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a>---aa anal Mt.sMsry Wood, dsngfiter cf T> r ?SoSM%H
ja!*/took place here Um evening al Bl. Paul's dihedral.
Louis Schmitt, a la'xirrr in Ccntr.il Turk
?sra* at work on me pavement ot tue Terrace near Ile
ghatda Fountain, on Wednesday afternoon, when h
Seard crin* fro n one of the path* na*.- the lak*.. j
?woman's voice was callln? for lielp. Sen:n:tt ??
?hovel and rau In the direenon of the enun.l. As he cam
?isar i.e saw ? a .tii.ar: strnsgling with two men in tb
tiushe* n?ar tbe path. One of toe men catii; t ?lglit o
fi,.)).mt: and ran oft. Schmitt eei-.ed the other ruffi*
? ml tare atoned to strike him on tho nead wt'.h tbe sri.v.
I' be r??t*ted. The wo'uan laid that she was walkin
?along Hie path when the men sprang out and mine! bel
?SewSSM d- vous and weak tbat she cutihl bardi;
at md. llSart*! ied tho man ou: to tho fe-race whore h.
found a po iceman. Ihe woman refused to follow or v
?jive her name, and the otuer ninian escape t. At th
>r*en ti the ii ai. gave his name aa Joseph Doline, and sal.
that ne 1 vi i" New .leraey. In a police court yestarda;
li*, wa* held it $1,000 ball. Ile was no! more lhan tliirty
It- rear* ofa^*. was roughly dressed and had the av
j t rance of -nan/ of tue tramps who Infest the parki
Ila deuies that he assaulted tue wuman, but say* tha
de wa* pa*sln* and hoar.' ber cries and fM?d her a
t-.-hiui't rM* upon Min. The omer maa. BohM ?av?
wa* uoi known to him. and ran away a* he cam* apt
MSmlfl *ay* that tbe woman iee med respectable, ari
*v. i*eiy drsatint putuicity. ."-up. rune.,, lea: I';.r*on?
in *|ie?s'iiig nf the ca*e, sall yesterday that th- e nari
Ih-ch fiequent ca.e* of aa.aull* of Hil* kimi of late ii
tue pars, and t i. puiiee ai i donut ail i. inm power lt
pr' v-nt Hiern an 1 dr ve otu the men wno cnn ed Mom
'liierrar*>*.>m?ii> i.nfrstj leniel pallis lu l -titra. Turk
t'.ai it i* : npueoll I- wan lbs pr-i?eiit fore* o" polio* ii
vt . t-ti them nil tli'irounhly. In Ibo last monti
niora tuan a I undre.l tramp* have oeei
arrested In Hie duwtt-iuwn park* Inr lui.er
lng .bout the it-*:*. \\ non they iiati
boen un .Ole to give an account of iheui.elv s or ohol
ai y OMWMIoM Uiev have been asm to Blaokw-di'i
ls.and. I'bi* the police think na* dri' en sum" of tbOU
to i en tr*; r?rk. where they eau tatt easi.y enide ila
Captain Beatty, wlio has ch ugo t> tht I'.irs I olloe
?aid that men are arr?*;ed nea I er -r. week :ur insu.t
lute women la I'eiitral Park, lu. ? ir..-, u* tlid 001
Inlus a woman w?* in auv da; i. r ro>., ?ucli fttiiow*
a.".r-.* of rflrls pa-s thniWli the I'ark .-Very day OU llie;l
May to school anti to UM Nurina, t'oltoae amt are rareit
ji.'.leaKMl. Bala be added, tbers ? t-r.:.t-r neetl evnrj
? li it an lu ute ml! nm! ir ri peile! Itv Central Para
>..w, tb-re are aoout *nty un duty lanai tno Uay oi
I ?? .rouu.ia. ' _ .
President Hunter, of Hie Normal College. ?av* Mal
Many complaints aro made ny tue students eaucerninj
tbeaefei.uws in ' er lr tl I'ark. an I the gins rarely g.
tnruuirb the I'.rk ia cuiuuiir iu or rrotng front Me Col .aga,
a.ibuugh ll is nearer fur them, umess Hiey arc in _
-*> -
Paoencr Boras, N. T-* Sept 16.?One ol
tl.e rainiest days of the NWMf ba* kep et
within door* ail day. Ihe resident ? usetl lumaeii
v..m cribbage during the morning and in the af.eruooc
lo.-ked over ?ouie of his correepoudcuce. He was k-n-at.v
please-! about 5 o'clock at Baaing 1'aul Smith Cnve !J
to hi* can u with OnMMl and Mrs. Latnuut. They had
had any tiling on. a peasant trip across the country,
for Hie ro..- titre bl I terr: le condition. To-morrow,
1. the weam..r pcm:..*, .bo I'resi lent and lils ptlvats
BOOfwtafl aul Mr*. Cleveland. Mrs. Lame ot and Mr*.
I'.dsuui w.ii g.. ia Tappet Lake tor two day-' Sohlaj
and 'luii'.iug. 1 hi* .ast nook ol the ProaMoai'a stay il
t:,,. \. - tm i im i.n most lieigrooablo, for w.tii
IBO exception of yeaten! ay it ha* rained d.i v al
;.- -.? ir int. lt..- Pioolda?i wm probably return ts
ClTlllZ.I.it'll oV.-r ne -allie rolt'- tl)- W.I.eu lie left IU A
? pe.iaif.tr ia riposted lo meet lum ai Paul -
elation, i he \ oro . i ? -?
i - ear .inti, lt re..cbe. BoUOe'l 1'i'lt, wii.-r>- lt Will
I,-,,- , . i*mh*1 ra an tb* Delaware and llu.t
Mii. ' ana Co ill pea] I I road and drawl! to Albany,
I ? i.Illy I... p*?Mj wi.i not start for home tm
?OJ 'tuesday.
- sato \ SPHiiioa, Scj'f. 16.?The aurTiron
c: h.- '.'?.. Kegimeot, Naw-Torb -Male Volunteer-, ol
wbicu Uoberal Crocker, og Washington. I'. C.. was the
lira! conriiun.ler, met in reunion b-re yesterday and to?
day. gtSt>-turee veterans anawered tu the ru..
number usei ern;
Lunar: .ns are b?-f lonlnc to arrive In anticipation, ol
tl.eir Nan.h. . Cunterence here next Week.
r, ot tue (jutted Mate* InpreoM Coori, will
B. A ? ?? lt l..m.*. ha* perfected a
lueiiw tor i . .
I,, v r. Morton and family will ru.uaiu ueie uh oariy
lu i >. loll r.
Philadelphia, Sij>t. lt; \8peciali.?The
prn-.-aiiiiue jur Hi.-rei epiiou of Hie Govern u* ol Hie
nnr.eii urta . Bl lei la murrow da* bean somplatetL
Tbof will be met i.y a committee of Caonclls at ihe
Cuutineiital ll.a.-I au.', taken to I
gay or Smith will ottoially extend to tboa me
free.loni ul Hie t ty. I hey Will be nbOWH bil tlie p OOM
of mirrool, mill .inti tbe evening performano* at tba
t -.( Opera H.oise. an,l alli 1m I.ami neted
art- r t en tain i rope ny ibo Uiiternian Booiety. Oo
I ? . ? -a takei .. a Ku
'1 bey will :??? 'en lie 1 a banu mt at lie.OjOUl ut J p. m. ,
ba i ? ??? bo roasted.
i rober* va
t aaa tbs dav arbon tin- wear:n? ot
v ? . t<> be ?
u mel tit* enemy and ta
...-I anc all the
ari, ?? "ii fe door wu
? t
Strill-J, de... lided ll"
- ll lt of ? -
all A
t?? n tn-- arl
i . in wi
rt uni n ? -
ju hour i" ? ?
v , . r wa* .ir.w n willi m.. ?
r ?? .? f tb.
l ear lt wa* tt one vlei
? - , ?
Uh II ( 1) A VA I g OR BIS ?\ E.
. K neill ..( !?0 '.<?? K.l-t Fifth St.. lil tie
I .. ...
r. Hbo
.- nanto! to Uta defendant in
- ..
. . ri Were boru.
. kl.T . a r. .
a Ita cl area ? Ui bri partmta. soil, iteoomlng In
I. a y.iiiLL- (jirl, be oaerV
... k io .s. *\ntk w tl.
or 'in;., 'oi Moona
a* id 11 e ??
? Hom! ly nhl
" ?? 0 iOtTJ -ie .;.,;
and ...ii maki
..???nt fut .n losorun i
thai i a:.ol.
/.Ti if tlRO A iB( IL ". TB B BEEWAR '
' re John Deni
City of . ... on ti.i. Mei
toaadlaf* an. ? r,ir as
I ?--,??.
' 7 SO" wael, un.: twaaty
- Iron T .vj.au nar. t:.- ? ?
' .*: 'lerdli ol walt l a w
? lat - I bs ' .i
'? in :. ile* pan* ng oi ??! it
free ir o.
?.??-??? ' 'io U . ? au
? .. i. rogan! t<> it.
* Hoon, arba waa ot . *
I - u tba Kin*, i nuiity PfsaitoaUary t.u
? ? - ' alUt intent lo bill, died UM
rab r .ii ?
? eberto
' on ot tb* (mr. ii look io ? .,.
nail ../ him ni
, leutlti,allon
! : -
? ' , ?
lil ?
'? |ll.OH.
? POA TBE wu.!, wi ST.
A entire
* rn
? rd.n,
| ami til- ebtldrea -
a -....ii Mi
c . an ibo
r ? ? - -ti , :ir> lari I ?? BS ? v I . , ,t..r
n and sloppatlal
?ol even Kl.n tht .. ?, ?; Uie
... ibew letfee IVlltl n.-si.
? Killi.... :
"ti WedaaSasf ha.- ..,.,,,1 ?.. ,i,?i,
{ ;;"J,U" v^:"",'i" ??u"' ?i;"1 *^*- ecc?
., v " ?>'?' M.*. William J Km.a-1 a! aliow) lioiira.
??'? - ? -'.wiiKfoi tm-laat-ixruooiu*;
BBS I TO LOOK K/R a 7(".\;>-J/.i v.
Ki I Mel I.in- tor /.,?-.? h. narke,, of i-t-y , .tv. ? !,?
"?"Treated te abawtonuac bm waa, ? maagbl le bat
J ? rn w*. ir:e,t yeetomaw bonmn In I.t the
"?"?Weet He wno eeaviabaL HeweMem In Manbofe
?".,u,1", ! U, retnrn io a few mmntaa ii. t
t r' uu' " ' ""^. ? ?'" ???? '"" '" ?eawb al n..,, e..r,? ,i
L;"nl ' . -.Lo bis '"ine ami batt cooa itu amuo aftei
BU bte best. Iutl.es. '
B i. hauy tTABTLBE is the etrbbi
a * i ? ieWB,i woman waa found hMMlMlM atTlurty flrat
et ami linM-'wav InMov-mMe la her nnw wm a babi
*"""> ii.tr piuiully Tbe womal, hel.1 tbe child iu a .-arel.*,
"'-T '"';:''"'1 >"?'";""?" ^'-"ts cn.-, hu. wai i
"'?? at.ell. Mre.t Pol I e .-Uti..I, Ot\ t..e ?,iV t..
?win nag paiotyiai aa! ?ii-.u u.c aoeaan *?.? Imui i,.i to'*
cell lt wa* tliscoveretl that the little one w?* rm.-marlon*.
The mother *nd ehll.l Wert, taken to Ihe Nsw York H?*altel.
wt* i.- the , hil.t wu* found io bo dying from siarxatlon. The
-toman Raid thal *lin wa* Nora Week* -, that she livest at Nor
walk. Conn., amt that the t-lnin was lier st-Ten-uinutli* old son
Hii.- was on her way rrom Newark lo Norwalk and multi not
1. ll ?lu re sae had been nor how loug Ihe child hail been wiUi
out loo.'..
John Cro.-liy Brows, pniidont of the Cham?
ber of i omiueroe Charleston Relief Committee, acknowl?
edge* lbs receipt of the following *ubocr1ptloni itnce 3
P m. on Wednesday:
John R Kentle.!- a "ito no
Hackett.Carnart ,t co..'.'.'.'.".'.'.'.'.".".'.. .woo
F.B. walker! s.in ; eottertloos at Pl ?
dmr. ii, Kircnlale, through iti- Rt -
cid "I.." w it f.. u......ri Pheman, Coed
? Oe., M ilinerriiiii- AI. f Pinku*.
Matthew*. Bin ti A lau*!,.lil.mlth ,fc
1 .a.ii Klltbe, t ,,aT(..> ,l i ... J.ilni pullman *
'". I Frank A i ,.., Uuir.k ? Co. au,| %,
? '???'" >a.b. net
I. H.-riili.-itii ,i t ,, .... |.)
pa di Hunt..!
W illiam Mitchell, tr 15 00
e- tt - ? . , ,.,,?
delny -.,-hllll.it .ttl . . 10 00
Al .ii.ni...
I'l. -lously .ukiiimietl-.-l ".".".'"""n"."."**"m.*mOM
T?tal.JCT, HU ot!
Contribution* reporttd at tito l'roduee Exchange:
-* ?' I. ne flOt)
Kiel-.-111.11.1111 - Bakery, u j i ?, . ind's!
W, ? any .-.ul. . .. .-,,
J.J Kell*! ,t I o R W |'.,,,.. | ; N -
m Lawton, 0 ar. Bmltb, Todd <t Ca.i
Ueleni a ca, < uh 2"
K. ft Newall..".\.\ go
i M . i "ii- . '.. '. lo
._1.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.....'...... '. " i'.'ti
Total .$-.1-1
Tue Mechanic* ami Traders' Exchange received the
foiiowim* sulisi-riptluus
i a.id.. ,t Cm .tb. i .m.I.- ,t Kain , ami c. flr-.li.im A Hons.
? sell jot,
w'..-.'ii A M'llluraii. .\ lo
I Will*. I-.. Chamberlain and Jaine* lt. Mal.-v, Mah!!.." 6
P.-.-? .i.ii-i;, reported .. . m
Total .S7M
The nv lowing sutiscrlptio-js wore reported at the Leal
Es:a:e I xshaiure:
'?iitiis -*iiiirU
Alt!,ui ataoon J"ii-s. and htordet ii
A 1-iiicert and musical festival will ne Held in Cliicker
Iiik li* i ..n Monday evening. Mtptemher 17, for ma baa
eat "f Hie Charleston guff-rers. A nu in lier of well
known arture* nave off-reti their *erv|t-es, amt a
i prewramnae el niueti in-erest ia expected. William II.
! Uriirsliy will nianar* tue benefit.
The Mayor of Bridgeport sent s>J,.m?<> to Ch irieston
yesterday, mak" nt: a total of -fe:i.Jfm).
Willard c. H?k, liovernor Aiiiiait'* private *eeratary,
returned from < harlesluu yesterday after an Bboonoo nf
aweak. Mr. Flak welt tu Charleaiun with the 500
telita sent uv Governor Abbett tn tue gtrtekea people
uf Cbarleeton. lie says mat ian quaint ls inadequate to
daeerlbe tue eoadlUon of nie ui.foriunato peopie and
mat the pun.i-hrd repori. .-onvey oiiiy a faint idea of
me act.ia. condition \4 affair*. Mr. K..k lielleves that
tbe greateat daager bow la from jvstiienoe un aaoaaai
o\ Hie |ieupie livia* nut In the tleuls and from inadequate
sanitary regulation*. ile e?iiiuati<? mat tue total luss
will not fall far short of $5,000,000.
PbILADKLPHIA* Sept. 16 (Special .?Thc
CharlOMoa helier committee met at the Mayor's lillico
llllj ami reported the receipt of 941*07379, which
has heen placed al the dtopoaal uf Mayor ( o.irlttnay.
Si wi i,kt. ll. I., Boas. I'L?Mnney l* lowlas in rapiiliy
in aid of Hie sufferer* hy the reeent e..rt -j lobe shoe.*
at charleston. Post ni ai, ter CaggaahaU nae recei ved over
EC* u.
M.iNT'.'MKi'.v, Ali., Sent, lil.?A contribution of the
?o". ? ol Miilfc-omery, auiuuiitint: lo BL 100, was to- lay
lorwardod t" Cbarloatoa. Bam a'.r2refc-aiinif several
hundred more had been seut previously to ibe
eb oro boo.
.-.ni tl'... k, -eui. IR.?Tlie Mboer pt,on* here in aid of
Ihe CbarleetbU sufJeier. have reaoiieil a.must 5-1,......i.
T ?? Tht F iii tor of Th t Tribune.
Mu: 1 BOW iu a recent i?*ue of roar paper a stttrges
. .. av* tim ? iit'iuau oolitniiiutj I cent in aid Ol
Ibt . ...ir e.tu-i sufferers, All vol 1 good, nut I bel i v..
the!.-,ire ai .-a-i 100.000 alon nod women. In tba Km*
pirti .-stale a..-ne .vuo touid easily contribute *l tu Hie
eaaoe ami tee ni. tue netter fur hui..,,.' duno .so. i.;,
eioeod i. enan Ind SI Bo. 1.
ll ti/'-l'/.-/;, -rpi. i:.. 1300.
I ii. i ii. 11 r. Si-1it. lt).? rheatorm thii afternoon
exteadod over mint of Bontheaotern monigan, belan
-pe. 1 .Hy *ev re at Howell, where ono man wa* Ul.len
Bad moen property damaged. Itepurt.s aro tint' it ir.'u
p irt uf Hi- town ll '>?? -n d< ttrOVOd.
ULKVUjU D, Sept .?!. ? Iii- Wooten Union Company
reports a sever.- wind siurui i.eiw :i Toledo ami Do
trott. 1 li- wires to ( luca.*.) au.'. I> -trnit wero down.
o i tueago kara boon restored but Deimii is *H.t
cai . .1.
? HI io", ?se'.i. ld.?A special pull',Uhe.l here says:
?- a len::! v. , ral ->i"r u, wbiob paned Ol
Olanapolis Ibis afternoon pi ived di.a* lillis weal ut
l iel i au apo i- a id ? 11 .-..in: tani a i ir^e aaal on ol llilnoia
Hie tim ioI >i .. lei i o... i..., li reptinod to have Deon
partially deetroyed md a nnmber of live* are sail to
h. v.- ne -n loot, i ie report of tba dtsaatar ba* ii
i. aa lt ia Iinpooilblo tu -fol ajiheuiic new* at mis
lsi'UMi'.ns. Sept. 16. ?\ dispatch from Terre Haute
say* that at ll'Jo to-day a tornado straob H.at cur
< omlut; from tbe soamwesl Fur lift, cu mii.ulei Hie
ti nd hew n bnrrleaae, Blltag ibe au- with missiles.
The Storm Waa conliued lo t.,e cnti... portion ol .lie
Olly. Momo] artte build Ogs wen unroofed.
The new crnieer Atlanta ii ljing .u the Navy
Tnrd under order- to I'.rn oed io ->-,i in s.-arcu of a Iturtu.
She was espaotad to sall yesterday nut did nut ten. Bbl
wi . pi ibably sail to-day, Tba Secretary of me Navy'*
deaire i > bava the Atlanta ene malar ?? eu tier woeiiiei **
will pr i a dy ne frail!. i as ih* sinp .-oe* io lao! (or t
? "j ' ape liane: as. mil Will l.e ID" -ec... ri trial I rip ol tlie
. a. On ber Oral trial trip ibero w .? mme trouhie
Will ne il* i..lit:ij taraagb a neal-d j.'UJUa..
~ ? rheertel itweea the Gentle.
?t... ' onUnoed Uni
'"? ??: o - ? ' benr *
i ia i ....:.: of rain. Plaj ??... bi
ll o'clock ti.. Um*wood*baing el the lal fur thou
lamni L. ilan-u.-.a *iid J. ?>. Babbard (aced tn.
bnwlin! of i.....er aud tormer
Mas L"? ed by CoUrell t"i eoe ran.
H. P Mc Kt a runs ?? r>
t ? n 'iiade n. t,.re i! ,? : waa toben, ha
.. .
. -. Bilbf lol loweri ll ali
harri eu.ult . \ thia point lb rain eau* dowe in
'..i ron! - . ? , '.. u.e store at
eigLteei. io! '.lt I WlcktUduwn.
., v , nena. IS?A tim- rain teat evening laid Ute
teat lor tadaj'? racea and mad* ;..? :... I '.. .
uni aiu-mUiii e n".?l.
rirei ra > - i -olio, .">.m> yard* i eel
Tai Oalhatei WU. nnlllvnn 17. WarrTniI - ll \i ..r
nnittoi, nola* av iu Itu- 1> ad aud reu.a.iie.l Ibor* lo Hi- fin.sn
lat'.aitit-rt-r Leal vi ai S.^u a l-. k tor place, Tba*
beooad r.e. -*tln* (Hrloafi ?? ? I if Pools
-em.ti 130, l.uan 133, bin elm SIS Bob
-wini ".a nt a teaartb Pa - n front
u: J .in Bi i
Third it- 1 . mil? Pools Urgent $4
HifltOialil * " Bel.1 SHS. K.i.k Robin won l?j a hoad, Poaba
?.-. oiid. Mu.,..: I a
Fourth ran- 1 1 ll tull?, pur** I I .-v. ir
. . i ?
s>- p* la Ironl
ol II t.i.ni- i-'u i ima ? 1 Si,
Kum race i if a mile; pnrae 1250 (..rt-..
ohls - mu lit, Mahoney 110, ( |
? nvetopad them all. I om bi Into th* stretch .!
ii.-iv i r.u ? until wltbm I ? Ihe win where
liol out anil won by .. bali leu k th, ban burn --
i ind third l hi i Ult i ol - eght i upi* ed .....
ind l..idv Mai. ? olonel . lark
?:,.: ii ,. ml decided to give IUegbeny Uti]
Iuij?-1 "it v
1/ ii vu!. i,u!<ieu? tpor(4,H4 Ltul.ifi faur.'
i>oi s sc ria ya v hm rr IO Fionr \
er joi.n L Bnlltvaa n-.r Pmak Eeerld st.ir
innlit bj the 0 o. lot k Hain on tin- l'.nusvlvai, .. .,
Pittsburg ne oi
? --pin- a: blxtb-ava, and Tbbty eecaad et,,
hour tor n.e ri> pnrtan el Un i>
Bear Just a* ">'-'!" afallahaa, Beartd'i m
io io see that Balllvna was
I i hailee to win 'hamp ol
(,n Hntm .??: boy beaded " Pal' baaed; I
low'.nc ti.-pal' ii
* Do nat bnng on Sollfvnn t.n yon in-ir from nm
.t the rink, fcti-rj tlnuit ell
mnUoa fell on a!L Malla.ian b-ir
.i lIligloaOTe, wann M Ml llearl.l, ami
?,. Die * io a refuter thal m bia opln on -
? i " ol Hi- " N.e. "."ii craahei ' as Ile*
:. " dot in't tvani to
.nk Two iteuUetnen uni myself want I.
,?,, um) ? h.nth-i.. uni took up the glove* nulli.
, ,:l ..on I-. ? BuIlH an ll . . Bg an
lort* ol bl iff* about going into a nunn .ml t.^-1 tin- Rea
? .. had ht* . .'.au,.- ...... i. anxious
lu bare b u toke five mon, go will ut to a i.n and
lin-. nam..."! ad nothing to *aj hut fal -;
th. v preferred ipublic Blatch In Ptttaburir. Sheedy is v-ry
h. n't and ; , knoa I.moo u. let them*
* v^ry onn
ind . . ...... knoa loo
itch wa* received !..'
., :il, bul
..- bi 'ii M.- ' ? latte!, * thai i. Hearli
. ,., i. au.1 t*.".lle :- ? ' " ? "? s Ia-.!
tor Pituburg biulivaa wu! nai\ tt M
. ia ama.
A BOBBI i /.' sid! i ,\ .// MJ r OTT.
Martin a PnOmna, Oh : t
iv. . j. ivy i :n aaeewabenol -a. be ananias ny
o..t-iep- on ll"? ri.sir below that on tthnli be was sleepinc.
le *iuj . 'iri::..!
?.?. ?, ,k ti ? in. ir . \ i Iromawlndow when Fullman hie.1.
mt -ol inn men ni" ? up bl* baad* and niel*.i "My
,imI lin-hoi H'S oom pantoo cau*-hl lum an.! drained
itm to a auiaU boat lying ranwealenUf near, and th. ??
I,eu es. ape A 11 a.l ol bluwl ?tut .lneotei.sl on lae WalU
wuliliK t" H" 0"*l.
.--a -
The Ittely of a neatly ilie.sn.-ri mau. an..ut thirty year* old,
wm j,,mid" m Ma Baot Twaatp BUrd MroM tatty slip yaoMi
lat BMMMJ Mi...!-.. BOM H.- b0|| ?as f.'Ulid. < hal le. W.
A'il.sun.v.li"i*''inp"'V'-<l *l Hu- f.-rrv saw IWOnBMblltaf,Me
?fae. '(naf wm wami * feM *':.n nM v>iis.iu *-*ve Me aiaim
,? i l-oii. .-man t/|,|?lt.apmi'"l one o! Un-tliieve? aud recov
Ml the scarf pin TIM l"i?.il....-!.,, name a* Jamoa
icn.tlev of No f.iol'.'St bllteeatt-el I-aler ui the rt?y
li...-vs" pal waa oaptaitod rh* .el ir.-ou-r wa*
Us*,,.|,l..i!N.i dil-l ta.! Fol t.el li ?! Ihev were re
?'i*? nv ..i.i,'.. btorray. i? Ibo York vuie PoUca i oortyaa
orully afu-inoou, uul.l Mi Ideualy ol Ute M man can bo da
tarmlnetl The body I* prt.bahly that if th* maa wto lomri*.
rrom the deek of th* ferrvhoat oregon, of the Twee tr thin
Street line, on Mouday ubiht. ^^
WiTT.iiT.iws', So pt. IC?As an attraction tt
the Jefferson County Fair, now being held bore, end i
method of advertlslnr tbe wares of venous merchants
eifts consisting of e full weddin? outfit and various arti
clea amounting- in vaiue to f.Mni wcre offered to tm
couple who would be married before tho pabiie on thi
..?rounds, (barlee I. Corry and Carrie B. Clark, of Bled
River, responded, and to-day, on an elevated itan.l. lr
front of a crowd of 10,000 persons, were Joined In mat
rtmuny. The cerenioney took place under an arch o
flower*, from the asntre of which hun* a floral yoke
The hand played the - swedish Wedding March " aa tn*
pair asceuded the pla.form. Tue ceremony was per
formed hy the Rev, Mr. 1 .wnley. of Watertown. I.. P
Flower was one of th? tlrst to conicratulate me bride
Ile cave her a kl**, and to the bridegroom be gav* Hire*
?10 lull*. Tba Hume, Watertown aud Ogrianariur* Hall
1 uiiipaiiy gave the pair a wedding trip to Megan
Fall* and returu.
HiN.,ii\viros, Sept. 16 \Spcciiil .?By tht
bursting uf a steam chest on the engine drawing aa
east-bouud Erie train near L'nlou, at 10:30 a m. to-day,
Fir*min Rober! Farnham, of -.nuthboro'. wa* probably
fatally, and Euginaer Charles ttogers seriously scalded.
Van in iti.. Pepi. l(!i.s";-rri?(i.? The case of F.->.Ca.opbell,
the burglar who wa* caught while attempting to rob tbe
rmst-orrice at Highland Falls, and who was nearly
lynched, having th* ro|te around his neck, has been re?
moved to the United .?Hates Court in New-York, where
he can be sentenced to tl ve Instead of two year*, aa in
the -.tate Courts. Detective Reilly took the prisoner tc
Bern York la day.
The cuurt-inartUl whleh has been In almost dally ses
? Inn at Wfi! runt *inoe Augu?t SB, and was composed
of thirteen oOaeerO, lining oue uf the largest courts ever
ussdtil'p.'t bl Hi" Military Academy, finished Ita latiori
last uighi. and mern is great auxiety in all quarters to
loan the mault. Tb! 00tiri llltaaM to charges of al?
lege! digram Insubordination of eight cadets. The
punishment can be made severe, and expulsion ls un* of
Hie *uiuenct-s that can lie inflicted by the War Depart?
k im;sthv, Sept. 10 1 tmtclmh.?Mwatta Cote, a farmer
of Ulster I'ark, who ha* beau m.?se.: from hi* home since
Tue*.tay morong, has baou found o>ad in the bottom of
a poad near bi* home. An upturned host wa* floating
in the waler. He bad trouble with a neighbor regar ling
the use uf boats un me pond, aruiiud winch holli owned
HUMOR,Seat IO.?To-day the Columbia County Agri?
cultural au 1 Uorticii.iural Association closed the most
?uccets'iil fair it has hold wubin thc twenty-seven years
ol Hs existence.
flTlliril.Onpl 10 In I mil pinning in the United
St..te* Circuit C'uiirt, i.roiiH'Ut uv the .--team Gauge and
I.atuern Company, of R.icbustor, against the C. T. Ham
Manufacturing Company, of the same city, me Han
company ha* heen ti .fi ?-1".'for contempt of ootirt fur
viu.ai.iig au injune.iou order.
Philadelphia, Sept 16.?Tba Philadelphia
and Loading Coal and Iron Cninpiny to-day limed a
new circular of prices for co il tleiivcred lu the harbor
for shipment ami at EliaabatBpart* M. J., making ad?
vances nf lu couts per tou ou bruten, stove aud Chest
tiilt, ani 18 cents per tuu ou egg. The prices of white
asii coal at Tort I'.iehm .nd will be -fl for lump and
sic.uni....t. -fi 'iii fur broken, |3 70 for Od . -
suite; S3 35 fur ebeetnnt nad *?'-' lot pea. Pac 'ree
barning wbiU neb tba rates will ba ?330 for brattan,
. |3 rH) loreto ve, *-.; 35 tor chestnut and --
fir pe,i. Iii- pu es a: l.ii/a .et n pori, N. .1.. fur bald
Willie uah ui |4 lump all! .ieamii.ia:, |3 70
(ur broken, |3 Uti roi e..', ri log stove, ?.J ii lor . . ?> ?
not auu t- J" .ot pea
l I- rmi,. a.-iie t-u.ii eompantea state to-day that tba?
lava boon eompalled to enrtall me ibipta ut* ol i " u ???
eaaao of ibo eeeretiy of oars ??? transport ir. As me re?
sult of tms ihe cupply of iiusu.d anthracite at the
w arve* nf the Heading i ump iuy lu lins city I* I
ton-, and orders an- being roi used fur egg, broken, au J
pea to.il.
*? -e - ?
Rock Isla kp. Ul.. Sept 18.?At a meeting
of tue Army uf lin; rOBBOMOO tail io,.ruing, lt was ie
cnieii to bold ni" n"\t meelina In Detroit na me moo ad
Wedneeda*" nf fleplombor. 1 ifTT Oanaral \*'. T. Bbor
,e president, and a.i lu ? utu-r orii-e;* wero re
1,> ihe RE t ter or I ti r fr i ft w *?.
Bia: Boom doma joan igoaotni Mienttfli men
advanced tu.- Idea thal I 9 an name from aa
underground outlet ol tlie Mediterranean Va. Um
- | heated Lo ita babwrraaoo u paoeage and
retaining ii.- heat, volant! and oorront nioner, tlie At?
lantic ? eroM th.???.ti until it passed tko
i' a-t "i Ireland n ibowtd that plants
growing along the iboraa "f the Mediteraneu Sea wot!
loatingia thoOull Streaa, it tua m-o been
proven that a tnrnonM Inflow of water
Into tin Mediterranean Boa then is not, so far as
known, any oorreeponding mitti..w. Tba aarthquaka
that dealrovad Cbarleeton wno fall In its ext:-'
i Inn lalee, just whet! ti.
terrnai - udatad, A
r arriving ia Sew-Tork reported thal tin iboek
bad Keiii felt on board, although the noa waa per
h-ctlv citiin. ' be og ai it tlie bottom ol the
Donan had neon np and itruei the voomL Maj thii
not ha-..- bean in eroeeing 'in- Quit Stream, the
coming from tba onderenn tgain, thc
iae to ' he seaboard,
beginning in Florida. Tbe Un li stream riaM od tba
Klori.la co.i-i oi near tbe vVeol India Islands, and
? th' ooaetnntl] If croaaoi tbe ocean. Maj not
tin- earthquake have been generated aboal tbe region
ni \ .-r.ii-. iu- mul been earned under tba ocean in tba
lui i Stream ohaonel and discharged ita loree nu
ind ita i icinity ' Th >m*i K. I
( humbi.iiliui-g, /'eau., Sept 1". l--'j.
-?? ?
Io itt t ME ii o '? 0/ /t* l-i 'i a un .
Sir: Through a letter jail receivedfrom
Proleeeei .1. lord Prtoleea, beana! the Peen ty of me
Medica. College ot the -Hate of South Carolin t, located
al Charleston, I b .ve, n a i alu BBO! of that lustitutlon
tad a aati ve of thal c.;>-. men neala*! to in
:s iiehalf and reqQMtOd tu -o.i-it bid fro u the luetlical
ineii of our oouuiry for tue restoealion Of it* banding!
ii. t appllaaoee for laatraetloa, which hare been abate
I me recent e..rllniu*?e. '? I have be?n re
l ie?ted bf ti- fatuity uf tue cullejre," *sy. Dr. I'rloleau.
'? lu writo lo you of the de*;ierato eoadltlO! of its
mlMinga and to a.- you to *n leavot to obtain for us
mine means for Mflallll tht institution. L u*
"r'.unateiy me property will no' hear any *'-ciir!tv, and
;he frieuds who so ?vi.nu-.'iy Wo.i. 1 belp us are a* m.it'll
Brooked -,* uiueiv -*. . . . 11 ts w;,ti regret that we
id to mak* tb li appeal."
Tue winier mmbioii of tin* venera'.le and eminent tn
ill..nun. winch mininer* anion.- ii* teacher*, of tba past
?ania-, ll -ii ry Ine*.un, l-.m-t A.-assii and Ul Ulddiail
ind auton* mute of I ie praOOBI *,uiie of lu-- in *t
irortby men of our pew!oolloo, ibeald begin In a
eon tn. Il a.d ne not rendered li qtueklf. ae wall aa
roaeroaalr. .ts doors uhui n* cio*?.i For tba comma
o-..?on. I will gladi** receive all eoatrlbationa tor rn:.
idriiuse au l ai once forward rn* n to I>r Prto M i.
T OAILI inn lii'itiAs. bf. D.
,\o. ...ni Radium ace., Vite- lurk, sept li, i-bo.
Tc thc BB Uar >?' tht rr ibu hi
Sik: I have read with. Interest the obituary
lOtlM pub.lsiied iu thu day'* Tiiiiii >-t of the late Hr.
: the eicuao glv. u by tbe captain and
lac 'ur m.t burial ol Hie body al sea.
moro miymiii-'in tbeoEeoael Bviry enekooai
..-ry Meamer carrtee a targa quantity ol tea. and
ir M'-'iri li * '.<? ly aouid ' thon
i'm- and unman! borne In perfect aafetf to all on
md delli oreti to bli frit-uis. Ur. .Ion ii W. Ii ttton.oi
tow-Yolk ".- ad at Cl
nun-ht ullin.: fur uuri.il. If steemeulp eompaalei
mi in i li ant arrauaemeai to bi lng borne i ?
,,?.il...? -clio ii..i-ne rora-re.ltli high Oraaaoau
ii,-ii pro', i-i.in aaa n * w
Jerttg City. -ept. "?
Ta thc Rd ti or ct Tht Tr itu nc.
Sir: It is a eight for the Rod of economy,
ad for men. w pas. me Baree OOM any afternoon
boat5:30ead ???e tho delicate featured and niarue.ily
utelleoMal gnatlaMen tu-r* MBpUyad divest lbeb>
elves of th"ir ituinacu ate Canr.i*<overe.l cap*, Imtuc
laieiv ob "iii-r.'in.' tnm t .at t'-tnp.e ,.f pur :y. e. WI
nemm brown paper ?fraeari ban, and walk aatM virtu
oa and happy?m ciiiaoDe' bead lean .Not uar nonie
.? tte Mayflower, ear Uberty, ea.lgbtenlng thoui-b
ta'b* can eau*- me heart of p.tno.i*iu to swell wilta
o iiroud an eiii.tatiun. ?s dael me .i--ut of these orown
?lorr-hatr emo em- uf ide era of refurm.
Xi"'-/.-, ws* ?**? ,,'?A>'I,?
MABjrnra tue ptjblu ka kuwt nrcmLsn.
'o the EStter ?' Tht I "tlnm
Bibi Thiielinganf of tbieTai goingibont the
Ur now alalmtaa tbe, rei - rj and
i.li.iiin* ?iitierni.ii?BS to bav* name* married ...
-it'..-* nv n.t.ut- ......eu;."i?+: one ol tbe enuc nola ap
ir?.-t!.rv --si r'...y but I ran after ti in, ami e. ll
''",;" blt* ul th* i-'i'tv-.- th 1 et l "..rt
i iblnk lb ,
m^uaat tbS- .windier*. I. U. BuMBU.
a-** lum. aepu ia. ?
OTBEOOME HT '/'.i.s.
A .mail "h?P at Nu- USS WlUllB-M h.l* MM IUII|lll
,l.ly bf Ju-.ph?'.im. au Aae?BB, vr H.. make* an: -
Ile ami hi* a-.s...!ant, iiaiiufl HiU-il, WI til to *i. ' P M
day ni*ht m ?room bat k of tlie|nore, a* aaaal, but ..ne
?Ui.-iii*. citleut-vilv i. .'I i.'.*,'** --'ii'iUtf li-.th BM WaM
laMay mtinum wbea oj
,.,li h.. soi. ll or *a? ami w-m for tb. pa.:. break
-,V?i I* ...i. furn .. U Bimel had nut reeovared
i Un ,..'.?- ?l. -rn ti,-.uv Tba moe -rer. labae le ta.
lu!.,. M,r..i -..I* Uoapnal. ? *?? wat thal Uisy bad nu r.la
ree m Mle atty._m_
I^-wl, Bam K Ve? Hr-.in-w.k. ? t.-rman UOurer. aud
mab nt ii IB Ha ?? ? wese wt Hm Bah Mm Army, a** MM
arrested upon complaint of ITannab 5*ged!ey, who came to
jr*w nmn*wtek fr..m the Philadelphia branch of th* army.
Hannah chargae Kern, who I* a married man. with being th*
tallier of her un'-uro child. K-rn ??y* Uiat ht- wa* never alone
with the ftrl in bis life, hut lays the blame upon two olh-r
yonniimen. Kern's wife atv* that some time ??o Haonab
made * confea*itm u. her and BM the name of her betrayer.
citt or cnaniFi?TO*r.
CnABLESTOV, Sept. 16.?There was an earth?
quake (hock yesterday morning about -4 o'clock unac?
companied by any areal rambling or detonation, and
aas only noticed bye few persons. I'oiilbly alllgbt
shook occurred last night, but thi* ls uncertain, as any
vibration caused by passing vehicles or tbe pulling
down of wall* l* ant ti be regarded as camed by an
earthquake. There bas not boen a shock for several
days worth reporting.
The Relief Committee bas Issued over a thousand
forms of application for imltuure in rebuilding or re?
pairing house*. Attention ha* been recently directed to
tbe character of the mortar used, consisting largely of
yellow sand, and the City Council will probably take ac?
tion on the subject to prevent any Euddemlek disasters
in the hurry of rebuilding.
Kx-3enator Pimon Cameron, In a lotter containing
fl.OOO ferr the Relief Fund, says: "I always assooiate
your olty and State with my recollections of your great
statesman. Mr. Calhoun, who occupied *o commanding
a position in the rtenate and before the country at my
first eatriaee upou public Ufo more than forty years
attn. He received m? in the Senate with the greatest of
kim.ness, ami during the remainder of his Ufa I wai
permitted uot only to show wno. others admiration of
bis singular simplicity, elevation aud dignity of charac?
ter, but a,au to exiierlenee a.moat dally mme proof of
bl* personal oon*i.leratlon and renard. Il naturally
fnve* me eteeeare, Montara, to ***uoiat* my recoi
action* of him with th:* contribution toward tbe relief
of tue eitlien* of th* State he loved ?o well."
fbo fuua for relief now amount* to -J30D.11-J.
Huston, Sept 16 (Special .?A lew days apo
a seedy individual who was given tho title of "Cuuut
Litton," - a* tent to Jail for two mouth* for swindling.
Inquiry set on foot by Ja- Herald reveals the fact that
he I* a descendent of an ancient Irish family. His right
name ls Wt*wart Latablere Litton, and te 1* tho ion of
the late Rijnt Hon. Kdward Litton, of (ilabnerln Home,
JJutilm, Matter In Chancery In Ireland. The family or
Luton, established in Ireland fur abo*! two centuries,
descends from a branch of Hie Litton*, of Litton in
{??-riiyiiiir*. from whom alee deaoend the family of Lord
Lytton, ol Knebworth, liana,
Pbottdbkcb. Sept. 16 Sjpiafai).??Brown Uni?
versity bedail its work for the school year yesterday,
but the ilrst recitations were held to-day. There are
few cnangaa to record lu any direction. The faculty ls
he same aa fur years past, with minor exceptions. The
erudite Harkness still presides over the Qreek classes ;
the be.oved Lincoln, as fur tlite lniraemor:al, leads mo
Latin students; tue ener.-etio Wllllll Instructs Id
French and tier-nan ; autl me other departments are lu
altout the *ame hand* as heretofore, l nero have been
ninety apulloant* for a.lmis., in io IBO cla*s of 1890, and
the (mailman cia** vt Iii donni.e... number mure man
eighty persons. BtOTOB BbMOl ara i-.presented, ainuug
them leia*, Georgia and ,-outb Carolina. A coloretl
atudmt from oue of tuo southern universities uas
entered the junior class.
iht- Qneena Conner Grand Jury yesterday
found au indictment against Mrs. Mary singer for
? .1 er lu tue second degroo. Mr*. BlBgM ls the willow
of Bernard .-si n?r**r, who was found dead li his bed-room
in Balgo Wood ea the morning of August JU, wita bu
he.i.i araebod. Mr.. Btagex wm suspected, but the
Coroner's jury declined to tlx the crime on her. She
strung.y ,;.-!.les mn gttllt. lt ts saut, however, mat de?
tective John Wood, of Pinkerton's agency, wno has been
working on the case, has seen reit evnl.-iic? winch cu i
-.)? convict! Mn. Stager wit! me daataof ber
bulban i. Bb* atti be arralgaed to-day, ami her trial
w i iain piaee in nie < euri of Oyer and Tenciuer,
Wuica meei* at I. mg Uland t fy next month.
ll !,.i'. bag ?'?? !? miim-it to try
I it .un for I bonne! vee, a mei
,. between leptoooataUvea of tba leon dallon! of
mast.-! |at?f BMOOai, master puini'-n,
: ..!? rs and iii.i.f.-r laggaTCt!
ai i,on i* advlaabla to t.ik.- iu Me Btoaaat trouble
between t -? ami Moir men. j,ni..-.
M,..r. a plumber, presided. A propoelUoa erna mada
,.: ti.e raaater bnlUera tat I
iroteol ag Um a th* unjust and >? .
iuds o' tin- mell and to in away a lt! tbe
Baie n . iropoolUon aaa well received end it wai
to i ai! ne-' ' - uni to
' conn :;. ?'? tint 'i en au mijmititiisi sink- take!
Another cuni- .
bent n.-xt w..k.
In I ? meeting of master plumbers WM
Bl J-.iiii r.y-ns sa..', tl..tt tl..- report* of w. .
. -.t en lll.il le. I'.'.'- m...ter
plnmbera proposed to fluht thia matter ont to tlie end now
and eotabUab Ibo pr i boy bad a right, t.. san
hi* trade. Preeldenl ' rimming!, of tbe Brooklyn Baiter
. tba! tba Brooklyn master* man
making preparations for tb* same mable rn lb< r , ty, a
b V .i Harkneee preeldenl
;.!...i, . al..um on Hie
.v.-* Vork maaterstuhobl nm
.n WU bun '-lay.
one "t the men who were reportetl by tbe journeymen
mg acceded to the tteluanil* ul ii"-men. deuietl thal
dune any such thing An a rai
if tilt ??... a.s outrage,! ?
Hie mai ell linlit f..i tbe r:glit
to teat li th.- ii. law flt Tht
.-ii m. bul to
- - ' || - -
.->. oat . ? , ? i iyie, 7.:.,.
I lie ,,, opt rain e du
? -
offeretl to sta) herr to give tba New fork nun
lt i epted. It
made i" get
Ht -".nile of
- i operation l?y Muuday. A number of men
t, tl .ni other li ns which
. ej nu ll li lt . il.a-lu
j .. : ?.inger.
. tied ito bold ont In
. urgi ol non union roan. A number
when tn.- nu u em?
it, 1
niel Board ol Arbitral oaadutrll lay thal .r -later?
al tba talton lad -::..ir. stones :h,
? ? nu mai.ni..- ' a nulli
ber of non anion mea at work ladaaytbat uu.:er u. i
?tarn es alli they in- .ti*' barged.
bs ..; thc Asst ? 'H." rs of Um
a rid al Se : . Ea*
last night mr th.- pu ??? to the
.: fi Pt.-i n of
/.il already *nd nv the
ha twenty-four di*
-.1 The inuiiiii.ti.Hg s M
.... pren?
ti non.li.al.ou.
?i - ? sm I- uni Pity
? ??-.-.mug. Ih.- mom. ut Pl
? u i.-r. " Pal " .aeon wat
. ie bad been ? i
Um gal eal In
?? noun, lng -ermin of
i valni ? to ',.?'
Ming ni", h dr fl nally
: ti, it h. ? .* , - .h. io prove the
[hfi sleeting.
He tl.- ;
\ lorn it
Iii oiid:
A 'term in i flea* . Du th! na
ll lom* of '.:s ,- i
i. . ia Company, a motton te a oura
a ooirrsBEXoa or beptjblicah lbadebb
re ...' lend:: bi e ll lie h ?
rd who la the beet maa te nominate ("r ebatrmaa el I
at.,0 ..( I.. P.
Morton ba J um ihei baa been ne aflort ma
- ? ?
?ti i-i, the place. W. W. Aator baa teen men
? hal hi* fi lend* wn I
be *houlil iM-t-nmr a candidate lui the Ha
:n , eat ol . ?? angulai ? ont
Ibe i hallinan :.
it . a e* nut care abwiii .. second tem. Coder
ti..., i ibo Hool n.
would m.tK- in ,i. ? ? .il the van.
. r - i -tr..ii. probablllt)
,: vi.p.
rn. na itnaa - tat CoaamW.
lee, ni'! i har:--* w Beckett, el ilnaaaat Ma BxeeaUveOom.
nutt.-. , '. l-.-v ll.iuse, for th" p-irpose of
nain.og tl" lin..- and pl.t. ?? f,,r t.,'- meeting ot I
b Aagae*. Beean Cole ead Hackett aeroaatboriaed te cali
r tiny tboajrkl boot. Mi wii
. ..le and Ha .rt i onsultatlon, d
? :.'...r al Ul* o...'j HoUM al noon un
A r- - -. ;.tnmtjt*r J.'
-i.tbr -tate i .mill,.:u? a.1 oorned In Angiut, chairman
i* b--*n etartag ?:t:i ...n.:ai Benn a f.. uum at
nantucket Mr Boab ott bee boee In tb* weet,
"t'ate. tiiiihai finn to ai preps any uiiiiiloa ea to i..- sandi
lists in b* naaii il for Tn Igi i -.-Tera.
?I ? had heel: mention -rt .Ult' uti" o( ? flout multi 0*
a. ' I , lanie lo tue lleltUUUt 111 Vt, lerj.it U.L- SUI*.
TheTaBOnaayI omniitt.-e al Twenty four mel but Mendae
ami m.ule .irraiigemi-iiu fjr nt.. .i.,-m.- d?;?? ant*. [lace* (or
.1 ieaal whirii to tiiel del-.*ate* Ut th* var.oil*
nominating convention*. The** will be reportetl to Um Com
nirt-e on t n-anuatnm. wlnel, m??u thu evening. The tjnee
inm oi abetbei areal rammeey Mail will agr-.e tu a umuu
, ..univ Helli..i racv un a candidate fur in.,. Mayoralty
wwi pn.iai.IT r>" iiitltt-at-Ml bv H.* tenn o( the re.oli.linn* t..
M adupte . tauoVi-ula-J. Uue y*ar agu I i.uiuiaiy ? .a. a.. io .*
for a onion, and the Toanty Democracy scornfully refused to
enabler MMMMM. Thi* year th* condttiona are re
T.-rse<t, and th* loanty Democracy now *eek* for a union.
There is a dlvuiou lu Tammany Hail on thia lublect
a man wno has discoverkd the stst-sm or aov
CmcAOO. Sept. 10 (Special).?About fifty
personi. mostly Intelligent women, believe that a man
who avesta Ilolman-eve., In tbe weet di villon of the
etty, U a Messiah come to save tbe world again ana
lr.troduco a new order of living. Hil name ia Arthur
Merion. Ile is a tall, fine-looking man of middle age,
well educateti. and deeply read. He prellxM the title
" doctoi " to hie name, laying that he ls a graduate of
a medical college. He also says tbat he baa been a totor
In Harvard College. Of Merton's previous history little
li known, except that for at leant ten years he had lie*
Lever* m his Messlahship. Many well-known Chicago?
an were once bia disciple*, but they gradually with?
drew irom the fold anti le.'t his worship entirely to the
women, Whs hive stuck to bim through thick and thlo.
como ot Merton's theories are to he round In " Tue Book
uf Life " wbieh he baa published. They appear to be as
ba.-mless aa they are wild and fanciful, they pot for?
ward the Idea that there ls a j lan of government In
Heaven and that Merton has dlecuvered tal* and copied
the*y*ie-a fur appliositon on the earth, when the uew
Jeru,sa.em 1* built here.
Nfwport, Sept. 16 Special).-One of the
prettiest women lu Newport ls Mrs. Jo*epb Foulk J
Stone, of New-York, who has been leen dally on Belle
vue-ave. with her turee young daughter*. Her devo
Hon to her husband, who of lute baa been gradually
falling, was very marked, and was favorably com
mented upon. At an early hour thia morning she dis?
covered that a change for the worse bad taaen place.
Mr. stone told her that he felt faint, and be had no
sooner said this than he expired. Mr. stone resided in
1'aris for nome time, bis father being for many years at
the head of the house of Munroe St Co. He wa* forty
llX yean of ?;., ami was quite wealthy, having pur?
chased the Mgourney Cottage on Believne-ave. about
eighteen months Bara. His funeral wm oceur on .-satur?
day. The death of "Jue Stone," as be wa* familiarly
oalled, baa caai a gloom over a wide oirole of monde.
The death is ail noun ced at Conway, Mass.,
of I.menin Clark. He wa* boru in Hampshire County lu
thai State, went to Virginia lo read law,and to Alabama
to jiraciise lt. In the last-named State he ie rved fora
do/en years as legislator, Attorney-General, aud United
">tatei circuit judge. In l"i" he moved to Dubuque.
Iowa. He waa a ('residential elector on the Pierce and
Kiug ticket iu 1869. and wa* a Democratic Representa?
tive in Congress from Iowa from liol to looJ iXXXIIa
Coa groan),
Roars, Sept. 1 (J.?Cardinal Carmine Gori
Meru*i ls tlead. He was Dom at Hubtaoo, February lu,
lalo, anti wa* uia.le, a Cardinal on November lu, 1-?!.
I'li.i.Ai'KLi-iiiA, -.opt. ie {Special).?Janies A. McC'oinas,
a ran.tout of this city, died at blroudaburg, I'unn., on
Monday, age sixty-nine.
Havana, .-sept, ll.?Tho death lr announced of Ramon
Telea Herrera, the oldest and must popular of the Cuban
DxTBorr*. Mich., Sept. 16*?The following
letter nus i.cen received by Dr. O'Reilly, treasurer of tue
Laud League :
Hook ur Co >i ho ss, August 30, lsvJ.
My 1 ? Dr. O'RKlLLr:
tbe tiriuous pressure which rtas been upon me dur?
ing and *iut:e tbe general eiuctlou has prevent?d me
from sooner acknowledging the receipt uf your cable?
gram of 'he 2-lth ot June, announcing Hie tr in.muston
by you or *. lu.."lit to the trustees of the I'trna netiiary
Fun 1, amt wuich came daly to head. For this very
large remittance I have now to brietly ask you to con?
vey to the contributor* the host thanks of iuy col
leagnei and myself. I uave ai*o read with the greatest
pleasure and interest your further eau egratn of the 'Jd
n.t.. informing tue tbat tue trustees ot the League io
America had recelvod ?5,000 moro for tue I'ai'Ua*
uieutary Fuud. 1 am, yours very tm y,
cuAiu.Ks B, pjuarau.
A letter from Joseph E. Biggar also to Dr. O'Reilly ac?
knowledges the receipt of B8.0OO.
BACttAMUrro, Cal., Sept. ia.?Thc Bm publishes an In?
terview wit! Michael Davitt, who arrived here yester?
day, on the subjec. ol a pamphlet bumed bf th" English
Loyal and 1'atrtouc (Jtuon un " ibo status of the Irish
Tenant-Farruer." .Mr. Davitt says the arguments ad?
vanced In the pamphlet are utterly misleading and tend
to create a mtscoucepttou In the minds of the American
public. He *ays tbat tue facts and figures which Mr.
Farnell will present v/!i*n he lntmduce*. his bil In tho
House or Cuinmuus 00 Friday next will completely re?
fine the miarepreeentatloni made In tho pamphlet Mr.
Davitt left nen- yesterday fur Munterey, where he will
remain fur a few week*, after which ue contemplate*
making a series of addresses in tu.* Uteta.
YVashibotob, Si-[)t. lt).?Fm- New-England*
local rains, higher, followed by lower temperature.
For Bow-Tori*, iocai rains, cooler wlads generally
io innerly.
Wee F.-nnsylvanA and New-Jersey, fair weather
Boolee, somberly winds shifting lo westerly.
\S.-s ward, eooter, with local rain* near tue Likes, ana
fair tuttle tjhlo Talley, anl beyond the Mississippi.
-? ?.
UivL'h-j Bmuag Night.
I 7 3 19 I Tl I IB JtlMRS I ? - - 010TT ,
-?'SZ.t?. -..-.?Ti --':-.?,?_'_-3
? . | . . ' . ?. ;_i- j
In the dlagr un i continuous wir.t>? line shows the har-.
?a. v:ir...: ons il ion ed al i station in thia
,1-1'.av. I;-. . -
il .a'lurati'in uf the tir iii
Langer lashes repreaent ductuatlou* in te.uperal
?ran by the Uieriuoiuelei ai Huduut* piiai'.ua*iy. Nj. iii
Broadway. _
Ibibcxs OTTICa, Sept 17?1 a. m.?Several local
ilona!, aa weil a* light showers, lu tho Lake region and
luiu Valley, attended tue progress of the north aroota rn
leycoMloa aaMward yesterday iuto ontario. From
t'.rgiiiia to Maine there was more or less riaadtaOM and
Irt-a log rain, too. From Montana and Dakota down the
dinoun Val.ey the coil were extended, lowering the
amperataro 18*ce BO*. A few snowtlakei fell at Fort
uster. Here, th* barometer elowly sank, w:tb O.OT
u.-n of rain, i-lou.tines* until evening, amt then far sine*,
lue temperature ranged between BB* au J 7a*. tua av*
irage iTi'*-", he mg 51*3 higher than the correapoudiDg
lay last year, and 1 -.? nigher luau ou Wednesday.
Ia and near thia etty, today, there wi.; piohab.y be
ai: weather. Broken per hain '>y a iho-ver, and growing
tooler. Ai pie?eut fair weather ls indicated tor .-a'.ui
Uy aud sunday, with a coo.er tendency.
rrcm Tie Pali mci a lurt*.
" I have j wt read, with some bbiiioibiiobI," write- a
orreepoudent. " .. gra* e iloaert] t:un of the attit ide ol
-ord Etaudolph ('liui'i'nil on tho Treaeurj benah, BTa
leotupared with Disraeli "foe ipkinj[4ike immobility.
niui"uiuiloly bf lins cotup.-irw.iu. Loni Randolph ls
i - iverj iTT?irnt anti nari tin-Lari ol'
leaeonafleltl was not It so bappaaa tb! other ni^ht
w.t*j eitting opposite to Hm I'ri-.ieury bonoh for two
IO un . aad 'h.- one tiling whiofa Improeood me above
,U athen aaa tho norvoiiinaaa of tho laadar af iii
louee. He tm!"' iii after dinner ; he sn: down in hi*
md be aliaoel Immediately aaeonaed In* nurui.il
minde Tb! left hand wa* raised to tl e lip* ; tho lult
li.uvt rested npoa the right hand, an.l that hand upon
.1. Tm legen of the loft band w.-re rarj
ci iv. ly employed upon tho Btiataiba, It wae struked,
l wa. twieted at bot! ends, it was s.-i/c.l in the middle
Ad brood ant the adgi ot ll i npper lip toward the
.'t-lh. ,m if thu object we.- IO MM t. Aiitl tins was
lune over ead oret again?not mrnihinloaUr frum tho
gera braa of h.lint, but aith varying degroM of
irreepoading with tlio aervoae tenaionpro*
lured by agitated thought. Tho nublo lortl turns to
be left . to t oolteagne, and the right hand
I.- nf the lett ii c- .it tn. uiri _r the ?aalpula
lon of the muatacho. Attor mbm Biantaa of vigocaaa,
it apparently quita nneonaoiona, levotloa to tin.
i..;, the" nert ois t.-nslon s.t-ms to be rolaied,
..?? 1..Hid is Withdraw! from Ih! face, both bauds are
laaped for a tum', un t thea thu arms arc folded.
Nilli ciaepetl hands Ol bided iirnw, tin- ipontll for the
sing :* Iteteaed to with Miparaat nneoneom, but
1 i* an ae.iiiilt-d ntfli.r (hitit a natural niouolulilv of
eatuie. To be sphinx like, to rciiiind uno of Disraeli,
: ought to t.e the norm il. peraanant aipiol af coun
enaaee. riwa**a the larne, wbaaver is inenj Ibo what*.
laapaaiaB, and it ooah! not to 1>* iuit on limply
leibilit-/ to telling argnmenta
r penoaal r-unurks. Tin- tea*pvra**y nharaatat w wary
...l rninifeat, for whoa the Med for diaplajrmc oal
ui.iii-ss has paaaod, th! unml tam up anothur train
f thought, aaa ...m.' BMfnetfe LndoeaM oporataa ujitm
liat nerve Matre ul* the brain which bringa om- ot tho
ian.ls to iii.- upper lip; ami so tin- proeteedi leribed i*
i-ii.-w.-u ami repeated, aabjeal to eoapenalon aad ia
erraptioa by nay maiden! or bIuiiibjbIbbm whteh
. i a ehangeof thought ar a movement thal
ii vert! th.- I.iml boil Um muetacbe.
While 1 was making these observation*, tlie new
railer w.uj joined by th- .'ep.iietl Umilar Haw. Sir M.
Iioka-Ueaon baa a habit at thc mm kimi cc Lani R.
,l..;i.!iill. In tiiDineiits of binti Milan, lu' tu" applies
di drik .itu lagon to tba twiattag inti twbitag
iiust,n!he. lie hatl tit. MOM! sat down l.y thc snle ot
.ord R. Churchill and entered Into conversation with
din than he ae-mru-d exactly (he eiuue attitude ; and
or icveral minute* the two lender* wore sitting side
w -iii.- in c'.uii.lcuBbi ooafarenao, e.nh nianip.iliiting
he mustache with tlio l.-ft kana, Rut th.-re waa a
narked contra*t between ilium. S.r al. liirk* ll.-sch
lit! not exhiiitt anythta! like thu HM aiuouut of uer*
'"u-iu-ss. In his i-aae there MM*) to be far less con
n-i-tion l.-etween the n;tivemeut* ol the brain aud tho
noviMii,-ni* ot the tingers?or the slow and eaar move
i.-.t* of tue tinders indicated less nervou* irrttatlou.
[ne ?artmonta we'e nut so suggeNtir* of mental
:.-:temeiit acting upon a Soiiiuilva uervuu* svstoin,
.tel the* were not *o involuntary ami p-rsweu'- ta to
..-nay th-inrlut-ii'-e ..t or the mtiaoie* of a peri tea
md perturbed uiiiid Sir M. Hick* Itesivu aiton leta bia
uustaoho alone, hold* bl* li.taal up, and leta you see
na eye t'AuiaUe and hi* tare sulla*, d with a passing
?mile when bq opponent haa made a telling P?*J*?'
twinkle and tho smile meaning that there ii itali
in the argument which will be duly exposed. The i
leaden wen Joined by Lord Oeorire Hamilton, who
the coarse of a abort tune lound himself anoocuDM
mid sought relic/ in hie usu.il way. Ile picked aa
from the floor a fragment or paper and -rlgo-onalF
eel to worn to bunt and tear lt?an operation tb
which he haa aoqulred great nrofleieney bv much
practice on both front benche*. The Treaaury Bench
waa well-flJled before my obecrvation oeaaea, but na
other memlier of the Government betrayed any ngna
of nervousness. Some an phlegmatic, and otbecn
do not affect sphinx-like immobility.".,
Prom Tts London Topltol rime*.
I arri an emotional actor, bat for the life of
me I ean't shed tears, on tbe *taj*e ot od. < 'narlee
Warner's "coolon* outbunt" bas completely dumb?
founded me. I do not think thia la a secret Mr. Warner
?bould keep all to bl-oaelt. I want to suffer in my pro?
fession, and would do anytnlnx to won np reaiutle fool*
tn*, nut try all I may. lt won't come. I can no more casi
myssU au ttrteu* Into the eha-artar t arc rerreeentlmf
than I can fly. lean imagine myself the Individual I
da-let, but Inwardly I always ehuekle and think wuat a
tool the man must bav* heen not to Uko tblrus quietly
and not make a fuss. Perhaps you will say I am no)
actor i w.-i.,l must disagree with yon there, for the publia
have stood me fur seme year*, ami inacaaers rive me a
pretty gund salary, and I am not often out of an engage?
ment. But pile up real aajonv and shed rrueodile 'sara*
Irauuut. If Mr. warner will ouly toil me bow itfa duue*
I for one will be everlastingly grateful to him.
Faithfully youri, Tubal Can*.
Mr. Warner's Interview Interested me very mucb. but t
tniist take eicoptiou to hil answer tu your pieetiun about
weeping real tears wnen he I* playing euioiionat pail*. 1.
slr. navet 'eyed many paru lu my iona etuje career, front
tbe clown in a i?an*ouiiiiie to Hamlet. But, .nth iucli of
a uik-li.. eiuuilunal teuiperatucut, I have never yet beau
ahle to ?ltiittiun tiji a geuutne lear. It mere I* a **>ere|
in renarli to this. I certainly think Mr. Warner suomi
?rive lt tu tue world, aa a ourloalty ot art. I have fro
OBOaily u.'.ve.l a wu.!.e theatre to teen with my symj a
thetii- voice; thc actors witb ino tra the scene bav i wept
copiously, and I can sui*colily assure you, slr, that mina
ha* been literally the univ dry pair of nye* In tbe bouse.
I should not nave troubled you with thia letter, but,
as an *ld actor, I cannot let such a statement pas* with?
out asking.tor more lijjbi ou tht subject.
1 am, truly your*. AM Oli> A . ... /
We are mostly middle agett men ta mr set, ana Dave
?cen sometning of life in Loudon, and otaer ettie* of lha
world, ami In our ic miranee, presumably, think ws know
most things. Well, wo have hail a powerful argument
all tho wt.ek, and it has eulmiaatel In a bet, which lt nea
been dually decided to refer to you tu adjudicate upon.
One side says Mr. Warner eas Joking aud getting al
y.nir Mr. Itbuncl. when he said he cried In reality when
flaying his smolioi.al parts; and tue other side stoutly
maintains that tbe statement ts a perfeetly feasible ore.
I atu not i;oiuc ta ofter an opinion myself, a* I bolt! tba
sukes, 110 a slue, hat we have dcoided lo abide by your
decision, and the sooner voa let me have it the sooner a
heavy responsibility and great wteght wi.l be taken to
my mind, (simply contine yourself to the fact in yo-ir
answer, sir, to avoid my further troubling you. I know
my men, aud they are aa argumentative al eau be.
Our answer is. Yes! Mr. Warner Ibm actually experi?
ence tlie sensation he -tites. Mu have kuown him in tuy
years, and have uo reasou to .|Ui-stlun hi* veracity upon
a so bleat Whleh is -veil kuown to ail who act with lum.
< mr Mr. ttl.uriel ls far too aid a nd to be " got at," and
ls -pute a matcu fur auy uuo ia Ute prufi-asiou or out
of it._ td. T. 1.
je-'OA rh' ? i msw Erccttm,
A telegraph operator lalCBwaakMWM MOttayfcytag te
.ail toW! tu the ii'.?r:urof tn----.it.-,
uiiu-iit was iirisii.il ot. r hy a woman.
Bo waa abaal givtBc np tn I rn operator man*
..t.i.-r bandi tot* | ll slant from tho hr?t ticked ou!
th.- query ?
" H Imi .n heaven'* nam.- do y.m trim' ?
"I waa'l M a-i Browuat Borgville," replied tba M!Iwank>-a
ni m. "Ihaveboeati f .r tbe la-t hil' hom. ?
" l hat l- noih.iii,' aaraa lbs reply. " rbere ls a rsa ag
i - lhere?lui ha* been i ?
lo .et lu i tor !.. ? ? r .... aad au ka.. Bo) siiC'Olud
jet. itu uut get llsevui
emma. Penn.. Sept 16 -A cai i ? ag W;i' .im
Lew la, Joaapb Mullen, aad one Carpenter was su-in-k by a
t: Un on the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore li .11
i.'.i.i at K.-rim-.r. cro*aln*TLa*t aleut and L.-wis wa* killed
and th.- other two tn I an tte
epalredof. Lewis ? : lived la L plaint.
Pond* Extrnt-i foe I' dna Boree, fte. The mai .
tatton, a i
Iglliaut. ISO -' *f*f"* .ali iu.ti.tt lullnKi.
CAXPBBLL-.ROBBB?Al Hie X-wYork Pre?t.yt.rlsa
. horeb, on w.-.tn. s.i.n evening, Septemlier 1". la-Mi, bi ti.-?
Bev. W. W 1 ai b?B.t..i K i ,:up
boll, both uf Maw-York Lily.
All nolie-* of marna iti mutt Ik Uti tnt I mitk fttl MM
ntl aiMraM
OLA UK?In . anw**f, ila.-s., the lion. Liu.'oln (.'lark, aged 3d
. -
CURTIN?Sept.-mher IS, Mary E. II. curtis*, widow ot
li.my r. iiiitiss.
funeral Mrvteee at her Late waldeau, FairtieiiL Conn., on
-.ii.i! : . it j :(.' d'. Look j. ia.
Carrleaee will be a waltina il depot apoa arrival uf tram
leaving t-iraiiu t-.-uiral Ue|Mii ai lla'-aaolL
EMKHsii.V-At Vittoria, ..i.I.ii. ? --vt.-mluT 12,
i .ir'..lue Mel.ia, beloved wife ol H. il. Eu.r-.ou, ol Bow*
i ork.
nr\ii- Rnddenty on Wedm slay, IooMbMm ia, WlBiaa it.
Kind, in tit.- .(.io y.-ar of ins ag.-.
.ni. of TraaslfaratioB, 29th-at,
near oth-ave. (the Rev, Di Boagbton) on beta-day, 1Mb
laat- at loo't lot * a. bl
Prieuds ol the family are Invited to ii.,:..:. r- adeaee, M w.-?i
'.Mill si., a! J a. m.
BAB8HALL?At II i -? rstraw. V. Y? Tuealay Bight, len?
ten! uer 1 l. Mirv 1 Mar* . ,
Marshall, ot Newark Confereu.e.
Fun.-rai service* at ll ireh Friday attef
im .ti.-eiit, ii ? i 17. at. i itu o'clock, and al Roseville M. E.
? ls, at
Belab vee and friends Invited to otb
P1NCH0T tl Milford, Penn., September 13, inf.- T7M
rear ol bel iga. billia C'...-s, wittow of the Lau L'ycUC. Lt.
il it ber Late residence ou '.
Heptember IT, it .1 o', t'xjii p. bl
PI NM KO?At Elisabeth, N. (.. rt: irs.-.v lentoa*
Charlotte Mophlo, wita ut tao laM W, **. Ptaaeo, Lat! . i
v..-.ir or bel mt.
funeral Mtrvtreeal P.-J. Il-1-i. ive., at il.iiO p. ru. -Satur lay.
Burial i'i
BAB DOLPH?Al Orayneee* r.ak.> Oeorce, t
noon, Heptember 14, . I lllnuea, Jean lluatla^toa,
tt ii .,r Henry Flt* Randolph, and dau-fhter uf 15. tv inuit*
locton, >???! . Tn the 24th year .<( tu I .
iunera. tera itt r, Ita Wool lJth
st.. on Friday mOTBlag at lo lo.
itni'i-is-siidiieiii-.. al Boaaoa, M.i-s, September li, Maria,
beloved ?;f.-o- I. aben W. Rope*, ot Urooklyn.
Fa neill -.-iv.t.? at Monson, Friday.
lateral, nt at ttaleaa. Ma.-?
all KIM RD? At Flu-hmz. in I'liu: ? ri-, in tli?
79th yeer ol har earo. Busabolh J, wita ol rhonaaa r
- ,'*j-.i.
Notice ut ru:..-nt: banaatef.
BLAVBB?OK iftanaMf 14, si. cCMmm, mhu
40Ui year.
Relative* ami frtentls of rho famliy ir.? invit.sl Eoatten.1 the
funeral at hil laterealdeniM, BL M- bola* .iv.. ....
Inrtav morn mc, seplemtier ll. al IO >'? look.
i-aii Frai.tusi ti. ' al., and I anaila paper* pla BU
Special Xj..?3
t.l-.teli. l| ....?> \ I ?. .
Efferveseint r.r:ii.?- -.aline purtile* tho biooil. r-srulates tho
I*,***!*. 1,111 ll way ead 57a .Mii-ave. Ti.-. p.-r bettla
Hanltin.oii . -"lesani I ari.el I leaiiina Vt .irk* .. . .tt
Z7tb sr., s. y EatabUabed leal. Carpet* taken rna etona**!
iud relaio. oilers liy mai. ur otherwise promptly attaa-fel :?>.
Kamiri. IIiuni.? A Ilium**.
; 6o Na*sau-*U amt 1J Malden l^aue, BOW'TOCB,
1 sit Au.lruw'*.**.. liullxiru Circus, Eoudou.
J .O
T. tl. *?lewart,
Semi (ur cir, ular._Ultu rt Save.
l'oat "Uj. r Suiiie
[Should he read DAI'-T hy all .uiero?to.l. aa chaiige* u.iv >*?
:ur*i auy Base
LaMan (ur (or.- zn eonntr:.-* nee-1 not he *p*?^l?ily*.t.,.ro*s t*i
rrr-llspateb by any pamouiar steamer, axuepi wieaiti* de
ureii u> wad liiiu.cai.-, ir Baakmcaaaooouoeeeieleecara a ,.
ettaiauut neatolly a.laru*?od ueuic *.ul uy liio hwleal voa
For-.icu nu.ls' >r Hm week ?n t!:i/ leptessber 11 WlB clois
ruolUTLl lu sal oasesi ai luis eaton aa fuiiu *,:
rBIDAY--Atla.av.ta st. p.c!Te-atio,ueioa, per itoaraec
iron Halifax.
SATURDAY?At Ss. m. for Kuru|>c. per ?te*mshlp Em*, via
bouUiiUir'ton and IreaaaB llotten tur Ir.laud and Vtaaaa
mu*i les .urecie.1 i?r hui* ") at j a. m. fur Irt-iaud. per
(Mlunship Belvia, via uueenslowu (letter* tor ' .1
lirtaiu and other Kuro|?-au eouiurie* mud Oe UneMl
?? tim Haula" .. at I a. ui. fur t rance UM \>?r steam*.... J
IjL Vurii. andie, via Havre, ai .'.a, m. (ur -Holland IWeeij
ii. r ateeaaeblp I Lrcaeeua, via tiia*?ow iletters iiiuii oe
,l.r-!?-! "p-ir ' li's?sLs"i: at > a, m. !ur tue >ellieriaii.il
ilir-?:t. [sr sleaiiisiup Kdaiu, via Amsterdam ilett-u-> i. -t
he Hires WI per K.iam "i, ai ?> a. m. lui Buliimiu dire,*,
i.ei 'steamship V> t-*leruia!ut. via Antwerp uelter* aia?|
he tlirt-fle.1 "per vi est,-riilaii<l "). ai lo a. in. fur j'asuai.a,
per aleamship Vrrttintuus. at lila. m. tor Para, Marali.
Lam anti t ?ara. ItrttsU. |>->t steamship Aiilt.ru** Mit a.tu.
I. r leue/ueia ana t urai'iN*, lier *ieaiu.siuu t ara. aa . at 1
a ti. lur Prucr-*?o, Bailie. I..viuic?luu, Pu-rio t .il,.^
liiiauo. Truxlilo amt hov* dui l'uiu, per ateamaUlp Elaa.
tfall*forCninaautl Japan, |>er*teain*hipi'ity of Rio.le Jane.re
(troiu-tau t ran.?.*..?, B*eee bera -t-pieiniier *14 at 7 u. m.
>i.i...,.or A isiraoa. New /.eaiand. Ftan.twich. 1 I 1
bainuau Islau.K per *teaiiishui Mararoa (from san tran.
Olacoi, t-iuae uere -tepleiuuer 'ls al 7 a iu. turon arrival ai
New-lora oi *t.-aiu*li p Ruuiiiii.. alt! Brit.sh mails tor
Australia). Mall* tor tn-.-t.Mi-.lv Island*. r?.r sin;, i
R.ru .rruui *>*u KTsacia o), eloee-Beie Heaie*ab*a tt *i 7
p.m. Mali* lor the Sandwich Islands, ptu aleainsi ?
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by ileanieri rom Key Weat, Vlav, cloaeai Ui, urh.e ail]
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?ail Franni*! u. JMii* fruin th* Keel ern via g oj rina at Isa
KiaieIMO 'U "ie'lay ut *aitiui| of aleatuur* ar-, di*,
Jieuce Ui.. *aniti .a.
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Politic il iMottcca.
A ?*e*-rtnaorth*E\Roi.i.Ki. HKPl'Ri K'ANR or TUC
lit-l Ae-skMrlLV bl.-. lilli T will he bell at M'l<l'\
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IU.I Tbe Hun. MAlll.uN <-H A.M E will ad.ir*Mthe
neetlut. A fall atu-u.lauce i* rt.-t]u?*tod.
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