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^#,*tf ?_# ?>as -Vi ?L.-^V'?^_>^-:^-w^_
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-' __*- EH
OCTOBER 24, 1886.
OOHMMS BBSS wi rnour her mask.
The tantali/ini* canvas mask that hae hld tl
feen of the Goddess of LISSI tv since last Wodue
der was Liken ott foran hour or two yestoroa
afternoon, aa if in compliment to the ihi'imi il
larne crowd of visitors to Bedlow'a Island. Tl
Steamer Jud Field instr-ad of reappearing, i
?was promised, was put through auothei course <
repairs, and the bil, steamer Water Lily took ht
place, to thc gre.U delight of all who have to truvi
often to the statae's out-of-the-way ait<\
The island itself looks fresher and cleaner tliiin
hue tor wooka. The grind stand and the sneaker
platform mild.) tho parapets are all np. Tho ran
parts have buen clear 3d .'ind levelled on the tor
and eidea SBsl sown all over with ("rsSB-aSfM
which shows signs here mid there of beginning t
?prout. The unsightly old boards havo bee
burned and the loose sto ios Bad rubbish from th
Work al! carted back to tho gollies at tho island
western tn.I. The hammering is still kept up o
the right arm and anon Ider-blade of the Goddos:
but practically, the great figure is ready for ur
veiling any tiny.
A bigger mask will be put. over th* face and th
?whole head will bo veiled with Ihe French tiicolo
to-morrow. Ihe mask had taken away soincfhin
of the ligure's finer suggestion and btoken sadly th
delicate arch of the neck and graceful balance o
the head. Yesterday under the warm southern sun
?hine everything wsa at ita happiest, and th
enthusiastic pilgrims from the city kept loiterin
about the fort-walls aid the newly opened pier til
thc last boat backed slowly in tai carry them away
louie I down to its bulwarks, to New York.
Thc flag-ship Tennessee lay all day ofl thc island
but was loineil by no other of tire North Atlanti
Pqsatws* Preparations for the naval parade g
briskly on, however. The Kastern and New-Von
Yacht C nbs have found it impossible to send an
?team y telita for the celebration, moat, if not all, s
the bo .ts having gone ont of commission with th
end of the yachting season. Tho .Seawanhaki
Yacht Club bas promised four steam yachts fo
ThnraJay. Tb?y will sail under the il a** of th
Kew-York Yacht Club in the procession.
The tug-t>oat Livy, of the Msfffa Line, and B fev
othor small boats applied yesterday for places
The Society of Amateur Photographers baa char
Sered a ateamer and will pirade down the rive
with the rest and then set to catching as man*
implosions as possible of the great naval anec
taele. To simplify mattera fur those who wish ti
take part in the procession of craft down the river
the irraiid mardbal has issued the following brie
Tiie liue will form ofl Fany-flfth-st., the steiiniT lylni
Tl.ere, bavi g tb> ri.-lit of the Hue. Tlie others will taki
th ir po+itioTM ?t lue hiing of mi* i-n i 'n- tte toadies
v. sari. i tun secon.i tm Hie stiles will tiru witt
?teebean* ne'tii ale! hoad do en hn river. In oner l<
? void confusion and possible rolilsiou.tbe vessels am her
Iliac aniive ! in ty itfin nt villi anchor In aliernuet lum
and t>ii trier Hue rinse order. Tim rout" will ba Iron
lorty hfili-si. down the tus'eru slile ol tint river chun
rel. around the Hue ol men nf- a.ii.unil up eu the wester)
ai'le of the i haime 1 lint uren the men- >f war ir il lie.I
low', aid Eilis's Ialands. It will ba Inch tide at Qorer
un 'm Isl.in . al to.'H a. m. (New-York lime) ami al
8 :.?.<> p. m.
Other orders in greater dotail will be given ont
to morrow or on Tuesday. Tba land parade already
promises to reach huco proportions. Until late m.
Friday it was not quite e.-rta n whether or not tin
First Brigade of tue State Guard won!d paiu.le
Brigadier Gena***** Fitzgerald had asked GoTOTOOl
Hill for an order to call tim troops out and thin
eave the exponsos for music. Governor Hill did
lint actually issue an order, but on Friday, never?
theless, notices were sent to the colonels of yegi
iiients in thu NatioiKiI liuur I in this city that t!.<
regiments will parade on ''huisda.v aud that tb*
Bute will pay the bills for bands on that day.
Colonel Km nulla Clam, of tao 7th Regiment, on
Friday had received tue following telegram from
Albany :
Tim i.iiv.-i ni, ullin, k'ii ont Issuing orders fr a
f.ernie on t ? ocrasimi nt me In m. .miun i ?>? Kal?
in...is tatHim- or Liltrrtv. .leaires ihatliia First mit
Bec.md Ung ii.s uiiy lake pen ie tao parade wan full
lank., url. I " .iSt al tun sev.ril re .'line.Hs, u.t, ilirrcloil
thal lim bibs fur hands lie p?M liv the -st tte.
JCSUS Pom ii. Ailjctaiit General.
'I lie 7th R.'gitiient mid 'Ulead, arran;*.'.1 to marci)
On Ihursdav. forming at 9*30 a. ni. at iif t h-ave.
?nd F'Jtieth sf. Following ls tba olll.'lal order is?
sued vesfcrdav by General l-'iizgerald :
Hs_OVO*B**Bt*a KiHai Hui.i,i.K, l
Rathin ,l (ii'aun. -is re op Maw- York, >
Kn. m il u i-?k, nh\-V.iiik i'm, t.'oi. ^^, 1886.1
(,meriti Urdort, So. 4.
1. The Hritaile will mk" pert la Hie u.uriotio cole lira
llou suiiiiiiriii.ir .live of tLe u nv .'liing au I inaiwurittiuii,
by the Pl ?l leul nf ilia Dnllad isti'eM, or U irihnldl's
Hame. "Liberty Buligbteulea the Worll." mi tbe**g*,h
lusiuni, paradise by id vii iilea ur the Oom nine t of
A i r.iiirff.i.e" ' ? in o ni,u n iimi willi ether Military and
civil- oman z iiliiii", u nler the direction of General
Cheri** f, - oas), ar,ixl marshal.
8. I ne fonaallt.a will be ia eloea column of companies
w .li ile- ruht in fruin, the heads of enlilinus roanna on
J-iith- iv.-, in au.-ti atie-is?probably ad.) .cent m Hfiii-th.
si. .t" sii.,1. he uaaiKiiateil fur the |iui'i>oan by the .ri n I
niarsuii. B***n liesa tal ead hattary o.uuian lers will aa*
aeinliln their Oo'iiiuanla lu seasou to reaou Hie p.aoo o.
toi m iii m ul '.l 30 u'eloeh a. m.
;i. I ne llrl.'ail ? mii-l be re.. Iv to mardi at !) 1~> o'c nett
a m., ant wnt .ti tun pr .poi ats-sal inure Into mut dowe
Fiflb-are., i.i king; the mme proem >* t fur the utrading
eniu.iiii. lu the following order, vu.: 7 n, 88 ii, Bia, Dib,
19 li, 71sl, lilli aili SS I i>-lmeiilK, Bl auil 1st Sal.
4. Ihe jiar nilne column will bo dismissed after pall?
in, li w.iiik (irriin, anl the sever al or MB'bellalie of
tliis r.iinii.iu l w.n roi ur.i lu their armories by mules lo
li- hereafter praaei ined.
B. Detailed liistruetiotis tn Heating the route of miir'-h,
pom: nf len.w, anil Hie slreels in whieh the several
era'anut illons are tn f.inn will he Issue.I nere.ifiur.
ii. The Bri sada -taff wm report raouated uul in full
Bliift.rm (b ii" nreeoln-s .ml boots) at IIS Bael Thirty
aiiih-st , al iio'cl.irk a. m.
Jly roiniuaiii of Hi i.f.,.|ier-(ieiie;i?l l.ol'ls PlT/'ll lt U.l>.
ll lill AM J. ll AUDI V.,.
Cleat-COI, Act. - A-.si. A jj t.-i?r ii. ead Chief ot -taff.
'OB* rta! J
I iflh-ave. will be used fm the line of march, if it
ssa poser biy ba* gol into condition j otherwise a de
tour ta Ala liMoii-nve. at Thirtieth, at, will be neoee
shiv. At I Wenty-fl :xth-st., if the lladis >:i 11 c.
fosta is eitoaert, the procession will turn ?ororfl
ai'a n toFlf'h-nve. sad pass the leviewme stand
ch .se bv ti"' Worth Monument. Tho route will
thi'ii ba down Fifth-eve to Waahin non bqnare, t<>
Broadway, to Usa Battery. The Beeofid Brigade
ot Brooklya, will also take part ni tho parade.
Some qsaatioa waa raised yaatardsi aatowbatbar
Governor Mill could cull om the tampa tor ihurs
dav, whieh falls wi;inn live days ol election day.
11 ? section ol the .M iii tai v Coda windi prohibited a
rarade of tba .National Qaard in the Mate on aloe*
ic. div. or within live days previous, waa changed
la-t winter and now readei
Ko parade or drill of the N'atlonul Qaard shall t>?
er '.. re l mi ai,, dav Unrinir which no election alien be
helli, rit-ttpt in rase of ri it, Invasion or insurrection or
lu niiieut ?lancer there.,f
With the "five days'' clause left out, the Nation
JllOaard can parade on the day betoio electlou
I t.iat is desirable.
Tbafollowiof additional apnlieations for places
in the parade w..-r" recivcif yeaterday bl tba
Grand Hatrebsl: Grsnirnsr Behool No. IS, Brook
tarn, 150 boys; Vouiig Men'a Independent (lilli,
Hoodoo lliiini and File Corps, tfoodas. Coan.;
Bona of veterans' If osteal Association; Posts No
2?:?. 500. 451.50. BBS. 527 and 544, Grand Army
Of the Kepiiliiu'. and i'ost 27, Ho uh ot Veterans,
Lona Island ; Set ta d'ltaha. Captain Berf.iosn, IOU
atronu. A BOneraj order was issued yesterday ao
r,<ii,,ii!,,!oloiieii?,ke W. Wiueheeter Marshal of
the Division of \eieran Military Ori*an:zaii,.ns.
them Wallaek'a, tbsIfaf^teo.Ws'sJ^M^iTt.o.So?
?^ijou Opcia House, the Star, the Ubiotj Bonan and
hird Avenue, ilairrigau'a, Dockstetl.-r's uud the
Casino?hare alreudv made an ugreemcut to open
liol eui lier than 8:30 p. m. or 9 p ni
lt bea not yet beeu decided whether the public
offices will be closed in Urnoklyu ou i huiHduy, but
ll is probable that they will and that Mai m w bit.
Soy will issue a proclamation lnvinng all citizens
to take part in tho def -illustrations and close i bail
plate* of bueinraa. Ihe Mayor had a conloreu. e
yesterday with General McLeer, aud Colonel l-'ioiii
tigham, of LbaJBeeoad Brurade ; Alduruiuu Obeoa,
Coiumiaeiouer Carroll, and Dr. Watson and A. H.
Osliorn. reprcaentiiig the aociutv of Old Hrooklyn
llcs, ie rei/aid to the part the citv should take in
(leneral McLeer said that on account of Ihe in
tlctiiiiieueaa of the order ia-iie.1 bv the Atljutant
Isaseral of the *-tau> ba would uot say which rogi
ineiita would jon, u, the parado, but ut least three
Will take part. Ut. Carroll said ihat 250 pollce
Eien wo-ild be spared for the parade mid tiny would
ave a hand ol mneic Further details will be ar
rainred atu-r the Aldermen wake th. nf. nea SB IT an
tropnationa oil tinda, which n tsexpeoted they will
e tomorrow
CKo action has been take;i hy the Hoard of F'.duca
n toward c!e.",iug the public ac ioola ou I'hurs
j* i'iea.d'-'it siiiiuio.i.) aa'd yojiterday that as
nothing would be doue tbe achoola would be open
as usual. , .
A. M. Underbill. ajrent of tho Onion Steamship
Line, und commander of Alexander Hamilton Tost.
G. A. K., has chartered tl.o steamer Morrmnia Tor
th.- comrades of the Post aft.-r tho MtBfM on
Thursday, to witness IBB unveiling of the alaine
aud the fireworks in the evivinnr. ?
l hp formal reception nf tba French delegates t>y
thc American Committee "ill lake place at lu*
Aoii.l.'inv Ol MmBM on I'm-dav BTentliR. 1 li>' ''il?
tur house ib to b<- decorated and ornamented witta
H.ik's, banners, Bower*, ii ants, trailins. vinos fte.
Senator -Tart? aod Fiederie K. i oaderi will be the
orators of the BTeoinff. MM. Itaitiiol.li, l<-nli
iiainl lioLi'ssfps. anil Minister L?fail re, ol France,
will also be r?i.---i-rit. Fire choral so?etMS aro to
as-|sf, and nearly ev. ry French <'r,atn7.ation*lii tho
citv will t_ka uart. After thc ceremonies ihe
guests will litton in a et.crt for which tba follow?
ing artists have volunteered to bbbmi : Mme,
Furacb-Madi,Mme trebilli, Misa Adele Haran lies,
Oride M?un, V. Droroo and A. Van der stneken.
Thc reeep'ion is in Um han da of iii*; * mete Frauen is
de 1' Harmonie. _
TotheF. tlttor nt Tar r>< Ba M ?.
Hr: The GoTernlnir Committee of thc Mock Exctivi?"?,
in refuslm; tn cari. nut Hie wlsliea nf ii- BM>inben lu
close on Bartholdi Day, la k< ? ? ;.i:._? with the action ot
othi-r enmniemal bodlea, ti ira Seea rr.iiciae.l aa lucLini*
thu aantliiKMit ot AiiiariCiinis n umi lUBTatltOda In ll?
Franco people Ii iln.'a ifni Uranga tli.it on una uranil
?Dil Important oucaa'.in ?ax|iraaai v- of lim f. .-lilia- of the
French towurd our own?lhal mir body ^f Amain-ii
elnz-na coul.l lie an loal In ilia mader of elvniha ami
quarters aa tn In. willing to he aUf?atU-sd ao un un
Amene-aii, unpatriotic ami saltish body of citizens.
Already the other o> nmerclai holies In the citv, alive
lo !he aplrlr of the ncc ia Inn. amt iii keeping wirti ihe
aoiitluieot nf tue nfojiie of Raw-York, bava resolved to
close on mat oaf, uni! lt baa h*en loft M Hie Stock ex?
change to atnn.1 om alone. Malia! Hie feeling nf the
people, a. a elana of clil/-n. who know un _ti%tl!ii.I?-.
reapect or honor to any p OP?, unices itoll ira ami oems
Bcoomtianr itinaaiue. linea a nv h. ul y (Inna, tint If Cia
poaliion were chance.!, anrl Hie Prameh people receiTe.i
a Malua eiiiliieniNiiQ nf lloeitv iiml their hrteaalsnlp for
na, thai ilia I'aria llonroe wool I refuae lo eloaa for aim
day anti not allow their appreciation of UM itiollrea lhal
piornpt'd Hie alfi 1
Tba Major of Nnw-Yaelr, In k'*ptng with tte deairas
of r,ha citizens, will close, up the puo ic ..III nae on tha'
dar, an 1 rapreaeaiatlraa "' eom_?feial im ilea from
other cliiea. liov-rnnrs (not governors nf Stock l.i
chunge) nf btatea, ami other Btlliena of SBtal?l BiaMB,
will aacnflie nne .lay's time, and cn no lo New-York aa a
mark of respect lo Ihe elouera nf the ginnie, ami If lt I"
known ilia' ttie people of New-York .to not l?k?? aaoneB
Intar.-at In the celehrallon tn ate Idee nne dar. then
tt can be aald that a most aeiiOOB iul?tit?.' has Leen
ma<1e In placing the staluu of Liberty In Hie New-York
Come, gentlemen nf the stock Kurllange, tnroW nfl
that len,art-i into willoh your lioveruinif Oommillaa hu.
pUcart ynil -mt fall Inline. He p.ilriotic. Yon know
!Bat on that ri iy buslnesa M'l.'ht as wal! n? auspen.ieil,
fur little Inisiiies. will be done In Hie EXebSBSa or else?
where. Anae lo Hie liiiponance of me occasion and
prod ilm to ihe citizens of New-York ina! the euhtlia
and qtisrtera are not an precinus as lo he purchased at
the price of universal coinlcutiaiion, scorn, and pointed
out aa mc in Lc ra of an unpatriotic ami u -American
boOv. _XCHAXOM PL.il I.
SeicYorl;, Oci. *J3, 182C.
TRB wons* of TBR TWO coMvini'i'S nr.viiwi h
The coloRwl statue of Liberty, so lons in pro?
cess of ?section on Bedlow's Island, will be un
veiled next Th?-day with all the pomp Rmi
circumstance of a great National cerem ny. Now
that thc work of holli tho French an I American
committees is virtually o.cr, one mn ?oh bach
on the progress of tin li- irivat undertaking with
some i-iiise of its difficulties anl triumphs.
Public Intereal in the itatuc baa never been Rt
ao Ililli a pitch as now. J.attlml-li'.-> name is on
every ones ins and the talk of the ceremonies
of tho unveiling in ever, mn's eais. The Bl uv
of the at?tueB growth is an Interest?? tne and
fnany people my cure to read it in detail as ii
has i-oiiie frmn time lo time from Bal? io] li an I
his friends.
The __tor* of the Dartlvoldl Statue from first
to last ls a check?ed one and (roes bach through
all aorta of delays and difficulties for aim al iwentjf
yean It was. atruurelj enough. Just ;.t thc
close of the diajstrous WilI. with Ger
many and while the horrors ol Ute Commun'
were still racing in Rai? thal M Le'iouhvve the
founder of the French _neric?a Union. liiv'
i!?? firiitol.v broached bia patriotic project of build
in.' in this country a loin! rre moria! of the Rt nut
Rles "I French nod American* in the Uevolution
mid aent the youns acul|>tor Hui th Iii !?' tl. -
i ititi d Stavt?i t'i find, if ps iv,., aunc suitable
und hap y idea. ITn- fn-t Bii-ireston ol the
?tatue, ic lu:-, lutes .--lill further bark to a din
ncr i-iwn under the I in ire by M Lal._yc ?\
ins country-hot?e. Glaviimy near Vera?liles.
It was at ihat dinner at Ghi i ni in 1863. r
Bartholdi hinr-clf sa.\s. Uiat his mud wa- Hist
tinned in tin- direi?< ri it waa afterwuid so devot?
edly and enthuiias-calty t.> follow The ail r
dinner ia'l< of M Labou'sye'a Kueatji Lad fallen
ii|K'ii srstitude between m.tums Some one said
that such a thing as oat ional irratitude could nd
es i-t Italy no hinger fell Hateful fur the pood
0?tees "f l'ran.e in 1859; even with thc 1 "nilo 1
states FYs?ce could no moto count on Ute i i
branca of the jiat^t.
This M. L_oQoulaye stoutly protested afrainsl
Whatever tnighl be the .ase with linly, he said
with America France Lal still a greater BympaUu
than with any _uropean nation America'a f<c:
iiu toward France, Lm. was not on'- of simple
gmiiiude. It wa.s baaed on tbe remembrance of
a community of Uiotaght and atrugg?a anti aspira
lions And winn iieaits bad i.?ce beaten togc'ihei
somethinti alwaos ienuu_e/l behind anion, nations
ss am. n.' individuals This, he continled, w.s
the basis of the aentimenl felt in the United
?slut, s toward France, a s-nt mo ni honorable to
Americans as wen as French, and if a monument
were to be bulli in America a^ a memorial of in
derendencc ii would be riosI natural io I.ave it
built by a united effort, to make n the common
work ol both natl n
five yeas after, in lite midst of thc wai w th
<Ji lilian.. Bartholdi found bimaelf recurring agniii
to this conversation. The war wu- sen o\er anl
h_ native province, A?ace, shut scainst him. Ile
resolved to travel for s yeal un'l vi-it the rountn
in which his Interrst had been so shan ly ann seri
In a month or two lie found Idmsoli a an at M
lahoulayc'a bouse near Versail'i-a With him
were M I.afn.veti.- ld n i Martin I' milo.il. \u
liwski nu i in. fJasiB?in. Ttie talk tun?d once
nioie on the feeling of America i<>' France. M
I a onlave took UP h:-- oW Mews ii.'i.iii and de
dared that withoul a doubt by is1;,', Diets* would
be a strong paUiotk and French movement in
"Go ta icc thal CMmtTy." he laid tu Bat-in\-i.
"You will study it anl orin, liack your imprca
si.ms i'ropnse to one friends nvei tier to make
a monument In common in pemembrance of the
ancient friendsbin between France anl n. ''nitei
statis We wi'l take up a aubs iii tam >n Fi am c
If vim find a hapv Idea, we arr con inc d thal
i' ?i!l Le successful on both cont n- nts, and wc
shall do I work which will have a far n Rching
moral effect."
Bartholdi tells ali this in his modest littl
skeb h of thc wink of the French C immlttee. .An ;
In these two <un'ctsatinns at M. t?iboulaveV
Um perm of the FrerKh-Ameriran (Jnion'i project
mtv he found.
The sculptor thought over some plans for the
fSroOBOBfaa mnri'iment cn the way out, but only
hazily. Sudden'.v one beautiful sprina: mom n:
Rf'amin,' up UafiMtgh the Narrows Into New-York
Hay, tin' moment of insplration came und thc
k ulplor saw in fancy fix- maj(?tlc figure of l.ihe-tv
t..weiir_- willi her torch over the bastions of old
Fort Wood, llL'htin? tbe crowded bf-twt with its
Mbntary rivets and the v_,t, black hued cities
on UieLr bot?NB, thc verj- imago of a teeming,
populous iiilniature world.
With all hi. liavels in America that Impmselnn
dew only Sharpes and mote defined. Before ro
turning to Fr___ he made a water r/>]or draw in;
of the Btatus of l.fT,erfj- on Hodlow's Islml. and
showing it bj various piominent men Jn America,
rn tho 1 nion LsSbTRS Chth in New-Yorl; more par?
ti, ula: ly and In lndlad.dphla-ta whom M. I_bou
bBya liad ftrasi him letto.s 0f Intisjductii.n.he soon
discovered that ha cijiild WK,k for BU|>port In tho
I ni ted grrtaj fjhrat, ?, ,J0 ^. the dri4ft drRWn
hy the 1 i-cnch Ciniaitue oa Amerl< an BSnttmenl
would not ho PWI_a__ M Laboulavo had liad
aome a.nt_pondence already wiUi John Ja,v and
cthera respecting tbe _B_un_BRtt but though the
lnien?t win. Ji Haithoidi mennoaa was n< doiil.t
aroused no formal Rcttoa was taken until the
sculptor's BfBta?ai visit hore.
Goinj back to Fiani*, Iiartljoldi ran over bis
impresBions to M. LaboulayG and his friend! ami
laid bettors then, the plan for fi Status in Raw
Tot*b Harbor. They ado| fed it with B***tata**BBtnfl
A committee waa o**"*bi*J*m I un ler tin' name of tbs
Fien. li -American Inion, uinl Hattlml'li -. t to WO**
to BMka his fust models. Uh full plan of lb"
Union w;ts nanda public al His en i of im?4. Hnd
Bnbacription Hat* were sun drculatini llsvughoui
F'r.ni.e. A p<? .1 dee] uf money came in :>t .nc
mid mme wan promise).
The actual noni.lin.- nf thc boga Baal beran IB
1875. Ibe birth ..f tbe itatue mus celcbialed on
No*.ember I of that yeer by a dinner al ike ll tal
du Louvre, ni whick tba Abm nan ll Bister Mr.
Washburn", and Bil th" prominent ) iciiini'is ol Ike
run. ii-Ain* rn an iii m were ireaent Tba ii-ht
hand of the goddcre was struck ol. in Its colossal
pro .iiiii n uni mii to the OcntennJsl Bxkilbtlon
at Philadi Ipbia in I87fl
r.iu Um] ii iiiiii-.-ii cnn..' over in thal yrar tm <.n
,,f the inn. b jury for the exhibition. The un
\ l-l li ll_T of bbl elaine of I.li'.n <?: te, which Will
ordered bj the IT n h Go%ernmenl bi b sift to
the (liv of New V.nk ni ic kn wlodiMi.'iil nf the
ni., i Bimi to Parla after the "doge, un ; which nos*
?.lim-ls iii inion Squsre, ga a nun an orrportuB.ty
to pish BMsttets among Ins Ni w -Yoik friendi
A mil f"i a m.i tm; nt the C'liKny Club waa
iss,,c i bv William M. Evarta, John Jaar. w. ll
Wiciiiiatn, s. l). Bsbcock, VI iiiiai.i ll. App!< ton and
Itkhsrd lintier. There Ilse pinn of Ute Fiench
CommitUe sss Islkod over with Bsrthokli nu'
li'i.i iiiinibciiii timi an American Committee was
orpHiH/'d Mr. Evarta was its rhairmsn and
liichai'd Huller its secretary. Rub-ro**ainit*k**a*
were appointed and weekly mectin s weis held
for ;i lime The qucatson of procurinst hgailation
[mm Congress was thc nest imi-orliint
Aller soma drawbacks and delaya a j"int rtto
liitinii was iniiiiiluceii accepting thu statue anl t I
liiiaf apart n i-ito on eiUier Governors or b'edlow'a
bland for the Hslue and on Fsbniai** 82, lo'il.
it paaacd both bouses General \V T. Rbeistsfl
waa sent on to decide between ihe two and wis b
ciiiiiiriiieii liittiii! i's choice. Fort Wood wes
2i\cn up us a inilitiiiy post and ttinied over to
the um of the Amertcan committee.
Bartholdi went 'uk to France in thc full of
1876. Tho political ci isis that came toWSfd tbs
end of MseMshon*b lYratdenry bad bsd a dhus
hons cllcrt on the affairs ol the French Aniericsn
Union. Subscript ii ms had almost crel bi COBSe
in rmi word Mas s, ni to the American committal
iiiiii tbe work on thc foundation and pedestal ul
the Statue bad better be poartpnrjed for a .Mar cr
two. It wai not until ic*J0 that money eiwugk
was raised in Prance to pay thc bait exienses ol
the work on the Statue
In 1878, however, Bartholdi, ia**fiuine nnd un?
daunted as ever, executed the bead for tho Rn?
Exposit! n Thc other puts followed al int ra'.-.
and by July, 1880, Um Krenth committee aaw its
way clear to report "mbatantial progress to Ike
American committee and to iii a probable dale
for the completion of the Statue On October
24, 1881, the Biiniveresry of the sunender of
du ii/.nilis sit Yorktown all thc pieces of thc
framework and of the base wen pul in place and
I.e.i P. Milton, then United SUlea Minster tn
France, waa invited ti drive Ihe ri- ot of the Hrs!
Ieee which mus Io be mounted The Statue wai
nearly finished in 1883. bul thr- v..irk un tl*
'??iistiii here waa aa backward thal it wm ilc< il si
to leave Hie completed goddess on exhibit* li fo
awhile in IV is.
Finally, lu July 4. 1884, Conni Ferdinand dc
le.'M-iS. who haiti sn, cccicd M I nl.n>r.i\ e us
i*i*n>idcn1 of Ihe French committee, tn'ti i Hm*
* tn tue o' er forma Iv t" Ihe l*n tal States thrru h
Mi Morton It stood ai?, months kin er waiting
for i1 " ' nmnlctl n "f thc 1 cdeatal lt --.??ii <? fo
a lime tiint il .in.il.I I::, c tn wail fo ever an I lb
nf lukin" it down waa be un in bmuary.
IW5, with many mii 'i ms The pJe*?*i were
i in kid .:i'.fi|!'v in 210 cums Snd Stowed 'll
'?"in-1 ibe I'mnih man-of-war farm ni Rouen
The *-tnt ?'?? waa ln*tiin*d for ahr>u1 Imf it.s value
'Hie fee re > n ' un es fiaanielv oo!*li ' iivk'" "ni
lind io 'ot back 'ie" ' i I ?'?"i. n t.i !?? i un ri sin m
i tutsi 'e din harbor of Ni*w-Y?***h sin. waa mel b*?
Hie l-'ctri'I. \e.i-th *t'anr|e *-ci"n''r n under Ad
"li.-il I a Combe eic! "**w*nrt**'1 Into "i" Pa1 with
n.-,.. miora Tbe Isor** icu,1,, i New-Voi-h In
'i'll'-. I88S Tie ? ie.es nf l|ie Slatnc uri'"
lightered over to Bedlow'a fa'anl and wera -'
?Ia.,, ctn !.,<( \fav. wren Ibework nf sett'ni un
c.. ?*eal co kt -rodder* for Ihe foal limo was
I iee i: n
The Ni'iciciT) C'Diinitle.i could r]n n.tli:n*. of
roume after obta'n'n ? the ~ani "f a site from
Cr*n~eaa bul wail for the Rlrnal from M Bar
?fi-.bli and his friends to break rtrmind for U-e
-tittiie's pedeatal. fn 1883 aime preliminary
steps were taken A purdie meetlrR was indi in
Ihe Aradem* of Music on November 28 of timi
year, mil the taking of subscribions was pushsil
\ igorously.
Wink- on the foundation inside tin* old for! wns
begun in ii"' s ? in.- of 1883 tm l thc foundation
Itself \ias finished before the end of that year In
lbs spring of ihh.| the corner-stono of Um pedestal
was luid ninl a few tiers of granite were added n >w
nnd then fmni mi,nth to ne nth The (hst bit nf
i-nthusiaam was over mil tho subecription list
hiiii,r (iic Statuettes, |.hoto"rar*ha >
.veie Struck off by the committee :.n 1 offered for
,a'e, but the returns Brew ?maier nnd smaller
>no hundred and ?eventy-ive IhoiMand .leila's
rad been raised by tbs summer of 188 l uni the
?ouimittee's persuasive powers weis appa'Tntl.
txhauated. [ta run "f bsd luck could not i.c
The Kew-York Legislature passed a bill sppropri*
liing$50,000 fur the work on the BSlestaL Hut
iovertioi Clereland veto"! it, to the great rliegnsl
i: the man a tera of Ibe Pedestal Fund, as aoeonati
futionii. A still rrnaterdieappointmeol came with
ihe winter oi" ihs| ?...-,. a bill appropriating
[$100,0DO was intro luceil diirinz the short ssmios
ii Coo fis as ana failed through tbeuefleet of the
nuninit:.'.' on Appropriation - to insert the item ia
their tinal report.
In M mii, l?.s."i, when the atatuo was almust
-indv for shipment and tbe Americaii Committee
na atsteoftbickouin* lieapsir, Tnt treridssez
.ci'teuly nndsrtook to raiao tba 1100.000 Hill
leaded, aod opened a snbacription list of its own
for that i.uriii.se. By July a total of ?102,000 SB
.mis tamed into tba Pedeatal Fund Tins tided the
?otniintt.e .,\er (befall snd winter ol' I-)**"., and
i.-rved, indeed, ta lioiab theauualra pedestal iu
\lTi . ISMi.
The iron framework and braces for thc aupi'ort
)f the statue Wi re put np In May and Juno, an I on
Inly 12 tho won. oa th.pper plating itaelf was
Mgnn, Many ol tbe hage pfeoee bof.e.1 up sp lon/,
il uk. ii alioiit in po m.mi' banuliog**) and oipoacd to
mi'si viiiioiy of tempensuraa, nad datteoei eui
ri their origins] snape, lhere waa s Brest dasi n|
leay fmni tun,, to time in reforming them, and the
lammer waa nearly uone heforo the goddaas*s suns
:\ru w.ie luted fairly to her waist.
Foe ike leal month or mora almost daily note has
teen made ol the slow urogress ot'riveting the faat
>Of-per anea tha together of and tho grad nal softening
if the heavy linus ami ssrfaeee which looked so
warbeena rasue a-croond, to the easy, graceful
iiry symmetry of tim splendid iii*iini i,-it now
tanda really for BSXt Thursday's BO roiling, i 'lie
itutue was praetioally Hnisbed un October lt",
'mm that day. at least, tho American Committee
viii always date its hrst moiiieiit of relief.
Only tho nnal presentation of the 88th retsaiBS
ind thia eighth woadST of a Colossus sud I'haros
loiuhinoii will tiien pass after ton years ol' ar.luous
raesaaahiB from tho hands of the Atm -rican Com
nittee into those of tho light-house BBthor.ties of
;he I'nited States.
Bartholdi himself ohose Bedlow'a Island lifteen
ears a?o lor the alt* of In, peal monument No
pot. iu fact, could have heen a happier ono for the
urpose. From the ahorws of the Bay the level
ilet locka like the mere uatnral base of the vast
Uttin and Ita aohd-faced pedestul.
Cutaway from any rival objects lareo or small,
warfed or dwarling, tho colo-sal ngura blands
leal ly ansinrt the free bsoksTSSSd of water, land
nd sky, blending with them easily and simply,
ko an image diann, is the god loss ls, on their
wn scale. Aud if the creal bronze figure tits, like
ue of its own ri vats iu tho copper sheath, into the
irroundings of soa and sky, the granite pedestal
inls a ready-made support in tho double star
:iaped inner walls of ola Fort Wood.
Tho b*se of tho pedestal is .ilmost, hidden fruin
lia outside behind them, and when the ell [ninnie
round ls tilled in and the aodded terrace slopes
autly downward from the crown ol t.'in fximl.i
,011 over them to the sea-wall below, their toss
lil make au easy break half-way where ike stair
eaaSfl will hrs Salsa out into apaoioca platforms,
and hench,ii wji| |,? panged lor loiterera in tho
p e.is.iat aeather. Theontworka sf the fort h.?vo
BlBappearsd; so have the powder houses and the
BSJIf'port?, The has'ions themselves will soon ho
Wried in the dirt. Only the MRRtl sea-battery with
ita Kuna freshly pnljsb.o.1 for tliaplav, not. use. will
DB left to tctnin.l one in a fearer tWO that Medlow"*
Island waa once a Qore n neut post.
'he hulk of the pi ojteotal'l foundation will, of
course, be out of Btgut whoa the landscape- gar?
dener Ima lini,lied li , WOfil <>n the approaches to
Hie -ta'ne. lt at ur ta, in fact, beneath the old
parade mound at tnirloen teet shore I Be mean low
water mark. In shape it is mo not din* like a
traneatssl pyramid, with ? gentle slope
lt 'Ines not risc, however, with a continuous frail,
hut with a series ofgreei layers of eoeerete, each
<ni<' a irulo smaller than Ihe one lt rests upon. Ths
top rea-ches ap abo** tbe fort walis, nftp-two feet
tea inches fruin rac bi?e. lhere is no bmah to tba
rete top, rt? wind., thing isa east mass of eon
erete and n."k wnioh m asorss on its upper f tee
ahout sixty-liva Oct, Bqn ir-.
The pedestil BtoporatitB hue is sixty-two foot
aqnare, and baginaal an elevation shove tidewater
..I sixty-hvo (eat [n ti,,, middle of each face, just
on a level arith tho proposed ferraro, is a doorway,
live feet wide and thirteen feet high. <>n each
-ide ol' every door is a projecting disk af Stone on
which th- anns nf the In ted States anil of Fl?BOS
will be cat in relief. Ahovo tho doors Isa broad
hand ot stone mnniOR around tho pedestal tind
broken into forty smooth-faced medallions, tenon
each -ido, on whicll the coats-of-anns of tbs variotio
Btateswili prooably be plaetd. still higher than
tbs lue lalltaas are four large panels, twenty-three
foot and six inches loni, aud Ara feet Rad three
incies truin f,,., to tlo-tom. rhBM will also he
ooreted with appropriato inseriptiona and dsaugna
With tho panel" a decided break ia the fat?Ratal
proper occurs. Tbesidea shrink iu a foot or two
aad the sasoofii stonework of tbe Brat section ib
succeeded |,y a free i'on_liedged afrangeuiont,
wIik h relieves t!ie oyo and gives a chance for
further smooth work higher UB From tbs o.iso of
tho ps leatal to the lop of tho lng panels is seventy
two foot and eight (ochoa Hero tho four walls
recode, except lor a hali-flo/.en foot at each somer,
and leave [oar balconies, each live feet and eight
inches la width, set oil witti a low stone rail aud
lour tall granite pillara. Doors open from tho
hail.iiniu un the shalt in ddo, around wtiici. the
-pir.il stair winds dizzily und 'i|> which an elevator
will srobabiy ran sn.no day. Timbs shaded
lislcon.es ar>: a delightful retreat after UM loug,
bot Climb, and I rom tho n spread out 00 every oido
is thal ever-ch luging picture of the hustling
harbor, tbs Car-sfl hills tipped with hine and green,
aud the danae black patches of house-tops, towers
and spires.
Where tho walls Join again there ls a jutting
frieze of piala granite, ero .rued with a low open
balcony on which lonr doora open again from the
shalt wituin. Here the .bird seotiou begina Tbe
walls cou tract several feet, though tito balcony rail
breaki the aharpnese of the effect from below, lt
is hut a few tiere now-to Ibe top of tba pedestal,
hid from anew By tho rich drapery of tho goddOOSoi
tunic, rim topmost platform is thirty-nine feet
ai.il four Rmi threo-eig'itns inches s<iuaro aud 1~>1
feet iiiovo low-water mark.
'Ihe pedestal ts ia its way a most graceful and
mo hot sii'et me. ft is nuttier monotonous nor
heavy, and bas bena made to look ama ter than it
really is. Tho amt nasa, in fact, gains in point of
elevation by tins BBPpWMJSB, and tnwers eas.il;'
over every thing olo.su, hut the ettert is in no wav
forced or Hiilt-Ttka Tho soit gray shade ot tl.e
[nile,tal blends well wirb tho reddish brown nf tho
? t;nr. .''nd Ibowbiteueas of ibo rough quoins
shows tar across tho wat ir in tho slanting lays ot
the curly morning or lite al'ernoon sun. The
granite rued is from ? quarry nu I.e. fe's Island in
Connect ic it. and the size of the bloch* maMle the
huililias af tho pedestal ene of tho bear?el nieces
..i maaonry .-vcr andertikeu about Now-Yore.
i lureral t'harlot P. Si.waa tbe chief engineei of
'h" work. Kiehatd M. Hunt tho architect and
I avid ll. Kins, jr., the builder. Ihe pedestal cost
iu all shoot fjr2AO/,00.
THE liOl>DK8S'8 ORPAI' S 1KKN'-JT11.
Bartholdi has given aome aooount of the work on
the BUttio iu hie sketch for tbe French-\me rican
Union, After settling down on a particular image
of Liberty m medea tiny model, less than foot
let I high. lilia lit -.t utility wa- foliowed hy a figaro
tidily uine io.it ht ali. winch waa tbon B?laaBS?
...ur limes by the ordinary proeeeesa Tho resat t
ma model neasare I about thlrty-foor feet in
height. Thi ways modes nour.ito as possible snd
tn.-n divided into acctions, each one ol whieh waa
to be enlarged once more tonrtiinea No further
changes conni now be made; the ku lp tor emil.I
only otm .t urcat. preci lon and a snbjei lion srery
\i in" e ni minor details,
I in- -.linus were reproduced .ltia.lrunled in
plaster <n. a frame ol lath. Each Dail-bead ann
point l ni io be mea sm od six t .mes anil veritieit as
often; and with I,BOO pointe, some ln.lRKJ
measurements were uer enanty. W.len moulds
were li., ii titted lo il.e plaster cast, and tbe copper
sheetings hammered ont roughly. The piolile of
ihe I'ums was tn.n taken.in detail with sheets ol
lead, snd the cooper sheets worked orel more
? no >? iii ba pe they wei., knit together from point
to ,i"' it hy iron lu.nos, wit ,>n were forget! into ihe
form "I t ie cop er when its outline was completely
modelled, toe oopper oieceo wena thea brcngtit
logeiher and fastened on the powerful trnaaworh
ni iron io .'ins, whieh .i"? soi rea as a aupport for the
Whole ci,,, |,io? of Ihe s'atil". Tho ciro nf this
iruBBWoi is a sort of pylon wi?h lour pointe ol al
t t- liini-nl. ea. ii point helli in (dace by (hmo bolled
? in t -.\ inches in diameter and running twenty
Ure tc tinto themaso iy of the foundation toa
iimii. ni Iron lo ams.
riie.-io details ure givon because they .servo to
settle "<incitiaively the question of tho statue's
iiower of resiatauce to Iii gb wind-, rakeu as a
basis the fiercest hurricanes recordal in either
Ruropeor America, calculations liaresbown thut
the aoddi od cmiiii w if (.tan 1 auv known sala
[BS Mata* measures 151 feel and lindi from
tho bottom of Ibo plinth to the tip ol tho torch
ilauir, and stands mall SOU feot audit Inches
abovi low-water mar;;. Tho foreMnger of the god?
dess1 light band ioorei .seven feat loug and orer
four feet in oirouinfeieii'o at the seen i I joint. The
eve i two feet wido and tba noaa more tuan three
le.t lons, Tbs total wei 'ht of th" statue is about
twenty-five tone; itesst La making over a million
nf franc-.
1 be Uoddesa of Li nerty is the tar ;est work of its
kind thai hassrer bet?icompleted, lue legeudary
.'as nt Itbudes ena <l not possibly have mid
tho shape or bigness attributed ton. Tho colossal
statue of Arminius, in Hav,rio, is about ninety
four feel in height; that of St Charles Borrorneo
nn the -I ireSOl l.al.e Mn zn ii ire, soventy-livo feet.
I'l.o V ii. in nf I'nv rem.? next, fifty-two feat, and
tio'statue of Bavaria inst, scarcely mme than a
fool aborter. All nf them shrink out ot cou itenance
bes;.le tte ffigantil nipper li.'illO 00 Hedlow';,
lbs colossal in art, it is generally understood,
can lu- Band to crme,o uni,-a limited nnuiher of
Ideas, lt mu,t represent, if possible, Borne vast
abet faction, anti carry with it always Ihe sug
k'lstnuini power, majesty or infinity, [ts peculiai
??licetls tlmt of fhn physically sublime. Inti' he I
and brightened by tbs Idea of moral -ubliunty.
Ami so it is not tho more ItRiamlsry goddess, willi
uioie than manly Btrengtb and More than worn inly
stateliness, claar-eyed, and wiso and patient, line
Minerva, that tho sculptor moans really to
Hm ngnre of a fn<?Mfa], dscip biowad wowan is
ibero, wm.oe richly-pleated robes hang ia soft
rounded folds about her shandy bceaat and limbs,
tn" pure, elnar face, anil the luxuriant hair erowned
with a.sparkling i-iade* of light, Hut through it
nil shines, bj || ?lurht ,() sI|j[)(J ,,,? ^g.
jieation ol that eager, proselyting passion for
liberty for wbiofa the men of tho Kovolai on
BpillaHl ttlMill blood ni Franco and in America,
mid W0lCD.il iii modern days only one of a sheaf of
memories, is fnr h.jth countries the moat prized of
Mi* "ii all.
Thia at least, is tho inspiration Harthohli has
driven to nut into the great statue, lt ia on this
that ho and M. I.aboulaye have counted for the
If/RIB s " far-reaching moral etlect."
lurid P. w()|f,ammmfoA br ajawallor at No. TA IU??B
? ilia..nty mm ufa motlier win, tn li.vos Bl? faultless.
Piaart Obst-r. tat tr n. 212 Km ton-at., on 111?BJ >?'! pa?M
IV oil Iii I'm strr,.t anil representen lilniaelf aa a private SS>
U-ctlve BBWBtt Boat, Holul.l tho young man that Ie-Iud lien
ni-i.i to a*t. ii him by tba mw.11er wha suspected him of
lavnir niaitaawar with lewatra aafl .(lamond*. TUB -How
avid thai Bc knew aomctblB? ol .v ..if -. babita aid tn-.t Im
?onlil ?Mo ooma unpl___i dim loaurea to tlc roana dj m's
DorbrrnalesB Wolf mra him fflfJO. Wolf fara bim ItOaad
Ksiioaive him tba rest la a few nays. Tba caa* wa*
, |...ii." 1 io riiapactoi livrin* .uni DetooUVB-S?r?s?ola Helli??
icrgaii.l hoian K,,t Wolf tll wrn? a lat?? to /...ni. u.kltn: linn
01 .11tiiiarv-i.-w al Church ami Har.-Ur sts . ali.-n UM SOO
imo i..-!....ii- tar bna. Wh.in im aiita-arwi Im wa* arraatarl
,y iii.natettii.... lia maso a ab?w ol raalaUaoa, bm wa.
won liiN'li'irt.it. AtihaTonilia I'oiioo Coan ft-tenUy ti.a
: wnn l.la, knialt. Jinlgo Wini.. WoaM
-vataienaoiracomplBlDtasanial him, uni ou tho aa??
li mt raqoaat rat???al <:uo.i>-ir mini ta Say.
?ll,.' fiii..n.l ?r J.i^utoiiunl William M. MaSlStft[ I.' H. A..
rim was SUM by Hie auiloaion of a alieil at Sainty ll.H,k ,m
Pa?a?ear, ?ok ylaea at _? Banaa ..f it c. Pf fl awi bs ola
nomi Bl tat tamlly, ut Na. ion Dran si . Hio.klvn rim
?oi\ wi- linoif,1 nm11 Batuly Hook on tim tun Onln.iu.e
?aptaiu. <\lilp|>l? arel ll. In .ml I.millen oct, Uorup lirutl
m. 1. 1 .uni Iii in. 11. n. ai 1 o? lull-ilro? uiiinn iii, n,:...i aa imII
manra. Otu-tl.-tin waaapna? iin> .sun mi noa. rim
tei.lv (1 C. ??iMMivni. <hi|.Li.ii at i mV.'I i, ,1 '. I .,., ,,| |??|
lia I'rol ;>il a. rv.i" fm Hi.1 ile.it. ai? tba I'ml
'?v ft,,- - .i..,i(.:t. mn< ?? 1.. nt Kindly Llgut," "Abbi
1 . )-iti.i.. J.j; ' Ibo UuiUI waa tu lUu
a_li> iiiul ? 0"-..i<i,Hi?
the rsivou Ul MEXICO.
Cop waight, 1*3 stt.
Grant atwuys regirde I tho French occupation of
Mexico and tho establishment of the Empire of
M ixiinilian as t p.irt of the atte apt to subvert our
own Kopublie, and bia indign ition at the course
af N'linoieou lif. on thiseoatisesl was both active
.ml outspoken!, even during tho w ir. I often
heard hun doolam at (.'itv I'oint thst ns soon as wo
hid disposed of t.'ie C mle locates we must i>"i*in
with the ImperislUts; and when tho Kobolliou
WtM a tully erassods lt beOAiSe his tir<t object to
iii-turo tho expulaien of the FlSSOB from the n?it*h
boring eoastry. 0,1 tba iras day of tim grand
review at VsTaehinCtOU iu lsii". he harried .Sheridan
oil to i'lixas, not lenin ' hun timo lil wltSjBSB tba
oone.ssioB ol tbe pageant, asJ gave him secret
orders to watch the course of events ou the Kio
G rando.
Grant bi lorn! BA thia tims hopo.l that Johnson
oould be ludaoed to issue ii peremptory demand for
tho with ir liv ii of the French, and in case of non?
compliance at ynco oller armed assistance to tho
lienuhlic.in*. With tun ho,ie ho ir.ovol a largo
body of troops to the fro.itier, and BhSftd ia un
leisto ni ::. ii ho ii, n ir to ho over-cautious about
srovokmg tue [mperis! foreos on tho other aide.
Mut thegorernmest ofJolmson dil not alura
brant's flews It is prob mle th it tho I'ro-udont
Himself might have boon bioii?,ut to concur in
them, but Seward was entirely oppose I to tho
mum.* thst < inuit rocoiuiiiudo I. It wis tho
llfierenoe bat trees tho soldier and MM diplomatist.
Jr mt waa for prompt action, peremptory doman ls,
nonaces. Md, if BSeaaeaST, war, tiioti'li ho did not
i-I id vu tint wu .veKi ii) nocossiry: Seward
loped to acciiiiplish tho SSSSS object by waiting for
)v.?nts, by skilful min aga n mt, hy diplomatic
lotes and protocols Besides this, Reward may
iave tliouijiit tho province his o .rn, tint hs was
mtttlod to bri mr nb mt tho remit in his own way
iinl acliievs the trin uph that holrtBgsd to bis own
>epartmenl At any rate he dil his best to
hwtrt the ulan proposvl by Grant, and as ho was
u the Cabinet un 1 besides in karma ay witu tin
'resident's domestic policy, hs wou thetis/. His
riows finally oostrolle I the action of tho Uovern
nent. lt Waaaoms little .vliile, however, bsfoM tho
onto,*; wis decided, au I whoa ("rant tirst found
ho intluoiico of tho Secretary hostile, ho waa not
t all discounted, altkosgb diaoloasvl. Since he
auld not have tho assistanci* of So sj ard, ho rosortod
o means of his own d')vising. For li? was very
nindi in oaruost, and boliovel tint dilatory
ItStsMBSOJ "Sight, result iu tho establishment of an
mpire in Mexico.
Three mouths after th >'eloso of tho w ir ho aout
leseral -Schofield, in whoso ability and discretion
0 Ind great conti leuce, ou a peculiar errand,
ehotield was nominally or leroi to mite an in
peetiou of tho troops ou tho Kio Grande, but ho
?ms furnished willi .1 loavo of shissea with por.nis
ion to visit Motto*, ruislnl ooju granted wit!
ho coneiirreiic) of tha Prod lent, who hu I full
i i v.-- i? ? of tho object iu view.
At the same time Qrsst wrote ts Sheridan that
h to mist bo a largo a no.mt of emf ur* I ordnance
it his c in n iud, as will .is *? similar articles " loft
hero by.disehit-evil Union soldiers Sheridan w.is.li
li ted tj so.id none of these " artloles " to the North.
Eather place then,'' and ')raat,**ooaveaieot to
ie permitted to 40 into Mexico, if they eau bo got
uto tho hin ls ot* tua defeo tors of the ooly govorn
iieut we recoguise in tint ooautry.*' Ho oosttassd i
1 tnipc r; ni ni Scbodeld nay ?? with ortera tn rooetre
I.e." iii Helsa, lint 1 ne lines 11 it I know it swill mi-nt Wltn
lenora! approval tn let hi ni ii ire 11 ie m. If cut-my orUors
.iv mi! receive!, ll isa tl tod Uni r.uin itinu un tis part
1.'tua people of the fn t-d st. .ti*, iii l 1 thuin my-eif
nie in siiynia nu the p.ut of tuu I'r .ideat Uso, t'l.it un
.1111nna shall mit tm aatatiUslta i mi t na uoiitiii.nit. ny lae
tl 1 of (oratan tayoaets. a war a 1 1 ia peel of tu.*, u itt*. 1
?t .tea ls to n? nv,11 In I, if 1 oiallil.t, hut lt trill l)M "letts to
:n in m ir un <-, w.n 11 mit iitt e ni 1 .fiv tn tn tue M-xic
uni artt e tho i|a-*attou, than to have lu protpeeta
.re.itrr mot s t'.t to co.il*> if i.'luve 1 until t ie e.iipu-t, is
Ml 11 1,alie 1. Wa wa 1. t uni. to ut i the Sorloans witnout
miiiiI cause of war bntive-'ii th- LT.ult) I states
'line.i. Brimen toe woold o? empire or Maximilian
Lui tun Unit-Mi r-t.it-s nil ll lie ill. e.lll ntsily ne settle!
e, observing tue Mine seri ol leotrality teat bas be
msei'veil tower I iis tor tie inst to ir yearn. Tula is a bttlo
11 leiinlt'. ;is .1 iett.-r ni instinct ona to lu* -internet Kv. 1
io,in wit 'i t ? i -> mi niiy iceive tn t < lilStrUCttOnl I'i
nora poaitlve t' rms. iVltu a k lowietiga oi t ie faeu he
me win. uowerer, Hint tun iifeito.1 ilesre is lei! [., see
i . aral Ooveruiuent ma end m gea ou, aa i a >
I..nhl ?,i?!s ii tue sim t j Stine Of Oiir rtg'i n .leii.iu.l
ila ant eu loree tue ?lemana' with tie wb ile strenato of
rn- i'lit-1 Btetee.en-1 yo ir own 1'idgiuaut etve-i yes*, a
ms .1 aetlou tbat will aid you I will reooianinul In a
?* nura that you be itheoted to diseiiarg-) nil toe Maa
ou tulsa e.in un -cure i hom ile Department of I'ex.is.
rttere they nu* k Trine r*an?j***et,floa 11'neb hum ?* re
ll who ilesir ? to ict'i'ii. You ure uirire timi tMimUnq
nins permit ditenn <;<<i aoUltrrtiorttautthjtirarmtmd
ecoutremen tut tote rates SxeJ in orders.
This lotter w ts delivered to Sjhotield to c.irry to
tieri t in. ll .v is on tho JJ tb of July, Hil"), th it
rr^ut wrot i: "It is mo ti *io 1 dot-Tin i itiou of tbs
eoplo of the Unite I statos tint aa a.apire sinll
it be aatabllabed ou this continent by tho aid
f foreign bayonets'*! and ou tho nth of Sept usher
il lo wing slr. de ward wrote io air. Bigelow*, sst
linster to France: ?" Wa donot indst ord.inn
lat Mexico mi tin other States os tha Aiasriaeu
I'ltiu-'iit shall adopt tho politic,il institaiioteto
diich wo ara so earnestly altaclio t, but w i do
old tint tbe pondo of those cou itries uro tn
rorcis) the free lom of aboosiag an 1 astablisblng
istit ni.ms like our o*/n, ii! tber are preterreLM
ho jilifferenea in tone an I langa iga bel ween tho
>l lier au 1 tho stitoonii WM indicative of tho
iSoience lu tho me.ms 'noir dositol lo oiu.doy, to
seompliah, aerertbeleaa, tho s.i.uieu I.
Grant did not write to Sch nield for nearly a year.
ut mi tho 'J Itu of MaMb, Ht.ii. ho saul to that
I hive navet- writton to you since yoir (tepertore, fae
h. ri.4s.iii.: Firsts beeaoee l weaefiel-l toaeasl tartaigs
li Ul ills, bet Hie Inlier s m.li 1 fa.I imo t.ie lulu ts of ill i
renell aul'inrilies. Seeoi.il, hetaus- I cj.il l not ?.y
artidag wulab wo iii lie agreeable to Mr. tawarl,aati
I<1 nu hue. therufiiro, tn sen I hy ins in iii. I muli', mil
ihlra reii-iin ninl say that Mr. s. keeps tue wuoie i|iii*a
ob between tba United States and Mexico so ht- oggel
..it I know not ling melly io write apee Ibe mi lect teat
? I ilo not learn iroui ie i ag sra or thu country. It
mks tit nie serf muon as if Mr reward's Dolley was to
uni '.lie I." v.-1: i _,ien i unit let din Imp-trial eal.Un nu neill
.ki. it-, challis's fur siiceess or 'allure, if ba baa a fas*
nilly in the mallar, t think it leans to Imuenal imea*a
i tins watter, however, I wa* da bioi in'Battoe One
iiinr is eel ein, bo waver, with the praaeul policy, aaa it
mks a. If lt M.ls til eellll'iUO, 'he inculs nf tho Minara!
nveri,mont nf Meilo cnn do BOtblilJC IO hslp lt. I'nder
taea c r. uDataeoM I weald sty t icre is so aeeeasitj fer
. u remauuB*" lomter abroad, enlaas ymir Isstrneilaos
??lUlrs it. . . . It I was to try tn i;ive yu i tin i Dsltlro
rnrniiitinu in re^anl to our lecithin, witu Mm loo, or
it I tun luau Wtwksepa trimps t .ero, I could uni <lo so.
t-t mt il any nothuiic more eon ttilintc IO the Kuij cror of tno
much t.au Mh.it i bara bara staled, but nirthta< mom
-t.istff.il !o him tlWO that tue American peo| lo iire
uiteil In their ileteniileiinou tn.tt his r.-u?i en il i? soatJ
?lit shsli weae. Anuttier election will ito a'..y liriiut
iis bitter fu *t clear te'ore bis nanni. I regret tuut lu*
[piilaion h.ni aol been tbeelosiasaeane la tbe great
ru-?; in tbrouiih wateb nie aonatry u ai ;us: Baaaa I. and
h I uh be eoiitrihuio'l mrnely to protract.
It will bo noticed that Grant speaks of tho oxpnl
on of tho " Emperor of tho French,'' evidently
Harding tho Mexican potentate as only the tool
' his jjroat PTO tarty pa in Frame.
Dil tba 'JOtli of July. l-HW, Grant wrote to
Your dispatch relative SS snlllin* His arms at lirowus
II* to tue la'-erals w.is referre i ny me te toe Prosilent.
ruQ/ly reeniiimeii'lel. I sis > saw the I'resldeul lu per
n u'linit lt, wno Midi " BTbj east wo let them have
em I" Tbe sunleut will bu up t.efnre tho faioiiel to
iv, amt as -nuard is absent, I uni lu bopea lt Bill he ae
led tn let tlieni HO. iVln-'liet tull .S dillie or Dot tba
hern!* are now getiiiu arms. I aol tue .Suerelary nf
e rr.uit'iry to i-'lve cliurauces for a tai in lot of ar.us for
?ownsvilie, for eximrt beyoul tim limits of tno fm tod
?!??, Some ur.* new mi tim aay, hii.I ollie s will fol
w. Tbera baa bess iBtlreiytoe ruufh lukewnroiunn
? .ut Waablaatsu la Maxieaa atlnrs. lawaliald timi
univ vet Ciinse us troilhle. ft looks to nie very much
ii Niipuleun w.is BOtaa to settle tbs European n..arrel
ills own way, thus mii Wi ii >- hlresnll Mreofer l ian e?er
tore. If he Mes, will nu net compel Austria lt. sustain
e imperial Qoeernmeat with such aid ms he wi 1 kuo I
iis looks to me to no tito >l toiter to anieUend. Von
d I should, amt we hs ve dono lt, si I tba I.i'*er.sl cui-n
Hiring tuoiii Ul tim euciiinuemeiit w? can. A Muli
p tn tbe i.inerii novernrsent hus been coniirireit. but be
i iii i * a'.niit Wusmutrton, wnlUiW for *Jf- s- *? tITn
in ins laatraettoee.
Du the :ioth of July Grant wrote again to
itridaa : u aiuco tho issssi Bal our neutrality laws
un iu hopos of being able to ?et authority to
?BUSS of all our surplus BfSBBBSltiss Wltkls your
luiiiund to tho Liberals of Mexico. Bawafi isa
werful pru ri, ul jilly of Louis Napoleni, in mr
inion, but I am strongly IB ka BS that his aid
H do the BrspiVS no troll." Un the Utu of
Tuber ho ,i.i:
?.'.iel..soi isniiyoitw) latnn faraUbeism bytba
?ii.n. Minister, ono I, rroui the aaj'-ot uf t io I.lui,I
iveramenl of Mexiee,eal tun ot mr is au lutt'reepte I
-voi m.iy axvlaiulua iteoU. Hom Int tue aasut uar
Jii'ttte tha o-?|*e? of Rant* Anna and Mr. Saward cor
rectly I do not know. Hut I do not believe fh.it either of
those parties la fa vera Ide to ISO f.lbafsl OB BM. My owa
opinion I. th it the Interaat of the Unit-? stale, tm I duty
la lo see that foreian Interference with tha alair* of tba
continent um pat aa end to. rimre I* bal one tintern
?neut In Monro that haa ?ver tieeti ree )-'olzen hythe
United States, and SM must respect tha dalma of tba!
Oovernrr.out anti adranoe its .marco's in avery way wa
Baa, ft I* probable tnar yon may hnve on .?,inopt.li.ltV Of
lu Igloo- tba dosla-na of Hauta Anna -neill I he alt-nipt te
send a lorna to the KL. (Iranda. Hhonl t lila deal*-iis bs
Inimical to tha (i?vernu.enr of ?f??|eo with whieh w* ara
at lama, the a-one duly In nliedienoe to oar own neutral?
ity laws com nala us to prevent the flttini ?? it or exi-e.ll
t ons liostila to that QiiferaSMBt that .t.tel tn fha mu
of the I inn io ii].i.-ii.n,.i|t against flair Nor' aro i.elirhlm*.
I hore la hut one jarty, one (Joreraa?nt In Manoo,
whose complaints or w.shes h ire dui... lo respeni fiom
us. Vo poley has been adopted hymn Government
which autlmrl/.as n* to Interfere direeflv on Me,lean aoll
wtu thal seastry, hut thera la sofa?m tkal I know or ut
pre.ent the free pasaa.e og paosM ar mat ria I ?olng
through aur ten-it ry to ihe aid of fh? r <ogniz?l Unr
erutnenr. Our nea'r-tllty should t>rot ot o ii al'nwlng
tn? anme tidna when flie otilert ls to mik ? var c.|?n th il
Government, ao Low aa we are at peace ultu lu
It would be hard for the most a.couipliahed
doctor of laws to turn the neutrality acta both
ways mere skilfully to suit his own purposes. Ye!
who can contest the Ingie of Grant's reasoning or
the justice of Ins conclusion*. I
Hut however profoundly ho disapproved of
Sowar l's curse, Qi_al had no douro to criticise or
censure a?-.inlier of the dovomm mt li afore the
country. He hail a soldier's regard for official
propriety, anl beanies he could not bit entertain a
genuine admiration for many points in Sear .rd's
char?"tor as well as for his public services. On
the 'list of October he wrot? azain to Sion lan :
-inr-e the ptldicitlon of jour letter of tbe TA I inst., Uli
Brevet ItiUallor-ii.-neral -.-d.-wico. lt mav BS po,?lble
t'cif you or I may oe eal lo I ou for a copy or fi" Instruc?
tions under whloh you ore such Instruct inna. My le'tar
or tue BIB of October contained soma past mes ablch ll
wo -1 I nat he well io give to tue pul) b\ and were confi?
dential, tho iuh it ir ves aut torltr for lust tue Instruc?
tions you have given to Gemini Sedgwick, birring iier
BRSS calling Maximilian a BBS08Saar. I .nc thouglit ll
,.roper io renew m.- lettor to you for orfleial recur I. leaf?
ing out tha oii'i', ?i.n.iii o ins-.t.-et [those reterrlnc IO
-eward). Do not understand treas shrl iking from tba
res,Hin.iiul tv ot tba latter I wrote to yo t. < m tha con?
trary I am d ligiitad with your lelter. lt wilt hare a
great "Sect In sustaining the cause of Juar.'i both by en
courtgtng hts adherents and hy discouraging other
factions. In view nt tha fant that Max and Hie r*ranab
are .1 ont gola z out of Mexico, lt might hara Loon wall to
nave left out the term imcoa teer. tf. however, the ex
plan.ttio i I, calle I for, I will be Ria loren of the uae of
that expression.
Thus tbe matter draggo 1 ah. ng fir nearly two
years, (irtiit doing everything tn Ins piwerto
hasten the result at which ho was aiming, aud
Seward imposing < J ran t's measures if uot Ins object,
ia every possible way. In coaters atina with
journalists ami other leaders anl makers ot
opinion .'.mt constantly sought to create a public
feeliug in favor of doman hug the withdrawal of
the French. I remember ou ono occasion, at a
reception given to him at the ITniun League Club
in New-York, ho so far deoartod fro a his custom
aud did violence to hisarlinarv inclination as to
force himself to utter a few words in public, almost
a speech, indicating how strongly hu .?aired tho
intervention of our Goveruruoat.
The couutry, however, did not respond vory
ardently to these utterances, and I have no
doubt now that Seward's policy was more ia
accord with the general sentiment. Tho
nation did not fed so keenly as Uraut on the sub?
ject, nor did it apprehon 1 tue danger that he saw
in delay. Ibero waa a pnvalent belief that Louis
Napoleon's only object in Mexico hal been frustrat?
ed when Leo surrendered, snd that the French
wore certaiu to withdraw if allowed to do
so without nnneceasiry humiliation. Indeed,
bad tho Nation been Dolled tim majority
would probably have endured the es?
tablishment of a monarchy iu Mexico rather than
engage at that time in another war.
Nevertheless the lena!tura ot tho ft SB OB and ths
downfall ot Maxi uiiiau we.-.- doubt'oso acceler?
ated by tho urgency of iii.mt au I tue knowle lg*.
Napoleon ha 1 of <irani, s popularity tn 1 indue ice.
The French Vlinistor to tho Uti ito I States, tha
Marquis de Mombo.on, was married to au A. aeri
cau, aud doubtless reported tho situation carefully
to his master. Grant look gool care t'.iat tho
euvoy should kuow his tiews. I visited tho Mon
tliolous fret|uently. an 1 he insructed me to bring
up the subject often ami to be explicit ia expressing
hie opiuinus.
In ImiI" tbe French were dually with ira.va and
Maximilian was left to bistate. Ho teas speedily
captured, au 1 tLen a determine! e.i >.: was made
to save bis life. Foreign tiovoiiim ? iti addie .sod
mir own on the subject, and vii. Ba var I ma.lo a
form il application to tue Mexicans iii the ex.-bia*
peror's behalf. Hut the Liberal .ioveruiumt louie
UM ground tb kt lu* penal piot-nl- is ii ut learn
t hat they can to I their litres IB their bands wben
ti .ey attempted to overthrow the Bel icaa sfspab
lie, amt that tile traitor aaa as guiltv wnoi mocu od
a Ilium.? .isillioli.nl mule ivor d tn ..vortui ii ona
Maximilian was tried like ene other individual
who ooiiglit tn sundae the institut'') is of tho B_MB|
bo was io,md gmltv .ml shot?a lassos lu M u-nep?
ers will long ro Bomber, Graut co.iired in tlio
bob traci jaatioe asat Mm political piopnetyaM tue
act Vii..i. wore ma lo to in luce lum to recom?
mend cli'iui'iicv, for his iii ll nen oe woul I have neon
Very gre.it arith UM Movie mis. who knew h.?W
ardently he had support*.I their cans*, but he
stormy refused to inlet fore. Indeed, his iu licet
.idvice to tho Mexican Minister at vv ..abington,
doubtless coiliniltlicatiod to Ins I iovern noni, was in
favor ol 'neting the same punishment to a crowned
i).I.-:..lei as to himmler "il in us.
Heaever forgave tue bonapartes. When be w..s
in bingi.iud and a guest at my bouse, h.- was in?
vite by Mr., now Sir Ai gemoa Hort ii wi k. tho
proprietor ol lie Sluming Punt, a in au ol political
an i social Impel?'ROB, aud who had lit?R a alamil
friend ot Napoleon III. Ide party was a bleak
fast m the country to moot ibo Friars linnet i.ialf
li rant declined the invitation pout.-ly ; but tm s nd
to me that ne was unwilling to snow any court'ay
of a -ligniiicaiit character lo tho sou of the maa
who had so injured tins eoautrj at tba bbobmbI sf
its gieate-t peril. I went to tho party, for lion ti?
wi.-k h .d always ben civil to ino. and when 1 was
present?! to the Prince ho inquired very cour?
teously aboat (ieneral (Iraut. Un my rotarn I re?
peated bis remarks, for I al a ays told IJ rant what?
ever Bl is oai.I :o me about him, of wliat'-.or char?
acter; blithe was in no decree m. illino.I. Ito waa
inver gool at concealing emotions "la bar-uor
character, anti disliked to the last all hollow cour?
tesies, l'he Km press heard some of his critic!-ms
BB-i retaliated 'ii kimi.
In Hie la>t mouths, almost the last weeks, of
Orant's liff, when as bbb elosiBR hts eras bbssj the
dissensions and rancors of tins word, alter he had
forgiven the South ann spoke kindly even al hose
erana and JefTert?a Uavis. he mi ii! retained au IBB*
placable dislike for Louis Napoleons .nts anfl
character, lu the concluding pages ot Ina Memoirs?
writ tau under tho very shadow ot thu o. . tin: ot the
Destroyer?may bo fouud these line, !
" I did not blaine (-'rance for her part in ths
scheme to erect a monarchy upon the i nins of ilia
Mexican l.epahlic. I h ii wis the scheme ot one
man ar?boot genies Of merit. Ile had succeeded
in stealing the t.overtimed' ot hts coimtiv and
MSdo a Change tn its form against tim wisiios aud
inter.'.to ol his countrymen. Ile tried to plav the
part of the first Napoleon without tli? ability to
sustain that io e. Ile sought by now cObMjb?BBJ to
ad.! to lue empire aud bis Story; lint tbe BtffSMJ
failure ot his scheme of conquest was the precursor
sf bia esra overthrow. . . . The third Napoleon
could havo uo claim to haviug done a good or just
net." Adam ll a Dr: ai .
While Michael Km kc, driver for a brick dealer, was
unloading his oart at the foot of Kt?t Seventy -fourth
it., yesterday morning, he aaw a luau ol' middle age
aaik to tbe end ol thc per and benin dctii'crutelv to
noires, himaelf. Tbe mau looked like a laborer and
nore oliu.ji'v clothes. When he had tain i, mt hu hal,
?oat and wuiotco.it. and had laid them carefully on tha
itrtngpioce, Barks called out: ? What are yoe
laing there 1" Without waning to reply the man
jumped into tho water. Ila was drowned, but Ida body
roul.I not be fouud. Ilia bat, coat and w. mt coat wera
fat ried to the police ataUon iu Uti. luuth-at. In one
nf ilia pocket* aa* a lottor which had BSSfl se ut on
Marchi* from un Ulterior towu of Ioni.sy Ivania IO
a Ibiinud Uerhoritv, No. Al Urey s berry l.o.ul. ,'luia
lo'plda, oare ot Anure* Uoyle." It merely eoutaiuod
tba iniormativn that the writor, a B?SM ot lierhertty,
iad lound work. I ho letter also commned ti lia-lypa
aletare of a woman. Tho police co,nd not bud oat
a herc OSRRtBf?J had lived recently.
rajta? * .lumby ant U?t".'livoa Mut ai thy aut loray mada
i rani ou Aiinii.u-no'k-l'a hou.e, N... IBI K..nt Twuuty aec
_gsi bb Pi?opslgtiiaatama?al tuc jBtaj .uni wire*
aaa, Tlo-y BRM ca|.iiirnd Minmi Mi. Shay Bel Jualloa
Do Hy laauad IBs wanam aa comb?tat ol a bawlaaaM woman
laiuo-l Myla Van liuri n, win) aant lum alu., ii ni i*eo au ia
iiatool tin- l.i.uoi' Int ., lu.inlli, hill had tried lo leav* ll OB
,i-?iijiii)| lie cl'l'tn >" ?l oilier illunie-. Illa. Mot kai kef-V
II..4II tuMala and i.iounii i.iiiuiii at OTOO Irani baa*, him lo.l
ll... li nasa 14 li Imo: tinnu .Hld tl.c.I lo lefin o. ' ot wa. Iiomnlisl
hui oi uy.-iy baardiaa linos.' aaa araatl la By Uta won?a, wita
ala.. I) ismI la> tliiu.? liol ouioi ?vui y anna Lon .imi oliiaii'wL
V\ 0. n I'... pl l.o ms ii. ie !'ioiii,-rit up ye;, i.'.ai ni Hi* Vj"'"
,... -.1 .i !.... D. iiual aa. livid <U fg-OOO bail tor
'.?..nu.un.a ? ilouisa..i.i.?i ..ainre. riivut.'.ai a" a wore nu.sl
HOau-L u.e ..no. ?.-..? .iia-n-iia.-.i. ?iu. n..i aa. alaa .lla
? .ii .a no ie 41.1 not a.. iii I., ki...* ?.i I. a .m.'? lloma*. Mr*.
Stu io I .ina i? I i ni T-''"i> tun li.r rkaiuiualiuii. Ainoog tho
?iou ., a, * .<?<Il?' Ink Hool AllMliy, ? no o.tllllclid tulolho
ai... i,ii44.| io., (..not aud Mould na." I.rou,. .1 lu. wiluaad
;hl?l t.mtu, it I?? ta?bad BB* uin.uial iu. ?)it aa WMaukar
_!-? lau toa?

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