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CA.rb_|)i'l UN Tlllt I.IMUS,
Justice Potiolme, in Snp-rotne (our!, ('humber'.,
vesi.-r.isy rcle.is.il Aaa-net.-- li. Mc ronald, I. rem ??
jM.tiii'tt'an.l .lulen t lim 111 i>n Hom LudloalMroet Jail
on wnta ?f li:i)..":i!i. iiipn-s un.lor the provisions el
the amended .I, Lt .i?. lin* jiiMict- .len.lcd thal Ins
law wan constitutional, boraing lhat tlin creditor
has no vested righi tn tho body ol his .lentor, Batt
thal lho new la a merely aileis lht- method of BB
ioreinf a dacree ol the coori ior pe-j menl ol a debt
A luitUNK reporter was the Rial t.i r?-Ty the
news to th." expectant pr.Miiie.a who Inul spent ao
many wean vents :ni I inoiiths in the jail.
*? lliank God ! lt's if'toil u.ws at la.-t T said poor
old McDonald whose sh a ki ii tc hand* and
qaaveruii* solos hetr.i.ved his rent-up i emotion.
? Mv el-lit 'out* years here are elided."'
no WIR of Munett. who tva.. visiting her hus?
band Inn st min lean nnd declared that it was the
liii.in.it Stxt ot her life. Monett ha* been itiipt.s
oned .-i-hleeii monllis. 1'hat 11 ion. fl r rcnehinan,
av bo assert- that ho jot into jail two years nco
turou-h uni he.nt.'aide to read thc order of the
court oerved OB hun, prc-ei ved a look ol stolid IB
difference Gilbert H. Hawes, the prisoners' couti
ucl liri uw-lit Hie t't.ler lin llieir release. With him
was Kraatua W'liiian, whoM tbs ptimmmre regarded
as their sapoi ial deliverer, wtnlc they wrunic Ins
limul ami ** l.t..Kt-U the ihanKs Ihey could not
speak.'' .laities )'? lioss, a hearty vonni* fellow who
vr is in the jail for st. yours for B$000debt, till
released by Mr. WIbsbb, rushed in and fairly
buRged In- .ih'. companion*. C. C. Leeds. chairman
Ot th." committee that pushed tho bill t?roOgfa tbs
].ei*islatuic. wai also jneecnL Twenty prisainers
?ali" will he henelited hy Hie atneiiiiiiient had prc
j.ired an address of thanks to Mr. Wiiiian which
WM read at the jail door.
M. ltnii-ihl, who is un old man and has suffered
?min h in Im health boan the coniioeinent, will be
taken (arc ??! by his li lends, len y-ais ne... ho was
flwardad B197.000. a (lam against tin- United
Plates iiiiilir the iWtyol WaahiBglern. and tbs
ntiiiniiil wai Bald him. Afterward, he avers, a plot
?eras -et on lool to interoept tin- _ioiit-y nndar ? pre
ii ii. eui a claim far legal service* Au order was
niaai to have the looney returned to court. "Thia
or.ier.'' McDonald says. " was never served OB ii"'.
bot did I bear ol it while m Washington, where 1
jiives'td u,v money aid loal it,"
Mont it and bia crf*ditor liped in Brooklyn. Ue
waa-.lied for breach ol Bromine; lUunages. *Jt6,00!l.
Ile pail "-."'."'i'n a'i.1 the dt itt of .-'.".iiii ran on. It
w.>iiltl sos! Monett's creditor $ 1 per day to keep
lum iindei arrest in Brooklyn. Accordingly eight
Years afterward, when Mm.itt .ame over boraba
was arrested and Ihe oblit-ing ratepayeraoi SeYf
**i ork liave "-ontributed 78 n-BU a day for eighteen
m.'url s (ur tis board and tbe rtbi mention of the
j;.is \n i ie.ni.h. Ile isa tliga?"maker aim w.U
nisi ly iiinl work.
! (j dillon i- a I ;i'. ? r who fmled In bnainesa ans
ow< -1100. Ilia a ile baa worked for bei board and
].).!-.'in'i' since bis incan-eration Iwo yearn ago and
bisonly rbild died laat winter lor Ibcb ol -ironer
ii, in aliment. Ile aays thal aome ladies have prom
-., i ,' .inti in- w.:c ci, ni.li mouey to starla
b.ny. Mi- Hawes said :
I Then if i ? teal raeei aud the conBlilutloaallty of ths
j:,,t ,. iva . , s ? ,1 impel .nnii. Mt for ti,-itt for
ix nu,lilli* || i.ne ii un ig ul tin- |nist ni
Kew Yi'iK. I have niade a written .icm.iel on ("beril.
i.i un to rrh-ose Jinn-. I". Lent. Beu|a_iin Oppen
j rand J< lin Kiernan, a bo mil remalu in Jill, and if
I .nnii ni, ii nv i i-ii.inul will takeoot writa
, , irpUl lu ll..,I |,itt I.,!' tltelli alni tilt -lin 111 Wi.1
bi li., ., t.i t ieui for i iler luipi li mmouL
Si,, ntl t'ranl B connie.. Mr. Clark, said:
- . i.i pi-, ett.im. - will Bare le be taken to pron
OpM'iibei' ,i i.i.,1 Kiiti i I.ii." Lien ||Lprl-e . I fm
than -'I inoi.t is before tues will Le released,
niusi e released ll ;.t all no a habeas corpus, aa
. , !. !,. ., :,: all ll a.-'.;, ? nt BOl OB .ill i-\, ll '"ii, .ill I
i t law .I- * ii il . over bli i bm T-ere ara
?bout 150 ni**ii out "on tbe limits," sa we aay, moauing
.-, consider i h. n.selves fr.-e mulei Justice
i, .I, ? ..'s .le. IslOB.
A J' BT OBI .IM I' i" l BT cm: Of J HB Ml N WHO
l \ io, rgii (1,000 i li' M HIM.
Tbe Toort af Oyei sod Ternuner waa crowded
vc-i.i'l.\ bj members ol trade unions and otners
ntl :.-;>', i ni tn.* ii i. il nf Um iiK.icted boyeotters.
Justice Harrell presided iind the pnteecntion was
i, min nt, by A?ima ni Db>trict*Attorneyi Fellows
ami Purdy. Ih prisonora wen- Poul Wtizig,
liiu-ii-i: 'i, srho*-e ease was taken up tiist and who
Yt,I- ie .I,- :.t.il by Howe tV Hummel; Michael
KtrohBud s. I.'"s.'i:iiei-a, i.f th.- Bartender-1 linton,
for tim,in Loin- 1". Poof appearari! : Michael
o' I. eai y, ol tbe fntienr1 Union ; Hans Holdorl and
Ma- I uni'liiiii-1. o' il,.; Carl Salmi imnaicali
('mil. General Horatio C. Kmi*. counsel for
tbe Musical Union, -at neai the pro-,..
I-niiim i.tit, ? i -. A lona lime was speni in obtaining
a jury for the trial of Wi./ur, the reaull in whose
lii-e the ..flier pnsouers are .lcutlv interested in.
a-- it will determine tbe questions io yoi vi d ib euell
casa. WUsig ii charged v*- i i ti baying obtained
fm n George 1 ii'i?, piii.irictoi of u eoneert saloon
in I mu ic, ir h--t., by nra??fl of t?rea?i thai BM
liu-ii'c-s, would bo broken up by tho boycotton, a
ii,ck for ?-1,000, and lor aucb extortion undei the
ii111vi.-11111s. ol sections 632, BO? and 55. ol lbs
'coal Code his con vu non tb asked for. Many of
tits pane] of jiirtiiidi were net aside
for having formed opinions nu favorable to the
pnsoii.i. i neil candidate foi apiece m the Jury
box, waa aa-ed t\ let lui be kuew the prisoners or
any one connected with tbe ci-.', whether he be
lon.e.i t.i a iinii-niiivii oi oilier aunilai Boeiety,
iiml wini lo lin waa an employer or an employe,
b*o_m were eloaoly questioned in regnard to theil
y, timeula with regard to strikes aud boycotting.
1'inallv the full ia mg iurv was obtained :
i lian. ? Mern, Na 18 V. s?y..t, wines.
A'L.lf-trnit.-l.l. Bu ll -pni.e-sl, snins,
Jaiii.-i lloiyaii. Ba S3'2 Broadway, rrSMaraal
-leeepb a. bidier, No H'.? Baxisr-sL, wii))ii nionldlBga
lases Kelso, No 236 Bael Poor s-st- .euiiemaii.
li'iiiy Irv. Nu. rc", rents>ava,geBtlamaa,
li car ll.ilitif*, Na 'll0 VI esl..I., MBsagi s.
I; et-ri M. liamlilt a, Prodnea r'xenaase, broksr,
An-.lioiiv J. Wtitittriifl. No. ht Wililoocit., bro?ar,
Beru nerd il. ?allen. Na. 100 ClIatoa-aL, Krocor.
li ri).ir.i a. Dryer. Bnt 11:1 afat?ou Lane, mm
l.raeit ll. Kau ii, No. f>*J Wost Twenty itnrd-st., dry
( .lionel Pelion s op.'ind tin-case ior tbe people,
]?,?(? iai un" tii it be found bo tani! vs it li workingmen
for Joining nniona, be related the circatnstanccs of
the norcott ina of rbeiaa and stated that af lor the
boycotter! bad paraded iu frout of the place bear
lag pine.inls and di -li iiiiilinir bund lulls Linet, the
brewer, who supplied Tho?ai with beer and
lul.l fl ii orU'.)L' i| on ihe hiisliie-M, advisiii Ihciss
i.i poi ti.e imii,,, de.uauded ny the prisoner, and
'I heise gave the latter his cbeck tm Bl,OOO bs
be was af raid his business would bs rained if he
did nut. Colouel Fellows denounced boycotting as
ii ino,-i Itrtital t. niiation of law. 1 hes.- men luni no
Blore right to tbe 81,00*1 than tf lt had been de?
manded itt the point of a pi.-tol.
Jostles ILuiett gave the u-uiil caution to the jurv
in rei.'.n.i t" i j-, i U i rt ?_- i bon I tbo case and adjourued
the court until tins morning,
The ssjuipension of H. Il, Rwifl St C'c. importers
.if sugars, hud bo m.ii kid effeel on iii., sugar
inaikct reste rda v, il.e liabihties, which are esti
lnaie.I al Bl,000,000, are all forBUgaraud lol :ol
vaoceamaoebj baukoM on sugar in stock, ll. H.
Swift, ihe senior member of the fiun, baa been in
the i>u-ii)i mi uti ir ion i years. He said yesterday:
\Se woul.l not have Peen tompslled to msjieiid itsd il
aol beea for tbe sin.rs. Fut thirty .lays aol a cme-o el
liiirar wai sol.i lu tiie city. 'Hie mcuunilalion of stock
an,i tnt" da bas in prtoM brengai ns into trstuni? Bagai
t.o.l lo-.lay for 1'i cents a pouii.l lli-l brou-iil ."i'i a It-tv
Maali?agu I So in irite i ti as ansel tim year i,y IBs mo x
peeied outpal ?>l nert .u-in tu Europa -nd un- deellas In
f, -,.ii,ail,,ii latI.** ipiaunties ul t.c-s-1-ts.jj.-..i- wi-ro
ii.fU.eu away in Baropa ueknoe-a toiii.-uiers, belsa par*
!?"-? ly kei.t ont of Um rciioris by uiioratori. WBeo
]ir.i'ei l.c_.tn to rei-.uer tins su^ar w,,s brtniiflii eat I ,,r
e,,:,ie rr.te',u. Me, ii,er*- Bm bees a .ie, lias In las deuiaod
lu.tu atiroa.i and bela, ? botbor dm- to loworlas -.f atucics
lu tim Lan.is of Moreaaata >?: to less minsainption l can?
ilta H ii. The boakass wiio kare adveueed ea our su-jar
aili holli lt and the BUW-St Will not hts atlcciril.
M?biiiB of tba ?i?i aakI that tbs EVrnambnoo
bouse would im' sospend. The recovery in tbs
inn. ofBugar winch is looked ior will probably
enuliie ihe linn to resume b_?lUees, I lie hanks
Biakinfl the iiilv.im . - are ail strong houses and will
fe aide tO -Old the SBg-T. III. .-c;u les, of the
Uavemevers, s.mi *J*_| tits sagai market wonld
Bol bs afiected by the .-wilt faUure,
Annie Chi?doa. the younger sistor of Mrs.
('re!i?. who .-ci., a Bekery al Ku "i.,7 ?juib-avo., coiu
UiiurO s nciir on MooOOf LI|{liL Annie was a ("met,
Biala Inofiii).' irirl of eiirlilt-en years. BBS wes ewaloye.
in iLe ixt. ry, lint SSSBPMd a rooui ou the .in r,l Uoor of
th*- Buaes B ?. ?-i -sixiu-avr.. in eooipoay wuii Maiy
rowers, exe Bf Mea. _>Bo a..o weraad for Mra Crafts.
*li,er.- ssas a .llsa?r.t-iii.-ui oa Mead?? lietween Mrs.
Crafts ana ber inter, li wai u..t lue tlrsi tuutt tbat
Uli ilsti r. hal t-tcbaiii.-et'l ang-ry wordi on a.couiil of
Annie's apparaal twtk "f mtfrrst lu ber won. in this
eveaing Annie wai viuto-i by insr laver, a youu< har- j
teti'iir uauied Connor. Hu let Um looms of Mri. Pow?
ell st -j,, m., earlier than usual, hut tbere were no
Btgne of b Quarrel betweea ih? eoup.e Mary I'oner,
w. i io bod aa- ta sleep soon afieiwa.-,i. AonMcom
Slalitr.l ul toothache, ami went ont al IO ii'iiot lt. At a
rug; store io ibe i,el_bhorbood sbc purcbased soiu.t
lau,im,am. Vs?a sae maraod shs m.,-1 Mia Powom
for a m .. .,f ts..ier. and took it w tb ber to tbe ruoin
WI,.-rs Ler you na rouipaiimii was fast ail-sji.
Marv Powers awote at li a. m. yesterday, ami tkoaabl
tbs! A.n.ie waa ?dasplng loorts soiiudtv Mas n.uai.
Wben she trie-1 to uw.,Ue her she found Uisl Anni." wal
fleeil. Mi*. 1'owre-luiuiiHiuitil a pbysteUii alni ., p.,,!,?.
luau, lt wes en.Inti thal Auule bad silioj hers-if wilb
lau.latiiiui, a nd mel she bad beeu dead louie Lours bo
fore Mary i'owers awu.e.
JCSBph N ii-liei (-'. HK-'.i.Tt t -t wo, a ili'iili-i in i-.-ins
B-iJIo. Iii Ludlow.sl. wai a prisoner yesirrday at tue
Jr-iMtx MarBet Police I our!, wbsr- Atrsni Yoeuf. Ol tbe
BasMty f,.r ibe Pre rea Ilea of Cruelty m i alldron
Cliari'e.l bini willi send,ri.' lils soo. Israel Xusherir. aire
Bftero. out to peddle sutall wares on the street- ' The
sj-eni .teted thai im, prisnii-r bad on-l? two jiipamre
trips lo Kurope within tbe last three yean and w-.scoui
lortabir situated, lian was require). i_, ^yg ^ _U(Wer
BOMB ?| all colnrs wi.ro blooming at the
J/eiiiierii fcsbibllloo lu Ciiolou Hail ys.trr.lay afteri.ooiu
-__-?-_-*i *.?UU** "r?^?>?rry exblhitof tli? "-'armers'
CUub.and between dlsyMya ol roieaai-dcm flowera wura
pmtei of strawberries. Some of the beniee wore the
, sit., of peas and represeoted tbe fruit ss lt wss known
j lislf a century eco. The later varieties, such as the jer
: Ber Monarch sml the Jeraey (Jneen. were ai ler_i. aa
walnuta and some es larne as apples. The display was
' ten tlayi later than uiual, aud rather too late tor the
' season. .0 said the omuinlttee, so that the exhibit was
' smsller than that of last year. The exhibition will oea
tlnue lo-day._
St. James Hotel-Charles D. Jacob, U. 8.
' Minister io folouiiila. and K. J. (Jattllnx. of Hartford
Fifth Amine Hotel-Kx-Henstor 1'owsll I.layton,
of -rbaasaa, sad William H. Barnum, of Connecticut
.*f**fiMw_ajM-ri-?SSaf Ob-MBjIs-C Armstrone*. of
lia ?pion, Va.
Roar.! of Aldermen, noon.
Departure of Tin Ko-iment Veterans for rrovldenee
aim review liy Mayor lirace, 4:30 p. m.
Tralnm** Behool of Normal College commencement,
10 h. in.
Aqueduct sud Docs Commissioners meelina**.
tn. John's COIIegeC'liuinciiremen!, Fordham. l:lr> p. rn.
Home llule mais-uieeUu-,'. Academy of Music, Jersey
I Citr, 6 p. m.
i Annual regatta of Harlem Yacht Club.
i Karmi,l-Neiir Laivu Tennis Club tournament. Hast
' Ines, afternoon.
i ft Peter's School commencement, Aoaderay of Music,
2 p. tu. _, _ _
Bew-Yorfe Electrical Society, runton Hall. Rp. m.
Music In Kusi Uiver l'ark by Tilt -SgtSSSal Hand.
Kibibillaa of rofces and r irawhorrlcs hy Farmers' Club.
C.Inion II ll.
(?onMltuili.n Club. No. 64 Ma llion-ave., S p. m.
i St, Peters School commencement, Acsdeiny of Muilo,
2 p. m.
The iiiptiihers of thc Colton K.??change voted yes?
terday to duse the Kxehant-o on Saturday. July 'A.
All who attend the 101st consecutive performance
I of "' Hie I.lille lycKiii'' at ?hi> Fifth Avenue T.ica
tro this evening wi? receive hanidatsaw souvenirs.
Thomas Shill, a painter, who fell from thc roof of
lira Hines's earrian house at Inwood Hill on
Monday, died in tlic Man li al tan Hospital yeslerday.
Heorr W. Cowlea who killed I'lnna-m. the cab?
man, baa bi en iranaterred to the I ombsand ia held
Without bail to await the acl.ou of tho Grand
William Milla, Bge sixty, foil from a bean and
wa- killed while al work in the denol ol the Grand
1 Mr. el leny Railroad Company at the foot of West
Forty-eecond-st yesterday.
".ictmiv" the old mule nf Blackwell's Island,
whose existence baa nt. made as eamfortable aa
possihle lately nn accouni ol tbe interest which
Isaac Hell took ni it twenty years ago, died las!
A sample ni new crop Red Indiana wheal was ex
I hiiute.I "ii th" Produce Exchange ye leruay by A.
1 D Fiske, 11" n mil v m a-- lid in In-linc, and thi."
1 crop is two we lt - Bl ead of i? t-1 j ear,
Three ot the live -i ri kit.-. cabinet-makers ?? i
wen-1aire t> .I "'i Monday forannoyina workmen in
1 Henri Herman n's factory were yesterday put nuder
,-'.;i:n ii,,'His tm iw-,1 mouth- [_eot_eH nett tlia
j ci.:.!ged.
1 ii -i i i, i- \iiorm-v Marline and A Mist an! District
Attoruey Nicoll denied yesterday i hal tn??j hail mel
ex- \i.i.-. ii.au Waite within a few days ami had a
conference with hun. Ur. Waite is noi in town, the
oliieials say,
II- ihe kindness, of -I. Hull Browning, presidont
ul the Nortliern Railroad of Mew-JeMey, 1 ~?*?
children Bod mothers irom the Eat! Bide Chapel
Were til ive li lil -lie, tal I' IT- I loni i ill- lil \ ti. I'etl.llll
.nt Monday, and were entertained at Mi. Hnntii
iugVi bouse and grounds.
Meidelbach, li kelbeuuer & Ho. shipped 8350.000
.(i'll hilts IO ? UTOpe \e-f I'l.V. I I"' (lill V sh) pill,'ill-.
ht-i week, ali".it ir-500,(KH>, were by tbe same linn.
I e destination of these shipment! is supposed to
be Benin, wheifl a uea l.uaaian loan ol about
**;.)(i.noii.oo.i is aoon tn in- brough! ont,
Herman Lube, a cattle dealer, brought two cows
fn'tn t atr-kill yesterday, intending to take them to
Staten Islam- I'h>- cows ol?jc led when they
reached lui oii--t. and began a wild career ol l heir
own. One waa oiplured iu Battery Park, and the
other was wande! in" at large al lani accounts.
Congressman Leblbaeb, of New-Jersev, has se I
.*") to / In irish World Famine lund; Branch Ko.
tai ot ihe Irish National I eaaue, Portland, Ore.,
I$38; The iiln.iiuiii. Providence, R I., $10 50;
cit;/, ns oi 8t. ,1'i-eiili Mission, Minn., per Pairick
Mcl'O'ioiisih and (ienrge Matthews, .",'-'*? ? ami elli
zeusofSt, Paul, Minn,, per Andrew Reilly and
[ John McNc-ly, 914.
Hnrveti were ie.au t,y lue euglBSSn of the new
Union Elevated B-llroad Companv In l-'lfth-ava near
t tirroll-s ., ves-i nlay.
The Lo,iv of ti,,- i onie ii,rn, fJeorge P. Charles, who
eniiiniiiti ?! snlelde In Phil..delphi i on Friday, waa I ikea
io t ie Kvermeeua cemetery yeaf?rd v for nun tl.
Mayor Wait-ay's new Park Commission met lor the
Uni ila? yesterday. All lbs mr?there who ore in tina
coiii,try were Bseeeas.
The snitar reflnias Urra of Dink? Meter hate seat
"MOO to Ibo Police Pension Fond for tbe eflleient atd of
iii., j...ile- lu Ibe ieee ol Strike ,,f BOtt-T te'ii.eiM.
Tbe tr,i-t. cs td* tho r.ilfh Homo hate InvestlraMd tbs
. i a,i. i-a "i uuklud ..nd severe rouduel "ti tbe i' .it ol Min
lu., ? .m. in- l, tba ie .in., er. and Bara um toil in a rei ort
i mil .' ? I* exonerating her.
Bop. t ii.teniiiii' Palue. ol the Rankias Dei artBMBt, bas
arreuMis eertldcute io tim i ny Kevin .a Bank, lu Of
sitii.iib-il ,,t Nu, 1 l"o, rth-ive. Ti c truetessa of the lunik
ure lht-.-ii iin> (Mena, Me* rt L. v\..turd. Kiurene <..
liltti'kfori., I'.iiL ll. kntt'si iiiinil. M i li Maier, William
St, B.n?iter, i.I,ml Moody, N. i. BprosTue, Beuhen
leeland, B'illlam Hsrkiiette, Calvin 1'aiu.reuu, John I'.
OhId.i David a. i'o .iv, w. ii. Morten, l-eonurd
Rieimrdson. D B, Moree, castles H. stoddard, Pony G.
Williams anil Willi,nu C. Uni, iee.
A wmu Riving tbo nm. ol V. C. Rule presented a let?
ter of Introdnetlon Irom T. M. Healy, of Londoa, to
PoileS Jiislici- Andrew J. Walih on Mun,lay. Ile
promptly followed np tm. Introduction "vita bs st Mu pi
to secure a lo.m, hui Isittn- in tins made aa appoint tue ul
to in'.-t th" I Ult lee hiter. Me folle.1 to koop tba ap
lim,.tin.-tit end is belMved by tue Jostles to oe a muni.
Ile represented btioeell as (Mina* identiiird wita thc
eulie .,: ll unit Bale for Ireland.
E. .1. I lenin sm,, a diii.cist, sui.,I Towt: ,<,? Elder,
wholesale (iiupt;isis, fur _ataaa*M beesusa -n alMired
Bpiirioui mixture ?j. sra; bl? wnao b ? ordered a sim
pie syi ut' ol yei iee s ut i I tiny did uol hav ? tii't syrup
urdered, bul m-da np ons it, seeonlaaee wltb a pub
llahed formnia. Juds-a Ueynolds, ls ibe div Conn. dbi.
Missed lho ease beesBas nu doa*?gs waa shown to have
il, OU lilllie 10 UK) I'llililli!'.
Thomas M. Dash iel I, age thirty-eight, en?
tered uo ibe -.uni..vu as a "joareelUt," w_? breosbl
I'.-fiire Jusliie 1'i.ileiioii al lin- Tumbe I'i,nets i mir!
vesieri..y < Uar.'.-,! \tnii forsery. Fmacia Read, book?
keeper for ibo Brm of 11 a ti-mai i u _ Ca, Nn. 11 ii Liui-s'..
-t.,'. ,1 ilial mt Jut))- - iMsblell Belled at ihe ottlee of tim
Brm. i?kins te ssa Mr. Wolla tbe sttoraey for ibo Brm,
whiiiii he Blattmed lo iiiiotT. Hts s .. i m. ,,|.)..t i wes al ..
reporter, to " urn.- me timi ?p," Mr. I>a,l invite,! bun
to a seal al hu .lesli, in Ibo rear of win rh stao I tue 'aft-,
lin Ihe sare was nus linn's (beeb lionlr nilli Ibo cheeki
Mire ely Mased, " llnisinanii .V: to., Wella, Attorney.*1
ToomMM?ed aa opportunity, took a rheck oui of tin
hook, ami departed hurried ly without wiilini the
srtlelo. lie then nile,i In the cbask for *r4<>, payable to
i.'-arff, ana preeeoted it ai ihe. flowery Batloaal
Ililli., Where i! wa-. duly houorrd. After
his hurrie.l tiep.trture, tins .nih In UM
hook tel,I tho tale of tito .tni.-li rheck, iiinl iBgOlr* at the
beak revealed that it imd been pabt l*be descrtplloo
iriven Milled with th.it nf the fount! man who Ita,I calleil
io see Mr. Weils. iBspeeior Byrasa del .ctieii Detoeuvs
Ber sean is Maeulra and Man-IB on ihe saar, ,.s tiiev
"ha'l " the voiniiL' malt li,-r.-ie on u Cliai'L-it ol BWlBdllns
ti.e Rev. Curtis Winninia, ol St. Barnebas's Mt?don.
For this oflenOS he served six moatBS on lilaekweli's
i.iaii.l. The deteetlvea found bim la tho liowery ob
Monday mehi. The defendant plaided aol amity.
Justice Palt'-rsoii ht,tl h.ni in r I ,.'.(Ki for trial ut General
Joseph Sciiwnitz. a pedler, of No. Uti De
laueoy-aib, weal to co,ic. Mea iqa triers rasMrdar to
make a new Bomidatat against Pol iceman Aifk.-n, of the
'lentil I'reciiii't. who wai asauBBd of bsatiBfl Mra Babel
nert, of Nu, SSOreasfd st. Oa a rooenl Baiurdey ntaat,
Bob worts says, ne was emus boms turon, ii Ell?ibetB-s
Arfkeu iiopptsti him ami Inquired wbere be was solas
aud waea tiire pedler e-ld taai bowes Kolnatu "iat,ii
teefrtsli air," Ailkrn ran .ma n-i him, calletl linn
"fresh." rdobbod iniu, kicked hun, itml inaheil aim MM
the nuiier. When the pedler protested, he tor.- his coat;
when lie * titi he was licensed, be "ran him in," .mi
when hr lonke.i for ins Bamber, he straek bim la tba
face Wllh Ins tilt, lu IBO BMtMfl Arik.lt u.a-le a e.,,,,
pMiat as-last ibe plaintiff for Millaa un ti- siut-waiu,
sml the next day he had lt lin ti ned BIO I.>urt ami sent
to Hie Island. All ot luis .-eli wat iz oltcrod to prove hy
witnesses. The li,,..rtl dieseled th,- buperMModeal to
aao that ho tjtot ihe de-iri-a opportunity,
COE POI .*> KIA li A C. LtiSY.
Two well-*?roflBod woinen were broagjbi to
the Jitlers.iii Merfcet Police Curl y. atora BJ ny De.
MetlVS -ergeants I'.uland aud i'.ruii.r. wuo bad arrtjatci
iheni -it Ne. -13 Mest rifteeiitii-si., on edispateb hom
ciiief of Polios Bboreoid, nfCbleeco. siatias that um
it,'tuen had eompromUM? wllh thieves uUo lied ruliltml
them of upward of $5,1X10 ls money sod Jewelry. Tbs
rii'iiit-ry had bees t*ommitMd ls Cblraso snd lbs tbievea
siterw.ir.l fled to New-York. where they were foiin,l by
their victiuis ando sett?awat wis iiieiie.i. Bmbold*
ened tty Hie arrangement the vi.- ie. turn returned io
Cbioaso sud wara arrested Ibero Tho prism en said
lif. were Mis Jeiusha J,ni us in and her daUJtatai Ne nie.
Justice. Weldu reu.uude.l lu. lu lor s_s??BetMB.
Tin- Electrieal Sabway CommiBaioa incl \c>
'??t.i.tv iii Hie Wa;,.irks Jliralin eaiiuiutr. Roswell P.
Fiower. the SbairaMO, pn sided, alni ( oiiiiniss.oi .-rs
iles, ami Moss wan prea-nt Ai a aseatlaB a week asa
lt w?? vited to lOVIM IBS -inliils.loi) of a,I,lK1011.1l ats
temi of niliw.iyi and euii'liute "fBiee new ploaa Wrre
presented sud exp!.one,t hy their pioinolcrs yeiierday.
A decl-lon on tbe Tenons BysMBtS already esaii'lned ls
expecled lo be reached hy July 1.
OUR BIRO is Tile: hwk ya ans.
A retired men Inuit, named Willumi Dunning, of
Bs IO ian Oae-kaadred ami tweutr aMta "'.. wes c'lariTii
yaaierday lathe Harte? Pout.uurf.wubshoot?xf eaMaad
sparrows brea bia aioaowa with s Butssissf rtSm tire, jut
ie- tumid a tsvorite eal ?a?)i sesss tatt saa i li yrjuiiiui oe.
u.etl Un cuerKe ena ts a. p.. ?.? ?. mi exe.ii)iiuuu_.
- - e-f
'lillie i hunton, a yoong woman who __ld aha.
wis iu ai'iirs. n.prerfvi in Ma j.iTt-rs.,ii Msrfcet Police
( ourt yeBlttrdoy obit ? n.t. ir.-.I i/'iaiik M. lay lor. the sola
water boy si Meet's, willi t,miiif ,-i,t. r*-1 lier e.'iSTtiueiit st
iVi lt,, tsixiu ate. mi "SiiiKlav luoriilu- and laleu at ani,-,, tim
Bini Sin. 'I..il.,t mis iu Hu semi- BS Ilse. I avior Saya he ?'aii
prufoeu .Hoi, ami Ju.Uce Weldesav* lulu uiilil loalay lu
00 so. ^^
Tho gnsly spectre of tho law stalked, into
tbe bet ti mt ring al Bbeepshes.1 Bar yesterday end
presd borror and eooarernetlon around. It bsd been
auppoaed that Anthony Comatock'a detectives were too
hu.y in their (rest craisds acalnit photographs of
eissretto (Iris plsyto( bssebsll to spare any
time for watchinr the oommlssion business suion_
the bookmaker-. But when the deputy
sheriffs esme down from Brooklyn like
wolves on the fold, something after the manner of tbe
snolent Aiiyrlsns, lo I sud behold I they were aoeooi
psnled by two of Mr. Comstock's deMotlvea to Identify
tbe ludieted bookmakers. As Ibe officers of the Mw
swooped down upon tbe sunda, tbe proolalmirs of odds
felt their tommet olesve to their Mela snd some of
thom turned (reen wltb frlitht. But the wicked were
soon culled out from the (presumably) Innocent hy the
detectives ami deputies, and the melancholy little troop
were marched off to Brooklyn to (ivo bonds. The ar?
rested moil, however, (ot back In time to bet on tbe Issi
For u a pace after the departure of the wicked " com
uiiiaiuiieTs" under guard uo betUn,' boards
were seen tn the rlu(, sn 1 the -.-amblers so
trembled aud shivered with alarm that, people
lu Jam ilea (Loin' Island) thoUKht there
wss another BBI?bf?aka aloii( tbe coast. Men whispered
to each other wllu tutted bro-ili, Terrible report! Ulled
tbe air aud tho nul,lest ^r.rv pile al thi thought of the
poisihle seclusion iii prison o-llsof the Apollo Bi-lvldi-rei
who BIBBsfS the B?Blt- Bf the Coney Island .Tookey club.
To remove io inueu i>-mui!>try from the ptH.lio view all
at once il wai feit won: 1 .hitter itv. artistto Ideals of
Aiucrict.. Hui If tho OBBSy island Jockey duli ha 1 h*-en
Indicted hy lho Kim."! Conny (iiamt Jury, ll ls certain
that in oilleon were not molested, thoi-h BBMSfOM
coiiiuliaiioiis with lawyers wont ou lu ibo ltmor roora.
o'. Hie chit) li,lils... I lie e-tosca <?f tho clui) Sneinnl avers-.
loglviBg laf?fBM?toa en tho msllsr ll did not appear
to lie a iiii'j'ci oa willoh thoy awolt with
sat!.faction. Ami aa to that tho boos
BMkers were like unto thetn. Hut befuro
the .sinnd ract was run. tiie bellini* boards were up
B__?I. and UM "eoinuii-sioii *? tinline,I wont un ...
ine.no bb I extensively aa before.
.Vii ai.ii L seott's | i k"V, M : ilia, ir is li. Uv hurt In
tbe fourth raoe. Ile wss nama tbe flily Asmim on tbe
turf course, bbb was rn.ii- second sad would pt-O*
.:i.;v tau., it-n.i, uni in so?m way si.. st moa um low
liner rall of ihe turi irerk ead tell, t irowln- Meeton to
the around. The bo? struck on tn- bead. He wai
p n m. 11 j t ik -a t" Mr. Boon's -iiii!,- and aursaobs wera
aumiuoned. Ho may recover, tb ol?fb lbs bmiu received
a sever .bock rue di ly wei mun fortnnaM tuan tbs
locker,and esoaited with soiae ,laina-', to ono |,-.-.
nu. turf sourss bas already caused mueb
nuuappiiiess ami win c.iu-it niue,i mora, lt
ruin- ,i.ti mt 11.1 form )>am il ii;,,,ii r ,e- . mi the reg?
ular cuiiise, r.,r ii, my boraea thai run weil on din csu
UOl run at all mi -lass, lie sm. I BVor, ',' llM .ind luni-'
Luke are couapiciloil. examples Vu.m. Luke WM ino
r i -. o.i te in t:,,. :,.; i it, i rue. Ile wai lia all tbe way.
A. mi i, ..m.). in i.e i.iv i ,ni Coi. -pr.i-'u , they
dmi'i s.,-,.beebleto ron ell srou ros or dirt, li
is peat due I'tn.t lo aeod ibeee ibree melancholy (noni
ot..-.-lix. Or lo be Erle Canal io help the Bimble
.ll.a-l Ul drift OVer 'il" ieHI,I,ll, I I.! ,iv.
Uastily expressed opinions of lisn Vox and fnspsetor
li. iieeii careful rev?I >"? fd IB !?'.?_ aaa .. _r -at :.nollie
for the Kiud -inn"-. i"ii ciuieiii tlnitl, Inspect? r H.
tit -i ,,,,,1 The lt ir i seco id. I b ? s na
inic reversal of tbe form eh,.wu In tue Couei
I .<i Derby an Saturday puzzled turfmen.
Lu th,- iit: r ll ".ii- ni'? le.-n dpllint. li
riddles baffle tho snrew.iest sne.sine ir rue BaM ., ? i
i.ii uii. I, by a Jockey equal in skill aad muscle io
Mel.mell,! ,, Han- ni. V. r ,-r, - (.vim in or fllzpatf
nck be would have beaten Ins|ieeior & Bul Fisbei ia
-in i i end tt.-.ii; ? -u l nervous iu comparison a lb Be
La n.linn. I'.,,- ,.,. ?ev on Ins,,,(-,,[? H. won, not Ibe
roll, as ibo dei?tied d.rlpiloo "f Me raoe below wm
I tie unapproachable Tremont took another prias -ti.e
Bpri ti.-;..;.' -.
I! nei.il.i (.-.it io bad a start In tba last race tbat ber
ea-e waa hopeless, and v, u- Basle, wno mus extremely
weil nu the (rail, won handsomely. Ranna* came lu
third,Out the ion ll M bu pal up the mt ml ie rs un-un, lei stu , i
tbe order Ol tue ludgof lu pol up I", mac's Mininer
amt put U|i Kami.tl.t's instead, lian I lia cine In tiff!.
I',, a,..',; race be ??? u Miss Woodford, Troubadour
ami har.nm has been arreufed. lt wni be run st
sui epehead Boy on tuesday ,'f nexl asea. I nry,
-.,,r ?? 1,'ti i,,,i.e. T.i? eiiiii edda S3Li. !?- .
?me mlie and a quarter, ITie momba of turfmeu will
v ii,r wu ii ,i ii tie ipi ti ia tor in ? next, eit day a?a doltis'o
ol della it.
-Nillowins ire tbs Nfl.:, "f resterd ly's raesa:
"fri lt.- I Kai I.?\\ l.t T' ll -I tibl's Jil K' I ll. .".li'.III-. ?*."?! ll il
|76(i AIM . ,?. I ??? ill Mn li
iieitti, r's ii. h Mark?nd by "springbok Lorena, fl vrs,
i ?' lbs . siierW rn) l
W. L iseott'a b. g. Be.eree rt, lin . Urati. 2
Dwyer Brothers'b c. I enos. 4, i*M.(Mc ni-.en .;
II ||.,111 .-'ill.-!, ^ I. .,.!,,,ll. -'., 1-J7 ... I li 'I,lilli, ki , ll
li ll. loch-'l tu C. lunn.rle, ll. 117.(W. llolionu- ) ll
Misttnt" t - . lt . I .unit,.uni. 4. 1 ja..n.iiiv 0
i. A. Usilup'acb. (. Charley liu-seii ?t iva. iiiiu|.hri o
Time "? ??;.
p,etniiir-i enoi even. Mst xian i '?'? io I, Referee B to i.liin
I,na lu In 1. 1 murnini! 1- lo 1. Palin.-,,uni Ju lo 1, Charley
Hui it'll ' !-, i
Dry Moe.) ole Buffalo snd strathspey were wlthdr wi, imt
Lei,,'ix anti ? hariet Kues-ll t io Ki '. ,1 ,-li?- t'> Ihe fr :it
v. lt lin-tt delaj .ml l.-.t nv ni,. Inoerths noni M:i:ki.l,i,,*,l
ts nu lum "ti i le enter nu ii. wii ie Me|j?iii|!iiiii liv Me me
span bk nee of tl? whip ats i en n un le their seeks. Hut
Le aux WSs -i,ti,it li. ..un In Me la-t fn.tt. Muk'md
ami itel te Bisdee close md uxci .tu nolsb, both mule:
itiipsn.i -|..ir Msrkiand trial lo swerve sad bolt, bal
Men., au succeeded in keeplne lum h r tub! ind be won ihe
nt,,- liv a !.- . ,1 ll tel es.-, nod. fa u I. u D I -- Wt I
I ntlvi,ii'in fain tit ii ii-1 Binnacle-lia
B?C> IN ll ll \, I, -I'!ll-... -IIKI-. I'm! 'Itt >-Yl t.i-l lt is,
-ii i m. w.i- - ei li., ,t n tm i \ ,|,, i, ?, Mn.i.
?j.iici Pms.' his.,-, 'ii'--""t by vinrJ-Ann Fiet ut
tba . Mi Leu fl I
B.B, lu,,mus li f. Lizzie Krepps. 107 . lin.. 2
I m. n ,v , ..Mon's CD f. I: , l" inline, I'd . (LUI , I.
Mi. l. ii.i-si- ir.t i. , i ' ? ?- tv. io7 .iPorter) u
I ila. ?1 j
Belting io lo 1 mi I rem int. - lu I ri.'.iiii-t lizzie Kiei'i'S,
Biilliantine lu to i. Kleeira li 'li tm I.
ii/ ie ?repps led tor a quin ter mile on sufferance rretnont
? i.is-e.l tie el m. || nure in 1 I' I .? Ill i.ej JI |||. e !-?-. I i Bill d I ll''
i ai,, it nina. Ly i ?'??, u lei? "!?. ii a caotfi Ll ., bireppi
s,.I ? i i .ru . ,.s it -".ii ?? ,,i. li inii,I-, ..h.i mis tun henna
i-.iiet.itv i.:i,:v Primrose Lainiveanduui ootfc.il
were a ulidia wu.
iiinl. Kail?-un BTABBStj lui 'I inn t .-Vi 11:-( t| DB,
B1U0 Ls, ll. Bl. ei i I,l.u h. l-s. Mil i.?.
Dwyer iii..-' t, e Inspector n.. by Boqairer-Coltesa,
lbs .(Mci?iu, 'ii I
Mr. K I-"- li ..'Ihe BSrd, 1 IH . li
J. ii Ila salli's h. c. Bsa Fox, Ile . Har ward) ii
Dwyer Li.,-, h. <-. Ku:,en. UH .ifc'it'-j.iiiuii) o
P.'tiii- .". io j on Lan fcnx, 4 io i as-lnsl lli-i?.t,r It,
i: ard ti te i, iu:a ,, i I,, i.
The im , bi * Marted ii tn Kn lino ind lain, t- r i: , BttfJ-lo
berna pm in U coin a M nisse me run Inn f,,*-t.,. in.
speel t Held Or Iwo langi bs tor Bra furlongs, Bea Foi
running se. .mi. On the li.eksir.tlch li n I ,-\ steadily
c.-. te u db HoBSlo sod ball a mile (rain h., , i,,| nurla lo
ili,,|iif"i tn tbe rear Ai Han fox waul forwartl ia.. , a: t
Ililli. . I Ililli Ililli lite I.'.,. s|.r I il ,tvn It O' lo-ter I'm; |? _ Slid
lien,!. M. ultu iiii.-m. .i .it'i.iii waa whlpploi ii.td .perrins
In peclor ,;, Nm ii, could aol tel up to ibe others antii tart?
ha,! passe-! th.- fur e,..- po.! in ina tiern-streu-h ls in
specter il. went nit to their nena. Ban r'm r j. 1 r.--r??i sod
llsywsrd began wol pins \ powerful, resolute |ockey
on Toe Bard m.. ii i ten bava aroa, fo* ti
specior it wa. weary uti it,,, fc'nx wis beaten, i be
Bard itt t i.-t Uu? bad uol been a ilnoed ji all. Bm I nh, r.
Bl lieu il M UD e i.erne ev " .1 ii-,-, U?. s'-t i - lill- li- na.
noi ti!iit Buster of whsiair*a -th in iad. and c-mid not Snub
wuii snell a inns.,-i ol Ibe uria- Mci?Ug.il.n Indeed be
iniiiiitti so h.uiii' tbs I ? dru st rmi Us place, ior Derward
??',! I tn,al re,lt HOI Ol Ih. athens e,l t.a i Lot Ins[i".t,ir lt
won kv s leni't'i iiieiiui-i second, s nee. o, far,.- Baa Fox
I ll 1 . a l.e,|. Il.lff,
l-'Oi ll! n Kai 1 KOS TwoTBAB OLDS TAIT XSVBB W09 Bl Olio
ntix L wki,.ii ns. t ? ,..' a, -', in ii,,., i, ', 'iiiK
i ii'i than .v i o-'a b. f. J, nala Inn -. ny Kin.' Alfonso ti,i-n?
. I"''1 ?' ??-- . .(M |)00 lille' 1
J. T. Vt lliietns's b. C. Mei 4UI-li ut 112, ..Mt- .m, "
W (liney s i li *r. Hanni Bx, . M . Olney) ii
Appleby A Johnson's ch. c Herb. I'.'J .lllaywari) o
Ml. Ll Vina I ii sen. I. Iaee'.it.ui ea, IOU . p, nm ||
L'areiini tabie'eca f. Kraoken, I'm. _. o
Dover Brue b. c. \ouns LuSe, 116 .(Mci?net! ., ,,
W. L. r-iiti s eh. I. Ahl.-na .u'.l . Meatoui (I
1 ll!!', lill.
l:.|"ti.' Tonns Luke. tol. Asteria ll lo 8, li.in.nli.il a
to l. ticLeuehl? rt lo I, Bra sen lu to i, J,min." j una . u to
1, Illili i J I , I I,ar.aw ion . I . lu I.
Mss-alc aitcha waa withdrawn. Riestart wasextt*esaely
bed. t.i- .-ifc-at ,?'i i: limos mi, fur ainu, apace, wiM !he
^"inns coll Mi l.iinirliliii ul Hie h.a.l and lue loeke.
Mi I..i '..im no ?n.iii.i/. Lake ii tin- mil Asteria
tva., second, hm aii.-r run*);',e. e inti- over ii larluna
the slipped ai.-,mst um urner rall sad Isl! Mrosincb r
tfickev vi'ilnitlt nt I',., ari ....ntl Melatiirhnn led rn o the
lliilllostl.?:?'.!. bUt SOOWesI BO srivlllT Bower, l|lli|tl!l? Id,Lr
ni thc last hundred vants jenine Jim.. f?.,ii ii a leuein
under the whip, ta i.iu.hm a,. two le bf Hil oeloro
liaiiiiiii.il abs nus m., lt naiiia l-'fure Harh.
fcTini BACS Htnm *r, *"n Bacsl BLOM ai, nu ia.
Miiis. " ^
(I. ll Mums'sli. c. fc'BVT. 4 vis., ltf tn.(Mci suth in, 1
NS i".'"ie s p.,. Teciima h. s, ion.(vi. no,ii,inie, -j
lim,ii,tm a r.b. I. windaail. 4, Bis . ll'sluitrl
( ll.ton .-tain., eh. v. ..ie. ami,1. I. mi.. Hloaal il
\v v. Burch'sb ir. . ,,|..u : -],!.ii;,i.. 4. ll'-.(Maynartti o
l'.-tt-it.'iiisi-i, r.VaUl sred. loll.(liaiTeny) o
J Kowea i a'a ch. c Uoaao. 4. iud.iC'aldweUI u
Mr Kelso s ea. & Lottery. 3. io..... . lieu,, ti
1 .i.i.-iy A ' ott.,u s i). g in ike ? ett.-r. ti. flo...'.(it-jrwerdi o
Bettina i-tur ? to l. I.. I,,-!, , io-.-. rnioaol Bt*t*a__s ?
u. l, i>i*if ' .i er ? io i. ni,-, iiiir.,1 ts to i. uooae lo ta l
\al.-1 1- lo I. lt taila ,11 I fi lo .. IsaUatJ JO tol.
wickham waa wiiii.imtui wiodaall aaa tit^iitv mir! em
hiiious an i i.si tor more lb?n ? m ie. I nt in Ibe beinea'retcb
t.i.'ie were unlj two io tie race, tfavoc .mu reuomaeb bavios
?ni.in-, in, reel favor won esatlf by a secs, recuiiiseb
..e.uni. nt., l.-i,Tin. b f. .siii.Isa,I. wini was a leugib nr
lue u reen beld, (.,i,mei Sprasaa nfib.
Maui Kl'K?llAM.lCil1, tii KA!*?, tT.'.O AlU'KIi. UTR Mil f
O.I I MK Tl kl.
J. Itiiwetbi o', h. h. Vi ar fc?gie?bj Leader K-fl I yr.
? fra, i.n rn . . Caidwe l' 1
BMoley Mortimcr'a eh. h. im.e of Brsaaaoreisad, &
.u,''' , ,. - , ,. (Mei??sb in' *?
J J. II rilli,, I sell. f. liaiiUltB 4. 75.(loH.le.e) Ii
" '''' .let's lil". Ul fae n. e-f.,1, 107.... ... "ilmvl ll
Ll'hu,"i, -I..,.- s , li I li:ii|,t:ii?. .1. 107.< 1.1 lt f H.-1,11 ll
Bl i.e -" s n tu. im 4. an eu. 10 . His!,.-i, ll
W i,it,,.t a br, k- I'.,,n.t. 4 lb. . i.Marin,) Il
Mr Berry's ch b. Wslldower, u. h..iCbnrch) o
i. a. UaJasfsb a WVsywara . ? ? ,, ai o
J. li. BM wen ,l rsoii .,ii ni. MelariD, ti,'J,.. (Mm eiiTi o
line I UV
llctUu;,'- liiu.tif W,-t ,, ,,, i ,i , _ a Hsnlels i to 1
I Ita ll. . Ml, ..slain i lol, l'_?Ua7 U. i. ts ar l.e.-l.. st,, l'
Ile alli, IS ... lo .'Otu I. ? ? '?
lles.i. il aad M.ur.ie I. were Wllbdr-wa I'-nidala and
I'., h. sol nii'ih the ,. oi st or ? alu s.-a-.uin start raia waa
e.D'-' ian. i, i i on Haaaaia, aa sae w.a pvioaaartroi ,irai .n
tte |{lll I. Ihr oil,,,. Bar tt?, le tel BOM ll Bl? ll tllo
1.1 ur..ui.,| Ktcaaod i'n.. ii 14.tether In frost tot -u
lutloliifl will) Hanan i sud iiakS of M ??.'.?oor.-iaii I ii, eleee
ailftmiMitee. no the lower tara Wat fc?bm caa- un wita ,
ta..a . "Var Lani.-, Me Itui-e e,?| li_.,Mi>- hui ins i,.,.,!,
le) lbs uBOires War i?e*le wno b a len Ila. Iiuk e iii sVesl
aaorelead st-coad, a head ast-ete Baaaaa t'uau. tuurui ii?u.
asia iiitii.
WIN NI NU Tilt OBOBQB W. CH 11.Dm i "fff*
I'liiLADKLl'iiiA. Jinn" Tl [Special).-1'lu- uni
verslty "uar pulled over tbe Nalloual course ,,n tho
schuylkill Klvnr to-day ami will claim lim OaMjj-W.
Cfclldasap. I lie tup ls now held .by CoroelL nara
were uo co?pelilora.
As tho ruins of lho Iy-iiffiiii ol Ann-man
Wheelmen prohibit members from euMrls_ oomj-eilnous
Where " ort!ors " sre given ss prlini, the Nallan A th -
Istio Gub bsa deolded to offer lewqlry prizes to first aud
sen.md meu tn tne tbree-miles bleyole rae,, st the mid?
summer games of the dun ou July ?>? This will enable
all members nf tbe League lo compote Eutnea are to
cloie on Saturday.
Tbe expecto'l action of the Juno Orantl Jury
In Nroogjyn In regard to pool selling at, tim race, tia, ks
In Kings County wai Inkon yesterday. The Jury
appeared before Jinl_B Moore In tho Court of Hellions
sud banded In S mimi,or of Indicttuolito which aero
turned over to the District-Attorney. Before lending
the Jury beek to continue their work, Judge Mooro
andreas).a .onie iharp words to them for allowina; their
"I'lTft proeec.lillis to Ref. Itltn the tlc WSpIlpeM. If,' -lld
that this could not occur unless lhere was a I,ml leak
somewhere. The oaths which they hail taken re,|iliu;'l
them to keep secret tholr counsels, ami the communica?
tion of any proceeding; was a violation of duty ami law.
The Juilae Hlso reprovo.l tho Jury for appointing com-'
ni lt tees to take testimony and foi muslin' lulviee from
others than their le.-ni advliois He .said that any testl
mony taken by one lirand-luryniiiii shu lld he beard hy
all, and ell the advice t.ik.'ii must BS from the properly
constituted leal authoilty. The tttjtsn di.scliilu.eil Bay
Intention of being icvero fir iin.I.ily erin, al, but ho
added that the (irina Jury must not net lllsajsllj If
the hodv wanted any Inf.irmaliBB from him lt inuit como
In open comt, where every one BS?bj bear what be had
to say. The Jury then resumed RB itollbiTSilOBB It ii
expoeti ,1 that Lotliftineiits for nun (toiiimci.tl with tho
recent street-car tie up will next bs handed down.
Tho Indictments yesterday afars for pooleollers at
Coney Isiand. It WAS stated that twenty-six inillotmeuts
were fniin,t liv lim dr and Jury, aud .lu I.o Mooro issue,
litmeh warrants for tim arre-,1 of tbe limn tiiiiicl. I hey
were plaecl lu the BBB?I of Cn Itu' Sherill Mcl.aui'lillu
and he i art-'d for tba BlMspebau- Bay IBBB track with
five deputy Hiieniii early in lim afternoon. Two boara
l.tt-r ? (? returiin I willi six pn-oueis, J. K. atrDoBAld,
David Johnson. Henry Bfodekor, Arthur Hackett,
Hen?sa rrautiinii loss pb Cotton. Tbey wara tak aa to
th," .-.iel ni's .tilled anil were pul in his custody. lt |g
emeried that other BRBStS u lil ho Undo to day ul
BrifbhlOO H'-aeh.
lucie was .rcat, excitement lilt evening In llooldyn
OVer tkoaelies Sf the liraml jury Ui renard to pool
Sell,ll.'. Tbe wildest rumors WSM ..flo..!. It tv.is stated
that Hie olli crs of tim Cu.-iey ls,ii.I JoekeyClnb of IBS
BrtahMa Beach Basins AaeooMtlon wera I nd toted ami
Would be ai reste,!, lue I ic: was, !m .veter, th il thc in
dictinenta aero found asama! tue two corporstlosa If
they am fouod Bailly "f riolati >g tbs i n tbs only pun*
labasSBt is a las and tli.t sii-iill will collect lt.
J it A. M*eraber_, tim counsel of tho ii,,.,ic
ni .1 ira a' OS?ay lal t ,d, . til Issi s veal ag : " As i learn
tbe fsets tbere were twenty-nine Indlcimonts round hy
thc'.nu t .lory. Two of these ar-* for ibo Con sy leland
Jockey Club and ba Brtebiou Beach K-olua Aseocia
ti,,-., i.are tor bookmakers snd Biahteon for their
writers or aaslstsau. Tiiesiam.irrestrd are in the
run- of the Bheriff, sad i ha vc au vi sci the others to ap?
pear a l i Mt, in 'li i .in 1 -t.el I sa.1.1 ii."vo that, tii">' be
admitted to bail In $1,000 tc li, as hal beau tbe onse
heretofore. I aecur.Nl no injunction to stop lbs an, -..
M my of n.e ni ii Indicted am named us John Doo,
1 lioe. fie."
lt was aseer?Ined Ibal there forJodsa Moore's
.?ri ":r s ||. i ir ml .I.irv -a is hised upon tie
fa, i that a en in in it toe waa aent by that body tu Anthony
? ? i"a ii ii ?? in .ii race tr ie .?, m t lb it
was soiisbt hy thom from tVilliam c Beecher, <?.I
of ihe B .eh tv for the Hupiirnssluu ol Vice, ami th ? I ihe
I diet monta iou nd were b ?ed up >n tm- Inform itlon thus
Anthony !>*mstoeli atti hi. ii-ut wants have for
several rarins day*, visited tbo Coney Islsnd
Jockey I'luti (rounds seeking; t" obtalu evlilenee
aoalnal t.co ? .is." Two of tn
in.-n, Oram snd liiiitoii, were wltb Under Pherifl
McLaughlin snd bis deputies when Ihey r.-.o-tied thu
raoe tr.,e.. rnere wa. some delay aban! ihe under
h t-rlft's iiartv getting through the g>tee, aud when tbiy
nrriv.-d tlbe betting mi .tiers all lite il .lei hail I.ii
' ken down and belling ral tjer?ed. Word, lt is sahl,
bad l>ecn rm-e.vesl hy the bookmakers thai arrests were
about lo he made |ii*t befnre tbs iqua t arrive 1. The
woik ol i,len;i., in. Um offender! ngainat tho gambling
1 .ws rceie-i it iih oram. ile felt unhappy when uh iou ml
tl.iii ,: ? ? , l ml ? I up Instead ol -t in Hug on their
it io |'iit:,i!i,i. railing om i-i- 0-bli. Rig " H.ne "
Ji ..ii.-,hi ami -rentlriuntil} I! nry Stedeker bs had no
trounlo at all in Identifying and they w lied wltb thu
deputies lo the club i.o i.e. Oiam wanted i bigger haul
t.in. it .ni I bo rotiuesiad them towall nni'l lia weni
ba I; tu mure. 1 lieu ba Scoured Hackett, .Mc I lona ld,
lotion and I'r.mil. Astin" i.kmakeia and their .sorts
a: ut",i oi li!",ii.um, f.ilmofe'a Band struck np" Home,
~'.'..et [lome." rim un-it were,non on ilmir woy book
io tiie iraak, whern tue*, arrived In lune to .soe ina M t
rare ... I to du a little bi alnrsa "ti ir.
No s,?,,,,.i wera the under sherill snd bis man oa their
war to Brooklyn than all tbs book tuskers' slates went
up in tin n j,ia,->s again en i business was resumed and
wen! on a- ital! ll. 11 Was rilli ol cd tit it fie BSSOI'llltlOC
had old iioed an Injunction igalnsi fun ber police Mtor
feieiiie. Iii innh no ininti,'tiou hoi beenobtaiiied and
one of tba saocutlfe oommittee said lo u Tbihu.nb
icc oiler;
?? lim ie,,inn ikara i:a\? ctn to work no! Hu-ir own
salvuiton, we do uot tmek or -usn,in them In aav way.
li they follow ti.e couiiii!,-.,,1 p au pure Bud sm p a they
.te,H. right; that i* IcgaL Ol rour-e ll they te. I lo
follow it ilia- ls their own lookout nnd not ours. Areor I
lug n, rn,' subeme thor musI nil their eonimissions,
m.linn, tneir beta r>rsll7- If it eau M proresl tbat they
ii.it e not lions itu-, ont have only dona a bookuut?tn_
liii-im -l, "bey bava made a in,,lake."
evea tvoekeeod etght hots-, were arawa ap lu fruit of
thc i our! 11-'it... iii J. I . i , Ity yes'.-rd ti- end -,.., ul Hem t/.?>
mid I'n ni ..i m. li.satisfy a a 'rr.it :itr c,st r'eln Rsl.
-?i.i eir owner ititzei wai sued about * rear ago by his
dango ut Kale, age eighteen, lor Injuries tunicMtl npon ba
by her itep-molher In i flt of pa-sslon "tr*, i n/. -r quarrelled
With lc r-|.|i,ililli h',-1 a:;.I r e'-rd he! Mill Withs eh dr
the uti Bevel ie. ,,\.i ir,en iii,. ,! i- ',,,? the blow
hbo ,ii-iiiiitt ,t i,i,,i t: dingi a .-ai 11.' ner father snd Hep. mother.
1 h.- uni gave tin- ?! .uni ii! a rerdlcl t ?; SA.. but nu Me
Miine u.i. Hatter |nn a chattel tuorMage on lo. peracnal
p "i?i: r and irans.erred his r-'Sl estiie I b.lr bl t re.
,,??.. ,t fbi ihe horses and lr? 'is vesterdsf was *?_ ,o. nnd ih -t
w.s ..' red ny Mi. n.i,n v. the ni.i iiUil's counsel, it tour
Midlers wen frightened ..fl t.v tha knowledretit ttbi prop
city was m.ultra.. ,i to the John (Cress Hrewlag Cnrapeui for
?KJ...i>(i. Proceedings ? Hi be lusiitote-tl to recover the m nouat
of ihcjii'l'-'iueiit it.uu tii ? i r.e.ei i j whleb was transfer!cd.
Mrs. Cather ae Bal ler. of Ba M York st.. was awakened
t,ii Bonds) Digi)I bi inut-feps Ib ber ktu-hen. Hhemadesa
Invest t i on and u diced i cl ?? t dt?oi norma sh rbtlv Ks
turnmg softly M bnr owo spsrtoaeni m i s llaxtei proearai
a ict ..Uer end I ii h..vi i.'< u.i. ii Ma closet door entered Hie oe.
cnpint I.!i -tartii l maa crawled out sud b-g sod Mrs
Hex lei rot io si,,,,,!. Tho pi nek I woman taraedhim over lo
Policeman Brou?e. The burglar gave ?s nsme as oMpbcn
.M.t.tn. Ht- was committed for trial.
i har ?-. Kavlor. II .-'Hiv r of a BitTbl sraveiigni's \i:i-oii,
wa- ii vin'np ie walk iv- Bbonl I a. ID ii.t'-lny. mon
be became offended si i realark reade hy John Hurst Beliing
a hoe be lumped frota the wagon mm knocked Horst senseless
t th" ground. Hurst wss removal to the hospital, where lt
was fminu lhat bis .kuli ?a- fi.,, tin, ,1. iU:il lhat he woiil,t
probably die Ka; lor bl beU lo a'.t.ut thc result of his
ucl.in i injuries.
.lunns Van Ilise, tin* ,-onntv hun.'!!) IO. win) bus for several
years act ud ai Coori House I aol lor ani coeetooM uni -?>...,
waa convicted rrceniiy of -uranie-.- talaeij le aa accoant
uuiiois. lite ?? unit, was s. iiteii.c I t.viiidev loone fer in
:, iii-,i, au I 1' li. .lt. | , ii, ie I ;., .no .-". I.l.-lt. > in
uni-i ...tri o: ii-n,... His counsel gave noilce thal spplba
., !?: ti- made Ior i writ ol ertor. \ en ilisa waa token
lo Hie Stats I'I mu li'lcr iii tue dev.
i.KtiiM.iiv it. ia t ii... i ! eiouA a t-i tin., -eiinrV.in Fleet yeater
?1 ti in t e snit of the Importers sod it "i-is' Nan,, nil ha ns ni
New-York, sgalnsl issac Little ami oilier*, ol lt sa wood.
ts] i. roedelendsnta wet tsrsolj mdebled lo tia) haiti, and
the-mt wss bros kt M set aside three coaveyaacM of prop
etty 0i, !hu cioiuid thal t.i.y uer,- fraadalcBi.
BTATBB island.
Ni', tv. lim , tn, *r In Hie HBirBfata*a CSVrt reitenlaythe
wili of Mi.. i .lea-,ot I oho .oa. of Port il? iiiuond wm offered
lur proud.' before BnrrogaM itcnbeus 1 h- BfobsM ?as
cnleiled b . ?itt r of the tesl ,trn who set, np endue ni
ti, nea ('.is.-i for thi pronoueut then made applies.MlBM
wiMdraw tbe petition lor probate surrogate Mfephena ?ok
the papen ano reserved bis decision . . . Mirru.ato Hto
tibeni >'? ste..lay e.i a tied tba elli ol Owes Mi A run. of CHI
utr, io probate, r ?> testator had tim repniat. ou ol beings
ni?el Ht hu will he len *?:.uno io ins briitiu-r Janies _ irs.
I., n.l %\ nu ? M Motlier retaUVe, a. ul e small in, ii se at i ufton
to bis brother Fi?leia Prancls eoatested thewni. Ase ie
snit, the legaclts- moat be psld, win ie t'-.. property oiiirtnaiiy
let Io I ranils has li" u sweliuttHtl uu lu legal ,-.; r , ? ,
p..ur i lin-riti An I MI?a naaied Qsiseppa i cbana*,.
waa killed yi st< i lay ny thc lo lo aceomsaodanun tram )io!u
T'or.ili titili'-l, n vfiiing (Jenn in Tiri, .vent to live
with her si.icr ami M sits Berbrrt, lu-r sister s hnsbsad. al
No. ill*sj was nnsi-,ii st . two K-c.s iga I.nt charges
linn on -un,mi- h' i broMer-M-law In leeentlf as-auiicti h.-r.
J nsi ,i e I'ell. i sui. nt Hi" i o.uus I'olico Court, h> 11 h.ni lu
J],eu,i fur tifiieiii, -ess.nus.
Bnn rises . 4 '.'.. sets.. Titi Moon risei, H.tSiM'n age. d's 21
in,nt wai BA
A.it- ?Ktu,Iv Hook. - '.ur's lil'd. n;o! Hell fiats. 1:51
P.li'-saii'lr Hook. ? u.i i.oT'i Iii",!, (v. i li-., (.ni ?. -.';.i.i
Veit'l. Hnr. Fnr Milli clo... sails.
( lt. of ll''tue. Anchor. Liven, .ul. 7 a in 'J a in
Infer. N.i. Lloyd, uramao vM doutta' pt'a 7 a io lu bio
Acapulco, i'a, "i,- Ban. sspmwail. noon
Alena ilia* Asclnweil .lu bid 1 p iu
Muriel, yuetifc. wiadward labm . 1 pm 3 paa
"tiuiuta. __ysrait, tviaaa-rd islsa. noon.
nu Rsi.ii. tann ii.
( elite. White "star. Uverneol. H am ll ara
Biala etOeurvia. BMM itisarow. lu am
i.eltert, lleaiii AU).rr. Ila.ii,iii/ . f eui .1 eui
I li.l.eii .Margaux. Berdeen I, ItorUeatix, ll ?m
A.pcs. Aux inn. Hst ina Jr MsIMS . 1 pm S pm
uk ula v. tann 'M.
AisTiiin Mniuirrh. Monarch. _anunn. I pm
Heiland. National I.inn. 1 p io
horne, i uiiaril. Uverpeoi .tl 3D a in noon
CtlTiif rt eater. luuieii. LiTerpiHii .lU.Joaiu 1 pin
It-iy. ..sUooel. Liferpoel . noon
U.-v,int.. lot :i,u. Hloegow . 8aJUani noon
K?!ie. rbiagvalbt, i iipciiba'.', v. 1 ? bj
r-imvia. Ileitii) Amer, ilauibur.. 1 a iu
Pouria. I arr. Hauimirr. t p Ul
lllieni. N. il. Lloyd. Ilr.-meii. J pul
1 .lain. N. ih Ani,!. Itoltcrdsm .? li ilil s m BSSB
"s/esMrals?? Hod Blot. Aatwerp.lo. oem 1 pm
labrador, frea?a-1 raas-llsvra ..ii.i.*in l ito p m
Vertamaaa tVeaael'm Km..toa . '. u.ju a ui la m
bar* oh-a, Wsril's, Havana . J pu
Vms' fy,on. title.
Bell. lu.lam.nm .Nslimtal
Half .Uvsrsta- .'.au..nu
sieieef QeocgM ...OtaMoa .--Liic
( UT ot Aletenoiu . ...Ilitvaiia ant Memo ... .Alexandra's
\ Ol lui,.li us.Mun inge Hay .vs rs.ol's
IBIBBBB?I*, junk 2A
Khem.iii i-ninii.j., u, Laovd
lilli,*). JOBI '-*>.
City ol BerUa.-....Liverpool .Ii
For Children.
f ?-^?'jer^jgxi
Pat. Nov. 10th. 188&
It ls a 'I'-i'it'fui ead eomf I I from a staal -xIcBbbss of sett tn?b ek?b, aad eovow Bbs SBS?it tutu)
svenly, Thta onlform and complete so sting ts a great ndvaattan ai there li km danger of M'eMa setal Uaw w_aa_M_a_y
laoalv psrtlslly en* red br a bMvy doable waist, lt allawa pertest maw alar actina md les bipmaatef th? urowuigviiy.
TlMWetghl of Hu- nnii, r. !,,tl.mj; isevciily dlltrlbntOd over tie Ctodf hy BU UU Of bUtMBS MWSd M hands Hitched up
ind down upon tb - ibd Tnt ?? la of tba ito ktag aupoorten ls ramoved non ti i waist ant thrown directly upon the
thou!,!, 's. lt bia ont ilex), tuny ag irtoent, ami will ba lom rt to glvs ? .,,.:? i'I Mf?dael aa.
Bar sall'lu New-*,ork by LOBB A TAI LOB ; H. ALTM LB a OO-i -I'ir- IB, CBABTFOBB .t BWPBOB i IOBB
DANU. 1.1, .b BOBS ; I. RIDLEY .t BOMB; LB BOUTILLIEB lill. J-*.; JAM-. A ll la UN* At BOB j TiiO-AB
MU Ll li * BOBS; I). H. BEDELL* CO.| BB- A. I-ET0BB&
For asia rn Brooai-raby PBEDBBIC- LOB-EBB cn.. WEriisi-EH* ABBABA- i B.WECHSLI IA Rp.othkHsj
tOY. PABMOBI & CHADWICK, Manufacturers LVcw4hvon, Conn.
U el ' I .I'.le'IlCI) via >-,)lltlU"lI)'ll..N .'?. Ll IV 1
( :ti of para.laumwsii.Vnetne Mail
Utu W (Jl.vuti.Wes! Ilene'.t ivtlo's
siur ei sc se irs.
Slc.imer Wyemir.r*-, lin I'lirbv. Liverpool June 12, Qnecni
town in. with ni i... and pas., igara to h U Underbill et (io
m.-nncr Devonia IBi . Vnung, Hi-scow Jnne 10, Uorllle
ll, with mdse sod pasifngcrs Vt Henderson Hros. Arrlveeiat
Hie Kai at 1. i a m.
steamer Laltrador (Pr), ti? Fx-oMnve, Havr.- lune3*1.
wini linley sud passengers M Louis do ile ulan. Arrived at
tba Bar at?16
*-teamer I'nt.
June l. Olbrallar ,:, with m.Iso to l-bclpi Hros A Co. Arrived
.t lits Itara' .". , tn.
Mf-aiuor Kempton (I.n. Turner. Hons 'JO divs, with iron
or to \ avior .t ? o. veasoi to Punch, Edye A Ca Acrtrot at
Um liar at '.' p in,
rsteiiu.-r llonox I?slsn, Lan,ile, linen,,. Ayres Mayi. Mon.
lemdeoU "Santos JI, I'm Jam-iru SO, wltb mene >o Husk A
Jevoin Arrived ar Hie Uar a! 9 :? Bx,
steamer I'iiiiaili-lnln i. Hess, l'uei tn ('ilu'llo .lune IJ. eura?
mo ii, I sgnnyra 16. wlthmoae sod passengers to Uouitou.
liltss .SJ Daile!!. Arnt.si Bl tm, B ir Bl 1.05 a m.
steamer tiergenseroii i "iori, Mm tensen. B.iraco-i 0 days;
i.n n flint lu ie,n i,-.-, A 1','iirsa.i. A rn veil at the liar ut lo JO
a m.
-teamer Knlrkertiockor. K.-mVe. yew-orleans 9 flays,
witt) uduc ami passengers to h il Beaman,
Hteamer Ah. KIM. Oslveeton sod Key West, witb aadSS
sud pasicuirers to UH MallorvACo
Btesmei Nscoocbee, Kempton, Bava_Baa,-%d_ya, wttb
mdse .uni p isa. usn ri to He?rv x"ons*s
?steamer Itoanoko, Conch, Newport Netts and West I'oiut.
\*a. with nelse a id passe neel ? to OH Dominion Ssl o
?steamer lieu Vt'tiiliiey. li,raise, huston, with nelse to ll lr*
Iilil.o, k.
swauier sicilian! Bri. Mit,-t,oii. BoMoa, la Ballast M b_bjb>
son Spence ,t- t
BteamerCltvof New-Bedford, Davis. Fan inver, wini mdse
io Borden t Lovell
-"teamer AmosC "MrstoW. Corwln. PTovidoase,
ship Kmgsnort ot tit John, BB). Moorehouse. Manila 124
dsys, with sites ml hemp to Willull A Hamlin, vessel Ui
J il Winchester A Co.
Arrived reoMrdar?
Bias?MT El Dorado, Hawthorn, New Oileani 7 days, with
mdse to J I Van Sickle.
Steamer City ol Atlanta, Lockwood, laurieston Sdavs, with
B?sa andpassuugers to i w wuuiuni a Co.
Ht'.N'HKi" -Wiiui at -an lr Iinii. BUslcr.lte, SK; cioilily. At
cuy liianrt, light, aw, r-lnlas-,
Steamer Ve*so | Br), BrotbsrtoB, Loudon -Austin F.aldwln
A Co.
Htca'iier ('Itv of Rona [Bf), Munro. I.lverpo il via Qu--ens
town Henderson liios.
ur sam ni Lan.-astartur), stevene. flneanarown. for inrtlsra?
liowtiiur it t rchlbald,
steamer liUltjr ii.rr', Itcllmcrs, Bremen via ?southampton?
Oelriehib. Co.
t-tcamer t Iiatcau Margaux (Fr). BeaSUM Uurdi?ul ?
Pnnco. Kdye a Co.
BMamef .Morin a Br ? Bros?foot. Hart,ad,.es and neinerars
?Leavcrafl * ca
Biesn rrUtsnia Kelly,dan Domingo ruy aud I'nrlis Island
?\\ ut 1' Cly,lc -t ( u
tsieemer Alene ,in). ^-eiders, Kun'sto:i1 Ac Pim. Forwood
A i"
Bu 'inner Zephyr | Hr', Bullan,.. BSBVltas?W W Arming
_ ' u.
Steamar ile.-genseren (Her), Mortonseu, liar-coa-Oume: A
Hteamern "d li (Br), iirown. Bsrseoa II Dnmon.
?steamer cuy ol Mvaaaab, Duggon, savannah?Henry
>t.*.t)u-rr Urea-water. Jenncv. Norfolk, Va?Oh! Dominion
bs Co.
Mn,ii>-r Wm Woodward Young. Bslt!more--J Mk rems.
Bus?erOisocna Berry. Boston ii V Dla?aa.
Hara AqtuiaiBori. Pa?sea, Ca?evalia. sweden?Baabaa
4 Boresea
Hark .-*ei.'? t lin. Harden, sevllle-scanimell bros.
lurk Hr; ll.a Nor), .".cl.cu. PlVmOUtb, Eng Killieil. EdVS
Bark Emma O Mea mm ll (Bri, EaraMad, Bbsbm Bjrrss
"fajsmmsil urns.
n.i. nerthsAnderson, Thmrpson. ctesft?gas, Dssasraia
?ra ciiiiiiomit- a ' ?-.
lier. I'sblo **enS4t (.SpsiH. ftotdus. Ilarceloua ?E Pills,
ling Morey tspau-. ? atm-ra, CSmanes?(.1 Auislnca it Co.
Steamers USSkA for Liverpool; City of havannah, savan?
nah. Wysooke, Hie mond Breakwater, Norfolk.
Nalpa Atlantie, for Hie,nen Mai'iboiuugh. Auttvcrp.
Lark Molead, foi Buenos Ayres.
Hui! Pearl, fur Ur?setow? Boroadies.
a .., asilsd Via Lona Island r-ound-Iiark Quickstep, for
Aticlioie.l tit City Islinul, hound out-lien Emma 0 Scam?
med, for Baeoos Ayres,
Noticeis Itereiiy eiven tliat on and after July 1ft, lS-tfl, a
fiie.i white light ol Me Uf( herder. UgbUng Ute entire bonsoa,
Will lie ibOWB rom tba etitn tun-recently creeled ou Ibu sile
Bf IBO granite day bracon Bl Homer -noel, New-York IJBy.
I ba local i iain- is tl feet above iiiean low waler, aud the li.ltt
.ho 11 hi he seen tu c ie ir it cat lur. noni the deck "f a vessel ,.,
foi allure tl.ese i, ; 1-v naumai lillies. Tbe sotui'iuro t. eu
non per io feel tn diameter and 1" feel high, sum uunted t>v
j skei 'ten tower, i be appro,xibum position of ibo liguitmuse,
ia tak.n loin tiie i batts of ibe ( nail hui Uesjdetie, survey.
lal.tl to :m ts tt, lam ,4 on I.-, W
iir utaur ut He. i.i?'iiin.oin,- Boat?
Vlce-Adnurul ll. B. Navy, ch?ruian.
Wasl,liigti.n, DC, Jun" ill, ls-o.
I'll- raOVBBBM l's 09 BTBABBB?
Illili. Juue .l-ArnvcL ttuuautt Chicago (Hr), Jortes.
fro!-. N'eir 1 ork,
KUSALB, .tune 2a Psassd, steamer st ltomini (Br), Carno
h.!,. Iiiiiu Ni w-i ot* un her way lo Liverpool.
IlivitK.. Jun'- jj ^ai.eii atoa-ner llaiiiiuuuia (Ocr'.Hcfnv fu?
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Flllt ALI, I SE*.
6th-ave. and 23d-st.
Kaskine Restores Perfect Health.
to Bellevue Hospital, b. y, ?? BuvorssUi aa cat s-fui.w
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In st. Francis Hospital, N". Y. ."willi Kaa.ui.- lias beea
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receipt of 'ince. Agents wanted avery whore
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UBI Ilma. e.-v. New. York.
Its Striij-i Events _l Secret Epa les.
A series of sr! ic les tn YBBBOBDAY T I lil'M". wriiieB
by (icu. Oraul i neild ami imlitary a?fStaty,
Publication lie.-auln I ll K MINDA Y I Kl lit" N K of Jun*
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Special Cable Dispatches,
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