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acasam.?m maa-amajaoa last wight.
"there aa* a curssus ecene on the Blaoa of the
Steadi'i-.j ?i Mask tort ssna-Sg. Til __p ml mr
tan vs- ? ?vrn. In frmt thc foetUght! Ben turing
at*, thc biuc chandelier In the centre of tbe house
was all ahliae Os th" Potto, Meteed >f Mm peepeaa
tion usiiDlly being male an hour bafssa tb.
Bdng of an opera, un- ? tu-on.
In one corner s gvnip of Ital mre talk ag
with a s ijmrflu ty it gratara ai 1 a ie Uin.lnii'v >f
lxju.d i_ht\- veeSi sheol Nba Ilea ve~>
ratiiere.; greapa at eher?. g__ gator-?tlj and wearSy
Hamlin.- ahem anl ny lag Itotto. Tha Soot ot 'he
nar-- ^i.im WM gaerSsd, and
? ll entrance m.is Sealed to the geetiratottag italians
vin) f'. neatly apple.) f"r ailmawion one ..f them
took th- mutti to heart, and sla)i[i?vl hi* chest anl
san*: "1 .-un Mb ll" but il m.nie no
diffemni-t . he dilr.'t _c' in.
l_?si" ihe dre-* ng-nmni waa MaSaaae Yalda, the
primn of H. Aie nrgaag, who -ai on
a aoni i th Mr Murphy, the ti
assen tad aarretarw, S*hea Baked if tte
<>i* ra ona le be given, Mme Va] a - .?:; li
to '. . ?! :
"i aaaae. vii. i eat ready, n = yoa ase Ready
and v
'in:.- . - i ? o'etoeh tin-u- near. Outside
the ! . - and the unwary
i it. but found aa ia la whieh to
rum ha? their : -
frew ni n and ni tc vehement. In her dil --.ii
At g e chu it MM pel on her \ir.i|w and left Ibe the
aire. The - riicil out his .'a- and HM \e
hemeii! ItaUaaa hal tn -I." .ml thc
Oil's),- nf u.,. ?? _ (>|.-ra Coin
i .'a- practically brohea up. in Um box oStoe
a int e toter PtL-imr Angelo, hx k
made u.e tana
"Vi hen i f..rtn.sl nty i Mme. Valda .
ge contribute l ooo ponnda mah toward defra]
B-peaaea, aad farthi tb.it. ii that ram wai
ln.-uttii b'l.t. eho would rontr.bnte further aumi
then . i poonda ou aocoanl ot her contract.
i ? ?? . r is, ai
ti., to November 1 ountod
' *0e. The Pii-oii-. - ' . thus leaving
ii ?- - ">. of which I conti buted I
and Madama Valda .??-.'.'-". Oa October ss i -
I . ,i lur gi J 00. th! -eur D ?
i - oher _ii I ?
day hoi j" r
i a-i.t-d Mr. Kulliian to 1.
a.ed ite retain. Mr. R
lent lb.- gi .OOO vb eh ba- i.i I !??? ;. (it,
1 me Valda promised lo pay the or
i t to ii ina to do io. no i erin.' man
glees* On n ur- ray W i again j i
ld pay Um l-l on
: even int Madame Vakto arrived
nt Du lawyer Tho
t sra* ai! ):i up n n ly to be ttl
-tent Uo Ol
rofl?ed t" fuiiil ber promise, the orcb.
i oar, and i was forced to
-? "
Mile. Vania said to a Tltim vk reporter, who called on
her au beor after a ard ai the Viciena Hotel: ??! never
aureed lo enter into any manner af co-p.iituersiiip with
Angelo la ih!* enterprise. I aimed Uie eaatoinary ar
Ust'a ei,.-.iL'.'ii-nt wita bim Vt ame for a certain enm a
I . .- rein, e.i lo writing a;, i wi.I he
| a i Wbea ii'ijii rf l. I screed to Iiiii Angelo
a f r . '.'ii Bf lUoi.-v to ass:.: hill li .ell,Hg
toe comp my andee ?.>y aad I hare here _
kui.wie.t.-iileata inr lom* which I i> iv., ad
v.i f-tt ;o bim ut l - s. Th. sum*
were ie ? ii u. s .. ol me profits ,,,' tn ?
.sdi - bb aiffereni
BS rs,. . i . site fl tied to entrap ne lain paving som. al
th'-s ? - ?? lothe people whom (Hey w-:e l-i
ten led in aailsfy, boping tha* to rood.-r me ia
nmasiire ubi*, far tts ahiinastoos tm luearrel, lin* I
always i tided .ion.-, bat Instated In arery iiisia
Bd Val. (-iii: Ilia tunney dree; t" Vli/e . -a.- a los .
?btalDlag Bu reeeiptanre iher. Tore. None i.f the orches?
tra OC artiste baa issen engaged by t.e, or bas ever heen
i; . io pi tv hv prowls > ,,?. bc Ina,
ti, - Beompeteat a
I il IV
me Ute i
manager a* Angelo hit sbowa
Wednesday refused ta Iood bim any mon.oaf, In
Oenseqaeoee lite house w.* . o-.-i in it ii gnu (iii
Thurs ,y | ? ;1* prevailed arion ooce tm.re tn i
tuan... : tn miranee him it . fl.120
with w-.r'i te pay tha Brrheetra na Fri sy night 1
esme lu ?(,?< ..-adi-iuv in t ue tor t e performs
I -i my lawyeSi arbo carried wits bim tbe
SI. 120. Before banding the moaey to lanela, h
I toai i thal g790 af raut ofl tha Academy s
dile ..nd i l.a; Ingala I .. I 1 aol or wmild no ...
Kearn.. re itv laced les maa*y M pa] t ?
orehestr i. 'he nwner* of iii- Ara lemy lulvht raftue to
allow tue ;ier i lo eon tl ntl.' nu Ui I n re n: wa* pal I, and
Bot fee i in tn rn w i ia aw tr any mor
iiioiit-r . . tl m pus Bat mt Aagelo
presented, [ d-i-liued to part with niv moaey Bales* Um
Beat were first paid, angelo then closed i - >oo*o. I
aaasHler my eaaaaemeni w. u bios at aa aad. 1 have
earetu.lr falfl esl . l ibe provision, af mv contract wnh
him, aim tn- Baa signally failed la ins. liencefortu I alli
have aethiog mon '.nu."
t BB-BOOa Tn OKS) r BIM.
A oordisJ ss 1 entbnsisatM irelc ime irsi siren
to Mr Ii-cher bv lue mein .er. ol I'lyiuouiu Church iu
the leen.r- room last eveti.n/. XSa platfarm BM deeo
rated ? H'. gawen .mu pl mts vj i the wor is " a Ileane,
Welcome Hume'" arr" displ tVetl at the rear of lim room
oj., ti i- i.i- chair, fief Te th ? boar for the m-e ian every
?.r_t wa. o-ciiiiiel and WBefl ibe ad] Sa nr ehureli par
or? were ihrown pen th-j- were .j i .k.y Siled, a- d .
r> u 'ai tv r ot person* stood i .longboat tbe service. Bf bra
Mr. Bear BBC entered the audi-nce rose to their
feet a"t1 stool unlit " he wa. sean-.,.
He spoke chi.-fly of the cordial and
aympstie tlc reception he l.ad In K'.r'anl. While awa.
be delivered eighty three sermons, lectures .til ad
dresses, preachiaa one- each - imiav. Before ba went
abroad be lia! toll f.tr twa to i:.ee year* lhat h;s earl
W i* sho it 'li 'e,i. li:* pre idling till not Beam 10 (nar
trait aa it ahoald, ami ue iboagbt same eas else iou*!
take ap uni carry on h.s works. Bul after
this mp tm hail ea SB pad his uiinil aud I
felt nee aid le a little mon yet, [Appaost Ba found '
that he wi- bettor kuewi In Bm .-lani li .ti here hui his
Bernini... were vastly more real. Here, he hil Leen
turn-i out of orthodox fe lowaBip by tnem. bul ttn-r.
Buch sjmpathr and f.-i; .wsidj. wera shown n t, .,. ne
hs t never k own. in eons ti>io't vtr. B ecb-r Bald i
- here. In Plymonth
Cimr it arork I haveaevse had u deeper de
e incemeat and .n_.ith.
emir s seeaein I ...??-..,
? ii church If I have any boaof t is t.'..it thia
fllS'S * IS mi nv
Bail ' . 'ne. ci., si... i ... .
ariiio! do ma
Want;.. aagD sii ..'i ..hall want lr ti..". By laal
A. i thousaul persons shook
hands wnh ll.e rel.rued I i
ftfmnagei StsotOB lias aggdc a ehaags at Uie
BtoSropolltaa Oi-era iiouae in reg ira tu the production
of "ia sba .--I " on th- ?ec.,:id Friday of the season,
and the ?? Pr .ptiet '" wib be airea la?:eid. The suhst,.
tutloii ha- he-ti made becaiiae several .oisl |Ud_es who
hare st-i-ti Herr N1. manu lu (.erm.any stale thal h- is
"...iiiith H.- iiarv-.lou." In tue - Prophet," sud heirn ?
Shoo .1 appeal Sfal la tiiat open ti ur?f-reii
~Tauaaaetar" Herr N.eiu.?uu and Frauen, liratidi
have sung together 'lue and Bania in Um egera
1 an aa* a rehear*.il af the "tioi.ien Cross" last
even ii.-, .ut afier t is tim BBstemaci aaanal eapper
Was given ii. Ihe orchestra an ' th- s all.
lu- t m: rehearsal a i i.Jooea ..f Bnaha" will be
held te day, o' lae "WalaSn ea Tuesday, and of
?"Alda" on l.ursday.
pan ELi.cihic Hints ursr ea
Gbltbstob, Nov. ti.?'A -tspstf- fron Dsllaa
to The x rv, e. ..yt: ?' Judge* l'ard-e and MllC-Smtol. C
the L n led ola.ea Clrc.ilt (..mil, UeUy, ny couseui of
kuli pariiai io the sun. gr.utcii * preliuiiuan Injune iou
lu t- x ur ot tue Ani-I.e-i. liol I eic p. inn- Co up tayagalasl
the la impaataa opcr.iiiug at lia lea, ron
Warta. ?' .iso i *ul A .lien-, slid Up el retj 1 ?t ol
d> le dante lltoWCd l.'ieui Inn-ty dat* w.th.Q which to
Ofteraie I. air tcieiiiinin-a, nu reqiiirel le tn io oe
reiiioved aller 'hst il ue. Ihe Conn *u lain?d the plea
l? jun* ne :on gied IB behalf ot i. H. Oarlaad, (sham
G. tiarri* and omer imu -re?itlei, t tie.eudauts.
Mr. Lndii-utt, ,Si-crct_.v of War, h_s wile aud
Mra. uroti-r (mvei ,uj arrived iu li..- eily last ingot ou
their wai la Boston l hey went at o me to th? I'lflii
avenue liolei and took rooms for ihe Uicht wllaoul
/.// Vt MW AWI sunn i oVRiMAmlALED.
, ? ..ail insrtia.
tn brook, i li ol ss.-, ol uisulsiiilei tliiiu na Miuiie. t sa sill, the
BBB?Bf ana'..e-inonu lue. iin.ui ?? r-i. tn.? r.-.i mi ppm the
eltsction of ro.ouei Kat kum beaaa ia*i evauag ? tue un.
I SimslJ. IB v..;;ii i;a l_i.il mv.., ( sIuiilI H. w.
Mn Uti,, ni ile Ul o I.'.i
conn *? t I?sall aai ba. uaeaa -.m. r a ii?u?t.o.
,. -. i.._i.|ii.ii. iguailsrri-a '. s ?? ritmuu?ni ami
Major Vt. VA 11.nen.i n. I ue liis. ? ai.e sa. Hal ol i.ti un i. u:
"Vt. k aa .H. el ' o ii. ;e i aspaan _* i... mu.,
eel aod n li i .e.: lei ( apiaiu . a.s.,u,n t< a leen o ... IBs ?. sri
bul Un* -ii* sirrrutt- _a;t.r t Hesli ie;.. Ut. Ju..|.'Miliu
tali, ned las mmtgee, asst* s-tsoatsS i lbs Miowiaa
( uudu. I .ii1-., o h. ... olin.I Alia a g. nie man lil s.yn.g.
- t .. ..... . 1-., Ln.r. 1 a.ai t bsrs i" "i y lo
nnytamto LMmtcmmui ilntk, '.. i.ati. |
i i lon ll
- ai
? i.in.I.
a paper aakiag < aplam
, - an i'i .a olltii-i Ut Itmgu . U lao Ism l kl.I
oi t-i* i,. a is taotiey Oieacl PaChaer aad ledeeisl rrom
Im .t.n ii . .a .i,ai.iuj . un.Uar/ 11.h.tm t ui brea! i ?
lu..,u, wheo ral uuiler ain?t. ana goilig BB BM "Ult ti*
cousin, e. ile ititi. *_? *|e-m .a Uranna es?eptions to lita
caargea, al. m wUn.ii Vam ...irilltvL limit: Silt lou Sn
liea-rs - trier I vain lill- OUS * Uiltsa las tomi
l__il.s. rn a. aujuutued uU Mnli.UJt.
Ill LY All xij lc,-,:,.,ni ittATlAT.
Prom Tl.* Boll,inuit .tun.
A (-iieloni Hume o,..i-_,j uno sauu;(l tr* (/tam fur
Sll?da)fi auti knew it tou-1 uot tm Imuglil under Un:
hlue Bvn. ounctUU-d io uuiau nunm, LaiUi. a int _? .
nf hi. mui. lie eapSgBU tim Cluain ami Bight, arm
asked Um -it-utiifst lui aous) vanilla for tlavor.n? pur
Boera buudav he put Um in ti ind a; nu into Uo
Ittnuei ami lui ned tba Uanlle until tb- citaiu w_
i ??
. .:
i * ,
al tl
1 toa
pu bl
hall I
s- B
I ri en
will ,
(T it.
lt ind
ot ll,.
the et
pu bli*
lull SI
to hi.
he wo
the oo
iain at
pat mi
to k.l.ii
ing ihi
?U- re
credI te
had ni!
lh tl If
hollie i
Tue Wll
ft-!.' ..
lu mae
H. iijaltn
lleiii, I
i l l.l* I .
.?? I
1 n.i a -
'i. I.t ai
I f.< Al
' A. nt
? t
A J Va
J amen ll
.Ioiiu XV.
Jodi. A
i I,, .slot i
Plaah l<
i et ari
John ll
M. !:.--.
i, -i. aef
Mr. and 1
masing i
ip^en hard. On removing the top he was ?truck hy
the >.e* tillar odor ol hrs ice-rresm. wtreh. while not
verv disagreeable, wa* -till tOBBBWhal t-tllpifv itu;.
Tabias the val that had eontairiod the flavoring ex
tract to another draggtot he asked what, lt eontam-d.
and was *pnm.ptly Bflawered "valerian " The family
ave no ice ci ca ta that day
DARK HF.vctruiiTH.
WksttW or not the Hgfcttafst ika Stator of
Liberty bas t tee ii a lair success as tag ss lt has gone, it
?e-ins lik?iy now thst lt will not go rn lat further. The
torch Itself ha* elven entire satisfaction to tbe engineers
as a prue'tCi.1 Beacon for the n*e of the shipping in the
hsrl.or. One mtitnit reatl ag it* prim hy it on Platen Isl?
and or st the 1! dtery, yet lt aMaae far down throngh
tBe ? irrnws and Baa be aaoa toa fro _ almost anr high
np in New York. It make, s SaBSBag Btnto on
the water shoat ii an! leaves t 'ie rest li serai-ohscurity
like tbe light at Hell Gate. Ins good enough for a!)
commercial anti practical BOTpOSaa
1 be lish'.inc of the figure nv the reflsetors below liss
1>eeti psinfiilly de'ectlve. The iigtit rrsv pedestal I
r raga a S lwSSS racSe mt caa whe SIS eol hooo
would tte forced io specuia'.e ss to the size of
the Qoddosa Her f..ee is hMSaa to lha shadow,
tn l tne whole torn shore the a Sal M pearly Sena ? i,
cmo-t h sar. i di h-.e refl-etors tne holy of crul:i.?iii
>n the Inetlectivene** his iii*Uv fallen.
Bat both tha terch ead the nflsettn hara had their
-sreer eu' abort, aod BeaeofOl :n, app irentlr. notnlag
ml good a : bara le be -a i of them. Tha A aerteea
Elsetnsal Campaay had pat le the pant. a. ha. been
.ai.' repeated y, free af seared, aad tne american Co_
nittee made a eoitnct willi I. I'. Ban BOOS , Oa, of
i l, toe tsa power todnre tho Sraanee
ihi* contract azptrad eoTBarataf and wi* ?
ee-ed. H,i!ii|i*on A Co. had an engineer an I fir:.
ledlew*! I*! uni. BB I cm.literately orderel mein to slay
nere I hms lay u,gliL Vaster lay limy were lo he witu
nwa.be! after a co Terence wita Ideal 1
I.uupsun ? ("o. agreed to furnish power ror lt..
isl Bight. The tn -ri wll I.e orderel hie*- io-lay,
BWOror, ead unles* soma metis sro nisei by
u'.*i-r.inion for religbUar, all aid ne darkaaos aa Bei
iw'e i-i.in i mini s m.s spot- a. older far malatalalag a
euron there I* ls Bod by ihe 1' e*i.!e t or au spprspcla
on is abtalard iro ii Ooogrsas ai n* next aeastoa.
'lit' o' Hie uiellmern of lu til'IU of Ba P. Hamilton ,t'
o. s.,..| v. li, rds] hs th ti: u did not w nil io sppftsl
n eTsoii inie or withed puhiie ap rlr. i>ai of coarse I
>uld liol co on ,ui t.is'eng power lol the di narnu* u th?
li a . .'.tr ni ur with.nt! any re urn Inr lt. The en
le er's -a .,rv rsa ap to .f'.'i a w-egon doable doty, and
IB iirem.ii's to *? IO I -I'iii i.l c. intra., -ed .?
mer BOB ' timmi Be .1, . , | :,.,.| had no
ml with ii- l k-bthoaee Board.
l.ieutenan; sill -ot lue 1, gi, SOBBC Board, was found
mirrong arterwoou ai - leland Bees, Hi
?.!j!?t coil,e fruin Hid ow'- l~ anl. ind Bald Ulai aa
r at h" enald tts aa wool 1 Bal
< li-iiie.t after ton alaht Then wa* a great
Issppreheiismn, hec.iuUiiiieil.ol the Li rbi
IUI.et Loo Willi I e Bi a IBO. i:.e B*> .1
I'l in fae I li tl not ii BB w nat- v-r to do w (li lt. II- I t I
I ind approved ne av.re n of lighting
, ; nae -oa- ti v-my afltoar st Genemi
o .ier. aa i aol ai at a* a member of tbe
rhtbuose Boara. Toe Maine wa* bot lo I
e Board bow, Itbrlonged lo tba Oo vern tuen ti
r is be eoalti make oat. the War Dopartamoi hail tue
iiiro. and rastody of IL rnac xv ,< . -, arti I S V .ifflcer.
Isssii stationed aa Bedlwar*s lal ni to 1 ok after'toa
i -t.ii.i-. i'i- L'gk boase Board aooid m>t
a harbor be i
. . lr era po we rad lo .:o ?i from
Be bad ie.I ba i any instraatlona fr.m.
tabina on ap to laat Bight tad thought ii Improbable
t- bs ?i. ? casa
s Fri Ben delegates who rame tuck from Ws.hliis"
ion 11.er* ur ev. niii. spin most of yesterday snop
:g and pecking for their vov I ge Boam aa mri! i scenic.
cn *s s si noon lo-d ty ..r Havre. Las Mr
rs a dinner si ihe Hoffman lina*- a ks . nerissa
i. ' Ittoe aod others oho bare eaierta ned tai.sod ;
t ti.e a ii | riicipal-d io a'.y extent in tho BOrama
* of aareilmg me .-taiiie.
moos those preseul al the .imimr were -
*r ?, Beary .paaldlsc J..-cpi, \v. Drexel, Pa ke
1 w iii. 1 . V. I'..f -, .1. VV. I' ii ... , i ., , ., ee] M. lie,,, w.
9. Smith, W. r. Hr..wu. samuel McLSsa,
tiebaril M. li oet. Darli M. Km g. r.. n -u-r...
\ :. . Lei : P
. i ,-t ,,? lert, L l.al'.it. O. M.ty. I
l,ela ire and I,.- d- Be i Itt,
er IBs tim T l ie party was drive, down tii
iraany Halt, waere tits l't I >t. of Prencb P
reeepl oa and bai L
a ms >j M Spoiler aad M. Desmon*. tbs
Bben of be I .amber ol Deputies, mn
ehampa, nf the Municipal Cttaaetl of Psrla At mid
.t the ba.i proper benita, lasting uutil late in ihe
Uill g.
the gossip oe lim: cobbii
C. Lonnal ury, who may fairly l.c called the
erhur i-i. ,?: ol lt, ullhou.h iii- Ls
IO _.M' Ililli ill I".
Hotel yesterday" miming, ami st iii dealt aa
i lem ol the Hi reba n Ji J Bank
n_' the dar. Be is assn of mal] stat?n and
. withs pu-isa.,t i.n c. tull forehead, tull
,:i board and the hncthoca anni a Mew-Yorker.
.about im i ii\ t- i ears ?>' ago, but looks yonnger.
.nw ot lin- bitter porsooal fi^nt thai wa* bukU
im by the Democratic man e.. rs, be ls esr.linolv
pleased wini tin- outcome of tie canvas*. Hil
da Ms] it ? i'll wondit- thai be siiecenlr-ii in
.in. thc election ioto the Leciolatare la spits al
e attar ka, H it io wm tbo ri_toi_ bj
? i.oi v ute thal ??' . ? eaat, a blob enan
Hy out of th- Democrat, party aad serve.
meet the Prohibition vote whieh caam on: ol
ni j ni rt v. VI i. Lonnsb?ry, a
t tne contest, replied inciaivelj: * I Barer talk, ' "'
,-iallv aboul in -
p ,.
A ll
* .
O' r
:. !,
mt i
- ?
tea made bj the Oemooratio press nf lin?
eal eompit sion oi the nexl National li"
eeeatatives thc Congrrasmaa iron ( ol ?
led ter the Dcmoeratu s ne. d. ll. Moffatt, preei
ot the First Nanona) Hank at Dourer, wi o ia
i Filth Areane Hotel, bud a dispatch yesterday
a friend In Dearer soring tem Mr. B
bin m c ndidate for Coi graea, ba* licet, re elect
lit that thc Hepablican Btate ticket is <l
that tbe lower House ol the Lcgisi.itarc will be
itain Wal ker, wno ison the retired list of the
.1 states Aimv ami aha -(lied Miib General
?r on the frontier, WM mel yesterday. Me re
ed incidentally thai Mia. I'uet.-r. Who ha* bein
: in thia mtv, i.- broken down witb Berra I
r ai.ti baa aaaa coal bv her ]<)ix stciaii io rocupcr
sbc ie at Newport w BerJdaaar county.
ntor Eugene little, pt Maine, commenting, on thi?
el the election*, said : u lt ls well tor lim I.V.
MB parn. Ibe ot ganami toa ie in splendid
li ban raootred m-w life aud riger."
Blaine breaktaated vsaterdar with Charlei E.
ei Xaei - oretorj of the Treaoarr. Re
illa '.ii .In- moraine trom QeneteJ Tbemaa Fwin^, i
t'.lkins, ( barlee amory Smith, and aaan oilier
s. Daring ibo dar he aaa creapted with pris
ian Ile liirie.i wnh ? mead, Tn doj be will
I th 8, li. Ukin* ami maota tem friends. Ile '
i to .Maine early box! week,
Window F Pierce, brother-in-law of Vice-Prod
(endrick*, himself a -felon*! and sterling I'
? - ? rditi aboul the deteal ni Morrison and
? I bete is seth nj; more certain
hut tim eoarietioB uiiagratnod in the bearii
Imerioiui people thai the industrial ayrte?s ol
in try thrives udor prasaotire tarift, lt ia tbe
? I the m..sse*, lt was thc laboring men thai de
4otrison, thal helped defeat Hard and thal
arlisle his sliikin. up. The tendency ol the
?otc i? on' ol the Dem .crni c Party into tim lie
in WWty. They mav stop bait way lor a tune.
?. ina4 will help the RapabUenna ia 1888, '
n M. Bejain is m town n^nn. baring coom a (td.
former base lin ih.- n.i.;.i. Thia is abai he
-it rtliiv : - 1 lu- iiissuiilt on Squire wa.* bei an-.
ld aol -tocredil the reporten bi. aaeistauts on
ii ition ni the Futh traeea pemecat, The
ami bis nian Boich sait: lite poienei t war not
lording to ipeei ca".mi*. Now. after tu11 mies
i. the order ia eiroa lo aa a i as Indore mtn tim
nt. Hut bo one en mb ta take thn aaa thal thia
S : 11in- - attadale axon ration. I am curious
r win .'?? Sijii.re coiner m.
re. I
.,, .1
al a
, H..IV
ii,' n
To I
'? I .
Who i
j can i:
(. lier
I khan
: di-oiie
; timi i.
liol e:
1 ne Li
i ano u
Jil ,i iu
I on y i
p' di ,
j ai r. at
,.o .-,.
p Ilea
ai. .he
aod il
tl I
lr WITCHED FT A .il urti IintTOR,
_BI SO, Nov. 6 [*9jMSeaA.-->At tiie lifiitr
* I te rn on ti hefore Acilu.-Mayor lien, nt n rm-e
i negro physnlan, ll-ury 1 tiorntoli, wno ws*
Willi i ..e power nf rev.v.Hg W.Ulwg aff.-i lintis
mau and wile, ii w_a developed lhat Tltornioii
noel the nu*:>.n I ?f Mr-. Vir.-in a Bantaofl
e would pl..oe a pieoeof bis wife's rlottiiiig lo s
ul nury ll, ho COOM lo wiial ..c tur.iee.i wih lier.
oi. Ba witness slant) slate I thal ai lit ugo un
.: Ibis pt?.>ee.:|tig it natl ih- desire, ,fj ci. us
her will -he wss Compelled to ctrW, Along Mir
her house. Tii-n me i.-w teiie.i ..onie was
io hoi aim hrokeu, when ber instant reeovery
i Coleman, treasurer of lite ManhalU- flub, fm
-i.iwkag st.ii-' -ii.ii-.un-i bsd bj toa
? ..: tht ' a -r.. sion -
nh*! hy lum to Mst.n ? oti't'i-jt mi Uml l
sinhL .SlUtl
COU t n
UiM lO<
| o, tl a
-., l.u
tiiat g
i.n I,..,
_. I i
1 BS ii
-BS a
BCli Be
li. | K romlert .San '
M > . re
rsi ?m
.v IB
i ii|tm* . JU lieu
.', i Ja
;, !? JI ll.I.nelli..
. ii I a y u ?? .
? r. lieu.m. ks . -a
2i lu.-tn Nalba. . ll
?tb A Xi. -and.? ld
IS ll- M. iatiur
tl. I |siel
I .iii,un .
... lo
tumuliV ..
Huntley. IO
Wilder Allin.. . 90
Thornton M Math ?
Vyne a niliiniili lo
ll. T. Mi Manse . Io
W. -tay . le I
J. I krust la
il -siiou -ira. . lo
li li inlued . ll) i
r. _ Omi . lo .
V*. A. Hamil-.. 10
I. Holme. 5
BU lt lt..- I
about i
uu; but
dO sOIIll
Mill Cia..
e.r.- K'
u.tir ar
i iu bur
- craps
, sin
OL MarUne and Ids mollly nt cupy a pretty cottage
it, near h'rut.-avu., Moant Vernon, on M.md.tr
ra. M .tri lui .aim io Uieuly tu tetnalu seas, si .lay*.
cir c?U__? uiiuci upiod. Ths huuas is ?Icely lui
? atomsa
m.) h in
t ile u 0.
oi liie.
pill pOsO:
ison) Mi
?--tl ol (
... i ni,? I
morin .
nlshed. snd mtirb vatnahle aflverware an* clothlna were left
In the hulli'.iiia- on Tnurstlsy night Str. Martins dlscoverel
that hnrglar* tisd visited hi* hou?e. l.serything was pnlletl
tatt ,,t ,,iace ?tlll acsttered over the rtt-ir. ..stresses were
ripped open and th. :t t .intent* sttssmi am ind Hie rooms. A
searrh of tho house showed that property worth Bl..100 had
beeu stolen.
To Ihe Eititor nf The Tribune.
Slit: b-Sa*fPg_ loan extract from Thc rhiln
ilrlphia ,Veir. paMtoSeS on October 27inTHK TB8M WM, I
Wnuid say mat I har* owns 1 a i>u<- doc IBS some three
y esr* ami sm well rp sll ri ed to Jmi gs of ber merits, es. prior
to ber auvern in the household, I bad own .1 soto- turee
or four terriers whi.h are universally admitted tobe
very bright, intellia-ent dogs. My pun's quick liuedl
gei ee ,s la nu wl?* inrei-lor to terners, ami if I d ired to
task the let td rea ler I co nd flu columns In ennuierstlng
her many hrtght w y* aa t 1 ver tricks. A- lt M I will
only cite a few ; When-ver tue postman whistles at tbe
aat Soot mr pea* eran tt aatoopw pi*vin.r with
I .in any portico ifV'ie liotne. will pr a k up tier
Bora, watt tar aaen member of the family to say, " c.
there's a letter," an 1 then travel down two or three
flights of stair* tn thc servant*, who hand her tne letter
or letters, s* the eon rn ty ne, when up sim comes with
tm-iu to h-r awash rn. she do-, regular./ IWOOT
ii re. ? i , ,,. mmgg iBisllliaori
is the f iel thal wuen tlif h*irs the bel! BBBCaaClB!
n.e.,i< .he aeanaora to the dinliie-roo'u (itiviri
Ihe fii-t to gs: thors) au t if a
fain.ly sra s.seinttlel *h. will ro undrr the
?? nf s h..ne with
whieh. If otitalaeti, aha r par* to in* kile.efl 'iowna
rf,.tn of st...rsi. reiunimg for aaotBer w..en *;.- iii
riii sh-.I th lt, . '.,-,, v Be disetit
from the u ? ? r waitiae parha pi thronchoai om
?? shs will sen empty chair mi it it ia
' >u: for ber op she |aop? etd aaati herself, loot
1.ur, ,i d sober aaa Jadae. If scythia* li
its n front of ber she wm eat it. vu oat ever
e ti .nowa to pal her Daw on tl." table.
: * nn
i iclsy pipe in her month, sh- viii - ?
" - er,.-1 ,..,?, r,,..,.. amass
of vis.tors, Ssl rsllv. with ell aa owner's pride,
leonel er my do* exeeptio y elerer. as i bavaaever
?in1, ac n r aay
're ? ? _ i y ss inteilt
rent, mt I my experience is ...r.e. 11bias 'Be erroneous
Some ile womer, n ?
tr en* etioii.-u for aii-iiilng ei?e, pamper them
ed thea ?b danne. mei sweats a atti thai
?rown so pre ig tni.lv fa' thanh* poor thinks sn>
a ., ,.?.... ? -tupi.i,iv. A Lim Wno girowa
Kew ! -*, Sor. 1. -
"II. i.i. \s;> rai: LABORER
lit or mt i
Sir: In tins aaorning'a Tsibcsk. ob the
t ? ... of :,. ? Knight* Ol
thor of a re- I fever Of the tnt |
Iver. } >u sty jutty, "tho p mr mau ta
ift-ri ni i.t from a depr ?.?: i',s,i oafreaey." Ba
. aul, unfortunately. In thc contingency
is apporoa ly last to seo per Mob bb ba ba
?en in laaniona, I ir.rtr aa l ielf? le.nv.ug. These ehar
uermtles or inc hotter inr; or mr work ng i.pis
ind p..tei) in .
I ? v if. tn-t.t inn i* nf UM con irry almut
,000,000,000 of .n l rslae; money neleh. If spent
iw, woaid brian Ita a waera . . return of ro it.
ithiti.', sbalMr aa I arwry eomfsrt, rated, as they i
'-, the .gnirana t af gill. Bul th:* is au linnie
timgatm et * ? .... dearly earned and i
bm, noi to ti- spaa , a ul aartalair no! lobe waals g
til Willied for Iii I e ii r.'s'i.-e.. Ilcha ? IS
- . , i,. i?; .--. or lha siarti ff ei - .
?Incas enterprise,, fur wa; u it tia* koaa prortd
??ii -i waatod .. ; ased, un-u *..
ve driven ont go. l. xx.,,, we shall Bars sil
r as the stand ri et raine, then Um -
. ^ ct l great i-'.re." tia Will lind |
it mr a.i practice purposes their dellars ai
ly a m..i 7.a*, that la fact tbey hare riven some
., three >ays* laUor. aud mast receive b
, which would
' ii i i Vt.il i.
Bted, au i moat receive ...?e_ that whick s-n. only tiuj
too ts this semshody who will h.-neiit tty tnt* one- I
rd nf ihi- ' , i-i .in. ar, *.
-. ne v lab y loss bv "" fr? coinage of HIV .
I ;ii real property owaer; the m*i
.'.. . _?? tin flu . .
. s depositor, wno | . ?
lam wet ii loo esau I mortgage, aod wi I
ay iliem iu - Ter dall rt worm oiny 70
mt .ni-..r many w iy* iu ?.nea tha lan uro r aad ins
ir will suffer from free co . j. j. ii.
etr-lorli, Oct. '20, 1..8.
Thc Md Hm I i.f ' h ?? . r ' nae.
iu .- J desire t" call f he attention of b
i in .Un. rica to a most BObUSiaessllhC r.-gu alma of
Post OSes ps . ia ela weeks nae ora
teat hoaioBsa lotter to na nanni to Mdboaroa li .,
rs that tlir.ii.-ti some mutSite. either of :
? posted it nror ibe clerk* in Ihe l'o*i Olbce. the post
w._t iwo BOOM Snarl. After Ilvo weeli*'delay
? lome Irom Washington, returned for lu
t lent post .go.
to not wain to dwell on the lnenn venh'iie fi \uW '0*.
is.m.ed me by thli piece uf i.lllc:al absurdity.
us to me Important lo cali aitcatloe lothe Injurious
?- el i ngiilatleo uy wnich all foreign comm un (ca?
la hampered. Harbert Bpeeoor boa co.up.irod tue
ns (if eommBBle mi n within a batlee to tue Borroei
em ia the bo ty, ai I I n. a tut eommaa .
i oilier Balloo* mar be eomparud t.. :
si-uae*. Wlialefer luipi rs tne elSeiaaay Bf ttie.e
Ma s.-rioas isjary aa lha body. So r, although only
n.i; poi tum nf lha foreiai, postage i* aSeaesd ny a
ia; iou rc stiaa tooodorstamped letters, yet this p .-r
t* io reality Import?nt. Through s aasibac ol
,s, si,un- of theiu eoareety preventable, aa l i
. a c I a. lt i'll eu I tu tue uni. mb. nf OSS
.-1. a cm .in prt.ptirtwu al ? >t ir ?
id io he uu..ers-*uip.-.t. I li .ve known *o u,,.uy c tees
BMa pos -olll, e , i.,r?s h..ve named wrong postal
? thal I - iui ba canes alone mast lu 'he coarse
y. ar i -..n-i. ii an.ired* u' letler* lu li" iti?u rt!
I ted. An i titeie ,,re many other w ,y. m which tins
li.ippen. Any regulation, men, which eauses ail
lette ra to mi*os rry and a y ba*iueas dapeadiag ao
i ia i.e .... lycd ot io mil i brough, i* hi j uri ..ii. lo tho
ry lu w.'io-e servite ale the oltlelaiS who have
ibsard aud mist ii roos s rum,
folrpA, Sa, Var. 1. ISM. muia-d A. I'_.ct.>i_
a .
ll- i,
< (t.NV fd LABOR.
'ie E. il 11 or n f lue T r i u u a g.
a: Hy esteemed frissiL Cd url es E. Endi
h.iggesta mai tue pru.iuet of eouvict lahor lie ti?
ll lof-ee-lra. ie eonutrina. Would luis not _? "wiii
the tieri, around ihe stu,up" I II Weald be like eu
glli>. lau aK iinsi s .ling bil lot on sunday, by
ig Un-inabi eutr ince an 1 bliuds aul aoowiu. a..
lesire lo euler ai a si 1.- door and procure wu... they
? j a* is usuuly tue c.sa io Now TmtM, lt cony.ft
la wrong. {MT tc, ll would be wrong lo plate tun
clo. such iaSeroa IBO marget auywuere. What
mailor Whathof the pro lu-t of convict to
gooda, of egos ral i-, p-oi,icei hy *? noaeat toil."
ho etpiui-dl ihe didere.ioe woull in?
to that ot-iween iwnedledseduai nal tweedie
workingman suouid be protAcled, bat tbe ques
i.onvicl lalnir suouul oe sullied il,.On tu. iiiri
,,' fi .1 r .n 1 nuuiauliy. Mean iueuia.1.in Should
ler Into the di*cu*..i?n or setlieiueul ol ma uiall-r
?sun ot ihe couvtui rt (iniies Kial be lb sold laotff
o iU.ilVI.ua. er cia. . _u |Un..> Urmainl mal the
i'. al sac
_ nd uul Oo ili*.11..a ?? ;. Ti
q ie- ,ou la.-n H. stun silo.nd receive "
ertlUrll ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
tn. baits- oi e rn viet lobar i r.i? ac
M, tried aa I awarwiad au i is ind, el
i By um .?siaie, aud lo iu- .-'-ile be *uou a ue
,? si aaa
Ue 1 md ^^^^
,,,_. I ii mer.
.Ne l
anv s
or i
- IM
Of I ii
BX I Bri
_ador Borrioo; and isa Stan a..u.nd ra
..eim.it accra.ng there irma. ->oi convict .a ...r.
ur, ..ul cou.r.ot swarm lah .r suou. . Oe prie
l lei a, i .ne j, to. Iin-l, ol co..Vu", lao ir ill lae
?? pia. ea In lu- ii uni* ol merinauts io se , m ne
i.-ii., .o mei eu .n * .:. li- lue ti imr uiaiaei pr.ee
j i. o case li a-i mr Siiuu pin uni*, in io ?
urned over io lue Blain Ut>*sur> lo re.inn.it*. me
ai. uni* .nu utan me lax ou n.i property?-B
lumen, nine noaeat laoonng .u.i.i, nun iutl?t lu
l p.) i.i- pr ip.ii non o ail ianow
lunns -o .e lateraled winch exempts ibo
. .i o.H *uor ir pr.-v.tuvs tu.- Bia;.-1 <t w.tuu ? rery
...oro- ..aa ia s BiiOSiliBBBl gin) I Ttl III r~P''T
iuu aaaaa t sara .auor. v.. U Pl I
1 s '.,' mi. Ifi, IBcdk
ll .al .
lui ?st Ula *. il
, I. -
L0t,\i. UE .roi.ls' t A LEM DABA
PPmm Th* hu.l.in lieciirn:
1.1.11* wu> nc a...hoi omendon ar- ?o
t ?! a harvard pivsassor, ams ?
pim. - ! i.y , ..ii,. ., ri ? -ul io > ?iuiu ?.?' io
reei r .i _i
,.i iv.s a UiO.U rs. lu us Uul
Unlik." J,i.i -uU.1 Lue i lo.I -SHH "til.
wwBmi_ki_d ua.i. i?io su. on Ul no ' ?
? ' . T On I,ill i luau, .pu lui u ol Ui"
i.l. i.i iii,ii.i a- t,s- a(.j. ? . ....v. Ol Un
Bverj noni.ii, im ri .ir,, i?i?a..aie
ale ..il.il i.l-..g. up ,? h-r itt-lll, a 1-'
or a M lu ina .a ci..,.ir. ur O Bi
? i a ill. li bllMpy laicis.a, Uni aie to Lo
iu the bau .o.r oi i. us
r o; (Sc WhOM MS Uar* oif her BB?.___ -
ol -elli, >:i, 1,1 vvlUi a ?Ui*l>illl o.u. l lt i -'I as '"
Ll o. nu.
. i..e..i, to ;i:oij-h d.. !... mnva .u tty tann
a-CHiin uub.-a,ai,.e. My a ae ie fainy noslhll
ci feam -. ?lie lasts ber U.ln u,
?m t.oue-w-,.1 lit,, p? ttiui.li U.ai
.1-1 lo BO HiUI I lon Ul ll Ol?I niOll.lll. I"
? sh. Jtp.U? WI,,, ., -I
j tu ii p ? her lusisiai nh!
U^ anoiu Un- un.oro.st-. u ami act slcn?u Mj
,; -umiu, autl Ihe.i r-ailu^. aiid' emu
e -Hair- by Hrs. V. hillitty a.st lliown..
Bela wah liter sapeetoBg af dnjcaicl
.h Ci Bl ? I " ni"1"'
upon the oieule of Iheir ile... day b> -ay
IS ...<? it.,iijr :t<l liduisi Uiei b St I ,
;. but Inane they cato! U> a childi-n sud
e tove Ol tOOT?BS .nto Um iinKuowii ruile n
IfMIWeS 'o deba-c l.lcraluie U, He?I
>. How tan n Im |*i -,l..i for 1_iwell ami
u lo aiiow wtssUier heel or iamb ia tim BBBsl
iii.ii.-r mr xoar wile or anno to anler ua thc
it loder .' ? __i riK_t hm n young _oiu_u lo
o n jet i i.i m. pi a mau mmeamm hor Shs
mr (oars off sweet or sU-rn ou the
ol Uie da) abo > lo ff.ve her answer I I ht
oho-l aay uf issrpuv into the li ibm tur s
iciao was a good deal more sehaibJo.
thal of
A dd
lie. Ue
(?' Bala
tl l)-Se
ti..I- M
p ur.il.
gr. sa ie
boib il.
I uvv
i os .
fur a rei
ihe eily,
tn low. i
Wipe ou
I I.l (
Coo ul ,n
aud ti
rotes. |
Ft I. ii.
( slop.ir
HIL ll
I urila cot
Hoff, ,??,
. .r l mi
ti.'AHO; I
' L
joiixm. rsasom -XPiarsa how it was bkocohi
?"Mieriil John M. Francis, ex-Mi oistot tc
Austria. Is at the Oilsey Ho isa. Ho was visited last
./-?'. .. ,r .* Th""-k ia> isms, wac ti.ke.1 as io the mas?
len '", to the defeat ?f Henry tt. ntirlei.n. _oasm
sentativH m t onere*. f,,r the Whitehall District sf Sew
Tork. Ooeeral rtaaito nil
- Harlet.h was dominated Bfter an active contest in
ti VheCl*lnH "''"""rent aspirants were lh_BBtoeA
he (listriet h,, ,?i,narlly a Rep.ibllosn majority of
aleut MSB. BBS le PnotdlBdol year* t?ar number has
." Pxr~"'"'- Hr. Sartetrh n?a |,aj the .-lace f .r two
IhedT "' W',8"lp""'>'1 *it'i th" U.aterial lute,
' l-tnet. BolacapnaalB!, driving mari. Denioerut*
ina ot har plana eaJe they
eu ? pr-fer hu renomination bOOBOn o' paw lt! ag nmut
ure. aflertinn tlU Ci( m)ttwtnnp ic cnminoii w th hilaire
"ere ena Mem Ktmnasilagi growing out
sUSaraoaaa bel there was notnmg thal
?ure *r.....l |n the war of suire** mile.* some
eitratatdlaary aloonei appinad lu tue contest, a
,""7! beM .tn! II wa. finally
to aaioara Si another data Tue aaarcattoe ra
BOI Bade sim,nie cii:?ti
? wmmlttoe wm . wtetaS whMS waa
MUiioWer-,! (? , , ,. , . ,,,.,.,,
" rU" ? Bl to -v..r,.
ah I th:
nine rn appear thai Mr. Bar.
. be retnrnod. Tuere ls
JJ '" ' ?tl rn .f Ki: m iu tim dis
?? of t.r ir waa bel L Ur. BorleUh
sith suppnruag tho measures of mooope
i .. sdvancod
tosleetma i. g. Oreoamaa was nomlaated.
? i'Vi- "J """!' r,rm"|V rcanl I "ne i oiiutv ('.erk so I,,.-,
i Democratic ai-i.iiu
__.w__ , ' ir.,':.: .,..,?.- i, i .
Ve itl-iiiKi.-d wi ii either corty Ra .
?" 1,,,'i'ru!.ie i wrii a areal di y people and ia i
- .n 1 III m...tn | .:
-rv..mi mr to maa] whe lived l< tl ?
? anv war they
generally mi- i ortod
their numbers were many Ke| u
'inder ibu mi-a, , reh in
"""" "i* in sv-m; ,c- with ti.em and
'; "?'- ll a ?-. ..iw-vt-r. a mistaker, Idas;
-? -.'ii mads ..n -i ar lay
day rollo a In g. thara
rtauity allowed t. r.veri the false i n
'-eateti. |fr. Bnrleiffh wm defeated by 1,300
il ' uni nat him <M 1
v m i.iou- a f.n, .er anderstatdtuff ol Mm mm. f .
r '",''>' ? id; ni race I know they i
'?"' '';? ' . -??, pr merty
? n. ir* ..r Mi.
? ou,tl ii iv - i| i ,.rr al him.
? ? tn vork
, ""v ''' : ' Ibe Uren tth ul the
I do not lu I B these li
i ia know thal
". e.auiine ?urhelsutiy Into the cbaraeter of
thi-s Hr :?
'.- Interests
,,i""" ' '?' i doa tha
wea man
. ? rOBOUBOed III III 111 lite
. I th ? maa who lundi .ll
? ni o' the Bl ll ttl thc
? r money
J"' "it', t .? _.r.i ru:, i.
, : Faille r to i
r. -laius two ye ,t> .,_-,,. pt,is lom ira*. Be oas
v if in- oural iation
? hesriliy ,,n I rn I , of hu
? nf s.e.'Ut .
to the mi ?uaderataudlu
? ? ins to t ie work nt i eoi le,
: : ' ' " night ta ?- tr upon tusm bi the
inocratlo pm.ti, ian. ,,r tne distrtc_M
? ???.: '. MEN VOTfcD Knit PECKHAM
Vim, Bau, lim $15,000 roaPBSD?Tllg MUK
bi ii lil ii iv tts a fi i.i r ' ll.
hi ( pie
lits. Politicians dropped in todLwuss tbe reenlt ol
the i.iiif...' men in voli .
?,. A.* lot ., Republican leader explained lt iu this
len so I sm sn'. -
... bunill
t ommttlse un y
- rn- i ai tl,
i. ll id the
ie Lommtit. ' I money ii sonni h..ve bern
? -
.? nen to eel ..ui tba Kep.thllt-an rote in Hie
r.-.i. .mit ile* would _a?s elected i- ? waa, the
nuilee dasi no money m _?I ...;niv eoniwitteea, shat
IS, ; be
BJ -
To.it n .
... m.-r.d ... Its - a mferrtog to the
:nb! len ri
io .io much,
nut cou.
:? -. 11 the i ??
state. In the
- '
li . .uni.
. tall ?? on ia
nu v. Nm. ', fi ,. .!.?].,??-,i\ papen hers
t that a senatorial boam 11 b -mg itarteil in romp
( unlit,- tarorloa Andrew l?. W ute at sooeoasac to
??r. lt ls naderstood thai ina Asaemnly mea
h.* enanty will support Mob a ?orsnaet, and
?s ,,re en'.-rtame i h. toees-PresJusnt's fri "i.is tbat
av fH>r ihe Benrtonal canvass Un* winter as a
-s-iui dark korea lt te bell vei that Mr. unite
' -illly to all tne factious of the F.eDUhiio.u
f iu lue .slate.
itsbcko, N.iv. "< [Special .?Leading Dem*
i are credited ortk bavtoff acted Coioool Blcbard
s. |r.. tn iiiiiiiiunee ala can. lid .icy IOT the Demo
? aoioinntlso lor Mayor uf Pltisbara CMoad
sr, viiiie. nea atty married Jame- t,,
e. ir. rue yuung i.pie are cow liviag wita tbs
iel. liv the BOW Al id'i.str .t Oil he Wu. unpointed
.u-t i ut lue Goverumcbt Buildiutti to this city.
itsbcb-, Nov. S 9penal), ?Henry
-??'- prop. ?: am i'i icy for Pnsldeot In -
:-i oafarorably by Pitta .ur; wiaraliut?ion. i'ie>..
line, of the Wintlow-!.bt-ss Workers' Association,
Mi Qoorsa wairs tu rnn for Pnafdont he must
?? ira tue Lal.or v de; Bed tbOOBlj way lit Wnluu
, - '.'ire i' is by I.iin.'o.ir s inure,y for Proteo
1 'ii..'-- he .me- I., il?.lil lt WINlll e till e !?
f! 'ruin lils p senl Itfer.iMffs ..;.. , , ,i,..l -
i poti u-iii'i.fn fron thc Lc urelsmeot
n io tho last eleetioo an.; tfOBaa pretty emphatt
R tarot of i rmet-tion.''
n Mayoralty cont cai in New-York Pit si Viii Cline
vderly made a gallant Ul ht n teach ibo Kaiahia
ir. ? t. ?, r i, i _ i v, ? i. what a power thwy roo!, wield la
Hint, and I think be sucsaeded tieyon.I ins own
ile na* pi
? mee of ,nm if. Mj. .rge in a.I lins w.ts
? a i. .ml woiii i nm receive au/ sapper!
s i Presidential or CimareMlonnl cana
i.vukiimiv. Nor. S isp,eui: ? johu
t , pr.-.oieut of ihe V mas Da uncr.ua Kalla.nm,
?il the foiiowiug dispaleh from Abraui -. Hewitt
in auswer io aow_re uiaiious of tho club:
i- man* you bnsSi iiu' aiaesraiy for your eeo
'i ons. i Be ri i?ry, bowsrer, is not m.no but
lies iiisutulinu.
i-ivA, Kin., Nov. .">. ?lu sixt>-two cnuu
?r.i irom do ,nii< it (Un.u.) aai a piuriiitv m uro
O OBd ii .Vernor lanni (It-pi h t* a plurality in
reai eouutie*, lor tforsraar Martica pl oral tty to
-' - i in. i tue s-iue ratio boll, .dar.lu's
> alb Oe '-ti,mri.
RI -ri.r- in nu. Ti.i;l:ii'iiKii;s.
'vin. Aux. "i.-a s;u. |g| iiom Boiae c'uy,
mya: "t,ni j, j>i Bau (itatsi iseieamttecos**
er Jun,, gatley ni-,,..) oy BUSmSfortW."
?B, Ar,r. m.. Suv. j. _ l _? Ue.tioora.a have elected
man ot me -egis.aiur
kll, MsSBj, .Nov. ">. ? Am uitt; 111^ of tilt*
il 0?tarana tu-mgul p.tuiou* wore isoelVei
iuuui of tbe ('ougrnaaiouai vo:s lu every wartl lu
l> is u.der.mui lhal tiou. Jouu J. Do ov*u,
'.(n.i Uonoeraito ca i did ctr, sa po kW ny a nooeoi
( oiigr-stuia , A.o-n * vote iu lae. city So as lo
I tue p.uralil/ ot luroe tor a..eu lu tue dl.tr.cl.
ii.u ti.N .in--man St niui.K rOTSS
in>vii, Nov. ii i.N "'i'i-,.?Tue oilici.il
ibo Vllin U .to lllairmi w .s [luis .. .1 lo-U.j,
itiiitheii i Lt.. m. I. i? etecieU over Join,
<K. p.1, by a plurality .of BM? ihree
r'o.iowiu. are ths p ut .lutes ny t nun les i,,,
c. lim er. 3,0le; Lvruiuui. STftl IwtaI, ll.o'.t.i.
ri Warree. l.o7U , (ne.. ..ill, tutsi. J,.Un
i's p.ursil.y a.
-MO. __.ru ~M.\7?,r.iUES IS DKI.tWAKi.
ItNGTi.N, NoV. Ba?DslSWSSS- official Pe?
ople, a I uul un: Uoveruot ? HU.a "Ue.u.l. ld.KU
r U'rai, TJBEt : D.n.o.r inc ui*j?ruyr fi, lin
ir.se?_-. on u.iou lUem.), ia,8_7.1 (toper l_r..l.
? uioiraiio oisjjriiy, 5,Hi. ima -a-aUlal-rs i
n |
? is
ft ?
tin- a
are e.
in ile
H ti;
tie i
in 1.
il l.M
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il Al
tu Al
.\ (. UT
I ...
I r.j.|
pi a
li. .v
til ot
vi. I
Bi v.
LA ni
Nil IH
ant I ll
Hie P
i um.
bsejrgg RsTF-t airs.snr.
The resolutions ot the Cbs rober ol Commerce appro. .
m^ the constniction ot the cables which under the
auspicea of ?? La CeaBhCg] I ^r.iplmnie de la
Aniille* " and the Tedro Segundo Amer , _ii TtAetWOUE
sud Cahla Company _.!?,?. fr..,,,- ?,,_ thi,
country with Brazil were ,.r.-..-t,t,.,| l() ,|?. pr,.r:..i,
Delegates here yesterday. Heretofore a
aagae bea tins iiuintry have been sent by way ai lug
laud. The I'eilro So.iuidn (able (.oipuor Wac
beaaad to establish a direct cable troru thi* .-iii to
1'ara at thc nouifh of the Amazon River, where thc
Hrnzili.-in (lorcrnment tanti Sett end 'I Im ruMes tor
this eonpaar ?re being rapMlj ? Tho
FrenchCoo_paarwei brandt. a mot
cahleo wfaleh aaeeh seance, rrsaewwit- har Waal
''"'?'a', I i witii Kri'iieh lillians,
lu Ja -..r vi. ,;,!!,?(. ti,,. Hiniecnr m I
aiui Telegrnpha td Vr.irr ?-. wtttin with the Kundi
('ompany ;i eootrt ct edy ol
?fJOOIMHi. .\ practical union o' fl..' PrOBC. ead
Amirlcao oompoalee waa reeentii eSoctod Itis.r
peoted ibai wfthta Ihe aorl ali mooths ths ooh ??- will
ot this etty
will lia-.- d_reel telegraphic ootaeanaieatioo wita
In-.-ii nt _re.it benelli io tui-r
- rn rim Benth Imencna trade because ol the
reduction ia . ii.t. the l.i:_)i*li com
: tim line lro,.i Fi ;!and t
mane in mtkapatioa of the completion m tim rai
rim eC-oen ot thn Aanrtoaa eeapaar are a* follows i
If. K. Thurber, presides?; I.. lt. Ba on . ?
dent; Char)ea I,'. Flint, treasurer; K. J Simm,m.. li
H ( annon, V v. Ranier. I. C. Rednea ead i'. ll.
!. tliit etors: ami De M. Wilmot, seeretar, I -
; ..riler;, in com I
ii _tiini thine lor bot aterchnnta bore Barina;
?b Brnsfl, the weel ladies ur French
(i.ii.i-i'i tbe :"??;.-.In the netter and
! boom
r. vi.T'MoitK. Mot. ."..-u iiiiiitii H. HSssHos,
once a well-known journalist, ili-d to- lay of soltening
of thc I,rain, al the house of a rr end rn this etty. In hts
thirty-four b year. He wss st one time menacing editor
Of Ihe I'.n'liiiinrr A me ri run, .Titi hs I heeti roniterred with
arbor papers, hoi bc waa mott wideiv kn..wt from hi.
connection witn The limes, sdally piper wincn bs Started
In a mo.! rx pensive m.oner, with little or no ra'Sli-.
' i, bot uti* eoursdsd ta t.e the most
ably edited paper evor i*s,isi| ni itu* city. He -ith ihe
? r trrni- sud prod Bee! a comic aaan
to na years aao, ??'; b* H eetne Llgbi," wim-h _ ,i a.one
bot did aol anet wttb muea saeeesa, ifr. R._e|.
ib noel rorminc la t dorado,
n i t ? on a vi.it st the time of his death, lie
leaves a family.
DR. jri.n - v. miner.
Bditalo, Nov. .".?Dr. Julius F. Ifinerdisd
bis u.o-ir.n.. ag" sixty- inn* Hs ranked mr many
?a I, Western New York. Ile
sever il yeal ? Professor ol ?i . .
;!," .' " I -" "? esl (ol.ee uudl-Muorof
U.i Eulin,,, Ml ? r,?U.
ii a ii."t Aiirn.
BosTOir, Not. 5 3eth Wilnsit*.
Milden lins morn m.' of neari disease, age-ev-oiy
ix. In IS.i.i ;,e wa* aitpor. :,? i i i|,.-r iteulent and ma-ter
i ech imo of Un Char e.: ii wu Bary Yaru. Dnrtoc ? sn
nea tweoty rears sf sernee Mers Be msd* m.nv per
roven ir*, t ii mg i bs ii asl
Bipon - .,..-? ',r.- j. mer ? |
ithe, it. tbe naehiiis .lion, boib nearl ,g ms sams
s I liven tor and paleatSO I Ile. were at tie Ilma nt
ansirui-ttoa tbs .r.'-s, Bjarhiaas ..: lae klan m
be rand. II* \, * taken eal mrme tw-n'y v. asble
.?et, ,. sroofl r wBieb 's tb.- 1 .. .
vi vin/ the turrets, The fi Ked Malo. Govern
lent pul tum-."ei. uni for thu alora
Fi 1 HEB AM'iM .1 ICRDAS. s. j.
Ni.-.-, -i Isle is- \.?v .8 The dents of I
illunie Jour lau. -. J . . all iniisosqod
? lt tbe .Ie.u;
?n (lays it.o and traci ? . | . Jourdan
s or l-r sr n-li thirtv-live T-tf
ter haring .erred in . rmy in Algeria. He
rOnesos in 1-17. wltb fourtoaB otbi
ih i- i a Jean I mission, of WhMh he nat the .superior
r many lears.
John H. Theist, s sos of tbe proprietor of
beiss. f}* rd ea, ai Ka. ISS gaaiPoanaenta-s! .Andrew
:? -der.? ?,. ti;mager of Babar's Preeaeol OsrSeo, ead
-nig Cerent, monaco! sf Qoathar'i Ps niles, wire
Tested tty ( ap-., n \li-l u.iagli md 111- .lien i.t.i sicbl
ratio wisc tooan In ths carlin wu
pre fore, llenrv Biro, mooan r of Tom" t, u "s
rn* Souci, "vo. .". i I'.eat 1 lir'y-tlrsi *t. ; Ale_.md-r C.
all, iti-oitrt-tor of tue (be se* 11., 1 . gs. US is est
ur y...-eoo.i st. ; Joseph ( bemire, nf the Bijou tafe,
.. 61 Wast 1' ureei.-ii.*.. ; aaa William Mt Ma bon. nf
e Haymarket. Nu. lilli-a n .iv-., wem arrested, last
slit t..r violation or mu tn.stnr.i law. They each
ive ballal ibe Twenty-ninth Prooieet -tiitiou.
JU DOE uroi/s I) i run i es tore MABBIEtK
Nivviu i;t;, Nor. 6 >,.,?<?'.,/;._.iiiiL'f William
(.roo. of Jfiddlowwo, the r-o n I'r.hi'.iti >n sean,
te for Coart of Appeals, ase Issoed invitation, to ina
irrtaoa of tua daomior, Mi*, gutta bs John ll
.gina ino Jndao'e mw portoer, oo November 17.
IO VERSUS*. IMilt.A'iioN.s?rou 24 HO! ??.
rVASHixoTos, Nov. ri. Fur New-England,
stern Bsw-Yerk, Peaaaylreala, Sew-Jsrsey, Dela
re, Maryland and Virginia, fair weather, colder,
ids shifting to norri; westerly.
.neal 'ams in Western New-Vork. F.isewhere, west
rtl to the Mississippi, fair and cooler.
f i
? Ol
I.. B
. U4_ij-t_j
hy ll
JO.O foi 1
lu.r.NK. -moa N'tv. t!-i _ m. ?Hue weather con
ied id town rsoiara?P, withs steady barometer, dry
cobler tenden, r tn the forenoon an i warmer st
lt. Tue temperature rmgerl hetween 4G? snd 01?,
av.-rage ..-. he: us; ;|i_w lower ISM 00 toe eor
londiu.' day last year, and 3hc lower tuan on Thurs
i ami near thli city to day there wilt probably be
weather, ?iubtly wsrmer, .nd then colder,
i present, folder, fair or partly cloudy weather li t n
>l?.l for -u inlay.
ni ai Eil nu. Nov. i , speetai -Karly this morning the
1 lieu',ie Koi-ner. win, ii art-veil at lier *lat BS rester
rrom Hr. nieii. took tm- tn lbs bolo, an.: ... o - thc ls mrs
ettiugumhed coast?srabis ?Moana .sd tie.-u .lotte t? tt.e
n .it.... Ner. 5.?A ipa -a. iv m.,
"The baslosss parma sf tho ttnni ??<
li leatmy : ysslscdar. rhe i asms aaaisssls f.r,,ooo,
I Ut lit insiirinee. \ he ivjr sals w ,* blOWior St the tillie
l ? ,* lui| ? | Bra "
? I'."in . \..r V. -The iar.'e ham of Abraham
liker was purposely set on tire last night ant burned to
mund, ah tbs - .mt.m's h .;,: ,.,.,* _| i. p,,. niieuitiary,
- i aa i cattle
ire tenanted bj Jacob Keppler, rim los. ls
-. ia, I tol . Nov. ft. latsi*'.* ws:on shop. Barton's skat
uk an I Hazard '* store aud tis tiling were burned to dav.
the n
OB til
' v
of I..
un! ;. coetire bsbit of budy, not only be
? of the allen Hug discn-irori. n'ut lest lt engender
*er:,.u. cooeaqacowa Ur. JmymefmheoaureFUto
ther latxalive or Cathan ie, aoeordiag to ibe doss,
nay ne Usp.-,d-d upon to produce healthy secre
Of tim laver aili -io ,,.??- ti.
ami n
?c.. a.
" Vb
con tal
I'., 'i
lorin g:\-e. perfect smith io mfstit. snt children. For
- - Bastipaitoa, or latf-osttoa
is m.H.,i,^ IBM t ..loria, lt is tiro.upl, salo, aad sui ?
The ld ti.on tVhr Boorga ws* Beaten
.? thai Myers wore s Benson'.
l Alni 11 eur ge tlniu t.
I lllllei-IO l.il\.lll.e
it losengs for uouatlpatlou sareoahlo to the taste.
. ia. At Hrnggials'.
? i it i iTid-ti tm BTsdaaaaaw, Bcreoabng issi;. _t
l-si.lettie nt tile bride'* OSrSalO I'aslleloll Oll-ilu ison
e uer Hr Ksasetly, Fmak Haiherlaad Hsrier to
leiionltl ( utlsr. uaus;iiler ol Mr John S.COtlSC
I ' ,..'in.. a.-: . . s . ..,.,?,..,.
BLbyUi ... Puliiiisn. oi 1.111:1 Baas
' "' ' A ? a l's alth .-aa ,if
id. . om... sud Mr. Boban Otort lime. .?/ SooMforh
I P8H I i._,iu (i?. .;,! ?uL n Ut? Km H||<l,,n i ?(,??._
. " hav. Dr I .?,.?_?,?
ml Virguia He U.uu.:.
Admiral Julio tl. Lp.iiur.
MK.tli ai the rsosBsOSS of the tirele'* psrnnts
,?lili. ? olin., ou il's,|u.*.uy. .NttVBitiber i, by tue Itev.
Porter, M. I. sbeth, .isu.iilei of .tolo.iiou Mea.1, eeq..
gUslu. I. .Meatl.
by the Hight Rsv.
VI ae.'.. Ilia,...pu: Ku.rida. al lae .sturteratti lioose,
-usntei ol mn lau U.rul -eiuaa. le i..ia_n
-nail v.iti,,,, ?( a ,atiii.,il. ila ?*
i WATTI tn I !itirs.l.?i . Norember 4. st Hi.
e's i 1.1. ...sm, br nc Bar, vs, iu__,_u
,y Hie Her. .1. s. lUlusford and liie
Helli) VSiiaou, H H.. tsrollDe Mri S u tVatta, daugl.
U. Uurguail ^alta, tn res.ls nt WAty Perry,
ll L's aro I ia i t in BreoB_y_, w,-,n.,.a.iay, m..
rr a. ihM.. Uy Uie MeV. Adieu finney, aesisle.. by I
ti iiiuieiiiitie. i bai Ins A. I'muey tu Sadie AS
.tireiii. ail ul brtioklyn
BOB .? K, i.il-oii Tburwtar, Noveniber 4 si ian -
HUin ura.ige ( i>ni.ty H. \.. ny th* H.t. Mr. Aiwater
Nioo's..iisii I Mary i.re^g, uaujuuj. ^ _r. Aiubeu.
r late Ma. .arel tussluiau.
' HUN fe.1.1, i lt u rat tar er. nm., Sorrmtmr 4. 18*1. al
lill lin i t.ivi-eaaiiouai I tmnai. New i ur* by Hw Ka.
rU. V ngia, U. ts, U. AaaisW Yeal le -teU-i baailuril
cur alt
tnr .11.(1
Sired lu
BA 1 I. I
lu ai
> Uii
fri 1
ass ni
Mans tm
t ?.
U.i -
ira ,
t (ron
? Tbe ?
en tue pi
s?u Kial
liieuoe U
feat oi
VUH'.Ifll-Ysrv A. riUsea. wife et Richard AMrieh, m
io a Eaaa,..-. HI w "?? omah, l_are?bj ?erotoa I.a
ii ser?lom w ;i he ( ,.,.ii. ted st uer sliter** rssllsasa
111 we*t imi. ??. New Vork < ity. Monday manioc, Bs.
I vember * ttl ll n t.. ?
? at ll..- family are invitee ls iv present
Psaiblt i psiu ? IS tl I ssr?port paper* pise*.
r ll-.N" At naCaasM a I. NoTseibe* .t. Ians, IS ths
lay Kef. lum. wfei.f ?'? iSwrf W
Ss S.e. SW -n! Caogrtter of Ht* Ksnay T set tb* lets
Mmeser , ,
I ir.- rmi ree*,
t owler.
ol ti ala whit b
1-Sve* fisit nf .toSt*' 'b. Sew Vork si I gt p. tn
rv vt' - \ r nn WnNnnmw *mrs-*wr
v tu'.-, ?'? un ?rr . al
aud i
.Nore? tier I
SOO ? I .
".' p- nv
r.i: S \ \ A' imo -r'.t
Bsrantsv We
? sr%t?se,
?o'or.- li mer. iaf?Bt
fit. Iitiiwn.
1th in.t. st
sr roornias. Kessel
r vi the .ate Halsey
. on sir.val
ii n
lunn. ...
Interment lo Ol lees lay.
nea., sa WseoeeAsr sight, tbs M
,, \,. . ... v ;.
(art . . ,.- . , , el lanie* l_.
. . .
Tin- Inti
state i,f i nam- U. ut, oa Mon lav, lits s-j, _,,_ at .1
'neild* ar* resentfully invited to Sties, with
mit fn- '
London au I Un-ne. papers are rei]tte*te I te ropy
i ..i.i..vl'.D Al li- 1.-. s i if irr runty Ba_hraa
a ifs of Mr. VV.lli.nn ( ol lari, o' H. ? I
fnneril frans
af 1 o. mi.
? 1. Joseph C.rrtrt*
tn Hi- 1.Ill learn' In* age.
Bela! vi
mriiiT ii r teer
fntermenf in i '. rv.
' I I \ : 'ii Nov. inlier.!. Charles Oe t !r:ie. la Um tA?h
Ki lend* an.l n
I iirntilke. New borham, g. I
:"' ni IT IliS mt
OrrlB Poole, ure.! -?_?
r'uiieral ai J i> it tn Holiday Tth mst., from ber Uta riOt
Muni caastr N I -.-eopr.
IA v K- At ber rests' N -? ? Wed
l dem
IS thnrrh. 1 Itt-si.
uear -tli-ave., on saturday morning, No-.iui.er a, al ll
'I.:,? 'o not ?eti.t flowers.
IOBICK kt Ha U-u-i. ?* v I ?.i.'..|enlv. Hesry P Marisa
foi in- ' md.
'neild- I Bom Mm 1 t.deee*)
nf tha lam la Ali
-:.;o p. m.
from (i?tt Cad
?'i-f lr his ristlll ?? athis ? *v ,>n TNtirae'av i.iorn.nc
November 1 aftei i ll
M. D.. vonnsresl
4IUi v.-,, i.t 'ns ae*.
Mrs WI ll ism - i ir
.-.I ? ' .- i
tn Stteod.
KivKii?At the rastdsaee cf bsr sn ? '
Peystar. I B A.
? Ml.
ClMTABi i Vfr? Susan P.
? itsagbter ur; i ?
aao, Coba
. VI West
LOU., ill the .
Ps ttAaL, be
ia ? en ..t.i and 7tb svss .tu
is r.
li; I .N't. [Kl.ii
ll tn ?*. Ann - I
il tVi-HN ? , - -sstttsaea
i it., ot Nea - ?!
inber % int,
r m.
Spf cul -Cinictra.
|)e.t_iher Number-Now Brady
Tin I n.v/.vR.
xx is IVA: Ot M i: .vt; vu;.- TB
kn,.I.I-.H anii rna gi _ b'aj
MK I - IIA'-I.AN*. I
11 -i ii'.-.v ki.v i: pi. as i i im
AND Kl ll i I.t AK-, ll BABB,
nni: siiT-i \ v it nut-j-: onF.*nK*, sf.w i
SO im SSI KIM Itv t ll BB!
ll I -if. IfLB . ' l_ in PELT mais
AMI I.tiVNI 1 s lull LADI1 -. -
ABB ' ii,.
A s i, ,.:!: I. ri . -1 11S.
Every lady th ii -t
. tile VlTV ll, ...
. I.L
oti-r stOBbet
titil nu. .1 story, entitled
.?!!' !? n. ? :.? nt ?>'. t
A _TBUO___. POB Till. Rii.nr."
Bea '?: ti.e ti.- g tfal story coouaeaced
Uli/Utli, r
'?-LOJ?-G-l AMi KIJI'II."
S| _M Author Wt " VI ".-ii. ..! H iud*,' _c
.. .tor-* la THB !rBWr-T IBS SABHIOS n vr. AR ara
is bast m.elem Bitters of Se)
hy ali in-- -!eii. is. 1; will a!.n ne sent poaUn prepaid.
5 cent* pei tingle nm ? . 03 par
Address USO RGB Ml MM. Vlunr..- ,
te, ll tu J
inn.. .1 .i r. ute ?ale
THOMAS B0-I5B0S i "I.I.K' riOX
HiBTOBK ir. nurses ai:t.
ibrarinr reinarkshle examples of upward of iel names el
mat ian,.ei- nm an lu.i-iiT. Spca i>>r peM c .-.hibtuoa
? . . . nan* to is ? ur
S Ililli, 17th ai. .
I - ii .'isl,. ,1 A. II. I7t.fl.
-VVI-.LI.. M i_s|. 1 .v. i ti .ii,, ii ?> reieti u fu
mi,lou nindi- I.sith Urns <?* Mir Hr i-tm* Bun
Itally m.i.le f.,r tt.-ir nus u_ h.. hr 1 ll Kent *
..-1. 1.111 Bwai -t .'.Ts '.(li*, .ni.
Mn lb tease
ll it g S ? B I- S ATS! a
-i::;\ BB,
- r mis. PtsktoS an I '
* Red Currant Jelly. t_site of
. ..ag ual nu .a gil -
t.-arly. Uuou_*tort?d inti. Kail. t>
i.n. M Slr*. SA KA ll *, ll ...... a
.('.t.> in.r.is st., Iiri?,k j ... B V
olule ill.tiree grst.te. intob-r ... Koa...
1.-11. Weill ? rapaptl r ".?sinus
nins I lid. ihe nn.ler wi:t ls. rewarded ny rvturaiaf
bm ... mi. h.. ;.? ti Fixoanrm. _
l.'.Hi.lfl. Har- un.rr A. Itillt.i.*.
? tiaiileii l_ne. New Vnrl.
lg>. Ai.ili.?',.L, lluii'oru Circa* l.ouiiee.
feel OBk-e Noiiea
lld tjereati mii.r by sll interestivt ss f han ess laay.s
my Hui*.
ra ror lorei.-t nsaatrtss nei-d ? it he ipsCtaUl at Irosssd
?lab bj . apt rn ion M ? le
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