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v?-.xi_vi_..w*-ML Wi
UBI ?icpobucavi vote ron him.
?moa ? in pow scar in_c__
mtBMmomoe op.
jtbt na.rir umi nm i__m i
WASiiiNt.,n\ .Ian. IO.?Tin* Senate today, after
r three hours session ______ digged -oona, con?
firmed tit.- norn mut ion of Mr. [____f to be an
A-sociatf Justit.-.' of tlio Supreme Court by a
rote of 32 to 28. Tlie thrvt* K<*puhlicans who
contributed l>y their votes to this result were
Messrs. Stnnfor_,of Cnlifortiiu.Stewurt.of Nevatln,
ami I{idillel*erger, of Virginia. The volr- in detail
wus as follows, Democrats lu itulio und BapahUr
cans in roman:
Neat-Rate. Reek, Derri), RUnhiett, Drown. Rn Her. Cull.
Cockirll. Coke, Culqnitt, linn iel, lani)..ter. Rearm, ter
?NM. Oixtti, lliiniitoii, Hiitrit, Jone*, a! Arknnta*. Mm
Thereon. Morgun. I'tigh, Reag.m, Pt__Mibermr, satilebtirtf,
Mtn'orrl. sst-nart. Ttirjdr, Vance, Vett, Voorliecs, Ifni
tl-." uni W, I noa, ot MarylBBrt~3_.
Ney*- Altlrit 1>, Allison. Blair, -owen. t_._MfB_j Hinre,
Cullen), Pi.Tit, Dawe*. I lei ph. Krl tv, miali, Kvtrtt,
Perwell, Kr re. Hale. Hawler, Hlsceck. Hoar, In.ulls,
Mitchell. I-dilerk. Palmer. Platt, Plural), ijuay, **lt?r
t m. spottiernnd *taekliriila**?28.
Tli?te quired In 'he H-lnut'Ue wer*: aW-fW-m,
Evett*, Htheon, Iltur*!, Kenna, Tatco, Ptiynr pud Run?
The?e pal real In the Ttepatlre were : ChnTuller. Jone*,
ef Nev.irt.i: M nutt ison. Morrill, Mabie, Miwyer, Teller,
arti WiIsob. af few*.
Tlie result -was anti.-ipatetl in these dispatches
annie time uko. For a week or two it has heen
tim ply a question of how large a majority Mr.
Fni-Ttf would poll.
There is pood reason for believing too that if
Maana, Stanford, Stewart and __d-let*Kf_gg had
failed to meet, the expectation of the Democratic
Senators, other Republican votes could have heen
ohtained to cenfirm Mr. La_H_r. This is imiieateil
hy the silence whieh the Demorraiie Senators ob?
served and the feeling of security they exhibited
throughout the entire session. They ki.cw they
had the vote, They understood that it ifould he
but. a question of endurance wheller Mr. l.itnur
would M cr>iil'rtn"d to day or the next. They
tintened therefore with sullen nnd insolent in?
difference while Republican Senators entered
their Boleaan protest __a__at the con?
firmation of a man whose reconl
represented everything that is had in the annals
nf Siaiithcrn politics. The opposition was led by
Mr. Edmunds, who chit fly discussed Mr. Lamar's
(jiialificatioiis ami exi*eri'enoe as a lawyer. He
grew rather factious and sarcastic at the ex?
pense of affiaaia Pugh and George, both members
of tlie Judiciary Committee, who at the titm- the
rommittee adopted a resolution not to recom?
mend for ctiiilirin.ition as a United States Ju.lire
any man above the aire of sixty had been most
emphatic in their support, of that resolution.
Incidentally Mr. Kdmunds also referred to Mr
Lamar's lack of industry, application nnd per?
severance. Ile spoke for oxer thirty minot*?,
Mr. IIoht followed, reviewing the Southern
methods, te whi'h Mr. Lanai owed his political
advancement. In the most loleian mininer he
nroteoted against the continual inn of Mr. Lamar
lu the names of millions of disfranchised voters,
ll ? w;si.eil ji distinctly nnderoteod that ho bad nn
personal objection to Mr. Ijnmnr. but in vet ina
?gainst inn he d.sitcd to emphasise his con?
demnation of the political outrages xvliich Mr.
lamar 1 ;tl never found either the tirne or in?
timation to criticise.
pun rs xi nr Mt mu. *v\?:t?.
Mr. Evaitl Spoke bri. fly of Mr. I>amar's luck
of cxi*eiieiice as a lawyer and his want of judicial
fr mi' -r. He also explained the strnncaa. attitude
taken itv Mr. ______ in voting agaiaal Mr. Kd
miinils's resolution declaring the XIllili. XlVth
anti XVth Amendments to the Constitution equal
in binding force to any other provision of the
Constitution, and voting for Mr. Morgan*! reso?
lution, ?bowing the difference Itel ween thc two.
ami pointing out. how Improbable, it was that a
man drolaring certain amendments not to have
bron ratified legally could logically give them his
bu -..it. He coii/iiied himself entirely to __?_?
poi n is.
Mr. Sherman, on the other hand, who followed
hini. tri red the opportunity te review in un in?
cisive and forcible manner the entire Southern
ipi' st lon. His speech was free "YOU invective,
moderate in tone, entirely devoid of personality,
lilt for nil thai a startling arraignment of thc
Southern IVmoerBey, whose champion anti
fa.r.m'.st defender Mr. Lamar is. Messrs. Kaw*
ley and Cullom closed the debate, if such a
on,, vi I,-.I oi. c ,-iliiiK Can he prom-rh' called ;t do
hate. The speech of the f,filler. es|X*eiil Hf, is
(1, ,.,.-'. i-i .-.| !,\- tie's.- who he;.rd it. i's an Im?
passioned appeal te the other side te diaoard for
imn- mere party considerations and risc superior
tn I'.uiism politics. He mitvltt as well have
wll-.-.I to stone walla Determined to eon fl rm
Mr. Lamar :is quickly ms po*~lhl_ the Democratic
ii,I,, of the chamber boaon chunorina for a vote.
In this demand they were led by Mr. Riddleberger.
who I neon rae of the afternoon delivered several
tp-eches. in fact he answered pretty nearly every
one. hut witii thc renie only of delaying Bnal
lotion m.ni nearly four o'clock. Wlu-n thc vote
WIM ann..une. .1 it caused neither surprise nor
irsentment, The rosuH had been discounted day*
seo. Democrat- nt any rale could not fool elated
a' the thought of seatiug their candidate hy at.
slim >t strict party vote?thc lirst lime that the
ever divided noon the question of confirm*
irrr a nomination to the Supreme Court bench cn
patti* lines.
Thc ncminntlnn of Mr. Lamar once deposed of.
thc . ..nfirmation of Messra Vilas and Dickinson
fr.II..wed as a milter of course. Both wei-- COB*
fi-iai'd without <li\isif.n.
?OW mu.i.r.: Avn (iiuKxwAi.ii AGftrr.n to rx
fiM !! \ ITi KACfl Oil!' Il KIIOXT THK ORIMC.
? ipa of P;i"i Ki'tusc fn.m iii" Brooklyn
Ja! il, ? ii -t- clives In Hi's city Iirvo b-.*cn fcaopiag a elOM
?..itch on mum nf lil- former comrades in thieving.
groom iiml .i.en t ?-t!f ony lat the State In thc prtxe
r.iii. n , ,f in- a-ivrjH for _H nauiiler of hyman IL W>"lei.
*' 'I lie was 1 ;lil ai a WtlaaOS Sgalnsl " Hiilcit" Miller,
CreenwalpB rapposoil companion in tiin* ciime. wiioso
trial ht- mil eomfl off vet. In thc ahsetic^ of Kr uic.
thi polios 'litmpiit ti uilnlit be haid wort t" eonvlcf
Hitter. Thai boped Krauss n i_iit ^,ch the roefcity of
i - tense*. I'oinpai.ii.iia. netcctlve-Sergaantt hyman
..mi McM_t.*n we, ? mreeted to vatco "H-d*1 Millar,
a yoiiiij: Oensas thief, abo is not -elated lo " i.u:c]i"
Hiller, ljni ?im i\ _-. % siomboT of " Greenwald _ gang."
1 -nu titra joting 'href go 111 and o'.t t,f tlc hOUW
hu. m. Ki1-, j, ? i, ~t in ihooonpanv ot Beor) Klein and
Mts Brown, rarrylag waplet-iu handles and Baking
) i-iis la the ihop nf sommot, talgai, ? Aealar in second
hand etothtag at No. co uaxterst. <?n Tharsday
Miiiit tbe ililli- slop of Oeorge ^ooewef .?. Bon at No?
tt.". Is-Uiirev-st., was hrahOL OfO- and iO**Hed of thirty
lix coals The Ihroa ye'iii^' I ie'*'cs a' No. DO Bl-Ubetb
it. une Brrcsicil on the fullnuliiK Right (Ut ?OSptelon
of ha' .ut ewtawltlod ihe robbery and ibe oMeen oi>
ttitia-ti evl_e__a which led lo the ari --.t of -Blgol a.s iho
l.trottO thoetalse |.ts. la tbe room which tlie
iiiif\r?s setupii-,| trots found a aamber of pistols sIuiik
llinlr>.lu_mj.Knut-Kies and t,in nial's tools. sioVu clot bins
kilt) pawn trr-Kets roi.iiected Hu* IhleVOI ?il li rObhOTiCI
ji leverM pNtai, laeb-Hag Benaaa Qobktein'i shep
bi Ha, _01 Delaner y at., and Ihe -'"??" Pt WIDIain
is.. i?,i, _t .\n ga tloaior at
' i'<i" Hitter hat hail ample opportualti to ledect
on hit. -ins ami ir, tall, to Inspector Byrnes since Fl ?! ij
n.a.ht. Il w.ia n|g that i|j.- viUliK thief I'?lliellllr -1 cl
1< na presenl at a quo-iel betwi._ u Boich" Miller
nr.i Ui?ii>?> ca the night :tf'e.- Ihd ^eei's iii'iidi .n.i
thtt "Batch" Mill.-i -ai.i i0 Krause: "Yon h-ti ro
i loee* lo throw av. i\ ihi .....i. if i had had it I
Would have gol lomethliu oul of lt." of -ourbt) tho
gci-meul referred to '.its Mr. Week's siri-lnjr ovrcoa',
ahlch Kratiae dropped In 'le* street ali u the murder.
The prisoner ai ma-guerteri alao sa -i be had visited
both " Butch* MHPr ?... (aieeiiuii,.! n ihe BrooMvi
tail tnd hud ijav-u tim ntcdloni of coinmunlcatli n u>
I*.-pu ii.e two murderer*, llo declared lhal " Boich"
PUiler md Oi *enwaMha4 n_de .. coaip*:! io - ive one
,.f their Iv-, bettevtag iLat ona Unalmt *?.|,| he a
t.i-irifiii aioiieriieiii for tho _mrd>r. Kach ?,.,... is*,i
th-it if he wer" batic*d gral ht woold make . coot "lion
ra..:.- -titiK ihe other from ell blame, h |. ntissililc
Ihai ?rici' Mli-r mai yet tw a rnHne** __*in*i
Hutch" Miller. ' I red* .mri bis romnaalona In theft
.a..,,'1!. a a.--a ? an, ni-, eoltl J,,, ;, ,, ^
ratgaed la Ibe Essex Market Court ?
'iKXAKh s.s., Arh., Jan lg |gpeS-llV?-W. Ji hu Cm
don. a t-j.iislii of Lard li, nm. <*cil hen) imlay, jp.
*nl\'ed il) st I un.- I i ld- and wa- a p.-etiilnct v,l?,|?
ia..- i,,i ir ii_nt fan- a nut.I.'i ol ya ? ll- \-rat au lu?
ll af ia ni ol Tl.o!U-- M l)e-.lj,ii and M* fn-ul. (Icth
kt- was nie right heir of the Kartdoai ol Aberdeea
f-deea A. Ilrown, cashier of "Ibo Herald," ep
|ra-al..| MS ?OIl!p,ai i.aiit Bl Jc'tei-Oll S.A.U I CjOti SSS*
li ttl*) afc'aiiisi W. J. Kit-.', a NyarttW af the) liaiwr,
? bu I* r|ier_6d XJ'ltb |M_Bg lb", SlgnOlaiTlf nf Mn- cliy
rd.inr aol Hitut^liiK edllur to tallia ami ni.ininlnjt
lr .'.,!.> (all theil,. 'll,.- oili'll,.- is clailllierl ! ri liiive
lia?jo eaau?ltlod on Deoamber 0, aad tl..- mruuiM ssenaad
by nice wa* gu;,. Judge Marra} b.i'i nc priaaner in
B-3U bail tu ai.taa.i ul -eij*?i_a IsOe-louj.
tue rori; as med ia toe.
Pa'is. Jan. 1 n.? Thc " I'niveru'' bag a (lispateh
from li me saying:
? The English Cabinet aaOOfti In principle the
Pone's mediation between England and Inland,
based upon Monsignor IVrsico't reports. Tho
Pope demands moderate Home Mule anti odvises
thc Conservatives to take the wind out of Glad?
stone's nails b\- adopting the lending points of his
programme with the support of the Irish clergy.''
IN TEE VI F \V 117 7 // MB. VA EN BL L.
Prnnv. Jan. IC?A reporter of "The Free?
man's Journar 1ms had an interview willi Mr.
Parnell. Mr. Parnell believes there is no doubt,
that ftRYO dlissension PsBttt g_sOB_ tht* members
of the Cabinet and tiiat a (loveinnicnt patt* crisis
mav occur at any time next senson over some
l.nglish question. He urges the I"ariiellites and
1'adieu ls to facilitate Government business anti
thus avoid the charge of obstruction. Ile BByi
the Libcral-Uninni-ds are certain to s.-puiate on
English matters.
Mr. Parnell says that the recent reductions of
rent made hw the I_ind Commission are not half
what the tenants of Ireland nre entitled to and
urges the party to take such action as will oblige
the Sub-Couiuiissioiieis lo re-examine the whole
question. He expresses the belief that the
Nationalists will gain three tn.mbers in Ulster at
the next Parliamentary election.
The followers of Mr. Parnell in Puriiament oro
greatly dis.-aiit laded willi his advice to abandon
obstruct iou methods.
ms gB-T-Jtra HKI.IT.D to rer ir in a yan
Loanoa Jun. io. Wilson Barrett, tbe actor, has
teen swindled. While moving from Iii* rr-iilcnco In
Itr-gr-nt's I'.uli a ann willi a furniture van raHcd at the
bOUM and slated thal be had been directed lo remove
tho content.-* of the drawing room. The servants as
?tatted him to load the van with pli-tiiit's and thc whole
?.a u-iliie furnltue* of the mom. Thc ihaiper lieu drove
away, atid tho police havo bCOB unable lo dtocovet tay
traes ui i,,in.
Ottvwa, Jan. 10 {Sfieriali.?Tho goestlon of Plate
rlgl.ts agi ii<i I eiiard autli'i-iiv li .-aia.-rl In a VtgMVUS
shape by th?* defeat of tbs Harrhon Ministry In M.ini
toba II Involves un carly ap])-a) to Kngland t0 amend
Ile* provincial constitution of the BOrtbWesteni provin?
ces. Tho Uroona nv party will, however, not b* lecnrc
of office until t_e new rnlnl-la-ts h.tve l,e>n relieve,1
If il,-* Greenway Mlnlstn caa hold on ll is eertalD thal
tho opposition in all ito provinces alli combine t>
have Uni constitution amerUed. Tbe whole of tho
provincial organisations of the ctuntry aie. un.ier tho
protea! system, ai the nero ol tba cootraI power.
WIj-T-S i AKMVAIj and ice palace at st. paul
Ari angomenti are about comjilcteil lor tho Cai nival
nml Ice Palace at ut. Paul Which is lo opr-u on Janu?
aiy _."a ami eo_tla_a ta-u days, lim arraa gamea?i
indicate thal the I -Talval win be ans of uiiparciieicd
grandeur ami interest lo spectator! and pert!?Ipaala
As Montieal has given up Iho Idea of a carnival this
lomon lt will undoubtedly havo a tendency to en?
large Ute one at st. Paul. Iho Old I'I oncer liouto tho
CWcagO cv Noith Weston Hallway Wit' s<*ll round t'-'p
tickets (rom Chicago at the one-was rate,namely, *n 5o.
Tha Eastern representative of this company, e. 'J'.
Monett, of No. 40U li du uv, ls formlBg excursion
part-M fi oat this tec tlon.
Miimiikai,. Jan. 10 (Siteclal).? Tho Insurauco com?
panies hero havo godded. In tudor to meet Iho obnox?
ious) commercial tai which ls imposed upon all llnan
l-int corporal?mm by tho provincial government, to
Increase tbe rites of tire insurance bf adding 2 1
jH-r COU iii aJI rlsl.s in the lilies of Quebec ami Mon
treal, cm.-j.i dwelling houses, and 5 per cent In other
place*, throughout the province, it ls believed that
this will bring tbe provincial sathorlItleo to limo
OTTAW-, Jan. 10 (s/rfrad/).?A moveeaom ar-'ain-t
tho Knights ol I^iln.r, headed by capitalists of tho
lYovtaea of Q-Obee. has been ingonlinfl lt has
iicen decided to ntrodnco a loll ai the eomlag ni?c:ing
?f i'.i baglalaturo ol Quelice to regulate th- Knights
of Jjalaor ansi idi combinations havng for theil object
ile compulsory and arbitrary Stoppage ol Industrial
and nr-rcautilo e-.-tal.lMiri.ents.
LoXDOir, .?"Ti.e Su James' Oa?etta" an
aouncM th1* reatgnatton ol [ord Charlej Hereford, a
junior lord of the adaUnity, and saps that other
changes In thc Admiralty ollu'eare proba: lc
MowraBA-, Jan. 10 (.-special).? The carnival scheme
fell throng, to-night, as opposition to lt was general.
Bo there will be nu caralval this winter.
Paws, Jan. IC?The Bourse wa.s depressed at thc
BlOM today, owing to rumors ?ii at M. do filers, tho
Kusslan Premier and Foreign Moister -ad resigned.
Cairo, Jan. ld.?W. K. Vanderbilt ol New York
has ?bartered Om steamer Mom Ab! as for tho trip
Of tho Kile. Tao trip usually OCCOptCS abuut thies
wee kn.
Vt.SRi:, Jan. 10.? James O. Blaine haa arrived here.
Hm will lOmala for somo limo.
A nm row escape, from serious danger which threat
ened Misses Minnie and Jennie Woodford, daughters
of General Stewart L Woodford, tho weU-knowa law
jrer ead ti Uoutonont Oonanoi of this state, occurred
yesterday afternoon In Brooklyn. Tho young lad >?->
were In a coach driven by I'aul Ki anil, of No. ".Vi
Atlantic ave. They had left their home at No. P_r>
Preeldeat-St., near Praspeel Park, for a shopping and
calling expedition. On tho way iOWBtoWl about ::
p. ?_ they were driven through South Portland-avo.
At the railroad croostag In Atlantlc-avc. which Is near
the Long leland Hallway station, tho team becaino
frightened by th>' escaping steam from au englno and
geehi i swag.
They .soon gol bev omi the control of the coachman
iiml galloped down the hlB toward Paltoa-et at a hight*
lui -ape,]. I'i auk WM thrown oir near tho llan-on
Place Baptist Church but escaped with a scalp wound
und brina aa Ibo unconfi-ulled horse-, ieihOd on and
at Fulton -,t. narrowly ml--<-.! coming Inio eoUtolon
vith a street car and the trucks which crowd that
thoroughfare. TboMchtened gills wen- toAnd ai,,,,,i
In the I," ly of the vehicle, bul had presence of mimi
enough aol io try to jump out, whian no geehi wuui
bave paved fatal.
At l.afiivciic-ava'., a wheel was detached fi om the
e.,na i, i,y tba bream?g of the rear a.xio ami tin- re?
tarded tic- speed of thc frighteaod team. Fortunately
no vehicle was encooa?trod *"<i befsro tie* hoi tea
could min imo lie Kulti a\e. fi om Booth Fortland*
ave. Which enil- Ih. re al I'm I GrOOM Pink. Moiniled
i'oliceman kniiv, v. lui had Seen the runaway from a
l!staace, galloped lo from ol the team ead teemed
Ibe foam covered animals. Tire young ladles wen- as?
sisted from the battered oh h, and rejoiced le their
aim..ai miraculous eocene. The eoaeh wt- damaged tu
iho aiiioi.tii ot g-OO, UM -j.unga _s well si I ht axle
being broken ami tbe woodworh being badi] scratched
ami dtaPgured. The boram were eahai
- ? -
Oll-MWA, Iowa, Jan. IX?A Wabash j.
traill fioin DM Mol-M and ? water nain of thc Ot
tamwe and Kirkville road wera la coin ion lear miles
wett of iiore at 9:10 p. m. yesterday. The iralas of
both roatU run over Ihe Root 1-land tuc 1, froiu hera
to OeeseeeeVs, eight miicj west. The uni.-^on oc
cni teri 00 a sliarn cur', c, ObOM the track run- Olen lo
tho river ead monad a hi-.-!, biuif. Tht nain- wara
running bi full siac-,1 and lb ? engine* were cmia'ct I-'
_MMU$hed 'ibo Wabash baggags car wa*) derailed,
al.o four af tho <)llumvv? ami Klrhvlllo rata. II. P.
ivak. the ajafebeeh eagtaaor, tamped ami eseaircti with
a slight inreln. Ills llremau won scalded to death.
George .Miller and ls_*a- UnaJ-ii-i-rn, the t-ngincer ami
tir email of ihe other train wen- kilted an,I Dui ijs.i under
the wrack. Several pert.vere badi* bul aol fatallj
1. I.ni is, Jan. |A A wreck on lha' i kicago, Kau?
nas and Nebia-1.-i Rt .......I iiecurrcd at Willard. tlf!..-n
Dillon (.'Bat of JojaCha, lui..-- at A o'clock this mo. n
Inc. Tho rp-* wre I lu own from th" trfk dow it tri
embanlouent ind tsrelvr p?rsons wrro Injured, ni,Iv
one fatally. Tho wreck was ranged by a rail breaking
on a sharp curv?
WAsniNiiT"*, Jun. 1 G.-S pen li. r Oarihde wns
tahira soddenly arith ? conacatlve ehill tins even
in. wliile at UM tlinner tabla in the Riga* II'.'U"''
nml lunl to lu- assisted to his. room bf Mrs. I ar
Ihrie. The ehill wus followed l>y a high fever,
nnd for un dour or mon* the Sneaker wus slightly
delirious. Dr. Somers was culled, and at I lute
hour the patient's condition was reported n
somewhat Improved, Dr. Somers described Mr.
Carlisle's illness ns sonietlii.i? in the nature of ft
congestive chill, nccmiwitiied I.y ii low Itali al
the nervous sysi-in. due to overwork. Mis pow?
ers pf endurance lind already Iwen weakened by
a cold contracted last Thursday. Thc SiienUer's
Illness will probably comitel him to cancel his
engagement tn deliver a s[H-eeh in the South some
time in the latter part of this month, and it is
also probable that he will he unahlc to preside
over thc House for several days.
EX-i.tifrivANr r.ovi ltvitu black will pay i.it
Hl-Tgl nit.i.s vr.ii-i) a plan or iilac
W?s"inotov, Jan. 10 IffrnolgTl. Fl I-0_t,iflflT
crnor Black who is spendlag the winter in this city
was tO-day ihowi UM article in " The Philadelphia
Tress" icgaidfng the veto _MgB_ft his father wrote
for Governor Pattison, which was suppressed, und
Baked if the (OctS were as stated. He expressed
great surprise that the facts should have been
made public and said that he had not had occasion
to refresh his mind In lime.
Governor l.ittison signed the hills, and for that
rcasou lie would have to decline to talk ahout
tlu-m. In answer to further inquiries, lie said
that, there wns no doubt, that his father did write
sn. li u niessu.-e, hut ns to thc other facts Itt! would
have nothing to say now.
A member of Congress from Pennsylvania said
th. the fact that the message wa.s written for
i,i,t iTti.tr Pattison by Judge Blaok was well known
at Ilarrisbur,.' at the time, as the Judge wits sto|>
ping at the Lochiel Hotel and informed several
|K-rsoiis after the Gum nun- signed the bills as to
ins great disappointment at the Governor's sadden
chang*? ol' iniii,1. The thiel Justice of the Su?
preme Court hud also been heard to rt murk about)
the scoring Jndge Blach gave Governor at the
dinner to the Supreme Court for signing the bills
that it was the last time Judge Blaca thoko to
Governor Pattison. This number of Congress
?? The hills wer' bad ones. Everybody knew
their character. It was fully shown iu the Legis?
lature and in the newspapers ;i* already shown ia
" The Press.'' Thc luci that ti.e Governor signed
the bills niter what be siu.l on the subject is of
Itself singular. As to the syndicate actinpr under
Hies,, lulls in,.kum a contract with themselves ns a
construction company, and agreeing ui issue $2 la
sleek and bonds for every dollor subscribed that
of course is indisputable. The wholj scheme in
mv opinion ami pratt'cully a blackmailing one
against the Pennsylvania, which Unalla did
pay ?5,600,000 to end it. Everybody who was
lu Ilarrieburg al the tune knew what was unio*,'
on. Senators Rcyiiurn, Grady, end others wdio
voil d against tho'bills could pvc some Interesting
testimony.'' ^
Pilli .Ai'Ki.riiiA, Jan. Ifl [S/itcltd).? This afternoon
ex-Governor Pattison deaJed the pabUebed statements
charging that Judge Jeremiah S. Illa.'-, at the earnest
request of hlmselfi groperod for him a veto ssseeege
of bills aaihamlslag the oo_a_r_cUoa of the _oui_ Maa
Kui ..i-l. lb) said:
"I never retained .Turljrn Mack or anybody else to
wrlto a message or any lund of a irjjrer. The whole,
story ls fa?.e. Judge I'.lack vlsltetl nie fhe days,
spending an hour or moro each day endeavoring to
Convince inn that lt wa.s my duty
to veto the bills before me. tin
the last occtv-iou ht left mo with a paper ho had
prepared, which he .lesired me lo peruse. 1 asked
him for no paper. He left it of hil own ace Td. Tbe
vt hole matter la fr?*h In my mimi and lt munt be to
the people generally. I might add that there never
was sar occasion fm- any secrecy about the South Fenu
legislation. AJ1 the hearings before mo were opeu
to anybody.''
Washim;ion,. Jan. 10.?A bill was introduoed
in the Senate tO-day bf Mr. Chandler to niter the
regulations enacted by thc Legislature of South
Carolina, prescribing tho times, places, anti manner
of holding elections for Representatives in Con?
gress, lt directs the supervisors of registration
of South Carolina to make each July and August
before a Congressional election, beginning with
lHdri, a new, full and complete registration of all
thc electors (inalined tu vote for Representatives
iu Congress. If any voting precinct is greater
iu si/e than live miles from the c litre to any
point thereof, the supervisor is required to re?
line,- Hs else. The certificates Of cgi--: rat ion re?
quired by the .South Carolina statutes shall not
Eave attached any voting incident, property OZ
qualification. All registration records shall be
public and the names ol all electors shall be pub?
lished in oue of thc county newspapers at thc ex?
pense of thc county.
The Governor uf the State is required thirty
days before each Congressional election to appoint
four commissioners ol elections for each county,
to be apportioned equally among the political
parties, ami the commissioners are in like manner
to appoint, four mat.agers of election for each
precinct, whose duty it shall be to conduct tin
election, protect voters, pri-scno the mat fl gad
before ndjnuriiment declare the result of UM
The Congressional [miling place shall not he
located nt tin* same place as the State polling
place, nml alJ ballots to be legal shall be dis
t ind miy marked by the managera of election.
In order to .ive all an er|iial chance to votj-, it ls
provided that whin live members of either paitv
cast their vote an opportunity shall bc given the
other political party to cast live votes. It is
made ? misdemeanor for the officers appointed
to refuse to serve, and it is made a felony for nny
netaon to attempt to influence tiie election hy
fi.uni or Int midation. or for the oflieers of election
to wilfully refuse to register any person or to
strike his name from the register or refuse the
vote of any qualilicd person. It is further pro?
vided that no elector shall be imprisoned on
election day for refusal to pay his poll tax.
Noam Ai.a.s, Mass., .Ian. IO (Special).--The tragedy
which got Into th's pajiei-s this forenoon as hartog
lalien placo In Hancock, berkshire County. Mass., 00
Ihe border between Massachusetts and New York
proves to he __OB lo every particular. The gi il
Libby, not carrie Brockirey, who was said lo kave
committed snlriilis upon the hedy of her lover, Sweet,
whom ihe supposed to have heen shot dead, did not
kill benoit she came from Hancock over the inonu
Lim io Pittsfield today, ami ls now stopping with her
lister. Her story ls that tfier she bad had a meeting
with Sweot that night about thirty rods from her
lather- house, ber brother orlando earns w poisuH
of her and she went I lo SOC home. Orland0 brock
way, who was m'?*ii tn-d.iy. says that his brother met
rsv. -ii ami a.-lva-,| linn whare Ul,i,v vv_s. and tint sweet
pulled ott his coal and went for hint willi his ll~t
U lille Ih'-y w.n- lighting, I'llimdo and Mr. brock" nv.
the father, caine up aii.t lhere mis so:i:el liing of a
quarrel, but none of thant iud any weapon of any
kind. Nol a shoi was fired
I'll i*m mi. .Ian. Pi. Tm- -l-,-| cuii which WSS mott
suini at iho Pittsburg Heel coating Cbmpaay^s wmii
on V.'. .In.-.liv. v ,i- IhI.en In.nt Hie intiiltl nulty, tnd
found lo lt.- pst?Mt. T_S Basting I- pronounced a coin
pitts am ci - bj Sipertiili-iid.-iil IliuiisWoltli and nllicei I
of th- UhMed -talei Navy, who maali* a el. Bl I"'1
: on aad I p.J '"I such t.-i - j -,v >pa j.n.-iM ? lil ii- pi,-- 'ii
-la,;-. Tko gan welch* nine lon-.
When the job h beeedg wm be chipped toWeahiag
ton, where it w.n h.- lin.-.i und inlshrd al lbs Heoj
Yaid. i'ntll) \\ a.-hliigl. :> ll will be Ulta ii (>? Annapolis
wi,nra H w-ii i"? loaded wu, ,-, beavrj -barfs of gnu
j. aud. i' ui.il a -liol w -it'llint: not i,.,* Hun oin- hundred
pounds, 'rid- vni in- fired and if UM gan Maadi H.
i n tii-chrn | i wt: I be atnie. \a >,?,,, _., ins imi i- ow I
euottgh, expert* trill examine ii wtth attcrotcoplcal
Blinn rc-. s! oilba lt nlmw no weakness fr, in the t*-l,
lt wi.i be received bi ii,.- Oovemmoal and PlUahurg
win bal??. 'i,i d u har bein ii-' of meehan!, al rrlumvos.
Hint,is| sa rs aoiini.ir.
WisitivoT.iv, .lu* |g ? I-lasOM Hleitio* lerTiral hla
aoaaesoj-i .viii, um rra-aary Mgartamai to-_?r nn.i
tnrnid nver th* OfihiO ?f Udef tf the hORmlotm* t
I'.M.iet te hie soe-Bsaar. ter, v.-,rx c. si_iih, tenearff
lil*!..IIBlag Ciet'B lit Ina. I ??! 'a.i.ac 1 ?JIB 1 , UltJB U
OM iitvPiiri) a vii rn i Y 9IYE nopirs tfiCOTBS??
i\ pakota wt' nritrrs Ml-OPtO <OU_ ix<;i
Darra or tri atjaum*,
Pt. I'iil. Minn, i Jan ni- The storm which ?w.-pt over
the Norl li we-1. >. I,,, hading r.illrt.ad- In five States
t* nov iver and the vititms of Itt fuiy are bein;'
co.inli-d. The list i. growing iliuost every hour. N'.-it
to this the wiiiat l,hz/.Bitl thai tho Noithwi?t ever
esgarlMoad eeenrmd on january 7, n ti_l u, IBTO.
In ih.it -inuit -evenly pennie wero froze u lo death.
The last Marm caine without warning. Al PBBtkPI on
W0_aao__y the air wa.-i clea.- and every SObJeet about
th.* horizon um, tli-lui.liy visible. The Wind waa fruin
tho miiuii, win-in ami hanny and beforo Hie sun was
high, a Hecla d tliaw set m. Farmers Moll advantage
ol tho bcauuiul wcall.ci lo go to Iojii, to draw wood,
hay, etc. About noon, a cloud wan tocu along the
iiorih'Ar.trrn iioriioii, lying close to tho gre mid, but
fit, i, luiil; na,iu Hie Weal to the North lb a dani semi
anula l-ii.ir ntl?liuO wa.s paid to lt, bul lu un hour
lin i loud iiaU Bwa.pt over tao tommy, Hie -jiui WM ok*
-cu.,-.I, tho anea ema Idling la*., and a gue wa?
Bvaaeflag noni Hu .Northwest vita terribie fury, 'im;
ii,.-,, ur. leii iuj...sl.. and by i o clova il wu* PRSRR
dOgmoo bama /., io, and tho next nu.ruing il uigisltsut
u-ny degrees berna. Thc w,nd taera-Mti ka m.y, lue
mow len liiicli'i', and lue lai ge amount ot Mio.v ina.
was alreaijV on loo giouud wa* biown Into powder und
buried along b> Uio wind. Ou the pi-nie au o,.je. i
lony feel uia-iam lonni not bo seen. A jiiiiii ? voice
cou lu uni bo hO-ld -uv gm away. The air wan mu ol
neaw a* nae a_ uoaij- ud UM reeling of tue wind sad
Hie g_r_?OM ataSOd by no much sii-W tu t no air, mada
llio aseaa Um tiaoal -itu,a., ,U> aj. ainl tot**_O0 'nat ia.au
wrtR moued, uptti. _vciy rsllmod la liatnts. Ula
ut-aiii.B and luau. Iowa, Nebta-Ua und Wlt.coii.-tu I .ul
roans wero uiockaiicd telegraph wires every wham
wvro down, and ii w_o nol uuiu sati-day lhat mo lui.
i-i,cia ol Ute storm became apparent.
Alary fbnaall, a nciiun. "Ttirilll uear Cavour, started
homo w.tii two ol hoi pupil*, a boy aud a gui. Tho
boy len li.ciii aud poria-Bdtr Allot -oiui.U pul her
'iie.-s lola* about ibo niuo gul and in.uer her vv-Jji nu
night i-DHeiiaghor -barga aila hm body, ram nore
Iou,,d Hie .'icxi liioiuin? aiivo bul baily llo/.cu. An
ethos uaa.ii.rr, lues .eeaboen, near Mota-* started
homo wiih a milo gul ami both got lilied V, hen
lound, .Miss J OOO-SOO u_s uoucned ni a lillie ho.mw
la tho ground wno lier arm; aooui the mile ghi, anti
har dmee tfttrt was w appoJ aoout her. Uar o.vn
non n.it was oil her utan and her hand dui cued her
dross at tho br*_?l. _he wa- dead with a Minn; on her
liert-re Stan-field, age nineteen, left her Behool thn-e
miles fiom Aberdeen, iaali., tu go to a tadnar. house
ibiny yaid-i uisiaut. lier ue_d budy wab lound man*,
a nuie lit, in mo school boii?o. io ur __u_rrn were
tamen io .tata in a Behool in u-e ai Mellmtt, Zhe
ta-.t, lui left them to get BfeSlatabee and lei- body Inna um
yet been lound. Alis.* -teubleruer, auoiitcr tcaciier,
twelve miles nO-tbonsl of Aberdctui, was out all night
In Hie bl.ic.h.i. When found she waa -Mi alive bul dieu
tinnily ulterwaid.
Two eliiidi.n, a boy and a girl, of of Joseph ilutcld
toti, near Clary, wero lost going homo fi"in ?ch -ci.
Tvvimy live ineii al once B?B'tCd ou the SOSKh for thom,
and tlio mother maid nut bo kent fi otu guinn along
'iio- poor wui?aii wa- witn the i>.nty that loaad theat
They were lying close i.gell cr and Hie buy had bis
BlOlar- hande between his own.
A number of the dead had Hits appearance ot having
died from suitucatlon. homo had torn their du;lung
away from their throats and others had thrown away
their h ad -covering, and were clutching at their throats
_* thOOgh struggling for breath, lu a genuine- bllz
rard tho air is Ulled wiih lino Ice dust, driven witn t?r
rlble force, which chokes the unfortunate victim in a
short tittie If he attempts to stand against lt.
The MbtRSRRgkm Journal'* lilt of blizzard fatalities
*howi 97 dtud in Dakota, IC in Minnttota, 6 ia Iowa, 17
lt Nebraika and i In .Montana. Total, 133, beside* 30
r*j?,r *rl tnilal'i..
Later reptrt* lneraaied tbo uuiubtr af dead in Dakota
to 143.
Little Rock, Jan. IS (Special).) -At day Ve ak tba
thtrutoBieter tliowtd 8? belew zere. A tuow aad tleet
ttarin ha* been ra.ln. til aay. The weather la thc most
severe lu tweatr o ld years.
(Ul vi -tun. Tax.. Jan. ld.?The Dakota blizzard strnck
the (iitlf of Meiioe at tim pom at 1 e'eiock Sunday
intitine, eauslnj a fall In the ttnaparatura of 30? ia two
hour*. 1 he ______ cains np kt the city with remarkable
saddaaaemaad wllbaal tbn silentest warning fmu tue
Wtaihcr ilureau at Waihlngtea, tba bullttla ordering up
isle-mils and prtdlcilnc freizlt*; weather arriritg only
thirty inluutei befaro the bltaaaid itielf. Frem 02J et
aiidniglit tho mercury fell to ESS ky daylight, aad
heavy tltct iir.at to fall, covaritg tba etty
with a oat af Ice. Hy Buadav evoBtn* the telegraph
ana tatoobone wirti lea-lng frtm tht mainland Into the
city w*r? all ctrrled dtwu By tht heavy eoetlaa tf ice
which hail forniod tn theiu.aad tho city wa* entirtly
eut *lf frpta telegraphic e*mmu*iettlon for nearly
tweatr-?Mr bean. The weather is the must severe ex?
porten BOd hue since January, 18S3. The mercury to
drjT Indlcattd'.O'1 aliove zits. The ground li levered
with aoarly an Itch of now.
J-C-OOM, Mia*., Jan. Hi.?The ttldest weather af tha
teaioB prevail* thratiitlto tt Hib rttate. txttn liu,' ns far
touih ai -OBUUlt. TBe earth ls covered wiih sleet, wow?
an. Icc.
gWKgPUra utoM lin: No?niwi:si?skatixo ix
The weather breeders In the northwest marshalled
all their forces yo-aterday to sweep down over tho city.
On Sunday night the advance bl.-lsis tbat havo been
freezing up the prairies, reached tho city and sault the
mercury down to Ki0, tho lowest point tbat lt reached
before daylight. With tho sun tho air grew warmer
and tl.o mercury asceuded until noon, when tho ther?
mometer Indicated .0?. After that tho pcoplo on tbe
streets began to remark that tho air was getting cold
again. Iiy tl o'clock tho <r.:!cksllver In Uiidmil's ther?
mometer had gone down again below 18? ami WM fall?
ing rapidly. Pale-faced girls who Issued from tho
oillco buildings down towu soon had moro rosy cheeks.
Ked noses aud frosty mustaches wore ploutlful lu the
crowds that lined the sidewalk hastening to tbo lirldge,
tho ferries and tho elevated stations. The cold air
appeared to have a cheerful Influence and tl.o crowds
basiled and p_Sbel each other, but Cul inned all thc
better humored over the exorcise.
In the (Signal nervlue ollico In the Kijultabli) Build?
ing the Weather Ilureau thought that the indications
pointed to the arrival of the coldest weather that has
been felt Ln tho city this winter. Yesterday morning
the coldest point In the country was at La Cr,,ssc, 1',-.,
where the mercury showed B8? bolow zero; at chi?
cago lt registered ll-; at Helena, .Mont., ;;?!?- ; and at
l-'urt (Juster. 32 J below zero. As far south as Vicks?
burg, uu tbe Mississippi, thc thenuotneior was at zero.
"The cold wave,'' tho weather man explained, " had
laban a swoop ?I,>?-* :? tu tho souiheast anti then follow?
ing the line of these waves lt comes up again in a
northwesterly dire, lion. To-night tho coldest point
will he In Canada, anti Iho noilhwest winda, will bring
down a good share of ibis temperature to New-Vork
und vicinity.''
Tho coldest weather experienced this winter ha.s been
only ll l-_Cj but the indications are that tho present
wave will mako a min-li lower record aud go neut Iv m
tillite lo zero. l-'ar In the BOrthWeSt moro cold W de?
veloping and following up ihe Ural wave, malling lt.
probable th.ii the cold period will continue willi,nil any
decided high temperature for two or three days. Tho
air ls generally clear anti tin* enid Is not likely to !>e
attended Will snow. The coldest weather which New
Vork has experienced for seventeen vears was In Iho
winters of lh7."r anti Lino, when en both BOeosbM?i tho I
ineisurv tone bed ? below tero,
The judges who lit In the t'ourt House are ?Uflarlng j
f" n the ? btlssai I " 'ih*v sroaableel to'neengineer '
of Hie building, who turu- otf Ibo heat on Sm(- I
unlays it noon and un trial d.iva at -4 p. m.. Halest i.y i
spca-,ai request, and regulates the h--at at hts owe
pleafloie poeralry. festarda* Jnstlee Barrett had to
adjourn court in order lo escape freezing to death.
.Itidgo (I'doniun got a cold In tho gupOnOf Coori.
Jit-ounfelt let.iu.,. of 'hs eagi-Bei'S ini.-li: iiarti'.-iii ni
Wen prevalent throughout the bull,ling. Th" eng'neer
is Mii.jeci iiiireiiy le tl," Deportment >>f Public aorli
ami snaps his Hagen al the fudges. Thoy havo the
p. iv Hep- of growling and freezing.
The air was cold eunuch on Sundae night to put the
Harlem Lake In Onfroi Peril In BOnd aha)*' for that*
lng. A* soon as I hrs was ittseovetod Hie 1'ark ollicials
cai* pemhtloa io skaters lo ea* the I akas. The lo
arm haul ami sm,,-.ii, a- glan, (miy a few skaters
baew that ihe ia,-- aaa open, and tbej iiad the *d?>rt to
IhemselvM dorins the oar. 'ii"- rod hag was not
ibown in tbe stree! ear* beraaae the lower labs wm not
frOMO harri enough lo n|?en lt for -I, tiers, bul with the
i cold we.-itli". |_vf n'rM ill th* likes will Ire fio,.n
1 bard ami will prot-hf* be i lu own opaa to Ibo pabUe
io dap.
AN INFERNAL ll A'Tl l si: FOR JUDES Wool's.
iKIil iNII't.l I*. Jan. 10 (Sorcinl).?A small box was
delivered ta ' > '. Woodo, of Ihe Catted Mate.ut,
: by* a mail tan ier. The |udgs bud ju-t sdjuurnod
, court tai tba _?] ? 'l "a* a'li.ii! io I. itv ? tai I ne.
I a* ha tara tha wrapping paper from sheet lt i
td the Xiox wai Itlghll) opened, dkelosliig two small
sartrMfM v?, i,u t? spgemed te be stterhart '<<, s.i.im
beavi article. He n oaoe laid Hie !..., u-i.i,- nnd a
I |K,iii-.'tnaii wns ciiie.i to lake charge of lt. The bo?
lt lUppi.I to ls' an llila-innl In*, lill e. ol un tittil _,(lon
, of one, but lt I.BJ licit j Un d lu lin- I eiilral IV,ic
? Mattoe vtuii and trill aol be ..pa-n.-.i undi lo-?torrow,
T'n- Itidais iilinsolf ihlnl.i lt ls |irobahly a Iioh\.
lt dr r* li >p< 11. ai an ni) h.nus lr ll e ls I,., w ?issi li. ku BBNt
I hi J-Uge Waoajs ta U* ital lem U_y* Uirualeulug lum
with rtafeoee if the ut negri BBT catt* vctr* uot di* ? |s?c i.
Last aatardarhe reosiro. ens letbag Mm Mat.it t-e
proiecutieu was prosed, he woulf Ut killed.
as moora m orv wa ?ixrn-_v_. track.
cai ?IM a M*MH nr.t.AY.
An nccideiit of snmll importance occurred near
tlie slut ion of the Mnt.h;itt;in Klevntcd Kailwuy at
Fifty-third st. and Eiglitli-uve. nt 12:10 p. m.
ya-.!, rdny. Kngine No. 42 which drawn the hag
gngc cur In tween thc stutinn mimed and the New
Voil-: und Noillurii l-iilroad Ht One hui.Mr.d-and
Fifty llfth-st., ?r_g " rounding up'' to transfer the
bag_Bf_ car from the middle track, where it had
bees standing, to the main uptown truck. Iii
p__B__g the switch connecting thc trucks the
IW lill-Ola art holt broke und allowed the switch
ruil to btund od a few inches from the main rail.
Thc result wits that the front wheels of tho
MghM (Implied from the mils. The engineer
realized the situation at once and stoped tho
engine. Thc " block signal,'' on which Colonel
Hain relics to give notice of accidents, sent out
Ihe j.roper notice with ull possible rapidity the
entire length of the line, and the train coming
uptown from Sixth-are. and then cros*,ing over to
Eighth-ave., was pulled gp before it reached the
?pot thus preventing anything like an accident
to the paamngl. train and scoring one for the
" Mock state Ul." The ticket agents on all the
uptown Sivth-nve. stations hung out their placards
" Line Blocked,"" and told the public accordingly,
but the deliiv this time was of short duration.
The accident nappened at BB hour when the trains
wen running on six minutes headway and im
intliutcly after a train bud gone up. It. took
just eight minutes to put the engine back on the
rails, repair the damage and clear the track, so
that, the actual block of thc road lasted two
minutes. _
?Bm.timmiif, Jan. ld (Soeeiat.? The resolution of
ecu.ure agaln-t I'i-- d-nt CteiVBtS-d for lending B Copy
of the ( ot etitntion of tlc* Lulled Slates aa a Jubilee
present to the Torie came up for discussion at the
meeting of the Me'ho.list ministers to-day and after
a dtoeuaslon lasting nearly three hours, was reeom
Bitted "i'h In-tinctlons to mnke another report on
MOnday, After the reading of the report the Rev. Mr.
Itren moved tba' a copy be sent to pp'sblent fievn
laud and the King of Italy respectively. This brought
down tho honso, th-) suggestion b-lng received with
shouts of laughter, Stamping of feet and clapping of
hands, but ne volo was taken on lt. The Hov. J. F.
<"ellerman tald that the presentation of the gift was
pimply an attempt 11 pet voles and to obtain Ihe In?
fluence of the catholic etorgy at the next Preside ntl al
election. The nev. Dr. John A. Lana Inn _ild he tagiecd
with Mr. Ociiermnn ami be laugblagty doelarod thal ho
would go further anti say Hilt he believed lt was
a deep lint scheme on the perl ot thnl arch black Re?
publican, the Kev. OJ. T. D. Ciemm. to get the Metho?
dist preachers of rialtlinoro Into trouble and to mako
lt appear lhat, aa a body, they wero arrayed against
tho Democratic party. This was received with laugh?
ter and applause, as the I'.cv. .Mr. Ciemm ls known io
be a Democrat. As the author of th? resotottoe, he
resented the Insinuation and said that he had been a
Democrat ail his Ufo. At this point li wa* decliled
lu receive the report, for the purpose of dial,ate, waiv?
ing all claims as to Its regular ty or Irregular itv, and
for an hour ami a half tanner tb? proposition was
discussed, The report was then referred back to tho
committee. Mr. t'lemm wished to have fhe com?
mittee's report given te tba papers, but the associa?
tion would not permit lt lo be done, as the proceed!mrs
ifce alway* eeerot. Thr, majorltv .rf i!,r>s<? present were
ronvlnced that lt came within fhe province of tho
iseoeUtlon to eeMoro the action of the president in
reengnlzlmr the head of tho Catholic Church lu any?
way whatover.
CnVAon, Jan. 10.?The burning of tbe hou-o No.
1,840 Michigan ave., Ihe heart of a fashionable district
at l o'clock this morning was accompanied l,y s di-play
of great heroism and a aucrosion of thrilling Incidents.
Joseph Horner, e merchant, lives at thia number with
hts wife, child and two tomato servants, and lt was to
hit courage and presence of mind that Ih y all owe their
e-rcapo from a terrible death.
Shortly after aUdafghi ihe woodwark about the otw
headsl furnace caught fire. It was a quarter of 1
o'clock when Mrs. Horner awuko stiling. She fried to
open her eyes ami they fidel with smoke, t-li grabbed
her husband and thook him violently. Mr. Horner,
bounding out of bod, cried to his wife to put on tonio
wearing apparel, and inutchtag up the llttlo girl, who
was ehoktnf with naoka, rat bed tata ibo hallway.
Tho flumes and smoke BOM swooping up the stairway
anti for a moment he was -teeouragat He locked at
his wife who ?tood boMde lum only in her nightdress,
for sho had mado no move to put anything on, and then
at thi little girl in his arms shnlUllj clad. With 'bo
thermometer io degress below zero, exposure seeme i
a lino-i certain dalli. Taking his ebaaem bo poped
his way to a front room, seized a couple of wraps from
a chair, wrapped one aboul iho child end threw tlio
lither over lils wile's shoulders. Hy this time the stair?
way leading down wa* on lire and escape seemed cut
otr. b. iziug his wife around the walat with ene arm
and the child with the Other, Mr. Horner half staggered.
half fell down tho stairs. He pushed through the
smoke anti with a last effort threw open the front, doer
ami rushed Into the street. Then he started bick In) i
the house to save tho two servants wleep on the top
Poor. Though the gre had nearly dearoyed tbo stair
way. be aueeeedrd in getting the servants out In safety.
I lien he pave an al irm and the Haines wore extinguished
with a lost of -Ui.tjUO.
Haiti morp, Jan ifl (gpeesal).-Thero wa* a special
meriting of the Finance Committee, of the -altimore
ind Ohio ra-road to-day, at which Senator Gorman
llgured conspicuously. ]n fact, Baltimore and Uhlo
affairs appear io havo Interested him moro cf late than
business In the Senate. As ono of tho small IK-ino
'ratlo politicians said to day :
"Gorman ls one of the boys no longer. Ho's be
NMBlng a capitalist and a corporation bott."
Tho eomaUttOe discussed tho disagreement between
tho company and tho syndicate. They aro anxious
that (hero shall bo no strain because Ihe slocMiobleiis
failed to vote for the third preferred stock. Tho
Wmpeay owes Um syndicate nearly $,",,000,000, ami
Ihe syndicate bolds the Lulled Slates ___*__! and
Western Dato* Tclograph stock as security. Tho loan
Ines not fall due until late In tho summer or lu iho
fall, and the company has the option to pay it oil and
haw down tho collaterals before that Hmo, If lt sees
flt and ls able. One of tho directors said that the syn
ileato showed no reseutmout nu account of tho re?
fusal of tho elly aud Stato nircci.u-s to voto the stock
for fear that the control of the company would pass
nit. of the hands of Maryland stockholders. Tbo
stronger tho company ls tho higher will be Iho market
valiio of tho consolidated bonds, and the more demand
there Wtll be for theil), and them have been offers of
llnauclal aid from bankers In tho company who could
not give it tonio time ago. The earnings of the com
patty aro steadily Increasing. It ls understood lhat
Messrs. Muller, Dobbin, Keyser and McLaue advised
im nano In lae loot -treeton' neetlag, ead Messrs.
i.airett and llurns dbl nol vote, whet) the ten elly
iud Stale directors w!o wera pre mal roted to adopt
ths unfavorable report made on the Subject by Messrs.
keyser ami .-loan and Stale I il rec tor -orman. Ono of
in. older directors, then remarhedi
"I think you young tuen hal., made a mistake In
liis Slatter," but tho yoong men had beeu told that
I.e company could borrow all tin* money required lu
Baltimore, and they did not caro tn fall out with lei
itor Gormen, as many of thom wero appointed ou
political grounds.
OT BRBORT oiJCDCi: rapallo.
J Aliuw. .lau. 10.? When iho Judg's of the Court
rf Appeals filed Imo ihe hench today there was
in- meant chair and this waa thruuJed In mourning.
rue front of i'" bench was ooaer.sl lt* tRtBr* leog?h
*ith black clolb hung In graceful toidi "hen all
gem maeOg, Chief JudfB unger stated tha- In an ord
HMM wttli thc u-iid elision the .Hurt had pre tied
i sm moria! ki Anaoetata Judge < naries A. Ka.aio,
ind thal a- Ibe conclusion ol lr-* reading jne toort
iv.aiiiti ailjomn mr Ibe day. '.uirt i ;>'? ju o? P'"?".?''
-IL rt-e fol.ow vi nml ii.-,. ?:..!. th.iilr, And,. Wa,
iv l?, Ul now il..ly -ti .ivor Bl 1-0 orgil al Colin
ot Appeals, read la stow, steer ena prootoo tones
the i on fs tribute to bri !*?'? eeUeegaa,
? ???
Mini; : n.Cd-.iii. Jut ?<'>? I-. I (ii'tis. tho millionaire
iniuic.farlurcr of Milt Cit?, has tafl *jV7aW,000 hy bis will to
tba t'.ir'.u nonie far ml iio new ned Orphans, srbtoaie
ti.illt -u.l ii.ainl iln*.i .it Illa a,wo espaaaa. Hu est,ne, lt
?tirrill (rl.o )>>.-'i 'ii* ir, lew seta r* .u.o ta) his I 'lie
h*iitrstc'.il. Ill* ? Ul t?r Brui '-I.Hi ld*iia"i rr */: I >.OOX)
r.ii li. I ,.,i-ci.|>;.1 ...<i Hies rel "-'.'ii.li.) . ami a utiiii.ar ef
leisures em '? g?i * ?>??>. uauu*r*i?--.ooo ib tit,
Mim OF TIIK coi; NTH Y's) 8llIPntTI,l>IXO
ailAMHOK ?.Vt7()ri:AO".WKNT.
Washixotos Jun. Iti?? American shipping mud
nod Klmll lie rr stored," was tlie brilliant streamer
stretched ncrovs thc stage of Willard's Mull winch
nut Iii1 cy eh of thc delegates to the Xnf ional Con?
vention of tho American Shl|>|>en, and Indus!rial
Laeague this afternoon. It was the opening session
ot their first Nut ional gathering From a nucleus
of Stile orgiini/nlioiis the central body baa de.
velopcd until it. now brings together represent?
atives of the shipping, industrial and commercial
industries af the entire country. The decorations
of thc hall were not UlabaUBbi but appropriate for
such an occasion, Back ot the stage hung the
picture of a full-rigged brig, under full sail nnd
with colors flying. It was dmi-d with American
flags and above were the historic words: " Don't
give up thc ship." On a table stood a flue model
of a mun-of-war and about the sta;;.' It.t.s and
shields were artistically ni rayed, poohing at this
body of men from the stage one could not bul lie
Impreased with the general effect of solidity, dig?
nity and intelligence winch it ni OM Bled. It WM
not a muss con vein ion io which everybody carno
freely but marly every one of the huadiod sul*
stantial men present was the representative and
expoacBt of some eitv, eeauaeroiaJ er*maisatloa
or board ol trade. Thc Common Council of Ncw
Bedford sent I lu,mas \v. Cooh to repteaea- thad
city, white Mayors of other fit ias forwarded cre?
dentials for their representative*. Naturally the
representatives of shipping iniensls OOflBaaaai tho
majority. They did not send their employes, but
in most cases the veteran head- af the various lead?
ing establishments of tahe country came in person
to lend the force of their presenc- and voice to the
patriotic purpose?, of the oom dillon.
Ill a front scat to the left sat that gruntlfather
of Ann rican sTiipbuildi it.. William II. Wa I.b.
Although now silver-haired his fathers In'fore luna
had been the leading shipbuilders of the day,
hut he had lived to 8?*e a perverse (jnvemiucut
policy cripple the Ind Hilly and drive the Stars an.l
Stri[H's from flu- sea. lie came at the head ol the
deb tatum representing the New-Vork Chamber
of Commerce, ami with him were John F. Henry,
Hunty C. Calkins aud William ll Lion. With
Mr. Webb chatted Arthur Sewell, of that grc-t
firm of Maine shipbuilders. I). Beared *- Co.,
whieh is said to control as much bNMBBgfl BB any
concern in the country. In another group were
the veteran shipbuilder, Captain Ambfom -UOW,
Of New-Yodt of the h0UM Of Snow A- Burg. ?-,
and An dui vanderbilt of the Cuba Steamship
Line, both ottieers of the League ami ardent
workers in the preeent erueade. others not! ,1
at random in ihe crowd were John W. Anderson
and Samuel Carey, of How-York: H. I). li.**,
Frederich Finley und Charles Cm inp, of I'lula
delphia; ('harles c. Moody, of Bootoo: Ur. ll. A.
Fuller, of Bath, Me.: P. S. Manton, of Ptovkh boo:
Geocge II. Brewer, of New-Jeraey; (i. C. <io*-s, ?t
Maine, and many otb) rs wkoH names have come
to be inseparably ooaaoetod arith the most cx
tcnslve shipping industries of the country.
Unlike most conventions, there was a sponta?
neity and enthusiasm about the ?geoeeedingB and
among the members winch Indieated how heartily
they are enlisted in the noble purpose that hus
called then together. Not only prey* tin re fr
quentoutfapeti >>f applause, but at times tin-ven?
erable and dignified delegates became eathaema.
tic and waved their hats in the air. Pan,.il?
lari* when the ringing words af a hiter from
Admiral Porter wore read did the (Thole conven?
tion become d nstoRSl rat i ve. .-evcral w,re on
tiieir feet prop,,siac thanks ami cngeta, wlia-u .ni.
iilien W. Cur. y's voi. e rnn_- out above tin* r ,t :
" Three ehcen for tha Admiral." They wero
given with a will, sill, hats going into thc air to
emphaelm the approval, and aol content with
this, Mr. Carey led a chorus with "Tiger."
Such incident* uot only s.iow the temper of ttie
convention and its reception of the Admirals
letter, but presage a camnaign which will I io
donniv vigorous when tired by such enthusiasm.
In opening the c invention with prayer the Rt.
Pr. Leonard asked in fitting t. rms f.ir Divine
guidance which might lead to tho welfare and tie
retopoBOUt of American shipping.
Wi holt the formality of an openlntr nddre*s
President Wheeler introduced tbo venerable Horn
ti) King, who welcome I the Convention tn wash*
nmtou. BUaapaearfuee wat particularly fitting,
foi ho is one of lim oldest l:vm: OT PffatmaetOf
Qeneralg and was a p'O leer in the development
of inc ni' fog cirri i ig American mails ni Amcr
cau ships, ile wis ut.ni such a bod, of
bwb had onie to stona the el tad la af CaagpaeBj
tor ihe men who were now aaib'diag over trifling
party diibroueos mighl we I pause toooastdac tba
gre.it eeo.miine mea earoo winch the con vent mn
seeks to promote.
Prom a pile ot telegrams and letters which would
fill a dozen scrap books **ecietnry Hill SOtoatao a
le jv that wero unusually epigrammatic. lu taree
sentences tbe heads of bearii of tnnle from
New-Oiieaoato the ilrcat Like* god from San
Francisco fo New-Vork sent ant words of com?
mendation uni support. Finally Mr. Hill came to
tbe tetter of Admiral Porter, of tbe Navy. He had
wished that tlio Admiral's own voice could hrtve
given exorotetoq to the strom, mn ten noa The
reading wan rJbqttontly latarruatad with saphsusa,
and this gr.ul utile became oontagioua, ending in a
tumult of enth-siaem. In the latter the Admiral
says thai tba BMW to of the L airue, "Don't give up
the Ship,' lias opened up an issn- more linportaal
Bl thtl mollien' thau thc tanti or t.ie surplus in lim
Troaonry. The latter, be s*?vs. 1* aaly a taasBoc_**y
inconvenience. The lettcrcontitmeal:
You come for tho purpose of taking BMBBBfU.
to revive our once iiiagnlliccl ocean cm.ree aad
to retain wilkin oui laud tin; oeonBOUO sum nt
$l<r().0()().()00 a yeal vvli.cli his i_-a,.il out of tint
conniiy in goiri an.l km been miaelly taboo barn tne
elrcir.atlng medium of tbe country ami gun* into ino
p..i.cts of foreigner- This great low of wealth
iweUs the wealla ot European Mites. Iwreaneo tholr
Ott lea, gives ei,ipi,,tu,eui to Uk ii arti-tm. Corers
tho ocean with their ships, builds up their gieat
marino work-l.ijs and strengthens their navies. In
au ennui ratio it deprives a sieliltude of ladnetrhH
in this country of empitiyment. The Oavemmeol ts
partlenlarlj couoeraod, for the revival of our shliv
hulloing would enrtl.le lt fo command th" BM Vi?ll
of a great ocean militia anil supply us during "ar
wllh otliccrs and seamen Who, with a very Utile
training, would seeemmodare themselves ie the e . *
of the .Naval service. We would he provide.I with a
large number of oem MO ere destroyers, In default ol
wltlch no nation could c;.nv on a maritime wtr.
The restoration of our ni?re*nftle aialine ts In
BOparablO fr..ni the rehal'llltatlon ot our Navy.
"The Present Impotency of our Merchant M*.
llaa,* WM tho topic of Colonel Switzlcr, head o'.
tho Bureau Of statistics of the Treasury Page tl
nient. Alf h oiiL'h dealiiiu in figures, wblob Bonall]
wean' a ii .pillar autlie:ici*. the logie bobiad the
li_iires wai so convincing that the subj ct held
the attention of the convention. The address
was laaarded ai a most valaabin eoutnbutloa,
coming from Mich a source, aol Hiving
figures which were not generally, hnr severely so
ciita'e. Everv exposition af large ri gu res wa* re
iluced to such a popular 'erm thar it could Im
raodily caught ami retained. For iiistance. al*
theucaoae might not renie rn ber tho statistical
amounts of American leanna* ''' 1 **.**? and in 1H*?7.
yet it wat eaev to remember Mr.
fcwif Bier's conclusion that five .ears before
the warour it .>rclian* marine was the Baraneal <?f
the seas. 7." per cent of Aniericin Boramtros being
carried in I BIOTIC BB bollon)*, While 'ii IKH7 ? nlr
14 percent of our tonnage was ci med in Am rn in
A viirorou* speech bv (leoine '1. Loriug. of Boa
ton, formerly Commissioner of Agriculture, eoe
designed t? show tho UBI OTB Si which tue Hgt ic.llt
ur *i has io the stnppii:- interest, tor it itt! en e.in*
of carrying his produce to the markets of ths
The address of Mr. Barnes waa alao a val..Mole
conti bu nm lo ibe convention.
Tlie convention will rontimie its session* to?
morrow, but inc exact onler of topics tor tito ear
is not yet determined.
Thk Tbibokb aatrro_aa__a_i waa able to ret
brie! expressions ot opiuiou li om proiuiaeut >li*io
\'\ illi.im H. Webb said:
I look al the uniter tr otu a broad, National poll t v
VI, W, fOI' I III)) (lOl Unas III tile a..lupin/ IHISIU. aa, I.
tn*.i.a for twmity years I built uitru sinpa iuju any
mau in the country ai tie Mice. Altliou<!i thlt allen*
live ou*iness v ns carrieal on for a enif irv by my ftinily
amt uiv*elf. yet I have ec*m li .ietern.rate wtth our *ou
?ral thipouu interests until, wheu I withed 1st re'ira
recently, there wat not a firm iii tho country tua!
wau'e.l to buv uie ont. loeb a onudluon w it broughl
a".mi chlelty BOS-UOB fonota lioverituetiU gtve ?ulj
tittie.* to their tliips, while wa witb tiiirlier ti.,-i,
greijUar cst of coil and lugiie* rale* o' littere*! c.tii.l
um nsiaMii.ly csitupete witt) thetu. There waa a moa
when our nov eminent p.il.l nuhdldies, aud then Ainerl
eaO ste u.t-ir I'S surp.t*-e.| all titln-rs 111 tprnd Alli <? MU
fort, anal if llitue. tulitldlci hud not I e,-n liken awav by
our OeieiBBWBI the character of our *i ip* would bavt
kepi p.i'-e <s. f om lucre, t-ed population. Hut liol wilie
*t.in 11? >_- t.ie preeent depraaalaa I live In full faith and
le.p. lhat ute revival of our thl Oftag itel iib'rlet wilt
coule ut BO distant day. If our ?iurermueut will loud a
belplna I ..n.i ii* oilier lindon* .lo.
Amii'- b ? Soo av sal I:
The In ilent'-ns are very _rl-~r. I? eur caavaat ot
tlir iitiu.ay we nave foend a amjarnr iu furor of our
ii.au. li a Uara uUaa u eut al pmkiOm etti aiada U B

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