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VOLXLVL.Nv 14.61-5.
I wa..
.. jn iin.l llieret wm \tT h T T Uftry i-i ... r,->rn rvlTTI.'rpo r-.e~i. tir VT
USAvowim; sympathy with the "ri an nv ____?
Cepyrlgt.t? IP-Sis ? North, American cabU Newe Om,
Loniion, 1)-*.*. 16.?Kn-lish Lihcrals arc pretty
?Hell MgMsMd by thc -SC_riBS_ a^iiiit-sl Mr. Dillon.
Dlicy appear lo think tiny lum- had a narrow es?
cape* from a collision I nilli with thc Irish court
rand with .'.n.lish opinion, and they arc in haste
to disown all _*_spon**eibil_ty for thc famous "pin
?f campaign.'' Their chict London etgsa declares
lt has never fell the slightest doubt that this
'"plan is?as the i ourt has now declared it to bc
e-r.c--.rlv, distinctly aii'l ahsolnlcly illc_al. The
Dally -News' adels: "On one ae -count it ii hu
impolitic, mischievous and dishonest device."
Mr. G_b?Sterne's fiicm!*. weec just in time-to ex
Iraet from him befeire the court si>oke> ;. general
dcelan-iion against Um __*B_-_ coiiih.nution. Thc
Litierals pay e-.eiy ce in; limeiil, as Hie- Jndge did.
to Mr. l'lllem's purity ol SMUTS and missionary
leal, but Ihey ne.iv dei linc to ao cpl his "plan
of cnni[niii.*n" as a MBCbmUBtj Method of Slatting
?.s.M.ssimilion. "We refuse to believe," **a.\ I Un
tannie journal, **even on Mr. Dillon's uulhori(.\.
Unit in Itel.uni Steeling is the only alle'tnative
to Iiiiiielei-." Bes.des, it is believed lie iv that
Ihe "lian" is a failure. I.ihoials opr nly nay so.
In Iced, the univ l.iirlish journal I ht*., sen whi' li
de f.-iuls Hie- "?lal." is "The Tall Mall lin/,.-Ilia.'
aprkOM lieu in e* i> limn dania.;. iii?' than thc nih ts'
lit tacks. Mr Stead's nlra ni proiiinl in ? -_u.il will
ta-tween l.ii_!iiiil anal Iivlanel is lo shriek oin
that til* Irish dei well to hate- the English.
Ile apicals to the English 1 ne le un ie ens lei lake up
Um Irish cause. Diging that the whole principle
0 tiaili's-uniuiiisin is al slake acmes st. George*!
X 'humid. As Ln.lisli I rado-unions have stealiiy
i ned io luke put in English politic* except for
tra.le-unii n purposes, thc chance of (heir enter
iii-- npon an lnsii iTiisadc is not cieal. Mr
Ste-ad'8 visit to Leland naturally loused hit.
***** mi ut hies in in-half of tin- tenants, bnt he is
lulvoiatin. the e ausc of lie-land?just as he* elnl
1 !.<** cause of Kn ss ia? in a maimer which irritate*)
uml alu nat es his English audience.
'J he Government have si ill to decide what
ls-siti\o sie'ps shall be taken in eonsequenreoi
the decision aran-l Mr. Dillon, No general
j im lainai nm is expected, hui oilier prosecutions
will follow if the tenden pental In the "plan
The' saggestion of l'i uue' Ferdinand of Saxe
Coburg for l'i iine of Dulr-aria lin I- fas or in
l.iulirh eyes, though not beecause he is a Cobun*
But riiiuc Ferdinand is an Austrian ofllcer. and
u.e offer of the Bulgarian crown has been made
hy the Bulgarian dclcgatea while staying- ai
Vienna, 60 that the ac. i-piaitee and ratitkation
of this choice would seem (?! Europe an Austrian
triumph over Russia The Czar's assent is there
Ion unlikely; but if given ii means a new deal
in Eastern affairs, Mill. Vienna thinks the thin!
i av be managed. The n- |i.>intleii-iit of Mr
c.,nlie Stephen as Sen. tiny of the British Em*
? a.s-s> at Vienna is of _oe>i em,en foi- the Bulgarian
i- -?? It was Mr. Stephen's reports which eli'!
Ko much to keep the Foiei.'n Office sil-.ii.Lt on
i. s question. Ile is a personal friend of l'i inn*
Alexander and a still .tran,er friend of the Bul
Karlan people) to whose desin and capacity fen
independent c he test divs in Uie btioii:est linns.
Ihe- ease in behalf of haly Colin Campbell
cloted nominally with Um production of various
witnesses to contradict suntu**? essentisl but not
senaa'n na! [eeiints ina'Ic by the other -idea: bul
tho Duke- of Mavlboi'eeii'-rh is really next aflei
1 v Colin herself tbe most inn ort nut witness foi
in- defence. His appearance was eagerly awaited
by the jury and Um public. Mis examination
ml li lisa 11 n ml n ni inn were, both unexpectedly
brief, but ins .lenin] nf the eharge was ?--viiiinit.
uml the impression left bj his whole teatlmonj
is favorable. Captain Shaw, too, came out ol
thc box with Hying colon, and Dr. Bird*! c\i
dence is regarded as itraightforwaid, sir Will
iam Butler's nfuaal to appear as a witness dntn
agea him in nubile opinion and may damage
I .. v Cohn. Nobody thought any serioua cane
against Dr. Dui'er had been made out. but when
ths hedge niled that then was. techni-call** speak
in:, evidence te> ge to Um jury, bia presence and
denial became important. All thc evidence is
now in and 1 hear that kiely Colin's lawyers are
will salisOed.
Hie only _________ novelty this week is n clever
dramatic sketch entitled "Tlie Friar." by Mr
Corny ns Cair, with music hy Mr. Galdicott, pro?
duced last night at Mr. ani Mis
Ol i nun Reed's, Mr. Carr, who h,-_-,ni
by diamsHrlng "liu.-h Conwa.vV novels.
ih now rai i'lly coming forward ns an
original writer for the stage. "The Friar" was
well received hy the anallen e, Including mau?
re.ebri ti et*
ktoetc-* and Kn-ziiBh panis publish statements
that Walt Whitman is in gnat need and Mr P.
II. Underwood, thc American Consul ai Glasgow
t,ilii ils help from thc British public. "The Dall
Mall liazcttc" afcks its nedctl for fifty pounds
't250l to he sent lo Mr Whitman as a Christmas
.p. tat nt Sundry pa|crs say that Whatever m.ty
be thought of Mr Whit mini's -place as a poet
he has wide fame, and America ought nit to let
I. : . t-Ur-l
? " -
a bam..! ii OIVEM nv (ii.si.iiAi. mi issii:u-s]a| ? < n
Ol MINlsll K Ml AM',
Pari>-,Dee. li.?Oensnl *r*eU_sti* **sw sbanqnel last
evsatag lo Drntsd States Mlalstes m. ham: and tin
1'* renell ile -lcj-ate* to the ceremony of the ilt-dh ation of the
?t.itne of hillel tj l.lilU'hteliin-.'Hie Wei hi. I.e-nnul I'e-liee
starexpnasedpntfoun- einotiou over the cordiality of
tia- ree t*t>tic>ii aeeeii.led the dslOgStOI bj the people of the
United Mates.
Mi. Mii_iue, in kif* nsponee,-sld Freinh Hagaenots
aint atSM I'liii'liimn were e.ituliliihetl lu Aim-ilia befOfS
English eli iii/itnm nai plaated then, and they had li ft
tin u aasses to places, l*~_?-ring ls the esteal and persUt?
?? sst "1 I'leln-li iLllaeine. Otliil n.iliiuis, with wiwin tbs
ri.tti.1 states wei- happy lo eutertalu rood relaUoaa,
t-oalel I.-et. Ml. Me I-.ine* Hillel, he-, n-iI pl I>e-.| ur lalla mli-il at
the lu i.- Iil-ste.i lt .? 1 it-.-?>' lille.il tM-iiilislii-.l bj Hie- i lu-e*.t
aili tii'.it illtiliiule li> - l*.'twc> Il II .1 lue- ami Hie- t'lilli'il
Kta'e-s. Tho blOOd Whieh hail lie-in ipili bad iifleiwiii-el
m-ili'il tin ir friin l-Uip. whi? h wai uiatAlneil by i-ooiuwn
te-.ph ut lom tiew.enl the tame political Mvac "Tait
flli-llilslllli," Conti ih-el the- Allli-Hall Milli -Iel*. "|esfs
nunn thejrreal pnnt_|ile wboae beneac-etii actina i..ni
\lliistr:iiill *eiilptiii I:;.- nj nilmlizod, and will laal as long
i.llhe-ity eiiliyhle uh the- wenld."
IlMtl.lN, l'l e'. leg 'i ile- eiillillll<.s|i.|| of t ll e - IN-lellHta ST to
?n Inch thc tlosi'i nniiiit'.- Mililnry hill has l*ee'ii refeireet
tO-day rejeeted.hy I Vide of ISIS 1 J, tire-el.i hm- pre.pi,-, h.
to n.*. A).ul l Sexl aa the 'lute- tei pan min effect ibo i on
tem plated lue renae lu Ibe H< i iii.ui Arny. Ihe i oiiiiiiImIoii
;il-ii tixeei tia- pe-.u i el'i i H. i- loree- at 45l),IX*U linn lol
tUicc * SM 9, I l.e ? otc btoott 10 to 1 J.
I II.'."all NTS OP C-UUel NKW.*-.
Uni \-i,i?i. i'i Twenty-one persona havebeenssa
ti ii. eel to nepi I-' r.ineii' for lei in- \artlii-s' fnmi three
iiiniill:*. elise t' ii -e..rs lol paitieipa!iii(- iii the riots herc
last sa-uaer.
iii ki in. I >e.- io Complete seeord exists between Ger
j,,..ny Kuglaii-I and France *wn**enlM the rclatloui he
tween the f-iillaii ed /iiii/thaiiii.d<.eiii.ai.y its-Mi iin_ (he
tie at y Which the Millan hat i ulnlmled willi l.ei inant.
CaaOUrr. I'e-e*. ld -The fell Hie ls 111 the- Neiith of Wales
am -ree-rtlua Ihe collection of tbe church tu lu-?. In one
lecion ut the eOUUtrj tha I.il i-e-l I e-xp. ll. .1 tl.e i ulltrcUlIK
b_lli-_ trom the .'.nam sud escorteU them oul nf lbs ens
nisei AOAnrar i.n*;lani' in atbk a
I/iNlxi.M, l>ee. io Thr BmmBWB oui'tir t-.i* - that thc
.'renell are* sttlvsl) latrigntag sgalast Um British In Um
rsmiuii sssstry.es the afrtraa east easst, asnth sf the
Oulf of -lien. A unity of 1-len.-I,n.en, IBS WwBI Ile say i-,
reeeiitly hsMsi De" Pl-SCh l)o_r o\e-j Hangsitts Thlfh
Bet within tiie tenltoiy asdsr I_ilt;-?h piii!e*.ti"ii -Tbs
Url'.lill K|.'--!)t al HU IhS. In* go; t willi a tOIVS Ol twenty
Sve- UiWII Ul re-liwt*) the ting. Tun li.neh gMSbSStS h?VS
Ln A-ien Hnas tim aueut'e. sSpartsw aud n m H**asuna*-i
Ciut they have pii-te-e. deel to lani Mina ihe British s-a
mWOA l*___-du ltd* tolluwcd l.;_ iltutL VMef-hk
IN A roi.H'K HA1D OX NA?
Dublin, Dec. 16.?.John Dillon. Member of Dar
iament for Enst Mayo; William O'Brien. Editor
f "United Ireland"; Matthew Harris, Member of
?arliainent for Ka**t Galway; and David Sheehy,
h inher of 1-i-liament for South Gar-wax, were ar
SStsd to-day in the town of I_ju_-l_*e_. County
(alway, chSSged with conspiracy to di-fniud. An
iniiiciise Nalionalist BMSting was held at Ixiuuh
CS tins sftfllnilli at which Father Ciinnin.'hain
resided and a number of other clerevinen ami
lessi-s. Dillon, O'l'ricn. Harris and Sheehy were
n thc platform. A tags contii_,rent of L-ord
lani*icarde*'s tenant** was present. Messrs. Dillon
.nj O'Brien sddrsSSSd the- meetinK and then
IMiied Nationalist rent oflieii*. Hundreds of
emuits came forward and paid their rents. Sud
inly thc police niaelc a mid on thc ollie es. In
|M*elor Dl|\ ie-s M'i/e*tl lue .11* V, doelllueilts ailel
.ook- and arrested Iir. Dillon, and, it is alleged.
oui-hly treated him. The police went ttprisin
nd took possession of more' money and den u
nils. Thty then ai i est ed Mr. O'Brien, and
dterward IfeMIS. Hun-is and Sheehy. Ihe BPS
?ilie charge sgsinst the tour me'ii is that they
?.ere conspiring to Induce tensnts not to i>a\
heir lawful rants The- police took away frum
.lr. Dillon SinO which he had juM received in
mst from tensnts, The tour men nen tsken
tefon a magistrate and remanded for s week.
"United lieland' says thal John P.lion's line
f conduct win not be t_hr.n_cd hy the Govern
Hui's sentence ordciin.' him to furnish a Iniii.
villi two sureties, for his "good behavior in
be future." "Nobody," sa.s that paper, "esra
i nish for .hull*!- O'Bi ien's i mus opinion com et n
ng the legality of the plan of c-i-mai-rn."
Thou.as "tl;;* elie, I'm in lille Men ber of l'niliiv
nent for Hiddle Tipperary, who in the eaoacity
f iiusite under the "plan of _amn-_rn" is n
Diving irom Wexford County tenants thc n
lm tel rents refused by the Landlords and their
-in's, haa hu n served with notice by the agent
rf the Brooke estates that if be makes any other
i-o of the moneys sn deposited erith him Hum to
? nun them to the- tenants tbe law will be applied
o him. This throat, if carried eui. will test tho
luestion ol the ri-rliis of tenants to pei mit their
itrustod rente tei be expended in flghting thc
; n Holds or Ihe Government m prosecutions for
artii iiiition In the "plan of campaign."
Mr. Dillon struggled with Inspector Davies for
wseeaslon of thc ? -111 money wired by the letter.
efhe tour mell inn sid uave hail in |1,000 eaeh.
i is i'umoii-1 that the police hare been Instructed
u i uisae a similar course in the case of other
'?.'ai ionahst rent raltectott. The Notional League
emlen have decided to continue their presenl
a. tits. (Several of them will leave Dublin to
norrow tor various patts of Ireland for the pui*
cse of ree-.-j\ lug ii ms.
Iir. Dillon has ohtaini 1 a cress summons
?gaiust Inspsetor Davies for assault. Then is s
rumor timi tin- management of "raited Ireland"
ii-da.v hurriedly mored a portion of the plant from
ilu-eiiH es of thal p.iper. The nsws of ths srresti
Teated the gnatSSt excitement in Dublin, but
there weie no di OfoVlS
f.'eiiiK, I).-o. iii. --MiKiiili_iiti-i s in,\.i miltie it raid on the
Knntuik SIM I ll I. They viiilteit fourU-e-u houses sad
letted a ijuaiility ot sirius.
Citt en Mi m. ii, Dee. 16, via Galveston, -The law tor
l.i.liihiL* hull ii_iitre iii the Federal District has beea re?
pealed, and the sport will be n\ it i ii. An Immense iron
hull lina; *UIS been contracted fm- In tbe Unit- ii -tates.
LOSnOS, Dee', ia The- Eal 1 eif I.lele.sl.-i-.il, Ftliti-eli Min?
ister of lunion Ail.iiip, return* il unezpei tedly to Leadon
to ilay. The Cabinet lias beea i-umiiiiiiuel to nitet to
? _.
in ni in, Dee. 16. Ia conformity with ss airreenienl
with Kn -'ia ml the Gi man Dovers?sent lias anne \ sd mst*
eral "f the Boloiuon b-lsuds,
Tin: BULGARIA!. Tirnoxic.
LosiioN, Dee. Hi. Tiiuie l'e rel I ii a ml of Weis Dilling
aad <oiilia ussertK tliat tin* Bulgariaa delegation eflletaUy
offered him tin- nowa eif Bnlsarla It ls ramored thal
Kmperor Wiiihnn has urged theCzsr lo accept Prince i ei
ell 11 i li-1.
Conni i.iiiiriiioti. Bosnian AmbsMndorat Vienna,hasIn
f..r mell the Bulgarian Deputation that Bamlnlsunsiile al
in-sent to recognize Ptinre ferdinand of Hue-Goburtt
sud Gotha as a t-andldate for the Bulgarian throne, or to
notice any proposal mi thal matter emulating irom the
i.ovncN', i iee. n>. -iiirepafehcs from MaB-als** state thal
Colonel Heylaad willi ii imely of British troops leeeatly
pui-sueil 700 I'aeoitsunie Kill, il 200 Of Hie m. Many others
wera Biade prisoners. Muns of auunaniUoa wen Mixed
ia leveral piCeeos.
Bi ki in, i/ec ni. The race-hone Palmer, ?ho wan
bought la Esglsnd lea yesta arro Iir 686g060 feir the
rojrsl Html st Torana, hu* been shot on eeeoonl ed old ago.
He' wm Un' sire ol a Bamber eil winner! of German meei.
Muurin, Dee. Hi. ?In tin -f lin in i.e-r e.f Deputies today
Senor BsgsMs. Preaident of the Connell, denouaeed Ihe
ri-tolutinliury elm tillie- nf the extreme Republican pu itv.
whose eoiuiitioii-il oilers of peace the Government tnt
unable to accept Re warned thc RepuhMcaai timi their
liberty ilepelillee! eill theil* own ai ls, mill salli tiiat Hie liuv
ernineiit woniii carry out itu programme ol reforms de
spite* all threats ot revolution.
WxiiiiMiTeis, Dee, 16?Delegate caine, of Utah, rr
eelve il to -Bight a elispnt' ll fl"ni Salt Killie lily itatlBS
that Ldv, a ni M. ii.titein, who ia Indicted fag p_|ygsinuui
praetlees,waaelrivin*-.stockls l':iio.\aii, Utah, whoa a
deputy Marshal named Thump-mi after callina to Dalton
io lialt lrie-d a goa, ibootihg bim Uimugb the body, Dai
tan dlnl in ailinn un bour. Thompson aad Urtou, a oom
panton deputy, were snooted,
Dattco.. < iiiin. Dee*. 16 lEpeetwt). A ihntnmtirs lire
ot. uri.-il iii tin- Dal ion Bptas Mills last alsbt The Issi
ls estimated at 626.66a The Ins esrrles the following
in-siti.hmc r We-tieiiior I'itts'.m-,', .1,500; Continental
ot Kew-York, 62.000 j Gorman American, 6-e000; Kingy
inri of New Am k, 6I-66Q1 Osassctiest of Hartford,
61,600; itiiii.ii.i io lilian, 61-j-OO; Germaala ol Itrw.
Veirk. 61-660; Paaaayl*/aaia eif Ptaladelphta, 61.250;
North Americas ed I*hllsdelph_a, *.?_'.ritx?; ,-t. p.mi i in
ami M..nm-. S*_.M?Oi v.? -i.-ins', i ol Kew-York, >I.:.imi ;
liuclliriatl I nilei 'tvilti-l s', -.'.'.OOO, lt] it l_.li An., ne un,
rt;1.1mmi; spun-. Garden of Philidelpbls, S2,SO0 ; I'liantx
oi ilaitronl. 5i-'.">oo; sud three local compsiilei,gi,2Mi
e-acli. e ll Hie .ilaoter ins. .li un e S18.UO0 S BS plae eel n,, \
Lt ion- >i st, rdsy.
hil Ul. lien h, Mee. lg Haem l's cotton fin WM di
-im* i Jilt efure this BMrslsge Tha lon ia 610,000; loam
.lill e, -T-',-.
Oas lions*, lows, Dee, 16.?Half a Moek of frame hmd
lie ss liousi-s ;,i Niw BharM Has e te til) ul hy (Iii- ti -ri r
day. lia- io-.,,-, aggregate 660,000, and tin* luauronri
al...ut s-i'.o-Mi
ll-tti. i,ei. Dan 16.- The e\!eu-ne ho*. tatAOTJ ot K. Il
Barnes 6 Cow, ls Usia cltr, waa doHioyed by nu* tho
nuiiinii*,'. The lo-s is 640.000; Insuruitce, tsW.O-O.
IIKI.I l?l, Me-., Dee . 10. I Ills iiiiilnli,.-fi,- |,| j-|( .lon-iii
Maln-m. ??* neel ami eeesgMd hy J. Y. CMtenll A Oa
grocen, was burned sith its roatssta The I alhU
worth64,000; lusanuice,63.000 Thestoehwai lalnei
iii -j.iiini; iiisai-eiiic.-, V_,1KHI. The itill-i.iiu li.:n .ire.
iunl tue- furniture steere of J. C", i bompoou * Sou wero si*
-_UI1*S< 'I i "'"J ili-'le '!
pun mu inin,Doe. 16 (6j_ar_Bi*|, Hm estossire natlli
;ir Coral BS '. l'.a'i i ita wan t\ itroysd by im-1 tu -.n
lng Tl''! uitn lu plaee-tl at $-10,ooo. Thc pi..pt il) wu
OUIied ll> JelllU CeiUII, ? lill lillie-.. fl.lMKI; llisini-el lee
66/166 nt the Uvwpwsl inestiiiniii- company ami la
1-j.ihmi in tin- Ami-ill nu immune i l*_ssp-By, i in bass
melli gsa oi-eiiplert hy Mia A. A.lains, plumber anil c.is
IKt.-i. HlH loss 1*? *r-.OiKI; lllHlll.il fell' gS-666 lilllie
Qmaaywst Uwdsn. Tho Snl Ibm sss ssasptad i>y lt. I?
_iu\-_n_*wta__?.-rssaslSstsnnef iii- c-iunu-. iin-n
low I* *.\000 ; fully IsSBfSi. Inrluillns: gi.."kio In the
Ainerie-iin Insarsaoe Csmpsny. The naas- Ieee erse
us, ii i.y iii-pttentii A* cei., rdlh eartata taaaafsetunn,
win. lose fH.OOll: in mi re. tat-, follow-,: Hambvgof Hrenieii.
?.J.OHKI: ( alifeiriiia, f'.'.OOO ; l'eople'i, . 1,500 ; Mid uri*u
Ite State, -J* 1,500.
?otc ar roma to savk uvtm.
Ciiir.Go, i>cr. 10.?A "Daily "S'rwi" di-patch Irom
New-Orleans --ayn: 'Tully forty-five of tho pa*
?*i-n_rrs ami cn-w of the steamer J. N. White aro itill
tni-i-inp. Of th-i-o tlilrty are negro laborer* *"'ho
took pa-.1_1._t- on the .mat at tho laneling Just **>S*JS
tho point where, the aerllent ocenrrecl. lt is belie\eel
Uiat at least twenty of them peria_S_U Captain l'i
A. Musey, the rniniiiiin<ler of the steamer, was ill in his
mom at tho time the steamer WSS ellseovereel to ho
on fire. Ho was B*WS_SSttd hy tho alarm, ami run
lo thc upper link to timi that retreat to the _S__
below was alreaely rut off hy tho flames. H.* swum*
out from ihe ui.per dadI un ? chain ami In tbU way
teaelieel the hank. After**.arel he trh*el to return ami
assist tho-o still on boanl, hut discovereel that he
woulel lose his own life ll he per* li ted. Ho then
orprrinire.1 a relief forre from tho bank, ami superin
iemle.1 the work of tho (*ailor rierson, who In the
yawl mewed tho-o stngnVng In thc water. PMeeOSI
eon'luet iluriiic the confiu-icm was nio-t heroic, ru-h
ISS hie Wiiv ttiiDiiuh tho erowtl of Nh He-It i ni: **seeea*
PUB at tho ltesnMr*S i-tein, he cut tho yawl RMM
rom it>. fiittean elga, amt after a gOspsnSe maggie
lOWOied it tei tho water, l'oiir BSglSSe |SMged JBtS
tho 10 it aul cut tho pStaSBTi but HM -ailor toned
tM*m bSCfc, ant t_liin_ twenty psseeagsn into Mm
yawl hiinle.l them -safely on i-hoi-e. Then rowiiiL'
'iiirtlv back, he saveel twenty moro. On the third
tr p ho ro.-rueel nine, anil on tho fourth trip thies.
My tho t.me he **eSShS_ tha* "-hore on the laf-t trip all
tbat ren,,inn il ,,f thea strainer wu*, the hull.
1 ai Un Mum y -aul Iii -1 Sight that he did not think
'hilt inure* thun Bra of the easts paieea_.ii- snd te-n
ot th-- dees h.-imi- hail "--estated, Hu eattsMte kt
regan le. 1 a.- low.
m tim: haii.way comi-axy.
CnKAOO, Dee. 10 (iparlafl. ? Asseag tho rleehss
ol tho ai cub ni on the ChlSBgS. Milwuul.10 ami M
raul ruiln-uel at Kio wero thn-o 1'n-nch Cana lian-,
Frank Cagnon, GnesisM Dnbnc an.l -Joseph l'linte*.
farmer-,' mi.s who livcl in the 1'rovince of Qsehoe.
i',e r e Ooutler, who la un anednested eturpentel
liv n_ ut. go. 606 Forty-third il, Chieago, heard of
tlo ani. ci.', ami ImowlBfl th.it OafBOB, Duhuc ami
ItaBtO wenr on tia* lia ll alni were not aumlin the ll-t
ol tbo-er tiivi-'l, swat to Km, iileniillesl the bodies
:uul piovi ne I the bSggSge cine Us of Hie vii Um-.
1 lu -e wino numheie-.l 1,100. 1.1-15 an'l 1 107. CJr*HI
Uer took th.. boell-** ttl chu-u_ai .uni saw thr.t tiny
were decently bured, Then obtainls** a !'*(te-r fruin
;i pneit and (-lovcung himself with other, (Sand
imona tho effect- ol tho eici.i men. he started tot
1.11.':i ind \ iliad Um bensved tannin--* He told
fmm that damagei mi ht be recerered from ti,,
ral road . uni my, .1 n.i ?i.t.-ii-.e-i .1 power of attorney
iiom me latin 1- .1 the yenna nen Cumins Weat,
he aiaiie :i lettlement w th tin- tollway offlelali ea
the hui- of ss,oot' liBMgee tor each ol the dead
nen, sad reeeivol the money without litigation. He
is now ctiL'.iirel iii ?ettHBg wth the families, ainf
lin!- lunee-ii f',500 ahead us 9 reward f.jr his trouble.
Clo t,er is li.t\ two \e.ir- of mitts, uml veils bon ll
Loretto, ire-i' r Quebec. He eulin- Vte-t when il 1 Ililli.
1 11; though BOsNlu ated, la a ihrewtl man, and i- hi_uiy
honored among the french carnelians of Chicago.
Cen r-.ini-. lice. ii. 1 /.moi/i. ai l.i-t tte longeoutm
rersj o\er tbe taxation eil rwlooni has bees lettled la
Ohio bj a decision e>t tte Supreme Court shinning the
eonatltntionslltyof the Doo law. Ihe Beott law, afters
year of successful operation, was destroyed by a parttMa
court, 'i'lii-next l.e-_lsl,itine pioniplly pa--, ,[ a law tri v
lag saloons 6200 and -sion, tte maller tax heiag oaths
-jil,? ot tame nnil beer. Tlii, law WM ili-noum-e-i! by thl
Democrats la tba campaign and aaaanlied ia tte courts
I.- tte latoon maa, who rontrlbuted f-5 1,000 to pay the
most eminent lawysn la Ohio, iaeludlng ss-G-svenor
Hoadly. Tte coori ?as divided politically on tte deete
lou, .1 inl.'e. Owen sud Follett dissenting trent their Ke
piihliciiu a.i.-ites. l_e new law will hiing into the
treasury p3.0OO.000 annually, which is devot-sd to the
Poor uml I'olici. liiinls. lin-ileei-ieiu ol the- e oin t re-l ie- \ 1 ?*
sven eity in Ohio from excessive taxation and lu manv
e use-s llt|tlitli.te>*t llllllll. l|.iel ete-letK. tl lillie ilise. .1 Iel. Ill .ip?
ili ell feat ure, by tvimh several driel of over 2,000 popu?
lation nate adopted prohibition, while nearly loo vil?
lage*! have uiisoi- 'ely driven out in loons TtemoTemeat
is irii.-a hil- iii i-optilarity,
i i. -nh nt Ai'iuhi, e.f the Satoonhee**- rs' Proti etiTe Ao
io lat iou in i un nc: .ii, nays tbe law aili be obeyed and
the taxeapaid, and tbat the laluonkeepera like lt ii- tte
la-at solution of the problem. The effect ol to-day'i de
i iston ic, tte Mipieine Court will be lo put6375,000in
ihe city treasury ol Cimtnnall, ol whlcb one-ronrtb goes
io tte iniirniury Fund, three-eighths to tbe Police Kund
ami lillee cigbtbl to the (Jcncral Fund. The police foitre
oi thc titi will be Increased to ion men.
Tin Mos, N. J.. Dee-. 16?TIM New Jersey Mun- Hor
t ii-ui t mit i Society essclsded e moe ces fal nstif1 BMetlng
in H- tms evening The mool lapmlaal imper to day a.i
leaii hy Professor I'. L Bet timer, wim reprssented the
Wsehlngtos Department of Agrioultum, lt waa ann
lui elesi-ilptioii ol the hie* hi?lory ol eertals injurious
funiri. tnut i ur,'parn, ulai iv or fungous dissaanof tte rise
.-imi tinii' remedies. After the essay s reaolntioa w;i
adeytad roqoi siina-' the gew-Jeney Meatiren of CSagreei
to Mile'for ss rt<l?*ei un te* approprlatioa tor tte seettos of
mycology,of which ProtoeiorBcrlbscrhaacharga Con
eneaa ??* itl??? petitioned lo yan- Ihe Batch bill providing
im Agricultural Experiment stations in the* lavern!
Male-, iimi i resolution wsspaasedoharaeterixingseed
iii.stiihuiii.il bj Members ol COngresi ss apervenuonol
the original latent ol tin- law aad nqueauna the Kew
Jersey meuitx rs tu op pone auy approDrtatlou tor tte Seed
Bureau uulesa some proviso te added to tbe lull restrict
mg tbe distribution within the* Inuits Intended, namely.
lo tent nett \ ul le-1 ie-*- ol si'i .ls ulnl phillis tilth a Vt-SW to
aacertaiuiug whether they an worthy ol Intioducttou and
Nih Omi'. \n?, Pee. Iii.- A dispateh to Vu lim,, ,,,
from Bdwarda, Mi-s.. Hiiy.s: --ihe axodaaot segroes
Irom thia Ttctstty eontlssss unabsted. Every train car?
il. ? oil rartoada ol ama, womea and children, the victims
ot emigration agents, who amke them believe tildi tte
bottom land lection li a veritable negroes1 heaven, Ths
country hereabout! la teal I*lingdepopulated, maoj lassa
planton not haring a family ot aegroea left ea tteir
p| BUS The mile hunts anil planters aie bSOSSUagsppn
iieii-ne tor another year's crop ead the Indigsation ol Ihe
people bi 111.11:1-111-' amiuat tte emigration ageuta A
maie-meetiugol the- bell citizens, itiuic sud colored, ssa
held hen to-oay, at wbh-h resoiutions wen- adopted aud
onii-reel to be posted, waruing ihe* emlgraiton agents to
iie-i-t Hom their efforts uuioug the negroes, or tortbw uh
ii ute tin- com in u a ny. The meeting ap|*olnted a commit?
tee ?whoaftilutj 11 I* 1.1 wini on. In u becoming manner,all
?uch agents Webo refuse or neglset to comply witu our
mod. -1 imi i;n nt .-1 demands. '
Piiii.Ai.i.i 1 un. Dee-. 16 (ipeaial).?Tte report thst ?
Lou.ii.n asa ipspei waa ta ralaa fuinia tor Walt mttasaa
anti that tte old poet SSI lMmr ciiii-eil that _i-iitli-muu 10
?aytoday: " 1 tennoelved snsy taken flrs_~ Bsgllsb
admtren and a number sf isbstaattal gifts, sad would
gratefull) accept more, bul 1 am n"t s., poer a- mmim
people tbiuk I au*. Thoona thing teal auiwys me munt
I-im lau ol Uie papers, whlen sre ountiuuall) priutiug
. -.., .---i-iiiii lieporti rn io) alleged nii.iiin.il straits, .-.o
lol u.e all these nitii len are nun in ."
cui.r-.iuiA, B.C.,Deo 16( peMa*).?Tte ilxnegneaar
li -t, il Iii Vin I. I minty foi Un- Homler Of John l? (..lo.le
wi te expe. led bi ra iu-t sight, btu they are- now ovordaa
tinny hours. 1 be -Ino ul tlniiUs tiny gsmy hine been lute-r
ii-pte-,i iuni lynched in the moo which tried ta 11 ml them
ai tuc York ville Jail yeatoiday.
St. i.e.11-. i>... IO Jiiiiiic 1 itwsnla el tin st Umli Cnun
H ' ." Blt I Witt, ll H.. kl. .11 V_.ll i, ,.,?,,,1 |?,,JV |(_Md
.. ttnl cull.mr ii,. I'.ii.inie r lie.i.i i/, 11 ,? 01WB ,?? ,..,u?i
'"'*' Sill, ? I. ??e.., I H.. V. 1? ,.,, ,,,,.,,, ,..p f?, j.,,,.0
? I ie- Lilia l< Oort lin- l.t. i-iii li,,- 1, ,,,,?, tUuwtd li,at Mr.
Valbaiil ?,.? c. i.a by a small suiunir. iir. Klc.u cou
trnsni .; ?.. Dm le.. T-*aw**-wsbl .rm, piMSBd bolte tate
m.,11 ,l.t. nm rs01 the I sited *i.i.. lu-Oa* ffy lM.tke [er,. ?
..I Ililli lt. eel |el|e. .1,1.1. . ... t.,,,,,, ,1 ,??, uttng, i.j i.t-r e. ni mi
' ' 1-. '-' I' ?*? .'"??" '"I' 'Ha' .1.Ill ltl.lt Hu- .1 etul.C a,.is
in.,,:.- 11... -s.,1 y i,v- il., lue rsas.il ran) ul . li- . 1 ,,l,- i,...t. L-l.
l-lle-e-i. te I ene. Attn e.eli.lille.I,- os Hillel ?eM.,le uri.. I,-.lill mn it.
11:AMI'.- M'UU WAST liuAM 1:1.1 1 AJMD TOBACCU
I.ama-iim I', m... Dre. I.. Kory ._hi trompe ia ti."
eienlllt' tt ,.| .1, I (,, WlMK J,a, r,| (y lint,-- -
\t. i.- _iv.au i-... si iii. . a.,,1 tmayeUlnt tuan, thai a.e., ss
: il., a.l,^ .lilli .vin e.uu- l,,,.4.,,, ,.?.. f ,.t 1 tn. et llie-m
l.,it.s 11 .eli ..lal lei.ml,li-. ||?. iii,;,,,,,,, , , ,?.,,.,,? thal Uk >
Wl.l ,1. |elile Me H.t.1.I-i, "I IinnI mun i?r, ??,r, ?,,?,..
\ e eil.|i BleOUDEO Ml KIH,K.
cnn ?i n Dre, IU. v 1 kalUiw?_a ru-uau-h rn The Tiu*t
-.e.* Ulai a Lal I I lt ? kt tLlU-l Ult,, ||.,. ?,,,,, ?f f-'mlrliek
-h. Uh. ul iJinl.el Hitit, >.?l.ril?), uml aem.-il Hinith lura
-I.e.I.. (.'...I- ll IO Il.tt.k-. H.,? , ?|,l,,||?t, ,, t,|..||t..
UiuU latu bia les '.. _.elin_ I,mi um.unit). il ie lirii.-tr I lin
.. I wa* ,) iii liri! tt lull, nu |_e t?av In .-,i?l.ilit?.i jail WUU
lill Milillll.
PK lao*. 1 Ri I SCAPE I i:<>M .Mil..
(HU vu, l> 1 l'i A ili-jealili tn rSS Vrui* trmn Minn ie?.
-Iii.1 tt.cn li,.1,nw Lu |,ies<iii<eee ill li.ii Jail lani
lt! ?.l i; I,,, tl .1. eel Me. -I,, lill WU kill,, lill lWW| '.y..U.-..I
Ilia ,..,..,1- r- ilel -ll- lill ?... ||?|, klUH kt-l Mila. It'll* b.
"-< I ll I- . S. lill I.I Wtn l>lll?e |.|I.Ulll|. Ill | |, .? j A ll. A ll
eel lillee... Hilt ,. | I1..-U tt .1 ll i lillis, ale. I ll is Ml|i|io>l'il .1 gt UM lal
*MJ el ? ?*" . . .<...* inauuwl. Hui) lou; t-at.av?a, um ul velum*
Jl'Kuh.s?mu. ?-naasBl 11 OM TU WAK
The excitement ami wur_ conneeted with the Me
uade trial bein)-over, tbe District-Attorne}'* uflio-*
id the Court of deners! Sessions yeiterday resumed
lelr usual aspect. ".eenrdor Smyth opened Tart II.
ir a time, but soon adjourned eourt. He will icu
:nee McQuado this morning. He has spent much
me in eon.iilrring; what hil Action shall bo iu sou
ji.-in-r the ex-Alderman.
The lahon of the last trw weeks in the triol had ex
nisteel some ol the prosecutors engaged iu the ease,
ssistant District-Attorney Nicoll, who had tha
trgeit share of the labor am! responsibility on the
ut ol the prosecution, -Jiel nett go to his office yctcr
9* aud Colonel fellows also took needed rest. Dis
*-*? Attarsay Marline spent the day at bis office. Ile
as pleased with the result ot the trial as a legal
iciory, hut expressed Oimself most strongly on tbe
ood effect that tho conviction would have on th*
"ministration of law noel the acti ot local legislators
i the future. Mr. Martino found on his desk in tho
un limp a number ot congratulatory messaged, hut
?ere were several letters which had been posted be?
ne' the* rat-tat was kuown and which read curiously
i ihe light ot tbo action ol the jury. Oue un-ignt el
jmuiuuit-atii-n was Written on a postal-card winch
ore a primed notice of a meeting of the Kaw Baet
leik t:iul) signed Henry V. ''ung. It was psst
i.n keel at 7:30 Wsdaassay night. Over the primed
utter was written this message :
Your trial of ItoQoS-S will tail. Oossman titie fifth
inn- will hang om. He han sworn that he will, ami
e dare not deceive his friends. Ho is Keenan's, budy
ml soul
Another anonymous eoinnmnieutinn suggested that
lie prose-ciitioii lu-o Robert ti. ingersoll or some other
ell known lawyer OS tte ground that tho Distrivt
etlonii y's otli.re ilid uot contain lawyers of sufficient
bility to secure a conviction. Another nameless
-tries, vanes the DiatrisUAttorasy thst theio was
o use ot atti'itipting to secure tim eonviclion ot un
nahtaas wah aay Iriahmaa ea tte jury. Hr. Morttaa
iiiighingly said that he would jirolit hy ail this good
idViee il lu- only could, hut that tte jurors were uuw
mt ni ins reach.
.hu uh Kofi uiierg, the ninth juror, against whom atti -
lorita bad been an de by two 11 bis termer en pb j i -.
rus nt tin- I Mstrict-Atiiii n.'e'.-* olino mole' tlum ones
lining tiie> day, lie waa thoroughly iueiiguuur ut tte
bargea ol Viekeraau sod Nesbitt. Ha Mid thal they
cul iniii diaebarsed hr kacompetenoc auel drunken
uss. lie desired io laeura their eoavletioa ol perjury,
mi bia lawyer submitted to Mr. Martins a large mau?
ler ot utt-iavits which, te aliened, showed ti ut tte
inn liiul aWOTS lulsely. Ile iiskcel ihat he miK'ht be
tl lowed io gu belora tte ursad Jar* sud present tte
in I- te, thal body, in order that ladtciiuenis might ? -?
noadagsinal "inkerman and Nesbitt. Ur. Martino
-xainuu-il tin. ,-ittuliivits and agreed to cnnsieier the
uui.cr. Mr. Boseubcrg will perhaps go balure the;
ii .-mil .lu-, t to-day, lie -iii! lum in- hun uo no.im ot
hu ustesoSOt'l (illili aller listening to tho evidence
uni lu-uling t he* Kee-oici l's ci.iil'-e.
Kerot-uei* ihoyth, win. vi-iti"i his ollie- in the Potter
lii'itinig yesterday tor ulniost tte tirsi time iu two
reeka, saul that the verdict al tte joty was jost
Ihe evidence cnuiil BOthaVSlsd I lie-in to uliV e.lher
'iiiiclusitii. ile iuni gu en tbejnrors such untrue
mus ns ba thought would make tue law piala to
loin. Mr, .Mullum hiiuI (hut it was undoubtedly
rae thal tte prosecution wai over-souddeat iu tho
ibiiity of the )uty In tho first trial to e?ee tte toroa ol
ha tuaslosum nada Me eoaucued: "Tte leeti
nony ot tte teerviint, Katta Mc .-, iliel uim-li t i
itreugtben tte preaea! c isa. Tua c using argumem ol
eiioiii i Fellows had so Hu t ladueaoe. 1 tnouuat it
bo niii'st ol tin- iiiiinv eloquent addresses watch 1
tove beard trom bli 11|.--''
" \\ imt will In- tin- fur,her proceedings iu tbo cabel''
vu- asked.
- 1 no eWatSSSe will he proiinuncril to-morrow moril?
ug, ami u len mui iniii nm nt some sort may bemads,
ha.e agrseu not lo ask that Motjua-e be sent to
Jing sing before Monday, bat unless a stay oi pro
reedinai st grsatod ba will zo to the Siute Ftuvou, if b-i
s-e-nti-iiieil to t'i;i' taatttUI ion. on Monday. A -t nv
?t ni suped inti san only be grunted by a Justice ot
he* .?selullMlie I'.lill I, Ililli tleell 11I1I.V ll 111)'| ll i ll U ri till) eX
SMMMIS snthc.eiilly imp.! (mit. I do not think tho
11e 1 - m. fit eau he reversed, alter the op::.ion iii tiie
luehiiC c.i-c.''
?? \\ ill von try any other bribery case soon!"
u Not this ye ui. We m eil u si.ort, tWtl iinil the oreli
l.iry iiasineas ti beoindnaad. Tte seat aaaa will
ii on.iM f In* p.aced on tiler c.ileiiilui in Jimna:y. 1
nive not vi't elcciii'il wlioin tu brtBg tn trial lils!. lt
ii ii v he one ot the Able-mien or one ol the bribe
* llaTSyoo tesrd cf any attempt by any of the
edified Aiuenaoa ts leave tte eityr"
?? I Imvir not. rsa tostimouy eu Pullgral aad Putty
inly a neets those who were uiuiuoers ot the comtuuu
;i ni."
Mr. Miirtine did not say anything of a re-port which
SSS iiicui..teil thal detectives cosily tallowed Ibo
hre-e Allin tuen against tvuom tue li-sliuiiiuy hore
n.?t heavily, Metj iads*s nusnaal Visited tue District.
tltont_y*a oitue in the eitelboos. I m-y will undoo bt
-elly move lora BOO trial, ami the motton Will bo
hun et by tba Kecorder. VT netter an appeal will be
lakes muy depead somewhat upou the severity ot tbe
.Mt'*iiiule, **iho passeel his first tiny as a convicteel
'aloa ni tuc Tombs, rose early ami ate- a hearty breuk
11 t, bavuio teemingly fully rt-coveieil bm equanimity
iftar tao shock ol i in- uniooked-tor rerdiet. Hers
MlVed only un uihe rs ol kia lani.ls liming thc day,
liisiele-s Cl DOUstiir ('linly, ate WBa tue only one ol hil
Cousael who called on linn. Mr. tinily, i.iii.uneil
?hool au hour. At li p. m. Mrs. MotjBodS the ex
?tlderaiaaa faithful bioiuci ami his win Wats with tte
prisoner iu tho couuse. looin. lbe.V le-maiueil lor
mino tum-. MeQuads praaesied u eteerful appear*
nine, ll is saul te ia Vt aa O-CSaU-SCi] bitter hauler ol
Kiciiard S. Newcoinho was mit nt kia et.OS eluriug
tba el,iy, out w.is couuueel lo Ins hotlae With iillirss.
his w.ts not so seve-io, however, ?a lopreveot him
hom expecting to be ia court thia morning. Tha
Boasasl oi Mstfnsda are goica to nate s decided etioit
to hutetliu veiilict set asulc. Hie lirst po.nt on
Which a motion 1 J. ii ness tual Will he in ole w ill bo
tin- koona lau a episoda li will be alleged th.et tue
?aosrueg nt Moss-oaraft areoaora ia tte prorouoa ot
the jury uml teeS uciion ot ihe I'isiritt-Atloiuo.v lu
p.mung tte mutter were lor thc purpose ot intuui
ile.'.ioii, or that at least they had thm. elle*, t. Kuithcr
nioir. thc OOUSSSl asse-tt timi they Inner clear pie-ot
iii.u tliii'eot tte jurors bul expressed tho opinion
tn.it Mc^u.iile w.is gu Hy ami tu.il they bael eic, lured
tm. ii tney wen' on the jury iliey " Would semi every?
one ol tnt- liluiiA si-eiuinli'i'ls up.' A --tay ol ptSCSod
mn- sviil alao ho asked lor, to asahia tte lawyarats
complete avuleuea tney aro preparing to pro*e tte
points tmy wish to make. .Mr. .Net* co in he saul lust
evening iimt the eviilouee eil tm' expression ot opinion
hy the three pilots asBM to tue knowledge of voili.se!
too tate to be got uno shape While the tn.il was iu
progrsee, ih.-it- ure also possible revelations relative
io tin. history ot Kotta Mets'* tea'imeavy.
Tte ether indicted Aldermen bau hardly recovered
yes'i'iduy Hom the shock given them by tue Mc'-'uatle
rerdiet. Cleary wsa tte soel lalkotiveol alL Ho
fci-cmo.i ebeetiul m eompariaoa with Kirk. " 1 caasst
uiiui-i -I,uni, ' ue sum, " how any sane Jury could con?
vict a m non mun evidence as timi ol l-'uligiuit aud
liuity. Way, those tr Ilo wi seremwaya luoke.i upou
us. u nmi nut. sslieu la tte board by every tine w..o
Uliiis tlicin. Ne, oue would believe <hem UU'ler outh.
1 be.r lying abilities uiuue timm iieii.inous. 1 hat uuy
jury sen,nhl t.ike their word Bgn'stt that ot honest
un .i ilwwa thal ao sutlter bosv iaooc-ul a persoo
Blay ne ol t crime- lils bas little ebaaoa in a cointmiu
iivssht-u suih avideaoa is lakes Woy. tte most
lioiioiHule pei sou ni thu world could be sent to jail
hi luis way.*' ue lnrlhcr declared that ibe ShSIBa of
Itt i m.ur .-sai\ th ss us uuiisiially MVeTSSSd CSlSSIOtSd
to aaase a vt-iuiei oi guel.y to be brought ia by tim
av. ru_r jory, He* luiigliel ut tte nhu ot g?:n_ aw.iy
auu saul that his dates as janitor ot the- luputiible
building kepi lum too busy c. eulo tb.uk ol such a
Kuk wa? found in bis liquor store, No. f>7 Muetison
st. Hr si cnn t uiiUsiiul.s molo-'' uml SBSWSrSS lin
ipie-iio,is pm niiu in ansi.gimt - i .vu milliner, lu
n-piv to aa lasto-ry ue to Mi epialss sa tue verdiut
.in i WtethaS he. e-e'iiinielricel ll a eJ?Sl eilii- or lint lu' l'r
toileil. " How ,h, J ^uow ) I liiivtli't lollowid tue
iii**- .it all. Wm t inicicst base I in tte piuciedings I
What bast: I lo .lo willi the mullel uiisss.iv :"
loiuuber MSetiSSS te replied ihotes woola not
talk ou ihe Mbjoet limier auv B_I88S_BtaBS(_*. He pro
te-!ei| e-uiiie Igaol .1 lit e ol tba Winne- l.US.UC-esS.
There wera tte nasal tfuassta ai eal shoot Farlay
loflowia** tte example ot tte ui-e 11 e t BaylS-i t>ut they
ss.-ie- ssiti.i.nt tSa leu-t ioumlalioii. Ha was seen iii
lm barroom last ovesisg aaaoavafisg to apoaaraa
1 .oin nmi tsa-iSsrset as aver. Hi- wsa saty panis mic
aasat sit liostetei. aa issn waa su sassaisoaa ia bis
in 1.lin r st Inch st ns exlu iii'ly liol ' ? .mle iii '.inu*s Ile
min 1.1-il raalllsB ami au\cr?c'lo .uilug anything uhout
tte stnlict.
?' lou.my '? Shiels wis in tellly gooel spiriis anel
ri'iid.v lo eli-e-iins tin ma'it 1 ut anv 1 - -1?__ I li ss iib in?
iii- m!s, 1 ut bau aothiag IO ISI foe DublicalJoB.
Motile vta-ei.ot iu vs 11.-11 nu- ri poller c.i-li-il, out hu
tomi el, ex Judea Vt*S4SrbSr*fa i-Xl>iesse*il just us Uiiicl
BSlLlliaSai BS Slat to haver bis S?Sal tm el ai mice
" lin- llii.il nt. Aitoruey." smel Mr. Waterbury, u sayi
that he stol has e no mmes li iain ibis uioalb, but nu
1 iuni munt be tiled. 1 loise untiling to nay aUiut lin
Hi t'uniits ur tins other 8SeS| Whoever ie guilty, m.
1 Ilel t ls li.liocebt ''
(''Neil keiu nut of ihe way of re-peirte-rs. W.-uili-l die
?SaS tbiuk that ibe veidu-t wss lust by au. _.um
no telling wheu he would return. The others were
laid to oe out to all inquirers.
Neither Mr. Marline nor Mr. Nicoll thinks there is
the least danger that auy of the imlicieel men will at?
tempt to escipe. they are all known to be under the
*-e-ii-*ral surveillance ol Central Otliee detectives and
it would be di Moult for any ot them to get away wl'h
ouf being observed.
Jase! Sharp went the usual round of his business
yesterday and appeared wholly undisturbed. Mr.
iticlimoiiil, too, called at his ustal plates ot business.
Neither had anything to say on the verdict.
TIIK norKaOGNT** HAS a haui> tims and has to
. The French Line steamship l.a nour-*oj--ne. the long
voyage of which caused a little alarm, arrived yester
eliiy noon, bhe had a stormy passage of twelve days.
She met a curceisiou of squalls, gales, and hurricane-,,
aod tviis'dnlsyed forty hours by having V> stop three
tiuies*;to repair deraugenieuts of the circulating pumps
of tho main engine. Un December '.?, Quartermaster
lingers died of pneumonia ami was buried st sea.
Captaiu Fraugeiil said : '* It was the most severn
weather I ever experienced in thirty years at sea. On
the llfi.h day out an accident occurred to the air-pump
anel we hud to stop ten hours tn repair it. The next
day wo hail a perfect tempest, the vessel only making
sixty miles in twenty-four hours. The seas were tre?
mendous; th-ry broke over our bows ami swept with
great feme feire aud oft, anel it was so cold tbat our
dasha and sieles were covered with iee. Tbo next day
we hail a little better weather sad made 21V miles.
Os Banda] tho iir.p_mp again gave out ami the
engine's were stopped twenty-six hours. On Taeeday
wc hid to stop again for live h mrs to repair Un- air
The Hamburg-American steamship Kugia also had
an uuusiiaily stormy passage, unel was out 1'mirteen
ilu. s. (in Ftieluy she OM hove to several hours in a
telrlesaa ana made ouly sixty-five miles in twenty
four hours.
The schooner Kvergreen. owned by Capta'n 8. L.
Turner, freim Philadelphia br Ncw-Ht-dionl. with
-'io tons of enal, sti'.imii'il on Roater Steal early va*,
terday moitun .> ; ber scams wen- Marted sad she ti*ll?-?l
with aster. She wss intending togo up tte hound.
Captain Turner became eoofosed hythe* light on tho
be.a aad rsa asrouad close ts it. ile* ami hla crew,
live in .'ill, left the sc .loom*; iii tlie yawl and rowed to
tte Sundy Hook deck. Tho wind ami BBSS' WOTS
bienville-, in terrific squalls. Tte captain's left haad
WSI hinlly bases while steering the hunt. They all
'lim'to tue c.ty umi arrangements weresmde sith
th.- oreeklsi eswosay to try to raise tha schooner,
e-jbe ssud uot in.-;i?? eil.
i.iinKiNi; ron admission he \ stats iv tim: imo*..
Si. Pat I, Mum., Dee. 111. ? A dispatch trom lluron,
Dakota, to ?? Tte Pioneer Preaa** asya; Tho Constitu?
tional Coovention stat yeaterday morsing, l'resident
Edgerton in tbe chair. Judge Campbell stared
thr-tr resoloiions, shuh sven* sosB-ttcMtsly adopted:
" That a eoalenaee eomstlttee ot nine delegates te
appointed to seasides tte present plan of action, at-o
to invite tbe Benate ami Ileiuse ot South Dakota to
impimi! a committee ot conference tor the same
purpose, SBd that tho president lit this conference
and the llovernor o' South Dakota tc invited to
participate,*' Jmlgo Campbell was appointed chair?
man ot this commiiti-e. lt is suiil all the members ot
the eommlttoa are lawyers, ami that all agios that
the' rapes) of thc restraining clause is both right ami
feasible, lioth houses ol tbo Legislature met nt noon
sad appointed the x ommittec ol Conference csllsd tor
by tho Constitutional Convention. Tho jomt ema
mittee met in tte slteruoosssd Messrs. Csaipbell,
Owes, Myers ami Kellen] argued in tuvor ol repealing
tin rcHtiuiuiug clause ot tbs itnUaanea Mr. Qamola
opposed .such repeal.
baton tte Legislature ami a largo SBBSBlVlsga
Oovernor Meiotic last night delivered bia menage ex?
pressing tho hope th it the popular ll ouse <?l Congress
mus ooaaeatto division ami admission II" Coagresi
would do this subieot to approval by ballot or tmr
people, they would welcome Ibis solution. Ile urged
timi no atcp backward he taken, ile reaffirm! d ua
bi ld iu thc right ol' a Stute tu mainiain local govern?
" Ihe House of Congress," he saiel, " cuiinot be
forced to admit your Representatives to their bullies,
hut your ii_lu to hell-governiucnt exists, a it exists at
nil, Independent of such mlmiassm Wails i oagn -s
- caa sloss admit ami oonstituta you a Stato m the
i 'moil, .vou jiur ..I ill he legally constituted u political
authority without, luion, sud entitled to ibo protection
of tte Federal lasts. The creative power abides iu
tin State aad not in Congress."
Ha argued thst section 'ill of the ordinance nmi
schedule, providing tuat ss act ba performed except
-rn h ss is preliminary to admiesiou into tim [Taloa is
not patt of tte constitution sad may be annulled by
this onvcution. Bat it should not he eliscareh il svitli
out foi mal amend mest io that sBeet, submitted to tue
popular ballot, ami until such vole, nil legislative,
executive ami judicial action by the Stute sbmiiel he
limited t.i sucii as is ssaaaaary, preliminary auel iuci
dectal to ad in isa job.
Aii.-r some di-cus.sioii au ordinance rescinding section
32 oftbe icbadiile accompanying tho Constitution was
utl.eplctl hy u vote ol '19 le.'.l hy the Convention to-day.
lu tte atti inonu resolutions were adopted redling tho
history ol the Htulcbood movemeut ol south Dakota.
In e.t-c Congress refuse! to taks favorable ac?on
thereupon, the Memorial Committee ls to prepare
ami publish su address rn tbe people of the United state-.
The convention recommended tiiut tim state Legislature
provide for tue lubmlssiou to tim people at the election
in November, 1887. a proposition that tbe Stategoluto
operation lu January, 1-SS. lie uh Inni-i-sof tim Legislat?
ure Hus evening appoiuted laemtera of the joint
Memorial Committee and passed the bill shove men
Honed, winch aaa at once approved by Governor
Mellefte, both bodies adjourned.
AtHiM, Dec. 16.?Seoretary of Stuto Coe.k and Con?
troller Allied <*. Chopin today BWaidsd tho eoiltinct fdr
tte publication of tin- Beaslea Laira of i***n to Messrs.
Baahi Brm., of Albany aad Kew-Tork. Var tte Depart?
ment printing ouly two bids were received. This contract
si rai swarded tei Messrs. Wired, Panoaa ft CO., of Albany.
In tlie Circuit Court to-day a peremptory mandamus
waa granted compelling tbo clinks 01 the two houses lo
denver to the Argus Comps*1*' tte copy for tbe
legislative printing of tte session of I8s7, taus ius
taiuing tbo aitiain of b-r-cretary of .state t'esik
and Controller Ctepin in making tte award to the- argita
Couipauy. Weed, ['antoni .tr Co., of this eity,did the
piiiiiius dunns rho laat session linders joint resolution
ot the two houses, pending tte decision of the Court.
Roe ll Ks l KU. Dec. 16 C/xnith.--I-'raucU A. Vincent,
boohteeper for tte Auburn Woollen Oompasy for seven
years pa?t. attcmpteil to tominil siucnii) ;it Hie house ot
U ilium Marks in lins city. Ile cum- to I his city lust night
and said that te would start away thia tanning ss tte
Pittsburg l'.oatL Hs latimated thal bis ac, muns ssitli his
employers were not all rtralsht At 5 a. m. to-day he bar
rowed a razor, itepped-luu* the uext room,and attempted
te, e III ills t,lin.lt. Till- l'a/.i II I Hoke. .lilli bC st.ileCit hlili
Mil Wltb .i puii of thean twenty times helene be is ns elis
c. it in ii. When Hopped be ss us raving mad. Ha uosv
Iles in ii critical cern.Inion. A dispatch trom Auburn says
that bil ai counts are all right. Ile has a wife aud ono
child. _ _
Bl i l'Ai.o, Dec, ld (special).? Collector Hanlon, of tim
Keveline Department, to-day bsgSS a vigorous rs.nine
agalssl ulaomaigsrissdsstes ste have failed to inko
ont their ratall Ueeaaaa Oatt one steluialv dealer,
,Iui oh Dol'l, to.ili OUt ii llcenSS when Hie hiss was tlrst t-u
foiied. Tbs lirst arrest s\as that of Jacob PatWlSS, S
Not* wu il, Dec Iii. -Thc State Dairymen's Association
at Wai elah lust sight adopted raaalathiBa thsaslsg all
Mule uud Nallonal ottlcers svho bad aided in BBOSrlSg mid
BBtorotag the aiiti-oleoiuar-eaiiue law. OBSegtaaa sn,
uskeil to mc reese the la* ou ibo product to ten ccuti a
K..t iii-ti.k. Dee. ll. (matatat), tte freshmen and
sopliiiinorcs of the university bad S tatty minute.*.' Ight
yesterday, du luesdaythofrcsbuienhsdsnlaie ?ntlsg
ss hu li lt Was supposed would he followed bj thc usual
Sapper. The sophomores turned oul in felice tei break up
tte supper ami took seven freshmen la SI -hits all oul into
tho country aad h-rt item there to walh ia. Auieetttuc
waa nota yeeterda) to devise measures ol retallatlou. lue
sieplutiiiotrs hroke it up anti a li.eiid lo n.ii.d cmmlliier
took place. One topoomore hud hu toli.ii hone brohea
and another's eye ssas badly cut.
KiSa.-ltiS, Dee-. Hi t.N/ee-iia'). ?Hy thc omission of aline
lu a dispatch liom Kius'Stou. published lu Tilt Tu I li INK
this marshSS, relaiim< to an tavaatigsUaa of SDsgSi
chargesagataal tsrmu Mosasraea ot Ulstas county, tte
liiiforiuiiule error ls iiiude of Ineludlug Mate BeastM
I linnells ucl llioimisi oiufll. ot thia city, anion-- tue
li.iu.es of .in ll lilli. IsU Neither man ever held such ellice.
nor waa either thc ?.ni|e, t ot any luvostigiUlon. I be only
ebari-e aK.iiust tiii-ui-An*, la reference bi saeasoovor to
.?,,.,-? 1,-_i-.lKti.in i._u.iliu? tte tum-ellatiou of the
County Ireasurei's bOOUl, sui-bcliai*-*-hewn*- heirn villU
drswa __*svtsae to the lavsattgaasa.
Late on WsdaaS-Sl nl-jbt i on-table Freeman, of New
leia li. L I., selim; ujkiu iiiforiiintiou be. hail received limn
Orttcer Hu-tee-d. of Kant New-York, arrested "Juc.**"
V. nish at his hollie In BtoWaH st., Kust Nesv "i eerk. on -us
pl. lou td liein-j one ol the: nmn Wbo on isuniliiy ut temple-el
io break lum several lUcllluas at i,u liiiiond Hill aud
i-i.si.ul_, ami allin*. Aiti stet ChrisUsa Homey of.
ti st lias to iJA_._'.il V-Ulbli. I^VTTIV,
The excitement in Wall-st. hiul hiivciy gubU
ided yesterday even before tte n lilli hag of busi
iess nt thc stock Exetenge. Thc Un.Jon marlu-f
iad refused to follow the panhlty decline in New*
i ork, ami thc publkation of the yearly Mutee
nent of the New York f cntrol Railroml evidentljrj
iad had a sreo I effect, for that stock showed ail
ulvanee. I'uder thrso inlluenres thu natural
(?action from the SX*_KMM_I ami mtivity of tha
ux-viouH day was it-flee ted jn an irn^ular and
euii-im-atively dull market. Dm Bpsat_**g wag
tii>n_* at ueneral advames of lary-e toactis-S. and.
laadtBC opcm-el I ami New-York lentrnl and
'umida Southern eac.h 1 l-> -ter cent hfcghsr. Tl*
nls ame in thc Hunk of &B__BB_* rut- of discount
'lom . to 5 per ..ni somewliat elmturbed con
idenec because, it was StgBsd, Hie rise would)
l-rclc tho shipments of gsld to this country*
lins inlliieiiee wns partly ofTVt, however, by I hg
innoune-ement hy the Treasury Department trudi
lie payment of .January interest em (io-erniLcnl
louds would he untie ipatetl willmut n-hate.
Thc continued striii_einy in Hie *?__? fog
noney was also a elis! urbiii_- power, urnl until
ifternexin prii es tlc. lind with MUMMMBBSi lntetv
ii- tiejiis. Tho le,sse*s wen: moderate e-omparvil
villi the rapid dee Inns of vTa_M___gf uni rarelyi
iXCSSdsd -1 ft (int A rally was ?tatted in tba
nulelle of the nfl.-**-_-*___* elcnlmrs. nnd with M
nore cheerful feeiim* it was swiii-slnul |it*acttas*-j|
i) the elo-,.. Ai | iso slinks sliowe'l liual a K__M8g
if 1 to I |>er nut. Ness .York rn I Ness I nr'uiiil,
vliieh siillcit-tl the largest loss on Wee I mt* lay.
elsssdleVd pm f.-nt higher, ami MSSI ot ths
.underbill shiiiets galaad fruin '* lo ne-n i ly .'i |*n
cut. Hans weie- nu e\( i pt mus to the gsssasl
movement. aHiinm-h St tmWl e lei el utichun-'o-l
'Her ii rally ot I psi int fnmi Um le,sv. si. peiiiii..
Uro total tra usn lions Bren imt MUM li ine.re- MnmU
i half ol' tin- cuni mons business on the prece?lag
lay, but they nad. .'in otdinniily iv lise murki-*,.,
lh" hl__-St lalo lol- i.ill li.iin, a( Hi; Stock E*v
ii.in-re waa a prretnittn nf 1-4 per oeal a isa aluna
legal mt.'irst, hut the st. ui-ciics wus partly IS*
lievel in the alU'ineron sad the daahsj late waa
?simple interest. A enaaUstabli amount ol
money hus Inin all i;u toil lo tl.e- miirl.fl by tbs
lii-li lute's that have ptrsail.,1 liet-ntiv not on'*/'
11..ni vin ie na inuits in this oiitii ry hut ulvi from
sus received by the Prencb stesussrtiip arMcb ss*
laii'opc. About a million .ni'- a Qtiattel in siteciig
lived > esl e* |.hiv. itll'l it IS e-lilluile-il thal .limul.
four Blilliom loon* SIS OB Un ir was. Thc action
ot tin- Tresaury win release a few mimosa in Uti
way of intranet), srhiefa iiitiniaic.y will -resell >\'uU.
Street Cor inveatsaent. Iks basks taste n>|
charging Un it* eustosaerB over thc legal iatc ut
interest jresterdajr, hut their lesouicss won- sumo*
svhat limited.
A great deal tass said in praise of thc stoel-.
ExchuBTje. v. hie h hud eh.ne the l.tive-t liusinesV
in its histoiv t/rith no Increase ,u thc friction
"f lim mai-liir.e-ry. Il wus fii-tpn ni ly recalled 1 lin4
lhere were ia'lur fewer bhiBdera on vYedaeeri_g|
I bau iisiiul, sud ('mu thc "tii'l.eis." whie li ara'
apt lu go .i-i I,.y on small | roves at i eil n'onli-t*/
ihe saie-s with nuns ia I _fix-ilu_i The storks ia
the brokers' olDces bad rather s dissipated loolc
yesterday mornin?. Thee, have been oveiarerks_|
!i.| Sallie time, hut Vt'i-dnes.lav sight the*. werS
obliged to heep extreme!} lats hours, lu a t*yUt
officea tin* (ins's wemk wan eompleted si so luta'
lill bO-T that setllli' ot the eleiks " liil!lU'"l tlelWI-i"
then rather than to seek tbeu bossta*. rhs seai
approach of thc ciui-iinus hoUdajra was a spue
lo tliein, hut Hie auniiiil presents will baVS beea
faithfully 'aineel.
Many in< i-le-nls of thc "paule." were related*,'
One btoke* said I "We called a loan of $1 .j.OOfli
11om, one of our inilgbbora. who linullv aaksd uig
to withilraw tl.e noUos, a* he could aot obtain'
tho money. We I imipiomlBed on ItCtf.SeS, uinf*
wc hurried to thc board to loan uren Imagine
our feelings winn are i___~ove_ed sftatarai-l Ihsv
sse" had lt'allcil il to thS saine loan."
An itii|ie*i iiiiieiiis pul .imI cull hriiki-i- remarked^
when bs ~*as told thal money ssas IO. pefeeMlt]
"Ihat is nothing; miine v is stars**** 1"" isr tuUt
with nie ths ve.-r round." (
A Billionaire broker, who luckily _rss sa ilia"
light side of Hu' market, cone'e-u'ed his satisfac?
tion by sayinz: "I had intonied to i_o to
t'allaniore's lui- sotue ( hrislimis ptCSSBta, hut yes*/
terday I asseludsd to try Macy's."
n.\M.-.vor ins'iii.yi.ii-aciio*. OS niK iiu..\sl'rt
WABPBUWtCU, Def- IB, Mr. Trcnholui, -"'ontreller of tha ?,
Currency, was a.skcel this afternoon what be UmiiKbt af
the situation In Wal! -truat to-day to far as the baulis ara ;
concerinrd. He inlil in substam-s I
*' 1 bave lum neel nntliiiif* to lead me to think that tba
banks ure at all in******red lu the pani-. I have ricelved
tstagnuna from the presi.'.e'iitsof several bauks and they
all concur la BWIIWsg the ptescot ti-ouble to the collapie
of sto.k eipeiation-*. Tba more __tfSriSBSSl and eoinerva*
tive bankers had foreseen tbii, aud cotiseepteiitly wera'
prepared for it. Ho far as loy luforinatum goa*, nonet of
thc banka are iuiiill'. ute.l with any peisuui re-portod as
nallian Baaed by tin- panie.
11-i-ietm i-r Jtinlan --ini tliat hs bad receiveyl lufeirraatlon
from Wall Street to nay ss bicb sinews Hut tbe deSMad for
uoaerli axoaialva at Ugh rates. The action of tha
departmeat, however, la antlelpattag the January inter*
est em tin* tour per xmwUWSStBmmW, be ssht, without refee*.
ease to Now-Yort. bel-S iateaded to meet tbe t-_u_rsl
Beads of the oouatrybyolstTibuttBgtaoBejrt-J hunks iu sll!
sectiotis-ciilcaico, Cincinnati Nesv-t'ilenin sad other
sui.-trea?urv cities n* well us New-York. While cicbaui*e
ou Ness'-Voik is at a discount,checks Will bc paid atotaer
sub-treasury points iu preference.
LSSSMMI, Dec. Hi. The prevailing feellus lu tbe aMP
market in 1-gsN to tin- fall iu Amer e an a_aas_Msa ll that'
the woiit is over and everybody rinked to buy to-day. *
Hie increase iu the bank lats caused a slUlit ivnclloa,
but tim market ls now limier. The arrival from Meir.
Vnik of the opening prk ns of stocks taara lo day caused
BS special Icaluie iu tlie Uunl.U Mteie.il KxehaSga ThS
market, teUswlS| ihe Uud af the New-York tone, ll
-m, . ,
HOKBt AT t*. nOI i KNT IN* l'ilIl.AI>.'l.l'HIA.
l'liilailclpliia, Hst. 10 ? Drexel A Co say id
reference to the hl-h mles of interest eliurye.1 for
imiiii-y that they an- only uikiii doubtful seciii-itics
aad that uii'ih'v can bs fte-eiy bonaared apsa Kotxl
iSCUritics st '"' fBt cent. Money on such HiilllHIsi
svss lilli Si tins l*,,'' tS Hil IliUM- of UsU tiriir
lure ;eii..l in Sew-York both to-day und ytblcp
lilli A.. i, I'd. H'.-Yer-i e.iuy issn WUM BStBISd the
bousoof JoliiiT. no..in. at H_S*_tr*S I'ark, ku... kel bim
doss u uml rubbed hun of WTO. T'-vi lm-.irs luler one o(
them. John Hums, ss us upp;ehcii.li"J ant tuken to the
Lake Viotv l'olu e r-Ullon, sslu-ie be ->t.tte*.l that Marr**
llesMtt. a BOB al Um luau robbtrd, \sus bis accomplice.
Th** eiih-r iiessiu i, aksel alstf passssC sgaaaiaaHi
stealthy. Alwut m ou, while be was In an upper room.
Hie tsvo men euiiired ami prseSSSSi aystaka Imlli.u' a
largs blanket before them to prevent receg-itio-L Mr.
Hessitt 1-i.ippleit ssuh tl'cui at tb.* mp ol the suns bul
wai thrown. H.- ussl mt. finns tte blsukel os.-t Ulna
and he beard Harris sus : " Kout iboot." Iiuaieiliatolf
artera ird be bsard s piitol ihot. nw ui?*u be" n.-.i ms
liuuits an.l r-rt. timk lils moues anet left. Half ail bt.iif
I er Ml Ile stilt si.c.e.lr.1 lu fiecim, bluis.-lf aod
i. o,nu' ii .ui.etl tu. police. Harri*. >-.>i thai att.r they
ul ,\vi il ? i .Kilke; .iver the old wan youi_g H.tt.tj
hiss i rt i er ...ni ttl*-d -?l ???? '?"?*'? ""* -*'* ? excXXM
U - li l.ulM-K.'./e.l 1.1. ,11 ,,.,_,. hes... TSUSg H-WlH
ssZ. srrestod tbi. moralug. Ha istesM to tslk.
Bai.timokk, IK-.-, iii ^.--jeeeiu/).?Tho tlsbt aualnst Uor
iiiHii, Higgins, thomas, and the n'st of the IViuocratlo
?? coin bi no'' lu Mars land, bas been renewed. Tho first
step toss .nd what i- announced to be Uie reoij-suiiution
ot Hie Mar)laud li< monae-y was taken ts day at a mast.
iuk "f prominent I'cmotTuU fruin all pal ts nf tho State.
Iv lois, ruor sm,.tam T. HhuiiIioii ls tbo leader of the
luovt'iueiit- The fa. t that lt was alter clmiubci luc-Jilug
made 0 IS BIB 11*1 frieuila declara XltaX the So-cai-od leioiin
srsuml uot the resulars eeuntitutsd the run-. Ana.us
lUCUU Weie made lin a t-ianl tlt-'-oiisliallou on Jsolaoa
Pus, I tni.us -t. .ii which lune the full pu'grainu-e Wt MS
ol .aul/. itu! the moscuie-Ut will bu ie Ullin i u. vhi att-il ?******
ci al ut Us most i'Oiis|iii-iiou* oratoi? will ,,'**to/V'*i,?!_**,!_
?lillie ts it-.i -;.-ii. mi talk aiiotit Ihs .Itu-liou *f Uilug- ta
cits mitt -M..i. l-un. ?ui Uk ct.n.tiitHimy ?ud *-?**> ?*">*rs?
Miullu.enl ol llmeee* pioe-eul was -__* wmtn _-__M Sa a
aauu-i onuuutUu-s ul the p-alg*

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