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c VOL,XLVI_.N?* I4/W54
rn ICE three cento
rt! t of snorrtsiy and rT'TT t> /-N-. v.-.,..,?._.. rinrcTTllV
trirt ol Now-Vork, thc Mai or. the Mnvnr-cWt. and
London, Nov. fl.?The Lee di Conference has
adopt-d the lino expected of it. Without definitely
rejecting the dissident Liberals it has declared for
such a pint form as makes tt impossible for them to
co-operate. "The Old Man*' and "Tho (dd
Cause," which were the wa tc Irv ords of the oe
casitin. arc impossible to tho dissidents, and for
tho mouicnt all talk of reunion is also
impossible. Moreover the cleavage is increasing
in other ways. Tho party platform adopted at
Leeds for tho first time includes such radlsal
ptain ts as Disestablishment in Wales and a general
though hazy declaratiou of religious equality all
around; likewise freo schools and noii-mter
veniion in European affairs. Ono need
barfly remark tbat apart from llio
project of an Irish Legislature this I.literal pro?
gramme iniisi be tar too advanced for Lord Har*
tU-tO- Md hit Whig allies. In another direction
ti.e Ooofeteaec has done an act wbieta must keep
the Boom Killers and tlie Chamberlain section
apart for a loaf limo to come. Mr.
John Morley's epc.'ch, delivered from written notes
r.fter ? visit to Hawarden, suggests tho orijrm
of the attack BPOO Mr. (haiiilierlain. For the first
tiint.it leading public man lias tl.'flared Mr. Ch?nt*
bei min to be at t lie head of a combilla' ion to expel
Mi; Gladstone from political life, and tho whole
Liberal party, as repmecntcd at Leeds, d-clared hv
its thundering applause that it will revenge itrdf
on thc authors of such a conspiracy.
Tho Egyptian Question is likely in a
few davs to assume ii calmer phase
Luring the week t_?- Cabinet luis discussed a note
from certain of the Towers making iuquiries as to
MM British occupation and Ihe results of the last
two years' work under tho London Convention. It
ia not difficult to detect thc origin of
thia movement. France, aided by Russia, thOught
tlie efiect of a collective note would bc greater
than her individual action. Lord iddesleigh has
minn tied to hi. colic.iiruos an important dispatch
which cvers tlc whole prewnl situation iii Egypt
and ans wara the pointe of inquiry so as to disarm
anv form of interference such as might have
nilsen next ?piing under tho London Convention.
Af'<r an iuteiview between the Prime Minister
ami Loid Hartington, the Cabinet have agreed to
g (l.'cliiratioi whieh adopts th. promise, of th ir
predecessors with regard to the objects and duration
?f the occupation. On the line of those promises
tht \ have taken finn ground in saying that while
no precise date cnn lie named for withdrawal, there
is no intention on the pan of England ia enter on
any act of annexation of Egypt, This will satisfy
?aa! af the Powers, thong- it may not please
Frame, who has hean egged on by Russia in order
that the latter may not lind Rag!?ad too closo at
hand when she proceeds beyond the BaI kans. In
connection with this tho Sultan's remark
to Mr. Chamberlain al Constantinople yes?
terday, thal it would be his mid England's
duty to take care no ol her Power stopped into the
place of England when s'je withdrew from the
Kilo, is Bigniflesot, 'lite Guildhall banquet
spec, hes may throw light on this nnd tho Balkan
We haie vi t to learn the nature ol certain inform?
al -Tortures made to Austria by England with Itis
?Miek's -BeenI lur ihe purpose of .booking Russia's
proceedings la Bul.una. Whether these were
-ion.* tiiiui He meic soundings so common betweei
thc Howers and oft. n fruitless, it is doubtful,
but a natut-l curiosity bare is great to know how
far lori Salisbury thinks lu- cnn go with thu
ao-opei-Uon of I .ord H_rtin_ton'a [arty. With
ti., dote! s of Incldents In Bulgaria, cen to the
l;iM conspiracy by Russian agents at Burghes, you
ait- already lamil.ai-. Here, pul.lie. opinion con
elude, thal ^h 'ii oi absolute comptibi n by Hun
gary, Austria will do not?ipy In any casa, und it
is .q*.niy sail lhat the overtures made by England
f.tuii i no response, lt is interesting to nato thc
Rood of appeals now made to Mr. Gladstone by
Bulgarians; bul the pressure is changed. If Tur?
key hail been the ii.', ressor, the Right Hoi. ruble
gentleman u.i.i.t hue started on a new crusade,
Mr. Henry ('ha; lin once more has run np Uie
Sag ol revolt His burt night- speech al Rad?
cliffe w :i distinct disa owal of Lord Randolph
C_urcl.il. propuscd closure bj a bar. niaority.
Ile traverse. Lord Randolph's arguments at Brad?
ford ainl in some respects vindicates. Mr
bksdstoae ir in Lord Randolph, attacks He is
however, willing ta sccapt aloanre by a two-thirds
majoritv, aad this ulan is most likely to meet with
tlie gemral approval of the House.
Tha PriBOe of W'al.-s has increased the number of
the Committee of Advice., tin had to choose, be?
tween going forward with the Imperial Institute
scheme and dropping it altogether. A few davs
sg'> this lat'er contingency was probable, for his
Royal Highness almost despaired of carrying the
project throngh. Ilia quarrel with Sir Philip Cnn
lilte-Owen STOSS out of tho latter proposing a testi?
monial sehtMue to the I'i nne, which hail to be
ahuminne I.
Recent GuTernsseat exoermeate with torpedoes
show Hutt those Mindi ale propelled like the
* tish " or \\ bitehaad weapon are tar iesn dangerous
than they ara generally sappoeed tobe. Tba Gov
eminent have approved and ;iro on the point of
concluding the purchase of Hntmans topedo,
winch is thirty or forty foot long, like a small sub
marine boat, can he steered against th-- tide or
made to chase the enemy's ship, and carnes an
enormous charita, lt ls expected thai the lioveui
meut will nive Mr. lire.mau 4:;iOO.OOO for it
Mr. Algernon thurles Swinburne haa written a
remarkable contnhution to the OumUrly l,meet,
eontrov.rey. He professes to have beeu unaware
Of Mr. Churton Collins'e aevere attacka upon hun,
criticisms Mr. Collins'* "schoolboy style," and
describes that gentleman as the pertest of pupil,
.aachen. He regards Hie Quarterly as a useful
vehicle for gossip of gastronomy ami babble of the
backstairs, but as a literary journal only jwur rire.
Literary circles hsve another sensation. An
anonymous writer, u Vo Clamautis," a> cases Lora
Tennyson of plagarism in the poem " Columbus "
published six years ago. Ihe critic shows that
eleven years ago a poem on " Columbus at ."seville "
waa written by Joseph Ellis, and the similarity of
the two is remarkable.
One of the most interesting books recently pub?
lished is Count Vitzhuui's Memoirs. Count
Vit.Lum von EcUtaOt was the Saxon Minister at
London fi om 1853 to I.b., and this work is sup?
plementary iu many respects to the Memoirs of
-tockiuar. Greville and Malmesbury and will prove
a great attraction iu the literary and diplomatic
Hobart Pacha's AaJahngraphy, especially that
portion relating to blockade-running, will greatly
internet Amercians.
Tba British Admiralty asasatete an esuleraUoa
of the depths of the Pacific from Vancouver to
Fiji for the projected cable.
There ls expected to bo a groat nm upon Lord
BolboarnVa now worn in defence of tho Church
against Disestalilisliineut and Disondowment.
His preface, a.ldres-sed to Mr. (.Jladstone, is ex?
pected to be particularly piquant.
Aff*TltU'_ RPfOBTS IN ItllllAl.K OF ll I'I.(jim A?THE
si'Kicn or ?ara snots*.
Hi da-Pkstii, Nov. 6.?Emperor Francis
Joseph nilliKSaSd Hie lie elations to-day. Ilo declared
thal Austria, In uni.on willi lim other Powers, was en
ilmvo! m. to litcail/f the Utilitarian dlslurliances uni to
find a way to re-rstaitlish lsw and ot-.ler in Hui.aria. Hs
said Iii. iinuo.I the local constitution of tbs BalgaitBM
would soon bs restored, with all allowance fur the law?
ful aspirations of tho Unitarian, as wss consilient willi
Au.ttl .'s Interest*.
Emperor l*ISIISlB J?so;i!i received ths Austrian and
Hiiii-.riiin Delegations tn Ibe Turone Hall of tho eastla
lu b.s ipeeeh be said.
It ls rSaietablS tlist tho complications In rtulearli,
which erigtsated la 1883 trmu tue overthrow of tba
Government at Pbtliupoi oils should agata causa
| sn kiiis appi i bsa allina. The Powers by united i-flnt a
i timi sucrei (le l In localH.in. the nioveifetil mid pavin.
1 ike war to a re-e-tiililisliiiieii' of a local -tata "f aStlr*.
btu recent ev-et* ;i. Minina nave produced a freak aad
BBgeresacilala. tbsdsrelopaieai of which, un.i, I trii-t,
its pacitle solution, occupy at ? lin pr ?ent ii.oui.'ii' tlie
?nil ilieiillt.il of mv .uvernment, whose i-llnris uro
directed to attain in thr thinl srttlmnnet el His Hui..ni.iii
q_eetlon, wbleb must I.e (.fleeted in co-operation tvirli
the ol her Powers, sn ii-reement that there aball he
; ereiitsii un nut iiomoii. principality end a legal state el
thin.*, whieh, while tskiag late seeeasi the a_tul*iablo
wiahesel tho Bagariaoa,shall sqcally conform vlth
SXllting treities aa Well a* willi tho interest* ot I uronn
Oar sxeelleiil lelationa wltb all the Powera and tbs
saauraaee of pesesfu] Intention! wo receive fron .11
governments justify the hope thal notwithstanding tbe
ft-riieiilt situation in tba East, lt will be lonni possible
WMIe sate-gt?ifltlBg th* lnteres's of AuMriit omi Hun?
gary to preserve the bleeelaga ol fence to Earope.
Herr Sinnlkn wa* inter viewed hy | reporter lu refer?
ence tn the spt-eoh delivered by hun io the Austrian Iiel
eirallon on Thursday. Be declared that Primo Minster
Kaluo-y look no oxcrptii.n io his speech, and Hial he
ii.ten.t?.i to repeat it* subataues te Eaiperor Pranela
Joseph to-dav. lit rr Brno.ka Mated tnat he bad Informed
Heir Kel ii -ky nt the sp ecu ns Intended to deliver, sml
denied that the -taperer h ii redrafted ins nissen ie lha
Heir.alums Iii order io counteract the ell ct of bl*
(Smolka's) epeoeb. The members of tho Detestation im
lon.liig to the Herman parly intend to pies.I ths BaSSS*
?ky of ni tl n t mi ii 1 ii *r the Ainu ,.-< i?r usn alllaaee so th tt
In the event of a crisis Austria, will not occupy an Iso?
late i position.
Tho Emperor nppeslod to the cood-will of tho nation
laawke the mereased eaerlBoes rendered necessiryi.y
the progressive ImptOTeamat in the manafastors of
| tireiirins. AU hranchr* of m ImlalStrsMoa bBosalaaal
j Iler/e.ovina, he sall, have steadily a IvunceJ.
Herr Ti.-.a, tho Heagartan Prime Minister, assured
tho Jimtii-ror thai if tbo laserershle latereste of the
throne iiud iron .rcliy te iiunvt it, Hie li QB gar I tn f iilj.ui
w null I s!.i ml, lr.un uo eu nile* lo ail the army m its
[ herjlo task.
? -
Berlin, Nov. 6.?Unusual intoreal ts ult in
Havana In the impending e.eetions for members of tho
liieu There ls still B year h-foro the expiration of tho
leif..1 term of the Diet, tint the death of Kim; Ludwig
and the erltioal position lu which Hie Hnvorniueut ls
placed u.;ikc lt necessary to heston tho eh ction. I'm
campaign hat already been spaaed, Tho peasant.
rem.iiu fall?fol lo tho Clericals. In tho
towns the I.'beial* are Batting la all
sections sad are coull lent of Ur.e saossassa lu Munich
alone they count apes wrestlim six seats from tho der
teals. Tbs Baetallate preeeateaadldatea lu Karembergi
Forth, Ass-ash aad Sob wabaeb. It ls improbable that
the Liberal ratal Will be snttlclenily large to deprive the
Clerical* of s majority lu tlie Dint, and after the
t lecUt us there will again ba presents I the abo orin al
situation of a majorit}1 of that holy in opposi?
tion to a Liberal M.nlstry, sud this eoadltlon nf
aflaira will eontlnna uuie*. ihe Regent, foliowine nie
Constitutional mle. fnr.n* a Ooaearrattve Ministry.
11> I* st c|i. lt is Hshl, the BeaBBI omi tem pl ates, ami in Hie
course nf lils t omni. Vial I to Iteriln, will eoaaall witn
Prince lltsii erek on ths advisability of dismissing the
Lutz Ministry. I'rinoe I'.isinarck lia* hitherto op o I I
the appointment of a Catbolle Mlsistry ls Barana, sail
lt ls not likely tbat be wi.I itive bis assent to tbe pro?
London, Nov. ?<'?.?The Socialists nave do
cldel to bulli a masllag la Trafalgar Btjaars oa Faefldsy
?Lord Way or's li.ty- and a pro.raniuio oi Uie day's ex?
ercises bas been Issued.
Berlin! Nov. 6.?Prince Alexander, lat. ruler
of Kui..mu, ha* hnll-ht Ihe (hanoi te.Held estate, lirar
Scbaffhausen, for 240,000 mai ki. 'ihe purchase msasy
Isapirtot Iheamoaal taken from Rnlgnrlsj by Friuco
Alexander upon his abdleiitlon of the throne Agents
of the lute Czar bad entered lalo negotiation- for thu
purchase of the estate for ihe Princess Duigorouki at
Ibo lime of thc murder of His Cz.ir.
Bbrlin, Nov. 6.?Tho publisher Kunasl is
aboul to issue the Crown Prince's work M Jagdea and
Beobeob tosses.*
Berlin, Nov. 6,?The publisher Cot tn, of
Mungari, will soon l?sue tho memoirs of Count Vu/.
han while Sax.tn Minister at Leaden, The work coii
titln* much of the unrevealeil history of the peiio.l be?
tween Hie year* 1863 BBd 1850. It records that In the
course of a conversation al a dinner Lord BeaeoaaAeld
Sitltl : "GIsdstOBS. Plight and uiyse f are the three most
energetic men ni Parliament, (Hailstone's energy ts in?
LsONDONi Nov, ti.?Heavy Stormi have oc?
curred throughout (Jreat Britain. The steamer Janet,
from Dundee, has been wrecked at Eyemouth, an.I Ihreo
persons wei odin wno I. A ixiat ami a (pianny of wreck iga
maike.i "Steamship -Wilmore* have boob wasns.i
asiioieon His Cornwall eo.?st. The Newcastle steam.-r
I.-.id .Lilley u over lue and lt lo believed that she n.t.
been lost. | '.ecol ling t<> the latest maritime reports the
Hellish ste.i .ter Lord jeffrey wal al Shields October 7
fur iiaUiiuore.J
Ottawa, Nov. G.?James Johnston, Coinmia*
sinner of Customs, has addresset a cominuulciitliiu to
thc cilizin IO Shaw IhS falsity of char.ss whloh have
appeared in many pai>er* in the United States against
ihe in hal.Han is of Campobello and adjacent Islands, that
they lia I been .ul.ty nf tho gross and cruel erins of
)..;.ti.leno, anl oiherirlss maltreating tua citizens of
East part. Me., on the oeea.liin of tbs Isle disastrous Uro
by which m.il city was visited.
Tirkova, Nov. 6.?Two leaders of tbe revoll
at I'.ur.lias have beeu arrested by peasants la ttie
vicinity of the town while trying to enlist reorults. The
troops at H.i-has who remains I loyal to the Govern?
ment have escaped fruin ths town and cone to join tba
detachment sent to suppress tao Insurrection. Tbe
I linne; mn Deputies har* sent a circular to Hur.bas ap?
pealing lu sll Hume,sans lo marnia.u Ibelr courses snd
w.ti ninir them against listening to Intriguers who ari
trying lo deprive, them ot their freedom.
LondoNi Nov. H.?James Brtareli sa Am (ri?
can painter, while Journeying on a train from
Mnnaeo to Cannes, was attacked and roh.etl by
(-?t. Mir ii wini SH lick .ititi -tin ne 1 him wllb a WSSpnU
known as a "life preserver" sud Blabbed him tine-t
tunes with a Stiletto, (me of till Wounds ls likely tu
prove f.i'al Mr. KNars! bas been able to describe tbs as?
sassins, who Jumucd from tbs train as lt was nearing
Can nos.
Hi kiiarkrt, Nov. (').?Il is allcpeilin Russian
^naners tbat movements similar lo ths one st
Jiur.hss. where a force under Captain Nabokoft aeUeil
tbs suiboritles of tbe town and proclaimed Hus.ian
rule, have takeu place in oilier towna lu Kuiuolla.
Winnh?eo, Nov. G.?A plasterer Baaed
Bhuiss who contempiaiod leaving Hus eily for tbs oil
country, recently sold bis wlfs and Ava cblMrsn ts s
man narnsd Williams for 870. A regular legal a_i-s
ment wss Urawa up between lbs two nieii, an 1 tne
aropertv wss formally transferred. Tu* polios ats In?
vestigating m. mailer.
Baltimore, Mil., Nov. C.?There is still an
abasoos of definite information ragar.ilug the fsilure of
J. I. Middleton A Co., wbo una. an saal_iinisot ysstsr
dsy. Sklpwltb Wilmer, trusus, io-usy flied s bond lo tbe
som of f 11mi.ooo. lndlostiug ssssts of * ..i.n.iii, but hs
ls onside to give auy Idea of lbs llablluiss. ll ls posi?
tively Slated Ibst tbs Marine Raak, tbs prssldeuey of
wb lc Ii Mr. .Middleton resigned yssterday, wilt nol ba In
tbe least sffsotsd by tbe failure.
- m
Bl.TALO, Nov. _ {Special).? Senator Raff.
ors. of tbis etty, says tbat al s meeline of Hie Nl.gara
fr'slls i'ark (.miolsslon neld at tbe -III.-e of William
Doribel-irr lu Nsw-Vvrk on November 3, Oaviu tiray,
ti'isnrsr of tns Stu iu ,r i, v.oe Lsi-inon Wul
lassa, re*!.ned. The salsry I* 11,100. Mr. ?irar has ae
C*|iled tue plsce. The elre-leei wu* n sntprlso lo bim.
Ile was formerly editor sf Tht Ce.trier,atri retired ttve
or six ye.r* a.o, lil. h al fe . v ?? ? n. ? ii un..aired l.y a
luusiroke. senator Rs -ra, Mr. Bershelmsr sad i?r.
Aadarsoa, the i timmi..loners, wors unanimous lu tbs
maller of bis eleeilou.
Ths reergaaisatieo ooaimttlse nt tha Indiana, moom?
in .ton ami Western Railway Company made public its
plas for the reconstruction ot tii?. eempaay yesterday.
Tli6 eoaualttoe believes that a foreclosure salo i"
aeessssry, boosnsc Ihe eempaay hat eentreetod a
Luge (I o;i tin g il eli I, whieh ttie un nb lc to piv out of its
rivciiitiH. The committee propoeea tha organisation ot
.1 mw ( oiiipiiuv inui tbe consol elation of Bil the Ohio
oompaetea New ge?eral mortgafe 0 per oent boada
nie to lie irtsued to take up the il i visional mortgages
uud new elm k in pl.iee ot the junior securities mid
stoek by the aerers] eompaaiea.
The preeeni stock i* to be aaoeeeed " per cent, to be
paid in two iiietalmoiit*. 1 he bond* are tn So de?
posited with the Central Trust fomnaajr. which will
menu negotiable receipts. Thc new pict, ind stuck,
whieh iitnouiit* to 13,3-0.000, wUl hare lull voling
power alni receive .Iii i.lend.-t limited lo 5 per cent.
rhe "tock will I.e gives ra exeharge l..r inoonie homls
nt the rale 1.1 ', ll per cent. Tin- commOB .loci, will
laked ho. ) lace ol Hie present Mn, Ii that -hall BSSSBl to
thc pinn. The new tii-r-t Btotgace lu.ml* will be aeed to
take up thc pel.Tied i.iiuus ninl the -ei mui niiiil^.i.e
bonds, the preaeni seeond snd debenture bonds snd
ini reed interest ai the rate ot B per sent. Loth laaaes
nie to phi tiltv yean rn ."? [ter et ut. snd ure payable
principal uiul interest, in gold. Thc ennui itteo is em?
powered to i oiiKol'il.ite he new eomptnv willi the I'm
eiiiii ti. Raadnskv ami Cleveland nu.I the ColnmbaS)
Springfield nml Cinoinnati oompaaiea
It i* understood thsl ? settlement ha* been praetioal
ly reached between tho Wabash Railway reorgsalta
tion comiiiittce aad thc. controlling latsresti li tho
Chit ago division hoiitls. Thc com mit t.n- elai-M to lune
ace?red, directly or throagh promises, shoat
iV_:.i ii i,< ii i< > oni ot (Se Bt 000,000 hoads. Ths eom
mittee bsa modifled lu pisa so bb io re( airs the
funding ot oiili three nietc.ul ol tour past-dne coupon-,
the Other coupon to be )itoviileil for Ul .-Jl-.il. The
result ot thia arrangement, it is bOHered, will Ur thal
thc pendine emt tor the appointmeul ot s ht? j.iir.-11?
rc:', iver I.ir the Chleago div i - it ni will not lie pie ~e I.
Ihe reit-ptioii ot a-* mm.' bondi hy th.- reorganisation
committee ha* been stimulated by the notice that all
l.(.mis must bepreeentee before November 10 to secure
the ?UeeSSSOfthS present plan. -TOT |2.00-?.OU_
hine Leen tiirtieil in or pledgee giV-B that they will bo
in the Issi fortnight, A apiritod advance m Wabash
waa the cticct ot the r<-j m t.t ot tlie Chicago dil
ectt'.ciiu ut.
Begi-iiing 111 f _-*> evening, tbs Eris Bailwaj
stsi ts s fast l'ullmau bullet sleeping co.icu servus be?
tween New-York amt Toronto via Niagara Pells soil the
Qraad Traalt Ballway. Which ls the only through < ar
aerrtee between thee two centres. 'Hie train w.ll leave
New-, ork al 1 i>. m. ia.ly, arriving ul Niagara Kail, al
7:-io a. m., al iUmiiii.u si 8:55 a.m., Toronto, 10:1.'i
a. m., mi.1 returniii- lt will leave Toronto al ll 55 I', m..
rJsoiilioo 6: .0, Suapensloa lin.i.e, ty, m, arriTtag at
Maa N'tiikt al lo a. m.
Ths l.riu ( ompany isconi'nutly BXtSIMlina its thinii.h
car *? tvice, ami so niueu bsa bSOB done iii Hil. dlreetlos
dui >nu'ih* Usi few years tbat lu eerriee is secomi io
hone In Hie couutry.
BlNOQAXTOM, Nov. (5 Siietial .?Ol tlie
Blogbataptoo*WiUlaBMport Raliway enterprise Hu. tot*
lowing facts have been learn ad: A. P, Bart head, saglaesi
of tbe Morn. uni F.s.ev Canal, furuierlv
supet iniundeut of the Morns and l.t.ei
division of the Lackawanna system, sad
weil known in the rail way wurl i, h.is eecured tbe con?
trail fur Hie surrey ninl will at once bogia nor*, lue
course will bo m.i.ie irom Willlamspurt np ibe Loyal
isnek Creak aboul lortf live miles to or near Dcsburs,
tb.nee doiTii Banar Baa (reek io the .nsquebsnaa
Inver, srroaa tho river at Mi..ir Hun Post
oRICO to tho month of ihn W> aliisinir,
tlieiiee Bp thst srestn al., al fourteen miles to the iOik*
Sf Its north and sonni brandies, ant thanes ap either
tin- north or south branca to Mule Mea.iows, Pana., or
BL Joseph's ( lititeli, aad from there to I rienilvllle.
Thli point a .lim li iweniy miles from BIB Hi union un 1
an eijuai ip.tanee from Owego, rho itoekholdori la
the BBmrprlaS are um ramei e.l Itv premleoa
fl Ra nora have bean circulated recently iii
WsllBtrest t. the eit.'.-t mal CuraeUss VsaderhQt waa
about ta eater tas B>*ard ol Direetors.of Um New-Turk,
l Hk - di. i. ni Wost ru Railroad. It caa tba at *t d on
oiiici il authority thal aeither ComM sa a tr William x..
Vanderbilt oontomplatasentering I ;e i.m- direetorv, nor
i? tht re any i lea ol ace arius a i ronouneed \ ii i doi oil! r> i
resentativa Iberslso.n tallon fer the .-tori Ib the
Bi root sod tbe Vanderbilt! are understood to bare se
promtnoat interest lu thc i ne properly.
Toledo, Nov. 6.?J, VV. Allen and Thoma. H.
Mel.am, reepaetlrely general ticket sgeat an.l sadltac
anti cashier of Hie Pole lo, I o.u nliiis ami -outlier!! Hall
war, it ho?e general ollie es are ii. thia citv, have gone to
I .iii. e. a, ll e:i account* belli, sholl st.u.t libing less lliali
11,000. H.ilh aro timi ar tweey-.-tn yean of aga.
Pobt Jervis, X. Y? Nov. 6?Tbs Tort
Jervis auil Monticsll'i Railway, twenty-four mile! loni:,
Was ..oitl this afternoon ly Rec. Iver W. II. Clark to sat.
I*fy a Jndgmant for f5,000 la Hie suit of Jscob Killie
mg.ifnit the roath li waa pnmhaand hf Oeorge Lea, of
Hil. villa..', for rfji'.loo, sub|ect lo s Mortgage nf
$.-|<i,0o i. It ls hniie.l thal Hie road will uow lie, ei leinled
live miles from If oatt cello ta connect with ttio Ontario
sml Western, giiiug Hort .lei vis a competing rome bu.ii
oust anl west.
(nit k..., Nov. 0?All tbs railways mcludnl la the
Wsstors sTrailic Aeoeelattos have salted lu extending a
half-rate fare lo all delegates apiioiuted tu attona the
National Cattle tirowen* Convention to be heltl In
Ctiira.o November 16aad 17, and it is ezpostod tbs
the I'nioii I'aciiie, Santa l's ami other loading Westoiu
Imus will join lu BXMB?IBS the same rale.
Fa i.i. Riv Kn, Nov. n (Specie!).?Thc tailnrs sf tho
Beal- of liit'ie to i.i during tho week and tate
nciiiiu on tho cotton operatives' petition (or an ad?
vance in wages has SBBSSd un unlneiully feeling
amoag tin- working people. Th.- question is one ol so
iiuieh iinportiiiice that the ii'-ult ol' lust uight's meet?
ing wa* awaited wnh great late rest, Reports were re.
eeired rrom most ol the null treasurers to ttie eSeel
that siitlicient tillie had not been girea to consult with
thstr beards at directors or wilh shah other. None of
tbe trenaaren gave anv saeoaragnamat thal the peti?
tion wunld bo graated. Tho general tenor ol all the
reports was Ibo same and they were received with
many manusstations of disiBtistBfttiim by the meetiag
of (iperaiives. One poi o' Biged was the fact that so
tai a- is known nu eflort na*, iiiatle to local- ii meting
ol the Board ol Trade or to have uny consultation be?
tween ttie treasarera, Some ot tne treasurers hiid
plainly llitiuiiitcd lo the deputations which wuilcil up?
on ttiiiii thal the toll,moe weald not bs grsated.
The seiiiiini'iil ot the princiiml speaker* WSS in favor
ol beginning a strike inubedistoly. Tbey called sWea
tioii lu the divide nu.* nhill i,,ie BOOB recently de*
cluied and totb- gaasrally favorable eonditijo el
baelneei aad iir^i ed that they had a elana to simm ia
the general prosperity. Others stated thal daring the
liiet eix n.until* ol l^ll _>i i t, r to tbe reduct ion ol'
Jaaaary, 1884, the esraiagsal the tweaty-serea ear
]>orations averaged 5 per eeat and thal tbair wage.
were sal down, lt was lin.ilIv roted to poetpoiie ac?
tion until neut Tn sad bj evening whee tho regular
meeting ol the Spiniu-is' Ilium will lie held.
i -wtr.ti, N. Y? Nov. C.?John J. Junlo, In sn sddress
bsfors the Knights of Lsbor last night, .aid that Mate
Inspector Ilealsy, wno recsntly inspected tbe Untiing
mihi st O.we.o Falls, batt rs ported Unties In bad abape,
but hail sahl thai they BSBI4 uot be remetlletl. Mr. Juno
said Hie KoigUls wouhl ask lioveruor Hill lo remove In
spectttr Unsisy.
I'liii.AittiiiiiA. Nov. C (Spieial).? The outlook for work
tbis winter In Hie weavin* shops lu Hie upper wards of
the city ls ot the most gloomy chatanter. At present
orer ?.G00 men are bile, todspssdssi of tue strike, lt ls
sahl tba. tue murket is already glutted with ...ol., sad
that the supply ls far greater than the fl IBs BS I.
ClUMIS AAD( Asl AL1IES-HY 1 LLh.li R AP ll
(iRKKM'iKi.n, Ms.*., Nov. ti, Mi.a. wim na* arrested in
Kui mci,cl.| las! mght (ul Hie ull.^.-.i kill.i.K ... it. LsWll !.'
eft?is ni.i.i. sss .11 ;.i..ii. .1 this ii.iiiiuiiK ? itiiiit u wi.i. iimr
ib r. nb sited nut nU.ll), amt a?s cuoiiuiUod i. ItLoUl ha ' ni.lil
in it Batarasjr.
1 I.I'M) DEAD IN A l.l All MIN!..
(II!.*..., Hail H A ili-p.il. lt In Tue Time, lu.ni |itilnii|iii'.
lows, sari ' Mit'it ? 1 ? ..-t.i loft boin, ea Thar-thti i.a
Ute lu m.i? li a l< ail Hillie uti 1-eiiiiu.irt' Mill. Ills UO<ly WSS
lt.mui ii*tei.i.u st tbe laal ol a shall 100 tnt temp. ll.?...
aevsaty Ihn>? i. .u?si .?? i
cm. ?..., Nm- fl A dlspatrh froni K nos vi! te, T.--.si
" A tlssl.tltlli alteitt ,| ?,,* lu.ul. tn BSaSSalHStS W iiiISM (air
bbs! his (sadly, m Ualen Caaaly, sa Wadaseday. Carraad
Ins si.it wei- iitiltt.ul.mr i ni n ul Hu- limn, a i...'.._?!.I. t u.i.l
uIh.iii nun-ti .it* Ih ni. ntl lull .t! U.t- M.iS'tu -Inn Hui MOS
SVrpl leetl l>> A Lilli V ll! *ll.lt Unlit A Ilia kl _, Kai li "I Un' Ht" ?'
I, i ei ...I rn p-TU-H "I 11><> I..-.I- .if l.u. ksli.U. sui lt I* l'...ll*-ltt
timi sll ere Msllj m)an . i.n.. Oe try, ? __W*_\f rsaaar
ui Uti: Cari*, *i_? aritsl-tl SU't touIe?*t.vl Um. muis,"
_ li J a -.vy.S > li.l 1 !._?_- V^J _J UN *? a.?'*?*?
Ai.iiANY, Nov. C.-The Atbawt Jounui' says:
" The proposition to holt s OSaSlliailsasl Convention
Dext year liss undoubtedly been camel. Return! of
the vote have been meei vol liv fas/samef ttaavaB l>ut
twelvs oountles?Ailcgsnv, Ilroome, Ciiomung. Che
nsngo, Kssex, Lewie, Otsego, Rocklsnil, St. Lawrence,
Pctaoharte, Wullivnn an t Yate. lu the forty-etahteoun
tles heard from 1^7,101 votes wore cost for the con?
vention. Tm* number will undoubtedly be
enoush to secure tho convention. Lest year
tbe toi.il vote In the State was 1,036,230, and thi* year
h ls not u-it tu exceed B50.000. It certsinly will not
from the r? ui ai n i ii.'
lii.-eiiiit, nailing .'.,11, i |i votes for IU in lim reit, oi
ibe stats comu.iraiiTu.y um. luteresi lu tao matlor was
Bunas, Nor. C, i Spec ia I).?The vote on tho constitu?
tional aaaadamel was dofoated In Chennng
County hythe fnliowln. vots: Total number of votes
fur tim cart,Ilda-es for Memt.er nf Assembly. ..SSS; tor
Iherouveiitioi, 8,95ft, aad sswan ibo oearoatlaa 13?
Hi iso-, Nov. (i.?Columbia County cast 4.109 voles
In favorof tbe constitutional convention and 88s__ISSt
Trenton, Nov. G.?Thc oflicinl rnnvass
"hows no further changes in the political complex,on of
Hie Legislature, 'lhere will be twelve Repuitncan and
nine Democratic Senators. The House will consist of
thirty-two Democrats and twenty-seven Republican..
There 1* one tie. Recounts aro to bs ban In el.ht dis?
tricts so fsr as heard from, tt far the Democrats have
su appsrent m*)ority of two on Joint ballot
An application will be mado on Monday to Chle'.Jui
tlce V.rmeloy furs recount In the III Assembly District
o.' M-icer County. The contest, tiocordlng to the count,
was won ny 1're.lerle. Walter (Dem.) by a plurality of
iwo. Ths Rsiuibllcans claim tho election, stating that
? mils nf the voles cast wera illegal. Tho casa ts exciting
lunch iBterest
T he otlicial Beast shows that Gardiner (Rep.) has been
elreie! lo ihe l> ute Senate, over Champion (Dem.), by 50
majority in Atlantis Coonty, Heckwltb (Dcm.) is elec?
ted to the Aaasmbly by IP maturity.
Warren C.ninty .ives I'an H'aroom (Rep.), for Con
rre??. li." niaiunty. PlSeoeH 'Dem i, for Congress, has
an t Mi isl uiaiority in the IVth CsBgrossloual District
of 177.
1 lie .nie,.! vote of thu IVth Congressional District ls
ss follows!
I'Mcock. Yan lllircnin. Morrow,
(luiu.) (lltl't (I'i")
IIunt.-r.lon . 4,0.3 _._-6 '?'?"
I.-i Ht t . .,3-9 '..TU 4"7
Ham i . '.'lot; n,'ni tag
Warien . ;,.V.i'A 'A.AUi LOU
Total. 11,681 11...-5 2,T((8
Plarat.tr. nu - -
Ottloial loiurui bare been reported from tho counties
is follows:
Hen. Dem. Tro. Plurality.
ilovernor.II Ht 19,040 1,034 8,422 l>
i.titei,--.11,473 lfi.63S TTii 4.135 1)
|8 .--<
s.i,nit.r .1'A.lr.x 17.-38 806 4,140 l?
ily 1. 1. 03 1.403 fi 'MM) I)
l l .ll.Wl 1,6 !4 M 803 I)
III. 1.430 1,240 1S1 Hui lt
IV. -H0 1.730 W ~<l D
V. I.'.-ii 1,488 '.''.i 808 H
VI. 2.824 2.2W IM 230 R
VII.U.-S7 tttn ri 1,2-1 l?
VIII. S__ 1.070 l-l". l.l'l D
IX. 1,193 Hi OA I'll lt
X. 1.303 l.VWm A Toll ll
I imi. Dem
ititi. Hem. Pro. Plarallty
(loversor. 4004 6 39 'AT "78 u
Cons-re*. 6210 lim; COI 84; il
Assembly I . ?149fl 3201 48, 703 D
'll . .. ITs'.t 1386 178 404 K
Ul.. lliTl) 14.11 270 MS lt
it a aad i.abur.
. 6310 r.20t 1870 10 B
. .630 6340 1033 280 ll
-iy i . .,??., Y!S_\ HZ lii_ jj
ii 2323 lu.l.l 01 .i iM il
. .16
nI. ItSl HI'S 403 i'l'A ll
? iii.l. Dein.
Oovornor . 4600 f""il 703 .'.o: n
-ougress. 4831 4711 747 Un it
Oorern-r.16*86 17760 ISM 1810 D
Osasrcss.WM IS71S S240 177:* ll
? Labor. _
i.isi'Iiim; i.vr.lt TBS BBTCBB8 IB MIBBB-OTA?
Sr, I'a ri., .Mimi.. Nov. ll.?Both par. ii?
claim the election of their eacdldate for Oorarnor,
the RepnMieaaa liy about 8.000, ami tbs Democrats by
l.ooo. Borers! counties lu tue northern portion of the
State have not boen hoard from officially, ami ch.ir.ei
are freely in .de on bulb sides tbat gron frauds have
been perpetrated ll thal region. As near
hs cati be Judged without an otlicial
count. McGill (Rep.) ls elected by a small majority.
Hie I',.,,,,',- Ere is ll.tires Me'Slll's ma)'irity at l.tlL
A largely attended uiass-meetln. wa. bell by Demo
crats at Minneapolis last m.I.t to protssl against Ame.
bein, counted out. and a coiiiideraule suua was raised
lo protect bis rights.
The En niuo Dlepolek m.iUes tho following inmuiary
of majorities for Governor: sixty-two complete eono
tlss MsGili. 10,3-31 Ame., 17,205. Nins nearly oom*
|iM? counties- Met,Hi. 3,381; Ames, 'J.Lil. Nine only
mea-rely reported-Mcd.lt. 51'J ; Ames, 10. Total ?
20,-78 for McGill and l'J,7o_ for Arnot. McOill ls In tbo
load by .44. ppm
I'M i-i.i BO, Nov. C.-The Allegheny County Returning
Hoard completed lu worg at noou to-day. Tne oltlcul
count elves Hewer (Rep.) for (ioveruor, 8,-1* pnriility.
Heaver ran 500 votes bc lund the remaludor of the Repub?
lican Slate ticket, and Osborn, for Congressman at
Large, ran.'.ooo alica I. -he Prohlbltwo vole wa* _,(>0l.
lu ths XX lld Coiicre.alonal Disiriet Dsl/.all (Ks po n*d
4.005 plurality. lu His X.-IIII District BtTUtt Wit*
jority over Alcorn (Dem.) was 5.030.
Cllii'io... Nov. G.?Daniel P. Gleeson, who ran against
iraakLswisrter Oeaarsas taths nd Di.trice, itatei
that before the day was over lie would produce alli la?
ms from a man wno will swear that be saw eleotion
Judges in some of tee preclueis erase the figures cred?
ited lo Ulsasoa sud substitute smaller ones.
The dlfSealty ovsr the three precincts lu .'ultim Coun?
ty wss amicably ?eltied yesterday, lt ls now reported
mat Post (lisp.) ls elected by 29 uisjorliy lu North
lugton, in the Xtu District.
camms, Dna,, Nov. 6-The Citntan Ailtaculc's sum?
mary of tbe olllclal sud estimated returns gives (ilflurd
(Pep.) for delegate 10,000 ma|ortty lo South Ha-ota,
sn<i 4,0oo lu Noriu Dakota, or 20,000 tn tho Tarn
DSSMontSS, lows, Nov. 0. ? The State Register has re?
turns Hom every county lu tho State, which give Jack?
son i Hep.), for Secretary of State, a maturity of 15.07-,
a Republican gain of s,G!>.*> over the vots for (ioveruor
last year. Complete returns fruin ninety-four counties
give Jsokson 172,071, sells 150,483. Ths remaining
nullities, which liave reported only hy maluriiie?, Will
increase the total vots io about the same figure! as those
ut last year.
Han l-ASCTSOO, Nar. OV- The Chronicle claims that
Swift (Rep.), for Oovsruor. has been counted SOI in ibo
i'liv. Hie Democrats claim tno State for Bartlett by ..j.
The Count v Ilciiio, racv Association ot tlie XVI ll tb
Assembly Diet ti. t on Kn.la. evening incl at tbs Liud
i|iiaitei* and puseed a sen.-. ot resolution* etron^ly
c. unii anning Um polleyol tbe Admssmtrstlea ea the
ipii-lioii ol' tbs Civil Bm ilsa Tho preamble recites
that thc Deatoeraej haa met with elsmsglng losses la
nt rn i nt election, Imperiling thi Demoeratie aaOorttj
ni ibo House ol Kepreeeatativea aad thal tiik i<>aU
baa been brought a bom maialj bi the diegnsl er IM
iiorliui. ela* ra ut tbe timlditv and lireeelatmn ol lae
National Admiuiatration aaaliag trtth lha Btyttada et
li.-pui.ii.au omcc-bolders. Tue Isla eleetioa, U looa
. '...r.-d. sbo?s tl,.- working classes are sn - ruanui ....ii
iti.d ii poii-iul laster U. po Mee. lu- rssetelians
lil'.' Ill ell!,-iui . , . ,?
rsatthel'iasldeal Ls reapee?.o".T "'r';?.^ .'.'";
Bias li. pm,I,,,,,, oiieo holders: that H.--? ?'? "' |
I.W and' lt. role. a. at p.t-cni enloivasdaieibo more
than a derieolo ehoal the people ',,1?'\,1,' ''''
licit.ll lu 180_; tha Hciiit.mil.' ,.|...e'IltaH.s I
t .m.i. ss.i tte .mu Uni -??'?"?* ,""','''''."," ".,?!
hi orlorswise moil ealioat'l c-' 1"'1 *'' j ";
,n ch si uill give ui ht.u.-i. rapahb ??J '; ,
iciViin.s ;?;,| ,?,. ,ru.,int."l ll-.???_ "'" ,l:"' "I'?
.iu. .ttM-s tn i ..ii ..ii--- rn- raqnai
I. tl lu litiilltiile bl
IC-Cill.ll Ml', li, , ,,|| ,?? ,? .
iipfiii|iii .?!.. leKislailoB Hu-tiitcr'sts ?i labor by pro
I..-m.. iu productions ;i-.i net lorei|pi livnlry; thal
lb.- rept. sentstives al tl bau j !?? i?u_e?teil lo ut.m.,
nil estating .ibu-.- which trammel laboi | sa limd pei
nut dug Bon-reside. * t? hold >. bee la ibis ? t. io the
sielosiaa ..i ir* roten mid taxpayers . thal the public
nf the (itv be linne by ilit'e ii.irk, m.temi ot liv
coiitract, ahu-li earlobe, lae levi sw] impovtrmbos Um
niall l
A tupi ul tl>.< ri si,lulu.es .ill be |,>i wur.lt .1 lo tin
I'n ei,I. in.thc (lot.-i nut', tbs I ole tm ?.' ibe lull, tho
lulled BttttSB Di.ti ici-Atiorucy i.u ibe . oat bara Dm
the chairmen of the General and Kxcouuve coiuuiu.
tee.. ot the County Democracy ol tliis city.
AT MAST I HA"! W \S lill', TOM: Of Tin: BPBBCSU-S AT
Tlio ardor sod enthnataam nf Beary (Jcor^ro's
followers seem not to Uave, abated since bl. detest for
the Mayoralty inti gi n g by ihs Immense audience that
Ulled the L'ouper Tulon la.t night and thc cheers which
they sent up when their lesder, with sn undaunted look,
strolled on the platform and look a back scat until bis
turn carno to mage u speech. He wss presented with a
bouquet by a lady amt then ibo enthusiasm broke out so
strongly Hist be had to advance to tbs trout
of ihe pi Cor n and stand titers during urary Ave
minnies, until tho tremendous outburst of dutering had
ceased. I'rosi-utly there w is au Immense bowling and
lilssiug and cries of " Pal bini out." It was st first
thought.thst Resort missen, who was on the platform,
wa* meant, but later ll was seen it was tba Slants
Bettong rnpoiter who was ths object of aversion. James
P. Archibald enue to tho front sal lt took bin a lung
tune to quiet the house. " We can afford to lie generous
men to an eneuiv," ?ald ho, "and there ls se u.e In ery
Ing down any newspaper." Then Hie newspaper ni in
Was let ulouo. Aside from IklS every thing wa* cpl et,
although no policemen wero lu the bail. '-Abolish all
mses, but ones on land raino*," was tbe mette In
big letters at the beeb el the platform.
These are the names of some who were on ths Stat
form: James Redpath. Father Huntington, Professor
David H. scott. C.tloiisl R. J. Hint .n, j.imes \. O'Hor
iii.n. ox Senator Eeelaalae, the Rev. Hr. John \V. Kra?
mer, Austin H. Poid, Professor Dei ?BOO, .lime* I*.
Archibald, Hamael Goinpei. sad the Rev Charms Mc
Cnny. Father McGlynu sent a letter of apology in
wh'eh be said :
I I: ive a .le 'erininstloii to do what I catlin the future as I
bate triad to ito in ths psst bi emanrloata labor and to pro.
mote that lilt. 1 ir 1 tiUiii n sod franni iv ol s lt eli t ia prom?
ise ami the potency arc lound lu our Declaration ot Ind.'
).. n lew e.
r&e roadin. of the letter wa. rec-ived with cheer*.
Jame. P. Archibald In opening the tne.>tin? said:
a victory tut boen a. Staved, Blthougti nominally it apaesre
u* :i ile!, ai. 1 ii., sn. 1 .-ss oi lbs movement, however, will tn
thc future, I have no doubt rlrsrly demonstrate thal we nave
paved tbe sray to early sm ic-*. And wbo woo ..ur vioto-y
of Pnesday. Ourselves. Loud an 1 prolonged sprdansa
We have ao one to Uuwk for snythtng outside of ourselves
[Applsnse.] Ws hine everything lo hope for sadaiacbto
xx irk for. ami if iv ? continue to inoa t t tams (let. 1 n
a* in the oast ive wiii ,i. sieve a great victory. Appian* .
John Me Mali in w.,s 'lien Introduced a* chairm tn of
the meeting, ami lu the course of a lung speech said :
The machinery al ths -t.it-, federal amt municipal Oerarn.
ineui tv.is iii!. nuiicn d tii Mamu out tbe people's atnvemenl
hist Tuesday, ii lases, Ths 1 lemocratlc p a tv used to be, ur
I'laiiui'd to 00, ths 1.. 1111!.'. eal tv, but we litre found out Its
hypocrisy. [Applsnse.] They wanted tu stamp ns oat; they
Hill Out! trouble 11 Stamping ont BM.OUU un 11. | lt. 11 wed ap?
plause.; Against these 68,000. whom does tbe eaudldstoul
th.- " saviiiur. ni Hoclety" dsrislvs buishter represent!
There are at leiist ...OOO crimlasls In Nnv York city and
lu.oiio 0tilt.-.hollier* Tbs t'nlted Hu.iracy gol sll
theo rema Aa6 now they call it a victory.
Well, Iel then, but I t.-il y. fellow-cltisens,
thi* so-called Democracy will And lt is tba Bloat sxpenalve
victory Uiey hive overachieved Prolongned spplsnse. 1
ri., power Ibat throttled the presa aaaacourod tha slums of
s... lely to order to con tiona ito hold noon ths public purse *
confronted witb a body of men oho believe ia a great pr.mi
pie, ami who will never gi vu up un l ll ali inou have i-.jual rights
and privileges [Baassrsd spplsusaj
Jaine* l-l. ijumh. who was rsorivsit wltb cheers for "IA
A. I'i." was the next s-saker. Ilo said:
.v.. spec.ai .icrs. for Bny organisation; bat If yon-beer at
all i lu ci foi al. H.t. miii.s ii Isbor, lor in Hus -ghi au ?Jun to
one ls the concern of all. [Applaoae.1 think of tbe tone of
tiie press since Tuesday, i.,,ml inc.. of "Boycott The Vtmrt
uml The World.". Don't hiss them at all bnt lefuss to patron
lte_icm. [Applanas and erica al "Down with Tue stict";
"Boycott Tht uoi-id.-'i Don Grover L'levelsnd hiss.*]
think to put doa ii thi* movemeut by Living one of our friends
a lillie Int h. a joli BS InspsctOI of IU0 nu.e.. of railroad I
[lei il ve laughter snd cries ol "Never."] Never until we
are sm t easful and have tbe land ior the people. Wo don't tol
io.-. Henry Ueorge; wa follow the principles be represents,
iioi.--...I David B.Rcott, of the College of t'.e City of New.
Vork, 'ii.- .v a pai.. l ci between ruesdsy s vote and aa Uicident
at the inception of the French Revolution wben ths Bsslue
it us -ior.il. ''What i? Un. riot f asked the King. "Ins
nut a riot, sin-." it-'..mitt! the lu.kc D'A lencoart i M lt is
a revelation." Last tuesday* rots of 66,006 (jr Henry
Ueorgi sss a " revolution." Applause.!
Hamnet uompers, pr.-i cit "i tbs state Trades Assembly
i.i .N.u fork: lona it. U'DoaaaU, the Ber. or. BTamer aaa
.,.i.m Re,ip iu also iii.i it -p.... hes.
when Mr. George ross to speak the entire andlanoe begaa
shoot tug ni chorus " George, Ueorse, lien?ry George " sad
ig foi "Tbe neal "resident of tho Cn'.ted states." Ho
t-a.u .
Wsa over a patty so defeated before! 'Laughter.] I would
hav.- rather have ona such detest Uiso ton thousand etsi Uoos
m the ordinary xx-av. i< hoi rs. m ell ha., lt h.-en s*pi that this
ls our Bunker Uill. Laughter.] Hm liol lite end ot Hu- cam?
paign; lt ls tbe bediming, .i'm tinged apulause. | We have
fought tha Brat skirmish: rn knew esch otheri ns trust and
believe In each other aaa now we sre enlisted for the nar.
I ^ l.unit snd pini.u..? ti cheering sail wavbiso. hals. J Ho tbey
think tte V ? .in i -.ix ..ur ti-tim I,.,, k |,v (hs Offer of a fOW
palsiyollicl.il positional They do not know tin ir' men. Tbs
IS I.ol' au u 111 ?? s.. king p tr!' Loud applause.,
If hod thought my nomination waa equivalent to an elec?
tion 1 nn,-r woull! have accepted it. I didn't nant tbe otllce-,
I .i .me l ih.-tight applause J. aud so strong did the rt.Lt go
on, ?.. gie.ii was th.- rntbiiKiasm, so profoundly sUrred wss
the public heart, that I begauto believe I would be sleeted.
[Applause i iii.i aright tba feeling ol the people, but
l waa not a.. mut lt of a "practical point
. in" derisive laughter] a* I thought I wa*.
What frightens the politicians so Lally e. they know the
-h.Ut iiiii ulties we labored with while yat obtaining li-viuo
??I. i ..iinu ns., cheering wit iou! money, without patronage,
without promise of outee, without palo workara, without?
w iib. mt?.a voice, " u 'iiho ut tin- pron," and c beera J?with.
.mi ihe i.res.. [Renewedcheering.]
We h ive brought a great principle Into American j .lilies. I
believe ii is helter tor our cause that we should goon ior some
time yet educating and organizing before we assume power.
We want a very important reform lo our elective system:
we want lo have the svstcin of voting wini h.
prevails m Great Brita?i and Ireland *o that nobody caa ba
corrupted. [Applause.] You have, shown, your strength,
niel nut will oe respected lor the future, lt matters little
ti ho bul i the o .u I'-. n matters everything what people think.
.Now ai las! iii git-.it land question is in practical politic* in
Ibe Cotted Htates. Our movement hss become a pri.|iagau.ta
Of Ideas; SBd we are bound to teethe establishment of that
trim Republic foi which the world ia yetwaaUag. k-outlay
A resalatioa was passed appointing a temporary Cen?
tral ( oimuitee ui.tit a Nanon.il con.'erance lhat shah be
cal.ed hy ll shall euooie a permanent committee. John
Mr.Makin. Father MeOlyeu and Professor Dav.d li.
-cull mako up the touiuorary committee.
Pittsi'.lrc, Nov. li (Special). ? Pittsburg
workingmen of all political parties will laugh lu de?
rision to-morrow when tbey leam tl.vi tbs Demoeratlo
/.<<?,rd, ot Philadelphia, nettled at ino defeat ot lai.il
Reformer Marrissa, a.s.illi Hie private character of John
Jarrett, who had most to do with tho coufliot. Thc Eec
urti ohar.es Jarrett with having beeu lurnea out of the
Amalgamated Association of Iron and steel Workers, of
whlcu he was so long the he_d, for "conspiracies ant
corruption." As a matter of fact. Mr. Jarrett, four
years ago declined a re-election and retired stu:.1st uni?
versal regret. As sn evidence of the esteen in whloh bs
was bsld by the thousauds of non sntl sisel workers
comprising tbe aisoclttliou. bo was preieuted wltb a set
of laudatory resolutions, accompanied by a magnificent
s.i-, er service, which be still keeps ou exulbUlon lu bis
par.ot. When Mr. Jarrett hal been apprised to-ulgbt ot
J At Reeorttt charges, he explained their probablo orlglu
as i.illows:
"Upou my arrival in Mr. Morrison's district, a roan
who claimed to have been once a meiub -r of lbs Amal?
gamated Association, circulated a story to ms edsel
thai before leaving the association I bsd stoleu $7,000
from tis funds. 1 liivitsd tbe slsoderer to moke the
charge publicly. That settled lt, nod during my solouru
in in ti P tri of tho oouulry I was no longer annoyed.
Mr. Morrison falsely claims thal he bas lu bis posses?
sion letters which will convict me of having purchased
votes for hts opponent. I wrote nut ons letter concern
lng that canvas* ami that has already beeu published.
My eiit.ro exp. ii..-., siuouuted lo t,7H I'i-n small
au inuit fora no.inca! es...p.ii u. I paid uisurwoik
iii.meu their dai.y wages to canvass tn the Interest of
Baker, .iud many others worksd without compensation.
I am out individually over ijjlou."
IviiiANAPtii I", Nov. (I (.spec./).?The excitement
o\ cr thc election frau,le in thin citv lias subsided soiue
wiiut lo-'hiv. Hut that- m still -mea. lateass tadlgaa*
Usa sad the Coauatttee of Oae Hundred is earnestly
ut work trying to ferret out the perpetrator* ot tbo
ii.ii.c*. -Bother smetiai sf Gie Daeseetatis follower*
of ?? Sim,' Coy, the lieuiociatic politieinn charged with
having directed the h gfc handed wo.k. waa held to
night and more ?atasBmatai-f ?feeehsa nen- made for
ib" puipoee of diverting attention from the rssealisr.
'Hie I.frisia: me i* etill ill tlotlbt. The only n.w
leatare "i the situation is the discovery thal one of the
Iii inociatic Ri-prt-si-iruuiis elect is a Justice of tin.
fence, aad. under ihe Indiana 1'oaa?tuttsa, i. there
fore Ineligible lo any Other ottos until expiration of the
lera ol the nne he bow bot.is. Unoa this the Republi?
can- e..iiiit their iiiii|iiiiiy ut two on joint ballot, but
I hey claim lhat the ettie,al returns wi ll sbow it to bo
A DI PUTED KLBCllOl IN colif.A ?
DkbvbBi a*er 8. -The election fm OoagrssBsasa ii
still unlit slided. Tb- KepnhUeaae claim that Symes is
el i lt 1 bj BOO u.i!ji.;ity, iiliilc the Petiifcr.it* claim tho
.... non ni K.c.i iii l.niMlmajsrtrj The attatal eeaaj
?i,i dec di m im ,i is eatitled to lha *e:it. it is rasaored
thal the | i-i \ defeated by the eeeat aili esatest the
mattel bi the Bonita
? -
ii,. .... . , . i,,,n r.turo tint baa not isachsi capniu
Twowvy, I lei kid Un Unas-am CoeasS^ IB thal ot ibe Nine
ie i:in i ,.-...,1. i-isiiui o. fi xviii AaaeBahlj lu*tr.t:t. The
ie s.i, '.lliin.i tl lt Mt. I w olney, and .ant that
Ile > I..ul en t i,..n..I t?o .'iiM'li.p, s, i,u? ul thrse uss
...i.i -..-., I , Iii, ( ....nt) ( li lit amt Hie otlur to the ( hie 1 of ihe
1.1.kui ni tu ? ii..ii*. Tht i.tum* lor these wera properly
mutti tu I ..:. I bu ?;.rited. Itt. tamas* uf fit tote ? III lingi
i.ii 1 in " I. | Si s. .,n aa Hie Al.li tm it batt' been st*otu li. by
I, i . .. ii.i, . elk. a* caUi *-*?!? i.l el ? IWU.
The positively final lighting of tbe Goddess of Llb
srtr's torch is ilks tue last appearance of a w.-ll-kiiown
prims donna; ons must take lt, so lt seems, withs soot]
deal sf sceptics! sslt. Tbs torch wss lighted seato laal
Bight, though ap to 3 o'clock yesterday afternooo tears
was no apparent likelihood thst the means for furnishing
steam power would ba obtained. M. liartboldi had
never seeu the stains lighted up snd at Ins reqtisst, aad
tbe urgent appeal of the American Committee, [lamp
son A Co.. tbe engineers, of No. 'AU cortlau tt-at., earned
to mn ihe machinery ons night longer at their own coil
and patriotically lose tno, md more for Ibo
gratification of the great French sculptor. Bo
srrsnremsnts hsvo been made for lighting tbs torch
to-night snt there is uo probability that soy will ba
matte. Tbs engineers hsve been recalled from Bedlow's
[stead and the electrical machines will be slopped with?
out furthers orders tbls morning.
There I. a chance, Indeed, ihst they may be started
again Hus week liy prlvats subscription. II un p.on At
C.. hs.1 a mysterious callsr yesterday afternoon, who
stitt tint he had been authori/eil hy a sentient.rn ta
to.vu who wished his name kent -ec ret, to make a
enamel with them for lighting the goduess'a
torch s week or two longer. The agent offered
rl"() in sash ami urged Hampton A t'?. to sics s
delliilte swreeiue tt. This W. II. Haring, who reprssentod
tue finn, dcclluod. Tho linn, hn told the agent, could
not make ii contraot without suns authority
Irma the Aa.erloau Committee, or the Light
Hawes Beard, or the War Department, os
?Booree hs i charge af the statue. If a | emit from say
one of these could be got. an agreement, of course,
would be sateaK Into; otherwise set Ami ths Inter?
view ended with the agent promising to return to?
morrow with Boam sort of s permit anl money eu. afb
to keep the tomi nhl i/.t for so is Hunt tu ootna.,
ihe American Committee han no idea who the pilbllo
spirltod unknown person ls, but His eonrultteo is oalf
too gls I to g -t assistance from any soiree. Mr. Huller,
of the Aiieric tn Couiuil tee, suggested starting a sab
seiip'.ion to pay for the lighting. The American Coio
llllltee, SS il bled. WU (I'lltO OUt Of lilli.ls, BBd
bail no hopes of ral* ng any ino e money. A great
and milly nf Hie lu 1. inou ru I lu llul.liiiig the Mtife*
enter .lining the guest* ure still outstan Int.'. Tlio tppre
prlaitoa (rom cangrsss wae moesMll for the i~gi!itasia
cxpen . of the unve.iiu.. uni the esiamltles In f?ct waa
leaaah-ly brakea, Lieutenant Mi.it. too, refu.es is
stks shargaol l_? statue vttheat daft?tte msiruciiona
fr nu WaehlagtOS tn do so, and there i* no h.i|.e of Ho
lightiug tho Barter till ?ft?r au ?| pro| ri.clou ls obt tinea
through Cotigre-s, except tits omi et ratal tary aid. Tba
cost of I gi.tug Hit torch, lt may be :t Mci. i. norn .-thoa.
ji.'i a day. Tboro ls no well on BeiEor's I-lan I, and all
the water ind :u linking steam mast BS caned orer
from Nevv-\otk. With i contract for di nu.nth* or mora
tho daily expense, nil-lit be ladara I to nl.?ui -T40.
As far as the light goes, lt has beau said, li is fairly a
nieces*. Mich was Hanbo! l's o,'Inion too, last n.xh!?
uud tbat of the little party that veal down with bin ta
look at lt more closely. Tho Ju 1 Field had been *pe_isBy
en-aged tor tho trip ami Uy at the Rarge office pier
until'.) o'clock, Mhen Harthill tl bin..self, Mme. iiarthoHl.
Richard Hitler, V. Mumford Mooro, -ui erin tom leal
Long ami a few other* armed with amhrsl?W anti water?
proof coats, cams seward, lt was rsiniag uar i when tao
boat ie..cued Hollow's Di.iud, aad tba be ivy slnnsm
fell ste Hilly all the time tao party waa there. Theism
_istoly softened nie ilittorlagiSeet <?, tue powerful rays
trom ths groond t-fteoiers na lim ps estel, niisis etea
speck iu tiiBgmalta laarkled and twluslse likoa tree
in md. Nor co il 1 tin' rt .rm drown the gaiheesS
focussed rays ot Hie great lamhsaa shara Howovm
tho goddess in ty iook from the Battery or M Hsu Isl ina,
near by she is us iteuutifiil ay ni.h; as by tl ,y. Tue
light from Hie retie, ins i. carne I ups int to Ibe head
aud face, breaking on the irregular cupper surface la
glints of greeu or drawing oul ihe great brown lutes
s.a.n.t the circling balo of tight above tha
(iod,tess's uplifted arm. The lights need aol be made
stronger tor the sake of thc eft ot from the fort w dis;
suit .il. narinn! il. who looked critically at tue rt_.re
from ail punts, said that lt would hs imp i.slhie to mas
ths .'ta, ue better. A stronger glare would not nely
make tlio pedestal too bng.it, but would also obscara
tbe torch.
The party climbed to the top ot tho pedestal and sap
amitie, as far as possible ths work inside. Tbe ima
staircase Issn easy oue to climb ami tbe ellon to moonlit
fat less than oue dreads. Tue sculptor was surprised
at the bigness and aolldiry of everything about ua
statue, sutl said he could no longer realize the tiiim-nsliy
of the Uoddess as bs oo.it I wueu ho wa. working wita
in Hart*, ".-sue is going away from mo," he said sra
or iiirce times.
Harm.ii li thought ths torch a great success, though aa
examination was male of IU Lieutenant Millie bad ssssa
over fr.uu -t om Island to help show tba sculptor
srouud, aud everybydy was surprised to haas
from him that lbs light had b,-eu sseu thirty
miles but io sea. The goddess fsn>
directly over tbe rion.ty Hook lightship tu I -li- flsinlieelt
ls visible ibero ou auy clear mgm. Ino (iui _*k_d
rerohed New-Vork at a boa lo n'r.a .;. utter a Utile bas
down tne Ray to gel a fu - a ??? visw of the -t c.io bait
a mile off. Bartholdi will ho lu town to-day at US
li._i.iau House, and wilt start to-morrow for Montreal
Timon;u new-toek stale.
Bc kia lo. Nov*. G.?A .tranter from Braat
for l, Canada, William Horn, entered the shooting gaitory
of Charles (/Bryan ou C-Bloe _- at midnight last nigBt.
sud, with out saying a word, picked up a target rills aad
tired, the ballet taking effect tu the abdomen of charam
O'Rryan, jr., son of ths proprietor, causing a proina
fatal wound. Horn was arrested, ile acted stmngslfb
He tilil nol realize wbst be had done and uppesred U SW
ac taut.
Buffalo, Nov, o' i8petiB0.?U thi rotnr-ft
from Ene County ere cauvaased as they were footed ay
by the County Clerk this afternoon, lt will luersa-S
Judge I'ockhaui's msjonty by l.ooo. They were : Bsa
leis, 17..TU; Peckham, 13,0(11; Groo. 14ft] McTan,
lin, 5; scattering, ftOl total, 111,621
Tbls would give Hamal* a majority of 4,.f! *> insiea- ag
.'.. 103 as figured by ths newspapers. Another sirssgw
thing alrutit tue ll gu re* ls that the total volo fir Judea
of the Court of Appeals was 31,621 aud for a *iats Caa*
stliutloual Convention 11,738 (or and 113 agatsss,
I'.iiltl.-i ui* re.ard tills von'. If trill, ill p " ? ? i.ei i . ps*
pie geuerally uni being lutero.te l in a cou veutiou.
Itiiac., Nov. G (Speciali.?(.'onie.I held ita
tlrst .Hillary bad nero issi uigut In lbs armory. TBS)
adair was a suooess. A large uuuaber of university
people, tnoluding President White, a number of ptw
fessors aud la lies of Sage College. Tun luuovatlou et
collegs life li due to the sffjrti of LaSBISasat Me6S> tha
new Profsssor of Military Taoilci.
Bui?rALO, Nov. ..-lto-ert Raynor and Cbrtstopbar
Cassy ran away fro.n so:iool ye.iertsr anl want mia
tha suburbs shooting. Raynor"* gin was accntentlr dla
cusrgsd. faiaiiy wouuuiug Casey, who icoivod ian
charge lu the head.
lill?lia. Nov. C.?Richard II. Emerlck, age sixty, eat
employe ac Olflord Brothers fouulry, lost hi* lifs Um
morning by being caught iu tba ebsfilng. Ile was ea
gagel lu oiling tbo tuachiuery at tho tune. His holy
was entirely stripped of cloibiug.
Asssetattoa nail was med wBM reaan men bsd
I- i'A at a pultl.f meet .ng <>f ti.e un eil "i's of tba
White in'- Army. The ii.c_U r-Lii. of the m. lor m
tho city now reaehea aeaiij l/wo; tb. orvsalislaar
is only a vc tr old. I'm tr-eur William Hl.iu.ie iu na
Bddress -iai?md >.u tho imaortnnce ..i pin-.ai o\_r
cimi among >oung meu. speeches were Bim amie
by Jas|*-r I. t.ootiviin. Merna. Will am* uiul cir.a
ai.d ll Hotli'O ya tbs value of oi.an / it tu BSSSSBJ
veting men and Ihe tba i.u I. i of tbe Molli for time
io do.
-? ?
Sr. PAUL- Minn., Nov. li.? Snow t's*11 lion* thia
mumu, i but ll melted as soon at lt tell.
Clinton, HU, N iv. ii. ? the Brsl suiw it the se ts,is ia
tbls locality rsll uere iast nlg.it. Tue storm lasted seam
lltlletime but nol a great amount foll. SBonlS Elan isll
in anv grest .pi miny st pra*eut considerable damsgo
wouid be loin'.
CUC-s-Att, Nov. 6.? Snow began fsliiug bore absni
3 o'clock this moruing, but melted as fest ss lt fell sw
cspt on tbe hill tops, where the ground was covered M
the deplli of sn luca.
Piitsui uti. Nov. ?.-.ibu? tell st short lutervols sit
morning, nut msltsd ss soou ss it fslL
IJ.IKUIT, Nov. d-Uslf an inch of snow fell during Ibo
night, but disappeared wheu ibo river r..?e.
M 11 ?_.., Nov. ?;. -lue first, suow ot the sea .os ta
UuO-io bsgau early this morulug and cootiuuod Isluag
sic*.my through tbe foreuoon. Tbe suow tell to tae
depth of two ineliss ou tho level, but melted rspidlr*
csusing s uusutlty ot slush in tue street v
Ai ul un, N. Y., Nov. ii -ll began snowing here anent
_ o'ciock this afternoon aud tall for aouie time.
Indus-FOUb, Nov. C ? Shortly before undulgbt tom
night tue raiu and aloel turuad to snow and this asses?
ing the ground was covered by a mantis of four lu eben
Ihe fall w*. beaty whilolt lasted,
W__r.KToWM,N. Y., Nov. tl.-Snow begsn faiilag aft
10:30 o'oioek this morning and foll rapidly la large
Uakes for iD.iit time.
HaaaaoMBBT, Ala., Nov. 0.? Rain fell sera UU am an
log anni a cold wsre eaine along In the s-teraoes. _
PiiiLAUK-riiiA, Nov. e.?The Bret enow ot tao aeassa
hers begsn faning shorlir ofter 10 o'cloek to-emftft ?
soou turned te a araaeblag raia

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