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V04- XlaVI_IS0* UM\
ciiinaiii.i> manifesto.
BKCl'KK OPPICB ami riitti'.si I. i mioic.it ca
Loni.(.tv. .lum' i'l. Lord Randolph Cluircli
lll's manifest j to the elector* of PsddiBUTtafl says: "A
?people's dissolution' has BOBBS upon us. Bash is ihe title
given Lt ?.l i.l-tn:ie to the most wallton political rciivul.
sion thal la our times luis all! cled lilts country.
Hy tiie BBSS' Ba Si ai In dividual StSTBtSd lo (.unity
l.y an ail of Ih" people, hy tho liouiidless
SSrotMMB of the Ptreasli r, tho Kinir.loiu ls
to be disunited fol the run pose of BSSBrlBfl office if only
las B Utile m. h..- by Hie aul of a disloyal fact lou BBBS ll*
asa spaa forslas gold. Tbe Dovers bbsbI has heen de
eerie.! t.v -ill WBS I'.iuiil loufer upon lt cliur.icier
or lepuutioii. Gladstone has rese.rv. d for Iii*
elaaina div* a conspiracy aKAiiist tho honor
of lin at iiriUin and welfare of Ireland asora atsrttagly
Baas an 1 i,et,nluis than any of these iiuitieruus dSSUBa
and piois tlt.it fur a qaSltSI Si a century have occupied
Ins iBBBttBBtltB Nor ure IBS re*ut* of a repeal of tlio
union a matter of moment to lum. Ks practi*
cal respoasibl lip wm WI nt'O'i als should?
ers. Bs rssardS with inconceivable fr.vollly the
fact that upon hi* eSMMSSSOfa will devolve tho linpiissl
Malabaral rebuilding a shuter. <1 Ea-plra. Lei lbs
srsdalaasslsstorstsbits blas a majority, to aid winch
another In-h revolution tu iv ba coiisiiiiiiiiiited, and luis
ii ost BsoAerats af Mis stoi* will b.* satisfl d to eatsv
pl.ii eiit.y rc Ira to repose. Nature enos aloud? Nature
to wi.i.-c eries bs so lass turned a deaf ear."
Cbsreblll ?tii.".uali'es the Home RulS bill ns "Insanity,
ti ttl., kim' n tr-'a*. n, condoning crime, exalting dis
loyalty, abasias loyalty, and a monstrous mixture of
iinlecility, extravagance aud political hysterics," He
ridicule* lite anticipated ?.?.??:?(?.,. results from
Ihe bill aili lilli rms | li at "thc unlletl BBd OOBSSBtrBtsd
f * .t lie ll.nu and ( olneyliatch would strive ni vain
t.' pr..linc.* a niore stiiitlinr tissue of absurdities thin
cit- xravelj i eeou mendea by senile vu ul ty to ,i people
?rSnOWBSd f u coiiinioii sense." I ';i il rc mil Biron*.'!}' as*
i.ouinc* one*nias power and tn.i.i* Ola atone ri *pon?ihle
lo. the onmmereiol depression, delayed relorma, saffer
lOK d'.iHi 111 '1*1 es alni . u>?. *?n.-s* IO Ire.,in I, iil*ci edit
? i tluodsbed abroad sud colonial alienation Hs also
? peaks ..I Mi. Glad amos ss "tbs betrayer ol Kbarioam,
Kinity ol (.orlan's do.itu, Ihe Bale Btes of Ino
I lab sii.cn i rsjsststl by a democratic Haass of
Commons, bo !."ik'.*r ame to concs.il bia personality
uinier ibe sheliarsf me Liberal party, STOidod bp tbe
loading ligbl of non-oonforailty now demondios a voto
of e-oundrnee lu h::u*e,f -a political expedient borrowed
from m.- wor-i days of tue Bse uni fi spiro, Cburcblll
( il led :
" i .e.I.eiuen. lt IStlBBSSOBM one should (peak out. I
have written you plainly, some may tUlna sUoui*ly.
Bat whatever toe 1.inrush ruciiumry univ coutain of
plaina s* ami sirena-th ls Inadequate to describe
truly or paiai realistically the present polltioal
; ?? .i ii inls critical inomeiiU Wo bave uot to deal
wltb the (.uvernuieut party sr policy, bul Wltb a man
v no Blakes til.* moat unparalleled elaina of
dictatorial pawer soocsiTsble by freemen. For
that rsaasn l have deliberately addressed myself
to the per*.mal .aspect of tba question, ana
Lave drawn the char.trier nf the cilmiitit fron FSCBUl
blatory. Mr. 0 i Istone at I. Iinourcb on Prtdsy rscoru
niendi'd biinself to the country IB itie* Bams of almighty
(;.i.|. Otbers eau not ami woald not emu?
late ?ueu aiiil.ieio.ia profanity; nut I dari*.
soliciting a resews! of ymir rnntlilem e. to
recoil,mend to v li the tolley of tho I'nlonist party lu
:: i same of our common country sad of the ere.u J.in?
jure upon whose unity ano sffeetlvs maintenance so
iara**ly .lepena tue frocdoin, happ.** sod pregresi of
Hii.iNNiNo rna rlkction canvass,
London, Jane 20. Sir Michael Hicks-Beach
addressed tbe slectara ol Brtstol yastarday. ile sai.i
that ih.* Oorernment sebsroaa would be dlsbonorabla to
Orsat Britain and disastrous to Ireland, and must lead
lo sci.at lim i or .'ivil war. ibo rights of Ir.'.un.I m re?
it.ir i to EorernmsDl wars neither mire, nor less tbsa
th"*.1 ttl .in-iit li it lin. " w's ou.'ii,'' ue coutlliue.l, "to
equalize as far is possible polities! prtrilsass sad dla
abilities tbrousbout lbs kingdom, for whlcb object tbe
Imperial Parliament aboald b\ In Ire..ml u* well as lu
Great Britain, supreme In practice and in theory.
I'mii'i tiie anion lr .uni hi* in. representation and
....: ..nj; liithiciice. Polltioal organisations cannot lie
permitted to sseb tbsii ends tbroagb latimldallon
. ? y outr ,g? and erl ma. Tbs prevention oi un* is
Bot . o' ni.ui, bat ls Tindleatlon of ooBstltatlonal free?
dom. Tbe political iostinets ol Ireland oanuotb satis,
fled by plans for depriving bar bobs of a full abarala
tbe Govert maul of tbo Empire, Concessions would only
i :.- tm th.*r disintegration. lu so. b a crisis oi.l
? ? o ifbl t. fm-.?ofi,-ii .md one irrctt
. . io preserve au ty, upon wblcb dspeuds tb
strength of i he Kaipire."
Mr, ChlldciK, . Lance lot ol tbe ]
loral n .(teales sn Irlali elective Parllauieul
oaipuwi r .1 to deal with purely local mattera. He says
bi . :,..t rmisenl t<> any plan lor iltildnig power bs
tween au I .-i. .u... Die Iii,|.eihil Parliament ni ousisleul
>, lunacy ot tl,e tatt r.
. .- I . -
. ,i. ii i.i ,. ,. . >ure bete on I ? ??-?:-. foi the
various districts lo m i?*b lb > .,n* .?-*.. .n.-.l. 1...... ..- I'.
t or will leu un lu i ... don au i will he HS?l?ied hy
j ir. t ? i . ... \ creal dem ni*
' . IV Bl M. .1..lina's linII III I.nor
ul ibe liiadsloulau i .... - In the uiotrupolitan dis*
\ ... |a| ?;.*.? | ?, ? ? : j ,,r
. ita, i bo ale lu lal ..r
o it ... lillie, ii ii _ lo 1.1.ii.I in I. nu.li ss serei.il
K lei pices of tbs Iii itlsu Homo Kino
'i be i. ??? . ? si hire have .?. ted Henry
i. i i md ,i un un ? el< ciioii io 1'ui. i*
ii fut ami nutt i.pi niuted a c, ku lites lo snlect a loon
Mr. 44, ul .lune's li i-l *? berni -.
A ClitCL'LAi: I .? M l Iii. na : loNAl ll i. . ? l'l'iu'
II*-- t?P I III. CA CHI .
1.in< "i.N, Kt I*-. June 20.?The following cir
cu. u bal ..- en soul out by tbe execuilv. cou
af tbe Irish Nail-mal L**ai(oe of America:
i? ? :i.i . i, ..- im. Mi -.nu ii- ... Hi- v.. ni -; We
- . "I il. l.?lll..lil> y,?U I.; Ul ..
lil I pii.-'U -- .. .1 i |U? '. i- n ,i li - : CC We ,.t*l .ul .ie-~ed
? cl u on v. i j ? ii erenI lasues ibe
bl . aral . n? ll ii e I... ? t.. Ireland nos I .; lefeated by
Hie u.iii'iia uiiii .my ol thirty votes. Alter these ?
. > il lo lake place ire believe th.it Mi.
i.i.i-toi... will he in h position ta tinda l.y bb
i uiajorlt] ti.e so-called un au
m..! i>. n statesman himself, rn bis recent
. BO ti l. y di - I ,..' 1 ,.s :i | BJ ??!
hmo ii, ? force uni n.ii and hover *??(!:.?
ti .I,e.i ,,r ? ii ? b Ii .-ii nation, i be me ii
ll me Ku te |u ..i. .*??.! bj Mr. Gladstone wll!, be ballevea,
I ; ? , Ve ul lietiiiaiieut |.t.i. >? .in i cool Will li ?t.i,
lie.rti.-t and i.i ? ind while ihe iwcniy-year toe ic ion
Billa of Loni >*all*bury uni tba llargui* of Harl?
in utan ..on. i res ll only ii a mora deadly
I lld tn i i * iv tr tietiir.- exiBt.'.l
I tween lbs two countries, accompanied
i\ii ?? . wblcb every lovel of llbei ly, every
friend ol liamnnly, shuni.i loeply dep ..ru. The proviu
rial sou ii ie i: 'ii un la onwonby
i.: -. rluua i' I.-..', inti.m.
I. face ol ibe desperate snd dhnrracsfu] attempts ol
t-.i.-., ry, I'burtb and L'bamborialu to foment rellK
looa sn fe i . ? Ireland, oui i.pie have ucte.i
; , and witb tbe exceptiun of a baudtui of mlai
Loyalists tn Belfast, Ibey have oho*n
tun world ll.il ti.'- days of ?tuiud le
iik'ious bl co try sud intoieranee nmona
IiIshinen bo* forever passed away. 1'lie isaus >.f ll.une
l.uie foi Ireland ls noa fairly before Hie l:,g i.u people
snd we fe.-i (><?? ti i.-ut thal ihi BTeat in?*s
sf iim-ilig. lit blisllsbmen Will support Mr.
Gladstous m.tl nv sesdlns bim bask to
parliament wltb a Isros majority enable bim to solve
i ? ?.. ? .: j for i .? t i na well as lie.an i the a rea teni
aaa moat uanceruui problem tbat ibe li iti*ii Luiplre
La* li.iii to Orul '.inn Uni inn tins .cniniy.
lu pursuance of tba power oonierrod up tn bim by ihe
yatioii.il Executive Committee of tba League
**.e be re bj summoB tb'* third rsaular
ronvestlon of Ibe Irish National League
ts be held in Centra; Muse Hui., ( lilcaso, on Meduos
<"...> Bhd i !.iii~.ii.y. An. i,st I * iii, I ip, l~- ... Bl a we Bar
Beat!] uml thal every branch ol the Leaaaswlll bs
fully respreoentod ther-Bt. ill branches ami societies
BfHiiaied wno tn.' Leosoe tbst Iihv? aahaorlbed
rt.ui.n due* foi the sarroBt term <.i baVe ooo.
?rib ed lo tn< Parliamentary fund a hum equal
ta tba amount of dues, shall bs eotliled
lu repii?i,tallou au i the baals of rspressatstlos ab ill
L.. ss toi ..Mn oue delegate f'.r avery trty
membera lu g,,al aiaadlna, provided, however,
ti,.n lu country dur!**!*, whare tho aumber
of I.fly n.enii.^rs COD HOI Le easily read.rd.
bii| i iiuihir iron, iw*nty.Mve to fifty shall bs sn tl tied
tovni delegate. We loos for thea'.ini.i.nic'.if an Import
bi ' .:? Bastion from tba Home League aad Parliament
;???> i tues. All srrsugemeutafoi tba souvsBlloa shall
"''I-* of ti..- i o i,h.;",.-e of Arranse
n eui. of Chic igo ...i tody oraani-fasd, of wbleu ex-l'resi
OeuiA.eiander Sullivan and tb* oil, ria of the Iasasue
J ?' l ?? wij ol < bi ago .m.! tba r-uto ol lllluola atc mem
be rs.
l.t.-ry braaeh of tbs League sin.md set ta worl
I ! y to j ii,.i /,,r the coining crisis, ami
1 '??wi s.i lund* ou band immeai ,i. .
jo u.c National ireoaurcr at I*, trott, Mien., so
II al the mosey may be forward**.! hr him
I" lie.uiid ui.,1 |?. ii.niiertviillnhleif IK.sm y fol the
Bppii.i.t lilnKi'iiu.p.il.'i,. s j true friends nf IrolaUdsbOUld
i . Iv* at. . e..M.-1, .,..?: ./,,, eaeadeavortomakeoui
J.j.i.r.i,(lin,k eoaveuiluu * .ruy ur the sa. re i cause in
Which we are eugased tba oauas ol lrl*n libel y. We
? ? ?.".- failhfn ly,
PaTBK k I-.is, lr.* dint.
< HAW I ? ..'lill ni. ilea*.ncr.
J.oin P. ,-i n.,\, -., retsry,
1 I -l'- POURI .'- is 1 OP, PARNELL,
(. mill,in..ii. pour. .1 in ye di id'iv ;i| i)l(.
"?"':' ? ? reutbraaebessftbs Irish National
s>?stus tbroaj.tibs elly. Tbs bsaasst tblag in Kio
**' '?'?'' is that by tbs Miuhaiiau branch.
wu.cu maeta I. Brwrsarl Hall, l.a.i l-'ifiy-fourth-su
Tin* brunch, which ha* already contrltuiled IS'J.OOO to
Ihe Municipal Council, had closed its me..thurs for Ihe
sea*..ii with lbs hi* BBtertalBBSoal st tbs Lsslagtos
Avenue open House on St, l'ltrlck'* eve, but resume I
Ibsm Issi Blabs, beosoaa Psraall wants all Hie money
lie cm gal lust BOW. As soon ss Chairman Corbett
rappsd for or.lei BB 1 I lld tbs! money was needed. |4O0
was laid oa Secretary afeC%rtby*a dasi m ion Bilautsa
Tbeprlapleal contributors wars i
lt. tuns i ..onie .SlOO'Jamefl Debussy. *
Alu. .Imiiii* i :t/j,e aid 'i ? J I' 11V..H . 1
J..:,], |. vin. 2.*, .tunis Leahy .- ??
John i sse,- . ? ". I'."- ? tndrews ... 1
ih..mus Kenan BaiJoBu B. O'Brien. ID
P. J. al oran . iiAjJoha ..c. ..nu . lo
Michne Mitchell . '-' Iimothy McAnllffe. in
1). h.aid Delaney. 1 Kimon Kimon. f.
i ? , . i' rker. -n M.. .iii'i .1. ' ail.u.a.i. D
Kdward Corbett . 5|R. H \vni*ti . ft
Patrick casev . 'ii Patrick Ki sob. j>
Ihoiiiasi Bhill. '-'?? 1' U. tjulun ... - B
Msjor Jame* llaggerty i'6 john McCarthy.... J
lin iisiiiit'in . 2 j Themas Lyosi . ?>
Patrick Mulligan. 1
"Anotbei -rim) for tbe Municipal Connel!," sall
Chairman I homos .! O'sullivan, ol tba Fifth Ward
branch, as ne took in* *e it at u lanre mealing in
il. i; can's Hall, Hudson and U. sl'r.issis-s;. ?? And wo
might ai i.i tins tu n." pul In tseoretai t Pal ri k Md artney
a* ha tunk ..ui a erlsp S50 hill which be -ai I Ben it"r M.
c. Morphr forwarded, Mr gurphv luis eontrlhnted
Un* amount every moats during tbs last three month*
nn.l will continue regularly ia give tbe Bama monthly
amil Home Rule ls won. This makes fl,100 collected
by tin* branch. \v. itourlta Cookraa will speak at a
msas-meetlsa ol the I.ranch next Sunday. At the meet
ins ol Bl Columba's Braneh in W***t Twenty-lirtb*st
over SOO was raised, an.! James ?;. Dyer, Mfllllsm ll.
x^ i *..n amt Pother H.-my Pr.it wert, sleeted preaident,
secretary and treasurer for tba v. ur snsulng.
Secretary M, ?'? Lobbs toon tbe nam ?* or serer.il suti
srnber* .it tue BMetlna ol nu' Ninth Ward braneh ls
Brooklyn, William IfeClimoni soling ii* seeretary.
LET ll... GOOD FIGHT <;u ON.
I ROM lt BHOP Mi y Alu.
Rochester, June 20.?Bishop McQiutid lm*
opened aubacriptloas to tba Irish Parllameatary Fund
ia thia etty with a ebeek for SI00. His contribution I
aocompanled hy tho loUowina letter to Patrick Cox.
tresauter of tbe Irish Parltamentsry Poad:
l Inclose my cin ch for S1O0 for lbs fund of nindi you
Bra Treasurer. Tba moat promising bom Ireland bsa
kn..wu since tier parllameul was frasdnlently tokon
trom ii.-r is :it han.!. Tue long year* ol patient suffering
but psraistcnt rsfosal to sccepi dearrsdatioa ure shani
lo em!. The people of lr. lund, omitting s smsll ml*
li'.rity. demand tbs right to enact l.?r Ibemaeive* inch
laalalation aa ibe Interests ol me ooustry require. Tbe
th lusbtiul ai .1 s. i .ou-. people ol Itrelan 1 tnalio thhi de
i ti i. The t j sr ii- ti people eonfess that a great wrong
baa been perpstratsd sad thai reparation ..nick and
ample alioulu be mada Tbe American people, with
unanimity that ls cheering, cintra for the wroasod ol
Ireland a sneaanre ol aelf-soveromeni wnleh they know
I*ol the easence of honest self-respect and the sols
guarantee of happiness, bas.*.! ob material prosperity.
The Irisli people have no rluht IO he cOBtSBtod, or to
cease from legitimate discussion, agitation aad obstruct*
lion u tn their )u*t demands are conceded. WI.ile, in
makins these demands, they keep within tue bound* nf
Justice sad law they will have with them, in sympathy
and substantial Bbl, tbs llberty-lnvlne and riant-minded
of every free eountrj lu the world. The election now at
band m Orval Umala may not settle tins moments ia
I'licstlon oi home nil" for Ireland, bal Its sm reseot wi I
end, and Ior ^ood, ("'ninnes of cruel wronr inflicted on
au oppresse i hoopla My conviction ls founded on um
justice ol tne [nab cause primarily, and asooadsii v oa
tbo fast that by the extension of the ballot power ls
passing tn.!ii tiie few to tho rosny. My trust m the pe,,
pie ls aud al wa vs has been Bruter sad Boors confluent
than in klnus or the sele. t few.
My presentcontribctloBla for tim lmpendiuir lmulo
on tbe electioneering flel.L I sbsll bs happy sgsts and
agsio to help. If tbe Irisb people nae the fa vera blt op.
port unit; now given them to demonatrsts to the world
thi! ti.ev pu-sis* tiie chief characteristic of liberty
loving people ability to softer momentary defeat with
obi losing coiir ige or yielding to despair. ' A steady agl
talion ol a Whole pcup.e h i- never yet failed of laOOOSS.
I i.ri MA**"N* ami KNIGHT* m LA BOB.
Quebi i, June 20.?The decrees of the Coun?
cil of the Hom m i a'hoiio ti uren, recently hell! at (j ie*
bes, having been called to Rome sad having mel with
the approval of t:,.* Pops, Cardinal Taashsrsaa has i*
ansd a pastoral letter eontalning them, wbieh will ho
teni shortly Ib lbsebarehssof tba diocese, Tho (o low
ni-* quotation i* from tbe letter:
Thecoaiuniiolitan onaracterof -ern-t sn-ieties, an I of
iha ot ii.' k niall ts ol I.i mr ia particular, nocessai ly
pj poses in my of in* ii ni ui tei* to execute an order of a
reaid ug in a toreisn country, s Blon council al a
t ii ? ii nu:.- ii, u not a ily i: ive Interests si mi nance with
tii.i*.* oi tin* Government lo wine i Its membars ow.* al*
lenance, but nay even be al war with the Government.
i'.i tin* au i .in.i' reoaona tim inure li could not eon
*-!s-eiit y tnierate Ibe or as ri tatiou or approve af ihe
means i-eeorted to In order to obtain tbe desired sad,
i b Connell alan deemed it prudent and in tbe Interests
of ti.e ( li nell and Christianity to ronsldei tbe secret
;i:ui* of the promoters of Freemasonry ami to warn the
adherents ot tue Catholic Church against join ng any
such organization,
Mink h, June ?_?(>. -The Wet Committee li ?..**
unauimouslj c tufirm d P i Lu tpold a* Ri gent,
? ?.
Ottawa, .lune 20.?The Customs Depart
I a cit liar to :;.?? oflicera Id tba mm.?
ilma provinces defining ibelr dulles in conn ictlon with
the tell .rr* ol American (Ubina vessels I Isberiea De?
partment ofllcers deny thal iheie ii:., bean mv chance
lu tbe inst in"io!,* io m.- Canadian cruisers psi.ting
the seizure of ress. - rou .1 wm af ul | Bellina within
nu* ibree-mlle limit or otherwise oosiruvenliia, tba
Canadian Hshi ry laws
? ?
I* a ms, .lime 20.?-The repori of the commit?
tee on tbe Expulsion iii.i rsoommendi the rejection o(
Hie msssurs on ihe ground tbat lt is Incompatible
arith liberty and pp ndlclalto tbe exiataaee >f oordlal
Hy with forelsn powers, lt farther declants thal the
sui.;-ci is nut one for tho decision ol Parliament, bu
fm t ie judie il ml : n ti?s. Tlte debate on nit matter
?1 lol lo-ltit'l loW.
Paris, Jane 20.?The preamble to the Gov
erniii.'ii! bili to authorize (be Psbsuib CbbbI Company
te loane Ita proposed loan, wblob ass I.i i i tm I
tbs I lamber ol Deputies, *tit.*s tbat alt haag ti st
i:..ii--.* m. w,! i i latte i the Isthrn is In th i Inters it of tho
Governiueut, adroita tb-tt the possibility of the sueeeaa
of thi- under! King li depen lem up in contingencies of a
senou i. .: ire, tba 1 ichnical Com nlss on h i* capri?4
tbe I'liuvlotlon thal the obstacles io thi nonitruetlon ol
tbe c;i:i.j eau be overeoma It con,-iu.les with some
formal reservations renard lng possible delay la carrylug
..nit'., no* md lo obtaining the funds nsuosaarj lo
it- . ompletlon,
Panama Cu . ires closed on the Bourse yesterdsy
in ii*. The company will probably i**ue a loan .if
lion.ii.mi frauen lo complete ibe cn.ai ai. l a>oi'. a
lui :i.cr loan.
1 ?t c\/i.\ M.'.r., .lime JU.?A Bro in the honso
ufa timber inersbaut here to-day i-*iillsl lu tbs los* uf
uvc i.v. a
I'i i \/i \ ni i:. Jane l'". I be trial of the
miners charged willi lbs minder of Boper!utendent
Wati m. tnt* h. en cuuciu !c.l. lietel wa* condeiiiiiinl to
eu'iii jem- penal sorvliBde, sud Lascars, li..mc sud
1 i ssnucl : iu: nomenl for sores, six and Ava
yeas respectfully. The other prlsonera were as iniited.
Indianapolis, Jane 20 iSpcciali,? Leon 0.
Batley, who was Bamsd by lbs boilers i.i
Hie Dsmoerstle conventioa which Bominsted
Cougreaaman Bynum as ibslf saadldsts
for Congress, baa addressed s letter to the ehalrassa of
the Diatrtct Committee propoatng In Hie lalsrasi af har?
li nay ls th<* party to witn.haw from tba flgbl if Mr.
liyiniiii WlU du UkSWlsa), Hi* i.*iter ile, iu Ins lette: the
claim of his mpj.oitirs thal he received, a major?
ity of the votes lu tho Dominating convention
ami -I wiaroa that he will OOBtlnUfl the flchl If Mi. By
lum. does Dot accept I.I* proposition. He (luman ls .iii
an*, wi hoi ia ter i han July i '*. Tbs Democratic Exee i>
live Committee of tins eouoty Issi night resolved th it n
w ..tl!n liol pul By nu m's nan.* on the Hi *e.t. and In au
ai litton il resolution trios to fores bun from ihe content
hy threslentng n. pul Balley*a aaaaa on ;ne itskst,
Creston, lil., June ItJO.?Jacob Swiujrh y,
forty nv. pears of aga, ia*i night eui ino throats of bia
twosiniill chi.dr. n willi ii razor and ilien coamlttsd
Miniile. One of IBS chi.dieu. MsggtS, mgr fuiir, was dead
when found. Tho oilier, Ali,, rt, as;. ? seven,will rec.vcr. lu
January, Bwlngley's wife died, Her demise sppsrsotlv
crated lum. He became Bullea sad despondent nnd
never allowed ms children in ;ri sui of ni* prase see.
Yesterdaj bs borrowed a sheet of paper from a uelsb
h.ir nnd wrote a brief note aa to what diapositioa bade
sired to maki si hi* property,
? ?
TBSNOBTBA ll ANTIC SQUADROS ll Foi,ll. 1 \ /*.
Portland, M<'., Jane '_'<? [Special .?The Hug
slnp Tennessee and Hm BWStafB BBd YaBtle, o', lint
N.nth Atlantic ?* i'la troll, urnv.il at I'..niau.I to-.I iy nt
;i ]i in after S passage Bl two dais. I lc-.! in.ly line
weather a.-eompani.'tl tint ll.-et duninr Hie voyage from
N. w Tork. The ti..ot p isseu a lares aumbar sf Anion.'au
Bsaiaa schooners sralalaa si tberSeutb Shosl lightship
1 he llsnei iiiiii wein app.ir.-ully happy te see in.* v, ii
aBipa Colotawarahowled and lbs acbooasra saluted
the il. et. Tbs ssval lu ua ut of tbs siji. iron is bslug or?
ganised sad will paruslpats; la tbe porodea ..i j .... 4,
.*. aud li.
io VISIT HU. BOBBE OF lilt. ( rsl I.R MASSAVRP..
UlSsfARCS, l'uk., Jilnu HO.?CfspUlfl (Joil
fr.y, LiculeuaulBlocuiu, l*uri-oou l'orlor sud BtBat sui
vlvors of tba Ill-fated CtastSt BSPSdttlSB, will ko to the
liattirllrlil next week pri.peily lo iius. rve lbs tenth an
arvevsary of tho asaeaaere. Cblel Osal, now at lbs
Mun Uni' Hock BgSBST, wini was In cou,mund of tne lu*
dlsas of the flght, sad who has hither'o rafuaed lo talk
aa lbsauiileci. bas cons.-ut.-.i tu go Wita the party ami
show whcio tho ajassaara -goairsa.
m.' Hi-f!?;sck OP nu: i d' PBOBABLT tAWB BB*
iwri.N lin. l-iil*. ii.i.a ami mik BOSTON SLOOPfl,
Heirn! la Week in mer. ii lui tlc linl'its Of the
focr bte sloops areas niuch la di-pute BS tbsp wats bs
foie tbs legsttsa begaa. lt will i.e rmpoasfMs as -ci say
ade iinit' * iden ot toe relative merits ot the si....ps until
rares hare lassa plaoa bb '.cr tho nubs circumstance* hs
Itlseojsd tbs trial rassa of last year. The 1'iirit.iii and
Hay Sower ssllsd for Bostsa rostarday asorBlBg, sad
probablj they will lmvo a chalice to t'-st their mot .1 in
tba rsgstba of tbo Esotem Yu.-nt Club, The winds that
twee] ovet atarblahsad sad Door Ishiad down tba Bay
ire seaerally atronaor tban tbosa tbat blow over the
o ir** or the Now Voil- Yarli! Club. The per'urn nu BB
if the Mayflower In thees u.itcrs hsveeaaasdsxperta
i..ttii*t in hci a* tba raining dsfsodet af tba Aaosrisa'a
Thc iiireo rae-* wblsb look plaoa last wesi i rovsd
little. Tba Mayflower was badly baaaisd ls tbs Baa*
waabaka raes, sad eonfMctipg w-iu * mid eurrents plays!
too htnfortsnt a "part lo tbs propulsion of tho ysehts ls
the other rsosa lo glvs say adequate Idea of tbsir aposd
under such ( trcum-t .n.e- ss a Ul attend thc ISCS for IBS
in..*..: va tl.hi or the A merle 1'a Cop In two si theos rsi sa
me Priscilla woo. In oas ol them abe drtftad aver tbs
tue. and her (di,er VlCtorv WSS BSWlbsble more tn clifllh'i
hun to merit In tbs third raes, Mist ol tbs HeaweaBahs
lub. tba Poritsn won anly bsesass she ^..r over tbs line
n tbs *t.m. while tbs other alnopa wi rs n irkstlag in lbs
Upper Bay.
Tbs .into of the trial races ta elect a sompetlfot foi
i.e .\tner|. a's cap have sot pst bees Axed. H'beatbey
ire, tbs tin. ? coursea will be i First?ovei ti a Now York
Vacht club t'uui'-e: eceo&d,over thc triaagslai eoerae
lutsldeof .-.iiiiy H....K; third, thirty miles lowlndwsrd
rom tho Fotal nf lbs Hool;, .tiiii rt.tmn. The yaebl
hut is selected lo defend tba Cap mast bs! only be a
iichtth.it la good In tbe frequent Balma aad tbe flawa
mi .'Mies in tbs Lower Bay, but a yacht that with a
it ead j bieess sad Ib ibo open eeo aaa distance au hei
?ompatitora. u ben Hi" Eugltsh yocbtara ia t* awtaida <?'
'ortsuiouib ot ?o'lthauiptoii hell gcreralli lo a heavy
fi and a *ir..iu.' breese, I be obi ur il result i- thal Kng
mb yarnia are nest when white caps are anthe '?
m.i-i,on.' winds blow across thc ocean. Now, eradu
i.u*t be sc lei-tod to dc rend the America's Cap, that will
ii ut i.i. iit.-iiuut ll.'nu* i ..ii ilea in her owu weather
md from tali point ol view the three great rogaitaa ot
a*' week bara proved nothlnc. The Priscilla ha* shown.
iiiiitii'i. tba* lae alterations mode In ber have beau ol
linen*.' advantage in windward work ; nod the Mu y
lownr baa shown that if esperienoe wed with acienee i*
ir any in.p..lt, stn* I* tho t.i*te*t | ..ht ot the " I lg four. "
rita ehumpionship ol tin- Am. ru i's inp cert.uni
?i tW( cn the Priscilla and ti.e while sloops from illiston.
Tbe America's Cup was won hy sse boonery ach ti und
here ur., those who long lol lac time when it shall Be
neala i mi. 1.1 tc t for bj u two master. The America
rr os ted it I rom tbe combined feet of th* Koyel .squad
?on, and if ttie rircuma amn* attindlng theeaptore ol
he Cup were to !?? repeated Ib its delence, it would re*
i .mi f.tr msny yesrson tbese shores. Tbe lialaia
i.iii.t'iiice.i bj iii.'iuy yaebtlng experts tn la a better
...ii tiiiii tbe Maneela; wit both these boats havo benn
leaton bj Hie lr?\, and until wejhsve ibe rei r beal i oats
bat Ki gland im* produced t.nipcte asalnst, tbe reta>
Ive merits ol .mertcan ua Enalish yachts cannot lal
iscartalned. W'e put ..ni boa) boat BgBlual Ibo yacht
si i h..: uni si'tni* io os, but unfortunately she does
mi Bend Ibe bes) boa! she has. lue advent of tbs
leuestn st I ihe Galatea in these waters bi undou
ig.i advertisement foi J. n. WTebb, ysehl deelaner:
mt it i ii.''..mi s-nt us tin- yacht thal was acknowledged
n her .inn waters to be trie fleetest, tte isst would he
mic!, more oompli te sod satlafseiory.
;.'.-*. I niR 14TH OH A I.AI.K -I'lVINF. Mimili.
i nih i: i ni l ni i *.
I li" M IN nt ? IM..S ll. . ni. lil *i ..VI"I . I MP III! I il I I'. I U
ano 20, Tba 14th would hive goos to bad shoes: fall
if fun lust night bsd il not been that Hie men wore toa
ii.'.I lo Iel il out ; :i? it WSS, som,, of lt was l.'t loose, and
sough ..f it to net " fsw slmosl Into bot water. Btranss
olsee esme from some of tba tsata, and \. lenamoal
loaarthlj bowl startled the uahabttaala af one of tba
sated streets an alHeer cent in* flarb-sartawed attendant,
rho waa air.'atty s.ured out of lils wits, to investigate.
li itsrted out oa tiptoe sud returned wltb unseemly
Ib fae) ao mach so that he lefi the most Imper*
ant p.ir' ol bia apparel behind and came tn with adeeid*
Hy abbreviated eoeiume, Illa eyea wera on tbe balga
bair stood straight up. To sap tbat he waa
san .1 wm .1 hf putting ii mild. Hi* report wsa tu'..'
od lo tbe point. Ile bod "Been it," Another attend*
ni wa* -.ni out, bul oalj lo sel t lott r.'ei and ta rr.
ara In an equally neared condition. A third nat ?"it
int and returned with the Information that "tba gol
ei n.. I thing t - "i by some dago."
II lamed out to be tba hal llwork ol some Inca
bap '.vu i bad m.id; a br .om up In Ibe middle of one ol
ii? company mic. te. .in-*. .1 it in paper, al ?
roe len a rn.* und a cu n, .u-* paper li fit-1 and worked tbs
rms snd hssd by a siring from oas of tun tents, lue
?I ojirn*tor of thia ai .ii im i nw waa not discovered,as when
iu investigation was made the whole company was
? I ounds lecp tbat s cauuon st tbe head of the street
rould bat o mi ls uo
rhe men wen up early ibla morning snd wenttowork
viii, a will, The policlni ol Ihe ramp waa donal .
itoroiuii in in uer, and not a pie.o ol paper Ibe sue ol a
i n i .... i te lound anywhere within Ihe lim"*. Hie
Ires* |.ii ide :..?t i.i:-:iI ii 4* exe lieut, 1 hi* innrnini: at
l o', [oca .ii.o i. .i"'i mein bi r* assen hie '. m ii the _?? n
ral beadotiai - div. servl s ? i* held, the
:..\'. lu. .i . e.n .). Pe s, or New-Haven, form
lu- II .usn.i Piaoe Methodist l.'pi-.*oi..,i Church, Brook
yn, ibo regimental chaplain, officiating. A beautiful
Ighl In cia.p ls Ibis -nilli', soi vice, with the boughs of
be ire. s [oi an awning, a pile or sn*re- Irums coi ere l
sith the American flan for a pulpit, aad a carpeting of
li h cr. .'ii ut i-s. rhe hymns " Kock of .gea," "Scarer,
nv ! ft!. to I bee," and " Ami r ca'1 ?cre sung, Lteaten*
mt Molln actina os prec nt. r ., . I *i, m . li .. .. i.
ii", ni the chorus. When the good nld sons "Amer.
ea" sraa flung the voices seemed to swell with pride,
11, .1 'I f nnd h, ii I li nu .1 an au I li ii s thu ( clio f.o.n IBO
usb hi I < die i iway.
i. i-i year when Hie camp druggist, Mr. Wac lev, of
v .inn i a I in_.il.:, Si ..,..: v. came Into camp he
ii.nuhi hot weather wltb bini. Cunoui to relate 'he
am" i bing oe uriel ih.. ? ?? ir. ;, mi ti ow tito men taiw of
Slr. Wallie! a* I ,c .lonah al the dir.p.
1 be officer of tbe day la L's pl alu Itenjsmln Rlees. of
orapni.j ( : si ni irniticei ol ihegusi I, Pirsl Meutensni
leorge luce, of i ompam \ , |unlor offleei o' tn" gu ir I,
uni atoilo. afouj visitors wore Is camptonlay,
nu Fl Rh e.i j <>?: it.
Two frnnie builtUapi out at Shaft No. So?
bs bsw Aqttsd ii ? wei a barned to the ground a n Batur
lay mein. Tbs Bro, caused h> tt:-' esrsl ** m>- ot a
andie, irlsiaatod iu th-i lodging-house. Ono end of ll
ias tiii be idquartera ol Ibi nogra population sad Ib tbs
ippostte end tbs lliiagariaat banked, Tbs nten wets
issi y si in their basks Bsleep, ur trying ts co is sleep,
rhea tho boase took Bra iou slaea baraed so rapidly
bat the Inmates wore drives out by tba imoka
nd flames a* fa-l as they Bauld he
wakened, "i .-. bad to leave theil effects hehiod them,
?ni ii'i'iimn i' lin:...ni ni lefi between tfHl and ?*?",
spreaentluB in* saviors tor sumo time, m in* bunk,
libera lost smaller sums, aa Saturday wa* their mootbly
. i> day. Thbi budding sud the etore-heuoM, wbieh Don?
al ned a Ur se stock ol provisions and Bweaioery, were
turned dowa In leas thea half aa hoar. Tbe Bib oe sod
? ?s ..f n- n ly .."..iiii.i: Bolaaaranoa iii" mern after.
var.l li .! . ie '.i:.n .ju .- ..ml ? ero di IiiSIiik and carolli?
ng ..il hight.
? *s>
BLAZE iv A LON'Q I-I...VH I lUKi'll.
After the service l.i>L eveaiug in tbe Prot*
siam Epiacopal Caaroh of KisbmouJ Hill, UL, tbs
han ..?.:. r above tbs osbin Blahs, wbieh held tweoty.
Ive oil lampe, fall with a crash lo the flour, rbeaarpst
.ml floor were Ignited eada vtcioui Blase sprang up
owniii the ro..r. lim heit wa* i. i mr. and aeon tba en
Ire male population or tba hamlet waa ai ibe ohm eb.
1 lino ?.i. '. ruie.l, ami i>.iu* ul Araiel were pass ad
apldly enoush lo pat out the Bra, IBs excitement was
treal, inn the luis aaa sm.iii.
l."--I>. iv V'ARIOl * PLAI ES.
Pl l rsm BO, June 20. Ch tries ll. Urucl.ui.iii, a lewder
ii .li n i, I'snn . w is bara id to de ith ims mm Bing. H.*
louse eaaifbt Ore from tba kitchen stove, sad whits be
bbb tryiug lo put am the fUniM bia cloth -took Ure.
Hi I...I I-, Jone'Jd. Ilielo.s hythe burulu-' ?f tba
? I wouri Car and Poandry Company's works prov * lo
,ii b. rn hoi, ;i snifl ..-i ii, ni va* a; llr-t r> ported, i ba
la now plat I st Bfi.I to fno.oiM). '!'he In
luram on ihe entire propertj is sl-O.noo. imi t:,..
... iel ion ibe pan leatroyed uno uni to only ftio.OOO.
\s v-ni?*>. r-,s. .lune go. a'illlam Behnffer, who aaa bo
rightfully hiiinoii on the dredge leei m- it, is lilli rn a
.nciii.us eoadiiioB. i h.- other vorkmen abo wera
Bisslag Issi sight sad whs, lt waa fe.ned, ii 11 either
sd to las flames or bean drowned lu Ih spurt to
?scape fi oin Hie i.u rn eg i...at. ell sseape t ts inn. n In iury
? i lamping from the dredan when the Ure started .. .t
?iauiueiiiik oval iii" p p. *ti rou -it shh b IBs mud and
wad brought up hy it.** grodgi is carried to lbs shore,
chaiiAN......i. isnn, ju...* ito -v diapatck io Fbi
linn .says: '-Allre oc.uiiol In <. il* l.-u. A ia . lo-.l ii
shiea deetraped tba past ..u ? a d a bleak af seven
'reata baHdiags. ''??* I3.<MK>, AU lbs j .
|iioperty siespi iha bi nani bouka sad isports sf las
.din ?- ware e *,.?_._,"
Minimi OM .'.icu ni (jp DUBBS WHICH TBbTY
An invitalioii to luke ;i iii ink tot evening
was f(,iiowed hy a qasfrel sud sedsd la a mo*.
(!>-f in the UqBSf store al H. J. Hang, at No. 1,31 I flmad
war. There w.is a larne ri owl of psaptS In Hie pl,iee at
the tltae, sad a report bavlsg heen started thatawaU
kaawa actor had been abet by a woman in thia liquor
stefa, winch ta a resort al me theatrical profssstsa, lbs
street ia Broad war was paoked with people, and tim
poltsfl had some Jillii'iilty in keeping a passoga open for
lbs c..rs.
ni who gavo thr* name of Cliar'ng Wilson walked
IBS hurried manner up Twenty.nu.:h-?t., and it Hie
Ullsey Hobbs sorner aeeostad Thomas Pluaagaa, sro
forty-iive. or No. i:;i West Twenty-tblrd-st, who ls ons
?r Hie regulSI haekmen of the (iils?y
Houfle, nnd who was s-anding at tbs
lime iiy his cali in Broadway. Wilson sahl that
ha wanted tn hire a Bah to ga Bp tOWB, hat dui no' men?
tion the piaco lu wilie!, lie Win ted tu co, uni Pl iBSgSB
Would ii.t agree to t c. ? bim until some pl ic, was des
IsBsted. Central Park waa th?n meotloned by
Wilson, aul a satlsf.cinry pries haring
1 ecu atatsd by tbs eabman, wnson cot into the bomb.
Belora Plsoisgaa got tim vehicle m motios Wilson
lumped om .ml said io tim dllTer, "Let's taUo ft
dilnk before wa st rt." 'lho two men then walked
up Breedway to Beag** plaes uni went in.
After taking a drink sf whiskey they stu ul hy tbs bar
ts klag In a Wen Hy B-aaaer far a (sw momeabv aad
they started om togsther, The hartsadsr called
to unsou aad toil bia that tbs drinka
had not heen paid for. Wilson Insisted that they hui,
sud Plaaagaa shied wih tbs bartender. Tins nu.io
Wi.son angry and he talked iu a loud and disorderly
in.(liner. Two or three men then toon
?eld of lum aad pushed him through |
a doorwsy lesdlag iato a boll, whloh opena to the Btr et I
sad is u-ed un Baaday tu aeeoaaasadats enatomcra whs
ara in.own. Thara aoms ono shuck WHaon .in i ho
pulled out an mk eraser fr.un bis pookst sad Jab I
mi;ii it in a tartoaa maimer nt ihosa who were near tum.
Tba ealy oae struck was Ftaaagas. aad tba blade or
th" eraser entorot his ohaat jest above the heart
and bro.e alf close, tu tho handle. The
woaaded mau felt, aul Wilson dashed out
of ih.. puce :nid rm up Thlrtleth-et. toward Fifth-.ve.
lt.- wss ehased sad sought byOfBesr Baale, of Hut l wen
ty-niirii Preeiaet, lie real lsd arreat, but wae iinaiiy
tsaea io tim station. He was -really excited,
BBd * n 1 Unit a g. ii* was after him tu inirdor liliu.
Afier giving tho BSOM of Wi I.i ui, ho beeline reticent ami
wmiid univ ulumbie tbat im hs>l no business ami home.
H. w.iiiitl not say anything about tho Stabbing.
Flannagan, who was bleeding profusely, was
i'll kr.i ap wliens ho fell ami taken to au
office across thu street, where ms wound
waa ir..*..-ti by b physician. He waa faur, from the lo*a
ol blood, aad tn..-aiu.. aneoaaeioua a few momenta
afterward. Ills own earrings was brousrht around io
where he was and bs woe thea takea to lbs New-York
Hospital In bis own c ir ri ago. Coroner Eidntsn wis sent
f.u io lal,- ii mag.m's ante-in..i ten. statement, bal the
Wi u itel Ullin ..ililli uni he arouse.) from Ills comatose
coo.Ill lon, is ti ? l lt w ,s thought by Dr. M irkm , th* bouse
surgeon, that tim blade ol Um weapon bad penetrated
the hean and thai dealh would rosmi from internal
In "i 'li Hage.
i .ui Wilson were found a largs Bamber
of bnslnase card*, tue handle or um
Ink eiuser. upon which Were Hm inttia.s
II. W. C., ..ni fourteen dollars in hill*. The cm .is were ai:
them ol prominent busluess men, mit Wilson a/onld not
I'll Where lm got iii-.*m. Hu was Well dressed.
IB .rt and slim, with li-ht hair and
brown mustache, an.I spoke with au English
arc.uit. ii, w,s learned later that tbe nain.. Wilson is
lt. t Mous, nnd that lin* real na.un or tba pris, uer I*
HeuryW.Cow. He le aaid ta ne i i..keeper for ll.
li. '..tllu A CO. Prom Ins ai.pear.inco lt wu thought
that h.* bed been drinking b ir I for serons! days,
i lanagan died ut a wai i a. ns, to* lay.
I NURSE t ll ARO EU ni III Ml edi:!:.
Mil. -AV* -ih: BOCUUT ABB n;c iii IMPIIOVK Illili
I ti dl'l t M.iN.
Williamsport, Penn., June20 Special).?
Ths vd: i.e of lii-veily, K, .!., on tin* Bordentown branch
ott ? Pennsylvania Railroad, lui-' Leen thrown into a
state nf ck Iteiii. i.i ovei tin* sudden deatli af a Mis.
Leopold Loolager. Tho woman died on Tu. -day, ana on
lin,*., Ihe romner WOStaformod that -he natl been mur?
dered by a nurse, Muggie Mciiein.'itt, who bsd adminis?
tered Breenie, Lae! Bight tim ehlef ol police, Samuel
Coder, of this city, received a di patch from Beverly to
? Miss McPermolt Bhe expressed great surprise
when :ni.-i. :. ired that *ho wa* innocent
of any cullie. Bbs said " \ lOUt eight weeks BgO I
went to nurao Mrs. Leopold Lmiinger. - ? waa taken i
with tiiierm tti'iit fevei and Hr. a. W. Taylor pti scribed j
Fowler's solution, to be given lu eight-drop dos il
times a day, After isklug tbe medicine Mrs. Lontnger
fell tu vomltli _'. Ii .gested lb it Dr. Kobi 11*. a
opstblc physician, ne eslled in pises <>f Hr. Taylor.
Aller Ur, Roberta esma tLa woman gi cv better. Tbe
manner In which I became compromised wss by my
ooltal ness. Ki owing ihe ase of ..r- .nie to improve
io i ompli * oi .1 - 'i the bottle to i roc ire ibo same
medicine for myself, ami I seul ll loth.lg store of
lu. ray lot three or four times, rho last time I sent tba
bottle for tbe preparation the doctor refused
to give it lo tim little gul. II>* after?
ward came to I asked rn ? ir I li ul
niven all mis medicine io tho sick woman. I to d him
certainly not, < ?n Mondavi quit Mr. I- flinger's . tn*
ploy. On I n.-s.t,.y ibe woman wa* ink.rorse. My
"pmiun ii thal the whole i h irita against me la tbe work
itj Hi. i ,v orin revenge for my suggesting a change of
ii ki na wini wini ro comb into somk $-100,*
000,000 or rn..ri i:i v r. Nt .'. -voKii.
(un \.Inn'* 20.?A local paper Bays lu?
ll i\ ti:.n a vi mbla eatate, worth ali tooway from
|.,000,000 to ,-;u i.u.m.nm, ls i ",n- mode s lubjnci
oi laveeiigatlon, and if claimi ol alleged belrsean bs
eatsbllahed i reral milliona or dollars si ? '.is. ly to como
lalo poflseaston of Illinois elalinoota. The propert] ls
partly around Mercer-flt. Sew-York, eavenag about 100
seres, and on tbs Jiiv, shore, lt wss owned by ono
M..-.* .Mei.er, n native ol Hoot mi. about tue year
i7i,n, ana wis leased for ninoty nlnr years. Tboloeso
bavlug expired Boroo years ugo mit for
Ital.vary. William H.Va ; i came Into possession
I,, i ,.-oi ip. i of tlic properly, sod some
Ut.lore bis death, lt ls said, flied a bill to quiet title.
of the heirs In Illinois uro Bald to bs tbs me of
v. h.* , ie, lasisisut ma sgerol the Welter A. Wood
hf.iwlng aul [tenpin: Macbtue Compsuy; Mrs. G. ii.
i,ib.s, ber sister; Charles E. Fisher, a brother, and
Mi*. Mitchell and W. Il Kel.,- mere are two or three
i:.ni it* ,,i Mei fii. a' Prlacaton, won are said lol..*
heirs to Ihe estela !'? i'- Mast, o Mprlagdeld, Obi", bas
, p.,w ..r . irnej to .if for the hens, geittns lo lier
reui oi .ni im i.rers, mit 'i.* visited Scotland eui
places of re . origins! Mercers iu tin*, mo.
try ami bli sHilenl bas a go et ease.
RAILROAD L\ ie::1 ST -.
Ml-. I ll. \M' il- RAILWA. IM ll!.I,I'll N<i:.
Buouoij-. Penn., June 20.- a low railroad, known bi
the Shobola Ub?a awltehbaek, wbieh has been building
between the Erie Railway ai thia plsos sad the nsw
Erie resort, H loholaOleo, was opened to-day, iii" road
la modelled ofter the famous gravity railroads of the
coal region*. Tbs road ls tu i.h oztoaded ob a pleasure
.le up tne vallev of tbe Bbobora Into tue hean ot thu
Pike i ..nilly wilderness,
Tai (>??! i. w. l., .luii- -.1. Al a nicotine' of Hie boslBSsa
men oi tin* city and vicinity, held here yeeterdsy, res >
111111111 * wore adopted protesting against th'- tiuai pssssga
bj ? sosreea of the hill to forfeit the land grant of ihe
Northern I'.cillc Kallina.!, covering the uncompleted
portion of tbs Cssoade division. Tba rssstatlona stati
u. .1 lbs vital lotsrssu sf WaahiBgtaa Territory dsmsnd
prompt connection hy railroad across tbe Cascade
Mountains of tho western sad eastern boohoos of tbe
Territory ami thal forfeiture of tho land grant, as pre
vnieti for in tbe bill recently pa-*.-.i by tbe .-nat...would
deprive tbe Northern Pa.-ni- Railroad of the ? 'ana lo
secure capital lo complete (Be great Caseade leland
ll..- .*. \ ciiil Iii.- m...- nt load BOW BUder eon*' i t ou.
I HP n. ', Juno PA?Msssrs. l'ottor, .Mcdill.in and
table, mo arbitrators tor the Chicago Committee of the
i eutrs Trama Aaeeeistioa, iie,,i tbeir Baal meeting
yesterday ead agree>i a poa the pereentegee to govern
ibo sblpsssats of dead f rslsht sad iivo stock from tins
elly ts tbs Esat, Tuo members of mo committee have
spreed aol to melts tbe flgarea pabtie for nie pressat
?? u would im easier to tombs down a solid stoue wall
than to break down Um freight nfs between CblCaSO
and I i.ii ii Bluffs," said a promineat <iu sn* tor or tbe
Ht. Paul yesterday, when ask. i what the pr spect was
for a rue w.n. n vertbelees n wis assn;., i thal
one ol the Hii. - lines lu < inncl li..nt* wa. . i .king . on
t oi. a t. in-.ml shippers al *H> per oent ol! or
in il rates under sn sgreemoul to rebate the lido ran. e.
? mini, n, o., .lune ju. -ii was rumored yesterday
Ibst lbs Milwsukee road bad begun Butting rales trom
Omaha lo Chicago. Ibu Milwaukos oOloiols di iy lbs
i n. ' .
/ iWLl.XSXt SS l\ si. LOUIS,
St. I-Ocih, June 20 [Special).?Governor Og
li ibr, sf lliluets, stoppa i la i wi Bi,
Uittis i.i.! Blgbl on hts way hOBM from
Ihe BuBthsra I.sri sf thu btiite SJherS ho
bad i..eu Inspecting the Bon thorn fentteallery sad
tassae Asylas-. Ha waa walled apan by a committea
ut ii;:/ i and reqocatcd te a something for tbe people
.. Ka st Bl Loala. se the elly gaverfnaeat wss asjabU ta
protest ibeni from Ibe tblevea who host psoecssionof
lue iiij. lue ysVsraaf nail ho ueiioved
a edy of IO,.mn peoit'e wss hu enough
to pietBSl Itself and refused Io flem!
lul Illa or do SSythlOS te protect property-owners, lt ts
*H.d a viallaaeecommittee ls org.nl/ing am! there ls a
pr.np. rt ior SOBM lynch ng. BlBOC Hm police force was
discharged for ulle.ed iin;.lle:itt..u in robbery, tho people
have b.-eu at the mercy of thieve*. BssTOSly a BlgjBt
Pa sase without several highway robberies an! as inauy
felonious ussaultg.
fl TRA S HEH DEE I'm S T ./ / HI / //.
Hil*. WAV I" HAI-l-'aX n.i LIVKB LOST.
Prom ;i private dispatch received rroni
Thomas J. Brows, a paseesger os hoard tbe atoamahlp
Hiraadaaf tbs Red rro*< Una, it wai learned yesterday
that the tc.set inn arroiiud at midnight SB Saturday ott'
Point Ju.i.ih. Tho Miranda lari hst dash nt
12:1s o'cioi k on Saturday afteraoefl bound
for ii iiirsi*, and nt. juting, NswfoaodlBBd.
and about midnight on Botardoy was atraaded. Tho
sight wss olssr ssd tbs ssa cam, sad little diil.cuity
was sxperleneed lu set Hug tbe passengers imo tiie boats
mi'i laadlas tiie ni iofi ly at Boned Hock. Nothlag has
yet beendeflultely aaeertslned aa io tba sartonsaeea of tbs
disaster, ns up t-j a lats hoar last night
Bowsing .v Archibald, of No. BO Broadway, general
agents of Hie linc, hail not received suv otl'.riat Inf irma
tim from Captain Edward Bnndoa, who wss la charge
of ilirt Vessel. No re ison- li ive is yet BSSB assunel fur
tue giounding or tba boat, aad it is not known whether
lt wss tbe reeult of occident ..r cnrelesmess. Tbs pilot
waa put nil at Sandy il.md, and tiie Miranda at
tho Hine of tim accident was In chargo
the of captain. Si:o was a small lleemet
of only 1,500 tons burden, and waa built at Vew.asiie
three years sgo expressly for tbe liol Cross Llae. she
could rai ry ! n passengers, but th. ra arers taut so many
on boar.!. Tin, following ls the Hst:
Mrs. M .v Mahon 'tn Fnhertr, Mn charl"* Hubbard
and daughter. Mina Anna I*. Wo I, Miss Hayden, Mi* Per*
ni Mia, ' handlers. Ms Daniel Whalen, Ur J. a A vend.ck.
Thomas J. rtMwn. M'lliiam derrard. Jnaeph J. Mayb.n 0 i-'.
Wright, Mias Hot v Mrs. Wtln n. foptoln '.' I'ortor, J.
? ?? '. Mr \'.'i Mr*. Bsnghen, M -- Bansben. Mrs. tiarri*
son ,ni two eh! i.in h. Mi*. !.. nh uml Mr* m. Woo t.
Tin* Miranda mi led iii mut 2,000 berrela of i -ic ian I ?*.
Including l ,500 barrels of provis! nit mi I 23 > inn reis of
Hour. Theoarso waa volnal at *r50,000. lt ts believed
that the greater portion ol th" earga wes asured, but
us the consignors insure, their eonatgnmenti itidi
vi.l.i.n ly, tins Ut nut lettaitely koowa.
Newport, .hine 20.?The I>riti*ii ateamer
Miranda, from New York for Halifax, went, ssbora on
tho west sile of PoiBt Judith on saturday ii gl.t an I Iles
in a ntl posltlos with her stein right oin of tho wader.
Captain E. Bindoo mads lbs following |sutcuieut to?
" Tbs Mi: iiu.ls wss built la ISSI, at Newcastle, Hng
lainl, is registered ul TU tons, wus bouml from New*
York tu Halifax, sud belongs to thi Be I Croat line. She
hsd oa hoard a earoo ol Hour, butter sad general pro?
visions. Bbs wss part.ally Insured. She had been com
mended by me ainoa him ama built and was ni every
re-ip. eta li It-clSSS pa*-en ger ste iip.r. Wo WOTS twelve
hears oat from New* Yoi ir. 1 went below at Watch
HUI. Ti" n we were running shoat 11% ken te aa hoar.
My orders wero to keep Point Judith on thc port how,
not los* than B c tn! edistant. Wo go over this course
every two weeks, and wo always took tho suno course,
east, tbreowfourtbe north. ThtawooJd bring us outside
tin-buoy. We w.re steaming against tbs tile, which
ought to have cur.ed us out.
I ..Ki. -TRESS AM) t Hui's INJURED.
St. I.<n i*. Juna 20.?Word conn's from
Texas that salad and ruin storm f-assad ot er patts of
tho Interior oi thsl Blahs IsatsveBiUi bbb thal great
danger oas dons t.> town properly sod to crays lu tbe
.'.uiiitry. Al Wac.vera) bouses were wrei ked ami..nc
man wu* tere rely snood ? 1. At I) illa* bs*, oe waa ma le
or small buildings, u Weatfacrford Ibe boaseeol B.
ii. \i'omac tt. r. Bull, B. ls. Weatberf rd, Mrs. Brosh,
tbe ania ssrsbousa <>f U. P. tarp sad lbs colored
Un pt Ul Church wein dem lishcd, and the Method's!
l li un-h. Opera House, threi public school buildings, the
Bikei llouae, tbe Praneoland Company's ..iii ?'?. nnd. a
number of other buildings wore da mased. Hiss Ki's
W..; c an.! Mi*, tismman wein injured by tailing
tm i irs, .mounts from ti"1 country are tim n l it-go
amount of corn and cotton i *e lieateu ta the iroand end
th tl barns un! other outbuildings, fences, trees, etc.,
were destroyed. Tim damtisre In Wcathc 'ord isestl
u , od al from pin.oo.-"n,.and the looa ti Parker
Co uty :* pl iced nt over -inn. inn.
Al ' WENT OS THE /,' UL.
v v: i: ir. i",':: ION * \v ii \:>. i> iv \ WUECK ON I :;r:
v. ..:. i i ii: ami m-iiia Bu AD.
Kast I'i Tran i.. Mi*-., June 20. -The
north-bound pasaeugei ti la, v.>- 49. on the Worcester
..iii Nashua division ul His Boston aud Ms.
Railroad, uno hers at 7:31 Saturday evening,
and consisting of s bagssgs and two
po-sfletiger e.r. oams Into Bull un with bu
astra south-bound fralsht train aboal thirty rodi
this station last night Engineer Whtttemors, of the
pass nger train, sad bis Qreman, Edward rotter.
jun,ped ( it. V,'lilttcmoi.) escaped With s.i-'hl
bruises, while Potter wei badlj In ired in lbs
left hilt. Tba few passengers oa the train were
violently ihakcn u'>. Ure. Granville Porker, of Pep
perot, was thrown orer a sea sod received Iee|
owl ber right eye. Hb? was a io rendered une ,:,-?.,,..
from bruises an i Internal Injune*. V'ineent I'ruder, ol
Ayer, "..- severelj Injured in therlsuthtp. Mr-, ss ...
ne Bevel r, of Nashua, who wa* In tbe rear esr, n i*
thrown over a *.*n .ni I susi lined * " 1 i ll lal li < Tua
Injured persons were at ouoe taken to ibo Prescott
H.. : -?.
i be ? onductor of tbs freight tr lin sss, lt ls said, under
u dors ii il i" ti i. I, it tbi* stationl ri i paaaeng?i train
lu pass. Ra was within lifty yards of tbe switch whoa
to . OlllSIUU oi' in ;.?!.
Minni ipoi s, June 20 Special). ? Everj
street car driver la Ibe City quit w..rk to. tn. All,
400 in nu nber, met tonight sod unanimously
sarced not lo work to-morrow. lue
cauae of the itrlke li a curious one. Hitherto the ears
have all bean provided with aeata for Ihe drivers, i..
.lay itiey wera taken away, rhe driven claim that lt ls
Impossible to .v-.r. twelve hours arltuoui sitting down.
i)'ir?.-i;*i OF tim: u:\r.\i. LABOR i KION.
At tho meeting o( the Central Lab sr Union
at Clareudoo Hell yesterday orod-ut'.aii wsrs rsesivod
fm.n th" i'.ti nv ide Association, thi rib tl r Union
ami tho Hancock As-i latloo. \ commun itlon mi*
received from tbe Ladlee'Ceutral Labor '."nu stating
that they had investigated a oom plat ut a,-un.'. Barnett
St Phillips, handkerchief manufacturers at tireenwlcb
snd Dsabrossea ats. Tbe Ara int refused to tee ne
??... un iii ?>? l ei 11 oul thai ni' girl whs bad
been discharged had been mads io buy a macblne ats
tacbineut foi **-*-J and $d 72 Worth of COttos a sli trt
time before her dismissal Bbs wa* eharged about
? rate*, and though abs hsd only uscJ fl worth a
the cotton sue waa nut allowed i. lake li iway. Many
other similar oise* were reported, li., re were ei_:iity
operatives in tbe shop sad they each han t>. pay twenty
in- cent* a week for mac iulats, though only ono mau
w.ts amployed and be wa* pal l ?*?!?"> a we?U.
A resolution was adopted .allina on i ongress to paaa
tho toil in ii.iu-' tin- eight-bo ir ii?w ap,.ile..b,.* io nu let*
',. i .Miers, aud calling on ibe elm na to show their
aympaiby a ith Hie letter - im.-rs by attending the bmsb
meetlng at i 'ooper I ulon on i bursae],
The noyeolt Committee was lustruuted lo take sumo
action lu regard to tb., trouble lu the Duryea Btarcu
Warka The Retail Hatters' Assoetstion introduced a
re*.Hon protesting ag mist the posaase or Hie bill put
tioga prohibitory tax ou oleou urgsriue, but lt was laid
nu ti.o table, ibs Excelsior Labor Club asked that a
uiass-meetiug be held on Jul) 5 for the purpose .f sym?
pathizing with rn i is.one and Parnell sud asking Rial
the kingfish 'Vol klBgmeU SllOOld lUpport Hinno Ku e e.iii
ii iates for Parliament, A eumutiltec ssa sppatatsd to
moke t..-- propel arrangou-cute.
Pl ABS ' F AXOIBER ll 1 t I LTNt Ul SO.
Eastland, rex., Jnue -.'?? [Special),?Too
body ot William Pt ml:, wno was lvneliod near .-ip*
Bprtags os Houday night, wsb eat down yeeterday aad
buried af ter aa laqueel had bscB held. Jobs Morris,
the im,ii who Informed sn Pruitt, has boen srrested
Coi.isacbe i'nituti is .livid..! ou tuc -.lunn, of Pruitt*
Miny men ste clamoring for the blood ol Moms sad ll
l- feared n.at he will no lyncued.
(,/.'/ / 7 COX v. r VOT i\ TA V i ?'
I'. .1;i Won i ii, Texan, .lum' ?_'!? | Spot Uti).?Tho
Greer County Land CommlBsloa, con sis uni; of f.uir par*
sons representing tba State ol rexes, and four officers
and eogiaeera reprcaealiag lbs i nlted Btataa Uovera*
mee I. bs vs boon la secret session bIAbbUb. aul it is
niiuo.oi iiusuitutiu*iy agreed thal OrsarUoaaly, so?
il ad, do. s not ami never (ltd liomin, lo the Kate nf
leia,. Tbs disputed tsrrliori i* l.tl'JI-1,000 acres la
.ii. a. iud over a naif militoa of aer. s ors now covered
by veteran land oe ruth atei laeiied by tbs Btate ol inn
mid putenic i by tuo Biala, rite p.aunts are u.* raina*
ii i..
lirr ;n siw l ORK CREDITORS
Quincy, ll!.. June 20.?at. Jackaon *** Son,
Mh.'le-ll.e.ieaiei . nt m.illili r> BOOtla IB tbs city, liavo
made a valuni iryaoalgnmeet to tinnoi. Kmitsbaker. The
linn's liabilities arealatedsl ri'"," I**, al walsh |l'i,037
bi due to New* York erodltora li it -tated thai tho assets,
im lu lill fl lines' eu Laud, flSSSSU-la and iiiilividaai usaels,
are *pl-,*siii.
TIIK "S'll.tD Si,I'm" III I Kl; Ul VIM) IQ r.IVK TUB
(nr tim BOB -Flit r.i nm tiuui.nk. ]
WAIBUfOTOy, Jin)'' 30.?Aiiollii'i' iiltrniMt fo
take up ttio Tarni lull ls to be BMdS SB I".*uav .leter
tin* false prsssass thal it ts tbs revision ls wbieh lbs
I> tuncr.illr party pledged Itself " In il sp 'it sf fairness
lo all interests" la Hs last National pl i' for ii. Thai hill
ls a si monal une, ai lt could not help betas, lat live of
Hie eight members who tlir.i-t lt upon the Hoiiso srs
SsathSTB men. They, like all o'her fr*?e-tr i l?rs. are
liowllua* willi rags on ace.|.tat of their def.* || on Tu in?
lay, and sspsctslly b"e.uno certain I) in ir.it* v.tn I
igalBst eanatasffBilna. -fatarally tun soatbsra free
trade I) BBBSrsIa are more m<ry. If pooalblB, hsB i Hi"ir
Northern BBd Wester i alissa. Mr Iliecli. in : I-*", of
a ra aaa ia. a aaember el the M'ay? aad Maa is <.?*u.mutee,
H The vote la ons to ba desplp paodsrsd by tba pec
-uh, Iliad ladas!rici ara banded tegath r srttbam sss>
trleiior and with nil tlio str.-iisth o', publie plaadSf.
>ur commerce iri.l nn be oinancip lt.) I BOT tie BMSSSS
?clieved from thn robttery wlncti ls BSBSlSg Bord ttSBSg
lad aaBatliia bbiII n.ts ingaierv and alssa :._i*'atiori
ire boldly *ei/e! upon hy tbs people, I Hast tho lss.ua
will lie male it nany test m the tatars."
Mr. McMlllls, of Paaoaaeee, also a mssabsr af tba
s/ayssadHsansCommutes, sail: "Xearty 1,000,000
sbersrsare la Idleoeea and beocs tba ladustrtal sttoa*.
ion ls very unsatisfactory. Millions of miner I it
leeded by abo Oovaraaaeat am ben.' takea from thi
[leiipte and locked np in lbs Treasury, in*, kt na; hard
mies harder an I poor [teopl** poirsr. I t UBB tbs oT?et
will be li.ul on th" p,rty aud worse ou lbs people. Tua
Mtgreg ite Wisdom sf th's Bi .s*os ls nra irer tit IB th it of
my one man. and null bs surticlent lo tin! means ot
browlag oil tue excessive taxes which now crush limul
o earth."
Other Sou. hem members of the Commit liv lad il.'O In
ike, expression*), The "Betid Booth" ls d. !. rinii.ed to
ons tho free trade Balley upon IBS No m ol any cost.
Vb/ I tine of Hie reasons mar he found by a c.unpin,
on nf the ?Maf-Bl conditions of IBS BOUtfa willi tho*.' of
lie Korti-, Pot the purpose of Bsablag thia a MB*pa_rtesa
is emphatic as practicable, sash ono of several ciiuiea
u o. m. Cen -y, van ia ant New-Yoi* is compered witn
haCoagrocfliqaal Distrtetereprocessed! hp Nit*. MrMii
en, of PssBSasse, aud ".Ir. Iii. ei-inri 1.."?. sf IrBBaaaB
ospoctlvely. Mr. Mo.M lilli's district c.uitaiiis eleven
ountiesand Mr. Breeklartdgefaalsieea. The Nortiierti
otintles selected fur comparison are Ballar i.'ouiity,
>bto ; Wes! morn.and t'oiiuty, Pennsylvania ; and HerkU
uer, Cattaraueiis, JsaTereoB an I M. Lawrence counties,
if \ew- rorie rue Brat ihrco sesiBBlee a lase i aro ic >iis
ilots represented hf Democrats, who volo! agamic
lu Mr. Brseklaridgs'a dlstrlot. comp.-iiinj s xteen
ounties, acaordlag to the census of ls*.i Ihe number of
cres nf improved laud was 717,n"i i, the value of rarins
Baindingbaildlags, fsusea, esq,, wa* 9lO.l5B.7B-l; the
?alne of farm implements anti Machinery. #1,030,79-1
M total value of farm pro lue*. .'." .'.'-'?. lbs aa>
saaai 1 valuation of real and personal property, ??.-'V
-3,000; tbe amount ot stat*, county and luci! lavis,
nelodtngtheaobool tag,$379,755! t'ii sssoa it of sept
sl Inveslsd ta Buaafactaras, 9**dd,70-t; tbs ainu mt
midla wagea in tnainifa_tur.ii/ sstabllsb-aeata,fllOi*.
129, or abnut 12 lier BSBt Of BBS ValBS Of tu*) in mu
BOtured pr...I iel *.
in Nir. HcMiitin'adlstrlet of eleven eoantles, Hie same
terns respective .? were a* fallows: Acres o! asia
u-oved usn 1,978,7,9 value of farms, etc. ?-"J,nt.i,IB7{
arm linplemeute, etc*, *?".-,77ii farm predssss,
*l.7ii'>.iii l; a*-e*el valuation, *? 1-.7.1 i.i _ . . tale*.
-j.'-.r:.'; capital in maoufacturee, 9731,1-11; arasee.
?1 Vi,.l I. or about '.? per cont of lin: total product,
r-1. -?.'.-.".. -:i7.
Iii linter County, Ohio, the asms Items wero as fol
u'.'.-l Aile* nf Improved land. -I'**. I7n: value of
arms, 92U.039, .70; tun Implements etc., S-)00,133;
sr-ll pl '.i.liicts. .??_.'.( 1 ('.,'.l*>.i ; lls<e-*-.l Nilli'.'Oil,
(Kl I,: 19, -j ni. taxes, *? i j *.."?'?: cap.' il In n a mfai lures.
.-1,71*5,*. - ?. s i' s. -i.i . '.-.;7. or 11 i.i nar c ia! of total
run ot products, wblcb waa 1*7,157 *77.
lu Weeiniorelen 1 County, r-m ., the sams items were;
Acres of Improved Imi. l-l.lin, value nf farms,
r30,5ri0,923 ; farm implements, et.*.. *-*. ij.ici . farai
|?r . lue:-. --'.'."7.171 ; BBS -setl valuation. * _ J n| ii.*- I;
?-.--? ri; capital In manufactured |3.2l7,s02;
sages, *-t,-.">. in., or nearly 1* per .t ol tao total
i- il i ? ol pi ot icta, wblcb w..s tl.'"7 1,53*.
In Keri imsrCounty, H. Y., the li. wera as follows:
Acres of improved lead, 371,750; raine af farms,
-1-,!'*'.""'-': farm implements, 90*10.00!); farm
produi ts, 93.513.331 i sasessed val nat: in, 913.137,4411
ti. Xi s, -lt-.* 1 I : <?.,ut ii in m isufacturefl * |... . "..*#. i ->;
ui..*. 91, ' 117,0.1'. " 20 per BOBI 0. lu > il.io of
products, wiiicn ii.is 9tf.07ti.!)55,
in Jet! roon County,}-, v.. tbe Items were: Acres
i land ">:? I.1, "i. i ilueof fal ??. 92' .-? '.'.'
'arm liuple in-n's,*, i.i i.e i. :t ir; farm prod :, r -.*? ?. i !Ki,352;
1-*. -...'.I va il r ..:., fill, 170,042; til'..'*, * I 1 *.'.'".'I. ?
:al in m.rn ifucl ires, 93,027 "30; e .(.?? ?-. *"'. _'.- 13, or 1 I
;.e; c..ui of the total product', 90.3 K),011.
In ?*?. Lowren e t'ou ty tere* >.f Improved lead,
f :. il. . .Li "i in:,.-. - . t.t, ..I... l _?; :.,i... .|...:.-ii,. ms,
;i..'.<;... 14: I ino pi - Ul.'J o-? ?-? ?l i dua*
..". r-' . I 1 ?"..'?*?".. li\'?. ?*..' i..i'd ; Capital .li Inaii'I
'act -re*. *? I - IJ. *7 ?. .I-.'"*, vl"."ii ora little sqera
ban I'J per i tut of tho toi.n value ol prudocts,
'.: Ul I ?'-I.
in cst tars usns County, V. v.. the ll i were:
\ i.. ??: i and, Un. I.'.v, va u.s ni forms, MO,
-_ i. ... 1,11 . i. !., ii liupieiueulH, SIC, -?*'.'1 '.' 'IV f.nu
rodm i, s>3,7.*<3,110; *. p...'! v..:.i..i i..... - i . ? ? i.n-7.
ax.--. 91 ?-.?'?? . capital lu manufactures, tet.l<il,7 ?,
waites, ri.-?*"..'?'. it or nearly l>:_ iwroeni ot Usa vania
il uro ,i -. -? ? .1
c. ii men I ... ? . r. figures ? -- iry.
Ii.o Northern lob. *.ui al random foi cnuparlsea
sith entire Cu gresslonal DUtrlets lu Arkansas and 11?..
lessee are no iiiiou-r th.'great manu lotu.iu-r oountles
if New-York, Pen u vm i md Ohio, a.* ti... va as of
arms and farm products shows, and jrei ibe manufaet*
iring iinii. i:cs ..f tbe least of them are four or Iva
linea aa srest w ti.f either sf tba t'ougressloaal
>.< riots wltb wuiob they are coin oreti, iud yet, fer>
uiotb, i v.ii in in in*..ii a ,o repreaeu - a illstrssg
i wm "ii oi'' o; tbesu eouuilOB ls situated is a "traitor''
f be votes aaaiust a free trade meaaure I uuml by the
itrMilllue and Mrecklnrldg s of tba Buuib, sadaBs*
tn....* ,m Itepresentatlve laacreatu eol ? niu? ??? iltea "
'lie tim sin same thin-*. M..re than una Sorta era
ie . ... ratio !>] reientittlvebsa aaid within the iee) we.-k
bel ll tbe i*oliil *o ith li lo persist la hi its lorne
ipou tbe country ao economic pulley whit a .. ?i
lisaster to American industrl'B, abe mus Ebel By a
iolid Not th, i*. the w .? : om 1901 to 1 -?."..
?m:a*im'?*.** >.i nm BKMOCBATS- PBO-PtiCrs (?r
Bl Pl Bl '." -.v ., ti*.-.
Washington, June 20 ??-/? ? ??'.?v, I,, n yaz
[ugh Lee was couuteii in ss Governor of Virginia i--t?
sll, together with s Demo ratio t-eglslature, tim i; lur
.(?tis fell ii i'i -ned Hut tin.!' cooli il el the Biala far a
erin of yens waa ns-n d .mt that <..?.:
lil M linnie vi .s poll t tea 9 ead. They
rora aurorlacd ead llatarbed l.y lue astowsral
eeultofi >? ag eleetloaa. sad their ansssinsss h.is
. es gn i . real J by recent svuipi.ui* ut li**m>j
ratlc dUistsgration and KepubUcea activity. The proa
..ci ol B B>p ; illCBU g..' i ut two or tliiee CusgreasBssaj
ii tuc Btsto is coocadsd private.) hy soass sf the
liicwdrsi licn.t crstbj observers ls \ irglals, l ne iii u
roi ii' rea regarded hitherto as i Boa rasa
. brsltal \tinili ci.ul.l uut be curr..*.! by lbs
ipposit ou, bot now it is freely adm tnt th-i
Flss's ch ni'e* of I'.-ciectioii are loabtfsl la lbs SB*
rime. Kaudolpb rschsr hss daetared Bia lab ntioa not
u bo a cai.i. t..ie : , ti-e. .tutu int.... Xth l>*tn.t. lt
i expected thal Jaeob Yost, whs ran sgoiast blas twa
rears age ami came au bia brea than 1,-100 votes si ear*
y int; tile dlatllOt, wiii lie the Bepahlti aa I mil .te, .nil
ita prospects of sneceea srs tan. There la eoaatderaUB
iemucratlc dissatisfaction la the Vllth sad IX lillis.
ricta, in both of mi..ch the Kepubltcaus will maka ssl
i._ ressive eampaisn, I hey eipeot to bold tbe IVth ami
:id Instr..! w.i en aiu 'mw represented ny Kepubu.
ians, altbousb taara la some lois or Juba Htooslaasa
?auiiiii.tte Iii tba iii. whl ii h<* misrepresentad la Csa
rreee foreii rsuro. by taeoas watch are fatallisr tssll
abo know anytbiug of tbs h.siory sf Vlrglula politics
mies lbs war.
lu. re will bo a conferenes of Virginia Repablteaa
i - Including the members of Ihe Btute Comaatttae.
ia thia eur oo nest >.iiurtay. when plaoa will bo IBM
for aa energetic campaign. I'be party ls harmoaiooa
sud uuiie i aad tbe defeat ll iuaTcre-11 ai fall ssesaa ta
have mais lt moro ak-^re.-ive and d. '.e.ifi .11.ed ibu
ANOTHER Ti.l.i.rtiiiNi: lil:ahi\i;.
WA8Hi-fOTO.fi .liiiit*20 Special).?On I ii m1;i/
thu Bell Telephoae Clam assy, bj Hsssrs, *torroi? ,t?
-MekeraoB, Ita eeusasl. wlU ask tba Ualtad Ustsa Cha
ault Court al Parkas*ab*Brg, v. Pa.ttas*iaaiaata)aaallaa
bbsIbsI Um Lsag -sssphoaa Oaatpaap, it is said
thai Chief JaaUaa Wstts wiii ali m tho
case. If I.e sboaM ur.mt tho IbJubsIbSSI
the Oovernmeal raaasel in tlio Psa-Eleetna N monal
luipi" . ed mil ta a .inn lue Bell patent. Would der.Ve as
lillie cou f.n I fr.nu lill BCtion as lliey did from Hie reuent
deoifllon Bl N w-t 1. e 111 l'be iii 1 imf.ic mei ..f Um IaPOM
teiegl apb iiisti tn., nt . s.li s U14I Hie glBTsrS ICC b'tweea
the 11 .ii 1 in.- i'.iu 1..11 a .0 lustrumenis is * ? slight thar
hg Cliliot eXplSIB lt. Uley alu VII'llUli) HlS sa.lill.
////: DEBI RI 1 WU m r.
til I . 1. * si. Wyn., .Illili' 'JO. lim |...i'i(is,.,l
repeal nf ii ? |i. teri Laud SCI eintetidiTi ii Mimi - oppo
mtaa asssBgtba reetdeatsaf tbaTarrltstp, the i.aru
mitt Boeascr-iag soys Coleosl .im.es V i, or.e, a special
H.elli ut the l.auu 1 tiller, is circulating A pl ot, st .u'ainsl
the repeal ut the eec ros protest wiR bo seut io el]
paris Ol lbs lemtuiy fur s^ua'.ures.
( ? \ * ?;\ , ( (t\ Q tl *> .' 1 t v WOFR
?_'Vl!l.!*I.!'.. I'lllll.. .Ililli' ."ll (Spiriili. -Jilllll A
gsrope, BBsaabsr (rosa tbs \1Vt1 uoasreesloaal lusinct
sadsasof tbrsaDsssesratsfrom tins ^tate who votesi
to Place '.he NI.1,1.sou 1 ault bm 0.1 iicci >1. ts sev.'ielp
eeusui'cil ny his cousiuu.uia.

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