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AH no? a?ErmInls
?pint*. Mesas? Waxworks
Esaitisa Woods?Wild West.
ai aiu.-o*. ttoiAKk th baths?2 and.8:30? Prince Karl.
_IaI'1sok-av_. ami M>tii-st.?? a. ot. to Hi*, m.?Merri
mac and Monitor Naval Hattie.
Manhattan Bkach?Pain's 'turning of Moscow.
Kkw t'KNT-ti Park Oaaagra ??? Cen. crt.
JilBlfO'SllARnK*!?'.' Slid fi I nde lulu's CAtiln.
Saint (intuit.K. M. 1.- Itaie BalL
tTASDABD Till" ATRFf? "-1 in Holdler.
BaUjick's--B?Tiieirowitir Bea.
toa Air mk l_r_A*IBB? looa h?Little Tycoon.
Ttii-avk. am. 5.*>ih-st.? 0 a. io. to ll p. m.?The New
Cyclorntna of ihe list ties of Vicksburg.
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Lust and I .ii it t . S 41
Business Nonces.
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iii Stael VarletT, luannfacturcd by
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lil rates st. Hew-Tork.
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IR IR I'M". TBBMa TO Mill, SI* lisp ri BE RI.
Jo tn /rum -ir t tuted s'a'et.
1 Year, t Months. J* Motatha
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Rrn.il by lusts! Orutr or Express Ci.er or registered
J-y l'o.l.l Note tne remitter will please Trite en tiie Note
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Mun ..ince ol i mk Tb. uri h. 1*.4 Naeian.it., N'ew.York.
4)ii.i!ic..rreeBuui',ence situuir "Tub Irimins. Nt. Yurt,,
eeV^^orlcDmlij tZrilxirit.
Yov.r.ion.?Gladstone's ipeeeli in QlogfOW, ami
L.iboM. herc's statement af election axpetteee, ? - ?
Daalel Daoglai ll.>?*?(>, spiritualist, dead.
jr'reiuli Pnaeee Expulsion bill.
Con ii K! ?>-. ?Bo tu branches in aeaaioB. ? ?
Fci.atc: RfjeohitiOfl "f llr. George in reference to
toa Bower of leoeiYera appointed by United 8tatea
Cao-ta, Honee; Wann debate on pen
tnVtt inul Hu* tartft "___= Mr. MorriM.ii
elim ap aB-rnete* Bast, : : I'antt ipeetiiation.
i " Talk af adjournment. ? - (hms. of Com
aaa-dae Qtiaekeabasfa and Collector Beecher.
Dombbtic.?Trial of Ute Anarcbiete m Chicago,
Ifiniieapolig and st. I,.,m-.- sh,,,.,intend!-nt
Ewen, of th? Albany Penitentiary, ao
eaeed el attempting bribery. * j,,.)
nf Ike peal -strike in Troy. - : = Loeaei
liv tke Host,.11 Ure. -t-t^. Coiiiiiieiircni.ii!
exereieea :,t Bulgera, Yale, Uhigh, Unioa and
inlier colleges. =?: Delaware state prohibition
Ci -liv. -i. ti. m. Channeey If. Depew al Peeks
kill. ?-Ci J.-iirati'iH ni til,- founding of Prov.
dei.ce. :.: ?Death nf Muses A. Dow, in Charlee*
tewn. klaea
City ami 8t7Bt7BBAX.*>Ez*Aldannan Waite n
Borted io bare coinmitted raicide in Bridgr>
reert : : l'ej...rt of Receiver Dariel ..n
Ferdinand Word'a met Innis. :_Damage by a
blae! in Third-ave. Boycotter! on trial.
- si-v.rt- repoii ob Ike in tv Fifth
av. pavement. .- ? Bia be>oa-naken ar
weted at Bbeepebead Hay: winners:
x?laiki.ui'l, Treiiii.iit, Inspector 1?., Jennie Jane,
?favor, War Eagle, - ilnec Bneonere released
fruin Lodlow Street Jail, . Qold value ,,f (he
algal tender eHver tl..Uar i-il_?_ grains, 7.-..M
cents, rr?z Stciks dull Bod drrjoping, closing
Taa Wb_stiibb?Indieatfono for to-dav: Rain,
willi nearly statiiui.'iry teiaperatur.-. Temperature
yesterday: Hiaiieet, 7.'*; tow est, 63?; average
Perttmt lettving tot) n for tin 9x*mtOW, nn<l sum.
mer travellers, tan have Thi Daily I'mut ne
t; mini io tit m. poerj aid,Jot 75 centspci month,
) the address Icing changed at often at desired.
'im l'Aii.Y Tiiip.iM. int: he sent if ant, address
in Europe at jj". 33 per mouth, which includes
the cican pottage.
Siiinc pointe from an addreaa on u Journalism "
ililiv.i.tl before tba Bolgera Collegeatudents,
Ly itu- Hon. iii.ni.- E. Fitch, Editor of The
Roeheeter Democrat and Chronicle, and Beguut
of the state (Jnireraity, will be found elm?
where in thia paper. Bloat newspaper men will
itdiini their c.iiri-itncss. Mr. Fitch holde tha!
viiile direct ti gining forneaapaper work c;ui
only be acquired in a neBapaper otlicp, special
Kilteiiies ot college study p'i^iit be arranged
which conld be profitably pursued before actu
ally rj?ibarfcing in the boaineaa.
The New-Yolk Boaeball Cub begina ita
rpi'oi .1 tiiiu- throngh the West to-day, aud re
pc-rtaol the-'.lines will be eagerly awaited b]
nil iiitliiiM.istii admirera ot the spoit. The nine
must m..ki- a better record thia time than it did
on its lirst trip ot make ap ita mind to loee
ii any ol its itancbeal rapportera. In 8t. I.oui.s
it ouj-hi to witt, aa ita membera have already
akoWB their siipi 1 ioiity o\er the Hunk Dia
monds. Neil week in Chicago iiml Detroit the
work may not be so easv. Bal if tbe New?
s' niki leda sm ced in holding their ovi n in those
two cities then fiiemU will be aatiefied.
Winn Mr. Lahoneheie talks or WTitea it is to
the point aa our readers may learn by peraaing
Tm. Ticiiit nk's apecial cable dispatebea this
-woning, In one of them Mt. L_?bonchere de
TOtea himsell to Mr. Chaiiiherlaiii, and eoiiviets
tint etiei-.-tie politician ol extlaonlinary (neon
aiateney in regard to the Land Pttrcbaae bill,
In thc other tolegram lie ann..mice-' that before
this l.i-t Tarli.uncut, met Mi. Gladstone in?
formed tin- Tory Cabinet that il they were in
fliiied to deal with Home Role he would help
t!.? m. In view of this fad many of the Con?
gi .:i'.ea' rcei nt tirades againat ttoPromiei
lea I their point.
Before another doy'a work on tbe Fifth-are.
I>,.en,c!it is dine, tho contractor should he
ta.'.ed upon !,, ai >.-.,..? the chargeg math.
Bgaiaal bia work. Thc inapecUng engineer, Mr.
Buick, anya the niaterial us.-ti is bad, thal the
nones ate not properly laid, and thal the terms
Ol ti.e. nun. iel |,ave_i-ceii rep <,'elly violated.
If this is th.. i,?th and it caa eaaily be demon
kHrated) the cootraetor should not be paid a
penny mora until thc work has been done over,
ly him, or by mom om- else, g| bia expenae. Ag
tli- Ural instalment ol hiepoj is due now, the
iity autboritiee have their chance, lt aili |>0 a
eeiioi.-n.atiei lor then, il the Fifth*-!e. paring
lob tums out badly.
The tera yeara* work of the receiver for
Giant A. Ward hag only le-nltcd i0 conBrming
what cMiyi-ody ha* known linea tiie failure
Ti.e kiln's attain were lett in .Bexplicablc eon!
lii*i'Mi, owing to false bookkeeplag, iBcorreci
bookkeeping and sometimes BO bookkeeping Bl
Bil. F.idiuaml Wm d di dall the business lum
?Bil and kept his accounts on bu..,,,' ,,;,,?., in
bu pocket or hie desk. It is pla.nit ?,.,.,. th.(t
the \ast amount of money which he handled
jas obtiiiued by rehypothi-eatioii ot securities
llie Mihcdules of assets call foi over thirty-two
millions. The reoeiyer has only Lieu able to
tfjaUaa about 1350,000. The conclusion of Um
?Whole n-uttei is tum Waid ia au unmitigated
scoundrel who never will bo adequately pun?
ished for his misdeeds, that many of the peoplo
he dealt willi were persons ol' limiled intelli?
gence and that sonic of thom were dishonort.
Any misguided citizen of the United States
who has fondly belie, ed that with the Demo?
cratic party in power the tendency of legisla?
tion would be to ward lower taxes and economy,
is recommended to read with especial care tho
repoit of yesterday's proceedings in the House.
Tb* Democrats did their best to adopt an
amendment to the rules so that henceforth
every pension bill, general or special, should
contain a clause providing for raising thc
necessary money by a special tax. This would
in.un the addition of from fifty to one-hundred
millions every year to the tax burdons which
the people now bear. Wits ever more reckless
OT scandalous legislation propooed ? Moreover,
it is in direct violation if the pledge contained
in tho Demoei.itic National platform, namely:
that the proceeds of tin- internal revenue taxes
should provide the pension money.
Mr. Kandall, it is said, is so oppoaed to mo?
nopolies that he docs not want Mr. Morrison to
monopolize defeat. For the statement conies
from several quarters that he. proposes to try
his hand at tarill tinkering. Having said that
the Democratic pin ty is pledged to reduce the
tariff, and having refused to support the kind
Of reduction favored by four-fifths of his party,
he is bound by logical necessity, it is claimed,
lo ofter some other mode. He is told that il
would Ito fatal to him, in future Democratic
conventions, to be called "the Democratic dog
in-the-manger "; if he will not let Mr. Morri?
son reduce the tarin", he must show how to do it
himself. Those who hold this view expect Mr.
Randall tootler a bill at once, which can be sub?
stituted for Mr. Morrison's abort hi), and specu?
lation has even described its outlines. Tin
removal of internal taxe9 is expected to be Ita
chief feat?re, rather than the removal of tarift
duties. Bat it ia claimed that Ute bill will also
reduce duties on imported gooda generally.
Going back to the feeble cry which he lifted
early in IS* ., when the whr.le world refuse 1
to listen, Hr. Randall "Will laver" a tarill only
foi revenue.''
Tho thirty-five Democrats who opposed
the Morrison bill have claimed and received
lunch credit and support in Northern diatrlcta
un the ground lhat they could be trusted as well
as any Republican membera to proven! agita?
tion or change ol tarift. When Mr. Randall
proposes a change, which he knowe can never
be adopted, and proposes it only to court free
trade support inside the Democratic porty, the
only pretext for favoring him and bia fallow
en in Northern districts will vanish.
Tba iron and steel indus-try has pros?
pered greatly ever since . Mr. Mori ism."s com?
mittee struck out all proposed changes on iron
and steel, while other Industrie! have been de
preaied by uncertainty, lor with that bill only
pending it was certain that no change affecting
this industry would be made. Now. it is threat?
ened, .'ill this is to be changed, and thal indnatry
also is to be prostrated by uncertainty, and this
is tn be done by the act of Mr. Randall himself,
the very man of all others to whom Pennsyl?
vanians have supposed they were indebted.
The Republican party will not sutler if Mr.
Randall and his followers thus destroy their
only claim to confidence at the North.
Aa to the internal revenue, any demagogue
can propose to remove taxes ; only a statesman
can impose taxes wisely. Nay more, it is the
I diatinguiahing badge of a demagogue thal he
I must propose ii reduction of taxes. (July a
I statesman luis the power and the courage to
j teach people that a wisely laid tax is a blessing,
which it would be a erinn- to remove. The tax
on 1 njiiors and tobacco originated iii the oeces
Sitiesof the war. lt is now said that it beats
more heavily upon the people who caused the
Wai than upon others ; but, were that true, it
would only be another reason lor retaining lhat
i"iiii ol tax, iii preference to om- Impoeiug
bardens mainly on people who did not cause
the war. 'i'he mfBcienl justification is that
the taxes on liquors and tobacco do not lessen
the productive power of the people, hot, in so
far aa they tend to restrict the excessive eon
sumption ol stimulants, they hun ase that pro?
ductive power and tin; thrift ol' the Nation.
Tin- time may come when the Government will
be ready to remove all these taxes, and to tax
other kinds ol products, but it will nit come
until the Governmenl is ready to prohibit the
ir?e of liquor. These are burdena of which no
man need bear any part unless he cl.sea. 'I be
persona who do not drink, smoke or chew are
every whit aa happy aa those who do, and
they prefer to p iv no par! of the tax. If any
nut!) pleases to take enjoyment iu thal form,
the taxation of his preference ia no binden
upon society or indnatry.
When this qneation was briefly discussed
two yean ago there was a Burp! Ul revenue.
Thea the cry of all dcmagoguei was that the
I surplus must be reduced. Bal thc surplus has
I vanished, and with lt the excuse for reducing !
taxes. The striking fuel that a surplus ot
^0,000,000 maj vanish utterly in a Bingle
yeat baa proved thal it ia folly for a nation lo
calculate on raising exactly tho som neceeaan
for governmenl and no more. With Hnancea
regulated on thal plan, the first yeal of depres
sion .-inils the Treasury into ihe market to
borrow money. Before Mi. Randall can justify
any reduction of laxes, lie will have to show
that there i- any surplus to be spated.
Mr. l'artn ll follows Mr. (.hillstone in England
and Scotland. No more import an I announce'
menl has been malle in connection with tin- ap?
proaching elections than (hat contained in one
of Tm. Tiiiii m."- eahle len.-is published yes
terday. Mr. Gili, Nationalist Member lor
Louth, outlined the [tish leader's programme
and briefly explained tin- reason! I'm thi-, singu?
lar and unexpected line of action. Mi. Parnell
ha> suddenly resolved to m.,kc a Kl leg ot eight
speeches in u.e chief cities ol England .Hi.I
Scotland lur thepnrpoec ol removing religious
prejudices and sorta!ian appreheneiona thai
have been excited by the opponeute ol Home
Kile. As he i- hims, ll a l'lol. -tani, he w ill bi?
lli sympathy with his audiences and can do
much to reassure them by a calm, dispassionate
discussion of the religions nspecta af .lome Rule.
Al the sallie time, by supporting Mr. Gladstone's
policy with the same heartiness ol mannei and
modi ration ol speech which h- displayed on tbe
nigh! ol the great division, lu- can scarcely fail
to produce a tavorable impreasion in England
and Scotland, 'i'he appearance of the Irish
leader so soon after Mr. Gladatonu'g retirement
from Midlothian and Glaagoa will have ii moat
invigorating tibet upon the Home Knit-can?
vass. It will be an outward aign of the inner
?M.tee of the reconciliation rt didi will be < Heeled
between England aad Ireland, il tin Govern*
Beni be sustained by ihe people.
'I'liift wise resolve on tha patt of the Irish
leader may poMibly laapiro Mi. Gla-atone with
ii eorreepondini motive for a journey ia Dublin.
J hen* I* no lila;fm rn on which the great Liberal
could speak so directly to the voters ol the
I nited Kingdom ns the one which the Nation?
alists Im veals have reserved fol themselves.
Ii Mi. Gladstone Jitter a brief reel at Hawarden
Bete literally to exchange audiences with Mr.
Panel! and addieaa lindi rt-temblpgea in Dub?
lin nnd Cork, the effect would bo in-piiing.
Ile would havt aiuoal enthusiastic .iecipliojj
from those for whom he has made so mrny sac?
rifices and for whoso liberties he is fighting so
grand a battle. Tho spectacle of an English
Pris?a Minister bearing a ircssage of peace to
Ireland and being acclaimed as its liberator
would be unique in political annals. It a mild
appeal to the imaginations of Eagliah voters.
It would lie an earnest of the era of good feel?
ing which the adv neates of Home Hale believe
will follow the establishment of the Dublin
Such expedients as Mr. Parnell's Knglish and
Scotch canraiss are necessary because tho linnie
Bole canvass is made under many sinking dis?
advantages. Nearly one-third nf the Liberal
candidates at tho last election are no longer
available on the (.ladstonian side because they
voted aga.nst the Home Rule measure. It is
difficult to replace them nt short notice and
then- is very little money for election expenses.
The Conservatives and Coalition Liberals have
their candidates in the held ami ample finan?
cial resources. The abruptness with which Um
appeal to tho country has been made baa
allowed scant time for the selection of Home
Pttile candidates aud Mr. Gladatooe'g canvass
will salier in consequence. Probably it is the
weight of practical considerations of this sort
windi forced Mr. ('owen to take so gloomy a
view of the immediate prospects of I lorre Role
as that unfolded in his cable letter in yester?
day's Titnii.xK. Mr. i.hillstone and Mr. Par?
nell, however, ant the ablest politicians and
tacticians in tho Culled Kingdom, and in a
popular canvass conducled in person by them
there may bi- startling surprises in reserve for
the Coalition.
There was no lack of exciting incidents at
Sheepshead Hay yesterday. The "commis?
sion''system of betting had gone on there so
smoothly and prosperously that tin- book ma hers
thought themselves secure Bot their illusions
were rudely dispelled whin half a dozen of
them were taken to the Sherill's office in Brook?
lyn, where they gave booda to appear for trial
on indictments found by the Kings County
(.rand .Jury. It appears that the ('rand Jury
has taken action against tho Coney Island
.Jockey Club ami the Brighton Beach Pacing
Aaaociatlon as well as nsainst tito book?
makers. Undoubtedly there are lively times
ahead for betting men.
Even without the panic in the betting ring,
the afternoon at the conrse would hate canoed
talk enough. William L. Scott's jockey, Meeton.
was taken np senseless, having been thrown
violently to the ground when ihe young tilly
Asteriii ran into the inner rails of the turf
course. Much sympathy for the lad was felt
and expressed hy the spectators. Such acci?
dents are tari' in legitimate racing though com?
mon enough in steeplechases. Put as the
thiers of 'cross country horses are almost
always seaaooed veterans, toughened by many
a tumble, their falls at walls and hedges,
hurdles and ditches, do not touch the hearts of
the lookers-on. When a light-weight lad of
Meaton'a class ia pitched headlong in a race ami
lies motionless and unconscious, women's eyes
lill and men anon a con passionate intercut in
his lale. Another BC! idenl of this sort would
make the tull course unpopular with ihe gen?
eral public aa it ia already with a great many
turfmen, because it increases so largely the un?
certainties of racing. Horries thal mn well on
ordinary dirt courses are often af a loss on the
gias-s and from high-class racers become com?
mon dolts.
Racing la uncertain enough at beat, as In?
spector P. proved when he defeated Ban Foi
yeaterday after hiving been badly beaten hy?
the same colt on Saturday. The weights wera
the .same, the jockeys were the same, and the
distance was only a furlong less. The extraor?
dinary different? in the results of the two
races is therefore hard to explain. Put only
the greatest of thoroughbreds, animals of the
class of Ormonde in England, alwaya run con?
sistently and up ta the level of their higbeat
fenn. The Dwyers' twi.-year-old colt Tre?
mont, however, seems to be ot the Ormonde
type, for he is rapidly removing the element ol
uncertainty from every race in which he is
entered. _
There iaaouiething re.div touching about tbe
solicitude which The Beecher Family thain) of this
city manifests foi the Republican party of Maoaa*
ch use tte. There is to be a Republican conven?
tion in thai State for the nomination of Gov?
ernor and other officers some three months
hence and lin Family Organ has already begun
to sit np nights ovei tbe danger thc narty ie in
ol doing it-eii ii dreadful disgrace, li seems
that Mr. Oliver Anice, tbe present Lieutenant
Governor, is talked of tor the nomination for
Governor. More than men |? talked of indeed.
fur as The (Injin remarks, it is -the widely ac?
cepted epiniou" that he -viii receive il. Ami
this, it adda with profound melancLoly, uis an
Impressive sign ol' the demoralisation of the
party." lt lintis just a glimmer of hope in the
thought lhat -* tbe prospect may change rn the
meantime,'1 hut ** tbe important fas! ia that the
" selection of andi a candidate is aerionaly can
"vassed aad earnestly favored by many it noi
"mool ot the pany itadei-." That ie what un
(Di ks Tin Org 'n's lachrymal glanda and sets Ra
tears flowing liv the column?he is ** favored by
many ii aol moe! >i the putt leaders.'' It iga
moat melancholy atate of affaire. "Such a de?
velopment*/ it remarks with profound emotion,
"may well engage the attention ol tho coun?
try." lt may; it may. That most of tim Re.
publican paiiy leaden in Maasacfauaetteshould
favor the selection of a candidate foi Governor
not approved by The Evening Pott ia a develops
mein which should not only engage tbe alton'
lion af the country, but tillich ii would pay the
civilized world to slop short and aertouslj
Tue sincere and thoughtful patriot need go
no further than tbe fad ol Ihe Organ's disap?
proval im a reaaon why the couutrj should
rise uii and put ;i atop lo tbe attempt ol the Re?
publican leaders in Miiss.iciiu.seits to nominal,.
Mi. oliver Am- s foi Governor. Thal oughl to
b. et .nigh. The Organhmt shown such di lotion
io the fortunes ol tbe Republican party in
Maaaachuaetti nnd eleen here, has ei iuced such
loyalty ta ita principlea aad contributed so
lilji-iillly to its success, thal itaniibesin thc
mattel ni candidates should be unhesitatingly
deferred to iu MasaachusetU and every a bera
eic. And vet it ia unhappily inn- ih.it lhere
are men iu Mas-BI hii-elts--!,'!', liblicans, too, anil
\.ii likely Repnl lican leaders -who Bill not
take this view of the ease. This me* bebe
cause th'*, nevei heard ol The Evening Pott ot
are noi uwan* how much the Republican party
ou.-- to ll, support. It is loi (lie ben. lil ol
theta ill-informed persons that this champion
ol lin- pilly gives the reasons why th.- nomina?
tion ol Mr. Ames ia*an iiupreaeivesign ol the
di mi'iii'i/iition of tbe party.'1 "Mr. A mea.-* tl
says, ?? i? a niau of amiable disposition." rbal
ia lia Qi ai d.squaliticatinn. Worse than Ibii
however: be " is esteemed by his neigbborg and
reepeeted bj iin- community in whieh be liven."
Now it anything h..s been settled ty the events
ol the pas! ititi veals it IH I tint u > '? m.in (,|
uamiable diBpoeition who is eatcenied by bia
" neigbboia aad rnpectod bj tim community in
"winch In- li vee "can either ho elected to or
nominated for an office willi Un- cun.-i ut ..I The
Beecher tarnirg Organ. Any talk ol such a
luiiiii:allon ia au impicaaivo liga ol ihmoiuli
ration, and iti being seriously favored by party
leaders is a development which may well en?
gage the attention of tho ronni ry.
In addition to those lamentable disqualifica?
tions 77ic Organ says Mr. Ames is u tho very em?
bodiment of the commonplace in point of
ability " and ? the surf ol'man whom a generu
" t'on ago it would have been considered prepos
u tennis to Baggage* asapossiblo occupant of the
? highest ellice in the Stale." This will go far
to settle the case, and make IB Mid of tho effort
on the part of the Republic in leaders in Massa?
chusetts to nominate Mr. Ames. Then is no
dispiiling the absolute justice of 'Ihe Ora in's
view, nt' cntirse. And yet we cannot, help feeling
sorry for Mr. Ames, whose political career is
thus suddenly terminated. It may be said tint
he had no business to be ** of an amiable dispo?
sition," and "' esteemed bj his neighbors and re?
spected by tin* community in which he lives.1'
Perhaps be couldn't help it. True, he might
havo toned down tho'o disqualifications by
diligent study of The Evening Post, but Hie
chances are that hi' never heard ol that paper.
Ile was two years a member of tho Massa?
chusetts Senate, has been Lieiiteiiant-doverii.ir
of the State for four yean, and now, ns we are
credibly informed, without any effort on his
part is put forward by the leaders of the party
tor Governor. Hut all this is only another im?
pressive sign of the dciiioraliz ili-jii of the party.
J he Beecher Organ in tho discharge of its duty to
humanity has sat down on him, and that ends
him. Wo do ho po that he will not have the
temerity to continue in the Held after being ex?
posed us ua man of amiable disposition who is
esteemed by his neighbors and respected by the
community in which he lives.'' If would be
Very improper on his parri and might exe'.to J he
East tooppoae the Republican party.
Rapid transit in Brooklyn is looking up.
Two companies have just been 0*rgau!_ed as lim
result of two commissions' work in fixing routes
and plans for elevated roads, and the stock has
been promptly subscribed by well-known citi?
zens and capitalists. Applications have bren
made to the city authorities for permission to
build, and the next step will be the s-ctinng of
the consent of property-owners to the const ruc?
tion of the proposed roads. One company is to
contine its operations exclusively to Atlantic
ave. (with the exception of a s,uir to make con?
nection wi'h the Bridge), while the routes laid
OUl for the other include a good Dumber of
Streets, many ot which wera embraced in pre?
vious giants. In view of the lust tact tho pros?
pect of a long legal light ia aaeh that the work
of construction is not likely to be begun r ion
by this company, whoon principal route includes
l'ulton-st. through ita entire length.
No one familiar with Brook'.yn can doubt thal
rapid transit roads are essential to its growth
and prosperity, The moat pressing need al
pit-sent is lora road through the central uart ol'
the city, making direct connection with the
Illidge; and tins should be supplemented by
roods in Myrtle-ave. and Pitth-ave., which
naturally angoras! themselves as unites tor
reaching portions ol' the city greatly in want ol
improved modes ol travel, while the deni iii ls
of the Eastern District will be met by a struct?
ure in Broadway The principal line referred
to may be pot either in Pulton-at or Atlantic
ave.; bul ii le hard tooee that roads iu both
these streets ate needed at present. Tiley nie
BO farther apart than Second ar, 1 Third aves.
in this city, ami the amount of travel likely tn
bi- secured does not seem siillieicnt to make two
roads so cl iee together an immediate necessity.
That such Deceoeity may exist in the tatara ia
altogether probable.
The out bink now is more favorable for the
Ail,int ic ave. road than for the l-'ulton-st. pro
ject. Tin- latter, it nndertaken by tbe new
Union Company, is aura to be stubbornly con?
tested by the Kings County Company, whose
rights are undergoing the sciutiny ot the
courts. The Long [aland Con piny, with
Austin Coi inn at its head, has a single definite
object in \ lew and is likely to go io work vigor?
ously, lb-sides. All,lin I''-.ive. is lim more
natural route tor elevated iteam transit Tue
greater part of it h.ts been occupied for years
liv ii sui lace Steam road which everybody
would be fri?d to see replaced by an elevated
structure; much less business is done atong
Atliini.c-iive.than iii Pulton-at,, and the former
is broader and bettor tilted tor tin- purposes nf
an elevated road, lt would seem the part of
wisdom, therefore, for the Union Company to
allow the Ling leland Company to build lim
main line through tint cob ire ot Brooklyn, and
content itself with Myrtle-ave., Broadway and
tin- othei ioutee hud out by tha commission
which lormcd it. 'Ihe people of Brooklyn,
though, care little about Who builds t ie ele?
vated toads so long aa quicker ami less anti?
quated means of travel aro speedily furnished
to them. ___?_____-____,_-?__
.lune is far silent, anil still President Cleveland
declines to pander to publio opinion by removing
Attorney-General (lari.ind. How tin; star-eyed
augel of Publie-ofBce-ie-a-publie-truel moat " take
mi w ben no "nc is nigh "I
A recent number of //,? feoadea Standard contains
a letter from tba Kev. William Wood, I>. i>., ol a
siiiiietvhiit am using it n,>t bx?-aordinai >? character.
Toa I.ev. William WokI, L>. li., recites a converso
tion a itu a Preach traveller who bad foe! Mr. Blaine
in tin- l mted *-tnt'-s, whereupon Mr, Blaine et once
cou-de- to tin- PrenoOiaan tii.it he " inned langland
iii.il lim i.in-li-li and would do all be could againat
ih, tn." ile begge i lin- Prenchman to tell thia foci
to Engltshmen. With af raab burst ot eonddeuce
Mr. Blaine Midi "Tell tnem by all means;?the
niere my etateateota aro koowa the bettei tor mas
it aili gain me the Indi vote,'* I he opponent? ol
lb me Kuli nm-.1 nave reae ted the byeterieal nage
ul un- toni est, if a I >, ic t rn nf Divinity andaleadina
Bewepaaet me already rea need to Hus inettubiy
silly ii re .
" 1 iiin not in favor of seatimeotal appointments,'
aaid ('in??nun Hi.i to Boston Democrats. Our
readers will near iu mind that we el ?? ive< intend?
ed thal Sterling, ol Brooklyn, wai nut a se.-iu
meutal itatesma i.
Nubutty need be afraid lhat tin- reception hv the
.?itv ti: tba $4U.0U0 annual rental I rom tba Broad wa*"
nnd seventh Avenoe Railroad i empaav i"i pas! nee
? ?i Br?ad way nu I b hes nny claim tbe city baa Bet up
with "regard to the position ni tbat company aa a
usurper au 1 intruder, rue money eas taken only
ii|.,>!i cou,uti,ni iii it tim acknowledgment ;. , |
pliettly given thal the city waive noi.f thi i
ii !i.i- .tt .1113 tune cl.nine. 1 ol may claim at an-.
Inline : iii.,'.
Mr. QladatoBO ninth- au cu iv visit io Midlothian
inordei to .urotah all tba ipea-era oa die side witn
the cue i"i t? ???* eaavoea Ile wai aol prompt
enough, however, toantu I pets the Irish rje< rotary i
U|l|.l-:ill,.Dee al Nett, .IS. le. Ml. M , ll le t. - ,|i, e, |,,.- ., , ,.
nut iii btu' W'tit Hm i'i uno M, iii .t, r's. .it ia, import
uni Boinia ll" does out eoueider ile Ii 'inc ll ne m
deadaad buried beyond tba bopeof roa_rrac in;
ead be nt not Brepared ta abandon tua .and bili
.dto.'.-t'iM. Mr. Liladatona vrai leore estate than
til" flt.-I s,., r.-t.ir.v. By excluding discussion ni
ih,- dataile ol the. Hoar? lt?te meaeure and ilroppiog
tim land inn a. m. langai a matter of practical
politics Im reduce.i the it.iii- toil.- nettled by the
Beopla t? tho simple queelioa vbethei there should
be Meeae Kale aad neatisiliatioa ei enereiua sod
lawleeaoeaa Mr. Morley la the itel mil he la ubi
ni,uiv wuii Mi. i.i.nisi,.nc. h. inst speech waa
in.nie prematurely,
? es?
dai ttrnttrs urn ult,m,I ..f im.ir Northrn, , oatt?I
pentrlaa rn Ballee -deaf. |.vtuuta < it-sUlullea
1 lie ii.i-i Incl you nay I
Iii tim disposition nf Most, Hie Ini.il.st lunn thud
ol ali tin, AuurUiuii-t, hew-Yera baa eal Uldeogoaa
e.cellniit ex.unp'i*. If Parsons, Spies. PleJaVwB and
Schwab are convict?dBi speedily niucli will have
been done lo (un vim tt this kind of venn in that they
must Bot hope to deposit their loni nests on Ameri
(ill) "oil.
Archbishop (ribbons'a elevation to tho dignity of
n JVineonf .Ionian Cat?olia Church sho*rs how
i hir and .ircurato an iden of tho situation in thia
country with (regard to tho a?airs af the Chareh is
eater?daed el the Vatican, it i* mm .her iaeaaaee
of (lie sa.ticity almost invariably U splayed bf the
Catii?tia tM ntilt >a anprcciatinf*: genuine ability and
in choootag for tho hifhest mid most BBipmsihlo
duiics those ar?a who ?eva Ul-?! theia?ai voa from
lowly coiuiitiooo Card.mil QlbboB? has alwaya
been I BOWOf in tba diocese of which hu has benn
tba hean, ami in his new ead far greater field of
eecleaiaatleol labor ho may bo relied upon to dis?
play tho .same qaaliUaaof prudence, industry and
eonroga which bato won him thia final and illus?
trious honor.
The chief lesion of tho I'litor riots is that Home
lillie is better than no mle.
Qoveraor Hill is quietly having the story circu?
lated that be is fond of baseball. Tho transport of
jealous fury into which this will throw his White
?OOM rival may bo imagined.
Mr. Bajrard avers that he has diligently cared
for the interests of BOX lisherir.cn aud bids them be
of good cheer, for bo is, bo to ipeaB* BB deck. Tbat
in.iy be the way Mr. Bayard looka at his kind of
diplomacy, bot wo observe that the tishfrn en hate
not et uot buck their seized vessels, nor have tiny
any assurance that they are b whit more safe IB tho
enjoyment of their rights thoa they were before Mr.
Bayard asked I-'.ngland to pet aa arbiter between
her colonial child utid America.
ll il..ei not sonni iu-it light for one Now-York news?
paper ta ht* eaiflBg a cotiteuipoiary "a clam." ?
? lite..!.',) 1 ll "Ol ( Ji-.-t-.ll
Yes, it does, too. The truth always sounds right,
though, if you insist upon it, we will go so far as to
admit that it may sound a little odd ana strange
out there in Chicago.
Tha Hov. I". U Bayes, ol tho Fint Free Baptist
Chnreb, Beaton, hes bees unanimously elected to lie
i realaest ef Hlilerle? l -liege, Mk ui.su.
Meeleiieiil flieely and family alli speed the nummo!
at Newbttrypert
" Wlty lime I glvea np writing for tho sta,.**) 1 I will
tell you," lavs M. linnie Aukict. " (lao dey, wi,en I was
youno, I was la toe private room of s ?"petrie al maa
niter, a lervs?l bt-oghl blot a rtofttag cuni. Be reeJ
it. nimle ii Ieee, iiinl ex.-liiii.I: ? I enn't ie.. Iilm; lot liim
laave bm ia peeee, Ihe old non::' I loiiked ut tho cur l; it
m.t-t Kiigeae Bcriua's. luti-ine tim maet saeee?iful
? li.-.m itl-t of lils limn bolm- lieitel In this fashion! 1
then swore to myself tbel tuen .t nun.' ihoal- never
li.i|i|i,ii to.; i will not give aay maaaeer tier el??oe el
-ei.,I.h.' bia domestic to nie tosari cannot *>ee lum.
J'lit- ia tho reason why my resolution not tel w ito .my
uiurafor the stage is IrreTocaitle. i h??every quiet,
iiiiijiii- life. I no longer eire lor tbe theatre. I found lt
BO nilen tho ? Ai <? tin i-i ,? ara- revived. Ilene ii-als
11,ir me, tire bm, irritate iee; therefore I have given ap
dramatic wink, i bare ne family. I love my wife
dearly an u _,>,>,i -ct ieee inan should do. and both ot us,
having reached tie- twilight o! lito, ara calmly awaiting
the approach oi eight."
ir i* sm,! tii.-it gen a tor ?ears. bbI-ob* re-iii his own
peper, I-f oas Franeioeo Examiners jud not eely that,
inn lt freoueatly all?eas bis j eraonal Meals, ead tiniir
complaints: to him nie ni, Hist mtim idnii lli.tt ll...
ail.ni;? have tuen made.
Tbo death n aaaoiuiced of Hand GordOB, Editor of
tba llnmexgid at l_yak. Prussia, and also of t ,,- /.,?/?
hni*',lit. lieiv.itiiiiii.fi lim roruiiio-ti llcurew wiltara
o'. 1. irojir*.
Mi.. M..rv Anmit'.i scott. V. M., head Bngl sh teacher
la the Parker Coilegle.to Institute, of Brooklya, edi sell
t,,r Encore oa Saturday m spend a yeer etadyias moral
ami poiitioel pudoeophf .iti ii-r Professor b?Igwieaat
i ,t:,,i,iel.,-.*. Mis. -e.it' will take Hie ".allowa1 ux.iunua
tloii-i in tin- moral s.-l ices tn,,,.
Aa evancollatts conference for Bible study rm,l upon
lut-iiiode of wt#rlf*iB boase ani feroige bussIobs will bo
br .', in North-el', Ma-is., troai keg?tl i to a ;._ . IS,
Thia ls Hid witil-ku.iwti MNorthftehl1 Conference," winch
nas been hell fora number of yean un,ler Hie Indura?
tion of Mr. I). U Mooly, and WB?? MlBleai li.iva
proved to i>e of aveef raina to Ubrtsteae workers.
.Vu KagllaB Burlesquer.? Viai Moi:tinorem*i -No, -ur,
tlnie ern no emili,n ia Hum ;r t ..,-. 1 carty my gee*
lum,", ni thu BatfCBs?
Ullirer Vinl wael lo tho U'tl Iks contain !
Mi.. Monliiiorcnci -My pren lioness.?[Chicago
Sum,* leeeaeettve oinjliioer it recently report* 1 to ti ive
i ti l ibal the .u. .,n. 'iii. baedllghc u uo geed, un t eoghl
to Kt). Thu bus moused a great BU?y other on-nneer.
it im .ay v..i tue bea.?igai ii ladispsasaale, ami win
never no.
Y,uitiir Indi ?Aro you irolnif shopping, mn l
Mother*?Yes, my ilarlmt;.
V. I-.?IS'.li you brieg me a quarter of a yara" of navy
blue ii-ri'o I
il, -Certainly. Do yea araatltf?patehl
V. 1. Nu, 1 want i. tor a billilli.' nit, ant please.
!-;.i, j 'if twi-niv-llve yet?I el iruuiouii*.
M. -Yes, uni li.i ni't von ti -'.li-r iii? die tliamlag for a
sun aad iu.- tuvy niuo serge tor the trtaauug I -{Boston
l onriur.
A in in iii tho South wat r.-c.nUy sent to onion for
Ufa for stealias ?13. A. boy la Brooklya bsa (usc been
areaeted for steellas a patt of water worra one cent.
And yoi there be thole wiio say that jai'.ioo ii a hollow
muck.-ry '.
Mr. Hopeful (toyoung Hopeful, hone friin Harvard)
?Thomas, may I asl now lonou youi oiitars con yoe I
rum?1'weira uni tr* ? nun ire i, Uurern-r. 1
usually get a thousand at a time ami get then Bv?ownst
Mr. H.-Wni what! T ive] vs dollars! Why, i've
got to be .ail-isneil with tobies myself.
lon)- Ih ii'i Inisiiieis, ii.ivcriior. If Ihinl ai tr.any
cbll.irnB to aduoate a. you bars, I wonldu'tsmoke ai
all.?H'ltiabuiit Chrealelo-Tehwrepa.
lt looks ai if I'he Louisville Coifier-Ioue'iit dbl not
laka quita kindly te our ewe ?? 1'i.n" t*eiaiittalL It re?
fer, io tum ai " Thu Campbell, tue hood un .iud clown.'
1 Ins probably mean! blood.
Dorine tho esenrsloa ae ison Just eloeed at least l.oof)
pennie from ihe Lulled state. iiav.t been In Mexico,
Xnsre ? every reaitiB lo be.lera that durlua the next
season, suv from Dec-mbaf 1 to Mar I, ut le.tit double
thal mininer "t (otu Isl. will collie i rom Non tern heines
lo sef What Mexico ls like, ah I that In.rs eily WI,I rel all
th year rou ad un srer-iaereeslee ma e sf pleasars
trav.-i from lao L'uilod Stales.?(1 wo Ke-juolic-, City of
Tba Bishop of sod >r sad lian aol the Bishop of
At,erdecu ereeeaeead ta aa un ormnute persoaai oou
iniversy. Tue lor.nor pi-fiat.', tlurlBg a recent visit to
An,-nleen, preached in a Presbyteries obureb. Tuo
Hie bop ef ?bardeen cousiderel ian act net only an
ice.cs,astieal mlsdemMBer, bul a violation of the
c.ni,ny that abott? obtain beta?m B??epa kerfs
moBiuue letters 'i ive beea exohaa?*ed, ia obloh th ? kdo.i
1'1,'iatea courte,nilly cell eaeh oilier rather lui Benn,
bu tal ways la perUemeatary Leaa*aea*a
"Thli il u very le-althv p'.aee," observe! ti boerdlBB
iiilsiii-is. ? Ye. -for oiiickeiii." BsTttd tiin boarder. *'I
nave inen ber-itvo ve irs tn l li ivea" t leen a dead one
yel." hue look lUe Bint. -{St. A.nulli Bfsjs?l4S*ef
The Philadelphia leleqrapA Uoesa'l altos*atBjar approve
,,r tee polwy al fm raiausa rae bio* wo.ii.i oe les.
omahlBa it thf ??' laker rn lallor weuid aban,ina tue bud
baba of reeaferrlag sundry lupenot iiaraKrapin fiom
I'm. 1 ultu m's eo.Hains to its own wiihout ladslglaa
ii.e.f iii ii,.- tweet o ii leay of ihe eradu lina,
A ttockl in I in in kui ? l i '?"? 1 tai week and fo md a
darnlDI needle e.n ladds- IB tba Beta Usaf tue hear;,
i ..r i uw ba i e? lent v iccoinpl sba t the bli lertu imp n
-: ,le leal Ol ll.i li nt a -eOltO lu B auysl.ick.?jilockluud
Me.) Courier-* iaxette.
a bright boy la Weleett, N. v., bee taaxbi a ur.ive of
ho-ri to tun after ulm whenever beatooa "Yuiik.o
li,,h.i.e." TBS ont nine hui lome virtue VcL
( ii ,)i,.i Conway u authority fir tbs ...4,-rtio'i tout the
desperados* ot tbs puma are invariably liieudaa, 11. ? tv -
? VI .. IBU in ll I"- I i Isl tee. Poe?I ev s , ,,u jj m,, [.^
h.-i. n, m.. - i i' keep _ark wini.) tea Colona! was
around. , Boa on 1 ran.t ript.
f m i',' i- i i-.-'i i> nt tees',
He M sew UBI .un i'n ,-,i i .untie, isa mu.* -I .ste-UT and
. | row!?, ..Nea ) ".k i IBHaX
t i i,p ,nil.li e ,. .ii to cirry New-York for
, i,.i iu 18.4 oy l.ooo plurality i Haavump inti i
aura toil Maw-York f ot Davaapurt in Ide?bf ll,ooo
piur.iiiy. i as ??. aad] a ? i sa.id kiowiu " ..r Mueweuip
iDlliD'iu e -e nts to i,e lo ward tit" OetpaSlly lo l.jiita _?y
canie lo wlil:U ll mu) ai adUltselt
A POPOLAB in v ? it t i li i ICKfi?
/r?Di /'/if aasfiBters 4ts)i*risT?v,
Pron present ,, .-,,-. ious ieaotts.tivsat i ie i> laieerate
c ii, I,,,mi...il" in li*,-, ii tan ii ..mia ? Pet I'riii.leiii.
Mr.. (ii..in ('et.,.1,1. fo Vu it-1 re.idem. Mr fd rover
i .et e,.i ii I. I'.et lor.ii ?In Ballin I ter., is ilieii.tU,
A I'i.-l-iM'l.i: Di. Mil \, |M, HUM l.i-r,.
ti,on i\e neranie* , tttn . t: put , -j.,.
Ihr Am,- Tort ft?ea, ? nu )i ii ia a .m.i .i.vi ilia nit
jul .iy nf lue De.iioLiuite p illy on lue tiUo.lioil ..." 11 oe
ire,ie, aaa ia aosMfd *..u m., tuiaarity ou lOaeau*
inn ..I c it'll .let vue irfo.iii, caniiol Bud wui.t. nulli
iit.il y Sirona '" .lei, , i ii. e lho tm. i) - tl v rt I mm n-i al ?
wno voled willi tue I'.epauilCuus a^aluti in-t Mot mon
A fifi.di-srinN ni- i.M -.UelVKNEfl-,
*,,.?t Kit Reta, y, rx Vraphtl, /> m.)
ll tS Wall en.,,i.u> ttl toma milt,I. ai Un 1 l?e Oloii'irr
remin,is us, tbat ll H. Hill waa atteiad UavaraiW aril??
otu m.! aid nf Ino .Un. wu,ups, uni indee l aller he li td
-!..,wu hu c.uiio.upi roi ino,u an.i uuouiy luviittd liioir
news kme.vtia*
Nkw-Biiunswick, N. J., Juno 22 <S,>ccial).-.
The trustees or Kuts*eri al their annual meeting to d*r
elected Jamas Neilson, of New Briinswlok. Jild.e Jon*,
than Huon, of Jersey City, ami ttmH-v. Ijr. K .-1 r. dr
Teiry. of New-York, trustees lo rill vuoeiicles. lita
Btw?BU meeting waa lamely a tte ti dad. snd the Her. J.
N. J.tiiioii wai elected preildeut. Professor ('oakley, of
tho li'niverilty of Mew-Yore, and a graduate of Bulgera
Clasi of '.'Iii, rea) ari liiterestitiu: reminiscent speech. Kt
ward H. Vail presented to the art oolleetlon the pur ir UtI
of lim late I'.ev. Dr. Kobort I*. Bee, ot New-York, a tar.
irn-r trustee, i'roioiior _laa??_? Jobmon, of P.-iucsv
toi,, made the ad Ires, before the alumni on tho "jTsjbb
Pel Beal Philosophy." The purpose of the orator waa
lo . ipose tho fallacies of the ethical soliool of jurliora
tlence. of which 11?? rlicr. ^p-ncer li the aponle. -ie. r?.
ordedtke8peeeet*saa Idea as iiuptniou as a mu,)'*.
ami nuke,Hg obslruclioulsl whou nsf 1 In detail.
At the alumni dinner speeches ware inala by Seumm
Joseph 1*. Br i.llny, of tho Fluted itules HeprOaBe COail
the Hon. Cortland!, I'ark.-r, Professor Coik.cy, of -.',%
(a.- of ''ii., and others.
fa the afternoon Charles K. Fitch. I Iltur of Thr tmt\,
rxlir lirinoerut, aldrene.l ibo literary societies on - Jour
nallam ai a i'r ifeiilon."
Mr. Filch beg?B by MB*?sj that lill ittbjeet, - Journal.
Ism as a I'rotr..s-auti," had been idioseu for l.itr, and th it
tic hi eke iition it wltu niii.h pleasure and -. ,:t.e ne.iu
tloll. Vt llb plBBBBtO. lu ' ..it the then,.- I ad been 'hoi/ht
woithy of this nigh literary fc-tlva!; with hesitaiiBB, ia
that a provincial |0tirii ?list hutt been ass?g tc tJafBaBj-sa
ui>i.ii a piofosion which hai. In 1 lie ii. ur h>otro|a>!is. tts
flinn,'o.st exponents. After snyiug that tho aa ,.,,.,-ri
It-urnBi "Stefa?fi MM had of late l-eon modified cs.sciitially,
both In their icopo and ladles?Bal ditliiitioti, new pia.
fo-slnni baVtai been created and the old oti.-i iir,,,".-'.-.!
to lilllie te rnrate liiint.itntOS thau fo: morly obtains t, Us
aike.l why journalism lui-rnt not ? r,.|..-r v t.e regarded aa
a inofosiiou. Hauy Brnfasslirn flmiaaos af sad far Ba
dlseiplasblp sin-.ular ouittcrutiou and spc.lu! Bta??| au
severe training and Kennion, cutt ire, loiirnuUssa
tleiiiuuds in..in all of Uer votaries. Tried by i ti ? ruin*') ac
its ie,| ireinents, it inrpasete all other professions. (|
interprets them all to'he popular apprehension. Mr.
Fitch .aid that, at another pine, ht iud nta\ mut
ti centiy that s unite ally degree iheald be eonmrred oe
J txniiu it-m. Tue proposition hoi eli,t ted eeosidarable
?iiic.i-rtioii ead bea bbba raeotvoi Ib twmt .eertera wuii
iav,ir an i iu olluri with a ec.' t un an,,mut of ridicule, lt
could hardly be expected to oscaps the wit or flt*
pur i|:i aph-rsi but s<iii.t;lUlin; of the wit. the speaker
sr aa sure, was dee to a miaun-f?rataBding of Ite imper t.
There le ne thoeght tbat Ike legree wid le Itself aube
iouraeliS?, Itv a patent process, any more th ni that ,.f
"l-l,.!!." m.lints lawyers, or that al "c. i." etttl
engtaaere. It is only a.sumed that,nihBl ?dogs, ii'i'i'
e-inul. such ix dsjstTes would establisb Uss reel that Hi
recipient had pursued certain eoiii.es Bf 'linly as Ilia
pti-l'iiratorv equip "lent of ii journal tat, and serve ...
-o.nethi!'.' of h psu-por! tn prefetiia-m in arrofeaslos
wbleb, rear hy yaw arawets to Ita service a cunara t v
in, reasju-' proportion <<i the liberally etleeaied yoong
iiiiiui of the laud, lt li nnf prnpnaetl to odaoite theie
who hate no IncllBStioB towan! tho ; r?fo*si,.n.
I'll tn i.n tte it t il lo uti slat lhere lillis! he, m tiie at) .'ll tire
of tho cra.'t. "ihe BSSS tor newi": but lealasul "f
mi nt; iii l; from other professions. Journalism alli bava
mps of instruct.,iu lu ,, ir
vt it drill
nus .in,I camps nf
institution! nt l,i h-r learnlne. They who have geoe
lulu |oiii h.m.il fl uu other profasalitBS, BVeq ll they ar,)
ot a huh omer Ol intellect, ure .'tin,art is---I and Nippled
in lt iMoauaa tii.-v aro unat'q-alated with (eit.,m
branches of knowledge pen .nun.' to if, a d because
these biftin hes were not couteuiplatc'd m tuste on.-mil
aeheine ot education, a Bomelent answer te tits
Ut?lluiptlOO teat I'lii'imlistu l- licit icciiiiici rn.ii t i
out.1 as is lhat, it* pr,nt,iii,-nt representatives. Dana,
ket,i, Godwin, Watter-, m, Godkin, McClure. Charles
Emory mihi , tlelstead, Uesbell, Bead anj others I it
might be naiuei, baie made li Uieu Ute work, enee-iug
ni it wi ten the) were young mea. lt ts no. pm,??>-,?! te
give direct pul rn.'i.l stn- I ra nil ni.' in tho Calico. That <? iii
univ )>(? ki veu iii a newspaper office; out it la sugaeatsd
that -ciieines ol study in i) tnt li,I uiulat.nl wMOu in tv >s
pms ied pruitt.ti.ly before tract teal newspaper aork li
bettiui. such coiii'si-s co.lid lit arranged lu tuo college
ami ."oiitniiiii 1 lu the BBlVi rsily.
lim .-iif-iiker, tviniit not clslmloe to lie lamed
-.I'llt'lcUlly Iii lilt; p. du-'o.ic all to dnfluC si! a e,ulises. tt|
tneh (elations to a?ab other aad ibe leugtb of titus sa i
Blady a oula ooeupy, Ibougbl be coe ld tell souas tm him
ile-u.. l.t tin a juli'ii ii s' iii ktn.w ,\ Dum ^ in."-.- -
?letuilod, dovotIna some time io sack. Um a?ciaal a,ni
ti,,,lei n ii n-.ipi" ni laugi?mes, Eueiiah laaeeaga and
ll i4>rat ure, lue history ol ilia Called ste .as, em'iraclng
t.,e ri-.", ihe miga utel the itecadenee of political parua*,
biuarepby. seueral hisi,.ry, poliiic.il ivouoiny aud lu*
lu Ha various brauobos, not umliilug tba law of -?*_
Indeed, me lournalut iboald know aoBseieiBC ot every>
timi.. Jun ii iii'iii ns a w?i,,iiii! profession ? >i
lab .lintis, fa-)' I u.it I il-', ?? xe lust ff*, admit lu .- ol uu di vi lad
alie.'iatiee, and esiiet ;n!lv loreclos'lu' polltuii! .tm I
UOua fdr. I it' li lg ,kc ol S'lii.e ot tue r "i ii-"f loiiiual
t-ui, sta tint that bi lur tue Bravest imrfls wotan nowt us
real or assou'ed li 'sn,e.* Interest? lue i..i.i ,,?>, af
Journalism i- ai euee the bnii.ttful patron mid tue
severe tuakmestef "i toe pntfaaaioa. rnefeounbe ee
Bb)ecllO- lo a now., aper rn ik'tt ne,ney. || u ut nit-' lt tl
., -' i il .'-it fit!-war I, le.Hi,ii ire wav, but tue temi t itioi?
to m.ne it illari?me*? ly aro always pro-out and l?>,i
of? en pet .a laura.
Tua .peaker alla led here to that abase of tke fre-.'. na
of i be press winch, rogar Ih sm af ali deceacj. levels ka a
lla.-runt In f!itli:i*U''S. i,it ? lld that M lOBJg BS ll | til
I,, prtMlltUta Un) pn ns t Itel e wilt be tile alli Wallton mil
vengofm iboets, ui.klee maroaaadlae rf **lsr. liiTBtllag
tltir piifaC) of '1'iiiirs.tic eircl.-l uti 1 i.s.ir lag the repata*
iloui of those who eil HM incur their BUUOC or refuse io
| uebase Ibelf ill,-tire. But more nu'ii la I hun ina
?.'?nipiations which pioviike tm- riii?kl preei lets being,
..?.e those wuii.a the repa, iblo press ha. io meet. iYli.it
sibemea ot aegraadiseaient, wuat frail* upon the
unwary, what humbugs iud el??ta aad sela?om mr., a
the ciianteiiitiiec ot t io I'l.ss. Tut wohler la that, in
the Iii till, lt I- io eleni -sit*,ito I nut r llsTSgSO ls S?dlB*
Heil ile lor the rhtbt us Ilia The ?eeiker .peiillail
iel tain other perils agslBSl wiiieli euc i nelivid ial
in un .list 'hoiii,i gitara amuell by tee rastraial ot nm
beset sad ina pu kening of ela bettor nature. i'in -? lara
tilt portia (tom self eon rei:, from low VleWS of hiluiail
nature, from superficiality, (rom panlalltl?i aad (reel
i iel ol mill' ctioni. Moro and more, huwaver, tbs Kees
i- ici::m.- aigb and yat tdi-'uei ide ile, is. la 111*11..* itself
from poilirioii, ii tukum brose?r ene deepae "fies el ia
mi-.ioli. IS eiliulu ttla< ita partlali'l v. it. ,.r.- 1 ' , ,< - .., I
it parsoualilMs, ..ni is smtppling funi.meiit.il c.,a
fictions. Toe speaker closed aa be negae bi c, 1 min.ta l
1. . ? ... future ol 1,mn, ill- 11 tn the .arc ui the e ni. it ??!
I omi 1 men ?>! iii" couatrv, aad ia ursine a elmer
conaeetlmi between it aad Autcncaii nisiitutitius of
lugosi le 11 ut .t; tum now i.xi.sts.
rbseluuiorexblbitioe was glreaat thc (i^eru iloutt
Ib tao cvcirai'.
ST! I'I NI-- '.''MHI.Mil.il PUR IIHIAVlUll?Til li MB-t*
CAI. MllO'll..
NkW-HaYBB. .lillie 22 (Speciali.?M tlit-clo.-tO
of chapel e_erci.es nu. maralug Piaeldeet l'oit.tr asked
tho sta.lents io wail a few minute!, and thea pieincl
Uta BBBoaaoes?eal of tbe prisca wita a epeelal eokaawl.
edgmeBt el tue non,1 bebavter of the stadeeta ut prarete
for tue last year. 'Hie pn/.es wen- awarded as [oliawe:
b?ott prise le Gara?? tm the Stunt ut IbtMt, Charliaa
M. Lewie: bcettprise la Pn?ea, fer eleea oi 1887, Mes.
tullis? Stein; Wnithtop prizes for il.issoi 1--7, 11. .'..
1. tl. Cartis; sccoud, J. .n. Pomarey; DealemailoB
prises fer els?? ef lttttd, 11 rsi. W. a. Para?alli -ecoui.
Leo Stela; third, A. lUymoml and 1*. 1*. -a .ey; M itho*
luatiiai pn/.ei foi Ibo clan of 1'-'. tiift. I. vu,. I'.suer,
second, F. F. Ayres, third, P. Hf.Mut; Comp s 1. .a
prisea,eilai o'. 1838, Irei, Perrlagtaa, Harter, isi.-ii
and -siiiii., ui; second, _asiasky, Parian-, Pia! ii
e/oodwerdi unrd, li icm. Cana?lt, ll in, B ip y
and ? lt Tlllinsheet. For tbe Weelaey scbelara :>
foi nie Blast ul 1--1. Lester, Bradusr aatl ll. r. W* - ir
.tan- luUstsd aqual; by Uk Ula M/esilaay MbaUtrsblp mi
a wards?to Wa.ker; uni in- Uurlbai seaol ur. 1,1 io
Bradusr; inird ireebmau seueiaraatp, \v. a. McQiiadu;
Mulhern iii ii pi 1/. s fm class ut l's), grit, llttic-iey ,
ie.,tu.t, lion,eily . Berkley praml-ats for otce.l-in-a lil
I..lim 101,1,,.1-11.j , io eiasa oi ItJ-'J, in st gratia. Bia iii r,
i.eici,.', 1.. li. >cott aud Walker; tcco-d -rate, itt it-,
Bissei, < a .'-hill. lliiKl>l-v. Mc '1 ide, Mo.la and Poad.
1 t.e uauuu. .ii.hOUi.ce n-ill .) !?) Coal-e. ot .ti 1. I
tba modloetl depirtteaul for l-s-tii-*-.? w.n jr.teu tuts
liituiilli.'. i ,;e loi illation Bf BU entir V i.i-.v le,, iv
maau tbeareat imptovemeata le tee otberBBiie tee
opemug of courses m frail nate lastrueti-iB ....?)) taal
ttjis branch of tbe eaileea ia makins ar-erase, kV! . I
?.. I'ajj-v. ML li, bas ? tiar-s ol ike ne t depart as-i of
He isnoltigy, lu.-. o.irses lil anni,,my and blsic ? t
have baan improved nv tu ? upc un itu . of lt.. - in, .<*. Bf,
\\ illiston us ai.istan. profassoi aud ilaius-iiiiraiiif iu
ana.uiiiy. and Ur. ["bo ut IS G. Iv xn 1 ,lurer nu blstol*
'.?v. i..e letter,bai. until recauny, given lestreaiioa
dj tbliiubieci tn tin* I'airenit) ofPeaaiylfa a. Or.
James ! .inii,',,'.. a.*,, ?. ti nomiuevte i :>y ute fae any ie
..lay al profeeeof of iib.sietr.i.'-.
THE Al.FMM ol UM I01*.
Si IlliM .1 1 Alli, Jillie 22 t Special . ? Ali "Kit
l.viui l.'inoii's ion. iruthered la Memorial Us ie
in,on lo partake ni tue au.nt.il cilia"..on af Hie .... > if
me alumni. A. A. "I ut,'4 presided. I're.l lcMil La I
mada aa addreaa. ihe int.in were ai fu.titi
Je Bay amer, af Baw-YorB; '46, Beary lt. Pwrse . -f
Albany. '"Ui. Kdward lu.erso.l, of N.-w-B una . ti,
N. J.: 'titi, 1>. A'tiid-r, of N -tv-Viiu i '.?(i, ll a.. u
I'n ice I..tad.m. o; > a ii-,' ilt. ?ma!?I VVeuip e .ni
Melville l.t.) io a. i.i r. i -ms siae spoke, i ?
annum milt era uro : Freti lent. Joan M. Ila..nv A
ute plea??Bia. Peale! Beyiaosr, at* Maw. VarB, i io*
I. I'u,ten,tn, troy, aad l-.lwail Bi .iip.e, Poll? ?
lue vole for uu-le.t in lil IBS VBOBBQl ,?i*" by the
ttl,ir at..rn ef tbe lei?i nf i> Peataerateeaba-ieb wae:
hi. I', uihi-rsto,i,-li nura, gt); Join M. Bulley, Svj
lenim, ? ino secretary ..i lea alumni road latter, froa
Mr. Ursstory, lalo limed Slates Well **?:? ?
( .Hum ISSI oner, et (.oveiiior J,lin I. tloguiau Hid "-"
ard Potter, all ol wumti are lu l-'uiwpe. Al tua u. -.-. f ??!
Hie Ihi Bela kappa rr>o, lol* Ja lauu ? 1.. el 'U au i
veld J- An.-ie a aro alec tesl uta-Htera J 'un t Ile ?
ives leili Cte,I pieeiili-nl of lue t lt .pier. I lu" irOs.i I
lu, i a: ld .?? lot k lim min hui- una .teuni lit!' lil. t " B.
but thc only public ann ni ii.'in-nt Wes lb- >?'?"". i *
Betmuol l.iw.inl ll. Minnon, ol Cohoes, ii Blttrer of Ul *
oi....i Jua se laodoa, pm lem lei?rita, na: i there
?a.nilli be ii,, pre. ti, ul elmitsil 1" lal.
1 he linn,ir sud snpiioiii .re pn/. S|)e..k:ii?: ena Ml I
plat-eat lae iirn lUfarewd Cuerea i.>-iiu.it. loree
soph,>m ucl Bad foul juniors sp >k.<. I'm- Br?t cou teal
l,,r IBs V.ler BsilS foi extern,..it uneou. apeSklMI ? tl
compel.? 'or by nefen Mil?sala. reaauBjetst waa aa?
noiiiiecti thirty miiiutei betottt delivery, aadlBsooti.
lastania spoka for isa mlaaia? ia sr-sr Oatawasl-aU bf
ISO, I li.. BBblaet wa. - Ar.- I.alni: I ul., ts a lleiiflll IO
Murki it.-men V 'lhi'p:./e, SOO, wu. a tv aid- l to Paulf
Henry I'ole.
il U-TPOBO, L'uii'i., ouw Tl (Special.)- T'ih
class .my < t.rouei ai fl Wily CbdlaajS vero Ur .'ely
um,let*, thia afternoon. Iv lt. Mulei), of Ibu cilv. an
preiuletii nf me day. Tuo or-aiiou BSS by llenufii
Lilieulbal, of Newport, IC L, ou "Idee-" Sum ab_Bj

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