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kaasaraj aot'sKs iHSATTtB?h:3o?HfU' Bf tbs Kncmr.
bin i*.>>-*\ r. ani. Mn hst.- ?!? n. m. to 11 ?,.. nu?Mcin
lnac and Monmir Karat H.iitie.
BUMtATTAN Bl Alli?I'alil's liuruiiiK nt Moscow.
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Cyclorama of tba Hattlf-a of Vlrkilnirg.
^Ttf^ Avkm k Tiirathb?H? Kerry Dow,
I4TII-8T. lHKATKK ?S?Our KlCb Cousin.
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p..lin an.) ii.huhs_ 7 j Qr abb Steamers. 2 '"
Jtiiaiiuas Cliarnys_ 7 4 Heal Estate. J *
Jdisini ?s Nottrea. 4 1 Rooms ano Plata. J ?
I iiulemi Nalbra*..... 8 BiHaaclalNotices. "> ?>Jj
li,-. Hon Ni.ti.-a. 8 8 -situationsWantejl..._ A .-?'?
Vt. nraioiia.,. 7 *. st?.->nil.oata anti lt. lt. J B-S
S"iii?noal.*. I 4 1,-arl.i'ra.-. _>
II el fi wanted.. 7 4 The Turf. ' J,
Ttetels..... 7 B WlatSl Rssarls . i s
Jni-tmcfion. ? 2 8
Bueuuaa Xoticea._
TaUBTJKfl 11.hm- W) M> ii. -fisrntiiF.rts.
??*? ?? ?" "i'v! ?.,;'"' Knuia BMeaths.
Jany, with fun-lay .Bf* ?*M -JIS
I>allr. wllhont Minlay. j "J' " -*-* ? -?
"avasTr* r'ustai" OPSati'sr'ixarsss oiatcV"st vu _imU_itS
Irr^asSal Note ttl* re-it-ti-r ?a-iil r-lease write on tho Note
?Ter DIB NSW Y.'SK 1 HlltlMt.' .....
Wimefliif r.t "I UK TB1BI BB, IM Nss-mi-lt., New-*, or* Art
<u?i al! ci.rrd|.ou.tcncc simply "Tm I "BIBI BB." Waw-TOl*.
AflyrTllnements for piihllration In Tilt* TitllilS*, am! nrrters
Jct reciilartlcliTerv o' lim il.nly Papar, will l<0 received at tho
Je'inwin-; Itranrh rim.-* in New York
""tram h oro. c. 1,238 Broadway, tia. m. to fi p. m.
-So SSS Hro-Ktway. lift ween WI amt 2,'tt sis., till K p. m.
>o tin* Weit TwViitythir-l-it., 1" a. tn. to 8 P. m.
jv'o ?(') TiilrO ave., near Forty *.-v.iitti?t., lo a. m. to ft p. m.
jvo l.isi7T)tir<l ave., near Sijti?th st., 10a.ra, to Kp, m.
fin '.-it* Fast one Inindreil ami twenty Ililli at.. 4 to ? p. m.
Vinci) Square, No. IN Fotiithave.. rot. of Fourteenth *t,
WaSWlBWTCSi-TuMI Mt totrBOB?96 ite?!for>l--t.. strand.
Fohkign.?Enirlanrl selling foot un thc Island of
Tliano. ?: ". -. 'yiRnificant move of Uussia. -
Wot kitij? up sfini-atb.v for Dynainittr Daly.
Fall of a MiM>eii*ii?i brnlitf m Moravia. *- :. ?.**? Be*
eiiiiaiicr' of Sir Ciiarles Dilke. == The .-"t. Leter
?agu by Oi'ui.itKle.-a French sovcreij.'iity la the
Btw Hebrides. ?-.- .- Churcliill's rcily to his
cntics, ?-Ireland in the Hoseeol CobVBMBB,
Domi snc?Uutlicring of dil. gates to tho
"Nutitiiial Anti-Saloon Bepablleao CorjTenlion
in Chicago. ?- - : Seeking tho entoiiil-.'il
?oiiticrs near Sir.intoD. =r-^: The Eng*
hafe cricketers iu I!n*t'tu.-~ For
i lation of tho Wes4en freight poul. ? . Tho
a nt animist the " Nickel Pinto " milWaY* in ( "cv.
li-tul. .,; toinideting Ihe \v- tk of relief in
1 harie.itui). ?r^= Career of (. Iiuidc B.Laae'le,forger,
rrr^=Li*t of victnn* iu tSic railroad act io.-i.t near
Ei ic, l'ei m. =---=--"- Openiiigof l"iiiic(to;i College,
'Hie W ix'iiiisiu Diuicciatic C DTSnliOQ.
A. i.ui oi tiie Wnrknigineii's JaSBembly at Bjraenae,
Cii v and Srui i:it\N.?A breeie in the Aqae
tlnct Hoard. ? Henry E. Dixeyretnrned. ~-i?
lilssfreertHnt of tiie jun- in the Coney {aland
Jockey Club ea*e. ??? Winners at Parkville:
I'lima:', li-il., rt, Aretiuo, Favor, Lionise, Flunk
%\urd. *u-^= Mew-Torks wbitewaahed by Wash*
iiigton*, Brooklyn beaten by St. L-niH, a tie on
Maicu leland. == Kino sboottng ai Croodinoor
and lawn tennis at Prospect t'ark and Montrose,
t>. 3. -. -? VTostera I'mon io fight the bnbway
C omuiission. - Test inn it.y ni tho liainl trial.
s^= Many subset ipt ions, to tho Cbarlotton fonds.
1??. Gold value ol' Ibo l-M-al-tenuer f-ilver dollar
|41S*fj grams)-at -lid. per oonoo?7S.76 cento,
r-*:? __%ocl.s irr.f-ular'y active, aft'r sor.ie leoOT
nie*, closing unsettled with imnular ihan?.'i*.
i in- w ia him? iidicstiiiiis tor lo-day Nearly
Btationarj temperature aadaorae elnudiue.*<i. lem*
I't'iutnif v- tci'itay: iligtieat, 7kVi lonest, 05 i
BTorage, td . _^__________________________________
J lu- rifle m.irlns Kt Ci-eodmoor this week
are vroHhy o! scrioaa attention from lovers
ol :? , j. A higb Btandard of oxa !
ler.ee baa been aUalnod. NV. W. Bull, of Boo?
ton, a private in tho 2d ManB-achuaetta Rcgi
i . won Ihe clnampionahip of the United
JStfllos ni 600 yards ycBterday, by making
4 ! points out of a poavdblo .r>0. Now
Yorii militiamen ought not to have allowed
liii-. (.owl m 'il.sm.!ii.*hiu is ai important
i. i inarching.
Ih" new F f.h-avc. Btaj*ca would be ai nao
ful !?> the public if they were running on
1 ?" !? i.\-'. .i> thc*- ara now ahul up in thc
? Garden. < M i - nrae, tlx y w .li
li 11> pieU.v and clean longur in Ibo Garden
;.\\ ,.\ from rain and mud; but ala*! the vai
I '-n the ni w s lues niii-i gel
iiiiii;in"i s ino imo, |u*t .is the varnish and
I . mi I- \ t-i v: li i ti ir else pe' dulled; so why
]??-|i ii- 'h.' inevitable 1 The Btt-cct-cars on
tin up and dawn-town lines arc utterly inade
? ? .iceoininodatc the public, and while
all ihe ii,viiii,ii:i't|f people ara not yoi back in
town, enough of them aro herc, perhaps, to
give li'-c ai storm ic vehicles the proper tone.
II ttr the s.agcs Lhen while the wcathci
i- i
? ?
?r Gm c accrrvs io renlixc now that he
i ; , i ' , | '. '
l-l i bm i I'urroy; and al the mectin : - '
?rs -i" ??!. n M-i'ulai ihe (i: nun.in, thc
ll '. "Mike ' Staion, ?;!?. instructed to boc
?x I .-(?,.( er v, hen bc returned lo New
^ -uk ii".n -ii i . ' and im ite him to take
|) lilli < ' in llio i.l";i is ul iii.- Di mi c
r.c>.' l"his cans that Mr. Cooper can bc
chan.il Iw - -.mmi i-.- t.l ihe i. ecu
' ,-? i ? mi - c ? l he Comity l)i mu rat > il
I i ibo pl ce. But Mr. Grace v oul I
? ? \ s yet to at!mi! lha
mc in-- ilia. Mi. i'm |ier coul I
* rall,
i vs for Governor in 1
i- ... ii e I -"-:li .: i i 1111 ? ?, i
in I'll il ad<
<? i ? will le an un-rtonsc n
:' i !.. av*
:i ' ?- 'lu bes
if ihe
i .i hu dress lhan thc
I lind if he sh< nld roll up oi c
? ! I., ll ?! U- ll|ii>t
:'":> an e -
8 I . . 1 ; bul Mr. Wolfes
ce will r*j ago nst him, wc
I " ?? '-' Khould otlsei i ly dieu in-.' a
? ? S'oue ol ihi ..i ? i mc up to oui
? ban .--I David, who, by the a iv,
? i" thara Wa'cr
1 ? '" ? ic ii mual be e ii >??- J
ma I. 'rt ol the t'hiladelphia fa r
s ami h it\ t?. (
d Service of Knirland baa always
ern ip! - ml thing hi exuvme Civil Ser
,'?"" " ;':l" !- ?" ibis country to talk about.
'M..'. invariably exhausted their voca n u ?
ol laii'la*. i. .i . ives iii ?i, >, ribing it. I
waa ; dm imI.Ic, pura, economical, eflkicut? m
fe , ii waa Mi,a"iia.i\e!\ good. Weil, tho Eng
li h i!iciii..ti\,s, it aiec.tis, .I., i,,,). ,),,,.], g
amI an him gaiiag coiimii-s on his been ;.|i
|.?.lii.C-l IO M( how the s.s.steiii \s?ikH [Q t|?.
tlnef d('parlnientg of Male, the COBdiUon < 1
Wauch is believed to bo woise thaii ii u.u, fojtt
'?18 ago. ACC'OKlllg lo j UK 'i kill, >!"
- Londou toiieapoudent the a***i*a*o****j
vrjetigaMea is applauded even hy thr- op
ini-nts of thc Tory Government, which have
?leii'd it. IL cannot Kn called a partisan ai
i k therefore. Perhaps thc admirers of every
ing English will Rive tho timi Dttbtk a
r.g-nccded rest now in thc direction of thc
[callcnocg of the Britigh Civil Service.
- ? ?
The amendments to tho by-laws of Un'
..ucduct Commission proposed ycsteiday by
?mend Newton gecu to be Ir Ums toterest < f
ireful work on this greet tuidertakiirg. The
ids of economy will probably lie served bj
icm finally. . al lmii^h the reorganization
I ilie Helical and tnaginoariag fXnTps al pi.-s
it m.iv involve Miine increased c\penditii:e.
, maj be said in rcfeictue to Mr. Fish's
?solution to have the work <d Ike CorAmiaaiCfl
ivestigahsd, Hi.it a thorough and impartial in
<atigatiou would be g capital thing. So much
?.indiil has DOM circulated about thc doings
f the CommtfaRoncra that the taxpayers cer?
inly hiivc :t right to know whether their
on^y is being honestly S|cnt. But nnfoit
natclv (loveiii.it' Hill is not the man to uni'!
No intelligent citizen would for a moment
vi;.t anv ((ntInsioiis developed by an in
nry supervised by the Governor. He ig ion
urh Involved politically \\\\h men whoa*
;e:atio'is should ls? scrutinised ino-t rigidly
i an investigation.
The Mugwump newspapers an- sorely il
;)poiutcd over the Republican victory in
[tune, and are making desperate efforte io
iow that thc figureg lie. Comparing the re
irns with tho Presidential year ol 1884, when
lr. Blaine was a candidate for President, and
lissta'.ing the result tliis year, they pretend
i discover something unfavorable te thc Bo
nblicane, Tbeae newspapers have been for
eeks declaring that there weie no issues t<>
ring out thc vote this year, and yet they
?mit to compare the result with a Presidential
ear. But oven if that wcic done fairly ii
oulil make a showing quite different from
?hat they give lo their leaders,
The truth is that tho victory in Maine is
iipn'tedcnted in an "off year" aince Ihe time
f the war. Except In Presidential years thc
Umubhcau plurality this year is larger than
i any election for nineteen years. Ii ia nt
nuder thal thc Free Traders who lose no op
ortunity to assail Mr. Blaine and the Repub
? an party writhe nndcr tins rninsual victory.
\!.;ii txcotnes of tl"- wonderful popularity
f thc Administration with "tho masses'1
.liirli those newspapers talk about 1 Thia
omit has been accomplished, too, without
bat ma bine of officeholders which wo hoard
ii ninth als.ut in 1884, and without money
nough to pay thc legitimate campaign ex
r see. In Mr. Blaine's own town of Augtia n
he plurality ia even larger than it was in
884, The only place where the Democrats
iako any pain lo "peak of is in the county
lhere thc Navy Yard is healed. The partisan
ac that vis ma'e of'thai yard by the Dcm
crata w,is in flagrant violation of thc spirit,
f not the letter, of tho law, and will probably
>e investigated by Coi ju ss.
.Maine has trebled in weal ii under the pro?
tective tariff, Its workmen have increased
heir savings in banka from 1)1,500,000 lo
(36,000,000, and the Btate has been prosper?
ing in every v av. Mr. Blaine in Ins admirable
?(.(hes brought ont these fat ls BO 'hat everv
u'ly could undcrstni d (hem. The result
Icinoiis:talcs thal the Republican party is
rven stronger to-day than it v.as lieforc thone
free-trade newspapers espoused the cause o'
ihe Democratic party,
Tlicie can ' ? no mistake aboul the char
inter of the collision on the Nickel-Plate road
i.\ which twenty-three lives were lost. A dearer
'ase of erim Hid carelessness has never oe
nrod. Te engineer ol the freight train
which caused the disaster had Ins orders, obc
hence to which would have carried both
mus through safely. He was instructed te
haul on to a certain aiding lo Iel Ihe excursion
train pass. He choee to ignore his orders and
lu act upon a persona] conjecture thal the ex
i in-um was behind lime, and that bc could
make another aiding three miles further on,
il" ki.cw that he was running on thc tune ol
the evil sion train in doing this. He knew
that lu was imperilling the lives of all on
board the excursion, lie knew that ho was
violating h;s instructions. Vet bo went on,
with tho results known. When he saw thal
the collision waa inevitable he jumped from his
engine and fled, and i.., murderer ever became
a fugi ive bearing a heavier hurden of guilt.
Such crimes a> ihis man committed ouglft
lo bo punished heavily, in the general interest,
for 'hey involve Ihe worst brea hes of faith
and dm.v thal can be committed, and the mos
dangerous Insubordination, ft is of no avail
f.ir a railroad company to employ tho most
elaborate methods of running trains if ii can?
not depend absolutely upon the obedience of
itg engineers and conductors, No block sys?
tem, no apparatus ol signals, no mechanical
"r other precautions whatever, will proven
.'isis er unless orders aro obeyed Implicitly,
The engineer who undertakes to judge foi
hi nvii as io how in- shall run bia train i>
ii dangerous fool, liable at anv lime to bcefsjnc
a criminal. Ho "takes chances"; which
means nine limes onl of len that ho takes tia
e ?'f killing somebody else and destroying
someone else's property. One such man on i
nad may ('nu.'.cihillanco all ihe caution an
painstaking of the hom conscientious and
(lucien I superintendent, ll ia pei feet ly eleni
hal lhere can le nu circumstances in whick
.rn engineer is justified in disregarding bil
nrdeis. Ile is not required lo assume responsi
hjlitv, and if he .docs sn, thus in crfcring wit)
ho management of the road, be should 1*
m de d bear all thc consequences of Ins dis
obedience. Tho i wc of Ihe NiekcWTate dis
? cannot ' c - lid to be n n; Iv one of man
slaughter. Thc man who caused it ia guiin
1 no crime lesa heinous ban murder,
TBE i.n i ti y i \ / si rs h.
And now comes Lieutenant foster, of th.
Navy, aili uvcra that he too ha> seen the sea
nt, ii i' e Kin h River, i il Twcn y
seventh-st. Moreover, be avouches tba
? aly be bul a |uariermastei ?-; be Minne
I. I gethcr with divers and sundry 'long
shoicmen and wharf frequenters, aitnessc
. advent of the great snake, lae <l? scrip i ii
given liy thc Lieutenant is strikingly Uki
bose which |.lived, d it. Tho creature ap
|, ared to lum to br a big snake. Unfortunate
iv be did not see ii,., head, though some ?>
he other spectators ,v 'hey did, and thal i
ii a gnake'a he.nl Now when a mere hind
lubber sccs gomething in the water which lu
takes to ls- a sea-serpent, conserva ism is dowi
"Il ll 111 at once Will BUggCatiOOS of Ih .il in;
Kpin, s ringa cf seaweed, schinus nf porpoiaea
rergrown sharks, young whales, ami .so forth
and he linds bimsclf denied the Hast capacii.
' nisi ive anything in the water accurately
-?? that at las; he is bullied into donia gJJ*
-elf-distills'., gad (eases to defend los bj
Ihn the same taetics cannot I*- employed t<
discredit the observation of eves lia.ncd ti
SOO clearly and (oiiipieiieiidingly all that h^i
pena (,? the wa'er. a Beaanaa is without doab
mc Licet judgo of paah phnnniTRaig. and he ii
a far hotter judge, ns a nile, than thc most ex?
perienced man of science who ban never lieen
to sea nr trained his vision to oliscrvo marine
happenings skilfully, lt may lt" safely as?
serted that vcr\ few veteran seamen arc at
all likely to mistake a log or a spar or a school
of tish Of fatting seaweed for a creature of
the snake kind. Lieutenant Fostcr'a testimony
is then foe the ninst i injji n lim t that hag leen
received thus far for ihe reality of the gea
aerpent'g viafl to these waterg. What he saw,
tun, si ems to hiv been a gigantic eel, or
something of the kind. And now that there
is, so tn speak, official testimony on the sull?
ied, it is to ls> hoped that an effort will be
made to follow up the strange visitor. Per?
haps lu < illino' ls> ].iisiiaded to eorM ashore
and rjOCUpy a place in a RtUSi um (dime or
otherwise), hut he might he got to git, or Boat,
for his picture, and next to the possession of
a beloved object i's rjfcotograph is, as every?
body knows, most gratifying and consoling.
Meantitae, the evidence for the aea-serpent
is accumulating with a monientum and volume
quite i-iiiiiiina.ssing for the acepticg.
The pre-civation of tombs has always been
difficult. Nothing is more striking In regard to
the Pyramida than tho utter failure sf th"
mortuary purpose with which they were con
Btlneted. The edifices remain to impress nuus
ing generations, hut where are tho mighty
rulers whose carefully embalmed bodies should
have reposed in their centra! chambers 1 The
Pharaohs are icatteretL Tbe one best known
to tho Western nations, the one whoso heart
was hardened against the children of Israel.
ia to-day a duly fjatalogoed and labelled exhibit
in tbe museum at Boubtk. Others are expoeed
to the profane gate of English 'Airy, at the
British Museum. Not a few aro in private
collections all over Europe. Ami some have
served the plebeian purpose of boiling Arah
cami) kettles on the sand wastes overlooked
by the Sphinx. " Where " SSka the poet Villon,
??is the doughty CharlemagneV Ami in
another ballade ha may be said to answer the
question with another?" Where are hist year's
mows r The kings ot Fiance were borne, one
by one, in royal fashion to the vaults of
Dagobert's great cathedral ol >f Penis. There
tiny were to repose in alienee and majostj to
the end ol tune. Dat the Uevnliitiim caine,
and to the savage chants of the Carmagnole
and the Marseillaise the myal remains were
plucked from their resting-places ami thing
with studied ignominy into the common ditch.
Not only dynastic changes and revolutions,
conquest and invasion, have been hostile to tbs
preecivatlun of the tombs of rulers and great
mell. Ignorance and fanaticism have passed
lin i destructive besom over many lands
aad efl aced moncuienta which more enlight?
ened ages wo,il,I have deemed precious.
When ihe Iconoclasts raided Eurone
tho mischief done was appalling; An
and Beauty everywhere aroused the
ii.- cf these pestilent fanatics, and ender their
hammers bundieds of richly adorned structures
rverc reduced tn Ihe raw bareness of a
W.ihabi mosque or a round-head meeting?
house. But ignorance and stupidity nave
pi ced little less dangerous than bigotry, and
il ;s a curious facl th.i* England's chief intel?
lectual pride, thc gnat Shakespeare, has ginee
Ins dca h i cen alnmst continually exposed tn
ihe injurious fantasies nf imbeciles in an?
thon v m Stratford, Kirai came ihe idiot or
idiots (whether rector nr churchwardens or
both is un' certain) who Bought to "improve*'
a hus' nf the poet, painted t" resemble him,
bj whitewashing it. Then came the foolish
iveior who boasted "f his own obstinate sae
nlcglousncsa in cutting down thc mulberry
ncc which grew in Shakcspcare'a garden
.\s t" liie (lull clods inna riling Stratford, they
would have removed every vestige of Kew
Place veins ago if they had had their wai.
And now wc leam thal innovations arc tinea -
cued which iii\n;ve lasting and irreparable
injury to 'he church itself.
Mr. Halliwell-Pbilhps is authority for this
statement, and he is a good authority, The
worst of it is that there dues nol seem to la?
nny eil. c ive means nf stopping ihe mischief.
In almost any oilier country than England
thc task td caring for the memorials of Shake*
apcare would long since have been assumed ly
the Government, which would have jealously
guarded every nie ami preserved whatever
was in danger of dei ay from exposure. But
though the glory of ihe poet ia a possession
shined by tho nation aid by the race, the
duty?scarcely recognized as such?of cherish?
ing ihe few tangible reminders of hun which
survive is relegated to a handful of chur *
and boobiea who are aa wi lena its they are?
li responsible, alni w he, ;u-, miling in Mr. I lull -
weil, are proceeding as rapidly aa possible tjo
destroy the value nf thal shrine in which all
1 ir.'] sh speaking men and wemen journey with'
ever-increasing enthusiasm, lt mav he idle o
expect appreciation from ihe Stratford author
it es or people. Even at Mecca famUiarity
v.nh the Kaaba hus produced indifference.
I.u: since ihe credit of William Shakespeare
is th credit nf England, it is not honorable
to ihe country,or other than derogatory tn lia
intelligence, that ihe danger of such vandalism
.should Ix- possible, siiil less ilia: il should le
so imminent aa Mr. HalliwcU reprc i nts it to ls'.
AT JU1, coun i v inn.
Sa if : Al must atty count) fair in the Stat*, I>aid
/?'. h.Il, fanner {proUm, ,Udi*eotcred atoaiag th* Wu
"/" 1 In gronn Fa aaaVr Ma twit 'il faa Prtmimtni of Ihe
/'.ul' .-1 ;nV neural bOCUtff.
" i'iiis tray, please, Goretaot, I iraat to sh ur
rou some moe amati i <?r i. sim-o hogs. Doa'tyou
think they make a good crop with common hogs T"
''My favorite crop ia the Malteaa?br the vrav,
w lia- time did yon tar i ha Reception would begin '"
" At half-pasl 7. Hera we li tv.- aa exe illenl dis?
play ofgraia. Ma.- 1 inquire wbni via think bf
mixing several kinds of grata tn feeding stock I"
" Vim in ty. indeed yon may?where is thc Kee* ;?
lion to lu- heidi"'
"la tba Iowa ll iii. We bare now reached I -
poultry exhibits, Oar taratara hereabout*, - -
eraor. would bc pleased to nave your vtewa i
tbe feasibility of feuding young lurkers meat thtsa
ii'.,.?-a .1 iv willi the 'di iel '?; forci lg thou growth
inf I li.liiK-itlviiur."
" I have given thal point a go >d deal nf ea: leal
thought, ant '.vin nit aatieip id- wait I will lune ta
sajaboat ii in nu next I'haukagiring proelauis
tmii-liouini'iy p opie mil tin! fown il .11 bold 1"
"O.perhaoa eight or nine hundred. If yen like
a nice cow, Governor, bare the goodness to step
trna way. roora aren't thone noble oreataresl
B.sol us argaa that it naya t<> < -:t th. green
crops aad faed them to tba cows ia tbe etuJla, in
staadol allowing the stock t.< grane ontbegraaa
and trample it. What la your decisi sj V
" 1 san.iht say tba! om.i kepi ia a goodstrong
iiieiiiiiiinr imd fad with a spoon couldn't tramp's
du mi un- grasste any sxtani how long Ughs
l.'l ll I'Illili to lll-l f'
?? Until io o'clock, ihis is th- vVotaan'a lu-part
:n. nt. How acassthal quill ital ovet font bead
strike y.nil It co it-ia-, 0,b*ta s, parats pisses.
Govi rum "
'" A mo-t .m. linallie niece of work. IhehVinih
lie aannol dasbns so long at it can h.,it.if iaoh
women-.ire til" a. oiisties uf tho Fawn Hall good f"
" Ncvi-i 'beard anv aomplaini Over theta. Gov
ernur, io your right, is ns gae a Boah .i sheaf aa
mu'will sm in nany a day. tVaatejoyoadowits
rowalasep whan they are inn dows from ahedthng
i..eu t.'.tiif Bavaralaheap'growers have nasas to
Un fair un gejlp *M to consult you mi thai p.nu:.''
" .-say tiiiiiein, phase, with my eoaapliasi nts, ghat
**u 6Ui.li circumstance* they would do well lo aeud
ir a good dentist?is your Town Hall centrally
tuat-d T"
" lt is. Heret's the Vegetable Drpartm^nt. Good
i?t)lay. isn't thero T (iovernor, do you happen to
now of a good remedy tor tho cabba-go-worm T
[oro than a dozen member;- of our oooioty wanted
io to Auk 3-011."
" That was very kind of them, I'm sure. I regard
BJIlbnsjf lad oahhagB as ono of the bulwarks of
ur institutions. It is easy enough to dispose of
10 nllbasjB WOlia When trodden upon ho will
im. I respectftilly hut tirm'y advise farmers to
?ead upon tho cahbage worm and when be turns
mmptlvlo -.hoot iiiui on the spot?is there tobo
msic a! the Reception t ?
"A full brass band. Before I proceed to show
on Hie |*aa*aaj let me inquire, if you have ever given
inch attention toensilago on your Klmira ranch T"
"No. (.'helming not bringa seaboard eoiintv. I
ave never Riven much thought to tho cultivation
f anv kind of shell-fish. I have sometimes con
?ci inert, however, if tho ensilage could not be suc
esi-fully irrattert on the Vapliank clam. G-xid-hv.
>r tiie present?I trust to seo you later at tho l.o
PptlOn." ___________________________m____-m.
In a letter of acknowledgment to Governor Por?
ker, Miyo) ('om leiiiy, of ciiiiili'3toii. ?akas tins
?murk: "What a great tiling it is to ho part of
Ins magnificent Union of States." Well, now, it is;
tiri the fact ihat it is a great thing is not brought
d tlio attention of our A hum ie in young people willi
.thor tho frequency or tho force that it ought tobe,
he sorrow and 11 til ii tion of one community is the
istress of all. The straggts of one city meets with
lie sympathetic respmiso of all. Tho glory and
lime of American intellect expriMsod in literature,
ri, S( i.iice or war ls tho comaum prize, and its
I'liii'veiiient the common advantage. And yd. wo
an individually entertain whit opinions wo like,
IS can do whatever wo plBftaM thal is honest and
Ot to the injury of tho .Stato, wo can contend
monia* ourselves earnestly, men bitterly, for our
riiiciplcs; ye*, wo eau ii^nt over them with guns
nd bayonets, and still preserve our summon sym
alhyas boundless as our domain. In all that
lakes men and brethren out of human beings
in-*.' Knited BtatOS ar." far aliead of anv other land
he sun shines on, and all who um to teach tho
uhlic?and especially the young public ? tho press,
he pulpit and the instructor, should let uo oppor
iitiity escape to pro.*8 that fact homo. For our
1 rv piivil.'L'-'s and advantages begot our duties
nd responsibilities.
The Nickel-Plate Railroad accident was murder,
old murder, and sornebody ought to j-o to jail for
t?if not to tint gallows.
rt tim bara saki thal lbs Ba-rstaeat eonM not ba laid la
trtct .10 .h.1.m. .? willi the *i" 1 m. at.1 ni* al the contract price
I iilumi in** t.i tiie contractor. 11 tin* 1* bo. the contractor
ins! ii 11 e known it and mada iii* bid ?itti the itellberats lo.
rntionof not puttlna into ths aork Uie expense called fur,
resuming avon t'n e mnlv ineo ol thu C.tnlsslonar of Pub.
II Works In passing over tbs defecta. , N. iv.York Times.
[t cniii's with bad gr n." boin the Mayor's per
onal organ to ti row the blain- of accepting ll ilrd's
m.1 up -11 Stiuiio. That poor wretch has enough to
ten with'Hi! *iilleri-ig fur Mayor Graee*S sm*. It
s a matter of record, which las llaus is well aware
if, that Squire urgently opposed giving the con?
rad for tbe Fifth-.iv-, pavement to Baird. Ile
tai.d in the Board of Street Paving that Baird
onld not do tbe work for the taoneyet whioh he
dd, and inlviM-l that tho Job be given to a higher
udder, bul Mayor Grace overruled Squire; and his
-onneel and vine prevailed. The Mayor's sci vue
nc,11* iii 11-t not blane any ono else, ivm Squire,
01 h'* on 11 sins.
rre*ident Cleveland has written areal nico little
otter to tbe American Agricultural and Dalry Aa
oi-i.ii imi. hat it won't eoant for mach egainsl the
11.ee 1 ies at county fain thal Governor Hill is malt?
on; at tbe rate of fiv< OrsixaWOek. The fanner*
lo not care nindi for a man who merely writes let?
er* from the Aiiroiiilarks. I hey hanker afier one
iv ho tucks bis troupers in his hunt top-, puts hay
-ced in his hair, chews a blt of straw, and talk*
?nowingi', shoal buckwheat trees and rutabaga
1 ines and the prop-r way to plant ensilage for the
arly minke.?one liko " Dave Hill, of Ehuiry," for
Alexander Mitchell, of Milwaukee, although a
?taiich Democrat, has announced his mti'ttuoi) ot
luting for the re-election of (lovernor Bask, "I
Madder it my duty," said Mr. Mitchell, " and the
Inty of every honosl eitbtenof WukoosIb, to vote
For him. It is fur the eredil ol the Mate thal he li
icttcd and thus Mistaino 1 in the stand he took
last M iv sgainsl the mob element.*1 Mr, Mitchell
iddstaal oe knows thal many of the most proud*
niit liciiiocrat* bi Wisconsin will east their bal?
lots for Mr. l"u*k. a.id thai he himself is in favor
if the Deiiiiit'iiicv declining to place any candidate
In the field against bins. This tribute to Govern o
Itusk from a leading political opponent is no more
than his due, He snowed himself equal to a greal
itnergency, and or his unflinching devotion to the
public weal at a lime which eal led for tho highest
irder of oonrage he rendered Wisconsin ? service
whose value cannot be overestimated. He deserves
to be elected by a ananimons rota,
According to The Tomlin Ondit, a well-known
Vint?oiiloruiist nnnislerrecently lost a legacy of
?1,000 thioii-h onutttng 11 m ike a eal! on a pei ion
wno for smne ><-ar* sal un U-i hit preaching, "The
minister ia question," says Tut ',"""? "".vhs eon*
lu tang a speetal semee, and in h:s hurry to catch
his nani went past the shop Without calling. Tbs
fa lesnian, who was rather eccentric died earl?
lin* month, His will e intained a legacy of ?1,000
for the nnnisler, bat it had been 0 inoelled iii-- day
following thal up.n whieh be omittad to make hi8
enstoiiiiiry eail." Cbttrob-goers who lie Of the
opinion that their ministers donoi make eaongh
" pa .tor.il ealls*1 may like to draw a blue pencil
mark mound this paragraph and mail the BOWO*
paper io whom it may eoieeru. Then again, it may
in>|tire minister..- to maka calls.
las Bosom Truadltryearns to aae tho Hnb fitted
ap with elevated rail wave, lt protest* that the
city is ov rcro'.vded, tli.it tho utrot't ears aro 1111
equal lo Ihe demand*, mi lo apoa thean an! that
tho cnii-eiiuPiil delays and int'Ti'iiot ions Stead for
";i vast liiiinciai loss." A realbiing vnsoof u ex
lettegevil ll the first step tower 1 reform. The lit
erirv centre hi-.ro Bored lo Now-Tork with tho
si t'l-'it Intention of permanently remaining kora
Hut th-re is no reason why Bool ") should not
strive to become the. Of at toast en, elevated rail
wav ct'trr.-.
The **aiup collectors iiave organizod a stamp c ?!
lector*' .1 ...leiiiiiiiu. I'lin-ideiiiig that the ruling
passion of the stamp fiend is to g't more stamps
than any on- els ?. ami different nee*, too, oae might
think timi or.'aii/a nm would bo tho last thing
ilie*- Worthy p opie would sigh for.
Tuutt wtB be ea Boptsmbur 23 a mighty gathering of
tlobansollerns al Ba lea* Baden, to ceiebru'.o tL-u
Kiapraaa angasta's btrtaday annlraiaary.
At USS Motel ile Villi) li.in,[Url la litttinr of lils one
liuiilreiltli birthday l'r..r<-^~..r Chevrael I'luuk a few
.il ni * of eilan.11 Igns USS nial lie lt.1 I.,"!,- 1.
His. Lawraaaa Hairs**ead uer Uau>-iit-r, Hiss Qet*
trn le, wm sail lat Oana my hy tlio KMet on !*e|)ieiiii."r
fi. tm pesa a row ?wallas with tea Baree ead Baroesas
Von litnt-r, ths iou m Uw aud iUu,'iiter ol Mr. aud lira.
Lawrence Harrell.
A. Btaanea ***rfsdlaadsr, His artist, returnM fruin
Newport yesurJ ijr. Dartag tue two moulin ipeut
tn-rr Mr. Pried laadee eaaaatad a aaflthat al paintings
foi Um fa 1 exiiiluiloii al Hie American Art Uallarlea,
( an.iu li iiion's heall B ag pears te bou-ilie resisted
M' BMlatolj j IS 1. I.e I at M 1'.mi's on nun) SneeSSBIVI
m ii,lays m. I. mt teeliag any ttl efleets, BU biography
el Dr. Paaay ls s'lll In a Bloat Iraginentary stBta,aedll
i-tti"''i'i n.-it he will fi; if.ivi.r don ,- blantonths ol
1 1 loll to briar it vtihls Btsisurabls listanoa
of Jul.iji.ialloa.
"Tibbs sadyatJaaes hara at last breaght,-* ali serves
ihe Wurta(LoadaB),*thatt ewareward lo Mr. Uarila
Hull.may. Ino l.aruuet.y, the ku lit li: h.ne I, nail eTi>n
lim ? sun. iiii? ro.'oifiinioii nf it.itai lav.11' *tiii tarry la
their cn i tag; imi ayetmen tlgaal baner i-ef.-ii laal
weestiib Uereiiitiiiy Haajanaarai asaflioleal heans aini
hlSBSlngS. "11 Irnlajr Mr. Marlin UeUonaj \t .1
annabal le Banoaate \)iiii efeeraateristls modesty, ut tua
tap "f Hr Algerasa*s inst aoteasB af IsshlaBahls mieiu*
?? uni ii., iiitii left lasadoe t >r tea l*j roi, m tim asm
tn i'ii nf l'i ince Vi, tor al ilnliitulnlie laSBgeabarg. Ihe
Iain.1 ll statiiul iv Inch lint lo pel t,el Jaie li,,- aili fii-*e* nf
pill-making aad ' tao asatablaaa rirtaaa ot tba Brat lady
o* me laasV la the ayaeai ewaiirenglaa. ara us yet un
1 '-i. 1 iio priaealy aoalptar Las bacoma tea
t.-aveiiiin:. .iuiiaiii..it ..f ela arl^patron; an-l la tea di lal
trim-jiili ol Uer i.eioio.1 reta.t.et.Jo disinlieiiiai hoi ri
of tho pii.ns founder will doubtless fla! a eubjeot for J
abundant '.bunkf illness."
The rltuallatlo fit Clement'e Church, of Philadelphia,
aaa just engaged a nsw ebolrmaatar naraad Laoey Baker,
ot Kinruii'l. Ha ls a graduate of St. Conni*, ot Rome,
the ol.Inst musical collegs tn tba world. Ila baa been
orgaulst amt choirmaster of the Amertoan Episoopal
Church lo Koran, and has held roany other responelble
positions. He wears lu tba choir, after tba Englleh eua
tom, ibo pale blue hood that marka bia academic degree.
He la expeoted to tntrodnoe a great many Lnjlish cus?
tom* at St. Clement's.
There waa a yoong man In Bordeaux
l'i "ims'-a to a Kiri who said neaux.
Now ali day sha slctis,
With tear* in ber eyes.
Repentant for serving bim scaur.
A girl In a moment off pique
Gan ber i.ivt aslap on the cblqaa;
Not a word did be say,
But he left tmr that day,
And didn't go back for a wluuo.
A artrl who had plenty of beaux.
A flirt, as we well may tupnraui,
Mei a lover one nl?-ht.
Who kissed lier on *ignt,
Aud kissed her right square on the nesux.
?[Boston Courier.
" I board that somebody In this crowil said I was a
liar." blustered a Fourth Ward hull/ aa ha approached
" Which ot you was
n knot of men be thought be knew,
?' It waa me, I reckon," quietly remarked a etrapptnir
stranifnr fruin u[i the crenk. a* he winppad off bis coat
ami proceeded to roll up bia sleeves.
?'Tbat'a all riKiit !" coiitiiiund ma Fourth Warder,
"knen on your clothes : I didn't say I wasn't* aid It"
Torre ls a Domestic Servants' Union In Melbourne,
Australia, the object ot wiiich ls not to reduce tbe hours
of labor or to wring concessions from their employers,
but simply to aid each other In sickness and trouble and
to establish a home for the use of its members when out
of employment. It is successful ana bas the sympathy
of all right-minded employers.
In a police court "Whit ls your profession I" aaks
tim Duunatrata of the accused.
Ki is,,im- (with much (liifiiityi? I am a trarlo poet.
Magistrate? Hut that's not a profession?It's a disease.
Miss Tolly Gohrls, of Washington TownsVlp, Tenn.,
who bas jus; died at tba a^e of eighty four, certainly
could not be a*cased ot being a I.jdlii Languish. She
Uiied to work in the Held like men, and smoked and
chewed tabacco for more than fifty years.
If the plural of goose ls geese, the plural of moose
sim,i. i be in--.iso- nt' every hunter who ever camped In
the woods of Maine knows that it Isn't. Mooie hasn't
any plural. A fellow thinks himself lucky If he sees ono.
- [Caiubri J-.-H Curouicle.
It ls the girl whose pa is sound.
Financially?hits lots of boodle?
Who with a ribbon drags arouud
'the city's streets a tiny poodla.
?[lloeton Courier.
The TRor. C. at Ledbetter. of Ellijay, Ga., is
apparently trying to Imitate ? Sam" Jones. In a reoent
aeraMM hots reported to have said that a * young lady
aboeld ai lt Ie any mau a faco who asked hor ts dance
with bim."
DnetatJaat?Bars you ?casntad any plans far ainp.s
yet I
Mcretary of tho Navy?Yes, got them caeap too, ra--)
ii.iiimiii I ena tell you.
- Economy ls a good thlug. What na le thom so
Cheap I"
" Well, you see all tho otnor countries had rejected
them, "?[Omaha World.
ihe Sewell Courter elaina to have evolved a new
palindrome, that in. n -eiiteuco that toads tho same back?
ward as forward. It is, " No, it ls opposition."
Landlord?Ar y arrivals today, Mr. gkarfgta I
' k?Ko, air; *" Nothing nut Learee "j and be want
an hamming the air ot mut tteantifol hyata.?IChicago
Pardon Hork?The GoverBOl says he can't rut his
name, to ymir pardon. '
Convict?Thea why In thunder don't they get n
Qoveruo! alto eau write I?fl'ld-Lits.
In some Fnglish cburohes In Australia ra.--) arc
lurpU.1 choirs Inwbioh theto arey.iuiig won.un who
aro habited In antro)lana and mortar-board oana. They
are mid to l"ok wry * stunning," ead the young awn
como to the services in gloat (oreo to see them.
liamma?S here la little nick I #
? Little lint ?lie's up-"tiers,
"Teil bim to ga ont ls tua yard; tho iira^ei'? no plice
for Kim."
" (Mi, I seo ho isn't no-stairs; he's ont in tba > ard."
?? i ic ii ino : lim ehii,i viii get eua aime*, leii bia to
come In."?[Omaha s/orl i.
The following anlieerintiona were received
yesterday fur TBS I'm li csu Charleston Sufferers' Fund :
M.. Montclair, N. J. glOM)
Reformed (lunch at lliilifcMi-ld, N. J..
A liaii'l.
?? c. P." (Mai li'.M.-i- wags i).
0. w. I).
ll. N. Lockwood.
Previously acknowledged.
6 00
MOO 7-2
"C. IVs" contribution of $10 to tho fund on I aaedag
waa not oradlta l yesterday, although lt was tuciuJod la
the total amount received.
To ihe Eilitor of The Tribune.
Sir: Your issue of the 11th contains a
column of ?'a talk" with me winch was a rapid luier
locutlon of three quarter* of an hour or moro. The re?
port of what I sal 1 omits many thinirs which ara faa
portant to a fair understanding of the whole, ?ni con?
tains some errors, especially this ou<\ which lt ls Im?
portant to correct. I am represented as say lug : " There
ii* not a city or town la Maine where the law Isn't en?
tirely Ignored." Wuat I did e ty was this : " fliers is no
large town or city lu Maine under Republican rule
where tho law ts not entirely ignored except Portland,
lins ls not accidental, but is a settled policy of tuc
I said: " Liquor will bo sold lu Maine tn VloIatlOD of
lawas- lom; aa lt ls profltaelo to io ?o. 1 hat ls the
whole matter U a few wont*. For more than twenty
years we havo been io every Republic.in Legislature,
earnestly praying for *uch additional enaotmenta as
are necessary to make, the traine ii>iproiKaiii4T aid na*
i to those who i-ontiuua lu it, and hare bean
I. lt ls th., netti.-.I poller of the bo?s?* io pro?
tect tim-rog shops In Malu.-." Nk a I. Dow.
I'orUmut, Me., Sept. 11, 1SSG.
[Tbs words In tito interview with Mr. Dow to
which bs tikes exception, wero f.vcn verbatim
from tbs steoographcr'a haHasi Ifarsnvct, la an uv
teivii.-vv with Mr. Dow phmeil in ihr fForli bela
quoted aa using exactly tba same Isngsagr This
wmiid aoeni to untie.ituthat Mr. Dew hajj forgot?
ten what iio really (ltd say.?/d.l
BWI98 ? ri(K-MF.-UP8."
li.-urge \V. Carleton, the woil-known New-York
ptililreher, lias lioen makins some iaeco.veries about
American drinks diiruii? his .summer sauntering*
in Switzerland, about aliicii bs wrototoa freud
tho other day ns follows :
Why docs tbe Aili'ilean nation enloy the dla;inc:io?
abroad or being the ms'st bib ol* oe, and any ebeuld tbe
ori| n of ali Inaenlona alcoholic beveragea be attributed
in ne American Eagle 1 it issn. ?\en m oiviilsed
Bwltsariaud; lor, ono day tai* week, while strolling
through 'ho principal nlreot of Luoci-to, ay nyc meta
placard tn irmit oi a popular reaort, announcing in
barge letters? Smartens liar ana Aaterteaa lim,ks."
Partly out ot eurtoalty, and partly * strictly for
?mi ii purposes," I eniered Hie | rntiy \lt.n-treilisar,|
i.ic and ai .r experimenting witu au "American
dinnan (artistically prepared by what appen ed to h.<
om. at tbs oiisinil female" r*wi<s Loll Kin., -rs ". I was
prose ti i. by the eoqnattlah deaoaadant of William Tell,
with a printed Uat of Uer io-oal)ed "American
Long Drinan"; a-id, aniDtig tha forty-four vatietle*.
??: c mobarn eaaaTralriai yetar," * Lemon
>,|,lash," " l'u'ii iiie-ui." "Encore .-.i.ll.e Lock,"
'? Heap of Comfort," " Moue len. e," eta
Bi on Ht lla''ln,??wt Aii'ericmi.
Mr. Blaine stands higher ni m?esioe.ii or Hie Unpaid1
.yin day than erar before. Ho bas not only
dla play ed bia a plead ld q-iaiuiea aa a >ad>-r, but ho baa
the local e.????non m Msmo away (ram the alda
laaoaa walab threatened to Impair u* aurnlBoanee, aud
i as made the victory in thal dtaie Hie tl.-?t gan or lae
great campaign of 18S8,
>'.^m raeOtwnanaM gngitfrrr.
I .1 i ni: Ni.rt-lm.h linn m. ia serioaslr disturbed
about tha proapaet iu Maine ia evidenced by tba feel
tual ll na* a.rea.ly raised a wild shriek ol " graud."
tyCm i'e Philadelphia Prue,
A lea : i u ir cu./-n ?<< Ne W-Jar say (aid io us yesterday :
" I lin taint pal ty I'ronlOitioulsts ot .Mame imve burl
I'loiilbllioe lu our Mst*." Wiicii nailed why. ho ?x
|, .lined: ? li-ca.ls.. Uki People are saying liial I f after
thirty year* ot trial, prohibition ls a fa .ur.- lu .via.nc as
thean ainu declare, wlial la Um usn ot a.ir li yin*: ll I"
Ji.ii>, by their lack uf reason au I tb ir misstatements,
?io u.'-j ua;'.i meir own cause.
gg IIL-PAI ED ('HAi.irv.
gram Th* Wnthinpton one
It la a dlfflouii ibm* for lae L'berieetaa sufferers to
believe that nus is a Democratic a imiuiairatiou.
i - rt OratthU (Pm*.)
The Kepuuuo .ns iee n't i\rue up me ttepobltnas vic*
tor) in Mame and ino Iioiuo'.-rala uoeuu'l write ti da Wa.
1 ho nulli I* tl.it Hie j'.npublicau pal ty wa* arra) cd
asatntl very many of us former fi mud* a* well
as .< k kl ii ? I Hie Hmiiocratio party, and ll* au,oms Is
the BWtn gratifying iou-nlr formal mason, lue fact*
and neurea show for tliciuaclv^S, *ud mn.our I* gouisr to
ania a: viinug by miaraprnaeatlaa them. Mr. liiau.n
ii is i ni ai'ily Hoi l.'-en hurl by the election ct Minnisv,
and Hm I'roiiibittou party ha* been, ll doa* uu harm to
tell lue truth.
fruin rai I* .la'tniy-.ki .slur.
L.",.re*eiitailvo WtUtam I- xuii, or I'onnsylvaiua, by
ai-c.-piliiir a reuoiuiu.it.on, sela al mat for ihe present
the co,,]. cia.-.'s of hi* friend* and Hie public as lo Ula
succeeding rcuoiai-jr alauning thu autuuiu,
t SAYS THAT HB BAD A ri.vrj TIME lit LOMDonl
The tag John E. Mooro, gay with flags and stream,
s. lay all day Tnesday at Flor No. SH, North Hirer
wtlng to carry a party of friends of Henry E. bi****
.wn tho bay to meet that niuoh-talkcal-of josa*
tor whon bo should arma on the steamship Nevada,
loii-j-h tbs steamer waa siprelod on Tuesday after..
ion sho was not slgUU-d until yesterday at noon.
tforo that tims however, E. E. R|co> Mr i?i? .#
anagor. had got tired of waiting and tlio tug waa on
i way to Quarantine. It carno across T. Henry
tenon's yacht. With that theatrical yachtsman and
>hn Stetson on board. Hy and hy tho big duh
earner was asea aomlng ap tho hay, and by the ti na,
o reached Quarantine tho yacht and tho tog wsn|
ongaide. Mr. French -?l.iml-eird ahoard earryingjj
rmit to take Dixey aud Ids taindy oft tho steamer,
it ho was met aith a slight illili, ulty. 1'ixey
fused to como oil and resolutely in .intalned his las
iiti't'i ni remaining with hts compaony until tliM
Ut nil landed in New-York ; so the tug and tbe yacht
id to content thcnwlvea with acting aa convota
iiile tte tiaiiil on the lornir blew out thc strains ?
Uixio " anil ? It's *-*ngli.*h You Know " to tho Baanga.
id thc BaajajajnaBBal nhoiilcil greetings to tho young
tor. who, bronzed ntiJ evidently full ol health and
Mts, leaned over the Benji l's rail. When he hag*
uded at the pier, Dixey had lois lo say alKiut 1,14
ugli-.li eitperienco, but all was pitched in the ? ame
rs of thorough satisfaction with tho country, tba
hnbttanta ami all slaa soaaeeted with it,
" I leel," said lie, " ns if I had been away on a loeg
iliday, fnr while in London I only save biz perform*
ices a week, playing no matinees. I need haul, v i?,|
ni now that de-|.ite thu BSSnewhet cohti-iulictorf
ports which I learn seBBS hero from the other ii :?
, lirst. our ctiga-'einent on tho whole waa a great sue*
ss .ui'! I have already signed a contract to return
?xt year At first, 1 must frankly own. the Baaranh
iblic did not quite know what to tn ike of us The
tpected le seo a legitimate comedy or at aay rate a
irlsaajaa with angular part. Dixey was nowhere
it li them at first, tho play waa everything ("rad*
illy, however, they came to take us'from our owe
lint of view and then we were all right At lirat, for
stance, wo had to omit the 'burlier shep ' scene, uuB
lieu we finally reintroduced it it he.nine on.-of the
attires of the play. We hail a time taine ot thc play
lvertisetl, and men used to drop in just to see that
jeno night after night. Tho company, who have all
orked loyally and well for us were unite ,1- suites.
il as I. Miss I'rubb amt Hiss flSBBSTTtlls BSSBanaUg
ecame pronounced favorites. So. lally I bsd the baal
t tunes. Press tag [-tinea of Wales ilown I was re
aved with almoat einageiweed Usainsaa. 'His
rmco wrote to mo Irom lioiuhur/exoiesaing bia re
ret at his Inability to attend uiy last performance. I
as taken everywhere anti shown ar et J teing My
intiier-iietors, too, were aa genial as men could 1*.
[g. Irving and Wilson Barrett wereextiemely kiinl
iid I hone in my humble way io return the latter's
ospitaliry tv lieu ho vi*its America. During ths
renter part of my London teaaea I lived ont ot tows
inl li und this extremely beneficial to my health as
ell as remarkably pleasant, tor I kn>,w no*place with
lensauter subiirh.-t than I.otnlon."
?- How did your English audiences compare with
BOBS at hollie*! '
" Weil, at tir*t they are 11 tril'.e hitrtl to phar.-, hut
1 soon as thev understand you they are wonderfully
ithosiaatie. W'licn they like n thing they si.md up
ml yell their approval, and on the contrary wi,.-ti they
ie not pleased they hi*.a and gioau like maniac*/
" iVh.it ore year plans (br tho tuture I"
" I open aezt week at the Filth Avenue fer fra
e. k* ninl Hann atari out on a tour of the ctn.ty
rrnaged for tee hy Mr. Rh >?."
Dixey'a btsI viall alter hie arrtvel was to Wnllack'*,
In re he witneaaed the perloiasaaea el '' ?!? ?.ji'iins
old by lier Si.*tt rs"' laat evening Thia nm in seesreV
Bee willi a proini.*e Blade to Colonel Mc" null in Lon.
sn last ".-milner, which was not torgeitea l-y . itlu-r,
t the comedian lound a pnvato Lox waiting* toi bus
hm he entered tho theatre.
nr.s THBT WILL Ai'i'FAit DKPK.nd*) os com*
TIlACTOn DA tun.
Thc fifty h:in'i!"oiii<\ eommotlioiu ant! camt rr
tvli-it; dbw stages for I'iftli-ave., wh.cb fee Pirti
.venue Transportation Comp wv has oi hand f--r his !i
IS avenue st some future tun-, seem destined to 1. . 1 a
"one in the Madison >|turo (isrdeu. lue lisles liara
*en ar. ivi lg tl oin lucine, Wis., by pairs since tho early
ays et Julie, and BOW IBM the, wiiolo nu-uber or ledi
1 here, lhere are e;ravo daunts as to when they aro tj
e put toto active use. Mr. r.ly-(i jddar 1 bed lite I aa
Saterdny as ihe dat-) for tho tlrst pui..io ap:*sara io ? of
lie rebid .-s, but yesterday afternoon he sall, withs
ST row fal air, tani he had no lana when the event ?*?? 1 1
? >i i.> ott. ?' Ihe trouble," said he, " ls with tho Fifta*
ve. pavement, That's all tom up, ani besides, -,??? ... s
avaunt come back lo town yet, so we shall not da
Bjrthlag with the new sluices until October .i3V
?ay." Mr. K.y-Uod lani looked serious as he added:
I law Mr. /laird, the contractor, tins murnini*, and tis
lld ttmt If the Controller dltl nat pay ht-o for his wort,
e shou'd s.op right off aul leave fie lu!) Jcs-, vr liars ll
1. He has two years yet tu wine!) lo tl jlih tbe on
" is there a possibility thea that tt will be two years
efo.-e the new staa-es are put on I "
'* Well, I 'lo'i't expect to wait as Ions' as tast," w.11 ths
opefnlreply, "bat I have un id:a witeu tho I' i.e wilt
The director* of tao sompnef lavedsetdad te maka
tie faro live cents for tho uaw von;, Uisb 1 uer., was ti..a
t patties; tbe tare at tea cents. "Oar expenni ni so
ir." salli Mr. Lly-Go Wart, " has deni, instr, tied iii ? fact
Dat ne ali Ail not lose ninaey al five couta, altBSBsB WS
lay ii >t make fortune*."
The niaiu feature! of the new ?.? i-i** a-e f.i-!r hir I
axe appearance, th-ir BOtBHlOttleaSBaSS an 1 tea com*
irtabla means -f travel afforded oy them. 1 ie hisif
f each TeB lola is Delated a.leep U'jo, Brillia tho wiiee's
te rett. Tim iititiy is hana low, so that paasaaaars ese
asiiy i;ot lu ati-l out. The 'irs' atap at (hu rear ls
'teen mooes from the greaad, wane tbaeaeendeee
?ad:-**' to the Inter! ir, li at it'll lets height ftou i'is
.at. The slape are Broad aaa leap andenvsrad wild
arrogatad runner, aa thai k is'lirflouit for anet* lass
.t-itliold od tlie'n. The interior is a ?m.-iei et Imicti,
.0..lilt andoapaeliy Keuei.illy. The seats an 1 aesfei
re njiliulstersd wita le.,iliar. Tw?lve paSBaBgrtS SSS
e BeeoBBBBagates* with comfort nisi,le, and tba cooi-ia if
ri.|toiea to aiiow no more tiia-i thai uainber io 1. ii
tereala time; noone w.ll therefor* lie reg ul ra '
tami, and there ts no t.oSMbllity of crowdlm*-.
A striking feature ot tho nw sties
1 the lip Mat, which ts placet at t.is
rout, directly behind Bad aiiove the )nv?r'e seat, mil
aa a capacity ror four persona. At lae roar of lae
lane, just above ant al the left of the step* as ono
utera, ia aseat for a a-uard, whose '.tty will I.e to open
ut altai the door for passeucera. He will ba so pla ag
hat be eau readily aunt p use i;ers a ail eau j r .ucl
ron.en and children frotu faillnit.
WOl'I.O KATirt'It Bi! LET A)..>>-".
("HK^AGo, Sept. 15 (o>s*e*sa*D.- OsxJSaTgl "?*? . Te
herman, who left here yesterday tor Kock lalao 1 to at*
eui t... annual reiiiiloti o i'r Army of tua 1-niieiac,
ecouipanled by Gsueral MlS A. Lo?;aii,(>e-eral Hui !e
ioner, aud'jthers, h* I a iiusy time itod|{>rjK tie rews*
?spar Interviewers In ihis c'ty. He vlalied i.eneral
>try al tiie army nea lciue'ters le lea taraaaaa, ?> 1
rai SSaiht on h'? way to tho train by a .01 a 'ir who
lenre t hi* Tirwi on some iiai.ers e.-a-fi'ie.) with His
tdSSldBltrattaa. Mexico, lieroniuio, sealiiiiili ?;, aa t col
?? I ka?w no;' Inc cn hr^? maUers now," -"epi ii i-.e,
' You know I sm uoi an jMn"ai, aud 'uy Bptataas aa
?nWK uiat'eis are Harsfere comp ira lively w. ut ..it-is.
I atc new morety a private ?eut'euiaii at lati*?."
?? Vuu have changed your r.-ili-ocai .'iou) ?*?. I. ;IS !S
s>w York," saggestan rae -i-o*-.er.
?? Yes. I have taken up uiy real lenee tn Kaw*Yeral
,ook il yeitrrday."
?? 1 hoje yon and t"*? clamr* a/?e*s't.e ! "
" I have -inly exj.eiaenced -t tat 0.11 dar. Hj in."el- I
intl-tren. however, have beeu UVtag fit-re for soaiS
I me." ">
*? K'anat yen minigtvlag un yofts^ leasens for ut
Hha Kf I '
"n;\ avaryhe>lr keeva whet la Lolls ii. B-.tiorf*'
saekno'.t'a Nrw-'.ork. ckteaaapeapsaanasn jiwriias
I do w bat ll la to live IB lt. Louis, aad aaa apprs***'*"
ibe dlttvreaoa Bat waea Uv Ins thara aad iivna; la ass^
"i rh Van cm easily draw y nir own eoue'si s
Uierrfore, as ta Mir reas-.i-a let MtaVlnS u.e Imiosr ef.f,
? a Baas whatever etcrel ia any way rMiikeeetas
(Bet that I b.?ve made the cimh.-b. lAua't aafe aaaaag
iiaastieaa aiio-it poUttea, p sena," c latlaueS tr, ***??**?
heard ot lt, ku-* uo'.in .>a al. Jill li, have BO in. loin ??
anything lu lUe polltiaal 'a-e. 1 au: uitd of 1 uB)M l'i*i
and lt's liol worth willie for you newspaper iueii te
'jil!,ei ai al il ii', ni like me. 1 am SbJO/lug cr.'.l)-*"
neallb. I l-av? Uaea taltua- a '.oar o: a'.om rtrtl 1 um,
?and uillei israogB B few of Hi- Bta.es, and haw tt
Inst reiurued, I dad at/ health Math Unyrsfei af sss
Th. inuit" few Wall Siiv.t nani wild >'l):n
tloss letlwBey with flserp J.neale, eat his - ? - ""??
surprised ??! tee i";ii.ii.?iim' el alsskarfiagaleM-w
i;.litii King lae at '.i? fat1 tors house i> "aanday. i; **?
tana 1 * tt. .1 la I lewi?* iwi sea ? ? -??f* -t n^*1'
ol ISlinsans '.Lat will Stead the y-'unn pian in (food ?tesl
lu the lut.uti Inanntnl sgsiellaas thal u-*?y mmm__
bis tnt-roi's. Tiie Banff tn'.u.rj ju ?as Bl his f .tin*"'-'
0'ne, ni tue w*sslsre X'uttij felsgrepe OfHasw
biulL'i.in, BtnvJM and sally yeator'ay, full af bis *"*"*
und raeasvlag the aenewenBlB*aWrM <-f busiteisee'iers
with mode...)* and aaltafaotloo. It le sui BOSBS* f:-:"" '-?''*?
that uo tu.11./moon irlp ls iuU'.niel aid tbe lov-il't-***
of the Ljvithuiat home on U-e liudsof whs IpassswaiAia'
luciuhl to 'j? anlliciout to toplaoe ihsiha.u.soi iia>??
" it Ts nfTyet kajwB fer eertalta. In tbesbsece.'-*f^
Daly, wno will take M.a., >".raa-J>ua plaea??*j*fJ2!L
(sen auy. 'l Isjfeiieraliy suppoatxl, bjweva- 1 ?"???*'
ca' eweass (?)?.- Misa Ussia M. ttaangB. wee, i?*M?aa-B
kcoirachieriv asa d>-.Blc orara a*c hariesiusJj?***Jl
ana fer BDWstlSiS oaeu uiuior ootiitao*. a sir. cai. . ?-?*?
au tue raseni v'>*oe.

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