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Im TFir.'.r*-.rn io tub TRiair?K.?,
St. Louis, April 6.?There was.I rumor in oir
culation among the striker* to-night that tho euvlneers
ti <(u vt,,r? on ti,? Mi'souil Ph, irtctn itibort tim** nn
l*-*s im- tracks ?re repa.red and lb? chalice* of violent
BboIB iBBISBBSl Chief Engineer P.M. Artliur. of tlie
Brotherhood, arrived at Hi- Undi"ll Hotel lilli morning
and wit* tn a short tim- in consultation with a committee
if oraataaoia. The Knights SBBafl thal not more than
"oaf th*, engineer* really want io work lor th*- coin|iaiir,
anil ll.at Cu- road-bed has 0000080 so ilatiitrrotia Ilia!
they refuse to nut faster than twelve mile* an hour.
Thc trama are standing with the Kn irhts. and ni.my rat
tl.-iii are o,it and others q;illllni{. * h ef Arthur waa
lustily s, nu un BM t here, st a ttrike wn* Imminent, every
li.am iiL Die rumor of the impending atrike of Hie
easfaeon io mil great axettaaoai la ali pan* ot the
cilf. Tue |i isseiiK-r ti'itin* on the Missouri I'a.itlc
wein .,11 rrointwo to four 1*0010 lists*. to-day oil sccount of
tho (lanifer..ui track. The joint eoiumlltee of the three
ussr-iiii'ltes are now in conference, thc quoition under
del.ate Islai WkelBof the strike shall be . xtended or
not. Toro master ttori.inrn from Chicago are in tho con
loin ooo,
Ttoora ii othertv t- little change tu the situation here.
T.ie linkers weie quid to-day. awaiting development*.
Tba railway ooselala say that tb.-continuance of their
regular t>n*ines*. wluca Ba* now been fullr re*uiued. de?
pends not iu tho least upuu the actions of any labor or?
ganization and th.tt the freight MaSfcsSS b.ts beeu perma?
nent,y raised. 1 BO) also say thal they have employed a
MtwOteat muniier of new ineu to render them entirely
ind. pendent of the Knight* of Labor, sud tbat the
ur.kc win conic la naught. Ihe bm alora of the Exscu
tiv,- Snort, however, stats they ate confident of the BOO
cc*.* of tim atnie. Speaking of the resumption of tralu*
by the M.s-ouri Pacific tiny say :
The statement that Ike cuaipany I* now carrying- on
ll* linaine,.* is not line, and tut, reports tbat it I* sending
on! * i ii,soy u.ilii* ailay are misleading, I hes* aie n>.t
trains. Some of Ih-ui -ire h.i.f iraius ; s.,? even io.ii
},,,s, ,1 of less ih sn Hist nuiiii.cr of cari, and louie are
? inply cart -eui out for *how.
The older of the General Executive Board declaring
the strike continued bas had it- -fleet uooii the nosiness
f,f the Kr.'Ve and Tanue.1 Company Several of llie men
wh,. bad gone to wota upon the i> rid are struck last night,
and other* fallod to report for duty thia morning. At
the Union I)epot alM the uuiuuor of employe* ha* been
lOOOMOa" i'.v those who have quit work
unwilling to occupy their poaitiuu* while
the Knight* of Labor grievance! aro still unsettled.
The municipal election lu Kant Ht Louis to-day drew
crowd* nf strikers from the railroad yard* and depots
to the pall* and usual quiet prevailed titer*. The rail
r ? i is handled freight In l.*r?-e quautitlea. Despite tue
Blank force of naen engaged on the bridge and at tho
I mon Depot, Miara! freight tram* p4*ied over tho
river. At ii.o several depot* in East St. Loni* nuiner
ou* freight tr.iiii! arrived and were unloaded by thc BOW
men, tin- rinoilier of whom, the otliciala say. *s large
enough to han Ile all tu-ir luis n-m. Tue Chicano, Bur?
lington and Quiaej twitch engineer* who struck yes?
terday returned to work to-day.
A d spated iron) a raiiros.1 ollicial st Palestine. Texas,
to the Missouri l'.icitlc hOBflqaarMTB here, received thi*
Uioruliig, lay*:
Everything la quiet here today. I do not apprehend
any more trouble here. Hey are badly broken up. We
bare ali the fmce We WOO! to wura lb the shops except j
00a OT two l.i.icksiuitlis. A gre.it in.tuy of the striken
ate applying for work this morning. They BOf evoiy
niau fol' ll 1 lust-.f.
'J lie shop* al P.tiestiue are tbe fourth in *izt> on the en
tilf say -trill.
Ihe Joint Kxecutive, Bo ard of Assemblies Nos, 101,
S3, 17, Kattata of Labor, this afternoon usued tho fol?
lowing addroee:
fie Em EarliaonMn ol thr World}
E.ii.Ms t-i, lin. i ii, i.s.- Hear us, for we plead for
om ii.in. Men of equity, look upon us, for we struggle
stan.st atlanta nf winna) Mad wita tlie frenzy of pride
ami a-it-.ululation. I,, gotten a* il la nt the ance-* of
outr a_e uni infaiiiy, mei.- slsnds balala us a giant of
ng_Tr(aied aud laicorparated weaiih, every dollar of
blood, luju-t if* aid niil
coi'i orate wealth has cen
:.' ?: i* lin pe ison at rd by
tt lu. li
iiii.t nj,on
giant of
Hail/.ed Us power ll
li.,-e.igci lien,I v. ho lo ul* a.* he grinds Hie life
hi* fellow-imii and BlttbOMB .Lii daucea aa they writhe
upon nis InstroaHBtB t.r lorture.
ob. ye workmen of Aiuerica, who love your liberty
and ymir native .and : ye gr.-.il ce.ttures of weallh who
stand a* ihe feuadntloo of ail National good, look upoo
yali blethers loria), (iou.d, the giant tl.-ud ; UOUld,
tba ii.-,iie> monal i h. is dane.hg. BB ka ('laius, over Ihe
Crave .,f oar ni i.-r-oi ei i in- r.i.ii of our Bo-Ma, aud Ibe
blight el oar lives. Bel re lum tko World ha* annie I in
p. a .: j. I...i bia woke Isa graveyard or hopes, a cyclone,*!
pal li of der a* tat!..a aad ..e.,n,. Oar strone arma have
srown weary In build lag tbe tower ot atreoatb, ? ? te?
lle imls us 11 ii lal OU ol die, (i ur y .ung lives have ITO WO
pta} loo -non i.cncadi lae strain ol unrequited, ronstadt
toil. Our lured oars bi Boom oro a?ilow-obeek<-d -.mi
j, nc willi .i j..g .it, i wrary waiting for belter day a tu
cine. N.,y. inure ll).in tins, tho giaveyar.li .nc hiding
Itt rtottios from our longing *, ea
Htniiier norkioro, ti..* Dionater Head tu** compelled
lane ..f us ui toil in coal ni,) rain t,,r hie and Itt] cuts
a,my. 04 kora have taren <..pellet lo yield their time
tn I.lui Tor s- v. i.i.cii ai.,) thu ty -tit weary haul's tor tho
),ii,a..ce ot i,lue hoiiis" pay. Others who liav. dated to
a**(rt their iiiai.linoii and rebel aran-l bia
tyranny ar- bloeklistrd and boycotted ml over
tnt lona*. Ile has made solemn compact! with
Ike blahes! authority In our order, aod ties aaa oaa*iy
rel led io fulfill bi* pie.lara, ii-- lira* coder and enjoys
sd tin- booenu ot a republican farm of government, and
y.t adv.,cues ,mi| peri.eluate., inn must debasing form
Of WkllB slavery. Ile I Ob* tile I nu aid poor, II," high
a.w, alu rutkleai band, ami tuen appeals tn ear
r pt and p.irch,*ed court* to help hun lake our
Un >- bonn away, oe breaks our limbs und
ii ,ii.* our bodies, and ikea deiuonda that
wc si,.ill is.,-.i.e him fr, in -very claim for dam .g* or ne
L. ii s.i lied forever. H.- go-s to our grot er* ac..1 per?
in ,|. s ii cm i.ai to gitc ns ci,-dr. because we reuse to
l-.i' uni ii. In- num.ni mill, ile tums upon us a horde
ot lawless things wini iLoOl am..nj our wive* uml chil?
dren wan deadly lo teat, ead then h.- howls for Qoveru*
1, ? Bl be p when be ROtS Ins pay IQ com alike.
Fellow workmen, Ooald must bo overt krona I Hit
(nani poa et lunn be broken, or J ou an : 1 lil i-i tie Raves
tote vcr. I*ne Knight.* uf Labor alon* have dared tons
a Pavi,i to tins doiiiith. ih.- battle ia not for to-day.
ti,., battle?ts nol lor to-morrow, bul for tho trooping
fooeratioua in the coming ace* of tho world; for our
children and tun children'* cinl.nen. "1 ? thc areal
nnesUoB ?1 ile aaa: sn,ni we la the coming nana be a
"Nation ot tree abbi or a Natta . ol sn,vet I
Ibo question must be daclded now. Ihe chain* aro
nu, arly forged ih.it an-to lind on shall are await until
ti e, .iii riveted upon our limbs I Nay, *;?d forbid :
Workmen of tn? world, marshal yourselves upon ino
bat I le ll. ld 1 IS Ol km el, of every tl ade mid ell inc, into tba
fraj : Gould ana bis monopolies in us i ro down, or jaar
children mast ba slaves. 'I tunk of the iitiis olive plants
Broun., rout hearthstones that will be blighted bl bil
eui se. I .mk ot the little I,,,.,,,, Ue is sacking lo rob roil
of. lt.mk or the wife from whose eyes ba hos wrung
flood* of tears, aud Iroin who-e heart he has tort,ned
drip* ?f blood !
*?*, no can look calmly upon bis perfidy, his outrage, and
ins , run.- I for he baa Sought ta Incite felony amoug our
rank and tile: ho baa lough! the perfidy ot vue men
to entrap tuc untv.triy that he micki alain our
fair name and gloat over our misfortunes. Once
for all, frllow-workuien, mouin ! Let every
Lim '. ti,ai to,is be lifted to Rravei ami iweoi by Hun
that ttvoih forever that these ontracea must (ens,.. Let
ovary t.e.iri uin! i.row be tamed iowan! om rout mon foe.
and let n.. nial, grow weary uutil, like Goliath, our giant
ia dead si our r-et.
1X1 r l tivf. BOABM I). A. 101, 93. 17.
PaMORB, Kan., April ti. -There baa b-en no material
change lu the strike situation. Mr. lions'* circular urg?
ing thc men to keep np the atrlke, was framed aud hung
In conspicuous placas yest, rd iy. sim the strikers in cou
aequenee suiioiiiice thal ti.ey will uot allow any of the
Knigiitsor Labor to resume work. It liaaid. howcver.tliat
about 100Ol MM men Lav*, I,em re-employcd ami the
mailer lue,-linnie announiec. tuat he hat ali the uien en
faced lh.il BO want*. Borea Knight* were arrested yes
lerday atd held lol trlti. The Uluma are oi gain/mc a
Law and Onier Lea-rue for the protection of property.
- ss- -_
Jay (ioiild sui*, y.sti-nlay tli.it in his opinion
the linke on the soiithweiteru railroads was ended,
mid not likely to extend to other lines connecting with
I...m. "In view of tho many soinenaults reroolly
turned by tbe labor organizations," be said, " 1 thought
li BSOMean to repeat thi! uormiiK my dUpatcb lu Mr.
Iloxie :
In resuming tne movement of tralnaou the Miasourl
racillc, sii'i in the einpioruieiit of isbor |B the several
tie p.. i in'-iiti of Ibe Company, you will gtvepiefsreuce to
our late empioioa, wuather they are merni,er* of tue
L li ila's al 1..:.al at ..ol, en ?pt th it yull Wl'l hal eui
li."j any person who lisa injurrd tbecuiiipany'k properly
during tlie Jala- atrlke, nor will we discharge any nerena
wi,,, na* taken lari Ha willi the company Sarine Ihe laid
Bli Ike. We se bo <>b|ci'linb to arbitrating auy ? i:
Iereuces between the employe! ana the company, pail
tn fuuile.
".hali* the policy of the company, ami il wi. 1 lin
ri/1,1 y a<l,,, re 1 to. I ws* afraid thu: Mr. II:, ile un jiu
lose ngbl of ll while lu the oidit of the eoulIiciiDg
Bcliou of tin-striker*. Tbeatnke wa* officially declared
of! the other day and wn were not a?.:>? to
give employment to all tho strikers. Il wai
ci lei. ,1 ?ij a?-4ii, ye*1, rday and only a few men al ll a ii -
nioal quit woik. A foil force waa tent Utera laal night
la I i. e ii,.- p,4ce nf th., unger* and BS funner trouble
tliere Ua-illcll-ated.
" y | have hal .til aloin,' an organization nitlloieut for
th- r liming, ?f um- ir_iii,, bal fie striker* took p<i?*??
iiou of our yard* aud terminal, .ind prevented ihe si.,ri
li.g "I tia'iis. ab soon s* the civil aiilhorities a?*ert?d
ll.eiiis-lves. we leiuriaed our usual trifH*!. All that we
sssed i>r wai pruu-etiuii lu ike txeroiie of our legal
.'tua. The number of train* nv>ve>d on (he MlSSSati
neille, ayatero yeetoriay waa 1AA, composed of 8.8S9
laded cara, and mv dispatches fruin Mr. He.xlo to-day
ro to ihe effect that everything was ei.e-our
Bjas ISIS morie! iitr fur a lurer iimveinerit lo -day. Th"
iatt1o on the linn Minimum road y.i.te.rflay ann.outed IS
ISSalS, SB ISSSSsM of tSSSBIS I'vor the .ame t?BS
tat ye-ar. We have every reason to bo cat I?flf'-l wltb
he-eel Mesas* .Me _evasseataf tralaa Baa aeaa moat
minuit Hie help of Hies tinker*. Dp t? yesterday ni"! n
:>_ only twenty-live i-irUer* had bees IS employed, bal
[f.-r tl.es order of the Kxee-iitivc CemmttSM H-SM Other*
ratetakea ea as ifeof aapMeS lorweHt i ie set Bena
bo exact ninnhe-r of a(nkeis xx ho have been |*SBSB8je6,
nit it ls very .miall, l'.ie prefrronce haB BBBB RlYOS in
.11 cases te turo with la-Blllee, Tor they are naturally th ?
nen Ira* easily distill "ed."
In reicar.l to lin. .un* lirmi.-ht au-aln-st tlie> strikers, Mr,
ionlel auld: ?* I'hi-re* urn Bbtifll 1,300 c-ritiiliial Bulla
ii inline ami the juries ii. a lilies do liol leave linn aieils
?fore Mariettas the bi risers. Al Teiarksoa thirteen
trikrra ?ti" have buen lying lajslla week bsve Bees
emvie*trail nf ini-ilemcaiinr. A food lliBB] un-i li.-ve been
rraatad (or soatempi >.f court in disregarding tbe in?
line tlaa winrh we trenail] ublaieed ss?lia) is (erl r
ne*i- willi the, mu-rati... a a Hip road. Tins fr. lint
cain*! (br strikers i< very ni:t.-r m bonh teetlona ni tba
?ntsBaal Ii ia a cruel lal latice ibal a fess man tbonld
eprlve* a nun h lara-er Bamber oi Ilia manna .if e-ai nina. .1
Ivellbeed. TBS .striker. BS the Mi.-omi Pa. lin
lumbered, lur lii-tuiier. ahont A.liM nnd bj
heir nuilee ld,(iou other varfessss wars pre*
eui. d from cm mug meir el.eui wai;, a. Wt
iroinptlv dl-cliarg.-d nil, nnd the Ima Ima taltra
ni tin- laborers .ma nut oa Ibe railroads raa payroll
.! thu Missouri PaOlSe n*u:.!ly birnie* np al.mit
11,100,00 i ii nun.th. bat liy the mriKn baa Leen re-Hue*,!
o 8*200.000 .a B300.000. fae far ilagt la ibe :n-<t mmth
vars sums SBO0.O0O lisa niau Basal, ubi tss krna waa
ml lu.rue altuirellier I.y Hie e-uuipnny. 1 lie*.- e.ma .lei .
Ii.i.a are Iiiiviii. due wslsSt aimil/ tin' hii-lii<*aa mon
ticing tlie line, nf our n?ld. Tb.- . | ur *ll..li* a I.s freq BBB I ly
talced hy tiiem : Who sra tBaae Btes wno ara Interi erins
? li ti our business an I hosv many are th-iv ol I hem I I
lo nut ,-intii-ijiati- any further tr.niiile eilticr in the way
if noting ur of interference with our train*."
Several plana* au-ainat which elsi m. for dam c.ea
Dight bs Inn,u-lit baie tent word te Mr. Gould that
hey wuiild pay without *nit at law anv dam >g- a
mOered by the railroad company liy their Ink el BBlkor
The following dlspatehea wire resolved yesterday at
:lle otlicea nf i h.* Mia*oiiri 1'.er lie Il nlw.iV 111 tilla pry 1
Psssoss.'*__? April 6 Seres erf tbs laaAtas Salable of
U_ersad striker* snr.- a reata I h ri last sub! i.y t tie.
Ihrinl un a chalice ii' e en,, pi Mi- and d''ll Bl lion Bl property
rae* w?-ie neiei i.i ?: ijii.i iiaii iB,-.i. wiiicn (lier kera sat pel
iii. e noded in Kellin*.
ll i sviii ai., si,. April g.? very I h In I la run mn cr imo d' lr.
"lti/ena are lic-lplDB ni IO handle ir-i ti! herc a*.nl h.is.-u*.
tared aa ab tba protectloa aa I aaaietaaee we nay reqa'reln
S-TTlac oa our bsilne?, we nave marted on'loar freight
ri... smce reatardajr aad luvo two twitch aaslBaa at wura
n the uni
??*! LOOIB April ii. I'wo liundired and fnrti-Iline lialn.arn
miring io clay; trail BMve savanty-one mutt
BsPAUA, Mo. April A.?Matteri at a l p..in!" ar.- un.et and
-v, i yt tun r is running asitafaCtO dy lhere bal he n uo in.
>iTer< nee with (raina en buiisest'
*T. 1-e.ris, April 6 - I lie str te la prartlcallv at an end nu
mr rads Weare riiuinnar ir.iin ea all division* Bbb al
1 ttei-eni pointa an* BnplyiBS f r Wurt, mit a. Kimthts of
labor. Lin a* in Irpi'inl.-iil A uur.ran CttllBBB -M. M. HUMS.
The interest in tho Soatbwestern stt-ikce
air-.CDg union men in tbe c-lty c-o.itinue* ta crow. Iii'
ie_on ef the Geaeral Exesatlfs Beats ls ress!?as the
order to resume work and in pledging the support nf Ibe
entire STS?BlSatlOB tn the strike meeta witt. BBqasllSod
approvul on Hie part of the inajm ny of the Knight! In
this rc-don. It wat not without the certainty that the
n. '.,..'. woiil'l meet Hil* approval thal the Osasrsl Kiec
uuv" is.lard acted in the matter Fruin u lur^e mun
ber ..I local and district assemblies resolution* favoring
un. cuur-ie sud pied.-lng themselves tn furnish their
Quota of the ii.-i'.-h-*.. i > tuie.li Wet* S'lit Io !-ein-tnry
Turner. ?? We wlll in.w go In and win," aaid one
enthusiastic Knight yeatonlay. *' If pill.In* ?n-iillm.-nt
baa any aenen lt BSBSt Leon e.ur aide now In I In- ti .hi.
We have ahown ..ur iliapo-iuoii to muk'* even liutiiiliat
Ing eoueaealeas to avoid further ir..ul.ie, nml mir u.i
Taiir.s have Un! mil been ileilliied. I ul we have hee-n
timi led WI lb Indignity hy thu railroad OfBclB? Thoy
rviil'iitly thn.k tr.nu the de.iro aliiwn io avoid un
BSresBary trouble tn the pubUC thal tra an- ss-.?k and they
wish to lireak 11)1 tho order, hut they will tl ul mil that
they ure Mistakes beafors they sase ttuialHSt. District
As.euibli No. 78, whl.-h, it ia auld, may ho called mil on
?trike, takes lu tbs a/sola Blair of texas, except sesse
few lena!* BttSOhSd IO Ni. 101 amt other dtfiriOtB Wltb
bsadqnartera . ni* de al tbe Hists and totbeUeneral A*
ai-inbiy. (t Ita mixed district, melodee ulmui lon local
a-aeinblii-s, and take- in all Ikiinl* ol wnrkiliiTUien, rnll
ru.id iiiein of all r'BTBrt. Lilinrern, t.inner*, bimi men,
'lourahctsrmea aad eottoa pn*aameo, arni i
nneieratead that a icnei proportion af ibe
r..iiL'era und sowbejl ai" ala.i tm luded. S i I
ih.-y (alie or calline.' mit tin- dl.lrirt, I don't kuuw
wiii-lher lt ri-'.aie* .unj in rallmid men or the Whole
h.ieiy. ir n ia mo fatter tba State ef Tessa would ba
alluna! completely peta!) zml. Ibu headuuariera of tba
it ist net me ai F..rt w or ih. Under ih? reoeul Brilon ol itu
(?enera! Bxeoutlra H"a d my ol Un* or Iel may he e tiled
on to strike to aid tbs Southwestern people, and an ss
??? asun-iil mas be oleieiud al any lime."
Lynn, April tl I Special .?A mw comp'ication
al e.*e io-.iay rSgardlBS a "' Klement of tin- eneii-ive
keei.e- BrotBefs' labor trouble. Tue i asters' Unluu,
ebieb la tndepeadant of Hie Snlsbtool i.niiii, will aol
SOespt Hie ail nat iou. Kee ns Hi ul be-ra decided Ibis after?
noon to meet tue lanie: a on I'nilay. I'brslr art nm lu vol
Bntaerlag to have tiie Km. ina Bams tba arbitration
beard to setite IBs Bbowbrfsa trwable la sererelp ont*
iii-ked. Ike* vuiuniarily yiei.le.l all that was poSMtflS
and the Kinch;, of l.al.oi are more than a.toni..' 1.
Baefc B ejue.-r result from a tabor tlwehla wita never be?
fore known here. I; i* etp.ciHil tkat ihe boycott Will
heotiieia.iy lifted from Keene Brothers' poodt i.y -a ur?
sa*. Kniiriii. of Labor st Skowkesaa sos In this city
nie luiriy Jubilant "t.i- their complete vu-iory. Ihe
tlnal aeiiieu'ieut o! the bnyei.lt lia. I.n ;ia:iafni i ? el Innu
Maaaaebueetta to Maiue. Ibo wi.rSmeB nt SBowbesan
w.li not reiuin to work before nen Moii'iny, nu.i lb..ac
In Lynn will not be uc-iively employed before (but lime.
Ks i.ns.v, Penn., April 6. Medora .*. Ce., barlas ie?
fu*. d io tram tbe dels udi rn theil minei. f.,t '.ui couta
a day tor nm busbsla of . ..al. li.e district pries fur min?
ina, a nt like waa I..Kiln on nil the Warka of thc tum Jea
lerd.iy iie.ii'inii.. Ah..ul 1,000 men are out.
B/OBCSSTSB, Maaa. April (I.?Tbe piice Hat leOOBtlp
aiiimiitted t.y ti., eisarmakeri hu* h. eil sdepted ny iiie
iiiiinuf.ii'iurei., exeept lu three Jobs Hie inereaaa it
fr.nu Bl lo .-Tl a l.itei.i.
ciint.in. Mt?i>, April 6.?Ibe Blselow Carpel Mill,
h.is im.' used up tm in.ii-ri.ei on bund, Bubatantially abnl
Uuwu tina forenoon in aonaeqoenoe ul tue dyers' *tnko.
B/iunsoTos, Del, April & -chilies MbHIsj, tkeWil
iniii.t"!! prapdator of-Mu.lin A ('o.'s Morocco Pact..ry,
wiiirii na. conilnned is otieratlon throusbout the -trike,
ha.* mai.neil irom the Wilmington M rocco Exchange.
I lie oompaay ol thia Him ia saul to bc a Nc-w-Voik capi?
Boston, Aprils.?Last stsbIbs at smestlBSof mer
Chaat tali .rt, Wblcb wn-allendi-d by aevi-niy iij-re-einta
tiTreot tiny Urina, li we. luted tu n-j.ei tim report "f
the Arbitration Committee, t" sire no quarter io ha
sirikine j.mi ms linn ai.u to establish Imuieillateiy n
so-opareUee Bbop), larce aaouah le bniu ion banda.
Him;..lt, Penn., April C.-The ttnko amone the mb
blsd binda la tbe slate quarrtoe al Peuarxjrl sss ended,
tli? men Iiutiiu BseeptBd an iBcruase or 10 par CeuU
1 he.r demand was for an Increase of lt, jier at?t,
liiitiK.iRi.. April 6 iS/iecinl).-Tba lioycott of the
Kniichia ol Kai.ur BsslBBl Cfcristtas Schneider, a bsker,
who rcfii-cod to siu.i tbs BSTeeoieui i.y wblob tbejoaraejr
man basers' strike waa compromiaao, vrtll be mended
tu the tosvii p'lorliuuae, wliere BcheeMer el. livers a .Aigo
quantity of Bread. In c.iae the uutborities refuse to ue
eeele i be Kniicbls will be called ii|iou lo be.ycott tao
kit..nini: WOOd loams whleb lue town tarin send, nut, anet
which eoBBtttntS the busiaesa BBterprlBe connected witb
the farm.
Wasiumotom, April t> l-^pasjoj).?The Senate
(.'oninilltee on Kdueatiuu ai.d Kanor to-day took up the:
Arbitration h.ll paSSSS by the HaBBS, an 1 instr tl rt.- 1
CbBlrmas Ilialr to report lt favorably and without
amendment. He gave notloe lu Ihe Renate thai he would
pre.st tho bill for early consideration. The disposition
ap;.. ..rs to be lo pass the bill without m i-ie If any
emu,kc. Mr. Kawlei fium the House LsBSf Committee
to-day reported a resolution to create another committee
to Inve.iuate tte labor iron'iles. Il ls omy recently
thal tbe last of Hie four volumes of testimony taken tn
the Senate Committee cu thia subject wa* printed.
Ibal cni.millee made a thorough lnve.stiK_t.oli of the
inn. taber question, and il expended many thousands
of dollar* for ilia! purpose. The prop-iaal lo start a tessa
millee on another sueh tour will meei with at i un ic oppo?
sition lu the House at a useless waste of public money.
Washington, April 8.?Samuel Goiuii-r.-,
president of the LbsJsIalive Committee of the Kedera
tlon of Traele. and Labor Pnione of the I n I led BtSMB
aud ( an .id a, addi eased the H.mae. ( oininlltee on l.?..,r
to day lb fasoi of the lilli lo incorporato irueleai uf.l.ins.
Ai'live pirpaiatioiis BIS bsiag made by the
trade, union- lu tho eily for beginnm*' the stgblrbeei
n.i.ve-iiieiit ou May 1. The movement was Blurted by the
National Kederallem of lraile|anil LaSOl Lulim, a year a(,i
and has apreael all over Hie e ounlry. .The iBtSfBBtleaal
Ci_-a!maker* b.cvc detormined lo adopt ll all over the
c.iuntrv. lu this city all li.e lurmiure Hale, have
adople'd the ru.o ai.il IP fad ali of l he Indee lb,.: BBS
decrease ihe hour* of.iab-.i l.. that Bamber baie
deemed to Uo ?o. It l* pta Sided lu many BBBSS, how?
ever, that tbete *hall be no ?tnke. sAbetner
Ihe old rate uf Wngca will be maintained or not has hoi
bees dee-icieu in ai. IsstSBOta rim bull.Uni; iradei hare
dei-ide.l to ask far nine he.urs. Most of Hie trade* are
already workini; on lui* Itaeia m.?. Tbe balers have re
?olved tei work omy ten boura and Ibo hotelier* have
saked for twelve hom*. Oiher trade* are gradually fall?
ing lulu line lor shorter hour*. Tho C.ntial Laibol
Union hu* mado arricmbcm-nl* for a ma**-mteU-c ll
on Msy 1 a big parada will tak- place.
III' I'.l rOSKS I" (illsNT.
The ."xeentiv.- Board ,,i Matriel A-*.* tiiLly No. 75
Kniuhts of I.ai,..r. ii,,<i ? loaf Boaferenea with Hr,
lin ih inlson president ni tl,- Atlantis Avenue kail
ro.ul. Brookljra. n' asa boons yreterdoj ..bout the
irlevaaoei ..i ibe un n nt: ii.* !i- e, I li- oMaoaaVi arie
thc sane astin,-- rrcentlf gi.mt. il by tbs Brooklyn
(tv l.'.niroiid Company, tl.- ..nh- addittooal one betofj
tbat ibo tm n ..I.,.. , ta tin- preaetil eolor st tbo oat
!..ii.i~ ot i-ciKiuc'i.r-. iiriii, ;rii' , nii'l I !* tn liatc 1.lu.,
sn i.-1 it -it ?*?'. ;iinl that tbe buying ot m.1 ioi iii ivars t*
be attoltabed. Mr. Kicboicrnu itmnglj ol j.,'ed ta
s,,ii". of Un- il..maia's. .,, il,., ground tia! t'liil "il*
liiia'.ieiully *,i-\ foi ile Mr..i,kitti City L'ctrapaaj wasarl
be tu.non- i,.i- bil 0* tn.' - ?-.
'I lie .li-,-naa a,, aaa il Htoea hr at. 1. bet Mr. Kicli
nt,l*,iii wa* hun iu >' ,-inj: to groot some ol flic de?
nial (ls nf ti.,- committee, who were equally frat bi iu
i-i-t.ii;- on il'.iu. 1 hu loiter claimed loot by a staten*
.d' "string* Ibe men nba foo* |u i in the rroeul
*iii?,- were conip?II -.1 to ??' u ii '.re than twelio bout*
iiil.it ami ii,' M.. Bcreemeal bon mod* wea br ute
ciiii-t:,ni v , iola) il. ."or Kn Btained tbal
lu- had co in pi i,.l ar] b the Irrma of tb* .i. leeini ut. Al
length th- conlereni 'broke un ral of Mr.
Ricoordoan'i nioner boar, and no reeuil bad bjea
reached. Iii- member! of ihe .'oniroiltre wcrolroalod
to I,<-e, by Mr. ii:, bardia i I clure their departure. I tie
committee theo confer r>-d irith tho reprr*entativai "i
ll c employes at Sn. 350 Fulton lt HuOb ltidie'iittinii
wa* expressed ul Mr. Iiieberdsnil - reful il t" ic '('de to
the denial.(I-. \ t ? rsl ll WO! decided lo rBforr* tlnm
by ord* 'Ting a "ii-up" t ?.!:?- Kui wi*r e unaeli
pi availed whoa it waa a li Kichardsoo was
only one ol tuc directors ,f tba compaay. At length i |
prooosltl n waa ?tit i.< Mr. i-ieli h.I*.m. Mbini foi ;*
cm. i- r> u, i tn-, lay witta Iboeiecutiv* eommittero nt tba
. niiii >:t i: v. lie itjrec 1 tnini* and natn-d 1 p.m. aa
thc h.mr.
I he rc[ reamiaiI* ? ?*,, tbe men *aj tbnt anleaa tbetl
don) aad i me agreed i" a " lie up*' I* in-", it able.
Ul NV A lt Hill.
All thc painter! sro ni work tli.it thc rreathsf
will penal! tn do any work. Their deiuand for tlmrter
boura ,11*1 not result in a singh- an ike.
I lie cooper* employed BJ J, Sch war/, wilder A Hon*
hare Joined lae Kolcbtaof Labor tad their employer!
have advanced their pay 10 per e. nt.
A demand wa* in d ? by tn,- ProMaMO*! t'liion on the
publisher! of the Cntnriri des Lints I.nil foran advance
tu wage* to tue union rat-. Yesteidav the demand wa*
gi anle.l.
The waich-cise m..kars who went on atnke .c ni sr the
BrOwl.ro Watch-, ate Company MOM OWOtlO ago have
est_hu?lied a co-operative f tetory lu Brook I vn.
The tr iiilde un tho new BnaodOOl ha* linen practically
lettled. Mast ot tba "ld lian ls have, returned to work
and th- caOOOOlM have b~en tilla.I.
At tho BMOtlOS of the < entrsl Labor 1'nion on Hu ndny
the br saworkcr* reporleu ih.it tba Ul in of Wolff A Co.,
or (me -hunircd-aiiil-eightceiiili-st. and il ?r,eni Liver,
when they removed their factory from Bridgeport to
New-Turk brought their employe! with th*tu, promising
llicm tlie *auic wag-s, and then dcdiicte.i tweiily-tlve
cents a day fnnu ilieir pay. Woift ,t Oat* la a letter io
I ll). Titint vi., *ay that Un* statement I* untrue. Th-y
dbl mu hrmg their help from Bririsnfoft nor did they
in ike any promise, ?s to pay. They 0 ty: " Any of our
workmen wko arediasatlaSad ara at liberty tu ic.ive us.
and tte shall be glad If they eau timi ramuue'alive em?
ployment. It seem* to us thal thu faise report was
itarted by outside panics."
A niBss-meetiiig el SOCsr-kOOM employe* wa* bl ld btBt
Olsbl In Turn Hall, Meeei oie--t.. Brooklyn lo enroll
mrmhen and otherwise perfect tho organization. Over
1. ino nen wen- prose BL BpeMBM were Maria by Ed?
win-.! Kmg, of 'h.- central Labor Union, in Engli*h, sud
ly others In (lei mau ami English. The unlou now con?
tains l,iii io tnea._
DB, BKIBTUN ll. wai:m li MKS IRON 1 llK SITH Of
a DOG RECEITEO LAST (li lils ima.*.
Baltimore, Aprtl *; {Special!.?Dr. BriRton
ll. Wan.er. a young DaltlBIOM physician, on last Chr;?t
ui:t* I Hiv saw a si reel car run over a lillie while dog. HO
picked tho braised and bleeding anl uai ll],
intending to take lt home, wh-n lt Lit him
severely In the right hand. ile had tb* dor
killed and the tv.,nnd , notarised. The doctor worried
about it and talked of going to Earl* to ?ee I'aiiciir.
other physicians laughed at him. Last Tu??d.*y here
marked to hi* wlfo that ka foll queel', and latter In
tile day ho fell to the floor in a spit-lii Ills
wife hu ni n,oneil Professor A. li Arnold, and when tho
ipa* tn tt-ie nil Dr. Warner told Ins wife
an i Dr. Arnold thai ba bad bj tropboii .* aa I waua i
I ham a.i*in*t com.ng too ii, ar Inn Wheo in a sp,sm.
rheta wm a wild lo .k rn lu* eyes, cad be frequently
ground and Mopped bil teeth (ui I-1 id iv mon. BCBQCBB
a-ene* of paroxysms ,ui,l Dr. It. II. (.....Isinith an i other
phyilclaoi were lommonod. Profoeoor Arnold um,ie
the tells applied il, the case nf tlie Newark poBBd
kuep*r. Tue sullei inu rn.iti panted in tlur*l and heeled
for water. When a g,.i*s of lt Wi* !,r,,iu it to lum h?
toraed from it in honor. Ile would, however, nins li *
wife .ind tin OCtOri 10 Wlpr- his Lice ,i;,,l ll Hals Willi a
wet -,... i .e 'ir towel. Ile tv.ts t ikea lu a
closed calna,-.) tu a Russian baili
Mtabllabmeoi and pieced ender heroic iraaMaeat, bat
he lind ii parnysin on tim tt ay bari to Ms ba -e.
nn all friday alchl ba Mfered lorrlWy. Balor*
day Bil th- iu..,: ai- ll- s, iiiptiiu* of roblBI de
raloped ll- woulo ont allow tin, window
to h.- opened, reen cl fioai stater, im,gined lhere WON
dona uiidor lils bed ami in the cupboard of hie room.
Ill* eyehalis started from rhe:r socket* and he frothed at
Bl thc Booth. Dilling the par.xysins he
won ,1 howl and then bark like a dug.
Morphia w.is minted ami he wa* given forty-grain
.lose i nf rh lon* 1. on Si n, I, y afternoon during an in'er?
in Ssion between Hie spasm* tile Kev. l)r. O'Connor, an
Episcopal clergyman, prayed with the dying m.m. who WM
then conscious. After the clergyman tefl lum Ibo par
exysmsgren worse. All day Monday and last night
liny cuuiinueil. The sulferer in hi* nm
rn-iit* nf eonsclonsnrM weald preaertbe
maedlM him-slf. bal all were mel*-*. Atnmt
.-> o'.-.ock thi* morotai he was iei/e,i will morrilla cou
vu,si,ni, during whleh tho pliy-n lan* ami attendant!
cou,d not hoi i lum. It lasted about half ali hour, wh-u
liefellov.rde.nl. lil* wife wa* i.ot able to witness the
teirlnle spectacle and wi* not Will him when ne died.
Dr, \\ ..mer w.?* the koli of Dr. .1. E. Warner nf Watford
County, Md., a former surg-on lu the Army. He hu*
three brothers, physician*, alni leave* a wife and thiee
sm ,11 children.
Dk.N V Kit, Col., Apiti 'I. ?A shoot 111;.' atlVllV oc?
curred In the hack yard of the Zion iiaplisl ' burch
yesterday OftOtBaoa The poOtOT, the ReV. Willi un
(iray, wai formerly EieutenaiiKiovenior of Mi**i**ippi
and hoi.fl extremely nigh church view*. Milong (hem be?
ing om- that mern lier* of the church iheold not 8**oCiate
with a view to matrimony with n noll ratlin people. Il
hofpeaed that Rankins, who u me trna tad bodyguard
of ('ciigreniiU'ian Symes, WM paying lui respects to the
daughter of Deacon Kiley, oue of Ihe chinch pillar*.
I he Key. Mr. Cray and Deacon Kiley yesterday waited
iii on Hawkins and remonstrated with him. Hawkins
followed the two blgb-i'biirciiiiieii to tbe back yard o,
Hie church and Undertook to wulp them both, and wa*
proeeedln.-in a manner wholly satisfactory to himielf
when Mr. (iiay diew a revolver and opened Ure on him.
One ?1,,,t tn .1* efle.-i li. Hawkins'* foot and dlsab.ed
him. Thia ended tho Behr. Hotrkiea took oat warrant*
for ihe arrest nf the. Kev. Mr. Cray and Droeao Kiley
and they were token Into custody and held in i'lUD ball
each to answer lo tho charge of attempt to kilL
Columbus, Ohio, April 6.?Gorentor Ponkei
aent a special m*?iage t>. the InglBlatara le doy calling
attention to the fact that on January 1 the cnaa! ,!?
deficiency of the State will aggregate about .*)Sl.(Miii,tK"),
and suggi-illng the appolutineiii of a Maui Board on a
revaluation before WiO. lu sid of tbo general revenue
fund he suggests the taxation of the lluuor traffic, the
taxation on their gross re.clpu of foreign telephone.
transportation, car trust, car equipment, ileepiug and
par.or tatt. He .ava lOltOOd of a grand duplloal* sf *#1.
67*).(KX),(JOO the fain te ought lu hat e on* or *f ff.lKKl.O*** MHH1
oi -j-i,000,000,OOO, winch w.u.d more ne*rly represent
Hie taxable wealth of the r-iai'. Ile Higgens lews for
BMM noll uniformity ta foliation ?*nd Ihe law govern
lng the lit of pftvete bauki nc reviled M al lo prevent
tutti (rust iiijuitbe.
I'm! ADHi.riiiA, April ti [Stiecial).?The with?
draw..! of th- night car* of the IfBOttOS couipsuv will
came Bartau* Ineoiitenlcnce to hundreds, and will al?
most shut nfl car OMOOOUoa willi extreme points of the
city. Tho proM erf tho oUr ara itnanimoua against ttie
arilah i,.' t.,e cou.,,-t ). lue collina!.y says that the car*
were withdrawn iu compliance with the hew order of
Hhii.adki.I'HIa, April 6(flmaliO.?ByBtmtt
ot ihe dairymen of Chester County Edward Urinion
esme to tha elly to-day snd entered mils against levers!
wi,,,.dale daalert lu oleomargarine, charging tiie.ii with
violating the law. Huminon*,** nero served for theil sp
yf aranon on Uaiurdsj,.
A!.(jN(, ! li.' SAILBOAOSi
For once tfte weather derk bas been hoist
>7 bis own turf eu .Helical petard. He th.light he
would have run '.sith ike loaa-eaSVllBS p-iblle by trot
ling ont some of ll.e vie*: w. allier, nh .-'.I bo keep, care
fully stowed sway os a lop-helf in the('uvcof tho Winds,
IS top uf me KqUlUhle lull ul ii g. He did so and was
u*( t'-gltuilhtf to enjoy tn- fm, ?f ...elli.; people alnppng
irouiid willi ii, id.ly feel sud wot e-loilies. janning tlieir
inil.r.-llas in-..bother and mildly iili|iu_*ting tbs
SSStSsr, When the niBBS n.t of the Imtldlng pulled
laws ths Incite ai.,.m his derk.Inp'* ear* and turu.-d
i"" eal el : . ra a. b result *.'vetal tamp
observers sra poddlins a.it la the pudd ea
'ii the reef, while tba warfcasas ar.- IbbiIbs
Ihing* to piece* liny live in a bae-B garret and
> ama trying for tba last three dapa to "sheba off"
Ile Westket b.\ pre Bl ay.n,.- Bil IBS nay fruin "clear and
i uni ?? t.i ?', ie ,|- ;in,| ,.,,| (," I,ut ihe iv athor hus takBfl
natters uni, lt* osiii h.,n ls aud refuses to ka "choked
itt." Ib tin- ?SBUtlme tue unhappy weather clerks
iuti.-r niki- ardis r, Buttai*
Yest.Mei,,v, ka raver, tba head obnerrst .aid that it
SSS Cuing tO l>0 . i-.li' IB ?ty, --and len mistakes," This
wet ef thia* ked got to atop or ha wi ml know the roe
lea why H.- had gotten the .turin nicely centred over
bl ?BtU (itv, ?;(, r.i lt w.is deias noil work In this
iity 8.4? n thee >. um had folios Between 11 o'eloek ea
Beadsy oigkt aad :>' o'eloek yesterday afternoon, ami
Ibo wind wi.nu Ind I.. ,,ii b-iWllBS ulong Bl furry miles
la beer hod bssb selia**, down to tweetp-at_ Kee
Bshee af rale bad (Biles Saes Banday niormng. The
itorm ?*? .a a nat ve sf 'no loud of crocodile* aud real o?
laie fraud*, und bud erne up he Boast in the teeth of a
I rn mi. winch aaa toll Blowies
The ate.i in Boated a SOI Inns iiueiruptlon to telegraphic
leirylee BBd for BOBBI lime dining the day there wts uo
il'iiek cnn iitiuicatioti ? nb in- Weet, Ku.mess at the
rxehangea waa restricted on tuts eec.mut, ullbougli the
holiday bi Cb i ai. tad aometblug tn eb. with the -mau
trading st the Pro-luce Bxchaaaa Tha P/esteru Union
Tel. ur :pn in-. ?uSered prolmb f Ike greata*! damage
ami w I,-ii ibu night slut ?e,,i t,. work laat eVealng tho
islay amounted lo Beveral Boara. Tbs saperlntrBdeai
of lu- ii|ieialiii.-riioui aanl lual tiie Satinet* would be
|MTi..i med promptly mug before u.i Inncht and tlial the
prin.ip.i iiiriieui v had been experienced on the line,
w, st of Ptiteiiorg. altknntrk the Boathera iim-a
had Iwe.i .a.-ri ui.ly affected. ?? Ae ari' talking u ??-?.- ?
lt. all pennis." be said, " and have w re* it, working
order to all poiniii. S's shall be la go.xl making snaps
iii a li w bunn, but the intel rupliub hus beeb a pretty
gem rai oin*."
the Beltimore aad Ohm Bass antlered less damage,
bm thev foll tue affects of tne Maria.
Tho atseami Bridgeport, wbieh lett Brtdicspert for
Sew .York bb llead-iy night, est unused ts Baener aear
Br ilber Mead aa aceonai af too darkness, sue broke
ti.'ib ber aiichm- chums and ran aground. Bhs floated
w lieu I e mle came in aud arrived at her pier six hour*
lal e.
- u-e ..r.aii :? i.t f ii.ii, of the Hazier Wrecking
Company, reported Ii.i ev?ni>iV that the Capitol City
bed brohea la two, aod that there wet little or un hope
o. anni.g uer. fhn BltlTB BBtl Sigh lida inland Uer ami
thuin, eel on die rm Ks in such a ss-ay a* to dial roy the
hull. Ibotfeetasr la gradually going tu pieces. The
? recking eempaay, however, has sui entirely abandoned
her. Nothing could bs done yesterday.
lu umI about Nswsrk Hie aini'iu caused some damage.
Tbe Puaasto River waa greatly awoiieu aiul thc* water
mi iieeiged adj.lining property uud Invaded ibe loner
tl,.or* ..I foetorlee along ihe river. Slung Railroad ave.
the track, were In some place- a foot snarf waler un.i
ii.aeineiit- were tlooele el. Berets! BOWCIS saved In and
the hill meeta wen- u,,d|y WaSSOd. Tins mea.iowa be?
low ibeclt. were several tee! Under Water. In Ibe Or?
ange. . oi sid.'i.eiiie .1,image ttn* done. Pur row Hr,,..a,
winch ines through Orange, was oveitluwtug sad cel?
lar, .md kitchens weie flooded, driving people to Ibe
upper U"Oia. At PrtBCO St. 'here was tx WaeboUt
mi Hie Morn, and Esasx Katilruad causing a slight delay.
lu a.iii.e of th-liai faci." i a the water Boated objects
about llie .round ll.un and stopped all wink, lu lioild
tu^ ii teran*! Ursa SMUufactorkia were flooded ami ibo
?hop glr.s net* taken fi oin t r fnctorle. ou rafts. Ii
w*. r.-porti-.t lest night ibal the large bri Igo mar Sul
pnea"! Balli Ba . brou parr lad away. Ob account of thia
ubstroetloB* . rowaaeroe* tu- Mew-York aad Oreen
Wood Lase Ballway, trams stopped ruunlag, bat traffic
W ll bs lesilllied n-elav.
The Besty rain yesterday flooded tbs sisadow district
bet wren Jeraey City and Hoboken aud tbs oceupanta ot
i . -,.ii,ii..s were obliged t" ar .de te dry lund or *-'i> "-.er
In tbs rwwbooia alts whleb iln**, ure provided for just
hiicn riiii-rgesuciea. ibu tide was unusually high und
the cellar, iii tue io *i r pur: of tha etty for nome dlettuce
iii fr. tno rlvel were lt.... od. A portion ol the beith
lllllug the Newark und Ness Vnrk Kalli o.ul cut near
Tai h-nn-ave. fell in at lo.,, lu . covering Doth thu east
and sv-*t trucks with dirt and rock*. i'ravel was delay-el
ii, .,. inly au h.,ur.
rn- uigb wilt,-, In Oreen Brook Beaked away part of
tbe ani-burta ul Prank Hand's hull.lina in Soiuertst-st..
Plainfield. Tin- sids wall fell .md tho othoi settled
levers! feet.
I i Karitah River Bt Ness- limn.wick over flowed it*
bauk* sod mee tepidly, li sv .s reared ia*t night tbat
the 1 .iver pin n' me city sui tm Inuiiiatcil. na vi ta?
llon on the Karitan Canal ssas *us|,elided, SI the toiV
p.ilh Was *Ut?_*l ced.
'nm sieiroi canted soBaldsrable damsge un Biston
Isl Uni. Along the Burt li and e i-r -li n ca drain* BBd
-? leading tei the . bj s-.e!.. broken, sud there ears
linnie!iris W.Wkllilll? Hld 1 .nd -ll ie.. Aluin the line ot
t'..- ;:.lind lr.i,-t iiilr.I there wera several Barrow
e-c.i,.. -. AI th- sv. *t -ml of Hoi (illil.er thlollgli Kum
iioii.i- lim tin re wa* a luul -lip iu tho early morulng
thatnivcreil tbe weal iraak, a .1 oil ir..ins wereteut
inert.is. ir.ck utiiil Unit line ss it dears-id. Tua
tisiu d ie st St. (i-ur-e al 4:15*. m. ssa* pueeias Hew
i il n. in-.ir Kim;'- Blast-1! mills, ekes there wat I
Isuil-tlip from tbe iduil sImivb lbs trick tbat carried
B large tree down with lt. The trim wu. running last
mni b .I ii-.ii iv -scupeii when tba brunel?sof the tren
-i i ihi. ; ii- ur lou nf ibe real eora, una(bin* tome ot
the gla*t hut nih. nothing B?MB SXCepI tiUlifen IhS
p.i**eu.-er* Ari Llrlugtion, Sailor*' Bung Il,.rhor snd
p .n . lebmoud thors wera otbei wsthet tbal kepis
lui.- fou.r men ss ui kim; .ill du i to keep the hue clo ir.
stan) road.*, nrid-.-s ..nd fem.* wen- undOf Watei in
B/cHtiiiieeier County. Al Dohbe Fetry a land *llp
iliickid freight iram* un tin- Hudson hirer Railroad for
-c eral lu-ir*. The weet treak wat clear aud paeaeuger
traiut --niiig butti north and a..nth used tua! till tue
ubatruotlont sve re regpii rd from thc others.
DAMAOC hom: l;Y a BUB8TIN*. HAM.
Trot, April u ispi-ruth.? A Keary ram luis
bein tBUlBg bars ail day sad lo-nis-i ut 7 o'clock tba
dam of UM Collegs Pond, cast of the city
g.ise way und un ImmeBBS body of water was
prc-cipitatc'i on ths bnlldtag-a ls ths vicinity. Tha tor
rent lushed down I'cople'.-ase. and over Nintii-st., tear
me un ildawalk* and trees, sad creating a terrible peale
aiiiemg householder*, wboauddrnly lound their doors
bural IB by tba Hood uud i ben homes destroyed. Ali the
bu (lings)' tween Kl bib ami Ninth st.. ami Kadara!-at
and !'? ..pi. 'a-eve.Bragreatly.tau.aged. Tbeitruciurcof tba
sow Urpbau Asylum ... Klghth-at.lt partially carried
sway aud thee liar lt Blind with watei lo tbe depth af
SSVeB feet. lue io-a will p, nimbly leacli 1*1100,000).
? -?
Toledo, Ohio, H.?A hessr snofp-atorni set
ls Just beruni mldnigul last Bight and lias incre'ased
Bloodily iu vnliiiii" ever since, SflOW to the depth uf (en
laehet bas fal en. and the heavy gale has caused milcn
eli it in.-. The .neeta ur-ai Bott deserted and ?ireet-car
iiucsare frequently blocseS.
C'.isnoe-ioN, Ohio, April C. ?A furuiiis .now storm nae
been raging alum-r inceaSBOtlT for tsvo day.. Hie snow,
b.ivsever. is rai Idly disappearing; aud all nus river, ure
ruing fast, fears are sntertstned of aaoiher flood Uki
tn.it of lis-t
DBTBcMT, Mich.. April (>? -The present storm I* un
-nulili-eliv Un- ss-.-.? e i|?urieiu-eil in lina *-tat.' i..r uiauy
yian. Kally Ibis morning several ati.-nipt* were* made
to run stre-t cart, but I h.* snow drifted Bu rapidly that ll
became impossible- lo ke. p the tricks clear, and tbe cars
are snowed up at various point* on nearly all ihe lines in
tue cns. Traine- le al?ott eotlrol] toa pended. lhe Sig?
nal Bervlee pwerte fourteen luebet ol auow on a level.
Tbe oBtlre aeutasra part of tSa ttato I* covered svith
OWBMSBORO, Ky.. Ajuil <i. ? 'ihe ute.linet
Mountain Hoy wi* turtioel over lu a gale at till* place
this morning. Prank Absner, a watchman, >cott Lowery,
a roustabout, and William Slateler, a pa.salier, were
drowsed. I'm- ethel person* anoanl the boat, fourteen
lu numuer, ene laved.
PaiLADRLF-IA, April G.?Tlie EoR-Sll Hteiitn
ship Bnukbiiru, of Keiu.lon, from (Janhmcena for Phila?
delphia, with -..loo ton* of lrou ore. weut ashore In *
fog to-day on Kenwick'* Island s-lioal, to tha south of
Cape lleulupeu. .She sliuck hard and wa* Oiling with
water wln-n thc crew left Uer. The ves*el will be a total
.o... Tho ?ea I* breaking over her ?lx miles from *hore.
Tbe Kr.na .um ls almost B tew vessel, having beeu built
at Suiulrrlaml. KutUnd. In 18S0. The resael sud cargi
were valued at 8180.000,_
Lanca.-tkk. April U (Ajpeefolf*?Pbillp Wolf,
a well know I baker ol thia city, quarrelled with Ul* soi
John, age eighteen, tula morning. aud?el.ltif a revolser
flrcd at Jobii'a head. While preparing for t second shu'
bia ann mad- bis e. ip- tu th' -ire. t. A few luomenti
later the report "f a pltiiil w* heard and li wu. feaaf
tnti Wolt hud -eui 'he ii me: i.,tended f.,r hi* hoy througl
hi* own body, causing hi* death a few hour* later.
Si'KiM.i ipi.i>. Ul*, April 9.?No Georgia lion.li
hare lee.n I?Med to auv utllrer* of thi. btate a* a dona
tiou for the I.lino:* Soldier, aud Sailors' Hom-. QOTOfBS
Ogieshy said.eaterdav he had received no uutlUcalloi
thal auon a gltt lt cuuiempiated.
- a* -
DEM as dish lilt: is Di ass OB BBEBEAL cannu
Fo it I BoWIR, Anz.,ApnlG. -r-he-iill Slulcli, o
tocnlse Couniy, An/.on.i, came here af-w days ago wll
a warrant fur'.i-roiiiino aud torty-ono "Jouu Does,
tieuoral frooa led ! i.i ii lo make his J8?8Bd In wrltlu.'
i ile did not do so usia ka gab Bank la Bsart-Ssaa. Yet
Chihuahua and the other renegades. tteOOrni Crook ra?
llied thal the Indi.in* are hell as prison, r* o' war nu?
der instrucllous flam Washing.ou a.al rfoilid uul be
given up.
MKHtilD? Till'. BTORM IN X 1 W-.tBBOI 1 .
PiTTSiititc, April ti tSpecitil,?l'lvcniii'tt ex?
pect hen- a ttili-tv-fooi atage of water. A part of Wat'-r
*t. w,.ii..l (hen be submerged, aod Wm, l-*t. aa far aa
Firai-ave. would he under water. The meichanta in those
tiioroughlare* ute busy placing tiu-ir perishaido good*
in safety. On the river towbu'ai were uu*y all,lay
tying coal craft up in ?ceurllv. Wharf baili* Injk as if
lilt-v WOCO anchored nea.r nild-ilr.-aiu. The iron nulls
are hourly exp,,,-ting; io clo*e dawn on account nf Hie
high w.itep. The We?t Knd Uas Work* were submerged
for over an hom this morning. Th* water* of .-audy
Creek ?winch empties Into the Allegheny Kiter a few
miles tram til.- atty?thia morning lapped the elli* of
ae('oud-story window*. Kence* were tani down, and all
movable articles weio wa*h.-,l away. Men went to worn
lu row l,o.m. At |ea*t 10,000 iron aud sleel woiker*
aili take a holl.i.ty to-morrow.
In Lawrenceville lt I* feared the entire supply of Illu?
minating ga* wilt be cut off. The dr.. depart (neut li hold?
ing n*i ir u, raaalaoo* to ,is-tst in Mvtac propony if tue
Hood sinmill reach ai,rn,rm.1 proportions.
Tue reit leut* of l'roy au I spring Ililli, lu Allegheny,
vere in a state nf terror sll Isst nigiit. Auout four hun?
dred feet of th- cri*t nf the hill near thi Spring (larden
A venue ctr stables hecauie dela iliad au 1 etina thunder?
ing down iii Wiekllue Laue. A retaining wall, twelve
feel high aud tony feet lu length, al*o faro way and fell.
Thi occupant* of oue row of U.ultu* on the lillusidn were
i IBBBoUld to miyo th,dr tuniuu * to the third nour. The
stn-.nu from the billi, le ruined through the secou.l
Ou the Wheeling division ot the Baltimore and
ohl,, roa-l a trestle went down at Wttsm
towu early this morning, completely atopp'ug
travel on that lino. At the Bunton Junction of the
Pennsylvania and Baltimore and Ohio ro.ult lix ty
yardi of tresrl-work went crashing into Turtle Creek,
carrying down f mr freight car*. Lui force of the stream
was io great thal tho cars and wroeBOCI WOW carried a
quarter Ol a mile. The Allegheny Valley road ls blocked
above M thouing hy a land illde. Tie Buffalo expre*.,
winch let' here at Pett last night I* still lying at Mat,oil?
ing and ihiough tr ilbc ls itopp.-d for the present. Tho
Plttaborg BBd IfOOton truck* al the Alleghouy itariou
were two fset under water to day, rend nn.'it Impossi?
ble far train* to arrive at that point. Telegraph eouiuni
1)1' anon between Allegheny amt .?sli.irps'ourg is com?
pletely cut off. Near beOOhbOH several feet of earth
cover tba Weet Pennsylvania tracks for a distance of
sixty feet.
The Cntftoi) Skating Kink, a tine structure, fifty by one
hundred feet, pollappa! lu the norm to-dav. The rink
wa* occupied uy a secret society which had lt ip eiutblly
flited mi. 1'ioui Alli.moe, Otno. catt, a distauco of forty
inilei, tho Wooton Unliu WlMO WO nil down. I'i ai,Li, j
by their experience of ISS4. Joseph llrirne Ac Co., under
Library Hall, and other merell nits along 1'eun-ave. , arc
removing their variable good* lo appel storle*. During
the lan tl .od entrance to the st. Nicholas IIotM, now the
Am:,-; son, and Library Hall, waa ell'rictod by means of
row boats.
lu Ceutral-ave., McKeosport, the water la tinto feet
It i* the worst combination of bad weather cxoerl
. need here for jean. Since yesterday morning th- rain?
fall amounted to two Inche*. Ou ti.e Ban-Handle mail
and between till* city and Manstteld, **____, eight mlle*
from hero, fifteen landslides have be.-ii reported. lu
.some placet large icction* ot the hill* alongside the road
rushed down on ihe track*, covering thciu with locks,
tree* and earth.
Mr. Caiimi i.. Penn., April 0.-Rain has been falling
almost incessantly for twenty-fear hmii*. a namber of
the collieries were about lo resume work, lint Hu* new
timid Will cu*., a flintier suspension of HHS week at
least. In this valley alone there were bciweeu 4,,OOO
ann fi,OOO idle miller* to-day.
WlLUAJiarOOT, rem,.. April 0> ? The Susquehanna
Uiver l* mil rapidly rising, k lw.-nty-io.it stage ls ex?
pected. Lok* are coming into tho boom r ,pi,Hy .-ind
many Imllses are I, olly llnodeil. I-'.-.tri are entertained
ny tilt- lui'ihermeu thal UM boom, lum full of logs, u .,,
bleak, lue Delaware mid Len,gh Rivara an- using rap?
idly and the rainstorm comillie*. NarlCOtlOU ll slopped
and (h-high water will caine *iispeu*lou of Work to?
morrow at tho nilli* along the river*.
I'dii.iiki Brill, April 8, TI.e heavy rainstorm Whisk
ha* prevailed aloug tue Hu,ison sin,:.- dark ia*t in if ni
has caused iiior,- or 1,-** .taning.'. 1 here tv, r- *-y ral
sli.les aong tho New-York <' ntl ai I',miro ot. rici .ming
iraina 'In,ms v. en- als., detoloed on the Hartford aud
connecticut western mud.
cm. ti..., Apnl 6,?k heavy snowstorm accompanied
ny ti i -^ it wini* his resu I tad in practically outline off
ail telegraphic, cou munloallon between tba West
un.t New-York, The norm centre la near Buffalo and
extend* ii'tlu lalo C ii *d.* alni .south, covering Clara*
laiiii, lincluiiali, l'itt*burg, Detroit, and ev.-u BoOtk of
the i ilia. River.
I'lllLfDKI lill*. April 6 tSpeei'th.?Dt file wlml Morin
mw morning, the unriti wa i oi st. Kiobaol'sCatholic
( Inircli, al Sec,md ah.I Jeff raou *t*.. fell out. About iii
same time tlie tall ebimnoys attached to a dye house at
l (Hirth and Master st-, were blown down.
Ll vi 'HUmi. Va., April li. ? A storm vi* tod thi* vicin?
ity last night, theran, pour ng town ni torreala Fears
are c-titeriai.iel of OBOthSI ll aod lu tin Jaine, K v.,;-.
hiriiNpiw *., N. J.. April 6. -The (lir.-e days' continu?
ous ram ll a* eau*-.I set oral thousand dollars worm of
.lain,g.- lo lids loc.iuy. The Mouinu.nh I'.irii race
track h.* h en damaged to tue extent of jl.Vjniur
sjii.ni)*) hy washout*.
Ki i. litMt. N. J, April ?.-The tlrle Iii Staten Uland
Bound ii huh. Tho meadows betWMn Bowoina .md
i'er h A mi,ny are tl.led for mile* to a depth of *n feeL
'Ihe lucidon* aei.ie.ii Morgan ami South Amboy BIS
a- fl.lad. Tho losses oil bridges aud road* wiil pron
ably be heavy.
I...II-MI lu. Ky., April 8.?The river continues to rise
here slowly. Ihe water na* flooded part of the shipping
port and ins forced about iweuiy-livn laiutlic*. out. A
liga! snow na* bren falling ueany al' day.
Lola Hhav ii. N. J., April ?).?The high tide* did con
siiici.nile domace at Besbrtght, Tbe beach fronting the
o.-iac"ii Hotel wa. cut nut to within a few feet nf the
foundation of the hotel. The WOOCOO bulkhead ot tho
Aesi Li. -I Hotel tt a* damaged SSOU. Tho northern por?
tion of th. broad plank promenade at Albury falk wa*
loni a.most to pieces for sererai blocks.
OTTAWA, APrilfl is/jtenil).? The damage camed by the
Hooding or Hie Kulcan Uiver in thia Cltj In* boen creal
and liio excitement IO doy ha* been intense, a* Sn ice
jam trim li would sweep away ali the bridges nexpe, ted
sh,nilli rain set in as the weather Bl pn-seul indicate*. A
force of mon are at work Uiowiug up thu ice witu dyna?
KlBOSTOV, N Y., April (J {S/ieeial).? The ratn storm bal
heen severe here ali day. and nearly all business lia*
boru suspended. No locking of boat* lu the Delaware
and Rudson (,.ual could he elected today by r.-as n of
the high water, several slides mi the Welt shore Ball?
way have detained trains and demoralized telegraph
wirri ou that line. Boto track* were revered louth of
Milton by a heavy tilde thu atoning aad ot other
points witter is reported over the. tracks. All tele?
graphic couiiuuu'.catiou ha* been Interrupted.
Di mm in, N. J., April (5.?At Coinmutupaw the
ii,ead,>tts were from ttitee to four r.-et under water to?
day, and tin- hank*of tko Morns Canal were overflowed.
Tba creek between Rosella amt Cranford Boodra tbe
lona* * a.ung Us hanks. Oreen Brook, which lu Hs Basal
condition li four feet wide, wm swollen tu th. almeo
?lou* of a small river from i'lair.lieid to Bound Brook.
Fi.F.MiN'iTuN, N. J., April Sw?Keporti from all direc?
tion! indicate a rapid rlso iu all tributary stream* and
mine damage by washout*. Ihe Kailtau I'.l rei i* over?
flowing lt* h..Uk* aud tho railroad orhclalt aro moving
all irani* with callion. Tue lehigh Valley Company li
experiencing trouble in tbe 1'alleuburg tuu" , owing to
the track being uudor water.
WAVMU.T, N. Y., A urti 6.?A teriann land-slit- oc?
curred ou the Lehigh Valley Railroad near Towanda ml*
morning. About 400 feet of track wa* buried aud lu
sum* places the rall* are eight feet under the earth. All
?i ai ne except passenger tralu* have been abandoned, and
from those the passengers .mi baggage are transferred
around tbe obllructlon. Ihe slide was caused by the
heavy rain* It li expected that the tracks will be
Cleared by morning.
O.kan Gi.iivK. N. J., April 6.?The high tide esused
Considerable damage aloug tue ooasi to-day. Koa*'*
Urge bathiug pavilion, beiwsen Ocean (Jrove sud
Albury 1'ark, audorcd considerably.
4-1,1 i"i I'ikk, N. J., April ti? Tbs water uudsrunlned
the new brick building of Ihe hore Tren, tu Mallison
ave This morning the wost wall fell down st !* o'clock.
CtNciN.NAri. April U iSfieeiali.?In eighteen hour* tho
river baa riaeu only oue lucti, but the news of heavy
rain* and snows over the entire bailn ot the
Upper *'hio aud of rapid rising of Bil
the tributaries ikara here make it certain that there
will be several feel mnre water here. The railroad*
ure making arrangements io abandon Hie CnlotiDep.it
by iiioruiug and Hart irom outside point*.
CoUiun**iou manhunt* in th* oolloiu* are tuoviug
iii-n g.-.-..is ai.io Hie upper stories, iin-ir cellar* being
a.re.i iv several feet de. p with waler. All aloug tbe
river front on both tides families nave all d ty bean
packing up their gout* auu gening out. many ut them
ualug bual* for escape.
BostoMi April ti.?i?u bdudfof tin Bdbori G.
Shaw Veteran Association, colored, J. B. Walkin*. M?|,ir
commanding, and Omirgo H. Worthington, Adjutant,
have addressed a letler lo the President requesting bia
to write to the Oovcruur of Mississippi,calling bl* atten?
tion to the facts that at Carroltton Chriatlan persona
have been deprirod of life lu a wanner violative of the
Yeileral Constitutional adlimatlou that no person shall
ne depilvnd of life trilhoul due process of Isw, aud,
lurtbeiiuore, that the rttate authorities have taken no
Billon lu IhC 'nailer.
"""'" X 11V/ __J1_U lU;ll,olii/.
Lacbossb, Wis., April G. -Ors of ihe mass
INa. maa conflagr* lon. that ever visited lacroma
I".'- sal it IO o'clock thi* morning In Jo n Ttni's mill
md sweat math Wald, deatroying the mill sud aeveral
houaainl feet of lumber belonging to Mr Ptil. Tbenoa
t swept ta the yard* and mil! of C. I. ( .. man. . tet.ro j
ngeveythlug to tue river atd f-r two Ii oe kt to the
muthwaM. The flame, leaped rapidly fro.ii oue pile ta
e?athel el-apiie tue eiiTllou* of tbe entire (!re depart
neut. AllIhSStSSStsrs RBIShtSSSht lulu service andi
ill the power that could lu omalned from the nilli pumps,
I"* c.ty water works and the local hydrants. Tbe scene
iboiu ikereedssratisB bssasM thrilling. Iheasaada of
?e.iple tSraaaai thu ?,r-et,, tue si?IWat?I ane! buiM
* 1'-'o .sillies, the ciiitlagralioa. The Ure orglntted
'rom a (park from the mill stack* or from ihe furnace*.
IB llfteeii iniifTitea thu ml I Was deemed, and lu thirty
n miles it fell lu ruin* with all lt* ap.-u.lld maciluery.
rhero waa uo ?taymg the prasrem of th* flames,
ehlcli Jumped t.i tho (treat sUaB of luinlier and
n an hour mado a teeming sea of fl mies
i.iiiist tin- htat nf winch ipi Are.ii irn SSSM *tuiiL Ihe
timi wat blowing fresh from the iiortu and the flu.itt
Bored steadily Btathaaifc au effort* ka atop them at
.'ninian'* mill proved futile. Tho un neusa aiructur- was
mon a in ia* of lire. Tn- planing uuii adjoining Wa* a!*0
laught. Tbe workmen and tue lire Hepartmeut tuen
urned then-attention toward (ass-sr... willie a foroe of
nea waco est ts -vork ie tear daws the tameer piiet,
hat the tluues might be stopped tuere. All hope
if MVtag the ISUBSdlaM property wt. than.taned. A
rain oi eight car* belonging to the Milwaukee SSS Sh
Pani road ame ssasamsd.
At '_' o'i- i.i'k ii was evident thal the large factory of
ISS-ISjB, KsaiBWA Ca w?* doomed. The lila/.- broke
mt m the store-_JU?e of the MSB factory In-econd *..,
mastaga ?aass of Bis one block in length, in- four
lion boii-o aud sheds burned with Hi. lining rapidity,
an.i people eoe) sf Beroed-at, beg ,u moving es .
I :i. Ire w.s eampwiedf under control before I o'clock.
The ilepuitineiits from Winona, M.nn., and (Sparta, ten
ter.-ei e\ ellem nd. Kngiu s nets St. Peal -ml Miuue
ipdis w.t.* reidy to stun ny tpsclel irals bet were tele
graph d to Blois Acnerul .?.Iiu.ite of the los. place* 1|
at *l.ooO,ooo. of wbieh, as Individual heavy
lo<ers, r. K. Connan ll gr<-at at. In* io*s
lieiu.- $4(K).0oO, ami no :...-. JoUa
Paart lo-a. mni tm! 5,000.000 feet of lumber, it
-millalee! 8150,000, insured for $,; i.ooc). Tuc Bra lil<t
lo svuste tea blocks, willed Inc .1 led wu of the larg"*!
lo ..'.-.-)-.nd. iu BTeeeeeiB and teem eta.y -....l
hai_.es. Kully l.ooo nieii ire thn.wu om nf employ
nient and 400 persons rendered homeb-as. It wai hy
fur Hie moil dost ur. ive tire the: ever vl.ued Kai 10,as
und but for a lavurBBM wini tbs entire southern part
of thu oity wo lld havo ueeu swept away.
N'i^lit-watchm.iii Jolin Sullivan, wno has
charge of Nei. ,V_* Maiden Kane, while gmaej through the
building, skin, li is ... 'Hi-led by manutaeturlng jeweller!,
la*t Bight at about 7:30 o'elo-k. tho ag .1 t.eat he le,rd
theStrlklSS Of S match. II- was mi the seceunl Hoar ut
thu lime, nml fniiu.l n.Ul.I.g tbere, but when he spasSflj
the door of Keller A Pry on ibo i.iid Bowra ela?I nf
sm,ike. rashed out Bethal (ms seor ead hurried te tha
b< rest sad informed OS?oe Caaaias?em, whs basmdL
ut.-ly neut .. Ure alar 0. The tire was iu MM '??*! 1 mac
between the third aad fourth Beera Tao fasrtn Beac m
o.'i iipie.l by K. A. Sn,,'!, The iitiiMim,- was lamaass
ul ..ni r 81.000. There were 110 tires tn the building al
Ibo tim- aad the walsh?BB bai-ing heard si bat he
sunpo*!-.1 to lie the al liking of a match, tim I'll- Marshal
will look Into the matter today.
Kf.kvidf.uk, N. .)., April 8.?Mrs. Mary Anti
Ilrodt, an aged svnlow living with her sou, T.ieodore
-todt, wu found to-dav burned toa crisp In her room.
Ills thought that ilie ? 'iiui.11 ?' '?-: suicide,
IIki.Kna, Ark.. April (J. -lire broke out latt night la
ibo null of thc llel.-iia Kuiuiu-r Compaay and reduced
the bini nug to asher Tn- mill wat ono of the large-it
lusihortDCestablishments la tbs Btst?, and wasawsal
by Major J. T S/atSou, Uooraa Waiker aud A. N. Suth
erlaioi. Ko*-, *-li'i.OOH; uuluiurrd.
Akron, Ohio, Sprll8 ?William Waldo's Itrije general
Mote sad tbs Oeugregeueeal sharshal K?st luehtteiit
aereetoatroyed ny a.. im-endtary Are feeteedep. Ko.*,
810.0U0; laaaraaee, 14.250.
Ho-TOKR rtarr. Apiti (J.-The Albion Paper Mill wit
dauiage-d to th- extern of fAQyBOS by (Ire last nlglit. K.
C. Taft I* treasurer and principal owner, aud l.i* Inaur
uiic- i* in linly in manufacturer.' muru il cm paulet.
The Are caught In tm- eugine room. Most of the damage
by tm- is in the Bntshln* *>p irtmeah
Bau , p.i., Anni ii (Sseafafi. ?His ihlisisaiad stats
las ls Lewls*t grueery .te.ro at Caaaaaatellis Baateayed
Ihatbalkdlna;, together svitb ihe groeecy sf v-iinam
Preen, tha Millard room of /aha Kiirii.-e, Dr limit
Larue brick block ead tue r-.i i.-m of Praek Wiu^ate.
rue satin ina* above lat iran.-- I* | 15,00 >.
TII Ri il oil SEW. YORE si {TE
Elmira, April 8 iSpeeial), Charles I'mlali,
of Kui,ira, ai,d William Magill.of ...uki a, n.ol a |.ii/e
lUtit at the latter pla. xx late la.t hu hi. '1 wu Uaroo
round* were fu ..ni, ss nen John J. Min plo. ot Diiacty,
BeOS Sd for Kiiilah. and Albert PltS.SI-ld, second for
Magill, wnii tue priui- pal-, easacsd ls ssaner? "aiug
giug" inati h. The li.'i.t took p.,ic- at tin- opera ll,,,1*0
ami tim tuen Breaded ea h oil,er lieinu I I BS BBSSSS
wh-ro tln-i tumbled amt fought with SsipSiatlBS for
aes-ral liiinute* MtlTOBS led liv several ll nidi'-d *|iei tt
ten-, finally tbe eumbotaam wers -? p rated, tai gut
luraeh ort saddarksess elessatbe ... i..-. Ma.-.u waa
Severely beetee. Oe-ir ge Powell, ige Bioeteaa, eat "f
ibu Kiuiiia spectators, wiulo loovisg wuiku.* tor Kinora
luis mo! liing, (Oil under tho car. and ssas StSBSBt Ul*
ttau'.ly ki.lei.
POUOBKKEPSIB, A]iril li.?At a sin*.'.il WmttA*
lug of Hie li,.ate' .if Irislee. of V..-ur College heil st
the college to-,!ay ths Bee. learnt M. rSfler, t Provi?
dence, li. I., waa in.nin.., isty sleeted st nessi si ssaaV
dent of tue collei:*. Mr. Taylor I* au alumnus of the
Kiuvcr.ity or HooSsstsi sadef the BesbstSir Tiiouio.'u-sl
.-seminary. Ills age is tllir' y-el if ut. He ls mirn-d amt
ha. three children. Per lbs put l.ilrlemi yean Ma
Taylor hat lived ls Boats Norwalk. Guan*, aad Provi?
dence, li. I. Ill* sister, Mis. Dr. BiaatiU. Has n-en lor
two years pcssateBt ef theBesisty el tn* Vas.a.- Slam a*
,1,1,1 Mc 1 spier's own gili* or . ; ui ?- . v ? are asea *t
lo in, u.;.-- ihe hulieat .u. Base lu conducting .i.e uti ur.uf
the Collete, ile ls of thc* llaplial deiiohilh illuu.
Bdfpalo, April 6?Ur. I'liuic- .s. lloyr, sc(s
retary of the flate Board of (huntlee, provided today
for the removal of lunatic, imbecile and otherwise laur?
allen paupers from 'he Kr e County poscbBBtS at fol?
low* : To lr*.j..u, ?_ ; Kugland, 1 , (joruiauy, 1, auel
(Jaua-la, 1._
Richmond, Va., April 0.?E. <i. JoBSS, B com
merdai ll-livelier from Philadelphia, who had luai week
oUered to pay hil license lui with Stato BSepaaSb wulcb
were retua-d, wu* urreal.-d for aemng good* willmot a
Beeaaa, Bis ssas esma ap asr a hearing to-.iay i...'ors
the Husling* Court ot thi* city. Couasel demurred to
the indictment that Jone* w.?not liable to PSSSSSBBBBB
because he i.a 1 t-nde ed Virginia coupins, under lbs
recent dec;*;,ni of the Culled Suite* >upremo Couria
After argument the court aualalued th.- doma rei', holo>
lug that the accused man ,iad a right to go ou with his
business without a Meenie ufter tne renner of UM cou?
pon*, and tbtt tn- prosecution could uot be maintain.,?
June* Wa* balled, aud the case Wlll be takeu to the
Buprem* Court of Appe i;? ol Virglnla. Joi.es na. .neel
all Hus State ollieers ha?lug a baud in hi* arrest for un*
lawful aud malle.oua arrest, wnu damage* al .?1 o<i.im>?>.
Bkkiantink, K, J., April ti.? Two ma 1
puiichei wereptcke.1 upon tho befhe* u. ar htM this
morning I.y Kifo (saving patio, nen. One wat fout.d oa
Bond* aud the other on Loug Keach, flin mark on the
that wat " N. Y. vis Queeuitowu " and iiui ? f the
?eeoud merely " N. Y. (i. P. O." fhSSS tojeihii with
the "Re reported this morning marked " I>niiSon Qi P. ?'.
N. V., id -inn..n.m. SoW-MrBBBWtsS " were ill leutoer
poue-net ana all full ot mail. The latter bad it* a*al
broken, ibe lo ki ou it uud the otnert being Intact. A
strong easterly gale hat been mowing There U no
doubt thal tho bag* contain pirt of ihe oregon'* malL
Two bag* of mall from the wrecked itoaiuer U.-gOS,
Dicked up about twelve mllei catt of ISfBSSBlhf the
tohoiiner (laorge Temple, were .Icnerrl at thc Pot!
(lillee lu thi. Blty yesterday. 1 BBB mull eoi.sia-.e.l of one
bag of newspaper* from Konrtmi and oue bag of new*
papers from Dublin, bulb for New-York dllWIbutlou. Ol
IU* jUS bag?o. mall dispatcne t, Jll'.i ii ave been reuosertd.
WIUU8BABBB, April ti iSperiitV. - The
lhartcr of ibe Keyiloue 1 oa! Comp*(> wa* fl . .-day.
The company ia BtSBatSad lo ?SSSSMl ls the vic mij of
Ply.unuth. where valuable cal laudl havo Dieu pur?
(;/l7.N.. WOMBA Ice- CD, HT io YOI E.
HaRTPO-P. Apt- ? (df HIbIiHTIM ?>lll Con?
ferring on women tho right to vote In ichool d.*n.?
ineotiug* was bUBOS satSTS thc HSSSS Bbdbjm wuuou sa
aapU-attsa. on a rising vote lt wa* P-BBS-. OH 10 a..

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