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, .e win cm, em the Knights en ? ?*? ry rei**
toed iu n.e . mntry and tiepevery wileri fruin moving.
Mid*. ..W's ll.us .
Abtmportanl conference lu-twi-cn tin* inc I
aj.,,,,. g anthracite i oal eon pant- ? nn is be d
at tie i ei e of J. 1 it m eel Hoi gai . Ko
mVl.m | . n i-a.-i for the ineetlm; wa* 9
a-eioch iel ai iiii.lnia.-ht a supper WBserrved, altahoagk
? I.,;. ,i i.i in,inn ea ii,-- rep |
, I that the c-o' ri twee ra rely ame be*
.?,. intwhich nothing wes tabs ?
y s ), - - ul i . preeMi nt el
lhe iv ? i 1.1 il i n.i i; Sam ii . -.,..n. iu,--, '.cut of
li,,. Delaware, Laekawanaa and Weelara Ballrtiad;
j | ii I,- ii -,r the t ehl h Valley Railroad
company; Joseph i>. Barris ,"< Ident ol t ii Lehigh
, . ; v ,i ., ., company; 0<Ni*f*ge lei'- Kel in,
,.?? . r t.c ..-e.-ivers ..f the Philadelphia ..-I Reading
I patty; John King, p*e*tden1 of the Brie
, , ..il.. M. t,,y|.!,..nt, preal
p| t ,? Dsl ,m tie and Hu .-.". I ... t
, rte S Pe *. 11 -skien' ol
ti.e New-York, Bnaqnel oana and I
, t, m. -. n nt of 1
l - - "?"? "i two
i , ol.}i "' i aeon terence wai to dttc ?
i view te ret
i ia them. 1 er the |
.. ti-:. n- io t-i',- ,-;? ??' a
, |>e -ii eugsa d in mining
i ? ? ? '* ' :
t ,
rv of the ti-1 I-. Il waa o
, i
, t? ma Beading Railroad i" re-eai
, , at INN, r ll ll..' I I' I ff
,. , i , ,t the production sb mi i bo rei
t . : i . ? i
i . , en uni- n, the peel month to bring a
? u ree tn i.t a- least io pi
, i , wii.c i tbe .-.m. ?
, . night * is ths .. ' " , lc
i en t"-.
f oue ef tha c impsnle* eat 1 ? hi o tl
. j.- ign te: "Iheconl i private
, , . i it is plain ii" ?
a a om .-I I'jr i . ll aa ||
? onnii kaggcatlon, however, bm that of persona
j ,: trade
t te blt Influence in brie ina al.'
;, | , .. So on ? knowi ni ? he a -
t-nmp.lahed and probably the u - ?' be ov.-r
i . [t is possible (h.. no liln will
-, ., , - ", 1 ICSU.Is
? UN IVINNi .v.
. ,, n . . . K 8 Ttl 5.
iNk. -I?:.! i \N". March 22. I he i
< ? ? ?
l ? i ling lo im- ol Igln ii
i - ? '
i, ii aa te be a draw. In Bl. Lou! ber by
I to ei.iit to i. .*.- ii draw.
i. . z ,
ii ;./. Kn in in
NN 11 1 . .
? fa .
.'lull ll H
;, - i. ui k .", ita)
.... :;
;". )' IO '.' i: 3
. i ? ? . I
', ' ? is to u a
s r . ikea V
\. lal Uki *. Kt
lt 1,1.. l-l J
loki 1.1
loK .;
i.. ki
to K KI 1 [ttl
to K lt -I
H. lt to WA
? - l- :.
1 - KI to I. ll
li' I- 1" l,i tl i
il.' 1 1
?ll J
:\ in. vii",)
?. ? l. m ii ?
!?*; i: -...I ?ii i?
-. - Btoij ll :;
,'i iii;-:
1, lt to Kl ?
i; i iki * Heh
:.. t a
III li I ./.-)
:.i ui
:. i" tn un ti)
.. i-1
;," Btu K2 tm)
S?-o io r,:;
lakea i: P
now oontejjsl* thal hu cannot loee.
lil ICK.
I -Pto
S Kit.. <? B 3
n :.;
i Pl ?, :
:. I" to<> Kt 3
e?it 1
Ki J
a- K' lal) - I'
;. I' . ,..?? Kr
1 (Cl
J ' i" k J
14 - K li
i* 2
1>. I' t., I. i. 1
17-Kl lu K
?? I ..
lu Kl tu ?? ?'?
il ..I '.
' i -
to I;
ii 'J ll .! li*)
?.?;, piak. ,
, li:,
i Kt 3
, ,, K
'Jil Kt lo li
) to K 3
i.i ?. tak. lt
., .. j
:::; Ki io li A
Kl- il lo ll
Uti?KI lo K i
li." -V t ike, p
:?- ii... i;
;;-i I" tu K "t (ni
BT eil" nv MACK! /?
? i lt a tal i thal Dr. Zukert .rt. nv iou naked why be
io i .i . m ...ti t i it.ti i ,|, /.ii -.ri i a ., ., an .a- ., t-i aa oj- o
ill.i ii ,i open ia lt h i iie liny i -i drat player, re
).. . . tn ,t us did uoi i ire about a
Its e result ol whn . ought tu he i draws esma 1' ??
tilda- M / limy n.nt heard ,,f thia remark, and
holding a ,: opinion bat peretateutl] played ila
hu? Lopei io sm,w that Hie resultIsuot aeceaasrlljr a
a . tha n.nv, s on b . ?
: ? h il,,,ac of the si i lt mi 11, game ol the in it. h.
am bia eleventh muve, bowever, if we remeiotiei -
Mi. M'iniu ratio l bia liisuop lu t ? .i lelurs SalVl
I.i- B P.
(i I i ia appeara lo ho ],.?* of tims at a very important
pe; I ..I t,i Hie garni
(d \n.lal lue arr,'it ic.lv.tnt.ure of knowing
t . rcr?e King ka* castled, ami proceed! forthwith io
?pee ii ? ii um sti sci on m- ? itrenebmeBta.
(?i Nveeaaaiy, others au ia,, iii bo ait
I the odvauce el Whit 'a P to U ."..
r tppareutly with Ihe Intention of pl.ij nf I' to K 1,
but Wini ...i ilvee him a rbance of doing aa,
iu, ibr tieaiugadireful eheck at K 7.
(ni WhltO'a ei:er_-r;ir cot.,lui t of tbs attack is ia
ni like i conn i-i with tho vaeillating tactictou the other
ai le.
.1, A feeble move whleb, from tue excellent form rtis
ji uye : bj Mr. rHeiuiti In the present game, li .
t i Ide ih-- ,laj ogaiuai the Doci ii.
(? lt i* rarely tbal coalling ocrura so late and to
( ? ? . ant li ita. ?-.
i ie two lllthiipa, in conj-iunlon, are uuiiujut ol
dii.tst ? tu the Bl lok Kins.
I", rbe beginning ef theeotL
'im i.n :, cm. i hoi g of the opinion that his Bishop la
far no valuable to be exchanged for lue adverse
I .-I.-.
ot, Bl Mk-.a-ems to invite tho death bio**-, and thia la
shoat aa ape. . i war of having it -dinlnlMered osha
t ;?? .jti) rh awn.
( ,, Mi. StclBltl sintars to irre.it ulvaiita.-c in thia
game bul lu. Zukertort all thr,,u.-li play a mu h below
lila usual force.
Th" t'iroiiL.'nf |iio[)le tlint is alway! inovini*
Sicily F nirieeiitd *t. had more than the usual (llfllcviity
lagsattiBf poet Macy'* itore yesterday. That Internal
koowa aa the " Spring Oi.lag *" Bau takes
place In - - -*? ib lahaaoal aa l the oatwa* i evldeaaie of
?ii- vr.is a atritingiy drsssed wradow that Ulled the
tiC-walk wuh He admirer*. The whole wat on a ruii'-d
platfenn iirrered with olive rreen reivet ann blinni wnii
gold. That port devoted to suits baa a goigeoii* bat k
gTouiitl of tapeetry and lace eurtalna lt contains a
Bomber of '.nisse*' ami chi air- n't -.va.ai ag ami dancing
tui.a that denarii, tue temlaene he?rt Oneof the**
dn-siea baa a cuituut uroameut which lt nut bini;
?- tbau natural aced* ol au olive brown color
' luat n.iaiclie* ina dreea aud tl tja
? ly with Ihe jet ornamentation Tha ceritru of the
window te given ovei ??? a moat attractive efiiieeHuii of
hus and bonnet*, duplicated by a mirror li. the back
giound. A self-const loo* little doll In evening Ureas
Stand* on a bronze pedeetal and waves a baunei whick
gives th- key to the whole altair lu the winds: ".ij.ei..
Ina- year'' ? >v,n thees ure at range*! a number nf
plauri's ..- i .i tiirn bronze medal I >u of a Japanese
young man amlrklng -it a bronss Yum-Tura tn Hie other
en t "i the window, Beyond ls a rich col c-1 i t ol dre?a
I-.?-. embroidered auk* aad dainty paraamla decorated
w m. all I le ll is eri that bloom li) the sj.rmi,- o| ? Slag,
Within tbe -torc 1* a .ltai>l*y of new etyles In every le
panmeiit. i he suit department ha* bloesomed out with
a bamber of rici, eoetamee, among winch may i.e
. s qoeenli evening dress of while with corn*
colored satin front, Llams lace snd wheat nmsmsnis;
a stieet f-uaiiiuie of garnet velvet, trimmed with
cut let. an Imported dress of black ottoman
a l nn.med with steel and J'-t; one uf
i.ew can vat noo'i*. ttage eel i lind light in
t,-mi re, t't- .est eonaiating of three sba lei of velvet; a
i ts ?)?( - .-?!? d ifltt wita brocade ttlmmlags i a black
grosgrain Bilk wita cut i.e.ids. a carriage and dinner
'. ion. voalatlus matartaNla; many alahetrate eoe
l - r<>r lucky lillie adria, and tail the poiitively latcat
thi asa In aprlag mantles.
ibe millinery d. p.rtuient I* also "a cheer lng ?taht to
eee." Tbers ara dadisate Uti a honeste and Jaunty hats.
A lady*! I eghora hal with shaded plumes and light pink
crei'i trimmlBg; BBOther trimmed v, m. o ian ara Rhadet
and wi.j lltiwi-ra. a black atraNN With jei winns aud
p'umea, sud a coqoetUsh walking hat in two ahade* of
In b.i,L,ta there art-Uee atructurea trimmed
wnii *i idee of iunnii a;id yallowi a straw bonnet orne
i td a\:tl, li .ttt-rflle* aad rrfpt.; a taney one of rice
stras N. ib i.e- end orang.- tiiiaiuluara and aaaTodila;
Jei Im,-e;? willi wild roaeu ami; a complete array of
Shllatrea'a head gear.
ol vis u BR OLA KO A LAST (Hist A
An ? minis'jstic iiHM'tinu; of themcmbfWftof
lin lian; Branch of the In*:, National l>-a^u? WM bald
last evening In the basement of H,,|? (nni.ceiitt Church,
Ti irty-a-vei.il,-*t.. near broadway. Thomas Callaghan
presided. 1'raneia Crowley, tbe secretary, took tha nam*-'
ol twenty-three new meinhei*. f-everai raemhera of Hm
brat ci. l...vr ? omiaed Ui pav l*ln * j. ar to tupport I'ar
) ? foliowt-rs uatil Ireland hat a Parliament of her
, ->-..?
ANO. HEH BRIOOI lil'ltslll).
Litii.k Hock, Ark., Mardi 'Tl.? l'ha nortli
b'u'.d Iron Mount.ilu Hallway pasaenger train wat
Stopped at a lons trealla two mllee south of I.I tt.e Ko, a
thu morning by the d ecovery that the tretlle wa* burn
U-f It waa aoon deiiroyed abd tha train waa unable to
priaceect. In is beloved thst tu Ure waa laceudiary.
.St. Loi i?, March ti . >>-'u/'.?T1h> iJsPoposi
?n of the .MiHitnnri !? n- ti.- Ratlroe ?. i impaay,oddreaaed
the ttovernors, wes to-de] rejected by ibe i i
? irl ot lin- Kiiiiriits of i.ulior, ai. 1 th" Btrlke NNi.ll-e
ililli ned M.ni::. Huns, ihe t ball an I f He- beal 1. this
(-nina: e?i.i: "lb.- Executive Board bea i- cam aaaulos
I day, aad le noe preparlog tbi .rt.. Mr.
iXle't proposition, in tabetanoe ll rejects Mr. Hone'*
ler beesnae lt grants nothing tbs! '.vc have a .kcal; is
gue, ai I ida i us in ths position of having madee
like without cause end abandoning lt In us>
u. We are iionn framing, on ortdrest le ihe
ibtto and the merchants, requesting thal a ell
n um; bo ealled ead sdemsnd made on tbe "kttiaonrl
.ti lit- Itali war i" ru i tm traine or anrrender Ita charier,
s anights will ase bo fores nor i-lolstethe law if an
is made to rn,ernie tbe r ,.i i Pi
ntl i.e c,it-ill, I. Mould i- Interest ?! lu Hi"
ind ws ire after bim. Tbe trouble may extend
tat, thonsh we can not tell jual now. Capita
reftiaing to recognl ? m ni tc I ? ?? ? .
tempting to atauini! uni and nv are now willing te
.ike a t, -I ,,r itrength."
Ihe Exeeutlve Uoirdeformulated their reply t'i tbe
Uer of v.i--i'iesi lent lloxie In tbe following reeola
?ns :
flhcrrae. lt baa be evident to every observing men
? ii ion* -f ' lie i-i . ire niiltin t an I
g lu Concert r ibe p i ? ?? ?? taking down tba la
. ition* autl tra te* aasem ilii-a; and, wliereas,
. s.ui, ? i a.-. 111. /1- e ou growth ul eleni neeta
ty, f,'n fd mn.n tli -iu n> th- ol c --U i H" ti- ?!?-.
ho nrrogaic tn them utvet right* which tn J deny
? nu i, ive m.i le
ali 1 ll ",l or
e. ?,, .. ii ko io -n r ck tbe
, ll* ll
- .| ii|t ,ii ., ,t- i igllta as Am.'-r
1 .
er i mil iilons, tlir? ugh .
,-*, with the represent
cniuhlu iii eis ,nhat
r ii t ie tt-'ii- ii o i the l"' ? ol repri teni .
Vee life ' : . I live* ?f
ige r,r the; piirpn e ol |>*rpetu il
; y Which ll I* bet -onie VI
i I n.e.
: tesl ill or.-.un,'. .Hons and trade
ii i lor rei
? I |gl t tO ll'-Ca
ite, ti ai a i.,i ,'i Individual* or bod lae, aa tba
? ie-.
,.- f.iini. ih.i ave call upon oar legislators, both stme
I andi measures a* will eu
? . ?? . ,? i
ii ntlotia to ar titrate
? a -.
. ' I
-m.m.ned tu Mr. Puwtterlv was given out ny
,- k: i. :.:. Il SO' : ? ? I tba nu nllre in- ?? o
on na n '.nc: . ' - ' ta ol
? :? . ,.i ,. . n -I were - ?
?y ,-ould ma aday,
, nen thu - - company, ll
? ?
i utiiir < let are
,,,.: nv ,. i of aud ai bb
ruiiirih lon* ..re ten io Ihe
ive i - .i|?|hi i '
.Vi j ? . , the i mien h nn wno v.H*
, ii.ii .,,- ; i i Mallock, did
,. whu . ? boeu i- ? .-ed un
.,:.-.. ned and la ij"Nn ,,i police bea I
I lo switch.li continues nt Kan-.iv (Ty.
? m nn . - .]-?-? i.ver ll* US
i course i iiniioi imi - - i a t ie ol hi i ?? "i -
? ra lu ide K1IONVI. ' -I,.
i;,t,aed the ? - in o , uro Nam ol
Tin strike ? the un i il K ma ? ' ty haa alarmed tu
on e axieM Ihe ral road official* Eibi st. I...rn-,
a.ti. inial til il ny ie- .. a.ill he
ii.CLA.tlMJ rilAI I IK I Mll.ovi i;r- HAVE l?l*l;.l
li ll lu ll N ( i.n | RAC I.
Kansas City, March Tl- Tin* twilfli-mt'ii in
of the
ghi thal be did not lie
love tl - fer traine would be inolrated. An
t, however, bad been pl iced .. freight ir..Mic
ihicii 1* i-i., ti all] loin),.etc. a ..'abash train was
ap late thia allen.nan. A ifiru*- crowd
i about, as iii,- train prepared to
eu'. \r a signal twenty coupling pint were pulled
ind Ute liam ni.i. efl. ol .1 ly dla
1,.'- im,Ne:.ic,.; ii.ta mi quick that no uuecould
ell wbo tilt] it Another edon waa made ian ron and
.t 8 o'clock Ihi .. mi.ift In atari lng two
Ii i.r-s. There la a dlapoaition among tbe atrlkera
,. : vu I comp i' a- -.ns nn nh tbe I ? dei dauthorities The
inly iv--i.iu.-i i,il,?:,?,i Hu- atrlkera wi*,,, ai engineer
,n the Hannibal aud St .1-; road, ni m nn.is about to pull
ii nv,ia tai'" ae nn : en bal* idol n atrlkera mounted
be enciae, whereupon the engineer telted an
ion pin and ordered them utt An offlclsl
>f the read appeared, and ordered the engine Into the
oand-houte. The follewiug statement nt:;i be publlebed
. m..I i ow mu nulls,' by tim cum.milne of the Switch
i.. n's Union:
., ti-hmeii Of the various yardi, of this city .'Inti
I deem lt duo to you ss citlxamt and frleudi ta
i brief explanation of oar walk-oot tbti morning
ind tina reason therefor. We teni a ri
o mir auperiutendeuU on M ireh :?. ms],.
nar bein lo pay us tue, standard wsgei
. dd iwltchmen tn Chicago, They mel u- in seaalon al
lin Union Depot on Saturday, Mareil 13, un! nv i
:, , made ii vernal contract. .-Ince that time the SS
ueu have lived up to their par) ol tne oontraot* Bu
uiui-ni ir aupenntendeut* have v dated ami evaded
lu- apiril ol ilia' contract, and aa wc treated with them
ia a noiiy of tbe wUule we expected them to live up to
lieli contract ai a wnole, hui a. one or mora vi >l tte I li
re claim they all did ko. Now we come uni to de*
n ind tue *i m.i,mi wagei paid switchmen In
ii c uro, ai: i ibe signature of tbe vurluut
lUpa-rlntendentt to r-m-ii an agreement, We ure sorry if
tv i- msc :?' u lost or trouble, bul we fee', t tal we ht-.
?{.-in, and will nut agree te go te work until we have
istiled .mr difficulties Nvith ont employers
ai-. " saan, .i.i,en out. Whleb enforces idleness
ipou iou enguieart sad as many Bremen.
? ?
WftaSHiKGTo*f, Mareh 22 Special).?Among
sa memorials presented to the Senate to-day waa ens
rom the Select and Common Connell of Philadelphia
igalnat the admission to sn Amerlsaa registry ol foreign
nilli ships, us proposed in the bill relating to th* Intt-r
littlonul Steamship Company. Thu memorial stale a
hat many workmen In Philadelphia uro employed in
:.* construction ot Amerleas ehlpe, s ail., rigging, etc..
Chicago, March 22.?A dispatcb rromOmaha
Mya : " A MlSSOUti I'ucltlc frelarht traill was nt ut,-tl out
it i mialla ye*tetd ay afternoon. At Hie time the Kolenia
af latabor were holdiog a meeting, end ooo of meir men
i ii-hi-'i imo tin meeting and Informed them of Ute fact.
A number of KaU'lit. ran down to tha yards to head ofl
the train, bit Anding it gone they capMired a I'niou
Facile endue, an I with lt overtook thc Ml-aouri ['neille
train at V ipllilen eight* en mllet out. They aidstreeked
Hie train, hroughl the engine back to Omaha, aad ron ll
into the Round House.
Tba Empire State (.inn* Winks at Kent-are.
and i.iylor st., Brooklyn, w. re at a ttoedttlll yesterday,
beciiite tbs tifty le.y heip'Ts had .'truck, and 200 men
were thrown out of work by the.r action. On Saturday
tho superintendent told the boys that he would dod i. I
arty caste each (rom their pay haeeuss they destroyed e
lol of h..ribla by jumping on tbe m. Yesterday tba boya
ilemaniled iurrcnaeil pay before tl.ey rei..rue.I. i'hiiy
frightened other boys away who applied for work, ami
, ? -n mi,-ii diaturbanee that pofleemen were ealled.
Tbs men are anxious te wmk. nnd give 'he bora no
sympathy. Their pay li from ^H r,u to $(; a week.
? ?
The trouble between tin- cloak openUaraand
the eeatteetura I* In alair way of settlement. Apart
of Meyer, Jotia-aon a. (o.'a oilier. No. 358 Broadway,
waa turu.-tl Into a mee tlfl gs teem yesterday. Commlttest
from tha Central Labor Inion, the Independent Cloak
operators' timon, amt the Cloak Manufacturers' A.-su
oiattoa were present. Mr. Jooasson told ths central
Labor Inion people Why the contract system of wink
could not be abolished at once. 1 ho conference laslr.1
nearly four hours, ard milted In the following propo?
sition being mode iy he rn an af oe tarers:
Thst wa wi i in in rv tm .m. ir rice the cst-ai.li-hi.ient by
tl e ( . i,ua; I.e..i . linn nf i .. n, t-iitiiii thop* nm s jt?,
i ni work fenl lu ., cm tra. tor. ii slip be att.i, h. ti ooa
irina ibe pun-at Mtiti garment u? paul io *u-.,| conti*
th.tt ?t alu univ a. i work toauch contractor! ai c enera
Uve shops when Un same sliuitcil in s web Iii
weU-venillated shop lhat are will appia ... i ,?
vt I, er. I.. Uii.i.i.1 ni it.,1* a. uv i ,.|, ia.ti c'.ul and hil
employe**bail b. leruatee la an eqattsbb manuel anatbat
we win a-ive wost m.ly to neb alu,j,* a* employ union mea
Ne definite action wu* taken by las repreeeatatl i -
the nalous, bnt they promised to submit it to the On
trai Labor (Talon wini a favorable report te murros
nik-tit. I'opkm A (.ev.. umall linn Mhlch ls not In the as
eociatiuii, Kavt-iu to thi men yesterday.
The Nntioiinl Pedenttiotiof BooUrAeperi mel
l?tt Hight at Nu. 141 Kail i.Uhlti-st. Fell \ lib hard*oi
waaelectedcbalru.au and anuoauoed that flfty ncaa
member-, had J joined during ihe week. la lier,
had been Neeived from bookkepere In Uro I
lyn, Jeraey City nnd Marina., ihowlng the etrong
interest felt lu thoae plaees. (Ireat Haematin tho fed
er.ailuii la also being manifested among rall
roiad clarks. The Commlltae on organliatlut
waa lnalructsd to begin tho work to-day ol
erttabltehlng "loeela" In Hm places ns med,
F di ration, le Boston, Phils I Iphl i ani ii ililmore, i
hal ina.' a lin li bri ihlp ol 1 ? ?. I ? 1?? I. - ? I (br ...I Ul*, i'?
ll eek. The prepoaltl u ;,. |.u.i i i Lah ,r Union
?las ti ti ni iud; a <1 ? ? ie I doa irga*d lbs
fe |, ia ;i,,ii tn , ,,n lt an! il w e. tlci-i le I I lari., v far a I ?
q .IIINii \V ?!;... Al ll 1' I I -\ I! I K?I'.MI'I.OYKIIS
'. 1 ? I I ?' ll ? '
1 Ii I ll Mi IN I III I l-l.
Rt riNi... March ' ! HI .?The "trike
p: mu?i ob .-'iiiur Uv al ii" H' >"> ddavllla bltnminoua
eon mir on in-.'tn ihi. morning, Abool 5,000 minora
quit wors and doclai I that they nh I not return i.nnl
their demands ara compiled wita. The min *. where
the strike* too i phi ter, al Da da. an I
th,, y,ti i i Ha nilton, at Et 'yno dsa il *? Tae
Pleasant Valley and Hprsgue minot there kare been
Idle tor some t tun. Tha i c mn 'ii i Jefleraon and Beeoh
I ree ii.iii,-.*. All I . ll 1 or owned
by Bell, I*ewls .V- -liles. of this
i liv. 'i iie men SI the Dixon inuits at Halls (.'reek,
owned bp II. C Springer ?? ? ??? oleo qolt work. Tim
men n Hie North western's long run ami the Petr*
mount's Ster mines struck lost week. The "'ak Bidgel
..liners ire vt il work. They do not bclot.ir to the
Knights nf Labor sad a.yth-y will nght before they
will ge ont - here raped, however, thal
they will be faireed out by tho others. The only other
mini-rt working nie the lingua, controlled by the Erie,
a,ii un- \n .sin ., nt Punxautawney, controlled by
th.-r.uii lo, Kocboater ead Pittaburg Rrulroad. Huh
tbeae companies m nie ? to the men end
t- titrated arith tbe Km.hi- of Labor, In ord r nol t" be
saut of lr.un supply emil. Hie Buffalo, KeW-York uni
I'i,il ..te.- i - t so fortunate in ihl* reapeet, and '*
will have tn bay from othei . D , Le ... t. who '"
c ,- 'i iel -. ? i me i ir md Trunk, ba wi rd
enough i , la ..ai.Hon o( the atr.ke, ta koop that fi
comp my going for ,--1.im ru
Tin-pn '? o' - eal '..ia tn- n greatly i tl mala tel
-tni;e, though eil .ri-j to goop pi lees ti .ri; are b.< mode
on ac. mi ni tbe ell el of an .i Iv ince on the ttrlkera
m. Man ti '-li i be operator! In the t uin
lie. a ... . . ' be l: litim .re and ( >:. ??
sd Company have i teh put an lnr-n money for
f. it* in pr- serve :. g to tbe
etnkera In ihatreaioii li mi ill rn sd c.p.my shall
, ari i t "ti fur any op. ral? I li -??- iee
forfeit, ami If any operator sha dd be Inset I
fell. Orwlnd ? Wuite, the larg.-el nperatora lu the
ii - th. lr contract* wllk the
i - ? ?* Ne-.a y , k. in- hrlngln ? i .si
ila iud. . - il I* placed In hon I aud (baa ea
irge work* of
. ap m ?' ii ive hean co i
:.. ?! p in ie"!i< '.ara,i.., of the teat
. ' ll| -"ft I',.-||.
I'i i i -ei ii... March 22. The Hocking miners Irom
I .lill i marthe 1 i i
lg ho t le lb
lill-* to attend
. ii- i... ?? Um a ted until
late thia alien.n. Aftel li taxing Scott't men
: by a nm all i (or a ' I ivan.f
nug the
.Iii- isbtirg. Mc Ka ?-;.
Voiiguloglieni roil- general. Over 2,00,1 men ar.
( ii a.,,., m.. M in h 22. \ dispel 'ii to The Fa
inuru.it Irani Ia **i - . I iva: ** One thonttind mlneri
efl tbla ruy at
12 o'clock ia-t nia'iit uni marched to Pprlng Val ey, a
nli|ing town, * it, tim objeel being to gel
th,'m um ,ii. (everything woe orderly aad
liMiM.i.'N, I'i nm, .Mureil 22 (S/irriah.?Rn,
s-iiup-nm ol mining basan In tbe Clearfletd bltnmlBoui
ut 500 men going Into thi mlnea nt
? i i. i li.-nini"* r, sam ni.' are those ol Henry
? .ii dt, Chlpin in & I'".. John Aieheroft.
? the Poa el on (dining Company and J
fit. limp : ? . I ? iimpauy. The largeal op iratorahavs
in ide any effort al ad)attmenl wltb their men linea that > i
ul hither, Mular it <'o. aiid imrwlnd. White ak Co. last
week, bal ihe ttrtker* i hem tel vee are prediet.Bg :i *et- j I
? before ansi Monday morning,
I al ward llugbct and Jobn R* Palalny, of the exeen
(Ive board of the Miner*! Federation, were at G
on Friday and .-ai ur la , and their visil bad the effect ol
'.'.- uni I si lor.'.- Md '..y's men,
Thote et tbe Illnlseye aad Beseh Grove mines nv,-rc al?
ready ont An advance of 9 ce nu a ton wat given In
? it region on March 1, bal President flagbee, of the I
K'lecutive Hoard, aaid tbat this eould not be eonsentea.
to by the federation, ..a tbs Increase mii-t be unlfurm
ibrousbnut tue uiatrlct, sud i every otber
place he in< visited, the men struck. On Suturdsy
e. en,na taylor dc Med.j snd tbs operstors ol the i
, cr ? ..nee- .-I.itu- ce, and thia morning the
men resumed work. Mr. Hngb< * wenl to Mlly*t Iti-day,
A strike is im ii. i si ' si he ralina Rho ? mines, bill lt la j
? i that it will be prevented bj sn advance. The
m ol tba atrlke lt now apparent The demand of
the im ii ? m. i-i- it lu- ? ?
i bc,-n .lone. Iii tia IT" ,.i i ll the cnlllerlea on
the west aide ol Ihe mountain I iva teen reopened, leal*
i mi ii i. and ' oat ? tompany't men at '
I. l-l III M I I Op (lilt.
I'iiili i-ii ii', S*. J., Mareh 22. The Atnenean Pheet
I i-i.n M ll, ona t-r ii." largest worka of tbe kind in the
, -nile, eh tl I down to-day ova titi; lo a I ut of coal caused hy
Hie collin..id .sti,!... in tin- bituinluotta Cv.ii reglona
I.AI'. IR 'Ii: i'".l,r.> IV OTHER PLACES.
lilli MAI.!. n:Y BOYCOTT - iv nil..- .Mil ANl'l-'Ii ?
in R WI n I:! 1 I Bl ^.. TO WORK.
Galveston, March22 '-in ria! .?TbeMallory
boycott has taken another turu. The Knights ol Labor
h ne nm determined (o resort to tue unit nod of publish?
ing tbe namoi ol all merchants under tbe nan of the
boycott edict in what ls known a. ihe Bleak 1.1st. Tills
ant, 1 arge numbera of which are being prints.! lu
a hal Iblll, nm:: be ? ui oat through ths State -eui.ing
Hus week.
Wii.niim, ii.n. Mareh 22 [Special).?Thu labor troubles
iu the Malleable iron Wnrka of thia eily bavo been sd
lusted, tbal oom nany granting an luereaae of wsgea en a
in xl us between I'.uml 20 p-rcent John O. Ba?
ker end W. Jonet ,v r-o *, morocco mennfsetnrers. botb
refused a demand for 35 per cent increase In ni agaa
I'll I. ItlVXR, Mass., M ireh 22, Tue Htrlkliti. weavers
ol tbe Barn lbj mill held a meeting thia morning to di*- "
cu-, the iltnetlon. According io the report of their I.
commlitee only twenty isvsapertsui were al NNork in'
the weaving shop* Of these only twelve wsrs regular ,
ifi'.nrn. A vote by secret ballot on tbe queetlon ol re* J
turning to work was taken. There was only one vote
rn tba afllrmauva I"
rm.-itu, I'cnii.. March 23. Kobert Wetherill at <'?..
macbltuaia and hoi har-makers, have sdvaaced thc warn-*
of their employes to the prici-s pani piim-to tho leilue
1 i.ii ill.ale ll. I-* |. j
inn too, lil., Marsh 22, C mirari- to expectations, (
the estating troublas) between Maxwell Brothers ona ,
tba Knights of labor are by no niesns ended, a emu
millee called ou the Arm thia morning. Malar Maxwell I
taya that tbey demanded the diaebarge of tae foreman i
of the box-ehop, aad that be refased to accedo to their
lui ii lin m. Penn., Mureil'-"J Thc employe* of the '
Kel lil, hi-ui lion Company o,i .-at urday received tbe <
rag. earned la February. Instead of a 10 per oent ed- j
vance, as ihe men had itt-eii ir,! to expect, they found la i
their envelopea tu mt ibo* lag that in..ir wagoe were j
precisely the same as before ths red notion of l--i, an i
average increase ef shoal 10 per cont. Tbeeompenv i
lilied ths iriff., tho?e who were K'ettlng tho
lowest wagesreeelvlBg nie most Isereaoa
AKii.i.N, (nun, Mareh 22 [Sptefutl. aa response to au
order from the Executive Hurl of liistrb-t Asaembly
No. n- 100 Knights of Labor this morning laid down
th.ir toals nnd (juli work lu J. P. Se!berltng*a Unpin,
Mower anti Keaper w,,rk*. wblcb, witii Mi. BetberllBg'a
inanj other but nasa lute reata, hare been under a boy?
cott foi the las', ten days.
I'll i I I nm "'. a, I I'ti-i., Morck 22. Ttl,. Lookout Ito! lill I*
Mill to-day announced tnat on in lay wegea will be ad
vanced lo percent Ln ell departments.
There wera do flew (levelopmente in thc
strike nf tho 'loogsnoremeo yesterday. They have re
wived noi to Interfsrs wuh tin- strikerssxceptIne
paaeefal way. <>n ti.o steamer Dorset, st Pier Ma i-.
Kast Kin er, a loree nf uoii-uuloi men ivere at wort. I BS
sinkers say lhit -Alien they soms to Stow cargo the ele?
vator uiou and coal bearer* have agreed to aid tbe atrlk?
A settlement of the troubles between the New-York
steam Oempeay ead the men who weat ea etrtke seems
a- far oil aa ever. The Nvork of t,,,- company la a,',,ina- I ii
without difficulty. Ibe mon declare that tbej will lu
duanes proper legltlstion against ttsa compauj and will
make trouble In other enterprise ls wblcb the Iseding
ii,cn of Ihe meara Compsuy are Interested,
ii,.- -? like of the carpenters for nine hours e daj at
r,:t ;.D ha* bein siiree?sful ami the btrlke ( t.ii.ii.lttei- "ima
boca discharged. I..ad blind makers mods ida*
mai..' las: ni e, k for nine boora e dey st f~*3 2.1 and all Hie
msnufscturera witt, tba en. ptlon ol Grimier A Psuoett
teared ed io theil doman la i as ? said ? mun la the em?
ploy of Hail .V .-ona Ui O e burnlrt d aii'1-lxlh-sl., ne;ir
Third-eve., Nient to work yesterday after a atrlliii for j
nine lioiiis as S day's WOl >.
'ihe Joni ney men batehen ob Senday et If a 283 Sev?
enth inc. perfected sn organisation, lim employes of Ihe
a;na compan es ..lao formed ai. organisation on Sunday.
1 !.'? sal.Ill'llltec ol Hie gsael tl Klee nive lloant of
thu Knights uf 1. tl,.,i , ontli. od ih- taxing el testimony
lu the cigannakcrs'trouble, lt .viii bc neveial .lui* be?
fore they ure ready to report.
. ,;? ?? gsli.f Brooklyn trodes union men started for
Albany Tesl Dight to -,-?- Uoveraor Hui and utaie the re
appoint men i of Hm i road Commissioner ? 'I io 11 ii el I.
M' i i-i iii pron Inenl manefactun rs of Hu ige port hare
received nriui'-ions letters and telegrams from Knlgnts
of Labor ordering them to ttop work m. certain cou ti act*
ami lo cease enlpmeuta, on seeouai of strikes on ths
I,olihl ruinI", weal al.il sou'.li vac*t.
Sevi ni) Hr.-. tn ploy si ol - il - PrlBtiag Press Works,
at Plainfield, N. J., atruek yeaterday for au Increaas of
25 oems par day. rbe demand wee meda last wo-ik lu
taeabasuoe ,,f ihe proprteter.
Au Aaaeclatlon ol linibers was farmed last evening at
No. 177 ai. amie a.,., Brooklyn, .nih the io.
- ;. Adolph Mracl ; vlee pre.
Tater Moebu*; recording seereiary, Henty (imbil;
lin un in sii-ietarr, Vt'llliam Heinrich ; treasurer. Uu- j
dolph Hoffmen. Thirty memben signed the roll. The
Ma.;ti painters' Aaaoclstloii, et Brooklyn, sgreed last
svemng t , the demeada ol th- Pointers' rn.on for ?j a
day of nine hours and elgin hour* ou .-aluiday.
A strike ..in.iia. the truik iuborei* on I I.e North Hliors,
or Kim Park, division ol Hie Htaten Island ltapld Transit
Kailroau took place >. alerd.iy, and la-letl until notn.
I lie n,en, mm.i,criag aiaiut 100, tiwi been einpl,,y,d all
winter .it .ri ::S a day. laaat wet-k thoy liifornintl Boper
Inlendent Mprlga-a that ICey wanted a-l ,r,n a daj. He'
agree,1 i.i pay them at the latter rate from April 1, au.l
they seemed satlallet. Yesterday they deuiiaiided fl M>
B day for th" remainder of March, and stopped work j
from Ht. Uenrge to Kim Park. Mr r-prU-gs told the ni I
that he wouid keep his word, but If they did uoi go to
work al 1 u. tu. their Discos wuuid he ii?*ii?r?d vomadi. 1
IK finals sui HIT BT ntl 1'I.W np BKCOX?
I i.i , i lox,
Philadelphia, Mareil 22.?Readinff Ra.il*
sd ia matructiea irastcee held nuother meeting thlt
' if .'i. i :.a p..rn of lao- -.it,: t-ion wsscompleted
ti a parchm nt copy will tn - u- to tbe membere (or
I ira. A f, ' wei it in ile Iii titi
r.tseol igy nf ti, ? p il , h || in th- terms and other
ii't ra tie : rt i. tit alteration In the plan already made
i ??.ri. liekaon and (Vetch were added io Hm
lard of Trustees a. rcpresentatlvca of thc ayndlcsts.
i ? i-kson, w. leh, Dupont.Cochran and Weal wein
pointed na Executive committee nf Hie Hoar,t ami li
all be their dmr to carry out the details of tbe pun
! ll tn.tr a tl.ile u il ,111 '.n l.h-li fe. deposit ef securities
ill b made and tbs aasesain nu pats! Tale date will
ni.ably I.e June :;o.
rbe objecu toagbt by the plan of rnrrganltstlfrn un
if, ow.:
tn.InetloBofthe tixeti ehargee within the mini.
. ? * il) tuite reallted in future roora
ii. p: ie ia', ii i,i n atna to pay all presalng dalma, aa
ennis coupon*, receivers' ecrtltleatea, ai rears of
xes, etc., nnd iii inch way ..* no' to - ptest ether the
? comp in ?' oi tao.! Ii o ,i v, hom contributions
- required.
Hie r -c t| iblllhment of credit as a basil for the neces
iv i.ei tei mema of tne properties sud cit -nsiout of tho
item iii ih? f,.i ire.
Hil lion bs ic ? >' th" in leneadeno ? of the notnpany
. i ihe retention cab r li* control of all teated ami con
oile.1 lines essential to th- Integrity of tne Reading
eleni oi pro ri table in tbeaneelvea,
11.> ?' ,,.'i- i, out roi nf a ,. . .'de foal ism
med by tho ( oai uni iron ('ompany, or otlicrwi-to eon*
I he it- .1"!' of :he t.ip my from fie neces ilty to mulu?
lu at tin-fo,i ,,f ni ir t gaga creditors contracts In vol v
..- io -.in: productlve
s? of the system.
i . ni the
ni'- iii iii.i.i-m-n' ni '.li ? p ijier e I.
I he pu -e: i- ition lil mr at pr .otlcable of existing pri?
nt! j li a a.
. ''-if .ii' tment of tba affairs of tho companies If
? ai practice d'- without forecloaare.
. h.- ir.-si.-.-a ssasti thal tue (s i thsi the general mort*
. 11 -ra .a', i .k ? t:.,' p: ipei ty co
urtgage, p ae of ell prior creditors, end re
? return for their capital, winch ls nol Hie essa
eyon I ttueetlon thai
e contro. ol reor.'.iiii,- mon reeta ii greal measure with
e general mortgage, tot tin- concessions asked from
e general mortgage bon Iholdera, tbey arseompeosated
r Hie i moral ,.: 'ens to the amouiit of asvei
.ns which im" obtained precedence of lien over tina
ineipsl of their bonds; by * n-s redactloni of rems of
.?i.e i lines, interesi on esr trusts, ooal and Iron debt,
i-., and by tbs extension of ths lien of the new 4 per
ut mortgage to co vcr tbe varloua % ? end otber
?op'-rij at mired tines lbs execu cn of t:,e present
lucia! iniri;.i'.' in i-7i. if, |0 . ,,, r|ew of juniors,
io mu.di lt si i,i .? d io th.' generals, it mm I ??
ct that tin- lt only io t.n determined by tho v tin < of
securities of tb. unpsuy.
P.u ever] , eaei em ic, :. preferred ahsres en
tc,,' boldert io earnings up tofiperoen per annum
IbtlSSS, ii.any ItOi
: ?: creditor*, esp t r those whoas holding! s
ai ''if' n -tm ill, np ei whom ai. asssssn uni lu saab will
rove burdeneome. lo tlirse a partial relief will bo
? I al ui nie isle of tuob proportion of ti.fir several
m.,niara a? win pr"N nb- tin- money require 1 lo meet the
?aeaemeni upon tbs remsinder. i'ne Importance ,,:
sating in ihe pres,mt ereditoi class tbs mauagemenl of
le properties mill theil prod, tlveneaa la considerably
.ti. is,-,i, ,,i. i tba propriety, on tha other hand, of Ita
tina: rt stored to tue shareholders so soon aa the prior
? turely indoonttnuoaely earned, la tnanifeat.
? ls proposed to ac ina thia control by depoattlng tem*
rania .ctn trustees ths eommoi he reoi
suited company, For tbe a tock rerUflcstea sa dc
tuted, marketable certlticatea shall bc laaued hythe
?i e*. eal iii ibeeotl of (Ive yeera from thi
-organization Hu truat abell bo terminated sad tbe
i.-cK leturned to thc owners.
.HY THU Wi - '-I'.'.fM) I'CKir.in POOL COMTBACT
H'M uv- I N8IQNKD.
li i- likely that a meeting of the trunk-line
residents win i.e heal before tong to consider ipiestious
rd In the pooling conti .cia. Contrary t.> rn.r,
I.,- recent irr. rnlaritlee in enstrbeund freight raf -r,
a.. not bc'ii oi lufliclent Importance Co create anxiety
railroad manager*, and the must y.'
ie-'ion that of p-t venting a tll-crsioii of dressed beef
:.:? 'iit-nts -WM satisfactorily settled at !a*l Friday's
looting ..r tbe trunk-Una Executive Committee,
aat-bonnd (night pooling contract, however, though
um plated in ali Its details, is not yet tlgued, tho
'euntylvanla Baliroad declining to sign lt until the
rest-bound contract lt als. reidy for formal execution.
tl reijur.ls tte- .nt: -i a .-rceui'-iit a Question has arisen
ni,oar to that whl.-b ar.ete When the eias-.-bt .md (ton?
is dil Tbe Penuaylvanla people ore urn
ur Hint two pools of wsst-boaad traffic be
?rnied, fine to include the freight traill': that
oes only to tito western termini of tho ronda
en tim otber to embrace ths traC.it: nilled to
laces beyond. They hold Hint under tbs pro|0icd plan,
rbi h incl ides hutu daises of tratllt-. the I'cnnsylvatilti
oesnotreeelTethereeetrnlilon it le entitled tony it*
o*it|,,n and facilities. A lar.'e amount of tratllo. they
ay, which is noii-i ,i"ipelilivc, is covered hy the geosrsl
ooh Tim reply io thu ia that when perSCBtages are
warded tbs toot thal the Penntylvanla conlributet
inch bnelassa which may tm termed local t? the tingle
Iv Ition will be daly weighed nnd ali..weil for by tue
rbltretots, lint bein* tha case. the teparation
f tbe ivett -'.,.,mid traffic Into two
oils intarht create iiunecessarv complication* and
urotah aa opening for frequent dlapatea AU of the
muk Linea are a unit on this point, except the Penn
yu.allin, and tbey carried their point when a similar
noI o*itioti ara* mada to Change thc old system of eaat
(I'.ind Jin iiions. Ai the vice-presidents, however, are
tu.Lie to agree on t a wsst-b and nutter lt will have to
n to tin. president.* for ?ettietncnt. Commissioner
ink Will piepare for .submission to the presidents state
it nts SOO wing the advantages of only one pool divi
Tne trunk linet have decided to bring vigorous pret
uii-on their Western connections to secure the early
oinpletbiii of the pool organizations Ut Western tum
- poins i-uuieiiiplated by the Central Ti atti" Aa
oclatloa, of which (ietorge li. Blanchard ls cominis*,
"vovi.i. ur.-t'i.T- of tiu: kati-: wau.
CHICAOOi M.H'i'Ii M.?" Yi:-, ave EtTO ihippinf
rult to California," said a Ilurllugtou freight otUclai to
,ay. " Our fruit tblpuitut* are cauduoi to apples thus
ar, mid we have sent ilreoarloaals to Sau Francisco aluce
he thirty cent rate went luto effect. Oihur roailt have
ii ol.ably shipped a Uko amount. California apples are
it,' a y.icesa and are not much grown. The supply il
iiually obtaln.nl from oregon, but the rate Which BOW
luann from here ls a trifle lower than tho rato from
'ortlatid to San Francisco. We are alan shipping veire
ablet lo California- something altogether unknown be?
or., the preeamt rate went Into elToct I lliuiaf. wit have
blppsd three carloads of onions uud potatoes In the last
sro weeks, and of course other shipments have been
nt .,- over other roads. Alto our .hare of the thirty
cm rate, ueget four sent* per 100 pound*, to Kansas
ny, hardly enough to pay tor wear aud tear and cars."
? -*?-?
Tkknton', !Urch2-J iSp,ciab.?'l\m Beading
'.ulipa).y iii ls-:: pledged -:i,00 1,000 Of seeuritlos for
ibo payment af the tadshtednssa of tho receiver of tho
--antral Haiiroati or ?*? Jersey, whleb estated prto* te
he le.ne of that road. Au spplieatlee was m .le to tbs
J.,url of (namer) lo compel the Blading to ahow causo
irhy au order shou; I not be greata*, for the iain of theso
lecinties. Dates fer tho argument nt the application
rririe Hied, buttha anrumont was never hear -I. beean""
Mt. (lowen ivas never ready to ge on. He tried again t.e
lay to get another postponement, but failed. He said he
thought that bs might raise tba money to redeem tha
loud! in a few houts If the chance were only given hun
io do *o Th.- ( ourt gara tue reeelvor the right to sell the
booda forthwith, lt ls believed that he will bold tb.in a
lay oi two at the solicitation of Mr. Gowen.
IIahkii-i'.i Roi Penn., Mareh22.?A charter
tvaa mauled at the -tate Department to-day to the New
fork, nioemahnrg and Western Railroad Company to
taild a new Hue from Mandi Chunk to Newcastle, ia
In-1 ance of Jil" miles. The capital ts 110^000,000, of
,....,.i f i.iiiu.UOU has beeu subscribed. Thu road is to
-stet through parts of Carbon, BehnyklU, columbia,
N'ortmimberiand. Inion, I.yci.ining, ('Huton, Centre,
learfeld, JetTersoa, Armstrong, Huller abd I.awreuoo
.'ou u ilea,
li..-directors are J. C. Brown. David I.owsiiherg, A.
'.. Amjn-Ii a-.d 1.. r. Wells, of liloointbtirg ; John A.
lair, of Jersey City; A. H. Messuioro, of hew-York ;
ani W. W. Fraat. of Newham, N Y. Mr. FralX lt
irctlited with the ownerthlp of nearly all thc stock.
WaflHIKOTOX, Mareil 'Jit.-For NeW-EngitUtd,
local anowa followed by fair weather, allgut chaugea in
leuiperature, westerly winda, higher barometer.
For the Middle AUautlc states, generally fair weather,
westerly wiuds, stutlouary temperature in the uorihern
portion, slowly rislug temperature lu tho southern por?
tion, bifchrr barometer.
lui '.he vicuniy of Now-Vork .'Hr aud Philadelphia,
fair Nvealliei, slaatlouary temperature.
rriniuvs l');ai.
jrj. ti 0 Une. jtxstrssaT
sl Bouifli EersB ?-*-.- fRjgg ?
r^" ? ''M'JRAt+Mn j** '" * :?'*" '"+"*'
j?-^*ailsi >?? ?^??ssailMir rm'?T '*1**> 1**-r.tasi*?M*fi??!**? ?**?? sV-s, -4 ? . -a*.
'ail I I ihSiil a '? iii i I ..mi. ill. ??
I Kim nc UrriCS, March M - 1 a m. Smut- cm liin-aa
In .Ne*- I.lilian I mid thia Mlate, and light ano* lu th
Loni or Lass roj*lou llugerod lu tho tsar of tho norm yoi
ter.Iay. Elsewhere generally f.dr wciithT ruled. The
barometer herr rose, willi in (j luch of rain before dav. ii.
nnd partly Blondy shies sstll evening, Ihe tem pets*
turc ran -ed between SBA uni sti*, u.v. sverage I-10"sj .
b?liig 'I'.''-.' lug erih.ii un llie '"ii ponding la
ye i iii higher than on Munday.
lair v.. it ber, a.; a ? nv [omperntnre,
m in be expected In tbia city end vicinity to-dsy; fair
ami warmer, Wedassd iy.
The ii ?v..si|i-.ilcis of Hoboken mei last ni..':*
in Hannon:.i ii.,n, at .v.. -n Hudson formed a
onion to b" kn iwn ns the N'ewtdeslsra* (Talon Me, l ul
the Hists of New-Jersey, The) also mst to declare war
agalaal The World tor Ita treatment lu cutline down the
price ot the pepi r la the pu die, wltbo .t m ih ag sn equal
reduction to tba dealers, Npeechet con lemul
ll," '?' -a.-ie in i lo, in 1 :,.
one another against Ila tyranny, fha following a ? -
were elected: P. i: O'Connor, prealdeut; Inns D. Sin?
clair, vi"c president, i,i?i j .geph I an* itu secretary,
Delegationa from Brooklyn and Williamsburg news?
paper unions Mere also pii
Ihe Daiwer fraam ri.fumnnlii
i? gre I- I m spriest a bea the?vstem ls weakened snd In
p ibt 'I ba the lung il i -i -.; i wi Hi rn lot. r's ,, l
noprecau'lon. Worn on the i-in-i sad back Benson* plas
i,-is aro tlie best preventive Quick anti certain rellel Irow
roughs, n't ii is, mnl rhcnmatic p Ina Aaa (ct Bi
li, ni-,- 'i ap, b tim " snd Other um I si kum ana subs lu Bl t
BEITH in Brooklyn, (gsreh 20, lunn, si hit borae, S ??!
n.ivm'lid ta. nt |,ii-'i: a '. la. N. AogaatUl Betta, i.b. lt.
:.n.i i. D? son ,,' :.m :? Nathaniel <
ea and friend* also tbi Faculty of Laang Island .oi
it-Kf. ni' Invited ? iattend ins (amoral. Ta iday, Mareh TA,
ai .' o', nek.
iiuerrn. rn w e in, s lar al Babylon, Long island.
Tram leaves l latbusb-ave. - i", a m.
ii-in i-.i;ii. ii r I, Philadelphia, on Bandar. Mel bas*..
Bo ibrlgbt.
lb inn", .ina m. mis an- invited to au ml tbe funeral eer.
de ice, Na. ..'s West Lotan tfapiare, on
v. ,-i .ii. liar 'i . I. u i i o el .ci-.
c nni ri i i;i.ii vt Newark, N.J.. on Bundar, March 81,
i-'i tbe Rev. .io .cit n. campfield, mihi -u.v, ar ,;
. from bia ii r. Fl Csmp-at?, Nswark, s.s.,
on I Inii-s-ii,-, Man li lb IBrlll SI - p. m.
CRAWFORD Nf .e.i'.ir.', \ V., March IO,
wei,e. ol I avi,i t trswford.
Knnsrsl ri in hei late residence. 1-tfl Montgomery at., on
l a sd i_i itt ern ona, Marc i -li. .it - o'clock.
CRAWFORD "i. -ii-i'-lav, March 30, ot paeamonut. Rob
> t 'ii of John snd Rachel Crawford, in tho
-.lil. yeal "f hi
Funeral services athis ' '? rcsldenoe, i":i Weal nth.st.,
on i Bl -ibl. Man h -' I, lt I p. Ul.
ia un- "ii Mimi cy. March 21, al tha randene* of ins
i nd ave . i ni .e-i Ith- ti . suddenly of
diphtheria, C. t'.ordo i Dobbs, lr. oni> un of Charles U. and
a rut ... i' -ii -. i. i . n ki- and - mouths.
DUNCAN On -ottiiti.iN-. Marc no, indar ii. frnnran. lim
nt Mai v H an i i. Dun an
rn itbsr, (81 Wi st .vith-st..
i, i Tua ? I..- .a,: nina oea
li n i - ; ; a.-'ina ,v. i.n ta 'il, Mrs, Ann W. Hali
,,f j,, nh ii,ii.i, m ;u ti sister of the late (Ion. Jacob
n Wt -t i ?? i. i "I en yeats
- and u n h lt invited v, ttten t thc fm i
n , s on a .-.in.?.,; n. th ? -j.? h i -?. ,-.i ii o'clock a m.,
: -li .noe. e. ; Weal I8lh-st
ii i\K- in Rend tinii. vi. ?? , iandaTrtsoy,
i - Hanks, ag
n a ink-?On Sunday, March 21, al Home, X. Y., tbe Rev.
?- li il. in hit - Uh if.ir.
Ipterm ol in i dm al iv.
iii i'?At Brick church, N. J., on Mstnrdsy, March 'c. al
m.-ni../Pla. Anna Hchermerhorii. ilaaebter ol Lowls n
un I i nh,-, in ? Ile.
Kit'it i ii ???! vi, ? n a tl. res lenee I bei uai ita o
larch lid, un arrival ,t i t > i> in. train from Near-York
' i church btatiou, norris snd Kssex Ballroad.
ia i.i.n tl ber residence lu this city, natnrdsr, Ma
? th -. artdow of William Kelly, late .,f Ellerslie
a. V.
ll iiuias aud friends are Invited te attend her funeral from
the ra . I, lid a- sad lilli -t., uu
ii - - .v. i I mai
MAX-sON*-At Jacksonville. Pla, tm l-ri.l ir, March ID. Will
iain li Mazaon.ol PlaiuUetd, .. I., aged hi years
Relatives and friends are niNit.-l to attend! (uneral >n
iif'ine.iiav. -ith Inst., al ?'? ? ,' m..athis late residence,
u id ii ti. m. al ia.aa th i'a. li i| lisl ? burch.
Tr .1 .- lt ive f" ,i "f i.ii"-' i-.- -i , al i in ' 1 IO p. m.
MORRIS?After a ihorl i ? late residence. Yon
tel a A. V., oil ? lill'l l , Mal 'l il, . ' ?<".? i tm ?
Morr's. too nf fha lal in Morris, V. H. \ .
? it'gran. ann of Lewla Merris, of Morrlsania
ru,,, ra t I \!,-, * ,n -t. jn'i.r. ? burch, Wedneaday, March-J 1,
al < li Ml.
. -'..ii ii. ii: the arrival o (ho 2p. m and - SO p. in.
trains (roi nran.l Central Depot Relatives aud (rienda
are Invited I', attend,
Albany iiapsi - pb j- ? copy.
li n-'1'\iii'.: ic t-.i- NN -\.:u< .- ? I' . N'.t. 103, J
H i-Nl.l-I ,M t'l Nli'.N Y'liil. .1 A. H.. >
Ni a V KK M i Ch 1! ll ? ;. >
The members of this post are r-i'i"M."l lo at,-ml the
f u ii i-r i. ,,f ' fiii .ia i a an ? K. . orris, at si lo in's Cnnrcb,
Voiil.. is. N Y . on Wi'dues lay, '-.lu inst . .it A imi .ck p. in.
fla o 'i". of M. i. Mi M ii.'iN, ( otuinaudcr.
i. ii u iii, u- Adjutant
Kl 'jr \ Al Kast Orang* ff. J., mi -a-ur.li -. reams, March
-.'>>.:-*?. Helen Max well, widow ol the lal lames B. i.t-jua.
In the 81st i ir i) hei age,
Funeral se vi. es ., her il ? '? il lea se. Ai
mid i nae north 't siati.n on I i sd-iy th. lUdla-t., on
arrival of train leavl.iK UareUy ami ? I - i-irns.
rm Delaware, Lackawaana and Western Railroad, ai -.tu
P m.
SWORDS On Bsturdsy. March fo, Breve! Major Qeocrsl
'I boreas is words Failed states Nm v.
Funeral service al I nnity Chapel, 2>th-st. on Toeadiy, 23d
. 1 1 I . a. 'ii
inested aa Bowen.
I ROM I'-' in -M Hudson, !*". Y . Mir. b 21, 1 M. f lina Liv.
ingston, au.t.nv .-? in-- nat,- Judge eolith rbompson, of the
i ?? . snprrme . om '
Fa nena service al tludaoo, tt. v.. on Wednesdsy ift.-rnoiu,
? lock,
lntt-rim-iit ,.t 11 inls in, V Y.
5UCCl.ll XjtlCCtl
MARCH -i, '-''?. "'' and -IT NEXT,
C. P. K LUNDI". It.
Mr... J.J A-t .r. -M -. A ii. ii.- P.. liuont,
Mrs Wu. M. Bl s.. Mi- i-.d-a.u I .per,
Mr.*. f.j. De Peyater, Mr*. Hamilton Pish,
Mrs. I.tulls i . Hamersley, M i * Ami iii Is Im,
Mrs. Joiih Jaj-, Mis. levi p. Morten,
Mn. Robert J Remaeo, Hrs. Geo. n Werna,
Mitt estherne Vfe I ,
BY lilt: MI. l'1'...il'OI.lT.lN OPERA CO.'?OBCHBtTBA,
Coder tin Isaderablp tl
A limited uumit.-r ol bonea tor salt- al 'JUT liroudway.
ii un i.o |*. Haere, Aarlloneer,
MOORE** ai , now BOOMS.
.'.") I li- I'll.A Vb..
KS 1 lill-. HA n K ::1 i'l' .-I'M K lip
liAliM..- ,'. H IhUERUOLDT,
r.v oin in of nan .riv. .i dibrl,
AI.-" I-.SI IRK STO hi tia'
I . Bi'IKIDU ?. 13J -l.\ ill AVI1.
Italian cuv.a.i turnltare m a- "ii. Htatcarr, Qenntae
Bronzes, Benares Brass, Venetan Olasa, Venetian Mirror*.
Ar.,-in Pottery, I' Ins Bilka )??. mrlea, etc.,ula
-N"NN ,)> ,.X ill HI U'.i.N
sAI.K, ID MkKKDNV, Tlll'RHDAY AM. FltlH.V*,,
MAid II '.'1 'ii AND '.'H.
Hpeetal notice is eal sj to iii" hoar of sale, which on ac
count uf tbe magnitude li
ayn I i-i tn lock m.v h day ll : ^j
Bicycle, nearly
\ :
llleycle For Sale.?A spe lal " 1. .
ticiT , in perte. ' oruei . ?! ?? equal I I re ach ball b,
tad nlcsel pnate. wm *eii for ?JJ if taiseii immediate v
dress K . Tribune . ifBce
l.isints BaterraUaatora lilla Roachea. Bedbucai it.Us"
Mii-f, Mutiis, neas Lies, Abu. Infallible remedlea Not
poison, to., Broome-Mt. All wnlsrprisiag spirea._
Post HtHfe Nonce.
, a b? read daim by ... mtexostefi a. ehaagea m-iy u
cur al any tinnrj.
Letta is (or lorelcn e lontrtesn.l rc,! beapeoiailv * t Irawaed
f,*y dispatch hy suv parucmar st amer, except ia.it ia n .* J t
airt-'i tu send dupllcatei ul bankin! an! dose
nu nt., ntturs not speoialiy addrsaaad Ut-inj s*ut 'jy tai
last, st vessels av caa ila
Foreign main fur tbe week eodms March 'il will
TIT >DAY At5 a. ui for Kurope, pera. s. Aruouia. via
sjtntf iiHtown.
Wtl'M-ai'A V AI'I a. m. for linroy ?-, nert s. Kins, via
-o.u.iaiuptoi. ann llienifii . ai- a -n Iur Praafai direct,
pl ss til Laurent, VIS Haalc ,.utters limul De ilire.'letl
"per Bt- Laurent '? P tl, 'or thu ni in mr.',
dlit-ci and dir \ euezu.-u and Curasao, i.a Vr)n)tia.l. pur
s. s Ht rm el j
lin ,'.-"n\ Atti ii t tn fm- Barope, p. r * ?, Oeraaoale,
via Uusenatowa tlettera fur Frau. -, Oermany, 4c, uusi
b>- direClaHl !?? i tifiiiiauu' , at '? J) t I. foi tra.iOa.
(iiiuianv, .nc. paras Wsstphsiia, ria Pivwouth. Liaai
Imiuik au I llan.bi.is icttera lol "e- t Urttalu and other
Buropean oountriea nmsi ha directed " .,-r A'satpba
Bs it] i in foi ll.tvti. iiei . s Albauoi al 1 p. m.
fur lit-.iiiinia, |? r ? a. ni not-,,, al -tail p. m..
for I'ii.atit so. Mensa per s. s. I hoi .ililli.
BATU RH \Y-.it i a. m. for ths Weal ladles, rta Bt H.- tass
umi Bsrbodos; tor .e.tels and Curacoa als Bal i us
for Braid .mu tba la I'.au i uuotrl s. na Braail, pei s. ?.
A,iva. it'. Hum Nsaa-pul vrw>i a| -, ?% ?,, f(ll ,
j.t-r s a. M-ii.t viavjati .ttta.aii |e .fis lol ucl many...c.,
ii -isl ba directed ?? esr servis**1i at tl a m. tor ?<? tun I
i pst a a Circaeais vis Olaagow iletters must na
st a a. ni. Io; the Netti,-.
n: is i il i a ilrllfra must
pt-r tulsa ai ti a. ta lor Sewfoundfuaad,
p,r * * Portia a' ??? ni ai Bc -iain dlraot. pei s. ,.
'. vis ABtwerp iel I r* Ul isl .
Waesiend " ; at as llennaay, atc pea * ni,
n ia ur u,an i at Wa m. foi ? i at a a. t ny of (.'bl
caa!" via Qiifi-nsiown i lot lora inusl li dire.-! tl 'per
City ol i liicaao "i . a; 11 * rn for Norway direct pea
tl I ii |,,| a, ,. , ii ,??>... . ia '
ulri,.i p"i ' ,?"' aaala"); at
Ian,is .icci, asl v s. i dam, vi
b. d rscted " yi balsa *'
t a uaissr,
a. a.
lettera n.ust
ted "pei
M ? f. m. (or Blnelle.da, Hrsitowu ai.d Llaon, per
LBS} I Ml ..-I, tl -mi Net, tilt-ans
Maits im ths Bocistv lalaBda, per this rrjuic hum ifroa
eau . ai.-h-r' .alan i Jt nt , p. rn
n,r '..inna ..ni J apse, pet a. t, ?c sou (ron -ai
ii I ai..'.*., . .lose lifr? March *-7al T p. iii. Maila im li
usn... Maw-fs-saiaud. njaodwieh Kilt and eaaoau Islsadt
Berat Msraroa iron, Ksa Prsuetaooi. clots here vyni
?a al 7 [a in ot mi aniv.ii-t N. ?? Yoi * ur . a llrilu. io
Witn llrit.ai. nails Iur Australis' \iais for i noa. n,'
ral it laiui'a. Fi i. ani I'u-n ? bl * .aiii.'i Ho u Key
Wast, Fl a, tlees al lois oilier tl .ur st Hi li) a iii.
? Tbeseheilii i g Trana I'a- '1" tl lists il.-iiir'l
en Iii.- li ot.) upai.I I i"li I 1 .. "ii I'l,I <
li.sui 1 alf !...i Niau, flo il Hie I', is: ai e. i i; no U.U' a.
Bsa fi sue tann on ibu <uy ui saning, .ti itsattaca ira lia
imai beti in.- i< i ;tia same tav
lil.MtV Ii I'I-Aiit'iN. i'oitaiaua-r.
l'af?l"-ai.o. *>oa Vork, IN. V.. ilax.u U. UtB?
?I,-sr Of Tl!"
ll . , " :* .
il : -?
I r . ?
? c.. Y ? - !?? nth last ia
.- uagnifli ? ally iliuati
of only from Hie olaf . ........
I '
,-..., i isca
- .*i y uii-li-r-i ? '
Tbsleetore last evening ara' aaswoea tha aabje t
Alchui niel Its El . . ? ? ?
i io igbly un ??: -i ?? ?' th. ? i
... ? ?
?al atsedp im. sod i. *. a i ? -t ?
aaaa certainly lamala weight and gi
ar i our p ken I tl
fre proaiii-tiv" ,.r iu;iin u waaapoa
I hesvtset wshrht of hit ? ill it was not
bs sieve i at r
at to tbe greater (act sad oas far asora iaSsetrsM -
. fda. th it IO .,, ii ,i of mani- Sf
hp il ii,utis ib iu. pip nany In ui) by physician. Sn lui di
rho inva'ui therefore, lo when awafeoUe stimulant. aTe
n seline I i.aii'l lint c i t i-opn.
sr *aaiarag pbyetelana, specially when *he . teed
ba 'ii ? tat itbey are ta ? c. ? rn
ii- au). ? -tit-o's of the >i iu.,'. nut tlso the ti preasiogaadex<
lanstlmj a Lon of one or ... ,-? i ,??-., is Ur i<* atth which
h ? ill'ior is a'inti riif.l, sn 1 all th s In stliiUI ni lo tbs pffffa
falsrly pres ? .a inch aio,
it r .aps. aa |. .. de i b ? imus ls tuen I
ri i Das ? r then proc ia i- it to d mae itt tt i by nn.' -MosetT,
ns vi wa Ih a.. n m.on Ila- t m. i* tn i p...-,. rue s tCSOp! ".ll
i. aii i aflat ts oi adsliersted llqnora Us Aewed t*ie
. . Bas ih ni I '!,"? ? . ? ? 11' Um ' ?. "f
li nats ii I >,,h ths Nar "is oi jiint of Ila, body,
" Alcoholic atlmulaula *>?? neither (sod nor medinina They
I * lill 'l all 1, .
i ally bulli ap t n [be i .ii ?!.. '.'V fun upon (ho
rbolea anal ids t naasIbUbsmm mayas
? r," I hu.- wiall ti tho
, . in the i nv r of the
- , reslsi Uis, a ?
" finch ettniulauta may keep np ea i ? . ?
lor t t. ia , Lu t' , v .-. .r
-I ? IAIN i Mi. VI l AL KO::
" They Inflame i.t nomad*, asakee the i o rer of rUeasthMi
i . m.I COBS il i ?? . ti, i . m.iiiiii.-I iNithiat dis.
I In I" c.. i 'a BO t'lUi .In.i, pt by
.nit a', -l ;,u-.N. -.-11 <:.i ition .tn,I a' iimilarioa. 'i ks.m ut
un exalt tn,)) of tba functions ol althea body sr teiad pta,
luce I bv ie, lao ic s- uni lie ? t t 1- alw.ns i.i owl lu-an In*
qaarree .,f ^iti,,. ,i. alcohol nay h.. ir t weacy brain
n- in-i-vi. .. '.? ? it. .um to 'nil.- ,\ i-..a f,r | Base 1'Ut ita
it oi lt i - <lf. trie ;i\ i- ;iii,| ii .r c.ii* tr net. v".
?? i be tara ; ? ,,f | .,?- moua j adc tented Ibroora are ai.v..ys
injurious io he - a te
i 'i iv'ici-lei--ans i I bi yeats af expo**i^*aee
u leal oi..-rv:.tn,ti thal ? ll . i ra ib lid (asset be
until to Hi" ais: m isl fir tf llb-ni'V
is to,;, -td.-, n ai ii,, bm ta rene ly la auv
i ibey take raak arith other potts is di roess
"Is sdi uv i of chronic diseases lt la sbsolotelv ;,? C" aary
thai the medicines aasd - io lld a i istorsiiva aad ? fl tv 'ell.
tating in Hun i-ii.-i t? i ia asa ,,i tiqsers ted p ns ,n,..i* u,ugi
:.'?.-? ret a - i- ... i"v.t.iii.'iii.' ai,' rat
i i ii '-ffecta
it . os i i i .ii." remedies from Hm
. r ir iji, n i-1 ol ii i' ?: tbat tbe tra imsI ts oed
health glvlag i ? , led.
? li. alt . depeodt u;i n ihe perfect pawformanee af all the
vorloaeorgaasni the hedy, ti." Meed drcalatas (attwagh
th" *
ami th, il-ty of i'll i orrin is to tepMBM th btleflWSI BM
blOOd. ih ? liver, hf ?oiiilrir: t,e [il I ... i -lo,xtract
this u isry matur and tba bio 11 aral athol ? ayttam bo one
. il i a -np. ia ann SBCS ot I 1 luva
.a throws od fran the arness, uni yon IneesM Btuanei
ih" brain i< .ni- ? ted, aa t f a bsvs ',. loat heaea ie-, in a f. w
newths the syatem beean i e ? ad wltb thia iuryui.it
tc- that it secamulati sn. th.- stem >. ii .uni b .wats. tbse voa
complain of bad breath, peer appetite, slekaeat at the etna
a h. p Ila in I ie sill- .imi are snl'din,' fMn BjVOpajpetS Ia
tnchoondltpi iori raf-d Uquarssatsftpat4aa*e*
ons tlrtiats work a tito-i bretni llsble inlury.
" The b.o il, ii.. Irculating taruaeh tho
srlves np Hs uric sci I, whteh ia ahM wotre-oat neuter. A
a'i-.ilnln? "f these cr-an-, lifilna-a la av y i td, overwork af
any timi, a cold ,,r il." aa ? s.-nii.i.r bara ney wweekaiBtB
ktdneyt thal they tail t ? .la their duty, fail io eitra t ths uiiti
SC il, mnl in rinse is ? th- tr, aol .int Ci ? Nilio. ? tysM ii laciitus
poisoned csustag rh, nm e i. n. tsaeh bil,*, pains, lu>'-rour.
(ike the diena Butler the stn mo
Mrry the flitb from the atty, so ths n-.--.. kUaayaaad , hut
ski story argana bm aswan ia ths kanoa tfetan, sad, ll
clogged, diaeasa neal inevitably follow, in ,t'i a healthy
ttomaoh ts enable oatotska rsqatsil . sf saasrleb*
tn,nt. in-iniiiuif.i 'ur ? th i'i ,?'. tu Beti rt liver 'i-i'Miy
t Dflltlnni of 'i.,t aoaroie tad kMaayt sad tha aiicininrv of
the hu'niiii v-i-: i rina s ii'vithlr, a-ul wc (Ben nutty QUttB
tinton Messing to nsaklad tinalte
" rhe*.. afgan bi co -i ii ; dlsssasd BStt*Mr alohillc stimn
ia n rs im. pus ,n ,a, ui I.-. - toni. ba i ?trted t->. bi- kacattsee
remedies wi! ta Uleaawa eel a cn" iiimu tue
coitl noathaof avinter the tystesa, tren tic parii.-ai i-i a* Bgel
ibe pare- of the tkln an i the I nh ol power t ? throw 'iii tho
Imparltiea of tue body, often b o bm un dead clog ul with
mo. il n,..ici. il rh-'.- rn!,-,r'i i i 11 u: ,"> I ? o i '.tt ms nf
1.1- -i -I'-iii ,,r- arneb n tra ? leUy eaw t ia the tpclag than st
Bay , th, r season of tb" rear, as ? KM snrhur th-r,- BM gr at,
ami lapstlasl nhsogoa iskisg plaes thMocheaseh nature:
tha lakM aad rivera g iprloga firth,
thu hirds of th - air and bMata of tho fields BtaSd t-.t-ir WttS-M
to.is. i iirilar pntnan iialraa pises le Mts hanan .1*1111 a
tlWOWlBg otr of ile o'd .iq 1 as*a niii j- SSW co;,till ions, atni in
this c'1.11. rt tin- nat aral proceawi issie! la a ma or,al .legree
l ? 1 lion 0 a .- mi" ni' ci., ui'-s in cia.lic.iliug au 11 Bl ing.
ohrnalr fllswatre Ileana it n (abel tr.-atui'nt for two montiit
nruig in nesrly til cssm pndoees si re?
sults tb rn iMstmeot for double th it nu* it tray other sraaoa
of the year "
Dr, OMsas whose o Bea ,s pertaeasatty t tested si U west
Mth.at., Ni av Vin X. n -in/ a spts-i tl,st tn til", tr. .mu -nt if all
? no. I.-eissseea I snlnintlrqeaMSsdto attnadvfae
opus tin sc -ui "i ta sa 11 ai" t- ih m ni"-,- vhs Batlow his
un i ?? vni be Mworded hy petteei ai. i psraMasaM ka iMB
ss I i tha cut- ui , ha. nc *U*SaMt is BUBtBi W.'.'i , lt
par.il.fi, tad bs *t.tuil. ..in ti-' l ta id iii emun st lu lils pio
ii ri ipsciatiti ni tba irealiaeel of tilts chee ef enhe
nuns, ns ths foil larine;, wblab w..- clip fio.n ono of thetiaiiy
journals, mil ah nt
" The nm isot psrsooa nflbrlasj from ehfeale rMsaaeBi aro
d stag with thspolesesas drasi nnffbed b>'paysh Una. or
fiikine tins ui r h al ;, al ? n M v.n- ? i .h I -In- ma 1- r<> sell
broadcast oat r thi lan I. r mn t bs lAaptsd '?? in ' r nura.
nea lol aa. pi t. n ar c ia ? whfa al: iftny utsesl io eraiitc-ata
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I'n, "N-i-niiig the Histor tb livers hu ur.-at " Lecture on
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