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V0L,XLVII.IS* 15,055.
Ctpvriuht . 1888. Bv The. Netc-Ytrk Tribun*,
lf?Ni'u*-,Fc!i. 2.?An extraordinary telegram from
Borne appears in to-iliiy's " Timr-t.,'* giving what.
pun*"1"'"* lo be the original nddress of thu Amerl
t-nii pilgrims who presented Mr. Cleveli-trd's jubilee
gift to thc* Pope. These pilgrims, 1f trjls document
be genuine, spoke in the name both of the Ameri?
can IVm-1* nt mid of the American pcoiile. Thor
offet* *1 His Hilliness nn e*ipres.iion of Ihe venera?
tion Bl the I'resident. They describe their mission
bb " th*- tribute paid to Your Holiness by the ruler
of sixty millions of freemen." They en! rent His
Bul n?* ss " to receive through its most, worthy
President the tribute of n free and iiidejK-ndent
propl-.*' They remind the Pope that his favorite
theologian. Thomas Aquinas, ha* written true and
beautiful thiti>-s ciu-eriiiiig republicanism. They
sssure him Unit thc Catholic Church in the Amcri
e?!i Republic is tefl parfeatlg free, theoretically and
practically: mid they Conclude: "We beg you,
then. Must Holy Father, to bless this brave young
rel-il.'iie which has achieved so much in a single
eeii'ury. BhteB the land discovered by your
saintly com | mt riot. Christopher Columbus. Ittesa
th* wis. n.1.1 manly l*resi(ient of ihe Culled States.
And kntelinn before you we bejr. Your Holiness to
bliss by your apostolic benediction ourselves and
OUT people."
'Ihe forrci>|H*ndent who telegraphs this from
Kunu BBJB that this was read in l-ttin to the i'oiie,
win- could not understand the nader's pronuncia?
tion, and adis that a majority of the socilb-d pil?
grims wer*- Protestant*,, as the Pojte learned, much
to his surprise. This document and these f'icts
may not bs new to you. They are new to Ameri?
cans here, acme of whom would be i<liid BB Know?
how far these pilirrinis were authorized to spink
Sis' they have done in the name of the 1'icsidi ni.
and who empowered them tn oller the homage of
the American people to the \\,\a:
The reception of Mr. Morley and Loni Ripon
at .niblin is described at some length iu the l.oii
di.ii pspSBakj but nt-Cltfl no very bUikim- comment.
? The Time-H" CoiiU-nts [tseli with a report of half
B column, and says uot a word editorially. 'J ho
torchlight procession was th,nihill effective, two
thoiiisatid being the number of torches, OBS t" each
hundii-d |f*-i--.oiis, according la "The Daily Nears"
reporter. Tho gteea lag and the Stars mnl Siri'M-s
Wei-.' turned, b_t the l'.ntish Hag was not io bc
set h. sav,s n lost.I.- witness who, however, admits
th.it great enthusiaja? prevailed, 'lin- multitude
tran ai-ocrly and good humored, mid tl" polica
kepi out of night.
Yesterday's depuUiliou lo Lord Salisbury in
behalf ni the unemployed WM iullueiilial and im?
portant, perhaps most im porte*--! ol all in proving
two things: fi rst, ll .it ihe dlstKBB is -iinni-'. mt
exceptionBl; und second, that no two of all these
eminent doctors cnn agree on a remedy. Loni
Herschell, Cardinal Manning, Earl Compton, the
Lishop ol Bedford, Mr. Cyril Flower and Mr.
Arnold White arc all men with 6i>ccial knowledge,
euell heartily In earnest, and lu full sympathy with
the poora classes. Mr. Shipton, a member ol the
louies Council, and oilier rcpn-sentaiive working
Bi< ti f* tmed part of the dep'.tntion. Kach WptaktX
dis. lnin,ed responsibility for the proposals of tue
Ol he l*s.
Cardinal Mminiug. wh< s<* public declaration
that a storvtBg Bteto has a right lo st* ;il remains
unreira*-t(d, went to ihe exi renie Umit of socialistic
ilixirines. He is for what Lord Salisbury (helm* *1
lo bs <<.iiivjih-.'it io a proixisiil for establishing
national workshop*.. The State, in Cardinal
Mm..ling's opinion, ought Io provide work for
tlii-se who want it. 'I his. sort of talk only baideilS
English hearts. Mr. Arnold Willi*1 is for emi?
gration and for stopping pauper immigration Lu ti
lins country, for which his! propos.il be Wyt1]
CiK'il the Amen* ;m iA.i.nple. Hut I,< ni Salish Ul.
doubts wln-thcr the Aiii-ti-in system ls In n- pr.ic
tKable Mr. Shipton, of course, opposed il. Lord
Baltebur. fltialij dlsmisss ti ihe dapa talion with
ui.iuy sincere ptoI-M-OOS ol BTBSpathjr, with s
sr. ni pti.t.st agonal Cardia*. Manning- scheme,
uml willi a pledge carefully to eoiisider the whole
An exchiiage cf letters lath-r than aa exchange
of blows is Hie present occupation ol the EaBglttb
prise ring. There BIHMail.il yesterday what Jem
Sun! li's fond friends styled an BOO! -planer of
Sullivan's challenge. Anytiody Blight accept i'
wit li a Ughl lu it rt in similar fashion. The .muli
lions Smith's mBBBgnr foi" urize-llghlers lilt'- piima
donnas now require managers-proposes turn the
in?<?.Titmice into a refusal. Fleming ls the name
nf this functionary. Fleming will only allow
Smith to Ighl Sullivan on condition thal Smiili
lim 11 select Sullivan's siipportcns at the rilli, side.
rs.nilh to name th*- place and date of Hu- battle,
and thc money to be deposit*-*! with Smith's on.ran
in tiu- pres- Finally, to inakc everything quite
snug, lh<- Ighl is not to take place till after
JMilhvan shall have left England. May or June
is nmned. and Sullivan's da-uui un- hus long been
bod for April. Tlie grate Bostonian this niom
i.il.' " cou nt/-rs" heavily on Smith. He declines
lo agn-e to these remarkable terms, but recalls
Fleming's attcniion to thc fact that |9,600 of
good money is lynif. al " The Sportsman" 0_les
wailing to be coven <l. He is ready to sign arti* les
on th*- usual lerms. *' If Smith is not. let him,''
cries Sullivan in Ihe classic language of the ring,
" crawl into a hole and pull the hole in after him
Let him." concludes Sullivun, " put up or shut
It is odds that thc English champion will do
neither the one nor tlie other. Ile and Kilrain
arc engaged in an elaborate hippodroming business,
too profitable to be relinquished for a serious
encounter in the ring. Sullivan refers to the
neut Sniith-Kilnun contest aa *' the Rouen farce."
ll*- tak<-s the public behind Hie BOOMI and men?
tions as a natte! of news lhat Fleming had pro?
posed to I'I,Kiii.s, Sullivan^ manager, a four rou iid
bout in puldi*:, with thc gate money equally
divided. Sullivan to si-,n a document agnotug not to
knock Smith out of tim*-, th*- cont'-M t<> be declared
S draw, and Fleming to claim thnt Smith bud thc
best of it, with leave to MWPl lo *lo the sam ?
lor Sullivan. " The British public," sai-1 Fleming,
Bs rcport'-d bf the BB-tllflsn (ihiimpioii, " would
Stand two an*l possibly three such affairs, and wc
Should make a gnat dtul of money."' u. W, a.
ottawa, !??!'. _ Hyoelal), ll was t\nu-,\ bars to*
ji-.,. tiuit Btr t t,-ric i-gfst luis saesaoOed la still
L. . ii-tadtag tbe seoga <*! tbe Bsborj aegotlatlons
and has uifonuaHy suggasted a bold sttersntlve lehesse
of rselpraeitj batwoea lbs i ailed siaie- -mi Canads
as a sau-f-iTu.-. method of parmanentl*. settling the
con-taivij i'. niling ui_ltuli.*? between lbs two
i ? .' 3.
? -
Diitilln, Keb. !*.?ter. lox. M. I*., Who ii in prawn
at Ki merl* is, wen. lo worri In Hie p.Non yard,
BOopiBng woikI ar,'! (loins' "the, Int.,.rs ol or.llnnry
erl;., i.ais. il,, ms visiloU to ?la', and was lound lu
a ii.uciiiii H......1
lAjiiUon. Ii'li. _. IBSpSlOteB from iillllMtn ()'Hri?n,
sbols msw on lin- (unt,ni'ii!. sliovv Hui l,e is greatl]
lupruvcd In lieaJih, aiKl will Ix- pri*cnt ni lbs BOSSB
te ' i, a mn,,, s on tba reassinu'jlliii.' of l'arl.amcnl on
rebruary b
? - ?.
?nm to m$is\ AKTit*ij:8 io i-'KiiiT nnxivAii.
Lobdun, VM>. li.-Bini!li Itiioi-I, to Him ailirlSS at
'SS fARwB ot "The fs>,r_iig l.iie " io Hf"l,t Siiillv.ui In
&_ Jun.- lu, a | .ooo a t-tte. lt rn aol probable tetat
van will agren.
fllT ("Amt TO THE TRIIirXE.!
Covyrig\t: 1B8H- By Th* Ktw.York Tribune.
lui'i.is, Feb. C.?The Morlcy-Klpon demonstrations
to-day were a fliting complement to tho wonderful
Bceno which thia city witness-''! last night and which
bot li Mr. Morley and Korti Ripon referred to again In
their speeches to-day as a scene that will never fade
from their recollections. Th** success of thc mering
In Leinster Hall to night and of tho proceeding*- In
the City Hall this afternoon exceeded the wildest hopes
of the Nationalists.
Th** first business to-day was pn-sentlng Lord Klpon
and Mr. Morley with the freedom of thr- city. The
corcnioniai took place In the large rontral hall of Hie
Municipal building, which wat tastefully decorated, Ki
beamful cline of statues being a significant feature.
The dals from which tho speaking was dune was raised
at the foot of Logan's) slaiuc of O'Connell, and Mr.
Murley during tho ceremony sat beneath the statuo
of Thomas Drummond, tba benevolent Irish S-cretary
of fifty years ago. The Mayor** and onicer- of ali
the corporations of Ireland, BSVS two, wer.- teated
round thr? hall and made a most picturesque effect with
their civic robes of fur and Bennet, their massive chains
of offlce-to which each Mayor addi a heavy link
wBh his arms emblazoned thereon, thus making IBBBB
veritable chains Connecting the present wit), tin- far
pant when their BSfilfinl cities first were granted cl,ar
ters?their sword bearers n Kl, their quaint fur caps,
and their mace bearers carrying thc time honored
symbols of municipal authority. Num.rons ladles
amongst the I BIBI tl BBS crowd added to the brlgbtaeSS of
the scene.
Tho enthusiasm was unbounded, and when T. T).
Sullivan, win. tut yesterday was a criminal In tbs Tull?
amore Jail, and who prc tided to-day bott t< the after?
noon and evening celebrations, ptOIBBlDd to thc III is
tr nus BagUsk-oea ibe essfeei eontalnlagthe eettlBctees
of freedom, ami when Mr. Murley nnd Lord Klpon
Stepped Kuwaiti to si-n |||0 honorary buig*'?s mil the
whole audience ruse to their feet tad ehsOTBd lons" ind
hind, waving hands and hamlheichlef.s.
lil the CO?*BC of a vigorous speech Mr. Morley said
that the Home Knle question ?*? rapidly approaching
a crisis. The only fear was that Ney Bligh! forget
that lt was un.' of their oven countrymen who had
started thc movement, and lin' Irishmen, In Hu- turin.
would have to carr], li through. The Goveniment'a
iHillcy \u- a pitiful ami cn."l fane ai"! I,ad Utterly
failed to discourage thc commission of outrages, it
benefited Belt her landlord* nor tenants, n wai "ted
thal the Lllsfral party Would fall lo pieces mer the
details of their selie,ne. hut |,e dui not fear any such
result. Il" would like to ash iii" lamil..rds win. WM
ihe bettor foi' tin- Tory policy, if He tenants were
the dup'-s ?f agitators it seemed io Um that the land?
lords were the dupe- of Lord r-a!!>bury. Tl,cir prap
erly was being eaten leif l.y leaf, like an artichoke.
(Laughter.) They wei,- in a toboggan, ami when they
gol to (lie bottom their friends would lil; them ont
|Laugher and Cheers) H.- was not in favor ol' ii,iv
Socialistic ext),pad.f property, lb- believed lhat
an Itv!' Parllame.it Would lie the list to agree !" ans
sue), thing.
Lord RIpOB, Who vote the star ami blue ribbon jf
the (arter across bit breast, made a very felicitous
speech He thanked .he Corporation tor tbe honor
conferred on hun and assured them timi thc object of
British Ktlierals was lo iee that Ireland was rei',.rded,
at the earii'-t opportunity, full recognition of Its
real and legitimate political aspirations. There wea
a (fr-owlng eonftotiOB among .he BIMBOS of England lil
favor uf lloiii'- Ki,lc lot li* '.and. T. P. GILL, M. P.
Pav invs.is,.., Pru, c.-Tl,e steamer Del gie, which
arrived to-day. brings Hong Kong advices to .l.-iiiu
ary .'i, ami Yokohama advices to January IT. The
('hlnese native paper announces (ha: the Chi neat GOV.
eminent has resolved to peg Lack to the Knit"*! Slates
a large stun of money as unclaimed balance of the
Wyoming Indemnity, and hints .hat ibe United states
might Imitate tbe example by refunding lo China the
balam** *.f unclaimed Indemnity paid t<> ihe United
states thirty yats ago.
Korean adv hes state that minors are now Burren!
that the ii"-*.' move for Independence, ami absolul ?
freedom fran Chinese rule will be the expulsion ol
severn Europeans who air now in charge of the
maritime customs department Among the reaeons
given h.i- their expulsion ls thai .hey were appointed
ty the Chinese Government.
London. Feb L'.-A shari. ibOCh of ea. t h'ju.ikc hat
been fell in Sc,.tia;.d. ll caused no damage.
Bte?ha wee a:-., f-,' Indifferent parts ol England.
Reports fro-n Birmingham, .'oven!ry and Edgbaston,
a suburb ol Birmingham, show thai disturbances w
ciii'ic.i in ihi.se place-. In scotland Ihe shock* were
iperlniu marked at Dingwall, Count* Boss and al
The earthquake was Wi with severity n* placce <m
a line stretching fr.cn Port william h Ihe wes! lo
Nalia In the east. Thc "hock vi as als,, fell lu Other
parts of the Highlands.
Komion. Keb. 2.?K K. Leyland A Ca, as nert ni
the steamer Kulan. Which brough! the d sailed liam
burg-American lin.- steamer sm-v ia inti Queenstown,
bave seised the Buevls on a claim ol *8,O0_ salvage.
M(.RKl?0"?, m., F?b. B.?On Hie Chicago and North
western Kailroad. on Monday night, as a -tock ti.un
suv entering a deep cut near here, th" engineer 'IK
covered the r,s-l lights ,,| ;l \ray car only a tow yards
In front of him. Supposing 'I.*' head train lo bc stand
lng af ui. bs shouted to tie tat) men who were in the
cai. with him to jump for their lives, ami. reversing
Ihe engine, the three {umped. Two of them struct!
th-- ?aii- of the eui sith such fores that they ivers
thrown bach nader the wheels af the train ami in
siai.M. killed. One u_- Bdwsid Kelly, a Isinus "i
('lsd brook, iona, and Ihe otter Daniel Hon*.van, Bre?
men, of Marqii''!t>-f Mich.
Longview*, Tex., Keb. _v a passenger nain on the
TV\..- ?,ul Padflc Kaili-..wi wa- t Ki uss i, from th*' rail
by a defective switch yesterday, "lt miles from bert),
n,e engine ami ea.-r.-ea nnd baggags rai* were do
r oil-!..fl. Mtebael (ion. the engine." r. who lived at
Marshall. Tex., T. K. Johnson engineer, an*! If. Jordan
and leter Bugler wer- lal ally hurt.
Milwaukee, wis . I", h. 2. A dispatch io "The Eve
ening tVtsconetn" from Chippewa Kaila, wis., rays
thal a hrahen rad caused tlc sin-ck ol a fr'Tchi tram
<ui the omaha road, -ix miles north of Dds illy, lae!
night, throwing four ears from the track. One man
was injured, i.ut no! tv rlouely. A fi it uhr wreefe ls
also reported on tha Wisconsin oentral mar Castle.
ntehbarg, Ma--. Keb. 2. Three passenger cars,
the baggag* cai and ih*- si-.-ping ear ol the train on
the I Itehlitirg Itailroa/i. wer*' Ibrowfl from Hie rails
lu the yard, ai Ese! i Itrhburg ihta "norning, One
brakeman was slightly Injured. None ol Ihe pasaen
ir.-i- wa- iiui-t. Ons ol 11?* paaaenger cars ?a- dam
Chleago, KOb, _. While eroselng the Tori Wayne
road at .'..rt. Ut kat., lae! night. Mrs Matilda * Brimin
and Miss Amelia Mower- were struck bv a work train.
Mr- carlson fvii nader Hi' wheels of the engine. ai.*i
received such rajartoi thal she died an hoar later.
Miss Mowen was tbrown some distance, reaIvlng a
fractured hip, a BCBlp WOBad and other Injun's.
Kim.st*.s\ N. V., Kr.!.. _ .r-peclal|.--The Rudson
River lee crop is now nearly gathered. Iee ama say
th.-k* snarl] au tin* houses wm be Blted by Baturdaj
night. Thc total toasage for lae year is variouslj
estimated from BiBOO.000 to B,000,00tt * >f ..ii"
amount Hie Knleberbocker < ompoary stored shoal one
half in i's siiiy nv*- bouses atong Iks river. Thi
quant)' oi ihe Ice i* excellent ami In ! hie knees the
oakes range from len t" (weat* Inches, Onlj one
amati strike baa occurred inls season Tbe average
coal of h....-in>. the season's crop win no. sassed _t.
coate a lou.
? tw
MARRIRD1B spin: he ms WOUNDS
LlTTi l Ku* h.IVIj. ?_ ispecia!-,?N.-ar Kari Abseil. I. T.,
on WeAneaday night, tic ueddlngof Anthony f*leteher
.-iiiti Basan Beck wm Interrupted by * rejected suitor,
Dogs ll ead, who abo*! bte onlj ilightlj woanded tha
brldegroonv Dake Cummings, the groomsssaa, ai
teafpted ia eatch Degafre *i and wa., "hot by s brother
of IhS taller. Thc CompMa] Bed In tCSTOT. 1?B bride
-anil mi the floor. Kleuhci gm a th ?' gun luxi ,ir-.v.
ike DogaJrcxda swat Cumming! followed them ami
niortallv wounded thc -l-l. - brother Ile wa- kt mee) f
wounded In each arm rVtebar Biter the ii-iu ?
cured a minister ami was mai tied. Both Kui iii nings
uml iH'gilfif.d, lt ls thought, will die.
(TiAHLBBTONH. C.. Keb. 9 (Bpoelal).- UotitcUvo* t.e.lnv
nrscstsd Andrew Ulbba and J__i?_ Jobnaou, bulk nt
groes under twcntv years of age. members of a gang of
burglars. Moil of the bouses In the etty hsvft Watta*
and the burglars gained an entrance by climbing the
piazza posts. There have been over seventy-five
burglaries In tin* last six mouth*.
an a'pfkctionate COKPLEIN chicago separated
Cnn -ado, Feb. 2 (Special).? The little Cottage Grove
ave. postofllce ls draped in mourning to-day for th's
dca.h af Mrs. Alvan W. liriggs, tbe postmistress.
Her husband, Colonel ltrlggt, was a veteran of the
war fjr tho Union. Yesterday morning ho klssed
hls wife good by, hearty anil haj,]iv a* usual, and went
about his dally business. ,\l noon ho was brought
back to his home a corpse. He had fallen dead at
Englewood of apoplexy The wife intered a heart?
broken cry when sho t_w her dead husband and f-U
to the floor tele nalbia Ute family physician was -um
limned. * Through Hie long night thc old d-iclrr
labored to bring ti.*- woman t*. eoaaetoaeaeaa, but in
vain. j\t ti o'clock Hil- morning she do-d.
Arrangements had been mad*, to hold the fnncial
of Colonel Briggs at _ lifo o'clock today In st. John's
ChUftk, but lt wa** decided to walt until to murro"!" at
the name hour, when the funeral of bath will la* held.
Tbs l.odie, will he taken to Og-k-n-huig, X. V., lur
D. t. Baeoa, <>f indianapolis, brother ol Mrs. BrlgPi
Mitred In the city this morning. " I believe," he
aald, "that If my lister hail died first, her hn?l and
w*.uki have followed just as she hns. I never knew
a couple that though, m, much of each other. Their
uv i- seemed to !.*? blended together."
Mis. H. I", Bacon, ile- venerable mother of Mr*.
Tiiii-.s lives at Ogdensburg. M. V. A staler and other
relative.- aie BOW on their way to lids elly.
Elvinia, g, v., lei,. -_ (gpeelal). Ifatberi Johnson*,
until recently a druggist in thia city, disappeared a
week ugo and. it is supposed, li in Canada Nothing
wu- thought of Johnson's ai. saes until todav. when
ii- sister, M.--. Sarah J. Darrow, of weii-viiic, n. v.,
win, got a Judgment against lum of 04,700, for wrong
ful eoavoraion of lands, appeared te Ibe diy arith
counsel to ellen tin, smount, Johnson w.t. Hrs.
cousin (,f H.ni j Ti,!,?-a.ti. isle, killed h'm-'-lf rit the
Ka*iii.:,,, Hon-.- u few wc h- ag... His tether leg I*.
lils grand-daughter, 11 ? i!. < -; t Johnson's dau|
085,000, -ii -.?"!* * of wiiic: wa- personal proper!
*he I,,,l.in,c ni lund- In Wil-, Kim If id ,.ninty, Kenn.
ihe ch lld'a father wa- made ber guardiaa, Baas at
Johnson, of Afton, chenangu Count) and Dr. I". A.
Kt?der, ..f thia city, licomiiig ins bondtmea in the
sii'n cf 040,000 .!..liiis.iii s itore wu.- bur.1 se I
months ago, and ?- he seemed t*. be doing nothing,
his bondsmen, who t,ad h.- bi .tiing from bis
.inn. inp since I.- wu- appointed elghl ycart uti". d<
msiMied a statement. Tu itu- Johnson replied iii1' lt
w.niel lake u f'",v days ami Mked for a week's time.
'ih,- wa- giaoied, bm winn the lima arrived the guar?
dian w,,s mUslng. Nathaniel Johnson, grandfather
..f llerbert. died - vernl '.ens ago, naming Ihe latier bi
-..I- executor of ut estate valued Bl over 040..
Thc keira, ..i shorn lhere are many, bave neva bru! un
accounting. Tot ti.i- Imi Ii uti nu honda were fl'von.
and li la on tni- account Him Mc-. Darrow g.'i tin'
Judgment referred to. The iiii.-niii mini had In all
neaiiv Bloo,000 iii un*! finnis, which li K believed
have dltanpoered in ull ;--- Johnson waa playing the
wrong *l*l*' of Hie market.
TiiviNii i xri:i:iK\(T. OP ii.iviv castaway
Ibu'M. vs'.i, Mc.. I'.-b. 2. ?The shipwrecked Crew of
the (.hmc.-ter schooner Etta Gotl arrived liere tn da]
on the steamer pioneer. They left Gloucester oa Ju
nary 14 tor tbe (.dirges Ashing grounds. On Jansen
17 they encountered a severe snow-storm, and ran for
what ihey supposed wm Long Island, bal tbs storm
lcd them asl i av and t Key came Into the Shelter nf
Rig Spoon Island, near Isle llaut, and B?Chored.
shortly afterwiirl the Wind tin.ve the vessel upon thc
shore, when Captain Thompson bearh'd her. They
barely escaped With their lives by swinging ashore
from the sch...,net's bowsprit bv a piece of i;
T _"v were fortunate enough ta Bnd a small callie, on
tbe inland, in which they remained Bar one week *-(
tlie culil.-st weather of the winter. Thc ni.-.i managed
to gel a stove ami provisions from Hie vessel, and thus
s.e. ci themselves from freeling and starving. The
crew of eleven men remained tn Ihe little cabin until
rescued by a party from York's Island, which ili-e.,.
??red them from a gre beacon they had kept burning.
\v'vu it ni nv. Cobb., I'eb. _ iSpeelaJ).?Willlaai ll
Benson, a Fulion-st. restaurant heelier, wm locked op
here to-day for attempting ta shoo! bis wife Bi
wenl tc whare she wm -living with Mrs. Deevey, al
.s.. 134 imi.lin c. and catching up his eleven-year
old daughter ran with ber io the wagon >.f aa express
nun wailing a. the door. The mother Inlerftrred to
gel ber giri bach vt inn Benson drew a revolver ami
tired ai her bul did DOl hil lur. He blt the gul ai
itc h< us,- of i ni ghi i il McDonald ami then gul drunk
hikI na- iiirisi.-.i. The couple liv-.i happUy In St.
Mark's place und un ttlanilo-ave., lirooklyn, mitti
tettlou*) ami rum tuen.si tbe bu-liam.'- head, .'-li?
ll ii-on iays thai Judge Troj of brooklyn, granted
lier legal separation from her hual and. with lbs prr
vi-i.ni ibal he might vial! lu* .ince children at Inter
v..'- of ns., wc h- *'d, ul-.., 'Lui ho tim,lld BOUd !.- t
.. ?tlp nd weekly.
Kn i-ii.m.. i'eb. '2. li ls probable thal a Bteeting al
. the operator! wiii be held i.. morrow to eomptote the
organisation of tko nen syndicate. Tke Proalueers' Al
toclstlon will no. enter as syndicate ateBihers Thej
.. . ta have their coke sold by tha new CoaaaUevUle
. uk,- i?. bange nuder .h<- same eondlUoM bs m ike "i*i
syndicate. Whal are known as tke oatelde operatan
?in- thone who belong nell ber t ? > Ibe Ex. bange nor .he
Producers' .ssoclatloa ll I- proposed ta have these
nutalde 'a"iipie become membert of tin* Producers' ti
torlallun arni Hieii liave .heir * oke sold by Hi" IV
chango. If .his plan ls carried ont. as |s predicted.
' be new -v h.lieut.?, or ibe I onnetlsvlUa I oke Exchange,
as lt ls tn l,e called, Will practically Con.roi ibo Coli
?e-IWvllle di,tl id.
Kan u.11 nun. lei.. ?_? (Special).- Sober! C. Howell,
ev captain ol police under Mayor King, and preeen!
superintendent of the general delivery department ol
Hie Philadelphia pul ollice, was taken into eustOdy
to-day on a warrant issued by I' nit eal state- Commis?
sioner Edmunds, charging bim with "embeMlement"
in taking a necktie from a mall package, ile wm
held li, S.7.00 ball. _
Nkw-IIav l.N, Keb, _ (SiieiTall.-The Winchester RS
peatlng Arms Company today purchased all <if tbs
ii.iu-iiiiii'iy owned by the whitney Arms Company ami
teased Ihe (solon owned by thal company for atom ol
years. KU W bilney, the president ?f tho Whitney
Arms Company, refused ta state the amount bs rs
reived for the property, bul Ibe Mlimale ls 0400,000.
ThB concern employed from 160 lo 350 min.
Tboy,N. v., lei.. _. Frits I'oi.t. a letter carrier at
Ike Troy K*.st Ofltoe, was caught in ihi- uri of opes
lng tetter* t..-.ia\ by J. M. Kennedy, another carrier,
who held a pistol lo Pohl'S bead and Compelled him
ta remain with the letters in kia hand- till tbe past
msster arrived. Puk! ** ,. lariicd over lo a depuij
marshal and arraigned before United Btatoi CommU
stoner Landon
Ku...v... ..Ki*, i.b. _ (Special). This afr
Mrs. Cordelia BondriekB, the aUeged swindler ol tanny
pet-tons, wa- before judge * Inmate, ekargsd by Joaepb
_ Vanmeter vv,u, obtaining from him -k.".<><> <-" ""*
rapt?lentatloa n,at the h .*i |u00,000 wortk ol Govern"
men! Ifosute, and n.rn Bbc had contracts wiih the Got
ernmenl thal Ml tad ber 20 per eon! profll. 'he
uritoner wa* allowed lo enter bail In 05,000 foi a
further hearing on February ic
WOMRR deua shim, \ rsc, 1 i WOR
(Tin a...., I ch. 2. - A dispatch to " 'I BS l-BBB* from
si. Joseph, Mo., says: "Thc Women living lutbetOOtb"
'v.-,i.i 11 part *,f the cns ai" circulating a petition lo
have llooneck ami duelling, ihe wlls BBrderers.
is nelie.1. The iH'iition almartj bas sovaial hundred
? a>
A DEFICIT IN Pilli .adi 1 pm a TINANORR
I'li.i.ii.i lilli v, 1 ri,, _ (ftpnoisl) -'ih-' report o' ll*>
co.,.roller Decker! br IBM shows thai ike revenue
fiom all sonni's was *T7..ST,j.',.', Tl J BlpBadi1"1**!
017,0-0,-04 0*. gt ron ,.f axpendlturas over re
t.'ipls. ,r -lin-:.! ii,,- fonded il* bl ol tue cns wa*
reduced .-*i.-io_,__*>.
ii 11-1.1 bo, Mt ?-' (Opeetal). - Ths third payment af
11,. bUbhsIbb not.-s of niiver Brothel* a PhUBpa, and
Ihl ",lv,r and BObBltS Wire (01111,1ns. ainonn' I "g '"
- <i hi still Im- paid io ni*.now. This will make a
...tal of ii I.'.oil,1N),, pim ipal uml Interest paid to tkelr
creditors by tkaea Bra? -ince their suspeaaloa in i-1-^
- a>
san Fraaeteee Mt ft. Tia Chamber al OBBBBtsttB
(lils afterniMiii adopted il,*- majority report *.f the tBBBe
millee neeiBly appointed '., coutldcr Ibo twill a?
albctiiig augai' lntojo-ii of tho l's.'.flo con*. The
repuTt advocates .kat ike j>--??-l UrtB be lualattefied.
isnrtMisiiis, ind.. Feb. ?_. ?"The Indlanspoils Ben
iin,i," (ix-ui.t vkt-s sold yesterday by W. J Craig, "> *
j -ir wayne syndicate for 076,000, s. i\ Morse win
be cdli'.r. and IV A K. Un ktr, ol - .1,.; lon UaynO
n mil. I," publisher. Mr. Morse v*a. om <?! ti-''
founders ... "Tho Kansa- m* etsi and wm recently
.. i.i.-'.i.-.l with "The Chicago Inn.-.' Ile and llaeli
-i- . wi a msjorlt] of iii* stack. the latter alu
not give up his lort waru* paper.
.si ld for SECLUDING RROROES TROM ?*< -.""/..
? ii...mn.h.w.n. Ohio, Kell- - iBpeclel).?People ka
an- deeply moved oval tumbi. I arl Bg < "' "I a failure
l*. carry oin Ihe purpose of the lau retpCCtlng tho
adiinssi.iii of eolotod eklldren to tbe -,??,.,,. in jef?
fers,,,, Towaaklp lecentiv. Tin.un- UudsoB, colored,
sued tke sd,.,..1 uustces for *?. damage- for n?- ex
pulslon of his ion. ll*'- case wa compromised, but
bow Horace stone, also coldred. lia- turd the stiuu
people for CT,,ooo lm tho sams cause.
S..i in l'n i-i,nt.i, Tenn . I'.-ii. _ isp-clal'.- Tho Ursr
llepubli.-a.i club known In the history of this place
ban Just been formed, iv.,. N.u \T.rU lasts..-. K 1.
Wilgi., and II K- Edwards, were leading s-j.ilt* and th.)
Speakers of Hid oca-aslon. .
CUUBBAW, I eb. 2,-Tho Hove mauiifai'lurci , to dav
elect*".! D M Thoma* at aeorelary for aimther ti-nu al
06,000 a jir-t. A rMoluUou wm adopted iee tr lc Ung
Tin: hospital"firrbug" discovered.
Tho suspicion that thc Arcs in thc hospital of
tJic Now-York Society for tho Relief of the
Ruptured and Crippled, at Le_lngton-ave. and
Forty-second st., on Sunduy evening wero of In?
cendiary origin became a certainty yesterday about
8 p. m., when another lire was discovered lu that
house. A servant in the dining-room on the main
floor smelled smoke and saw flames in a dish
closet opening oil the room, Policeman White,
of thc Grand Central Station squad, sent out an
alu rm and thc llrenieu put out thc flames before
ni nell damage had been done. 'Jiu- lire had
Started in a liin-n drawer in the cloBCt*, and it was
plain thal som*' person hud sci the linen burnlng.
rhe ch.i rn al remains of a safety match ho.v were
found in the dravvcr alter tbe lin* was out.
Winn th*- ahum was given theta waa much
? xcii'Tiieut among th*- ; BO patients iu the hospital,
and il tew ol them got out to Ihe street, 'iho
physicians mid nurses managed to quiet the rest,
as it. was believed from the outset that the tir<
would not prove dangerous Them had been much
uneasiness among the nurses m the hospital since
Sunday night, und the parents ol a few
of the children under treatment had insisted npon
removing them to their homes. The lire yester?
day afternoon increased th*.- alarm considerably
for a tow hoiiis.
Fire Marshal Sheldon was in the hospital con?
ducting an examination <d witnesses of the Sunday
night lire when thc tire brok., out yesterday aficr
H....U. It was a rnre opportunity ior Mr. Sheldon,
und li* promptly started inquiries regarding the
persons v-,lu. had access to the dining-room. His
suspicion hud lull.-n ol. Wednesday upon May
V. I Ison, a pretty, sharp wined giri of eleven years,
who hud tho mn of lin ii.iii ami thc dintng-rocm.
Sin- hud been s potten! th* re foi aboul three years,
andee treatment foi wry n. ? ic. and was so nearly
cured after an operation th.tt Dr. Gibney wu's
thinking of sending l.*r borne. Lately the girl
had anawpred rings at the door Bnd bad enjoyed
muck freedom aboul iii-- building.
On Tuesday * vening Dr. dibiis found a ho*, ol
matches on thc open register ol In- room on tho
iiiniii Boor. There hud been some talk about the
possii.ility ..I matches dropping into a resistor and
setting lire to the hospital, while the physicians
*.)! ni dinner thal day. May Wilson wns preseni
at the time. On Wedncedjiy Dr. Gibba took Mr.
Sheldon to his room to ghow him where i be matches
had been found nnd strangely enough there was
another i..,x of matches on the register. Mr.
Shelden talked willi May nnd suspected that she
bad st..;,, i the Hies *.n Sunda* Bight, but thc
physicians and the matron of tlie institution saki
I mi s,, sweet ,-i child us May could im! ha ve been
guilty of such un act. Ytiterdav afternoon Mr.
Sheldon was questioning some other children in
the hospita] ns t.. May Wilson's movements when
they were disturbed hy th*- ?re In the dining-room
closci. _ [t did nol take hun long to uscertain tim!
May Wilsen imi i,,.,.,, ..,.,.,, in )i,,. (]|ning-room n
few niiiiu.es before the fire. Taking the girl
into ,-i separate room bc accused her dire. Hy.
TM.: (IT I'lliT HAKKA A ff IA Tl". MK NT.
At first she denied her guilt, but after Mr.
Sheldon had talked with her some time she bum!
into team and made s confession which he wrote
out ;is follows:
I .im steven yearn o' Bgs and I hav* been here three
years I stade ali the Ineeadlary Brea In ii." BoepitaL I
BB not knots- ,v!,v I dbl jr. . >,, Smnliv I sven' to thS
doetor*i mom and san son,,- ,.... ? ,., tier.' and Biade the
fir- on his bursae. Thin I scat tn the bathroom and e*-t
sun,' Batches and isl .'re tn th" clothes in th- hampers
To-da* in the di'iinc-room i foote! i b..\ ..f matches la the
closet and made the lire In the ilrnsvrr. lt was I srhn |iut,
th" BtBtcbea nn the register 111 the ric '.ir's rent,, yes-, 'liv
and the dav Betel*. 1 do not know *vhv- f did it. nut. 1 nm
-orry I did lt. Mr father ls Kl. hard Wilson, of N"o. 17.S
Vu,' One-hundred-ai? twenty-nlnth-st
Mr. Sheldon a mm--od to have the (?iii kept
under restraint in the house of a physician outside
of the hospital. Ile snid lust evening: "T have
B < pul the cir! tinder arrest yt. but. I will submit,
her ease to Ihe District-Attorney to-morrow*, nnd
will act on his advice. I. la doubtful If she cnn
Kc punished for the less of n human life nt the
fires on Sunday Bight."
T)r. Gibney, thc chief surgeon at the hospital,
said: "The err! probably -tufTers from pyromania,
which may be described bs an Itching ho sel Dre
to something. There trill bc much relief here
now- that the authur of the mischief hus been
found out and removed from thc hospital."
Tin'. I.irriK cir:..'-' OKlVRBAt coot, TK-fPRB.
Some of thc other physicians In the hospital unir}
they trew astounded at the detection of May
Wilson's depravity. They knew* nothing of the
girl's histor*, l...fo|e sh,, came to the hospital, with
her rieck twisted s,, thal her face was over one
shoulder. She was a trell-mannered child, and
hud smh a sweet expression in lier face that she
attracted svmpthy from all the other inmates
she bore a painful operation with patience, and
lately ber sweetness of temper hud not diminished.
When the fin- was discovered in the bath-room bb
Sunday night, it wns May Wilson who called at?
tention i" the other lire in the doctor's room. She
appeared to be strangely cool al the time, but
her bearing did not excite suspicion, r. ans con
sid. i, d only as another proof of ber devotion to
the interests ol her companions in the hospital.
Oas of thc servants said yesterday that she no?
ticed M.ii Wilson hovering aboul the dining-room
.ti Wednesday evening, after Fire Marshal Sheldon
had been talking to her. Probably the inri was
thinking thi n ..( making another attempt fo burn
np the building. May wns In a irrenfly excited
condition last, .vening, and reporters wire not
permitted to talk with nc. Her parents ar-' said
to be respectable people and aide to provide for
her comfort.
in th*.ti, feb. _ (Special'. -The Supreme court of
Ka,,-in-.' this morning handed down a decision in tho
contest over thc will of IT amis Palms, Hie million?
aire lumber man, a document a Oed lng property '?? tho
e-tctit of .onie 017,000.000 Tho will const I tuted Hie
son and daughter of ths -beeden! and Michael w".
(I'Kiien, a leading banker, tru-tec-. to held Ibe prop
crly until Ihe end of the minority of tho youngest
living grandchild, and provide,) Hutt If his daughter,
Clot lido, win, has been given eonaktea-able notoriety by
Sf natur Joana's Infaiiiaiii.ti with hor, did not marry
in 1 have heirs bis entire esla'e should descend to the
children of lils son, Francis .-. Palin".
ThS appal wa- taken to tbe i limit (Turf in tho
form of s petition r.. Interpret the ssili. the provUlonj
of which cul oil either pally from malting a conlea!.
The Circuit Conn *|-*lii."l the wOl tt.s.ild and an
appeal was taken le Ibe Supreme court. Thai court
this ii.dug decided Mia' ih- will wis valnl except
lu re fat that lt destroyed the power ?>( alienation
in the IrustecH during tao lives, thu. Clause being
dcdai-ed illegal. Tie trust constituted by tke will
therefore continues.
? a>
Pn-fssoao, lah. 2. Ab argument ba an aqulty pro?
ceeding Involving a la.-ire amount of money ami tha
Hilo of 17,0 acres of oil land In Otto and Bradford
Townships, Mcbean I OUaty, was heard In the United
Males Circuit Court today. Jehu satict fi-dd and
-akers, of Ku.'faio, plaintiffs, allege Hun ikey purchased
tin- property, paying for lt Blft0,00p sftm ll had been
developed bv Georgs i*. linker. Tbs property ls bos
occupied by H. i*. Mab.rn- and sile, wno dispute tfceli
mic to it. The plaintiffs a-k for a receiver, an account?
ing of th" profits -ni the h.1 told, and the rentals eel
looted on the lan*! In question. Th** srhnte arnon ut
Involved ls aboul ,_-u,ooo.
Hie number nf stove patterrs produced by the mahers,
patterns on hand to romain In uso fur several years.
Jacki-osvili.e. Feb. 2.?Cleorge Hayward Carpenter,
tbo for&cr, a president of the Drooksi.le Knitting Com?
pany, of New York, who waa arrested In this city on
Friday by Detective Sergeant Sheldon, of Inspector
Byrnes'* iliiit-mi, escape.', from custody to-day. Hinee ho
wos committed to Jail on Monday by Judge Baker to
await extradition papers from New York, Carpenter baa
been permitted by the Sheriff to occupy bis rooms, being
guarded by two special otllcers. He employed bis time
in amusing lils guards and sending telegrams. Last
night his nttorney, ff. W. I'ope, spent several hours in
consultation with Mat, leaving him ut ll o'clock.
Wben the gtianls chango*! watches at midnight lt was
supposed that bo was soundly sleeping tu bed. but when
tbe guard wno had the last watch went to see If his pris?
oner was all right he discovered that what he supposed
to be tlie steeping form of the forger was an arrange?
ment of the pillows resembling a man's form. Ho took
with him two heavily pucked valises aad lils overcoat.
Sherill Holland sent thirty or forty dispatches to points
In this county, but up to this willing has received no
word of Carpenter.
When first arrested Carpenter said he was willing to
return to New-York, but deprecated tbe Idea of going as
a prisoner. Detective Sheldon deoltasd to take him any
atlier way than as a prisoner, preferring to await the
arrival of the extradition paper- in order to obviate any
triiubie. Carpenter left ? letter tn lila attorney saying
tl,*! he timi made up his mimi lo do a rash act. but ia his
ludguienl lt was a risk worth the taking lie said that
he was determined, if possible, tu return to New-York
without going aa a prisoner, ami that he would com?
municate with his attorney Upon Ins arrival In New
York. The Sherlft ls bitterly criticised for allowing tbe
"?vti.MisT.Tos, Feb. I (Special).?Ths third _ay*i
session of ths Board of Assessors was a repetition of
the two dayi thal preceded, except tba! s'.n towoi
men wens assessed. Mayor RhosSto promised last
night, to a committee of riti/.en-i who waited upon
him 'iu the Interest of peaci) and decency," to keep
his ollie.ts ont of Hi" vs ay to-day am! to heep dosed
the rear door thal loads froni bis odin* la Hi** City
ll.;!!, tklSUgh Which the Obstructive crowd af round?
els wm adini.ied yeslarday. While this promise wi?
le ;.' partially in respect io Hi.* .1.-, the officers In .lie
hall to ii;*- were is nnrneroui and ovmbeariag as th v
wei., yesterday and tba day before. They eonatautly
obstructed the pass aga of men through tke gates tha>
led i" tke assessors' table sad repeatedly held tin*
lines back, v.liilc they ealtod np and pulled through
Hie dens,) crowds one of ilieii pailv associates am! had
lii.n sssessed. Tbe crowd however behaved admlr
ai.iv. and the men wer? cautioned bj their leaders
all dav lune lo heep tii.- peace. Democrats denounce
tho conduct of tho asjis.?is and admit thai these
dilatory tactic, win rea-1 upon their party. Mayor
ll hoads is * on.lenin.-il by men ol' both panics for al
lowlng bi, officers to bulldoze the applicants for
lem. and especially for his failure t<* heep his
promises to the citizens'" Committee. 'Hms far _09
liep.ibu..iii, have I.ii assessed, while the Republican
* on,m."e.- claims that ]..):.ii could have paid Hid;
tax and received their certificates.
Proceedings have be..,, begun In tba Cltj court la
linn lily u by A.sh.-r L? Kid.lian, the Junior pan uer of
.hr' Brm of Edward Banders .v to., broin-is m Austrian
bonds, legsliaed lottery eartlfieatea, eta., at No, 80 and
? '.?_ Broadway, Brooklyn, Bx a.. aeson ntl ng roc som*)
time matters have been strained bal waua him an*l Mr,
Sanders, owing, lt ls said, io his re fas al to many tho
inlier's daughter, whick tke tether requested. Tho
papen la tbe case wero served on Mr. Sanders oil
Wednesday afternoon, and Ifl tl,eui lt wa_ set forth that
Iho faJluio on lt?llsn'l part io marry Miss BaadSrt bad
broken ap tho pleasant relation- of tho Bm,
Mr. ITddUn went luto ihe ollico sh* illy after tho pa?
pen were serve*; on hi. part uer, and the neighbors
thought bedlam had broken loose for a tow ml mites
Mr. samlets and hi, son fell BB the Junior
partner and the former used a elub arith good
effect ou Mr. Fiddian, but tke latter \vn-st,.,|
it from him and lilt him a resounding thwack
on Hi-- in-all, removing a ipianrlty of skin ami
hair. Mr. banders wat al a disadvantage because ho
tuts a woouen leg. The police were called lu and nu*
tiuee men sere taken to the police sta.ion and each
mado charm against Hie other, bul none of them were
held and they wero advised to settle thu a.llicully In a
..in t.
Mr. sanders lives at No. IVA Bast Sixty BlSt-St., New
VoriC, and ls iiliy-set et, years old. Ile w a.s unable lo
appear a. ins office yesterday in consequence of his in?
juries. Mr. Fiddian ls twentj six rears old and lives
it ,\... __:j South iou. v. st., Kr Kilos i. lb- lits been
lu business with Mr. Banders for a year, and had charge
of M.. .illii'.- nn.il the dil!.-.-, n.-i-s" ar.se l, the linn.
siiici) tb-l tune Mr. sande,., has ap|K'iU'eil th.-to every
.I_>, and he is said to Las,- threatened lo ruin Mr. I'ui
iiian for uni marrying bis daughter. Ai. injunction wa.,
icc med yesterday, tu restrain Mr. Fiddian from _pn
i,.g the money box of h.-* Brm deposited in tho rural
National liana m broadway, Brooklyn.
The trial of Koli. ?? a a Cas-iiis W. -levens, on a
charge of manslaughter in the second degree, lu kill?
in); John li. Mulligan by clubbing bim when malling
him a priloser, renult*".! in Ids aagalttal yttsteiday
aftaraaan in 'h'* Brooktyn c..hit of Sessions. Tho
ii. fen ie thawed thal: i>e prisoner made a atom resist.nico
ami the policeman used no unneceaaary violence, lie
waa defended by General it. i'. Tracy, who in?d?s ?
powerful pi'a br his client. Ths Jury was out fur
nearly three hours. Tin- prisoner was rn greatly
affected ihat bo burst lulu taara when bc heard the
BaWTON, N. J., Fob. 'J.?Robert ts. Westbrook, on
trial fm- the mordor of Morris, testlfted to-day la Us
own behalf that he went up lo the held after lils cows,
saw that tbs cows wens all righi, got over the ten*"
to pick chestnuts In his own I|.?ld. Vt hilo picking
cliest nuts he beard sum-- one tkOUtl
" (let out of lhere. You arc sieabng my chestnuts I"
Da looked up ami saw Mortis coining toward Ibo
Stone row, with a pole over his shoulder and a kudo
In hts hand, half open.
'?I (hough. 1 would show Mm," sahl Westbrook,
?' that I waa not afraid ol lum. and w allied toward lum
He was then OB tho BtOBB row. When 1 Was wubin
eleven or twelve feet of him he struck me with tho
long pole, Vt hen he struck nie ho fell forward on
the righi Sids of bis fine, then rose ap and fell on lils
badi. 1 then went up to him. and saw his wounds
and Mood running from Ih-tn. Ills eyes were par?
tially Cloted. 1 then asm to Morris's house and told
Kia lianna about it. When Morris struck at BM with
the pole 1 did not thtOW anything at bim and d.d not
touch or push him.1
Ai.ham, Feb. B.?Davy Thompaoa, a toa year std
newsboy, died at tho (Ky Hospital this morning
fruin tho elicits of injuries received while ieUrariBg
papen la the coauaaretel Hank building last night.
He fell through a hatchway from the fourth story to
tlio malu fl'.o.'. Tho boy lad Just gout; up in tho
elevator und hail tahen but a tow BtaVpS BStSSB Uin
hall srhea he stepped Into Hie shalt, which hud been
left *-p*-n for thc pas-aSge of a safe, and plunged down
?e_dfoi<-ui.-i. He bil wuk frightful rapidity, s.riuiug
heavily on the iloor. Boveral persons about the blind?
ing ran l*> los a* IStaaCO, bul BS was unconscious,
and when picked up hi-, skull was found ta bo frae
tin.sl un lau u ,.d-'?. Nol minina mavik eoUld be found,
'iTtlM-.s, Feb. | i spec | a! i.-The State BOOld Wt Agri?
culture h.-li two sessions to-day. Thara wm a lively
discussion ab..,., the law regulating ti." "al" Of milk,
bul those wi... waated to tegallse tke sale of iklautsd
milk were badly d* !e.?ved. Two opposite views on tho
forestry Question tram presented, oas bj Joha it.
I vmat,. *.f New-Ila . rho .-ur",d-d thal thara
va, no eau,,- for alarm, and the Other bv KC ( hap
man, Blab* Bupertnlendenl of Education, who argued
Ibo! the destructlou o! tbe forests wss idaving the
mischief generally. Tbe board will itnl-h lia auuud
meeting to-morrow,
Ai mus. Bf, Y., Keb. ?_. ? lo obtain an adjournment
of a suit by 1'i.iT-r I'hcli'S. te MOS York, Fro'd. nt
lla*'kus. of Hie ll... Na.Ional Kink, mad" allldavlt that
tl,., a! ,c, niling Cashier, (hal's ? iT'.rl.ti, would, I.)
the bea! -if Bte information, ivtiiin to tho city wubin
four weeks_*
(..ll MUM. I C., I'eb. 2 irspecial). A ilinicilll.V BB'
curreil In EVSTgreafl I 'huri'b, Colletou t un nt y, la-t
night between IWa preacher*)-tkB Kev. A. M. Michel
son ami J. H. Kulin.s in win*!, tko congregation took
sldee ami a general rough am! maible right followed,
both preacher, were hurled bodily out of tbe building.
Mayal Hewitt's temporary offices in the Slew
art Building were invaded yesterday by a crowd
of reporters nml people interested in Hie case of
Josef Hofni-inn. It was said by the officials that
years bad passed since so many iievvpa-K-r min
had assembled in tb- Mayor's office. They wera
at lirst, inclined to bc mftrry *___ WI?,jI1K for
Hu* nrnval of the pianist prodigy, hut Ihe Mayor
"soon dampened Huir spirits by itiformmg them
that no one except Hie parties directly in.erc*,teo
would lie ermined to be present at the -xamin
KM.ri.lge T. Gerry with his philanthro,,,,- head
eovere.l by a sealskin cap nf unusual form gavo
a brief life to reportorial enthusiasm hy c\l,,i?ung
a formidable bundle of pnuted and tvpe-ivnit* n
documents. Dat be. too. proved BBfrtllBg. for
after V'lling haw, tall ll Bl lag some of tb, lette?
iver*-, he said be could not think of allowing them
HU after the hearing, and perhaps not ev. n then.
In the meanwhile as some faint OOBBprBBatlea he
ofsted for Umps eil ob a pamphlet written l.v
Thomas Balley Aldrich, giving ii tsaehlng and
graceful account of the brief carer and uni mich/
death of an infant violinist named .lunns Sought.
Thia child was born in London, und hrouuht, in
this country to give concerts gader Ute moue of
" Vonni' America"' when only lour year*, old He
created a Biarhad sensation, an-l continued playing
till, in 1*77, when he was lucho v,;,,s ,,|.| h..
died in Heston.
Mr. Gerry was cxpnttetlag sa tho siatilnritg wt
this ease to llofnianu's wl,.-n them wns aa- ,.x.
??item.Tir, at the otiWt end of the lon. mom.
Ilofmann had arrived, a nish was nada lat him,
and poor Speight ami the lesson *.f his aaren
were shamefully neglected. Bat as ai Bafeeliag
speers tor observed "one living prodigy is wofH*
a hundred dead tates." Josef had guile a retinas
winch included Ins rather, ll.tut li. thhey, Mar?
cus Mayer, Charlaa W.df. \V. II. Moron, and
Dr Lewis A. Boyre and Minn M.I-me Hamilton.
Josel VV..I.- bis I iir-t rimmed overcoat,, am! looked
w.il 'hough conaidcrably anton labed. In a.-. *.rd
iiii.-i- vTib tb*' Mus .uv orders Josef and bis tuite
were bakes Into a ronni aero**'! thc w -.-.?. which
appropriately bore Hi*- initial ll. With then ..Iso
went, Hrs. joseph D, Bryan! and Iv .) Jaaeway.
'Ihen the reporters waited patiently in the is,s-;,e,.
looking hopelessly al Hu- ground giana in the door
? rn which an occasional shadow-oantotnime v..,s
enacted. The stern policeman who guarded tim
door wns named Gallagher, and many were iho
entreaties to bim to " let In.- go." bul even thal
tender entreaty *li*l not prove an "open sesame."
After about, .rn hour, Josef, his father, ami W.
II. M..Hon cann- out, The boy looked exalted
iuui worried, abd was g?t (.tn as quickly as pon
sibie to tbe Broadway entrance, ami di iv. a i*- tho
Windsor Hoi. I. Casimir Hofntann, Josefs Cather
sud that no decision bad been reached. Thea
Hn-re was another tetUoua wail while ti,.- Mayat
and the doctors conferred. At late the faithful
Gullsgbcr iliil us be had been so long adjured to
do iiinl threw open the door, and Mayor Hewitt
was immediately surrounded shy aa easer tiir**iig
of note-takers [Ie announced the i-.-si.it in Huso
words :
Ths coiiclusion is that his physical fiinci SM ai- all ia
?-?.....I ni lae, that hs i- a child te a klghlj Mgaalseg n siam
leaipeiainaal and not thstetees Hi te j-.a -I .*- athis
Children ale. There is no Indi.'id.in thal te has MSUtead
any injury from his public |.*'ifot n. m. -?-, inn it is BMBMg
adv Kable thal BefeflftOt h.- h.' limited n fniii |..i'<ini.aiic<e
a ara ste vs mi,, as tai aa posatUt*, s lay's tetsrval batsam
each. Mr. Abb-s atm BM hoy s f.uhci SgtBS tfBM hy sr ll
adhere is Ons rall altai he ii? tiled thia nash * lagaoa*
n ? ii ia
Mr. Gerry Hun rematkad lhat ht waa sat?Bod
with tin- result. Ile also saul that be had com
munica!'d to Mr. lli.i_i.mu nu affag to provide
u 1.1ml ol 160,000 for Jo_et'b education and t>up
port, provided be was not allowed to play in pub?
lic tul Kc attained manhood, lt ia uudci_to*sl
that Mr. llotuiaiiu mid that $n?*..* ** would ho
nveded for such a purpose. Mr. torry sam that
ih*- oiler was mailo by a New-Yorker.
l>i-. Bryant said to a .spotter:
J*>- I ls a splendid ap> ci inca of boyhood. There ls
untiling Iii-' maller s.Tiii bim. Aay poiSSI BtigM be proud
Of hus mg sash a c!n!*K
Dr. liamiltou was seen latat al ins Bobbbj No.
IO lusa! I v.-nti-mmHst. Ilctaiid
1 , .cn,..i. d iii I bOJ n. .' . "ic v-ry cai. fully, tSBMd hloi
ia avery nay _ui can ta) teat he is physically *-*|u.iliy
s*.il devetopad in i?"i* .....i limbs. n*is i. *s ara piepBSOsm
Ital a- si ic i, usa.ii- ii BJ itile - .va.ian'O' li BS sta
gfsallj sn ii*.-*! by ths , a wacs Bl bb many uraagaiBi and
1 wonder ihe di,,,..,- wini saw linn foi lbs In*' llBM fe ra
lin tevorabl] hnpiessaa' ?-, thai sara A lin *ia>s ano I
. vuiii.nc.i li.iii rwy carefully IxTiiie, tuteg and SlBM 8
Theta wa- absolutely aa ii*-r of tansy, ratat* aad "my a
rery ?Ugh! seeeterattaa ot -io. pakO'haate- aa! mus k?*?
four or liv ni a it.luuto. Thia waa UM nu-nd Maali ul
ih*' physical sxsittea. Hie playing -ws sst BBBtwt M
eaUSS tutu any BttnTllal e\. >" nirnl. ll ihS'Iiis na if km
11.n.s.cal ml nts ae; a -.pena, .'niictloi. Independent ft "*??
oilier in- icu [.roc-'Ho' * Voa uavi l.etrl ur known of boys
who White |s.s,, ssing no i.lli.i BBBSlsl talent and pcrtm-a
being sven stupid bad BNnarksMa steUt) in mai... mali.a
BO lt la ssllli H..fli..inii's 11,'islc. Ms BBB li' "ii w M t-lled
to his cses, which seri SSH te I*' psssllm ate IBSS" tig-a
nf m. iii.tl Htrnln. 1 found thal the BfSaNBgl "f Ute ?') "?
st'T- Bl Oaten ti' ll'-, bu' that I- simply conn, ni titi. ills
sll/hl la BM??t Bflte txnh eye, fully kip to BM SSSBMl
stan.ia.-ii. j.-s. f baa, of i'oiitse. . Bigly uer'.".!- M-BBsm
m?-ut. Ile wi.nhl not be a jrenlua if he Kui nut. lill
dally wink Bl BM |n.ui" m no' on- BOM a" h , d M lum ll
that of man) rhildren who an- WtWWBtWatt u. piac'l*-; one nt
two h)urs a day.
At Mr. Abbey's ollie s, he and Mr. Wolf. Hn.
mnnn's mauairer. were found in consultation. When
asked if ba was satisfied with Hie Mayor's decision.
Mr. Abbey replied:
IVifectly. Thc Mayat was very kimi- Bs Hi noi
even i"ii Ins Wishes BB ihe form of ail order, but at a ro
,i --. BB 1 I at once promised compliance. Th- Mnyor
se* med rSS*" much Uk* a willi Josef, whom h.' n-hl me he
had not been abb- lo hear as his Buttes bsd bSSB M ??**?:*
Mg I!*' MSB (he loy on his ki. an-l BlSBSl lum, and
did his best io calm him aft-r the bMUBBBBM ot O'. il.Ki'.ors)'
Mr. Wolf said:
josef I,.ts baaa twvtt - ktettd tossy than h-- sated baan
lu cn by tvt.nv COllCt-rlS. Tho d<-lois' c\an,ina'i'-n la
patel i .iii-- '.-l bis sanaa of aVjeaey an<i ba tanrst eal err?
ing. Ihls ls BM Hiv. Ihss'ht nas v" el sin**- WS w-re ia
Karn abmi months asv. NV li ii he got back to ihe table
he wrote! Ol a sill. ,,; l';i|c- !*) ("')n.an : ? *A hy won't, ihojf
Mara it.** alone!'' lt is fortunato lhat -K-s.-f a is net an?
nounced for a enmeit to-ilay. I sin.nhl imt h.s.' allowed
bim to play. .Never bSSBN have 1 SSW him iii snsh ?*
c-treii.elv i. rs mis con.lltloii.
Lil tl** Josef visited the Sto*'k Kvehaagl lust
before the close of busini-sis yesterday, ile was
seen io Ute visitors' nailery, but otic of his frieiitla
?n the Boat mcog_l"ted him and in a f?vv miuuUs
be was installed in Hi*' r*istruin. Ile BeeflBed to
be Mghtcnad by the shouts of the broken and
certainly was not so mach at hollie as, lu- is on
ih*' Stage Ol the Metropolitan Oia.-r.i House liefors
a nundi larger assemblage.
Vlca-C'ha.rman Alexander Henriqaea is believai
to bave kiss,-*! Hi*- hoy: at anv rata be <li?l every?
thing in his povv.-r !*, restore Ins courage. As iho
hands of the official chronometer on thc desk BB*>
pn ached Ute closing hour, he placed the h.iii.llo
of his gavel in the i)">'s bunds, but was obliged
to give more vigorous ra[>s although tho BJBRBR
-ere Bounding Hu- close ol baata-am
A KBRRRTOB man a Mung train robbers.
St. Ixiris, Feb. a.?"Jiu." Kunow,, u,e aiKaiisaa
train lobber, han Ikmsu taken from lo\.irUaint ... Killin
K*M'k for safe keoplug in tin, penitential v ure, hivmg
failed to monm *7,ooo bait. Bracky tbe lateaassr, wm
retoaaod ou a !>oiid ol tsTOo, _?,i ike readlaais **.tn
which ivs*, me iv hunts of Ts-arkaua came lursstd *s
security for a supposed stranger, and He -i prl Ingly
small arm.uni of ball, have plvei, n.li str-iiifih to
tho rumor at Texarkana Ibai lo.sk is a ls,n,en..u
??, u ho am delegated ?"U.- 01110 ?*.. to
betray them._
\V UUUMOOSs, Tah I niietuall. ?lue pea ? yetlcrday
re*)-.rel lu for ta a l isa Ibat a cruak, Otth a " bml-deg '?
rarnlrer. rr.tt io tha city loeklai" for tlie ITrsldett. from
I whom be wauled to collect a sum of maney. As he had
i used threatening lam:-..* regarding the !'r#d*lent.
tha eftieara In tha _e?ar_l prtclutu -era lattrurit-S to
I arrest hist. Tha city was SSSSBtSd by the poi lea but he
' Waa net captured until aBaut mldiucht. whrii li- wat
I loua*l n?ar PeiinsTlrauU-are. aud Math *t. Ila waa
| a i -i nani.. " I'll kill bim." Ha was arrestmi and locked
i-l. .it, sutplclott. ilo <ara blt aauie a* Abraham Itaaoa.
Ma it forti-nlno yean tl.l and lt a thaaatakar. Halsa
Riksian hut tyeaks broken KbkIUB. Mo farmerly lived
i iu santa Ka aad ha* beea ia tha city three year*. Ha
I isiers io all I ailed Htataa oBieials a? swindlers, robbere
i ami thiavaa and sa ya he cbbboi "tetjualice. s kan ai
I lasted ha bsd B-Ot lu bu pookak

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