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Till lil .
Purina tito coming 88900 days many fashionaUi
people will go to Tuxedo Park to ep.-iid (umuna.
Wefk. Kl.iti rnte air.ingiiiieiits are being in.ido to
their eoteitainruent. Kxtra tra'n* will be run to-day
to-iuorroie and on Monday to accommodate- thc .a. st
Wbo will go troni tide city. Tbe diiitoaoalo ?ITtf
night miles and the run is made iu a little over om
hour. At the club-hints'- Bhrga numbers ttl men BETI
lie*?n at w< k tor a week preparlm/ the buildings ant
ground* lt,r the crowd ot tnetnlii rs niul vi-i:nr*, :int
nrer.v rocin Inch in the ateh-house BOOB? and tia tn
Whelm-,' annex baa tieen BaEJEBEbJ until alt-r Nev
Years. One ni the laodtag baa?BBB ot Iha we. k"
pleasure will bo the opeuiug ol thc new tubegg?
alido, which is a tune lung. On Hm aid? ni t!
interval* of ajaahtBoa baot, bBrehoa, .i.iiiiitiiai ha eeo
and rlap* alternating v. ill be planed Beaidaa thee
locomotive headlight* -ind caleunc li^ht* wHI be sxnfi
tor illuminating tho elide at night. Hie tapa ol tb
surrounding mountain* ere also BB be I] rh?d BB, Ke.
_EBE'I *?Ufel ligb?will bo BBod ti rt 11 tin?
ta aaa - - rtn rad hill* und valleys will t>e sti
ami brilliant.
Toa broad piizzus ol' tho elah?oaoo ba? beea en
closril milli (iiHais and or? boated willi -team. The
Viii be laBaEOd in the B80BIB| and iisr.l lot pi t-m- natl
lag, daaetag aad dialog. The ptoaaas eompletel
BON?*0? Hie house and overlook the hi kt, wineli 1
frozen over. I'lvin- prospect- ol tine sk iling BB? Oppol
?aili? for tee-boating. Tao ela * Urary baa badi
larne addition mule to ii in tlie iHapO of 0 camber "
ajosgha live ure built to carry port?0 of twenty 0
more lint! ire to be driven R?T ___d 1 ht v v. ill lu
in li re st liemand bv tlie TOOBgea. VElitoro for OTOB_|
rifle* t9_ooah the park drive-, inn! several jollv paitB*
lnive .iliemlv bern made np. Sli-u'lit wi I u'-o boa
ti.e enti ol tin- Mbscgoa ando to bahe aaeata ap to tn.
top a^ain, tint-cnal.llng then to u\uni thc wt,irisomi
walks winch iift'i.ibv tomi a part ot tiii.-t eagsigtaa apor
< iver a hiinilreil member- with purtle- ol guest* wii
go from tb? t itv. Si ver.il large puttie- are g?OgOOI
(0 morrow 01*08?000, Mr. and Mr*. H. Vtetol New
comb m uh iii-u liiuiniitt r. btiaa Ktiitli Newcomb, vi.
bo B8808BBOB?d bj 89?B Ot t-i_lit YOUOg people. Mr
nnd Mr*. LawroaooTomara will benaslail?rparti
Io accompany them, and also their BBB and daufthter*
Lawrao? lanmri-, jr., Hlao Joanne faninreand Mb*
Jlnniie I'liniiire. Mrs. Eumri- will have a large part;
With her lrom Huston. Mr-, llorate Mt Iv ar WU
conn- on trott Wast?gtoa io-day tooajoytbo?o
tivitie*. Vemmbbi diav ile Wilton 'will ba a gaooi o
the club tliirmv; ?0 week, mid A. C. danice OJ
engaged rooms lor a party ol fa?ada w!.o are gulaI
with him. Annuli: the oilier members sud gaeata "du
Will enjH'ct to leave town ia morrow i.r ra Monda*
are Mt. and Mm Joiiu (j. itaeksebor, -Miss Kadli
Boobook??!-, Miss I-et.run llick-flii r, Miss Kuiesford
Mra. ('ameroo,' Mies baarmaa, Dr, nu.! Era. H. Hoi
hroab Illili.-. Hr, and Mn, Alexander .I. Leith, Mr
nnd Mrs. Kit derick lt. Halsey, Mr. and Mrs. Henri
1'iirrtsh. jr.. Mr. and Mr*. _ L I?diOW, Mr. mei .''ii
Midtiev l*-:bin Rtplct, Mr. and Mr- He?go Gris wold
Mr. and Mr-, s lt. Leiaad. Mr. anil Mia, J Frederi< l
Kirn.K-liaii. Airs. ?!. B. Gol der, Mr, and Mr*. Daatel T
Efaq-dea, Mr, aod Mn. John M. Draper, Mr. and Mrs
J. Town-end Bordea, Mr. ami Mr*. Beary ("levis. Mr
nnd Mn c. (. Pomany, Mtaa Powseoy, Mr. and Mn
J'. H. Far, Mr. and Mrs C_?OOO Car*. Mr. nnu Mn
\V. Ii. 1 illiiighnnt. Mis* (Hi.-. Miss G?iwold, Mi-r
Borrowa Mr, oa9 Mis. K?hardMortimer, Miss Penni
air. nn.l Mea *'- _ Hint. Mr. aad Mra. J. L Brana*
? ,s* UrnQOO, Mr, and -Mr-. S. M. Kelton, Mar.pii* nat.
BlorohiOBOoa ile Motes. Mr. and Mr.. John Mott. Mn
I?Wolta, Miee Elem Do Voile. Mrs. Aluam s. dewitt
tbe Miaaea Hewitt, Mr. and Mra, Pierre borilla?. Mr
and Mr*. Morn I?rillara, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. J. Predorrit
Piontm. Mr. iiinJ .Mi-. NV. A. Breed, Mr, and Mia, .b'ti!
Wolfs. Mra. Frederk IC Gibert, Mr. and Mra. J. B
Lord, Mr. .-md Mrs. C. Oliver I,elm. Mr. arid Ml ' I
J'ainsli. Mr. anti Mrs. Cb??C ll. Davis. Mr. ann Mis.
W. M. Kingsland. Mr. and Mrs Jame* I'. Monti on.
Blr. aii.i In. ll. W. Tibi.it-. Mr. ann Mt-..I . \\
Hi ekm.-ii. I. H. Baldwin, Mr. and Mi-. W, VV. ('ryder,
Wrns Crydor, anti Mr. and Mrs. Janus Scott, of Phila
Among the men who will oeeupy rooms in thc
bar bel 11ia' Bl nex are B. Blt Ocddard, (lor.lon Fellows,
G?aeral I'.. Bord Grnbb, P_lip V. R. Kly, Travii C.
Tun Hnren. N. I,. McCready, ir., George'G. de \Vitt,
Jr.. VV. i.. Cortie, .I.dm H. Dart, l?. P. Kingsford,
Oliver Berriman, ii-., -I. lt. Hammatt. -I. L, Alexandro,
<;. de Forest Gnat, Philip Allen k. Blom, Frederick
1). Tb?apeon, _ Kenay, W. Jt. Hoe, and P. Cooper
A aaaaBEgerea the Boaoerrlt lerrvhuat A ri twa ye-.
terday spume overboard when the boat waa iu the mid?
dle of the river. An OOOtl to re-ene him WOO BM l( bj
the etea od a pooaiag roaool,bal without avail, aad the
tide OBI I b? the body nut ol r-;;;ht. Befoie juiniiiiie
overboard the man loll his coal oa the dook, Md iii it
?was tu-md bia addroas.Henrr Oldenburg, Nu 2,142
Fulton-si.. Brooklyn. Hs sus l"it a letter addroaaod
to hi-lamil v, wln.ii reid a- io,lows
** I am tm nmnl lo yon. BO I end fbi- a I?pilli d life, of
Which hut n tew yean nt mont are left. Let all men
take waraiaa by me. Keep away tram boree-raolng
and pi.o'i i.ioinn. Qood-bj.wial n.nl ehildrin; I ha\<
alwav.- bun good to von. (iood-bv.''
(iiile!'bi re waa torty-two yean ..'ii and woe a jiro
duce m.-rrb.iint in Fulton Harket until 00 lust his
ninney in pool gambling Ba bad beea BoaroBiog for
Work in thia i-itv, anti drowned himself on hi* wnv
borne alter iailing to lind it. Me left a win- :-nd two
The list ol 000?00? on the elevated railroad was
BM*?oed t-y mo yesterday, owiiir,' to the dense lo>i.
T\\k two seo?eata took plooe at presieely tbe eaaie
bine. KIHI a. m., one OOCB?'lag in Nlntli-ave. between
jbgbty-mstli .ind Bight| m reatb sta,when eagme Na
ltil nm ii ti tlie rt iii ear on a Ninia Avenue train, de
BBbl?Maa tin* j laiiorm end damaging thc sae?c 09n
'lin- other mishap took place Ht Boreaty^ightli-ot.
on th, hom iiue. Eagine No. 273 alightlj iniund the
rem ;i.it or ii nt iii" last eal ra aa ap-town train. No
on.- Waa it- ired in either co lision. Then WBO a col?
lat as >>! eora ea tbe bridge oa tbe New-York side at
7 e. ii. yesterday. te-ultHi^' in tho BB?eking ot two
plaltONns. ihe e.ible was lilted l'roiu a pulley bv tin
care'.t ssa eoe u. a litabnmas. and halon it could be nm
_tu poe! mn the eon had 4s> bo stopped, ihe Idts-k
Biglin!- wen set, hoi the log woo ao deaoethsl the
bi . man i n an iucouiinjj train d tl not see them, aud
asliv'it collision occurred. Ihe can were taken lo the
Brno.lyn aide aud as they nie sold they will not be
as? Maia,
The eb?ador ogaMallagtothapooplasd Great Britain
Xor aitl to Walt Yt hitman, which wa* issued in GBEBE? on
Beee?bsrlo, has bein nboItod byoaaO. it is boade.i
??Bait Whitman Starving." amt Ibo -ipiii-r, a proiulneiit
Ben'., li Blt?t, tiiites his idi-ntity uuilt r IBO aame
**Ob?aaaa.' Thoetreoloi traotea from IBs Ehaaasw n>r
en\t a paraavofh a_t_i lh_ wait Mhitoaaa "b really la
Want of bread"?0 8?temeal which Mr. Whitman haw
aiit'-e denied md that " his income tor -onie jtius jia.-t
has imt ii v ei ar,'cu luore than Jt40 a year." It concludes _
lats I* neil tier the time nor the pla88 to 0_OOM Wall
Wbltunifi'.s elalms aa a poet, One whoso works have
arekedthe admiration of men of gealaa -o aivei-t- ns
Buskin. Ei ii -I- ni. reiiiiv-ou. Bwlaburue, Ko--etti. Bach
anon, and ~t _uB?!-1 an i Abraham 1-iu oin, and many,
Baan? otbon; and who io msrardsd wttb bas responsive
emil uaioem of thousands of earnest souls,
on tt'tli side-r of tin- Attitittil*, as IA* poe! ol
Stodern times, lui" -ni'-ly proved himself one of the
world's Immortals. Bul bia elMm oa hiiiuanity la artd?
than this i!n|.iies; for. as a mini. Walt Whitman baa boon
eaaabsaeUt arl? bis uttt rance*, hisllfe ha vin-; been atom e
tbat ot a prophet ami au apoHtto, lather than that of an
?rdmarv man. Through all hi* Hie he has literally giri 0
hur-cir lor hie fellow-maa; therefore, the dr
?ntiiatiiiice Of his halag now destitute nirist liol lie
ImlKcii bv lbs ordinary prudential eons?ont?ns, though.
belnxein'tv -even roan of age, aad haring been for four
teen icnt n parah ti-. even ou such iviound* only lie 1
antithft to-vinpailiy ami loviii? bain. The world that
has killel it- prophets thc woriii that haa com?mimd Ite
Cbliiinbn- to pr_? and to n ?. .ny. may UkawtM fall to
ho nor and reward the Pioneer Who h? dBicovered
a Booler Kow World, and likened ll to tue Old
lir "the oJa haag l(>^<' *>f eooaiadee." mot,
?arelv. in this more enlightened i.-e, it may
bouirtereiit: It li? with huiiiaiiity today to say whether
another sba! 1 be added to lae list of tue world e blackest
erliiit-s. or whether, for far lees than the paltr.t -nun
luauv a worldling will sim-iu! ou aa evening nartr,
his Vrateful fell.ivv linn ni boin homlaphor? will
ron*, ii ii tin- life ? a nonie mini amt au imintji
tai poet it i- not for Vt hitman, but for the world, I
l-hnii: Wall Wliiiuiaii. like all irulv t/ccii m.iiIs. has, lu
MJiitinii.il t.iiiimuiiion with Ibbbuo God.a oolaoe and
a mompciiM- that the world la powefrtsaa either to
atvi in tn take away ; so that bo live oi io die i- to him
?woaaliyt?ta small mattel'. You may dlroroo bis
jul from' bis l-taly, bul jun inn Berer ihvtine it flinn the
iTe of tiotl. But if von-yea whsnad those line*- with
? EaOWaSSJge ? the (acta, leave tl.I. man to starve, you,
hr tin? cold imiilTereiice of tour bearta, B?B in the eplnt
?| tho.-e Bras? tiii-lv lin.* -hume il hus bci " to kid thc
prwj,het? a nd to crucify the l>oi ?
? ?
|_aT?U0_Bj L*e<v. ll (sptc'.u,.,. - MaiK Maddix, bon of
a well to-do furiuer llvlnK near <J*boru, a small pim-e s
tam mile- north of herr, w.,- BITBOtOd today and sent tn
Jail on a warrant aBEBBtag litaI with the Ian euy af B
locouiijtive, thc proiKiiiy of the Ctucinnuti, HoialKoa
?ad JV>*yt"? s??i_...i The theft wa- committed lust
7-lght The engine with steam np n ady to stall BO ba*
northern trip wa* taken fruin in boat Ol BB rouml hmmo.
fY?.lli wiro wa* drunk, tlilew Hie throtlle wile OpSO
ovd e'xui Baa runnlug at the ruto ot Uilrtv iiillei- an
Cji- Me fol lided with a fteiK'ht traill, wrecking three
and damaging shout fifteen otho'm. hut aoeapod
out an> rory oorteua iuiuiy t? bim?if. A few mo?
unt* hm I Ire wouhi have doabOfl iii-a poeseiiKei trum
Ueyoud tho oily- He says to-tiisrht UimI he knows
?oOlug alHJiit luuning au engim and (tint when he took
.lholiit(jiitl?t xoiiir'tJJ HamilUinaiid from then- to Indian
ans? aaa ls cou.ldered an intelligent niau hut winn In
_PB8 IxJl-'i daiigoi'ous and de*|*er?UJ.
BE A IO'H l.\o FOR A MlthlltO MAN.
rrrreuuK'.. l>ec. 24 (special).-Taedi*appeiiraiine of
_ M. Miller, of llsyavills, who bas not t*e?n heard froui
tot-acv ei ai wooka, ls wrapped tu mystory- Both he and
koa wife niul tieeii *chooi teacher* aud were highly eda
ats? H-- ls s biother of the Rev. Mr. Millar, of brook
BE. V.. with whoui Uie diatr--t?1 wife and Lei children
sfssurd a hourn. Judgs Over, of the Orphan'* Court,
b?u pit?due ul lu lin a?r< h Un the uii?lug mau |
witn i-ih-v believe ha? drown**'! himself. At tbe time of
H-dl-uppeinanrc lu-wa* In straightened clreuinstances
and had been compelled to accept a situation as a day
noa hasth in an cu lura a si ctgssout
1,501 Broadway, N. Y., Dee. IS. 1-.96.
To Ihe Presitlcnt.
Silt: In vlf.v of your repented public utterances In
favor of Civil N rile,- Kefnrin mut the S?BSBttOB ot thc
( r. il r-rvii-i-lmv ineordlnn to the spirit and lr.'ter. and
yoiu decalation that n public ottiet* isa"publle trust,"
I ani SBSpaaslSB from n public oltice. es|>erlally upon the
?>\e (if tts SOB-4ei'ing "I< OOSIBSBb willi.nu the BSBSS there?
for bein,: ?-.i_rn,-d, naturally eic.ile. in the public mind
tte impi-i s.'i..ii thal tts suspended officer nat incoiupe
tent or rasreant to his public tm-t.
Barlas sniasstly andsoTsrsd during my two an.l a
hali yearn of public service uh United st.-it.** ooner.-il Ap
praiser, tn dtsehargs thc dillie, of my ollie,* with diligence
Sad lld'-lity to tts Onvcriniii nt mid fairlie*- and impar?
tiality to iinp.nt, r-, I fee! that In .iustiee to in-,-elf and
friends the circum-tuni es eSOBBSBBd willi BJ suspension
by tun OB tte 2!?th Ultimo -litmld be brought direetlv to
>tn'i- utteiiii..!!, la tte hops that yu!', will give m.- aa ex?
planation of tin* eaase* and isassaittesnfOr, wincn wii'
1'N'iin rats bm in 'ore ihe p ibMe Hom tts raSeeMoa on my
character and tltnc-i for ptiblie trust, which -ii. h
rn ?:s -11-prii-inii uni-r i ri-'.t... My previous]-, |
of your fairness and Ugh character loads BM to the
ssoelaalon tta. von would not ttns have Injured me, on
i-intormr 1 or misled with rc-pt . ! lo
my MivltTS.
I may bs pardoned, T think, for the Billowing sllnsfcini
ls ui.i puMic -en it e.*. whit li ur,. n..t made willi a vie* t.t
*tdf-pi ilise, bul stilely for lin- paipSBS "f acquainting you
WltU all tts facts in thc BS
[ was apvalated General .ppralser in July 1---T, i,v
the lute I'i..-!.:,-nt Ai'thrii', willi :'.' a!'.: I and BOIMBBl Of
ihe Beaato, toil! tte rarancrj caassd bj tts di
tts Into Joan F. M.-r.-trtii, who bad Iliad tts ofltos bu
om r twenty ysan OOnttBUOBSly. I refer you to the rec?
ords of tho Treasury Di-paitiuc nt tor thc pr.t"f of my
t tliiieiicy mid faithfulness. Tho many special SSSB-B
!ue t- io Importaal ainl tit-ii.- it.- ti'i'i is sotslds af tts Btw
irii t ivhich was under my Immediate supervision iitt'-.-t
tts contiih in e of tts Stilt tr.ry of tho Trea.-ury lu my
competency and tltlelity.
district aboTS refereed to comprised iii tte pi r's mi
tts (iliio ami Mississippi iii els from Wheeling, Vt. Vn., to
Wow OrtfianSi Ia. on tin- Mextoaa border, Onlf of Mex
lt it tts Atlantis COBBI from florida to 1'iiltilin le, BBd all
lui lim ports within th'-o hornill Wi OS iv-nl. - rf lew?
in.: tte ilassiiiratii.il of all imported men baadlSS sntend
witnin ihis iiis'n.'t. as reported to ms monthly from iii..
-e\ ntl [H.rt-, I was ..rt lbs '_'7l!i of TllllO. Iftftl. doslg
niii-tl te, -t-r. r irv MnnninL'chrilnnnn of a special oom
mlrskm to ii:ve-tn.';ite the entry ami appralsswsBtOf
????ii msrchandl e al tte ports of Bow-York, i
Phl'.adelphls and B timon, and wai soon
i ie- titer PO, 1885. 'Hie result-of thi- mia ire Mire pilb?
il'! -tl In tho report of tho Secretory of tte Treasury to
CBofe-BM In 1888 OB Hie collection of dotti**.
While not desiring to refer to thi* ser?
vile in detail, i may, however, bc permit?
ted to Mate that ai a re-i.lt of our
rnendatlons : ? .im- of expenses t.> tts
(... eminent of aome 025,000 waa effected at lbs pori o.
Boston alone.
I December, 1885,1 was instructed to vi-it tbe port!
nu 'lie Ohio HI vcr for the purpose Of " instructing newly
np Hinted offlesn in the proper discharge of their
du es."
I i april. 1886, t wai oi lered to Denrer, COL. for tho
pu ons.- ,.f bearing a re , pm ii!-in.ei,t OHM nf irreal I.n
poi lance to the Government and of rita! Interest to tbe
- Importers of elga ' I States. 1 bal my
action in thi-matti ractory, the report* to the
Tressnrj Department of oilier officers engaged in the
t a e. uu.i the t ti-niii. n int;.tn of lucb reputable Arma In
the trade w Park * Tilford, acker, Men-nil A Condlt,
Purdy S Nu inila-, and many otbi rs abundantly stteat
(.ii Va\ SO, 1886, shortly alter my r. tars from Denrer,
I \ aa ordered here toco-operate with t.e mt.tl Appraiser
Bn w-er in bearing re-appraisements al thu port, and waa
ao enraged until the date ol my suspension, or rather
ni il l -a.v the notice of it in thc newspapers two dayi
aft- r the date it bean.
li I had been guilty of tbe grossest-misconduct, the
pension i ould not bare been mon
summary and discourteous. I waa aboul lo commence
the bearing of a re-appraisement caae al an early hour on
tbe morning ol tbe Ural Instant, whi a an Importer called
n.y attention to a notice In Tht HoW<f of the appointment
of my successor, Mr. Downes, Daring lbs In
tereal ttl ihe Government al baan and nut
wishing to Involve ii in Legal i .. p _ loni by
performing tbs duties of un office, the functions
of wii-eh I might not even thea bore the legal righi to
ex. i. i-e. l Immediately telegraphed to Secretary Man
uing ai folio
P ipen ann ian te thc nptimnttipnt af rion-ral Appraiser .'ii
lisituni.ic. Mia.I 1 . -oui-lii.lt> iiutiuisli. tl .a.-..-, or
nepenalua taken aOeci I inswsrbr wira
I ie public business of the alreadj over-crowded Oen?
eral Appraiser's ottl.-c at till* p<irt wus thereupon
suspend) ti for several boura, until the arrival of i
Appraiser Brewer. I then waited until aftei office boura
the following il.ty. but it eei\ Ing no reply to m. telegram,
concluded to go to Washington to make Inquiry whether
any charges had been flied again I me awi to ascertain,
If possible, whet ner roi suspension bad taken effect 1
si .-Mi. Manning, who I waa told, was sngaged
oa his annual report l did, tu
iee a- -:-taut Bet rotary Pal rel lld. who Informed me Dint
ere no charges aa-ainai me and tbat mr removal
? as i mii t. r of it uii'' in bini mt.! bad n iulu ti from -un.'
prior pion.i-e ol yours.
[railed a un al Bccretary Manning"! offlce to Inquire
whether mj ii legrnra bad been received, an I wsa Informed
by vir. Brennan, in- private secretary, thal the -et retarj
h.ni -li-'iieii a telegram in reply to mine whloh bad beeu
pi. pared ii. Ihe .ppolntmvnl Division and returned lhere
to tn- - ni tn ir,... Upon Inqulryal lhat offlce I was lu
formed tba) they did aol end lt" because the] feared il
inigbl oomplii ate the appointment." Tims a telegram,
officially signed by tbe Uecretarj of the Treaaary, upon
important public business, was suppressed in the offlce of
Mr. i-.iigene Higgins. Appointment I lark,
[ then ply...li tl to Ballin.nre lin 'li.e purpOBS Of Offle
lally turning orer the offlee to my luoceasor, bul found
upon my ani val there, wblcb was about 3 p.m., that be
bad already taki o the oath <>f offlce, although the o.'lli lu!
notice of my suspension bad not been delivered to me.
Ihi* want of courtesy on his part may be bs ubi i. bow
ever, foi n that as Congress was t" convene on
Monday, no timo could be lost In the usual courtesies of
-mii occasions. I called npon him, however, nt his hob I,
and during tun' ??"ii\ ei atkin he Informed me that the K..
ii- iniy hail told bim that be was succeeding one ot their
efficient officers. I refer to this only to show that
efficiency did not secure to me retention In the service.
v. as it becauae l wai bc redited as a Man land appointee I
A further Instance of the distribution of
li leia) oitii t-r- in Man 'and under whal looki like the old
spoils system was given on Saturday, the nh Instant, bi
tta removal of tbe local appraisers ol the Pori ol Bald
more, one of w unii. M.. l.mlhii um, waa engaged at this
port lo a conference with tbe appraisers from the prin I
pal ports, convened on the 'Aa Instant by order of the
-.. rctsryoi the rreasury. upon the Important subject ol
the proper elasstflcation of so called " bia! material. His
successor took the oatb of offlee at 7 p. m. t.n Saturday,
and yet Mt. I.iiiihlcnii), iiiicoi.-cioiis of bis luspeusiou,
. ontiiuieti In t ;n in -i discussion of the snbjeel on Monday.
I aa bow, and always bave been, beartily in fn.oi of
reform in tte public service, aad bbs aa earnest
il?'i<- uni-] rn thc Inoerlti of your pnblio utterances oa
that subject iiiie civil Berrie, reform meant
the divorcement ot public offices irom polities, and ihould
Indnde the State of Maryland in the scinto of its oper
at I. ms. as well as ile othes Mate- of ll"- union.
Appointment-- lo public offloea shonld bi* made with a
in ... to the public good und na var al tin*, dictation of polit?
ical leaders. Appointments nader eui other system, even
though confined lu the i-taie of Marj land, ls tte can.-" f..i
-.-ul misgiving* tii tbe maur earnest aad sincere sdvocatsi
of aidvaiued latona In the public service, who bars
looked iiiHji. you as a pioneer and champion in thnt
buring my public servite I felt it to be my tints
sedulously itt abstain from all active participation
in puiiiies, mill altiioinrh I am a Republican, I
doubt whether you could have sscsrtalBsd thal (Bet by
laquiry aioong the m.my buaiaees men with whom I bavs
lieen tlirou u ii. niiii.'.'i in tbs performaaes of my otlicial
dunes. 1 was ambitious to inaka a pood isuoid. aad mu
glad ta think tha! i s-asoneof the aids upon whom tin
Secretary of the Trea-mry rilled in hr- afiorti b bieh I
believe to in- cai nest alni -linere- to reform the Custom
Berries Hud give to thc country a pn*e and hnslnnss Hhs
?dialaistration of thal breach ol tts public service.
Section 1,7-- I evised i-latates, whl h confers uihui the
i.xicutivt the eztraordlaiiry pewsr ot snssinaiuj sns
pending, during tte vaeattoa at tts Nelia..*, offleais a)i
pointed bi and st Itb n- adi lee and conseni. * aa oertalnly
liiti'Diled i-i Congreaa io be exe rc ls ad only la ta-*es of
urgent necessity, when the rablk good demsnded tte
?peed] displacement of un ollicer, doing, qi disposed to
do, iiroiig. The ext rt i-e of il u>jiiiiist nu ,*? .linn a few
dayl of the meeting or congress, raises i -tioii? presump?
tion snaiii-ii un- in the eyes ol tts public, eopeelallj wben
. nemhered that there are only four General Ap
Craisers In i ii*- i nlted Htates. and none bas besa removi -i
eieiofoit- except upon alleged cause.
('..ns. iou* of having done my dun nt all time-, I think.
.Mr, i'reslilcnt. I ha\ e a right to seek trow you au ti
planattoa. Very respectfully, your obedlenl seri int,
ll. WllEKLLK Ct'MUS.
A few days S#S Mumu .stevens negotiulod tts pan hsss
from otis II. Kiisscil fm the f-teaui Couipany of ull lin
\iiil. mont property between Kinliti -lilli and Eighty
-cit nih -ts., on the North Hlver. for #25,'KK?. 'ihi. lund,
which is all under water, Iles outside tts BS 1 MB I'.i.cr
lISlllBOd tracks, und the proposed es lei ior t-tnet laid
.low u tm tin" \ tile map" ot the I'.uk DsBflMSBBBt Ihe
panrbsst has aa uapo-taai bsaring -poa tts (Binn nt tin
Wt-1 r-).lc, kt a IBBBStoS who called nj-oii Wulla. .? (
Anilrtws, pKHldent of thc He am ( oTupiuiy, ascii:,,,.. i
Mr. Andrews, who is also interested lu Die. cubic rurel -
said Hist the SSSBBI ( oinpi.iiy hud rmt eoinpietttl lill I's
pla;..., bul he atlu.ilU'd thal ll propo?od, ii! the patti BM u
in.ucl, to or pend uboiii *}l,(Hi,(HMl iu a Itii-' heating Sttttoa
and other improvements including the building of Stoaas
totoadlBSappb -team M all the dlstrli I ?est cf Centiui
i'uik Ior two nilli* sbove nnd below t_ght) -?i>.th-?t The
? ie. Bon of tin- building ?ili probably oeear la tte iprina
i ho i npid giuwlii ul the W ni-t nble. he sahl, demands bot
tel rsi lillie* f-i U.e handling or Heigh: und the nu. lng
of pii_-clig(-ls uiul ll U lu'! lll.l.-el) lh.it the ea_BBBB|
Mill ii> a tuiiU. 1 opt raUr u iiillrou.l at SOBS Iii*, i-rsl.li- 1'sik
to Uavaatt-avs.. Irma vi hit h uotat i eanasttoB ssa bs bad
wah thu e.ei alni mid surfuct. loads. Tho pier* ul
I'.lghty "Hih -t. t un bc used for lauding li eight, fee. coal,
building mulei lui, etc. The running ol ferries to Kori lat
ul. I ll.) inuit Kt.er points tm ji.ti.-i ngeis and |m.?0!I'I> el
paraton bout- in seaside rasarts, ii la uiidt intoi-d. mav fol
low. XhBOBIT OBStB-k lo thi-ncbcm- i.i,rn i* ti,,, ilglil of
way-tcros-itlvciMtit Park, aad possibly siie-lui lsgul_v
tltiu ina) be required to aoaulrs lt. <-mmls?i?iMir Crlni
ii,ii.-, of the I'urk Bonni, suid he was opposed to a muit-i
uiidor ?'-'.-rk.
A 8AD Ob_____ KVK Di A ll.vlil.l vi HOME?8.11-1 I '*
Cherie* Marston, a BBBBftag clerk In the employ of
-lanie- ll. final 1 ti. Co., lives lu the second flat at No. "l^
Ea*t Otic-himdred-and-nlpetccntfi-st. He went home last
evening with his arms filled with presents for his wife anti
children. Whon he opened tbe front door in the
lower ball ho found bl* BBB Fi auk walting there- It waa
then 6 o'clock. The tiny BOM that he could not get In
their room*. Thc tether tried ami BBB? Bbl doors locked.
He B?Off? that lils wife hod perhaps gone v as
sin. Ii.itl fie -pu ntl] d' in before. Bad tvoiihl tie home U|
sohe walte.l for her lu the street near the elovateil ?ft
rerel station. An hour gOOBBd and she did OBI BBB*. ? Mr.
Marston then rteterrnlned to try to get Into
hi. apaitmcnto. With tho aid of the Jaultor, Mr. Marston
lal-, il hB) BOB ap thlOOgh thO elevator shaft lending to
bis ?tehsa aad Em boy anioeked the b?abaa doer. AU
waa dark.
Mr. Mar.-ton ci np d hi t way toward the. front part of
the boneo He came to a olo*ed door tn one of thu mid?
dle room*, lt woo anloeko? He opened lt quickly, and
vms mri i.v a nra ? ul him magifcrlinr attains!
the wall. Hs entered the room aad *aw a dark tlgum
lying la the bod, nacelle.! hi* wife'* ooo te kl adiy and
sot oo anea er He lb ?i ber and abo dbi aol .peak. He
lit Itu- ga- sod n light met his eyes that sent hlui reel?g
out of thc room.
l.-.bik' on ii.-- bsd were hts wife and child dead Tie
ii -I .1 lay with her fae,-tovi-a,,! the child. whoso hind
r?ted on ber srm se if quietly sleeping. Ths i;!low it
the -tile of her face "hm wet as if with t<-ar* Mr Mars?
ton eoold not believe that til- wife imii committed suicide,
shes* ii.. I so bright and happy whan be left har tn the
monita ll Inti t ur.iuja-fi thc rooms for something
to oxpla?lt al and In the kitchen ho fe'-ind the follow?
ing ii.te wi-i111 ii In I?rmaa i
"-. ? Massa Isl me ?le*p. I sm sn tired. Har
Fianklea'ifwanlt fur l.ls C?ISbSSS. Forgive mts, rhnr.lo.
Tour don le.1 wlfa Avovota.
Mn Manton leride careful pieparntlnTi *o t'nit th-rc
sinuiitl be im mistake lu carrying onl ber design. Bl
dwseed the bsbj In lt. best cloth? aftoi (rtvh ' "
a lilith and bad il o dres ed herself In clean -?:
The room in nhl h -lie killed honoli was
Hie el't-ett all tin- itotir-. windows and rent!?ton* tigbuy
niul coven .1 np tl racks la them, i bon - s
?rood on tbe ssa Jet Bhi brought a clock Into?s room
U it close i'i her fa..- n- if she bsd Intendi I
boreel! Bl s certain time. a inrm> clock In the front
bad been stopped at a few minutes before Bo'clo
then- bad ii- ec a boori pieoe or crape not oi er it.
Mr. Manton ls unable to account forms wife's snlelda
Sh.- iii ni hie! si ioi . "'i sanity during tl
.var-of ber marri) > tb ''irth of ber child
ens haa been wsak ami slebly, oat i terned to be Betting
itrongei slowlj and abo *i>ok in the mornlug
when Mr. >tar-t"ii loft ber ' aimrit hsr
fm- tne#tuture. Rho waa thirty fons year* oil. sraa bon
In i-eri'iianv an't has been tn U? c-nmtry thlileea T( ?
Rhe tired happily vvith her hnsru.n-! and never made any
complaint about any?tna Bio had gr*st affection tor
the baby nnd often said that If die suoidd die she w BBB?
Ute bab) to ?o with her,
The typical American Rauta (Mau* ha* bOOB 0_*
eovt-rcti within two oi three doya Et tba ..'' ?
prosaic letter tarn, r. Ih- pooka of thc*') glOJ
M ri.int- ol bke public have beeu oi crllov lng with
pai'-r ls as thO] have gpos ti.-ir rowel-, uni it only
noded a tran.-!.itaiii"a of ostmoe aad the addiBon
"f L"i'V irkfaken and curl- to make am- ooo ol then
in'o a preoi - I kdmla . The little
not '."ii aloa to i ? embh_ee. In a groat
throne ob I'lmrt-eiiih t-t. yesterday a child'* excited
Bad easier roma eonht bs heanl ?ayini:: "Oh,
Ulan,ma, tte re gue* nanto Claus; tot's Innry home
.-?by mLo tiirintl in tier
m she po ab I - died aa they dlaoorarod only
nu overbardeoed pu tuan.
On Broadway yeo?rdey I ohoerred Joka ?ooh
- eoaunao?og aad porto booro, rngtt? fane
iiil reftowUb mutton-chop whiskers. He waa
iiiir -lowly slong, stopping and looking iu at the BOOp
wodowe wttk Ba 'muli _tentaeoi bs bia oelgb
eal? on the poi ement.
Ex-Sccrtuiiy Oi-utko 6. Boatwoll, of ManoaehooeitB,
ia dcvoilng himself lo tho practice ol law lu WeebOg*
ion. Ba is a well-pr erved moa with a b
oki-fashioned appeoianoe. He baa, km, aome oM*
i . of bia el B? :';.-: ? ta the
?rac!:'" of cxtrehi" o- ?? i.'uity. althouvh ho ha- ac
em wittel ii (..linn.- anl attained an BmblOBt position
through paulie eervleea la eoamooBoa hero vt
ton_j the subjeot ol the pata?I bawi oame up, and
le .-.el 1 "W-t' the weat? of inventive ROB OB ni
ihi- eountrj boh ? exert?I, i rael oe la
'hi- lt-iiiih ol las I- growing wider ead wldei
rear, i rory potoot most be trod fii-t sis to lt*
iiieehani-m. ann ttn-n it mast I"' hrh? BS BB Its le
cai ty. .No pat.-nt uni Stand until lt h.t. had th"
toolslon ui thc ooiuts la Ita ?Tor."
Ioojnh?a ol Mr. B intweU abont polit?i led him
'.. tatt ii| "li var.,a- toplCS, tho fir-'. bO_g th" Boa
Itonhlp in MhSBOehOBettO, concerning which he -aid:
'In all the ir-ttten, mar i bOVC Waived trorn Massa
?asst? thole baa leen only one mention BBOdO Ot
ii" Beaatonkip ooatost, io that i eono? Ok_a le be
.lOi-totl a* lo what baa bSSa 00*8*0 "" m tin- Kial,.
BOI not say -whether Mr. Dawes or Mr. lyme B In
be lead. Governor Loag tm- the advaaajge of
laving beea rocenlly In bm posit?a ol Governor,
nieto ha beean? Intimately aoquatnted wi'ti ike
nemben of ii"- LeghUatun mid the prominent per
? r ile r-ti.ii?? who h.ibi' (icc them. Mr. Dawn
ii- I-en ;i-t iiy fr,,m the B?te a great manv year, in
.lilllie -I--viee ana that weakens u BB_'a hold."
^Tien attention W_ called to tho fart that Mr.
I -vi land'* fr.enil* think lhat h** may be abb t..
?any gf BaOB I ill I ssl 11 to in 1880, Mr. lioutwcll ujI-I :
?Thal le a most abeard Bad r?toolooa notion, We
nive flittered away ooo Iderable Itopublicoo stnnf?
n the oM Boy suite throogk bod naaaogouieal nnd in
aron- ways, bat we an aol so lu gone thal Ike
.'ale eaaaot bo eonted inr obj BepabO?a nominee
iii-. Blaine could eeiCatoly carry il as agslnst t lon
and or anv OBS else. Ii Ntokl my minti a- if Mr.
lUllne would he iviioniinate<l if h" will B?Opt th
I'.iniii.uioii. lt in, in f.i ? I to him.''
hiecrrtnry l_?0091 with hU fanilly passed throujjh
.-?-- York yeekarday on hin way Ui Si lcm to spend
lie hoi?aye. The Boonbaly loukn ui If Waahln ton
lfe aK^f^l with him. uni 1.1- BIOIOHWEEI aro full of
itt'ii and activity tempered with tho dijmlty of New
'.n*-ianJ l.ir'Ji aad i ni uent pont.ou. WecreUiry Kn
iicott 1* a warm advocate of tho Improvement of thc
? I'-feni-c- of the country. Ho bi at the bead
i! "lie (,f rta II 'arti- bkat have been inveirlfrating thl*
object am! making r'-coninien'iation. to OOBgrSSB.
BO? i OOaEdtaM Ofld the BOEBB OBBUBtEEE have
?'?en ;|i wOlfc lil the MUBO BOO. TBS eOBOksbtOBB Ol
ii- three i.. ilea have beea -o oeoity tho samo that
?Ir. Bali cutt iliiul.it lh;ii -olin- stops will be taken al
be pro-ii* -? s-mi B_eb wID ultimatoiy give the
'.nutty tho much BOOdOd eua? dcleim - and fort?
A ppiiiiiiiciil livure in Wall Street. f.,r gOWeiOi .lats
ia- I'.'.-n coioael (.ami-, the Baakvl?e beaker, who
- heavily ?tolasted la TaaaeesM and nMhooai coal
nd iron proper!?a. Be la a lau, apara man wt?
, Mag faea aad heavy any ?Basaoho. BJa len
kron ta eenpt] a- bke resort of Yankee ?harp-shoot
Bg. 'Ihe ??aol was a ( oiif-'tlt-i.it,, 00?08 of th"
nt North lal vina (iivahv. Ile was DBeOBthed till
t-ai'iv the etose of ike war. altboogh in noun
attlee, when ? shar) shooter, who waa evkl
UaJag at l_ heart, hu him in the ona Instead,
Tilt. WALLET BIBLBB CST $Mn f..ir7/.
The Italian ('ou-iil, his attorneys, Ullo Boob
Hillie, Mi.rhuiiie ll. Katou, atlornty* foi the
tat?eal Dpt n Company : Seymour Locke, lepreoi ni -
lg ?a Kat?aol Opera Com nany; Sivnor Bl?rro,
BBfTOOOating Un- twflve Italian ballet girle reei-ntly
leeborg? in Chicago, and tba imllet wiri* theni-elvee,
aviiuj acted in their individual or representative
Bp i iv. ve.-terday caine to an n^'it t un nt. Tko | lia
ecided in accept B.10U each li mi, char'table frientla
t the eoapaay, ami bi eoos?oration thereof ta n
oar,ire i.li claims upon the eOBpoay, and lo depOTI
I Milaa or lernain in lin- city. Mr. Iiavi-. KplSBOBt
iv Mr. l^Jtl.c. *et ont in the alter!.i willi Iv- ive
i -| r-;i(i() i,i]|s ju hi* picket to pay Hie gtlia and ah?
h-ii ii.ni -piwd. Some ol thurn tailed ul ssiliogto
hy; othera will reina,ii baie, At the 08?0 Ol Mr.
lin it was nani thal the rim hail sdrisod tlc girla to
einiind ?OTB than the f],(MK? offend and w nen int?
uit?ut wa* made 81,200 they we adriaOd to lake it.
BO linn oap?BOOi the In.jilt that no hitorim nnitt
,- mid K'-t hoi.! i.i the uirla un'i Beean aa aade ri l
iimiiiimjion. To obviate all doBst? ol pat lux '"''? ui
lump sum. Mr. Katoa arranoo that caoii girl ahOBld
rcoivo ffUKI lui eily Ii.mi t is h.iinl. ol Air. iiavia.
Masai Marks, aye twenty-four, a I lUOT, Li., been beard
lg with i5umuclJi,kow?ky Bad hm wife, Annie. .lakowsky
I N... U Attorney st., BM tll, BEE BM t?E?aad BBB
_Baacnan tat pajraasai shoal pm lie wu- m
nuictl by hi* lonillwly, a young Woman
f twenty-ix >'(?!?. that he n.n I have
In- holme OB aha coulU uol alford to keep hun. OB
hurstluy al 3 u. lu. Murk* *l_Itally .eiiteieU the rssSB
I Mrs. Jnkiia.ky while .he waa ? hep it ntl Hm IW a
iiHiiiny or vi'rioi mt., bar taea Mir Immediotoly
iiuitieil np. ,-uni lu r shrieks aw.k.-iifl asl busbaad und
bs laaaates sf tko hoaoa Hst buaeaad,? lu* at?rta io
millie lui, npeaiadiy ki?-til the ?mierlUK woiuaii. uinl
?d rn- bands sad Ups burasd bj Uuae_. Mutk* aaa
rei, Uar?g the i-iaiin, alni h.- ,-a, aped Mr*. Jukow.liy
in* .-.ul to (e.molli,.,ii lio.piial, where lt waa tucer
ilnsd that tin imii mi! Burton sf Uie afcootaad left
Me "f the face wiro teal tully burned bf the
.,nlil. niul Unit she will pi,multi, |.mh- tue lett cje.
tarka waa arreetod oa Tknrsday niitht i?y Dstsetirea
lUgUsb ami Mt' -nil'-y lit -it-1 tatt mai.neal any loaiut,
nen taken BS?n JOSt?S 1-orl J BBlSrdBI ul 1-a.ex .Mm
el ( unit. Un li.isl.un.1 uj.j.r. ne.I with bUstsTOd Up-.ml
rm, tin lunn In ina1 Knppud np In huiiiiaga*. ..larks
aa i iniiiiiuit'l lo await Ibu lo.all uf Mr*. Jakovt.ky'*
Onr lea,
I'lllt llikl I'lllt, lier 24 (Spetial). A fa.il loiiiib'e Veil
Hilt timk pl ii e J cal?duy aiUlllllMJII at I o' clot k Ul Ute
ii.I Luitariau ( hui? aud woo E?BBBBod hi u BEEB -uni
brilliant nssemMy of guests. Miss Rita Sttirgls, danghter
of Mr*. Beans, fitnrgls. wss man-tod to Charles Ingersoll,
of this city. After the ceremony a Urge reception, which
wo* attended by over '.'(Hi gilesta, Including some from
Kew-York, was hold at thc home of the brid.r's mother,
Mrs. Hubert bturgls, on Kltteuhouso Square, from 0 until
7 o'clock,
? B ?
Professor Charioa Short, wh> tor a number of years
bas been the Professor of Latin ta Colombia College,
tiled yesterday from Bright's disenso al bis home, No.
32 West Sixtieth-*.. For the last ten yoars he suffered
from kidney troubles which irraduaily increased, and
about three months ago ho was compelled to give up
active work in his department io the collego. During
that time he waa confined to bis homo except at inter
vals ?'mu he managed to get to the college lor a short
Professor Short was born in Haverhill, Mass., in
16Ul. und was the son of Charles Short. His lather
was not engaged tn a peofesSBSB. Mr. Short first
attended sehoe at the Pl ad Ibid Academy, and later
entered the Phillips Andover Academy. Ilo entered
Harvard College in 18-12 and graduated with _ngfc
Benora. On leaving collfge he returned to the Phillips
Academy and became Its assist mit master. He
? tinr.. only one fSBf and Istt it to become
mi ar ol tii" Pantie Clsssioal Behool in Koxbury,
Mass. Tin* n,,-liiou wa* Siled bv Him lor six
and m ls.i;} bs entered a private olaasisal school in
Pbilsdslphla ss tts ana sinai Ten ya-re later ks was
Balled to the president's chair iii ilie Kenyon College
in l )!,|.i, nu Ep_MOpal BoIlogB, nml liiletl tual iiosilion
until 1867. During bia eonniottos wnh the Kenyon
College he taught StBSSSS iu Intellectual and moral
phil isophy.
Wbea Dr, Anthon, nrofes?nr of Oreek in Columbia
' b died, Dr. Henry Frrialor whs "BBS than pre
1. ss.it of Latin, na- called to the Urcek chair, and
Professor Snort succeeded him n*. tuc pro lessor of
Latia. Daring tts laal twenti rears Professor 8horl
lcd an exceedingly busy liie. Together with hi* daties
al tbs BbIIbBS In- was extensively Bng?_.'C(l iu the
literary held. H.* sSiiad sad added to Sehmlta snd
Eumnti * Advanoaa I.aim Ifromtsss** r.
Mitchell's " New Ancient ll ??i,.I'? |ili J'," UM wrote all
-1\ mi tts "(ir sr ot ihe Omsk Woros."
ile also prepared a | reiix tnr I?r. Drtslsr'a edition ol
i - ??in.'i-li Qreeb Lex-con," nml in 1K70
revised ladrawB- '' Kreiun!'* I,tim Dictionary. Pro
Bhori eootribntod largely orftieal articles to
maayperiodieals sad revk ra, bal mos! exien-dveiy
lot ?? I Iir Hit.holbein Siieni." lie xx .it also prominent! v
idontllsd with tts work Ol revising ihe Bible, nml
Irma tbs szinning nt tbs nark sss as anliis tesiatier
ol ths Aincricrti, Rat titos Committee,
At tte time ol his death he OBS encased in a series
nt articles lor ? The Americas Journal ot Philo'ogy."
pobllsbed ia Ballia*.!-. 11 > - bas been for many .tears
a vestryman in Sr. Thomas's l'n ic.-i;-.:it Kpiscapal
Chureh aad was alco s wea)har ot tts Century Club.
Be leaves s lares family i tl i Ri r. Charles I.ancaster
Bbort, a I'rote-i.nt Epuoepal elergymaa, now prsae??
lag IB Millese, Mass.; l-.iiMiud L -lion, a member ot
tte las uno ni Daviss, Cols *v Ranallo, ami Henry A.
Short, who i- eonnooted with I'lilunihia College, are
bli ions. Tbs tuner.il wii probably bo hold in ,-jt.
-'* ciiiiuli sb Tassday,
D miii Quackinbuab, probably Ihi ? '.dost druggist
In this tiiy. di. tl on llmr*duv night ul ht* home, No.
7'17 Greens icli-ot., utter s short Illness. Ilo was in
Rood health until his le.it illness, though SBfssMed
unmrv ' .)', by extreme age, and his death was unex
paetoV. .iir. Qaaektnbush'a Ute was identified with
that part ot the city in which he lived. In lils early
dayl it w is known ns Omens uii villaga, and he lived
tii-ce it iii e.me tte Ninth Wald ot the city. He was
one ot ten children. Tbs tither was Jntung Qnaekin
bush. a larmer wbo cami' Iress Holland. Helved io
bs .bu iniee yean od sad died at tho old home?
stead, Bsiobatoodai Park-ave, sad Partistt-at* lion
luiu in weni into business lor bimselt at aa sarly mc
and founded ? tiru.: house thst bas bad an unbroken
e.uti r tl lix tV-tWO years. He was li.-t established nt
Charles ami Greenwich sis. bs wss tbsn a ie mt twenty
i ? lld, having in" n born In 17!'7 ai Qrsenwieh and
Partition its. i iv* I niton it.)
In lHti> he pnrahaaed ibe int at Ne. Toll Qresnwteh
st where be rca nilled tho rest of his active business
hie. Il' tim twice tuan eil, and OM son, David
Dm kin bush, postoraster si Mt. \ ernon, survives him.
Three jean ago lu look ins grandson, Birirjassin b'
Quuckinbiish. into bnsinsss srita bun.
11., ii tier.ii viii luke -. lace to-morrow afternoon in
the L'niversalisl Church in West Eleventh-si.
Louis ftaalslai gargaal died ur his home. No. 433
Fifth-ave., yesterday murnini*. \lieiit three wrcics seo,
while walking in Central PBrk.be was atlnekod willi
rerttga, but inreaedsd in reeebing 'il- boms unassisted.
-n.ee ilieu ho crew i_ra.ni.iilv ynahwr until yoslertlaj,
when hrs ilssasaCBlmlBBtsd iu j; ur .i ly sis amt he Uiod
suriouiitlotl by Ins lamilr.
j li., ?..* inti ii MB I'l.ilsdol-ihia In ISlOi HU father was
a capt Un iii tho Bara! Boee ot France uud, bein-* a
iiii.li Boy alla!, bs was ni:'..vd to lieu trom Preace.
lit* came ro t.is eoiii.try. Louis received hi* early
e.iucitoi. n I'liiiiidelphlii alni BBBB si dent at I'riuce
tt.ii ( Hiit-.i. tor * iiii.e, w'her lill cousin wu* a un-iubcr ol
Hie faculty. Alan earl. aSS be tefl l'tillii.|"lp''la ami
went lu Mexico, wi,ere be Bl.lea.-1 In tue bankin* tu*i
iih-- in Wu Ci ai/, alni tbs (liy nf Mexico. Ile was for
--lit .teen years United -ture- t on-ul Bl these cities aud
-lu :.n; tin Mexleait war aervsd Blth the rank ol colouol
? 'iii ?'. (.ci,end Worth, ?l whom ba was a warm
p-rt-nuiil friend. A! .me close of tin-wm- ho remained
,n Mei.t i ni .I continued bis haskins buslnsss.
In 1 88- i.e letiretl from Bel I vs business ami, ret ii rn i m.*
to ttl* eottatty, Battled in New-Yorss where ho after
Wnti I veil.
"*!r. II.linens wns considered . man of remarkable
Un ui. lal ability ainl was prominently dsaU-ed with
man) ol tba mest tmportaul nnaaclal traasnetlons la
Munn, ile wm sim. -it accomplished Unsulsi and
spoke sis lanauasea Buen!ly. Ba leaves a willow au I
t' ii call.Iiiii. olio n.ni Robert I., .sml titree iiau,-htei*.
Ono ls the wife of William Appleton, of Huston, and
another is the wife di oeoige IJ. Def-uost, lr., of this
elly. Ibe third ls uiiniaiiletl.
ri; lilli E. Lt. FtVltE.
Captain Peter __ Lo Fevre, of New-Rochelle, was
sufioeuiod by coal kss on Thursday night aud his wile
BBd dau.liter Alien narrowly escai ed with their lives ut
then bOUM.JostOUtSldSOl the villugo of New-Koithelle,
ne.tr I. ug Iblund bound. The house is heated by steam,
uud for a while the manuer in which coal gas entered
his aul other |rooius w_t a mystery, lt was iluully ex
plulnad tiiat tin*-*moki) and mis from the stoam gener?
ator aller passing up the ehl.uuey above the aeoon<l
st .ry w..s force 1 i.y the heavy coiiilition of the utuios
iii.t-ie lowu ii Hue and out of un old lu-ndonel Ure pluoe
in Captain La Pevra'a room, u.?o lin* toou ubove. occu
pieil by Mrs. ninl Miss Le Fevre. A dauuhter of Mr. Le
levi-*', e.. it bm .n, John ii'l.enry. In tho house, was
awakened by tua gm, lu lu*r roon;,mid aroused her father,
abo humed to the room* OSeums I by Captain L? Fevre
and In- ?ifr ami daufotai Just In time tc save the lives
of Hie ladlee, althoiiiru fer some tin e lt wus feared that
Mis. Le ie\ n- Bauld hoi r inver. I'p io noon yesienny
Mi - La I I. rs wu* kept iniiorant of her husband's death.
CspUla I.e fevre was (uri) In New-Koohelle, about
-event v -ix i eui* sso, and hud hied Uiere nesrly sll his
life; his ai-sene-t biliigtiunu-r tue California sold fever
iul-io. The early part ol Capiatn 11 Fevre's life was
-neill mi tun* lng ve-sel*. tr.iilin. I'rliii'ipnlly between
ports ou Leas Island Hound- ile .esi-rned and super! o
landed thebuildlugof somesmsll steamboats tor (om
n n lora Yan iirrbi.i, ..ml sailed uue thin noni tins port to
mui i raneisoo During his aoj mra at tue _r..hi mines he
rreciiiii'l.rt*.i a liandsoiiio for.nne mid sent his wife tbo
money wiih w: nu sim iiursaassd tho p.operlT, upmi
v.'.'iii ikey bare loni lived. Oo the returu of Cap) mu
Le Perre irom t aliionui, In* oouuuamlid some *n..tii
teamen owced by t'ommodore Vanda*Lilt, and dually
lie wai iirtte! Incommaadof ihe then tine iteamshlp
Vmiiu, ri.i.i. H)ni retatasd thal posltlaB until ii w.is ti-m.s
ferrel ta tbe fl rentdunng lits li'ebellloa. Afier
lae elnss of ibe war Captain lai Fevre wa* appolatsd
; nu o. ,i e -a.uunau line of itaamshlps.
WILLIAM .1 UfEd i' >IH>.
Wiiliaro Janie, lui.:, i be hu! of tlio linn of To.I.l ..
Ob., OM .Up and Pram-et. dis i yastsmay at his home,
No. ll xx.,' riu*,.el"bt!i**t. Ks BBS botn on Janiiary
IO, 1-.:;, aili un,tnt -nth Ihs UapUat ? i.uroii srkSB ui
.-..niii al Plaiufleld In 18*17. In 1841 be w. ut into
tue -'or., al. ra Ula fatter i* ul I n " la. ? i TBO, tn., noxt
i.-ii.-1... m..i,sen lam part uei satin iiis fainer Colons]
Hiiii.m. W. i.lunn lu* m.? i a, Bil iiun Tiebout, aero
i.. 1*. les iiiislnui 'mt bean established by bli
ineui .r.io Cornelius c. Rousovelt sad bis sr-ndfsihei
J..lu. I ?.iii---, ul.mil 1 Tit. Ile tr ?'- alf ... I aili'. ?? in ihe
I;..ni is (''iiiri-h, tue First ( li uren In (.obl-st., ttBB ta
,i n ni. i.i cully in ti.e Mau ison Avenue
.? Us a a- ? trustee i ntil bm .baili.
Mr. l*odd ass a member ol the -i. NmbbIbs Uocletr.
Ile bhs .c -ceii.ii-d ;r un Acit Vanderbilt. Jan Voa aar
Vilei, Munn, \ ,,, Koooeveil. Jl.ir ClOf bens. Petes n?r
it,i_, .f:in t'oDselyea aud Loneni Van uer Boaaart, bul
A rri I Oild SM Dot.cul) DlUtie were Kcotfb. Ile WSS
'-i'*ii. nu- o- tiie l'ie lars Exchangs, the Bepublioau
A--. . i illt.il :.rn! i.i.tl) of lin- l').)on l.oaKue Club. Mr.
Ii...i ?ian. i in I-**. AiiL'flu.B Martin,-/bo tiled i.t
Bey root, Dyna, In tMIO. He irsvos a widow, the
?tau.!,i r or. tue Kev. Mr. Pr.ke. wiih two daughters;
oue sliter aod two brother* survive.
ilil. UV. DB. iain H. FALK.
Hi li-un, In-, j I. The V.rx. Dr. BamBal Falk, widely
knows iu int,in ,,r tin Temple Batt atoo to thissssPisUsi
? ??niii-' alter a taag IUbbbb bsssssofssUsosi tbo
biala. He Min, lilt- niue -,. lils.lld.
l'liii un i mu, Dec. ll cpcciil). -Joseph Manderson,
nu obi I'l.il iiielphiun, tiled siidileiilr Ibis morning lu his
-cm ni) sivihiisr He BOS an linet" ot Cul ted Mates
Senator MaadereoB, of Bb-sbbbo. sml mudo n largo
lortune la ths Inmhsr sasfasss.
flBSSlUB. R, V.. DOO '-'? ItjPMttEjt 'aptaln M'illlsm
ll. Hendrick* died at bl* home In re tin* nanning, after a
shun llliie-i-t, ai thc age of nt-ciii. -Ccu .cars. He waa
one .,i iii,- sldeal llBI-Bin men ls BM elly, having beeu lu
tiu i.t".i .h..i -h.... trad neaaarlyatstj ysais.
rm ..iiki.i.i-iik. V. v., Dan IA i.s/^i.Wi.-John N.
Motlat, who ha.i bBSB BBUhnBOe for thirty years lu con
nc. lion willi lh- niowel uml leaper bualBSSI _B Hil* colin
lr>. .nd ai .tii.bliigliiiivilln, Urungo louuty, yoalcrday,
at lbs age of suty years.
A raid wus m ..ic eaily lids morning on ll.e gambling
Slop kept bi OsfllBI Fit.ytl at No. HU l'urk row, uml ht)
vlth eit-i eli otht rs, mostly printers, were arresled sud
toben to the Oak Street Police Station, where they were
locked up. _
co*??*nitixa Dirriti?ist bystkms -a successful
The experts engaged by tho Third Avenuo Rail?
road Company to examine the Bentley A Knight
electrical raliway system of Providence submitted
their report yesterday to President Lyon. Ihe road
they oxan_j? was one 800 feet long, built with
jne sharp grade of one foot in twenty, and an abrupt
rurvo of forty flvo feet near the end of tho line,
mnc small open car ls operated hy an electric motor
Jf twenty-five horse power, ami 1,500 pounds weight
itt*ched to the bottom of tho cnr. From thl* motor
:he power ls applied to the axle* of the car by gear
nit und side bara similar to _8BB BBB] on locomo?
tives. In a tobo between tho rails ls placed tho
Meetrica! c.inductor for the tran-ml-sl'in of the cur
?ent to the rat- from two ten-horse power dynamo*
it tho central station, lavers to cut off or reverse
ho (anent BIB placet at each end of the car. Ac
Ki??g to the report the motor performed Its work
n an entirely satisfactory manner. The car was
itop] cd ;mii stand at will and fulfilled oil the re
lOlremeBtS. Hut thc export** say that moro power
viii he re'julrcl to oper.ito ear* with electric motors
han where the power ts applied directly n.- hy cable,
? r horse*. BOB?BB, the electrical system they th.nk
ache the ndvantaee of counterbalancing car- on tbe
;ra.tes of callie roads.
ti.e oxpeaae nf etaotrlofey would he at leaet twenty -
Ivc per seat ranter than tbat of the cable. While
he l'rovulcnce exhibition of ono car ls looked upon
m successful, the question of how a hundred loaded
nr-j .-.nil! 08 BBQ?ted ls still looked upon l*y tho
gamlai rs ns unsettled. A/mt* of electrical rail
(?ail concerns from Hamburg and Berlin have been
iere to urge the adoption of their ty-tcms hy thc
hird Avenuo Company, ami it is not unlikely that
?a_eal Lyon or -onie nipreesabatrn of the com
niiiy wi 1 go tn (icrmany and Franco to Inspect th*
lues in opeiallon there.
o ?
'o the Editor of The Tribune.
Pm : Can jun tell nie why the slauv; expressions " cov
rine Into the Treasury." tnslead of paid, and " tho court
anded down in dcel-.on." instead of rendered Its deda
m. have BOOB st. generally adopted by the newspaper*,
rhea goodBagtiah wordsconvoythesamol-le.il This last,
iisfatice of slang ha* grown out of the fact that the bulge
an- ie er the belli ll ami hand- the ileel-ion " ilovvtl " lo
he clei k. Rut I can see no rea-nn why the mere physical
,ct nf the Judge should grow Into an accepted phrase any
?ore tinm ..t er act. shuni,l be minutely described, whoa
here are good English words to express thc idea.
[Roth terms are nsoful, expressive and correct,
("hov are good English also, "luri?ror" is hyper
?r Rica!. ? /.-1
rn I h e. E 'ti i or ot T \ : T r t i >: i
Pm: One of tho last acts of Mr. Cleveland when (iov
rnor was to sign a hill to put a park nt l.'orlear's Hook,
Ebb! Uiver, whh li wo.lld nen -.-Rate a sea-wall that woulci
'ompletely cm__ tuc Hunk and change the entire con
ormatlon of the shore at that point.
If a park ts wanted on the Eust Bide lt should not be
tlaeed at the only point between Fifth mid Montgomery
its. where deep draught vessels cnn be berthed. Below
Fackson-st. and as far down as Montgomery-st. there ls a
?eel'which run* close along the pier line. Above Grand-st.
herc ls another which runs nearly as close, being from
evenly to one bandied leal Oat, extending as far as
"Ifth-st. Let tho park bc built to accommodate this con
oniiatinii. not in the face of lt. To place lt between
trawl and Jackson sta, ns i andentend lt la noa pro.
Hised to tin. is not only to take tint only deep WOBar ftOBI
ti that vicinity, vvhi.li i- reoktoSS nnd Injurious enough,
in-!. *- another objection i nt present the Honk eros?e
IB eddy which not only lessens the title, otherwise too
tnnig for vessels rounding the curve, but relieves the lce
lock in vv later.
If Mr. Cleveland had compared the bill wi!h the legis
ativ i- reports he would have certainly es' liped any poaat
lle Imputation of giving aid and comfort to tbO parties
whoever they arel who seem for per-mal ends bound to
uiu if they can thu barb? and commerce of this etty.
Xetc-Tork, Nov. 27, 1886.
To the Editor of The Tribune.
Sir : Your correspondent A. I* R. will be Interested to
CHOW that " the unknown Boston artist." vt ho so skilfully
.unit the outline sketch of Webster, was nndoobcsdlr
dr. Rall Hughes, a sculptor, to whom the Central Park
twee one of ii* heat bronson w. k. h.
.uic-i.-w*, Doc. 2J, 1888.
Ri. um-inp, Va., Dec. 21 (Specull).?Miss Leila Decker, a
-oiingglrl of slxleen, living OB Main-st., this city, has
mst Mulshed a life size oil portrait of Mrs. Clevelund and
lent lt to her aa a Christmas gift. Miss Decker ls regarded
icie a- a marvel of artistic talent, and the painting ls
?ertalnly n work of art Tho girl haa never seen Mrs.
leieland, hut painted from a photograph. The Pres!
lt nfs wife I- represented a- standing with hands ein-petl
iud bead slightly bent buss Decker has caught her ex
meston exactly?a channing milton of gravity and
Termes*. The young nalnter ls going to Italy lil tho
pring to pursue art studies.
Tho report* that Eather McGlynn was to sall on
ho lihynland, Bad Mar Linc, tn day, proves to bo
ttcorroct ibat ves-ei wm not sail untu Tuesday,
er dei. arturo having been po-tponed till then, and
in arrangements have yet been made for a passago
n her either by Dr. McOlynn or anyone known to
oprc-ent him. At all tho ofllcea of thc steamship
ines having steamers to sall to-day lt was stated
hat oo stetot?Bl had yet beeu cugaged by tho pa-tor
t M 8?pk. ri ? church.
Dr. McOtynn waa not at homo when tho reporter
ailed yesterday alternoon. Ills church people, ex
.ect that he will celebrate blj;h mass to day, and also
o with them till alter the holidays.
Late last night M. Munkaosy sent a dispatch to the Su
'Crinteiiileiit of tho Comnagnlo Oeinrale Tran.iatl.intiqiio
toting that lie had decided not to be a passeugci ou the
hampague, which salts to-day.
Washixotos, Dec. 21.?For New-England, New-York,
'ennsylvauia, New-Jersey and Delaware, rain, brisk to
lgh northwesterly winds, colder.
> illur.ni .haw. tb. ??om.trt? rtrt.tloni ts thia elly by ttatbj
ha. Th. p.rpmHlcal?r HiH|(f dlrlrten. of tint, fur th. M hoon
diai midnight. Tb. Irre?iil*? whit* Ho* r.pr.MBt. tb. mcll?loai
I'i. locrrury .(urtiii ti.'.'r. buiisj. Tbe BJBOSB or do tt*d Ila. r?pr*Matl
...ri.rlnn. lu t.iiii?r?ar., MBBBMBBM tty lb. l**rm*_Ur *l H*dV
ii'i-j?rni.ey, 111 a?BOOSO
Tmlii-NKOrriOB, Dec. 2ft?I A. M.?Cloudiness lingered
?tt nlav, at'einl.-il by fog In the morning, and rain at
Igbt. The I'.irtinieter fell steadily, and the temperature
WO The latter ranged between -IO' and 53-. the aver
:e (IT'i. being "i'iJ higher than mi the corresponding
iv bm roar, and 8 higher than on Thursday.
(n lind' m ar tuts city to-dal there will probably bs
ilder, windy, fair weather, preceded by rain or snow.
Tko 1?sktOBl baa leen recommended to try the
eetiie tlOBtB?Ot for hi- rin iii.iat.sm. It ls prob
10 that the electric treatment would improve his
usual health much BE)19 than rho Ran-Electrlc
11 ci the politics] and moral condition of hi* Atter
\ i.ein-r.il. i.Ni.rri-towii Herald.
Bick Beadoeha, Languor ead Melancholy, generally
.ring from a Torphi Liver, a Disordered Htomach or Cos
i cues-, the t list re sol ug effects or which Dr. Jayne's
motive Filia Elli speedily remove ; hy their heuoticlol
timi mi the hillary organs they will also leaacu tho
iciihood of a ratal? v
Deerfoot I arin s?um|i-i,
i.le from dairy-red pork, tresa every day, for salo hy all ?*t
*?* grocer*._
tunic, to l.nxailvr.
ir ? ti. isi ip.it ie in u nun pull) t-uiit ectiou, agreeable anti
anent. At 1'inggl.l*.
lltseia U aler
itistilleil water anil t*luv ?utile la lt* composition while
1 .pring, river anti re*ervolr waler* vary.
['aaloria gives perfect boallli lo tufauts ant children. For
la . auur .toiiiaeh, loo? txjwel*, eoiisllpatioa, or lU'llga*Uou
oi e 1. liuUiiua Uk* t aaurf? Itt* pruuiyt, SOI a, and Siuo,
Nobody Noed bu Tlrd Co will l.umbaso.
lieiiinaiKiii, cough* ur tolil* inure tijou ? few nour*, if Rea
i. s 1'laaler* ar*auubod at onue. I's* ouljr nijiUy euruiive
.teruol remedy. Item** iunt_.o?
A Msrrr Cfcrtolasaa ts All
lin liave used I'.iiner-y'? Ps_oi_B l*l_let* for Pneumonia,
mt- luck nh. -ii ni?Cia iii Ac. amt l?vn bean mired thereby.
iuu**uii* to-iiay are euiorlus the'l t Uruiina* by a lonely
e ni these woutterlul pl-iSli-i*. Birtii*u Ititi.Illili?, aud hi?
ll nu Pomeroy*, of nr*t-oio-.* tlruggtsis.
UBCH-MOONEV-At Ul* Tabematrle, Tueaday Deoem
,.,ii vi ltWH, bv Ibo Kev T. H. BO?u, lUarle* ll. liuuh, lo
Atm* I Morney, daugbler ol Jame* Moouey, of brook?
lyn, ):. ll.
Iii hi 11 i.i. - ll A UK At the resilience of the bride's mother,
\ i.ukns ,N Y., ou Wettuu* li . linne.tiber ?, lS-Wi, by the
Kev. VV ll. Mill*, ll. !>.. Lillie Alula. Uit?litei ot I? Ute
vv. c. Hal--, to 1'. Wt bEEBEB, i" -Now \ ork.
All B8BEEI o/ ma triage* noel be intlorseJ. with/all
one aud address.
BB-_HBi-------Baa-aaB-BBBSB---BBMBan--i--nii n
ANSBACnEB-OnTharaSar morn-nc Deo-fnber OT. Henrie
g., eldrst son et Adolph H. sud franc.* E. Ambache., in tbs
!i?ih year nf Hisses. ...
Funeral on snartsy morning, the 2flth Inst., st ft3.is.ra..
from the resilience of hit parents. Mo. ll West V-d st.
il HBSWIB SI -Iseken-sck. M. J., oo th* 23d last., dar.
ret Ank-Tsttn. Jr., lu lbs *7ih year of his ac*.
Funeral nu Monday. December Ti, al '- p m_. at lue ?irol
Reformed ('tiiir.rti, Hsckensark. N. J.
Relative* ami friendsarv iiiv.t-ci ?lUtoiit further notles.
Trsln. vis NewY..rk, Basoosbsaae sad Western Ksllros.1,
lesves foot of Courtls-id anil I)?*hr?>*ses st*., st 1- m.
Carriage* will Iw In -rsums on srrlvsl of irsiu.
BA Kl KA M-On Thnr*day. December 21. st Illack nock.
( ono., Captain Tho.nss Burr Bai train, In tbs H4tb year of
ht* age.
Kelatlves anti frlfnds sre Invited to attend the fnneral from
his 1st* modems on Monday. 27th Inst, aft p. rn
C srrlaite* will he lu walting st ltri.ls-.por! on arrival ot train
Uisl Ida ve* -Nsw* Yolk a! ll o'clock s. ra.
CRANE- In Brooklyn. Thursday. DeesmW _% Jabs ti.
wife ef Hrnrv I), (ran*, sud dsngMer of the lat* Wlllisia
Heymoar. of Albany. N. V.. In Ike K*l rear of her sss.
Kelatlves anti friends ure In rited t? attend the funrrai from
hir Is'e r**1denoe. Nu. tol -"arroH-st., Brooklyn, Punda/
tue '.'lita inst., st belf-past I o', lt* l.
linoTSB BBBB BB Into resist .'.cr rml'Vif- In New-Vork
eily. December 22, IMSS, Man- Krantiy Cooper, widow of
Benjamin V. Cooper, nt I'Iles, M. Y.
Inleitnenl ut rina -"imlay. I iee.-mtier .'tl.
FITCH-Ia Norwalk, Cnn.. Thun-lsr. December 23,
Alloe R. eldest lau ir titer of Harsh and the late J. bu Filcb.
Fiinr-nil SB Monday. "_'7t . Inst, st I p. in.
New-Orlesns pae*r* please eopr.
HAlK.nr-.-on l"rldsr. December 24. st hts 1st* resideace.
4:11 .Ml.-sve. I/ouls stauliila* H__rg.ii.a_ lu tbs lilli yent ot
M* agc.
Wollos i.f funeral hereafter.
lt: kindly requested thst no flowers lie sent.
HOLBBOOK?OattaSStt Imap- mane late resident**. US
Ea*f midst, ot paralysis, Emeline Holbrook, in her **4tB
Funeral pri-sre.
I'ortsnioulh (If. II.) paper* pies** cop-.
1 A >i At the re-udenc* of hi? parents, 42 K; st "t'.lh ar.
.New.Vi.rk. ?n Friday. 21th iu?U, slip, ot, (HotgoC Lnw,
In the _2d liar nt lila uss.
Notice of Itiiwrai bereaiter.
LEWI**?At KhtneliM-k. N. Y.. December 21, Mr*. Wise 0.
Lewi*, mother of the ld. * I-Miiuiud ami lb-ulau.u .V.
Lewla of the New York OoBferseea
Fnneral in the Kn!nelio--k M.-th.*nst Episcopal Chnrrh, oa
Bandar, tts SStb in-.t., st 3 p. iu.
MOPPAT-At Wasliltigtunvtlle, B. Y., Thursday, '.'3d, Johu
Newton Monal, ut Hie Hist rear of I
I 'inclal ilnnttsr. 97th, 11 to .1 BL from bl* 1st* residence.
fron Chamber* st. 'J a. m. Rellim train rest tiing Nsw
Y.irk IUD.
PAl'I.K AtOranit'. N. J.. Juliette I__srned Psulk. aged?-..
Interment st Bangor, Me,
POMEROY -On thursday, ihe 2IM ln?t.. Jane Pomeroy.
widow of Jose di Wmtmmny, lu th** HV-l vesrof liersg"
Th.- irii-ml* ?f the lamily are invited to allen.I th.-funeral
service* at tho residence of her ton In taw. Oior-re VAT.
mik*. 31 West '.Uii-st, ou Sunday, '.ililli inst, si 3-'clock
av in
Interment private,
yr vcKINHl.'Mfl- At his late resilience. TUT Oreenwlt rh ?r.
r.|.ur* btv. December "S. Benjamin yimkin bu rh. sge?l "*V
vear* ami ll 111.ml ,-.
Kel .ttve* ami frien I* are Invited to attend the fnneral ou
Miuilar. December 2H, at 2 p. m.. from Third I iilver**ll*t
(liui-cli. Wini ll til su, in-ir lita ave.
RHOKT-Oo Fridav. OassattSt St, I-**!'!, at hi* residence. JV*.
Wost .-Otb-*-. Charles short, l'roft-asor ol Latin in Coluni
Ms (ollege.
Notice of ftiiieral hereafter.
KI Ton -BBASBB?OB Thursday, Deremiier 23. of menin
gins, Anna, wife of lon E. l'ra?er. of li.Holt, M ?
ttauuhter of John anti Antoinette **eiton.
Fun. nil -U'l lav. Dtrceinber 96, at 12:4.*> p. m.. from Kt. Timo?
thy's Episcopal church. ,")7tti st.. boiWSSfl -tit .uni '.'lit tv oe.
Detroit, Mich., and Hamilton, Ont., papers o'east) eopf.
TODD?OB Friday morning. December 24. 1hs?, William
Jiime* Todd, semor of Tooti A ("o? aittsl n.i.
Funeral ser~ii-e* at his lain re*i.lenee, ll West 5Sth st., on
sriicbiv, Vecetubf r 2d. at 3 p. ul
Kliiillj-oiiiil ii.t.i. ; *.
Special Notices.
A.? I.'ttr.r A. I.eu . nt A lo
H. C. MKKRV. AucUoa-wr,
BXaOOTBU sail of
OM Wine*. Braudle*. Whlskl-s. Act,
ci.bia, lug very ubi ami rare br.niils,
IO flu*.) ttB estate of tho late
by order of MKS. MARV A. NKWMAN.KXtl'L'TBII,
to be -will at ailirt'.ou
Wines Wa, niav lie sampled nne tlay before tale.
( atsloiiue* mailed on application to auctioneer*._
A New WatcB
for gentlemen, ntllustei!. com*)en?atert. tlnrsWe, rellahlo, and
_J. L. Il vue, ?." M.ii.bu mae.
All loiersof both siiminer.il) I BlaSM athletic sport* sail
opeii-air.iran*. ments will Sal the best, most thorouxh. sa I
ine-tt'oiiiprchcii-iivo book ever primed lu Anerici oa ihsl
general suujoct. lu
nowjust reatty for dallvory. Octavo, m PSBJSB, Ul llintr*.
tiona. A. hanttsomoautl splcmlnl bolnlay irift. Tim book liss
been prepared by THIS Till Kt" NE'*, own writers willi ths
aid of acknowledged MBSSSB Eut-*rUlnla_r, c..millets, ail
hereafter thtr stauilard tiook of rafersnee. Kotall price li il.
Foi lhat luoiitry tho book can bo delivered to any al BBSS
either lu town or out of lt. ant THE WEEKLY TRIIIL'.N'B
sent to any address ona year. For *>3 50, the book sa I TUB
"" Baan dc .'-.."-.ll and 7 tl Broadway. -
will sell at auction
A lares si.d vslnahln collei ti.m of Anhieoln_[icaI objects
?speeTslly rich in prehistoric I'iuos from American its-.lillies
and ni Kunai 1 otu ry from the MrssBSB Mntiiiil*.
( hriiiuia, ApjM-al lor I'.ior ( Ulldron. '
surely no one with comm.nt li niiano feelins*) caa rouiember
nt tin* Christinas season tho blt i.lnjrs winch I'ruvldeuc.- has
Kiveo to him. ami then tlilnk nf the thousand* or poor . I.il.'.reii
in New-York wltb scarce ono ot these good thins* Of life,
without berni* stirred to do something for them.
Om children havo homos, autl li lends, and comforts, these
liltle ones are outcasts In I tarsi* 'itv. sleeping In botes aod
ci-.i.ii way.*, sud with no tr.'-u l to tr indi- ur . millett Ours are
taught 111 tin- wavs o." 1 clifton these in the le*.ons ot vice.
Ours hsve enough amt to spare. In this great festival of " Hood
Will" these are hungry sud lislfclsd, cold and eipossd to
the winter's Rlorins. ii.-e.lv anri homeless.
Who will belo TBS CHILDKKN'?* AID SOOIBTT to
make a bapuv ( hristmas for the chlltlrt-n of Ibe needy)
The best ( hnsimas present is a Home.
I WENTY DOLLARS w)il place a houiolo** boy or fir! tn
akim! home far away.
FIFTY DOLLARS will nut shoes or a gamiest on forty
bare foote.! ant! half-clad children.
ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS will provldo warm dinner,
for HM) children tor a month.
Vi ho that is fortunate will forget tho homeless and outi_ul
little ones of New York at the Chn*t na* reasl
C. I- BRACE. Secretary.
Children'* Al'. Society,
Station D, 21 St. Mark'* Place. Nsw York.
Gifts of provisions anti clothing may lie sent to the Central
Ofii.- . .No. 21-*t Mark's I'la..;, New.Yolk City, or wUl OS
called for, if the addie** bo forwarded.
Donations ol money may be tucloeed to sny of the umlsr
signed : lt in check or post-ortko 01 Jurs, malu payable If
OEOKOE B. COE, Treasurer.
WM. A. BOOTH. President.
GEORGE 8. COE. Treasnrer. Thlnl National Bank,
American Kxchauge National Bank. 20 Nasssu-sl.
lin liTuA'i-A-.. New-York.
There were during the past year, in our six Lodftns Honsse
ll .-*2o dil-eieul letvs sud girls; -lll.Oil mea.* and ".'li. io.
liHiglugs wero supplied, lu the tw,*uty one day ant fourteen
evening scnool* were 10,367 oriiblren. wbo wera taught sud
partly Tod ami clothed, 623.3SO meal* being supuheii , i.tltl
were sen! lo home* and employment aid restored to friends,
in both Easl snd West 1,71 i were aided with food, uie-i. me,
Ac, through the "nlclc Children* Miasion "; i.il'i enjoyed
the benefit* of the "Summer Hume.," st Hatti. I. I. (s-eraf.
lng shout sou per week) 1 4,331 mother* and sick .mani* wore
sent to the ?'Health Home," at Coney Isl. nil 34h giris bavs
been Instructed in the use of the *ewlug mac!, nie in tbe On i?"
l.ni||ri|.g House and the In instr.al Schools SM.04H 17 nive
b*en deposited in the Peuny saving* Hanks. Tutsi number
under cSarge of the Society during the year, 34,174.
Moth Season - >cw Heady.
For Chrlatuias ami tbo Holidays also
sl'li'ED PRU ITS.
Red currant aud other Jelltn*. Ja us an I Pickles,
For prices, toforouoes. Ac, a 1 lr?si
Mia. nAJ.LA.ll H. McELKAi'H. ill Dejraw-st., Boooklya,
911 Broadwsy, New-York. N. Y..
where orders may be lett and me goods seen.
Nsw-York Ex. bans" lor VYou.sn s Work,
Large Variety of Articles Sulubls tor
Open evenings before Chn?tm*s nntil H o'clock
??? " ? ? - - -_? ? . i
Ihe (.1,1 due,- Pine Needle Kxtrari, Oil, -piril, uul
.OAP, Int RIIEt MA'I I-.M, CAl'AKKH, aii.l&Kl.N DIS
1'it.l tinten Noliio.
(Should bo road BSJU by sll luiereite L ss eli m-rei ia*y >J
".1! al m. ll tl-.)
Letter* lur loreign countries ues.1 not be specially al*
tro?*eii tor tispatcn oy auy .uni mir slsa uer. ettiji w.itit
l w desired le, toni .mp..cato* of 1. inking au 1 .-..u-u-i vial
;... uiui'.t is. ..-ii 1 * aol v ht. ?../ ml lesses 1 lonig msi 0/ las
a*te*l vessel* avallaule.
Foreign mails ior lue woek crtdm,- December 25 willoljii
ruo.-) 1 Li ui ait t-*?o_t al liuso.uoe a* (oin,ar*
iAII itnAl -.1! Ba. 111- for Eui.ipa por *tesm*bip Aurania*
rta (jueeuntowu <teller* tor Francs must oe direoted "per
A ui ima ' 1. alis. ui. lor Europe, per aUta?isaip City ot
K.-ii.11, vis _)uireu?lo.?u, .oi.ui* must bs aiicowJ "per
eily ol Hoi.in "). al i a, ui. (ol' Fia.ue .tiia.-t, por MBBSB
Ship LaCus upague, via Havre, at .' a. m. for Belg in a
dirsct, per aleauuulp tiiirn.au i, vis Aulworu iletier*
Uiiisi bs ilittrci-.l "per ilnyulau.t "1, al J a iii. lix CK'ot
land direct, lier iteaiusiiip Furues*^ via Oimtgom,
(letters must be dnocloi "per Fuiuesais").
dall* for Chm* sud Jauau per steamahip Olly of New York
iii.mi Mau Fraiiiiscoi clo** here iijcstober *24 al 4 p. ul.
Mail* tor Hie rioiasiy I.un.ls. per *uiu Tropic Bird li.uu
Bau Francisco) close Hers Dooeiut-sr '-4 ai* p. iii. Mall*
for a.1*11*1.-. .sasr-aeeleaa --laud-icu. Em sud ?u
ninan Islands, per sieaiuahip Alanti*!- ti.. .1 aaa Frau
1 i.c.t . ..." nore .1*11.1 a. , -Sal 7 p. iu. mr uo arrival al
Nsw York of steamship Elder, willi British mails fi* Ante
ti-.lia'. Malls for Cuba by rail to l'aiupa. Fla. arni tbuuiiS
br steamer, via Key West, Fla., clues sit lin* o-toe daily at
-Ju. tu*
-I'lie -lutttule af closing of Trans Pacific .nails ls arranged
ai lbs preauuipliou of tbsir uuluterrupled ui t-r land traesil
u Mau Franc.*C'i. Malla iru.ii tba Kasl arru 1114 OS Hu* al
.au Francisco on tho tlay of saihug ul steamers aie iKspaUuM
Lsuce the sauiu day.
II KN KY o. pearson. Postmaster.
IW oihce. New-York. N. Y . Dec 17. lemo.
lifli^ions Notuee.
(burch ol Ihe I ut-a rna t Un. Madison ave. and Sith ?l
,'he Kev. AHTHl'K BKOOKM. Rc tor -Cbn?__u__* D*y esr
u.t r*.rui..n amt Holy Coaimuniou al 11 a ns. >suutiay, De*.
ld? Mom lng service al ll n. m.. iiieiuoou. 3 30 p. ua. ru*
illibt Kev A. C. COKE, D. D . K.shup ot Waslsra Msw
lurk, wm pieacb al all these seline*. SUausei* eotimUF
Karly ( hrislaasl sleBmlleH will be held st Bl. Angus.
-u.'s. Kasi Houston SC. ne*. Ihe Bowery, si 0 30 aad 1 3*.
rhe regular service wiU be at lt) AU_ g
h. 40th-t. near Ft_i-nvi-,.^ the Bar.
Ul as day, 7. 7 1 i. ?:A0, W
itexuir Tu-aigM. llo'cSooki Cl
1ft, ll a iu. oibor services as

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