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erinn of the pkixckton fall tf.rm.
HtaaSOgJg or Tar. UMTtTtrnoBr*g prospkrity?
adhufss or pukhident m'cdsii.
tofft* itiA. N. J.. Sept. I." ?The quaint, oltl
fa-htcned and historic borough ot Prinoeton has Its
aaaHTJ* ISSa days. This ts one of them and one wbleti
? . beaSenag house keepers and sinai' tiei* s people.
?-M>r a s-uiuior nt lethargy, look lorw- -.1 to Vita baan
At lu'i'i. tor l0 tboui it meaus the beginning of additions
ge tbe-.r hank accounts that bare dwindled ilurlng Hie
t ol June, July and ; August. Today the
gail tn I. of tho college opeued. To those who
kare tba n.tereala ot the ancient college ot Xe\r-Jer?ey
9r heirt this oponlng ls pecoliariy giatlfjlag,tartha
ls much larger than any previous
entering CUSS and tbe college roster has increased
isaacs aaedtteatas lo encourage rrealdent MeCoeb in
Saw hone latataewUI Ure to eoe the realization of -is
? .ub'.'ioti la U n ?dorre the college Into a university.
-.,,.> k inls norning the trains whlcb run over
sm,., ajarmlrft etreteh ot road between here and tbe
j texan witn the Fenuaylvanla Railroad have been
araaraVal wah students. T..e upper-class men were
? . d.at.ngiiisbod by their air ot nonchalance ant
superiority. They were on speaking terns alta the
t na hands and were strikingly fanni ur wltb the
ssjaajasg StaSa] tue road, reoailiuf imllenta in oouiieeHon
t erewlih tuat would baie made tbe bair of the faculty
sand on end bad thev heard them. The Freshmen, on the
CeaWWT, crouched down in Hieir scats *nd looked upon
t. e:r pre -? cessore tu college wltb speech,ens awe.
? Who is that!" asked one, nore boll than the rest,
sjrao wis Tor the time under lae wing of a seulor. He
indicated a rather fantastically BTSaaai yaaShg m?n. "bo
lcd hy a au lug a meet-looking bull dmr heavily rnuzzleil.
* Ibat'a ? Ile played first oase last year aod ls one of
Vie beat men la college, lie's the fellow who led a a w
up three nights of stairs In old .North Hall ana left ber
there over night. He's a terror to Freshlee. Look out
li ranar
? ls be imft!"
'Smartest man at aa'..ego. W ?y up in baseball.
tartanll. araTag and lumping. Tins is his thud year
ti: the junior lass."
| Ihe openin.-exercise) VSM Meld In Manjnand Chapel
ar 3 o'clock una were attended by tho Baealty. tne new
tlase and a few of the second, third and ourth year men.
J.r. Mei'osb presided and delivered a brie* address to
t..e students. After a reoital et the gradual growth of
tue college be eutcrod into a description of the cn ?
and size of tb - < lass of '??<>. II? said in part: ? Tuc total
number ot ajpllsaaSl mt full entrance up to noon to-day
ls gsa. Ol '- aaa ITS are tea tba Aoademo Depart asea!
aid H> far tue school .if S-Cieucss. Tue 'uta! numb r o'
ai plica: ts tar tne Freshman claas is SOS. Of tue -e ; fj i
are academia sad 47 eclentUlc, Tbe local examinations
i:. Wea am cities semi us 49 aad be preliamnary ax
amlaaUsiua send 47 applicants, The exant number
a Imltted 'at.i?ot be st ne. until :ne exam.ner* complete
tiieu report*. It te alma r evident, however, i
nambor admitted wita eon di tionata moebsmaller tuan
in previous yaam, whieh mar be taken aa evlden at
tiiee..urse la tue pnnngatotj schools Itasbaaaaaacb
U; -re thorough."
Tba iresiiiuet then explained bia views upon the
e.eitive 8'stein ut stu.I.ms 'i- ..ionised to the svsteie
adopted at tfarrard. Ile thought .tba beet reaaita w : I
baoatadavd i ? - itoa preaortbad ooaree
; BlCt tWO veals au i Uv fc- rind t't!.i.J HU- '? mi
ecni'.rs only tLe privilege of choosing eertala branebos
von I prove moat congenial to them, 'ihe semor*
ii. ty eb aa. aucb that tbe time
ed wli be six or aaren hours a creek, ead tba
juniors th-ee. rna oleetivee and optionalsIn tbs
veal ai
lu.-* il modem philosophy, aeienoe and religion. Inter?
national ai l oona) Koinaa la
hiatery of t. e Dnlteistatee. libya
... c .m.'.ir.it.v.- po, ? -, history of Christian
art. l.ietoiy af (.reck art, pedagogics, Greek
t-..-~ ??, Creek phliooophy, Latin,
literma-e. lie ch. >?? - matbemat
ic?. pta ? a .?--.'romy, poralee, ai piled ebemutr -
J?c, ---.. -. --.
ru id.... '_".'. i'i i ui-to.ogv. in tuc inior yi .
history, i,ieeg mytholojjy, Green, laina, l ..
I,erm.iii, ii atiieu. atlee aid physic a |
ct..y i>i'i na aiudv in tin- Sophomore course is L::.
A law i . v- ot rer.irdiu- re
li - .,;.un aud obeervaseee. tne reading of an
tram sba Script ama and a ledi eerereiaea.
lew changes have aboat tba i
?raildlnaa aud abon< the
ls ;he i a nth g el the spin
bs uu be ola Keenan Hell, tnat relic of Kevoluriomry
days bunt Iy tbe1
tl ue of tlie battle o'I'liii'et.iii
vane on this spire had not indicated tho direction of
t. io win i stine 11*61, w ben captain John 4J. Mu:.
i .nibed to the piunaeie, 140 lent above the gr
faeteae ? e s'atlonal flag to tbe rod of tbe t
wind ar thar tim-, so mullion has :t. bent tbe rod a<? I bat
t..e rai c became ima irabiy uxed, pointing to t..o North
throughout tue war.
rance etan marions were still in progress to-day.
: i lay tba oondltlone ! stu lent
more opportunity to prove tba
addition to tue faculty this yenr ia Professor a. I.. Froth
Ingham, recently oi Johna ll ? ?_"<, who takes
I ? . di o' ar \a o.ouv.
Tbe seminary, wuiei. ce c.-,rated three quarters ol B
century of exieteace .*^. ewing-, viii reoiea lo-morrow
a: 11 o'i-lock.
rheatadentato-nhrbt ma balding renalon* In various
parla of Hie v...a--e aud .palting lue air *IU ...a..
lu..e^e soL,gs aad jells.
Bajsatoos Bptuvos, Sept. 15.?The Bai
Munsters' aaaatasstaa baabevoakgasIta week g
toa c.ose. as tno^t of tue th ?>,>.:
au.ninerrd her.- uaveretutnel to their BOCka a li Ii rent
eeotions ot tue laud. I luring the fail and winter
Kealba tie meeitru wit: beheld esbject ta 10a
the president of th. organxiatmn.
Ht 0 TncBJsrtlag. lr . nf SJaw-Yerk city, baa
ti-e ieas.- u .1 baataoM of Um Bahai dara ima.
J J'rofc-sor Nathan ghepaocd, formerly of Ne*
atty, bal now a resl lent of th ? ;>..? -e. an '. a - ?
deal of the Saratoga A theo anon, al tor a
sf .clures. The date- . .
Jo, gj and .io. ile wu. ieetine on ? i ar.- . .
. ,.aer of cuitaxnrs nave h ?.l tueir bo.I flited
np wita etona i etlug apparatus, n lb a view to a
in.- here aadengagiaa I the be-i
ap r "f tooogganiag. snow aboeing, etc# wblea
j . ?. extent,
i - r. ? department a .- . to'.be Clrcnlar-st
ie a. J. IL ( aryl, of Nes .
.- jiu of a eimile.- Uavlna led to tbe
m. Hq dam-gc waa dona TnaC rylacouaeals
kt an* I .1.- na.
iii,- alema! Literary Moetety'e ti ' aad wm's, coarse
( ! iee! ,r ?-, a I . I ... "rt OV
t ,?? Vi .; k ". o elua of .New-York etty and I
by Dr. J .m-s lliiey. of . Little,
o'tn* Syraouae L'uiverelty; Colouel George vs. Ba
I ? e. i I'rovssoi Coed n of New-York clij
a social garnering by me i i
!'.,? i>v. lu. leaeph Uarey. of Hus piaee, aa archdea?
con, ? ., ^.cll
wal moe! in LanaiBgnurg< tn Septemoer"27 and -iv
t,l M I U BM A DI . ii ll BLISS l 1
Wasuisgtox, Sept 15 ip dui .-Ex-.-\ ?
aa! rwatjiaataa Uenatal H. atyi* writing ab.ok. lie
eaid jester ;*y: ??! propane io place m-v^u ,? egad
siataeaeaa and elbara la the u irj Border that
t ,e r h a- | ta m iy s-e Hiern la their trai
Fiue people nananne oe:?ro tie pnbile ne moral eninta
witti a bo. er-tha -t iou ca*: ol Coaataaanoa I shaii
ln.'i.e upon tan eerredaJ pents of theirowa eatvup
t h. I ahall em i? < r i vj ?? e auto
latiera an i memoraaaa wi. cu will ?peak for
? o-?. in saar:, li <v ,. rife tba ti-ue laalda history
Cf toe Fond* etaetloa rn.iras >' !-7'i nt sf tba Star
li. v. ?. ina, on and ir.a.?. with al. tba collateral
il :e s. ( onareealonai aad otherwise, eonnacted
with. 1 nave ame dad a lot of bf poe ri te* .ml nu.rai
r . le .outr euougii and lucre IS Doini ir -
o pabltf i t .e ira- lids hil
' ty ear of ans as wa- ? lol i. .???? .'? private
n euuirs, ' It te mifiitr lats - .. bm be ? ,? a
- - kn ? ,..? j can't be p what ari | i a.
'- * ?a s ,.r tl ne Uj? to sp-ak oa., a.id 1 ana., do
?j : ...j ..:.d feartaaaly."
Can vi,M. Bent. \:> Special .-Jiu- rhtsatrical
J***** ' J ' ' irtsdia so bravely tb.*
aaanaa la ai?i,isu wntdan advert alng aad all I - | atsea
appear* ta bsursaisasd w [, i, ,-M
ttatthe msamasn thasM M mt$M nUt)a
c. a.i lasnmaearaa forced sa . . uioe by tba
r of ana. For aanapte, ta adopUaa the raia ta
uoawaj vital ii.ii.-r. tbs nm n iUob v.
M,:*;i" ' ? ? abor af Ute
risitini ? ead against tm
?"'?" " ' ? ' ?? * ar* ... iVe? ?
ufoamm on the part ol , , ?"?.
Mdtaajraaoni*.n - ~J^
-? :" or-s aud bave Issued
eaerje Ihooirtsa - -? taree , ttt.
' '' - ? ?" ' ress u i ra.
"? ..jj,, a ,a | irsidr-nt ol S - - . ...... r
{ir".i.V,u,,,;,-,?ll,;.N)cV,ko,'l is ac lon
""" 1" UitB rOBPSDO BOA Ts .<
N ?" "???'? B4*jjt ir, [Spaeia ? . ander
1 '?? Bog delivered na
? tba Wari e sae aa "iur gleet ,u Al.
a Be*" Cap au. lio.i .hoasd thai adana el bat.
i.e. .,,.,1.1 ha pr arraaajsd, ... um vasa the enemr
boars, maicht he aaa be aavtaaasd aithoni num.
Hsasls, and tbat UM ram. vfet?b ????, ?e
free.y m,4,le u,e ?f, ..? ,? ^ ^
a-.,... we*,..,,, .1 lllB .?,,,_ ,N k)
ef tue ??? ,lf ,?;p..(io boats ta aettoe aa aaa* i
?I'.'."; . :. .;::.r ,;".:^::'V,y,i
pmais poi. siana nae etnad leta a-u ., ?? "??a?a
1J uts j, tj,,,? v Manga, i i. - ates >?vr ?r-,,?i
. Unspent riBBMBTB FOI
aaiiiaat Say af tba laaraamaal ..i n?. Klempt
-)...? latu.u of wilimaisharg. a nuaiau rarh
-.y. aa. even nmrn't,,,.,,,, ,,,.,? , .. .... A wmm
.-:.,i,k. I KnglA.
."? ? waww 1,'i.in , .. ?
I" I of the .,1,1 v?lualcsi til.'!,,.-,, Ir??, N,..^ > ,? ,
i.c'Vp'oa *''"'"""" ""?"V U'""' '""".' I" r"'"
Um ut
awarded t.? th* w.t. ar
*re* anna ?. u. j? aaa
le. a *-,,? ?r, |.r,
I ? ..ll
aio*.uer .No. U, gj v? . luaoujuurg, W.JOx
Hose Company, of Kingston, gt, T., and Tlfrer Hoee JJo. 8, of
A u. ,1 ia.
The Hollnnd .Siicioly, of New-York, bbardy
one year old, bat already it has broken tie neut dining
rec.-ri I of the New 4Bm\\_ inder*, Huiniennt* or Bans st
the Uevo'.utlon. rh* dinner at tho Hotel K..i.tcr*?ir.
mi Tue.diy niKQt, which UURUU with grace in Dntei
and endeil with Holland puneh and Inna* dav pqies,
?'M i'l S*VSt as tli<) programme had pi einl-tol. ant..
le.teni.iv ic .rulna at 3 am. I*veryl.o.ly seeaned BS
have reached a pteeseat state of nunn-.lenee hg thei
time and the ein.tioii ?., and spirits which had bsen io
'ttnn <>Ti isp at last rau dry. Aller trying the fan BUS
- Dulah ilerrnu' " il.iiikini: Bone fur the ninth time, the
Holland pill-Tims soiu-lii their itt-d*. \ few unt-.irtuuate..
had to start foi this city op tue ii o'clock . tram. Tub
tine -norning brought tue rest of the patty nu: a lute
later tn anlegtaa ria wal tho splendid lladeee ltiTar
valley spread cut like a rich foreground trent the purpie
Coat allia Bl the Kaator ilti l Spur, li.iwn ihreash ihs
dlstsnt lowlands tiie stately liver showed like a sliming
thread of sliver m the iuoinlni-'s eunlicht. "A th a
strong glam one eenli see s craft or two swlaglag lazily
along past the Utile vii laxes, with their *,|iiare, white
hoard houses and toy-ilke charities dottinir both sides
of the stream. One excited Dutohtuau, the evening
before, bad thoag.it he saw tue Hudson Uiver ira
BSrpsel M Lu way np to Troy .mt lia rene'. to tell a
enasber Ol Ul.* friends of the discovery. All wout tie.:
ante* ene ol the.u seggssssil that it wee ada tlxtaaath
glass of Holland pundi tnat tbe discoverer hail hana
lorkins tirewga,
N-tw, however, tue Vans ani Vanders could all see
inure e'ear.y and scattered la little groups over ths
wountH.Q rna ls aud paths lookn s fur tte numberless
t.? iv- of the valley from the steep pointe of va:iU<o.
At <J o'clock break:a*t was served aud an hour later tho
200 pilgrims Pled en te the big hotel porch to take the
*t*ge* again for the Kaatorskill Btatlea. risa yellow
unbans whteh served at once as pnaaporta um!
aaooratlens ".ero pinned on anti tue rile down tue
tuouutaiQ began, lue..- bailges, one might aid, are
merely a Biafcaehift, VVhon the Kev. Dr. Vaa Dyke, ol
tao l'.rick i'n--ny terian Church, sets back fr un Ho....u.i,
ne will hmo aiiii him one of the old pins of |tlie Beggars,
adopted by tho Dates patriots in ItMM, oas ot neleh
was worn By William ot ('range when he a . ?
Ba*taaslnaled. This will he made tbs Sestety** hedgs
md, w.tn.i if tne Heggar's Pm uni an Imitation, hy
"i olin. m.*. nf tue old I uicu ou"){omaster's hat. no f aturo
pilgrimage ol a Hoi lend Boetaty ann eea bs considered
complete ?
A tpeeial train 'or Kingston was walting at the Stony
( :<tve ballroad .-tainui, and BO stups*. were uia le,
szoept to change oar* al I'lmnileia. until ii .udu.u was
-??ai a.-1. Here tn? Kingstnii party stoppe I end tbe
New-Yorkers gave thr-e ebeers as tue West -dior.
*; . tram rolled ont, leaving Samuel '). Coyka
noa ..-ciine rae ol lue patron saints al a.l the Dutch
pUsrlmi bareahaa'a, alas gi Hag on tue *t.itiau
pl itfortu. '.
Van Toni the president if tiie snoief-.-, rot
ont ai Nyaeh and Utera mus some more cheering.
About thies o'eloek the tram polled lota Weelu
ih l li.e p| gns age was OVST. Tile society*! eXpe
i: ul in eu an Imnmnss sn bbss and there la bo otie with
a Van to blt name io ih-- wbo will not trj i"
lind tile tnaie aooeatoi Indispensable far getting a ticket
before Mr. CXiyeeadnU'a next dinner arrives.
rjsrs civil reefice la w was not repealed
In tb . rday John L I-;-'i*. Jr., a
rb ? i- -?- ai *>?? '.' j Wi -; .
an lt. ian of No. fl .
bot fur years be bas entertained an ambition to bes
bim that witta a few bnn'tred lollars and an i
f e. od fall
potntmenl Iii
? a
" i: ? ??'?'.,!. New Vork, January ll ' " '
De stephi - ?. tran! ..! tl..
. . .
step.tann, ia Appointed to a tKMtltl'.li on t I'd ?> I";
tew york. In t ,i- - liol
liter tbe re
i mc t.. polu ??
?? pay io
J n\ I. M !.-. I H., S.. -.'". - liam!" i- -t "
i i ?.-,. i bi i ra rei nra of
rhed at, howi rei
Lawyer John Hoj . nd bis
? imprla.i. i udt -
be ??? tu Ibe
"a* at
Vi" tua: BS
:i tlc
tft.rn.. ?. - ? beard ?tattooed at u.e liana)
in i lowanna the eas
il the farewell lalntea (ron
i ? '
tte waa
howi ul the bia Baan ot war
?? , ml fore.
raatle. -
? ny I
Ih UV I ataissrttair i
Von .vi.- ,. morn ina to express the hope
- ' rday'i ie. ..l Newport.
op t..i eli ? understood tba! tl fame
. laure."
Mayflower!, that -'.? la in
via. ini'. ible to it the i'm itan, rn
.- IV..11 lille. ?
- iii.y it ?
- and in thal tne Puritan won, l bara
entered .
ia the i to
j. ii ?.. ilm r
There ? los of ? itel lay from Bay
I- - es ia 'ii
a board an i ki el
; ? ' a.- ? ii -* each ethel In tU the (lasaea. The
.? i .ni be -ad
ri r
on e-.tnr.taT I ii te a wind I ere v ll be no r.1
... . il i utter, and
ta ?s caa. .:.t iud. *3 .t ..*
a lona line ol gea. ?? ind captains Died
tata tao Peanaylvania Un mad ste! li - . etty al Vin
P rn. yeetei lays n I ?? eil for tbe
Veterans of the Jul Kenl ent S ". - M !l 0 H. S. *i I
. tu lay Tu. ? ? i i
ans propose a lix .'.ai??>' r inion on tbe battli
Minuit i i , ' i ttyabor*-, In wi ? I riment
waa ens i ? '. veteran appeared In -ii /.iii- the*-.
adorned vtii'i (iran the He
Kellie-, ind special r*hoon tui.iire* wera furn theil !?? a.. by
tliequ rtcrini man had his hair-cagi ti.g
io " li, V V'.' :
?ii ! ? i-. finn *.':e.' " la for I
* iL'tai.. rations and i|naners.
? it aaniversary to be celebrated ls the reyiment's ar
. -
i ..in ii,.!-ii i i ii ?? ..I... had mai bed from Hal ,.e. '?, I . i. -.
il..ii bot five yeal
.?ii .... .-.I vt .III
als of iHliai'iislmra. whose good
Ik lui ! ? '???'? - !.. H.i ale
thi lo ? ii ? it thal . t and the Di ? i il iy hoi .I i
baust tbe townsfolk'* welcome. Un t, . arri al a: H aip>
burs: tn day the i et. eeoi I lie
town, au interehangi .t courtesies will be iboi
-reinomea ..ii
mr,.i in , ? aaa by I eteraoa will ne Lil
je . I. loren nail i? provirlea! w
) til- , hlldren ol i yean .t. u
mil be ;-ii I.--1 I-- li k- tie oatb pb) 1
? -, v ni t ntiei.iin the p.i ry win vial t thai
-...nh Mourn .
tl,en to I :. - ? i party will bo lo
Get IVS 1
^ lil ba >.ii M. ' 1 v Among t'i s.
n lio n upos .! the ]
Haili. ? | ? Irw ii Mar
tin, John Ti i. liiirtlB;
*inM \j , ... i.. ,.? ?. \ linasey Captains Os HIM Brown an.
- '
Cooke li L'.-I.tn an ' linn ..rd 1'iitkiiey
/" i grj ../? kduoa fin mr.
Beard <.f
i ... imilt i ...i i s
. until !.i>- ie it m. >t..il', eben I ? ?
? ?
? irned Mi - raw ford tnouirhi i iel it *.t* ni
? i,en ? i would ".?
U im ire
ul Ul I ij an ' did imt
, tn lake mn- ii Mr. "a .*.,!
i .. tii..i sufUcienl . efl rent -? ha : - e. B sho? n to t
? malton ..' an Inleatiou on
le shirl i .- .1 itiea. ifiei
.. , it
:.. li .?- .? itu
- si I ?.. .
Bill *
i ?? ' .1 H.
| ?? Vt . -?
paulie ?
? mi Jannali I. 1**7 -ni.- i
ed lo present arepjitol liii i:
- I
, ? ? ... I.ile
. ia they are a
?? / Aim *' LAT" Al ?A l / Rt Y.
? . \, a Isl -
., , ... BBsass wen
, ; .. ii ie Ins areeasa. 1 ba ax
.ii i.in. i. au.! m.: nithalan . ii.' lite n.t.i'-i .
meiil* net.' . rnn-ited. I'm
? Il : M ? l?l I lt
In .|?i< rai le UoIh rnatorial Bommalion I
,, .i i... iii pal i iee will mi ??' anal
I ,,, , , na wen rou Iii- wino, ra
?,,,.- t.l. am '?:? . Il '???net. ami
tue,lill Ainu. IV alta. Ba*efllty. Waa ileta*t-t-al ph k)ni ,
eal ..a ali old unit nt iu Ij,.- Biala
? _
A Ul ?.,'/?',. A . \.
?, ,n /? ' ; ? i ic ?? lune*.
y ide Whrtaaud i ie Pna aaa ol .?: .i^at* were sailing
la tbs * ? , and wi i: ** dro we ren*
-'.ret:." ? ni H'.i, Hale-I" ?? .Sn, u. . ?! .
aai.t lu ? i* .'i.-.i./ las .Bara." "A.. :" mn
ex.-a.ii.-d, " weat a haautlfa ei,,. bj yen have nara.
wm uri.. pu
fl rn TU* I lineal Tn??j.
v...i _- ii b al-a.i.i ti ive vann SBsall
I , Bink tua ur - I
Aaiiatan una like that, anadasta I
V.,.iii ? ,:..,ia. ka-ot!! Ve*, Mat viii ?>? lt von win
Billi with W.i..i and j.Ul a cur* lu Mal cod. I'l. laliell
will ma.
CilAitLi.-Tds. S. C., S-pt. Li.-lhere was no
particular change In tbe situation to-day, but the work
of reparailoo I* gnioe on over sverr part of tbe city. It
1* lnipoisiblo to restore buildings to their former condi?
tion, but they are putting on a betur appearance.
theare ls a *carcity ol bricklayers and p'aat.rers, bat
nun,.rons applications for work come In dally. Th.
Ilelief Committee lo-tay considered tbe condition of
Baa awi allie and tn. village* along the lin* of tue South
< sro! n i Kail way aad af Hie town af Mount Pleasant,
opposite Chnrteetoai ea ? ooper Inver, and r.tnived that
the io**.* in thea, paces .hou.il be provided for In the
ratio o.'their amount on the same b isis a* the lota.a in
(hai .?ton. M I,-, ,,f tbs t.nL a,,.t sheller* provided for
the refuse.* iq tbe city have anea removed, and the In?
tention ia tn h?ve ail cleared away br tbe end of the
month. In this the Govemaaeai engineers have greatly
a?*lstfd br their reports on tho condition of dwelling*.
Waaarnx ron, gape. laV-dbnea al ageat w. t- speir, of
th ? i.pervi*iiig Aieintect'a OBktO, his been directed to
proceed imme.lui.iy to Charleston to inspect and report
anna the aaa Utica af the peal omeo and Uunited states
Custom Boase bandings in that city.
sat, IS.?Tba Charleston rel,of fund here
now imoi'.r's ;o 158392,
anoint nai. aonsoairnona aw i ivan voa them
? wtivk rnMM;i rr.rs Ar W ibjx
The full living additional subsi riution* aro
seka'iwledired by John Crosby Brown, treasurer of tbe
Chainli. r of Commerce Charleston Relief Com.ulttce, as
having bean received up to U o'clock yesterday :
Isaac Bell .. ggeOM
i oi an establishment .n
Nsw-York City . 47SS3
John vt i?..i.i snd a I ?r-i i rh tm sacTi 25000
f Cou! I Dental Insurance Ce . . 17173
i neater W < tm: la . 13o0u
Lu.-khi, \. i Schafers Co., W. and A. Fletcher A
i .. . Korstaiann .* i c. David (-t.?art, i-r.-.lerii k
- i >rd Hmltb a Sons proprietor* of
Grono ii I I R-Wr-Unry .?. Co.. Joseph Ia
r... .... ji.i.i; a Scrjrmeer, uortuun M u imf act ur?
ti, a., W. ll niUiighaet, J. Kennedy Ted A CJol.
? rsl ' " , A leelin A Lo.. I-:.
. Uar ir ?. on n. rnnth ,t On.
leelln, Kereer d Co., A b< .t i .. sad
MegTiis. Porter. Oroae ai'o., each . InOon
Presbyterian Church of Monroe, K. Y. 66 OU
es Lockwood, Gusta' L Jaeger, W. l> Marvel
A Co., vie,i ,t . .... Dreyfns, Kahn A Ce and
ciiaiie* Barres .? io., anea. wu
l-io - i' itt, ' tarles a. Townsend. "<'. H. K..''
1 ... .: ?' I rashai .. Krhinalei Bios., K. ll. cr, ?
' I il i...' ' 'i imbi . I I.yon .nd li
A 1. alon, em lc ."... 8500
j tIonal..... li oe
vv. m. .>.iiiuii. n . .'?oo
l "tai.SSS.U4M
I ii. Hinders' Mater ai* Bzabaaca received yesterday
a ;iti na!. A telegrai'i wis sent by the presides!
Ot lbs Exchange '-" Maror i a.ir;,-nar r.'jueaHug bin lo
.a; a ainu total Bf
$1,000 will be rained, over gSOO being already eecared
1 ne following subscription* were received at the Man
lime Exe baa ge:
. glSO
Mai a. ? P. ( ?"?. \ an \ li
U ilk . -5
. 'Jo
ll. Mal .n.u'i .ti". ? : i o . Tupper
.< li al .. . 1"
J I ! - . 7
.1 M. Val . .">
.. I
.SJ. 009
Ai ino Baal Estate ExeaaajM me additional -?
senpuona wara .
J. ll - . f.'axi
,. ea. li.
( I. i" I. Kane, a
hiern] . ? ? ? ., . BO
. L. sa
.:. a ?
.:. ?
. -
Deputy Cierk Dels - . . I
sec. etary o t Masoni isf, b >a
received a iell.-r from the pr silent of the Masonic,
Board al ..-? ag f ,r aeslttaaee tor
tue members of tba erdar abo bara lagered by
th.e.-x- | ? 'a" gew>Yora Hoard of
? i ?. (ha M a i-f I"-:., ? .-I Saturday
? elllng.
t iii ' Shay sneseatad to tne Kir? Commissioner! yea
tsrdsy that a su.n- >i be st irted tn tba de pa:
'ur the sufferers wno are members sf lbs Charleston
Pi re De part mei md were injured og are in need. Toe
Board a ? md namoi iud t.. . . ?
lui: of tuen i i i iacr pi lon.
Mayor Bell, ol Yonkers, called a meeting st Manor
Ball on Monda lido tba Charleston ..irt-rr.rs.
I r-Mayor Oil* prssidsd au l g5U0 <?. -aiiecnbed. A
lillee of ten, tnclu lilt tbs viavor ant rlty iderk.
.. , see re eniHertpttoaa. ibouiia C.
ted tra tearer of tee :un !.
ol un iAlan: question.
Lynn, Mass.,Sept. 15 Specie I.?Tho Lasters1
Proteetlre Union of Haw Eng sn 11* one of the*trou_*est
trade uuijiis in the country. It has long controlled hi-'ii
pries* for work and baaeondu tad musy atrtkena The
Ueadiiuarters are in Lynn, .lust now the lUMuaers ars
i tba invention of a labor-aaviaa shea la* tl ag
machine. Ma afaetarara who hare tr:-1 r pronounee
the machine a success and many of ib-m will be p.aced
in .actorie* h-re as soon as they aaa ba manufact?
ured. I'a'.l! now the anion members have not been dia
turbad eoncerulna th* luvsntion. < i ie mau wnti al
helper caa last from 250 to 300 palra of shone parday
witu mueb more ease ant less labor than two sallied
laster* wi. lo eos-quarter as many pan*. At tuts time
tba laatlna naeblae will prove mora ol abooatoahoe
meaufaeiurar* tuan any other inve.it,on made to save
laoor lu the iuanufactur? of sanes.
I. vi:,.;: \n;> Bl SINE 8 Ti: ICBL Se\
Philadelphia, .Sept 15 [Bpstiat). ? The
strike bogus yeetordar nt ths works of the Giouceat.r
Manufacturing Company became general to-day and
over 1,000 hands qultwork. Tu. *ir ke l* for au lacrosse
miva.-. I .. .'.wing oh tbs hecla af this strike lb -
roding mel bania employed la tao Gloucester Iron
Works want nata benanee of tba Steebaran of one of the
engineers, vi ho ha i absents i himself for a week without
?ave. The Ure coron ot *:e>-i workers in ibo Dtoatuu
Works st Taeoay who ar* attn ea atrlks h.,d * meeting
?si olghi ino decided toawali ;n? retara >.t Bami l?n
Disstoa from Europe before returning te worn. Tney
Want au advance or l>-n per cent.
i'i rT-illili. Sept 1". i s/.ev-ia/i.?There ls enid to bea
movemaat among the western dstscntea to me, Knights
of Laiior General Convention ta decide upon a plan of
action before proecediaa t" Richmond. It ta eacreeted
, .... ii ii- bel i in this etty. It ia said that Pow
tb ny'a rr ?.,? ilon .s Uraiid Mas'er Workman wi! be
u.teriiuii.i upou. Tue caucus win most ligsly d" de
Upon a Weetara man who wlu be pitied agBlliel Turuer
for General -^ccreiary.
Twasaoatba ago the workmen at the Lucy au 1 Isa
bellafurnasoedeaaanded rej:,iraiion af wtges nani in
I88sa, aa iairease of 7^ porciit sb ive the preseu t
wa.-es. Both si les agre-d ia araliratlou .mi ex-1'reai
dent Jarr.-tt, of tue Amalgamated Association, was ap
... ate I te looa aier tn. Inteieats of lbs workn.fii. Tb.
yera bad refused cu. laereaao on ?n. ground thst
ii,.- pries oi ir n had iteeiiaed ame 1*->1 and n.e
silvaneed. Ths w?rt u?n w.rc mn lael aed to
,. : -v -.ii ni't.e. wa* parmltte-l lo exam?
ine Hie amp ayers' Cooa* vi 1 thus c mvioce the'iis.ir.*.
lin arbitrator* utiauimoiisiy de.-id.d lb. demand or
In re.s. i, waatee SbouJ.1 aol be granted aud ibu work
oi* ua?* acguieaeed with ? it a maraana
The only new ba'ar" bi r i< thecJotAtagaattsra
r ,,; the Cw tad
- ti., folios ?? . -.-? retary
ll. nry H. May. el UM
l bera
lng cm
lui ui \ a.i.iiiia* ,,n to you.
eoiaiaed I u saan ? vt r |
,1 ? a !
i,. i.'.c,v,-,| a* io w Ital wa* k-,.n.g os rn Um
sImiu* I lie li fullers' Cn ion.
I a> ..nt u ? ..oi,. u? , |i
AiN.in iii.i tailors employed br Ihe contractor* ?> o do work
. man ufa. lurer* whoa* about r ... ii. eos eal
- - otters,
rora lir
. |. .? ,; ,,? ll- ? ld in-ll
ra lu I ?? Mount - .
i wm* io in.- aa.ciini ol rio.oii to h. done, eau Uie
,n n.e contract. The work of eatabliabiug co
marali r ''"'? ay
?., ,,.? ..[ tlc - ? " ' '"h. I ll* iteall -
kerami e. au pu y th., 0
' ..I :'; ai eda. ' bal *- v aki I a-.
? '
Sate Karrrll or rmi I..> i r tmsluiUia who havi ?
foi la-.' a Patuiei lo atop work.
ai a nieciuig oil - - section ol thetentral
l.ion rurastay night al Su .,1 I-.*-- 1.i^l.li. si.
- Imh-I a Milli ii. Pl I
? -ii i, I Ami Bl
. i. ,(?^i Iroiii .1 i ? ???? - an ia.- r> ,".rie.l a
i.union a ? n ai brooklyn
, boycott *| . i
. k. . :, aftel loans
-ii 1.1 ..i i.-. ilia) Um - "-' i" at
KollUi N ;'' **.
? t ?hii had suty men nut ea s coastal
ectinj! ol' tl.. Retail Bat Ss .".???, - I
Ind i ? ? . - .
-.- h.ci * > ' -aler? ??
.. Cioaing iii" - * . . -
ll".. It"v 1)1 J H l'.it'.n. lill Bi ?? - ?
ia. - ai. i ian i bur. '.H.I Mi I wea
? .rd.c. fur
i thclonvielaxlTbeim boycotter*, now la!siogHing r*rl?oi
?irnl \ii"i i" I - "di ? i ?
! UonwilhMl Mail... rr. dr M.iltii.e Wlil
, ... mi hi- re,,n lo llbaiij i" lay ,o :>. maa
wine m. ni rel -
ai .- l.M? ai "awl i.? I* 'o I- .ont! "ii.I tl
! lund* ol tn* udiiiu to support them dunsi
I m turn iu I ?-" -vu
? i lest I vat to bs
.,.? i !?, ui raia ssonsj ba thal $ ?
rHJ ./ BOB TIM : BB.
Sarasac Ink. Sept 15.?A third at t< tnr>t at
a dcor baal taw ? .ia.,, asefal Na r. a
ha, fa leu dunc: tue Slatht ai.1, a* the euuJHIon*
were favora'i.e for ia. BCOat, .a* dor* were pul cut
?i was In nanrae of Chane* W.
t.ii.er, or .se Verb, and I doom Baan, of na I lAssaans
\nrt. Prealdenl CTevnlaad romaraat taat be n*l not
ni nen faith ni Hs au,c. ss so far a- bs was coneeme.1, hut
ha caliea out hi* ru. le sad lojetusr Hwy mada their
way toward Ul Waeuh gruun 1 asslirusd them. Ths
Sj banter aaasanaj thees who atarteal aaa* fraaa aaa
Inn wa* A. L lool'U'e. ol Loaioa, woo Was ?l*UoB'd ai
."tn- Pond, and who was fortunate enough to kill a
On Friday tbe President'! partv will in all probability
tart for the Tupper Lake Iteglon.
A report li aa reeenliy fouatl lu way Into the woods
hat Colonel Belo, wbo is spending tbe summer here with
is family, wonltl probably lie selected for tbe Auitrisn
Minot,. BothCeloaal Bela aul I'reiidsnt Cleveland
mite in sayinc that ins rumor is entirely nufonn-te-1.
oionel b>li adds that he ii satisfied to oontlBUe the pub
leatlon of hil two newipa[**rs In Texae, and that be ti
iot a oandidaie for acy office within the rreiideut'i
he pnizK fiiin ju a "Marron MAN'?1CORKS MADE
The riflemen w!io wert to ('reeitnioory.iterday tn tm
he matehe. arranged fur the third day of the anim il meeting
vaanr-ation had nnfi.inr* to complain of
n the way of ttie weather. Yeatenlay the wind had betaken
'??;? to seana aannra-sn, ead aa tiiere waa little at CnmA
i-sjr the. markamen were happy. The num.
"r "f fit. iiai.ts and th? att.-n lance of the
I ii'-rally WiN niii.-li larger than on any of the pre
m. I!,,. .iiii*t important mat. li of the
'11101.11131 fur the military championship of the
rattedatstsa Ttsssawars tifty nine satrtss in th-.* ?san*,
raieb wi* si eland into two st arsa T.-ier.- nara t nasty tntse
rlaasrs et Caa Int shape aad saaaa maaskaatp gsed Basal
nu was don.). OM of a ? -.? of Tn, 0. *^'.
inaaae task first prue with a nore at sa pease*
?dW. w. BaO waa seeaad wtth a Bean, af di. Ths
iror-- ailinn*; tbe prise winners waa M The elaaias in the
unBtageihen competed for the championship, and repret
**n<?ti rejlmenu in New-York. Masaachnaetts, Penney i -
in.111 ..lill,-, ti. ur and tbe Ilea-ular Anny. The chaiiipi.uiahip
ell to ll.ajt.in. W. W. Hal!..,' . bOMttl Ul tri inelit,
rinniiiK the mm ii i oveted pm- with a score of ll Bouts nut
ifB ptMSlble *,0,
i"he other shoal Bgdnrtag tiie Say was confined to tts con
tnnoni matchee the I "tree tors' Cont tanoni. tOovernoTB' and
lill Diners', Marsstnen's Badge Match, lu ail nf Which gtsal
looting was .inn., l.ieutenaut /al!ii*ki. i oionel C. E. Hrldire,
..tentenent Shepherd and the ethel ezsenttra officers were
>uay ..ut ina tiie day. Some high scores are expected today.
?hen ?>?. ' - ' I..tiiK Kana-.. Matcham! the etiinri Hanna
I - .-in Match wi 1 be shot, team* from a Iinmli.-r of states iiu-t
nattery <>riraii!za'i..ns having entered. Tl Star lie J'S prize
ruiner, were aa fellows i
Thc I'rusi.ieiit'B mat. h for the ndlifarr championship of the
i nited Rtateeof Ameriea. Divided late two stages. Ptrat
tage-Heven shut-*t 200and 500 yarta. n_?n tn all bmbb
-??rstif the Army, Navy an! Marlu., turps of Hie United
nates, iiitiea Remina-ton State Model and springfield 43
aillire. I wenty three prizes aggregating $-Jlo.
. W": ,1ln'n?n.H \. L Bracken.60
? 5- J-1'" .iii I. a. Van t-aaaell.00
I. vt. daniton. til John Mnaiiley. SO
"',' '.'-rrie . Bil 1. J. I..,lan..... BO
'"'? '-I'.'-tt. 62|N. 0 Stott. 6!)
. V.Uotmlut . Bl W. at. Merrill. 59
? ? ***** . 01 J. II I.e. rolx. fi!)
..bu li Debora. il II. McMillan. ."tl)
? ' ? ,r,"".'il E. r. Voting. 5*
, '?? Hl"'- .81 J.-lui P. Kieta. 58
lattin l-on an. ... un i . h. dans. 5o
aaaea ali Nerta.yoi
SeeoadstSge?Oaea to ali prizewinners In the first itaga :
en stints at (-.HO valda, in .Hiv position Rifll
rsi staa-e, but BO-calibra Heming!.m. Htate in.Hi.-i. receives
Be p.. nt allowance. Priie, the rn -1 range i tuunptooablp for
and SI".*, raah, to be awarded the compeliloJ making
lie lushest aggregate Bests iu bolb staga*
'"''"?, ? First. Secotiil. Te*aL
I Vt . Hall. 2,1 Mass. .,1 iii lui
OP THI sinoLRa.
Bat f.n!iional.' --..,', the opening
? tniirna-iieiif nuder the an-pie* of BBS OtBagS
' . ? rday at A p.m.
?ceres et Sae i I lg ?? .'.in-en inti, the an insure and the
andaoess irrnniiii* were Bsads rn-.re phi lui segue hy shs ny
> .. ? rs ??? r aa haas" sarty ami
' nu tie ci,,und ai fal] lanais sall Isag bakara tai Brat
ame waa ( >. play-rag waa at a character to elieit
waa wati ned witli mucli li
peetatora. Many people arr v.-.i on trains atopping at Moo
.' : the iiiateii. -
il bs follows:
' T. cw,, neal 0.
iTeiabU L.T. <
.". M. Brinier, si i oas, of
A - . Bai i range
.. I'. Ililli, leal w
- T. ? _? ? 1; n. M. ? Uie
li I ' . : .'.. lint I. M .i aell. Jr..
I 1 . i iii. -'? i. 8 '- H. A.Tay lol
? it V.(l ll i.i. i .
?.i'. h.,du. nf Princeton College, beet V. D. Chaaa by de?
ll Brooklyn, beal O. ll. Brewer, of the
? ??lil ? -i. fieorge's
? i I.. T. Club,
? it E. K.
I, i, n a. Hei -i i. ll. Bowers,
!'???? Lyman, J. F. Bacon. O. -. Campo,
rion ea ii dr. s .
round '.. M Bi 'i ey beal D. M;!!.-r. 0?3, 0?Ol A.
". Hamlin '-it HM. ? ? i.n. a. Taylor beat
i Ins.. A?1.6?3: ll. W. mororo beat J. C.
l.t. V, Watson lieut H. Bowers, 6 4. . I
beal a. Heyaer by derail - i J. Y. Um a
. 'iiiii. 0 4. ti?0 , u. .->. Campbell heat L. v*. iirhur
?I ll
Ironnd-J. P. Bacea heat 8. Campbell,0 S.0-0. CT.
,:, i a ii"'i t snd -? m. Brialey and Valentine O.
? 0 ia i to d.n.
?terday, The
fad today betweea the teilowtag palra;
? n*r Hobart and Whitman, Taylor aad
tartnei against Bei . Blocum, Bacon and in.nuns
, ? ll ai Nun,.11 amt lia ' - I (111 -? art
i? _? it, i ami.i.e.i and Whitman. Cs ' t, M r
. .
nat. tn-.*: re served la tba pa I
(fur ulhtr mit, I ur tUortt, mt M_Ath Foffe.)
hie mirth hiv kr?sk en- by iiai.k-a-d zev
...et! tn leoffBttha notion of a bl ir, live,
? rpent n -- m.' rn the Bndson
it ver wiiiiid better keeg away Irees Ike teot ol West j
rwenty-seventh-et, while the United Btates :
ta i ? anchored tie re arith
.int C. a. Poster ob board The heat
Y de.i.ir.* that he saw the hngb i Sunday
morning ami says tt wtth an i ?? makes coi
, -???: Kane, ol the rei
iker Macy aud half a dozen more
.tart, .ii ? iti in ol ti.flli en for t
it every ible-btmied seaman on board now bi
e monster lemur-.! the ship wlthavlaitaa thoroughly
who were on deck when hu inakeahlp hove li
ind ..i ? ?? io resent -i.uu to
? *1 uni e em..'.
Lieutenant Koatei i a quiet, dignified gentleman of about
tliirtv - of which have been passed In t ??
. ont woul i i
way to a. He looked straight Into a TRianrs
- .??..- i.i-i ni ghi and told the itory ol the ser
ippearanrs and disappearance a tb an ?
? ?I. ? tat wonjil carry conviction to lbs
moa! hardened sceptic'I sen!. "It WBS ulmiif 9
. in the morning." laid the gallant
"andi ila over thereon the outer gangway looking
town the river, budden'] I aoticed what f ii...unlit at nr*t
?a* .i -p ir .ii.i.iit thirty fe. ? ' ?? bun
Ired rai ut le .- - in un
n*nal tlniiL' t-. see a valuable piece of wood like ti.at floating
shoot Hut I lo.,.?*! more closely .it lt I :.en. to
it . i , ii true snake fa. t I :_?
...ai n.,- ?,, i ng up stream aad ll leetned lo be moving
> oe ly o it or the '???iv. 1 called to Qnartermaster Kane, wbo
* t* ..ii the appal m - k. and i.U d it -.ut
o h.m. ii- at onie brought lu* bil. ir to t'-ai
ipon '
;r-t law the monster ll was lying unite stationary, bul - i
lng appnavbe.1 li began to move up witta the tide .tt ? two.
mot i ii.-. Ihadag-ood square view of it. Ita bi
???eiiie.-. submerged, out the part exposed waa ot a dark gray
....n. rhere were aa Bm or see upon lt. At the
irtli ., ?;>? .ii eighteen lochee la diane
;<r aol tapered toward each and la -?nh a
?av aa to lead me to th uk lt wa* fully
uity feel |b length With the c!a*a iii- nuartennaster
raes ?? ern the torn"
inda iiinier the surface Whoa ll sol op to rweaty-etghth.
it a bi lek bari ind a e dui nol
iifain. At on-nine it oonld not bare been over Bfty
?? ?., I klein .' i.'lU *i.aik.
,.??? nen who were on the pier at thi
the iel;,- ol and that tl ?'aa
ally two (eel long Mentenanl Foster and ....
,".... S one of the
- II la >aii. lia- l.e-n ia bert ni a BKiath amt were as
jebel aa deacou ?
n*:/r ma*. e,v-).i n<-:'"tr.r.En a LETTER.
?erl u lawas lakes' yesterday for lalarmatloa re
;..r,..iis ;... | advert *?? Beat
Kaw-YOBE. S temi
re. oniim nd..'
. ?, caj ...,???,... c. j. Cab da
A ?- lian! Ireaaiii I
??ir - . lo make a itab ot I
Hr . a. wood wai formerlj keepei of tl ry, an
prop, i i leen
? and it. open
I it regular houri, HU services wi
. .... ...
1 Mn alida
li ll Ber Ire Rel
I'h. general opinion waa thal Mi randa connected thi
. wood ani that connection had aa its aa.
' . et nl..:i.el|.|.tl.,,l.
?/O' ORDKRRD To ', I fa,
? has been ms * of the will
,- -. h. J i di ii ii...! to d Mri
ur in.ten. te leave Uniystoaa. The will ot ?
lot yet been pru en, and until lt bas i>? n th. eiecuti
i -I,an i rd.-, t and preserve th* propertj.
an ia . ..ar on thia po lon did Bot occupj Q
it.me al Ihe time ..'Mri ? ll -.nee.
.ve the
(..thing bas laaei - .. ia exe.
.ti ard the p ireh .-e ,,t a .
lill. ULAI'ill.ll BEPORT.
(,-.\ i.U'.mkxt iNDK.An?)??- -i") i -i rjonaa,
WaJBIBOTOB, Sept L5.?Pot Ni".v-tti.-'l .imi.
Itsw-York, Pennsylvania, Kew*Jereey, De.aware aud
Barytaad, loee mies, slightly wurmer, uuiUeasteriy
'-.'.ur te ?'iii;iierly.
u en ward, the snata, eseapg eeeler iu Micui.'an, Wn
iniialD, l.imoli. Iowa anti Missouri.
- j_' ;;;?:?rti**^^bi?
' - , ,. ? . .. - r* V ern IB ?' r ?
l_ : Vi." ..-'"" " ?..- (J Cy '?-?:, ?_?________^jj -?((_.I
ta ti.. . .tiuin.u* whits lias skaws the karaaerrt.
.-a t ? allom ? nation in thia
.? By a aenes of oata, releuvi nm t or per
ul lue ail *
1...I.L.. r *-. .-. itu ra, as real**
. Um iberaieejetei al Uu.iuat i i.uariua<y. .>? -li
i iy. ____
iBBanrra ornou. Bann, ld -i a. ?.?Ctanatsnese ener
ei.reail much of the country feater lay- Tenneiiee had
heavy local raini, and lighter showeri fell at a few
patent tn IBs tenta and lu the Non h wast. Tue storm
Which hie formed lu tbe latter reglou alHl threaten! to
be lerere aa ll ronni Into the Like region to-day
There waa a sharp fall In temperature weil of lt. In.
il.juuua. Here, Ibe barometer rose with partly cloudy
?kies sod a fsw raindrop*. Tbs temperature ranged
?.tween fl.r>* and 73r tte average f70ai bein* 5? lower
han the corresponding day last year, and V.1 nigher
bau on Tuecday.
In aud near this elty. today, there wl'l probably bo
laarly stationary temperatars sad cloallnssa, possibly
o in w.d br rsm, snd the same condjuoos, followed by
air westher, Friday.
Ii'MorRlCT-dr. noyt-iw RKConviZKn.
The sub-committee of the County Democracy l'x
laaliia CaaBBBtttaaj held a secret meeting last evening;
it the New Amsterdam Club. Senator M. C. Murphy
vas chairman of the meeting, no permanent chairman
laving been eleoted to lill the vacancy caused by
he death of Huiiert 0. Thompson. II. D. Pnrroy
uti rel a resolution settir.g forth that in order to
???lute the unfounded statement that there ls strife
n the organization as to ita future management, and
o show its unbounded confldeuce in Ho and Cooper
ind the earnest hope that he may be willing to guido
ts counsels in the present emergon \v. the chairman
ibould bo authorized to appoint a committee of one
jiindred to call on him wlu-n he returns from Europe
md express the unanimous desire that he will consent
tania to take an active and foremost "part in the con?
flict of it* affairs. This was carried unanimously.
Mr. Cooper was then ehoeea te succeed Mr. Thompson
is a member ot the State Coaamtttae,
The Comunttes on Cre.leuti.iU of the Countv
Dmaoeiaajy also met at the New Amsterdam Club lan't
evening. .Since the last meeting ot the committee
luanna Iragaaa who has takeu thc place of William
Harney aa the leader al the Alderman Jachne faction
n the Vth District, hos demanded that he bo allowed
to name three of thc seven members ol tbe Bison il TC
ComaUttee delegation and seven of the County Corn
delegation trom the district. He further pro
ICeed rbat be and Dr. I'hilip Dunlin should be nn-m
arr. ot the Executive Committee, each to have halt a
rote. Dr. Donliu waa willing tc concede all but the
lialf vote proposition. The committee decided to
recommend that Ur. Donlin bo recognized aa the
ender ot the district delegation, and r.i indorse the
ictlon of the meeting ot the Vth District Association
a-ld on August 10. Degruir. and his Uanda say they
Aili remain in the organization, but privately they
lay that they will ? make it warra r tja any candidate
mt loiward by Dr. Donlin and bis friends.
Lewiston Me., Sept- 1.3.? I he Lewiston
Journal ha* reports from 41j towns giving Bedwell,
Rep.) ?r,,.',r,(}, Edwsrd*. (Dem.) 53,251, and Clark.
Pro.) 3.H07. The remaining towns In ls^j voted:
'.onie, (Ken.) 3.V.10; 1'lalsted, (Lieux) 1,752, and scat
erlug. Hi
M tDUOWi Sept. 1.".?Tho Democratic State
'otivention to-day chose Judge Larson, of Kau Clairs,
lerraanent chairman, and (j. Vf. I'orth, of Milwsukes,
?ermanent secretary. (General Bragg presented the
lame of Gilbert A. woodward, of Lacrosse, for (rover
tor. Mr. Woodward waa nominate 1 by acclamation. Ile
vs* In tns Iron Brigade during the war. J. I). Putnam,
if Pierce County, was nominated for Lleutenant-Oov
irnor. The otuer nominations were: Secretary of State,
In.'iii Q Ludwig; Treasurer. John A. Johnson; Attorney
lenerai, <;?or*e W. Hird; State Superintendent <>f
'cliools, E. McLaughlin; Ital.road < 'ouiuiissioiier. James
iteeli?n; Insurance Commissioner, Joau K.-rrel. TbD
)latform commends President Clevelind and lils C-ibi
ier, particularly I'n.slii.a*ter-ireneral Vi.as, approve*
he restoration of unearned land irrant*. opposes con?
rad convict labor, condemns the Republican party for
' attempting to conduct the campaign on tun not la?
ne," opposes temperance legislation, sal urges tbe re
iuctlon ot the tartrt.
? ? *>??
Sr, L<iti-.Se])t.l."i.?A (li.spatc!i from Seilalia,
ito.,to Ihe BepttHtemn, *ays: "During the laat few wee^s
-?vera, of the employee of the Missouri frantic Railroad
Jompany bare beon discharged for taking an active in
crest tn the re-election to Congress of Representative
ileard, to whom, lt is understo-id, tho con paiiy ls vio
eutly oppose'L ou the day of the primaries a: walsh a
najonty of tbe Heard delegate* wera elected, the heads
>f tbe different departments of the Missouri Pacific
d.ol'* handed to the employes Moore tickets and Inform
Ml them that tue company desired Moore to be al
I'be men, not deainmrto lose their pieces, voted their
tlcnets and were retained In the company's employ.
Master Mechanic McCabe., however, refused to do so
sad wa* discharged. Much lnditruatiou over tue affair
is felt by the citizen* In this city."
A reporter called upon the private secretary of Viee
Pre*!,'.er,t Hoxie thia morning to aaeertaln the cause of
the diacharge of the men ai Bedalia. Ile said he had no
knowledge of tbe men being dlse-harirel for the Nae ona
above mentioned and Intimated that there must be some
tuing very wroug with a newspaper a poole! correspond?
ent wlio could not make a sensational story out of a
uotnaionpiaoe occur.ph .e.
Straccsc, Sept. 15 (Special;.? Tin- conven
lion of the political branch of the state Workingmen'*
Asscmb.y olosri at 5 p. m. to-day. When
tile convention was cal.ed to order at 10:90
a. m. at least a score of new resolutions were Introduced.
A permaiieut organization was med*, with John W.
Cannon, Of Troy, as chairman; Michael J. Noan, of
Aiiiauy, secretary, and iboiuaa Maloney, of Rocuester,
treaaurar. Mr. Rodd, of New-York, introduced
a resolution debarring members who hold
-tate or Federal oltioe from acting as efl - -
of the State Assembly, or actlnir on any of the co.inuit
te's. Thia wm a blow at Mes*r*. Fr may, of buffalo,
and Blair and Connolly, of Naw-Vork. Tne raeolutlon
aaa lost A commtttse of Uvo men was appointei lc
a-K OoTcraec Hill to pariou tue m.pr.saned
boycotter*. The conventiou favored a state
constitutional convention. It iva* aeclded to meet In
Albany in January. Tue Executive Committee chose
John Freney, of Buffalo, cualnuan; Jo.'.n Coetelio, of
syracuse, vlce-chnlriiiau : John E, Cannon, of Troy,
secretary, and George Blair, of N'ew-York, treasurer.
TM,- following ncminationa te tha Uh Compn -
ii -a. ?? .
DUtriet kO'e. .vim/, p Uriel
.Sew Uampahire.*3f. A Uaynes.Hep
IX tn.IndUna .losepb P. Cbeadleson..lti'p
.West V irg-.nta.N lion, t
V I 11 th.>U..j. tutsi tts.Joan I 1'on..van.Ii. ni
I X til.v\ lacoualn.-I-..,,., step lenaou .Rep
I Viii.M. as,,ii il. .Il vj,. ti !? ii nn .Rep
ila.Virginia..vf.ir si..*., e.. rs*..Dem
Nta .M.-??.. .ri ..vi. i.. i lardy.
\ wt:, .Pennsylvania.? -st. ? tali. I- ni (il k
lld.Maryland...F.T.)shao .
Vth .Maryland. ..Berne* ( omptoa.I'.iu
[.i'ur t,u. .i arl ? tee A I'*;;*
A ORE AT d A Ml:.
from Th* > ki toge Qronhle,
Five hundred Baan stood al the coruerofVal I
st. and Tni'davc. sunday afternoon u.ud forgot lor an
hour that tl.ev weir mer. Ar ci o'clock tan spot was ,,?
vacant and quiet ta a con vent green, wueu fourteen
dirty and ragged youngsters drifted in from several
pointe of the compass m if by meat tanned plan. One
raced Ind tautly earea sen a ..ace baseball, shaped
very much like a gooee-eag-, while another toyed with
thc remains ol what had i .-. a e.-: a baseba I st. lr
waa a cripple now, eta lichee of tba attila bavtugbeen
amputated. Faur ..; the little u . - rn re li :. ? rd
, ape with white stripes aud enormous pasteboard
" peak^."
- ? rayer blg'cauae yarico nncrt
remarked a Ibln-llpped boy lu a to'ie lutonadj anni-f ic.
addressing a dum i j little fellow who wore,
t.. a red c.i|. a won a I alton which vi ia .
i ?? a ord* ("a
- We're der cham pi ons ul der Bon! * de," r -spondsd the
man. " 1 CT ain't DO sc.ru:> iii'io s.u oo.it Uer
? i Dg Ansons.' "
" iiuggii,-' seorntulir re
der' Youan Platters.' iles der ii.y. Il we had our
reg'Ur pitcher we'd do y*r. ld; yewhat iv do. if
j .ni make j o tr (itcher pitch uude: hand We' I play ye.- "
"Voa make yow pltabei j..tc i ucuarfaaod toot"
Inuu red Hie dum
"Coom we Wilt, Firs: bounce ou'er toola
s , ed tha oajUln ol the uakn
* Yes, an'if you a ? it'If we beat wa
.,-.. bpoein' '.ci ci a-, intel ?- I
" Why, it'aai-itaw. dei,, iou,-. . r-*,iy."
The cantala ot the" Young Ansous"disw uiu few
eel, i : ^? r other Ut" ? I u* ireck.e
ta ed youngotei was lurroundod br a ragged grour,.
ii ed up I tile knees,
.-...- oaida i ta ;, amid a . ? ?? ihe
,,r ? |- I ir - Y'T anoder; I'm der pilcher,"
'Catcher, *Flref-baao,"and almUuc elaina Buses
wara la i sou lo '-ac middle ol rhlro-ava. ii. s tev.
ip i, an i a roath ? i; posed to posses* uta act ea ary
Integrity, armed * > a )ack-kiii!?. was
.. scorer, ami tue . Tiie semi
Dino weattolhaba* litdt, and a colored ia'". v>.;b how
..? to the plato, il- un oked the leather gi ?<??
e^.j int< a ra ant lot bach ot tbe th .i---.au and
started lor Arel uase amid the yds of the coa:cud.i,g
players. Ho Kept on for eoeond oa-e.
-'inly two basea ob over lorfonce," yelled the * cans."
?jUiii j home.run, haowhalltM ye..ea tue - iou cg
The hall was lecovered, a ui.:?y a'gument r^snod, and
at laat tba perspiring Snowball rel urned to ascond na*e
witii tho nnderetanalsa Uiat ove.; -.ne fci.ee wastLiy
good for two beaea
. By this time a crewd had gathered. It was a smell
erowda drat, bot tl strew rapidly, eooa thorn ware WO
peopie on tl.e sldewiiks. soon the 'iecs>-faced .attain
DO e lo tba b-t, lie pOOOd like A|.H defyiiH ti.6
llgbtnina- tte kuocued tho hall iwjft.-tat.d manacod
loflrata rho crowd cheered, (.real ei'-ueuiect
a.'latel t S raike of tas - Your.g Ausoni." Tte
pltouer and catcher aae! half waj aad wulsof red lil each
others can Ve;; li. the crowd sat dows to la UTh
ea-.ur. .Not a emile appeared on ti.e faces or tb*
players. The pit hoi and ea tehee re*uine<i their
positlona. The pit,-her rubbed bis hip three tines and
u.eL suddsnly flew mand aud flared at the seiv.cd aaa
rae sulorad artist who hui bseu leeding oft alasoal .*o
feast, tjrew aiu^eif on Ins f.ice i?nd frantically clutched
.' a-.e. --..ve that aerved far acconu-taae. The ci-owd
lae oiU'her Dually *ent the ball la. Tbe
il :.e held lt an luaUut, lore jC his cap and hurled tbe
laathor w?d toward seeuiid aase. It went four fert over
the head of the astonished Snowball, who happened to
lui standing >u '.be base at tue time. It kept on and
rolled to Jackson st.. ensued ay lae entire nine, eicept
the catcher, wno nearly 'iur-t a bloou-veaael standing on
the home ninia and demanding la earsplitting t"ne* mal
.;: Go "pal lu. ma." Snowball and ibe captain
scored, at whlob the scorer cn*, two huge notchee tn the
ssas Kick. Then tbe ? Yuuug Ansons ' sams uj> ia n
bo ly ar. 1 inspected the pine.
? Play fall'. play ball ." shouted the crowd, for ali tho
world Jlv? .1.8 a ,.. -?"-. spectator* at a Leanna game.
I'be i r??d numiiersd 500 now. Great excitement
pieraMad The club* began playing! again. A aallow
youth wita spldar lega wss struck out amid great
ai ' ..-j- siiuiber gol first, ? tub bed his bars toe on a
ock running ti seeonfl, and waa Inglorltxalp
lt laat the * Young mains " sot their innlnga,
guage of the jn-ebu.1 reporters they battee.
Bring block i
ut out. Al
i tho language (
ie freckle-faned cap tali), who waa pitching, ".Jut ol teg
oz." They roads aevea lade*. The entire nine thea
line to him, aud, attar a lengthy argument, c-.n v'nceg
Im tbat the first base needed ultu badly. Trcvtous aa
ill a humpbacked lad bad coma in tinea left field sad
lrentened to " ilrtks " ut less be was given leas work.
Such a scrambling ami yelling and giving of adr.ce, ot
>ueh dignity and attentiveness to duty ta rarsl/
Ittiesaed. Men in t.e crowd laughed t!!l tbe tears rae
9wu their faces, but the ? layers merely looked st tbeae
ilsgul led mortals with a supercilious slr, tinged with
itv. Tbe game pro gre seed. One ide hitid seventeen
tillea, tbe other fifteen. Huldenly tne crowd tookee
>wn the street. A big policeman wai approaching aS
gallop, bia elah swinging like the pendulum or an elgee
ay clock.
" Cheese der eo(," pipet a shrill voles. " Cherrie*,
When the big policeman arrival a-.d the rrowd agata
lau red at the bell field, it was meant a-id bare sara for
ie presence of one small shoe aa I a flirty stocking on
ie homepla-e. Tho players hal van'shed like rate
iterrupte.1 at a midnight carnival In the gutter.
" Der game wui a draw."
Surprising good fortune attended loo person i on tie Vorth
iver *teaiuu<>a* Catskill and nearlr as many more on the
ennsylvauie Ilaltroad's lerryimat Haltmiori vest, rdar morn
ig. Tiie steainlH.af, which helluva tu t|,e ( atak.il I'.v-ning
ne, waa tine nt her Jay street di* I at S .. ni, hut she was
? re t.'i.in an tiotir amt a half late when .he penned (anal at.
aa rallied a beary teed ol rr. la-ht and t.it*<*-a?< ami ai?.ut
in aaaeengera, bmmI ol tii*m city people retoming frota
inntiv resorts. HJah i.-nle. ti10 p i.,t of lbs
iaiutto.it, law the It.itimore . n.satng tbs
rer from Jersey City and heivtiiia- toward ttie i.>ai.roaa.-i
ire, t Slip Ihe lion* uer- two linmlreil yards apart and
t?ut equally distant from the Sock, when in,yie Blew twe
lort bla.t* on the Steaatboal whistle, demand.ng the right ,*)
av. Ixiula Philips, pilot of tiie fern ls.at, replied with three
rbis) t salute windi left Doyle In -tnuht aa to
;?? intended eoane or the Haltimore. I my le gave the signal
.'.a. ?. and the steamboat drifted down the river wtth tte,
r-asiug ai?.ed. Maaoa the Cataktlt saul thal the wan *i* al
ie llaltin.ore WSSB i> tvarasd al*.ill the same tine, lint ?
ir a minute. Alter slack ian Ita spesd th* f.r-ytK.at tsarajl
gain, as though its pilot liml com. to the mm lu*..hi that he
.ulil cross ibe Catskill's bowe, It was plalu directly aft-r.
vant tliat a collision na* unnrol.'.aide, und the wheels..f i'n
I altimore began to hack again. The speed of both vessels
Sd dlmlalsbed gr-atlv when '.hey came luci ther, but the
eavy guan! mil of the" Baltimore crushed In the hud of the
ataklll on the starboard BBSS near the Imw, making a hole
weutv feet long w tn. i, aataaaaS aaa n asaely te eas wat.r
ne. The collision reused much consternation on Ibe ferry
oat. although that vessel had not la-en injured. Passengers
rnwdeil away !rom the bow iuto the cabins, screannug amt
talina ever oaeaaetkef, bal *o?.n found thal Inara m. m
round for a...rn. Moat of tho paeseniter* ou
fie . ataklll w.r? lr, their berths sad were not ili*turt?*,l
util ali need for en Helmut hu.: ceased. The officers
nd tis- li -bandi ?tutTed some mattresses, into the hole below
BS g i trdl, ami the sttsimboat prot ee.|ed willi all po*, nie)
sate to lier dock at lay *t. rasaaas-asa, baggage and freight
rere discharged from the Wt In time t<> prevent her rroia
;nk.ng, aad Cantala Palmer hag her towed to a.irv i.*. ? ?
e repaired. Tiie damage was saul to he aliout St.(V)t). The
lt t< ur the two I- '-*e'* la* tbs blaine each on the other. The
ueetton may he decided ny a suit fur damages against the
cun-j.iau.a BallroadCoBspaay.
Tiie snhlaSBsi aananaesBsent last Bight that the lonir de?
lved puiilic hobing contest hetwe?n Mullivan and Herald
enid not he allowed to take bBBSSSS .tit-r. led at Paul Hailer's
avi! on. at Coney Island, on Friday, was a great BRSffrtBS te
Htrl.ng men. Chief of the Coney Uland tUEtU Mt Kaus
?ve as a reason for Ins refusal to allow Uie matt h to. ?
.at be i onie sot' tii.iiteiian. e un altair wii.ch nias stopied u?
,e New-York. Brooklyn and Sew Jersey police.
. t.-irotirh ths i
ni .t bennett's place, nt Fifty tunth-et ?.. -
it night The champion waa thonraghly pol ..it ami
'aa anxious to have the Sent come ..tl al once In p
Ned " Mallaban. Heralds backer, sab! thal he waa
in I ut ih-.-h .inaiu og bs bm ??!
-.oj ruts!, ure. t.i im*. the Blatch ...me
iTtiiercit it w.is prevented Bearer hansa, rna ???port*'"
a.t.-.i impatiently ult a tu..il dlspatcn waa n i
.?? I".i tebin gi ii :. as much d - ?
leased, be. mae the twopugtliits ire to an to rut*-mr./ to.
y thats ou
? n .,r evening.
? I'al - ,., dv-.nd hiv iiion-y totiid lie bet ?af> Iv th .
? ? in amt Herald won!.! take , t
-gum on Kunat-. Bheedy, Bennett and " Joe " Coburn wUl
. ..in io Pitlehurg, i...... ...Muka
lil go vt iih Herald.
Strom Thr Bael a nssera.
?' I.an'l," said thi Pre . . thew j -t
nit bs hail a' ihot," w'ni's that cloud ni tl.t Bast
..n 1. I bear timmi.r."
ure, is jut the sound of labor ls the Vermont tuc
'? Dani. Ifs further off than that Can tbe tn Xi
' . ' ... mis
it down un Brother ? lilford."
?' Iiau'l, hand int.- ilia;
Have you tried thc rn-wi/iivec Vcuvi.' Clirqiiot,
el.jw label I
Now.'dr* H iatde jou eonsider te r* Bbs haas
...... n .*.. - issi "Mm .......1.1 * tlaudi.ai>, ul
"?lalaiiai Varna
.. ,.. in ? ?; ? . Bin -- This need aol
i .oj ., ure.
:'.\W.I.:.-\Va.1 d'", kl !'r I ty ' li ir-h. OtRUf, Noes?**?**?
er 7 mst., by I . Kef John Amoru".", ann tag
inghy li.iun.-ll. of Ni . to Agatha I a'ade, sldeal
aangiiiec ol c.. Watson iiaaui, ? ??,, u....:..i, >. ira .-)>.oiia.
S j . al '.s.
)ALK?BrRLTNOAJte Beptsmber lg, | -..,.
dem .-ni ia- bride's *:*ter. Mi.*..i.f i . nels, 1.144
ll,! tinner st.. Bi-ooklyiL N. \ . by the Rev, ll. Carlee,
D. I)., M.s- /.i..., a r. Hui-....-a.ue, ,_i liiiyu^'.i a, lo \\ . iii.
lillie, ol Ia. kim,lille, ria.
Ila pa] r ?, seas copy.
rn git gi inn Tu""*T'- "BTBiisilBur. aipiea-m 14. io-1.
ai .-1. James ?'burch. Elberou, .Vf? I. tl ?? ? >t f.
ll.mst..11 K.'t ii-stoii. Ii. H., .,: Kim.lanue.
Anthony J. Drexel, lr., "( Philadelphia, t.. ...
t uf the late John a. A .... m,,r,-.
VEIA HKII-II M.*KV im Sept ; s
le ?. mother by the K. ??. tiamat 1 !'. II..1.
Bey, Prank B Welcberto Florence aV, daaghtar sf the lase
ol urookiyu.
|U im'ie.1 uf aturriutuu inuit be UoWrnsa with futt mwws
eade !(/."'.i?.
I'll ':
TJRTIsaa Ma 1
Henry r. Cu -?
f mer.. ? ?? '. . . ? 1
Maiurda-, I'cluckn. to.
arrUgea wii e Derailing ai depot nona air.val nt 1
leaving '.I -ii
?;m Kit ?""*?'- At Vittoria, 1)0 tarlo, ? inada, Bepterah.
tarollne Iii ... [New.
CATT?Jo . , ' ' ??'
di ui e. Uro ? r.e' ? ,
? . trom Maple Aveuue Baptist Cliumb, kau ? 1
Thursday, Itftb ni*:.. .1 3 ,,. :,,. k ;,. m.
?- i i.iiij.iy.
UNO?-uddciiiy, M'UlUMB ll. Hint!, in ths -':">' y- it 1
...in .- nf funeral here ;ft. r
ILL Al llaveratraw. -'
L i, M.ui K. Marsh t 1 ,
Vi .m. . .
?'linera: services at llaveratraw M
noon, septeiuber 17 . ? a . .- Hue -rule M. a.
t-hiircu. Newark, Saturday tuol -, at
I "
teUUv - ? invited to atteml.
.1. v kv 1 ?.: aali ? D Monday
.ii Blnghaml n, X. v., atargarel vil.'. ul, 1 .1 the
ll.-i. John Mi
?'?in.-al ?>? ? ' eld in the North P 1
ol Binghamton on rt nun.
ut.-1-1111 ni Fnen.la will
m. .-I at the 1.ian.; i.n. n. Depot to tavki ra M
p. iii.
lAND I.i'll \t Oraynooh, take (J-eorne, Taeeday af ter
noon, Seoterai er 14 ? ?? ss, Jean i
wlfsol Henry KlU 1 Her ul a \\. liin.t
'Aesl l.'tu
.'?IA- t
? iud friends of the family are invited to attend the
-? . ...
an 1 ram lat o, - a... and - au 1 la . ap.. ?
Special "N'jtices
Qraaahs in ince treble I , . 1
- let. ll. 'ir; is*.-.! lui 'i.11 ll.lu.i ? I
> VALIIM .ii t.t -I - .
Handel, lotieojoce V Illili.:.*.
iMi'uiiiKt'-' and OtrtTMEmOE
.MlM"Kl'Tt'UK.llS Of IiIAM'tVI) JKWF.I.Ry, ?
leaaa-at. and 39 Haidee Lane, New* York. :
1-1. .viiiivw'i-si.. Holborn< ir. ii. 1....ii-ii. :
. O
T ?! Mi-wirt.
Bendforcu alar. _a-" '"'??
Inexaauaiible -*mellipg -?ells
n cut-irliu*s I... ' bs amiaess ar.t) coltts.
. - -U 1.1.1 . M Asi.-sfc.il * ' alway. ^
1 ,,.1 11.11 ?? ttasJaa.
lenaaU hs n-:vi oailv ay all >nietnek* 1. *s changes uuy tu
Letters for loreign eonntrlea used , faldressse
?r,i auat. Uar steamer, es epl rn isa 111 da.
, es if uaiKiua-iu.icoi.i lents,
etters not *yociajly a.ltircsaed Jeiug scut oy tue laatoat voa.
ala aral labia
.. 1 far the weak eadlag Bepteesber Merill elees
rauMi-i.. bsU aaealaaitaeeaBseeBBalBassni
1 ill USDA V? At tuna m. for Kurope, per steamship (e!tio?
Ma uue.-ijst.iwu . at J p. iu. tor lim.1.0 ami KuaUu, pat
.teanjaiii,) I'rolisaor Morse, trom Naw-Dri-auis.
raUDAY?At ta Ba, IBS sl I'.orre-Minuotjn, por st MSBS1
fiou lia.dal.
? V l L' ill) A Y? At 5 am. for Kurope, per steamship Ems. via
t-ouihami>iou arel Hi-men lintier! for in-mud and fc rance
iituai ne .t.itcteii "per fc.ius"). al ia. m. for Ire.and, per
steamship tservia, via Uueenstowu (lett?a*a for (treat
Itrilaui ami other Kuroiasau couutriea must be tlUMH'teal
- per -? 1 .a ?. al tia. m. lor Krauoeuireul. per iteauiihiu
Im .Nt.rmaudie, via li avro, al 1 a. m. (or iaattBnS direct,
por aUMiuahip l in aaa ia, via Uiaagow v letters must oe
ii.i-t:U*l "por ( triaasla "I; at 5 a. m. for the Netherlands
direct, per steaiusiiip katani, via Aiualerdam ileilers must
bo ..tiI-* tod " per l-.iiaiu "li at3a.ru. tor Belgium gBMSSj
per sttvunsblp w esterulantl, via Antwerp tlettvere must
BB ilireisad "per Vinaterulaud "I; at lu av Bk toe Jamal, a,
par ataaasahtf Vertunuius; at lo a. m. for Para. Maren.
lau anti ri-ara, Hi ail!, per ileamihlp Ambrose; at il a>ia.
|ur \ euezuela auu (.luatoe, per Ilea nu tim Carawa*.
Malls tor ('nina aaa Japan, per steamship City ot Rio de J metre
-.... 1-. iii.-..... close here aeulemher *14 at 7 p. 1
lor Australia, Niw-Zeeiand, tsaudwioh. *r*vjt ai
eaiuoau Islauila, per itean.ihip Mararoa ifroiu naa fc'rau
itiuuiaau fcraauiatxij c.oa.> liere aeulemher "lt at 7 u. as.
klaosior AuatraUa, Nt wheatland. naudwicJi. jVijlantl
eaiuoau IslauOa, pea* steamihip Mararoa ifroiu Baa fc'raai
i-iscoi, close uere .-septemoer 'Itt al 7 p. in. tor on am val as
Mssr?s Stn at sBjbbbsbBb Itepoblm with Briiub mails fur
Australia). Maila tor the -society Islands, per ship I'ropitl
Bum .irma san BBaaSBBBalt clune here -September 'it at T
p. iu. Malls tor th* san iwlch Iilaada, per steamship /ea*
Ullina ifroiu -lan KYauelsooi close here islepta-tmber'a* at
7 o. m. Maila for Cuba, by rail te Tampa, Flaw aad thence
ni steamer 1 row Hey West, I'la*, close ai this ettoe tlailf
at ii Jo a. ia.
? 1 be achednle of ?? losing of Trans-Pacifto inalU ts srrsjig*>t
ou the pieauuipuou of their uniuterrupted overlaad traaalt te
Kan Fraoiclaoi'. Malls Crom tbe haast arriving os Tina al San
I ramil *. u on the itay ol tjaliiag ot iteanisra are disnainhsn)
Uiauoe tiie sauls oay.
Poet OOce, New York. M. V, aaptaMuber lu, ltMSV

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