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AUMXT. Jan. Sl-The Senate this morning received
tr*?m IISBllh Offlcar Smith, of New York, the report it
had requested from him In relation to the amount of
hU pearly fees and ax*Mndlturos. Senator Fassctt
suggested that the report be at once printed In tho
legislative dally reeord. This wm ordered to bo done.
Tho report, thc.efore, will be before tho Senator* to?
morrow morning ard the debate on the bill can begin,
in-low u a luminary of the report :
EeoeHpU t\>r 188ft.
loiBeetlo-i of t****i* from loreto- a*"***..f3fl.oon 71
lil?fi)"*rtl..B of v****l*. MM 00
lee-MM-tiPr. of r**s*t* from **tne?tle porn. A._P! oo
Kigb. hrAftUo*, . 1.SS8 00
?Vo-el-Mion. goo 77
Irtuiji*: ting tick to hospital*. SOO 00
Not a vena*! wm diseharged tn quarantine in 1886,
In rouser.'.lenee no foes were received for saaitary
J_i portion.
Rtteipltfor 1887.
Jasper'inn of vessel* from foreign port*.B3C.487 04
Vleialesjtioa ?t ve*ss>)s. ?.7B4 00
Intperlloii or ?et*el* fr**) dotnftstlc port*. 4.080 00
?Wight botrlmg.:.. liri lu 00
VaoolaaUo?. 1.049 16
Tr*Bs|.nrtat'.nn ot sick to hospitals. *.??'? 00
Sanitary toai>eo*.ion. 4000
Ko outlier fees have been received for any other
SSrvioe. es Health Oflloer, exoep, B068 -IS, the amount
charged and reoelvod from the FSbro line for money
paid for extraordinary ?ervloe* re nd*-rcs 1 the * teamer*
a?id passengers of that line during the cholera epi?
demic in September, October and November last,
which was exclusive of the compensation paid by tho
Health Officer to physician* and niu-aos, and for disin?
fection and transportation of the sick.
The pro.sriit foe or speclhc chargo which tlie Health
attsssr collect* for each of tho services mentioned, l?
the 'im* as, reported to tho Renate undi- dato of
*Lveh 4, I8BS, and found in volume 4 of tlie BsBSSS
Dor*,men;* of 18SS, to wit : inspection of vessels from
foreign ports, BS 50; insr>*sollon of vessel* from do?
mestic porto, verwclA under loo tops fl 00, vessola
over 100 tons and leis than 160 tons $2 00; disinfec?
tion of vessels, weamrrs B8 BO, *hip* B7 00
tarka gai 00, brig* 95 00, schooner* fj_ OO.
Night boarding, S3; transportation of tick to yellow
fever hospital, IA; transporting tick to contagious
*"c.*pltal. Plockwcll'* Island, $20. The fee lor
vaccination ls 25 cents per capita, lr-ss 10 per rent.
The di-mirsetnenis for 1880 were PSl-SSa* 14 ; and
for 1887, $21,113 60.
Among the tills passed was that of Assemblyman
Morgan, exempting auction tales of works of art
In New-York (ify from tho provision re,airing iho
sale during day light.
Two bills Cleating further obstacles to (he Incar?
ceration of suspected lunatics lr. asylums have been
inlroduced In the Assembly. One, presented by Mr.
Crosby, gives person* accused of Insanity Ihe right
of a jury trial before commitment. Mr. Ilaucus
In another bill, provides that no person ihail be
confined In au jusaue asylum except on the sworn
certificate of two physicians that such person ts
lncoin]*)tcnt to manage himself or hts affairs In ron
soQuei.ce of lunacy and that such confinement shall
not ox* oed ton days unless Iho cen .Scales bo approved
Ly a Judgr, m that district. This bill was reported
favorably by ihe Judiciary Committee a few days ago
iud to day i! was debated by the Assembly.
John I. Platt, who h a trustee of the Hudson River
State Hospital for the lii_.ni,, at Poughkeepsie, "x
en.',I nm... astonishment by expressing tbe opinion
that lt OOghl le ll made BBBMrtO put a man or woman
In an Insane asylum. There were too many cranks
loose In the world who should be In an Insane asylum.
Al Ihe same time lt should bo easier to rescue a sane
person from an asylum.
'?Tla> pttssont law* are BO comprehensive," ?ald Mr.
Longley, "that there ls .diingei .1 they WOIO mada
laxer. Mr. platt himself would be In danger, a-, per?
haps, wo all wm-ld be, ot committal to a lunatic asy?
lum." (Laughter. I
The fate of ihe measure appearing dubious. Mr.
Ilaucus moved that progress bo reported and leave
a.ked to sit again. Carried.
Assemblyman Woldoer offered a bill providing that
the tro-atirors of all savings banks tu tho State shall,
flftoon days after the last busluoss day lu next Ooccuit
Bar, furnish to the si nie Superintendent of Hank- a
Hst of deposit*. Ibo makers of which have not boen
hoard from In twenty years and arr presumably dead.
Tho Pupcrliiiehdcut ls to publish such Ital once a week
for three weeks In tho offle'al paper In the county
where thc bania are located. Violations of this act
.are punishable by 9100 line. This report ls to be
made by thc troasuiers of the savings banks every
five years.
Assembly man Oordon, of New-York, who hos some
property which has boen seriously damaged by the
pia, lion of the elevated railroad companies of storing
cars on the tracks. Introduced a bill to day prohibiting
New-Y irk elevate,! or surface roads from occupying
parts of l).t> sloe'* for Storing or Washing engines or
other vehicles, or to allow cnn. en_tiios. etc., to stand
lu or upon ile. shoots lunge: thai six b .ui_ a day.
? a i.LNii.r* an arr <?*? boubomt.
The As-ocjbly show* a spirit ol opposition to the
roany large appropriation bills. When General Cur?
tis's bill appropriating BBBB.T0B for tho Ogdensburg
Insane A-jinm came up for a final vote Mr. Ainsworth
opposed li- i.a-^ago, saying thal tho necessity for the
appropilatlu:i bad not boon made clearly obvious.
lionoral Curtis explained the plans of the trustees of
the Instit Ot len The bill was then passed, but twenty
Assemblymen voted against lt.
TO SHH" TIIK. i.VKHI.*>Al)INO OP elf-.'Itt ATS.
Mr. Ratiiiovv, ol New York, fears that some awful
nccldcid will happen on the e_curslon boats of Now
York Haibor some day. He therefore presented a
lilli to-day tot bidding the proprietors of steamboats to
lake abo ai ! moro than th" number of passengers they
sis autlimi/..al to take, and requiring the steamboat
owners to put a turnstile tm their decks to riff?ter fie
Incoming passenger. Violation* of tho law are to bo
n_a8hai v. uh a hue ot BB CO.
Al.e.VNV, Jua. 31. -A'am trie ftct wa* Illustrated tula
mot nlii" tl)at i'. li th* Democratic rn *.'? -t s o' th* Legl*
lature from NeW-York City wh* tutroduoe the bi ls lo ta
rre.i-e tb* expan**tof thatelty. Already billi *ave been
Introduced by New-York I>*ruocrallo me ni,ort t* raise
th* Balaric* of tne laip*?tor* of Police, o' the Recorder,
the City .! nie and Ju l<et of tbe Court* of sessions, and
of the Park ('?mmKslonart. In addition Senator Cantor
also intro laced a bill authorizing tbe city to g* lute debt
B2.000.00.' fur new eekeel buildings. Furthermore Sen
alor Iv ea su(g**t* thai the oily per for the koboollnx of
tko '(..KM lnniata* of tb* Caf bel ic I'ratectory.
To-day tin* list wa* ioor*a**d Br tbe .Introduction
?fa bill by iSesator Castor substantially dlrectlag th*
Board *f Kttirnat* and Apportionment of N*vv-York t*
lner*a*e tlie salarle* *f the polio* **rgc*nt* aad det*c
tlve ?*igeuut* - 100 In number? of tho New-York palic*
iid?.ll they *hBll be olghiy p*r eent of th* amount re
r*lv*d now by the captain* of prior. The act *ayi that
toe ?en-eaiii* shall net rocelvo lo** thau SI.GOO nor mei *
than .*2,'.'0 ). If tho Balarie* are pot at f*,200 this will
be au i,.t itj.it* of XjO-i yearly to each Baan,
involving a Utal additional ox pen lit uro by tbe
city of ?-] l-4,00i). Ono feature ot the
bill la remarkable, that, namely, eli ch wonld oompot
th* Hoard of Lctiaiaie and Apportion "Bani t* odvanoo
th***iario?*f the *erg*ant* till tb*y ar* within SO pot
i i-nt of lillie of th* captala*. This may be **nsl*i*r*d
lightly:.* coercion *f tu* Beard. In effect, therefor*,
tl* bil! lt mandatory, and lt was *o lnteu.1*d te be. The
cauae vf thia davie* wa* the refusal af th* Hoard to ??!
vance IBS ?.,i*rl*? of tho *erfeuai* nader a law af 1987
which .-ute theta permlMion ta do so.
At tho fifth Musical Matinee at Ihe Madison Square
Tlia're today, tho Knlcaerbo'kei Quartet will bo
heard In part songs,. Mme. tiaro de Marlon will be the
principal singer, and Jenn* Pranko the violinist.
The manager* if ?* Paul Kiuvar" bave aealn ex
tenlod the term for which lh*y leased Ihe S.andaid
TWeatre. A company of understudies I* being re
heareod daily.
The laaBJtaM teodcr-ed by J. M. Hill to the meni
Ui* of tho Nln-Aeenth ("entury Club will be held this
afternoon at the Luton bquare Theatre.
Krau Nlonienn-llaabe will begin an engagement of
owly ouo wooka dura-ion at the Kiar TuooAVU on Mon
rt?y, Pebiuary IS, when - Frartcllllon* will be produced
lo* the first tim* In thia country.
-Leal woes in N.*kv,li* Me**r*. Booth and Barrett
paid a visit to Mts. Jame* K. l\j)k, tho widow ol the
doad President, and ipent an hour In conversation wtth
tl- voiioroble lady. Lalor In tke clay tho two artist*
rant a buhot of br-eeh flo wir* to Mrs. Polh with the
lollowii.g inaciipilon npon the card : a *,,? r_urwt
witbnr her, nor custom ati.it. hot Infinite vartety.?"
On Sotuiday av <.r.ing of ai* week John a Clarke win
pr. du on at kl* im ail street Theatre In ItiHaJelphla,
in olaborot* revival of <? Hamlet,*' tn whick bl* ion,
Creston Clarks, will make hs* first sppeoranee in that
r_ty In tke title role, ?iapportavd by MIA* Olga Brandon
j* a Ophelia."
The company for "A Possible Case*' I* being filled,
aad those engaged bj-* M. A Kennedy, W. H. 'Ibump
son, /rank ix.-*.?, Ceoet/lev* Lytton and (Jkaco lien
t Bkloman, I ooh man ah Couipaiiy, clgur m-uiufoet
iwra, ot No. 250 JPearl-st., repiried tu Captain
Mc-ooghltu ot tho Old Nip t*> leo station, ou bat
Siday morning, U_t burgulan hod entered their
Bssde cha nlfW botrao s?d stolen etwara wojrtb
e,3O0O. With the asi-stance of dssirtlrai Oat*
nd Nugent the goods were traced to thi tailor shop
f Ernest Bandbaum, of No.l.to Jiiei#er-et, and when
i ousftiiau rallied for them Sunday morning he was
raced lo No. filB Bleeder .st.. when he wai arrested,
be cart man said that he bad Ijeeri employed by a
'lal! young man," and as no evidencr, could bo found
gainst him or any other person, ?bo case was dis
?sssd yesterday..
The nd)ourned meeting of the connell oslled by certain
nemesis of tbe Bushwlok Avenue Congregation*!
Tiurch to determine tho question whether tbo Ber.
Irthur Cheater 1* the pastor of the church or est, was
iehl yesterday afternoon in tho church. Representatives
if twelve churches were present. Dr. William Kincaid
?resided. The commutes appointed nt the previous
i,coting to examine Ibo documentary evidence to be pre
ented to tbe council, reported through A. A. Spear,
honing that the manual of tho church hud beeu
idopted In an Irregular manner.
The record* showed that Mr. Chester was called as
>astor Rt a salary of ni t less than S300 a yesr, in the
atter part of iago. A council was called on Janmry
.1,1687, nt which the church was recognized a* a Con
?regatloual church and Mr. Chester was ordained a* an
?rangellst. A meeting of the church was callcu for
November 30. 1887, to consider tho quesilon of severing
ho relations of Mr. Chester with the churoh. The clerk
?egarded tho meeting a* lllcpal nnd refused to produce
he records, but tho meeting adopted resolutions not to
?ouew the engagement with Mr. Cbestor after the close
if tbe year, by a vote of eleven to one. The adherents
>f Mr. Chester claimed that ull tho action of this meeting
va* Illegal. An annual meeting was held on December
IO and adjourned until June.
It wa* claimed by the party opposed to Mr. Chester
hat before that adjournment another resolution wa*
idopted dispensing with Mr. Ches er's service*, and then
hat the meeting adjourned until January 0. on which
late lt was votea to uss Mr. Chest sr tor all recur 's in bis
...sae-slon It tra* also shown that another minister
tra* chosen to fill the pulpit. Or January 13 a meeting
?ras held In which lt wr* decided that the action taken
previously In regard to Mr. Chester was null and void,
iud new officers were circled. The contradiction m the
lotion of lids meetiur In calling itself the annual meet
ng a* auiuurn.'d in December was pointed ont George
*. Little reprrseuted the opponents of Mr. Chester, aud
Mr. Chester was reprcseMeu by the Kev. Dr. A. Stewart.
The connel!, after hearing evidence on both *1de?, de?
lated the .,.nflcr for three houri In ?eorot *e??lon, anti
unanimously decided that Mr. Chester was not the
[.astor of the church, a* thorn hw! bren no concurrent
action of the church and tlie moiety In .-Iring him a call,
bi* aa'.a ry hod not been legnlly tied and no proper stem
?vere taken to complete tho relationship of p**tor and
?Burch. Tb* church was declared to bv legally organ?
ised, but th* way In which th* records were kept ws?
-liaroclcrtzed as slipshod and Irregular, Thc council
tdviseil that the members of tho church should endeavor
'O harmonize their difference* snd abould take Ihe
idvlee of MatW churciie* In the matter. A committee
'?mposwi of th* Kev. Mumu Halliday, Hudson an 1
Robert* wai appointed I* confer with Mr. ('helier snd
tie oh arch aud see II malters cannot bo satisfactorily
In order to meet tho recent ac'lon of the Chicago,
biirllncton and Northern railroad In making BBSelal
hroufjh rates for favored shlpj.ers from New-York,
Bolton, I'll ll adel ph la and Ballimore to St. Paul and
vllnneapnlls In connection with one of the trunk lines
o Chicago on a pro rata basis, the Chicago, St. Paul
ind Kansas City Ballway Company announces that be?
ginning to-day it will openly niki for everybody
according to law through rates based on a reduction of
IO pw cent on Ihe higher class anil 1*) per cent on
lOWar classes In the present tariff we,t ol Chicago,
from New York. Bo ton. Philadelphia and baltimore to
st. Pani and Minneapolis by any and all of the trunk
lines to i I.i "..'o.
Tarills containing through rates will bo published.
Charleston, Vf. Va., Jan. 31 (Special,.? George W.
Day. of Philadelphia, who represents heavy Interests In
?annel coal lands on Pig Coal Uiver, at Pcytona,
boone County, ts engaged hero prornrtng Information
respecting the early development of tho Coal Uiver
?eglon. Ho ls acting In the Interest of Phlladlphla
issoclatcs who BXSra*S their willingness to co-operate
villi other Coal Uiver land-owners In tb" CO ns tl UCt lon
if a branch railroad from their holdings to connect
rttk 'be Chesapeake and Ohio at st Albans Boek
in enterprise would open up about ino.out) acres ol
ho most valuable coal properties In West Virginia
Ibe land ls heavily timbered and Abounds In splint,
Munal and bituminous coal of tho firm quality. roy?
ona ls sixteen milos from St. Albans.
Chicaoo, Jan. 31. ?The railroads *f the Northwest are
n fer ? rat* war. A ine*tiac *f tho MIBIII4I was held
ter* to-day t* caa*idcr the CurliagtoB's uotirs of a with
Miwal nf th* guarantee that the Burlington and Birth*
sra would walli!? lu , tariff rate*. It was clearly
lnderstood that tho' Uurliagton and Northern
aa* ,1*1*: miked to g*t business awny from the
i muriel* and North western, or els* mali*) lt
inprofltabl* for that lino Tho BL Paul ti:* I a t*n
lays' ??tic..: of withdrawal, and the chairman ruled lhat
t was nat nec**sury. a* th* organization was built up on
at II.itii;,e'on't gnuraBt.-c, uni that haring lien, with
Irawn no longer existed. It wits theo roselved t* co*
Inii* th* association t*e dara longer. Buring which time
he p*Ucy rf the Burlington and Northern w*u!4 do
Th* Bnrllaston and Northern, lt I* *SB*unc*d this
.??eliur. but tlgnaltzed lt* Indcendcnt position by a 1.)
snr cent re tnu.len of th* through rat*, on all elaSBSS of
.omaioSities from New-York br war *f Chicago to St.
'aul an* Minneapuli*. The Minnesota aad Northwest
tra and the Wt*e*n*in .'eatral, lt ls understood, will at
?nee Meat tho rod :cti*a*.
Boston Jan. 31.?The annual meeting of the stock?
riders of the Fitchburg Railroad which was held to
lay was larrely attended. As the Ita Sa?eldWit enlercil
lie room they were prosented with circulars headed:
Report of doings of liiobhiirg BaUfSBd Company for
1887; or what mis buen doun under a $40 a day manage
neut" This paj>er gavo figure* which showed a lurg*
hnnkiigo which must naturally come out of th* stock
io'.ie--. The annual report which bus beeu published
?v as |.tese.uN-.il au I provoked a lively discu* ion.
Charles Pratt ob'ectod to it because lt did not Include
i call for tho annual mei ting and said that bis notice of
hie meeting did not state tlie time nnd place thereof but
molested a proxy blank to be BSSd in favor of the present
naoafWneat Bl also stated that what pnrportrd to bo
: e balance sheet did not balance, lie moved that the
report be rei-mu?itted and tho directors requested le
make a correct report.
The president said that the notice of the meeting was
in conformity with the laws and by-laws.
The report was then adopted. The election for
lirectors resulted in the return of the old Boaid.
St. Paiti, Jaa. 31.?Tho "Boo" Uno Issued Us tariff
from New-York aad Nsw-York j,*ints to Pt Tani and
MliiBoapoll* today, tho *atne to take affect t? morrow,
Ih* figures glvlag tne rates per 100 pounds as follows :
I ir*t clair 90, *econd-tia*s SO, thlrd-oias* GI, fourtS
e'.aas 47. fifth-class 40. si nh.class 31.
PlIILAMlLl'lilA. J*U. .11 (Special). -J mtgis'iorrtoB, Flnletter
tod lie*rt hare ilecl*l*u that th* Judgment interred by Andi,
tor wanera! Mortis ob November 'Jil. 18*7, ag*1n*t te
Lehigh Vall*r Rallread Company for $"J5,tJf50 03. a* th*
tim,int of th* tax asaesseel npon Hie gross Trellis of tho
cum pant, hail bee* improperly entered. The Ju Iransiu wa*
nicker, ri cn th* re. o: il.
OtScnrsATt, Jan. .SI. -At the annual meeting of itickholil
or? of th* I.itt:* Miami Italiroul Company here io day t!,o
following wer* elected dinssiora : A O. Btilleek. Beary
Hana*. Frank J. Jcnes. Joh* Mliehell, Am;.,st Tram
John I.. v\ I,, latona. A S Luau. L. lt Harrises'. I Imus- o'
Mettler. J***pb IL lieger*, Lewis Van Antwerp aud WUUata
CHIC Ano, Jan. SI ? Tbs otu cia! statement of th* F.ntnonr,"
rail *h.pni*BU ot iiuor, train sci provision* from Chicago
for th* pitt we. li tUow* t total of I'S,Gil too*, a Bm from
tl... i rnu. we k e! 2..31 tons The t'Lirtgo and llraiid
Trnok carr.'ti 14,1 per Mot I the Mlglugar. I'ttitral, 15 1;
I a e-nero. 18.7; Kort Warne. Ill, ii caro, st. Li.nit aaa
i'm ni.'. 11.7. H.lim.ore and Ohio, 13 li Nickel PUU, 7.3 ;
Chlcaio. Indianapolis, st. Louis sud Ctncitiaali, S.
A deed "iven by Phineas T. Barnum to George E.
Tberry wo* recorded yesterday. Th* property ls lu
Fifty-ninth st., north ?He, BBS feet east of Ninth ave,,
and is 17.10 2 Tx 100.*>. The price wai 'B'J.OOO.
John M. Oultas'i hos transferred the house and lot on
the east st.le of line st., 73 fee: 0 inehe* north of South
*L, to Richard J. * 'hard. The oousideratlou ueutlontvl
is f,i4,:>no.
Fruin Th* Wathingtnn Herald.
In Tub New TOSB TaiBC*iit of last Huntlay thor* was
printed au Interesting interview with Vlr. A. C. Bueli,
resting especially to tbe organization of thr Bussiau
army. Mr. Bueli recently mads a trip to Kessia lu tho
Interest of one of tua large*! contracting Anus In tin*
country, and in du* cnuroe rravot-seu tn* Km.nm
Empire from fit. Petersburg to Motcorr. Being * mao ol
quick and obocrvsnl conception there wu* tittil that
oaoaped bis observation ou tn.tt | mrnev, und the reaulu
ot nu note* taReu on tbe wing were irapblcaUy set forth
lo tn* iiiUtrvintr referred to. In abort, lt i* an an lela
that every mi.ii.irv reader of current affair* and many
civilian* Leslie* would be Interested in, and we regret
that waut of space prevent* a review of lt In tneao
colt-ma*. It wa* a rare experience that Mr linell en
toyed on that mission, sud h* told tue tal* ot a part *f lt
to Thi TBtatriB man In a moat racy and engaging form.
There I* no reason vv uy be should not pul sue this theme
sot! mai.) rea*ou* vvhy he sliould d* *<>. sud wini a book
?riving rn the paulie a detailed account of hil exp*rl
enoeo and nu**, r.rinn* In the domain of the m**t Im
pciiou* *ov*relgu on ihr fooutool.
Ab *-n*l|sh Medical Authority
afflrmi thu tks |*M regimen for preserving hetlth mav be
?uinuie.1 m, br tl.o*,* mn "k**pthehr*a cool, thereat warm
aint I.* buwelt ictiva" Thar* lt* otwM of wledom la ih*
e***rr*iion Oi.sttnatai roos,.psi.os er costiTrnees is aa
esi.tl.-.g rams ol otuer Sim****, kau with luoav p*r*o** of
BMsatary bmihw ocii,*iio,i n..t in*.t ?? of th* t*w*n
le a M-itr* ?? .mutant sn bot tun*, pm M. lag p;|?i. pr*]*; a*
ol ihe roctam, tt.i seo* Tanoni 4-sprpur >?_ptoini Ali
rt.*** sr* w.n. * . off *ad I,**llb is ii...i.i_u*l br lb* us* ut
Rt, Pier*:*'* Plutvjaul rargon*'* PsUeM,
Thousands of people stood in the mud and alnsb
of Broadway all day ycatertlay simply to watch
tbe heavy clouds of steam ami smoke- that rose,
from the ruins of the big lire. The polico were I
marly exhausted both in temper and body by
their effort* to keep things moving. The sl.ht
BSUSB were obstinate, however, and seldom " moved
on" without the spnr of a vigorous push or a
threatening word. Two engines stood at- the
hydrant* above nnd below the ruins nnd puffed
preat columns of heavy black smoko Into tho
air, besides forcing thousands of gallons of water
over the heated bricks. Two smaller engines wore
iu Mcrccr-st., but late In thc uftcrnoon all except
two of the steamers were taken away.
As fsoon os thc bricks were cool enough, gangs
of men were aet to work to lind tho safes. The
heat was so great at first that tlie men had to
leave the ruins every few minutes to cool off nnd
to brestho fresh air. Later in tho day it was
cool enough in tho cellar to allow the men to
work continuously. None of tho safes wa* gotten
out, however, and the il rims who wero entirely
burned out aro as much ot sea about losses as
they wore yesterday. Tlie general opinion ls that
the losses will be (treater than tbe lirst estimates
made them out. 'lvvo million dollars is the lowest
nasa in-vv, while many think that the loss will
bc nearer three millions.
The burned out firms have established head?
quarters in various parts of Broadway within a
few blocks of the ruins. Louis Metzger has his
hcadiHurlers temporarily at No. BBB Broadway.
Ile is looking for a building and will begin business
again, lie said jesterday that he would lose at
least one-hn!f tho value of his goods, lie hud a
stock worth nearly $100,000, insured for half its
value. Some of the eovers were removed from
the Chinese and Japanese goods of IL Isaacs ?_
Brother in No. 55.' Broadway, and the stock was
found in a pratt*) fair condition. Thc firm will
lose, heavily, however, because they hud from
$.(0,000 to $40,000 in gr.ods stored in the base?
ment of thc adjoining building that were entirely
consumed. It is feared that tlie dampness will
injure other portions of the stoek. Tho other
finns in this building had not estimated their
losses. Tba firms in No. MS, whan the Manies
wc rc" ch er -ked, were working on their books all
dar, but none had BBooBBaled in estimating ita
losses. Ths covers were not, removed, so that lt
WBS imp.issi!,)*- to have nn inventory taken.
F. Bianehf, who occupied the entire building
No. MT Hroadway L, fore the lire, mid employed
about ISO perstns there In the manufacture of arti?
ficial Howers, vvt.s busy yesterday in a roon, at the
?MetropoUlan Hotel. He said 1?- had sent sable.
BIMBI to Paris, ordering new materials and slumps
in order to resume business BS soon as possible.
A l*AVr."\' COL! KCTOIl'S iiad LUCK.
Mnlronison & Co. had moved into temporary
quarters on tbs second floor of No. 102 Prinee-st.
John McNev in, the junior member of tho firm,
said: " We lost about $100,000 by tho lire, and
had about BBO.0B0 insurance. Only last week the
insurance c..mantles took away $10,000 of our
insurance on account of the condition of the base?
ment nnd aubeellar eeunted by Bogers. I had n
tine collection of old fashion pliil.-s, some of them
(luting back to 1 ooo, ami they were all destroyed.
Only a few days ago I refused J'fOO for a single
one of those plates. I Iiad kept duplicates af all
of tho most valuable drawings and patterns need
in our business, and had them stored in n box
in my house in East Nineteenth-st. This morn?
ing when I went lo look them up, I found that i>
water pipe hud bunt and had flooded the bax.
Most of the patterns had been ruined by thc
Assistant Foreman Tfcillv. of Hook nnd Ladder
Company No. 8, who had his thigh nnd leg brogen
nt I he (Ire, was doing well al Sf. Vincent's Hos
jiilal yesterday. The surgeons said he would re?
cover, an*I it would not be necessary to amputate
his leg. Fireman Bienaan, who was overcome
by the smoke nt the lire, had recovered und had
returned to his du!irs.
Following are th* lists of Usnrancni laths hit; fire In
Broadway, a* far na ar* nhralnahl* now, la this city. Th*
iBsursnee on th* fancy co* ls stock *f Henry Bojon,
Nos. MB und BS1 Ur*a*l-ray, ts:
Wei.ern, I'.tnhurg... 41.260' Mniiniieahcla, Pitts
Westchester. it*.60'il burt . ll.r.00
Tr?il*rs'. Chics*.>. "LIM) People's. Cooa. 1..J00
Pni**pri*e. Otieln'atl sr.OO'.Uaaufaci'r*'. Who*!
IVlroit. 2.OO0! mg._ 2.000
Read'nc, o' prin ... I.finn inn Mntnal. New
CltllBB*'. 81 I?Oil .. 1,60*11 Orleans. _,.r,00
Mechanics' tr*iti*ui'd Mont?nk (rei?sur*d
In Alliance) . 2,58() In Nla-.-ar*). 2.500
Ins. f'o-nti'tiv Slate of | Island I. oin*. T"?n .. ,'j0 '
r?nn?Tlv-anla. 8.(100 llsst T*mi*s*ee. Knox
flrliisii America. 2,.'a>u, viii* . 750
Ilrsmlwit. 1,01)0 National, liliauattl.. 2,60.1
Spri'ia-Harden. a,6oo|-itao.lard. Wheel ng.. 1,250
Loulavllle Cn.tor. Norwich Union._ l.ouo
wlters'. 2 500 Firrmon'a, Batlttni.rs '2 bm)
Comity of Phil*. 2.60O Nallotial. N. Y. l.SOfl
Mhortv. 2,6'iU Impurlal. 'J.500
Hon. Ea gland. f.-sto National Unl*n, I).0. l.'-'SO
Miami Valley ,,.. ".'Mill ??
Commercial, linn_ 1,500 Total. 8S4JMS
Tue Instil ance on tho trimmings atnelt of Koberu*u,
KautTraann _ Co , No. fri", Broadway. t?:
Alliance, New.York. 8? 50", Merchant*', N. Y. 42.5SB
Broalwa*. N Y..? 9.OOo' Mienigtn, Mich. 1.808
("Ur. Nrw.Y*rk . 6,o-"l Nations!, M. Y. 2 BBB
Connecticut, Couu.... "...Oi Northern. K->g. 2,500
F.oultat.lr, N*. Y._... B.OOO Provl4**lt e- Wathmg
Mass . h.**)*) lon, ll I . 2.6*0
Biro Assoclalii. 1'eua r.oo.i p.rt. New York. *,.<>(>*
Ursiid tlatii-lt. Mich.. 2..'.Ot, ll.rel. r'.ti?l uni. i.,ikmi
Iii.warr! N*w\i.rk.. 6.01)0 s?n, hire Ollb e. ling. 6,000
Farr.*.|t? New.York 2.5 B xi-in-lard. X. Y. 2.500
Jeffcrt'.n. New.York 2 5.10 Cnite.l -.Ute*. N. Y 2.600
Kibvs Cnnarv. N. Y.. 6.0*0, Westcho.ur. N. Y... 6,uni
jMllwtiikee Meehan- -
lea, Wis. MBB| Tot*!. S-<7.5o<j
The tnaoranee on the elotblBg (tock of L. Uppuiaau,
Nos. BS7 anl BBB liroadway. I* a* follows:
Arninl*. reen. 4'.','.oni Lum herman's, P*na. 8". 500
ArtUans', I'enn. 1,600 Liverpool and Loa.loii
il,,.t"ii l.'iiilerwnt- and UI..U*.? 6."00 '
er-'. Mast. 9.500 Marm*. Mo. 2,601) |
DieailWIT. lt Y. o.ooii, Mount Holly, V. J... 1.3M
initial., <ierni?ti,N* Y. 1.50 ill Mer. ham* BB ! Mm
City of bondon. Kd?- I nfaetiir*rt'. Ohio.. 2.5*0
lam!. 1.000|Kaoivl!i*,Tenn. 2.00D
Con r, ti, ut, t'oiin.... 2.Mm Nat on.il, B. J. 8.OOO
Capital City, Ala. 1, Ol) National, Ohio. 2.000
K*sl TenuettB*. leu. .providence Willing?
ness*. 2:,oi' ton. ti. i., 2.rno
Con-or,.I*. WU. 8.600 P-sialo's, Conn. 8.000
Ln-rpriie, Cluilu. , Ile!,am m. I'enn. 1.000 ,
UH. 2.500 Koine. (?*. 2.0'>0
F*rtn*r*' l'*nn. 2,60o Unt-rer't, N. Y ... B,ODO
Kir* Attocialion, {sttaiitar.t, N. Y. 2.500
l'.-nn. l.onO sc?uian Cnloa aud
Fidelity, ohio. 2.6O0' National. Ung . 6,000 ,
Franklin. W. Va . 2.5*10 Hbo Muloal. New Or
FlrrtiiBB's. N. Y. 2.51)0 leant. 3,600
(ilrsrd. Penn. 1.500 Sluttish Cn.ob ami
(irrman. Penn. 2.5001 National, Lng. 6.O00
('erm*,,, Philadelphia 2 .Soul Stan.turd. B. J.. ll '0
Home, N. Y. A. J&H Trailer*'. Ill. 1.230
Hanover. N. Y. l.lKHL LiiIob. Kv. 1,500
llekla. Wis. 2,??><?') Wlli?iatburg Cliy,
Home. Tina. 2.0OO, N. V. 2.500
JeraevCHy. 2,5*)0 Wtshlegton, ohio.... U.500
LaBcaslure, Knglaiid 1.600 -
Louitvill*. Ky. 2.0'JO Total.8100,250
i ;.e ins,i:anc? mi tho stoc*' of Japanese goods *f H. i
Issues, No. 55j Broad war. it:
Aiig!oNev?(i?, Cal... 82.600 Meehtnlrt*. Prooklvn 82,600
A n't: au. Mast. 2, Mi.) Mai ufa, t i s Odd Mer.
Anuriiau Cectral, N. j chauLV. l-run. 2,010
V. 2.500 \>. ark Kire, Newark 1,4110
An..i Kan, I .i.n. H.Otill Norwich V tuan, tog. 2.500
California. Calllorala 2..'.oe !'e*i| le's, I'enn. 2.600
cu./rua-, oiuii. 2.50*1 Peat,trivia,* Pren. 3,OOO
CaaBBMISUri, Cal. 1.500 p.ik New.y*rk. 8,808
Hr*, |iu<i. ?,i.l London Be* Pira ORle*. Kai.. BJMO
an.: .lube. Kn-tlanl 2.50* TeatOBlO, N O 1 BOB
Mercastila ohio. 2.5.ul W?ti*rt,, l'enu. 2,0**0
Mei. iiantv N .1. 2.600_
Montauk. N. Y. 2,60U; Total. 860,600
Th* laSSiaasa on th* stock of linings of M. Kaempfer,
No 5 ib Brand vap, '* i
Armoi.I*, P*tm . 8-.r.oO,I.?nc??iiire, Kog.... 8^ OOO '
Com.neilla!. N Y... 2.BO0. Bo/Bl, l.nglaud. .-..tjud
Kari*. New.York_ '.'..lo., _
Ha*...rr. New York. 1.800 Tot?. |Vas OOO
Llberir, N. Y. 11,000, * '
Th* insurance *u th* stock et W. riambarg A Co., N*'
55.1 Br*aalw*y. 1* i (
.,.!,.? ? ABMBMOO, iMerehants, iV.Y. I6B0
- .s. Y. 8L5O0| Williani.ijurit dlr.
UamiltoB. N. V. 2.600, .NY. .> 500
1 ni. Cern p'y *t North _
AmncJ. 2.080 Total. 810500
KakkartMCtap.lt. v. i.jeol
The lciurjnce ob tke building No. BBB Broadway ls :
Cilitent'. B, Y. SI ''.JOB; Niagara. NewYork.. I'.OOOO
(Ireenwiih. N. Y .... lO.UOu Ph-ulx. Kuglaud.... lB.otrO
ln-naau ? Amerliao, , -_
ti. i.m. 17,600! Toui.seo.o.o
Xl.t laauranc* ?* tko bulli.ng N*. &49 31 Broadway
Amrrican. IT. Y. 810.000,l*?. Corop'y of Narth
.l-iL,*. Couu. 10.00,1. Aiuer.c*.. 85,000
Urotalwsy, B. Y. 6.000' Liveronol end Iain.lon
Hon*l,eoerui*B.N.r. 2.500 am! Uleke. Rog.
Cul,**iilaJ. N. V... 10,000. N lagai a. N. Y.^
lilt Qt Loudon, Kag- !?*?? 'I?'i'P?hlr*,N.k_.
lint. .. 6,000 Park. Naw.Vork.
Cowtncrrlal L'u.oo, IPh*ti.i. Brouklya....
Hat . B.0oolprio?on. Kag .
t'i.n.ieiiii"ii. conn . 2.600 i'rorl lenee W'**hi_g.
lil* Aa.aoclstlon. ' ron. K. I.
I'*nu*,iv*i.ta .... 8.400 auoe*. llaglaod
(.?rinaii Aiuei'.cAB, JllocBa*tar ? Serman
N.w.York...'. )o.C*W H.^.
.... ...-rifi'.N. y. lU.OOtijfsoo.titB Cn io* and
liamburg - Diemen. | :. .:.s.
!,-??(,. _ . 7.500
M.rcB.r.l*'. W. T. B.0001 T*t*I.8145,000
Ta* IBs,iran*a on roan ot Ns BBB Bl Urrad way ls :
An tr.es... N V. 81.00V Itonriia, l.uguort... 810.008
Fir* Asteiatlen, Niagara, Now-York. 6.000
reta.t. 8.000 -
I Tetal. 825,000
A fire r^rurred at Barlow on-tho-isound early yes?
terday morning on tho e*tat* of Ncwttold Morris, on I
tbe City I land l.'us'l. At about the san.e tim* flame*
were leen bursting from threw barns on lbs estate.
Tho fir* BsaBBBSBBeaSSa to Uoee otter barns artjotnlng
and the els bniioiiigs wore entirely eur.r;*imo<|, to
gr.her wiin their OvUisuls, CsMUloc * los* tl at loaa4 j
tl0,000, Thu liiauisnee ll not known. The Bro ll
tkiieved te hsra bosa tho work of aa luceudiary.
- ?
Winnipeg, Jan. 81.?The iatost reports from the
mountains Indicate there hM been great loss of lite oa
tbo Canadian Paelflo owing to snow slides. 6troD|
chinook windi hsve been prevailing for the list week,
aud all ab,ok the line from Donald to Oiaoler snow ha*
boen coining down on tke track In tremendous quanti?
ties Near Palllser 6tstlon, British Columbia, several
men wore caught in i illde. Only one was dug out
alive, and ho was *o bailly bruised and Injured that
he ls not exriected to recover. The mild weather has
put an effectual stop to all through Canadian Parino
trains, and os tho mountain stream* are considerably
swollen lt may be some time before traffic is resumed.
Calumet, Mich., Jon. OL? President Agassiz has
decided to send twenty-five toni of concentratod am?
monia down the shafts of the Calumet and Kaela mine
at once to put out the fir* completely If pusslble.
The annual convention of the Grand Lodge of Dlitrlct
N*. 1 of ths Independent Order of B'aat B'rltb came lo
sn end last night There were 120 delegates from 70
lodges snd lt toslr them three days to cotnpleto their
worsr, there nov lng beeo ali sessions. The convention
was keld in ths Grand Lodge'rooms. No. 908 Third-ore.
rh* following officers wero elected for 1888: Morris
Adler, president; Myer Heliman and William A Gobs,
vice president: Solomon SulBbsrger, treasurer: Henry
Duscbnes, chairman ot committee on Intellectual ad
inurement. The president's message was then read.
Ho said that the present condition of the district wa*
gratifying, as Internal dissensions and discontent, whioh
prevailed early In tho year, had ceased.
The (Jenora! Committa* of th* district reported the
collection of $'2)6 fur the Hospital Saturday and
Sunday. The Governing Bosrd of tbe Home for the
Aged and Infirm at Yonkers presenfed their report.
There are at present fifty-two persons being cared for at
tbo Home. The receipts for tho maintenance of tbe
Huiie last year were fl 5,217 19, while th* *xpe*dltures
wsreBli.482 32, leaving adebrlenoy of $265 13. Max
i ii'i. librarian of the Maimonides Library, reports that
th* names of 170 new memb*r* war* registered last
year, nukintr a total ot *>,0ibV Eighteen buudrad and
ttilrtv one new volume* were acquired, swelling ths
total auassat to BBJMB The Commltf** on Plnsnoes
r*|ci I--1 lhat th* Endowment Reserve Fund amount* to
B310,867 BB; the Horne an 1 General Fund, $155,000.
During th* year $178,000 was paid out for endowment
benefits and Homo expenses.
T.t.vToN, N. J., Ja*. BL -Tbo legislator* ha* merited
tbe oft-repeated rrilbiim of dtllnes* by '"? ? s*ltl**? t*
dny lacking aa-?lagly la iBchlents of ordinary liter**!.
Outside of tho two houses, how*r*r, th* nsmhers hav*
had a goal licsl to occupy them, notably in th* consbier
all** of tbe trail,.'lases aiiasuns la the caucus sad lu
private dlscu*sl*n. The effort Bas be*n mad* by the ad
Tocat*i *f local opilan to kars tba bill rscelve ths csu.
cu* Indorioaicat. BgSlBSt this thors hal bees an altaeil
BlialMSn* pretest fr*ui th* repreteatatlves of the la ruo
eiti**. who balievo that *uch a sohem* of act.an would bo
fatal ia a political lease, and unwlso ls any view.
I ;.* 4-'*:,n t i'i..* practically reashsd, ncc ortlng to
I-ri-aet.f un4srit-.mli tn, li thal HM local Bf?SB bill shall
tnl.s irs chancel wlth*ut oa.ieu* Ini1*rs*ment, though
with tbo Bast wishes *f a m.. le: it r *f Republicans, and If
lt falls Ihe hL'i IIcobso bill shall ba put through as a
camus measure forthwith. Ths hl.'h license bill aa at
pretest proposed provides for the regulation of tho trafflo
ou a moro *trtng*nt baal* than heretofore, besides In?
creasing th* license fse, Especial weight I* give* t* a
clans* which giv*? th* caurts large powers In the reve?
rs- ..ti of license*.
The Joint Bioe!lnt**f the Legislature at neon t*-day
elected th* .'a e-i - - BBtsstai
Managers of UM Morrl* Piala* Asylum -Eugene Von
aie ,.?'... Euazi Ooorga a. Haiaay, L?**x; wiuio? s.
Iii .i. nareen; .les:,.ii Mocker, Morrl*; Boneo f. Cha*
bert. Hndton.
irn*l*es..f the Jaractburg lief.,rm Bcheol?Richard A.
DoBiaOf. Mercer; Patiiek Farrelly. Morris; Nathaniel
8. Hu*. Sleniaouta; P. Haaillton VVyekoff. Ml Idlesax.
Trustee* of tbe [ml is:ti 1 t-ctiool for (iirla?Edward
Geelier, l.s.ox; Jasaei C Maddock, Meainouth; Aaren
Car ss, I., .av
Judge of tuc Trenton District Court?Walter M. Lan?
ni nr.
ibero was au amusing llttla seen* In th* Hausa this
afternoon. Mr. M.Hermit (Dcm.) prepared a resolu?
tion aalHaf tlits Local Option bill from the Judiciary
(onuii.t'e*. and wai .ii.it to offer lt when Mr. Hill, tho
Republican caucus leodar. a***!i*d a mouse aad boco n
lag alar_e.l mnvsd aa al jourmnent. It SOS BSraod to,
McDermtt loudly accusing th* Bopubl.can* *f run*.ag
Anth*nv t'osattoeu wa* aanounced to appear before a
Hon-* I'ouilnitee Itu* ufl-'i nam ti tuppal t af B bill to
leesa! the act of last year wnbh gave th* M*nino*th
Pork Bael*? Assaolatiou the righi to permit be*k**ukl*g
on its au.m.ls. If Mr. Conutock was tu town li* M id*
no impression on tk* public vision. Th* bill will proba?
bly bo rep*ri*d BOZt week.
Pittsburg, Jae. 31 <8pe*i*lK ? Joh* H. MoCnns, on* of
the most rromlasut Repabllcans af I'ltttburg far thirty
<>ae years, and president of the i'ni*u Nntloaal Hank,
died sildsnly of *p*plexy this tntmlng. He wat born
?a a Beaver C*untr far_ sixty-two year* ago. II* u*v*r
h*ld aay orh*r public PMitlaa titan that of C*ua*ll_au.
although frequently reeniusiod by the respectable el*
nutit of both th* I'omacrattc and Republican parties to
be ihelr oaudidato for Mayor.
Chicaco, Jao. 31.?General John L. Thompson dlad at
'.' :s,i e'c.iirk tal* aioriilug fr.i*i the effects or th* ruptur*
of a blood ves*el at tbo base ot the brain. General
Thompson was a member of lue lnw linn of Williams _
ihoot|i.ea. and was one of th* roost prominent attor
asys In the city. He serr*d with distinction dur.Dg tb*
war, Ininti'.'*"1.*',"1 at a private wh*n President Lin?
coln Limed hi* lint call for 75,0JO vol int ten. and ret*
to lb- rank of br,.'adler treuer i'.. II* was r*c*atlf
?loctod j,lesli* nt of th* Linen League Club. General
Thou.pion wa* taken ill eu baiurday. His wifo aud two
children survive him.
Joha Grssn, the president *f th* CeBtriil Sat* Deposit
Cnuipanv, who died Monday st his house, No. _4"> West
Fiftr fifth-**,., waa barn In Mapleton, Devooibire, Kng?
laiid, la 1812, and caine t* thi* country f*rty-tlve y*ar*
ag*. For tw*afy years he wa* well known asa ex?
tractor. II* trw* tho pr*sb lent of the Grand asl Ko: ty
mani Street Railroad Company r*r *evente?n years,
and for eight years was prosldaat of the Central c<a.e
I i.-i-j ? i Can.pasy. II* left an eslat* valued at over
$2,000,000. His son. * [cargo, aud hil rrandssn, J*hn
Ore*n, Jr., ore his hsirs.
,T*ha BbMmBj ono of th* bott known builder* In the
city, dial yoit*r,tay at his home, No. 5 Bast I*rty-**e
oal it. Ho was born ia B?e sereaty-two year* a.-*. aud
caine ta this ?lty at tho ag* ot slxtoon. Il* wat In bnsl
n?*i for hlu)i*lf as a builder tor aver fifty yean. Besides
hiing A maather of tb* Meehauie* and Trodsri' Kx
clnsag*, ba wa* ono er th* lB8*rporat*rt of th* New-Yoi k
Fir* Ina.trance, Company.
,)os*ph W Lacker, who was convicted yesterday in the
I'nlied State* Circuit Court of embezzling letters con?
taining money, made au earnest plea for favor from
Judge Penertlct Hts counsel said that the mother of tLe
youo-* man hail died of a broken heart a day or two ago
on 1088?81 *f tior son's evil doings t_c had not been in
pood health for some time, bat the relapse winch ended
In ber death was plainly traceable to her sou's arrest.
The prisoner begged to ne allowed to attend hts mothor's
funeral to-day. ender decision* roniered on the section
nadir which Lacker was convicted, li is doubtful
wLct'aur any punishment eau be Inflicted An oniLsSlou
Li the law has Lever beon nippllea by Congress.
A lari,'* ??'! onlhU'lattlc audieoceef yonntr ??? aa.! women
ii.sr _??!" I la*t mrht at ih* roans BssSPl Inttltat* 1* th*
j:o>?err to eelebrtie th* Hurd is-ilririarr of th* nut tim,na.
CirTtlaui II. Lt Itt. ri,airman of Hi* coattail.** ot roaoag*
wont of Ike You-ig Mas'* ' br.ttaa Also lulu nt la tins citv,
or**!,!* d. omi lbs B*T. Dr Joha n. Paxton, of th* Wett
Freiuyti-'rian church, tai Ie ihe opening address. Tne
quartet of the University of the City of New York, whlci Mi
?MBieseJ ol W. t. Tooker. Sugar Tulon, J. H. Brr** sad
c. I. l'.ithlev, enlivened UM occasion with college tong*.
Tlc Inuit**..-, with grmnitlniu. ?v-antng clatttt an.I lect
uiet, it intemlei! as a wholtsotne pile* of rei*rt for the young
min. chiefly anvhanlc*. who liv* In ta* aclshborhoud. Aay
young nt** of moral character, withont regard to lo.t-'.om
belief, nay btveome * m*mli*r.
Th* np-irll cl f-o. rotary ll. P. Aadeno* an4 Dr. J. 0?rd
n*r",mlti). the gymuatla* lttaer. th*w?.l thai dunog th*
y**r 752 diffenst vouug raes had Joia*4 and ila ol tb*,*
? MIMBI ?*niliert tttheeni! *f tke year. Ahont Ihrue flflh*
ot Ih* netub, rt enjoyed the phyiioal ?dva*t*gns tu the cym
nanam, when 3:15 cia** drill* Were held i 10.000 bain*, or
sn av*r?ge of 51 per *1?y, wen taken by the meehan. A
Medical Heneflt Ciao, BfTor.bng free medica! attendinco to
ir.eroSera upon the e.rm* it of aqaarterlv lee of ol cent*, ha*
a m**ih*r*hlo of SJ. Th* 0*0*1*1 ?la*te* 1* *rtthm*tl*.
bookkeeplog, ?r?rutnar, Momanthlp, free-htn.l drawing, ma
chan .tal draw.Bg. v**al mu*,, an 4 carrlagA-baliain* w*r*
at.ead* 1 by 284 nun- ??*. Th* library aad reading r**ra
w*re*l*o w*il BSSSj whil* ? noora* of thirty fear Ueiare*
ai l . -.'? tn a ?? ntl were itt?,,..*,l ftB an are. age by li J (j
nieml.er*. 1- . rtugi.,01 ?ealing* aaa BIBI* eloM** w*r*
held during tu* y*ar.
Chief Eaglaeer Blrdaall ha* mada ike fallowing report
to (lenora! Newt**, Coat au Mloaer o( Puhila Warks:
I tr*.old call ymir ?t;*t,n?D to lt.* tact that during th* neat
fri-tr BB8BB ih* retsrvolrt lo tht ntr hare ??? 41 inclmi *t
wat**. *qoa! io IS 1 taill.on galina* ol mut more cv. can b*
? ui'* !??_ 1 r u.e . : 01 d sa 1 Uruna L.ret roiKuiti. Luring
t.-.e pa*t *>*?k fi.nr mct.*t oar day. ?ubi! to rl*v*n manoa*
Callawa, tm bran ., . won thaa was : - > ? t.
Isla PiBiftBUBt aol _iviag tk* _**ui to nop thu wult,
eau**, by keefiiDg water roaalog ?? that hoot* ??mo* pip**
trill oct fro***, sonne otic* M Ik* pnblie aieoM be giraa
that ll this?straraiSBt wo*M I* aol Wood** thus will toon
b***et_oasMik*sltrw1th*atWAMrlB their bassaisotstad
??liars. _
Considerable lntorest hM been exhibited in Wall?
er, recently over the efforts made by wBBRwfRRR mern*
ber* of the btook Exohoage to secure the admission
of petroleum certlfleites to deaUa,-i at that board.
The movement eulminatod yesterday In a generous
lnneheon gloven by somo of the leaders lo promi?
nent oil men who have come to this city to attend tho
annual meeting of the Conference of oil exchanges. If
Isgnnorolly supposed that the dulness In r*llw*y 6tock
speculation, contrasted with ihe recent activity and
variation In prloos for oil certificates at tho Consoli?
dated Stock and Petroleum Exchange, started tho
Idea of providing In oil new opportunities for makins*
brokerage or "scalping" fluctuatloas for the Stock
Exchange membership. Between 700 aud 800 names
havo been signed to a petition to the Gogernors in
favor of listing the Pipe Line certificates on that ex?
change and the work ot building up this sentiment
has been conducted by Frederick T. Brown, of H. L.
Horton St Co., H. K. Enos, Jenkins Van Rl.slck, IT. J.
Morse, of A. M. Kidder A Co., and a member ot the
firm ol Dominick A I) ickerman. The Idea was at j
first entertained of putting .11 o nt he ro-rular Ult but
the committee found, on conference wlh (ulcers of
tbs Standard OH Company that the certificates pro?
posed to be deult In wore only " w arehouso receipts"
for a merchantable comodlty and could not be regis?
tered In the way required by tho Stook Exchange
before lt admits railway shares within tts walls. It
ls now proposed to place tho I'I pe Line certificates
in the "unlisted department."
Tho committee which entertained the V.'estern oil
mon at tho Exchange Club la New sL enlarged Its
members by the addition of Charles I. lihdson and
II. B. Whlttetnore for the purpose of perfecting their
j powers of hospitality. The menu could not be ob
I thined hut lt ls understood that tho conference was a
most enjoyable ono socially and added largely to tho
knowledge of some of ihe stock brokers respecting
the petroleum Industry, booie of Ihe Jocular oil
brokers who aro ?'bulls" on the market surmised
afterward that the stock men were duly impressed
with tho fact that thSTS are only '..0,000 oil tertlUcates
to go around among all tho members of the four oil
exchanges now trading In tho coinodity and tho sug?
gestion was made that a few cort I Seato* from the
filtndard's tin-boxes might have he** ti ol'ered for
loan lu caso tho block Kxebauga wanted to begin
business at once
To day the conferen-e of the oil exchanges will be
Fin Its annual meeting, the session being hold here
n-fead of at the Wost In view of the fact of the
| recent admission of the Consolidated Stock and I'e
1 troleurn l-'xrhai.go to full membership In the Conference
a,,d af the agitation to place oil on tho Stock Ex
. change. The committee* aie composed ol Fresl
I deuts C. Ls Wheeler, of ths Hradford, IL 1* Foster,
j of the OH City and N. VV. "-fevrnoon, of tbe Pittsburg
! Pot.o'eua:I Exchanges and two members of each ex?
change. President Charles (i. Wilson and two mem
i hers of the Consolidated exchange will represent the
I New-York board. Tue main points to bo discussed
are need ol direct telegraphic communication bc
! tween tho Western exchanges and tho BtOOk l_chanee
! In eas* the latter wishes io deal In oil ami how far
i these privileges may be granted without ilettinient to
Iho Consolidated Stock and Petroleum Exchange.
Alexander Honrlqnes, vlcechalrman of tho Stock
Exchange, was seventy years old yesterday. Tho
occasion wad ono not to bo forgotten und his many
friends ma/lo lt ono long to bo remembered The
rostrum was loaded with Mowers and tho background
was a mass of green which was relieved on both
smo9 by draperies of Uulted States Hags. Tho Blg
nltk'uiiL figures leiaib^d were emblazoned on tho
dark tuc h ground, lt ls uot Impossible that the
popular v .ce ii.alii..au hiixisel.* started tho witticism
thal ho uuint bo very fond ol " eights.'' Ho was u-arly
overcomo with emotion, however, when on entering
tho rostrum at ll o'clock Lo saw a lung process'uii
of his friend* approaching from tho Broad St doors.
Tho Irrepressible lt. II Habited, who ls never known
except by tho name of " Lick Ilalsied," personated
the druin major. The grotesqueness of his diess
and head fear, Whleh may have been modeliod after
lhat of tho Old Guard, could bo Imagined only hy a
person of equally exuberant feelings. Following
j him was a column of tho -'boys," of whom some had
a speaking acriualntar.ee with fifes und snare drums.
A mixed squad of brokers and messenger boys dragged
by long ropes brass cannons that may have been
four Inches long. Fortunately no attempt to dis?
charge them was made. What was called a rylophono
octette, composed of IL n. Ilalsted,Ernest Groosbeck,
ll T. wallaroi, (JOOrSJB D. Mackay, John V.'allaco,
Howard K. Burras, IL W. Schack and William C.
Smith, attempted to play "My Grandfather's Clock."
E. C. Homans then offered the tributes of the Ex?
change; a gold-hooded malacca cano, a handsome cats?
eye pin and a now gavel which was only smaller than
a boer keg. A lot of other gifts immediately followed
?large sticks of candy, dolls dressed after the fashion
of tho Old Guard and other things which the wits of
the Exchange considered appropriate. When Mr.
Homans ottered tho most valuable testimonials, the
aged vice chairman, who ls supposed n-*ver to have
quailed In tho face of danger, Bolted lu an appealing
tone of voice:
''Am I expected to mako a speech?" Tho nod
that ai? wered the Inquiry seemed lo stiffen the back
of tho veteran of many lid,ls, who said:
"..eiitlomon aud Colleagues: You paralyze my
utterance and then expect nie to malio a speech. Who
could feel unmoved on entering tho room, where ho
has battled tor tho cause so long, lo find his friends
ready to receive him In their warmest embraces. This
preseatitlon ls to nie priceless; tho wealth of tho
Indies could not buy lt. When 1 reflect that in a
community like ours, --.hero wo deal with tho Interests
of millions, held under our control and manipulation,
you can spare a few moments to fte honor to a sub?
ordinate ollirer of the BxefcSOfS, you place mo under
tbo very strongest obligations. Tho greatest pride
of my life has been experienced on this rostrum amid
the remarhable a-soclatlons svUh which I havo been
surrounded. To tbo gentleman who bas preceded
mo hero tl nf.-an th) chairman), who has encouraeod
me In all my Shina and to whom I am Indebted for
a great deal of approbation. I extend my thanks and,
c-uilenieii, I thanh you, for this kindly demonstration.
It ls to me a legacy more valuable th.ii wealth. It
ls a legacy that I shall lemo f? my "hlldren and
they shall foe] that their farber In the uphill work
of his life pained Ihe approbation of his ColloBfUSI
They will appreciate thi.* when | shall have passod
away. I shall cherish '.he recollection of Ibis or
easton while life remains In this mortal tenement
Later In the dav the **9ldron**l Brand" made another
march around '.he boardroom. Hofore the oldest
meni!>er they played again " My Crandfather's ("'loch.''
they saluted one of the f*motis wine shots with
''Johnny, get your gun." and recognized dlffeient
nationalities by Hie "Marseillaise" and " Waeht am
Bbeln." The familiar strains of "Yankee Dooodle"
may havo been omitted.
il.eie-on I of asor esef ti.e*t|i,*s I* the IB ten* t of ? fnnd
for age I and disabled Pnsbyterltn minister* wa*
h*bl Int Bight Bl th* Flrtt Presbyterian
Chnrrh *t Fifth ave. ?nd Twelfth it. Thera wa*
a large artemUace o* member* of Pra.bvtert.n churchea
allover tho etty. Tb* R*v. Dr. Robert R. Booth. th*rb?lr.
tu?a. In hi* opening non irk* said that li wa* on*
of the aatplrton* ugo* of Pre*byt*rlant*tn In th* beginning
of lt* tecond century In thi* conntry thal lt wa*
enrtrt-1 ta ?neb an object of good fellowship as that f*r
which tkev were allembie,!, ll* nbtrr.A to th* history ef
ti.e 1'rei .yi-t.an ('hamil In tho Cnlte.1 btatt* and ths.1 tho
Ont Ueeeral Assembly had mel in 17oS, the y?ar ot lb* roo
Th* llev Dr W.CCatrel, who fellowed Dr Booth.related *otne
of hi* experiences with minister* of th* church In th* Weat,
wher* nwy of tkeui are werklng, be sahl, for Itu par tba*
in unskilled laborer. There wiro rewer I'reioylriian minis?
ters, h* thenghr, lhan of the members cf any other profe??ion
who wre In actual want. Ont of 6.000 minister* tber*
w*r* lea* thin oi'O who w*r* riiiahled by vein or
?lcknes*fr*m earning their living. The*) hal received !**t
yeer ahoni 820* each for their famine* from Ute church. II*
r**d several patheticUtter* from th*t* nuuitter*. or from tl,*
wi.'.ow* of mininer*, shewing the suffering that I* bora* by
maur of them.
Jahn E. Parso**, spoking for tbo laity, si.', that lt i
waa not a w*rk of charity for which thia fuo.l j
wa* r*l**d but a.lebt whtrh was owed by the whole Chorch .
to itt .tl tab I ed mtntsur*. Tho Churoh. with tu 7.000 rnlnl*- {
Ur* aa,! Too.ob-) member*, should *?? lr rait* 81,000.0(01 lor ;
tuna a pnrpoie. The Kev Dr. <<eorg? Alaiaodrr **|.| that
Ihe mutators of the cunreh wer* net object* ot *y?palhy,
and the money eboaid cou,* not In that tpirtt, but a* th*
fruit *f the Chnrcl.
ihe R*r. Mr. iiu'.n. natter ot the church, ipoke warmly
lu bacall of th* Ceuteuuial Lund.
Waterbury. Conn., Jan. 31 (Special).?rvetectlve
DBSBb, to-day searched th* room of Willum Atkinson,
age twenty-eight, In the attic of the boarding-house of
Mrs. Hannon, No. M Klngsbury-at. late lost night and
captured one of tire best uurflts for tho manufacture of
spurious coln ever taken In Connecticut. Tho man
has ilone nothing fur a year but mako counMrfelt money
In il.e day Hine and passing lr at night. No parson
In HM home ever saw inside tho room occupied by tbo
emmie, fruer. Ho was hit own cook. Judge Brad
bl.eel hold Atkinson In 81.SOO ball.
will b*rln * gmt cletrln* nut *?!* at FLINT'S, llthst.
n*tr nth ive., nhnre *l*ga*l larmtur* w.,l b**rl*r*d *t le**
.hon i.ia i.uta. ini?i?' nu**, in* a.io.i( MOM he tell bow,
au tl yoi will kui lt wrour adrsaug* isaak* aa lu*p*cti*a.
From The Werldn Tribune, February \, - V~"
Tho nanios you *ee b*low are thone of yoitrcororsates'
who are seeking evidence to perfect their claims lor e^
Pension. Please read the list! If yon soe on* name 'hal
i* familiar, one yon knew tn the trying days 1n the SetrL
may be the rnenns of kc?plug the wolf from the door li
tho declining years of sotno brave ami worthy bnj)
suffer.ng comrade. This list I* op*n to all old toldien'
who are trying to perfect their clalmi:
Mrs. Jemima Penny, Conni ai Lon Hudson, N. Y.. widow
of Jaeob Penny, Co. K, 20th N. Y., wish-** xddr. as *?
John McCunc, on,-* nf wintersun, N- Y., who ?.?? Mr
Penny *iruck In back by fragment of sh ll sr Aiftitaavl
Tho testimony of Mr. UCCao*, or some other eo, ,ad?,
I* needed to receive a pennon.
Wanted by Francis Dmtran. Boa! y'* Rock, W. Va,
?adrea* of (my ono who know hui. abuavrd C. S. tri IBM
lu 1M", ISIS ?hd HMS.
John P. I'.'i-d. No,Ul SanbnrntOD, N. H.. would lu*
? ddres* Of C'linli-ilons lu the 2id Ma-*, foe p.ny I, ,*a?
n-and.-d by Col. Curt* or Hurt*-when lorrul.od. | -,,
lo FiMU-r ilospltil. Noni ern, N. U I ted nj* pent-r.*.
Mrs. L. C.. Stephens, Guelph. On tall Ci wan,, Hie ?lm#
Of th* doctor who tia-ik tvphold fever nt JiMllelarv Sr,**-*
I'OSpltal, Washington and died lu tie- BUBUBM Of IBRRj
or tho name of any nurse on duty there
Charles Rld**w?y. Poav lt VI, O A. R . V**?v*r!r. rena,
would like ?lilrssae* ot fellowla* t??n.a'?r* la alli Army
Corn*: Charis* Mt-rr.tr, Corne'tus Pla.*, Dinlel Tay'.,.-,
John W*tts, simntl (lark. Jolin Tavior. Tboiia* Burn* Par.
rickCubln, Jo*eph t-Ab**. J. L. W*n**ll. Willi un sir,?*ly.
Her,rr Parkhurst, Middle Omv*. N. Y, waar* addre*s of
Parries Kelly, isergeaoi co. D. 87i* X. Y.
Anyaobllerof the Lilli III. ( 'av. who knew ('harlot Mood^r.
of Co. ll, wat farrier, afterward appoint--I chi f f., r tr
Bod nia.-keii.tb or th* regiment, pie*** addreit bl* *.jb.
Charl** O. M*e*lor, Capo < ,;ra..*ai. ito.
Spearer A. Vandorb'lt, Riegelev.!;*, N. J., with** ad I tc it
Of Johu FogoL Co. II, 4t!i III c*v.. or any luemUer of ( o. Mk
B. Baal. Arago. Neb. Co. F. 2,1 Mo.
A. 0, Rarw?ll, ParktnSB. ohio, want* al'rei* of ? North
way, c*iuB,l*sary clark at Chatranoora. ? ctn' rr |SAS;*lM
F.4. R*ve?. who lived In Newbnrg. Oho. in l*'i7 ??'! IBU ;
?Ito Dr. Phillip*, who urned mr discharge papers al * kalU
aooga and wa* in command ot the hospital.
B, H. Wigner, Iilenboro. W. V*., wants ?dd.-as of
Sergt. J. Craft, Co. ll, *.t_ W. Va. Lav.
Harvey Heed, La.-oyvlllo, 0., Sergeant In Co. B, "34
Ky, wants Address of Capt. Henry Falls or any MaSHSe.
IL Bartley, Ell'Sboth, Ind., la'.'.' of Signal Corps, I . a.
A., wilina address Jf Major II. A. 1). Merritt, ith N. Y
Geo. T. Low, Co. M. 3d Ind. Cav., New-Albany, Ind.
Geo. W. Birk, Co. M, 31 Ind. lav., Eb/ab' 'h. lui.
Robt. M.Dinlel, Co. M. 3d Ind. C?v., Ellxabth, Hid.
Geo. W. Lamb, Co. C. 17th Ind., l'JIiabeth, Ind.
Geo. W. beales, < o. B. dltb Ind., Eliisbcth. Hi.
Peter Implant, Co. I, 42d 111., Cuiivenl-i).-a Ind.
Eugene Villler, Co. B, r,Oth Ind , lan.-nit. lin,,-, ind.
MUM Jon**, Co. E, 81st ind , < oiiveuienc", li. I.
Uriel Church Griggs, Co. li, 61- Conn. Vols., Oien BBB
ton, Canada
Thoma* Iludaon. Polners* n*:u*. nub. N. Y . wlt*ies Ci*
aniln is of capt.tn McCollam or S*r*ei?r C .ltxrt. Oj. **,
hoon'* cavalry, or Coleael James B. ."twain. 11 M -*?'. T.
William O Rabccci, Hanihtltg. N. J., wants ttio ad ir.'tt of
Captain Goo.tw.? or any prlraool N. V. lol. Ilriea-h lolling
Batury ?iiocu*d t? th* HHiN. Y. 'I. A. Ali* adare** ot
William B. U Boutlnot. Capt. Ca K., 'Jib V. J.
Mr* Minmi Wray. Arch lal*. N. OL, wish'* vi Ires* of Stir
geo**i'd Colo, car., w beroi a her Uta husi?a-l. Alas. Wray,
Joseph McCain, Arcadia, Tenn., Co. K, 8'h T'ltB. Car.,
whose horse fell on him near Morristown, Tenn., cannol
yet. find any ono a ho saw him l-l. li* is eighty yraisj
old an.I a br*ve aoldler.
Wallace A Chambe.l.iln. Eajt Constabl.', N. Y.. BS. K,
60th N. Y., wants address "f burgeon at 2d Hiv , W9*R
A. Qi Hdnrs. St Navannuli. lia.
C. W. Taylor, UhaOAilS, W'u-h. Terr., wants addr-s* of
any of Co. D, 29th D. K lat, who was with company wheu
consolidated with another company In lhbil or '?',?.
William II. Harris. M.illus. Kautas, Co. ?', Otb N. Y.
Beulatalii L Blao?BOf t. deed. Company 0.841 N. Y. Cav.
Addi ess Mn. Neille Winter Blanchard. K*e**rille. N. Y.
Nathaniel H. Hall, Uurlinirton, Me., who was with a
detachment of the 14th Main- at Waehlngioo In 18?j.> also
In the linley Hospital) would like address of any of that
detachment, particularly Of - Goodrich, who befrlenJ.d
Wanted by W. n. Farnham, Taimyr"., N\ Y., address of
Phllo Rack-is, 44lh jNSw-Voik. alio w*.s Uiui-Krred to
some veteran corps.
William ll. Ackorley, Post Powell, G. A. It, Sing Sing,
N. Y-, of (lunboat I'cnobscot, In 18t.4-*05.
Mrs. M. Yannan, Box 275, S.t.g bing, N. Y., Bri SIM
addr-'-t of any of UM comrades or kef IBM husband, (? | .
E. Yannan, Co. 1. 6th N. Y., Duryea's Zouav ??.
Serge?ita White, Keller or any non-commissioned or
private of Hillery L, Ut United blares Arur.erv, pura*
at thc battles of bcllre Cross Hoads and Pleasant. Ul tl,
IA, knowing ths circumstances of the injury of Thoma*
Mahoney at either of tl. se actions, or both, plea-o -. mi
prtsent a_dre_. to Major W. S. Beebe, Thompson, Conn
Nathan J. Tracy, Company A, 2d Velmont, Wilie*
hall, H. Y
I* Z. W. Nash, Company ll, 30th New-York, Wu. te
hall. N- Y.
Thomas Thompson, Salem, III., wishes address of Cap?
tain Josiah Thoo ison, Lloutet,.vit R. BL Henry anl Of
derly b"igc.int William F- Akin, all of Couipaj.y ll, BBS
Wisconsin, or any of hi* comrades.
llcn*y I'ulkrad, Jersey Shore. Penn., Cd Teun. Vol. ;
wounded at Petersburg, Jnn* 17, 1304.
William E. Ross. Fortville, N. Y., Co. I*, P'h N. V.,
wishes address of Serge Hubert Marsh, Co. G, 0?; li N. V.
J. P. Fr'.sbl. Tr.id.ng Post, Kan., wishes Infurn, u.oti
sbotit service of Abraham Erlsblc, who enlisted al HIM ?'?
lng for the war vvlih Mevlco.
William lartt. 604 Ilolland-st., F.rl^ Penn., needs ad*
dres* of Fiauk Patty or any pris MS of Co. II, loth C. b.
Inf., al Fort Ontario. Osvvego, ti. Y., In Angus'. IBIS,
Daniel J. Rae, Cltntondale, N. Y., Co. E, lSbtii N. T.
Michael J. Llnnott, trlgBM Polo mac ; No.lh Tairjiokva,
N. Y.
C. O. Waite, Granville, N. Y., wishes the addtoss of
Ira Hull. fTiMSSBJ Ki J-"M N- Y-, who rt-.'ii!is?d In
Company 1, 03d V. Y. Supposed io bo in Illinois.
Members of Plymouth Church Joined In a social tea In th*
lecture-room of tbe church Uti ereolng. About SO*) eat at
tho table*. Mrs. beecher pres! led al the principal tal,;*,
with Treasurer Aiitriismi -storr* at ber rigfe! and A ststant
Pastor lUUIilsy on her li't. At thi oppisite end of tt.e ta?t?
wat Acting W utor Abbott. Amen* the otter. *: tli* i ?. ' ,
were Mr. and Mrs. B.I* lia.tan.I Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Van
LUrtttin. At the other taile* were Dr. amt Mr*, 'leorg* VV.
Rruah, IT .f*tsor .n I Mrs. T, faconaou. Mr. and Mr*. I. VV,
Manch**ter, Mr. au.! Mr*. C. C lajlgh, Dwight Stulweil. Mr.
and Mr* B, ML Pettenglil. C. N. Howan. Mr. and Mrs, s. -,
Perri*. Mr. and Mr*. Albert Haley. Mr. and Mrs. Thomi*
Unison, Mn. Charlo* Mccord, tho Kev. Mr. Page and
others. Tho altair was ln<har?eofa commune compose i of
Mts. Nutt. Mr*. BSMliateB, KIM Marr N. Howard, Mr*.
P.tirko, Mrs. Powell. Mrs. Titconib and Mrs. Ta'.ln.a i;;e, and
pass*.', off p ratall: .f.
Patrick H. King, tbo liquor store keeper of No. 41.) W'ctl
TtnrtT illili lt.. who i( accused of shooting one of los pall BM
in his grog ste.;, no Mon ay n.'.'ht, wis art vin.el be'"io
Judge lord, at lerr-rten Market ye.at. rl.y morion'. Tho
woandod luau. Pair.ck Meaghan, ls >? a critical cou.lition in
the New York Hospital. Kiug was hold to await tbs result
of the injures inflicted. Th* sh*otin/ was tho remit nf*
dispute b tir.-eh Mei' . m amt iloorx* VV. Breeu al.out I BB
bil). Kin; taw the BMBBf tn Meaghan's p .s.ieta.oa. amt
knowing, bc tars, th kt lt bulooged lo ilio.n. force I Meas ia,,
toglvalt up lli.t mil* Meaghan angry and t.srtcl tb*
flgtit in which Meaghan received a prubaoly fatal .. ... 1.
A hrl?ht looking l*d of thirteen, uama.t Franc!-, Colton,
wat rettiamlrd for further *tamiuatlon at tl,* lon,lit yettsr
day. oo * chaine >>f ttoaliB* |72 Oo from tba flroi of Lord A
Taylor on DaSBMSae SK while *m|ioyed by tl.o bouse as*
cash boy. The la i told Juan. * 1'ottr that lie lived with hit
mother at No. '..?:-. Lexington ave', and had (tob-n th* money
at lier tagzestton. ll* told th*. ?n. e alor,- le th* police whoa
th*y arrrsiad bim at One-liun.lreii aod iwiiitrflr'-ii st. and
1 hu dave., but wben the itt.ceit railed at Mm houto l!i*y
fouu.i thai Mrs. * Vitim lui MOW '? away hurrtrdly.
Ml.* Hart .et M, Vinni, who** timi narr dismissal rr nt
Ibe principaltbip of Public behool No. oil, lu Brookl.i a. by
tho ll*i2id of Education 8SSM8S much comment aid ibsens
alon, tliusb-d her work In the school yesterday. (Sue has
tS'n lt* primIps! for neaii.v fotuteen year*. Her pnpils pre
?eutrd her with bouquet* nod rip e-sed ntrioh retnt al lier
ItaviD* thara. Mts Marr'.* had prepared aOSSBBMMM t.r
pilblicat on, but deci.Ut ujllogivit ont. rihe ls ?ui*. r eg
from uorveus t,ro?tr*tien iln* to th* strain to which she has
naen tubjected, ?od w II go away for lOstotatiok of l:?r
" Th* urca'e.i Iinprorement tn llano* tn half a criitti/'v "
Mesars. HAWH 6V HAMLIN re.pertlully In,Kr rt.
oniiiiiilloiiby plaulsis nnd connoisseur* ul (brir Grund
mid I iH-laht I'iiiun*. They do nol he*.lute to make Ibe
extraordinary rlnlni tar them (kal they arr BBBMSSBT to
?ny other niano*. They reroaul/e the blah attain?MOM
mair ky other ieadln* mskrr, rn i hr h rt|e-l niau* baiMlm:
and bsbbbSBBIm supei io,-U). THU ihry mir their sold ? ia
Ibe rrmni kitb.r Improtrairnt nu rem,, ed by ll,em lu Ih*
year l*aM\{, new knotvu ut,he " .11 IMM Jt HAMLIN
PIAN,I ?vTUl\(.F.U," by Gie use ot which ls te.u.rj
the ?r._iest possible riuriiT aad rrlurtwrnt af loee.
log, the, with gtenilT Inrrraord rapac.ly lor *tnailln|
lu lane and *lh*r miisrisii Bd,uiiiH*te.. Thia lei.
pro.riurnt haa ci-ch BBMBBBSMaBBBOOSBBOSBaM rx*ert*
"Till. I.KKlT MT IlirilOltllEM* l.N li.lM.s l>
Tho MASON A HAMLIN Compiny p!*.1ge th*tu*clv??
that ever* plano of th*lr aiak* *h?U I* all rr*p*et* of aiauu
f?ot*r* llla*li*te lh*t VUBY IIIOHF T KXCKI.LKV.K
whnii h**Blwsyiebaraot*r!t*d then-oU'iA N-*. anti obtain***
f*r BMBB the KIMKMBC HONOB8 at rv*iy W ord ? Kshb
tmen *iac* that ai Paru, 1817.
Messrs. MASON A IlAMLlN ???cl*llv Invlt* lnip*ctloa
and rantin crltliit- *t til* pr***nt Hm* ol thtir ntw
i. HAN Ii IT AN,nt on oihi-jittou *ii.t aol* at their varlwti*
sa.ssr Kiui*. _____
Organ* and IHanct/or Path cr Ea*y rayment*, al** Hinted,
CafeiogiM* jTt <*.
AU KA*.' UTll.rsT.. INION .-giABJk

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