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yoi*. xitVf_K0, 14,471.
n.iion to I T7CT r T/Tlt T)V A C ITrTTTL" Q Tl A 17
LF.C.ist Aliov von tm I.avt> ?Y tBISRRRB sot.fi. Y
Livkkpool, Jane 28.?Mr. Glatlstono this
afternoon ad.tr*'*>*-*-'t the elector* ot Liverpool In Meng?
ler"* Circus, liewa* received willi boun-lle** enihu
alaim. The cirrus wa* crowded to lt* utmost capacity,
B.OOO person* nelnv. pSSSSSJb Hundreda ot people, un?
able to gain admittance, crowded around the ouiatde o!
the hall.
Mr. (UndBtone said the enthusiasm In favor of Homo
Bule impasse t snubing ho had witnessed during hts
hf*. Despite the lona purse* of hi* opponent* he looked
lor ward la IBS result et %Sn election* with confidence.
Il wa* tm that lie denounced the Nationalists lu ISSI,
but it w,i? bSSaasa lie thought they were tn the wrong.
He supported them now because he thought and knew
they were in tbe right. He now proposed io rive a
statiKor) Parliament to Ireland to de.il exclusively
with Irt--.ii altair*. Illa oppolii-nta pretended Hint such
a gran*, w.iiil I he tbo breaking down of Irish allegiance
to the liuiie: Hi Parliament, lint, aald tbe Premier, their
allegiance ba I bass elven grudgingly uni half-heartedly
heretofore, mid sometimes lt had not been L-iven st all.
IBS Liberals vvishel ls destroy that *ort of allegiance
and BBSSS MabSBSBl revere (be Imperial Parliament like
Bcolchnuvi mut KiiRllfbinen, from the heart and mind.
He Heatly denied that they were refusing; Ulster
privileges which they were giving StoSVBsta. On tbe
? ccnirary. they were willina* to listen to any UeORnm
foi on behalf of lister. They were willing to SMSS
ex* epttoual proposals if they were likely to lu* adopted.
Again, ihey were lela, thal the laud purchase projcot
nie un taking British taxpayers' money. It meant
noding of the kind. It was oue thing to spend their
liiniu-y, and another thing to Invest lt. If he thought
that iai.d pnrobBBS mc-vnt morn than Investment he
would be no party to tbe BOBSSM. He ilenied, however,
that lbs Homo liuletMU and the Land Purchase bill were
He reminded hi* auditors that Home Rule wn? a
question ot classes nie dust tbe nu*****. The Liberal
party, he BSM, WSS, ns a rule, not supported by dukes,
squires, clergymen ot thc Established Church, ottlcers of
Hie army, ant so forth. NV uerever there wa* a highly
privileged, publicly endowed profession simon every
iiu'inbi-rof Uni: pi.if. s,; nt was an anti-Liberal. But
trom the le^u't anti _edtoal professions, which were n .w
op-.-n, th.* Lib.-r.ls received a fur share of auppnrt. The J
sueettoa waa w latBar tba sassass wera able eaaatltalton- |
a.y ts uveiiic.tr the classes, because) lt had alw.iya
bc ti shown that wherever truth, justice mid
humanity were concerned the luasae* wi ty In
Ibo ti..u and the classe* In the wrong.
Hs would sbnw this by reference to Lord Bandolph
I burchill, whose name be had not mentioned before
tin mg me canvass ami which be did nut suppose he
Would nave occasion io mention team. He had beeu
told thal Lori K-tiidolph Churchill had had a good deal
ts ?>y about him. bat he (Mr. Gladstaae) had not lakes
tbe it ..ti'...- >o Inquire, I*, wa* very difficult to de*crilie
Churchill: but if he could cut out one-half of til* quali?
ties be ii.i-.in initlio with tbo tiber half, a valushle and
(OstinmieaeBpauliesarvaat. Churchill, however, ?.i
ti.tiled thai the classes might go wrong, lim ttie Pall
Mali i-i ms nraat go (vr.nn.*, but Dist tbs people never
-mci Mr. Gladstoue hoped they would not err ou ibis
Parliament, he enid, had been paralyzed because of
the trias oasstkra, arni it ? mud remain paralyzed unless
Birnie Measure of JaStlea were iiasseo. Ireland had
strtigis'le.i to bi tig tier case to tbe front, anl bad *uc
leedeJ. She waa now backed not only by ber own mern
bars, bat by a vast number of English people. He be?
lieved thal (he itieasuie* proposed would mini to pro?
mote tbs growth of prosperity in Ireland. The Libera la
?were lui.I ibal lbs result would bo lh.it England weald
bave te bold Ireland by force, but tins she was doini*
li w. 11? bo|ie<l lo hold her in future bv love. tt'beers, j
>lr. Gladstone eoailladsd, amid loud cheers. Wita a Vlg
arose denunciation of tho aaananr lu wnich tho Act ol
Vinon Wa? rflected.
Mr. OladsteoVs velee is better. Replying to a Nottlng
ban gt iili'-iiian. Mr. Gladstone bas written a letter In
winci. i.e aaj? tba itataawsl that he said (hst if returned
to power he weald aol be unfavorable to the Introduction
st (lie next >.'i of Lai ..in.- -:t of a tull for tho dla*
establishment el tba Church ot England was a pure bb t
Sheol ute fai.rii ..Hui, wu h not b nig to Justify nr palita'i* lt.
Te Rev. Beary Ward Beaebar waa ou the pisiform
Willie Mr. -1 a..Hone was speaking.
llli WIBBER Ftll> DY mr UMBft.
London, Jase 28.?This moniiBg wheo tho
ca*!- of Cyras VV. i-\rlj sgataat Mr. Labouchere, K-li(or
ef truth, tot ii t> -1, w.is Ballad torn beer! ag, (be Attar*
ney-..-i..-rai nu o-s.iail ot ..lr. Ijtbou-Uei*. ?Wi'.llJ-ew tne
plas ot j,i?t'.li'-.i!',o!i aiid expressed Mr. Labouchere'*
regret Im pabUablns ibe ariicio, and Btstsd that he and
fclr II- iiry James. Mt. Fi-i.l's co.i.isol, bad ag-eed uinui
an .uu. in', tu u w.iitid be pul hy Mr. l.auouo n-ro In
aatisf .edon of cnn, ant asked te J.tige to discharge
tbe ,!nrv,
Blr Henry .lames said tbat M r. ' .biuclicro had agreed
la Withdraw bM plea af |ai 'M.a iou because he lia
Bsiisiie.l niiiiscu tii.t; the CU. - - ? i ti-*" Mr. PieM were
unit .ni-', 'dr. ii-.. a ns *?\i)*.essed regret
Hutt I Ut! * . In IS* Chiracs and would p-.ib'.l-.. .
at.it. ?. . ile. ? la Ti ". -r Beary Jaaaei
added tbat N a . .nit. in-., wuooi iba onginai atale.
neal ni i.iai.i: io Ki L i- - ii BBsBBted, had Klven a
wiitt.-n wiibdrawal el i ? ebarssa sud bsd ... bi
pi-ss.-., resrei Im uti i .hess
1 ne At'i.riev<U-ii--i ai ti l>. Uaif of Mt. Labouchere
aad Sn llenr] Jauma and in-* ladae i.i' capre* ?
e.uu, their gratification si tb* honorsble teitlaawu
li s in iiei'sini. i tba! tar several daya Mt Labouchere'*
co.ii.-n ins brea waatin* to have tue case settled by bli
mik ni* au apolog) ai.d nura, timi (ind WitSoal paying
aaytbiaa f..i msta. raia Sir lieut-* J mes and "dr.
1 ie! i ler..*- dla a Meas, Mr. Wei t baa alreatty ri esl va i
Inany cong BlttlellOBa from lils (neilds fur bis Vieta) v,
-?_. ?
AN" I -V..Y ur WY. POPS TO TBI COI NI Of I'Al.i-i
)*.) Cl IV) H i ni.Dl.V-PRIXOI MURAT,
Lob dob, Jurs 28. -Ths Pops dui not titi
to (nc ' omit ol I'a s BB tie assaalBB of hi. ?? . -o|ele*_
Irmn I'iauoe. Tsstardaj. BaaTBTnT. an savoy wt aaa*
nii**iuui-d bp tbs Paps to saodals with IbaOeant of
ran*, ll" reeeiTusl tbs saver sola ly. Advice* from
I'.ouk. state tl.at the ultramout.in.i party anion'* tbe
CbrSlaala resolved tba stsalfsats af the Couut ur Psi ?
Will. Hld !!? rene*.
Tin- iii..ii!!--s!ii lia* been placer led In many ot tbs t. ?-?-.
tlirntij-lina'. I ian.". t. a is malled to every ?l.t
the Kepti.mt*. Ibo Kov.t.ists will tirga:. i/3 a Cu.:.,: ,ga
en iii- baal* ol itu* luaiuf-stu.
i'Ai:i-. June RS.?Tba aaasss af Prlaa* Marat ???
pea barabeea atrlokes .'r.ur the roll* uf th<! army be
rause f . lie. ii- ; -.i . furi I t truing family.
i.. .? ? ? i . gned Die praetdeaey of
tbe Balleti lt and Vaaadad. It 1*
beuet-jvil that bM BSBSSaasf will ba Marshal Mr.M ibwa.
Paru, Jone 28.?The Cbssibei of Depati *
to-.trtj- resiiiiie i debate on the bli! imposing a *ui (a.- >
eete.il*. M. DaaeSaasI waiimy supported tbabUlaud
waa loudly SpplSUSSS,
COBSTABTIBOPLR, June 28.? Hie Torte bas
erdiied ihe with irawal of 4(J,((0(J Turkish troop* .ro?
llie Greek frontlet.
IIURICB, June 2**>. J'riiicc LlUtpokl to-(]:iy
?font,al,y was maJe lie .eut ot ilsvarit, tu a i.i-.?? si. ? tbe
B?Sin of ihe k.i.-?!...u dunug ihe occiipatioi. of lbs
throne by Klug Otto, tbe Insane successor uf I lwl|
Thc oath was udtnluitiercu by Ur. vuu I'.i-iiMile, MlalaUT
of Juaiice, and ibe cercuiouy wa* parfawasd
ii the turoue room of tue l.cslileii/ -. . ?-?
In tbe preseu.-e of the Mtumtry and a, int
l-Mity of the l'aiilameiil. Prince Luiipi-.d, .luring
tm roaSias of the oniii,stood with hi* right atm np.med
and .a lue conclusion uf lin- reading *a!U in it slrotin,
eie.ir Vn.ce'* I swear." He was cheered Cue titn-t, n,i
Hi n--ti'i; s- limiiseil '.be a*-ciubiy for their maii.'eaia
llotiiolinva.lt, feenufly rSfbrrSd to lbs ci.ne, o; I ng
Ludwig ..ir! promised Ul <lo all lu his power U .i'.-i. -,c
tbe prsssartty ol Havana
LoNiniN, June -S.?Two men MilodfOf New
Yor? from Hie ('i)Ue lo-day lu a boat SlMtaaa lett .ung.
They luok , t -v.tiou* for two motiiu*.
--*- - ?
raoTRonoB or canadian rmnkRnn
Tokonto, Jure 2n.? Tlie MeACs Ottawa cor
"-,-?i.nriii tien.c-i on the highest _nlbortl| t.e kimo
Dieu is recently published tbtt tho Uou, niou tiovc-u
?eui, al the luslsuce ot Ibu Imperial * tboiitlc* have
rcUxed their preasure for ibe j.roiaictioii ut the Canadian
r.sl.eriea. On :t,e conuary there ba* bein no inn-ifer
euee ol any k.ml ou the part of lbs linnie Qavsrotasat,
an 1 the liouiliiioa (ioverniuviil aro !rleri:uii?,ii lu the
Int ure, as in i tn- pi?ai, to Balaree thc itw agaiual i i.tiel
cute* b_ lung raSaaJa found v l.uatlng it
Niw-OiiLLANs, Juue 2H.?Oentrul _BRM?R,
Chsliners will oppose Mr. Morgan for luiigi.-., m ;ue
lld Dutrict. (Jeneral t.'ual.u. r? naya he consider* tbal
aaa chances ol SSSSSaa aie g.md.
1'oii'ii.and, Me., June 88 ?Special).-Ol Sun?
day uight tue seuoouer Lucy Laker. Cai.tatu IL Tuurs
t<" , 1mm l'.oikpi.rt, Me., ran on the rocks lu WLI.e
baaraa-asai *'"t was Phmmsanat uy the cn - Ibis
aioruiug bercaigo canght bte gmA tspuiu layd, of tbe
(malup J'ei,iiiBsee. ?eui a culler with meu ai.U nr et
?wuguutera to tue rcacuo of tho buruiug ship, i :*jvagb
the flames were leaping through the hatches and the
ca nu and deck bouses were on lire, the sailor* of the
Tennessee climbed lb* rigging, took off the autis, rove
off all running gear and Bated all thnt possibly coubl he
? aved. The Baker wa* owned by I- P. burge**, of Kick
inv OAS?I TO TIIK tribinp. 1
Copyright; \fOta *?? Morth Ameriran futile Stitt Co.
London, .lune 28.?-Mr. Artliur BalfORr,
president of the Local (ioveriunent Hoard In the Gov
emment of I .ord BSIIlBSiy. having flatly snd emphati?
cally conlradlcli'il ihe assertion made by Mr. Gladstone
tn a letter (o Or. FbStBS (die Liberal candi.Lite at ('hos?
tel) that ahortly after the general election* of last year
be i.fl. red to support I-ord Salisbury'* Government on
non-partisan grniitids lu carrying out n policy for Ire?
land buged upon tbe lines of the view* of
the Earl of Carnarvon, then 1,-ord Ltcuteuint
of Ireland, TBS TBIBBRI representative to-lay re?
quested Mr. labouchere, w!n> is underatond to have con?
ducted ihe iii-el.iuin.-,rv negotiations between Mr. Glad?
stone and lbs Irish Nationalists, to give hun the fact* Ut
Hie oa?n a* Im understands thom. Mr. Labouchere re
p.iert a* ...Hows:
" Without going Into the question or Mr. Gladstone'*
correspondence with Mr. Arthur llaifour, which I cnn
only ?peiik of after I shall have *ren the correspondence
Itself. I may ?ay without hesitation at once ibat 1 know
positively that Mr. Gladstone after tho elect Inns
of last year waa most anxious that the Irish
question should be settled upon Hom* Kulo lines. He
kuow Hie ditllculties of the ia?k -they arc apparent now
to all the world?it It was to be carried out a* a
party question aud upon the battleground of party
be was. I believe, fully and tu.ignominiously prepared to
? upport the Tories lu a ?plrlt nf gi.uerous natloual
statesmanship. If they were prep iran to bring in nhill
securing self-government to Ireland upon (lin lines of
l.ord Carnarvon'* views. This I know wa* the disput-l
tlnn and Intent of Mr. Gladstone at the time referred lat
If you ask me bow lt came, ls pa** that hts overture* li d
to no result, I can only *ay dat tn my opinion the Torin*
?who being tba Torlea could uot rise to ih- esaaataa, or
ilo Justice lo such grand amt statesmanlike views ?
fancied, wlu-n they heard of these overtures, that Mi.
Gladstone was only tlshlng wlih Mr. Balfes! to discover
Hie intt-ut and tue policy of Mr. Il ilfout's uncle, I.or 1
8ali?bury. 1 know tbst Mr. Gladstone had previously
exprea*ed a decidod opinion that tho Irish National!*!*
for ninny reason* would do well, If they found the thing
practicable, to come to some arrangement for giving
Irelaml Home Kuli* with the then Tory Government
Tlie first a tt' jj against Hie alli pei pructlcn of prison
keepera of tbs city procuring clients among ihe prison
ers for certain lawyers was miclo yesterday. The
Houri! of Charities ami Coi res ties lu-ld a meeting
v. -iiTilnv morning nnd Lawyer Frank J. Kellar, wini
started tlie agitatinu appeared baton it in isapiMSC la
its request. Wnrden Finn, and Keej ass Hodge nud
Carroll were niuo present. Tl io commissioners re
qii'-icil Mr. Killer to bring bo ollicial cnn] I.tint
against the kief ers, as thc board had no ollicial cog?
nizance of the nist'er. Mr. Keller replied tbat ba bad
appeared nltlie board's raqOSat, niul ho thought it was
lor tbem to ni.li i a nen.-ral iuvesl ig ition. He did not
Want tn Le a i iiliipl.iinaiit. Commissioner ltietmati
raid 'lint lie lim. In-a',.I sonplsmta thal mich evils ex
i.-ti-l. and that Ite wnul.lv. de fur tho dioinisnal of
any keeper wba seed bis inflames to somoa] a prisoner
tu (lin iluy snell counsel ut* lie .licliilcil. Mr. Ksllei
was aeked ii lie would make a (barge til any kind.
"I will in:,kc ? Bearra] charge." auld In,, "t nat
keepera ol thc city prisons, are nader tbe pay el oar
tain eouneel with whoa they divide loee and 1 alao
maka tbe charge that tbo proleeatoaal ebaraetei, eon
duct anil Integrity ol al] the oilier ermina] lawyers ii
ii.uiv .mil hum iv attaobed to praaeat prisenera from
retaining them a? oounseL"
Commission! r Porter -The lan! charge ih the ft si esl
one yoi lani belore tbe board.
Hr. K'l'cr c.'ctlneii to naroo any cases in whisk
keepera had reoeived ninney ter reoommendlns sovasel
Iml h.* lill aon ti at ii Bimera] iBieati|Stios ibould
lie held | 'i-titv of IsWVSH ^oulil rapport In- -Inti BM til.
VV ben tbs keeper told 1. nu tb.-it lhere wsa ao prisoner
tlieie nt tb" nain-ni Andrew Load bc did not com?
plain to Wi.nlcn lulu, itcenii-e it be lind, it would be
Just as bad half an boar afterward, ltiiuct.be bad
obtained tn- writ ol babeai eorpos lo lu .ng tin* matter
tn pilbil- Mill 1.1.nn. Keeper Hodge said lu- liu.l Under
sit.n.l Mr. Ki Uer to eal! hw MoLoad instesd oi Loud,
Keeper Carroll asid tbst on Mondsj li ? aral L u.i
down ktaira in ina preseneeol Warden Finn and M-.
li [lei ill iespcii.se IO tba W aldin'- cull tm linn. lit.
? ?? inn timi die lawyer, both denied that statement.
i e lii.au! am pended ad mn in tbe ( isa an.I a tem rsl
iiivi stigtii mi will in* In -I. AH lawyers practising in
tin* cnniiii.il coulta huting tomplaints will lu- re
qti.sti ii in app. .i before the Du.u.i at onoe uml Banka
-;.. i Ibe chi (ge*.
r i,i hm: a ti <'Ss foe j pixie da VIS'S FUSKR l _
Bloomibg rox, III., .lune 28.?Genera] Bingle*
ton. General M.Nulla, H. T. Littler, Hann,inn .-pincer,
IL L. William* sad Bowal Dixon iiave i.e.-ti added lo ibo
tlst of pall-bearers al the funeral of Judge Hans, ns
Senator Voerbeaat es Hesator McDoaald, and Mnaix
Davie, Treat, Westworth snd Qrlawald lolagrapb their
matu.ily lebepreseut Thi- McLean County nar incl Hil*
?KM n la g. 11) -!;?'? I tee ve s j rc*- ld! li g. lt wu-de. l-l eil ta h. tn h
iii a hotly in tba rnasral praeeaaloa. A. I.. Btevaaeas aad
( niigre-s ii iu Gie-n. un uncle nf Mrs Dalis, arrived
ff. iu W ?,,Illusion |o-day. G. tirrill l.n.-?,i, Gov tum
o_..r> aad ju I gc Gresham will arnie la-morrow
m..tn cg. Judge ll arlan telegraphed Mrs, Davis to-day
aa ft.Hows: ?? >ii v. lian mi sad wj -ci deeply sympathise
w tn ! nu an 1 tne iiui ten nf .liidgn Havis in Hie neat
a!'l.''.'ui w inch na* cuiiih upon .ron ami them, lu his
Biatuieea public and private life yea and tbsp bave a
rich liilierital.ee." Junga ii.odgelt, nf t luca .o, ul*.. ldc
gi .plied hi* condolence.
Almost every bin! ling, public and private, 1* covered
arith i.nitrnlng eiiibniiis Frank D. Orme, au old friend
of .lodge liavis.au I First Assisi ant Postmaster Genet ai
..-vetisou have bal charge of the arrangements fur tbe
fui'crnl.w bicti wi I occur ut J p. m. to-morrow, i'be body
wil. lie lu slate f rum '.la. m. unli. _'p. m., in tue malu
na!! of i .'ie house, otilyafew peraoai WON permitted
Io ??!? the boil,- :o lay. They were dosi who were lull
mai.* BSSSSlMsa al Judge D.iVla and hail coti.e from u
il,stance lo attend tho furn tal.
. .*? Kev. VV. G. 1'ieree, uf Cnaiupalgn. 111., will preach
lb sal aa Sll Tba l'.ev. Frank BnUb, of this elly, und the
Ber, John Mel/ean. af Washington, will assist lu the
cs Senator Logan, Robert I. Lincoln, Ju.lue
B.JSdSB ll lunn,ni;'1, VV nation .I. Grei-ti, litstiop
?ttaai'i ig. GnVcin u Ogleeby, Lyman Trumbull, and .i
Uoveruot John M. Palmar arrived Hits aflei noon.
in ihe room where Jn'lgo-Onvis Sled wa* it calendar
c. ulai'iing a seuumrul tor each day, wi,nit lin always
te..! with interest. For -atunlay, June Hi, the day ho
die I t so happened that tiie saeaagu was tr-nn tin pee
BtMa old fri n 1. I'reaiiletit Linculn, a* follow*:
? (iml ts ihe only (iring who baa lime enough, huts
pradeat ama who koowa how :?> ?e .*.- oecatioii* cuu
ct j.iiiiiiily maka a shift to li I n much as he Leeds."
I'lo.v 1DKNCK, June 28 (Special'.?Tht yacht
Wi.tiderer, in winch *ix persons lost 'heir Inns raster
duy, waa uue ot Ibe alauchest and fastest oat-rlgged
banIS uu tba bay, aud William G. Lin) lou, who nailed
Lei, bad taken nu morona medal* for hi* skill lu sailing
a.i. n craft L. T. Farmer, one of the aurvivur*. kays
tba', ho bal the ?h_cl tu his haDd ut the IUM the (quail
Brack sud that ho Immediately loosened IL Ii Hus is
I *ue old boatmen say Uial they cannu: explain Hu.
espelling. Oilier* who have visited ihe wreck lu-day
ijink thal tbe abrei wu* ether fastened or teated. lue
load are: Mts. lt T. Farmer, Jr., una her daughter
linnie, age six; ,W. 1. li! a) lou, Lotti* Garland, ago
thirteeni May Ulises, age twelve; ami Charlie Girscb,
age seven- Mr, llrayuni, wim was a good swimmer, lost
Ul* life iu a it .tm* attempt lo save the life of Mr*, larmer,
ll,e wife ot bis employer. Ilia own wife, wno wa* cilng
u ** lu ihe mail, witue**ed her husband'* heroic death.
(.'"Lt Min a, S. C., June _-*i [Sptnial).-?hstoj
i. gariaga, af tbs Brm af Hmtb, Sprtsgs _ cu, of Lan?
caster, wa* waylaid by John ball, li. F. WaUb aud Will?
iam i-luhkney, who attempted io kill bim, bul failed.
Jina muralug John Hall attacked Mr. .-pring*. The
latter drew a pialol and kilted hi* nssadanL II. F.
Wa si., who wa* one of me waylaying party ls a merchant
n! I..rneasier, ile kilted a mau two years ago, but gui
ui* head clerk us loren..ui ot tho jury aud waa ac
limited. _
OrRLOt sas, La., June _>*?. -A tine I was fought
to-day willi shotguns between twu hto.net*, Adam and
A jilui ase Reed, wim live tire miles catt uf nero. Alain
received two wuuuda?ono lu thu face aud oue In ihe
bowrie?which, tl I* thought, will profe fatal. Al?
phonse wa* aatasabsd, although Adam tired Iwo *hui*
al him. A phytlclau and a pile**, wont lal see the
wounded main
riTTsiiLito, June 28 {Special).?Heiijainin
Unwin, retentiy coachman uf George V*-raiiugiioii*e, jr.,
ba* fallen heir to bstweun *-70.uO(isud tIOO.OOU through
thsdaaiBof bit uucle, Bsujauiiu Unwin. The latter
died at BrcJestleid, B8SI .-.btllieid, I. ngia nd, oh May ii. \
Ho died without a willam! childless. According to tho
Kngllsh law the estate fell to lil* el'eat brother. Tbe
latter being de id hi* eldest *on, Mr. Unwin, of thi* city,
l*eeomes llie owner nf the proper) v. He ia ni out thtrtr
?ve years old Bad haa a wife amt three children. Ile
will go |? longland to tike po-se.sion in about three
weeks tim*--, but will return to his hume In tins city after
arranging the business ?atlsfaetoruy. Although SS baa
absolute claim h* ins resolved to dlvl le lt with tu*
bro the isalnd sister, three person* lu all.
wa uk mdi rsi*?-loss, 090.0001
Laborers in Nichols -Sc Huntley* IsrffJ stor
ace warehouse nt ihe font of Vinni Twetrth**. ui a
bale of cotton blazing on ihe first fl .or iiboui * p. m. yes?
terday and tr,ed to put out the tl.t-n -s with pall* of
water. Mr. Nichols nw that valuable time waa being
wasted and ordered sn alarm lo bs rung at th* nearest
s.gnai hui. Then the laborer* were set lo work shuning
the heavy Iron do irs In die thick bric* walls which di?
vide the bull.Hug Into eight section*. The building, or
row of building*, rovers an enlire block, between West
Twelfth and BstbaaSBSS Kach Beeton, covering two city
lots lu each street, I* complete In Itself, but ls connecteit
with tbe adjoining *'cliniisby means of doorway* In the
walls. In a few minutes after the fire w is dlseov?red
lt was completetly contlneil by Ure-proof wall* amt door*
to section G, No*. Mit and AM West Twelfth-*t.. extend?
ing to ltethune-*L The (lv.-*torv brick building wa*
filled to it* utmost capacity with baie* of coltou, hemp,
lute and paper rtock.
From flnor to flu.ir the fire ip eal rapidly and the fire?
men were unable to check lt* progreis. Dea*e volume*
of *moke issuo.l from the windows and doora and drove
the fin min hack again and again. A thirl a .inn waa
stimuli-1, calling a dozen eng uss and Hie two fl re-boats,
Ilaveiney.-r and -opbar Mills, and the work of drown?
ing out tho fire was begun. It was feared tor a time
that the walls of the building would not
resist the creat best of the flames, but after two hour*
tito firemen had the iBttafBstlSS of ?>*elng the roof of the
Beetloo tall la. Tue smoke then toa" In a In-a column
mid drifted away toward the sou'h. Kor untirt afterward
the Ure burned hotly anning the hale* of cntton de?plte
tba lons of water which wrre being thrown BBSS IL At
7 p in. Chief Shay sai 1 that the tire wa* under control,
but it would reipure a day or two o' steady work to ex.
tihgtiish Un flames In tin- ruin*.
The damage by tba lire is estimated nt aboal 100,000.
John Taylor Jj-button owns ino building!, wliich
wara steeled aboal tSroa year* ago st a cost of neatly
9200,000 Probably tb - repair* to the *tru.*iiire will
liol eu,! more (lian $10,000 Mr. Joliuilou is out of tun
city. IlianiBSea agent* said that hi* liuilillngs wera
wei! beared In inativ BOBipaalSS. Mr. Nichuls, of Hie
storage linn, saul that Sec;inn U contained property be?
longing to flinn tweuty io li.'tr uierchaiita lu the elly,
and that ll iruuld mil be pusaible to tell the name* of the
owner* until lo-day, whim perhaps th* books eau be
taken out of in- building. Laoh owner insure* hts own
property, ami probably lt will not be passible to Baser*
tain the anio nus of insurance for sevr ii day*. The
fames damaged about .'t,.i()0 balea of cition, 1,000 bales
of jute, .'iou bale- or p.iper stork and MO biles of hemp,
'laking the salvage mt i account, the losses will he about
as follows: Ou cotton, 100,OOO. on |ute, $10.1)0(1; on
hemp. 1*1.11 io; and on neper Stock, i*.1.000. Tue paper
stock was Insured for about *7..r>00. uf which uue policy
of -rt.iiti.i waa In the Globe Comp my.
A _ro broke oit ia Andrew UoMastei'l
bakery. No. 4(11 Fifth-ave., brooklyn, early yesterday,
and spread rapidly througli Hie nulbling, a three-story
brick structure. The Inmates of the house wero asleen
and dbl not awttko until after the arrival ot th* llremeu,
by which time the Hinokc and flame* were Issuing from
every window, i).strict Engineer Doyle and Fireman
( mun:! went upstair* and found Richard Haws, ago
nevell, lying on tim Hour unconscious, lim two sister*.
Edltl and Gertrude, were found tn a aliutlar condition
by I'lietuei) Marlin Corcoran ami William Janes They
wara all carried ant on tho sidewalk and rc- usc. late I
by tlie ambulance surgeon*.
Ail (he rest of the lum iles were supposed to hive got?
ten ont, when lt was discovered twit Mrs. Haw* wa*
musing. Tin* stairways were a'l ablaze, bile PolteeBjaa
l'atrick Mitniners *wiiug himself up on tho awning and
entered through a second-story window. Re reached
the third stury. and while groping un hi* hands and
BOOM found the woman, Wbu wa* alums! siitloc.iteil.
iii- serried her down stain ami passed ber mit of ins
window to Pelleeiaaa McGinn.-**. Tue utlicer waa
almoBI overcome himself Whoa he reached the street.
The minding ls ownen by John lleuuar. He estitua'et
hi* lue* at 1*1.MOO, sud Mc.VIaster's stock ls ilatnaged
about ri*ut). Itin ti aro insured in tho Ger mail A mei ic ul
nini ether companies. OIBeera Bamasera aa>l Rodin*
ness were blghlj complimented roc moir bravery ny
Mlpernileinleiil Cauipoeli Nniii! o' l!ie Iniu.tei Wero
?eriously burn'"!.
A few inonu nts sfter li. Flatticli, ol Hie finn
of Flattish - Co., paper-bos maker*, occupying tho
trent Bear and cellar of Bo. tu Bloecser el., bad left tho
slur.) last .veiling, flam, -s mut forth from tbe rear part
of the cellar. A-. tbe building adjoins In tba rear tb*.
BL r. u nana-Home, in Wselev-piaoe, a third alana w ts
?ent out as ? Slatter or preeaatlon, Tbe lin* wa* ssa*
lineil prtucipally to the cellar. Ibe balMlnsi nwaed
by Charla* Gray ol Booton, was daaugrd si,ono, rn
stireii iii tue iinine lii-iir ince Company; Gu. Kines or
fiatncb ,V Co. was damaged P2S0, loearad fully lathe
I'l,illili I'.uni.any, and the BtoeB of Jnliti il. .lone.,, la
tbs second story, waaaltsbtlr demand; laaurad ls tba
United "-lu'.ci bi .illili ol Ihe FIN Insurance I ompany ut
Eas laud,
1068-8 IN' VARIOUS I'l.Af i:-.
Pbotidebcb, .Iuuu 28. ? Shortly after 1
u'cini k thia nniiiiiiig the bakery ?f J. ll A.-bani, three
buildings and aban withatoek were burned, ruo m-s
BB I ti a, lt .-."'?' ml ni lae 'mi -I ii*.'< glJMM. Tue
tn11..t.ng wss lally covered hy isa iras -??
Stt.i.M, VI as ., J ia-' J- ?The largo mi uiii'-r bo irdlng
hoaaa aod naru of Parker V. Tirrell la v, sbass last
over the line from It.-verlr. were burned early tht*
morning. Fsa loee I* 96,000; inaaraaee 03,000.
St. Thomas, OaL, .itinn 28. Beeti .v tia's satmsal
mill wai mu in-i to-day. I 0.1, plO.000; no Insurance.
si. lau I-. June t-.~Tin- wafwboaaeaf rbora R Hs*?
bise waa burned laat Blent The bunding wa- fined
with cement, lui..-, bair, piaster, etc. Looa 910,000;
covered hy la*Branee. The tire w.ts cauaad by iuo raia
ot yesterday, whieh iiak. 1 a q 1.unity of lune.
A .ILLY POUND Tn IKY IlDl.liOl'.K?111171-13 ItK
Uiius Boldorf, Um mosicign ehariwd with
extol ung niouer, lu i-ouibiuaiioii with l'ain Wi Lt lg, the
cmivicleil wailer, ami oilier boycotter-) fr.na George
Tholes, proprietor of a concert hall in 1'ourieehtii-sL,
waa creagh! ta trial la tbs OM rt uf Over and '1 crin 1 ncr
before Justice lian sit yesterday. After maur houri of
etlort to till l men lo try llin cute who had uo: funned
NUclt pronounced opinion* agalust the accused luau
that they could uol free their minds fruin prejudice, the
following jury wa* obtalne 1:
lanici II. Ia: ker BbVBtetaa, ST Commerce.st,
S.tiiiuel Haas. linus nu.- goods, li Av- H.
Jilin ItVaii. bon-. 1. 17., I..Mill'! Il ave.
Baarael i.iiiiciuiiai. retired, tal i.u t one huniired.atid ?ix
tnent 1 st,
Jullic G. ltn-rck, orranNt. 100 vv est Twenty third sL
Fiuiicis I arl". Inju irs 1 Uti First- .to.
'I humus 1' V, .-si woollens, los) Kraukiiu-SL
Armaad piani. sturt-. Si iloward-al
J. Austin lagau. r-al e-laie. mt \:**l one ti um! iel -and
sui.-. ','.. si.
lieorios 11. Hsuren. Coal, Pt Seventh ave
Samuel Krainer, jewelry, n Maiden Laue.
KS Wald J. I nini. walt hes. I Munich Laue.
Asalaiaat iJisirict-Allu-hcy i'urily opened the case
(or the pt.nccit.on .,u,| staled that the prit.m.-r wa*
active with \Vil_U' and tho oilier* lu cuiupelilng Theiss
to give them a check for St,DOO M a cuuildeiauon for
their witnUrawlug tue Uoycull; threatening that lt be
dbl nut do so Ihey Weald nun bl* huduess.
Mr. iliei**, who wa* ih* uuly witness examined, re?
pealed bia leailtiiouey aa glveu iu Ibo case uf VVii7.r_.
Augu*t 1*. VV'agener, lbs prison*!*** cuuusel, on rmi>
eia-uii. 111..11 lailed lo snake in ? (tory or the witness.
The tr.ai will preaSS 1 tu-Uay allin. 111.
OOBST, I'euu.. .lune fn (gpasBB).?Mrs. Mark Sheldon,
whu wa* (u severely uuruc.i ia-i nigul ny tho expluaiun
of the gasoline stove, died io-1 ij at 1 a. Ul.
1)1. VD Al lill. BOl rOM Of A BilAlT.
Vui'M-.M.'? **., Dino, .lune 2S [Kpeeiul). JeSS Thomas,
engineer lu a meal shaft near thi. eily, Was found dea 1
ul 1 t_r 1.ott.mi ol lue shaft this morning. 1 nouma waul
? lowu tu sun tho pun.p*, and li la supposed una tn a
ht KWH, N. J., June *Ji [Arnottnh. -J.iu.es T. Wall, a
painter, wbu lives al So. HA Prospect-?(.. brooklyn,
wa* kided al thu p.ace to-day ny tue chatham drill eu?
Gnni' ?>, '-lass , J inn- .-i V leam ut nurses became
samansgnalrlvsail everteraed a wagon, mrowiug uni
...ir lueii. .1 -'-iii Mu.leo, uf hast I'sitpereu. ti ed hts
skuu frueiuied. and Brash A. Heardou w.is sevrrriy in?
jured internally, limn wui pi.m.tiny tl.**. 1'r.ink Mullen
bad one of ma leg. badly nu. I and Patrick Bonley had
Ul* cullar bum- krok.-n.
I/MiANsi'tiKT, Iml., June *_S. ? A *uil atraiual the Ger?
man Lutheran Church has been lllotl lu iti- I irvuil Court
bj Mrs .ilma Hat h.nan, w.m asks Ih.tt lim settee and
li uiic* a be enjoined Irom nusiug tue uuiui* of belia, fine
cnitipi?ln* I -at her dangin.-!, Wno lia* beru au invan-i
Ior years, sultrra adaugeruu* relapse al each riugiug uf
tiie bel.a.
Piiii.vi'it-i'iiiA, JuusSB isittcitit,.? William Carroll, a
resilient ol Lio .g.) n. lt in Mo) aiuruaiug prison in de
fan.1 of bail lur alesiiug a boras ant carriage la*t night.
A mukdekek feiioi lu OfTlCSlfl
HAKiii.l.i', lex., June '.'S 1-sprent 1. ?I. K. singleton
imii.ten .1 l?" linn Ul 1." a..'.., I, . and I eil Cuni- lu 1 rias.
lu Coryrii ( ou my, lei., iu ISSS, he was nu accuiuptbe
rn Uh -' Jim ' V 11.nuns .u Ins Ui.iriler of J,.iiini ,'tinrr.
since I*,-:) in; liss cuuiuilOd vurio.it innis. To-day
news came tbat Mi.gleloo bad been killed lu Gi..i
i.uuuif while resutiug arrest
Cm-.co, .Juno _*?< (S]>eciali.?Vi-<v.tirhirr of
sn piotcciou fruin either th'< county or State authori?
ties tho i.akn Simr-i Bmiread oaMalrarsaalssd a sward
tn-d iv. WUSS en.alued Lin cn.npi'iy to semi out eight
heavy fr-ight train* botore nlglilfall and made lt pos?
sible fur three trains to reach tho city yard* from the
Ka*(. The e'.'tip my pro.-tired the services of loo mnn,
who were urin.-d bf tho railroad cotuiianv with Win?
chester BM BStkS gun*. The*e men were .sworn In a*
?pedal police of tne town of Labs ami acted un.lor the
orders of IBs < hlef of police of that Village. They were
placed on guard In the e.tensiv.-i switching yard*
ofthe railroad at Forty-first and Knrty-thlrd ?ln.
In * addition to thi* force a squad of
men limier Wllliatn rinkertoii appeareil at the
yards ami were placed on the locomotives ant freight
trama a* fa*t as the tralm were mails up. Pix switch?
ing en._ines w.-re tired up, and bearing men currying
the formidable looking Wincue?ter rifle* moved up and
down tho toad from the city limits to tne Indiana Htate
line, to g.ve warning of the gathering of any ?trikers.
At Forty tblrd-st. the police had several sklrmlsho* with
the striker* early In the day, and threo arrests were
i lade, but lt waa round nee,lira* tuexerclae any violence.
The strikers apuo.-irod <o be reluctant to provoke a con?
flict with tbe men oarryli.g tb? rlftee.
In tn* forenoon ? deputy sheritf visited tho scene and
form.illy road the riot act to several small groups
of mea near the railroad track* and then
tent a deputy on board each of tho switching englues.
Groups of strikers remained In Ktate-*t. au 1 at street
Intersection near the railroad tracks all day, bul no ono
of their mun .'-r was venturesome enough to attempt
thetl.itu.erou* part of pulling a coupllng-pln.
The work of making up ihe first freight train wa* com?
pleted prrcl?.-'.y at noon and tne train at once start..-!
South, lt cm si si e,i of fourteen loaded cars of perishable
freight. Armed men wero on thc locomotivo and a man
eat at each end of every car, making two person* to
guard each coupling. Passing between the tinned men
patrolling the track* tho train wont slowly to Engle?
wood. Crowds ut the atrcot lutcr-cctlon* Jeered at the
guards am' train employet, hut slblSd no
violence. Lea-, m.- l.nglewood. tho train wa* run at full
spe.-d aud pa-*.- 1 through Grand Crossing ami South
l liloigo to the Indiana State line without li cul"ut.
The company bad taken the precaution of sending a
sipiail of rinkertoii men to tho State '.Hie, a* lt wa* In?
timated that the sttik-r* Intended to tinko an attack en
Hu-nain at tint p.lint. The train went on to Miller'*
Hutton In Indiana without any sign of trouble. Ti,ere
tbe guard* were relieved, sud they returned to tho city
on mbo in i trains. Five other traint were made up tn
ipuck sii-.-ci-itlon and *eui out of tbe city under similar
conditions, ami before ll p. m. two delayed westbound
train* had arrived iu tho city sadat guard. Tho officials
of the Lake Shore Hallway expressed the opinion
tin*afternoon thai the strikn w.-ia practically at un eu,l.
Ihey stats that they will, however, maintain their
present strung armed gnarl uutll all semblance of
trouble ua* disappeared.
I'ne sinker* held several consultation* with switch?
men from the other mid* lu mo olly, hut tho r.-s.ilt of
ll. emf. renou wa* not disclosed. It ha* been as cr
talned that four meu were shot o*i Saturday afternoon
iu thc eh 1*0 of tho train tu englewood. Their natue*
are careiuliy suppressed. Twu of them aro unable to
walk, wime tho oilier two are only slightly hurt.
of the meu arrested by tho Hyde Park police for com?
plicity In tue nut on Saturday, niuo hare been balled
out, otuer* are refused, bail and *oiue aro BBBBle to lind
?urcties. Barlee, Kearney Adair, Birges ami Bead,ware
Mbsrsted SS 93,0C9 ball each: Horan ami Tierney, two
(?barara, $-.. each . Johu Hayes, $100. uu 1 Thomas
Smith, fSOtt Tin* police behove that they havo evi?
dence eaeOgS to cnn viet, Frank Day, wini is under lock
and key, tur inruwtug ihe mail irani tram the track on
Frnuy Bight 1 he iu rn iii tho South Culcairn jail, wini
gave his haine, a* Joiui I . salllVaa, is L iward .-tilOYau,
who waa discharged troaj ino Nickel date shop* two
week*,ig.i Captain Hum baa a elate warrant for bim
tor niiiii.-i *y. Kn. un* ls the engineer wbu wis lu chargo
ul lu- M.ni cu." .nil .-,1. I'ml eng.ii wuicn w.is eap
t ii rei I ny lue strikers and used in pur-mug the Lake
Mmie liam. Ile-ays that the slnii-rs placed tba nui/.
z.es of two rev >iv.-r* ni tn* brit'! nini threatened bim
willi d itu iii case of rem* ti lo du their biddles.
A !?"? i 1 'iee says thal a stoek-Joboitig s. heme ba.
been discovered iii Boaaaciloa wnu the riot, a timi ot
N.-w-York linet br ... i -, since mo strike hanan, ima had
re|ir aeutativos os ihe grounds, and every attempt by
toa nth. rs in alora a train, wnetiier successful or nol,
is laataii iy reported ta ibe lirm.
Tu ollicial* Mt tba i.os-olli a wero in consultation to?
day witn Di-inci-Ai tot nov lu'luli. Tin-y wealed to sal
mu warrain- lol ISe arrest of (be strlkm* aud ut be ts
wno inui - .1 ,(.i- i th- mill trains ou Saturday. Mr.
i .itiiin in ti meta iii.a ih-y weald aava to prater tpeoino
cii.u _i-a.* iiusi uiiimdil SIS by u .me.
jViiuiii 4:i>o p. m. tn.- lour rear eura of sae of tte oat*
g'.ing ic. i-.i run, wera ihrowh troai ino track ut tbs
Sixteenth-**. ciu.Hiug, aome imo having moved ibo
twites winn, the train aaa passing over iU Gue ot tue
cal* W.is -I na.Uv Wt "ti.e.t mal lt llit-1 lu be lett. 1 UO
i.'..i-i. a re pitt bees on mo rana and tnkau along,
lhere were a samnsr of poUce uml Pinkerton
mea aa Ma train ead tbt r al sosa deptojred to eaptore
Iii-- oSeuiler**. Wuiiaui l-'ruou, un.- ol tue sinkers, wini
bad i.e..i i reel . uu lalor lay ami waa oui uo hail, and
who n in boca aerred wita aa lojuaotioa warrant, du
alc-sl- -I iml looked uti. it.* w.i* m.- only arrest m.nie.
Charis ii molten retaraeu to me etty Hu* atieru.i.m.
IL- sat i m.ii ni- actions tn connection wnh inc settle*
mein of ibo ettihe ol the L.ke shore iwlichiaea two
muni I.* ago were kaowu and approved hy the otu.-nil* of
the Olio,;'.ny. Except for meir isdfaitttts iroable of
Hi 11 t-i . nitil.ii, wo,I ni have tn-cii a vol tc...
lortl-llve new sn m billen Were brought lu to-iLty
trnin lund.i. l'.ii-y Wera al one. .et to work Ul l.ngle
Weed ami Swath (imago. Three >.f tae Mr.sing
swiicliu.cn retut ned lo wo. k a*, tho Euglewood yard* Hu*
?ilterim a and assisted iii making u|> MMB0 uf the
uuiiitm id trams tbat aller ward iee um gauntlet. It i*
BnS-rrelOod tue .;: i|.-i --*. t nail reads iu C'uicago I,ave
Warned m. tr employes ui.u if asea al IBs a,-ut of tlie
Laka euora iruuotea they will Le dismissed, au tue
i..ih.- shore teouoa hand* Baa switebisea m indiana
Wera tu dey a sara la a*, special potto*
l.M'iji.-- vi-tji.:.-,. Ind., Juuo iti.- A bill w.i* lied lu the
Unite i .-late* Circuit Court at ( hioagn by Ibo Lake
..hore rmt la Baking for an lujuuctluii against the sinking
switchmen sad a copy or il wa* presented to Judge
Gresham h( re to-day. Tbe motion will be beanl at
Ciiicago on Ju.y 7, nut nu order i* issued to f strain
mein tn the mea,.niue fruin unauthorized nu riereuco
Wltu Iho business ul lue road.
lt (lois DSt look SS il ttl*- master carpenters
in tue annexed Hollie! would bo aldo to force tbe
journeymen carpenters te so beek te toa (eu-hour rule.
Iweiitj-mu' tmpUr/Sre *igiied the agreement io wmk
nuder llie len noni rule after yesterday. OfttSSSSlas
Infui med llie jo uueymen that Ihey could totara lo work
under the uine-hotu rub* to-day. Of (ho other signers,
Ike Journey sacs aay mat two bave beea dead fur somo
time aad three ut.ans tin nut employ any man,
A cotuiuittee of the striking moulders at tho Jordan
L. Matt Iran Warks called on Mr. Mutt si tho oihce of
the OOO]pear Ht C HU and Beekiu.ui sis. ye.-ti rday. They
vere referred te Secretary Baed, wno mane an appoint
uieul tu meet Hum ut tue ???..uks to-day and nee it .-,
latUOBBOal can ot lie made.
Tao preparation! f"1 ?*ue Jemosatratlon of Iho ergsn
ljied woikinou ot BOW-Tart lu favor of Glauatone au I
Carnell, un Ju.y 5, ale gomg on lapldly. iln-re will be
a mg parada wulea wUI ne dinden uto six divieiena.
Baarlv evoir bis trad * solos ls mo atty ha* pron ise i i<>
Uka p-.rt lu'ii, au.i it i* Kinagin thit (ult) *j,u,ii.i,i ii.ou
Wi 1 be la line. Tu* last illwslou will be COUipOOad
aituost euttrei> oi Knights bi i. .nor. Preparations are
bclui Ul .de lur MBlllar demonstration* lu olhor la.-n
C1UM ii.i-o.iguoiit lue United M.ito*.
1'he aroilia'.iou cou uilttee of tne ? 'ontrill Labor I'mmi
saw I'niil! _' ...." lenin a*, e., yestri* .ay in u-gaiuio
tami ina. i.ini-..? wi.ii aru mi ink* agaiaei ail attempt ie
aaforoa ibu teii-uoui ruio. Mr. Piybtiloid mo mm
millee teat us uml mm o cued la g.-ttiug men ??.t.-ti * bo
were no' rn- mi.ct- ut im- un.on lo hui hi* W'.riss .mu thal
ba mapoead ?o rna them.
ino unaaiiBt-fi muong ihe car-drivers is Isaissallia
nud whiio mer.- nt ao Tm martlets dangui ot a U*-e|,I_
the Visit el Mr. Powderlr and mo General Kseoulive
Board, wbu are rxpecte.1 lo ii* here to-night, daw not
bara tb" *SOCl of inducing the loiupiunes lu keep theil
ag., fluents, li is more than liseiy install lue roans
?v h.cu have nol lived ut to iholr agreements will bo ilea
bf. -?
Tbs Suiter BaWIBg Mai hine loiiipaiiv yester?
day liK.ke-1 "in seventy-five of the eighty IBlramSS em
uloycd in tbi* city by them. Kor some jt-iii*(he tuen
tn-, e i eeu worklug uutior a ooulract by which they were
paid lioiiitlia ly a coiiiiulsaloii of 'JO per cent on ult thc
mat hines mut they bsht Half sf this sssmsiartoa tuey
received ou the Hist raj m.-nt a.,.I Hie real when the
inacuities were I'Sld for lu tull. I. n.br a clause in the
agraaaaeat, uowevm, when a mau waa dtBShargsS he
forfeited ali claim tn Buy lack ininii.i--.iuns wuleU ulght
nc due I.lui. The men lor.neil au organization ami wu)
ii BOmailtlea ol t.e (.cudal Labor Union wui ed uu
saperta aaslanl Wataonaad lagaaatad mai me euuira.-t
I.e -ii cliaii?cl thal tuc men cuuii) ge1. Ute,r buck coln
iitia.-.oh- ? oca met ineaiiie due nn mailer wtietuor moy
we.e i...*n .u in <-i.-p."j uf me company ur not. Ile
promised lu mskS sum,, change and two week* agu a new
Im iii ut coiitracl wa* |*i*lrd BB lu ibe olllce. lt pim hied
timi w. ch it BUBB -sn* di-i ti.irged u* stuilil Le p.nu
I uuiiui-, Inti* mi all ina. lillie* nu Whteh 1)-.'.'ur timie had
lc. ii p..ld pi m. bled t"n calm waa coi.-u.In nu good dy tue
cutup.my. "ii uiaciiiiie* on which lo*.* (nun PBS had
I,ecu paid, ne fm Iel.e.| all iOSiin.ISsl.ina, nun niles Moro
ina.).- ??-.iiiii left li lu (lu. po*, r ol mc company (o di.
aiiaige lbs mas st BBjrl*mi whoa they sa., tit. im-y
v.a.- itif. rinei thal BM y unlit vi.-ii Ino agreement ye*
ISrdSV, A ....iiuii.iit-i' Walled oil Mr. Walann, mil ne
d.*. lilied ts SOS I..eui POA told thom tu.it lin-y mu,! -lilli
l ha BgT taast Si at BOSS and a refusal would lie i misiileieii
a, i a ui ale .il lu a resignation, lim iin-n deellu-il tu sign
alni Mi-ic locked out. Tbey ?:iy that there I* at .ci I
bli,*-H)0 du i Cacm lu back ooiuiuiasluu* which l.m. will
mao ir inn e.iniptiuy [ cr- - -. m w. <?-?
iiiako Ibe men sign ibo agreement.
Ia rolirfincfl to tito statement made at the
Centrsl Lobar Union on Sunday that the men lu Mr.
(irllTlu'a paint shop were on strike against a reduction
of wages. Mr. Griffin wrltss :
I am nm swan* of anv sir.kc of mt emplovn* A com"ilt'ee
cnn- *. ni" ,r nu,., ni,,, tu., i mat be represented the ontrai
Labor Inion, mil timi nu- laal week, a*gliig w'.at wases I
paid mv men. Net kuimlng tb* p ny I refused. *no erne.
si.'.-rlng 'In- ipi.-,inni naked relsliv ? to mv bus.ness slfairs a
pri vate matter aod not * pnbltc one. i nei-imed mreeogaiae
nim sn.l furiln-rmore In r.-ier-nc * ti tu-ing no; cutlet. I
consider thia S free country and will condini tnv business
i uti rnrls.-a In mv otra uisiiiiet and Bet at the di. Ution ut any
labor uni.m orprafMBliaial sgUators.
MABCBBO io MIK GC.viti) not sc
BTATB Camp or In'-tuivtiov. PBBKSKItA,
?lassSt.?ThS lltbatid Md Regiment* of N'ew-Vork
uml Brooklyn are Improving rapidly In everything ex?
cepting In tho matter of guard duty ami In this they are
sadly detlcleuu Tbe personnel of tue reglmeut* I* almost
exclusively German aud 1* drswi l.*irg?ly from the labor?
ing classes and there is more work ls tho men thau play.
Thi* afternoon the assistant surgeon of the 3_l Regiment,
Hr. F. W. Winters, while on a tour of inspection wss
halted by an ignorant g ard ami marched by an equally
Ignorant corporal to the guard bouse where the nu?take
wa* corrected ami the good natured doctor set free after
an unnecessarily lon,* ami tiresome walk aero** the hot
plain. Oue of the gu ir-le who waa on duty la?t night
was approached hy a short and stout man In uniform
who walKed with lit* baud placed upon tho base of bl*
" VV'ito goo* there 1" called the guard, prosentt-m. hi*
" I am der panJ." said the stout man In a mournful
"Well, have you got tho countersign 1" asked the
" No," said tbe stout man. sadly, " but I haf got der
go ic. Ii.o.isc ,i:i un* p.i-i* HU I gony dec hospital tent,"
He went
Thc post band from Albany I* having a serious time of
lt. in fail, some of the member* am broken up over tbe
pranks iliat aro played ou thean Au indignant " H mil?
ga,inner" expostulate I rn-lay with ii'K 1 kihi.*nk cur
ie-i.i,mt: " V's are not a back of vin! ludiaus vleb
ton'd kuow somediugs mnre pedtier a* (Uleenlng py der
back Tootla nini ve ton'il peen a bardy or plrd* vot eau
siiieeb nut von eye shoo, to boilup tue gracious. Ve ail
got such gull* re cannot ito suma mure a* bead dor
drum* nud rub trom our legs some more roomy.tums
Ihe total Bamber of men In camp at the reveille roll
call mi* morning wa* 772, of which -HO ts accredited to
tho lim iiiid 862 to the Ail.
Alexandria Bat, .lime L's (Special).?This
bu* been n day of decbtod pleasure to the i'ruoklvn
T.'ibern cl I'.lgriinH. A -;ore ur steamers and ?te*tn>
launcbi- Irslgbtsd With happy peop.n, lunches and
ll-'.lug taoklo wein o:i their way to the various point* uf
Intel cst an limn nfl t breakfast, which waa served at tho
Tboocend l-..ui'l House ut i'f-'AO a. m. Tha L'.-v. Dr.
'I iliiiitge, wim Presld.nt ti. II. Evorott, (.'hariet M.
BtsSerd, Dr. H. A. Tucker and the church trustee*, were
cheered SS they left the dock bound on a ilfty -milo lour
Sa* tbs Island? 'Iho Tboassad Island Kock TiU'ernncle.
was vMitcl that, tho patty being escorted by rieatdent
M. D. Kinney.
On tba wa) to Westminster Park Hotel Dr. Taluiagc
amused tha puny with humorous anecdotes, whilo
Prefeeeec Peter All, of the Taberaaele, mail.) the rooka
among nu. islands ring with his comet The lost
chanoal wae Been and Oak toland vlalted br tbe Brook
l>u [i.i-t'ir. la the evening over 6,000 people assemble. 1
iii ami about the parlor of tho Thousand leland House,
wharea reception was leud-rci to Dr. T mnage. Toe
Bi iv. Dr. Howard welcomed tho IJiooklyntt.'s au!
Brooklyn'a preacber in behalf of tnv people ot Alex
andria Itay, and sniuc li')') persona who lasts trom
Kmg.stuh. Lanais. Dr. i'.i.u,agu expressed bl*
pleasure at meeting with e?eh u kind reception. Muds
:uid dancing (or tie young ptnpie followed tuc reoeptioe
lu tuo p.u ior, while a brilliant display ol Breworka
Illuminated tba arauaila about thu hotel, a targe som?
ber or tue pUeritu* will leave thia pUee for Mop treal la
the inoiiiltig I j tho Boya] .vial Line steamer Algen m.
The to.-tt ul tho pilgrims depart ioi- Bow-Yolk ot s :'iO A.
.-.Ji I.OOO.
VYabsaW, .lune 2*S [Special).--The will of tlie
late Colonel J. II. Folsom, of PslSO Bedale, was otfi;ro.l for
probate to-day. Bene of tbe heirs was hore except Bern
Jamill Folsom,eoaaia uf President Cleveland's wife.
Judge Healy received Hie atlidaTlta of Lunn M. K tt-.j
ami his wife us lo tho llgaotare ol Colonel Folsom, amt
appointed Loyd A. Bayward a* ap.-cial gil.irliaii aud
Dr, vv. n. Mania sod I* M. Kinny as appraisers, 'ibo
property amoaaula value toS150,000.el which KU.Ooo
ts personal. Tho real estate l* li. (Unalla, Tecatna ami
Liiicoin, Nebraska, and lu Attica and Foleomdele, Bow
Vork. The iiotiie?ieail of ino acres ? to bo preserved in?
tact with lu appurtenances until the grandchildren Wno
an- illinois leaon moir majority. 1 h" Western property
ls I'i remain untimelli -I, ii*. rctpieaicd by lu. lat* broil..-.-,
ll ll tl I BIB y.-ars .-nail ll un e Ups -d. I ue Will ti I vi, Ie- tan
properly auiung Ins eight graiicillldren s mn an* shara
alike. I.ms ii win ht. sion taat unless lha Western prop?
erty increases ut \ i ii", an ii is expected tu do, the 1'ic-i
dei.fs wile wm only receive RASkJOOtl instead of me
B50,ooo reported.
Bl ita lo, Jane 28.?.Sworn Statements inado
by eleven member* of thu Court uf Mos.iud* i.r.in l Jury
wero published lo-day, selling forth that a lawyer.
Charles I*. VV hitcher, liad ..it,* nu .-1 iota t.p.*r witu li.-iu
by letter ami postal card ooneeniiiig seato lu wlucu he
desired au iiidiclmeul found. Hie case involves Hoi.icc
i-r. leek, of Holland, trio County, amt Kate Loiel, Lawyer
Whitener hoing aux.mis lo nave tho ior.ne; indicted tor
a mt on. ihe lawyer ui.i^--a couinet statement, danu
lng that rei lain politicians and othclai* were iutei'e*ted
lu gelling St Heck'* case <|Uaslied. Judge Hammond ad?
vised itu i .r.i.ni Jury tu ll.id au Indictment against
-o ?
Cuicag", Juno '28 (SpeeAaJ).?The stort Biads
to *ecu(e jurors to try the Haymarket cuuapiraiors
proved futile agiilu to-, ay. bevemy-livo meu were ai
B-Ini- and at tue hour of adjoiirument to-night three
in-ii weic locked up witu itu- foui aeceptel juron, but
neither *ide bad stall -. whsther Ihey would piove ac
cepiaide. Gue ot tbe ri: si person* called tu ..av ?_i
G. M. Lent. He wa* at (be lt, Jame* Hotel at IL d
and V. asuii :ln '*'.., on ;he o' i of lb' rm ead trama
winji)-* i.e. rd tut "Xiii, .on ul Hie bum' i taw the
fla* ng of IBO revolver*. From wuai kohl d *eeu aud
heard mat night bi contd oulr return ukS verne*.
against lha leaOieS * n.t.. t.:-- , pre-cut at Hie lianua-' t
maiingUL M ? B , ? icu, d uy mo delcuoe. J. W. G i
ey, a lestlier mau mr. liner, t uigtit he cuul.l give tue
prtsotier* a (air trial, bul me opinion ho had SlCSady
lormed ouldaflen hlui to a ceitaln ex eui. Hr i;
challenged for elute, but tho challenge was uot suv
" Did you lorn, au 'piniu.. .ou. Socialists, Oeaa.
i.i innate "i Auai ualst'
"I did furi'i ai o|.n.:o.i ard exp _**eil IL I don't
think mi* BeilBlry has any puce (or mein."
ll...* answer wu* Sol reusuid ny tuc Anarchist*. They
mos. i ai ? OeSley attentively aud approved coui.s.
fo. t.hai e .. ., lila, ag-.lu. The io.nl tuen lUlelpoaed
au.i Mr. da.., y wa* thal.*nged pore nplur.ly. li uilb*i.i
appeal ll ttl Hie t gi I examination lo walch inc Se
feuee BUbleOU ail Juror* thal cuiiusel for tho Anir.'iin.i
are mure carciul luau lu-, ul.mr aide, ibis ls not lue
. .to, however. Detectives .'rou. Po,ice llea-L-u.u ers
aud from oilier police stations throughout me city ure
lu constant attendance, luey BOracialSs carefully every
mau MlUCtOd and UVmtf detail they kuuw of ine.se luiurs
ls reput ISO to -tate-A' tnri.i') Grluiieil. lie.uro me court
aujourhi 1 J ango (..iry is- i.-.i uu ur t.-i .or anutuur
special v inns of ecveiiiy-hve wen reiuruaule lo murrow.
Tbbbtob, Nt J.. Juno Qft ?Yift-1 -??roHoc
Hird Ibis uiurnlng rendored a decUiou lu tbo Ocoau
l-.cach case In favor of mn complainant. Tin. bill was
to acquire lille tu coria,ti landa at Ocean li ach, ami Waa
bruusui ny ibe OSSSS liottcli A-uoolatlou a, smsi Henry
H. Yard. The Undi lay wubin the street lines, aud the
question Sf dispute WSS SS W wno owned tbe soli. In
coom..i> me sun iinniv.-d lb- wnole shure front al
?Jteau .teach- inc V)ce-Cbaucoilor decided thai the de
leuitan. .'isd uo lille, bul thal the Hilo waa lu ibo com?
plainant. __________
\VAismNGV.iN, Julio'AS.?Frank A. llluckfoul,
age iweuiy-Q'.gbt, a mu ol .Samuel c. ItiackfuiU, fortuer
ly .-jupetlulendent of tbo Capital Police, wa* timi ai. i
tilled lo-nighl br Sam Gasseuheliunr, al the latter'a bsr
. -o a a in !'?-it.,sy.v.iiia ava. lue murder waa tuo ru*uil
ul au.uld feud wia--.il, the twu in.-n.
John Korttir, ot Roster &c Bial, Wiin urn-nUnl
at hair past tl o'clock last nighl tiy 1'uilt cuiau kc) ea fur
vioiai.no of Ihe AiiiuaeniiMil law, aa he bad uo tlieatiit.il
llcuuse. He was ad un lied lo bail at lbs stailou. Al
half putt ll i iiltcer t'etruaint found the performance
killi going on .md ag.lu arrested Mr. Raster. He waa
release., on new nail amt will BMear lu inuit this morn?
ing to r- sm cr two s-'parat-e c mi...au.ia. Mr. Realer bas
Ita. co tkeaUloai licsuan sluoe May 1.
_,_ ___ __ .
A JU) I _M Oil- X i Ijll-UillW
A lar-sro part of Ilockl.Tinl County was
startleil yesterday by the report that William Cooklln, a
young mau In good clrcuu.tl*.n-*et, living at Or inge*
burg, bel been murdered by Klllott B'akeuey, ann of
William II. Blakeney, % wealthy and well-known rest
dent of tbat place. It wa* stared in the first r-port thal
Illakeney had struck ''minim over the head wlt!i an iron
abutter rod and Instantly killed him. Investigation
proven that thu report wa* true with the exception
that ibe mau who wa* struck wa* nut yt dea-l, ai
though In an extreme!v critical stile. William II.
Illakeney. father of Klllott. ls the brotner of the no*s-l
.Madame Musard, who In berearly years was well-known
In Tari* on socnunt of ber beauty, and
who afterward became the favorite of
the Kingof Hulland. When ?hc died a few ye,ts ago her
large fortune was left to ner family, who live lu Rock?
land County, and William Biakenoy r-c-voi a good
?hare. ,
At an early hour yeaterd.iy mSfOtSB William Oonklln's
hone* went into tbo yard of Mr. Illakeney and wankel
upon hi* flower bed*, In which be took coo side rabis
pride. A little later Mr. flakeney ssw Mr. Conkliu
? tan ling acron the way and called to bim, telling bl n
ibat he wanted hi* hone* kept out of the yard. Mr.
otik.it) made linne reply and othec word* passed, end?
er by (.onklln telling Blakeney that he ought to keep
lit gales cosed. Klllott 111 tkeney then oaiue out lo
.'on kl in.
" You don't amount to much any way," ho said.
Conkini replied ; ?' I havo lt in for you."
After some high worda bail pt**o<l between them
.'.mk.'ln crossed over lo where young Blakeney was
ita').ling and struck him between tbe eye* with bis (lat.
i.akeuey seized an Iron a.inner bar windi was near br
ind struck Cunklln on tho side of tue bead with it, fell*
nt. h 'i to tho ground instantly si.d rendering him un
lonstiju*. Conkliu wa* taken mt.) hu house, whore he
toon bad medical attendance from Mp.vki.L III* be.vl
fas found to he badly burt amt one ear wa* nearly cut
?ff. lu tbe course of an bout be recovers 1 conscious?
es*, but bs* MOSS nen in a critical Con litton.
William V. ai,.-m-j- related to a Tichum: report
ila side of the story aud then Jennie Cunklln, age
ii teen, the pretty sister of the injured man wa* aeSSbBi
tba wa* an eye witness nf the altair and told thi story
mu cln.duli simplicity, curru.urating thal of Mr.
ilaketicy tu every .l.-tatL.
" I callen to my brother to come back," ss: 1 *!ie, "bul
ie would uot do lt. 1 wa* going to ful.ow him, anl I
fish I bail, for I might have pri rent",l tim occurrence.
mi uk my brother -.truck Blakeney drat, autiou_u I
-ai.not be positive."
Miss Conkliu said *he had not yet looked at ber
imther, hui knew ne waa bal.y hurt, nhs did no*, know
hal auy hard feeling had ever exuted between 'hs two
mung men, but knew bott) bad pissmuale temper*.
loin families are In good financial aud a nial ttaudiuf.
Thc coiiituittuo ot stoikliolder*, ol' tin* _Yx;is
ind Pacific Hallway Company of wu cu M. lintr.Jr.. ia
be Chairman aud Juhu Bloodgood and ll-ury Clews are
iroiiiiuoh* member*. i?aU8>i yesterday ita p.au of reor
;ani/..ttsi)u in opposition lo Hie Wistai* plan, lt proposes
he crsallou of a SSW cousoll late I uiurtgago o-.i ail the
iroperty, the bouda to bear iut.-re*. at tue rate of 3, -4
md 3 per cent, beginning uti July 1, IM7. Tbe nev 3
ier cont honda are lo be excii.tng-d for tun consolidated
louds, I.a-teni .liv.amii, tu.) 1 |i-.r cents foe
ne New-Di.cain 1'acltlo bouda, aud Hie I
er ceuta for the Lin OlOOdS dlv..*i m
MSStS. A Rm pin* sf f'J.OOV) OO new BOOSOM IS to be li -ld
or treasury purposes. It ts proposed to give tu. un. uno
aud giant u-m la.miers new ll [or cent nico ne
inn.I*. I Ye coade fruin sab-* uf load, after Orel p. ymg
l7.")0,0OO uno the ireasury. are to he BSOd for retiring
he new iticmne biunu. Income bouda ore le b* Issaoa.
ur accumulated liiu*t>?st on al. exisi.ng km I* tu nieae
iroporuaoi: loo percent t? tbo Beaters -ii vision hood*
loldere, 65 to lbs New*' Bia wa ss i Pacts' ?- Striates, tut
il) pei cent IO tue Kio Grande division. [OOOme liiul*
rill ulan Ue oxen tuged ior lin. fern,in tl lion ls. i'uo pres
nt slock is lo oe ,.s,.'ss" . 9 pur cent.
I in- ii I- ml- ol thia |il.tn say that tt will put the (lied
li.trg--s of the reui _aui,.-tl i-out-aiy .tt ano it
il.Jdo.ooo a year, lim Bisons i sf cash ar.nl
ihle nuder lt wuuid b-. ??? l.UOn.ooo from BtoeBSelSen
tad9750.000fromISalaud -run. auton, added to as
isiuii.iteii aurplaa ur earaiaga fenn mi* to J ily l, i -*s7f
.f ?1,3.'iii.ooo, vlei la a total ai i>.f.'. 1*0,0 BX li la cia. nod
hal me Philadelphiamiaioeia h tv.- appron i isla (i a'i,
oi.ditioued inion a mo ml ,H.m ol ilia provis,om rr, ti?
ng lo mo ffsilSin division bonds. Prteude nt th" Wit- ir
ii.in nilli believe iu us iiiiai s i. -es. .iint-av .liaj the ABRpj*
insecurity hoi icr, are only abirtalsblug r irp leiSoe. ina
lurr eommtitee, however, ear tami plan m. tbees^
iori cf a uiajoiity o( tn ? stticgn ).'.-ra, mo .Niw-ur.oam
'acidj aud u.e inoome bon lu il l< i *.
Owiog tofrequeol V.'.ill Strestraioofslitt
raab aa imprasitoo waa created thai laure -?-1, to jj <*
leeilas af tba iraak bae proa! den ts >? rday, Beao
raa held BB I BOS I i* coule upi tto 1. Pre*! leal Dopes.
if tbs Bsw-Torfc Cost rsl, salle for Ksrepo sn Joly I ss
e gone uuul iiiitiiuut, sui U i!?*-s loom SSSSpSSBsf
aaa maa nj st,,i,i, i arlee tbe pres scala ara sst likely to
aid a con live in ins ills-nco. fn te it no noe I for a
iinfeieiue uf Iho H.lug ilue eb els. lt ls .: aa mal a jue
reigbt rate irrefUiarttlea e.ii-i among mo Wcalora
o*ii*, nut they ar-- mu eeaeUerod tu . ? uf a us' ii-i*
,ti i-.-a ... i so dcia.i i ni ir - tana loos! iroatsMOb a
uoetittg of isa Uaatral ". i He lesoelatiea et seel ri
eade wid he held ta Ci ou.Peau., '.ns sees mourn*
nete ucccs,ar, OTgaOlSSl ??? ill 1 * greet tMSl Ot p .>?
:reaa na.s been m i le airca ly la ni, ic ur tu term, rate*
a nm >?ess 'u conform w lb* due i, 111te he ii. A
ante part ol tba ? x.s'.m^ irregularitiei sra a oat of
' ano i . lill I in.," ? that is, s-.i ti,.m.* irslgnt a. i.ic.l. i alee
e tba western termini u i.'i * trunk lias* ni re ..nmg
i m.-nea sail at looa! r ile* - Be ta -? lo... r Moa aerial
i sui.it. 11 tura i- -a i.e mi. inti flin Me erbium
lUlnl ot tUipulCUl rn . BOlgU ' ? ?- . i1 ? -is is . Ms
rary t-> pool i.r.m.p.-a a.i ia* n -i a irreoted ia
nany Instance* by reoeul revialoool rete peri ie ile .'-???
ibo Chicago end Atlauiie and se B mb Sara aol yoi
?OBS brough! 10 ll ,i.nle lei* n* hf lui "'..-I CblOOfS
nini reade, bal toe nuuk line* dec. tr a ? -us--.v .it. --
Iud tool ibo geaeraleuuati ju ariU a utan -Turu tafe
,iia, met*. Ihe cu:i._g Ol !.'.-.. I'.le* ai. mg lue
:r.iiig.-i mau, du A no*, it Mt tue tar '!, .asl Oi ' UiOa^J
iud al. 1..-.ui.
MOBTBEAL, JllOS 28 [Speeutl .? I'i.. lou*?
Bibed ef tsroats ins ea mo OBaadlsa PnolAe i.-wi
Say fur British G An nola mit Koatraal al ?> o'cioc lo
ught when Mayor Beaa<rsoiy toe m- shore et mo asp
JsaaeBeadprumlaeaiemsoaeseesms t i give un
??end ob*." Tbs Montreal i>-d Battery Ired a sa .*
if Bf ieee niue ee tbo train started rea ire loeeeiabaa]
if rn lOOOBtOlire, two baggage catt one mt: r.ir, t* -
iinigrsiii Bleeper**, iwo Brst-clae*. sara, twa ?ioep
i..acnes ad .0 un.ng cu*. 1'.. i sqq tao liv* a.... cou
luotor i ?change J every 150 estes, av nu depot
he .day ir jftve.t a came 'U -s. ,ge tlew M" Mayor ,?f
-e.iiniii. tun. Lngi tn , at a hankel w.ia ie) eotoolO?a
un gr. - i uiiio g (.tm us ea ineoompleuo*.? .,... line io
f anuna tm and me manias ?' lae leal leeeias.. 'rain.
1'llILAUKI.rillA, Jilli'-' W.? Til.' M lMX.ltIOU of
he.ler?e> UOOlral alli BM Beedina ral.r.i.. otU u it
sr tae peasant dletarl elauoas tbs L-u _,..4
IB ie 'M .'.... B i'l ? . * a
tad ? |. .... -s
a, a.i ieltii* . --.Il ne ..opel y. , .
Ima , ' -ii.ia. .. ...J 1.. -ng -.11 i-i...>.... .??.._,#
, m.oi af ihs property.
l'liiLADLLi-iiiA, Jun.' 38 [Special), ? Tte
MUSMMafiBa hoslaassoflbs Psi lode lp ilasod :.-.; ag
t.iilroad Company (or Hay, ll-O. BSOOmpors i wilu me
ame mon tb 111 I i-o. sim wa au mci eats ingritsearuiugs
ii ?o'.).'.).aJ ; au luci eas-of ei|..-'is.*t ot ?*?__ i,'.)*:;, ads*
Tease in ml e?ruitiK* of Ol 50, D'.l.i. lae ? aieuiatil Sjf
he ail rn uilhs ending .Vl.iy .il, i - - <i. as cu. n *,.. ned w.i
un taine period.u lOOft, SS'iOS an u.c.-iao ia g ot*
taiuiug* ui .-p'.i iJ.uTj.l,aa ni- reste net, .s.-s ,: ill,-_oo,
ill, a U-- ii .a.- ia in I carumgs ui *?--.''i, Hil.
MlLWtii-i.K, Wis, Juas tH.? Julius Wadsworth, ot
-.ew-Yois, na* re-lgued the vi. e-pretLleti. y of mo CUIp
?ago, Milwaukee and nt. 1'au. lt?llway l.'utuptuy, wmoil
ic bebl tor s number of yeats. QeeatB BSMSSIS (UO
? ames ul Phillp Armour sud John flank, Bli ni with His
lUicessorttup. bul snowing ones tay Ins p.act will rall
ii l'e.er iieddss, a prominent .N'ew-\or? tl nm, .rr. It
I taid ul* induct,.e wui ?-? cunt- rr .live an I mat Ue
till carefully guard lue .u.ere?i* ot tue fureigu stock
koljors ot tue road.
I'lllLVliaLl-Ill v. Juno ti iS/jeciul). -Vi | 11 se.pie.me nf
.he abseuce of 1'resldeulGowt.ii lue bearing tu ibo Kob
utou foreclosure ault agalnal tue fluia.lelpbLt aud
.leading Ballroad OsmpSSI oat agaiu u-e.i poalpuioiL.
Btu Al.'). Julio J-* -Jnliu -s. Bartlett, tuna ISM
ienertl r*a?enger Atont of Hm Kele Kamo it, U.u
ciid'-ied in* r> aigualioo lu lase elle.', uu Juue ...>.
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