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fran* tub Rioi:LAiicoiui*isi*o',.oEKT or tub TRtBtysra.j
London. September 14.
These are days when everything is called In
?naation. and nowhere ruore snamly than In thc
House of Commune. That matters ol nigh conse?
quence should be debated, and debated in a radical
eplnt. can surprise nobody- But little things are
looked iDto at times Just as closely. The House
bas been engaged for the last week jr two on what
ls toohnioally known a*. Supply. Supply moans the
Toting of tho money by which the government ol
the oountry te oarrtod 08. The estimates are
prepared In detitll hy eaoh department., and con
oiderea in Committee of the Whole House. The
Ireault le that the whole question of national
expenditure comos under the direct scrutiny of
aach moinber who cares to look into lt.
Ho has two opportunities. Gu the motton tbnt
the Speaker do leave the chair, any member can
move a resolution relevant to the estimates then to
bo uken, ami may call attsntion to any subject
withiu this usually wide range. The Speaker once
ont of tbe ohitir, eaoh member may dlscoss any
Item or move to reduce the amount of any proposed
Tote, This privilege resolves itaslf very often Into
? means of exposing abuses, or generally of raining
?ny question or grievanco relating to that branch
Of tho administration for which monay is aaked. A
?imiiar prluolpla is in foroe In other countries
?which rejoice In a parliamentary government. But
there is. perhaps, none where the representatives of
the people use their prerogative more freely than In
Great Britain.
*}Une unexpected result of thia practice ie that the
discussion on Supply ls often amusing. There has
always boon some mnuiber of the House of
Coma ons with a passion for pry Inn into details, for
ferreting out iniquities, for unearthing Jobs, for
?topping leaks. Ile rn ty be an ec m.inuit, like tho
late Mr. Joseph linne., or a self-appointed watch?
dog of tbe treasury. Uko Mr..Pater Hylands, or a
pian in search of amusement, like Mr. Labouchere.
Iriah members have for soma yean past shown
?much Ingenuity In handling questions of supply.
English aud Scotch Radicals are uow pressing
them hard. There was even a time wbsu tbe
Ohsncellor of thc Exchequer and Leader of the
Home developed .what was then thought an
abnormal activity In these matters?hs and his
three colleagues who then constituted the fourth
Party.7 He ia sometimes reiniudedlofjt now.
Anybody who alts through an erenlnj devoted to
Supply will begin to doubt whether the English
really have much revereuoe left for mere custom or
precedent. Tho most venerable eccentricities ure
ts freely Inquired iuto as the newest Ministerial
Ind iciet.uu. whether English, Scotch or Irish.
Wno bas not heard of Ulster Kin"* of \niie I ..lui
would believe tbat his position could bo an
unstable one t The actual Ulster King of Arms is
Sir IWnard Burke. 1 saw lum In Dublin In the
flesh ; 1 confess with surprise that this amiable
looking gentleman should bo the possessor ot a title
to martial and the author of a work *o magnificent
Bj the Hr ti-ih Peerage. But there aro people Wbe
will make onslaughts on anything, and Ulster
King nf Arms was nut safe from tlie leonaclaetic
ton'-li ot Mr. Cloner. At one foll swoop lie would
Basilisk (Mr Bora.ard ami ,1ns enbotdinntee?-nar, the
very clerk* and BMeaeoajera of the offlee. Mr.
Clancy found abettors in this worn of destruction
Mr. Grill**, Mr. O'liea, and Mr. K-uny u.l said the
?Ace wa* useless.
| liuf worse w.s to como. A weak defence is more
Dangerous than it vigorous attack! and wonk
Indeed waa the defence oiFored by Sir Michael
Hicks-Be nh. The Uluef Secretary for Ireland said
he miiil candidly confess th it he was not able to
eaj.la u the duties of tho otllce. Who askod him to
explain thom* If every tiling that is to exist is to
be explained ami accounted for. wo shall anoodil**
become tho prey of the anarchists. Could not the
Chief Se.-ret iry have ejeoted |*opo ?* whatorer is
lo right "1 That ia the one clear trutlijto which it
behooves a peru exed Munster ot tho Crowe to hold
fast. If he lets go of that, hots lost iudeed. lt
?wai. he said, avery ancient estate and dignity ; ?in
which ha is wraug, for lt date* only from En ward
VI., and nothing ia to tie called ancient in this
kingdom which is not (nore th in 300 rears old. It
related, aad Sir Michael in his smooth, plausible
WOT. to the history of Ireland. So does the potato
rot. lt was part of the court appanage of tho Lord
Lieutenant's office. Be it is, an 1 I myself have soe:)
Ulster King of Airtii beering part in a Viceregal
pageant. He t<>u bel a true chord when he said
it OOghl not le ba abolished while similar offices
are maintained in England anil Scotland. There
W'Hilrl ba a new Irish rriovanco at once.
f- Yet even this did not iiiitliato the wrath of Mr.
Clancy or Mr. 0*Hee. Thee renewed their protests,
and presently Mr. Iligcar and Ur. Towner, arcadei
aaaeo, pined themselves to the Clancy and the
O'lb-a. Sir Burnard Burke ia Ulster King of Arni".
lint there is a rival Riobaj ind in the lield. There is
Mr. <>'Ilart. The world naw knows, ou the
uninpeaelialilo authority of Ol. Tanner, that Mr.
O'llart is a lo irned genealogist, who has written a
book tracing the pedigree of the ({hoon to Mri BOO
An irreverent Honso of Commons laughed-they
Would laugh at anything in that House. But I
know a distinguished American wini would not
laugh at the attribution of Jewish descent toon?
person who holds a cr. it position iu the world.
l)r. Tanner, of (be sam-) jiu in I. apparently, as our
American, innitol that Mr. O'llart wasabetter
man than Sir Bernard Barite, anil if anybody was
to be Ulster King of Arms it ought to be O'Hart
and imt Sir Bernard. 1 (grieve Jto have to add t Lat
the I haimian called Dr. Tanner to order for
lint a new champion appeared in the arena ; n
warrior of sterner temper than Slr Michael Bioko
?"?euell. Hus was Mr. John O'Conuor. Theie are
four O'Connors in the Home and two John
O'Connor* Thia wa Mr. John O'Connor, of Suutn
Tipperary; described in''Dod ".*s a oommereial
agent. A Nationalist, of course. But Nationalist
tkoegh be he. Mr. John O'Connor,, of S-mth
Tip,urary, set his lance in rest against. hts co
*Sati"iialists, and tushed to the defence of U stir
Kiug of Anns. He regarded, tie said, the offlee ns a
relic of old decency in Ireland. Tho Ir.sh people
hadtiot nhendeood nil liking for the oride. pomp
and circumstance of glorious war. Till the.Vi. er?|
was abo lshod (whioblranat say the Irish thou*
selves seem not to des.rei. thia remnant af henldic
?plendor nhould not bo abolished either. Then
Came a iaaH.ll gilla ll el WI I a "By ra.-e," anti) Mr.
John O'Connor, of South Tipperary. *? bj rae. bf
toligion, and by tradition, the. Irn.li people are not
Icinoi rati"', but ansiocratic." Can il he that Mr.
john O'Connor is not in favor of the Irish Re?
public! His eloquence at any rate was convincing
?nough to carry most of his Irish (ellow-rawatara
into tlie Government lobby with bim, nod Ulster
Kui* of Anna erne saved (tot the yean bw a vote of
17a t.? ??(..
His Scotch colleague. Lyon King of Arms, had not
loni* idoie escaped deetroctiol by a majority ol
only ?"_'. On h:ui Mr. Labouchere had led the
force* of disorder. Mi. Bra-l!.iii**li's comrade had
de*, ribed the duties of Lyon King of Anus as con
Basting le Hading pedigrees and arma for those who
lad uo r.k'ht t>? e.tuer. The victims of thia singnlai
p.-is..ti .ne. if wo may believe Mr Lah inehere,
eimiiie lum iel, lajnoraatScotchmen. Tiny ennnol
?wnuntwrona Hr. lawbonchoto'a wu haa nothing
tetter to de rise egainel Lyon King of Anns tl,..ii
the Bspressloa ol bia belie! tbnt, .f ie we:e allowed
lo ll'iuruh, C.ere would soon be a Unicorn Kin*- ol
MrOootgOOaBBaball came to his support with i
protest auuinst voting money for Her Majesty'i
J.miner and Historiographer. f*o did Mr. O'Ilea
who opined tbat tn these flays of advance*
ribotot/raphv Her Majraty could bare no need of i
J.imnor. By a Liui:.er 1 suppose we are to nuder
stand a practitioner in ona. 1 must *uy l am of Mr
lyilca's mind ; not because af phatogHnltM ad
?vanced or otheiwiso, but hecauae the yileen'
patronage of Art is g.ven to the worst art tbat cai
be found. Nobody who Las visited Windsor o
liuekinghaiu Pulaca can bo in doubt on thi
point. Ibe pictures anded during her pres*u
Majesty's reign are mostly horrors. Kail'-re no
lest . (....p.etti waited on the attempt to supp ret
allowances for Queens' I'lates both In Ire'and an
lo Scot,ana. Thobc are supposed to be given fo
the cncouraKetnent?not of racing, oh, dear no.l
of tbe breeding of horses. They produce Loree* t
ha stamp that tobe called a "plater" is the -J
?at of libels upon tbs equine race. Bot lriah and
tch appear to agree that money onght not to be
it out of the country, and the tineen'' Hates are
ed once more.
o was the allowance for the sahry of the private
iplaln to the Lord Lieutenant ol Ireland. Vainly
Dr. Tanner object Sir Michael litoks-Beach
s time was equal to the occasion, and declared a
?ate chaplain to be a necessary adjunct to tho
te and dignity of Her Majesty's representative
Ireland. Nor was lt left to Sir Michael alone to de
id the chaplain and his allowance. His predecessor
the office of Chief Secretary oame to his aid. and
i House eat snape and listened with distrust of
own cate while Mr. John Morley expounded the
?s of the exeroiee ot religion In Dublin Castle.
da eminent Liberal explainod that Lord
icrdeen desired lt to be known that ho had
rived considerable edification from the services
the Chapel Hoy al. These services are conducted
a clergyman of tho Disestablished Church of
uland. 1 had muon else to add, Imt 1 do not
ink lt possible to lind a precedent to this picture
concord between persons so widely parted by
fterences of religions belief. Wo ought indeed
be satisfied when we have onco seen au eminent
?nostio, a devout Scotch Presbyterian, and an
ish Episcopalian lying down together.
coNvnsiKScn or bk ac it ino thic brookiyn
For mora than six mouths the thirty or more
ouaand daily patrons of tho Brooklyn Elevated
lilroad who use tho Bridge have submitted to an
convenience vi Uh remarkably good grace. Day
ter day and ni?*ht after night they have cai el idly
eked tleir various ways down the loni*, dark flight
thirty-five well worn stone steps wlioli conned the
ridge landing on the Brooklyn aide with iiandi-it.,
udged out Into thia thoroughfare and down Waehing
?n-et.. In all kinds of weather, and then toiled pain
illy up another long Hight of thirty-five steps to the
led-Uke sutranoe of the railway. There ls no
lorter, no easier way for any oue. The vaat amount
'energy that Ma'oilaume Journey has caused to be
a*ted, not to m ntlon the aotual Buffering it dully in?
da upon delioate women and apoplectic men, is
moat inoaloulable. Tho fact that lt baa been toler
?od so long ls held by some as an illustration that
ew-York and Brooklyn people are the mint lonij
ifjenns people In the world. Doubtless they are, but
la oertain that there would have brou a great ont
ry made had it not been generally understood that
io Bridge people and tbe railroad company were do
lg their best to solve the problem.
All last winter and througho.it the spring various
Ians wrre discussed In nu earnest manuer. Tnt
Iridge trustees and tho railroad managers would not
ty openly that lt waa In possible to darlao ear tan*
rovemeut, but they teamed tu think that the diilicul
lei furnished an abundant et ohm* for Col ay. The
Strews of the road at last begin to mani feat signs of
opalton oe, Hnnaomna complaints, baaed upon thi*
iuw of thc case, having come to Tin-, i ii nu'Mk othce,
reporter oaliod upon Coiouei Uurtiu, superintendent
f the Bridge, and asked him In regal d te them.
"That matter, " said Mr. Martin, "has been consld
red by ui and tho railroad managers Jointly und
op irately again aad agata. All sorts of suggestions
,nd schemes have boen offaied and examined, but
hus far Dune bas been found that will completely
nive the perplexing pro dem. Ol tho number ol plans
igorod theio were four deemed worth} oi ?onslaera*
ion. First lt was proposed IO build an elevated
Tossing above tho tracks inside the station fruin one
anding to the other. This wculd enable ihe railroad
ia?sent;ora to cross to the railroad entrance without
;omg ouUi'lo or even downstairs, lt waa quickly
leen, however, that this was impracticable. The
itatloo is bobbi tune* so tull of steam and smoke from
:he locomotives that it would be impossible foe one lo
iee at all at such an elevation ns this crossing would
luve to bo built. The second Boheme was to build the
mossing over the tracks and oonneol it with the road
but have it outside the station, on the end toward tho
river, of OSQXne. Hie objection* to this are evident.
During rush hour* tho south landing la almost con?
stantly packed. Supposing one-third of the people,
a fair estimate, wanted to take the railroad. Don't
you sue what a confusion it would mane lor them to
try und get boah to tba oToesiin I lt eoald not bu
done. A thud plan which (-oems more leoaible than
either of these ia to bara the railroadpaaseagere
rem.au in the eura until tin- latter are switched over
un tin! side nett thc 1 allman entrain o.''
a \\ hat are the objections lo this I"
'? Thora an several. In thc aral place it would take
almost aa long togel two tlnrdu ol 'no paseSBgera OUl
a- te empt* tba ears. In raab boors whoa mu mu on a
min tte .iud a hull headway every scoond is precious,
If this pi.in were adopted we should have lo stop
tn uuload on eaoh eide and we have no time to do lt.
Besides, it would take considerable time to educate
passengers up to btavmg ou und getting oil properly.
It co .dd be done wilhoui much trouble in the case of
regular daily travellers, bul tho tTBBBlsnlS would
cause lota of trouble and delay.''
" What is the other plan P
"This 1 think thc mool praetic il of all. It is to loka
away the sn it li aide of the Bridge station and run out
a pl<itlorui 011 brackets the annie sue as the preeeat
lauding. This platform would ot course be co'.end.
I'asengeis going on the railroad would step uu lina
sud go down to tue end of the station towaid tlie river.
rilera a broad etairoaea would be bmli to take them
doom to the promenade which they would cross to
Liku another abort -' . ' '? ?? > lending la (lin railway
station, hven this you seo involves going down aud
climbing stairs, but mci would only be ball aa long
as the presuut mien. 1 tua plan also involves quite
a walk lor the passengers, hut not eo loug or so
ro indabonl a* that which they are now forced to take,
and would be in the direction of the derated station.
lt would also necessitate the removal ol tbe prome?
nade ticket boxes buck to a poiut Ix,) und ibis n nra sing.
but that would not be a gnat mattel. '
Prom 'liza* siftlngt.
Tbelr position ls aaaisetaus io ii.ai ol Johnny F'zzletop,
His motlier pat ii nu lu lae oo.-uer neoau*e lie woui 1 uol
say " fleas*." Aller tie lia i osuu lucre a wbiie she
wauled lo maka Ul ai useful lu r.n .lug au errand.
" i'ou may come out low, Joauny," shu said, in a
lin:* .ike yu "e.
?? Xoi lill you say please, mother," was lae reply of the
lillie boy.
rojfjfre bxpbbibbcb,
ervin Tin CambridgeChroutsis,
"Did you ever iu to ititi circus, lowwj I" asi;ed oue
ama.i boy of another.
'? No," said Tommy , ' mv folks won", lei me. bul lucy
took me out to hear ' -a . ' Joaea preaea."
tr m /Vie Hutton Recur*.
It wat at a i. > ?ji,i.j -eobvui pioolc, where great
quaii: tlc* of Hie rognlaUoB eai.ib.es, i melly appia pies,
bal been brougai nu tue vbudieu io eat. Utile Half
.laue, lp IL. BWaj bail In Ilia hill", was Hine, B8d wuu
Lei uer tuon.er, wno kept ai, *ye on tue cUiid constantly
lo sea mat ber ueLavior was perfect,
lie*-;,i v Mary Jai.e was ooserve 1 '..,?.: ,; luto an
apj'.e plo wllb ber knife; whereupon her uiotber spoke
ujj :
" Mary Jaue beal*,'."
" Wbat, um'a.ul "
" W. bat be yoi a-dolu 1"
" Kati ' p e. u.a'aui..'
" iVaai oe yoi a-eatiu' lt w.th 1"
- Kulla!"
" -*o you be 1 Now what have I to'.d you about estln'
pie with your Knife, M.uy Janel lase mai p.e up lu
your band and ci il a* you'd oaglii io 1 "
* tr'.m Hit ontsese .V?i*?.
JJ Here, boys, stop '.La. ttsatto. "
JJ wa slB'l tl .'Illili.-, mister, we're p'.aylnir politics. ?'
'wbai as yon ineau, luen, uy serelOBl.ta' e.ion otbei
Bbl pul'iiit Bair an.l Kick! na eaeb miler's id us I"
Uli, you ,.r. .-mu au' ma I" ou one ll le iiml w.-'n
leu.u llie otLui Loy* ?0j lin* manu barm j;.y mero il n
tue party I '
erom Tho Boston BeeorA,
Tn one of tba suburban lowustitera Urea a maa wi.
due* ; ashlea- iii lluatou. au t v,Lu, bas a gie ,t i usMoti f?
eulllraupi bevy uui eunice varieties of fiui mi rn
pratt? jnace. lie took partlculaf pains toast a ima
tree of a rare seri of gold.-., r.,,,,., rafiBty, aaa plain-'
ami Dorsed lt wita ladnite soUoltude. By au I by it ko
reidy to boar. It bloeeosaod mst sprint wuu i,,,
prutuaion. bul it nore, mucn io tba disapuuiutassnt or it
owuer, (mt a single | e*.-. li.ut oue pc.,r. .,uW?40r, gM1
to iib m splendid apaclaiea, and was prised lo pruuor lui
lotte raiitj. Thee nat* of me tree mas very anxlou
tbat it abouul mi.me and rljcu.
Hut . e bad a numil boy, I'Larley by name, wbo moke
upon tl;* pear, ua the hoy's lat,mr bu i obeerve I nit
Covetous eyes, hu tlie father laid als bau 1 on tue! bo, '
sho il Uer one day omi saul:
* nea hara. Charier,, doa't you erer plea that near i
yen do I sb.il. p .n ,-u you nosl severely."
'barley promise I fHllliluily that be wouldn't, unu til
farber waited a few dais laager tot tue j ear lo ii.?i
Bot tbe very neil day. whoa ht oame borne, tbe oe*
*A,lS gOI.S. *^
Hu looa his boy sod led hlrn to the tree.
* Dil you plc* tbat j.ear, ( Laney 1 "
* No, sir. truly I dldu't pira lt I "
t"t",Xou d"1"'" An.iwu.it doyoa suppose Become I
* Veu what I "
i*l!~' rii""1'*1' av tbe tree *"?* ftt(> ba Papa. b"t t didi
Tba father looked ui. luto the tree abd law timi tl
atom nf tbe j ear aid: hubs, to its braoeh, Tba boy
K7 XX "u,? U*. ,"*d ?:lu"'Sd Ilia tree abd lulu.,
ait *.?..*?! * l^r-* bmhOfadmoooil tue peat, and ha
eaten lt from ibe atem. Hut be haau't j ic Led lt I
,nr i ki.i ..mm th his tiubuns.
San Fi'A**ti'-co, Sept. 98?The failuro of Julius
min A Co. proves to be ooo of the worst In the
t*rcantllo history of this city. Tue assets will not
more than ono-iifth of the liabilities, and most of
e creditors will be heayy losers. The linn was
edited at mercantile agencies with a capital of
?OO.txjO, yet it failed because $10,0u0 could not bo
isod to pay a note, Queer praotieos oi Julina
autn are coming to Unlit. Here ia a specimen ul
s methods. Ho hold $10,300 of Hank of
alifoinia stock. On the strength of this and
10,000 in collateral he borrowed of the bank
125,000, Tho bank stock which he held he
ihyputlieea.oil with the bank of Sather dr, Co.,
sttinir ?f-l'.'.niM) on it. This operation ho repeated
ith all the bank stock be hold. He had the ad
anta.e In his fltolliao of an excellent business
nutation, and so strone; waa thc conlidence in his
irge wealth that it took several hours to convince
holesaie merchants that he had failed.
This week has seen a number of failures, the
,-orst being that of llottman & Co. for nearly
jiki,OOO, with assets of only half that sum. The
esiilt of these failures will be innch closer inri ati*
ation of local lirms by metcintile agencies. In the
ase of Julius Kaum it ia thom-lit that ho indulged
ii outside speculation*, but there are many ugly
cati.ic" about the failure which demand thorough
The historic Sand Lot ia the scene every Sunday
if a political harangue by Coroner O'Donnell, win)
IM announced himself ns an Independent
andidate for (lovernor on the anti-coolie Issue,
le re*ents the appearance of any other apeakai.
md on Sunday when Denis Kearney drove up in au
.ld wagm and began to speak there was a row nt
?nee. O'Donnell's gang seized Kearney's out tit
ind dragged lt oil the Sand lot, and If the fofasOI
ender nt "un 1'iancisco hoodlums had not jnmped
?tl and (lcd he wonld have received hard usago.
Abont 04,000 worth of contraband opinm was
iiiitiil this week in a parcel of Chinese medicinal
lerbs consigned to a Mongolian linn lu Victoria.
Ibis is a new device of tlie ingenious Celestial to
svado tho heavy duty on his favorite drug.
Many Californians going East now take Ihe
Canadian Pocifie Kailroad, which sells a round
trip ticket good for sixty davs for 0120. This
include* live days' (-teamer travel, with board, to
I'nrt Moody, where cars are taken. The failure to
iruani/.o a passineer association has led to groot
jutting of rites here anning tegular agents, and
there ia a nricpect ibat tho war of six months ago
may be renewed.
Several English representatives of the British
Society fur Ibo PropMOtlon Ol the Oo?nel a.t u
the Jews have been holding forth thia week to
lot al clergymen. Ona of the Englishmen stated
that if i'oorarin 1 the Jews would more than ropey
tlie co*t of preaching the gospel among them. Ile
bod noticed that Jews who became Christ ians were
not so clever i.t money-making as before their
aonaeraion. Ibis seemed to strike th" nosemblt-d
preachers an new, ami ea doubt if it com | be
deni.Misti.itel lo San r*TBOete?0 merchant* there
won d he a large fond raised for the conversion ol
their Jewish rivals in tra le.
Local Methodist cleiirymen bora received in?
formation abet tbe Bot. "Som"' Jones will soon
visit San Francisco.
J, If. Hntehinga, who wa* a member of the first
tourist party that BOOT entered the Yosemite, .ind
who has lived |.>r uearly thirty-live yeais in that
valley, has jual laaued a book conlan.m.g tba record
of Ins experiences with U hi story of the valley ii nd
descriptions of the main nice.-ts of Interest.
Hutching* willi severn! others "located" the
valley as a borooatoad and had a long local Dahl to
enluie their claims. Hutchings now llvea in the
Ciilnu which was tho fust house built iii the valley.
Senator Stanford this week entertained at his
Polo Alto ranch and also at bia reaiilance in tins
city the Hon. und Mis. James Arkell and patty
troin New-York. Tba parts melodee ll. J. Too
Eyck, ol Tnt Albano Journal, ('.uigtes-inaii Weet,
ot Saratoga, and James ll. Manning, hon of Secre?
tary Monning.
Politico, noth local and Sttte. are in a fearful
tangle. I'he Independent portico, comprising
(.lanifer" and inti I in n-se a-social lons, h a vc boen la?
boring in convention all the week, but have brought
forth little. The auli-Cbinose people were bought
UP by the Ileinoi inls iiud could ill makii a Mute
ticket. Thara ia a marked aboenca <>t enthusiasm
in butti of ibo regulai parties, but the Deotoerota
exhibit the more enemy lt is conceded thal, th"
c.iiiii.iiigii waa lieg-.m too early and that peawle will
tie surleited witb a pea c, bea before Noveuilier. Both
panics have limslied their local ticket* audit is
dilfic.ult to aa J which is tho worse. Tho bosses
made their slates aud the d.'leg.iles obeyed outers
and nominated uiea wbo will do otactly who! tbe
hoaaee wont, afostof thews noosiuosa mo chronic
oilii-e sc.-kirs nnoti whom the slime of old jobbery
Ilea thick, lt is reported that an in dependent local
ticket, uiade up ut prominent business men (rom
butb parties whom tne boaseecannot control, will
be made. The outlook is tint hop."lill, however, foi
smashing tho bosses, as they have rneil-oiganucd
mu j hinery.
Tho lending social event of tho week WM au
amateur theatrical entertainment nt tba Alcazar
Theatre, in md of the Kindergarten and Childrea'a
Hospital. There was a erowdoJ house and over
013.OCO was realised. *"Oor Boya" waa tba ploy
of the ev. ti.tig. io which General Hames took a
leading part.
(m TKi.EurtAi'n to un: mter/an.]
Chicaoo, newt 25.?The proportion to widen the
boiimlar.cs of tbe city eo as to include tim Important
suburbs ol Hyde Park, Lake and Lake View, is again
seriously discussed, and it la probable that bcfoie the
taking ol tim next Federal ewoaae uti the aatlyiag
distriots exU'ii'liii4 nearly to tho Hunt* of Cook
County north .uni sooth, ami the Deaplalaes Riror'eej
the west, will be includca within tho city. The linos
slim li separate the towns mentioned from JhlOBgO are
kaiaginary, bot their existence compels the malata*
nance ol four distiuot police Juris'iiotions, taxation
bureaus and legislative boarda, ll the bunn.Innes ol
tbe eily are extended to the extrema line* mentioned,
the eily territory will he eighteen Billet long by eleven
iinies wilie, tfiviug the city a peasant population of
about BOO,OOH.
Thc litigation to prevent the extension ol the cable
eof system to the North llivisioti hus been concluded
in fayor of the mr oompany, the Circuit Court dissolv?
ing the temporary Injunction granted in the ease. The
company is rapidly iirrangtntt for th* change to tho
cable system and. declares that the cable will ho laid
at the rate ol DOO yards each day, Tlie line will ex?
tend through the Lasalle Btrael tann tl, winch will be
handsomely maintained and lighted with electricity,
Hy utilising the tunnel tbe company will be the Brat to
adore pas*eagers sn assurance that they can pass
from one division of tho city to the other without
delny al the river.
Thc political campaign in Cook County has dereloped
bi rerai bousum teetarea, Thc Democratic Bomina*
tin-is iv.re, dictated as usual hy the McDonald-Barriaou
element, and knowing Hut deleat awaited thc ticket
anio* repateble enndidatea nen placed in uom
i!i n nu William Beet, a tobacco merchant, waa named
tor Uberin. Ile declined and Kue Marshal dwi,aa
and Juetiea George Kerstoa ere hamed ka bia place.
i'll, i declined in tura and two gentlemen named lor
County Commissioners followed their lend. This opea
repudiation of the linders of tho partj ills thought,
means tho orerwaelralng ooloo! "t wboerar asa] ba
Barned. lae purpose of th* Labor orgaalaatioas ta
name a full Uekat complicates the situation, lilies*
the uter movement hus a taint ol Bociallsta about it,
it in,iv p-ove lotiuidiible.
Thc, fm nds ol tba condemned Anarchists continue
to make spasmodic cllorls rn their behalf, bot the tool
eontinnea ta ba acparoat laal the foreign-epeaa*
log element?almoel their only support?has arnoch
greater respect foi the law th m before the trial ol tho
lin.muk't culprit*. Tba chief argument urged ta
aare the six fi ? lae aeaHoid ia that tbe r death will
'uni to ba eeteemed ea martyrs, Statee-Attor
ney (ii.iimll repllee thal be has no fe,ir thal tha
American people will canonise bbsbqbIbb aad robbers.
Mi?. H ui u. wi:.. ?t thwabiaJ oonnsol lor tba Anarch*
1*1*. ulm b.-c.no.- BOmOWbal prominent tl uri n n the
trial owing to her sympathy for tho " roda," iaaued a
warning ta tha public this week aotliaing a dreadtul
soi ial WM if tlie Haymarket BaBaaaUM nie biiliL'ed.
Sh.-lia* bean manged magna! moo* charitable en*
terpriaea, bal bm aaeormttoo witb tha dofeodaata ap?
pears io lillie Impressed bat seriously with lbs
desperate aooraga and poipoaea el tba ali w law.
bi eokora,
Three irnportaiit Cboreh BMOmllli - will be In ld ni
tba city during tba nail throe osaka Tba Cniveraaliati
wi,l hold then iiiiiiu,il eos rent ion next Tuesday anil
Wednesday iii* trloaninl eonrentioaol tho Piotee
tani Kpiacopal Church will begin Ootohoi 8, sui tin
ial Naito:,a; Oooaatl ot the ( ingregationalisti
wfll bo hen! r**ginatB| Oetwhai 13
I ?ita at Mc v-.cker's TheotN baa bean tbs reignini
amnaamant attraadoa ot tba week aaa ha* drawl
very UrBa auuiei.oe. ibroughoul The MoCaall Open
c.m^any baa beea at the L'hleago Opera Rouse it
- lion tVsar" sn'. will present - ru Crewing Rea '
next week Bdwit Ilnoth ls to begla s two meeki
eiiiraj-emenl at thia place of ameeemeot BO Oetcbar 1
BL.ltL* mswagamenl w.;i aodaaroi ia tink* it .. brill
li.nl one In al. U.e .letulls. Kat* OaStletOB has bett
presenting her " Craiv Omit" at th* liraml Open
Ilona* and ons ol the M.idlsou Square companies Ua
n presenting ? The Private 8ooretary " at Flooley'i.
i e..uiin opera " l'epita" haa been at tha Columbia,
eph Jedoraon ia to be at MoVioker'a beginning
toner 4.
Bosto***, Sept. WI.? Tho meeting of the I>onton
r Association on Wednesdar for tha purpose of form
| a Harvard Law Bobool Aasoolailou called out a
k'* number of tue (trailuatea anil fermer members ot
i Law folioot. Dai win R. Ware cabed th* meeting
order, and the Hon. George O. Sbattuck waa ohoaen
aim.un. It wai voted that the nsoulatloo give a
mer November 5 next, the dale ot tbe Harvard cels
stion, In A nit lu Hall, st Cambridge. Judge O. ST.
limes, )r., wai announced to be the orator on tha
saaion. Among the well-known lawyera chosen, sa
uimlttce of arrangement! for tho dinner weie K, M.
iras, Jr., Solomon Ltuooln, C. G. Heanian. ot New
irk; Judge R. E. Hombeuer, of 8t. Ixmls; C. J.
mnpurte, of halttmore: Robert T. Lincoln, of Chicago;
iimtt Lawrence, of Lowell; and Sherman Hoar, torty
?e gentlemen paid the necessary feea and become
smbers of tlie aesvlntmn.
The permanent committee of tbo Beeton Museum of
ne Arts School bas Just presented Ita tenth annual re
irt. There have bern over Kll pupils lu tbe sobool tala
ar, gg hoing women, lo consequence of Mr. Cruwn
snield's removal to New-York, Mr. Otto (ii undniaiin
is tukeu entire oharge of the life class. Mr. Robert W.
uiiioiiiia* charge of tbe painting class. The financial
element allowa that tbe receipts were more than
.ii.iiii i. sud there la a balance ot f-300 to ibo nee
?count, ami of S'JfiiO to the sieoial.
The week has benn a gund one for theatres, aa they
ive been Invariably well attended; the audiences hav
g benn aucmentad largely hy the enormous Influx of
ie Odd Pellow visitors,who have niau* tbe week a lively
ie in varion*, ways. Ai the Globe Theatre Mr. Mantell
itb Mr. John W. keller's " Tangled Lives," waa accorded
I Monday nu;bl s warm welcome fi om a full aud
,'1 ri'it.illve house and tbe press has boen almost If not
ute unanimous In commendation of the play and tbe
-ting. Mr. Mantell finds In the leading role a part
lu.lr.il.ly *nlte.i to |,|" peculiar gifts, uni his support
good. The piece la hamlsomely mounted, the sconory
ml apenintioenta t.elug entirely new.
At tue Bostou 1 lumire lue Klralfye' " Around the
.'.u M In Light j lian" bi folly IbBSM the capacity of
nat great Douse, ti.e " Mikado Ila.let " belug tbe *|ieclal
. ii 4 lug oaril. bartley Campbell's new siiecU.iul.tr
rama," Clio," has drown very well at the Holli* Street.
t has been mateually strengthened and improved since
ts run In New-York laal season. Tue oosliimta and
.ellery were very brilliant
Miss Antila Pixley has played " The Helicon's Haugh
ur " al the fark, whale, on Mouday night, sba will ba
iiccneded by Mi*l Heleu Dsuviay willi " Gue of ('ur
uris." At the Museum " Herbet Lu hts" remains so
"'i*n' sn attraction that tbere la no rumor of any
bange ol bill (or weeks lu come.
ibeilaliy matinees at tue lil)ou are becoming very
?"pu ur, i. gc audiences, the stenier pan ladle*, being
resold ut nearly every performance. lt waa feared
hat thc new scale of prices 190 cent" for a good seat!
ron],I tend to draw an lote'lor elass of pair..n*.tun it haa
mt >et 0roved Hie case, any ilhii- tii.m ai tue Munio
lau " Pops** Ol tue sumo principle. Thii work " The
iliiseotte" bpi bren very fairly performed.
An entertain neut ia to be given to-morrow fSumlay)
light ut the Bootoo Tucitre. iiuuu.'ti tbe ktoOtteea o'
faaaser i'..*tcr ..r the iii?-?i*, and Manage* Toajpkli i ol
ne theatre, for the Charleston suflerers. Tim NS
ii.inline Will lntro.luie all Hie principal artists of ilia
ideal Opera Com poa jr. Mr. J. c. Muilaly aud b. 1*.
Slinllny wiil bo musical directors.
Tba last ol ibo promenade oooeorta at the Mu*lc Hall,
which for flfleeii week" have been nu uiitiiterrupK.d
lueeesa, takes place to-night as tho hull is eugaged for
itin-r Durpoeea. Iha oocastoo will be for Mr. Muilaiy's
lenellt, and a large advance sule ot seals, at slightly
morse sod rute*. Insures a lull BOOBS,
The surt.ou sal-of the Br mahony rehearsal concert
-e..".ni tlc Rats drew anent thiee lum Ired linlies ami
licniieii.en to the Hosie Hull Tueedaf morning. The
highest premium offered dnr'tig the llr-t hour was g7 75
foi a sing... -e.ii. The l.iign-tl price j'aid tor-ri J seat*
vi u*i* J I. The fl 3 neats for tim Satur lay night conoerta
were sold Ti.ors lay, when all the desttabls ooee wera
- ? "i .i , -'-1 "'. The *.ii I'l'iiu.-e" to be the must
successful yet ut tlie t*?i iee.
The agent of a patent tire extinguisher was just
.1.."inn an exhlbitioa in Weat st. whoo a TkiBUNB
reporter OBtBO along. Everything had pues.-d off
aUCeCBslollj. TM huge mass ot tinmen from the oil
-o.iked bi inls hud benn promptly subdued by tbe
magical liquid ; the crowd that bivi collected to
witaaaa tba tree show laaeaod aatlaBed i and tbe face
ol the agent was oraathad rn amilea aa ho tuiuod to
leave the smoking results ot Ins work.
u Ho lour exhibitions always terminate so success?
fully 1" the reporter iBqulraa,
**? invariably,-''the flame (.mucher answered In a
haughty and InOlgnaat tone.
"Metet haroany mishaps 1" continued tho ques?
Another scornful reply in tho negative waa Ott the
lip* ot the Bgeai when he happened la recogni/.o tho
Balling ol his interlocutor. With a latish he took tho
reporrer's nrtn as though he had ktio*. n him tor years,
sud together the* started down the strict. " I gussi
you'vs leard something about it," he saul, " so lil tell
you how it all happened. I jot into Glens Fulls one
evening al.out S o'clock. It waa too late to rig up io
show tbe cxtiiiguishei that night, so I went In lora
good time. Theta were two New-York drummers at
the hotel where 1 stopped and, ol oourse, we *oon got
ac'i'iainle.l. When they lound out my busluess they
both declared tba* 'vero going to stay orer ami see my
show next day. I thought they took a gnat deal "I
lateresl in eiamialng my goods, hut attributed it .ill
to their frteadship, which giow Stronger, and stronger
With every bottle of wino.
** 1 had at ranged to i,ivo the exhibition just a little
way li'uiu the hotel. A big crowd was on hand. 1
nave the word to the hoy and tn a moment the big
box mMi its combustible coutuuts was a roaring ni.ns
of ll.inn'. I stood by with hull a doSSB of my tubes in
hand, feeling aa coiilident ns a Prospero tn the power
1 wielded over the llaiuea When the tire had reuched
Its worst 1 stepped lerwara) an.1 throw the contents
ol a I il" upon lb-- blase, lt had uo effect. I em| tied
another but it seemed only to m. ie .-e the flames. 1
tried a third but with uu better ell. nt,. 1 hs crowd
beran to laugh nud Jeer. Angry and alarmed I scat?
tered the .'..melds ol the fun rt li, IM an 1 sixth tubes
on the tire in rapid succession. 'I he only effect they
pioduced was lo make the dames birnie higher. Uv
this time the crowd WM fullly bowling with delight at
my di*'Oiiiliture. I was iii agony. What could lt
lii'euii I 1 grasped my forehead in anguish aad aa I
dui so I assailed a manilla! odor on my h.ind lt wac
that ot keroeaaa The whola hosnies* wa* ole.tr ta me
iu a moment. Those commercial travelling leads had
tapped ny tubes which I had loft lo tho albee and
tilled them with petroleum. Mad 1 Well, I should
eay I wi*! Hoirowmg a club 1 rushed over to tat
hotel, only lo hud that the dru uineis bad just left
tor Albany.''
sour iso Til:: ca sa n.i mosey problem.
? I have Leen carrying tbat quarter until lt oar
claim to he a p.'ckct-uiece," said a school teacher In i
Fourth-era cur, a* the oonductor headed tt back wit)
the "iniplo remark ?* Canada." "I havo offered tts
least once tu every salesman, conductor, ticket-seller
rastailTBBt cashier and news-dealer that 1 have teen li
a in ui' u, and again the oom goes to the bottom ot tn;
pocket. Just you walt till I lake another ' Canada ' "
" 1 solved tbe (mada money problem last year,
remarked her companion, also a teacher In the puhll
BShoola, " ll ivmg decidod to go to Vermont on m
vacation I bogan <*avmg all the Canadian monny tha
OM oliort'd ma. Thus instead ot relining lt. OOrklOj
myself and the offerer tutu a tarot tiear^ I dropped I
Into an Idle purse. Then when the school* olosert an
1 w aa pucking my li mik 1 dropped tho purse, n
longer nile, into my trunk. Huniig Ihe year I hud nee
Beaming!* imuosed upon ia tba exteai oi $3 'Ji."
" li it now il lil you diapOSe ol tb* inmiei I"
?* Why, Vermont bj io in-er Can.uia that oas Ciin pas
all tbo ' Canada*' abe ChOQeoa Hut tho greatest tu
waa to han.I il to tba tolUtaksra, Nearly every briug
ha* a t.ill-giiie and il ie usually kept hv an ececnlri
woman. I would pay nil ihe loll* during the day aa
then have s nettling na with the .Inver at oighi
I is,c.- we e.mic to the saaBS bridge a lull week intel
reatag betweoo tot vistu I 'be g ne wa* down eac
tttne. mil tbe old woman, with bm gr.iv halrdiabei
elle.I and In-r hiiinl" covered with iooitb, oinue cut I'c
ber SIX cent*. (Ino could not Until, 'bal Sba bud bee
making bread all the week, bul why she should inti,ii
erarj traveller that it was baking day, besides givtu
bim a meoMOle on the cooaga wa* a bajetarj ie me.
Prom Thi riiU'iitelplttti Txtnei
Kroiu time tn lime Iud pauUi aaa nc, regaled wit
descriptions of the t'srsuuai cnaruis of Mrs. Ueorge i
j Palimaa. ina wile af tne palaos ear mtllioaaire and tn
quern nf matronly heautiol at all tbs seaside rason
lui* lammer. Attempts to nu.tlyi* ber beauty bav* tn
BSBO <>ver-?ucee*?fui. inn the tram of gorgeous j.riv ii
Ban in win. ii ncr ttiuiiiii a BlsBtS are m*.le as she fl
tram plana ta otana la more tangible sod seaeogneatl
more eu*y tu .li)"cr:be. Ordinal ily the tr*lu lu um la a
Ut temi ran to ali, tue first being tl
arawiaa**room or jitr.or-oar, uvl tor r
?Batten and readtag purposes, lt is - -1 wu
e,isy-< ',?'i* sud lounges, hung with btu* sui gold d*::
ask ei.riains and artistically oarvel bard wood lea
rations. A rusnwoe.l ptaao, a a. n. gan i organ, guitar
vioiiu* ...., taral aooeratiaas prove Mai -.?.? .. r
arlisllc lo her own tastes or mat she rea. SSS tbs veli
of catering to artistic 'astesin elbara. I bs niilng-rno
ear ls earsod and pan*iiet with eu, ia. sieganoe au
stn il. oabineis al .ms sod ara r. .* I witb coatiy et.: .
WBteh seami brigliUr tbrongti tbe cut-glass lours,
?leaping eur, jierfsei in ail Ita appointments, eoim
nan, and In ma rear of ell ia tba aiahla esr dix ila adi
i; "fen ana carriage boreas occupy (be aristocrat
Malla, lee tiaiea wore coufortobl* i ?i, tua humble bi
au.ob falls to lbs lol of tba avs. **o bumau beiag.
bom ak uci'.iuxii.ii.iiiiiKii'nviiiir or thb TKini;*?a. ]
l.'ritt.i", September 10.
Autumn after autumn the same refrain ls he ird i
The Kaiser's list parade"; bat years come and
i leaving him apparently unchanged. It is roar
cil'ius that a nonogenarian slioald review his
-oops, limier a burning, almost tropical snn, with
ie fresh ness, visor and tnterost ot younger years,
he parade, lt ls true, waa shortened owing lo the
tinting soldiers, many of the 23,000 who bad been
mullioned to duty being overcome by tho unusual
eat and carried from the Held. Yet several hours
rere necessary for the men to march by. The
ant "mri parn do " has always been a gala day tn
he metropolis. From earliest dawn the streets are
?stir with living masses; and before tho palace of
he Emperor cager throngs congregate to greet
heir King and witness tho delegated companies
rom the various regimonts bring tlioir ensigns
rom tbe palace hall. The scene on Tempelbofer
ield is gay and enticing. Formerly?even a year
igo?the parado grounds were the trysting olace ol
ill strangers. No request for a carriage ticket was
efused by the genial ex-president of oollce. Herr
,-on Mada!, who la said to have been the only cour?
ier who could brirTg the Emperor to a laugh, and
?/ho. for that very reason, waa rotatned lu offlee
ong after the gout had played havoc with his
Igure and made him a sorry looking Napoleon In
'die saddle. But tho present incumbent, uninflu?
enced by precedent, paid little attention to the letter
? f request, slyiy referring one to the Minister, who,
t was afterward found to one's great chagrin,
reassessed only a Bingle ticket himself. Foreign dig?
nitaries, too, were present in mach smaller number,
?ecrecy being now the law In Prussian tactics.
Die experiment has booti tried 0/ banishing re?
porters from the iiiaticeuviing fields, it being
['lanncd that secrete liavo been betrayed and facts
misrepresented hy the " penny-a-liners " in a way
nut to bo borne. Young o Mice rs are now detailed in
turu to writo the mallei' up, furnishing only audi
inform.lion as will bo harmless; and also servo no
purpose whatever in interesting tbe public. As
a cotise.itionce of these measures, tbe public which
lined tbo parade grounds, formerly coinpo*ed of tbe
labblo and vagabond alono, was this year sprinkled
With a large percentage ol respectability.
Long and loud were the cheers and " (lood morn
inji, Your Majesty !" wlion tho coach aud four en?
tered the Inelooore and drove slowly past tbe click?
ing guns of tbe grenadiers. Nor did it cease when
tbo Emperor had taken his place under the histori?
cal oak tree.totally unprotected.in the open carriage,
ana saluted tho ofSoera as tbey led their r-giments
hy. Even tho Empress, whose ashy-pale lacunae
pitiable to Hoe, was exposed to tue beating rays,
only ii small red parasol warding thom ntl the aged
bend. 1 nave rarely seen even royalty received
with bach enthusiasm as when the family jolted
along the Belle Alliance Strafe homeward bound.
I he beroio-lo-uklDR heir, astr.de a black stallion,
dashed by amid deafening hurrahs; but when the
Emperor appeared, looking fresh ead well despite
ti.e labor Ju*t assesed through, words fail to give an
idea e. tbe ('tiered 'minago. All the thousands from
tho cny and parade grounds, knowing the route,
gathered there and awaited the approach. From
ev ,tv windi.w ol tho many-stoned houses waved
handkerchiefs, and along Hie densely crowded D0>
veiiniii hats dew lo tho air; ladies bowel and
men hallooed themselves Louise. Mulling at tho
Drool of his popularity,ami oarer tiring lu his groot*
inga, tbn Emperor kapi bia hand <>u tbo helmet's
brim and bowed Ins Lead in answer.
Mr. Daly's New-York troupe, I am .surry to say,
(lid not meet with success iu tho German metropo?
lis. Coming as it dbi with the laurels won iii l.ug
l.itid aud Hamburg, where tue population, being
mercantile, U more cosuiouoiitau. tbe deteat was
the hamer to bear. Un tbe brat evening, ow mg
to the tall attend.nice ol' the American colony, tho
Uieatro was well Ulled; but at tlie following 11.T
forniaOCO Bot moro than a (lo/.en rowe of tbe par
qOet weie Liken, and ibo** almost without excep?
tion by Americans, llie remaining days showed
ev. 11 (i.icre.ise I ut tendance, urnd Mr. Haly departed
doubtless mucb mit of pocket by his U.-rliii vent
uro. Vet Ins expect atolls were not otherwise. In
fm t, ins only Inteetion ie presenting bia eompany
tn conservative Berlin was to introduce the authors
whose pieces have been osoi to their uileipieters
on tbo otiior side the Atlantic. No oue knows tbe
Berlin public bettei than Mr. Daly 01 understood
moro thmougtily ita aversion to ti.e American in
art. I he l.uglish language is not well enough un?
derstood In Berlin IO make such au undertaking as
hie profitable, and tbo .American and English col?
onies are not siifllcieiill.v large to make (.orman
attendance immaterial. With Dresden, whither
Mr. Ii..ly dues not g.", it would have been entirely
The series was introduced in most, diplomatic
meaner. Theeoeemble appeared, so to spooky in
' ie; niall null.11111, as is ibo custom witb visiting
loieigii prunes. " A Night Ott " being a translation
of " Der li sub dor Sabiiieriuiien,'' tho good m.ste of
thia choice waa nnatiotediy praised, lint tho crit
1. 1 -tina which weie favorable were condescendingly
ao. and many incited by all egotism that wac
almost boundless, "ll is a duty of international
c..iii tesl'," said ono paper, " to bid the excellent
guests welcome "; and that after a column of iinlitl
eleni remarket. "The programme. e\ eu,'' contin?
ued au.iibcr, " contained much which wounds us
Uermana, Thai the company ibooid cite its aue
cesses In London, and add even that London is in
England, is intolerable to us. That' Der Knob der
Saoitierinn.'ii' is announced aa the ' world renowned
comedy ' liuds.its analogy with usonly in the cm us.
The musical accompaniment was unbearable. 'Hie
dialogue ls often too tedious, and the translation
endeavors to attain too climatic etleots. All this,
however, we ibooid regard a* mistakes only on our
home stage, but with our guests must regard them
as nomi I ian lies of their country. A'e have no ngut
to loree our own babita and customs upon them ;
on the contrary, we should be glad to make their
aequaintaooo ' as they are,' i be artists are rich in
humor. Le sis, who gave tne Professor, cliaracter
i/.e-i excellently aud sliarpiy ; old Mrs. Gilbert ia
vrv tonal , and Miss Aila Italian, tho naive, plays
with tuiich grace, allowing herself now and then,
to be sure, the privileges of a spoiled public tavor
ite." lhere was much such ? criticism," loo insipid
for reproduction ; and another writer ended with
the reinaik : " We feel that tbe Berlin public will
forego tbe pleasure of applauding ' Love ou
Clutch*!,' and leave, grudgcless, tbo entire delight
to tho American colony."
There wari a scene of tuc liveliest kind early
one inorunie recently dowo near tue fool of hast
I'wouty-sixib-st. Tao broad low steps of a square four
story tiriok building, wu iso door bad just swung opsn
i:.n ar l.>, w.-i'.i paci ? t iud j 1 ii unii wita an excited
row I of > 0 1. i ..mu, 11 m. of timm wuu broken bats,
toni olotbos aui ea {er faoee, all puibiug and gesticulat?
ing, willie fr 1 n below a howling mm that tilled tbe
Mdewalkl and u.iif tao street for dity feet in bom direo
nous, o.iuie pressing up in a solid miss, struggling for
plaoct, but laouutig oncuurageiBiut to tu use
wno were io far aneed of tuarn lo
ma rice for tba half-open hallway. Oue
might have thought that a consignment ot sixty days'
men Just f rou tho UlaokwoU'a Island pier nsar by was
storming tue Hrs: free unca counter they co il 1 sal meir
eyea on, so lawloit aud ilssperat* was tua assail,I on the
mg rei 1.: i.u,-. Uni tue mg rel BOlMtOg was lbs Mst
leal liepartmetit of Hie University of itio City of New
York, aud ibn atoruilug party waimate up of the 1 >>
or more medioal stu leuis wno Had oume early to gel
Cool seats si tue first lecture of lae new tesslou.
Why medical students ? 1 . 1 1 bo so muon more anxious
than o'li-r sorts of stu louis to Bold front seat* bas
never yet baeu explained completely. Kt inn Bellevue
Bespttal ieuool, tu faot, sal at tu? OetlegOOl Puysicietii
soi i.ir_'i...iu the pr.i.-i.o * ts for on* io laka nts teat ea-ih
?uccesuve leoture wuerehe plestsi. B it at tlieunlveriltr
tbe niue seal 'ci li. as il ware, toronga tue leasoa, and
tba mau wbo gets 10 tba (rout row ou toe tirol d iy is as
wuouof a college Uero tiiere-if ter as fm str ni -e-t kicker
or Hie Heaviest butter ou a high elBSI university team.
Tlie medical sou 1 j. was booked io ope 1 inls year ou Sea*
teiuber 15, aui uefore Jayligut ol mat iu n'liiu,' a lutu
or two student* line 1 up oa tue * 1 ? w 1 1 uefore IL Tnsy
ned prudently put ou meir w irst oiof ie? aa I wars usia
thal ere BtOBOOtf- uow fae fOSOtOO IO Aluna. Ono Ot
Uc 11 n.i 1 urougtii aloug a carno-aiooi and tue ran waite I
sway tan f me ny trying io Bxelte tue owner take lurnt
with tuen a luxury. By dawn lhere wa* a lively orowd
on tbe ground. I'ney, too. BOd on oioihaa for roi.m.ag
it. By tin inna a nuiirsd bad arrlvsi, e orowd of
w.linen and noys was airaug ainag lue Bil.eyas Kal?
pini fence an 1 a few aarly-rliuir tova.id p.itien'.t even
ventured Borun baunat to sss me fun.
Tne in ni kout c.amur, ag for 1.19 doora to open out tne
puiietiiious Janitor wa* fire until ids lan moiusut. l'ns
doors OaN uub.irr* I ila idly ai 1 ra et io::y two miOOlM
the last nu lum waa iu ms .act iro-ro un in Un 1... rna
stiool without wi* nrewu wno r.iu'ni.i. Uowavar.
Tne oamp slum had droppst lum tim <utiar winn tua
raak wai al tm ketgei and * niter of ri.li* 1 1 > wera and
Brohea stioks aad smeretias ooeeeod tao greond. * foo
. * . i.i-.i un.*:, ant BlrsJ ptpor* ,. 1 beau 10*1 la tai
0, ..in ana e email boy was seen ni rn inc tn* miara*
y.1-..ai w,ui wi.-, looked 111,10 11* >? me a letioaod
purte riii insn oo tua front rjw muds Uaw
ever, took Inti* interest tu ali mn. l'hi
woul I not fu- two *)10 linn tiara coins outside again sn
thus liars lon tba Honors, bom nrsteut aod In proipooi
of tb e sucre,sim medical hustler,
liam lu teano sad out ot 11, ludeei. tue arsragi u.sli
?tudint is a coed deal of a hustler, Hs mar wast >
mt seat at Iscturea, sffeot the dleeeetlne-room . J
) deeply toto all tbe ulcettes of anatomy and s9
latmeut of apeoial diaeaaea. But he is often lust SS
?r-Koinc, lively. Balf-Bobemlaa sort of a (silo* Ea
boree-pley lukas an I a barnine desire to ?.. .ri
?rid. to auy up all nicol InditT-rently ter a ,"., .''?
turo room or a tour of the oliy. He moy aajeaal hil
are evenlnga working lo a hospital or acaln 2 aas*S
ooo. But hi* rarlsd experience! ami wm nranin
re bira coolness aud courage, and what lael aaaaak
wever lingering, may we not expect from a ?S
mia patience keept him stsndlnr outside of a i v'TTi
iiigiii I __________^_
Saratoga, Sept. 2r>.?D;iui?l Lockwood, of
iflalo, waa bere at the meeting of tbe Democrats]
tte Committee thia week, and the question wat ra?
wed among politlolana ai to bis ruatlor.i with i'reeU
nt Clsvelsud. lt has hero both reported and denial
at Lockwood and the I'rsil lent are out. The indies.
ms are all of aa a .lrt'atlvo nature, but Mr. Lock wood
S reticent man on this subteot au 1 if ba fa*.s ag.
: ved he will oevor aay io In public. I n-a t,..,j jj.,!
i haa sufficient wosltb to make him liidlOorent t<i tao
'eildeuft favor and t mt he gained ail the political
mors that he cares aboil by lila service in OsOjjeaaajL
ls wealth haa cone to him by marriage His wife
as Miss Brown, wbo a ss a daughter ot a ar ge furniture
anufaoturer tn BuBalo. Mr. Lockwood was a jool
an when he mariloU Min Br<iwn. tier father ron*
ived a worm admiration for bli son-in-law ant whoa
i iii" l.i.'.iviug an estate of |t.OuO.ODO, be gave a te i rth
it ti Lockwood, another fourth io hu daugbter, and
e two other unlllous to the test nf his family, charging
r. Lock wool with the care of tbe genarel investments.
I* busmen enough for one man and Mr. Lockwood's
illtka ls merely his pastime. It ls a "urloua coincidence
.it he abould have put Cleveland's name lu nomi*
itton for **tiertfl, for Mayor, for Goveroor.aod for I'real
;ut If Mr. Cleveland ta (sally desirous of a second
rm, lt will be necessary for him to make peace wuk
r. I,ook wood, tor tue political wlseaerei would never
'Here ll ponlble for Mr. Cleteiaud to succeed in a
coud election If his na.ne weis presented to the
invention by toy one else than Lookwood.
Writing ot Mr. Lockwood reminds me of a atory I
jard hereof a ."Uer written to President Cleveland bf
wold law partner. Wllaou Shannon liiesetl, oloknaiaed
y tbe politicians " Baby " Hi snell. Tne loiter waa one
iiiiniendlug tne President for tbe bold stani taken la
rderlng tbe cattlemen to vacate tbe reservation of the
ndlan Territory. Mr. Pissen concluded nts letter br
tying: " 1 understand that your letter on tba oat Me
uest'on waa originally written tn Latin; hine, illa
ichri/m/r. (Heuee tiiese ateersli" T'ie President ls
lld to have regarded this as the best ;Oko ot his Admin
With the President's return to Washington the roliM*
ians here are discussing the BteooOttlttM el Cabinet
nan'es. Pew believe tbat the Cabinet will hold to?
other through the entire Admin'.strttlo i. It seen ste
e thought tbat Mr. (lari nd ls the we.sk sister who will
rup out first, but there ts also some discussion about
Ir. Bayard. The Delaware statesman ts generally
on .Mere I the one great failure ot Hie Clevelan 1 A.l
ir.i i-trallon. A prominent Wuihlngion man wini ts a
lose sbieiver of National politics s ila IO me te def tli.it
dr. ll ivar i wo tM have retired from tao Ca'.luet some
IBM a-'o if be was certain ta.it he WoOl I retain lils aM
mia in Delaware so tbat he o ml l g'< back to the senate,
'euator Gray ia tiopular In Del.iwn ? sod aaa tWOOrOd a
told winch would enable him to tatala tho i-Jamitorahlp
iven against Bayard. Biyar.t is sall to h sro beoouil
loured, surly and cross grained by his disuiipointments
n ollloe. Ho flies lu a race on tbe slightest j,rovo, a: na
iii'l seems tu feel tnat every.oly is cri'ielsiug lum ad
rcrsely. Wullo liomin i ly the " I'r-iuiei " of tho Ad?
ministration hs has no l,,flubi:oe ovei ll BOtel le bis owa
leportaieot There ne bas cecil at But em beca .se hs
<tij.ui.ited before accepting the j lace Hut he sbouia be
Tua nomination of " Hiohelluu " hohinsoo, for Cn
gross lu a im-oklya district ls taken koro *? an led leo
tlou thal tbo Uemocrals are tr>lug to gnt back tua
wavering lrl-b vol*. Rollinson was mitk*l In (' 'ii,'ro*B
iur.ug bis former service as a . ??. twister of tbe Hi isl
lion's tall, lucre w.ts uotuing he lovel ?> well a* te
?I,uiiii,lim the c.hiss of Ireland on tbe 0o..r of Din House.
Ile ii.usi be upward ot seventy yous of ago: a till and
heavy man, with great shoulders, a *.rooth-shav*a
leonine taus aud a shook of yellow hair mOOh Ute ilia
in,nu of ibe klug of tho fotest. Ha ls aa deaf as an ad ler
an 1 a i-i thcrefoie proof in Congress against thrusts of
ms ao*reroarleSa aaa wiieu ba got up to inane a aaoeea hs
couid uiako lt w.i.i"-it inlerrupllou. The last time I
saw iilui was al a bau.plot In New- York. Il was a gath
eruig of lii.iuiieu \v uiiu tlie speaking begau lu i il
not half finished his .limier, fir be ls an euonuoiii
esler. He asked nls oeigbbura to inform him ot any
remarks that might be cele that were |i*rso'ial to b rn*
self, saying tnat he want*.! to answer mein, and thea
went ou with his haiiijuet. Al the loeaking went OB
without .tn > opport, linty for atm to participate in tbs
Stator/. I ujtioed a shallow of disappoint.neut and dil*
goal crep. ovor bia face. As tho hours leugtnaue 1 and
he was uot called oil he got up and ijulsuy .eli tbs
Congressman 0. C. B. Wsliier. the uaw cn..inn in ol
Ibo I'?.nu, i utlo .stain I'oiiui.'iieo, lu.nln ui'icii upmtt bars
du lug tho session of that body. Ha is n great otter,
a na'ui al liiiuiotist of the Abraham Lincoln ty pu. .rlciss
fund of anecdote* ls slmjily Ihuxliituslinlo alii I use
proclivity for atory lulling ls p-ipe.ual. His sort,
rotund tl-i'c and uultirown face, the litter wreaiuel
In smiles, are knowutoall poiituciins Wuo.i pin-nped
In one of the big arm cb alis ut fm hotel, ho w is lu v it-la
bly suriounded by eatoooaf laughing admirers. He
spares neither friend or foe lu lils ruu.'h wit, nod the pet*
lliclaus who attempt to measure leuce! with him gener?
ally Hud themselves van pushed. Ono of Mr. Wailer's
stories willoh ue tolls to illustrate the frailty of petite*
cul rr.uni".)" la nu,cn a friend of his wno ran for Jus?
tice or tue Peace lu Corning, or In tbat vicinity. Ii
Bourns rii.it mn candidate Bad never ha 1 any oX|.enc;.c i
In politics and wiieu he Begee bis canvass Mc this ollie*
lie went about amotig his neigbhois solicit!:;* theil
safpote, Whouever he was preoahastoaeeere all he
(rmuptly put the nama dowu lu a canvassing seek.
When tbe bailits were oouuted te reeetved loot tere
votes, bia own sud his sou's, tn lils booti lto0000BM<
were recorded. The politicians jhaitol bim shout thu
colleolion ot names, when tbe old fellow turned on ti.em
and replied: * I would not let thal hoi < ko for al. the
money iu the United Stales lt ls a ieoord of ail ti.e
liars iu thia lo wu. I ebal! pass lt In to .-si. ;>?... ou int
way into Heaveu and let bun use lt as o chees OOOft U
st ip the slDuer.s from passing through ibe gatos."
' asked Mr. Walker aboJt tho gooers! dnft af i-olitio.
ani found that like many other Democrats lu ibo aaasOj
be t* possossod of lao Idea thal they a ive a ahaaeeeC
carrying the Le,'lslatuio. 1't.e basis of tb.ii BOMB S
what wa" once known as tbo Stalwart vate. TBO/dO>
cla*e t ii.it a Repalillesn aeeeodeoey weal u.e ru
election ot Warner Miller aud th*t there is. In foci, no
eau udale against lum vboae cauilid..e> ia af any li.i
poruuoe. The old Ma.w iris, toe* sef, ooitid rstOet
anea Demooratlc l.egislatme than see (Dc nin, ?..(
siioi-eeded UnsCoe Conkilng returned fer n se.id tenn.
Mr. Walker la as much a Hill man aa John o'Brieu.
Prom tueCnoUUmUSJUSMt
Thin item of proprititoreiiip in the hunte
should be ihared ny each meuiner of tue household lt
he ls a wormy member luis proprietorship ls tu*'Will.
Pei heps here, lu order to avoid any punsilulll) of heme
misunderstood, I should drop ihe generic lena ano
wilie i" wu I un species 1 have lu un lui. Pur I m-*.. ii
here tu euip -a-: - lue si.e as Well a* ihe he. Ilma iu
Him home, w nen-ver else a diaprcBOS I* mile, i, ie
aiiould bu uoiie. fae mau an.I woiuan, tba boy amt IBO
girl, should make eeoal demand and receive e.|,i.il
concetaiou. ruo a *ter should, in som.i practical ? ay,
liave inn stock share iu Hie nome alike with the beaner.
Up lo that time when tho old home I* etch n,.?.l foi a
uaw ono mere "Uoul.l bo eou.etl.liig In it. ii|i. -?'.?? *
each one to whom Ills home eau lal (be i.jud. ?iji"
say ?" inls is iniuii; au I II ls pint of Hie ju oi eil> ?
you wlsu to endear the place you call li.eir h. (ne to
your son. your daughter, your broiler, arfsSST ?*??*,
give them shales ni the capital -lock [hal>t*m will
wor. uoth wa. s. and to Ihe advuniage of ?**> ' ' "s
manor woman, boy or glr., wh.. b**?ii*."1 i.'""'""i
mat is hi. or ncr . .elter. will baie * etmU la be p ace
aul fiat in"de uutuiai pride wm awra to IU bOiieUl. ia
BB tln.se BOO'barlee* lillis lOOBf JOd lugeulou. IBO* b,B
tint transform a boise into a nonie. iwantv Ive
Kiary woui.iu wno j.ass-s toe *.?' ,,r ?w?'"T ""?
Should feel, lu BOeSS ..furce, Ihe na, ons. I lilt.... ah . I
a t. !-..-,.? lan.tan Iii tU* I Itt tU ft Ol UttT I'Mlii tl I
ahouer Tl er- "o-U us?? mature ..eyel;,;?iient wii-is
there ts BCIBO DM MU **si'O..S *U%ll Slid thole eau bs UO
? , ..ld.? uTm ii hunt m lepeu leiioe. I* ueu a woman
haa'aaeeBJ So Trres^eiOlo gtrlhoed of her life, there
lt .,ntlttoa Whies ?? "oiifnbmei to thai dignity without
..I,', ...?n-i? and "I" remain, a human iuvertebtats,
u tho c,m*oi.'US'i*i* of her legal rig.il to bet am .1 .?"
al*2aai . el?oe to rest In. to arow in, te bhia In ; and ..US
wiui-beonnot bf any legal nant or wrong be wrested
fr.m ber l'-ia *ad that maof wemen reams tate aa
ttieir great nocesiity late lu life but lt u be:ier I*:e
?ur uever.
A nonie nature driel not stand Idly by until same stray
a-md of circumstance Shall blew ber for I am minting
o' woman now-liito lome ps*dtl"? wuicti ll lulMDN
and I'scoiutug to har Iheien. ucrhsps, nut one suiie
l:,. sud I'cootuing tate which te.eota the ?o:?*u nuns
irre?|ieottve of the wonano'* seleouou of it. and that lia
imia'iie eui becoming marriage luis is the only ming
in tm. eiiiesr of S Osman whiotl cornel without aeesUe
? ii i aaa not oome taettoaly *ud eeeomiagtl I hy ssshieg
1 *m aware thai thu propoitttou of nilue?iu paning -
HOS open io muon PatllSllalsmi and. tnueeii, I aetuowt*
e,Ue that il may be muon guelitledi hui it ti not nam
argument over ibu point thal I am termitted tocoo
een. ir.ytel! or my reoders tn tue little spooelefuo ttjia
article lt ia tba ooh ti ter pr -poalilos welos its euunsia*
ton serro* lo make mote pilutsd-ltsl sn ihluxt bsjjsbb
are saiteMa sue haoeajdOfl to womaa. ssesotlog ??*}'"
bia au I ?leooming murrUge, oiuat ooms lota set ins *?
an a. hleve ueut return than a happeuiog. .
A waman who morries for a home does not orien soto
borne, ab* get a s aouse aud a uasutud. bul li la nott"
thia way 'bat a nome ia gollan.

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