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PKBIU ur a riaBt-"-****" UBB,
In tho Fourth Av uue ricRbyurian C-iin-h
fester.!*, uiorniiu the Uev. lu Howard i n>*by preached
apon me dangers to wbichCbnitions are expn*e.l when
ttey f.tr.u al. ineee witn uu.-o.lly pBBBM. His srrinoii
was based upon these wonts In lld Chr.i.iiolee.
BU.. 1.-: "Anl Ji-noshepli.-t, tue Kim; of Ju tali, re?
turned to tnr house in peace tn Jerusalem. Ami .I'hu,
tbs i.'D of llaueui, the rrer, went out tu uieet nun. suit
eei- io Iv ii. Je;.o?h p tai ' Shouldest tlion help Hie BS*
go.!'.}. sud '.eve t.ie.u tuat lists tlie Lord I Th-refors
W wrath n lion the* from lief ire thel^trl.'" Af-i*rehow
|ar f)t>w Jehoah iphai. Baa was BBBBi mau. was pun
"Bl'ed l>y the Lord b*rciuse he went astray ina formed
virked elllaueo! with knit Anati, Dr. Crosby laid n
part :
"Miuy wou'd have a (lad without wrath. Tbey
think tnet wrath does nut bec.nne U-d. end tbey tuiuu
eo liec-use they ss*o.-iaie willi wrsth all Hie hiituso im?
perfection* witb willoh inaii accouipmi'i Iii* w itu.
They lin sn i ie re.Il* tines* an I BBBJf ainl malice sud
p;ilte, wheu God's wrath hal none ot tb-ie e.emelita,
a.it ir pure end hoy sod a part of Mis goodness sud
trina. The even:! of life ere psrt o Qed training ml
His children, end mush of tht? ttalalBg ti disciplinary
end corrective, while enue or ills directly the scion ul
the Divine wroth.
" Let ua examine wherein good Jehoshaphat provoked
the Divine wrstn. oed sppiy Hie lesson to our own lives.
First?Hs helped tae ungo. y. Jehoshaphat doubtless
bsd aiHniraii.r po.iticai reason* for hs conn uot. He also
bail admirable social reasons. There are always admir?
able reasons Ior .lom.- wring. B il all dlr alliance wun
ahab was tn c.ai'i ngui'iue heiplug IBs ango.!, v."
Kow turu ths giass fr -ni Jrhoebsptial to nurse.ree (Jud's
government is tns la.ue now tbat lt was In un time, tr
we help tbo ungodly as we may do wa ahail have our
Heavenly Father's wrath upou us.
- We help tbs ungodly wueu we put them Into punlie
office. ?> e may pload party aliegiauoe or any other ei
cutf, but if wo give our voter for wcked insn, we are
directly belpiug tbs un ito liy. We ar- doing what we
can to put them into poaittons of power and influence,
and are thus contending against tue laird and mo
apreailiue of hu irir.b snd ruliteouiness. Wi- can net do
tbls, end tuen inpp ne we ihai: bs ion sight of la tae
crowd. The Lord seri one lou: al if ll were tue only sou.
In the un.verse. You have h lpetl the angod.y?you
luust sutler ior lt.
" Again, we help the ungod'y when we join with thom
In crooked money transaction*. Vt- may hav*nunn ug
enough to keep ont of the clutcbea of human law, lim wt
eannoi deceive (.ml. We are on a iioartt of dir.-ot.ira.
The eoiuuany co.uiuita e crime ; it waters stock f ?aiulii
entiy ; it makes a .ymg slate cent <>f its ooh inion, or lt
in ikes a corrunt iiargaii with euoiber company. We jo
not vote tor either or these thing!, nut we nt uy end let
IBa matter Ba carried wimont a protea!. More th*u thal,
we are secretly clad that it ia carnell, aud we anare tne
prt.nta el tbe litirinitoua iraoseoiioo r.juaily witb these
directors wno voled for lt. We have gone down deep to
bcip tbe ungodly: we snail not aaeepa God's wrath.
"Still another way er helping tbe ungodly ii tn enter?
ing 'mo their lociel ity le of life, tty whloh lime il wasted
In ? c.'i-i! display and tiie gulden opporluuKlee lu learn
Divine thing* sad tte good ere lon. Leger to get Into
rich end gay aud fashionable circler, Chrlitleai give up
eil meir holy advantagei end are nek.ed liy being ar?i_
ciated witta tbe godless 1 Hers whose wbole idee of life
1* ihet or eiuply ainuseineuu A BBB et tbe opera, a
arel or a dogcart in ino Central Park, or e fashlonelilsi
ball ie rou .-ni by the i bniliaa Just as JrBoetiapBai
?BBB?I an aliianoe with the gay and ^taihionable of
Ahab's eeuru
"Tuere ta a greet Issi of derra Iation of the Christian
lift- -'um.- ou lu tins city. It ls untiling but gros* d**ti e
nienu I am ?or-y to uelleve tbai CBlieiteB woin.ni lead
tbe way iu His roiiy, hut they timi meu reedy enough to
foi.na*, vv'uere ii Cur.si our lavtaaf tn ad thu I
V'nere ls uur sense of Divine il.in.-a I Wuere
il uur aspiration fur them I Wbere is our
love to do gool! Wuere li our _8.il to evsn
gi aa the world I It li au impossible
thing for a Christian ina-.i nr wo usn to emer into ths
laenieaeN* ate of tats etty wi anal lnsi.rg ali lueeam
eatunss ot ne Ci.risiian 1MB aeB marries tne ie*te for
Drineiru.il. I... .- .nie n.e ia wholly ellen
fina, ('-.ti I: isa ay* tr in which wssie* time and lal?
ee ta OB r fl**s Helli a* eic. It drt-*? ap !'a sj-.npaii.ir.ii
end BB Bilga its hed'lu n-ss to the nt*- V an r le I Beea
thal ar.* detiilule ef lue (j.iapri. 1 Hey wu. taviaii teas
ui muns ni l* nu peleoea aod . aebta au I o. nar sk-ri par
Istiattir fl iminery. Bbet baalsaaa bas a Caristlaa wita
such a w o-1 ii es* ern ?* i 1 Is uti. wbo bee Cartel Jeans
es his tnei.il lu gu and sr. ? Ute Iri-ndsnip el turee
lueipld nothings, waa aever Bed a eerlwar idea ie tueir
beatle ju.l aa?la hxarl* are set neon van' r I
" **ei'on :it ?.leBoshaiihai proiogM lue Lord's wrath
D"t on y ny lie p ng III* unr-itti. ten nv mi ur ninan
thu na eil tim Loni. Ii waa not a pelf itealel.
lt wa* nut a c-mpiHaioii from without, rai
J rio* .nm .1 real y .v-.l ihose rr.u-o prune*
Sid |-r "tt*?-*i-? al rssinaria. Ant lu it is llir irinilne wini
our J-h'i?lia nats t.i-iav. in-y aeeoeialo wita evil
in.-n a:i l w ,:n--i n-.aiise tnev lave iiieu,. ead If JBU
cm.le ; linn as Baking aa ll i er* iel vnking. siit-n as the
lioiy tsjirri Ibr.iugu tue au .-tir cnn lems, tory gro?"
quite liniiriiMii t and -ccuee von nt a Baal ol
cuan y, and ttier b-gin io praise ti.e nobe enarac er a
tile ung idly. Tn?re ia not,dig nore uielauc iln.y han
i ia ri atlee tbougbl and foal?ie ead Ufa
un ;er the intlueuee o worlly aUtaBeaa Tue |ne*i ul
neoessl'i are a.. raise. Il ll aiwayi rn ilciin-rale -cl.
ll is ...v.- tat linea mat lisle '.ul mai is tue mo ni.
*- vi n-in-i in poll nea leelety or h Balaree, ta* Cbnettaa
wn i sines ii un-ri wun nie unemiii iioi-s so baeaaee ae
1 ve* lb- m. lie forgnr bir tlrst love tur Jeana and aun
* ea for ll a love tm muse silo have no lO.aid whal
a .. ran ror Jaa ia litr beaeaeea o' me a t ia eqi oiled
n | ij ii i ?! realty, li .ead-ki aa biaa. ti :'in.*
no galil :o lb! ll ad ia BBtblBI i.i DU h.ippl ir.s.
I on y adda ie bia os! ul i? morie, ino eui ver -tl ii.au
wno is trying lo gal ms u-pi-inr** on. o mr won j is a
?> a ile objeel? ie is ininti ug waler tu rou ci. aaieva Hr
li ira very nar: and cen inti ame tor ms pal aa tba
lair! ls ..ga nst him sb Wll] inp bini up fur bte soul's
g., d. i hr watt of tne L rd la ii nea nun.
?lin ii..i in ns. i.y rr, ow mr stian, mat our Lori ls
ifni ot u-. His cn laren, tl-- la not g.ung to I i ti*
lin it'u r .I.v wi.Soul rel-uk Hg us. ile ?Silir- rv r,
u. \ riia-nt of .-ur aver. Dur wor dlmerr wiii tree.v- nts
- ea* tba lea itrlpaa ar toe a,eur au pr*, aaeetlr ea
lll.r.l WO lier.I '.Orin. TusrioIIU Wilt cullie min. Taite
ulrruaand er ara !>e un In en .i.'.i. er sar (bri*:
in Hie ?torin ead arel rrom li'ii. iii BM I teal ruth tue
rom m.ti . io rfc,- rag or eli-inrul*. ? Pesc-?'ie an...'
lan't it belier to ri mi uur all ur my ia < hii*i uui Bavieerl
I -ii't i: iri .er io ti wsli ou our noun! nf privilrge wim
Jr.u* md .eave tue vain wand tu i>u?y llsri! will, ns
I.s .ions sud lode* witbtiui our ht.pt Tue baopr
( hr *l,? i li:.- i* 1 Hal Wh i il. nakar li" com pretuiara wu
I:, w<>r d and b.is no drawing Ul lia Vain! i??, Iiu: w cu.
bv i true latin Hi Chriai, odtaiea Hie wundertul nones
of lin grare ai it* portion every day."
A lal ire autheiice at T lir* Church of the
Tau.isl La.brr* yesterday greeted lue opening uf a
course til leatarn desigued lor ail ceases ot believers
s:id un drill-vr rs. The opening lecture was given by tue
I;-v. Ballar Bl lett, ? he iu tject being " What ia Hunan
I: .-..ii ?" lue iii turor aald tbat uver Hie gale ul ibe
ti- i.p.- a' Iirlpnl was Hie nmcri ;.l.ou " Ki|..v Tbyaeif."
A narse uf lectures treating or tbs lutelleciuei d'ttlcul
ti<-? al the niue* wight we., tirgtn withe short stu .y uf
Ljiuan reaaou lUe.f. Ile continued :
Be may partially define Reason to be that power
?a BB is superior lo atl oilier! in enema; ; Trallon.
I ...l..w -.1 w. li rrason. man *i.i.lr* tn* -taieiy procrs
?'.?ni nt the planet* and stan aeove un ucad, IBO *ie
i! -nts of me bulky giaaa beneath lill feet, tbe laws of
the tenn Bg e.in la snd fte.da slid w.itrra. and
e-.-ty liing p.ys in irmute. His busy reaeoa artur*.
C.'Lier, nrniri, tuuiparea. Kr.i.n tn.ima .trad and Utan,
i.u. li, l ii gr brm ab aud ru-lr. lie Urawa living, etoti.ieul
tru ti. ennobling liead y. pur fy ng geeByere, and *r laey
tnt ti ti's n...lily s-nae*, be stores them in an der?
na, u.riuorv Lin you not ser lie . Hie truth Ot one defl
ii,ilon o; ri'.i-n i - i pttwer superior io ali otuerr in v al?
bie ere. ion or winch ought lu br?sud ttl which
ell ?? s- p.iys irtbutr?or ougi.t tu ilo au. Lvriy nial* rial
and au.ma.e tni..g on .arl),, every .ii.pu.ie aim appetite
? * o?u animal ur_i an ism, is rightly subjet t tu a man's
Hui reason ia itself eahjeet to another power, to en
Innniie atm li vuir reason. For Hie ci-arer a man'a per
crpi .in mnC. tue Juster tal* Judgment, titi- belter does ns
know mst br is not bi' owu masier. His reason sets by
law* no! ot La ea making. Tboagbte. aaplralleao, at
frc-.loni. u.i ?urk tty pr.i-rsst! sums or wu.B hr aaa*
not aiiiiaa.t rests , and oiben uf eti.cn beean Interfere
Willi ui.iy el tbe expense uf uta owu Launiuess.
si,net.ri iy looks ,u s higher pe wei for fai&BBoe.
Ba 0a<labia traeetaborty ia m in-uon to laws \gni
th-relurr '_.. a i.iw-.-ivrr. supreme.y in ant] around tum.
!??? I ml ..uiurn i .nu ii moulur. to lapreme, lutlulie
D.vitre reason?(..ri
Vs n.i ab,ll | Be wun my reaaun I Cullvate it, obey
lt; n...kr ii luaarer ..f li.e amma, wltluu you. lint krtp
II wi.err it BaleBga above the material a ul bruilrb.
eul.jooi to thr lntiuiie aud Hivn*. vims Jart UiiUcrr
tilui.e; cl.rn?h li* u?b,r aapirail,.n- , ana if you lind tue
Birstoriuus aud |isrpiexing in Hr rese.rears be n.tt dls
niayeO. Cumpiole euligblenmeui will Hu__i!y rrwarl
M. i'eu.'r choir, order thr direct.on of Kdward Huriy.
ad.led much to tne enjoyment of tbe aBSBBtSa, 1 hr lect?
ure next ^untley night wu, be given l.y tbe ile v. Cer
encs E. Woodmen oe "Tbe Voices .,r i,ot."
Ihr Rev. Nichole! bjerriug, paator of the Presbyterian
. uf tbe Hodaemer, delirered e rermou yerter lay
eu " "lueiatiaui *nd L'ubelief." Amung otner th n_< no
llir grratrst tv.i in ibe worltl la uB-elief, the epurtaey
_MOal Ihin apuilas) irtttu Oud il Ibo oonuuuai
Itiuit'i ..f c.irrupi ion. ror tbe man wbo falls fr.-m inni
end secept* tnndeii.y i.uti.lug more ia buly. A Nanon
la Wbicn ace.) .Cism Balee lue luuim.u i is sore lu meet
, _ riiel aademiaaa a.. roundaiieur of aa*
cull, ti., flua.iy, rcgurdliig uer tier D. vine our human
* .-itv, it seeks lu upset everyibing exist u.'.
in.: .-....Ballots aaa io* t iiiiiiu-i-iai* lucile mae lo their
Si ivar mr .ugh ail 1'iai U-od na* named as tue prue In
blasrrvue. ?? l..l.eriy" ir ibo Brsl Watchword th .t rs
Baaaaa tr.ui tue tank* .f taree eneiolrsul order aod gov
I ? i.i. and tbe glorious l.barty uf Ins children ut (iud
IbalBBtaaibwbibaf mmbbbBb rallaw tba Oeepet But
tba evaore.leai liner! v ll trredom Irom toe slavery ut
em i tueeilieriy at wnicn lue Beelaiieu elm ts the de
Si.iaiiig oi tue eii.uni?nd.uei,u uf QeQ. tbe re.:-wu ed
erparating rruin ilia ordiiiaaeea upou earth, in*lliuted
lo bring mao Into Hie rrrvloe or ti ,,L " Lipiait'y.
pr.c aiui ni- ,un laitsta to ti.eir adher.-Dls, eagnr arter
Bijust good and enjiyiueui. The euiiallty
ol uteu ia also lue doeirlue of tue
Oaapal Blt meu are rn ual before dod; all were
arra te l|ei i kc in lin linage; la ell ila b.is ..Herod tue same
Bsivallou. fu, ei'iiaiitj of Ibo Commune is lbs c.sim le
Ukr e. j -v-on_iia o: tue waria, possessiou, powsr, eua
tao graiittcatiou of tae liars iou*. " fraternity " tr tbe
till word nrtou the r*wt flue, the heauMfnl battle-cry
lao or the CSn*: ian. Tue cuiidreii of Oil are brethren.
nd sr < to ie if one nm t ? ul -mi Bul what doea tue
o ntniine un lerst in-i ny ?* frat r ilty " I The answer
ra* elven to tbe world tn nie now.ing of rage and umr
er of Petr ileura and Pe, miens ?*. Kveu lie nanjea
mint to crime, nae.mae only the i umnrin' ha* mvenled
"Liberty. Equality, Fraternity !" Tbeae worts are
lucas nit,y usesl and iuisi|s?.|, ,?u.[ willi Ihey lia.'- a
iivme irertn of truth within them. Tney contain
deas wnic. exiiri! ? tip-iii<n?st truth* af Cartettaalty.
fat*, I believe In Hie truth ut all tue H?IM< ideas wuteli
liesa words ay awl Ma, hat mare t* only una wav lu
finch to reai z- i..eni. an t ilia! is by tomine to Him
*ho taii_-ht lhasa Ideas tu tue wnrhl. tue Son of <Jud,
Je-u* Christ.
PBS thM pres.mi . dre we often see unbelief lift up lt*
rod eas heart tn Un- name of a false phllMBBhy,Which
a .ilk* tn UM *teps nf the pro usa! son hi i ne Qtaspel.
; Lust an nie; lim,, do um waver In your fal h. Miatern
?dence has not discovere,! an\ ihiiiir thal Bl nils iu con?
tradiction with the leaeniiiits ?i me (i.-spe.. The orient
nt tnatter. the evolution of iimtmisi lype* of b. nc
'-.om ulio.-eitli And ku is, mee, n liner Dar* n i ? .my of
ns Ilse plea ft ive b-,-n ah> to ex ? am. The ut'ire Ile*
in the h md ut Baal an 1 ia bidden tram bi mau view, lint
we s n\?, and also tbe presen lune teaches Illa u?. tnat
he nations will lind their true w ,1 ire .diiv tn thai de?
cree in which they turn to H.in wno lead* humanity,
io?. Indivi .a niy aud cuiiacttvnl,-, thrungli cuutliut lo
At BS, Mara's PhUSaB Hr. ityianee yesterday ear*
tbe second of r.is seriunu* upon tue prnpoaed revision of
tb* Booii of Com.non Prayer. Ile said that tnere ar*
turee cl?**e* of lien po iu tbe church** amt in Ilia com?
munity at larire?;uo*e wno are ea,'?-r to make radical
cbiuite* ; tba reloruiers who puta forward faster than
the coinmuniry can move ; tue extremely conservanve
casi, who do not want lo make channel, win, declare
that what was rood aaeean for their tethers
i* eood etioti.'h for them and for their cnn.Iren.
Ibe third e ase comprises ihoee wno, wlil.e ri isrlae tbe
: loray o; tho CBaraa, ?r* yet alive io ibe dem.mi* of
prtaxreaa, and waaM cast mnr Ma utter al tue p..?t
I ll Bl BMOOM the epirlt of the present iroiu timi.IU' its
best sud In.1.-st . xpreasioii. Hr. Kyiano lo.d bit rn ur?
ara I hat al ihe recent cou ve rt, on t be c bailees * isTOMMS
were really only tlubt ona*; that ecclesiastes, a* a
rule, are c..b?ei v.aiive, aud therefore tln-re Lee,i not lie
alarm lest tbe l'ravrr Kook be radica. y changed. He
Iben briefly indicated SOM* of tbe marnie*.
lu lue m..mine service*, ne said, il na* heretofnra
beeu tue cd*.om ?.'? UaV.- ,ne Morn.ne l*r .yer, tbe Ll .mr
and most ol tbe Cellini un lon Bul BM*, r a..y turee ser
vice*, tu one. liv ti.e cuanea il is al tseditci e'.iou id tue
clergyman WhMhaflha *erviCM* Mall tie used. Vome
riianees ire sueeesUKl for tue BCwaiag service, espec?
ially leaven: .uh tbe lone sxuortaiion wincu ls in U.e
mom.ne ?'-rvic?. Ur. Kyiauoe tbuuaui that Ibu waa a
vi ry txceileut iiepartur*. Ba BM* wa* eroatty
p.e.seil with the special BSCVMS WOMB has neeu
prepared fur line al tue bunal of lillie children.
Borne ptayers nad a so been prepared rn ic ti ne tbeorht
excellent, lie not,ceil oua in tile proposed new M .una!
u. Davo, ion ?tu ti for ibe worklus e.a.se-es. On toma
occasion* he iboiild U*? lt. and wouid e*?rl*e also MB
. -. r- lunary power civeti n.iu of coan ul ne me service*
from lime lu niue.
The evenine e-rvioe on Ibe tiru ,-iiiul.iy of the month
at St. Mark'* consist* of a clim a. Bal vt.:'. Last BVWBIBS
i..ere was a festival service, t>-e.io.ii..' vi.tn a proee*
?luuai hymn, "IBs Spacious 11; lusDent ou Hull." trniu
H.tyau. I be choir aud tougrrcatiuu united in rr peanut:
lbs <IIld i's.., m. Afi*r ina tirai Hbbmm
flinn the old Tes.ameiit, was eu nj, ms mila.u "It ia ?
loo. I tliiue io e>ve ti. >iik( iiutu tb* Lor.l." ad ap ted from
Weber'* mas* ill H. Folmwinx tba second .aaaun w ??
l?-us Mitcaiur. 1 lieu cania nie cr-ed, peepers .ind col?
lect, ibe cuoir and conereca'.ion then *aue aiitlpumi
*.,r ?'soldier* of Carla*. Tin* wa* fouowed tiy lue an?
them "Keiieii.ib." niven by in* choir. Tb* offertory *u
1'ien. '? ['rill la (1 el. lac tie will reward my patience,"
was renie'e.| or tue cont rallo In sola lie cn.ur and
g.iuereeaiioa tuen joined iu "Sub of my .-mil." Tue
lervice closed wiin the recsasioual hymn "Aulds with
Me," given by male voice*.
lin- Rot. Dr. E. MeChi?sni-y, nf 8t Paul'o
Metnodiat Lpiscnpai Church, preacued ,a-t neut tba
Brat of a snort course of nerini.ns upon "ChrMtteaitV
ind Siciallsm." Ile aunouBeed as bis Mai " * hal (hail
l proOt a ii...a if he stan tue wbu.e Word and leOe bia
? wu soul I" He *aid in *ubstsiice:
"The relation of IBM Old Mat ti our sn hJeCJI will sp
l>ear varv sunn. Ba first o. Blt, I n?me mini' reason* for
nreacbiiif np.ni lui* aiinject. I nav* taken un nus theme
1 .der w.irtt I may cali atiuoapurric pre? sw, Tue sull?
en t is lu the air. mi. ia ism a out thirty year* ann w,i?
pronounce,! by an em.neut Preach au bofltj to be -ie..d.
Mid Lo.its Ki ii.nid tn Ins ' Hu tiouary of Political l.cou
iUI).' pu.i.isned m ls.Vi ; ' .'..nail,III B deed. loapras
-e. stiaai is to prouaaaca us faaaral urattao.' hu
hoe a ism to-day i* liior.i'uiiiv miva, lt ts eve.ywiie.e
in varion* lornis throughout the elVllUkWl toril. Orcanis
Bf power au i prosperity ara h.t.ne lue mi,ni* nf eiaassta
in tue onl World watch a century aco were UVIBS lu du..
" We khow bow it ism our own midst. 'Tbe Army af
tbe Los, untented,' as .Mr. l'ow.ieriy ca U lt, is DefloalB*
;o siiuw ho* t.T"s; ,.n ,,r ur u it. Every nae is Belline.
? Bhal Will ne tn* iiiiten BC f and no one itn-iws. |t ls
uui easy to predict. We nope a"d IssileV* mal me
BllUaaM otliioii.e WI oe social order il, lll:> established.
I Iv /.slum is nu, r..si J overt ni lied, ll bas a.o.e.i iiinny
shocks aud ian s and m.hiv mo.e. Tue min wno lake*
m.- pe?*iini* lc view or the situation must tor^e. ..r aa
leimraai af history. BntthacDii tana til B lin- itu
lo me end is mininer. I Mr stist: v :.j. tj.- nieesare tor
lin* hour. And lt I* tue duty of a . who represent
I uri -.lian itv in nu v measure io am.mince nm niaeaJS*
ts plain.y ant bi , Ba Ita y aa possible. ] believe,
iiiursover, thal Hie on.? ho ir lon ba. me pro...eui caa
re. e. ve Mal (bail les complsia aud hiial l* tue LhrisUau
" I d-ai ibis evening with on,, one p imo or me Bl eal
Vieallon. A d if te.itnres ot Braal inierest are ute -
0 di- . it ? ineie.v neu.nse tuey <r. po-tpun?.i li. nu
ju,er oee-o-lon. I i. * re u.. w ta sbow i ne peen lier -tan :
point af i ur sn ililli *iin releranee to tl esr Issues, and
to tn w bow villi iesp- cl lo :.,- s.as.lpoint ChrtstMUItf
1 Dei - : rina t-ocUliam.
". pete ba* inver been a tim* Wbaa IBCIB cur..minns
were uar ler Ibali wtl-tl ( lins! apjiearrd. fjur tell li,da?
lis r- the peculiarity of bi* t-a li n^. Bo. |* ? * onean
ira sa Hs aueiitioii upon 'tue wo-- .' ( li tst MMSS at
' u~ sou ,' the man aimaalf, Boelaluia pay* respect lc
an.it tue man bas; lurlsl to w at Hie man ls,
-oc.a.lsiu work* upon SOCtOIJ Hom wi Bout. ' lui?Hali
liy worha frum wuhln. Boaia.iem *eek? throush tes
ma. 11 ii lu of tue law, or Ihe "ia e. to rr , or.- soe a.
* lu it's, (uris! lanny ure ks tu mi, Ibe inti v.dual, an I
II u- fruin w bin to reeeneraia socieiy, Ii i* no unda?
na mine to near i i,n*i cs len aaOelaliat. ni hlmaa en?
titled Bia wort Upon Socialism ? Ihe Kaw Christian" v."
[i nv tm* >t ix nie* ,t inst i hiistiauiti is bro*>Hf ha*
mane an : Hut i propo*e( io mee ,er,e unman lita, au*
cm a- wei, i* In .ividuai, tbeu 1 IH r ie. Hut iu no
Dtber tense i? it true T e iinmaiii 1T of ino Ooapd i* one
til int ; ^lleiall?lll 1* an, lli-r.
?' luis eil nm m. y h.ua'raiea the peen lar aAandpOiaf
of ? brlsttaiiity. It extiihi ? BUM some of me ereal poienl
ide^a; nie?s jiowertiii la in- bialary of smieiy aa wen
as ni indiv.i.i is. Hera we (lui pal in Ihe stranewel
form tbe ilea of liuni-n wort li. Amati ll Welshed
asaiaat the'warhL' lu? man outweien* ma 'Wurta.'
I his nt-a haa beau at Hie ber- <>; a.. true ir., nan pr e
ree*. Ii bas been nack nf many ref ruin, ll baa elven
: ne i.se sud ia*piration to t;.e most uiaen.neetit enter?
prise* for human welfare. We ti.ni ian aloa a pruMSt
a_-a u-l views and ino et of life tl,a. an
mer- ty iiieterial. Toe (Irs. ,i Kines* of men i* te lia
(ave , and i bal ls (iiapiy Ki ne rub. I'us eoe* to lae
root ol the wintle maller. It is ala!?asl tnat w-a ta ta
niipre?*!ie. In so far M lt I* true, woy ls luru- I -im?
ply b.-cuse men cine umre fur the luxury or power
'.Hat wea,Ih brines ib.i.i bay rare for lbein.se.ve*. Tney
rap more for what they have i Bau waat tney ar*, lu
uiauy raaes wea lb ls mu oppvasiv* it ls benanee life
ls Uren looked a: itiroiteb *|dri:uai eye*
- ti u?t means tua m-iiacuu et y Mal cone* up from
the streets and ilie laeior e* an i tbe tene uent bouse* t
li means aeaintnat mau are more aux oils anoUl'llie
world'lu.n about their ' tonis.' OraaMC t li it mii.n
t nie* nave n.it ,i?| a fair opportunity to maka live* of
comfort. Granted that mu.tim lee wc bnr.leue l with
lillian *d lucuiupriauee au l in -erv ht . it rtiuaiut
thal maiiv owe tbair wreteiiednet, ? i tie,nt- ves. L .zl
ues* i* a *m not nu.y aeatutt i?mi, nu; seainsl one's own
?onl. lbeieari liiousau-ia, luumleaa. tnr .neii"ui ml*
eountry who ar* vacuciy iuuk,ue fur 'UMOoveraMaat'
at last 'o help thea WUu nave mit lone a dav'* BOBeBl
word for years. In otBer ease* me saloon is preferred
lottie sanctuary. Ibe ti rmnir receives th* money
the' mir til tn C<> M the linnie or lue i.rti.i naiiK.
- I/ei ne practieai BOCcaatlofl of our tex' tie neede I
and tue rank* of o>**ry would beerraiiv iblnued. Let
th* uuferliiiiaie put tb* usa Caa u sue i Idalina li
I'bridiau people thal rbanty eau be ad ami,tiered with
uut dafaatlaa ita own an t* anS their cry will n.t be un?
heeded, mi iis ineu neal Juetlaa; others, enarlly. tn
pioportion a* Cbri?:l.tiil:y pr.vaii*, in tb* sam* meas?
ure justice and enanty wi l reieu."
The "Bcw*ry Villajfe." or Seventh '?treet Me'hodUt
Episcopal Church, a sketch of watch waa punilahed In
lui. IBUBai yaeuntay. ceieurateal its eent-nniai an
nlveraary by **veral ?ervice?. i'9tm A. O. Tbonip
toii preeided over a cia*s-ui**tltie. A half hour laiar
BiSbop I- <>. Andrew* conducted a love feast. Al ba.'
paat in Hislop E. (j. Andrews jo earned upon '?Jaitu,'
tbe op-aiur praver balas oif?re,: ny Hr. Daniel Currv.
At 2 o'oioce the Siin.i*v-(cnool wa* addressed ny for?
mer su|ierinieu,len s and teachers, and at 3 o'clock tbe
tbiir-b body wa* fined if for uer paaiors and meiuber*.
tbe baler of ilia member* bains J din s;eunen*oii, lb*
car-bit.mer. 'Ihe meet us oienrd with ihe by mu,
??And are we yet alive.
And ?*e ea-n oilier'* f*cs."
The whole courrseatlon lumad in siaeine the hymn to
Hie laminar tun* af "Hanni*." A' *r prayer ny tba
Kev. Ur. F. A. fiotlorne, the ebor is nf flfteei, v , ve? cane
an atitbriii. Mr. "irpiien*.>n said to.nil other thine*:
" In IfrSS I cam* to New-York. I baraiu* Imtrtsiro lu
thia ciiurcu, lindi mealing in ibe old Acadainy. 1 haeame
Hitereileil lil the f-ui.d*y-*ab*ot aud tau-li aeiaeathera.
Bb rtly a'ter thai I bee*.ne real y eonvartesl, and ever
? ince I have had Omi fur my slay. I am new aaveniy
sine years old. aad am irsotnne a (ii na elass of forty
four at my present borne In Naw-ftiC iclle. I Well re?
member tbe vonni man whe used te mest with me b*|e.
The Floys. M.eiiaal Floy and I wera like brother
Oiabaui, a ? l art nala af Columbia Colleee . Katu, ' naries
and JauMa Dada a'a*n 1 him bere lboiuaa Fair
weather waa Hie *uparl nen leal. All of these turned
out (ueceaafuuy and have fulfilled their mlaeion herr."
Mr. M?niieu*oii then invuad every ene to take part,
and th* luna waa fully occupied. Aniline tbe sneaked
were me pieaq,,- paator, the Kev. A. O Storabouae, ihe
Ker. Hr fi c. i^?, ;ns Kev. Hr. Lueiu* ll. K.ine, the
o des; paatce af thu aharah now aliv*. Dr. Kine read a
poem written for tbe uceaaloo, and apoa asiuue. found
li,at amy uue luemner remained who was lu the church
wiieu bs was lia pa?ior. Francis A. Palmer, president
or the Broadway National Bank. Mr*. F. A. Bottom*.
iiV .', .?*" u,,,,iia?. Aatoue tba otaer* preasnl wer*
a. H. Bruiinuai. Jotapa 'Haiebu M. llanry. Mr*. Salli.
yan. Mr. and Mr*. 1. M. Hom. Dr. Dunn , Mr. and Mr..
Tne small debt of $1.5'Hl wa* nearly provided for at
tba moram* and artareuou srrvioes, and the pastor sad
that enoueh money would n* eivaa in eonuecliou with
the auntvsrsary to o.aar iha au-.ira debt.
.1 > I ir BMOtOB Eon sr. ass's is brooklys.
Tne installation of tbe Kev- Dr Reese F.
Alasp aa reetor of gr* Am/* Protestant Lpi*o*pa
Cliuren of Rraokiyn, took pl.ic* yeaterday tBoruinf. Tba
aervieea beran at lOtllo o'oiorb l>efsre a taree eoncresa
tion, inoladlns the wardens of ail ibe Froteaiaru Fpl*ee~
p i. churebea of Brooklyn. Before ibe aarviee* basan
Ueorse Frod. Haynes played ou the ciliates the irani
"How U'sdt.fu; unou tbe Mouuislna," lbs muaia belBsf
wruiaa for ia* aaeaeasaj hy Iiiomaa Lawns, rae sar
v.ce* were opened with iha nroc.esaiuaal. and after Ibe
inorunie prayer wa* tune Bi*uop Lnilejohu performed
UM aarviee of luataiatiou. Tue key* of Me cburob were
presented hy Oeee-si Jesse CL ?illili, the senlar warden,
?md Hie itnn?* nf priyrr sit the II,ey t-rriptn
Bllbop Little).lim. Th* orrin'*-, Archibald Ar'inr. ant
Ole -S?l*tau-, H. H. Hres.-, wi-n i eimir of Im *. WIS*
inrcctirate singing m irre.i lae sol lu i tty ot 'lie us-t-asliiu.
tun thhed the innsie.
Hr. .\i*iip waa r<.rtn--rlr i.riirare ('uireri. Philadel?
phia, lie lucceeilltlie Bav. Or. \o*b Hani .-ilhenek.
mn BBBOO cfn CBiTBCB uni r* un paivtb thr
rviLsnF rr.v.piN ut MU
Mr. T:il ni a pe ipokc f-BtC-daj in th*- Bfook*
lyn labernaele on tnr ev::* i.f na nit ne. l.-.ktng ht* text
[rom Acts, i.. lt) - Acei tania, iInt is to say, the Ht ld
o' itliiotl.*' lt) part Mr T ilm IBB aiid:
Thr gsm ld in.- B-Better is an rv', i.ra-rn *an?nn irv. trsns
t niil'.iii'iit 17 le uiispi.t nc. -otnr.it voa have pest the mrfi'tl
ah ..t ten -'i itrver var
-t .I'.uii i .11 -. ir ll. t- .ni nm- is tnr
ii-- ii - m.... ur .. ??. rsleeble ie lbs bops nf
?: mn ul- inorr ttiari y.ni I.av... Implemreta in iv I..- .ii_t.-i.iit.
nr nciple IS i ? lo .iee! ami shu'
is not '_-s ti'il ir ra be pet BP 1 wlulr on tm- tither
hs Dil, ? IthOUl liles e Hum! I Bl LB, lltneil tll- t- ll : Ul ai BJ
au ! lin-1.k. V..II ?-iii in .. i ? i BBB '?? ts BB the
eleetloa ea boret rares, on anything, sari tbtr i* just ss mncu
gambling aa (bough lie 'i--.il! .u leery Mooka,
Tbls sib iiwiiri vTi.rna ri n. i...:insr it pelab'! indti?'rv.
Vim nev ri aew a e-eflnoed gani tiler indostrioae A'hen i
n.e -.., u._ in n.iti |,4|i i,,r rr.n ?' vv liv." -_|il a merchant.
* . ll ... rs., On, slim I tan li.ase IB
sm.unit In ooo Bight dowe el "..tits'" Bb. Ibis rr'in* ii*.
dalli 'I ' .;.!>?.! th.- factory ? h el ind
lia? brakes the fanner'* Iramiw Wnw nt-mv tmn lt eesli rrs
prest-tanta bevr ins n rewed :<x UuarvU. t .-ni?
lli, 11 -r * ? rue ni tit rrn-t c hil j | nu aa thee
!hr ilatlglilrr Ul tlisgiste. - I elis! u?e .ll" Of
un i.r tin- .let..il.,o af a Wile te a gam?
bler '
Mini- nf onr chun he* of ried encnurs-re gambling by having
r rile* at tin ir 'sr* I lein-rr m cbareb tata, terre arr
linn.tred* of chnrchee tbet wnolrl eot har. bera boin bal for
church laira Hut tors i-tini bte eeaBactareBe i* non ag
n ere than an. I ? -nun r el lb*
roe* In nne let lin.' ali r eh', breanne ''lo ?t.*n people .'ave hun
ii. i liristiati wi.m. n eailii-.iid -rr. .t. and Um pro. eeds arr to go
tm i i.. rn i oiiiii.um ai sei. I have apsel man. hep f boura .n
a t.n pin allrv. sin! it * ht nillir sad rts reativr. Hui ll.e tea
being lorne Into gambling pierre, ead
nf Hiern bow, -dim yon mi: Ibe Hr*! belt lt -trigr* and iis.it
gueejraarreepreiaMltty Ibeeecuad ball talla atrik.-i. an i
bwsv roe* vmir hist tr.-'mu- rn luiannniiy ; your third ball
Ul?lee, anil away pori youl soul.
Plyinont'i Ch ii rill (BBC as cor _i:il an uptBB
ston as Bosalb e yestertlay to tbe nearnurn with wblcb
Mr. U-rcher is we.no uad bang lo uta tamil.sr uiaoe, of?
ter an mirnee of twenty -si a lav _ Tim fronts of the
pu., i' an i nf the organ lort rare a ire-* i wu ti a na-i of
?evora, palms and lollops pauls. In the ontre. ab--v
Mr. Ueiciirr'.i e.iv- rn ni I Olair, Wa< fis Wt.rl ? Wol?
eo ur," in re.l H ' wt-rs ti p. ii s hack: lound of v vol gr-m
lu,ital. I' r audience ci owled .very nong and corner
of thr murri., .nd many tdru-* I awav fro u tlie geera,
uu* na lo g-t evr.i (ian hag rio ll. BefBfB the le rvice
el-ven tre-v me nbrrs wrrr a tmntrtl tu the ehur-b, and
attrr the isr noi tn- co umnniin w n QolOhfBlBd.
In (be srrinnn Mr. Breaker Ml I tint there wss not e
u i Inti on Hie rertn tu*i w?* t'lirlstun. flitting nod
in tns <;.>hsi ii ii ? inn or tala aaaa tri vesta io uo geed . it
* .a. . uni pul linn in tho lirarta ol the people. Bo
c .i.ed i hnstiau cati ans lu Knrnpa were barosrio and
braiueu io a degree.
tiie corni ca i. es pa rs tu-da y.
?t-Fttrvtr Oomrr - isa I i?Bef-irs Baa Hrnnt J -Nos.
20. '."J. a6, SI, il''.. 1". 44. 4.V la. 17. i'.l '? I, Ul. '. '. .'.' ?
-7 i ki i !?-?. ii i. ia'? ian ut, i??. ibo, wu, un hw. ion,
itm. it-, tat, aoi i iw, i-i ais, ___, 'in, ni, lin, hi, titi,
r-i'f;i, ipbciai.tr ? tore Andrews,
J N ? ' ? ? _ ?
... ?<-.- ??'?
- r.i rn- rorer?aracisi rana past il?Ilefore Dobo.
l.nr J -V.s'.'i'- .17. -77 *"? ? l'J. OOH "7:!. Hln. lift,
? .14. 827.1 - -- " I, 971, PTA,
BCrBBBI i "l liT-i IH'? lT-!'iitT l_?Ba8MB Lawn-nee. J.
? t a*, .rn So dey t-i' ii' ir
M'l-KF-K l "I lir-l IHt I 1 ! - P?I!T II? -. - ?: I
....:. 197, ilt'-P, -Os ? - - r.j" .J,
Bl nil. 2'"''. 257(1, l:i?-. 887,
WI, 3842 IM 2197 26W7.
ki iKi'.MK (i.t tn?i un tn-Pani UL?Befon Berrett. J.?
.*.,.. .ti., d.-Ti. 8"ti.t. -.'..? -- "'ia. -a :i. j 7 J
Di.-.. 'gH.-S. .'.it U.310 "7. 7-.-_. 177.
si nu uk ( rn KT-(IKi'ilT? TiltT IV.-Rcrore Lewis. J.?
s... - ? ? . ?... ? . .1.17 _ a*:*. 1(170,
1,-t' 143.1. 3)41. 3143. 3145.2415. 12PI 761 1541.278,12-10,
? ? . ?
llb'J 1257, 7n ni
BcaaoaATBfa Couar?Before Rollies, a.?Katata of Joorpk
. .*. lllra.ii jl.HHly. lu .io m. :u. , Will
m. Refer- IngTsham. J ?
Bo* 174. 311. . ' .'.17.
i f.iim rilli i. ! ? ore Medgwltk.
J, I KU, uuu
H. U7II, 117( ?-!"
. -tl Before
n ?* 824 1121, I'-"'" 1252. 1120. S
1179. 1 -lill.
Min,. - ? I'Mit UL?BeforeTtnax,
?:. Hui. 1.12 '.
i- .ii ? . __, ino.i.
' '
nus ci-iri.T-TRM! TfiM-I-AiiT IV.?Before O'O -
tuan. I.- Nu- -ti: 1110, 1
t i nv - ? i ? Before I-irremor- C. t
Duly ,1,1 ...ii . .... ti j J.-No- ' .17. .tu.
* 1
t ? vim s Pr.i ii- BractAL TPi'.M?Hrtnrr r.o?k*tever. J.?
.Nu- .... 1
. rt I'M- : ?
Noe. le?
?I, ,_ r I
? N..* ? --, -? . - ... lull, 410. 411
I ITV (Hill: P.r-orr Hall J ?Nos.
?..H. 1177,
1 UKI, lilli. .
t itt ca ut - I'm ii -t.i [IL?Before tlvstt .r -
h. s I, 7-i.... lia ? . -?- -??? -? ?. -
' . -
??-, J. , A--L
D ; v ? ? . * - \. - i. -i. ,t, a. .'..
t ,. ? ,
**iiiith and A-*t lisi vi..r PlUigeriltl Sos. 1, 2,3,4.5,
- ? HI. 8,17,18 ? -j.
THE /'.'//. r Ml
Pee ? ' ?*?'* w r? perorated hv thr patroletna
. ,.,.t week jud tm- -I-', a at...ii -v.- s , sLwii mt a* to
lu unwin tl.y n -p. ? i.l nu'e. -ave tor ;r Usa nfs
" wild ? . B is iinproviug, anti aa ttie
.. nt ta be ra |
ttecitsi _,. uie.y ni i.i- slncrtlea. Ie tbe Weebtag*
lon Bel : h ra ?-- sa aar y ? n- r, t. ?? *-.,.,.t. sol ibe epoa
three new good wella ran I - tm. e peaaiB \ ri ti.e
? ii rat aroa. ?j? s.irii v uiiii.i ibal el (he
- r well
waa ooalderably lower, riierr wa-an > rror ta Hie gaoge of
il .mi week il
morse hn-r Hie gauge wi
a* lll.l in ??-'?. I, *. in *:ii'_- au average pei *rii
??? ...n ?? bare brr
?_' wella, -r I.n bsrrvls p- r wr
ieol22 barrell n the grees yield aort a fall
l average per e
>1 well* Brining snit 15 rigs np end nu. I'l mg against 78 wi ?
iii 1 h. avlona week
I he p*t-i Benth ??- * ? i ? ? ? .t
ri -- iver rons, end His present monti hes ..prue.! wrtti t *
? ri pro-tneilon inl roasamption i M
*t m nu e..kt- agu Hide ll itiaeovrred. ll a- -
at least t.'.r n.t. the w niel rr di tba I ol I ie tl-st loni ds? ? ni
N.. vi-1, la-i the runs lia eamotulied ti. J.e*..'.!;. .ai i-i* ur ad*, v
airra.. o 71,559'tsrrels: tte- deliveries have been 31'.'.120
- ..i .nair a . ..: 7' 4 *u ltairi-1* rn ?'.my. ri anim: an -%?
? ? 1 ? - - - nt tii ? mir !??
6.1 KW barrels a day. ' '..ve djT* ut
Novrn.hri have Or_a .08,930 barreU, er a .u.ir avei-_.g.- ni
: .iT--i*.
?I e."in -r? i.r the VV eshington ou the ilatr*
inrutltj:. nd tl _ _
Jntv'.'l .
J.tl'v 31
Augnrt 7
Auirust 14.
Augii-i! 2'..
A n| . * t 28
*-e(.len. . A
Krptrmbrl ll
ISeptraiber H
i .. i..!.,-ra
li. toner U.
Hctobei Ifl
Octobei 7.1
? ! .10 ..
! oren
"A. .ls.
p. i -* .-..
2l W
'. tl
? -
14 .23
17 788
ll .11
ia mo
ia. i jo
-.nor mat -pring llir. wi*rkly gaugrs have ln-rn Mav H, 1
imtl* Mst 16.4 197; Mai :?
June 5. s.i.ihi, .Inur 12, 10.M24: June ,;i 7 7.4>'. . June IC. ,
.7 . .yt I ..
Leei week'r certifleet 1 apn-niatioB n.av be diea_aaei wltb
in 1. f . .mia.rr.I. I ' *. .ug * aa ugh! Bad nf llir BBITeWeel char
artrr sn sly ntrrmled wilbla ee extrenie raage ol 1
rem. lin- il.s'irne in VA a-hingi.iir* 1 rota lion below 11.000
barreia niaile trederr biiyrra IB tar rai it par 01 tba w ?
gst e e sra.inion 1! ot ?lr.-nrtn ti. fia msrkrt. fliers, nr lim
Bs iga to aiinv.- 1 I.t Mst narr.-is ,t 1 n m.- w.-.-g eeaeed sr I Lng
mui ai*.ie Lie nar lils tiwi appear beary, in ur.tiiri ?everarnt
was tlirr.- suv r.-al siiritln a... e. Ira ??? are 10 l"*"
IbBI univ- " piiaiiiiiin" uii is sold, autl -lull Hie
Berke! *Ag* mi a Utile lb me i* an iras li uoihi i.uy ug io
?t-ady it. Many uf Hie Uige producera who ?rie a_i_:!c-ai*e ,
bearee ateatb or aerre egei bera ? ins-*: eal Hu-r nu.tra. ts
hu! irtasr.i lu rnl.-r .111 any Ililli raiupsigii. E1. 1;. St tam pt
or llir trailers to rally values meeta au .rn-* st.hie apposing
furc aad li bi et ntent tuat th.- great Immtmn et tue ipecme?
ium sn sot yal reedrte giv.. tin- cae lar aa advea-e. it ;a
Boi oe*?roary to say lae! Uta psbUc Uvnr* ti.e ?|?-. ulaiiou.
lint .1 .1. er ,* w.n. ..v. r lo s- Lou nulli m piellniinaiy advance
la eat* iab_l. no tradera ere pnttiag thea att.-ut...u on i..a
liv. .y *i ?. k ead 1 ead depart bi ae ta -f un "--^engr. whuh
ai.ow Meadj g.in* iu 11.agu 1 1.ir ead laiptfrtauea Theuii
inarkei eleaed du.i ami aapro-uatag u. lone.
rbereagee pnceeaa-1 ; . Itrtel flaelinjri ai tte- Ceaeoll.
dated Est baagr lot tar -.-.i two smii and Ju- oorraapoodiag
* aa a yeal ago ware aa toimw*
^llv. 7. -1886.
18i-t5 Ucl WO. Nov. ti.
HIS (Hi _ tit; .
111-. 87% 6t.i-j
107 04', Wilt.
Kw*- 6n-? US
fi.i.iti.iHt) Kinu.uoo fl..'.s4.(S*o
Week . nd?l
Oprniiig .
Lot?e?t .
I mai
Kale*. I.arrrls
Ilrtiiir<i rn: wa* MroBgt r .11 loos and pr.cs -v rc vi' 1
cent!" * . ..1. at N.-w 1 url, i'hna.el
; ... . a
r-iri'iv 4Aii.h;rs-av- r:-;i. Kf?iiAP:L
Ur bbtuoi. Nov -uj') p -a.?Ceeeaa tan . arteea tn buy
er*' favor. Mn!.liing Upland*. 5 arl tn Mid.fling tirlean*.
ft .'.I'll. Sale--7.iMH) InilHi, .ucm lin.. ,'iiH) lia..-* for *[M*siil*
tiuii -nd ns po I'L ltoceipli. lO.tSJO liaiea. luclu.liug '.t,7tKl
fniuia* .till but (Inn. t'pland*. f_nw Mbbtltng elan*-*,
Novrinle-r delivery, 4 tii i_lrt.. Beraaabai and Dnreruber .le
llvrry. 4 ^?-<i4-L Krl.rtiarv sn-! M^ la -r I '.-..il
M*r. b and April ttellvery, 4 (ii U4.1., alan 4 li 1 844.; AiirU and
Uar .lelivrrr 4 tt-Ui
?1 p ui.-Ihe raia* o! Hie day Include.! 6,1 iKI bales Amrr
Kilt nre* s_ra.tr rplau.lr Ia,rn Middling clause. Nnvnnlwr
:-. a ' . 1.4.1. -..-I..:-, da, If ev mb ber au.. December de
livery, 4 M ? ? . Deeaaeai ami Jaiiu*iv arUvery
na la laaaen atm rabrnarj BeUrerr a ?.
tua. bayon tit.. Irbruary sail Marm delivery, l
l.u.n* do. Man lt an 1 A,iiil ilelivrrv t BOdMd nu'-'
Apni anti Hey delivery. 1 e:i atti sriirr* 1 da. May an.t Jana
Urlivary. o 1 04? iniyn* . ilo. J uue and I uiy delivery. 5 4-4.1.
lr Irr*
liiMi' is. Nev S. -TBO return* l?*nrd liv t ir Hoard of TTAilr
all'/W tl,.! ti.e lieportB dil! BM 'br .lill! nt . li Ui.iel decrease t
a ? .ni t. mi aa coin pat e. 1 w.ii. timer nt usa earrtaapoeitl-i Boeill
laa year ann llial 'lie ex porte drcraaaed as.,0,1 too mt rum
paint nail ilut-ati! tit taber, is86.
Olivrelus. Nttr. lt ..it.n rlnl] Mi-inhng, 8 H-'.H
I?w .-.diL.iig, h Oaed tirtiiaary, 7 6 ld . Bel am! irnsaa
rxpone toUrrel Britain H..r>4**. eitM.rta
.sMU.iw.se, 4,1.1-1 lia lea, uie*. 736 i.aiea *ur ?_. ,,m ,,,):i balee.
. 1 .U.K. Noi tt.?1 . .lon 141:1.1. Mitl.i.iiig. ?* ? un .nut
grim* r. i.?:.? fii..n. eeeetenaa^ J,i's uaiea.
aalaa. i.5oa bai.-*. Meek.40.771 i.*i><a.
di.iig, ea :n deed 1
7,028 hales, si port* to tirnat Hr.tau., .'..list loasiwaise,
W.7d'* liaise, sales, i.ion tial.-s Meek. 1.1.1,0411 nulea
Ngw l||uJtA^r. .S.e- ? .lt.... e..?y llul.lllllg. rt_ IaiW
aid.!.mg. ?*?? HiMri iiriliuary. 7 .. nn race.pta,
bairn, gruel, 17,641 bair*, ei-sirta Ui drem lintern, 2.1V1
bair* , u. ihe 1 aatlnt ni . .1*1 beleai cosatwise, 't,ifi, tain,
2,0(1. bales. Huck. 16b,_i_l_i I
6.?t ultim ipt.rt Mnl.liing sV Ul kui
(inltnarv, 7 .1 18 net and _;rt.s- rscelpla,
Hi sn tv. "Tot. 7-r. a.
Th* BnlMg States Tre??nrer lust weak reeeived
83.003.970 from custom* and gi.003,901 from intern il
revrnue. total from holli for four day*. $."> 050,77:1.
teainst 9b\BBbVBM ror rea BjaeesBag week. Yesr.-rilav'*
rre*?nry -'atenient show* a lo** ?Ince October 30
it g3.st37.4ll m oath, a* win-li bbV7sw^BBI waa by
redacilou lu depiim* m y .monal bink*. The available
na anea ls redii.-e,i *rs.c,ou.H(i4 hy Hie addition to the
?., lu o.isn of 95.082,950 iransferrad to the rund for
redemption of BaCMaaJ b.ink note* surretwlere ;
Hint fund toeetu-r wttb -the 5 per cent
reserve fund now amounts to g?)|.l VI 59A
Hie Cold ba'anoe |? Increaaad gl.J'J-"i.l'' I
l.y an aceiimu ati ti nf tt-,(_|?( bullion sud rece.pt* In
sicest of new issues o *.7.'Pi.71 o eartirtcaie*. As there
wa* upward of + 1 n >..,,hmi ferried eonl I'.epnsned tn
th N-w-York A?say orri ?* durunr the week, lt follows
thai 'her* w-re some withdraw* s af gael
?oin. The leeai-ten ter na;-,nee was redu-ei ffTl.tSI
Sr a !<??* of BHUtZl "tn note, p us m ;t*nt of if lUD.OOO
rertitle ?te?. IhataBoarhtl nee. despite the we-kly nnr
?h i" "' 'cottle ' v In i (IJ0.0XI . Wis red.iee! gghl.SOl
nya os-o- fCT4,73H halllna pi as aa hawsa of fail
rert.fi.' iles,
- the results nf "itirlavs sfitmnent Maaai
pan-'i ?itii tims,- of ti,.- sula aval of
Oat :>. hage Baw, -J. UBJB Cheaeaa
mild coln sud bu!.1,
less , . rtlSc it- ,
sn telOO.IHHI.tKMI
I - not.- leas oar.
MU ca tea .. .
dal nank ii.n.s
....... ii
'"ll;,rs and
tltnai's 88.432.380
SSg.5S7.129 986,78X173 faa gl.S3S.19*
:io.t?H7 SOS
H. i'.C.T In
2,710,460 Doe,
9" l. ?*-.'!
in,.-in:i.iiin nee "2,:m:.m
8\.1H0,?C79 Dec. 981,SOI
Total* ... - $] ec. S3, 37.414
lirdiift for fntnls
tl.'!'', to reslni \ it
li '? notes, hst
tbe ft per cent
fund. so (?10. lt no 94,189,6*0 Inc 5.0^2.060
dei avail, halnnee. 9108,305.819 f.i" 406 958 Dee, g8.900.384
.Von ? IcajBl loa kw
eivareaMs 39.800 228 Dae. 137.107
Total balance .. H32.605, 184 tl Jii.ins.i.s.i Doc. 90,087.471
lue wsw-e', ?aaacas ol louts iep>sii.-i wi..i ibo
Tnt ed "in iTreaat. by rue Mariona! baahs were as
f.iiows: Pm * ennry nf bank note eleen . I on - Wt' h
? e w.i-. s>4. ...j,,, :t, . rtopoaltaoj, f247,790 4a aad
f6.VJ.200 4*3* For seeiii-v r a ilwpcalM -wnbeirawala
sooo.ooo il, .iep.stei. B50.000 ia aad 9450,.?. l's*.
ra* feature o' yesrerl y's nt.si SMMBMal was 'ie
sn..win/ ot $ Pi-., is) loss tu ra-B. That reflects move
men * of cutt, ney io tb- -sonni and SaaifewaaS lareer
i ban w?s anspeetrd. I: ia true thal the week's import* of
gi, ism rio, i gi,id nd not ra li Hie baOS* lill BB
Thiir-i.v anl K Idav, "O ibai that aaimin conn-ed as
univ 1-5 an* J-,', in fie week's aversee. But there waa
r-..s oi to sup. us.. ? hst ti,* rn,nut n.'.-au last ames with
gl.ooo.ooo move ease aa bang thaa wac atatod or the
averaee of weekend -<1 < ir'.Pi-r .'10. 1 lu-r-p.ir'ed InrraoM
i? ilepn.it* of gi,590,700 i* bu in.si* e it wdh
tbe ot uer eh m ces ad wi tu nie move u.- n ..' af " currency"
,a to rr.i ler futile sd stleiupl* to analyze lt on any
other by pcb ??:* Baa Mal Bf an errer In the statement.
S year aeo nie nan-,* la tn* sa ibs were losi idi.'.Mi '.Oin
n .. rn i I th* aa rp1 aa reserve wa* r- ? w-\ g3.0OO.0OO.
The foilowinu'coui;. i of yaaterdav'* ttatement
willi thone nf tbr rorrespotidlns dates af I MS amt 1 984
- soi aev - ;---, Nov a. isae.
Loans..finn. 87,900 S340.95H.IHM) 8340.991 mn
. ho IW ? I.non 77 i
la-eal lenders . Xi J so. 700 VC 7'.''.'.-<>0 18,'*42.wt0
(M-poatU. 817.Oft4.10n 880,768.4<O S5O.71"t.8O0
r:ri'ulatnm . 11900,208 1998.909 9,178.909
Tb* follown; shrews the rel lUon between Hie total lOMCCC
Slid tbe unai ilepos.l lialiiili.es
10,242.0 o
$1)11.3 12.800
-peile . g8fl.18e.HnO rVt.stl.OOO
Lstsal-MBders. 1180 '? o 38,700.800
TaSslBaaarvs .4113.459,600 I M 44.700
? !, s, rv.- requited
?d.le;iiisit.s . 79.27Unas 98,199,100
hut-plus. . g34.lH6.428 935,452.900
,.T reserve
lade pearl 3.-.7H H-gg
1 In lattwalag s s.iturd.iy's statement In detail:
New York., 2.LUMMS)
2.1 0 .T'si
Manhattan Co..! H.. Ol.ono 2,103, OOO
Men bants' .... iee.'.-no
\,, . I m.. - .
America.,| .0.7:17.2is);
2, ".is.oiMi
I .
I ratlearoeu s...
tuts' Ki
itutcii ,t Dre.
laecb. ,t I. el.
I, rei ll*
Leather Mfrs
N Y..
. ..-nllieie,-.
M.-r'-a n
Pat die.
hepiinl.i -
? n.
Haiinvi ?
I lt '.ns .
- .
-I. N,ebola*
< urn Ktcli .
ulai ?
Oriental .M
lui|i. .? Trad.... 1st
r?rK . :: . ? ??
North KM er.. 1.8X ooo
Fast I'.lv-r. i,lM,i 00
i ourtii --.ii
i rntrn T.ihhi
Becood N .1 3,1 0.000
Ninth Sat.
Third N.il . _
.N'I Sa.
Bowery 2.si mni
N\ l oil .ly. 2.2*9,400
Uer tun : -. -,.m.siiii
, J...IMI
i.eruiiiii Kl
(irnuai ?
; .
Lilli on . .-- .mi
tsratxanl . 1 - ?
I ??> 8.729.SIO0
ll B.232.MIM)
3.0 SJ
:,. ,10 ism
_ nh
SM 1,301.500
l.o 4.209!
teuiler*. J_I)epoelt*.
.iiin.iMSi tf.690.000
ltn.iHio ;i.-.-j-_'.iiihi
502,300 c.'
3H4,INN) ti. I, -....si
:(n ikm) 2,001 OOO
27s.issi 11.5.17 in
140.200 3.209,700
62 '?"'
4O8.70O 31.1
184.100 .<. 17 "
8,243, OMI
2 JJ2 llHC
1,503.100 5.134.5O0
I 4.:'ft2.5o0i 1.2? ''""
,- ? nm
J.li,iii I.:
_ 8.17.IHH) _
1.887,400 l.lOi ?
1 07t.siM) Iftn.Mir) 4
37H."i?' .
12?. imi 2.482.300
39., "isl 139,800 3.891.400
U.'l?:t'.;tis), *u.7iH) lo.oi,a.lliH)
ft.i7.HMi 165,100 '-'. S3 ."i ll
st- 104.200 S.iMr
? 2.1 . '"il
621.1 SS)
21 Lone
275. .00
U'.Hi'O 5
125. no
il 12. loo
e4 -on
155,1 imi
ina simi
fte. -iM,
1.1 Its. 1O0
l.-ll., -'SI
'.71 'ilMI
2 7. i. ."ti Ml
82il, HS)
172... imi
;C2 immi
2.' S.VeJMI
.", Hf ..ono
22 .192,500
2.IH .'..doo
S,-I itt. I MM I
3 jun., un
. -.. 00
ll J,l .4. .IMI
U l.'iUS,
ii nm .
ill" el.
? 1- i ire lear itt ll "iso for
1 i.-nt -I iib.I . they
au;ee ai lue
tile we 1 present a.. -??? -.-_
sniouiiied (for gee lars) to #110.000.000 nore than iu
tue preeeiti ... ares, # U tua SMM Oi (tock* at tae
.-tuc. . \ baueeftO, OO share* less niau la lue prece 1
ine we.-ii. (Yltb tue iinc< sale* '.)7i?,ib)U .e*s ; ban lu tbe
ween of :--,, too Bsaaaocas *?r? only "Ho.ooo.ooo
Tlie ttant ee. hanires st thc N.w Vork cieannir House and
Du- .. .e ?s (uki al ..e Newl ork Sue k Lxcuanec BK UM Weah
ul tuite y. al - . 11,0,1*1.- as to.,,,s,s
-- -Il 1. Ill- ? Nov e. MOa> Nov 7. 1888, Nov .
hi bausi-i .. 9477.210,808 9776,4l( I Olt.028
.N.i. soar- -i soi,!. ,909 -2,n-'J.2-ll 1,711.069
. be in ney m ,rael Uti BOS worn as easily dunne '.ha
w. .>B a* wa* autio,pated aud ra e? for c Ul lc ins ?verae*
aiiov* 111,1 0--S1 nm i. w tb eicep .out al 109 13 per
cn.1. Ibis was pr.ur pa.,y due lu lue wide distriuuliun
iioiincat 1 .v-s ms, tor imaresi aud Cinda aaa, of
f..is w 1 .-., ,, r asst boca loaactt M the wtrseL But
lue sun ii mu wa- a_'.r iva;- 1 hp some man: (m.a (lons to
Oolam he 1 .ales and lu arfeet th* (tock speen.allon.
ina ard tue elna*. however, au easier tens
pi evened ..ul 8 par cent was the continua
r 1 ?-. Ihe upward of rl.D'Sl.OiSi auld aruved
jeaierUy Will re.?! , inaoanes uj lue* lac or Wednes?
day and 1.ia a is .rpi,on nv the Ireaaurv of 111 .ney
IbroUx-ii t ne 1 ,si iii lion** ?a.,md no* be on ; he de?
cline. Hie prospects (or MC rein (lader of tue year are
favorsnie or easy money at fair rates.
lue were in e .ri ?erciai and mercantile elrces pr<
seins ni.e or BatSli K aalliue lor ooiuiueut. lu many
nr?n. bes it * now b-tween (camms and inactiviiy is ex?
pel ed. Kiec'.,ons |a ev.ry ('oiieretslotia ills: net in tbs
e oi.nry (aa* one eeneiai holiday abd iniereat in me re
? ull was not W IBtlUI some luflueuCes ou til* liausactions
fur lue re,?aiuier nf ibe week. lu the
retail deparimeiiu uuuRu.iliy warm westuer ba* po*t
poued unniMin and elven lo trade a temporary
ipi enid". Our brradsiuffs sun rule low, bul ibe aiave
menis sr* laree srni ihseinorls aoiinnua lo be ni IO
sp, Cta.ne nuaut.t es willi erowiua' prospects uf free.er
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^mr ? ' iron and steei
ie s lu the heir
iuiui? o?i'iie ,u? opposition ot a isw of ihe prier I pal
u.ai.ei*. lu auiuiaune cuai lhere i* *ome accuiuUialluu
-" ??*????- -ij?a ??,i ror , 0rm prices are shaded.
OClVlty 1 ' nie tai ire. lbs demands fo
SN 111 1 Kroanna- au 1 prouiise buber pr
Hlliire de?pii* tu* iippqaHlBM of a few
Utaaers. In auiuraune coal lhere ia mu
nf tue donie*tlc .ii.-s sud tor them prices sn ?u?u
bm all other sums are swig sliest and prices are tiru.
Al MC ""men Kxciianea mare wera dun and irreeu
market*, bm wita an undarnsto of ?tr*ne h wnicn ..
sis;*.l ail influsiius* and . (lott* to create distrust
and mark any aeriou* dsellue In Calooa.
Tbs business m stoca* for ttve days (1,711,o'**
sharesi waa only 57.0ISJ es* than ler tue prece nue full
w.i-i. foe Week u,iei.ed w.tn a buoyaui tune and ou
M inlay th'-r* wa* a general advauee an a,one thc Lue.
A ler eiactlou Lui,dun was s cunsulerable sei.er of
so es I sb rt fr?,n (l)l, t|l(a al le,, uy ennui ruts lu tue
L niun paper* mae iBsd tbeiiLporlauoe af Mr. Georas's
taree vut.. and pr.manly did creal* au uneasy leel.ue
turra H il our nurtai eaaltV anaorn.-d Hie orlerlue*
wiiulii a *maii ranee of d*al!u?*. Tina lad not ou.y do
yr.oped tu* iiruail ctiai|i',rr uf our tuarkat Hut lt also
i- B.-ned ibe oacelto ie nf our "cousins," au that they
decided thai the ta*l wu nut yet, and cassed tu nell, ll
B?w apiMsrs tuai a eood deal ur tbe
te.line, un Ws.iuesday and Thursday was
f,.r scrount^ of h.ima "*l.,,rt?" a* well aa fur Lon?
don ?? uulir," The reiurua uf railroad earulue* for Oates
Pdr are Dow Bevan* uomplMled, and ibey maka bailer
CoiH|iail*ou* wna lbs month of l*rl5 man il wa* rea
(,, alt la lo expert ttj-y would, wliru lt wa* remembered
what ihe min,.,rue a Oaure* Were with walch lbs eoiu
p.ri-ous Wer.- lu be made. *oui* uf me
Viaslant road* will labor under lue same aiaadvaoia^e
B their cuinpan.ons for tbe first two week* of Bacala
n,.r l>e*piie .se adverae iii nuances, which ineiuuea the
p.ek-rs' sirke st CaMSaTa. tbs market general.y
,!,.-( 8nal eatus fur tao woek. sud uo *i?
ullicant dee.tue*. Th* *ubJoiued labia ?ufuc*ii.iy
.pnw* whare tbe setlvity wa* aud ib* principal aOaasaa
?, figures as a ru.e put the luweat neurea down io
lburstiay auu the hieb.si, where uoi Iha tli.a-, mir.
aay or saniriay.
ejabjoliiisl ls onr usual uble el vine the hiehest. lowest and
Dual ,,r..esaii.l number ol share* *"lil !or the week, t.oieiii.r
antb the baal prteos of a we* seo nf Bfty-fonr a?-liv<
r, ..nial.ve *Uvcl.a, prell*?l hy USIeloaiiiK V'-1 e? ?' -Nu
7, l?aa.
Allan ,t l-.cn.
, a.. I'*'"" ,
i anetta -outii
l n.llal .11 M
1 . ul I ,c ihe
Che* * <? 1 si pr..,
? im M .t -' 1
, i,i. sn' aao,
i-Hl? 1'a.ih.
c nv A Tot
Del lac 4 W
Drl A Hudson
Dearer 4 kl
K T new'Jd pr-f.
rn arena * ben.
I sk.?
laitn* A \ Mk
Manliattan ('on.
M- in .1 ("har
Mich ('mu,.!
M.. Kan * Tel ..
Mo Pat-tar .
fl i hal I
Nrw Vork ' fut..
N Y C .? -i i.
BT I.K 4 W . ..
V v 8 A W pref
Nor .*? vv ..rr
n..i Partae
? flcpif.
Otoo Booth _
? fi-ana
'tr R '.
' iregon Tran*
I' He. ,v Kv ....
rtiii .? ::? id
Unii .* w ct
Ptl .?. -Kprr
.-st dui *T)ul.
Bl !' M A M
Tl' trust r. ts.
timm l-l. itt.
Web pr aat pd
tun lia* lui
Col Coal .t ina
I run i ..al 4 I.
I'll.ia Gai
Hale* of
__ Tutu 1 lilarea sold ror the w.-ek
The following w.-n- BakBIBBJ"! .notations for nnllatnl ae
? stock.
Doa H 1st mtg
De laroma
im ' U ;-t mtg
..l.l V
Do in onie
(III ( n
Bob Bari 4 Krte
? k ...
De .'..-..id
Ii ll .. K Trust
stamped ateek
I! ll l'.t VV .-Ik....
Bk Ivii Kl il ll ,11
Do 2d.
Den 4 R
Itu V - I rel
Den r.io (iranda 4
VI -?l .
(lee I'... ito. k.
[t.t Isl 0 per c X
Bb!. Ask.al.
K.elr Motor
Bel . un Nal
? mtg
Noi Pac dividend
I'll 'Jil*
Nt trli Rim i un
leo percent.
k, 1* (I I lilt. I.IV. I III
>? ' vidon lit mfg
it.n lr-! t crt
. , I p ii 4 Danville
18 18 l-l . nt li
91 !.?_?-? R|, Vork Hiv A
- \ .
104 t-i mr, Mun I. 'i.i sunk
-ti ' Do 1-' n.t- boa
I Jos A t.i ami I
4 -
99-n KU
_ --
1.1 I
II.mlei-oii Brulga
Slut k
la. '...mt V
M _ .t I un nme
n np.
lat Income X 70. 73
si I. Ark .. 1 stork 21-a ..
lt in |Vlt k-hurg 4 Me
110 i rulian. fo. ..
iii1* fri-el Dopref . 7-_ ..
I de 1st mtg. !>4
De Bl mtg . .".:(
Ho Da ????? .?- 14'a ..
Vlrg ma Mitilatitl
7'-'_ 71 I (i* mc lela. $S*B HA',
The tiilsinees of the we*k tn mining atBBBB outside of
thr dra lags in tile ( o ustoi k snare* was dui. a tl feal
urrleaa. The Balee at tne Un *?( uei "tock sui
Pr'r,.|rti'n Exchange a.'--re.'*ted 70,115 share* |of whp-h
Iii,oisi seana were -*u raTannel) a.amat lOil.'-oO aa-re*
f.-r in-|irec?iln gw-e*. -utro ruled ateetly at l.( a. 1 "ireuti
ami Blester] ai l-l bob *, BBaieel ?n,-i up to -Ju cent* le
til* preceding wa-*k. The other ( ornaincks, how?
ever. coiiiniatiile<| lilgnrr figure*, sui < on?
ana.lated (.'.t.lforni i sn 1 V rg.nia rise from *F7 'ia io
911. Hie pu1 stied reports fam 'h-Consoil'lsteil C'all
Ittrniaa d Virginia routiniied to br of a favora.ilr i-tiar
a. ter ; the latr*t w? .'? report giver i,ilpili sits to the
Morita i Mill of 1.042 tun* af mm, viluettat p-B M per
ton, ani 1,417 tons io the Karaka Mill, va. und et -*.;l tl
per toil.
a..-T>*t. Nov. t;. nu
A4 Top 1st lt..
A 4 Top R lt...
Huston >t Altta'y
Heel ?? Via.ne...
I lin Hurling A
(in --an B i 'lev.
I- astern II lt. ..
1 .utter*.! lt lt Hs.
Flint 4 Teri' \I
Flint 4 P M pM
I. ll 4 lt rs.
Mri Ceri i-ii'ii. .
Mexican l eniral
H.uni "-.'lin_
Mexican ? eotr
ls! Mer linn.la
N Yat N Euri..
N V a N hg Tv
.nv .
rtav T.
124 i.
inti "r
22 -a
. -0 s,
i-.l iv
1 IM .
140 li
o-r!. 4 L i 'ia;ii
plaln. turu....
Itutland emil_
A H it-lit rt B
>V is ( ent il R
nhl .
Alliniez Min Co.
lae wi.
Calom't 4 Hecla
i .
' lliinm.
i .
: Pewabio(new)..
lie-ton Land ...
H itel I
Tamara, k.
Uy. T.
2 .
14 .
IA ?_
2 .
Tue Hon ibol'lers' Co ninnies of tua Denver snt Kio
Graiple Hal.way Companr gives notice thst the I -
**t..ie? 1'rusi (Joinpsny wi 1 deliver on sud sfter Mondsv.
tlir 1,'k i inst., against their cert-Hames for Denver eui
Kio (.randa Kailwar OeBIBBBf tirst mortgage consoli
ilat?l 7 per cen- lion's anl Pea Bel ead KloUrsn'te
KsliwsyC.pan r's .-stirrat inoi'g iga boinia th" new
4 i?t crnt tlrst aaaaa blared won .ag-* beatie and ardon
upon tlie new eu tipauv for the prefrrred stock, rece.v
ab.e therefor nader mr p,an ur re irraa /..v.ou.
chick; i *M) ai.ri*..
1884. Iss.-,
Number of mlle!. IMS
Foarth work ta Oet... 8211.4 I *.l't4.i>l7
Jan. 1 toUcU di. 7,262,708
Nnmher or miles . 9.8B8 8,080
1-'mirth week in not... 64 14.'.Ht B4'-l.O-fl
ian. I ui'iel. Ul . 11,170,748 11,800,134
till v.:... BCBUX-Oro. AM. yt'INi V.
M.u.tti at-fpt.-tiiinr- 1884. 1--'.
(irons earnings . fl" ~ tu
t.p. ill : -
N.-t earning*.. *.. W...21 $1,490,832 tl. lr.).:.Ai I
Jannitrv 1 lo bau tem ber lin
--'..' 080.110 $10.32 r-ti'A
Operating expenses.. 8.7-9.732 lO,ttuO.4O0 10.ltfl.lb7
Bat fartmealba $-*.7iii.lo.i $8,449,734 $0,136,078
MoBtbof-aptaiBbar- 1MB
4.210 1.258 4,478
I_.t86.i2il $6.51* 12.517
Nu ibero! rn lea.
0perming ex] ?.
Net e*mini_*. 81.2_O,>03 81.183.8ll 0011.081
Jan. I io Hepteaiber 30?
I 74 1 $18,378.77? $18
Operating ex, ?
Nit for ll ?!
11,177.908 11.884.137 1
t7,i'9ii.. - ii $(-,140,341
I,r,irtn". Nuv $-.12:30 ;>. e_?Oonooie, 101 1-16 for mnney
and lol 3-1 ti -tr mr aoeoont Atlantic ant lirsal Wemtmrn
first Mortgage "trustees' i'ertiar_taa, $2. Caaadlaa Pa
- -. .ni-...? ... 11 anira - ,
Helical rn ...ni :r ?. Mew-York
Central, iii.". Pen , .?_..?*.
2 p m. --' an . . B SOI unii < .mao's, 105;
Mex..an Ordinary .!--.? Nee ^ or* i antral, r.o ?*.
lui - a.lt i.e* ,, mile 1 lu -e .'.?: . err .leutes al -'-' francs
B2.oentimer for tba account, ead Lxciiaugtr) ou Lom .un at
'io irani.* il I'truliiiicD tor cbarga
BBW-TOBK. ^atuntav, Nov. ti -f'KKVF.S-I.ereipls wrn-tU
cars ol 987 hca.i 54 cars at '.mb st. au ' 7 ears tl Jersey i itv.
Total for the week 10, B7 bead igainsl 10.129 head last week.
. tiuan riir.TKl 44 . .riii-ds. -irru 4 Meuner in cars.
ami Hcbwartaclilld 4 Hulxb. . * Pw i ran were Ior
Hie ii ar.et. Nu Hade n Live i utile. Fee,mg nrm.
I leece to-do] coodrnu tba report lhat Ar
h.- ur s :.ee; k.'l.-r- have Joined tlie *11 ..
i ALVB8?flo irreb arrlvala wortb utit.ug. Feeling a tr.tle
flrtn al; aronn'i. gu..tatum* nominally un. r;..n^.-,!.
-UK 1* AND LAMB-?Reeeipta w, re S7 car* of B.28S
brad? 17 carr at 80tb-a- and 10 rare at Janel i t_r Total fur
Uie week il. -'-'.! l.em! agains! (. ,4 77, lira.I las! ?0-k.
Demeod active and pen* well deere liefon ll o'clock.
I sap eera ??. ,< ..giui w.-,:.nu,un needy, Ueod
Lem ba wan nrm with roma lew .-a..- ol laua.usat luMh.-r
fl ru res.
iin'.iiiarv to t...o! Bheep sold nt A _./ 4 -.-c; Common to .
Pr nu' l.aiuti* at 5'i-ii .c. and '.' curs of (.ana-la stock at
ti s_...
- Newt.n 4 Oil len ?-"."' r .neda Lamba, BS tn. at 8*aei
207 ' Ino -tn e,,. e2 lb. at 4'aC Tl vv. st. ru du. sj rt), at $.. Mi
ievr , auiliai, 7" 17, al 4c.
N PhlcO I 120 i anana Lanih*. 7$ IB. at 6_r, Ul
Vira 'n.i ''a'. 82 B, at ii ,i ?!' VU 4 rb at 4-*c.
dud,i.t Buckingham 828 Ohio isbeep, 77 B. at $368. 128
. ^j de. 07 m. at ti Air .ni Kentucky Lambs, ol fb, ;
at ft "ac
j v. -baner 4 I a 210 Obie --heep, tm rt,, uti _.-. 206 Ken- I
tip ky o, 93 ri), al 4c : M7'.i do, lol ib, at $1 20.
Ila. enbeck A Lavis ir-.i Otele la li*. 77. ttl. at'' ,
tin. Tl m. etti'.c: 7'J'lti. DI tb ai 8c 193 I Boadado, 98 - -i
, tm N..i Hiern C*na... i tb. at
. .to. 77 :r>. ,.t t. -? '.7 -ia ? bheep.97 B. at ?l-'ic ll
tin. ll! rs. at 4. 9 Northern (ana. ia iUx HOB. al
Home 4 Mallen 29 -ui.' Lambs, 77 a.et Bte 640*74
! do, 7:1 rn, al 6e, 160 00, 67 m. at .''4t' loa do,
. A rt, al .1 re: 7- .10, .'.7 fd. al IW .'. -ute -li.ep, lui 16, at
4. 4 7 ?. -' ti B. el d1-..'.
idlicnhaik .1 Dewey .40 btata -sana 78 IB. al
309 t anaila du, 76 a. alu 41. 67 W eaten Bbeep. Ul IB, at
OB,et: -ir. 2 do, BO rt, at ic. noSOtatedo,
mi m. <t 8%bi 11 do. 106 m it
ll ,,- krcelpta ?.-r.- 26 tars nf 3,376 rn-svi! 34 cara at
Itr and 2 cara at40tb-at Total lor tba erek
bead, against 49,311 brad :.i-t wert. M.iik-t dalia .
lower. ' on mun tn 1.! ! Ira 11 h..s may ba tinnU'd at 4'.*
i -.,- anti Plga aa blab a? tr.
Helei I u. >niiih 7n Obie Ben 178 ffi. at IV 5
Bongha i-?4 m. st i'm; 2 -tags, lia m. at :w. in out*
I'm 71 IB, at Ii?
i.i VE -"TOCK TstAI-KKrs nv rSCBOBaPK
BOPPAIlO Nov. n -cmttle? lleceipf* BB* M tiotir?
lira-1 total for wrek thus tar. 12035 icait for lame Urns last
w.r* 11080 head. 'Iirttugii ioii*!gnineut* i.A nn H
New-Ton. 101 .tBliirs on -. . , aai and uiicii_n.;eil.
Wean htt ttv.r
Mieen?llereiltta sst 'J4 liotirs. (.'.'no lien! total fer wrrl
thus!.ir til, 10X1 aea.1 Inr sainr tune iaat ststl. io "tai !.ra.t
conaignnl ibmugli. .'. car* ell u. .Vrelurn ll carr Ior alee.
1 * ul a im h al e t auail?ll I am hs --Ins u _<! ? Ba;
Medina to i.i??!, ti -..a?.i7". , Kxtra, M
?4 21'ai, '.'J. ' aii.utuiu Lauibs
All ufft-rln-s taken at ??'' ia'.;*.. 'Ml ___._?_.
i/oga-Lecrtpt laal V4 hours. 10208 henl tun tri weeb thni
far ... i lira.. Ior sante '.mir laat week. 87.800 heSil iou
?i-Tiru through. 71! cai -. ut tTtin-ii 4" lo New . uri. OJ Can Ior
_iu,,i_r-.-t ioiver ...?..'!., 1- un Ughl Pigs. $3 Rna$4 10
r.-Hl !. t vr. Melntnl Yorker- *M 11.-64 15; eelect... Ma
diuiu n>lrbts,ra loal. 161 loarre Murd Urary Luua,
Oed oar n ..ai.-I.-;e...i.'.. Mi cen lett eran
cutcatio. Ber. t^?The Irr-ter, jnurnmt reports
RecetplA. ten neail shipment*. 700l inarkel sirailv. Hbip
pmg ntraial.l ("rK k" Mo. Xt-rs ai.il . nailer-, a: 5i'ia?3.iti:
lows Huila aim alua.!. *i _ tfj_ .',. Kulk, ll 75ae'.' -'a:
UirtiUlll. lila* i *;ti.. lui I..--. 03-Oa03-6 r-leers,
l. ...at..mt. vveniem Reagen lower; >atives sun iiaif
Breeda a3 00*03 7ft Cowa. i2 lOd'J 9U. "AUitciwI tOBHWg
? 4:! 15.
noa*? i-eceipta. $8,000 bead ?BBaaaaaa 8.00B msrkrt
]"? i h..unii inti xi .__,-, ?, _??., ., i-ai'klnr and niuo
ping. 03 ruin tMi Kighi vv aigbta, sd ai aaa 90 . "kips, gi U
av.. ....
tineen? H.sreittts. J'J .*>>. slupnienta 80B market dull:
Nan', i- - - vv.-i.in tn loan n-, 1 cu-i a- oo
Bsa no lamb*. *?:( i-nn*. _?._.
bt. ixiiia. Bar. 1 naair Baaaajaa ft.iK?thred: shin
rtui.t*. Beea i mam-- i I hi nee Nsti?
? i | -. . i,ui?!irrs tslrer*. ea ina?4 la
I ? ?' '
./?'.i-ltecrtpta l mm Ima.! .liipe nits, si*) market strong.
( ii.uie Hnvv imi Htucl.rr* 08 9*iBB40iVi Faciiug. ml 65
a* ? . ... I ms t- .una.' .a.
sheen KcK-eiuia. Ital t.na.! ab.unn ula. uuue . market nun t,
t oiiiinoii ui astra, ll nunn lu
i \V eaiern
nivalicisl l.ltBJftC
ErnoPEA?? P-bOBBOa -iiikst*.
L"S!) ).r. Nov rt.?PriMtuce-Llliai-e.1 Oil. fill 5s.od. ?*20
10s. od. per toa Qetoutia Liana i. 40a, m. i*-r iiuart.r; Uu
seeiK.'sk-. gu I..a isl. per nm. ite .luau i'.iii-mu.u. a ? mo.
ai ',1 it.iL per u.m Hpuits ot 1 urir-utine. 2on nd. oar
mt. -piriiu ju. A.'el i?*r liiu. itosiu?CoauBUB. 'la, 7'-al. per
cwt., Cain. (ls. (kl. il Ha n.t. I'r.tt'i,i.n , Kant, MB Oil- (mr
cwt.rutAiiirri.au. .ugar? 12s. on. per cwt. tor cube ( au
lurugat i*.iain.ng iV. amt lia. 'Jil. milt. IKL lol ll usc., v ado
lair loUuing ailuaU AusUaUau ImLol-littat, -4a. Ud-B-vO
Sd.; Mutton. 37a Od *2fl*. M. rocoanat Oti-OeyWa. atgg
Sa.: ('nebia. JtJtiOa. Amnricaa Retn*xraied Oatt. to Jd. foe
hiu ?! ipi arter* aad ls. na tor foi-- , iar- rs per Se bf Ma
AtTWBOP. Inv. 6.?Petroleum?Pin* !??!* American, lg
trams | eeo tl mea naMLaod litmus tl reuti'Oeo ?ellar*
wiioux'i L*r i closed sa sd ma ? Weean cm joe lui kiiea,
Ursaruot. Mtv 8 -Pro na tam?Bte, ea. i;am esriau i i: iv
i-ons'-Hetr Mi Idiot. 17s.-it. sti.trt Clear Middlas.
37*. rid.: Snort Kibe. .Wa. 8.1. Shoulders. 000,01 oar ewt, Sae!
8-s. 8,1. foi r.tlrt iud.a Hist Frluie I .. . * , s. ?! L form?
Prime Mesa. Ula. dd. per bbl.. Prime Mea*. Bloaters.
6,'a.nd.. Weetara. 80a. Od. Lard-Amencan. 16s. f*ruaa Waa*.
ern. .1 ?*. lid., lard Oat, 99*. -*L ff ITT ' ? - Coi, Sis. (HU
Shoulder*. .Lt*. OH. nutter?fit*, ms. sot. i ? t-lorSoeet (J ni tag
Htitos. llieesa?American (bone.. ,Ha. art. Wheal?Ked
aestero ftpruie. 8*. Ssl. ct la. ii Nt. Keti Wmtar. 8a. Td. O
6*. *L lier cen lal .New Ba, I Obiter. ?*. ssjd.. do. Ha, 4
spriu. .ls. -st. .?*.? unr.1 Weetara, lt. *.!.. lanTorato .Va.
1. 8s. I ul. *7s. Ntl do. <f? 8, Js.t; l. (tis. s L ter rsi titi. Pro.
duce?,-suinu if riresiitiiie. 27s. 11 t, at |?? |.,n tfo. '1st.
p-r -ar. Ke?,ned Petr ile i n. il 3-1 Sst .sr ri'. iL'lsTsr Haed
Anericait eb-l. ttK nar cwt. Tali.*-Ik .m. mm* ewt_
I-nie American *\K IL i'ritne Itv. J la Sd. nar awe
Rosin?? ..ramon. ita. 94U Ptlc Us -t i.-/> ?*. lt Linsestd BK
2-s.n. ,? Tt |?rtvisions- t oscleaa lefrigeratal Hast.
hind .|ttarter*. i ',.!.. tope miners, t ,j. |MH- ,, Hops st Loo
?Mo?Kaw York Slate, t.t sa o.t. *e.i ida. od. Coltoasaad aO,
Liverpool make, dun al Iii*, isl.
FKvrt'RRsop <Bc7>TOfsoi npiAf.rvao,
There wa* plenty of th* nsnai saturn" tv dulnese In laot
ftainnhtr s eram inarkei* If Ute HilM-rni.it.isin uiav ita pertooal
- in fa. I'nore tfitttiao pirate I brokers tua operators, utily
narrow tl n-tuaiion* occurred hat h.were ta tit* direr tioo
of bett-r value* Mo new feature, r.ovever. ran rt* mea.
tinned. VV.ieai enema so ow thai tue t><-trt are not offeaeivo
t.-rone'i fear of over machine tln-ras.-lvst tint the bulla aro
only able tn stand np aeatnst the depressing ta a a euee* of lita;
supplies and a tame demand in tba tomeo
in urkrta. Tlie only elemoat thai SDpeora ta ha wi tata
tbe iwrisihilttv of beawartas sn BMOoaeo i. the unele in Kum
|M un [et Hie*. War or rumors sf war ni iv (1 vr sn .inpulse to
an upw.ird no em, nt but even when on ? sui ? soda ia celling
? iv t ie fra.1i' ? tissue I to rea it . .inila.
. -i.tr.sl a CBiaCl , . eui W.lh eire.Hers i,tiring
? isteis. rhaaaVaa oslo tooonttoat *voneoa9aa^M
'??, 't crin and the close a j- , n arm.
patlii/.-.t ?-? th Hie slightly te mr ? npaf o' wheat and s sit lats
fumed ?t/'.j.enl. thonrh shui|.cr< tonk oaly loisst iiishels.
N.vein..er optKoi* seore.1 s rain af ', ''Ot fai.uary wig
nncanreit amt M* t.tlier nu.id SI only s trifle
i lal* a. ored a shaite Ol an nitpiovesnenl. but wera
? rtu.illy stagnant. Tlie provision "imrki-t. w- re .trprrasrd Ito
- .. aa improvement ;u mr sti ka at l htraao, winch ft
cn .e-l would start pan kind afresh. Liri tor cxi*?rt Va* dull
aud tbe options sofftos doebaeoof Be 12 p?toia,
\ inien.l, .t .ire the rtnal figures lor opt
U l.e.ti Novriiib'-r sit',. f) see bi ber -...,. January 87, Faa
marv xs ? Apr i ul H JI.it 99 '. c. nus.
lom .No\euile-r lt, is,-ember 17. Jan ia rv 48. May 50Sj
cen ta.
\"ovi intK-r .fJ's. Deceutier .itv January 34 V May
ic 4 i. uta.
I,int Noveniier ?ii;?. Deeaaibar +'117. January 8* ofa.
Fetiru.irv (ttl 99, March 99 42. I'.r r- ar gt
reeeiptae nala aad Soar on -.iiuii.t at New Tort.
- Itlna ila.'tlHiiire ind Hosp, , w> re .is follows : W ,ett,
- bushels ern 322.873 toahel* -tats 149.T71 bush.
e;? total grata Mm Mi tmshe ? boai sj.",* ti* r*i?. ai
Uwaake* inc; *t. i sods iha arv tu were CThaagj
boahol.ra. 230.987 baaHels ....?*. : i7..iJ4 baahalaj
da, 621,877 bushels; flour. 39 OOH ariela.
OaiCaaa, Nov. 7 pSJoeeni/,.?January path opened yester
d.iy at flt) 1?. 20 cents a ttarrel un ter Ute |.nee atone tlmeoa
1 'un the aSBBOM ai tin- BM I va- s waa conatrtrred
th-'votsti. and soid itown toflO. BThaal apaaod flrnier thoa
sim riitecrert. Tits fact thai I the .!?" -o il on th*
c irn ..t 71 >t ? ents tor Deccratter showH the weak feeling, bul
Immediately after the open,ne DaCBMBsCsaBl st 74 i4 cenco
mik nu it clear that the sale of tlie.e e^lts might not bea
pr".H.,tm- 11-ihsact en. Iluti tiiuson was nOBSMl WMh .ar-y
ine about l.ieel ss) bue'iels 01 ? . euron! was
another larec buyer, takinp In om- ... StO.OQO a-hrisfroai
? air. The market w.ta strone ail the ses-mn within an ea
.. ? -.: i.l'Iv ..hort range. Vt ith.n au hour it (Bead st "IV/ ~**t
coota sad .t rjaaoo at lo'elock ?I "4 - .enta lu turu th*
p Ice Weat efl Ki ? .nt a linshel. The. ar sra np to 1 o'eha-g
vs,-ie 'or 211 IMKI hube:* of cur!'. J 1,1 O'I bllshe.s of WleKll
an ftit.il tn li natl ula sf Missel ie* cloae st 1 w'aMeh wa* ?t
n's '.,r I ts ember wheat. 42 '/ 12 - '.-lita for May cora
ann-flo 02 v for January p?irk put-on Mir.ont 41 r. crnla,
M iv cm 42 i, c.-iiim ti ce ;.te :..r to nae 119 car* of
.ii at - ti ? oi ti ai.it 97 oars al sots pata aa Da *M'
*t Tt-snTli. ceiita. eas.* on DeeoioaoC wheal 74 sj
-*> -
BAi.TiJioita. Nov. ?.?fotuni I'i'l. triittiie. Se. Ptoor
st,-....v Howard "ireetaud A'-stera -.i,e-r. T2 25 0S2 86. ia.
Lxtra. S2 7.i*-.l ni lo. r. - -ii 'itv Mills
ou,,er. V2 Jj aaa78 da Kxtra. S3-M) sn ,', ie. Kio Urania.
a-s - t r 1 l.' 'at mt,,i '. i.,,\ |) o i - i i rlalive I'sie i?.
4.', ,5. Wheat?isoutiiern-U'titv 07selsea all -souUiero
ila. Aimer. MOM Nu. I Brasasca a .n.
ler Reit pimiU el s,? sj'4i... Voveaobal - IMBOM
,i ? T ? lt ham tea v.
Western -le.i.tv -oiiiui'in While. 44 a tac, SO, I'oUow tte
a I ... H.-irrn Mned -|s.t 11 -. a i.e., Nov. 14 ?i?4'ma
lt. c. ii..;, lan., i .<i .. ? lal ??? mir. -ouineni,
no. Mum. 81oS2? live sieaoy at 5i<rS7c Hay?Primo
to Chela* Western 81 ilsaiTy Jle*a
pork, ti i..it iiiiiii ..- clear tub
4i.. Hains, Li , t ... ? . "-.c. Mutter
?Western Paeked, 16* - I :?.. - - ?: ??. K^ga. -1
mi.e Petroleum?Pel topior?kaSead. I0**#
lOSaO, Whisker. 11 ... <r -r 1 24. l-re.,:, - to Liverpool we*
st.-., ,er-i ot.oi*. 7-.--.!.. Floor. 1-. id -'- .iruii t ,'C
I'.i-t i lid-? I- loin. .->.' <?it ithis.. * teat I im. bush., (.'oro.
loali. nat- 1.000 usti Ri *sj usn. -tupmeiita
? Flour. 21 imi uuls . - -i iu**.
- -Vlieat. llrfllOO busn. i urn ll.'MSi Inlsn.
,. .,,, ,i-r , i latel ralaru saoaceaa f2 86
C Jil Li Kxtra.S3 0o<t?.j jo; patent -ur:,.- itieita. at 7iO
?600 l'it" it >V. iler Vi i,i lll.l;, . ol u? >tea nar
yellow, io-ii., ateossar Mikol .-.. ? mia Mo, 'tala?
No.2 Wiiite. 31 jc. Nu. I Watta 86 r- sbofta oed MtsM n
anchangoe. Provimou. stoolv Battai? - , ter.-.
27 i j.... Eaao?Basatwo Kiir.is. i. ii,-, en, ts te
UM week? Flour. j.oiMi hms.. ll.'too saces oca,
tr,. HM) luish.. Dals. 34'Msi n-it i -hort- "ii.
i .m. Nov ii -Kin ir -.teadv I'hitice Winier cTgaal
|4 UOB430 -i|iriu2 Wbaoi, - Vliunewico
Bakers. SS JO 09410 Pats -i . . n Low ura-kta
?1 ,"jatJ '.i. f% nour?Vi :.nt. li it .tnt. vs oaal
No. 2 si i-tue r.', / o. No. , . ,. . su.
2 lien ,.) y. Patons rt ia > .. .',4,.. riosiag
.e. .. Tl ?_.. I, . . ? al , a c.. J..U. 7. a ,- ,
closing at 7i c. May, si t lt al m. I ora
No j .I.. ,?. . ans* Nov., ???>? .? kise^ ?.iis.ua at
t?<4J7vc? _lo*inii al ,c? J.,n J a)
87 (Sa closiug al J', c. ... ? :.t ol
Bl icafe N j -?
...?iue at 2..Sa-.. Do,-. 2 a. (Ct, eiu*tiig at
J '.. lau.. 2-. -?2- ,. _ .loeiiu at ....... lay. ? .a
i live SIlMMl > arlev ?
Nu. -'. 53b Kial a*wl? Nu. L. .? .. g Meas t-,,rt
?? .1'WJII .,'?
? - .?? al ti) 22l?
January t.o 16991U 15, dosing al *. ..j-.. Lam Lesa
I ht. t-.i.cj.i - - t et 96 S. Ss lissa,
?.i 1)3 -. i 86 J2-t, i-lo-in. .i t , -7 -. i ,n * . t -a
? ?,. ?ii..ri it, s .. .. . . ! aeaia?
salted Bhoaltlofa?*.. ."-jij 21 -.'.n. v
?i tu eau to, A'oiMtay ll ll our. .-.lajg
? h "at. ??? sst i.usli.. i or:i . . . on nish. ns.a
;i i.ooo i sj ? aaa, sn,i>
monta?Flour, 8,009 bolo. v, .-au -I. ?si boah. ? oru,
102.OIMI uu.iu.. nat*. Ltoo.issj .jai.i.. nye. 2.ooo i... . ,.
nt walo. Nov. ii - . i ir -n (Sisi - aa
illar. NoritttSni Pac.li.. - - io . .. I itat. sn .j,-. >^
" ..... .....m. ....... ,i Hi - . so. -, tlsjo:
No. J ie..ow. tte. Utto-Na J vi u.ta. ->t,.. No,
. il ie.;, .in ,c. lanai irelgbts ?Wheat, ii., cora
8CS Keirihte? Flour. ..-.issi ni s vi ,,-,,. 1^4 imwi liu(n,
.1- - .. ... ? . ...s ?w ... ,,t. l.t..i**icesei
Lora. 103,000 bum., i sriej ? . - .<? thxwmmmtt
? 1,1...1. bu,* Whoot, SIjOOO uoso. -ii .1. i-t..i.?. ituao.
ClSiil-SSAl'l. Nov o.-r.o.u uv rt . 1 .1 ll),
rainy io nn?od so vt neal .... . i.e.: ua
ceittla. 2. imi .nish.. BhlMaaati I Ma ha 3
M.xeu. .*?. , a 7c. nye?N... 2. .i, -.-.. ..... .?? - * .. -jOj
rm*. *?.' j-* Laid, so ou Bulk eat* wuauMsta 99 91
Boori Kins. *?? i ?. Booou --ni ii era. r7 .o - mr; Hj e\
i abort< lear ?r ?. w/a ?a?r --1.-1 ti ?i u llaag
?i ..ii.mo:, ami Lient I 194 .'*.?, j tin taaSffMgl
, .j l.Mtnuis 4.0OO head MUpweOta 7T9 ?? t.L
iieiROir. Nov. b.-wiieat?N'.i. 1 Ante rash 7u-_s'. sod
Michigan Ked coM To v.. Ne 'i Roe 7n->;.. ?.aaa.
.\..\ . "c. I.e... 77'?e. May -?? :- !'? it* 4H-ilii uiiaA;
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Nov. T2-V:.. Dee, 72??C ' -r -rn Na 2. Js\
liats?No. & 890. Ivye-No. i. 89a Haney?No. 2. i. t*w
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8.000 ubia. Wheat 13.000 BOsB.I Corn. 1 J.'Stn bush. < at*.
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Creamery. 24g2.-.o.; Dairy. 12a-Joe. l.^a? 1 c Flax
tu.. Hay?Timothy, ttl >o. I'rure. s7 a Bran?.lido, M
mill, .om Meal. SI oft. Vt blakey, tl Ll. lura, to 7k
bulk Meats?laius Clear. *5 NO; HI irt Ktba So so Short
Clear. *>i Ufs, lani. %t< '.?). tiers-iota F.our t.iSS) blUa.;
Wheat. 2i .!**> until, turu. 1TS.00U buen., OOM It.isNt mi*a
Kye. 2,uoo buan.. Harley. 9.000 jusIl Miiyuieuta?FtooS
6,000 t.tils. W heal. 11,issi hush. iori. 4.OOO bualL. i)a*o>
2.0O0 bualL. Kye. 2O00 uar.ey uona
Tulkho, Nov. &-Wheat dud. ? aah T7c. aod Nao.
77.. Doc. Th,-. Jan. 7l)i?c . May Hla cora ano.
(Wit, Ue'ac; Nov.. J.h.;. May. 4.1 V- "??'" l ^- "*.
Clover beed dull , Caan St -Ul l>?.uiOer. ?* Sf. MJBjgMj
w...at. I4..AW uuah.. turu. 9.000 ?'u*h; isw*. *."*
bush i .over -rfMtt 97a batts, -hiymeuui VJ M^*fW ''"Ml
Coru. 3V.O00 buah u?laTo.oOi) umK- ' awol sMsOj hfg t>a?a>
ri- ,xu:i Nov. ?.? Tiirttentine steady al lillie.
WiLOiK'trO'V Nov 8-lurus'utiuti-in ci al 4.. l*A
caaax-CaroS. Nov 0. -1 ai-oeu'lue if net at jj ?on
What " Old Frlia -md
It waa an a|ihori*ui ot Frederick the lin j: i that " Faetaaia
iii-.'iue tb.iia-s. ai. uui.is|iui<d tact is bal ii Pioiaa'a * Qmt
deii Meitical lnxovrrv' i* ihe moat jo*, nu. liver vitaiitaC
eiunl. amt by ita ch^taclerisiM' ami -eariiiug action w '.ll eura
gyaoooota eoaoapattea, r im) koloar .??a?e, sn * uesatr
si bc. and other niaiaibas-a lui h. popular BpttthSB to Uie
Ukiy not?U!i?laU..ne. are i.unli.i l.itiab,* lu * ds
Lui t<) whivlajit* work a* iiuitu>r ui Hie o^jotl ut Basie m
CoUlulcta. Ali lUUVrSMsUk
"Ob ! Hoi I ?olt??led lilas ! *
wa* Ibe actual exe.am..: .on ol ao hon.-st uhvslcUa. (pokao of
.m. ut bl* lutiicuu to whom he had giveu caiotual for tbe cure
of Iiilluiieuea* soil *-li(e..?s! liver Au.l be had aaiteafO aaoS
tor leriain. fr-.nu which be iuv-i n.evered. All taaa* *0a>
tieaaiiig conasttiaeocea are avouletl by the uar of IT. n**OOM
l-leaaaiit furgative PelleU ' a rtireiy vegelaole MWU
lhal will not aa.tvale, but itioiture Uni uioet uiaoalos ?aoo%
invigorale Uie liver, cure lioa.ta.li*. .|)*omM*la, blllouiusso,
i oust.pat iou aad uilea By druggi*lo,
Tko wena <jaaos curial by Ur. ahaMo CalturU lUataoja.

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