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vo- XLVI_N0* 14,461
Of ni) iohiks.
F.niNiu lt.'H. .Tune 'Jl.?Mr* QlMbtOM ad?
dressed another lam si i enthusiastic meeting hero lo
day. lu the course ol ht. .peech he said lt was Irksome
to I.e compelled ?always t.> refer to Ireland, lui! thal this
was due lo the Torie., who b ...kel IM way no that tit"
Ui.yernm.nt i-oti',.1 not K.?! n.i ol the (ideation unit pro
:eed to the,.thor business of the empire. Ile relic!, ho
ii'.ded, upon ihe pc.p.o's enerby lo clear tho Hun dow
kii.l allow the train of progress to v.o ou to its destiua
Ile dented kai inc cheered Mr. Saxton when the latter
followed Mr. Chaiuber'ain in the debate on tlio Home
Belt 1.11. .m.1 tunned lUin with Heine ambition, to be
Mayor of Li: mingham. The Premier reiterated kia -__?
maud upon Ma Hattah, of Baltakaiy aad tho lari of
Carnarvon to answer the questions he Bated of them
ln.t Friday Bight and .aid he thought th.it Mr. OoMkeB,
formerly a l.-,:-.-ial Munster, would now make a good
Torr catii', date.
C.ni,tin nr Mr. (Hailstone said he did not complain of
the...?--*i.>.I al i-ord Hartington and Mr. Brifkfc They
wi. b ni.il: fr.ielion of the Lt ber tl party, '-'ney had
attain Bli i'i traditions, w.icii were nnnorable re?
garding Ireland. A* Fox's s peech.>s un 1 tho action, ot
Fitzwilliam aad Cavendish BkOB cl, ttieir dca. endant.
were ny.ni; to reit.I that policy which. If lt had becu
Carried out, would h ive saved year, of trouble. Ibo
Land 1'urciiaso bill wa* applicable at the time when he
li,'.roda.od lt in the House of Commons, lint ho had
fa-.'.. .1 to rcci-irc the support of Lord Hartington and
others. Hi did not think Baglaad and Boataad received
lt -.. faTorabljr a* th.-y received the Home Ku e bill.
Tiie Cabinet were now free to roapproaeh the whole
subject. If they continue i In otliee the Cabinet would
carry out thu Home Rule programme, with due regard
to their aollgaUoas, Th. y desired to Meara
lo.al self-L-overiimeut f..r Ireland willi per?
fect MOB...; to tho Imperial union.
Ile had never, he declared, concealed lils Ideas from lha
toaatry whaa agfaat artata had eoiaa. I'.-oj.ie hud had
ttl" audacity to say that h.* li id aa teavorel to force this
(jur.-tiuu forward. La-it autumn, he sail, he tonal, an
lush deuiaud winch would sweep luto tue ?hade ali
tither !eg;sla;io:i. Ha foroaha !?> \ .* I. but did Bot for.ee,
that th.* u.-Uiaii 1 would be so wise and moderate.
Mr. (..Udallin,' further said that ha hoped they woull
not let slip a golden opportunity which does not often
occur, especially in the case of Ire.an.1. The rejecllon
of thc Home R ile bill would uot settle the question und
brine peace, t.-.it there would be the same Blaatahla
round of contention. He asked them to listen to a
prayer, ri-duced to the limits of reason USA safety.
Mr. QladStOM Mid he was morally certain thal Lord
Salisbury kn. ? Earl C..manon's .J.-a* in regard to Ire?
land, and (lld not deem those ideas a dlsqoallfll atlon for
the npp..lultn. nt o! Viceroy el Leland. Ht* continued:
laird Salisbury, at the recent Mayor'* bauqoat, said in
ill. ct, simply as 1 have said ll, that ?-v?*ry tuliij. ought
to be k'H eu to promoto the peace, h.ipplncss ,,nd (..i,
taut meat Ot Ireland consistent with Hie unity of Hie
cmj..rc uni tin- si pre in icy of Hie Imperial rarlminont.
thara Maa ll pu dished that if I had an intention to
supp..rt Lord Salisbury lu a measure nf Home Raia
I ought not to have MM it in my own bfWBSt, bat
ought to have Impart".1 ft to him. It *o happens that
tl. al ii tue vcty ililli*. I did do. I Imparted lt verbal!?
aad hy letter io a near relative of Lora Salisbury's, who
in,i..n td it to Lord Banaba.*., and l reeeired aa
acknowledgment through him frc,ni Lori Ballsbury.
_io| only tn..t, i staled it in Parliament, aad it w.,s
acknowledged from tue opposition boucl.-s. [CbMta.]
!*.. ii icli for (lie wi*.loin, accuracy* an 1 intel.i.enee
serves oa ce 'ne.kfast table for the enlightenment
li bewilderment of Intelllgeat people. Laughter.]
Artful attempt, have been male In ?oms qu4>r.iri n
prove thit thc jt.-si nt House of Commons is
liol , J-;o*eil IO Ho.n>- l.u.e."
Here Mr. OladatoM enter.-d into nu snalyi lol the
\ ? g to prove thal al least 315 membere aero tlfmly
app< Md ... H..me Rule. He continued :
1 -? wluie it hu* beak a*ked why I did
aat ..'? the Home Role proposal before
Well, 1 think 1 can nive very too.*! ini.-mi . . . .
Only recently tl..- [nab merni..rs were Bar?
inia o:,e hand to ul yon
first what Ireland wan;-, lind tee nliy prepared
t.. red the limit of the demand, of Ire?
land tv lUlU 1.1.incis winch I timk the
I.. <-i.il paiiy ni general will acknowledge
to i:,- rc,*uii.ii.le. [Cheers, ll.at is why lt
v...u..i bave bees premaiure ou my pan
In ai.y way to have directly associated
myself with ih.s moveon-nt till Ibe pr..per time
mi.yoi. What woold you think, Mnlleroaa, il
(ii any Mb)ael vitally tonebltug y..ur in*
t.--.--??. ? sty of your Mroaty-two repres ntatlvee
V Itb one VOlCe Ina.lc a .11-11! ct d' In..lid Hi behalf ol .-ct
;.. . in res] 11 to wh rh I was ? ar tbat the inter. *t*
( Ki tte Dot threatened* what would you
think nf ihe rejecllon ..I that meMore 1 [Prolonged
, Dg.J
Ii ls Bot often in il;.- history of countrlei that ra h
opporuuiilca arise. Lue. indeed, hive t^ev bein
li. lue nc- of He ..mi j tbe Hrs'. I believe,
being thi opportunity provided by the treaty ol
1 -n,.-ii. g. Ali! gentlemen, hid that treaty been
executed, Iwo hundred years would
have told a very different Mle, und mo Indel .le
biol ..f dlsgraci wbli ii the Judgn em ol tbe el. I
i/. i world .-: upou i ii a-id for h.-r treat*
n 'i .-, i bo ..i .. i? i bave been found to
aull] hei bi lllant and Illustrious escutcheon.
IC.rs I am ...n-y to say :: w ,s Protestant
bigotry ,.i! national p.-iiiiy that trampled ui ei
!...ii ihe articles ..f tbat treaty. Boah upportuutl.es
i i at Intervals of ceiitunr. at the end
j: i ie seventeenth, at the el >se . '. ti.e eighteen lb, ind
bob .. .-'.'. ,:?-?' he nineteenth eenturr. I do not
. ,y ..I...11. -i opportunity will not ncc ir. 1be ci -e ls now
rory dulci.-tr. Yon bave put moll weapons
bauds of Ireland, tie weapons
ol c iivii'.it.im .1 freedom and representative
got rn ..'-.'., wli ob *in- aili kuow weil bow io
;. ind Ui i you rej. et ber pr iyer yon do
Bot thereby .*??; . ti.e difficulty or even obu
Interval ?t \ .carious repose, J'? ,r?. i remember
i * w,.i.i, when nc supporters ol the
i - American war said they were able to
is the A . - i He - lld, " 1 he moment of
-... c.--a will bu tho commencement of
; . aud if you do suppress armed
: ??? in America, y..u never will he Bbl. t..
. i ._" I .i.i nol bold oat t? y.u the
(error of civil warm Ireland, i . to the loyal
Oraugi i i ighler] who are flying through
tin- ooaatry ' wltb rill"* from Belfast to the
Boyne. Laughter.J li thara were a-.y .acta terror
tnat, you have len times enough force to supplest
i der tbe prevent
."Iel: I
But, ..
sj*.-m. you never will be boh t?> niter wbai
ha- happened in ibe last eu monti.*, wbieh ha*
stamped ?!?>> i out owe history facts in
themselves aud certain a* to l he tr result*, if that
1 .. r .- ; ? i . :?? ! . on ni -? ( Wll Ix al le to pot , ! .
again, , tu will Mud ibal disappolntiueut will In
iexa.pi . n, social order will be uni:,, an i more
Imp il . n ll be di?quieted and dlsiurbad by
H.: ,i au outl I gee, tin- lune ..f Cai ...iin.-n'i
I . with (..i.tu- battles. co'i
ii.:. v I he (i.in.inie.!. Coercion will be
i. - - ed .f a.I..pic. and again w ltl drawn, and the same
Bitser.,bte round of struggles aid dishonor ibe history
..; ....I eon ny. Cheat. io avert all these Bis*
s, ?<? a*n las country io listen t.. oar
prayer. Reduced wilbla tbe lunns ?i reason ai,.;
i- ? , we ask you M aehieve vietory for Ike best aad
hlsbesl iiit.-r.---.*- >.f mankind i-.^'i and prolonged
che, rs, in il c ml'.?; (j" wblcb Mr. Ula stone resumed hts
fe.-at, barn l- spoken an h.. .1 ai.I a nair.,
Ri ;. yiu. io a question l.y aa alMtorai ta whether ha
favored a syslen grand Mmalttees of Parllaiuaut to act
n* provincial conni;** for Eu gland, hcotland,
In land and V .le. tn dlMOM local bibs
whian, whaa passed, should bo laid on tho?
table .:: lbs i.'.-.i-e ,,f i aranoaa for a specitie i tune and.
Ifaoobjecl DUI ia entered, thea carried M tba IIou*e of
Lords without further dlseasslon, Mr. Oladstoas saul
that tba suliject was a long one, but lie would deal with
lt with as much fu.lne*. as possib.e, perin.p* la to-inur
lOW'o addn-SS.
A ie?o ullou was unanimously adopted declaring that
"tl'- electors of Ml I loll; ian hive aOuSdOBM in Mr.
< . *? ina, Mrdlally approve tue Irish policy of the
i. ; : anent, aid WelCOM With eu'.husi.istu Mr.
(. a I-:., *'h reiurn t.o Boot land at tha present
crisis." Attar the meeting Mr. Uladatoaa drove away
wail ids wile and the Count.-.* Aberdeea to ibeezblbl*
ii'-;., tallowed by cneenug crowds. Later la the evening
a torlea ?f rasolutious adopted at a ibm-meeting la
favor of IL.me Rabi were pr.- ented to Mr. Uladslone,
nam, in a spaeeb azpraesing h.s thanss, said
hr hoped to SM speedily aa honorable
len li an.,;. ,,f Di,- enterprise* a slow tertalaatloa would
bs a | Killin, and pp. a dj a aiiumelul on.: , on the uc
iioii of tu-* natuiB uapeaded taa QUMtioa whether th-j
Setertnlnatlofl Mould mt an honorable one or snoui.l
l.ive Mhln I ia-.k.;!:< .ore. Whlcb wo-ild tend for along
llu.c to .juallly uuy gooA done.
LuROOB, .lune 21. -Mr. Glad Bl OBS lias writien aiiuther
lattarta Hr. Calaa, whlak ka aoaeladM aa tallawa i "A.
to la ? inteuiioiis .,! the QavoraaMal 1 refer you to the
f PM -nos 1 am about to make. Perhaps you will ascer?
tain wu- in- i it l* m.. Ckaatkarlala'a lataattoa to prose
tnleor lo a..aiidoii his pUu ot Ust lebmary for tho pur
ciiu.e of iriah laa i."
tkia le'.ie; ha* i a?.r ! much comment, and it ls ex?
pect.d th_t loipartaal rtvalatMoi will soon be made.
A I. ul.\||\ | I-KlMi.i, |'V Till InMi'll I1M."K?
. I' . DAVIT*] Ll s.,1 RI I | ll.
London, June 21.?The I inn.: published tflut.
ll ?.>-1- -i i..p>- el ta.- private oj..*. i.?t cii.uiar moally
?cut ny tka praaldaai <f toa kywi Caaaall to iho dif
l.t.nt- MUM" o. Ma lr-*U Kopai* nan iir<*lherno.>.l
-kMugkoat tho k.h'Io.ii .,. analBaitala sad Irolaad,
Yon doeuiaeut Mila a toinmn nt The Tiatee tn uno utiut,
. st of li Ism la tha BSBartiee tkat M tko eil-.ita mt
la- 1'.-nialia la lie aid in '.eut'-.l f?I li.,; piesent ad van
tagaoua poeltloa aacupted b] tka Irti i cause, and in the
...cit that wklis Mr. Uladstona's MfcaaM ia laaao
"i ita, b. MOM li. .an i a.ii-t ij.vc no.h.ii. snort of inde
p a l.-nce, n i. i ,? ,?,,,.. ()[ lUMUMB to support the
I .?..-i __ ftv?ry way in oid.r lo cu .Olu him io com
plcte Ihe slep he wishes to toke. The Timct say* the
document ls marked " lo he destroyed when read.
Michael Davitt pronounces the so-called F'-nUu secrot
manifesto published by Ihe limit as sn election dodge.
Mr. Davitt say. the document was written by tho
former editor of an extinct Irish weekly paper which
pit-tended lo represent extreme Nationalist views.
Mi:. glads ionf. may Nor nr. SCCCRMPCL?TM
'nr ( AIII.K To TUP. TRIlIfN').)
Coiipricht; i*>.,, XerOt Amtmritaa vntU Moue Go.
I.oVI'uN. .little 21.?JoMph lowell, ineiiil'iT
Ot l'arii onelit for Newcastle, colleague of John Morley
and ono of the BOkOOWladgOd lea.lirsof tlio .Kngli*h
Meade ol Homo Bola, halag asked lils opinion nato tho
political (.nth.ok, .poko with TllK Tumi M rcpr.-dil?
ative M tollOWl:
?? I roted for Mr. Gladatone'i Mil," he said," for I hare
h.nn la favor ol practical M..me Unle for Ireland for
many year.-" past. I hara been closely BSBOClatOd POI
only with recent supporters of Home Raia but with the
Mal an.i ablest [riskroon who have entertained kopec of
tkeli coi iiiry'.* reaoinptioa. I was weil aeqaatatad with
Balik o'lirieii an. ' Meagber of tba Sword,'a gallaat,
earweet, wara*kearted mao and a capital Breaker, who
mair.el am! died In Am KIM. I knew John Mitchell
also, and BOW well he os.d Hie Bagliah language ami
what lire und force of style he had. Tho patriots of 'AB
gloved with tba oathosiasm whieh al that tim.- swap.
like n ware over Europa. I did not like Mr. i li Istone'i
bili: ll was crudely and hastily .hafted; inn .lo I like Ins
method m far In eonductini this campaign. It ls open
to Objection M being too Iheatr cal, bot the principle of
Homo lillie fm Ireland ha- been put by Mr. QladstOM
into tiie donain of practleal politic*. Thai is, lu Itself, a
great service rendered, and it will not i.e M.ea oat of
I rae n-al |i,ilitie.a till it lia* been settled lind li Working
s-.stem built upon it. Tin* I expect to see whether Mr.
(.lad-tone BBCCS (ls or fail* in Hie pen ling contest.
" As to i,in cbanoe. of sn coes s, they c.-rt daly ar.- not so
go...! an he hims, ll seem* to think they aro. Ile has
pushed matter* too (ir nnd too fa*t. 1'hcie la a strong
curient of resistanoi less to Roma Raia than t.> hia
person ,1 norw in regard io iiomo Huh-, au l it ls Idle to
clint one's , jen tn this.
" You a*k about Hie great H.uno Lille Betting which I
addreesedon Thursday bul at Birmingham, it wa* a
very lull u'eetiiig in.lu. d. Tho largest hall li. Binning*
han was crow.led. There were a great many Irish
theie, m. doubt, but thara ".vere many Birmingham
Radicals alco aad thara wm Boah p:..**i >n tn tho Beet
lag, I WM Ml ry lo tc how min li there wa* of int,ii*.-Iy
bitter feeling over tka local .cue m thc party growing
..ut oi Mr. ( ham'.erl.un'- leooMlon from the Govern?
ment, lt is not of g....d omen for the sucre** of the
Liberals or RadlMla in this elMtion, ati'l there . an ba no
qOMtlOD thal the Intclllgont cilucated Radicals of
Birmingham are mainly arith Mr. chamberlain.
"No. I .1.. not think Mr. < ha.n ei-lain's lian of
National Connells can work In boland, lie does not
gnow Ireland as well, perbapB, ns I do. Ihaveeeeaa
good deal of Boothera and Weetara Ireland, andi hive
long had BBUT friends tilde. The people, with nil their
good qualities, uni they have .nain . have never had Hie
ii.--arv training in Hie BaaagOBMBl of their owu
aiiii:* win. h would prevent h.cai coiiucii* from degener?
ating Into wha! ron in America call 'rm^*.' Thepeopla
of England and Bcotlaad bare had thia training: your
Bl it. - m .merica weta balli un on tin- ez| .-rienr.- oi the
towo meeting, lu Boothein .-ml -Festers ireland tho
people hare bean too long aecaatomed to groap them?
selves about local personages and to follow local chief*,
p..lineal, social 01 religious, lt ts a fiui-s'ion of training
an.i of race. Ia Newcastle and ihe North ol En) tad
generally wc have many iri-ii reatdents,?thrifty,In?
dustrious, excel ci:t citizens,?who lu tha second jen ra
1 iori take th. ii Share in local mailer* as well au.I usefully
bs any people do. As to iho religious aspects ol tho
mattet, l do nol bell ve lu tia. pei-.i-iu.iii_- disposition of
the Hatbollc !n*h toward their Protestor)) neighbors. lu
my observations ol Ireland I bave, on tbe contrary,
Found tbe Catholics disposed lo he specially liberal aad
even generous in their treatment of Protestants living
among them, taking ian- io maka their Protesten!
acquaintances feel that they were uol di.trusted i -
they were Proteitauts.
k Yee, Home Kolo will win in tho ead, and tbat ls ..f
mu.ii gre.ter Importance than t . | it shoo ld win un.lei
Mr. Gladstone ." un.lei any other man. it will win with
the vim.ny of sound radical democratic Ides not only in
Irelaad bu-, throughout Great Britain."
( I I IIP (lil I (lill*.
[Bl - tm I Kl TIIE 1 in:
C. j i/", ', '. ? - .- I -". ? . . -. -I.. Ca.
Lon do x, .linc 21.- lu congeqitence i.r tin
. .* prejudices stirred up by (ham ..ri un and other
mernie, ol Home li i e Mr. Paroo b i- resolved upon a
striking !in>- nf notion. On ~a:ur lay he will begin a tour
through Kn.-.ii i ti Scotland, and will address meet
?i Bigbl of til" pr.lie pal cities, his ell..rta being
specially dlreoted, n hi- o parity ..: leader of tin* Irish
peopie and a Protestaui himself, toward removing Ibe
.. i..l.m appreheuslous a* to Hume Bole thal b v,:
Men excited ;._ IU enemies. T. P. Gill, M. 1'.
__? ?
jiu: oi.atoi.*- of iiii; contest.
.lulls M'.i.I.i..'.** MANIFESTO?MR. BRIO Ul ANl> Mi:.
(KIM lits TO -i'i AK.
London, .Tune 21.?John Morley1-! electoral
m..i:H. itu iu n -ly iii .int mi* Ireland's " crying need ol
a r-.rm.:; Government, National In character, reapo
;,u ihe cons quenoes of lia actions iud able to eserolse
a large a i ni"-: ii measure ..f real power?not a sham
legislature,a puppet of the executive. Otherwise it
would be better to leave things as they an-." lie hope*
to support an honest constitutional settlement of me
len. ami dire.*,:.. .- (JU kl .. :
John Bright v.:. peak at BirmlngbaB next Batnrday
oiiiin* political situation. Mr. Goschen sp.,ue ai bar
Ilngti ii to-..'a*lit, ,.i..l w i. tlteab at New ca*ile to-mi I: ow
.uni at. I dlnbu.gll on i lim ' a'..
ii,, si,ni,i,r.,'. nt; iei;a Mr. Cbamlierlaln for wii it it
i a.N "hinting at reuniting wltb tbe I.itu-rai*.." lt a.ivs:
Mr. Chamberlain has bow said enungb and more tl .
euough aboul bispersonalsacrifl.es. Otbei men, who
an- '..tally n.,eiit a..r. tl.c. i. liave made io u< Ij greater
sa, ri I. e. * I:,.,.. ne. _J i. Chamberlain Would do Well lonni
; i.e himself in the future t.< the pin.ic snd general
merits <.i ii..- Hon e Kule controversy a mucb bs possible.
rJir Kt-bert Peel vim conies: tnt- Inverness horghi
Gladsioul .n candidate,
,|,.im Mon.) delivered a speech at (.ewcaatle tbli
(vening, in ihe (-..iliac of w li .ch la- said tuat il tue coali?
tion sue. ee.ie.1 in obtaining u majority Irelaad would he
in Un- same c.unlit mn i nat tbe Unionists feared for
Ulster. He believed thal clime would disappear from
Ire! ind **. nu m.. ci aul ot lion e Kine.
ii.r Cull Mult Uaetttt *nya n,ai Mr. Morley's speech that
il... M..m.- nu.* in,. " ia nm dead," abd bl* diaoialmei
of Mr. hbaa Lefevi '*desire thal the Irisbmemnen ?.>?
retained at westminster, a nd tn,.' tim Load Purebasa
b :l he al.an.lo.e.I "ar.- miSCb-SVOUS eoiiu'ei blasts lo
Mr, (,iailst .me's cl rei leon and destroy ai. li .pe ot a union
ol the Liberals, aud anlaes eflaeed speedily w.n cause
tbe Liberals to loee tbe election, Between the niter*
..nee* oi Mr. Gladstone ami of Mr. Morley, nobody aaa
Mk] how 'lilli.* -land."
Mr. Morley, to-day, said ihat the real lasoo belora tba
eounti \ waswbetbi i the Liberal) i I ouservative (...v. ro?
me nt snout, iiiie. He refused to lielievs tbat tbe result
..1 ll..In'- Hilo WOUid b" religions Intolerance. " \\ ,
ein.lil not," he said, " leave tne Settlement Ol the ami
pu*, mm to Ireland, because England is reeponslb e f..t
the land system, one ol the vilest and moat' monstrous
evei ?een." Toa eriaseatn Ireland ba said were the
fruit <>f a ly ran n ic amt cpi reaslve system nf government.
i .iiitin-ioiis representation ." Ireland In tn.- Imierial
Parliament was Imprai Heebie.
Mr, Gos-cben,sneaking ai Darlington, sail tua! Hie
Government must dleiluctl) state a bother ti... Laud lull
bad been abandoned. Tbe result of allowing Mr. Oiad
sion., a free band would bb to gi va the eontrol ol Irish
aflalrs to ike leaden ti ike National party.
Loximiv, .lime i'l.--Loni Bandolpb Church*
lll in ms election mani.csto says:
Tko I institution ia IO be Shattered and Hie Liberal
party is to be shivered for BO ether reason than to grai?
ny the am .iti.'i: of an old man lu a hurry. What frigut
fni Imperial Catastrophe ts necessary to tsar l*rilo s
from '.:..- Influence of tin* fetish, tins idol, tins supersti?
tion, winch baaaaaaed them ami the Irish unnumbered
rvii*. and which lt known under the aliases of " The
People's William" mid "the Uland _Hd Mau."
Ihe J mitt commenting on I/ord KanJolph Churchill's
election manif.-slo nays ll regrets that lils " honest In.lig
uation has caused min to lapse Into his earlier contro?
versial manner " Continuing Ike /n/o.sars:
The vigor sud pungency of tin- Baaifeeto cannot t.e.ie
i,u-.1. hut lt would have gained in ell.ct I! ll had been
couched lu more chastened language.
J hi .\tirt, .jinan ..Hug on the (.limehill marnte.- to.
We may well xhV: Mr. Chamberlain whether lie is pre?
pared to commit thc destinies uf the (..iniii) to tills
political spirit. Tbs u.auifrsto ls ss insulting to Ireland
aa lo Ifr. Glaaetaae, aad ls each aa expraesleB of party
pa*-ion aa ls happily biiilpiial III Kugilsh politic*.
- ?
LoNiniN, .June 21. Parliament will bc ])ro
rogu.-d on 1 il tay. rhe dissolution will take place on
KIWI NOTE!. El.oM london.
I_..M,i)>, June '.'1.
tgVBUM VlCffOBia'gLOM IlKio.N.? Ihe forly-iiiuth an?
ni.essay ol *,u._i. Vicloii.t's accession to the Li._.i.u
throne vm celebrated on Saturday night by the
ll.ncliers ot tho reta pla by a nerles of amateur dramatic
Mn. lu lu's I.nu i BtrtT.- F. .-AUorney-Oencral Ifenry
James win appear for Cyrus w. Field, and Uh aria* Baa
?alt, Attorney-General, for Henry Lao..ucl), rn In tim
llliel sint brought by iiir fermer against the proprietor
of Loudon lrulh. Tho trial begins uris Friday.
A _UUU>B.. BXPBftll sci:?THIBTSBM I.ivr.S 8CP
POCKD Tn bi: tai-!.
LOJTDOH. Jone21. 'I lie American nliiji Frank
Pendleton, Captain Nleuols, from San Francisco, Febru?
ary 13, has arrived at (j/i>'-n*'own. Hie bason board
the mate ,.f the British bark Ai kio-*, Captain 1'ye, from
Manila for Montreal. The Arklow wss In collision on
May*- with an unknown vessel, and was cut to the
water's edge. The captain, his wife and child ami ten
seamen look to the ilfe-b .at. The mate put efl alone la
a small op.-n boat. Ii is feared that the occupants of the
llfe-tm.-it were lost. The in ne had a teri Ib'.e ex poi lenee.
He wi? far ssahl days Without loud, wat-r er elotblnc
Hie storea he had provide i himself with bavin, aeon loel
br tbe eap?i/.lng of his boat. He clung to tim keel for
twenty-ell hours, and then _ucce.de.I in righting Hm
craft. Ho hung np Ins shirt for a sall and eangut a few
living Uah. winch he ate. Ile procae led slowly for six
.lavs, looking In vaia for a sall, and ikea bec .m.- nii'-on
BClons. While lu thlscoti.l'lioii his boat was sighted on
May I'l hy the Frank Pendleton ami Ito was rescued.
LuMiuv, Juno 21.?The yacht Galatea wUL
lt ls now expected, sail for (few*Tort on l-aliirday.
THi: BURIAL OF KIM; I.unwin.
Mink ii, .linn' 21.?.Murmurs ure beard on
all sides regarding th" treatment, o.' King Ludwig. The
people usg why his bo.Iv was not baned in tho grave of
ins fathers in tba TheatlneT Ohnreh instead of berag
placed in a vault cniit-tfiiln-'thc. hod'es af distant rei i
Urea, The official reason given la tba! tho royal vault
la already ore rd led, bat Ibe hu.ni.le classes heliove that
ll ls because the Klug committed s.ilcldo.
IM nishmmnt ol BELFAST Klori:!:-*.
Belfast, .lune 21.?Five men lum* boru
sentenced to ImprtSOnmeal for lenin varying from four
m six months for folnlna l' ?'? rioters who felled, kicked
and nt.nod twenty -live Calli lite factory women.
lill; ABBE I.I-/.T ILL
I.i.M.'.v. .lune 22.?The DaUn Telegraph
says that the Abba Lissi k nt at Weimar aad that kia
pbyslctaaa lear that bis condition ht n..pn;. *s.
h. ii. swirl .! co, .-i'-i'i np, wini i.i.Miii.niKS or
The raflpeturion of H. IL Swift it <?<?., Inport*
ita of annan at Xe. 06 Plae-ek, end at Paraambaea
ls announced. They worn the principal Arni In
the Braalllaa sager trade aad weroaappaeed ta he worth
haifa mnlioii. The liabilities, as nearly as they ,an
be estimated, are pal at 11,000,000, The gic-it-r
pal 1 is duo lo banker.* (or adv in.-cs. Tito BBBOte ON
'lite h islness was established ovor tlilrty years
ago. 'Jiu* linn ls eompOOOd of Ilumphrey IL
Iwtfl, Alfred c.. Swift and Henry F. Bitch.
A.fr.d <;. Serif, wa* admitted la January, 1*77
Daniel M. Hollins was a partner from l*-7."> to
1**1. Tka linn, B few days ago, gave chatiol
nortaaeea on natures for 914,000 to J. c. i?e>
inno, ami the Meean, .-wife also In dividual!)'
gave chattel mortgage* ..ii |0 Lust Bitty sonnd-st.. and
US Baal Fortieth-sL, ta Mr. Delano for tho tame
Thcgeneral paseenger kgeota of thc trunk
lines met a coiinnitiee from th" transatlantic steamship
IIocbatCommlssli.r Fink's edies wi hreepeet to cou
fciring on some disagreements whicb hue arisen mer
ihe lunnlgr mt p.o: Ililli.-. K. 8. Sandfort, secretary of
till -tranship Conference, pr-seutel tho case of tho
wean Unca, rho naw immtgraul clearing House went
into effect on Jone 1. with the rates to the \v..*t ad
vane.-.i to the basis ol .-ri:, from New-York to (inca.-..
ll un* e.pinned l.y Hie steamship lines mat Iii"
igcnta of ttte ii.a.el I i u ii it f Cali ida lu Liverpool aul
Bremen Bad aol oin. rv,*.i the Baree mani which the r.-iu
-oa.i* and Ute ocean lines entered Into at tho time, willi
ihe effect of cm ting i otes to me detriment of the \ew
'i ur,, i.e. au linea. 1 ii Bteatnahip ' nf r.-.,.-e demanded
Hutt the established rates l_s malntalued by ali t e
'rank lines or the (.tract between thc i.i roads and
lie ocean linea be sbi .gated. Afier a full discussion,
ni am:, un..-ai ia a.'.* i..ii ai- rea-ii.-I. the tr.mk . .
pledging themselves tn prevent any irregularities ol Boy
>r their iiuiuiier and the steam -r linea agreeing to abide
jy tin- Juni- acree nene
RAPID r:\N-ii iv a ri. wnc Avcvt'i:.
The Long leland b-levutixl .tail way Company
? ii foi -iii.n.y in .- i.ii,.-1 y. -:,r i iy tn Brooklyn by the
?ii-ciion of the following dirac torc: Anetta Corbin,
rVllllain Blebanleon, J Rogers Harwell, Newberry H. J
root, Henry Graves, frederick a. Behr.ter. Beary W. ;
Maxwell. Parallel W. Bo woe, WiUlata B> Kendall and
lonu U. Jenkins, lin. telectal these eflioers. Presi
i. nt, Austin Corlitn; vice-president, Wiinau Klebanl
.a n.r, \. ll. Frost; secretary, H. w. Maxwell.
iltlces will.,? ned at A lautle and Tb.rd arra. a
ssntlon -.- is presented to I ie Brooklyn ll..ar.I ol kider
nen yestei lay a-., lu a* r,>r rouaeutto nun I tbe road aid
..it lor the company lu At a.itio-are., rromHoutb Ferry
.. i. .,.* i New-Tone, lt wa- ten to tbe Kallroad Com mit
The .mpun! uit-otiutcdof the nu boh compauica
vin- appoin-ed for y. st. inlay at Portland, Ore.?the
iregon Kai.way anl Navigation aad the Oregon lm*
I... in nt at ll a. m., uni lit.- Oregon and 1 rans.'unJ
lental al no ? :.. .vt tn,- ofUcea of the companies lu mis
ll j' i.. i liewa lia I le eu .i Ve. I. alni li uti,* wa* SZpeC - 1
leinie to- lay, I .'? dill rena In time and Ute ...ng
Imo required for the transmission of ineaaaaea would
n ertere willi the receipt ol any pr.vine dispatch *.
11..* result ni th.* eleciious, however, im been a fore
tone roueluslou for some t ie, a _ al tba meetings
bore was probably no opposition rota
? a>
W.-iiiv. i..**., Jone 21.?Mr. Henley, of Cal
foroia, to-day Inuoduoed the tellowlag roselatloa La
. e:
li A,;-, tts, lt appeals fi.un the published reports of
be li., ii Pa Itlv Bal i road Company thal Ihe said eon
? ....I', without tbe rouevnt of Congress, did Imue ia
--.n $5,000,000 uf collateral tru?t beads, also
-.,,1 IK), OOO ol 'I pei ctnt coll , ir ra l tl nat !>? mis. di I |av
li\ :,|. inls in I"-ll and 1*- I not wi t. st andi ii g Ibe e\i?t
?II,.t .1 .mi-* ll.In? debi ol f ill............ ii. a-.. I in 1 -**.(
,i .1 1 *-., .ipi guarantee interest on -si LOU I.I I iregon
. ,,.t Lme i...mi-, ni defiance of me provisions of tba
aa or 1--7H, Beet lon 1 ol Volume wu., btatutee-at
__i % . i.ifora ii? it
,?.,,',../, oy tn.- House of Representattrea, that tba
.ttornev-G. neral he ami he i* hereby directed to prose
ite all oittcei. o. said corporation, civilly and crim
nally, Bgataei whom there ts latBcleni evi lenee te war
ant Judgment or conviolion.
mi-<'t.i.i.\m..?ira um;.ww imtbllioexce.
M-i.hANK i-Al I*. W. T., .lu o SI.?Kesoltllloiis have
..-en uiiuuiuioii.ly adopted by a largo inass-iueetlii- of
?i preseniative el tin n* declaring th it Ihe proposed Coo
,r. sslonal forfeltare or the bands granted to ai I the ooo*
inn tion of the Cascade braucli of the Northern i'aclic
; lit..a 1 WOBld DC **a fatal blow to the liu.st vital litl.-i
:sts or ever] settler, mei h.nie, ut .niitaciur.-r, miner
tint nrll*aii of Wasblnglon Jenn,.rv." A m..s-.|ii.-cling
.i cinz.iis of (?ini. hi couniy aaa aleoaaaatawaely
t. opted res.ililli,,,i* in opposition loth.- bill.
'Ld.ii...,Ohio. June 'Jl. ?Ino reorgaBisatiea of Hie
toledo, (iiicliiiiati aad St, Louis road Bas been efl. <l>-!.
lestree! a for iheehangiag of the gauge were eoaaramd.
Iain.-- (.nn.-.ey, of .Ncw-Vork. was elected pr silent |
..-.us. I_ lirall.ury, of Peoria, HI., Tlce-presid. nt ; and
Isaac Ti. Walt.*, ..I Ks U V oi k. se, rstary and tre..sur.r.
Ihe stock wni be isMie.t h* f?.,...wa: Preferred Bl..ek.
-.,,-n.',..uni comm.m. .*? l_l,..n.i,iinii; h..nd-, SH.SOO.OOO,
l-l. Pat I, Mimi., June 'Jl.?The annual in.etlug of lli?
hoi kholders of Hie sit. I'aiil and Duluth Kallroad bogan
il BOOB to-day. Tbs election of di rectors resulted In the
(election of < harles Drake, of W'millington. DC; O, H.
Baldwla, of New-York: James M. Utile, Wiiiiaro
Kbawn, Ol PuiUdelplna; diaries Kilreltlld, af liosloa ;
J. J. lllil. li. P. UpBaSB, W. ll. llsuer and James r-iiin.ii.
|r., of .- t- I'auh
DJ VELOPIEQ A l.A Rill. IROS Rl.lil'iS.
Philadelphia, Jttoe 21 [Special). A ?yodi
rate C'olnpo-e.l ot capila,Itt* living ni this cl)' ai"1 Hie
Interior Of the -late wi,I Within a lea Ua>* piitiliase Hm
Valentino non ore tract lu Iho I.ai.l Baffle Vu.,cy uf
Lenire COOBty, tins .-tale, consi.tnig of 13,000 acres, al
a cou of about 11,000,0001, Ills Ibo largest cou*
Banoal body of iron ore lau I lu 'ho -'.ale, and, next to
ms Cromwell eta beaks at Lebaaea, saul to tm the i lal
?et,asaaylng55paroeatof noa te tka tea, Ike pan
i luteers aili a: once bogia ih.- darelopaMBi ?f ike prop?
erty. Large aaaatiilea of tue ore are lo be snipped te
Pittsburg, bm um prodaet of the faraacos is io be
snip...*.I lo lld. walar .t.i tho line* of tue 1', nm) I vania
Km,r.. ei Cowpaay.
challis ll. MACS SI for 0ON0BEES
Kuir. I'cii'ii., Jinn) 21 (Speetatl.?CoBBplote
Bepabtteaa prBaery rata rae from Kens, Vanna ead
Vcnuiigo Coiiulles, couiprisiug the tamati -sevmitu Ju?
dicial district. Indicate thal ii.ai..- W. .Mickey, uf
li.ink)) n, has kean nominated for Cong rase. In* nom?
ination is aractlcolly a rhalleaya to Doutaaratta < ...
gicssu.au W. i. .cull lu mi. -gam.
Man's BIAKT?COLU Hi;i D wu liol i uah.
Henry \V. Colet, who stabbed rad killed
Thomas Flanagan, Ma cil*?y House cah driver, lu ll.
?J. Baag*abarroom,al Bo. i.'_i-t Broadway, waalaefcad
"pin tne.IelT. r*on Mark..! prison last nl.hr. He was
I Ikea to me Jelorsea Market PoBea Court lu the morn?
ing from the Tiventy ninth I're. lint station, where he
spent Baada? night, by OBeet Jeegel. aka rn rested
him. When arraigned before .lu'tim W-lde. In* had |US|
bean Informed of the death of his victim and tho news
h id iiiiiu ired iilui considerably, lu .in-..:et ta eaeel oas
hy ihe i Hst no ha sud that ho wa* hom la Tanami)
lived at Bo. IBS Plecrepout-et., Brooklya, aad aaa a
1 I ...l.eep.r hy o.-eupa'ion. I'ldi. .-in ni .lae.-.-l toid the
'natlee that Ftanagna waa dead and hadtnllyl aatined
cole* as tn* aeeallaat balara he died. Colas wa*
remanded without ball to await the nation of tho Onad
Ile wa- seen in hi* cell in the afternoon by a Tn ic. i HI
r.-p irt.-r. Ba ia rather a goo.l-l..oking young maa and
wklir hie ayes were tiightiy bloodshot his face.lid not
bear tko OTldeacaa cf ? protracted debeneb or of steady
dissipation. He ivis plainly bul neatly dressed aad
appeared lo feel hi* position ke.oly. Whoa aaked imout
th.- itabblag ba sala;
" I di 1 the Butting In soil defence. I left the store at 1
o'clock saturday and timk several drlaks during the
afterasoa and drank more or ieee during Buuday; bat at
the tliue I met Fla I agau I aaa Dot drunk. We went into
tko plaoa m Broadway to get a drink, and there waa
?asea dispute abonl the payment, bat nothing serious,
end I turned to ga oak I had just got oatt, le of the door
leading Into lha hallway whoa Bowebodj struck n.e,.
-talent blow la the jaw from behind. I turned quickly
and SlthOUgfa ll w,i* dark iii the ln.liway . nd I was lialf
daaed from the blow, I eaw that I -.v..* attacked hy two
men. I wini...I nil two or throe !.lows, hut was-truck
euee ur twice non*. I thou thought of tho lak-eresoi
which I always .aired in my waistcoat pocket, aad
pulling lt nut notcklyl struck out once mechanically.
1 lind ii,i kies that 1 midd HM .tn -ci Inn- Injury amt only
u.*.-d tba eraser whoa I thought that I -fae In serious
danger ol Mug don. up myself. Witt -ii Hie two men i?ft
lue alone I ran awuy, and waa stopped by tbecWeer. I
mu not 11 henry dunker and only did the cutting When I
wan In fear of my lit.-. "
Many friends called 01. c.>s itt the prison um! every?
thing will be lone for lum thal lt ls posalbls to do.
At il. 11. ( 1.iiiiu ,v On. "a store In Church-st., where
Coles baa beeu stu):loved a* a bookkeeper for twelve
years, Mr. Koaa.oneol the Brm, said tnat so far aa bbl
work waa concerned thoie had heen uo causa to com
pam of idle*. Ile wao a steady, lund worker, under*
-?.I in* hu-'ne-* and attended to lt. \\ nen lie read ..f
Ibo unfortunate adair In tue papers reelerday, Mr. foes
?ill hew ia couiplet-ly tii.iu.lei-tiurk. Mr Armstrong,
( oi.-s'* Immediate superior, said tba! wi.tie he know that
Coles drank sometimes, he never knew bim to be drunk
Or to los.' a day's Bulk on BCOUUnt Ol In teni pei ate h nut a.
Ile led tbe store at 1 o'clock on saturday and was tbea
perfectly straight Coles had had family trout lee aad
1.1* drinking aaa attributed to that fact. He caine o a
......I family in one of the Eastern -iat>*s and bad some
liitluenti.il relative* I uer,,. Anning ni* associates IB tne
0 ii.-e ba waa well liked, and 11 ti? besides tba murder
aaa talked of la tba store Too lak-araser wtlfc whlcb
ti..- Mantung area done la web bb ia used ordinarily i.y
bookkeepers, one side being sharp f-.r about twoinohee
an.i ii-.d for sharpening pencils. Coles cairi-d it habit*
nally in ina nralstooal 1.k.-t. mut cuiy u few minnies
belora be left I ... .tore on H itarday bad loaned lt lo ..no
of ills associates.
Alter Flanagan, tba wounded man, bad Identified bia
assailant, ba wae taken to the few-Tork Hospital, not
dad ai 1 a. m yesterlay. L'orouer Nugent Issued a
1 cr...lt for the removal of tko body and it waa taken to
tue houie of the dead limn at No. lin Weal thirty*
m*( .md *t., where lt was prepared for hm lal. .'lanagan
len.* it wife nnd siv children, the oldest a hoj nt
? .-a u lian tm, body was brought nome the scene
was edee tl na Ib the extreme, Many ..f the sympathizing
friends aud iici-'huora oalle.t to oiler their coudoleuee,
nn.l carara load and deep were beatied on Colea.
Flanagan will be hurled In Calvai v I'etuetery, but it has
not i-ton decided at what tune.
Before t'oles wee taken t.? court yesterday morning a
I'n. .,f thirteen came t<> tbe -t itlon aud introduced bim
self to -er_e.ini Pr aaa sa the. soa of tba murdered man
ui-ii asked tu iee tin- prisoner. The sergeant had rb.iy
c.-.*lv ?.* nciied anil be waa 1 ben ibown Into tbe cell.
H.- noked eloaelr nt the prisoner, ~ 00k bis h*ad and
theo walked out Cross ashen why he wished to see the
pi oner. .I.e inc,- s.ni coolly: "i ti.ghi maybe I
could Identify him, bal I nevei *.u bim before."
At the (ilise) House, where Flanagan had Leen ever
since the house opened, a lu&eerlpuou waa started for
tbe funiilj 01 to murdered mau. The anhscrtptioua
I up rapidly and over 91U0 hal beea pall iu
.-e.,t;i.. ai...ut the hotel . lanagan bad tho reputa?
tion of iielag a nulet. ao'ier man who would bethe last
1. an In 'h.- a.,rld to seek -i qoai r.-i witu auyb 1 iv.
droner Vu .??Mil hell un autopsy upon lite body "f
i'l ,n ,k.h. and found tn,it >l?ith aa b due to hemorrhage
li the left ? h.?-.:. The blade nf the Ink-eraser penetra I
i :,,'- Heart m.ne tli in three* platters ol au Inch. .
1 : ' 1 IB I) IXTO nfl I'l.i s-vi ?** A*,t> i.t'.l'T UNDER
I'.it (iiikiii'-'i., Jane 21.?The little village
ot Docer Plaina la agalu ea lied over a terri hie affair
a in. h occurred three miles ir.?-u tbat place ou rhnrsd iy
night, lu a dwelling ou Bast Mountain. Lafayette l>-n
1. is and bte wile tired In the bouse referred to, They
ba i a I.oar. I er, one I ll-ll i|i, WhO h l-l '.B tu:' led a a ay
from an.daer Imus fl lecail-t) nf liavin ' 111.1 lo ti Ott ila
1.1-1 Thursday Dight be aasaalted Mr*. Dennis and
knocked her down, and when .lt iii *'n 1 id ll irted to In*
lenore Bishop t,.ok a musket hy the barrel and a ti >b ? 1
lum with it, kn... king ni u M ne;.**, and thea stamped
upon 1.1 n 1 id ;. eked ti n 11 ml lha face and tie 11. he
Btdofl biting ..il.of h * Itu .-er* an 1 11 .r ol u ? * ir mid
hi eakiug in* left jaw. 1 lia na irasl neighbor wa* a qu n
teroi i mile aaa) and Bishop would ot let bis vu us
leave Ut ? house, lint Stood guard over tito 11 from 1 'a.na?
il iv till -aturduj night. When be (ted.
\- di i- - . c.1,il :, Sirs. Donut, craw.el tu the
neighbor", un 1 g iv tn ? danu, and yesterday a aum
her of people went to the bouse and found iMnnta witb
both eyes eioeed and bis face aud bead muub awolien.
1 h.- I? st nttou.lane ? possible was given bim an 1 ina
alfa, mid tula morning Hen is wa* taken to Dover
plains, where Justice Duteuir took bia tt-siluiouy and
then Issued a warran for Blsho|i's arrest Dennis 11
??ve. and be heliev -, ta do also the people who
bave icon bim, tb it ba e mnol live, Ue is a pensioner.
BABB W'.ikk A r 1111: STA 11: CAMP.
State Camp of Isstbcctiox, Pkekskill,
jun,* al.?All ni-.,t the creal tented village lying la tba
db ural amphitheatre formed hythe Highlands ..f the
Hodson remained In quiet thal wool 1 bave been almost
oppr. ssl ve to one trouble 1 with luso nula, Mo regiment
that ha* encamped n**r-? in the last two ye .r. can take
this distinction away from tba old llth,and if a medal
should bo .limed to the neut orderly regimeat Bl nignf,
tko awardlaur of lt to tka lltb would be a gratldcatlon
to ail baada la camp ootai ia ..f Ute regtmenl a ma i
rhe reglmsat la receiving tbe plaudits of rn- military
am bon Dei an i a.. others Intonate 1.
At reveille ilia moraine tbe real m irk of tito camp of
Instruction, rn ill thal the infer aron! Implies, beean In
earnest, and Ior tbe ll ?ttiiueclnoc tbe lim Begiment
ita* ne 11 111 ? ..inp in,- dally lou. me ita published iii oiu.-r
\n, 1 aaa folio wed io me latter, tdjutaai Nut i? a
thoroughly rflli lent ofBcer, aad so Mit* morning at 8:30
" ibe foin,anon ol ?..-ut guard mounting .ill
, 01 san bim, be ..; Jerad li trie 1 over until ;t wa* ..oue in
p credit a.n-r. Al batlalioa drill tho men le?
eched instruction In * eh ia -v- mend .*> cannol t?> iona
Uno Igb Bl the al in.ir,. The Dumber of men 111 camp IO
dav ny ,.penlee ia as follows: A. '.lo : ls, 10; 1. 34;
H. 45; B, 6..; I', M, (.. IO; ll, i-1 I, .j; k, 17;
Bold and stat!, Ix.
Qim ol' DB STEELS.
I.i.mii: \, Jane21.?The will of Dr. J. Dorman
Steele, ibe author of numerous school text-kooka, waa
admitted to probate to-day hy Burragate Helter. Dr.
Hole gives t**..oi.ii <o tka ((aldwin Mr.ct Methodist
( hinch, winch was burned the Bight af'.'-r Ina death,
?.m.uni) to toiiiiii tue "Mc-le Professorship of Theist io
.-. lei ce " in I In- Bj r.u-il-i* I nlv.-rsi y, and mortgagee and
landa to tba amount ol eoo.OOOor m..re tom tlntalu in.*
ci.mr. Iii* library 1* bequeathed to iho wile, with ah
Bthei personal property.
A ii- r i.i; 1 ? .'.m. .lune 21.?Mayor Cann ichael
ami n.e Aluermoa ol Amatenlaaa, wno were lodietod ou
a charge of having vtol ited Ike citv ci.a- ter ny expeud
lag more Ikea the 940,009 allowed for oily purposes,
areco tried thia altaraooa at Fonaa. Jadga PTeatbrook
instructed ino iury th it tko Mayer aad tba AMeriaeu
hud not vtulai.-d the law, and they wero tkerefoCB at
OaWBOCaj June 'Jl.? Tho Ann ru un llr.ineh of Hie Irish
National League of lilia city to-day forwarded to tlio
Kev. Pether t hsries (/Bellly, of Detroit, treaeoror,a
draft ior BOBO, ta h.* added io ike ParHaamaiary fund.
1',..*ion, June 21 [SfieciulK? Clim les \\'^oll.y
and wife, of templeton, have not llfed together for a
year, Mr*. Colby ls twenty-four and her hushami ls
nearly amy. 1 l:e -a...nut entered tho family of Mr.
Hill, Bl Hast Te.i.pletou, as Imusekeeper seveial uiontli.
ago. Mr. Hill and ins faintly were nt supper on M.itur.Uy
evening, whoo lollly rushed Into Iho house. Mi*. Coloy
sin l.d far tko pantry, .-mered .iud attempted ta BlOOS
tm. door aftor lier. 1 oihy wu*. alOM behind her mid
puning the door bark, sailed lier. A struggle ensued tu
win.ii ne,ii,-* a revolver from bia pocket aad Ind.
Bba Blipped away tram him aad ra eatared ibekltehea.
Belora be could tx* latereepted be wa* again etosa to imr
a. .1 tin-i aaolber -tc i- Althoagh deaperately wounded
m.* woman ranked .ut ..f dean ead siartod down mo
pal, WkOB Sha n-ceive.l a llilrd nn.l faun wound and
di-ppe.l l,y Hie m..1-1.io alioul t.-u md* ti.'i.i ti.e house.
Colby triad le amke kiaeeeape, hut was pursued sud
1 spured amI delivered to me authorities of Uardaaf.
11.' .1 // HICBOLS t A l oin E\ BA l.TIXloRR
BaI.TIMOBR, Jinif .Jl.?A loiiicly Inokililf
... . .1.. ....I ali .\.iuul.*. ?a? all.mi.d neill I.. .Ut UU A
hail piece, from N-w-York un I will he ireturned to that
city. |ha ls charged With having kept au opium tolnt
and with having Induced girls af teador year* to vMt
her place. When arrested.! New-York she gavo hall
aud dd io Baltimore.
DKtTBOCTIOB of mt: i.v-tiicik. kau; bi'ildinu
?pamack ic. TLAMBO,
Ibt nuoaara w rai Tfiiut;aB.]
BotTOB, Jinn' 21.?A aerlooa lin* occurred
this afternoon in this cit}. r-'siCtlng la tho d( aili of at
leant seven ineii and Hie destruction of the largo
ln*fit'it? lair building. This hut ding is situated ou
Rnnttagtoa-avo. it was erected la Iii- kr tka Haw*
England Manufacturers and Moe nani os' Institute nt a
co-t eielnalre o' n.e land ol about 1500,000, Tin
banding iud about eight earea available fat exhibition
puip.isc*. The property waa soil roeoatly to tba Met?
ropolitan Street BaBway Ceeapoay torfSOQiOOO, includ?
ing me land, .-u.o thea it baa boee u*<-1 for a eai repair
shop and m..r. house for car* not reqaiTOd for lutinediate
Thara wera inverai hundred hoi cur-in iho banding
today, and only oue was saved. Thc alarm '.v.is rung hy
.1 mau who was nt work half a mile away when ba MW
Hu* -un.I... issuing from the building. H.* ran BCTCea tho
fields nnd when he reached Hiiiitinglon-.i.e. lie saw
lavara! men trying to open tho lire alarm Lox. He
dashed a stone against the eovec and ruliei the alarm.
By that dine tbe Barnes bad spread Ikreegkoal the i.ig
-'ructi,re and wets leaping through the roof. ft.tense
heat drove beek all wl.u aoiiglit tc enter the door, and tho
roof h ii v, it ii aaraak before tho Int engine arrived.
I'ho work of the Incendiary was well done. It was a
nugnideent sight end one that has never beea excelled
unca the tig Bro. The rapidity with which the flumes
Spread was appalling. Workmen sought to save theil
toole aad loci hair aad skta before they coold get nu* of
the building, Abott 100 ears, many of them newly
varnished, was the material <>u wklek the Haines wen
feeding. The great haiii-hke structure waa BO full of
dame thal the very wails weto blown out. Firemen
tri.-d t-J turn their stream* throngh the Madows, bal the
water seemed ta add to the fuel, and ttn-y could only
?ate surrounding property. Workmen on tka opposite
*nle of the building from the pomt sf origin badaBaoel
a* --reaf difficulty In making their escape as did Hiose
tn- tier the lirst hurst of Hame.
lt was in tho east end of tho hullding, lil the car
pent, ts' shop, tint tho most heartrending trag.- ly
occurred. 'I lie WidnoWB, for somo iinuccnuntal'le reason,
wen covered with screens ma le of i|Uiirter-iii'li wire,
and to thia catlee muat be attributed the loee of several
liv.-* of the Imprisoned worknen. ouo \?>ot felloe
s u e. i de.l In f.d. lng a bole though the wno harrier willi
his foot, winch I.," au e entangled and be *? a< bul ned t.<
death In full view of the crowd, hie nod) filling within
the furnace, A mau whose nama is not yet known, was
driven out of tho window ot the second story hythe
lian.*. He wss about to leap, had pat one lag over the
win.low sill, arbon the r....f alxive fell In and pinned lum
fa*t where he wa*, n.i ladder ..mu.any had arrived and
t a . rowd of ii hundred or more ni-n outside were
powerless to rendel Bsalatauco. Tho .limos followed
almost Instantly and the imprisoned man perish*.I In
it ony befon tho horrified eve* ol his friends below.
Two of lits fellow-workmen, John MeNuity nod J. F.
I'al.eii, were len inly burned living to scale Ibe wall to
reeoli their .lying (.ira lo Hi- suderlnge wen me el
fully short. Tim awful furnace of flame soon wrapped
him about in tire ami smoke and Ins last moments wen
shielded from thc -ighl of tba ir oe ta tors. Bo) long after
the wail itself g ive war and n 'thing more wa.ii.
Tka exa.t lo-* of life I* not yet known, lpn. s
o'(lock tills evening tin charred remains of seven bo lice
had li-eii taken ii un the rums, an I lins ;* not supposed
io represent the lou of life. The actual l..*s to the Met*
ropoiitan ls estimated by President Blckards at abonl
1100.000, although tiii? i* about one-fourth of what the
hullding it*cif coat orittlnally; but the Metropolitan
Company purchased it al a small amount aoove the
value of tbe laud, rhe Insurance will nearly eover the
actual ms* l.y the company.
Tho total loee ta placed it about S250.000, on wh'ch
there la an Inearance of $100,000 It is believed thal
more bodies will h.* r. e.iv e I limn tho ruins all! tliat
nore than tevea lives w.-ro nsf. The men w-ho ar.* bow
koowa t? have perished am William Taylor, a wood
worker, sixty-nn.e yean oldi Oliver Frost, s carpenter,
?lxty-sev*-n year* old; Patrick Lyons, a earpenter,
rnirry years old; Alexander Campbell, seventy yean
old, a pattern tu ik ir,
i i.i-'Cinic v.;::i.s mu;, a ii.:r.-iin. DAM aaa
BAS i")').
Two electric light arti ea became crossed in
front of tiie store ol' Weclisinr A: A .rau.nn in l-'ulton-*;.,
Brooklyn, about ."> p. m. yesterday, liu-y Igulted Ike
woodwark of a window casement and toe damee enpl
Into tim second thor of th i big bull Han. - > at 2.000 or
3,0 ..I pcrsooi wire at tti? counters, tnoel of them
w.mien. When iho Bre-engtnea rattled up a sort of panie
occurred, bm the cara of the employee pro*.
vented any serious results. A seora or mora women
f .Hit *.!. A* *o. ni a* thc tir. ? wis noticed on tue outside
of the h nhl n_f a stranaer told Desmoud Dunn, tbe ad
rei [taloa anent, who waa al tbe .'.mr. Under the dlr .
tn.ii nt Buperinieudeui IcNulty tn* noorinan on aecn
floor --oi. out (Be d ve lines of hose lu the mni lin/and a
ladder was run up outside, .-ooh tbe part where the
tim occurred wai Hooded.
By the lime tbe On engines arrla d tbe
iii" wa* practically out, hut loveral streams
?acre pilled ii ou tba building and the
firemen weni through uni tore up ibe Doon when
aasa y suspicion of damea Much damage n ts
done by water to th. nocks of .coil* lu tba st ie urta,
i. idlng where the Om occurred, rhe most dam ge a i*
lu th? cloak in i - il lep irtmenl on the teco I iio,.r.
Mr. \I Sttltyeati ii.-ilea tue loss on that floor al -.'..non:
in tba furnishing good.partmeut, on the dru floor, at
j 0,000; in th.- lumlture department, on Hi* third
Hour, ar #4,000: tn ibe delivery departtneut, in
tho I) is-meit. at (3,000, and Oil the
top flo .' - il f .'.. Bl IklllK a WI il of lo*s nu the Stock!
o ? 11.0 m. ibe damage io the building I.nt I mat. lat
ti.'i ui. Tue police estimated the euttre loss ai jlO.ooo
M any of the employes rau fron the building wi iou!
their bala, Aiioul 150 girls were at work on the fourth
Boor and when they mw the imoku they attempted to
run down stairs, they wera prevented from apnadlug
a p.imo i.y a fireman.
Ciiicago, June 21,?A dispatch hon De*
rater, Ind., soya: rhe oil jus were startled early yeo.
terday mornloi by a terrille eppleston which shook
i very bouse In tbe oliy. Ai alarm of On waa Bounded,
jud it was foun l in it i:. i'. Trevor's 1. ni vue itore rn ia
n ruin*. I'i 0:11 lite pla'e glaBI front, WUlch Waa blown
lo atoms, to the rear of the Urge ruin wen scat! red
fragments of maohlnery. stoves and other noon. 1'ne
inttn rear part, walls md roof, wen a miss of ruins,
rom win. it tl nnes leaned, cries ot distress coming
'rom tbe ruins told tbat some one wea burled un lor
:bent Water was soon pouring on tho flames, au l tho
?Sorta al rescue wennwardad n a short time hy tbe
,.,.n ry ol a m 11 wuoae ones bad been beard. He
proved to ba J.ihii Onler, a clerk, who lived ou the
ieciid floor. Ho was Burned aul -raslie |, aid di d
?um n two boura titer hi* raseu. gmat manny, rna
Ire B s *....n pal out, Il ls SOppOSed that B BBB of
Ntdzine 1 1 tue wararoom sprung a.-.i*: and a* tim clerk
rent Into tba room willi > lamp la his bant tua explo*
1..111 neilin- ni. Ino ...** WIII tie al.out 915,000,
Au'.anv, June 21.?The <?nl taylor brewery,
t stx-etory brick structure 200 feet long t.y 111 mi ie,
elth a capacity of 250,000 batrele a year, wa- ioiny
leeinyed ny dn to-night. There wero abonl 20,000
waneta of hariet in the asalt-honae, nearly all of winch
s a total io**. The damage m about 915o,000; incur
mee, |105,000 on ino hud.lin.* and $20,000 ou tue mock
mu lix,Hie*.
Port Jarvis, N. v., June 21.?A An nt
Parker's Waa, Penn., las: night destroyed the oilleo of
Ihe Kllgam Blue Stone Company, Winfield'* store and
(ententennd Temperance H.iii. Thasafa la the Ktlgam
It'iie* -lone Company's oihe.* w.is .....en and all the papen
waredeatroyed. i uo los- is about #5,000 ; partially
ii am 1:1 ino, June 21.?The su?'?r au t em ton aranhonaa
of Paul Jaoobs, tn thia etty, hos been destroyed hy lire,
'the loss ls?250.000.
TBE civil. BSRYICS LAB sr sri isfik
BoSTOX, .lune 21 [SpCCUlt].- ('ovei ntir Kolan
iuii, as waa cenonUy cipec'e.l. hus _ et... .1 tue goIdleCC.
Bxemptloa lull, ll was a pernicious uieastire, cal
enlntad to practically ennui ni" Civil Service law. It
r.-liovn.t Soldiers (rom iii" nee. sully ut unli.?..;i,,' tho
competitive biamliiallana,
\N lilli, sn I.lin u e*i-1, i n ? .-*, W. Va., June j I Mrs.
?.igu \< oi n.n in, i ini* i. -i- ?'. ii ?* boca committed to
jail ai Lewlsburg to await Hie result of gan shot
wi.un-is mill, led hy her upon ono \V'alkrr, who called at
Mi*. Workman's house yesterday and kaeCCCd for ad?
mittance, winu the woman threw tito dior open and
il.-cu .1 -.cu a load of hiickahut lu Wa,k -r's fae* Two of
lite shot entered the brain >hlough Hie right eye. Wal?
ker will die.
THI DOMBD sn: \mi-.u sold.
Hath, Me.. Juno 21.?A. If BbICIUBB. of TTrw Tart
has bought Hi" .louted a;,-allier Meteor for jJO.ihi), and
win convert h.-r uno a ptaaeun ) a. lil.
PlTTBBCBO, June -.'1 ISpeetatU?At the Union
Depot to-day Dixey H*wit?u tried to kill
Ins wile am! aistrr-iu-law. He aud
Ins wife lei'.tr,,i.i I a year ufo and tho latter
went lo live witn h.-r slater, who lives lu ibis
elly. Hawson nus n, eu eui|.|..ye.l out of town. He
wrote a letter lo hi* wife rafueetlna her to meet him at
th.- Ualofl In-pot Uti* Btonlag when ho would erralige lu
ohtaiu a divorce. The hQaband insisted that they iik.iiu
livn tok'eih.aaAud upou the wife's refusal drew a re?
volver and tired twice. Uno hall grated las wile's .Lo-a.
Dawaou wu* au cs.cl.
STAI.TMNO THE I'of.icK IH(Mic.O')? opkmno TO*
[nr Ti.i.i'.<'.i:*rii lo i uk mtM nhl
Cbicaoo, .Mini' 2L?The t iii of tuc sit
Anarchists for participation in the Hay mark r ina-sicie
lieiran lu the Criminal Court this morning before .Iilrfe
cray. The prooaedlniB nora mara raw i than tne pub?
lic believed possible. The preliminary _MtMM of tho
counsel for the defence to (jiiash the In li-tm-uit* and to
obtain separate tri-tls were dlsp.uieil of speedily and the
attempt to procure a jury was entered up ea '.afore the
conelu-ion of tie futaaooa nessi.m. fa 'hs a.lernoon
the people wer.i startled hy Hie app -ar in ce of the
Anarchist Parsons lu court, accompan.ed hf th"* chief
eenneet for the defoaee. Captain w. P. Bluet. Tue en
trr of the notorious Anarchist, who has Wept cloie anded
covers nee the Bight of the riot was certainly a -nrprlse
to the police, hut hid hen In a measure
expected bf ti.e Hta.o Attorney. Ile il.-nom
1n-it>*.l it as a desperate ruse to er^a'e
Hie impression that tho Anare!,.ats were e..nfl le it of
their ahility to otr.*r a cond defence, li waiowin^to
the liifluenee and representations of Cap'i'll Ulick to
the wife of the ru_fitiv.) tl) it ho wis lu lue I to come
from his in.lim; plana. Peneena ai rt rea la front of tha
< ruin ii xl Court In B Hansom cali Shortly -ft'ir J: SO p. in.
His only companion was Attorney Meek, (quickly
ascending the stem to the Criminal Court hui.dunc they
pushed on arm in arm to tho ero-.led <ourt
roun ami elbowed their war throu-'ii. As they
were geing through Hie CfOWd, a po!n<*m ni
eicialni-'d: " (.rent heavens. It's Paran is." Alm.ict at
the same moment state's Attorney (Hint ell reco-rn/.-.I
the man and remarked to the Court that A. lt. Parsons
was In court and asked thal h.. be a' once placed under
arrest. Captain Illaelt said that tho stile's A torney
mi fond of s. ,,-a ;:;_- bis /eal. It was BgTOOd that. Tar?
anna ihanld plead not KUiUy, )oin with the others lu th j
motions winch had heen overrul'l and in their pr-sell!
lefeno-*. State's Attotney Orlnnoll then sahl:
"And now tl,at tho theatrical pan has heen got
llirou_.li wit ti. I move that tho prisoner he dm-ctcd td
take his m-at In thc dock with the other prisoners."
It was *oordered. When I'arsoni ontere I tho court?
room he wore a pair of gegglOB, but soon removed them.
Ho took a seat between N-elie aul I mel. He looked
worn and tiled, lhere was a thick dual cn hit c!othln_r.
His hair was several Inches longer than usual aud a
black atuntily heard overspread hts face.
" Parsons," sahl Lawyer Hack, " has not at any lima
tieen over one hun.Ired milos from the city."
In conversation Parsons declare 1 th it he ha.l been in
detroit for some time, but would vouchsafe nothing
kapong MM regarding Ma wanderings. Die proceed
laga of the '..re-.....i. tu tue trial were tame an ! eon) non
[.lace. There was no crush lu the inorinn.', tl.-j lg i am
[?le t.rorislon had been ma.lo against oue. Dae of tho
(triking pictures ol the court loom, wli'ii tho lud.-o en
.ere.l and took ala sent, was a jr.,-ip of ten comely
.aug women who occupied chairs on Me bench lin
mediately behind him, having boen granted the pr.vl?
ei;. ? by the court. They had come into court solely to
nive a lo..; at the Anarchists. At lOtM a ni. Judge
iury id .need ov.-r hi* spaM irloe at Hi" -tate's Attorney
ind said: "'.Ve,I, Mr. Urinuell, what U the lirst busl
"The State ls ready In 1.1.) >." MfNa I that otH-er.
'Let the prisoners be brought up." ta ? few moments a
?ourt hal:itt mareil".! Inuit i the six Anarchists, who
moped i:> aline up to the Court and took position* di
?ectly under the b-n< lu getlgec was absent, and lt was
.lien ascertained for Hie first time with cen univ thar ho
s about lo *avo lits neck hy Riving evidence fur the
-tate. Spies, leettlnn MM atti sprue.) ns ever, came
Irafc He v. as attired as usual lu a -int of blue
weam, en Whleh there was not even a
ipeck of pr.* ut dirt His h.dr waa
.'arofuliy brushed back fro n hi* forehead and as M t ook
id- eeoc, bo beana tn mad e newspaper wltk an air of
ipparent Indifference. Bchwao, look.ua mena and ?.-?
picable, as usual, oame next, H* Mllow rleaae w..s
blanched to aa tshy hue and his wak knOBB ki:oCK".l
together as he took, orer tbe tim of ins - icetaelee, his
Brat vi.-wa of the tn .ni .i before whit a ba li to ta trie I
for his ii'.*. Hamnet Pu*.den, *ouare-|a oed, beet lo*
browedaods rears looking iiuinped ea *tirtny. His
boshy whiskers seaiaed to ii ire ii bb lately lubtaeted to
a tri i u min.- pro. 'sa and U_> io ?_:? d saaMWb it i dior ti IO
ho .n.i durinz tiie preiiuiiuarr proceedings, ai .
Pl?eh.*r, long, lank, f ilr-hni-e 1 aid p,.**
faed came neat He aal with bunda
lu. lsd on Ins hat winch res ol on I. 4
kneen He listened attentive y to tbe preliminary
moll.ns of Ins counsel. I.oula Ijha- wis n. at.y di ??--. I
In black. Ho bal aa alt of areal Ind d renee upon nie
pale, regular fi dares. Butte i-.im.u ol forty. Ile le
loW-sl '? .1 ni I - j i ne I .wed. 11-.,ii Keene ls ail leet of
in ni In-lit. Un weighs uot lose than Soo p ml* and is
i well-built and well-proportioned man. Ills bia i> ir:y
bair was brushed liacK carelessly, r bis mustache sb]
roatee were carefully trimmed. After tn<*y were se '.
.pi un li..uk shook hands with each a in iu tbi I -
i /en. ifier ablon he inala tne . f bmUom
tv.nen '.ur,i at onea dei.I by Ute i wurt.
Attorney Poster, for tbe defence, then formally r* 11
the motion for and allid .vu* In support ..f a bow trial,
winn tin- lawyer was tbrougb a twl kia eaaM Inin
Tii.t__:?? G ry's arny ayes as ii" ia i:
" Prom your manner if presenting tbat motion f th nils
...ui'd it wltb tbe expectation of Its belan over
??. hat I* what wo expect, your Honor," rep iel the
. .ci aired law er.
" Well, I won't disappoint yon," *iiiv.iv rejoined tho
lu lae, a:.d Cu- aiMI"ii".. I lil-' nd, wine tao A lian: Inala
limbed ..ni WOU'lernd wli it was auiun on.
1 be > t.-ik tn- n . ailed the tirst bat. liol : irymea. <?f the
I ii i. ii n.i n examiued lor |nrj men e t .i dei I ired tiwi
tue) bad bb Dnwarenna prejudice against the delea i
un*. J ist belora tne forenoon adjourn meu I the Ptain
tttomey steted that bewoul i accept Men rv i: i han lier,
s Sf. upper, A. Haldnck end Hid ney ll. Wama In
be afternoon, after the Parson cpi*.,.te, tbe (our laren
iccepta.1 iii tbe date were auhjeete.t to n eerere <i ,m*
nation by the defsnee, particularly * ;.. whether
.r not th'-y beld any prejudice against tkiciallatl
is a c.a-s. Mr, t'nster ashed tint
f Itweroebowa that the a.Unga la tbo Ifaymerhal
aere called by socialists or communists, that 'he de?
[endants h ,d sympathy witt, the socialists or cnn
..ir lat*, hut had hoi i.-.uiiy eounaelied, erpnrtlesa
pated tn tbe throwing ..( the bomb, would tins fa_-l
kare any walatat witb tba lurorla paseiB* upon the las
rn? eui-.- if tbe accused. Hore tho coui lurerposed:
"I wll not allow that .pleat on lo he answered UBttl
t i- f ii uer Considered. 1 h it such .pi *tn>o- n ire l,.*ea
il lo wwi here In the peet, I sm Bot pi.-pn.-i io .buy,
in.it Mich question* are allowed la aay oiaer plaoa ta
un true mu I think sii.-ii a qaoatlon sli .u. I not be ala
..we.. I,. i..*r. eilis must lie-in SOIUI vi ere aad I
hu. k herc and now i* a vi. food place le begin Mil
Tbadefeoeeeecnaed Aldrich for enaee and excused
!.lirra | er. lupton.,'. Ill" court then laid Hilt tho
lefeuce Could select Ce uoxt tour men. 1 lu*,' ?!. iiiilli.-it
o tm*, hu' Itnall) proceeded and n ieu lha courted*
hui n? i a farmer au I ? laborer, the lattei i aa ro, a ern
efl in the . iry-bux, bot ked not lieen rt.iaii) passe*
ipili, so that no actual progress was mads towanl oo
alulng a I'irv.
Mn.wm ki:-:, June 21.?Tbe trial of theal**
Sgi .i. naap.rat..r- ii.dice I by the i.r md .lui y at tue re
I'ni ia mr troubles and riots w t* began thia ifBeroeeo ta
he M.iniii.a. Court, Judge Sloan prosidlilg. AbaUl
hirty doten tauts appe ire I at the ana.
i tali iv hob am. si Ntua in a nt of aoif?
Nku-II wi.v, .lune 2] (Np'total .?('hui'net
;. Morse, of Chleanev Vale'87, nanon j eeenyed u.-aiu
rhlla walking In bia sleep early MM m.mMc His sit.
tm; room looks out ult the campus ann is on the fourth
lour, liolore rem int: he removed MoeaehOi of one ot
ho window*, gr iniii roaehtag dhttaneeni tins window
i atone water pipe maa from Me roof to tim granndL
Ie climbed oui of Hie window whilo under tho luis.
meeton Mat bomb one wis nhnalag lum, md thiuka
hat h" m. c-edi d In lettliik Inuisetlf dowu tiy the pt pa
nilli lin col wit mu abo.lt twenty le. I of Hie i-round.
1 un, hu must I ave si pt.ed and tumliled the rest of ma
way. \V ..eu he strm k tue iii omi I, he Hays, he InMgMhfl
that ha waa being Maeed hf somebody ami ho iusue<t
luck to u!s room on the top tloor. He mis not yet
SWnkn Ibo door of his room was locket, and with un?
natural MrengM ho bun.*, it m. Alter sLuxertua
m.niii.l in it .i,,. ?'. eondltton for a few BMwanlahe awoke
uni dtecorersd blasaelf mn mos: pl tl sole eandltion.
lite end of ila n..ae was lieut, one of his wrtata waa
si rained, his lips were eui, .me aile ot h s fane nae
black and blue, In* lexs Wera all bruised and ms nan ts
wei e Minni d. A physician win. was sn minnie I io ut*
tend him found his Injuries all painful, nut no', serious.
Morse ts treasurer of Me navy, and bas b?-eu busy buy
Ins article* tor Hie crew, lu sd.litton to his preparations
for examination tie ba* published a dlgcel ol psyobolOBJ
and geoliik-y for the be nc tit of ul* class nate*. Hi* tal?
ent* uni in* popularity recently K.nuej him aa election
tu Hie Scroll and Ko) a.
About tba eaaM time that Moree was poi fat ming big
(eal l hon.** Ul.lsd ,y. ]r., of Hartford Vale, '**.1, v,a .di*.
covered jual as he was ali..ut lo jump ttmtm a l mid-story
window Ile waa res, lied froui .i's j,, rib.Us po?:tn,ll aud
found lo bc Ia*', aa oap.
l'llll.AHK! I'lll A. Jllllt. 21 .**.>( in'i. ll. (Jraua.
ville (iray, WOO has Ir.juenily pafOaantod well-kuowa
elli/iena and ls a noted coultd.'iivo operst.il', > o Ueltl ia
<.l.Uou ball this afieruoou bv ingga Minib chained wltlj
attemgtlagta biartmall CagMia tender, of tue We*t
J tani Kerry Coaipaiiy. The taller tc.it.il-d that iirmf
cabed ou Iii iii .ntl s nd tua: Mr. Sm.th, ?.' Hi ? I erry C'ollt
pani, ha I issued a warrant for 'a * ai iv*, oa the charita
of ambosslamanl, and thal he n i.i aarataaali ran dowu a
aaii-lt.i,-. and Waa -euerall, lucotnpe: al. i .r iy ol al mod
thal he was ,ll> editor ol //lc /ros. uml intended to
Wilie the aili, ie and till uutl ll lu Ov.nl papers. Up
would suppress ino ar.ide for a aartniu am.ia it. Ho ab
tempted tn appropriate fl which was on a desk. Un
Maa iee, ally IB I nilibili fe/furgteg Mg nam < of the Cllf
editor o( mt UusiA

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