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WasIUM, |<>N, Bept 16 iSjMSfaa).? It bilH been
auJdciiiy discovered lu al nearly every ship lu the Navy
Which is wllhlu reach of a Navy Yard needs Immediate,
and extensive repair*, hocmary Wultney lu. Balled the
atteettee al eswsaflsals at tim variuut Nary Yards tu
the law ef 1 -T'l prohibiting au increase la the eu tubal
Cf emj.loyos in any of tho yards within sixty days be?
fore an . la tlou tor OongroasBSOa. except ujion the eer
llflrate of the Seeretary that tao oaaao ii eeoesssry for
t;. e i >u hi ic. esrrtea, whtoheertileaieaaaetbeiaiaedlateij
published j ins notitic.it ).. whleh wes seat eal yes*
:? ty, earoo rather mt-, Ineentnok as Hie proiiioitod
period beean nearly two weeks ava It I* f wi
oat ai the Navy Department teal work ?-. required lin
lue,n.url) nt lb*. Norfolk Yard ob the frigate 1 lemon,
tn* .rio ag sliiw au l tue tu' lot tune, .uni nt iii.< Stare
la iud Yard ea the Alert; luat thu *mk ??i reouire
tue employntent el 61 ? nee at tne Norfolk Yard
arid SOU at Mare ls, m 1 lu addition to these
ll ls understood that Ins s?'?t?n, Galena mid
YaeUO are to be lrnrnodialeiy repaired at the
J'uriainooin Navy Vari ; a.l of these ships w.-r* re
paired et the Morloll Nary Yard leal winter for a two
je tra cruise. With the emp.oyment or t;r><? additional
li.en la the Nerfoth Navy Yard, ihe A . mialat ration
J Tob.thy would be nine to "re teem" th* lld Virgin,a
>lsirlct, J he ex jieetatlon of a large Increase of force al
th.it yan has created allveiy competition arnon..' Dome
traill' politician* lu un J snout Nnrfoig for ibu mimina
(iou for Oouereoo lu a dutrict which is Repjbiloao by ai
bast ll,ti*io majority.
Washington, Sept. ld.? 'Ibo Collector of
Custom*, al New-York ha* reported lo the Treasury I>e
) trtui-n I thal larne quaulltlo* of Domkol wools ai e uo w
1 e.mr luiporied al New-York, aud ho requests lnstruc
Lons as lo whether they should be olassttlnu as washed
or i- ?soured wool, ihe wools are described as bSSal ni
a belier . on,Minn as to oieauliiies* aud freedom from
f tease aud extraneous matter than those Imported ul
Ilea York last year aud a hich forme I the barns of tue
]> p .1: melli's decision of March 21, IMUS, ihe t'ollrotor
Inquires whether ni luukiuc uls roturus as lo Ihe char?
acter of the wool li- shall lie governed by *ucb Sepia!aa
ti Sara ie eon tea ts anea maranoa te ehwesteal Baniyala
Hid co ti merdai ilesicnatlon. He has been Infor.I
Hist in tbe absence of samples or proms, ihe Depart
instil i. unahle u> tfive any iiartii'.tlartlir -ellon* as to the
elnaalSeaUen et tao woola tn aeeotf n. Tue Aenntc s?-o
rotary *av*. however, that tue Appraiser should care
fully examine each importation te aoeertelB whether it
1* scoured wool or not, and. In case of rioubt, recourse
i i] be had te c.. um ul analysis, eoaaaeaetal eoalgna*
Hon or such ether m-ans a* may oe deemed essential lor
the purpose of * i ..ft nm him of the actual con.inion of
tue u oiii. The result)* to be reported to tne Collector
fur bis action.
Washington, Sept. 10.?Comnutnial Aimit
JIo'.ehKIss, at Ottawa, lu tbs course of au ethan.lue
r*p tri to tba becretary of stale upon the lumber Indus?
try of CauaJa, say* that while the Increased aspen
tluly tu.ou saw log* is pub.Unod a* being from rj.1 lo fl
per thousand feet, board measure, lt lt evidently In?
tended that wheu tho export becomes developed the
fluty shall ho further mcreasel io fc3 under thc .lucre
tionar) power vealed in me Ooveruor-oeneral, which
rate, lt ia supposed, will be prohibitory. " lt is an ladle
puta'.le fact.' he says, "thal Ibis ia: .11 will also be
furber leoreased If lt shall become necessary to lind
the prohibitory point, lor, wmie ibo devora meet
raise*, no object ons to Americans ow ni nc tin- Ussher, it
1* Axed in its determination that the Dotalatoa aimil
Lave the resultant bt-ncfJta analog from tte Baaoe
Washington, Bent 10.?The repiuis to tin
Gateua. S watara aud Yanlle, or the Wei Sh Atlantic
Beet, ut suable them io make the winter cruiae tn the
VYstl indie*, will take about forty-five day* and wi.l he
made at lite FurUmoutu, N. H., Navy kare. As these
rep.iii* are .inmediate,y ueoe?saiy Hie Insrsooe nf fo:ce
rec^lred (about 600j will Bot be in violation of the law.
<)j0 hat.ared and aetaetv-tlve men have already bec ii
oiJeiel for ihe efeShavetSaag department.
VAsaiaoToa Monti
VASBBaaneat, Thureday, Sept. IC, 11*16.
A DOaVVtStS lUTUKsr.? A warrant for $L>.oO0 Sat
been 1??ued to tbe atstirueetof John Roach in final pay?
ment f<>r tb* Ooiptaio and for the eare of the monitor
rurilaii. Tot* 1* accepted in eettleuicai of aU claim* of
John Roach Sfolnet the Goveruiueut, and tue Doiphtu
uecomee in law wuai tho long has been lu feel the prop?
erty of the Oovernnient.
Co.*rsuLGME>ntr?j'?Kt.:i;>ATiON.?It ii understood
thal Ihe re?lgnailou of Mr. Urettuhauin as Catted Male*
Cvuaul at ham..* na* uoi baan reoeived. allhough rt
quctieu ti'iiif week* acts,
Auklaidb Exiiiniiicitu?The Becrotarv of ai.ic has re
calved a eerie* of prints* doetirjoenu relallri* to the
Ade.alde Jubilee luleroetloriel Kthibition, which la lo
fce opened od Jone 20, lbcf7. which dale ia tbaoouipie
tlon of ihe tlfii.ih year of (j,u<*u Victoria'* reign DTthe
colony of Roath Australia.
F./i i;TM-<.d_shfc i'uentasiaiuk?The Aetiug Postmaster
AlitMKiar. Raina**.-- A youug lawyer, of Pbiladel
1 bia, reoently attempted to bribe a clerk lu the office of
th* First Controller to expedite the settlement of a large
Bamber of Alabama claim*, In which he wa* interested.
Hs aakad tbe siers If be would smoke, at tba sam* time
tendering a roll of uiouey mau* lo the form of a cigar.
\Le clerk reported the eireatnaiaueet to ht* superior
aanniiCAN voters MSffUSOUO ll TKB
??OsMfMlttl DisTP.tCT.
' (av TfiiKontrii T>i dh tasaOWal
WhWII?IIIWi Sept IC.?The first ?ron threat Hint
fbe election of n Congressman is to be declared in
ieAsaea of tbe wishes ot n mniority of the voters j
foinc* from thc old * Shoestring " District, Missis
eippi. Serenity Mr Thorson, of tlio Repuhlioan Con?
gressional Committee, to day received rt copy of u 1 ho
OeensMveJaJ Herai.l." ol fhaesiayg, ayklal contains aa
editorial calling on Judge Simrall, the Republican
candidate DH Caagtega in the Hld District, to - with?
draw Hom the con's'st, which it warns him will be a
bops lee* ono. Judge Simrall is hiiornied that bo H hue
allowed b'mselt to t.c planed in a false position," and
tb it "the assumption that ho ia tho candidate ol thc
Republican party is fnlse at.d mischievous," because
e lhere ls no organised RopuMioan party in tho dis.
triei." It appears that *' in most ol tbe countios tbero
i? un arrangement ol tbe local nftaire wlucb works
adaarraW* and which the colored voters have no
ilesiio to moleat, and that to the extent tint Judgo
Slim ulla oandidney throatens tho^e ananj-emenU lt
is mischievous and irrltntiiig uiid therofoi-e tito Jutl>;n
ii. eteaat] in " *?*?*? ?mmBttm),m Again lt ls nr^ucd that
,i,i,'hv Siinrull and (le.neral Catchings, tho Domocrutio
camlnlate, ? oicupy precisely tbe aurne ground on the
our question lor winch tho district selects h Congreea
11 an. that ie, tbe imtrovomont and coutr.d of the Mis
hi-sippi River,'- and that aa General Catching* ? ts the
choice of those wno ought to seliM-t thc Congrcssnian,
imBgt Simrall does bimhell an intustiee and otilrngo*
tbe heel e-iitiment ol the valley in lesdhif tue oppoai
ti ??h."
Having thus frankly stated bis propoeitions tho
editor plaml.v inloriiis JadSJB Simrall that he can never
bute .1 seal iu l.'mgr-via, ana that il lie persist* in bis
ctiuiiiaev he will ruo it. The following extract (r.n-,
the ecitorial ia couiniended to tho (boughtlui eonsider
ation ol all men who believe in a free ballet mid an
I -? count:
I lob r the present circumstances ihe, party cunuot
pt rm t it- nominee to l*e tlel'mtctl. uinl Judge Sin.rall
ht ?aktaj a serious blunder in declaring his pun>ose in
trv anti HWpralJBS the Deruoeratic loree* ill every
1 ounly lie hint tltn larod Ha purpose la ohiiv ass every
Count) in tho district. He bu.- ibu iiihjlinetloned right
to do that, bul the people who have Ute good of the
1! -trie: at heart and the welfare and progress of bulb
reeea, save thaQaeajaeaaaaaad ri^bt aol te aoeateaaace
?.urn a canvas* and not t*> oncouru^c a ini-chievous
deinoi.ili/.alioii. We (eel ?orc that will lie their
decision, ant) it would lie probably well fin Judge
Bimmil te "<.k Uaaaelf if it would not be the who
t . :i. lils pail not to attempt to lori* biinitolf on
the intelligent pi opie to toe inauitest coiiteniid ol their
Vii-di'i*. They BBSS entbiisiaslieallv arid uluiost
miBiiiaiaaalj MaMad upou Oaaasal CatoUega ; tbey
doa*! can- te hear in disciis-Hin of the one great iii
tcrest tt-iit (Jeueral ('atcbiiigs bas so ably battled lor.
lind there cnn be no earthly reason ior any attempt to
uio MC the labu:in.; SSaaaeS iu the busiest soasou ol tbe
Now who ts Judge 8inirall, who is Hms warned by
ibe It-acing lJeuiociatic uewhpapor in bis tlisiii, I I hui
lie vvitlnlraw tresa a caliditlacy t<> whleh Ijr wat. e.iilled
l,v lae u'lauimous voice ol B represenlatiOS couvcrition
of bis atari J1 Ile is a native of Mtaeteeipui j be is a
m.iii o' property, of high teputution and irreproechalde
al ,11 aetor. \^ he enjoys the t. sneal and eonfidencc ..t all
re-lei I..ole ami law aliidui>i citizens J be i* a 1 i\v \ t r
ntgie.it ability, who for years adorned the bench ol
the blithest Jnaicial tribeaalta bi- aatire Stale, Hut
li. 1- .1 K. 1 ul'l,otn. at,il bc lives iu a .listrut whleh
tv 1111 a lab uiui bes election would give a Republican
maiontyot at leaat 15,000 rotee Aec.ord.ng te the
elawdtiention adopted by tbe Miaaiealpt) editor the dia
tnei cont.linell lu 1880 sheet 38,000" people " ead
104.IHJ0 mom ho rs ot the " leknrtng f claosns " The
1 11 of De.nocrate who ore voters it. Bltool 8,000,
and the number of voters who ure Ropublicana i?
abeat 21,000, bal alarie nuijoritv of tbelattei are
1,ot ? people "; Hwy belong to tbe * 11' oria| ateeeee,
*, bom it vsoulti ba atterly aareeaeaabla to " attempt te
arottae ia ibo basieet aeaaoe of the jeer " lt ebould
tint i.e forgotten that tbe Demoerana Legislature ol
MiasLssippi arraafed the Hld Matriel aa aa to (tl roe
Into u as targe a proportion aa possible ot the colon .1
\ot<- In ordei to make tlie other dietriete lM av
tu eeerry e&oogh bsmoeretle eo that they night be
Stolen without lundi difficulty, The State ii .livnii-tl
l.t.-. wu districts. The Illa Matriel eontaioeesM
Sixth ol thc entire ct lore,) pupil.rttloti ot th I
and only o:ic-n n<?;, enth af the white population.
Ni.-.v iii oyoaa, Mass Sepi IS.flptotel;.?Th* yacht pu:..
an went ou th* 'allwaj yesterday and moehred a cool of icu:
Sm came off last night, but tko Isednot working -???.-?..
arlly,afci . .? In wont oa theeaflway today and ?a? ?
I th 1" tittil nu, - ll ? ame ot r, alirhi -.
rlaaa Wilson, tbe Boston satnaaker, lia* tr
all* tllgl r | uJU ring the a*
Terkel : I will take bel to Newport wa : -
IB* > nb?!?
rm BACHCX will ni: in TUE BAC&
PaoriMLBca, Sept 16 (Seettef)*--Tbi reports that the
eheeasrjracht Saeheia bed twisted hei Set
lie di.', Ut* ..
rreaeeae. she received toa Balsblng iou arning
leI ?iH CorU. I ll lu- M.,yin.,,. , * .
Se drr dock thu af t.rnuoo.i |? getting (craped an
sailed under Ueneml Palm - nerannal (Urmtion i
Hon* ih.uk* thal ile .- .. hem m itii * -:,?>j, ria
rar. la uontoniplatstd sreukt prove tbs ta?ie*t *.ru u ?;
,11 out.
< as jiEKD muns so lobbbb uk latest
Thc legal status of the n isl Mrd -Ol r.rc I,,rd :* mst now a
sttteTparphnrtngqertttton with Oe gtvnv teeta g*
larks* Kot long age nhteliy ea tte raanlt ..' fit Inda boa
ieclety*aagitation lusi wlBtaregantsi t..L- ...
am of song bini* hu ii.iiiiiieiv pwyoeee?elew wei ,
te New Yort J.?vi..iu!j; terttddtng Hie k.U.iiji or -
h.* ftlab. nut only tif'ill vvUtl sol* b.rCs, but lt! ?.. ?..
letgaase. areaptUtgthe lagllefe ?i-.-.ji? ? .s. Thia prenti Uua,
I aegean, though aimed wtedlj at Um mflhawa, has pul tte
?ai* ?( Oesrgte nee Mads muli ht u?Lt,t m. rte.
is found Ut Bbs tsoutli/u IBM l-l..'.. i> iel |
? -..uk hud, bm Hm Wtwhadi af Ken Tart Mid tte
Ml.I. ?,, Hu fan,, bird i.nun other sile- mn. digerati tondi
.?etMTteg,laeook Th* bobolink, .t- avorj onaknawa,
kia ha'..lal and inion- apiarenlly thu,, in,.
iuiai?)fai. latheearasgfca ta i ? Kee SOgtenl tonga*--*,
etta aaa? steans er tere aed eke Uv-taaatal aetoe Le
jj bat "... . i... dal , .. (atv | ,,.,.; , , , | , .
,.'. "' '
n jam Ipittaas *.. d m n t,, shoot ?r bini Itu s-j-irt Hv tail hr
UV* load, hu wat aUU wini li uki.I, lo ll,. i?
? ;hr mime- ?
' ? Um local epit ute
? '-:?? it,,,:.,; ..i,,:v lind* s eal. In lb. Northern
'i rn
I'^iX ?,'?V;\"\ ''"' -"VHh".' ? >?
.? *a*es are ??...: here ia a single st*Mtib. aud the
* .'.' '..'.' " L-'"V "?.'? '''* ?'?? ? ? -.nd tali.
?V, lil,. .le?,??1 | .
ihlp the rue bird* as usual, bul r. . ,?,?.
- I'.? '"? i-'l'-l lol.,.,- th. m
ol the Mit York *?? s* an tinja,lou
L.v^y, ir. i.,.i?ii,. .
I* w*JL i h. v .:? *ti ???
rop ..i.ith. j terser luipeiieo ioi.ni Ul(I,
ia they tan Th. Isak of a market for tbe him* would be our
aaslnoentivi (or shooting thtuu, and the nama
roo would l> gl*ai*l than evoi -,.,?. .ffurtwli
nadetpd the law |.i..r.,-.?.. r.-^l lord. M
M mau* Ui si..glU lina, pt atilt lou. Sun'...,..,.., n ,,,
ALL QB1BS IB lilk AOVBDBOt hoard.
nu- Aijutiiuti OMBaBleetaaMn had m ?.?,.??? ,, tram
Jiu ,u?rrii ol tte itsy iwiort-. The BthaH t] was Bater*
io well i>h?sidas themaj'.nty at the resat) rd i
saMBaeaaaar ttdewaf said mat hs uni aol ti. ni it ? .urie.m.
U Ovutral Nt-wlou bi nit.uit IhBM alu, n.lu.cia. a.Hun.;
sinaultalHtn vllbaaof lusonlleairuo* l%at WBS the r.**ou
-hy h* Bdoeeated ac BSSOWltVO *t-?*i->n. He dui rmi ?<?<,
tuner, how Piastanal Spaaei i ronni v ot. i.,r the leorgaataa
lon of tho sagtaaaa corp* and dur.ci' n,ree, BddlBg null rialto
ti Ui* U]iw,Mul bui.ilini; lLei.yut-.lutl. altai SB lon lilly afc
fusing lo* salish*, lion ?? ul, Hu tomi, r jlan ul i, orr;aui?*
J n ai..; toling (ur IL
/'Ats i/rae/.u' yeeUrday itttaed thai s part et 1*1 said tal
?|Kjiiui ki>ilu? mut aa* paid by thc Anu.UUtt i i>iiiiii..-?,ii
iud ihat hi* uv* clark Uontte payroll of Ut* CorauiUaloo
ritj|itl?iil ?|*i.c. i k^.,1 iii?i tn-uni,.. atl> laius bl* own wen
i??jl tr tnt (oiik'.iii. :.,,i, to,en, io. ll, i,.id wolluns to a..
titi Utaui and mA} aasd li--." whee "?? wi.M-\ in, i a
(fleer, who tn turn laid the matter before lt*eJJ?"atary,
ita a view ot eecurlng the attorney's disbarment.
IEM2IHa FOR wah in times of tkace.
>Vhilc tbe fitteiiilnnce of Hie tmlilir nt Hie nnnual
iwUngof the NittU.nnl Kiflo Association at rreeriinoor
tis vcar hae been somewhat limited, ihe enth-.isinsm
rthe participants baa shown no signs of nbatemeut.
he n en bnvo pursued their tri.tls of skill In a mnt
?r-of-fact sort ol WSf as if they were cutirely in<lifl
cnt to applause mid sought only perfection in marks
ansbip. Tho weather bas, lor tlio most part, been
ivornble. lloth Wednewvlay and yesterday wero
oudy, but the efleot produced was in no respect un
-letidlv to tho contestants. In foot, the condition ol
ie atmosphere tv us a frequent subject of comment,
bo dull, lofKien sky overbonl. tho green eward lyiiler
?ath, and tho darli woodland boundaries contributed a
ttural conditi.iu io tho runge which is r.ot always
tninable. ? I havo never shot," said ono of the marks
en, " when tho atmosphere seemed more transparent
always dread tim mirane, If I may uso lim riprcs
on, on a lonjj; ninga. Thc lines ol tho target to-dny
ere ilistiuct. One? in rt while thc winds wero a little
moving. Sever.'l times 1 took ,'iim but relrained from
linn because ol the spoamodio frequency ol.tho gusts,
ut taken nil togotl.cr tb. day w(w. ns nearly perlcct
iona eouM expect. Tho Based* plsre of the sun
.inc, which always produce* an erloetonthe vision,
asawaaat saltaereeras no irritation to the beti*/
om the heat."
HuriiiR tlie prourrss ol Bia WietgsnSS aTBIBUHK W>
ortcr was a frequent visitor t*o the tent of Up r vi u
..'i rs. uliete all other topics tlir.u those whleh
lated to tba nertoctioa <?f adllterjr selenee were
irk-tly aaeaewedL Haatraaat et**?*** who is one of
ie mott active in tho iiiutagein. nt of ibo piesiut
leetine, suid :
?' Tlic evin ral public in th'se times of ponce tin not
illy aHJIUililaaa tbe value of Un work which is gabi
ii hero and In other places for the perft ctimi ol rife
niclice. Its eft.ct is only leeUaed in tim. s of diiii.ii.
bis, I pnenme. lt- natara!, fat when men ure basj in
aaeefill jun suite tf.ov do md stop to tliink of th? pos
Ibilttj ad war, mid it is only vli.ri war eeaaaa that we
aa di moii-trntc tba usefulness ol our work in th it
i:et lion. Meanwhile it esfins like boys' plnv. 8kil*
il liiitrksinanNlnp is alttays nu important fol inint in
attie, anti lins cnn only be Heiptireii kn brnf.' j.riictiee.
Iieie ure many voiinc men whose tastes inelini theta
i familiarity * Ita Bisaanaa, and tin m are aeoalli mea
rbeareaaumg the first looter the service of their
iciiili v I bi.-<> whe represent this class would, in the
f;grcgato, eq-ial in value uti entire anni corps. Their
v ii know lci^e ot thc ikiilnl nee tit anns wimbi incite
bein te tin- work td developing, perfeotioa ta tlie ranks
hull they might aownaaad,aed bama their raine
mi powei wo'iid be ?peedlly felt in a ti letflj reernrted
rmj. Wa read mhaiterTofthefreal batereal wliic'i
Iwayi attacht .1 io eaeretaea with tbs long bott lu
England prior tn the inti-oil.ietioii of :;reni ins. lu the
?resent <lnv rifle praettes is ol equal importance to tbe
?One reeeon, pcrhajis, wbj Craadmoor baa aotre*
riv, tl more BH|l|NBl BM n-coiin'tion ia because ol our
i.niji iiativi i> remote location tresa the elly aadtha
beeuoi of direct railroad iucillt;es. It lms been sug
eated that some more acceaeihli site for war range
be selected, ead the ii'tvitut.i^c- of Staten
nve been preeented. Whet thia will result ta
?t bow say. The adrlesbillty ai asakn
j pta) to the public tor eoooaragement asd aah
"iBinil aealataaoa baa alee bees dlaeaaeed. With all
,c wealth ot New-Tort around us it rn ems to ma wa
!,oiiiii aol ,.jip.-al in iain lor support, c peciallj when
ia remembered that there ia no point mon
? ;, i la i ,. m . aaefal dev. Lopmeni ??! fe
idell we repn sent.''
i ? -ll COAT or PUTLKAD.
'I h. i:. il, i! en suriO'is.-d ev.i y l??1y ve-l. rd.iv by I turning to
going upon the aecttonrd dock al Plke-at. l... i
at Ila " ba?..??! . - '.tr u- Lim hintint on lila way to Sow.
rt to eui r for the raws, whan he learned thai las Purtles
id entered ter the nee, nd that boas thc American sbs>;.s
Breon m.-dry d... k i? itiir poOeeded li- ''? nedi t ly pm
rd Oil* I tl uv hon d al Port M rrlt u
saterday morning whoa Um Oe ra lo thc
iv ,; . k Al 0:80 o'eks k She wast
awol ? ??' poUi atlh ? beranew vi.is :,.? ni ii
ni loni, tint nun :? nf tba i
mn,ti rm <s hud v rn nfl Ihe wort I
i, r,-d last errs .? rater entter
rill b. lint nv, rho irs*. A I
rill tow Set h. aewport Itlsei I eilltoki tit
.1,1 . li I!,,. ,
I.ii no usu I Hi un on his un Ival here \
in . pul t. i.i ? st ni ?.th th- Sea I ..
? I .Utotl Ult ? : ?' :n )' - thal
?, hi would -ni. li bi un band it the raee I
l el i.. ov. i.-I fro i the : 4
nd remalli. ,i rn t n rialali n's cali
mina tim keel-sch I i i '
n the Nea |M*rt ? ,, - 'I bis i .-?? two t
liftolie -!'.?-? Mont ills, i
i ok,ii. i.. ri,, M i Utans i ?? "?
? \ .'.diii lin.. Blr tit
iiik'h In English water* have mon I Ui pab Ol u
i.-i. In out -".,.o
I he I... ? ?I to mollow . ll Un 1. o. , IioU li wind ' ' ?
mvei lil tl Set port liff, wllth au et
? bnragea nfl !'. iy D
usually the vachta tin i igreaate, wi. si
?"Iv .... nlnir i \ aeht ,: - ? i I
'ba Regatta Oemnilltei el the Nea i?i.. I
ni Newport y.-'? : nv They will bold a bm-stinr; with tbs
lli/el.s . ? al Nt .. ?? 'Ii t"- I i)
Nbwtobt, H i.. -? ;.t i? -The steam ?? Bl I
andora Qerry'a Sagshla, arrived here lo-)
i: >!-, bool ii - iturdaj i raes '.le Eng - , ..?? lil
hw omni in. As i ty, iu..k
nu tho weather dull and dreary -
nu in ta-t and tbs Interest Increat ? et ry boor,
Ul af the yecbta entered ure expeeted here earlv to-morrow,
ad to night the harhor te fail of rmfl The Soe ami Pigs
sure* give* tut bestview from thi *hora. and if thal tl
'? lower end of tbi leland will be lined with veoplt
th.-i course lalo - the yat nu
un ht sen of t',i nt.' sieapl rn. stan and I ulah.
New HAvrv, corin.. Bael IS.?Tbs ra. nts Oraylhts Usa
tuk, Meases Bad Dare ?r>- sv.-uth"! benni ir. Uria harbor
'I, te veaaals see ea ti.cir vt.iy u> Rewpori to attend Betur
door opened from rme nf his nfflecs Into the rtyrm In r/nest'on.
lils clerk was the dork of lee CBMtraettea to'nmliteeat S
salary of S400 a yeer. He dbl not think thora wa* anything
Vtiong in this.
Thc time tn windi the ttm kuo.der* of the tl abash, St.
Loataaad Paella Ballway eeeld avail theanstvee af the
|4aa nfl. red liy tbe reortrauUaiiou eomnittivt ha* n
plred un.I near:)' ail nf tut- stock I* sa, 1 |,y (?. |> Ashier
un- o: mo et.mu,mee, io be gnpoattod. Tba n.i-i
amount will be knawn only when advioesfrom i.ruiand
are received as lo Lnglisb Ueposlis. There lt 'mle
doubt that tbe reorgrtuiz.uiou will Di currie I outee
- ? *>-.
(ins iso JUE TRIAL OB ons i v/* KBVOBB.
All Bat t. -t.imin - . .: ? ir . .Nu !io
? i Bregon Bl i m
-i-.iinM.rMoi. Bi sae ii ? i, ,,f Bagtae Oeoiyaay Ve
17 L.tifietl that ijei. t ned lo id.iiil, up i,, K,, kt ,
. Dr. l'h.np Beewold eweea thal Eragm
.--ls .i pie.ro! st antilog, with Whleh hrn tlnuk
?"'..'!?- ever tl - - blataaU leeuaod thal
houi.u* taui-d lum sud kruger vl.e namea awl thal abm
ui esplanallun was ? unala sirutA Uw wiine-.*
isl ag fha at Iel ll- euler) having said i " Let'a
artver." Lawyer Blake asked t. Inuodu.?- alpert tts
Uuuiiiy that llt.inil* hud died lion natural taus.*
r.dh.tt* wa* willing ; n ? .
tue -latin t.i h^ f?, ti.si i bohr* morbit* was tba tsn*t- lin.
ike .tp. it lida ot tin .....
list', ll.i.S, Va, bipL 111- P. 1. Speeasr, v?b*? vt int, the raid
whn li lad lo tn. Martlaet/1 la street Bi r ?_
ami tba -,- ..i.. wa* tried to .lay (Ol tho itniMo nf i. E
lui) am, .u ,,..,,i.,i k'our imiiuipaui* ia .ha Se .1 hate boa
htcu ll lcd .ml at^u.lUsi,
Tho stockholders of tho Northern I'urifle
Railroad Company held their annual m-otlng In tbs
Mills MMtBffySSiafa/ end elected the following bosrd
of directors: Augutt Belmont, liedhwlsl Oilljnft, John
I'. Brookman, John C. Jtullltt, Ben)amln P. Cheney.
Jaraet C. Fargo, John II. Hell, Robert Harris, Brayton
Ives.Jobnstou Livingston, Thomas F. Oakes, J. Lowls
Stackpole, sud Charles lt. Wright. The members of tho
board who retlrn-1 were John W. F.UIs, Rosewell O.
Rolston, and N. P. Tlellowell, their places being tnken
by John l\ Brookman, James C. Fargo and Brayton
Ives, who represent New-York and Philadelphia hold -
lr.-*. The only representative of Ibo Oregon Transcon?
tinental interests left lu the bnard ls John H. Hall.
Eiljsh Pmith. president of the last named eompany, at?
tended the meetiugaud voted I-.-,-J.' shares out of a
total of fl >3,.i'.tO shares In favor of the former board,
with the name of John <\ Bnllltt " scratched." The
Oregon Interests were desirous of obtalnlne larger rec?
ognition of their Important holding*, but the manage,
nient of the Northern PeetftS took tlie position that the
1 fi, ono outside shares hebl in Bristol! ought to snrrsnder
rcprcteuljllou to New Yolk and Philadelphia bm lera.
Tbe stockholders voted to authorize the dlreolora to
organise companies to build branch lines tn be leased to
the Hoi them Pacific, ss the latter's charter forbade lt te
hiuld them directly, and the president battered the ueod
of the brancbes to be pressing.
Tue directors nw after the stockholder*' mee'tug and
organ'red by choosing the old ciffleer*: President, Rob?
ert Barrie, vice-presidents, T. F. Oskes Bad Jstnes lt.
vTllilamsj secretary, .-j.-uucl Wilosoii, an 1 tieasuror,
H. E* Bolknap.
PROGRESS OF i:i:ai>i.vi.'.-) kkoikianization.
Will! Btraet talked hu that abottt the narai
regarding Philadelphia and Kea-ling yesterday, but no
definite Informal, m wa* available, tbe trlendt of tbe
Drexel-Morgnn syndicate beeping silent In the absence
of J. Pierpont Morgan. Alfred-illly, who 1s Ir.tere-ted
arith Austin Co: bin rind other* In th" feater securities of
the company, sahl that mutual friends cf tbe
syndicate and Mr. (lowen have been consult?
ing for some time with n view to a har?
monious adjustment of Interests tn the renrtrait-.atlon
of the property. Preeireea bed been made, bet no agree?
ment wits yet reached, though then wi* iver} prospect
that one would be toon.
Mr. (iowan will bein the city to-day,but lt ls doubtful
if ia! tl l(dory conclusions eau bo reached now. It ls
anderetood thal the Meads "f Mr. (.owen who are
moving In the matter Sere Battened hlai of mr- ad-flae
billty of aqoleectng <n tbe pleas af tim reorganteatlon
syndical", subject donbtleaa to ehaagee growtag rai at
developments pince the plana were published months
a.-o. The flosnelal reaoarcee of the street have prscti
c.iily boen u anti In support of the l>rexel-Morgan Inter?
est, /ind no settlement growing ont of the pcudlug
"negotiations,*1 it la believed, will in vol ve any repreeeo*
Uitlon of Mr. DoWSB in tbe control of ibo proposed dew
Passenger Comtnisakmer Pierson trill to-daj
Issno u nrrular aeeeenelagB retnctlonof p.tstonger
rates to .-uiitliorn r>oints by way of the Shenandoah Val?
ley route, covering thc various rood* la the Atlantic
co eat territory. Trie redaction was agreed to bj- the
[tool 'ru-ik lines and extends from 11 t" 17, Tl S rate, for
Instance, flow New-York to Ne wt ir.e ns will be by
way cf the Sb ??nandoab \ ailey fib. I nt teed of
iSI2hs heretofore. The o'...net of tlie red notion ll to
enable the Boathera Atlaalle const lu,-* tueceeafnlly to
raeet the competition el 'he Buln-:.or,- and Ohio Rail?
road, whleh hao hean dlTertlag tralHc by way of (ha*
CtnBStI and Chicano through tbe low rates ll ii n le
against tho tar ff of Hie pool line* from New York.
Railroad men loeb upon lt as a direst challenge to a
contest iBteoded to bring the Pa.nu.ors and Oaio into
merehortnenioaerelations wita the poo..
DB. HOB! ? i il IR'S coNViCTI->NS
Pittsbi bo, Sept 16 [Spedot).?When asked
te def whet there wee la tho story of a aeleabstweea
Mr. (.owen and tbe Brexel eyn.'.ic.ite lu Heading, Dr.
Haatetter eald: "Mr. Gowan baa prepared a plan for
thc reorgealaatloa of the Readlag road and bas ad red
Drexel people aa opportunity el taking bald of hi*
puta. I bellera thia pan ol Mr. Oowen's will bo put
a| wit j i '.,.- Beta - modi Boat loee
.. (ally expeet tbe Supreme Court ie eastern enr peel*
titm w ben Hie I retober tera begins ab ; thea the Reedtag
..ni - mts Peaaaylvoata nattere will take detinue
shape, I beltere the Drexel jteople w.ll Jolu lttues with
Mr. Gowen."
?-ihe extension to thePittsharg, MeKeesport .--nd
Youehioghony road aeemi to Indlnate n belief that ibo
-out u Pennsylvania will b*
"Yes, we are very brm In our faith om Hint nola) and
there li nothlag te stead in our way whee the aapreasa
Lourt tit'
Phil idelpiii \. 8 . . IC Special. A
ia pro
>. l:'.lt:.'.ei t -
true A (.puny waa speedily or
gnolsed rep *Oand the following orB
tei-t. taei : George H. iiu.er. Pvedarlah B,
u praelfteet; Pordf stevens, secretary and
il. Bokar, Charles B Hi.^-it, lie iry
C OHm i ' Wright, Prodertek B Eeler, Saasaal
I WalterfWood, director*. It ls pi
by lin- ls bttlM au elevated dOBbte-tieeb rind
from ienklBtowe to Front ami weetmoiel tad eta., thence
along Front*st. to Snjrder-era., at tbs southern ei i ...'
I .. of t .e cf | A . \ at! 1
road, dooble-traek, ta projected alone I narai *sl from
i, and tbenea a double-tracl
road to Tacony, lt is said that the td, equipped
arm r-n li loi operotlon, wanld eoe! ???">.' ?? ?'?.? ?i ?- *. Wulla
tbe n "etti :.? wa* In seaaion Ford C. .-:.-.m^ leiegl I
from ii irrisburg tbat be bad ob a. ne i u ebarter for the
1'bllatteipbia anu Ni Kail road, wbleo late i>?
the nemo ol i is road. Tait aftornooa au or'.nance
?i. ???:* eompany te l .v it* trucks
00 an elevated road over the route mentioned was pre
tented lo SelectOnancll and referred to the Railroad
?iee. 'lue ordiBBBee statee iii it the company
? to charge Ave cents roi fere between s ead I
("cl .ci. lng a- '? ?"' nil 7 in the evening.
Ci. k\ ki. ami, Sept. 16 {Special .?(.nat later*
net wee mealfeeted to-day In the Klckel-Putte cns-, tn
nc argnaeeteof ex-Oororaer Roadly, for the New
Yo k c--.itrai and ?t. j.o.iis Railway Coapaar. Ile
:nni,lamed tba- BOOOTdiag lo tim laws of Ouio, evin If
.: srhlit) se preahtenl af the road, had none be
fore the New-York sio.t Brehewge (otnuiitiee aud
rapmoaatod, on hi* application to list a aaeead ii ?ni
ran, t nat a tlrsi mortgage exieSed, (be stateateat coubi
not he aaad ae au eetonpal against the Vow-York (teas
tralaadSl Laeli Railroad Compoay ami that, even if
bs Borapeajr bad aald it* intei*'st un Ita drat morigaro
as the coupons fell lue. tu- laws <>r ohio would still en
iii.e a 'leience to be Interposed ta the pay aaa al of the
principal of tbe BMftgage
?? ? *?
I'nii. Aui.i.FiiiA, s<jit. lt> Special).?The
Ba ::inorc a-nl Ohio'" New keilli y ,k ill Baal Side Division
operation to-day, whoa tue nr-t regular Bes*
tonger trobe wee ran orer He tracks. Hie tr.itu waa a
long one and carried Knepy/t Battery, 0*-rrj**e '2-iu and
Pardce'a 147tb Boglnteata, Peaaeylrnnte v. u..;???.-, a.i
? ifnnoiu are Veterans. They went direct to Uettrs
lie Reading BaRreed placed tineen paw laeoatotrraa
on their tracks m this rivy ta lay. Ti.ej are ali inp*
piled with lim Woolie.i fire box ami a:e ii;c intuit power*
fill engines owned nv lim cou,piny, lt ls sa d Uiv they
chu ran a mils rn forty-twoseeoadt wita s loaded train,
? n i should an emergency retjuire it, a mlle can bo u.ade J
n foiiy leeende, or i>*rban* a little le?s,
( inv Uta vii. Sept. lt'.. -Tee Ciiiclnhati, Il.trr.Hton and
iiu'.'ini Bellreed stoekholdera to ut*j rssslred io teena
preferred atora totakt. up bond-, now bearioi: hve. six
and aaren per cent interc?t. Tuc preferred stock is to
.- :. lt e.nan.o lu three years at the option of the coiu
p.iny with a guaranteed dividend nf six per cent, two
per ceut to be deferred until redeemed. If redemptlea
lapaatpeaed fori?-n years, tim dtetdeed te to he foar
lier cant Ibo amount of stock to tn- l.si.esl ls about
Chicago,Seat i?.-Tue meeting of thy Weetara Faa*
aattgeg AeeoaleUea -? st.ii iu proxreti., but uotbiu. has
as yet been acC'inpllshed beyond aelBtag Ho bonn 1
artaaet the pragsssd geai The aTaheah objects to tba
rear- selected ujkjii windi to ba?e the p-reentii^ea.
I sra teems bal little doubt, bowever. Hus eveulug,
1 i i rose money pool will flnally be egreoti ppon.
w'v-iiiNt.i..v, Sept 16 -Caaaaf Btereaa, at Vietetia,
u. i., in a rt pert te the i? pertaeot of >tate ca is atteu
tloti to the fact that niercharnlise In eaaehterahte tj ii iii ti
tie* from ^:tn Prarmlsco rtestlrieil for Chteago and Steam
York ls beirut snipped over tue Canadian i'aclht ll.JPi
ivisMii...Mea.,Sept. Id.?Gabie adrieee have i.oen '
rer-iv-d tr*Mfl R. Satbarlaad, BL PM pre.ilent of the
Rudson Bay Railway Cenpeny, stattug that leaaaiel
arraagaaseate have beaa faede for the i beela*
blag of Hie work ea the ra Iw.ty. Kali* are being Bbtpped
and Mr. Sutherland tuna (ro:u Englai.i hunday ac
compaliloU by Ihe ahlef ei,.-'neer of lue ma L
A motion to set aside two Judgments sgalri*r tho city ob
tallied by John Prudy and lil* brother Her mir da* lils assignee,
occupied Hie attention of Turlee Van Vorst In Superior Court
Chambers, yesterday. Jobu I'.rady'obtaiind tho (untrue! for
sseatag Etesty*aEh?e* Reai Teath-eve. le River
side Park In Aujrn*., IRKS. It WM a ease
of" unli.il.iiiftd bids." flic preliminary Barrage culled for
<Hjof LBMeehfc yarda ot earth and *_*i,r.;o treble
yard* of ro. k, b. rides eerhiag ead ""gfg
By Bradys bid beaatee 1 teiaasevetfes earth for $s a cn bio
ysnl sud the r.? k for one inaner ?>f 1 cent a faed. The
price was absurdly IiIkIi tee removing earth
and absurdly low for removing ro.-k. sc?
si.Ung tBIhS view* of tho Corporation Counsel. The total
et the two Moe waee tower Sg-ere ttaa any other Md
and lliu.lv obi inii-l til- conti Bl t. Hiller! n. Tn.'inpsoii Wu*
i af public Woks et the tl. end a naatlnir;
(irani was Controller. Ii laclalmi I thai the contractor sough!
lo swindle the eily, Riowlna that tbe amount of
reek lo he ff-svatcd vis only 1,990 .o'er
yards, while th.- ninomit ?>( earth te be
t iken mit waa 31,540 yartla, thus transposing thu i
f.v.-n In tbe bid of Bredr. Work was begun early In August.
J88S Controller (irani booen.tnvtncod that c,. ra
wrong. and i r Un monthly bills
tip-I nt..! br liru.tr. Tho first charge was
111,10488, lind tba *.ul was foi - J 7
amounts Prady Obtain 1 In liruu-nts
against the i Hy. TheConl bills nn
n nr| nil int In all be poid 70 per cool ot 9117.000, the total
i barged, t... la* i- i I lng thal 30 pi r
c-sit si j.i oi Kr arti r the ?orb
1, ly'a brother nea awed the atty fur the .to
per t tnt. Ut ru,an h. \ li lu, fl iring
i ? rt'ri ?', as sn: , rk that ll ba t b
torillns to (..mr.., i.
! bt Oorpoi itlon I "un-tl. In behalf of I
the ronni y shoulil ,i"
that an additional claim for overwork, amounting to 9*0.000.
I ot rn, etty, \ ? ti ??? i ? rjfira
l.on (our,-el Arthur ll. Staaten yesterday mover]
t i tl i. Ind-mnnt* ah-eady obtained bo eel
; 1 the
motion, ? that the Md . work
; ' ' . '? d v. Itb Mr.
Maalan, pnsnoanced Brany's t tat ????*?? te swindle the
. inn ni a hi n
? st. on s.-rnunt of n | t t, '",1 tho
.:util ll.Ot) a. m. lo dav.
Argument v ia benni In Supreme Court, Ch unborn, y> Mer*
' BdgS I .tl' ll
behalf of i o
? -kinir ti,st Sydney BssmfsM heynnlshtd tm eeetempl ?t
Kraft la vlotatlag aalnjuuctlon om mendlag hun t" rotraifl
fi -ii pvorln. ni? "in.* n M ether with tb
" BS W th. Al SWOT Iii the StHl"." alni ll.'"i il-Mlu.illi- te '-X'-r
? ontrol oi nwnorablpof the
I I I- : .... ? ?',., ' thl) ni.
Inn, lion hud ii.il he.ii disregarded, sim thal ll.|x
? n ii .! the m.
:. Justit e Andi, ? ?, resei ved his
1- cition,
*> ?
I)r?. Lewis 11.il hs I., 'rh, ni ks 1'.'.ililli.'I.hi. Jr., and t., ,u
leeehy yee ea I htry end eoss.
Biaelawere who ere tevaetlgatlng the oweeUoa whethei '
[laird te Milli. I. ntlv ??:,. to take , .re ,,f 1,U ni"; eily. AU of
and agn e i thal bi
ataii Pr ts. Mr. Baird i. that he i
. Inheritance from the esta! fl t L. Htuart, and
> III ? V
family u( AT. Stewart, hut tl.. tn- did not
h.lil. SO,
Pl l's uk Li:.; \i. BEWS.
:. Bann me Court, i I
i Kubank, who bas ohargs ol the Ma?
li in. Bf i and Lisbon apartment
? ' . -.-its
i titi n r.wm rs "t Hie
- ? luilgn to d bl .. i"
aka whs Serer the ownei I Ives to
wilban! arrjodu ? lonny further, claimsagalne! tte m.
obtained t
I little And: ' W* vi -I- jd ij-,
;?; ilnb t Joaepb P, 1:.
?Iver ??: : t's property.
sith.' vr . ' fore Andrews, J.?Nu*.
;... 50, Bl, f?, ? lt, TM, IMO,
? _.!.'.. 237. IMS, ?-'.<'.', 240. '-'ll, 'it'i, 'JU
si in: ,,..vu'- t ? ni Before Hollins. H. I! id, wi ll of .lame*
ll : '.'?", n ill of I ,? -' .. :?; 2(10, w I of I
:.-. al irtby . 2 -. f Ul ol Jo* pb Bi
Sarah L Powell; ', I Boy.l
('Ml ' "i u: I ' ? ? : I
". - , 771. 77a, "71
1170, l.Jl. lilla 121
. ut i -^ TBBW? IL?1 tl, J
. ow,
12-12, 1 I : 1. I17n, I IT" I li-, ll d". Ll s, i?oi, ?.?.-,:. ?;.-, i HO,
1 lot 1. 7, ]-'
cur I'l-t'in . . I'viit III lb fore m. v.: un, c.
) Ito* :??? --ii 7Hl.7s2.7H2, T-i 7- ,1127,1
1423, 1407,
r of < ? order
id Assistant ii;.;:,. i-Ailoi'iiev Kellows Nos I, '-'.
r,x. li lrt, H. 12. 13, 14, 1 . ,.', 20, 21,22,
?"? .''? .'1
i ? ?? -. - -.- r. i i;
ll -ll',. I Alb :
:??. H. 12 13, 11, 13. ld, 17, 1 .
IJ "f tin ]i,,v. nt i luh,
hi-:, talk among Val] Street men, v
? abe !'"!.??.' I on: J , I. r
Duff] William I l Iii :i,:h. cuni,
e t ,i bs i . un ....'. -t..
alkim lo Mr J!.??, when Tnli'-riol 11. ? i;,ei
,n i 1'ieri hu hiiu upon t
:i from tbe
tod ii .
.?I '1 tl. only jil i'. -
. a wimaat Ile kata I ? ? ml the
, ;? -. I. -til.. 'I I
? r Ile
? I he V..1- ll . - .
\ J li. -: tefl that "hoi! I..id se,
? .:.'? ivored ??
.lin um.
Ut el IO Win I '? I III ol ' . ,? ,i;..|
*.t- ii.,.' i-k un 1
tu- I li- I ni le -? "I tbs
.m. l hi ul at itali d ll. H. Bollon .
? rated Dm t
I wo Itu.
get lalo snob a (race* tad in a pu it......
bi- generally bear of fro the lower classes NU Tlcbenoi
i ort ik ti - i. I want ) on gentlemen
lat I, <>t. ?i oi. thc tl If 1 beal of
i repetition of this jit.nr I'll lock both ol you np. Voucaa
PERIL <>y a os K FY rn 1/1 V.
P rntan hf eyers, cl.lanatectnrer al Sfo ll
m-.-! tn- sire.i of Units IlaeenSnll. agi forty-three,el Bo,
mer of i lollies, known io his acquaint
utcai >?> " Baw baba w," baeauat be te ona eyed ri., at real
nae made ia the baneon*, el --.!,-: anti A venae C, ee a
tBeaenl |74 fi.mi m.;.ira V/bea
BseenSeM was arraigned before Justice Petterson yesterday
lt Baal ? 'I.ir'., i I I'oliee I i. ? ? | ) I
iel Friend. Sophia Meyers, tvtfe el Um
: i1 it tin prteoaer called el toe atora on test Tneedsy
lad beeght a five c-iit i :v ir Soob i hw another coi
nasa late Um -tore, sad areV r< I 600 clg ti ?>. and Meyers weal
? : those, la hie naawBce e third taaa nailed, wno
? ? fi.tbe Bo ird ??? Health
Putag dawn atofa-a te tbe colter, he cried <,ui that ba wanted
: -. tr about mae Irr-egulartty. She went part ol tho way
lownrelti ' . en Its ?-. lu il bi I bj lu. rm Hit. cried
et would go h. li ml ti. ntei iu bi (
ibaeuoe \v i.. ii abe casie barb le rh., store, she
away ahooi sbi m ogulrodaa Hosanlield
s n .ni ? ,'i.? ? . ? eas pla j nf,
lom when Roe nfleld was sfiera ni arreaied s:."
,. ' ., it-rcie si sruln itlon by
>u I i ? I deviate In ttl i
ireh d by David Mt
band - brotl ?.. olgai -rot, ,r s. i,.', Suffolk
it, and wbaawitrt t':.i (? don him tbe traine
Di ,n ag ll' D' n
ri. d .\:r'!--' ??? . . un-.j,.,r i i,and , ulled tbe farotaaa ot
tbe rlotluUig store when i e defendant works, m A venae I),
Bear Ll tbst rho bvi ri. tl In a mn manner t al
?I lb* t me ol the nil. k'm| robbery in,.e.it -id ? .,- ,,i wort Ba?
ler bis tye Eight young giru who wort hi theaanui ptaee
1., lured thal Ibey were prepared to testify to tnt same effect
h.. i Ps leraon Old not hesitate to rH*ralss Tbs i otplaluV
Bott ri - ? gu ?: reputation.
Franl. r^. W iteoa, ? ' ll. uko thtrty-four, was
hroiurh. b. ti ie t iiii.-d States Com
hiv. Bar .??.iiiuii.-itii.il. w ii-.it la -nd te hi ,t rasaibei af the
BOtorlene ' ?<??? Spring gang ot I
? iiBdeoa. i*e toma riv Uved at
.itt. and Kelli iii st.. lu th:- , itv, uml . lit i iii si to be it
[?later by trade, ii. weela Panania! gua and BaSale a abort
Hot null J tn.- i*ne rn-i in a beor shop In thia city
rmtai I LomakeB raid un n.e poat-oglce at ii -
I ol * Ben Ul e ? lo ? ll they
. ii vt ii,i to the |
?I,', Ul lol tile Inn. ol -lr tl.Hie ,v I i, , loj
(Waler* 1 i . . ? i \. ?? li the rest of
Gbegangnri :. Into thepoat ufllaa ..n the n r! I ot -? i ???
',. I: \ vt. ie s ll on.e.I .11 Ih-.i. 1 i?n,I VVllSUO Wt* Bl
and 1,M ked np tn the Newlmrg JslL Tbe reel recaped. Wil?
son, ? le n bl* " tlv..l
? led .-.lillr. He 1,-in.. d io Rh ?? it,. ?
,r blaaeho i lett ll. m..nu:t.d bi Ludlow Btreel lsd n,r
it laL I n i'.- ? ? ?? kn," iivi- ?
sra, erMI two bottles eg rn lanifom Lettert anna nnmooi .?!
neem Mckete wera alee found In hit tin he*.
The Anio .,ii DoUvory Cerapeny, whleh hes Jael b
sotporat*d. propases to ceeatract ead operate la Ibis city a
?j ta I., oi cn. iiiu.iiii tabaa patented by L.iwiu B Leay nt aft,
liol ol the VV. ttl ? li I ii .ni line I, Ut. 1
?, < i ] ? 1 ., 11. .11 l ?
Hom ii.uni- rs to i........ ? - - rae < J ol th*
eorapauj r.*- ? - . A bulldiu* in e
tbe tooee end tho
rait Hom
lelll ol
wy fur .i ???-,.? ? and pacl . ? - ? dh ttatMraa ;.i
cut. i.i.-ut noiate ead tte lavt-utui - thal tbe ty a
. i.. eil. oded ? i,i,
ll i* al* inspul i ihe ru
i'i.?.iii ii it-.id Sea \. ? ? malo po.trofi
ii. i.lui. in-- nv un in-..i t:,, iu'? .. anti it bi even Ibvugbl Irj
tl.?? -len . t ? v. i.iu.iL? m. lampposl
i ? peel
-? -
tkm dteaBaeMaa ol the mewaert el Um ISIS Regteseel ..ti r
i Fa sar te i eouaatad Um -
?|.l..i.lt I.. U- m..i'.:a-iiis. Il (he InerliUK ol tiie tank Mitti nie
- ... ti.,* et. 11:1,1) brr aa espeeeateaetoflBBM taaael h*
?s araseij lt Wi so heed hs Bverett BaH Itteteaeed
that a >?? ri, lt e j... | in Pat |,?liue|it Will l's.ill ''"lu the
ii..uidM, aa meai ol Um rJBrere and mon havt alraatty daouled
u, rc.ian it i atoael Fat k..<i la . aa miaaluaad hm upoout nu
t .an. ll.st ui.: li Wu pnr i rut of Hu- regimen! l? un Itt ,1 a^Mln-t
i -' i ilm Ebal the uppoVltlon is sie..ti>- .ui
i'i.im and u..ii^. u.e ni.uiiie will ene*ny i>um* awHy
At * inert I ur, of Jti-ptibll.aii. st No MCI Med K.,i t.eili si.
BS VI eiiues.tsv night Hu-?'Bhen.lsu Slns-k lte| ublie tn lluli,
ol Ibu X \ Ui AaMLubly Lk.li.il, ttasuigauued aiul Ibu lol
Inwtne officer* elected : President, Edward T. Tatterson :
Vice Pre.lent. Jacob I'owle*: ltecOr-::'i< Hcft-tary. Samuel
Williams: Financial Sw-retarv. Mlcbsol .-UM'; Tieasumr,
Nicholl* iiockei S-trgeaat *t .\rms, john Hank. The awn
m.etiri? will h. held on nett V, cliieedity night at toe caroo
place at I o'olock.
A statement vv.is |,ubllsbcd yesterday that tbe Worth Monu?
ment lind bt-eii iniir'i discolored bv hu ?itt< ni;,t to than tbe
bron/., with adds nuder the dncition of thu Turk Depart
nn-nt Tho rm k eather!Hos beta reeeatly gtveo dlreeatoea te
Baperlateadeal Pareeaa to tnnko some ehsnin-s about tim
Franklin Htatue In l'ark How ami tho Washington sutue in
tulon stjiiare, tuit I'r. sldent l;e?krnsn told a Titim SS re
l'.n ter thut no instruction* had been Issued bv him re?pectlntr
the Werta Moiiumi nf. " some lime ago," he conilriu-d. " Mr.
HUikt-s, of tin- IIo-l'iiHii Ifonsi., want.it to rlean (lu. Mmm
nant si bli ?'" ii espeaea and i Mtove he dui -??! men el wink
totio m. This action un. reported arm lt wa* stopped at
"is tho work on tho Franklin and Washington Malaga to
Include a cleaning of the bron/.o I" Based tba reporter.
" Not nt all. The gnalta base al tba Franklin Slutue bas
biter, stained with m-id mid tobacco Juice snd these states
but | bOOB removed. The fence lit* boen hniken down sriund
thc statue, ami I have directed the superintendent to prepare
l,ian* for ? n-vr rateloenrs that win intiod* tome irv. .-nsw?rd
around the etetno The roonnuutnl fer several roses has
looked dlr ly arid uncared fur. and tbe object of thc Department
lo to remedy tale, ivvwtiiim pteeted and trained io im*
over perilous of the base Tho workmen neve reported thai
the bronx 1.ia been dleflgnvt ,1 ,'iiso. bm r-erore .'..inu- anvtbtinr
to remove tboeo steins f neve llrseted Mr fm-ons to con?
sult an ???.]?? il as fe the bi st method of doWf lt."
No request ha* yet been made to U.-nrtl Newton hythe
WV si. :n tralee Tstegraah Company fm eenjteetoa to bury itt
w:rvs. It wm probably do so today, bowever.asthe Eiet utlve
Committee had the application al.i.oit BntehS 1 bur e\ MtBg. In
thlsrtorirment thecompsny will endeavor to prove that tho
franchise irrautttd to lt by tin-io ninon (linnell on May 1, MSB,
fer laying el.idaoaort underground huh bolds good
ot te validated hy theaetaf the Laghi t . teeattag
- on [fitts thea tbe eemaaay BHtetaiaa
thal it kbonld be rompnnaated for its oatley.
? i. un bena, cooneel for the Saba *\ i'..' imiaelen, ba*
? letti i ?.. Ung his attention lo tl..
re* above th., surface of thu strt'-t bv th<- Weetara
1 alon Company ll>. suv- thal notice baa been given to tbe
company to remove Ita wrree. '.nt no eneh notice has berm
ihe department of tue etty ehargad ?itb the lemov.
niK of sui h ol, .tun Hon.
A eoniriillf'-" of propel I f BB in rs. t on .'st B| of fi. P, If Mc
V.-y. A. I.'-sl.-r. A. Looter. A. 8 Whit",.tn anti others. , .i ;.- !
ral Kt a io i t es', i.lay an! proteeted againal leering
dowe Ihe br..tee eenaecttng the Elevated Battroad at One
I md ftfty Sith sr. and Bights ave. with ihe heights
? i.ve They said that the bridge was a great sea
V, 1, leuce .lin'. Vt BS .. I most I lei I snell ville- I,, ? . m the
neighborhood, The Deportment of Public Work- proposes to
I.,., ri ' >in 'hundred and -fitly tiff h st. from tl," Bar fem to (ho
? (tiver. The work waa given to a contractor, who about
a month ago asked for pt rmloeti u fe romoi - m.. bridge This
u.I, ami thirl" ita) ? wert _. ??. to Un i ?
which to Bdont whatever plan ..f rebel a .- wi by
them. Deputy Commiaelonei Smite ri nally dei Ittod to send un
r of the department lo meet the committee at the
bridge and dlecuss ibo matter. Jed/re Frendraan of the Su?
pt rim . ...ii. latei In thi nay grantc ' an InJ int ii";, reelseln
usg the contra, lor from rs i oi ag the bi -
g/m/.v a sd piiodvvk MARKETS.
rCsVTORIf. Of oTltT-YOBK pk A uv'it.
Wheat davatosad decided irregularity peeler-la"*, but ihe net
it-suit ot toe Sectaattoaa wa* u trlfllnj td.n Wooten ad
oaraged a slightly bt-ttt-i tone m the early trading,
but uu'iei the Influence of nafeedlag by " righi waist d*1
- I Hoff *?? Seen t Kora eacooragteg i ible die
i raiiv, but thu close u.i, week,erefl
Iboogfe a abode bettei at toltowei Octebei ??'>'<. Koveetber
--v., !??? i - ? January nw. Ita* Ml'scents, spot
lota were weaker and fury ^u'-j oent tower,
ppera took ..w-t 100.000 bushell Tbe
I demand tor torn reached the exton! of 96,000
I uthela, tti'.'i rte) I oe* u u 11 ? sot for tush lota The option*
ileaungt, ont tbe afternoon wltnesaed a
n that.eft pr bonni h.wei a? follow*
, ? ? : , ' 'on euih I .',n',, I"
.'.?_'. May,Bl rents '??'s on the spot wen
intone, without .halve ,ii qnotations n.,- options
Hart, but ended un
? item her. i'i lor October. 811foi Novena
? r 34 foi licccmber and 3?% cents for May The lard market
is in sympathy wltb pork . (im.l pi ces
-how lotsoe "i .*. p eur- fei s ? -
.: i?? r at pd os ,,n i December at pd RT ead 1 for
? s,; ga,
in,- use:;,rs ol grain yeeterday at New-York, Philatlel
-ton it,tu as follow* Wheal
- ?..rn,'."..1.4-- tts, I-*.. U7 bushels, total
tra - 1,'JT bushels; nour, 23,'i'H barrels Al i
ikes and 81 Loni* the arrivals ware Wheat, IA'.'4-.M
- loin. 170,0711 bnshele; nats. 198,891 bushels; to:*,
irraiu, 530 3t?2 b ish. la; door, 22,077 harreis.
? li to
Ding,makingedrop of oval *i 25 a arrolla
two day a lt sold al *ii 75 oe Tm - I
option went np to *l" 7fl lt bs
?? . c ie by .'.:-?? ? ? Tbi y
t $780 -.,, ti, | ,.,. r i.'. noon Ch feb
|10 42'?j, Theprevtotea pit wa- excited ali day. The other
lg 0< to'..-! v
. ship.
: au) whore repoi wa* at
lhere ? 're large pui
Io: lt'-.nu. Luau .m.I Kt Ut October col
?j!.. t). ,i |. ?- !?? il ly wi re 1 10,001 sm and
- il bal lt v The fie:
j, eui . : lei dooi boai
a aa s little i ally on rle ri pori thal Wi loads of a ' ?.i had In so
ta kt u Rt Ni ' ' whi at, Ttl .
ate . October pot*, I
An -. - ' ob and frequent flu I .'
I iwed that tbe erode market wee no tonger In the
ainrlbuud . audition lu ? - - loo .'. op i itoi s
. . QI low, ' ?
?n uewaol the op. ii. igoft 2,000 barrel well tn ih>- v\ ?.? mg
t this waa only ilka the (tottering af an eagle
,i '._ to to ?: to - i be market toon ks
?e. Wltfa
..in, toOll. enl -. ? - ? ached,
. - I a re iel on but rn ai rh. i kite obvious
- indulged m.
,\ ., i ..on ler thal ?.o espresst I at the ad
it u 'rue tbal tlie nv asl
.. rt poii'-u lo he yielding about 17,500 ? il ly and thal
? tlier unod ?oil-ai.-h. arly .bu- Bul whatever th* toinpo
i..1 v hu. Millions ot He (sugee of lust tb iiiti be, tba con
i i (iou lia i reu | , ? ue 1 iree o.i mea that it i*
n, i.-.u ie :, heavy d.-c'liio tt lien I
weathei w-ts In and the falling off In the old wellsneeda
? i ot nee "guahere" i? keep
iu up to Its recent volume ll euee the comparative
? shown to Held newt since tbe du ceuls
nark waasti lok rhen is tills radical difference between
lt ni niovi nu hi and that whu h ended tn thc i o'...in.f
t populai Pittsburg Urra : then the upward march ?..? ma,:,.
u allt-tltlousor mistaken htaa that washington'* yield *...<
tu a permaueut decline; bow lt ls made with the et pec tatton
if?et I, lu Washington'! gauge bul with the
theorj ti..ii ? ?nd '.- ir.-now .atti,uei,tir cl,.nitei i" assure
-?? ol iVaahl . bear la. tor not many
- from to .'a\ Tbe variety and iptrH ..f
nni'tii.ttion* yaaierday .leuioustiate the latent
. , u.:., .ii,- ipecutetion, and tra,his as amie
Itali wrtb .-ai i-f.on t'..-1.pee( ol ebenge from tbedennre
-? lons tu pren.var such se lui portee I corni.i.u at
no',, um The market closed v [banal -? not ouly
bul Its ttrength nnder realixationeandnammerlug
ilioiii I be sought out-.ld.-of ti innes
Tbe range of prices and tbe fetaljli [t tthel - inlaisd
En bange were aa loiiow*
Ipentng. ,;*'- l-ewael. Bl .
If!r;he?t. titi i Final. B4<
-. - ,:rels. s.uJl.ooo
Kenned mi ". i by tbe bnoyancj ol trude ead
laced soeot per gallon to el* eooto.
UH. fur. I'.nu . r-.-pl. 16.??(. i u to uil -National Transl'
.-? opened ?t 'in7* blgbaat prtoa, 6d iu?-sr.
,, cfeasd, 84 - He ? - - ? ' hai i eli. clearance*,
l.lo'iOUO ban trtore, 24,000 h.... ? nmeuie,
J.,.:..".:-. n.iii,:, tun.. ? barrele.'
i-i 11-".i ru'.. I'enn.. v' ?- ld t r i: ? . i' Petrolenn Ana,
\ ? , i, ' -.t ut ci tadeloee i al I ,
. ?. u -i pt ?? '?. ttl .. lowi ti prk r* ?? l*a
itiisi'H.ui., i'.uii.. s,,,;. ia, lin',.- oil?National Traastl
"?I Mu at. < oitened at 04 *e and cloat Igbest pttoe,
.,."? \ . hotest price. Oil , lentil' > s. 1,074,000 barr. is.
i,i;--mi: i, Penn., Dept ld. National rraoall Oerthtcetee
ipr nnrt at fl! and r lee nd et fliyblghool prtoa, titi; lo*i?t
pl .cr. ''(i's,
M.ilill'loW PBOOOOa MSHKKr*.
Lrvaaroou teuti IO. Provtateas Booen. OumbatlandCat
laii.gCl.sir MldtUus, H7*. o.t.! Htmrt t'laai Mlddlea,
ll-.*, od.: Hi. di Hlh*. 117*. lld. niioiiM.ir* fi'.'s.iiti. pw ow t. Bes!
",:- n.l. fm J'.xtr* India .Vena: flinn: Matt, ita. 64, 1'urk?
loss, ft"*. 0.1. jier bbl.: l'rlrne Mc*.. Laatrru.
I Wrsttorn. Mle. Od, Lard?Amerlia*u. .s.'.s. fmuo sett
? ?J., Lal tl uti. 32i). 80. Hams -l.uLuc i ..[. s->. od...
?rs,,3.1*. Od. Butter?d2s. 6d. per. owl tot Oneal I'm tod
r-t..i. 1. ibccBt--Auieitt.au Choice, -47s. Od. \V I , at-llod
Westciu aprtug, Us. eu.io*, lou., bod Winter, Oe. --.i.?
be. IOU pt cental Nen .No. li Winter, be. - i.. do. No. I
Kp! ins, tis. Pd.| .\^w Mixed WcBtcrn. ts.l-jil.. Citllfurnla Mo,
1, O*. I ld...: Ts. ld., do. No. g, d?.titi a OV ->J. par . i-i.Ul. l'lo
Mnlaol I urpeiiiiue, 'Js?. ;i,i., ,io. ui LaxnbM. u--s. ld.
p. i .wt.. Itchi.oit l'cli la un, ind. |ier Kallon. I lovel
American Hrsb *'?>*? per c*r. Tallow?Site, IM. par ctn..
b'lne Ameneaa, Kile. .Jd-. Hi nun t'uy, '^.s. Ott per t*t,
Ko.iu -t.oiuuioii, Jj. .it., [*ate Ut. Od. ?0a. Od. Linters! OB,
.'.?. >?L pei t*t. 1'iov isious - American Belrlgentted licet,
hindauartore. nd.: tore quarters, id. per it>. lions ai x.ou
llOU ->'.'? VulW sute, A 1. .'.a. Od.
l.osti.'.s. -cpi l-l. i-r.tuc-.- UaaeedOtt. g'.M i
His od poi tun. < alcutiaLlnaaatt eoe. nd.pei quarten Un
see,', t j.e. jlo lite. Od, per ton. Uetlncl Vet.
Ci -ti pei k*-.iol>. cpirita of i in pduiin... gee SrL pat
i-ti., an..n, oil x.M p-i im Uosiu- I winne, lt*. 7 yd. per
, ?>i., Pale, 0a. 04. Ol Ii ol. Provfetorsa?i.aid. .t-i*. od. i-.r
rot fer 4mermen aagar?lite.fd. not cwt. fei uuba < .-n
'. is Sd ?/1le. Ott foi Mu-, ova lu
tan refining afloat. Australian Tatew .Beet vt is ...i.cj.s.
isl.; Mutton,'i.'is. ttd.e'/Ia isl. CeoeeMR OB?teriou. a':ft
:?-. . u. mu. *.i:t. hiaertuea KetrigeiaU-il li.wt, .? od. (or
hindquarters aud ga. Od. foi toro ^uaa-ic-i* pei sis hy lUo
.ai, BOB,
tsrwggr, Sent. Ifl Helroleuro Kine pnb- Amerlcea, 19
fi un. s - , ?-.. c-i.i:.iie." paid, aud Ifl trees ? .. cen ti me. ?.-i.*is.
'.v... ui * LnU'i closed al W iiautt .. ..ci loo
I'.iti.Mi.s. ,i.: Petroleum B marks SO pf en
v. ?iui * Um i io-ii .I ai ..o uutrlu ?-. pfeutugt pt. loo lb.
Kl ldil I AN ri>.\.\ClAI, MAI'.K !
ept IO I- l'? |. m. ions.:., loo, I,,: imnn-v
and Ibtl'i tor the itt.i.uiit: United Msl.ni tour amt a
li..if H. i i ? rn I,on;-, l.av; At.ai.t.e ..Ld Oreal Weslern
lirst Moitgugs ii.t.t->?* i ci nih.*!, s, .'.j . I'aaadlai Hi
. i . nd i ? i.-.. ?. i".',i... mu ult i ? i.
? i.\i.au ' iii tn. arv, I*, si. paul ('ooarnoo, '-'-''.i
Itew-Yurk Central, lid'si renaeglvanm, oo^i Beading,
i 0 |, m. I'arls BdvteSO i|iio(u Thieo y>Kt Ctul lluules at
-- lian. i. -7 -.. . . li! I... - lui the BC00OO4
,it, IO ; p. m. t ooBola, loo v (or i
Billi IlSI l.'i ll. fer tie Ml, Olilll , l lllUsl Mate. lour Iel
i -ni l.uiids, I '.'ti-,, il., lour au.I allall l.r tent 1'orid*.
l!3-'y, Alianlp aili i.Ifni Wet.ni Mu (fage Iruati-**
t .ulina!**. Wail l.ne. MUi Meti.au oid.iiary, *eJ?;
.-l Pani Common, too, i>on*.tl vania oi.-? , llcaJutg. 13s>.
i .soi lb a . ?t latnd I oo.puu) , 3'?.
il adaaa Har C uinpaaj , Ui Sj.
..ti silver ls f ? M 4.t:(-l P"t otiinm.
i n. i,ni,i?u in tue Haul ul I.iiuiaiul lias Uirrcuusl di (Jd, OOO
dm Lng the pa I wi ab
lb.- propoit ion ..( tbr Itaiik of Kngbuid rc?crv e lo Ha
Which 1**1 WOOk waa 40 lu lb pel cent, la now Se sj per
t "tiL
nula adi icc* ijuoti. Tlireti Per Cont Rente* at "'- franc* 77S
t.-niiu,es foi Uta account, and vic bange on Loudon al 25
liam - w oaettntes tu eat kl
e ps nish Hollis d'i
I'aiiis, nepi in. lbs atailily ?UWint.nt of the hank of
1 linne .hov.- ..ii ,n iv.utu ol I.liuJ.OvV tl-ui..* lu goal aud
UtfO.tAHl daucat iu -alva*.
nu: OINtKhfi i.Mr. '
44 lg
- :'..' ll .
.. sj pe sj
iii l/i 194 lit , |3s *
14 14 14
4.. 4-.4 4'.'
113 lld ll-.
138% lb.-. Luis. I .int. in,
? . ? ?
'. ? "
Allan A Pac
1 in Pacific ...
1 an 'mihihern..
Central Iowa
( em of .\.(.
? l-l.'
Cheed 0 lt! cr
( bea A
Chic A Norw-r
Chic A .wv 1 ri
C M A Ht Pa il
C M A -ii- pr!
C Ht L .v. 1'itts ,
1 -il' M Ai 11 I
Chic ll* Q
( I -?:
C Wash ,t Bal
C W .t li prf
COCdi I .
( KV ?? lol
Pel La* Wu*
pele Hud. 1"
bub a lc.....I 7..
I I'eltll ll.'HT
I . I*! pl
th. '.m pm
LT Va ! ,
I 1 V* A ..a IT ll .
It'.V ,v Ullin I '."J
111 c-nt . .
I . ?
Una Island .. ('.t's B?'
Louis .1- Nash. *'? '4 18
L WA <1
Manhattan Con M0?a '4'>S 140-j 1.
Mllllll.ll Il.a. ll. 1 ", -j "
Mem 41
Mick Coot,... . "IS
M i- a vv prf. i'"1*
M A Ht I.
M Awi 1- prf..
M KAT ....
Mo Pacific_
r.ioii ,t ohio .
\ 0 *?ti
rt "i 1 ei.tial. ...
.". V C d Bl I
Nt LE A W.
NV ll-.tWi.rf
M .V > K...
NV A NH ....
nv ti a w.
NY 8 A W.
Nv haw ur. .
Nor A West..,
Nm A W 1 n
North Par ldc.
Nor I'a< ni I ...
Ohio A MUM...
(o lt .1 |j.
dr I r..ii* .
Cr Short Line .
1'lie.i A Kv ...
Phil A Krait
. i
. "i
. ?
ll W'.it A <>*
Htiutn Cae...
-ti. a hf ...
an nv prf.,
Hti.A-i lal pi
>l 1
ia >?
IO* -
P P Car re... 180sj 180-a lao** mo-* n-.-.n, no
Rich A WC... I."..'. li'JSj -
7.', 7".
.is ags 3d . - .
. liv ur.
. - ? i , ? .
lt. ll!-. 111. Ill', III'
BtPADprf.... io'". I091. I"", 1". 1 lo?
st i' M it II.
TeseePas ..
Union Pae...
Wai, pref.
W es! li,ion.,
i ip..
Amer Mt.1 IO
( sj Kxpreee...,
1 '.-i 1 ? IS _
K y Kui 'in*.
Pat ,!., Mall. ..
. A I....
New On (teal.
Tenn < a Iron.
Quicksilver, pr
Total sha-** enid . JoB.021
ISda-rt lei's buyer 1 days. 145-Vhuyei
. oap....10,000..lM>al 0 h 4* Coup ...1.'?.?*'" .r-'7Sj
nos ns as i) in vu sroon*.
Mt tropolit in it.ins
in .7(1
; it Itaiili
25 .'.:.'..
N < S! .-pei ..ll I a i
1.11'HI 1 '-j
v..:;.i...i Os defd
Tl .-: Kc H.ts
20.1100 .ll-a
Baltd "
??.no" .... Ill
C ?'?? I ?-? Ill COB
10,000 . 112-t
Ct 1 ll Val
0.000.- 1 'l
CCCA Ind il M
6.000 .100
Col Coal A Iron .is
r,.mi,i '."?< ?
rh., i: ii v Quint v
I..., liv ;.
1,000 .. ? l*t
c J: a <j i'-h
Gulf Col A Han Pg
4,'IIMI. l.'.lUj
bal H.: A Hu Au
Ord I! a - Ai.
Weet div 1st
1,000 .... I'm-7,
il a Toa Ci al ;-:
mali) lino
Ci.ii|i<>ii ,,rf
Lissi. ll.i*.
l.ol.'l. Ill' -i
26,000 .... Ul
III Cent ?>#.
3,000 .. IO"1-;
ind lie.- a - Sd lae
Trust i ?
Ind Dec A -p !<t
lt,""ll . 1
h tr)
Chea A .-hio 1st
;? ?'.-, tad n a wm eua
ona orr
Cati?'U -.,nth '.-I
10,000 .82-4
Ches v ' ihb)' ar
Itl.llJO. .0
Ch HI LA N Ons
10,000 .. 1 ld
t c< a iud i.i
I ? t vi o- ,t Mnr bte
' .... '.'I
.... 29
Len ,v lt ??
Trrt?r i;, cell rs
2 Kill
Li ?
Kansas A Pac 0*
I'-n vi r
1,000 .... lld
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