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The dinner given last ninght at ttie Hotel Brnnswio*. to
the to?itees and manager? of the American School of
llasaical 8tudles at Athens?and mor? especially to
James Russell Lowell, of the governine; board, and Dr.
Charloa YValds'rln. formerly director of the Fitzwilltam
Museum, of ("arabrldge, Knclan!, and tl.V newly chosen
pei inain-ut director of tho Atnerlean School -drew to
getber an unusually large number of classic? scholars
and meu prominent in archietlogical and general educa
tioual matters. Oeorge William Curtis presided. At hi?
right sat Mr. Lovell, at his left Dr. Waldstein
At the raised table, too, wore Professors Charles
Kllot Norton and W. W. Goodwin, of
Harvard; l'rofessorSeymour,of Yale : Profeseoi William
M. Sloaue, of Princeton ; Provost Pepper, of the T'eiver
alty of Pennsylvania; ex-President Andrew D. White, of
Cornell ; vice-Chancellor MaeCracken. and Professor
Batrd. of the University of the City of New-York; Pro
1? ?sur? I?rl?.?r, Ware. Trowlir.il?;??, Merrlara and Halas, of
Columbia; I'mfestor J. C. Van Bensohoten, of Wesleyan ;
l"ro.e.?.sor Prowri, of the Pnlou T-ieological Pemtnary ;
the Kev. Dr. Howard Crosby; Professor Harkness, of
Brown, ami Professor Tisdalo, of tbo College of tho City
ofNewYotk. Among those at the othor tables were
William I- Dolgo, John W. Ilainersley, Dr. William M.
Hammond. Peter Marts? Joseph W. Harper. Jr., Kobert
Hoo, Iliitli.trl H. Hunt, Kdward F. da
l.aiieev. Thomas W. Ludlow, ex-.lud re Horace
Manetta Horace _ DsBB__ Thomae Maitlaud,
Allan Marqiiaud. F. D. Millet, William C. Trime
Frederic J. de I'eyster, William C. Schermerhoru. Beuju
ii.in K. Siiii?n. Russell Sturgls, Jesse Seligman, Augustus
ft. Saatsaa, Richard Watson Gilder, Judge Shlpinan,
Btdney Webster, Cenerai S. Wylle Crawford aud Kobcrt
The big dining Ball was nung with views In and about
Athena, two pictures of tho new Amertoan school show?
ing In pi-?mint-tit places. Behind the president's chair
was a large oil palutinir, " The Ruins of the Parthenon,"
loaned for tbe ocoaeion by Morris 1?- .insu p. Tho bill of
fare wus a white card, folded, having on the back two
firelty views of the American School. The bill Of far*
t?"If was Iu I.ukIIsIi and opposite each course was the
appropriate wiue. There were In all about 125 truest?*
Mr. Curii? rapped for order about, half-past f> o'clock.
?aasaaaleiatafy announced that tke ?peeohe? would not
1?e In (.reek- and that each orator wa? to have but a sin?;?-.
tura. TI?? Ureeks. he ?ai 1, hatl aflaeted the an the
politic? ?.'..I the thought of the world more profoundly
thao anr other people In It. The lesson that Attica had
to i??? li wa? that the most enduring strong-til and the
lini??! :????? ? "f !i4'io?i?i earns from ibe totellectual and
moral forces In man. If we had been mere Yankee?,
HaB?l8?iiia merchant?, with no Idea, as wo were coaraely
represented, above. Rain, our stars would have set twenty
years at;?? It wan BBSBaaa we provetl our fidelity as a
nation to ideas, our wilungneaa to eacrtfitte material pros?
perity, even ufe itself, to moral and Intellectual stitud
anl?. that tills country has gain?! a more powerful and
?adoring life than before. The * pet the beet" of the
quack advertiser was ?n appeal to native American ln
stiuct. A merit a meant to got the best and all she needed
iras patience to do It
Kepunli au iustitutions were not hostile to tlie rtevelop
rneut of pulille spirit. The extraonllnary series of l?e
?jiit??? for public uses durili.,' the In-it fifty year? was tbe
utoat eh.triK'terlstlo fruit of our publie Inetitutlati?. Iti
this otty alone Astor, Vandermlt, I?nos, t?ellg.naii.
Tilden, Wolfe, these and many others, a long line
?nf worthies, were the true publie citizens, the true Amer?
icans of our time. If was this spirit of wise
aitd worthy giving that had opened the School of Athens
and to th!? spirit the projectors of the enttrpiise looked
forward to Its being maintain??.!. New-York was ?till
faithful to the ?till air of delightful studies, to that cul?
ture which oblivion could never look In the foe?. Mr.
Is-well. Mr. Curt?* ?aid. had Ion?: illustrateti that wide
and wise scholarship which founded the Atnerlean
Beaao?, And after a warm j?er?iotial tribute the. presi?
dent called nu me ex-Minister to Kngland to reply.
Mr. 1/iwell looked grayer aud oiler that?
usual at first, but eoon warmed to hie sub?
ject ami retrained his after-dinner Hum? y and
?Mse. I lie prospect of speaking with him, he sai?l to be
En with, a? Thackeray had i?ut tt, turned white-bait Into
te. war?. Ile then went on In a conversational way to
tell of Ids meeting Whitman yesterday afternoon and at
hi* ?nrpiise m lindlnt himself as old as the "good gray
poet " and nearly a? gray He could recall belnir in New
York m ls.'t. auil teeing Aaron Hurr.tuea Vl.-e-President.
And he also remembered tbe IS'avarino Itonnets that tlie
ladies wm e then In commemoration of the victory of the
Greek? oter the Turk?.
One of e.e tu M ?trlking things about the American
School was that It wa* supported for five year? by the
(teutribulio'is of tbe poorest elate of people here, the
college professors. A coal heaver, be had beeu told, oould
make, 81-MB in (food Hint*?, and ? waa uuusiially gooil
times when a college professor could make lliat.
Tnere was another altar to an unknown goal In
Greece wt.lch these American people, ?? Paul put it.
alatitiUl ilrclaie unto uh a? a nation, 'that was the god of
?Bai taste, o? eentlcruanly reserve, of decency In litera?
ture. This sort of teaming we needed more and more as
?we grew more ee if -eon te ? ted and prosperou?. These
Athenian ?indents, too, slmili 1 caiTy good republican
Idea.? tut., ? licere aud convert it to our own Ideas In
Hr. Waldsteln spoke itfter Mr. Ix>wel!. Speeches wire
?Siso mode by Cuat?es F Hot ?Norton and other?.
Much interest has Ixen taken by tlie tb?atiical pro
leneion in the news that E. O. Oilmore and Imre
Kiraliy bave formed a partnership ior the production
in elaborine ?pectacolar stylo ol " The Duke's Motto,"
yeval'e iamous melodrama. Mr. G timore, however,
still uot depeud upon tho ?spectacular ?fleet?, alono tor
aacoesa, though t?cese under Mr. Kiraliy'? skilled hand
trill pi o'oa hi ? he out ot the ordinary. 11.? lias just eu
a?pxl to play the lea ing hart Maurice liHrrymore,
?who has been tbt? season lModjeska'a leading man.
Ike play will be altered and reohnstenod ? hag ar?
diere." Mr. Kiralir hailed on Wednesday lor BiUS-pS
and will bring back* elaborate costumes, st ige models
?Bd two ii not three leading ?laiioers. The preparatiou?
for this prodactiou will probaoiy occupy set oral
Tbe Metropolitan Opera House wus about as
crowded as it ever has been yesterday aiterooon, ?ben
tbe benefit matinee given under tbe management ot
Augustin Daly and A. M. Paltnet began. The proceeds
go to the building tnnd of tbe New-York Catholic Pro?
ti?tory. Nearly ever) theatre in tbe city woe rcpre
aonteti on the programme, which, alter an overture
played by the youngatere ol tbe protectory, babean
wilb the performance ot tho ? Coozujitl Lsaaaa?-1 bv
Kutte K.vtiuge and George Clarke. Muiiczi Lajns and
th?? oi tlu-.ra from tbe Ktleu Mu-ee followed and
played some Hungarian sopjr? and dance? as well a?
th? ?* -Stornar" march. At ? o'clock the first <ict ot
Mr. Llovii's drama, ??The u Dominie's Daughter." w??
giren l?? Wullack's company, alter which Wilson
lian et t ?-cited ?' Gone With a Handscmer Man," and
Krank Wilson and Maik .Smith gare the thieves' scene
Irom " t.rtuiui??-." The third act ot ?* Jim tie Penman,"
played bv the Madison Square 'J'lieatre Conipanr, came
Best, and a aceue trom ? investigation " was giien by
Kdward liarrigan, John Wild and Annie Veanutn*.
Tben Lillian ?ussell and Kngene (t?din sang the duet
?The Rose" Irom aA Trip to .Urica.'' Dockstader
made every one laugh with his " Misfits," and licit ?
Ilaavrny and her company appeared in the third act ot
tibe *? lesive Chose." The entertainment was ? ..unii up
by tbe iM.'1'lormance ol the second act ot * The Tuutiug
?I tbe Shrew " by Mr. Daly's company.
M.?? l.:./..ii.c_ 1 nub nee Heed, daughter of Dr. and
Mrs. James A. Heed, waa murried laut evening to William
lYrdcrlck Kraft, at tM. Aan's Church iu Klghteeuth-st
near Flftb-ave. Tbe Kev. l?r. Callaudet performed tbe
?oeremoiiy. Tbe bilde, who wa? given away by her father,
wore ? gown of white silk trimmed with duchesse lace
and a tulle veil. Diamond earrings were also woru. The
brklesiuaiibi were Miss Mamie K. Wat-sou, Miss Uattie s_
Vuldlctou, MUs ?.??????a Kainacceotle and Mia? Kita J. I'll
derlu.l. 's?I be.?t man was I'r. J. Howard Ittsed. brotlier
of the bri de, and the ushers were William II. Hampton,
A. It. Molt,'an. It..!.er! Kanter. Cyrus Alger. S. M. Kteveti
ttna anal (.?-orice W. Klder. A reeeptlon to letallve? and a
few Ineti'l.? wh? held alterwar?! ut tin- home of the biiae's
mother, No. 32 West Nineteenth-st?
A lnrge home wedding took place last evening nt No.
637 JatSBl -ate.. Jersey City. Mis? Mille M. ? ru?.? 1er,
?aurrtiter of Mr. uml Mr?. Cintiles U Kriigler of ibis city,
waa married to Charle? li. Klmball. The ceremony wo?
perform??*! by tbe itev. J. Ilo*arti Huydam, of ihe Park
Kelorineil Church. Tbe btide wore adres? of Ivory while
natiti ?it!? court train trimmed w'th duchesse lare. 'l'i.e
maid of honor wa? Clara M. Krugler, the Utile niece of the
The weaddlntr of Ml?? Stryker Itntler. daughter of H.
I? Kullei of tins city, to 1. Issasela Alliiirger, ?G t.ti man
to?.??n. Celui , took ]>!ac*r at tlie home of the bride'? parents
lu Mapieare.. cllfton. ? I., last evening. Tbe ceremony
tra? peitoriiaed hy tbe Ilev. 0. M. Met amiteli, pastor of
tbe I'n ?! Presbyterlau Churt-b. Hiapleton. Albert iltitler,
a brother of Hie bride, wa? best man. The bridesmaid?
were Ml?? Annie Ab.urger, sister of the brideirroom. Mi-s
Xatie 1 a..natte. Misa natile McNulty ?nd MUs Kuphetuia
Jobustu.D. Ibe usher? wore 1?ward Butler, brother of
tbe bride, Ciiailes ll.'iry, (.'larence M. Suma and Prank
Vi?,??, April 14.?Cardinal Vanutelll oft!?dated at the
utarria ge of Ml?? Carroll and Count H6t_*ea*tanim ye?
terday. stier the eeremoay a reception waa held at the
residence of the bride's family, which waa attended by
Cardinal VaBuUllt. the Duke of t-axe-Coburg. the Princes
Of Kens? and Haubyanr. the British and Kreuch Mini?
ter? uu t their wive?. Mr. and Mia Keith Fraser and num?
erous diplomats and notable?.
I Pittsburg, April 14 (?>>?v<?a.t.--Andrew Carnegie
atarted to-day tor tbe Bast. Nothing could be learned
irom hiti concerning his reported engagement to Misa
Wbitueld, ot New-York, lie ?aid that be <*ould spend
tas summer in tlie Highland?, oi Scotland, aud would
Hail on tbe ateamei Fulda, wbieb leaves New York on
April 23. ile said that bia physician bad aovistd hit?
to lead a quiet lile there uutil bo bad entirely ncor
orod irom hla illneea. lie exprested regret at not
being able to apeak at the nomina auti-coercion
demonstration io itti? city aud said thai his sympathy
?traa with the Insti ?people. Henry Phipps, a n-rtner
ot Mr. Carnegie, today rettiseli to talk to a reporter
Hboat Mr. Can.egle'a rumored engagement. Mi s
Whittield and Ser moi ber ?ere inumale incuti? ot Mr?.
Car ungi??, mot nei ot Mr. Carnegie, who spent many
years at the Windsor Botel, .New Vor?. Last eummer
Miss ^bitfield, ?ith her mother and voting S?iSr
tuest some weeks st treason. They did not ?lay ut
Ibe Carnegie cottage, sa dia a number ? othei Iriends
ai ??'io Cai aettie? who ?ore there at tbe same time.
Another friend ol Mr. Carnegie and of Mia? Whitfleld
denied the story entirely.
many wem.-kxowv wurmt* ritEiF.sT?a XROXP?
" li is the most macuifloent audience I have ever
seen," ?aid Major Pond, a? bis ?pedicle* gleamed over
the ? id it unum ol the Madison ripie rr. Theatre yester?
day afternoon ; " und there isn't a single deadhead in
the whole bouse." Apart (rom tl?? merely practical
idea ot the experienced Major, the gathering assem?
bled to hear Walt Whitman lecture was in every way j
? notable one. Many well-known author? of New-York
were there, beside* other promiuent literary people.
It waa by a mere coincidence that James Itusnell
Lowell and .1 Im ?? ? met iu the vestibule ot the theatre
and exchanged warm greetings. W. D. How. 11? was
taking the t.ckeis at tl.e entrati?*? and was kept too |
busy to shake hands with all his triends. Mrs. Frances
Hodgson Burnett wus there, Mis? Maty Mapes Dodge,
Mr. aud Mrs. Lav? renco Hutton, Miss Jeannette Gilder,
Uioharrl Wi.i-.m Odder, Mr. and Mr?. Ko?wcll Suiith,
?V. BL Carpontor, Charlee Eliot Norton. K. C. Steduian,
Moncure D.Conwaj, John Burroughs, Edward BtfU*
ton. nnd many others who.?e names are almost equally
The' stase represented ? handsome drawinj-room,
and in thi? scene, suggestive ol a redundance ol luxury
and refinement, the venerable poet came forward mid
mude his bow. In the hearty applause which greeted
him there was a fervor ol affectiou that railed the color
to his cheek and tho moisture to his eyes. While it
continued his baud nervously pushed back the loag
white hair irom bis tace-, and namlered aimlessly down
the snowy lieard which sweeps his broad chest. To all
appearance he was still hale and vigorou?, but his
voice, some thou.ht, was not quite firm. That ?right
well be in his first sentences, and be was evidently
umori moved by tho warmth of his reception.
He said that this was the twenty-second anniversary
of tho assassination ot Abraham Lincoln, and he had
mede it ? rule upou this anniversary K? invite a tew
triends to join in loving remembrance ot tbe dar.
This was all his prologue and with a voice ot Ineteas
ing stead?less and clearness he went on with tbe leot
ure on the marly ted President which has been rub
lishtvl. He ??id that on tho alteruuui wheu tbe iiewe
came to him nt Lincoln's assassination, he was stand?
ing at bis .i m low ga/ing meditameli- u, on the lilacs
blooming outside. And now, wbciiovci he saw or
sun It lil.i.??, it brought back to him Ltnroli's Sad
denth. Li the pause ?shich followed a little girl about
years oi age Me.ii????' upon the sta/c and banded
bini a basket ot lilacs, l'ho poet Kissed tbe little
maiden and the ladies ?tnilcd throu.li their tears and
applauded heartily. The golden-linired little girl with
her prim w'aito baby cap waa the granddaughter ot'
Mr. ?teiJmat..
At tbe conclusion of his lector.? Mr. Whitman recited
his poem ou Linci In called ? My Captain," end was
again loudly apiilauue.l. Then the curtain lell und
thero wu? ? rush ot ladies to meet huu behind the
scene?. It -ras altogether a ladies' reception. Some
Obeek hands wit li hiu?, many ot the more enthusiastic
kissed him, and all or most ol them talked at once.
When they left the stage they left a ????.r ot hand |
bnnqnoia to be added to those already sent, prominent
among which ?.is a laurel wreatu sent by WiUoa
Harret t.
? lu the OTOataa Mr. Watt-Oaa held a reception at the
\\'e?tmitistcr Hotel. W. (1. Schenk, the ? npnetor,
gave the uso ol his own parlers lor the evening, l'bev
are the rooms that w?ie occupied by diaries Dickens
when bo was in New-York on bis l-st visit to tbo
I'liitoil ?States. The white haired poet reclined iu uu
easy chair of dark crim?on ve:vet in ihe centre et oao
ot tbe parlors to recen c his guests. He was feeling
somewhat exha-sted alter bis lecture and tne etrite
tnont ol tbe day Among the first to enter was .lohn
Iliirrotighs, and shortly alter James RaoooU Lowell
came in. Iiobert Collyer waa greeted warmly by Mr
Whitman. Among other callers were Mr. nod Mrs.
?. ?'. Odder, (olone) John Hay, Mra. St. (loudens,
Mrs. Sehuylcr Van Kensselaer, Joseph 11. Gilder,
Kobrrt ?. Johnson. (?et.rge W. Sheldon, (?eorge W.
W. Hoightori, CLauJos r u!ion, Joel BoatOO and -Mis.
E. C. Stedmaa.
tUNNF.R OF ??? AI.IMNI AT DKI.MoNICt/6?Kl.llll
???t ????.?? THK nOQTOM loffi
The commencement exercises of the New-York BoOMO
j a. Im? Medical College, which took place yesterday a'ter
noon in Chi ?-kerlng 11 all, ?eiouui?uially luts resting to the
friends of the immutimi who wltiioaaed I'mm. This wa?
largely due to the fact that the ceremonies IbfOajbonl
were about as unconventional as it was possible to nia-o
them. There were no long, tiresome orations by the st ?
dents and no wearisome speerbr? by the faculty. Kvr-v
tiller; was on a truly botniropatble scale?small,
lu the sense of being brief, but effective. Tb??
audience completely tilled the hall, ? ?ti lho flower-decked
Platform were seated l'io?e.?or Alimi, ?lean of the <<>llejr?e
iesl.lr.it ? ?itti. l?r. W.'tod II? 1 ??? ti :.? aud the oilier in?? in
ber? of the fa?? ?ltvi Judge CowtnK, I??swell G. Flowet.
Oeorre M. Clark, John 1. Marshall, Da Alenato Mall, t ?
Hev. 1). Talker .Morcan ani several other prominent (In
rens. Bolea IL W ales, president of tl.e l?oard ?G Trus?
te?.?, presided. The member? of tbe graduating HaOOM,
forty-six lu number, occupied seats ln tbe
After prever by Mr. Morir?n Mr. Wale? Introduced
Professor Allen, who delivered tbe principal addica? :
Itefcrring to the in?? 1 of a free hospital, he sali:
The past re?? has been eirrtsllzed liy 'he erection and MOI
piste endowment l?T Mr anil Mrs V. H. l>-'a- ?? ? ' t' ? . >
l'i_iikliii lire Hospital tor ('bihtien, which b?? been placi-d
in ? li-ri'?? of physician? and surgeon? skilled In ? he prectti eof
huuiubopalhy. tinr ?lu.lsuis are per?? le I to willies? opera?
tions and stu ty ibse??.?? In It? ward?, ami. although ili't.ii!
fr.itn Hie ?ijllt-K? sul Umlled In Ils .?,?:. of, 11 is ?Uli a _t?_al
).? in to 11?
TV ii*ed of s free hospital In whleh medical student? mav |
wltne?? the beat methole of apelylnc niediunre for the cuts
of rii?ea?e* an?', ?t prrfoi ??????? Operation? I? ?.,r- r felt Ijjr tl.?
trusiee? an?! Iaculi- of tins collere, hereral yeai? aito Ibi?
tamil* ami tin ir inciela am?.?_? IM, ehi??y i.y miau? of -
??!??? t dr. In starting a atirglcal lu>?;nt.il. in which ? lilil? ?I in
sliucliuii ,ii!..-i be alreu. Tiiat u.?i. uum was ?tierw.r.l
unitami with t',.? Ilaliiiemann Hospital ?f this t-ttr, b.it t??
cently the trustees of the llaboemann baveri pressed their
opui.'uii that UM Inter??I? Ot their haaptAlwlll i.ol br ;.:?,
tooted by the admission of medical stndeots
We are therefore roumejled to ea.aiu.ali a new hospital,
and the 1 a u'.t.t ami their Inen.l? liuaum that ll..ru-. ?.,._. 11, r
will be hanlahe.1 from 111? Hlal? aim.ml tl.e ??iIIak? he nbllsod
to close li? iloors. ami knowinn thatt*properlyodeeale ?lu
dents we inu?t ba?-? a free boapltal for ? Una el Inai run inn.
lire iiia-iug ? atroiiK ?od imi '??! eflnrt t > ontani fumi? !.. rt ?
an.t in?uUln uew cnl.ex? and I? spllal bull.llnjra. U'e hern
in.?', with ni ??! em Diira^itiK an ? r?? . alrmtdr twn ?f nut
wealthy and targe Leaned eltl/.ena hare sni>eriih*i1. e?, h
?'.'G? ote), ami other ??rullar sntiscrlplluus are cunBdently ei
pec lei
There has been. It appear?, about fjl50,000 of flic re?
quired quarter of a million raised
Diplomas were tbeu awarded by Mr. Wales to the fol?
lowing >ouug h'eullenieti :
Adams. M J bill, J W Boat J O
Ar;hur. ?) ? Hclmntti, W T, )r Ilasaell. J J
BeneUtl, Il M'institue, N II hriinmann, C
Reraen. A W .larolm?. h I Hmlth. (I M
He?!,'. Il Jeti.ii.a. K fsul il'-G. 1 ' K
ii.tt-.ov.. FA J h..?.n. W W Me?*rl. ? C
Ulee? ker. W il Joue?, ? L Mitwelt. H W
l.uwru, (J K ).? ...oui. f B, M D Ttikjrr, A I
Burklyn.lr., J K I.? ? a, M A Townienl, 1
Hurtl?. ( T ?llntou, H ? \'?????????.??G?, W II
Carr, il I. -Innteomerr. G I.,JrWarrt. ?.' A
(li-???. J U M?ller, ? W Wot-iruT, F C
t.'rouks, |r.. J Neiden, A L Wstts. F II
Htidhsm, U H .Nenn. W K Yuun_, B F
Kay. it 1' Mcliols, 11 F
Fltc'i, ? ?? Olmstoed, ? M
Tb? first prize, a ralcroaonpe valued at flDO, waa
awarded to hdward I?. Kitcti for cenerai eioellenee
thin laiioiii tbe three years' course. Jame? Crook?. Jr.,
ire?ved the second pil/.e, a similar Instrument valued at
V.u. TbeWaJoapiUe for bliebest ?undlnr In all tbe
Junior and middle studies was riven to Frederick W.
llambllu by Ur. Mel unit It. wno inaue a speech in ????? n. so
tbat aroused the mlriU and admiration of everyboly.
The honor men of tbe class were ?enlamtn W. hillwell,
John J. RooaOlL Walter W Johnsori, Haiiiuel I. Jarohus
and Huisell 1*. Fay. 1 be class valcdlefary wa? delivered
by Ceorgo It. IiesL
The annual'ueetliic and dinner of the rollece Aluminl
AsaiH'iHlUu wa? held lu tbe evening at Delmoulco'a. ? be
election <>t oftl_ers resulted as follows: l'PU?lile,ui, I?'. It.
Mandevllle of Newark; vice-president?, J. Lester Keep,
lirookiyu. P. il Maaon. i'eekskill . and I- I'. Jones,
(?reeiiwn li ; secretaries, Charles Mciioiiliell, ?ml f?. II.
Voaaloao; Treaaurcr, l?- 11. loiter; Necrologist. Mertiu
1?. l?. M?ON ; executive, noiuiulltee K. V. Mollai, A. 12.
Norton, W. W. niockmau, ?. W. 1.Urnen Clarice, !.. J.
Pratt, and (?. K. Tyticr.
About -50 members and ptiests ?at down
to dinner. Dr. Norton the r-iirtug president
of the a*?ociatlou, presided an.I In. ? il. Talentt, tappo
? Meinten! of the hu?te llomie.i?iathie. Insane Asylum,
MOM as toastniaster. Ilotn in ele brief aoreulie?. whleh
were well received. Dr. WlllUui ri _??. of Hioi.klyu.
seemed greatly ?urprlacd when called on to speak for the
soi lety and attempted to sar so, bul lb? t?.a?tma-ier cut
him suorl by hearllossly re mai king tbat be bud given the
speaker three weeks'nonce. Dr. Flake urged the ineui
beis tostatili by hotnusupatay and i is laws ami principle?.
I Ulm Kool replied for " the Law" ami " brouKbt
dowu " the Iiipum ? several lime? ' Here are some ol tbn
Ibi un* he said:
I have, as you know, considerable to do with nob tic?. In
fan, I sin i. .ne n?ed In addressing polilleal ?ml in,. ? s nut I
mu? uol. 1 ?antes., iu Ilia lial.il ul UumK lu a rruw ? ..f lirai
? ?? [Laughier. ; lu fact, If my cotistilutiun had noi i.--n
funtided upon eop...ii? ilraoau? of ??Ila ?ml ?ou? ?ud
ipeoac and all o.u- ? ?Uii'l.r I ?Ilupatnlc du??s 1 ?huul.l nut ue
able U? du so. Ye?, I know that I'm in a minor uy here, but
than 1 urn used to Unsi poli 11, ?lly. [ 1.1 n rli 1er.}
Other speaker? were Roswell P. Flower, Dr. W. Tod
Urlilinth, Dr. John W. Dnwni??* Ud! 1'uifossui Alien.
Mrs. Pamnel ?loan and Mis? Hinan held a lartre reeep
lion yeatenlay at their home. No. 7 Ka?t Tnlriy-el^blb-sL
Over-OOffiieat? called between 4 and 7 o'clock.
Mr. and Mr?. John K. Parsons entertalued ihe member?
of tbe Thursday l?vrnln< Uaucing Class last evening at
their home, No. 208 Madiviu-ave. About 100 guests were
present. Hopper wa? aerved at 11 o'clock, after which
daiiciuK wa? resume?
Mia. John bherwood ?ave the last of her weekly read?
ings lor the pte-ent ?eesoa jest?ir.iay aflernoon.
The concert nail ot the-deiropoliian ? ?pera House held
a large audience I..si evening. Miss Amy Maker nave
?even?! recitation?. Aiiiuug loose present ?ero .Mr. and
Mm. Charle? Coudert, Mi?. II- M. Van Anken, Mr.OMO
Mis. 1. F. ?.-,.?; ..?., Min? Inni- and Mr and -is.
Cyrus w. Field, jr.
ihe IlaiuiUoD ?lull, Of ISrnoklyn, on Wedneslny nlfbt
gave au art t xbibitioa and Un.??' i.r.plioii, fMnllt*
a taahiunaoie cruwil ? n?? oullrx uni ol painliiig? wa? ex
Crplloiieil) Hue. Au.oii- ihr arllsu lei rei?eui_?l were D.
Ilniitinnton, J. ( an..ll Me.kwllh, I'.. A. Bl*k*l*ck,
William Ilia.foul. F. e. Cbmcli. M. K. II. De ll-a?. .1 ll
Doipii, F. W. Fiotr, I'.lchard i.ro??, David Joiiuaou, Jem?
-loi.mee. (- l?. t'uillii?, Cari-ion ?\i_^n?, hiui.l.u, .-b..ii?
lull and M -oti.
OK THK s_rOI?_ TOI.IF.S. ?
[sr tp.?????p? t? tub rrtinu.?-]
Washington-, April 14.?The inteiminglinr, oi Irish
and American flags together with the dupla J ot
iiunier.in? mottoes of a sympathetic nature were tbe
only attempts at decoration vtbich greeted the eyes ot
some 1,500 persons wbo congregated in Masonic
Tem,>le to night iu response to the call lor a meeting oi
Americans to express tLeir opposition to the system oi
coercion in Ireland. Among the men upon the nlat
lorm wee ex-Senator Van Wyek, ol Nebraska; I.fp
rc?en_live? Springer, ?? llliucis. and J. II. C'raio, of
Texas, General Denver, tleneral Itose-crans and
KuiIhts riiappe'il.? m .1 Donnelly. Tlie ( ppearanee ol
tbe latter two gentlemen wa? greeted with loud au
plause. I.eprosentutive Ppr njer. of Illinois, was
called to the chair and in his speech stating the object
ol the meeting lie printed ? ut the ?imilari'y between
the present altitude ct Kt'.gland tcward Ireland and
that which existed when the American Colonica broke
away Iroui tlie uiothor counlry.
Ceuer.il Koeecisns, who was fie first speaker,
declared that ior three hundred jear? tbe position of
Ireland in the history ol nations had been aiiorruloii?.
Over one hundred coercen bill? liad been pas*nd by
111? ?.?;!??1? Parliament during that ti? e for tbosiip
pi'.'Siinti nl the Irish, yet histoty ?liottP.l that none of
them had boon ot nuy use. The " ?avage " coeroion
pine ??.'I by l.utjitnd toward In?.ami was ?ulhoient to
arous?? the indignation ot all civilized ??????? I"
regard l?? the bill now pending in the Brilla? I ar?n
inent he ?aid I ? ll devilish in ?? nuil y coniti invent
anvtliing more malignant" ne could not conceive ot it.
a? Beaatsr Vaa w/eB taaagattaat thepeepla ot
^TaatlBrtaa especially could ni?pr?ciiite the desire ot
Ireland lor H..me Knl? iloud elicerai and might Betta
that their present tusseiubling to ex tires? sympathy
with that impressed counlry would be a casting ot
their brea?! upon the waters to return to tberu in mnnv
tlavs. II Kurland passed the Coercion bill ?lie would
bocome the cuom.t ot evoty Irishman in the world, uml
if the Irishmen ol the world would join their voices
anil helo to the runs? ?tliioli hail brought tin? meeting
together not only wituld Scotland. Wale?, and Ireland
demand Ilo no l.ul?, but they would hare it.
Keprsseiitative Cram theu ,iroseuta-td tbo tollowilig
resolutloiiH winch ?ere adopted by acclamation :
H'Srr-rt?, The TorT lattiti in.striali..? ol |? nglSD'l I? at.rint tn
eimrt (nr Irr la ml lyiaiiuical c-ta-ri Ite mitaatiiea thai ?rill havs
tl.?? ? (Irrt o? at.?, e'ling irutl by Jurr, ?n?p*0<1ltie the li?t.e?s
lull n? a. !. Imprisoning in I!..? lenirsi .in ??,.???? tliiil-aii?;? ??
iitiii.i ?nt people ?|?...||?. ..., .,t |he prtvilef ? uf ?? ;.? ? .' nr r?<lr*?s.
tran?)...rltli'.? SBSBSetaS person? t? sn ?!l"n cniwtrj In ?O
tlifiifjli Ui? farce ni a trial, an[.).ret.?ln?r the pre?.? am! free
".???'t., ?lei in a wnnl. nf rnhhin? the people of Ireland o? ?II
tin.?? rlaBla B__ ii.ank.inil l.u.'ls near ?utl clvilixatluu tie
liian'l* . he it
Retolttd. Th?t we ItI MllllSBS ll the capital nf thrVnlt?'!
Plata's In masa tiiM'ln? ???enibled. ?'tieerely sympath!*? ? Ith
III? linn. Wti.ia.n | -i aistSSBS ?ml the ll?n? ? halles ??tetfart
l'arn?.|l lu th^r tf.llant lialtle an iiusi this Cnerrion lull. Bad
dial *??? earnritlT sii.l iiniiKiisi.tlv pi?te?l again?! the passait?
l.y the (li lu?, r*rlt?in?*itt ut a measure calculai???! lu brillai
Ite ?nn e ? ?Ut?? the p-opl? of Irrla nd.
Bai re.l, rhat the ensatment ot sii. li diabolical law? wnnl 1
mit il m? t? au mitrar? on Hi* Irish paaatB hut ? M1"??
arai"?! the spirit of I'b-Ttr ? v' rrwhrrit, ?ml that tur (ran.? re
atela.lvin.it?? i.f the OeretaBI MI) ?tumi.I tu ilo ? ? I.. BBS
lei 11? ? .iii.ls'iiiie.1 hy huii?iiity ali.l hl au.lei with lutami.
('oiit?iuin^ Mr. L'rain declereil tlittt such dc.on
stratious uvs the prest al 8BS aSBsl not 88 ?aid lo be
mi ? ?lory nnd ol no avail, bccau?e only rrceutlv
i'arucll iia.l deal arm I tli.tt Buch uitn't ?.?? ittiti tbe
p,???ai'S nt such resolutions 11? those jn?t ado; ted bad
en ite.I prest iutlitei.ee _ sh.ipiiig public opiuion in
Itati BBS, iu tatiir ol the Irish cause.
Ii'epre.-entative ll V. Miivclv. ol li.tliativ nnd (?en
ernl (Icore? A Sberidan then lolb.wed with short
hlieeclies wh rh ttere received with loud applauso.
? large nnuiber ot letter* ot regret trom prom.tin',
m? u wero read.
UR. ?loitKs'f. 1,1 1 nit?ai BO **?'? wm.in BT M.
I'or the second time within ?ix monili? the lln-okljm
Aia.lcinj of Mu?i.? was crnrJed last ni.hi B] 88 itun.t Baa
audience of In ', A ? ? 1.1 an? .. 11.1 Au.ct ll an?, ? ho ???ein?
bletl U? renew their pledges of ?????t? t?? tho dcnuii I of
Ireland for Home Hule, ami le enter aa emphatic pr?*
t_t BfBlnst the proposal by Ihe Tone? to toercc It.e
Irlah. I?r. lalward Mai.me. liie rieciitlvi-of the It tali
National League .'or Uns State, was one of the ptllu??a?
oriraiilzers i'f ihr iiieeliii;? in ronjuncilon with At. |
Tord, cx-Judc? John llaK.ney, Colonel Cnvanairh. of lie
C'.ith ttegimeiit-, und other well-knnwu Iilsl.mrn. Die
hall was. pai ked at full as It could hold BM ? ?
euihusi.istic civttd of Ir? :_?.?? a sTtapatBlatis aha
cheere.l every menti.ui of l'artirll,
?.. toae aad other leaders if anythim; w.i? n-n
ndd to tlieeufiu'iasiii ll tvas fiirelsUcd by the mu tic at
t'.r l.uiuiet ban 1, wltlc'i plaied Irish and Ameritan
National aha? laelaaiag "The nastrai ley." " the ???'at
Bpaagled Baeaer" aa l "I>".'onne.! Ai???? "
Pntnr of Minse on fie jila'fnrni were KaMier ?I'llyrne.
father Ot??min?. Father ??'Iloylt., lather Laveur,
Ka her Bfaaaaa, Oaleeel faasM CBvaaagBg Mcaraavai
torniy Ki'lit'.ta). Mvetlar I? Malmie. ?Jehcral etcna.t.
I. vs..iHl(t.i?. Da W. J. Harlln. Patrick ford. J...!<?
KeniKi. et iwis/t ll?x?iiT. " I'.ii lit lieu " Rei ?? tea, JeBS
A. 'V'in'ard. lathe! ( art'ill. I'.itlier Tho. 11 a? J. G? /
Barald aad ihe Ras. Da Caarlae _ Ba_
I?r. I.dtvard Malone, 011 rmtir, lo open the ineetinr, ?ras
ice? ivcd with uu outl.iir-t of 1 lieerluiv 11? sat I :
? hi? BWetlaB ?????pli-.s, ms l'i?, rr?l prim Ipls ?..' II.it..f Rui?.
M .
?ti' ? ?? a siattreee ???
a?? Iti wl
ronrei? Itasif??l. whlrh shnw, ?a I l.iitr. l'.il som? 11, iru ?~?1
???.|?|? In a poriit'i nf I r *t ? ??1 htr? lorruti.n (tie
ie??.iii nf ?.rettali arni t'is ? . 1 it-er? ani artuallv liav? Um
rh?*'k le cl?lm Ih.l t'.ev Sre ih- pei .1? nf lr??ul' A11
I iiflis'i fa? U1.11 plani??') tu tie Ha UMTS l>ra? ?luce nu Ih? tatti 1
wiii. h the Kiiiiiali 'lu??rn ?.-??? w... ??ni urei lltsl tvl.un
?(..le fro n ih" native !i!?ti have ?a ualiy ili? efteek ta olai.i
that they (?pre-teul Irelsiid ! rii?san ?re Ci? ?Intnreinrti. ???
"lain.? ?."n I?' BIS lei! v?.u. ?le mur? r liti.?Il ??.?? Ih?
t'nahali lh"'?i?e'v ???. Ani llie-n ?te ??..????? wit? who.n HM
traitor, ( listili??! lam, [biete?1, a-? pa ?iinpauy ?nd Lr
win,111 hn ?an?s a ?pe. Utl l*arilamrnt to li.ok
att.r Una?? lalet?ta, ili.?.?. TSats ??* ? It? tuen
wl,?.ni ti,e 11,u. ? 1 ii.-a? I" in? .u tat in ?f rawri ton, takli.K un
lime whalsii.T llial s. t ????**??1 !?? "? (lis I ? I ? 1 p. Dpi?, ?111
all Ihe p-.ipl? 111 .?iiiiifle? ????? ?? uf li-l .lui. eirej.t l* n?laii.|.
are as?.1.si It. lApptaa???.] 111 BBSIst ll*r?f.u? uf I1.?
tempt b!?- pru te til ?h la? linn In I re'ai ?I. m ?pit? nf (>?
titii lisiiiu. cnainlieiiain ?I .1 hi? tlssrlttiil ?III??, in spils nr
all. th"i.(li ????rr.1,11 nmy p..?.? ll.it.i.. . ule will tflil tally
1r1t111n.il. I I ou.l a 1.1 pr.ui,t.r?'l _i<(..?..at? j 1 intiixtu.e
Mayar Whitney, who w,ll pre?i.i*v
The rlialrinati. win. ?as ttunnlv reniteli, rtellvere I a
brief aMre-s. Me ?aid ? bat It *a? aol preposed (hat ibe
??????imr.v sbeald Interfere f"i' Ibi? m ti,.? relatletis I eitreen
Kiiifland and Ireland. " Vt'e ?imply ?lesire." le ?aid. " le
(.'ire ciiipliaiie eiprrs?mn In our arinpathy with linios
L'ili?? antl to niter ? 1 t"'e?t BSaiSei the | ?,-? ,:-e of an la*
famous eix-rehoi bill, which I? a i!!?ifniee to oui tiiitnittilty
im! I?? say to hiiiiUud." | Applautte.l
laasatan I*. A, Haaway laea remi ?? cerai letter? of
appoint;)' from weil kin.a 11 aeepla uiii.iiic w 1.1111 w. re BS
Maj.r l/'.v. t.ut euior Hill, (letuTal Moruin, ('outrres??
??a?? S. V. Whl(as. the Itev. I>r. istorrs, lather Bjlraslai
Milione aud Viear (leneral ???? ..-?
'The Rev. I?r. t-tairr? wrote ,?
? ? ??am vnti ol my heat ty sTinpathy with the perferlly
Jusl ?lean? ihat Itie p< <>)'le ul lrelan'l I-? all?wn.l In 111.H1 n,e
their own lue.al ?fT?irs in!, ! ??.;? of Ireland ?how?aiiv?
II1I11S ll ?hows thai as Iniis a? ?lie 1? he ?I un 1er the mi me !l
at? pulitlial ami tntlltaiy rimiriti uf K11; lami ?he 1 annul have
pea. 1 ur 1.1.??,..! ll v.
Tlie Illlhlalili lalasiaill from John Htr.geralri, ofNe
braska, preshlenl of th? Irisii National l-eau-ue of Ameri?
ca, was read and crested Keiieral rouinuut, evrr)l>?><lv
eayltiB* thut If It were not dynamite, It was force of ?ouie I
kind w 1.1. It wa? thrtaleued
If, deatlilte the warnliir? of tiiinuiiilty. the llrlllsh (luvern?
meni pin? ir? il? iiiaal and ?????.?? pull. r. lh? inevitable
ret!Ihntl.m lliat ?il.h ri.urse will lirtn?; upon the .1 . ? rn
?... i.I mil b? a leeeea le ill filini? trraul? thai 11.ne air Inn
ill In t mu? ? In? It lli.-v iniisl nut ??. I.?l tl... v.u. rs uf tlie
eitlaeaaet BiueSyatsBt^atwtetlte wund mai m ireismi?
uase that limit na? been reiche?!.
? he i-es'li'n; ??! I In? tele.-i am w a? loudly applauded, al?
ili?.uijli it eame ju?t afler a ?peeeh by the Lev. Dr. Hall,
who ?aid thai Impulsive lrlshmnii 111 thl? country esatti
alone tajara the aaaaa now by in?
lott patience or iluluK aiijtliin?? rash, and al
UsOaajB III!? ?elltlineiit Has ul?0 uplilini.le 1.
The folluwini; resolutioii?. read by Hxeretary llatiway,
were saBted ani?I an out Mil ?! "G liieet 1111; :
JtmolteU, 'I'liaI ttr. llm eiti/'li? ?f lliuuklvn 111 US ine.'t
Ins ???omble.I. emphatically rniuleuin ?ml auersetli ?Ut pre
test asaiusi ih? lnfainuus eeerslea p.'l't'r "< it'?* um.? tier?
? 1 n m ??? 1. ?blcB we ?ttttnatize a? an oiitra"eoii Illiertr, Justice
? liil hniiiaiiUV ; nul
I.e., ', ?,(. Ttiat we r?llerite onr ??siintno? lo thn Irish
bamaat MM their iilu?ti 11111? leaatrr. Mr. I'.r.iell. uTotir lie Ur
s rin 1 ai I.V 1? Utl ?nil appruval ti: llielr pal? lulle eflurts IO .ten
thill c.iiiniry finiii ? ???teiiiof ??.?/.??????????? whlrh ?ilUJeit?
Ihn malurilr !.. lira oppressive rule of au alien ninicrilr whieli
ha? iln.lii.yr 1 Iieuiul? liiiliisirl.a. niipuverisliual her peupla,
kit.I ?Ii It.u million? nf them ?blu et,Ir ; nuil
Rewired. That we ramt-ey la? Ihe iliadi? lion. William _
? ituu-iiims an?! hi? ???|?|."?t? an ?>ipre.?iuii uf mu he iilv
.....'... 11..1 ..11 nf lh? p ?! an.? <p????-????????? Irish |mli.y wliu 11
lb r m .? ?a .u ?iik m ,u in.?.? iheir 1 .uniiryinen lai a.tuul, sint
that we aaaara Mr. Uladeteea th?t m tu? uui>te ami truir
imirliillr. Wurk he ha? the earned ?yinpsthy ami warm ad
11..1.1.,111 ul luo ou lire. ? iieruiau Ma ?? , ami
Ke.olrcil. Ilu.t ?f e reeiiiiii.zs wilh pleasure anil ?atlsf iclluti
Ihr valuable ttrrvic? lSn.lere.1 tu Ihr 1 alise ?! Ireland lit li"
Peuple m ISti.ll.iiil mi'l \t .le?, ? lu l,y llieli BBMVTl ni Ml
Ilia.(?time's policy hate pi.. vi 1! Ilieiiiselv. ? tu he li uu II lami?
ul laaltes ami lil.eilr , ami
Rt?olred, I hai BttptaM uf lhe?e reaoliitluii?, ?Ialini I.W mir
< hau man. t>e traii?in.ilei I.) Mr Lia l?Iu ?, Mr. l'arnnll ?mi
lami .??allslmry.
BWaiae Tea Catt, JbBm Van sTjrefc. MaJac B. -rstsa.
of Ihe ???????.??? Untoli, alni tlio itev. Dr. Hall I?lowed
tviili rloqiieol a ldr. ? .?? wlitrli mata appluutled a.ani
ami niraui. ( ienni al -?teivitrl I? ?Voo.lfor.l wa? Mitro.in???-?!
and mil that alili.nii'li lie had intended to make a ?????*
speech he would ulve way to l?r. ilitlL The luller sa?
la part:
?' I am a Protestant, ye! if to-morrow Home Rule world
enable tbe Catholic uusjoiil. 111 i telanti lu twiurl lim
rrolsiAtaiit miiioiiiy, let them ufen have llouie Rule lor
a l'mteslaui iijinuiiy m |m-tsc??ioii of Ihe laud tvhi? 11
(hey ?tole li.uu li. laud aualaiiit? by ba)?iiiet?, as Iho
Protestant mlnorlt) III Ireland I? ?listained. Is a inenaee,
ami iialura.l) make? ibe Caibollca distiluuul ol ilio
l'I olisi.ini? ?it ho are Ih.?.i.un iti., ut . ieri."
An ot? 1 tl.,?*it?-- ici tirine lut.-?.?.! tn the pertoruianee
?>f tho burle?ine " William Tell" by the Mitili ?Jouipuny
Draiiistle. ( Ini?. a??l?ied by meint.ers uf the Ulee flub of
the Till KetflUient, at the Acadmuy of Mutle lit cvenliiR?.
? ?in entei t.itiiuui.t wnva under the patron?:.?- of Mr?.
I'Uaiimev ??. inpew. Mm. itillntin 11. Nellsuii. ...rs.
David I'oes. Mrs. .Iona hin r-iuii??, Mrs. Koliertl?
-1 ...rt. Mr?. W. M, Klinr-lnnil. Ufa .loalah M. Kiake. urs.
Waller M. I.urina?, .tira. Alomo It. ( o. nel! ?mi
? .Hier w? Il liiKMVu laillea. Tlio non??.!?, ?nuli were
Urite, will ?? devotai to the eudotviueiit of
mull?an en'? notte al lluliiirinauu Hospital
loi the e ili ? Nuliolial (Inani ??! New 1 ?ilk Hate. The
eoiivi'iilr |'i"tfr?.iiine I? a work ol art. A llte-llke icroiip ou
the 1 uter IBilie alili < uptalli Jan.??? | tmriin ll^rper. III?,
(.eoi.? i: .iure um! i.ronrn lt. Im* uni. alni a t "mi.
lady known lu six iu<y utleuiliiit, 1. l-iai.k Neal. ul ine
NuiUi Company, wiao joua a? a ttiinuded ?oldier. Y'Jt
Of Wlllnlt tlir*.lV nf lllle.kltll U ?Il ?itSlit ?'Ilo
? in! ?teuipUr, ft fi In? ? ?. . ? liuti latti Iti*, nass of ali
ire?? In l'tirltlisn ?t!????????. It?(?tt . o uleitni? Ih? h?i
trait? of officers and etln-ing scenes In the history of the
reel in rut are among the ill" ?li.itimi? between the oover?.
'ihe money received from tbe advertisement? In the pro
?.'ramm.? ai?o me? to the futnl. 'ihe au tortai muent waa ?a
everj way creditable
The Canadian Club Is growing ambitious, and a
new and expensive cub house ia already being talked
of ln odd corner? ol tho homelike quarters at So. 12
K?st Twenty-niiith-st Last night the club i;ave a
reception, and its ro?ult? will, in tbe near future,
form a it .venable _rgiiii?mt for the membeis who
dosire to emu.ate the other city clubs In spacious
apartment.. j here was mich a crowd that It was
impossible to get any nio.e than a passing glimpse
of l-ni?cr.s excellent water colors of Canadian sceii
ecv, and even tbe pavage ways and staicaan were
peeked trit?i oteatboei and visitors, many of them
ladles. The art exhibition was not tho only attrac?
tion: there was also a lecture by Professor Ooldwiu
Smith, who?with the exception, perhaps, of Sir .lohn
A Macd raid? is the most popular man In the Do?
He read a mr-fully prepared lecture. "The ;?crii?m
In the AaaJo_-\Oa KM? COnaed by the American
ltevolutlon." The ? roll?W Im a tall, thin man. with
neat ?Ide whlslvc??, which give hlin the apptaraucc
of an Fagliati boniater or i.h vician.
Af'ey reviewing the revolution and the various
pha-c? nf trie schism l.y It created, Piofe??or Smith
Kill that some day thl? schism in the Anglo-Saxon
race would come to an end. Intereour?e. which wan
alwav? Increa-ing, ? ? firmar r?a tros, the kindly word?
and d.U nf the better men on both .?Id'??, no Influ
eure of | common literature, and the exchange of
Internai ?miai courtesies and pood offices, these, with
?II lie-iiin?.? time, would nt li?t do their worK Ihe
growing n-n-e of a common dancer to ord'-r, piorerfy
and p? - i 11 /.it I? .11 would perba???? cn-t.-aln American?
to eli e m? iratlfvln- their feeling acrain?t. I'.npland
' Tbe feiul would 000*0 to be cherished, and no jiediler
I of mali.'iiaiif paoetOM would then be al.le lo ri ?cul?'"
! hl? villain -dieet?, and take together hi?? dirty the'el?
I by trod?u 00 the linrerini enmity of the Anglo
Savon of the New World to hi? brother beyond the
1 sea. lint the relation? between Canada and the
: Kugli-h speak?ll ??<?? whirb shar?d thl? continent
?ith her ?rere manife-tly designed by nature to be
j mme Intim?t?. T^e hoiir wa? In every way pro
? pliions for closer friend-hip. If onlv American poll
trtian? would tau?e in Pi>tr a-????????? end'avors
I to catch the Iri?h vote by In-nlHn? and annoying
Kinrland wbo-e eotteeo? was BOceasary to commer?
cial union, and whine w|?be? and -l?niooll hei loyal
colmisi? would never di.?regard.
rsnrnr.TiADtTsTKfi ???.?p??at?? ???.????a'? anni
VKi!?Attv Atrri: t?????p own fashion.
Tbe trustee? of Columbia College suceeeded In 0001?
bri.tiiK the lOOih anniversary of the coller;? to the r sat?
isfaction on \Ve.ltiB?iiay, but the student? were not ?o
M ? M0-MM) th??)? wanted "more.?' and they got It
last nu-iiL A? soon as it wa? dark, the collegiali! gath?
ered with big wlntr h indie? under thalr arm?, and at ?
' o'clock tl.e eauipu? was packed with niasipieraders clad
In white Olgat-COWM BOOM we-o dressed to r"pre?cnt
I etri?, with curly hair and bonnet? and striped stockings,
w I.II'? the ine.li.al stuileiit? Wore buje blsck It-lire* of the
j a.nil and ene.? Itone? oh their white gown?.
At fcSO o'clock the 71st I'rglu.cut loai arrived, and
the Uno forii.i d. leu slain ail policemen headed (he
eolniiiti. ? Inn fi Mowed I. I.lv, V?, as (?rand Marshal,
I with a white hat two feet long: and on bis arm hung
lUchArd Hunil. ??, dre???d a? a blushing dam?el. II?
, himl these daiiced or wa'kod, as suited their faney, a
bevy of " Ixiauliful nialilcu?," ami tUen came the band.
HeUind tl.e band tbe law studeut? man bed w.tb Joseph
?-OOakall and II. M. I'.-rk a? their marshals. On mutts
back wrre palntc, I their class MOfeOT, or else ?? Koluiiiby *J
Tbe medical students followed, rl.atillng "Haw niv leg
???." I In?:Ir mar?!?.?! WOO W. Hierbo??. I lien tb" HMOOM
of Art? ?n.l Mm???. ??? ? ln?se?. mai-slialleil a? BillOWO: J.
H. Kerlont. ?-;. Ilmrv Kir, 's?; C. K. Iteeliuian. V.I ;
le l;.i) I?.? ., i. ???, ami \[ I. Ilogart. '!)(). Ihe i'r.?!i
Inen in? ??.??'? a number of "young lalle?." whose co?
luiiir? ou?ebous anubliig in wbi.h -mloiiion in all bis
g'or) w.? .?? el al raved.
Ihe e iii'ie piiMcasinu kept ii|? a deafening roar with
tin borni aad vollauf " 'Kay. 'iiu>. 'itav. c o-l-u-u? b-la:"
along n.e ?bole Ui.f march, which waa from tbo Ort
lege down M mil ?on are. It? I blrty-four b ?t.. to Fifth ave.,
to I ill) Hint It??t, to Madianli-ave. and dew u to Ihe Collere.
I In-. ?.Limn wa? oier a i|U-r.ei of a uiilo long and con?
ta.!..-.I o.er a ihousaiid ?t?ldenla As B0O0 as Ilio l'imi
p.nil returned to th? college the oxhIMtloa of flieiM.rfc?
Waa begun by ?cmnng up a huge blue and while Ora?
ba ?.-:. I?owed a luilliaiil display of l.mnau
eaiidlr?, rn kata, Ore wheel?, pin-wiie.-i? ami r? d
?ini green HjrhM: while sn unm.ni???
pi.e of ban*? m the middle nf the campo?
' on lite, and the ?Indent? forming three tinmen.??
finita amooil It baga a a war danno thai would have put
\,...rb- In tl?I li'.u?! When the ?upplv of :
gave ont do wo came the Ion? flight of aoo ?en sten? lea l
:. and tbo lia.u?? at am lesped lu.'li
Hi lie air amid a ptOionged ho'.rl fiom the aOMOSblcd
multitud* Th? old woodeo late al l'lfuetn ?t. came
oblia iha oi bjhborhuoil trae proofed i?r and ooof
(?.; ' i-l.
11.? eel iirntiori wa? a s icees? In every aen?e of the
wont, ao'l if the buya <_? feel well aeed up to-day tbej
h.ue the ?..tisi.irtioii of know ????? thai lliey have " beaten
? .nd."
F -
tin ?? > "M> ? s\ . i:i ir roa IBI kisri?'.i ??? ?????
in.i.s i?? HMMM at TitK ir.\?.s.
I..\U ir., April 1 I. 1 ??,?p?. (be MOO od favorite for
the Derby, on ?Mofe "?? ?! H to 1 are (.Ilrrc.l lu
tl.e books lo day, ba? fOM to pieces. At I.rxlii.imi,
IfelaMorolog.G Macfe. th*mmrr ol roteen, start.ii in?
Macfe ? ?? to io a lui.e UI..1 u .,.-;'. r wr.li
Mootroao. Xho two aono? were fjt?a a
proltMlaavf wanning, aad abort p o*eloet
aUllel ?lu.in.l the Irati? ?lmr.i.. e leni ut the (|uar
ter a lengtii aud al the half two l.-uglbs. .Installer POOO
lug the el-htli p.We l'i.ti'en ?????.|???<1\ .?????p? 1.1.? lall.tU'-ii
? ? aiop. .?:?.?... hia jockey, dlateounled aad
??? 1 l!,n aoTM lo Ihe ala le, while It
ws? fruii! that ne was bleeding
0l the iings. rifornii'? shoe? sud lei;.?
were ?potted W4th b.oo.l. Tin? will pievelit the
(???Il fi".u ci.l'imi,? In hi? eugafetueot! ben
and a? ? l'eri?) ?tsrter be ?? uselea?. He
bli ? ir -au., mu . ??? fOH. tboagh oot ??? profusely and
II waa tbe op.uimi ni ?in-rsl *..l posici JK?IIW
thai be could not ?uni the work neees -uy to at Mm for
the Derby. Montroao did at? i_Uo ia 1:17 aad Iha mil?
Uli I a ?.UartCf III '-:l.">'-j.
l'arni? ?. Ilohblii?. a ?-hip l.ioiierot .N?5. 090 I oiirlh
ave., having an of!he In |ow?e Broadway, ?/
amfepied in the .in!'-r in Market Kottea apoo c"tn
pi.ii.t nf Hart? ia 11 '? ? r. a pretty youni woman
Who M | - mm ?- an art student and Bfl attuta' in?? :??.
sto? ? ?. npiiinrii tint G'.'?.,??- and followed her about
un n,?? iMaoli aad MfhO-wd ber mio aeeompanylne
?..??? to a hotel bj -plating thai bo waa on nib? er .m ,
would M'iid her to Hi? HoHM "f the Uood -hepherd
The COM bid been liro.i.'lt to the lilt? lit I<>|| of tin?
polir? bv a pi,)-n un whi? had oofaced bobbin-? fUi
lowing tbe mil
l.oiib.ti? waa di-.I.arped, a? on OtQMO.aililOOtlOn
th?? ?tri admitted that ?be had accooiponkd him to
M.eial tlj.-.i'ir?. AbOUt two ?eel,?, ?,,>, bavin?
??liant?il??d with ih?? giri. 1?? di iii-uni ?1 ti at she return
a per of -I.?? ? vim h be bad guru l.'T. Mio li" ?
to ????? from him, and he MOO hoc uito a hallway
ou Itroadwav near Worth ?t.. and U ici to tai.?? oil
her MOM i-he acain e?ai???. and ran away hciwjiu
UiU. and ater piir-uing b? r lor a Inno be too ran avrav,
a? four men were following bun. Tv?o of trie?-??
wre Charit.? II. Cutting and ? Mi in B. LoCfeVOOd of
liiooliUii, dry KOOdl BMO. who wer?! ]ii?t gong hOOM
at 10 p. m. Ifobbin? admitted that h? DM Ir,. .1 tt)
tali? th? Khoe? frop the plrl. but denied that he had
ever represented him--lf to be an ofheer.
MTaRRRUOR adds To nun it ? ?????? BlPt
Ml?? ? att'.ar'ne Wolfe Urn.?? ba- given ??????? t.,
fiiriit?h UM hOOfta ??? I branch library at llroadway
and Koriy-M-cond-Mt. A hbort time ngo ehe gave
050,000 to tbo N'-w Vmli Vtot ClTMlaUOg Library
lor Mcurlnp tin? boHdlr)| l"r tins briiuh. POoaoOOlOO
of the property 1? to be obtain? d by May 1, and it
in azpOOtod to botro thiO branch open In the fall. It
will in.ike the ?bird library in tbo city now under Hi??
direction of tin I? ree ( iiculuting Libia: > . Ihe BfM
??a Oponed in IlOlld-st, and th?? wcond was MtOb
li-bed tiy Mr. OttOUdOT?M In Secundase near Klghth
-I. Another brandi, it ?? tfeOOfht, will bo Oponed in
the neslglborhood of Aldngdou Bqnaro In the Ninth
Ward next wmi, r and nimic for it ha- been pneeuted
t?? tin? dii??' tms in? % ni.ni who ?? totere?ted iu Molai
larpe publie librari??? OOMbUafeOd In N.iv ?ork.
Although Alile I lorrain:?), who wa? killed Ihn nuli
falllug with his horse during a steeplechase for gentle
men rider? al Croix de lleriiy. near l'arie, ou Tuesday,
had ?pent OMOfe of his manhood iibroad, ho was well
kiiowti among Nnw York clut? men. Me whs a son of IfeO
late Daniel lurniine, formerly vice president ol the New
Vork ( uulial and iludsiiii luvet Kiuliond and presiihut
? if Ihe Ohio uml Ml??l??:p|>l i.aili?? ???. and "G the third
daughter of Uottaradure Vaoderb?u His widowed
motiier and unmar.ieil sHter live at .No. UHI Fifth-are.
Anolhri aiatitr. Mrs. Howard, live.? lu fail* Mr. tor?
nai!. ?, who na? bul ; im ..j ..? yOMi i.ei, ??.??. passionately
Im.il of boises and all that pertained to them, and was
regarded M? remarkably clever and cool beaded ruler.
Ile Micini??,! man) of the fox-html? and cinMCOUiitry
rides In I iil-I in.I. and while Iu Ibis country ?lid much io
stimul?t? Intere?! tu fox-huiitiii?. He wa.? a meni ber ?>f
the Mej.lowbrook ami Hork.iway Hunt ? bili? und slvi ?G
ihe Country t luh. liu motner and sister will start tor
l'ari? iu the Cuuard hue elcuuisiilp Umbria to-morrow.
CiiiiKi), April H.-A ?iispatcn fnun H-MOfe, I"d.,
sa)? : " There is much alarm Hi tills MM-M uf Hi ? 8tale
over the poeslble failure ol the wheat ? rop, ceuseal by tbo
unprecedented dry weather at this season of the year
wuich has prevailed for over a mouth."
A dlapalch from Illooiiiingtori, 111., save : " The drouth
throughout ( rntrul llllnoi?, tmrrturr with the great ?nd
e iiilliinnii? brat. I? unprecedented. It hn? not rained ?Or
Hit week?, and then but a Il.t.e fell, not enough to tauiy
birilli an ????????? .I wiuier dioutu. The thel.mei?! reg
UMM nearly '.ID in the ?haue dallV. Th? H< I '- ??"?' auarj
that H n ueil to liuiios.lbie to baiiow.uu |M| io Uic ? imi ??
of linai.
nr.NVkR, April It -A dl?p?icb fimo linen? Vista to
Th, lityulAinn says: ? A rn? ksltdo ?m curred to-day In a
.??-? cut o.?? lb? work of K) tier. H Igne? A Homard on UM
li.i.lUiid grwle near ibis place Aererai uieu were killed
ami Mr. ?iernard wa? badly Injured. It I? aafa to aar
thal righi ?? leu men bave io?t lb. Ir lives ani several
? ??iieieba.e beeu mor? ?? le?? injured.'
To the Editor of Th? Tribune.
Sut : Why will sincere advocate? of a reduotion ot
the number ot saloons renew the fight at Albany
through the Vedder bill, wtaieh ia High License under
another formt Y rienda, paone a moment. Why
agaio compel a division ot tbe temperance torce? f
You wiih to bring about a reduci oo of saloons. So
?lo we. It is not revenue tor tbe city or Mate treasury
that you are after. ?A by not, then, orooeed on a line
tbat will not croa? the conscience ot a great majority
of tb? beat known temperance worker? in tbe State 1
You know that tbe entire Methodist church in both its
discipline aud it* General (.'onierenee utterance? is
committed - unalterably " against license in every
form. And so are tne (Icon Templar?, the ???? ot
Temperance^ the Prohibition P.nty meo, and worker?
like .lohn ?. Steams, T. f.. Cnvler, General Clinton It.
Fisk, and hosts ol others. Nature move? along the
line ot least resistane?. It Is wisdom to do this in
reforms. There is an easy and an immediately prac?
ticable way to reduce the inimbur ot -aloous. Let tbo
present law be amended as follows : u Excise Com?
missioners shall not grunt saloon permit? in any
Assembly lihUrtct beyond ote to lOO rotta" That
would avoid the OmmUmi of Governor Hill. It
would reduce the saloon? ln this city trom 10.000 to
2,G>00. Ther? ie no guess-work about It. Dr. Crosby
has placed himself 00 the ?Ide ot the practicability of
ihe measure ; so has Mr. Graham ; so ha? Mr. Wood
man. president ot the Hoard of Kxcise. The reform
should go much further ; but if we cannot have the
whole loaf, wo are willing to take it in slice?.
Dr. Crosby in reported In oue of th? morning paper?
as saying that when he thinks of the action of Probihi
tioniftt? iu opposing High License, be ia " ashamed of
himself." When I think thai menso tar obo~* the
.i.i.i... a? Dr Crosby and Judge Noah Davis will so
cruelly und persistently insist on selecting the one ot
two w-vs ol reform Ifiat does violen??? to the con?
science of tens ot thou-auda ot our best men und
women in prelcrenee to the other plan, admittedly
practicable und -.bien give? oletee to noons'? con?
science, I anP? ?.?b .mcl of tbe luck ot chanty and in
te 11 igen ? foresight in humanity. It is easily possible
to unite the temperance sentiment ol the State on an
efleciire measure. I. K. Plm?.
.Sew York, April 14, 1H87.
[Wo commend the above to the careful consider?
ation of the only friend? of temperance in the Leg?
islature.?th? Republicans whom Dr. Funk ha?
boOB desperately lighting If wo can in any way
get a practicable and valuable suggestion trom it,
by all means let Bl do so.?Ed.)
To the Editor of Th? Tribune.
8nt: I notice by the paner? that boxee are to be
plooOd at the corners ot street? in Washington lor the
reception ot papers and small package? lor the mail -
pi'inetliiug much nee led ??? re. A station on Kort,?
aOOOOd aC, ?otiiewlioio between Broad war and the
??,.??? Central Denot, would be a great cou veniente,
J.eie-lo;k, April 11, 1??7. r. u.
lAinwri.i. i:i:cKi'ii(iN ro thk KK.v. M, OBOBOBS.
The letter " ? " in purplo immortelle? on a white
baekgro nid was couspicujus among th? Jnral ilcurs
ton-.n the Brooklyn labern.icle lust eieuiug at tin.
tarewoll recai u?n to the Kev. Dr Ooorgl I Uopi,
who ha.? just etuled hi? pastorale in th?? OoaOOO IMare
Methodist l.i.isci.p.il Church and will be.iu bis work
in Iruiitj Church, Now-IIaven. on Sunday Many
prooaiaOBl citizens of Uro?.!.I. ? were iu the au lienc??,
which crowtled tbo church. Resides th? speaker?.
Cenerai C. G. ? liristi i sen. tue Rev W P. Curbii,
llcnrv L Pratt, the li.v. l)r. W. W Bow.lUh, Dr H
?. 1 lieber, ? tiarh's li. Teule, tho Kev. Dr. Justin D.
Fulton, ei-Mayur Samuel l????;!). IfeO Kev I. Simmons,
II. \V. Knight, P. W. Scboticld, and John French,
were among those pi osent. Jame? 8 Case called tbo
in. 'tlllB tu order, and introduced the Kev. Dr. K. I'.
In_". isoli, who presented tbe sneakers with wise and
wuty remark?. Dr. In.Image -aid tint the Tabernacle
aud tin; II in-on I'l.io Chinch were uear and thai the
BMOl Irien?lly rolOtioBO bail always been iiisint-ined
betWOOO th-iiu l'In re bad been a great advance
? ln<!? the lune? when the Cal ? inlet? aad ? : minimi?
wen* at swords'pomi?, ?l'i???? Joli'i Wesley ?aid iu
LoadOB tiint the Calvinista were a bard and BMOOOO??
nolo eet, and a loan got up and said ? l'hai'? a lie,''
Ur. Kee.l had Hot feoOB a " reed shaken by the ?lud "
iu Brooklyn.
.Mici-a ?on); by UM BojtatOB Glee Club, Anthony
OoBMtook sp>ke ol the interest o< Dr. Kced in the
work ol the Socirty lor the -OMMOmIm ol Vice, lue
Kev Lindsay Parker, rector ot Nt. Peter'* faiooopol
(birch, iliade a huiiioioii-i spec? ).. He said it would
be .?? great los? to Hrooklyn to luve m> g"Od-i<M>king a
? an as Dr. ???.??? go awav, adding, ? And there are
veiling to br ao lew oi us foed-looQog men. Hrcther
T.iluiMge," turning to ti e genial docto?, while tbo
Badine? laughed.
lu the absence of Dr. Storr?, a letter was road |
Irmi hiui slating that In?. ?.-a in would not p-injit
bun to be present. He ?poke in the mo?t generous
tiiinsot Dr. It. ed. ? lottar WoO also roid trulli Dr.
J, vi. Boekloy, Kdttoeol " Ihr t hnotloo Advocate."
W, I'- K. Miliiken said Dr. ItOOd feed proved himself
un Independent, told, and tearless minister, one who
*.*.?>? lint ulraid to OBgOgO?Itfel practical duties ol a
| ciiiAen. He had boa active whenever he could do
gond and lit? iiitlueucr wuubl remain in the city uot
w it list, tiding hi? .It pun ? re.
Assemblyman A. S. Bacon .?a..I he adtni ??! Dr.
Heed boooOM fee was a fighter and in everv tight. He
h..d HMftfel ottener than John I.. Sullivan, bad bit
more men, and didn't use clove?. Minister? were
?.?.mini oho did not reqelro white neckties to indicate
tb? ir eallui-'. 1'rae'ii ul and uerlul uien were needed
i<> ir.irti tu.? lioiiicly trulli? Cbrist brought iute the
win Id.
Dr. Theodore la Cuy 1er, in a stirring spreeli,
relerred to Hrooklyn as the " paradise ot picailicrs."
Ile made a patliefc reti rence to .tir. Ileecber. Ot the
pastor? ot the Hanson l'Ilice ? hui.-h toi twentv ?even
\ cai s, no ?aid, there had bctu no truer hearted or
n.il.U-r man tli.in l>r. 1,'ccil. He had not only been a
herald ol tl" (,u-pet. but had ????? in the lore-trout of
r wi y roui? ?t a_.iiii?t the serried ranke ot the diam
khojM and against (be evils ol gambling.
A letter roCfOtMao hi? abseilen was read trmn the
Kev. Challes Cntbbcrt lla'.l, alter music bv Mis?es
.May an.? Pearl \\ hitucv. Then thu Rev. (J. W. Milieu
it??? cut? <l the testimonial M the committee to Dr.
Kced, embodying reaoliltioiis ?peaking iu the warmest
lei m? ,,? Dr. Rood a? a preacher aud a man. Tbe
risoluti?!:!? were adopted bv the audit neo by ?aring
haiull.eich.eis in all part? ot the Iio.im*. Dr. Herd said
iu reopoaei that he had listened to what had been said
aud wondered who wa? beiug talked about. He had
ilo worils tor th? Ice!i? g? in. his heart ut this testi?
ni?:.?.;. Ile bad ?pent nine busy and laboriuus year?
in BeOOklya, IMI they bad been jov tut years. He had
done the wink at bis h.*iiJ w.lli bis might.
A tine basket ol (lowers whs presented to Dr. Reed's
wile at the closo ol the exercise?.
IxuiANAPOt is, Api il 14 (.SperitiII.- Carl Schoene
?ino ot the oldest Gei mua comedians in the G? ? ted
States, died in Kviinsvillo Uvday ot ibcumatlsni. He
retired troir. the stage in lstlO and located at ? van?,
ville. Duriug the wnr he was employed a? a corre?
spondent in tbe Sonili by the New-York "Staate
/.('innig." He WH? litriw aid with Carl Sohiir?. ou the
? ??inoliai ?tun oi the - \\ calli? h.? l'osi " at St. Con?.
Hi? brother 1* one ot the most notable comedian? tu
Kiirope, and ie under ensageuieut for lite at the Kb/?
Tbnatre in \i.nin.
?:??;?.??: andki?: oiDi.N'i:.
Ijinuiv, April 14 -The death la uunoiinced of Kugcne
Audr?'? Ondine, tbe Kreuch ?culptor, age ?eveuty-seven
years. _
Kug.Mio Andre" Ondine" was born in l'arie In 1S10 nnd
studied In the atelier of And ri Calle. Ha also worked
under Pe.tltot atid Ingres. He executed many seulptiire?,
several hyotlteial rennest. Ill? chief work wa? "The
Wounded (I Induit >r. Hsreieive-1 In IH.il til? Grand
I'm do Koine aud was al*_ awarded several modal? lor
BOOlptOfO and engraving.
I.usixiN, April 11. ?William Augustus .?avile, the artist,
has died at ( 'aune? of heart disease
I'abih, April 1_? Paul Dalloz. proprietor of tho Moni?
teur, is .lead. He was bfty-elgbl years old.
Ciu_Ai.(?, UL, April 1--1?. C Ayer, fouudor ef the
town of Harvard. I1L, died at that place last night, axe
ecvciity-?ve ycara. _
1UB WEA'IUEE ??G0??.
QOVKIvNMKNT 0??0-1??-1 ROM 2t HOUR
Wasiunoton, April 1 _-Kor New-Kiiglainl, New-York.
New-Jersey and l-?utera l'euu?) ivaiiia, warmer, fair
weather, variable wind.?.
T?IIBU-- -OUI'- i)i??Ki;V.vriL)*(l
,_JB? Moruml. M.-Lt. ] i_eh?
?te???? ao io ia iaai?"7 ???"''? ao.?
::M?i -Ui?i^/:''rf''f?'m
j-y- ,:^.P?_^a3B-llH .mo
In n .- -.aeran! ? roni iniioii? tins ?hows the b*rri*_?trlr ???
tualioiisyealer<U?. ????biMirVBdal the I'ulU?! ?ule? ?iku??
h?n ire alatlnn in thl? oitv. Tim .hall.!* leiboat? luo teuilxt?-?
mr? i.i.'.-il al mulinila iiliiirm-y. Vil- liruadstay.
TaiBCNB Orn.:a Apnl l*-| a. -.-There was more
?Houdlness than sui?sblne yesterday, with light variable
wliiilB. generally from the east, ami a slowly falling bar
omeior. The temperature raii_e.l between 30? ami 49e,
tbe average isi-V? bom?! G-1?" lower than ??u tiie cor?
re spouuiug day ? a? ? year, aud 1V blgbei than on v. omXM??
' ?n and near this city U? day fefeOl? wll'. probably bo
wat unii, lair or partly cloudy weal?er.
The Jury in tho trial of tuto white, etar-rcd vi-b
the murder of Louisa WoifT. tbe scrvaiit of 81* *UT?
mother, Mr?. Klixabeth White, ?vtirod from the
Court of Oyer arid Tsrmmer at s :(?:, p. _. yeates?ly
sitar listenlaf to ?<M1t10n.1i testuiony. .lobn i-otrer?,
ICiboxt ? JohiiMJB. Uuku Marker and VAw.in! Couno??
testified to bavins seen the prl-oner on the nicht of
February 10 pear the xene of tbe murdnr. and that
be ?Urte?? to go to hi? home in Seveiily-.*.ixtb-t-t. early
onotixh to have reach??-* there at the time that ho
said lie dW??tmn after ? o'clock.
The fury announoed that tb?*y hvl ?rriveit at an
arreement at 10 4.*.. and st Iti mldiiigbt Judpe Vati
Iirunt caino down from bis hou?e and reoivod ton
uGi_ty of murder In the second de??*Toe.?
_ t_ ~.,^?*?? _*)_J __!_j *? ?_ fatttn.
?? hit ?Ma cet Renaea? Platter wh?a yuaaskforlt
Suld by ali rollati.e iliuiK'.als.
. ?... rateate?? faahsaere Itt-met.
A white, iture. eiqnlaltelr perfnmoa todot sui? The boit
fur chapped han da autl t ?niter ?kin?. .
? ? ??? F.D.
BAIRD??????-?? Tueadar, April It la-tT *t tn? root.
dene? of the 1.rile'? ami her, 1,75a Walnut ?l. l'itila?!?!
phla, hy th? Rev F. J Collier, G?. O. of rio-alafftiMi. Pena
???Isleal l?y the Rev. A Irre I Vouinan?. O.D.af Orane? X l_
Anne Meredith, daujrhfer of th? l?(e Charle? li. (.rant, t?
William Tnrrey Hair!, of <)r?n?w. ? J.
('HAVRS.fif.-ifX HAi.K ai. Knie! Raymond Paaadena,
Cal- Or William H. Chamber!..in. of Yew-York city, t?
l|l? M?? ot!? Hale, of Prloreion. X. J.
FOX- -COOMBS-At U? reti Is?, is nl th? linde'? parent?. 03
South Portland-ave.. ? run? Ir ?. on Tuaa.lev erenin? Anni
1*2. by the Itev Tii-nd >r.i I? I'm 1er. Mntnev Allan K?L
M I>. to Mary, tlaoathler ot William Jrroin? Cuoiuba. Ml*.
both nf Brooklyn.
OI. Y PH A XT -? Kl I.M A fi -On ,-*in.-d ?V the Itili Of Anni.
?? Mi? ' ?1 u re h Of lh? R?* I er wrr. Mu? tisi.,?tu. ,X. J. br the
Rev Filsln K. Rutler. YautiiO il 11 In pi, rev S llcllman to
Joba Irmeli ? i'.rpl>?nt
SI'RIXH RiVi'K-At V.'?rn Bprlmt?. Y. C A|?HI I?
1HS7. hy the Rst ?leorK? il. Reli Preston R. ?pria?,, o.
"Harleleh.?? Md., and Bessie E., t_uj.ti.or of fan la lu Rev.
M S. Roye?.
W? ITI KMORIC-OKM?RMST On T.|??'1?r?veninv. April
G? hy ih? Rar Dr William ?. Mor*-?n. Franc??.-Bianchi
Whlttatmore to Anule Elisabeth. tUuciil:?r of A. T. D?tua?
reat? esq. _
All notiert of mirri)\jei mut 'it i* Urta I ?,!., fall
name and address._
IIART-Jnsoph B. ITart, bnrn in mortal Ufo J?nn?ry H. 17. _ ;
burn Int-n life ItmuorUl April I.'. 1?J7. furinoriy a i.ier'?
Fonerai ?ersten? nn Frtdav. Apr!! IS ?t t ?Veloelc n. m., troia
io? lata? saatSaaea, .x>? st Baal ??? ?t. cornei ?/.! ?<??,
Intenti??! at While I?Ins 1; irai > ? ?, -v.?; , ? tur lay ? '
liB_t <ltttr_S8eaea W|lniln?U??. fiel, ?? G?.,??t April
IX la Ih? SOUt rear of his ara, the Ht? Be?. AlfrtKl la??.
I). D., HUhop of Ihe Pi'ule?Uut _..i?. ui.al Chun U lu the ?
r?hv?s?ot Oetawar?.
Fonanti ?errloa?? at si. Vtelr w'? (!b?iri?n, Wl.m1a2tou.DoL
I r. lay j't.Ti|...,ti. Ain 1 1'.. at'.* n'? Iu k.
Yorwlt-b riun?. p?|irra plr ??? ' uur
MKIt~.il ? ? On Wein??lar ???! IS Pttl?in F. M?l?1ian.
Inen.!? of lh? family antl of hl? ?on. W. J C. Melarti*!], ?re
reipav'tfiillr re<|nestisH la. .(lan.l II,e binerai (ni 11 Mei il?
rn?i leiten. Yo. -i lioiitl si , al 1 o'clock Itila ( Kr Mar) after?
???G??-?? Yew York, aa Thar?l?y. April 11, 1**7. Jaae
Funeral ?et?1res at the rri'leBr.e of J II. VorHvtn, 428
We?! ?:til ?(., on ?storiar BMratML at 10 '.'. '.????.
Ini?rtu?nt at Ytwbort at 1 JO o'clock, oa arrival of West
MITSJ1 -Oa U'...!ii.?alay ?venina?. tdXora brief lllnea?, G?.a-be
Smith, wl low ui Isaac II Nuilth.
I'.eUn's? an?! Ii,-;i.|s o'lh? f.uuiir a?1 iiirltet to etten ! her
tuner?! on ??alnr.t??? niuiicn?*. at 10 ii'.l??.??, at "?? rial?
dem?? of her daucbter. Mr? J. G. l'an.?, .*.'?. 189 t_?l
Inlermeiiiat F'uthlnc Cemetery.
WHi'l'tlY -Surt.tnnlv, ?f pneu.iterila. Bt P!?l?i1?ti|. ST. /.,
?pril IVI. Mary ? tv hl ton. wifruf John Bf, tt hl'nit.
Funeral at her lai? maldene?. ?'?.???.?,, ?, J? Kn.uy mon*
' .??. April 18 ?I half pax !'?..'. i...-k
Traio leaves tarn* of _b<.riy-?U, ( entrai It?Iroitl of Yotr.
Jeiset?. at !? a m.
Special X-itices.
BAU ??? DA ? ??????? ??. ? G. ? ? 7 .10 PROMPT,
? ?' CHICK ??????1 11 ? ?. _.
IHK AVr.llll.'A.X A ll l'I A I.I.K H i _ t,
l'itfc PaiVAiK ooixacrtOJi
tu. 1 a ? uy
of Cinnlti3?(t, Oa.o,
Wlll.'h lUI.Ill.lu? S?.'lia? ot
Tin?: fin ih r wonics
br tire
(JIT UK-?F.llVB.
brxtnntnc at 7:.(0 proniBt,
A?lml??1i? tat Chl.k -rin?; Hall on nitriti ol ?ale by car.l oulf.
Qu.v realy far ire? .:.*?.nhutlun.
?????????? AYD AHSOI.?TK BALK
JADES. ? ? ? M EL'S, I1R0XZF.S
D.rcct ?otisi^uiu'iuu Uiruiif'i ili ?icau .11 China, Ja;. 4:1 i?
Tlie entire val.iahle eollectlon
? E KY OU ? ? ??.\?'.
A Piti ?. IS, JO and -1. at I l?J.?Vlock.
AT THE ?????'.?: ? ? ??G OAl.LKltIK?.
ox F.xitiniTiOY day axd IVUin
?.? (ata!..sac? to? re?.ly. Mail? I tre? lo my a.t.lrota
? Kail'.?h! ?t.. MaiiiRers.
1 'CM ?-. ? ? in iiv. Auctioneer.
. - SI
?.- Militant ? t|o*,rs. li-titittr.
J?,? ri Kl' ? ? ? ?: S ' ??
of the lale
will l?e ?olii al tUi'Uuu, without reser??, Uy oraler ot
I II'.MA- H. BK'll'N, ?-?J.. t-.X K(t'TO((,
At??? THE paiVATst < ???.1.?<? l??N OK
aiwuuK FA.WC..T.? iiowii i;sq.
am! ? few uth?r rare ot.laa't?.
V-lIi-JAllLii; I'AI.MtNOS.
WATFIt-COLoill?KAtV| ????. ? ? G?14??_ AND MOI'EllH
l i UYU L UK, ?1??.?/.?? M A UHI.E ?TATUA BY. uLO
G??' KL A INS ? M !? ??'GG ?. KI KS, RARE Ml.Nl.lTl'Rl?,
OLD i-HI.VI It Pi.ATK, *<?.
atei lo Ix sohl at aucliuu a? follow*
April 13, at'al o'clo'k pioinplly.
PAIXTlXtlSTUla F?! ?AY KVKM.MJ, AprU 15, Bt 8
e'olock proinplly. ^^^^_^^^^^^^
t ookin? br taiaa.
MISS CORSOX Ins klntlly cou?<-ub.*.l tl give a Inrnauttra
tiou uu llaia -.uu ivi oa
?JATL RDAY, APRIL 16, at at 30 p. m..
Iu _? A??oiably Kooiu* ot
?Mar Flewer aud Coennibrr (ream treeela?t?.li ?oft?at
suit uunnive? lb? texture aual appearauco of lh? fee? ???
hau?!?!.? LESS THAN HALF HIE Ti M E lakeii by taf
oilier known ?kin preparation. Invenieil ami ?util Uy t Ail.
H'Kl.l*. SIA.sM.Ytca, 1.l'ail Hroauway antl ?.."?1 ritti avtv
'Kle.-iri.? servire.'?
Can be attach??! to auy ?ml "f u.it'i?* ?-?????? t?tr
mai?, linoni s ?rut it anr lauiporatur ? ia?ir.? 1.1 i?i.. .#? ? tv
ma filasi, .u?.?., umri? ill-iiealiii. tila .m.ia< ot s.mIw,.r?.
Int.1 lui". UU.I11; -???, .???., 1*10 li.?.; it.? u ''.-t ut t ?? ru j u a ut?
il..11..-ally |f>?vt>riitiiat tlie tettiiieraturs. 1.1 ? ,1 ?, t,*s:~ In Rea*
? 1.-II.-.--S. ili.troll"?. Hospital?, ?on ..?is, ? j .? ?. ?. ?I >r.???. ? ?.
Iliinliatiilstpl ? nt.irr BAI tl ?r is t 1 I o ins if ....... 11. . t
?.?ni lo any .?'(.Irettun application. National Sleotr.j 001 vii?
cu.tiiiii aroaaltva? M. V._
Long Hi :iii?!i.
Futir Cuttset-?? ? ?...ihlet? ? lurnlkhetl to
_KENI AT 11.?.1.? tt tiOD.
?. .11. fttetvari, Siomn Cari?ei QaaaBBB WarSa,
mi, ."tii-avo. saaattorstteelae
CarUsto [room Y-sw-iors. aal lirooiilya.
Poet Oalet Notice.
(Should be i-nvt UAtt-r by all laureiti t. a? cimice? ni/
octuralaaiy tliuu.)
Lattata ??? u??r?>UB ematina* ???? ait es ?pmaii/ *?
.1re.?i??-?ltor.ll?p.?U!?i??yaiiV|?articiilat -ttas asr. >'f -,?1 *?'?ea
Il ?? .1.-..11 .?.1 Ui ?oui .luplioau? ol j*i.h< ?l'I OS a.ueroial
tlo>'Uiii.'Ui?. lotlor? nul ?pocially ailOroeaji oeiu/ ?a.uoy lia
laalml vii??a?l? arali?.n?, .
KoK'isu uiail? lor ih? week ?aliar A-iril id ?vili cl??*
(promptly 111 all oa???) al ??? ?Mat *? ?ollotv*
bAl'L'KDAY?All a. in. tor bra?!! autt lor Chill aad the laB
I'.stlo . 0111111 ?es. Via ?? ?/.ll, also tor at. I'.io.aia? au.l .?>(.
(Jtoiav.v?ol. lito?aa.stuu.or liaiuttitoc.?, a_s iiuu.UJ autl
lie.uaiaia, via ?laro?loe?. IMJC ?l.-aiiiamp Fmaaee. (ro?a
N..l> p.ua .????tlO-lef? (or OIIIOT ?l iU.I??.ll'l ??.*.??1? nia??
bo uii?ot.?l ????G Fiuauoe"? al (JU a. ??. n*T
l'ira. I'er.iaiuhuco ?al Ceara, lira/..!, per ?teaii?,
,?,,? Tlterw-ua; at S. M) a. m. ?',_???_
net atoa?amp 1. luuiia. via Queouslowu ilelter? lot
V tain u ciui?auy. _c, uiiiiLbo a????;?<??1 "per Lui uria "I;
at??t? -G -TaWtttat-aa}. su. p.r ?i^o.hip iciu^r.
t?? boo ?Ampliali au?, ilrjaiou .Ulis?. ? lor M?MMB
?Lu o?l??? Suit.|?*i t?uaUitt? laaM ost Sireotea "par
_.U'i ai?-.MT??- -f* ?YBaasa^e-ea, t??^ ??**"?U?8
G J .. G,. ?G11. Uavi? al IciiO a?, m. lor Uio AolU
___T?s, mj_M ?_____W___5
S . ___S mu?! lie .Urooto.1 "l'or -c.ue.lam -?It at 8S48
_-_-_r^?T__S b_ ?fe?,? '?*
ft__uw Uellstr? iBU.l be tlirocl*J " per povoui t" al
Vil m lor ??1??1??.?? direot. per ?tei.n?hip Noor.lHuL
IL Aoiwerp ileiier? iiimi b??llrttole.1 " p?r NoonlUnl"1.
al i .il? ?? ?u. '?" ? ?uosueia auU ?.uraCOa, ^?r ?lot usa.p C'a
Msi'l? tor Chi?? MM ?1*?>??? !>?Ga *_?8??|8 san G,????
itroii?itao Kr?nci?ooi olo?o U?r? April ? IS at / ?. ?? Mails
?ur Hi ib? utfiou laianua, per alosm ?hip Australia (11 out
"la t rauoieco). oioe? hero April ?IS at 7 p. a*. Staila
?or ?? -*u"tsatf ????8* P??r ?uip Ouy ol i'ap*u (trout
?San Krauet???) Olo^ tier? April '23 ?t 7 H* Mails
?or Ausii-ia? IflT ttTBlBB-l. .aii-twitti, r'Ol au I -.auioaa
isiau.l?. per ?teaauuiu alariposa (iroul aau (praiu ;s. ul.
en???? her? April ?*J al t p. ut. ? t 01 arrival at ? ?w G_?
uf si?unship ?torni 4uit>, with llnlisii mult (or ausu .un.
Mail? for Culm by rail to iaetpa. Fia?. a??t mea?? br
?UMUior. via st-ey Watt, F(_. oio?a al luu u-oe .??ly al
B?B* m.
~^????????.??!??????>??????? rraei fa-it? atsstsit attatast
OBtti?pists.i."pta??u ol tat-ir uuiuuu.upl?! everUod ir*t.lt
Ui-?rr-es-aa -?i??.'? -<>??" ?'?? f**? ___i?? r,y,,-.
mtmtnawbsao..t_?_?yalaalkasoi??aa.uoi?_?? ansiiiaai
ui.uoeiuo-mo.lay. HEi?aY - f?4*_lf?imwMkm0sa\
???? Oitloa, Yetr-Vor?, ... ?*. AptU a, ISSI.

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