie exoarl
Li.-nt. lt !i.'ul become .a telephone boodle
Jaehne '\.-i the boldest. I':.- most sctlve and un- |
d.-icioiisof oil the Dom eratic Aldermen In carrying
thron [fa ii; ? Bros * il ai in the summi r of ,
1 a confession xxiii in*
? cutnrc tn stand out F
Is tlu-i'i' iny more hnmtlisting tin ight ta i he hon
orable people ol New-York than tbat it le possible
: i in "ii whose hm I nc*i e?,,,i?u. ia debauching
other men oi In -h.eldin: criminals and e. king
? rofl! i, ... f.. se ii ie Ii uh phi <?. o iii tl..- g..v.-ru?
in nt of the lint cit) in the Western llemispberet
Tim picture that is beiug presented ol tbe condi?
tion of citj polities is nbeolntely nansenting t<>
de 'nt m. n. And t ct ;t i- yoor deaent but ladifler
i cut nan oho ara responsible for it.
Jaebt ?? should hive been a Cabinet officer instead
of .an Alderman it be-tad hoped to be fully pro
eland alindee to" tho brief prominence
. hu position.'1 Wo respectfully ditter with
her, ls sin- not an anthor: ind la there any reason
! it liv her prominence should lie brief I We in iee!
j that she Ims a more particular refprenco to her
brother's position, in wbich case uo one can gainsay
Walk ni> to th^ DistH t-Atrorney's office nml
s. tile, t- ? M len.i ot l ?-!. Who itiil ta- thi
to follow Jaehne '
The president ni tho Dock Department proposes
to dischnrw all the laborers and n - cause
the department is out nf money. But we suppose
mirdsslnners will boldon to their offices and
theil salaries with nnfalling regularity. At
least it lia* not bean rumori I thal they intended m
reaigu iu ..iaI.-1 to nain.-,- expense*.
The City Hall imist be divorced from the ram In
The practice of buying wives, whicb was lntur
supported to be confined r<> the purlieusof Smith?
field, London, seems to have gol into one corner of
Pennsylvania, wherea man parc insed a spouse for
?hurt i'm dollars, snd was nibsequently relieved
t>. :i i ni th af the transaction was illegal. According
to tbe story, tin- ohnnges of partnership which
sfterwrird occurred aero sn rapid and betvilderimi
that they canonlj l.nmpared tn the pro.' -- if
i-i followed by tha offleer*. in "I'nti
.-uni ii au- ali the parties sta id related al prosent is,
! ./ Dundreary used tn remark, "ono of those
things lo tello- i'c-i find ont."
The fi.linty Democracy will be well represented
ut Bing Slug presently.
s.-iuitor Bock said in Hie s.-n-i''- Wednesday, " 1
.1" not stand on the corners of the dreet* and thank
Dod that! sm not as other man." Of course he
doesn't. Nobody pretends that Senator Beck is
dull of wit. When he pour- ont his soul in mat' fol
thanks, he may be rtdied nj.on to have some real
cause lui "-mi itudo.
The immaculate Reform organization in wbich
Hubert o. Th..milson. Jahn Keenan and Henry W.
Jaehne are bright sud shinina light, will bears
great deal of reorganization soon.
Alderman Marlo is Batting bts '-ve te th cut ton ch?
ing tt-e duties of a typical member ..i the Common
( 'iiiii.'il. ile has proelaimed Ins intention to .!.-\ ot*
hi* Aldermanic career t.. Hie good of his (eliott -citi
- zens. Imt bis first resolution, to enable taxpayers
; to have something tn say a bon I railroad franchises
' sad to provide for their sale to tbe highest bidder,
[ bas been sat down upon at lightning speed. Alder
no in Karie will learn In time that !be typical Nen ?
1 V.dk Alderman is there not for the good but for the
goods of his f.llow -citizens,
The Jsehne birds of a feather are flocking to?
gether apon the iuue " idnf.." And they appear
wholly ignorant thal the public is stealing in on
them with .lui.* to knock their bends ott,
Assemblyman Farrell bus introduced a bill
abobsbiag iho offices of the present State and Mu?
nicipal Civil Service Commissioners, snd pro\ iding
that the Governor and state officers sha'l lorin a
new State Commission, and the Mayors and hoad*
of departments of the different cities new municl
pal Coouuissiona The exaniinal '-un. ins bill noes
on to say, Mill be as "practicablen ss possible.
Practicable mr what I l*racticable tor whom!
For what practical purpose is this measure
intended t _______________________
PERttOS a..
Tho late Maj.r Jamas W. Bshaamberg osed to bo
saeoaated prabably tba bandsonissl maa in Phils
di Ililli i. itii'I In. da I'.'iL'i' -luitv Mrs U ulii's Hallett, of
Uiii-'iitiiii nuked anning lb* most beautiful winnini.
Dr. lin!.** i: -.rn, P, li. Bishop of Missouri, ls seriously
oreat snee?s -.vms probable for tho memorial .<f tho
lats Helen Hunt JaaksoD at Manta r.'-. B. M., trbleli t. tn
?BBitniB the form ..f n ? ti lainin So Bool fur Indian cu.*.. "
Coloael Quay appears to lint., beena* soocaasfal ns
I sportsman in Florid* ss ho was in bts recent race foi
th., i .'ini-yii.i n.i State Treasurership, De aud bli sob
have killed bo lou Una seventeen daec and h Isrg*
.iiniii'it "f Biaallsr same, nit le uiaatloattsb bayoud
an sn :??:'- nu.-t amiiitiuus .lie.un. Colonel i^uay will
return lu.tue nils m..nth
(nv ..I Ml SI. ". Xi.neil 18, vii it.t'.fcston. -John Vf.
r..?ti*r, si-United States Minuter h.-re, started to-nig it
witii in* wife itu,I a party ?f friends for Weahuigton.
Un d lent Disis Kave Mr. Poster a prirats dlaa*r tai*
j wr-Bk anil um hlga*r alre-ss ..f Hexlcaa society bava
I sh*wa him sraat flourt**iea Kr. Poster was popalar
I.ere uml did iu.i.-ii to promote ta* iiiternniii.ii.il K-xxl
Iee.III. I.elWe.-.l lilli I WU .-HUI I l'i-M.
Roswell I', l-'iowiu-, of New \ or-, ls hore wi Ut u patty
of frt.-n u
Hts i if.i aa Chili, Maret) 19, rta Calveston. Mr.
Roberts, iii- Ualtad Stat** MlBlster, *rrlvad iu um
elly t.-.lil) rt'i.til .Ul rlritrsL.ri tn lui-s.idlll nf Chill. Ul*
Ulp**f*r*S SBfolo.i|.ied,, ii,..lilli nn.l ii half. Ile
n is *-.triicr*il sullMI -nt inf..nu itln i to ma kn Chill better
Uiiown l'i.m in; ii.- rt.. t., in - boob try bs reproiout*.
ih,- Yi.ijiitii- Lancet, of Psiet-trarg, x'a., is*.ii.i to be
the ..nit-|.i|.?-r in u.i* conn tn ttniiiiut.-.i by a colored
tt.iinnii. lier ii.i ii a> i* Curie Bragg.
A punt -m.-: " I tuite it -in, 5 Lttlo sun, a hov |0*l Bve
Old." Fili* L.II...1. in .t.i.it ia.Ult |. en tl.il :i?
selie period >'f ll.ell il'.es, tulumi e-X.-lilli.
c..linnell i. If tb* po. i Lad " a B'iu. a littli., a girl just
il tn ye.ir-nil," ll tt milli L.-in..,,: i, BIB. kable ..N.ii.l ?
tow li Il.l.lld.
At tin1 Rhode t land Stat* election which a -li oeenr ob
the 7ti of April, Um paopli . tad to rote on two
.Ulieliilliii-IlLs. un. ti. ,CLitv s,,nilen mid ..,11 ,r., ,,f fol Ol li
lu tu r. La ssrred In tbe Ute war to vote wit Lou!
propart] . Una, aad tn- other prohibition Um
manufacture nnJ miin of Intoxicating il'ioori lo tin
At tn. |] |
Mn- ?? il.>w iii nu- world .ia they siana** le do tin* 1 >u
nt-ii;-> u. noe* ii tinnx l< .i.-.iiii >,i u I"
Ile - "it. iii.-y do ll iv ia.ni- .. i....I._i.: ot it at .ill. lt
I.i-i it i,es I'liiei'. n.e. h.,na a, tv) til t a.-iu. '
lilli aile! a . ll: " Do ) oil
the t Nunki Pu . li .,, I"
lin B , , ..il,i,I lu .1 IB OU* ia, ;., il it
ti., ...iinii tt,is en,um t.r..ed bj au Bternal Ira*l_neas
l!"st.ill K*< ..I'll.
ra* Will of George Bapp who f..iin.lo.l tl,.- lt.inn,mst
of Leiiiiuiii), is atm m subject of lltigaUou Ul
i'lll-i.iir.. -uni. Ins de uh mers than a lundi,-l
c. un., iii- have a inn tn Warta** Borg, liertuaiy. andll
iooli* ll* tboagh the i|Ueer rr 11 iri. ii i. mm t win, ll he
fiiiui.lrilwil.ii,ileeiiini.h of ti.e r I , ,on'.ih.u tt ;n, h h.
TB* Old f i-b L. neil I.lem ..f in.ik : ll-T Mg I'lllpets ls .Hill.'
i-oiiio aluul ii__iii. Lat willi - .lul'-ieiiiiiiiiiiii. so lo Spank.
? Au_uniua." .uni sao, rn) abu lo.iuuii perceptibly lu lita
.lli-oi-tl >n, ?> hnvo you any (lld necktie* that you uro uot I
Bslng I"
" Aiiirollno. mr Avarest, I it ill nee; but what do yon
want of ..id h.a sties t"
" ? 'h. I'm going tn iiiiiko a Kllk rag carpet for n portiere,
yon know. It will bo inst lovely "
" Lovely r
'? X... i.e.-.inse tva .-un .lr.iw li vaty closely when vu. i
Clll I l-t lilllie;.." '
A leii I..,\ mil of wreaked eek wear wa* ."cut down '
IL' i. "ii I.,,nun. e tidy. -'Ila. tf..r.l l.i<t. '
Ona Alleniutti Iii li ui 1 I-, tv.rfh ts', in Florid*.
Wai.,ofWayaask,as ' to The Waakina. j
I a - ri'..-. is still having lots ot faa : ??' assn ibo sr- Ina*
>.f fm . ia-* if> i:k'- td.. ? Mikado" oat has a i <>or
opinion of |i-.ii' --ive lench**, il- saya ha had bardi)
. ai ..na t Li* ta?' k 'a Ilea Ila' llgllBl
i toidi*, whit to expect es act ly the
.f.- l.e diii n t know; bit hs look all fha pt eaaatlooa
possible fii.in getting left on what li* afterward
wo* * a (terned rlwaeealL" Els retained bis knit* la bis '
e.h. ; ni', tn..!; hi* chair with bim to tb* B**1 ac,
shurt and dal'tslve Boauco, Attar di was svei l.
il :. to eal in on ".?-; r s, .,
Von eau always tell a nev member of Cob "res by Ihe '
Bl re'.'!..i ui lin -I !--.- D of :
th-- couti! lo " Tie ..id ' st -..'.'i-ry ov.ir a '
trivial tn 'tt-'i iii.-.- tilla. - [Wa*bin jton ''riti.-.
Ti.e lr , I'.
an Ideal pleasure re ort tor \R.orloans.
Aa old lady who died recently In I*nndnn beqnealhed
i ie -,,- the I ,.t r
.1' * a ll ii. Cld linn, .- ;,',1 : .ll
i tis il evi , hi ? ?( ai c innot
,.: I.iia, v. bat i .ms, .1 lier deal li.
fi snset ipi.
The faltlitton Army will har* a big review la Wash* <
iii.L.ii mi th ? 27th of this in h. a.
I'ii.' ,|.:e .tani is a-ke I Xl at Would MSMSChUSetrs d* t
wltb >'1.1"-.', i lu .,-rn tlie I'.-:, -ri .1 Tri 'Lair .
hill *. ii al i Le idiii. i ' ' n
lt. 'i'ii' .a ,-i- ..- e.; tiona eil ol x[,,-.,,.in-, t- ls '
uni .-iiiii ?? :.....!.. Ti.i- i. ,, ?;,, ,, ,. : .,. i ?,,,., ,.' - is i
'I ? er,- |? ra! , ramMy *-> di'stltni - I ?
neil e Ulm. I lentil to read ate! , i;di.-r. lint lb.-rei
children who .hi n t know how to cam a llvlns
ci at.ure tim em tijii l,- nt e' ?
?Lui-'"'- t.. ? ? I'ii rv town *houll Iibvi-lt* in- ,
du*trltiI -ebo l'...-? :.. it b;.-ii nub sela...i and every etty '
ni li il iv ii,ul ot *-i: t ii _i ludiuttrl il -'!.' -
Springfield : Dion.
."!r. XV. II. ll, n-..::. nf Phi] 'I. lidii i. ha< i-s ir 1 a eall i
for a uaw pollta irty wblob will atnrd on th* follow .
planks: Every one to owpf 1,000 wt th of real
nu taxation; srtlol.taece*slty not tobe
taxed; the . ni. ? lutes Hi nut. to lia elected directly hy
the ['.'"i I. ; no ti an lear in the army s
a pn-viotti ' rt ii i- in "i e ranks; all other parties tsbe i
.li eLiied iii ad; :uu! tin general appllcstioa aftbeprln- j
eil.a- .e lia- i i'o tia- 'HM',-si Tllllri li.-f. Tlie ,
? -. Ben ...ii before this, bal be is i
q .: ?? -? re imi in- rame will now tup gently bul firmly
clown the corrldoi - ??! time.
/ I '.'-/ Pl USt .1 li ? />/ GOS ''KUI'.
The '_?<> 11 null indifferent feature* were un*
l in tbe tl: si of the Purseh-Madl eau
certs .ty ila.: i..*t Bight. Th* ronner cat?
egory oin i.r. te. l ibe tinging of the dtiaetress af tb* Amer
lean Opera School; the latter eomprlMdth* romatndav
of Un- entertainment, though, perhapa. tho? who aie
? dlspoaad toward ths Preach *trio of slaging
might have' i - u--. i to ezeepi tue p*rform*ne* of M.
u .nil)-, whleh wbsexceedingly good i?r lt* kimi. The
programms bad one di eld. 'i merl! -it iras br <-f aa i ooo
?urned less than ttto Ihhil, notwithstanding thal three
numbers wer* added In response to tba dessaads of ibo
nilli elie.-, one by Mme. Punch Uadl, ons by M. Booby,
uml oin- Lt Miss Margollrs Man-.rnis.di-Mii.il alone
merited Ila- Lenity mia .'Lat oil which ker Sluging
evoked. Throughout, her work was of ibo broad,In?
spiriting kind, for which we have fr quontly bad .. - t
. express ? .ur a.lum i
ihe most considerate ol reviewer* could scare* yttnd
an h..nisi wi.ri of praise for tbe play lug of Ml** Mar. I
ililli.-*, who i' ...ed a gonata for rn ino nd cello bj M -n
ii ...p. .",s, wiiii Mr. Lterguer, Llazt's tarantella,
" \'eiie/ia e Nupoll," nnii on n recall after Ibe solo Men
da --..ini's ?? .-pun.ni.- -ni i:" from the "8ougs without I
Word*," I ie chorus of budding opera alnsets is
)L'--i'n inn -te wltb commendable precision under the
dii'ci-iiuii ol Mr, st. Bebreua
The sale of tickets t'-.r Leonard Grover's
mon*!*! iienellt porfoniiiiin-e ii* .t Saud ty b-..ui ) eater
day mornlug, and the greater part or tim House i* al?
ie.dy sold The indications ara that by Sunday avery
seal Ul lin- lin:;*., will Le sold and a IUb*tantiSl slim lie
placed to the credit of Mr. Grover. Certainly Itlsloag
edi of names wbs gathered to-ruu-r
an say programme. In addition to the attracttoo* al?
ready announced, I:. E Etlee, P. BL Qllmore, Henry Ti*.
sington, Jesae Williams ind Ernest Meyer will oonducl
tbe rurlou* orehastras which will particlp ito.
An old favorite of veteran pla) goer*, M - D. P. Bow?
ers, will be seen, and M's* Agnes ll.-iii.lan. advertised
by Mr. Grover as "tha famous beauty," will recite tbe
iiiuch-.li-I'li-sfii ?? 'Ostler Joe." Carrie -wain will slug,
ai..! tor the llrst 'line iii live years Mis.* LlZZi* Kel-ey
will ap; e ir I..-r.i b the public again. I in bert liilltai I, tua
well-known Brooklyn amateur, wbo bas recently bio**
*.iine.l Into B pr..f.-?-.on.i: a,dor, Will reel e, mid 1
IL Tborue,Jr., will ttlao appesr. Among tb? companies
wbich win app**r ?? entirely or nearly io/' t>. quota i be
.idveiii-eineiu again, ar* the " Mikado Company, the
Casino, Harrigan'*, tbs "\\'e. Ut .x- Co.," the "Bag
UaLy." tm "Toy Pistol," Ralsburr's troubadours ami
Ihe Metropolitan (ipera House t horus.
TBE " 1111 I.i: TYCOON " .11' TUB RLES' BENEFIT.
Washington, March IH.?The "Little ly
I'oon" Opera Company, numbering eigbty-.hr*e people,
from the Temple J in .ure, Philadelphia, came her* to
lay to appear al the Elka* *nnn*l bonedt performanoe.
special crain wblob conveyed them ni ide the run be?
ti bi Philadelphia aud Washington In tare* hoar* and
tan minute*
There wm a conspicuous lack of wine at the
.limier given at No. .'i~i FuitoB-su, Brooklya, bul even?
ing by tbs newly organised Young Men's Prohibition
Club of Kino. County. Lut ibewatei was rogar
good. About eighty members of tba club and invited
guesrs were st the table*, i'he - stkar w.t* ex
Uorernor st. .i.din, wbo wi* welcomed wi b loud op
I i.-.-. II* urged the need ol hearty aud effective work
on the part of youugmento carry oul tho pnuciples ol
the l'loiniiltioii party. Tue other ? peaker* were tb*
lief Ur. i'. (. iaidy. th.- liar. J. i . Allen, Dr. i laorga K.
Hanie., xv. IU Osborne, Captain "Jack" Crawford, ibo
Kev. xs. XV. WeUa, i; P. ide. P. W.Seoaeld, so i tua K-v.
W. ll. Bool*. Ii wa* pim Biklnight whan tho duiner
pally Ln.ke up.
//.' LPISQ .1 WORTHY SOC 1 Bl V.
The Bijou Opera House waa well-tilled yes
Lu.lay afternoon byan an.lia...' thal same with tbe
double motive of b*lp!*g a deserving charity and wit
.- a .-; ter amateur parforuutaea Tba obaritj
wa* the Blas Anehor Society, who** -? ,f- inposed ta-k
is :,, look Hli.-r ll ?? sli,|'.viei ...I, and 1 lie p-rfor:. .
for it* benefit, tta* given hy tbe Dramatic social Circle,
an amateur organization, rho balk ol tb* euWrialu
melli consisted of " fh* Weddin; M ireh." wliieli '.v..s
fairly tt.-.l a. iel, and was preceded Ly , one- iel i
bu*. Tbs ebtef credit ls du* tu Mr. Clark* sad Miss
1 ostcr, tvliu acted excellently foi amateur*.
'lin- Stoddard matinee ai Daly's Theatre
yer-tei'.l.iy ii,or:iln_ alli-ii-t'-.l tl larg* ailtllem'e. Ml.
Stoddard's subj**! ??i"N'iiw \v..:U4 with Charles D i>
en*," u..i the b .?Lire, wa* an Imsgiusry rt?il to plaee i in
Lon.ina ant lim.'..ml now known io bs those which
Dickens bsd In mind whoa wruiug lui various rove.-.
i .ie ... tt H..I ns* will ho niven na March '20, waon Um
lifo of Mary, (^ueeii of Scot*, x*iu furnish lbs thorne.
x i Ul.KU il. i,'1 Mil) FOB CURRENCY.
Senator Jones, of Nevada, who is known us
i'.ie rankest fi rer adi ie it* In alt ber btaueh of Cougre**,
lois ia eu |,ela- for -e. el il t|.tvs. (blinna t sl*rf*y ua
Un- Dual ? in, ho sal l :
i ia people lu N*a York City who s ima* to know
all abo ii tin.in.. ? r- . know tb* tl mi prlofi| ,-t
ut lt. Tl ey Mani ii. io e.nm- down t" ii gold -Lu .1 . d
Why 1 Because :',it itoii'ii girs tba few ponseasorsol
gold an almoal absolute control ...' Hie country, for .-1.1111
rn ul. W* du nol 1.ee 1 ... lal all. What wa need In a
eur rein-, is th.ti it -ii Ui kai ea n te l rs .population,
abai! bi calen tole, aud shall ba Buaierioal. ????
ta* gold ni.indar.1 idea leads joni.. If wa hov* to-day,
-?I, uno .inn!, 0.1. in ;_, 11 a* tai al toe country
and li.i.Oi'U.niH, nf penile to use ii, aad in ten year* Ott!
p.,pu,a: iiu snail Increase lu 80,00-1000 and the sadd ne
ljonn.ro it 1.- aboard to -, ty tn at tho t 'ala* of the .loll tr
liars lint oh.m., 1. ',',.. Bia twaalj n. .non ii,..ie |.-ople
stun.'-; iii*' to g.-l Un i u..i:.,r as 11 ot.i'-.ua'iii.'iii.-.iiuiii.
Ph* liam of damaad bas eouse ia to c rslaeol
Hu- dollar. VoU iid.-lil turo* t ?iii ld.ai-.al .
.1..har* nf gold m;.. th* e .an aud -absti'ate p i, cr
.lullars alni they wo il.l Uo Jil*! as taila .10 a . < linen-v,
fbey weald be la demand Just a* muea aa ualts of ex
i-'i.-ii.ii. . X eu \ . dal i uised bj :.?
ullin he e um't*i 4'il a pt.r ol sim. .. Te mali
who W-. dd sell tbe be t shoe foi tbe imnlleel uumher ol
the mi;, oi ?xahaage aould ii UM value of that ax*
obauge tu shoe*, rb* laiae tblug ?- . li any
cou iii" ut 1. Tua itostter* wool . iii ba - ri. li |
re,.italive of value and woula 1 bereli) Bx ami ne
i.-i uni,- .is i.iiu.-. What wa 1. el ii, . ... a-, a.;, 1* tbal 11
sholl ins Ishim I to keep paes wktn pn l*|opu
,i'i-i...-.s w 11 se.l m.,;.- L1..11, tto .se more h.inoar
ra Lur.. mi ri . 1 provUiu
Iii 11 i< I.. ? In ?! >t ii'-.-.I
??ti.re currency. 1.mrre cj -ii 1 d b* ninnerie.il
m.. bal
?? w ai .io an t..ink oi tha Presidents Masaags <m his
. te "
? lil* 101 worth wini,- lUaenasiug lt la aa aliswrdlty
it .i.?s.at rins to tba digatf) of aa loans. Il
. a :. en e.p. -
? ai iioiinii.'i. ?s lo th ?? in tue liot
i-riiii.i'iil. ll I. p'oil .1 ,> Un- a- I :..- . aa tlj."
T" I"- Sdi tar ?,' r <i f Trtkttntt
Sm: Un several occasions during the peal
tt nu.'i lueie |i_m neeii a Rl.tisii)?iil tn lour column* lo
tbe etlei l ibal lui n.uno wu* lueuUoiiad tn count cmii
with Ibo preaidaiuiy of ITV.igei*. lr malo (oliege. ll
..ll.-1. happens 10 a mau thal tte learua ut-wa lu regard
ko iiiiuieU iiuui ibu uott ijoi't-i 1. and ibat be uiu*l kvep
il*eye*nponthei?|? order to bit woB Informen ab,n,
in* ..wu history. Tbla li no'. ,1 mutter of _-r,,.t ira.
,01 r.uiee, !,nt |kS repetition of i h* ?tir.,inent mtV",
f.-p.-r for me t-i s.y th it If i-iy nu, Bas bee* .,?*,_
?I in thia connection, lt has bea,, w..t? "'" JJ
iii.m le Ige, "'"
Tho coll**** ka* doa* a?d work ra ta* Baal a
?are.l'af d-efel,., .si,. :,,'.- it l-l t: ,. f i- , ,,'
l*? Bf tho g v. Ur. Hareb.i-I. after se.,- ,
tara**, uml succewfal s*i t
><?? .. president, A propel- mm fir the p.i?itioB witt
li.'iLtL's. be round . bal et I in ly m,r in .,. ?
i ready Biara largely rAvorad wltb ? irk tod, ta,., '_.,,.
)H III. Ul lill .1. '. .. . liv Kl I.
Kew-York, March IH, lUsit,
iii rorroir's mcitki ci xi ii ...ivi; iuf. y,,-,
I O.fOKKSf KAW TO Ttl ITA1 I tv.
Ol liei'.'l .Iii,ic* A. Il ill. Of M .i'u., , ,i 1 j
'I'liu vi. reporter a fi w lay- t/u.il. .
. d Mr. Ulallie. Ho fo iii t n: ?
iver old iotu-r*. Au anto.'i i,di lett,-r .,? u -.
? Uoe*d sa Barta*, been fo ib i. Ib ww
lad ? ill. ! ths af.-'itlon Bf |fe* -'..re.,,,,,., ? ,,.,. r.
ted ",- .i I ?,:;.- i,, ,,, ,, ,;li i i
i. aarrylag a hitherto ctr ingly
.,-i.n as in ullin. Thoma* f, Vat - ir, ab* ll :;, |
irodues - . la thia ?ity. an seeing ths
ri tb ? ..-ii-titi Hall, remam bored tbs its
lim- wbeii i'osr.r
? r. . |*y to *p. Ot a go* I wail for Po*ti r, ti m -, ...,
lld MB Lil
ee Mr.',ree!, y's ..-tier Ile wro'e IO S
er. of 0 y : . . ingres ? ian sf xir.
' pis '-. i IWI . . ? .
g-Uover ->r lu'i lust i I i,,,
. Mr. Bl due and -ntii it to Mr. Porter hors foi?i
iiiii.tiioa. A reporter got i?.rii lett.-r* fro bi ti.\.
loveruor on their l- . .? . , . .
'o.-u-.-. Thia ia Mr.
Ni w -YOBS Tim.i >
I Ken. il, I <71. )
Ur:*'! Pm . Tne iXtb DUtrtet ot ',1,,.. has roi* A, si
IS furn..ii.o.:, a.s foll IWJ :
IL Lilli ll --1 liena.
IO . v. on I -t.r. 1". s ..
. rstle ni?...ni . .
s.il-htl.kiaii.l. Ul.jil. ? ..Le 11.717.
? 1 .:m
(All bur 79 of . ??
?t.s ...lj.,,n. 1 1,6 ,". Dick.
mlle tiialn-it-,- ? i i,
B?0-?FoSt?r, Ul 27*.
Ri |nU. ie .ii i..
(General Ur?i i bad 127 Btajoilt) ui
I call your attention to tb*** fa . 'pre
emption In Buggeating to yon that tue uer n
iimi** I'osi-i- i.i.'1'..ii i aever saw Bor bad any eorre*
i ' ll* a -apel lot oi ll . who u Iglll la, .,
.?i -..m. I tn purl ml com
making, if not appropriations, lt ami poastbi* tba* a i
iver-ge man eun nave *o carried lhal dlsim
hs repreeeutative oboaru bi llln'<Ji by l.Cl., in
roora, Hub .- i
Hon J. fl. U: um:, Hoass ol Boprcs** i
I, u.
Mr. itiai'ie'* letter fraaamiUtf-g ta* ? rta
lover "I- I n-i. I bj of late .late.
Ai ut -it. 1 - I
Mf In tn POSTEB : Von may rerueinbel hiv lc - yoi
i ?? i t .111.10 -
ia.1, pr.-i-e.ie., y.eir a lt .-iii by s rel y eui
er. AsIeooW a*verproduce it I iiiin< >.ni carnets
lour.- its rx launce. But truth bi al wa)
; iiol.I, here it i*. Kummagiug over - ,t
el papers tb* long-lost len.-!- r. i r ? ?? I u ,
uni I bast, ii ro eon I it- -?. please d-e-l ul
ronr doubt* and m i ;n arknowlad. sf Biy good
,.i 11 ii ? iud, Bl 1- B :, :
How ar* you I I hop* good heal B end gool for:'ti*
ut. nd you.
I ani |u*r tbrongh with nit- second volute.
i boy who ls thro.mb with i ipoa
. > . Xo ir friend, faith
J tt|| s I, |.
(i it KiiM.i: I.--r it.
l - iii-Lu: r, of course, ls now ron rs. Yo rtron*
ne -.ti i lie iii ia .in _- ii. ..'- letter, if yo* ean'l gel
. ii, rtend ii bael* Hld i tt;.. r.-tiitli it .v ., .. i , ...
In talking *boat ta* aeaarrau? sad la saawer t* m
?i i ?-. (.oteiii.r 1 o-t.-r s,.i ya* l lay : "I r tm
ei-.-l on BSOlBg '..iiei.t! Half* Intel vl*? that after I gal
o Wssbington, on halag tatrodu**d la Mr. I
Old nie lliat B* li ni rec lived a h trer a oat lie 1 a. 'lr.
i rei-ley. Ile also said that h* W*ald band lt to ne ?> ? .
* cam* keross lt. Ms has kept in* prowl**! a;:e: ta*
i.i tay years. I u.ul never ni ? t Uiaalaj 0
ny < o ri-ipoii'lence w:tu bim, Bad could BO ie. .-in*
mw im at matta* e >al i have baaa dirsctad io sm. i
'?I- .i-l.o-t'. - il I 'i.iiil- ii.
Irst term, .t ni.-ii '.vu a b dtei' pla** Lui I ii 11 t* , ? '.
or. Mr. lianne, you wtU un MTStaa I. Ik**
; tho provloua ? ongne*, a id al tue tuui <. r
mu waa about to be re-elected."
IR. -I XVI I.L Ul 1 KM"- .III. .MIA -Lilt: ? III-. COX*
MU HOM xx lill 11.
Washixotov, .Malchi-* iSpstiaAi.? i'll.? hill
oaathorisecertainferetgn-bailt staamshlps laths iso
ice of tlie iiiteimttioa.il Company lob* r*gtst*r*d as
- ??? - af the Unttad Stat**, winch was terara* i re?
ne ted ia tho -ei,ate from the ( outiiiltten ou l'omni,-i cs,
y Mr. Cameron, ls attracting coi.?;dri able u -. ,.?i,,u.
'he BlU waa Introduced by s, uator Seweil, By teojtMSt,
n.i in ?)ieaiilnir of the Biibj.-ct to ali.! ipond
?:t ru- lay li- sui:
"Tue mu kasbeaa attached ns in the interest of me
?eiiiisyivauia U.ii;ro.ul Company aud aa onpo-ed
o the pruiciplo of protection. As to tba
int of tho-e mi I'ldiuim, I want io sty thal
Inttoi'.nceil the bill by request of a fi.nd
if mine xrho I* ti'-t eoao*ct*d wirii tu,! Paanaylvaals
ICoaspaay. I .lid not know then ami do nit of
By owb knowledge know bow, that th* i'. nayivanla
hulroad Company ls latf st*d la th* MU. go psr**a
olmo.: id with taat limul i af ever * al I any: Inn. io mo
ai the -ubjeet. I introit teed th* MU i* I would ant - i
rMMon i friend sad lt appears toed
Lat t: waa introduce! Ly r-ipie-t. | b*M then thal UlSM
rae al leas, uno clause In tba hill which I cn. 1 ia: | ia>
ort an.l r n.i* was strlokea oat ta committee, lt mtBor
tad the purcbas* ahcoad of vessels to r.-|. ;,.,. w... ;*
nat might oe lo*I. I tbaili my r.-i'.-.nl In ii,.* Seii.it.? li
ift** IB that Of cay member from corporate inila. ; ?
b ive voled fm- the 'nil! to torfoit laadgraata sad for
Uaaaaaar** IO ISjBtMB tho unjust ii*., of corporate
.ower. No person *oa***l*S witii tua PeaasylvaalS
(allroad Compaay aaa ava* Baked bm Msapport tay
?? 1 want to suv iliat I am .a.* fl.ra.ly :n f ivie af \
lon aa any meiuber of ibe (senate. Bul I be tie
'.'???: ' shape Unit tills I li te: tl it inn.ll -t'-..li- . , I 1 I* *
vi*.- li.c.sane, Tins ls a .oniiiauy ca.rteivd !,, i'. . -t.
ani.t and empowered lo Invest In tue stork of li
airpiu'.inoas. All the stock of thi* -? ?. n- ;p compauy
. in. ia a;,s ixcopt tba u*c**sary 2 per own!
0 accur* re.iatry abroad, lt wt* originally sliaaof
ailiag veaaels. It was i inder a foreign ita.luci -.?
1 Wari lin; o-*lble to rilli lt Bl a p. oat UBiiai o .iowa
lag. i >?; year C*ogr**s ioi_ oil Boas* ol
uo burdsoa on Auerloan vesa - i | .
'eur will tak* ntl m< r.-. Uader ; --j
ireiini-i.tnce* the owner- oi thia line tula, that t .er
un rdi! ll si a profll tin ier their own tia/, ..iel tb v are
..I'M.. ile enough lo W.llif to do lt, It We l.t.. ? '..a ll
ii,, privilege Lien we limply pul an o il . le li - s iy
if reviving our shipping later**-*, I wood no! fsmr
niiiiiii.il. ut American ragiatry ship* bought wub
nd in view, but thia la not such a case. Weat ?
.. sela ta make .. beginning with oar foreign trade, iel
,e| ,? i - ie ,. m. i- IO roi sun,.- illili I IP lie Ht our ow ,1 , .; ,/elll.
\ ii *hit>builder* will ba benetttel *i*u,a*Um n>
?, i ling of ne ihlpi r .( .ir i
I mat ae tr -ii.- la ii.i' t ls ? -.
lut I hold them honestly, and I So not think Hw: any
m. es. tua with being influaueed bj pa*
ona! couaiderations."
;LT l.r.S'l DOK9 WOT LAST Ill'IVlUn
>'c,i?i / . /. ,-.,,. ;
//,. v. ir York keeniny i ,-?? e- r...e- truth-I . (
? a tillar,." ll is pel baps ?? . ?- ? I
bal lt" Knit laois eoustralu* I ?> tea) r.-..: lu.ut -*?
nu: 1:1 publican MAJoum '?? ts i.uii.i.ii nu.'N.
Henry I..thone... re, >l f . -at - lia be ii n " '
v llalenedtodoli .;??* . , in, t I ;
teemed to him ??tao m.>?i practical sad
leinoiy iii ni-world." Bill xir. Ltbouohsre's I
tat doa* 'luite a nu-a i ie r of y*ars
NOA' THAT ll.HMS tx a v. ti. .? 'I 18 RETIRED.
i wita*,
it lo -ks a- u ino f.iuire oapiiauaia ot h ? 1
ta tia ex-Aldi rosea
xs..lilli: ci.. I i.i t,i APitU.VTMEVT.
/,.. .
The co inti j WU |Udg* ol : li ? MU - '
.i >. ... .i,..: Murray, ? ?
it meni ol ?uch a )
I . iIh-i Iv io tue ( i vi I Brrvtee . mi. iii'-io i, ol .
,.,-,. ,.,- tat . ;. . i ii iii " t ..
tb t -r.it'- Committee in me la*: Pre*
llgB. Xir. Dili"..)'* si.in,Hu. :. lill Bli ;* Lulof aB
nfl BSlVS |ie:in.IC p irr - in.
? .#
i X '?!.
/ , ,.? .'"IM. I
111.- ill-li lt'- I. li.era I l'i'-. . - - i'd >L
, If of Ul" -ena!.- Btu.a li'-"
vi,.-i. c "i.'-iii'-d wita th"dttferaueea li t ?
lent sad lue party to wk m gea* ?- sp ? *xs*?*J
.is i rossal lin pol la ce.
' ' i -
I I .11 .Iii!! S t* Bl ?
niiiii! bUHiueaaat x i tu) . a* to Mew-Yors
u ii- ba ::.. ll ii.i-'lu be tn Ibe uiiorest*
,,,.r,,. , . s . ..< theatre ll) ll . IB) Ul -
rUloi, - . ot iii ? not, ii, o'* ie.. m. I,ie .il) aa*
Ut |. .:? .Il?
lili) xii- I'LKVKI xsi. . ..N-i i r MK iixviiul
' tl AA
lt Ut I1UH .tal'. MUM Xl..* < lett -a i. ?ll'-'! ???
wile- ,. -. Uti el. es slid ., - M Uai iee .ll
rv to*ubtnil Bor copy Io iu. -,.i:.rt **?**??
lor ia v.*.un.
g I'.vkiiai. ?r::iiixi.)i:. tr tnt ;: iTR.
- t. ._?
Even with m.- t-a _? ". '.' \
York! tty lie es poser* oi i..b'*-ry s*m*4iiocs ?" <
nriorui. Ibe ll ar leia Rivoi brulgi ?'??"?'?'?'?'''''' ,.'.,TZ
Bt-ontrsci recently winch ..ced for iu- r"'r'':, i-M
?tonebridge uv*,- the river at icosi of -..-'* "?
pu,-.- w..s BUM.U* and in.nee,*?ary : USS JjTfSE
a. owe I n tbe c.mt.act ...lmltte.l .?', a., l'i.* "'# ?
Bery, ru i bibi sk caimasd ia*? ?****,ssa M^gg
has .oeu Hutt tho i-...iii.U..L.u.-l* bate rrCOll*!'lc"~1((| ?(
greed upon an lion brliiga bb" #
aavlug ol ot sr a uiH.iou dollar* *? *-?
Betlan nu.I ag
aui.iB cub

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