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Tho Jmleos nt Monmouth Park are amiable
md ?ccotiiptl?ied eentiemen, most eh iritabie .nd gener
ens In their dispositions. They are .low lo think evil of
their feliow-uien. Rut they should reflect tb.t lt ls their
peggs, duty to proteot the public, whose patronage alone
eustn'n* their gre.t rsee course. The selling r.e. yester?
day w.s of so peculiar n character a* to demand the
.everest In vestural lou. The start -ra* sr. bad as to
pn/r.le evei v one who ba* tilth In Mr. Paid wei's fair
ness, and if the riders of Donnie g .nd Whltglir. tried to
?win Ihelr effort, e.eaped notice. A hov named Camp
WOaheeaahl from Brighton Hench to ride B .nnle s..
tlioucti lt w?* reported th.t Mel'.ny. a competent nn I
well-known lockey.wna'.d ride. Camp kept Bonnie 8. f.r
In the rear until the homestretch wa* reached, when he
male a crest ahow of riding and wiupplmr, after ho b.d
fallen so f.r behind the le.ders th.t to Close the sap was
imposst ile. At the OBOMteg of Hie betting Ronnie B. was
the favorite 2 to 1. At Hie close odds of C to 1 were freely
offere I ncalnst him Ts 1. significant, to say the
lea*t. Mr. Kei.o's flily Kdserleld won the race. Mr.
Kelso'*stable ts in .-rery way above suspicion, and no
one connected with lt could have been .piny to any
trickery. Rut that certain horses in the rare were mn
eulelv in the Interest of the book natter* and with no in
tenitou of nlntilne seemed extremely probable. Pelllnr
r.e.* .nd Juropin* race* nre the bane a,id curse of the
turf. If the Mouniouih Turk Association .Hows such
p.rf?rmaure? ?* thal of yesterday to go on unchecked,
lt* prosperity cannot endure. It ls true that th. .rick
wa* deep In mill. Now mud explains many strange
perversity* of form. Rut lt .aunot explain all the
p,n larne* of the bettlnj. starting and riding lu that
^i\.nvor.*Trrn.o?t. Dew Vi t,, Kliaabeth .nd Tom Brown
woneasi y? all favorite* ....
Dry Monopole was -. good screed In the first race,
Iler'.e-t au1 Heel anlToe floundered in tho mud.
Bessie June not second pace lu the A'lantie 8'ake*.
the mod oeomlnc teaalt her. Of course, it made no dif?
ference to Tremont, who cantered home wah his te*
evit .ide am>ertontv to all opposition.
Dew Deon pl.ved with Q ntu In the Ktorkton 8tnke*.
TloJeu wa* beaten off, a* he OoulU du nothing lu the
Tunned East Lynne was ridden by Me
Lisuifbiin ber perform men In me handicap at a mlle .nd
.-half wa* aa t>*d ?* could lie. She did n?t ret . place.
Toiu now tb* property of . Buter-st. dealer in old
clothe*, won easily sud .11 the "pullers lo" were wildly
hilarlou* l.st BteRh
Coiuuiodore Kui?oo has sold F.lza'ieth to C. Monck
for $J.."<K). and *be ran *ncoe??fully in her new color*
In the'welier wel.-ht handicap.
Dew Droii'* weiirbt was iriven Inrorre tly In tho olholal
pnaenmoso aha aorrled 113 pounds, not pjo.
First la. .-IlASi.n sr s:5 Kach, ?T*.n Aumin. 1??M:liw.
0 B M rt .s's b. c. Favor bv Pat Malloy-Favorite. 4 ero.,
jojO). (McLiogbllD) 1
F.merv 6 Coltuu'. h. C. Dry Mouu sj,e. ii,
-,,8 .(F. Llttleflelcii 2
Tw er Uro..' b. f Ferou. li. IBO.....(ltatfeity) a
ilr Kn so's n. ni. Heel-ami loo B, MM.lils , > ti
lt C Pate'* b. g. Momwraio. .reel, lin.tulney) I)
Revere Mable", ch-h. Herbert, .'efl. 112....( Flt 'patrick) 0
'lime 1 6."1*
Bettine -Favor 7 to ft, Herbert 4 to 1. Dry Monooole I to I,
Ile l-.n i Toe S to i. i c, on. IS le I, Moaotrani l j pi 1.
Aiton.* and il tuena wore withdrawn.
Hie start via- OSMUenfc lleruert and Dry Monopole
raced m noni for five furlours, when Her?
bert isl enoucb and ret li ed to t s rear Fish-r
la. bkc- last Wi lb Heel and- toe up to the low. rturn. .etti uk
a.i tlc .i.u 1 aa b like* lucio, ant Whoa Bottled ic go opine
m?re waa dixn.ted ai d rtrscotiraired ami would nm irv.
1,-iona was na backe.1 and ran fr.einlles-. bul nbc-c.iiiUK tu
11 r? wo np..is .Uh nneip. cl-u ten..ct. and waa not shaken
oil until l S asl hundred yalda were r-4ched. Mci auvliliu
Lal utib. anded counoei c ? lu in , o.'an I did not e. It.uirfO
until he r. ached the tluat hall dozen stride*, when h- shoi br
loy to uiopo e ana won the race by a hal lennb Dry Mon
oi><>. was -ecoud. two length* lc ore Kerona, who eas ten
bolero Hie,- uu- I oe. Mm o ta ii i o I Herbeit beau n oft.
HaCll, fl-Ofa AI'DSD; eTKCUL W'KIUHT.; ?? Mil..
Dwver tsrolhers' bik. a Tremorn hy Virgu-Ann Fief.
H6f6 .cMcl-.ughliui 1
J I. Wi'iiams's b. f. Bessie June. lu'J.(Bet atm -'
Jt. W Kit son *b o Havller. H'.'i .ilteno.r, 8
li. i). \N libers'* unnamed colt by Kine Rrn??t-.ninetta.
lOi.tR Uttleneldi 0
lo. ust ??tania's cb. f. Mis* Morse. 102.t ievi.1) o
W. L. scon's rn. f. Pouiouo. 1>>'2.(WUliau'si o
1 e tina? TTemonl barred. Kessia I uno 9 to f.. Julietta colt
Tm . , aveller .1 ta 1. I'umoaa S to I. .,i a. \luu*o lu io 1.
ii ?:,-,.i hal a lit r i -i tbs worn al a fans .ri. b t Mc
1 an li. a did nut iiii.-nd lo .-et Hay tu i.l either uu hiiusitU or
tee oust, asia he gav. iremont bis ii.ai for a ten st ride.
when the black wontl.r?Ual Int) the lead and the affair was
lo Inn- in) an exercise Kali.'.p while H?sei-'n beat Ifee
iituei*'or the pl iee with ?r..t ea.e, se-miiie to enjoy th*
tua.l Ihe Julietta colt and ivaveller comd OOt run ut ail in
th.- sn i Iraak, aud pomona aud M i*s .Mouse were plainly oat
Io) w.r. .ny. u.-tlli>-r beni, nt loi . r..c ? 1 lem .nt Won !iy
ten leiia'b*. n.oaie Jiiiii-a-cuua. two n-iiKihs o'-.ure Karel bc,
wno was two boHQi) Me Julietta coil, thcoiheis beaten uti.
lilian Kacr-mo'.Tos sias.s. PM I iiukk V kab-hi ns.
?i ... i ac ii, Mtirr a. it... mu m. >?? *. ,t...s. ivs
Mil VM
Dwver mos' b. t. Dew Drep bp Feleetin-axpl omen, TIS
BO.i.Mil...ui!!illu) 1
>v. i Miii"* che Umto. liri.ilitrp.incki 2
PienkneeentaMe'.b e. Linden Ul .iBinyloek) 3
i ba. g.m*a
Boding I tu 1 on lbw Drop, j to 1 acalnst Quito. Linden
Iv to 1.
i;ulla weill out to make the j,ace while 1 laden was outrun
lion, ile start. Ihe mu 1 tiuifiecl up Linden and b- couid lei!
? ? a . bin,*cil. I'e? urop-illl).ly lUaliil aiulll! a leli'.'u'l tu oi
behind Ka lo for a mite roon eh. i<as-el lum and et a pud
anu ci...- ti t.asleal of wl-iners by a 1 - nrtli, Quito Sfci.inl.
t l-., I L;t!i- iCtoie I I adei
i .id iiiu.-iitMM.ii' *r.5 Bach, si.doo am>e:'.
i 'j m lina
Chltea st.bles. ch f. Toiu, bv len itrocck-Tecalro ?? > rs..
PM t'.e. .,'?? ilia,,ll i 1
\ table* cn f. Purest, ??. ."7 Uri SIC I
Kr. Kel so's ch e. Lonerv. 3,8fl .. . Davis I
W. L, ^ftPs co i. k.i.i i v?if, t ito (KeLenebiu) o
j. T. \? i.i -m.- ? n. I. I'tiin :i.in. l.fM .iMci'.rlyi 0
i in > '.MJ'a
1-n ncr - Kast 1.vi.iu- to j. pitnuaiuui H to 1, 'lulu I to 1,
Uni. ?t ? io 1. Lott iv .ii to i.
i oran, wm alUM mwn. lulu promotly took the 1,-ad and
aclu il all lb. war, '." |M ut n.e.,: it- ti ix abb to ret op
Url-.Kbit, .'.n ba I nt wort on KUI l.vi.oe le
ir.- .? rae. *ra? ball over nut ali bia whipvinn
a - sj. irni.c *nddrivii.R could mn pct her orel ihe irani.
i -..ri--t t k s ion' piara ..it,-i lbs ll st luuf-mll uni
kept ll IO I hr omi. ".. ? ni .-is,.y ,. eu :??;,.-':,..
e.- a u a length belele l ott i>. i-est J.vitut) aud t uiuiatum
hean D uti.
lirra I is -iski^. wa ri i RsjONCtr, au
I \ ll |S ll Abbi Dill li. MILK,
c Monk's br I i-luabeUi, bjf Mrachiuo-r.lastl*. I vrs.
.iFIUaatrtrk 1
I'l.akliei Mtioi.'a b f HeorlMM*. ..Ul .. |Ul.ViOckl -J.
v. i I'aia'aeh g. imtoKs a*ed, I JU . i liney) i-i
H. flt,- i's cb. c >ui?,v. .. ,'J4. (Sberidaln c.
u ... lue.tea's b. c. ,..i.ii.,i'!.- -. i .'. ,v%' Donohue) n
pa-it ti- i ii nu tn - io evon. t. 1. SU~SC3X 4 lo 1.
Bi I lu I He i ;.-? ise - lo 1
inn..io wa. wi r ?n Kiiteboiblen il ibe way eithou.b
lleartat ?>? luteed nei ni ihebuuieaii tie . ami oade mr rou a
1 tne .i a ?-i i ,.,,.. i,- iwu leiiKth* .11 .ir.-e,,s.- ,iui,u
, eal i.Um be un Hoi ke, thcothei itrag-{lionIn
H llAC! ci i K - oil -i i.]-,,i. o .!?: Mll.lt
Itr. Keieo'aeh. I edge ell, bj buq liret i.-plian (J.ri, 3
. .. lina
iM.-l adv,
? Palme r)
.(Oodirav i
Me n-\
P. i.iit
I;. \v li t ami's b. I. l.-t.r.ia, H. in, ..
j. M< ? .. ?? s bi ..I rank *oid, s, si
bluhia ..? os it a tduul*, i. I US .(UoUIrari u
l i , k e br. i .?????? s , 4. .oi.
li I! i :. - si . f \s :. / ;
i : .,r ,v t ? '.?.:? ci i i< Mack a* d '?
I eucacia*, ls t- Ula* Daly 4, a ? .
Ileiln.'- -alaebdla te '. emin 4 tu 1, Wb!s|p(6tOl
Bonni, ts. Uto l lr ok ^ aid ti tu I. i.i/zit- Alack s lu 1, Mis*
Ui , i eintia s io 1.
r-il-c .- td /ol ni n 'i ia best of tin SktiemelT bad slait. lea
a U ? waj sud won uy ibre. leuruu ie a emiter Lei run
*-. .lui iwolco ib- be.' i rna. Wald AdoHl-fuurui me
other*.trans on! er a lons dlstauoe. j-.L.,..i.t,.i waoeniered
I,, ? . lol #1,750 Ne bid.
fe. %.MII IIU.-llAM'Mr MKl'I'l r'ilA'k j J't K?i
Fl Ul. I''il ll-K.
21. T. i tn.ale r's lt. K. lom j;i,,?n. by llb i.eic Funny
iii,... n j. .-. .j ii.,. , . ,? , j
kxcei.tr t ii' s t. .-. Worth 6, lat ip i.u, ri) 9
i ?..-,.'i.ia-i a Mrnimm'eeii h tbraJmn.agwi,lhx(F7<mo.l a
l ?. Iro-.'.b ? stoiitjj ion. , i ii .nuiveni U
Bi i n -'.?? .cit... Uiurbance aired, 119 I'opei U
\N C I'.n- ,. K ol. Uo ri-, ... 1.1.1 .tTliOlcptu::) O
a. sti,tins'*oh.% Braewood,A Ind .j nos) o
'line- ft 1 sj
BetUBf -1 un llrown st,.,. A na, in r. to ?, macwood i
N I, I -?iu n nee \ t.) 1. -loum^ioii H' tu 1. Worth i , iv 1
I ia. HM , .lol.
sj w * Dil' I botweea lbs Intrd ard fourt'i jumns.
H aewu si un p ed in. rnle^al the lump lief on. the wi ?i on
i o -. o>. ] . ,. uuura. i ...uii, m.- relua
Waeel iuii.ua his second efl I. lon urowit WOO WI li r al
?? s- br sn lonctha u.tr.h second a oozen lenriba bi on
Aii.i.ain. * s onmeton wnofenrtha lu loo* u.jk .Vuuo
tit the occideut* cnuao-l hui nut) io borre. or rider.
WAoanroroR pars bai bb,
Washinciun PabEsCuicaoo, July 10.?Too
Wooten* te-doj Waa jaleaeauu lue truck lair and the .1
teedaees 1 r--e. Ihe starters lu Ike hist rac-, one mlle,
Werei U.tiii ow ilO.li. Ita E. Hine tl li;. Morna (HIT,.
Bet li, |{? Ila V.. Hr. .1. gi ut), Mai cu *?.>. Wituruw *oj.
W.iK > wini, riddcu oat bf nair a len.-th. Witiirow.ecund,
Brid* third. TlewlMg>t. sjntaolaamtdgllgo,
Neenel race -I1. mtlM i-Uecu walked over ror batt
the money.
teaaoBlag race?"- mlle?the starters were Handy
Aniy.H.tn jim Rove rag), Wnntamtnn 1112), Warren.
ton 1100), lied Wooley (100), ??uud N i?ht (103), Monarch
|106). He. a, tim- (luO), Buewra (100), Fi..oe L?iuis,
I'.Cb. Priiuu. elm;;. Klco (loft), T.nar (02),Onrprla. HM,.
hock* iinji. Benin.?Kamora S-lno. Hairiauiou *4n.
jun JS.T. 035, Old $176. Hos,ere won by oue lenstn
Tarter *e. una, A aritntuo thud. Tuite 1:20. Miluai*
j.aul f-J lin.
'itt tare for the Colombia Stake*. i\ m le*, hroeahl
out: Biaoeite (111) Lum I>wrei tin^). M..i. sty (Uti).
Lucky ll. \VIS). \.i ame (Ugh etiiua-Vulauie *17;"i.
Lnts.e Li* i. r.Til., nei.i $15. Volatile won in a .cal.oi.
by ma mna-tae, Ltssm Bw>oi Mecoud. Uiuuetio,third away
oar. J mic .i.04. Huiu^is iuiu eM 7o.
Tue ft.nrii. roo. -oao mim neats -nreoebt to tue i.oit i
I',\ o";?,',' .(.U-'' ''""?'? (11-'. Mb. He o, Hum
BlMh (llJ), Blddf HuWllug (1 IO), Huh Pal til.;,, Hulie
V.A,V,11V'?1''r;,1 fcKtr.Blu,J,?tMepeda*. 0126, i.i.i.
I ..i glOO, BsMMBiaoh 074, ti?,d |?0. Mopadoio wun bi
ene lei.Ktb, jj?.,t Black seconu lim-1:4-. Mutual".
liaidel.fjr se.oud lie.i-Bnui,.-. lioiielale $ltlU,
Irloh Fot geo. Boot Black 075. a>ld OlO, ir,sn paTw?u
il^^!,.''?,!.??,"T!'""'"^',"",? r'u,e t*-*- Matu.;, paid
|1040 ihiro boot-Beule., in,h p.t hoo. Hepeoeic
t'lt-u."0,4:JirfeooT uy ,our ituv ?--1:40'
Firth raeo-Meepi*ch.?e. short eourse-Aseoi! nSSl
Jim Carlile (101), Hun star iHOi. htubbrook 11401
Buce,.lt ..u* (Uni, CiaudB Hraunuii (13,), Kory <PM.,"re
(117, Hock ll lo,. Kinpue ,l.(o,. Bellini K? (/Mure
?-o, steoopbteaa OOO, am-?i, OOo. Dote 1%. H.cephan"
Jon .firr a el..*, din.lt by one ier,?-ib. K..ck .. ooiid.
klTiH * PO?t Time 3(>oi?, Muiu.1. pmd
Tb.ro will he an extra dey Monoar.
Wostkical, July 10 (Sprcial).? ] |J0 N<-w
Tork loeroaao leam wo. In the eity-d.y, hui owing to
the feat tb.l lt reined h.avily oil the forenoon, th.
Eic I, with tb. Montreal* w.t postponed. The New
ker. were dnv.u round tb. ody sui io Moimi Koral
ofurauou, and *un*d hume ro-uighk
WoacBOTEtt, Maeo., July 10.^J. & Bigelow,
Indinn that the etpon*.. of the re..tt. would exceed
hereceipt., ha. withdr.wn the prim, aol pussibly the
iffolr will be og.
The Riverside Cricket Club, of NYw-York,
..?defeated by *ix run* yesterday in * m.tell .t Pro*
aoet P.rk with the Ktnr* Cornily C uh. lloopsr ballal
inl'l.nny Mr 23 fur Ki nus County, willie Hr. outer
Bride*, Manley ami la-vick piled np the ruu* fur the
Riversides. The score was as folio**:
Kivns ors rr. i ?JP**rD?- fc
|. WBHaoHb aherMaa... 0 n Ouierbrldire c Kelly t?
i. amjmn ab Mitchell- M ii<><<ht. <?i
F. Pi emir i ir isl nm out ... n J Weest I. Snraeiie .. 0
*? Mtaroeob ii?n?n'ien.. $j aBbottdsn i> Harrami., a
I Bemad b S-berldnn.... " H Msniiy D nanami ? "
lt. iiooiei ii-sliencl.n. 2a K J Darrell c and b Mi>*?i\y o
l Fraukdn b Manlev . 10 l>r Jeninii ?? b Harrami X
in Bnocoea c is.ivaxe b |M u HoBende. lb. b nar
(s'her'.daa . 1 r?u.i. ? ??- J
w Mitssev-naout. hm B Mitchell h Harrami.. ?
J ke Ire ilollcn len usher- |J A la vick not mil . - ll
, iv, OiF lt ri-ivaire c Boo ock b
a > els mi b Mitchell. ll Williams .- . ?
KXire. . 8 K \ KctiipMl.rra.i.l . 1
ilty.-a ll, wld-e i. 12
Total .Ttl Total. 71
Tm- Manhattoa Criel.et Clnb cave the O. N. T. club, nf
Newark, some pretty leather bandllnir a' Proa poet Park
yesterday. (Join, in at ll o'clock they remained in until
7o'eloek. Whoa atampa were drawn. The Manhattan
aeore .Undine IT l for " wekets. Trie ebief -Pi.'-n for
tue Monhattena were?.1. Botan. 87i ll. Coyne, mi; Hr.
Hulbert, '-"- not out; W. Martin, 19 neil one ; L Hove, 10,
-Smith, ll; F. Shew. 1"; mil C. Middleton, Hf.
An faatereotiag cricket mutch w:h played in
Central Park yesier.lay between the New-York and
Trenton clubs. It reeoltod In a victory for the rttitlBS
club. Man MO tba bnttlna for Treotea .nd Breweter*e
trim,Hine wes teuiarsabir elfecnve. 1 bom is carried off
the honors foe .New-York for a Rood dupi.y both Ol
battteS] and bowline; The .core was a. follow. :
Trenton. I AVie-1 ..rfc.
K Montford law b Thomas 0 BW Jerome b Mart . 0
F Oe* b morna*. a- W Miller c Mail b ilr,-w
S Marti el b lie; K* . 0 aU-i. J
J Mun c i lloberts b W l-Jae',son run om.ft
Tbeo-ea .17 Shocell o Ba.ldiy b ltrew
v Jenks 'i Tliomas. 7 stcr ... . JJ
TPtnekereamb ihom.s < ,P neut* b newsier. a
f Kostlckc I'.ensrs o Thomas 6 I bonus not on, .-'
W Hrewster c ami b Jack- k-st?.ffte, ti Brewster. ?>
Mn.12 T Hohorta b Matt. 1
J Molntyer not out. 2 B J Huberts c llrewstcrb
T liabllv b Jack-on. 0 Mart . 1
ByesS.ler bye* 1. 4 1 w cbappelia b BrewaMt J
IB It Jackson run out. O
,l.t?bye.- 1
Total.Ml Tntftl., .S3
Trcntin..-.1 2 23 Cs 23 BO 45 51 51 ..?51
.Mew-York.1 1 1 4 8 8 ll 17 20 33-.U
Philadelphia, Julv 10 (.special).?Tho third
cricket inatcb ot tbe Serle* between tile Germantown and
Oates! club* for the championship ot the State, at Nice
town to-lay, draw a large crowd. The came was ade.
eatodlf clever exhibliion uf cilcket. The Germantown
club, who el nm lo be tba cornlea champions, played Rn
excellent Kamo. Both club* presorted their SlroM?SI
team*. The game went io mo (J.inuantowus by the fol
IiiS'hw score :
Il W Prown b Tlclmbold .21
I \V lt liston, ir IO. b Ar ? Ita^-e.-5 7
n & Patt ?rson iti.v b edrmltefe.Ho
J S Trifloi-d J L (Jouncy.'?' I
NV J Duh 11 air b I rooney. 8
E r Co.n.or. ih* b traillas?. ft
II I lt own b-n-i..--... ll
P. I) brown r S il ter b ArmltSff*. "
W (J Mornoo, ir. nut out .17
u Brockie. Jr. c Loeb Helter . 3
fl ll Waul rb - ait?r. I)
Bress" 1st-bye *. *
Palls. Puns. Maliens. Wicket..
LCoonee. nt bi 4 2
amii, n-'. 21b' 4J IB 4
tsa.KV . 5'-' 'il 1 I
HeimDold. 4,s so l l
A milt .iee b ft I Prnwn. 1
ll , inet c U IV Blown, b II 1 Crown. U
I. ( nonet c Mot etan, b Duh ring. 8
0 Henry b I) .tiring. 0
Il Cooney c. ?sun," b H I Brown. "
V hom wood b Du'inns . n
J Lee c > otD'ort, o Patterson . 8
tl Coonee b Pitteriun . 8
i Relier e P.tletson. b ('ointoit. ?>
ll Hrlmh'ild not out . 0
ti l.uliCi.aLuiUJurt . d
liall*. Huns. Maidens Wickets.
Dutirlne . es lu 3 I
II I Mruwn. 64 6*6 I
? -i tori . 3d lu 3 I
Patterson. 2-1 7 2 I
Toe came between the Kt.ten Island and Vouiik
America clubs was postponed.
One of the bi-st OOnteOted ginned in tho Ath?
letic t.iub ehnmptooehlp series wm played at Waehlno
ton ParB, Brooklyn, yesterday, between the Nassau and
Staten I?laud duh*. About BOO people were present,
and tbe enthusiasm was re.I ami noisy. The Btatea
Island team dbl Hie best te .inc wurk, but the Nassau
n ne wee more sue. es-ful with Hie nat and won. Fan
ii. ti ir aca:n pitched ii a. v, striking out fourteen batter*.
Tbe contest wa* a He up to lue Seventh lunliiR. when
tbe Btetea Island men took the load, lu tbe cult, li inn?
ing the Nassau* rained, SC >fed five runs, and tururd de?
feat Into victory. Tue score was a* MlOWei
-tater Island ....._.1 1 O 0 O fl 1 S 0 fi
Na-suu.o o 1 o ii o ,, r, o?7
c.jrue.1 nins? i.'.i-I I .*. 1 NSOSOnS, TWO-bOSS 't's
1 iv a I . Murphy I. I bree ii*** hits-Decker 1, Abed 1.
L'Uijdie?Mr. Poster. 'Jun.- 1:40.
I'iiii ADKi.PiHA, July 10.?Tn-ilav's game bo->
tween the New-York and Philadelphia eldo* rCMlMd in
an easy violury for the home club. Tbe New
York paye:* showell litlto dash aud Vim In
Muir Work, omi felt lbeir defeat les*
keenly than their fiicml*. Welch s-ens to
h a vi- lost ali bis ciinu. it cr and veterans say his piace is
on the ?am" siiei; a- (.'o'coran ead Goldsmith, ones
r.t no is pilcher., Oarer's piiehiaa buihored me New
York batters considerably, inc scuie by Mamas was us
: ol lows:
I'll lidclrihia,.0 0 0 0 0 .'? 1 0 1?5
t ? inik . ii 0 ti ; ti ti 0 ii ii .
Boee bite?PMl<d.lpBl*. lu New-York, fl r"rrora Phila?
delphia. 5: Ne. iui?, ti. Pitcher.?Corer sud Welch, tm
i,iie di. rum-.
PrrrsROno, July in -ihe Brooklyn uni I'nisburk;
.lulls played un ana.n.lly intoresiins; Mme to-dny,
?iiica the vi-itine nine won aner a hard-iou.-ht
I'iitile. rho Brooklyn player* rallied and Mered Me
' Wu wiiiblurf runs io the multi Inning aiu'd frreal excite
lue home lillie ployed nicely but could not make base
blts when hits wore a cod ed. Tn. score :
Plitobnrg.1 10 0 0 10 10?1
Bruokiyn . . u 1 0 o ?_? U ii i> ? 5
las,. bHe?Plttebnrp, Sj iiroi'iirn. 7. Brrote?Pitta.
bera, Si bro Oil vn. .. nteber.-ilalrio.ud Qarsios i'm
pit. -t.r. i.taoltty
(ismsnmi. July 10.?To-day'* game between the
Metropolitan and Cincinnati clubs was a tluely contested
one au 1 n it a run was male on either silo
until tho ninth Intiinir. At that point
the berne player* hunrhrd lbeir hits ami scored im-e
runs. Tie Heidi g piny w s hrllll.nl, ueiiiier aide tuuk
lua an error. The scuie was a- folluwt:
I'hiciunatl.o n o 0 n o 0 0 3-3
Mt tropa.lian.O " ti li ii ii o cl ll ?
Hase L.t* ' ii c -inn ttl, ... l.lctr . inl't m. 7. Error*?fin
Clbniti.il Y, iio-.o.n m. O. i'ltoheis-Peoliiney and May*.
Umpire?.Mi. Vaiisiit.no
Cnn a.;.,. July In.?The Chlcairo club defeated Its
Detroit opponents for tho tblr l eoneecaiirs nmn to-day
before a I ante an 1 enthusiastic crowd. Tbs game was
nell contested end exeittnc tbs home nine plnylaej in
?oodform throuunout. Oiarhaoa agata pitched with
cited and was well supported. The Wolverines
narrowly eerep sd . ??'hica.'o," mahlaa their only run In
the ninth inn.oj. Booro:
IhcajfO.0 (I 1 1 ci 1 u O 0 :<
nu.ut.o o u o u o ii o i?i
ias- hue?'lucie,i. 1 Dettoit, 5. i.rnir* -fabieejroc -
I'Cltoit. 4. I'Hcliors?i.'iaia-ou aud Uel/.tiu. L'luj.irj-Mr.
c uuuoiiy.
R AtUlKGTOa, July 10.-The Boston nine again out?
played Ibo \l asbliiKluu* lo-.l.?y ana Waa another easy
victory. M ninan, a new pitcher, was tried by the hume
club, mi, he did not prove a phenomenon Hterotneyer
woe more kUs-ee-sfol, boidinnaown ibo borne batters to
lour bits. Tue *core wa* aa anu-ie I \
Huston.3 0 1 0 O 0 0 0 2?r,
Waablntrton .i o ci n o o o o ., ,
His,, mt* Bu.tiui iii; Wash,mri m. 4. Rrrers?Bostoa, Bi
w. * m..tun. >?. Pimbee*?otemm./er and tfadiean. Lm.
,,!.!: ... 'lo ..
Kansas Citv. July IO?Tbs home dun paused
Healey af ptteMas te-Oaj and dereated their iii.ck iJla
inuntl oppOOOBtS rather easily. Wlntney pitched Willi
bis old-time e3ei t ami allowed the Mt, lillis bolter* to
make but five hil*. Tbe seore was us foOoWS :
at, lom*.o i a o o o g g o? ?
Bsaasocae.l t a l o i o 4 x?ii
Boseatte Ki Loom 5. k ,:,s.?* cur, IT. Errt,rs-e,L
iJiiti-. i Kans.. ? ny. 7. Pitcuer* lic-ali-y auJ WblteOr.
Ilmpsie Ml McKmnon.
I-T. laibis, July lu?The ku Louis Brown Htocklnr.*
defe.ted the Baltimore club today only
after O bard fought Kaine. The Halli
more nine held the lead to tbe reveuth
in .1 .-, when Hie champions made twu run* and tied thu
scute. I, tee Binte luainc lb.St, Louis moa a^am tai
Hoe and koorine two mur. ruu* wuu tue K.uje. Itt. *cure
wa* at :,.o*? ;
M Iaiiii* .0 00000202?4
baiiiiitor* .1 oooioooo? a
lia*-mts--it Louis. 7; lialtunorc. ?. Krrors -M IaiiiI.
2 , ilaltliiiuro, i P.Uhuis-Lanutnursaud hlilruy. Lmini*
Mr. i.euy. *
UMMTOLa, July 10.-The Loui.vllle and Athletic
clubs played au Interesting- Rime to-day before
a (food-sired crowd. The euutett wa. replem
with brilliant man ie ur re*. The home player* bunehed
lbeir hil* in ihe thud aud Sixth luuiug*. aud Won as fol?
louisville. 00200 2 00 0?1
asamtrn. . j ii .j o ; ,. u i, ,,
Bi*ehiU-Loui*ville. 8 Athleno 7. I rr.ir?_Loul*vtll? '2
Aintetioa. Pitcher*?itstker aud Ayuu'utb. Umpire-itr.
Boston, July 10 ffrrriof) TboibbuI cruise
of tb. La*tern Ya?ui Club wa* befun thu muralug.
The yacht* eoiopotlof tbe Oeet wsre the Koriuoa,
Oreaduouaht, Mobioau, Latona, Aol?*, Mala, Tloe.i
Waudorer .nd Bilvle, of tbe aehuun.rt; tbe eiuopa
Murta Bter end V.nd.l; th. .otter* Bir.uirer .nd Edith;
mid lb. steamer Oneida. Tb. Oneida preoeded the flreb
Trier, waa moon dlanppelnim.Bt ol tee aoa-oppeareBee
of tbe attona and Amboesadreee.
The orme, bi to l?orUaad, bal (Merni erders No. 2
from the fleet e.pt.ln e.ve a ood. nf .l.n.ls for th. fol
h.wm. Harbors In Malu.: Tennant'* Harbor, Bool Har?
bor. Thoron.Stereo, Kee*moc/ln Beach, Baas Harbor,
Mouth west Harbor end Knekiai V
A strong effort ls balna male tn hive the trial race*
to decade the competitor of the Oal.le. off Marblebead.
I Ile (lal, ilea is e\ peeled to atrlvs at Marblniiead aume
lime near July '."J,
Tho iiintli annual gaiBftg of tho oniiiloycs of
James McCreery g Cn. were held on the grounds of the
Manhattan Athletic riub yesterday. The winner* were:
lnil-yai i dssli, hand.cap, .1. T. ll ,vis, ll y.rds start ; one
lune walli, unndlean, P. Oollschai lc. (era lilli ods
qonrter nine eaetoelc race for noys. j. J. H. re ea | one
mile run, open to all clarks in retail dry fonda humes
In the Unite I Htates, for a noll w?trh to first and a sil?
ver wait-b io Boaend, J. H. Hneller with J. T. Davis sec
h.i.i; u-i'i-y ari* run, baadleup, J. Bwloason, B r ir s
start; tiir e-iegged race. j. M. Barha and P. P. (/Can?
ner] pu t T il> *c tb* eliot, ,1. T. Mr Keon | one-half mlle
Walk, li,i' du- ip. W. Wall, ?"? seconds st ?rt ; one-half mile
run, sped.I handicap. OOOO lo all members of athletic
rims. I). J. lo ai pic in*. Manhattan Aihleilc Cub, IS
yiini* start; ruuoine hiirii Ja inp, J. P Leann | putting
tho BO-pound WelCht, A. Oslo ru; 'J'Jn lards hurdle
bnndlenp, J. f Logan, scratch, one-half mile run,
?luck boys, A. Hater.
Boston-, July 10.?"Tom " Kelly, who wont
tn Ni w-York to second Sui Ivan In ht* cxpeoted fight
erith Michell, returned home un Thursday. He *ays:
"John mil I mel Mitchell list Tuesday afn-nioon at
Oibo Case's lintel, wliere Baillee o flo re I to fight
Mit hell in tile preaoBO* of a fe v friends for 03.00 i ,.r
s>."i oed a toothpick, Mltohell refuso-L eoylag tnere ' i*
nu bloodies; money la it tnt me.' "
Hallowell, Mc, Jane '2.1? Maiu? politics
are always bot, but this year the he?t and fire are ron
fined prtuclpully to the Deuiocratlo household aud theil
house-old truda ar* Kellin* well .ourehed. The Deco
erat* have been promising an aggressive campaign, ted
row thnt tbe ilma ba* come the party ts so prostrated
aud disorganise*!, by lt* disaffection* that the aggreeeivi
campaign cannot be begun nntll the patient gets on bil
legs .tain aud ran think of making som-, sort uf a run al
the pnlis. The history of tho party's trouble* ls short, bal
there .re not enough " bar'l* " to boll the bad blood.
Chairman B, fl. Brown, ?f the tiuiuocrstle flt.ite Cora
millee, bas the ratty machinery In bis grip, and his
enemies wast, or rather wanto,!, to get him out, ami la
r*;ali?:lon Brown declared and wai<e 1 wsr on thom
? ici essfiiily. Brown ba* cut a pionnuent ilaire In
Maine politics sn far as notoriety go >?. gtnl he was a
BopObHoOB. but he became disgruntled and went over to
Ihe PemoOiete end won their hearts and devotion by
teklag n promlaaal port m tho Bute stool of 1070-'aH*.
This a'dion made liliu at unco a lea ler in the Demeeratlo
ranks, .nd ho le BOW chairman of th* .Statis Committee,
Inst winter he went te Washington a* the Mthorlsed
,e|ireseiitatlve of his party to get pat mnage for "the
Imv*." He soon gut the esr ot the Administration and
fur .time Mr. Bruwn as ? dispenser of pitToaage was
locke 1 on a* their Moses by the Maine Democrats. Bul
t mn lt was noticed that he wits getting all h's favorite.
Into office and the", the other fellows were eeltlni; left
out In tbe OOM. The Bangor contingent beale t by Editor
Bass, or Tnt Hangar Commercial, went to Washington to
have their say. Thsyhaltut Brown Into othce an I
naturally ab)acted to the unreasonable course of their
unnatural elr.ll lu slighting them altogether. But the
Administration pave them a deat ear and Chairman
Brown rejoiced. Pretty soon minors were circulated
around tuo rotate that Brown'* methoia o' disposnu "' the
offices were not strictly honest, and lt was alleged that
h* had set up as au ofllce broker and waseharRine |23 tel
fourrh cl*** post-ofHces. Tht Danjr Commercial howie 1
lustily for his dethronement, and openly oharged him
with ufflee brokerage. Tne State Committee held a nisei
In? and Brown clitmel that lie chares.! successful
applicants for poel-otteMaemall por cent only to cover
Ms expense* nt Washington and that he had been MSB
tessi to do *o by the BteM Committee, 'tue fianiror roti
tincent tlenlod that th. Committee had a ithorUed any
anon thing, and a big, row follow.-,! lo w Inch thar were
beaten and Brown kep". on In ofllce. The Rrown men
also charged in retaliation thu E Iltur li is* w.s in the
habit uf promising patronage to those who would can?
vass for Ihe. Comwrcial, uud Brown's papers .re
keeping up lhese oh.rnes.
The Inhl was dsmdsd al the State Convenilon, when
Brown pus*Shed his COOmMs uy forcing, ms iio.uinati ui
for borer,iur of a Colonel L'l.rk 8. Elwari*, of Bethel,
known at least to his family, and setting aside the r last
ve.?.-'? BOmlrM. Judge Bodman, who represented thr
Bangor contingent, lind Waaeuliilod lo . r. 'nomination.
I li. ineteit fur n. tiing (lils BOmlBBttOB was to catoh ttie
rotee of tbe Grand army Bopubiloaaa, rna sm Bia*,
eratic pres* au i i mir tree-tre lu ali.es fond., holloaed to
bo disgruntled over ihe nomination ol Mr. Bodw.111.
I-.-.i -neut, their C.ndll.tO, Hr. Calila, 'lae stol..
iii.it thara i- s i, ii a reellna amoaa Hie Brand Anm
tuen ws lld in rei have been Boilcod If the tuelom ml ie
pies, lui not etiompiml lo circulate tbs lie thal Br,
Blaine ha I forced Mr. Bo Iw. li's .i'u'lni In d.HancS
or the soldier Kepubll hu*. If tbe D..retie press lind
taken tue mult.e to *t Ody the labor (|Uet lija an 1 tre.l it
with any sort of intelligence and fairnea*, it wool I have
in.,ni iowa shy tie Mnm. Kesmdieau* were obliged to
Sci aside tins year tne eu-t un of rotation and aire the
nomination to Mr. liudwell lee! ad of au Bentora man.
Tbe lain.i t| le-tion wnii Ps m.::v r-l.n-.es ba* al rea ly
entered the tatt and ai I li* ? i aa eleetlone weona
Important fa tor. Mr. Bodw.II wc -. ;.-cte,i for ihe
teas ui of rn- w'-ll known sj i put hies vs it li tue InborOte,
and I. too Beet reprreoiitotlee tbe party cooli choose.
Ho baa boen ia feet. laborer .11 in* die .nd i.e.
* i|.rt himself When be was any eight tears ol I. He ls
a larne granite t "air n't-'r, a,-l ii i- a larg, body of men
under h m. lu nil t .e y.-i.rs lu- has been h. te I doo'l
know that he boa bod a -ri ? s d| lorens ? wli ii ene oi lils
men. lie is au .Utbusla.tleoell.Ver lu tue IflB-IWHir
la -..ii ino-ei.i n , and is known all iver the Blot, among
I. anil:? m. Il as u ni ?n who ls .good lt.aster anl|..i\s
good wages for a tool day'* work " No .rh|| il a i is
Beoreaary witt Mr. BodweiL" sail o,? of bis men
re eutiy;" hi .as u laborer once himieif ana remamhori
Kelatlvelv, ?fils belni! an " nfl " ye.r, the P.epinllean
ni nu ny will pr,manly be as large as lt w is in lis'l Dr.
11,i ai il 's fr. i" al i li ive 1110,1 eh-er'ull< BCtJUioM. I In Ills
li".0,11 .tin 1 and <*lll t tn tn cud UOlp loll ip a bl I na ur
lt.. Tm patren.ee the Domnorate hare gol so fir will
dottie ii in ire norm luau gool. PM Democrats nomad
t.o ir dan l Army t.etios ad ibturdum in morin nlii;
far congress lu inc lld DWtriet teat pom old ga<**t, es
Governor (laroelen. .'ie w?s a Burgeon la the army, nwt
(inn 1 Artnv ? en will not eora to *u,iport his uncu viable
record lu tue coanl-uul (raid.
William H. Wilder, a hr.vynrof Kew-OlirODB,
tile,) lu the r>.urroi:ai'-'? (Mti.-e, Brouklvn, yes'.erday. u
Will purporting M be thal nf Myra Clark Gaines, wbo at
tained great notoriety in her suits acatnst tue Hate of
Louisiana to recov-r portloMOl New-Or.eun*. Mr.
(iaine* lived In New-urleaus fur years ami tiled there,
bot abeclnlmed to bo a resident ol King* Coaaiw, si,,
died a year ugo last January, leaving flvo will*, and lt ls
probable thal the oontoo! which t* olmoei
Dertela to occur over tho exteiisive properly that
? he lefl will be commenced lu Brooklyn.
The will offered fur pr obate yeaierdav ls a much-soiled
ilociiuit if. Iilswritt. n on fenlMOp with purple Ink
and signed by a eros*, which is followed by . note aim?
ing lliat Mrs O.ilne* was too weak to write her natue,
lt stale* thal the decedent lived lu Louisiana but. wa* a
citizen or tins Male. To Mrs. Virginia EL Davis, Hie
teslator give* property al Hie Parish of St. Landry,
about KOO acre*; to her daiighter-tn-'aw, Hattie I. Mall
Whitney, widow of William arnllnos OTaiiooy, ami tuber
S'in-lli-law, James V. Christinas, hu-b.iid of Illulia
WI.Huey Cbrutnias, dCCeneed. 1100.000 each;
lo tnrlr cni.dien, wno, Mrs. Canes il -
1 lare*, were born In wediorh, she
bequeaths her estate, real and person tl ; to Kdmniid
Pendleton Game., bob ol M.ior-ii.nornl Bdmuud P,
(ialnes, ncr second husband. gJS.OOO; lo lieorga OT.
Hi nson, of Mariette. (,a . her friend, 010,000 : lo tho
Hev. Jolin Br Hat ui ni, ur Mlaelaelppi.Ol'-'.OOU; te Mira
Clark (telnet M.serat, 010.000. Wliltem ll Wilder .nd
j?ui's v. t mi-iniss. ,,r Wooblngtea, are apimtetedax
editors without bund. I he wnnesse* are John T. Bett*
William C Harri*.14IWSUU 1. Bette. W. il. Levy ami
Dr. Wi liam H. Holcombe.
Ilefnre thia will w.s filed Pnrrog-ite Lott received
an allldavll from Marie P. Beena wiilcb Indl.-ates soine
wiiat tho cbnraets-r of ihe conn-st thatbi io un ma,ie.
The deponent s.ys rn the atti.iavn thal *'ie andoratnBds
tl: it Messrs. Winier and Christine*, claiming tobe Mis.
(tamra's eiecnlor*. are nt-.-ir tc. have a will dated
Jaiiuari ... lr<<i, admitted te probate lu Kings County.
Stiei dann* (ba BhO has lg her possession a will ilrtwn
J.unary B, 1800, Bad one dr,wn in U asmnt'tou in 1 SS 1
bntli of which have I,sen oft. red In piol,?te lu Baw
(irlean*. Further oho adtl* that tho loot Will was over?
thrown ?? by . .be ase Ieee remblnottea of fraud and con
sun u-y In the lower roiirr*. wuich was foliowetl nu by
fal-lUcatton of every page of clepuueut'* recurd by tue
.-?jpreme Court ut the rilale."
tATAWB nam or rg.v R',r\i,g.
Severul liuiniiecl sportinif men ereeaael |gg .Voith
lli\ er on l?ie ferryboat* on Prlday nlfht. Oaertegm lu ?ait
Ina on the Jersey side took Iheui toa load ste hotel, ta th.
I'?i tor on titi-?.-? emil ?ioiy of which . *ubstuutlal alsmteSOV
Tsit ring itali- by I] tog lupe* through ring* bolted lulu Ibu
wall*, wa* ?lready tut u;i. Th. iti.tth Wa* BOMB *un,e week*
.go. At b.if-p?si 1 uviui k thegaae iiig gtea, Btaotooa yaam
old, five feel thresi lucl.es UH aud st aluiK uni/ luu?? puun,!?,
ami ?NH" Minns, lu* opponent, whom tb. ??.,- a;? but
twenty pounds heavier aud three in. he. taller, outer*.! ibo
ring I n? pur*, wm *1oo-*7S to the wmnat .nd fib in the
lu..r. A* tu* ha.,1 Kt01? proM.te.1 wera *o pewr .1 ,1
? veryou* pie,.di faiur.,1 . rMotl tu bar. knuckle*
ami loth p. to ii...s agreeing, tb. ???.?<?* wura uier*ir
ki-i-i iii ute oernara 1. cu, tit. uuine tam* in i,-u
?*>ageiuuiicls ?eie longhl ili.aiu* ?eul I .ant to * .'1* ...
soon a. tbe tenth mond aegea ile,en ,? , ternnie i.ft
whi.li *patter,cl blood frc/ui Mortis'* nos. u, aij iili?-Uoiis!
Morn* b.Uh'ed bim in rermrn la the sboit libs with his 1 stitt
Moth men slash*,! .way with teirtilerrr.il 00 ea< lt .thar*!
? ao.lao .nd bloody face* au I bmlle*. Tuc round wat aiuiu.t
uvm wl.su Hmln. ttetng bi* upuortiiuitr bra- e.1 bln.sell
ami Bani lu hi* righi .nh terrible Force full on h.* big uno.,
lieut'* Jaw. H. fell a* If allin k witt an ase lay daied a fl?w
ssvoinl*. thru turned over *nd struggled to r.se Hr gut lu
one kuee, fell back.Ui.u gul up. but *l.ven aacctuds bal tin* 11
away .nd lb* righi aud ?.iuo? wai. .?ardwl lu lb. ?maUur
Wasiiinhton, July 10.?The Senate to-day
resumed consideration of th. Blrer and Harbor blll-lh.
pending qn.itlun being un th. llenneplo C.n.l .msud
ment ; ac epilog the grant of the Illlnol* and Michigan
Canal, and appropriating $:i00.0()0 'or tbe construction
of ? o?n.l from th* Illlnol* Blv.r ne cr the town of Hen
nepin, Illlnol., to the Idnsisslppl Klver ct tho mouth of
Kock Hirer.
(senator Miller, of Now York, odvoo.ted the emend
ment and reed the resolution of th. New-York
Legislature In favor of the measure. Ho gave
lt a* hi* opln'on that the best Jndg
ment of the Commercial bailie* and commercial
men of New.York favored lt. Ile denied tn it canals
w.-re not .clive f.etor* In transportation and asserted
th.t the line canal regulated ra'lroad toils all over the
country, nn I he believe 1 that the thu" would come when
the State nf New-York would ask th. general govern?
ment tn make proper anproprlatl tn 'or the maintenance
of the Ktie canal and for ns enlargement nnd Improve?
ment. Ile reinlnde.l the Senate that although there might
be question* n* lo the necessity and Importance of certain
worsa appropriated fur In the liver and Harbor bill,
there never had been a BCuettel connected With the ex
pom liture of the money by the lt m rd of Anny Engineers.
Mr. Tiler declared that the coustru tt.l'in of the Roo
nepin canal would sive to the gram producers of Hie
West more than Its entire cost, and that it would be an
Import.nt step tn mainlining the ability of the L'nited
Statea to compete with India and Russia lu the wheat
markets of .he world.
Mr. Platt epgeeed t'.ie amendment. Ile thought lt
was a great mistake for the Kenate, wnlch was
all th.t wa* left to signify Republican adimnistaatlon.
to Increase the bill beyond that fixed by Hie House, lie
quoted from Ibo report* of the Meeretary of War and
the Secretary of the Treasury, recommending the
appropriation of only $lo,ooo,0t)0 for th* Improvement
of river, and harbor*. The Huns, had, however, sent
in a bill appropriating over $15, OOO. OOO, end
the Senate amemlraeniH lncre.sed tne amount
to over $18,000,000. He thought tt en?
tirely i.rnper to allow the Administration to
set the amount tn bs' expended for this purpose. Cn
that ground he waa oppose,! to (ms asaan4m.nl. Ile
wee oleo opposed to lt hoe bubo ll wm eal pertinent toa
hill for rh. Improvement of river* and harbor* ; mid be.
cause such a work WOOtd cost $10,0110,0-to before it wu*
completed and would require thirty years to complete
lt. A railroad ibuiuugbly equipped could bo Inuit from
Pock Island to Clot-ago for half (he
am .tint proponed lo be expended on tnt* canal.
Mr. leiler teni.n ked that Som. $10,000,000 had been
?pool lu improving the Mississippi (tiver within the
last few years, ead that,while SO much nioner wu* being
? pent on Improving river navigation lt dil not become
Houston to a?seri tnat rana's were obsolete nnd worn
ont. Bc did not Intend tu vote for this bill, nut he would
vote lor tne pending amendment aa uue of ihe few mer?
itorious thing- ni (be bill.
Mi. Palmer proclaimed hts belief lo river and harbnr
bills, and deetue I them Hie most ilef-n?:ble of Hie tn-a?
ur s that i aui" before Congress. If lt bad not been for
river and harbor tn ll. lu tba past be believed thai corn
to day would In-tl-.d as fuel in Kansas aili Noliri-k*.
and Ibm ca!*!" would be kll e,l for tlieir blues au I norna,
l ney co i,d not be trausporio I to Hie Seaboard. Men
could not comprehend trie immense savin/ In water
tr,ili*|'.H fallon, lt could be floured out tu .thematicall,
lii.il Ihe saving was a bundled itilillotis a year. The
solving uf tbe problem of the transporting
of grain and coal io tn. Booboora wa*
tn com. by rivalry between ra.lr ails .nd
water eommantoatloo mid lt was absolutely essential
that the (i-iverntuent should take bold of tbe water
routes and Improve them io aa to give the people a
ch nice for fair eoiupetilioo.
Mr Ci ace declared himself heartily in favor of ihe
ll- n .ep a Canal project. This matter of Internal lin
Pi ove.i,em* bad (Headily grown rn favor with the people
In ail sections of the couiitry In the faon of tho
persistent, unrelenting ami unfair otaoks upon
it In tbe put, ie pres*. He knew not
anil cared not whal influence operated on the press In
this maller, but he knew that W boro TOT there was water
oompe'ltlOB railroad rates hoc.me iee*,
Mr. (ngalla Muni (sarcastically! that the ?o'lc1til<le nf
tanee WhompreooBtod the Atlantic seaboard and the
ii,aiiiitactui lug portions ul tue country for Hie lntere?t
BOd Wrlfan of MO .raia growers of tho West, touched
bl- tenderest acusibilities. He bolted that soup,
political plnlusopher who was urging thees
t.pptuprlatlons from th. National Treasury
wool i expiate who got th* bacall of a reduced rosl nf
iran-portatioti. lt was the consumer, not th* producer.
l'n say that the reduction of one cent a bushel ottilie
transportation of cora increased thu price of cuni to tue
Kansas farmer was au absurd piece uf uuuseuse; and
evcryi>odv knew lt.
Mr. Banco?How about tb. material transported from
the a> a word te the westi
sir ItiL'slls That ls where the advantago conies In.
By, bar. the bonall on wtiat we buy in OMbuaeu.
Mr* Ingall* declared that every dollar appropriated
for un cast and wesi waterway was ti dollar to he ex?
pend .1 tn violation of the Iowa uf nature inti against
lb. best interest, of the Weah The Mississippi Valley
bodlisann waterway. Tee reaaoa for th. opposition
nf lite pres* Wis I Ital these river and harbur Inila bad
become le be regarded hs Ittustretioas of thc most
rsp.n inn* v.-nallty. In Ibis bili mere were appropria?
tion, lo ihe .mount ol $3 000,000 ? bleb cmid lie ebor
gi it rl/el bj no other term i Xc.pl (hal of "boodle."
('until.ul g bia speech. Mr. Ingall* said tl.I*I if thi
Ci.rb* about the eng Barring dilllciilli) s of tbi-| Kenne?
ll n . ni .1 w. re ito- Bel ll, os. uk,, in, e.- ut lue Ar..niau
.Vubis, be dbl not ronner tnat Hie Mate uf ll.Innis Was
?lilma for ib? Ourernmeui tu take ii .ur its u t.ats. Tao
tlorerom.nl was oohed t" rom ml I its.-ir io toe expend?
iture ot between $10,000,000 mai 123,000.000 to ,m the
coiiiiiiercc-of tbe North weet slop by .tea up e gigantic
waler etmrwny nf zug feet ati tn tbe Mississippi Kif r
au l then Iel li down Baale .- ep by step, and up again
1 io f.-et in.ir., t" ( ii rogo, li was .me of the ame) mut*
rellOUS -ciicm-a I bat ll.nl ev, r Blltere I Ultu ll.'? Ililli I of
niau t,, conceive. Th. eeeoot of 208 fret waa elinuai as
p,t I.lu ular as Ibo M a-Mu gi un Mon in neut. Tbe lurks
a.- -h.wu in the protiie wile as coils' cilive us (tttlt ou a
Mr. Logan replied te the rt marka "f Mr. Iui.m1I- touch
lng ibo connection of tte State ol liilaom witt (lu. pro*
led. Bo defended bl. Stele ui that maller una ridi?
culed Ihe digit Cering pretences of Mr. Iiil-hIIs, wno
made no dis inrtlon between tte borisontel and p-r
pen.lien av profile.?one ot wbleli wa- u.i a settle of an
,I,cn to nine inia-s and tl.c. ot er OB tOO Bettie Ol .11 In. li
to 150 feet. He bul no tU-lit With i Jiiio.i,ts or witta tbe
fiieiois ?,f rallr ads. but in. asiied them to keep their
Haul ort of propositions ttl ll were for !H" l.enctli or tho
American people, Engineers had reported the project
io lt.- not ony lr.tsii.o-. but I hal its cos', wolli,I liol
exceed 07,000,000. Tile re-narks of the isOttttlnr rn.in
K tua.is woul i go to show i ii at du- ttngliioers ? ere eros/.
Uf cooroo tbe engineer* would not -.,, the somool tue
-enalor ; lint Ih.-V WOttld ' i-I'lnlM) say that lu> was mis?
taken. Un* proposition seemed lo have been selected
ny certain Beauters to make a rani .ni I uC winne bul. If
ibo pritjec were carried ont il *oadfuroian tba cheap
es. none ftoiti Ibo O'eOI ami tte Mlsal.aippl Uiver lo I tie
Au time Ocean, lt would i*e tt route ooraine in corape
inion with rmi roe 1 routes, and it would rix decent rates
ror transportation. To mai extent it would benefit
e\.-l V"ody.
Mr. Muebe'l, of Oregon, spoke In favor of the amend?
ment. \\ it lum t roaching e rot. iee Bennie st 5:20 p, ns,
v,.-ui tate secret aeeeiaa aud afterward adjoarand*
PAfgOOl oK lilli BBAOUaa ak 11 rt ATTaMPTB TO
Washivctov, July 10 [Rpectat).?u Oh, they
bare only forty mayortty on the other alda mid I think
i bey tinghi to have iwu tries utan appropriation bill."
waa theeercaetta observation of Mr. need to-,lay whoa
Kengaa of Toxo. asorad te recommit de (Jenora! De>
flriency bill to the Appropriation* Commiltee with
instruction*. Prior M Hil* there wn* a brisk debate on
ibe item giving one month'* extra pay to the ofleera
and employe- or ibo Boase, which waa strongly oppose l
by Messrs. Reagan, Price anti lleinplilll.
While Re.ur in was expatiating uu Hie beautlei O' econ
nun .nd denouncing the extravagance of the House,
Colonel Hepburn intrr.upted linn and asked Whether he
illd nut bring in and SSC ire the p usage of an approprla
tiou to pay tu Hie lp-ir? of the late doorkeeper. Waiter
-Ullin, uneyear's .ilary, amounting to sumo $3,500, he
kim.lng at the lime tho money wuuld be
paid to the father of the deceased, whom
Colonel Hepburn described as "a uotorlou* lobbyist
who uife.t* the corridors of tnl* Capitol." Reagan could
make nu reply except lo admit he hail offered and ?up
purled tue Hpprupriatl MS. Mr. lliscock tagged Hie
Homet tale tu stop ta king and vote on the bul. He said
that tney would snow . greater regard for "economy" if
they wuuld refraiu fruin speech-waking, fur every day
thu, consumed costs tne taxpayers *>liu.OO0 beside* the
regular Balarie* of henaturs and Representatives Md
ether ne ular aipeneea goeena'e motten te roeommli
with liistruciiou* lo the c.niuuiitee to atnke uut the
extra .alary Item wa* cari le 1 ny vole uf lf>0 tu titi.
after tho MB had baea bruught b.ck without . formal
meeting of Ihe Appropriations Commitine, Qoaeral
ltri.wue, of Indiana, moved lu rerommll lt .gain with
.-[?in-;.o.i lu Minke uni an Hem ot ?)l0.cx>n to pay .
reXeC Claim Which had been interloJ by the Cunnii, nee
uf ihe Wbule. Of comae tbe Boothera lietuucraln aud
mull uf MOM fi uni the Norm a* well, rrsUtetl tin*
h., linn and i-ven the rigid "economist " from Paleatliu-,
leia*, voted "No" wheu hi* Hame waa caited. A good
tu .ny Republicans rated lu the ne.u.lV,- alni lite moll,in
woo retested bp a vern ol 00 to IIB iii*' amenduMotte
sulk, uui th. eura aatary Urui wa* uieii adopted.
After the pi au ms que-iiuu bail tieen ordei.d Chane* M.
Riser, of New-Yam, moved to ie. .numil th. bin with
uisii uctiuii* lu airike uni tbe pruviso thai the yearly
cumpsiiaatlitu uf nu United Hi.le* OemmlMtOBOf .hall
ci. oed ..-i"i. Ibo moilun wa* rejected, lue bill waa
iheu p.saed.
Washington, July 10.?Mucli unfavorable
comment la made uu tba cuurac punned by Cu.igrettman
W. I. M.'ott, of I'euuaylvanla, wqu bas of lalo been de
voling hiiua.lt lu lug-rolling un the hour of ihe Menai,
chamber, willi th. pu rpo a. of preventing favorable
ar i iou un tb. Joint r.aulullt.u awarding tu Joseph Kranol*
the thanks ul Coner.** .ml . gold ms lal lu r.ougullluu
of Ula a.nu, ron, Ufr-*aviug luveulluu*.
Ac lon on tina resolution wa* uuUeriaken by the Bouse
al Hu. Instance of the New-Yo: k Chamber uf Commerce
and lb. American Institute, bulli bodia* having pre?
sumed ? memorial m favor ur Mr. Pram ia's alalam Mr.
Pr.uicls ii eu-li ly live year* ubi and ileane* nothing bul a
iu?' rooogoitteo ot hi* service* tu bum.uiiy belora he
paaa.a .way.
Wasiiinuton, July lu i Special), -1 lin lioufM
w.uie lo kuuw why iwentr-lbre. appolntm.uts of real
den bj of tne Luu-iot of Columbia were made ca tte ,
recommendation or the Civil Service Com.mie.lon In tbe
lost year, wheo tbe " quote " of the Disirlel wee only
Hire*, fi reedy Democrat, tram Kentucky .nd other
Btetet declare that an unjust and unlawful discrimination
ba* been eierclred lo favor of tbe District, ead they hare
benin to ci-.,r for "reform" In this particular. A
remuutiuu requiring the civil Bervioa Commission to
make a report of the facia was adopted by tbe Uuus.
without a division.
Washinc.ton. July 10 {Special).?Many peti?
tion* have been *ent lu Congre*. by th. Knight, of
Labor praying fir tbe passage uf th. bin to create the
Territory of Oklahoma. Tbete petition* have caused
considerable uneaslne** among tbe civilized Indian
tribe* In li, Pan Territory, and their representative* In
Washington have addressed a remonstrance.on the sub
Jeet to Urand Master Workman Pow t.riv.
They redie the history of the tran .action* by which
BM Indian tribe* acquired a title lu fee simple to the
lani*, upon a part of which lt I* prp
posed to erect a new Territory, and refer
to the decision of tbe Supreme Court of tho
t'tiifed ..tntes atllrmlng the ralMltJf of that title.
They contend thai the Cherokee cession of G.000.000
acre* of tn.lr lands lying west of the Arkansas Uiver to
the Inned Stan-* was fur tbe ?ule purpose uf alluwiug
the settlement of friendly Indian tribe* thereon, and
thai tm title to any part of said laud* can pass without
the consent uf the Cherokee Nation. The attempt of
squatters toolttaln possession of th" Oklahoma lands ure
desi ti .ed, an I the insertion niado that the*e attempt*
ara iii-pur I by capitalist* who desire to secure ihe
Inn ls fur spec i il a live pei suns. In '-o: ennuin the Indian
del.'irate* say : " If you desire Congress to p.s* lulls to
oonBreaM laud, .?u Mern te mb Bernie the twu hundred
alni fifty uni,ions of .ere* ur land kraut* that was
originally their trlfi, and mn, as our*, told fur . full OOO
si.lerMH.in. If BOO Berat IO. I* to be tbe rule, aeeli n> con?
fiscate the lar/e bul ling* of the rich white people aumin:
you. ineyareade to defend themselves. Surely an
organization, professedly established to aid aud
strongmen tuc w -ax aboutd nut ?ock tu despoil aud rub
a weak and helpless peuple."
WASnntGTOBi .July 10.- Senator Kiddleberg
er's r.-s,.i u nm, oil ie l April 12, lu relation io Mo con?
sideration of executive burnies* lu open session, w is
Objected to ami went over to-day, ho making a pasaion
ute protest against that cu ii rae and appeal ii- against
the decision el the chair. lu dMeuaalBg
lils appeal, he remarked that " words
wore uttered yeeterOay ta ezeruttre eeeelon**? Before
tie could finish th.-Bentence Mr. Ingall* made the p.u.it
ol order t'.:at no Senator had a riirbt te quute what was
S.I.I IU exec.itive session.
Mr. BtddJoborger?I uavo nut quoted; walt till I am
th rough.
The chair?Duos the Senatur lnsut on hi* point of
omer i
Mr. I agni ls (mot-lug away from his seat willi au air uf
d.s.iist, ?No. *ir.
Jit. Bidi'leberger (rsseaBnc Kr. Ingall*'* IntorrapUon
aul iitaiiheri ??' I am not one o' luise BeUators who
eiutiy woree lu order lo.gtout o oeuilruiau and wno
keep tiieiii uni uf lac accord next morning. I any that t
lave premed thu meulatlou from Hie tune I
i tine lure; .nd I ahk BoOBton When ttl'- lime
wm louie that we can vute upon il and when
the country ona know tl al wo are a,m...; lu
determine wheiber we uu.'lit lu have Rccrel
session* Of thia nodv. Words were littered Here yester?
day Which no man would bavo intered nut ol a secret
session 1 itu bul mean lu deetgna e anybody, hui un BOO
Bier (wberuer ht. natue be liruwn or Muilln shoal,!
assert before lin* Senate that he bal letter* to snow
dial u Bel iain limn, uouun.ied tor au Import.ni ..rhee,
had i,:l.-ie,I lu .licker .iud trade tu ,iciili. Illa .lilia
llOB, and yet refuse lo produce lbs letters." Mr. huddle
berger then withdrew au appeal he Had made aud ibo
resoluiiuu wein over.
? ?
W .siiiNuroN, July 10 [Special),?Tho For*
litli-atioh* b.l has been completed by the House (nut.
ii illtre ou A pi pi oprlations. lt appropriate* Tli-'O.OOO;
of which 0100,000 l* for the maintenance uf existing
wm as, and ?.i'i'i.-xi<i :s fur the making uf tesla aud the
prcparaliuti uf plan* fur a modem *y*ieui uf soaooaM
deictic*. Thu part uf the appruprtatiuu I* lu be ex?
pended by a comiulsaluu aompoosd uf five members.
One of those 1* to be an utuoer uf tb. .rtuy, un., an ofticer
nf the navy .nd Hire, are tu b. civilians. One of ihe
t iv,,ian n,em!.ci s i> tu be app.iiui.d by Hm Presldeul of
the lulled Niau*. ?>\n by lue President (pro temi of lite
.-enale .nd the third by Hie Speaker of lbs House. (I ??
i.ti-leiaiuud lb.I lb. appropitallon ls Hie initial tlep to?
ward the ct ry intf uni nf tbe \ i?w* uf >.niue. J. llidem
ll itt MM that a draft of lb. blt! Wa* sn.?nulled lu HI.
"Boara" ot Orayeteuc by rdr.it.mi.il sud tent bena
piora.i it. li ia i ul known wh.lb.r Mr. CiovcUud w.a
Washington, July lt)?lt ii nani tum Rear*
Ailinn ai J. H. Kuasell. who has b ten urdered lu tb. cum
man.t of Bm Beeta Ati.utio at.iiun, wui sOertlf aab io
b. retired und.r tn. turty yeer*' service law, lu
order tu .How Comruodure QOOM to b. pr..moto,l tu the
rank ol r..r admiral prior to tho dal. of his leiir.weut
ll I* unu.reiood that tb. President will m.ke enolbsr
e-ffuri lo secure th. pruuiuilun ut Commodore Truitun lo
tbe teak of icor admiral Ue na. uominaiod as . rsm
pohrun?points or ckiticijim.
Washington, July 10.? li--prcsentntivo Mor
Iroii In hts a -I verne repent upan Mr. Kami ill's Tar:t bill
.1 >.i!' a itt* thu measure severely. Ile eau seo uo mci lt In
lt. lu tho ouurse of his report ho aajai
The bill proposes to remove all internal tates on to
boieee, snuff, and rogan, amounting on the bael.of tea1
year's rec.elp s to BilB.000, nil); on apple, peach and
grope brainy to ifi.loo.ooo; on splrl t for nae lu the
art*, variously estiuia'ed at front B7,000,000 tu
#13,000,000, nod b iieved to be at least $10,0.10,000,
Blabing; iu tue ttgcregttta of Internal reveuue taxes to in.
removed B30.4O0.000. lu tue Hppenltx of estimates,
si .a, io i wini tue titii a* port ot it, tee reduction or
roven ie fruin customs on turi rt tuxes tu te eflecte 1 by it
la act!mated al IB.S70.576, inakJeg tee aggreeatc of pro
jiuse,! rodonttoea a*0.oo*M'00 TaeidltteaorodaeoM
ce sile revell,les, and tip. S' .telll.Mll tli.it lucre wvre no
exceeslre revenues lo be reduced, were submitted to too
iioiiso bjr tue earn, number la tee .asm aol! moeia, if
the st itein.-nt tnat the revenues will not exceed appro?
priations ,ni i tho iistiuiiii s in the bill, Ineludlug lo - if
rec au,,ts fr.uu broody and from sr'nl. for use tn tho arts,
may lie oin lite,I. tim en lOtlUOIlt of lil* bill I,nu a law will
leave tue cm vernen t 018,000,000 short ol tiie sum neoee
rory ta the Bdminbttratmu of tho Ho.erntneBl sud re?
quirement, ul tue public debt authorized ny law, In?
cluding ileitis liic-iiiron by payment cn peootoo* aiioa.ly
allowed, tao validity ol winch wa may not queettoo aod
the payment or wi.nu i* ennuin- i rn oa us in tim oatu wo
have taken to * ipport the Constitution.
Tour fommi.toe unwnlln. t.. cretlit i fiirposo so lack
lim lu patriotism, so forgetful of tin.paulie faith must be?
lieve these inn] other provisions ,of tue lilli to be tbe re?
sult of fiscal distemper, bindaring a mot comprehension
and lute oct, t ti,- .In, .-nt of the -at. ec:, lavin of its
eriect cad purpoae, so for as it baa a purpose utteetiug
the revenue of ino Government, tbe bili ungot weil he
left to that neglect which, no flnotlt. lt wan arpocted to
receive. Hui Ul the hillie that BV0B so UUWI*? it nea.ure
univ open the way for the majority of Ita pled .vs hythe
removal amt reduction ol unaeeoeaary, and teorefore
Un | USt, taxes, ymir cuuuni'tee. report the bill back wilt
tho kt inniien,tallon that lt do inn pass. The hill
emu ku* tue duty or rate of tax un article* yieldin.' leas
thu! one-tenth I * 17,000,0 Mb out of the fl Ul,000,000
roeOtVOf fruin PttBlomO in I KB5. lt InOtOOCm tho* ? which
Vlei,I'd .--I 1, OOO, OOO, lind do, reuses or removes those
wiii. li yield 05, iuo.ooo on the baals ul imports f?.r I ss ,.
It duce nm redam tee revenue from ou??ama 16,570,578
-not at all?bel does increase ltOS.500,000, H.-slde*
the ttrtlcles added to the fr a ll-*r. the duty or import lax
la I since I cm castor beans, castor oil. st nc-h, lr. ii a. ul
steel rails, be nus, girders, lo id and other articles, yield
lug 13,300,000 of revenue, ..n.l the revenue is eurimie,i
on the bin to rall ort in proportion Ui tbe reduced rate of
taxation recommended. The tux oa ali clothing, whether
ot silk, linell, puttee. Of woolieu, an I otter wuulleu
goods, of titi plates, cotton ties, and o-uer .trtieia?i meld?
ing, a< nlreaily stated, s?l 1,000,000, is Increaa -d, and the
leven.in is estimate 1 to fall ol III still ttl-liter propOC
tn.ii than un ai lillies upcu wundi tue rate uf tax is re?
Apparently the MU m. presented In tho belief that a
DOOeOalty estated fur it rn lie tion. n-u of tax-s. lot "f
n venues, Md that desired cud is reached both thro uh
higher Md lower tate-..
Washimit.is, July 10.?The colton retBnu
to the Department nf .itrneuKurn (of July 1 represent
the amp Icu IO fifteen Uay? late, tho low ttroiin.Ie e.iiur
mte-t with the excessive rama of Jane, n general
prevalence of tue aphis in such situ nt ms, ul a
Pring growth Of gmsi aud woe,ts 'fbi drier up andi
show a vigorous pl mt growth, au l la fall handed p on
timon* cleao cultivation. This description WtU apply tu
alltaaBiateaexcept rexao, Arkansas nod Teoaeeeee.
There has lieeti improVOmeal during June tn flies,.
Males and retnt-.'tess on lu tt'l th" inhere, lhere will be
a .a, ul ar. a aban.Inned fr.uu Inability to cunna'
lt and BOUM injury lo piu/ts wll r--s di
Ul Ute process ol clean.og. Ill- reduction 111
, ..nanon i. mainly in North uni Booth Carolina.
Al mama tt id M ssls.ppi. ci.-.,cm tv i, rr ported low I t
.lone. Tho general averege ol co.dlll<m is -n lt wa*
ss 7 OB til" 1st Ol Jiu-. I.i-t y ar lt was ?.?'! in
Joly, a nulli of lour point* during June.
favorable weather In July, with prompt deutrucilou
of W00.1S uaV advance .m lit nm.'' lin luilhi-r tains
urloun-contiuueddrome wo'i-i worksortoua Injorj tu
tba crop H u le a fair pro luci mai y?-t ne posslbl
ni tit. M SBlMippI, ihe cou.luioii ut mat purliuu of lip'
orup ui av lu- considered ?umewn it critical,
I ll- acreage el corn has .tightly il.-c lord in tbe Middle
States uni Iii Mari lan'. Virginia and Month Carellua,
with so,ip- Inerrase In other Suire o, ihe Beut'i,
winch is large-t west of me Miaelatippt. In lb
Ohio Valley the Bereave ls Bearly the .same as
in l",'i, Mest nf tho M'S issippl th. increase t. heivv.
In K i-.sas 30 percent. .Neoiassa lu. Dakota 3d. ibo
neal increaM la ,':j per cent, or about i*.i end . ball
million ..rea. loin I* late on tue Allin ic coast
from wei W'-a lier, cool ni.'iits and sinw certn Balloo.
Tho general average ls yo, agau.ai 04 ia.i year and uti M
Ibe condition of winter wheat ls reported for Ibe
1st of Jniv ut Banbara dtstrtote awl harvested,
.iud lu BoUlberu Mains a* lt app-an-d at the 'n,
ol horveet, r.ie average has decline.I fruin M.7 io Ol J.
Die con.luton ol Spring WBC ?t li is declined iroin its m
admiral ? few month, nco, ?nd. while ht* ???,i...""
Wtt.pe.dlng inj|MB.b.u.be w'alp aeed on,K.\r2
Ut aa tt ooaimodore by oper.Hon nfl.w. TM *??,.?
(lenore, it i. ..id. hM gtvoe .,., opinion that owmTT
c.rtin. loformatlon In the ca.e. be 1* still eligibuVee J*
tlremeat with the Odvaoeod rank. A, ?, '.
armut thirty offleer. of .ubun-lnaie rank mTSSZ br
Ibo failure to di.poae of tm* cms. yea or
PRJtflOX TaTtOn IN TflB ntWATl
Wamiikoton, July 10. Sf natur Blair from
the Committee un Pension., submitted a report' i? tll#
Bennie today on twenty three pension bill* veto* 1 br
the President .nd recommending th.t th* b.li* ,?
passed not wu hstaruliiig lb. Pr.*ldenf? oltjeeti,,,,,'
In reply to a question by Mr. Kenna. Mr. leif atetei
th.t ihe veto me**agt e had been by an argot of tbs ,?&,
millee referred to the member* who bal origin'.,.,, "r#
ported tb. bbl*, lo .ccordauco with thai a. kw ba
m.de thl* report.
Mt. Camden MSl tt paper .igned by himself. M (???.
ijultt. Mr. Wiiaou, of Maryland, and Mr. MUUBetM.
Democratic members uf the Oomaslttea un iv- , ,?,?
denying any knowledge of Mr. P. air's report or ofteO
order referred to. I he report did nut present the v.ewa
of tnecoiniulitee on theae v,-to?d taus. Mt ut,.y tie
view* of Henry W. Hiair. ln? roaeoas eeetgeed by th.
Prealdeut In vetoing each of teem TTTi tipaiaUL |,
their opinion did not call for gross critic.aiu ur Io. -.,.
censure of the Menate. l"
Mr. Hmir.?ked Mr Camden wh.tner any of tb. *a?,
.tura wno nsd slated .hai pap. r bad aX.OUnen Ml 5
the hills either before ur .ter tbe veto, an I be BMWeVli
th- ipies'iim himself by asserting ina' they n tl ii >l
Mr. Kenn, moved thal the rep ,rt. vows of the minor.
? ty end .li me paper* i* lOOemmllted lu tbe (emu,.tte*
un Pension* for co as;,leran,tu tty tb?t cuiuiullte.
Mr. leller sustained tie motion and saul th it tb.
action* of Um commute, in tBe matter WOVO crtaluiv
IrrOM ar. I he veloe* ol tb. Preaideni were MBSiod to
the judgment of me entiie eommlttea m of a Meran*.
If no qoornm could bo obtoiaed tn nttcod te tao moe.
ter the re-pou-ihiiuy *hould re*t with tue eom alllea
Mr. Blair consented to tne roeommittot. and lb. moB
ter was accordingly recommitted, Mr. li air elvia*
notice that he would call it up next tuesday inorumg.
sr.EKINfi MU. BOODaTg Position.
WAgMIVOTOB, July 10.?Thu Al.ibnu.i dc!,,,
gallon to Congress h.* determlnea tu pr-ss th* Claims nf
Captain Matter L. Bragg. . lawyer ot Montgomery. Ala
fur tne place of HuItattor-CteaaraL
KKCEIVINci $210,000 I-f 1118 SI IT mit $2,00.1.0,10
ai; un-- inu MbttrntaB CN'ION COMPANY.
The jnry in thc suit of Oneral .lohn (}.
Farnsworth, aa receiver of tue Banker* and Merchant*'
lelegrapii Coiupau , agaiiitt the Western Delea Tele
grapn Company, In wmch $'J,0(j0,0n? damage* were
claimed for tbe cutting of vite wires of the plain lg
exaotlr one y*?r before. ye*ter1*y br-ught in . v-rttot
in tue Hupreiu* Cum. befor- justice Lawrence, award*
I ,,g $'i 10,I Ol to tue plaintiff 1'ne veriiol WM MOOOteg
at 1- 40 p. in. Wueu tn. co.tr: opened In the na,rung
the jury came into court and auneun,ed
that lt waa impossible tn agree. rae*
rial .tool ll io 1 ail ni gut and many ballot* hat BOM
L..ken witunm uuy change, lu. fud.-e tool team Oma,
laying that tue time of the conn had bSM taken up f ,r
nearly iwo muiitb* willi i..t- co*e uni i?.y
mis' en leavor lu. find a v -riler. Afier the
mami waa announced tho Ju lg- granted aa
extra allowance te the pia ntiti' of .-??j,, ino. Jueaab H.
(hunte, mr the deteiiilaiit, move 1 fur a BOO lr al, v> ,i. a
was deutetL lin tuen asked aui om lined IBO dat*
il'er eutry of (uognieut to make Bad cervo OCneeOO
Henry J. Sehenek for the p'atntiff a.ged for tr ps
tumagee and tate wo. itemed, rae Judge dieceargsd
me jury wini t bau ks for Moir patient laboreeaJ ocdered
.hat they receive extra remtaanmattoe.
Hr. Nurviu Creen, president of the Wettern I'lilon
I'oiupauy, said last nigbl: "Tba verd et wa. not aito
fetbei unexpected after we heard tue Judge'* char.-.-.
that wa* Indeed a surprise to us an t to mir c ansel, wno
.ere ut tue opinion (bat no elc-ineiu or ?allalone
ness bad been brought nut by tb. evidence. I a so
nu uf tb. ..pilli >u tnat tbe depreciation in mo raine nf
be plaintiff** property outside the .-.tate of Mow-Vatk
aoi: i nut U.v. been cnnsideretl not alone no te. iii.n al
.-ronni*, but b-cau-e -toke*, wno ha* a llr*t lien o , lue
udgmeat for 02M.000, oM wOa otena will piont br a
avoialde Verdict, ila* already reaped Hie benefit u t lat
1. predation In tne low prc. at sa
ie ?a* ci..i.i.-.i to punh.-e the property, i s
lewspapera have bad iiltogell.er too tit tic ii to ?aj Inti s
Butter, ant the prejudice which they liave ar.rn-,,I
ig ti ti st us on the part or tbe public ba* Ihrviiab.y i lt l
mood the Jurymen. I be verdi, t is an uutr?geou* I.nure
if J'lstbe. Tbe case will be fought lo the inner til.
I part of the sili.jeol matter of th* ault piut.alnv Coin-,
miler thc jurisdiction ut lite I' dieu st.it>-* Supreme
'uurt, whither lt will bo curried eventually."
?.."TURI TY.
Herbert II. Walker is a lawyer who hus up
?'? it ?-.! mure luau ouc lu tbe United slate* Cou, sa*
5-iiiusel fur Ab tX Kider Stewart, u-.e ul the alleged Bi i*
il Alexander I. stewart, amxaedm stew ir* Bream
/ermuiit. ile baa bal mental breebloa eed bis runt M
iiy share uf the Stewart estate has never BOM BMCM,
Mr, Walker in the Uiest attempts te oblate Boam i art
jf the Stewart property for Alexan ier BtOWCCt baa amt
aub the diibculty that bo did am lur.i-b
my Sattetaetotl undertaking thal MOM
?odd be obtained if Ibe writ wns dec dod
?galesl his clem, and when Hie .lu!... of ii:-i r. .it
Jinn t /iirc-t tel bim to deposit fl,OMI u tbe registry uf
he cou ri lu- apparel, i ly WltbdNW frwSB lb. SOM,
In Lelia If ot es-.lt,lue ll ir.ne U iss.-.i. wu t is itt in ?u
tm M.-s -ie\?art ..n i ll ??ny lint.m, an order wai m.
mined yesterday fi-.uii Judge w*alittce in Me r . t-d
-ta ea Clreuit ('oin In another sim. in nbleb the Indee
irma* Mr, Waiker apprer* Mooan e. rats aetetu.
wa u-ii was begun un June i\ l.broug tin ueof
Jareb Bronana againai William P. binIM, wno
DWUI tue nous- ail lol at Na ll' llt-t
riiirtv-ttltn-'t., which bo beOCBt fruin Ta.
SleWari ia l077, lt was a par: ol tb NUB Itt
alexander I. Stewart, .ml |..i-.,'l to Mra. ? -
art by her I usl.aii.l'a will, .-.itali Bren igb is.ip,,ar i,.,y
? ne or tbe .llegetl relativea of Ur. ?te . ,r: alto live ie
Ireland. Jim ctiun I*nuejeetra iiiauitaiidmirb.be*
.'.ni nu- tbe p irp isc nf testing tbe que) .. , * nib , ,,.
Stewart did le*v. hi. proper r by wal i i hi* wife,
I'Oe def.Udall I mal" BU BIN Url i'-'---ln B WblcB
ie s t>e nial tbe BUIt IC urn I.'at limply too tain -o ., ?
un., ii-. Mis, aiewarl or Henry il lou, and rn M
?I . \V liker's pei ions di tlic title* In obtaining aal Mao
my s. ,',i ny. Judga 'o.ttaee male au urder req'l t rig
Mr. Weiger t > showeeueo any be auould aol exulbtt
wriitou .vtdenoe ol in* an borny to b ;,'i lue tun, .n I
..- compelled o deso.ll *1 I IO rite lb) cur;, eu-.
the uuler ia rel.tia to e uu J tl, LO.
,? ^
AN IM IHMil MUNT ON A Tl U <1 ll A I1!! I'M M'
Qaorga nv. La Rue, i>y Ua attornojra, Bru t??:i
v .suck, obtolood a Mmawirary mioaetwa non Judge
Ad J looa Brawn la i ii.- United State* Circuit Court
yesterday agatnat tbe We.teru ie, r, Compaay- Tbe
-ul' was bruu.li'.on au asaiguiu -n af itu |ta.ut gMUtel
lo Big ir A. hal wants on .lani ny 10. i ?-i, 1
piuveuieiil un MO M ama l-l.giapU aej. eOQ.IMIqg il
sn si liming tor ill ? , iii .1 ins ii p:. .c.s ap . i m ? i : a
lever vibrate* e terateual .pring <w mrtp or nea. tua
patent cl nins I be in vent on of ." COU I IO, i a t . ?
graph kev. of Ute ,ev r fulmlned Ul. Hit r-l'itl
spun.' willi Hie il "pullut -Ci >? I I"." lego, ll ur I. am
p.mi ie o'tb i, ie: mo.oiueutnnd taerotrectitei mi i
i. Hie lu.alon spilug.
rbedefeudeuie auswered tbrougb i; urge r. Barton,
their uiiorii'-y. Ion WooMru Kieotrta Cumpouj bi ??
netted wi:n tbe a/oatoru Union r.d.gr.i.n ? .. ?.
ibo dete .ce wa- thal MO UM I " t ?|.ri(lg wal il a- I uB .us
?son der. " at t le-en I of the line \? :,,-i,? tn- ineaa.l s
ree. veil, and iii il a loll .der ia tnt' .. lelegr.p , ki., - i i
a? is relerre.l to lu the app ic , lo a foi tue pit- ???. a
Browu deeide. tn.i the nae of tb. *utina la tbe -??
? ts is au milihgitiit-.t ot h- BuworwM patoui ,1.1
granted .temporary Injuneti *
HHS OF LBOAI, N'llivs.
Iii the fiT'-c usu-c -nu broaabl ? v. i a
the Panter,' I. ai. atm itu* C sirtBT as n HUM rt ? ri
g. ge iii Si"... naj gif.j by ni. Ka lier ? ml Mttsr. I ? <?
iir tph Co np. iv ls i ni*, i -- < amil* pion ? ? ?> ??
New leise> ivnnsvivanle iBdTi-i.wir. Ju?i ? tu
v,-n-i.i.j gav. ,u i.'.u.-iit lor 11 :? tn. La i
~< c.11 it a ty. while I t. Milt wa. in dlucp-i ?
ani Uerca.nl* pioperiy nuder iorre:e*un "? ibo ? o-.t
Deirtga. >nd 'Ini'in rans* trill Hi ree ?-'. air Itt
tole, los.ee cr a.e dst ;s jut ia . I - ? ... ni
ulm h t 8 coori bO 1- ste li tl v did I i il*
An.tl.cl.iuein w.s giau el ,.-?lt' ?)' J ??
tn u.ir.-ine | mr C'ih.'.-is. MTamsl ter proMjii Of Hate
Hie*., 1. m..mu brought b, h i e.a. Ka ward J Bte*. t>
ie, ,ver *? iHJ:i i n ? iiiamiiB i*>s ?>? ?? a ? I lu*
SI IMB)|B ,S I htvin.' .I I , . .-':'
oe lila n ni- No i.thl Park ave. from I i In* 1 '
SUraoO.1 ouinanv .(loinn'i i? ti ts !.. e? r -'..l-l li
billi r .as ai ma.-el lil- t.-t. ? t . ?
b .nih slice u.y rt.be ea. s. aud he lette Um! .
?hem i a,- io* ' ? i-i tr 0* nay ?o i.uder b ,? ;. ?
Jii.iic ? ii.iii.il .ini.ai-ne i i harte, v Kee ...r rel ?? ??
pas ii .oki tlc- ii i- . in I an-' c i u ci ? the co.a "*?;
iias-iiaoiiue.'1 .,i-?.,-? . - ? _u
ll.es.lufui-ti-.s col'.iel ail dall a.1 ti/ lo ? I.
l'aill.'i. and .caa B ' ' ' ? " . ,'
loieia'ds insiiaic ..i.in.iv betemeB m ?. M,*, aiu -o
rem Oar lrtti'l lae coatpiay unod M la ?
WEAMtet hill.' D Vi III* T*SA*n
Frank Smith, colnteil, in. .un ? iBTolrod i'i :t
quairtl wini iwu of Ina tenants, lloixrl BtUjM ?'-. ?''"^
Hubert Hruce, Jr., at No t->. f\tUSI ik'-.v.s. Br >> ? Bj
)o*ler.lay afiernoai alinut Mott children. Tie t*J
bruce* .Hacked bun, bul being . .rge and puwerful
ame be Brevet! iou mu. n for their Basted raVcm,
Ib.-n tue father nn.l *.>a secured a
PHl.il and batciict ant mule a nnr.ier
?ii? a?sauit upon bim rae etd ma. area teice
HbuV aU uf' wn.cu ^uu., etKc:. a aa l
MmiVh'a heal near t 10 .efl teiti ile, ui,' are
r r. ca l * .b-* ned Me -bird P-ne-raf. ...
arm Wilie the tallier WM I I ' ?tlUg yOUBt Brue. B el
tue ax. ui'uu .-.11110. inllicting aevere wu,id-. Iii- - a
walk was cared wuu blood wtteu Hie po.ice -n.ved
aM taste iee aaaallauta ...... c.tody. Brnltb eiMearrMl
t.t ,-t caMerlne's H..-p.tai and wm greooaoeed toteBf
teJoied hy UM att.'b ?sm surgeon.
i Bart Old in lue ? aii'ouait*. "? * ,' ','. .' .,,,,,".-, ...I
i ,, ... be.i,.cl a.ei ot'. I pl, ?,a ? ? ? ?
'??'io ,.',?> ...itll-tun P len HW*. ? ? ' j
wuVT.AS,B.r.u?etr..tfM:fa '..'i.-'.-:. ' ? \...
"itWbOMUMS^ >? -ri
ZESS? BV*JJMm,i Ww lags *??&*. '"'?
trinuieai l.ibersteU seven v-si * ?? ? *|# l4
? eui tu Hana lu i* ana '" w.
io utr- rn 100? ll' <" -rrl" I ? ^?"^' ' , suter! Il
bathmbaepyalawlill MgjraaB ?*?;'*J?* ,Mllli uk* rt.nl
b*,i tuoliei, . Oft it h., cern* Hunon an l ^'
Md h.* wind hedicU ua tugual i. te**4

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