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The noiinl of Estimate yo-ti ...ay toNaAM <J8
?nwttcr 80t* of 8- afternoon to r_-0_g to stat/*
St* by metiiton* of the Beard of Kdueatio*, nnd
otk. rs M iraaM to thc ctiu.ats-s. ( omm V-sluner Ma_-t
?a?*, _A ????. U *1 Ui, lin.-. .MOW the Nautical
Behool u< an exerc renee, and waa tod-0 Board to cut
down -*> aptn>i.i-Uoo for it to a sum loanfBcleafj
t? tnsiutun it. co as to compel logWaUve actvtoa. la
thc hope of genius the law so_t_shlng the sahool
Moated. He ?l?o thought too much money was
n-cut on the Bonna! et.ii.i--. aad that aalartaa wero
too b ch there, He waated italMette na aaa*? in tho*e
Items, ami the nioner appropriated for on evening
High school on ttM ea?t side of tho c ty. Commie
tioner Wetmore defrn!c*l thc Nautical Behool as an
encouragement to commerce, aa-1 ??__? 80)08 Unit
ifctpuUx! the accuracy of some of Mr. Schmitt's flg
om?. Commbi-ii.iicr O'linen claim? Uiat tho new
Members of the Board of 8-8)?BBB were "gat down
npou" ty Uic old nioinbore, who thought that they
?knew lt all."
President Coleman, of ?o Tai Pcpartmrnt, com?
plained that the members of the T.oartl ot Education
took up a great deal of U?o time of the Baaal of
KitUmate to no purpose. He said that Uie Board of
Eduiaton should settle Its differences and decide
what lt wanted before lt came before the Board of
T-t-niate. No acton was Ukeu on tho reiiuosts ol
the linn -I ot I'.-im -i. '-ii
Judge Brown, Cumnor lattj and Commander Mc
8?tee, of the Grand Army of the Republic, Bark? for
an apprupriaUon of $2,ooo from the theatr cal license
Btmai fir thc benefit of the Kniploymcnt Committee
Of fa? Grand Army. Mr. Dhi*8T, of the Society lor
Uie BeluiiuaKoa ?>f Javas?a Dniinuueiite, opposed
such an aiM*ruiir.ation as ilicital, and alahaod that tho
ti.ouev ??lon-vcal rightly to the socu ty which he repre
aaated. a. II. Palmor aaked Uai Uie a<-?W Tund
have ut leant um- half of thc BO? rai-c-l from theetrical
licent-cs. VV. s. Aii'lrt-ws also nude .ni 808801 lor tho
actors, and said tl,ut he tlld not think that tho So?
ciety lor the KeforniUiion of Juvculo UeliuuucuU
should (jet any ot the ninney. 'Ko action was E_ea
t-j th- Lnanl ttl Kstliii.t'c.
The Controller aaaaaEOBl a letter from kV 8. An?
drews, an act (mutant, tknyinvr lhat go BS? certified lo
cir a.u facts preheated bj tko Council af Belana.
Aali'iman "lal" Diwer 0884 u an al'liMvit signed
iv Ell?? Qa!a_o lo tho of?et that he submitted
a but for I rooms, l.tu-hcs, tt-., to the Board Ol Ivl
nen tm. wha li was 54J jut cent lower than tho Ititi
of the paaaoa to whom ihe contiact mus awarded.
Caaua?Btoo? Wetmoto saki that aa waa u neaaber af
t: ..i tic- win h tn.nie t!ir- eward, ami that it
va.s glVCfl to tlie lowest __0g cou-cerug tho tiiial
lt> Of tho gOOdO Mllllllit'-xl.
Ki-Judge BEaaaaa ti.cu oo_raaoo4 the Board, cnt
iti.-Lig Bi me of thc linus Ul Uie piOpOBOd budget.
'ibo Boord ?ted to iaBoee the ina of aappUea to
the Chat?as Dopartmeat to tio.-o,000?o reduction ol
100. lt voted to appropriate tf.a.OOO for the
rent of bi)iitiiu--N aa Ward's i-i-md. Ho other ohaagee
nere made in ihe approi nation for that depart_ent
a* pOOOOfl In ti.e prov sioiuil e Linnte. Tor tlie r?toe
1 .-]iir'meiit the t.> 1.11 appropriation waa t'noti at
*a-i.ln'i.ht.7. which lacladod BbOAKO for agaa!
Ihe toi.il iiiimi et of pateiiiii.cn was Ixed at 8,973.
'ihe Major flated that Uie Boord doalred lo have Hit
bivv eaaajgad in totpsasi iv. uta Pol?e Peas aa Tuud
so thu it weald i" uni ic a di licet Item lo the bud
get. iho c ty now oxpoada fur ,uiici- poaoh>aa
BBB0.000 a year, and Uie expendituro ie im reaolog
o>er BM.0O0 a year, fast Qm Btreel Qaaalog De
pat?oat $ .d (uki* was appropriated, 'io imii a
u.w eaglao-house for Ooaipoay No. Ho tuvru waa
ti",ou(.j opp?j r?ted.
rrt-OlO KLVi.i*. casks-i_t?BJ Ol THB uah QOS
Mco'-'n mts John Ali'mtt :iuii J. Knrs/th Mei ss. of tlie
retiiifcs.ee, ure uow sick wit i typlioi I fever, liaatonant
Al noll l? ul tue Nst.il llis,ii'.tl nu l Lieutenant Mol/s ls
at hi* home lu Ihiialtlp na.'vI't-t-e lie aaa tehaa slog n-e
dav alter hat aerie al aa ie?vr. Mrs. Cook, ib? wi.'e or me
i i ,;:i of Hie Vcr uoiiL dio 1 of typhoid lever rt-ceuily.
1l.li oatt?Og) of frver has uecurred on laotWOOOlpO
wiiinii have I't-eii lyinv Billagal ia tue tate?ak while t ie
work nf tire-lj-iitt W. liney ll inin nus In projir-'S*. anJ
aita civil tli ? N ivy Yai-l lias heaa f ir years aa OB i -a.tu?
tu! inure it ls Um ij,ht t ml Hie tiuiiii-ealc of fever m due lo
Hie stirring up oi Hie tllrtiinrss of jrOO? viii ali ttio
ur--iv;** narr cans-c. F.uui-iiy a largo oeaor emptioA
Int-i lim Wall.tl> tut near tue illy lo -k au I t ,e stouoh mi
Illili uer uunlrt waa sn itreat til it .1 Wolli I til 11 e n in cr s
tittil inn lc ? IB nt Vi ss i* ,y ,,u t e; -. At jJlo.L OlpeuSO
tlie noola ot the sa wei was ohaauod,
IhoWallohoal farms a li.ts u into which Hie ti.les of
t - - a.*; K vcr t.l ly un I nil Irs iteeartog flntrsaiu ant
)ii..iiu huger taara to I afoot the air, rhafleotol Uoaal
Oat ray raaat<laai.d ena lemaod neB-of.war wuioii hnro
toiorit have tiern atii-Ltue I lu 180OtTOltbatwooa Ihe ooh
nu l nr-liinni-o iiitci.s .mi 11? m .in l ml bara retard* t the
fife c ri'.iiiilliiu ii. Hie Water, un i Witt 1* mia- Wliilncy
Ku-iti Wits a BB?IOW BBWOB Ol li alf Rtiivnant water. WI,ere
bains of liltli t iivtitmt lint 1 wc.rn li.irn al In* u-ltt. KOW
tb.it a itu p lt mu li.ts neeii dreloea tlioro ami the ult
hulks ami faisal .""urvojr vi-s-ci* rt-iiiotei, li is expeoted
ti ut I/ie yalli will de more lie iltmul Lim! aj.ru.i; tiere
Has ari eui Lune uf a- ain't fever nt tlie Marilin BBITOOBa
and ul in-'ctliei Uh-J-.iiti lilts ol annul repiilatlOL OS a
(ie(i?ral Malga, l.i?u'?n:tnt ?0180*8 (incl*, lins writ en a
leiter loSeeretuiy tt li tney on tim snl'ieot amt the Hecre
1 a ii'lias aiiiinai.ie,1 his inteiiUi.il of liuviutt lite muller
mvc-i trutfsl hy rti'-i.tric exi*rt* an.I uiukrui! evrry
etlnrt te rein-ily tat- t'Mstiiii; st.ite ot ?Inn. Lust Bprioa
alKiKi.Nt ropuitor spoat igo Bight ob a Toaael lying Ht
tho yard. Ia tai ml nile nf the ut itiit lie was awakened
br a horrible steneii whit li came jumrum lu throng ? the
air-liort Ou rueii'iouiuj: tile fact to tum of tho oltlinrs
text innriiiii.' Hie ofttoor sold: " ' 'h. tnat is Botaing, We
al aaya hare to ulnae tue air-ports over our buiAs before
we tum m."
Many of the atenriiera that s.illed yesterday ptaooatod
an altractive BfPOO?*?0, aapOCtOlljr lu their callina, from
Christmas tlecorattntis, ant the Ainericau steainers sur
pisse 1 tii.is- uu'Iiri- thc f-uciiru llav;s. Tbe City of I'liebla
was Uie most ciattoratu m decnriitiniis ;unl the iiasseu
gcrs, fora few OOUIl at least, gave 00 tliouijlit 10088*
?ekaeea The chlel ate ward, i\ i". Bogara, tlie hero of the
ateamer Stiite of I'eiiii.syltHiiia a few years ais'n lu a ter?
rille cyclone, anti now on the city of Puebla, waa busy
from early Morning wita his bm a, de?orating the large sa
loiin .'uni Istiilt -i-i-iniia. At tin la nil nf thc Ulalu atiiirttay
the American aud Spanish flags vtei-- pretUly featooueu,
aad featooas of everoreena were Interwoven with them
'HuI massive i Ink iu the hjiI.hiii was etivelnpeil lil i-ver
gNeaa iiini tit-wt is. itiut vines ut ever jret ns were entwined
around the stanchion* aud tht aldo-uorta. ihe tan.'
also iitiiiieti witti banka and honquota of towen ead ever
Kia cns. giving the cabin an utiu nally ehoerf? appear
am e.
Tho chief steward of the White Htar attainer Britannia
?ado the cainn of tlmt vessel plctareaque and attractive
with evergreens and lowen, and aa the veaael left her
nu r. the deck* ailed with paaeengen and Boga flying from
oar pealla, those oo tbe i*i--r wlaned their might -il-o be
un iKiariL The catii ns of the I'acitlt Mall eteamer Colon
and tue ateiniiei' (Hy af \t Ultu w, ire ul-'i hautl?moly
itvoiuteti with I hiistina-s glenn* and dowers.
The follow itij- OXtraM from a lett OT received by the
limit of one the prominent stcaiiuiliip Uaoa In thia city
yesterday ahawa tho elate ol th?gt eaaoed by cholera la
the Argentine K. public. The vaoai l wini ii ranted the
iholera to Buenos Ayre* be lon m to Uie Navagatzioue
3eneral Italiano, a braiich nf vv lin li runs from Italy to
tine l ort :
BllX.JS AYKK8. Not. ?. IhiC.
My latest toroa w?* vated Un 5th inst. ?iuco vt blah dale a
Sen ible eal moly lia* fallen tij>.-i. Lila elly iti-lcoulitry. aud as 1
Writ* lin- ii. ti is aliiinat ililli lj SUSpeud* I ami a jil ?i peale
Sri vail*. Tho cholers mane ita appearauos liero on thu 7th
i-t.. willi Ha ai r. vii ol Hie Italian stoomalua I'trsio from
Esptea, aa-l tua iMseo apruadhiK rapidly uulll it ha* now n?
ronit t (.na mic .ui! Hie greatest, j. Iteoioot iii rvsll* Ibrooyh.
tn.t tia-1 utr. itninriy. Communication la abnolJlely eutotf
tn t? i eu i'.ra/.ii, I iiivuay. I inli ami tin- Interior provinces.
ami weic l nut fur an i> t. s ouai steamer to Karoga, *e wu?8
tr i'rlsniii is in Hus cliiiler.tiiitit.steil mace. A few attain, in
are SH.I i ti mi iii-^ bel wet n Luiope ami tins place ilirct I. All
Pie energies of the co vern rut are ilirt-ctoU to ul.aiiui; tins
acourge, au J all Othes buaideos ls in 0?j auto.
Asa part of tl'* t arly fruit of tlie week'* act iv, ty at the
Flutter M s.n.it, tie umiilulu?sou the is).urta yitsteiii..y ur
Sch isl a fair holiday a lorumouL No leas than st-veulot u
liui'l'iff *l-oi. tr.mi lilia source a cheerful tleeotaiiuu nf
cim-tii..* banner* a th evei i-'-n tun- lei-, r iireseutlug the
1. --1 ni ui.iny liantl*. Itilleu-ut ul?a Ol ntl-nut;. i!is;t,lnii-tl
by Hie 80, it-ty llSVe l.c ll In.ela, y iii.i'll lu its !?ii.i.emus enu
Irtiint'i] *. \ : ? i, i 1-.- ,,,
Wkttoi Heat caine liooi Miss Wolfs iiini mre mnl lo the
L rabies, foi the u-.a.i! itlu.it m.- n. nv v.:
Brittles, comforting ami useful, for ill sud well people, in
e:n iou tin-1billin-I n wt tk ul tlieassei iatioi is
Contillt li.l tin Hui t lamia Ol the I Oll'll.Dg tl-i 'I lol Ile | III
aaoo, ami aabaaoi through Itahcw* thataruah oi ( htUtmas
?Usmea.s ia not limite' lu il ii , a where Hung* ri re I oil
tatt. A Hod 1 i", ? itinii ??! anal IS ill ten consist* ni itel lea
eleslortlit-si'k. in.ngesanii liinous. Jellies, chicken
Bon)'anil ht-e. let ai- a fe a ni th. kin - il articles rect ?
Vin-toy* anti h?ksforjuvi rles toi .n an eaten
eiTe tiri'-rlii.tu:, aiiiltUal a.?ot min t. tolli.ng l* loui.ila.c
ilaiiy tlt?liable.
STORE K h. i- ]?? u ul i.l. OOBTlCTBAn
Waitera Hill, formerly employed at Hie rjol?d -tafe.
Aj'pr.-tlser's .store.-, who W88 Bl u-e Inf raBBOffcBgfrom tho
Ciutom Boooa feoOa a Otah had not patti duty, was ti nil
yesterday iK-ftile Jmlgt- Leiuilict lu ttit- Lui! -il States
(lui it Court It was shown that goods Imported by
Plugs Ac Pinner, glove Importers, had beeu removed from
thc stun n Hiii - aa convicted after a short dell?>rat? a
by thc Jury. Ile wa* remanded foi aeutcnoe. Tin pun
Isliint ut taay ixr bj tine op to *j,ooo oi iiupri?nmeut tor
Owl more Dian thl t c j cars.
Ali apj.eal tor VOloatary aubscr.plluiis haa beeu uiudo by Un)
Commitine tiavuifc- lu t hal ire Hie yieliiuiuaiy slop* toa al ti the
ekubli.iiinei.t of achaiity ho*n,ui for the nen Kagllah apeak
lill/ Italians lo th., city. A gill of slliJO will entitle the en tl
to al.fenien.iHisii lp, .u,t !..?K,. ?uliscrliilnj< J.Oaysar will lie
Biotic itatubel.oi the Kits, ul ive CouiUilliee. 'Ihe ti.linn. I lee
ls comlKisett of Mis. tie RaTBITO, Mia. Latin, Maiyu se _a_
Ei*. Bo ila. Mm Caiitoui. Mr*. Homer, Mra. Errant Mis.
Esr?. Mia Cnueo, Mi*. l*torlon, Mia* Moderatl. tl. il
Hallo, the luilanCousui lieueral, will teceive eouinbuiiou*
The jOenuxratli: majority of the li?ii of Hupervlsors in
Brooklyn, some of whom will seo (he clone of official life neil
we_, yealerdar luiprovwl tlteotiijortuuity of parcelilmt out
the pairuiiAge of the Boord for tho next year At a oaoe aa the
Evt-nteen poailmn* in tbe gift of t te Boora were panolletl by
ito the seventeen iJeameiratlc lueaihers of tlio Bosrl. each
ssUik nne eautliilale, and ina ?*slate " a* flied up was pal
Sf' '"SI I.I?"
?tl.r-.n-rt. wlthonl a brena foy the -"^^-"JSut^he ^
a-s'-et the eleven R-tpnolfoan, Clerk B. B- l1^^wJ!r* ,?;
fcln" hie place tor I wentr-fl vs yeara. was waPPotofJ*????_?
B'-slaianl rlsrk. Jacques Hlrvker. will remain. ?uP"rvl,or.
Peter Pigott, of Plat-.na'i, .Doss term s-plres thlii yeer ho
lf<*!e_ hi .i..-lf for a*ci.o?rap!.er tn ths Roard. nltoongh ha^haa
^knowledge of eti.DO-.rap_,.-. Six new place! In the now
Hall of Records were flUou.
fvfih Arenue riotel-Peerelary Wllllsm C. Endicott. ev-Ben
stor .leorgo s Dont well and Ken Perler Poora, ot Maaaachn
aetU; ea-soiiator Willlaiu H. Hiirntim. of CoouecUouL ami
James P. Jut. of D trott .. Rraaaafl Horns*- Mu rat Halstead,
of i inciiiiis'ti \rir-VerA- Hotel Congressman John A.
Am.frs.in, of Kansas.Murra!/ Hill ItoUl-Coiigrv**ni-U.
W A '..h-i*on nf Olen's Kail*. N Y.rie-ofta .fora!-( on*
cr-asman II. ll. ningham, of l-bilndnlpliia. and VA. ll. Ran ul,
president of tbe Central Railroad of Georgia. ...(JUtey House?
V, . 11vin** Bishop, ol Huston.
Board of Estimate and Apportionment
I'.twi ii of Street Openings, M ayoi s offlce, 2 p. m.
Roard of AMermeti, noon.
Jacob Shani's r?se. Conn of Oyer and Termlner.
Mretltnrof tbe Hov. Mr. htanutona oougregntltm, Brook
Ito. evening.
Italian i-k hool Christmas Festival, No. 160 Leonard -st., 4
p. m.
Christmas I", st;v ul at Grammar Scliool, 1p.m.
The aeeretary of tho Prison Association haa reeelved tu
from "A Friend " to aid lt tu rescuing young criminals and
send them to linnet homes.
Joseph Merchant, who dropped dead on Monday opposite
No. 172 Fulton st., lived at No. 115 Kaat Nlneteenth-st.
Il le body waa taken to Baltimore on Wednesday for burial.
Hla daughter. Mra Mead, lived at No. 256 Weat Foriy
FWe "epring lambs." we'ghlng twenty Are to thirty
pounds each, appeared In market yesterday and were sold for
?I2a head. February was formerly an exceptionally early date
for spring lain I.s. bul with tlie so-calli. hot-house, system, or
liana footling, that has been adopted In New-Jersey this early
period of d.Tt-Iopment hus been obtained.
Tho opening lo foot passengers of tho Rer-ond Avenuo Fie
vatel Bridge 1* hctn;* so long delayed that some of tho men
rho live on the line of the Harlem River brunt h of ibo New
Bat-SB llailroad. aud u*e the bridge daily, threaten to bring
snit again*! the aw lia of the brldgo to ascertain why thc
piovlslons of ita charter, which call for the free passage of
pedestrians, aro not carnet! out.
Tlie We*t than property BB the water-front was transferred
t.y thc Hock ii.i.ii.l to 'lu. Raw York Central liR-.ln.ad Com?
pany. A check for $10,000 was paid to tho city In settling
up arrears of rent by tbe railio.id company. Thc annual
rental is $15,000.
The coroners were asked yesterday to Investigate the
death of an ininti! t.'i it wis lett st No. 1R0 Thompson st. liy
an tink' own wtinuni on December 17 sn.lilied irom the i fr I ts
of min valisa and exposuru s.a.ii alter it was sent lo Randall's
I ..land.
K-rah Couppola, a young Italian woman, died on Wednes?
day infill at No. Ml \.'.tst I'uri. -iii'ith-st. frun the effects of
rat BetBSa which sho had Billiatt! for luodli ino.
John Bre-.li:.. a Mevnfltter Sf Ba SSI Muib.mry-st.. fell four
Mafias lu tho building No. 54 Wallu, yesterday and was
Inn t .lan. inc.sly. U:s Mp was dl-du. ate '. and his leg hruken.
I'i tli.Io Hil.'s Indians lnapeetod the City Hall yesterday
asiartiBt--ri-.iti>- -alighted with Iks BBiatlngi la the Gov
, mm '? r..iiin. i ililli ul.irly Unit ot Washington.
Woikincii wero busy yesterday renu-ng the scRffoliting
nliuh las so long obscured tho front of tlio B_aitablB
Tho fnneral of i:x*Anst*i:ib'.yman James Fit /.gt raid tot.k
jeal e ye-teiil:iy iii l-t. Filer's ilonr.iu C.lhttlle ( hureh. in
Ililli 1.1- -I. The Ri v. lal. a r BsOSBB olilciUL .1, and was
I ly Hie iii v. littl. r Vt Nanice.
Dr. ('halie* lt. KreUer, accusc-il of swindling a poor woman
hy Indnoiaj inr tn pay dael t" ita "Metropolitan BeaeAl taso*
i i..t...ii." ...tr hail ai Jeth i -..ri Mar'.,.; Court yeaterday, Jo?
ker, of No. I'lA West lim'lr-iilutb-st., becoming bia
BSBiaal Harper. fij,*e seveii'y-onc. of No. 150 I.exln.tonaye.,
fell in aaa at .reeler.ay aa. .art lila -natl bo aerlonaly mat
the police sent Iiim to thu Ch.iliiboT.-i Mr. ct lltt-liit.il.
Tfalls DH urinate, jilt tri my, Mrs. Hann.iii Bookley J nm pod
iiii; of Hu* st i 'Hui-.Moly window of the U ncuiciiUiousO No.
Ciu Wi*-! Foil,.-???lilli ?>!., ami bioko her leg.
The Nateui il Line steam.-r Franco BRITti from Lnndon
yt-',.!,l,iy alura pru*-,ure ot cighleeli davs. On 1 >c, emtn-i .-.,
at 4 p. m.. a mm . ..mc over tin*-it.irliu ii'.l sitle which BtaVB In
tie- uti... lim.i te, tinr-t in Un* atdOSOl tho chart room aud Am
luulisli'.'tl en-- of thc llfc-lttiais.
Collector MsgUBS jeslcrdaj officially announced that Deputy
collei tor ci..iiit 1 p. Mc' Isllaad alum I bi n sgnlaad as tho
bead Ol Ile Li iv Div i.;n:i ol I:..- 1 ':i-'*.iu I len .-c. anti ho
aaaamad il- nsw dnllaa at 8 p, m. Depnty Oellai t n William
Ft ter* ls i-t.'-i" un r-sl/i....|. but tin* Culltitiir nail v.-ti:.liv
that he would probably have charge of the Drawback
Dock st idcr's Minstrel* will present a new sketch on Christ
mas Hay at Hie instill BB perloruianco. TBS prliicipal feature
will hit a largo Christinas true loaded with nil soils of tuys,
1...11 '.mis anti nlck-nat ks. Tbeae Bill bu distribute 1 to tho
chi: 'icu alli iiit;n?' thu performances m lin atti inonu aud
The Cercle Francaise di* I'll.irnionic will give its twenly
set..u.i annual dinner on January 7, at the Hotel BrBSSWtck,
i.v. rnor Hill an.l lils utan". Mayor Hewitt, tha French Cou?
sin 1 ien--r.il In New-York, and luiiuy ut lur pruinin- ni mc ii are
ii)..t t..l as (.'il. uta.
A mn. etiienr ls oa foot among the pu'.Ile accountants of
this oily to organ:/a* ari Institute nf I'ublio A count mts turu
Ballar la the laatltata ? ?! Charted 1 a.c.mutants la England.
A i... . rt las "r aft i-ii .la:.is was held uu Wednesday at Ba IS
Wllliam-at,. al which raaatatlaai men paeeed floolsrlBg unii
an Institute desirable. Kdwiu QaUlriS, RT, II. \ I M-v
.1 1 aaa TatSaa, C.. T. Aayea aad II. Is Faaian were appointed
tu Halt a 1.nil.tut. 1:1 fur anet) :i linly.
The Civil Service Corntiiissioner* rejiorf 60 exarnina!lons
in tm laat year, and 35(. appointment* There are 1,843 per
?aai a the ciiy nrvteev
The annu il Ctirrstmas festivities of tbs Newsboys' Hom-*.
In i't.pi.ir st.. teak place yeatarday. a dinner was fnl owed
i.v au entertainment at a dch the Moudelaaohn Quartet
("nit -au.*. (J. in-in! stewart i. Woodford and the Rev, P. \.
Netaon apoke, and Ute newebtqrB allowed their pruueitney in
citi.-ttieiiKs and Miig.iig.
HE ll S PROM J ll._' 6 ll li UR IIS.
Friends o'T.'n la Poole, l'ie .viiunr tyi't wi Uer who died re
cenlly In New- . otk from tnalpra liee, h.ie niatlo a diligent
hui luefleotu ti ae tri h of ihe reeoids la tho ofllce of tba Bo ird
oi Ile il.h an.l V,lal >!alisllt* Io nml a roculd of lier alu>-til
mamaaa with Mr. Van viii*.
lieu*. If elBoa, a 1 indao-ni Cubis w..min, wa* tried in iho
Oeneral a-ssioas Oonrt yesterday lor i.ei.uiy in thal I
il mi i sui! ol liitine 1'. Main.it a.'.i-i.al tia. Itel Mahon.
Mo c.- r:.i.iiiti,i aaa arnuamad beioro Pol ai Jastlcs Waa
*ei y -.im.I.ry ii.rr.-e-i wiih p -.idling wiih..ui a lie-nee, and
Uta tu ge. uni ulm *?- Moo* d-cLueil thal lu- hail no
u.ey, uattii court donbted his sta e.ueat. and the pi Boner
u.e .i *;ii I up iii a tell. Altai iw-1 h ins Mii->..s ili-c.c. red
iweeil ar dollars In aa tuside pocket ami snrrsadered tii-m
Sei-ga.n bia lioerty. Be waa aleck rged, bal b lew mlnutee
later li wee dtacoren-d that one ol um dui a. a was suurious,
au.l bu wa- aile.lc I a;raui.
Oaloael Tttomaa H. Whltuuy, formerly of the rebel army,
waseonvlctad la the Oeneral Session* cr-.:-.-; reater-ay for
paeeing a forged cheek. Las! Jinn- lie Induced W. ll. Bunuell
to endorae a cbeck drawn on tbe National Raak ol Men Lon.
don, ( onu.. In- li. lt. .Marsh ami malu pat able to thu ui dur ot
Tlitiina- F. \S bitney.
Mr- O It.t.ti. lha bonni high.oise keeper, who is acnist-tl by
bar i.u* .au.l witb having reoelred smuggieig.ls fruin Ute
inui-n lui,- ot - Bimera wt ml before i bil it Stales Commie
st.mei Miiii'lieiui veBin.iay afternoon anl KB Ve ball to appear
ttl BXBBllBBtloa in il iiitiulli. Hm luisli.tml aad John ll.. v--*.,
ber woulti-be protector, ara bei.i as wltneeaes, having been
ll ti able li. vi v.- ,-, . ill ? IV. Her two ilatigl.l.-is sll Ss; nu;;,, te lin
lather'* story aud fin Uur av I r Uiat their mothar xxmt als., itio
u i' ii. lui rei e.v er ol a t| ii an iv nt velvets, incus and silks taken
from the sunken steamer Oic^'iu.
A BBt*a knnwn a* ?' lack" employed on a c.inalbt.at ou ttu.
Moms Canal waa ta ad in Un rabin laat ntgbl aearir .ics.l
(mm the effects of i ilphni una (nm i from a f innate, flew..,)
takuu lo Hie liu-n.lal.
Patkiiso.-i.- About Hm ur ri. r iiiiiinsitig all the color ilvei*
in the . mi l.u '. Dy, lng W oiks, ai
"trike yesterday morning altar a cobb renie with Jaoob Wei.I*
m.. ii ii. Ult bead of tbecuntein. In wbloh he refased lo Barnda
i.t!!...: ti-m.m.ts. 'I'hc .-trike, it ih ui.tlt-rst.uni. waa ordered uy
tho Knlchta of Labor. The nea allege lhat injustice is done
them because Un-x en only eredllsti with eight boura'time
between 7:80a. m. and480y m All tua blaeg-dyera, sonia
Hun in number, ic:, a neil al work, U.ero being'no trouble
auioug llicm.
El.nKWAir.R.-Tlie M len [alaad Acaucnivsntl Latin school
liel.l it* chrislma* fe*tiva! yt iterdav rn Hu- tcademr. Ad
dreeeea were aaada br the ehUdren lu Knglish. fltmnan aad
in in ai. Blasliig sal nlahaBsa slWwad,
lip iiMiiMt. 'Ihe leaUierwviglits, Burke amt Maslers.
Who liuml.l 111 Dempsey ? Wild West Intel al I raatina OB
'lu.*,av iiiriti ami bow arrested with twentr-mi al the
-|.. ? l tin- wi i ? t.ikeit beinie Ju*tit e lliils.hu. last evening
ioi Bismlnailon. Burke ead Mastera pleuded gniltr, ami
wen i,Heit tl'l each aad caul teaed aol te Bgbt oaths
again ui to. > aoald ls ssvcrali pnaiahed. Tbs Tiaailnailirn
of Hu w ItassBSS was a.ljuurne.1 uutii neil week.
I'tM, I-LANI).
WlBflBUV- Jttliii Walhh. t -hui ged nilli shooting Christopher
iioiiuyei, Ht I'.i cawood tu, nce.inii.i ... waa committed to
jaii yesterday wltaoul bul bs Ju*'. ? B< Kenna at Kawtewn,
to await Hie result of Mr. Huineyi r s wound. Which is BOW
-oiisi.iciid lUn.eioue.
l.t.M. Inl ash ( 111. Milba.1 MiKeiinn. an employe in the
Calvary Cemetery, quarrelled yeatarday wnh Fanni bron
Bau. wbo is stationed at the cemetery, sud assaulted him aad
all. n,pl,.I to bli.- ..it one of bis linger*.
IlhMrr-IKAli T.te fuitenil of Mis li t.Jainfii Yat.*- 1. tl. r
kim ?? li as " Mliii. Marie /.oe." look pl.. e mi . ctlnc?.lay.
hl.i: dlod suddeuly on Miuilay, lu hoi lui ly suth year.
NRW lt(.( llgll.a - liurglars have begun their operations
foi tbe w intel al Una ulm e I In v visited the house of
Robert C Hstiei at Boca Cottage, where they WBIW success
lul last winter , hut ow lug tu Hu* biirgl.n slaim. since intro
dr ceil thora I hey hastily retired without any booty. The
store of Morris Abrahams, lu Malu st., waa visited, but the
Hi' ve* met wiih no belier sue. <??* lhere. At Hie liouae of
Mrs. C. itei r: ni lu I.-Innl av c.. tiny gut a gold walch. .'-'. iu
money, a quautily ut eluUilug and other articles of value
YOKKgae.?Dr. Kdgsr Hermaiue, who recently bernn
B ault agslnat Uie Ker. Lyman Co ab. Jr.. to recorer tiu.ikMi for
having po unshed an alleged slanderous aracte wmch inter
fared w?h Dr. Hennenoe'e innes** to ob tai alp ff ths position
ofvUttlnff physlolon lo Ht. John'* Riverside nosplU I. liss ttls
?nlliioeiHh ? ?ulLMr.Cuiib hsvlne afflrmsd Hist the lltje.lleous
artic!* w?s published on Information r?eelveil from other ;>*r
sons sud Hist he hod no persoual knowledge a* to the matter
contain*,! tn the ataUmeut.Albertine Herns, Annie 0.
loarv snd Ilrhlget Owens have eocti bernn a snit lo ra
Oliver fSO.OOn fiom Charles (loitm-lialk, John llsnf, his tailor,
ami Polios Officer William ll. LenL Tho three women visited
the ?tine of Mr. UotUchalk to maka ?onie purcho.es. snit
wl'llc there, ll*nf claim -tl to have mlsaetl #17. and called In
Pollorman I-ent, when ?aob of th* wo-nen wa* ?earrbet! lo nnd
th" tnlaelug- mouey. but none waa found and they were allowed
Only one of the four children hurt by the breaking
of George A. Hearn's plate-glass show-window on
Wednesday is seriously wounded ; that is lltMe Nellie
Higerton. seven years old. who is lying in one of the
wards ot t tie New-York Hospital. The tailing glass
ont thc top of her head and her arista and inflicted a
deep gash along her lott cheek and temple, which will
take a lone time to beal, and will in all probability
dlsnguro her for life. As the child was unusually
pretty her widowed mother and her uncle feel thc mis?
fortune all the more keenly.
? All the money Mr. Hcarn oonld pay me," said her
nncle yesterday, " could not eompensate her for the
loss of her beauty." Allele Rdgerton, an older slater,
waa also oat about the hoad, but not so badly aa to
prevent h?r walking home from the hospital alter her
wounds bod been dressed. She will soon be as well aa
ever. Moth jrtr's say positively that thov were lock?
ing nt the Christmas exhibition In tho window when
the two youths inside, who were impersonating Santa
Clans aad t'nc'e Sam, tell in their antics ogntnsi tlie
front pnnra, and that larne pieces ol plato glass one
quarter ot an inch thick foll on them and around them
on the pavemeut.
Marv Thompson, ago t/>n. the daughter of a tailor
living' at No. 62 West Fifteenth-*!., and Aue-u-itus
Donnelly, nae t.velve, living at No. 40 ftrand-*t.,
Butlered'aiiirht saalp wounds. which, with proper care,
will give univ temporary trouble.
Alter tho accident tho bnv Donnelly was taken into
Kr*. Hoara'o atora ead there eared lor. Me i* certain
that the BOOM?al did not happen tnrough any notion
ol tho mon inside,but urns thal ho wa* pushed through
the glH*s by a Midden' BOXgtafJ ol the dense crowd
bel).nd him. Mr. Hcarn says he wa* not ii: the *tnro
when the accident happened, but 80?0*08 tie ?tote
ment ?t ytnine Utiiiriel!.-.-mid the men in the vv iudtiw,
whn boo that thc crowd poshed the gloat in. Two
hundred dollars *ill reola? tho (looa anti a wini
screen waa uh.i1 yesterday ta protect the goods until
tlie repairs are mad". Tho window wa* nevon teOt
wilie aad twelve feet high, lt was DEpOOalhlO I?
those iu the Mure tn BOB winit the boy* iu tbe a indoor
weie ililli.!/, since it Ih lui iriieil up inside nearly t t tho
oeitinf. Tin- lalHag H'n-r* i'"1 ""' curt.un behind it
and smashed <s small ahow cu a ou tba sidewalk.
Blane tho ooetdool -Mr. Boon boa bona aaaidaooa la
bio attentions to the little eat?rora, hu* hud in* nun
doctor exam no them, and cxproascB great concern
lor their welfare.
Sanitary Baperinteadenl Day tester i.,. reported io tho
Board of Beal? thal be bod laapeeted tho trench dui; In
i'i fr.vs! \iii st., between Flt? aad Moolaon avea, hy tho
Bow-York stt .-un * ninpaiiv uini lind ciuiiii-iiicii ihe reports
of ult ki wa rooniting froa the tool odors which, b
caped from tin- trench and apt?ned earth. The Board
opprored Hie following recommaodatloaa which he of
ft red :
i wobM respectfully snmiast thal the " p trttn'iii nf PuMio
Works i.M by tbe li - nil li ail the eitenl ol the
muline proper to bo disturb**! at any ons lime, The annoy.
i.ni e h.un lin- es, ape ul lllmuinattna i'ii can univ he partlslly
prevent od bj thei ure ol th laborer* , but tba _n*?l ai .sum
trout tin- i \]'ti?uie ni si, milch -nil I regard as *? rn-ns niul cap.
ahie of being controlled. I oonld then orerespectfully reno m.
mend that ino Hoard of Health in tutors require ii" Kteam
Heating Company to disinfect tho Barth as lt i* thrown out
from ute Hem h. it mil lie observed that thc excavation goos
far liclnvv .my frost linc nml tVat earth ruin tbs bottom rn' the
ti. nci, is probably -lan muns all through nu ehaogeabli wm
ter weather.
Ootntnlasioner Bewton, of the Department of Public
Works, wrote to the Board that thedelay In closing tbe
trench In Fiftj sixth?, had been caused, be waaia
forme i, by tbe i".ueeof rock In the street. Ile thought
the Boan! nf Ilea!th ought to regulate tho time tor koop*
int; tho exearat?na opi a.
9nn rises. Ttl8 , Seta : i rte*, g IO | Eeea saga. Tt
nu.ii wau iv
AM fw_dy Hook, t?81 (tor. uri. Ton i Men dst-, hi:*
/-._?oaiitij ltooa. 7.08 I Uov. Isi'd. 7.?I lien Oat*. Pi..'
Vessel. ?*_, Bot Malls close. sails.
Pana mn, Bpaniab Trans, Mexican ports... 1 p ni 8 pm
Niagara, Ward*a naraaa . 8 pm
Mil Hint. UKO. 2&
Kcvjitlnn Monarch, Mmiatc'i, f_oodO0. 6 pm
Aurania Cunard, L'verpool . 3 aro 6 am
city or Merin, toman, Liverpool. i a tu 6 a tn
a. Aneh.ir. UlaagOW.. V sm fi am
t aliliiriiiit. ( air. Il aailnu g . 'i sm 6 sm
PCBl r.l. Nelli Amer lt.itter.laiu. 8 am 0 am
niit-nhiinl. Kwlistar. Anlu-erii. 'i au fi am
PffeConlnek. WhlteCYoa*. Aatwern. 8 mu
lal Cham |.ac. ne, I lt BK h-1 tan .. Havre. V a in 5 am
illBOAT, Mi'. 3ft
Wvominc (inion. Liverpool. I am 7.loam
Chatoon Leo ville, Bonteanx. Bordeaux_ 8 a rn
Uso WClytie, Clyde, Ooo Ootnbaoo . 1 pm a pm
Tt> hay.
Vessel. I rum. Line
Cit? of chit-.ig-n.Liverpool.Inman
Aller.Bremen a Boothampton N o Lloyd
(arana*.I^ijruayiii.Heil L
BAT?tOAT, ina-. 2S.
Oreaee.Lem toa.Nut inn ni
Italy .I.iverjiiiiil . Vail..rial
\\ leland.Il ami.mi;.Ila'n li Amer.
City ot Para.A.spin vi al!.Paulie ii ail.
Bl?OAT, Hi... if,.
Ot h.eilani.Amsterdam.N elli- A mer
La Bra aj;iie.Havre .I-reiieli Ir.ins.
(-Miiioio.Lei inuil.i.Quebec
sn ir ri so news.
TOMTOF XKW-YOitK.thursday. BB?ff, 1833
A Kit I V .ii
Steamer France (Uri. EadieJ. lainiton Pee 5, wltli mtise to
Eivj lim*!. Arrived at the Bar at lp _
Bteamer Assyrian Monarch (Br), Bparko, Limitm Dee t,
with inilse. 14 cahln ami 14 slecmcn passengers tn I'-iitn-i
\ :t ker*A < n. .vu iv ni :ii the Har al 6.30 p m.
Hti-tiiner Lililrjate HUI (BM, Brown, Lon-lon Hcc ,1, with
nnise-inn v cabin paaaOBffera lo Boodanoo Bras. Arrivtxiat
tho Har nt IX.? p m.
Hteameratateol .levaria(Br), sn-warL oinsenw Deo 10,
I.i ri.c IS, willi milsn. 18cabin and88 st'-et i|fe |..>-.i'!ij?riiii
Austin Bald wlo a Co. ArrlTedat the Karat tam.
sieaiin-i Mouto Rosa I Bri. Thomas, Leith Nor 88. Mi.Mir*.
borough 88, Dundee Dei l, with adas ant! 8 passengers to
Blmpson, -i'lii' e t i'mi n j. Arrived ol ibe liar ai a in p _
Steamer Geiaei (Dan , Moller, Copannagea Lee 8, Christi.
ana h. ctirisiiiiiisio-i IO. with unlse. 4cabin aad 88 sta?gs
passengers lo Punch, Kdye tt " lo An Ired al tba Bal at noon.
Bloomer Noordlanit (Reta), Ks Wei*. Antwerp Lee ll, wuu
m-isi-uinl pooseagers ta Leter Wright A Sun*
Bloomer Pomona (Bri, Legoo, Montego Bay 8 aad st Ann's
Hay U 'lays, with nelso to li Wessels .t i'o. Arrived Ot tbs
Har ut 1 A m.
Uteara schr Urala Bnckt, Mount Jacksonville 8 daya, with
Itimiier to i. Lu kl.' Bonsi rr aaa! to Warren Uav.
Bteemer rallstiasnee, Fisher, >?vannabU daya viiihrmlse
omi naasongers i<i IL my Yonge, lr
ri-.tint! Old Dominion, Km I th, it'rlininnd. City Point and
Norfolk, with mdse ind passengers to otii Dominion s, ? -,,.
Stennet ll F Diinoi kr. Mullett. liosUui. wilhiiiu.se to ll F
Linen k.
oi? uer viiieitc. Fuller. Hos-on fur Phi?deIphu,
Kteaim-r Annis (' Barstow, I iii vein. PTOi ulenia-.
Bhrp Invlinrlhle, Hkewes, Manila UV .inj-s, it it!, unlse to Ira
Burnley; Teasel lo J vv Kl well A Co,
shiii i .milly Ol Vanni.nth "I Val nu,nth. NS), H. ott. Liver
ism. I'V dsys, with sall to order; ve**el to Bovtl v UincVen.
Bork Lewis auiltb I Bn, Wtiffht, Antwerp Nnv N, ttuhae,
tiient ami empty barrels lo order; vessel ta J w Pat >--r ,i i ...
H.irii . sonaiUri, Ken, lltnien 4.1 tlays, in hailasl Ut geam.
nitll Lros.
sim lieorgtoD t?ce, Hlggtao, 8aa nins v*o days, with co.
11,au il. alni ivory li il ts Io \V L Ita ttl hu li ?* in.
80.?ET-Wm.I at san le luolc. light. SE. raiiuu' At
cuy laiaan limn, nk, riaatj
Ainti-'l yeniei.lay
Btea er (.nih.a (Her). Kt.nlc!!, Stettin Nov 2.\ flotbeahafa
I'" I. ' Ul Utanoonda, * tb uidao, 4 cabin and ti. sue rana
|.ii-seni-i rs io Kiinhanlt it Cn. Arrived at the Bar al lu ,u
P m.
r Ptolemy tBr), Tann r. Rio Janeiro !*Jov? wah
muse io iiuik jt larawa. Arrlrad al the. Bar at UV? p _
" UK A HE o
Steamer Cachemiro (Fr). BmtOttOt, Bom nay vin V.Ien?
1 nm !i, Lute ,V Co.
si.ai.'i Vi.1.1,i.a fir', Hain*, LiviTl'o.il Tia (Jilt ns!,,wu ?
Vt limn ll HroWB * Co.
i i.i ii.i ii ii :? (Br), reny, ia vcr,'.ni ria Que* n-town?
.t .1 ' ullis.
Steamer state of Neblartka (Br). Uro**, (liar-emf Austin
I ('n.
.si.'.m.11 lUlnoia, Dottge, Antwerp Petal Wright4 -
snnu.er i-anieuia tun. Uor_eld, Li-ghoru Lei
Olle- -v I H.
. I Aei|.ulm. ( nye. A.nlnviall I'.u ,1'n Mall Ss Co
Kt.-ajii-i " ii.v n! Puebla, D aaa aa, Havana ana Eexlt an iiurta
? I' Alexandre i
si,an,ei bon llano, Collen, Ctoaraao? via NaaeanaadOt
J.il;.i .1 I-. VV ,,i I A I 'n.
i Lniiesiii Maaoa.Oalveatoa JTVaa
Kteamer Talla cr. oavsonsli Urary Yobbo, lr
StcaJiii-l ( Hy nt Alliinla, laji-kaootl. Cijalie.Iiiii an I Fernan
ilma .i w (.malani a Co.
wi.ii i:.'.inure. Coach, Earfotk ami Eawport \ews?
(nu Domialea Be i a
si. ihhi .Neptune, Coleman. Posion ? ll F inmook.
sin;. -icNe.tr. t.-Iia. ? e. rukohiN? m i PkaerioaBOB
h.iii. Ei -.taich mn. va li.'-ii, Liverpool?lloytl or il lucken
in . leal
ir.tis t iri.ii'iut Knudsen, Oporto?Mairemeyer A Brana,
Bark Piaiou (Nor), Andersen, P_saes, ~n -Car?ten Hoe
H.UV I ila. Lea.!, I'tuLai,.!. M- Umbi ' . i.
Hem lian) win te, Bopkloeoa, I'o.nt -t r.n,- U \
A Httii.
si-ii Davida (Br), lt.heil*. Port Spain PO Challonera Co,
en in il I. Bradley, Mi latrro, i. tngstonMaaoa -j 1...1,,. .*.
[ _. I hS Cllslitin I ouse Will lie i
finn '.ito liam, fol lue t mian, c ann c.rai un c o.
on iy.
i s Brttaaale, tor Uri raaeli state of .'.'einaska. nus.
?"". A?pOlOO, A altin wai I. I '-tl n-- tl - ? I Hy of
'ninia, ilaiiin.i ami \ t i a i i ii? saul iahn. Nsosan ami ( teu
iii. os i-"H' liar, (lalreston; Naouo bee, Bavonaah; City of
Atlanta i hui.-i..n Breakwater, Borfaik, Hrs asks ead Q Tr
Jone*. NeWpnrl New*.
Hark Albalf ss. for Moa?Tl*?o,
* bnj! Hal ry and Au rey, tnr Maiorls.
AlKowilml-Vla Limit l.l.uel BWaad?BtBOOBH Ncpviii.c, tor
rOEEIOB 1-iiKls
Loa pox. Dec?-Am rmi. alesmer Kepler (He!?). Jolnmon,
from New.York.
Ksilotl, .ie*.i,er I'rr.an Monari h (Kn. Palin, fur New York
LlVKHI'Oiil., Dec. 2.1 -sallen, al?mer (iarniauln (lin, (ilea
dell, lor ->? ?? . i. 'tin it.
O0UTHAJirro.\, Die ? AiriTatL *lesruar a_et (Uer), Hell
mara, from Hew-York on her war te Bremen (and proceeded!.
SwA-sBA. Dec 3?-_AlIe-, steamer Undaon (Uri, Wandleea.
for Perth Amboy.
BsiSTOL Dec Tm-Arriri 1. steamer Wella City (Br). Weiss,
from New Terk. ___. _ .
Railed, steamer Bristol <nv. Dar. for New*Vork.
RliLU Deo 23?"ailed, steamer Kor no (Ur). Noll!, for New
nus Deo 23~!"alle*d, steamer Crystal (Rr), Stannard,
for New Vork. _
KiasAi.g. Dec -3-Peeeed. atoarBsr India (Br), Jamlaon.
from New-York on ber way in Liverpool.
Atwick to Mothers.
Kra. WlBSi/rw'B SOOTH!*- srHtrr should si ways be nsed for
Ctiiuihb- Txrrtii-ii. It bootiibs the niiu>, sovtr.-h the
onus, ali.Ara all paii. curbs wi-n enuc, ami ls the u_aT
gguxur ros DiAUiiU'jtA. Twenty-live cents a bottle.
Britmmf.ll's world-reno wried caDdifS, fin*.
chocolates, rnilt bonbons, Ac. A larne aseertment of Chnst
mas boxes and novelties. A five ponnd bot of Hue mlxeil
candles. SI no. 4D8 and 410 (.ran.i si, 831 lim ..1-ay, 7", .!
6-h-ave., 2 Weat Ulh-aL
E. <V W. E. __ W. E. & W.
Good for tlie holidays and all other days?
Vact-nahans Handicap Tooth Pow.tr. A necvaaity and a
luxury. All fancy goods dealers. 25c.
Holiday Presents?Rpkcialties.
"Men'a Neckwear, Bnspsnders, Gloves, Mufflers, Handksr
ehlefa. Wrisllela. Dress Hhlrts and W'lnter Underwear o.
Wool.Mei-luoaiidPliaineL J. W. JoiijtsTO.-l. 200Grand aL.N.Y"
? ? -?
Henry A. Daviels. af. D..
144 l/eiinston-ava,, h. tween Vth and l-tOtti st*.
Honrs?. to L - lo 7. Diseases of the Nervous Hyste-n.
Oenlto-ltrlnary Or.snA Iropoiencs and sterllltr
Wo shall forco a reduction in
our very large linc of furniture by
making such prices as shall cause
thc Immediate sale ol the surplus.
This is au opportunity that In?
tending purchasers will he ex?
ceedingly unwise to neglect.
Will he open evenings until
"Buy of the Maker."
Stores 101, 100, los West 14th St.,
Between nih in 1 7th av...., ons dow tvo.t of Orh-avo.
Special Sals
Of Cameo, Rock Crystal and fine
Cut Hand Colognes and Pungent*.
at about one-half their original value
These are of tlie finest quality in
material and workmanship.
Broadway & 10th St.
BRASS TA B LE S, with Onyx A Plush tops,
FIRE BRASSES rf__nu____n
Crass Easels, Music Stands, Portfolios,
Pedestals, Umbrella Stands, Jet
dineres, Art Tiles, &c,
besMts many other beautifu! thing* in P.ric-a-Pr.ir |aat
Imported by SB, BSRiCBlari). BBBplcd lor Gills ml lum
ii, S. Conover & G9..
25 Ex 30 WEST 23D ST.
Greatest bargains ever ojfered.
With a view of attracting holiday
1,000 Musical Boxes,
planing G tunes each, just received,
with thc latest music, incl ml inti
"Erminie," "Mikado," etc., for only
$10, regular price being $16.
M. J. Paillard & Co.,
Sypher & Co.^.T1'"1 .7
J I^ nuil dcai i'able
goods in AIM' I'l UM TIKI', both mo.l. rt. nml
antique, ul.t.i lnnii _ Itu.in I'O KC 1.1, AI VS,
.vi a it it 1.1 :m, ititov/i:.*, ii i?i:?. iiii _-:?*, bum -
A-Ult Al. rte. Ol. ll l.>._l.I<s|| mut oilier Mil..
ti: it ii nv ia iii.i v,
This nsaorliiK-nt i* uni q unlit .1 both as lo quill
.li i nt it'll timi prui.
860 Broadway, cor. 17(h-st.
Wost Redable for FINE WUK, FLUSH
v. Acta.uoo .is,
STECK HALL, 11 E. 14tlrst.
(Lnlr IfAVKN ft lt Ad 4IN.)
riA\os mimi ami unn nnu.rr fkimi
IO aanal 'il WI.MT ii ll.5* I', neiir "tUi a.r-., N. Y.
ALL Fan and Baalakia ChwMwti iii.uiiiract
i.i-.i i.v t . ( . .-,11... .sk, iii.i hi,,,,.,.,!,,,,, ibo Urta
li bi ut- ou, Uiciatt/ tuny mg Uio gu_-*uU-_ ul it.utility.
direct attention to the wonderful
reductions made throughout their
entire establishment.
Fancy taite
having arrived to<f late for the
regular full trade, will be slaugh?
tered for the benefit of Holiday
Nos. 22, 24 Si 26 East 14.h-st?
Near Union Square.
_ ii .0.
.l.-.'.AI.LEIi IN
Tone, Touch, florkmansMp <__ Durability.
Invite special attention to thtlr new Artistic
Styles Gliished in Designs of
RlllIK**, SAI'I'lllllK-i. I illili \l.I)-. I'KAItLS ANO
"linn.lini-lii: t-i *? ttl i.tairiinil .li-ivi'lrr.
liiu.....ntl i iiltrr* uml roli*ni-r*t,
jHTTBSBinai anti Ul Hoi doa Lobb Wbb Tort
1 Ht. A mire w's nt., Ilulliorii eirena, Luinlnn.
F. W. BROWEB, No. 27 John St.
Christinas Gayefy
axo GRIKDIKG misi.ky of the holidays of
CITY. ?TBIKI.M_ I'll Tl lt Ks PROM Ll KR. HY
lula ?
The Largos Establishment in Existeuco.
Wareroonis, Steinway Hall, New-York
1>KIGII T's DISEASE is ca uso. by ftbaso. ox
I . ? mn, lift v.his .l.'l.i'il ?.-. .- .-ti: to-.i ri tint V ilia.*., ?un. Strtet
iir.-s, iii*. _?fii pruatsta kIbihI. hui n'li- 0.1 iiimii.ii, sod asa
m.) lu* i uitvl wi.iK* Lln-v . u-L Our lo.iif lie-t car" lim iv..nt
enan ac_n?tly. an-1 ina .v-.itt.-l Wsnkaaha Natur U Mm.-iii
Si rios WattT tiirfri lin* -Hiller dlBOBSO. itlBl-OlOB. ilri.ii.iv. ItlaA
fler. BTBVOl stona. IIVOT, ni*I.il i.i, un" Ufo amt iiy*i-<<i,>*i-,
Phyal'TiB-tf'a miran sad bobs witu dlrootloB* uul ieru.io.iu>i
ol tum. true liy
KSl I.ioii.i vv_y. Nu.*.York
I.iirtl.rmrrit. a dreli tttr*-l .- n ihr... fsltimn. ara
.riot_.i_jri.drJ lu ti.- i r.-i.lrr* ol 'f SS St Titi BI"-. II
is* tbo. >u_-l t rrliablr, anil BMBBBBO cam Itt, <(_>.<?
By ssis_.il trill*. Ike ailvi-rtiaars willi perfect amloiy
?5 ______?__!__.
IB INION -'?? ? "" '
BED. ^i
lill'!.- Ill all.tl.r.T* i_Wih A'I
ent tlf.ri{ii*. ',*?-_f;^ _*l
Sc*, ww,
1 /'*"?':;v " "'
?*sr'*' fr* Now-n.irk City
'..ii Paitoa it i.i.lyu
I SS 1 ' i-' ii'l-1" SIB
h..milla, lui,. I t/
. noy\T,i\ co,
2114 Wntrr-.t., H. V.
IB.BM 11 lr..*, .r ' : ? wi.
t-1'i..i tur i iriiil.irs.
ytral-cijuu. ts urk liuus ouly.
F*tnb!Nried ts-,0.
Stationer. iTinier
Otaadard, American nnd
llii.il.' Hack Uurii.t on han.I
il the vear
(nee*? Haled AeooBBt Hooks
uaue lo order nt short notice
Alado lowrder.
LA Dil 8 and
(.! i BJ?BE
I and I raven
" pi ia*' i :i t na
h ai lt I oi W . ,tt>
Ai i uni ..cv> gg
li ki El
lill III I'l I (?i>s
? utan (ruc
Rrrs.A. Flesher
li OK Iii I'Vt.KS.
THO EU Al' i Ml.rs nv
MUTEE WE11 - Its.
Hi al " lin- Woe* ot Wink.
but etsi Uniii-ami itollor*
worth ot
IEW8L 8K I. I t 11 I H AN D
HI lil. I Ks l-l i il
'Chu |'iil|?ti ia lo make Ilia
. i.. ? 1 pavel ui Uie uilv.
Airoi tltetar nts adailtl-rl tm'a tMmam callas, mern
WnttmMMMntmE f tom rmUimrm mt THB THI a sj-.-9
it .baraa.b|r r-rffabla, aad ssslaitss caa Bo ESBM
tty mndA with tho Bdrortiocro with Borfaot amimtg
Aak your statloni-r to show yon
or ?rn.l tor cir'ttl-r !o thf p?t
?)ite?, KtlANK (?. DO -.(.I*.
t)2 Wist Mirth st.. NcwVi.lk
City, nornplo by Kipreaa. fi.
W lr H. - ll ?" "I ttl
_.-?-, Vr-i-lt, (..sll.
, U.t -I ?*-)
J... th. Alh
.,? I?..'..I.
^^^^^^^^^_sss. T.k..
Sp SSl ?ll InrhM -*..... Sml irr?i,
cm-t-i...-- r..*., _H?ct fl.*, tlwr.Sl.
*i?'rpf?K.ntt... . I,?.p. S.-i*. tm .item.
I.r, ll'IMf. i-t-IIOtllJI FOR PHYS*
IC A I. ( I! I.TI. UK." 14E.il Ult.SH**
**i 11% rich A Mass. B. Y. nir,
Prof. I- I. linWIt W.I "sm Bl.lk'S,
?ulhor al " llo?t lo U.I Mr-.u|," tty
si ll, '? I sss*, is* ss/ </_._? I -_?_
P lt O F. O. I.
Of t-C 1 K.N ll Kl Xl
1'IIY-r.K AL,
liiu UER.
Tl.i.MK.N BBd
CHILDREN, lt stoat Ht* *u
11,1,1 .1.1 .till..Vf.. N ..
stt-iitliui is tri van !'? BBBB
;i . ni v ifni mao,
to i.ri.iii'-.iu-i BOnod. l.faiiiiv
b-nlv. Out* >f Die many lo
wlium Hf '.in iiftr IB Mr.
Willlvn H'"k". .t'lil.iir of
Kow lo Ort Ktro-fc"
Sin I lur rtrcolBTBI acnnoll
uti I I' It-i.'li. SB
Ben tl aol
lim BBVB.
MR Pf. ? I
Kiltf-lWe. t
R, I- ll IVH'IBK Et CO.
Bsbl-TbiPi. myfMk nt BlSBStlS
Crouch tt Fitzgera'd.
Reliable Trunks
nml Bags.
ICvrtlBOd-Ot, 7"-..'.Ui-tvr_.
6ot, uroBdwajr, R. V.
""""*< MA I I.T-IONi
In riii.mr,-. Itt- nt'. DOWM
auti nil i-iff I niora-**
Atlrlrt? altiiut iii.* insarsnr*.
I'.xxn, I'Ailrt.. PAC-IM
Coiisultiii-' Airtu iry.
Bbs tn fi li '? ?? 'i ?' i;i"i"it-ii''o
au.i r nr"i., a- ?" " eoe
suit-all), m.mv Insiririff itt*,
uu.i -*t.u.r .1. .iui..- author
ii ... w Ul i ,...?? clieuta' in
Kiiiiutfs Impartially in 'rv
, m ,,', ui.i un >*? he,'
. ipenaoto two
-..?li uv Um -1.rolaslon
Hun. si! co.up ioles, \
U. W. -At Iv I.i. lt.
lu XBSKBa-at.
Tho only tjrps wnti-r Bwardod
a i...1.1 m.... ii ai s i?r ('i-i.- toa
i _imm uno, Kpoa . lvnt-ct
Aliiiniueut, i Bil. imi roo*
aloa, .liiu. ? ..iii.- i v..*. I'm i
Inlitv Kt.r iiiluriuntli ii atl
Ama I uk llAMMOXU Prps
Will I KU ClX. 7 7 7..1.-.-..11.-SU.
R. Y.
**- mum
SrrololR, llhrum
II I l-lll Ol' I .rir.llllll.l Hill.
CREAM I'i'i'i in .r.s.
ui.i) TEA BK-**.
.nut lu.mv ..Uur BBUBBB-BBIB
1.'.0 Il.iv.trv, i-..r liiouint--it..
Solo Man'fn. t'r*. SO
Mi I.i.aril-*!.. N Y
?? w AT.afflr.N s
-INO lilli (UK ll.AK.
155 l.voalwav. N. Y.
ex-ulisii *>4g^/
" Inne-uircthle"
Tl ll. Kl *.<* 1^8
: ba "-ta -alard ia Kmgl ? v
linn i" |ii11---.1 A -?trrli'ln-r
fur Mult ii' m v ul linn.- wi.iiu
iii.ii_.ii.-. i- ? ? lo ii .-ri p ir
el ii. r Wrier, thc. i
DWI .1! I)-?I?N E -OV,
I. ll, I .....I ? '.
AM ll I \ in.!" -V Kl I ll-*.
Ki ill H ll A . --'I'.. N. V.
A! Hi lui I I fn I
F.* H.T .Anthoayl-U.).
ftRI I.t.tl tl??? A*i . V V.
On Mit.
I'sii-nt Nora!
|>,-If. liv.-*.
. . . .1 inion
( i.t .*.
Hi *tr .-il
_rsl i'i> .'HOB
ti?* mmmmV-b pnpn
Suitable tor hull room*.
reception, and dlr.nora
Cundle -lindo*. Holders,
Hnbcche Y.tr.
I?ll LilrtllKt SOAP*
a ??_?A_rr,
Manufacturer ami Importer
aoti Ith.jite.. near?ld.at
Bingle ('opie*. OOi ent*. Year?
ly snits,n,,non. 80.ll Hil*
Journal la prliiletl in Carls, ana
far (iirpasse* any taehloo
raiier ev--r *een In A met leo.
t contain* 'our )i*n-l*tinie.
iM-aiitlfully nn-1 artistically
coloretl st.ei plates, snit tie*
sates these, it'tiutaiiis .ul. en
pin;1'* nt wooitciit* tit the moil
elaborate and bahlonoa? .le,.
*.-ii* to tn- worn iii Part*, with
article* of fashion, demm litton
ot pistes and other lulen st,ns
and useful inslter. Fnr.a'cWJ
lietVS'lenlers Alni l-.M-l s-l l-l ,.
H. T. TA VI.OH. Pul
ti.M Hr?il vt av. N. Y.
SliiipleTNolselea*! IVrfecd
40 style*- All Price*.
New mil i.t'inle *u*p*'i*!4B
rah'* tynan mai inn i wita
ea*bbed I'F.III -M I vk\tJ
I.UKIN. s?ntl '."iri'il'H*
A. II. AMIHI.Ws _ I Uk,
SAM Broait way N Y
Shndard Tvncwriter
Hut ivith nttvlfsMO ol re..
tmmnu nillir.ihcti wiihl-i IO
tiny*. C. II. >>.. il no: - t ? >
illicit sat?Bulart ni every
Wv i u-if, risa nasal t Baaes?t
;(;{<? iiioiititvnv.
I nit Color KnKiiiiK **i? ?
nc. .nat . ,
r^TED AS!ATicn,fiT
* .. ^GVfV':^ V
'^sip.-^r--^-"- 'ir'A
^^*'_?* - ? r '
Tlie s?_0?J \r. istraOf OaV|
4uy Br sada iy.
i T ir K
3.? HPK'MV.ST,
"Trill-- -Vfark'
Oar constant
.'i in ls In make
them tho
Finest in the World
I Ll. lilt til I)
Bj \ki:k- op r\f i,olii
li M.UIIhN TAM-:, V. Y
Lnia.es! A*aoi uncut Heat
Style* nnil I?west l*rlcee.
SE, S7 v Vi Wane i.aa.
AlOO Harness ,t 11,irs., t,notts
266 Wiier-st., N. Y.
Solid lor (in ila-,
j?ukes a apcclaity of
tho painless extr.iccioa
ot teeth with rjai. D >;g
no other do__l work.
'?or. lltltli.sL. BJ Y CltT.
Walink's -eetra it di.linc.
!.%?? Ililli! S,
Hy tat l>ale
^iuaio Ono
.101 IN MOOK??
i.i, j7 tk ot* ??ari-.-a.*l.
An.l tomnleieflutflt*
al low inuit.
Ira rerrtfo,
1?* ?V ISO TalioB-oC, E. 1

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