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VOL' viv,_N* 14.001.
THE MBKItAl. COSfBBflafflCflfl StSTAlN HOME Rl'l.K?
tnr OASSB to Tin: TKtntrvr.']
Copyrighti lsoi , .Xorih American t al>l' .Newt Co.
Lobbox. Hot. le?Tns Uscra! conference st
lyells hos infuse I xi new uni SvajB BttriBasiBfl ipllit
Into UM lloiitc stall mo intent. Tlio. coiileicnec
SfSB fiist a c. noertcd <-\|ti-ession of tlie pitli and
In int of English I.iltciiilisnt Minc tin- defeat of
Jlr. tJlacstoiic's Hill, uni OOlBBtflBsaavN nilfcuivjn_'
SfSB felt. (*p i ia'.ly in Inland, as lo How far an 1
In what (imv lion Uk- BBSS, of UbStfl] opinion hal
chan eil oil the subject. Had Ihe movt nient been
n M-si.lt of Qls*sBionr>a pets asl influence purely,
mill flfld the uii|Hilsi' flVSB by him aheady Spenl
i s.-lf oi had the jolicv its* If lal; en root." Would
tito UbsBtsI masses. thJlSISSIill hy defeat, lost their
ni'wlioni /cal .11 behalf of Hst 1) i-h dciiinll'l Bivi
ixlui se- in;,, )),,? hun ls of the Chainhci lains and
Hui tuitions, or would tbsj si.md loyally hy iheir
ttlil k'lider and tlie ?ircatet-.t i ro ort of his life;'
These (iiicxtiotis the Leeds et nfeit-nce has BBS BJ St ts]
in B way v. hu li mes c\ hi limit uk sati.sfiietion
to ovary Mond of Hoine Kuli'. Thors wss no
li. iistiisp nboul its proceedings. 'Hie pinn. ttM
\s Ince pilli, .ml Unthill.: hut the plan to establish
ii l'ailntiiiiTit in Dublin for Ihe inana'.eniciit ol'
lush allans srsS f'tiiiiiilly adopted ns the. mani
jiiiniple nf the policy of Hie Ubcta] Batty. Hm
lined sui; lisiiu mil Satisfactory feature was Ihe
in .rm mt disdain with which thc dan* nt it nt I.ib
!? a s tren ticaled. There was BO buikttng bridges
nf smooth words fm- then io io enter the party,
no wi iit'iii'.' away .f the principle ol Home Kuic
lo mc t their scruples. As for those who. like
Mr. ("hainherlain. muk- Hie eliiiiination of Mr.
lila st.m,. ti.i- tiis-t ooatsiti ii nf Iheir return, the;
?reta t,,i,i hy Mr. Morley tlint with the like of
ile in he. for iii', could hold no converse, uni hy
oilier sjHSsUIS that the party lal made iii its
iiniii tu ?.! t on without them, In a wind, il was
plain fii>rii the temper of the i.e.'.is conference
that, to Ls.- Um woads of one delegate, on thc
Question of the legislative imk*pondence of Ire
land the Libers] party had put their bsnds to
thc plough uni wile nit likely to look hade
Thc san e temper anl ii> dutton were mani
lotted, at the ioHiiMviice of the Scottisli Liberals
la-t week. When ons conciliatory speaker said
Ik- whs sure nobody in tin- room wanted to drive
Lord Kaitiii.t-n or Mr. Chamberlain from thc
j:i;iy, ba WSS si'i'iiifd with u immy-, oi ced shout
of. "I'i nty of irs "
Meanwhile, a complete revolution lias taken
|.'a. e ii ths sttrsrian situation in Ind..ni. The
Oovetnmenl bas surrendered bag and baggage
into thc bands of Um Nsf* rmi League in the bops,
in course, of dashing the National Les nc by so
iotas. General taller, who wss sent t<> Kerry to
prepare tho country tor martial law, ls hom
snsafli tl, ;is I informed v.m s roaaidersble time he
fore thc public poess knew of the matter, in car?
ry, mr out ttM pisa Ba^rajestssJ hy Mr,
Horley, and refusing the aid of thc
forces of the crown to owiotors
in esses where in- deems the net inn of the
landlords harsh or unreasonable. Plunkett, the
district magistrate of Cork, Ins boon Instructed
bv the (...vt nriiciit to do likewise Currso, ol
Invincible inquisition tame, la illegally, but with
thc connivance ol the Government, enforcing
Pernell's lull in Ins comly Court,
when ejectment decrees ooma before
lmn. Hicks-Beach has otoo gone sn tar ns tn refuse
arotection to tiie emergency men guarding the
<i it'll formers, ihe Government, in short, m tend
td t-..cii lng l L" people, ts coercing ihe landlords, t in
oitjeet being to hav.- a (jiiict winter and bs abie to
pretend next session that sj though governing Iie
lin.d ai i hoot coercion sod witboat Home
Ii'nii, vet none of the dread fal things predicted by
(W idstone sad Pernell have conic to pom ; in other
words, by cuaooiviug tho entire case of Gladstone
end Parnell,and following the course urged upon
them ii- I'iinii-il, tin v ho; e to provo Gladstone and
Psraeil ;i pair of humbugs.
The im.: ol 'Mir, however, is to begin this month,
the rent, eollecting month, Many of tlie
Basest sort of Isadlords h.ive begun
lo kick Minni,st llieir ticaliiK tit already, and
it will be interesting to sss how tiny
vt ill fare between toe Government threat?
ening to refuse p..lue protection and the
tensnts tbreatouing to adoot United IrelaatTt plan
of campaign, if they attempt to pr ss
for their raekrenta. 1 will not dwell on
our c.cc urn victories in Derry snd Belfast
whtefa nave the two. gresteal strongholds of
Oisage ssoendanes in mir bands and establish tbe
uusul.ii' i puuti of our electoral praotioes.
1. P.Gill, ll.P.
Viknna. Nov. '?.?Members of the Ministry
disavow President ft.nu k i's ipa SC h. lt ls reported lh.it
Id cnitscq lenee of lao spoasb, the Bntparet considered
lt necessary in redraft in* sddrasa Whloh will be de'lv
SJOd lt>-!ii'irrnw. Conni K Hunky, lin- Anstro-Huinrdriaii
loreii.ii Minister, la answer ie la piiries from Aostrtaa
aeiciates, BBSS liiat lie disapproved of Herr BSBOUta'S
Speech. Herr lasSa, vslio linnie a sjteecli 'lu Hie
lluugacvi Dele-all ?) last Bight rc.a'IVO lo
the duly of ibo saembors taaeslsg tim BMtern
qucstioii. was uot lae Pressler, but bis brother.
'lin- Bananas Captain Babokefl, abo wss tao leader al
t.e revo.ution in Mav, al BtdBlght nu Wednesday
lsd B band oT atSateOSStlM which ul(ai-Ki-it the pre
lecture al Beurgaa, sei/.-d the prelect hihI oilier
Citllt-ers, mid |.mem mid i.u-si.iu mle. Hie (.oft rillnt-lil
seiti tm..p- to ipi n the revolt S i Mtkotrs ban I sianed
Irotii Ute lin.-uti Consul tie. Five /.utile- Mle* w.-re
sssawg tho revolutionists, i ii-re ua Baeauui war sitiji
ai Bournaa,
Oeaerel Kaalbara has demanded the dismissal trent
eftie.. el th/ prefect a in. expelled M. Nei ola!a. i Kussian
sui. el, iiniii th.- Sophia ('oiincil ( li a in I ter. ihe profecl
bas otlere-l lo resign lils pealtlOO in orOei to relieve the
(iov-riiiiiaut et the diflkislty, bul Qenerel kui.iian in
atsts Unit he tie isiipssctl.
The Kussian Munster st HHcrarto protests acatnst thc
eer.sti.il ..f i:r,.e;?vtt to set vi i, as ihe acta of the Hu.Har?
lan ItaiSBtiJ sra aol reeegnlsed In Raasts.
A liliane In,* leen Daueil atrautitij; uimiestles to PBgl.
Swnta that SMlated ls thoSepesitlea of I'nuce Aicxan
Ser. Tins is coii-i.It-red ? censure of Qeaerel Kitulltar*.
wini tleinaii.lett Un-release of only the otllccri, wllhout
BLeiitloi.ute; ibe pris.tie*.
Bnii.iv, Nov. &.?Tho lunatic asylum at Kauflieuren,
li tv.tr..I. W.ts liurn.'il li-(i4j".
rAiil.s, Nov. 0.? The executive committee of Hit. Tari*
Kxiiitniioii his i.rin:e,| 1,500.000 fraucs witb which io
eoDstruct a Meer li- 1 feel burh.
iSEHi.is, N'.tv. .". -A c.iminlsslon of jurists bas com
pleiei a civil code tor (Jeritiaiiy. It is ibo work of sev?
eral years and forms Willi tue exlstluit crlmlua1 and
evuiiuerclal codes a uniform system ot lcKai procedure.
Bl r.l.iN, Nov. .r>.?The reportl in Um Aus?
trian press tbat Xi ru ?-. (,esler, since the birth of ber
OautHiier, had lost hor voice, thal ber bushaiitl bad Ss>
Mrteu ber and tbat she bad lieoome Insane, buve eliciieti
S lelenram from ber, SseUrlnS tb il the story is a
li benoit* un'itali ami lhat She 1* ll vina" happily it iib ber
bus...iud. ?
TO RL'CCl.Kl) Mit. COX.
Constantinople, Nov. r>.-U i8 reported
here Hist Mr. Heap, now "tBTSl HSBSIBl. will be ap
poluien to succee.l Mr. Cox as Uuitcd Huwi Minister.
London, Nov. 5.
Pkksiais MoKAKi?.-T!ie steamer Persian Monaroh
tTtxiu Bea ^<'IK KW tesu.lon, whu-i, wein aKtoutm on me
brea! waler at Hie em rance to Bart lend MIBUS, bas been
floated aud uss entered tbe rods.
Otu MA ss ls /,as/IIiail?Tbe G.misti East African So?
ciety bas a( (jtni'."l a isrite auiniint al territory in North
Zaitxilnsr. ciuiprislus IV'I Durn!.ir l, st tbe mouth of
the U irbusui, ?n i lae Jabs river waterway lo tba Oates
A reioarkalt.e si ona visxed lite lako dimrlcls of Kug.
laud. 1 ue donni,.-'* io properly was -(real and maur
?allie were lost.
Mr. (Hails ene writes to a prominent Liberal who pro?
posed UK- pre.euuuou lo bini oi a national leelliuonial:
" I do uot desire sud Bfleald refill tn., prrseuiallou o;
Bey ual).nen lealiiuoitial, BTeO lt lite desne sprsus from
BfeetitiK widdy sjiraati, wblcb feeliua* 1 do noi tbiuk
Ottawa, Ont., >\*v. r* lBfttmli)e-'A (liepalcli
fr?u. Victor u, H. C., announces lhat troubles uiuoug In?
diana hive ugalu Its-viteu out luis neusou al Meltakabeln.
1 he trautiles ure Ii,,?fly due SJ Hie (jtlarral between
K ?ttnan Catholics end Kugdsn Ch arel) missionaries who
b ile sstaei keepina their respeeuve followers perpi-tu*
raiy emuroiieti, each nant!-.g io iuu the roMrre. As
serious consequences are apprehended tbe Government
hes sppoibtrd a commission to settle tbe whole affair.
sTlBBUBU. Msu? Nov, 5.?After one wee ?'*
bitter (tl-ousslon in private, tbe Northwest C.iunell came
to sn agreement last night on tbe uew redistribution of
seats. Ass.uluma will Dave thirteen members, Sav
tatcbewan four and Alberta elrht. The li.nunn.>u gnv
eriiiiient will !)?? pelilinneil linin. .1 .t'e'y to reeoafhUe tho
territory as u provluoe aua lo admit it mto the con?
federation. ^_-m____-m____-m__m_m-_-m_?
St. Louis, Nov. B?? BBperintendeni Damsel,
of tbs Adams Kxpross and Hubert I'lnkeTlon. dotertlvr.
visited tlie Grand Jun* room lo a mysterious mau uer inst
before SSSO to-day. No definite Information regarding
the object of the visit can be obtained, but the Interence
ls thal they cuber asked the jury lo Indict Fothtirlng
ham, the messenger who was recently robbed, or re
ipiested tbo Jury to issue a bench warrant for his arrest.
Kothenngnam's mother has arrived here, and lt ts un?
derstood that she will take le?sl measures to procure
the release of her son from the custody of the express
people aud to pruvont this lt ts presumed tho express
niln ul* look the action they did to-day.
A dlspatoh from Novada, Mo., says that Frank Jame.,
thecx-truln robber, reooived the following letter yester?
day, containing four new bank bills:
Ht. Joe, Oct. M.
FltANK J a mks. Esq.
Dr: a it sin: 1'iense accept the enclosed as a memento
of Ibo lute Frisco tram robbery of october 25.
Yours truly, Jim UU BUB ISO*
The enclosure consisted of four unsigned National
bank innes, made for the Merell.mu and Planters' Na?
tional Hank of Sherman, Mn. The notes were BM) BM
and tates trio bil)*, the latter of willoh had not been de?
tached from each oilier. The letter was written In an
evidently (llsifins.-d hand and was muled fruin "Ht.
Jue " on November 3. Manurer Damsel saul lhat Um
detectives were following up the clew contained nt tim
dispatch. He bul two theories In regard to the affair.
'ihe real robber bad sent Hie letter to turn soap eiM
upon .lames nml put ihe det--e!ives ou a wrmiir trait, or
else some over-z-alous detective really thOSght lhat
Jim Ciiinmiiig* anti Prank James were one aiut wanted
lo see what effect the rroeptmn nf Ibe letter and bank
notes would h.tve upon him and whal disposition ho
would make of them.
AKY 1.
Chicago, Nov. 5.-7*1 Bulliroy Ayr imb
s.i.s a summary nf Um work ot troekiaying for ten
months of the current rear, in which lt ?ty* :
In mir Issue of J niv 1 ive recorded thc prediction " that Hie
lunn rn ii raliway mileage of 18H? mil not ian short of ij.O'hi
ind may considerably exceed that," During the tow
months which*have els sed sines ih it statement was made
ni er .i.t.imi tulles nf linen line trees have been added to lhat ai?
li .nix- iiiii: lu the ].resent yi ar. I be preliminary wert ol rra'l
bag nn.1 bllili-'e 'building u lil.'li had ben
in prosjreM daring tbe brat part nf the
le.II 111 Hilliest et,rf Stats lil tbl Ininti li.ls BOW
been supplemented by a large anioani ol trat kiavlinr. Hie
weather throughout the entire oountry bm beeb anasna ly
im m tide te coiistrnctlon and the Iniprovemenl rn general
bnsineai bai euoonraged railway extension Trackleylng
baa iiiii :n nit ii; i. ss Hus yeal In ii'.' nt ihe \1 Btatea aod Dm
torlea on 2lo lines, sod no leas than .Villi) miles ai mu rosin
tts k, Bot i iiiintiiiL' Sidings nml mill: tiniiiil trucks, ti ivi lien
liddell tn Hie Iiuiu.it s, s-eni ni lin- lint. -.; M..les s.i.i. .I.il.u
:iiv 1. Iteuiemberlug thsl tbe total nea mileageoi IB80 was
only "t.i 1 miles and U ito! isst only*3.8*.'S miles, the record
fur Ibe Ural nu months ol Ihe ines, ni yeal B ill bs st sa lo ni
ti,.,te un astonishing Bi-rease of scUvllr.
A large additional mlleagt will be ready for the track Le tore
tbe end of tba rear. Weareuoa certain thal the nea rail?
way milage ofilHH , w ll prove in be uni Uss iiniii 7,000 miles,
it bile ii the ne i Hiei cnii! nt tics tat Diable lt maj eoBalderably
exiici ih.ii Beare in nil probability tbe record u.
strm limi Int l-s.i will I.e lt.lin1 tn siii|.* tl.nt nf uny otb*!
year n the history of the countrv exeepl ns the two nins ni
i-Mr.ti ii'.lin. il v uni niilit lilli. Till acliv. li. 1 -si 1 .md
Kansas is tai in Un- I ? ni In i.i" work .. rai I wa; bu
No less than 957 miles have siready been added on'J7 different
Hues daring Ihe psst ten munths, sml several hundred miles
more will be added belora Ibe end of Ihe year, lin young
Territory ol Dakota remM ne t?t;ii 686 miles on 18 lines and
many additions still In progrcs-. Nebraska bia close third wilh
HIS miles on 1- linea and grading vlgoroosly In progress
on halt a dozen ur more Importanl extensions. Texas
tm., Hum -inn in i.-s added on ll lim* mid anew mileage
cn Mei in aroeeea or soon to las nu.lei tu.,en aggregating some
thousands of tulles more. \\ sconsln report* 8-10 mllea, I <? ?.. ?t
nits, Minnesota nearl) IKKI, with Florida nol fal behind, and iu
a those eases large additions ititi in-male before Ihe yeal
imi*. i be only States from wblcb no trackUylng bsa ut
eportedsre New-Hampshire, Vermnni, lu,..de Island,
( ..nm ci., ni. Debt wsre, Neva a und the Territories of New
Uenoo and Utah, lunn, or two ot these a little construction
ttill rel bf linne (his yen.
it is-111 i.e seen thal the areal activity ims bera la the {forth,
western and Missouri itu- i si tte*, la r'n- nil. r paru oi me
country comparatively little railway building ts going on, tn
all tin-sn New England Htale* only als miles ol oma track
thus far being reported, while Hew York shows oulj twentv.
nlm milt simd Pennsylvania u-tums univ a little ovel lou
mllea The Boothera Statee no not Indicate Ibe activity
srhtch hhs expected nt the opening nt tin year, ii..ml..
North Carolina, Mississippi snd South Carolina being tb*
only Ktatee ibu* tar reporting over imi miles of new road.
Bull immy bea ( mei pi i-es. some ol them ol min it magnitude,
an ni progres. In the South, and Ibe n melndei ol the presen!
rear snd tne following yesi will shea very consMersbli addi.
imii to the mileage <>i thal pan ol the oountry,
JUE I'Ol'UllKEI I'SII. lil,ll,OE ASST Ul.li.
I'm (JiiKKi I'sii:, Nov").?Tlie dispatch from
Iloruesler s BUBS thal tho charier of tue Poughkeepsie
Illidge Company expires this winter is unfounded. Il
does not expire, till January 1, 1888, and before thal
lillie tbo bu 1K'" uni bc. comp!..'.ed alni trains tanning
over it. All the shore work on both sides of the rlvr-r
will be cmupletol bysprin.-, ho tbat when the river
opens work on nil the piers tn Hi-river cm be bi gun
slmur.ituoously by all Ibe mea thal eau be pul on.
Babjusbcbg, Penn., Nov. n?It i* understood
?hal t.n- bili In e.pliiy against tito coal uo.il couibiua
tlon will be Bled next wonk. Attoraey-Q ner.tl Cassi ly
was .ii the city t ?-i iy In cull* ni iiniii with (ioveruor
Ciii("A(",'), Nov. 5.?A dispatch to Ike limes from To
leil.t, ohio, says th ii UntteO states Mirshil Ooodspsod
seld tue MlObtajaS anl Dino mal yesterday to satisfy
the liens against it. Thn terms of the sa.e were Hilt not
less tlitin 1,1," 10,000 should ba accepted, 813,0 io In
c lab an t anl the rest In tlrst roortif.igo bun ls of tho
ron.!. A. W. .scott. In bonall of F. 1*. Alcott, Baium-I
i Iiomns and K. I". WU*. piirebaslii,' trustees f..r Hie
bon .hu tiers, bbl lu Hie toa 1 'in tun BOOTS terms. Ii ls
understood that tba Blas test pp! Hillway Duo will bo ox -
lt nded northward 100 innes.
i'liii.itiKi inn, Nov. 5 (Special).?Capitalists have
built Ali miles of railroad from I.aston, win re lt con
ueets with tho Jersey Central anl LeOtfh V.tiley, to
I'en Argil through oue of i.n- most proJuotlro slate seo
non* of tue State
When the I'enua.vlv.uila Schuylkill Valley line ls
opened ou November 18 to S connection willi the Le?
high Ya.ley llailroad at New-Boston it will connect wilh
tbe anthracite collieries of F-ckley Ii. Coxs.
Tue through coiiuectlons to Ihe N.uitlcoko cosl reston*
of the Penney I vania Bal rood Company will not bo coiu
| lated until Hex. March.
Ihe Deiuware, lackawanna and Western Koilrotd liss
surveyed a line from a point near Milton, this stato, to
tbe soft coat region* of Ceutre County, where new tlebls
of coal are io tie developed. This will make four of ibe
irutik linea Important *oit coal randers, namely, Erle,
lehigh Yal.ey. Lackawanna ami Pennsylvania.
Baltimobbs star. B (ayeaVt*).-?KslwBrd (J. laMssee,
wini was yesterday nppoinled administrator aa the
SStStS (il Joseph Neal, un uncle ol' I'resi.leitl Cleveland,
s'atcd to-da,v that thc l'residcnl had not yet been in?
formed ollici,illy thu! he was one of his uncle's heirs,
and that untiling hud ln-.-n lieurd trout him on tin- snit
jct t. I ti tiir-ni.it ion weald bs sent him in due lime. The
"iTi-sidelil lind bS08 IU ooiieeitoudeiice wilh lite family
since thc death ol bis uncle, but bis letters deal!
pm cly wilh private malters, and be dill not mnkc tho
remotest nlliieuin to his Interest in tho eslatc. Mr.
Thean m explained the Ptesideat's shoos os treat tin
tnticral nf Mr. Nerti l.y euying thut thc family bad
written to him that they did not expect him, snd
iiioreoier hts presence would have been taw) occasion
for the lathering arenad ihe house of u largs throng,
which would huve beeu di.-t isiciui io thc relatives ul'
the dead man.
BOBTOB, Nov. fi.--A cable) ItteaBflge from thc
Association of Furopeaii Astronomers, anuouuees the
discovery of two asteroids of the twelfth nisgiiltude.
No*, 'lui and 988, by Dr. I'allsa. The discovery positions
are a* follows:
No. '202- -Nov em tier il. 4 hi.ur*. I minute*, IS set..in's.
(in i-i.wi. li lucan time, right asielision, 2 bmirs, IM miiinUs,
M 7 ir. ..mis, declination north, ld -, ir, 17", moilun slow,
No. SSS?November 'A, 4 boor*. U lulim!.-*. Ito se' oiuls. (ir'-eit
elah im an tune i right ascension 'J leura, 17 minnies, 60.3
se. ..nd. , di chuall..h. l;ir, 4c'. li.'." . .lally m..linn lu right as?
cension, mitiu An se.ouds lu .leclinaliou, south A.
COLUMBPe. No,'. 0 iNyieciii/i.-W'illiniii W.
Johnson, of Iroutou, Judge of Ibo supreme Court,
elected in 1 xs4, resUn d bis scat to-day because of 111
health. ID-ls a Itepubllcau und as Hie (inventor will
appolut bis successor for a year, there will bo uo change
In the politics of tho hench. A deo sion as io Hie MB>
s'.liiltloitality of the Dow Liquor Tsl law ls expelled
soon. Ti.e liquor question faned to figure iu Ibo cam
palgu this year.
Ltnra BbABCB, Hoff .r?.?For kc ri ral inoiitliw
past men have been busy willi pick aud spade digging
on "Money Hill," ., point aboul four mils below here,
for treasure tbat ira lur.n says tbepirale, C.iplaln Kidd,
buried there year* ai;o. On thursday while Uarrelt
Seymour was gunning luw all Townsiilp he found I Wo
Kngllsh pennies in ur where lite men havo bOM tugging,
and noa nc i.a. pul aside his guu far a pick ami slmveL
Fl VB Tll OUS AM) MUN ON 81 Bl KB.
kmpioyks Kilt tiik khhi i'-hock DaY.
|Br TI'.I.Kt.KAril lo TIIK TRIIII.NE.1
ClttCAno, Nov. 5.?Another strike was bellin at ibe
stock yurtls Iti-tlay, which now involves about 8,000
men. The strike was ordered, it is ann), by llsStSf
lYorkniun Huller, ni the Knights ol Labor, but the
latter denies his agency in thc matter. As a result of
his alleged Bitter nil nf the men employed in the leef
killinu est.iltlisoiiii-nts nt thc yards with thc exception
of about BOO employed by Armour qui! work early in
the day. The remaining men in Armour's slopped work
during the forenoon, but at noon 900 of them returned
to work on the promise made by the puckers that tt.ey
WattM lie given prnteetinl). lt wnq declared that thc
ho^-killers would sits bs t*S*WOd out, thus making
(he strike general for an eight hour working dav sud
causing fully 'JO.OtH) ssas tn quit work. Regarding
the matter, Philip 1). Armour said:
" The fight is on tis nguiu and we shall act promptly
and decidedly, ns bctore. Our hoof m-n becau going
out this morning. I tit not suppose it will stop with
the baal men. for Ihe hog-killers will probably be or?
dered nut. Hm all tats arlll sot stop beninese, oilier
men are on the road BOW lo take their places. Theft
will be this dide renee (rom tho former strike-thc SSW
men who go into ihe houses now "ill go in to stay.
whether thc strike tads m a day or a year. I herc will
I.e no trouble to lill all tin- old 'men's places as soon as
it is known that they Sit \a.-unt."
Thc Bivike has linne ot the elements of populaiitv ni
the (tinner strike. The BtOWkotPeit Blt gloomy over
it. The. see their claims against Ihe nidi endan?
gered, and Iheir llliallliwa lill S tinic.it lens', cut to
pieces. Tho Kinking licel men are us a BUM men
\iiio hitvi been accustomed to big pay and short boan,
The, dressed beet business is comparatively new and
all the 6,000 men who were at work lor Armour,
Baili and Murri*, have c inn- lien. Within lim past (SW
years from New-Vork, Boston or Philadelphia, where
liicl-slruigliteiini' used to be done. All three, ol thc
houses emili nod te slaughter cattle dering the dar,
but S\*ift and Vorrm shinned a good many cattle to
New-York and Heston to m shu entered. The sin url
of the ctinily baa been induced ts display gloater
activity Ih.iii ut thc former strike, sud HUH men,
mostly Pinkerton Ben,wert sworn in us deputy sherill*
this afternoon and w.-ie sent to the yards to protect
property, It is the reneral belief that tbe majority
ni'thc men have DO licirt in the prOMOl strike ami that
il tin- issn., h pressed bj/ tat leader* ol' the Knights ol'
I.nlmr thal it will result in snipting tht order at the
.innis, ll. Botsford, a sra itasafpecker,fat speaking
o, the strike enid :
" I don't know what (T)o?e .nen want. Wo havo bern
paying a blaber seale of prk.thea saywbert else in
the l nitetl State*. Tnt butchers bart ben setting
#'J7 a week and ennitunn laborers gd BO tents more a
(lay tbSS ill the city hero. I don't believe they knots'
iheiiisrlves wini! tliev intend lo do."
The Sherill's pits? mei nilli some jeering tnt they
Bartered tht yards, bat there waa so serious dittarb
Columbia. B. C., Nov. ?"> [?Sjpeefo!).--*. Friday
h.. not p.i?.ed slum August l's without a shock ot earth?
quake In this State. At 13:89 to-day the shook cane tn
exceedingly heavy one. ll lasted seventy second* alni
Shook every halaling in lli.i city, Inclu ling the lu leslvt
Ststo House, ttl thu fo'in litions. l'hn vibrations Of tat
hou<es eoul'I be plainly feen. A largo portion t.t IBs
population rus'ie I Into the street* aad the refugees from
BaasaMrTllle became rranttta ly alarmed sheet their
reliiiiVe* iu Sn.ii norville and ( linrlcslnii. The BtMS
dispatches rrom Charleatea are Inclined tt. muk" a* inti"
as i> .1.-1 i.lo oul ot th? earthquake), bul ii is a tatt llial in
Ko iu inerv il lt mosi or Ibe aroeaeu hate aol takeB eg timtr
Clothing st night since August lil. lieltigees fr. sin
narri I le now ls Colombia mbboi bslndsted loretnrn.
I. i.t friday Blab! there wei-.- sis distinct shocks la su.u
iiiervi.ie, and in.- rseldents lu lhat town speak in the
mo-' gloomy manner ef its future, l-'iftv-om- Miora!
people li ive emij'in'ed (rom Benwell ( oiinly lo Ark.in- j
Si-, stitred out of Ihe Slnt? hy Hie repented snooks.
( ii nu SaTOS, s. t ., Nov. Ti. -Tuere wai u light bel
niiirked shots of ssrtaeaakt ls Oh artes toa st 13:38 iii i
afternoon. This was tim tlrst shook in a week and vt is
llghrer thee that of october 21. Bt dani ign ls reported
nml no interruption of business. All tba sohool* w
BBMten at tue lime of the shock, (lit) pupil In a co.m. ?
scliool was scathed in tue nmlo of the pupil*, anti sev?
eral pupils In the Hltaw Behool iculorn.li WtffB iti)ur-d bf
failing plastering. No one w t* Mtisetty injureit. There
wa* tim *e??re*t sheck yet felt at sumter el 13:35, sad
B severe anl eoiillniied shock at (ir-en wood, H, ?'-, it
DJ: Ult, perliaos lS> second MVtfMl yat feiL A sev-re
shock was r?it al chester Said at 13:35. The Mme sheck
was (ell Bl Laurens, \. C., and wus tht hoavlesC experl
eticed IhTe since August 81.
As ileserlbeS by tba only itadent!ln t'lecltr with a
seismometer the shock occurred .it 13:34 p. bli deration
35 seconds; Inlital earth er .its proceeded from a point
lust north al west nod app.-nred ta ne latereeeted nv
another w ive prOrOC ling fro n a point sli-Milly o t.t of
south. The vertical vinration* were three-eighth* of
an inch and the borttOBtal swing lo a pendulum
56 li.clr-s long \ias -ij nciies.
i:. P, Baa tbs novelist, uss b*m In tht city for a (ow
dayl .ooklng Into tht tBcetS BS I seeking interesling iii
c denis ,,f i lt-, steal earthquake. It ls salt that he will
write a novel tn which th., great sh.ike will he a lead,
lng feature. Ile wa. entertained hy the Vow-Kngland
Society on Thins lay evelnng ami left the city yesterday.
Savin viii, (ia., Nov. fi. ? A sharp shook wis felt hero
(u.t as clocks wero striking twelve. Tyliee lalsnd re?
port* lt tbs hearest reit there *luoe August lil ami pre?
ceded liv load i urn Dim -. It tested thirty m-i-nn ts and
peep e all rushed Into the streets, flt damage wa* done
beyond th- snaking uf glass. The shock was felt at
MatOfl likewise.
Ai'.i-ii. Os., Nov. .V?At 13r26 there was the .everest
Mrtbqeakc shock since August Ul. lt lasted twenty-tlve
seconds ami people rushed imo ibo streets. Tin-re was
no damage done.
I! u nan, N. C., Nov. Ti. ?A slight earHiejuako shook,
short tn tl ur itlon, but perceptible, was felt hero at l'J:-5
this afternoon.
Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. f> * Special).?hi tho
United States Circuit Court to-day, Judges Jseksoti sud
Weiker dOtidtd a series of important suits, tried ss one
because the questions Involved were the same. The
suit* were entered by thlr'een Nation il Hank* of Cleve
land, fonneatotrn mid Klfrla against lint treasurer* of
('nyalinga, Mabmilng sad Lorain Cnunt'os to prevent
Hu- collei tion of alleged excessive taxes. The banks
(-lui nt that the rate of taxsilon placed upon their capita!
stock is much higher than thst upon other Investment*.
They also ?*k*d Hist the Individual liabilities of stock?
holders msy be offsei on Ute isx list ng ilnsf the value af
the bank stock as placed on the tax duplicate. The
conn sustained I.otb Claims nm.Ih l.y the t-tii'' ?? The
stale and coontie* will lose many thousands of rtollurs
Hi ts ie*. Tlie treasurers will appeal tothe United
Stales Supreme Court.
EbPOBIA, Kan., Nov. Tl ?'I he Emporia L'r
jaibiiritii ot to-morrow will contain an Interview with
Datttd Stales Senator Plumb, tn which thst gentleman,
referring to the publication nf recent dispatches to the
effect that New-York sud Colorado syndicates had been
funned for tlie purpose of pureha.iug from the Che?
rokee I mlians the trset of land embracing about
6,000,000 acres on the north line of the Indian Terri*
rllory, known us the Cherokee Strip, ssys lhat the
Oherokess have not the origin ,i right to make such sale,
that the (,in-eminent has an option to pur. h.i*e which
lt wlirnot w.tve to permit purchase by private parties,
anti tba! no sale will be permitted by congress except
to tue Government, end Hist for uie only ami sole pur?
pose of resale lo ac nisi .ritters In lflO-acre tracts.
BaLTIMOBB, K?T. .r?.?John I. Middleton A
Co., retieiv. rs and exporters of colton, made an assign?
ment this afternoon for benefit of creditors to Hkipwtth
Wilmer, trustee. The a*slgnment was made sfier
bnslneii hours, and no estimate or liabilities or a***ts
can tte given The linn was considered wealthy and ex?
tremely conservative. John I. Middleton was president
of tn* Msntie Hunk, which position he resigned to-dav.
lie was also president of the Thistle Mill Companr,
which concern may be more or leis involved lo tbe
ta 11 u re.
Horton, Nov. Tt.-Alice While, apo five, was
to-dav awarded $..,0()() damage, from the Hoston sod
Albany Railroad on account of injuries received by the
fall of a chimney st the columbns Avenue station nullo
she wss a passenger od Hie defendant's oar, by which
the plaintiff's ucse wss cut off.
ll a hi!' iii. Conn., Nov. ft. Christopher Fagan, et .WSW;
Unveil, Rho na. i muli ted a few ynars ago of the murder Ol
Joseph Lilley, et that ul).stitt was ssii1sn.nl lo iiti|tris..ic
iiieui ter lita, escaped flem the Mime lijm.u ai WeahersMss
lasl uikIiI- A rewan o! |;ihi han be. u offered for bis arresL
lil I Ml.ILK N J, Nov. ft The n.i.ir.l pi Fns-lioldrrs ol
Wain i.mir has paid lulls segregating lil.oOu on .account
of tbs Titus murder trial. Heart I Harris, rmuisrl for Ute
State v, .is a!hi ts cl *??>() a day for Hu- niuelci-n dsys
11-1,1. Di.AD IN Tilt HIKI.J. I.
Itu inc m. Ber. & A well dressed man. who registered
Im daya aho ats betel bete MB I Sam Baa I .uk. Ml
dead about noon lo day In U-xliigtoo si. He waa travelling in
li,i mt. ri si ..I an ad lc Hising scheu,?-, arid lotter* found iii ??
sal, bel shoti thal his name aa* VV. R WeodraaT. Becbdased
lo h.-.i ii .tue nf ("bl. at... Tbs romner fniiBd Hst Idcath re?
sulted ti..rn hean bIscms Baauaay n-* tennt among ni*
cfli. ls inn', lu- will lu- Baited by the eily.
i.i.liMiMl.. Mas*. Har* fl John Shea w?* srn sl.-il irt
BprtngSeld, cliargeS with Ihe murder at huitr. .*? 'cr. a?i
l/onday A aMrrel Brose betwei.. the i?.s*.d Mewsijrome
?hoiri w.rc ./..ni Lawler, tremtee.not. ? ?tu>h hr diisi
to Uk;
The latest reports from tho Congressional dis?
trict*, tliroiigli.iiit the country chango the totals of
TBA TbiBOBB*! table of tho Lth Congress
slightly. In the next House, accord inn to these
li?urcs, the Republicans will havo 1">4 members,
the Democrats 160 an(l the Labor men
4; in these figures the lld Rhode Island District,
in which there was no elecuon, is not included.
Speaker Carlisle has a majority of 708. In Nevv
Toffk I'cckhatn's plurality appears to he shout
7,.r)00. The outlook for a majority Ofl the Constitu?
tional Convention question is not hopeful. In North
Carolina the Republicans and Independents have
probably carried the Sta-e and secured a small
majority in ihe f.ocislattire. The Colorado and Itv
diana LtgatlstSMS are claimed by the Democrat*.
Tho California Legislature is Democratic.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Nov. 5.?Tho official
count lo tbe Vlth Kciifiieky District gives Carlisle 768
majority. Tiie majorities by counties are as follows:
("srllsle. Thoelte. C.trlisle. Tl.be.
Cntinttet. ju.,, Lal.or 'Counties. Dem. Labor.
iiootte. 631 lorant . ?,5,) _
Campbell. 718 .Kenton. .. flo
("anon. jins livtitlbilon .... ?4H
QalUtlo. 3.M .... (Trimble. ?7;i ....
Total Dem.2.101
Majorlly. 7"8
Mr. Carlisle was visited to nlirht by a representative
of the Associated Pres*, wbo aske I bim what In lils
opinion was tue oame of the comparatively small ma?
jority received by bim at the recent election. He said :
If the y?te agsinst me last Tuesday bsd been Isrger
than the vole against me btfttotnra, some significance
BsUht lie auaelied to lt Snob, bowever, ls nol
Hi.- fast. Two vears aao my opiioneu! received
8.828 votes, or nearly, if uot quite twice as ninny as
were sast ssaieai bm Taeedey, and yet two ytara ate
mr inalorliy whs nearly 6,000. If lt had been generallr
Mppostd tuat tue opposition to me really amounted to
anytbln. , I think mv uiajoritv at thi* election Wotiltl
have been ii,(Hii) or 7,000. Outside of the cities and Hie
towri.s Bdjaeeei to thens, lt w..s scarcely known tbat
I had sn uppuueiir and even In tue onie* and towns my
Manda att.ielietl very little Importance to the opposi?
tion. Tbey were Ihrown tiff their guard hy the fuel that
several time* heretofore candidates had announced
theinaelve* in opposition anti had received a verv sm Ul
vole. They ,ii. |, ...,| lt would be ihn saint- way this
lime, ami therefore gave scarcely anj attention to the
Betts ttaaS If bis views on the tariff en-ict tho vote to
any extent, Mr. Carlisle replied:
The tenir question had no more Influeuce on the vote
this time Hms lt hus had at previous elections iu
tins district. There are always a few men who
vote aa-auist nie on aot-ouut of my advocacy of
revmnie leforiii anti I presume they did sn al tue
recent el.-oilon ; tull 1 have no reason to
believe lbs! Hie number wa* greater Cian usu tl. Tbls
CongrOMlonsl district ls overwumuilugly lu lav u of a
Barlil.il tbs t.irltr ant a tediictluu of taxation, and bo
nian wini openly takes tue opposite ground could
ba sleeted on any Ucket. Of course, a systematic
alt.-.no will PP made lo sttow Ulai Hie losses sustained
by Hie Deiiiocratlo partyat ibe recent elections aro
due to Hi po.illou of the tanti quest on. but s care?
ful ex.itiiui ul .ii of the returns wi 1 prove there is
Bo brindillion for snell a conclusion. Tbo losses uro
tty m. uieiiis coiillueil to the Mates or districts
whoso representative, voted to consider Hie tariff
lull at fin list session of Congress, anl Ibero ls nothing
li, lbs result to discourage me adv..oates of revision ami
redaction. Maur canara contributed to the defeat of
our emili I tte, ia different localities. Home of these
ciu.s wara local and mum mooral. It ls iou early to
aifiiipr tii .-nu uer ito Hiern, lint I tiiink it Is s.ife io my
iliai lo al cans- ? lt ive contributed far more tn pro?
duce tun result tliiiu general ones. Ar any
'ate, there ls no lust cause lor alarm or despondency.
Tbe Democratic par'y lia* survived many defeats which
Wiuiitl have lieen fetal tO uliv outer poliuca orgaiu/i
t nm. and ibis little repOlM will oniy stimulate Ute
treater egertloBs la tbo tatara. Wa neel not surrender
any armoiple or sbssdoc ii iy peUoy heretofore an
iioii ceil, bat we must prepare to meet uur opponeuia
o|i?iiiy and manfully on every Is-tue tbat divides the
tWa i'.ll ties.
1 nolie's friemls aro talking to-sighs about tho fraud
, ? BttOd with tho count, aud Insisting that ThObt shall
mtaOS the seat. Tba plurality ot nearly H(R> le too
a ,ass, however, to be evereOBst aud lt ls site to say
ttasrawBI bs no contesL Tho Dt-mocrats wero deter
in'n.-.l Carlisle should not be defeated. Karly .O'day
Hie CottBtf Clerk of one ot tbo back coun?
ties telegraphed to members or tim campaign
Committee a siting bow many voles Carlisle needed. Tho
recipient lu reply in-rely gave Hie results so far as
knut m. bul ihe returns from thal county when they
co.ne rn gars Thorne onlv three rates There ls uo duuut
Bboal tins sstsssfs of messages.
RALBIOB, N. C., Nov. 5 (Special).-Thc iv
turiissttow that the Republicans sad Independents have
elected 88 in-ill.icrs Ot Hi" Ltaet tlOSSt "f Hie logislat
ur. sim '.'I mtsybtrt of tbs Static, aad tho probability
is tint later returns will give theiii two inure, which
wi.l bo a uialorlty of two. Thu goueral belief uow ls
that thc Hepubllcans have elected their Stale Judicial
ticket by several thousaud majority. LsadlSS Dttao
Bratt admit their defeat on tbo Legislature and Jutliclal
tn k*l* ami hope to -avo th-inselv.-s by capturing the
Independents lr. tbo LeaisUtare, This they wul uot i.e
.tole lt,io. Ills Hie most surprising result everatt.ilnod
In thu State, and the most unexpected to tue DCBftf
San Francisco, Nov. B I Special).? The Con?
gressional returns show thal tho 1*1 and lid Districts
are Democratic ami Hie StSSff fnur Kepublican. T'boiup
sou (D.-m.) In the 1st gets 117 majority, DaffS, (Dom.)
ls tbs lid gets 524, MiKouna (Kep.) ls the Hld
2,980, Morrow (Hep.) in the IVth 1.000, Felton (Hep.) lu
ti.e Vth 880, and Vandever (Hep.) In ibe Vllth 1215.
Thompson bas held several stale otlice* and ls a mau of
ability. Ueggs ls a wealthy raucber of Butte County
with prououueed Southern views. Dunug the
campaign be declared In a speech thal he fav?
ored pensioning Confederate soldiers, and
lhat ll e.octed ho wouul do his inmost to
secure peusious.ur Jeff Davis. The Democrats iu the
I/c?-l*l,iiurs will have a working maj .rity of thirteen
.UKI it is a fm i-c. conclusion tbat tuey
will return Oeorge Hurst to the Henate,
lie bus ff.v-u liberally In aid of ihe party fund IB tht
camp..,ui, and his nowspapor organ mada a strong light
for lue ilckeL ,
Complete return, from tnls city and almost complete
returns Irom the State give Uartietl (Dem.) for
Oovtruor 30'J plurality over Swift (Hep.)- Bartletts
P uraiuy lu ibis ouy i* 'l.'isi. lt the remaining county
returns improve in lavor of swift, tue reiult eau only be
decided l.y the olllclal conni.
ibe correote.i reiur. s irom Han Mateo ('ounty sive
swifi (Hep i (Ju voles more than wore at first reported.
The corrected relurns from Ssa Heinto and Stanislaus
Counties give iLutlStt (Dem.) 'i-i uiore votes than were
at first reporied.
St. Paul, Nov. 5.?Hot ur us have nut been re?
ceived from all the counties Tel and both parties have
raised thc cry of irauiL The I lancer Prut (Rep.) claims
lue .-Hate for Governor by ahoat il.oOO, wuile ihe Globe
(Dem.), claims Ii for Ame* by 0,000 to 7,000 aud con?
cedes me oiher state otlicers to Hie Republicans. These
lik-urcs correspond closely lo ihe claims of ihe Kepuhli?
can and Democratic Stale Central Committees, fl will
uo Uuubi require ihe oflielal count to determine who ls
elected to ibe Stale offices. Jhe Evening Post has tbe
fol.owing summary, giving Ames a lead ol 1,500 votes:
Hep. De ut.
UotlllL Ames.
Forty*romp1ete ronnUes. 0,'lOt lWl
Tweuly *u uearly complete cuunliea... V.tOO *',,i
iTlleeu only meagi ely re|s)ile.l.1.2HO ?'
The ulm?i,n,,* for congressmen are ss follows i 1st District
-Wilson ilirto.).l.ilMli lld Lind (Kep.i, 7.5S3; l}^*-?
Donsl.l (Unii.), i.-liP; IVth lllooll'eiu.l, 4,0?6; \th->Sl
son i Kop.) v:u.nou. The latter bad uo oj__&Bom.TWm>HtP*|
laiiint wUI bu iw-iiubllcaii liy at least lorty majority otijotui
DUBOtJOBa Iowa, Nov. 5.-Tkt Herald (Dem.i
liss reium. from ali oouniies lu luwa except eleven,
and with tues, e.tlmaUd ll Stets thalState tjaJack.en
(Ben,) by 14.100. Heudersou (Kep.) oarriM this district
tur CouKruss by 2,0tl?
Charlkston, VV. V.. Nov. 5.-Froui the best
lufuriit.t.on r.eaive.1 hare il avpanrt that tatl Boat Lst>
Ulai uro will be Demooratio on joint ballot by niue voles.
St. Lous, Nov. rr. N.itlii.i Fruuk (Hop.),
who seo. rdiug io seiui-ulllcigl returns was defeaied lu
the IXth Di.irtot by the re-election of Olover (Dew.),
says lhat be willconiesi tbe latter's rifhl to bis seal, on
ihe ground thai many voles which were legally can for
hun (frank) were rejected hy ibo Judges of election.
Ile says (bat If ibssa vote, bad been Counted, he woald
liar.. breaelaoUid by a majority of over 'J00. All Ihe ( un
ert*?ionu Districts except tue Viii and X lt li U return
UtBatsn.lt by fair to largu majorities. Tbo oouiptexmu
of tbs Legislature cannot yet be given, nor Mn ina
Demoeratlo majority ob the Slate ticket be slated.
Indianapolis, Nov. 5 INpfctaTi.? Official returns
from thc ninety-two counties of thc State confirm tne
claims of the Republicans respecting tho election of
their State ticket. Thc pluralities ot thc several can?
didates will var, Hom 8,600 to 5,0<K). Thc I^jislat
urc is still in do lbt. both thc Republicans and Demo?
crats contending tha! they have a majority on joint
ballot. There arc so many complic.itioua in thc situa?
tion nntl the Legist itiiro is so nearly a tic that tho
probabilities arc that the actual fact as to which party
will Olive tho power to control thc ji int bodies wilt
not bc settled until alter the meeting and oigiiniza
tion of tSt Assembly. Charges of iraud arc being
freely made in all quarters. in Marion County there
is considerable had blood. The County Hoard ot Can
VMsers completed thc ictnrns this torenooti, aller hal?
ing been In continuous session twenty-four hours. Tho
treads frftatBs tittil in Ihe returns ure simply appalling,
and are so flagrant that a perfect sform of indignation
lias beeu aroused among the better classes. Returns
were (locton d nnd changed without anv apparent
ciloi t to conceal tho infamous business and tlie pro?
tests ot those who were injured Bytes proceedings
wire treated with provoking disdain. These treads led
toa movement to org nsj/e a coiuniittee of oae hun?
dred, and a petition for such mi organizalion was
signed by many leading lmsiiiss men anil citizens, re
gaulle** of politics. When Ihis tact had become
known, thc Democrats, through EU Henderson, chair?
man of the Democratic Stale Central Committee, and
Sam Coy, chairman of the County Comuiittce, took
mtrsataat wt the situation bv calling ti meeting which
was Bands up ol Democratic politicians. At th:? meet?
ing the spetthta BBd propositions Wtta ti a very in?
flammable nature. Circulars were scattered about the
streets headed " Democrats stand bj your gnus " and
advising them to resort to any means of maintaining
their rights. A fair recount ot thc Marion County
rot urns and the prosecution of thc ptrpetlStOtt ot thc
lr.uuls on thc ballot boxes has been demanded by Ihe
('oiimiiltco ol' One Hundred, Judge Woods ot the
Tinted States District Coun, was also appealed to and
In- instructed iiu- Federal 'irand -Jury to proceed im?
mediately In a scorching invcsligaliou ol thc alleged
heads mic! hrin^ thc perpetrators te fatties. Rumors
arc current ol thc indictment aud impending artc-t et
several prominent politicians and there is a great deal
ot excitement in eoii*ei|iience. The situation is serious
BBd is growing exciting. Holli Miles arc aggrcsive
and determined and an outbreak ol violence is appre?
hended .unless tin: ('otinniiice of One Hundred makes
itself speedily SO formidable as to overcome the blus?
ter of the professional tricksters.
[An ASBOeieted Press dispuich from Indianapolis,
says: Tiie l.egislalure Mantis as follows: Scitute ?
Republican, Iii; Democrats, 8L House?Republican,
BO; Ptttetrstt, 46. Tolul?Republicans 74, Demo
crals 70. j
The election returns show that thc vote od tho
Constitutional Convention propositiou will be a close
oue. About OSOrOOO rotM were cast for tho several
candidates for Ju lge of tho Court of Appeals. Accord.
las ta the teattltstlta tue seep Millen must therefore
receive above TT."t,not), or a majority of the total num?
ber of votes cast. Reports have been received from 'AU
or tlie uu counties of the State regarding this vote ou
the ipiestlou. They casi 389,348 vo.es iu favor of tbe
holding of a Constitution il Convention. Tbe remalu
Ing counties may give the required majority.
Kings County, froin'whleb no report has been received,
could contribute nearly 100,06 > votes if tho voter! of
tho etty were unanimously ls favor of the proposition.
There art) several other counties of large
population, notably St, Lawrence, whose
von- bas not jet. been ascertained. Ic
is possible tbat tl.ey may give the necessary
vote', hut the out.on!, ls dark, owing to the inattention
p .bl lo tlie matter by voter*. Tor instance, a report re?
ceived from R.chillon.I Co.inly last night showed tli.il
onlv Till v..ler- h id voted on Ibo proposition, although
0,380cast their bili nts for the Congressional candidates
i ne statement was male lu explanation (bal "in mauy
or tue election districts tho voters paid no aitent'ou to
Hie cm.stiiulloniil uoniienlioii ballots ?ud did nol usa
then." Tbe latest returns of the vote lu the counties ou
the convention tpiosllon aro given below:
Kor. Against.
Cortland.3.555 l?i
WiisbliiKtuii . A.-.,:, 2(W
Cayuga .3,3113 1.118
Un iinu.in1. 713 2
Westchester. :.H,(J52 210
Tho ollieial rotorua front several of the counties of the
btate leoeived yesterday still further reduce I Judge
I'ecgiiaiii's I'ljiiiiity forJudgool the Coori ot Appeaia.
As Ute returns now stand ne bas 7,"tl!) plurality, and
apparently bt Will na vc less. HI* election makes a
vu.iii'y on tnt Supreme Coori tenth ol tho Albany
.Lull.lal Dlstnct judge Osborn, of the sams dist net,
died lately; sn Inst Governor Dill bas two af thcM treal
position-. Bt hi-, disposal. Yesterday In Albany tim Hov?
el nor meei red a delegation fi om rtcboli.irle County cou
sistine" of Judie Bf. C. Lamont, ex-Judge Charles II.
Holmes and Congressman 1 indar, who a.-ked inn to
appoint sz-CsiigraMmna B. I* May baw, of Bchoharls
County, ss Judge Osborn's stiCMSMr. Simon iv. Bren?
dale, of Albany, law parlBOB tor several years of .Indite
Peckham ;ui<l manager ot his late political eaatSBS, it
ii laid, desired to bo bis successor ou tho riuproms Court
The BOBrds of Canva.-sers met in all thc
counties of New-Jersey yesterday to cmvass the votes
of Tuesday's election. In BSttS County no result wus
ariive.l at and tho Hoard adjourned until to-morrow.
A recount will be ordered In the III District, wlitre
Pott (Hep. i was elected over Denny (Dem. and Labor)
by five majority; also in the Vllth District, whore Crane
(Deni.) was elected over Ward (Hep.) by twenty-two
majority. lu tbe lld District of Passaic it ls not yet
decided whether the Uo noiweon Lliuley (Kep.) aud Car?
roll (Dcm.) will be settle 1 by a rec.mut or a new eleo?
tion. In salem County Captain iV'btltackor (Rep.) will
apyly for a recount of the Assembly volo. Both parties
claim the legislature by one majority on join: I.ai,ot,
anti they have representatives In each of the disputed
Assembly districts to guard their Interests. The reialt
will depend upon recounts lu ihe districts named.
Below arc otlicial figures from several of tbe counties
Ken. Den. Pro, Plitrslitv.
Governor.3.007 H. ..'IH SSS 531 li
( ontrre**.i.A'in H.iiO i.'8t Ul) lt
Senator .3,159 a,4-'3 'ifi nt t>
Asst-iubly-1.1.4H7 1.1)41 175 451 D
ll.l.WKi 1,534 .... Tt B
Hep. Dem. Pro. Plurality-.
Governor.7.1H2 (i.744 7t?rt 43* a
Oonarras.7,SM H.4DI e-tl ],ish k
Bauator . . 7.30(1 ti.-.n'i 51(1 3">a R
Assembly-1. 2.i$no 3,3?0 407 3?a h
' II.8,871 2.2H4 D)5 j D
III.2,21.3 2,31*5 167 32 D
H.p. Dem. l'ro. Plurality.
ilovrriinr.".Dali t\_Ht 7U'i 1,400 K
CongreM .7,o(l7 6.07'J fl.,4 3,1M K
AsMinbly-1.1.841 IHTii 3d3 7(16 K
ll.1..-.73 11,(11(1 1W0 74 L
II!.?.l.HDtt l.KXI -i'l
IV. ObO tl.'i'lH 21 I'll D
11,001 L
lu Cumberland County tbe olllclal pluralities are re?
ported as follows: Howey (Kep), OOO for (ioveruor:
Hires (Kep.). 888 for Congress ; Baker (Dem.), tun for
Senator; Lawrence (Kep.), 188 for Assemblyman in ihe
1st District; Hawkin* (Rep.), 13 for A*semblyman in the
lld Dlstrlou Fish (Pro.) received l,b79 votes for Gov?
ernor. _ ....
In Salem County the official returns give Newsll
(Dem.) 13 majority for Assemblyman. Captain whitta?
ker, bis Kepublloau opponent, will apply for a reoeuut.
In Atlantic County lue Board or Canvassers did aol
complete ths eouutlng of tbe vote. The returns as pre?
sented do uot ohs..ge the results as previously an?
nounced, Fish (Pro.) received 403 votes for Governor.
It ls reported thal (J.tremor Abbett aod (bauoery Clerk
McDermott bare gone to tbe oounty io contest tue eleo
tlon of Senator Gardner.
? - rn
iiiii Disruicr.
Chicago, Nov. 5 (^peciu-D.-The election of
thirteen llepuulieau Congressmen and Ure Democratic
c.ti.gres.msu lu Illluols ls UOW Conceded. Tbe ouly dis?
puted districts are the lld and Xth. Ia the former the
plurality for Lawler baa dwiadled to sixteen votes,
while one cf tte af teruouu papers oouieuds tbat Glea?
son, lbs Labor candidate, li slsuted br eighteen votes.
The ottluial oanvaas of lbs olly vole ls now lu progress,
but the lld CougrsMloual District will not be reached
HU to-morrow or Uouday. Representative lawler wm
present at lha rooms of the canvassing Board to-day, ac?
companied by a stenographer to Bute the canvass
"The loiters' frleud," ae ibe Congrsssiuan aaa been
pleased lo style himself, appeared to ba thoroughly dis
eensolate. If dsleaied lt is Oy lue representative of the
very dais whom ho Um always professed to bs tbs idol.
Tbe tluuur-dealiug < ougree.iueu ou:y rocsivsd a lillie
over 7,tMi.) votes out of a iota) of M..)').). Tue Republi?
can caudidate reeelved uearly i.noo. Although Gen?
eral Post Has a oousi.Je.l majority of ufly-iwo on lue
(SSS of tbe returns Hi ibe X in District tue Demccrsie
areseektug to Ibrow ouijlhroe pree.uet. in Fulton
Cuuuty uu the ground of ureguuni.es and inna gus
NV..rillington the eUoilon cr ti a. ale au I compel Geuerai
Post lo make a coiitoai lu a Democratic House. I be re?
turns from tbe three pre. mci* ia Pulion County bare
not besn slamed aud are bclug held bark. Hum t.in.ril
Peet lU't eic. iV.irinln.-'uu. oaou aoeoiu pained by attor?
neys, bare beau io Leweslou io look after tneir iuieroste.
inst cklubjiation d sos by tiik hw school-*
[BT TH.Ki,csr-i to thu TKinrvr ]
Boston, Nov. 5.-The sons ol "Fair Har
vsrd ? wers lavored with tbe most delightful autumnal
weather to-day for the openlne of the celebration which
commemorates tbe C.Vith snoirsrsary ot the foundlns
of the college by John Harvard. Tbe business meeting
ol Hie law school Association wai called for 12 o'clock
iu Austin Hall, the new building of tbe Law school, bat
Hie members began to gather long before that Boar and
?pent their Hms lu tho peasant Interchange of greeting
and reminiscence thal forms so delightful a part of tho
meellog of former associates In sohnol or e. liege Ufa
The meeting was called to order by George O. Sballuck.
of Boston. Two amendments to the consttlutlon were
adopted, one admitting all who have bron members of
the Law School for oue Academlo year to raembersblf
In tbe association, and the other providing for tbe clef
Hod of houorsrr members. The following otlicers were
I*resl(lent, .Limes C. Carter, of Btw-Tttki vl.c.prcsldcnta,
Andrew Allison, of Tennessee; (hatless. Bradley, of Khudc
I-.land ; lame* lt Lust.*. ,,f Louisiana. Willis.,. M. Kiarie,
of Ni ? York; .Mainline K. loree, of Ohio Kulin .-ford B.
Huies, ni nillo ; ll ii "o McDonald ilenry, of Novo *. ot.a . Og.
den Heffnsa. of california; A. lt. Lawton of '.cogla; Hobart
T. Lincoln, ut Illinois ; John Lowell, of M.i- io h lisetta; Ar?
thur W. Miielicii. of Miuvijliil. Marcos Mot ton. of Messacho
sett., John ii. Overalls, ol Missouri i John A, pet-rs, of
Maine; William ('lesion, of Ker tucky ; Alfred Itinw.ll. of
Mb lugan; Henry c. -eimile, of a abama . lat, atlas snnih.ef
Newllauipshlte . Ueorge li S .tine, ol Munn-oU.
The Conn, d for tour yi sra?Jamel M. Barker, nf I'.infield;
John I~ Thorndike, of Boston i William * linfield, of ('aav
bndgc. f"i three lear ? Patrick A. Colllas.ol BoatoBj Fred?
erick P. I'l'i, of mininnie,. ; Theodore ll. T i -tidal, of Bostne:
for two years F. P. i.mil.Lng, ol Woree.ter ; A. Lawrence
Lowell, of Boston i Sat,mel ll Clarke, of Wen lurk for naas
rear A. L. Huntington, of -aleut; P. C. S Bartlett, SJ Ben.
Bedford . Sbertaaa Boar, of waltham.
Treaaorei SflBthree B Wad.. of ii...ton.
Se, olary -Louis D. llrainlce*. of Beaten.
Immediately after the adjournment of tbe meeting;
tbe proeesslou to the theatre was formed In fronl of
Austin Hall under tho chief marsbalslup of Huger toot*
colt, assisted by tbo following marshal.: Cbsrlee C
Head, Henry G. Pickering. Timothy J. Dacey, Austin OL
Fox. Lauriston L Scalte, W.Ulara P. Wtiarton. IMwseat
W. Hutchins. Walter Cnilorl, George, Wigglesworth,
Felix Kockemun, Heury B Warner und W.llism A.
Hayei, ir. The newly elected president. James C. Car*
ter.headsd the line under the e*cori of ihe cblur marshal,
and behind him came the orator of tue day and tbe in?
vited guests, among Hiern being i'n * d.-nt lilot. tho
Dean or the Law School, and the professors. Then fol?
lowed ths ui ctn he rs of tbe Association in tho order of
classes, the oldest tlrst, while the undergraduates of the
law BeBtts brought up tho rear. II..ttl.-1 by the Ger?
mania Hand the procession moved abou: 1 o'clock, aaS
marching tty tbe most direct routo to the Handera
Theatre entered by tho south door and occupied se it*en
tbe platform and on the tloor of Hie auditorium. Wken
the loiij,' lines bad tiled on to the stage, pu and gallery
were tilled ultu a gathering w.nch was unijie
lu Its troup ng of men, on tba contour ef
whose beads uud countenances thi re seemed ta
hare beeu stun, pe i the impress of sj sieuiaitc study ia rn
profession to which they were devoted. From me vee
arable and notable men who occupied the foreground of
the platform, to lia Tanager devote-* in t.n- pu, waoee
intent expression ami keen Interest piov.d tii.-in to bare
beeu fuily i.e; vo t to pur-iie the path af Hi uti mos,
there wa. a manifest uuiiy of purpose and menial disss
President Carter's opening address was a brief aaa
happy eftor'. The Daua Liw School ho considered aa
occupying no secouu place amoug the Institutions tat
legal e.tucatlou In ihe cou itry. Tue melh.it estmpni en
Its oasis ..;>.?? grealer civ mumu for the atuny of Issy
th.ui uny oiut-r, amt the Institution at tin 'lieu mm ui .re
etticieiii or more thoroughly organi.i ? I than li is now.
The Law Sci.oul shone from the beginning wita
tlie learning aud the forensic power of its pro?
fessors. He pointed out that ths pr.nelpie* of law
are to be loan I, not lu the code which ? ii dclir-red al
bluat, not in scriptures, nol lu tne writings or tm raise.
Plato, or U icon, but iu tho long Hue nf adjudication
made by those who batt been calle 1 up .u to deal with
concrete cases touching ibo ac mal right" of maa* The
true wa) is to ito lo tho orlglual sonic, s au I to study
taste Thlt is nm BtOfBsy lo mau - meu case I a ar yere.
Inn lu tx i,u'l tho kaat Std mt I rtBetp -s xx uou make
th.- -.tddenis ? ijnii'.or to all SOMA li h.cl lieen his pert
for ina iy years to nave charge of a barga sn I eu.'rosslsg
practice for wino i be needed many a.. st mi-., iud ba
bad uowuere fouud young lawyers so com eiont sn
those who were recent gra.iuaies of Dene Law dokeei.
In oloilu.', h.- lotrodueod tho speaker of too dar. Ju
Oliver Wendell Holmes, jr., by making a .rc tell
euoe to what ha I been uccompllshed by father and
in literature aud law.
Long ami hearty applause greeted J i Uo Holme*, ra
whom every member present seeuiod io feel a persoaat
pride, lu beginning lils address be said:
If is not wonderful that the gradnati i of the Law- Behool cf
Han ard College tlio, lld wish lo keep alivi I ..ir roBBecSttl
willi it. About three-quarter* ufa eetitori- u-n K h. gan woe
S c.'ilef Justice oi tile- Supreme CuUTt of V ? fur Its
royal professor. A little lalor, ono oi ttie moat lliuaCrlssM
Judges who ever sat nu the I t.itu! WIsMS
supreme bench Mr. Trt'trire sr in .. >.. pted S
proofessorshlu In it create I for him liv Naftae
Dane And from Hist time to lids it i ut had the ?er?
'. . -ul great and fan ons lawyers, lt has lu . ii the source ste
lar.-e pal t of tbe mos! Important legal ... i an -sheila*
country baa produced, it bas furnished a wot ll ritnowase
model In Its mo les ot instruction, and it lias MOOBg its ste
dents future chief Justl e. .m.'. |Batteaa> at>l leaders el Malo
bin ? alni ni Un: .National bar too niltuenm. tor tee to thrill yeo
with the mention of their Dames, lt tia* nm taught ureas
lawyers only. Many who have won fame in nth i ileitis lu gae
thtir studies here, sumner and Phillipa wera among tee
bacheolrs of ism. i he orator whom sra shan rear m a dar er
two app. ats ni lha llsl ol IMO alongside ol w diiam Htnry
sud the chief lust d' of Hes State, ami i.tie nf lite .t.-.s .sta
justices, whola himself not lees knowh ass sofcllei amt a* se
orator than he is a* a Judge- Perhaps wiuioui i.-hiIid/ f*as
iiv secrets i mav a Nipper Hui ue\%
Monti.iv's j.ott abai ISstCSl mir nt ti lilllie ila;!
before seeking more Melly digested, it aol assn nu.
tri Hons, food elsewhere. Koonah Ofconreewe siwareealal
the tl arv ard Law Bel.i ot ronnie ee love every limb of
Harvard College "f oonTM we rtJotei lt manifest oat
brotherhood by ihe ay sahel el this aecMlatteo,
He then tflMOSSSSl the use and BIMBIBg of law schoolt
atul then -methods of Instruction. After al.u ii ig to tao
method. . f ute pas: and after paying a lu.-tt lil hats te
William Mlori, wno, he said, had done more than aay
other KiulDb-spe i .ni . man to make tbe law luiuln aol
ami easy to un ter-iau I. no alluded to the ra. t that under
tn* i n ft tm n ce of Germany, eesenee ls gradually drawiag
legal history Into lt* sphere, amt added
Corn spudding lo BM change which I eay ts taking pl sra,
lhere has been another change m the mode of leeching. How
tar the correspondence, :s t tutsi nm* I do uni stop tv laqalTB,
Kor whatever tea-mi liw> piefeeoors Of thia school MM sees te
t'.eni-elles Untie detlliltely than eui ind..le \l . w.lll.el ba
Contented to scud forth Sludeu's with mulling lint a ragbag
tull of general principle* a throng ol gill ler. nw gi ie i.il lase
like a switrili ol little te.illl.-is-. t hit Ohs Mull, r lt- at the toa of
one of Coir ng o'* ptrinres They baie sal i thal te i..*k?e
general principle worUi snythlng yon n.u.i give it a body.
S ..ii in tst show in ?ii ch wav ?nd lum tar t would i~- .t| ilnsl
actually ra an actual system, "mi sinai st,,.w how il sae
gradually emerged a* the felt reconcillstloa ol eoarrets iw
siaiiies u.ie ol wini li established ll n lenna ?' nails yost
mus! >ie''-i Its historic relstion* to nih i .iii mies efteaef
un- illffen m .ties and origins Sod thus set it ni tin |?r
spertive without ahu-n its pro|M>rtiolt. w.ll ni-cr be Haly
JU Iged. IU pursuance Ot these Views tll'le have ls. I. ?ll"*?U
tui.d for text-hooks iii..r. and more, so fir as pr*. SatSthj
those books ol i ieee which were received al mat l.y uisny
with a *onie a bat con teni pl uou- sun i and pi i. mu . on: r .Al ot
I.I old days, but whieh now. after lt ft cou years. Md hag
lo revolutionise ths icicidiig both ol lins .niiulry sad of
Lim l.iutl. ...
I have u-ferred to my owu uprrlen.e I tiring Ihe ?k*>rt
tune that I had the houorof tesihiug tn the M-ueet, il tell IO
nie. simm*- other things, lo instruct Uie tlt-t i ear un-u lu loria.
Mitti ernie misgivings I piunge-1 n class nf b. i - lira gil
ufo Mr ime'i collection ofcassi. and we i?giu to Sbbmsb
them tngetlier nt Ml l.*ligitcll ? tuetbisL I be resiill waa bes?
ter than I neil Iinpu-t it would be. Alt. r a s.-?k nr iw.i, aaaa
the tlrst confusing uovelty was over, I tuuud lhat my elaeo
examined lin-i|ue*tion* propiseil with an anuia.y ol vBTSf
which they lieur nuild have learneil tnnn 'cit ismks, and
which oflvn exceeded that tu bo found tn tin tnt Isaofctj Lat
least If no one else, gann-t a good desi from nar dally ***
ctuidlers. . . The professor* of thlslsw ~-ho-d roeiu t. aseke
llie.r studi'iits kimw law. They think tbat tbs most pra. thal
teachlo* i* that whh li take* tin ir student* to the lsd lotti of
w hat they seek to know. They, therefor*, rueau lo nuke Utans
master tM ? ..tunion law ami t quily a* anrWidg ?l -letaa. aug
think that wind that is acooiuiilisheil they will have ao
trouble with tin impiiiveiiieiiiaot the last half Century. I M?
lleve tiny are entirely rigbL uo! only tn the BBS they
aim at, but in the way linty lake to reach BBM end.
Yes, tbl* school has teats sud 1 hope loug will lie a centre
while great lawyer* pe ried their achievements, and fiosa
winch voling meu. evea more inspired br linn i-iampta Uaas
instructed bv their leaching, go forth in tin-ir turn, out lo iaO
lati. wliai tln-ir tnasl.-rs hsie done, bat to lira Cheirowu li?aa
.t, ire li t"t Hie ferment imparted 1" UloSS her" Ttis OHO
trained in Un* school may liol atwsy* be the mos I k ..wing ,a
the ways sf getting. The noblest or them aaa*! alli ti (eel ism
they are i otiiuntlcd lo lives of proud dependence the ilepead
iit, e nf mell who coiiiiuaiid no ra. Ul.ons aid* In sm ? csa, bul
rely uisjn un.nlii rt.s?*l knowledge and slloal orVnlaSB , dav
pen.lein-e upon rinding an appreciation winch thev canset
seek, bul depeodeace pnud in ibe > ee. k Moa thal the kuosri
edge'lo which their llVSS are cods. Ci alco ls...I Hung* ? Habit
OM tarni the wm bl to kimw. lt IS Hie ilept-lldctli e or abstract
thought, el science, ol l*auiy. ol poetry sud art, ol ev?*y
flower of eli ilu.ili.iii. sushi duding a sn. 11 generous .neigh M
suppui't it- ll ll iIihs not. lt must die. Hui thc world iiesvie
tbe tv* et more Utan Hie dower needs li'e.
Al the e.om of Judge ilolmes'c s .dress, which wm
beard with earnest attention aud frequent applaue*. Ibe
proeesslou was re formed eud passed out as ll hal en?
ter*, l. to the llemeuway gymnasium, where dinner waa
served. James C. Carter presided ai the dinner, end
after Ibo cloth was removal speecbM were made by
Professor Liugdell, Hamuel E. Sewell, George L> Btw*
tuck. Thomas M. Cooley, ex-Cbtef Justice ol Mlchlgea;
A exandar lt. lams, of Georgia. Frank W. Hackett, of
ii asbiagtou; l'roreseor Juba C. Gray aud Judge M.
Hoe k wood tl oar.
-B> "
Boston, Nov. 6 (Sped*!).?Vito sskisJ re?
union of greduatM at tbe botele this evenlag wss aaa
of lbs plSAsaal features of the MlebrsUoa A Urge
?sjoritr were greduatM ot rsMnt years, nut there wees
a law wboM gray hairs showed that their ooliege Says
were dunned years ago. Ths oldsal olin aaa that of
IEEE* Its rou mon wm enjoyed al Yaatg*t
by nine members. J. 8 Dwight pre
sided. Tbe other gentleman present wera John
Holmes. Horatio Bigelow, Jobn 1. Morea, br. Leheeea
Ku.sen. Dr. Winiam W. Bodington, Dr. liorasa* Dueee*
Dr. Henry Wbsatiaud, tbe Ker. Winiam Mlaeae. Tao
oIms ot'5S dined at Parker*a. Geuorai N. L. Aa.ters.iu,
of Washington, preelded. Among ihe-. nreeeul wert
Fisher Ames, ibe Kev. P. W. Poole, Dre Prsaeaa and
Park, ot Worcester i General Hartwell. Dr. John
ll.lilians. Dr. ll. P. Wolcott anti Profeseor G. A. Wee**
worih. of Lister. Uue hundred members of the tlatt
of '77 dinoa St Parker's. Mayor Bussell, ti
Cambridge, presided. Tht rename el ihe eleet
of "Til ai Youug's *m eumyed bf 125 nereeee, JamM
A. w righi preelded. Oue Buudied members af tao cleat
of 'fl uiuou at Vouug's. Ilarberl Waatwersh r'?'?tt.
seveutr graduates of 'Ht dlaed al the t)BHMBy Batata.
S. A. Kilot presldod. Kignir uueMri et the dse et
?eh diced at Farber's. James O. SttlrlMT ? -

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