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\on. xi/vi_in0 H,4n
ntirE three cents.
I w^? ?,..
,TI>/iTT^ I HIM m opinion dl.iu?.li.B tb. putltlon of JD. United ryQ Ayj) VUQtt T?ng CAMP.
irv c.hi.rto tiiitrhiivk, i
I.onpon. July in.-Nnboty no*-doubts t>?at UM
election BM gone irretrievably against Mr. load?
stone. Ho bolus his own pretty wHI in Scotland
Md Wake Um aga uot without Immw, bo! Unglaad
trill tis ve MM of him. TM BMjority Bgalaet tum 00
this rn omi ti s's returns is 86. Yesterday WM th.
important day i'.i the counties, bul tie county re?
sults um a mle arc not kunwn till thc day following
th- election*, tn.- votes having to t>o collected from
dMant P"H tit-places. I nc monthrn thus far yield
th.rt.cn Conservative cains and show MdMPoai
tii'ii to reverse thc vetuictof thc borong!.*
The popular vote is oreo moro significant than
NM list cf members chosen, tlc Madataaiua win?
ning hy largsly reduced bm willes and the Conarr
v.mvcsby increased majorities. There is no more
atartliMuample than south Bedhrdabiro, wl.ere
C.\nl Flower, one of Hie Ministerial winns iiu.l ?
most popular candidate, loses 2,000 vote, bj Lib?
eral abstentions an.l has ins majoritj it diced from
2,'Jiio to iit?>. Th'' (ilatistonians expect to win a
I ..nty of the 140 rcmaiiiiiiK scats. Fourteen ot
these are Pamcllito seat-: tweatl arc Scotch ; and
I minority .1 the re.t at the hint election were Lib?
eral. Sanguine CeamniTatrrw still hope to laereaae
their present Lonsei vat! ve inajoiit.v.
The Qlaaataaiaae still lad crumbs of comfort.
Mr. Sexton's election for Wist Belfast was a con?
spicuous triumph, due, however, to thc curious w tv
in which Hellas!lia divided. Thc total vote of the
town is Conservative bv a treat Majority. Mr.
lirandsdefe.it in Taro ill rejoices thc Gladatoaioa
politicians. Mr. ISrand iras Lord Hartiucton's
lord HatUagtna himeelf baa a hart fight to-day
for Um KosscndaiV division in Lancashire. Tho re
MH will not be known UH Monday, bat Lord Hart?
ington is expected to win. Lancashire, whare the
Iri?h vote was thouicuteo strong, has been going
heavily Conservative. Mr. Chamberlain stands
shou'der lo shoulder with Lord Hartington. "A
HBgnlar spectacle :" say the Ministerialists. Hut
Mt. Chamberlain's amis of tue highest value in
aheckiua Radioal eeceeetoae from Lord Hartington.
The alliance between the diforeat BeeUona of
Unionists and CoaeerratiTea DM drawn closer as
the struggle has proceeded.
Pietneeloa has already begun ou thc qnestion
what Mr. t.hillstone will do. Will he met thc new
I'.ii Lament ? Will he resign! If he docs not
: ju, he is mirier pledge to summon Parliament
early la August. Boas* of hiaa?paortera say that
bo wilt atilt wait to ba turned out. There is little
BTisMMt that tlM Conservative* alone will have an
absolute majority of the whole House. Mr. Glad?
stone, s.ty these hair-splitters, is not hound to
tissiimo that the Liberal ITiioniata would vote
aajaiaat him. He may vet devise, they add, some
formal, aboat Homo Kulc elastic enough to include
both wmga of the Liberal party : tho Conserva?
tive, .md I monists arc not likely to pull together.
BB 1 a tactician ko astute as Mr. Uludston" will
sour siw dissensions. So thcv urge him t<> hold cn
Md to Uko bia cbaneeai what may turn up. Rat
if Mr. Gladstone meets Parliament there must be a
Queen's speech, there must bean addreac and aa
anicndmcnt to the address is sure to bo moved in
terms windi the Cooaot val ives and Liberal I'nion
ists <an both sopport; and oat Mr. Qladetone must
go. Any attempt to make terms with the Liberal
Unionist, would probably cost him the support of
the l'aniellitcs.
Thone who know Mr. GladatoM bent think that
he will in these rircasataacea prefer to follow re?
lent precedents and to resign before Parliament
BasembMB. He has too much pride rf character to
a eh to retain office by stratagem*, when thc Nation
baa de< hired Bgainat hi a. That is a point on
a ii.eh Mr. Gladstone, a batever his friends may say,
ia nader bo illusion. Ile has taken a pleboaeii and
nota tremendous - No " in answer to his demand
for anlimited confidence. Tho verdict of the Eng
l.-li boroughs is thc most decisive ever pronounce'.
by the Lughsh democracy against an English
Munster. Tho majority against Mr. Gladstone ia
thone borough* at the last election wm six It is
now lu.;. It is, of coarse, in a Measara a verdict
Bgaiast Home Pule, bat it i* pre-eminently a verdict
aaalast Mr. Gladstone. The constituencies have
not altogether condemned Homo Kule in Ireland,
in every shape ana form. What Mr. Gladstone
asked was carte blanche to deal with thc whole
Mah question as he liked. That is what the
country has emphatically refused.
The announcement that Banda means to dose
Bataam ivs a free port elicits some sharp comment
aa Baaataa goad faith. It u impossible to divert
general attention from tho elec tions. There is no
sign that Eaglaad will do more thau protest. The
Foreign Office must probably take a decision of the
question while tho present Ministry are in office.
Tue Queen has ai.sw.red the question, ?? What
Weald SM do next T" by receiving at st. George's
Hall, Windsor, ninety natives of Iudia. Ceylon,
Africa, Guiana, Hong Kong and Cyprus, this last
belaganseaeaaMa Her Majesty bolds as a tribatary
of the Sultan. TM uativcs were arrayed in native
costumes, many of them pi tareena* The Indians,
according to the oAeiaJ narrative, bowed to the
around Ufore tbeir Queen and Lcpress and oilered
VreseUls0f wieland silver winch the Queen Md
nitaMtOaehad and returned. Incitations, sing
"?^ndwar .hi,,, es woundup the miscellaneous
?-*?*MBt,aUei whH)|| Krat||ie(1 ttH.
^^?Mo^ad Bo, Majesty.
a .m-** ?tt<,oor ,I>or,8 havo ',a,1 fl? ?Mbaraaa
Ml week. wcUj ,
. . or "wewoataof Brst*ratelas
MltMea, nearly Mi,^
?w.tMhMMbt lir:,'K;m,u,,",u,,,,My-Ti'"
?.'i?-lin ^mmilt*?*"*"?
Cambridge win, Us,, di ^ ^ "^ ?
-oiing ever known .^'^^^^
r?.i"?^.,fote these two ?,? Z'ZZZ
"r8U?^' '?leto.ivt .
^youaniUeaofthee^,,,^, A d()/(.n (.
Bmw laaMTtaat from the trMerkh*t?-. , /
Btes l.i i ?' *'l' r? pomt of
ZZSSZt"?" ******* amadMSMd
^theoUunty of .mail type, V.t Knglan.l de
*?Md Uie IllalllHll ColouuU m a ?tubill,u
test at Macheetet by four wickets. The Eton
Barrow match, which many people think a smarter
picnic man the University match, began yesterday
at Lord* and'ends to-day. lt has already produced
a new .rick.'tinir hero, in Foley, of Fton.
The competition for the lawnteonu champion?
ship at Wimbledon, in the meantime, has taken the
usual course. The All-Comers' matches resulted in
a vi, tory lor Lawford, who wi'l play champion
Renehan on Monday. The only BOW man who
looked like winning wa. Lewla. Experts predict
that Renehan willdefeat Lawford as usual.
The Beaky regatta began Wednesday. All counter
attractions did not thin the number of boats on
them n or of spectators OB the bark*. 7 he chief
resulta are eur prions, Cambt id ga carry lag oil the
Uland Challenge Gnp from Oxford and the Fton
lanaaad Pitaaaaof 'Trinity. Cambridge, defeating;
I'liwin, of Magdalen, Oxford, for Um diamoad
scull*, which Unwin hud twice before won.
Newm ark-t all this time has lioe;i crowded witli a
brilliant rotnpany, the Prince and Princess of
Wales bein? at the head and staving with the Earl
and Countess of Cadogan, 'The July week, alwaya
reckoned the mest nttraetiee sociolly, le thia year
at ns best, etety house in lull half Mayfair migrat?
ing to the racing hoad luartors. Camp broke ap
last nigut. ovcrybody returinng to London la time
for tho State ball.
Proceed inga* in the aorhl world of London have
naturally been less interesting in the BBeaBM of
the lender, at Newmarket. The reception at the
French Embassy oa Monday was with oneeseei
tion tbs most notable event of the week. Parties
and balls are steadily declining in number. 'The
Mate bail last night at Buckingham Palace differed
in not bii.c lr.ur ot lier State halls except pm hans in
a larger and more miscellaneous attendance.
Hr. Holmes Laving sunk below the Lindon hori?
zon reappearaat intervals in the proelneea. Ile
has been -faying this week at Stratford as (he
fliest of Mr. Flower, well known for his frteudliMea
to stray American*. Mr. Flower like Professor
Max Muller at Oxford has given Dr, Holmes a week
ot' iiiik li needed quiet, but bas allowed bim to My
a brief visit to the Marowie of Northampton, at
Compton Wingate* Dr, Holmes perhaps eoadoled
with his host OB the defect <>1 his BM, Lord Will
ii'in Compton. Mr. Gladstoae'e Msalonate appeal
to Warwickshire not to be driven bf duxes and
earle did uot save this Gladetoniaa, thc son of a
Maiquis from disaster. Dr. Holmes siam shortly
with a friend en a driving tour.
Mi. White returned Monday from Brighton ba
Braved ia lualtn and rowed lu* duties at tb.
Mr. Mcdill left town Wednesday. T. 1!. Aldrich
and H. L. Pierce, who have just arrived, will leave
i.on lion to-day.
'The Daly Company M th* strand Tbeatro pro?
duced " Nancy un l Company " on Wedneeda?
night with the usual result. Leaden thinks the
acting and ensemble admirable and wonders why
Ann rica supplies no better piece, for such ex?
cellent ai lists. O. W. S.
in* (joni) WILL Toward mn.svn-scotch DB
LovdoXi July 10.?John Bright bm written
a letter to .in elector of Cluck u.atou lu wjicU ho says:
"Tue lits. har.. r.gat tu ask for tho repeal of tue
Act Olden. to in .ike'in lu'irrectlou and take the
i otiseu, ism e. . but ll m.iy :>c wrong to grant tim re|teal,
and cacti action might lie lajariona M tkaa I have
u?ver uttered a word in favor of repeal 01* of n DaUta
ParltsaieBt My good will toward Ireland renders it im?
possible for me to support tho wild pleas euiorace.1 lu
the Government's Irish bill*
"I must Ixsora Mr. Aiid'Ttcm's remarks shout my age
an1 nieninl condition. Mr. Andertoa may bo a strung
Hoini- Ritter, bal he is not a reutlema'i."
Light thousand Oranaeaaoa paraded to-day in oias
gow. They subs, oiien.'ly brid a uiass-meetlne. A ri s
oliiilun w.>s adopted declarluc that. If necessary, they
wouMeotabli.il vu armed anloa <>f the irish and their
Rngllth and colonial brethren and resist to the deaih a
separation of Knglaud and Ireland.
-? -
Halifax, July io (Special).?Coneul-Genera]
Phobia Vo-ciay t-ecuicd the release ot the Poftlnod
?eli..oner City Point, nuder arrest at Shelburne for vio?
lating the customs law*. He aorieapoaded directly with
the Canadian Minuter of Customs, and although MO
Minister was iinicblo to do ali) thine toward remitting
the tine and could not release until the tine was paid, he
acceded to Mr. Pbeloa'a rc quest Mat thu vessel should
be released upon the Consol-OenernTa dapoeltlna tho
$100 In the barnie ofCoUoetOI hoi-, al Halifax, pondla!
Ile ie,n't cd the action at law. Ybe customs regulations
provide that the vessel sh.ill >;e held hy the Dominion
authorities until the line ls paul. The deposit having
been made the r.sasl was released and an arnon will be
liuinedl-.tcly entered In I.nulty Court to recover the
amount. The Con-ul-i.eiif r u expects that the o.lier two
Portland voeoola held al Shelburne will br released apoa
Munlar coi.U'tlons.
Poun a>D, Me... July io {Specials?Mr. McKeaoer. one
of tlii! owners of the City Pom', said to-night : "Wa
cine to the conclusion to MT tao line of gtOO ta Order
to let'oar vessel continue her cnilse and tish on the
Bank", especially as we need bo Ice. and bad pat all the
necessary batt on board before thc City I'olnt t.illed
from I'm timid. I his inorunie wo informed Mr. Meagher
the counsel employed tty the Government. In Halifax
that a chock for Ibo amount Ot tho gae had been ma lo
under protest, and at tho same tims we lu.
formed our captain to rle.tr at soon as possible.
As loon ns we hear from Captain Keene, tliat nit vessel
is doored we flinn semi linn prtV.M Instructions."
Ii. ii. Willard, the owner ol Um Georg. W. Cashing.
telegraphed Captain Jowett to-day to let hun knowns
?oon as U.e (ieorre W. Cushnie' had b.-e.n stripped. "We
do not lotemi to pay th.-tine an 1 shail wan a few days
more until we shad hear from oar Government, M we
are certain lo hear from He.rM.ry Bayard some nine lu
answer lo our telegram au I letter."
\v,mum,ms, July 10.?Representative lloutelle re?
cored a dispatch to-day from Kasiport, Mame, stating
thal on Prions night Aineru an hosts at BS, Andrews, N.
lt., Ashing for berimr to ne cairne,| as sardines, were
driven away by the. Dominion cruiser Middleton, and
the announcement was mau. that no Ameiicau boats
are to be allowed to take. Berrina lu DomlaMa waters
for any pargee* Mr. BouMlle at once reported the facts
to th. ftate Department with au earnest request that
the matter receive IniBMdlai. attention. Mr. lloutelle
is more than ever convinee.l nial the most effective way
to .leal wits the Canadians In regard to the fisheries is to
largely lnere?#e the dm les on foreign tish ami thus make
tho Provincials pay roundly for the privilege of sailing
lu ibis markut.
Hai.ii ax, July 10.?The Gloucester schooner
iwean Klux pet 'SM 1'rospeot. Halifax County, on
Thursday eveDing, cave au assumed nam. and began
purchealuj; ball. Yesterday muming several tishermeu
s >ld ball to her, bul ollisrs refused io do so. One man,
? ft. r some of bis employe! had sold part of their morn?
ing's catch to the Ocean King, went un board tho vessel
and demanded tue Usu back. The captain, aftereonsider
nble talk, compiled with thr d-inand Several American
versels have baited at Whitehead, (iuyiboro County,
within the past few day*.
OTTAWA, Jail l'>- ?'Cining for herring In the bays .nd
harbors of Charlotte County. Sew. llrunswick, and lin;
within nie three-mile Unit, is prohibited h| au Order lb
Council published lu lo-Jay's DaoaMM <ia:rite.
-? ? ?
London, .Inly 10.?The Eton and Harrow
.lorens purednmatch rna. el cm-kei to-Uay. Ibc
B?nuas won with six oiehets to spare.
Parm, Joly 10.?M. de Legiepa baa laaaod ?
aptttMd cir.mar io tho shareholder, in ibo Paaama
Canal Company. In the document he deeiar,.*: "De
spite all obst.rle. we shall march on. The apparatus am
tum hn.eiy are all ready. W? only require 0130,000,000
io complete we anani iu i->?. we snail isoie deena
lureaforthwith tooashla France locoiuolete uer |>?aoi
tut u.iiii|iH'.l ol tba Isthmus of Panama."
Toe director, of the coiuu.tti) have ai>|>rovod M. ii
IcBlSHT-i'l or.ul ir aid will MSUS fresh muli lo Hit
amount of uk),000.000 fraaee, .Rha large aremiaa
ead freuueat drawMga. ihe privilege lo eohoMihe s
iwetricled tm tar. pi. sent to tho 350,000 holder..
shares and hoods. M. la Laaaepe thank* the Oovetn
meiit, u hose goo 1 Inleiitiooa, he says, nave been Hamil
er d DJ the nloW Work or the CoihlU ll'-, to WUICU lim
i.otteiv i.o.n inn aaa Mferree.
The ifiiveiiniiHut las nUhdrawa the Panama Cana
laini ry LOM bili Hom Hie (.barnool of Depuilcs.
Donald, Ii. C., July 10.-A tlinniRli trail
VBtoh toft Port Moody on July 7 waa wrecked and a
most Instantly burned while attempting to run wmi'
bush Uren lu that senlon. The passengers al1 escaped,
ar.d Mle lettei mall WM SOTOd mill great dltlleiiltv.
Wanan... Man., july d>. -Sarvaas, praepaeaa ht Mani?
toba are brilliant. The yield will probably lie a little
iimloc the average, but the qualitv will far excel any?
thing iu recent years. Kain, bowo'-er. lo much needed.
tim: LATKBT iu-.ii ksb.
| London, July 10.?Sir George Otto Travel
yan, who, witt Mr. Cliain'.eri.iin. reigned fr.un ttoCoh
Inotke opi am Mr. Olodetoao's Irish policy, h..a been de?
feated aa thc '.'11101:1s! oaudidate In Hawick for Harli.i
tneiit. In Uie ins" QlSSttOB Ml (>eorge (then Ml.) Trercly.in
voa returned ans Idem oj Irma Hawick without or'p aHMa
This year J.-hu Dillon stumpe I tho dlstuct og mist bini,
naaiiaailai bim for hw eppaoltlea la lao Premter*a 1 ol icy
toward ireland Mid pointing out HMaaMMMSMMBeMBl
Mr. Trevelyan-- attitude in view of the fact that Ba bad
BUM Chief Secretary for ireland and by actual observa
UMhaewtbe msrini ol the Mme, ThenmalthaebeM
that out of th. '<>t il 01 ."?.nu; votes coiled in Hawick
Burgh., A. L. Iirown (flied Honl.al received a maiority
of thirty, 'thc aaaonaeaaMat ?>f tim teaaU aaa 1 redaesd
a sen larina IhroogBeel tim country.
laira Hartlagtoa bas been re-elected for the Uossnn
da <? div.sion of NortheaH Lancashire, receiving BVOOO
\oies against B,04j call for Mr. ReWBSggtag,
Mr. Morlej, Chief Secretary for Ireland, speaking at
a meeting at Northampton to-day, said that
within a year Mr. < Hailstone's Irish pro?
posal- would carry rarliament and the country. Did
auybody, he asuej, think tho policy that
.scotland and Uaies and a great part of
Eaglaad approved WOUM be heard nf no more I None
of the plans ol the paper t'i>iocil*ts,'bo said, touched tho
enormous prob eui ol restoring social order In I re'an 1.
Sir William Vernoii-llarcourt, Chancellor of
the ExehOfljOer, addressing a mtetu R at
Poole SB-eight, said that whether or no
tho I.lherals were utterly defeated in the election-,
Heme Raia weald eat be boolee, it was impossible to
delay inueh longer the granting of self-government to
Tba Tarim ami Uadoaleta eomhtaod have headen Tlsso
thy Heaiv (Poraollltoi m south Loaaoaiknr, rhomae
Lea (Unionist] reviving 4,737 vo'ei to .Mr. Denly'a
l.i'.J.i. rio- entire poll WM 7.Ipili totes, a halting ?0 of
;>1.'? from tho last election. lu the loss of south Derry
tue Nationalists sustain tholr Mist defeat lu the present
canvass. ItMogeot, however, by the return or T homos
Melton from Heifail. where he WM defeated Inst year
by a majority of 39. Mr. Sexton ?at for Sligo lu the lait
ParUnmeat, hoing elected m tho South Divbnaabya
majority of 4.009 ia a total poll of 5,10] votes.
The Tories have won cid seats, 7 from 1'nitnists and
59 from Liberals. Tue liberals have area 20 santo, the
Parachilna l,aad the DaJoaieta i. The net Uawnlat
gain is ll". Two bundie 1 ami clght-nluo Toilm h.ivo
buen ch. ted; LU lui.mists; 14'J Liberals and T'J I'arnell
Viscount Paring il'nlonist) bas defeated c. Muginio
(QladatoulM) ia Barth He llonlsuire. This isa I'ntoiilsl
The Tortes bace defeated thc Unionist candidate* In
South Ee.ex.whar. J. raoohaat (Terr) ie eiectei orer
J. Westlake (Radical Cetentot); tn Penrith, er Kiddle
Cumberlaad, wbera J. w". i*ituer iCoaacrvatiVBi has
itofonled sir Wlllred LawaoaJry a m ijority of?' "Oj and in
-ticiui.or Mi Min Qloaeeetarahire, where a. Bollon ny
toko, tba scat ooeupted m the last. Bonan hy tho Hon.
Roary ll. Brood. Tho Torie- have also won Suntu
Leicestershire, Northwest sutioiic, thu Galnsboro* di?
vision of Lincolnshire, Noribwoet BtnBordshtre, North?
west Norfolk an 1 the Hyde dlvisluu of C.ieshne.
Maior c. .i. Houndereoa (Tory) has oeea re-eleeted
fr.un Armegh over Mr. WiBlnmooo (PnraaRlte) by a volo
of l.">7J to 1,177, na increase ot SOB over tho VOM ob?
tained by Bnondereoa In the hst election, although tue
total vote of thc diiirict loll away Sig,
.Ioho|,b Areii. tim Agricultural representative, wes
defeat-,t hy land lt. my l',"iitir.ck In Northwest Noifolk
by only Iweulf voles, nlthoagh in tim List elect lea he
defeated Bentinck by a audacity ol mo. There bi gM*
era] regret t .at he was defeated,
I'lio TorhM nave won Elpooj Yorksliire, from the
' a, ' i:o Ker d'or-, bis MOB r.j elect' .1 for Ila . D>.rn
over Mr. HsGmtfa tl'arueliitan by a vote pf 5,003 M
2,501. car tola Ker wneieterned without ofpoottloo
UOl e.ectlon.
Uwnurd Oavrtney (Unionist) hastheen re-eleeted|foT
Roetheaal Cornwall over Mr. Abraham hy 3,763 to
J,lol, lu a poll 1,I!)U less tl.a a that caal at the last
Ferdinand James de Bothaealld has been re-eleeto4 for
Aylesbury, Bneklogasniohire, asa rai.mist by a major?
ity ol 3.000.. Blight iurreasd over bis maiority nt the
last election.
'Hie Lllierala hove WM Osgnldgrass .Yorkshire, from
the I'liioiiists. Botanttai sir .1. ff. Lam-len, Hart.,
from re-election and sending In his place J. Austin.
BoMB, .Inly lo.- lu view or ile. results of the Knglls'i
election-, the Pop. yesl?rdav r,-c,ue.sied the Congrega?
tion <m Extraordinary Bceloai.stiool Affair, to examine
anoniiv.-1v tn<- wtioi,. irish qneotten in amer that tm
might determine upon the enano te be pursued by tbs
Iriab clergy in certain contingencies.
BERLIN, July IO.?An inventory is
being taken of the Jewels left bf
Klug Ludwig of Havana. In
his chateau at Her? there were fouud cc ff rs
tilled w.lh diamond', rubles and pearls,
watches uni chains .mounting to a fortune. KeiearchcH
will in- made after boord, which are supposed io bo
secreted lu other chateaus.
Ottawa* Joly in.? Professor E. Stone Wig"
gins. Hie weather prophet. Insists that the great storm
lie predicted for this foll will hs on head. Mo sayi he
does not anticipate any further great change in tho
weather until fail. * September." he says, "will open
cool and stormy, premonitory to my great storm, com?
mencing on the afternoon of September 'Jil, and tho
great war of the elements will come as sure as the nun
is In the heavens. It Will ba a .lorin af unparalleled
violence, ami after swooping across the Atlantic and
irnrerslogtba country, will exhaust tts energlea upon
ttie rugged front .Bend by the Hoegy Mountains. Fish
erni'-n in the man line provinces sui in Newfoundland
have not benn slow to appreciate my predictions, and I
h ive alroadj received intelligence from many that they
hare made arrangements lo be lu port on the dale of the
destructive storm."
linn.in, July 10.?Severn! Jooroulieai have bean ln
dlcle.I by the Government for breaches of the press lew
in publishing documents relating to the Sarum caa.
while li was on trial lu the court.,
PaBBV July 10.?The man who fired a shot from ? re?
volve! in the CU.tuber of Deputies yesterday I* named
(agu-, and I* a native of Tarn. Ho ls rr br. ed with
socialist le Ideaa. Physicians wuo have examined him
say his mind is derange,!.
LOSOOBL July 10.? A dispatch from Yokohama an?
nounce., the sailing to-day of a aeeood lea-laden Mtp
whose cargo ls to be transferred to tho Canadian Pacific
U.liroad for conveyance across the comment.
IlAi Os, July Dr?Advices from liaytl of June 23
say that a eoMBsroey agalMt the tsovernmeui had re?
cently bfen due leered, ami thal au outbreak waa
fe ired, loreign residents displayed great anxiety, and
the presence or men-of-war of their resiiecllvo nation,
wai much desired.
Nrwburg, N.Y., .Inly 10. ?Henry K. Brown,
the sculptor, dud line at noon to-day. Ile
was bom at Levien. Mast., lu I - i I lie began drawing
at the .ge of twelve, sud when be was eighteen years of
age he went to Huston to study portrait painting, but
lilllie 1 his attention lo sc ulpture. Ito pursue,I his studies
In Caty .ml on his return to lull country settled in
Hiooklyn, where he made tne llist bronze
statue ever cut In America. Among his
works are the hronro statues of Dewitt
C. mton, the Washington equestrian statue In
Union Bon.ro. New* York, the Linouln -tittie, rn New
forhoM L.alyn, alni the equestrian st.tue ot tionerai
BOotl lu Washington, lu marble bis beet known works
are "Hope." "Th* PleledM" "The Kout-seasons," and
the statue of General Nathaniel Qroooo lo Wa-hington.
Ile l,ss lived Iii Newharg alnoo 1B5& Ills death was
da. ta softening ot UM blain, lils wife dial six years
.{?> and Stace uer death his health gr.?du..]y failed.
IIOA OBJ /' roi 11 ORE "/' 4 I I < c/. V rg/o UA V.
QuiNNBRAUGi Conti., July Kl.?Tin- ie innil
andeaoeatrioBgnlmWhite, lacking Batt ia bangs and
paperaieaey, hoarded .way his specie iii lunuinerabie
Booka and corners of his farmhouse. Tue OXOealerS sn
hiving a weary noareh for the funds, hut aro utiearth
lng rich mines lu all sorts of place*, ia several Instances
they have found coins m rags - > o; 1 Ucl on being han
ellet iney fa,I lo pieces. in old-fashioned copper.
a one haadreda of dollars have hean fouud. The coin
.liradv lound lias tii-.-n sbippini tu Uashlugtoa lo b
exchanged foi paper money.
imil.S lil A If ID 1)1)0 ;,v c UHMtO.
CHICAGO) .July 10. A mail dog li.nl pojQfjl
sion ol HaUled-sU for the dntaaOS ot a bio k last mg il
until lie bal billen ahoy, Hugo Larry, and BTtVoB ag Hm
Inmslos ?f a grugiUop. li .aa kined laruag.: MS ? turu
ol two policemen,
WUli YiWLI'.AUh Al As^nvv^uo.
ncpriAss cir tiik newt bomb, whip thu p.m. ick
IsURAJTOOAn, PenB., July 1<> IffptwUh.?
Bhenandoab has been billed for tho appearance of
Huilburl .tc Hunting's circus last night and, as is custom?
ary on occasions of this kind, the inhabitants for
miles uround carno to see the show. The circus gave a
fine street para le, after which a crowd of
about 1.000 gathered around the big lent. Fifty special
potiee were .oded to the regular force of
tb. city to preserve order. ^oon after the
performance began a mob of ruilUus
determined to get inside evon though they had to It-ht
their w.y. Many of them were driven back by the po
lice after a hard fight, in winch the officer, were badly
''s i up The mob becoming dosporsM eat the ropes
and the linuirnso canvas swayed to ami foe, re.dy to
Crest excitement prevailed. Manager Beriberi, real
Irlaa tho situation, lumped from the nug, revolver lo
hand, and rushed In'o tho crowd, wan.mg the rurfl.ns
that he would protect his property ami the lives of the
people al the sacrilbo of his own. He.oo
whs restored for a shore tune, when tho
tope* were aga'n cut. bringing the canvai
dawn so as to close Up tim main entrance, lin-.
cr. .itel a panic and a general stampede. TM ruffians
took poss stlou of eveiythlnz. while the spectators
mail, their mssm nt he?t they could. Tue polico,
h-ailed by thief it I ry SOI TJMBiai. rubbed upon the mob.
I I I niel wa, knocke.i down with a CMO. and the other
oil nen badly beaten. Several nrrests were made, bul
tl o mob arl npeo the officers and released the prisoners
* no retreat. I some dlaa.no. .nd then noured a volley of
stone, and hrichbata into ibo DUdOO, seriously luiurlng
many of them. The ruffian,, af:er breaking up the pot -
f ? ? nance and ace unplisnlng all they desired, retreated,
whit. Um members ?t run citcua with their valuable
louses eae.ped to tim mountain and roached town safely,
swearing renge.noe,
The .Hair is characterized as the most disgraceful ever
witnessed here and all good citl/.ons will loin in the
etf-it to bring the often l> rs to pistice. It is estimated
Hun about 100 persons were mjined in tho tight.
wong OXOBB a in Aim-MOBO,
Boston, July IO (.V't'i'i/).?Tlic tasters in
the employ of Longley ASaUtt, the owueia of tho shoo
fa.-tory of willoh Millar Cook, jr., toatnnagnr.la tue
town of Whitman, .put work this moraine because of a
misunderstanding ta regard to pertain grades of work.
Several months ago the Knuh's of Labor of this place
posted a list In the factories ant it was accepted by the
firm. Everolaee that time the uuers have complained
that they received less poy th rn heron tho list waa ac?
cepted. The Knights ot Labor officials say that they
wlB anatola the Brm. ne they aettd fairly in the matter
and hava not violated any agreement. They further say
that if tho firm desires to hire any new help it will ba
PBStalaed by the Knights of Labor.
I'ik,vii.knc n, K. I. July li) -At tho Natlok Mills 175
w. av, rs aro out on ange and I,"KIO looms aro Idle,
.- sing todlaaatlataerlon wita rncent ehnngea lu a p?rt or
tho mill (rom fruit ut the loom io twill goods.
St Cim UMM h. Ont.. July 10 ?A women's assctn'dy
et tho Belgala of Labor has beau eraautaed here. This
la tho first assembly of thc kind In tho Nugara His
PlTTSBCBO, July 10 {Special).? The inuit important
bu-iuess transacted by the Window colass Workers
Convention thus far is thodefeel of a motion to 'iiin-u.l
0 sec; ion or tho ny-laws, lu order to allow u.embers of
Hie 1'int Glam Workers Aseoelelioo and Creen Holli.)
I^aeiiH edmlttaooe to Assembly No. Hoi) of the Knight,
of I Mer The continuance of the 1 per cent assess?
ment assures a steady luceme nf nearly gOO.000 a
fear, which will be available at any luna lu bUOIi an
exigence as n strike.
Looi.YltXg, July IO (gpecia/).?The mine at Kcn
Sae mines, near Cf.-enwood, wnero convicts were
worked up to a week ago under the protection of State
1 roo pe are on a strike. When the convicts were re
t lored tiie free miners took ihelr places with apparent
alser.tv. but are now Bom Pt.lo tog of the way tue iniue
is worked and of insufficient pay.
a ? i -i i. I, i.. .! i.y ni. -The Augu-ta factory closed
to-day because of the i-n'u-c il nf Its managers to advance
wages fifteen per cent. The picker hands wen: out drat
and aaaeed the mill to shut down bul all other hands de
maud a similar a Iv mee. There is BO prospect of the
mill starling up on Monday. Tho strikers ure linn tn
their demaud and the mill officers are equally firm in re?
runing. Trouble ls apprehended in the Sibley mill, where
. like ueniand for higher wages bas already been made,
, aere !ws lieen m. ??- Ike as yet The Klnir mill ha. s'.
read I grant'-d Mod COO. or ten per cent and everything
in working smoothly lu tins factory, it is reported that a
member of the Executive Hoard of the Knights of Labor
will arrive on Monday and endeavor to adjust the differ?
ence, to Ibo mill. Whore the advance I. iiciimuded. sn
hundred and rtflv operatives ara out of work lu conse?
quence of tho strike at the Augaela factory.
-?- ?
I. li. Harry, J. W. Haye, amt \V. ll. Hailey,
af tho General BsoMtlve Board of the Knights of La?
bor, were at tho Perrett House yesterday nearly all dav.
Thor received iiume-ous d.iecations from the various
districts of tho Kniguts of Ijinor lu this etty and its vi?
cinity. They have taken no action as yet in ihe street
car troubles.
? ?
Tho lutfi r beer brewers have coma totliecon
elUHion that boycotting is a -ame that two eau play at,
and that, If they do not defeat the attempt to drive
i;corgi Beret out of lite business, their turns will come
sunn, . or later. As a result of this determination a
meeting was held on Friday, at which repre?
sentatives of sixty of the largest biowortoo In the city
am. us vicinity were present abd it w..s resolve I after a
tull disrii,sion of the l-.liro'. boycott that none of the
linus represented hy the meeting would finnish any
lejuor-dealers with beer who had given up L'liret's beer
in cons.',(iieuce of the boycott. Ibis , nurse was taken
ou the ground thal the boyoott of Ebret'a Daer woe ea
tireiy without foundation nod that If such a thing was
pei mitten to go ui.ie-i,:e t there wuuld be no protection
lo other brewon, TB. Ole and porter brewers have re?
solved to take advantage of this action of the beer
brewers and will make a determined effort to push their
prod,ul tl i -inga tho luiuor stores which have beeu boy
Fir. wog discovered early yesterday in tho
apartments of John Haye-, No. 1(>."> Indu-st., Greeu
point. When the flames wero discovered Mrs. Hayes's
two cbiUimi, wore mum,Hy ..leaping io lied ami the Hr...
men found the children enveloped In flames. They cor?
ned the children down st.lrs where tb? fresh air re?
stored them and . few buckets of water extinguished
the flames. Tb. coate of the fire is unknown.
BcppalO) July 10, -A fire at Tonawanda
last night, caused by the rxploslon of tome fireworks lu
AuguHt Btrohofs confectionery store, destroyed George
B Veclder's harness shop. Henry C. Dietrich's restau
rant, the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company's store'
Mrs. Sophia kettlemau's saloon, J. H. Kisisu's POM,
and paper store, ami i'h.edore Hardleben'i lic(iior store
and barber shop. Coroner Christian .Miller owned the
buildings. Ills loss ls -,?.nun. Insurance, 93,200. The
Otter losses are: Strob.l, 92,000; Vender. $1,000;
lilrirlch, 91.200; the Atlantic and 1'aetflc Tea Company,
92,500; Mrs. Keitleiu.u, 91.000' lt. Orflgfa, 0200i J.
ii. Rmi na, 92,000; and Theodore u.niiebeu. 92.500.
Cede.l's liquor store was damaged by water lo the os?
teal of |2uo. The total loan is about $'.'L0O0. The in?
surance will not exceed $10,000.
BM in '?'? roana, Mass., July 10.? The General Putnam
engine hons, was burned at H o'clock this morning. The
??General I'utnam" engine was saved with difficulty, but
tte dd" Roches" engine, bose carnage, hose hoaeeaod
furnishings were destroyed. The suire of William Nash
an I lue house of Ldward Herby, opposite the engine
boom, were destroyed by heat. The town's los. Will
Pional,ly exe, eu S>">.>mni and ls unlusured.
Cutt lissi), Ohio. July 10. -A tire at Marysville, Ohio,
to-day destroyed Flock .V ( hapcuau's planing mill and
.un i'd yard* eaaetag a Mm et 920.000, m which tber.
is au insiirauce of 92,000.The carriage works and stables
Of la C. < "iliad Wire alllO bUlued, elita,,.hg a loss Ut
17.000, insured tor 93,900.
Jami eroWB, July IO t.s'/?riu/i.?The J.raestown Me.
lange Winks were burned to-uigat. Loss, tb.OUO; lo
suranc, $0,joo.
? -
ia th ki: ash sos siioorisa each other.
NbW-LoVDOK, Mo., July 10.?A. W. Fannel
and Ins son '?' illiaui.who live about two miles from here,
while drona leagat stitt ptstota About twenty shots
were tired ihe f.ther ?.s shol six times. Only two of
tm bads were fouu 1 and ibrre of the wound, ar. seri
,i' Hit .on received linen bullets In the abdomen, two
ol sa Lu u were cul out. His wounds ate thought lo b?
Fall River, Hnts\ July 10 [Special.) -
i, ergoT* Hathaway, we unit weasel er wham ewbei.
/I.-monta a few years a,'o caused .piulo lu this city
wi l lie released from BttIS Prtsna la BBgMmbeB Uh
reported that be haa about $10,000 in his pooeeeeiea am
,hai bis wllr'aehnre from uer father* o ooism. ibo ut.
ira M. -. 1,11u. is 923.000. she has renamed faithful V
1.1 1. ii all Ula d.llicuUiea,
A emil) OMTOUMMD UTA rem.
White Wan.ur, lex.. July 10. - A BERM
whica bas been infesting me rn lg -'mu hood of Hilo
drove f 11 several wo.'k?, yesterl ?y iJie to pMSO* ?>"
darn ne, 1 t,e one year-old child of a termer .mug 01
the 'i noa tract.
DEliTM Til AT ill.if HE I'AID.
Baltimore, .inly IO. -Judge flahoi toda?
Lines Telegraph Company and Kl ward Stokes m quasu
writ, against ino Rankers and Merchants' Company for
915,000 upon the ?uits of P. P. Stevens, W. A. Dunn and
otner creditors. He sustains the claims aa fully proved
aud rctu.ee la open the auditor's account*.
nvsusc. a rosa lost ir fires*.
SKA ca Pl A IV.
BoOTORi .Ttl'y 1<> {Spfektl). -Among" tho vis>it
sta at Old Orchard ter tte teat any es two are four men
representipg legal firms nf Boston and Lowell. One of
the foin niakes the following statement: " For a num?
ber of years there lived In the state of Maine a BM
captain, a mau of consideratle property. He semameded
during the latter part ot his life a vessel trading be?
tween Maine nial tho West Indies. In |1 ?8l Ills ship
went down ni a storm og the coast ot Florida and the
Septate an I ali on board were lost will, tho exception of
two -ai airs. Captain fla., otoo was a reserved man, and of
course, had no cimtldants on board the vrsael. ABtSBg
I'm articles that Washed nebore and came into the
poemeetea of the wreekers was s tin ?hoi eontalii'os tho
unptnlu'a will, 1 document drawn up by himself and
-,'. n . ali his pioperty in a single clause to his dautiiter.
Winifred L. II eremite. To the surprise of the Inwyeca
who aj ooorteey wire coostderod his ?ttnrnere, ll wo.
discorded that ho bael le't a fortune of over 9250,000.
Ti,ey tanda every etiort In their power M diaeerer tue
heiress but foi some tuns failed,
"A man wlm wa? known lo have hrenlottmate With
Haseome Wt/Odnced to the tiru, a > mug worn .11 who as?
serted that she was the daughter of tue de ul capt du.
Tue evidence ic |iilre.l to establish h-r identity lo thc
antUtaotlon ot tao Brm, has. however, Mver anea pro?
duced and of Isle the attorneys have been led to believe
the claim entirely fruulnli ut. Fur several weeks they
bavn been following down ly aid of a Mass iohn-etts de?
tective what seems t-> be a prwuielac slow, and we, wno
are here as ttetr mpreeeeteUvee, believe thai we shall
timi thc long sought heness. The detective whose
name 1 am obliged tn request you to .mut, trace! tin
young woman from Ruok*p< r*. Me., to Lowell; from
laiwelt to Westboro: from thereto Beeton, ead frou;
Heston Into tl-e employ ot a familv en tho arny to OM
Orabnrd. Btu comes awe lu the eapnaity of lady', maid."
Evey since tba Weatoro trunk liars went
Into the Hist pooling arrangement the wholesale mer?
chants aud lobbers of New-York hare had more or le*,
trouble with their freights. The tim thing tb.t
called forth aggressive moasures on tho part
of the merchants was tho d.version of freight.
Wbeu a New-York jobber consigned goods to a
I'tttshurg Hi ni to be delivered In a certain time, he
shipped them over tho Pennsylvania road. But If lt
happened that the I'eunsylvanla was thou doing more
than its allowed percentage of business, the goods were
sent lu a mut dabool way over some Other route, and
endless vexation ned los* were the results. l'opular
agitation soon egbcted a remedy. A second trouble has
BOW00need tho New-York merchant* a-alu to give
tongue to their woe. it is iii regard to the olassiltcation
of cotton piece goods.
To the eyes of tue freight agent all dry-good, shipped
by )obb< rs are first-, la-,*, and tho tariff li lavarttbly 75
cents 11 hundred weight In the case of valuaole im?
ported fabrics tins ls an insiguilicatit percentage, nut
when the contents are cheap cotton goods of home man 11
faetuie, tho item ls a considerable one. If this li re
alike cm tho Iv,.stern manufacturer aol jobber it would
make ti tile difference to th. latter, but the sine pinches
lust here. The New-England manufacturer eau -eal
bis goo ls tu bulb to 1 Imago j.ul as cheaply as he can to
New-York. Therefore tho Chicago lobber eau sell to
Western customers as cheaply as the New-Yoi k jobber
and has no large Item of freight to come out of ni- protir.
The merchants want to Mee eome kui or a ciassiuVa
Hon by vaiue that will enable them to comoete for the
We-tern trade tu cheap cotton goods with Western
houses at living rates, A noll has beni leaned for . meet?
ing to be liei.| at Hie Metchaiit*' Club lu L-onsr 1-st. at
3 o'clock te-tnorrow afternoon te appoint a committee
wiiicti .boll take tho mutter la lund, ihe call is signed
by the following houses:
M. n. Clatlin .t Cu.. I efft. Weller * co.. BweetOCr. fern?
brook *< o . Dunham. Hookier A CO, Bull-r. Claim 4 Ca,
I, [w.say g i'n, Lewis Pros .t io., Fis c s Boner * I o.
Hana, locker A Oe, John I. Breasoro <?. 1,1/, Langdon .v
( i.Hnsx Fahvau * Co.. euiiltn. Hogg A 1 lardner. Lawrence
* c o.. Brown. WOode Kimom lleioy Poor ,\: < ,,.. Low,
ll amman * CO . ( allin .t Co. Hale R >*l A .'oiler. Am ul
down .? smith, J. IL bann a co. ant artella ,t rollins
"ibis is ma a matter thal attects New-York lobbers
alni.e." said Mr. hfooMom.ry, ot Sweatier, Fernbrook A:
Co., yesterday, "lt agents everybody, and the railroads
themselves Brat of all. The Western merchant likes to
ooma to New-York lo buy bis stock for the season, but if
he can buy olu-aper In Chicago and save his railway
fare also, he ls pretty sure to do it. Hy thus charging
a prohibitory tanti' Hie railroads loso both
freight aid passenger trartic. TM BOUMO add all the
en tel pelee, supported bv strangers sutler, and the
wholesale peoplo la other trades tees the pnrou.ge of
the Western country storekeeper, wtlo goes to Chicago
Instead of New York to bay cotton dolli and replenishes
ms itOCS of groceries and other go >is .t tho same
THE CONCORD school OF Villi.osoriiY.
Host.in, July LO (?jMetai).?-?Tbe Concord
School ol Philosophy will open on Wednesday morning
with a lecturo by Professor w. T. Bama on "The
Philosophic structure of the Divine Comedy," and In
the evening Mrs. Cheney will speak on "Dante aid
Michael Angelo." The succeeding lectures on Dante will
be as follows: Thursday-John Albee on " Dante's Minor
Poetry." ami Professor V. Holt, ou "Dante as Hie Poet
hf tte People"'! Friday-the Rev. Uro; lier Azaries, ou
* The .Spiritual Sense ot tte Dietea Pow medlo," aud L
F. Soldan. of HI. Louis, on ",Tne oerm.iu Commentaries";
saturday morning?Tue Rev. CA. Bartel on "Dante's
Hone-." The next week will open With " Dante's Teach?
ers," Ly Professor T. Davidson, amt "Dante's Mythol?
ogy," bv Professor Harris. On Tuesday morning the
speak-rs will be Luigi Monti, of New-York. "Dante's
Haly," .nd Dr. Parsons, of Boston. who
win read his translation of Canto X X 11 of the " Purga
tory," in which is represented the punishment fur the
vice ot greediness. In the evening Mi-s Howe will
specs ot ?* Dante amt Beatrice." Wedaeedny, Joly 21,
will ciote Hie Dante lecture*, the Kev. R. Holland
speak.og In the morning ou the " Paradise, 'ami Mi.
Sanborn 111 ihe cv-nlug ou " Unite and Vir?
gil." The rest of the course will be de?
voted to Plato, au 1 the Irctllrer.s will be s.
H. Emorj on "The Paruieiildes "; ProCseOor Davidson,
on ?? Aristotle's debt lo Pinto"; Profeosoi ti. ll. Harri?
son on " Plato and modern thought"; Professor Harris
on " Pl itu'? dialectic and doom ne of ideas" ;the Ber.
A.P. Peabody od "The life ant tun.* of Plato"; K.
Montgomery, of Texas, on "The Platonic idea and
vital organisation "j Mr. Ame.- on "The dramatic ele
ment In Plato", Mrs. J. W. Howe on " Women iii Plato'.
Republic"; Mr. Sanborn on "Plato ami Socrate*";
the Kev. W. K. Alger on " Plato, Hu.lillis, Swedenborg
aud Fictile co.icerninc an Immortal self": Professor
C. C. Shtckford, of Cornell l.'niversitv, on Plato and tue
Sophist* " . Professor Davidson on " The Irony of Plato" ;
ami Hie Kev. 1'. li. Il?,;_-e ot, " i'lato and Christianity."
Wilmington. Joly 10.?Tho following is aa
estimate made up by the saperlatoneontot th. Delaware
Railroad of the prospective peach shipments over the
Peninsular Rallioad lines lu me seaton just opened:
Delaware Railroad, B73.419 nasketa ; ijuecn Anne's and
Kent Railroad, 118.100; Deuwaie and Chesapeake
Hallrnacl. 125.A25; Delaware, Maryland and Virgina
Kailroad, 61,000; Can bridge ana Seaford Kailroad,
57.525; Baltimore and Delaware Ray Railroad, 1.103,
250; New-York, Philadelphia and Norfolk R.llroaO,
?4,S1>0, making a total of 'g,r.lS,ii70 basket.
Fall RlVBB, Mass., July 10 iSpteiat),?The
Massachusetts Pre** Assuciaiiou passed through tins
city this afternoon on the way io Newport for tia annual
ex, n:*;,m. The remainder ot to-day and Sunday will bo
?pent lu Newport, giving an pie time to seo the peace.
On Monday morning Hie party will go to I.lock Island.
The annual summer reunion w,,i be Meld on Monday
evening aud on Wednesday morning the party will re?
turn nome. A large number of .au,es are in tue party.
Cnn Ai;o. July lo.?Mary Maloney, a yoong
woman employed in the We?l lind Laundry, at No. Bdg
West Madison-s- , had her hair caugnt by a revolving
shaft and wound around li uutll the wa* lifted from the
Hour. She would aoSenbtedly have been killed Dad not
th'- strain be u *o great as tu break ber scalp, willoh was
tero from her heWL UM ?uttered greatly and became
cra/.y. The scalp was sewed la it* B ace .gain and may
grow fusl, bul the physicians fear Ihe girl may uol re
cover her reason.
Piii-iuk... July lu Igpeciof). A io ti lion of thc
I'nionlowu oil Company. preoaBlOd lu me I'uited Htatei
circuit Court mu for an order u> restrain Me Pits
burg and Western Railroad Company from sinking at
on well on au acre of gruuu I lu Hatter i ouuiy, was rc
fuse 1 by Judge AchOOom
BOOTUX, July lo.-Ihe Urned Jury have Indictee
Bernard P. Verne and William liugariy ou lue eborac u
keening their barber nbops open lu violation ut the Sun
day law. 1 lie BS will be lest ease*.
Nkw-"..iM....v, conn.. Jin) H> t.i/jtr.ali. -Uk Wald
lllsbop. ngO nineteen, who wa* eui, ...?? .1 .n tlio ollie "
tb ? newer Commissioners, wa* killed mts muming b
Mo ooeldonioldwob.rge of e rovotvec ia ibo Daua* <
iaeoph L Ka,.li, a gunsmith.
Pkih nu n> k. Jaly In i.s;.,f,?.', - lb., j p. m. Hunte
exproM trote from Now-Yera, aheet . mile nortn o
aroaterly. R, I.,atrucb ..ni killed Jame* uregg*. .(
twelve, whu was Walklug uu ihe nae*.
(DIAM. Banna,Mme..Jail lo.?rho wife uf oeorg
W. Cbaileruou, a farmei living uurili of ibu eily. I*'
night walk, d Into n rona*. Whose hoi husband waa *?
lina and laking delnierato al,u, (bot tii.o in the bael
ci.aue, ii cm ruse lo bis .'eel with an odo il. but the nei
instant tumbled in a heap uu tue boor. Hi* .ff. sui
billi a-e, ond tuna, k.nliu bini inslai.ily. U.Voice pu
Mading, vw-re pending ia the couria here.
the fiOrn cor* to pbwbbotu. and rna 8th a va
74rn I.FAVK IT.
Colonel Cavainigli, thc bolnvcd of every one
of the 750 men under ni* comm in 1 In ts. BOtB Rmrt
inent, was especially fa?nre<; yesterday; for. dnriog the
march from the armory In Tompktes Market to the
Harge Ortloe. whirs the boat wa. tu walting to eenvef
them to Hi. State camp ?t pesk?ktll it was eooL
They bid to go through the ?tus? and p?ddi*e
wnieh the rain In the forenoon had made on tba Bowery!
but they didn't "pick their ?tsp*" u-itll they gol
through the (ny Hall Park and Broadway, and as those
Place* were not much dirty lt waa as great a u'e.snre to
tho n,en to march as ll waa to the thousands oe
the sidewalk who cheered them ami Prefoaam
Hsye's splendid band .. lt rattled out
" Marching Through Georgia" They played
other American airs, too, hut .-? distinctively Iris!) a
regiment couldn't ai'o'?iber forget the totten al anthem
of old Firm, and everybody cheered when the men Sled
?hoard the Henry 1. ll.shop to th. lu MM of " O'Donnell
Aboo" and ?"Cod Save Ireland." cniard was mounted
at tho armory previous tu their departure.nslstlug of
three orlicers, four uoncomm,A*lona I o1leers and thirty?
nine pnrates, Tue name* of th. tl-11 and stitt .tfllcer* are:
Colonel, James Cavanagh ; adjutant. James Moi.i ; Bm>
mo.nl sateen!,wBBomDotaerieaster edward Duffy;
surgeon, A. W. Ford ; ns*t*unt surfeott. A. W. Cat*
erove; cpiarterina?ter. Junes J. Wiri: emnmssarr.
John J. Ryan . Iiupector of rifle practice. Jame. O.
Wallace; chanlaln. Matthew P. ll reen ; ..meer of tua
day. C.pt.ln Steuben P. Ry.n ; tlr-t lieutenant, Paul
I. leonard; chicer of. theemrd. Elw.rd I. McCrystaL
The regiment left the armory al Miga and the boat
moved out from her mooringa at 12:110. ?? Tom " Ityao
ls one of tue oldest If not the oldest msa In the regi?
ment. A* the boat aklnnned up the .treat.
he told yarns which made erer/body laughed .nd
kept everybody in good humor until the boat putted lo
at Roa Hook. Then lb" olllcer* got the men imo Hoe
and they debarked. Tn.so are the name* of the olheera:
Company A, Captalu Michael brennan: K, .lan s Con?
lon; C, Dennis C. McCarthy; D. BMBrtOeOogi flinch
< oleinau; F, Thoma* Martin; rt, st.pnen P. Ry.n; H.
Martin .McDonnell, I, Jame* G. Cunningham; K, Juba
C.dun.I Cavanagh, mounted on a *plrlted charger.
Icu the advai.0. tun ard iii. camp and as lils sun-rdi
Batea followed a eompoay ..f th. sib Regiment, winch,
w.n. going to Qopart wuu tue return of tba boat, pro
*'-iil..| arms SOM al tul* token the representatives ut
the two regiment* cheered one another. A. riving at
camp the b''ih bois relieved lae guard* <jf
the nth and 7tth ltrgiujeut*, the !.tt-r ready
lo start for liuftalu aud the former for
New-York. Then Colonel Cavanagh ami Adjutant
Moran reported ta tne Post Comma t ler. Mater Geeeeel
porter and ibo Post galatea! Colonel reset.tor. ..id
having rroelved their ln?tructlon*tuok formal pot*-**loa
of ihe camp, they were ready in tuc evening lor a .ir--?a
parade aud retreat. Al lu o'clock taps w-re so,in'ed
and lights put out. lieu-ral Jackton, (be eOteSf detailed
lu report upuu the maiiicdvres uf the troop* In c.mp,
commended tit. sullterlr appearance, thetisnipltne a ,d
Hu. gieat nuui'-rlral strrugthof the men underColonel
Cavauagh's con.manu ; and i.eneral Porter said thal lt
wa* the best regiment In every s-ns. tn.i had entered
the camp this year so far.
Tho 71th started by train for Huffalu and Hie 8th re?
turned te the City by boat. There Were li7t? of these,
cuUiiuaiide I by Colonel Geurg. D. Scott, aud the Colonel's
cheeks glowed with pride a* he spoke of the stamina aud
steadiness uf those under hi* comuiatnl. Tue memlier.
or tba start were Lieutenant-Colonel F. A. Schilling, Ad
pliant James Johnston, Surgeon Charles I.. Hm c .ad ?
Assistant Surgeon Samuel Hemingway.
Surgeon Bruce's report of the aanltary eon
diiiun of lue men during th lr ?M'i *uy
wa* more tn m satisfactory. "O. July 7," said
the ?nrnenni "The maximum ten,;, r.- ire was lot*
and olMoUgh the visit of the Governor to tn. camp .ci.
tailed luauy extra duties upon the tuen we ti id a ?mal er
percentage of sickness: among th. troops iban win ever
before Known, similar uufavuranle cuudillou. b.-lug
Tue m.-u went ashore at West Twenty-second-*:., and
aiubi the cheers of a large cr mil raarcbed tu ni- armory
ai Tweuly-seveulb-tt. au I Nmthave.
Elmika, July 10 uSyimu/i.?Kmily Duryfi,
tte Brooklyn girl who eloped with Arro 1 W. Nchuls, IS
here. Jared Fairinan said to-day: " Tho girl came re*ter
day morning. Judge Sui,th baa instructed iii uot to let
reporters talk with h*r exceut in Ins pre?euce." Theo
he added, " Then "be is. You eau speak tu her If y?u
wish." elie appeared to be about teveuireu years ol I.
Sbe bad short, nark bair, a dark temple Clo I and *i.?rri
black eye*. Her figure is well developed, lier stature
lielow medium aud her appearance rattier foi ward.
sae refaced te "ay anything eso.pl In tho presence vf
Fal rm m's counsel. .
Nkwiuku, .hily LO (jteomaf ).--Tke esa*RRaa>
tum o.' Joan ll 1}? au 1 Marlin J Kelly before iteeorder
Naring for the mirier teat sunday el team ??. Whilo
was begun to-day. It wa* shown that Waite die I about
KOO a no.. and that li cy* and K..ly were ?wu with ti io
nt about 2 o'clock. Htodetb-k. a lad, I tentifl-d Kelly ea
one of three men under the tree apparency sleeping.
White wa* auother, but the third one he did not kuow.
-?-?- ?
Saratoga, July 10 Spcci-il .--'Y\n> remains
of George ll. Mol'uerson, who mysteriously dlsupi>earesi
about lurco mouths .go, waru IteSOVafod early tnis
evening by some nuuters In a swamp on the Vcrb-eh
land*, north of Geyscrville. McPher?ou w.s Insane st
the lime of his disappearance. He h.d pr-viou* y BMdB
attempt* to ul' his tomat. liewa* a member nf tue
brm of McPherson ,v Bathes, plumbers. lie left a
wife and several children.
? ?
Albany, July IO (figcoiaQ.?Secretarygjai
Mrs. M.m.mg arrived hero from Bow-ToTB at J lop. ut.
aud weui directly to their boase. Tiiey will rem no
here a week and then go to Lake George, wuere a cot?
tage ha* been engaged for them. Mr. Manning se.-nea
lu cheerful spirits, lull while descending th- depot S'ep.
aud crossing Hie walk rn the csrrlage he leane I on Mrs.
Manning'* .uoolder. Hi* right leg still iroub,.? bim
Elmika, July lo opec-,ii/n.?Urael s, Urown, .printer,
fell ott au I.rio railroad train this morning aud was
BawaeaO, July IO. ? Lewis Beach, member of C ingres*
from this ?tl?trlct. waa Orought to his hutu. In .'oro wilt
fr,,rn Wastnegtoo last night seriously III with a fever.
He bad naen lil lu BoOBIOgtoa for a week.
BOBBOUI, July IO.?The Broadway Surface Kalima I
ea*e did Holcome up before Judge Parker in Kingdon
iod?y. having been merged ia the proceeding* before
Judge Landon._
an ohio ooortt TaaastjaBB BXTRABrran on 4
Kovat cnamvn.
Norwalk. Otoo, July 10 * Special. ? In l^sO
Martin O. Van Fleet w.a elected Tre.surer of Huron
Cuunty aud was re-elecied In l.sS'2 by a larger majority.
Illa term expired in ly st. but upuu March I of that year
he disappeared, leaving a d.tloit of $">n.00.) Tn:* wa*
nui aiscuvered iiuttl four day* later. By thia time Voa
Fleet had reached New-York and tailed for Belgium.
learning lhere that an extradition treaty w.s In toroa,
he returned to Canada and travelled uu foot all over ti.
I tomi'.mn, working tuen he could find work at hi* trad,
of tinsmith, liewa* betrayed by e letter wino, he
wrote to bis brother In thia cunny from Hr sut?
tor,!, Ontario. Hu brother lint ibo letter lt
was picked up lu the street an i sent to tne
? bend of Huron County, who Hnniedlat.ly went to
Brentford ami found Vau Fleet. The fugitive made .
Ueaperate tight against extradition, and was twice |,e|.|
here fought iheeased.speraiely ou lin* Issue, bm yester?
day Judge Wc g. .am decided tait changing hgllr s lu an
otln lal record wa* a forgery aed this lOorultig V.?-, Fleet,
tu tbs *ui prise uf all plea le I gullly lu that nitre, an I
asked foi a stay el .xecutioii until Wednesday text, .0
Mot ho ceo ctsR hts family nod arrange msbaeMoen,
Tins re.pl'Sl Woegronted. The penalty lu ..ino ls irma
one lo twenty ?ear, tor forger/. Several of V.u l-'b-e'.'*
I,-0 .dsiiieu WeM poor men and their having to , <> bl.
indebtoJn.es rnlnod the,u. Au act ol the Leginamre rw
milleu ouc-ihird of the peuaHr.
Fall Klvf.r, Muss., July 10 iJJsmgJil.? I 'he
MpcOhmteMM of tnuse uianufaciiuurs .hu foared that
au teareeM la wages VOnM be folio ste.l ny the weaken?
ing of the malkai are far from bec.nmg real 11.e-. 1 Ue
market wa* tu * dubiuut cuudilion fur a Sheri lime, bul
a-rung upward leo,louey prevail* heda v. the laat
report le toot it to Brm ?t j-.coate rur bgj and .t > ld
fur 01s. Ibest,. . I, 1. ,l,ci?a.-d 1 '. 'aa plano* .....
loot not ardor. TM wootey state,,,..ni ia: ri ulm noa,
ll ?.,,.. Kl pieO.S , .leu. ?l las, I il.,Ml plOCU* 1 s'.'Ca.
JU,nim piece* , t.ir?, Ubi,OOO plucos.
Portland. Mi-., July io.-U.utiu o ii nv ikti
morning iiiu.,.Mreu ms wife lu a mai oruiai uiauuer .ud
lell bur n a*ed budy uu in.- Hit.
Vtlll.AhEl.l'lilA bW.'.t.W WOMWMMMt FVfilK
1'iiiLADKLPiiiA, July 10 (oteramifls ~ Tito
Otouey now In the b.uu. uf Meaar*. D.Xei a Dh ful lb.
b: ..posed u-o.iUiu.-u; to IKuurai idsul .iuuuuio So

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