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Alban r, Fab. _.? - ba Croeby lilith Li cc un bill fer tha
entire Htate waa e(**i?__ered publicly a tr a n lo day by tbe
Excite temNB-BBte of the AsseMbly. A Bettrtac was
given alto on tba bill io ouch aa desired to exprest their
?pmi-u of lt Be id .ar pnrtent were interested that the
committee mat la tbe Assembly parlor, wbirh, although
a Urire i .w.n.. waa crowded wita spectators. 'I'he liq ior
dealers sent a laure _tT_r?ii?.i te oppase the bill, amoni.
itt mc ab* rs !>e!ii<* Meuater niadler, Max I). (Stern, BBS
retary ef the Slate IJ.qtit?r Dealers' Atsoeiallen; Adolph
Heltou, a member et tba seme association;
Beary IL Bcharmaa, brewer, of Urooklvu;
Henry Clausen, president of tbe New-Verb State Brew
era and Maltster** Assn, latino, and Joseph Rudolph, of
lKsrhfV.trr Ihe leader of tbe Pretillil ionlsts, Frederick
M. Wheeler. cB_.rin.iU af thu Prohibition BbSBS ("onimlt
tae, waa also preeent, in eoajpauy with three other Pro?
hibitionist*. James II. Iironsoii and Thomas Murphy, of
Auisterdaia. aud the Har. (hirer lieuistreat, ot Albany.
Mr. Wheeler said to Ink Tbiboe ceireepenilaut: " I
slia'l not appear te-day attaint! tbe MB, ln-tau.se I am
coah..rut that lt will be deieat.-.i in the Lei,.stature
nnd I want the responsibility of defeat te
Teat en the Kcpublleans, In case it should pata tha
Legtslatuie. wa I'ruhn.i'.ianists would hare sou ci him,'
lo say ab,.ut tba hill before (iovernor Hill We are aa
Brill, apposed to mir huh lice,nw lull at we wera a
year ago aud shall oppeee thlt one barara OsvenMf lilli*
If il reaches tum."
Il "vu. bul natural, lu vic sv of this a'.litada of the Pro?
hibitionists, that General \\ aa-ar .-awarua, of New-York,
who mada un ar.umaul for tba bill, should p<uul out
BBarke.Ur the allutiiee nf tne liquor dealers and
the Prohibitionist* ncaiiiit tha bill. Tuerc alas
npiieared to support ibe bill William ('roswell Duane.
Protestant Kp.se.-pai Bishop af A,nany ; Donuau Ii.
Katon, Jahn H. t'lnt.. Ko'.-rt A. (ireaseti aad William 1
Bariley, sf Sew-Yoi V; I tu man Balam and 1 rank K.
Bickies, ot tho K.itlT, . r.'.f ms' Kefora. Association.
The liquor ilea in. aad Bru wera were heard tlrst iu op?
position to tlie bill. Mux D. stern aald that a
triT hitch liceae* tnv, equivalent te prohibition.
Thore waa no need te chark the geo wt a of
the business cf liquor solllnr, tor statistics showed that
dunns au inereu.se of Iifty par cen. lu tha populatloa of
How-York the iiuiBl.tr of saloons had decreased twenty
per crut. The best people of New-York opposed tbo
bill, as was shawn by fie fact that Mr. Crosby's support
?f tbe bid ef laat year had reduced bis major: ty from
_,'.DU to BOOj Ihe Ural or next october was too aoen ta
allow a man te dispose of his busluris.
Adolph Nelson, ot ibo New-York Liquor Dealers' Asso.
elation, said that the pa-sago of snell a law would
jeepardi/a the ineaua of support of a lurico uustber of
good eili/,*ns. The only abject of tba bill termed lo be
te lat mi*.- the income nf ville* ital towns at tba ex?
pense nt piair liquor dealers. The "lower class "of sa
leoiit it was proposed to suppress were those kept hy
ptur people aad lu which poor mon bought liquor. The
Oisertaaination between beer an., liquor licenses was
directly calculated to make saloonkerpers criminally
evaor the law. He lecnmu-eeUed thal a law IK) passed
Brading llaaasea arconlio ? to the ainu.ml af bulleen
do Be.
Ileary Clausen, presnlani of tho Brewers' Association,
? Bald that the brewers warn auxioua to diminish inlcui
ptrance and elevate their business, om hw vs at of the
epiuioi that tho Crosby bill wo.K'l lutvo Bona ot these
efloct"1 It waa practically a pronlbiUoa law ami oould
Bot be in forced. Tlie sliding seale nf licenses furnishes
0Waugan with which pulltlolans SSSBd coerce liquor
lit...ci - ..mi blackmail thom for eempakra contribution*.
Ile haltered that the onlr practical solution of tho quos
tion vras to adopt a lan liaiitln- the uuinber of saloon
beepers uno to each OOO of population.
"Woubl you brewers support sn.Ti a law limiting the
HuuiImt ol the l>eer aa.l liquor saloon* I" iiiquiicd Mr.
?"We would," answered Mr. Clausen, and tho brewers
aeddeii their baals. Mr. (.'lansen continued: "The
lieanl of Exetee has reduced the Bamber nt saloon.* in
Bast Teak by limiting the number ef licensrs granted
by it"
BL B. Biharman said: "If the pmnauB laws nan
only bo enforced, lt you can hare Hoards ot Ki?
el se that caaaot be 'seen' bf polittrians aud
l.tlueueed, then the present law would satisfy you. As
far a- my experience goes yon e.innot through high h
etu'se prevent iruakeanaaa whisker is drnnb ut the
elalie aud hotel bara lt, ls in tho huiu.ilcr places that
beer is sol.]. It la ilma obvious that aiest of the present
saloons eel! uoii-mtoxlcattn* drinks and th it the liars
able to par a hurl".!' license sell usuiillr spirituous
Mgaara Hoer ls ii food to the [so-ar tn New-York. You
ahoui.i not lake it away tram them."
J. r.udolph. of Rochester, said: "I seem to bo the
only representative of tbe aotintry liquor dealers. This
bill may lie ali light for Hie city, but lt tl a groat
wren, tn thr eeiintry. It is easy to eet whiskey lu the
local option towns or 1b the prohibit!..n towns, but lt is
dirt) ult to ge: beer. Now, what will be thc result of
your .ionian.luis a license feo of glOO for tho nebr to
Batt bam la the country 1 I predict that Bonang inn?
keepers will re-ard tilla as a prohibition of thc sale af
mali liquor* iu the conn try. Tltny will aol lake uul any
lionise bu*, will aeerotly sell whiskey. That wttl causa
Bit- "l :? .. 1 '..
f Iraak K. Bickies, af Buffalo, male tho openlm,
BBBSSBOM 1b farnr of the bill. He saul:
,'We believe lida bill will lessan druiikennes.. i\ a be?
lieve that lt ls fair and equitable. I batters wKh tho
liquor .ie,tins that the sale of Bialt liquors should lie en
aaaratfaO. Tue kui Oom thai tains hy yatilag tha karn
license lower than tbe all-liquor licnese."
tieueral Kwayuc sahl-. "We are gratti ul for the can?
dor of the btewera Mr. sion intimates that we ara
divided. 1 BBBpaetfally submit that is nat en. Tlie bill
ls known by ns fruits- Thero is uo liquor dealer or ITe
lilblliaaiat who lt asking for the itpcai of the present
I'xcise law. h?!"e ls no rreuibiiioiiiet or liquor deul.r
Vi ho is not o;rf?-ed to this bill. They Shoal I bare
friendly relations, for they 6eeni to have thr sallie aim.
_her<- is one let .ne of the proposed law to which I would
like lo call your nance. Thara ls as Braass foe in this
Kill which woubl aeeeeaarOy close a man's saloon. Tlie
liquor dealers buve told you of ibo BSeaaally of dis
cria.m..liar itel-feen the sale of beer nat tba-al,-of
ardent spirits That ie tbe easeatta] feature of IbtabiU,
Il h..- bi'iii sa.?! I hst th BBS ls a proxies Ito diminution
of luteiupeiaiico ia this romilly and ihat wa bad better
let well emui-h alane. Well, we say thal inc den.ase of
il: iii.ini? lu. bree partly caused by ihe taxes lerled
by us Ballad slates Gavel?Beat The result has
been te accelerate the ilnaiiintioii of iiiteiupeiatiee.
Ve desire still more te acrehrale thu. diminution.
ls it ss tons for soeioty to try le dianuisii hqiioi sciilnj
liver sluee the I. irlslaturehas sat herein Alb mr it Bas
Selected such t?iu-*s as were wrong and bas p is ? t laws
aKBltst theui. In the state where prohibition ls a law
tbe Prohibitionists are constantly derislm; methods for
flirt ker prohibition. Kut they have never sroue so far
tts lo un,ku it a crime far a man to hare liquor in his
possession. But to ba logical they should do sa. We
Bolide tke moil eau.lld and thereii-b mssallaaitea of
the workiuna of probibiUoa aud tue werkiags ef high-li
tfus.- laws."
Dorman lt. Katou said : " I wauld like to sall the at?
tention of tbe oomatitteo to certain exi>erteuces of
New-York ami Brooklyn In trcann.- this exciao
qtiettlon lustweeu )--,a; aol l-?70. I was tneu
the counsel of the Metropolitan Koard of ians The
mtatmam fee for .,-.,;,_ boer waa -'l "?' aud for nil kimi*
Sf liquor $."iO. I. was tue nrsl aSpaHUBSSl in Bifh
llceitse in tina eountrv. 11 wa* a it'eat suc*esa la tue
ten )> ..is pr?. ea ii.- 1 s,i.", lu .n.a lu. aud Kino, lyn
eely ""170.000 bad bee- taken In sxataa fees ur ino two
enies, lue nrsl oieyru inolith* of .his bi.ti-Kreiise law
in Nest-York, i-q.-.or-.oaier* pate lam tue eily traaaury
O'.Ki; .(r-.Hi knd in Krooklrn ??'_'al,"00. In Uta
Hu.d rr.ir of the .; ii "moe aleut or t_e law New *ioik
lloimr-ileHlers pa!4 rri.i,ai,,iiK) aaa nVooBlTB "?_'!.>. ??'?
.Ve was.,. On- i...n lo i .it saloons in the t wt, illira wat
redured '..ooo. What wu.atil! belter, the Biiuioar of ar
leais lui druukeuaes* ou Sinul .y ia Kaw-Tort mid
llreok.yu were 10.O0O le?s lu tte thr. e yeats ir-lle Ibe
law waa eafareed tli_n tn lb. three years ptaoediag,
??Tbe liquorsteaiera tell ut tbat lama mlarmte need
ed TIS .-li. tken. wiry du Uiey aol ere. e ii some bill!
'j io I in. . si ea.1 the oilier aasapaBMs ul tlis Tatb.
tue reli.ious pir-e. timeleea-- weulieiea af tbaaewi
papers ol tao Mtato 'ase ; ais BUL Yat we aro told that
we mftssaai cotuiinf."
The coonalttea ilieu went into evcutiye aetslnn ter
the purpose of addiuir certain aiuaiidiaeu-.t lo the bill
dael red by Mr. Katon, Mr. Kiar aod oilier lieail.ers of
the High Kl cen sr dani.Ute* of New-York OB nt?t)OU
?f Mr. Kuall tue favorable repor. ou tho bill was roeou
Bidere.1. Tala was a matter ol form te enable the com
tu! ti ea io ooo el lier tke auieadrqtnu, which will oe prn
pare ? before tue c-iuuntiee meed agata aext Tuesday.
Thea the bill ssl.: be a.alu r.ported .avnraoly to the
assr*i.iy. tsaaaya Mr. KnaUall, ihe chalr-aan. Mr.
Kimball aald also: " 1 he bill waa prepared ia New
York <:ny witueut much thou.ht of ibe requirement of
the couutry distrii it In oonaxiiieiuie ne pr"Tia.en ls
Ea i? lo prevent dr-?gl?U aellliiK nqoor without a
euee. He wiau to prevent them doing ao except for
ftare Veer Dei-ine L?antlr- smp Wrnppero
and send ta year favariw aaaamhU BBBRBBRBRk
ledt-rt-sl purpose! uah.es they take nat a lioeoao. That
till ba tea Diktat a-eeaS__eat -ade to the bill."
Ai.bant. Keb. 3 (Special).--Senator Sloan presented
o-day a letter from Homy lt. Pierson, Chancellor of
ie University, In behalf ot the Board of regents, asMns
he Legislature to apijroprlat** JU.".0,000 to complete
he rooms In tho new ('apllol, which have lioon under
?reparation for thc State Library There ls a disput?
ion on the part ot the Legislature to defeat this ap
The Basalts also debated to-day Senator Fatseli's bill
B reduce tin* fees of Ihe heall 1, BBRBBW of New-York.
_-*u-tor Haw kins'* amendment at the opening nf the
lehate making (ape Usury faataad of Cai>o llonlopen
he southern point of sailing from which vessels are to
>e s.il.jecte.i io quarantine fros was ad*)ik|ed.
Then the debate toob a paillsai turn. Senator Kln
r>n (letn.i offered an amendment prov|i!lng that the ???!
kry of the health otbeer s! onlO T.ol bo k's* than ?10,IMX>.
Ur. KiRson also p. jmi.-> >d this ametu'uieut :
In rase the ascn-jXale amount of tees of Ibo Matti
)f"ic?>r angadi tho sum te iflO.OOO per annum and the
ttaaaam to tie paid ont of the same, si*T*clfied In thli
lection, the surplus shall be paid to tlio Quarantine
'nmnilssir.iser- for the r~eservatli.n and impair ol the
lt ruc tu res le'loi'dii,'.' lo Itu, <_i,arantlne nslalillshntient
md said Ccmmtsaloneri shall keep au accouut of all
meanys received tn Bbbaised by il om indet tl.:s ae
Senator Fassett said that lt was doubtful If Iho Stale
had fhe constitutional righi lo traiwf'r Iho surplus ftes
r.f Ihe li*,tlth ofliC'.-r lo tho Quaraullnn Commission ir.
It wns a tattier suspicious amendment
Senator Hallies (Kop.) expressed the Opln'en that lt
waa BttBlOd fur th* purpose of ,,, j;. i,.: (h's bill uncoiistl
Tiiloiiul aud piv lng (,ov ei nor Hill a chat cc io veto lt.
Bonalnr Uaaoa protested that lt w.s oileicd lu k* od
Honator Ives said that (be Tv-mocal* would vote Inr
Iho bill whether .Mr. .lariat n's ainetidment was arcept.-d
ui' not
Senator Cantor said lhat the Ttemoniall could not
help being suspicious of Ibe I.iii. cunsiderlng its sonic..
?*s the h-altl, officer htmBSS
'lins remark tod Beast or I'assett to eulogize Health
Mtteer Bmi'h lim Benaltss then in "? pi od te-nator
K..tsi.ii's i n ei.dmen! Ikea tlie fernie adopte'l a
motion that Senitnr Llnsnn > amaadBMliI il'*_W t." ie
ferrell to tbs .Indlclsry CommltK.e for examination as
lo Us coastltutionality. Tho eommttlOS was dlrectod
to report back th- bill next Wednesday.
Assen.blyn.an Kimi, of New Yorli. it'tridirccj a reso
Inilon reciting thal because of th* refusal of railway*
ceiilrltqi In New Yoi li city to BstattlSl' low rat's of
travel and trains running at convenient hours. eltlBens
of limited means are debarred Kum ohta'nlng pleasant
residences in Hm Buburba of the metropolis, and ira
aLllgad ls rev'-to lr. iii.co'.-ifo'iablo mnos-snte !n Hie
city. Th" resijlutlon direct, the Railroad ComtnSslon
t-i-s io Investigate and regor! to .ho Assembly within
thirty davs what addition I faaiBtaS sloulrl be furn.shed
for railway navel within a radii s of twenty lites >f
New Yuri;, up u, what terms such addi!!'oaf accommo?
dations should be fn'Tilshcd. what laws, If any, have
beeu pissen bv other States in referen- B lo travel !n
ths i.elpl run-hood of theil lam cities, and what l*s*is
Istlon ls miramM*y IO carry into oiKrcf the objects of
I Iiis iiSsiiiiili.r,
Mr Hamilton arose t? (iivliat* th* resti'titlon, and it
W_,i tabled under the rule.
convicts _JKr.LT to remain idle.
rm: sk.nate COTB down tkk a-skmhi.y Arrrto
rr.iATK.N to 9900,0001
Ai.nANV, Feb. _. (-j; en al).-Senator Sloan to day
Showed tho laughable ub.siuillty of tha statements
mado o his tallowBflnalBlB by an amateur siailsllelan
ni Albany and l.y labor agttatata to tho ctr et ih.ti
Dion- i? a dteen any of ovo t_,oOO,ooo boi ween tho
roulroller's aconn! and that of tho Kop(*r-in.cr>.|ent
A iTi.soiis, re pa,,ii nc t?e cost of ni-intaUi-liig tho
slate prisons and the system- of labor In them. Hr.
-loan made this crltlcl-m when the bill asam up for
?onslderatlon ap- ropriatlng $1.00i).0o0 for tho usu
il the "iuierlntend-n, of IMson* In employing th's
.oiivict.s under the si_to AOcount Bj te sm Ia all
humanity tho Idle convict* should hi set at work, he
-sid. Rnaagh money ai !<ast should be Bppreprialed
lo keep them at w-irk. I'.-rhsps RAtOBOfiBO wa* too
much. Ho wa- willlnir, to Blake a compromise ?n i*..*i),
Bsaator Low earn Baaed the opinion n,at ii was
?nug to employ Ike convicts on work which WOaU
fompete. willi '-free labor."
Kenaior Cantor wanted the bill passed without
serial*.r sloan moved to Strike out gi,000,000 and
ns. rt 0500,000,
At Ihe suggestion of genetor b'assoti tke -um wa
fixed at 1900,000.
Senator Rnssell wanted tho natter laid a-ulc for ;i
BaateOf Sloan said there was liollilnir, he goald not
do lor Beaatic Emir!!, but iii** thought of ktts prisanem
appealed ta him ii ls a h.ni la iltnatioa Mr.
sloan .ead * art of a oommunlcstlon from Warden
Knish ol Bing siro, sic,stint* .lia. many of ih*- 1.000
m-n uro tee-ad up two iu a t* ll. Thara la no worlt
to do.
Mr. Kiis-eii moved to emend by agrroprlatlag glOOy
000, lint was persuaded lo agree to an appro. Hatton
of 0250,000. ti,,, amendment was adopted by a vote
of IB to 8, a- follows :
Yin- Messrs mi.obi. Coggeahafl. PSesett, Hawktaa,
Hendricks, Iv.-. Kellogg, Langt-cln, Leaia, Un*?n,
Low, MeNanci.ton. O'Connor, nain-s. Robertson, Bus
sell. Sloan, sw.-et, Walker. 1!?.
Nus- Messrs. (an or. c. illus, Dena, Poley, Murphy,
Ki. ree, Reilly, stadler. *,
The lui wa- iiicii isased, Messrs. Bellly, Colin-.
and Murphy io!lng rn ths negative. The Kill mus! bo
a .. i'd by tbe Asa-mbiy before ll goes t*. the Gov
ii-noi-. There promlaoa to be a struggle In tha As.
.? mbiy over ii. Buperintendenl Lathi ? ;- st.re, thal
the appropriation will la-t only until March, when ho
will ba complleil to ask another approprlatlao.
Tho two theatre* in Newark are iimua.rd respectively by
ll *'. Miner and H. It. J.n eba The laitrr>)ia. a team te the
inion. Opasa linnie, winch was luiin.ilv a ital mit rluk. lt
ls ii, aiioiit-nf-the way 1 cjIii-u and pearly equitqinl. alihoutrli
of larire seailnr, capacity. Mr. Miner's theatre te Ifl Market
Bt- (eutially locateil, un*! was bulli by Mr. Miner. It is well
littelnp. Cheap prl. et rule at the Hr*n*t ouera House,
White Bl M!aar*a master pitSSS ar. chareo.1, Between Hie
tarahaaaaaaatraarrivalry haa rowu up. Mr. Jacob* ts
anxious i<> Kel a better thuatre and ha* n.aaa overtures fur
the Irate et Miuer's theatre, rfhieh. it !s a.teraal, hus ate
paid on lb*- Investment. These overture* w.-rs iefu?nrt. ..ml
Mr. Miner assert* that if Newark will not pattSSMa a first
class theatre lui still oonvoit his baBdlBl Into a vegetable
Mr. Jarobs, fludiur that lits was una!.lu la Kel a lease of
Miner's, ha* tai aod his BtteatMB rn limbtiUK. Ile first
tliuuiiht of bayt-g th*" ) rn Haul iel Church pu.^eiiy, soon
la tte TBsated. aa Bsnh at, ths i-r.. ?? ..--i i brtag jon.oon.
Thara ??i" glteeatuea iu the way mi meaatry
his representative* here soiitjht te Ballal Newark
c. 'Kains in a .cluino of IhS tre bud ling. A
mstarSBOB was hate en Wcxlnet'.av and a plsn <f
erse ting a imiei aad theatre biiiidiat; to n,?i about
1200.001 wa., BBaaWteeaS Two Site* were named, ons In
Bi aa< el. nam lha nu Hall, and meemar the Deal *' Math
oditt (ann (li ntoperty in Market st., lu the tniiie block with
m.e.-r's rkaalia tut withu, a steas'sthrawwt it. a Tum
iak rapartai s?w Maaaaat Badar, of the Ornate opera House
la Mowara, tatt atebt Mr. --.-ler sud thal Bathing was
srtllis.l ai y.T amt ll. pimTiase of props,ty had b"-u ina.li.
" We shall k'.ew lu a day or two." he added. " I can nut Kiss
the iia-uei of thr ceotleiuru iiilfrrilc l. (if NUB lt il isa.
aiclii.it the v,h.. .. Ililnc w,il end in am.>ke." At Millers
') h.aln- the Mattel wai lat).lied Kt a* ti I.luff lo fri'litea Mr.
M mer Into leasing hi- I Beatie to be Included iu tin circuit of
cheap theatres eontiulle I by Mr. Jacobs.
Tlie propoai-.i ciuiaoiiiiitii.n *,f iboWaahlnartMwtiaetaad
Jt.l.iisiui Sir. et .-ctluxlist V i.lscopal Chun los m IlMoklyn.
teVOlVlna the sal*.- of Hie tdlfleM now il, BBB mid ihe am lieu
of a mw one for Joint use en Ihe lleii.-l.ls. wa* voted ntou by
the ine?bers of beth last avastaa. Tlie diapsnty liettteeu
t'e rlinrches is no! areal iu |ailiit ol i-uuiUiis, aaBSthhBVS
eutlrr.il by the upiowa di ifl of papobttlSB, I ut the prop, ny
of the formrr tt veined al fK.O.Ooo, aa it stanat m the
business lenin-, near tue new Knit nflu-e. un,I tho niort
f__u upon it lt only s>17>.?i(>0. while the Johnson Bloat
Church is worth only .t!7.. uni .ml ie moi lii.if. d tar gBtteM
ii..! sm wore hate te bethehaishaamateai trust?-*-s ior the
piupoee : in sv .1.ur, h. At tho *Jo_n?on Btraal cinitch His
vote was ptscti* ally iinaniu.ou. tal I on.olid.lion, but allin
VA ashlin' .rn sir.,, t iliui* h Hie se it.ioeiii w n tn-, riv e.|Ujily
divided, ibe e wa. m. ileuaie of the (pie.ti.iii. hui the hallo!
bot wts open an hour, of tke".'* vote* * ail HS wrre ai-ainsl
niel ::7 for rensolidatlaii. As li retuned a threelourthi vole
the prelect isdi-iratel tor the pre-eat. A slunlai moTtineut
waedtio-le.l te the same way narre years ano.
-tarbert ll. Ile. tnlt. thr Hoeaevrlt Hospllal orderly, who
?pilled ( I'arli-a Mcl.oin. a patient, down the elrran.r shin
on ITusilay. juadr a sworn eta'rnient ta Coroner Nnaint y.*.
ttntay a* la b'-w the uki '.nt liapt^ned. He said that he bad
bart DIB Hie hospita! but lour il.yi ami w..t uiilam.l.ai e. k
the elevator. U* ikuikt that Tem MfllS anotirr t.r.trr.v.
waaei,ually lobUnir. ae Mills opcnel OM BtaSMW doer and
dirt nel say lhat t?e car wat nol mei- llrin.ells attention
l?iuaia.BUu-allo ike patieiii he il.d not notice tha- Dib car
wa. uot lhere and wfesflted the stretcher to the ed_e ot the
? halt, winn Mo-Safl rolled off Into lt. (.ironer Nuy;ent
Blaied 'irnnelt tinder $1,000 ball pt inf the inqnrsl lo oe
Le d Monday afternoon. suoMlntOD 'mt Ja_ei ll i_ithr..B,
of Kooe-vell Hos ulai, save hie personal bond tor BlWBStl t
apjiearsuce and he reiurued to U?e h?i|>llaL
Warden Walsh waa Informed las. ovonliii, ll.il tillie
was a warm bjhjI In the wtUls of the Tombs and ? MS
pleleag suioll wt fire .In tho air. Ho directed an Inves
tig-ton and tho warmth wai) fo.ud lea cons inn.
Baited- ??! ih.) TomlH. Wh'ii th" War Km se'luvl fo-th
at thi head of hi* .1- |.uiio- a band of elreet boys were
discovered warming tlieuiaelvea about a Macing bonOrn
that bivi benn built in ibo svuw lit h uurnat ul l__
Tomus waU. "r" *"
.-oTt.Bt.sr, itKconi) or carram whiik.
Washington, Fib. . fSpcirkl.?Chn'7rn-in Crkrp,
of lb* House Committee on Derttnaa I ? >;?>
called np Hie Indiana cn1*-. So fnr .is tlie Dnat>
crals and the BO?BOed " Csatefltaiit'' am *?* n
cerned, lin- case bus be.-n before ti.e HoBM nil ;
winter in ii most fl?BBB-TS anjf.
Ont ol 84,681 voters who gBBt t!i ir ballotB tot ',
Coni"i*i*ssmen in tb" Xllt.i Indiuna District in '
MoroBbbaBj IBSOj Kobari Lawry is Um one solitary ,
muli who luis tbe impudence to slnnd up in tlie j
lions.- of I4"pi*i'sent.-.tives nnd declare tbut Jinn- I
Bs White ir. inclinable to hold n wat in Conj*re*s, !
bOBBBBB RB had not been, for seven years before j
his election, a citizen of tho I'nited States. A j
mun who pleBiled guilty lo an indictment for j
swindling I'nion soldiers during lin- war, and wbo j
wtls un Iniliiiiiu " peace Democrat," pmbnbly could
nfford lo ul tack the citizenship of a soldier who j
shed bis blood in defence of Hie Union on the j
batt ll) fte Vd of Shiloh. A man trim Bauld afford :
to do Hint BOOM afford to S|and months in Wash?
ington nnd tnbe advantage nf bis privilege od ud
minsion to tba Door of I lie House to lobby RCTinst
Hie mun who lind defeats! him ut tbe polls. Such
n mai. could afford to invade the pr-ss gallery of
the House in the hame I,el,alf. and lu batttf?iola
representatives in Reason and out nf season in Ins
attempts tar g'-I them to commit UiemBflsBB. Hi
could off ord, also, to beseech Senators Vaoriteefl
ntul Turpin. e\-Seiiainr McDuniild. ex-Scn-i-ant at
Arm.s Blight and other Indiana Dcnincruts to
lohby will, IJepri-s*ulu! ives and even lo Beek them
ont nt their Waahlagtea hosaes In bis Kenall, us
they bave done, on tin* -round tliat '" liidiiina
maat be rania?I ai every hazard." But it is i
doubtful whettber anv nf thom gtBtOBBI-B could
afford it. The eas* is a very simple one. li ll
were onlv a choice between the Republican White
nnd the Demoeral Lowry, as the case now Blands '
there is no doubt whatever thar tin- Democratic
majority iron ld declare White et,lilied to tlie seat.
The plain i mt ti is that Jadgc Lowry seems t.. ba
more offensive, even to the average mn *,f Demo- ?
c.rr.ts. than a I'lpuldicim ia?BOd thal is savin, fl
grete deal. nut. " Indiana mist be wderateO "
was the I,own. watchword, ami tbe tnninritv of
the V.l'-c! ions Comiiiiltee adopted it. If a sin.;.'
rii'iiioiTnlir m"m!icr of tlie committee refused lu
do ko. his name bob not vt been disclosed
li Ia admitted that Captain WhHe baa bean ?
resident of th*- State <>f Indiana f**r tliirtv-four
years: that from tl." time l,e reached Ins maioritv
he lins talien a warm Interest! in the noli!'eal
invittutiotis of bis admited cou til rv. and in tb* ;
politic* of the StaK-: timi at tbe outbreak of the
war he enlist- il as a private soldier bi a regiment
of Indiana volunteers and Kv tl,c siirTraces of bis
man indra wis made watara of his ema nany: Hint
be fonsrht in Hie brattle of Shiloh, where he fell
wounded: thal he was honorshlj dinsharasd from
the service of tin- I'tiitiil Suites: thal be returned
to K's 1,onie, where he hus s'nee |s>mnined ? that
in February. IBB5, be completed the net of nnt
urali/a'ion which hud its ineeotinn in 1858: that
he hus Keen a p-ood citizen, ncc u?iillnt"il property.
held ofbee hy the au IT rn rcs of bis ne'^'-'-orsi arid
ncnuaintimees. and miora th<- r-'siseet nnd esteem
of the eoirtni'initv in whi"h he lives: that li" wns
a candidate for Confrres* in I BBB. and (inallv. in fl
?1'strict which nsinillv 2'ves two thousand or nam
T >em orri Hr maioritv. he was Bleated hf a plurality
of Bearii 8.500. Tt. is not disputed timi nil his
interests are in Indiana. Tt is ti"? even rbii-nod
that he bas left the soil of that State for Ih.rtr
four years except to del.-nd lim Mar of bis adapted
count ry.
Against bim it is aaatteed : Brat that there is
na record in the Court docket of h's nut nralization
lil If*.'..'. : lind see..|,.l. th-'t Kccause of Ihe nhs. nee
of thal record (.f nat u.-iii' "il ion he is no! a fit i z.-n
of the United S'r.i's. The aaw*rt1nn as to the
i.Ksoiice of th<- ont ??- i,, the record is true sis shown
hy tlc- record ji ?1 f I.ut >'t is also shown that in
mon* than one hundred other rris--s of naturaliza?
tion in thc mm" court, and erwin! the sam" tim".
the elerb of tin court tu .beted tn moire th.*
moper railH*-. As to the Inst of natnrali?ition,
the oral proof is oversrhetmtnr. Tt is rnnsifh to
itsseft tliat ri man is no' ? natamlined eiii''-n of
ll,e Pelt.ul "stot"s who. h'?'Tl.', been Kort, alir-'iul.
ls unable to show a certificate of his naturalim
lion, or point tu its duplicate <*n the re*, rd nf the
Court lt hus Keen even BSWrted thal rtonM
mi.-ht Ke rn?i anon the ir*tir*-flsh1n of .Tomes Tl
1* ?.?!:. I"..it<"I isl-.te, Senator r*...'.i RentneltT. .'i"d
nnon the ctttateishin of Bowral members of the
II.ese of l,'e,,ri.s"'tat 1\ es v.K.. ure of for- i "il
i.irtli. Whether these assertions ive true or not.
th" .itic.ti.in r:-'-''l ls ..ne tclKih v. i'i .lion,.,ol
itself tl. ill" enos''), ra' .'ll ,.f mB-tV C. .lillis of
m-'unili "??! c'tizef.-,.' il li.t d'-I i s maper ting
whose teatas and righi" the ?Ttemocr?t's party
always has professed to he solicit'.ns. and whn
might not he able to eatabllah their litl*- except
hy omi proof.
rvri'iMSs AMAVO Tar m"*.r>ci:i I*.
The debate on th" ease v-tm opened hy F. fl.
Barry, af Weal Point, Ifisstaaippl, Thi* memed
peciiliarly ai proprfate, in view <.f the purpoaes
of the Administration. Mr. Barry mpresente the
" 1*.st eTi/etis nf Ki-inio-r Counts." as wi] as lb*
inst (it i rons < f i welve other conn! i* ? in Mlsn'wdpnl,
who nltogkther rave hhs 2.0B4 votes Bl the bbb ??
lim*- that C-otaiii Whit" reei'V-od 3.300 I' mo.
cratie. In addition t.. <-.??*,*? IB.000 Reirahlican
votes. Ii i- in .1. pst,.mi thai Mr. Rarrr parrh-d a
mnsBTi-l ut Rhll -h on Ihe rahel sui", and ii may
be reifmitered thal Captain White reeeived a
seri, us wound on thal ? ecu-ion while defending
the "stirs and strj,?.s" *,[,? BaiTv'S ai '-lilli.'ii!
was mainly a rahnsli of the sneeinl plea eonts'ned
in the rc!...:* prepared hy hin*nv*lf and snbmitted
to Hi-' ilo-i-e on ihis cns" -holman Crisp np.
pearad l" be raHier restless dnriag son." patts
of Mr. Rory's speech. Mr. Crisp has a peat
many friends arnon : aVimhlioana, ti ml they felt
sorry for h'm to-day. Of coarse, a grind deal nf
allowa*. shoal,i i... made for Mr. Hurrr. who
ovid*Tith' is what the* call down in tfta-Hasippi
"ii magistrate Uarver." aad tu.t Bccuslo_"d t*i
erossJBB swords with stmag men.
Mr. Rim was followed hy Mr. Cooper, of Ohio,
whose lucid and fotelde nnalvMS Of the I,".!
oii'-stion involved romm.in-led the ntt<v.ti'*n of
both sn des af *h- House, and wliOBC emnbutte ami
en*-r.--tir ri.!"'.isi..ns in favor of Onptain Whit**
aroused retHat?d and hearts applanne which was
..ot eon fined tvhoily lo the Ret-mhltcaa Bide,
Tt wu- whistle red after Ihe Hons., ndiotirned ihat
the Dtm"c-,tie leadem srho had determined to
unsent White et ftiv cost wre in a ctuie of
uneasiness which amounted almost to demnrali-B
Hon on account of the dlsnoaitiotl shown Kv eerta'n
Democratic members to h-icl, aver the traces Ti
v.us sorrowfnllj ndmlited by u Demoemtie <.m inl
of Ihe H< use. who is in the roniidonre of the
Sneaker, thal three Indiana Democrats. Holman.
Howard and Hynam, tren " veiy shaky," and
the nroapeel was thal they troaM vote in favor
of White. Ii i- knows ihat several other [hms
'?rats are Mro!,.],,- dis.*,..s d to flo tbe name tbing.
The l.'-T'iiKlieaiis and the rnden-ndenta In flu*
House neena .!<t ermlm d to stnnd like a st..ne wall
against the afte-'** of the Kleetlons Contmiitee
to ons! Captain White, and deolan him an nlien.
W\ -iiixcTon. Feb, *. (Sp-'Tial).? Sinre tb"
House dedded not to tavastlgate the elr-ottoo in
the \'Iih Keataeky District. Bpeaker Carlisle has
steadily hnproved in health, and bis friends mj
that be will be aide to resume bis duties as
Bpeaker to-morrow. Il*- was nt th*- Capitol (*
day. Kui did not. take tbe chair. He looked Into
the matter of the uppointm-nt of taro super?
numerary or unauthorized numb, r- of the Library
(lommittee, his attentii ti bating been call, d to the
fact thal the law limns the membership of ths
joint committee on thc library to three members
Of the Selia!" and thr"*- of the House.
lt seems that before the violation of law could
tie corrected the Speaker fell si, k, aad he promised
to "jv*- the matter bis early attention, ll*- mid
to-daj ihui the membership of the committee will
be reduced to three, aa the testate preacrlhea,
which is really kind af bim. ffT course. BO Demo?
crat will voluBtarily relinquish bis committee
place ta which h.- ha- been assigned, and ki is
Bugirr-ted that the Hons., will eteats a new com
tniit c to eo-opetate sith ih*- Senate Committee
ou Additional Acoommodati* bi foi the LiKrary.
WssBittOTOV, lab. 2 (Special).?Whoa Deaalfl
Kearn-v SflBBrgod from 1 he room of tbe HoBM
CoB-B-ittae OB ForcifTn Affoln lo doy, ha was hot
will) Indignation nnd covered wHh in*rspir.ition.
Mr. a*oarmy's old sh.'.'an. - Hm Chttem must go,"
bag been inpplt?il Bted bj another. ** Th( Chinese
mute slav"-timi is, stay away fn,m America.
Ii happened that just before Mr. Kearney began
bis argument to-day, a deputation had been h. .nd
in l>. bull Of ll"' sctlhiiont of int. mstlctal tils
pates io arbitration. Alluding to Cns. "dr. Kear?
ney asked in a rather b-tti munn, i if the Demons
who luvored ii rb 11 ot ion knew thal (.rent l.rituiii
had recent ly subsidised a line of slave slujs to
bring Chinese * leap labor to tlie United States
Ky the wai of British Columbia n. eotnpet. with
American iuix-r They dh] tmt Been i-. be aware
*d tin- fact which Mr Kearney proceeded to dwell
upon, .imi clothe in beantifnl sarmente from li's
(hoi.-, voi ul.ul.ii v. PB ???lilly Nir. Hilt, of Illili"'*.
asked bim whether il hus not a (lilli, ult und ex
penal ve piece ol business t*. land Chinese ... Uni is.li
Columbia, and whether Canada bad bb laws t*
matriel that sort of imnilirratioB.
Mr Ki'iirney WBB disposed to lake the BBgafvi
pf both propositions, and lost bis temper when
Mr. lli'i offered soma mild state-Mats oa the .sub?
ject "fib. yee" said Mr. Kearney, whtepertai U
Mr. Morrow, "I know that Mr. Ilitt bas baal
agalMl M from Hie bagrjaalBg.* Mr. KaoiBa]
Bpeka with much BO-tt-BtflMBB. *?rrrl befoir he MO
oliidnd bo gave the member- af thi ctnniitle, tin
cheerful aasiirfinee that uny mail who Ima tm
amaxjuice to differ with him on the Uhineae hum
Hon will have dead cats dead doj-s nnd other
u_p! _buut thinga thrown In his fa. .
SENATOR KENNA'S ..i.i 'ill:.* I' EKFO_T."
g snt ifrO .it?P!Ti*)\ Tn thi' ii ri it*, n iii: on thu
VI I s ; \ i i UV s I V A I ? > lt s H -Tt VI 1 V,
ll:'. IK i.r'ill* TH TO Ttl! Tai ll'.S -.. J
W'.siiiNi t. n. Fib. '..'.? lins is "ground-hog
day.*' Aeoardlag to tradition, tho gronndVhoti
comm fr-m iKs hale today to d. termini* wini I
kind of wcntl. r is ta piivr.il for thc next few
w, ks. If lin- sun shuii-s. Hie groutiMag retires
to its hole to rOCBpg the ri-'ors of a lat*' winter,
but if it see* snow it knows timi, the Imckbone
of the winter ls broken. To-day tbe sun HM
shilling hriRhtly, scarcely a tran' of snow could
he seen nnywhere in the streets, ami Senator
Kenna delivered hi* mnrh-herwldtfl speech in re?
illy to Senator Sherman's BMBtCVly nnnlvsis nf
the l*reviden!'s free trade mess;, ;e Mr, Slierninn
thought it worth while to answer Beam af Mr.
Kenna's ludicrous us-ortions, and flftcr he got
throng- them wasn't much J. ft ,.f Mr. Ki-niiu.
He crawled bach toto ins burrow, recognising tlis
fact, perhaps, that it will bc " a cold it.iy" for
pom*- time to come yet. not only for him. bal for
the President, lils flee.Hilde 'notions. Ililli the
Democratic party as well.
Mr. Kenna read hi- s|?-eeli from notes. Full
of sophistries and quibbling; it was delivered with
an rtrTor.-iinec. not to suv offrntevertem which
rondo it doubly ludicrous on the pan of a nan
Who was a baby in bun.' chillies w tu li .Air. Shi-r
Di-ni was a loader in bis party. His mtechifUn
,if tin* Ohio statesman was delivered In ? manner
which may cotnniand admiration arnotts thc filthy
surroundings ,,f ;, police cnttrl, or v\ in applause
from a Bang of lawless ? moonshiners" In th*?
backwoods of Wert Virginia, bul w' Ich is hardly
adopted or Indeed customary In the Senate ,if
th*' United States Tims, after pointedly salting
a question of Mr. Sherman nnd pausing for fl re?
ply, bc would shout "' I don't yield. I don't yield.
Mr. President," when Mr. Sherrnan Bt-tempted to
put him ri.ht. To show Mr. Kenna's man.cr. it,
is necessary to refer t" fl sta!, incut, lu* made, to
the effect that the President !,?*l only ? few boura
in which to examine th*- River and Harbor bill of
Inst session. Mr. Sherman, it will be remem?
bered, had criticised Mr. ('|cvelrii-d lor his tail
tire tn si_n that measure. Mr Kenna drama! i>
eally exclaimed: "lie ihe Prraidentl was m
the act of examining that bill when ihe hammer
aanoancing thc dom <d the maalan fell."
Mr. Sherman rom to correct this palpably fains
statement, bul Mr. Kenna, with an effrtmttwy I
an*l an air hordering nlniost on insolence, eon-i*i
erintr his aga and "v nc ru I " fresh ness" iiinl Mr.
Sherman's experience anti well known reputa?
tion for exact in ss. crieil out:
"I don't yield for a Bpceeh: I know what. I
am miking about. T was nraBrllt in lhat room
(pointing to the President's room, in the rear "l
tho Senate chamber) when Hie gave] fell, and I
know lhat the President wns then c\umiB_Bg ihe
Uiver iiiiil Harbor biH."
This, of eounc, us bb extenuation or excuse for
the president's failure to sign the bill was ridicu
I -us, as Mr. Shern.an pointed on' after Mr. Kenn*!
had linished his speech. Tho fact is. us
'?'ll.. Record" shows, thal, the President re?
ceiver, the Kill four (lavs before Ihe flos"
nf th*- session. and if he had
kept track of lesrlslntb*- as it was bring enacted
in both li'"is s of ConCTC-B, as .-very Pr-sidettl be?
fore lnin Ins. he w nhl have (nd no occasion to
"examine." as Mr. Kenn* i bairns lu' dd. th" '-ill
an hour before Hu- close ?f th" runion. Mr Sher?
man might huve pointed ont moreover, that a
Tv mocmrio Mouse and a Democratic Chairman of
the Appropriations Committee vere primarily re?
sponsible fm- the loll imi. ranching Hu- President
until four days before ihe close of rh* Brenton.
In tia- Bourne *>f bte speech, toe Mr Kenna se.-med
I*, lay areal a*rem upon Mr. Shetman'* change of
mind which iliui gentleman underwent within the
liisy ten or fifteen years regarding the tax on
tobacco* Like most small men Mr Keans cannot
conceive of a man changing bb minti, for'jet.lr.!'
apparently to apply in bis own ease thc ,,jd adage
vi, ,.], .-,,-s ?? n's only fools that Been change
their minda"
Mr. SI,"lilian's rei.Iv was crushing arid evoked
rounds nf applause from the galtcri -s Mr Kenna,
on ih-- other band, was being congratulated hy
his party associates nnd patted on his back f?*r
this his " graatcat effort." Kver s'nee he <h
liv. r-'il n -p'-e.-ii iition Ci" soi,',, t of the Presi?
dent's rafnsal to furnish the Senate with the
jiatxrs lil *1 iiLraiiist r mosed ollie rs of ihe (*.,v
eminent, which race'ved some praise from Demo?
cratic organs Mr. Kenna som- to have walked
with his head in flu- el.I- ;,nd to h.- mi rr,.ritter
fri to v hal is vulgarly known ns " swelled head."
If today's experience hus left anv impression Boon
Hi-, mind le may vc *?? m ? p. rrcoirnijce the foi.
tliat .'. is no! safe for iii- earthen pol k> swim
down stream in companj with hi- non brother.
Following ar,.- tin- ii,lin points ol Senator
Kenna's Bpeeoh !
Ths Benatot bom Ohio bad maailed tlc- PresideBl
because of Ike statement la tke me*
thst there appeared to be no
just complain! *>i Ike innes ni sj..nts. tobs...
niel boer; aud bad a. cue,! thal -iii- traditlous and
p.'les ni i ;c people a. aga! ns. in-.' ual ta-eu." When
(be asl..",. I,,,! Iii" honorable .-Halo: un.le: "on., i
chango .a Lent on Hun lull o tani ,object . foi b ? !;.-,.|
? I li, l-i'.T il, ii -pull-, win- uuil .,.! ?c. ii vs.-re
.ba div tlc Bi ' ..' .. ?- Iii ii should be taxed."
i Ho Should i.ol folios lb- .-nat.ir lu all tba! lc had
saul a- to tb- surplus In Hie Treasury; tm! two |n
stuuce- would st,ti,c. ii,- -- nat oi b.el il.-I,..ni,*? ul
i ongress for Itt la Lue io provldo mbsldle*. bu postal
on,milln* aiioii with tb" -until American states; and
bad deuouueed Ibe Kr-'- deni f--:- bl- failure io tp| n e
tlc uivei and Harbor ind. i ie antagonism ni the
- li ni nu.i of bu part] ... c. ? iu! i T /ia . ... s, i.,j_i
Interest., or cias-.., t.lei! nu tteleuee ai Ins hands.
i ins country bad no ahips. ile- pretended polte) of
protection bad driven Ihein hom tbe h gb seas, they
co,.bl not be iiinl' lo e.pete ss,ll, ile l iv ile ship*.,
snd il." Republican ohslnicilvc pulley would nol silos
i ht-in to Ix- sailed mulei the American tia.- A, to the
Etivor ami Harbor bin. tlc Prrsldeul bul .dread) sp*
proved on'* Bppropl Sling c.. tl ni len mi I linn-, tho
. preceding vern: Bnd H.- President luci been cal
t,. al -ii ii.a- ,.i las' se alon 'appropriating BU OOO.OOO)
, Will,out tlc opportlinltj to rea-1 lt or lo Mints ii bu"
i of Ita provisions. Ile bad been engaged lu Ihe
act of mading it. in th.* . .ipi...!, when tic hammer feu
? un.! to,-.eic,, adjourned. Ile then declared thal Bon
ator B-ermaa Tad advocated a bal allowing Immigra?
tion under contract, sod bad tims Introduced foreign
1 serfdom In.o the Knited siu'cs.
lt ?iu, iiii.l..u|,t?dly flu". h<- s;,i,t, tkal while BXCOtl
? of Impoal *i..Hes had a tendencj io totem aieaopolles
' and emicb il:.- icu ai i_e Bxnemc *.( the many, lt bad
a lil..- tendency io Invoke free competition to labor
, ami p. ,fiju.e the workingman to ibe minimum of
I compensation, li had drawn a va-t army from Bu rope
vi bu entered int.. competition with the la!...]- heie,
; ami vii,*) entered lui*, like competition among them
, .selves. lt mlghl as well be understood now us hera"
? ofter, tha! thia movement !"?? reforn in i the toltol of
public imi'!-ns lu will,:; ile Prealdenl had gallantly
and mar.fuiy taken tim icu), c. tu- practical malt.
; Koth tbe benefit! an I tlc burri, tis of our -s.-tcu of
' taxation would be distributed (airly. 'lint system,
i otb internal and external, world be treated aa a whole,
Tbe iii*, on tobacco would Hie bud no doubt) bi re?
duced oi' wholij repealed, li mi. and coal, ami wool.
? and other prodnrts of labor won ld not be larriflced in
tbe revision. Tbey would -lund, anbjec! io their fair
i sbatc in iii" ben.iii, ii ahatever tic ssstru, might
be -a- ic. i ? dr and I ? tal, stare ol the
borden ol tte common bu.
Tho leading points of Senator Sherman's re?
marks are given below:
Af er congratulating bi- friend (rom Weal Virginia
' at bav.ng proclaimed thal ?> dbtlnct leane waa t,j i,t.
ju c. ,.i,"i io ila- p. .ile be deflated thi! thai party had
been In i" ?"-..,,:, ol power In He- iii u-e ol Itepi.
aontatlvets foi iran-.- than ten yearn aid not n tingle
. alli.-ma iv. proposition or niel., iou us iii ile larin had
I.e. li jue,, in. il 1. Ih j.lljr.(Ill A ' 11 1 I cl. il [X .. jil"
I ut lc dl-l i.*.t b K< ve tbn thr Usu. would be pi tented,
l/i the pre posit lon to reduce taxi mn i..- praaeutedL
iiiul ths Republican party would be bond arith its old
ranks BltbrokSO ready to BCCSgl thS IBSM ind let It
m the people.
Kui lol ike Be nat or tc ssstJl him to having cx
j,re,-ni vi.w- icu or twenty yean ago, which aj>
peared io be dtBerna! from taoaa be expressed today
v. us '-ia! ber a small hole to Creep (in ol." Il was
true tba* since tlc tarli! dl-eu--hm of thirty >??.,:- I JO
' he iMr. Sbermae) Btfghi have changed bis'mind ; hut if ne
Bad not done bo, under tte* cl an pi 1 coudltion. and i lr
cum- I am *vs he WOUM not I.*.- won bj of a -eat lu ibo
, senate
lt was on a bill to repeal th" internal revenue taxes
, in i-?;? Hui. ha had made Hie remark thal the taxes
' most Will!Ugly paid were Hio-e on Ignite, beer in.d
' tobacco, bo they were tKon ami to *Uv. Kui Within
? the las! tew yean complain! bad mme, mainly from
ii,,. Boothera Mates, against nc tai oa tobacco. Il
, rame foin tbs launer- Ile beedttd lt um) obaj d lt.
Ate) in doing io, be only did what tb** Bcnatora from
Virginia, Wes! Virginia, Tenneeaee. North Carolina and
Kentucky ought to do Aa f.-r tba panta of public
land-* for railroad purposes, be reminded the Renal oe
'nun vvc-t Virginia [who conitealned of them) that
ti,at system had tte birth In the Democratic party ?
in the (ruse of Hie grant ni ide to ll, ? State of Illlt.ola.
The law i-cforrc! to by rfc- S-natur bom Wee! Vlr
pitla in reaard ta Immigration nnder contract) was
ici-s.-.i in tlie mid-i of the war, when two ii.lill.ni
jVniit,'-rri men wera down Bomb, li waa a las Invit?
ing tere sitora .*. make good ths a'sen.,. .f bravo
l'n on sot Her**. He Would hav Tole.! then for anv kind
_t law to deteal the Deuwertlc party ol thal dav. ll"
rxingralulati? Congrete ti,at He countty was now to
kava a fair, 'fiuan*. manly i-s?e presented on the in
fVmtrla! question a ase-?on which uif-cted lb- nf.-,
pp.per.y ami tetoraus of every . Lr., u a question
n labor In tl I.ntrj and the pauiter labor
ut Europe n oastelon i^iwc,, di ve ral fled fndustriea
aad thal of a dacie ibh'T. ulm,.tl, Inieresl with a few
". and - ni., a -i -hop* Mattered tkrougbote
the eeoatiT
Tlir. liol'-" Bl Kl si s Tu luwril MIK KAUS ON
mah. mi ; ii ii
\V vsiii coTOte, Feb. | (Special). There was a
r..tln-r Ki is!i il'h.itc in the House i?-day oreg Hie
iptest inn of ? heap t?.,t il*- on books which ari* sent
POI bv pii'it'isliers perin.iicully and numbercil con
seciitivcly as of a-teiTea. The obiect of the bill ia
lo prevent tho sendlag 'brough Hie mails a' bound
rahm tha cheap " libraries" bumed kv publisher*
in diffarani itarts of ihaeotutry. Chairman m.mut.
of the I'o-t (Ile Co,u uimh", who calle I up and
adv, cared the lull, dui not hoem to make much
impie'sioti on th" linn e. and he was considerably
disturbed by the vigormu opgotetloo Bho"?u by
Cannon of Ii.io-.is ;,ii. Cauuou said that tbs
propoaiuss tasliy waant io; dvpiive a
l'.rg-s Bte?har nf pcp!-* of tba privilege
which tb-y now onj-ivod of g-te-mg "pt-od
revl.iii! nt cir*?j) rete*. He admitted that mnsh
lii-s, w- .mi li i'd ni lin . c ?"?? p'Tio lieiil finwi,
uml ve' i -.aili tknl ?**? ?!??? winda itvinm .1 far
I .el'., i (*!_<*?? fm mi'meat to scud cheap books?
ir nodt ul*--in late tew -,- rai?*. Ile sn jji".i""t od togt
Hu* ex *"*T_tCO aii.Ti'iiM miali* not I,ko the p-cie.:,.
a* .!?... but bc ticl ovitd the people were in fuv r of
t. Mr. Hvaarat, wt r"t__w*""flflBfc?. Isak tbe e-im
groumL ti neal liing inn. ol rv.m-.v.v.-.n a,advi>
niH'.l thc bid. and -j.iV.im ifl RiOUU*-, ni ? bining tim
,!,i).!ie. road a loiter teem PiBtemnslarPam**-**- ja
favor <?: it ibo abate BO_tfanea)t in lamrpl tb.*
ui'iisiit-e Baeasai !<? be thai lt was in tbe !.in-of
ecouomy. Mr. CBBBOB moved to r. ?? .munt tbo
bid, wif-b iris'rnctioDs to rejro-t n bul pr.ividinu
ih ii the poatags an all book.-, boaad and unboaoa,
within the ii,nit of wtiffiA now allowed by law,
shall Im* our cent ocr pound. Thus mot ion was re?
jected, and the bill then pugsed by a vote or 1 I-ta
110. _
B COM?BT OT BWIUBBiiB I Bil 111 IB 00 action
ON Til!- TRt-ATT.
Wasiiim;t*i\, Feb. 2 iSpcrinli.? Senator I-irt
(llel.eijrr tenevvcd bin attempt to-day to BBBOM
the consideration of the Uni M. BK^odlWoa
I reilly in open M-.v?i*n. He gol so fur ns to pro?
duce a copy of I mk TrtiBKNh of July '20, 1U86,
flB-taJBiBg the mmtg when the hour of 2 o'clock
liuvinp arrived, bo wits taken olT bis feet and
cmupalfod to daaiat. In executive siwion thi"* af.
tcrnoon be agata aeeamd ti-** Ham .md held it
until Senator l_ddocs_ of Kchraslat, Inaheordes.
perot ion moved an Biljomniatnt whick iroa
unanimously eanrfed. Tba pros ada of tho treaty
I'.-iir: ratified at an early May are tims becoming
very slight, lt is n question of physical end ar?
ni,<?,. iHtiv.s-n Mr. kiddb-1 K-rti-r or, tb- one bund
ami seventv-tive Senntors nlu.o.1 even Iv divided
politically on tbe other. Ur. Kkldkdimgil i?
determined to praarnt bis views af tha fr atv in
ojx n erasion, and ii is dlffloul! Bo see dov ha cnn.
with fhe ;, id ol' a ropy of Tiif Tanti sr of J ii'y
20, If-Ki;. le pioientr*d from (loin? il. unless the
"harp paetiaaseatarv prate Icm employed arainst
him to-duv ure ponristid in.
Air j"iin,i>. for iastanoe, aocuaed h><* Boar f??
(t;.v io tb" coors" of tl.i- nmr'lll" liour llf'T
"ir. I:i<! H- '<??'i* r hud obligingly ridded ta Mr.
Rntler to -ulan a matter tn which that Senator
waa int'-r--st ,1. Mr. Plumb than, wi'h a I de iv
mnrU to his arlghhar to tha effete th-*t be would
occupy the Moor for th** remainder <>f thc morning
hour ju order to pi-vent, tliat binni, MB?katy
blank (menning Rradlehcrger) from t-tiuinu. tiro
e.-ed"-d to muire bis promise pood abd snokc until
shout five minutes to I o'eloclc. wi,.n only enough
time renmined for Mr IttOdHbcrger te exnrsm in
rather teresig nnd forcible Inn^nnwy h's np;n*nn of
Mr. Plumb and tt) draw from bis coat pOBkM :i
copy of Th a T larna cnn "stalag tbe bmaty.
Wl.iii limy ba ragarded to roma extent as a teal
rotc upon this treaty was taken two dais aga.
V was upon the ones! i,,n of nil ideal ion. As the
roll-call proceeded it wns found that there wen
1 I Senators bbs inst and only ni,oct BS for it or
three less than ihe aacesnary two-thirds maioritv.
Before the vote was formally announced the
friends of thc treaty decided. In order to save ii,
to avoid defeat by moving amid great confusion,
it is Tn,*, to lay th*- matter over until] the next
day, when, ns they ho|>ed. their rinks would he
raerulted ha a tew ahamAeea. Since thoa, how?
ever. Mr. Riddlclierirer hus held the ti (mr in each
executive session and ref.used to surrender ir for
the taking of a vote. Yesterday, it is understood,
he occupied the entire session by randing to Hie
cl-erlt's detdt to be read tbe tren ty of I 182 .ind
("rant's momage in ragard to the rs cu aa! af tha
British Government to surrender Winslow, the
forger. He may pursue ii similar course on Mon?
day If he should he choked off as ht wins to-day.
Thew is an impression pre vatting that the treaty
?viii be ratified if the vote ls taken behind closed
doom, but that it may be relented if a vote should
Im had in open session? which is altogether un
lik ly.
/.' 11.1.8 A ND DE P. I r EB 1N r O V G Ii ESS.
I fl!'. ACITICK kill. Kitti).;" IX THK SFNATK ? if AT
TF.ua IS TIIK Bogrmt.
Wasiiinotok, Keb. 'J - Among tbo petitions and
memorial-, poOSCUBBd uti.I referred SH one from Penn?
sylvania, mklag sash ehaaga of lawn as to bar all
pan per InnaHgrattoa, to paavaal ties landim; of Immi?
grants under contract, to dcbai? Bram elli/.en-hip all
foreigners Who owe alleiiianee, to ol ber Powers Or
Governments, ami to segnlre twaaty-ona years,' ratl
dence before an Immigranl c.ni hold any public orBoo
of trust or emolument
Abo one bom over BOO i*"ts ,n- Intel istod in trana
"on uri Arthnr Kill (Staten bland), with refer?
ence to the bridge now being constructed them -tha
petitioners mklag for a changs In thc plan, pai-leularty
as tn tke centre pjf-r whick (I! ll rtnlinedl will ba a
great obstruction to navigation. lt wm prase-tad by
Aatang the bills latrodaeed and referred to-d.iy
vrcie the foilov. ng:
Kv Mr. ( I'l.I.iiM Piovldiiii,' that an> officer on tho
active Hal of the army who hus served twanty-sna
veins rontlnumuly In one grade -lull 1.milled to Hie
pay of Hie next h gher gre 11 to long at !, ? remains in
active service will,out promotion' or shall, un li s own
application, iw retired frith Ihe full rank and retired
pay of tbe next higher grads
Ky Mr. McT'iua;.-*".*, To amend tbs Arthur Kin
Bridge act.
liv Mr. HISt"7W*l.?Authorising the Btaton Island
and Bow-Jersey Bridge and Ballway Company to build
i s-...on uml railroad bridg. aero? the Ailinn Kill
between tTaatBald, States island, ami sumo point or
poi ntl in MlddteMi Coaaty, V. J.
Kv Mr. I-'KYK ? AuthorizliiB the president to invite
the Maritime powers to a marino conference in grath1
lupton, to begin October 1, 1800.
Hr. PLUMB spohs apoa Hie i-osoluiiou offered some
day* sin.:**, as to the Inefficiency ol postal Barrara lu
the West and South.
Mr. KIKDKKKKKCI'.K complained Ilia! tlc* time had
Im'cii purposely aaavomed until tte* close of Biornlag
business m -.-- ta hsep him Arma lulling up the rasola
Hon to coiisbiei- tlie British treaty in agaa aesalaa.
lie dismayed a copy *-f TMa Brw-Toas Tawan ot
.inly Bi, 1880, winch, lc said, contained th.* treaty
wai, (.real Britain, and rldlrulod tba Mtea of Its being
At -J o'clock the I'.lnlr F-lucut Ional bill canns up as
unfinished business; but. with ftes consent ol Slr.
kk.\!K. lt was informal!! laid mid
Mr. QUAT obtained unanimous consenl for thc con
slderatlon ot tba kui reported from tho Committee ob
Pensions, to Increase H,<> penstone of eartain soldieni
.ind -tlloi s uh', are utterly bOlplBSS fruin lnJniTes ot
di ??.",es received while In t!i? ."ivTce of tho I'nl'ed
Ki ates. The bill WSS read, and gamed without d's
cu-, on and ivilhoiil division.
The presiding officer Bnnouneed thai ba Innl appoint?
ed as Fhe select committee, to which ked been re?
fected tba President'! me-sucis on the PaolBc Kail
lo.uls. Messrs. IIIVK. DAW I'.- HI.siOiK, DAVIS,
Mr. KIVVNA then pronCoded to address the peiiRlfl
on H." subject ol the I'resblfsnt s niesSHR.s and of Mr
rsherwiaa't sjKteeh in reply tkeeato, .i-'or sammary nt
dis.-.is,i,m. see another eolumte.
Mr. BTBTtrABT addroned tho Senate briefly In BUB
poet of Ov IMueiit ional bill.
Tbs Bennie Hen went iota exeentlve session, tn
which the iniunctiot, ol i.sj reis! ns to He* Renate
res,,pu|?i, o? tl," Pearl River Harbor lu Hawaii was
removed, and at 4 :'_<) adjourned until Monday.
BOTTS! OF I'.l'.ri'.Krsr-NTATIVE**.
Mr. RI.OKST, of (iearitia. chairman of the (.'ammlt.to'
BB Pool oniees and Pest Koads, called ap hlabill tsa.mlt
(?stroud chut watter the puhllcatlaa of haelil iu purtl
aid larina, (gm Humnary sf dUcuiiina, saa auathar
Mr. Cltrvp, of Oeorgla, chairman of tho CoaiBilttaa ot
Klaetlont. eslla-1 up the c<>uteat>*4 elnrllon esta of Lawry
agmam WMtafraaa thi xi ita Matriel of indiana. (Foi
suaimary of .lui assen, ace anet'.ar eeiutnn.)
Mr. CRAIN", af 'IS tat, fie in Hie Ceaiultteo an Pratt
drntlal Klectltn*. rnportad a jaint ratoluriaa propeainc
a canstitutlntiat awenrlweat prnvldlag Hint rnagretn
uliall iuiM Itt anneal tnei-titii.* ea tho fir*' Monday lu
January?Housa calendar.
Mr. KOKI), of Mlehl.au. lntreduced a bill far the or
c.uiizntleii of the Terntary of Alaska. Referred.
Mr. RKKMONT, of New-Yark. presented nuniereui
SBSSasrtalfl fram tho New-Yark Pro-luoa BBBbaagi aud
various otlier businast atteelatloat reeaamraaing ti
* o ..rr-.* that au lnte.aatluaal laarlne ranUrnnce bela
vlted hy tha (Jutted Stales te '?-"..- maasurai fm
laiteuliig tba iaggSTB af navleatian. Refarrad. He aim
latrotluaad a hill alt-liar te that lalredueed by Sanato:
Tae 11*.*-- ttitii at 4:15 aJJourued.
BosTo-i, "??i-b. 2.-The fmusral of l"rotee*or A**a (.ra;
looh pla<-e nt noon M day, In Apploton Chapel. Cain
bridge. Thi clianc.-l and reading d?-k were coverts*
with ferns, palm*, wreath* ami clusters of Whit
Bowen, IV. cl,cly nt 1- o'clock th.- budy waa carri"
Into tho chapel, and placed lu th" cbaiicel. TRA fol
lowing geniliTiieu ailed an pall bearers: Dr. Morrl
Wyuma, PfetMasn Lovirmg ami Puinam, of MarvaiT
Protessm Batote *-f Val-*, and r grateea. The h*si
vue v.a- randneted bj the lt. v. k. o. ivabndv and tl.
Kev Al'"-.aiv!i-t MoKaaaBB, the binging boinir, by a e|,o
of t-ojaa a.s?l*tod by rOVcrnl student h. 'Hie chapel m
A \ nu.ig l.u-l'a l.iirl
at aeoinK brr rliartai ut fae* and furn, ilrpartlnir. Btu* lu
traill! 1 m i>? ri 11 elby fiinction?l irrrgnl nt.rs. at her critic,
i-i ?? ? ??'1: ? tn it (aiii?*l n. )?y sn-l tri itt i ult arter ? Bri
?ell ira-ium,..! with lir. l'.i*rc?. lanni, PrMertpllaa.
p-intlf..! mit eurichad her bl..od. ga ve a h.. Dar ten ivlty i
tl.i kt lu.va at .ir.a.h, t,uwr.|.. n.i.ttirr ..raiiit tut brr ri
turn tu i ..'? nt i.iniih *ii?.a.iy fnllowrsl. lt ls the onlv meit
. i ." for woeiaa. aolit by .Inigcltta, ualtr a poaltlv* unarti
tar tram tnrs nuunifaetariiri that lt will riva Mtlifto.loa I
esery . a.? or money will be MlBadaB. Thlt tnttttlot ht
b??B arlntte aa tba betti* .wtasmc, sad tatttiruiiy carn*
aol fvr nuuiy yatta,
crowded, among those present bring T>i**sfdent Kilot
"?vera! profc-m - of Tufts and Yal.. Cnflegr-,, Judges
Hoar and Kan". Ix*. Walcott and Vaughn, the Sar!
ti. XV. Ki.(tits, rm*! nm nv is lldeate of Cambridge. Ths
si-Ti"l(.' isa- n l.rif B-d ,impb* *. The burial was al
Mount Aitburu.
ff W-.fi:i:SE V LEO IS!, f / IRE.
RM~uauca*m tMrrsatetsra rn rkiuck mr. c?y-.R.
\,?lt'"( r,T.ro\*(i'-V?lll"l,? niKt.s.
Tin *r?.N ivit. b Tiie lag boara adfMBuaBl Un- 1 ???,
s 1111. this inoinliitf. Ih" adjournment of lb-; s? !,*??
wax. rn teat, turned, for Hierr wt. no <,iioiutti pretent.
Tee Un Bin in-!u?ij through h bill to Increase. lh?- 'aliri*,
cf the ciia.c tmaaarer aisl Controller fi-om Ol .ooo tr,
.'??.OHO t-;*b. and lt wo* expected tba! Ihe Senate
w ililli abo piss it Imbil. 'lu*' bill will provoke
snn.e .cpjios.illon and a rlI.-ciis.Toii of considerable ?<?
tlvlty ma) l.e ? -peetml when there is a full atteixlinee
of tho Senator.*.
Thc Maaaa passel n,> 1,111 gprkB] a*-'"o,o.>o io the
rsl al.- LO nra., fl y al BOBgSm College ami lt now (ro.-*
to the liovclTit r.
A bil! iv*. lKi-.-'J giving frtivrnal so'letles of other
?-'ales Hie privilege of doing bu.mos* In New .!??:-.
.ml anoHi.T of tba* Hitmen,n-. lahBBW for the p.r.
m'"nt of tbo fxirnvacatii agpgoma ul Ibu BtB_BRR\BBB I 1 I
last year ror,-Ived approval l,y thc p? ?..,,;? nf a bill la
givo BL 0, Astlej BU."-) for I.i.- BBTVtSas lo that fat ?? 1
body. IhaagB-M ammbers aro asking whore Hu*
?asl of thing will <mt.
TI," lb'puldlran niicu.s his 1 col veil to take fueler
mea-uris toward rcdn.lr.g the < '.vernor-* patron**..-,
sud bill, will shortly 1,** Inlioducerl fling t> Join:
moe!lng of tho LaflMam tin* aaflBMI of the app?!nt.
meni of tbe "jlpaiian Commissioners, th1* Chief of tin
labor Bureau, and, possibly. Miine others. Tim lull
lo r''0.l)!ie the eduction of juries |,y cou,tnl--lnie ,<
xppuini..d by ibo couit. X*.iii ai.*) receive ii.<- sauted
Kc pu bi 1 an volo, wbl te fie eld rion measines, lateadlag
Hie "siin.set law,' have, it i- 1. ? , ,kj<1. received
ganoo, approval.
Colonel ('!.jib-- \\. KuMor. ASBSOd-lyman from Hull?
s' n ( minty, was today Sleeted r-ta'e superintendent ol
Mocattas bj ih" state Boara of MoeaUaa k* plam ->
iSuperinten.leiit Ciiapmai. timm ). who use also .11
A--c,?biviiiaii when olaoted ami who displaces a i:<
publican. Then asa a hot contest Ior a Hine au*
two balli I- wera lalc-n lin* candidate), were Mc -1,
Palter ami chapman and lTofc.-n, (.reen, of Jjuui
Hrsneh. Mr. Faller w?- Dominated by .'udg* itandoiph.
a i.etiiocrdi, and received the I;, publican volo in addi?
tion in Hu- vote of Mr. Randolph.
liBBBihljmaii mu bsa Intrrrlneed a bill antkorixlng
1 James Smith, Jr., and William I.. Dav ion io part hans
i tbs rsna (Kit camp pmO lor Hie BsC of tl?e Mule.
Mr. Hoover, who wa.* charged In conn tbs other
1 day with Illegal liquor selling, ba- a MT, to vst tte
', luenne pawer in Ih- common connell of cities.
The MgB HwSBSi MU al Hu* Kepiitillean MUMM *-*? i 11
lie presented for caucus approval oa Monday es emu j,
? and probably bo latrodaesd ot the teBowhsa *iav.
Tito aasama acm week tvill be ot e?ceotional ht*
?ortancs ami tba laad-ra promise .hat if ile business
is .hen Beuna! Chifl rapidly, final adjoin -Masai may
H,,(,n Ims mashed. The ivoik of the BSMBBO Ma- BB Veg
i he Uro nu tar sdvagC-d at this period.
?BB Rink N. Y., Keb. ?_ (SpecialK- It was a peat
: day on the io- to ala y. Tho leo yachts .sailed a raes
j In Hu) Iii Hil Hg ami in the afternoon, aLso. and itu
mediately after the afternoon nea lhere wa* a trotting
1 match fur a purse. In tba forenoon, ex-Sheriff . hat le.
i Allfcn's Now Then won the second cia-- pennant. sa||.
', lag thi ragnlar lanita mils course lu rio minute*.
t The Hilde waa the third class prgiltelll over th" HBM
eourm hi itt) minutes, in naoteli la Ihe afternoon
, Captain James R Weaver's Kitty won. Messrs. tieagef
! am! l'lei punt's Drandnaughi Blushing Brat, bul being
beaten by the handicap of tbs Bitty. The Ki:iv'*
Hmo wm BB minutes.
Chicano. I'eb. C.?A Mg break was cia le todav .1
fro it* ht ratee tetwaou Chicago and omaha, thc _ 1
lion on Hi" several eta-BBS averaging 7.n per ce,il. Kii-l
ataaa frtegU wa* rssBBstel from 70 io gp sante ;
hundred pounds um) otter cla.s.-es In pinpin lion. I_t.d
this af fi iii ou tbe demoralisation rea. Ked .be k_ ai
. ny road- and the same -? bedute a- made to-day t*i
(iiiiubn will be put |n to motinw to souibwcslci 11 Mi
kourl Riv.a points.
? ? a>
Columbia, h. c.. Nh, ?_ (Bgeotalb- Mis- Nesbit. .
si-iteeti, lives BOSOM mile, out of 1 *,lumbla, but ttelted
Hie etty dally ti take niusi* MSSSBBI al tlc BOBVIHt,
.Several davs uro she came to tte city saying lo bm
I "upi- th.il Bte would -pend a few dav- with relatives
beta. At thu stpllatins of tha time lagalry arm
tm lier bm km mtalltm te i aol ima ter. Pfotl :
could te learned regal ding her until a eondacte te
ported thal several days before Maa Ne-;,it with 1
Catholic prl Bte had left ber,- t.e garth (ai ol ina, IbT
parents, who ara Methodists, believe thal sta ii .
takon He v eil of a nun.
BarrraiA pe-, _,-_\ ray Ludssig. a nus-to* of t_
First oatama Bagltel church, iu sprue-c. is 1
stag, and ii la sssasBted Hiat te tea tetam fr-iM) ol
tte church funds am! ir-Tno bolo, tri nu lo kia lister
iu-iaw. Ludwig is over .-iity yearn of aga
MRS. ordway OATES hep SUIT,
Chic .too, "rah, I (Bpmtalb?-Tte tlilrd -'.ay of Ila M,y
Oruwtiy's milt for ,.otr.,'e am.n .io before Judea
T'lley Bog fl wini Hie -.uil'i, do'Virlunt ot, the stan!. Hs
admitted itel lie bad kadamd a frtate townie te bli
wire, makin-; an agpolatssuBl uiiii ter.tbaah|aatal
which was to btaekaater eBarartar. Ihutaghtea-am
inaiiuu paaag Ordway wu.* mted:
" While jon lived wau your wife dil you buy her ..ny
(lollies I "
" Toa, I hoiikflil her a hrrt."
"A hat. ah ! flow ni'icli di I you give her for | hat I "
Ordwny shifted In his seat ? lt wasn't much. I was
hard up uml couldn't afbird tn.'
" Well. Iiovv niiuTi I Don't he as'.iiiiuel," porai .tod His
wife's attorney.
" lt was .is:!." [Laugater.]
Alter fnriher pressing Ordway mi nut ted that dorina
sb Hie Uase te lived with Ma wife te Bara ter sot orer
Judge Tuiey mated Hm iieere*' of flrgaram main?
tenance am! or.'.-reil thal tue buy husband nhoubl pay
,1 a dny toward his wile's - i, p r .
ST. I?t i-, Feb. 0 Pgsab?h-M?S HaUie IV.tr-.iD-. a
Taylorville. lb., to-day ttagBB wini ttaarga Ik Kan..*,
lier fiitber'e norse truiiier. Her tatter, BL BJ, Kirnrs, it
i Ihe liad-Bg bou-er ol Christi aa County m.I the I.rc.iio.st
iireeder of trottiui: horse* io ihe st.tKs. IKilln- wm bM
only aaaghter and maaatty gradaatad team tte Oxfa 1,
OBBBkj Female College, .^he ls a pretty bruiielte, just
eighteen, and was courted by Hu- best yo.ini men ,,: the
' county. Oamya L Baaks bad ahargs al ter tatter^
, trotters and had enlv been In his ciuploy n few moii'ii*.
Tue fathor, eusiH-crina: BOwetblnK, maotvad ti send Hie
Kiri away and discharge tte iraiuer, but thar tu-nrd of
tue Heiiun.e ami atanadlast ateht to Shelby ville, wbcre
Hie Ooaaty Oterh art, raaaea oat of bod, n Ile, uta
secured aud Hie ceremony parfSnaed. Baaks 1- twentj
B.setiund is well kunsii on thatrottlug circuit a., s
Cw 1 bi Baum. ?**. c., lao, 2 |Bgaatai).-"-te body ot
I Jame* Henderson, parti) burned, wm* yesterday found
I lyini{ In the fireplace of Ins house in Newberry County.
I He Iiad ttoen pluvtm. ** aevou up " with ** 1'uui " BtBMk,
lone of bit neighbors, aud lu BOaBIBSlOtflmsm
i lien ler.son'i. berni with an axe au.l placed th-le .ls ia
tiietlie. sims 1* in,|ali. The body of Isaac Bosser wm
, foin..! in tho wooiis, Hie skull saaasaed wita aa asa
The murdcror is uukuovvu. All tue men um.clari
j colored.
Ai.kant, Feb. 2.?Notice of Ap;..-al to the (icneral
Teraa waa ul".I to-day in tha casa of the i'eople flflflgaal
. Thoma! C. Plata Tba appeal lt from BS at BBB ot the
! jaOgmaai asiatasmiam thst th.* .i.-teudaui wa*never
? legally ?pp uaie.l (jaaraatina Com autiouer. or that Ii -
aaver lind aur la.-l title thereto, or richt to Bald tu,
aataa, aad that ha ii anllty of nsurplnz, tiitroductng into
I sad unlawfully bal4l.ur the office ; and sa much tusreof
j aa deCeraniM? that the defeu-aat hi su-tedaad ezolu lal
fr "Bi ibo sill a- ?; t> 1 na.t inf Comajlssionsr. aaa award*
iii* pl lintifli ?*?'. xi in .?..<!- The appeal will be argue 1
at tba Of narai -?rai whieh ??niven,-! at tbe City Hali oa
u-'bruary 7.
a .
Tha Excise Moir.! se-Wi ny decide- thal tit* bol.lrrt ol
ale and beer lloouaat flt i.a-1 boeu found telilag a.i.itr
c.iul'l not bave liquor licrn.aa, Tbis Isla eccoidance wita
tba opliilun ol tbe Hoard's couuteL Ctiariet E. Dayton.
Blood Poison
Whether originating In disease, or from handliug eben*
leal or vg.itable p<.l_oiia, ls cured by llood'a banapan lia*
whlclk thoroughly cleanses, paMOm sud eurichea Ute blood.
MHB such dm---_ aa amallpot. aoarlet favor and di,.h
th-rla, Ilo-)d's Ssrsaparllla M of great ben.8t ta a"iT>ullIng
tho virus and toniug up and uren gi ben lng tho tody.
? 1 was Bil BBB ll by pois? Ivy and let lt go UH tba
l-ol*r,n got into my blood, when I was obliged to give uf
worfc and waa eonSned to wy bouse for two months. I
had surat and ??_- ou ma from hesd ic feet, my Onger
?.aila came off and my hair and whi.lien came out. 1 had
two physicians but did al Teem to get much belter. Thea
I ..ur Hood's Sai-.l?riua sdvertlsed in a paper and
bought a bottla. ll balped me *o much lhat I continued
taking lt HU 1 bad used thre? boiU**, wheo 1 waa cured.
I can ts?cor__eiid Uood'a Barsaparilla to all as th? best
bUkOd purlflar I Snow ot" 0_-R,l- W. WUK, IB
Var*. Avenue, BioohporW N. T.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by tel druggists Bli ste lor BS. l'raparad oom
By a L UOOO 0 OO.. Apothecaries, loweU. Matea
100 Dotes Ons Dollar

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