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_. .?*??????. there wsa aa Inereasa, sad the snoee?? bala?
C'CTonrt th? <?pt?oUtlt>ii? of the projeotsrs ot the ente/
''iSit weeTetarrJitied to sitena the ?eason for two -rente,
pr?-'?iii3*pte'?iaerl0. This has been done. T? th? thoos.
Wf.,?f Soi?!? returning to their city Bornes about this tiras.
Ha wB?B?v? b?d no opp.rtQulty lo wltues? the upeu-elr
??jIJLcolir itrsius ai saiM Onore?, the exien?lon of ths
JiSonshouM b? welcome nnws. The exp?u?e? of thi? mam.
??fh ?c?teme bsve been enormous, sou the rainy weather.
? ? h ?revsileti to such en extent thi? summer, interfered
?Vruroily with the r?st.IpU. nevertheleas It 1* estimateti Ui?t
?fi'riuneo: no Inconsiderable tiliiieiislone bee been readied
Into elate. The niglitlv attendano?.' continues about the
?ave, ?? ?vertige of nearly 16,000 people. Imre Klr*lfy
will ? e- ????.u.y direct the p?rloriuauces to the eu?'.
Tho Thistle from stem to ?tern la now looking a?
bright and clean aa a ne? jiin, and one would Imagine
(hat Ibero remains nothing more to do on board of her
? Batti the day of the rat? ?????? to l.eep up her im
B.aculato appearance, but Captain Harr and hi? mate
malli d sii;nltie.iiiily when tLat suggustiun was made to
them, for there are a thousand ?nd one mysterious
ways to keep sailors busy on BOBBI a yacht whUe ?he
U,?, ?t anchor. Yesterday tho gig and cutter WON
swung from the davit?, and In tho afternoon the sai'ors
dad their BsaaJ Saturday half-holiday.
To-.ay there is euro to bo a great crowd ot visitors
to the Tln-t t?. and. numerous small boats will swarm
Shout her. New that sho ha? a coat of j atht the eau
or? ?"HI tako a little mon? | alus than tliey ?Id last
Bj day to keep ;%i> boats from buinping and
scraping her. Tho flattai will probably tako her
fjr-t ?ad to-morrow. The steam yacht Mohican from
CBaaga?, which ha? BBBsO of the tBOhsg contingent of
Uie Thistle on board, ls expected here on Tuo-day.
foine old school ?allora hnvo auKgested that Captala
Kan is haidly tbe best man that could have been seleet
e. to command the Thistle, because he doesn't know
ho?- to "curse " and " get mad, " whleii, aceordlug lo
umif oid timers, is the eminently tit and
?roi>er thing to do whenever an emergency p?????
pi. requiring prompt aid quick work. It Is
to Its bol>ed that ('apt: in Harr will contound
II? critics by demonstrating that sesuisn can
br get to do their best under all circuuistanoes,
without any of that sort of exhortation which is
usually addressed to the impenitent mule. Hut Captain
B?rr, aWbSBgh ?tu exceedingly quint and lulld-uiau
ersd nian. conveys somehow the impression of hold?
ing a good deal in reserve, and It may. be that
|r too keeps in his ptivae 1 tcker a stock of ses phrases
tost he can Are off like hoi shot if an occasion arl?e?
wuith. iu ulsjuilgmeut, Juslirtes it. This week, in ail
lirttbabiilty, the Thistle will hoist her sails
sad laks some praoiice spins dowa the
Bay. but If any of the bl?r sinn le
?tu lier? ?b.mill lie about.lt Is not ut all likeiv that Ute
Ttilsll? ?rill engage in any t'st of speed with them. That
would not be in accordance with tbe discretion which the
| otchtuen have ?liowu since they came here.
in tue regatta of the Heterly Yacht Club the ?mall
Burgess ?utter Papoose attain obtained a brill
Uni victory, defeating the famous Shadow by
Sit it.muti'? over a thirty-mile course. Iu
the regatta of the Kasteru iaeht Club another
sf hi? cutters, tho Zigeuner, It will be remembere 1,
ssrrisl off the prize for third class single-stickers,
eefrattng the Cinderella, a much larger boat. The
Zigeuner, too, labored under many dlsad van taires,
?*??*,* under-rigged u? >i eailrely new, with
boinuii raagh and ?alls uiintretobed, and wilhal ballt
only a? ? cruising culler. If'In* ind?cale* that tbe cut?
ler, as compared with the eltsnp, may yet turn nut to be
the fastest type of boat. It is gratifying to know
that v.?? ..t-iiieii used not go to England to get them
Si;'.:. It looks as though !i,u ?.???*? can design cutters
quite as well as any BagBe tmuu can, if uol a little bet?
grim??ut lue crew of the T.iislle who have not yet got
here missed something last night nn ! ?o also did the few
?lio liad to stsy on board to keep watch over her. The
Social Sons of Scotland gara ? dinner to the officers and
crew of the Thistle at Martinelli'?, No. 5 Bowling (ireen,
Ud liefere the festivities were half finished every man
pieseui, except tho rei?orters. was willlug lo net heavy
????? nu the Thistle. There were present froto tin? Thistle
Cs lain John Harry. Second otticer Daniel MeKeBSM,
iS?vig?!or Kerr, Steward William Wright, ? arpenter
John Craw foni, Sailmaker John (?rabaui and ten of tho
crew. John Fife, president of tbe cluh, presided. The
ftrst toast. " ihe President of the United Mutes," waa
drunk in silence, the ?eeond, "The Queen," was lo
sji.e. ?>? . to with " Kule Britannia," In which the Thlstlo
li tn joined heartily. Then followed a Scotch sonn hy
the vice-pn si lent of the cinti, Hicbard (ieatier. Next
came the toast ofthe evening "The Thistle?Her C tp
t??.!?. mi.? Ciew." Iu speaking to tt John Kyfe fouuil hi?
feeling* a? a naturalized American opposed to his feel?
ings as a native of Scotland, but tlnitlly the ties ot birth
prevailed aud be came out boldly tor the t-'eotch
cutter, though later he tried to hedge
a bit by drinking to the siieee?? of
both tue Thistle anu the Vo'.unleer. Hut the tail-end of
fu toast did uot excite much e n mus: a.? in.
Modc.st Captain Harr wanted to tie excused from reply
Im;, but they wouldn't let him off, aud finally he male
this exceedingly brief and business-like speech: "I
thank you very much for your goo I wishes. We will do
Bur best to ?;e; that cup, If tossi hie." lie was applauded
hist as much aa though he bad matte a l<>ng speech.
Navigator Kerr was forced to int-ke a speech later on.
Othsr tossta and songs tilled oat the eveuiig.
f Henry George waa dumfounded when he heard that
Pylvaims ?. Sweet, who had been nomtnatsd for Slate
Engineer and Surveyor at the convontion ot the l" ni te i
labor party, refused t j accept tho nominatimi. Mr.
Sweet now gays that the nomination was made without
his knowledge or oonsent, and that be could ? it by any
means accept it Hts reasons are that he is a lini, and
consistent Democrat. He hue not had any connection
with the United Labor Party and strongly intimates that
he does not wish ta lie evidently thinks that his
ebances for political advancement are better with tbe
party who made himEugineer and Surveyor In 1873.
Be says, in fact, that after all the Democratic party has
cone for him he would not desert It for the bostoltice that
the United Labor party could give blux Mr. George re
fnsed yesterday to dlscuKs Mr. Sweet's declination. He
intimated, however, that he understood that Mr. Hw?et
was thoroughly Iu accorti with the principles of the Dat?
iti Labor party and was willing to throw oft the
eld D?mocratie yoke and ?met In bis loi with th?? l.aiior
rotere. " During the week," Mr. CK-orge salt), "Mr. -weet
failed s'. my ottico and seemed to be enthusiastic over his
iiondnution aud thought be would anrely accept."
Mr. (leorge refused to discuss further the clreum
Btances of the ease. It was learned, nowever, thai a
meeting of the State Committee of the party will be
called as soon as ]tosslble, snd that a new nomination
Will be made by them. Who tbe eandldate will he ls not
yet hinted at, but it will be some man known to he
thoroughly in accord with the Labor movement and one
who, If elected, can fill the position creditably. The ac
susatlon Is made that Mr. Sweet was Influenced In his
latest deoision by some of the part ? leaders of me Demo?
cratic fold aud that ne was promised a Use nomination
by them if he would refuse the Laoor party'? nomina?
tion. The D?mocratie managers reared that he would
take from their regolar nominee too imuy votes ami
they prefer that rome one, not so well known, be the
United Labor party'? candidate.
There is a movement on foot among the Irish-Ameri?
cans in this city to recommence the work of raising
money in aid of tho bie ami, as 1? thought, final struggle
1b behalf of Home Hule at the polls, which cannot now
b* long deferred. In Ireland the UnlonUt?, who feel that
tbsy have do longer snv followers la the constituencies
worth speaking of. will in the majority of Instarne? go
over to the Tor)??, while the Tories, who di?
vide with the .Nationalists the representation
of UUtsr, tbe latter h?viiig a majority
of one. will be certain to use sil tbe resources at their
Command to -escue many ?eats in the northern provinces,
where the uisjurlt.v against th?in has been ?lender. The
diminution In the OoToraaBOBl majority in Friday night's
division on the proclamation of tbe League ha? induced
the Irish leaders here to believe that a ventral election
I? Imminent. Bliice the last general etSOttOB the Torte?
have lost thirty-two votes. Including the bye election?
ani the return of the diaslde.ul Liberals to their old
Use of the most energetic of the workers In tbe Irish
ostise In this coustry s?ld yestorday lo a TaiBOBB re?
porter that a supreme effort would be made by all ?yin
patblzer? with Home Hule in America to show their
sympathy with tbe demand of Ireland at the next cenerai
elee, ion: "for," he continued, "everything will depend
on It. because, If t:lad?toBe bo again detested at the
poil?, the ?tower of mau will uot resti am the Irish from
Brdeetiag a? tisele?? constitutional agitation." .1. .?*.
Woloney. who bel.eve? In lighting for Ireland's freedom,
bui who I? also friendly to l'amen and his method?, has
)??' returned from a pit.longed tour in Ireland. " I
never saw eitcb buoyancy ami h ipcfnlne*? on the one
hand and galling provocation on the other," said be.
" Ibe ?.uveiameni are ooluc all they can to drive Hie
People Into revolt, out the people are win y aud ilo noi
desire to play luto tbe hand? of lledr enemies. Any one
going over tbore from America Is dogged a? though lie
were a criminal from the moment ue lands at (?tirens
town. Hut the peop e are so well organized that they
laugh at the prospect of ? coercion act und arc as ready
bow tt? ever to go to Jail."
Tbe tun ral o? Eugene Walton Spoftord. ?on of Paul
ipoflord, took place at O?aco Church vesteiday.
Tbere was a 1 iri-e atteudaDce of friends Hum this
**t.v and lrom Weatchester. Among tnose present
*ere three oi Mr. Sportord'e brothers, II. T, Ilarnng
toil, Charlen D. Dickev, Warren Ferrie, Johu Huchaun,
Stephen Bsehass, Frank Watson, Hubert Watson,
Ww.rd llrtigbt. jr., Charles Heck, Chailc 8and?,
William n. Hands, Misa Kat? Dire, A. W. H arri n;
w?, lirorge Tiflanr, Mrs. Jacob Lorillard, BisII
?ole, Ernest Ad?lie and William II. Tailer. Tue
??rviee was conducted b? the Kev. Dr. li H. Starr, ot
??'se- Church, assisted bv tbe He v. Frank W. Clendenoin
? "t. Peter's Churob, ?Vsstchester. sn?l tho Htv. A.
J Derbyshire, of West Farm?. There were many
?Uhorate tlur.il decorations. The committ ti Barrico
**s read at tbe church and tbe burial took place at
? F
The Ancient Nobles of the Mystic Mirine of Mecca
?tmpie, of this city, will visit the oasis of Newport next
**sth. The camels of Mecca are in excellent condition
{Ttse tourney, having hsd s long rest, and will be sup
.saeacb with Its required portion of water aud fodder.
??*ezpected that the sauds of Newport will have ?aiti
r*J?ly cooled to make pleasant s pilgrimage to the hmue
"Ljasti'on aud clambakes ou r?cpUniber 1 ; hence It la
EP0**'1 tu '?are here by the Fall Kiver boat on the day
lir?\ The mystlo shriners will fraternise and partake
" ?at itospttuuly of the nobles of Palestine Tempi?.
?**? Hewitt aad the contrai tie? of the Board of Abler
?? *???1?(?4 for that purpose hare netted in a lottar to
Mra GG??1???? Clearelan*. Inrltln? hrr to bs present at th?
annual r*rl?>w ot tha, Fir? Department snd prs*ni'.t the (lags
flr?n by fir? insurance tji*n a&?? oth? r?, G?*??????( ior??
and has sot boon Invited to Mcompuny his wlio.
Copyright! 1^87/ by Th* New-York Attorta ted Pretf
Bkhlin, Aug. 27.?It Is beoomlng doubtful whether
the Government will present to the Reichstag a bill
raising the import duties on ocrwUe. TheotIlclali.ro??
points out that an Increase of duties ml if lit destroy all
hopo of getting a favorahlo tariff treaty with Austria
i Hungary, f(?r f?????? Herman iniiiinfiicliireis ?ne clamor
j Ing. They want fairer tonne for manufactured aitatale?
, Imported from Austria, but theu Austria-Hungary I.? ?end
' Ing a large amount nf cereals Into (iermany nnd If the
duties on these coiniuodltle* vero rnl.scd, Austria would
retaliate u; on Uermauy.
The occurrence of the week of the greatest interest
both lu financial circles aud to tho general pillili,? Im.?
beam the reported formation of the great Spirit Monopoly
Coinpauy. Thero is some doubt, however, uotwith,taint?
ing the coiitldent assenions of luierestcil patitili.
whelhorthe compuny really ha.? been formed. Home of
Hie leading bunker?, onion?: them the Mendelssohns and
lUeiihroders, have refuse?I to ??????? In the enterprise
and 11 is also threatened that ? counter coalition to tho
company will bo formed, which will seek to bind nil
spirit producer* to sell to It at ooiilrnot rates, relnil
Veloce to be tlxtvl at tho will of the company, which will
thus become the focus of the entire domestic produc?
tion. Many producers have already contracted for ISO
marks por hectolitro. Including the taxes for domestic
production. As an Immediate result of these rumors,
t?e shares of numerous spirit distillili?? coinimnles baro
rushed up soiuo 33 per conk Few voleos uro heard
championing the omise of tho consumers, trae declare
that tho monopoly will lamentably raiso prices. The
monopolists further aim ut tlie exportation of spirits at
such prices as will destroy competition throughout tho
market! of tho world. The capital of tho Company,
which It was at nrst proposed to nx at 3?,????.??? mark?,
has now beon Increased ?? ??,???,??? murks. A third of
the entire number of Aliares bave been reservetl for the
distillers, who will liuve a proportionate representation
in the Board of Directora
The prospect of a settlement of tho Bulgarian Im?
brodilo is inoro ba?y than ever. Nothing dcllnito Is
known as to I'rinoe liismarck's policy. It i? certain that
(iiluial attesa? retata Ine ali*oluu? belief lhat, whatever Is
happening, the Austro-iieruian alliance remain? h?tant
It is believed there iBBbetBBV entente, but no nperl.il
raao^raaasaBsel wnii btaaataaa a result of Prlaea Bl*v
murck'? debiting to tapperete with the Czar la tils pres?
ent policy ol seeutiiiir respect for the Treuty of Merlin.
This baa been Blatnstreb'a persistent aim, but not Rus?
sia's. Tlio ciiauge in the relation? bet VMS tue two (.ov
ernuient* Is due to the etlort.? oi .M. dc t.iers, who, freed
from the oppression of tue l'an ->la\ ist party ?mei? .M.
Kiitkoir? de ili, seek* ?.erinaiiv'? co operation within the
limit? of the Berlin treaty. If this friendly attitude con?
tinue?, the mutilai ? .ninnai aversion may ahnte.
Meantime, tlie (.?'l'inali ? ? ??? shows no ?p. eia! cniitl
dei.i?? in Rnaala Tba Iiourso ha* lake? adtaataga "f tbe
changed situatimi to give a sternly rise to ttltBSlaa aeetu i
tie* fioin the low level lo which the? weie Ior.ed two
mouth? ago. though Ihe il*c 1? nothing more tlutti what
the ?peciil.atail? rcgaid SB tlie normal \ allies of the se?
curities, (.crinan bunkers will not take part in the pro?
posed RuaMiin loan.
ran ? mi?.-non'??? e? ?????. ? 11 ????t??t?
Tb? baa? proof of tbo full reatetattea ef ihe gatpeiui'a
health was hi.? appellali? e ut l'ot.-il.iin fi ?t.i.luy at the
iiiaiio-uvrt?.? o? Iba cavalry dlvi-lon of the t.u.irls. Tlie
Kinperor watched the evoluttou.? frost an opin carri.ige.
Wealing a helmet instead of mi undress cap, the u.-e of
w hieb u a Bertela alga that he i? alila?. Ha rem liaed ai
Potsdam two linni.s, and when he returned to Labi I-Ini g
he wu.? clieered by the crowd.
?'reparations ara Ixuiig made for the Cmpimr's recep?
tion at tb? KoeolgSberg uiann-uvre*. A great pa\ ilion
i.? being built ot wood. It will be lined with tape?try
ami will be divided mio two apart Bents, one for tea Km?
peror and the other for hi* MtltO. Dr. \ ?hi 1'iittkan ?t,
General Voa 8oh?BUoaeorf and Count? Voa Moltka ami
\s'al(len*ee will attend the ???:?p??-??\ tee. Tbe report? are
now credited that the occasion will be ?Ignali/.ed by a
meeting between the Ctar ami Kinperor v. uliam.
Tba Empress goes to Baden before the niaMruvrre,
where she wlu bo Joined by the Kmperor atiout the mid -
die Of ,-? pti'llil.a?!'.
rrince liismarck's life at Kis-ingcn 1* described In the
Magdeburg r ? itumj. ? he 'l'rline decuples n number of
room* in the sihlo*.?, whioh m.? lui hisLcd suiiiptuously
and conlaln valuable painting?, rare old carving? nnd
eiistly taiM-stry'? 'Ibe Prince rarely rise? before 10
o'clock, but he work* nlrbtly ut,Ml 2:30. Ile maintains
Bla regalai eoaraa <>f diet and habit? und payscl?.?eattcn
tioli to the preservation of hi* health.
wiarxnna on t??? okhmav run?.
The Jubibieum Preis, the most Yaliiable. racing pil/e
contested for lu (Iermany, wa? won on Thursday by tho
Hungarian colt liuigar, which I* the property of Count
Veetatta? The race* brought together a gnat gathering
Bf fiel BIBB and Ans'riaii turf in.iguale?. Tbe Kmperor
ami Kuipress of llnzll, tlie Kiug and imecn of Naples
ami ?everal lioiirbmi I'riiie?? were ]?r? Boat Tba .lubllee
PUsc bee ae connection with tbe Kngii?ii .???.??????. Tue
victory In this popular osatesi baa oltberto brea won by
(?ertniin, I.ngll-h or ???????? owner?, aad this la thei'.jst
lime a Hungarian haaever soeetsMlad in secarla? the
prue. In yesterday'? principal nice, the Ht. l?-ger Hendl
oap, I'uuipernlckel, a colt of the I'l'iissuu royal mid a*
t.i i.'di/., tliiiehed llrst.
Advices from Tilsit ?tale that the emigration of Rus?
sian Jew? to America ha? been resinned with vigor.
I-arge train? p??s i Unit weekly on their way to liremen
and Hamburg.
a noiiiscmi.D ??????? t? i.kavk vikvxa.
Karon Nulhanlel Koths.lnM hi.? been or.lereil to leave
Vienna for making lasaltlag ivmari;? ?boat tb? Arch?
duke Charle? Ixtuis, brother of the Kmperor.
The Inlajriiation.il Conference of Astronomers open* at
Kiel on Monday aud will remain la session three day?.
FT8ION OF AC [Holts' 8()( IKTI1-?.
The two authors' societies, Hie Schriftsteller Verband
and Hcbrlftsteller Verein, will meet at Dresden iu fep
I'Uiliei to arrange for a fusion.
io 1KAIH ? ? ? ?MttMBBAL LAXO! ?OB,
Tlie Haviirhiii Minister of Worship v. ill enan? school
for tlm teaching of the Volapuk at tbe I?Bltpo*4 (Jytn?
invdum lu Munich.
There was a disruption In Hal l.mdir olllce yesterday.
The city staffar?) all ardent admirers of Henry t.eorge
sod Jotia McM.iekln, and after the defeat of the latter on
Friday night, tbey would not consent to work under a
Ninallstie management. When a TlUlU SI rr poi t?i wenl
to the ottico ye?lei'ilay afternoon, Mr. BBbenteb, the e<ll
loi???? chief, was absent and there wa? confusion In the
sanetutii. City avlitair, editorial writers and reporter*
?at on table? witn long-drawn face?, talkmt wltn one to?
other ta subdued voice*. It looked exceedingly liken
sinke, but it wa? u >t, only a wholesale resignan m of the
entire city staff wa? taking place. On the e?il or's ?le?k
wa* a bundle ol letter.? em ? coiilalniiig tlie leslguaimu
of one of the emplnye?. They are John Fol.y, city ed?
itor; Frank Cahlll, Jume? It. ilagler. W. B. Dotiglierty,
Tiioina? H. Denebaa aad Joba ? Beaaer, reportera, ?nd
,1 unes T. ?ialin, editon il writer, In the computing room
there was a line ooOMBOtioa oil all the aii(l-n?>clali?t?h,ad
put their rules In tiiitir pocket? and were walling for
their week'? pav, preperaloty to 1??????_- the ofbetv
Mr. EebSTttob whs louiiii by tlie reporter eating his
Innel.i on In a re-ta'irHiil near bv. Midi him weret'ol
ii',e, Hliilon and D. -, .laa-oh?. Mr. .Tacobn I? the ?cere?
taty of th- ousted SoetslUUC or-ani/.?lion ?if Ihe Xth As?
sembly Di trlet. Tb? Iblea Boriali?!? were deeply en?
gaged In tbo iiiscussion ol Utsorlos f"i lb? sdrawooionl
of the laboring classes, when Mr. Harborlteh whs infoi nnd
of the ? i.i ?? ii'l?? I resignation? from hi? ?tutf. He seemed
greatly ?ni pi is ? and linme Itateli left the table and went
lolheolftee. There he foin I the otile? In the condition
as before suite I. Ho ?aid, liowevir, that no matter ?Bat
was done Him paper would com? oa! ou Monday allei
notili as ???.?. ??. 1 would continue to l.e the organ of
organised ?orklnsTtOOa, There will be BO change ni ll?
j.oiiev. He ora? ?rastlj Bilaaaai at the rreelt ol the
mastlBC on Frll ? night, as It showed that tbe Bjsjorltr
of tbe stookboMere ars ?a later ef tb? pie??iit in.inner
of running th?? paper.
Cuit A?,??, Aug.'?7. ?Within ? few day? It I* claiiucl a
?aatlag af ragiranalatlT? foaaattBtlra veilrtagaaea win
be held In ibi? ciiy at which the formai ? la pulsion of the
gaataltata bea? tba raaksef the Delteel I?abet party is
upc'ted t?be llnally aecoiii|'?llshe?l. A clicnlar Signed
by over a bundled well known represrii'.itlvesof labor I?
now Oelng distributed among the Knlgnt? of Labor and
trade union?, ('tiling upon tie in to ?end dciegat?? lo a
aon fleclsllat aonrasltsa si iba Datte? Labor rsrty,
G????.a????.????a, Aug. '.?7 iSjterial). ? Mr. and Mi?. Daniel
Kaiigh, .Mr. and Mrs. A. 11. Little und Capl.nii J. W,
ftchockford are at Ihe \vls.*ablckon Inn.
Hear Admiral Mullaney hu I wife hare returned to
Iiryn .Mawr from Newport.
Wayne Mae Veagh sail? for homi? fi oui i.nropc un ,ucp
teuiber 1, lloisce Disston on September 10, and Frank?
lin 11. i.owen and .iulge All!*'?', early in October.
Ml?* Kmlly g. Vog le?, dau^uier of General Vogle?,
U. a. ?., I* rliltmg her anni In Media.
Colonel Frank Hit hard*, of Th Stir-York Turf, Field
and Form, bo* beon Iiive*tlgating the Philadelphia
F.x-HhurllT Ilowun ha? returns I from his Atlantlo City
cottage much Improred In beeltb.
( niigie??iuau (baile? (l'Nelll h??, started on a round
of ri?lts to the resorts In tho Alleghimi?:*.
Jaeoi. llautead, of New-York, l* at tue Jlclloviie wilh
hi* (laughters.
ICaston, Aug. '27 [EpmtttJf.? Oeorgei.'. lient?, iipp.?iiit?d
po-tmaste.r at Welssport last year, wa? held In ifj.oii?)
hail this afternoon by United fltates Commissioner Klrk
pattic.k, for trial at Philadelphia, for embezzling (?orerii
uient funds. In Juno last an inspector found Deats's ac?
counts ?bort ; but as he paid the money the next day. be
wo* not prosecuted. On August la su Inspection
showed, that t*iiK> was missing. Deals got tho money an
hour afterward and turned It over to tho inspector.
Under tbe law Drat? is compelled to remit daily the
ixi'juey taken in by him.
A Cf9T?)I?IAN Tt) <JA!tK F?)R Till' REI.K H.
Chicago. Aug. 27 (s>rtil'.?The Hoard ot Trus?
tees of the Lincoln Homestead, consisting of the f?ov
ernor, the Secretary of State, State Irersurer, State
Auditor and Superintendent of I'uhl'c ln?trurtion,
and so con-tituted by an aet of the last laegislatiire,
met luat Tuesday at Springfield ami organised by
electing tiovernor Ogle? by as president ol tbe bonnl
and Auditor Swlgert us seen t'iry. Tho business of
the bnnrd i? to usrr.v o'lt ti e provisious of the hill lor
some repair ? pun tbe olii Iiorne?to,*l and tin appoint?
ment oi a custodian. Hubert Li'ii-o.n has sent a deed
of the property, and tho Stile will formally toko
posseSHion at once. Hebert I.tnouln has o s nel tho
bouse ?mee the ???assillatimi. Many effort? liavo been
mado liy ?peculators and nd venturers to purchnse
tbe property, but Mr. Lincoln has repeatedly re
lused all otters, intending probably to deed it n'ti
nutely to the State ai.d save it from the grasp ol the
The house contains about ten room?, whieh are of
ordinary ?izo. The fwo north rooms on tho lower
floor aio occupied with tho relies and ?????????? of
I l??ela, about 2,000 la nil, and Beaaletiag ot aererai
ol ! pice??* of furnit'ire used by tiio lam.Iy?the old
cno'iiiiig; siove, w.iich cooko 1 tho last moil eaten by
tlie I"r? :?i<-r11 And In? l.iniiiv lietore starting fur
Washington; law books and OBbO? iurnitiire; the old
tauiily Cratilo in Whieh littlirr? heard tho lullaby
from hi? mother's Upe j numerous small articles ot
small letali value, but valuable a? rohe?; copies ot
all the memorial?, addresses and re-olutions ot con
Uolcuce sent to Mrs. Lincoln from all parts ot the
Boriti?, all the biographies ot Lincoln; copie* ot tho
comic and serious picture? of Iho war period and Mr.
Lincoln ; a stani made of wood taken from Lincoln's
boarding lieuse at old Saloni; campaign b idges and
devices ot all sort? ; 200 medals ol every couoeivable
design; Im?! ? both small mid lar?,??: letters from
Grant, Hancock, Morton, Wade and hundreds at
other illustrious moo, testifying to the greatness ol
Lincoln ; bits ot Lincoln's garments, and other thing?
too numerous to meiUiju.
The bouse is now occupied by O. II. Oldioyd, a locul
men?h.inc. He moved into the house about two yosrs
ago. l?r. Wenlandt lived in it notoro Mr. ( ?lufoyd,
auri lie io re Dr. Wenlandt, Coiouol Harlow, formerly
Secretary ?I State, BOOSBSei it tor many yo?r?. Mr.
Oidi ord wu? originali, trom Ohio, coming to Spriug
tii.l.i about aixteen years ago. Ho served in Company
E oi the 20th Uhi > l'ogiiiient tu tho Kebelliou. lie
has always bad a di.-ipo'ition tor collecting rollo?, mid
began to humor thi? oharacU?ri?lio back iu the eixtie?
bv collecting old firearm?, ?words ani', batfle memen?
toes. When Lincoln died, be be^an the work ot get?
ting together anything and everything pertaining to
tho martyr President, liabas ?Icaililv gone on add?
ing, until to-day he has a large ami valuable collec?
He understood BIBBI time before the meeting of tho
last Legislature what Hilbert Lincoln'? intentions
were in relereuoe to the final dispo-iliou ot the i.rop
ertv, and went to work to bring il ali nit. A resolu?
tion WOB oBsred by Representative Bogarla?, st tbe
BBSeaeHoa ot Mr. Oltiroy.l, tor the piiron?e ot a?ce,r
t.iiniiig upon what terms the State could BOtlBif? |"'?
BBastee of the old Luira u li nn ??tea?! and also ot the
memorial colleolion now in the bOSSM A cuumittee
Wrt* appointed. With Representative Hogardu? a?
? ?.a i.i. in. tu ?eo Mr. Lincoln ai.d n>co; tain hi? ivi.be?,
uml nUo what leiuis coutil h?? mail? with Mr. Old?
rout lor keapleg bis Bolleetkra la the beees Mr. Lin?
coln agri?ei| to de"d t?te property to tho Siale upon
eonditiot, teal Ihs preperti ahoald he pesaoffeo?t,
Urpt iu uider, oui lie?? ot access to all who Wished to
visit u. Mr. Oldrov 1 to d tho commute?. ilt.it. it he
were appo sled cost od Isa, h?? sonto hoop his collec?
tion ill the lioil?i: and dee I tile proper;y to tilo (MBOB
at hi? death, lie aloe Bead leal aa woald experta
salary o' pl.HOO ? ??? ir. pi* committee'* report was
a -i???. led, and a resolution wa? introduced nciepllng
Mr. Lincoln's proposition and providing tar the re?
tention ot tho < ?.dru d co le.ilion in tho bom-,
although not nan lag Mr. Oldroji a* custodiar. The
reaolatloa bed rea?.I a seeoad reedleg is the Bea?
ste, when Beea or l'urti?? oil*red a BOBS Illa tO, wl.?
provided th?; tli.latodiej sBoeld be a eriaalod
Illinois snlilier. G?a. tallo 1, and the bill passed us
origiuully iiitroilut ed.
Boorcxe, Aug. ?_?7 ik,?ei-i()fi.?Aa aaaoolBlloa Is
Which all part* Of tee Dotted ?tatc? will
bo ?? pnseated win he ovrgeshted 1b this
city In the autumn, to u--l t tli>? I'uiidlta I'amaliar.
tli?? Indian lady of high reste who I u bOOB \l.?IHng
tills country In her ?? ? ? ? J>-< t of clu-aiing her country?
women In Suini,cm India. It I? proposed lo have,
tll-tlnit from t:.e a in UH.in. a board of
traeteee, atreag bostosse bob, to mied to
.anelai ina!Ici? her?., and a ?liullar board of
Uuatraa la india. Ib Boreeabor a etrealar win bo
Usued giving btrtaer detail?? with the booms of tho
olii ii? of the ?,--.? ? ?non and of the truite?? ?"? I
o, Sara already (untied. irne ?? Cornell ? m
veralty ?? ooraasieed ol araasasura aad students
The lutili- propoM to form other branches during
tl.elr .?i.illnn. ??? School ?I which tbe l'umilia
: t? htag help, mil secare II&ajOO the ili t real for
th?? neeeasary bttttdlni and teralahlnga and running
rapeosea, after whieh ??.,??. til awlnlals
thu Institution.
L'il l-vli I.E. lag. 17 iSi#ein').? The I'nlon QOB?BBB?
pany sttiiek natural tea? < ??terday at Hnone's I.i?? ding.
Ind., Ihirly mue? lie.ow lx)iil?villo. A flot?? of BOO lent
per asesad from a ?? t laoh hire It repone 1, an 1 the flow
!? estimated at s.?i?t),i)O0 cuhln feat p-r day. with'.'??>
pound? presiure to tlie Inch. Tim fa?, fl.iwtug from a
two Inrh nperliir?. can he heard tknee mile? and tho
lUht ?een eight mile?. I'll* ve o.-Itr ?in ?n |fr.? ?i Ih*
gM would eot Ignite nearer than Ihre? f?<?t irse tee
opening. The well I? ??'> fe.-t ??.?.?? au I ih? r),,?? the
larceal In the country with the oxtsptioit of oue st
Find lay. _
Clip' lOOj Aug. 17. -In t ?e l'mie 1 ? it* ? G? rollt ?? ? ri
yesterday, .fulge fllSSBSM loBrsred BB opinion in the
litiilC BttgSte4 Hainmer.chI*? wax 1 paper pi!entoa?e.
Ills decision sustalne Iti?? vali lu g of the Ha um t????1 ig
patent, which was contested liy the d?fendant?, who
wereanedforlafrlBgeaaeat Th?? claim of the defence
thai Hie patent?-.vere Invalid beeaoaa Ih? ?p??????? was
un ol I one ?ml ha ? lieo ? ii?e.l lu Ungi ml, w*. considered
by in? Court, nui iu? Jadea did aet regard it aa aaeTeteet
AB usuisi EWS wa ?< n siow.
Cmc.li.ii, All).'. -7. ? ?1?-??!??1? to Ihr I intr$ from Chat
Isaeegaeey?: On the bell ron.! in the ra.terii siiluirli?
of thi? city ycsteiday a collision occurred between a pas
?enger train and a freight train. Alton Unity per<uin?
were on board the BOaaOBgsr train and all of them were
more or Iosa Injure?!, 'leu of them were so???? loiisl) hurl
that tin t had to he broight to the city In carriages.
Two of the persona injured were badia bun luterually.
W. 1* tratta wee Ihrewa from hie aeet fa the ear ea t?> a
barlied wire fence. Ilio incident wa? eau?ed liy ihe
watch of the sngiucur of th? fri ignt eiig.uu bring four
lui it ule? slow,
I'resident Ha) lee, of the Health Dopai lineili, ye?i. i
dav ?cut M a vor llewlt: a lrtler ???????~???| UM BB called
"black ?1st" of teiiemeiit-ho ise?, about whlelt Ihe Ma or
reeaatly wrote te iao Pepaifeat G??????? Bayles
said that lhe?e home? hat all been iBBpOBtQd Bad defects
irineiiied from time to Uiiic. II? added .
it i? a iieruiijiitr of tlie leaeraeeWhoeaa that it I? eon
st.? nt ?? ehsaaiDfltssanii irren traeieraaij if m psrfaeUy ???
l.tin lory ? " ililimi loi. .it?! ma? nevi week ??? pioprri? lim
?ulilei t olTiii or lei . WbSt Would !??? unfit for ? elssn SB I
well.? ????.?t?????.G.? ?,1?/???? ?? ?ou/lil ,ul ,-ti :.., . ,| ?,?? Ilio,.? wlio?*
?.. n an ? wfiiilil datile fi* !ie?l ?triictinn in ??? ? ork.
Theae ?!*.r*'l?tl mnl lilt ?? p?.pe mii.l an.I will lirn ?n ne
a bars sadaa ?her sseke Iba coailllloo? wkteh sarrosBd Ibssn,
li liei inni.? Ui* mily of llil? It i.atlnienl to |iiir?u?
th? m flotti plTici. tu plaie US? an BVSBBl ?
.Vini????, ? eertatsli lupe tisi sseh aaraaM will
In lune inculcale lume BlSSBlr ?mi decent h mil? sii I Inai
the nwii'i? ?III ?n|iiiii it? Un? [ut th it tint nwii*r?liip of
iSBsroeats Irapeaes a dai? .?leen sbasii imi bs Besleoisd
? II Iti.?? In..p? ? ni til? I) -pai tinnii !? Belili Ballo? It, il?
ributtili pertnrtiiTint e. tin ?r? imw lolnr iiiiuli STStaasatle
unii oii'i'ieiitiuii. ?? ick in III?? illreclina ol l-o? o.nl Inni-*
leiintii. *i,.| tba roani ? ?r?aapsrasi ioall ?rsolooS for tnmn.
WboB it is roar wish to call for tbe ooataraaoa prori<tsd i"r
In cnaplei Hi .,! tn? l.w? nf H77. SSt t SB III, I ?lull IM ver?
giad to pat you In jiososaloe of a lar s ansassi ?t eia,? lu.
fu ni ilion, whl. h I Hunk will h? in ti urti?? ami valium...
Ih replvlng tu thi? Inlier davor ROWlll Bailed atlen
tiou lo tho inet ta m tie statata provided that the confer?
l'imi? Should I ike piTtcit a.ter ?ovcinlier 15,
MA BBI BMOWS si,num.? is.nuuo.
Babbi liiottn, or ihe Tempts ?.at ? of Hope, la Eighty?
sixth ?I , nel With a lllghl BCSlAeal ou i nil.? SBilS
aUgbtlng fro., a street sat and wa asabss is Btoaeh y->
lardar raorsasg a?, ha had lalssissa. The ssrarea was,
tbeiefoi ?. orsi led, and tbe services ?????? eosdssled ?>> tie?
? nd ? \ large crowd bad Batbered ai tss sjraegoesfl in
II.? ila!oh of tearing ilio Kalilil eOOtlAUS hi* ?????*
?.on r T.'iiiiing hi? t??,?. nt ironii??- ami sereral people
turned sa tj oa ksrslag thai the Babbi woald not preach.
n arjr i< not "f a ?nrioii? iiiniirt'. ?ml yesterday aft? r
boob ih?? Its be* was aMa re assort a i'sity of Buopean
vllltor* ihOOl ih? city.
? ut: i.oss was that of his si: ii, u non.
To the I it it or ot The ? r ? fi u n ?
Hm : I observe In 'G??? hUBBBI of the V.7th that you
say that uiy eatriago home, billiard room, etc. on Man
snritii? lsla"d, weie destroved by firn "hThursday night.
This is a mistake. The barn, carriage house, etc., of my
aelehber, ioha i.uiug. eats destroyed, aet mine.
?*? renk,August87,1887? < unni.? r. Caoaarau?
-f -?
Tho foil ?JViii? letter wa? ye?tor.lay sent to the secre?
tary of the Datasi Labor Party'* Syracuse Convention :
(1. BABBBS Srrrrltiry, rlr.
Hlk- In reply tn ?oar lett-r of ???.??? gg, whieh It?? only
rea? oe \ isa htr? In- lay. ?????p????? me uf 111? a. ?,on of thu
Hi ra. ii?- in t will mi III piSSta! in* In inviliti.! mu f..i t! e
ottici? nf Attorney (leneral, I heg in??? fut null ? ?mi | luv?
slrsadr asi?! t?? Hi? pabllc sisas ibal ? aaeapi lbs bowIbsIIob,
ami. win1? inv piof*??ion?l ? n.sgnn .nt? will ??????? ???
fioi? taking ?ti ?t ii?e [? II in tlie ? ?uva??, I ?lull nevrrth??
lei? tin ?Il lu my power lu ln?ur? Ilio ?u.c?.?? of th* tli ket.
Scu-iurk, A Uff. ?7, ????. Hr?<l* 0, IBKI.T.
The l'at?lotic Irish Kxlle? met l??l ni?lu ?t Htuyvr??nt
If ?11 to boar tli? report ef Ihe euminltte* ?ppointrtl a week
Sffu to prepare s niinifc?to to Lie Irish Baasla ????????
liiei.t Wa? read ami adnpled ?mil rnueh BBthaaBMS, t?'ii h
WeSl?troa?ol wUeu 11 W?S SkUDUiac?! '.?.ut lie j u?u secursd
the Sirs-Ices of rrnfe??->r M-7*orotT to tsks chergs of ?
c'hTnii?*ry ' ' e,lu0,to T0 '"? Htlana? In the svitai? of
Detroit. Aug. 27.?In responso lo Invitations from the
enmmeroi?! bodies of Detroit, addresses were delivered
this evening nt White's Opera House on commercial
union between the United Hiatos and Canada by Erastu?
WiiiNin, of Now-York; Congressman Hutterwortb, of
Ohio, sud Professor (loldwin Smith, of Toronto. Mr.
Itiittcrworth ? kid among other thing? :
Commercial Union will promoe ?rery worthr interest
? ii.lenli-roii?? m Ihe United ?Ute?, except those which
tbnre ny aayst.-m of niellila ander tus protection of par?
tial law. Tba meanum Is 1b the interest of
erery BBBt in th? Unit.?! ?tate? who eats
his nrnaii |n the ?west of his face. It
1? In per.ect harmony with the protective svst.-m it wa?
? iiptinitel l?r Lincoln, by Adam?, br SVinttir..|ianii tirant. It
I? ?r.tliin t.iswi.iHrr.?ngo*?l??.<-aie.| br Jim. 11?. Hlaitit?. who
G??.?????-d theedr.oUiieof a union with sutes aal South
Am. ri. a, which embraced wh.i ?* proposed with reference to
C?n nia
Mr. Wlman said In part:
So far ?? tr.ule ami commerce ?re eonrrrn?d. there would
have ne.n t ie?ame]oatiticatloB to hare kspt Mich,usti oat
nf Ih.? l unni ?is there ?? now fur keeiiia? nul the trade ?nd
commerce of ('aflu?a. TBj? srosBatrltr of II.? I sited stui.s
has hel eiiorniuii? rontrlsu Ions fiom the rich ami ra-??.?
product* ol MiehlgsB. ? ?? root the nule which tht-ir
aeri ..ptneiit hie erosici SI ik;ng out if ?lvlit the political
ii Iff -reii??.. in t lia l?., e uni?,.?, tin? products Olid irmi? of
('ansila will, in even Kr?*tsr measure, contribute to tlm proa
psnty. the wealth and progress of t ,e lulled ?nit ?f with
the ?ame rapidity ther srederelnp,?,!, ami there I? in imped?.
ment toiiie.rirue How in the iiuectiou which they would
naturally seek.
i_'an??ta Is to-day no more a part of the liritish Kmplre than
It New. \. irk or .MassK<ohu?..tt?. Dung ago. ceiimer
cUlly ?p-iliin.', Canada became Indopeodeat, am tir
?i?ftlng the same duilr? nn ererr dollar'? wonh n'f
hnclish gaol? a? ?he ha? exacted on the gonds of
the I. id teal ?states, Oermanr, or other conntrl??, ?he ?epar
ated liertelf cotnnirri lallr. *o to ?peak, from ilre.it Britain ><?
ri.iiip e?* y as did the American colonies who declared their
lud? peiiiieiicu Iu 1776.
Fr-ortl> after 2 o'clock yesterday morning smoke
poured from the windows of th? four-story frame tentv
?Bent-liou?? No. 70 Hudson-st., Hoboken. The
premises were occupied by a dozen families and the
wildest excitement prevailed. Men ?nd women carrying
children rushed madly to tho street In tbelrnlghtclothes.
I he Hanies were raging In the rear 0f the restaurant on
the ?round floor, but on the arriral of the Fire Department
they were soon extinguished. Ou Inrcstlgatlon tlie tiro
wo* found to be the work of an Incendiary. A large pile
of boari? were saturated with keroieus oil and a delib?
erate plan had l.een made to de?: roy tbe premi?.??. The
police immediately placed Henry ><>rdhaui, tho
proprietor of the restaurant, under arrest
on a charge of anno. Nordhara deuleal
the charge and was taken wtlh ?orerai violent At?, ho
serere wa? hi? case that the hearth*- was adjourned.
Whan ? "Mintili'? wife saw him in tho clutches of the
law, ?he became hysterical and It required the effort* of
aererai noighlior? to uulet her. The couple bore been
married only a ?h?rt time ?ind It Is feared the ?hock may
have ?orlon? remit? for the young wife. Nordhom has
bl? rood? Insured for gl,S00, and tlie polier expire? next
month. It 1? said tbs plan had been perfected, and that
ha Intended to ?ell out and ?all for dermany. If tue Urn
had named ?ullhient headway a eerlous los? of life would
have rekulted.
Pr'tr.x. N. II.. Aug. 'J7.? A fire here to-day destroyed
the Victoria Hotel. Masonic Hall. Koiiert Klllio'? dwell
In?? snd lupi'ir ?tore, Dane Debnr'? shoe-?tor?, snd dwell?
ing? owned by lirairge II. Whit?, Bobaorl Morrison. Mrs.
l^iilirler and Albert Ksnwick. The loas will exceed
o'.'ii.iK?). lusursnce ?rDus??.
Wr.ar tir?int, I'onn.. Aug. '.T. ? A ba.'ii belonging lo
George ?harpies?,situated on the old Providence ro.nl, In
Nether Prortdonea Township, Delaware County, near the
?erne of tlm fanion? .?harpies* murder, wa? destroyed br
tire early yesterday inorimi??. The lire wit* tbo work of
liiienill.uirs. Insurance ?M."?>?>?
Hocai 8 ni \ r wn.t. kkm un orna ini. un in ? tu:
IAII.-MAW VI?! Kilt* .?III I. DN 11????.
??.????: ClTT, N. ?)?. ?ag, 27 l>>,i?i'.??he
cpideuiic aaong horas? la Atlantic, Bnrllagton ami
other coiintio? continues, si.d there have been many
fatal aaa ?. Bal a Basall aaatbet pi tuose attaeke<i
there are a lew indicVions tb.it September and the
aad et tbe aaaaea are asse, rbsra were ? tat arriva!?
to-day, but next week tir? declino will 1? ' apparent
,\lreid\ Ciiutract? hare been made lor the building
ot new aettOsge?) ??'"I It l* ?U|.po?ed that at BBtSl titty
will beteaoeraa el ajMtreetioa i.y January. Tba
new ho'el Willi a c ipacity ol 1,001) ?? regarded a? a
e?i tainty.
G???? ? is".inaino 1.1.lit Infantry created the liest
ol Impression? her??. Its ollic?r* were present ?it the
ntinuii baaqaal ?>( tbe Jeereeltal Ciaba BX'Atteraer?
lle.ier.il llrew?ter tiresided, nnd .feroine Hiiek, nf Nett?
York, apobe la reagoeoe te tbe toast i * Tbe attnaget
wit'iin Bat ?ate?.''
llora? e ,1. 1 let iiisoii, ot New-York, is ODeot the
atotu saperi seaeeg tba a n tenni? ?layer? bere,
Th? Peiiii'Tlviiin? Ualiroal ba? been asked to enn
?trunl s desta S-traok, st?ine balt..sle?l rood mil make
the run to PbtladolpbtS In un hour and it quarter.
II. W. ?V.oc nn. son of tieneral Slocum, wbo won tho
f1()?? iriini? ?in? at Valiant i* here.
Iba .Stockton, let.lining it? lull orchestra, will re?
main apea Balli fJetebet 1, and, a* usuiti, m my oth?r
hou?' ? will lie open all lb? tSBf.
.1 mu ?'.. ??????1???, ol Uro iklvn, drive* a * ; ? 1 ?? n ? i i ?1 pair
ot hor-???. n ft?} .and lila-k.
II inker .Sin;io: I .loti???, ol New-York City, batjaat
taken acollare anil will remain with hi? litiuily unni
the midd.e ot (Iciobor.
Ili?? high tide* caused great excite.neut but small
Dsaaloiefc tfeCairej sad ".limmr" Kran will ?par
at tue ?'a?ino next week tor tho IkuiuIU oi the Mr,id
lord Unit h r?. the litO-oaTSfS.
William Dohl??, the een-iu almi horse jockey, i? at
tlie Sen its itous.?.
1 here are bei.? now Mr?. It. R Patti? iti. wile oi the
e\-i?i,veriior ol l'enn?\ Ivmiia ; J, 0. (. ?urlnght, oi
Cbieage; Oeoeral MeUoaiel, if. tt ?.; betet ?Morte
Molli,ml, ?. ?. ??. .ilio, ol " The l'oluuiliia <'nur nit '" ;
Judge S|i?rrow, ?I ' 'hai letton ; li. II. BodgeBj ni
Nnrih Caroline! Bereee Howard Paresse, Mi?*
Lilltaa Orebbi the solteos ? v.. AatbUi Armstrong,
BjMMkSt il Ile New-Jersey A??einl.l>; William
lln-rv. the Philadelphia brewer; ? \ ( ni leder.ile
QseerJ smalinead, ??? l'inrlottc, ?. e, with in?
daeghtae, Mr?, .mini Barbaak? alaliea bfeaeei the
octr.??; Mr?. Maggie W'oiximuu, a eel! known por?
ti, ill artist ot Il.tltimore; Ml??.lo?i?! Wood* ard, a
Belttaaere aaialaei aetreaai ?leba Bjaa, tho H.iiti
niore tvpa 1 ??uu er; W. VV. 1'rego, prcsiilont ol lb?
ll.iltinioro nnd Ohio ?Zpceae ; Mr. and Mr*. Kurnian
bhepafg, Qeaaeal John it. ll-nrr, ot Betttaaarei
M.i|or B. Hail..o U, ('. S. ?.; Hejec .lobu Hunting.
I'. M. ??; 11 an arai I. ?'? Brad?, ol Ha.timore, and ???
Bee, Jesse? itowker. ot si. I?????,
From New-York there lire Colonel Mooney, .Mr. and
Mr?. Uruee .Sii kels, Qseoral Ja?e llnglitlv, deirge
Ataater, Deaerai Beawell, lea??? s. Ittawbrld??,
f'aptain Kainsaorth, .Ir.hn K. \\ arburton. ot Htook
Ivn; 0. It. SiMvline. ?. ? ?. I'.i\?uii, Colonel John Do
Pastel .imi Charle? ?. Catliti.
Baa Isla ?? lo beta i? new mid lirgc, hotel to lie npin
all the ri ?tr.
- ?. -
gl /. ? l | fMVJ FROM OA ?? U ? G.
c w \\w, N. ,i., gag. 27 ??/???/'!. ? ihe ?aenlng
exercise ? ol lb? tibiali I Past ou tb? Imt three ilu.v*
in s.?;iteinl>et will not only keep Bgeod many |.pio
????, l?:it will stiraci bundled? ol other?. ? lie New
lorK, Banbattaa aad Breefcita Athletic ?lab?at?ta
send n liiiinliei ol thcii l>e?t men.
M.^t ol ? i.e hot?l* will kee| open lilt September Its.
?? i!i? Daii, Watt " argaa agaa tbe National Oar?
eminent to take ?ii'ti.n ?inani?! the Menhaden t'ltln-ra
baa I'ise oi ihatr greet daatmattea ai leed nsiiee. it
due? not think that it* Sute ha* siitt'icient powei.
Mr. limili.til, while here bee.? me in lei ch ted in the
mat 1er.
The Irmi Ocean Pier Company expect to hsve a
sica tier I Hsdlag ready ?S neit apting>
Hank'.' .lamc-oi, who know? the route well, thinka
? raflreart atr?lgbl up tli? coast ariU.be a Une el the
inline ior darelopteg tba aeaelda resort? ??( tin? Biete.
N. il. You ig, ..t Cbesiaoi Hill, Baaegorel tho l'ni
rersity ol l'?'ii!i?vl\?tiii ? ? leiliail club will boat the
Stockt ?? until alter the athletic ?port*.
At tha nniiiial le?liinoni il ol the waiters of the
Stockton lloii-e to tliair linci, Andrew S. Steven?, it
appeared treat the apaeabaa at tba banqn??? aaaaa ?1
wiiicb were ot exrepttoiiiil iil.il'ity. thit mining the
waiter?, who are colored men, uro teach ?r? in cui
1.? and ?elioni?, minuter? nul lawyer*. Mr.
Bteeaaala aeeareost Irlaad aad aaeearagatei Ui?
Mu? Mida Varen?, a pupil ol Maialile Marchesi, of
Pari?, who main a very *ueee??tul debutili fior
enee, iu " I.indar.' ha? been ?pending tbe ?liminer
with her Bother, Mra. steter? al Btextea Villa.
Among these her? me (Ongreaaasas alaetaa Baehan?
uu and l>. Hin.??, ol New .???????? ; I'. < ' ?? atiaiuh, of
Cbleagoi Mr. and otte. Chaerlea K. Cetaellaa, oi
Kiverton, \. I.i the Kev. nnd Mr?. J. William David
sou, ol riill.-idelphii; l.i.-.itci ant H.A. Steck, ?. S. ?.,
fro?? New Voik ; m ? Mies Bra Stolt? and Mlaa Fanny
S?|iilri??. ot Kliii'iu.
hi innato* Bannan, Aug. '.'7 (state???)?*-^ a. Patay,
a jenag eagsa ataloi. tin? aanattnetad ? Uttebeel in
which he will navigate the rajiid? of the Ma.'iira Klver
to morrow. The bo??. I? ?erenteen feet long br nearly
live frei wide. Percy claims that If the boat pa??c?
through the rapi Is ?nfely It I* the bfatg of llfe-envlug
craft. Ibe baa?ha?sixty-four rib? ?nd two large air
chiitnl?. ? ? six ?nd a half f??et lonar. An Iron bar wolghing
tin??? hindind pounds run? along the bottom to keep It
fiom capalxln?, Ii wei*h? nine hundred uounds. When
guilla Ihioiigh the lust ?Bids, I'cicy will ride Inildeoue
of the ulr chamber?, swung In a hammock. Tho whirl?
peel regia? ba Bill peaa ouuide ami ply ihe oars.
bftpdmm ?matb op a suwyork lawyer.
IVderlck W, Kenny, a lawyer, llrlng at No. 'J59
Mnth-si., Ilrooklyn, aud haviog olllces at No. Hit Nassau
si., this city, while ts!king li a tiiiuiber of friends on the
ososas of Tbonip?on's Hotel. West lirli'hton, l'iiiiey
Ulead, ??? TBaadaj uutht. ?uddeiily fell ta the floor aud
died rJsBtorrbsge si the lung? wat the cause. Mr. Ken?
uy wa? ?u Irishman by birth, but came to that country
with lays pai cut? at au early ago. lie was furty-ou?
years old and was educated at St. John's College, Ford?
ham. He wss unmarried, Tbe funeral will tats plaoa
on Motnlsr. st 10 s m., In the ?thuroh o? 8t, Thomai
Aquinas, at Fourth-ave. and Mnth-st, Brooklyn.
? ' ' e>
??????? from monkeys.
A student of the Darwinian theory would undoabtodly
think that tho missing link has beon found, should he
see two objects now at tho store of Charles Belone A
Brother, animal dealers In Park row, who are always
on the lookout for strange creatures, nntl now hare sc?
oured two animal.? that aro likely to id va the naturalista
I many hours of study before it Is satisfactorily explalne '.
I what they are. Mr. Relohc Is a well informe?! naturallst,
1 and ho has given up trying to solvo the mystery. The
unimiils Iu ipiestion are known asile and It. and tiiev
arrived In Ibi* country In a largo wooden crate three
j days ago on tho Wleland. Mr Reieho got them in Lou
? don from a hunter who ha? spent many years In South
j ern Africa. He is known only a? Hunter Wilhelm, and
? has had as many adventure? as AlLin lAuatertnalo him?
! self. About a year ago Wilhelm came across a tribe of
natives near the Zambezi River In friiith Africa, and
I although never visited by a white man before, ?bey
, treated him kindly. From them heliarnedlliat H?)
mile* further into the interior there wee a tribe of hair*
savages that treqoentlr swoopeddown upon the neigh?
boring nati Tea and carried oil their women, fore tip their
cruj?s and stolu everything po?*ilile to he curried away.
While the hunier was in the Milage a woman that Ini 1
been capturada few monto? before returned with three
children that ?ho had stolen from the tribe. The banter
rewired to get them if possible, sad aa lie wa* friendly
with the chief, bonsai them for trinke!? that be had wfh
biro aad alerted lauaedletel* for England. Mr. Reiche
saw liltn In London and purcliTi?el the thno " children "
from nlm. 'there were two males and one fein ?le, Irai
the female, named Mho, died before .?tuning for this
country. One would be at a los.? what to liken them to.
Their heads are as well formed mid developed as a t wo
venr old child's, and the rorehead I? not ut all receding,
but straight und Intelligent looking. The eves ?re
brown, large and bright, und follow a ?tr?uger's move?
ments with tho limulring look of a bright baby. The
nose, however, 1? llko an African negro's, only much
fatter, sad the mouth resemble? Mr. ?rowlev's elo?i iv,
Tho hotly Is well fortui?d ami the paunch extremely like
those of tho children in flmilhasB countries, that are fed
on bimana?. Their bands are human In shape and so
aro the feet, except the toes, which see longer than a
child's and more movable. Long red hair of a ?parse
growth Is on the back aud limbs, but the front of the
body, which Is of a tan color, I? perfectly free from It.
Although something like a monkey or an ape In ap?
pearance, the indium'? have no tails, and there Is no
suspicion that there might have beeu one originali)'.
which might have been amputated. He and It are ei
tremely affectionate ami took qniekljr la Mrs. Hnarrow,
the colored nurse who has been employed to fend them
An effort will be made to teach them to talk, aud Mr.
Reiche expects that they will shortly call Mrs. Sparrow
Cui?1 ?<;<>, Aug. '?7.? Mrs. Nancy Jackson ?Orwell, the
mother of lintel Mtates Henator Charles B. Farwell and
John V. Harwell, died ?. Hterling, 111., yesterday, at the
age of ninety years. Hhe was born on January 11, 17i>7,
and was a native of New York State. She was a wotn.n
of vigorous intellect and marked originality. Tue
funeral will he held BS ?SHOW at Sterling and the re?
main? brought here on Monday and depo?lted In uraoe
laud Cemetery.
Tin: i:i;v. MOSWM roc ? il??.
The Rev. afose? Roger?, a direct defendant of John
Rogers, who was burned at the stake In Kngland on ac?
count of hi* rellgjous conviction* tn the sixteenth cen?
tury, ami probably the oldest member of the Methodist
ministry In America, died at Fresh l'omis, Suffolk Cnii'i
ty, L. I., on I hnr.day night. He was In his ninety-fourth
year, aud had been preachlug about seventy years.
Almona, ?, nn? Aug. ?27.?Isaac Dleld .Inil today
Of IntlTiinmailnii of the Molliseli. Ho was largely |n
i In ?? ? ? oai and lamber boats osa in thi: and
adjoining counties.
< m.m..., A'ig. 87, d. a. Hewee, who for thirty
years ha? been Ueattfled With the wholesslo millinery
buslneea of tld? <lty. dnxl luto tills morning at tho
I .' "I tifi.-.-eight.
POBTBBBS MoaraoB, Va., Aug. 27.?Tho steam yscht
M? tear, with Mr. ?. ?. BatStnea ami a parly of friends
from IfOW-Tork, arrived here on Thursday from a
visit to ClerOBMOl on the Janus Klvcr. .Mr. llato
iiiaii la ono of the asreaaan In Hm Norfolk ami Iian
vlllo Railroad. whb?i strikes tidewater at that poln t
and has been looking after bla laterOBB. there. Ar
rangetucntB have been inailo to extend tt lOWB tu the
mouth of the Western Branch near Fort-unouth, which
will open up a tine irati of farming country.
Mr. fleer aa J? Apposa* president, ami Mr. r>. II.
Miller, elea pu tldeot ol Ibe .Mm?? haut.? ami Miner*'
11saapertattva Coupon*, have beea bore for several
da..- pani In t'uii.tii, tai ion with Cenerai V. I). ?Jrouer,
agent Bl Norfolk, In regard to enlarging their wharf
ta? LUttca at tJiat port. The r?esela of this line run
between Baltimore, Norfolk, Boston and *Jruvfctenoe,
?nd have beea very much crowded with DSaeeagen
during the entire BUflUBSr.
???? new hotel at Mrgtnla Beach, five miles below
Cape Hoary, which ha? been In the bauds of a re?
ceiver for ?olii?? timi? pa.??!, is now In a fair way to
coin? to the front a? a lii>t da-?, summer resort. It
wa? recently purchased by a syndicate of Ptausqrl?
vanls capitalists with colonel C. \V. Maekey. of
Kraiiklin. at their heed. Th??}? propuae to Bt it ??>
for a wiiiiir resort There is exceUeal iiuntiug in
the Immediate vicinity, and it will no doubt become
popular wtiii BBOrUBMB?
BoarrOBT, R. I., Aug. 'J7.?Another flue day opened for
the N'allouai I.awn Tenui? Touruaiiieut ai tbe Ca?luo,
and tlie grounds were covered with society people, there
being TOD person? present to wat ? tbe matches
The first match this morulng was be?
tween Messrs. Slocuin and Clark iu the third round.
The Interest In the match wa? ini?n?e, for both men
played their best, lach took game ami game lu turn
nulli tiny stood six ail. ? lien Clark by skilful play won
two straight and took the set, ?3???. ?.lark won under
the disadvantage of playing with the ?un In hi? eyes
The ???. ond ?et was wou by ? locum ??1 uiakiDg
tbe ?et? one all. Mocuui won the next ?et ?J?il.w
Bio?dun won theasxt also by 0?8. rtcore: Slocutu beat
Clark ?i s, ?', 4, ?, J, ??J.
? Mauton Cuas?, publisher of The Casino paper, has
offered e prue of e handsome raoqael for ihe winner of
All ?'einer*, which ha? hoen accepted.
Following this match II. A. Taylor met Thatcher on uu
adjoining court. Taylor beat 'Ihaicher 0 J, ?J 1, 0-1.
Tho ysctu rae??? between lite yacht? of the Columbia
ani BOwarsa \ ?. tn ? lui.? ?t Bewasea* n. j., took placo
leetetesf on biaion Island bound. Ten yachts started,
ilio -i,ri win ii.adu vtllh it giHtd breeie, but before on?)
Quarter Of tbe course had baia ?ailed the wind gradually
slackened until ? Bbnost died out. 'ihe v*chu winniug
in?? priii ? were as foil"?? < Issa A? Ths Mischief, ? bari i
II Kiiiib 1, Columbia Cl"b. Johnston prl?o ; CI??? H,
Mah. TI,o na? W lUaklii?. ?.'?Tifili ??? waren UOOSa
prise; Ua.?? ?, Dsasaea, Ohrtattaa ?. Kruse. Columbia
<.u*-t? prise. The ?rriiiigemeiit* were entirely under
tli charas of < ntniitotloiu It, I'. 11. Ab?')!? Hi.? Judges
won? johu ,\. Ureas. ???????? d. Brows, commodoro wiu
um j. I?roseen, loiumbis club.
MAUD n. BRKAK8 anothf.u UF.coilI?.
Unliert ltuiiiier drove Mastiti ?. on the three quarter mile
trnck on bl? farm ?t Tsrryiown ye?t*nl?y the fastest mile
that it ?? ever base Basta as wagea. the nr?t half wa? m????
In l?OJ?aaad Ihe mile In '.Mil'.. Mr Nenner nrgeil the mare
mil? on th? l??t h?lf. when ?he made th? marvellous time of
1 iH't to ? wiignu en ? tlir?eipiari*r tr*ck. Mr. Homier
welelt? thirty pouod? over t!ie regulation weight. He ?ay?
that iho win id lit? never ?oen M?u I ??? '? eijiiat, ?ud that ?b?
1? ? belter mare now ttiau ?he ever w?e bet?re.
L'tica. Aug. '?T.- The annua) camp-meeting aud
, onieit ni c o' Seventh Day Adventista will be held on
tho old lair ground trom ?September 0 till September
13, A week's training sohool will be held tor lome
missionaries (.receding the conterenee and omnu
meetiaf. Able speakers will bo present. Admission
is tree to all who choose t > o me.
a MCBUMBMT t? a a all ?st regime-XT.
Kim'.stos, Aug. '27 (Special). ~Tbe> contract for a hand?
some soldiers' monuineut was signed by a committee of
veterans of the 'JOUi New-York Volunteers here this
afternoon. It will be erected on the Gettysburg battio
Held, where the regtinent ?liti valiant and desperate tight?
lug. The monument will b? of ??ulnry granite, standing
about twelve aud a halt feet high. The four sides will
tontaiu a record of the many battles In which the regi
mont participated. The oost will be ?BJ.OOl).
VAOnaaroa, Aug. '.'7. -KerNew-linaland. fair weather,
stationary temperature, westerly winds becoming yarl
For New-York, I'ennsylvanla and New-Jersey, gener?
ally fair weather, slight change in temperature, light
und variable winds.
1 liehe?
? U.'. 5
?. " "", ?-!??^ 4^J? -???^
In the du?? ?ut a onntlnaon? line show? the barometrlo lue
tiiAtiuii? ye?t?nl?y, ss observsd si the failed sute? Hignsl
s?i ?ne ?UUtiu In Ibi? oltv. The il??he? lud?oste the lamp?!*
ture tiotsd at Umlaut'? pb?rm?cv, ?18 Broadway.
TBiiib'SB OrriCB, August 23-1 A. a.-TUe sky wss
cloutllsss yesterday sud tne air cool and bracing. The
temperature ranged between oft? BOB?78*. the avsrago
lOI%*l Welag IBB lower thsn ou the c.iriasponitlu*? day
last year, aud l \ lower than on Friday.
In and near this city te-day there will probably be
fair wsstber snd light rsrlable winds
At present, ralaj wsatber Is Indicated for Mondar?
? well-dre?*od man, wbo looked te bo about tblrty
Tears old. Jumped Into the North Hirer from the one??
boat No. 2 of tbo Peaaaylreala Railroad, while opposite
risr ?a 20, lats yeotarday afteraooa. It wa? plalalf
bit Intention to commit ?uiotde, aa bs mad? ao effort te
?are himself from drowning, Captain Jerome Kipp, et
the tugboat Annie Kipp, ssw the msa go orerboard and
he hurried to ni? assistano* The doek baadaoa tba
ta? rescued tb? man from the wster,
but ho bsd nttls ?If? la him snd died wbils toe
boat was carrying- htm to Pier No. 30. Th? polle? sont
hi* body to tbo Mors-ue. In hi? pockets were 60 cootat,
three brass checks for baggage tbre? key? and ?omo let?
ters the envelopes of which bor? tbe som? Henry J.
llartuey. Home of tbe letters hod bees recolrod by tha
man recently at YouB?atown and at Toronto, oat.
I h..y sore the Information that Hartoey's boms was at
Ottawa and that ho had been leading a life of dissipation,
aiinough his father waa In poor health an?,
not rich enough to warrant much eiirsrsgance. On Au?
gust 11 bis father, ll. Manner, had written W? alia
from Ottawa, luc?oslo? a postal order for ?30 aad
???e..??* him to hs careful of the money Tho letter
alluded to the Intention of tbe young o?an to go to New
York, and contained many warning* aud food advice.
There wore other letter? fro?? bl? father.
A letter of earlier note, wiittoo from No 51)3 M aria st ,
Ottawa, evidently by th? young man'? ?woetboart, began
with " My Dear Harry," told of tho unimportant dally
life of a young woman and was signed "Your luring
Orand //ofrt-deneral Stephen V. Beost, Thief of Ordonn?e,
C. H. army.Aferrri Houie? ?rs ll.-ury W?rd Beettier.
?nd Ar.-ln.isii.ip P. A. I '?whan, or Chira?-?.i .?-l'ori., H?tei
-< 'Hunt >t? l>i?n?, ot Havana aad A. A. 0, I?t Ri?ere, Pro?
vincili lreasuier ?! Maulluha
?TKAMsinr Ahbivala?The Umbria, of ihe Cunara,
I.I ne. from Liverpool, and the GOBBBBjae, of the I i.u. la
Line, from Havre, arrived lat? last night.
should try Cherry Mall Phosphite?.
Unmet! ? ? sate?, e nt Jamaica l.lii?er. ? ?, . i?si . |
reraivty for raillo, cb??lsra mortia?, oolds chill? and l:,rr ? et
warming and ??(initiating the wnol??y?tem. Far ?ale it?
groosrs snd drugguta
at ? ?
_ ...... BneBfaajt
The Fnll Dres? ?rs slwsy? oolform la ?in?lltr. Omo???,?
ran depend ob the ?ruallty of all food? ol out make beiti?:
main tsi Led ?t th? hlgtiMl standard.
Try our new Whlte-Caiis, Cr??? Couolry and f*l???. Eng.
litar*. All sxtrs flue
Ki.sMtr Tobacco Co.. Maw.York.
Re?? Ihe I olmpeeeh.hle Teallsnamv.
? ?t? a firm believer la the valu? of B?o?on'? PI??.
ter?," ?H Mr. Kor. of li?*?i.?ll Record, "and h?v? tria-t
ererr klod la the market. 1 rind that Benion ? ??? .?t?r
? fnird? prompt relief within twentr four hoir? wbl? others
hov? no perceptible ?lT?ct ?tiort of three day?. "
is e are I m redact,.?
?om? verr choice new br?n?U of cigareil??. mado from tho
? nut ?? ?????.te ?election* of VIrr Ola t..h?.?. oa
Try our new Wnife-Cep?. Cro?? Couotry. Full Dress so?
Lat??t ?BglUU. ?.; ??tra tin*
Kis.Nsy Tobacco Co., Xsw-Yor*.
FRlIS-WAT^It-On Monday. August gt st Thlrt*?nfk
?StriMt Presbyterian ?'liureh, New-York, br th* luv J. M.
Worrall, I). I... carl F. Frtl?. of inneutiagen, Deuuisrk. t?
M Inule J. Wal?h, of .Vew York ritr.
BOSWir.L?At Greenwich. Conn. AiikusC 27. Chandler.
son of Maiali I!, ami John II. Boswell, age I 1?; monti;?.
lateruieol at Hartford, Coua.
BDOTII-Suddealy. at Flagstaff, Arliona. August 25. Will,
lamT. Bi?uh. aged 2:1 years, son of Jamos Booth, of tb?
firmo! Ilsn.ll A booth.
Nutlceof funeral her- if.?r.
????-?? August .?, Mrs. Mirti ?'., widaw of the lat? Joha
Dow. in?, he K.'itli v?ar ot h?r >?e.
Friends and relative? are iavlte.1 to arten 1 the funeral ?er.
rice? at the resilence of hor ?on In law, D. VV. llenUo,
lioeclle, X. J., at 5 o'clock p. m.. Mou.lay, August B*\
Int.riueutat Greenwood on rue? lay.
KLY-On August 27, Enieliue S.Ely, in the 77th year ot
n?r age.
Funeral ?errlce? at the residence of Dr. F. \V. Lester, 218
West 8?? si, Mondar, August 2'J. at 8 |? nL
MI Null?At Peeksklll. N. Y? August 27. Ennlce Pees.
widow of the hue Truuiau Minor, in the Kith year it
Fanerai from her Iste residence, Peeksklll, on Moniliy.
August V9, at 3 p. ta.
oftnTfTf TBflaealr. ou Friday. Atiifiist 2d. H?7, at th?
resiSOSMM of hi? mother. Mr?. Charles lt. Marvin, Josepi?
11. Marvin, um 1 34 reara
Fiiurral service? at the honst, -I FUmsoust, Brooklyn.
sundar afternoon, ????(;???. 8?, at I -Volo is,
SCIIERMEHIIOKN?In this cilr. s.iturdar, August 27.
l'etsr V. I?. V. Seti?rm?rhorn. ?ge.I 7S re.ir?.
Funeral service? at the resi lene? of hl? son-in-law, ?. ?.
Kellncg. Nu. 177 Al?iander?are.. on Mondar, at ??. nu
Interment at Schenectad.r. M. V., oil Ga?? lay.
?????-Oe Ati?tist 27. Frederick Coventry, infant ?wn ol
John F. and Julia II. Oakey. age I I) month?.
Funeral ?t Freehold, -V. !.. BM? lar, 89lb mat., at 2 p. m.
KHO.VDE?*?At llamsev's. NM.. Amu?! -G?.of membraneous
croup, I hsrlns, youngest ?on ol Chat lee It. itluMdes, igo.l
2 rears, 4 month* and .', days.
Ilurial ?t t'n.uu cemelcry. lUuisey's, yesterday.
?KITH?At N?risran??tt Pier. II. I..oiiThura lar. 2.??? last..
Juliet 11. Smith, witenl ciuurge >'. smith aud daughter
oi the late K.lia? f, smith.
Relative? aad friends ara invite??, to atte 11 the funeral ser?
rices to oe hold on Mutui ?v. 38th ''ist., at 4 o'clock a, m., at
ber late residence. No. IS? I?:*.. BsMsSa
Interment at ureter Bay. L. I.
?NOWnnn?Atat Jam??*. U I., AngnM 27. Willard Snnw.
den. lotti* 20lh rear of hi? ars, a men ber of Colombia
Collene. and ?on of the Iter. Hubert ll. aad l.ydu P. bnot?.
den. ot Hrooklvii.
Burial at st. Jame?. Suolar, '-'?th in?t., at 1 p. m.
Train at Eaat .? n:, ?at. at 8 M a bl
8UTPH1 N-At oceaB r?rk, V. J.. Frid?r. 2C,th last.
L?tla W . ?litett daiigliwr ot C. Edgar and Jeunette J.
Ilelatire? snd friends ars lnrlte.| tn?ttsn! th* funeral *t her
ear-lit?' r??iilenc*. U4 El.aisiiethare., Newark, N. J., ?at
Mondar. 8?tB nut.. ?? ? ??. I
Isteraieut al ? tie ooiivemence of the i.i in dr.
WF.nn-At sianifiirit, Conu.. August '.d. Miss Emily A.
\\ ebb. It? her 5:nl year
Fuuvrai ?ervices at th? Onitre^atloual (.'lurch, suiufort.
Mondar. August -??. at 3 0. ?
WOOH-At Leonia ?? J?, Augu*t 27, Fintila w.fe of Will.
lain A. wo,?!, to her ? 'th veil
Funeral lervtc?? .1 the liefonnod Church at Btdgedel.^
' Tnasl.tv, tin? loth i.is' . .1'.'
BaiTresai of NewJers?r.
Specilli Xittrcj.
?.? 1heV?rvBr?? I'rcpnmtlon el
C 'I >I ?-I.1 \" I-.ii 1)11,,
C'sswet!. Master ? lo.'s lhnulslnii With ?jmnln? ?B* P?J>?10
l're?, i.havl by leading pbyslciana 1.121 B'war Ao788ih-?vo
Tenth ??.? ?
M R S. M c ? I. ? A T II ?
Telllrtt, fa us, PL'ktes la! Mi? Me its.
Purs Re I Currant Jellr. asOal? >t carrait imo? tal ???'.
snd nothing els*. Krerrt'itn* l?ut ui? la sitssurt. ???it
order? earlr. Ooaidssnie \ uuttl fill. For pri?:??. reMreaoet.
ateaalilr??? MraSAIlAII ??. McKLBATlt, _
fai Degrawit. Hr?ia>*lyD. N. Y.
I'OSI Oilier Notice.
fShould be read daily by all Interested, as ctuugo? mar
oecur at any time.)
Lanata f??r foreign countries ne??d not bo spa-cislly sd.
dremtod for dupatch by sa/ parti? altf sMaata?, siceat ?bs?
It is desired to ?cod duplicai ? Of banking and MMBtSsrolol
documenta l???t? r?. not ?pec,ally aJdri???^ u-lng ??ml hy ib?
fa-'e? vessels available.
Fnielrn mall? for the week ending September 3 will clOlO
promptly lu all ? ?????? at thl? oil? e a* follow*
MON DAY-At S p. to. for PtstSlU* I? <r ?team?hlp Ilir?',?!.
from New J .rleaoi. at ? p. bi. fur beline. Puerto Corteo
?a?l Uuaieuiala, per eteamship Wainlerir, froai matt?
WE?MKMl)AY-At 10 am. for Bluetlehl?. per st?* n?'u?i
Amethyst; alii a iil ter .Una! a. Inasti. (Ireytow?,
DUsisMo.aaTBBllle nr. rrr ?tooMoto Atenei ati-.'m.
for Europe, iter sUamsliii? Saale, ria Southampton ani
Bremen (lettera for i mini.I musi l< ? ilimtaxl " |?er
Maale "); St II e. for Ireland, par ?>?.?? ..? Adriatlo.
via QiiMBStoar? (letters for Cr??t Un?alo aud ?ill. ?r
European countries must tie dire, tc I "is Adnaiic"?! st
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via Aiitw-.-ip ilelter? siati be directed p-si' Beigen.
IIlUSsnAY-At io a. ni. for ('entrai America ami Svitts
Pacltie port?, per ?t?aiu?h ? t'lly ot l'ara via ?BBSS
wall (lattar? for ilualemala mti?t l?e direct?.! "pei . ur
of Para") at 1 p.m. f"r ?snuula. per ?teams.?.? ?iri
?????? ?" 1 p. in. lor Vi??an. N. P.. au?! BoalMlg?. Caoo,
|>er ?l??in?hip S.it'tl.g?: at 1 p. m for Camp???.??,
??otOOS, Tabasco end Incalan. p?r ?te?ui?hlp CUV ?if
V/sshtsstoii (letters for other Mexican State? mil?! bo
dlrtMte?! "per City of Washtngtoo"?. at ? ? in. f?r
Puerili ('ortet. i>?r ?is* nsi'ii B. II. Ward. jr.. frmn Now?
Orleans; at H:.J) p. in. lor st. IVare Minaeloa, p?r
steamer from itallut.
BATUUBAY?At il a m. for Enron?, per ?Uamstilp I'm.
brla, via QiiMastovn (letter? fur Franc??. ?Swit/erl????!.
Ilalv, spam and Portugal must BS d.recl??! "per I'm?
BfbvSl *t-I a. in. tnr??rest Britain, Irelstid. ncrmsar,
Austria Iletimart. s?releu, Norway, llussia sud lur
koy. par steanitliip Elbe, via Southampton ?ul ?'.i.i: u
(letter* musc lis direct?! "per El..n'i. al ii a m.
for France, rt?rttt?rl*'id. ttalr. ??ila ?ni l'ut"
lugal, per ?1**???!?1? I.i (,.i*???gue. ria litri?
(letter? lor other F.uiapean ?????????? nnisi ??
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direct, per ?t?t sshlo POvwabk via <ii??go?r letter?
mult be?ir*olel ",l?r Devon? I a- .1 a. m. BM t ..?
Netherlands direct. p.?r *te*iu?ilp Ziinian. ?? ? An.
?tarda*? (letters a? i?t he ????????? " ,4.? Zaati un ?.
at lo am. for the Wlalward I?.and?, per ?leausiitp
Bermuda at 11 a iu. f*r VeaejimU ani ?uracii i?sr
?t?aia?:up Caracas; at '. p. bl lor Progreto, por ?Wa.ii.
?hip riiornhllL
SUNDAY?At 10e m. for Progreso, p-r ?ieam?hlp Metier,
via Havana, ? letters for nL.ioi- ktaStOO? ?m?? in.?.lu
dirscteat " per Mexico"?, ?t il p. io. fer Trillili.? IM
Kualau, per ?t??-aiu?Ulp ?4. Uteri, from Nesr-Orloau?,
??.?? for Chlaa sod Jspan. per steamship Belgic (fron
Man Froucisoo). clos* hete September '.I al 7 o. tu. M tils
fnrtlie rlsndwi?h Islaud?, per steamship Australia ttroiu
Man FraocUi'Oi, close here September ? si 7n.iu. Mils
for Australia, .V?w.jSealan?t ?*?n?iwioh. Ftji and ??
Dioan Islands, per ?tea*?hin Alameda (from Sau Ir in?
ciso ?? elose Bare September "Iti at A p. ni. (?r on arrivala*
N?w-iork ul ?teotaablp (i?r>uaulc wiili Urinili mans <?r
Au?irailai. Malls for the ??o? letv Islands, per ?hip
? loplc Bird (fro e Ss? Fra?oler?). clos? hero Beetee???*
"Jlat 4 p. a? Mail? forcuti?, br rait to Tamps, FI*., aal
theaoe or ?teaiiiar. ri* Key WNt, Fia, ol?M at tat?
"iu??? daily at -??'?'? *. m.
^?he schedule of closing of Trans-Paclilc m?tls U ?r?
mofed on the presumpilou of their uuiutcrrupt J oviland
transit to San Francisto. Mali* ii-om tho Fjust arrlv lag oo
time at san Fr*nci?cooo the ooy of ?ailing of Paese? BBS
dispatched thence th? saino day. - - ?.
HENRY li. PEArVit-N. Ptxtmas cr.
Post Ofhco. New-Yon*. N. Y.. Aug. a?. IH???_
Bcligiono MstictB.
r?reP?^?t??^'?'''?,?, In-l??????*-. I ?? Worth-.t.. Wll.t.f |BJ
? BARNARD SuperiBteuileuU-Serviceof ?iu< everr .-?ao?
l?rali'lii .o'* l'a? t u-rio.i n .U ttiMl Wliullr by lu* J ??.?
ar*n..t en iuaiit.itm PabUeosrJtallyIsrltaj,_t
~?l lattatili? l'ourdi. 4oth-?t.. near ????-*t?\, Iter. Alt?
T?! ?'It Itili HIE. ??? tor.-Siluday. 7, 7:15, l?J:-i) a..d
11am; daily. 7 a. ui. Meal? li?e. _ _
" Trnii?a?uralloii ! Impel, Ofc?j?t Ctfth ?!.. Iiaatweeu l?uol?"
rard ?sd itb ara-?ervico?: 7 a in, Hani a. m. oui

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