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past P. amid loud and prolonged applause to atart
the eree-Th-ma-intr, H* *_st_ I
Qua JU J last summer. BSB_tSSBS_, I saw on the front
t_UTS(S----SBSf-WI?_ in Tunbridge Wells in Kng
land a SU-SS which read : " There will BS B meting till*
evci.iibj ut 8 o'clock for prsyer and prairie nnd fros
remarks." Thc time for " tm. remarks" bus now arrived
at this meelln*;, anti we will proceed with (bat part of the
tH-r.'ornistice, I hope you have sufttclently foi tilled
? ubibdI f. io listen, with virtue, if net with courage,
to the .lory of the struggles and trials which your fore?
father-went th rowell In order that you might eat?Ml
banquet ia peace st.,I quletnoss, with nothing in the world
to in it ko rSS afraid except _M IS?t af t*r-BUU-_ to autt
row [lan-literi and tlicdi-covcry that ym to*t*S_St____B_
Itrtts Vtilli some men whose. ?SSS- are a size smaller
than yours. (?Blighter.] For eighty-one years yon. M ?
society, have ll-h BB- Io the r<*___ of thut -tory. Blways
with swell?ui in ftrrs at night and iwulk? beada tba ot \t
Inf, [langa-tr,]
Ira are celc'.trattng the two-hundred-Biid-slxty sixth,
aantver-arj of the landing ol the Pilgrim tot?an upon
i'lytntiiitli Hock ami the i Whty tirst Htiulv ei-nr> of the
Ungot this society, mu Jealous ststei* have at?ne
tiim--. ,il "liowfe.v there were who (anded and bow
numeeooatbey bBve become" [laughter*; and observing
the sa?-ttsiasn nmi eclat vt if h which our annual to-tlvi
tk* biivc I'ct ii 11 iciirueil. ti ? \ -coned to say that tbe
arrival of tho lllarlm- had aasU la New-York
aud u,?l <>n Plymouth Kock. k Laughter it.nl
appian. ] Pur be lt fioin us to detract
from the merita of 0 ir nnce?tors. We are
ut t-B.t ready to admit that lu thi* great grub-bag--?-i
ipolitan trr.iii lui- om Ynnl.ce rorefaulera, otu Im
t ate forefathers, have exhlotted s length of ann and a
i lititi I- ,11 nt tillich und grip quite ei|uul to t-Bt Bf the
?pel-.'in. WU?Ut thev fO?(ld lure or any otuer la*? W_0
lure rome bete amI taken part witb them In that uni
-i.ib. [laughter.I Hut, g'-nticriicii. If we honor
t ,0111, we ii,ed n,,t IMt?tSBTJlf detract from tho
aaa uluru we ure ourselves. Vie chu pro] ti ly and lust ly
loiik un our iiiiiuedi'ite progenitors?at least those of ns
*Uho. like Wootlfoitl uiul myself, were born lu New-York
sf Ni a I: n.I and parents jo the great propicvho-e-plcn
dld past and brilliant present ara bot tin-harbinger, of a
luul. B_BB_??* ut li'turtt.
Un v never tliouiilit how clears Unlit
Wlih veur* sli'-nM .situ-r round this day :
li,,vt lov. shu,lld kc.;, tbell tu.-iiiorii - bri.lit;
linw u-fsarsalai 0mlr ssas simuM away.
Jh.nve BtJ-UtlaU- thought timi if thi- anniversary rUBBU.
iinii-hcd no inure than an oecattoii tor friend*, nhl and
yoting, derived fruin ihe SHtne com moll stock, to nu-ei to
anther and dins logether and pay eommemora? ve honor*
to Mictr ancestry, and >o weld anew the bond Of kln-hlp,
ii would aa an occasion wortby te tte perpettutted. Bul it
li i- ii il, ? ;., . .ni 1 w nl-r -i. ni,'.,'.ince. As Mt ccu la tn the
Jjohutnincilun und Jerusalem to the Chrt-tinn. so we
T|.i_kc mir pilgrimage to i.i.ht tc Pit nioiitb Kock, honing
that u- v.eiit) mu tribute niton that hui, we -hall giru up
our loin-to tin ct the fortunes, the tuecessss, thc- trial*
and the duties that are before ut. [App-BU--.]
"New occasion* teach new ibitie* ; time muk'* ancient gool
11110 tl T ll ;
lit lcii-t upward still sud onward who would keep abreast of
PlK.M'kKliY Ol nu: WOtBl IV.
"Rut it is uni for me. gentlemen, to tell that story. We
have In . BU- hero gentlemen nf great emlucncc and great
Cl.iq'icii' c a ha w iii du that, I could not l>c your orator if
I would. For several yuan I have been your purveyor
Of urntory, and I have been very nindi
flatten'1 at tbe cniigTHtuliitlmis I limo received
from time to time on my aaneeeeea In that
capacity, i ii,-,ve anal Don_denee tba! my aueeeai la
jual r. sped will be bo lea. to night I wonld like fodraw
ritientioii to a complaint agt?lisl the nn siding otncnr at
the late euliern dinner, tbBl he bad exbatu?td all tho
bli topic of discussion Who but Depow could
?ari tig r-och n cotupialni as IhP.t from Kv aita, U) whom Jill
thut nil men ciitil.l ,-\ei r-.iy aiio.tt ant SUbieOl only
furnl.be. a text sud louie upon a bleb be might _Uuourae
to tin- cud of tune i i.tNighter and applause.]
lint it i? a*?at before I hit down
t \tm with a fi w--t.iti-tles. Tbe New-England
(Sortety waa never s,. procperou. aad bad inver so lm.-o a
-ticmi.cr ihip nnd never -o mau] applicant- for ii, ket-t"
lt.- aunnul dinner whleh thej were i?iver destined to ub
tiiin. [Laughter.] 'lin Just claim, of obarttj h.i\<- been
im t w in... lit.i ral yet u fru.ii! hund. if thc treasury la
iio*. runt,;n.' over, lt i- not empty, and Dowd lays tbe
t .te ? are all Brst-els?ft. | Ki newed lauebter. ]
'Ihui :. ubi,nt nil thc statistics?oh I Mr. Hub.
i I*, bi?llb it excellent [Immense laugh il
any of rou bare bad Bpprehenskiu* about hi- i trsonal
li..nit--. I i.e. tu n?ure you tbej ort mosl exemnlaiy.
(More laughter.] He is i-,: i 11 buying Connecticut farms
_1_k tbe moneys which be save, bj nol Hooking. [Con
t mii-c our last aat-veraary dinner,
t iii. m. ?,. several valued memberaof titi- aoeiet] have
|?ld the debt of nature. Their liiiiin-, their years and a
Tu ,t sketeh of their Hvaa will ba found lu your
in vt anana] relton. Ona member of tala society,
vim has died kong a regular member, then made a
life member, boca use the society desired to testify their
sena.' nf tin- honor conferred upon (hem by bl- friend
fl,,[' demand, ne,re tana a p_e*nii_ notice. Mod. -t ,,. ?
self-seeking, i ery one of tbe high bonon be
?nore be won- worthily; true .nd itancb In bis friend
Balpe, bm t-cri-oi-g even them w;..n Um elalm. ol
friends, ot,th,;.'; w nh the elalm. of public duty: meeting
(real resjionsiiililties wita raurage, patriotism a__
ability ; patleut and ebaritable tuner B_soonoep
tiou aud ___uriou. uint aatsaa sadd alurtus?
a nih!' of bum of great administrative ability,
be en?li ?! nie country tare ujta litci titrmoll. and greater
tmpendlug dangers so wisely that all men ol all parties
Kindly a ul gratefully _? lalm bi administration as one of
thc ?i eat and battl and pures) winch mi- most fortunate
tv.uiittt ever enjoyed [Applause.] I a-k you gentlemen
to f?se and drina wita mc lo tbe ever dear metuorj ol
I 11 v Arthur. [Immense e*___u| during winch
_*_,*,_.*, -Hut i.iti-t.ii ii"ti to inc gen\?tuen, to
m io-o- to h?tm- von til ti we ur.- on tba aaaal
Mendlj term. wnli all our sister BBsriettaa.
(I?iijibier.] Yon univ woaUOT ?OW in the wot ld
iru-ott, i,ut wedo. [Renewed huurbter.] As Zaobary
Saylor Mid in bli first ?_aaasn) "wa aiu at pearn with ali
tho world and the rot of njunkiud." [Rouia
if iBugater. j .\'o have enjoyed tin ir boa
Jiustat* aaa have fait no let* enjoyment
l. eil, .idin-Ut them nut'h. homettines a lillie wayward,
our Mt, i ara *-_tet_nes ;t iniic Jealoua, bul they uni e
In celebrating thc virtues of your aueaston with a nearta
uaaaenlr ea_sUed by tttal withwbk? tn turn I in vour
behalf -hull unite in ccu liri lng the .-tutdy virtue- Of th,
bt.m k from which they sprung.
When >.ii ?lund's prince brought borne n fair young
bride from Deamurk, wboae beauty and bright imile
von wi.;,! nie.-woni af Ihe eonqueror eould never win
tlio aa__r?au aad loving loyalty af a g;-?it people, E_g
lttiiirs poa, laurciile ,-uli^i
?agllBl niel,. S, ,,t<'httil-I. .111(1 Wt'lSlltlien ure wc
lint wc ure all 1'..ins in ?.:. ,," u t-1 tba* Aleiniitlrs.
Po I in.i.t sa) in your iiuiiie thal 1.11^'lith and .Scotch and
Jrjn.b him I lt nih uinl l.utt h uiul t,ci mun ult- we who
luke un honest tui.lc In our anet -try. We love to
tUtll the Storr) of their lives to bU-Ul
?Ter of their great virtuea and bernie deeds, but tbe
?rlgbt -intdcst of our love lh thc land which they peopled,
the Nation which they t-UBded, the free ami bappj
Ainerh ;i which they nat e given as a beril?ge to us and to
Our ______ [Lajud and continued ui'pluuse.J
Juil-o JIussoll then introdueed the Kev. Dr. Tal
rtage to spoak to " Forefalliers' Day./ Dr. Tal
ip;tk.'''t* aililress was Iretiueinly interrupted with
cheers and nproarioas lau. titer. He said :
Mu. ______vr an9 au. T<u G'xin Nan __S__U_a__ :
If wc leave to the evolutionists to jruoss where wc carno
from atul tn tbe Uie______ lo *S*M-*saa***|f UB-BU wc ure an>
lug to, we still have left for consideration tbe fact that
We are herc ; and we ure here ut an total?__Bg time. Of
all t?c eeutiiBUM tti!=- i- IS* Baal century, and of all the de
tade- of thc BBSa?f] Hil" lt Sba I" _ decade, and of all the
year* of thc BAOBAB tt?I is the bet year, and of all tbo
?month* of tbe year this tn the bett mouth, and of all the
ToightA of the SMmt_ tbi- _ tt_ bSSl night. "_a""*-B?St uiul
lautrbter. J Many of these __*4__-S_SS wo trace straight
back to Korefatbers' Day, about which I araI la --peak.
But 1 tuns! not Introduce a new habit Into the-e \,--,v
__fj___ dinners iiinl couline mi -elf to thc one thciuc.
For eighty-one year- your speaker* have lieen ncctistomi-.l
to make tho toast announced the iwiut from which they
atart, but to which they never return. [Laughter] 8o I
ehall not stick to my U-xt. but only be particular to have
Bil I sji) my own, and not make the mistake of a B___- r
Whose M-riijou wasa paU'hwork from a failety ot authors,
to whom he irave uo credit. There wu* an intoxicated
?wa*; in tin- iiudieiii a who had rend about everything, and
be sniioiiii ed the authors at tbe minister went on. Jhc
?aau*fU?tn ifHVe an extrnct withtiut uny -radii to the au?
thor, and the mau lu tbe au,ilene,, cried out: "That's
Jeremy Taylor." Tbe speaker went ra and icnvc aa ex
trlct from another author without credit for li. and tho
lnen lu tho audience said: ?? That I* Juba Wesley." The
tulnlster gave sn extract from another author without
credit for lt, aud the tuan In the audlenee *aid : " That it
Oeorge VThltttel-." When the mitu-iei 'lost his imtlence
and crieil out: " Shut up. you old fool!" thc man la the
audience replied : " That is yoin own." [I__igbter.]
two *r~0~__r_*"r____-' n.tvs.
Well, what alioiit this Korefatbers' Lay I In Brooklyn
thev say the landing of tbe "*_?*____ was Bb-ceniber the
-1st; In ISew-York you say lt was December tbe-Sd.
You are both right. Not throuirh thc Bfut lout timi artful
*res?oiiitii* you have nomctinies indulged in, but by a little
bi?u>i.o-l im idem that seem, to suva -Straped your atten?
tion, lou see, the l-'oretuthei. iitiiled In the linn tung of
t'eoeinber thc _l*t. but alxuit BUun that day a pack of
nungry wolves swept down the bleak Attiericnn bea -'li
looaiiii- for a New-Ku-Laud dinner Taughtei,, uud a band
of savages out for a tomahawk ntcntobove Insight, aud Ute
rrigrtm lathers tluuigbt ll baal tor sufi ty Bad warn,th to
ffB on lroa.il tbe Ma) Bower and pass the night. (Ken. wed
aiijtbter. j Aud durum tbe i.i.lit there came up a strong
wind l.low ina; ott shore that swept the Mayflower from
Its mooi Inga cleat out to sen, aud there waa i prospect
that our Forefathers, Bavins; escaped aua*e~sna__ in
?foreitrii landa, would yet go down under an oct an:, Tt-iii
6'St Hill tho next day they fortunately gol control of
dr ship and steeled ber lu. and tba second tune tbe
Forefathers Htep|M? BBB-. <
ltrookl.t ii celebrated the ilrat landing; New-York tho
Bet on,I lauding, BU I Bay hall I bull : to both edi Oration*.
for one day, anyhow, could uot dojti.-liee to such a sub?
ject, and 1 only wish 1 could Save ___ed tba Blarney
atone of America, which ls Plymouth Ko-k. m> thal I
unVht have done justice to this aubyaut. [LaugStoran
Sppi.'in-e.; Ab, gentlemen, thal Ma> Mower wa.tth.aik
that flo.tled tbe deluge of OUnrea.loU, and 1'Iy.uouth itock
Was thc Ararat ou which ll lauded.
But let me .ay thal the?e Forefathers were of no nero
Import:ime than the r'orcumthcr*. [Appl,aUBB.] A- I |
nini. t-land il, there were eight of theiu-tiiut is, four
father* aud four mothers -from whom ali these illus
trious New Kiiglanders descended. Now I wa* not born
is New-i.titfiitua, though far back my ancestor* lived in
Connecticut, and then ero?mhI over to Long Island and
tuen- Joined ttie Hutch, and that mixture of Yankee and
I'utoh ii.akea myal blots,. [Applause.] Neither 1* pcr
(eot without the other, the Yankee lu a man's nature say
Ug, "do ahead:" Uie l.tiU b lu hi* bliss! saying. " Be
?prudent while you do go atiead ! " Home iHtopledo uot
Uhder.Uiud why l?ng Island wu* stretched along parallel
?With all of tbo < oiinectlcitt c.ul. i have no do,nd that
it was sop'?ed that tba Hutch might watch the Yankees,
[t-tughtr r. J
But though not born in New Kngland, lu my boyhood
I bad a .>evr-_nglaud achoo?uaater whom 1 shall titter
forget, lie taught us ou. A, li, Ct.
?' Vt bat I* thai . "
et j don't kuow, sir."
" That's A " (vt un a slap;.
" Vi hat i. that I "
?* I don't know, sir."
rith a slap) " That is li." f Uugbtor.l
UtU ?rou. a boy that lear-cd his letters in that way
never fore.it them : and If the Imy was particularly dull,
then this New Ktigland schisilmnster would take him over
the knee, un?l then Um BB*} got his lnroruiiition from both
dlreciiont. (Henewed lBtighlcr.J
AT.Mli'.moN Kilt YMMtVMTTAM ___-__-_-,
But all these things aside, no one sining at these table*
ha. higher admiration for Uie Pilgrim luthers than I
hara the men who believed In two great doctrine*,
which are the foundation nf ever) rt l.trimi that is worth
uuythiiiK-; namely, the fatherhood of (>od nnd the
brotherhood of man, these men of backbone and endow ad
witb thai great and maunlllent attribute of itich-to-it
Ireneea Macaulay said (hst no one ever steered nt the
l'urltan. who had met them In hall* of debate, or erasaw
twid-with tlieiii m. the Held of battle. [AjtSlU?M.J
They are .omettrnes defamed for their rlg-foui rsaob?tbs,
but our danger I* lt. tbe opposite .'.Ire,'Hon nf no HnMtsth.
at all. lt is ?;tl(l that they de-trove,1 Witches I wish flint
they hail cleared thi in till out, for the world is full "f
wttebei yet. and if hi all these tnblc- there la a mun who
tn- inti sometime* been bewitched, let him hold up his
gl.-is- of |<-,- water. [I_iiiirhtor.] lt I* said that these Fore?
father* carried religion Into cterytldug, and before a man
kissed his wife be asked a hit?sing, and afterward said:
" Having received another favor from the Lord let us re?
turn thank*. [Lanebter.] Hut our great ticed now ls
more religion lu everr-c.sy life.
I think tb?rplain.lit thad much to do with their rug?
gedness nf nature. They bad sol ns many good fling* to
cut a-mc have, and thev had liet'.-r dlcc-tioti Nott, all
the f\i liing some ol otu l?-t men sit with nu awful bad
feeling at 'j. p;t oi th, it st.ini.ich uni tbalUodtakenfaila
toaaaTmllato, and in the agitated dlgastivfl organs tho
lamil and tbe cow He down together and get ap Jual ns j
tbey have a mind to. [Laughter.! After dinner I snt i
down with mr friend tota.k. Be had tor mint yent
been troubled with Indigestion. I felt guilty when I In?
sisted on his taking thal last piece of lemon pto. I knew
that pastry ala ari made him crusty. I said i" bimi " j
never felt bette! in all my life; how dot ou feel IM A'"' ,
putting one band over fine piece of leann" "UB and tho
other hand over the other piece of lemon pie. he said: "j
feel miserable.H Smaller varieties of _*M had Hie old
fathers, but it did them more gix*_
caxitii:- Of mi K<>i:i rATiirit"-.
f-tlll, fake lt all li; all. I think the d-NUrS-UUtS of the
Pilgrim rather* are a* OJOOB as their nitre-tors, and in
many way* better. Children aro npt to bc un ci ho of
theil aneeet?cs. Waaia ?i'? to uni a Sato around the
Forefathers, but I expect that tit our afc they were very
tillich like ourselves. People ure BO. a i-e when they long
for the giM.,1 old dav*. They -uv: ".lust think of tba
tunic ot people ut this du\ 1 Just l.*,k nt the ladlee1 hui- '."
Laughter. 1 Why, there ls inching tn the ladles'bato ot
O-day emmi to (he coal-scuttle hats a hundred year* ago.
They say: "Jual look at the way people dre-* their
hair!" why, the extra-Met style ta to la] will not equal
tbe top-knots which OUT gre.nt-gruTiOIDOther. wore,
I'tit up with high coiniis thal we would have
though, would have made our great gi aiidfatbera die
wlthlaughter. The hair was lifted inion pyramid a foot
high. Oti the top of thr-t lower lay a whits toto. Plioo*
of liespan-leti white kid. and heels two or three inches
legit. Qr_?lfatber went out to meet her on tba BOOf
with a coat of sky-blue aUk and vest ot white satin em?
broidered willi gold luce, lue ruble- ..round hil Wrist,and
in* hair tiling in a queue. Tiietrre.it Oeorge Washington
had bl- hnr-e's hoofs hlackened w hen aliout to appear on
a "Ui.nie, and writes til Europe ordering aent for the use
Of him elf Mini family one silver la. e h it. one pair Of sil?
ver shoe-buck les, a cont made of "nshioriuMe silk, one
pair of gold sleeve-buttons, six pairs of kid gloves, one
dozen most fashionable cambric pochet-bandkei-hlets,
beside ruffles und tucki r. 1 b it a ai < ieoi ge, [laughter.]
Talk aitouf dissipation-, ve who have ever seen One old
fashioned sidebo'ird! Did I not have an old relative w bo
ni a BJ s. nilen \ l-itors cullie, used to go up-t.in I mid take
n drink through economical hali.ts, nol offering anything
tobi* visitorsl [Laughter.] On the old-fashioned -ruin?
ing dav* the most sober men were ant to take u day to
themselves. Man] of the familiar drinks of to,tay were
unknown to them, but their bani cider, mint" Julep,
nut Ik .-lin. hot toddy mid lem_ nade In winch the lemon
waa not at all prominent, sometime, made lively work
for the Ino.ni (trimmed huts and silver kneel'.kle
ral. ol dissipating parties (>r to-day and keeping of late
hours! win. dui tiley not bare theil "licet" and sen?
?axe-stnflings and tea parties and dane.rn, that foi beattl
neaa and uproar utterly eclipsed all the waltses, landers,
redowasand breakdowns ot th.- nineteenth century, and
they never went nome till morning. And as to the old
time courtships ob, my I Washington Irving describe.
them. ' Laughter.]
Kut though your forefathara may not have been much, if
anj. better than yourselves, let us extol them for the met
(bat the) 'tiiitcl'thls cou.itrv in the rtitht dire lion, lint
laid the foundation for american manhood. The founda?
tion must be more solid and brm and unyielding than
any other part of the structure. < in that Puritanic munda?
la--we cnn safely build all nationailtit?. [Applause]
Let us remember that the coming Amelieian ls to be an
admixture of all foreign bloods. In about twenty-live or
? in the mt?-el American will step forth. He win
have thi strong brain of the German, the polished man
m rs of the i- 'renell, the artistic taste of the Italian, the
stanch heart of tho English, tba steadfast piety of the
Scotch, the lightning wit of the Irish, and. wnen be step.
forth, bone, muscle, nerve, i tain entwined with tbe fibres
ol all nationalities, the nations "iii break out la tuc cry:
?? ii ho ; the *. me tics? I" : applause, j
Columbus discovered only the snell ot this country;
.' came and discevered fosaUlferou. America t-iiii
mancame and discovered geological America Audubon
cuni.- and discovered hird america Longfellow came
and discovered poetic america; aud _uiroaroab_U-_oaen
t'tiu r Am. ricii.t yet to be discovered.
I never realized what this country wa- atul i- at on the
day when I lil'st s.nt BOBBI ortlic-e gentlemen of Ihe Army
and Navy, it wu- when al tba elaaa af Ibe War our
ainiies caine hack aud inarched in review before the
President's stand al Washington. I do not care wai?ber
a niall UM ti Kcpiiblienn or a I'cniocrat, a Northern mau
ur a Sot*?hern iniin. if he hail ;my emotion of nature he
could not l'Hik ii|tonlt without weeping, (itel knew thnt
theda] wa-stupendous, and Ho cleared tbe leaven ot
clout" and mts! and calli, and sprung the blue dry ai a
triumph,.1 arch for the returning warriors to i?,-- ands?
Tram Arlington Height- the spring foliage shook out itt
welcome, a. rhe host* came over the hills, and the ?pu?
ling water- of the Potomac tos.,.,1 their gold tn the feet of
the battalion, a- they caine to the Long bridge and In al
mo-t Interminable line passed over. The Capitol never
seemed so majestic tis thal morning, snowy white, looking
down upon tbe tide, of men thal eame aur_lng down,
billow after billow, ""naring In sHenc-, yet l heard in
avery atop tbe thunder of eon?let. through which they
hud waded, and leemed to iee dripping from their .moke
blackened flag, the blood of our country's martyrs. For
thc best part of two dat - we itt*11 und watched the tl Ing
on of what seemed endleu batt?lions, brigade after bi i
gadc, divl-lnn after division, host after host, rank beyond
muk ever nmvlng. aT_r passing marching, marching -
tramp, tramp, tramp-tbonsanfl. after thousands but?
tery trout, arius shouldered, columns solid, shoulder to
shoulder, wheel to wheel, charger te charger, nostril to
Commanders on horses with their inanes, entwined vs i;li
rose, and neck- enchained with garlau ls. fractious at the
abouts that rna atong tbe line, la*-?Ming froin tba olap
ping of children clothed In white, .tautllng on the t,tcp*
ot the Capitol, to the tumultuou. vociferation of hundred.
of tbouaanda of enraptured multitudee, (tying huual
liu//;i! i .ic.lining inii-k-'ts, thundering parks "f artillery,
rumbling ismuion wagons, ambulance* from whoas
wheel- seemed tu sound Ott! the gi?UH of the crushed
aud the dying that tbey had carried. These meit came
from balmy Minnesota, those from 111?iola prairies. Tl?ee
were often bummed to sleep by tin- pines of oregon,
those were Now-Knglahd lumbermen. Those came out
ot the coal shafts of I'eiiusyh ania. ??B bj slue it. uno
greattau-e, ci.n-.ee rated Uno ii^U dre and storm a:nl dark
in--, brothers in peril, on their way home from Cllaneel
lorsviile and Kenesaw .Mnuiitaih and Irodericksburg,
iu lines that seemed Inllnite thev passed on.
\\ e enaed and wept a nd woniuired, lifting np our heads
tu BBC if Ibe end hailcoine, hut aol l/ioUlng from on.- cud
of that long avenue to the other, WC -aw tlu-in y.-t in
solid column, battery front, boat beyond hos;, wheel to
wheel, charger to charger, nostril to nostril, coining
a-it were fcou. under thc ( Hpttol. B-rwat?I lorwiud:
Their bayonets caught in the sun glimmered and flashed
uud bl?t??i till they seemed like one long river ot -ih er,
ever and anon changed Into a river of gold. No end t"
the procession, no rest for the eyes. We veered OUT bead.
from Ihe .celie, unable longer lo look. We felt disposed
to stop our ears, hut still we beard it. inarching, march?
ing trump, tramp, tramp. But li tittil, uncut er ever]
Lead: li.ro thev pass, the remnant Bf ten men of a
full regiment. i-llonce! Wktowhood ant1 orphanage look
on and wi lng their hands. Hut wheel Into hue all yo
people! North, South, East, Weal all decades, all centu?
ries, aU ml?ennl?ms I Forward, the whole linc I Huzza!
il u/./.u !
When thc clieera which followed Dr. Talnuigc's
brilliant peroration had subsided, the _h_il__u_
Orari! ____: The next rag?llBf toaal ls the President of
the l' ni Tesl .-tate*. We have a letter tro.n tbe President
cr :n,:u his private secretary, announcing that ne lintis it
Impractical!!* to be present, un 1 therefore vt ill proceed
with thc neil toast. There is one son or |Ne?t-langland
whom this society delight* esneelally to honor. I nive
you health aud long life to General .-herman. [Loud
Applause, j
General Sherman was visibly aflectud by tho
enthusiastic greeting which saluted him wb n ho
rose to respond, lie .spoke aa follows:
Ml'.. l*____?_n l_-BO_a**r1____ nl'TIIK Nl.W-7'N.SI.ANII
_*> ii n ct Nkw YmiK: Were 1 to do tho proper tiling, I
would tUIU to luy friend on the hit und say
un.cn, for he ha* drawn a glorious picture of the War,
in J.iugnagc sttoiigci th.m even I or iny friend bulstifield
could'larc to use. Hut broking ou-r the society tonight,
,-o iiiaiiv joting fa' es here, BB ~a__] "ld ami lute! ont M
i/oue? 1 feel almost us om- of jour forefather*. [La ugh ter
am! applause.) Many aud many a time havel boen
welcomed among you. I cann Hom a bloody civil war Vi
BOM ioik in ye?rs gone by -twenty or twenty-one, maj
be?and a oommlttee tame to me in my
room aad (-ragged me unwillingly before tba then
If aw B-g land Bo. btv of New "fork, and tbej rot* Ived me
with -neb lieut ty applait-e and such kindly greetings that
my hear: gue- out*?? Toa noe t<? night ut *_-_*representa?
tives. [Applause.j (md knDUB, I U__ Von. one uni all,
ali the ldc?ings of life and enjoyment nf the good things
yon now ponai?t and nih ern vii lu store for you youug
I hope nut to occupy more thin I tow minute, of your
ti me.for last night i mlohrated tim aa roe btbuI In 1?-*_elyn,
Bini hI about two or three o'clock thin li,or liing I BAW this
ball lilitsl willi lovely ladle* waltzing [lauKbtet), and lu ic
I nu, In-night. IKenewed laughlui*. A \ nice You're .i
roundel. tieiii-i-L] Hut I shall ever, ever recur to the
caril meetings of the New England Ko, le ty. lu which I
shared with a pride and _a_____-_U which word- will not
express, and I hope tin-few words i now say uill ba re
cen i il in tbe kindly spirit they are made m. be tba) what
they may, tor the tail upou lue la sudden and sonic whit
1 have no foist. I nm a loafer. 'Laughter.] I can
choose ttl BB] what I ina} not lied 6] tu.) ti \t or form
ula. 1 know Mild, ton look anon old (.encral -lu-i'luau,
as fM uU_Uto call bun [Oh, Oh I] putty joting yet,
B*J filetiij, not all the devil out of nie yet.and I hopi-stlll
tv. share with you many B festive ocr-B?Q? whenever jon
UUBJ __U___Bj v*Imrever the sons of New-Kagland may
aaaaaah-s, hu lt iiere under this _*a-H_utoa nsif or lu
Brooklyn, or even lu l',o.-t..ii, 1 will try to be there. [Ap?
an _*"*___*__**. of Tin: WAU.
My friends, I have hail many, many ci?>erlences, and lt
always seems to rne <-uri, r to recur to some of them winn
I am on my feet, for they come back to me like the memory
of a dream, pleasant to think of. Aud now to-iitght, I
know tbe Civil War ls uppermost In your mind*, although
I would banish it as a thing of trade, something too coni
?onto mytuillug: )el 1 know lt Dle4?a_ tbe audience
o refer to tittie LucideuU heit uud t_ere of toe great Uv ll
j "oar. In which T took a hnniMe part. 'Applause.] Hut T
remember, ono day away down lu I'corirln. somewhere be
: tweea. I thluk, MfliodKeviiie and Mil au, l was riding on
it good horse and hud *ouM friends nlong with nie to keep
good fellowship, you know. [Laughter.] A pretty
humorous partv, clever goisl fellows. [I'otiewcd laugh
ter.] Kiding tuong, I soled n plantation. I wa* thirsty.
i-*to np to tue gau ai?l dismounted one of three mea
i wi rb sabre* by their aide culled orderlies, stood hy my
, haran- I walked upon the. jior. h. win BU t'tero wa* sn old
geiilleniiiti. pi-obi:il> lj slaty yeats of age,
white hilted and tel j gentle .n his i.iniinci - et identl.t rt
planter of ll,.- hli'ln t. :.i--. I BBked him If he would he
kind enough to give me eoam wntar. iu enlied a buy,
and s,,on be ha 1 a bm He* ot water a ith s dipper, f tl?ra
ashed for a chair, and culled ene or two of my efflcera
Among them mi*. I think. Kr. Jehu Moore, who recently
tm- been made Sur_eon General of the Army, for which
l uni t.i i-ind even to Mr. Cleveland, [Laugh!
ise.] Ile sat on the porch, and the old mau held
the bucket np le me, and l too- a long drink of w. ?
BUti] ha\,'lighted .1 cigar [innghtcil. and lt la possible Jj
may have had a littleinaal ol whiskey along. [Keaawed
laughter ]
At :ilI event*. I got Into a conversation : nn 1 th- troop*
drifted aluna?, passing down tba roadway closely by fours,
und evert regiment had lt* baot?tr, regimental or national,
sometimes furled and sometimes aflsai. Tho old geatle
man says i u__aer"n*j what touupa .no thane |
"ow r* . ,_,
A* the color bearer came liv, 1 said : Throw out your
color*. That la the 73d Iowa.1* ______
- Ibe 73d Iowa I Tallowa! Iowa! 7__l What da
v in u tu by t:i,1 l" . . , ,
?? Weil," said I. "hahiinally a rrgiinent when _f_____eia
uiuoitnt.- to i.O'Hi im-u." _
" po you pretend to nay low.-, bas *-nt 73,000 a ia Into
titi* cruelOril Wari" ir.au.liter.)
?? Um, nu friend. I think lhat univ helnfen. 1.'
"Well."-uv s he. " where'- Iowa I1' [Laughtol ,
" limn || a -t itu bo 1:1 lad on the raitnj the \li--ls?lppl,
on the south nv Missouri, ou the wael bi unknown eonu?
tt v unit 00 the north by thc North Pole."
" Wi ll." - BJ 1 he. " I'J.OOO tut-ti Iron. "OWn I Voil lui-!
bai c ii million men."
Say. i: -I ihini.- alioiit that."
Presently anotber regime nt came along.
" What mai thal ba i"
I called to the color-beareri "Throw out your color*
ninl let ii.?," ni.,I lt was the 17th or Huh -I have for?
got!, n which \\ i-coii-in.
"Wisconsin I Northwest Territory I Wlaeouatnl Is lt
?pelted with an 0 or i w ?"
" wtiv, wc spell it nov, with a w. lt need ttl be rrpelled
"The 17th! thnt mabel 17,<VtM?menr
"Yee, i think there ure a good many more thin thnt.
Wisfoiisiti li.i- sent about ;{i?.(Mil men Into the War."
Thru agata eame along! another regiment from Minn
?? Mintii -otu: My God: wbara la Minnesot.it [Laugh?tr]
"Minnesota l<:itr;iviiiinti the sources of tho Miasl*
si upi Uiver, a beaut Ifni tel ti tory too, by tbo way?a beauti?
ful Bute"
"A 81
" 1 es. aaa T-ennfor. In Confrre**, good one* too. _
ton tine men very line tris.ps."
" How many men ha. abc teni to this cruel wari "
"Well, I don't exactly know; siciu-w here bc
t've. ii 10,000 and _0.-0u men probably. Don't
lu,ike any tliricrci.ee- all we w?nt." 11.aught.-r. ]
" Wall, aayi be. " bob we musl bara been a set of ft?_
to throw down tbe gage of bailie to a oountry we didn't
know the geography of I [ Laughter and applause, i When
I went to school that was the Northwest Territory,
the Northwest Terri!',: -y?well," sins he. " " e looked
upon thal as nw.iy oi and didn't know
unt'liing .tlrti.it lu Tact ls, WW didn't know
uii.v thing iit all about il."
h.lid fi "M, friend, think of lt a moment. Down
hara la 0eerala, one of the origin.il thirteen Btate.
which formed thia great union of thu country, yon have
stood fast Vou have itood fast while tbegreal North?
west bM lieen grawlag with a giant*, growth lot.H to?
day mj friend, contains more i__roed_, more tsrnplkes.
mote at rrsol cultivated land, more people, more Inti 111
genoe, more schools, more college, luore of everything
wbtcb constitutes a relined und aub?btoaed Mutc-ih.ni
tile Whole Mute ol (..-..1'gia."
" My Hod! " say* the man, " it's awful. I didn't tin itu
of that."
OX- *IA\* Ul f'l'N-lilt
"Viii,"aaya I, "look bera,mj trieu?, I waa once, a
hankel nnd I have s tUM knowledge of note- uud ll
nu nts mid >n li,rth. j titi you ever lune anything to do
with iii.ior-etna*?- I"
Baja he: "fee, I hara had my abur,-, l have n factor
down In ?krannah, and I **1\e my note nnd
I, e Indorei - lt .mil-:.! the money somehow or otl w i
have to pay it In the end on the crop."
" Web." m. > i. "nowlook here. In l-t',1 the Southern
,1 !?'.enlim slave* BS property, for "hi,-ll tile
Btateiof Pennsylvania.New-York,Ohio, indiana, I
aud ao torth were Indor-ei-. Wewen ou the bond. Your
-lutes wire protected by the lame law which
ti lund and oti..r' property. Wow, yon got
mad at them because they didn't tbi k exactly aa |
niro'tt religion and about t'lur thing and fother thine;
and like a set or fool, yon first took your bund and drew
your linnie through tbs Ind.ra*. Do youknou what
ibo effect will be I Y,"i will never gel paid for those nlg
?bter.j lhej ate gone, il.ej're lire
tn, ti noa.'
" Well," aaya abe, "we were the neatest set nf fools
li, at e\.-r were in t he "ivor I,I." [Laughter.,
And so I siiw' one re.oll-tl lli'ted mull in the g-.o-l .-t.it,
Of Ueorgi. before I left lt [ Laughter un,I ap]
Yea, mj friends, in those days thing, looked gino
lt., but tin deice caine from a blaber D0W0I Sn pen,
no .tali man, In fact.no div.ie<? -ulil bave solved the
riddle which bound u- at that tbuei nothing but the
great God of War And you and your rather,
rom ancwtore, if rou please, of whom 1 pronwi to boone.
[applause], h id to resorl to tbe great arbiter of Battles,
snd call upon Jove himself. _nd nowell men In amer
lea, te,nh and -nuth and aast und west, .tand free before
ti_- U?banal of tbe Almighty, each man to work out til.
own destiny _ccor_li_; to hil ability, and
according to hi- virtue, and according
to bl* nu_?OB?. [A*bb_m__>] 1 a--urc yon tbaI
wc a 1 rn tck p tri In uta! ru were kindly men. We did
not wi-.l to kill. Wit did liol it Isl. Io -ti Ike ,. I,low. I
ina*, ti, it i grieved aa much aa any man when I eau
pain ritirl sorrow and atllictioii among the lunoeent and
distressed, aud when i saw burning and desolation
Hut lt wai an Incident of war, and waa forced anon
it- forced upon us by men tnflueueed by a bad ambition,
not te. the tuen who own.-d tooee slaves, but bj i->lirt
(inn.- wno need that us ii pretext, ami foi?td you and
your fat?en and me and others who sit near me," to take
up anni and settle the controversy once and forever.
[Cries of " gisui," uud loud applause.]
.Non, my friend* of Now-I.nglauil, we all
know what jour anonalon are recorded to
have been: mino. were of a kindred
stuck. T;oth my parent! were from Norfolk, Conn. 1
think and feel like you [.too, waa taught the alphabet
with blows, and all tbe knowledge I pos.ee.ed before i
went tn rt'esl Point waa spanked into me bj tba ferula of
those old Bchoolmastora, [Laiuhtor.] I learned mj les
- ,n w .1. and I h"|?- that you, sons of New ' Lng
laud, will ever stand bj your country and Us flag,
gi,,:., in tin a'Iii,'., incuts of your BUfceslora, and louver
-and to a day beyond forever. If necessary giving
you time lo make the Journey to joni lauI
rc-iiiij place honor your bksid, honor your forefathers,
lioiioi yourselves an I treasure the memories of t!m.-e who
have gum before you [lintbuslastle appUuse.]
The chairman then said that ho would introit-co
a representative from the New South, and said:
" Let n. let hun feel how welcome he is antoni* ns."
ilo pre-cut ed II. \V. (.rudy ol Atlanta, to speak
to tho toast u'Ilie New South." Throe ringing
cheors were niven for Mr. Grady nud tho South,
itml Mr. Ul?_y said ;
"There, was a houth of secession nnd Mavery-that
r-oiiUi is d,ad. 'i herc is u South of union and int,lou.
t lin! BoaIli I- liv lu jc.l. rent hiiiir. B-OWlng .-wry hour." These
vt ords, delivered from the lips of ilenjumln II. lilli, lu
Tammany Hall In 1866, nuke my text fdr to-night.
Mu. j"m.-ihim ami (ii.Mi.i.MK.N: Let nie eipress to you
my upi reci dion of ti.e Undana, hf wa eh I nm ji.r
BUtted to a,Hits* jim. I make this ahrupt acknowledge
B?ntatlrisadly, for I felt thBtlr, when l raised my pro?
vincial vole* lu this ancient and august | ie,men, 1 could
lin i couruie lor nu more than the opening sentence, lt
would be well If, In nutt sentence, 1 had met in M
rough se uso n.y ottiigiition us a gue-t and hud js-iishe:l,
si, to muk, wini courtuay eu my liga aad gTaea lu my
brun. [Laughter.] rei nutted through your kin.ines*
to eelah my aseond wind, let tue sat thai lapprseiaie
the si-niiic*uce ot teing th-Brst-out-erasr taspss? al
tut* hoard, which bear.- His s,instance, lr it sui | asses t ua
semiiliiuoe, of original Msw-Kngland boBuitslity?lao
pl,.lissi?und honor* a sentiment thal lu tum honor.
you bul in wtiiun my neteeaahty i- lest, and tho
couipllineut touiy pronto irunlr plain. [baUgBlar. J
J ire.pe.k ins uiino- -ucl, n ol your Boort?ty to_l___
1 au. somewhat uidiitrreut lo lhasa "toa WUom I come.
You fr?foamber tue mau whose wife sent him io a
neli: ti Dor with a piton.rot milkami who tripp mg on tho top
step, tell, willi siicti casu il Interruption as tie latu il_*s
alllindod..Itilo tba baaeUMj?tt and while pic.int; himself
up i,.td tue plas BUTS of hearing bis wife call out: " loliu
did yon brea, tho pitcher 1"
".Vu, 1 didn'l," sa-tl JoMi, "but I be tluii;-d ? I
don't" fLjiid iKiiK'iter. I
Ho s-i.'il t tho*, wno cull t<> rue from behind may In?
spire too with oner-v if nut sim courage, I ask au
inaolgeat bearing Iro? jon I l?o. thal you will hrlna
your iud fmtii lu Amer.can fairness aud fraukneat to a
jin! n.eiit upun what I niii.ll tty. Thero w.i* un old
Bcaao-ar once who toln .uuie boys nf mo liihie
It-.-ou be wa* to read in thu mumu.*-. Tne buy.
Dalling the piaeo jilued toifstber the couueeiini;
pottnt, [l-l Ugh ter.] 'lh* neil nuir_lui* he road
on .uo I,Jiiuiu of one fa;e: "Whoa Njjh wai one
hand rad sdi twenty years ult! be took unto himself a
wue, who wa* "-taeu turning tba page?" Ito lubiu
lou*- [laughter], -lo cub,ta wide, inuit of gopaar wool
[lau(,'tiici'i. .nm covered with pitch luslde uud out."
[Loud uud continued l.iujihtoi. J ilo vt _s aaturally
p.i/./led hi tu.*. ilo read .t -Kain, rorliied 1*., and tuen
ianid: " My friend.*, this is tbe tlr*t lirue I ever met tin, m
tao iJlnle, but I accept ll a. ariaenos of thea* .
t tat we are icu Iuil> and wonderfully made." [Immeuaa
luurfiitur. i If i coubI *;et iou to hold .nob Ultu to iti?!it
I ooul.1 PCOeesd cheerfully to tho tusk I otlierwtta aii
proacb with a sense ot consecration.
1-gdN me one word, Mr. President, spoken for the
pm p.,at of jteitiuK lutB the vonni.ea lhat gu out annually
fri tj. mod with tin-rion elo,|iieuoe of your .peaker*-tue
fact that.the C.tvaller as well as the l'uilt tn um on tuts
cou.iueut in ll* early days, (iud that he wa* ? up ana
Bide to be anoul." [LaUKbter. j I liave read yum hooks
carefully and I fliid ii" nieuttoli of thal tnot, walsh
sn,i | to mo tm roi lani fur ptesorvlug a sort of his?
torical liipiiiior'.uu..
Willi tue i avail'- I as a fuct in your
char-ilng lune books I shall let bim work out M-own
s;i ,\ it eu. ur- he _mbIwbj idoue ?it ii em aging gallantry,
and we will hold no ciiiiirover?y an lu his merits. V, hy
sim...-I wet .Neither 1 ur.tau or < avulier luna; survived as
BUeh, The virile* au 1 traditions ol both happily still
lire for the tnoe__*-On or their sou* anl ibu a-vm. ot
tue old l?*l,lon. [Appl?ii?c. j Hut holli i'm ii mi and
Cavalier were lost in Hie storm of their first revolution,
ami the A m.rican citizen, supplanting hotti titi 1 stronger
th iii elinor, look tio.s?tsion of tue Kopuii.le nought, by
their BOUT?BUB blood anl fashloiiol In wis,lo.n, and
tluii(?od himself with teachlllg.uiOB free giivrrintieiit and
e.'.anlisiiiujr lbs v.nee of the neopie it* the vsloe of _#_
: A.ip'?tiae. j (ireat typo* like v.ltiatde )>lauta sre
slow to Hewer and fruit, lint from tbe nnion
of these eoliiiiUts. troui the Btr.i.iitoning of ti.slr
jun po te* snd the rr ,?tlnrf of then blood, .low pei foi ting
ti.ro,i-ii a .en; irj, ta.ue be abo ttands a* ths tlr*t
typical American, tue lint wno eompretiaiided w;tmu
hiitKelf sll lbs stren.th aud gentleness, sil ths uiat.stj
and 'ian- of this Hep,ti.iie aim ii.am Lincoln, flaunt
Bud long , -nil'nurd spplsusA ] Hs wa. tue slim of furl
tan aud Cavalier, for lu Ult ardent natur*, wera fused tae
virtue, or both, and in th* dept ut or his great soul tbs
fault, of both weis lott. J Bene wed appian._] Oe
wsi greater than rnrl'sn. r**"ea>r thrtn Cavalier, In thst
! he was naser?_a [renewed apt lsn-e] -und th.t in bli
horne'v tatin wnre flr-t gathero-l 'hs vast und thrilling
' fores*,)'this Ideal giircrnmsnt-ohsrglng lt with snell
ireriu-i, dous nirnnln' ant no elevating lt above lin nan
suffering that mar:yrdoin, th'tub Immeaaly alinet,
i onie a* s titting crown toa life cou-n Tuted from lt.
otadie in tittn. ni liberty, [Loud and prolonged cheer
lng.] Let im, o;i, ti eherl-h ug hi* trodrmn* and honor
i Ing bi* fatbsfB, null I with reverent bamls to tho typo of
i this simple bur 8ni>l:ice liff-. In which sll tyne* are
, honors-, und mi tn* coal arma glory we *hall win ns
Acer ctn* thurn will ne plenty and to *p*re for your
forefather* au I for ?ta*- [Itetiewed ehsarlng.]
In sneaking fo rho ton*t with which yon hare honored
rae I sreeitt thc form, " The flew laatb.** n* In no
sons* PauurU-l-g to the Oil. I>e*rto ure, slr, I* the
horns or my childhood nnd tue tradli'ons of my
r.ople. There H a Now Smth. not through protest
ngatnsT the OM, tm' -auauag Bl nea) eon Miton*. now ad?
it,-tooiits .nd. if ; ni pleat?' now ideas an. u*pli tillon*.
It lt to tn* thu I ai,ir-ss myself. I ask you. gotitl.t
insii. io piata ra ifyoueantba "oot-ors ?oitier, wm,
t nt tanina un lu hi* ta io i cmy inrKei tho parole whlcn
waa token, testimony tn hie children of his thiel ty ant
l.n'11. mr ..-I his f too south,* *r I from Appo-natto* lu
April, l-riv. 1 h uk nf him as rn.ged. Hair -starved,
letti hearted, 8 fit"',Iel hy want and wounds, huvlr.u
fr. uhr IOi-lhaaattoa. bs surreu tera his tun, wring* tue
hail<U of Ula conn..le* and 1 f.lug hi* toar?talned uni
pall d soe Im tba la t tims to the gravel tnat dot ths ol l
vii glnl i hills, rall. h'? gray cnn over bl. i,r,i*
ntil I'P.lu. tho tl tw and painful lourney. What
floe* ho fl n-I ?lol inc ii-k you. Who Weal t is.iiirhomesea.er
t"/t u i all tba welcome vonni |u*Uy Burned, f ui l payment
for voiir tour jear*' suer!lice- wi-at doo* hi Uni, when he
reach**, lbs lu,mo no lett four yaam before I Ba Andi
I i ? boase lo ruin*. Ira f trie defaBtBt?d, his ?laves freed,
l lu. .took killed ala burns empty, hU toads destroyed, hil
[ money worthless, bu aoelal st .-tom, feudal lu Ito maatnla
rooce, sw.?|.t awsiv, his iteu'ls wi'lin it |_w or legal
st,i is, his cotiifiidcs alain, .and (hair bul?sa. ol
o:h-rs heavy nu bis shnuldera, Crashed hy defeat, bia
very iralttlnn* l-oho. Wit ..mt nioner, rroiilt. employ
mont, m tieri lor training?end, beattie all this, confronted
wiih tho gravest problem tbaiIerar"aaat human lineiii
geu'e- toa o-t ililishitig of a etutllS foi Iho s;nt l.udy of
his li'.nrate I ol ivm.
Viii it do,.* he do?this hero In gray with a Usart of
ifni I?do s in- | duwil ir s inclines* and despair! Not for
adj-. Barely Ooo, who had *.attoa bim la bia Brue
. iiispirod bini In hi. nrtrersity! A* rina w,i*
nevsr before so overwbalailaa. never was restnruti n
swifter. The Mil Har stepped from "ie trsnabea Into tho
furrow; hm s-s that hid OhargB I I ed"! .tl gun* mai obs I
before tba plough, ami iioi.it that ran red with hnmua
liln,si in April were gr*eu nita th* bu rest la June;
woanea raar.-d In luxury cut up th-lr drosses amt
maur Im ,cli,s ? ir their hu ananda, and wit ii ap ai len ao and
heroism thal ii t.-. woman alwaj * ai a aarment, gave I hi lr
hands to Bork Tuero was llf'lo olttorne** in all tuts.
C_-arfala*_i nod fmakaesa pfw*r_lla? " Hill Arp"
,i,e keynote when he Mid: " Well. I killed a*
many of them ia they did nf mo and now f am truing to
vt rru-" 'lau'nt* and applause' -or thu sonllsr. retiiru
lli.' home after defeat an I io isling some torn on the
r'?.!-'le. ulm made the remark to hi* comra ito*: " Voil
mts it.no the south. If you want to, bal i wu .ol'iir ta
hsadsrvllle, kia* arty nils and raia* a crop. a..d If the
Tea kara tool witb rna any nTBnru I will whip'em aaalu"
[Ko owod laaghier.] l want io nj td (ieneral Bberuian
? who ls co.isl Weil an anio inan'ln our pm ts. lhoiii.ll some
people I,mik lia i- u kimi of caren,, tuan .iliotit firs?th it
fr-.m in e ni,), lett ns lu I-f. 1 we havo rslsod a brare
and lifHtlU'til city; tatt BS-seh'iW or oflior *re liav.t
ciu.'jii tu* . la.hlno uitiie iwleka and mortar of our
.iilii.no nuilitr-d meroin not oue ningle Ittnohie
arejndiea ar ?"onoty. [Anulaaae.] ?
THlN'iis THAT HAT- isi:i:v ACOiMi't.ism;r>.
Bul u*_at la tbe ania ot ourworkl Wo bnea maud out
that In tlio genor.tl aaamlng af thc free negro i nit.'s
mora than ho dil n* a slave. We have planted
the sc'iuol bouse nn the hill 'Of Bttd made lt 'roe to wuito
and bl?che "ffa Lite .owed town* and cities In the
place of tlieorir-and put nusinc*. BhUTU politic*. [Ap
, ., We .ave ctia.ieug'tu tour ip In nar. In M..-st
i" p. tis mid your iron makon In Pftuiisylvanta. We
have learned that tho ll_rU._UU.000 BBB?alto received
from our collou crop Will ui.ike tia neb,when thc au,'pde*
that iniiite lt are boan- ttlmr*t We hara raauosd
t iir> couiinerciHl rule of Interest from '-. IO
ti per cent anti aro Conting - per cent
lum :s. w.ih .te learned that ona Xortbern immigrant
I* nor li UftJ ton gnnr. and nave s'uo tl.eJ tbs (-th to
the Matu ward, Wiped out the place where Mason .nd
I.lion's Hue used io be. and hung our latch string out to
jun uud yoi.rs, [rrjlougad appia*??.] Wo uave
readied tue point thut marks perfect h irumtiv tn every
ho i?ehol'l, wuen the husband eoufos?es thal 'ho pira
vt nie ii ul* own ulfa <? '".ti are aa -nod a* titoso bl. no bar
use l tu hake; Bttd we admit ih.it the sun aluna, as
I ami t is imon aa so My aa it dui " belora tho
w.tr.H [-angbtar.] We hare establlsbad thrift in city
nuil i lum,rt. \w have fallen In lora with work, we
hu.e re-lured i m. iori, to komea from Ubleb celt ure and
[ elegance never depart d. Wo bare let economy t??e
rooi mi .tuena a,nong u* aa rank us tho craU-grs.a
Wit 'eb *: nina 'rom i, erm.rn '<e;i\ ulry c.tmi s. until weare
read] io ley odits on ts* Georgia Yaukee aa na *i|.."er.es
I ure niue nil out of biscoiioi. seea, against any uo * n
Baster that btbi swapped woo ten nnttnegi for flannel
taus .ge* In I lu; Vail-}8 of Vermo it. A I NJ e ii ll, WO kliuW
tout wo ii,ive a, ,.1'ive.i in tbeae " piping limes ?i i eaee"
a inlier lu tepen len. e. lor tue Bout- th ni lhat which mir
fut ii. rs sot..- ,t to win tn the for in bv ti.cir elouuei'.ce or
eompel on mt Bald by I?slr iworua ; l__d ap la?se. J
lt isa rare prlvne ige, .ir, to base hoi part, however
bumble, in tola wor*. ".ever waa BBhlar duttr oonfldi?I
t. ba i, tn bawl, -ii.ni tba ap lifting end up building "f the
prnatrate and bleating-OUth. misguided, pental *, bur
beautiful in her Buderin. ..nd boat lt, I ravi mid _u.ioi.iis
alwaya ;.\pi ia,.**.i lu tim reeor.lot uer social,
trial aad p?llUeal rsatoratilom wu await vv11ii eontideuce
me veru.et ot the world.
lim what ot toa negro I Havo we solved the j-rob
'.riu bu presents or pro_res..ed in bouor and
equity toward* tts aolutloii I Lot the Moori
? 1*-.. in this jtoirit. No BBCtlua shows a inure proa
?_?_?* IiiIbiIbjI t...p-l?al..? tltat. tia* aaala- ?>? tbo
"?outi:, none In falter .rm pa thy with the amykiying ead
laud owning cl_s_ He anare* our .school fm.tl. hus
tim fillies*, pro'ection of our lat* and tito li kan taulp of
out people, .-eil inter >st as wuli us honor dritiaud thal
hs s.io,i,l have (iii*. Our future, our very existence
ttopead noon our working out thu problem in full uud
exeat luatire. Weneder-tand that when Lta-ola signet
ihe amaaotpatioa pr-ela__tiu_, your vicrutry wa*
aeaiirad, for ha then rommltt*?! you to t;.e cause of
burnau ip.euj against wultb tno arms ot man ^cannot
prevail-|applaiiM-;?while ihoso of our ?tiite-iiien wno
BU__ si ivor..' UM corner rfoue of tue (.oti
tadsiaey doouMil us tu deto-t, aonuBitting na io
a.?aaa that rea on rould nm defeml or tue sword
minitta :i n the ii_-t,t of advancing clvilitstloBi. (Ba
li?v.Cil apptoUa-?I Had Mr. 'lonni,- s;.,d. which be
iii I ll ,t Bk) . t .ill he WOUld c.ill ll."- loll of lu- .-lii.c ill
the loni of Bunker Hill, he would hara beau foil rh.
br be nd ht nive Known th it whenever slavery l<?
eurne antonyled tn war lt munt jierish .ind that thc
int ii in human Beah anded to*~e*4*er in Ken Kii-'iuiri
wi.eu your fhtbera not to be bi_un.il for
tint ti,- with what didn't l_y?sold the t
llavi s to our fathers -not to bo praised
fi r knowing a lurrying toing winn they mw it. fLaugh
trr.i ihe relationi ol Ibe Boutben people with tho
_4T*gn an eloee and roi?__. Wa remember with vt hut
fidelity foi foui yean he gun*?ed i ur deftmcetoaa wo
mr ti uud chi?lien, who e busbandi and fathers were
lightln'.' agalnsl bis free'om To his eternal credit ne
lt BBB] Unit whenever he sfnirk n blow for his own lib?
erty be fought in opel l.nttin. and when ut last he
ra..-id lils black and bumble htttt?I that the ibBflklfil
might be sirngk off, those bands were Innocent of
arong a Bluet tn- helpteaa ??ugea and wot-by to bc
tokes in lo vine; gratp by avery man who honor- lot. Ut \
an i dui oii'in (Applause.) Rufflana have multreutod
ina*?Ja baye misled bim, pb.lantbropists estsb
li-hot a hank for him. Int tile Soutii ___. the North
piot~ata against n-Just|ee *.,? this simple and sincere
'e,,Id''. To lil erty and enfrun 'his. incut I- aa tol a
!a?.. can carry tho neitro. ihe rot must be fell to
coii-i leuce und eoniftton nen-e. it should bo left tn
ibijse among wbom his lot i? ca-t, with whom he ia
in ila olubly eoiuaeetod and wboee proaperlt] -ejwndi
iijon tteit peaaraauig his lnto__geut lympatby and
(onil cine, l-alih ba* ben kept with him
in .p.te of e__u--__.ua aaeertlona tu the contrary, ty
Un.-e ute. __tu_M to rrpeuh fur us or by fmnlt oppon
en's, l-ttfe will be l.ept with him in the futiiro. if
tho couth BU?la her rea-on and integrity. (Appiausa.]
T_a_0-TB nts-Kn r.vini \sirn ntl mh.th.
Bul have we kept bi.tb with youl la the full.-.t
nerise, jcs. When Ixe surrendered?1 don't say when
Johnstott "**_""**__??Bli betauaa i __?rntand he vt ii i
alluce- to the '.l-iin wh'-n hr- met (icii.tiil ___.__?
U-t a- thc ti."io when he "deb miine.] to abuttdott
tnv iiirther utuaeeut'oa of tho iliuggia" abeu l^-e rrur
icti'rtcl, l say, and .l,,liii-t,n <? nit the _Uu_h became,
:n.d baa been * nee, loyal to this Union. Wo fought
bari enoutrh to l.tiow th.t we were whlppotl ami lu
pertest Iiitiil.iier.it B-Uap_- a. final tLe arbiUau-iii.-nt of
_ba suvrd to n_i-b we bad ap'ealel. The Nuitl.
,o ni her Jewel in a toad's head. Ihe -harliic- that
had held bai in narrow Ituutntfttni fell brerai when
the sh,ul,!'s of tbe neem slave were ht,,ken. ' Ap -
I'lntt-e.i Under the oM *A**__na Uie BBgruai tann
.'ates to tba :-"iiih. tin- Booth una a slave lg the ->
t B_ 'lb I vt a- cal herod in tho hands of a splcnd d
and cur u ria -U4?relky ibo .nba la nee that ibouhJ have
1. n dilu?I B-BOBg Hie people, a* thc rich blood ls
gat .rai ut ile- luau, lilliug that with ailluent rapiui-H
hut lett"?il lhc badji chili and rotor!_ss, (a\pplat_e.)
'ibo old -ontii restod rtiratry-kittg on -iaven ami otaH
ni!tur<V unroll-'.mi- that tb< *e could neither _l\e roi
maintain heil.hy ?f~"0_-B. 'Hie new South prc-ent. g
eerie t-emoerttey, -toollgaiebs load lng into Hm popu?
lar inoveuieiiit a -u'i.i 1 aystom compact and cl.ly
1 11 t i-i, mot -I'ietid.d on lin- ttxtBtco but stronger at the
eon a bundrei lartn* for ovary plunta-oui nfty
bornes for ever) |u_ace and a dtveraUled Induatry thut
lin els the complex needs or this complex infe.
A l'l.iil'l.l. I MANI HAIKU UV bil KAT.
Tho New South ia enamored of her new work. Ifrr
anni ls .-tHied with the bleat- "f u new life. The light of
u -1 ililli 1 day la lulim- fair on In r faro. She I- Uirillinej,
sir, with thc cnnai |oii.nc,s of growing poster and pto
iierity. bs aba -taii'is full sutured ami aqua! larnrrg thc
p. ,,p.r the 1 iinii. braalking thu kaea slr and looking
DUI upon au e*l?ii-ili,* hoil/...i, she uudeistutuls Ib.it her
IpaUon came i", ,,,,.,? i,, |_e laacrutabla wi
dolli ol i""l ber hunc-l purpose Was crossed and
|,.r biiisc annies BTrUt. beaten. [Applause.]
Tins is tanIto no .pun nf time serving ami apology, f
Khun id be unjust to Hie South ir 1 did not make this plain
iii tina pr?teni -. rh douth ins nothing lu take hack;
nothing tot which aba hui a_e_rs? to make.
lunn 11.itise to 111 "i ttbenal a monuinenl that ero wua
Itace.nii-1 mila * 1,..'... st hue shaft, baep out toto iii
shin?if autos ls a name dear to me above tba namea of
men, tbat of a brave and simple maiu wi,,, dud rn bmya
und simple r.nth Not for .iii the Klori??? nf bew-Knglnnd
from I'ls mouth lb" k all the was would 1 exchange tbe
helli. Iga In blt inc Iii Ills p,,n |,,|'k il. alli, 'lo the f.sd of
tlnil -haft I ahall stud ms i hlldien's children to rev
gtunea M-J wRo Buuailad their min... with 1,1s
hondo bteoA Hut. .lr, speaking fnun the ahadow
of lhat Bf??tory, which I honor as I do iio!'niltr Bim OB
earth, I saj that tha cauae Itt whicli he mill,-rc,1 aud for
which he r'u-'T h's life was iiiljudge.t l.y biKht-r and
fuller wisdoui than bl* OT Hillie, and Iain Kl-t'l that the
tuiiitlacleltt dod held tin- Inila.,, e of hattie In Illa Alu.l-htj
hand amt that the American I nlon was .avcl bum tba
wreck of war. , I .uud applause.]
'lill, messa**c. Mr. I'ri-ideut. cuue. to you from rouse
(rated Kroiiinl. Ks cry fiun of tho soil about tbs olty lu
which Hive ls sacred as a battleground of the Kepubllo.
Every hill that Invest* lr I* hallowed to you hy the blood
gi lour brother, whu died for your victory and
doubly hallowed to us dy ttie blow of those
who died hopeless, hut undaunted In defeat?sacred aoll
to all of tui-rleh with memories that make us purer and
I etrontror and better?silent bnt stanch witness in Its
\ rich desolation Ol the matchless valor of American hearts
i and tho deathless glory of American ann* -apeaktnir snd
' eloquent, witness In Ita white peace and prosperity to
j tho Indissoluble t'lilnti "f American ?states and tho luiper
i i*hable brotherhood of the American people. (Immense
i cheering.J
What answer ha* New England to this me***gn1
' Will she permit tho prenullee of war to reuistn
In tho heart* of ?h? conquerors, when lt
I has tiled In the Inuits of tbo conquered!
Will she transmit this pri-nntlco to the nest generation.
I that in heart* wliich never felt tho generous ar l?r of
conflict lt may pernetuate Itself! will ihe withhold,
save in .trained courtesy, the hand which straight fruin
lit < an 1.1, er'- In-art llratit offered to Lent Appnin.it'..t I
Will she make the vtsion "f a rea toled and happy people.
which gathered above tho couch of your dying captain,
Ullina; his heart ss ith peuce, touching lils lin* w Itu praise
BUd -le'tifjing his path to the grave will *hc make th).
I vision on which thc last sigh of his expiring soul breathed
a ben,, li, lion, or cheat or delusion! rf she doe-, t lin
South, never abtoot tn asking foy centrnd-hlp, mast _o>
j cept with dignity lt* refu.-uil. Bat If shu does not ref?BS To
accept In frankness and sine.-rlty this message-of good
i will and friendship, then will the propi.y of Ws_*rter
; delivered to tliis rery society forty years ago amid
tremenrk?I applauso bo "verified In Its fullest
ami dna] sense, winn he said: " (standing hand to
, hand und clasping ban?a, we should remain united u*
we hare been tor silty yeara cit!/ena 'if tba lame coun?
try, members of the tome Qorernment, united, all nnlted
How and united forever, lhere have been dtllicul?4W,
contentions and comrie, i rsle4, but I tell you that lu my
judgment "
Tlinseopriosod oyo*,
Whl,-h, Uko ttl* inetoorsof a troutiio.I heaven,
AH of ou. n .t;ir, .r ons sabstom
th' IntestlBB * oe..
S'nill now. In tn nt ut*! well-liesrenilng ranli*,
March all BUB way. (. rrolungtxt applause. 1
Mr. (Irady's glowing tribute tn Abraham Lincoln
lin.light every mm tn his foot. His (/.rapine __?
smption of tim defeated ri turning (.'pnfeib-i fe
aeldleT tva* well received, and his reference to tho
contentment of the Sontb-rn *"__!_ with his cm
pl(iver_ iiiit(l(t a uioo,\ Impfulion At tho clone of his
Speech tho hand played "Way Down South in
Dixie,'' and t.ic entire company rose to their feet
and Rave three cheers lot Mr. Grady and three moro
for tho l'niuiro State ot' the South.
O-BW-I Pebofleld, roplylngto tho loast of "Thc
Army and Navy," said i
KB, Pm-nu -T iv" <;i mt i'vtkv or Tnt* ~"~~~*ar_?*_____
Bot rm : f am ni'ieli Indelifi "1 to your president for not
baring Informed me tba! i would ba Baited anuu to make
a speicii to-nlgbi aad i'i r___?terntton of tlie baot that my
ino i honored Mnlor, General"__rmii'i,hatintreadyapokea
I tnt>*. lt for grunted that 1 would have no___g t<> say.
Iiniee.i [ bo informed tbe reporter of ttle great New-Eng?
land 'o.iriiiil in Hu- cit.. of New York, who (?-led ui?)ii mo
this afternoon for a copy of the speech I was toing to
make. (I.uu ith I er,] Aud fun. |itirticu!.irly tliuukfuI, ft*
the ressou Uuit If I bad known tbat l waa to maana
.peech a copy of tim speech thut I waa to
make, hut wo Md not make, would have appeared
In that jouriiiil to-moi row _ornlng. : Kenewed laughter ]
I will not for a moment. Mr. ITc-idetit. detain tbe feast
of reason wblcb U prepared on this oetruaton and which
you have all so much enjoyed thus fur. bv any attempt to
respond to this toast j snd being under the condition of
speaking lnthi. unexpected way I am at liberty tn tay
tne few w_raa thal I .viii say without that restraint
wbleh would otherwise lune existed, and oo*>
siderlng my mixed ancestry ("New-England,
Dutch and rtouthern) I am particularly happy lu being
freed from that res |.'Utility.
With that **"*a_?cation T take peat pleasure
In saying to yon that the Army of
the United Buttes inu* no hesitation wi
In conceding all that ron or any othMof the descendants
of tbe first settlers of new-1_tgla?d are pleased tool?Un
for those trieitt people. Wo conicila to ,, o l
everything that baa been Inspiring lu the wo?
mat that bu been made In the country In our tun
There was b day even within my recollection much more
tl,unth.it of Ueueral Sherman, when the name which Va*
then applied io ail the ?rlrt?ea which el_tracteri_ed
thi .New Knaland forefather-, namely, "Yankee,"
Bras not received with profound honor und respect
in the An,iv, nor indi ed in a very large part Of our ter?
ritory, rte error et that dtorespect waa sa
flagrant thal it beean_ necessary In the
course of time to correct it In son.,) way.
lt ?.. ? placed npon the army, a* the proper ag i
the Government, to oorreel that error, and for
that purpose our numbera wera very considerably In?
creased, i Plink the lucre aaa may have amounted
toa million or two of men, und certain enterorlses were
undertaken for a purpose, not very well dcilne,! at the
time und \ei> ii! ,, ii deb-ted for two or three
real l, nut which at any rate developed
Into tito well-settled fact that tt?purpose of all thia en?
terprise \t.is to di temlnate the Kew-England Ideas
ii-'iit the territories of tho United States. [Ap
l can t do better?Indeed lt would he ahnost sacrilege
In me to do more than to refer to the eloq lent ad tresa to
which ton have Just listened, to show you bow completely
tbe Arm] of tbe I nlted States s_*eee_ed In dlsseuilnatliig
thoae Ncw-Kii-iaiid ideas. [Applause.] I therefore con
rratulate rou, gentlemen, aa descendants "f tba lofto
ratbers of New-England, ns I do most heartily oob?
gratulate the Army of the Unit?. Htate., great ?>;
t?nail as lt may be, that we have been foe the laat cen?
tury Indeed, ever since tbe organisation of an A me rican
amii engaged to thia ono enterprise of dissomlnat?ia
lin- lucas, tue Intellect, tlie moral* and thu pi_i_pU - of
.Net I ni:Ki ml for?fat?era throughout the I'uittdautaa.
[Loud opplanse.]
At th? olOa- <>! ('ciieral Sclud'chl's Kpn.-ch tlio
chairman introduce- William Walter I'l,tips to
rjp4$__ tor " -0*_a*reaa.M Mr. Phelps Maid:
liii* is certainly vert trying.iinltvsono is like Sherman
uiul Wcoi .ru and Tal magi who don't tun a rup - har!
they my. [Laughter.] I wish I were hack Iht-t moment
tn Congress. Ko ona listena tlnrc, andaman speaks
no lunch better, when no one listens! This silent
attention wiih which rou an starting nukes bm
nervous. I am not used to it. I never saw anything
like it in Wus'iiii?'t,iti cn-.-fit lust week at Arlington.
I went out there willi a hw Jersey veterans to place a
tablet mt the ur,ive of thea old oouu_ender. 1 nude a
longspeeeh tinder the trees and in the snow, vet the
Tnat majority of my audience never stirred nut- 1 was
through. .Nor did they then. [Laughter. | 1 ariah you
bad nil beau there.gentlemen, [ilenewed Laugi.t_r.| I
wist youl fascinating eba?mau, who alway, gets what
be ^utit* except now and thea a leo, were there now.
I told hint 1 would latter not. conic.
" Think it over,' said he, anti you'll feel bettor about
Ami I did think if over and lam thinking it over
now. anil if vou warn to know how I feel, ask Dr.
Teimata about the drunkeni man he lound alt?ag Ott
the -tapa ol bis Tabernacle. Dr, Tal mage takes
every one in, in that Tatiernaelc ; 60 ho tried to take
this man. Hut the man refused.
" I waa thinking I would join your church," he said,
H but tho longer 1 thiuk about it, tho sicker 1 feel."
Another thins a;aiii*t your president. TTe promised
to send the last report, that I might see how I ought to
?peak, that ia one pioiuj-n he kept, 1 lie report came,
In an envelope taut oheeriuUv suggested u public
do.neal or a receiver's lee? sornetlnnii that you get
Tor nothing. [L__gbt?r.|*An_ when I opened the report
I re:oi? ? I he l.i-t sinech ot Daniel Webster before
the Hew-Ettgland Society of New-York." [Continued
laughter and appian se.]
Po \ou wonder, gentlemen, that I am totooi
to -liv thin I feel, like. Artemus Ward,
with naked cannibala brandishing ihelr spears
al his breast?" not dismayed, but some?
what di.-cour igrtl "f Indeed nothing encourages me
but the recollection of the beroia auftcrings of the
Pilgrim Fathers, and tbe knowledge that not a man
who bears u.e eau vote at the Jersey polls [eheeni*j, ami
wr, it' we can believe New-England orators, the
Pilgrim ""athen never hid ti nioner, and it they never
had BU dinner how could tiny have an altcr-dtnner
.peech ! (lr ii the*" had a bad dinner, what kind? lint
Mr. -.pew can BttaWW that. For he cannot denv
thal tim subject wa-brought to his attention, in thc
course of business, by s recent letter ot thia purport.
" lo Ihe President ot the Central Hoad.
" Sin :?llni say \oii ore a great niter dinner
speaker. Will you kindly Inform usa what kind nt n
?peech vmi could tau?U, if von got your dinner at the
Poughkeepsie rest nut nut f'| '(Laughter and applause,]
I thought I w.mid speak about Congress to night. I
thought it would bc n novelty to this sated audience
tor a mint io spe_k ot Hiivttiing he knew something
about. Uti it orators can't afiord to do it. Whoever
he.nd Dr. Taimage speak ot religion < And yet lie
anoaka BU everything else?the Hrooklyu Illidge, tho
shop gul, thu Siock E_U?_ttge uni th. Devil.
Or bepaw speak ol railwajsl sal whoever _tadea
grealer railway suet ess I " Labor re,luce,1 from 7.*i tu
DB per cent." aasa ika laat report. Why at thia rate
there will be no labor at all ou the Central! and that's
joel what his ______ BB?I when he took the road.
Well, one thing is cert.nu ; the Vanderbilt* won't get
much work out e. CkBUB-Ui I [Appl.tu-e.)
And our licry 'ira?ly did he say one word of news?
papers I Anti yet he hus made the .>ew South he .poke
to toiicliiugh ol with his ? Atlanta Constitution* ?a
circulation weekly ot ItO.dlH), gentlemen ! And ho
kiiotve bow to tun a puper, too. He noticed a allissa
ac dead, lue citizen uppcred alive I [Laughter!
" Can't cornet it," sala Ltlitor fjrady. " Hut I'll pul
you in among tin birtns. ' [tlreat laughter.|
COMO-?UM riOM riit-iivvi. 0____tVA*nOlf.
I wnnt to ?av iwo or thr(M> things about Caugru?a.'
They arc the rc.-tilts of ;er?-it.il 0_M lt**t_?__, and they
ara Tarry d__-_ut_ro_ Ikuaeu?Buu hantas ___, For
these wrong iiupresaiuiis I think tlie _evapa**MM. atc
to bliiinc, our eil> pspera moio than our ctiuniry ones
For that mait_ra I souBttittfr?l think that our city
puper* aa a Blass are aiagralarij out ofsymuatbj wii?
tin nulli, ti-oi _msrl ans who U*i*e oft ot Manhattan
Island, ll wa* ccrtiim'v irom them that I got tnv
iUcar) about Congress.| >VLen 1 went up to W ushiiigto'n
lir.sl some lourtecii tears ugo, I tell sure 1 w_* going
into bad c'tiiiianv - Uiat 1 should lind Congressmen ti
iuul lei, ? nu ii > ol ihcju oorruiit, a inaionty Iel!-seeking,
and neut ly all stupid. Aclital contact soon cott* liiced
me ol tn.v error. _?*? I aaa hen-1? aigkl ka tay that I
do not know where one could elset* lier* lind iu a
i oi.eetion ot citizens a larger uuiiibcrot high clmr.ict rt
than in Ihe i'oiite td Itcpiesen inn via. [Cheers. | Ibo
pap.r. epoke ol gloss iutcinperaiice. I lound ,t major?
ity of them in.u tshu iiiiisticntiouii, abat-lnUst trota
all intoiitaiuig drinks, WBtlft uititlt-i aU>>n was
-_U_n_rdU__J Hie rule. I have ..cu but two cases ot
iiiteiupeiiiiice ou the lluor ol the BouaUj und these mn
md gi,.si and were, lu a measure, BUU-Stt-le.
1 r i pec lett to find moat of I?a meinl.ni| irreligioti*,
dtiisolute und prt fane. I don't pretend lo know
thc Bi-, ret \ ne.s ol Bjfu ot them, but I know ns far a.
their aasoetotas can tell very msuy are reiHglons. while
thc general tone ot cone net mid c"nversalion la that ot
selt-renpeotiug gentlemen. Knpeotailv 1 was laught
thst msuy were oorrupt, selling their totes and
turning ready ear to every seliottaUou to private gain.
What were the facts f rn the XLflM rongresB,
when cari et-hag districts made lt a bad average, tberi
were but thirteen men of whose motive, any one had a
suspicion, sud only live who were known to be venal/
And so exceptional and coospisloos were thea" oasei
that the greenest member knew them by name and
their influence wasn't worth paying for. 1 remsmhsf
having adesk between Mae Dill of Iowa and Mac Dougal
ot New-York, both yonng member, like myself. I
often entered when tbe roll onll was in progress o.i
som* claim.
_"We!i. Mao," I would ask, turning to either member,
which way do we vote I"
And In a score nt times the answer wonld be mado
; and received with sn intelligent chuckle; ? 1 don't
' myself knoa anything about it. hut I see thst snob a
ti H ll?? r nurning one of the thirteen?has voted tor-it,
ino wo better vote against tt." and we ultvays did,
j | Applause.] This waa the X Ll lld Con/re**, and lu
t no one nineo has there been anything like so many
BMBBUaa. There sre 3_3 of ns. taken irom all sorts of
: nistnefs, tiomiuated and elected In sll sort* of ways_
j do** not this gtVS t-Ost gra'i V'ing evident* ot tbs deer!
I iiuderlvlng recotmltlon of cfvic respons bility which
I controls the average American citizen f I don't mean
to say that these Representatives are not caner te
' retain their positions uud ii ase their Influence ?,-ir|
I tame, nor that they aro -en naaet-nulaua gu ta
j thc me in* : but I do nu ai to say thal all ot them,
even the worst, have a great regard (or their country,
j and a great sense ot tho rumor ot being a trustee ot lia
good name and that this fi (ding i* iu nearly all cases a
controlling one. i Applause.] rh" Member may be
rough and eonr?c, indifferent to delicate consideratione
o' manner, and even of matter, which you and I ns_?
Sider most im portal, t, hut tor all that, no enc will gr.
him to vote lo- what lie thinks I. against the pu bin
good any ajUMkuT than von or I would, li he d,. *
vote wrong, as you nnd fti.i.ik he does pretty ol ten, lt
i* because he is te?SB?itt Mal mistakes tbe relation of
t_S measure to the public weal. It he votes for a bad,
measure, tho reason In ninety-nine cases out ot tho
hundred 1* because he think* lt is the right one.
.Shill wc not recognize the purity and worth ol'his
motive I
i(i:i'itK"KNTtTivi:s __"__ f__0?I rn ~"_*Q"~-*_
I toes thi* surprise you i Consider these men nra
representative* of thc people who elect tin ni, am! tl,rt
people still, thank _*__, ate singulatly moral and
?;tt i int io. Don't lail to notice the _Je_ta_t*M"_ I make
between moral principle aud intelligence. I don't
claim that all the merni,.-rs ol Congress are intelligent;
ti.itber are the constituencies. Few BBSinners BUTS
any knowledge ot historical precedent and ol economic.
science, or .kill in the arts gi B_B_UUkBBM?BB) the power
to reason and persuade?to tum their lacking in ons
word, culture. Rut how lew i s_t_t___4_ea buts aaa
culture themselves or want it in their l-SUTunaut-lives.
Nor mn i sure, lt these ruderconetitticncie* found theil
im-mber*. full of thu culture, that they would timi
thom so ready to Bxpfuaa and enforce tbe pei i ..
wants of their district* in CoUB*resa. lue Mau beg
might repp sent better wi at the district ought to want
hut would he les* likely to represent what the di-it h I
actually doe. want.
Ihe editor doesn't think of thia. Ra belofiga to t's
cultured class and bas no patience with a *tl ern litre
slow appreciation of economic truth*. Ignorant ot the
honest Durpose of the Member, tuc editor thinks hil
Indifference is not Intellectual, hut moral. He a*__asea
that because it is po plain to him. it mn-t lu)
plate to the Member, and that the Mem ,rr
ictuses to recognize tho value ot tue tr ilk,
because he is perverse, whereas if the editor
| knew the Member, he would see that lin- Mi ru?
ber- ignorance ot political theories was dense. Int
that his wish to adopt the theory which wa* U-s|
tor tho country wac an art eat ono and a sure gto.nl
nt hui e und encouragement. The discovery vt... il
show the editor rhat all that wa* needed was anlseiieU
and tine, till (he well-disposed .Member si,BUM Bttdl r
Stattd the truth. .Wides, thc city e.li-or BTU?all bia
culture anil the city Member with al' his economic lora
ls not always the one who is wholly right. PotitMttl
econotry isa science which ls nota science. 'I hem
an-too many elements which will not come to si and
for generalisation, and too m.iuv truths whl- I IBUUU I
Uko bj -jins jesteidaj and which the facts of ta-?_jr
turn into untruth*, ao aometin.es I feel tempted to
confess that the Western Me.ur,er by hhs stolid hold
Upon teeta may have baun a* luipi il to hgi-.ttio'i as
we in the ambition ol our theories. If the VYe-t
accepts theory too slowly, how often have wc trained it
with an excessive zeal.
ilNAM'lAI. QI Kr-TIOX-i AS AN ______?___
Take the money question*. Here we are apt to ht
dogmatic and seem to have most right to lie. Small wo
not confess that we said, and said it aee_**d__g t" laws
which have governed human attaits lr.un thc I,.-?_;tii.
nine: "There can be no resumption when we link
the monet and everv creditor know* that there is not
rtnoi gh to pay him aud ihe rest," whiio the WootOtB
Member, who knew nothing of law* which hml
governed haman altair* from the begiBttteg Bttd who
BU-UM??! t" Ban less, lu t a li" knew and cered I _fj ? li
wit nt thc people ot bis district wanted, said :''? Hu*
araj to resi nie is to rcsiiue "?and resumption was a
fact. Or tune another Instant*, [farer tinre was a
monoinetallist it was I. uud when lett fears n_
Member* who lived near the silver mines spoke lo lu.
ol bimetallism I lek outraged tkal taimy should lusall
B_Bitt what seemed to me titi tiiihliisbiiif, clint to uni
their tottiou and industry a' tbeeznutaaa ol Ood's truth
ami lite National SUlety, liic siher men are nit ail
r,gilt yi".. ami the-,- are vc rv wrong to cling .nil to a
il-yr-aiuta?i dollar. But because they are wrong ut
thu point. I am not gong to torget that I waa UTUttg
at the other. I a.imit now, aa the world docs, that
gold a* the only legal tender ia impracticable, sud that
tho ultimate outcome ol'our currency troubles must
and will be thc use ol two metals. A silver dollar
shall pass a? a gold dollar, onlv the silver dollar atna,
have Utttt-jJ* silver to bo worth the gold dollar, ami
that is nothing hut bi-metall'Siu and the " stu- in "
We-terii Member has hiounIit us aud the world to
that conclusion.
fl I have in the few moment* allotted to nm done
anything to correct a local public opinion that has
dom- gnat itijiirittce to au eui neat, patriotic and worthy
hotly of men, I shall be gi-d thal I came here this
evening; glad, tor the sake of the Mouse ot Be* ri -em?
otive*, which I greatlv 'e-'icct and of winch I am
proud to Ive a Member: glad tor youl sake, tor it is a
pleasanter thing to thtnk well of tkuBB tvli.iu voa
have nii.de ymir rulers. And for my cvii t.a't. it ju?
ara dissiitistied with what I have said I iris iv. ning. my '
only ctmmcut is that which a little .Url made to BOB
mother, who chided ber beeuuae Hod would not be
pleased with her sleepy prtiver. u Well it'- thc lu**? Me
will get out ol me to-night." [Long-continued
ai plattso.]
When Mr. I'helps hud l_i__****9, some of tbo guest!
hfigin to retire, as the hour wm already l-anj
Tho chairiuaa presented thc last speaker,
tho Kev. Dr. Henry J. Van Dyke,
jr., niniil some confusion. The clergyman's
niiKtiiK voice, however, instantly *___? itself heard
and from start to fluish his wit tic isms on the *ub
ject of Brother Jonathan and Cousin 1 >n-tlrt<11 co_(?
.lian.led close attention. Ile spoke as follows:
Hots oi' Ift.v-l'Ni;l.vsii. ?lbs only imatsinaUs
reason why this vener.illo society hus binnuc1 ms
with an invitation to speak at this diuncr U ths
faot that I am a sun ot a Dutchman. [l.aii_htsr.)
Hut while tliis ron tere this invitation moro a...calila
a* a trll'iitrt to ancestral go,hi fellowship und J _, -
Ive capacity, lt also places tho anaua_r tn a
situation ot considerable cmbarr.isstuent, Ilks Panic; In
the lions' don, OT? Pf?ncratio President B*__t_a__| a
Civil Service _-*_?? club. [I.nnewed latirrhtsr.) If I
should tor it in un,ui; bs tempted by Clio hilarity of these
proceediua*. to foricst that .you are ali liueul .levtcudants
ot the I'lyuoiith Ufclt, aud ui-ke any K*a*a__Ileroi!
allusioD to the fact tl.:tt ChristiMM wt BOMIBg tai t ri at
Santa Claus must be smoufchere in this __sg__ornoo,!,
who rino rr* what the conseipiennes mis'tit >>e I lt wo il 1 I .
a* uufortuuate a* tho cam of ihe gentleman who was
once talking with tbe batt?K- Mos-s MouleUoie at a recet
tlou. Tho conversation w.ts aa entertaining mut t lt
I iTriui completely forgot i lie rsco of his co a. pan lou aa
| Made .onie utiL'oiuj lliLcutary remark about ihe Jae,niau
feature* ola lady wno was passim: bg. The mis alee
I Wi.s uo sootier ninda than lt was iiet-eiveii. The _B_B| |>y
I niaiu t'ej.'1'!! io ni olo.'i/.it iirofu?ily. " 1 usk a Itiouaau,
I pardons, lt w...-o ?i,i|,i,i ot me to foiatet. Yoi look
I unary enough to eut mo. luagJfUU nol io dev int nie."
" WI," nulled Bil Moses, "ii is Impossible. M> rril.toa
! fi,rinds." [LauglMer. I
Hut perhaps it will not he necessary to appeal to anv
relj_lo_i situ ni s for toot t_rbe-rauea toman*.. r..,re
tn iiiiotllei lin* of ti'iiu 'ht wli:,-!. ou-iit to lead us at once
! Into intrino'iy -ral sympathy, uud eu tine us all to r?|oics
to-etunr tu boiiorlii. fanMina men uud out f.tnur. nut
begttt Ut I .diode to the fact ihal KrolUer Jun.that, of
Plymouth ROOS and Cousin Plodncti of Manhutun
I-nita l have bcoii impi ily MliaUwit- Mutual baasttt.
It would be im|s'ssih:ii to tiihlnt-s i.ny coiup-uy il .e t ult
. tu Ne *? Yolk tlty wimont rcim-iuiiem.- tba: tue bise 1 ot
, the I'liti.au* uni tm ii.omi ot tue twite?Bleu?awl to
8i>c?k ot otlier tit.... I.i - ur i ii -in iii tue vein* of tbs
hu .leuce, even as tney So lu lu tue Jurscy mi?.put?
[a___nter. |
The advantage* of bavin, s lul.cl aa-WBtrj sic uutuer
aua audeutt?tunrabln in th.-urti alaos it-ives nina
' iilieiil chiiicH of folef.it ,era mid "tjfeSSotaOff? Ne
reapect?ble American would tie aoalUttl with a -tnaile
f.imliy tree. ll. Il-os to have s whole oretint.1 oft a*_
An i t.ieu us th.' diiicteiii aaulver_silos eoaM uuuint. _?
eau climb un, Han Mr. Dhseew, mle tea most Bausnunate
tren nnd cry, " lluir.th tot ic) ut.-.n- .Tam ,ti!,in'. .tO
.uake tua uuestui.U tim. n lu a rulliiug ?..oser.
, 'KeuuweU lauajbier. J
a O_b__OU0 ni kii.vt.t;.
'?'hink w'.mt a uoUlii o;i|snt.nily for varied anec Into* I
Think?nioie,terioitily~wliav n lite licrlta-e of .lerloas
tradttloiis and ____al_| bel.i'.i,s lo ua 'lhere is .aruUr
a Mreat nation _"BM U___ we uave uot liineritsc soiue
thiii_ ; * hardly a splendid aehelveiueut of t*ia sta
teeuth. sevsutesut h, au'i ?icIiusaUi ceuturlt-, lu wuiott
we cannot clsim a share. Tho dlsrov-rie-of!__-_ aad
"Maals. -ttlgB-a iiraul al the*e?; me iinu*?j.??is ?t tue
Uenuaa liefonuaiiou ; Ho her..!*-** o' <?"** ''r??""?
Bugaenolsi thstlariug and viciorioos h.ttle. Wi iou Ulla
lioiiit.nt ioiuiu B_.dusi tea unite fte t"" w"r'?? "l" "-ir:
theCoiuiiiutiwealiBof the M.*-..-*! iMrttaas ; lue ireave
ful resoluttt.i.s ol ItilB. wi.ic-i biititfA tue ireaeheroua
Stuarts from Ihe turoue and set lue great urun ison ul
Wllll-m ot (truu.e M tee ~**B ?? H-_M_r< *BBWBB j ra
iitibiie: i_as?-B-ssl-l lesi.ianse which tte aauaaatean
f.-,,iUutl oflrtrria i.i I rsUUc D ruuny- a tuotuaoa bitt.-itoa
of tlaun'le.s i-ourit?rs. hl.U fallu, fU-U-UOU endeavor .uti
foretei iiieiiioraule virt-irlesol bravs ...tnt. over bi uta
turee ars out. bj au lualleuau?t iilritiriahi. iAp'iUttiBe. |
"Wi the heir* ot ali ths ages lu Ute forcu .?? til-, al
Hut mere ia amuhsr great alvantsge in having a
ml xml sm e?irv. ir tua elamafU are well uho_su _aa~
lt lu.It'd under ptoplUoU. tultusuoes. Ul result IS llscljr
to be niBSl Uv-auls. Tue beal. w?a u a bleat- Xus -usaf

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