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Hail -il-ll.' Ile: IB?**?*' Aih'IiH-.*"
lt Br.M Int NIKI ---?? 1 i.e lu. I'lstuL**
tA;N,.. *?_?? i.n i,m Baron'.
lui a'- i ii inn-- " ISaaoy and Oompsny,"
l-i l ia Icm i?i* artworks,
1-1 ti- ii',, it i - -ta "i.i'-r lii.'iiii'.ii-ti ii'i'.l."
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Il ? ... I, . A H.t. ? li, -'TI. ... (. 4
Dnemcss Notices.
\V'ii:.i::'.('a|.-l,n.- Oil wu LlME.?Thc
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'i*. hum. mini- rn M mi. si'ii- ti a
1-Oaffi-N '"' "? "?' ' "'-'' -atH'CI.
.,.,'. . Months 8 MfTiths.
J ???- V t' -,,,,,!:,. - 1 |?J 1.1
Titi).*, lay. 7 00 M IT.',
t ii .150 . .
',. 1'osiul iirtlt'i r Cn ci ur Iii |
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I. Peats] Note ihe remitter will pleas! unit- rm tbe Note
* J il ii! Ntl \ ORR I til i sn."
I i -?! . N" ? v N -
I ., - .li -.'-'.
BKANI ii ( 1 1 n . - .I THE TIlir.i'NK.
Adv. rt narnu nts v- i
', J lp r IN . ?? if fl IN I tl al thc
3 uch >? lea k lo Ni nn.\ ., .
".. ua. nt. t" 8 p. nt,
"S. i between i-'rt and J si sra. till-I n. m.
Sf., no*. Wt ? ?? i.i.st., ina m. to Sn. aa.
>" I"1 I'll' lia t- .io ;.! I "t tl .tn Hill.*!., lo ., m. tu S it.lii.
? ill.
?-,--.- i .-??? ' rem a !?> a n. m.
I i , -,.uni,. N, ra ,"?. ol l 'inna iit'i-si.
in ci III ll .ll ''
?aVi-i ,a . j, 'F-it, I, min IfO Bedford-st. Hirsnd
lill. SR ri S /'//v MOILS I Mi.
Fui.ticv.? lntci vicNv \nii)i l*rin< e K ra | mt ki n e.
i Sosna ff iiuif- of Mr. Glaalstone's Irish
(scheme, very of oil In Upper Egypt.
-j Emperor W til i;mi'.-- Inrt lulu v. = .Mon- rmt
ini.' in R lu:iiin.
i ,,- on ^s ?Both branches in session. ~ Ben
tit, : Debate on lbs sappmised papers. Mr.
laogSiQ on the iocreaae ol the Anny.: Mr. In*
p,lls\ tt-,,Imi tm of inquiry. ? . : Hones: Mts,
ll.tin tu k ? pension." Ib-nincr-tts ami fi-,.,, s]u|is.
r r.iii-l.li-f!:it- investigation,
1' .M> .-? K . -Tin -tiikiis un Un- Miss mi Pacific
refuse in i-.-inrii tu \NuiK mi tim oonditioaa offered
Ha Mr. Hosie, - - I'he switenmen on all the
r.'iid* in Ka s,. eily unit work. = = Cosl miners
quitting nv,mk tim ?ngh< it it Pennsylvania, ? =The
hetaTrSaka i..ni-.l. :i-i-1 :i[ii iiit-1. Mfss;iL',. fiimi
\ Chvi Him Hi.! in n-irarii to ihf |'.i,,;i,| ,v;i' fnnehiae.
J '? i'1.ls i .ns,,i i,\- ice dania in the Hudson
and flic Mi*-.nu l.'ivcis. "I"lu- cl, r-tric (rtorm
in Nfiv-Knt-'ljiiiii. I'luu ,,f the r?(-i.!isinH-tnui
lill.;.'.-- nf the l.'t-ii.Inn-' l.'ililliiinl. Du isl,,n ,,|
tin- liii'.-il Stntss -an,,niiir Court in tne Mut ?kiu
<"alhir,*l.i-r i-lectiini i-:immi! Chteagn.
Ci iv and Svsosbam.?Jaehne indicted rorbrih
9tj, bia bail inaaaied to *fs25,000, and he looked op
falthe luiilt. 1.:iia:i'iiii-i-linif in Hivor of the
aSiaiiiitlay Iniif-iiolniay. .= Suit .iKaiti.-t .Mrs.
I'iii.'iii Mel-ens OH trial. -=r-; A mun killed in an
t-li-v.-i!iir -h.ift. : - H..1.1 Milne of the leiral-len
diTsiht-i tlullur ill'jio (trains) 7-a.rt't cent* =====
calockr- active a (1 ct-n.ralh" lower, elosing lev.Tish
tilth -tun.- ii iiiviiics.
Tun \Vi.iTiiKi:.-Iii,li,;itii,iis fur tu-day: Fair.
Tailhalino.-t Hlationaiv temperature. ItopamtaTe
jverateiflay : Hii.lit-.st, 4*9 ; lowest. 80?) average
40V- _
Prince Kiapotkine is asm of tlie most intelli?
gent ami lu st educated of r.unijie;ni Socialists
unil lu- M-tia liim-elf a eon^eiiial task, in our
qtexdal esble ali-i?at. li, this rotming, io e\
plaininsj the mimlci of M. Watim al the time
ni* the Dccazeville strike. He linds inlliat crime
]inHif that Krance is OD the v? ru..? of another
Bocia. upheaval which will leave the working?
men on top, ll must he said fox Kiapotkine
that he does not directly justify Ute killing of
M. Warrin. Jinn tusk wu-left for nu unwise
Member ol the Chamhei of Deputies,
Colonel Ca-e.v Yoting [the witness did not
a^iee viith Colooel Young (thejlegal conn.-el- in
the t.-li-]ihone scamhil inTestigation yi-stcrdav.
A- eoiiii-ei.^roni th.- beginBin|i ol this anpleae
aniiie-s Colonel Yoong luwlrisisted that he and
nil ln> I'an-Electric friends had set their laces
like Hint n-ainst the iirojiosition of the Rog! i-t -
|a> scatter the stock of their compauJ j Hld \et
as a a*,itne.*.s h.- adiniuiil that lie gove $10,000
Of it toe.\-('oii|.'ie>sin;tii M.niiy, |50, OOO toa
?MHB named Taylor, $5,000 catii to two other
P-WSiniOnil $1,000 to hi.- <-lt-rk. This ks some
thiuir ol ? .scalier, aller all.
The demand for lin- annulment of the 1.road?
way Kaihoad charier is strengthened hythe
BMMRBBhg9 of the ('overnor deasUring timi the
bU]i can bfl lawlully Liken, and should he, in
OTdertliiit (lie inoiistmu- trrosjg ihnni'.-h which
the fi.imhise wiis obtslnet] may he adt'uat.Jy
fiuni.-lieil. Mr. Hill is not the night Bl legal au?
thority in the Suite ; Lu: in this m-ianee he has
luosl ie).niahle su|?|ioil. Every h.,ii. -st N,n\
Yorkei exeepl the alli-id linioeeiit holder.- of
r.roadway stoek nnd their counsel, of course,)
Viii hope that the .-iiiniilineiit may he ordered.
It would bea great thing for toerosise it thc
Belfast a-'ub should vi-it the Inin d Suu-s this
fall a.- t nie i- a chance that it may do. They
are by far the best amateur lacnMae players, in
Um United Kingdom of Great Britain ami in?
land, and the only oms who matched equally
the American ta -am sent aluoad a year or two
?goto eonii -1 international homnr.ui lins nollie
-sport. Al m. plaoe did the Ann licans l-eceivi
?O hearty a weleoine as at Belfast; and it the
gSllaat younj.' Iri-lini. n will only return the
visit, -aothing iiiat tin- Itseiosse clubs can do w iii
Le I.-li undone in New.York to make their .-tay
agrt-eablt* and successful.
Tin- eltort to obtain l?fialatiTe permission
for the Filth Avenue Stage Compan*i to extend
its line to iitrhiy-iiinth-st. and throttgh Wash
bflOSJ Xjuaieto ILeeckci -s|. will liar.Uy meei
With (.?ii-at i.iijio-itHin. lt -ei-in- to he the opin?
ion ol evin one ilia: -,,.,,. tjOTi ot public
Vahiile is needed on ihi. A eiiue and lh.it the
RthoBB ls lin- thing. I'nilt i . iiOseeircuinsLui.-.->,
the longer the trip* the more pejOBle mil
bi' accoiiiinodated. Hui ue rtDSgine that the
txtaii-ioii ol ihe fiiiiichise mil eo.-l ,-oinethuijj:
TUlldel the hil) the (i.INCH;,,J ligMd .KaatCI.ial.
Of course the (stage empany would not mimi
puitnij/ a tjifle SSjJ | million orso?into the
Ci(y*8 IreaHiiiy. lt i.s g coriioiation full of ,MI.,.
lie spirit and truly devolud to the public's besl
hi tt I cat.
Kow when tho average citizen hears
?bout some proponed new stroet railway be
will be aide to retain huooWUOMU.. The Oov
e'litii' has (dined the Cantor bill, and heiice
fonh the righi in aa ? ihe stied- of New-York
for surface lines iiiii-l In 'l-l bj unction to the
highes! hilder lt is no longer ol any bbb tor
sire ? .1 rogues ro *ii\" the Board of Aldermen
ami linn laugh at the irate taxpayers who hang
cursinu to il"' straps in the crowd d, slow-going
cars, Tiie city hereafter is rare to get a little
something like a fair return foi ii- franchises.
Donbtleas m.- < nntor law as it stands does in
justice to prerjcrtH in certain otber places; hm
in those respects it can speedily and easily bi
am .i.i d. Onlj let oar lawmakers at A
watch the amending prooes-i carefully lest by
s inn- tink or device a (ian * ? ia inserted which
-hall weaken the barriers thrown round th
rights ul the metropolis.
I li a melancholy and humiliating thing
for the metropolis that Ihe Vice-president of
ths Board ol Aldermen now occupies a cell In
the City Prison, hut i; would be fsr move
mournful and shameful if a public oflknal ol
Jaehne'i stamp wore permitted to enjoy his
liberty and live unnmlested by the law. It is a
revolting di-, lo m ? to the world of the corrup?
tion that 'in- so largely nndcrmined the city
government, bul Rte better to let the light of
day in on the whole distrusting mttennesa than
ml. rn.it it to extend still inn Inn In silence and
darkness it. venomous and mnlignanl influence
thro gh the body politic. It Jaehne is convicted
and sentenced to the extreme tenn of imprison
menl tbat the statutes permit, nnd if be i- fol?
ios d to bis place ofpnnlshmenl by the long
j. t. ? s-inii of men in office and out ol it who
are stained and soiled with the filth and clime ,
of tbat Broadwaj infamy ol 1884, the air of
Nen-York will he wonderfully swe t ned and ;
purified. That is the convincing lesson that
oui hubers of charters, our seducers of official
\ iruic ami our tradesmen in tin- privileges aud
powers of olliie now most sorely need.
The s iddennesa ami rompletenessof Jaehne's
calamitj -hiiuhl be ominous and awful to his
a.c.m.plies and associates In tbe Broad
tray bribery. A few days ago :lii- niau
waa going about with hi- head aa high]
in air ns any of them, impudent in his
assurance, brazen-browed in hi- contempi
of the Investigation, defiant of the law. Ile
was arrested on Thursday! surrendered by Ins
bondsmsn on Sunday, and indi.-ted yesterday.
Sunday nigh) he spent in a cell in the Police
Central Office. Last night he lav in a cot be?
hind the iron bal', ol tin- Tomb*. A swifl
descent from tim crowded market-place in the
Citj Hall, where he bad been sn brisk and hold ,
n ih ale: in the rights ami privileges <? immitted
io).is charge, hm no swifter than any ol bia
fellows who voled t'.r tin- Broadway franchise
in August, 1884, is likely io make.
(.inly a hnie while ago ano the vice-Presi?
dent of the Hoard ol' Aldermen had troo|i
of swanning Mends. A great niau at
tin- (itv Hall, a greater in the general
organisation of the County Democracy,
and greatest ol' all in bis own ward. All thal In?
flation nml importance nre gone, and Jaehne in
the Tonih- isiiiinosi as lin miles and neglected
a- thc meanest ami most miserable criminal
within the prison walls. Win ic are hi- de?
voted aliies (.1 the County Democracy who
stood shoulder to shoulder with lum in so many
stubborn battles al tbe polls when the gallant
Democratic voters rallied for the furious as
sault upon the bulging pocket-hooka of the
" heelers" ? They will weep for .Incline ivhen
the campaign funds are counted in November
andthe voice of the har, .per inviting the
i buys to make glad tin lr interiors at tin- expense
of the candidate- becomes infrequent ami
faint iii the land. In a closely con?
ti-ted election with the bunk notes and
the bairoomsof tbe County Democracy al his
Hack, Jaehne wa- a host in himself and a
terror to all hut evildoers, lim the wily chief?
tains for whom he toiled ami fought and made
campaign promises and told campaign lies
have deserted him in his extremity.
Will imi tin- Aldermen who voted with
Jaehne to .serve. Jacob Sharp's ends take thia
to heart 1 If they will tell the whole truth and
throw themselves on the mercy of the Cunt.
tte sternest rigor of justice maybe mercifully
tempered. If they will save the city the i .
penseof trying them all, it will count some?
thing in their favor. Last Week they were
(?(?"k.-iiie that it would not (urn out much of a
Storm. They were wrong. The an nd isa ri-^i ti _r
iiiiil tin- sky is black as ink. If they have any
Sense they will burry in and seek shelter. Ibu
Kecure .shelter can only be found in confession.
It is not exactly a new idea that even the best
eil cns ridei cannot ride two horses going -uift
1> iii opposite directions. Yet certain profes
-ional 'reformers consider it a mink of au un?
holy and wicked nature in Democratic pol?
iticians generally that they arc disgusted with
the course of President Cleveland. Was there
ever a good seaman who was not disgusted
with a captain who tried to steer two wsys at
once T
Of course the Demotirats understand that
President Cleveland docs nol mean to I.*') both
ways. That is why they are disgusted, and not
simply and aulphurously mad. Their objec?
tion isth.it u h<- is a mutton-head.'1 who does
n it know winie he is going or wants to go.
To them, as. to practical politicians generally,
that is the one unpardonable oftence. If a saan
m nuts ||(o gu tlie wrong way, he can be bought
tn beaton. But you can do nothing with a man
who dnes not kunu where lie wanUtogo aud
yet keeps on trying to get there.
The Democratic politicians could endure Mr.
Cleveland if, starting for the promised land by?
way of reform, he sim.\ed -onie faculty ot get?
ting there. Or they cuild endure him if, start?
ing foi the land Honing with milk and honey
hy the old and -.veil-beaten spoilsmen's road, he
mis actually building ui> the party in that way.
Hula President who rel uses to " bring in the
boys and wara their toes," and who neverthe?
less contrive! to outrage and drive away Civil
Sci vice reformers?how eau a politician shout
fur bim i
Mt. Cleveland professed thai be would so
please the non-partisan Miter.-, ami Um reform
era that bia pm ty nnh.iI.i be (recored in power
without any official intrenchnii'nts. But when
he appoint- such a fipoils-hiinling Scab a.*.
< iberia to Ix- Ci\ii Service Commissioner, every
Democratic politician worth his-iit feeds that
the non-].;i 11 i-a ii voters are not going to be - u
i?tied or held by a hr.unit'-.- performance of tbat
Sort, On the.otiier hand, inste.nl ol' putting all
the strong offices into the hands ot strong party
NNoikei.-, and BO QSiUg the public .-el vice lo the
udiiost to intrench ths pertj in power, Mr,
Cleveland aelectsa great many respectable but
helpless dead weights, and (Uso koopa in office a
great uanj Itepublicans. Thal kills tbe
chance ol sneeess by tba old-..sshioned and to
Democrats the favorite route.
The Democratic politician is wiser Ira bis
generation than the children of light \iho call
(iicin-elve- reformers. The politf-daa koowa
'hat il parti must plea***, soinei.oily in order lo
SQOOCied ll lt wins enough nf lbs non-parti .au?
to secure a majority, very well. If it kindles
tho zeal of tho linter! Hied and the brtif-s-iiiouiit
? d, aud tao gels' out enough votes of tbe old
'sshioned sort, v. rv well. Bal if it ''"'
icither, il it contrives toolreml eTcry?? ?dy,
hen ilirtguston Cn- pu', of ii well-rcgulateil
.oiniiiiit) is iiatui.tl.
I \ MASK! I'!
The plot against Mr. Garland has beon un*
- I .11 la t ' Ail. . Il I '?'"'' :
v. huh is hu'.;. In owned hy S .iel.;'. .'?! [Wiling,
. n -,,. -ind, "t connie, ti 1th its cloee Cabinet
I'ouiieciit n. it ought to know. During tbe
ligation h\ the House Committee unex
11 .te.I discoveries, il Bppeara, have h. en maalc
v. :,i, h ?? -un, ii-i.i!v i \|.i;iin the motives .?
Itogers ca n-pu.itoi-.' 'Ih.- older ami the
n. unger Kog< rs aredwappoinl ul office-w-ekers
uleaking ilia ir N. li;;,-a.ice Up.Ul llie Illili! whom
ihey were trj lng to blackmail!
Tin- chi. i Kogcra applied for un office in thc
Department of Justice, and tailing !?? get it
rlaino.edi'i n nm Lu a c. rn-it I-hi p. The yoUUgi i
? - wanted to he Electrician nt the Capitol,
nnd naed every means to secure th.- Influence
.f tin- Attorney-General. " Haili, d at every
"poi h.". eci. t ni Manning's journal continues,
"lins precious pair, father imi son, entered
" upon their campaign of mud-throwing?lend
" ing themselves readily to the sn .restions ol'
" a di tar e|iu Hible organ and concocting .i vile
" scheme against Mr. Garland.*1 If th "black
inailiii-j (niic.?-??(-.-kc: -" bad been provided .. it ii
|.l.n-. . the country would inver have heard a
word about the Pan-Klee tie business! "Uni
" Mr. marland, confident ic his -apollos* reconl,
'? iudiguantli refused io prostitute lu- position
" to thica: - or enjoiene-, .Uni Hu- RogeiS tanilly
" it ,;. li fi out in Ihe cold."
If this is the l".-t Secretary Manning can do
f..r In- suit, ling colleague, t he. .? nm t he nv,di?
ing and (-mashing of teeth in Hominy Hall.
Wny, vapid as tins line of d' renee i-, it is not
i veu mic if ii Mr. n.ul in 1 resitted tin ilnpor
tuuitiesof the men nn!i.? li.nl maale him a p e -
int ol I oi telephone stock. <m tbe
contrary, the Following letter was written ami
n-t-.l in ordei tn secure tin- support >>i Mr. Hew?
itt inul Mr Coj ni appointing the younger
Kogcrs Electrician nt the Capitol:
I'm ii.i. Si ? 11 - si sm., .Ian. 1 -. 1 19 I.
lu- nt sn; am, l'luiM.: Permit dm to introduce to
jrou Mi--ai?. J. W. u.tfct r. uiui ton, awi "ii.|iii-it'-ii end
si-ii-iitilit- a-'.-nl I'-n.fii ol tm* illy, him ilr-ac lu *].r t ,
\\;tli yuu mi ???inn Inian.ess. Pleetfl thoW tl.fin ali
proper Attentions ami eora need me e nen foe will.
v..iir friend, A. H. 0 utLtsm.
Te the Hon. 8. tl I \ u I A. -. newitt, Boate of Hep*
I IN'-S.
Mr.Garland had done v. bat be could, not only
as a friend, bul als i as a coparcener, to obtain
thi- appointment, lor the subjecl had been .1 -
ciiMiod by the Board of Directors and it had
been agreetl that it would be a great thing for
the company if it could be brought ah.mt. A.
for .h. consulship aud thc clerkship in the I> ?
part men) of Justice, there bi nothing to indi*
cate that the elder Bogers seriously expected
either ollice.
Bul suppose it to be all true; what then.'
Is it not also true thal Mr. Garland accepted
fSJiOO.OOO ..I' tc1. |ih me st ..?!. a- ;, jjift. and that
the machinery of the Department of Justice
ha- been employed to promote the sordid ends
of the ring of speculators with whom he is
associated .' Seer, tari' Manning's organ al first
tried to (ii-iui-s this indi. Inn ni on the ground
that Dr. Rogers was a "crank,'1 and now n un?
masks tbe "conspiracy" by proclaiming both
father and son to be "offlce-seekei -." Bul un?
fortunately for Mr. Garland, tim Bogers
family, whether "cranks" or "office-seekers.-1
kai.? told tin- truth, and that con\ ids him.
iur iAinu: REPORT.
Tlie tirst report ol Commissioner Wright, ol
tim new l..il.or Bureau, from tim meagre
accounts hy telegraph, seems to he a singularly
instructive one, lt may easily be fanhy in
.lime pal ts, anil yet of much value asa tl hole.
Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of such
ii document is that it- statementa sire likeij to
he lead by workingmen, whollj or in j.art, and
may thus promote more intelligent ideas in
ie,;.ir.I to then own inn rests.
lt is believed that 71--: per cent of all labor iu
ihe country was idle in 1885. Considering the
facts that areknoun, the estimate is probably
within tin- truth. Bal a suggestion of some
importance may here he inaile, which is
possibly applicable as a criticism ol this report)
a* it certainly is to many similar statements ol
the number ol' persons unemployed. For
instance, here arc 408 ii am furnaces idle March
1. 1880, and only 259 at work; ita it righi to
infer that men required to work the los fur
iia.es are all unemployed 1 By no means;
many of these furnaces have been superseded,
and the nun are engaged in new and belier
works. Many have gone 'into other employ?
ments. But, second, if it were ascertained that
men enough to work 200 furnaces were now
unemployed, would it foll nv that then- had
been such a decrease in the number at work ?
Iii.il would assume that lhere is ever a time
nn Inn ah.-oluU ly all the people are employed.
Even in tin- lies! of times, maiy* who could
?Atula, ami who in nine- of extreme necessity do
ja.nk, are supported by other.-; many are lazy,
or fond nf pleasure, or engaged in non-pro*
dactive occupations which flourished in times
of prosperity. Thus the decrease in the nuiii
ber of persons employed, whatever it may be,
i- al way a and nixeaaarily lesa than the number
lt is said willi ti nth that lim Idleness <?t
1.000,000 persons means an enormous lots to
trade; a denease of nt leas! $300,000,000 a
year in putcha-cs. It i- noticed thal prior tu
the panics of 1*07 and 1873, a- in recent
yeais, railroad building had employed a host ot
men, and tim curtailment of Ihat work turned
in my out ol employment. At the (mme lime
tilt* railways themselves and all oilier machines
took thc pl.icc of much human labor. Mr.
Wright calculates that a population ot
227,500,000 people would be required to per?
form without machinery tin- work th it i- now
done by the present population, which he put?
in 55*000,000?-a singularly mistaken estimate,
by the way, for so accomplished a statistician.
Corporal** organization, with the aid of
machinery, develops rapid Increase In produc?
tion, and thus au iil-directed production,
which, meei ing no present requirement and
tailing to find a demand for Its products, turn?
out to be a mere wasteful consumption ol
i.-oiiic.-. Ne\ ei tin iless the report does not
seem to suggest any restriction of the forma?
tion of stock companies for industrial purposes.
.Mr. Wright believes that Immigration i- a
cause of industrial depression, and pointa to
the fact that in 1880 10.50 per cent ol all
lian iculturai labor had conic to Le ot foreign
bulli ami 31.9 per eenl of mechanical ami
mining labor. He observes that*, prior t.i each
depression since 1837, lhere had been a period
of large Immigration. Bul the fact is tbat the
immigration was ihe result of a demand for
iieie more thur, in other countries, and it
would in- a bat] ilay for tin- United flt ii.-s when
no Sin tlc, German or Irishman could better
isis condition by coming to thi- country, lt
the demand exists, ii is not ii bad thing fm the
country to have it satisfied, Hut 'he till.-, omi
started, does continue to Bon fora tum- after
the demand for minc labor hu- meaanraMy
(cnned. Thia remedy is to be lound in inure
(_ii,-n|ilelc and inure promptly published
statistic- ol the condition of labor, I uch uh the
mw Hureau should supply. Contract in: mi gra?
tion is tightly regarded as on u diflereut foot
big, and Mr. WiUrbt holds thal it ought tobe
? .I ns i ir aa possible.
The report dtfcubics tiner causes of .lenrc'
sion, i' ? ?'. i i''\ "ul soundly may be determined
complete re|>orl ii published. It
iof land to corporations should
i ! ;', |, .- ilaii'.ii should be re
sti lined, that a -111.nl enrrencj Khould be pre?
served, thal transportation sbo lld boprevented
fi ,, ruinous competition, that thereshould be
foi in ni i lie di itribution of product - to
? n .-, and ' ni the iiaro of labor should
bi more fully secured by Industrial partner
: ff. lt ts n il yet clear
icr tbe report sufllcientlj considers I u
; nit every serious depression aftects the
ih western world, and must therefore be
attribut ?! in the nain to c tu ?- Rontrolliug in
nut.' iiiiin one country. But the report seems
to be on the whole timely, suggestive and
valuable. _'
? mis: ls ito .ma I tl'-.rr.. Threft-fonrttli of tin. peo?
ple ol thc i i iilsy r. Kr,'t tit.i Blaine nn.is
dui ci- i . (Ind.) K' I'liHil.-.m.
, i bone of the uses of adversity, lt is hy
i.i ., z t a.- ci ali-applc t . t one real li - how mnch
i. ivor --I ls the pi
Tbesuspucted Aldermen protest too much. An
ta Lien i la hook d.
Is t!ii- an , : i I goid will in the D
eratic I'liit. ot thia stal . - i do Democratic editors
go about with razors in their hoots tbirtttu,
the rich, warm heart's blood of their br tbren I
It ;- a ii i sin ci thal ere are loath to pat, but then
,n ,i I- one to conclude >>n finding rae Buffalo
? i ; (litoria] which apneared
ia The Ri - '. Ea rai " clotted noasen a .'
N.'int the people wanl from the Government -
fi-NNt-i- stump speeches anil more na.,ria.
I* is estimated that the public ex lenso con
ivit'i the lat ? -e'l'iu Miller'- funeral will > ?? >d
918.000. This is oret ty high, bul there are Ben
ators whom the people would givi oven more for
thu inn ii. j* ? "t interring
When an Eft lean waul - s fence to hi le behind hr*
is 11-11;11iv nt linn'.i i'.uns tn H"let t a marvellously
;, ?. neb aa no ooo avon..] dream ..i re?
garding as a plaice ol tm..-.?i.'.iii.mil An Innocent
h.t.I ina hill Im- bei ii h.un.l in thc Legislature, pro?
viding in sn ie" ii h. ni. nnii . tbal il thall nol be law?
ful herc ittei t't pla. e tteam boilers under Ihe si le
nn a I ks. ami thal -in li hoilei - .-,- ate ie cn io situated
must n.u hereafter be uperated Nviiii a greater pres
sn-,.' Mian f,.rt.. ponndt ol steam to Ibe Kinara Inert.
Nu onecould be (us-ensed ol dolnesa nn ho should iii' i"
ili-covei at lint eight thst this anparently httrmless
bill bides a most active African, There is no safer
pla*' to pul a boiler than under the street, and ii is
ob iously moet convenient there. If it should ex?
plode, tbe chances are that tbe damage done would
be trilling compared with thal which would he
.?.ni e,I by an explosion directly nnder s large and
densely occupied building. Every tehoolboy knows
that tbe explosion of a forty poiinl boiler ia unite
ssdangerout is tbat ol sn eighty-pound boiler, aud
really more likely t.eur. Boden usnallj
]ii..,|e. n.a ba*cs .sr oi the i'i' ssure ol steam, bol of
tbe explosion of gasna fanned by i be sudden separa?
tion ol tbe elements ol water, rms. jj it occurs, is
quite as dangerous la s small boiler as in a large
one. forty pounds of steam ia not enough even tn
In ii .-? large office ha hiing, aud perhaps the fremeri
oi tin. l.iil keen that fact Perhaps tbi y also knew
tbat, ii it paesod, buildings reqniriug a beavinr
prereuro would be obliged to rent their tteam of a
ciiiitniiiN which is thonght to have s large control
in that hnsiusss, The African having been sx
poee-t, it is better to enl down tbe fence. The la git
lit mt- -mould defeat thia hill.
"-('iain- Harris aaid they would come in. and
they teemed by theil coming to (-acquiesce,*' says
Ti..-i li. *et*s. Thal is, as nearly as we eau i.-t at it.
pe ,'ist-lv what tin- aldermen of l -- i did in ken by
their **c.ing in" al i'a. m. on Ananst 30, they
" ilClUies.-eil." _^__________-____
J>r. I'.iitlor. the msw eli apian, nf thu I'nltfiil ""tutot flon
atf, is SeenIbed sj a reserved, lUgallled, seholarty man,
nf raihsr sutters m u ti -, in I Lac ting tba ass/ oorilul
lly nf liis predecessor.
Walt Whitman wlD iff ure st tbe Cbestant Street Opera
ii. Philadelphia, ou April 13, tho saatverearyol
Lincoln's tie uti.
Itls sslaf that Professor T. C. Chsmberlsln, ot Bslott
College, Btste Oeologlst of Wiso-m-iiii snd i atti l Btatea
Qsolordst, Is to he ealled te tins prasldsaoy ot tho Wis*
fin-iii .-tau. I'niveraiiy.
General Lew Wellaee lt ennonneed to'loliverhi.-i newly
Snltbed leeton al Indlenapolls ea April 7, fur the bene
tit "f tie- ? trphsne* Home of that city, lils ntbjeet will
be "Turkey sad tim Tarka"
\ teareel** eredlble ruiuorit er.' mt In Washington to
tbe effect thst Secretary Lsmar nvIII havo nts hair cut
when warm weather oomea lt will be only the -
tl roi. tor t wen tr rears. Tina last Urns it wm cut waa
in l S70, when in- f>-ii saleep In a St Louis bei b
anil nok?; up io timi liimielf lookim* ii,mil lue ordinary
A lilia, word baa Jual been added to tho French
lHiits-iiaai-ra ; to throw lilt manager of ii fai-tory out of a
?wintlow, so thal be m iy Lc trampled te death in the
-Hilts, te " te M'ttruil/e" him, because Wa tri n ts the
mu ,.- of the engineer who wm thus lnnnlcrf-il hy miners
at iKs'tt/.a-i i lc.
Not BOBteat with thc geographies! fact thst more thin
half llie globe I* already covenni willa NVHif-r liy natural,
engineers seen, ai.xi.ma Io Ilnotl the rciualinlrr. M. de
l.t-s.i|,s ,? already letting tin- Atlantic (?cfi.n lalo On
ua, Au,,-i us, while ioma of blt compatriot! ure nnxloai
totara thc li, ni t ol Ss i ira lulu an ml md sea. Now n
lt proposes] to irria;..io the tiio Turoouian peter! bj
letting a tiver oi two Into lt. If thin kind ot timur noes
on mankind will be compelled to livo in junks, a ls
nundi-.? London Qlobi.
a i.ni.il,,n milkmen began boslaess by so thoroughly
watering his milk thal his cu t.miers hoes lat very in Hg
n.ii't. and a* he ajr.adually .ll8iioiitmii.nl the practice they
gradually became inure and moro Indignant, until .it
last, :u*i st sa I td began te sen pure muk, tney had him
iirn-'U'd and heavily fl nett. All ot NTlncli teaehes thal
viituc is not alway* it* otra rowans.
M s Bharpatone Urue*t at a. rowded, bat stifT and aa*
i-njoj nilli- craningpartyl Kt. Dorklua, san ron toil nn*
nn ni un. reception lt like n gentlemaa'a open hatl
Youtaiel bs-iou Aw! lie-be! 1 stippotu bc. autli it
Uh .a wenular " ern ?
ll tee ta. Notexae ly, but for tblt resaon; lt la one el
the Batteat things I've seen this sesson, [Chicago nam
Os Suaaay the susie eopy piiee et nts Chteau* TrtS
une % si 1*1*4 need rr-'U. 9 n. 8 ccnta, the Munday leane tx.
espied. Ths raying to piturohseere st news-staa(la la 13
c-uts :i ? ci lb alni tn subscribers B cen'*. FbS rate to
?awtdealon aaa also bntn red need, and fur their benefit
a free delivery eyelets hat been establi.-alitd. No reduo
teni 1* ma,li- ll. the lltM ".' tie: paper.
fie Bonton Courter thinks that tiiateeeat Jooraaliais ta
ea the Incraeaa lts,ys that in conversation recently
the proprietor ..f s Boston daily wee hametlag te eelerey
mau of Hie luiuieme uii-rea*e of tho circulation of lils
j .inn.ii. ?? i dare aiy," reapeaded iii" old olergyman
eartly,M rivera thai ptaaga iiiidsirgiouuil uro opt te
spree i out."
v..um: PereleBhaften tfaddhed happens m ste ititcua
stamef thelehortroahleeat tha elna Afi.r listening
wi.h prolo in i attention, ba dem mala ,f ihe tpekeauien i
"Aw.desh baoy,can you,sw,sppwlse mo of, sw,
i ?;..., v.. ,.;. tbeae atwikea sw lew I Beeauee I'm
NN,,i,,) nm iliaguatlngly lgaowsnl of theab,sw, owlgln
faw anyttllOf i 1 em, I a*-u;a'.i you."
?? Wiall, inc clil.-f mc is, oi, nt thea a]ip,-ars, to bo tU:U
thc stun- rs wini' tomi?!?? ii. t't f-ai."
?-.nw. rhea why the dsrvll don't they, aw, gs to tho
wesi un mt aini. aw, get Itf "- [I otra Top
A i,aw wc-kiy newsp.i .ir deroted to l heall les! sub*
leesa anal ealled Hts theatre. appaaKal on Betardar, it
ia axiucl i.v. leone t df ar Mentgemery, weil amt fsrera*
i iv i, ii ont n ss a dramstle wrtter. Hatiiar aittaii*-r thea
ita t-uaiii.i. imin .uk.-, mit not selika ll in appearance,
it ttarta eui ls ss sti rai Uvs sad entertaining way Hint in
bright ian,'. I..-altny in lone, li publishes in an acrt-eable
form ti.e surreal programmes ..: Mew-York theatres
'', .i'. . Ill talppl fii.-ii 1 mot Lam ir uud mentioned
Joa i a io sj... cn tu ? bleb ba
usiti-1 tin.-i.u evil ni Christian aa cont rsa ted from
Morn,nu a.iii.t- ..nd a,miers.
"Mi. Lemar, I beerd thst spf,-.?!?," isld ti.e lona
linn ri U ? -- pplsn, " sad ll Ima I didi '??
tuppuai Joe Urown an.lld gat up am-li t tpeei bet iii it."
, yes," said Iasmsr, " Joe Brown ka a remsrkaoie
A tew ininiitea later anotiier Mead ef Lamar's met
?- That was a geed a^acii of Joe Brown'a," ina sui I.
"Ye., j'fs," mil thelMlatlaalppI Senator, sheent
mlndetlly i and then, with a i.riacht, bumoroat rianee of
lils i; i i-r ty. *. le- .ul !? ?! : " It oOght to be U good -.
for I wrote U myairif." , W^anuiKt'in Ixittor In Cnio.ago
Som*. Vuthlnftton atotalp savs thal the fajuniii lien-rsl
Bragg aSIT hstee thS l'r, si,lent for tho friends Iii- li is
iiiudt-, a l.it.-l which Wtiuitl m.li.-att. that Heneial Bragg
ilocan i happen lo ba one of thoa.- frlfan.ta.
Lu -cr **L Cr-irr'a biuiisalUrUn rule crimea of -/lo
lenee hutt become so c, minim In lr men tbat a I'arial.in
father, determined (hat hu sou shell mow up in accord
wiih tbe spirit of the ese, bss given him ino name nt
l?.-?-,n i; i.lin i i anni!!. At i i-i, ,o ?ays U Feint
nu ni. -[Loudon (Hube.
lill: Fl.mm; lu'ifllll.iX.
Thc repetition nf rViiinier'a " Flying Dutch
linili" al III.' Ac I'leiny of Music lia! Bight bf Hu- Au.er
i- i" Opera ( impala broogbl forward Kits Kmms-fueh
in the ch.ir .icier of Si nlii. Vocally Hm repreaeBi ti rn
nn.m tillich hitler th.ui tin- (ir-t, iui'1 a Bonsldenble por
iioii of thc Improvement wis due to thc adaptability of
Mts, .luci.'* n mnale ol tim heroine*! p.nt.
Thoee Who are a. ipi.lintel willi \v iajaer*a Opa ra I
lea at.,I lin,itali him of Mia* .luci,'a ait
will readily understand tbal tbe moa merit
of Mlaa .inch's pi i-f tim n.i db -?' portion.
Concerning rlu- dramatic p iseibl nie* ,,f tba role 4111 ita
poeth 1 depth an 1 - guille mee ihe list on r a
? , 11 ? . - 10 suup inn* ? ? ts ci n
Ct-1 hen tin. ch iirm of her TOIre nun-'' ... Mr.
Ludwig waa in better voli-e in.n un lae) We-ln-ii-day,
- mn h im re ed ling, In the Brat
set especial y, keen delight by bl* . dre
lilt!" .Iv as va,-;, ns nei - tit ; v. Un fortuna)
ttoge management remains sima bil be pl saure wblea
w senor's opera 1- b 1 md to a-iv-- m Hmim. alei know bow
to apprecia: ? lt is marred li gruillt't ann ab
aurdltles, some of which were pointed out In Una place
lest nv eek.
The Metropolitan Op ra House begins to
- H." epp. aram-,- nf t ri. < iii every
bond t iii arel graceful [Mima, r. - . 1 r 1 .. .1
tarns, rare oneida with their carinda dowers, i
1 ose - sad lilies and ,..,.,-. lr pis es,
sud the rest hall ol iii".?,,"-.i House already istiia-i
arith tina del -inn- udora of arr ring planta Spro
fii-ion of cut il .w.-ri. .uii follow to-day, aad wbeu the
patronesses of the exhibition tball tolemnly deoUrell
open to tbe public, the publlo't eyes snd noses will bs
greeted by sll that esn pleate these I Import*
.tm - naea Thia formal 0] enlng alli take platte to-moi -
r..w afternoon st 2 o'clock.
In the meantime Mr. Klumler li In a ibex
cltement The undertaking ls a large ene, sud he hs*
.-t .I,,,1 mach upon iu moceta Nevertheless, nil.-.
Indlcstlont ..!,? farorable, and tba numerous Iront
which the pleasent little Itonst hos In the Bra teem to
be coming satlafsctortly to the required tempe
'iii,' greal triumphal arch, the foantalnaol Hine, the
]?'. rsi 1, the -ip. snd all the otber
iI.ii-h -,i hii-b Mr. Killi.der will sen ul ana Ina fi
toward completion, and unleea something unforaeen
occur toe im nile trill not be diaappiluted bj .1
(allure on Mr. kluiuler*? j. ur t-i keep any one of the
ii. in] promisee nn bli ii ii" bot made for tins occasion.
For some days, various runiore, more
ridiculous, relutivt to contemplated cbsngetsl
Wal look't Theatre bevebeen printed, rue latest form
.? thst John Poole, of Kioto's Garden, would
assume the manogetneal oat . ison. 1 u '?! 11
ha* been condned to tbe hon- for the last r.-w days sn 1
. tv In- nv,is not lunch bel ter. To a friend be s.iid ;
??I hardly think a random ttatemeut of thia -
worth 1 . . my thai tbe prevent tea
ano has tx-eu niora iiccesefiil si, (ar than any pre
ono at tbls house, 'In lilt Power' tum been th only
approach lo a lo .lng failure thst we have uod. As to tn,,
decline of Mr Wallsck'a Interest in the theatre, I think
fact ol bia having ployed In two plays Im?
mediately following each other a-ni being announced (or
lilli a 1 iflU'l ml auiwer As 1 ijegan hy laying,
? i,,- tofaaiper. am nerdly wortb suawerlng from
my point of view, tboagb oooatioually tbey beooots sa
Uo) 111;;."
The Madison Square L'heatre Company, when
ir the Harlem Theatre Oomtque, never r>
sttraol il." Harlem )???,.!?'.?) In large uamboro, and lasl
night wat no exception te thc rule. Thal oom pen r be?
gan 1 week's, euacagemeoi in tl." presentation of " The
I;.ti.ii.." Tun icenery and acting on 1 ?? mtichentbu
si.i-in. "The Mikado' created so favorable an Impre*,
lion two wea-ke ago a thia theatre that a re irne 1
in.'iit is to be playe 1 In April.
The employes of ll. O'Neill & Co., of Si.ttli
>-. neI 1 iv n'.etii--'.., have a Mutual BsnoBt A - ? ?? i i
Don to whick th"y pay ton cents .a week and In return
aret Ink,-ii ci re of when they SM "' ia. Nearly all of
1'"Neill's eu,n bnndred employes are members of the
ition, Tbey ore n bs tltby lot of people, and thus,
although the du ie ? imall, I alon la prosper
out and bss a largs reserve fund, lilias been In exist
enoe two yeera Lost night the ossoelstion celebrated
tte prosperity aaa ezpeaded a small portion of itt eur
plus by Indulging In s bsll at lutnm my ll.i.l, dio linn
lending 1 helping iiau.i hy hiring inc hall aud furnishing
Ippor. Mci.. ? I -ir.a fm iii.sln-d Hm muse.
There were tweuti four dances on tbe 11*1. and these,
with a topper to diapoae '.1 ni hi way, made it nearly
dawn i.e.nit- lin- llraiM of " Home, HWDOt Home " ad?
nu,:,ml. d the dancer* that their fun ni ii al an eua.
BetwMU three aud four bund red loun pan In ihe balL
Mr. (''Neill nn .1. pr ten snd entered situ spirit Into tbe
ovsning'a enioyuient. Cborles D Baduuers nv.ts the
ri .ni 11,a. ager, and n. I.. Carpenter, ssalatani Boor man?
ager. I. 1.. ?'? icon uaker, A. II. Boughton, (J. B. Mo
Liunrhim. T. A. Kenny, J. J, Conlon, T. a. Munka, J. M.
Edmunds, V. B. Parke, E. IL Krledrloh, J. II. Murphy,
ll. E. Ullgll. -. DO I .'. 1 1 le- Fl ".. 1 on. nil tie...
P, 11. Pendergast wa* ohs!rm in of the l.ecptlon Com?
mittee, which consisted of lt I). Watson. W. H. Mall, Vi*.
.1. M.ta.ey, .1'. l-l. keilv. ?. Bel , Vf. A. Pentoa, U. O'Uredy,
D.C. Nelson..;. Mel ..?, I.. I. l.iy, ll II. Hill, sad J. I..
1. P. Keablt beaded tbi ' jmmittee of Arrangements,
the other members being r', 1' ninon, M. Jacks,., c.
A. Ryndera, I* I. Usllagher, S. < orbett, and K. Morgan,
Theaaaooutlon nv.il nave anotber ball next year.
10 thc Rili tor nt Tks Tr th u ne.
sm : There are some aTf*-*uments used in favor
of thc new park.* by Mr. Marah tbat hare bo (oreo what?
ever. Hecltee the prostate 1 downtown warda, sad the
great death rate therein as u ren-iei why wv. the lld buy
property st the extreme northern end of the island ami
Wostt.iu-.atcr County, ami bis lufeieuce ia that thia would
relieve these crowded .v.ari*, raia is unfair, for no one
* 1 1 knuNv baiter than Mr. Marah that thcao warda ure
orowded 00 largelj beeaose the poer people are obliged
toUveeear their work, not havlag the tl tne to spare to
go .uni i-oiue 11 living ut a dlstaaee from their home it
is also unfair to punt out the Bambers of people visiting
Olen Island as a reason for the need et parks in wrest.
chester County, w Hon itu well known that a cheap fare,
a sail, bathing and other Ottraetloaa are the reason* tbat
lane so inauy t 1.NanJ. These uptown porks, SS I
vi, nv it, are rich iiic.'s parki, for the rssSOtlt that, in tho
Bnt pine, the eily is to liny rich men's property for the
the parks, that Ikey wiaul to soli nt a very
high price ; sef.tiid, but ause the Vicinity of Hie parka can
only be the home of the rleh ami weil-to-do, that have
on sTerege of three te four hoare a day spa.-" time te
:-t.ne and go Hom the b.i-ay marts of trade.
Aaiain, to my mind, there ... a very sellout objection to
locatiu,. ia pleasure groan I .,1 aiiot.ier cu:,ty where we
are to pay t.ur* ou our own Improvements, sod Pelham
Park simum be dropped for that reason alone. Mr,
Marsh le nearly alone In thinking that bonds cn bi?
nnie,! iur payment ol the parka and improvement -. sud
ilin nen1 or money la .real (01 towera tbe 1 ck of wlilcu
is ona ol the great ceueea ol tbe high death rata lu some
o: me wai.is. The write- waa told ai the offlctc ot the
I oiuiiii-sloii-r oi l'.i. .;,? U ,,1.... wbeu spplylug for tue
rri.air Of the tew.-r lu l-'tnirt. oiitn-st.
from Tcl.th-ave. to tho Norlli Hlver, mat
they Lad 110 m.ney to pul in a new
tower tiure, niel thal the old one enid not be re?
paired; and whee I asked what I waa to do wes told,
' Well, tbe tewege mast just tonk away'*; ami I nm
told thia la not an Isolated ease la this etty, mir watoi
(rout need* immediate atteution and a large imoum of
llii'liey expended. I) ir .."Icols liC"(l to ti, ti.l.,r.cil muM
Iii au our park area Otu pavements neel a larne out?
lt lt not economy of health er mouey to neglect oar
-. si -a i-i ?. pavements and waler (rout lor u plo wu
and nyc,ic!u-*',er County parka ll. K. lui uii,.h.
Rest-York, Maren ii, IH80.
Au iiiiu.-ii.illy enthusiastic meeting of the
Mew-York Leavesac Club waa h,.-id st Oelmonlco'i esl
ui.'ht, Herbert H. linell, tue popular vlee-praeldentnt
the club, wielded the gavel In the sbeenee of Erastus
griman, sad he waa supported bj an lue leading1]
ol the ci.in. Erastus Annuli wa. sgsls elected prc-1
tleul, Herbert ll. Haich, n ic.-nr, ai ,e ,1. and i. .M.
Manon eeeretary and ireaaarer. But over tbe election
st a captain the tome commendable spirit of aaanlm ty
tailed to prevail, ead a tplnted oonteel leoft pince.
1 bree tlekett sere pl teed In tbeSekl, bearing Hie 1 ism es
respectively of Edward Merritt, wboeapteiued tbe slab
U?i .s,-.i?i.n, I.inn.ti I ("lilt sad 1'. Ba ? ? lift lei.
un tbe aeoond ballot Cluff waa eleotect for tbe Execu?
tive * ummllta a ballot -vii. lake 11, reauitlug in lha
Hon of V.9. Vt heeler, .1 a. Hodge,jr., and a. h. i;
r waa read from Ereatua Wiaiao, ia whieii be
?iiueil thal although ho bad arranged serenty-ene
gamea of baseball 0 be played un tbs grounds lately,
occupied by tbe Htattu leland Crl net 1 ruuld
be man) peri,ula nn hen thc i-f,,11 da NV" . , usa,
and could lie devoted to lacunae. (Ie believed that
laeroaaae could be made equally n* v pu lar 1- baa.
bal , .nut Mat j i-t ..- .i would 1" ?? k
io-rt thegaiuaa. Be waa, be aaid, lu communication
with Mr. Sellick In regard lo hriuglng au ihe Indian
in 1 ne hoped ie gel learnt lr >m Toronto in 1
Man teal, uni abie tu tae autumn to bilug over the n '
11 Laria-s' team (rom I ou te of the
us aalou ul.nu followed Mr, Belch aaid thal Mr
Vs ri.nu bod told bim that be would mNe gl.iKW toward
brtuglngthe ia-lti-t team over, and that when lu Lon?
don lu May be would wee 1 ? '? (eal men aud atna gs
(or theil trip In September, ll ia bigot) probable tbal
n.e n w-Vork Laerosae Club will play ea Mr. Wlmau't
a-i.ia. although 11 a. ni ne ft
Ul d-t I IS. 1 lt" -c..min e ol
at once prepared.
foi 11.teeuUye oumniliu e
Kalina lol lUc*V>..noU will bu
Abraham Bohwab, <?t Q, Sehwab .*>. Bros.,
No.l li. reeiie-m., ians arrested festers, ay aa an order matte
by .I'lia;.' Alb n of t?e Court o' Co iii mon I'i ea.*, on a ppi. ca?
tion of r-tai 11 A M> era, Uoi neva fur Jordan, Marsha Oak.
of Hast a,, to itihIH ujiiiieys Slllil lo li..ve li, cn oin. Illicit
by a untie,! 1 ot N'ew-Vnl'la wli',lt-?iaii- draleia III ladhV
sfeadtt .ami aaita turooah collusion wtib a alerfc. n? waa
released ou >Hi,iiiiii bali. Tue a.ennui aought lo be re
oevered fi om ihe tichwubi it ^lb.jo-a.
WTHU8IA8T1 ., if,, ,.v.. , .
MATOKOfUCta PiiiiKH) i at a Ups* >,,,,,, . (
lilia,-., rg , Df |-,..,,N| i, . in, v,(;i,'(.' '
Wl.nltV.r.Illili-,,;,. ,,| .,, ?
wi), tiler the Sitnr.lnv 11., 1 * Hollds] .
le ml,.1.t.-tl gem i ..I. la ti.,* sou i.
""( 'I Iii-lt Hu letonn i.ii* ol,lui: . ,,
'ay. ll,, urwetiagsl < bickering Ha
large niel eathuelaeiic. l.?.
I.I,li,* l.'.d si ,'.
mer.!, nil* and hook kn
in.'iii'Hiii -tun r* uiui nu Loni
brion 8 oe ?h every seal
turtled a ... Among those .m tbe platl m
Hie .i i lieuc
rn n lu. ,i. ni:,
ell muli'-, W. I:. Haaliagtets, R. fl
? ii I E. M . a M iris |< Jesap, Ah IS4 '?, ,
A. V. Kuebler, JnbuC. Perolter. K, |. , ,..._ j r]
John A. Ui-ri-r, ll. \. Oakley ? , M |,, ..
.... ... irgs ' '
: .1. il. Hawkins, l alfa r Qol ,n, .1
iud < li ni. - H. Sago.
Emmet II. (>!r.itt, oil linn .11 of the'i ,
. working formontbt in behalf of the m
men t, opened the meeting, He^,. , bis)
.lofe. 1 (ron its lu ginni .
i nur?1,1 tin pr u 0 ed re ..rm end add 1
* We n-i. for no eau ribution.no tinaueial inp
mt limply tl n .-. ? . d . on
-?ni,inl , ' .!?' il.i< mnl y ni will . i
; im . ami* ol toil, rs in ,1
1 cd a I.linnie ol pel
if ll o. ls. Hills who I, ive J J. tibial i..- .... :,.,
iuj ing mi tbe I .-t nu mn mt
lats, be tai l, a en- the n unca af ila
11 at tNi.ii.un in the city.
(ireoe presided and begsa bis ape**ch I13
ng tbat the e.-.-in- before him related ti.,- <?
n .i 1 ii ni uotbing bul j' lith 1 ..ill mi s bsll "1 Kew.
fork. 1 lu-s-ii,-t.iii(-.-ot hi-iid.ii..,
1.um- ( 11 ate used to iaj that a mat. 1
iv.tiU in en hi ni- ic ii ' ii. ? I
li him. lt ia ntl only the leugth of til
.?.. Na.,,U linn is valuable to o raela. tl. ootu
m mitj . lt ia Ibe cbeioa ter and
l g mai wen to win k ell >l i> hewn ul
ion have ?,', si,ui al og (ber. Ila- Sear* li .1 , sad
i b md would mn only Inn, om im'
ll td V. II! i,, ', it tl V ll.-I . .-i .
mnl- r -.:??:, conditions ruiua the worker hiuM-lf, 1
in rn I. uoi a niachina : a id be ? anaol bc rta
If Nt , N. ll . toll I'ilt Hill- bo. ?'-.? is -iii,,
ol l-i?nu- treal their employes, tl.,- boran aoald
ld , io, Xov -.
il'-t.-i n.ia 1-. ? . ? ihi moal Wura ot 1
lim un Mir in mnl jreai .
1.1.11 <? ii. tb. nini 1I.1'. ii In ? certain time end pi - -
iii 11 icity to work al t .- -mn
Lin,A be t ll ,1 Wai, ,. -: ? . i, ,1
nnci k.NN :
\\ ?? Uh e. tbal under 1 ti
work lo jei than eight to twelve boars *
... -I a ,.., N - Ul 1 ,.r Naet-k. Hui .lill
remains; itt nun nun sud Ofwsequentlt the t
. i.n w o iii) n ii he li rk of
ih,- aggregate l..,.iiga?yi wort per week were i.
lum satiiaiied that "fre co'u'id ul! accomplish tun
working well anal thoroughlj (Ive and a bsll .1.1-m
each a ek than bj working di days, I
sured ?? oald recreati rn and tbal i- only
riinitlier nnun ol prom uti:.. 1 creation .Vc rat,
tb ep, 1 -.1 and play lor n,i. purpoa ? and ',,,1 uo ol
Wiih,.it lit't-'. ,i,i 1 11 lu m. pla lau ? 'I
without ibe pleasures there en 1 la no performs
tbe dal es, Homelv u- i! ia, 1 otbing i* ir iel ll
old aayiug. that" oil work sud bo play ma .
ililli boy." lt u a-- Nun -e. it ra 11* bi -
lier, ll le- Im- no lime to rent, or ta pla
mi timi- to make himselt either a pby ii ? hy or
a -omi'! minded man; and both of tl .- .in.
ii'-rt- -ni- to make a g.< worker. \ . ? r of
? 'il ,'i- 'ii emili >?-? a in thia <-i . .
eta, bul tin v leek the opuortuiiity lo renes lils
thai ton'-* with aborter hours ol wont. I hi 1
muuity ii-.-Ii iini-t change ita babita ; every mau and
inii-t turn in nini help, ll ?!! ni .?? Hu ir par*
chases be lois Saturday noon, the aggregate results
will not only be red uoed boura a ? -..i- ',.i ,4
' han a- il epping h bite, til I ? min ; tbe
Sunday or weekly dar ol :?-? Irom twen
thirty *i\ boura aud all ioci( in ?? ill be better 1 ,r it;
will nave gained by it sou is wortb (nore
limo marney ; will Lav.- ! nth .'--I ile- nn.- I. I>. li Ul 4
lav ;iinl bi so dating will nave raited tbe tsndard ol
.Unit.ii al I.ii [liin? in th 1. is. mils ,.| borne a, lor
I am eatietied that there san ben, bettet work,
ind n 1 boiler erneede. and I pledge lt my individual
lupport. Applause). I'o people saladial
I Nv,mill not ute Hie wor 1. boyc itt, bal I would ? iggi tt
hat .ue!i .iou-na trill not give their employes ibe
iaiuidi v holiday ure good mea to keep away from lim
est of the week. [I.ou.l Appl.-iu.-f .
I.f ti.-rs nn er,- re ul liam -.-.ii tl pimaisSlll men.
"lue! J list ice Noah Davis nnh.. detained ut borne liv
richness. SenatorEvsrt* tald in li- letter te ne
1 h.- adoption of the sar- -:? i..artier cluan fol il u-,-a
ii, inge ol paj doy aceua tome to proniie..0
liderable odvautagea
( Hi , ,-lifi. 1 * ol a similar t-haiiicti r were read Iroiu
the Kev. Hr*, .loiin Hs ll, Howard Crosby, Heerj .1.
Vim Dyke. 1?. Parker Morgen vYDbai Y. vY< tklas,
William M. Taylor, C. ll. Parkhurst, lilshop Henry ?'.
Potter and tha ollie,-rs of the Young Won
liiin Association. Besolution* requesting the ji.>itrie
i"i- .'I all -t ni c.-. in ths eil] io close es far 0* poa?i 1, .a
1 o'clock on saturdays, to maka tbe pay-day "i the
week earlier than Sat iii da j were then inti d 0 a.
Hie laev. I?r. MacArthur spoke in I.11.1 UtemtM
tallowa :
I ti gard thia ..-.ni eec isloaof more thea oru'n irv la*
tercel t.> the meiel, intelieotusl, and eommercitd lue ot
this city. Wot- ago io a Itouian ibeatrewheu a mau
saul " I sm a iii.iii a 'i : ?''. - :..a. heb aga i" ? man ia
foreign to me." he .Na* gre itil Nvun diefeuittg
applause. 1 believe such :i time is coming ia this
1-1. I n 11- v nn I . u ci cry ?.I eili/en will be sh to -e.
Hie eiioie tpeeeb arith lik.- t it.-cl. I he lime I a- e ima
abeu we mutt deal with the greal pi
uni . 1,.ii-il : they an- upon us and must i?- toJved,
Kn cry thin-.' that goes !?? icc,m.-ile these two greet
powers is worthy of our support, Such I bold loee
the cb erecter ol this movement which we are niel to
Indorse this evening, I believe in tbe Saturday half
imli,ia-, reform forht Inba-riul |u*tke. lt oak* noth
ina n ut .- not lawful end humaua I believe ... lal,or.
' Ile iliat aoet not wo.li abai I sol rel " i* Ira to 1 iy
.?ii .1.1.-in Paul's tame bul ateady, e'av n_: ml i.
iiiite a -.1,-i thing. Aiin corporation thal lu nm
lay aili ak .1 mau to V.01 k 1. il. ni tNN 1 lu- ia ?.
lay and refute to him m ie than $2 for each work is
tot wot thy ol the s\ mi ni lu or -iii- ort ot a n hoaeal
1. in ? 1 woman, 1 als ? be irNt- tbal tua H ?- ii alf*
loliday will tend te preserve the tanctitj
Horrie K leaap said thal be nih* not a nesslmial
He believed that people were gelling closer lt.
iud that ci;,ital aad labor would idjuat themt Ives in
lilt- tillie. He sdVOCSte 1 'lu
' goo I i itu-iie. i: ni mid nave un the borne,p i
?t'l'iii.t . ce, I tsim . -..url r, ligi i i.
iv. Dr. Mc Illy un uud <? ,: ?! Ila bli I.
Millar bc appeared ia place oi tha Itev. Hoary Ward
Beeobei. ni bo eas aaai aida i ? ? i ? i
1 let I that u I. a,??| ,,,; ?,.. ,,, be bera
n-inls to the 1-lt'Nuii.iii ol the rsa it port
mnl in thi- case ii baa it unreservedly. * ? ? I
bi rc i . ai^l.i in 'it-hit- -.1
Itv. I in- half holiday inoveni ut boa '
with -i ? .e. . ...td ,i ... I'?
ll . im, (bren tor ona b ialy ; the) aimplj ? , ?? '
Itindlical led inga" I'.icir demands ere ni ?t
a'ooi '? .ii i oaeiblj los > gi niling I bi.,
much biiaineaa avi,l ' bs doa ai e ever, ?
coin-in,.t-.-Iin-U tm .**,inn.I-in mornings ami oe
i . than hereto! uc V. ? irl
i-t- .,- ,...-. ? . the I ll a
|t-,rt ol i i.vjoni . N''' Bl ' but 1 Uosi
ell. nt , \ imi le eel a* by Un ' '
b.-ii,-..- h.am.i the la* lo e i- I ?"? i
faclmiea tn w?rk ??; ei l
dun b 'i c-.-aiN i.. ' .. .
th mali.:, ale li?l e..ec, dod
The :i --t.liiti.>Ti- were ne aimoaalj adopts '
rf one buudred mi mb. r . ? ii then ?:
ail in bringing about tbe propu ed n I
li v..is reported > ? thal ** >vim ul rail
ionia lunn.lu lu to J.-ls-i Ul ty ll
the ii i "ii K rei runnel ba Iws a J i mi ? I ut*
Mon.rn st.. this etty, au outlay ot #15,000,
-a.,i, nn. n i be ii et ? Ige ??? th ?
porte waa denied at tbe oittee of the runnel
.nun ,,i. .
runt oi Morton-el , .. -n ? >g io work haa li
? aaa
, ni, ,? 1 ., e. .!???? and in tiriici . lilli
tot :. i i .m the Noa - 'J
? or i.e iii 1,500 tec and tbe etbei iii >u
Hie dial.inc-. 9 UKI WOK Cent '? n- . Il *
trse, d.r. ried tbat I ibafl . i he
Hil,nae,I lo 11.1 With wa St
General llaeklntape ,; mos! of yesterday Bl Hie oincaa
\ va- Jersey aid . Us di n ... thal
?? I .. . . lie. li ,1 a Hi- li in .1. .iii..-- ? ? I
the ni.ult can lie a mtlnue :." be *i ', " in I l
there ts a hopeful prospect. \ ... a. .pail] ha* '?-"?"
orga 1 h. week age the pumpa wei - ,- "?*?
bave gol the water eat of the snaf sob ihe J r< ra n
i nae .lawn in tin iu io dal and f.uunl iii-iu la gee?*-aBa>
m Louis I I greea'i Thi Pidtburt l)i*p*ttn.
Miiitiii Innis, iiiiiiiiii.ni nt the l-.xe.iHi\o
Coiuiniueei f in uri i Aaeemb y lui. Kiin.iii* ol t+noc.
th.-mau vail,, onlered ii..- pie em anise, air.iel Bera
last eight from Itaoaas Oty, sad la aa inierii.-?. ?<*'???
"Aa Ihe ailis* ia now. Matriel Assen.l'iy 101 ???"??
end lo ii. but ll ll goes fanner it ean'l. at mher injaCTaaa
are mus involved. Ill soy. uh., mai .f ?'??''?'l,,?t'^.1 ??
IhoKuiarhUof I^lio.an- not a-ljuatoU wltnlu the neil

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