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Bi.TorOriR* norse?H? Little Jack aaeppeM.
UsMWo? 8?Kenilworth.
CosMciri.t.iTss Ham?Horse Tralulne.
Tislt'* TnsAiRV?8-After llnslnoss Hoare.
tris M ran?Wax works,
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4rt**al}f.tm ??,.?:. i ? ? .? ? i "Tin Tum int " Nett.York
JMrvms.-n. ? ?- for ptiWIi stlon In Th* Tkiiu'nk. ml order
ferrernlar dellrerr of the latlv naper, wlU bu received at th
?BjOwlnj brai N*i w.Yprt
i Iraiich cifflcc- l.'JH . Ilroedway, 0 a, m. to tl e. in.
v'.- i* i Bd and 28d ats., tUl 8 e, nt,
Jo ftfWV s: rwentcfii'.r'.st.. ;.i.,. m. %?-p ra,
fe. 7601] rd ave. near Forty.seventh-it, 16 a, ra, te 8 a. rn
fc '- ' Tl r HU ? If: a. m to - n BL
? J e. S ' I undred ar.rl- rwenty-tUtbet., 4 to 1 p. m.
jaka 3Qaare, Ko. 153 Fe ll r. of Fourteenth-**,
sr>FHlVnTrsi_i.fl7'J F.st Irv ' r.'at.. strand.
Fouinoy.?The Btilg3xi3i] Ooreruureat deter
mmccl ujiciii thc clcclun of o pill ! n tl
peals of xvnr tbtuidei Justin MoCarthy'i
rictcry, ssa: Deienee oi Str t bartel i ii ka. r.^-n
Mr. Gladsioae end t!ic watrp, Pwireeked
BB\Uore toeel ColoaeJ Gilder,
iKiMEf-nr.?Trial of Ute A or] i i.sbs=
CJaeageeia the Prayer Book i ? li Epteoo
pal Coareotioii lr. CUoago. -. H- tring Lb lha
Rea.iiiip; fereeloeoxe paso lr. phill lelphia, r=s
Kellirioua tedlileiesea at Yule, sc^-^x Ihetally
ahoct forizerj- case in Okla s=r PreeidentiaU post
MBtenasOptnoted. =r rv-ltics of tho Washln?
toe nufcT. a=s (rpenlng of Um ia.il meeiing of tho
Kationtil Jockry ti nb.
City akh St rti'Riuv.-M. bartholdi and tho
French iriv.s-ts visited Bellow's Island. r== Con
flderice in >lr. BoOMTelfl elect ion rat'idiv incrcas
??. -=!::::a Un. A. T. .ftowart died, bess Qenarrel
Tmer nnd ti. V, White adrlrrBBed a itmshijj meeting
In Ilrcoklyn. a=rr Th" Kev. Gerald Fi I?alc died,
3JOBBE Thc Board of titanate cominnes Its work.
?s-' '*?- Gold mine of thc Ice-al-icudcr silver dollar
(4.2^ ffriiiim ? ot 40 7-1 Od. per ounce?75.1)3 cents.
?steal ^toclts opened steady to finn and later de
elltieii nuder BTessjoN of " short ? salea and closed
TiiR tVEATmta-Iii.licftions for lodayi Fair
and cooler, 'ienit'crnture yeatetciay: Uighetct,
Cs i toweii, 81?i Mrtngt, ft&ifP,
Thc baaJMM men1! neettng in tlio (Iry-sroods
district ycstcr.lay did not indicate that Ilcpub
licaiij of "means think it nccossary to vote 'for
Mr. Hewitt for Mayor In order to rebuke the
peculiar laDd-tax confiscation schenies of Mr.
Jlioiiry George <?n the contrary, thc free!
feature of thc SjYttoring WMthfl enthtiBiaftn
shown fur Mr. BttOaWTeli, 'J'lie dry-goods mer
chant8 jdaitily ind nd to make their disapproval
of Henry Ge)r':( clear, and nt the same thoo
strike a blow at th? political Irina,* and bogus
reformers now "banking" on Mr. ilevjltra
Tc.spectable nauio.
? ? ?
More iutere&ting facts lin I'onnection with
real estate upeci Lit ions in the District of Col
Tinibiii will be found lo n 'letter from Washing?
ton pt in ted to-day. That tho* comparatively
Uninhabited region of Kock Creek is to be
gieaUv Improved while Other property actually
Used lor roideners Ol business ls neglected bv
the aUi*tiict Comnaliiloneri cm.not b<-doubted;
hut just how tareel] the ta.\payers' money is to
bc expended na^ not! leaked out, since the offi?
cials who know the plans will 'tot tell. There
me time* rn hen leticenco ll nnfortuuato, arid
thhs || OHO oi'.thetu.
The French guests were properly welcomed
yesterday by tho American Committee In
cbt.lgo of thc Statue of Liberty. All the ar?
rangements scent to have been made and car
Tied out in good taste ; and if tho programme
on Thursday passes oil as well the unveiling
4>erenionie8 will bo a great success. Mean?
while, every one Will bc gratified to know that
the pedestal and the surroundings of the
Statue aro approved by M. Bartholdi, lie has
ho suggestion to make except as to the terrac?
ing of the old fort walls, which can be readily
cairiud out. This ls what comes of having au
able Pedestal Committee.
The Slate Committee continues to receive
proof .that American workingmen are waking
up to the fact that to support the Democratic
party is to help free trade, ThU is due iu
part to the frankness Tof British newspaper
Writers, who admit that through Mich agencies
Oe the Cobden Club England hopes 'presently
to see thc protective tarllf policy of the
Vuited States abandoned, Mr, Hewitt's
?Hoged membership in the Cobden Club will
hardly gain support for him, among the Irish
fotcrs especially. Ami even if he were not a
Xheniber of any free trade organization his
anti-protection tendencies aro enough to dis?
courage all.thoughtful New-York Workingmen
s!roni votingifor him.
? e> ? ??
.thc jjuijority of Kpiscopalinns in favor of
iVriiJng the prayer-book will be gratified at
ihe chango! approved yesterday by the lower
OUSC Of thc Ccnerul Convention, and feel en
DUTagcd to hope for gloater ones later. Only
those who are lamllitir 'UL the .vrinowliat com
hucated liturgy now used by this religious
flCEomination will appieciate the innovation*,
Muelo.illy tho service will bo much enriched
tjnd lt* fcftectiveni'ss increased. It may bo ai j
yell to state thal IhjjM altenuions, having now
peeD 8anctlof)ed by both houses in the last
General Convention and by both houiei lu thia
Ope, A|t> now adopted by tnc Church iu accord
ftDcu With the bur, and henceforth aro parla of
tkv Hook of Coinoion Prayer.
*? ? ?rn
c lit pu V. lean voters In New-Jersey who pcr
Mtipce think it does pot matter much tn this,
kpUfttMTmitiXfAUmu\ politic*, whether their
fijalty tfiowphj at thc pcslii next Meek or not,
tj^'^gfiitoa'iivlandj'tilcct Apon tho toatt I
[pr ?'tr
presented in an address to them, issued b?
their State Ccmmittoo and printed in thli
paper. "The Democratic candidate foi
Governor ls the recognized representative ol
corrupt political rings, whose 'bidding, li
elected, he would certainly obey?at least then
is no evidence in hil career so far which in
dieates that lie would nat do as, his " bosses'
told him. Bit of Oft) tain Howey no^OUe has
charged that he does not fully represent thc
rank and fllo m tho Republican party. Bil
ability, his character and lils intelligence evciv
where coaimanil respect. Between two midi
candidates Mintelligent man devoted to th)
best intele^ts oi thc Commonwealth shouli
hesitate a moment.
Whatever else Republicans forget, the j
should not fail to cist their full vote for mern
hers of Congress who will defend honest money
I tiinl the protective turill. Mr. Bland has fivei
l notice that he moans to try for unlimited silvei
i coinage next winter) the election of Reptibli
r can instead of Democratic Congressmen nexi
\ week is the only' thing people can now do t<
?J restrain him and his followers in the preseni
House. Mr. Morrison is pressed hard in nh
I Illinois district, but.like a man ho declares that
. j ho means to stand by his principles, aad Um
election of another Democratic House would
encourage him and others ot his belief to renew
) ' their raid ou tho tanti next winter. The de
i feat of about thirty free-tiade members, 01
j ' thirty ni embers who pretend to be ? as good
I ! protectionists as any ' when they aro at home,
but who vote at Waahingtoo for a Bpoahoi
who will again make Mr. Morrison chairman
of the Coiumltlee on Ways and Means, would
hate a wholesome intluencc.
It ls not Impossible that tho election may
result in deckled Republican gains. If roten
In Eastern districts do their duty, the gains
will bo largo, For in (Hilo the overthrow ol
the dishonest! apportionment made by Demo?
crats loaders it probable that tho Republicans
will gain il ve members, it not more, In Indiana
therein reason to expect some gains also, and
in Michigan tho Democrat's cannot make cats
paws of as n,any Greenback voters as they did
two years ago. Ia Wisconsin thc secret circu?
lar Imploring all Dcmociatjc postmasters to
take "an intelligent interest In sustaining the
President's party," and particularly to "seo
personally w thai every vote is got out, openi
the eyes of some who voted for Cleveland and
reform, and hi Iowa gains nie promised by the
Republicans. In Connecticut', also, and even
in New -Jersey, then; are opportunities to make
Congressional gains, and tbe Republicans of
New-York ought to neglect in> proper effort to
strengthen the hand.-, of those who defend home
industries at Washington.
There is not a 'single New-Jersey district in
which the Democrats have a ci Mainly ol suc?
cess, partly because theil nominations have
been so bad that in several there are open re?
volts. The little Plato a russ tho river'gave
four times, as large a plurality for Cleveland
M the great State of New-York, and yet the
Ueju'ciiieaiis) oi New-Jersey have not snrren<
deled, nor gouo to sleep, nor abandoned the
flu ht, but n can lo help their {principles and
their industries by their votes next week, lt
nould lnv a creditable thing to the Republi?
cans of New-York if they also should retire
soiuo of the men who pretend to believe iu
protection and promise to ik-fcrnl home indus?
tries,, and yet elect a tree-trade Speaker] and
support a free-trade President, A few doses of
that sort ol medicine would put a veto on tai ill
agitation next winter, and go f.ir to insure, tho
country'a steady advance toward {jtaduatrial
prosperity. Every workingman ahonld bo
able to realise thc importance of preventing a
renewal of the tari:! agitation by Democrats.
Batfevery* workingman ought to know that
tho election of a Democratic majority in the
House this fall will surely meanarevival.it'
that agitation with greater vigor and confidence
than evor.
Democratic ? deals " in this city havo made
its government notorious for official rascality
and Incompetence, Even the men responsible
for these "deals" havo paid the homage of
virtue to vice hy denouncing them. Only last
year the County Democracy solemnly resolved
that" tho cause of good government and tho
cause of honest fldminlstratlon of municipal
aflairs " demand " that tho constant deals and
disgraceful trades between the rival County
Conventions and their favorite candidates shall
cease," Tammany was equally convinced of
tho need of reform. After denouncing the
leaders of tho County Democracy ai " political
mercenaries guilty of.a shameful abuse of pnb
Ue trust," ITammany referred to their efforts
iu the last State Convention to get it to support
Mr. Hewitt for Governor, ns "an attempt to
make a particularly disgraceful bargain or
deal," Rut as s jon as their oontrol.of the otficei
waa threatened the loaders of thees two organ
Lzations, under prenatal from Washington,
united lu another " deal," whh h has given us
Mr. Hewitt as their choice for Maror, with
Slevin, Dugro, Splnola, and others of tho kind
as their candidates for other responsible offices.
The question now presented to the people ol
this city Is whether by voting for Mr. Hewitt
they will perpetuate this nri.*g()vorninent,whii'h
both organizations havo condemned as "dis?
graceful,'' or whether they will put an end tu it
by electing Mr. Roosevelt, Tho success of tho
"deal" means the retention lin tho servicoof
the city of one-third more employes than there
ls need of | it n;cans no decreaso in the enor?
mous tax.'iti?>.!, and no improvement in the
character of tho government. Mr. Hewitt has
confessed as mach, In hld speech in Cooper
Institute last Friday night he said that ho ? did
not believe that tho taxes of tho city of New?
Yorklcauoroughtto bo reduced," atjtl he added i
"Tho reason I do not make Any prouises is
because I understand tho question lust as the
Mayor has stated it," In an eilort to break tho
force of his own failure Mayor Grace pictured
tho city as", "marvellously" well-governed
under "existing conditions," It ls hardly pos?
sible that tho Intelligent voters want a man for
Mayor who offers no hope ol escape from the
Intolerable burdons which now oppress them,
If wo aro to have any reform* and if we aic to
get rid of theso "disgraceful deals "it must
como through the election of Mr, Roosevelt,
Happily tho registration shows that the people
aro alivo to the importance of tho issue. It
seems now likely that tho "deal " candidate
will be defeated,
Count too Doust, whoso d'athhaa been an?
nounced in tho cable dispatches, was one of thc
greatest of European statesmen, For fifteen
years be has filled Important diplomatic posts
and been recognised tl OM of the most brill*
inn! of thc old school of Metternich Ambus
HiidoiS, IIi9 great WUrt Was the compium!-.!- nf
1S07, by which Hungary atm Austria were en?
dowed with separate l'.irllaments and united
ander a dual system of Imperial Administra?
tion, Ho did not devise this scheme, The
frrcnt Hungarian stiite-man Deal, bad iiioin.Mil
I twooty years befme and had never ceiled ;,,
advocate lit and to labor for lt. Bal Conni
Ton Donut had the practical sagacity to adopt
this baale of reorganisation after tho military
dofeats of 1800 had flflilMtfl the necessity for
constitutional ohangei. Ile rostored the Hun*
f j garlan Parliament In aecordat ce with thc
l ' Pragmatic sanction of l~2'A and with fonda
r l mental statutes dating back to tho Middle
Ages. Ho established a new Comtitntional
system for Austria. Ile continued with these
two Parliaments a trl[ile-headed Ministry for
Imperial affairs responsible to delegations
from each legi.slativo assembly. It was one of
the boldest and most original constitutional
experiments of the century.
Dualism was a Magyar conception reduced to
a political system by this Sax ni diplomatist.
When Introduced ns a tentative form of nov?
el inncnt In l^i-T it did not seem to possess any
of the elements of stability. The coalition
between Dc-ak and Henst was condemned af the
time by Kossuth's ardent disciples ami by a
compact opposition In Hungary headed by
TlSJ i, who Wiis destined to become ono ol the
champions of dualism. In tho western half of
the Empire parties and races were arrayed
against it. There was no expectation on the part
of Parliamentary leaders that the system would
form n permanent basts of government. Rat
now after the Inpse of ttventy years Count von
Benet's judgment ls vindicated. Administra?
tive unity haj been maintained unimpaired in
great crises. Political reorganization has been
promoted in each half of the Empire and there
has been uninterrupted progress In the direc?
tion of material prosperity. Du ilistn has not
proved a failure as was generally predicted
ttventy years ago. It seemed nn ImptMSibll
problem, like tho squaring of the circle, but it
bas been accomplished.
As Mr. Reedier returns from Europe he is
surprised to rind a member of his family
standing In tho way of General Tracy's election
as Pistrict-Attnrney. His dispatch to Mr. White
discloses perturbation of mind. The relations
between the Plymouth pastor anil thc leader of
tho Brooklyn bar have been most Intimate.
General Tracy was Mr. Beecher's confidential
adviser as well as eloquent advocate during the
famooi trial and championed his client's inter?
ests witta loyal devotion and distinguished
ability. The returning traveller cannot fail to
be disturbed bv tho sorry spectacle now pro
Bented of tho candidacy of ono of his sons.
That candidacy is in no sense a real one. The
PiohibitloB party in Brooklyn have no expec?
tation of electing Mr. Beecher, Be ls simply a
stalking-horse for District-Attorney Ridgway,
who hus been renninin.iti'd by the Democrats,
If he remains in the Held tho only poi
effect of his canvass will be to draw oil v ites
flinn Grenda! Tracy. In view of his personal
relations with the Republican candidate, pas!
and present, Mr. Beecher*! father will be likely
to be greatly distressed by thi.-* demonstration
of Prohibition perversity,
This feeling of distress will bc further em?
bittered when tho returning preaoheT learns
that his sun's eondut t ls a- Illogical ai it ls BU
gracious, He accepted the Prohibition nomi?
nation m the ground that it was necessary, as
a maller of public morals, fur somebody to
Stand for the principle of enforcing the laws
regulating saint.ns and gambling. General
Timer ns the candidate of tho Republican
party Is pledged to break up pool-selling aad
gambling on racing tracks in Kings County,
The law makes it the specific duty of the Dis?
trict-Attorney to suppress these growing e. Ila.
Tiie steadily increasing sentiment within the
Republican party in favor of temperance legh]
lation will als > Invigorate General Tracy's arm
ii) dealing with offenders against the Excise
law. Mr. Beecher cannot promote the inter?
ests of temperance by remaining in the field,
lie may imperil the success of a candidate who
stands pledged to'securo a thorough and effect?
ive enforciiieiit of thu laws up.-ittiat betti Ita
gambling and pool-selling.
The elder Beecher will bo deeply pained by
mable course. Il- will also be
humiliated by the reckless a-s.Hilts made by
fin- Prohibition candidate upon General Tracy.
It seems scat eely credible that, a reputable
lawyer should have gone out of his way to
misrepresent a professional colleague's record
ns the younger Beecher has done lu commenting
upon General Tracy's legal opinion relating to
the 6alo of liquor to minors. So monstrous a
perversion of plain facts completes the moral
ch ?ma talion of Mr. Reecher's preposterous
Objections have been raised against tho Phil?
adelphia scheme to provide trained nurses for
the poor, on the ground that some trained
muses are wanting Inhumanity; That .seems
hardly a reaaonablo ^arraignment, The supe?
rior etliciency of trained over untrained nurses
does nut neill to bc argued, being self-evident,
;unl already practically demonstrated by pro?
longed experiment, uf course, sines trained
nurses aro human beings, some ol them are not
well adapted to their vocation. There.will bo
found among them no doubt careless, negli?
gent, selhah, greedy, unsympathetic women,
beean e 6uch people aro found everywhere.
Rut being trained, these nurses will always
have the special advantage of knowing what to
do and how to do it, ami in moat cases they will
be able to cany out the plans of the physician
far better than an untrained nurse, however
sympathetic, could do.
It is perhaps to be apprehended .that tho high
tinges paid trained nurses will attract persons
Who havo no fitness for tho employment, Yet
this is probably uot a serious danger, f>>r if tho
wages are hi*s'h ono reason is shat much of tho
work is hard and disagreeable t and mercr-nary
people do not generally like that kind of work.
That the system of training nurses Is a good
one, and that it will be maintained nu il ex?
panded, is already certain, and the latest exten?
sion of it in the Philadelphia plan is a partied -
linly happy thought, Hue isa new way by
which wen!thy and charitable peoplo cando
good to the poor. A comparatively small sum
will provide tho wages and subsistence of a
tiaino'l nurse in^perpetuity. Any hospital that
lias adopted tho system will undertake to give
fiuchanuise training; will in fut administer
the trust,- Tho nurse so provided could be
reserved entirely for the po >r. Just this thing
has in fact been done in a few instances, but
there Ofjght to be immy such gifts and bequests.
Tho need of a nurse in a poor family all the
bale members of which must-work hard through
their waking hours, is imperative. No amount
of love an 1 Willingness <m the part of these cnn
Overcome the natural exhaustion resulting from
mci Ksjnt toil, it ls In [such eases ti.at tho
trained nurso can do the most good, ami no
ono will appreciate this more <iulck!y than tho
poor themselves. As to ill-adapted nurses,
when the worst is I lid thc hospital physiclaai
ought to be able .to exercise a certain diseriml
nation In selecting their lippieutioi s, and with
sufllcicnt cine the rough and unfeeling auraei
might gradually bo eliminated, Rut trained
nurses ioi tho peot are wanted, sad nl.ould be
supplied. _
The BtMhOrUttM Tbtuw'Dtutcrmtabjects to what it
calli, "the inter.dc i ? "f Mr. Blaine aad Mr.
P'lWilorly'' in the ultima of th-> South, Thc big d?>|
Who! ?h il:ln*i; tho little-dof uovor docs Uko to bo
iiitwitroii with, _
Tho Ito ja ubi ic an s bavo tailem late a COUWBendable
habit td electing theil cu. SI (Uti tn lbs Vlltli
Assembly MUtrich They cortalnlj will not hil
in their duly tina year, Oimrje UL Henry will get ,
tholr hearty luuuort, Us ii 3 business tuen oi 1
ability, HkiMl ami respected by all who know him,
and thc number ia largo. Ito has nlwiys been a
stanch RsoobUeaa and worked zealously for
lllaiuo in issi.
r.'ifc-ci.ir Perry hu* an uiil.oiiiuiiyl faith that tho
Iiet'incr.ie.v will soon beeoiM a unit fol free trit'l**.
'? It is natttrtl, it is traditiooal, it is t0UMXUOat\H lie
s.v " for the Deiaeeiatie Barty te bs tho party of
free trude." No aeiisiblo person SM dispute
1'rofesHiir Perry her.'. Ths party which plunged
tim country into civil war, winch indorsed revndts*
t cn, whnh opposed our present Raaai isl uratan,
wloch opposed resumption end wiiich has orig?
inated BOlhiag v. lib h has not jirovod disastrous,
should most tit ly bs tue partv of frco trade.
If the rontmt for Boperior (.'uirt Judge scald bo
decided hy the ptefi naen of the bunch ami bar of
las city, Brenville P, Hawes woala leave P. II.
litijro litill down in Hie dis'.inco.
Maine work manion ure canny. Thirty ship
eaipeutltl fr.an thal Stats went to Detroit the
othci day to work in tho Dry Dock Company'tc ship?
yard*. The Knig'its of Labof ot Detroit odored
them 01,000 to depart. They took tho money and
deported, balonlv 'vent as tai ai t;iiiritit.tr. Mich.,
to which iilnre tho Pry Dock C ?itiiiianvihasTreiimved
its works. They are now employed hy tho com
piny end are happier than the mon who paid them
tbs money.
I Peter I'lnl Mahoney la about as near a nonentity
in tho Boase of topiessntatires as any man there.
Still ho has ben renominates* in tho IVth District
(brooklyn). Two years ago he was oloctod by a
majority of 5,682, To overcome this in a strongly
Democratic district may B3SB1 3bopillSS under?
taking. Nevertheless, tho Kc'piiblieaiHjhavo'mado
nu excellent nomination and they ought to stand
a chance of winning. Bugene F. O'Connor is a
lawyer of nomi standlmr and ia every sense 'a
eapable esadldate, if tho voters of tho IVth
District havo an oyo to their own interest*, they
will send him to Congress tn tho place of Peter
Peal, who has misrepresented tito district?or failed
to represent lt?lom: enough.
Our esteemed eontemporsiy, Th? Odhteton Nette,
in ikes this s.t i annoenoemeat: " Tho world ls full
of fools." So lt is, and full alao of mosquitoes ml
slepbants, and eowboys and Mugwumps, snd loss
of other th im?*. Thia il pbilosophj, lt. may bo a
poor substitute for lenee, but tboy must havo it
down there In Texas.
Tlf Eh''!.it'llI'hin Prett exnoeSS tho reform mock?
ery in tho Internal Rerenne Collector's otilco of
that city by printing in Eae-eimtle en autograph
letter signed by Ihe Deonty.( olleetor, by order of
his superior, in these wurla:
BIB: I tel per cent of vcsrly
... Pt uti lylv .a a. ts i.: in. ui ?:..iteiy.
lt tins is not pernleioni acttvity.it ls ml nh ty
pernicious grammar. M bli respect for the law snd
for his own order dees not move tho President to
bounce tberereane people in Philadelphia, then
we mehi a Anal appeal to his respect for tho
nieiii'i.y ol Lindley Murray.
ITic Constitution ot this State inc iles that no
person shah be eligible to the Legiilal ire who al
thi liiu.' of bli election, or within one bundled
dial previous, ii a civil oi miUtary officernnderthe
United Mutes. Mr Weed, tbe Democratic cen
di lete for tbe Assemblj in the Plattsburg district,
mali fled by tics ? bc now hoi.is the
office ol United .states Commlssl n-r. Voters wno
d(. n it Want to throw away their, ha'.lotii Should
l, it Nut.- fbi Mc Weed.
Mrs. J. I). Cameron ha* gone to lier Washington homo
for tai wi a ter, Senator Cameron will follow her soon
.if.er election clay.
The result of Tht I'a'l Matt O'tzette't ctn vasa of Its con?
stituents declares Mr. cjlalstouo to l.e the host orator,
.;. .vcr, .i(iiiii!iistr.unr, in i<t popular niBBiber sad beat
Msweret of iwkwerd geest! oai lathi iloase of Cont
mom"; BU wu.'riil Lewi ia, tho munt '.titty ipsokiri Mr.
Araineii Bartlttt. tho gr-'?tost hore; Mr. Bradlangta,
tho in .st aapopnlal in .iuIit; Mr. Jhggar, the mose
eccentric and tim ablest obemoil oaten Slr W. v. nar*
court, Hie most potupou* munber (the 1 irif "i?t iu ijoriiy
ot ail was to till* eirocO; ?"l Mr. Labouchere, the
olotrarest MInlatnrlnl osMclilmr. .loliii llrltfht was tim
only orator who raino aiirwiicra oear Mr. (Haddon"'*
Vote| aa to popularity, Lord Hartington wa* a close
aaeond i and for th's palm or nnpopaianty, Sir W? V. Har?
court |.r. s-t; i Mr. llrmllaiigli hard.
Mr. William D. Howell* Is'roport.r'd to Intend rrolngr to
Europeasxt salama for a aoepls ot year*. HM eldest
? on, wini li now at tlie Institnto of Tseoaoloerr, Doaton,
? ll .imo go abroad, to eutor tho Polytechnic school,
The Q.ieen docs not Uko Prince Henry of n.vtenberg
ss nash bs abe cUd, beesaas ho ha* (earnestly asked to
bu excused fruin nearum lue -orton kilt.
Mr. Jone j. i Mcdill, of The Chit) ;?> lri'mnr, thinks that
athol* nullo? to spend Cid winter in Chicago, and hu
(liiuiihtsr* a.'e coining hom a next month, there must hs
scuiu crtnr in tho roeta! report that tao/ ara all lo inn
tho tv in; or lu funs.
Tim death la announced of tho Rev. Dr. Thomas Cros
kery, Professor of .-System i'la Theology lu Magee Col
lose, liOudonderry, who spent many years lu this coun?
M. Constantine ff ter n be rp, tho well-known pl.tuDt,
lias heen en ja^eil sj director of tho Atlanta (tia) Col?
lette of Music.
Darin,'tho forty-nine years of her reign Queen Vlo
tori.i ha* spent only twelvo days lu Ireland, and Mr,
Labouchere wants lier to celebrate her Jubilee, hy giving
lu memory ol those twelve da. s, iwolve i>euoe to each
liilial.ltaui of tim neglected Island.
Senator and Mr*. Stanford will roturu to Washington
next ween.
Genera! Kanlliars, the Ctar's Minister of Mischief In
Bolgarla, ts a tail, Btoeptaa* beay rn ia witn a low, soft
voice. II* speaks sereral language*, writes poetry, ls
..ii amateur satomoloclst, and ls a, channing companion
aud mei..ocr of society.
M. 1'asteur ha* sold for 180,000 to a commercial com?
pany tho secret ol hu prophylactic against spicule fever
lu cattle.
Mr. Franois Parkman hat this wcolc at Bostw one of
the finest pr.vat? ohrysautueuiuia shows ever seen lu
this country.
riTtsiimiJ, Oct 23 (ftpecitU). ? Andrew Carnogle. who
tscennned to his oottage at Omasa with typhoid fever,
ls reported hy hi* physician, Dr. Donni*, of .Vow-York,
tobi* getting iiaiirr, thou.'u not yet ooiivalosoeut. Mr.
Carnegie's motlier sud Mr. Landon are with him.
Tai. talk oJ iiis dar.
Mlle. Bardon, scarcely in her teena, tho daughter of
tho great Kronen playwright, has so seriously ques?
tioned her father as to why be will do! permit her to go
to Hie theatre to eee hts play* that be promised to write
one she might wittie**. It ls now finished, and I* called
" 1.0 Crocodile.'1 M. Hanlou warrant* ll to be perfectly
harmless, and persons who have read tho manuscript
declare thal lt la amazingly tunny, It wUl aoou
be produced,
When chill antumnal breezes blow
1 ho leatlees tree* among,
Man wants hut little here below,
Hut wauts iliitt Utile strong.
The wealthy candidate deelaret?
In conversation willi a neighbor?
Ile hales a man who p it* on airs,
Or oue that la a foe to labor.
?.Boston Courier.
Profsasor Slr Monler Williams, of oxford, declares thal
Buddhism has euttrely died out in india proper, tho
piace of Its origin, and U rapidly dying out iu other
Aolatlc countries. He thinks tho devoteoa of the rollg.
lon do no! number over 100,000,000 at the present
time, and that thc exaggerated Ideas with regard to the
population of China, together with Hie furgeifulnea* of
thu million* who worship no ono but their own ances?
tors, account for tho popular idea thu! the (Vn.usiaulsti
are so nameroiia. lits own opinion ll lhat In point of
numbera Christianity Blands at tho head'of .all tho relig?
ion* <.r the world. The order following Christianity ho
bollev.s to be Hinduism (Including Ilralunaiilsiii, Jalu
Ism, demon and fetish warship*!, Confusuutsm, Mahom*
* an'.sui, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism sud Zoroastrian?
Alarmed Citlzon?L'nolo Sam, Mexloo la lookliif ugly
nt iis sgtiin.
Uucie tj .iu?Eh I
" And Bos-land doesn't fed any too frlondly.''
?* V"U don't ?^f *o."
"Ali 1;,vi,ai. * ii mad bccauio we are netting tho
ere itu of ht* population."
" Dear, d ar,"
'? A'.I . veli 1!u**!b?? '
"i.omi BTBeloasI A.* ctiioajn how aoon she can
sears ihe i'lugoriou*,"-^ ima tte won 4,
In the opinion of T/i? staaten Durwcrfpf nngels snicker
ehini teer seo a |flahlfSB pull eui ot ibo Bfatai ? two
liioU sucker vtitu nu uiiitli lira lost Lim | .'."? rn ??rJi)."
Am lue ttanetr^ft li e |oed Mosaratajataper, tum esn*
ted he an ailasiou lo U.4 SSeSBt SUPlllWSSS of tho
Ooiigri ss nnn Knnte Nelson WM (jut tl<li!ng ItoothSf
day, and having hooked a nturdy pi ktiel, iio rose In lils
sees ts reel it ls, ead Mtiwetsj0Bji4. riiowatei latUed
Lin, ht liol con* nm?ite*s and .ii'ier t'.oaiiug a'a-mt for
IWl hours he was pMBad If md roniiseliatcl, Wm i. al
reowverod md loaruei tum ul* body had not muk, Li
wa* troubled. Mr. Nelson I* a moat popular man, bc
he fenn lie will have to rc commend hi* eonstiluenis t
elect a Cniiiere-siiiiiu wiu^e specific gravity ls greata
than that of water.
"Hire," -aol Dan'l to the President, "ought not Cotisfi
Bil I'oisoin to have a naval comuiiaslon before he goa
as Consul to sin (field t"
"I du not see why," replied tho President.
"llcestise, sire, Sheffield l< bull! near Uro streams, anc
80 lu 'ic- li water call* for recognition.''
" l> in'!," mu-lngly enid ISl President, aa he bunted ni
Ph. ill ?!.! on the map, " D.m'l. you ure a wise tuan ; Pl
muk" Cousin Hen a boatswain before this moon la full.
(Boston l.i-cord.
With all the sbeurdities of thc " Mnskci
Ball " lielghtened by the m.xture of coitumos and non
descrlpt scenery which bav" signalized Hie representa
lion* here for many year* pist, ll I* one of thermos
pleasing and popular ot Verdi'* early operas. It I* ar
opera that can and doe, interest the musical connols
SSW, no matter what his creed may be, and ai
lt has not oren sung to 'leith it rennins a welcome feat
uro of the Italian repertory. Why some snterpnalni
inaiia.-or does not restore the opera t > Its original furn
for representation IB America we do not understand
The objections of the Italian censorship a quarter of i
century ago would have no force here and ll
would bo worth the trouble thal the eonvcrslor
would entail to present It to Americans stripped of tin
nticliernnl?m* and blstonoal nonsense which disfigure
the current version. There I* so little seriousness in th<
representations of Italian opera, however, that we fancy
thal no one wil. ever go to *o mach trouble for the old
work, tho loss since lt has been discovered that so nmcli
can bo accomplished by simply confusing the time, p!?ee
and people of the action by nieaos ot stock costumes and
Of last night's performance by tho Angelo Company
lt may be sall briefly that lt comparo 1 favorably, on
tho whole, with any that has been seen bera of late
years. Madame Valda contributed a great deal to tell
end by her graceful singing and handsome appearance
lu the role of Onrar. This part ls one that ls
ail bat Inevitable to aspirants for prims donna
honors In Italy. It ls a part which taxes a singer*!
p. .1 ers le.it slightly and rcwsr'i* her most generously.
Madlin.' Valda sang ll last night as If she liked lt and
If she did not make a profound Impression by ber vocal?
ization on the critically dispose.1 sue ai least contrlb*
ute.1 s ureat deul to their pleasure. Siana* c.Uiiuinl ls
ni.se fond of the part of liirruriln ami Lia affection ls
ma .lfest iii his singing. Couoc-ruing the rest silence ls
kimmo**. _
To those sceustomed to thc nanni flrst-niirht
audiences at the Dallas lt 331 1313333 to *oe last night,
at a Ors! production, a house only partially (lied. The
piece offered for tho approbation of the publlo on this
occasion was a bur.e?iiue entitled "Kenilworth," Miss
.i] assuming Ulenia tho part of the JVaW nf Leices?
ter. Tho burlesque ls of tho stereotyped English order.
It ts foutnlo.i on Slr Uniter scott's novel and written lu
doggerel rhyme, with a plentiful sprinkling of more or
M'ld puns. Those of the au Hence wno possesed
the patience to s't tno entertainment out to
its end found the chief relief to consist In ihe snatohes
of rather well-suog men. nea i oils i trom tue acore* or
BuppA, Au iran, Offenbseb, -stritiiHS and hair a derna
oilier composers of llgbt mu*ic. PlBBSttn WBS also to tie
derived from tba algal ol most picturesquely deatgned
d real il and laaracrerlsiie scenery. Mus Cameron's
performance offered no feature to cause tho
opinion already expressed in this Journal of
I..r urti*tio abilities lo be modified. As Slr
Richard \ limey Lionel Bronte g.ive evidence
of pu eera a* ? c .median whi.h were ir Hy thrown
away on tba trivia, an i rather dreary bauior or ii., part
Mi*s CoaatsBoe Loseby,sa Sir WeUlerB aleitjk, seted aub
fp,nt uni experleneea abnuy. Utbsr olie*red comic
par's were Ii lsd ny John Barnum, -t duey lirongh and
li. Lytton. Mlaa Edith Brandon Itv ted pretty aa Amy
l.i.;.url. and Mis* .liri" (outeur, Mit* Clyde llownr I
ind Jiiei Ailee Lethbridge completed the oatt. "Kenil?
worth" I* hardly likely to draw larger audiences than
Its immediate predecessor.
e -
Mr. Pastoi lost rn-jrlit returned to ins theatre,
in Fourt-M uth-st., which has lately bete tenanted ly
various travailing companies. He was greed by aa
audience vt iiioh completeiy lt led the house aud waa evi?
dently highly delighted with tue entertainment offered
t.Mt. Thia oonalated of a aerisa of vaudeville sketches
and apaclalty performaaooa given ley clever people.
.Not tai ieasi loterasUai portion of tha evening's
am isemeut ? i- contrlbtttod by Mr. Pastor himself, who
was loudly applauded.
Activity continues unabated among the plny
M i, i lie asaaos opeoa l with a sonorous proclamation
of much and diversified enterprise, and already lt has
J Ul tilled tho opening word of proudae. Several lntoreat
lOg events occurred last night. Mino. Madjeska up
pealed at tho Cnloii .-(juara Theatre, and gave a per?
formance of Rosalind in " As You Liko lt." This linper
?onattoii is well known herc, and lt has found many ad?
mirers. Tho earnest and winning actress was welcome 1,
with marked cordiality, by a numerous audience. Miss
tieri Wald m.tuj her rc-euiranco at the Grand
Opera House, giving her trenchaut and brilliant
r. ii. Minutlon of tho hurotiio ot " t'orget-Mo
Not." Mr. ST, H. Vernou app 'are I as Sir horace
\SMy, and made a brilliant hie. A great crowd
of delighted spectator! enjoyed this production, and
manifested their pleasure by cioso attention an 1 hearty
applause, ailsa \ intel Cameron appeared at tho Casino
lu " Kenilworth." Mrs. Howers, at the fourteenth
Btreel raeatn, biran tho last week of her preeeai en
gae;eiiieiit, [ippeariui{ as (oi?.<oi Elizabeth,. TB* minstrel
company of i'tialohor, l'riiuroso mid West enuc forth ai
.Nil).o's Clarion aud ufforde I a capital eatortaiomsot to a
niiiiilt.ideof apectator*. Mr. Tony Paator male hi* re
entranee at his own theatre la roarteenth-ll. giving a
diversified and lively perforinatiee in which his numer?
ous company participated. A moraing performance oc?
curs at Tony Pastor'* thentro to-lav. ".'day lllossom "
was presented at the Windsor Will Slr. Bea Max,uley as
' arie Harlie!!. The heroine wa* represented by Mis*
Mary il,.mi.ton. Ksiabllshed attraction* wars offered
ai the other theatres.
? ?
A spsoial afternoou performance will be given today
at tho ittjou Opera House, where Mr. M. C. Goodwin
continues to di?port himself In " Little Jack Sheppard."
This ls the last week of Mr. Wilson Berrett and Miss
Ea*tlako at the star Theatre. " Claudiau " will be re?
pealed throughout the weea.
Mrs. Langtry, at the Fifth Avenue Theatre, will glvo
an oxtra porformanco on WeUuesday Afternoon, with a
view to satisfy tho lively nubile demand for a eight of
uer impersonation of /''inlineIn the " Lady of Lyons."
The Albany Argot hus called special acton*
tlou to tho services wuioh Judge (ioorge W. Smith, the
hctnocratie candidate for Judge In tho XXlVth Dis?
trict, rendered while a member of the .-tate Legislature
In behalf of what wa* known as "The Hop-tare bliL
Hie ltira Herald ls unkind enough to reply lhat " The
Lrgut't also, lenee ls out at all interfered with by tho fact
lhat .-milli was not lu t il legislature which considered
hat bill. When IA* IrpMSseeB a good thing politically
t appropriates lt without inquiring about Its truth."
"Tho Democrats," so Ihe Liiffata Courier reports,
' have made legitimate and praiseworthy effort* to win
mccoos lu Assembly districts by the nomination of oan
ltdates better and abler tuan tho nominee* of their po
ltlcal oppouents." No other paper has the news.
'Ihe Independent Cittzeus' party, so-oallod, of Albany
>unty, bas Indorsed the renomination ot John Swiu
jui ne for Congress.
Ashbel P. Fltoli, the Republican candidate for Con
tre*s lu the Xlllih Dutrlot, ls making a gallant righi
ind 1* running lu a way lhat speaks well for hi* strength
md popularity. The fact that tho Democrats of tho
District are by no moan* nulling together lt materially
lelplog bis canvas*. If the voter* ot tho district c?u.
lull their best interest* he will be elected.
The Middletown lYesa believes that tho friend* of tr?
ste i'ingress n iu Basse will not rally to the support of
Henry Bacon, whom tho Demoorats have nominated to
uicoeed him. " Wheti Mr. Beach wa* a eandidste for
Jongrnss," the I rear; assorts, "he not but a feeble sup
>ort Iioin ll icon, aud waa allowed to run behind his
.1. kel tu Goshen, Mr. Bacon's town,"
(Senator Warn r Miller ls auuounoed to address the
buffalo Republicans to-morrow evenlujr.
"Voter* who decldo to take to tho woods can hardly
ie blamed," It ls thu* that The buffalo Courier com
uetits upon the nomination of "lim" Campbell aud
'lom" Grady tor Cou gre**.
In tho opinion of ISl Seneca Falls Conritv Thoma* 8.
Ieee,wann the Republicans of the XXVlllih District
,re rUBSlSf tor Congress against ex-speaker Mcwuire,
t'uuld make a most excelieui Repres nun ve. It says:
1 Aside from the (lUestlou of popil.arlty, Mr. Flood ls
cry competent to look after the Interests of hi* consul
ic.-i.cy. He wu* left nt the ago of eighteen to look after
lie Interests of tho family willie tue father uni two
?Ider brothers Jomet' the armies of the Cul.m. At thal
arly age he gave promise of the Uualness capacity
? blob ha* since characterised him. He ls u sturdy Kris
nihill an, well erouuded in the fundamental doctrines of
nc i any,"
The LocJ;i>ort Journal ?ouiids a note of warning against
he organized attempt that ls belug made to secure Re?
publican votes for Mayor spalding, of Lock pori, the
lemocriUlo candidate for Cougress In the XXXllld
betriot, J ht Journal statei that tito Repubiioau votes
ii ojaietfea arc sske 1 for on what ls known us the oom
i.lmeiitury basis j thalia to *av th it Mr. spalding and
ls trien ls are goiti.' about asking votes for him on the
round that whim ba doe* nm axpeel lo bo elected *tiil
ii would UKI a goo I i.onie vote, lui* |* ail very nice In
,eertain Bsaae, bul at seer! it u Soped te m tina way
Hiiro siirtlcieut Rcpuolican vole* for Mr. HuaJallug to
ie ot btui."
I ./'?,, ,t| lutH.tteh,
Mr. Biulne ? i>?; '? Ina hui.,, peopla of the South
ave the pul, tl . power of that ooo .ry m th ir gimp."
iel, Mr. Lialue, what are you going ludo about lt t
/??(?ia i"',* ivifilc. |
Ur. Hurd never di.i a .lat's manila, labor in bia Ufo.
'IV. .s iv KR TlllH
Prom Th* 1'hiL 0. iv Mi Arcecl i/j,i*i.)
The Domoiirai* aro ibu vtotlm* ol thou owu devioea
. " ? ? ?? in
mr. french gcksts cokdullt iifcrivkd?plan!
ron mr. cELF.BKsTrojf,
Thc French steamer Bretairno, with M. Har.
tboldl and the rest of the delegate* to the unveiling ot
the great Prattle of Liberty on Tnar*day, lay quietly al
Qusrsntlue Sunday night, and (tarted shortly arter day*
light and after the Health Officer's visit to steam ap te
ber pier In tbe North River. The American Committee
had p.anne i to go down to Quarantine In Willum II,
Starbuck'* steam yacht Tillie and take off the Frenob
guests, but this part of the programme waa abandoned,
by reason of several exasperating delay*, and tbe Tillie
finally cbaaed the Brotairna up the North River and
picked up the French party at the Transatlantic
Company's pier. The reception, for Bil that, when ll
came, made up In heartiness and good spirits
what lt lacked in formality. There were a breakfast, a
trip to Bedlow's Island, a run around the harbor, a lit?
tle sp. e. ii making and a luncheon ;and then tbe visltora
were tak.n to the Hoffman House, all delighted but
tired out and unite ready to lie on their oar* till the
formal reception this evening la tho Acvlemy ot
The Tillie rame down the East River from Portehester
eeriy yesterday morning, with Mr. starbuck aboard, and
moored aboat half past 7 alongside of tho lin .- ? Office
pier, A iiet.se fog buug over tho haroor and everything
pointed to a cloudy, disagreeable day. Governor"*
Island even wa* partly hidden la the mist, and fnrthar
over to the southwest ono could eetcb a glimpse only
now sud then of the big god tess's heal or torch. A
few members nf the committee straggled np from time
to time, and by 3 o'oiock everything was In
readlneaa to shove the yacht off, (senator
Evarts, the chairman of the committee, had not arrived,
neither had General Schofield, representing the United
-tap?* Government. It waa deel led to run over to Gov?
ernor** leland for General Heboflald and tuen steam
down the Bay to catch the Bretagne on ber way up. AU
hope of getting to Quarantine in time waa abandoned.
Just as the Tillie got clear of the Barge ObbSS the tall
form of Joseph Pulitzer was sighted raming through
tbe gate and down tho pier. Tue yacht w is bar ked Ia
again, and the Kdlior of Ihe Werta came on purring and
panting. Five minutes more wore lost at Governor's
Island, where the Tillie could not maka a .aa ling. G >a
eral (Schofield finally got ona tug and was passel over to
the yacht In mtd-strotm.
By this time the fog hal lifted a gool deal
and the Bretagne, deckel from mast to
mast with gay flags ami streamers,
was seen standing o'' the Battery up the North River.
Three whistles wer ? sounded on the yacht and a small
brass cannon fired by way of a salute. The .leeks of tua
big steamer wore crowded, and Hag' and haudk. tchirfi
kept waving in ono continual greeting up the stream.
The Tillie passed the Bretagne and reached the pier
flist. The party on board tho yacht looked small after
tho crowded bulwarks of the big French steamer.
AT TIIK ri'.EVCIl 1'iiMI'WV's pir.ic.
The American Committeo was represented by Richard
Butler, secretary, Consul-General Alfred Le Faure,
Joseph Vi. Drexel, Jesse Heligiuan, Joseph Pulitzer,
James \V. 1'iochot, Louis de Boolan, George A. Giaenzer,
Charles Lanler, Henry Hertz an 1 N. M lilford Moore
Among the others on board were besets, M.
Hunt, the architect of the pelcstal. D. H. King,
Jr,, the builder of the fouudato , pedestal and
statue; Hector de Castro, Jules Aldego, Colonel
Gra*. Captain Verrene and Captain Pt..v. The United.
-tates authorities were represented, of course, by Ca-en
oral Sehofie .1 and bis stair.
Cousu.-General Le F tim, Mr. De Bohlan, Mr. Butler
ant Genera, schofield went ashore to welcome the
French guests as they got ou* tue steamer. The Brets.im
slowly drifted to the pier, while tho committee waited.
M. Bartholdi with bis wife and Coa.it de li"?*epi wave!
greeting! from the captain's deck, tho other delegates
aud their friend* finales' In s little Knot along the rall
below. Tue committee to welcome tho Froucutneu hur?
ried up tbe gangway as soon as lt was lowers 1, and a
number of Mr. Starbuck'* other guests followed.
M. Bartholdi was mo first to appear after the lian?
shaklng waa over. He came down tho plank alone.
Bt'hiud bim was Madame Bartholdi, on the arm
of Mr. runtier. Tlie pier waa choked almost
with the crowd, aud the French guests were led slowly
across and dowu lt lo the piace wuere Mr. Starbuck*!
splendid steam yacht lay. M. Barth.?! li went back *ooa
to help the American Committee identify the delegete!
aud get their baggage checked safo.y to tho Hoffmai
Count de Lesseps was one of the last to come over tho
steamer's side. With him was his oldest daughter,
"Tototie,"agirl of ten or tw-ivo, wau has trav l
over the world almost with the. great canal-ligger. Da
Lesseps, though now eighty-two,waUs (Irmly, and looks
with bia snort, stubby grayish-wuite mustache and
koon eyes like a hale old gentleman of scarcely sixty.
He ls short and does not weigh muoh. He wore a silk
bat aud a greatcoat, reaching almost to his ankles.
Bartholdi ls a short, well-built, pleasant-faced man of
forty-eight or fifty. The voy.we bal burnt him iel eau
brown. Ho has a more genial and less strenu?
ous face than hts photographs aud pictures
show. He wore a low derby hat and dark cutaway suit
with faint stripes through lt. Admiral Jaurus ls rather
stout sud gray. Ha ls both a general and an ad?
miral and has been lu the French neuate sluce 1-75.
General Feilusier, tho other senator, ls au old, short
man, with a rather weazened expression an I a plata
shaven face. Lke Do Lessop*. be wore a silk hat and
crestco.it. He won honors lu Algeria and the Crimes
lung ago and has been a Senator since 1-7'i.
A complete list of the French guests is aa fo lows:
Count Ferdinand de Lesseps, president of the Franco
Auiencau Uiiiua; Augusto Bartholdi and Madame) Bat*
inoidi; Admiral Jame* aud General Prllliilar, 3sl*>
gate* of the French geuata; Messrs. Speller uni Dee*
mons, delegates of tbe Chamfer of Deputies;
Lieutenant Vu.egente, al ie-.lc camp of tho Minister
of Marlee! Colonel Bureau de l'usy, de.egatl
Ot tlia Minuter Of Wari Colonel Lau?*eilat, Airaetof of
the BOBOol of Art* and SotoatOSI Leon Robert, chief af
UicCahiuei of tue Minister of Pallia laitrsetieoi M.
Dascnemps, vlce-presid'iit of the Municipal Council of
Paris | M. He i.trl. memoir of the 1'ans Clara Bet sf
Commerce; M. Giroud. ex-deputy and delegate of the
Minister of ('(Minneroo ; Charles Bigot, delegate of tue
press of Purls; Napo.oou flTsf, gTBBfina of the Mar?
shal and president of the c omiuercial Geographical
.-..oietji Leuu Meutiter, currespmi Hug member of tha
French-American L*iib"). The to.lowing gues's of the
French Committee were also aboard the Tillie; M.
Collu, member of the Administrative Council or tha
I'an.vina i.,tiiiti, M. Haipbev, captaiu of artillery . Iu-ua
.-nlv asl.ir, French, Comu.ar Agent at Detroit;
M. G...Mena.ix, Lanae.-. M. d'Orsreuva), cor?
respondent ot vt.iou* Paris Journal*. M.
Rajon, correspondent cf VIllustration. M.
Tnomegeux. of iii Jtuwi M. (Tinpot, of the 11, .ii 1*
publicain ; Madame Laussedai, Madame Bigot aiid Mus.
de Lesseps.
Tho party fairly aboard and at breakfast, ti was di*
ot.lott to sall down to Bedlow's Islaud for a bettor view
of the Goddess. Jus? ort the anchorage ground of the
North Atlantio Scjuadrou Bartholdi aud several members
of the American Committee came on the upper deck.
The sculptor looked at tbe bis tlgure with sud withouts
fteil-gla*s. Theu be began talking tracy ai. ni hi* ira.
pres*.nus .md assured every one mat tho -tata.- had bM3
made, to look better even than he had hoped. Bartholdi
taiks Uuglisu slowly, but well. Hts French ls au ani?
mated torrent ti, tlie inexperienced listener. fo av 1 kui
t gi reporter ne said, sties takiug uowu nts glass to-, ina
second lime I
"You really can't imagine how nervous Twas sb mt
my Brat gluui>-e of the -taino on the voyage la. 1 had
the Image of what lt should be clearly lu .nj min.I, a d
dreaded a greater or lesa dlsappoiutmetii. Yoi* I
left New-York last year before the pedestal was flt.
.she l. I did nol know either but Kima aceileut had
happened lu putting together the pieces. I had photo?
graph* sent me, ot course, from time to time; but pho?
tography cannot give one Hie backs-roun i, the seuse of
proporilou which are sal lui purism injulgiug a eora of
(hi* kind.
-1 am more than gratified with the pe le*t,v. and the
setitug. We bad a good view comiug up on the lire
t.igue, and I am *tlll eu|oylng that moment of irti.n.pli.
Gue thing ought to be done and one nu y. as far ss I ead
s e, to improve the effect. The wails of Fort Wood ara
a lillie too higu an 1 too wide-spreading for the mass of
Hie statue aud pedestal. They need to be shaded down,
by cullin*' ott a lillie at the lop aud Ikea terrachi*.
"We were afraid al tirsi thal tbe Drooelya i.ridge
might hurt us. The Bridge au t the Plaina are bute
III Pilli bet near together they might dwarf eacl
other, liny ari just (ar enough aper! to fit tn well wi ia,
the great scope, o! nea au 1 sky. Jvothlug, ou Ibo whola,
could have uren a grester success. The sile and the
Work are both bayoud praise."
Tho sc.tifoi.lmg about tbe bar > of tho Statue was off
for Ike Ural limo yesterday. Tue mask, too, had i>eea
removed for the benefit of iii I guest* and ttie line* of
tim big c.od.us* came out muoh more sha'ply Bini
strongly in the clear, brig'it sunlight than ono Cal flui
thoa, doing on average days.
Thu Tillie's steam launch was lowered and 'Jartiioidt,
de Lesseps and several mem hers of Ibe American Com?
mittee went ashore. A complete tour of the I*', md wal
made uni then the pedestal'* foundation wa* inspected
more closely, " I hare alway* liked this Egypttsa
style,'' said the sculptor, tapplog ona Of the etoorete*
covered layers of the pyramid-like foundation. " I hope
this baso will Usi aa long SS the pyramids along thi
Bartholdi would say notblag about tho roethol cf ltgh>
las the statue. Bl aM 1 SOI know about the chause frota
outer te Icaer Ugh:*, and dil uoi oa.e to go late a mal
tei Diet wa* xthoiiy wiunn tbe control of the .uni.
bouse authorities, livery point of view on tha Uland
seemed to contlnu Bartholdi's Orel liupretaious sui
potiiiiig but praise wa* beard ou every tide from ihe ea
toasiastts Frruebiiian,
About I o'ciock the steam launch lied returns l ta th!
yacht wah Us last load aud the party went below imo
the rearward can! n. Renard Butler, represent ug ibo
American Committee, made a brief speech of welcome
a nd iplolosdiea for the delay wabli bad pm vented tba
c. innil'.ic ?'? meeting the delegate* more promptly ami
form ill) at U israutiue. Ile boped thal ile viilt of th|
rei regulative! ot France would prov* oue of ihe moat
agreeable epiaodea lu the life of alon oue aud promise!,
i n the part ot tne eommlitee, thal nothing would bb
lett undone which might add to their pieaeuri ead cow
llr. Butler finished ami l applause ead Coast di Ut

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