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yo.-- XLV1..\? 14,515.
kr. matiihav-'-" ii'iii i roi ms skat?oran, a of
un i ai l!. TO un: i hintM . ]
? Lom* -iv. a ? ?-*? H.?Tho batcher's bill ia Belfast
fe al l:*.**t lo may enough te attract sci inns um ice in
England. The reporta published in tbe London
pepsin sm sseopknw as tli*-y sn confused. Thc
Engls.i ntil Irish 11 iv ss slihe Sttsmpl in MIDS
legr.t to turn tbess appalling calamities to party
uses. Tli. y ct rt. linly began wit ii emili.ts between
Catholics and l-Otastonto, hut there ia no saying
which side bogan Iii" hostilities. T!io municipal
authorities a* t'-d sluggishly, not Wisely. I'he police
were had ly boodled?so badly that erodible wit*
Besses now assert that tho police prOToked more
yioieiic** t li- ri they toolled. Ihe animosity
hot aeon thu rioteii eepeciolly, say some accounts,
betweea Protsetanl riotora] anti tho police lias
leoomonaoro deadly tbao that between tho Prot?
estants and the Catholics.
Accusation* nt'* heard against thc Mavor and
ether authoritici nf Belfast Mr. Biggar lo a
characteristic speech pronounces the Mayot chlcily
gmpeooible for tho disoidera Thc Unity Ngtea caf
further book and boldi Lord Randolph Churchill
op for execration M the truo author of all this
bloodshed. MoTortheleoi thu EngUab organ of
1!..-1 Rata describee the eontostlng faction* nt
pelfsel aa toro sets ol BOTogea ami consiaers that
worse things might bappofl foi Belfast aud Ireland
than a little resolute government just now.
The (-ovimh.mut without stopping to as.-* who is
lo blame has aded with energy and decision. It
him neut heavy reinforcements of polico and mil
ttary. I'.e'fast ll now gorrlsoBod by 5,000 troop*,
who saoesod by Incessant vigilance in preventing
further ontbioahn* Experte consider tbst thc
worst i-.over, but acive that it "aili bo tongi befoio
the troops can he withdrawn.
i ..o Intimation wis niven te tbe Umist' of Commons,
Which yesterday ad|onrncd till tho li'th. how
long the FC-sinti woold last. The Titnet to-day
?psahS confidently of tl.e collapse of Co threatened
obstruction on the estimates, but admits that there
nuist be a debate on tho Bellos! riots, probably
Basso vehement than instructive. Its prediction of
a very eliott BSSOlo) ia tiot new, but it makes no
mention of a possible oobceeaioa to tho Oppoaition
lu the sh ipo of aa meeting io November. This if
adopted will be explained an neeessaiy in order to
Hain lime fur passing the new rules of procedure.
L'T.l Randolph Churchill la or lately was, in favor
of this plan. Being the leader of tho Hons" be -Till
have his woj if be porsieta.
The contest in Birmingham between Mr.
Matthews aad Ifr Cook is much the most inter?
esting Incident in politico It bee thonged its cher
otter since Saturday. Tho Radical L'uion wu- then
gappaaod lo be pledged to support Mr. Cooli, whoMn
hie torn woe sappoeed to be pledged te tbe Union?
ists, principles. Mr, Cook subsequently tried to
?Maddie the lenee ogolo as a Qladatooloo, with the
rc*nlt ol Irritating the Radical", who threatened to
vote f"r Mr. Matthews. Birmingham people say
that th'- struggle between Mr. Matt hi ws and Mr.
Cook la also a duel between Mr. Chomhorloln ond
Mr. Behaodbersi Mr. Motthewe's record in tho
nieaiitiiiio is bing overhauled to provo bun a Heme
Kiihr. a (bargoo! which in none of bis vigorous
Bud amusing speeches has he yet taken notice
; Monday's maalfeotoof the National Liberal Fe ,1
ei-.ton had aaoBOthiog to do with the
ohsaas of front in Birmingham. It is in any c.i.to
important as being an oilicial declaration that the
Liberal party has tinally conimltted itself to tlie
I f of J lorin* Kule for Ireland. An explicit denial
of tho pretensions of tho dissentient minority to
iinpt.se their views on the in.ijoritv.of tho party ls
clearly meant as a re spnnsa to Lord Hartliigton's
recent claim of SsaMnaed membership in tho party.
London. In suite of all attempts to keep tho crisis
ali\e, has rapidly relapsed iutoia stagnant Condi?
tion. August is king. Tho streets aro empty. Tho
an On tiy lt lillmg. Half of the theatres aro closed.
Tlie clubs orocli'-ing right and left. Tho House
Ol I ominous made believe to keep open the last two
days .for admitiistoring tho oath. The clnb
bulletin board* were placarded with appeals to
leo sl.itors lo go <iowu and qualify thfiiiscl v ci to
Borve the .--tate. Most of them preferred to ru-h oil
t*> Scotland to qualify themselves fur killing uro use
ti-iti OTOO, wheu the auuual massacre of those in
ti"i int billia 1" ii.us.
'Mr. Gladstone is rusticating with ono of his oldest
adod-ioroaod aoweot knights, sir Algernon Wost,
near (.milord. Tho Liberal leaders with s arcely
ooexceptloo havo lort loora, nos wUl they return
unless compelled by tho prospect, daily diinini.li?
ing, of tho resumption of aotivo humilities on the
meeting of Parliament. Most of the new Ministry
remain in London devoting themselves to master?
ing tiio duties of their ilej-urtiii'nts. This is tho
moro ncc saury sinco tbe majority of them ar*'
wholly non to then Dew others. Mr. Matthews has
bein Ightiag for bia seat at BinaiagbaflB aad hes
won tu Sir Michael Hiehe-Beooh in Dahlia is try
lag to hoop other people fr.-m lighting at Belfast.
Lord Ashbourne, whoso influence in Ir:>*h attain
pei ha ps is ti*it inferior to Sir Michael Hk. s-l'cii' h's,
lo oleo ia Dahlia collecting tho Intent information
?BOOeetiag IriOfe nil'airs for tho I.mi,i-t m.-i'tiiig
n*xt Friday Sn- Michael Hlche-Beoeh aod Lord
Ashbourne will both return on Thursday unless
matters at Belfast get waroo Tho ntajorifv ol theil
colleagues will bu proaool to-niuht ;it the Lord
Mayor's bonqoet to Hot Maleny. Munster _ winni
Loni Salisbury speaks; but he is Botexpected to
say much.
Aini'l tho general duin-ss evin tin- flail of the
King of Portugal prodoood but a aaooll nii|il*i ol en
thtisia*m. I he mool exciting thing about his Stay
iu London wan th" HMM th.it tli>- QoeOW, who liad
been very civil t?> bini al Oeboroe, pat him ap in
Hu.-kingli.i-n 1'alaco instead of Mading him aa
nsilal lo a hotel. The King's visit has BOBO is ililli
an it baa b.-oii brief. Ho arrived on Saturday ami
lelt London yest. r*luy afternoon for Copeobacen.
Tho interval Was chiefly ui' Bpied in receiving and
rct'irmng calls from other riyilties, going t<?
church, and visiting tho Colonial Lxliibtlon three
tillie** and tho Zoological Hardens onie. The
Comte ile Tans, WOO is now ... lor lh< Highlands,
whore Le takes large shootings, wau one ol the lirst
nallan ea the King. Tho seventy of tho Kings
atti'iidatico at the Colonial Inhibition was mitigot
e*i by ono eve ung at tho Savoy 'J beatie to ,sc<- tba
? Mikado." Kuli royal hon* ra were paul to his Maj?
esty on his arrival ami deoartaiO, the Life Huards
escorting him and the Grenadier Ooorda reeeivins
bim. Sir Edward Watti a, who never mi .sc. a
chance of doini! hom,uo lo royalty, native ot for?
eign, saw him oil yesterday as chairman of tho
Southeastern Ballway, by whi< h the King travelled
to Sheerness, wh. ie lie embarked on a royal yoebj
tor 1 lushing. Loudon crowds have gathered
wherever tho King Wns expected, grateful to lum
foi supplying a little mild excitement.
lu theabsenceof moroburiiliigquestions, tho [irene
have taken up the outside artists' protest against
Ihe Hoya! Academy. The lotter ol Messrs. Clausen,
Crane and Holman Hunt ls one step lurther in tho
agitation against the stubborn policy in which tho
Academy, in spite of tbe ellorla of Air Frederich
Leighton and other leading mouthers, persists. Tbs
maj..rity, reckless of everything but their own in?
lett -ste. voted down the recent proposal of very
moderate reforms. They aro determined that the
Academy shall remain a big shop f?r selling their
own Beetaloo What the reformers mean is to
coomel thia body to chooso between a pu ni lc and
private character. It now successfully claims tho
privilege*of tho one and the exemptions of tbe other.
More Important to the public ls the refusal of the
Court of Queen . Hench to issue the injunction
applied for by Kir William Armstrong and oih. ra to
prevent Jk* Admiralty amt Hartet.nurds Gantt* from
continuing to publish charges against the plointllla
? bile tbo action for libel is pending. The court
Jar (Iowa iu vary strong teriua tbe tight and duty
of journalists to niako such charges if true in sub?
stance. The main chargois that tho Armstrong
Company aro members of a ring which by collusion
with the Ordnance Deportment Induced the Gov?
ernment to accept poor guns. If tho charge is false
the plalntilla have n remedy lo damagea This ls
hut one niti'lctit of a great controversy in which
tho Ordnance Department la pul units defence
against detailed eh argea of incompetence and eor
The Dowager Countess of Airlie, with ber daugh?
ter Lady Griselda ogilvy, will sail to-morrow on
lbs Britannic for Now-York, whence they will pro*
eeed to Colorado to bo present at the marriage of
La ly Maud Ogilvy next month. a w. s.
fi; mast, Aug. ll?Midnight.?The city is
BOBT tratirpiil. Detectives SN watching suspected aell
cmof Ilreiiriiis. A petition, which has received numer?
ous llfOatoree, lins been handed io lha Mayor, demand
mg iho appointment of a royal commission tn Investi?
gate utul re perl upon the raines ut tho disorders which
have occurrod hero slnco Juno.
John MatoOOB died la a hospital boro to-dny from a
gunshot wound received In the recent riots. Tho man
who wns Willed willie in the Catholic cemetery pester
day attending the fcnertil of a victim of inst week's
rioting mid was supplied to have boen shot by tlie
police was lnveitliallon shows, killel willi a pitchfork
hy a mau now under arrest.
London, Ani?. ll.?Tho Marquis of Snlis
uiirr to-day received a deputation of imperial Fedora*
tloins.:-t. whe called upon him lo unto the appointment
of o Beyal comm Issi oo ortho summoning of a coater*.
euee to liiijuire tutu the Licet means of BOCOflnpltahlBg a
closer ic etrtiii.ii of the states eompoeloa. tho lit'ltlsli
Empire. Tho Marquis of Hallelmry ssld lt v.ou! I he
diiik-u't to overrate tho Importaaoe sf the subject, and
promlssd to consider carefully the sugge-dlon" nude i>y
the deputation, with tha exception of obs to ths effect
that the tiiiveriitiient should enter Inti negotiations
with Germany for tho evacuation by the hitter Power of
N-w-iiuhioa uml France fm- tlie BVBcoatten of Sew*
Caledonia. Thissaasestion, lha Premier said, was out
mde ut practical politics.
LoxdoXi Aug. ll.?Viole! Cameron, tin
nctrois, to-day aske 1 IbeI'.iurt to IBBOS aa ur ler rc*
straining her husband, Dari i Debeoaaade, from molest*
tubber pending thereenltof tier petition for divorce.
-he alleged tL.it ho threatened to shoot sui stab her.
Mr. Debeaeaodc tier.i"ti his wife-* allegations, m.i iii*
Court refosed ber petition. Mr. Debensands then sn*
mimiced an Intention to petition tor a diroree I.
Violet Cameron ob ths ground tbat shs hal been cul .
of adultery with Lord Lonsdale, who li t rarellng wlin
her as Baaaelal agent or her theatrical company.
Mt. Debenaande will n*k to he awarded ibo custody ni
mus Cameron's ou.y child,
Pi* hun, Aug. ll.?Tho Dungannon Patriotic
Union will send a deputation of Loyalist orators tithe
Dolled -Mutes and Canada to ad ires* public Beelines
ti.tu ifc-ii'int both eoontrles la Hie Interest af tin* Irish
opposition to Home Bale. 'Hi" orators will 1 "av lr -
land st soon as Parliament adjourns In tli- tail, ..ni
inn..rik- t.'n-ni wt.i ba Major v. J. '- mi len --i. Tory nu..
her of Parbament lor >.irth Armagh, and Mi. R ll 1 -..
Berlins Auc l l.-l "nit* il Statis Minister
PeodMoa has rsoelved a (arloush fr un ins Oorern
meat. Ile will go to Switzerland. ills dangbtel
recovered from Hie Illness and prostr ttioti BBSUIBS from
her ninttier'i tr.i.ic death In Central Park, N- w*York.
Chapman Co emaa, I ir?t Secretary oi lbs *. ,
Leaatlon, will eosdoet tho businssi ef iho ottico 'i-.iri!,g
Mr. l'euU.etou s abst-nce.
Dublin, Aug. H.?-The Longford Board ol
Qaardiani has adapted rasolflUoB* denouncing flvo
loee) lead! irds for ihe heartless eviction of Qfty-eu
families. The sctloB of tue laBdlords, Ihe resolotloBt
say, ls aneriiia'ii'- to organized attempt* to ere ito dis?
orders ant eiitats m a peaceable country, tb* lan ll
kaowtng that ll ls Impossible for teaants to :?*)- rv>h
rKtita. Thc beard asks tbs Government lo lass inime
(itote eocii. .nice of the landlords' action. In ?ri.-r t.<
bmvcbiwholesale panpensm ami t;,i deportation ef
largs namban sf u.e people et iri-ian l.
Dublin, Aug. ll.? -Sit mea wire killed by
the collapse of a rall-, iy tunnel m pi IBS ss if COBS!
Hon al New- Hos. to il ip.
London, Au?_. h.?a sensation haa been
saosed by tbe etalomeata mada la oouri to-day In con?
nection with the affairs of the Huton Sled leal snd Q IB*
eral Assurance Aseoolatleo. a nearing on a petition tc
wind up iiii bualues* of Hie essoelBtlon was in progress
aad in the eooree of the proeeedlags tbe Jades stated
that the fal urn of the com-nm uis 'lin to defalcations
wbleb woold eseeed $500,000. Be declared that ev* ry
elturt would Le male tu un? irtli and punish tl.e mis?
creants who had caused tito i um of thu association.
? ? ?
Birminoham, Aug. 11.?Mr. Matthews, Home
Hecrotary, w,*? re-elect' d to tlie II.imo of Commoas
lol List liirtnniirbaiii w thont opposition. The 1.literals
at the lasi moment witnlrew tiiHr cairlidvte. Alderman
Cook, leaving th*t fled clear for Mr. Matthews. AU Hie
BOW Ministers have now been ra BlBBtBd lo Ibu Beuao
of Commons?cvnry one u-ioppiis."i. |>aa Withdrawal of
Alderman cook ,'ro-u lbs eontesl an nst Mr. M.itt:,nw*
ts said to he Inn to tun Its Heal Union's opposition,
rouseil bjr Mr. Cook's serrespondence witt* arihur
Chamberlain, brother of lbs Radical leader.
l. .1. ni, Ano. ii. i--'-.
EXCITCMCT is Tit;--T-iv -Vivlc-s frotn Tien -Tsui
(av thai ur-at i'n- lament pru vail* there orer tha report
that the Island of Laseron, lu tho rac.Ile Ocean, has neon
occupied ny Kassia.
Viscu-vt Wauki'-i.! -. -sir Richard Croea trues the
ti i.- of Vis* ...ii. t Warru., ton.
I.lHKHAl. ITmOM Wini L -Lord I. lw ird Cavendish and
W. e. ( ainu Hiv* bena appointed party Whipc hythe
Liberal t'lil'tnis's.
Wnmsss at Cbbsb.- lotbs Ceoaties Chace CoBgres*
Hum won tlrst prise, Bsallopp second, sod Zukertort
atxl Oaasbera d' vi* in. I t .1; i and loorlh prise _ . i
others are placed la tbe foliowtna order: Bird, raaben
liaus, I'oilur k, Thorol 1, ll.ii.ii.no ml llyi. I.
lm. 1 ii. i.ii-rn sm vi i.i n 11. bi rr.?fha motion in heh ali
al I.iiii'-- Oordun Ben o-'t lo dismiss tim recent a war i bj
tile **iierlirs Jury of S'iA, OOO Unities agalml him in the
siiiiforlib.il by Cy in* IV. Ifield, os lbs mound ..flack al
lm ladlettoe by Um ooort beeaaae of Boa domicile on lha
part of tba defen laat, ate., was Braned le day, pr. i.
clpaiiy on technical rrunatla. So uni ison was reached
and the case was adjourned until tn-ii,oi row.
? ?- ?
HatanAi Am,'. 7.?A peal sensation baa
liecn caused here hy th- dlSOOVOI , nf a daOell of BOOBt
01,000,000 la the funtls In charge et tim PnbllC Debt
Board. Hie Geveruor_i moral is doing in* utmost io
linc.., oi thc guilty pera aaa
rOMBSTOlsE, Ariz., kttg, ll. ?News iroa
hfooahl hare Ihli aftaraoon irom Pori Moaeboea that
Mortoane Sbtb disarmsil Lawtoa'i eemmaad and taa*.u
ihe pally pilsouers.
li Kid.iv, Aug. ll.-A moven,,ni ls on loot for the
oreetlofl of a manum -nt to Blaeher, ibo celebrated Prue
mau general, al I aub,
Naii.i s. Auk. 11.?'ibo fu.icr.tl of the poet and patriot
Maroobi dil wa* odd ie dsy.
Basans, AOC 11. Mun-. M.i.ute ll.mk sail id linne.>
on ihe slnamnr Bider to-day for .N.-w-V.tik. ^-hn nus
lbs oaeet of tho Oraad Duebeea ol Bazoay at Weimar
last week.
OOBOTASlTllfOPLB, Au?. ll. ? I'nl'ed Ht.ites Minister
Cox ba* protestsd to Hid Turin nitnli st the action of the
Syrian aulkarttlas m alosiBg ino American M.ssiou
behool tn Sj ria.
Nam r, Aug. H.?A Inirrlcaiie swept orcr this town
to-day tloluK tuiiueiiHt* ditiii a-'**. (Juc -..inr uas ki,md
and many persons wero Injured.
Bl in IN. Auk. ll? Prussia anl tim Vatican have
signed % convention IcruiliiaHinr tbs milgi*.us conlrn
veray between Hiern aa far as ll related le all SBCOOdary
matters, ami regui.tlliiK tim piWBeBtatlOB of beueflcat
and iippollitlllt'Uits l'> ft*-.e.:..**.i a. -i inn.ail'-** within
the Kingdom of Prussia.
Itnr?sf-i s, Aui{. 11.? O-iear Ka'ti'iir, snrretary of the
Olaasworkera. A*sociaii'*u, and BeBuiidt, bub of ins com
paulo!** lu the sttlkt-rs' riots, wore I*.-.lay bulli em?
il em n ed to twenty years penal MrTllOdS for leading tba
atiaelc on the llauunaux Ulasswork*, which Wero .!??
airoyod during ib?* riots al Cb.trlcroi.
YoL'NGSTtAVN, Oiiid, Auk. ll (special!.?Al
the ll -.ullin an (.'onxr^tsltitial ( iinveutloii held lu
Warren to-day, Juilge Kara ll. Taylor was unanimous.y
renominated The district ls the olin thal was rr pre?
sented by President (iarllenl for many years, Ju lue
lar lor succeediug bini uu his elevation io me i'i esl
PiihiiKiticK-iiriia, Va., Aug. H.?The l.emocratio
Pea realise of tho 1st ?inttBia Disiftet ie sassies yes?
terday at TappoOaaBoek, rsaoalaated Hwmas OexteB
!or ( oiiKie**.
ti>c:N.sAii, Auk. ll.-:ht nun'* Chlllleelbe dmpatcu
siys : The P.-tnoerat* f'f Ihe Xllt'.i Congres.ional Dis?
trict to-day nominated Oeaeral Jame* ^\?. Hoover.
NEWPORT) H. L, Aug. ll [Special'.?Tho rai't"
from Vineyard Haven to Hus port to-dav promised at
Itrst to bs Hie meet Interesting run of the cruise, but Hie
fog spoiled lt. When Commodore Gerty signalled to ucl
BOder way for Newport this morning a stttT breeze was
blowing from tho southwest, and ths weather was thick,
(inly a portion of tbo fleet hoisted the answering BBB*
naut. Tho reit I in uo the red-and-whito flag signifying
leovo of abeeoee ta reqoasts _ Tbe fog gave evidence
of lifting, sud tlie reeSag wind eave prentiss of a thrash
to windward to Newport. At 0 o'c'ock tlie I'.teetra was
off the w.st chop Light and signalled ths yactitsto start.
The yarbu went oTer miler shortened sall, the Priscilla
having o reefed mainsail. Tbey crosio I the line In the
following oriert Wanderer, Paoay. Dauntless, Port*
tan, Mayflower, Mentaak, Atlantic, Crusader,
tirade, Halcyon, Vivid, Dreon'oa _fbf. Miranda,
Athlon, Bsebea, and Prteettlo. The wind
wan strong SBOBgh to make thi old I-autitl.?n bury lier
lee rall In the foam ami to causa tho Sachem to house
her (Bretepmaat* It wa* nearly IO o'clock when the
last boat crossed tho line and at IO: IS a dense fog
chisel tlown abutting out all view of the racers. At
the same tltno the wind began lo moderate and all hopes
of a lively race were dashed. The yacht* were groping
their way toward Newport an 1 lt was uot until Uren
ton's Rael was reached that tue fog lifted. The Electra
h ul not long dropped alienor iBSlde Bl (io.at Island when
Hie towering sails of the Mayflower were seen coming In
by way of Tort A I un*. Gradually time of the other
yachts came ttrSBYllBg n. Tbs 'I ij-11 liver nportO I th it
alie ti.id sighted Ibe Puritan in the fog off the Bow sa I
Pigs Lightship sb l that ?lm bad -put back to Namban.
Tl " - ichem passed laslds el Brenton's Beef Lightship
Ib eomtBglato harbor Instead of ontelde ,a* lbs other
yachts did Altogether lt wai tho must BBsattsfhciory
run of the emt .e. bal ?* neus! the Mayflower wai ahead.
Tho following toole glrea lbs actual results:
-? ll" 'M.I. .
Nea . Star! rn sh. i.i ;.-nt ttu-n
.,' li! ll 8 111 .".tl 6 81 1"
M ti' ml; . ' n I'l |S ;, in *.'?
Miranda . ? i" '" s i'i M fi ' '? '"
1. ? . ? ul . ?; go
.-.?? n li '.o
\. ind* n :.B 15.00 ;, bi) IC t
. .?,! ,
Mayflower. BS8 40 StSdrlM r, lo '.'"
. SI: 1.1 & .11 I
.-.? - " ii a- in i. : ?
i'.i..ny.9 20Ad .. 1 . .
Tobi Um B toben carri m od lha bon irs ia v.,c schooner
elias, beating tbs Montsuk 19 minnies 33 s.inda I
Mayflower >* agaiB s winner, beating tba mantle til
minutes 43 seconds, rbe total eenrss was abiut forty
Tim Bael disban I id lo-t - ? wa i"
m.my respcets the in itsnecessfa the club eyer hedi
and tho snsrgy sod ability "f Commodore Gorry Ib
managing ll have been con iplouous. ILefollo
was r.*??.%?? i !./ ths Coimuodurs on t... .itu..*, bare
to l iy :
Ki a roar, Ang, n, I
Acting for snbtserltiera we have tba honor lo inform
ymi lhat I ns of Ni wpoi t dialie to
New-YorkY icht Club a , raine ol |l,n xi
to be sailed for In t r >t t" i ifter I s International
t.i't-s -.ii aeptember. Ii is desired tbst tim .intai.s of Hm
-ii tesl ? a ni ts of lbs Cot ol I ?
N,.n.\ tbs rs ? v-r i St
rt >rt .?om .n a., i ibal it h ? open lo Ihe J nell's uf the
York C nb indi
ihn members of I ? s their war ci*ar to
accept ibis oil ? part of tbs cit i jens of i -
1 . I'. Lil Kl I I*"--.
Pb?m* ? ?. Il
' ll. I 1,1'T.
J os j. Cari r.
Ths I i ' * ' ..'..- mr tu Via
Haren wbea | ?' ??** it at 5::ii) ans came la hy
To . A tam* BB t ;r.*p;. ? : .
tta meeting of captains so bosrl tim i! ,^-.iti,. . ?
' V log t I Ult! WSS I
Nnwport tha ' ?f a f 1,00*1
rim matter ? , V , ?
? i regal ir n st
I ne Prise . * .? (? p ? ,i ?.... ?<? \ \g ...
yt, ita as at i rs
Geneva, N. v.. Antr. ll.?A -t.nm from the
northwest iwepi over tinners between Hand 7 o'clock
ths ev mag .,!?' umoanled hy beary ram nod h ill. M my
if"* wi r? uprooted sui the streets were strewn wltb
s an n..ii ..-?!?? i two-storyframs boumon Xortb
':?"..:. w ii mort t *ii fn.-t from its lo tndatl m. lt top*
-,.. i ural si i * ,? i..... wt? 'h* l. i i i a
partly unroofed aad many eblmneyi wera blowa I
KuaiBBTr.it, Inc ll. tl ni i o'olo kthisafternooe
a itorn . ? lo the not tb * t ol I
w iii mme thins Hhs t is Sr.-e nf a tot ? i >. i , - ? . la
wera genoa, rheralnftll waa tba heaviest expci
here In many yeera, ii >ll ' :-i > ? . i . .
t.i -. ai. t ? .. . . .. ?:-??-. ,,, . * ., i i tbs streets . m
' ' - imagi wa?
* ?? I iy the < lowing of sewers.
in iiM.iM'. v. . Au.'. 11. Uses night thara waa a t?r
rino rainstorm on tbe lina of the Petersburg ead \v ?'.
don Railroad. \ waterspout peeeed evei sod horst ss
it reaobad the ra Iraed it mi.t lu ii i re* k,tbs Imi
volume of water iweeptna away s long stretch ?r tl a kt
a: i the stone abutments of ibe r in bri ic* spanning tbs
creek. This morning toe through train from lh? Routh
dashed Into ibe waab mt, earryina .i>wn tim angina and
several ear*, rbe noglneer escaped with a few bruises
and BO Other person wat hurt.
? ?
Jill. I HIE Ul: I UKO.
Ni.wm ;;... N. Y? kag. U.-Uio lILIil .ml
Woo len "d: !. owne.l njr Miss . A. Haigh, and ?BBBged
by her fafier, as-Ai lermao Edward Haigh, fa* buraed
lastalgbt. Tbe loss ls #10,000; Insnrguos fi i,0 H.
Hil". I, I.. . Mas., All*, ll I.ia nv,i ttory noni.Il
business building Bt Malu anl Mouth st!., COatpello,
..I sd by Martin i. Keith, ef Booton, waa deetroyed bf
1 ..-?*. -1 ii.iiiiii ; oovered by itisuran
me ai Hanlin,
???... r.-.o.-, -un. il.-i'll, l nun il.hmo ai ll.ir.llll,
I lu'I n ( ..un!,. *i< deetroyed bj Mr.* last -linday night.
aii of nm roanty records were deetroyed, I ll" I.ms lu
Incalculable, and much litigation l? inti, patr.i tn roo
sequence thereof, Tbe Bra fa sappoeed to bare boen sf
i . , I..liar) origin.
(iakvii.ii. ont, Aug. 11.?Ti.e Barns an the farm of
Mr- taroo Oliphant bare been deetroyed by Sra, Loss
ab.f.'.'iii'i; I usu red In nm Weetara.
North i:i*m"'I"V, Vt. Aug. IL?Several bandings
bb lbs priio-ie *i itreel ?.f tala town were barned this
erealng, lorolvlngaloaaol -??<? <??>??; lasoraai e. ?_.i .mu.
Amoag ibe bul dinga w< r>* Wai worth A Keener's bio i*?
and Masonic Mall.
ULT STB M (Hil . Mi ll . A lg. 1 I
DEC LA li I ll IS SA SE BI A JI'li V.
('nit A'.'*, An;-'. 1 I.? Iii*- invo.mililli.iii sa ID
tba iBeaalty of li . lory 0*BiIob waa oeBOladed te toe
(milly Court to-lay. Mrs. ii'llrbu was anni l" BB
a-} nun IWo WaohS ago, au.l Soiiu* of mr rrn.il ls obta.in.d
a Mhearlos ol the gronnd that sba bad heel declared
luaaue owing lo wrongful testiniOBy glrea ny hot- sos
band and children. Hbo is said to have fallea imir toa
largsaatate In Australia, iii" jurr fonud that Mrs.
U'Brien wa* Inaaae, that her msaaity was ? >! > ..;?'.
Iiionlha' dur illon. ml "Hull t *a* 'Inn In faill.lv dis
Sfnaioas, nm ,ie an of hoi soo,and anaataral bm sub
pabla treatment on tn** pan "f her husband ami etiii
iii.-ii.'' Everybody was surprised, and the .lu.tito char?
acterized if aa ibn moat reoiarsnl.le verdtet ne hil oral
beard, bul Iho decision ol lha buy was duly recorded
nm UM pn .oner tar.rn baeS i.t ja I.
AFRAID TO TBUSI I ni; '.'iVi.i:\Mi:\T.
Si. I'll I. M Mi tug ll.?A I.nun ...ii. M.,ii.. dis
1.li lo The Ci neer Pr*ut a . ' tsi'oii r*-aa haa made no
.lj.|.l..|.l|.ill"li topsy till .aiil.'i nt Iii. -ii|? | mill,, a.,I ,t
i.-ii..-- -ni" i'ark ami his aaalntant, Huperlatoudent Is'lei
?aj i thal b'- ?ui buamdbiu ly r* sign
(?ii.M-'i.iililM. ti\ nu. JTORAUB kATRS,
i-i 11 .tn it.. \'i- 11 i.<".i'ii. vsihi- i, .ut ot ii confer
,.,.,. ,,i i ni i ?!*, n |,i. -i iii.ii ;\, - ot Um* Mea Vork, Oil rity,
i-i , ... 1.1 .,i il imi -imi- pel.un cirliangna bav? rm*|ueaU*.l
|n|,i lm. ..m. .air. to n_ui_ I..*- "I".', iii* mi.-, ii ..ni .mi lo 40
..nl-i Hi. |.i|? I'll'- 1" "I'l" '?' 'll ...hm.I. r H.. mall. I nu ney
t. ?,,?r 1. lt la alaine! rertata thal Um requeal will b<
oiiti.Ai'i i nu... Aug li ..'ii'i'i. M Uavu Pagi* took poa
,,r ii,.- --nil i ii li is tat. ? 11 in u ry la tbla < t. lo-day
i in ii-in mi: ..in. mi ^ii Kysi.-r, baa during bia lutumb.-mj
han ll.-I I a. ult Iniiiilp <l iinllioii. ii. , I,,11.ii a, au.l BVerj I" BB)
ol nu., rael -.tim has b* mb sallafa. nany aorouatad for.
i,i il.lt IH-t tiVi-.UKI* IX . l-u:i?X.-IX.
Kaiki iim. O'le.. hog, ii ii.?-i? laaoowaxcltei.I herc,
eau*. .1 in tin- i .'ni.m. i. "( specnu.iiis ..! K".t whu-b were
.li... mri. .I seVent] tl.e nilli i iioitli o! hi-lo, and t* lill 1. .-? **
fSU I*. Uh- Iou
KILLED will! I TRI IMO l"0 IX'Al'K.
nxiau i. Atti- ii \ dlayatrh Aroa Aaamoaa. Iowa, says i
" I eur convlcla made au attempt t.? ?-. ap* from lae Iowa
P.'iiit.-ntiaiy it Ananioaa laal Dight Patblj llyaa alio wal
sci * in s six j. ars term, **- UisUatlv killed ti) inc ? i ?' la,
. .!..? eliot tim.ucti Uie heart Mit. in.n, abo mut-.. i.-.t rhum
.ii.ih.,, .-ii ? i .isr itapi.is ona year aao,aad was
?ervlog a Hie ?.?iii.ii.-'. ?,. .inn in tim lag; which will have
ton. amputated uni ll le thought ba wlM dS, Ona Lankeua,
srri!n*< i? ii fears foi wariler, *?n- dana* i""-i* wounded.
Ii,.ut mn.-/ -.-nt ap tr.. ,i .iinii-- Count) oi rta leva f toto,
lot uiui'ltr. aacaped uliban, bal v/a, iLtAUUltaa."
CORRUPT i.i: n ki;t
POI months ? si:vs itioxai. DIB*
There is littln doubt thal the moment sci, ..cd by tho
Dtetnot-Attorney as the proper time to oi'feat Cobs
nus -oner Sijuiie ntnl Mauri.v B, Flynn WOS not an BO*
lil'-ut. Thara an thees who deolan that it ?**??*? eon*
fniijr ami deliberately afoot tx aod that it was so timed
aa to fa tecropt tho toaHmooj offend in tho beoriag bo.
foic tho .Mayor In defence of Cominis nioner Squire. Of
goona it waa laipoealtilo bc Mr, strahan to no on wheo
it WM dt-tinilely ascertained that ladietUMatS hud heeii
foiiiiil agates! Flynn nnd his client. Aooordlog to
?OOM Win men .-ihout tho ('itv Hull, it was arranged be?
tween Major QraeeaodDistriot-Attoroey Martina thal
they were lo allow the defoooe tu o|"-n ntnl Sipiirc to
go00 tlie stand nnd testify nulli"!-idly to disclose to
thom the nature of hi.* dcfcii'-e. Hut when ho had j<ot
that far, ba was lo ba arrested. Tho arrest, lt wiu* be
lieved, woold nqoin Mr. Btrahon to call a halt. Ho
woold probably not d. wire to ju oa and show his eaton
hand. The Major woald magnanimously fay that ho
njiiuei iated th" poeltlon of Mr. Iq0in_ counsel nnd
waa not diapoeed to coerce them to proceed with this
baal log in rlew of tho criminal prooeodtego. Bj fol*
lowfag mit tl is neatly Brnaged scheme. Mr. Martino.
woald lenin enough of tho defence to eaablc him to
prepan for mei Usg it and tlie Major would be saved
the exposures wbloh Mr. Strahan had so distinctly
promleed would be made al bia expenae,
Whether or not this was, ;u. Squire's friend, aaaert, n
delila -lately Bottled - lu ni", it ivan, Bl all event.*,
carried oat to tbe letter, Sqatn told ootbowitoen
ginini nil tbat WMoeeeaurj tor Mr. Martine to know
in order to study up every question of law likely to he
raised ia neb a ease, and to sn all the strong ood
weah points of the defence, Bal at that point the
arrests took place. Mr. Strahan wai (breed to ask for
u H'M" m.n.. :,t ..i.d il,.- prosecuting lawyers offered t."
objection, but on Ihe contrary said that they woold
be glad to accommodate him. Flynn waa not allowed
lo .i'i "ii the rt.m.i anl deny Chamberlain Irina's ste*
gular storj of the confidence reposed in bim bj tin- aa.
? i . ! the ? ?," lous Flynn. Deputy
? aa u"t permitted to tell a dunl?
in to li ive nu Ins tongue _ ??? d
i,,i Maj '? '-!" Befit, Judge iii: li roleen waa
nol sllowt Ito orroborate Squire nod Impeach Thomp?
son, If :.'?? Ivins story ol Th om peon's dlaclosuree be
: .. i I extent >.i this ble shad ? is onlj i' ali* 'I
'?.'.??' ir ug a.in
Squire's ci inter disclosures will ncvei be known. .Mr.
1 thal I'l-i.i.i- the hi aring wa?
il, eu- M yor 11 raoe would be tbe moat Injured man ol
all. Hut tb i eau never oome ont In a court
,: l . . art not e. id* nee I Mr. Strahan
adopted scour** ? b in the i li irgs shoal tbe letter wm
ichi '1 whlob I li mi i ian ri e, bal is now
1,1..; !:;?? Mayor be
d li thi icttled by thc ( oart of
.>.;.,.. i . :!. . -..i.iring WM ,i e. .url ol 1.. I ID B I.i. li
;.? ru: ? iiiu-i obi .i i : thal h. lighting tba
lai,., , Mr. Squire's ? - duel be had
ion Ute applicatioB ol tboae rules j that none
!? it* r thin tb* rn ? ' | i-i- thal tbey
bad i ?? righi lo p il an against Sqwrs whal
? il Mr. Spell or anybody elae ualeee the
..... ? bat ? ' -it ;. .-I laetruete 1
H | noevidenee
\?,r,., | | ibjeot nt'tl a Hytiti
taltai i Ir. Squirt wanta1 wm
th sbo il.i come eat, ?? S *." praoeed*
.1 Mr. Strahan, ""you can pul In ali tia -taff aad
t;.i!!..i,'e you ilk.- and you will boar no word of
from m.-."
Iiii,, r, lui ofter anased ths Mayer and - Crtlsen "'
Miller. Bul rithonl peel >| boanth Mr. Btrabaa's
trunk and Ingenuooa exterior, thej fell Into (us trap.
Iii- Mb* bm s i- t" pl iee them ta * ? m thal
tbey woald aol dareoppos* him when his turo mme.
li be Iel tl" ni pal la everj Uod of Inadmlselbls
? 1 nol be an) li
. i part, ? r if Ibey dbl be .lld appeal t.. tba
.- | , ?? V. . ,t a -,????? ls then men urn
I ot tbemaelveal We did aol sppply t!io
I vina, Speir and Joha O'Briea tobi's meei
,,i-tull v. hl'h bo t-o'irt ni la ?? *-' -I admit. On the
irj. we gate them a : :i rein. Butnowthey
dan aol bnr tbe itory we can tell. They apply the
(Sag.-1 lu order to Da them firmly In this trap he
-. ?] bow ai"! them t" toms lice of < I se. Theo
- i nw u" llilier. with an air "i being vastly ol
woiil.l sat : " I- Ibis tbe waj yon kc n your word I'
li .Mr Mi.il -.ii had put tl" language tn bia mouth, lt
,..ni.I not lune suited bira,better, Ile would reply:
...Ml ii I,; ; pvc me four seem ance that Hus
irideuc ha-, -'ii"- I"-*!. g "inti" latter, and 1 will
aitlidraa tbe objection." Millei would pr.ptli
give it and btrahaa m..nhl eubeide, laughing lu bia
sleeve ut tie situation lu wbleb ne bud placed thc
tl ...t .liol the ?? i itizen.**
(eenrding to the know m-: on* -. il wm winn Meaara,
ni..ind MiM.-r Snail] discovered the little game
that had bean played on thom tbal Ihey arranged with
Mr. Marti. lo time bia arreats aa to foroetall thc
defence'! dbw los iroa. Bil ce tli ? sdii urnmi rn I olo ? 1
liiK.i>..il, Mr. Newoombe uml Mr. Strahan bava
h. .-ii in consultation m to tbe wisdom of proceeding
niih the bearing, Tbe decialon r.-ts with Hi-u*.
hal Colonel lugentoll is sud lo advine againat it, on
tl,.- ground thal they have told enough *'i th. ir
defence lo Mr. .Martin.' alr.n.i v. and thal il ?OUld UOl
I., aiae to le! Mr. FIj.ll Us story at this tincture.
Ile urges thal a enge ia Ieee Imi ortant than salety.
A peraon Uitimatafj connected with tbe dotenre told
. I, hum reporter U-t night thal had Squires
ilifiiic- not lu. n Inletrupted ri would have l?'n
r. aiilmg. " lt might not nave savtd Squire,M be said,
? butll would have pul brace in Ibo worat possible
I. M. li the ( i.uiini.ner had gone down he would
have pulled Hi- M lyor with hun. Tm TiiiUl'M ,, I
-..-. hiii^h- ni Squire'salorj and s..\stt,ut nobody will
h. h.-it-it. liiii'- all right, bal 1 koow rt to be traa,
?? ||.*?r "lu yon know I"
?* lluhert O. Thompson told me e... I should have
h..ii called by biraban, If tbe Bearing had gono on,
and mn aummoned io attend to-morrow, I don't
I,!,., tv whether or not they have df elded to go on with
the eaae, bul I think tbej have. Squire ie WJ suxlous
Ul ., .Veil, M I WM sating, I WM IO be B WitUCM
and ??*- lo 1*11 ni an intel rlew I had ?? llb I hompaon
laal 11.-man. Il.ul lot. ju--t after >lc< urtu*, a
ilb-cbarge from tl"- dopartawot ll*-wae Bbeolntelv
iiii'i.n. Ile aaked bm whether I wm gong to stood
l.v lum or Squire. I rather eraded the question,
u huh did not muk.' him any pleasanter. I inn ho
pureed Squire from too to bottom. 'YU mm him. be
nani, -ii*, matter waal it roeta, lt le oaty necessary
for m.- to want ii thing done for him not to do lt.
I hare ands ap my mod to settle bin oaco for all
In la.l, I've done it.'
w How I I asked.
- ? I've given thal lelb r ni*.' be answered,
- - Ih* ll\un letter I' 1 asked.
- - )??-: be sm.I.
" I couldn't avoid exproaeiag my diegual aad enid it
wae the dirt leal thing I had ever In ard ol. ' Imi know
fu well Ibal ron lurrendered tbat letter or a forgery
ol it to Squire sod hs burned it befon ha wan
i.oiiilinil. .1,' I -aid.
?? ii,.- blanked f....l thought he hod burned it, 'he
replied,'bul I goon he koowa bv thia time that ha
didn't. Al nil clent.*, he will knot* il |ue;ty soon.'
- - Tn ti limn did von give it I* 1 inquired.
?? I took it dowe te Major Ursce to-day,' he sud.
Mind roo BOW, thia was last Kr tiru.irv. ' I tonk it
down to Mayor Oraee and banded il to him to read.
Vt inn be bad doae to I told him be Blight bare ll omi
in- lt mb threat to Blake Squire resign. Hawouldnl
do tbnt. Ile aaid if be took it be should feel oom
pelted In bring up an investigation, charge Squin With
writing it uni rt move him. That, of eoone, would
have placed m.- iu nu embarrassing poeltion. I wtw
prattj mad aad read] lor onjthing, and tola him to
no ahead. Bal ba reminded me thal that aould never
?lo uml tinnily weMttled the thin- bjdepoeittng the
lotter with Ivins.'
"?Do von m.an io i.n me that joa let Iviaa bara
thal letter >' I Mked.
"?I eel lately did, and he hM lt bow,'Thompson
r.| lied. ' And' whoa tbe proper time romes ii will l>?
Used.' Thus, voil BBB, .Mavor lil.ne had thal letter
laat february and mi. ..il. red its us.-, [vina baa all
along liihl lt, and it never wouhllbave come to the li^lit
imt lor I bompa*>n'a lailing I * alia and death."
"VV hut WM Inn motive iu idling you this I" the
reporter tequind,
? Can't jou ara 1 Ile knew I would tell Sqiilnand
be believed thal it Squira knew Ivlne baa thc letter
be would give un tbe gnoel ead reaign. 1 ubi tall
Squin , hut tm .ml. shrugged Ins shoulden and sud i
'All right i Isl t'luiii Meit, I am read j wbea they
""?'" ,..
- lint how do you account for ?*!>? ir's tMtll.f <
* uh. mat's clear eaough. SS hen Ihey Anally ?"??"[
mined to bm it. Thompeon being on thi '* rae "i death.
lt was omi 'i.gh lor Thompeon to g't lt again and
gue lt lo Speir and go with him lo I vina. (Tow, how
j. teit.lv imaged that wm I Speir, job know^lld not
^,, with li ompoofl t*> Ivms mei the Major, toey < ld
Dot bare their ousqoerade befon bim. HewMonly
aalled in i.t tbe special parpoat "i pnviog ihat
Thompsoa hud i*..?sr?iou ol tbs letter Bl in*?i ?i*?>
nnd to conceal thc fact thal Oraee and Ivins had been
*_?iK,_ _[ noWen "f >' for Ax months."
H ill r lyon .leny Ivins'. tttorv f
? Ot course ho will, lt wm BteO-Uatha false."
It was said last night liv frfcoda ol Squiie and Flinn
that the examination nf'CimiiiUsiotiiT ..tptit- would
I- ciiiitniu,',! to-day he/on the Mayor. _spiire.lt
was mid, woold give lurt.'ier partieulan of thc alleged
attempt on the part of Chamberlain Ivtea to barite
with lum f?r the reelgaattofl of his off ce. and it la as?
serted that he .ill produce a witness to sul.slitiitinto
thin statement. It ju probable that tho testimony of
t.ouiii.iBsiiiiiei- Bqutn will consume most of the da?.
Other witnesses for tho delcine will he Maurteo il.
I-lynn, Judge Olldersleen ami Kichnrd S. Newcomhe.
1 hen is no troth in the story tliatChamherlain Ivins
contemplate! resigning because of the sharp criticisms
on bia a*-tiona in regard to the notorious letter. Mr.
Ivins. friend. rhy that tho rumor of bis intended
natenauofl wa** .sturtcd hy Squire andalynn in revenge
uu*; (oj the revelations 0f Mr, Ivius bclore the Mayor
on Monday,
1 he charges nirain. t the Mavor have not yet seen tho
light. Riobard S. Newcombe, when asked about tlie
matter yesterday said that there was nothing new to
say except that the matter waa not dropped bv anv
means. The preparation ol tho charge, was bring
poohed forward steadily. From other sources it wm
learned that the ohrgc* against the Mayor will cover
a broad field, going hack to hia first tenn, taking np
his transactions trish (irani bc Ward, nnd bringing in
Ms iipp'iiiitmeiits anti other matters during his tlrnt
term. In ertoot the charges will bo an arraignment
ol the Mayor for a good part of bis public acts and
glancing at some of hi* linauciul transactions in t'ui.s
and other oountrieo,
Ihe Onad Jury, which had heen occupied fur two or
three divs in Moriac the testimony on the Squire
K lynn charges, resumed its usual occuiiation yester?
day ol hearing tbe wttOOOOOi in BMS1 In t tliavo been
sent fi om the police oourt*. Tbe jury will adjourn to
*lav for tin term. Tho District-Attorney's ollice was a
tin!, t plaOO .e-t.'fd.iy in contrast with the preceding
(lav. Distrlot-Attoroej Marline wa* at hia olBoe for
several hours. Judge Uild.-rsleeve sailed 00 Mr, Mar?
tin*' in the afternoon and the two Officials with Assist?
ant Diatriot-Attornej Nicoll wen engaged teeoavor*
sntioti for an hour nt- two.
ledge QlldenloerO] as he left Mr. MartlM'i oiiice said
h it lu* lind untiling to say a- to the Statements concern?
ing Mm made by Commission sr 8<]uln In his testimony
hefore the Mayor. Il" sold that it he were biiminoiied as
a willies.*, tm woold bs called un to timk** a statement
and thought lt well not to fl seuss the matter before that
tin:.*. Dfatriet-Attorney Martina said that JndgeOil
dersleet e had onlj n ado a socUl call.
Co trtrlsstoner Bouln and Plynn will ho Balled to
I lead this morning in th" General BeaslonMto the lodlot
meni scalnat them. A div win then tm flied tor trial.
District Attorney Martino said that be expected to try
Squire and Plynn la Beptember in tho Court of General
-e-nl'i'i-i. Ile prepared a notioe to soul to their counsel,
Mr. Newcombe, to that efiect.
Mr. Martlnesald tbatnoother Indictments would i.e
lound al preaentontbe tacts brought out In tte Squire
lynn Investigation, as the Uland Jury wm about to id
jouro. i hire wen rumors ol tlie Icdletment of city
Chamberlain Ivins aa 1 others, hut they weio ali denied.
til'KNIM. .'lilli CK MIK ll?i-l Cl HOM IM THK
cnicaoo raiAb
CniCAoo, Au.'-', ll (Special).?Thc opening
argument la behalf of the State te the Anarchist trial
was delivered to-d *y by A-slitatit State's Attorney
Walker. It was devoted to a summary of tim law gov?
erning tl." cr.ni" wt th which tho eight defendants stand
char.-".I. l'rlor to tho delivery of the speech the Stole
.?ailed Detective Palmer, who testtrtet that BObBBObOll
i .inversed lu Knitllsh when arrested, liar ly- contradict
lng the declaration of Spies In Hits regari. DetOOIlVB
JanMS Bonfield dsscrlbsd the scene in tho otllce of the
Buperlatendenl ol Polioe wb( a Spin ead those arr"?te,i
willi lilm wore IBbOB '.hero and said lhat no violence
wii ttever was moe n tho pr.s mers, Tbo defenn did not
cross examine, it wa* then fleoldod that urn i ipeeoMs
should ii" delivered <>n eaefa side, Mr. /.?ister to follow
Mr. Wai,'r, when Mr. Ingham will nia'<'i it SpOMh for
til" prosseotloo, to ne followed ny Ur, Poster an I Csp*
'i. i. Bloch fur tue deteoee. Mr, Grlnnell will then clone
for the Mate.
Mi. Willer tu his opsotBR BddnM toot from a variety
of authorities tbs definition of nassoobla doubt, empho*
illina on'> d.'i lilm, wbloh sa, 1:
You are not at lit"-rtr to disbelieve as Jurors If you
heltevemmea, wintro averdiut ofsequittal was rea*
Jerad la oous?qoence of undue sensibility and fear
of the eon* pasties* of a verdict of aullti in a capital
casi-, them wat a dlnot violation Of l ia |uror_ oath,
.in 1 aui-ti a verdict sbeched tho pu ile and Ici.ied lu tun
demorallMtloa ot the uw.
lie re.nl fruin tl.e statute the definition of mordor and
advaooed inc rr ,\ uiition timi sonassorlas to murder
wr-t.-illly ss principals ami pim iii.mle ai principal!,
neoordlac to toe law of this State. The ??atnie of cou
t. r aould held overy ono of these d .-fondants, even
if iney i. mn ii T'-.l 8,000, aa ebeetatelp guilty nf the
in iilor of MalthlM Heeg.in on M *y 4. It was
oi . tli<* lea.lers of the OOBSplraOV wno w.r.*
ui>.in tn il in thia ease. Mr. Waiker said tbat the speech
of Mi. Solomon was nuttung but a plea of iruiity BBdsr
ti .? law of this -tate. Mr. Bolomen appeatnd tu the Jury
to Uni! the*" i1"feu lants guilt? OUlV Ol conspiracy, bit
not ol murder; or lu other words then men coull eoe*
? |iire tn kill, bul If ? imsbodf wise thtew th" ho'iih, they
wore only aunty of eousptraey, anl tbs tither fellow only
wss guilty of the murder.
ihe defendants evidenced their deep eonMrn durlna
tbe pralines of tho ipoaeb, Spies particularly sbowtoii
tbe strain be ls under, rho court aijouruod before the
..inn nf Ur. Walker's addreaa
Geaarai William Henry Karoona,of the Treasury De?
partment at Washington, wini i* bera attending um
trial of his brother, A K. Paraeaa, the Anarablst, de
nie* In an Interview this morning thai me Parlous
family ha* re putt lated uml dleowaod tho lofead tat.
I'.ai im, Mle., ABS, ll.-Henry Dempf, a Milwaukee
Anarchist, wini was MBVtOIOd during lue rf-ent lahor
troubles lu that city, hut upon whom SOBtOBM was su?
peaded until August Id, failed to appear yesterday, sud
hit bail of OftOO was fnrfnited. A deputy aherlC from
Milwaukee arrested the tuan In lUciii". hut while beliiK
taken IO Milwaukee he Jumped fruin tue train sud ran
Into the river, it- was fallowed ny tim nth.-er. aad mn
compelled lo surrender at ihe inuzr e of a revolver.
CnATTAXoooAi Tenn., Aug, ll.?Thew lived
near ttila city, thirty years ago, James -Hann, a sturdy
vu nu f.'rmi.,-, ii s wi.'.- and two Utile boys. In 1864
Btarneeoaeiuded to try ht* fortune in tim West amt
went to California. Itara! wrato totten tn ins wire
uni relettvee, ant ?n-* wrote to him, but neither * v.-r
neelvad a word fnm tbe other, fen peon afterw?ri
Blame sent ht* wife 9500, but the tu >m*y w.>m hack lo
him. as no one railed for it. Holli bUSbBOd and wife oap*
pn*ed each oilier dead. Mr. Warn* went lo MMbloaB
am! Itienco to IflOOOnOln. W hers st i years a EB he marri -I
the daugiiter of a weaitny fai mer. il" lillis I lo ' bi;
tautiona Inst waek. Yesterday li" learned that a family
named t-tarns lived near tim city, and proeorlBg a car?
riage, he look a drive lo ascertain whether or not they
were relative* nf hts. Upon arriving a' Um boUM .Sturm
was lii*riitl.-<l to Uni that the aged, wlill.'-lulre.l woman
who received him was none oilier Dian Ins Hist wife,
amt he realize.1 the fact tliat tte had two wires. Au ex?
planation followed and Hm two wives wero iBlroduOOd,
hui each exhibited a uiHrke.l coolness. Ali cofum lo
talk, and it ts uot known what they will do.
Erik, Penn., Aug, ll [Special).?Uro, Mary
Mottab, a farmer's wfo. ltviiitc near I'niineiu, t)., was eu
BOgsd '" doini; lier, washing at u creek, her olnUlrt'ii, Ada,
sk*' foarteea, Bsrtba, tweiro, aa_|flattta. olohl, piayiuc
abnut. In the i-mns" oi Ihetr sport Hallie foll ott a hUh
bank into tho curreut. Her sisters heanuit her i.-niil/.ed
eries rushed to lier rescue, but were also pnstpt*
tated Into the creek. Tho niollier plunged Into Hie
orerk and waa drawn also Into tho dangerous eddy.
I heir screams allracteil the alli-ullon nf ilie urew ufa
passing freight train, who rushed lo the rescue. Ky the
time they ari rived at the scene all hail jr.me .town. The
bodies >.f tho .lend were recovered later, mal of the
>ther lioldni,; the two younger chtUlrua olasped lo her
PiTTsnunOi Arni- tl [Special) ?Cospei
Wehner, chief clerk lu ttie County ('.iiuiulssiouer's oitic*',
who shot BlSSSOlf July ? . tiled this tuoruliie. Ila suf
fermi li,tensely from a disease of Hie stomach which
Dually atteoted hi* brain, and the orlidnal tltseuse. lt is
said, sm tine to Hie u-e of au anti-fat conni.nm I. ]!y
ll he reduced lils weight IWOOlf pouuils in six weeks.
PiTTsnuno, Atip. ll [Special).-Sergeant
W'ilium Thomas, of Hie United Mates UcicuUr Army,
will not be buried with military honors. H.* dlscraot'd
Ills tl li I f (inn by BUklBBBB assault on a "111.il, aud to es
Saps a Conn mai Hal nlow out Ills brains.
Ni'.\v-l-i.i*iiiKi?, Aug. ll [Spatial).?A pri
vaii- dlspatcli from -an t'r.inc'scti tills afternoon (tate*
that tho Arotlti wlial.u.eu bar.' hal a poor 100000.
Oi.ly seven whales haa berni taken taken up lo July St.
Booton,Aug. ll.?Tne total Malu.nit-, ol
Banool Baeiltar, lan treasurer of tho Lowell Btoasaoty,
are rcporiea to he aboal 0800^0001
nam.*si. ii, Ha ?.-., Aub " Dr. W, 0 . Kwh, au ambient
physic lan ol w ashlnKton, i>. *'., who i? sumniei tog st i ?-'.? r
ville in-.ii ii, waa thrown Own ni- eamaan io -dar, breaking
h - shonldei blade and t?.> ni>?.
I UK t Kl siiiwi Mini' JOHN OAKVBK,
-Nk? BBbrOBB, M.t-s., ABB ll Theahlp lobs tai v.-r. i"
ported iiiii-.ii.il bi ii"- u-e luTa* m.ti,. ?as rained, with h?r
itiitlit. ul fti.OOO, ami ?a? uisurtitl lur *1 -..Utsi in EarnlBB amt
Ai.,in lean **.mi'..1.,, <
I loin on A MURDER MV>n:uY.
t'HlCAOO, A il,;. 1 1 Tho annum wlio Has fouud .1. .ni y.'Ster
.!.,-. il.ii I'a, un .linn linn hM been l-l. i.:ui.-.1 as Mr- iMi'H.'I,
.m.i -',.? I,tnt tomea i" i. aa Lenin -t Hrs ii"si _i taine
tn tin-m..i.n.-nu* moraine iik.uiuk for har om aholouBo
his body i nero. Bbc said ibal bar aaa had beni m lana? el
u.l.11...? -. -.-. .ti. i.i. . . i m.. i uuiuau. . ll
AMUMMII o. norn sides?r_q c ..rs or -ntl*
Tho Gilsoy Houp e was crowded yesterday
morning with representatives of the Republican partj
from all parts of tbe Stato to attend tho __SBtaBf of tba
8tato Committee. It was soon evident that Hie ms)orltj
of the committee thought lt would he bait policy to hold
a State Convention. There wero many reasons ad?
vanced for holding's convention aud equally strone
once for not holding it. Captain Cole, the chairman ol
tbe commute., ..ocretary Vrooiua., John J. O'Brien,
Charles W. Hackett, M. A. Knapp and John E. Pound
were strongly against a convention. Samuel T. Maddon,
oeueral George II. Sharpe, who represented Theodore C.
Teale, of thc XVIII. Dlstrl.t, J.hu /_. (juackeiibiish,
and A. M. Holmes wet e emphatic In their declarations
that a convention should bc held.
(ieneral Sharpe sall that it was folly to say tbat there
was no need ot hulling a convention. Granted that
there was ouly oue cindi i ite to be named, a convention
was iaabtOOla to place tue tarty squirely on record oa
the questions of the day. There was no reason why any
question of great nubile interest shiuld be ignored l-y
the ratty. In hts own district lhere was an almost uni
venal oplulon lo favor of holding a t-ouvi-iitloo. The
consequences might be MaoatlOM theie. If nuy other
course was decide*! upon. There s.oui 1 be something
conceded to tile sentiment of a district tike tits.
Ks Minister John M. Fran.is, proprietor of The Troy
Tune,, was oqually uu-phatic lo hts ile.lllitiou that .
convention should bo held. It would be accepted as .1
confession of weakness, ho said, If no convention waa
called, and this was BOBSOthlag that the porty could nut
alora. Ho straggly bapnaaad bo Mr. QaoekaasaaOj
the niembor of IbottBIB Commlttoo from his dlstiict,
tue uion.ii.ity for votlug to hold a ennventiou.
Captain Cole sal 1 that thet-u w.is no need for holding
a convention. Tho matter was olsons.se 1 last year al
tho Molo Convention. It WMfcOOwa at tho time that
then would be only aaa otlice ti bc Hied, that of Ju*i.;o
of tho t'tnirt of Appeals, au 1 lt WM Hie BSBtlaeeot or tlia
convention .that tho Mala (.'ouiw.ite. OOOl I just as well
uoiulaate tho citidld it- MtOtaOUr t...- tr 1 i *> and .-i
paine ol a st ito convention. Kothlag btu ocean, i
siiii.o thea te oboojta this ara littra of affairs. The .tate
( oumiittee, if it decided not to nill a nraToatloa. aaa
not usurping any power... It .mild simply ba per. .rui
lu. in its best |Bd__BOBt Hie duties delegated to it by the
Mate Coateotioa. There wero ot.ter nMOOa b.'-ido tba
qraitlra of oxceaM why a Btate Cooroo! Ira neel not
he railed. Tlie e i.peranco .pe-siim WM OOO Of in ic li
Importance, but asldo front a Bhoplo declaration of
principles Ko did Bot soc wi. *t tlie OOanottM coull
Bcoonpllsh in tide di roo tl oa. Poet good moo to the
Asootably, 'iho Lsglslatate was tbs body thal wooli
eventually be osilodoa lu BOyOBMtO deal witu tha
(OooUoool hi.-h or low lieeoM erof nbaaitttog to ths
pen lo BB BBMOdaseal t 1 the Constlt ill. ii.
Tben ead similar rtewawen expressed by the noaa*
hers or the coiiin-tttoe. It was aj parent that tli-re wu
a large majority opfOMd to holding a cur..-n'l in.
Nevertheless, the advocates of B 1.invention did no.
.lespali of being able lOOMVtiMS OOO-gb of .thur op**)
.icnts to give tuc 111 a m.i.only.
One of the strongest argOBMBta US" 1 by t!io-o o,*i"i-" I
toa convention wu* that, If a convention wero l.ei-1
willi ouly boo OBodldateto be ooBdoatad, then wm i
ho an ocean of ta k aud a goo 1 share of tho fftjtft
might go hollie belton rho aotuil bj-ltioss ol tho coivn
tinn was rc ___ 1. An OZtnOH tOB| IffflBf. plBOk might
tie adopted winch woald not oossssead it .<*lf to tho peal
MOM of Hie malu body of voters of tho i;?-p m.....rn
party, aal would alteaate the German element laths
cities ami towns. Tue eiieeto. thia probably weald f
to 1 ea levon! Aooeo_Mysna, and with them the
abran ol olndtlng a Bolted Mates Beootef.
Tbo toicjoralie-*ei'iiieut wea wall npNaoalaC Geo
er.ii thoona w. Conway,of Brooklyn, npreeeattra thi
moTpmCBt tn favor of tho National Anti .alion Confer?
ence to be hol.i in CBtSBfO la -"ti te uher, hal s.-nt a re?
quest to tho oomtiiittee to be heard. J. I.. Mitchell,
James Morton and W. M. Brownell, rcpro.entlui* tha
NewYoik ?catoVoasporaon Aseenbly, aloe wished t*?
i.e in- ir 1 "ii thesuliject of having a strong temperaine
1 muli bsenrpoteio- in the platier ai ta eon aeravaatlaa
was held.
The committee was c iDo I tOfOthM in ono of the largo
dining-rooms of tho Gilsey House at 11 a. tu. Chairman
Colo j-reslded, with Charin ('tuckering ns secretary.
Tho roll wa* called and tt.o following answered to thoir
1 Jollt. Hint-lill .On..,.. , ,,.
Il il 'in -. Bristow.In "...lyn.
Ill _ UlUni Kai-.Brooklyn.
IV MJ inly .H10._I.11.
J Samuel 1. Maddox.in....ki. ii.
>, J..!iu "iriiin s .Nea turk.
7 Cornelius VenCotl.. Ben Y.ik.
H Jotin J. u'llr.. 11 ...Mew-York.
1 No repreaeutatlon.! Slew-Vert
10 M .!,... 1 ii.-.ui .Nea \.,:k.
11 No repre*eu tatton. Sea Vork.
13 P. A. .bleats proty for s. ll. Smith.New-Yurt.
1. John a. Kanl.-eon. Nea Von.
ll Thomas D Rusted tor J. .' Hnst..l We*- hester C*k
IS i-raie ii If art ui i..r O P. Howell.... Oraui Lo,
lil No rapraaentatton. ...,.
17 Ueor?e H. Sherye foi T. C. Teele.. Oreel
H J-.lm a Qnackentrash. -? il <? ..
lu .rita Campbell.Minut cm,
KU J "Mi Iii -Linni . Muli! kui 11 ij-C*
?JI ... ..lite I ,'i.ifi""li.1 ,iii!.ni Cn.
'.".' J H Annni.an 1.1 I rd* rick I_ii-iii_. I. ::. 1- >n 1 0.
23 .barlee W llackett. in..-, !.. 1 ,..
24 David Wllbei....-? u .. . t ...
_.'? II. A Knap| t..r J. J. Bridal . Onondaga Ca
ltd A . Holmes. . I i.!i-n i ...
27 J,,!.11 ll Camp tor Wm. Van Mart er u ..* n- t ...
A. I. Ilillti-I .(h. 1.1 In; 1 -. I.
20 Cheater B. Cala . Ht*-ni..-n <'?>.
go Ko representation. Moarne Co,
SI ll A Undia* . \- yoinii.u co.
fi .\'i I.-nr. -?.ii. t.i 1 mn.li.. Cy.
.1.1 J. K P..1111.I .N .-.,!.. t'o
ni K. It Rchoouroakcr .CattanucasOa
At '..ir*;'' No representation.
M .1. li.* iy was tinnipslled to leave tbe westlaqbefbso
tho vet* ou hold!:..- n 11'livei.liou was til.c, and he
paired with John J. O'Hrlen.
Tho nqoeet el 0 eoe rsl Ora way to Se heard was
(ranted ami bo spoks as lolloirs '
Mu. ciiAn.Mw abd *?i-:mlkmks *f tic. Ooaarrnat
I appear befjreyou as thu chairman <* a meeting iieid
a ** tills ano t-> . ouaaler tbe uuaatloa of a ita ".-..non iro-u
tm* -tate io the Nain uai AbU-HbIoob Coatenan. ic
was ilk-' sieit that such a delegation bi li td .-ii ..?[ bj*
benni iiaiin-'l, not nullen italHoly BPpotUted, l>, lbs B**
??uh ivan Mme Convention, if ___, or by ibe Itepublieeo
state Committee ta tbe svaattbata eoeventlon beoel
held. Mv ludatueni is tbal 0 a.. neal lon rbosw bj a eeo*
\ .mi 1 lim would he in "I" sci \ li oallle than any uti.er.1
for that reason, as well aa oa account ?! Its favorablo
lunuenoo u|a*n tho party lhr?iuboat the State, I nope a
Btate < onveiiii.iu ?ill be bolo. Kut. ..f coarse, ll tho
Bop 1 I.-an organisation ot tho -ale :.. - l*> taUc ai (toa
with i.-feretici* to th*'Anti .-saloon Confered, e, WB who
are Republican aad teuiperaan ano, oiuat eeUaaea*
\ fit ti t<ii of our own aud rave i-iat i...i. , le- _-t...;.- ... t
appoint a delegation toCblcaco. Anl let bm tall yo^
ftentleuMB, tbal tim CBleaoo Aad-taloon ?oufenaco
will in* a larne, -taalOadaadlufl-OBtlal boJy, male ap
ot men who an- loyal m th" Kepubllean 1 arty, hit ol a eq
wbo are tirod ni the lufluenoeol ibaealuou aad tba
lii.it.ciy in the politico of this (sniiilrj. A- iii I't-er
Kialoa, "initiia* wv'.: *t North, the tsBipersass tjne. lea
is 1 i* 111 this Mal". A* sons i.t vour muni iee know,
my ti|i|iol tunnies fur kaOWlBg While.*! I ailinn lesteetr
lua tb.- i? "Huns ot lbs trmperanfin UepuUtraua of Neos
\ork Slat.* have I.omi tel) treal, an.I I say to ..ol
frankly thal If yoa fall M nil a eouvaatlra waaeMra
puiaiico voters in the putty Will attribute it t.* omar il*-|
on thu lu looa q lissi wb. They .ul *.n ibal you dan
mu spa ik out In tc.-ar.i '.. lt. aa I the teeni! Bill be tbal
the p.rty viii !..-.? the Legislature and tue 1'tilte.t Mat eg
The Kepublieen party has always won by boldly pro
claliniun ?vlii|iatliy with everv pio?'ies.stve iiniTriiiiiit.
lt aili wm now. if it 1 lanta Itself si|ti.,ioi;, li. favor ol
.iihiiitltliiX a nri.hliilt.uy amei dment to the r.ipnlal
roto* Keeeaaise tba mehi of 'ho paapls . * Blake taesl
own laws. Lei them voe 1.11 this i|UesUott. Deelaia
svmpatliy -Alth this ruht and oppOSUloa to Ibo IslSOOi
aod IM oone-iusncaa will be mm* as win deuioaatrsta
lim wi-.loiu nf lour aclhili. Hub t* uf the 11,..si cui-picil
*>ii* leadeisof ibo party la lltbiatata rave bera later*
rlewed on this sutjeet ead bare etpieaaed tb.*ir ap*
preval ot tbs purpoae tO I sve this State well iepre*eiit.'.t
IU tim CBH_OB CollfenBCO, ll.eSe n,*-ii Bn Hie ..US of
tue tunes, a* wo a_ 'i", aad tba] aekaawladas n*ai there
is un bops for the Kepniill* au parti BZOBpl IB bold . mi.
ni 11 n tilth Ihe 1 a'n.iii. I....1 ' a a* I am on tbla ipie -inn,
linn" raltb tbat the HepubUaaa party will tin ustiuty
aid lu'in". tli.'U .11 POO may not agree WK li me as to
tl.e ti*..-"-slty for prompt aud favor.ii.lo acllou tl.ioiu-ti
a Mate Convention or us 11 committee, I awi conti teni
that the peril willan looa pal itself on ceo ni a? tha
friend ol tcniperauee ami Hie onemy nf the drain Bbop%
uud it ls this (..iiiiduiicc that _h__M mc no a as ever a
lunn Meean. Btatteo, _wo_wd ant Micticil were
tin wad ? haarta 1 vr. Moma aoM lo oorti
We appear beforo >ou, 11 IprOMOttaa the New-York
Btatefauiporaoce aaaeaiMy, a bony which nus ieiiie_*u
tainui lu neall) all tne counties tn Hie Male. Ins treat
issue of the Imur ls tcu.pt-rame. an*', 'he Rapabttl aU
party will be broORbl face to faee with it tin- fall. Tho
urogrOM of |'l ililli'! Hoi. :u lncip.es aud ten.'.'elaine IS
liol 3oli Hne*l lo a -e, toll ol the t'ultetl Stall s. lice *HSO
of the gnat porn aal latona! t_tt **o m ..> awabenel
th* llttp.ilill.-aii porty have lu tba *|ii<stioii of temper
ance, bOBBBM the party as such has been ann ls nit*
iii ?iiitiersl.lp the l.uls.irli of temperance ami prohlbl*
timi priutiiiles, tim party In ila organizations should
reeOBBIIS these f,i"ts. 'These ."le-tlnns call for aeon
vciitioii to. iJ.Ht'l" as to Wba*Wall lie linne. It is too
Mttoosa matter fur a Stale Comudttee to decide for it
Mlf, Bod we ora*, thia otuirse bsOBUOe WO bave faith In
Ihe K.-p'iiili. an party ninl believe that lu SOBVM lon ami
un ler tba advlc. ot ooustllueiicles dalagBin will aece|t|
thc Itilatloti and make a Clear and aatlsfaClniy issue ia
? ucl. a wa)' a* shall be atxeplAtya to tU? _eputiieaa
Mr M'irtiio said that If the Keiublican Ptnte CnnimiW
lee Shs Old deoiut- ui call a touveuiioii tho N.wVorll
Stale leiapcraii.c Asse nbly would ask lt lo adopt sub.
Ilaullaily lha preamble aud. ro'uluiiuus which bad bess

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