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how the Camp ground was bought.
TrrbtuR, N. J., Aug. 2S.?The encampment Is over,
and tbe 1st Brigade, National Guard, slept last night ac?
cording t? the preference? of tbe individual member In?
stead of aeoordtng to utlltary discipline. ? In? expert
Once ha? been notatilo from the beginning to tho <iu.
The encampment gradually grew to resemble a big
{ilcnle, soniunerous ani overwhelming ?vere tho visitors.
They cam? fio.n every part of thu .Slate aud they .ill had
hciuuiuiaucea? aiuoug Hut ?Ulcers and mea. Governor
Green remained with the brigade from first to last and
bad his numerous ?tail iuatteuil.iu.ee. Genetal Piume,
Doinmaudlug the division, waa also proseul luoai of the
time, and on Kri.lay ex-Ooveruor Parker, ex-Govcnmr
Abbett and ox-Governor Price, gave a in pit.? X brand to the
Governor's review. Of politicians there was uo eud, and
they appeared to be a rather harmleu? aud entertaining
lot of men when closely scrutinized. The statu otuVlal?
Were present almost In a body. The bal! on Prlday even?
ing wm more than ordluarllly brilliant and tlte decora?
tion? were Mpeeially Une. Guests were present from all
tbe watering plata?.* alenatila coast, a? well at from New.
York, Philadelphia, Newark, Trenton aud Caluden. The
fiouuda surrounding lb? hotel were beautifully uTuiul
tiatod with cuioie-1 llghu anauged In artistic deeiatne,
While the ball-room, reception parlors and appn>achea
?Were tastefully arrayed with profuse decorations of
Sudln- and ferns, lnterworeu with bunting and the
crest? of several states. Governor Green was presented
to tho guest? in the parlors ou th? ?eroml door, and at hi?
right tiuul thu ladies who assisted him in receiving ttm
?ruests. They wer? Mrs. Green, Mrs. Freileri-k H. Fisti,
Jdrs. Hudley ?A Bteela, Mrs. Bell, Mr. George H.
Green, Mrs. ? bai les W. Thomas aud Mrs. Rutti? King.
Annui" ihe invited cueste were : Aiijutant-i'eneial
William H. tstrykar, bis wife and daughter ; ??piarteriuas
let .eueraa Lowt.s Perriue and daughter ; rjoigeou-t.en?
trai John D. IMct'ill. wife and sieier, of .1,,., ? ity ;
Inspector-General J. Watts Kearney, ?on Of Generai
Poi. Kear.ey, and wile ; Inspector of Mill? Practice
General Hint ?Y.bpeucer ami wife; Advucaie-ii-eueial ?
Charlea G. Garrison aud daughter. Colonel and Mrs. j
( bai is? W. TboiuM. Colonel William P. Abielt. Colonel ?
George II. Harve/, t.'olouel John C. Uweus. Major .l.tiue.s
I?. Yard, Colonel I. S. suedeker, Assiataut Adiulaut
General Marvin l?odd, Iiiepeotor-(.'i>|.mei Oeorg? ?:. P. !
Bowsrdl BaftrOOa Kdward I?, Welling, (?uartet master !
?,,?.-? W. leirili.ii v. <*hief of Artillery A. .lu I-on
Clark. William Walter Phelps. Oeorite A. Malser. of
lS'ewail., and Majar usuerai Oeerays ?. esvaanttoa. Caen?
niaiiuer of the Pirat Brigade National Guara of Peur.?) 1
'Ibemarch home yesterday was ra'lierasleepy ;itt:nr, for
bctwoeii the du Met aud pluasuresof oaiup life olheei's and
lue ? were pretty well exhausted.
| The event which gave the gnar lernen chief satisfaction
Was the purchase of the ca.upiug grouu.l by thu State, j
bevi ul ? "in?, thousand dollar? was the price demanded, ?
According t<i tlie values of siluro properties, tint price '?
was low enough in the opinion of experts; buttile legis?
lative appropriation ?vas .strictly limited to fBt.OOR It !
began to look as if the property would ir? Miti? the hands
of private part:???, when General l'luine meati ?nod rue
lustier to ex-Congres?uiau ?'?-urge A. Hi I My. avho soheti
the riddle. His iitfeiud to be one M four persons rn con?
tribu??; "rJ.OntJ eacii toward making up the balance; if
the legislature ohoM tt? reimburse ? Mo in, well aud good;
If not, tlieu the money waa to be a gift to the Nat ou il
Guani, ?.enei,u Plume uiiilnrlook Mi tind the I hive oilier
men. Congressman Phelps rnmo to thu rescue and tue
remaining ??? IHK? was soon afler obtained. Tlice ale
J-'A aciei lu all in the camp grounds. 1 bey are about
?lx laillrs below Asbury Park, level from end to cud. and
bounded by ihe railroad ucean. Ri'tiaii Lake, ami sea Girt
village. Au abundaut supply of pure, whineaome w.tier
for drinking purpose? it supplied by an artesian well,
sunk to tbe depth of ~t?0 feet, while shallower wells fur?
nish water tor waebiug and MIIiibbTJ use?.
The PrubHutloulsts have made a number of aouiiiiu
tinns for Assumili?' and county ottlcc? in tno southern
part of the (Rate and their Hat? Committee wiii meet on
leMoaahor s for oi'gunU.tMou.
The close ef the Muuuiouth Park racing se.i*ou has ?et
sume people tlnnkii:-', and it is pertinently aaked
\t i.etiier tbe conduct of tlie track tins year bai wan anted
all that won said in favor of the OMaaMMOo? shea tho
bill permitilng pool-evliing wm piiiatat ?t tito I Mjlela
tuie. It iva.? cxpccled that the ludL'es wuii?d be Bu 10
lu their ttriuuea.? with tricky jockeys when latan
received the apsalOOOf legislative IsdorsaniSSt. aud that
the bookmaker.? wuuld in? ?nom <?r their obsolnte power.
The results have been disappointing, nor has tlie ra inner
In which some noble hor-es, lia ve n.-eu ruineil snivel to
encourage the bellet that tlie breed uf horses was receiv
lug innen beiieiit by tbe ?port at tint Park.
There are so many Iieuincrnts m Warren ?'?unity that
the primaries are of more importance than tbe election,
null the si ruggles. nf aspirants agra confined Mi the ,v?iii
l'iiiiMi for uoiuiliat Kills. Hence has at i ?en tlie Habit of
unii mucing cauulil.tcy by regular advent?, men:, mid
ball a culmini of each county paper is m copied witu
* calile " from persons who want lo be BtaSl 'IT. senior or
A??cmiilyiii.tu. The lecnmnieu.lutimi? p,es"nted by tho
candidale? enutain tuiich unconscious humor, but tlie
ey.'.-iu works admirably and Uas been fioijiunlly sag
Ee.?teti for adoption elsewhere.
DK. S?cdLYXS and vowsjlmoe tomaemm.
Major YV. J. Gleason, of Clevelaml. Ohio, a prominent
Ci.iii'l A/Tity man, and president of the Oiiio uivision of
tiie Irish Nation il League, is at the Astor HailM? taking
? '?rief rest from liis duties as president of the Roani of
?:.|iiaIi/..itton aud i.cietary of the Beard of Eieeiioue at
CTeveUniL In conversation with a repoilor last uiglit he
?alkfcil freely on Dr. MoUlyuu'a expulsion fr?ta the
J;,unan Catholic priesthood and the causes which led
to it
? ?**I ufi Dr. MeClvnn on the elevated road on Satur?
day." said Major Gleasou. " He was ou his way to ?.?,? ?
bull game ?it the Polo (??mud?,. I tliotigiit I reoogBdaed
l.ln. and spoke to him.
| " Do you know," continued tho Major, ? Ui.it ? wa? tho
first man to get Dr. MciHyun into trouble vvltu Arch
1 ;-b'iji Corngaul In 1S82 Bishop (?Umore ? xcoiiimuiil
ealed tbe leaders of the land lutarne la Uhift I there?
fore s. ut aa larltatdon to Dr. McGlynn to co leandad
dits? Hie League at Cleveland. Dr. Mei.lviin cm me mid
?poke before T.OOO people at Rock) Klvei. a suburban
rOMBt of that cit.". It seem? that he did tin? without
asking tUe pleasure of the Archbishop, and vv..? ccii-un.l
by the Archbishop for not Brat obtaining his Maeent,
The matter was referred to Cardin il Mc< loskey ?rod he
exonerated the iloctoi?. That was the tint caila? Ol uu
|il, ..- nitness betwea-n Dr. Mciilynn and bis aiii-armr."
"What do you think will tie the effect of theexuom
Biuuic ition on the uicuiliership of the Catholic Church I"
tskest tbe rejetrter.
- It w,ll uudmititeiily cau?e the biegest defeetloii the
Church has ev er ?een. That Is. ? iii??:iii. among tiie think?
ing pi? ? ?- of the Church. Of coarse, those who nave
leen i.? ]t d??.* n through Ignorami?, and are afi ail. will
liol eii.iiige their jKiaitimi at all. I am heartily In sym?
pathy with Dr. Mm,I, nn'? po?itiuii In regard to Ihe pills
in .schools. I never could see Hie senso of Bending chll
(ueii long distanc?e to pejpai hhil school?-??,-ond rate
school? at that when Brit-elaas, wall eaulagajd pubno
???????', were at hand for all who would alten ,."
"What do > mi think o? Mr. O'Brien uud his trip to
America In the interest of Ireland 1**
? Mr. O'Brien i? one of tiod's own men." replied the
Major. ? The ti in to ? anada has had ' ir reaching Ito Mite
xml lia? endeared n'Bncii to all lii-hmeu."
Mppir (.leaeoii served gallantly for three year? during
the late war. He I? an active BteeabUf M toe 1.1 ami
Army of the Repnblie. and is always on band to work lor
BO gooil of tbe organization. In speaking of the natile
ga| niellent, he said:
" (etiveruor Forxker did ft great thing when he Otad
that famous dispatch to Washington. I wa? glad bt ae?
tini! Hit-Associated Preis used (lie dispatch w,.u h I l.e
?uv iiliogii cmiuiy (?rand Army organisation rent to tie
Governor. YVe met t l.e ?lav unit tie (.oven.or'? dispatch
? as ?? ut. I penned the ill-pntch winch congratulated tbe
Governor ' for tin? sand ' be bail ?linen in .icing orders
Hat an Intorni! lea be taken nut agaiii*t relieving tho
flags, (?ovcruor lorakrr has a great iiead. II? ?.-a mnu
who act? promptly aud knows what he is doing every
? Br the way, I erjnyea ihe boll game on Saturday
hugely. 1 rode down-toxvu in a cub vv itu Dr. Melai) un
Bud had a very pleasant chat wilh him."
Members of the Cotton Exchange look fo- a decided
Improvement iu their business after Sepie ubor 1, when
the new rules for tho inspection an i clasti'lc.itinu of
rottou go Into offoot Not only will the confidence of
buyers be strengthened under the new.sysie n, but the
oust of handling will be greatly reduced. Tbe new rules
provide that no contract for the future delivery of cotton
aliali be notie.il In auy public reftprt or circular, or lu
any manner rveognUed, acknowledged or enforced by the
Exchange, unless both parties thereto are members of the
Exchange, nor will any contract for ?ess than mobile?
be acknowledged. Yerb il contraete aro to have the same
et nudi tig, force and effect as written oue?
1 The Board of Managers will each year hereafter a|t
polut an iiiapeetor-lu-cliief of cotton wLu must be a mem?
ber of tho Exchange, and will have power to appoint as'
?i.atanl Inspectors, all of whom (hall be licensed and be
under the sup?<rvlsiou of the Warehouse and Delivery ?
Uiuiiuilltee. Wncii called upon to make nn InxpeeHoU of
tottou the Inspector in chief Is to detail one of tin? aasist- ;
anta, together with a li, emed welghiuasler and sampler, I
a ho an? to keep a record of al! meli cotton as may be in- ,'
?peeled, of uiarka aud al! other data aud to f uramh such
certif?cale? of the ?ame ax may be re .unni.
The Beard Of Managers will also appoint an expert
OOexmittto for the classification ot cotton. A cmuiuiitce
Of recognized expert? in the classi licit Imi of c >ttou wilt
Ik- appokhleil m the Appeal Committee on Classification.
But no persou interested lu any mautier In the cotton
?ubmitted for decision ?Tall be prruutied to serve <>n ?
eitlier of tbeao committee?. The BMltteal inspect..???,
sani).:??;- ami woighiuattors are tooaiafully Inspect ami
?ample?in duplicate or triplicate if deeire l-nul paxM
upon Hie bai. s auch re mark? aa may ??. requireiL iho
?amides are to be kept in een irate papers for each ri ???,
mark in the lot, must be seale.1 before leaving the ware
houxe ami tiiea be aeul U> the clasisilieaiiou eeflMflMhaa
The name of tbe warehouse, the uuiubei or I??: 1er of ilia
warehouse receipt, the mark? of bule? and ?ot BUBI tore
are to be stated upon caco certiBcate issued by tue iu
e|>eeior-lii- chief.
1 Tie warehouse roeoipts are made negotiable and are
good for one year from dete; lud all future deli verle?
iliade with ?.ich certificate? In fu?tiiuicut of contract are
to be ileeun?,! a !l,initiation of auch contract, (niton!?
to be stored only In warehonat-? locate?! aa provided for
In the rulM, aud warehouarineu will Or required to give
bonds to Ihe Lxching- to lueur?? the delivery of the
cotton lueutiontvl In reoeipu i??utd by tbem. The
Ohxrge for inapucuux, aaii.psiiijr., ?xamining ami marking
eottou Will bo 7"-a CenU per bale, mid the ?ame charge
?Will be made for eia-tata* it In ease of au appeal ??
?aMttVJBxl charge ?f 7% oenfu par bale ta to he made to
eurer the exprime of iwaaalfl?atlon by tbe Appeal Com
mlttee. All charge? areto be dono si t<vd with t_e Cotton
?.?'?eh.in go Inspection Klin 1. '.ylr.Ui ali ill be respon-lbln
to th? l.tatt reami voi or ?hlppor tor any falae-paakel
cotton repreHcnted by any reocpt which I? ecooiiipauied
by anln?pe?Jt<?r'?oerfl?ra:e of grade; but a!l Habillttes
therefor ?hall oea*o ulue'y .lavs after tho cotlon has
been ?hlppMd from the pert '>f *?''??' Voflt? If llt ?ny tltiie
the fund ?hail not be ?urflulcutiy large to par all the
claims upon It. such claims shah bo flicd and paid lu
order of their receipL
i\'o OW? r??? BRBRBIl*?,
Buje M CJr ??* Lskp, Aug. 2-1.-Tub Nkw York Sf-f
DArTaiBi-sn rMched thla place by special trniu aud
pony express to-day at 1-?10 p. in. Blue Mouutain
Lake I? ?till crowded with gtieit?, and many of
them were aweltin? the arrival of Tub Tkiihsb
wagon. Tni? place li thirty mile? beyond the met ?tatlon
on the Adirondack Railroad, but thu.journey for some of
tb? TitiliLSl. bundles did not end here.
Among the interested spectators as the T m lit* ne pony
express drove up to the Prospect Houite wa? a brawny
Adirondack guide, dressed appareil ly for some urgent
work; and well be might be, for twenty miles
of lake and carry lav before him ni special messenger of
???? Simma y TnincNK to the camps and hotels on dutiint
Raquette Lake.
There wa? no delay. Packages of ???? TiiiiiiMf were
totted Into the light Sarauac canoe aud pushing on* the
I Mast iprang In. With the Ion?, sturdy stroke
? that Sivrs? such speed to A.lironda, k slilffs
be burred on hi? way through the 1 ike?. Ibe labors of
j THE Thihlnk train aud nmir express wero completed
i and now Tin: TUBOBO i.c it was dancing aero?? the
waves of Blue Mountalti Lake.
Ragle ?.???. I.'towonna Lake, '?tie 'arry, Raquette
1 River aud mtieli ef Uaqiiette Lake lav 'before me tlie
\ Journey to Heiiuetl's "Under the Hemlocks"
? and tbe camps and cottage? along the lake would bo com
j plete.l.
Hauuette Lake has never before Ineu ?en el with a
New? lurk new-paper ou the day of publication and the
enter-pri?? of Tut Tumi >?: In suiiplvtu-! that dlttaut ?ud
I secluded region ?vitb Tin: BlfSliAT i'i.r: es excite?
much favorable eomiuent. At ll.lt reaort
! Tut Tribi-nk's eneraTOtlB sssat, ?v. ?f White,
quickly supplied his in my cu?M?mei?? wi ' I'm. TntniisK
ami soon ot-rt ene waa nusv wiui lue lat.-at new?.
AM Riverside a wa^on ?vat waitiug to carry lui; Si ?,
DAT TEIOPWS 10 0>??? ??, ?UttesO mie? .t't.ty.
Likk Pi.a( ???. Aug. -'S. -Tu? ??????.'.?.? ?pei nil tralu
ob tlie Delaware und Hudson Raijiual malo OKOSllsol
Unie to-day, suppl? las an extended ?ysleui of pun, p?
preases aud a eu'iibnu.? with b iu Um for delivery In
mountain aud lake resorts, and reaching the distaili
metropolis of Canada.
At ?ToOtport Mie bulk of the bundles for the mountains
were pin off tobe caught up mid hull led ti.mugli to
I ?/a,lot it ?vu. At thai point A. <'. Leach was wait?
ing -? n an excellent team. and with
no delay the Hurt lor Stimino Laka w a?
male. Keone wa? reached at S:-'U a. m.; CMCSltsvUl?
at !>::l'>: Lake I'll? id at 11. am! sarauac Lake at l'_:3U ?
Thk Ihiiii'm. Pen/ ????-si ha? liessuue a lenii.ir
feature (if Adirondack einuiuer lile, aud la uuw .??>-,??
for saeh .?.?ason.
At Port-Rent a itoomlmal ?va? in waiting to roavsy
???? iKiiiivii package? Is Htirliugnui nero?? Las?
Cliampiaia, an I ttiat city was ? cue bru al au early
huur. Muni Mes fur the Northern ???????.?? ss w ete il.s
tributeif ri-mu Plattobura br ths Cbateaugsy ?
aud pour express, s, Whitehall, ? icouilcmga, Cretan
l'oint. Port Henry, Keesairilix, Aii?ai..e ? basai. Roua?-?
l'oint au.. ..lin. Il .a. heilig aleo supplied li o.u ino ?..M
1 urinigli the North 1 Uli Tumi m. hai iu all 107 mil?.
of sselnslvo spretai tiaiu?, luti nnle.oi axclu.lve apttcial
wagon?, a spellai linai ttir.>?i_li Ibe lake? aud a apecial
?learner un Lake Chaiuiilalu.
COJ.OM.L BMJ DL ?i Y oh H ENTI t ? G.
a sKKrvu or tpe man win? has iXtrt EUE ?
C'.o-K Kami?; I'.'It BWB ?."? l.UV'.l-il.'P.
I.il isvtl.Lh, Ky., Aug. Yj.t.-The tvtuatka! le Oin?
te?: for Guvenmr Of Ke:,lUcl,y leceiitiV Inailo by lb??
lion. V.Uliaui ". l.uiiLey bav? at onoc | lac U Inni
j.ruiiiliit-iitly bel uro the i-uintry a? a Republican ?ead-r.
lie m a ua.ee kmilu. ...mi ami a -<1. -in.fl . .
burn March 1?, 1 ? i7, be vv :t? nil viluiuui mei .- ol
eilliialloii a.'t? r i?a-lli-' til- ?|?!?(????? I, y ar. but
??? ul aaVOBttOa he bM ?u Mir lua-ler .1 lint only Uji:
hii_ll.?h ,tui. tia.c. buttile raditi.?Milo oi law. a? to be
admitted bj -, ? ci.ii a.-t >>. ti,.? |aogi tatara tb pfaiSaM
bis elm?en ptoie-a-lou. Ih Ls70 he ??as a c.i;.U..au?
??G l'n,.?CCUl.ii_; ALloliuy ni (,;t..a?'? t ut. ?,
l \v bere h'?? stili Ilvo.) BAU] ?va? ? ? ?
Hi lo7*J he ?va? ai;oMitnl u? au ? ?
tor on th? ?,nui and ????,,?? MhOa? atlas1 ehoinv
vtaid n'Jiiui.atc.i tur ? oiinn???, maun ? , .
ill a h'-ii-v IC--1. L?. Utuiiaiic lit UiOl . . a.cii
by u.U.. oiA? .Ulis. in I?; l be wa, ?.a :.
lor Lulltl't3? OUI il?*. Lu U, a . ? lu 1 ,', .. I (M
Co,?..-.. V. _lu; un .in?, (g? >..'? a, u. Ii,,,., l.-i, IjU
??.???*.?>?1 loo daSttkA Mcj i. i ?.._ vo.c u.'i ?
..? bt? i-ii? 1'1,.,'U . ' ?:..? ;.
Hun.?, oulu-Ua, Ua in.? iai.li Said ?. ?- | ?
bO ? --. ' ?? ? ?' ' ' ??? .- ..i . latiti..a
li? >ta? uni eiauuait ita Le otafcM.a, ,w,u.i:r, un ?
Ine Mo,.uni.can ??.,?-1-Uiu um; lili Li.n.ii
in .-r?o t'ululi??! liraiUey \?a? a aManSSAs Hutu Uv?
Sui? il lar^c tu U I ? io rotaia al ?
pucio I' -tiuo.l.'.l Ine ?: jinnij I uni ol Grani in ainui
Batll mainili. ti? a ?? vtii? imi vai ?_??? ..
ber o: ne MrU'nsI t?mimiitti? Bum ateuiitivy, -
au active pai, in ?ha cu..a? in m .ana.
Y nu Otiti ??'???????). la 1--. ? U ??.'? IM ml?
fui a ?. ruua lime ci .i.l a? a ?
gaAesai ?:???? 11 -__?>? Ken i*a_) tu ?,?> K^Ujui?
? ume.i'.ou, ?hen M kuatfo a banst OsTr? ?
li: uji; ,,-liinti to the j, ru, ...?.Mon tO an**sn*rSa%M L.e
tsoii ' ???? ? it?! rtsanula ? ion.
Ill 111 be wa? - beted be I'r-uV-ot Artjur to
ntowcatto hha eh ? ?m'? for daaasa?? I a .,-: ? ? Ml
liuiic operator?, but uaytag t" ? '.?' un ib i-'.nni.iij
??Mil tlie Attuimi-? .client! be? ic-nnd [um II,.? sat -,
lie ai-o, in the ??eme? yar, cio.i?-. d Kentttch) and
launeaM? fur .Mi. Il imi?. 1-';"rn 1 ,"n uni ? ? .t
prestai colori??' tiradle) bas ?*,.en o preMirem
In e.eiy cal, a ?, goiU? where ???,'?- ? ? ? ?
ami st once becuuiiii. ??,?? .? rrcattj i? a red by i>
ci ni ??? lea ere and nrwepni is
llc.tu lo_dr lu the south lu tbe can a ? ,n t ?
Colone. Brail.?') Iliade ?e?? ni. -tin?
el .?1 over ....."?? nil.-, polled the a es 'e :
vote ever given in tbe staio and pUaCOd Renmtaty
among tlie don! tfu --at.?- nest roar.
Ho was BOI old enough to I'lt'T the annv. lit ran
atta? from botne ??bea a BtOTO cal d BO ? 01.? the
? ? inn army, f ? uni which he WM a o by ? ?? father.
In t-?-. BOW ?G, b? olncd tho Ueluger (,ua d ?
L?.in?? in??. ? nd reaiatnod in tho sorvlta f"r -
?vieil?, unir onora y ? Uel or ed,
Colonel HraiVoy Ih of ?mail -tature, lut itOUl y
tul I?. Ilo 0 OSSI lui' .<-,(? 000 With b
? lid eatnisslne e |?? wla'ever he muli ?'a I . ? L.liy
be i? a nio-t aamaoMo gentleman.
.1 v..*!*? TMfSM SOCIETE PO /(f/.'V LONDON.
Il would seem tlia' tin M ur?- not cir"ir'i Iri-'i MI ni'cs
in tuia city 11 ?Igit I uiivioii, ani so Iho Patinili.? [rixh
Exiles hive sprung in'?? existenci?. ?? ino-t of llio?e who
form tin? now or:.-.i:.?/. itlee were menhirs "f th?? oM
i co m lii'u liei .11.1.1, It is not surprlsiug thai tbejr bold
tuat no ??'??t iiis.i axllM are patrintlo ?rut tbemaelvra.
Their object I? to trj to get ail the Iri-hmeu Hi this
count!)? together in one great u-so,intimi ami after ?? ?
eerioingxcertxinatnountof none] to .??<?. ? ? ?,..,,..
com.nou plan of action for "driving the English lulo
the sea. ' Tiio Work of the National la? ? ??.?. Iii.-y say. is
en??.? and ineffective. The performances of the dyna?
mita? they coi.de mi bee iute ol tbelr utter rm m
Lint), and beiauar ai-o oi iho great rawardeo?Bred hi
the English (?overiiuiiuit for tht lei.a.? ? ' ?)
naia. What Engaul bus long (eared and lrt?h re rol u
tlouiils ?Ig lie I lor baaV 1 "?>' lb ink, BOW aun - I and Dus
iig'-iicv ? about In be "':i ted IO * b irti Lou Imi."
? m? pr.uTi?? ? ?, ?, ? y of tht? ?cheme wm -u "g?--t?-i te the
lender? bj tbe demoni of Baldwin f"> u the ball.? ..?
Rockawav li. adi the other ilav 11 ! ???? ?? lU"
lioveilii: over laiudoh an ? li.iMvviii were a .'?? ?
ImiiiiIi, ?.Idn't the bomb tight ?n Hi. ton of ho
ae. inalely as U.e aeioiau? lit ??,,?? i- |????. ?
deal ? taddeeti netten to ihe murdering aaxoal
Beline arraaremtnte are completed for thle modo of
? warfare i:o-s.i ill rortalalj hart aotnathlax to ?ai, fur
? Hie Idea has b cu ele irly tlolen from blu. Dl liti min e
i large piotane ?.f taoh a .balleea won (tltplaj ?? atta
I tubas? s uirtiug Qreoh Uro. uii.'o-glyMlln? ani Ol ..? ?
I combustible? on the ill lai??,1 m >d?iu 111 ? loa. After
! Ward ne l(?ik down Hu? piotun atta] hin,: Up u il? pi Ito
a big ????????? ?nei. arith thia quotation from Iron le:
" l.iiglaml never yel ?uiiviilorod anyliiing without b.i,?
! Big for it."
Ti"? Exiles now latead to utili/- Ineoe balloonx
Whether Itoaea ????? cium a rapi ty ? -maiii- to he ?-. u
afteritlincuit.es known how successili! these new eu
glues of will-fare will be.
? ,?? I uilght. BHlroiig I ntbod ?Oman living at .No 4,'')
(..- mi? ch-l., charged ?Jll.ror Ir.nal.u C ( eOBaaT, of ihe
heeond Prcclut", m ihn Tombs lO.n:?? | olili )? -I nin.niii,
having grievously a-s,uit. ?I 1er M -a"i dav M? lag sh
thoxed imi ti ob h? ? ? rm. whlnh tin ?nid ami
In prua ?here b? c'li'h d h-r Im. ih!, ami diaeu'd I,.o
about. Th? ? flic? r Basatati I ?oonl r ?h.p??? .ig,.n?' Mrs.
Eniight, .m ? -an that MBM ?Ibm ago a arn - ,? ? nan ai
ibes BW eddies? tor id st: iietlng ? In? id-walk On -mir
day h m* her husband dung ih?? sano thing ami ?as
about in plaoe hlr, und'T ai ?? -t wli'ii Ihe vv.f. -pi.mg u|sin
Ii, ui. lie ?a.? he nt (1 in lie PB une?? ??,? ?? ? - necessary
to rei a-?? tum-eif trotn her g:a-p. .lu-ti, i-o-v-r held
both tbe policeman anil ih? worn in In 4100 ball to unw.r.
Charlea Campiteli died suddenly at hi? home. No. l.t?
Orehard-st., Newark, yesterday. II. went iijistam to
take a batb. and as he did not cone down to break ?-? 11 ?
an hour his wife went to hath for Ii I id. The
door of the bath room wa? lurked, but a
son climbed in bv m-ans of a grape ?rhor
on the untai.|? and found the hulhtuh full ?f water, with
hi? father's bead and ?boulder? ?Hinneige,,!. Medical
attendance was summoned, but Mr. Campbell colili uot
lie re? i.eitale 1. A largo quantity of chitted Idoo I wa?
found around hi? heart. He was ?iivfour reare old
ami wa? at on? time on?? of tue leading aioriiiog mer
chants of Newark.
Sophia HetdlebBch, a rousg marn?il ?mum, age t?"iity
1*1?, waadiaoovrreal last night lying lu the hallway of No.
129 First ave., ?offering IBBBI Ihe effecisof a lirs? ipiiBtllr of
l'irla green, which ?he had like? with Ih. talentata ?l otto
nii'tiiig tu eule. s ,e wa? taken m Kel'evae II.?pita Jona
lleulle!.?, h. her hua '?od, age tweorv Diun. li ? ?inverni a
nueeral Water wag.a Ih-r tiava beee marre! uva vears,
bai bave nul u voi ogelhsi a...e BOBaVMatot. VI.mui e..l,te?u
moni!,? ato their chi ?! wat ??Heil hv (ailing out o ? a window.
1 h? lu?an?? ? oialui? that bit Wlf? ha? been uultlibful lallt??
wbll. tbe wife declares thai her hua'.aud'? relit.v?? luv.
cauti?! all the trouble, or clrriiUinig ?eamiaion? ?ti.in? snout
bei. Ob yesterday afternoon ahe ?uried ?. look forami and
fa ling to fin ? hita took th. puiaan.
Cigarette, (aew). aapet-uii? paek^l f.? Ih? ?addi?. Made from
th. moat careful eaieakou ? ??????.???? csiraathl I uliY'.rgiala
Leal Extra Baa.
aUxaxr TtixAccd ?a. ? ?w-Yara
Piiii.i?in.i-Hit. Aug. 2? -Tlie merchants of thfa city
?tate that they arc all busy ana that the volume of trini??
Is fully up to what thoy expected. The trade with the
6011th Is largely increasing. Th? latter section, ? ?? de
elated, will be a hotter customer of tho North this fall
tlian for MOM time, became, of tlie largo amount of
money that ?vili be received In return for tbe large cot?
ton cr.iu.
Tho Pennsylvania Railroad Company's tran i'?ort:it. ?
la so heavy that cars goinir Kast loaded are taken hack
carrying freight. There are no empty cars moved on
the road for this reason.
Hteel rails have touched ilfJ per ton In quotations for
future delivery, which is the lowest yet. This 1? a little
discouraging to the iniitiufactnrers, who enn see no good
reasou for If. Tho host posted In tlie trade, however, ?ay
tli it It Is direct y the result of the large Importatimi? of
Iron and sfeci. ? ?>? warning Cenerai Manager Swank
of the ITM and ft? el Association gave recently, with ref?
erence to tlie heavy aMptwtolfawo offtooa tssdatoet, ft
viewof the lower prices winch have already ant In for
aleel mils, is regarded a? h ivlng been moat tlmaly.
I'he Miei Marosi 1? no so Mitro as it was a few vr. eks
sg.leapt tor cota The Modnetioa of nnturacite and
bituuiMiuus coal 11,1? been ana.I of the demani! and Ihere
I? an acema ilati.iu al lldew.tler points. There 1.? every
prospect of a largely I eic.ne I .M'tiuind tot fuel next
month. There I? considerable activity In coge.
Tun ?late qiiarrlo? of the sitate are all busy nue tt It
Malawi thai nie demand for ?laie Mus rail will bo greater
tliiu in .inv previous ven.?. I In? Inore? -o I ,lini.imi up
pliet particularly bo Mhool slates and id ektMiar.l?.
Preparation? are un 1er way for Stirling tin?.? iiik
unii? ti. Mie miei ,or ef the stale. 1 lieta ara several tmu
fnrnaooo la eonteaplatloa aad tftero m a large Invest?
ment to ho ma lo lu a furnace and ore land? by I?' lUibl
pliia rapii itlsla in 1 Lira: > uuiiiy, Va., un the; lino of th?
Mleliaailottli Valley Hailiuail.
??!?:\is. ? KAKMKi'.a ANI? -IA.NLi-'AiJII llKi.?) io
? IK. I.
Wti.it i?t? Gitovi:. Pcu't., Aug. 'J ..--The) crea! a :ri
ciiltuial ev-it'ili "ti inner toe auspices of the order Of
Pitiron? of llu?liaii'lry. moie coiuuioiily cilled Grangers,
win, ?? up-u, ai tai, pisos ttvatorrsw, will protVaMj at
trie' Ih? a leni.m nf ino e far ners and manu?
facturer? than any sMnilar galhuing In the
Kastei n and Mid.He Stai cm. l'Ile Hireling I? bel.Inutili
the nui n I rv ?. aw a ? from uli lnru-e ttiwria or ??' io?, nul yet
minai collii br i.u.iu.. et? hall -? ISOS thai hi?! year
there vrore petanasl OM '!'? Orar90,000 people, and ??
tlir ??ieeoeliug day the crowd nom".-red a lilt It? mure
t li .a ti I ...Mill?.
Miillains Grovels ail fati aliti lu tila Yc'low l?looch'S
Civek, soute tiitriroii miles southwest Of llar;.
The ground is labi out lu broa 1 avelines.
The prias oliji-c! of the in 'eli.g Is tu firing th? iarui??;?
Stati iu.,ui,.a? lu ?.us I" ;.?!.. cr, Ul gal ! ? : of mini iMU nr
go-betitl -.? M ..u 1 ...a..;? .'ai :. ? to pincti.ue a, :,
neei iure ; froai tots m.m lac m? r. Colonel :. H.
'In..tila?. eUiKii ol I In PorateV'?' c. ,,,/. the oillcal .?.-???
of the oi.lei?. cont'd red lb.? idea of lit.- Inlei ?lalo :
It ...?:? ui ? ? ,' i- m iH.v Mir ui_.'i In? ex.-r'lon? that
??? anAaOAIntt a? a' Il 10 : r. - .?
At last year'? exlnuitiiiii over f.vint) flve a?:??? were
tlib'lUy plsaMd wltb the best kiade ol tasohinery, ? I
Ihe g.Uol 'ni?-.n 1 ?4.1.1 ,ui o?? : r ui .1. lug.?.hi r w:!h
tb? o?d.n i.t.oii fot Minile snip uoul. auio.iuloi lu over
??il II l.l I. IU.
; hie- public in? ?otti, g? ??.?1 i: .'.'li'l.iv. Tilo-,? iii-e'- ?
In ?? ? ? , . ' itAtettine ? and - ? ?' ? ?. I
a li mug wliiitn will br ' un ? ...?? M. av ? ? ,.? Pannar ? Val ?.
ai .. ?.,.?.ni N-wY.'ik; A. K. M.? Inn? of //., /?/. ?lini '?
? ?a Tim ?. ? .i ?? ? :. :.?. ? a ?
/?.? Irr?; II,oil \ ( onpor. c.l I ' ? IU?!! "?f tllel
? -'alt: i.? in an ? uni nl.loe, l?r. Hi 1.
' . - ., ? I.II.1, in?. .1 ?. ? in. un. e lu u ui I .,,,/,,?'
Ir.ihil II,.,/ t, a ni u'ber?. Ile ine?? ili g? ar?? ail Mee all ?
tin? ?????????, e ?,.?, replied to by Ih oes ahn illbnr sjlih
ilieui. i:,?! earii -tea?:? m ? ??
ce? ol Ibi II? "i. iti : ' ?io ,' il bei no.? ? | ., g |
cale .?ver -' ? '..udivi iuj.? lai t >? t?. k. The ? ??
? utlr <ir,*?iil/.eu ?? ? ?t.'ii sf '? reading cu ? .
M.i.eibta? after io.? pi hi ni ibi? Chsut?tui|ua -. ? .-.u.
bui ? .ni? I ? ? ?? ? ?, ,
1'"'? ' - ,. tu lak? citalga uf
ihai dopai I u II .
.? ? vxum un coro week.
R A I NT AM. AND ?I '!. Ii V ? I ? ? ? THR COTDUf AND
OORR HH.I'i..?.
W VSlllNi. r a. \ If I? the ??
ip|i nil?? ?? o,' tati -?.??.??"1?. e nir the week
Aligna! 27
;?ia|i'i?/iir?-|.ur ?. ? t ?? ?? 1 millo? \u?'i?t ft Die
We ilh.-l ..1 "? Va ?ml
? . ? ? I ? ? ? . ? I . ? ? ? ! . ? ? ? ? .
g ??? ?.., ? . . : ?? lu U '" 1 '
e ? - ? ...
Iban u-??. ? - . ? inn for Ih? ?
fn,ni t . ? ? a?? teil
,, ? -la
. -
?1? Ir a ? . ; - ?
1 ??-??'
! i? t., ? .??-i. on ili ? ?
? llocky vi Batata? a? '?r eaat ?? )ha> ttiaessin
ani ir? an?, a, ?? '
ta ? ? ? , ? ? ? ? ? m*
n si,.?? cl Kl
e , . ?
. 1 .
I II I I e? | ? t : - 1 - I .
.I ."". " , ? Il : ??-. '. ? . - .
Ka lata, i-i.
G a .
.' ?? .V
?li.. I enti - ? e ? ? : - ?
ol* Kentucky ? . -
live p. el nf In ? ? a .,...??
I . ? - '. I . .
Un La . . ? I ? ? III
?, ? pTai >
?? . ,, ,? ,?. . ? u?- um vietiti
. '
: ' ? ? of thai
? I Ini ?. ? I - ? ?e?. Ih? ?
util?/ la? . ir. ??? I lai? '
?, 11 lora in Ih?? -lid I? SI..lille lai ?! I li
li- iuta Ilota lee ?,?.I iniiuii liai Ito a
, I 1. .11 ? . ? ? . ' .
a I Militi'!
ilo, : l...? e,- . . Sai ?*
y, ? ire ex -ei bu Baler?a
cu?, ?,?. An : . , ? ? -,. , . ?
foil.??*, n g e ?... .a "in.. : ? t ,?. weak:
Ow report? ? it?? piantevi ? era ha*
b? ? -.. -, au ?. ??? .p?,, ted to toe rasant rala?, lue
yi-Id ?>l wattora al l.i h? ?..? ? ? '. a .? ?
tur? li.ng relui, - . . ? -
taea I i ,??.ni e- I ' ialiti? !..
?. , I'llmatoiBi loa uiilnu .u.: -. . ? J ? a ih.r?
!.?? n '., ta, l'J t t? buiiieli rie.ii o
i,e? I t ? I .?? .??????'.-.?: ? ? H basa?
et?, ?no -,e?. b kl ?? ?.....?? a. ? ? 7 11 tuabalx
? he av.? ?g- ? e..i ? tieni da ?. !?
a? " 1 ?? ?>??? .u-. .1 ..?a. I 1 ', !,.? . ?- ?
li un..?? in ?. na, ula. lo I 7 P.. ?. I I I Hi '. -.
couiiliea. Ill 7?'? 1/ iahe,-.
Th?? av-iii? vi?. I . , ?luth? * r?n ' (lata? a* ilio*?
bv Hi- ? .ledili.? ri ... .,.???
t lull e-? !.. ili , ? , , . ,
ti/unilr?, il ? ?.? ' ? . ? .?. ... . ,
bu-li? ?. I? ? va d i.i ,u ' ??|?? ??, g. 7 11 h ??,. . - ? ? . ?
Uhm l'Olin -s. .inv, '.na e , , ?? Mia. m ,,, m??,
j,, oll ? uhi,- ? trete? E?.issi , itti???
Iwexlr-twu I wacu ? diana?
?..? , ? ou .1 -, .;. ? . - . ... un-?.
VU 'g ti hila .1..
1 .- ?..?... ? ,if III? ,-,,p? Btep ?? ?s r.il'ows
S,v-nl ?u ? m il.?? ? t ni at
? n .4 7 |s?i ? ?t? . I I. . ? u .. . U . I? n.a.n. ."? ? r
???i le.Bl.ea il ? j . ei ?,.( twelve roq ? -.
m liltBa.Ailinrr.nl - r?la Ohm. u.' 7 p r
l . v| Itsai n . 7 ? ? ?? ?? l . , ? -
m ...lia, . I ,. , ? a. '. -.?, | ?, mile,. 717
per .ni Blu. ?r cent . ami te ?
. . , ,.,1'it te. ni :>? ? e..?t
Parler?aart ???t l?ala? wall aal ibi ?rlaniiI ? - ?.? ?.,
co? ?. 11- in totter. Meaaaaae ?<? u?? u.ieu ie?aruiug ito
palalo an ? tpplt I lupa.
?BMMOMM ?/ ??/if ;|? paru.
?-m it ? Pviih, \ ? , ???????, (?eorge J.
? ? ? ?-, ol New-Voi k, pr?a- lio l ill ??? ?cvill ??,-nie
Opeen Hoax? ta 'ho Vaetastaater ?p??>,riettaat t.iis
monili.g au ? ? ? ig. run gor? R. C Obasetetjea * ehrB
easte Er ? uni ?, ut II .??. ?? i--r, lu'ii, piotil lu Ilio
Presbyter.? ? !.>? ? ? ?? in fu? tilii'ilu.' ani li tua
Chun a iu ,ne evening, ih Rv. ? Jr. J. M. Wuiral. of
New- inni, prenne ? lu lue eu lieh lu t in rotti .un.?. Mi s.
C'Ua; teijr.? allioisel lie la les of Ilio cilici mi
** V).?,na 's Woik lu the /.en..?.?? of India" cu? after
uoon. Tb? U?r. Samuel I.ylu, of llauuliou. oui.,
pr?iicli?,| ? ? ??? Reforiiie t Ciiiircu tais iBoraiug. lu lue
oveunig a ve , ,er a-rvi e was he. I. l'i? lev. Dr. C. VI.
lew, ,, !' u aadOsphtaY, preached Ifl tbe Hapiisl ( luirci
tina m u ni ig Al the ??"?pel l'hurdu a niUHI. ' . "Il
uiae ? ig wa- Bel I >y Ito boy e.i'i.e.m?. MltXaeli ani
( ni nei rue vii., ? MaUat EpUooji?l Caureh vai
dedbate l Hill ai ter.? ou u bl .iiihop Vacuali. Bl Baltt
moie, aisl?l?d 0. la? Bet. Jouu B. ? oopcr. ?i ll.nli ,g
tou ; the ?'??. ?? ? William?, of I aiud.?? ; the Rev. W.
A.Ba to???aad the Kev ?>. 11. i-rraen, ? le-idiug eldorei
Die Rev. Mr Robesou, of I'rin ?loe ; the BOT. J. ? . ? ni?
ni . ?. ???? originales! .li? charca, and lue ? a? lor, tue Rev.
J. >. Yeiuuieii.
di ? ? '-ut ?. ?. .1.. \? ? (?, ?, ?? ). ? hit morn?
ing marked tuo l'ili ini nati ug point of Hie caiiipliieet
liig. ? cu ? me-a ? un M ai Lau ? ? P'"P ' BOa tubini
at lim M oil?.(k luve f..i-?. The Rev. Hr. sinke? con
?luefiil tlio service. Tb?? preacher of tin' mo'Uiiig wm
(be to v. Dr It. 11. Ilainllii. of Kventi, 1*1111. Wldlo
tlie BOfrltO wa? being bel.I at tbe auditorium, tin; i'j v.
I'r.ii.cl- soul, y |,..,u,,..| ai ? h. ? al.ei uacle and 11,e Rl v.
Ho T. L. I'uui.uii. of PlUatliiiig. at thu Youug 1'coplo'?
Tassata scivi, es were boM at tbe same timo at Rosa,
? n eau l'ai ?? m ay ate! L?lla/ui ??'? pa? ilion.?,. Among tho
imiti-ir-, ?, lu .Uli ,ulani e at Hi?? cai.ip-inee?iig are Hit,
Hev. Dio, Yai.ii'iia. Dumi, lai Une, HHght. and I?. II.
G. Uauidulpli. of Hie RtVaEa. Cuu?cteuco ; Cuokinan, of
??-??. Y uri, ; Iiiiucaii. McGrngui and Miniiiotis. of brook
lyn; A. M. Palmer, of Wutxlbrldgo, G. C. and J. T.
Cue, of the Wiumiiig Cuiii.reti. e, J. K. Morris, Will?
iam bwiiiiloil?, .Malti.cw Neukiik. ? M. Yuruou, Will
lam I inn net. J. T. ha. hell, T. II. Neatly, laevy avid J.
II. Hat ??, Of Philaal. l|.U.a . J. llci.lm and J I Hub.
luna u? (aniden; J. L. aaatff, ot Truututi ; and A it.
Street, of Cainden.
At tst. l-aad's e OOS? fh? Rew. Peter O. Mathews. of
Dakota a cam? ??.'!? d Itali ? pn-a? uvd I his tnoiidux.
Mr. Mati.ew? bit- been empii,?, is! by the Government
tor yeans? an a teacher of his peuple.
Over l.soo peuple attended in?. Hanlun"? btblo
The altciitouu Mintoli Wat, pn.aa.hixl by the
r.ev. J. J:i.h?on Wray, pastor of Whltefleld Church,
London, i.eneral El.-k, who le a frloud of Mr. Wray,
wa? at the service.
There was a great crowsl at the Surf meeting. Those
who preferred al tendisi Ilio venpes? service This
a-renliig the ???. ? U. Kngtahart. of Cendal Church,
Newark, pica h>sl to tho um?mlnUhod crowd.
niG?Eii pateta for cattle probable
There Is ? popular misapprehension exJ-tlng, nut
only In tho YY'ct. but to some extent al.?o at the East
? with reference tn tho catUo and boef trade; and tho
? iniprecoi.enledly low prices at which cattle ham soli!
, this season have lod producers to luquau into tiio
, cau-os winch have operated to depili.,? this iiniiortunt
\ l ranch of agnelli turai Industry, and render it unjsrollt
i able to in? lets ull over the country. The impres-lmi
? aiming We-lei ? siijij.iiieii Is that suin"liow ami sotno
! where U-twcen the producer and the con-inner there
? !.- a big pro.il ic.ui/.??, cil un by BhtftfOM or raJioatL?.
'- '.ve aro inioiiiii'i," lu?) say, "thai beef Is retailed
In < 1,1? ago mid iarvetern cities at about the same piT.v.s
a? when cati'r sold on tie) ? auge? al umililo lite primen t
figuro.., and ??? waul to i,now who g? as tho bonus."
Hero la where BaO failacy Iles, lu the current ?tat??
menla? as to tho rotali prico of Ucci ; and tho public
BBBtgl to bo net. ilgni on a -t...l. ..ant. tiio irutli or falsity
of which ?an be neuioiistralo I wilh alii.o-t muHieiuatical
uccinuc). iXseing by (lie )i?ar lo.sU, wiion puces
were abiiorinail) inliatriLov. lug to tho short corn crop
of tit? pi ,-v mu., year, a uoiupaii>oii Is instituted be
tvvion ??? picei,' -fatta? aud lft.ill, Wh 11 Calilo ?old at
?lui puce-. U is amiuliou thai lb? choic? parts of a
carcass o? licci bM .?ul I a- high ami evou bigmi
tloiu in loin nu fstara' but these coualiluii: but linio
MOTO ?nan ... BOB? uni ol tin? whole; ami UA! romaimiig
70 pet ceni. Imo lu ho ?olii al ?io per eeut ICes ? bau
four years ?go.
I?a7. 1003.
G??? ? ..ml Na. la pr lb.8 UBA, oc.
' ? to ?? .Be, 7c.
.? and 1., g? " .7 |-ge. ?Je.
fall" nuis " .4c. 7c.
' i" - Bios " .U.C. Ile.
1 m u .| 1 2o. 7?:.
E. i/> and Louis " .UM Die.
? pilme stem? which would du??? rt cwt. sold In
tin? in..!?act four fOaM ago at *?> ?O to ?SHOO BOB ItW
lb?, ??uii.t gaga BO?/; and the roi-ul LuI'Ikt paid
n 1 g cut, ????? lb for the cuci,-, uga nt 7 1-J cents 1?^
i:.i). Tim B04 val.a: of tho BBBBBBB at reiaJ.a.? will ap??-ar
nulli ??.-.? tollnwinn laide, wa? ncaiiy ?la moro li. I
than In I m7 :
I .mis.
i^o piai,?? Bad Na-rale
? ? ? hu kx
in . il una a.,d Legs
4 ? s. o UT rs a??? ahm*
40 ? Illa? illbS
110 lai
? I atibe and Loins
T'l 00 Iba .. ?7? 35
? iitiiiiiiiiig now Hi' values of the two rarcas-e? at
?'tail vv.l.'i tJJM lube? p.ial Hi?) wliolc-ale butcher.
? ni trlth tini net of th? cittlc on the boOf In the ro
tpectlve foara, ami It vnii b?? fnund H.ai there ?- bo
? I .bai,,.!' in li,e ral,, wbiih lliev 'ear to each
"I Bf H ?- ?.ul rl.ilimal Unit ih? al, iv e ligure? BIO
at>-ulii'elv ? ??-?? ' bul ml?cleiitly a. cullale te prove
thai tl.cro Is a larg?? margin >t d! ?G'??????<? between ihn
? ?il?? of l?'-f In I ??.?.' ?u.?! 1 --7.
11) a rrii-iiiii,' to lile- of fui. ii.lluM. m lo any
G?|?"?- for Ih?? vai- I--1I ani l-"7. il ?ill be
bal I h?re bM been a bom depreciation In the
raliae? "f saited meati and tallow, in the former
rear extra atea? beef wa? tjuotad ?t ?"?? to BI3 90 a
I ' ??! ; m??? il text? Bl B7 to .?7 .",n, Tallow wa, worth
7 ii 4 to -1 tonte Ber U> In in/13, and
I, nn ,?? ? to ? iv .? :i .': ? conta A d
lo all tin? Co ?:.???.?.?|;??:?? In the pin???
of (In bait ami oflal. whlci, MtiaUtUtC nut |u per
rent of Iho w-lwii "I tha bbRbbI. Bad the pi ?ducer
? ?? ??.?? I, un |. r 'ani why II- Cattle tit Worth at
from BIS tu ir'-'?' per li"a,I I-,- than fon:
? ? ? ,?? an ?ti ? u with Btoterii aMpperi
? as rattle ? animi In l.rougi.t from the Woal un -old
X proli .. n an, lave ultlnli avv?i
? -' ?.t t bri '" ? .? ira aRar
having ??'-? ? im! or ?il "f Mieli ennui Plie man "f
tranupor atlun ?- a ? ? mg patti ie?n. bui pio ?eat fi ?? gut
rati - u? .?.- ? 11 m lower ti ?? tee oronge ?t the laat
foui? year?, d eo?i lo run exttle from Chicago lo
?h ? i'i-f. of '.'77 it ?'?'? retili
? , ?? Im II.? or ?? fHfl? It-? than I-?? of a cent jir
? Ile rJutlM 1 ?"?? eharap?, boddlna ? i
? ' ?? f, II .it' el ;
.f bl".I fin?? ? ? vili not exece.1 tint
I , ? ? ?? I ? ? --all ..iv in; In having
, tliroi ????? ? the Wo?! a'???? ??? ? bm
of r.? Il III ???"?-. The loir pile??-? Bf ca'lle
...;? \.-a' nm-t he Beeonnta>d f?"? ?a the -ame
pillili?. ? ?,| the ? era ?' a ' "i pro"icl? nf
, m and ?,,?' ?,,? ? ir. the law "f ?upplv and
, ' || I !'.? g?nerxl ip nboi III t'ni-e be?! tit?
??, ini ,,f loweal .'..?pn??
fM ? I--C-I ill Jlllj aa 1 .1
? nett two year? ?ill be t( '
.VA ?VIIT lliiAltniMi - It'll-' LIMI IH ANI?
-.?????. us .TTA4TE G4?? RAILROAD I???'.
?*he .'. a? ki arbieh ssilffi ml im keeper?
oklatroo tho rellrns ? sirsstrsaesiU at
? ? ?leu ar?
Hu? ;i . ? < ?..- ior.il Paiten?
? tew-Yark Cenimi sod I
? -r day, tald :
?? io mi ', bow siiytblns o'knii the affaire of* .
Garttss OU ? I ? ".' Mi" raiim.i : - -.?, ?.it
? .1.? know ta u tier?'??, ef .. 4 so whsa Umm wore
? ? ras -"?.?. aro it present.
Ihe a: . .?.?..? maio on tu? ialini t.l? are lb?
wolE'i ? '. "? i;a Ui tse kSOpOt*! trio ire no
ini.) bo ?rni u ? tas im a -i i-i ?. tal ehe eoa tt?
font te opea! ? .???! Ioni ?< neooy lo break ne the
? . .r, ore I ,o III ? ?? lei' of !
wo ?.it?! ibi? w unie lu.iior belare ih? laMrstaM ? ?.
ieri. e > o. o mi -? oli ?uni il vt as m -ili -ci. a a?. If InorS i?
an y Ibi Bit wrong about I I ai?? m aal ii'il a
Treasury agent Mould investigai?? It, i he ? m nil a ?
?..,- il w.ay e been ? .I to re ? ???' ? a-i ?
'mar ling In. ? ??. . Ima, it for
? . ? ? ? : ? :,;? irtai on lin?? ? ?
'.?coi ?-?. among ' >? early undertook te retorta
: .?? ,.? :, it lafl mi re. .. ? . , o nani :
? ?... a ? et .ri to r?? f.u u ? ? m creai arena? I en. ? in*
. ? . w?i ?hieat
? ned with permnai SOM ? t. .?':.! ?? nue.! with linei Sin ?.
. IOS I ?"? ?? ?> I mo I tO appear M th? ??mei
r -vea magniate? ta ?e?eu diilerent ami allo?
"' . Illar with IhOM ui liter? can l?.io
bet- b iw ? no boardilla bouM kMpsre, wolpori, and evn
isartM Mid Uesal? to Immigrant? at rat?* far m
.?. ,? .,.' ii i?e |,4|| m IBs it,ma?! eu u panie?. liier
a . ??- ? .? . . , a- ? nb paid ilia inglii'st e?? u
. ? . , ? .. ? ? .-; merer.
I lia.e known ? min o ta.|> ini ni ;? ani? ? ? 1.1 ut by
way af Roatraal sod re ? ?ttysf th? "i ? Da
m ? muli s eaimin |i lampaar to Virsjala I have taewa
rait rea le to paj ..? bu ? a pJ aad .-7 a? omo imailcraai
pi'-ou.ri ieeiiro.1. A bsW WM P?M??I ini unni' lu ni?
el ant lb ?al? tu lie ?old I u l'Mtle GardSB. l'Ile lliuigra
II.in Colimi'??,un roen nru-:i I? I Mi tt tal??? dune fui the
? lue ? umita in'? ??e aie now them un 1er
that ?'.alle. | ,.l . ; ? - a:??? I e. ? ...?, ri ? m a year
reut. Ine rust Ime, mi ti ,g in mis a .'remuent. |i?v all
IhoosposMeoI aarsaerertrtai hau ige from tie Meets?
?'u,??' ni?t' mi??? tu the ilMtlaatlooi by rail. ItcMtoas
lor the,e - (peBM? f un I,, to _' ? per cunt ef what we rei
c-ire. I., r, ? n ni .r un vr.in cu m?? h re ti <?'-!
t,rough li ISSI by the rua! ou '.t?icu
bis ticket li di'twu. ?Hiere thnv nave uu ticket
tiioy a.-n ten' by the ssoet direct rnsite. Spoelal ?la.lay
M nus an rua M Iba .Ltceiiun ol tb? agen . Ini uigrains
wno eipr???? ? preference are Mat over Ihe liae >: tu?ir
But lati Ki-a liia|i>:itr hate ni eholOO, tul
Would b? belga', a ad albi li, ' .? s t.pars M Ml?/ w Ti
? ?? ? '? ?-.ui ???-???.? of u uri'?.moa. Ti?
? ? - . uh? rate w iloh prevali, ? whea
ti-? e w .? ? oi n railroad war, aad I? aa eminently fair noe,
? numi! <? ni? ?r.v no Imi-'er pelai ?? I. ai ml .'hi have be?n
p .I. the rtorea? of atei latowots ? thro igt ??? nie??
years iu m iking profit OUI ol Mie Lumi .rani? li ave ma ??
? rvaagameat aa obtoot of ttaaos II woalfi ha a bbIs?
(ni'liinti tu Ib-? n u -raus B'it ??? Miau tu lie leg!'?
M un,, ili l'MU '".upauiei tu nave Un? baiftOt abaniiouo l
or swept away."
tOOIAUBTM BOTOOTT ? Livori in: Al. ER.
Men:.?? Hill ? keep? ,i pijiioi -tore at No. 141) L'ldlow
?:. I.iteiy Im ac.|Uii. d inn ? u?l"ii,er, OhOM IhthlU SOM
l'I fui ti li uni li? OO?KOfi Mum tu MBM 'onung lo
In? ? la"?. Tlo ?.? p up . u ,?? , r ?r.-? li Me of " Th?
Volata-Zet'ung iin imi . rranai 11 bat at aoeld Uba IO
? ih '.n.ir ? ? ig?, banged. Ttii? ,. ? esen
.'.- a ?? l..? p.bl.?lesu .? Bai p.ipor Uni) a notice
? ? n b| a.. ..ci..! su and Irli noe ni Un? party not iu pai?
" "" Hill??!. Alami 11 O'elOCk un s.-uidii nigh! Henry
La?. | ttreary-n. of NO ?l In-lancey it., tin)
?V,f_ a .? tweet] four ot .No las ct. baj-rl SU. ?'OOd
to frost ol il. !? r ? ??? ,??. , ,?.,? u, ? .ini :,i lim,, thiew
? s u.i . I...? bine? a:..I .-.il d bla a a.'-O.'' 1'liey
into ' i all pa? en bi u Uo.veon in lar. oaicer uta. in-rT,
"f Ua? . ?? ? ?,' ? G? , act, "a. ?.iiiiinoiiod anJ artcau-d bui-ll
. inorali il le???? Main? ' Pollo?
' ? ??.1er ? mt osi ii,j',e p.iienou a cpy of" The Vous?
_??? Ulli '"ir.a.i.^'H ??,.? ? ?.\.-,. ,ig unt.ee. Itt.au?? amj
Wolf ?er,. ,, ;.| ,,, #), o |,_u t._cri f,)r ln,.t| gI?IH? bvhavmr
tur ih:???? m mil?.
siiAuPTRorni.Fii with WSUMALaVA,
Jacob Miarp dad not leave his lied In Ludluw Stre.-t
Jail until long attor noun yestenluv. Ho eomplalnrd
uf neuralgic pains id lit, left cheek, loss of ????? ami
geinial weakness. At "J p. In. his Ivvo phv -u ?an,,
lira. Liioiiu, and Bryant, called to see hi n. They
itatod thai orbile Mr. sharp erao Bot ? tirona a? he
trox OB Saturday, Id- empiitimi ?roa ii"l bv unv inean?
pitrtrhaae. The pit?onei? -uiilnlaw ami diiughler
ve.?? Hie uni) iiiher visitor- bo lue! during the day.
TT.cv did imi D-avi. 1,1, ?|,lc till la!? at night. Mrs.
"-h?rp remain? with her hn?bani| night and day, mln
l-te:Sng to Ihe old man's wan'a and trying to kindle
-on.? baM lu Id- breaat. But ?sharp Is gloomy aud
re fu e? to bo comfort??!.
Te ? a .Bump ? ? e?,
or ?????? with weak lungs, spiting of blood, bronchitis, or
kl .er? 1 affscllous ?! tho?' am! luti g?, ?end 10 centi lu
?tarn ? tor [ir. IL V. ? ?rea'? tnutii ? ou the?? maladie?.
Ail'lritis lb? dueler, Biiffalu. ?. Y.
? Haw Can -lie I ver Bovo Him f "
Is what von often near laid when th? prospeottrs groom la
the vu lim of catarri?. " How oan -h ? hair au. h a br??thl"
?'II w resolve to link I,or leu,or with that of oue antha
p?,-a-e. lhal iinhis arr?ate?!, will end In eouiuinptlua, or
periapt. In iBsimty I?' I ?l the huao-inl Ihat I*, or la to bo,
fat ? t. Mag??'" Catarrh lieuie.ly and cure himself before ill?
uo late. Hy driigglats.
Hew YV.inen Would Yol?
War? women allowed to rote -v?rv on? In th? land who bM
Deed :u. ?' t ? . "Pavoni? 1're.a? ripuon " would vota It lo
h. aa uofxiung remody tur ito dit????? peculiar to her sex.
Al- ?rnaxlalj
Iltuiirsrovv.N,N. J., Aug.k?7.? "(iire us a ri le, ini,ter I "
lung out two little girls this morning who were sluing on
a feuoe as a Tin hum; correspoudeut drove by.
?' Who are you I" he aiko I as he stopped tno horse.
" I'm Emma and there is my si.tor Kate. YVo'ro from
New-York," aaid the older girl.
"Well, I am from Now-York toe, m jump in aai wo
will take a rida"
"We're from tho Wext Side," continued the happy girt.
"and we are staring at that house down
that road,'' lu,lie.Hing the direction wuh
ber finger. " Yes, we are having lots of fuu out liera
The lady cut? a watermelon for us every morniug. aud
we help her when she goes to the molon patch. Wo are
having Just tbe liest fun we can, for I know the time will
soon pass away," site added with a little sigh ; "but here
we are at the houxe and there it the lady feeding the
ehiokens. I musi help her. Please lot me out and thank
yon. I hope you'll come by here again loox." And away
she skipped, followed by her leas talkative ?later.
At another place fire city boys aud an equal number of
rountry youths were en)oylng a game of balL
One of the boys, as soon ax be know that the visitor was
from New-York, approached him with due respect xnd
askesl: " Please, mister, did the New.York? beat the
( liicagn.? yesterday I" Wheu he learned that Chicago
bad beaten the home nine a cloud spread over his face
and he ?aid: " 1 ju t wish I could show thorn Chicagos
what we can do In New-York.*?
" That boy pUy? bail from morntng till night," re
uiarked the fanner who wa? boarding the Are boys. " I
guess liu'li be a professional. Well, he might do worse,
l'bere is something funny about city childre ? ; although
they have all the milk they can drink some of them say
thai they inns the tea or coffeo tliat they havo been used
tu in their tenement-houses, while others miss an equal
uei easily In ihe way of Iba penny candy simp."
I uric are nui Etesii air children scattered about the
country surrounding lhl- pretty village. lustrai of be?
ing tbe invited guest? of the farmer- of Hlghtstown they
are In reality "summer I uar?iers," who owe
their two weeks' uiitiug to the ? Indues? of
one ll?lu gul, as is explained lu the following
Inter which was ?en! to the Manager of Tin Ti.iiii'm:
I lesn-Au? I'n ml with the mouey molinone I in it:
mi: : Juit out year ago a little girl o." seven years be?
came Interi -led iu the account? of the work ol Till:
Tiui.i'M. Eirsh-AIr Fumi. Her own enloyment in the
pleasure? of her ?iimioer nouae at ?oulhuiiii 'on,
L L, made ber dun,) to help less foituuato
liule nues to a taste of country Hie. -he
ligie."1 io devoto ?omo of her play hours through
ihe etiitiiog year io working for a fair fur the benefit of
the charily which ha.1 thus Interested her. Ii tin? work
?be has been ai led during the present summer by sev?
eral other little girls at tfoutbauintou. and their fair, held
at the suiiimer home of Arthur J. i'ea mdy, esq., of Now
Ynik ( Tty. brought them lu Hie sum of ilH.i, winch they
take pleasure iu presenting to tue G? MB ill PuaA C.
Willi this money the Rev. Willard Parsons, tho man?
ager of t?o fuud. decided to pr?vido places fur such
worthy children as had not received invltatiou? to enjoy
a country trip elsewhere, and last Thurilay atternooa a
small army of children were seen wetidiiij their way
through Cortlau It aud West sts., in New-Y'ork, toward
the Pennsylvania Kaiiro.ul lerry-house, aud by 1) JO
o'rlock lot) youngster?, big xnd little girls and boys,
hailing from nlne'nen dur?rent parts of this city and rep?
resenting half a doze? ustionatine?, were gathered iu the
waiting-room eagerly watching the approach of the
ferry boat that was lo atari them ou then journey. A?
tho cm respondent passed through the crowd of children
b? ov m heard one of the city missionarie? remark to
another :
" It was inch a relief to be able to ?end these children.
Thcte buy?,?' pnintiiig to thron happy youngsters who
Wen tugging willi a blf basket wnicb contained their
um to.! stuck of wearing apparel. " were examinad by a
doctor earl? In the spring, and Hiey have been walling
ull summer tor a ciiauce m go to the country. I.vety
lime 1 bad an opportunity to send children the age or
BOI or something was sure to keep these boys home, but
this time no spi'clttcatlou? were male. Mr. Parana?
just asked no to provide 00 many 'children ' snd so at
last tire ho ? s can go."
A number of the other ladiee who had collected the
Ob I Idre ? aid prenareil them for their trip ?polie ta a
evi tin la ? strain, and it was ascertained that a lai'-? part of
the on? hundred children were illuse who bad been watt?
ing a long while for invitations that would apply te
Mielo. But at laM ttafff muht go aud they were ail the
happier for having waited ao lung.
linai.?. Mia it-tin starici amiti tue waring of haodker
c'.i.is ami han?, aud ibe children were ou their way in
tue i-outtry. At .laiursbnrg, thev were met by C. M.
Minimi, of this place, who had found boarding-places
for the children and then the work of a??igulug tbe
In. inlet? to Hie different farmer? began. Spoetai car?
wa? tekoa not to ?eparae children from the same family,
vi in I? ? til? fi Ion '? am! companions were so aBaaasesO of
as to keep tuoni at near together a? ;?j??iiiie. No furnier
received mure ehlldrau M> care for Mian b? could well .i>??
? uuiiu ulaio, ani wl.no Mighlitown was reached it luok
OOl] a little whUs to give tu? wait.ne fartuers their little
M. oho wore pal loto g.'e.t wag m? aiiI driven Ml
Ol Mio tewa to the farms, w'ncu are from two to six miles
the ?faiKui.
Wiien ihe corr?spomtent visited tno ehildren M the
? InUirnt farm? lo-.lay to ?ee bow Hiev wer? getting aluug
and what sansfaction they were ginn?-.', ever) whale the
oBilttren teeiued perfectly happy aa.l coniente 1 t rt : lit?
niellarla .and garden?, and seemingly at hmuc with ib?lr
countr] irieu ].?. 0*M little girl laid that ili? wa? lioiu?
? it when asked whether ?be would go hack to t .e
ritv ?lie emphaUcall] protestad. When the children
knew that th? manger wa? astee baeh to Eew>
"?oik la tbe evru.ug, they iiverwl.oluieil hnn
it tu ie.|iir?is to cai rv letters to tue
city for tua? u .???"is ones at liouie. ? - - '.affer
labor?os with a poda! (tard ant ?peaell asked wheiSer
e allowing was all right, tie took the eerd, which wm
written to tue ebll G? mol 1er a ..I wa? .'.uccie I to ?? M us
-, New Yn; k," and read :
' INT?.
1 a.n i... u; a Ice tltae aad I ail not Innno -b'k Rn??
l'ila ia sei ? I wenld like to kaaw bttw yea are
entfinf al tafia! ??? I wtab yee weald Mad mbi? ntttstay ?nd
1 low ii nd u. y li si regards tu ail il yoa writ? lo me l'In? t?
myatblr? t Miuua cu, ni.iiisiowx,
N. J
A snere??'.!')!! thai It would be well to sign her mine
and put the :iuaibrr and tir?.l on ihe ?nie for the a idlest
w a? ^r.. e .il. received, and Hi? letter was ?nun lo-tlng
w,lb a ?loiien more, collected al d?ferent piace?, wall! ig
to be '?i I'd be New-York. At another pi u?? rivo l-or.
1 vier? r ?? orln.: tiieiiiaelvr? MOOly >ovs c ??. They were
? rid BB on the luck? of two horse? who had lust finish?!
I the morn ng's warb lu Hie back lot, aud were uow coming
? lioiu? to the baru for dinner, while tbe farmer, eti)?viag
: it a? mucii ?? the noy?, trudged along behind ami Ho?
lOBOd l<> in? burs' cbatler. There was no Btod of ?????
ttnia? boys whether they were enjoying tb.'ii.elves. At
ni. place oae of '?e. Er.sh- Air bove cam? runaiug up a!!
ne o! breath aod retpod te tht farmer's wife:
*? ie.icher,youi bor ?? pulling up tha lloweri In front
eftbehou?e Itoenihttu doln' it." An tmute.luie m
?;,ei tion refi ala! ita "boy," ? young man engaged in
weedlog 111? (lower garden.
Main a happy " goni br " followed the visitor a? he
?oui trout beute to Uonie, making nun alatoti w ish that
he. too. might became a " Ereshair ehil d." aod spena
lio weeks in tin? Ian 1 ove rllowiiig with lutlk. apples,
pa u an auJ pears, aal thus bee oiue a iharer In th? uap
pu?*? provide t by Ih? Utile giri and be. fileudsln
E^T/Clll AI ? It P. ?
DiiYDiv. V. Y., Aug. 'JE ?inail probability the
iiioiiiriito'is question as to whether a particular day
woul 1 trovo tout 08 lair was never so carctully and
so nrayertiiilv considered in Drvden as on a recent
morning; when tue littvlive little boi? ani ??iris, com?
prising Dryden'e ejRtte ot Vtaoh* Air children, Lernte]
onto! their oed? with the sun and peer? il anxiously
out " Bl the woul her." They were delighted tu see tho
? ini BgtBBf BO everything with its wann, cheerful
ray?. The peculiar relation lietwecn ? bright day and
a ?unilav ?cbuo. picnic ?,ceded no ilemoiistrntiou lor
111- ? einigster?, ami a? soon a? I hey beheld the line
pCMpBOt the* piepurnl themselves for the " red-letter
day." Krery little toy and girl hail received an in?
vitation to tin lug pi, uic which vii,, io Im given in
? ?? e.'i.l. ?Inni ? g? ove near ilio lair grounds BJ the
van.uis Sunday- cliiioli ol th?) villa,e as a welcome
to t!i? Kresh-Air children. '-'rom morning fili night
Iho little ones thoroughly eojuved themselves, and
? n'y ceases! (allowing the programme ol delights when
? hey vvete Lirced to desi?! by phvsical weariness.
The trlpol tin baud ol titty-live from New-York tn
this placo bad been an exulting on?. On tho north?
ward journey BJ the .southern Ceutral Railroail they
hail (?MB stopped by several landslide?, and ou a
detour by tho Lehigh Y'allev roid they were again
Checked atOwoga It was almo?: '3 j'eluoU when tue
tra.? arme I ut Oryilen. altinm ;n il was due earlv in
the murniiig. In thete trying experience?, however,
ti.? children eucouuteied good ineud? who supplied
thee? with an almnuauce ot tood ?ml s. ut them on
their way ladeucd with all sorts ot good ??.?;?. A
large comi greeted them at the station, find in ? few
moment? lh?v ?ero eagerly ?ei/.ed by the kitid iolkt
who wore anxious to aumliiistnr liberal dose? ot
country treatment. This pirt.T wm organizes!
through the ellorts of the Iter. O. Y. Reiche!, ol the
l'ii'slivteri.iu Church, ami th) Rev. J. U. Uruke, ot
the .Mctl.'idi t Cuuroh, and lu the main the children
1 onici entertainment among the member? ot these
? wo oharehoa
The children have bad a giunone two week? aud
li iv.? explored every njok aud byway ot tho village.
On the cool Summer evenings It wa? a commou tint
to see (lie chi.?lieu and their cuteriain?'ie driving
cm.tente,Uy through tho quiet street? ut the village,
the little on?? exchanging graphic descriptions ot
their lite in the city lor words ot sympathy and cheer.
Many a little eh.In who arrived hero with ae.irrely
sutliei'Mit olotbing retnrnesi lo ila home with uruc
j.ai ? iv.-iy weli-stoekesl wardrone, not to mentimi tho
treasure? In the ??????;? ot applet aud iruit?, butter,
pit.vis.oni uud even lire stock.
- ?
If the assertions made by Dama Rumor prove true, the
sale of ihe "condemned article?," valued at a few bun
died thousand dol?an, that are to be told at the Navy
Yard to-morrow will Inure to the benefit of tbe charmed
clr?le led by "Bom" Mclaughlin more than It will to tbe
? .ove, ? ?.nil coder*. When tu? raoeut ?aie of co mie unissi
amulet touk place at Hie Norfolk Navy Yard It was *?
??rtrd that tome of ihe tools und machinery ?old were
new and that thoio which would nun ace them eon Id not
lia nf better Mrrlca nur of newer pattern. Th? same sa?
ssi timi? are made relative to some ot tbe things n> be
?old at the Hrooklru Navy Yard, and the disposition of
lin-m, it Is said, will beneiii some of the tavolila? of tha
nreieut Administration who are hoping for contract?.
??Tom" Kerrigan, ? "dear friend" of McLaughlin's, Is to
couduet tue Mie, and he will no doubt bore hie '? weather
eye to the windward" for lili frlaud? who may bid. It It
maimed that lb. supply of catalogues haa bton limited,
but ? hat MoLxughitB1? frieatt? hare aot bean aagleeted
Iu Hie distribution of tbem. The ?riiclex to be Mid are
Molt, mxcbtuerj, ropto, boati, anchor?, musicai lattru
menu aad old ?tor??. When the?? thine? ore diapoeed of
and cleared ?way, there will begli, the putting in ?M^w
plant, 1er which Congres? has appropriated fTS.ooO.
Samuel R. Bullock wm seen yesterday afternoon at
Us home iu Brooklyn In refemuce to the report that th?
firm of .??.Minici Ii. Bullock ttc Co., contractors, at No. 11
Wall-It., had e ? pen? e need difficulty io meeting
their liuancial obligations at Mobile. Tbe company bw
In course of erection the liten?!!:? Water
Works in that city at au estimated cost of over ball a
million dollars, am! it was afa tel that a draft for ?*7,<???
wnich bad iieeu discounted in Mobil? by tbe People'?
saving Bank, bad bees thrown out la this city for ? irk of
fund?. It was also ?aid that attachment? aniounttug to
ovor ?HaOOQ bad been levied ou tue property of the tiran
li Mobile, ami that ?4,000 wa? due the laborer,. Mr
iiulluck p press?,! surpi ne when the reporter uiitliu??!
tlieso ?taieaicnta and ?aid:
"Well, tbis Is the orsi intimation I have bad ot any
diflioulty. I know in a general ?oil of way that
there would be som? embarrassment caused
by the fight no?? of tbe money market. ou?
tho finn did not expect any difficulty. All our uutteru?,
such a? pipe, machinery, valve?, etc., are purchased in
the North and are promptly paid for, so that we were
perfectly free iu that respect. The local bmuue.?.? t?. ,,f
course, different, aud although so much money I? not
Involved there are couetanl demands for current ex?
pense?. In Mobile we have met opposition In .several
quarters, on account of which we have been furced to
tho unusual extreme of buying sixty live BMaSS, board?
ing the laborers and even erecting a brickyard. I feel
?lire that the report emanate? from the opiiositlon com?
pany, and I do not attach any Importance to It, except iat
so far u? it ma)? injure the ??.'? credit lam pu?iMv?
that the laborer? have been paid in full and I feel cer?
tain that no attachment lins been levied against the
property of t?he firm, otherwise I should certainly L ? ??
received some notice, f am unable to state whether the
07,000 draff has been ntootoi In New-York, but I cannot
conceive that ?neb should bo the cane. Wo ex?.t t>
complete the Mobile water work? about the n iu.;l of
Se|?teml?er. two or three weeks In advance of the tuns
we had decided upon. I may add thai iu our operations
iu the Mouth wu have moro .than 00)00 been ihe victim? of
misrepresentation, but in each ca?e the firm na? come
out nil rieht."
Mr. Kulh?ck did not appi ar disturbed at the adverse re
itnrts. and his cheery suggestion: " Drop ?n at Nu. 11
W.tl!-?L, and ?ee If we look like an eirilearr.i??e<l firm.**
did uni indicate that tbe reported iliillcuitie? weighed.
heavily on his mind.
In. l'.u?se,l 11. Rui.f, ot No. '?,\'?d Becond-uve., wm
arrabfned before Justice Weldo in the Yorkville Police
Court yestenlay, cliargcd with crimiual malpractice
upon Mary Rrennnn. age twenty-one, of NO. 1,9*11
Se, orni avo. ?? ?,lia.u Harrell, air? twenty-four, a hutci.er,
waa? airiilgueai at the earn? time, charged with being an
m. Oiiiplic? of the physician, a? he an ange?! to send tli?
gl.-l to his olllee. Qootnaof Kidman went to the girl'i
home yeeferday and took her statement, after whl ?. n?
cauatid the ari cat ui tlie twu uiuu. The ?iti will probably
A ill?psirh from Philadelphia yesterday stated that the Iros
b?rget recently contracted for with John Ruach ? -on., l.j
tbe Standard Oil company, for tbe coaetwlee oil-cattyia|
trad?, wnnld b? converted iat? Mea?it?i|.?. The plan I? t?
bund a heel ut l?U?a-?lcam?r* for carrying uil tn bulk, ca??
venol tu carry abent 700.000 gallon?, Md mak? Hi* in?
acrevse th? Atlantic ui 'ourteen nay? or lees. The imi.ii ol tie
?liio? will be divided into cum par l meut?, or tank?, aad to ar?
ranged t. ai. iliu.il ! a leak occur In one, tbe nil in the oiliora
could nt?t recape. The oll will be pnuipeal dlrectlr iroau lh?
?lorage tains un Hiere lulo tl.e ?teanter'? lank?, a ercat
earing of tune over the preaent method. It take? ?bout tw?
weeks tn load a ??te: with oil cane, '"it ? tank-?t?ainer rnttid
be loaded In thtrty-tix hours Al pr?tent there ar?twoo|
three neruiau oil-lank ?learners running tu Mil? country, an?
a new one is being built in England for Uermaa trad? with?
? 4|,i ir Ol 1.?0U.000 ?a.mua.
A youug woman called at ?? u.c. Headquarter* yetterday
and ?aad that a young man had attempted to drus ber ?er?ral
day? ?go. sin, had with bar a botile Containing coffee, which,
she said, contained lh? poison. The young nan, sh? contili?
ued, 'aie: to ??.? ::o, and during his vint ?he mad? som?
cotto?, a cap of which Hi? poured ont for him tu ditik. s.,?
th'.-u wont out of the tuoni and tu bor ab?eu. ?.? ..e pour-.t
some liquid intu the cup which ?he naval preparati lor berseli
.-in? u? octet! lh? preim. ?ot Mio liquidai uace and refused to
dr.uk the mllee, whereupon Hie yuang man left the boute.
Mr led I?.Mill.It. oi the Mollili Mepartm-ut. examined Iti?
ii'iuid in Mie buttle ami ?aid that be thought it ceuiauiatl
la ida, un. .-he refusant io Kir? haar nain? aud atldrea? ?aal
?aid that sh? did not vr:?h to hare the young mas ??1?4?4
so.? waa, ativuMti to have noihiug to do wilu him m tbe tulura
There xviis given to the world for the first timi
in The ."?c.nday i kibcne of yesterday a compi.-to
ami graphic i-ketch of the American lue of
Lorenzo Da Ponte, the poet of Mozart's " 1 ob
Giovanni''; in a Battio lOaaRf uppeeted a pidure
I of the Into Mulme! Katkiff, drawn by Ivna
Tiiriiue?eli und Pinne krapotkin; a budget of
? personal g'Asip (.'?in?? fnm Washington; ? t?t.nt
! coroepondent in the Adirondack? toil of game
J laws ?ind the fortunes of hunting?; from ittonjr
Boaefa cairn? the taL? of BBlHttg a dory, with 800x8
j glimpses into houses of mourning ani uf feasting;
u ?AtSat QBaaga h-tter deitcrilKtl Dr. Edward
Eggle ton at homo in his soilii?li,| literary work?
shop; a correspiindent? discusseli rarefo Mr the
chnncex of the yacht? in tho Cup races; bBateball
news mal ?fOahttp B*ltalR0d dll" sjn,,., ?,?[ tinte
tli'Tc \'i,? chata ?vitti and about public tuco,
Cimi.t Aneivlntes, Th'iitiual Ou sin. ??????.? and
Their Deiaga an uniusin?' sinry cntiil'd "Wry
Pici ions,'' Life's Villini lhits.??, pocU.V, holt
review. \?tp<?p'!?G-;???<?? corres-u a?OMO, ani al
the BOMO of tho world, oi uhi? h leaning '
were the ini bevili g :
Ki'iiKKiN.?l'In" ' awala Lo-td'.ii; ai.al.sis nf the
pote ?? tuo U"U-e of (? nuiiiiisoii Mr. Ultdx^oae'd
motion. -??:_ Another Irteli leader suuimni.ei Bf
tin? Cvuvi rniiie?!? Artiiri? in the (ierm.in K*4>
pire. - -?- TMinge frota Batta Hey. ?. Tele?
grams t?> Trinco rordiaaod from Ou? Btsitaa and
the Czar.-7 Noes from tl.o Labra.Inr coi?'.
--g Ihe C'liinebC American Dank. ^?-= .-up," ? I
miracle 111 the City of Mexico.
D MKs'ic?1'liius to preserve the Lincoln home?
stead. ' - A deputv-elmriiT killed 111 a bet??*
wnii tini Utea, =TT=:Coiiinii9*-io!ierP!.itt'a:iiisvv. r *<
Oovoraor Ruft chargea . Failure of Drosi.ncb
? lio-i'iileld ot Ihe California wheat hug.
(luvcrnnr Fora Iter scored Governor Wilson of \Ve?l
Virginia at \\ heeling. ssss ( >n>? man killext in aa
Occident on the l'onnsylvania Hnlmad near Phiia
delphia. ==-= AttetafA to wreck a train ou tiio
Y\ .???)?.|? in Illinois.
Otv and .-flit khan.?The Corporation Cmiti?
sel adviseil the Mayor to bring a suit against (ho
hotel proprietors, r^irrz: A dinner given to tue oili
cors aud crew of the Thistle. -??- Arresting*
iniiiisier for eloping with one of his iloek -?~*
l oiniiiissiniier Tiiintor teaitftedat tho Caatle Oar?
den investigation. =g_ Seven casos of suiallposv
discovered in one house. _____ Winners at Mon-"
inou? h?1.ol?an, Maxim tillv, Esquimau, E (irne, s
Kupei-t, Tipsy and Cvolops; at l'eiiarhurst ?
Beauty, Bar Sinister, Pat Dirx/er, Tasso. Kur f??
ma?ter, Tennessee, I .?cubar and ?Vi 11 Davis.-p
Chicago beaten by Not-York.
Copies may still be had at the offne or hp
incili, Price 3 couth.
Hitrami! cocui?cu minus?Bator. Douohns, J -No?
H. 3d, .13. 88, ii.'. m:i. Imi. 14.1. Ho, lyJ, ll?7, J0j, ?l)?, '.o.t,
-.1?.?. 818, ?U. ?15. .'IT. Jlit, J1U.
sli'kkm? COVBT? sfKLiAL lKi_?Patir L?Ue.'ore D ? h
bue, f. N" aXV e ila lar.
auKHOUAT?'?/ I'm !;r?H? fore Rodin?, a? Will of Ttlr'? ir*
Preakaa ai loa. 111.. wiiiof ilary jy.uu al 10:30 a, iu.i wax
ol liana .Vlaivrat 11 a. in.
BUrnKioa CoLiur?-I'tciAi. Ttmi?Coloro l'reel.'uau. J.
No da? ? a !? ix?) a r.
COMMc-i ?.??*?srirtAt. Tsui.-Bcfore Bookttxror. J
No day caleuuer.
<???? ?????G???BYTKLB??RAP!T.
Mviirnou Aug. '.'? -l'i:il<> p. at.?Coll?n ?laetfy. tliungb
liiiuewhat Inactive. Mn Idling l.'plaadt. 4-/0.. dix ? ,?
slittisi Orleans, .Y'j.L sa.ea-'.I.OOO ..un, lacluding l.oOst
baie? f.r ap.vu.aliou aud export. Kecelp??, 3,300 Paio*, ali
Future? Urin, upland? Low MI,billar clam?, August da,
llr.ry d 11 Iteti al??? o 87 84 A ? do. Augutl aud ??uiuvi'aa?
deliver??, j go ?,4>'... ?u ?..'d'I., -?.aLiaber ?ad ??..,? et
4eUr.fr ? u lild.i alni .1 1 ". ?-4.?.; ?. ??. Ober ?? I Noveia
lier deilv.iv. 6 6-04.1.1 do. .November and UeceBibar d.i.r?
ery, .? g '???... ?io. Hecem lier and January deli rerr, b ill.;
aleo 5 ? tito.; ?to. January aad Vabruary ?iaitr.ry, o 'J-o4?l.
1 p. ui.?Th. sale? ot ih?.lay include! ti,??? bai?? Ai ? '.?
Entures closed strong, rplaods Low Middling rl.uiie Au?u*t
dt ?. ? ?. S'Js-iitd. bavera; do. Anni?; aud Baateuiberte?. 1 ry
0 ?J-tiid. buyer?i do. B?pUuibar and October delivery.
6 ?.?.?4a. ietterai da October aau RoeoBitoi ,:eiav?ry, u > ?*
buyer. . da. Neveiutor aad Ueieaiter delivery, 5 ,.-??,? ...??
er?, io. li.?, e.iibui and Tannai ? ueuverr. 6 4-04*1. *?li?r*i
de Jauuarv aud February delivery o .-o4,L atileit. da :??'?
ri-ir and Starch delivery, i 4 644 buyei?, do. ?.p(?u.t>er?e>
livery | aatg?a? huyera
Ualvibto-i. Aug. -it?.?C.ttOQ erro. Midrtung. ??'? lee
Miriaiing, ?'? lieod HrdlBsry, "'? uet BM grvts leciipl??
1.0.?,'! hale?; talee, 137 bal??, ?lack, 7,045 balea.
IM O BFO LK. Aug. g:'.? Celton Urin, Mldilliug. '.' , : a<4
r* e.i..t.. I .ale, .tro-?. I bale; ?xporta CoaatwiM ??-' '??-*? I
?ales, ? bale?, ?lock, -dl bales.
?avis?as, Ang. ?."'.?cotttn ?toady MtddUag. s'?: txO
?aidilliag. SS. '?oui mimar?, e ', net reeeint?. tel? ne?"?
gross'.?TU (new) bale?: exports Coastwise,l.Ostj baie?, isle*
5? 4 ??.1???: -i.H-k. 3.575 balea,
Nxw-ijKLiAse, Aug. ?j.?Cottoa steadr. Ynddiiii. 'V
Law UlddUng. 9 : Hood unlluarv, H ?, . uet receipt?. ? - * la
tala?, ?ios* 1..?77 balea ? ??pott? to Oreat Bri(tlu|'J.a7j
bale?; custwis?, 1,1 oO balta ? taita, 2?u baits. i?4?a
15,'J'JO bales.
Tired All Over
l3'heeipr???lon alady used In describing her conJitloa bt?
fore using Hood'? SarsapartUa. Tht? preparation U ?-jraW?
f ully adapted for a weMauod or low ?Ul. ot UT. *???!?,?- *'
quickly tone? the whole body, gito? purity and vilain? ** '*?
blooil, aud olear? and fratJiM? tbe laiol. Take It noe If 1 '*
feel " tired ail orer."
" feeling lau?fiiiil and dliir, barin? no appetite aa?l a? ???
hltion to work. I took Hood'? BareaperUia, with the bait rr
sults. As a health lnvljrurator and uisdldue f,r general !Xj
bllity I think It superior to anything elie." A. A. UilBtv
Albany su. Uttct, N. T.
?. IL -lie anre to get th? i'acollar mtoiolae.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Holdbyalldruggiitx 81; ? for 85. PtamataA only by C BO
UOOO A CO? AM4heoarioa, ?aewaU. AU??.
100 Doses One Dollar

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