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YoiXIiYII.I** 1? Ott
I nr\f A V I )<_ /"M.* H'ViiHIW* AIT."*V Tniv Stis-1 and In,,, l-Bninr. it Trnv. which have I
Tin.* nDi-nirvn /-n.-rr r\v~
BOSOM IB Pii-.ri' 'LAit.
rKKyv. I"'''- l.-Tlte - K"i.ii**iiii'?'isccr- aaya:
? Tlie C,.ven,m-'nts al OlIBRB) anil Austria hiive
derided ta publish t\u- uvuiy i*i alliance eeoelaOed
between th.ni on October 7, 1h;>). In order tn
end tho di-nl.ts cnttTt.ti'i"*! ICgardlRg Ute purely
Sift Ral itu Hit-'.Hioti of tho treaty. l>*,tb (iovcrn
nicnls, ii, t iiiitcd hf ft dcS-Ii ti) maintain peuce and
to avert bri dtetRtbaRce of the tniiniuilliiy of
l.iirois' ure coin ir.*, il thin, thc i-uKlieiition ?'! the
ti* .itv will exclude further doubt."
Hie terms of the t reilly billow'. Art. \? "
Mi pu hit- s thnt should Other of Ihe Ivvo BOBBI ri**s
c. : lu try lo th** hui.)*' Bad vvi-li of Hf*' OORtlttCl
Ina partlea, he attacked bj Basaia, eaeli h i.;?.._.?? I
tn asBlai th,- oihet -arith ii*- eRtlie military 1*00,
and enif la eoneloda pawe upou kucIi terms ivs
t)i,?h agree te aeeepB. An id.- II provides that
should either country bl attached by BRJ
athel paw-t thc oth.-r pledfra it-. If not lo wp.
pori the agan-sBOC, bal te B_a!ataia aa altitude
?1 neutrality, should Kuaeia assisi tbe aggressor,
l.i'v-i-vi r. Article I. comes into force, omi aral
-)|sriii.'iis will then be curried on la common,
bim! lenna ol piece be conjointly arranged.
Article III s.ts forth ihat. the treaty, being of
a (.,?;.ful character, shall, in order to prevent
tn i-i ti t .? i-|>r*-t:. t iou. be k.*pt secret, or be cointnii.ii
eated to h t!nr*i povrn ander tho ooaaoat af tbs
cotii rsc! lag piiri lee.
ll ih parn, s e\pn-s tho hope, in view of the
Intent;*.ns announced by the ("tar Bl the meeting
?willi Emperor William in September, 1870, a!
Al x.in'ln.iio. timi thc Kii-s un military pi,p.u;i
tin.--, m.iv iK-L prove io ix- in reality menacing to
rither of theta, mid may give do euuse for them
lo ad--pt sin,tlur m-usurcs. SI,.,nhl this hope, how.
aver, contrary to exp-elution, prove erront-ons,
both pun ?- r. .it./, ii to '>?? theta loyal *lutv to
acquaint Emperor Al< sander thal an attach upon
ni" eon ut ry ivill Kc retarded as aa attach upon
The preemble of the treaty statis that " enn-id-r
f-ag ihilt tho colics:.ni ?.f the two Empires trill the
nero eaially seeiirs their owa safety, while lt can
threaten bo oro, and at the sa,ne time la well
adapted to consolidate the |x-aoc (.f Kalapa ob the
basis nf the Berlin TrentT, the taro emperors
while Iving a mutual and mdemfl promise never to
Imparts an a__.s-.ive tend'ttev Ifl nnv dlreetlon to
their pup K tl* t i.si.e agreeraeat, rreolved t . <-. n
rl.i-lc .ni alliance nnd appoint-*! ms their I'I ni
1- ni aries Count Andreas) and Prince Henrj of
.'i'll s *'
\ ii ax a. Feb. g.?The " AVndp st" to-day glvea
tl.i terms of iii*- A* stin (ii-ini.iii treaty. The
pal lieatioa <>f the irc.it-, ls considered ms u -ran.*
!.,'_' to Kassia, and thoea vviio have heea trying to
divide I'enuany end Austria. Ii is atated thal
lt '\ ii i - 1 i ? > : t d all :! " m ; Mini ions if th*
?i . ty, both in an active and a paasive sense.
I ? ere wnw .. beavj tull in puces on thc Bourse
lids morning.
London, I", h. 4.-Il ls believed at Vienna thal
tlc pi.l.'i, ri. ii,n of the A'-s-tro ? ;? rnii-n treaty is tho
-result ot Hie Floqnet-Mohrenbelm rapprochement
Tlie publication creates nxcitcmrnt throughout Eu
1'i'vi-r. Feb a -Tlie Russian Embaasy lin* had 8
iv-i- p,i?.r-?i. .1 to the efl, ci tliat Baron Mohren
Iutiil the It'essimi Amba-Mulor, enneeated to be
pc ?>. nt -I lo M. I'l*"|ii.t ;it ih* latter, own n
II ll* st.
in ? vs- i.,',v ,< -itu: nccoitAiioN si*am>*l.
l'vr.i*. I'eh rt. In th" Chamber el Deputies to-day.
lt. Peal -!?* ' a?icrnac tabed )r-n\e tu Interpellate the
Governmenl In relsilon te thc Legion ol Honor deco
ration acemlals In ths coi-iree **f Ihi ?l?-s,atf ba
declared i.ii,. ) u-l lee lad not Leen allow erl to I alie
li- coni-e. inn h.ni !-e<-'i paralysed t-y polttlcal Inter
ve,.tinh. The (lovenunenl, be saul, ought to prodoet
ail Ihe ftvtdenee in .heil pmeeseloa.
M. ii(.|u.-t. president of ti,? chamber, groteoted
epait.-M ihe glseasilea of judi, lal document*.
If. ile ( H.-.cnac Cillcd iijxiu BL Hor-uet nm ta
late veno In tl,.- rte ba! e.
V I j,.'nc. ads is".| M ile . Ti---.isiiuc not li use a
I :oiio, willoh, he said, frightened nobody.
This advice eeoealoaed appiaove,
M de (as-apnv rejoined, "Back langaaga ls only
lt foi a per bOntS"
>!. Ile-UM said that the rhamber would Jude* ?>(
th- language ol those ouiiini*, ihemseivea gentlemen
M il ? issagnar, aftervi'ard alluding te M. Flo
?iii*-'', nv lr- the nresenee nf Ihe "rai ?M vive T'nlo.iie ??
?! I'll, .ucl e\( la ineil. ?? Your patriotism ls OB a level
?,t!, > mu polilern
ont nu ni.- Hie Othatei M. de Lenney chareed
ll isilllei-ea willi opi->slng the anest of the guilty
pe (ss,,ns
M reilllerea 'ustlfled Ihe eondiiel of the novern
BK ni Hr declared thal tie' a.:a*li- upon thi Km
euron, cen. lal v.eir> VialOI. callion,>.
TIP IT*.MT III "Ttl ?F.F.N SI'LI.IV \N* AM) smith
i.o",i.ui, Keb. :l John l. ts,diiv au's friend, BeraarO,
met ?? .lt*n," Spiitl, and l'leniliii;. lils ?sesgor. In Fleet.
lt. lo dey, hm ???-. nnaiiii- ta srrsage n mati u between
Bo ih. an and Smith. Smith declined lo flkiht beforo
tin- cte! ot \liiv. willi- Haman! refused to postpone
th" tiL-hi beyond the las. of tprll Kmlth s.atni that
ie would proceed lu Amertrs In the uti,nun and would
arrange a match th'-ie willi Sullivan.
London, Fib ii. a Bheaalal named Derby and his
ills mid ila children have heea found dead Ifl their
dwelling at Haas hasler. They had bena dead s--v
iial .lavs The lielicf ls lhat th" man. driven to des
C-ration l,y Ms Inability to tupporl hi- family, ad
Inlsio.uil poison to them and then cuiiimliied sui
Koiuhm. Keb. Ii. The I ti.ch steamer P. Caland.
Captain Koujer, which left Itotterdam January 14.
loi Ness lisih. and pul back to IM*, inotUb with three
blades of lier propeller gone, hss been leTVOyod and
fouiil te is* extemivelj ilainag'HI Bte atora Kaine
K seriously Injured. bl,o will icpalr at I'lymouth.
Ile tniii- will lao forwaid<-d le London and di-patched,
lo Nee Vort bf way of Qaeeastews, Tim Dutch
t<.'im.. -. iee,lam will tull m. Kl v iiioul li on Monday
0), hoi way io Noss Noi'u and lahe lim I', (.aland's
pa*- leagsta.
Loinlon. Keb. 4.-The Allier!* an shlg, Thomas M.
I'.*-.-*!. V len with 2 OOO toil- of i an,cl c,. ;i 1, na. hui ned
i. bar (I.m'K a. Liverpool yeeterday.
lot onto. 1 eh. ::.- A]ipMcat!on will be made at Os?
gi,.,,!?? Ital! for ail Injunction to reit rain Pawnbroker
Bi user, ol this city, from disposing of 818,000 worth of
Bet 'i* *,t the vlllagB ol Yerkvilte. BlagM garehseed
the 1h,,,iN rr.,,,, a Woman who gave h"r natue a?
Iii ow ii, and li in.vv turns out th*, th" Oebeatarei were
Itolen by thia women (rem two young men. The
Woman bas fled to th" Knited State*.
ly.ii,lt,I,, i*eb. il?A rlopuiatnui ot lush landlords
wal.rsi upon Lord Sutlslmrv tu dav aud t-iynd thai
lhe> niiirti' ba eeasgeBsatad for the loss,>* they i,ad
Bu.Ieivil throng! leeeil legislation. They di-iiounted
li..- ie- ..ts ul tlie Kami Commission'! work.
?.ord ^allsbury con.ratiilated them thal they had
it last awa-enicl to the Importance of a unanimous
Bm! saSBwetfa peltey of belt defence. If the land
liiM )uiii -I,,.un similar eaergy some years ago. they
ii,uni have iKsen .pared much of I heir present mlis"
s*v il eagre-seed deep .ympethy for the landlords,
nitu.. of whom bad taffered ralremely, and promised
to fully ronsider their proposals.
( ROFrgSg sknt To PKIBOM.
DBI Bli Bl gb, Keb. a.-seveial rroOers of the !-.land
et Lawte, Rbi have Beta on trial for rioting, have
teen (-..iivTcifii. .-soitif ,,f them -*.t? teateaeed to a
rear's Imprisonment, some to niue mouths, and ot heit
lo bi x mont hs.
-? ?
i-ORjqn por oaIjLart iahiOra
clasp,w. Keb. g.- Capiain BHehte, of the State
Line steamer Mate ol Indiana, was graSMted to-day,
aa heaeU of RasMeal neaelead. wi.h a gom vetch
and Shela, and -Mr. Campbell, the flr?l ollner of the
trail of J teliana, with a binocular ftlass, fo, living
tbe cr.Sk ?f Lbs ship 'I'rl.iini,ham. ad Kirton, windi
wee abandoned u. -ea oe Angus! 88 winio on a voyage
from l.l\ et pool for l'.oston
___. ^ ?.
L-iiiliiii, i t-b. .';.?( (lionel .Mapleton,' Die op'-ia mau
agar, has oeen de< *i ai ed a bani-upi.
Umatea, lei,. ,'J.-T!ie trial ol Tliouia" Kalian and
?"' har, iiarkim, who were BfeBffM with being cou
_*___ W|"' ? dynamite conspiracy, was brought to
______ 'oday. TIM v.-tre lound guilty and nero
mia eaMeaeea io dfieen peaie' Basal servitude,
nuran. ** _*f_ "' "'*' "U1 * allan protected lils In
teuri 11 \l,r_',<* ->H<te a tpirlieil api>ea! te th.
?*k?,M *lM,'n be s_.il that ne n_, hoi a man abo
Viiliv Vyi1.1* ?_ro_*?rt> ?"d tan Itlce life, a* ho ba.1 *
Mleu.aV J___ d'"*r '? h"" lu Arnot Ice.
leaei . iiJ,1f.iM ,i"ld "*lr v?" Wagner weis ou the
"? -ta auriag the cloeiog hour* of the trleL.
rnv OABtS t<> Tin: TRintvr.'
rf-i.,;r,frA'.- IM***- Wt Tte* IWtW Turk lt AMI
Di-Biiv. Keb. 8.- i bare -everhsBeM such a aaeteing
ai thal at Lelateer Hall, hat! eight- Th* lasaaeose
teUUUng wa* itnagil tn ever Bowleg with a most lat
geafag paiiieri-ip. ivpmeatlag tel slasaai of ti"* geepte
-lYotestants and Ctebollea. pCOlBSSiOBil men and mer?
chant*, mon of wealth and men of the people, landlords I
ami peeSSBta, Protestant mlnis'ei-.- and Catholic li
prnfeeeor of eel verst iles, .Mavor* of lawas. Aa over- ,
Boa ag ftebetinB e^eelly representative a'"' ialhasl- j
estie Bad te asstmbto la tha aaaea.
it soold i*e Impestlbte le di Joetlee to ibis meeting ,
In uni' brief d'"-'! liff lon. and every one who r*-*'l' of I!
will think out it- epoch Basking ilgniBeenc ? lor Un self.
The Liberal party. Mr. Morley said, mean baalnesi thia
time, Perhaps ihe aoUete passsge of hi* ipeeel was
ti,.- peroration which waa a- followa!
if i were an irtehmes i ahould be what meny si* not :
I should bo proud of ?(. (Appian-'*1 I ShOU (1 le very
proud of ali tho*" million- ,-i ny race who were >
treed in every pan of ih" globe, under all rotuli! Lum,
v Inning the admiration nf rai lld men by ih**lr liddl'y.
by Inter platy, by Iheir tove of ihelr own lend iAi*
l-lac-e.i Mr ..(-eh-n si,,,', ii, Ibis ball Iii" o!l.*r nigh!
ihai iou were ter whet he elegantly
nationalism." It I- no " bustard nationalism." (Ap
i plause). When we tech ibis Irne union of all Irish
I incn. of all seen snd ..n mien sli; ri ,.| wben you Hdnk
cl n." enormous Inlerosts (hm are ut slake: wlien you
1 think v.Tiiji opportunity i- now afforded to von for union
i wiih a- ami union will one another; when you thine* .
, low hil von- kinsmen all over IhC globe have tlieir j
t ? '. ht- hu! tildi- tv-art- are Axed upon whal von ai *
i doing I aaj lhal nm Irishman whir promoles dlvl?!on, |
j eny lri-linii.ti who forget* a hal I at stake will. Indeed,
I*- a w,,i-ts enemy lo blt eonnirj than Rngland leis
1 ever been (Applause) I d n'l lailieve the! Ihl* :
division among*! Iriahui n i*rv"d arlee lhere i- iMlhtnt?
j In nature for ii : but lb re I- everytblnp In p-.i ey, and
1 not only In pol ry, bul In humanity. In iuom1.iv for ibe
elev ai Inn of th") Irish rharecOsi and Ih" promo-Mon of
higher ide:..*: u,er- lt evervthlng to Induce even n ??
' of vam to .-Ti!* egotism, to -Inh |,*i -ona! I liter,--t a-ni lo
! push forward In the greal work of which I au, proud to
i oe a ve, v bumble participator. (Loud and continued
i ap] 'au- ll
(me of the most emlt'ont phj**le!\ns of DnMIn, iv.
Kidd, seeoaded ibe retolntlofl rd wein mo. ead in doing
I so said that If he Beetled any Other reason for ben mine
S Horne Killer and Bppeering on a politics! platform as
t?- did now for the first time In bbl ll! I I! Wis supplied
by tbs tyrannical despotism now being carried on! In
A larne landlord of a well managed property whose
tent roll la ?10.000 a year, the Righi Honorable C. ;
Retting! r. Dsputy Ueu*cn-in< of Ualway, and member
of Ibe Privy council, propr. ed a vole of thanks to i- i>.
sullivan. In the course ,,, |, * -.). |, he ta I I
Though til" Irl-h let,an*- have Leen for main confur
I Im treated In e way thai I ss a landlord can onl.v re-.ni!
. Hinl With I .lt ier -linnie ref t tu. i'ie \ are it. lllin : to rome
tu I'-rnis wiih the landlord-. t>, inti,.,luce soda! peace
in a eon nt ry thal baa ao Buffered from wa", to enable
Un landlords to live al home the frosted leaders, I hope, ?
of our friend* rand -Ol Hi" ha'",I rulers ?| | dependent
Iel hi trT. Tl* it. 1 lr .-i. w ? vs .1! sn- iii" tren of tTl*ler.
wTi,,s,. fathers foin.!,, ii lVn-y: mer ol Munster, ul, ,ia
h.eui,,i i.v. hive nol lo-i tin Rime of Sarsfield, and tho
mei, nf Couniught, who remember Aughrem, loin lo
gerber and be rapreeented tilling In lae old House in
.college ci cen.
Mhtbtsel Davitt wns ot, the pLvform of central Hall
an-l t. M. Healy delivered * iplendld speech In ii,*- an?
You may well Imagine tbe effete .hs. thi* extra ,e,!i
nery demonstrailon fia- bad on ti.,- enemies of Heme
Kiile. Vin will hardly be prepiNd for Ita milne,hm-,
iffecl on Mr. Balfonr, however; be tefl Hu* eoontrj by
an early im-it thi- morning io remain In London until
Morie] ami Ripon have returned borne again.
1. P. Kill M p.
Dublin, Keb. :t.- At it,.- Mansion lions,- to-day,
Kord KTpoti and Mr. Morley wane presented with tbo
ft.-edo-I. of the city of Limerick Mr. Morley, re?
plying to an eddress, shh! ihat the cabinet would
extend local government to Ireland because ll
s ,vv i),ni to decenli all/" wa- to nationalises iNuiiier
ad* lu -ss.'- were presenled tu tbe vhliors. At t Do
Klin he,,n Which followed, a loi-' tn tie- QnOBB Was
heartily drunk, all preseal af anding,
lu the evening there was a weil attended roaver
tai one al Leinster Hall.
11 vi i) ix, >*. s., i'eb. 3.?Tha Aawrteaa fishing
achoonars Joha G. Whittler and Midnight, which pul
in bare tesl week for repelrs, obtained special pei mis
sion from the authorities a; Ottawa to dispose a! thoh
eargoaa of fresh ash, which were in dinger el spoiling,
and lld* morning Ko?k ?i Kennett, of .his city, bough!
from them 3.000 pound* ol balibui which thi Brm win
ship to the I'nlted States.
? ?
London, Keb. 8.?The Itiimer Conic, from Kew
V01 lt, was boarded by detectives OB ber arrival (iff
Queen-town today. The oltiri-rs were leaking for
ll.i,iv I'-ililn-, alias William*, who ls said lo have
in his po-ses-ion a uaaatity of tewelry itelea fran
1 roderich Cutter, of Ko-,tou. Perkins viii bo arrested
on landing.
The 1 eli!** proceeding lo Liverpool, fl,,- detect Ivis
returned lo Queenstown and telegraphed to the jinlue
at Liverpool ta arreel Parkina on tending there.
Koiidon, ieb. II. - M. \\. Mat.I.ison (('on-i-rvallvei
has l-een elec.ed without Opposition lo the seat In
the Houso of ( oinnioiLs for ibo Wallon Division of
Liverpool, made vacant by the resignal lon of Mr.
1.iii-,..11, w!,o recently aeeepted aa Irish Judge-hip.
Mr. Dodgson ll. Madden (Conservatives, who apaln
ran for Dublin I'nlvei-sity on his appointment as hollcl
tor-Ceuei al ol lrelaud, WM reelected without oppo
Ko* HKSIkH, Feb. a (Bpselil).-Ia thi trial of Itea
eem 1 h- afternoon tba Merest shown by thc peop.o
beca.i.e Intense. The club Which the prosecution
Bherged that tho prisoner BBOd In hilling his vlclliu,
waa sn object of much attention. lt I* about twe
and one-half feet long, two lachet thick and lawed
Into ? square -hape. On" end ls pointed like a -.ui
veyor's ulalie.
The les'l.nony of several nelgbbors of tho Stone*
gave * deadly turu to Ihe trial. .hey remembered
soelng the p.isoner near Ihe house on tim afternoon
ol the mulder, officer MePhlUipe, Of Catiandalgiia.
swore that he bad several OOaversteloat willi Deacons
after lie w_s arrested at thal village on the night of
the ?Older. Said he :
-Peareas asked me, If Dey did ?,,t think he was
tho mau wanted In Rochester for murdering his
wife.*' 1 la'd, "What murder!? He replied: "There
wea a woman lilli*-*! in uoehesier yeaterday. 'ihe
night watchman tuld me 8a." I tut ked bini what
iii dh t -watchman and be answered: "Hie man who
brought him to tho lockup.*1 l asked the watchman
afterward and Hie lattnr said that h? had never
spoken to Hie Dsecons about thu mOrder."
This lestlmony produced an slfeol npon every one
exept tim prisoner, win, eft ber reed tho paper moat
ol ihe day, or lounged Ifl bis chair.
THE ckiw BARELY B8CAP8 IN TlMK-inr. . apiaiv
and mail BB8CVB0 PBOM I ni: mast.
Pm. u.i:i I'lin. feb. g.?ri,e iteamer Blanche Bea
(lei son, fruin Jamaica willi fruit, Mink al Lombard
st. Wharf, Dela.'me IHVir, Ibis morning. She iteaRMd
up the rlv.-r safely milli within loo yauL* of the
wharves of the Providence, IRQ BBIi big Company, at the
foot of Lombard-t., when a hug" cake ot let struck
Hie port side, causing tho VOBSel to till rapidly.
Tbo crew took to tho boat-, bu! ( aglaia Miller aid
King, the lir.t maH*. bardy bad time lo SBCead the
furemaaL Slowly tho disabled -leauu-r drifted toward
tb,- wharf, but coining Inn, eollUlon with the iteamer
saxon, she drifted back Into tlie river aud lu a Btw
minutes .auk almost oui af ni?_? i,t. -]|,? i,,,,.,, aero
res. ned from the rigging by K le bolas Dwyer, * 'long
slioictiiiin. Tbs cargo will ba a leta] lo-s.
m ??
PniLii.Ki.chm, ) eb. :i (Bpeelel).?A s]*'.-iai aseetlng
of tbe (oiniiiorcial Bxchinge wa- held to-day, ai
whieh tbe committee on undorWUIng of freight, :i|i
pel elad by Bireetien ,.f the Rxchenge ea laanarj 11
reported as follows: "Thai Dotwlthstending the din
eulties in iii- wa] sf obtalnlag legs! proof el db
cnniinaiioii by iBterMUIng your commitine ha- In Hs
I-."-1"" tagtelenl evldeaee te ImgUceta neat iv
every throagh irei-!,t n,?. eater!ng Philadelphia gad
.ti...'"iii territory over ih- tallowing railroads and
their Weetara eoaneetiens, rte.: New-Yorh Penlrai
New york. Lake Ki* _,?i We?tera, i.*higii Van.
I'uiu.lelpuiu _nd lieediug railroad*." i. is pruui ri
10 en.ei sim rt^r.i?.t ||,..(. \itm p.f,,^. ,,?. Jl(. , , ..
(emmerce ? ommiasloa
a> -
Ililli t. ... V. Ieb. _ BApWBM.) Thu fi,, lilly
of GaraaM Utevwelty br*ponded io (i*y ave bopsw
nioi-e- wee perttetyaai la hhs iMutetea of Davis
aud ic_,,.j,.*_.-.,l tlie *oipieiuore piuaiueut Foul.
A COUNTY WAR IS A.l.i *).i.\
Tm. Ki, Kan., Keb. IL-UK p?., he* gave particular*
a few day* ago o( t!> ? couti-st IsMween tho towns of
liut-tl* and (.o'.dlatnl for lb" county seat of Sh".Tii?n
County, The latter town wax seemingly the winner
ai Ute election, tint lbs old SB-Seta were In Ens!is and
refused le certify to Ihe new election and surrender
UM rca,,,!-. Then tin (.midland people erm-'*! them?
selves and forcibly n-l7.ed Ihe records, holding their
rivals a! bay with revolver- and lui ]*-nlin" balls. with
Which they threatened lo burn tlie town of KBette, If
reslstaaos wan offered. Qoveraor Mai.in appel teed
General Adi* Dixon and caji:alu McGrath, of the
siaic militia, ta g<* io ths seeas af ths disturbance, i
? :, ii "a! Dixon ha- snbmifted a report to tin* (iovenior,
saying thal beth petties aie snead and fortified, ths
lewaa being only twa Biles spert. lie says that mk*
Eueils faction will is- iel hi fled with nothing but eris*"
Inal proceedings sgtensl the Uoodland people for Ihe
?elaine o! the cou nt j racords, regAidlesi ol the eeo
?cquencea ol Ihe ili.iv iu tettleawnl ami tba {arther
disirae. ,,., of the communities Trade i* ai a stend?
al ill, un crops io mackel, laxes high, inon-v Karee,
Kin.- work hu tb*.ll nar) mee baale and laborer,
wi.ne ti,,- lund etti,-,, iii ,,h.un refutes .o give elaim
ams theil tinai land proof* for the rena oe tliat the
rf,,,,-,!* al Ibe county Beal are lacompteta ami eel
av ellable. IL* idda :
??willie bo train of elrramstanres cnn Justify the
iiita-i ,., ot Buttle I'V au armed .nob, Vt ls 'ruo
thi! Ihe direct ranna of Ibe onlrage Ria Ibo greedy
overreaching by Knells In refusing Ihe oOleei-e-ei-N*!
Ibeii udialla! po-iiioii-: and, aii-.-.h* most aeerching
Investigation, I Hud Hitit lb gene, al i-Icikhi and
tbe election for the count; neal ? i- l good average of
si'eb elections in ww eouiil ot, a*nl ina! Ihe ni n
alec! rcetved an bonce I niajoriiy, a- did iJoodland abo
for the conni v Met."
nu: rn.r oi i ? iT'.-.Tt cv winni his SALABT WAA
BA Pt ULT ix BEASI ?:.
rmni,n, !>!.. 8. Icci-i Mayer, of Or Brm of
f-i I,'-.lng r A Mayer, dry _.li dealers nae dav '*
e, inly ii ked .*( sale man hoe the Mles in hi* deport
lucnl tie previous da] bsd been ont) aooa Tbe aatea
man rep''.I ths! tl"- bsd been *?".????>. Aa laveell
g. hui sin- -tared wi, iii dacloaed a combilla, li il b"
i teen two of tia* chief empfcryea ol .ic* Brm. whereby
nui only v.a- inoiii-v obtained from the Brm bj lalee
pretences, bul Ihe aubonknili employes Rete Ribbed
of Keir repnlsiton (Ur rtBclency, and finally af their
pori le i-. iii bi lng tbe account a of iheir did real de>
parti enU ayhta.nitlesli] falsified. I. i- aald thal te
one il], nt.n-in alone the decreaee In ibe sale- tor Ma
months wa- I,,m.,I to be Mmethlng lilt*' BISrOOO, but
Ihe iii -ii h.. Hi n Hu- a-ni m.i? i.-.i.-'i bave beea gi tall]
exaggerated. The two eonsplralon bava been dis-,
il ,, ,,i have lefl the elly. The ? lornej lor the
tit m says:
Tlie ic bu been a lyatem whereby Ihe -a'--men gjve
., e ... !.. ,a ii , mininer for Iho g"**l- he lu-s-, kit*
m. a cow ol it in Hi" -imi Uke Ihe stub of a bank
, I, ck book. Thee* *iu - vi re entered up In Hm l.jw
ot the.ce, tbe -ale- of each department being placed
to ,i- ondit. So*-, oe oi Hi- priaclprd employe* lu
i ,.? .-ion- -loud lu wi.li one of the chief men In ii,colin e.
The -ahs w re I eke n inn. differeni O-partmente, os
1.1..i ?,, the e,e hi ,,i tbe department mn by this man
iu ti,,- ilorts, until ii.-* tele reallied thora rai np tu
au ? norm,,ur- -um. while other departmenti shrank In
i .portion, 'ii miers salary wea regulated by the
i_.f i bis department, ever increaae in the half years
tale* bring i,-p.,,)"l to liv a big bec*! lu bia wan,--.
The Mlery tim- swollen w ,-. I inppo-te, divhhsl among
the eonsplrators Tl ? raa_on Urn thing wa- not di
nivenal h.- oner, is evident. "While m.me depaitmrnta
nore clipped and others Inereaeed, the total alu wing
jf ih- s;,j... o'i the booka ?011-11011,lcd exactly arith
ihe rash receipts
M..UK BRt'TAL than* ivni.
"\i!Mi*.,T..\, Del., Feb 3 (Special.) ti rn RepabHeea
roi.ne" gave np the effort to get voters .??,--c-*cd. af
.11 in ii'iy. The police offlc.n under Die direetloa
if Mayor Rh ides were more violent and brutal .M*
in,,rninp thm Bi any tim-* .iii- we it They arrested
I luirle- M. tn 1 is. a K.pi,I Hean voucher, because lie
wanted io voa. li for two nen. wben they deemed that
BBS w:,s em,ucl, for |,iiu. They ejected other voueh
?1- from tlie lilli, poshed ibe people og of beashel and
.(airways and threatened ta break Ihe head of a prom
II if.?it boslneoi men. BratMRgtea Joass, presldeal of Hie
B'llmlngtoB and Braadywhte tia! oaal Raak, one of ih**
leading lea'her -nanuisctarera in the city, wa* tetetlad
ntr a stairway bv Officer Ku?-ll. and when .Hines (no
legted iiiin tba elly Hail wm imbin* properly, Russell
proposed to arreai bim. A rtaa wat Imminent, but the
Republican loaders strenuously Urgod the men to pre
-??: ve ihe Ka' ?' unill n on and 10 is-main al hollie th* le?
afier. Thi- had ti be *i.? to prevent a lipht.
'Hie Repnbllean Committee w-iii now try te have it*
men a--e.ssi'd by Ihe ie w * our. of .h" Bounty ne.\l I
num. h. bul lodging from the put, this effort will prove |
equally futile with thal of thia ween. There are still
over 3,800 Rejinbl cans in Hus city Who OOghl to be
assessed, fully om-half of the Republican Mrength ol j
\\ ilmi.ijjiou.
VoRiTu.K. Ya., feb. Ji (Bpeelal).?Reyaoldi Brothels,
?orton export ?'* af ? ih- ?? ty, yesterday applied te ledge
Hoghes, of Dm Dolled States Dtetrtel 1 uart, to have
tim Brilish ?tea'ii-hip North Krin, bound from Weet
Point, Yu., lo Liverpool, with co.t*,n. attached, tbe
(ap!sin having refused lo sign drafts for gl_,g&l for
tba protection ef Ihe charterers. Kevin bi* Brothers
fhe Judge telegraphed Die revenue outer Hamilton at
Tld Point, to stop the ve?,|. The ilauiill,,,, had pone
ag tbe bay and could not be leeched. The fudge then
."iii John .1. Sullivan, Begat] marshal, down In a lug
o overhaul tin* Bag! shana. Thc deputy Marted la the
tug Hygenla, bul finding lhat Ins Wanted tu*n-- -peed.
.Bartered 11,0 tug Commodore, and wen! le tba eape-i.
He WM than tran-fen-ed to the pilot bout William A.
.rave-, ami awaited the North Kiln's arrival. He
.ho gat oil lu the yawl Whieh bad to go alongside of
ibo ship to take ott BT. H. lace, tho pilot who brought
tbo North Krlu fruin West po nt. "Alien Ibey rem* heit
tbu sldo of tho vessel, tlie deputy started up the ladder.
Amid Hie cur-es of the captain, 80BM one aboard un?
hooked Hie ladder, and to frighten bim let lt down till
t - tote touched the water. Ile hung on and when
tn" hooks were repleced climbed ap Blether. Thi
ladder was again unhooked and he uu.s k-i down into
I!.-* writer up t? bis ankle-. He hung BB like a gs id
fellow, however, ami tba ladder wm aizain put lu pe?
tition. Ile Climbed up still rurtbar and gai lils baud
jin the nil I! was al one* pushed oir and the ladder
let po. Hut for the fae! tba! the steamer, which wa*
under way, drew Hie yawl dose to her side, he would
Lave gono overboard He toll a distance of twenty
feet into the yawl and at th" same time the nell In tbe
Iteamsblp't engli 0 loom was heard to ring her up fas.,
she steamed oin of .be ra"*--. ..thing the pilot arith her.
ih.- deputy mai-lia! returned .0 Norfolk and reported
he fiids lo .ludge Undi s. .
Mn wyi kkk. ld) :i (-peeljh. The plaif.rin of il,e
'aTm Labor party has ice', proandgated from Oehhesh,
sheri ths Btate Central Committee baa bee., in aaasloa
'or several days, it |* addlSMod to tho -leople of !
.M-eun-lu. .\I:,-r r. |;, 11 n ,*; iijioi, nion-.polle-, friuds
uni (be like, the document -t.'.ie^ thai the century ls !
ItaraUy overioeded arith natural wraith, but tb.it
bom natural leetavcea bay.- been taken from the
people and BMnepolteed by ibe few, throegh -rictoui
laj-s legislation. The RepubUean and Democratic I
tarUra aro *h?i ged willi the r.-p.-uslbillty for all tho
IVllS now eilstli.g, ami the p ,,p|e MO eihiirled to build
ag Ibis new part) srhoM prladptea a- aaaaelaled ai
iho (n.cii,mm ooavetttlOU will i-iu.Tiiclpatc H?. wafe- 1
dava from ila* tliialdun of (natl and ui,,ii,,po.lc-. :
11.h-s the emmy p,,,.peron, and Uta ii.s.ple happy. |
l_e I'la! fell,I C I,ell,ile- . 1 1 ? ? I
Wc uigo you lo vin |??s.. -,,,? ,|?. (lI(! n.ir.v a(t||ia '
tiona and .am tu lu n?- grand a_rk, nct\?f enacUng
iiiijii-i or class laws, bm ,,f abolishing Ihnee thai mw ,
*xl-t. (nits is ?,,i ? r!a,s party .,,- a e|a-s movement. J
lt leaches Hie abolition of ra lea ami ,u-.e-. and pro
|)o-"s .( eneel Into law* ami -reduce to practice tbo
-?nu.1 principles of lb. Ameriian Deda, ai lon ol ii M
I'..ism cu. I'.-!,. .*; isiy.rUli.-A busy week hae Ju*'
?nd-d UBOIIg Ute M"el rall matiufmi uivi-s 1,11 eBCOUfli
M the break rn the deadlock betweee the rail-read
companies ami neel Busters dj li..eei.Mi te
le- I'eiii.-.sivaiiia Railroad ' ,,n p.,,s for 30,000 lom
-f rails, il,.- ii,ip-e., .,.],. ?, ,,?. ,,,,, All:ol|,.a? ?] relit
li rc .iii- week 11 ? ? ,_ ,,,,. ,
i-ik Iron Rm the we h ag| ? - ned I.TBo lons.
Di IM. FROM till Lill, nf _ KAT.
RoeToB, 11 ai, d,.. i,;,,^ m. , artetaa
*s ie ,,1 Mephea 1 idell a, ,n,,i ai ber hom,. i? NMbui
la-i 11 -1,1. al the aj..- ..f tin] ?i.?. fawn, t...,.i blood
1 ag, brough! ibool b] ?* bili npon il,,* fa* s b)
? i""."l iai lbs! Invaded bei leepini room -? ?
im- U-i November, bu ,.. , ?. etr|. ,,?,, (ll il(,
-l.'l.lit.-. sh. Vt a.s a e;-. il , 1,rf,.,,.,
1 in si--*, 1 ,.b. :i. Tha state Hoard of Agriculture
Unladed its kaban lo-diy, Ofliera wens ateeta^ aom
nltles-s appointed ami a lo. of nu,, d!_n,mus |,i,-tiir
raasasasd 'i>> MaMOMMa mrs retened th-s Mails,
.fie, some animal.<?! dlseasSSBR, of flaming hills lhat
tmild load io a anpaiMiioa of Um Bom eusMeee, mmI
be eunetrucuou and uiaiuiaaaooe al belter ro-de.
iri-_.U_V-.-s. 1_"0 l/I >> HI.I|K\U .11 !"..>.
ASKING A IS r;"K I'M' IM.'I.E.?..**-?' IN TAY"
|Br WMBBOIgR to tue fOnORB.]
Scbantox, feb, 8.?Tha publication in Scmn
tt.n this afternoon of ti,.- ae-ira thal tho Knights
of I_ibor Convention ni. rit.sfoii iiinl passed a
r.solution Qa?adlai th.it Um wages of the
miners in tba Wyoming mid Lackawanna RgioRO
-linn i?- in, reused ig (M.r tutti eaoseU n sensation
in this valley. Un- dcaBOBd wns in,- late BUtttei
cniisiilerd hy Ihe coiivcnlion. If eave rbi lo
lan i.iniiiiite.i debate which tenainated at 2
o'clock tins inuiTiiii*; in tin- adoption ol lin; *?so?
lution. The secretaries of the eonvention bava
given out the foUoaing oAeial statement:
"Before adjourning LMatriel Assembly No. Id
iiii.in..ii.,..s,,v -rx-soiveu ta deauuid au advance ??i
lu i"-i' c* il in lin wages paid by mine operutorM
In tm* Wyoming aud Laekawi..1 Valley.*, the
pi .s'lit. ioiv.iiie, s in 1,,,. priors oi coal wkrrautiug
hudi 11 demand, lin* m..uer whs iii-, placed lo
tin- bands ml the District Executive Board, the
* li-ilTll.ill ot win,',, ,s I). J. Campbell, ol .-selim
ton, int- un .a d.,ite action, hie ijucstion will
bc siii.niit;. <i K, tin. op.;.it. i*s early uext welt. A
s, ? ? .ii, in --I..- 01 11..- ...-in,, ase mbly erill be
called at nu eu. ly day to consider the answer of
the ()p.r-.,i,,,s t,, tlc* demand. The kn.gi.is ot
Ltebor nave been thoroughly aroused and are
...?I --. tiiiiii'il io 1 in pr. ss upon thu minds ol the
op, 1..toi-s that tbs workingmen ure entitled to a
lair sh,rc of tba profits the np rotors are bow
leapiug by rraaon of tb*- strike In tbe Lehigh
niol Schuylkill regions."
Daniel -I. (.'..upi ell. a leading shoe dealer of
Scranton, vs.is elected -faster Workman af the
us., milly, (ia mik! to-day: "A majority of
1!..- delegates to the convention tren! then with
iii-TruiTinnis fn,in th.ir local aeiemblies to make
Inls IteuliliHl. I I," mattfl V.lis pc, s,-|,t,.,| ,,|
regular furn i" thc BSMeiubly in the iii- 1 business
bruught lui,,i<- ii. nod 11 was referred in proper
torin toa care-lull) eel cied committee tba! gave
it cnn,'st. a,,. ,,i io,, 1,0,1 brough! in Hs report
among the last things to lie aoted upon. Thia
aeeounte lor the fae! that lim matter waa Bot
nn.de public earlier. lt v\a> the unanimous
opinion of the dclegnt - tim! the present condi?
tion of thc (iii trade warmnti tliis advance,
iinil the demand would Imv* been made whether
Mr. Lee, of the brading striker-, appeared before
thc eonvention ?>,? Bot. In short, tbs men of
thia sec.jun i,ei thal they are entitled to a fair
si,an* of thc profits which the eompania of this
region arc now enjoying, because of the IdlcncMi
cl othei sections nnd tlie demand tor coal.''
In answer to the question, " What will he the
result, of a negative answer to the demand?'1
glr. Campbell said: "The district amemhl.v
yviii reconvene on Pebrnnry 20 to answer that.'"1
General .'on! Agent Storm, ni tin* Delaware,
1 ,1 nw.111 na ii.ul western Company, mus that
previous to the granting of the 10 per cent ml
vtneo on july 1, 1 *-*h*.?, the company was earn
lng more per to., than ii bas earned any year
Sin oe, excepting 1883. Mr. Stuns c.,nhl nob
Mi whai the mutton of the r-otnfmny would Le.
The eon* pan les In tlie Wyoming timi Lacka?
wanna legions cannot, 00 account of the strikes
In the L-rhi-gh aiul Schuylkill legions promptly
(il! tin- orders that nre pouring in on them. If
they should meet the demand half way the
miners might Bccenl the proposition; oiherwlM
B s'liicr most results This woubl causi- h coal
tn ri I ne thnt -.,,u!*l hav,- m, parn ile] in the history
of fhe country, hs the entire output of the Bn
tbrne'te red on would be stopped. Tn the event
of any advance being made rind nccepted it
would ?..*..':-i.Iv b-'-t "-i the -td of thc disputes
in tim 1.?? 11ieh and Schuylkill regions
kiii s VNTi.Mll. Penn.. Keb. rt (BpeclalL?This city wm
the scene of i terrible rite tlc- evening, whieh resulted
In th<< Shooting of -even men. While thc omplove* of
Bhonendooh CHy Colliery, which it (.wried hy 'lc- Bead
Inc Company were on their nay home rbis stoning, th"v
were ind by a lot of boy* who heeled at them and
called them " SB-he." The mei, kOI I on B-d P lid no af
i>ntIon to (he boya until they bee.itue M roiph tint the*"
foal ami Iron poUeiBBB vm-io eoMpelled lo Interfere.
A few minute* later abut 600 strlKei* peU-OOd iifiou
the men v. ho had asaaalted the b,ys and Iii" ollie,os
opened Aro Into the crowd. Joim Cathan, .Mils*) Hof
flin, I'alilek Klein,an. John BrOWB -ind two Hungari?
an*, and ono of the (oil and Iron puller
ollie rs weie Rounded, hm none were killed duo
of ti,e HnagaiisM, however, I- though! te be fatally
lujuied. i,I** police captured tom ol the aMiilsnte
and I hey wee la Len ',, 'li" ollice of S,|iilie Hns.'tii.'ik'T.
'1 i,e moll pi >'ki> turrounded the office, and In their
eiioris lo roleen the tom men broke ail the windows,
'lin- prisoners, boa ever, sere te. ut ed ami looked tip.
Kale, ot,, thc mob niiil" a rush for the ollie: of-.quire
Monaghan! and broke In the entire front of tho build?
Lieutenant Moyer, of ll," Land tiwi Iron Pollee, Is
severely criticised for openBRt Bra on tba men, he
hiving, ll I- iiiei.c'i. ibed live shots from his involver.
'lin- not occurred ou Main-t., in the lower pan of
the town.
.herifl Duffy swore in to night Ihe three die com
j *.(di.- i ...,, ?, ? ?> posse prep araiory for troul le
to morrow. 'Ihe Borough Council also held a special
re-sslon and hsvs Instructed thief Burge-*. Boehm
to swen in ipeclal iBIlceii for an emergenci
Joba Duri.in. assistant foreman al Kohinoor Col
1 .-rv. was -siiot nt thi. evening by n Pnlander i xi
r raped Injury. Hil avtsilinl rm arresl* I.
J I lill.A N I OVEB Ti,!'. PliOspici or TBOCBLB IB TAB
Rf.-ipim;, i dj. :i (Bpeclil).?The en!Ire Schuylkill
coal regions ire te-algfal In a ititi of agitation, 'ide
doubt of vest.oday M lo lb" result of the strike has
?riven way to certainty In Hi" mindi Of tho miners.
They aro unmindful of tlie fad thai, never Ifl all
tho history of the coal regions ha* a single tullio
Leen inceesSfuL In ninny ca-es lt required mnnihs
io do ll, but eventually the men were driven lo tho
wa.i an; compelled to cue m. 'Hie eompanf ls slowly
forcing labaU-nlon lu tba present strike. Tho cause
of rejoicing among tha strikers is tba action ia ken
this mo-?liiK by tie representative* of th** Wyoming
aud Lackawanna districts at PlttatOB IB dBm anding
a fifteen cents advance. Thi miners ol these two
regions ure Ihe most prosperous of all UM anthracite
coal dlg-gate. I hey Ufa helter and pet belier wages.
A st il ko ls probable, 'lhere aro 81,000 8MB and
boys in the Lackawanna laglan and InOOO iu tho
Wyoming. They ara the only two remetnlng anthra?
cite districts In Kenii-vlvaniH liol OB Strike. Ke?
rrill ly they have hoon lendiug lo mai Let 70,o_
toiis of coal a day.
john I* Lee, Ibo chairman of ii,** Beading Kaii
road bi ri ko Committee, retarned io-lay from the
j'it.stoti Convention. Ile expressed blmwlf to this
affect! " What I have all along predicted Las como
io pa-*. Tha Kati,nw anna .nd Wyoming BMB aro
a li li us. Tlu-y pledged BS mppoii Ifl BO uncertain
way. They conti!!med today for our bOOO-t 07,000
In solid cash au*! pledged B8aOOO mora, BesldM ,
thal overj man wiii eoatribnte ona day'* wage* a j
monti, io ai>i u*. Every ana of the .0,000 awe 'viii i
?trike hefora this trouble ls over antots Corbin and
the I.clil?_ii opei..t,,i> give lu. What will Jim havo
then! Why, Dearly 100,000 men on strike dter
iniiicd to gel Hun i lillis, with a coal (amine no. lac
nit. \. yoiulng and Ls luwanna hive beeu mi ding out
the only coal w Ll. ll leac.ied tb" mal Iel -III'' I In* ls'
i,.gil and bchuyiklU strike began. Ijt them ali *iop
nu. ami you aili iee theta coal vampires toon como
io linns Thlt tirike smii have a wonderful wor_l
iffeei ;?!! over the country. Corbin i* a beuefacior
lu di-guisc, ami ls sluijly a merbine In the hand- of
a higher poster working out the ainu of Provld see,
ehich ls ihe iii,ai nv ci no nw of monopoly."
As far a* thc .-< LoyiLui miners' ttrtfce is concerned,
there h-.s been no change nu inn H.-- pa-i twent) i.
hums, winiam Kenn Colliery, ahleh Ins baofl Ibe
siene of ail ii,,- i.s.-nt troubles, worked all day with
nearly loo mau i icy Reis ali escorted to their
Inanes to-nigh! bj Me, i.ii policemen .*? to* omer
ludlvldual coilleriei which aie pasing the 8 i*-r cen!
advance also worked in,- Heading L'ompau) elaliiit
I., La.*' lu,: killeen taloc si Bork lo-daj Ihfl Brook
ride. Lincoln, Lileudower, North Mshanoy, Tunnel
Ridge, Bultolk, Turkej Hun, Bes! Bheeand_ah, Kohi
no.'i', Keystone, L_eii.l Bprtng. Alaska, Henri Liar,
Bbenatd'oah ? ny. North Ashland amt Ko.u Ridge e_l
Kc.,-'-, Lui With small fiui ess.
iri.'.W.b MAIM IDI.K Ul III!'. s'lKIKK.
I'll! i kio inn. |,,, :? (>1?, ut,??? ihe liullcttn" ol
ii,*, tmericaa ino, aad steel Association. Innedtirdaff.
-;. sklng ol th- stiii;,. s,b>b:
" fbi luag-cuatiaaed - iii.,*- altai -Risers rn the La
high and fe-haylhill real regteaa ,,i Peonaylvaala have
I,..,I a s-iii.us < flo et ou ih" pnalneUon of pig lion bs
il,.* iiiiiia.o, mi,id, i,av.* d pend d f--r ili*-ir (bte!
Mippl] of fmI on th.- .inibia.n.' coal Bd-Od m the ro
g.,,iis indi loni d. Aiithr.K .Ic goal i- BWAti -?* tori
? bully or lu part by liniiiif, m N"W york, KOO
.Li- s j,mI Mar. bimi, and in ti,.- |j|,ich, Schuylkill
?sud lower iu! iipp.-r PHasRaBaaaa mlligi ?' I'enn-yl
sittiia lt 1* In Hie lliii*- ilsiiict* of ISnn-jlvanla
ili.l nalnrd, bowevor, Ih.ll tin- .-Herts of the ?wo ,lrlW"s
iiii'iiliiiiod ai. prtetepsU] f**lt. lu N*-w-Vorli ii*, fm
na..-. Lava- BOOB blow n out on arcoon, of a Marett]
ol _iilLi_i,ia coal. Tlie uott bia-i furu-c-B ul Uio
tn. ii run altogether on coko are . inked ou account of
the employ..* h.iv.ug li Hised to act cpl a 1.) per cen:,
reduction of Raffia In N'"w Jersey the three Ai shiver
Bil narai BIB ont of blast, two of Ilts'in ou account ol
tho LehtgB sink**, lu ih** whole Mat.) lui fut once.
are now mu ?( Mast, t__ *,.. meas ami Chatter
furnaces are now using Vs.onnng instead of i.ehlgh
coal, in Maryland ali of hs lour aatbreeita furnaces
ure now oat Out ol a ii.lal t.t forty righi BtBCka In
the I>>hl_h valley fi,,,,lee,, an- ou. of I,Liri for waul
of coal and two of the ( ranB fSreaeM have beeu blown
om and me- ba,theil foi tic* saul, reason.
" I Oder ihe Stoat favorable conditions ol trade litany
furneces an* alway! Idle foi r pain ..nd from other
unavoidable ranees. Borne r*p*u*.s of ii,., aumbei
of faraaeM Idle on areeanl of th, ,*,,.,i ttrfkM have
included ckereoel Machs and Marka which have be.-,,
abandoned ut idle fur yean*, la ihe Lehigh. ttchuyl
kdl and lower Buequeii-nua valleys of K i.n-iis-uia,
on. of :i kc d of IBB BtSek*, MSty ni*' bow on! of
lins, ot baaked, nitainst fOrtj ihrae on January i.
Tb*- remaining active furnaeea ats run.nug
under the dlt-odvaulug. of usitig Inforior coal or having
to ti-,. r,,kr altogether or in much larg, r quantity than
ii-i.Tl. with the re-tilt thal lb" co-t of piodue.ng pig
iron hiu. been Increased."
Ni) I li. I-f* I'.M'I'.i TED PROM caIM.-i.i-".
I'.iisl.I.,g. I.b. ,'i (.-ju-i Lil.. Mailer Workman Lewis,
of tl," (,.,ii Miners' National Assembly <*f lbs Knights
of Kui.or, and uacCB-arlly ana of the laadara af the
la .ul rig -I, ge, -.id ',.*!,> 'Ii.il noi much wa*. oxp_clod
tn.in t!.* i ,,ti_'ie..i ,n ii ii.ve ligation, a- .peaker Car
ll-h- -di appiiiutt-e cimuiitt,.-.
cn; tBMARI .Bl s ,Y i'll KV WILL fl IB IB TMB POOB
Tba ci-.'ai* makers say. "We are playing a lln.lt
let pam ami will s-e and rates Ihe manufacturer
until they aie forced by (lie very Bia! of tba game
to I brown down their heads. Oar game ls ate a
til ii tr. Lui we are baching ll lo vin on I li" BBB! Ita of
tba eera." These espieaaiona were brough! ai eal
by a new phaM thai luis tpTUBg up In flu* clgar
makers1 ttribe yesterday, it wa* learned that on
tb- part *,f thi m.* tm fm lurer*] tba rest of thi strlha
would be a kimi of " frCCW out." and nothing ROUid
is, done until oae side tar Ihe other ha*i -pc-nt ail li*
money. It cost the Internitional !'ni..n 8010.000 la
win Hie long teri be which took piece in ClBeieeaU,
and now thi union will spend a million dollars before
d' .'-*at will bo accepted \\ i,e,i Iii!* trouble began
there was in thi tiMiury Merty one third of tiiat
amount to start on, and by the lime thal ll bas bMB
expended uesrl) a* much more wtU be on hand. Al?
though theie ls Ihl- Luge -um lo Ina,Ile, a** yet no
cLirgM of extravagance have been mid", ami .ii"
weekly allowance to cadi Striker I- so small that mme
limn a bare living on lt ls out of lbs question.
Al tbs rn-vt meeting of the union thi -ui.jeel fer
discussion will be, "(au a man cough In the streds
Wlihoul Infringing on Hi" btw or IreepSSSlBg BOOB
il,- dignity of tho police force I" Tho sabled lir-v
been raised hy PSul sci bert, secretary oi Inter*
i_ t,uml in,on No. ld. Il" was returning home from
v.iii'ii on Thursday evening from the cigar factory af
Powell .v. Belngham, ami a- bc Ral ked by Ottenbvrg'i
fik' loiv. at sec,,ml ave and Twenty SCCOnd-SL, le- WM
unfortunate enough la cough. A policemen win,in
hearing distance fell in-.mi."I at ? lie clgai mulei*-,
audacity In coughing In his presotnee ami hurrying up
behind him offered to *f,,i' irs back with lu- elun
if he cm,'.'i'd again. Slober! did no. rough tbe sec
omi lime, bul called on Ihe lawyer fer the cigar makers
fm- advice. The lawyer searched ihe imo,al rode,
tbe Instructions to tbe Police Department and all other
laws bearing on Hie city government, bul could i-mi
nothing prohibiting an American citlren from cou.li?
ll.-, ns much a- or w hen or vs here I," du,-".
The r-.riit" Comroitroe me' las! night ai their head
quarters. No 850 Fin! ave., au I reports from the vari?
ous shops were received. On" of tie pjele.s |_ front
of Jacoby A Bookrasn't ficlory *< a.- arrested in tbs
afternoon and wm held In 8500 hail for trial. Butru
rt Newmarh discharged the three i.union mea whom
(hey Iud working for thom a"d 'li" factory Is BOW
closed A meeting of tho Msnu'ectnrera' Association
Rat held in the forenoon ai the office of Kerb .t Spic*),
but none of fhe mantifaetnrcr* would tell a reporter
what wa.- done. Jacoby A Kook.,tan. the linn whose
men hue itruek the aecnnd time became of a disagree
gie ni tm tbe terms o' the *,? dement, Mn! ou! jrester
dav a alatemen! In which they disclaim Ml eonnee
ill n v ttl, any i,i,,-mpt tn defraud the men. and suv that
ll * cigarmahers lirueh because they found non union
Illili in the factory vv lien .hey returned lo wo: li.
Troy. N. v., lc!,.:).?The employes of th" Kensselaer
rall mill of tbe Troy Steel and Iron Works, agreed to?
day lo go to work at a ivducrlon of 10 pw cent, th"
leran offered by tbe company, judge Roberiaoa and
I P. Donovan, ef the State Board of Arbitration, were
liisirunii'iital In bringing about the sc'ilenient.
Pittsburg, Keb. 3 . riped Tl..-A ft ci a -fi Ik." of several
Dioiiihs, the Bular Iron Wolfes were reopeeud today
with non--anion aotoied men. Tha old smptsyM gah
tvoiit because the firm ordered thsl a roller iheald
Inive cl.a. ge of two .-et* of robs. More color.il nee
?ppli-d for work to -day then were seeded, and those
accepted are protected by twenty polieemeu Th,*
?dd employes would have abandoned the jitack on Ihe
two job ty item and returned to work, bot they ewe
al?o ii-ked ro sgn a paper reUnquUbing .hen- righi rn
join a:i> labor organisation.
Pittsburg, ivb. 8 t>p"ci*i,. The emplojei at the
Motional Tube Work* at McRcesport, ile* largo-r in
America, havo boc, given .imo lill Monday io dei ab
Between aeeapUag an average reduction of k 1 _ per
c-r.t. or woikinn half lime. lt ls pietfy certlllB Midi
they iv.ll accept the reduction, (.eneral "Tanager
l'lagicr told them the eumpaoy bad stock worth
81.000,000 on band an*l co,.ld ea- I. afford to atop
wan h.
At a conference tc div at the rift burg Tube teorfes
lt WM arr si fbi! thi mill w ,iiK| start up on Monday
a' teal year's wages Al the Continental Tube R/oies,
In Prankstown. preparations wera made last night f*
s'art Hie wuk* in full and Iho same wages which
were paid la-t vent- will be foiiced-d here. At the
pennsylvania I'ui.e Work* no reduction has beeu
av nev-.Ton nnorr* itvk BTOBIRB wini tiiiikk
A chorus of yells and a loud era-h In the wool
dreitlng faciory of II. IL Hollis, at No. 64 (* West
Pitty seventh st., startled the employes there a few
minutes beforo 10 a. tn. yesterday. The freight ele?
vator bad fallen from the foti.th story to the cellar
of the factory, ami three men who were on the ear
were hurt badly. They were Patrick O'Koefe, a mar
chlnl-f, -ge twenty-two, of No. .117 Weet Forty-flfl li?
st. ; Albert W-'ber, a driver, ag,* thirty, of No. 4*-0
Wost forty tlftb sf., and Joseph Kelly, agu seventeen,
au appteatlce, of Ra. 508 West Forty tilth st. laaal
ties'- mai hincry had bCOB ordered for (he factory, and
the thrat men hail lieei) sent from the mach lue shop
Bl bonner J_ Vaneourt, at No. 617 West lorry fl'th st.,
to -et tho machinery In place. O'Keefe was directing
the j*!*. A healer, weighing about a ton, was placed
on lins elevator and carried up to the fifi I. floor, when)
lt WM unloaded. Then tho men got on tho cai ami
started down after another load.
When the car wis at the fourth floor the wiro cable
suddenly bioko and the car wont down to tho cellar
like a shot. Tho dfetaaM was about fifty feeL Web?
er, who had started Hie ear by pulling th** cluck
chain, caught hold of thc chain with both bands aller
the car had begun to drop Kv holding on he les
teni-1 the shock uf lils fall aud did not break any of
his bones, but tho Units of the chain tore tho flesh ott
lils painui arid fingers, and left Ins hands mangled
terribly. Kelly's right leg was broken above the knee
aud hi tattered from aback, o'Keefe wu _oip>c.s
when bo was (Lagged out of the elevator-shaft, amt he
lumplalaad ?f el-teal pains ia in- bark, ito had re?
ceived some Intersil Injin*.os, and ll was feared ih il
ht- spine vv a., broken Ambulances wera called fruin
Ihe I'oosi-vclt IK,-jilla!, am! (Ins Injured .nen wen)
loon mad,) as comfortable as p*>s.-ii,i_ lu a hospital
wa,d. ib"> are ixpeoted to recover.
Ibe el* valor at the factory wa*, made by A. II. 8"<*i
,_ co.. el liont-it., and was s-t up less than two
jeiiiis ago. Il was Intended te ts* used only lo hoist
lng goods to tho upjs-i tioors, bul einjdi.ye-. frequently
rode up and dewr, lu th** lug iron rag-* No person
was regularly in charge of lt. After the accident fas
tarda] lt ?u SMB lui thi wire eade Whiih brok-*
had nc,',,me badly fra*,cd In several place*. Ihe most
surprising feature of tbe ace aleut was iu.i the cable
held wi,.!,- ti,,- heavy asaehlnery was being lifted, and
i lum bridie wheu only tin en men were on tho car.
A lid Wieeb on the IMitisylvanla Itallroad caril
IMllldaj i-.-iilic,l lu fatal Injure t-i on-- mm. Ihe
wick wa. lhat of a beigh! hain befRRM M nb. l'ark
and Kobinvaic a broken frog thieu Kc sog aa ott .be
track, and lb.- lourie ti cai* Ifl thi Kal" wee .brown
nil BflM lt Ihe engineer and .I8_*"*ii i't"i|s*.l and
-a -il Ihemselv.H. blt! ?h. fireman wa- I .mined In
bfe Mb and wan uual.lc to gel oui- li' wa, inieri.aily
lujaied and U wa" ?"?-"?'?? "?'?, ''N ***** w*-"'-d die.
Tba vii'.k Stetegsd tiajus on ihe mail .*!*- ways
t?r ,?,,?> Th. i isl nan. .mi a- 1, ni _ ui.. .i...ii
,., e. (bv wm u it i*a. bed the vreca ll wa. obiigwl
to go bach io Kabway ami Ifl barbi ig, i!m* real Utwyot
ian oir lbs track. rBMengsra <in tbs sleeping eoach-.
ol iii" 8:10 and aosciadiajl irain* ROM tiaiistenvd
io .,il>.a nani- <"i Hi-' giNRfl Aniov road and tboiioa
ll, .M.lOIIIOUlll Jn'i.et i'll
M ..t d il- Iicigi i cai- w-rc loa.le?l and their con
twits thu,wu all over thc lanSB. fha i-f ou ti.lglil
will bu _r?aU
Jill. \\JWU\\jEk.wT*U \JMtAAjRAR\R.
KtPOiT or ni.* kiPBlT coMMi-Hiov.
Albany. Feb. rt.?Tia- Assembly rhamh?r must
bc aluin.1, no.|. Its stone Ceillag ia so weak thnt
it it ii \ moment it mav Kill, bary lag I BB Asm-i..!-!\
incn bi'iieiitl, f?ns ?- KiiKlstoii.-. This is fhe
opinion of the expert commission, consisting of
John Bogart*, Stat.' Kilgin.,r* I. C. Clark, of
Poaghkaopate; and Rkftaud M. I'j,|.,iiri. architect,
of New-York. They hove hurriedly examined tin,
Ceiling. 'Hie Commission BapJM* work ye-.fer.lav,
iiml ti,-ii?v H, mud.' a paettu-iaary re|H>rt, briteg
convmc.-d that tlure \V,,S su- h imminent danger
ol Hm ceiling fulling that it must not delay an
hour in in lorin in if Hie A ?eaabl | uk ii of tin ir <l:,n.
brm. 1 h ? Aaa mhi\m ti, BBeeaaetoaa of titc e nun*
of such gBBVC iiilorimition, h:t.| <,un-tly done theil
work lliroiighoiii the BSOnlag hours and into ths
afternoon. Jute before ths aeasioa would nave
Bat ural ly closed, ra-8peeker Histed, who waa
acting as Speaker in Hr, (ob's ahsence, handed
down the report of the < mun w.ioo. instantly
lhere was profound attention paid to the docu
milli, and niic ia nhl hii\,. l..,ir,| a [,-n drop ... .he
Assembly chamber as tim nailing proceed <i Wi,, u
tin- A?1 milly min realiard that not only was tho
Ass. mi Iv chamber unsafe, hut also ti,,, rooms
'"?invv it ju ti,,. Capitol, th" State Library "nd mi,.
Ol tl,e S,r>i;,n 1,l Slut,'* r.us. r,,t tn ipenh
of t!?- committee rooRM el the Assembly, they
were profoundly ha. pit Mid
A CnttMITTRR roCORBDRB Till- R- pout.
Wuen the r-inling of th. report had ceased Mr.
Alaeworth teased thal a rsaaMtttta of liv.- ix- bb>
poiated to cn,id,r the ro|>ort ami datilda what
ac.ioti should I.,, tak.-n r? .arding it. Mr. Ams
worth's ni dion waa adapted, and Measaa, Ainsworth,
Sheehan. Greene. Hadley and Plate wen appointed
the eommit.Be. They vmt?' told t.. maha a rrpoe)
on Tneaday m-xt.
Tl.ommittee held a BKetlng directly niter
the Asaemhly adj,,urned. V.\ Speaker Husted
WM pn sent. Mr. Ainsworth Mid thal in pri?
vate coiiveiN.ithm M.rs.srv Kean. Clark and tJp
john had depicted the condition of the Assembly
chiimiM-r In far worse terms (lian Ifiey had don,
in th* ir report te fhe \*s tnbly. Mr. H.,.art had
said that he fell in actual m-ril of his Iff.- when
crs ling over the stone -selling it w;,s s,, neak,
Mr. sheehan -aid he had been Infnnaed thal a
hinch ol stun,. |? ? rii. directly over his hen.I bad
s,i yielded to the nt-r sante apoa it thal il was only
six inches in t hil hm -ss, w!, t,:is ii -.va- originally
thirteen inches In thickti'ss which was none too
thick. If this stem should so yield to the great
|irr--sur?? pat .mon it. the entire cellini, would
fall. Mr. Sheehan sagfeeted that tlie cort,
.yard of the Capitol should he covered over i< m
por rf Iv ??'"! 11--I i's an Asm n,Mc chamber.
State Engineer Bogart Mid that nus oould not
Le done
A-s. ni'.lri,,:,'i Curtis Miggeteed that the A*--ni
l.iv should iii'-cf In Jenn In Hall, a Hue room in
the building of the Young Min's Christian A?*?
ctn lion.
Other members tovored hiring the r.'!:ii"l Or^ra
Hens'*, hut the objection trna made thal thees
buildings arete fur distant fr*-ni the Capitol,
wln'v the Senate would net. and thal it wns
necessary that the (wo bodies should he rices
together. Ii would cost the State 8710.000 to
hire tb- fe l.1 i)i,"i*- H..'I-.', it was said, for the
remainder of the areeioo.
Mr. Ilusiei! ii la sn<d fevered Belting tha** Wean*
tors to surrender th*- Sent*.,' rdiaaiber te thi Ae
s iiiMini'ti and to us.- tbe Aaaenablj paring f?r
a ft nut" chamber.
Kin.-'Mv ii wns <|d.'rniit""l to ash the ?*."* ut.- on
Monday Bight to Bppoinl s committee !., hold a
Conference wiih the ".--? ndd* u,-*n on the sui. .1.
At this meetin. the -Mwmblymen will smind 'he
Senators us to their wlllin rnera to surrender tl,-ir
room. Tlie Senate Chamber look.- small in rx m
parisoR with the Ass. m'-lv ehamb**r. hut Mt*.
(lusted says that it is breer than the Am?t.iKI
(?hi-fii'n r In th*- <il*l State Capitol.
\ t-ltvsit CRAfR I* r'T ('"tt'vc.
This iificmoon Kcoare I" -fart. Clark and Pp
jehu mad,- pnethec exoaaluatloa of the AsbcwHIj
1 h tiiK,-r ceiling ace- in ani -1 bj Ass mMyBaea
IlaaalltoB and surl newe aper eetieopord ms.
One ri snit of this examination was the discovery
of uniter dang rous ciach lo the '"l'o'g. Tbtl
waa in fhe aoithea! iib *,f ihe elmmhr. A
M* ne hud sjmvl"d . ff of fourteen n,h s in lenirth
Chief Kilgin cr Norwood, of the Capitol -aid thal
this break h d occurr**! since thi ?x-minn'toii
ivs made resferdBy. After the nc mbr- ->f 'he
(" it,,mi -si n had e* mjil ted 'h'r exaaitUMfOB, Slate
j Engineer (-togari sahl:
'* I think thal it would he suicidal for thc A
scnil-I- m-Ti t., .lilian, 1 n_.t ... Ibe As- ?in' *\
< fa rn'" r. It d* cs .1 f matt r a Im i- P-polM bte
for thia alala of affairs. Thal ia not the qn s*i,.n
"The thing we were diroctt'd to discover is whether
it is s f. or not .ot the \s in 1 ini-ii to remain in
the room. Aa we stated .11 out report. I fh'iik it
decidedly ant-safe to do so. The r ni dy for fha
(?vii in one reaped it- plain. Thc noaa Brohea
must eocBedown: tl at will not he a costly mntt-r:
nor will it In- an ? 11 .rm*.us ripen* to the Ntate
to i"it In another cili % I he lepOffta tl Bl 1 will
cost 1*100,00. to tak -lovvn thc Miling und BRI
up an 'Hi- r ' nc are peel out. ? US b mv opinion
a "nil mintaka ssa- made in using stone for tba
ceiling. 1 must tay thal I vms exceedingly ner?
vous yesterday when F acramblcd over tins'
(lucked ribs f -f"..'* in tlc- c< ililli- and discoi r 1
the actual condition <t the arches When I mw
the el ii's ef st ne flailing f fell like aeramhling
ahead fa-t<-r. One d.-cs not like flu- idea of fall?
ing eight] feet ssitli a areal awMof tone of atone*."
Mr UpfnliR, inion discovering the new creek itt
the ii'Ttlicist rill, sud: "I'll go no iRIthef,
I value my liff"-- mon* tiian all thc Canitolfl on earth.
Excuse inc, bul I'll go back," and Mr. I pjoha r*
treal ed.
'Ile Repohlieeua think t!mt the Henioi-rafs BN
pt.shim. the proposal to desert the iseembly
chamber with the idea that they may ba Bbls ta
get a hig approprlstion f-*r t'ie Capital nnd gag
eaaployinent f r hRndreda 01 DeBtaetnto Hut tie
leading KepnbliCBBa nay thal ii dora not n.
rar.'i rn'low '.hat th-te will ?* a Mg BBQ'optlat?oo
for the Capitol If th?' Assembly Chamber is aban?
doned 1 bey ase aol apt In make a hi'_' ai> cv
prm'-'-n foe the BM of fhe I) no,'ats mi a I'te-i
dentlal year The fa-t flint Mr Sullivan, of
."lul'ivan a Milers, of Albany, who has BBBdc
thOtiMBda of dollars in Mirplv'Bff -ron a^.rk for
th" f'n- "tel, ????".? the "ici'e of the .'ii-mlvts of tb
rxperf C'-mmt-Slon in miking their BRBBtlBOlloo
of ?be re*'fae Hi-v frornnon, has egeteml sus
nieion in the minds of the Kepu">l*eaaB Still tnost,
of the Repnelican Assm'l*ni-?? -*- nii-d Inclined
to h.lieve that the A-s* tnbly (ham'-er is a dan?
gerous rem and BBURl lia iilia"(loned. The Ife
nublian leaden say that t<-ni|H)rary niiart.-s uni
be obtained acaaewncre in thc t'apiiol tor th*- As
senihly, and no _pp-Opriatioa_l whatever bc in ole.
okavk DPPrCTI rni'Mi av ntr kt-fbts.
The preliminary reonri of tho ('oinmissiiti to the
Assemblymen is as follows:
We he<.'an IO examination nf His A*s?',,blr neilin..
an-i I' lits isaseled such a gaaaavani ?"?udiUoa *t ni i.-i
ihat wa aaa eampaaate wt ance M rr,.,-,i t? ui? 1 r _??..._
turo U|Kin .!)?? pi c?s*l 11.'and liirncdl.kfs (|uett|on of date
ger. *sN> went up to Hit otp of the SteBng sad fannd
there had hes? uunv teriuus n.i.-.a ents of thr stone-* tt
tho .neil*.! Viiult* ewla.* to tse raults and rlhs
not acting toiirtiiar. This h it ceased ,'racks at
the lointi, la hubs ca*es of co'indernhla
leegtht In one plaa* at the apes of the MMag tnt ab?
bs tu lily floor eau lie si'i-ii 'ii.?.i.h Hie craik. We found
that tha main null in two illaara had settled thru*Incl,ea
below Itt ori.-lna! leroi. All ths -iain ribs which support
the ccatral sault were fnnnd ts t.e crack sd at <! .hal?
tered saar tbs Streeter keysteas In nae
ef thsas ribs we fa.iud a ?tens tines feet
los. ipMI from ead te tad ia Mftps By the tide ?r
atuothsr nh was a sp ice. split ny iiresture. tss aa,! one
? *: lni'BBS ti sevsu Indies wide amt Hires and one.
half Indie* d?<*|?. lt" defect was BM due to tho nislsnal.
Thora ls clear evidruce ef lound sandstone
spilt by ? prssstira msay tlant wnal
it had been calenlsttd te su*ia-a
Ths st '..*:? rn .in. is In ? dautisroiis csa llilsti, mure or
irs* cn,ck. il. sud aBORiag -I.ut < f uaexp. vlei )<r.-.surs.
vt ? . : ic- seie ai a-1, Tit 1,an" toe lars.' to ret.it iho
pereaaia, ia their ;.-?-,,?? condition th?y are
ttl.1 Irs. .iiii-s lode 'hen stork. Annie taint collie, and,
we belteVS, Barf sooo. wi,nu. withsut w.irs.air, *>as sr
anira af t iiea,- urt?rtHxn>( ni's must iitr wtj. Wlisu -bat
ha|*|intis. the wliole neOlBg will fall.
Wa rnoiiiiBi.iiil lint the Aateiiililr KhSMber and tha
starr 'un..,, , ha hs.nedi univ Tac.iisS i tn c straii.' md
]tl'i)psrlr s??|^rle.l centra* ho jmt ,i|> st oac-; thal
Hm w hs> eel.1 mr bo lakon do-so aa
sons as imttlble, ami that such ii.-ps be
taken as still rnllorc the pteisnro i>B
the wall* sod supports. Maur other ur.pm t *nt malters
will ix- w peri ed bereaftM. The iteperatlve sa.-.?*?,;. of
i-e.H.-t ?_ a' BRM *>u the |,,esti.,n of ilsiigsr bas . a 'te.'
us to potipoao erorytSlnir also.
4*.nv H.><iiin. "?tatt- Englnror.
Til.,MAI" C. I I .uk.
Mun lun M. L'i'j.'us
nanoo, N. J., ISL. 8. Tho Jury in tbe caae al
Hubert S. Wo-. I u 00k, on ti lal b-si-e foi* Ibo inunlor ut
iH-nnlB J. .Vurrlh, after fuur bourt. drliberalija, rna
turned a va-UK-t of no. guilt-,.

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