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Ka.nm.mr. Moas.. July ft. -" l>o yon know of any
fea.lv vilin wants to pasture any cattle f"
We were driving along a wood road when wo met
aiuan in an open baggy, and we pulled up our
horse, signalling Hie stranger to stop. He drew iu
the rein* with a wheezy ? wnoa," and leaned for?
ward on boIii knees, listening us my cot. pmiirh
pot thia qoe-tion. We wera * tahlee turn*" about
thia Inanity, We had started ont for a ten-mile
anve, und we had resolved to ask ?very man we
met tlie al.ova question; every man, no matter
how un premising lie seemed to be. I had performed
this iluI v ten minutes aim, and now 1 was silent
1'crimps I should explain tbat we bad become, by
guiieli asly taking a second mortgage,behoving lt to
fed n ti mt. the unwilling owners af a tract of hxiv
five i.cres, more or less, al woodland and pasturage.
Mr. Sanford did not lind it convenient t<* keep np
the interest on the first, and so it transpired that
andi a mortgage was in etistenee, and bo to save
what tte bad advancer! we must buy out tim brat
claimant. We did so. and at the smile time hat! the
somewhat fiendish pleasure of trtghteuing Mr.
inafnN into precipitoue Hight, by explaining tai
bin that the btw erne tandy to imprison the giver
of two " tirst and tinencumlieretl " uiort-agea. Thia
land has been au annoyance ever since wn hana
owned lt. In BhneO-M one of the ways tbe
anthorilies emnloy to increaae the taxes is to Beam
property at mach more than its value. This is a
notorious foot and not a grumlile of taxpayers.
For all theta the town seems hopelessly in debt and
has to pey alu.o?t a thousand dollars a year for in?
terest, lo go Lack to onr land. It did not do us
any go id. and we only were at au expense for it
every year. This spriug when we came home we
said we would see if wo could let it for pasturage.
We tiad spent a good deal of money uloasanug ia
Florida, (ao we felt very thrifty now.
a Whar ia the paster I" asked the man. He was
very wheezy indeed, aud it seemed eo difficult for
bim to talk that I waa sorry wo bad stopped hint.
He was told the loca'ity.
? How large ia itt" he inquired.
? Sixty-five acres.?
**(.ot water in it I"
- Yes."
? Fenced P
? Yes."
"(load feedP
? Yea."
? How many critters der yecalkllate ter her in
?* There's feed for at least a doxem"
Our hopes were ri.siug. Already we began to cal?
culate ou the income.
? Lot aty critters in yetP
? How ranch dn ye ask P
? Hie regulor price.40 cents a beau per week.**
? llev ye hod the land long P
1 saw my aister rather rebelled at thia question,
but she .answered it
? How much did ye pay tur it P
? Enough."
He gave a little wheezy laugh at tbia, and began
to draw tip the lines and to make that noise which
is called ? clucking " toa horse. But the animal
evidently was not u-cl to starting at tho iii st hint,
and utily Ile k.-d his tail a trill** taster.
** I >o you ktints of any one who wants to biro P
rail.' i -diarply repeated my aister.
"Uh, Lor. no; 1 d'kuow 'f anybody bnt what's
jot paster'nonah their own."
Another elong and a persist-mt slapping of tne
reins made tbe norse start slowly and get out of
OUT Bight.
"Your tum nett,** snid Gertrnde, after we had
looked at each other indignantly for a moment. It
was cni ions how dillereut the people were whom
ve mel that day. Stine were thorough optimists
in lezard to that pustule. They had uo doubt we
?hean.let it immediately. "Most everybody was
a trealla'Ol patter. How much did we ask I"
C-Ory man inquired how much we asked, until we
felt like parrots repenting the answer. Some were
I erv deiect.'d indeed.
? No. there want no call for no paiterin' this year
any how, Foiha h> d either Bold oil all their stool-,
er they bed all Ute poster they wanted." This was
enc ol thoponiniotk kind, ibo next hereon we
xurt wa* ol thia cleat, i\? were climbing a verv
Steep hill, ""d thia mau w..s rattling down in an old
wagon w ho-e wheels wobbled about the road so
t'lat they lippi* ired to aa threatening every inst.mt
to liv ofl by their, sci vu*. The seat had thrown
ever it a b.ulalu s'.iu with almost every perticle of
the hair worn oft. In th.* rear was a small nundle
o' h iv .md s.nu.- grata boga.
The driver Ml braced with bisj feet very wide
et.;.ri niiil pressed against the carriage fr.nit, his
liamis extended as be leaned over tlio dashb i.trd.
Ind ii'.at in hie flying steed, lt .mis my turn, and 1
beekeued to thia turnout. The horse was thin and
tall, and so was ins m ister. Evidently the wagon.
Laving ..nie become well Started dowu the lull,
waa pushing the animal en nt ngreat rate, lt was
anet, for bini to step, i.ut be did. about a md the
jtl-er m le of us down tbe slope. We leaned ont and
took"i I a k. The atraogei was clambering out.
Be left Ibe horse to take care of himself, winch be
Cid by imme .lately dragging Ins h.ad to ono hide ol
tl. way and beginuing to feed. Tbe mau reached
our buggy, no ld. tl at us, and thea spat emphati?
cally ; .tiler which be put one loot Unaly aa the
huh of tuc trout wheel and was pit pured loreen
fi in.itii.ii.
** I ni sorry to have troubled von ao much," I
H.- Interrupted by raying briekly :
11 Oh,'taint uo trouble Don't mention it." Upon
winch he M>at agata. He appealed te iiavo au In
meuse Mi|>ply of tobneeo la his loft c/iec-k. Ger?
trude sat very far hack on the neat, and was a
aiient Bpi 'tat >r .nut listener.
? l wanted to ask you,'" I n..w remarked. u il poa
knew nt any one win. wanted t'> pasture any cattle."
I already bogOO to feel OS li 1 had tint, lor weeks,
?tiered any words but theee. Thonan'a feoew/ee
Be lang, eo thia, ao avery way cadaverous, and his
deep-ci ci.. were eo terri bli nlemn, tiiat I begaa
to he interested ia . m.. before be replied be drew
his hand Sion ly OVOI l is face, and I saw !mw full ol
?i ..ks and eeams tht h.nd waa, each crack an.I
Boon I.lack, ii.-.l with aged dirt. 1 noticed hI-h i i\
tn.-t..p "i ins .iiuiiii', to tin. inst joint, waa gone,
Mid tin place, though lo ale.1, was iel and pun. e.
iii ..his,, in* .xi>.. tit t.-d before be answered.
Hie mooth wae se fn il that to perforn that duty
arra a ? lei de ne enity ofter oocfa few w'Tils.
? Pa-t.-i T" h.-said jntrrrogalivcly. 'Mien he re
prut. .1 iii.- word with a still .re rieing inflection,
agniulii i-' one eye and appearing lo search with tbe
ether Into tbe depths ol I.is tn md tor any cattle
Which might be lhere, oeedlae feed. 'Ihe silence
Was so ...:.g after this that my sister furtively
iie-s,.,i i?v elbow, and drew ber branth hurd, na if
la danger ?f anflocatton. After several ninotre I
h.ni tesolved to pm mt' Incniry agata, wn?*n the
atiit:,_ri took down the toot on the wheel and pul
an the other, settling binni! lo tbe ooeitioo *nli
eerala! tu inness.
'Iva * thragin*," he laally raid,*thnt I'm
BO.-lV lo say taut BO Ways IB the lea-t likely that
you'll 'irv in. chance to let a paster tins season. Ye
a.-.-, 'taint ii good Ho.ison fol et'lu' pasters. Moat ol
lolks hes enlioi killed their cl itleis, or they're
eek.'oin, or tbe critters aro iii milk and hov tobe
le Bene where theye^nbe milked. How large is
yer paster 1"
1 toltl bun.
" Gel auy critters in itt"
a N..."
? \\ hat du you a-k T"
1 lold hun thia Miso, whereupon he spat eonteiii
fllative.y, and rubbed his face, reveal ug again tho
nifty cracks end the maimed ttiuuih. 1 hen.ni to
liav? a dreadful curiosity ta. know how he had lost
part of his tliuuii). Init I hardly (cdt like iiKiumiig.
"I was a tliuikni."' ho said again aftef along
silence, "that old Bonan Ide ia the Deytoe
debsinct did b?-v a few critters: yellina they was,
thal be wanted pasiercd. What do yo oak lol
p.ti.1. i ,n' yellinaP
1 oapeeeea he nanni yearlings, and, having
roiled mviaelf on the prue, I answered that
liehoved it was twenty-five cents a bead.
** liout that I -nea-.," ga reeaenned.
Hete .oumis bellin,j hinted that his liorse, in its
._nr.li. i-a lor grass. Lad pulled the w*?g_ai u,
against tho wall, and -tones mir falling. The
mau did no! change ul* position, sees to turn Ins
bead and say " whoa!" in a tremendous voice.
When he lind brought hie head back again he put
tine unary to me.
** W bete ia your past- rt" said he.
'I hie he was told ; and then he tell to mosing omi
exp*, loraliiit for so long a tune that I thought the
interview .rae al au emi. but that he had forgotten
to go aw.y, when suddenly, with more latona!
pud alacrity tl.au he had yet ahown, he aeked :
" Keep any -tock y er sell I"
? No/
lie looked at ua both now for the first time, and
Cmarked that ? women lolka couldu t gen'Ily make
uch headway keepiu' ot stock."
lt waa now time lor him to change tbe foot on tho
il>, and he accordingly chunked it. F.very tuno
t did this he passed his great hand over his nen,
v companion made an ..Kempt tn takeaway tho
ina from my giasp, Imtl bad dMarniBad.il I
?ubi to remain in tho road as long ns Ibis man
ieee te stay. I was eartona le know how long tbat
(Mild lie. A giwat tiiilliv minnies api eaied In Bon
(fore be broke silence again. Ile then advised us
niiestiy to give up irvin' to let the paster. We
.oiild he disappointed anyway, mid he hated ter
?v women folks disappointed. When lie reached
ile po.nt, the hist hint ot a smile caine over his
innieunnee. He had opened hi* month tn apeak
1MB, alter expectorating, when a span ol
moos wita e -Junina pteoran earrioge behlud
icm appeared at tue top ol Hie kaili before ns. They
ere com 101 rapidly, and it was i.e. css.ny for tis to
love out ol the way. Having OOM st ai ted on u p
ie hill, we did notate*. Looking I.r!,ind WO880
ie man wno took euell a gloomy view of
paders" deliberate!** hacking i.m born away
rum tho atone wall, lim man driving the spin
sd ii."tie nn ko fast and wt. had BOOB so Occupied
hillie escaped wit bent out putting onr question
. hun. .*? ithin hali an Imnr nf home our spirils
.se groetly. We ate. a naa who was loaning for a
lace tn put his horse. whieU was lame. Ile
ranted good pasturing and wt. lind it ; also a shed
ml we Tiatl that. The price tor a boise ia nm.
ellar per week. We thought wo should get
imiigh '(louey to pay the tax this year OB toot
.nd. He would send the horst, over next Monday.
t'o drove hollie lather elated. That was neal ly
week ega. Wo have staid nt boan every day
line, for we wanted to l.e here when the hors,
ame. If one proposes to drive nut, th'* other H.vs.
Von know wo cau'tgo; wo are expecting tba*,
I he owner of that horse lives six miles away.
Ve think of going there this afternoon and nBBlUg
anilines. We may meet nsaeonoou tbe way ** bo
rants to lind a pentan fm battle. We have suoli a
asl ure to lot, ? reasi.nalile."
lAKH-I'P OF "THK ATI.S.NT1C 1110111.ANItsl IN PE?
It there I* anv one thing that di-tineulshes the Va*
?ar maiden from the teat ol worran ki nd, it ia tte rle
eriniiistion to On si,inf [lune. The al'ejcd taste ter
'hewine-gutn, about which tho funnv tnun allows the
.?mil il* ot hie hu wt;: t. a t iou to play, is a gross libel.
Wearing sprotaclea and worshipping Kmetson are
>nly exoeptioual cbaracteriitioi. Ihe tendency to
ere-tis with the uncetatableness of the unknown and
metaphysical upon all occasion* ia oontintd to a e.las*
md to an extremely *m_.ll class. A breer percentage
)f the girls are lovely and lovable than io the moit
?elect of French ? Gniihinic sohools." The ob anns ol
ready wit sud kern perception are also thein. Tfcr.y
li a ve the feminine equivalent of tbat royal good fellow?
ship and hatred of affectation which colic*; e life de
rclops in the netter olaas of mea. Hut while thev ir*
thus (jilted with attractions, all doogbton of V attar,
neb and poor, high said bumble, homely end hand
Koine, weak and strong, are lilied with tbe burniog de
lire to do something lo earn their own living. One of
tbe fa<r graduate* at tho lost commencement aiiousaed
* Careel for Women." The orv is still and always for
"canter.," and ooiy "carcara" that can be u served
out" need apply, lt doesn't -fatter particularly what
the oater is if lt only fulfllli that reipiireraent. Any?
thing in the whole gamut from teaching tbe little
Digger In dinna in Oregon their a b c's, to running a
oouutry newspaper is acceptable.
It mar be th m;l.t that tbs l.ttor alternative haa
bfen mentiooed merely to point the moral whioh ii
to adorn thu tale, but it is a edd tact that thurs ii a
paper so onnduoted. Trie little town of Atlantic
Highlands, >nj Hie -hore of Ss: dy Hook Hay
ia blest with a weekly paper edited and publish*,.1
bv two Vassar gtsdiia'.*. " I he Atlantic Highlands
Independent" is the nan.e of the paper. Tho names
of tbs editors hoad the tlr*t column. Tbo lunisr part?
ner waa the c'ast pro,ihot of'HU, and graosfully tors
told th* mn.si witty tilings of her si annalee, while
tlie i.niior partner graduated in 1885, "Tbs Inde?
pendent" siai"? mi'iie * dat ua-r iiiiTi'ci I 7 at the
bead ol it* oelonao that "Tne bust Intereets of this
town uud township is our aim." Tbs laelsivs BO
nouncoinrnt'that " Poetry aud anonym I is ootamnnioa
tions will he dropped into tin. WMtO basket ** ha* a
bu-ines-i-like and ?!?-.-: 1*. liv indopindeut ring.
There ere seven and one-half columns of ad' vertise
mf n\A in the paper, laeladiag tne Stats printing, .ind
exo'iding those ia'tlio patent interior. Atwoo.luma
reprint story enliven* the l>to_ pax. Ol the four aud
a halt col'tm ia of live matter oa the rirst i a^e, one is a
European letter evidently evolve I under the fosteriiig
oare of a *yndic.tf\ A balf-oa'.imn i* given to " Our
Marlboro Letter," and stiothsr toona from Chieagu
labelled * Cormopoadean of ' Ttia ladepeadeot.'n
A job o lice is run m oonoettion with tho paper, (ind
prosperity is tailing on tlie Iii no ImsiQcsi. < lue ol tbs
STiadUOteS ol Hie last class wno tn, c.istiti_r shout lor
i ?? career,'' wa* offered t hH) a year and her board te
c .me down and *tick type in the job ollie*. Aft*-r
oarafully considering the nuni-eaat offer, tbs gradu?
als dec,mci, aad sunmonlaa ali her politio*-l " p.tli "
the uiaiie a bold (trike for tbe village poet u lice, bat
un.-eu tba! "i. aeeouol of offensive portisaoBbip, as
et is! by t sk taj part in 'lit* lamons blaine demon?
stration at Vaaatr two year* aero.
The editorial mid gossip oom inns of ?'The Independ
???;*. a c writ tea lu a or_ap.loreefalBt.vle tbat ie frat
from ni tit ol tbe ens of oouotrj newspaper English.
.?sn...- ot the notoo nave a special interest wbeu the
ge..tier ..I the editorial rule is remembered. Thus:
" UTe i inn ll :> in . is lr ri io *ct a it .1 ami I i:ti?s re?.si sr*
ssebw-ok,_awabaramaiarittdt-d- ii ?vs wm nady
ari i ihe Uti "t u ?# trr. "*.? fur tai ann p- a*, 'liar, for lal
dole amloitianl rn *iii nani it luou or before Tu.ts.iay
no ni ol ni*- wool."
lt mero is ono *pa*-k of ataahood in Atlantie High
landa tben ohould have teen twenty offen to fisc.rt
tbe lah editors on atauini * pereouel Inspeettca"
alter the ecpoerean ol that Moue ot' Vol, H.. 111.
Pron UM requnl tl.at"4 any hotel ?,.d eotrat/,t* " will
liiiad iii it* list le lore Tutted OT, wann tbs paper ia
not poll obed imtl saturday, is sn ?- \ i*! ?? n.- thal
" osrly c p.v." the buabeer of every metropolitan daily,
in not unknown In " The Independent'' oilier.
Alliiainn has been made to the crisp and pura Engdali
of tbe uahlieaiii.ii. lt is nert ap-to. much to et peel
thal this should hold thraOgbOill Witness th I mihi
utile ** eiiesti.ut " ah mt even Homer BO ld.fig ore-sinu
ally. When it coin-s to the queation of chrouioi ing a
wed.uni;, this paper, edited, pniilished sud printed hy
weona, gets iusi a little sauted, mls shown hy thin
" Weeandsv -rlrbt, ot tass wno. nw eos sf te* mo-t timi.
lwnt w ? nl.iits t . tt e.*>r ti i-irr ? I nih t uri. up nt Ml,Idle
l'i?n. TIM aiip^ nor wore Mlsa liza.ii. h.. 1h:1( ilnr ,.!
? 1 fSii,_lor ll u lr.itt a m. aud tua ki.mj.u wai tViUiam IL
bairotv. of .New.vor.i "
The coai|JOHit.ir proban'v bsd not recovered Irom tt<
t ? ict.iaiiuu ot pay day Whoa tbe .n itter wassel. As
woola he naturally sopposed " Tao Independent'1
oitioe is regarded wit?i ui,iob euri,,mtv hv itrai.-.r*.
Mention of tin* Ls made lu a Oolumu headud " Liicui
?? (ii-*<* tv, tn ?? )"? af tv cn iii, nn,i iprlak "a brearhtSOO
(?emu il d . wa iran the BOOieot Oity nf t e f-A-imii*. ia ..
li, t.lKe noa oicur-a us.s. na. ter d tli-t oe mi | .
tbaln ciiv a ..lUiaroarir etp .r. i moat older aa ita, ' i tn
lu iep.'ii*ie.it' lit. ae ered metros erle I Ba abe gated ip io
the barricade r> ami ia t pr itt), na i in l nt r-.tr ut Hie o Ul co :
' 1aiu? WISH ___?,! O ilka I pf v.e ita ve d 'Uo.' "
Erinn The Literate! /"/?<?_,
Mr ( ? a I-i-, ? '? Vteil waa au imus, na versal topic nf
eoovereal ea on 'Cbance, Ali aor.s of anealaa aaec
ilntea were r<*Ut**! nf 'hr -a.i-rnna* of Llrrrpo.ll mern to
see aid ii"*r tOO irreat aia'e ...an. Tlie talk vi. that -
certain I'miaet vitllve, wi. na? face would at once ??Tuite
t-fiiiiaii Are if it appeared oe a Cnuaervativr platte m.
went up io a i liuiiii' na of l.ilirral Hu slid laid, "rsn-an I*
?o. wi.ai'i. you tatr fur a Ologstons Ueaetl** iBei H<r
aa I-*" aaltl, " A Tutti" ; that the LonaerTallVe *_Mai.*i1 ;
tl.Ht l.e laid, "I W.I. _ I via -nu _ i. that Hie l.lnrra lani,
" Uon'e a plotters, liebet, 1 wa* tttmt tn un u oiyeeit,
Tull may like it and I will take my ch.-ti.cn If run will
pranloo an n veto fer Deaeeo t" ti.at tue Coo sorta
tive, i.r ?*.?-1. ebogtrls and laurinel, replied, "If i salli i
woultl hnw Un ytiu ki.nw llial I wmial aerp iny wurdi '
that uuto lino tue l.iheral returuel. MToa*re *
lory, cufouml you. hut If you wnl ?ay ymj
will volo for Daman I do not w_ni
any hrtler terurlty; " thst ibe Tory, after ronieinplat'
lur. hld assn. ; thal be aatd. ?'You are guile tore you
wut't ;ak- aid fur that tn kel !" thal the IJhera' tani
?? yulte ?urr , " tnat tn* Tnry rrflrcteil arti twiolloaeal, " I
uiuat hrar (, nla'i.LB. if I die," an I a.-a :.. " Well, B.ilj
lt a Int of a-," then be used a wold wbicb tue Linera
Ohl not muir calcii, aid io cuiili-l he irported li* re (hal
he alto reworked: ?? i do aoltblablooebai Daaeoa
either, nu. I tell ron what lt wai. L'lve me bold of tho
tl.set and I will rote toe blas, aud I hope lt will he tor
ri *.-ii mr on ii.) 'Iran-Urn, " 11,ai th* lat.aral Lan,lr,
UT.-r the tirk'-l and rx jin ?-r i a lerfect (eulin*** to takt
oil itioral reepoeelblllty fur Hir vue hoih iii thu wari
ami Hie neil, ana that the Tnry went away with hu
pru*: that uir l.iheral bad only one doubt; that i.e w ..
an,a, ute y cami i if tbat Tort went to the iiiretlns lu
would vote fur Inn.ran, lint be doei noi feel at all ann
that hi* fi ien.1 will not aend hack Hie ticket and returi
lo lils orii'iual deieruiioatiou te vote lu favor of tbat bl
of a Burnell,mic, Hally.
/ti^ji The Wuttiington inti*.
A " galley yam " na* u.ic*_raiilied from lien
last i,l_;.i io Ibe rflrct thal Bltbot ( tlnrnnKir* Itanrn.,'
(iheraitll orCopUia Uleliard W. Meade will he nrderei
to rellrve Captai.i Kraucl* M. K?ni*ay lu Hrptainhar ai
Huperiiiieudeiil nf tba Naval Aradeioy. I ht Crilie hai
lii.'ui uial,on. wb.( ti ll terania a* nt tb* blKbeat rriiahd
it*-, thai CapteiB Robert Ia Phytblaa. who will reach ban
iu Aili ii-t In tbi fr.sate I itnion iron. China, will tuc
?eed Captain I.au,.ay. Connuodnre f.berardl oi Cnn
in", lore direr wi I brume SupenuieoUeut or the Nara
uuaarralury, and ('amain Ramley will be niven one o
ibo new Heel cruiser*.
Tanban (Ml would Haitikr have Ltri
1;>mii>. ? Ibe Proration "Uaw tiueulariy you am
juill uro'.her rea*-.mi.a caeb omar, M.aa Antro ina '
M'as Aii.eiiua: **i* that a ooinpliiuiai io iuy brotber
ur a.tnuipiiiLent lo mel" Tu* Professor: ?'Ob, a cam
i'..'neut to ua. thar, I aatura you."-?[Pouch.
bus II'jsi ii au toa .VoriiisG. ?1. Ten tb* beopttol roi
leol'X ibai you iiuw Kira your au ... ripu.u lo blt bm
pnai. au i etberi agually deaerrius, in a lump tum
wura rou ro lo chun ii on Uoapital Mundar. X Don't _
to oburcb ou Hospita. Ba oday. (4. K. D.?LPBaeh,
1st iBunnarn td tmk i_naoa__j
San Flt ?.Nelsen, .Inly 10. ? Frank I'ixley fulfilled
expectation ind delivered a stirring bpBOOB on the
louttiioi .inly. It was expected be eranie, naka
a anwnnja enalnngbt anea Hannan Catholicism, bal
instead bo bronnht out tho arila nf nnnetrietod
iniportnlion 01 criuiin als and pan ne rs Irom tlie OM
World and of tba surrender nf the government of
citios to alien adventurers who pay no taxes and
have no interest in lintiest enforcement of laws or
economical administration of nllice. He conn
?oiled tho foimaiion of nn American party who.se
nns-tioti it should he to elect only those who aro
ai tua ly property-owners and who have dcinon
Btratad tliat they have a national pride in Am -ri?
can inst Itotlona, Whethoc nut!*raor foreign born,
neb he would sse honored with ollice. Ile was
specially severe on all labor agitator* and th- pea
tilent class who (to uso hi* wnrdsi ? bovcott their
neighbor! and throuu'li tho labor ntnan deny to
Ann rican boys participation in those trades that
are thrown open to every foreign tramp and
Vagrant, every escaped convict and oxiled mendi?
cant, who siieud their leisure hours in idleness,
their money in gin und their old nco in dependent
poverty." Mr. l'ixley championed Hie cause of the
coolie and asserted tbat ? tbe continuance of any
further Bfltetloaof the question isa dishonest
prett-.t of dishonest persons to keep alive a contro?
versy ant el which they net a dishonest livelihood."
He closed with an appeal to the yuline men of the
State to preserve the non-sectarian character of
the schools, and to do all in their power to free
politics from bose rale.
The Assessor's books show an increase hi assessed
valuations of city property OTOI last year of over
f4.CjHh-.fJ00. The total of osso-iaiuents this year is
|l_hi,5S0.O00. Tho onlr depreciation in values is
in the suction north of Californii-si. oast of llont
iromerv-it.. which was the chief wholesale quarter
twenty years ago.
S. P. Warner, a stock broker, of Californlo-st,
who did a large businees with female speculators,
disappeared this week leaving a large crowd of
mourning victims. Many of these women have
boen speculating lu stocks since the ? Big Kai?
nama" excitement and their facet are fumiliar
araund exebaugn As a rule they are timid dealers
and they manage to enjoy the delights of gamb?
ling on small slims, since there are few mining
stocks whiM are quoted at ovor r. & per snare.
There w.ll be hanged here next month a Chineso
murderer named Fong Ah Sing, a Highbinder or
professional assassin. Ho killel a Chineso courte?
san in this city because the woman accidentally
threw a bucket of water upon his head-as he passed
IhltWgb the alley where she lived. Although the
case wat clear and Ibero wen witnesses to the
ciinie Fons: succeeded in getting two trials and an
appeal to the Supremo Court, the entire leaal pro?
ceedings consuming nx years.
This week a Clunes., laundry roan was assassi?
nated in Chinatown iiy a Ilighl.in.l'T who 006*00d
and linn 'ar has elude.I arrest. I he murder grew
ont of a qnarrel over nambling. The victim was
? hot down from behind and died before the polios
roached him, ["here's small chance of the iietec
tive*, aoeuri->| the fugitive a* ne belongs to the
Suev on I ung, one of 1 lie most powerful a..ciel les ol
lli_ir.in.iers. Any Chinese who betrayed nun
would he promptly murdered bf tue society, hence
io formen Will ho searae, Tue Chinese quarter is so
arranged tiiai fatitivna air hide in cellars tor
moo tba with no danger of detection.
Tbe mission of the Chinese for getting possession
ol moll white ehitdraa waeohowa n.i* weak ia
the attempt ol o dom oatie servant to entice ii white
boy to Chinatown. The polieo nmeted the coolie
in the street and lavestigstioa proved that it was
neaMof ki'napoinu:, evidently to .secure tho re?
ward wliicu would he oileied.
Fruit is dearer here this summer than tor many
years, tho result of tho ship neut of green frail io
tho east by fast trains. No dillictilty has been ex?
perienced I i.v on haiilists in |atber I Bg their crop
and prices have I.ecu tar above exne.-tat.oiis. In
the Varaville dietrich winch Buppliea tho earliest
aprieota and peaches, it ia reported thal buyers ate
otleriiiit three cents per pound f'-r eniiro crops of
peaches, on trees. The Southern Cacilie Company
is makitiL' a great effort to provide for rapid trans?
portation of trait to the east. At ns car sin.ps in
s nra.neut" Uno fruit cars for fool trains are build
mg and will h-> Do Jabed neat mooth, Kacb caris
thirty feel long and baa double doon and window.
and ventilator*. Il is claim, d that with these can
cv-n Denobollie frail like peaebn end apricots
will ranch ns destination in Hue erudition. The
company runs a fa-t speeial tram whenever fifteen
ear loads of fruit are guaranteed at .me shipping
point. Sacramento ia n .w tbe ban of operationa
tm,I al...nt two I isl fruit trains are dispatched
ever.' we>k to the Baal,
The Chronicle dec lares *' ob tho beal atithonty,"
that Mr. Ma shay will noter tbe coin est fur tbe Ne*.
rndn tSeDatorsbip ead thal be will have tba beek*
ins ol .Mr. ilo.nl III Ills political light. I i.i- -eli I.-.1
ibequoatioo wbion baa been agitating people ob
tbe Comstock for several mont lia. and it only re?
mains foi .Mr. Fair to doolan i.is randidoej torre*
election to make tbom bappv, Tbe bitternon he
I'.vcen Fair and hie old partnenia well known, end
it is inaiuiv io prevent him from tomming to the
Bernete thal Mackay desires to secure tim piece,
I ben plana Lave out in the cold ax*>9ennto. Biew?
art, \ ho conn i ed on t be bon anea mia's lLtlu.u.e in
making Lin fight a_:n:isi Fair.
ll:!-I TH ALS- Mil MIA CAMI'.
Chicago, Jilly 10.?'Ibo I timid oiiliiiaiir.',
which wee crowded ibnaga the Coaaell ms week, ure
caril- tl a* tbs NoUblOB stinks lu a trcuiandiiu* piece of
milner). It greata n ibe Pailedelphta syodteate waleb
'ia* come int-, notre! or tin* North Cbiesgo street Hall?
way ttie right ta. Ibo *uin?av under tue river at Looolle*
*t , to tim praelleo] exclusion of ult other tr .Dir, aili
makes poislVUe th*-, ii..iii.'iiralit.n of tlia callie *y*
tem fer Hist ?tre-t raliway sfsinu. un cni.ee led mai
iii*. ptt?.a. e i > r the ofdlaoon wiu oaboan nie vt,..- of
llio rallwsy atoeh lo the extent of fully 92,000,000, yet
ibo Coaaell ha* rxioied from iiis eonpaay a sum
banty sulli i.-iit to do inure llian keep the
tunnel lu r-i.air. It ls nano Bod that IBO
C'.u'irll, wiihin a year, ha* granted privilege* io
iboetnet railways wblefe ir the propel nonsaioaabad
I.eeo demanded woulil tiave resulted lu placing a large
yearly nvseae at ibo diapooal ol the etty, aaantoat n
?eel a laen preperu iu ot lim stantelpnl eaponesa The
or.liiiaiioo Wa* ?-looted by Ihe iii i.i, SlColl ant Vole, lu.
diootlog taat tho railway eenpaay ua* a aaffleieot (ol'
lowing to override a veto.
Thecouteat over the will of the late Wilbur P. Storey
ami involving tbo c.iutroi of the PalOOpO lima w.u re
eewod io tho Appellate Oort thia wees. The old arco
uieiii* as lotus mental Irnspooslbihty of Mr. rtinrey
were renewed, lue maller bas _*eu taken unrler ad?
Tbe psper* eontlnue to l.e rery bitter 1n their eom
ni-u!J> uijijq the me.uni* WblCB permit tbe Ulai ol ihe
anarchists to drag ea In terminably lu* ackuowie.lge i,
l.(.w*rer, that tll.gr.tcs tine* mn atiacn nearly so
Sloe-IV t?) IB* IO wy ere tot lbs -lerei.ee a* le the great
lil . .a ur ol lho*e ?'i.uuioi.ed a* jun.rs, whom the -lat-'*
Alluroey .let Urea tn nave b.-eu gullly ot p. rjury in at
leanpiiugl.ie.capefro.il service tm me |.auel. In ai?
linn,n tu tue ?*.gui policemen wno h?ve iited from
wounds *ll?ialiied ai tint Hay market, another na* lo?l
bl* rca*,ni and nt Uelieve.l tu bit (jope.e**ly lusaQe.
1 be Pint Ilngide of Illlu.il. troops wld go Into camp
on ground* purchased by the Male neal -p.logneld neil
we* . The ground* sra distant Ir..iu uny Waler cuur?e
an I, apparent y, have lillie to rei'uiuu.eud them. Hie
t-lat* Had the opium of pur_ba*iu_ lim l.esill If ul gnni lila
tioithof Chicago. *elecled by (,euer*l ,-herldau and
Bia*rAruiy olllcer* for the prupooad Kekuiar Army
? anni, mn poliuoal exlgeucle*. oppanoliy, deroaii.led
Ibai ibe ii<i.|n ?buuld be cai ried lo ibe&ouiueru uorliou
Ol tbe biala.
Ibe eoote-t which tbe County Hoard ha* waged
ag-iost u>e abeirari of title maker* t0 preveut them
Hum eiauniiliig ibe tile* lu the ottlce ol the County
Itei'MM. r. tbeiebv giving the county a monopoly of
a -tiai't making hit ended by the la-nance of a penna,
neut lajaeettoa agaii.at ihe < ouniy l;....rl. allowing m-i
abilraei Dim* free nice*, to tba bunk*.
lu lb* blaiory ol tbe city the condition of har afreets
waa neyer belara *o bad ?? Dow. Turee ga* companies
are actively al work tn ihe i.,r*-e diviaiout of the city
Uylug duwil ms BO, and thia tal u in eo,inaction wita the
work of pulling tho vartou* steel rte wire* uudargrouad
mate* tbe highways almost tuipaaaaole.
[UT I..i.i...karu To Ilia TBtBl/Na]
New-Oki.kans, July 10.? lhere ia n "boon
In religion" ber* nariel and kepi ruing by a eamp
tnaeiiag on tbs late shore within a few hour*' ride of tin
elty. There are dally exoursioo tram* io th* nam*,
gr.und Bud thar pull oat tl I. ed. "Sein" June* am
"Bam" Bmail, ar* expected nail week.
TBe atreeu of thia elty Save always been un
lightly, unclean, buggy la wat weather, duaty In dry
end generally regarded aa unhealthy. A good corinna
al a aoesiaal eoal ba* far ya_ra Beau Bought sud man
people believe tbat lt Bm bow been feuad ia a kind ?
ersrel which I* obtained la large .jinntltie* near Baton
Ho'ig*. In un* Mute, and near Vio-uburg, MU*. It la
oi?!rned and baa to a certain extent been demonstrated
thal thia gravel forma a eonornte wbieh will make a
ii.-a_-f.ltieta.it road. In ?penlaisn* of trite eonerete the
oxide of trna ls clearly psrcepitbla with a specie* of
?locate, while firmly lin tedded In them are numerous
quarts pebble* which forin a very material pin of the
compocliiou. A practical tost of the material la to be
ni ade.
At a meeting of theCounell committee for the inves?
tigation of ?!.? ni len' policemen, held on Monday night,
?o.iin BOOOM wera en artes, tint on the programme.
A ter ibe ea*** of a nun.her ot aMooro cliarge.i arltB
ilrui.kenne** and dlaoiderly eotidiict and Other Viola?
tion* of law bad been consl I*' nd, Oflleer Duffy wa*
.ailed un a charge or being Inlnxlcated while on duly.
Huffy hildy arraigned Hi* triinti-.il which wa* consl.I
OHM h's en**. Me *?.pre?.ei1 aontempt for the mun
nnnee and eleeed br Ibnetoalai n whi - the gentlemen
ninl inviting them out te meet*e nliH*t|n?inent. lt doe*
nut -tin-ear thai any of Hiern mpooOod to the offl.-r but 1
the affair show* huw little lespect Ibe police have for
the City . -te; nu. l.t.
The wnter from the famnn* Howard artealsn weil In \
i t'.t >?',>? square, which coat e?n?inerai.l* money to I
drive ead from weleb n steeb wa* eapeotad, ha? been
analyzed and bren lui.nd to be until tn drink, and to
om.iain lagredieata lujunou* to ibe human spelean.
The I>ri*1?tiir?ol1oln*<1 sins die Thurn.Ur nltht. If
rt ben on booa lor (he laotpileablo eetlos of the .lorn,
of last month lu emt lng down the app .mulline nt fur lu?
ttrell on the Male debt, it would r*ng as BBB o' IBO bnt
legislatures the Hiu'e ht* bott, nm beeaonof whit lt
Its* dune, but boonun of what lt ha* not dune. Tbe
settee bb th.* loioroal apportionment however di I crest
harm to tm- credit of the State ftom wire.a lt will 0O1 re?
cover fur an ne time, ti.ttwitriaraii.ting tn? fart thal next
jay tho ?oelOlqloro nsgaadod ta tn. demand* and ap*
peals of the i.uvernor and state Tr* isurer, reconsidered
tbo action and made pro Vlei BB fur tbe lutero*..
[moa a nnnoLAB -oaaaeroaoarn op ran racatnia.]
Boston, .lilly 10.?Those people who have
liol gone to their hoiiica by tire *ea an,I In the country
have sailed for Europe during the week, and tefl Hinton
pretty w.'li euii.t!" 1. The last two ?t?ainers I,.tv,, tailed
off ladeu with busts ot cabin pnaaontfers, aud still tlisre
are more to go.
At the 103 1 annual meeting of the Ma*?..uhus*tt* So?
ciety of tbe Cincinnati, held thl* week at the Parker
lltnii*', the Hun. MMUB-1 C. Cobb wa* rechosau pretidont;
Charles li. Ilomaut, M. IE, vice-prendent; Fraoci* YV.
Palfrey, secretary; and (.amalle! Bradford, treasurer.
Among tbe gentlemen admitted to member*!).p were
Franois Ch sae, of Halem; Thornton K. Lothrop and
C.'.urlei P. Trumbull.
Among tue incidents of tbe " Fifth " of July on Mon?
day, not peculiar to the day but of much Interest, was
tbe funeral train niovine ?|,.w,f through tbe heavy
vate tar uf tba nlatorio old Tremont-**, burying ground
nearing tbe remain* of an old mao who w .* oura amid
the rejalclngs of victory In tbs Revolutionary day*.
Alexander Macller. eiguty-ulne years old. Though bom
sud bred In ilatlmnre bis cbl*f business career wm in
sew y, ti. where hi* fortune wa* made In the I' ta'
India trade. Uh married Mis* Catherine Oeboru, of Bis?
ton, ths cereiunny being perforate 1 hf the pistnr of the
old It-art!" Street Churob lu one of thu old mansion* In
TTeinont-st. opposite the Cominan. It wa* a great
eootol event lo those old day*. Mr. Mactler brought his
groomsinsu fro-n New-Y ork the Ute K.v. Dr. B. li Kil
likeily? travelling In atate. Tho bridesmaid was Mis*
Helen Davie, the dsiitr-i-r of Ilia C'hief Justice and sis?
ter nit he lal" Hear Admiral Davis, dbe l* now the laat
? ?ir ii var of thal bril,i ni. circle.
The result of the examm .ttnni for admlttanee to Har?
vard College waapusied i aili a,1 ty >n the UalVarelt*. The
ii ii inlier* of tbe frc*hinan cia** e ni 'int be eollBSBted, since
many oaodidatea take examination* ni the autumn, aud
tlieii.tmi.e i ami nat I . i? were nelli in Andover. (Quiney, I.i
Bier, New-Yurt, (ancinnati aud bi. lamia, from wblou no
reinrn* hav*. ret linen ia ..te. There were 13(1 __.aat.ted
al tan Cainl.rldge ela.um tl.(ina, wnile Hie ii.t'iiu... laat
year wan ltd. .So lu Mcalpin* are (bil the ShtOS of 'Ul
will be larger than the elan of 'H9, winch wat Ibo
?ecuud largest Sion admitted to tue college.
There li ia not been a seaton for s long time when io
miny attractive and Interesting ?ummer lu) m-** were
I.un.ling ur h ive ju?t leen buill. il r. Bf. D. Well, who
recently married Ml** Wiiicbetter, I* budding a beautiful
linnie un tue ula ...il e-tate in Jamaica Plata fruin
plan* of Mr. M. M. Wheelwright, It ls to he
one ot the finest sud large.! In the country.
Mr. Iii neat I , . _?> ... ??>. the artist, eide.nl *ou of tue p.i*-t,
lisa jual inuit fOr bin-self, Ot M'igr.n.la. an artistic BOHf
la..hali cottage, with Ki .? >et h.'a window*,overhanging
tue olffa nu tv.,ai ts Balla*] Ci.olldge'* I'-iu' (near lim e*t
taie of Mr. T. J. (Ter*.in Coolidge). Mr. and Mrs. Long
fell..w havo already tain peanaeteo. although the .le?
ta i* are not yet completed. Al MaguulM, aim.. Mr.
(narie* P. Collin, a young lawyer, no-ISelaW ol Kr.mu*
i'.irliinan, tao historian, hs* bunt for bl* family'- son?
net imme a collage in the Coioni .1 Dutcu style,whicu ls
very attractive.
An a MBBOOJOenn of the Intense 'lent the theatro* have
lured bul poorly nil inn we-k. Bvafl on Monday ti I g; tl t
tue Orewor.., rbe .Music Hall SIUOBO OOd Beer concert,
and the .lime rntue.nu* pi'svailnj ngamal them?B BOB
trust lo Ih-' Oipeiiocn of s danes year* ago. wi..ti the
tnrairen ii.f., to give repetition* uf reuoe patriotic Olav
at interval, nf iwu bon: a. Mr.lt. li. Wolf rn VeraiOB of
?' I..- aier.neut d' ..minn'" him been ol the Manum. Man?
ager Field ha* SoUnied a very good company, the neat
ot a*bu_0 I* I .oil lae Lablai'it". wilone ilurion IO deliciously
Kreneb. M.. Howann ns Oaoo-ufan it (uouy, sod wool i
be fuuuler ll ho WOUl I "gag" less and make fewer >,Tliu
THEATRE*. -LIQUOR .*-IA l'l.-i 10*4.
[PBOn l.S ti, ' tJl'-s.\l. t-.ililil.sl-oMil.Nr <iF TUB TRI Hf NF.'
Philadelphia, .inly 10.?The poaaibility of
the (loiiiinaii.iu by the Oaasoente ot ea-OoToraor Car?
tia coinpi.aies tba pol|.|cai situation very inucli. Mr.
Carlin ia a thorough politician and bis declination of a
renou.inatlon lo Cnugrea* 1* fut nf meaning. If tbe
Iiciuui ratio convention sbuul'l chouse ni.ii ll tm.iii
aiaKethe nat paige tata exciting Tho az-Oereraor
wuuld poll a large suldier vole and
ho would aadoabtedly have the votes
of all thone Republicans who refunel
lo rapport General Bnvn befon nut there is little
probability thal Mr. Carun wm n Bonlaaioa. He ban
or late uftlllated bmooll willi the (ireeuhacKer* ami his
Ktpiiitlloaii record is its'.aalefiil to ttl" party lo Wlilcb
be now beting*. (ieiieral Heaver'* maiority will
probably not be large, but there now seem* tm
tit.ubi of bl* riccilon. As' to the Mayoralty Mr.
Smith Uiinka inst lin will be n OleonO. Mr. ?j.mlh ts a
gentleman Who never allOWB anything le iruulils ...c.
Mi. '.,--,;-?? Ile Ii Kenn bas nut y.tt talked frankly tu
bin friend*, bul lt I* evident that the general wiall
anning Republicans to put hltn at ths head of the ticket
doe* cot disptaan bim. lt I* necenaary, under the Hu ill 11
bill, thal the Mayor nhodid be both it cultured g.ulie.uau
and a man of un an*.
A crown of amateur actor* engaged McCaull'* Opera
Been on luceday i.igni, bul fallen to appear wini lbs
tn..ney. There was the oneal cr..ed of friend*, but Mr.
Moiton re ra ed lo upon Ibo buUne, aud uo pei farina.,. -
was given.
The denalon to have the (tatue of General Meade cant
ll. New-Ymg ''?aaea mach surprise lime. 1 hu urllSI
give* uu ci pi nialliiu, -I npi>- any lug 1'. ls ut* wish.
Kvery theatre lu I'lnl ulelphla will be radically Im
prated brion n>-xt nssea. ino change* at the re Ot pie,
while they .lo not l.rli.g down the auditorium to ihe Ural
lout, ma." tae aOOOBl mucti easier. At lentil Bud Cal?
low bill lhere lea theatre hardly ki.own ny peup.e Urina
il,.-., n toe; ii, bul windi mt le as um, a. if uni more, money
1**1 SOOaoO than any theatre tu Ile city. Ic In BOW n- lg
ex mn,veij improved and ha* made engagement* with
many of Hie li. a: star*. Al Kraal sud ( olam'.la-ave.,
uj'oa the sile of Launer'* garden, there ba* bee.
.,p,.i.ed a *. in .mer theatre. Tne company hal
been giving lig'.i ope an eucceaafu.ly.
In punaaan el au order from anbblahop Ryon
there will hereafter b? ce aural,-.! lu lue Cathedral
iu_f.se* fur Ino Seton*) peuple.
Th* l'lilladelphla Kenna! Club ha* decided not to ex
bi'.i; al lb" li-xi Mate fair. lld* actluu 1* lu cona.
a leuce nf a similar lair to be held al Wavelly, N J.
VuteS olll i.e Boiler toe management of the -tale, and
ai which ihe beni do,'* belonging to uiemner* of lu.
club will be exhibited.
du Tuaad.y of thl* week Internal Kavenua Oolloetn
(i.-ra.-I fi .-e-i, i.-.i tl , una allowing (hal (luce June Ju ti!
|OM yeer l? Juna SO at mia poof there were bnwod in
Hie lal [nioruol Me venus Dutrlct, comprising I'luladel
pin*. DOloW ire. Cae* er, ila aa, I.m.. and iaslitgl
( naiiliei, L,306,079 barrel* ol beer, auiouultng
,,. -.ii'i.i.t.ii.. glasses* ?u . 139,000 gall.m* of d-ttlllo.
liquurn. Ibe lucre***) lu lbs u.,..amity ot bear ls need]
om-.ju irtcr greater than In the previous year, wuni
Ibe ii.aii.ieii ai.,ni* fall .hurl over ,-ue tiii.u.
There are *everal re-.-rtt along the line of the Penn
ii min Canina i ciuse to me rir? which are largelj
pa'rooiaed ny Laeaiouaitle l'lilladelphla..* Tho*e inna
in favor are Devan Inn, iiryu Mawr, and Wiana'nckoi
Inti, ll-n-litt ntnl, al .leiwiuti.wii, lian a;? ? many gue*i*
A vtreal au vantage uf ihe.e idace* la lbeir uea.uesa t.
the city and the t.uuierou* trains.
Tbe troop* comurialug the National Guard of the Kirs
Pr.gad* le.t to-day fur meir reapeniye oonoo I'm
fuur regiment*, wno lbs baila.nm of oiale Kenoiblei
and Keysteas lu.t-ry were ail out tn lbeir full slreugl.
I hey remain in ea.up oue week.
The Shape of the P.i,.man Palace Car Company, whirl
were reiuuved lu Biotin after lue dre win ti deniruye
their ion,ding* lu mi* city, are io come bauk. The ne.
? bup* alli oe c. np ei.t.i Of U-loUssr 1 aud Will give eu
p.nj mein lo ooo nan ia.
An apiary ls lo aided to the sttraetlont of the Zoologl
.cal Oar-leu. It will ba au arranged thal alt Ihe work.u
or th* bee* eau be SOoa, aud fi au. time lo lluio lhere wi
be leeiurea upon bee kneplug.
The Penn*ylvaula Mu*eum of Iudiiitrlal Art tn Pal
moimi Para la reoeiviug oouataui additions to I
nunnie. Among the lated ara two tree fuugl. ll
fm..-ii* ls trotted at tbe aneil lu eameo outliug, an
eai ved In a ulgt.ly ar timm manner. Upon ou* I* a pu
iran ot Mi** Mary Andartoo, aud lbs other ili.vi
K.iumaiiiau laity lu ber utolureigue dre**. lbs work
doo* by -Has I.v* I.au?ii**,|. ul Ullphaut Furnace, th
Slate. ?
Judge William lt. Hanna and Mrs. Hanni an anion g 11
vlaiioi* lu lir*/n Mawr. Mr. aud Mr*. George U. Uok
win *?..?-,d .<>...a moe at liryn Mawr. Mr. aud Ml
(V*org* M. Dalia* aud Mia* Dallaa, Uaroo da i'ai.ru.i
llal.au I,.n?ul ai Philadelphia; CtiUUl ItUdolph*
Mi.ntegta*, ul Germany ; til c, W. Yuloe. af Piurlil
areal Devoa lau. Prufeaaer and Mr*. h_ Oil* K?nd?
Doctor M. Da Costa aad faulty sad Mr. aud Mra. lieor
D. Uaaunga, of Mee--erk; Qereraor ?uBett. aad Ol
eral Perrine, of New-Jersey, were among recent vlsltore
tn Sea dirt. President Kal win T. Hteela, of tbe Hoard uf
F location, and Mra. Steele go to P.urope on July 10.
Colonel Juneph P. Tonia* gos* to lintons o<i July IL A.
Haller Grow* will pana Augunl at Bar Habor. Mrs. K D.
(illlenpl* will spend the auminer at Matapotseit. Ma**.
Tue Kev. |)r. E. I. Maroon ls at Saratoga. Kx-l'.-nt
iii tatei Huldek.per and family rn to Narragansett Pier
lil A'l.-an'. I.'i.i'i'.l Slate* Henator Hawaii will oro.ipr
bin cottage at Cap" May. Purnim Hheppart ls at bl*
sumuier rrsl,lenee at Chestuut llilL Judge Pierce ls al
Polaud fprlug*, Maine.
Janies C. Ilnti*, who returned from Europa
a-.me days arro, wes found In I.I* j.rertlly furnished odie*
Bt the Mandari Theatre yesterday, and chatted about
bin trip and his plans for tbe future. " I at iyed lon.'er
In Knglnn. Han I originally Intended," said be. " for Mr.
Daly m..; lit* company snivel Jual as I was t linking of
returning an.l I waited to seo them au ly started od their
London season. As of course you know, tb. y met will"
tho moat ettt.ior.ln.iiry success und, every ono In conse?
quence being ext.einely happy, we had a delightful
time. This nine their |>ecuti1ary equalled their srtlstlc
BBHieoea, and Haly and lils Kn dish par ner, Wnlltm
TerrlHt, wore tn high good humor over lt. I sra* also
Bidden away la n carnap ole hex at our friend Hlxej's
first apiearrttce, but prefer to ke**p a lett as to that
Ph lu' ul -flair. Ol (.nurse my visit was se rn iou on
(malu, a* os plena,ire, tr. J I ssw everything that was io
beana, I oanaot oap thn i wa* altogathn favorably
lui-, issued, sud In tbo comic Open lino I saw absolutely
nothing, lt ls stiange, tiy tbo way, tbat I BbOaM have
spent weeks there looking uusiKcessfully for the right
sort of a novelty und ihrce .lays alter I reached home li id
lt | ut right before hiv eyes. But I'll tell you of that
later. Apart from comic opera I wa* looking for a teed
comedy. In wbloh Bosnia Vokea and her company eh...lld
open their season herr. I struct it, I think. In I'nisro's
* Hehoolnt-ttsan* whist I hu?e aaaand foi America. lt
will suit Rosina Vokes to a rret., and If her elster
Victoria w ll also come, tv* she probably will, there Ita
part just fitted for ber also. Now as to my plans here.
As I was saying, I had boeu back but a day or two when
iny father asked ino to read a comic opera written by Mr.
Hoyt with the music by BoloeBoa. Piank'y sneaking, I
had not much faith in lt, for I could not see bow the
Riiti.or of 'Kag Baby' could write a thoroughly good
light opera, and ' B llee Taylor ' I looked on as the only
thoroughly iuoeesaf.il work of Solomon. However. I
li"iti.l linr-'tto and score and was astonn led. ' The Mal I
and tho Moonshiner*' ls as regurda libretto the nearest
thing to Gilbert, without hoing ao Imitation, tbat I nave
heard, and (solomon's music ls as full or melody as any?
thing Belia* ever written, I am oo.ifideut of lia euo
ness, for I nhail 1 rollies it In to middle ot Au* i-t, abeu
I shall have a ira.'tlo.tlly clear field. You know 1 am
riot given to eataaelaaaa, bm if I know anything. ?* '">
bualiies* I am right this tims. As '.o the cant, nothing ts
yet settled except tbat Killian Rn-ssll will have the
principal feminine part, hot I expect to have a cast that
win be somethl e of a surprise. We shall act to work at
once witn the costumes and choi-us and I hopo the opera
e.ll run until tue V okea company arrives."
Tho victory gained by Rudolph Aronson In tho Chicago
courts last week clitive to tho attetnp'ed piracy ol
? Erminie " ls gratifying to him uni to all h.ni..st people,
but lt dos* not go a great war toward settling the de
batat'le lines ot lutenist to ia! c.pvrl.ht. .1 i-igs Hlolgett
det'i led agslu.t Klocheostcln aol the other dofeadoeta
on ihe (-round that Mr. Aronisu hal acquired s property
light Id the name and title of " erminie " aud that In ad?
vt*, ticing their pndaettea bi ?'the great New- York "
success tbe leieii'Uu's wero trading on the li ard work
und euterprii* o' tn.) manager of the Casino Although a
plano score of the otiera had b .eu published, the Judge
I.eld that thl* did not Interfere with Mr. Ar.'nana's
right*, and while nu the one binni tue defendant! claimed
that their KhntM w,.? not an Imitation o' Mr. PnnKon's,
the Ju 1_e p .luted o it th it on the uthor they advertise!
th' lr pleco ai apparently Identical w.ta the Casino pro?
duction. Talklu* over Hie case voiteiaDv Mr. Ar,nunn
said: ? I am graliiled of cnurie io have win my oase, but
I still toe lev unfair the pre soot oo|.j right law, or
ratlior the want of one, ls. It seems to on rattier o
?Uanp> .Lat I should have had to ape.ul neirly ajl ,ont) to
pict ont au-.'her mau .'rou steallu* mypop-rtv. Ai I
have said ne oro, if l hal been my coat tl. at was t tkaii I
could have had the tine-" in isll within t-venty-four hours
provided I kn.w who Uo w is. Ai it I*, I au; goiu^ to s .e
the owners of tho place where the sp .nous 'Erainia*
waa prodaeed, for they liaiu.cn to be re?i .mslble people.
Otbernin t should have bad ahealately un retires*.
However, th < Don has had one goo t effect as far as I am
eoaeeeaed, it has male or ms an ar lei- npoornc ol
th.'ss Btltatlng for un lateraattoaal sapyrigbt law, for
that alone will afford 'h.. proteetloo to wblob wo ure au
titled. Tho subicot has, I think, receive t too little at?
tention irom theatrioal maa agers. Weo-nil, I nm sure,
give valuable aid to the authors aad other* who are now
working in thst direction, aili we Bead ls for nats ono
t ? organize us, and that, I lear, la w.ere tue oifff.ulty
will come la. Yoi kiio< the tr-i)'.lo there always is tn
getting in saagers le woik logolhn otoo whoo it ls for
their evident advantage. However, In tai* easel think
lt win monly be a quntlon of soma one setting tne hall
lining .ti.-i tbao we s mil all give oar tte irty c.?-opera?
tion. I'.v.ui n.onn win iii tne pit nay bate pro ito l ny
tue i resent lat law w:i! tn tbat lt ls only a qu**stion
of lime 'or their torn to nome nut ror tue d lo sutler r m
ni.-oi nu wrens that i an! elbon boro nfferen "
** Ki mini.' ** ls ii"W iu ns lantb weak and no ebonge will
he mods In 'bo sttraotton for many ween Tho Casino
rMf-gardsa niuo attraeta many visitors,
A. M. Palmer, Uko a sensible inati. has spent fas
greater part <>f tba time bo bus paned l; .st, while bis
count,my is ploying In Cncago, al ins quin u.nial ly lion u
near .-t.ait.fard. (Ju olin of bis uriel bit ponptring \ lalla
to tho city last week ho nidi " I nave nothing nat good
new* to tell you of my company au 1 ta ur Chicago
seitsoL'. I don't Hunk any Helter Liinuc-s list l.e- ti done
lo that city bj a Vow-York siock coiaiatay. li waa a
refreshing reuiiui-eou-o of o.d Uaioa Sqean day*
'Love's Martyr.1 us jae ban hoard, met wau luetaut |
*i fee**, aad I eli.ill undo ll.tellly opeu li y sra-i,JU wita ll j
at tula bouse, in i iug the ciiii'.a.u engagement I rt .all I
also produce Btr Charin Young's p.ay, ' Jun, the 1'eu
n an.' Which bas been the ? ic, eal of the a. a-mi in
Loudon, it takes its title, as you moy have i.e.tr, , ii im
nu.i. ;uti sud at nus tinto well kneen tc-rter, ..ii" bel
thin linnie given I,tm ny nts coi r, idOSa Harv la August
oe open ia gea lr inclseo. w..eio I expect we abell o
i ii",.??!,liv. I am ni.ituio i at i lie Qndounled success
whick Mr Ilsa-Beld bas sehleiel bete, for in..: ran
Hint th.- pl tv mut have leonie 1 aa eil ram Unary hold
mt thc N'ew-Yul S public to biivetliawn -min hu,.-?
lute season ol the year. Mr. Mansfield 'ms S great
tulure I doro him, tu my opinion, 'or ho la not only un
in Hat, muan excellent ma. ul ?lin irs."
F.rnost Darner, wke us Bartley Campbell's noolvet
ha* had much tu do witu the s--ttleiuc.il ol that unfortu?
nate playwright'* allairs sluice hs entered the Blooiniug
.I,tie Asylum, was tal tin. tho other day to a ft lead mvut
I aiupliell. ? 1 se.) him uearly every day," said be* " an.l
fora weekor two mero han bee , no 000000 in er tier
direction, fat ? mouth or so. Iiuw.ver, he b?s boee
vastly improved bola mentally and pbysially. Ho
.nows most of Ins intimuto Meads, hut his tuen,ur.
doo* not seoul to lou, li any recent oe.WI unices. His
latw nfs ??'eilis a I.lank a id be talks as if be Wen -till iii
tao old ' My Cat I ncr ' days. Tue other day he recite I
to me ni.me verse* ho hid wntten and n Bored noni uo
tapa* ai memury'vlille doing so, and tba poetry ItseH
wai a* lca*t Intelligible, When be nisi wont to Bloo.u
liudaie bo Spoke mid wrote nure BOBSOOOQ. 1 am
eurktllg hard Ml bis atlairn an 1 am rein, lug t .eui to
*.degree ol or lei. of co.nee at piotenl ibero is . ?
sol a I ely uo luco oe, nut wttnu tn., neeoa begins I shall
begin to (ia)' oil Mbl of the liabilities and lame to bc
aide to continue doing au u .til all are -leered oil.
'Clio' and 'A Heroins in K ..* ' I receutly ?old lor
,_'? .no i and on July _7 ? St'.-etla ' will l.e sold bf auction
nt the Morion Hoiiso. lu r-e,itointt**r I .end ' Tlie Wuite
BlaVO1 ou the toad us usual .11''. shill. I tullik, keasp ll
there thrungli tne season to g.md nunnie..* Altogether
I I kopo aol filly to pay all the .lebte, but Insecure some
salvage out of ibo wreck foi Mr*, i amp! eil. "
To-morrow Blent ** Paika " will *ucceeil ? The ('rowing
i Hen " at Wallaek'a with a cm laelndlag many of those
' who ni pea-.,l lu tho 0[era ou Itn drat productluu al Ihe
1 ('.taino. It Includes Hertha Klnol aa Mee, Ho Wolf
nopper ss Von Eulboch, (.forge C. Bouita-'o, :r., n
liuicrcU, sod Alfrol Kieiu a? Pelican, besides nu .er
Wilke, Harry Maodouougli, Agues Brown and Joete
Knapp. I i-n al! tuo b"iia,n lu town, Wallaok's suOuro.l
la*l week Ii om tho boat, bul tho business wa* neveitue
i.-.n* lurge uiiu i0li to clear expenses, and tho sea.nu lia*
or the wboiO 4. eu u piulltai.le ono. At tue rut ol ti.ia
week tbe bouse will came and tho ooiupttuy will play at
the Hattons- Theatre. Wa*>iia,'t?n, rm- tuiee wee**.
Tur.ugh Aug.ut nu nf Mr. MoCaull'* companies wilt real
aud ou Au.iisi. ,M ti,e uaw nper.,'? 1 ,,e A nil tsaatlnr,"
will be ku ru uer* i>) on*, company, will e auolUer will
open the in-w theatre al Toro'ito ou .the tens date au 1
tl. 'Il open three UllW lbs. tl en III fleet * Ol |0 Val HUI*
c.'ie*. Tho third com pant will sun out in (.cloner and
will prut.ably cunno itself chiefly to "Tie Blank
Hu-sar," tua. mg lu tnose cine* not reached during last
ie .Dun. During Mr. MoCuuli'* ab-ieooo in 1. a ru pe bl*
I Haine,? here I* belug looked atier by B. 1). Me ve..a,
loan a Hem mare 1* uo moro popular manager la the pro
tension or uue more glveu tu hard wodi.
Mr. Mansfield In ** l'rtnoe Karl " at the Madison fl.uare
Theatre baa found like bin uelghbore tual untiling will
crowd a theatre winni the iii-nu.minter ls pvriluusiy uear
tbe iiinidieals. He baa, however, uo reason to complain,
for on Monday night he had the best bouse lu town and
through tba week the business ba* beeu remunerative.
This may be lu part tine io tbe fact that ba haa glveu a
fillip to the popular I n te re* t by lulrodu lng a new eo
tertaluiueul Into the third asl wi.ic , seems to bsre
tickled ibo popular ru../. A sketch "A Hummer
Hotel " la certainly apropo*, and a* Mansfield gt?ee lt
?twin* lo be funny emmes to Murnini over tbo th-rum
ni..t.r. A rainer original compliment was ib-t paid ny
him lo the (mululu* part of bis au '.lenee last nig ti?
lt err sort of pretty aouieuir baa up lill norn usaan re?
peatedly given by different manager*, but tl waa led for
Mr. Mauadeld to tickle the palate lurnea.) of tbe aye*
He gara lee cream daintily aeries bel wean tue Brit and
aeoouo ooto, aad will |roba.ly repeat Ue eipotin.a?t
thU week.
-"ro?-a /.-acion Utter rn The A merit*,. Heui,i?
A keeper once gav* Bia ah la.ornun ac. . lol...',, .
iV-T1. _.____* _ c**rr>-"'-' *???? ?<?-". aolruRiu_!_
Me w i..han..ur down at our ploeo lam Var rn* n
ii-'irnuciiofaahnia' Ihtnkseseet thoughko *_,'.?,_
i.eioby atilnib,.,' two i...?, ?...,. ? , ,? ? u*r ""*
wai but what HM mm ogd-M , ?,?,., HeTaeiianrn
a hem nohow I hey wu* .,., ? foot *?? ,n?rt f? ' '"'?
oil he .ot awful veiet. I *,.pp?? he tboosM I ,?i Tl
ecoiliidlkil, 'em arith bi* g..,.. ue',1 lt,ti '.?. ,| ..fj
fattie faou" kil"?", ' """it,li '0l l"*1 ""' 3
PRR tl DMR T Eur.KS COCtflt.
Fromm out rout letter m nt Rte mon i ;',(|,..,i
Mia* FOIL a t*au ifni a,.l BCe.moliBuad t,, ,..
idr ol Nii.hviiie. ba* i,,..? tiirniag I ?? maana ?_
tie young oft1c..r* l.ern fdr tne pawl we _ - ,.. . "J
..?.ni,, of Pneidoat Pol*, aaa semi soi,,,, time io
l"a*n!ngt..n. where .he w.s oaurtolned attboWhl-S
lome. On leaving the city sha lott a unmoor of corn*
nth her friend* co,ni.ntiig the a*usl ia?, r ,,'i??
P.P C." w.e.. as th-. - orv gee*, a y-u ,r iadvt__a
roll ap la the wara of of a-elety rsmarted tan -22
tan ?o pro ni of bein. President Polk's oo,i?U *hs bj-t
o put lt on bor nailing carla.''
POBTBA1T Of lot ise Michie
ream a Paru Letter im Ph* Bott . rferaiA
A tall w.'uau wnh a ?n?*iii Sloop, K-*. ?? , ,a^t ik
oaree woo,-p,eate.i aiippst-. lue ebtteit aioeklB-ra
>o**lh!e; a black alpaca akin to her a..k.e*. \ . i ,,>
re.?t.ig lacker of dark *,* i?,| ,,,t ? ,, ,? ?,, ' r
arue. ludeed amiicny, yet clean, sblmng from r-i.ni
roiling. Iliac, hair. wlM a few ware ti rea,t. rut
non, lying lu loone wave* to the seek; a one .rai
aoe, *iro lg, deoidei feat trea\|.i tlie lurn.it ta OX n* il
iwelllBg. oeeraon Praooe In iee any of Batin.ua dlo
N-see. knewo as Ihe "eeHn," ani ab.,ve ,. ta. mais
i.?rve.lo..s eye* I' ra av-r neen ? keen. aipreaalVP de^u
tray-bl a. k. V#TI tabla window* of ilia .ra ld n , i ?'. .kl ,i
leltsiitly throil.h then. Nor a feminine yet u .' a mn*.
a. ne woman. A Hone**, yet aa t ta a a lam ? - the fu?
ller nature nhowlutf itself lu lier firm baud ni: of aaa.
ert* to ne naTossee. in-r batted >>f e>.pr*edna, aaa
aeatleteet, if ree. will. Tho lettw oaten seen imm*e>
itely in the afteuiioiiate way she takn i> arraart tn*
m*ie? e(T-ot.reiy. an I, a* atm ?^ ,ta nerte)f, ii tue trick
ne lias nf pl tonir one of her lung, finn han la rnifeUp
vithln the niher. In au attitude or gaulle listen log, lo.
to-.gruonslv, peril ipa, nasiadlae one of soma atu ii.n'i a|
i cone.e elana A roice winoh Iii* roar ear- wita aar.
ic n .ma luff-etlODO, mu.', hana tuagneiiC power, aa >, of.
Hiing "the tout wllbtu ibo aeuso" ot whoever it a4>
Frama Vienna IHtpa'cA 'o Tie Landon linly \'<rt.
Atlii/.nj tue many anec lut.ia, ut ,ra ur l"?* ni ...-'.'ls.
vin.-li are in clreulatioo here as pmo.'s of tue tate K,r.g
i.d'lwir'l roadne.*, ls the following: Ii Inn nd tia ._.
,he perplexity and auaoyance c.uaed ai lani bf tho
iverwbenuing pretaure of bia debts be bu upuu a
lotable ?olieuie for rep:enl*Miig the emtv * soffera ot tho
Koyai Treaaury. He ao< uaiiy pren ena tn tn* terrona.
o organize a gang of thieve* lo rob tbe Dofllo. Yia.aa
iud Munich banker*.
rrntetior M-i.p-r . In TA* hmdun T,,net.
The mumu.)' INO. 5.1133) first ta .en out from lt* elise
;a?e t? that of Booroon IL, Boseetrte, n leetinad hy tea
jftioial eutrle* bearing date th* tutti and tlgteestB
rear* of tbe reign of tue High l'nevt Her-uor-.e-Ameti,
*..d ibo HiL'b I'rieal I'.nntem I., write itu black lah
upon the .ni of the wo *d-n mummy ease, and tlie ri.r.
tber entry of tbe nixieautn year of the Hitch Brier. Pl 0*
(em i. written upon ibe outer winding tenet of ta
mummy over tbe re.ina of the breast, the presence nt
thin la*'. Innrrlption havit.,'been v-ntlsd liv bl* H ..'ti?
nea*, the k ne,tire, and hy th* ll,um Inn. nrsooagn
there aniem ned, the Brat wrap,ung wan rem oed aid
there were auofeuivaly ilise ivers! a baii-i of stuff (*io|
20 centimetre! la wMtk rolled in I'll tue,. ul), tiin.ia
? ?eu-id ?? .Mi- *!ieet *"W,1 hp and k pt lo place br
BO-TOW band* pieced al *ouie distal.O' a.-ai I; lli.-.i two
tblokasears of imoil bandages; and tti.u a puce el , s
linen reaohinr from tlie head tc Hie feet. A IIHIBB
teaeinl.i. tne Ouodean Nut. one metre In .en.th. ,s
drawn uuuu thl* p .w uf linen, iii red aud sn.ie, .. pro*
ai ribed by tbe ritual. Tue protl.e ut tim .,,,,1,.,- i 1*
unmlntakjbly deai.ned after tbe pure ind delicate nr.t
ff le et Bett L. M he i* known to us lu toe bro re liol
a, .i.piur.* of lueoe* and Abyttua. Under ih* tm.lint
there wa* found another b lotfen ; thea a .fr of p sen
i>r liuen foiled In square* and spotted wini tb* Imii ni?
uo ia maller use.I by no saibai mere, thia loot ooverioc
removed, KamMe* ll. appealed. 1,' BOed it
nug, aud au. til In proportion to the body. Ihe
inp of tbe a-uli is .pi: e bare. On tlie tenpin
there ara a few aparu hairs, but at the poll nie
lett la quite throe, for iii i ii 4 ania, uh at raia: lr. lucan abell
Ive centime rea to length. W.il'nat t.e 1 me u' ?!*? 1 ?...
:bey liar, been dred a li.ht yellow by tue apian aa- 1 ia
? ut.annul.ut. The fureuoal I* low and Barrow, s
r. 1 r-I,-. I'.-.u n-ui, tn* srehnwa *-- ta tl sod
while; tae eye* are snail and elane tor*, ker j t 1*
ions ls oag. thin, kooked lika the 11'??<-* el tue B ? ir
. >n*, and (lightly .-rn is I al ino no br tbe p en,.ire nt
.lie bandages. Tlie temple* are nuuk ??;''??? eb Stbtion
rery pro sittie nt; tba ear* ru uni 1 s anding far mit fr 1 1 *
.ead aud p. one I lue. nina- ,,r a anion fer inc Ora %
tt earring*, lae Jaw..one 1* BMSStVS and siru..;
hs chin very pu..in.tent; the month smalt.
? r. tiilek-llpped, ana full uf tu.no kimi
if black p ore. Tnt* piste boiog pt y
?ut away with the sdMora, ffloeloaed sun- iiiU'Ii Worn
i-id v*ry bntile teeth, whicii. Bkireovor, um ? lite M I
wed pmorvod. Tua munta -lie tod b "ard sn tala, Ti. f
le-in to 11 ive been kep- ali itch 1 in lg I f ?. bul w^-re
iit.iiai.iy allowed to grow aortog ike ...-: t's I .it Uioros ;
ir t-ley may have gToWB a!'-r death. 1 ie boirs a*
waite, like those of rue bea I ss 1 eyebrow*, ba sra i> 'r'i
ind bristly, and frnui two to ll; ree iii lu eel rea la loot a.
1'ne skin i? of earthy bruAM s,-lui ..-?,! stltb bink. ! il?
lly, it ill ay lie sall that th' face ol lae iii . limy give* a
'air Idea of the face of tbs Utlag kt I ?- Hie ?_
,i:i*?SHJll I* UUIlitell ?filial. p.-Ila;.a lllgllUl 1 -
u.'l ; buj, even linter the somoa IS gi iteeq ie
iisgalsa of iiiuiiim ii'.r.io 1. there la |i . hiv te ne
te 11 an air nf suv-.e _n mojoei y. o resole ?. an ' ot p
rm rest ol tko body lea* w.-n preserved .i* .u- aeidi
in in louse.j,leuce ot t.e rt ?! I, ii.ti or tho UaauoB let
uer..a. a?,.,*.?; ia ..an ifs-UKe, I .e a ?. ii loo tb .-r
nan tae re rte ural rolautB. i'll" eheet ls broadi me
1 ,0 ild'-r* are a,pi ire ; tho arma are n a.. 1 BpOS ' ??*
Jl-.a.sl. tho lia.ala on an.a., Bud dj si w tb nen 1.1. a,ni
bo wound li ins .a.'i at-, ti.r it.-ti .'.'??? t 11 eta*
laloiere ext reefed the vi--era, ta largs aol ?>;??? 1 t ie
e.'t and tb' -'hs ar .1 M*.a is feet ne lot .'. tteod r,
ii.uietvii.it Bat-sole.*, and dyed, liku lae ...,;-. nth
lenna. Tb* eorpro is tb it or in old man, bm ni t v..- ??>
im ail robust old Ul li. We know, lapel, Uti
I a ie**** II. rolgoed for sixty toveo y.-ara, iud lb it ne
_.aal have been Heany luo yearn old Wiinn bs -lied.
TUE > I.!".'. Wi TT BRON.
Ei - a i'ie ''-,, IS 1 ( t.'iii'r.
One of the pl ? ..a , eal of UH) u.d young mao <>f Waaha
tl.lou la tkO HuB. Ilaivet ll. tl .niel son. Hie lather of
bleary w'attereea. in.....,..- ia yoareetl .1 t**ll au t aiigasn
t '1 , 11 mau, arlu a I <m- neal ->t graj bair, a white
.eard falPng upon bia cb s>. .tad 1 pall >> lb. bri <t
uni ki desi b.iteoyea ton atilt and anywuere. Imagine
this mau io bc .seventy lite ta-.j. a 1. out ll tba a .ma
time t,i li.ave about With iS ll n a Step ?? ll 1 ..1 . 0
wa* bat th rtv-tiv -. Usteo to kia rmi ??. and it ?iaa
fo-.th 1 , strong 1 ii ?*! u> iee, 1. a to bim, iud aa ?lil
loll you t a be fe -1 youugsr sa ike year, groe ?< 'i-r,
ni that be bopn lo . t-t for mi j ..-..a yea.
Sahl Mr. Witter.nu nan to ne, la ie.,-- ?
lion : " 1 lie ll*' -a'.,*n o' uni.-a lulling faoa ? ? ? -i
IO bl* Volon. i c 1 1 ,-,. "ii rae s'l'-.-t ml ipaaK :. sa.'U
?linen an eau be ll-*: ?! Iliree .,-. .1 1 ie t f . la ..ti,'. I
apeud u.v elater* at W isb og ou and mr suu - ti
Louiaviile, aud wbile ibero 1100k over . - 1
tne ii'Wap.tper olllce and a-a 1 no 1 il h. ? pipe * ?' \*f.
1 am-i ol in ti I am alive, .ni 1 fool lbs mr >i
health a! this aga is ! ie o I ? .. i-ra".". ni I '. n ll ll " ??
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Perfect Hail'
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Ktlwards, Cobiett-r. M.. .
Ayer's Hair Vigor,
hold br all Dragglats and I"-rfu ier?.
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parilla, aad wa* cut?t^lu-.on M. Peiaset, --: rm.-Sld.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
rreparetl by t)r. J. 0
Uruggut*. Pries tl
Ayer ?- ('?? leweii. M*t\
?11 boll!** SJ.
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twit'The can aad yen ma of le/n *s_ J.__ jg^^
DBUk-aVi^UAi-ll At Wk, ?ee4*--a Basan

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