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J,*i n'liil-.IANT I'l'Cl'MlN", V.'I'V'i AV) lt Vllllts
[ill TM I a.1*. -nt Tl THS lfitlll'Mt-]
Wabiiibotob, April l'J.-Tin- testimony of
ytwssds?t Vaa Beakhapaaa. la tue Paa-Bleetrtetaveetl
gal?ar to-day was imporanat. Probably it waa more
juli ;.r. i eompnhi a*trt than it would ti ii ? hs *b A lbs
wnaasa had aol lost his temper early la thc essa
mid tned to blackguard the edlton ol eortaht aowspa*
ji--!-,. ti I tu in* di a mi mbor ?l tin* eommittc o. Mr. \ in
PauthnyswMts arinmoly anawtlrs em the smb..
i .cl copy or ti-.e record of ih-- beat.Bgbefon
f- amery Laasmr, whieh tapp ama prodooad hf Ue
Kallona l imp-., ve.: Osmpaay rn the rasaal tr..:..: Ni a
Orleans Ito wliaaasBBade thu best asaaaaatlea that
he tSBld. t-tti he forgot or omitted, one important mat
ter. Nut o' y v.ici four pagOS of e.ri.-r.iai mattel
i,, . out of Hie original rec-r.l. because they
?ee-.ii.ai,j. i iBa case of bia oompany, bul "dummies" in
the snaps Bf Olagrasas, which appeired in assets** ? -,rl
cf Hie :. ...... wan inserted in place -* *-** ""'"
?,,. ..-..i.i; pairltitt. ibesedla
i io aol ptweerve the -~ rmm
., , , ..... I wll lu the san ? i- o V. lin*.
aram*, therefore, a--*
___T_;,, . lueaa the wltaeoe ntado no attempt to en
?>Arl Oi 111*
? J ss bled -. ii.ii-ou nuder eath t...ti edlton an
'? bon laced lian" bob ba regarded ?* an explaaatl m.
la this pan of his examination Mr. Yan I'.cntl.uj seti
Wbe ei.jaa.v ? ,i Blah rip tallon as a competent and copious
aUtfeOC of albdav ila?lost bia IcSSOpst cotupletely and
soon plaead l.tnseir st the morey of th* lawyer,
w a searching gu attona ha tried Ib vu i to pan.
Bases nasalises he aeettaad to answer. Seelartag that be
dm not BMaa ta be "beami relied'" liv ??attorneys of other
as '.p.u.ies' Pneeed to explain wbal bs maaat, he cast
away the last shred eal gradeatra im.l incised Kr. Baa
rev ol beiag both aa attorney and stoekbaldar of the
BallCampmsyaad iaalaiad that be would accept na
d; n ,i. from Mr. Baaaoy except anger oath.
'i ,ie willie** bole up pretty we.l under the rigorous
ti i ?-nationof Cbalraaaa Boyi.-, wi.. h mouttod la ihe
pro.... .;ea o.r tbs kingaanghl wniieu ngiaaaM?1 bo
tweeii the Paa-ElootrU an l National ImpraroS oemaaa
le*- Both COetiy T mag sad :ri>a'.(erii;,rr:s testified thal
this a.reeuient had liomin*: la do with the (.ovemmeut
eur, .in 1 both ot them praf-OBSdtS bc areal ly MS'ttnlshod
t>Y t e gi sc, -very of th,- "?aapflaBBS-lary agraemeat" af
Au?n?l H. whle!, ubi contain snpu.auo:.* msfSS-ttag
tbat suit. The orurlnsl agreement, Wbieb was
pVOduead tiy Van licnthuysen, was iasai IB
Was;. Li-ton, Au.-ust d, ISSI, four days after
tlie interview willi Mr. harland. in which
lie v.*-atoll refu-e.l lo I.ruiT He Kii.t. lt ls sl/m-d liv
ls; i-i- c. Hants aa hehall of Garland's eoaspaay, and
br UT. Van Boatbuyeeo on Iwhalf Bf Ins own oompany.
The ,. _?',iv a'., c or this document wiii be seen by th
Inti 'tv lag <_u.'talion from the preamble and stipulations :
Whereat, The parties h?retee, the sill National Tm
roved Telephone Company aad the said Pan-Eleciric
t .,; obs C imp mi, i repos* to commencr proceedings
ii. U.i i..me of tin 1 i..led .-talcs BgalBSl tl.c tn.riicaii
pe: Telephone Coat] an pr vi li '. they can obtain the
,.- it of tue Atternoy-Qenera. ol the Catted eStatea to
til) So.
Bow, therefore, lt 1s berehy stipulated anil agreed by
amt it. iweea the parties borate ual in tbe further bob
dael of the ealM bow peadlag, as aforcaald, tbey will
is niet tock mutual aid ami assisi saes a? may bc con
vc ie nt and ne essary to piolcct and Beean their rom
ni'in :';'? rest
Ai el ii is further stipulated and acre td that
si.on.d tiny sw .eil in Saving a sun brongbl
Vi a,i in "Uie i ., e ol thc- Government, |
Te r? o* I'icli party simd BO entered as counsel or i ,-i-..r-i
ju said ?uii, Biol every possible aesiataaee ahall be given
lu ;,,, otiatraetlagpartleatooarrj Ute asaeceosfuleoB.
r I'* on.
wiii, lins further ( sprees tucrcon-nt nod anderstai fl
lng tbat lhere shall be no aettMmeni or oempromlsi ..f
lb - no by ciiiici pany in lotercet wltboatafull dis
tastb'ti I ere >l bj Ibe memben of both oom] mles ind
bu agreetaoBt apon seieti terms,if esttleaient or com
proii.i*c as ma) fc cu. UBI and iii,; lei both.
This shows conclusively first, that tbs nfusal of Mr.
Oarlaad was laasrjirelod la a Plekwleklaa seaaa,oral
most, aa i. i il; ai soo id, thi I Iba mill purpose ol
tv ; . th * oas :-. "strike" thc Btll Company and bring
li tee tims By IhraatcBtag la brtag ihe power of the
I'i. .-'. State * Govern mom to bi ar ngalasl it.
M . imi b> iiUiii ii ii lurtber mantled that whoa he
e..ii ?? to sYaahlagtoa lite m Juir be did oatkaow
tba! alby "t- eri Dceri i Ud aol In Mr. Garland's place.
Jleia arne I thst foot while uer.. ii" alee tostiuod tuat
he wa- iBtrodaeed to t-enaior Har-i* on Amc't-1 i tn t,
?nd tbat they bad i itlonaboui th agreement
to bring a (iovernment ealti bit it appears from mo
documenl ttaelfthai Mr. Harris slamed that sell san
agreeii.;.*, aol h. i" I:. bb forty-elj .t boura afterward
Mi. Van Benthuyeen.deslrt I to road a prepared
State-sent, but tuo Hepuniicin memben of tho
?OBSBSIttcM olt.i--e-to.l- His ac.ji .ilntatico With Mr.
Youog, he said, ei.iti.-d from tho dlamiasal of
the Pittsburg rut. ToUUg fol 1 him Of the
passes of a law authorising : Institution of Govern
ii ? salts, bat aeeond him Ihat tbs Attoraey-Oonersl,
belan loterastbd la a talepboas eoaaaaay, would ont*
imaly rafaae to have aaythlag te da wltb tue matter.
The witness lost ni* temper aid doolarod that tho At
loraey-Oeaaral had bo righi loloterfere wltb bia rights,
Toooi aad himsoll a,-r-;ei to faruteh svlden i I
i iBdfodlv le tbe expeaees,|butj eaob waa to fur?
nish his own lawyrs for a suit against 'he Bell
Company. Bs roeMtTOd an uuswer to an np
Beetloo bo made to the Attoroey-Oe oral,
Btal'iiK that the nintter bad been re?
fer id to the Booral iry el tba interior, to whom it should
Law looo referred ortaiaally. Whee he celled upon At
turin-)-I., ner.ii Oarlaad, |tbat geatleman courteously
butt. - '. ? i hear bim. aou tba witness became
Indignant aad threatened le appeal to the fm loni Be
c. igaln with Mr Brtsreoa. an attorney, to eeeun a
promise from the \ ll tr nev -i .??no'-al thst ho would act
promptly upoe aa applMattoa far ault agatnai the Bell
Comp my. if totter* 11" lae Department 'throng-1 adla
tri't--I'l-'i ii'-y, an ' .i ? ii'i th- Attorucy-Q nerai pereinp
tio f retaeed to toueh tho matter ih-'ni hu ?
I-.,pi.*-ion that the Attoroey-Oeneral was asked if he
lo,- ? i".doa to the withdraw el tbs witness's
i ? ? . .... . thai ,i
? ,..-'?' ian, I e wit ???*- got I
lory, ol tbs Patt al 0 !Va*. hut Mr.
, - ... gi . j , (., . ?
Ballon, ae bal ? t. He deoind to withdraw the
.- ? 1 thal bo I rn had b??n pa^seai
aath ; ault aa b had tappm :, bi a. ho was
fearful tbal lt woald fall int.) tbe bandi el
i ? sen.- people i-i tie Pateat OlBoe abe had
Baaa conn' t -1 w!'h ;>.e ls- -.e ,,? t};0
Bel parents, who anight aee the aapar to forestall him.
Ui* ass told tbal lhere wets employe i ta the Patani i if.
fae- who wen act in ir In the Intereal of the li
jiany. 'lue win ?..s et,,I Bot belier* that Young knew
au)'ili:u_r about ths withdrawal of tbe paper. Bc had
Beat a pencil draft c,f ?n agreemeal (sutisianitally tbo
aame aa tbe aapplemeatal ssmeiaeut pud ind bi Mr,
Y Youug with a I.,. .? ?
Ac pj was psodaeed by tho witoess. The supplemental
ag.'t cn em. dated Auguat 27, ISSS, "as proouced, abd
the witness IdeutlOed the Instrumenl as beal i . Ul* own
? tore. Ile said, however, thal it bad never been
e d out. nod had goss for na:i..-:it ti.-.i? the partlea
I .?-. e (;.,-,11: meal tatt.
The Chairman inquired If lt wera trie tha* eagles sf
the Interim Dei irtmenl proceeding, had been printed
f i thc Ne w <).,)*?!.? >,.,-. \%, si, Important oin issi u ia
Mr. v.eti lien'hui *cn replied, with a creal w ..' heat,
tbat tbat was another Ile clieulated by the I
pany. The Nipbei affidavit had been dronped,
be. .. -e H slated thal P'-v* ii it run ei t, st desci Ibed in
tn* tpeelSeattons, wonld w-irk, whils Prof?ir Bell
bin e f bad failed to gel spoeeh througb it. ?? : . - j.
t'oatpsny i.s* clreulated the rep,- rt tl al ll w is a trick on
tl - - 11." exp ?' tx ..-?.*,_, rircu
lated lt are llais. and they know that they sra Lars"
Ii- j v.-1 thal be did aol state tbat the record was
Bomplete wnen be presented the papers to tbe New
tu.tai , ooan
i e witness at this point 1 rned.li HMnll r. fo tbat
ps" of lu Kogan si -
i ? eclnred that tbere v
i ? Bei stol Haul* bad de i
i ? ta aa at Ire),
Mi Kunney bi ga I eater ie the wlt.ni
onie to i hs o.v--.- n of tbs Mi ber afii.Uvit from the I li?
ta Hep !*u.e t re ord j un I the witnest . :
Sf a Vlr. K eei.ey , ? ? - ;e .'
' tt thal uau waa trying tu mlsrepr s?,ot
Bli u . .- ,,!), :?, :!. (Ie ol to tbi
i" pta to besmirch L.'m bj eouai I foi .....
Jj ? '
. that J
Ml v a'i BoBthuyeeu I understanl that you aie h.-re
BS the a li.i. vi . | ths Bsll ( omp my.
Mr. Kanuey .. iilj yon I at I Whore
did )? ?et il 1
"' v *' I ' " raei i ... tn told t it yon own
s' a Bell . ny.
la I yon that I do not own any stoek
In the lb , . IOw say e,r ., .:. ,\ .
( . .. ... nate UO Utsiie OOUUevtlon Wl.u ll thBB Jo i
1 '? .
Mr. Van Bonthnyaen (oeooliy)?If I were gol on the
ela- l aud maali! su. i. a statement
mai i aua maaosucb a atatemeni ou would *..- ti, ii
fi d not believe me. Now luis's* yon so bbi
1 ' elleve your stsument I bare done a propel
uuii i.a ra In ibt launel ol mj oompauy ana ol ike ie.en
Ile .: 11 do not Intend that any iMidy shall boamiroh mr
CU:, IT. *
?ii Keaney (with eager] Ifyoadoa'i stos your im
J.-.ele BI?
MI Van i.er.t:. ly-ei. (Interrupting B/henyou nnder
take to make lt appear that I bare tried to t;,tj u lli(.k
lill III ' a,.Ul >,,., , ?,, ' ,1U Jt WJl|, |)1H.
Mr, Baanej 1 nata asked you a proper question and
li.?.*t OU an BBS Wer,
Mc Vsb BoBlhuysea- I deny tim the (questions are
Mr. Kenney-Why didB't you object wis:, tbs ekalr*
i .-?:.. matb : I
*lr Vaa BeniBu ?? . ,.- | wanted nu ppp r.
luaity to raplj to the san.;.-io.is laelBuatloai lu thi*
Mt. iiiiui.ey By whoa i
Mr. \au Ileniijiiyseii hythe c4uestlor,s as'.ed here
by tin- eiciss-eya.-niuatioies. lt hns beea asserted brie
Sndl ibed .. I ur. NSW-TOBS TklHI.sB and Ike h,u
Xvrk Bum Ihee.liUeM of both of wliie-b are i) n,g SOOOS
Or?e- laal there was a trick pl?j?d .., ?>,?. -,*, , o ,,; ,
ti.a' ? ? .i *r, .. , t ., .!,, s -., r.i tl.i -i- yt .,,,?..,,, ,.,
tractec'. wliliei.il the souri kuoami,' il ihat Issy te,
pud I am responsive for Wbok I Say bareface and ?.?;,
flerous Im sin! lieu iuui who u lui ed lt 1* au Infamous
Tins declaration threw tho committee Imo a flutter
and the (hsirmau pojhiled ths tabJo with hit fat lo ie
Store ??! .Tar.
*%iir*t a w Liio the wltiists. again proccsdsd. H
waste! !?? ten. !.< _*'?'? ?This ls aot mrtemtw shall l
need the void beret" __ __,_____*
Mr. MH'urd-iioilo reef i-Thftt 1* a good worrt.
Ibe wit a*s continuing pi odu.-ed a.letter that BO h,
roeoired from rosey Voaai dated vi .,* . ii . iou,
lil mss. In whick Toueg sella bim af Ms dieeeverj ...
.u' ...... , ? ii ag e tn-iii iii fie h..tt.ku *>f als truux.
Mill- point !'.?(?. !? uttte* ad iroodnatll Wednoi
MP, r.i uM i M'- AUVIBBS I il.ir TUB** UL Bl rOBXEB
in i ni: ri.i BID! B r.
WASniBOTOB, April 12 [SY*ciai\?\Yli11c tho
Beaote waa la eaocotlro seoslon to-dey, messagse aers
real .'lom tho Pr. rn,i.-nt scuding 1"' BOOW UM nomina?
tions of fifty-three porooai abo have iel been ooa
Ormed. Ttumt nomtaotloos were ongiiiiiily male in
plaee ol laspeaded oOMala Ai Hie tenn* td those
olin dale have sn.ee eipired, the Preeideot now a u-.s la
rt." BaoBtaattrai "to fill raes-n-ie* ooaoed by txpttbt*'"
nt ti-rms." Thii- ttas (lore at the sti-.c-tK" ?" _l!,e A"**
hamsftSBBttrt. Who me anxlon* "? I** Dustin 0(
8med. -omeo! tue ,:...-. nan -eua'.oa's also are sall
tohaveco.inse" .tMs Plan.
-iBldsnf s rr aeons l*TTt*iPi acnon are not Batta*
tae',',ry le tin- majorityo*tbo Bepabllsaa Beeatora ?oe*
non 1,7.;- of the Bevbwd suit ute* nada: "Tm. Preeideot
sholl wilbla thirty day*, after tb- eonsoBoaoeoraeol el
each sesasoaoftbe Banoon, aaaepl lor aayoBUs whleh
. it ont to be Sile . Boorte atc p
to till ali titeaiiclei la ..illari) willeri OXiotod at the BBOSt
inc of i he Senate, win- her temporarily Ulled ;>r not, oed
sloe In tbe plano of all of?aero saepeo-ed; oad if itu
Senate during each nialia ?Bnil refuse io odv_M and
cu,*,, it io Bm aippoii.tmi "ii of anr ssasaaaad oil. et,
then, ait'! not otherwise, the PrwaWtoOl *h*ll nominate
auothei person as aoou os practicable to th,- same sus
-inii of the seiia'.e for tin-ui'c e." ruder this statute
Mr. Edmunds holds the President has oo right to semi
la tbo second time the nomination ot .he aaue porsen,
as thc rel us .1 ot the Seoote to t;.ko action on a nomi na?
tion praeUc?Hy amounts to a rejection. Be, tberefoie,
mored that these nomlnotloas, oout in ibo soeond time,
be fe* urned to the President.
'1 lie inutlon goe* orer until Hue next executive rosslen.
ff considered lu open eeseton lt might be adopted, bul
tu r.- appears tn bc lit no prospect of its passage in cree
uttri session, as some of the Bepubllcan Senators will
rote witt the Democrats. , -
"a be Ti esiiletn withdrew to-rtay tho tiomtrtfitlon of O.
tr. "powers to be Aesofiote Jn-nce of the Supi-eme Ooori
of Utah T rrrttorv. He wes In Ineed to take Hdi step Ly
thc representations of Bonoter Pugh, of Ala
bitiii, who tedd lifm IbBl the Henate
Committee on tlie Judiciary had decided to
report unanimously against Jodgs rowers'* oonflrmo
Hun. 'J ix- charges sxainsl l*o? ors wi re serioai oner and
have 'rciueiitiv been referred ?" In Tnr Tai nena Don
M. DieklOOO-, Open WbOOS recommendation i'uwers WM
appointed, un to me last moment ired io convince the
President that the ehorges had no founda?
tion amt th it bis friend would be aldo
to vindicate btmaelt Powers failed to do this. Not
only waa the Jndtetory Committee againat thia confirm?
tlon, but Hie two Indee* of the Michigan "supreme
I'aturt os well, who through Ignorance of the real fairs
bud been in laced to jm; their liam*- lo lils application
for office, The President is said to feel keenly tne de.
eeptlon practised upou Lim by the .Mtchi.aii boss lu Ibis
_- *>
ciai. CIMCCIT.
Wa*iiin.;tun. April 12 [Special),?-The no b
Ination of Senator Jackson, of renneoeee, m Circuit
Jodgoiottu pl .fi- of John Borter, deceased, wes sent
lo tbe Senate thia afternoon ond was Immediately ooo*
firmed. Mr. Jackson will at oner- enter Bp rn the duties
oftheoltice. His term as Beaotorwnald expire next
'.lurch and tliere was small probability of lils re-Ot-Ot-OB,
ri:,- sppolntmonl of n-s siiec-'sn' win be Boaiewbet f-m
borroestag io th.- Qoreroor ol Tonneei ie, who is himself
oeandldotefortboplaee. Wblle Cooey Toona hirtiy
expect! IO rcelve Ihe te mp rsm ry appointment from
Governor Hate, he would bo glad to secure that honor.
One moo oogasoted foi tbeploea to-day is ox-Coogrese
i lunn w. c. BTbltthoree. who M a friend of Beaotor Har?
ris, and i.oijngs to the same foot too lo Ten oeooee poU
Democrat! express the opinion tbat
tbe retirement of Mr. Jackson from tba held of aetivs
polities will result in tho booUog ol tbe factional d.t.'or
oaoea wk oh have ibreoteoed Demoerotic oooen loncy in
ri.- - -?!' ud In the election of a Deuiorr.itle Pei itor
next winter. A Tontioeeee Republican io .tay remarked
that the fight of the Demo* rattle Cai Hom i* ia Utter ami
?uoi.ee* between them SO radical that the iii.ie
Ira fer of Senator Jackson la tbe bench will produce
comparative!j little effect Of course the p rsouol re
between Bel - >n ami Harri*, whleh ore
thc rite:- oi friend .., ore diocuised lu view ol ihe tad
il,.tit..,- iiuv ci cnn-.ii telephone suit, In the luecosi of
wbleb the lotter has so groot a pecuniary In ten hal
been brought In tbe circuit in whick Mr. Jackson ba.
been calli I lo preside, -omer,'! -? ;. ,,? the new
in confident thai bc a ll endeavor to socare rho
ill to some other c t -nit or io b ;v a
? n other Jud.e alt In the case, Tenuesseeam, ?
friendly lo Jackson "r not, agree iu Baying that 0* i*.?
man of upright ebor?oter, ol broad rlewsand a lawyer
ol goo I ability.
The President aloa sent tbe foiiowin? nonvna'ionst
Prank H. I)yer, to be Marshal of the fluted st itel for
the Territory of Utan; B, P. Coffin, to be Collector ol
' i.-'om* for th.- Dis!tlet of Edgariowu,Maia.: I'hllander
Cor,I,, to be collector ol Customi for the Ju Irtcl of
Plymouth, Moss, i Oeorgs 7* Harton, to be a
Oollectoi of Customs tor ths Purl of Camdeo, N. J.;
i:ob-rt C. Jor-'.an, to be Surveyor of Custon,), lor tho
I'oit of omaha, Kebraska
I iud I'.l.i .*,?POTOMAC nivil: li vi*.
WaBHINGTOK, j\i*ril 12.?IiiIIk Sen,I'.t.i-tluy
ni '. ? offer* ?! ij Br. Bi el
logSeuatoi Gibson, ol laouisiona, to I i i up of
the 8enate Committee on Commeree, li pl c ol Senator
juries, of Florida, during the present temporary b!
ofthe otter,
Tbe Indian Appi ? . --. ,- p.,-... _?_
oe reported from eommlttee. On mot
tie :..nt..: iii- epprop lotion foi I , ,.s In
A),ulta was itiereft.*-;i iroin fl B,OUU tn f '??:?? I
At 5 p. n,? on moiloo of Mr. Kdiiiiiii-l-, tu- - "OOtl a .
In tbs -louse Mr. O'Neill, ol Penniylrsnla, .
tin.it,im,ei* cooof-l r>. preoenl In open ii moo, li --e .u of
through ibo the petition but .,-i : ..'ed by the ru
preta*! of the i
lng or* : 47,000 workmci
fl Ce tarrff. Mr. M"-nse-i Insisted that I
i pell Hon Oax.
Mr. Morrison, from the Commit! eon Ru
itmcnt a." u i
seren embers to he a]
i--vt axis mg in tbe relations between r_iir ?? ?: corp re
l Hot ^ eBgoge I in lnter_st_il
ployei ;.. lb* Btotoa of Illinois, Missouri, Kansas,
I s.is ai. 1 'ii'i.ii. Tbe eommlttee iboll report lu tho
l enurae af the prOOOOl lOOetOB f.'ltlt "ta. ?
?' tlom'as lt may rl'cm proper to make. Tin- i. solution waa,
adopt"! without division.
Under the cali of .-talc the lol.ow lng Mils were liiiro
r (iuced iiiid referred!
By Mr, Payeoa, of nil - ? request roereatea
Boord ol Management-! Kereoue and Carre cy te in
itltuti a monetary ayatem in harmony wltb o ropab i
eoe f..nn of goren ment, on
il.sri .burton of iiiliar ami capital.
Ky .Mr. Beach, ol Bow-York, appropriating
for the election of a oommemorotive iiioiiiiineiii ut
Bl :.i P Int, B. Y.
i.v y.n- ii Taylor, of Tennessee, rrf-qnlrlngnotional mn*
Bourns s d institutions to be kepi ojien on f inday,
A Bsnatc i :-i to proi id* foi prut* ding the In .uc*t. of
ti.e. i m.' I lu the Potomac 111 ve i 11 -1 - _?. a, ? ia* I
lon It authorise! the Attorney-General to lo?
ll .. ut sgaiust all persons haring or pretending to
bare i tic lo oi iulerest m au . part ol ibo land or water
a.li a u- . v ts. Iropl i
Hut*, lt it sb.,., i ,. j,.| ,,,,,, m--* ,.ii-i. H righi in ianv
I-i-"!, :.-.t.i-r to ina euro pl. ta neut of th*. I'nltixl
.-tat. r !..--,.] I, tue < .,,:,.; ;,,,. |,,.UlCt I a'* ai .-ll IU ll
lhall anei lain ibi va ie o. im ;, right an l decree ibe
' : i"' paid to lin person i ntltled lu li.
g ... ..; I. tao, uiiei.-.i an amendment providing
ths iu,pu..cu,-ni .
uti! ;..e quel . rsc - . save
1 ?""'?-? ?. i ia- ...u- -.. .ii.iu.i vv ,* acree ito, sn ibi
bl ..- i me i u-.., i?- J,
!..?. Ila .bi...: o...ti.. y, .
J 081 (?: i ki; rei , il IS
Washington, April 13.?The Folli -
infill ny ti.e i.1 ASSIOUOI PoOtBUOtW-OeBOrSl *li(.w*
e im loeats omitted) In tbe rerei ie of tl
Office Deportment, exe u re on second class
matter, foi lbs i - nibo et d< I Man b ...
? .-.?-I vvifb ihe eorrospoudii .? p ri i .,f t, r prerioas
year, at I fl .
' - I'-.-. 1.1 of"
ll ' ? . I. I . 1
Nee Vorl .......... ....
. . . ll -
ou, 71
Ja *',""
hl -*"*?? . , . 7 ".
' "- Ul! 1: . I . .
Ban I.,..--. |, ,,
: . . . ?
: . -:
.N r -.a
.ul! .
t .
i: ?l'l1,.I
prr.vi.;. nee.... , ? , *
Banes.lilt. ?.-? mat via
Hu I. ali. i|ul, i,. ... ,a
Alban].: 7 l
rt- I . | o, .,,. ,?_7
Hartford. . , ... , 7t
Jfowars...-.I ii,--., ii]
.,r".*. fm
^ ""-i'll*._I 1H.___ iu...
^"'V'.' H's' HI
I1"-,'1'. bali ,'..*,
Bteb-soad._....; j jm, i._
_TU,?I.,._,_..l_r*L**_J "?*'
The it crt) tie of BOOead OloSB maller mailed doriog
siiii.c jifilo't at ti.e thirty o_Uos vt..s 5,7",..J . , poanSS,
The grus* rete,in* cxcludinif po?ta_e SsllBBtad al the
thirty i,ini ri on sscond-claii mutter for the (purler
ended March 31, weie fi, 177,01.'.*, an laarsaSS of
t-b7,V__ ot i-i tbe emf i apuiei 11,_ pei iud of ia-i pass*. Tun
--m. t collected at Ibo thirty oiiicei of iiuoud-c-ass
matter tor tba natter ended March SI, 199B, wes
I , ie- rim. ? nf fISt.O-Jt, Tills fsjllliiK off's'"ie
toke t iel lb ll on -Inlv 1. 1 ?- .. UM rite of P -tare aa
te ooiid-eU -s lu Utel *?s redaead irom 1 cents M 1 cent a
pound ^
.. .. . ? I ? e; ami 't'vti nt lu IHK M BAS ORB PBO"
I-i-' h i.s l IH lle.ll.i-*.
Washinotox, April 1-'. Beaoatcc Sherman
submltfod in ibe SeuaM todaj auamendment io tba
i b.ii bill, inc emoodmeat wai er
,i i .. .1 be pr.nte d. It ls to stii'.e out aV.
Blt r t'.i','e.1.1.. .- -..BBB "i Mm bill uud i?aert us tm*.
ft, el on 1. That a cominis ? " " ?' r'''T ereatd called
,t _ i.??., tocouaui ..f twa v.- mern
3 ,. ,.. .on ?? I mme.-rai I ibeSi i tte
',,;: ,',V,o-:--' '?) "?" fweldeni ol the Bena te, lb ree
'.it.f tm- i!o...e ot KepraaontaUve* lo I"* ap
: bj the Pp - -? i "i th( roi- -. aad seven mem
bera from civil Ure to he appointed by the President of
ti.i United S ali - by and with tne advice ami consent ef
tl,.- -- nato, nee- mora tba. rom ol ahum shall helens io
ooo politics! party, who shall be seise* I for sups or
? ? ance alto the Inrtu laboring interests of
the oountry. Tbs elvll commissioners shell receive as
,,i' >n foi tbi .1 -'ii' es '-aie:. st ', orate ol 010 a
,1 iv when engage l in duty snd e -cb member ol thc < om*
mission shall r eelvo actual ti iveMIng and other neces?
sary espresso, such oompeneatlon ami expanses lo be
paid by Die Secretary of tbe Treaaurj outofanj money
nt not otherwise appropriated, Bald com?
mittee shall choose fr -?; among their own number a
chan man hiv shall have power to employ a el negrapbei
and mn-- '?ii_- i.
Sectloi '-'. Thal lt shall be the duty of said committee to
take nd" consideration and thoroughly lo Inn stigau all
tbo vari asi.trovenlea that havearteoa or ara nueiy
to ansi- betweaa the cup,onus and th.* employed,
whotbai iboj '?.i.ii;..; - ni iseoctatlous, or private
in,i whether engaged In tranepnrtatloB.
maaataetnrlng, mining or other laduetrtal latereoM e
tbe United states, sa tar ai thej rclaM to such cootra
vc rs;,- between rival and oompellog companies, m be?
tween transportation. roannfactnrlBg aad mining r<,m
paiiics sad tl en smploj ai i BB I foi tine purpose of indy
examining tbe mattera which may eome befon it, said
commission, in tbe prosecution of its inquiries, I* ssa
I'owcre.t to \ i?it sort, rt I Sirran i portions aad seettoas of
tue couuii'V as lt lev ile'-ui advl -a"'-'.
Section '?'?? Thal the commission thal! maketo Oongnss
a flt.,il tcport of its Invest . ,- ci and tha testimony
taken in the course of the kami; imt later than llie lint
Monday rn Deco at ber, tsotl, aad BepeotaUy of tuob
measure er measuras as in us ludgmeut m .y ba expedl
ont and within the Corn Itnttonal power ol Congress to
a la| r for te deci?ion and settlement of andi controver?
sies, amt th* proper meaaa to avoid ur prevent tbs s imo,
umi it shall cause so iii ai ii ot tin: testimony taken to bo
prlnrei, from time to time ,is lt may Seem advisable, and
2,OOO copies thereof shall lie distributed by the I'ublle
Prin tor. one-third to the Beanie ana two-thirds to the
[Joass of Kepresentatives,
? ? ?
SOOTBEBB vviii.ts.
iVashikotob. April 12 (Sveeinl).---Sibcs ths
rec, nt ssaeeaen of nagroeela Mississippi a large number
0_| PetltMBS abel appcil.* fi cen, thal race asking for pro?
tection bale been received la ('ouiTiesS. SoBM SWfe lor
an ItneattgattoB le show thal they are denied protection
from e-ci h climes; other* assert that the massacre ls
ku Bllea.pl to seep them 111 jioiIUchI HUel Social SH "JSC
tlon aiiei they as); for (luther IflgMlaMflS to secure thom
tl.un. c yiiai rights. Mill others ask to be assisted ifl ? ml
Rrstlii;: elsewhere. One Of tbB BSOBt singular of these
many petitions wne presented In Um .-nate to-lay by
tl... Preatdanl /- a temporx lt was sinned by ll i>.
Weshlyaad nth-r eulorel men of Tera* and was as fol?
;-, tl - //..ti-e-uhie thr Benah tnt Mtmm ot V.eprtscntu
t, ret t -I ' '"ay cst " ?
v. c, the nnaenlgnad, do sincerely pray tba eeparatioo
from the white population on account ol disagreement
umi impii-iiie by BOMS of Hie whites. The whites do
imbed treal ns very badly. We clo nit wish hr an J
'..-ii* to break oul inopeunvoll against ihe 1 tilted
Bl itt b il ll see ins that ??? will be cool pal led to do come
ibm? II we e ,ei.!,,.t obtain lome relief from the 1 '? '.- '?
Mae-* i ,,.v i-i i.i, ont we do slnreraly dseln to live rn a
?.testate from the whitesundoi the United suit*
Qovernmeni as the Indiaai de, in IbuIbb Territory.
Maarthousand ealored mea ie..v.- emigrated from
? i n st ates thia uiater, sad though efloi.? mc ma tc
to prevent the fact from bavin.' publicity lt ls stale 1 OB
food inthorltf that tbe emigration his bees urea; >- .--.,*
c,.' t.i ti i bi ihe recent massacre and tbe nf neal ol the
lawful au hoi :.'* in Mississippi to take any aotlon to
punish Un- guilty peroone.
Wasuixctos, April 1 ii [Special).-*-The Re
p - ? an memben or Con crass met In caucus at the
Capitol to-algbt lo oii,-..i.:.'.o foi work in;h- i
aanvaes. Then was a large attendance,
althoagS tho work of a Congressional
Itt e ls ragai led of les^ Importan e
bow than formerly, whee it baadled sampaign money.
Mi. Edmunds was m.ole chairman ot tbe raueoa, aad
Mr. HcCo-bbs secretary, Mr. Edmunds made e
expraaalng great eoagionea in a Reiabliean vtetorj In
tuc coming e inv iee. Ila thought that tue ieooa1 Bepub- j
in an suooosses and the muntotpal conteets wan te a
large extent a n ii. .-ti,.!, of t:,,; j.ni..ic mind Tue people
wen I"1 saUsSed with s party tbat 'eoentaanneeS snob
frail* as Hi-se i crpe tr:.te l In i"ju"iniiatl lind'
or bs regarded wltb ladlfli n tbei tere of colored
tl ui] pi. It had ''."nc not ? ll came
IBU! ] ??? ? ' - - C ..C. , ? ,,,, .|,| ',, Tl d' a 'll |
ni.i thc iiroiiilsn n made during tbe last ranvaae,
I mb State wa* then ca.it" name a me iber oQtbe
essionnl i'a ? ? ".n.'' ??" ' 'i. . '
me ?'. ers Th.hers v i
i-iir,: .:, :, ? v;i,..s a* s sm a- ronvoBienl Mr. i iirlelgh
was chosen hythe Nea . , 11 ? ,ti to r. ,
th.it Kl i'e on tin- Con
tn sleet .i
. . . ,.
Aitei ? ??;?'. : ii'-.i the members general I j
? ? ? .' ' th. ? '."- ... i ?! tldei i Ihal thc partj would
tbe next House, though aoincs of tm in
lld be no a v.. ii Tn ?? in tin- campaign for
l---. ,s without the I .nv nothing could 11 ae ora
- Hie party wonld have to
? .
Va** are willing I I ? I -ethe
next House, and nearly a
OPE < i.M.' I IT VB "i ... ?'&
IVasi April 1- [Special).?Nearly
ev.rv daj now for two weeks .'dr. Bid .- tried
lo act ou Mr. Logs
in /.iv or of ope , ? ?- ,i isnt,
'SI .:.!..
this motion be vi ,? ruled ont ol order by
Mr. B . . :...'...
< ...ninan, lin; tliV
t the (
ike-ll. and
? M i ? ? iiotloe ihal be would
ame.,u i,., i, sol utiou so thal ll cou:.! not bc ruled OUI cen
e;. ie ic .at ? notice also thal i- bi h
mon lc v or to cali up tin resolution in the
- ?
Washington, April 12 Special .?"General"
" - I ' I 41 ; \
bul fr."n li s |
with Secretary Lamar's ordoi rescinding ii. ordei ot
April 3. 1--V it ap peen tbat the "Oeaeral"
baa a disposition to do by Iodination what
be would not dare to eio iBdlraetly.
I.ii ' toad of hat ;i..- , . . -. ,; r?r
. . -io.is lo his o';', e- si tlc-)
ara acted ipon, aud -, ? . Identlj contemplated by
Ibo Si relary, orders them to be nferred to hit Hoard of
Review, snd sppai mj be also sends tai i,:% Boan! a
a I..' i hereto! ire 'ii- n .- a ?ne rn lt, I d
? . .ii-i aren ii. .: tho work duos a.,- j, . .
?'"* ? that the Hoard had theo examined l.ili co?
in Ith. At ta.,. I .te ll w ll
san i" examine tbs ? aaee aoa
II d m tho Com i... I.a -1 ?
?? ?
Washington, Apiil VI {SpeiMal).?]^Ttr*y.
.. ? ? .
flou a a memorial signed by more than 7,000 persons
i lo his district a. IIBSt I1'
and salt irgarine,
miai ?? - "f dsdrj butter. Mr, MiliaM asked
? memorial,
lisna ares, printed In Tbi Ittcord, bul Mr, Morrison
pi.eu,pi,) ..;... cid. ii,., memorial was a.mpaaied ur
? - - ? mufaeture and
- - .. butter, whit.. ..... i..u.... ii ed bj Mr. Mill dei
\\ -.-:!*.. rojr, April 12, J hs Dtstricl Vol m
tesersfoi ,. celebrated the twenty-fifth anntver>
ol thc I o.tc late*.
- , a Stone, of Bew-Vork, wim e*r.-v - -
Bnd cone;,.;.!, led tne I i>t, l,-| V ... ll ii tee rs III ISSI, ulriV l-l
hera n,:s ii.on,i;it aad i e.-. ?_ part In ibo ct ebratlon
1 "i l.i li-i LASS i''>-i M \-i"l 1.''-.
Washington, April 12.?Ths Posimaster
??-'?i-.: lo-daj appoiBted the following foui I
? ?
" ?? -Al 1 ilrfl ' ? . ntte "1 ivi ki ll |,i ickwi ll
. Kuli - lionel ll iMv - i. ir I
..... 'I. li
- i vi,. , *i. i,| r.
' ? ;.? . a . mic i in ,. e .. ,,,. ,., A'esi . uuis .-ii.eu
- ll I ii i).
* lill I all le?
al .... i . pt, i . .,,,,,,!
' I '-'? .'ie e. AM. > I. Wi I ll-l V BOUB0ABT LIM..
. Apiil 12. s.n.it.>r M. I lutraou
fo-dOJ .mi e.iue.eal ? I -I J1 tu ratif) Bad ...i.fer an
Bgreeneai made aaioBe7, ISSS bolwaea tba eosassto
BMuen appa part ,,t n- Stan ol Be * Y,rs
?"'* "'e "on ,,.,?,; ,. * ?u , ,, liiiM tf ;hB
. i.cn ol New-Jersey reapeei ns ih* loeallaa ol the g,M:t,.
en, bouadarf liae betweea las Siateeof Bbb i?ik a- 1
Bew-Jereey, sad ths nplaeiag aad erecting ef biobb
uie-nt* ti.i icon
? ?
JUL VIll'UMA DEBT IN ' (..lOl.-fcBB.
Wa-hin-.TUN, April m2xSpttinl)**?lnthg Boast
lo daj i o e-nei lind), .,f ftrgtala-agbrad * SUI ls author.
lae the lie-ieiii laappstel cmimissioiinrs to BBSSftaia
to What i lieut lb* Cn.ted Blaleimsy hs liable lu law or
equity for Ibo virgil ia di '. ibo of tbo partition <.r
Ibo Slate wttbeot Ito oo?oeot io tbe ooaree of the wor
and the extent of the equitable liability "f the L'nitsd
Blotes t*i fofwtjn h lei if I Mila hoads. a io!
of tbe acta of ih?< Htate (rureromotil lu uullifrlng tbe
Ipi - o ..s f tin- Biipreme Oi'irt of lue Ool tod Btatns r>
liiLlm to Ibo debi of tbat Mutti. Tb eora fr. ii .
c., iiui.*.iauui'i who ort to .a...- ? ibo.r lurestlgatiou
.vu.,.:, iperi "i of Bli i
? ?_
V, . ni\..i,.\. April 1_.?Artiiu Booi-tai***
i Win I. :.i boa recs in .1 a tolograai Bigaod by Oolioot-.
Bagar, Barrera Tun,m. aad Buperlut-odent Lawtoo. al
.-at, Cn .cu. o, dated Apnl IO, of wbleb tue telle*
? o.'1-yi
Wi-oiiiici looteroalog oe the Chlneoe Eui
sored tbe Minister thal li wes a.pprehen lou ir ho !
tittMgh! 'i seooriooy was Intended lo bo ino wn either lill
* ii.tn i :.i...-i.i or himself on bis orri ral ot tail port. The
Mi-.i-ie. v ..-:i v itni to ristl tha (Jolted Blotes Muir.
which tiiT it nt ion tie soeeptc I.
W v*ut- OTOB, Mon.liv, April Iff, I8S6.
Tr> (.,Mtn\:. I'.,i.r Lr. tv* viv,. n ni. lt ls sui I tli.it
Colonel A. Mell, MoCook, 6th Infantry, li ts
io tu" i nu,iiiun i of i ort ie a i en worth us iBporlnb ? ?
of the B< imo. of Instruction ol thal p imt,
An .*. in ? i m> Pt- im . Attemera tor tbe Atlantic nnd
I. ii,ii,io.,i ? ump!,!:* m...I.- arguments before the
. Committee on Public Land! In opnoeltlon to the
foi r. ll ure ot tin- lan I grant to tbat company.
pooi orrici Boaaaas AaaasTRO Chief Pool
I ni] 1,.,-tor Bf eel hos Information that Henry littiuan and
i ia id il Ju it*" u were nil.-* t.-.l lu Payton, Ohio, tool
inia'iit ? nar gi -I willi robblBO tho AU ?, Ohio, post offl S
about .i wo*'- ago, 1 he ie mon are tal t to b prof*
erorksmen ol wide notoriety and the natborllios *ay
thai they hove aboolots piont of their guilt.
p-ti-.'i:? mn CamntAta k mu lotrodnoed lo tlio
Honae le day by Mr. felton, ol California, omen ls tue
Imu Igratlon lows bo is to mat* li anlowfoJ tot auy per
soo who boo beoo convicted of crime who bi undei ooo
tract to i.a...r. who ls o pauper, Insane, rn lu 111 health, or
who is Hallie io beean ? n charge on the p.a,pie, tu a-nier
at > part of the United --tates w.th tlio fuUnmoii of re
Bt?lug tborela.
kroller Maynord has disallowed tho claims of tbo fllobo
.viutn..1 [usniance < ompauj of Bi. I. ? da in i i ? enty-four
rubi' Iniuranee companies, amounting In tbe aggregate
to *}:> I,-*?-'., for lo*i''i iiikW p ' 'ces taken by them upon
Steamboats employed in tbe Oororomoat serrioe ni
tran* poi Vu A troop* and lUppltOI for the UM "f th' Army
-un - ihe Civil Cur in l*"il sud 186_. I h? Beeoi I
Contra,let I't* n ?" i':s i.inwe.t tl;* eluito* of th- P?w
bai . ? ?.' I nm lieu/for the cervical of tho steamer
(jror.-e Peabody, uni oj tba owners of tweoty-three
other ateambo .-*, fur rh-ur earntnn while in tbe Oor*
arnment service aiming tbe Civil War in l">-_ and ItHl'A,
omouotlog to ,*-7J,u(?(j.
TSABSI DOTATION "l I-'.mi.I'.N M m.*.?Mr. Frye (.(fared
n. ibu gan ale io .lay an emend ment to the post uilioe
Approprlat ??? '???'??. wbleb wa* reforred t" oommittee,
prorldlng fur nt, opproiiriotloo of gt,000,000 for tbe
II alii pori nt lou of lol el am mal,*, in ci ll.I m. raliway tl.ii Lil
sores! tbs Is th mm ol Panania, ead directing tho Poet
master- ,-i.<u u, tu SO tel li, to contracts With A:.
built and registered sta-amslilps wbeo-rer possible for
tlio ti.tnspoi kallon of auy pail of .aid foTOlgO mal...
af'.-r ll gol a itel llsiiiiiiint. With tue lowest I IpOUSlblC
' ' - ,,ii ,k rule not to r?r-.-.-.l BO rents a nautical mlle
mi lil" trip eiia-h wray actually I rerolled between >h"
leiuii.ai poiiii*, "prorlded tbat uie aggregate oi such
con tracie shall aol exceed $000,000 of tim lum hereby
PcritTii-Ci IBB MAB, Mm rn. -Senafnr Chare tn-rlsy
reported adversely from the Committee on Poet Ol
oed Post lirra.:*, .i b. . tu increase the roto of postage on
foartb-i a. 11 lei to two cents au nun co, Tbooommlt
l.-e ls of ihe ojiiui.iii that Hu- doubling of the rale un
fonrth-eloos matter would result In a great reduction or
'he revenue from this cl.tss of service Instead of uh la*
"A Batiffleil enstomer i- ourbosl advi
ni'-:.!," i* nm busitn-s. motto o: DeOraaf * Taylor, the
furn 11 in-.- .'.-riler-, ot Nos it au 1 IB West Fourteen th-et.,
.rn-. anil ? some people, tt.*y lire np to their motto.
They bare ovorjt?log thal i< needed to tarnish a booie
except carpets, ood lo on oodlem verioty of styles timi
p -. rue poor mon who wanta to mike hlaoaroiugs
go us fa; a- possible In furnishing s urta- tu,me. tbe niau
of moderate means v. ho vi .m; * iiiilit co nu uri without ex
t ? ,i i . . . and tbe i icoessful man who wants to aresl
il bis surplus coan in rich and artistic furniture,
iii., t it stretch [rom Fourteenth to Fifteenth its., be?
tween I'ir-ii and Bixth ave.. Thc fertile bralm *-i
theil art -is i..av- p oduoed orer 1200 dealg -
duii::' :.u inltea olone, an-i have spent much
time and thought oo parlor, bi I roora and library i li
als-. The! lo not attempt tlae extrom ' - in and
' a i, bot tnrn out solid, useful .ml botutifu! wm-.,
which i oul.I ut. d uate a..d
ne ? ? lot .
i ? ll rm make a ipecialty ol m mg oul elnb-honiei,
....... -i . .Nea: .) ii
1 of Ilia ii.-- ? : . lol*, un li
?stheOi --V House and the Oriental; c lbs Hoe tho
New-York and the Merchants'; Boosey, t ll..-pit.il,
many ot the Institution* under uontrol of tho Uouin ?
of the North Rlrer s ?! - > I i I lines, hare been fun I
by M ssra. i>e/rini ,v I iv.or. Naturally th^y hive
gi -,i. ? tori . i* quarters. V mug
a i and don't know
exactly what tbej hmm and horen't time to
linn, it out. can iso to the ti:un, tall thurn how
lunch money lue) wish lo spend, abou
rle ol roods they want, and no fiirthei trouble li
ne, isry. Rs tl ma tee ure furnished, 11, tt one wi i
suns ni ?t is leleeted, ti.e ordei li gil sn, and In t b
io *e ol tune the young man finds bli il fur
and the agony ls orer, Orer thirty yeera* ex
p i - ee in yi-,1 ti.is sort of thing bos glren tue firm a
... anted ..>. l how to f-iuuhn for
the least money.
About H00 people witnessed the room of
?i- .1. at Washington Park, Brooklyn, resierdoy, be?
tween the Brooklro md Jersey Ult] elabe. The seora
wm rios* and tbe _ kins exciting, bul lbs playlog on bath j
is poor. I'ne!, rio- pitcher of the Joroey I lt/
cant, bod little control of the ball and gare the un is ?
large nnmber of twenty-one men theil !>,???* on culed
fact a. me won : ?? game tor Brooklyn The
? VI I. ,aS fol.OW!!
j. > ?? Olly.
l n a -
Hr, ? Ml .1 itv i'll, ll: Uro lilyn I '.rrort Jw
: Pi lela il Pori I
, tl crowd witnessed the gems ot the Polo
.- bel w. en ths Seo 'i ark l- .
clubs, i ?? I ?? i b men outplayed their opponent! it
erery point and won i i- i ircoran pitched in nn
fo.-m fi md was pori '.. Thc
; ov a r
the I.e.U. ..." .lue' ll} III lilli Vf* I kl l? f" . I fl
New Yuri. .I I U A I 0 '-' 3 1?18
Olympie oonoo 0 0 0 Cf? "
I ,..- JC, .t-', . ? ? .
I',,..- and 1'ri.ii
...... Pm k, in,.a...yu, to
moi! i.l i ? ' Si w fol at and Mell a.
..up- .bal 'lie i v.o Bini i will b*
III il III lieu IU, lu- I'OIO 0 - - ll.>-la. 1 .a
I .fn tit Park I ' y " if ''" !'? ? - of rh.- i.,..?.
i lu ' he American tssooial on, He tlen
it which tuc L-.._ .0 dir e. tori were unwilling to
\- Philadelphia -Pnlltvdelphlo. 3; Athletic, 2.
Ai Hall. 1 Baltimore, .1; Korheater, 4
At Loulirille Plttitiurg, t; LoalsrHlo, l. Fire tn
aim. Louis Bro wno, i 1 Maroons,!.
At M.n un Chicago, .">, Msoon, J.
- - ?
TBE DAB-ALLS *> Timi lil E.
1 Iff Ilii-illll'l'-i -liimllll-.' lui st.-.'ll V. .). AHell
Rial Ai .li.'tv J. liam a* to thc poSSOBOlOB nf ti.e lOOSS of
ti . Astor Mooee, In which tbo father "f "-tr. Dam wu*
iii,, .1 bis i.i alu a pat lu er, waa ended on ."-alu i.l ay b> Hu
paymeot of S-0,000 to Mr. Doa hy Mr. Alloo for bli
ii, ti ur sis in the toi* mes*. As is voil knows, application
b.id lief li lil.ki.e 1., Mr. 1 '.* Ila. BOtlag a,-o for the bein of
hi* fatio-r* estate, for aa aeeouotlng Mr. Alien said
ky 1 "Ihore notfa ng to tay on the iubji ct. There
l's, iii i.n t, in.- mote io be said than there would be ll l
bad l .1 gi ' 1 toa "f co..I, p dd for it .,,
liver-.1. Imayud.lth.it I ara on the best of terms with
Mr. Dara."
Wat the* ter Mr. 1 m died Mr. Allen offered the ex
? iw.ois) in lieu ol Weir share lu His furniture
... - :....:.
partner to the entire good will ol the lease, wbleb has
t-T.ra to run fr. May 1 nett, rbis offer wai re?
fused nnd 910O,i)OO was asked, ot which sum Mr. Allen
1 ni. tn itter tl
.: t*. b t' tbe prospects of la wi
. ? il v lr .".v ,1. 1) tu. ..1 1 yesiei ?
c.iij : " i f- :? r certain of wiuiilng my case.
i ... 1. ) .
' . I should In the loug rui evi 'fl ta-ii mt rose. Ii
( M ' :- I ( Woy faa, || |n,icu lo .** ,,in'ii ai.d
tliali, a.t ) Oil IB*-) *?'? , I- tbe ? a .. a s.till VT'- ll"."
Tbo Brooklyn police sen! word f< Suneriuteudenl
Murra'. t.-:ii.l.i\ timi the* bad found in Newtown
? reek ll.e bcdv ol n drowned mnn, 1 ?? 1. I ? ? vi 1,,,
- pposed ' t,, l? .*-. W . Al... 1 ro, of No. 1 13 ' V. 1 il
l ' -:i.-t. I bi hodj liii.l !?. 111 in tin: water
time. Iii the i-u lii-ti v., I. fn ml .. gold w ur,-!.
wi I I..:1--- ?
?t .1 OUlO .-._!,ei! 1,'lu-IU! -Al. 1UI)
tlei." No. lilt Wis', Ivteiitv rec U ,1.1. ls ll,, lue, .
ot Pt. J J. Spi.-iu. Mra. Kprtmg Midlaal night tba!
liven."!;!- ago *>'.i Keven rent***! a room fi. hei
bb*] remained three months, rhen he wen! swuj one
fiav without saying snything to anybody and did not
M turn,
" i Bite, iin.l ?? i ... | e. " but oo
tidings oume ol Lim, On April 1 o loller cum.' sd*
rt reese d tu Bimon \V. Meiers, and thinking it would
ti*,, tu,-a clew to bim I opened lt. lt waa from bis
brother Alcxaudpi Meyers, who Urea ul No. 1,2011
1*0] bi at., Philadelphia He aout<- t-> kooo eb*
.??uiioti did not write. Mel ?? hoc me to this ott) he
waa in tbe eoe. bu neoo il Philadelphia in the finn of I
Moy* lie ml* oul lo Jo* nh. and ? ??
I,, ,. II. I-,,iii,I, ,1 l, r I "?'- le in Weat 1 wini) fourtli '
et I think be woo a little * oil.' ll, bad 111
tia lUll ,.
Ai :i Dseting Msii'itl.tv of the Executive
( nm it. lites of Hie Anti Monopoly lasagne, of Whick I'
|(. Va iel,- te i- a 1,-n maali. r. ...! ut ut,. wet|. adopted,
calli in: up .a i : ISOOI Ol Un. . li ) li. wilie tollu- -ena lot*
Bod 4 nf lb< ir re*|*i ? f.t.- .1 itrieli lu da
i Hiern i..r repeal of tba Brood way fioaohlaoi
Hie appointment of a gouiniissloii t., _n|. i a i* - aim ie.
Biota loo gos moi. pun. s, ai,.! mr leleoti io "i on bx* i*?
* ilium I-* la tn at lu. r? kppolOUng pOWOI WOUld I. alli, li.o
bai is ol ti.e .a* commission. In notleipaliou of Ibe
struggls boiwooa the slliseas' llekol and the elf-mo nt
li.tlll.e li, B .lit, in 1?,_1 ,o tel I,ll,,-nl at Hu- i-ouillig fall
elrrtlon, tb* am _i?i .uppoi t of .... t:.,,-., ,,, i? tm nf
goedgorei gseal oeroeoaed f W. .Mies, ur tiara in
keollre Oommliieo, reine leered to onpoai before the
A'*?i,,iu> Judiciary Oomalttoe lu ibe maiu-r of ibo
Bioadway ftancblsn lu baba.! vf Ino -_>a_iuc.
Vii-. -I Alts, al ?. c.l".N'"l.
.'?i- ,.!i U. JI.ivu'., B u'-i-iliiiy do-/?'>?!- in-r
cbaut of Buffalo, has been sued hy < wries! saan
charges him with having alu isted the affeettens of his
?rife, Mrs. V-ri-'rU Msrle f-esf, BBdd-WNKCdSf 100,000
dan.ages, 1 he plaintiff i.y li- mai ned '.' r In .1
l - rt. aa I thal i hey lived happily together until sim ? as
ladaeed by Ma Barun I" h axr him iaei May. Mr. Bean
i formerly Deputy City Clerk at BuBBlo, Afierw_.ri
he tooti the posttion of Buporintendant nt a
milling company al llential (Tty, tel. Ou bia
rr-.-.irn to Buffalo bM w.fo weat to the Steen
of Mr. Barnes to ms kn some pin-chases. -Mr.
Halites call.?i BOOB hoi Meerai Bases ami made her
Presents. Laet May M ra .-.-ar* ant har two ei Idreu
disappeared from her home. Na. I v Nlagara-st.. mid at
ibo same lime Mr. llanos left buffalo tor ai, ne -
inp. Mr. Hean al legra thal Mrs. Boan travailed ? i.i
tbe old mereOsnt, living at rarioas hotole lo Nesr-Ye c:,
Brooklyn, Ooavar, Philadelphia, Bias?ra l-'ais ami
Utreawlob, and tba! aha ls still witu lum. Mi
recently *ued for au nb.c.mo .lue,ree Iq niobium 1
Couniy. This and BU* .. i ''..'ii ht ;i in in l.iie
County went discontinued aud afterward a third
sun was brusutbt by hor in Erie County.
Mr. bears, Hie.in: line, i.i'Katl two SUltS lo tills
eily. One is lim sun Becaiasl Mr. Harass
and the otber an action for an t - - -. \-? ,, g
letters ??? ie b ne . drat c have i . hts ;- ureeelon l-e i-en
lion* several in wbiciJ li s wife \. , Ureas I as " My ei.
H. Marie," a busliioe* ibbievtatioo .-or "My omi, iwsoi
Marie," and eigned "Tobi loving J. C. B." Mr, Be rs
says tl tl every effort bas beran mad. by 'r. li.
bara tbe ealM ootonromlsed, aad lie kee threatened to
ase his buslnose influence | Buffalo to tatura him. No
aaewar to Mr. Bean's sall ;... 2 divorce wai laterpooed
and un order of raforOBCe WBS tau en by defaBlt,
A motion was made yeaterdaj ia tbe (supreme Court,
Chambers, by Mr*.'Seam's lawyer to have me default
opened on the ground tbnt tim papers wen- defective,
Justice Audre*, roeerred his eic ian,ii. Mr Barnes, wno
ls .-, millionaire, wa* foi mani yeansuporia audentol a
Sunday-eoaool la Buffalo, iii* trite ,.ve? span from lum
lu tide ol ty, aad he baa several mamad eblMraa Uvlag
bera, Mr. nears ts al presen! oonneeted with thc Lui
OBga, Kock Ullina and Paeifle l:-n ..il.
mr. lUBBOGATS I li li r.v nv* lll.l: mihi IMPRISON"
In tin) contest ov(*i ths Bill of Professor
sri Ulam Darllag, by which bis propaity, valued at
s-ll i.'i'll), was lott to Mrs, Amelia lielacroix, the BTOSB*
eiuniiuntlon of tim latter was continued yesterday
belan Burragate Bolltas. >-he teetlfled that while
lu thai ll.it in fortieth st. she did not tell Uri. M -^ urk
thal she was man .ed to toe proleisor. hbe pani the
rent herself ami also pnM for the taral tire. She paid by
Instalments for the furniture ot ie.- hou-e in .ink
ors. fel.e was ael.ed WbatlMC Bbs had jon ?:. lsd
a bona and wagoo. She answered In the aMrtnatlve
jnat ai the Surrogate laid tbal tbe question ??,.
lenai. Tbe lawyer said fee wasted to pi it re thal Pro
fossoi Darling Save them tu lu-r. " 1 nat is iinieue." ac?
claimed Ibe witness in bo excited tone. "You losull
" Mrs. Delacroix." sstd the Harrogate sternly, "I am
Impatien st your way of answering ijueitioni, and you
must make up your mind now either not to lutcri pt
ead to answer questions property or aloe go to the '-ity
Tbe wltBoes said that she never saw Mrs. Lefferti until
after the Pro fi i -;'?'. ith trhea she obbm to bri I
and il-ti.-ah lo.l thc property, Hying tbat Prefi ?- .; Dal*
11 ii tr was uer father.
"iuel you si.o'i herauy lettersf waa asked. "lia' ha!"
ci. 11 iel tbe witness. " Not I. 1 was not so *i. f."
The Surrogate agali admonlshsdtne witness :- ?
eategorloal auswen to tbe questions. "I wlll tell thc;
.? truth," she--aid. Shi u-, e.r.'il the dates al her
birth, ol hor arri rsl In this i ountry so i ot hor flnt uv- ?
? ince with Professor Darling.
" Von had. you ear, -....n when yoe eame heraP' wa*
tin' to-xt q ics; bm. ?' J told y..? ai iwi - 1 Si - I
cronin a loud voice, " that Oeneral James Bass Ilow?
ard bad my money and teni lt to nie from time to time. I
1 iv,,;,'i tay any more about lt or be Insulted an j li
Be yd ti ber eu insi ... jo.i du.rt protect me al
-? -e leposed thal on one occasion sue nn-t i*i
X for the purpose et gettlnu married, li. wi I
Fifth Ave ,.,;e Hotel au i kopi nei ? altin? for an
ht.iii- e- A care abo ? _
De gsve bel a wedding uni' iu width u.r
uajne wei i agra vi'!.
'me Be Bring wii. be continued to-;tay.
-?? ?
,-1'tMNG A WILL Vt il ll A DEAD MAN* MANO.
Evidence was taken bj Burragate Lott io
Bro .ii yesterdaj in ragsrd to the wi
i: ike, wi ott bbi ? . ed, was tra I anon ll al?
tai he vi.,* Mad. Ifni his des k it wae stated that ie
was n'lve a-i.1 lu? burial was ?! ?-!-?? I hi '?""?? :""?
til the ramon were set at rail bj latlsffi tory |
?it'll. Arthur Clark, ono of thewttoesaeeto tbe
, i. titled yesterday that while Mr, Donn
writitie the wt'! hi felt of the testa! ?'
"if you don't hurry up ba ls gone." 'iv pu] i
his heart hud apparently stopped Dob nelly then
put a pen :n lilllie's baud mid |
it aeroea the wt L The wi Boes
bel-.erc.l tl.c man was dead at the Mme. The lasryei
asked bim no questions, but tf he had Blake woald uoi
have lieen able to answer. After the uame bad been
traeed on tti? will, ir ? as changes so that tbs words
??brother" was ni ute.o'l-in," and a leg MT or g500 t"
one of the girls was mad,. $250 to each of them. I ??
"i ? he ? ill aftei I ..,?ai ath ol I
and di t noi l.. I t to d Tho
teststor bad not .-,.? - .-a thc wlU, nor did be
*av It vv .is bis will.
sm Blake, the other wltnen to tbe will, tei "
that tbe signature ol the dead bum waa traeed aftei
life wat exiluefc
Jhcic is no contest In regard to the provlsloai of the
An iiciii)n vms begun yesterdsy against
Register Murnea, of Brooklyn, by ibo Title Quat
and Trust Com pan j to recover $20,ooo for dan ige*
caused by ths action of the i: .Islei ia refusing : .
au extra nuiubei of men 1 i oflic-s al i oppj lug
tbi records for the com pony, r*i?- Re_-1*tei lind allowee]
se-ell raf li to vs erk l),e|-ea Sin CO be !Ook nlilOe, bul vi hell
four more men applied tbej were put ont, inc,.
purpose- i, iii..iiii..iii a.. nee. rlghu te ables li le eu titled
I.y law.
Tho trial of the suit ol hrs. Man- A. Rlebaidson
??ii-1. ( b' n aa. Crass abeot sn..
iii-uii-iuis aa ec ? acm ,,t i, 9 kr wardahtp ss tra I .a tfasti
... I ai tuc
1 lu p.ainill ? ...
her share- ut
that he hade .
tue |,r.ii -'nv. snd thal * - .
a ere >u.ut < , ?, nmtsi to
r I
1- a -all ? TU,-ll
1 a -; ibi to; Injune! ions res . leineui
B'. Mni - Ile sfrle el i r.-i.V- Im frofl
gire njusloei entertain wi - si ooai-eti lislis oe Ms I j*' **ide
.,,-...,.. Ibal I. ? .... lin ttieaUICal ai ? -,.*? a i i,.-ir
counsel .'.nu.,. .I that as tb* slnssrs Sid Bel weal taner ooo*
!.'.. |.n>i>rii it..., ware Bot required tty i?? lu buve
Uttls Bsy Bolltvan, sse nias, with bet sister, axe eiitht,
vi. ii'.rn a i.,ui with thc Kl refry Brothers' Company ut Ua
comber. Ibu, H'bile ii e.. waa ru a ,>v<r by a
t: tick Uer fathel ? . ;
limthasra foi - " oo daraacee, aliegtas thal the intone* re.
pen d bj ,??'? alli had I i ll ed io vu a.isc^e und eiysiiie
laS .III ' thal till ' .IC , t. l';a- , || . ?
c cia' wa* med yesterdst belora J net nw van Vm i ..mi t "irv
in the -u,,iem c.. .ui -nd iceuiiedut sven! lol tlb-iiot the
An BpeUoBftoa mads or i.eni,*r-i Ursvsr,the tuestrlesi
. ' :. lui 11)1 ? _ ? -. ISl ll Ol .I fol UBI -a e. I- rilli . I .
I ? iv ??: ual,.. ut ti - ? te, who issuing lui a di sores tei
rtju ted hy .1 i.f ,. vi ' r. ? i ?ie-reUT.
1 ? -.ii ? bpi ii " I ? a : ;;p p justice
i ' i uuutj i b rk i' i ??,
si.a.v*. saassoi i
lie to use th. indexes ni leis olUcu. puruhas'-d by thc elli tioai
Bobers Laarcrafk
nt'rit?"? COL'BT. Ciivhh; ;- -BefON AiiUro**. J.?Nee.
?" ' ? I 74. IO i. Vii, 170. 171. 1.. ? . ? ? .
l-irrHSMI lol Kl -i-i . ??? 'lie.,; |.AK1 i ;.,..:, V'M
Brunt .1 Adjourned t.. ipi
f, i itsMR i vu-ur?i i-ii it?Pani L?Beter* i awn ? e. j.
l ase OU Nd n-'t ? a a :,.I ji?
ll LIHCLIT- I'alil ll, I,, :.,;r V ..! Vorsl
J. No*. 8IU. Ibo, : -1. 1 I.
? j .. .-' ..li:.... . ..
r -I'jbt III-' :i\ J.
^..-. uni : . -" -.' ?
? '< : i -, i -? : ? ? : ??
"... noli. !? ?
... ?
;.)> 0
Bui rv, . sr?CTBri.T? rsm iv.-in or* Btacb, J.?
C ll*. "I. . ? e. lal
BunaooATB's cottar? Before Roi in - "?'. of Wlll_am
. 111., ll di alt I Ile .Heat!. | .li, . 1 A. Ul.,
:.'\ I eie..i ilattan, 'I p m
1*1 i i t... ,. . |,, iii i.i M.. .ii li.i.u Uelor* i-dgwick, i J.
Frc ed mau and Ingraham, .1 J. Nos. Hi ? t
41 I. ' M.45. 48. 7. 18. 18
8Lissins co . ?ors vi. i i.k_ -Befen iium, J. -os
bLi i hie i. v-'i ut? i ...*i 11 .-et-i'Ai.r i. i ?. :.,r- onaan,
0, .ul.
.. 1'i.las?l-.c^i lil rBBU?Belora Booketevei, J.
<, ,'v(-s plss . .i Tbss Beter Beckstever, J
.\o* 4, '
iciiiu s Plus?Timi Trum ?l'AUT I ?lb fore l>a v, .1 ?
NlJ ll,..l. I Ul, lb -i. '-."? ?, lt.'.i. ? H. 1...T '.'-I *. lillie.
i. . ? , i,. 16 '... ian . '-;?. .ttl i roi. 1 u.- ;. vu
i. ... . -.i lu, 171 1. IV.e. I'-Ot. lo ci. i .CK' lii.1
I7.ii). 1 ...
I7H0, I '- IC "a. '. 17 'tel,' I T,', it. I 7.. s, 1 e..... iHol, I-.)-.
il "1. ill. 101
l i kill S I , 1 ' - I i l ll 1 I ,.V I
sen .1 ^..- lillis u ?:. liaai Un1. IHCS IT o. VI.
i iii i.i i.i l i.i.u iKiivi Parri Before Ihriirb J. Nos.
. .i ;. -i. ulol
til VA, 6.' . il
I nt ? I i i --. PAB1 'I t'- '"'I' I'riO I.
No* ...'., .'-?! ,'. -.ii', .'.ie.-., i.es-.'. '.(I,;, ... Il i'-'-x. .t-SI.
, . . . I .VI.'I. Coi-.i.
I.ll.o .V.
eui i.. li lim li-m-i'-iti ill - ih lei.. Hall. I
S us 511 .,. I
I..*", c. !.. I . ? i . ? ?
. - I ? ? 11,1 1'7J. 54
..... gol! I7B- -Kl.
Lol ST Ol iiuii AM' liiiMists Hofore ll.trntl. J, BBS
..- DmUlcl ttloruet I . low* Nos. I,
tm mbbbbai HsaelciM rim 1 liefer* Itaoerder
Mll)tl.uUU Ai-slM.ll.l l',.ll., I Allin l"'} t'll'l,.l.4'd- Pf* ??
s. af. s i, io. i t'.'' *."? *'?
I" SSI M. befen'.* JildS*
.i-i a**t*uui i'i-'ii'i *iioraei tfylloriL-Nofc
1. i.i. i.i; li. 7. h, t). IO, ll. IS, 1 I, M. li. lbj le. ?*. If
lill. (TH III Of AI'I'KAIj-I.
Ai BABTi April 19, In tin* Court of AppcftlB
lo elli)' the fu1 lo nini; cai'-es vi eic a iv il cd
Nu 0.7 Ktlirsr M l-avne respondent act ('hariet ll Kidd
si.cl olliris. a, ii ii. i. . I ???-ii 1 ay ... mi ?,...?,;
SlwlhUlShaiuIlU IWpAltlcUeW
ro fl"!, Jot, es Mi r,jput r-a.,... t. u- n.~. ? milt,.. ? ,.__
cir'I, o,;,e|i?-.,r. J.j?,:? ?, ,D i ; ,. _ra ellam J -, I.1
i o im tel ,-*, iSo-t, 4"f0iS
Na 6S0 ?a {ilium (j Wurt, appellant, *?t the ,,,_,_ ?
, f-oiitii*b lit ani: u ara r- . , . "' ?|
. : le- .-? .! ' I- ll , I fa fl *:? A's- -4 r**S
Bo -ue i bar ? M I s-ti appel , . I ...
ri-ajKinilip:. lu Lc, I ..?,',.?.,ap i |,,r Irpeliiol ,v ' __ B
? . ii ? p. h ii ?*? a
Ibe .'? owloglstki iy? adar to April l.T.
i >: i.on, tao, i ? ? ns,
i - l r i? .
Noe. 1 ?..:''..--. ? i i ian.
disposing! or u .ia-.!.,..-* Pt'/PEtm,
DAVlKH MI'-IT HATE fflltl Ma Kl. PAIti.
Ano.ie vi* i "i'.i. I fsstordaj bj .Iii-'1,-.
I. .IT.'e' ea '., r ' . ^ SI f*srj__,
i T. Wileen, *****etrer l-T wnilaa S Wari -, ? , e?t_,
I vey telalten T. Defies, tbs i I '.'aT
the propel If wi.,ch ). ri naiad \l_,r 1 .ave to "srromSS.
di,-, belora Oi*-1* leam ol ibo Bibs, Ita J i Iga aaM -rna
as thu only appellants fro.n the de-,, i, i ,,? r 'arm
Il nub w te i nllaaad Ward a..; >, , ?.,_
aeitbor sf aban s oM -.''re, a,<j.; -y __
the appeal, H.-re wai no nason ap;, ra-*
why th.- Bdga tsbe rn tboeorried out || ttises
Wi! tiny ' :u: im !'."i-:v. r Oils, ? |
' ._
o tn ...
*. t. i I. .uri,- I ftsatesd iy roi aw. a
????? for *?!?.'-. - - v has fst'.e'l |?
?'. " Bitowee ? . i -j-, r i'm
.u~: i^ Tuat |repmeeoteure ?r *,r__t
av "ari crediton bas r-...- 1 :., ??_. 1
?.?.'ro. 'I., h . ?- .... ....u * '.. .- .'....-,:, -ia i- ira
meat aga* oot I :
Hon ll nee: :,u* Of! ? _?!
i ii i il a.-- ...- - re*p -a ibm ??; - . . - -g ia
. isloo of the propel . , g
? lase te lamil . lu I* .mn j - ??.:. la toi pi e |.
ile ? -.. r f ? .'. ny, ; bon ? . ^
wbctBer tba Sheriff li ? ??? ren.ng ... , m
oi a.. ? be mutt itep t^
propcrtj actually bf-iengo to Mrs. Wo i
Waller _. J .1.: ?tou, tbe ree leer of the M .r as
Hub!, Who Lal Just KU.ucl lion a ll . t_
Havana peril] oa bai . -* ond | ul foi 1.4
health, - ,* * lb U Le in n ia " reePi-g BU Bil ".: ? " ...
Beferee * ...e," mu 1 sh yeeterilay, ' has dael J libs __
v and moaays la o-olrorersj ore la ..4
vcr to Eteoetrer D*?i ,a 1 - ? . .,- . ... ?? >. iii
from f ?? ie- !-.?,:. ... M.-. a t._? i'sbabel*, I i,*v.- _ , ..j
to do but to atta:t lue :?*l*. i 00. pSC-OOllj toii___|
w. ,. lbs .-? tereo's ;< 10a."
"I duding bu iiiei'-i. ol '.'"'ii faith on Mr. Wsroer.
part in hietraosasUooi wiiu Want tr Mi. .ebastoo was
"The referee." rc;dind tue receiver, ".'..ai tbtt
there wes bo irtdetaee ol ??..'. -\
amount! f> ' ne iti'uo Hnri', at the BariSlO
evideiicr. Se noa?Od alon.- on >'r.
WI DI I - . I ' , . ||tU "?'? ta -'_ . .. I'aJ
?1. ? 1 part 1 bar" failed f 'I
.;.? to show t- . -i e .;.. t _
., ...-'?
tills i! ornina morn tbe City Coui . ? ,.
lit nu a iray ,c praeeodluga before lt-f<? ee ? - ?- _ ^
the ifeier.i.m.itiiiu of Ute gueetloo W - .'.no
proceeds from -oreelosure lilas '.' Wa
McDononghat property iball go to M rom
Reoelror Have*.
? ? ?
UNI I ill; BT__TE_, Bl i - J _ Jr: "-I.: COL'BT.
VV\-1 nv.,j 11 v. _pril J_'.?lin- iuprem Cos..
of lu? Lulled .-late* lu-_a>' 111 case .So. IIB Ibo OtOIS
of bow-Jersey, Bokan Olsen oad otberst, prooei .r%
plriint tis In err..r, sgt Henry iVrigtr, coiaOCtor of u_<_i
tu th'.- t . Wi. -Lu, of .--iiiuou-. Hurl: .iou CV .mtv. in a rial
to tbs BapoeoM Ce?rt o: ibo Stats of N io J rssyi
alhrmodthojfldgsBontal t-e .(.wot c. .. i_a I
- ; .<? ..in's oi lue Indian keecrraiMg !
Tl' ll-!.ut , Xem.-t fl.UU laXaUOO. J ..'..Ce Lia .. ?} CM,
I a op.ia.on or tu. Court.
lii.it-.'>'. L-l -au.--, ii. 1.rr Ui *.. ;. N'. M. tt
aod H. T. WUklu*, la .:...:? ,.. tbe drcoit Cotirt ef ths
-: c. ? 'rn :,.-- , t al ? . !
.1 ... 1 ? . -. I IllS JUtlgSSaTBt ot tai, uta. : 1 u,ir|
all . un... ? ia,.li a r..,(! ru. V .1 .e..- pallin r o. OU ' ? . leal
Brm ooo make au aoalgnmou ol tboflrm <?-- ar tbs
1 with pro,* -
it ? ii . an.
.' : ' I -l.A
'??'??'-??*?' - - ? -|
N '.':?-?' a: ?: .I ,-.'.- , -
.... air- Jutta*titan V -.antwan au.totS-ra a ,?_)
? . ,.o: t ol the ? - _
, -.-, t. 1 ul 11 ?.-. - I-. ? ., -,??,,- r -a
,-.... .|,,'. .a.-- ,. .. all . U ..lie .?-.? I A i-e- S
must al agt. u ian
1 ?
? ? a aa I U. - _ I J
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color of the I "
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propel tv owner,
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had inppoOSd were paid I... I il BB BTOSl I i- ?
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C_B0AOO> April l'J. - For son ral week* soa.c BO a??
havo been ludustrtoilily paillug ooinleifen - om mm
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