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AN* Tittil BAI.t.??T.
fur BB-BBO-BM to the HB-BBBg J
Al.ntNY. 1'rb. M.--l-Mwanl Muiphy. Jr.. chalnusn of
the !>..iiiucatlc Sta'o Coinni.tio. la sahl to lc In N w
Yorh tn consultation with Klclierd G_8kC8 Md CthM
Taiiimariy Hall teethes In MgMd lo haMlag another
Hireling of Hie ecinnillt.se, f?: the paipeM of BlBClIng
anet her meinberof .he Democrat ic NallonaJ loninilitec
liowrnur Hill, lt 1* said, is bent ii_nm showing thai he
J* more- pojuilar than Clon-tand p.iiiori. thc Democrats
of ills r-i-.ate hy aaacHag a um Daageeral as a swather
ot tb*- Natto-ai (o.'iiiuiiti-e. (ha Bib Deaaacrats, it
ls icp.iicii lier, I,usc sc* ur.si tba sgaatarea ol twenty
four of th" I hilly four BMBBM - of tbe lKrliiitcrallc
Ma-., .'emtainu, lo a leller lo i1ia;rman Murpliy 11
-gBBBllag bim li, leroiivcic th* < otuiultti-e. It will bo
?ra-Miii'iiibensl il,al ai Ihe meering held In this city last
swell. Ibo con.uutice stu.-d seventeen lur Hill and
M-vciitecn fo.- Cleveland. The Hill n.ea baUesa IbSg
haws brr 1. a 1 j*Rttf of ths aaaisalttM in favor of their
tain)-..le Lr 2\a ional Cou.inii.-.. uian, Kosvvcli I'd il
bon.> 1 lewer, (.K.vn-nor HW ami Bteherd Cted8sra iho
leader of Ta ..m.'T.v Hall, had a talk UH inc-*.it week,
11 I- said, al tho 11,1.1.-0 ol Ld v. aol Murpliy lu Troy.
Mr. Orafeac had mbm io Trap mtnnsfhlj to attend the
f*-tv,il of iii- I'I it r Club. Whether tl."ie vva~ an
aloa ce euacleded b'-rvs.-i-.i Um 'Jam.nany Hall leader
and t ie (ioyciitt-r al Ul- B-Settag is not known, hui it
? -tiisjeeiAi lu.,! th re yva.s aaa f -in) -*1. The Cleve
hBBd men lure lay that Mr. CteB-T (.mahdi tl at
I'...-tina- c. P ,; .,., , ot Ncw-Yilife, Shill bo removed
and a 'lam.nany 11.an pu: lu he plano a* thc pr.ct?
ol Ma .-:r)>: ml ni hui as a caudiitate for tbo Demo?
cratic BMRlaattoa for Hr..blent. Tamilian)' Hail also
wants a targa SUM of tho Custom Houso patronage.
lt .Mr. ( rahel and Ibu other Tammany Hall BMRnbeei
ily bm) Ior ( loveland lt will ls; clear that their
sagger! ha* _ aa bought by Hr. Ctataaaak1 In that
case 1'osiin.i-tcr iv? mui, ot N. w-Yorlc, may w-*ll
H.inli al parking bi* otliclal carpet bag and dagaillllg
li oin lb" Nen-York Po-lnllire.
1 ii ( los eland loon li rc, it U proper to say,
assert Hut it Ls tbej who aro randing aiouud lim
circular letter requeatlng ( halrman Murphy io reeon
vouo ibo eosamUtee in order to tale another vote.
'i,Ty -ay ne,, ihat they bnvo procured twenty-six
BlgnatUlM lo it- it this _\ true it ls clear lhat a
?pood dei., iu Itederal patrnnign ba* been doled out
iv lt lull Ita peel weeli, by Ibo National Adlnlnt-t rai ion
for lb" pmpu-o of swaying tbo i.,-.*i-io:i- ot the
il. 111.",, *!"?'.
UaverSMNr Hill tonight ha* gana to Kingston, lt ls
Mid, lo bava a talk v. i h Judge A. H. Kai her. of tbo
teiprems emt. lu ratatlea to Iho ix,lineal situation,
Judge Parker owed id* appolntsarnt a* Judge ta Uov.
eraor nm aad baa lang beea ono ot bis most con
Bdeatlal adtisera, The Hill ama ai-o also moving
? e'.oiit .ins Btere. 'huies K. Peek; the chief of tho
llnis'.v. el Labor statistics, a si ion? Hill man. bas
i.ii .n the west era perl el the istiio the grace!
V.-,-lt wovMng Iii Mr Hill's IMSIMt
There Will !*-? a iiirv-tiji-_ of Influential Cleveland Deiii
eers a of 'hi- Mate at the Manhattan Club to-merrow
li i- IBM, tor tbs purpose of furthering Mr. Cleveland's
< iiiuliilacy lor Ibo lTc-ldi-ncy. Mr. i loveland's frl-'iuls
have been nilli b ulai mci by the r':on on bl- canvass
Ol Ita r**? ci. Ind "(Talye ballots Ifl tins Democrat lc dato.
Cammiitee of Iiis own state. Thea aro determined,
if possible, to fain possession of the committee and
tl.us demonstrate to the Democrats of ?other states
that Mi ( loveland still ba- the Peaaoeratle "machin.1*
in bis ov ii Btate.
ii Cad] Herrick, of Albany, nw artier of tlie Deaao
i Ile f. r l!:i- district, was in *iY as h 111K
ion y,.-i,-id-iv in co,-.ultu.iou willi i lionel Daniel ft,
Lament. Iho President- iccretary, Mr. Herrick ll one
of Ita leadlag cleveland men of Ita Mate ami is iiy
Jnc to ci.-ji Into tho late Daniel Mannlnc's -hoc* a* tho
.'leveland leader. Mr. Herrick dcubtwst bas pulled
the wire*) which ure making the cleveland members
of ti,.* Democratic state Committee J ii ni jt. Ho wlU
le,,.I under orders from Kainui,: any -attempt to break
th-* present dead-lock In the Democratic sialo Com?
mute.- bet*.ccu UKI and cleveland.
rnr.rKiATioN" mix.
Ai BAST, galt 3 ?The fact that 1,808 convicts irs Idle
and tested in tlieir cells for twenty-two houri
ont of twenty-four at Kin* Sin.; Krista |
wai Mila loudly callsd to tlio attantiou
of Hie I.e.i-luluie, this morning, am! awaiti l'vvatrc
i_n..i*"! that tho Superintendent of Prltous needs monsr
to put Km convicts at "for.. The war-darts of tte varieua
Stale prisons wno havo rome ts Albany to ste what is
tho trotii,la anil ihat there waa comldsrab'e dcmnrali
Ultea aiuoBS Iba MRVteta alreaily ewing te Hie Steppaga
Bf wsr::. Tho As-s nb!y Iiad to face tlie consideration of
Ila bill 'nuking an appropriatlos of 81.000,000 for ths
prisons, which the Senate had rad need to $1130,000. Mr.
Hadley moved that tho Assembly should] couour ia the
r-i oslo -ve enlim :,i.
Mr. sheri nu resisted tha adoptioa of this marion, say
In.: t! a. Cir small up;,r ,|'riUian would only give lim
por.iry relief to the Siiperiiitsii.leat of Prisons.
Mr. Sullivan, of Nsw York, (bought that His lenvicts
had better In* " shovsiling coal below for old Nick " than
laboring in State I'rissn. He tho-ijrht that Mr. M'lsslg,
af New-Yeik. wa* rlkiht wbaa bosald that the courlcts
bad better bs k"jit ia idleness.
Tins tenement house theory ef Stato prison inanige
?rornt. however, did mb! prevail; but ob tbs aeaatiy the
Hcpuldlrrtn farmers' Idea that tho convicts should be
compelled to work, and la wsrk bard, and if passible re
pir the State saar* bat fer tba expcnio to
which it ls put by their -diena, wai adopted.
The Assembly p-issad the bill by nu almost unanimous
vote Just as it cants frem the Sanalo. Many et tha As
aetnt.iysieti said that they coa*teer?U ths approprlatlen
far toe suisll. aad onlv voted for tbe bill with tho idea
that aadbei sj>pr*?pr!atiB_ would boob bo ueedad. Mr.
Creaby, ef New-York, said 'bat be favored triTtag Mr.
Lathrop all the ninney he nee lsd, as be regarded the
oj.pod 'ss af same lahor arcanizatlons to maklnc mell
? l-j>: eju .sti.'Bs as aa effort te cripple all Industry in the
nu;.-i '.stsBistit Ksti.rsp ss.it a letter a little later to
Katu Louies nt the Legit la tura, ni which aa talked
plainly -nd forcibly upon tbe condition of Kio Bnaui-ei
ef tbe prteaM aud tha detnerallz-tleu at tlie convict* in
BBBMO.Bi.nre ot their halag deprived of wsrk. Mr.
Lathrop's lotter la given bolew :
Aintsv, Feb. 3. 1B88.
Thestlentles of yonrhonorahlsbortv i* rt.p, , -isliv callen
ti, n,t:...| nu' t-,e laiirla apprnpilated tor carrylu. aa the
Btate soontiiil in,lu.sines in the M.le ;i s un ara ati.a i*i..l,
ans lu ooaaeeoaaes 0f the delay in n,. j.jaia-teef tho bul uow
i.eii.-.inv; thate it work fer but a s*-all imiliiHi.,' the working
lure,- of the fi .tons, and the Idle men arc ot ns easily lociisa
lo Uer cells shout twsntr-lkvooulof. .. ii tts. uty.tour hums.
At IS up -*iu( union there srs l.ioo un 1 at cimtou
IT.mn :'"'?) lunn BO . iiitiiia"!, snd the "Warden
ot A,.', "a Prison k.'s.-1 - uie that . "
tnen will l,s idlest that prissi. ou Mandsy next To carry ou
the s,;*ie-.u* uji.i lntlastnes suoceeal-liy raoulres _..,,ut
.*. ".)," .a p.r uietith. and unleis tome othsr un,.-ra of amnloy
?neni ls silii;ii.'T sd appropriatioB ut at least si.oisi.oeo
should ba State for the present tlsial year. The report
ti. tc- hythe Cuniroller lo tho Scnstn, Fchrunry 1, shows
tint over ST.Ooou.ooO has buen siu.r ,[,n ,t, ,1 ior tue
Stat- necuut linliitlriei since they were ti.tn.4 (of which
sinoiint ?l.S.)0,ooo wu spi-rtiprlBted last yeer) sn.! that sll
of toe niou-sT drawn, axe pt Sr"s(>4 .61 BB, has kaan returned
Vu the trvat-iry. 'isis bala lice and His earn, ur* of ths men
are reinesenteil lu llieassels of Ike luilustrles which on lbs
Sit. of lilliim>lll. 1SS7. stu*.iinte<l to *l,oST.8lt) 51. This ls
ci rtsinly a sstlsfsctnrr showini. sod. Ju l.itii: frstn the re?
sult* so Isr ni ,'."?? i. 1 sm saUsiled Hast If appropriations sra
I.: ui.T 1 i ;?:..'? Hu. iiejioain wil. in tho course of a tow u.uiiliis
Ce,.' I tl,*- Or.-'-.
The pres-nl lonlltlont srs sooh as to necennste the nut
gait ira of protapt 1.. tem au the par. ot your hoaorabla bo-lv
li, making appruuriatlout Ior the employ -Beat of the cenvicls
011 tm- r-iste-ccoiirit system, which la the enly uxsle of cm.
p'orinent prertde'l by lav/, or ot furnishlns some oilier
-laddie a,,a aettlsd plan o! eraplormoiit. The results uf
MlSO will be Hie disorganization of th, .u lui. ne., a l.rje
p,' am,rr Inti io tbs tnt*to and the detsrloraiion aad degrad?
ation ol ihe raBTp-i teei, tSfim-BI iip'Ui !? lan ess Tue BXpelTraee
Wt L.t last lilias reara has stain it -try clear test an niter
?Dission or suapooskou of regular lal.sr in the prisone ls Hie
cause of in m-'ii.tu- ii.fbi.e in lin, ujudli.un of the uritonrrs
and iKsaitront lapis In discipline sud reformMery latlueuce.
A't ..ii'Teit ia iiTonl suru reitiit* ls that whlcli His tu per ls
lan,Hut, who e.dcivers te couiluec the affair* of Hie prtsi.ns
tor Hie best mteres's of the pe. .nie sad for the welfare ot the
ir.!', alu . .us un 1.1 lol ci.si.'e. i.u.i alwayt iitrt, l,ul il,er
can only he tarot red br tit- anion of your honorable body.
NT. ci.li'i'vor Lr Iheottlciali caa overcome er surmeunt lite
ili.h-ultirs which it'Bislativs failure ur neglect may place lu
thou* w.-ty.
Albany. 1'ih. 3 (Special).?AssetnMynian Martin IT.
6111IU1, of Sullivan Count*", astonished his '''low-As
seiubljincii from NewYork (Hy today by Introduc?
ing tho BUS! important bill In relation to that city
which bas hean presened Ibis session. Described
briefly. Hie bill rcducos lo one Commissioner the varl
gBI hoard- vvliich aro a! tbe head of lia ivepartmen's
of Police. EteB-Bi I'aflis, Charities and Correction, and
la-o-i and Assessments. Hut this lossenlng of tbo
nuuibci-.- of ('oniiiiissloi ors ls to tw__\ B.BM grads illy.
J'.verj Dagaitflaanl Commissioner now In ollice ls to
serve out bl* term, but uo BRMMMM are to b-s ait
pis nted to thom as their term, expire with the ex?
ception of Uiose (.omnilasloner., one In each Depart
lucut, ul.os,; torius of ollice aro tho last to expire,
-he-.** aailllMI aro to _** succeeded by a Commissioner
?lio_e linn w to I*) ol Ibo same duration a. thal of
lb? Major of New York, by WmRBR bo ls BlidalOd
it would, ihaNtoaa, be tea orv* paan kolara a Mayor
?ibo .-lou_d coini Into ollie.o would havo tbo appoint?
ment of th'* simile Co.niul.sioi'j.'i. al Ibo beads of the
_cap,-: iin-h's mentioned.
lt will bo perceived that all of the city departments
ot New Yoi li erith tho exccpUon ot Hie Excise, Dcpart
ineut, would thus lu Bve or six years bava only ono
Commissioner each ruling ovor them. Plainly, who
ever diow tho pin j- copying Iho charter of KrooMyn,
which eSBBBSSBSMteS power In Hie hands of tbe Mayor
hy giving bim Hie right ot appointing tho heads of all
tbe city dopaiiimsnis upon coming into oflico. Linter
tlie How-Yoik system ot givlag authority to a Mayor
with a tomi ol oidy two roars to appoint Commlssfon
era of dcapa rt monte with tenna ot six years lt la
argued that no Mayor actually rules lt, as Coiinul
tloners appointed by various Mayors are governing
tie departments. The first section of Mr. Smith's
bill shows Hie methods by which the varion* Com
mlssloners of depart meats are to be dropped until
lhere ls only one "-teniinttsiouer at the bead of each.
Mr. Smith dedin ? to stato "fha ls Ihe arthur of
the bill or how lt happens that hs, a country mein
ber, should Introduce il. All he would say today
about lt waa (lils:
'?Mayor Hewitt mad'*, thi IBggMttSfl lhat the ds
paiTiuenis be roaverted letoalugle hiided one* la iii*
recent message, and Hil* UH carrin, out thal Idea."
homo politic,-ns In |he A.ssftnl.ly sahl th;! tb"
OemmbeloMs whose lani weald Issi aspire would
hav..* grate power In the single-headed *i putmente,
ami thora wm naeh ln*in ry I i team Ihe d-bkm ofthcae
i men. The:-.- wes some mi-j.clou (MpMBSed tkil tba
bill had Been Introduced lu ths Intel tal <>f OM cf the
Police . oiim-iss'io!'.;s. Mr. BmilL said tha! ho should
push lbs It-Ill. and that be bad BM received il '* di?
rectly (rena Mayor ll-ewin."
ThS toiiiis of ollice 01 .Im various Commissioners
ailed,"I by ibo bill will c.pi.i* on May 1 of ca* li | -sr
as follows :
poll.-.. Deparimen! Flte-John Porter, 1888; Stephen
i BL Krei.eh, 1080; John Mc( lave, 1600; .'olin lt. Voor
1 his. it-o:i.
Department of Paid I ?? V. D. C. nordon. IRIX); Wnl
' du Hutchins. 1801 : .1. Hsinpden Koldi, 1808.
isr?. Depart moat?Hoary d. Paney, 180l; uichard
Croker, lena.
Doportsaen! ef CharltlM aad CorreeHoR?Thoma- s.
Brasnaa, 1888; Chartoa BL .Munumi*. 1601; Henry li.
Parter, laos,
i DepaiTlm-l,' of Doel<* I. .1 *vV. Stalk. 1-rill I Jar..0S
| Msttbews, i-:)i : Chartes EL Marshell, 1*0:1.
D-ps'Tinisni of Taxes ami Assessment**?Bdwaed c.
Honivliv (Loblliiu over). IKsT; Thoma* Ia Pelt nor,
lOOBj Michael Coleman, 1801,
Al.li.iM, Fab. :; (Spcdal).?Assemblyman (iardnn pre?
sented a till K -day JMlailag that tbe bauds of city de
gartMCate IB Bsw?Tera ( By must pay day laborers of
Bay Character thi same wu s:es as a.e paid to Karns
union men in th< mme trades.
Kenslor Kellly Introduced ? bill ta-ilay requiring iho
proprietors of " IntcKigatica offices " In New-York tojiay
a Keernie fee of $10*) mid to p.,re bonds to the siaoutit of
$1,OOH for tbe hrs Mt performance of their duties. In
case em j. loy BM I is liol si. tai us. i for servauls tbe fee is to
bc retarued.
Ai.lissy, Fd). |L?Ths billowing reporl* for tha ijuarlar
eaded Dee. SI, 1887, have Bmb Bled with the Railroad
CommisiloBers :
The Hro'.ktvn City s*nd Newtown P.ailrosl Cosip-inr ?
(Hois earnini*. 1101,481 77>i oxj.tnses (eirliiilios laiei)
181.780 ii 1 cr ms un nine (rein all sources, *__,U.U t"5 1 luni
chari-es, 830,748 71 ; deadener. $iii3 BS
.lie i.i,,. . . ii * itv Railroad I'uiiip.ii y~Qross eamlsrs.
ac, 14,4..4 18 i eipensot [ezelodlaa taxes), 8880,918 8.1
uro., income from ali soaresa, r*]3-.57l 8_ ; fucd charges,
?,;.'.,ona; un lui ame, 8101.171 8'-'.
J he Ko* heller CUT sic. Brighton r.tllr'.a-l Corrtpriny '.tots
e'lr.iiiiu-i, $111.4-7 eu i expanses texclu.liliL' tuxes i,
880.348 HS , grass incme Irom all sou,rei. #111,809 -17 ;
lixi-rl cliaress. 8112.033 80: net income, 10,83 ' B7.
Kong i.lif! Kalirtad Oatap-Dr-asTrosi e_rn,:,j"i, -."lfi.TH;
oi '-i.'i'iiis ii I'Pii.n, *4ul. Ill, oilier income, f-ti Lc,
charges, $131,.">*? ; m-t istjiuo, 8108,188.
OBOAHIEOro in ORBOOR To canr.v TUB "-.tati*
? [nr TELKcnsi-u to thr tri3i;sf.. ]
P0RTt.\ND,Or<\, Feb. B? BtTOBg effort* will br* nnde
by Ihe Democrats to carry Oregon, and, In fact, tho
entire Pacific Coait, this year. Already tho wires are
?rot-lag Oregon will be the first Stato to vote this
year. On June B a I'eprescnfatlvo will be chosen lo
succeed Hinger Hermann (Sept), who is now serving
his second tenn, and a Legislature, which, at Its
meeting In January, lbcl), will choose tlio Knited
s-l.ile.- Senator to tahe the j,lac*- of .!. N. Dolph (Kep.L
Tl).* Administration recognizes the Importance of tho
Mate that villi be ihe Iii st to rotc and wants Its Inilu
enee. Local Ixruocrats say, ''Wo havo tho lunn
and tho money, and the Administration, loo," and aro
confidout of victory. Tho IV iii".: ra! ic Mate Central
Committee has called tbe Stato Convention to itu ? t in
Pendleton, April _.
The DesaoCratS ara la power as far as Federal (lu-ir-ss
are concerned. They also have Hie Qovernoi and
Malo Treat-surer and a few* minor State olllcos. Part
land ls tho ""cpubli.au atraoghold and ls good for
1,7.00 majority. Tho rest of the Stale ls Democratic
by about 500. In IS,-* Oregon gave BtalM .Lot),)
iiiois) votes ihan lt gave CloveUnd, ar.d two "Taara
later Pennoyer (Oom... was eleded OSTMRM bf near?
ly 4,000 majority over OornCllns (Hep.). Blain-) and
Pennoyer carried the Mate on ibo aiiil-*"hliieso ls-ne.
Klalne added ( allfori.la and Nerada to bis Hst. Ho
ls tho only .{t-publlcan who could do Ibis. Oregon
will poll 00,000 voles in Juno, and about as many In
November. It bas three electoral votes; Nevada
three and California seven. 'Ilia! BM?M thirteen for
tba coast, with Hits number assured, tho Democracy
could take the chance, on Indiana.
Tb-* Democracy ls oi.ani.uig, something lt has nol
dono for several years. Lasi hummer Senator Coi (nan,
of .Maryland, am) oilier Democratic leader* wen here
and gave lndiuctlon. regarding ibo best mode of pro?
cedure. A few days ago a WliCunslfl man, reputed to
bo a confidential friend of Sn.nary Vila.-, visited
l'oi-tla.id, and had a conK-rcnco willi Democratic, poll
Hilans. Last fall dov ci ncr lYnm-ycr flailed tho Ka-t
and ld (-aid ta have salted on K.v-nl'nt .loveland.
I'vcrylldng done li.'* been in tho Interest of Cleveland
The lau-1 stony going tha rounds I, thal CSevetaad and
Pennoyer will bc the ticket thia jtwr. Hut posted
ones diiibi tho jiat-t of tlie p --lp concerning Ihe tale
of tho t ic hoi. .annoyer wanbi rna aa tho OiMt, bis
anti I'hlnc-o Id-'i- aro so pronounced ; and In the loath,
a* bo Kans a ii rle toward Mate rights. HU Massage
to the Iv-I-lal ure of lts-,7 wa- lull of gtati-rig-ts Ideas.
Tim Kopublican- arc doing fWtthtag yet, bu. are con
fidoiit of btu '* *iMS. Evin though the Ovo great
Mates nf tbs Ooasl liavc Ucpub_CM f-overnors, Kiutno
I- believed to be the only Republican who can carry
Hm (oast, ami ihe delegates to Hie Hitlonal Convention
will be Instructed for bim.
The Soulh FeTry Hallway, which extends from
Vesey and Church sts. to the Staten Ulead ferries,
will be sold at auction under an order of thi Supreme
Court In pursuance of a Judgment of foreclosure, at
Ibe Koal Estate Exchange, on February 20, by lt. V.
Ilaruolt ._ Co. Tlie mad has been doing Kltlo busi?
ness of late and is BOW running only four cars with
tho aid ol about a dozen 1ioit.cs. To some of tbo lin
pt rt a nt (street railways which desire to eslend (heir
lino-, to tho Breohlya and -taloa Island fe:rles at
?ft hil theil Bt lt ii n-ht be a valuable acquisition.
It ls rumored tliat the Broadway road Binti lt so
that Iho un. ai ls .'ac lo ry line oi slagos which form. Its
connection betwoen Bawling Ci-een and Ihe point
named can be ul-olUhcd, uni passengers be carried
diifctly down lo thc iei'ilei wTihoi-t tbe delays, dis?
comforts and tortures which tho omnibus transfer
system entails.
Tbe iikui-.Ai.eis of tho Slit I, and Eighth Avenue
Unt'S aro said to be tatelag tanging eyes In tho santo
lilied;.ni as with this road they could run their cai-s
fiom Vesey-st. through to boult Ferry. These cor
poij'ionj Mill probably bo roiitemUiig, bidders with
the lii-oadwuy syndicate, and lt ls said thal the Ninth
Avenue Company ls also disposed to en.ot ihe co.itcjt,
as the poMMSiaa of the l-oad to be sold would permit
1" to transport passengers to South I erry lilied of
taklug them only to Fulton st. ARoaather, unless
matter- are arranged beforehand, a llvo.y rime ls
looked for at the sale.
Tbo amount of Hie bonds, secured by Hie mortgage
which has been foreclosed, is 0800,000, 1-eailng
seven per cent interest.. The road as opciatod has
never benn able lo earn enourh lo pay Ibis interest,
and Henry Hart, president lifflie co npany, bas been
furnishing tho money to pay lt up io RuvembM 1,
IhS-a. The May nnd November (1-871 hall -yearly
li.ieic.t i.syincnts are unpaid, aud lt va, upon thia
dcfiiuli ih.it tba suit wa* Brough! bj fohn K. Bveritt,
the trustee, lu accordance wth tli? lanna cf the mort
gSSRV Mr. Hart exgMta bl* "li.lo bill"' to oa sellled
-...ii of tba pr*,**.'' i_ ol Ibo sale.
BiiTistons, Feb. 3 (Special).?Mlchsel O'la ary, not
quite fourteen years old, ls probably the most ilrious
lioy lu Baltimore. To-day he was committed to (all for
the uction of tbe (Jrsnd Jury on the charge of attempt?
ing to poison laugh Boner, and also ior stealing.
O'Leary Wiui errand boy In Wul-i's art etudio. Miss
Josephine Nulr, a youpg saleslady, informed her em?
ployer that she had seen O'Leary fal Wal.l's private
oi!ici-_ and ll waa known that a sum of money bail beeu
alolen from Mr. Wulzl's coat. When O'l-tary learned
that he was suspi*r>d be prepared for a fiendish re
vengo. A tew hours laler Jo.i-j'h Lov-c.r, one of the
photographers of tba eal-blishiurnt, went down-stairs
for a drina of water. Mr. Boiver BUM the (flsss with
water and bot-sn (?urglmg lils Hirost bteersdrisktBR,
There was muriatic a-ld in the iliM, I be eilect ol the
acid was Instantaneous. Mr. Ito'u-r Inned In si; my to
coufrout O'Leary, who stood near. The latter Bald:
? Say, don't give der snap awnv. will vcr 1 I didn't In?
tend the dose fer you. I put up der Job foi de gal. I
want to buru ber-heart oiil"
Pellet sui nt once given to Power. The ncld would
bare killed tbe Isdy had she swallowed lt. aud tumid i?>
doubt have proved Kital to Lower ll ho had not luckily
grrglcd IL His throat ls lu a terrible condition.
Chicago. Feb. 3 (Special).- Dr. Rf, W Fsixham, age
seventy three, lli-a dentist, who diet st his hom* ls*t
evening from a dose of tincture of aconite administered
kg lils own hand, for the last twenty yean had prac
tised bis profession In Chicago, Humor had it that
he vas driven through AwyOROsncy to commit suicide.
Mrs. Farnham, bis widow, said to day that ber husband
tievor wm despondent, and that he spoculatod for
years on the r>oard of Trade and lOBt everything, but
lie bad au exesHeat practice and was abundantly
aldo to maintain his fmlly. " He was a strong be?
liever In sui ri i nails rn, and wanted lo get out of the
l-ody and live ou the other sldo," said Slr". Farnham,
after his Math. "Did tho Doctor ajpeculale on tho
Hoard of Trade by tho advice of Ibe splrllaT " Yos,
tbey used to advise bim, bat be lust everything."
rm; Rt-KCB syndicati. -????.vcminu out.
Tlie prent Kronen mp cr Irate row nt I nuts
BBB-fd-BBs-ft- i.lt.iition. 'Hie news frnin l\tn's
thai tha gabbling al Un- praduc! of ihe Spaniafa
mines i,.v il..- .-.>miiintl lrii ii .ii fallowed by it-**
Bt.ailng H." BOtfOI of thc American mines, is the ?
lateal pbajc ia thc evohitloa nf thia monooaly.]
HM ll'-vs WM i o. I-.'..ililli- 1 lier- l.v S. Mendel,
tlio luo'.ier sim lias r'in-*nt.-i Hu- ayadieataI
during lil*' entire 1**tu;,1 Bf Ute ptCBBBg Copper I
loom, as veil ns by ike gcsteral eppeoiRBOo ni tba
market nani tho statementa wt eonaiuaaeat
iii*- I itsiH of tie Brransemonts made Ky tip*
' French tv. iiili*nio ivitli the tri 0:11 ir,. Hu 88 niin-s
of u,.' arerld is aol ia tba nature el a co,ht. Tba
plea is to rd,ico the pr-slu* lion, mi us to inn int :i in
pries bP Ike iel..lion of <>iit |iii t la <Olisi*.iii| tioii.
Yet ll lilli,'*- |-<rietitill;c of tile (illlinit luis Ix-oll (oil
I te acted lui outright, io be deiivecej to thc -.sn
lii'-ut". lin- ci iu -I ii* tl out. in of the Kio Tinto,
.banda and Mason .. Darry, or |?uropr, Bod the
Calumet ntul Hecla, Quiney and Anaeonde, oi
lb- l cited Si mi--, iaakoal 110,000 tons of e<.p*?-r
ii year, cr over .'.'.* pet c. ni af Hie total BCOdoetiOB
cl th-- world ' A l u: i.i.t i d's.. ii Hi.-.- min's
to curtail their production would, therefore, con
fd ti.e supply nnd tis is what the French ayn
dicatc hs BRCcecdcd in doing.
T_e AjtRcesda wis thc iiis; to _n into the rrrm*
l limit ion. The I.'io Tn o folloRred and the Tbarsis
Bnd Mason ,t Barry rompeciM "eenie it,*,, c im ,"
last Tu shiv, 'ihe Ca nm??! and Hecla, with ii.s
reduced production attempted Bra! lo nell its cop?
per tO Ali.'T Viii coi-uriel's Hiller " ((>!! 1 it ioiicd"
rontrnets, thal i-, contracts erbich would be void
in ease of accident In the mine, sin >, a-- 1 8
ibis thc consumera were nnwillino to enter Into,
aod tbe Calumet and Hecla wenl into Um trust.
'ih? picacatl prodncMon of the Calumet nil**.
IT. oLi ls ni Oil- rnte of .o.ooo.noo poonda o jrai
a.iuiist Inst .liar's rate of fi li. Ooo, OOO pounds.
'Ihe total production at Hie United Slitc-s tl.is
y.-nr will therefore show not. Brack, if liny, fT-nn
on thal of lii-t. year. The consumption of the
United Sta! I is ah,mi 150,000,001! pounds, Lav?
ing, under normal conditions about 20,000,000
pounds for export, This y,*ar, during January
alone, the exports amounted tc i 8,000,000 pounds,
The stock on band here al thc beginning of th**
year was less than 25,000,000 pounds.
"At the pie-sent tu e of exports,-"1 said Mr. Men?
dal yesterday!"it will not be long before American
consumers will have to Kuy Aneri ran ronner from
the lits it. i ts of the French syndicate. When tha
times arrives, the rat-*s which will gaven the
market will depend upon the good-nature of the
French Syndicate, ju.st. as the price of tin docs
now*. The prices in the American market will he
Independent of those in the English and French
markets, becatue In the latter the competition
of otln-r producers will bc more felt. AXBerican
ciinsniii-T's mar, therefore, mi,kc np their minda
to pay lin- highest price foi- copper in the world.''
'Jhe development of the present situation bas
not been followed by the Amteiian people with
Hit- smile interest, apparently, ns it has Keen by
l eanco itself, und it is there thnt n targe propor?
tion ol the pteM is clamoring for yen",'anec ou
the capita lists concerned in the movi men*.
hi, inasmuch 88 ike direct consumer-* tliat is,
tbe Liiii.u.aeiuicr-, ate ii- c Banally apeenlnt* rs,
hut "cover" with purchases ol har copper Bl thej
i-CIl the kl.iiiiluctiircil goods, thu howl ni tin
l-rcnch pteM sounds much like a groan dom
v.uuii,Ul **i,itrs. Some time roi combination
put down tko price of copper, to crowd ont tke
small producers, end there was no complaint.
'Ike arguments In favor of a redaction oi 'he
output nu- much to thc advantage *>f the miners.
lt is certain that ii co, per reaehea ami BUdntnina
n pri**e of 80 cents a pound or ?88 a ton, ihe cop
persmitbing industry will ls- thereby stimulated.
Overproduction would therefore bc liable to ensue.
It' may Berm ns though the cent mmes were
Injuring themselves by reducing theta out put,
but figures will easily correct tbe error. Asoona
inti Ilia!' the production by the mines mentioned
would bc equal to the full eapacitv, the effccl
might be expected to be a drop of thc price again
to tin a ion. os in cents pei pound, which n was
before thc boom. The cross receipts would there?
fore be about ?1,400,000, or. alu,ut $22,000,1)00:
the coat of product ion would be approximately 130
?wr ton, or 7 1-'. chis |x-r pound, leaving a nd
prolit of ?1,100,000, or 85,500,000.
Ol. tlc- other lu ind, lis-uiuin-' thal tlie oiitpll!
hud been curtailed by one-half, or 55,000 tons,
.?uni that thereby the priee of ?80 |x-r ton or 10
cents pr-r pound had Keen maintained, tlie lt,,-,-.
receipts would Ke the same as Kef OTB, ?4.400,000
or $'.2.o0o.0uo ; thc expense, allow mu lor tt de?
creased output, un increased rate ol product lull
Ol ?48 per ton or tan coils per pound, woubl linn
leave a ind, profit <'f 2,200,000, or $11,0110,1100,
twice the profit In Hie former case, no one neel
therefore worry, tba! the companies will los.
money by their trniisadinn.
iv( ipknts at Tlir I'lH.iiNO BLACKS.
The enrolling ellice rs of the vcrlous Assembly Dis
Meta met last sveulBg, as provided for by tlio r.nstiiii
tioti of the Bepubltaea Bptnty committee, ta inspect thc
challenges of persons enrolled, lt is sullleient gtOOSl
for a ehallaagi that the voter docs not Hie in the dis?
trict, ot that BC la nay manner falls to comply with the
requirements of Hie fui.iluiueatal test.
There was au alr-oat entire absence of challenges, so
that whatever contest* there may lie In the various dis?
tricts will be made with tlie rulls ss at present. There;
was sotue apprehension that there would be many ebsl
leri.es la Hie 1st, git-, XHltb, XVIth and XXIHd His
triots, but tho opposition failed to materialize.. In a few
instance* ihe boards of eur-,liing o9icers bavin-- received
no wrrt' u or verbal notice of dial,euee*, did not
hold meetings, but la the prout majority of the districts
tho ollieials were on hand at tbe appointed hour and
waited until after 0 o'clock to receive c'laUeiiges.
Tho Hld District Batalling Hoard did nut meet lu the
Cooper Kubin because the Matriel Couimltten bad failed
to seruro n room there. There were no challenges res
eatred IS advance,"uni probahlr none would hare been.
lu tue Vih District the enrolling olllccrs un t iu
Hibernian Hull. No. IBS West llouston-.st. Tbe names of
twenty-two ruters were strict ou from the rolls for
alleged tre.ucliery at this last .-tate elcolion. This leaves
a total of (jit enrolled -timbers
There were no challenges in the VHIth (John .1.
O'Brien's) District, aud thc roll, therefore, remains with
.',.I.i Haines ,.11 lt.
(haili,mn John Miller nnd the other officers of tho
Xllitli Di.strlel sat in Ihe rooms of ihe Junior ItcpiiLlI
aaa club in the Grand Opera Bias tralllag lee ehsP
lenges fruin the ( ovvie Sprague faellou. The last two
prlmariM have lei-n hotly contested, and tl,ere vs ere
lls name.* added to the rolls at tlie recent enrolment.
It was reported that gthcre would be many challenges,
but none caine.
The XVth District, formerly a famous lighting ground,
has been remarkably quiet ter meta than a yeer, aaOSr
the leadership of .sheridan Shook. There was uui a
?tagia ehalleniio received last evening.
Iain were ae challenges receive,l in tbe XVIth Dis?
trict, but the enrolling ofllcers. wiio met at No. Zig Fast
Twenty-third st., am of the opinion that it would bo well
te n-viso Um rolls aad drop 500 or OOo flames of th_M
Beeamnlated under tho Cl Mia regime. These liicl'ldo
dead men, non-residents and Decieerata, In on.' aleettsn
district there aro tin rh dght names em oiled altbORRfc
the State ticUet only received ihlrly-lwo votes at me
best eledlon.
There wi,, un ipiestiun of the eligibility of the 1,808
names now on tho rolls of the XVHib District, and they
re in a lu.
It was expected that Leroy r.. frans would dispute tlie
riL'h' of ?ome of the 820 1,ames Bided to tbs rolls lu ths
XXHId District at tbe ra neal enrol, Beal lo remain
there, but he will apparently wait until the pilmar) is
held to renew bu j-jSilMt, No challenges were received
last evcaing.
pRs/.iL. Ind., Keb 71 (special,.-Calvin (Joss, Kditor
and publisher of "Tho 1 arbon Glube and lirldgdnn
News," Haaffsarad aa Monday, ito started ihe pager
eighteen months ago. and by Lard work built up a
fairly lucrative business. He had written a drama
and organised tha young people of the titlaga late an
, amateur company lor 11- puMii rendering, both blm
. sell and wil., tating active par.. He ls said le hara
i written In.* wile u loller saying that she would never
1 seo him again.
- ?-.
j 0UUIJ-BBA, 8. C., Keb. 8 (special>.-Two Mo.-men
1 elders. Humphrey and To, brr, were so.eroly Whipped
b) a parly of men lu MgBfieM County.
-at- ?
Kw moRR, i'eb. .'!.?A bronxed bust of the poet, t-Td
| ney Lanler, was this afternoon presented lo Joim
Hopkins Patiently, by PhMtas Imalar, of Row-York
Lowell, Richard W. (illder, K. C. -tedman and
President Merrill ? Kate., uml poetical tributes from
Mi-t Edith M. Thoma*. Mrs. Lawrence Turnbull, Use
Ree. Richard R Kurlon and James Cummings. A
large company wore prr?out to wUiieu tbo cei
Th'i r\h)bltlon of the F.*c"surn coll-* tl'm of antiquities
St the Harken Arl l.alb-rlc*. No. 817 Urosdwsy, ls sl
irtctlni 11,..ch anSBBBB! fenn lovers of sntl<j<ilil, .*, anti
the numb-r of vU.tori to tb- aallerlss dally lt -RgMi The
receipts of each Pr! day are devoted to some rhum tole
object, Hu,*- of jre.terdajr helm given to Ths Tsiuinb
ircah Air l-'iuid. Tbe number of visitors was laige and
lt wss thouiht Hui a ronslilerable auai Kuuk! bo resJUcd
lu. Uo l'ual The coUcctluo, i detcrlpuou ot ssiui.li hat
I lt will tie placed on a pedestal of Georgia
l-'tters of regret were read from Janies
already bren primed In the intniM* ss i ll be v.U at auc?
tion MSM tl* *.- tl* i rn- nth.
win.ai iii.i.y Cf IB TUB 8TBBKT8 F.<n lack OR
pt. Pall. Fob :i 'Spealal).?-A Has-peg dispatch io
"Tha Floater Praia" .-ny-: '* A wail i- .somuiai bf
the juli iii g.-m-irtiis Ihraeghonl rids proriaee bvm lae
h iiieiuiniis grain blocbs-lr- on the Catia*l!an PMlflO.
..'alverta! itagaatloa and lertons ftaspoadenej srs two
rMnlte of He site ? el affairs. Then in ai preseal
iv ng In vai.l* iu tilt, elly no 1 ?-... than BOO rarload.s of
v. heal. l'n,"i ll:.; towns and station* along Hi' tail
v u.v (.ines ih-r si,ny: No raitt, ami cvei.v available
jl.ro packed will shea! ami Ihenjindi of baahela
io. ked aboel atteloei. ami lu the itots. Thia latier
I, Bagreteoted and gable to aastrnctlan Al Glen
bore' ihoi-e ans 10,000 bushell ni whete stacked la tho
-tieets, at IS" Koialn- t. ?? a: ie, eats 'nd vs),eat
i,, pited nil aronntf; ai Lariviaie Ihe grain i_ piled in
kk.st esnattttol OB Cn* Itieetl and along tic- track;
iii Cartwright the sam' -.lav of adair- jr*vai:?, and
ut MJanedoM smai limers sn aaible t., tell th.-ir
grain hMBMB of Ibo lack of lacllll M tot ihlpplag ll
nut. There a:.- aa lew Ihaa 1,100 eur. of wheal bte
(wen b'-re and Kort Arlli.ii delayed along Iii- line.
Cars thal Isfl ' albany seven WSahl ago ha\o uot
tees received at (>K aw a yd.
Than can lu* bul one way ef overcoming Ibis dilllcul
I] ;...d .i.iii i- lbs im.-..',i..u ? i ni-'iin ;.if the Red
Kivcr Valley read and oilier branch hues to con nacl
With tho .'.tieri* au system,
(.real Iniligiiuliuii exists I, re over ide announcement
li .,i hine; ii,,s opening of Ibe soo road thi Canadian
li em rv in' wheal flinn Minneapolis to tbe sea?
board for Iweiilk -even cents a bushel, lo.? than BBSs
ball ibo jiricc .Mi,iii,,linn have ta pay.
? --?
There yvas no forntsl meeting of the trunk line execu
ive oomialltM at Conunlssteaer Kink's otiico festerday,
mt Mr. link, CoiuiuUsioiicr Kt.iuchard, of tho Central
flaBte ASSOCteMoB, sad Chairman Faithon, of tho
S*orthvve*tern TnflM AMOCiattaa, wara In consultation
ii tho Morning on the granger rale demoralization. A
?eplv* wi* received fro,,i (leiieral Manager Hickson, nf
lin Onad Trunk of ('.mada, to tlio dispatch sen: by Mr.
I'i uk wllh respect ta Thursday's mectlni: and tlio attl
tada of thc Beeton connect lon* af tha" Soo " route. Mr.
[ink wunhl not give tho reply In full, but he *b ??!. ired
bat lt was conservative In clinrudcr, and ho believed
hat there wa* now in* danger of tlie Northwestern raf,,
ivar extendingOMtof Chicago. Negotiations, however,
ire going on to determine the attitude of tue trunk lin*-.*
,, ti.I, ** So,, " route when lt la opened for Weat bound
Tallie, mid to tlio tiirid mado by Hie (irand Trunk's
New Kn dan,1 line.
Thc trunk Inns passenger committee decided to grant
ixcnntofl rates !'? tbs National AmocIbMob of Behool
reachen, whieh v-.ii! hoi l it* annual eonvention In Baa
Francisco erst summer. Tberastof Ute day wm apent
ii preparing a defence f?ir the Interstate < oronierM iu
resugatlon into the emigrant traine next April.
The reorgaaiaatlea of the Oheaapeake aad Ohio Ratl
nnd la making gnod progress, although there i* aa
;liance of B tcnniiiation o' tlie receivership t li Ih yeal. A
ryndleate to facilitate tho reergaalrattoa has Been
oriue.l hy Drexel, Morgan i- Co., Spryer .1- Co., Drown
Bros. A Cn. nnd Morton, BUM -A Co. The plan Involves a
MRMolldattoa laic ene system of thaChMspeskasad
)liio, tho lomb)-] properties at Newport News, tho new
ino from Huntington to Cincinnati and Hie bridge over
be Ohio Uiver. Tho new line will Ins 110 miles long,
ml no securities have hean Issued upon lt. Work is
Wing vigorously pushed and will cost over gSO^OOO i>?r
nib*. Tho maximum grade will be thirteen feet to tlio
nile, les t li: t ii half of that an MB most Important enm
jsclltor. and there will bo substantially no curves,
viaducts carry tno road overhead throneb Maysrllls and
Dayton. Hie now bridge aeroM thi Ohio will bi eon
drucie* on thu Simo BUbstanttsl pliB. It will be coin
i-letcd, lt ls boped, in time tor tbs autumn business.
lbs cst of the l.ridge will reach 02.500,000. 'lite
ikviiership of tho MR hun will materially ad In thc
'oimulaiiiig of a plan by which securities can be Issued
free frouJ ant prloi liens.
'lin* iiriinigi'tiien' of the new trunl: line which will be
he result of executing Ihcse plans will, it is understood,
rn Beaamed by Melville E. Ingall.-, pr.-.-i.ient ol iheCln
?inniiil, .-t. Louie, indianapolis and eulengo (generally
tailed the *" Bli Poor "). Mo will nut. however, sever :,is
teaeeetlon ss-itli the " Big Four,** whieh will be need In
tarrying thi Chesapeake and ohio system ta Chicago.
? ?
St. Louis, Kel). _ (OpMlSl).?ThS Chicago and
M.on I'.allroad lo day mado a cut in ra!os from r-t.
..ni- to ti.o Wm nu ri User, and bIm Rem Chicago
B tin* Mi?oiiil River, Tb** new late- from st. Ijiiii*
0 Mlsso,ri Kivcr points are as follows, numbering
nun tba Hrs! cla-s down: 'JD, 1 f?, ld. 10, ll, 10,
I ?_ and li) cent-; li,,in (Mingo to Mi.-.soiiri Kier
.oiiit : 40, BO) *_*'.. SI, 18 IT 1 ?_, 18 and IB cent*.
1. - I- a r.ilue'lou of a'-ijii! one half uinler tho IstM
bte liavo pce*raited .ince Dsseteatet ss.!.
(un sen, Pel). -.--The war in Western freight rates
raged -Creery today, it ipeaeS with the oOtatal tari!
"sued kg the Chtoagi, Milwaukee aud St. Paul PowgOBJ
dashing all rates lmtwecn CbhtegC Bad Connell Jllurli
klmost In twain. The rates ai (ploted by tho St. l'.ir.l
stere lirtt class IO cents. Maand 37j, third _ti, fourth 21,
ifth Hi, A. 17 1-8, H. IO. These reiluetlous rango from
!7j ecu's to g cents. Tho Chicago, Hurllngton and
tunics- issued s tanti musing similar reductions to
'oiiucll Hlutfs, and also putting in thc same rates to
vansas City and loath WM 1MB Missouri Kiver points,
'hairmau Mllgcly, ot tha Southwestern Association,
iien-upoti authori/.ed all Beutbwestsra lines to meet the
?ates. I.ator In the day thc St. Paul Company undo it
,u relnction In rates to Minneapolis atc! Ht. I sui, cut?
ing down Hist ci is* from io to io cents and other
riasSM in propitnon. Belora the oillees eloaed Cds
?vening the st. Paul s'as ,ploting to Council DI nub,
slnnsns City and other Missouri Kivcr points late- on
ill eteiMS '- cents a hundred below the morning eat
I'lie.se rates not only ailed the through business ti the
vilssoiifl Kivcr ainl St. Paul, lint to all tn'eruiodlsfe
.'-int* west of the Mississippi Ktver where tue tanlls
|ROli rates higher than those given by tbe cuts.
Last-bound freight rates also ure becoming dcuior.il
:, -1. lour of the linos hare be?ti takliir; id-oTlsion* for
ixi.ort to New York for 88 l-il conti a hundred, vv'ileh ls
i cut of IO l-_ cents below estabilshod rates. The
'eiiusyivunla road* hus e cut loose froir. the trunk HIM
ml Issued through tariffs from New-York te Ot. Paul
?ia Chicago at the snnui tates made BV tho Chicago and
irand Trunk and tho Hui Ungi.,u aud Noi tLeru.
I...linville. Kek. 'A (BpMlsl) ThS Lauitrills and N'ashrilla
lull oad tu-day noll lied ihli.pers that lt would rccolve ns
nsre Ireigh*. for the Cli.cn.uat 1 .-oithuru fruin tint i ?>.nt.
ho latter road his been taklug business hero ami shipping
I ai al Ihslealsilila sud TCsihllllS li Jnnciloa city on a
ontrsct whlrh eiptrol to. Jar, and as tho Ctarlnnriti South
rn dil! sui esre lo renew lt. li eau i.-,? -. s no mure freight
..it Wbtu lbs Louisville SSutliuru ls put tn opeislion,
rhiih will lui In s thor: time. His * 'in, itiajti Southern road
till Ut uu bunnin ovtr that Hue.
Troy. N. Y-. Kel). 3.?The New-York, Rutland sn.l Montreal
.?ST ri-iiiilni ' l'.tcl. Ali Hie engitist irs linsT attached aud
re tiel'l by uIU rr., who liar ? allossol oue to ho run lu charge
: un i.r.lcci. TTis tu;ici uilBinl.-iil hu retlgnod asd fuss ou
ho Hsusstoslr Ksilrosd. J. II. Hunn, his elsrk. takes tlio
!scs of tuptr.ntsn.lsot. C. I*. Van A!stru?, goncral freight
trout, hat arceptsd the position of assistant freight agent of
M llnuaiieulc ron,!.
I lu-im sst. ef tho llsnsatoiile N'srthsrn BaOlMi, to run
ron, Hie .state lino between Now-Yuri ss*! BtSsa_ehu*SttS lo
l.-niiiiiition. Vt, are ussrlr coinplelel. The i-.itl will ho
l'J lllll,ll,il<. i t 1* .,.. te 1 LT VS ll. IUrutl.ll SUll I,Lier
mn.mein -New I.__;.u,?! r_,,i o.tT nico.
(.TU* too. Kel). 8.?A tltia.1 decres of furoclosure wss ?"ntt-Ted
y jii'l?e (irtihitii ts-dsy in Hie tata at ths 111,noll illvliloa
ftheContrsl lows Railroad. Tho (teer*, ordered tlie pay.
watte $l,7('s,D-C on t!,e first mortgage to tho Central
ni"t l uniptiiT, of New Yors. snd li default ths rsad lt to
.lld Mareil 17. I ht nun ol tuon.OOo lt Sis,. ?t ti,, ai.tn
.nu, 11' ts !?? r.e its'I, of isl.ii !. , .j.n.j.) siiall be cash and
he iciiiuiielei la Kl.no.! invition Lundi'
Btu I'kas*. is* o. Keb. il.?War ha* opened between
ibo new sug.u ictinlug companies, lieforo itin cut Iii
prices was made, tbs Anio, lean company a'ked seven
?ents for golden C and leesa and a quarter lents lor
silra 0, Tlio California company's schedule called for
ii and a quarter and six aud a half cents lonpcdlvo
y. Last night tbe American company made a reduc?
ion of one cent a pound on each variety, 'today
he California company took up the challenge and
pwtod golden C al live thici-quartoi-s and e\tra C at
,lx cent*. The rellnei i arv; striving for tho trade of
iho fruit canners as well as the genoral public and
liave - ncis .led aheady in making sugar cheaper
liars t lt_.ii In New York. It 1* thought that Iho piVe
af Ihe i-est white varieties ss lil decline le Iv*, or Ive
lad a (inaner cern* a pound, a dispatch Hom New
York aaaoaaeM thal ibu Meister?/ of tho sugar Trusl
li on bl* Bras to I lilt tetl te Induce ,mn or both re
linories IO euler the comhlnatn,,,, but lt ? -iain,I ihat
neiibor company will Join tho tniat.
I...Mi Brarcr, k?!,. :; Tba Rsv. B, s. RObob
,f j\-bury rark and his brotlior own a boarding
;iou*e ss hali !- aeenpled !?>? Mrs. BM IRQ. A tow days
igo Mr*. U-rrow sold souio of lier pMdl at
diction and Mr. "STBSOB bought B8BM of tl?> ar Ides,
he next day ha Mt Med Uh howe whleh vv** MIR
n tlie iMj?'-,l')'i of Mr-, liarrtjvr and shore!*/ alter
rard BM m*.s?e<l a nuiubi-r of things and eauaed
,!* arn-st. lb* wa* bebl under IBOQ ball to await
_t sciluii of tho <jrand Jury.
pi mu i-s ii a, N. Y., Feb. 3.-Th_ Crand Jury today
ndleted tho Vacuum Oil Company, the Ktilted eas
m-provemont Companv, and th- Municipal Has C?m
l>auy for creating sud miiliitalmng a nuisance
Heller I hs,m lier*.
" whst s rowsrn lha. Major Hmilli la " sitld Jones lo Rob
nsou, "whr, Un Terjr sight of gnu powder would miks hun
ll. Uow (fid hs STer uisnsgs lu become an oltlcsi in il,e
irintl" ?? 1> n i say utiliim saslnil Huuth," suiwir..'.
lUihlnsoa. "kesucs ssrsd mr life." "Saved Tour Ufo I Non.
inn... On psis; lils ' Vi tut d. you tmtsii." I mesa thu I
waa la the flnt stsgst if romainption ; I wss lostna -ti. sud.
mil titi.ii/ sven Sar with ila .(rm.i, .lit-ata, whin SmtUi
ulTited me ts tats Dr. Pisns's Uublso Msuiral liitrotsry.
I Imi lue*! ill nn!t ul n.s<1lrlsss without suroesa, sail inf
bril* Un hail 'H.ii me lui hups . rat hrrs 1 sm. as wrll sa
SW a man was, snd I uri mr life ts BmlUi, Bail to lbs wm
lerf ul ramBdy be iBco-nnsadBS."
Infantile Loveliness
N'o mothar who lores h.*r rlilldron, who takes pride In tboir
bestitr. pmltr sod health, sud lu bestowing upon them a
thllil's greatsst inheritance.-a skin without blemish, am! a
body nourished br pore blood,-should fsll to make trial of
OOTICURA, ths great skis cure, and OtTTlOtTRA SOAP,
tn ciiti'.titii skin MaaUSar, prepared from It, citernally. and
rTTK'CRA RR8OI1VRN-, tho new blood puriiKT, later
nalir. aro s positive care for evory form of skin and blood
llsenso, from pOeplM to scrofula, fruin Infancy to ago.
Havo been In the drug and medicine hnslnsss twenty
Ire yeera Raes Mm ssUiacyear COMOORA BBRBDIBB
unco thor cams West. Thuy les.l all others lu their lin*. Wo
:oiil'l not write nor could ron print all wo havo heard said in
favor of tho OOTIOORA BBKKDIBB, One year ago tbs
-CTICUBA sad SOAP serada little giri in ear Boom el the
ivorst sore head wo ever stw, aad the RRB iI.VKNT and
IT TK I* IU sro now curl 11?* a yronier .entletnan nfs sore leg
iThilo the physicians are tn la. to have lt amputated. It will
.ave his log snd perhaps bia life. SM much csunot bo said
B. ll. SMITH 4 BIlO., Covington, Ky.
Sold overywhero. rrice : OCTTO0RA. Mai OOAP. Rw*M
TI KM KAL CO., iJotton. M.'.SS.
HAllVN skin, scalp.ind hair preservsd anil beautified by
When itv monthi oil. tho loft hand of oar BOBS graaicb!!*
began to swell, and had every appear in. e of a largo -oil. Wa
jMiiiltieeil it, but all to no purpose. About firs uniit.s sf li
lt became a running sore. Soon other sores form,*.L He thee
hal two of thom on esch li.sn*!. and as his blood became mora
and moro laipuro it took los* Hmo for thora to break out A
sore came on tbo dun. beneath tho un lor Up. which waa
rory offensive. Hil hoad waa one solid Boab, discharging a
groat deal. This was hit condition at twenty two 1..tallis
old. when I undertook tho Ciro of lom, hit mother having
died when he wat a little moro titan a year old of coatump
tlou (scrofula of conrad. Ho could walk a Luis, but SSOM
not get up If hs fell down, and could not move wh.n In hil,
having no 11*0 of his heeds I Immediately commenced witb
the COT-CORA Il KM I*. DI KS, uilnjr all freely. Ono sore
after another hsaled, a bony inattsr forming in esch ons of
these 1.re deep ones Jun before heal.ng, RMM would dually
grow loose sud wero tatea out, then *..*?*,? would hoal rap,dir.
uso of these ugly bouo fui'uiatioas I preserved. After 1 tii(
ailo/.en and a half bottles he wss completely cured, aud la
now, at tbo ago of six years, a swoon and healthy child.
612 E. Ttay lt. Bloomington, Kl
CV Send for " How to Cure skin Kisea-es," Ol paget, 50
Illustrations aud 100 lostliuonials.
PIMPLE;', blackheads, rel. rough, chapped and olly akle
11-ll-allS Lt (T'TM't'RA IfllB.
711E ll UK HELVED.
A dight n.*o oeenreo at the stock Ezebaagi about
tsviity minutes before tho opening of business yes?
terday, au electridin with a lighted candi.' was
examining Ute annunciator wires between the double
llonr-s ol the ezohaage. Thc space ls about four feet
high and i* devoted to tho healing and ventilating
pipes as well as th<; Innumerable wli<N used In tho
btiSlniM. Tho annunciator wire* aro wound with
cot lon, over which thero t* a covering of para-lno.
Coder Hio rostrnm, which is ou thi Raw-it, stdo
of Iles building and under tho lon** annuii-iator gal
lery, there i* a largo ma-* of wirra, lt ls believed
that trio Hr* eanghi from the Ugh! earrted ny tho
electrician who hastened lo escape from bl* narrow
quarters. lb* gave th- slarm am! within Bsa minutes
t romeo were direct Inc a stieam of water on tho flames.
Tho damage wm trifling. The fir,, canted no Inter?
ruption to business, but lt was, for a hall hour perhaps,
nu op] ort unity tot the airing of ancient Jolt""* about
waler and BtOeBS. Il ls not known that a new wit?
ticism wa- il art ad, altbeugh the pecnllsr stree eulin cm
suggratsd to some ono thal tl.o lire wa.* at ono Hmo
rather '* lloor-lshlug."
A fire broke out carly yesterday morning In tho
h0UM occupied by Mr. Md'.cady, at Coney I.land and
beforo the Haines could be extinguished fis--. honiM
Iud been burned down, outiklllng a loss to tho ou nor
of ?*_.),ODO. There was great consternation among
the people who eecopted tin* collages, ail of whoa
adjoin each ctlier, when the (Klines broke au' and they
lied for their live.. Tho Hamel were fist dVcoveied
In the house of Constable M'Crcady, and Hey wero
rapldly communicated to the oilier hoic-ei. Tho
lo. al Bri department was culled to tho scene of the
conflagration, but was almost p* wariest to cope with
the Sines, as the eieek near by, tho only place from
which water could be pumped, was frozen OVM and
much valuable Hmo RM COMB-Md lu Belling tho
apparatus to WOrk,
When lt was tn walking order the entire row of
Inns,.'* !*_ In Hames. The police were sont for In
( rder to -ave tho bORMliuld goods of the h-iinelcs.
families, If pi--lble, bat all efforts In that direction
vvoie unavailing. Two ladies ?*no wero asleep In the
louse of Charles Power, whin tire flumes bioko out
l ad a very narrow etcana booi bein-j burnei to death,
and had to bo talion fioiii tho boose In their night
Titts viii.E. Fesn , Keb. S.?The Kim Street "ST-hool Home
the largest In lbs cltr, built In 1ST**, wis burnsd at 4 o'clock
this morning. The loss ls about Sl-.OOO, nesrly coTerod by
DUMAR Mass., Fob. li.?The grain and saw mill of Ged
dlnir Itrollitrt was barusd last Sight Tbs lusa ls $3,000,
pniiT insured.
NkwHavkm. Conn., Keb. 3.?Fire destroyed Hie Mozart
KlMk in Nsstgstuck this morning. Tlie lon lt stout iS.OOO;
lu-ural,', c. -l,Ji h. The eau-* ,,. the tire li uuksown.
Ths presentatlou of Stato baHK. i ut honor to no lei* than
~:'. di ir. un*! uf the BoraatB Keglinent was made the orca.
sion of a brilliant review at tho Armory last night. Tho
nostl of spectators smarted wat creator thsn th* galleries
sud il..?r seats provided for onlookers cunld aecotuisudats.
Tho rtaatwaei errs thronged, rows ot people sat
ss-, il ae I ou the windowsills ana so many
s. uglit standing room on the Boor that
thu inna detailed to keep thom from encroaeulug on the spaoe
i st. . * ed for th* regimental evolutions, had a difficult talk.
Anion," the spectators wsro hundreds of rep retentati Tts uf
th* wealthy and f .*hlmauls circle* sf the city, and hundreds
of beautiful women. The gallant boys of the 7th nsver drill
better than w!i*u they are regarded by tho semiring sud
not uTor-crltlcal syeiof their mollien, wires, IWMthMltej
cousins, sitters sad stints But lsst night they were
loukod st oy niorseiarlmg ayes. Sefsial military guests,
of ihe liegulsr Army, watched iii* regiment's movement*
but tl,er would Lav : I, tu Ly pi r, r.ll.il la les 1 had they
found occasion for arty expressions save eiprsssiou* of ap
prubittliiii. surgeon General Hryant, ot th* Guvernor's
staff, wss present. General John Fitzgerald lntende I to
eume, but a domestic b*r*sT*'nent prsveut-Kl him. other
ollicors who looked un wer* Captain W. K. Mai..-, and Lita
:.niau*, i .nhl.,at, of the 1MB Regiment; Ut-tooan t Bron
Baa, ot th* IT ttl Infsuiry, snl Major Jackton, *f ia* 1st
l)rigs*lior-*leoeral Churl** F. Kobblns, Inspector (isneral
of till* pi acne, In Hus Stale of New-York, wat Hie reviewing
nih,-er. About 1,000 member* of tho 7th mutt*,*.!. Ot
!,-,.-. .1 '.ti. th* cot?paui-t were equalized, !>_0, lid'! and
staff Included, took part lu the drill. Colonel R-BB-M Clark
was lu coinuiand.
To a civilian ths evolution* wore brllllsiitly be
wild*risg. But 1b spite ef their ignorance, '
Hie Tait assenibiag* ot spectators appian.led j
every lnlrlests move.neut vigorously, snd when tho tuen
lunched te coln.nu to th* mntlc of Csppa'l Baad. tlie eToet I
wa* so splendid and so routing Hist uot s f*s? people *lu,i?*U
their appreciation by cheering loudly.
The wurk of [Tuning Ul.) -Tl badges eu th* breasts of tv-.r
wbiuers was " dltidatl ap " among the ollloors so that lt wss
dose expeditiously. Among tbe rac.pleats oatltie.1
to ?',?? ul dist tortlori were fit* th rt. cn vs t r mell,
* ip: Kn J. C. Abrams. Adjutant Georgs W. Kim!
Sen-rant Major William B. Coughtrv. Kirit Sergeant John ll.
llulland, and Private Fieucli, Cumpauy A. Thu badge* were
all of broute except thi.se niven to um* ty sight sharpshooters
who mado a tutsi ot forty.tts o or bettor out ut a i u.t.-le
lifty pouitt. They received tilter badges.
'Hie Tib. Keg mom lissa rocord lu i .ile -hooting Hist lt may
well be proud of. snd Its high pi rc.ent.ig* ot successful
marksmen-.something Ilks ninety eight -ls surpaised
or n. ii ...MiLltd by no regiment In tbe state The
S.-Teuth's neil "gala night" wm be when tho cross of
honor la pietinted to men wbo have mu In iou years' terrica
Hil proernutlon will be made st auuther renew, aud will
Uk* place a month or six week* Len ft
Coroner Meiteuitr held au lui|n*il yrctonlay atm no.ui In
Hi* ess* et Krlteills Marcus*, et No? HM Delsnr.y st, who
dimloo Jsusary 31.lt 1* chsrgsd, tu,? Ufcs efftet et t criminal
operation psrformed by Mrs. Julia Lent-, a midwife, of N*.
?MBMeteasB li?i?n J. -Jarkwieu.of No *- '-1 Iii ....iii,*
SL, snd Adolph Kouirswlls. ot No. 1-0 ltlvlugtoa-tt.. gav*
t-'it,ninny iu tho ten, a* wall ss 1'enjsiuia ll aro use,
an *i(iiie*u yur eb! iou ot tbs dead tuarn.,
ai. tel*. Batah lia. nt. et Ns Ul T ???
Kighty stxth-st.. hor sitter. The Jury brought in s v rdlet
Lal the vsotnau bud roms to her death from a emu.na: optra
tion performed by Mrs. Lent-. l_ecoruu*i cu_i!_;l'.el the
midwife to the Tombs ,?.:..tut bad.
William Haran! Field dl.d suddenly yesterday froas
pneumonia, af his home, No. 8 West Thirty scventh
?t. As a nieinbcr of tbo ilou.se Coiuinliioe of tba
St. Nicholas Club, he was out Monday In-pecting th*
new building, which tho club expects soon lo occupy,
and was I alt.* ri ill on arriving home at ni^ht. Ho wm
born in this city in 1.33, and spent his early lifo
travelling in Karoga. Ho was tho younge-t sen of
Mmes Field, of tho old drug house of Field ?_ Ki ad
Bant, IK* brother, Osgood Field, made a fortune aa
a I inker, In London, and uow lives in RsSBSJ and a
sister. Mis. John A. Kell, also llvet la Ku.ope. A
cousin, Mm li'ld, sumo time .1-1 wain-U IT.nee
Urancacdo, of the italian Court.
Mr. Kielli was never actively engag-d in tinniness,
lately ho spent the suinnier at his <-..un?r? hon... at
lV'Clt.-l.lll. Ho mair.ed a giauddiiiighlor of bis tailer's
pi: tner; .ind bi* wife and a .nn and daughter -in vt ve
bim. Tlie funeral will tat" place at Calvaiy ('h.iirh,
Itmrth-a-.e. and Twenty-tlrsf st., on Monday at 10 a- m.
Charles Henderson, the young man wlio hu been
r-oently doing a lively business In forged orders for
gOOfk *,n Wholesale ditijglsts In this city, was 1 *
Siralgsed to face anatber charge In tho Tombs police
Court ye-terday. William Allen, of Tarrant A- Co.,
drogglsta, of OiOeuWtoh-St., complaln**d that ll.-nd.'r
sou had -li'talt ed goods vv .rt ii .f l_ limn his linn on an
Order purporting to be signed by T. II. Soiuinei-,, a
Brooklyn druggist Henderson 6aid thal iii* righi
name was Osbert William.. Ho plead cutlty and was
remanded again.
Jacksonville, Fla., Feb. 3 (Special!.?A plan is pro?
posed Ul have all tho Leaguo baseball clubs eenie to
this city for practice. Harry Wright of the Pillia
doiphla nine informed tbe Ja-Lsonvtltc managers to?
day tli.it he desired to bring his club here In Mardi.
Il I* .*al<l (hat tbe New Yorks, the no-ton* and tbe
Quakes City boys would also bo down this Igriag.
The congregation of the Church of tho Puritan. In
West One hundred and thirtieth si., gave their pistol.
Hie I'ev. Hr. E. Et Clark, a plea*.! nt surprl-e last
evening In the form of a reiebratf.it on hi-; tttteth
birthday. A number of beautiful pi e.cuts wero among
thc attiactluns of the occasion.
Tho parishioners of St. Stephen's, who have been
li tiding weekly meeting, fur over a year to protest
against Hr. Mci.lynn's suspension, were Som-, iv hal
surprised last Bight to icceive a lefter fi .tn bim
asking them to refrain finn holding any more meet?
ings, on the ground that no fm Kier good woubl be
accomplished by lash gatherings. Ho said that be
woubl have written long ago, but deferred dong ,.1
because of then* earnest desire lo -'-.-.press theil feel?
Freehold, N. J.. Fob. 3.?The trial of Stanford Pot?
ter, who was Indicted for murdering Kobert Hamilton
at Long Draneh, and all those associated with him In
the crime, will be held on tho second Tu-*-diy la
Merak Tho son of tho murdered man has been ap
poiatad by liauhei Drexel lo take tbo vo?iiio-i foi*
merly occupied by lils father.
Pron, Th* WatUtngton critic.
Peprcsentatlvo CegSWOH, of Massachusetts. <all
today to a "Critic** reporter that "?nothing, absotute
ly nothing, would como out of tho Blben -s negotia?
tion*. We havo beaton them all round Wt* havo
beaten them lu tho Ways and Means Commute... ja
tho Appropriations Committee and lu tho Foreign
Affairs, and there will ba no free EBB.*
"Then the -jaine condition of affairs will oxist next
sum.uer as lan! .'" suggested the reporter.
"That's about the amount ot it," replied General
"Will that not bo railier unfortunate**
"No. All tliat our fishermen will have to do will
lie ta keep out ol Canadian harbors, while wo shall
have tho BlMBttrS of seeing Ibo Canadians enjoying
ail fhe privileges of our harbors ihe same a* our
own flil,finion. This stato of affairs will r,.minni*
until wo havo an Administration lhat thinks almost
M much of our pe.,plo as of .leo 1 haml-eilaiii. I
tell y.m thOTi ls a big sentiment about this matter
all over the country, and lt ls not alon., eonl'.hct tu
Th* New Parks ('ommlssiun closed np tho work yesterdsr
>.f ev im ?,!,,/ pi* d nf 1 i:*s in Bronx Park aod ?tarted t.> look
up tho ris.ms of titles la Moiholu Parkway, bullier lt.
Marsh prestd*.!, snd lb* other * omtniislotaer* preitst w*r*
George W. Qulatsril snd J. Heaver Page. Motholu Park wot
tinects Kroai Park with Van Courtlandt Park and !t em.
braces about eighty seres of ian*!. Th. re are Kihi!* srr.-t ia
\ .111 t'uurtlatidt Psrkand C.'Si In Broun Psrk. Th* parkway
touch** Van ('..urns:. 1: i'-rk west of Central ara
the Gua HUI ru* I, sad ineots Bums Park
north of tho BadfOTtt nation on Hie Harlem Railroad.
Michael Varian was th* oaiy propartT owner wlio appealed
at th* mueling. He did ut care to fm nish proofs iff th*
value of his property, prelerr.uj to lear* Hie fateStlM "f i*
to tho cum mission. Tho neil meetn if w.il be on Mon lay,
Joim Roach's Sled lilli
I am In chargo*f the Cooperemlth*' Pe part tn eat of Ml
Baa*. "Mui-sabipy*,.!. mame 1 S%__?__S__1jT_S
pas. -utees (1 OT years. 1 had oiHoie.t rouutl _**ill.*.. wy
lifo until ibo year IMO, when I was
Taken With Kidney Trouble.
Wtieth.r lt wss from drinking bard wstrr. or from *tr_i_. or
?^fTraJnKaKi Da ParM s"insilr> tteritete
Ke.nc.ly 11-U.tuut, N. V. I bought* butti. *'t th* ?"*"?"?!"'?,
. id who's I hsd Eb_M lt I wss dw.klo.lly botte-. 1 ?:uutiua?_
us ut" and au
maud RB um ta ?*Q%??st_5,^RTHALRB. -heater. Po...
Dr. D. Kennedy's Favorite Remedy,
- a*sn*d*iKsta_?ut, N. g. rn**,Hi Start*.

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