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noe commission's kew system.
niB .'!?. HI"! CH .IU**-'.-*. AM? 1IBVI-F.D-H..W
ThK rs- BVIOK IS < I iSilKirl..
WARHMCWKC. r>h. I-The ftesMent baa :.,.
proved i. rev im.., ,-i ih.* Civ il .-?-'?? rii.es win. ll
muue. several ta|*ortent ehangra ls Ike aysteni
et appuint-acntB npon teat- <?? ?>??-?> ****** {?
i ... ,.i,...s in iii-* il"-?M?rinit'iits nt Whmi
Dpi-hi'iiiis lor pine"*? >n ?"
la-rton and In "ko "deas-Ocd euatooM ailoea aad
i?(.st?i-i.-.v 'IK** .-.ni.o.s-i.,!. bus also rv nw d Ike
Civil S rv..- regal ...ions to -olifortn to the new
rule-. Not BOO cf thc eld rules or n-guli, ti ons
, ,., ita uriginal f .mi A Kw ,,( the Bvoat
vi.iuti fen!oks of ike bcst rules m:iv i?* Hated
ns fellows:
Thej Bte iMvd *1 into four purls: (*e:ier.il rules,
tl I'urtine'itul nibs. CUStOBlS natte nnd |wk.KiI rules,
ibe general raltte ate nine in number. Hy these
mi, s it is nindi- un offence, pnnlabab-i bf dla
, , -ul, in u.iv i'l!l<*<-r .if tli*- executive civil service
ill tu bm his uilicinl authority or InBuenee t<>
Interfere erith aa ekt-ntion or eontrul Ks imbi Ita;
? ,r .' m di-miss or us*- Influence of sap hind to
procure the iKsmisMil of any person from an?
11 . *? 'n the sr. ie*', because suet, perss-tt ??aa
i i ned to eontribute money for anv palWsnl
pnrpO-B, *,r !<? render political service. It pro
v -les. alert, thal (IimhisshI from Ike service shall
I. the p* nitlt% of any employe who receives money
lorain- pohio-al |,ur|,(iM* frats any ether employ's
t ot any oilier arba change* "'>?? Brad** ol any
.liiplovc for the kihi*, m.son. or ot" anv examining
i ? iiiiiiutm. uflleer who endeavors to rtl-H Hie
pulilir.il or religious opinion "f anv competitor.
By th- gem ral rules aeveral B-na-competltlve ex?
aminations ara pro*- ided for. and compulsory ex
iNilons for promotions are dlreet-O. Bot
persons in the elussifi.-d service, wlio w.-re bon.
orahl" il;-, lo..."-! rr-nm ib<- nnl'Karv or naval
(.er- le.' of till- I'tli'e'l St.lt"S. IlO'l til'* wi'lo'VS
and orphans of .|.-ei-ascd soldiers mid Milora, sllltll
1 " exempt from such exemption." Three r-.l-'S
a|_q rr.,- :-." lh.il s..Idlers :. d Milora wlio bave
I.ti honorably discharged h<-e?us? of sickness or
wonnds shall be eertlflen for appointment Innrefer
ram to otb. . i.. i-soi.s af li inlier gnuie In tbe ey
m,tin:,.j.,,,, nnd that 'n mah inc .my reduction of
,',???'?? in anv lira.i'-'i of thu .in ss in ed -service, those
j, --o? s nnd ills,, thc widows and orphans (if (lend
soldi, rs and --i.ilor.s. shall be retained In preference
to nth rv
Tha !?-parttnentnl rules are eleven 1n numKer.
1 , aiithnria* th*- elnwiiflnatlon of eommlMiona
nnd l...!"|i' r.'l.nt K,,renns, ns veil ns tlie d'p.'irt
tn.nts Bl Wisliintrton. and prescribe the evanil
? ?? .,, fer idmi-mdon to this linn'-li nf the st**- "ic--.
Ilii-y provide tliat n few pri- ate aeeretaritra: dir et.
"i-.toflj.iiis of money for win,se fidelity nn*,tle-r
..Pi, er is u n't er otTf.-il bond: itishursine offii -irs
win) gtvM bond : jwrsoim em|dnve(| cv elusively In
tli" aiof-r"! .ervine ..f tb.- Government.: elilef ,?!? >rl s
|Rd e|,l..fs of (liv is'ons may hi* appointed without
e-intnonit'on Tbev lils., provide f'-r n syst'li) of
tntnsf- rs Trr.m one department to another
I lie rn-strena rob"* are cii-ht in number. Tbe
f,.l|o\vliiL' oiiicrs may he appointed without ex
im,it.:iii..n : Deputy en!|r.f>tors who do ind, also
i,, i ;,s lo. '?..'f,,rs. examiners nod derk.; the
r-'lil'-r. iii-.i-V.pt cashier ami auditor of tlie col.
beter: Ihe rhtef neting disbursing* officer: deputv
im. ,il .fleers: deputy snrveenre! ene private s,,-.
r.'lnrv or oas eonfiflenflal clef!.- of earl, pninit.-if
!n-.' .Tb--r S*'l<K'-r? aad sailors nre risen the
k i'm. advantage In tills as in other departmental
rs .atina* I- os t ,,<- iiinir.i.r In vsliieli prmnntions
r -s- i. mivie la speeinenlly d( lined, nnd a system
,,f i.ripsfirs ls nn?l orb'-d
The i" st',1 mles are cir-Kt 1n nnmber. Tn addi?
tion ? " s.? eiiii nnd no*. ',,,,, Mi ve examinations.
the following are pacserlbed (or clcrls-, carrier and
lii.?--;?-i,_-?? r ?
(?oh- i>,-"f names mav 1,e certified to n pote
iri o-ir. Tha following nff.e*"rs mn* ba apnnlnf'd
-? thonl evnininnt ion : Thc asslatant poteflissta*r;
tin- pris:,te teoretnrr of th* postnin-f'-r: tbe
rim.) aafdatanti snr?rlnt"*nd?*nts: custandlans
of mom v. stumps, stumped envoi.s or ,'.-'.1
rn.-ls, for whose rldellty Ihe postmaster !?* urid-r
otiii iel Korol Promotions ma? be made iiorin
upc ti<f of Btnow (let. Hsii'.ed ut,on liv th* posrt
m*'*'i*r. If not r|is,ipr>r,,v d Kr tb" CommlMlon.
1 l.e fort! 'ive var age limitation la abroBntod ;is
I., ibe irrnde of elerk, m. I the minimum for thia
er "le U rills...! from s'vtcen to et.lit.en res ra
lb* mlntmnm f'-r rarrlert is rnls'-d from Rivt'-.-n ,
to tv.< it i.ne yrara and th** maximum from thirty
liv <? (o f riv rears.
11.,se rubs i,pd resnlatlona whirh -will r*o Into !
(TT. ,t ,,n Mareil 1, ls-H. \s, re prPpBTorl hy C..in?
ner Oberly, win, submitted them tn 'lc
full Commteaioti f,,r action. After '?*??.,n. pt con
fer, ne, s in which 'b-v were fnllv consider "I
and in some partlcolara, amended, they were
(in illy s!-.;-"-d
In eommentlns urmo Hies.-, rules, wliieli were
, , bps to-dne, Commissioner Edeerton eall*?d
the attention of n i-enorter ti the ahaenee ,,t the
rule whieh, l? was ri.mored, bad Keen snhaitt-ed
t 'I..- Prttsldenl f-.r lils approval, repuirln"" :)?>
, ? ? ? iflleen, wheRcver a dlsmisH] from the
JV., live Civil ""'Tvle- is mr.de. t? ,1b* ill th*.
-tp.irinn-.it or ofliec from which tlie dlsm'?*1 is
made n wr'"en statement, of ?lie eausp of sui-*!
dis-nVsii] Mr F'lecrtnn sn'd if. wns true that |
??? eh s mra had Keep anbtnltted *o tbe President,
Kit !t failed f*. receive Ms nppr--- ;.!.
Titi Y CtAlM tllAT Til V Al!K I) F"ft 't'Dri) OF TIM-.
O'R '?'CUTS BV l,eVr"VV|VVT *e,rv-T*f.
WABniROTOR, F"h. H Special ?A delega'ion
ef Chippewa Indians are here from Vu ri li-rn Wis?
consin ti protest against the ad 0!i of their ng"n(,
J T Gregory, of Aehland, In Usp s ne of thc ';m- J
ber upon ti.* ir lands contrary '*. tbe luw of Cbs :
Int* :i,r Di'partm nt- In the oourae of the Ad- j
iniiiistr.it I- n of I'r-.iili nt Ar'ii ui n rul" whs idopt- j
ed a lowing t m to sell tl.e tlsabei from tL-ir
land under cont met. sith th**- highest bidder, Bud
with the ?? 'in ,n toa! tlc Indium, should be j
?.mpli vd and [..ml thc ruli:i?" rate -,f waites to rut !
aa ixl remove the logs from .he land. The agent
his thi pi uer to make these ooatraoti s_b]ect ta I
ll e approval of the CoRunissioner of Indian Af- |
lain and vs ith the consent of thc Indians. But I
lt is charged that Gregory is Miling the timber to
lue favorites without competition, ut priora below j
rot,,ine,eutl rates, and that, too, while mes are
Btu ployed to cul and remove the I p BgailMt the
(xdu-v and regulations ol thc D.partment Gregory j
s a W -??? Bain man and was appRinted upon Him
ie tnm-ndation *>f Scoretary vilaa and J, II. j
1. . lit, of Ashland, his partner and political ,
manager It is also claimed thal much of the ;
Umber so s,,id linds it tray to 'lo* Superior Lumber
<*. ini>.?nv nt Ashland, ol which Secretory Vitae
ai"! J. il Knitjlit ?r*- stockhol-i'is the contract j
bu vi n | been made with one Kennedy, an employe ,
oi the company. It is also ebnrged that tho
mutter hus frequentlj been brougbl to the attcn
ti on ot Mr. Vilaa before be beeame Secretary of
ti,*- lui-i or. without any correction of the evil,
bin Bow thal be has taken official control of
Indian Affaire the Indians < ime to Wnshl igtou
lo .ipisiii ti, him In person. Grcifory, tht 'i(."?nt,
genies thc chartres. eViinis that Ikey are Inaplrea
tv unsui ei-ssfiil Kidders, Htnl tl :,? 'ht- law ls being
"Cnrr: ?*! out so fur as is practicable.
ion the Ind iips nr- of (liff ivm opinion. Th""*
a?it th,,) the Bid River, thc Lac de Flambeau
a d the ether Chippewa reservationa In Wlaeonsln
I bec stripped of timber for the benefil of
li mber Arma wno are fri- rally with A^ent Gregory
? t prces moah lower thiin mi'-dit h-ve Keen QD.
lained if other js?r-oiis bntl Keen allowed to Kid,
on-! witboat regard to th" allotments in Mveralty
Ss reiaaiied !>V law. ihe favorite contract ora
Ravi Ken allowed ta s.-b-et the Ix-si and mo-i
Be-i-siid*' tracts with nit ike pretence of the
a.'-nt nnd flu* fumier, as tke regulation! require,
and it is ekerged that 'he iHmtraeta have not I.n
r p rtcl to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs for
bs api mia]. Tfcey alain 'hat they mi.ht _et,
18 |,**r eetit more for their |o-_s than they are r*
ri-ivin. al present, if tke contracts were made Be?
noni til.' to law.
The resulatioaa of tho Depnriment contemplate
thai tho Indiana ahonld not only receive the full
market price \,,r their timber, Hut thal they should
also be paid regular wages for the work done In
cunnii; ii and taliine lt to market. Fer exam-de.
If tiny mU th'-lr tTmhrr for st\ dollars per log
gtuaapam, they should receive In addition f'.>ir or
five doll.irs iis the ryvae tnny b< for euttlnj; hnti
haul,ni. lt Bul at the price now |-a,d for M,*-!.
timi,* r thej ar.' (rettlns only three or four doll..re
ii itt ad of the teu or eleven u, whioh -ney are in
IIEABIRG8 on thk pacific RjUT-fiOAD
WaBHIMOTOR, Feb. I.-Tka House Committee
on ISiiiIic Railroads ls lay cot.sMcred th- Outh
waite bill and that peepeeai by t_.e majority of
thc I'neii-c Railrmid Commission Ihe committee
oonel'id'-d to ll st .ti to any atutevecta wklch the
repr* s*-utatlveo of thi Central and I'nlon Paclnc
Oom pental mi?*hi care to pta sank It is karned
that ?he conimittee was ladnoed tojjnmt, these
hearings upon wTlttcn reaoMti hy (. |> HunK
Ir.Kioii and others, and that the hear!nu** will
probahiv occupy two dnvs. Mr Huntington ip
p<ariiiir for the Central Pacllto Comnar.y Friday
and Chiiil' s Fraricis Ada.na. presiaent of t_,e
Union IVciflo Company, on Saturday.
WAHiiNi.T'iN, Feb. 8 (Sj?-cfali.? ? It seems to
tee tiiat Mr. Itandull'a Jaw has become more set
than ever," a.id au old politician to-day. The
toan who made thia remark served lu Congress
"art-i liaudulj several yeurs, and Lc ls a shrewd
sud w. ll-ii.K,rmetl ohseiv. r of (? lineal ev .-nts Ile
S"ent on to say: - I would not be surnte_ed to
fe?hear b_fure the apple 6owers bloom UiatCleve
nd te tick of his bargain with William I_ Scott
ott bus not a thing to commend hiiuaelf to the
?>mocrat.ir purty except bl* money It la not
?"?rang. ___.. _HM.r _i __a Dunne rai. diatruat bim
because he cnn pay lils lillis and doe* so. ITie so
e.il.cd triumph which the Administration won nt
llarrtaburg t_r.>u-_ Scott's inuuenc. will ne s
dent *ue, not onK. io Booti and his Penniylvania
followers, but lo Mr. Cleveland as wclL Why.
do von know thnt Mr IkhkIhII has as nj nell to say
about l'enn-ylvallin appslntaaeBta to-day as Mr.
Ch \eland ?" . , ...
*' What do von mean?" the e?rn*s[)opd-nilariked.
'* Well, I mean untiling ni*.re than tins, thal no
p.'iiiisvlvn.ii..,, in m.noted t?* ? Fr rideuttaJ offlne
can Kc co.Hir.ne,! Kv the Senate unless Mr. KnndaU
approvea In sueh matters ho und not Mr. S<ott
IS COIlMllt.ll."_
WiSlHN'i'i-'N, Fd). I iSpccnil'.-Tl.c BepobU
c-aii members ol il.** HoOSS CoininiHce OB A ".vs
and Menus bis bnving BoashWioahh* (Ob si tts
cxpenM ?,i their Lteaaocratic oolleBguM over sn ia
eiueat which eeeun-d ut the eeflBB-ittce meeting
yesterday and which leaked ont km my. Ikere
Bm '"-eil for som*- un).' a dispuaitlou os tbe pate
vl ?_?. al t:..* m.-ui.i.'i-. oi ti." .-.?iii.ni!'.''- i ? bring
i inn bill providing tot Ike e_penditu_- ol a portion
j oi the iii- ut siini.-, oi money les k?*u up in ttie in ea
i bi) m a r.-live lunn ior tue redcmptloB ol out
j btuiMiiiiK greenbaeRa und other puria)-**, In the
i p.iiciiu.-** oi intere-t-bt-aring bunda, rhej argued
. mst Ute m. my co..ul mus ijo put Into circulation
1 nnd would be earning interest si tke Mian lime.
I From the ravers! bibs oi this eha-nctcr thal Imd
been prepared, ono was draw- ap by slr. lirccken.
i ridge an,i urged upon .he o-nusitteia. l'be Ltemo
eratic m. mte rs thought n? vvu* a gvod Hung, and
tho -tepublicaui, thinking diaeretioa thu better
part ol valor, said ate lung. The matter was
1.1,ked over, put io a vote, and t*? tba surprise of
thu Uopublloans and the peat delight <>i Chairman
. "dills, ii wm ordered to Ko raportsd io tba Uoasa.
buring LkeM proceedings th** l-Vnu-ylvaaiu
member "i til*- committee, -"lillian* I. Scott, was
not present, lie pul lu si .ippiara.to**, hov."-vcr,
jual as the vote had been taken. Wben bc heard
what had been done he was astonish* d linn lc*
grew ingty and proceeded to tell bte colleagues
OB the coin nHtee what ii loolish sd of men they
were. Ita laughed aarcasueally st theil limm?
en mig and said thal any pntty that would pro?
pose such re' kle-s legislai-un would Iim nnd ought
to lose the eon Aden ?>? and support ol the people
everywhere. Ile Mid that such a bill would ba
sn annouiiccmcnt to thc cum ry thal tba eery
baals of their paper cir- ulanna had been taken
' away mid would raine the susiilcioii thal if lhere
was ne gold In tba vaults with which to redeem
? the grrenlmcka, there would bs non*' with which
to pay the bonds when doe. Mt. Bcott, whoM
; adv ice in tho eommlttee is nob tit. atarmed his
oollcaguea so much that Ikey obeyed his order
and at once ravewed ili**lr action, much to thc
sorrow of the Republicans, who f-*r obvloos p a
BOn**. want,-,I tl,,- I,Kl brought Into the House.
Clutirniaii Mills did not wholly Bgl. with Sett.
however, and argued ih" ease with him after
ward. Sett w?s more bitter than ever al the
'. cou ree of tlie Drmoernts, aud plainly told Mills
1 ni,.,t a blunder they h.ul escaped by his timely
adv ice.
mr: CONSPIRACY avai.nst wini!-;.
sciDM' ? WRIVR'i cHiNrr".
WASinW'iTOR, Keb a "Special".-?Thc Admlnls
1 ration leader-, in the HoilM who want tr, declare
Captain Whit.-'s seat i scant in order to put a Demo
era! In his place, and thus lo change tl,i [iiliti'iil
complexion of the Indiana representation In Con?
gress, were In u peck of trouble inst Bight, and
at noon to-day they wen- by bo means certain
liiuf ti,-* programme e..nhl he Barrled ont I' >p
pea red that not only several of tha Indiana Demo?
crats wen* avep.,. to entering Into n conspiracy,
hut thal righi or ten D-moe mt-, from nt ber States
had Intimated sith more or l*-s elearneM and
emphasis tba! they aron ld not ba parties to the
en e-iti).!.' of ('ap.aln Whit". Among "he ?recal?
citrants, lt waa ni (lerstood, was Mr Randall, of
pennsylvania. Of eoeree Mr. .-"-infi-dl a np reel
atnd the pnrtlsan "advantage" which might he
galned hy throwing ont a Repnbllean who has
bef-n onlv Uiirtv-four venr- In the Coiled Staten,
hut ii was said thal he held the opinion thal cn
" advantage" thus gained would not be penna.
rc i.?
If the Repiblteins should choose to m ike party
lal out of tb. ... they would find abun?
dant opportunity 1 il they seemed disposed to
rest lt on the Isw nnd Ihe fact*, as ,"? closed* hy
the record One thing, hoerever. Ihe RepiiMlean
Representatives In CongteM mnsl be curi'Ttil ahont
lu regard to this mtttcr. and thal ls to compel
Ihe 11' mo.-rats, if the? -o choose, tn declare !':*'??
tain Whit,- Ineligible tn n seal In CnntregB. Ob
that proposition. If it shonld lie submitted to ti?
ll.us,, gt JJ, in, Republican would he iu-tilied in
casting bis vote to help the Demoerats to a quo
mm All pairs on eh! to Ke deelnred "off." and
until thia mnt?ei la settled every RernMlean Rep.
res nt'itlv.i should be in bis sett. Tf the Demo- [
r.TBt- d''ermine t,. pernetrate ap imtrage inch li?
the majority nf the Flections Committee reeom
mends they most d-i ll hy their own votes. I' is
expected lhat 'he debate will en_ with tl., ocxl
Besslon gad B ea** be ti,!t"-?i on 'he substitute of
'he minority, declaring White (licit,le and enti?
tled to tke sc it.
_ .?>. ?
WtaniNriTOK. F"'i. S.?Et-Judge Churles C.
Dniv ni"l Hir-im Hitchcock, of New-York! ex-Sen.
a1-*. MacDonald, Admiral Amman, Commander
Taylor and Civil En-rh.r Menoeal of the rTavy
appeared before the House Committee on C.m
merce i;i advoeaoy nf Representative Norwood'"
WU to Incorporate the Maritime Canal Comnany of
N -.ni,."ia. Jndne Daly mad*' tin- principal argu*
ment, devoting his attention mainly to *h-? consti?
tutional questions and a demonstration of th"
-Panda] ability ,,c ike company to carry nut 'he
work He raid thal de nom|iany hud positive aa
suraneea from Berlin, Roxton sm. N.-York bank.
era *,_a* the 'ii" hundred millions *>f bi >.h_ won ld
l?. ipeedlly 'ai-'-r, ur, whe"B thc United State* (hur?
ler -vis e-,,.?..f] The sRsociBtioB which held 'he
,-oi ?. .sic,,, }.__ Kf.v,.s;ri hundred thouMnd dollars
i?i i's irf..s.|rr .nd hud spent R-0>>,ORO !n pT*
I'mlnary w< tV npor the canals Eight billy
... ..I.,.,...* wnrlting parties s.-..re in the fi. h. em.
plovina 1 70 people tYhile the t'i?oclntion i'd r.ot '??
ahsoliij ly i*eqolre a chart* r from the United Staten,
th? .'! afim for one waa und" out of rc peel
to ?hf* nov?rpment,
Mr Arid r-on. "f Kan-.is. wished to know if the
commnv 'v-f.-lld abject to 'he InaerMn" of a ?'*-.-??
absnlntely protidina Tor th? reter.tioe af s erp.
tr* liing Inter**-! af 'n. teoeh ,vi the United Rtat t
so tliat. foeeign sonntries miali! nol possess tho
ennuis After conanlt!?iB w "h .Tudce D-Kv M
Hltehcoett announced ibat they arere w.ll'ng 'o
(n--wi^. nioh a condition.
Wa?hik<tT?iN. Feb 8 -Senators Hiscoek Sher?
man, Hear and K*'-!s. of the -Si'lort Committee
on the Ceptennlnl if tbe Constitution nn'l the
Dtseoverr of America, granted e hearing to-day
to the Executive Committee of the Board ,f Pm
iii*), ion "f ike proposed txblbltlona In Wishing.
ton. Secietary Anaeraon, of the Hoard. -*\"!.ii':erl
In detail the plans of the proposed celebrations
rn-d advocated Congremional action and bb ip
proprlation ol lioii.fie-* for the entertainment ol
o(': lal "?'?pres* ntii'tv *-s of American 'lister Rennh
li.-. Professor Powell, TMreetor of the 0*aloet
eni Snrvey. said ir thc committee that h? fi?tie;'",i
great ipiiiortiinec to the *pronoeed exposit inn- for
the effect they miL'l.t have in prompting ih
collection and ureserv ut ion of records ind works
of the pres-nt und earlier Rattens Inhabiting ""arl?
ena parts nf the American Continent. FT**d<-rtnk
DouglaM also spoke iti favor of the proposition.
rost int iNRRPMRRI tk mr. a tai ti rs.
WiSOIBOTOR, Keb. fl -Mr UANDA'.!,, nf peiumvl
var.is, preneiifed PMelettoM ssking ''orgrea*! to ens**',
a Uw, limiting tbe fis'ilr.g for msihtdet, >c the entsldi
of s l!r.9 H.ree nilles fi oin thi ros.st rf tbe Atlantic
Ocean Referred.
Mr COLCRB, of BfaaaMhnaetta, tram 'be Com- :
iiiKtsse on tlie Judlcisr> btib:i..t!ed adverse reports on
billi to create a I'onrt ot t*i>stom.s. and progMlB| a
OoaBtltattoaal aniendiceni ampowerlni CeagraM to ?
grant aid tu the eaaUBOS MbooR of the soveral ritittei. i
I.-iil on the tab'.e.
The Home then gre. tadal to the aasBMaratton of
private business. An.on* u,e private bills re pia ried
from rommlttises was one for the relief _f the sufferer*
from tba trrcck of the TillagOMS There S*M tis*, a
public bill reported by \.r OOUUIRO, ol MaMMhnsetti,'
from the Commit IM BS tbe IRgMtalg, aiiiei.diiii the
aectlon of the Revteed -s'stutes Whteh pies rlhM Hie
?Jeaib penalty tor tbe *s T.lul easting au ay uf ave el
or. the Blgfe seas -sith the ti,tent ol ..stranding ihe
anOtesrilera, by a proviso thal if ibe etsstina awaj
csa.-'s no loss of life or |iersnual soOaHng or injury,
the jierson eonvlctei- may ts? lanteatei t( Imnrisonf
ment for life or for any number of jeais not ie^s usn
thiee. or ta a Baa no. exce?diini tlii.OOo
Mr. KUI TIRO, il New York, cileiod a resolnltin
ealiiag on the eseretarr of th" ntami for '-forma.
Hon In repaid tc the refusal of Laulds tu allon Ameri?
can wrecking vrsosU ind BMhloerry to assl-t Aneil
caii vs-'el-, while lg listless In Caaadiaa sis'eis; and
a_ t? ?svh'-tt.er Canadian wreelcntv* eeSBSU and niicl-iner.v
are permitted to operate In American Raters lis?
ter ed.
Tbe llou.e tL-n at 4 :0(. ad]nuni-(l
? -?
wam.isoios, r.u. s - hsroud Lteassaael w. a. QlaMltel.
BSgaal Corpt, sow at IT.t-.it, Aria, has btes Imtrucisd
to nuki s ta-rongU Uspsolisn of tbs _i(_sl ssl Tics -iti.ua
in Hist terntsiy.
l-l- a. -mu colossi Willum V. nam. 12th Infintrv. Acting
I iiIjxn tn (itiisrsl, isl btes ordersd to Isspsct Slunsl tssrvtcs |
propertr in ths Department of Ansons.
Tbs Bscrttarr Of tbs Navr io day mads BSTsrsl chsnesi In
tbs oompssltlon sf tbs S'avsl Adv,.arr Board, wlitsb ls
cbargsd triU topsrliiioiHn. as csDStrs--HsB sf tbs dstsI
rssssU bam m tis Bhlar-ri ol Jshs SBMsh, Um t sicsiw I
K.."ton, Atlanta and D-.lpiiis. ros-tnodsr-t S C. Itsrsienr
was dilsil-,1 lo duly st prstldsnt Bl lbs Bnsrit Cpttln
H. B. lUbeion wss ordsred sa s messTor of Ste BMW 'a
pl.es of touimsiidsr A H. (Tasvnltisiilsld, who wt'l r.ltlo
i*.,niiiaii,l of tbs Behool thin st. Mari's CBptSla Hob *ou
will be d-tsihod from his pr.-tent SeRM St ths ReW.TalB
N'aTjr Yard on Febrnarj- 8.
OMsrt h?T? bts-n iisue.1 Sp the Sonateiy te Me Rare*tel
tt'B Uni.ei Huies stesmthli) MpSte ls pr>c.*el io tal*)
nit., smlroimrt W Hear Admiral Kitii'-err !?r duty SB tbs
1'.".!,' I ' ?",
FKAl'DS OF A NOVEL I).."-Ci.I."liON.
ni,('*?)!r's verna colntbd for his or
WgSRISRTOR, Feb. 3 [flfrfrtal.. Tilt contested
electiiiii 8080Of Mc Du flic nguinst Davidson of the
1 N't li Alnhama l?i*trict po-messes noiiie features
of peculiar iuterov.. The uncontradie'ed testi
mony ohOWB that Divid*onwas coiinted in by the
mosi u ihl'.miiiK and systematic frauds. The Re?
publicans vreie ailovied to cast thoir bullots?there
was little or no intimidation?hut Ike kellets east
lor Mei ulii' wore eswatsd either for his Demo?
cratic opponent or fora man o: straw set ui? for
him, who did not actually receive 100 votes iii the
district. Bearing is mind thai the IVtbDtat.net
wsirflxed by ih.* Doaaoeratie Laatalstsra so us to
eontaia the iieavv Republican counties, with an
aggregate Republican majority of 15.000 w 20.OOO,
soiiie nols shown bv te-tiinoiiy which th" I'-mo
(Tiic eoatOStOI did not iry to rehut will BS of
As io < trville Precinct, Dall is "".ninty, " llarrl-nn
Billa swears lbs* he le-ned 2-3 MeDome ticKete to
Reonblican voters and saw them voled. Kaine
lb vant, witness for coniettee, IWOOII lhat if the
insDeciors onlv eoooted '-'I votes for BOB*
teston! thei* failed tn sonni some of the votes he
ree,-ired, tliat 200 Republ iao voters ess! their
j bailors and only 4 I ir eoatSStOi. Tel thc in
; speotonaolyeonnted 24 for contestant, but icy
i fm oontsatsSb"
As io Maria's Precinct In th- same county?
"Nathan Stratton swear* that he taaoed 804 tee
D tlie in lids u, elei tors, and >>?! ll.iway -abs's
liiitt ne ssw the itenets ??> laaned to thc colored
; Tillers handed to I he InSpSOtO S, still Ml'- lUSPSOtora
counted only lr) for coiiiestant, bot340fe*OOO*
i test ea."
Itaspeeting Mitchell Mill Precinct. Dallas County
I ?" Lott P rkmuaaswaaiatbatkoisonol 807 Mo
| Duffle tloketa aad mw303 put their votes In *ho
: window, etiil tbs tosoeetara eonnted only thirty
. four for eooteetaat, hui '/oo for eoBteetss.*"1
Al Union Proeiiict in the Mara county the ballot
box wa* stuffed : " Alli" Jonis swears that hs is
sueii cubis -six MeDufflS rickets to elector* Bt,d
MW them handed lo the inspectors; still the in
ipectoraonly OOunted mueleeti for contestant, hut
.l_0 foi C'lTtestec"
As lo Pro sp's Precinct, also in Da'las County :
I "< narie* H W lik-T swasrs t-iaf a list was kept
I outside oui*ide af voters foi HcDaffleaad ll ooo*
i tamed the names el 282electori| thai aitei tbs
v -ts wns sanouocad i>v tho inspectors
ihe KepabliesB sleetora expresse*! i_r?at
? is-atisfiiciioi, and that ain-a'ing wis called snd
_.".0 oiecu.is pm down their name's as having
voted fm Mc Ito (Ba Lewie Betid sw-ars thar fie
iesned MoOuffle tioketate m* cori and i-iir .si
electors io'- these ticketg and lliev weie BBXiO it
t.? rots Um Mcl.'ilTl' ticket Vf. M. Kller* no
.weniN thal bi *ook dowe tbe ninnes of the ales
torswbo V)ted fur IfeDnfflsand fhn! bo t(ok
dawn IIS. Caraofl 10 and Holmes ll'; tint tl)*r
rant far Demo-era tlc th kets aad ofter explaining
l he dide ron i e *eat t'lem In the woods foi gnn wada
nnd that 'he voters wanted onie the Kepnoltran
nelie!., and still the tnapectnra only canted02
tot contestant bul -07 for ooiitestes"
rho teeta relating io-now Hil Praeinctin 'he
.saiue eonotv ar*- soilomiaed as follows ? "Denis!
Carmichael swears that be wm Issuing
McDuffle tickets and keeping taliv of ismsi
thal 12.1 electors troted there thal day for Jahn V.
Mi I lilllie. Started 'o 'ake doa n tbs BSRMM ol volert
l.nl sir. Ikiirson. a Democrat iaantni ont Dav-idann
tickets, stopped him. Uarmtehael thea lillies oa
pia ??!? ol Baildheard. ?"?'aw them _|] 'o.o .Six col
o.ed voters voled lor I'. Rt Turiii-r. and one for
Dav d-o.i. Aliout D10 wilkes voted lor Davidson
ami outs white for McDnffls On 'ross Bgamlaatian
says ho knows exeetly bow the golorad roten
v -t -il N ithan -c.,tt s:ivs In b*s eraaa-aiaaitnutRRi
l hat he atood ir froal si winnow i aUo'eaw erich
an! e?orr on' de-iostt bia yfe wrh inspector:
rotes eonnted for c>ntn*t.mt l">, eonteetee 401."
So mneh for Hailee Coonta, ai avery precinct is
windi tbe tamakladof fraud was perpetrated It
is nit ro h.- wandered thal the o(nri,i
re'urna giro Davidson B,103 vies and
Mi" !.'?? "iilv 713 vile |n that ronntv.
One more citation from th- brief of testimony
will bc found interesting it relates to Uniuatowa
precinct, IVrry County, In which Davidson, 'he
contentee, liv-s. ai,d is as follows: "George A
Clarke -".ear-, thal lt- Issued 134 IfcDuffle tickets
to electors and took down their names and saw
ihem vote tb.,ss tickets. Fountain Hudson, an
ir nector, sweara that too electors roted an op.-n
"ktcuuffie ticket, nnd that Alex Pitts, a nephew of
("ont.'.sics, counted the bullots. pul them in a sark
iiinl took charis''' of Ihem, and that he told Pitta
1 if yoi don't ?i*. e McDuffie more votes than thal
they will toke na to 'he bia boos-,* and tli.it A. I).
TVts r* piled thal ' Uncle Alo-k might ts well have
th'-m as McDuffle." Ned Braxton swears ihaf Hie
colored voters wire ai.Tious to v*-*e tke MoDufRa
tickets, and tba1, he wateked 'hem and did r.rt sse
any of them -"bange their rlek-'.s David La'er
swears be was k"**!it!i!' tailf Bear the door of the
citv hall and tall-ed over loo, when *. C. David
I iii, conte.cteo. ,t,,pperl bim, Hying thnt he had BO
legal authorl'v t*. "lo if "
The record of testimony shows ihat at. every
preeinct Investigated in f-iur of in- live eonntl'S
which eompoM the district like frauds were com?
mitted, In Lowndea Connty. -in whick contestant
lives, then wt" two D-ie "Title factions, In
thc August election of l??i MrDufHt* Imf Mi aid
to one -f *h" faetloni In eonsideratb n of vi!,:,!i he
vhs BMured of fair plav?wbl. ii he reoei* ed -it thc
KovrmbeT election. The rcs>,!t wat?the votes
being counted as Tist ? that, he vvas credited with
'j.',-" votes ind Ds'-idaon edtk mo- roles Of
(?.? "*s" the frauda chown in lb* (estlraony i*oo1d
n,* have been so ?aslly eomm'tter! if the sieet!rn
machinery had net bfri lr* thc hands of Davidson
uric* hv. friends lither cross frauds of n d'lfeteBl
i a'ar* from the one .hov,, descr'b^d are -.hov u by
lue re* ord of nncontndlctcd testimony.
I-ii'l" OP RMA-L BIXVRR Ki:!!TirK'ATr>>.
Wtsi'iv .t'.v. I'"'*. 3. -Tho r'nl'td glatM Tr.s-i*"nr
to lir istte- Iii follow.si; notice:
TBtTre-nurs: if the United ""fatea w'.'l Isms silver
MitlSii'M >1 ikedsiitniaaUon of nus ailt-vo Ibii.is
ls rs ari, for NstlOiil hank no'es, sr fsr Unite 1 St.'si
Bates, era! rsr cortiflrates outllited sr ?? u tl r fsrnlrca
Url.ii siiIt. rttc'-'s,] ft. rsdtniptlsii under lbs regula?
tion! uow ls fores.
TROuniF.s np pr vin ess El pms.
TTk? firm of >? rg* BsfSI Son *'*s , -Isslort In .IrTaT-it-ls
St N'"S ti? tr 1".T *?T'h ?ts. cud* sn sssifnment jrsttsr.
fitT ?< Uetrga A W.1:s, giving lirsi praterMeM f?r s'i.tii.
Tte)Im ISSSarSMSd I WUBiSI 8 Kstsi ssd S's uiotber,
Miriil) K?T?t Th. -ntiisi, arti s-t tSlls>i??! msnr Tser*
sro ly flTiri* fc,.Tst. w'.t ,!l',1 lo Osts'.sr, ia"., IrsTlnt IS
?stSM t.I'll I il ISS0.8CS F..r ? t!-as ths l.nsrtisa* w.t con
rt tnt.1 j* ".s -ititi )f Te 'r|t 's's-fs*, int fhn 'Isugbt-r * ite
s? | i-'.tlT r'-rfl'Se hs" Inttrs't tn I ths bnaln-ts *.ai ? Bee
been''S-Tle-I is '.T *'? its lit" tri-iow. Altfturh I'BlT.lui s
rest wor'S tl8308,880Ike Crm hs! nsit to fis loweit -rslit
rat_Brat Bra-tetrast**, si Hist wsrt i'.st io i.?r*st..tt ts tr
c .mit ol hst,ni li 'ir 'ns .sr tis! -ip ls rstl tittie, ts-t c( BM
nst taite atraetagt sf tra lt iBirrsita The rs?i sstste c>b
tlsisil st il;s iturs proi.trtr ip*1 ',o its aJIonlot, ti,us! ?'
8 .|.0i)0 ; sO'Htr in lots In Fifth are. snit Bltlitr-tsotn-l lt.,
83S.IOOI rcpiitT In house. No. t8 vVeit Kiftr e gil ? "t.
?*0.(K)i): Miultf lu lot* st Fiftb-.TO sn 1 ?taktB-ntetS-ala,
a: 15 ooo
Alexi,, ter B. K-tfinson, sttorseT f,*r His firm, tatt T?st**r'sy
tl tl thtsttittitnt-nt wat the reu't of s fj-inlr BMBMlty.
Mn Kits*, who I* s psrtner !n the Brm, tit rtliisltfis.'
with the wst (hs Untliieis wsi -elm rue st a I-.M. sd be
cs..a otrvo ii hs ! lorce.l ts iit'i/rimeit tc te UaSO *?'
Keytt eau!.! ii.t .-onipf-t-tncctit'Bl r stu's s'.hsr ho.ttl on
th-svtnue : ht liv! h. ec'i.e jirei.s : f-jr -nur.sr, SI >t' >' '*
tn-jiii r,i ::,r q >.-i -itsts, ssT wit u.t atti* \i rilli asf
raonty db lt, st tit in illi-r snit t ttsr o',.'e**lu.1 lo tsllial '8s
prnp.rts' si to BsertgariM R. Osergi 'itsyts led ? ?rf"
BBBsest af rael M>its ls tim wtmww amt t. n tu-i ? tr?t: t.t
ttl .tsutihter. TBsrs ti, ryallr no . ?? ? fer tit stujs
-...?it, ia tut tiri- it psrtr '.lr isllSBt
fssinus- A,|*i:is. lamsi \ir,:T,,r. _.-* CbaHolte Alarsi SUil
Th ittntt Allen, fie-n-iiaisr th. Irm sf A.ltnia, H**t?te *
aSaa. Is-iasf litters rt Ri ; Rmi '. -rsstr e.gtith ti. m?-tB
si. jsiitatiittil T.ttsrljy V> Wi.lltis tl Ros. ttft-t '-'?- *
Iirefsreuc. fsr Tu'.sTsr tstijiin' li Sm Um Tlie _-"'oa"i
?a.? Milts! lu Jib nry. ISSI with s elalmsl MPttSl of
Rt,BBB, stol Mr ai.?b hMaaaa i p.r.oet is Aug itt, putus* m,
HU ttl,I, -T- "U'i MSB etp'tst.
? MilMlii i '?>? hasteSMM H. SskteShR seo., hstter,
st No. 1.17. lir.s.l-sy. Mt jiTso s in:: of u.t l?r SS.!i*7 ??
lu,fl,nu. Hjpttst t 'o.. o' Hjlll-nuo, tri,Sire B,? 'S .<"?'
tin ?. ?l tl,, i-otii Mr. S.In nil r ni .0,-a la uu.lse*" ip
w.r; if iwsuiy nm aaJ wsi -sall kuo-a tt. '..'io uj.Ii R>
Kl; iniOhsM wss'.ht ' Co " U> J jIt . . **J trlisn hi "I1**
druw iron, '.'.p tlrts likiig Sit I ls I I, ll.llSS Cut.-tit of
Ml, 8c*.is lsr ett.ii.s's'. blt ISaitllUM il shs il ll'.OOO
PRBBROtte N. J.. K.-b. 3 fflpsslsll. Tbl Jury in '.hs
suit teiigll Dy Stlllss) A. Barlow, nf Iaibi Hr*s. l?, io
rs<*<iTer uisuer elsltr.e'l tu ho Tus from JsSo llsey. tks
swtsrof iis'.iyT.isi Perl ead tbe Hollywood (sits;iee.
sn sn agreement for ssiiiil' fsr tbs itreit lamps sf
Holly ss.ul, rendered a ?si lie! stsunt Mr ?!?*?> let J8s
f i.i ntui cis.uisi. mtn lateraet . ?? rsrdict was lot
-? ?
sad ci osk To a iii.'./. i BLEIRRTNR PARTY.
A lsrjte si'!?!' ilritwn l.y four lours sn I eonlilBln* twenty"
Kuir tpei-oussf bulli mn wm uTsrturiitsi st Bro**! s?d
Msitsl tu.. Mewsrk, sit) oclmk Istt night Ths horns t-s
esmt frl.hteiie-sn*! the rtriTtr h.Ting hsen ihrown frsm his
?eut they set beyond suilr..! sui rsn iwo hlscht with tie
oToriurns.1 st<-lgti. All lbs party wsre burls.! imo us .hies
ttepotil of slush. A (Mwd qtiiStlJ gsthorei IB
remlsr attlstaors ReTersl of ths wos.e-4 vTors in s (lesa
fsint and fogeth-r with the Injnrt- ware esrrled Inls a
selgbboiina-lrngstors, whirs inodirsl sitsottos wtti |l???
them. Jotspt Hoshoftr, sss Us. sf Ns. 81 Alll?i-et. bsd her
arm broses. Mrs. LUUs aaiisbrast. ms iwsetr l??a te
I Rcs 16'.' Nor oik st. i?-i her wrltl broken. Hsr Bitter
Rrt. Minnie (Itt r.Tbrsnt. tvs twenty, of No. 78 Kt.-hmond
st., was hort intirnalp/ ami fainted isnesta.lly. A nnmlier
of others were more or lest l,i|,,r?T, All Hit nany were cst .
rr-I will, mu.l *n.l their eloiliui< riilnoU.
8riK aim, si-t him*. i.irn.F so*, to gTRAURR and
banes B Cottee, a wi.b.w, age iMrty-sts. tu ar?
raigned befoie Justice Duffy at Iks IKirleni Koli,.* Court
yosterday afternoon, on a charge of larceny, teBRgM !>v
Maurice W. Klebas, who lives at No. l,f__ Lexlngion
ave., where Mrs. Colton bad a boarding bouss. In (he
absence ot wltncasos, ihe prisoner was remanded until
this morning. Mrs. Colton's husband died in May last,
leaving her with five children, fbft eldest ? ^oy of
iii.feen years, (she hired tbe house, No. l.flQ.! Lex?
ington ave., Burnished lt, as was supposed, with some
money left by h*r husband, and advertised for board, rs.
She soon hid all her rooms let. Kioto the first tho
tonrders Wf?re subjected to a ser'es of thcf'S of th" most
pRSiUag SbeiasMr. Mrs. Colton Joined with them In
various plots to catch tho thiel, but all without avail. j
There was not * boarder In thc house who bad not lo.t
Jewelry, clothing, and other aitlcles. Mr. Klebas was
IkS principal sufferer, his lo^os aggregating In valuo j
over 8150.
On January 24 Mrs. Colton's tidna! boy, Frsncls,
who had bren working for (.ord <*: Taylor, ?_ srrMted
for tessMag a ekeeb for g*_ Rewa o' hi* arrest wm
I carried to his mother, who manlfe-ted thc deepest dis- j
tross. Rhea dinner was served Mrs ColtOB did not :
i appear, ami here sister wi,,, boarded nth ter, went
I to ber now ami found that sim bad -It-appiarod. leiv- I
nt* a note to the ctrect Hut no one Would ever *ee '
MT again. It closed w,r,- nearly tiffy pawn ilrk.-is,
represeiilng all she hud stolen from tho board ira
| The cause of Mrs. (niton's dlsappeaiai.c m niad" I
| plain in tbo evening, when I.er j,,,, a. knowledges that
i she had Induced him io -leal t!,o rhrck. Tho -llscoverv i
j was soon beda tba! the furniture In I Iks l_>use bad bei-n
| purchased on the Instalment pUn. (bat various trade*]
j men with whom Mrs roll,,ii bad d'-slt Kid nol !.n
j paid for a long time snd the rent of the house was
overdue Yesterday morning < aptain .\estervolt to
celved a letier informing him .hat Mrs. r Rou wonpt
! visit a lawyer, named Kills, al bl- office. No. -.1 park
J row, at noou. Two detectives found ber there
Dr. **, lilian. K. Vcrtnllye. who died at Mushing on
Thursday, was the eldest non or William BL Winillya, |
and waa born In th!, city In l.-*.-}. Ile wa* educated
, at Williams College and later was graduated al tho
N w Yi.rk Medical CORega, Ho spent .some Hine
, abroad m parfMtlni bimseU for the prafaaatan he had
( dios'ii. Ob his return to this country ho prscltaed
t l*.r a time hero, ami moved ta PltteBeM, Mass , on
B-connl -,f ul health There i,-? eoMlnnad to prat*
i il-e until .wo y ar- a?o, steen he moved io Flushing.
j Ho tustoioed a paralytic aU-oks at,out a areek ago
fi om whirl, h" did nol rnllv ll. wa- a member of .ne
Ptteeetaai Bptecepal Church. Hi* wife and ona son
sn,vive h'm. Tb.- funeral will b?- brid In St. Bar?
tholomew's Khun li lu Madison ave. on Monday at
ll a. m.
J* il IN B LRRO.
John 8- lene, a w?ll known metal man. died at bia
hors in West Rew-Rttghtoa, 8. I., on Wednesday. In
tlie tl ft v (hst year of bis age Ho wvt boin In Hull,
Engined, and came hTo In 1P.1 ft. geing ind (he iron
buslB-M Hoon ah'*r his arrival a* senior partMT of
the firm of I.r?g it O^den. tfrven ycai-s a^o (be Brm
wa* dissolved Mr. Kenj continuing bastlMM alone
Ile wa- "ell known on the Kirmlng-ham Rxebinci and
lr. Ibo Bloch I iiiliitrv, arel i ne ol tbs I Ml ihl.un 1
mer, In th * r tv >n the subject *,f BM* als. lie .,fien
served a- n-erchani apprai-er in tariff qaratloM that
a *,sc a' tb- Cu.-ioin House. 1!-* leaves a wife ad
mvm children. Tba taneral w il laka piari> at bt.
Mary. Chorea, Res! Mes-brig-too, mis afternoon.
-?- ?
RlROarrnr, N. Y. Pefa :) iSpectal).?Captat*. .Tneeb tr.
Tramper, af .lils etty, died it Jtal-rldera. m.. tait eight
a- tbe a,-e ,f seventy six var* Ile left home lust I rn-*
dty for an a?t ended inp In tbs Rete snd Booth, exect
Kn/ tr hs )oine,I on hi* Jo ' rn ev by RMI Hay. a BlCM
Biieg at fi' is i,pre, bat be waa soddenly prostrated sith
pasumoett at that pince, iii* s-r.ns. es-AmemMymaa i
Tho.oas ll Tren p-r. .ind Jaeata ii Tramper. Jr.. pre- j
i"*iet ir of the Tramper Room in tho Catskills, renei,s,i
bli I,odille lief,,re be din! Ile was enc of UM oldest
Hudson Uiver .tea n'",a' Mptalns Kew men enjoyed so |
-rms jr, a,- lUiiliitiiiiee BBMBg river travellers as Captain |
Tua I gil "f the steamer .Knr.rs W BaidWlB He bad beeu '
her eosu-sadet mr iweatr seven rasis, ate! hud lana
been know, M th" " "rift itel c ireful Cupful.. " wlio to>k \
io risks Must of hit lite wm spent on tbe river Tab
lng eommand of bis Irs! tte imi oal I-. 1 Oi bi eentlnued '
l.satin, fm sins years. Ho than imraged la mereaoiils
bustnrsi li.re until ll-IT, when lie BBRIi tOOb the de' k M
Csp) iH. of du barge Ulatei County In 1888 he vcc?i.
Into b iBlneaa in Mts Yorh.wbsre bs r?,n Heed fer a re ir.
Hs then ?irn'?rked In Hie Meerai f rTc'iUnn and tur
vardlng minuets win, Ko'i.-i (kniUstta lnl850.be
ri, .nd thc nrni of I.** sr R Tramper. The firrri ts now
--?-?s-n a. (bo Homer Ar I re:,,p-r BtMrabOst Cumps'-y,
wt iel. f vth* and opsraies H.e Ncti'iita* sr. I Slbeay I in.*
of sisain-is ns w-il as the Rab'win Cif till Tramper
Waa anion-, the bi st pi lnrett bli looney In tn aston*!* e
snnimrr hotel In the Ulster Catskills. He erected tue
T.cuiper ll juse al Pnu-iiicla iu i;<7_.
? ?
PlTTSBOBO, F,-n. 3 (Ppfela'.).- News of the death of
IV Bl. Ki.or nt Dre*'en. i-a-ony has MHB received here.
He wa* a son of tbe Hot Jeteralal Ker-?, who ewneil s I
mice fiinnii" fruit farm aroa wnt<<_ the borough if
V'Tawilis. Jr at oilskin Hie city, li now uttiated. The j
fumily li -e.ilthv. an-l Mr Kims, hu wife ant Saagbter.
Mis* V r.-tijla sro a? well known in society ? lrel"? in
few York ?nd PhllatfelpUS as they are hers Tne |
family h:.? r*ren In Kiirnpe Ki ever i '"ir tr, tbs hops of I
lu., roving Mi Knot's health. Mr. Kiel va forly-trree
j,'ri *.r a-e He wss tba anther nt -usa** poem- aid
aereral aurala One of uis neve.*. 'A Wayward
Woman," tints srcliilvely of so- ital ind club bte In
IlUBk-rg. _
pom.UT K. PAR80R&
ReberlB PareoMdieJ aa Tb i.-nayat his h*)uie in
Orange, N. J, age thiitT-oK-ht fiirt He was Free?
holder frstn or *sg? snT promisee! tu ? .ul life Mr.
Psraoat wai Horn at Mllbraok. R. J., an 1 beran life si a
Srugslerb la 1878 he began baslneM au bte o?ii se
coho! li) (rangs snd prnspsts-. Ia polities bs wis a
s"a-fa*t Kepu'iii-sn. Hs leaves a widow The l*"!rd
Paiaii.-n Ns'iosal ? loard, of whieh us wa* s stiff ?!?,. cr,
sud i'B:,r, Lodge, T, sb.1 A. ML, of Rblib ks wat Past
Master, Rill attend the funeral ts-u -stout st 2 p. m.
iPRIROriBU*, Mas*., Fsb. g.?Hanniel Blalsdill. Ja, tbs
seniei* partner of ths tirwi sf Hamuel Klsisdell. Jr, -V co..
MIMR dialers M t'hiespes Junction, died 'hil titetnron
st his tilt" in CblespM Kslls. a? the ago ef tir'tv four
yes-s Mr. Kltiidell wss the first r.'in to exfO'l SOttSB
waste ts Berega. Hs was at sae 'nie a '.rugtei -ai
ploys of tke Rm sb asd I'rsvbliurs Kailrsad, ind af*, r
w.ri RswYark asset of tba Maw-v-irb and Prenti a t
frssishlr ' oiapsuT. V.hes the Nsvs-Vaik Ami Haiti.
n, m Iteamiblp Cempsay wss lsrms.1 ite wai Biadi resi?
dent age m. si Kalti.nore.
PharlM Dtekant read a-ialn at CblikiliBg Hall yes?
terday afternoon, to a Urs'o audleiice. which rilled .ho
hall, parejnet, clrcls. and fillery. Ma|)r Pond an?
nounced thi -eries of iniititifes of which yesterday was
Ihe la-t as an experln.ent; but the mperlniental Rige
was paa! when Ihe audience assembled for tbe hist
reeding, tare Rceat ago, (.'..i ths remsikabte aueeeji
of ide IRSTBOOB readlnc* lr*- led to (lie announcement
Bf a future series on ITTdny allene otis. February 17 and
M.,if I: 2 and 0.
Tho selections yesterday were from " Bombay <fc BOBS
and " Plckw.rk." Tho pathetic splsode of Pule Dombey
was delivered by Mr. Dickens, who excels la thi de
lit,e.i.loi, of rrwr-etcrs that appeal to tho sympathies
of an audience, In a mainer 'hat drew tears from inaiiy
RbO, h..waver . familiar with (be text. ieeo-.nI/.ed Its
j...aei me* .* im ?* -I- foll fr mi Mr. Dickens's Ups.
The ric!. Mr Dombey ind the ** soltary rl.Id who lived
on and an, surrounded by tbe arabosqus rorb of dla
muslni fnney. sr.d stli! -,t, -jue unOemood him" ; *" tho
old fashlored boy" snd tbe "old. old fashion (leith "
Tis -: ,-ing portion il (ho programme wa* In a lighter
\.*'n. md ti;e iullene.1 r-.ai ?! ind oared aga!ii over tho
awkward sportsmanship of Mr. Winkle. Sam well,"'*
re. inls imm ii the pieman, Mr. Pickwick's tttrrinSSr
ff the subtle influences of cold punch and his rl'>?l
innraabani ic^me Rom ths pound shlther tbe irate
r sp'ila Botdsrlp bad caused bun IS la* irundied In his
own wheelbarrow.
? _
A meeting all! be held m Ibo .'ofton K_cbange on
Tuesday ic give esBNMtoi to tho Relies "' Hager
Hewitt's propose!! for rap'.d transit snd -.her city lm
provenient.s lt wa* -ad ye-terilny 'hat Rigor His
lits rirs, wore |eoe.i_ly Indorsed b)' d-wu mwu busi?
ness -:.-l.
R isidro,!, in Keb. 8?The Hoard of Supervising
Inspectors of Steam Vessels, which ahmad Its sunusl
tessi an !n Hus city f.o-day, has passed nile- regalrtBg
on ocean, lake, bay and sound steal*.er* a life pie
Mirer or flout for earl ?nd eve.-v paMOBgWi US *UCb
r.umlier of boats sa can be conveniently carried.
-4, - -
Tks Ku.it,.it -ten's Democratic Ats.xiatlon held their
iiuiutl election istt uigat, wknuttm foIiowiDf officers were
ehosen iglMSMMj 1. Edward .-.oe.mi ireaturtr K'.i
Thomsti BSSratMy, T. M. rtliner s??T?r, tics presidents,
W. A ('..ls. Korrsil ll. I'.u.r. .....rv. W. AnTersoa. Pelsno
a i s.Tin. II. A Patterton. A nailnes, Jo!m U. IT*. ??.
W. ll Dark worth, B. Fischer, Henry Aller. H. D. M.- -ri,
rrtnkllL E.lssn, C. A King, Jamss Wsilsss and W. B.
Pl.ot will, siscntlTt eomtalttso, R I' Ktowsr I. J. n'netis
lias, -stiiei K. vvini.i.i.. M. Kollom, Al -tau isr Rssk'rn.
R. L. KHk-sv, J. J. Llttls 1. J. allin.s. V. HssleoMek.
M. 1. Ahern. N. K. BtsTtoson. T. R. Xloity, Jahn A. Bulli
Tin, NeltoD Bmlth, Wllliem K Yonug, C. W. Ailsa. John r*.
Faure. J H. (irshstr, *\ kin no- Knuth snd W. L. Mltohell (
Intp.eiors of eleclisti, J. L*. -tah!, *'? M. BesTsr sud Hltns
J sass.
To the EA it or ., t rle ff*! Susi
Bib: Please answer the following .pie*ti-n.s In Tub
Pemi-Wkkki.t Huston*!
(1.) If the tariff doe* not keep ware* in the Knited
Stales considerably aLovo Ku ru pr an ska;;'-*, ls Hie
sysiem then worth anything?
C.) A protective tariff ls not rim,*; legislation; does '
lt not affect all classes!
(8.) In 1807 (Treat Britain supported In whole or In '
part 1,1 ais.m.'j paupers! Isn't Englands tariff In tho
Please show In your paper Whether or nol the imlff
affects our warns and ibe price* ?{ ??r manutarturM
and how much. a. (j. OBRBtaB,
Fol.iml, lmt., jan, 17 -jflafl
(1, It does, ns every oflicfal report regarding
wages conclusively proves, The cluhorate cc_*i.s
report, the reports of ronny Sti.te Labor Beards,
and especially the exhaustive comparison made by i
Mr. Wright, now chief of the National Labor '
Hoard, in Massachusetts labor reports, place the
fact beyond dispute that the general average of '
wages in this country is from 6.? to 70 per cent ?
higher thoa la (.rent Britain, nnd British wages
are generally higher than those paid in other :
co-iiitries of Europa. In many I,ranches tho '
wages paid here are more than doable those paid
abroad; in many from 70 to 100 per cent higher
while there arc but few in which thc wages aro !
less thoa 5o per cent higher.
2. Tba effect on wages docs reach nil cle--.es.
Free traders _vro in the habit af publishing statis
tics showing that wages of mechanics and laborers
la occupations not directly protected an* even
more hugely in eiceM of foreign wages in like
oi eu pat ions than the wilges in protected mnnu
fiiclurcs. Tbs truth is that th" gi n-ral demand
ior labor hep- is va-t!y Increased, and the gem IS I
level of eompemmttaa for tabor vastly raised, and
this allicts all industries, hut those which have
unsteady and irregular work more than those in
which thc I H or and wages are const.-nt.
.!. Great Britain's support of paupers ls a
necessary Consequence of a system winch permits
any foreign country, whenever it can so develop
BB industry as to defeat British cinip.-t.ition for a
time, to make paupers of British workmen cu
gaged in that industry. Witness 50,000 workers
in sugar relinevies forced out of employment ami
ninny of them into pauperism by German I'otint.es
on sugar. This counlry, on thc contrary, believes
that it. is more Just nnd cheaper to prevent the
destruct on of industries than to tax all labor to
support the laborers rmlercd idle hy free trudi..
Tn the Eilitor nf The I r i h n n e. .
Pm: The Heading strikers' appeal for public sym
p-Thy (Wilges public exprei-lon of opinion as to
Heir conduct without chaigrs of Intermeddling. This
great s(rlke ls deplored by many, no doubt, simply
tram the Kilsby and Increased cost of coal occa?
sioned ly IK Possibly some look on with a kind nf
iportlag Interest, only wondering which side lo th*.
frail il;.cl ls going to win. Hut far beyond any
question of Inconvenience or endurance ls .be funda?
mental righi involved; the richi to tho aselaslve
ownership and control of property. Aro -se ready
lo give that np) I.s. tl be shown w by iho mete
tact of my hiving worked for a man gives me any
sort or shadow of right lo Interfere In any way Whits
ever with tba! nun's business after I have voluntarily
left lt; esjierlally If i ejoR working aud seduced
other) to .|iilt working In a way greatly lo damage
bis bu-Iness and entail on him enoiumus loss. Ilia'
H 'bc reel pinn' nakedly .tated. In the name of
tho simplest common sense wl,a( possible -Item have
ibo Heading stnkcis on the Reeding Company ador
having voluntarily severed theft connection ta lt h lt!
Raving done *<?, however, ihe leaders turu around
and say: "Now take us all back and pay us what
ve a-k or we will Ile up your roads and jour mltics
and do our best to ruin your business.1* That ls a
lott of Monomie back-action tho least Justification
or decency of which 1 do not see If that ls iho Idea,
what ls to binder .bo faun laborer, after he has i
plowed and planted, from saying to his employer.
"Pay me now for the remainder of the season what I
I ask or I will (le up your imps und they shall ?ot,
bo t, ii vo-ted if I can help it i" "i ie ministers ot
a conference or presbytery hom laying io their oon
grscslloe: " Increase -jiu* salaries Mi and so or we'll ,
ne up your pulpits ," Ol (bo profM-ort '-f a collegs
from laying to the trustees: " pay us such a per cent J
it :,ie or we'll tie up your colleger' Bubjaei ta thai
tor! ol dictation whit butlM.! giving employment
lo o'hei-s but mlgh' any dav be summarily "tied upi'
The only alteveatlva would ihen be, that s man
should lie allowed ?,? McuuiUliti only so much capital
a* would employ his own hands.
Rr. ' otb'ii is d_,ng vastly more than standing tnt
il,,- Reading road. Ilo ls Biassing for an in. alcdably
I rn port am right The queaUon has go* to be ssttied
<? iiistlBM ami tho soonur the belier all around.
KrKflur.d Barbi ot" e laid tn the House of (omnium
of in Impending war **iih France: "Mr. Speaker. 1
hope 'hat .Iii- vijK bs i long wai'." For the tl/ial
rs-M Ubi ls bing of thing* en il.a old solid basis or
i i-'it and honesty, let this reading contest. If lt
n 'i~' b? so. be a long one Mr 'orbin makes no
? ppeal for lymperby. Sympathy or no sympathy
t,. .c?r^s bound to do his best to -tem tlie tide uf I
grr.t t !',,.? A:.l i-os i) ki . tan.
La/OAytlit Cullege, cation. Penn., J*a. .'6, 1888.
-? ?
rt) thi Fd I fe r nf The ft IB* nt.
8t!'- Tampsrance aaatlmem rn this -state la en*
que-.'Pitiably gaining In eolante and ItrOOgth Thia
foil ls evident! both from the Increased rou emt by
His ProhlMUonltta al tho last general election and
from tho formation within tho Kspubllcan party of
a growing le.ig'io Severed te preetlcil and progrMSlve
tMlrtoUoa of '.hs liquor triflta. This tendency of tho
tn.ie- appeals io be a natural ?ta^e in om >o-'!al av?
luKon lt ls therefore as Imposable a- it would hs
uii'l'.siri!,le to revorse lt. sud lt ls tiio rankest puiltlcai
folly '.o Ignore or to obstruct lt.
-omo years ago (he Republicans of Nea Yoi-li, In
state coijven'tor issenbled. committed themselves to
fhe. policy of ivbmttttng a prohlbt'oiT sm oddment to :
Die ' (institution to the vote of the people The
pledge 'I.en mad'* ha.s, unfui t'ltii'oly, thus far failed
_f being redeemed To whose shortcoming* that
failure has been due lt would be bootless now io
Inquire. The stern, uncompromising fact now re
mains 'hat this dereliction bas furnished to fa .."al
problblilonlsts their mos', weighty grievance, snd
lias given Its main Impetus* to ?he so called third par.y
movement which bas so often effected Kepublican I
Weat. HonMt regard for iiuirkenlng pilbil) sentiment !
am! sinewd political pel.cy al BS dictate 'he icu.oval of '
his serious obstacle to succe**- from the pathway of
ho Kepublican party Tho opportunity ls again ?
:> "Tared te the Kepublican majority in the Legislature I
o make an earnest and resolute effort to pass (he
lubmlstloo resolution. B*e*0 observant .nd candid ,
:'.tl?en must admit Ibe propriety ol eliminating the !
re .ting qiMBtlon of problWtlOB toni pa'-ttsat pollt'Ct ,
iltogefher. It would be s wonderful thing 'n Its favor .
f the Kepublican party dared to place Itself on recoid
i* willing (o trust (be decision of ths u.after of pro?
hibition to the lataUISiBCS and good sense of the t
iieople. Tho country ls ni. the svs uf snot her Pros I- i
loniial campaign, of momentous political Importance. ,
\ mere handful of ballon turned the icalo of victory (
'? -ir v ear* ago and may do so lr tbs approaching
fniggle A Kepublican National triumph ii largely '
?rpei.dent on ?or ll -enid be at least a-s-ir-d 6y? <
he sddltloB of a few tte,,sand votars *o '.hs party In 1
bi empire State The adoption of 'he ?u_miss!on
?Molutloa by ihs Legislature Truld recall ta 'he RS
millican rank.* many who have boon acting with the
troblbltloa faction. ft would bo vail, therefois. for
ho Rspublleu leaders tc consider the pa-sage of
be resolution as a piece of effective political stra'ngy '
Alt my, Jan. 28, 1881 T. W
_. ?. ?_
Po f/. e Editor nf The Tribune. 1
Bih: Will you kindly '.nfcrm me where I can secure I
I copy of Senator Mawr's speech on Immigration, '
sBtrred to In your editorial if yesierdiy. V.,urs
-dy. ii. 8. I'ars-M.
Netc-York, Jan. 28, IMS
i "Ths ContcTessiopal Hi-cord" of January 2*i
ihs the full text of thc speech, with Immigration
tattatlca of gre.t vahie. lilBOfOI rainier will
lOUblkaa mogood to a request for a copy.? t.d )
ro Ihe Et lt or of Th* Tribune.
Bia: I bave road your criticism ef Mrs CrslksNiok.
'An Dakaswa Country." lu wUeh I (lu-: the following
- hhs admits frankly tliat she doss *-ot_undo-sta- d'(he
lsH.l I 'l ..t>ll*)i). IU status lii_red li uiutsule. as a Ute e
Mreu/i.Jtiku * Indicates, vi noa _*"_*_, _ir__tEa_S
'enauis there wero eouteiitsu sud 'hoerfui. and satisfied
*?? , Hie laiitlowncrs. That sa* mil a few months -ago
ml nea "ur cable d'spaoU-i sro laity Inforiulng us A
?.ictlons al nwselore sud of desperate ree.sUnce made
;.y US evicted. Clearly a great chaua*e Uss *iasaed over
lltat oirner .if Ibo uland lu a brief RWM ot Ume. and
who can ulvine tbe rea! meauing of lt al I
How can any ons who bas rsad the " red hot " rebel
letters of ? K P- ORS, M. P.." In Tub TaT-ORB, and tbs
iriotiiiu of the work of Davitt and bis eo-worksrs In
rJirliig up the Irish tenants to refuse the payment of
reut Im tcvit rest,.naiiie. ms suoh a iiuesliou as olnses
ihat paragraph I The real meaning cf lt ls that duriag
ibese few nu>Btha those still rent agitators i ave bess
dorking upoo the tsars of ibe honeitly Inclined ten
itttry, sud ? ? tliiest* of boyoottlng and sequestration
lave lu-lue* *S them to refuse to pay what I. ey are
SDt-iuiar.UT si.Te and, if 1st alone, vsrfscuy sli.iag to
The Flr.t Ap pcs rs... o of . M.au%tu*i ink I aUrad
ll!-lrmli as HSsl li. R, . ,K r U?, _ h [y
The -gllllBBM of anyibing sow a,lfj ,.,|_?)(-. and es
pcclally any.lung :?a. ,,.ai-., a nea era in .11,, tia'cg
MMSSIBB l.teiai.ire. ,* era,, o, .ase unlvmiU MM
neut. Wi..,,, il,. r,T,,re, ? , ?,. . sun,,,, Lu,, Ala,-.tH.-,
lii Its February l?u -, j,.*t out, aggMSM ?" h color a illus?
trations la ,.? i-*i, of lia sugsilnSi b Hung ?s .,. has
Hvscr bc, k,? hi, is.',,,,. ,? _;i i c ,,,., oy ot niagai ne, |.
Ins BBlSSalty a.trucked gMM aiie,.i,on and ts eu UM Mte
J?rt of ciji,scr*,jt,,Hi tn BCStSt. elicia--, al clut? m.. BfM
thc street. -so ImpMtSM Baa Hu: .u-j-i.t .. e, ,| , ,' k
'"?s'.ai-ci rsport-t salted si me om* of - tbs ttBaw
pMitan,-" 28 Piiiii ??,,,?, ROv-iMB, sjid d sir. d to ... ?t r.
Behlleht, th* siesager. Tho gentleman gavo Um writer
an audience, a* fol!,,tts :
"Do you pinpi*.-, >.r, (schlich!, making thc aS-BBBl
iilu-trntion* a refutes feature ol '1 he OKSMgaMSM '
'* We ce,Tami > oo," was th,, reply. ? .-.nd M ars
i-'-itivt- ii wan jnote s gresi fc atnie it it a wRWRS
> ir ..'I ni Idea n th u* and wc r. .. la. r, Bl SIB* itel g Viii
f-fMriiSteSta Th- sit,.*!.' ..,, th- ? H.bet |? |-_, i, i?
nos raaiaaiy numb.", with tl,.- artistic BBSSBSS IBMlIBi
naas, Ms bmw ik sttneate gram sttea ion.*"
. , ?NV"J. K "' ?>tJU th" mr* "' '""* ""w d' panure. Mr.
a- iiii* ht r
?' 1 concelvd If. soms time since, anl have r-en at-. 1 /*?
intf ii,, ,h" s,..,,.. t very ear.f?llv. ri nilbllg MM ?
.*'? o Bgi 1 vs.n ,,ij?,art In the Intcres'* ?,f ih? SM ISbg *
Field _aapsayi to f-.rm Mmaaaate in Bestead, ftisw .ini
???im nj lot intr._u.Tiig our .st.,i sat.ns oSlee dc,leos.
At illili tims I gave some sitsniloo to literature and art
instt.-is: although. U, tell Mm truth. 1 wa* so .-carly deni
from malaHa thai at times I could tcaiccly h?iri ,.,, ,nT
head. lr you hav -vcr u'en,.,-. ? ! io do b,isli.e>* ,,r inf
kind of creative work when aniico-d with the horp.rs ol
malaria you can realize what I _a_Mift I MM 1
so'nc of tho best dot'ors In I'jiftl.iud and they failsi u. as?
sist me at all Then I wenl on th* Om'lncnt Ki Ber.in. i
was even trow th>?rc li n",,,-,^ (,, mr ti,,t ( tt()ll|g
never lie abb* io do business again er take soy real inter?
est In Hf-* * and so, to cake a I mg story short, I return..
U Am. nen. -Hie day j RaOM ls New-York t frieurl lu
V.tte me to tis hon 6 lo limier Ila saw my wr.r. hid
( iiil'i'iii. and d. Mared thu h. hid s .trr.e'ii og I..' wa. ,
tain would pi*lf viv c-ire it. Rora lo "Brass B ? BMSS]
than MytbiSg ibm I Orb s-srne of his rerr,--*y. snd -o my
sui|iiise 1 -|e;,r weil 'hat BlgM Von can weil ima_iua
IBM l con- iiin-d t( uk- lt thc next day sud. In l ? I,
within on,- month fiom that Mme, 1 was entirely cur,-! ot
cid ria In ll* MM form, Wbiily hs the us,- ,,f l,,,-r>'i
Kure MaK. Wh'skey?no e.,,inn,", no grags. Pwalag til
Ihl* Tue I was MMilSgM '-, WOtteM IIS BM 'y mr wife,
who 1* a flin, believer in fm era l .- ' :? ll am my.
?atti and in fm. my svif- [mrebased ll l.y th'- gMM for in*.
"AT,.,, I r-eitcied I tilt SM a MM can nd I I.av- pat*
suad'M numt.'rs of my BrtSaOl to irv ,h <a ,- ssesa*) DM
r< storing liter health, anl til- p-'.'t- I ii is ? t. , , ? W
schleve 'n making "The C,,st,r p. li an" th, **-t. I. ,f,l.?
|n,|,(ilar mac-iflue ihs? lt ls, and as-ls'lee In carrvti ? s
baal BOM "f th- Sch!!, h. _ Field c.?i, '*?r IS l's pi t
inf, si*.ns proper lo a. 1- la ge'y d e ( SJ] .rr. wed h * th "
" And you lia 1 the pu'lie 'ake .e .,1 :. J
Ill'i-kt raf lons In vour ir.a "azt n**. do V"U Mr. BsBBfil "
'? t',if*rii,.>st!n-a!>ly. "The t'nS SBStltVI Mirm'n- ' BM
been a success from the Uart n, IbOmS i's papteM ! '? ? i
tere, filling a fK-ld d -'in- riv lt.* n-ui, p r' at* rr, I*.ai* I e
tsse.n the dall.' p..i.r* at.T BM mer" auTf|*i ,t i ?BgMtei
f-Mlflesi lt to. Hut I hsUe-VS Ml f-ii'irc of ,-. ' ? t !!? *
tri' dis will swe.e, the conn:,7 and nari, a ttMlect era In
?SajMlae lltersinre."
Thank'ng Mr. Schlleht for hi* lOBIteST and Inform Kins
the writer withdrew, fi'ls M-Sied -hat 1.,'h - Thc OM;
n)0|K,t!fan" sud Mr. 1*. hi ,? hr have uriel hi', BpM sonia
of thes-"- hsppy RseeVStteB which tooth Inierest sud pl-ass
tbe people anti h> ip the viniluVs progress.
par. Tho ? sv-fiip .thy " illstdscee hr the Amer', at. press
with Hun Bfttatteala easily on-'.rit, ??'. a* ?:,-m. . is
siuiott uulveraally paliOoil. sol i uIIUcUm li.- e alwaaf
bs..;, tauiftit tb.it the Irish rete ls evei for sate lo t_e
hl-hest bidder. WI lea Rill <!e eiit Irish',cr. Lb* * s
u.ari!inoss t*s reseat tala calumny! E. K. Tun.
li-o'iKtyn, Jau. '_?'.. 1 88.
_. ?
Ta the Eilitnr nf Tl,' Tribune
mk: "Tho ROW-TorS Tlrn.-s*' todiy pnKfl-.baO
r.pteeeuaty aid no'ice* cdlturfaity Jam*- ReHaees
'? i an it latorm" anggaettoM ai th.- itoebbote rn' wtmmte
lng of .be Hosiery OsMgaay, but does not raf r to
tlio elleetual BMBBM In winch Mr Nel:*on RM ' Ml
on" by Ids assi-ciate*. Mr Neilson In many r- -i *?-.?
ls an estimable cltlr.en, but hm strong pMSllirltteS
std many crotch-*ts. one of which ls that th" ll -!e.-y
Company ou gi-' lo give money to tbe frc- library,
an ?racei.ent Institution, to ibo success ??! wh!**l, Mr.
Neilson gives much mo.ey and time, se ye.tr after
year ho move* at the au.mat meetings a gift of -*.:-*),
always un.ucces.fu ny. To understand tho fit il Im?
port of Mr. Nen* .u's free Iradi utterances, lt ls nec?
essary to know that he ls a Deuincrailc politician, a
rival and enemy of Miles Best, a greg eui cai.dal.os
fr oilloe and ambitious for political preferment. In
th*-se days, therefore, when tariff reduction ls fha
motto of iho Leinorratir Mlt| Mr. Neilson p,,-.!bly
thought lt good politics to place himself on moid
Tbe stockho.tiers of tba ht.s'ery compel y wera
plsased thal the protective tariff suai-1 *1 the foti,; any
to divide five per cent hutu iasi y ar's aarulng*. ai
advance of ono pe. cent over 1SSS? BM as '" lie* I In, ?"
says, a "shrinkage of oi o half Vtthli a yoa*-.-1 Siistk
Ing of tlie tarltf wb.s d' Ml oar Dem' eratic fir ds
otter to repeal ihe proMBt 2') cents per bu-lri on
wheat 1 wi all woubl be benefited by cheaper lln-ir
ami Manitoba ba* a lar^'e qua.iily of wheat ready for
Ihipmeut to the United Stste. but for th I pruhib'fory
dd'y. Htrakii -Tssar
Arie-TJ/T/inie/fV, V. J, Jan. CB, lfdfl.
To the F it i I nr of The Tribune.
Bib: The enclosed ls from a private letter, dated
January ll. the writer of which ls to be eighty
years old In March. He la quite feeble, but the love
of rural scenery and sport, lo the true English style, ls
w?!l proved. Ile was. lt ls needless to say. a giete
lover nf fox hunting and a fearless rider In his "BR th.
Cut In the midst of lee and snow, as we are, whs. a
refrenhlng reminder of the rharnis of Nature a. her
best lu England, ls this letter. Yours.
Acir- j'ersi, Jan. 30, 1388. Uuthaihtb.
Yesterday and tbe day before were wonderful tor
mid vvinrer; i!.*.v Weald have been seasonable In .n'.il
lunimer; a iky -?? cloudless, and with summer ab* to
Which I spent the day in open carriage. Tbo bounds
-*i-.i . r eg! i' '"stone bridge." i'm,! ten mies oft. on
tie ros*! to Coventry 1 took Mr - wllh me to
plot me. i- he is thoroughly acq iain.ed with all (hs
r.. ol*, ind excellent in .e'ting views ?,f the hunt, so (hal
I saw three lively tuns? one In-I'ark (Lord
?'si and the last carrying me to "CMUe K.otn.
al-h" ss t\. ce, I railed on tho?; but my g. -...---t
ailjoymem WM ll "ie beauly of th" Country. I ,'ut
borne iboul s o'cloeb after g"oat enjoyment of 'M
KiBM ! beheld ind ti.e lovely atmospbere; BOthlag I
tl ? ghi lin- old EBgland for nurdy sport* and e^e^
else. _______________________________
At truck *??"- I. of tke sn.tns MUM at Oliy Ht!! Sq.ii rs.
wit os itt war ip Pars-row st anrlit S"SteCl Istt MSateS U
lirste ihaptlai BSsrsef afsii c d*_*Tt. a: No. ISTWavsik
lt., the tug rsBKSta raa .moan Avenue : , .r ,,,..*?' -.
st In i*sr*. r. w Firemen Ioho Bis. su"i -*ji.n A?,h?r-#s
ttsrs tsro-u l<) i'i .r, in I. hut wer* un.ii.'*ire,t Nu.is st
Se yaite..?er* li. ne hurts cr mst hun. Ths Mod ?-, ss
lad at'o of ths tniek wera *?.,!*.?'. snd Bl
sis fljsg acr.tt tho esr tra-k. Ths horis
>sr ii..-t MetMBliB at Hui point wera
nocked ind (he Third tTencocars eauld not psti Chs'.hssi
igitre 'sr at 1'Stt Kirse boan.
EagteORa ll tf ter ward ran tn ts esr No. S3 of ths Third
It.nuc UM at Keoaard acd ? entre tit. ou tha way to a '.ri
il No. 77 .n 'ii. aittSOgb Um SM wss full nf pa...a*
ri- 1 ?? '., t .- .a*'. The air ca-.iutr ci tbe sn|ine wsS
Anu.s Werna, ace -lue, dauciiter of a brutal taaaSBSBB
ni.a u tins.1 ii ..a I.rv' h. s Ns. 133 Hu.'son sts.. hr ok
yu, who appealed w I- ber mot .er before I'i' ? I.??
Batah ysi'-.r-lsv to tsstify io r?,'*td to her father's astaail'
nc h ; a t.i-*ssTortna u> dtlre the whole isouiy tate Ute
?re"t whils Irank, said ihs nad aeT,?r heard of Ho.!, c, ir. a
ir-"solar t-rksoi. lfiasdiloot isl! fie truth shs ssid tbs
h.,light Ilia HSSSMT wsuld paateb her, but after she was
lead sba (Ud not k i?w wuethsr the would be pi . ti,e. ay
my oue eicept lbs tstchsr. Ths mothar wss r.pniu .o.lai
or ,i_?:?ctiB< i> .nttriioi hsrobi.tt lbs ii in , caa* sss
,,u. ..ter iii aiwliiar hearing.
A rep ,ri ??> sat silast yea sr (ty In Brsoklyo tu tha elfset
Bte MhOaVSrt now lu pr sieat lu l.t old building o! tis
io.rd of K'tucsiioo thar* hal udc.t. ral some ditty asi
outr recorlt. RM. I tl.rsw llgbt ou ths psculatioui si
merge 8>0I Stswart. who nols a ....n.-rut a million ast?
in when H.crtUrt ot Ilia BSBfd, sud Hts rumor spread Ib-t
!,i jiti'i'i-*. ?.? i ei'.t'! ol stu. I i'? iiini'i lu lia niue.i grsaisl
han wu tapiioaad. But toe fact* were thai tbs old ussM
..an ! wera wi..Tr an -nt> runt sud etti no lighlon -le-wart'S
kctbsSs S.nct. hs tis! froui Brookiyu, ?-.. i.u hat uses
rano'itir reports i io os iu Cisaia. India and Australia, liv
i._ in clover oa bis BBfSttea ga as.
Rls8esl Kain?iu and ( hr,..iun ltauibrt.ht wers held ti
|* ut.' bili esoh by foliee J us, ie- vv tish, ls Brooslyu, yaalot
lay to Butter fur concealioc a cais ot toisilpot io Ibsl city.
|.r J tats Sr.1 H.mell wm r- 'e ?*?? . on bis ita le.a.u aa.js
osaiwer tv s timi sr cbsrte. A ai.e coma ol race inti sra
s at wor. try.ns to cheek Cs spread of ibe disease. No uaw
-aiei canis ts lixht yestentsy.
Tha Or md fury tsr January mv!- a Anal priasntt-SBi res
Mdag, ku which tba oasd of s second sm* ali... ? io rs .its
h.. ... .t patients wsa aal fsrih. aud lt was srrsd thai s ssw
ia.a.'i?.i hospital should 11 nreeted ss sion aa possible.
? ??
Ban hu*'1*.*!, Psb. 8, li...
YsatsiHsr Tsdsv. Yeller tay. lo Lr
art . 8 IO 8 IS iNstsIs. l.sJ its
Itjlwir. .... 100 !?)|'bir.....10.. il B.Si?l
Boil S Bilolksr o :,?? e.:* ,r?u>at. tit *.%_
B.MHI juu. ..Sk) 8.d? "IsTbsis. 7.?0 7.40
SsUBf. 637k. S'JS I "Sierra NiTa-a. 8S?S StO
I'eik'titV*.. Ute 18.87S,|Valoa Cob..... i.88 4.1*0
Cro-n Petal... 1*0 too Utah.- 810 Sit
luissi.it, .1400 1*.'- YaiiOwJaokik IMS S CJV
Ssald *carrv. B.MS BbO iCoisassnWalli 4.71 4.8*
bsleSNor.... i. AU 8 8J. NiT-.lsU?t_a 880 8.4I
ait-can._ I.Ki<i 4 il
Mono. 'anl
UL OlabliK..a 4 80
Billi lils....- -Jj .71
No Bili. Ins.. TI7S T.ad
Ths Cnaolldatid Calllsrsls sui Vlrglals -Hains Ossi?aa?
bsa .1iel_ra.i a tlisi.len.l if 80 cms l-sr abtrs. - - -
Tba KuisSaiensoll-latatl -Kmac Csmraay _Miaii_rs?
sa sa-UiTiasad si ii -tai. par *?***?

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