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Y0L XIV!_Nc# 14,58...
Tua "met man" a cat*paw ix tub hands c
IMF. VACANT .?_-?_
Ibt OAS-B T*. thi? TRinr-ir.1
Cnpvriu'it | IfJM j Sorth Ame-ican cnble yrwlCt
London. Oct. __.-The Vienna la-lsafS-i-il <
Sar Haily lotomrepA arnds tho fi.llof.iiiB mmWJBM
?__- Hub-Brian K<'{-<n?y nccmiipaiiicd by a lan
tnmilKT Hlfilr lafl S"l'i>". TmdAWAmP tor ll
nova, whop thc mal Sobtanje will bc ot. encl o
fun.lay tsBXt lt is e-fw t.-.I Unit us -fats, sa bes
Bj ss -raffais an attcini't will be niu-lc by tlte Z__
?Hist tiraairsitii.il |e muter all ilcbat. ini'tor-sibl
lt Hair efforts are friiKiratcd Hie election of a nc
Tiinu" will taka place at uucp. It -nwaif that
-teiutation has left Sophia for St. IVtcishui-:, I
artier to pave thc way fur B reconciliation, bl
this stvi> tuts bun taken imleja n lciitly ol Oii'ti
Ivaulbars. who atroiu-ly ili>H|-ptovee it.
"Ihe K._en.y bau two < ?ii<li.lat? - in viov
|*f__a Waldemar of Denmark anl the linke t
Ol.leiil.ntV. both of them reputed to be BB fav<
at St. lV-toisbinv. Hut there is no evidence t
Show- that B?K?I thinks of either of ttiem for tl
l.HBTB-1aB throne In Vi. mia it is considered ba
poli.\ for the N.bran e to elect a l'tince before tr
i.ivvcrs comp to some ___ra-B__-__. anion-' _B_
selvea as to a nominee acceptable to them ol
It BBBf very well iBapticn that tho Sobi*anie woiil
elect a Frt-H- la whom either KU-te or Kimo oth(
rower obj.-, tu. but the R-g-aogr is not tttsparssd t
Brat! until thc Powers make np their minis on th
subject. whi< h dins not seem likely to rrapiien fe
tome time to come. Rumors current here to da
altout the tatara, of lYine Alexander to Bu'cati
ai? not believed. A few days aco a penllcn.a
Who ha* bun a food deal in l*rin<?? Ale.andei
coin|-ny, iiif'.tmed me that His Uaflmssa hit- lt
lunated to members of the i.e+rcncy his inhn'.io
of not acce-ftino; the tliii>ne even if offered him h
tho Sohi-ane. P_nn.Tf.nf the theory of Pl_
Alc-un Ib__ return to liulpatia as eminently in
?.lttcticiblc. there is little prospect of a rcconcll
at it n bern-' I fleeted between the Keaney an
"M. Neklindoft has supported reclamation
Uiu.te by (.mei al Kaulbais txoat Rust-huk cor
t_n_Og the alleged excesses on tbe part of th
local authorities durini- the electoral campai-i
and Hie M?_fS_' of Foiei-n AlTairs has re, lied b.
inviting Gi.?aral Kaulbars to si-t'< ify when, wher
iir< h? whom the c\< c.-ses complained of wrrre com
milted, as he coiiflnes himself to a vague and _tc
ei_l state?cut
v... ..au t a. ha. the Turkish Commii_-0_er, ha
expressed his WeBTBt to the Goveinment that tl.
Dl-enii-" of the Sobianje should Bot have ben
po*.t|>oiied. but at the same time has said that lu
would not abandon his mission of wad-atv n
Now,ac00rfd?Ul to absolutely trustwoitliy infonna
tk_ in my possession, UfatlbaB la ha, or tl_*sM win
BS?I him. have very bii_ular meas of What bc calli
c..ii. illation, sine his return to Soi,Ina he ha1
simch balked ur the Russian Consul in ev erv
sin.'le Step tts laitei has taken. I can lositivelt
aflirm tbal in foin- so Gadban l-acli is onlv mri
in ? in strict rn .ordain c willi ld- Instruct- n whici
rmiv bf UtUS sui,'!,it'd up: I ii r_-tl__to? cn e .i
ti"h wih tha C_u*"a rajinafntaiive Ibis is fo
1. e ini'ii.'iit bv far the ni'st serious liafure in Itv
__an-t__ crisis Tl? un_C?i_otah? ntpprvM lie
iio'ii* of tie IV,ile with l.'iissia will baa- to Ix
tlc.roii-'blv sifted when Slr Willam Whits arrlvri
ht tvii-limiiimille 'lb' new Rnslixh B?ibaSfa?oi
j- |? !|. vc I |ri hav,- had a mission lo K 'i: Mi ar
nt visch i:ni M Nei. ItiidoiT ts naturally if-ileiru
hav iv hi a t Slili si lr-, onl tal-in nd ar,'a ?
ol thc sin''* tura he hus left hefo r r-lr N il iam'i
n i-r al ii order linn a'< th- forte rn j in' a.tinr
with Riiaata H< i,; even S'lPpoaal t" l-? in les vor
in f.' bnrty about soire rnt ate berwevn Turkey
nu i I'tiiiit* ami his own timeinm nt in rle*, ol
hat' !?ena ? I n'land in F-ypt M. Ndolnloff is
t Viv in' tn-Uv i-i u. li IhC tome pa't at Ci'ii-'anu
Tl "'e as did I'n tl' 'al If ii.il a-IT, WfBtBM I UI'',1 I? wn>
i nd \\h" di, lum,lin ininti n- I? i-- oh.-ci . fag
to ii ?? letter
'* 'he VVaM 'fir Preaat, nt Vienna, m'ivs: ' Fnr
aaVerj aad In riasnair, the I'nr'o onofl m^re seeks tnt
il. ii ive projection of Rnaaia. Bf tina means it
hopes, parbapa, to lar banda ne mi on Ran'ern
liti'iif'ta. rim r wonl I mit nt rn wi'h If uss an
plans mil it aaaeatrs t'ln' I'linKlavt^tM, who ore
oiheririaein faforol fioient ne?sniasi.ara oi)i>o?eti
tn the Decimation nf Bnlarann bf Rnsaian r_roorsi
biiijoi' rlii'v aoBrahend Ibil Mic 'lurks intirhi
citer EUsstern Bn"nelia .iihI qnietlf oeenpv tho
Balkan omi,***. Whatefer the Kuaaian Ambsusdor
in if hav ? i'i')mis,> I. the ( / ,r will rmf act uri tn it.
1,'nos a io nafata* l'iir'<ev 11k?> ii ehcs-i-til'iyr i? usi'icr
a Dawn | it i< mored ff.rw.trd to ant bora *a ths nd
vts rvs attention fro-n other pieces and rs '?*
fiflrad a*h*>n tbs main objeetla attained, ritrk?v
has never beni so III- iilv is-'tl as Hhe i? ar present bv
aMowini* her-teif ro be taken In hv Rt_t_?'
" lt is i i'i Mi'ic.'il from st, Petarsbni- tli-it tbe
Ameer >' Bokhara b_a anthnrised tbe trans-oti of
Ku- ? 'roo i- fi,un lurke-tun to Merv through
Bokhenan tcniiorv."
" -?
Til.: f/DO-aCHOlfi-.a BTTACEKO HY Nkw AL?IRS Of
TIIK KlltV fA-tTT.
London, Oct. 24.?Mr. Gladstone while fcll
Iri. a tra<< at Ila war lau ea *)ialur I ir route,I a nant of
Wo spa. Tti'-y male aa attack upon lum. In rooaeqiienoe
ol wliii'ii ti ? wa* un itit" to attan.l etiurcti to i! i\, aa bia
fara waa bailly swollen from l!io i-lleot of tbe Inaecie'
CoXSTAlfTINOt'LBi Oct 2-1.?In adtlitiori to
ar ler. for new lorue.lo Ima'a tba ftultan baa cuiiiiuanilo.1
tb*- A iiuiraity'oexpenl ai.tV00,000ea mau-, >f- war. In
vif w af tb- mata. _? 1-iatlaS laaaeaa tii? Cab!n?: _1bib>
ter. .)i>|i't*i-rm* uaw pro)--.t nf Hm BBltaB, e*p>-cia.ly
in-- Uraii i V'/:?r, wbo atrou-ly obiectuU to the biiili*!n?
of l-fpft-le bo_i..
LeOKDOn, Oct, 24.?Thc Earl of IdibsU-ii-li,
MlniaftBf af I'nrai-n A fl ur., anti Sir Lyon Pl iffalf
loir., lie-ii noiuiuale 1 tor tue rector.blp of E llnbur/b
t'tiiver.ity. Sir Lyon Playfair waa formerly prefaarftaf
Ot elietui.trv lu I Ba arnver.ity and for maur year, repa
reaouie.l ilia*, inaiitutiori In tbe House of Cu iii in ona,
Lord Iiide.leii-b ia ma preaen! incumUeul.
Pt m.in. Oct. 21. - .Mr. Scully, a |aj*fe land
ewiierin Tijipernry, baa aiiared _5 per rent of tbe
faaiefat reata Tbia i. um i.rireat reitucuou made lu
Til'pi-r.ry anice Hie judloiitl r. nta were e?tut>l.ana<l. -Mr.
beni y. in luforuilna ms teiiant* of t lie rad Oft! lon, .aid be
eoutii aai Isaara ilia eoaaiiian of eirrum.i iseaa ai tba
pre-em time, unit waa prepared to .uara witb bi. ten
Buia liieriiaiile lo.,, a.
MB-0RTAL on m; iu:.->o.TURKI>U wai:.
St. PUBBa-OBO, Ot. 21.-The Czar to-day
OiiTeinrl a memorial ot the Ru.ao-liirkl.ii v?,r wi-*u
fr, at peaap iu u.e saaaaaa? of a Bt-Uiaai ftatberiiiif.
London, 0et.25.-T_- di-ath in ai.iiounced
tl, !!nL'.'n, "?;re"*'r,ck IVrdin.nd von Beuat, tbe dla
ti^ulaueai Geraaaa .taleao.au. In bl. BeTeuty-eigbili
Montubai. Oct. 2? (.Sprcia.'j.--Coli.iierM,
Dcualil, luniauaftaot lu lhal irin- _! .
ama t^t-aBiTK^^'S 2_ lu lu" c,tf
the.!-,rc,e. Uart Kat _uJ ?*?. "-B^t^l:
toro-O frau. ?>:,aw_, waar, t,..- U14 ._?,. .J^
before I'reinior Slr Jonu Mactonai, ii,a chief. ,t,.
tba: the/ want a horse aud bur*.? for eaob thief aa Uia
Ouieriiin.ni -are these tn tb'. Illaehteet. wh? ?a-? ..
"Berat Sfttefa l-ft white motlier hal. Hi?T _u,f 1 "
better l.ni-iia.eu;. ia uoappolinel. Ju la^Tlwima.
Iit-i.1.'-t raia Bays tie heta l one farm inaiructor ao _ "ui
tbat tie n Ter went iu.oi.laof bia door. n,rf Cnitd _.__
be. u ian !!,,,?, ?a tlJC w-r ,,_Ul -rUl,_ ,4_ lmT ?
wu. uerer n.. ,u arm. aataiii.t tbe whit, mother.
^ Ta nam a, Oct 1 7.-The St ,r and Herald says :
*? K-i'ori. are In ciicuiiilou of ihe muruer of Mr. Johu
Mysrs, aita oi the Unite- r-tai.s Na.y, maA there seems
tobe fouudaiion lor tl.etu. ila w.s paruiaiter'a cirri.
for .oma time on board the United Mate, .teamer
Ironii.,.. Ba, L- ,pfl lLe v,i>e, H. t,.l!ito M ( u u mW
?"'i-?<yadlaUirui.lft,t?eo,auol hlmmto the Interior'
for naas Be-aBaa u nut .tated. n wm ?_**??_
?, & ^epTlf r-tfa-a.^ ta^-ilS
anet., p., B..uBleauaa?i.<i ??i ,? d.ahoiiaaiy ? "hat Tnl
seamen i??d ma notes to. ail the fteaarao BM aateas*
In. to them ; inst ne u ,. ample mean, io uar the u ami
git wnen a.t l.e.r.l from, ."arly ,_ 5alT. ^S'," a
ae?-* ou hts way borne ami would explain ereryi_!_s
satisfactorily. The belief ls that bs wes murdered by
the guides be employed.
a -
inv 0??S to thf. Tsinrws.l
Copyright i 1HS0 i K'ortA American Cable Seuit Ott,
London, Oct. 24. ? The courts of law will
reopen to-morrow and Ridgway, the publisher, will
lodge bis defence In the action for libel brought against
Lim by P.. Kt. John Ureaon. The libel ls contained in a
paragraph of tbe imf famous pamphlet, "Tbs Repeal
of the Uuion Conspiracy; or, farnell aud tbe L IL te."
and is aa follows :
"Another stormy petrel nf Fenlanlam ls Edward St.
John Rreuon, member of the ttavage Club, who passed
atone time weekly between Paris aud Loudon on busi?
ness of the I. H. H., In ItttVflfc Indeed, the 'Tribune,'
the name by which Ureuon ls known iu the brotherhood,
is very proud of hts ambassadorial functions, snd in
those ni'.incuts of solf-iultiulenl Importance which often
follow a few bottles of ciiampagno, win show to thn in?
credulous his credentials, written in I.inn and signed
by the greet Mccafferty himself, llrenon's special busi?
ness has beeu to devote himself to coiiuterwoikiiig the
detectives of heotlund Yard. Ou one occasion he reo
Uer-d the presence in Paris of Inspector Moses impos?
sible when he was engaged with a large staff in tracing
dynamite operations."
The defence is In effect that the pamphlet was puh
liaho.l lu 1 *s-ti, wh?n Carnell and some iiieiulters ot the
I. I'., ll. wore agitating lo secure a repeal of Ibe Colon ;
that certain members of Parliament wore engaged In a
treasonable couapii-acy lo esta lilah au Imiepeiiileut R-t
pi I. ic in Ireland ; llt.it IO carry out the ubjeots of me
I'.rmhi i hood lireiiou emin ivore.1 to prevent the police
delecting and arresting m inners nf the Rrothnriiood
who wera selector! to pm parata ou reis aud in inlet ;
that tbe matters al.eged were of pnbno Interest; that
the words complained of were fair comment on the con?
duct of Itreii-in and other member, of tbe Brothernood
and pull.is.ie,I wiiiui.it mallee.
Ridgway further alleges Unit the so called libel ls true
in Mil.stance. I tie case ls to be tried by a special jury
and lt will probably be disposed of In tbe early pan of
next yeai. Hir Lyon I'layf.nr. Mr. Parnell and Mr. (Glad?
stone are likely t > be summoned as witnesses.
It has been decided to abiandou the telegraph station
for vessels ut I as; net In eeneeauenee jf tho .lillie.1.., of
keeping the cable there in gun l order. In future ves?
sels will be telegraphed from lirow 'leal
St. Pail, Oct. 24 {Special).?Tbe plans of the
Duluth, M'uilisiiore and Atlantic Railroad, which bas
Just purchased the Detroit, Mackinaw and Marquette
road, do not seem to be generally understood. The
new route from Duluth io tbe t-ault ute.
Marte will be inade up of a combi?
nation of roads, with new mads to Hil the existing gaps.
Thn intention ls lo use tba Northern Pacific from Duluth
toa point near Ashland, Wis. Prom thoie a line will be
built south of ibat lowu in order to eabap*. the beary
grade In and out of Aaliiaud. This Hue will be continued
to the Oiitonagon an.1 linne River road an t then lo the
Marquette. Houghton aud Onionagon. After roaohlug
tbe Detroit, Mackinac sud Marquette, ll will usa thal
nus tu a polia Just east of Mackinac, aud from thrrs a
line will ba bulli to the Sa ul I Hie. Marl -, where couneo
tlona will be made with the Canadian Pacific, aud thc
(.rand trunk sud Mackniao wah linea working in the
interest of the Pennsylvania and New-York CeuiraL The
lat'et connections Will shorten the 'distance hat wren
Ht. Paul and all the principal New-Kuglaud pm its be
twreu two and turee hundred miles. Tue disunion ria
the Ba Oil to New-Y,uk will bsa little ovei a hundred
miles longer Ulan tue route now used, but when the
Canadian roads have madn their proposed cut ofTa
thloUgh tba Dominion several hUU-irnd miles Will be
saved and the new company will ba gtveu Ibo siiortasl
ni Haag-. Ou the uew road between Duluth and Hie Badi!
Ste. Marie there is only 158 or 160 miloo of lead f Be
nu lt. Tim contract for Its consnmellon has Bean let to
prow, Hewart cfc Oa Tno new road will upon a new
ciimitiv, nob lu minerals and minti-t, walch should give
itaaflwtaat business io meet us tixed ?Barana
Washington, Oct, 24.?Two dei .ls ezecotsd
by the Virginia Midland Railway Cmnpauy on April 1".
last were p.aced ou record yesterday In the Corporation
Ceun of me City ol Alexandria. The lira: is a BM*rtSfa**e
or need ot trust to the ( ei.iral Trust Comp.my of New
York to secure *>1 '2.MKl.liCO. snd is Intended, lt ls said,
lu take up Ihe Various si rles nf It.niH now "iitstatidnig
anl ('luis,ni.! .!? i hain Into one sci ms. I ho second I, sd
IS a leaae by the Y.rglhla Mi Hand Company for a pel Kid
of iniiei j - nine ye it- ot ul. its peeper ty io ti.e Rle booad
ann Danville 1;,ii i.l.t.i Company.
J'tti.-i.iiki-.i i-sik. Oct, S??K.iaiueers nave bena sur
Veylug fur a new road Iron Hop nell Junction, on t lie
line of th'- Nnw-Ynrfc bud Nsw-P. iglaii I Railroad, to
Lake Mahop-tc. Tao construction uf lb.- road will neces
S.tttle tho digging of a in mel 3.000 IBet lung luroiwn
the iiiountaiii near II treinown. The pr peBOd route,
with either the liane's nr New-YorB Oliy aa I Norther ,
together v.itu tho Poughkeepsie .mi Boothera, make a
line Henny as shuri as ihe New-York (.narai au ; ll.it
son Steer Railroad tr.nu tue Hudson Uiver Bridge at
Poughkeepsie lo New-York.
Tunori;u new-yore state.
Ithaca, (Jet. 24 I Special.?The. Kev. Brooke
Hereford, of Posion, Haas,, delivered the sermoas nader
the BaeoKado**?eal before tue faculty ami stadenu af
Cere all University to-day. 'I he weather was delightful
ami the allen.lance ex -ep: Ional iy lal ge at imtii service,.
The SBb|esl of the (UeSOBISa wai " ibe Beaut/ of Holi?
ness." Tue speaker said timi there is a much wider
meaning to the word " holiness" than ls generally al?
ta'bed io li. "Ho.mes" is fro.u the same mut as
" wholeueHa''and Hie two ara practically syuuiiymuu*.
" Tho beauty of holiness " finds Hs true luierprsiaiiu.i
lu tho Hie uf Chris:, e'ho is tbe typo of manhood lu Its
rounded ami sy niluan leal sense. Ibo sp, liker appealed
tn the am,lents lo giro themselves te hlgu aud limy nv
itif, and tims ba etlectlvtt instruments in bettering lue
Republic and thereby mri hering Hie Master's Kingdom.
He said a happy aud prosperous life maa a no compre
inls'- with alu, bin cms ste I In ns Vitter aad but.der
and de.-p.T seasa lu " Hie heauty of Holiness." TB*, pst"
iniiii was listened tu with rapt attention. Dr. Hereford
preached lu the aliornouii ou " I lilian.ni Influence."
Syracuse, Oct. 24.?Mr. sud Mis. John lfe
G .wan were lound lying ou a bud in their little hons"
In tba ou'skins of the cay, al 9 a. ir. to-day, cover d
with blood. Their four-yesr-oid-child was iii bed with
them. The msn's arm encircled the w,.man's neck.
R lu hal deep gashes in Un r lliin.als. 'I lt- wuiiiau was
dead aud the mau died without explaining ihe crime.
Red Bank, N. J., Oct. 24.?Detective Prsnk
Patter SOB returiieil from New-York to-lay wimma
finding any trace of Hyney West's young wife, who
eioped with Frank Rockwell. Mr. Wen says ho will
neyer live again witu ihe woman, bul will hunt tho
wide um ei nver lo reenver bis eight-year-old daughter
Maud, who accompanied the mother lu her Hight. Tbe
runaway wife wrote a letter to her mot her sud Lush.uni
asking thal the know ledge of ber anama be kepi from
her tiurieeii-year-old daughter, whom she left behind
lier, 'ihe pollen of New-York aud else win re have liren
telegraphed adeaeruniou of M ,u I, Mr. Wt st's emil. The
distressed father will alsojulu ni the search. Rockwell
wns a member of Hie Monuioutu Wheelm n's Club, sad
last wiuter managed the parlor skating-rinkjin the Re?
form Club bul ling, and at the rink ma. boas me on
frioudly terms with Mrs. Weat
Cincinnati, Oct. 2i Special.)?A prent .scan-'
dal in othoial circles was c msed by ah mt thirty em?
ployes from the oflloo of Collector of Internal Revenue
working lu tbe late Democratic Convention to umolu ile
for ab-rirf ihe sen of Collector Uisnop, In which iln-y
succeeded, lt is now asserted tnat Hm PrnsHont's or?
der against ofticlals laking part lu politics waa evaded
by Hie mi-u wriuug out meir resignations aud hauling
them lo Collector isislmp. I'm y were put In bis sate,
held over thn day of the convention and then destroyed,
thus permuting tim statement to be inala thal nous of
the i oi.sciur's employes were engaging In political
Chicago, Oct. 24.?At a Bestial of the
Central Labor Union beld in the Anarchists' old head?
quarters, No. nt Weat I. ike -st., this afternoon, a report
was presented from a oomuilttee appointed last Bundey
to I ave the speeches of tbs condemned Anarchists print
rd in a book. The committee announced that thousands
of copies of tbe book bad been soul to all parts of thn
??nullity and that many of (belabor organisations in tbs
Various cities sro acting as distributing agents. Pro?
ceeds Bf the sale, ihs report sstd, wini il soon be pour?
ing in fruin all pans of ihs United .-.talcs to assist Ute
St. Louis, Oct. _4.-Tho engagement of Ed*
wlu Booth winch dosed lest night al the Olmypio
Theatre was the most notable and moat successful
dramatic performance ever known here. At the close of
last night's performance Mr. Booth was oalled before
tue ornum am! made a graculul acknowledgment of tbe
?"?'"'tJOt-***" "??eripta of tbe week are a Milo over
BOSTON, Oct. 24,-Mrs. Saruh Jane Robinson,
Dr. C. C. Boers and Thomas R emull, the trio charged
with poisoning William and Lime Robinson le Ho ru er?
vine., bara neeu In Hoted lor murder by the Mlddleaea
maud Jury at Lowed.
Dover, N. H., Oct. _?4._ John Ham, of Iiar
ringi.in, a veteran of tba war of 1813, died yesterday,
rafe ninety-two years.
An Important legal step has lust been taken in the
tangled affairs of the Houston nnd Texas Central
Railroad Company. Tim company is now in tlie hands
of three receivers. Chillies Dillinglinin, X. S. Erndon
and .J. kiiitiuil; lim two latter b.-inj* trustees of the
first mortyjaje. Various attempts have been made to
rcorpanize the property, but they have failed because
ol thc rcturial of the bondholders to med the demands
of the stockholders. Thc hulk ot the stock In in the
hands of C. P, llinitiBgtea and his friends The
bondholders refuse Io scale down the intores! lo within
what the stockholders regard ns thc cnriiinj* capacity
of Ihe road.
The asaspasj hst n ralaakla lund Kraal bsss the
State (iI Texas, covering over .r),O0O.0(H) aerea. Hy
the term* of the {(rant it was prov ided that pail of tl"'
lands should be ulieii.iled in fourteen years troin the
date ot the granta and part twenty-one years alter.
Tho bondholders hilve, suppo-ed thu! the placing as
tlie beads ls tl? hands of trustees was a lawlul and
proper alienation, lint recently the Atloniev-Ociicrul.
under the direction of the Oovernor of Texas, has
iiivestinutctl thc inatt.-r and tullen the ground that
4-IL'io sections ol land in the possession ot the receivers
must be aoltl before Nov ember 2(1, else they will revert
to the State I'riivilling to run the risk ot the forfeiture,
the trustees and the company have petitioned I). A.
l'anlee, Tinted States Circuit Jud^e for the Fifth
Judicial District, to order a forced sale prior to the
date fixed a, the limit of thc holding of the lands. A
private dispatch reocived here on Saturday announced
that the (>urt had granted the petition.
B O. Clarke president of the Thomas Iron Cats
pnny, was formerly one ot tlie receivers ot the Houston
nnd Texas Central Railroad, Ha -ui.l yesterday to a
TuiBtma reporter that hs was now out of th..
property nnd knew little ol its affairs. Ile balk ifni
that tho condition- ol the lund gr*BtS required thc
actual sale tor settlement and occupancy within
ci 1 tain limits, which lor part ot thc nrnntf were now
nearly due. tl tins waa news to the bondholder, it
should OOt have hean. He hid heard tba'a asle of
Ihe hinds hud hen ordered to protect the company's'
title to them nnd ha supposed there would be a con?
lea! over it between Hie bondholders mid the stock?
holders, " I wish you would ssv ior nie." added Mr
Clarke emphatically, " that 1! thone parties keep on
their litigation there will be SStBJBl lett in S toa
-fears but what tho lawyers get. 1 tried hurd lust
year to bring about a compromise. Mr. Huntington
put his interests In my hands and I at?tad to the
Bondholder 6, 4 l-l and .1 1'2 per cent latereat, Ac?
cording to the order ol lien, snd an extension fur tm
nan Bf ibo first mortgage honda, which ire du" in
18!>1. The bondholders wanted 6, ."> and 1 pei cent.
When they assured me thal they would get the assent
ot all holders. I accepted their otter. They seem.al
mightily pleaned, hut the tirst thing that followed UM
a denium] hy tho second mortgage bondholders sf 6
percent. 1 believe only hull of the bondholders hive
Bioepted the scheme ol compromise. 1 am through
with ll."
Here is the text of the petition of Hie Houston and
Texas Central Cofapaaj In which Trnatees Koot ob
and Rintoul have joined i
Thc petition, etc., respectfully shows ;
That under an order ot this Houni lille Court ren
dend in Mm ebon om**! 'he i ni st nos a**ninel tin
Houston un I Texas Contrail a" 'bc unsold laadi
grunted bj the Sta e ol lexis to your petitioner have
been .'laced in possession ot tbe receivers appointed
by youl Honors in tins cause. That the Mata "I
lexus cl.nina that under and hy virtue ot the provi?
sions ol the vutioiiH laws under whieh the gnats w*e
mmln ami BOO!Bed, your petition.'! is under thc
obligation to alienate ene hull ol the ianda so aoaoired
ni loniieeo yean hom tho date ot aoqmsii'on nnd inc
other half ol saul lauds in twenty-one vc irs trom th
date ol iic.|'iis,, um, mid that il ibe-c laois be i"t
alienated otherwise Minn bv tba trust deeds already
made lu respect ol then uni liv nli-oluti- -ile of the
title ot the eoespaay within the per?dai alorasaid. thal
they ai.- iuiiiieiii.iti.lv forfeited to Ibo Stale ol Texas
aiuI an- open to nm j aad location a, other lauds.
That your petitioner bintoraaed and believes thal
the ..trie al. of said State claim Ibnl 442 1-'-' -ecu ma
ol land now in Hie peipeesloB qi sail reoeivi -a*
afore*, nd innat he sold hclore the t.'Olh day nt N'oyeni
'"?r. 1-i'sli. or thal foifeitutes lo -aid -tat" viii mci u
un li r Ilia provisions ot said acts aloieaai.l That your
pcitiouer is ndviseil by counsel that said d ima ol
said olhci ila are unfounded alni ctll'llol be in linaine I,
lett thal your petitioner has been rtotiAed by the U??
pi nor ot thc St i tc ol lei aa nnd by tlie .'.Hm in v-tlcne
nii theicol that u i- t heir i nt cut mu to insist n poe
a ail c.ii.us aad to Ink' such pt i.e.??'.linns ae nmv be
proper lor the porpOSS ol MOOrtiO : the anno 'iii'l ""i
1,,t,-iii_; such Kable aa the Sia'e maj IniV" in the
prerniaea, and tba! the alleged elalie of the State Ins
liecome and te nada a natter of public rtota-rfiety and
any adverse aetioa winch ll may in future 'aka 11 ? ?!
?poa aneh claims will throw a elond upon the title il
the com nmv to its lands aller saul lilith .lay ot Novem?
ber and will materially affect the aile value ot the
<:ni.nless the title of the company thereto shall
ieee been sold baton Bald date, aud Matron** peti?
tioner is advised that Un Hale of ad its ribble, title
snd Intone! in ano lo said lands belora a ?!?! date will
ivoi.l grave oom plication* vita the si tte ol leva*
Tnat it is therefore of tue blahes! Importunes to your
ictitiniiiT th it ii sui.- ul all ita rights, title am) iiitoi.-st
u sad to said lands be ma le foithw tn, snd it racgeete
ibat the saaaa ahould ba saada aabjeel to all existing
rust tleed.s, mortgages, pidgin, nts mid InounbraBOeO
hereupon. .' . .
Wherelore your petitioner submit* the premiOM to
rour Hollins and pray* that your H.mi.rs will autnoi
zc sud direct hui-Ii al'einnioii of saul landa or in ike
inch oilier ur further order in tha premises aa justice
ind equity may leojnire
THE FIR ?? ll ECO li IK
Flames burst early yesterday morning from the
rindnws on the top floor ol the thic-slui'v lind;
uiildinr. No. 1117 Eaat Om- htindred-aiiil-twciify-liltli
t. This part ot the building is occupied by ll.'lire
vlcinecht as a l.iuiidiy. Thc building bad two cn
i -rn'ia. niio iu (I ne. li un li -cd-anil-twciit \ -lilt .> st.. and
be other at No 'J.ilH-t i hird-ave. U'licn the iii.i.ieu
;ot to the pince, the Barnes were rubing Berni.* and
tad extenden to Ibo second ".tory, wlm 'i vi.is oconpted
iv Joseph I,. La K. tia Ba a joh i ri li 11 ti K estalilihliuiciit.
la mi minni* piopcrfv was Ihicatciicd. a WOOnd ulurin
fas -ent cut, and waler waa poured on Ihe tire trom
hird-ave., through the s,ore ut D. M Williams A
o., deniers iu taney Booda The (lani' - v.-eic c. un. iii id
0 the building in ?W-nundrcil-aii l-l tn-nt \ -tinh-st .
ni: the .loci, oi Williams Bj Co., was badi* dam JCO
tv na ir, Dinotly oppoalta tins Un was tbe pluoe
rbere ihe lin- Beaulieu ea tbe fourth ol Julv, when
X Chief McCain" sent out the much talked-ol' ?' Ibm
ixes,'1 winch led to his ittiremcnt. Tbe loee Of Wil
ism ? Co., ta estimated at Bl5,000, Insured in thc
iioie. Horne nnd several other companies; La Petn
ism |0O(I, and Kl-danbt lu-"'s $2,000, The o illa
ix is owsad by Hardy A Colwell, and to damaged
inmediately befors tim ope ting of the bm
e-a iu fe Haptist Church li. K usb.n-- )rat.-i.|?}- mo u
i , ,u WBlla most ot th- co -irrigation wars in >> If
ajia, tin, ..toke oui in the baas meal of tbe csareh. V t
few mum nts there w ts wild (i I tareen I,
Inch viss qn.klv ca in-d bjr S'limt of lb"
aoer members of tim oonnreKaiion. Tiien tho MBSIC*
allon len the cli'ir-'ii ijuiaily. lu the uiesn HMS s vi.
ra' alarm had been sent mit. and tno flames wno
nicki) ?i id tied. I a. hrs originate,! from tue turoar.,
ur mers will ba as services IB IBS church until HiO
a i.sge ls repaired.
Four horses, valued at $000, MonginB u>
. I). Marvin, were suffocated ni a hrs last annies "'
ie brick stable at No. 175 Rust 0as*hseSnS*aaa.
?e .HS ll Si. the billilli!!!* Wal damaged lu the cl.Ii'I
: $iw.
DOTBB, N. ll , (li t VI Kllrnslve forest tires which hmkn
ityesterdsy In Urcat S_T?ftM rased all BBjBS anil until
i s sri- ri,--oi,, wi., ii ii,a lian,aa showed signs of abatement,
iltur to a lack of morn to bum. It ls estimated that
*J0I> eeles were swept hy tbs fire and several hu'ntr l '""!*
wood were.Icstr..jed. ll,.- turu, lomas rn Charles CtaoalS
as bu ru ?',, wlnic au-vi ral ul!, at, tiarroa 1/escapuil doairuu
BUSBA. Oct. 24 The Darla Malt House st Wstktns. wllh
largs amount of barley aw! mali, waa (leeiruyed by firs l-l
Hht Tho loss ls shout SI (Kl,ooo
DSIBBtl, th t. M The sp am bsrtro William Ru'nlph wldb*
oamng I-ke St. (lair toilay was bnrned. Both ireaael and
ruo are a total hms. The nessi was valued al $'-"-'.0)0
ul in-uretl for "Hi,ono. BBS aaa loaded wllh lumber, on
bleb il.- re was nu lusurauce.
Chaki.k-ion, S. C., Oct. 2\.?Them has boon
? seismic disturbance here since Friday martit. Thara
aa one shuck st Buiiimervlils io-.ur at 1; io a. tu. It
as scarcely perceptible but for tbe fact thal li was
?ceded bv delonetlons. Que serloui result Of the
locks at biihiin-rvnln on irlday afternoon ls a general
lc of wst?i In th" w.l,a. In ona case tue waler roan
iri> -four feel. Tbe general avarase waa from an to
ubi feat, lu a special Instance the wan r r .se flfieen
el In e well. ian.sloan ai tnat helabi several hours and
so fell Ave feat. Observations also show ibat wac r
aa ponied out almost lu variably from assures or fe/
rs menin ou lbs night of August 31.
Burglars broke luto the ci nf action arj eaiablleriment of B.
J. Davla In ll road st. Newark, hut night, opening the safs
enrsd S70, two Uovarumonl bea? of SUM) each, and otbsr
The traininu-sliipa Si.r.-itti.ii, Portsmouth :iti?l .Tames
towu arrived yesterday from ftTuBPlBl BB? iincliore.l
near ihe flagship Tennessee, ol Hedlow'. Island. Tho
rest ni the mini ot war ure expected to corni' in to-day.
Tho Itfatatjaa with the fieanb _mVm_Itea aaeaf
was sighted oil Fire I*latnl y .rerd.iv afternoon Ianil
arrived at Quarantine last nL'lif. She will stearn to
the French Company's pier sari*/ this murnini;. The
?aaabars sf tbs dnlof ailsa sa tbs tdsbitI art 1 Count
Ferdinand de l_aBasa*, president a lbs Franco- \uieri
can Union ('omrni'tee ; Ati.n*t Berthe hil und his wile;
Admiral .laure.- and Cetiar.-l Pe i ; ut, de'r-area of
the French Senate : MeSfl? (-'puller anti Desmoiis,
delegates ot tho CbansBSr_ Deputies; Lieutenant
Villej-enfe. aide-,le ram;, ol tbs BtalStSf ai Marine ;
Cslsasl Baraaaas PBtjr. ileterrs? ot tba Minister or
Wu ; Colonel Lni**e.1iit, director of the Selmol of Arts
aid lefeeees ; |/40>1 |{o>,e: t. Bbiel af the Cabinet of the
If mister el Public Instruction: Mr. Def*? imo*, vice.
president ot the Municipal Council sf Pans; Mr. Hto
liiid. BMinlier ot the Paris f humber ol Comni'Tce ; Mr.
Oiroiid, ex-deputy mid delegate o' the Minister ot
Comineroe; Charles Hi.o'. delegate of the pre-* ol'
Paris; Napoleon Nev, Staen]leat ol the Co innerc'til
Geography Soclety; Leon Heaaler, eorreeoradtBg
mem'ier of thc Irenes AinSlklSII I'nion. Tba f nests
ot the French Commit!'-'' accompanying the dclcgiv
lon are Mr. Cotter, atsoaber of the Ailministrative
Council ol tbs Pnriiiiiia Caiial; Mr Hiilfcn. captain ol
the artillery rind ABS?ber ol the ninjor-geiierat's Bt_?I
Itarou Salva Inr.Coiisuliii' Agaa! at I'etrnii : Mr. Goud
S?BBS, hnnker; Mr. d'Orjrsaal, correspondent for
v.rieus Paris journals; Mr. Kaj-on. correspondent ol
? L'llhistrrition ?"; Mr. Chome'-'ii-t of "ha France,"
mid Mr. Clap.'t, of Ihe " Lyon Keoiihlicain."
llradi|ii.iit.io tot the gnettt will be made at the
Boiatsa House and the formal reception will take
place, as B___f aiinoiint,il, in the Aca.lctuy of Music
to-morrow evening.
The I'nrk C-__XB_etr_MWS have tendered to the
(Vrcle Francois de I'BarmODie aoder "hose auspices
the rei-i'i.tiii'i at t!ie Academy ol Music to-morrow nioht
aili bs gives, all the Howers and pleats necessary to
.1.'enraia the interior of the builcliti_. The National
air. af Frince and America wi ll be aunt" hy five choral
BSB?tie* aaecaapaais4 kt BB orchestra of rjevetity-tivo
musician*. Frederio R Coiidert will deliver an ad
dress ol welcome ia French.
The Inion Leagaa Club ha* ottered the
lYSBBh ffBa?ta all Bin- prirflssjes 11111-111- their stay
hore. Tta trc'doui of th'- oilv will bc given them hy
Mayat (-tass sa Wednesday next.
There were more visitors to llcdlow's _____ feat.i'?
ll;.''than on any day sin :u work on the great Statue
ol Liberty was begun. Tho crowds, in tact, that
pushed and struggled through the narrow gate to the
liar-.- OtBee pieff broke down the whole schedule ot
ar.ii,1,'.ratal? tha lillie line of steamers that run
now hourly anti sometimes halt-hourly to llcdlow's
Island. Tho Jud Field was still laid up for repairs
ami the big otchilt Water Lil v. winch took her place
BB Sat uni iv, r:iu out of order heiore the morning was
hiill liver. Ihe Florence could mit carry a .piurtor of
the passengers who Kept s.|uef/.ing on her, and a detail
01 polic'nilli vv i- calle,1 eal to Arlee tha crowd sway
tram thc gatea At 1 p, St lt? John E. Moore came to
the rees us sad hy a hall doaen ar more extra trips the
two i,oato ii 1 ii ii 1-1 d to gel everybody who w.ie -till
waiting lor pa??ge Bl Oft. and lui.'..
Un thc island I'MU'i'i when the wind plew hard or
the Min uni behind 1 ul rad, tbe day was Bright sad
pira.Bill. Fin' canvas mask wa-s st niched ugain over
the godde*.'. lace. Everything else Im,Us ano,ii aa it
..il! 0,1 iii" day before ur' the dey alter tbs unveil! ig,
Ihe Ilitithei hood Ol 1.oinotive Kn-in, or- *uii.i a
\" -it ti. t hf i stud yesterday sttei-oon, I he pier aad
iii,- toil's ra-iip.nts were otetniaall day with sight.
. I .md hy luiiehcon time Un le was se neely a bottle
0 heel or a sollow ii h t>) he hud SS tbs lab??'a single
rr 1 til ll?ft -'"' u",h1* on l**e KO-Uti-a's luce will
m?>?"liv he ilit.d os tlit- Kreneh gaeta pass by lite
IsUuil t.) "lay on 'heir way ii]) to thc city.
1 1 il- 'dill -Ind Inc.'T, Ol the Volunteer Firemen's
division baa pu bliahed the roUoaiaa aoiaplete Uat ol
tim ,,. [k?ii in,ni* wiini!i alU parada next I-uraday
mule:' In- eoiuii'imd :
Vii. I tc,-i Iliuni.'U's As..,,; i;o:i Ol' VeW-York fit V.
I,liV I o| in.' w'lia ell.'lliC, lin, alli, lld .er, ll'l"' eal'
.11, _ lift oil. I Oil min,10 lins- __.-ria_- 1'omi,auy.
1, rWk'Klll, .i'i ni il a I'oiei; Kuip.ra ll >> ? au I l.a.l i.-r
1 o:ii ..mv or iliitiiikau, 50; itli-ow Kicins I'ouiniiir.', .if
ll.'o 01, "al not I.I; Exianpl I'm uiiii's Aosicatiiin,
rn I. n't .-.-ii. 75j sap ii," KlupiiM t omi ant, \v,--t
Ho liken, .'.Ililli,I holli; 'lohilil' Mos,, C.lui.1, t',ili|
pain, l-'i it lOaU, I- I.. 7 -"?; W is iii-ton laic.nc < ..mp..ny,
r'l,.t 'il*it, ".'I and haili; Kif upi Flinn-n's AeftOfl ililli,
of l;n'knit, ? D..3UO; i.xninpt fir. Biaii'e root' Aa o*
,, iiionldin K I). ll) uni lu Ui Me ora Hook
a ol l.a I lei "?omiiaiiy. ^O 3, Woftl .V?w-l'.ri- ,.<) ,, H I.,
iii. u. ni-iiM H ihiS aad Ludiar Company, o'Wuudftoie,
I- I., ll): V..1 .lil.4.1 ,-ii.,'iii.ii's As.oeia'uni o Hr.,.,k.I ti,
."." i io , 2 rand.j A, in, lin-.'c..in, any, ol Watara..UK,
I-.--C. I oiiiiiy. N. .i.,iii ail iii.nl; -tarlo Hefth Cum
p.ioy, i. WI, tl N.'iv-Kn.lroo, S. I., i*o)i Vnlunteer l.x
ii'tilii ,ilnl Vet. ran Hie . .n's .-mu-, ??! .sew-Yoi ? 1.eland
ur.i ii cr -. .ii.- r llo-e L_rrMgS loitipitiv, Lou.'
island t it., t.11 di ? n i oritai PaOlt? Ell. Ilia A**.n 11
ilmi of |,ii ua. ott, ? olin. IV") aid li.ml; Volunteer
III', ne .'* A-soi-i ,'i >ii ?.' N" .-If. iv tl, 'oun.. Int! ttl I
'.,..,ul; I'...uk,io lins,, fur,u.e ( oinpanv. ll,il,iv ii If.
.1.. lu anl I'iiiid; I'.xmiipt i'l'i'inen, itali Way, N. I ,23
,.,, .1,.!,,,.,.r and al Irs; Ura Oak Aaaociatiun Nu, n
.v.'v Vuli, J ci .,.,,1 I,., ,1; .l.ieSo.ni ll.,?e loir aire < orri
pany \.i, ,i L'.B. leland lily, 50; Kapi una Euama
? oni'iuv No. ti ,if Iii n|.:;iii.vihe. H. I., 50; Al tl VB
lin-,- t!.pan', of Uli.iii,ll.|i, N. J., 80; Ariin.-t.iii
Honk an.I l.ail Iel' I'O Ul?UV SO, 1. Arlln-'oii. ff, .1. . li ?
.ml i i.i i inrp,; V uu',iii Vt) nlileer r lieu:.', i's IS OCtaV
th>.i, lleltiluoie, lull ant hand; l.ofivel fl HOBO CaTrl-ga
Cnn.f?.Itv. N'eW-llnalltOil. B I.. 7."> and *??_; .lele.'iiilni,
nf Val un lear Fireuiaii. ul Calif<?riila unaer coinmaud of
eil hie! I; 11.-111. ? t-1 .luna), ** ilttiil?li. of -nu I lain ls o;
Vol,un per Fir.'uieii's -nus' As-ociarioii. In-l Bide, Nar
York, l.a.i tn ,| i,.1; teaiiv Sir*-?i Hiau)ami HueKel
1'" n n.oy. ?i Vf innar'a Hari'or. 9 I.. 30 aod ., pu irat i-;
Mali,.,,. II,,.,, i i. 111;,;, i, \-. ,.f loir.' Isl.in,I IVy. ol) illl'l
i.and; Vniuntftrr Ktrauiau'ft ABtoalatlun ol Brooklyn, __
li , (MW an i ami.
-ftJTl Howard, the oldest fire chief in the city, will
lcd iii.- .ii.'inn Firemen's Aaaoclalion ta the parade.
Tba Bto-ftd- Sn, im llo-e and Buftket Coinpiiiiv, ol
Miiin.r- tJarbor, will drag arter il a ire machine,
arith b ic-eta, ased In 17:?'J.
Colonel Enenexer Bargesa Ball, who trill parade
wit! tht Vfashinr-ton Continental., of VVaebinston, is
the in I, ot relative ol <;? ors*- VVuahington now h, lng,
Coloucl Kail i- now hiviniv years old and ia em?
ployed in ii.,- I'eiioion Department
l'li?- National Uoard ol -team Navigation h:is written
toOeaeral btoneoaering two reaaela for tbenafa]
parade ni Thursday. l*rofefttor loin baa rall?abed a
I""-!,ii., _ rjetfti) of ths liieworka to hr-iv.'ii en
bedlow'i . .a Governor*- Isl andu on the eve-ins of
ilotolier 2w There arfll t? l_n pi<ees ia all bbb the
?rfll bs paiiit'il every -had. nf lire known lo
pyrotechnic. after tbe pretetoot't dlaplav the
.rework, ordered by tha Board af Alden**_ will be
?'' "i im,ii the Bath i j.
ITie .teamer Oraud Republic will searasly bold all
thi .'!. Uegimcnl V'eteraaa and their (rienda who
ilreadj applied for tickets to gora ber. No
ippliefttiona eil] be n eelred aller Munday Bvea__g.
i i VD AXAR0B1ST I Urea ls /v ellie >0tK
Chicago, Oct. 24.?A D-eeting of "Pio
iiiiii,iv,l .-I,, i.ilists" w_. anumiacad ;o tie bftld at Xo.
13 h i.?t'M.i-*t., tai* iftariiooii tu ratify the Ceaaiy,
aosTfta-loftft] ami H:ate candidate, ot the to- ailed
'L'nitel l.atmr party." Tha alienlance was llinil-d.
t, P. Dacey mutt the prloctp.iI .peech. Ho said :
? l-*t week the t__?r of Blt tia killen one ot hi. olllosrs.
'Ul ha i,a bruuabt before ? cuurt 1
io. t_St werk ? Pilli' Armour .pent If3, j' 0
i 'li) tor hi* I'.ii.arloii man ami killed one poor. Ino.'
en.ivc mau. Will ue lia uruu.ul Bafure a coan ! No.
rim pra,a?, eoursu of lill. -UToril ID.ut mutt hr . .ona.I,
fwe nave to t.?- lt br lbs tb nat au 1 oBoku out ll.
If". I.uni- waa arreetetl for makai/ ho rn bs. Bfhf not
irr.aluia man wlin made tbe Wlneba.ier rifts win
rbtob Anuuiir murdered He-riey laat week t TBS rope
i .. i ?? :i k-uwli wini wire !i coital will attetutH lo
i cg ton ai,.1 BM ir we au.nipt lo tell lue irulii. Hui
re wi I ten tb.-truth and w? will nut ba hunk. Hui If
ieee?my Armour will he." I" And 1'lnkorlun," aaid a
uice from i_0 croad.J
N8W*>BsOBOKlB, Oct. 2-1.?Gardner's circus,
fblob cosed a w.--.> ei)_a-.meiit on Haiurdiy nUht,
? siraii-1.4 in ir,ia city. Tbe proprietor, Frank A. (J.ru
er, wmt to New-York on bu.tu... connect.*- wita tba
how and ba. not returned. The performer, bera re
olved no pep for .i. week, and tue pr.il- b.re have
eeo ea.on up by ex-juuM?
Ciiicai.o, Oct. 21.-Will ia in Holuipraii, li.nik
??eperau.i cit.liter for HUuurda. Is-fff. ai K.aper, Jew
llsra, i. ml..iBff. It la r.porled lo-daj that bl. acouunta
re *-lf,t).io .uart.
? -
PmLADKi.piiiA, Oct. 24 (Special.?The con
Itlnn of Huerlff ".'. Klwoml Howan. who became Inaaue
n Ki I'l'ir. bat not Improved and bi. ab.anes from duty
ia. r.l.e.l th. point a. to hi. auoeeaaor. Tha politician,
o not acres In tb.Ir aut... ft. to wbo.ball lill nt. otlloe.
"a. point t. rft-tea my ta. 1'emoorftte tbat lt Mr. Bow
sn la sent to sn asylum the Qovernor bss ths power ti
spnoint a sheriff, while the Kepubiloans claim that tai
( (ironer ls thn proper person to carry out ibe fuiicttoui
of tue office. Fruin present appearance*, lae matin
will speedily tm tested, as Mi. Iliwan', case ls to-laj
reported hopeless.
-UK BPI Cl KI'S AM) MAKH A -l'K'til.
Mrs. Parsons, Wife of tho An:iroliist, oii|*ago<l
Central Hall, Orange, mra me->lt?B yesterday afternoon.
The proprietor afterward said that tbe hail could not
Sensed fer that nnxpnat. Yesterday it was whispered
In tho town tliat the Anarchist, bid determined to have
the hall, even if they mid to break in Ibo doors. Krank
Sennit*, thn leider of th.) Au irobJsts In the Orange., sr
rived at the hail at '2 o'clock au 1 found thn door leading
Into thn hall locket. He went up the street and
tn ab'.ul ll tee.i min nea retumel wlrh Mra. Parsons.
She start"d n> enmr the omi) room of Company A, :M
Battalion, ff. O. 81 N. .1. A member of tho young guards
men prnuiptly prevsure I nar from crossing the ihreah
old. On the second ilo-.r she irnil lo enter the chub
room of I'i ni a,v ti. Hunt she was again stoup. 1. -:.e
'hen trlel again tu enter Co npiny A's room and b id an
alternation ulta one af tao geards rasa "lin then csi'od
out: "H.cr..ia che man that owns this BaiMlBgl "
I'rank BebBllI sud : ".-hall wo break Into the balli "
"Yes," sin sall; "wc have rentod If, Iasi. us break
Hushing out of tha room, followed by the other An?
archism, she leap-.1 up tnn Stairs willi remarkable
anility a ni preMOted to push au 1 p ill at the door le.sd
ing into tho hall, noa.ii /, help.,.! ber, mil thu frail
door gave aw..y in a few seroiids.
"Stop ilia'! Stop that: You can't go In there I"
yelled a v.ieo, sud WU mn l?'.liuer, who acta as agent
tor (JeorgS Ijndslev. thn-uwnnr of Hie brill, appeared at
tba direr ot (numany H's rn.un and iii .1" i das i foi thn
Auarcul-ts. Mis. Parsons and SuhlliU, however, were
already Inside the hall and Were ur.-iug
tho orow I to tollow. Lan i.er called out
io thn militiamen thal tm waut-d a inlaid,
aili Hie fourteen-year-old son af Child Labor Ius|tsetor
Fell rea Imo Co upa.iy li's r .u u au! rmuroeil withe
dilspl'taied-louklug inusKet In ins ban? Mrs. I'm-,mia
stn' urir-d the ero .vd on the stairs to come m.
" I).ml yul know mat I have a receipt for the
li? rt* ot lins hail luis afternoon I" said she.
Look, here it ls," aid she flaunted
ne iei ? i-1;. t i.i thn face of Mr. Lalliusr and lbs cr wi.
he tbnu ran to the window, dedaring that if people
ran Bot admitted to tun nail, sus would andreas them
anyway. Mr. Lat!?er followed, orieriug bur uot io
raise the wiudnws. .-jim tim so, unweve-, and after call
in . on los" ni thn street to como dp, she lurnmi around
au 1 stood on a sallen to benin a, ? ii . ni to 'ii" crowd,
wliu-u by tins time had foicet ns
way past ihe boy with lbs musket au l had almost tilled
ibu room.
At inn point tlve policeman appeared. They told Mrs.
I'arsoua that aim would have tu gol ouu Mun refused io
so ami showed uer receipt. Tue oftiC'TS looksd over ths
id nip', aaw iu.it ll was true that sue nad hired (be nail
and refused M lake further net mi. Thor con ian led
th-inae.vea with morely keeping ordsr. Mrs. Parsons
theu stolid up on the seitne a.'alti and procoeded willi
her speech, ulnch was aa luflauiuialory aa usual.
Washington, Oct. 24.?Dr. Salmon, chief ol'
the liureau of Anuna. Industry, in bis otltciai report
upon ihe outbreak of pieuro-pticumouia at Chicago,
Oa September ti I visited ihe Phoenix and Sliufeidt
ili,ii;.*i> stables in coiupuu,' ? nb Hie -iain Live .-lock
' " l.ll. i'i.ii .-I a .uni leu -la, n \ e , c-ri ll al lan. I'llSl-lllOr
tem ex itiituaiioiis were made on tba carcasses of four
animals ami in every case lesions were mr. amii which
are considnred tty the veterinary profession the world
over to tm t\ local ami characteristic of contagious
pleuro-piieumolila. Ol) SeVetal aubai (jiielif OO .minus
I visited tlieso saiue stables niel wiinasaed the sxaiulna
HOB of oilier cai ceitaes whlcu preaouletl eu.il iii. pam
evi lenee or mn same disease. . . , Tua milkmen al
?? si stoutly denied (he existence of any diai a-n aiuoug
i lie t cattle, hui when Hie evidence became loo Sines to
he I.Ul.er cemented, lt was a.limited tull they had
recognized the appearance of a lung disease lu 1984
lliny nt 11 -t atrihu'ed li t? runmicala used ni tun
tnasn by Hie disinters, also to ie-ding tbe slop
too hot, bm had bushy concluded lt Wil couiacioiis
p euro pneumonia and bad bocu ptactlsing m. ci:..non
in lessen the mortality, lt Usa soots i.scer'aiiie.i that
natue bal hmm removed from tue Infected distillery
stall oa, driven ov.-r Urn streets of Cbic.t.'u and allowed
to pastor- On tue common*. . . . 'fha luspnutmu of
oiy and aaBurbaa lierda brO'lgbl DU! the rael mai [ lin
contagion bal linen widely ui.si iinnaied, nial diseased
annuals ba I lui-u monies upon mia U berat many callie
gr /.-il, and that practically we roust con*ldnf all ?r 'Un
unfenced pastures ami v..catii Inls on thn weal and
?onie sides of (In.ag i as infecte I and all the eenie run
lung al I'rge aa exposed. Most of Ibo casos or disease
tumid were eliroii e. ami annie ii! Un herds praaeiued
plain erl leiica ot having lieon Inoculated. This liioi-u
iitlioti, ivhieu bras i.enn extensively iesoric.1 to In i ni
catio, WM e it has Inaseued lim mitre, appears to lie min
Bl il" me ins hy winch Hie root*?toa Baa boen so O'dell
* I read. . . , Wu contagion* pieuru-pneiiuiiinia
nreveieBl in ihn selgbb?rBON| of utiienes-tBeanet
bv. alu. k ' en'ie of Hie rouuirv, fnilB which cattle aro
cons'.aiitir moving in all ilireetiuua?il "iv lielriilv
sall (hal the catlin imlu-irv o lbs . ouniry baa len ned
a ct s's. lt may be stil rescued fruin this scmlign if
Con crass at the c.u session eau be made lo reai.ze
Ibo nert as;,i i oi iIn- alluaiion.
Was iincton, (Jct. 24 [Speciali.? When tito
canvass ra fut Ueaorel dani's hook last winier applied
to the heads of tim executive dnpariinnnts for per
inl-siiiii to sol 1st! suns ?tip'.i'ins In Hie uiffei .-ii- olll es
limy were Informed iii.it ii was co'nrarr lo Hm rm-s to
givs ca ivassers aeons* te the departments, because it
would interfere wnh the pubiiu business. The mies
appear to hare bonn uiollil-i! allic- that mil". I wo or
three- days ami canvass ra fur "L~e nnd His Qa Bi
p il gu a" scattered circulars III the Interior i>'|?rtmeut
am! lither department*, and folioU**d 'limn up promptly
wnh | era.mal aoliefleiioea for subscription.,, winru in
many cases were successful.
Dt.TKOir, Oct. 24.?A pssssogsr tram os the
Detroit, Oread Mirri aud Mi.wai,.-,, lia.n".ni, ours*
listing of a baggas*e-ear, two euaebu and a sleep, r. ny
ufi inf an oneil switch at Kov.il O ik,shout eight miles
[rmu lure, la*t night ran into a heavily loaded freight
[rain, engineer Aaa?Maa Odell, of the passengnr train.
Md ht, ll re in an, Thomas Barratt, Jumped, a ter vanny
trylag to stop tba train. Bota aaaiaaa wntn wrecked.
RaggarfSiaail John Hnuuessy an 1 fli'imas ii. A.exauder
were buried under the fTOBMi Bia of the b.iggug --car,
Dadly unused and burne I. the stove having been
?mptied on tlieir h'ga. Alexander's coii'lltioti ls critical.
I.diii smedley, tire man of tim rreigBt engnie, was takeu
'ru n under one of Un broken cylinuer*. the sn-.un iroui
winch had literally cooked lie ri .-.-li of Illa legs, I'lgnl
il le an i anns. Ho will die. Nicholas I.ii'i'h, engine!
if tl n freisBI, was nadir cut and seald*? I ne ea ..?,-. .
? ml tireuian of the p.eeenger tr tin. wini Ju up.-d before
be ores a, roded down tbe etabankineat aa i were Bediy
mn, Engineer Od li having ms shoulder dlsloc .led sud
innia inland internally. Benni inners received rainer
?riiisi e. The track ls lorn up, rails twisted in every
iireciion and thu remnants ot ibe two snslaes he in a
)roiuisc.ious neap. Tun loss is not less than 990,OOQL
FKDiANAPOLts, Inti., Oct. 24.?There are
trui g indie illina here that Indiana has lost aunther
lt zen sud th il the Canad! in colony bas gamed a n w
ecruit. Hlcklln J. Landers occluded a position Ss BOB*
Ideiiilal derk of Landers, B run- .v. Co.. puk pscker-,
ind helli a similar relation to Loaders (liveu A Co., ti.e
atter Urtu owning and operailng a Ic>tnao.l wamoouse.
n ad.ini ni he u a., thn senior member of the rirui of
.tinders O' Weaver, brokers and commission mon. For
?vera) days rumors hare been current that loader* had
iractised tbe tr.ck so successfully worked by Neei-l,
if ' h.cai'o, aud thn sura he had se., u red was
used at a largo rJgure, but thc facts, se tar as astir
.lined, show ibat the losses are about ri '." ' Linders
'titanic! I..." ii. mi >' ii I lin. us ??? ar. house receipts, alli
be paper is brio by two ritr Linga, Hie Meridian Na
.... . t .. ...... . ... a,... ...a .... I.,.l.aa l.li..?,i s. I > I ii ii I
RICHMOND* Va., Oct. 21 {Special.?Tho pros
.eol for Kepubliaan sucoessoa for Congress ic (he Isl,
Id. Hld. IVlll, IXtUand Xlh Disirlots or Virginie ara
xoellentand We 1'einoora.s concede it. The fact that I
fie Democrats are dodging mo tariff Issue does not speak
tell ror lltnir hopes of auuoesa. Day ths lld aud I Vito,
ilstrictsarenow represented by Kepd'tlioan*.
Nrw Oki.kABS oct 'J*. A molal liam on thn I.onisvillo
ld Nashville llallroa.l which left ber last evening, having
Hoard t 11 do. I .Stales li...,,,, and A pac lu. Indian,, UM dill hoi
cai Rivulets, ll is reported that umi't Waa hurt
LKCTl'KL.s Ai Johns hopkin-..
l-.c iiimiii, oct. Bi, President li.Iinan addi eased Johns
lopklns stiidnnls nu friday evening In tin. h.stoinal Seas
ian on Hm .ora ut thu I atk<> M .Mink I'on fer.li en on In.usu
H.t.la. ile auld -.hal the couti-i?m n had un minc.italy BOMBS
'. Ul" liasrea I aiii'Iiiiil S.-veialtr l..:i as the "lily li" alia of
siued}aug tho evils I'rniosaoi Kly gsve s low result* of ns
iVt-stlK.tlou of the Ohio laialloli SVStOSa aa a meium i'of U"
-alt:.p lal 1,,11111,ia.iou Accenting Io Illili, (he *'l""m
ossettses the aame faults as the s.i stem in Mmvluuil. li.
eauli is thal thu butdeu lalla uu ibo MBBBB tlasaea, aud llio
SB uacai.u.
Br. i...nn. Oe! Bi. WtUia- nmitft tolvsr ol a SeUvery
aston, k il.d J-.ii.il Kalu.icV.r at IBs Ult.! s hon,e. N.t.
'J.'iiii) Pairs ?t I be iwn men hs.l .pian el,od in a -taloon, lint
,.v wei. iitovciit.-d ft.,111 ."ming to blows, and Kalltneyer
niuiHllatefy weiitliuuie. He waa followtnl bv Sm Itt-, who
ailed li I ut out of doors and heal BBT| Ut death with a heavy
NOHTII Almas. Mass., oct. .4. Janna OHiuu. a^e furlr
>ur. vt em into Welch mothers' Uv, i v stable here tm, uiier
imiii. to hue a lmise. Ile got into a dispute willi Kuvmut
otter aalableiuan. both liu-n el ldehtlv lielujf somewhat Ul
iil(iit.".U A little later o'Hi len waa pickeal up .1. ad. wnh
rub*** on his temple aud fate l'oltcr, who bears a bed repu
atiou, was ai u alod.
I'KKHIDBNT CI.KVKI.AMl'.S |.,.-_K U,,KS fmoff DB
af"RT HIM.
Wasimsi.tok, O.t. 24.-Fiirsever.il rn-ulla. pis*
there has heeii a (-.xxl deal of nm. t OaSBOBOM n
W _sliiii_t.it) wpiliUBB the 8 rnitiorw of a reel
Mata "ring'' ctmixascl in pint of De_BM_h
'dtiechoideis. who. it is alleged, are usfn' their
official on I political, as well as p. rs rial inlln nee,
lo r-rOBBOtS tl.e pnvat... speen hm tu* in which tl ey
nits erio-iitrd. Raa-kea of Tiik Tata- i bjsbj re
nieinher the Invest Cation un<lei-tal<- n kp O n re**
in lb?6 of the gajst?Hsaai af an a'le cl "Kcal
Kslute IV ad" in Ihe District of (ohm,I,ia in wi...!,
Alexander ll. shepherd anl Bf har 0_ choldcm and
politicians vmiv ea_raff-fa- The < ry af ho'ror tl af,
in?i! from Democrnfic news-.-livers th<n cann"!
have been f.,rvott,en From ? um f-il in nut
male hy a Tkihunk twi"is_M-*iMt dunn' tis laet
fear Bree hi it appeal*! tliat the pp*-, nt Br__M
originated with ccit.nn t raa__eitf _ftta_a_ra_ of
a sw, ulative tum of mini a little mure than a
year a/o, after the purchase ky Baa . t.oy Whitney
of a suburban p'ace several miles n .nh i f (.oottrc.
town. Tho fiist step was to indine rVatdent
Cleve__d to BO?MM __ owner of p:oi-rt,v in that
ii" i.'hhofht.fxl. anl tlie nest w;i6 the a-riiiisiiinn
hy members of Uie pro.-sed "rlflf" of pi* ? pe rt y
in the same vicinity before Mr. f >? e'an - Ms
pose bacaaaa geneially known It may he that
the projectors of the enterprise at flint ron'em
piated on'y a modes, spec u'ation. in whith tlicy
aoald "hank" mon thc nairne of Mr Cleve ami
and his Secretary of tho Na y, who naturally
?roi id be regarded as ____ra_*1si uni pvolliable
nei-hbors by investors of a ecrtai.i sort Mow
ever that mav have been, later "level- p'n< nts in?
dicate that tie Tn trident's dote minati' n to iaa_f_
the l'an-Klcctric. gpecu'ators in ortho emi ol-cued
the men who ha<t embarked in this scheme to en
Iai-rc the scope of their operations un I bf_BJ th*'
resources of tho Distri, t (iovernment to then eui.
It is not BBCSBBBtp to believe Hint Hie president"
wars cotni/ant or had a suspicion of (heir pinpose:
that any information respect in? it was imputed
IO 1'iivate. Seiretary Lamont or thal he hail any
interest in the enterprise. Neither is it necessary
lo share the belief of many pets nis who have .hen
the Bribie, t careful attention that Mr (levelland
became the owner of "Bsa] Top" wiihout f?*_BJ
$.1,500 for it. Even if he did accept thc p'ace
a* a lift, as so many iei*->us assert and bel eve,
there was notlnn; unlawful in tl.e tan-sat ton,
however sharply the pmpnety of it may be fairey
erith_sj_ Of c-jtitse, if thc plans of im riveni? nt
lately disclosed by the District CsfMBJB????BB a o
canied out. the value of Uie pro,city held by
1 "resident Cleveland and Mr W hitm-v will he
greatly enhanced without ail v su'slantial be ne fl ti
to the taxpayers of the District <,f f'oliimha ex
cejit thc few men who arc fortunate cn ass- to own
real estafe in that rici-diborhood. Mill, it is nofj
ni'' 'Smut t.t be ice that the IVcstdoiil ku'Wiufty
emhaike.I in a teal estate S|B3CIIBtl_Jll the ptolits
of which are ii:ainly, if not wholly, drfga n icut on
ollit ial un i public, apprupriatioiis
The pro|eit,V selected as fAlltablo in the lldj*.
ment of the lprx_Bttota, for thc 1'i'Sdeni's rasj_a
try ifsidcnce. as well as for their own pi rp his,
is situated a littls more than lasas ailta aa Uk?-Bl
of Ihe White House ar* a bini (li's The lo so
is built of stol)" ami before the nt nt e\tcn_ e
and cxnensi c alterations it was a |.la,n. foi hi I-?
dinst anl rattier dilai ____ sin.. tuiv s-uited ni
a barren Un di cm risin .onie nv. ri y ei.l.t ac. CS.
About an ace. at some tli-tan t froat _? lan?e.
is covered by a giovvtii of sinai I oala. Ucl. rc ,ts
pwrrhaaa for Mr. t_eyals-td the pkara wi.s known
BS "li-ctty I "MB1 NBi." because lt afToiiled a pleas
tint view of W asl,m.tun hii.1 the rotorua.. Ibo
new na nar. "Rad Ton.' tieii..-, u.s aisajop acmes
from the fact that the rn.,1 of the rWUfS las be n
pa iited a lui.li.tnt rad. The c\t riot ol tin: hui il?
illi, has been improved by carry in; up the main
walls several feet BB? aihiiii.' a two slaty vcan ah
on three sitles ; mil tl? interior has bein tc
aii-.uur. willi an eye to condo t It is ot nn.i <? I
tl nt tie re ans ami alteiati. ns winn ompl U>d
will han.* cost Boase |10,-o90 The nnpi.jvcm nirt
aii-eaiv maile tn lmle a broad gravel'ad roaatwaf/
a quarter of a mile l?n.r, aatea iing livun Wo d.y
l_ne to the ho .se
"Rctl Top' is situate.1 on a corner funnel by
the junction of Woo Hy Lane wiin Hi" lena Iv town
ki'iil du thc opposite sile of the atfj-f rastd and
a quarter of a mile instant is "tllSSB?lal lie
counirv scat of Mr W bilney. K. a fj u mik to
the noith is tl.e little hain.it of len div town ant
at a somewhat -feater distuti??? to the i .nth tno
stteets of Gcor-'i'tow ti b_;n t'roui lbs lvo t.tivo
Man ;,in to- "Bad 'lon over the *a ad straaai "f
Wt.slun.ton anl GeorvctovMi and Ile lenallvto.vn
Road is neatly foin liu'es; by Woo.Uv Lan- IhO
ilistaiice is somewhat less and it will le sb ii.tv-.l
to a trifle mme than th,e.; mil. a bj the pr- p< Bras]
extension of Haesach??ttsave i ? the 1e_altf?**?
Road. An ofterno.ui drive OH Baa Of th se ?v'eiav
ant October days IbfOU-b ll- n-ion fairro-?diBfl
"RfI Top' ia a picas.,pe bug io be raaaeBibsi-L
Leaving the White (lot aa bv dim if tba bf a.i amt
ivell-ravi'd but ratler duty streets -for thc Peru
rcutie "eleni sw.ep" in Washn.'ton do-* not
i ra to lo them?on" sm.ri finds iiin s.|f iii the
niclits winetl crown the nm -Hiern bo .n lai.V of
Ihe Nata,na! ,apital. and fr.iin whi. li a g_srjB-B-_?
. lew is obtani'.d. Ncvv BSN__I Bf- asea n e e.y
iain! anl niiuiy m)re are hiullin.' Al tin raabI
tra the walis of tin- stably mansion t> be oem
Bled by Justice Harlan, of th" HllPHsaB Court.
Sin, h of the surrounding Dft-aJBMrty has bat- in
Harket and paying heavy lavs f ,r tuentv years,
nit for BOOM rcas.ni the Ihs'ii't BUthO ides havo
lof -e. ii tit to -iii!" the sip.t.s lav sidewalk*
md Blake other needed improvement*., and -hf e
?(>r?o '?Miridiiin Hill and "< Bive siiv laik," willa
ill their natuial advaiita-.'"*. | t* s, _| a ra_f-1 iiP
rearaa ?? fkxjaad them, aa aaa tU-kee rVss_i_f
:,n,' and des. en ls into the beauliftil val ey of
loch Creek, au easier and smoother road is f-um <t
ind lt urtivvs kenset us Um die??c fioni tv wn in
i-ass. until, in noni of "Ked Tip. it ls as
taiit ami ?00th as a floor mid ia linet
v-iiti waU-pafed g-tteiB. -vhlenlt) Hat institct
ommissi,mete have Uot Ixotn iii-if.ndly in Heir
ixpenditurea ob ibis mal rbi h a n s ll-rTtaBI- a
nuleri nn.i ru--e<l but rerj aiii-.utive rcKi? n
tan un.; OB the britbjBJ WCBB rVo?-k Cicnk axil
jokinu- down sticain Hm: eye rests ui?>n u B?BM of
xiiuisito beauly. Tba aftefB i'll sun lubts up ihn
i. t.,her _n_arap ami biinus out und bleu is lite
iv ria d shades of the aututnn lolia;e or the maple.
Bl beet ii. Ill"' sninatll. nil'l the sissafias willi Uie
>ber nisse- and browns of tba oak, tad turua
he clear, ripalle. tSBSBBd Ot Boob s-gt?k into a
_ra__ of buniis'K-'l silver A scan! half mlle
clow Mweis the hill fiom nv huh Hie M__ft?-U
etts A.. nne BriSaftS a itu-inie "''?' ?? u< turo 1U0
tel wide scvc.ui hun Wed asa. i -ft Mi IH Im]
,1, ui to Ham MN val ey ttmaXlWS Bf Mrcatn
he 'visi.'ii of beauty is ivi*alci. adhoti_h the
lowth of woo*! ia ao SCBBB thal OM .a:mot b?*o
liti.le's toni, three foin tU of a mile aboi*.
lier*.' the liistiict I omti_M0MH ure about ti
uiid un ii>'ii bndro l-c^s than bad a mile atuv.
Iiis is ___M?Pat/- Mill Bli -BB "? anoihei- r?_ \
bub Cfra-B- IM valley bdwc n W _B_B_Ml -lui
? 1'iiallylown Road, si ili;n; Ita Inlier a hall
tile Butr_l til "lied Top."
Thc valley be_v. uni JWBmti Ihr'ii-li'.ut its eu?
lie ___Bth, u? V?b*j n-.u-row. si-ip bi.Ls api.roa.hiUa?
be .nek alu ilpily on either side. t_r flMftf a
nie utter j R__?? W o.kII.v lane Hi B-SS Hie nscrut
, st.. |., and the na.! vv iii ,s alien, ii B-_CSMaM
f hills and knolls nu-4t of which lotiiiiianyl an BB*
insive and hr-ntiful r-reai** '? ***** ,*k,* lu
.a_biu,U)u and AlexaiHlrioi. umi eua1.-* raia to
tam foi miles thc connie of Uie I1-**..-*', i-'raia

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